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What's the novelty of the human race in your setting? Are they a sort of Jack of all trades, or do they have distinct features that are focused on to differentiate them from other races
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Breed fast, eat anything, good at organising and working together.

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+2 Con / +2 Int / -2 Wis
Skill rank bonuses
Other miscellany

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>Always the most numerous.
>Make great strides in both military and civilian technologies.
>Best cities.
>Best castles.
>Greatest military minds.
>Basically beat everyone they fight.

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Humans take up like 90% of souls incarnated on the main plane(t) of my setting. Their culture varies wildly and I got like 30 subcultures so far. Only got 8 subcultures for the non-humans so far. So I guess the human novelty is diversity

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The absolute bar in which everthing is measured.
Is Kuva'la morale too sadistic?
Check if the humans do it normally.
Are Jalub laws too soft?
Check if the humans do more.
Plutanis is a star sized planet. Universally, should we refer to their space vessels as "too big" or "just the rigth size of big"?
Check the proportion of human ships to Earth size.
Can this alien female be fucked without harm? Should WE try? Why?

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So, hfy?

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Humans are the only race that can produce super humans that rule over and protect humanity simply called Lords. Lords are powerful enough to wade into combat with little to no weapons or armor and have helped humanity to become the dominate race on the planet. Though it could be argued that Lords are not really human.

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Humans are the only race

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They are the only ones who can learn any language.

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>What's the novelty of the human race in your setting?

Their DNA is more stable than other creatures so they're able to practice magic, which emits radiation that slowly poisons you overtime until you develop cancers, for longer. Most of the top-tier mages and wizards are humans.

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Humans don't have any of these traits irl, retard

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Humans are the best archers in my setting. They have just the right amount of balance, arm length and strength to use bows with the most effect.

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They're insane cultists, the gibbering and reaving remnant of a bygone age.

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Different novelties depending on the culture.

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Abnormal physiology on every level.

All intelligent life breathes fluorine. Except humans who are into that oxygen stuff which everyone else considers a dangerous volatile fuel.
All intelligent life digests through a complex interplay of enzymes that is extremely efficient but only works on the plants they evolved to eat limiting their ability to rapidly spread by how far they can expand their agriculture and ship the product. Except humans who are carrying around sacks of acid in their bodies they use to break down and digest anything that doesn't immediately kill them.
All intelligent life evolved from pack herbivores in relatively barren ecosystems. The development of civilisation and culture strongly correlating to the stages of their struggle against their natural predators. Except humans who sort of are a predator and come from a planet with a biosphere so overflowing with life and mass that most ayys don't believe its possible for it to actually exist.
All intelligent life is psionic to one extent or another. Except humans who are completely dead to all psionic shit. Doesn't work on them and they can't do it themselves.
In all intelligent life, intellect is directly correlated to size. Bigger = smarter. Except humans who despite being the size of rats by galactic standards are believed to be in the top 40% in terms of specieswide average intelligence.

Basically humans are believed to be either entirely fictional because surely something that breaks every known law of nature can't possible exist right?
Or they're understood to exist and are absolutely baffling and terrifying.
Travel for humans is pretty difficult since nobody really wants them around. Because they're carrying around tanks of highly dangerous and volatile oxygen, have bodies infested with bacteria and viruses that evolved on earth and are way more dangerous than anything seen elsewhere in the galaxy or the ayys are afraid the humans are going to eat someone.
Will do more if asked.

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Humans are known to be the most sex obsessed creature in the galaxy and are generally considered perverts.

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If humans are so different and everyone fears / hates them, how are they still around? Surely at least one species tried to exterminate them in a war.

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You wanna send your space elves to get fucked by AIDS? Be my fucking guest. I, however, will keep to myself while those human are too busy fucking and killing each other.

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Three main reasons.

One is that humans are remarkable problem solvers. While their solutions are almost always suboptimal due to the limited amount of time (if any) they will spend contemplating a problem by the standards of comparable intelligent life. The solutions are functional if often dangerous.
Humans being the only species to split the atom prior to achieving spaceflight and interplanetary colonisation. And being the only species to use it as a weapon first and then as a power source.
Many species never actually bother splitting the atom. Instead pursuing nuclear fusion at a much earlier stage, considering splitting the atom to be far more danger than its worth.
This relationship with the atom probably best exemplifies the unique perspective of the human mind. Their aforementioned problem solving skills are as we all known also applied very well to warfare.

Two is their dispersed nature. Once interstellar space travel became relatively easy for humans vast chunks of the human population left their home system and polity's of origin to travel the galaxy.
As a consequence despite being typically unwelcome you can now find humans in almost any part of the galaxy. Never in large numbers but any determined effort to exterminate them would run into the problem of finding them all. But also the potential problem of such a conflict uniting the human diaspora behind a singular purpose. A diaspora that nobody really knows the size or capabilities of.
It doesn't help that humans have also seized/been gifted/purchased a considerable number of worlds with oxygen based atmospheres that would be considered worthless by other species. Further complicating any military campaign.

~to be continued~

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Three is that that the highly intelligent, elder and bigly species that have used their combo of intellect and age to ensure their continued dominant position in galactic politics know that poking the human issue is more trouble than its worth.

For all their oddities and terrifying potential to be a huge problem. Humans do provide a number of now essential services to the wider galactic community with the concept of bounty hunters not existing prior to humans offering said services.
Human mercenaries have also been a great way for these elder races to deal with problems without being seen to deal with said problems. Nothing to do with them if human pirates happen to kill some guy trying to organise the younger races in opposition to them.
Perhaps most importantly the humans seem to be the only ones capable of actually curing the diseases their homeworld creates. Creating antibiotic compounds of such ludicrous potency they are literally poison if used incorrectly and that's before you even get into the subject of anti-viral drugs, the concept of a virus being utterly alien to the majority of the galaxy.

But most importantly humans seem inclined to spend their days going on wild space adventures. Which mainly consist of flying around, traipsing about planets, exploring ancient ruins nobody cares about, blowing up pirates, engaging in low level piracy, bounty hunting engaging in petty crimes, selling their services to organised crime and eating alien food sometimes as entertainment for the aliens serving said food.
Widespread space travel has turned a species of horrifying methodical and hyper efficient killers with a tendency to use mass murder as a solution to problems, into a species of whimsical explorers, pranksters and petty criminals.

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If you guys want more by all means poke and I shall provide.
Ran a few games in this setting so its relatively well developed by this point.

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What are the other species? Do they all live on the same planet and they're all herbivores?

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Theres a metric fuckton of them.
But in general all life in the galaxy follows the same general pattern of development and shares a number of similar traits.
Humanoids are not the norm. We're weird there too.

All other intelligent life is evolved from pack/herd herbivores.
All other worlds that produce intelligent life are relatively barren in terms of their ecosystem compared to earth. Until agriculture really kicks off but then its all artificial.
For most species a good chunk of their early history is defined by the need to defend themselves against their natural predators and this drives their technological and social progress.
It isn't until they get to the industrial era that they become able to start mass exterminations of said predators. At which point they immediately do.

This inevitably causes a complete ecological collapse on their homeworld due to other creatures being able to reproduce out of control. Ayys are not big on the idea of the circle of life or at least want to cut out the bit that involves something eating them.
These ecological collapses are one of the main filters for intelligent life surviving long enough to develop space travel. So again humans are pretty weird because their homeworlds ecosystem is essentially intact despite pollution and such which has by this point subsided considerably since barely anyone actually inhabits earth anymore (population of just over 1 billion, most of which are visitors/tourists)

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Humans are different, but so is everyone else. The short list:

> No intelligent life from any ecosystem outside of Earth sleeps. Its an evolutionary branch that most other planets avoided, and the ones that do have sleep don't have any overlap between sleep and sapience.
> Humans are one of only two spacefaring races that partake in sexual intercourse, and the other are sequential hermaphrodites. There is a third race that has sexual reproduction but no intercourse, and the rest don't use sexual reproduction at all.
> Because humans are the only ones that sleep, they are also the only ones that dream.
> Humans are known for the particular human madness we call personification. We project personhood onto things that are not people in a staggering number of ways, and no one else does this. For this reason, we are the only race with a concept akin to gods, though dogmatic structures analagous to religions can be found in a few other races even though they lack the specific features of deity worship. We are also the only race that domesticated animals for companionship and treats them as family, other species have livestock but nothing remotely like how we treat dogs and cats.
> Humans are the only race that produces and consumes fiction for pleasure. Deception is common, but the idea of making up a world that doesn't exist to tell stories in is another form of 'human madness'. One of our close trade partners has grown fond of human fiction, however, and buys it from us at an incredible rate. Their enthusiasm is high, but their taste is very poor. Exposure to human fiction is resulting in a minor cultural revolution in their society, with conservative elements seeking to ban its import entirely as they consider its effect dangerous for the mind.

In short, humans are seen are weird oddballs, but mostly in a harmless way. We currently lack the technology to be a real threat to anyone important.

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So do the other species look like minotaurs/sheepfolk/etc. or do they have tentacles instead of limbs?

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In terms of physiological commonality.
All intelligent species are much larger than humans. The smallest one aside from humans that could be called intelligent are a bit bigger than elephants but would have a mind on par with a fairly stupid human teenager with their best minds (think Da Vinci equivalent) approaching the adult human norm.

Learning is often a slower process for ayys meaning apprenticeships are a major means of education, most ayys adopted the educational model used by one of the older species in which most ayy professionals will be shadowed by one or more assistants who are also his students.
Book learning or self teaching is a lot rarer and generally considered the mark of a brilliant mind by ayys. But for humans its pretty normal.

Six or eight limbs is the norm but odd ones out do happen, aside from humans this means more limbs. Two or four legs with two or four manipulators. Some species with six limbs will have two of the legs also functional as crude but strong manipulators.
As mentioned earlier all intelligent life aside from humans breathes fluorine.

In terms of the specifics of form such as hide, fur, wool, limb format etc. It varies wildly.
One of the elder species are essentially gigantic sheep with arms.
One of the younger races are eight limbed reptilians with two heads.
Some are even insectile.
My favourite are the lungfishmen. Mostly because they don't understand why everyone thinks they would prefer aquatic environments leading to them always being confused in galactic political settings when an aquatic habitat is prepared for their diplomatic missions.

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Humans are the bards of my setting. Diplomats, they're the glue that holds back together the frail alliances of the intelligent humanoids, else the elves and dwarves would still be fighting each other.
They get bonus to social interaction, learn languages more easily and off course, tries to fuck anything that moves.

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humans are the only race that can achieve a "godhood" status without essentially stealing a gods powers, or doing something in a similar manner.
it just hardly happens because they dont live that long enough, and the logistics/mechanics of deification without another god's help is troublesome.

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They just tend to be the most widespread race with the best grasp on the scientific method and the greatest motivation to use what they invent. Also they have The Human Fate which in essence is a self-fulfilling prophecy woven into the fabric of the universe which leads them to rise to greater and greater heights each time and fall harder and harder.

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Onto culture because I am now in the mood to spew this shit out and force you all to consume until you like it.

All other intelligent life in the galaxy is extremely collectivist. Not only as a byproduct of the innate herd instincts but also the cultural norms that arose as a consequence of facing constant threat from natural predators for much of their history.
This makes the individualistic humans quite the oddity with human philosophy often being considered rather perverse in its thinking by ayy philosophers and intellectuals.
Initially human collectivists considered this a sign that collectivism is the way forward the time for communism is now. But this thinking quickly fell out of favour as more and more humans fucked off into deep space for whacky adventure fun times then came back with stories of how crazy shit is out there.

As a further consequence most species in the galaxy have grouped up into a number of blocs typically centred around a few of the elder races who are generally playing them against each other to maintain their position in a sort of gentlemens agreement with the elder races leading the other blocs.
Basically they all understand they got a good scam going and don't want to upset anything so they ensure nothing big happens and nothing really changes.
They maintain a central hub for interbloc relations and diplomacy but really its just a place for them to easily keep in touch with each other and make sure all the elder races remain on the same page in regards to making sure nothing challenges them.
Humans are explicitly banned from said hub but are often found there anyways with rumours abound of humans in the walls. Generally speaking the local equivalent of law enforcement at said hub have stopped trying to remove the human presence due to the difficulties involved and the humans habit of sabotaging or hijacking the hubs essential systems if forced to move out of whatever section of the hull/walls they're inhabiting.

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The one we're in currently, humans are the only beings which actually have souls (and therefore real gods).

Though this isn't really a benefit, everyone and their mom wants humans for various reasons for having souls, and as a race humans are an endangered species at this point.

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Higher tolerance for alcohol and dairy products than most other races.

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In regards to other cultural aspects like entertainment and so on there is of course an absurd diversity as we're talking about a galaxy here.
Ploloon opera, Es scratchouts, Quad, the happy elixir and a great many more provide all manner of entertainment to all manner of species. With humans often keen to experience as many as they can.
This means humans are often an unwelcome presence at sporting events, artistic performances and all manner of other events and premises. While naturally many worlds take measures to try and prevent a human presence many others have simply accepted they can't prevent it completely and instead try to manage it which is usually about as successful.
This has led to a saying in some parts of the galaxy coined initially by the Ploloon which translates roughly as: "Stone will obey before a human"

Some of the elder and middle aged races are at this stage desperate for novelty which is something humans are capable of providing to their jaded populations in spades. Sometimes even with spades.
More than a few humans earn a living going from world to world putting on shows where they eat local foodstuffs to the shock of local onlookers (who view safely at a distance via television/internet equivalents), in a galaxy where at best other species foods are useless and will have to be vomited up or otherwise removed and at worst are outright poison. The human capacity to simply chow down on anything is a supreme novelty. Some more debased populations and individuals have even paid humans to eat animals or sometimes even sapient beings for their viewing pleasure.
That humans typically ate animals prior to the advent of the nutritional resequencers they use today is generally unknown to most in the galaxy or the source of even more novelty and horror.

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So we've mentioned that humans get around despite being unwelcome.
How so?

Well a few reasons.
First humans are clever little fuckers. Good problem solvers that are quick to exploit any weakness in scanning systems or orbital traffic control.
Second is the typical human ship. In terms of size they're more akin to what most would consider a torpedo or maybe an escape pod. And they are loaded with design features intended to make them harder to detect. Couple this with gadgets, tactics and tricks that humans have built up over the years and theres few places humans can't get to if they decide they want in.
Fortunately their intentions are rarely malevolent. When they are its typically in a fairly petty way, theft and the like rather than killing a bunch of people. In the eyes of some species humans are what we consider magpies to be: obsessed with shiny things.
Humans have established more than a few museums full of things they've stolen or procured from all over the galaxy along with video footage of shit they've seen. The often proud curators try to invite ayys to come visit and check them out, but its the rare one who will. Humans meanwhile often use them as a way to plan their own journeys, looking for something interesting to go see/do/eat.

But back to how they get around.
The big thing really is size. Humans are simply small. As the smallest species going and most being easily larger than the biggest of whales, its very easy for humans to sneak around unnoticed. The earlier comparison to rats was quite deliberate as its not unheard of for species to find humans living in the hulls of ships or space stations and in the walls of planetary buildings. Sections of them reinforced and filled with human safe atmospheres. Making them a considerable danger to the intended inhabitants if breached.
Nor is it impossible for the largest of starships to accumulate a small flotilla of human ships attached to its hull like barnacles. Hitching a ride.

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Best horsemen

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I only put them in because it makes people happy: they have nothing special.

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I'm having the exact opposite problem, maybe you can help me. I run and make very human-centric settings, with maybe 1 or 2 other races that are still humanoid. One of the complaints I get from my players, though, is that they feel like they're forced into playing humans, but none of them give me other suggestions on how to improve when I ask. They all only have dnd 5e experience, so maybe they're just used to that, but my question for you is what other races do you have, if, for you, *they're* the token included race for players, when that's what every race that isn't humans is for me?

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Humans are more successful Orcs.

They came out of left field, out fucked everyone and established all their petty kindoms over the ruins of the elder races (who are still pretty miffed)

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The largest human culture developed in a period of prosperity and isolation, having long left the original colonies behind to overcome the stifling and volatile political situation of Earth and its squabbling outposts; so stumbling upon a wider galactic community was perhaps the worst thing that could have possibly happened to them. After a solid 400 years of peace and development, they woke up one morning to find that they were in the midst of what they'd run away from and that there was no going back. Humans are one of the only peoples for whom first contact and the following diplomacy was approached with disinterest and irritation.

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How do ayys take all this?

Well as mentioned earlier ayys fall into two main groups.
Those with no real contact with humans who think they can't possibly exist because they violate every law of nature.
And those who know they exist and are absolutely terrified/horrified by the fact.
There are those who have a touch more personal experience with humans and have come to sort of accept them and associate with them. But these individuals still prefer to keep humans at the other side of a screen. Mainly for fear of disease or oxygen exposure. Which if you believe the galactic media are the two most dangerous things going.
Either humans will kill you by their very presence courtesy of bacteria/viruses or exposure to the dangerous oxygen they breath. Or they'll deliberately kill you and eat you. At least thats what most sensationalist media says.

This also means most ayy law enforcement is reluctant to deal with humans. Trying to encourage them (at a distance) to kindly go away or just trying to figure out what they want so they'll leave faster.
Which suits most humans just fine as they know how easy it is to scare them and exploit it for either comedic effect (their own amusement not that of the ayys) or to scare them off so they'll be left alone to enjoy whatever it is they're doing.

Human visitors to human worlds or habitats are very rare. Those who survive are often traumatised by the experience.
However the definitive work on human culture and behaviour in the eyes of ayys was written by one who managed to survive a whole six human months living on a human world interacting with humans on a daily basis.
The book was his greatest and final achievement for he went into retirement immediately upon finishing it. In something of a controversial move refusing to take on any students.

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Human visitors? I mean ayy visitors to human worlds

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I have them as the jack of all trades, sorta
Humans are the 2nd place winner of everything
They breed slower than orcs, but fast than all the others
They're slower than elves, but quicker than the rest
They're weaker than dwarves, but stronger than the rest

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Further on ayy responses

For organised crime humans are useful if unpredictable and unreliable hirelings.
Typically refusing the contracts, oaths and other binding traditions of these interspecies crime organisations they prefer to operate more as mercenaries or temporary contractors. Providing their services for a time until they either grow bored or the agreement runs its course. At which point they move on.

Their size and ability to get around unnoticed makes them excellent spies or informants if you can convince them to do it.
Their cunning minds and strange view of the universe makes them exceptional craftsmen in regards to weapons with human designed weaponry being something of a status symbol among crime lords. A status symbol that is rarely used because it is often as terrifying to its ayy user as it is to the ayy it is turned on.
And of course the human instinctual knack for the hunt, unique among all intelligent species makes them great for assassinations or bounty hunting with the latter being an entirely unheard of concept prior to humans emerging onto the galactic stage, and humans still comprise the overwhelming majority of bounty hunters in the galaxy even now.

Despite their diminutive size having one around is considered a great way for a crime lord to project an intimidating image when dealing with his peers or underlings. The more savage looking the better.
Those humans who pursue a criminal path often decorate their suits with the bones and pelts of animals, typically alien vermin and the like (think rats or mice). You'd think this wouldn't make them more intimidating but somehow it works.

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All races are the mortal descendants of various factions of spirits, who are themselves the descendants of the creator deity. There are three factions and thus three primary races, Celestial, Terrestrial and Chthonic. All except humans, who were originally beasts who picked up the fires of heaven (after the war in heaven way back in the day) and became creatures with both a beastly and spiritual component.

Most races have Material and Spiritual component existences, except humans who have the aforementioned Beast and Spiritual components. Now as humans perform more 'civilized' actions they become more human, more noble and godly. But as they perform more 'natural' actions they become more and more like the savage creature that humans use to be. (Think super-werewolves) This Beast component interacts strangely with the fires of heaven (wisdom.jpeg) and allows for humans of particular fame or infamy to 'ascend' into a sort of artificial afterlife, where they wait for a prophesied final battle with the things that lurk beyond reality. Also humans figured out how to turn 'heroic' souls into 25-50 feet tall mecha that are then piloted by 'inheritors'.

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Very rarely some wealthy eccentric gets it in his head to try and get a pet human or some other creature from earth.
While pet humans are extremely difficult to acquire and absurdly dangerous. Earth creatures are sold by some enterprising humans for often ludicrous sums. Typically accompanied by a completely fabricated story about how dangerous the creature in question is and what it can do.

More than a few wealthy ayys have a prized vicious earth predator kept in a sealed terrarium. A terrifying monster that has rent humans asunder in the chase to capture it in the sweltering jungles of the deathworld that is Earth.
Goats are pretty nasty fuckers.

This leads us nicely again to human waste.
As mentioned earlier one of the most dangerous substances in the galaxy. Loaded with bacteria, viruses and who knows what else. It is the nightmare of planetary governments and station administrators. The mere thought of some humans visiting and leaving piles of wet sticky human droppings that doom the entirety of the world or station to painful death has caused more than a few ayy equivalents of stress induced stomach ulcers.

Fortunately despite a few localised outbreaks this hasn't happened.
While human bacteria and viruses are absolutely nightmarish the paranoia surrounding human waste and the human need to stay constantly in sealed environment suits in alien habitats mean that the chances of an ayy encountering human waste that hasn't been through a waste recycler, sterilised and vacuum packed are extroardinarily slim.
And these days humans are quite happy to share their knowledge of antibiotics and antiviral drugs. Which at least in the medical community have served to allay many fears regarding humans.
Did I mention our bodies are full of what they regard as narcotics or combat stimulants? We'll cover that later maybe.

>> No.73943191

So why the huge fear of human waste?
Well simple really. When humans first started leaving the homeworld en masse a number of neighbouring younger races were not happy about this.
And in accordance with the norms of the galactic community felt themselves the betters and rightful rulers of humanity on account of being much larger and thus (again by the norms of the galaxy) much smarter than them.
So they attacked, attempted to invade earth.

The invasion went about as well as one would expect. They thought they were prepared for the hostile environment and their prodigious size did certainly did help them initially.
But it quickly became a liability when even the smallest holes in their suits became a death sentence. The land invasion attempt was quickly abandoned.
The orbital elements also failed to realise that the humans rather than fight them head on had decided to just start flinging asteroids and large numbers of nuclear weapons at them. The former was dangerous but tolerable, it was the nuclear weapons hidden among them that really surprised them as their species had never actually split the atom on account of it being an absolutely silly thing to do in their eyes.

The human response was formed in the final days of Earth governments and was going to be their big hurrah. They'd united into a singular polity and were gonna stamp out a place for them in the galaxy and remind everyone just why humanity needed them.
But in the time it took them to organise a counter attack and arrive, the homeworld of the invaders was barren and lifeless.
A few weeks prior upon hearing of the attack on earth a lone human spacer had emptied his ships shit tanks into the atmosphere of the invaders homeworld. They proved unfortunately susceptible to a number of bacteria that humans had long ago integrated into their digestive processes and all died.

>> No.73943360

While galactic medical experts assured everyone this was an isolated case and didn't mean humans could kill whole worlds by simply shitting in the streets.
It did little to quell the hysteria that arose. Whole civilisations bordering the Sol system prostrated themselves before humanity pledging eternal obedience in exchange for mercy.
But there was no one to accept their fealty. The last human government had collapsed. Proven completely irrelevant by the products of a single mans arsehole.
With time the various races did the diplomatic equivalent of getting up off their knees, dusting themselves off, laughing nervously then trying to pretend it never happened.
Meanwhile humans spread faster than any could hope to contain them.

The galaxy was paralysed in confusion laced with fear. In the end however as it became obvious that humans were not on a genocidal rampage nor were they seemingly organised in any meaningful way or prone to picking fights with anyone. The galaxy moved on and humans became nothing more than a rare unwelcome dangerous curiosity than walking heralds of the apocalypse.

Since then a number of attempts have been made to study human biology and even the ecosystem of Earth. But typically run into considerable difficulties protecting researchers from harm or the fickle and easily bored nature of humans.
As it stands the bloc in whose space the Sol system is located has built a small observation and research station in Earth orbit and frequently pay for samples to be procured from the surface or the Earths now much reduced population.
Rates of attrition on the station are pretty high as a consequence of stress and accidental exposures. Humans on the surface amuse themselves by placing bets on how long the stations current crop of researchers will survive.

>> No.73943459

They're empire builders and war wagers. Other, longer lived races dislike the waste of life that Humans cause during wars, but no one can deny how effective they are. That said, their cities are welcome to all who wish to live there.

>> No.73943523

No one really realizes this, but humans are actually currently on the path to being replaced by half-elves and half-orcs.

It's *sort of* become apparent to the orcs, as tribes lead by half-orcs or with majority half-orc populations tend to do better due to their higher intellect. Of course, Orcish tradition is that any child born to an orc tribe is an orc, so orcs don't see themselves as being replaced. And they have a lot bigger problems then racial purity at the moment.

The elves have absolutely noticed that half-elves have the potential to replace them and the two greatest elven kingdoms have become xenophobic and concerned about blood purity, the inland one moreso than the coastal one (the coastal one actually has a quarter-elf queen on the throne). This has had the side-effect of making them insular and conservative which means that they're falling behind on the tech race. They've got it as bad as the dwarves.

Humans don't really realize that they might be replaced because, in fairness, there's still a fuckton of humans compared to either race. But the New World has been discovered and most of the settlers of the New World are half-elves or half-orcs born in human lands, since the New World offers better opportunities for them there then back in the Old World. Half-elf and half-orc population are booming in the New World, and interbreeding between the two may soon produce a new race that combines the best traits of human, elf, and orc.

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So how is earth classified? Deathworld seems simple enough and fuddyk though.

Well there is a commonly accept classification system widely used among all blocs.
It covers multiple important elements. Like the type of planet, its size, its atmosphere composition, gravity, biosphere if presence, biosphere type, biosphere density (you know how much livin shit there is), etc.
Naturally Earth broke the scale. Mostly on the biosphere elements.
While comparable worlds do exist their biospheres are typically not as diverse as Earths and none of these comparable worlds have produced intelligent life. A common view in the galactic scientific community prior to humans ruining everything was that planets with a dense biosphere were simply too dangerous to produce intelligent life, any that emerged would simply die out due to predators before developing beyond the tribal stage.

Many of these comparable worlds are teeming with dangerous often giant predators. Making them popular places for humans to go hunting.
Some entertainment producers known for focusing on shocking content have paid humans to go hunting on these worlds with cameras in tow. Packaging the footage for sale and broadcast to audiences who watch each hunt in a combination of disgust, terror and awe. Many of these shows have been banned on many worlds, especially the ones where the humans decide to cook and eat their kill.

More often than not these worlds are widely considered worthless by most ayys. More effort than they're worth to colonise or terraform. But for humans? They're almost like home.
A few galactic megacorps have tried encouraging human settlement of some worlds for various purposes. Mining and other resource extraction operations or just to encourage a human presence in an area for better or worse.
Others have been bought by humans or simply taken with nobody really inclined to waste the resources or effort in trying to get rid of them.

>> No.73943687

And thats about as much as I'm inclined to give without prodding.
Whats it all mean?
Basically in this setting humans are more akin to an infestation than anything else in the eyes of aliens. Not desirable but also not something they can actually deal with.
Meanwhile for humans the galaxy is a laugh riot. A never ending source of wild adventures and new things to see. We left a lot of our baggage as a species back on Earth where it withered and died.
Humans doss about and essentially troll the galaxy by existing, they do it for the lulz.

>Widespread space travel has turned a species of horrifying methodical and hyper efficient killers with a tendency to use mass murder as a solution to problems, into a species of whimsical explorers, pranksters and petty criminals.

>> No.73943692


They can breed with elves.

That's it, that's the only thing that makes them special; aside from that they're just an unremarkable species, but it was extremely important because it's what led to the elves invading most of the (currently known) world on a conquer-spree, enslaving and eventually more or less integrating (think Imperial Rome) every human and dwarven culture they've thus far encountered, annihilating the orcs, and generally just deciding that the world was theirs for the taking because their numbers didn't have to remain low.

>> No.73943701

In my sci-fi setting, there are no humans. Or rather there are, but they're on Earth, which is several thousand light years away and three months of warp space travel from the confines of known space. Also the current Earth year is 1950.

There is a race called the elai that are actually originally native to Earth, although they don't know it. They're the most widespread race. The elai are humans in the sense that they belong to the "homo" genus, but more specifically they're an uplifted hybrid of h. sapiens, h. neanderthalis, and other then-extant human species that was taken from Earth some 200,000 years ago by an ancient progenitor race called the Sel, and seeded throughout known space and beyond for reasons unknown (elai aren't the only species the Sel did this with, they liked seeding, elai were just the most successful effort).

Elai look more or less like modern humans, though 200,000 or so years of evolution on alien worlds has of course created differences. Broadly speaking elai tend to be not quite as tough or robust, but they have sharper senses. They have advantages and disadvantages compared to numerous species so it's kind of pointless to talk about them in broad terms since, for example, the fact that they're stronger than the from-a-lower-gravity-planet kyn doesn't mean much when facing the from-a-higher-gravity-planet varjren.

>> No.73943728

...your elves are Yeerks? 'Cause that's literally why the Yeerks are bothering to invade Earth in Animorphs. We're not strong, we're not tough, we're not fast, our senses aren't anything incredible, but there's seven BILLION of us when most species, even interstellar one, only have populations in the hundreds of millions, max.

>> No.73943804

Intuitive magitek understanding that makes the gods REEEEEEEEE so hard that they manipulate any human empire that advances too hard too fast into nuking itself off the face of reality.

>> No.73943810

That was fun. Thanks for sharing.

I kind of see the reason of only herd animals developing civilization, but there's no other intelligent predators?

>> No.73943863

They are the only ones with the power to wield magic as a tool. That’s how they dominated the fae kingdoms and subjugated the most important beastmen tribes.

Of course their real power compared to fae and beastmen was not being racist to each other, and instead being extra racist to non-humans

>> No.73943883

Humans exist entirely to give a frame of reference for the other more interesting races, and as a result, are inferior in almost every way. To prevent them from going extinct, I gave them the best technology.

>> No.73943905


I've never read Animorphs so I have no idea, lol.

My elves were originally the exiles from another realm entirely and immensely powerful Fae, but the current setting ones are the descendants of those and the conquered humans who remember them as gods. Though they don't have nearly the power of the "gods" they're still far and away greater than humanity, and the only ones (in the so-far known world at least) with magic, which comes from the Fae.

>> No.73943932

Dominant race. Due to their short lifespans they took more risks and had far more ambition. In the end they held most the power and killed off most other races with only a few surviving in remote pockets.
But due to all the genetic and magical clusterfuckery humans are now separated into a few different races themselves.
Today almost everyone from the simple farmer to the gods themselves are or were humans.

>> No.73943933

cool worldbuilding, thanks anon

>> No.73943989

Humans are not a single race, but the muddy middle of all of the other pure mammalian races. Half-breeds were the start of 'humans' and their offspring, over the course of centuries of being shunned from a single race's society, intermixing with other half breeds until they all blended together into a fairly generic and highly adaptable middle. Purity of blood and lineage plays a large roll when it comes to any kingdom's royalty. I based it loosely around the pathfinder sorcery bloodlines.
The only real unique trait 'humans' had was their positive/negative energy development. Before then there was no such thing as clerics or necromancers. The dead stayed dead. Sure the orcs were able to commune with the spirits by tapping into the ethereal plane using a ton of drugs, and the gnomes were quite adept doctors and healers in their time as well. But humans come on the scene and within 3-4 generations you see spells like cure wounds and energy drain come onto the scene. Humans had to be innovative to gain any edge on their parent races and by doing so were able to call on magic from planes of existence that no one else had before.

>> No.73944019

Not a one.
Widely considered by the galactic community to be impossible. Arguing that predators would be incapable of the cooperation required to form a successful society.
Then humans introduced them to the concept of pack hunters and ayy scientific experts wept yet again because Earth just ruins their neat orderly view of the universe.

A main inspiration behind this element of the world was the smug self assured behaviour of Earths scientific community in proclaiming what constitutes a world likely to harbour life and how things are likely to work.
Water and oxygen don't necessarily mean a world will develop life, there are other alternatives. Life but not as we know it.
After a while it became such a running theme in the setting that it got a bit flanderised but it worked quite well for it.

>> No.73944101

>there are other alternatives.

Uh...in fairness, the reason why they're ruled out isn't "arrogance". Like, take the assumption that life is carbon-based. Yes, sure, silicon might be theoretically possible...but silicon isn't as diverse in the chemical bonds that it can form. Of the various molecules identified in the interstellar medium, 84 are carbon-based and only 8 are based on silicon...and of those 8, 4 include carbon. There's also about ten times as much carbon as there is silicon.

So yeah, sure, MAYBE there could be silicon-based life out there, but the odds are definitely against it when compared to carbon.

>> No.73944130

Perhaps. But a sample size of one is still way to small to draw huge generalisations of how life is going to function.
Another inspiration was funny forehead aliens and a desire to avoid them.

>> No.73944177

They are not from this realm and are incredibly shit with magic. It literally doesn't work the same way as the other races.
However, they have what could only be described as "mild collective autism" and are better with science and technology. Doesn't matter as much when your foe is a reality warping wizard, but it does provide benefits on a societal level.

>> No.73944180

>9 months and 15 years to minimum breeding and fighting age, add another 3-5 years if you want them to survive doing either
>"fast" breeding

>> No.73944198

You've put a lot of thought into this giantess magical realm, anon.

>> No.73944217

It depends on the context of the setting. For example, in Greyhawk Elves are adults at 100, dwarves are adults at 40 and halflings are adults at 30. By comparison that's pretty fast.

>> No.73944266

Its not really a sample size of "one", though. It's a sample size of however many species have existed on Earth over the past 3.8 billion years. Earth provides for a lot of diverse environments.

>> No.73944333

Humans, through a combination of inborn recklessness, emotional volatility, interest in spiritual thought, and having limbs and mouths to pray with, are the most preferred subjects of the gods. Thus, they are the most common hosts of miracles and their kingdoms are united by religious fervor as often as they are split by fanatic revolutions.

>> No.73944337

Yes but all rely on a small pool of common ancestors and ones adapted to a particular environment and biology.
We're poking at the deep ocean floor now and finding that life down there makes no sense relative to what we were expecting and are used to.

Either way this element of the setting fulfilled its initial purpose before becoming a group meme.
It annoyed the guy in the group who was massively pro-Science!(tm)
You know the sort I imagine. Says he supports science but couldn't tell you what the scientific method is and instead just generally believes whatever someone who says they're a scientist says.

>> No.73944370


>> No.73944376

>Yes but all rely on a small pool of common ancestors

Which kind of tells you something in and of itself. Like, there are plenty of locations on Earth where carbon-based life isn't viable but silicon-based life could be, and yet there's no sign of silicon-based life having come into being there.

>> No.73944380

Oh man, that's hilarious on so many levels. Sucks there are people who get upset with it, if we're playing any kind of make believe game, you just have to accept some of the setting stuff.

Letting you know I am going to steal some of it

>> No.73944432

Because of their primate bone structure, humans are uniquely suited to throwing compared to other likely candidates to sapience. Other species thus lagged behind in their development of projectiles and the related physics, until the development of ballistics and rocketry. Other species are far better built for grappling, beating, or maneuvering, but humans rule the roost when it comes to shooting and lobbing.

>> No.73944441

Oh anon you can't steal something thats free.

Perhaps but how rare is life in general?
Theres a lot we don't know and we only have Earth to go off.
We could be entirely typical of life in this galaxy.
We could be entirely unique in all the universe no other intelligent life or indeed life anywhere.
Or we could be the completely abnormal freaks who don't match up to the norms of life in the rest of the galaxy.

As it stands making any kind of declaration of this sort is hubris in the extreme. We simply have no information with which to draw a meaningful hypothesis.

>> No.73944526

They have the strongest raw psychic power, but lack the finesse, intelligence, or flexibility of other species, in addition to their obvious physical and mental deficiencies. For example, Some Alien can use a telepathic link to establish a pseudo-hivemind in their crew, or transfer a slow but steady stream of energy from one ship to the other for rescue purposes, but must rely on their bodies or weapons for combat. Humans can blast things with force of light things on fire with a thought and line of sight, and can only be restrained through physical distraction (which they can resist through training and conditioning) or having their sight obscured, but can't exactly do anything more subtle.

>> No.73944594

Every other race finds them cute and sometimes tasty, but you can't have everything after all

>> No.73944601

In my sci-fi world, humans are one of the youngest races, and don’t really comply with current tactical expectations in warfare. Most earlier species evolved from ambush predators, and as a result wars between them were short, brutal affairs that often consisted of only a single battle. Even if not all of a species forces are destroyed, they will often surrender to avoid further loss of life. An honorable defeat, to put it simply. Humans have no such inclination. They fight to the last man, and push their advantages whenever possible. They are some of the foremost experts in asymmetrical warfare, able to continue fighting long after their largest ships have been destroyed. They also have a radically different doctrine, utilizing assault carriers with swarms of drones and small, fast frigates instead of Large Battleships. Hardlight, the primary laser tech, requires long coils and thus, a large ship in order to deliver powerful pulses. Humans said “fuck that pussy shit” and took up railguns as their primary weapon. While less powerful in terms of blanket ruination, railguns have several key advantages, namely that they have an infinite range. A rail shell is going to keep going until it hits something, that’s just physics. Thus, a human fleet of smaller ships can play a desperate game of keep-away with an alien armada. Combine this with Nuclear weapons, a large-radius EMP that has long been considered a coward’s weapon, and humanity has a long-range fleet doctrine capable of standing up to ancient alien dreadnoughts.

>> No.73944615

>Theres a lot we don't know and we only have Earth to go off.

Yes, but we have a LOT of it to go off of. That's not to say that we're necessarily right about our guesses about life elsewhere, I'm just contesting the idea that we're basing our assumptions on arrogant presumption instead of reasoned examination of all available evidence, which is far broader than I think you give us credit for. Keep in mind that when life first evolved on Earth, Earth looked like pic from orbit.

>> No.73944619

Humans in fantasy are more of a novelty to other races. You know, because humans are already familiar to the people consuming the media. The point of them is really to compare and contrast them with the other races that aren't so familiar.

>> No.73944652

Perhaps. I just hate how smug a lot of people making the guesses about alien life and saying their guesses are factual tend to be.
But then that smugness pervades pretty much every part of academia these days.

>> No.73944664

Is it smugness, or did you suggest something that they had good reason to think that was hokum at the time and you just didn't know it yet, like silicon-based life?

>> No.73944678

More the smugness but also the hefty insistence on oxygen and water being essential to life.

>> No.73944707

>Pic unrelated
Au contraire

>> No.73944757

Remember that biology is just applied chemistry. The assumption of water being essential is due to just how damn many molecules it can dissolve within it. It's called a "universal solvent" for a reason. Other liquids are certainly theoretically possible, but again, it's like the carbon-or-silicon thing above. The other alternatives are just vanishingly rare in the interstellar medium by comparison - in fact, water is the most common compound in the universe (since it's composed of the first and third most common elements) - and aren't as good at the job as water.

>> No.73944798

They’re uppity retards who think they can be the standard which the world must follow

>> No.73944802

Perhaps. But again this is at best a hypothesis as there's no further data to base anything off.
To prove the hypothesis we'd need to find multiple species operating on these oxygen/water reliant principles.

>> No.73944890

Like fish. Or cephalopods. Or tube worms. Or...

>> No.73944935

For my scifi campaign, humans are uniquely hypocritical.
The idea of "rules for thee but none for me", "it's different when I do it", and the downstream shitshow that is the political theater which defines liberal democracy are seen as aberrant by most xenos. They wonder how humans could advance so far while harboring such a profoundly anti-social behavior. The human tendency to spread out
The only xenos who approximate this quality are the religious zealots, but it's not so much hypocrisy as a mindset which wholeheartedly accepts truths are irreconcilable with one another.

>> No.73944954

>Can this alien female be fucked without harm?
Doesn't matter.
>Should WE try?

>> No.73945095

I always liked the idea that humans have the 'destiny' stuff because their short lifespan. It's like when you'd cram all your homework into the last vacation day as a kid, humans are always on their 'last day'
>Populate like hell because how often they breed
>Constantly expanding because of said population
>Doing a lot of pioneering/adventuring/conquering whatthefuckever because they all want to 'leave their mark' or prove they can do something despite being the 'mundane race' of the world

Half as long, twice as bright, basically

>> No.73945127

>the concept of a virus being utterly alien to the majority of the galaxy.
This kills it for me.
Everyone knows that viruses come from space.

>> No.73945141

short lifespan spurs them to try as hard as they can to accomplish greatness

>> No.73945174

But wouldn't this apply to any short-lived race around as intelligent as humans? Goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds...

>> No.73945188

>What's the novelty of the human race in your setting?

They got a couple of little traits:
-They have horrendous fucking Stamina.
>Highest Constitution stat of any Humanoid.
>Have an incredibly short "Short Rest" and "Long Rest" period.
>Can have a "Short Rest" while moving.
>They get access to "Second Wind": which is a racial ability that gives them temporary hitpoints.

-Spiritually speaking, they're awful at most magic, but posses a disturbing affinity for some dangerous ones.
>Good at Shadow, Air, and Fire Magic. Genuinely awful at everything else.
>Can't seem to help themselves when it comes to Necromancy. They're REALLY fucking good at it. No race is better at Necromancy than Humans.

-A long with some other general tidbits.
>Unironically have really, really, good vision. Most species have low-light vision and this makes them naturally a bit near-sighted.
>Adapt at living in savannahs, deserts, prairies, badlands, and other exposed, flat-ass lands that most other species find inhospitable.
>Can genuinely tolerate quite a bit of direct sunlight. What gives Humans sunburn would give most other species heat-exhaustion.

>> No.73945190


>> No.73945261

In theory, yes, you could acquit it to them having generally lower intelligence or being more 'feral' so most of them don't go out to achieve greatness.
But then it gives good reason to any notable kobolds/gobbos/etc that do go out to do something.

>> No.73945362

I mean, at least as far as D&D is concerned, all three are just as intelligent as humans on average. Kobolds actually breed faster than humans and live slightly longer if they aren't killed (120s or so). Hobgoblins are highly organized, with complex social structures, and live as long as humans.

>> No.73945415

shades of douglas adams, really enjoyed it,

>> No.73945432

They have no souls.

>> No.73945509

then in D&D settings I would say they should be under the same effect, but, hey, D&D writing.

>> No.73945524

They're were so numerous compared to the other races that when the DARK LORD took over the continent they were the least effected comparatively.

>> No.73945544

They don't get any negative modifiers when doing actions that the other races might, such as -1 hit when dual wielding. At the same time they also don't get any positive modifiers. My players call it "painfully average".

>> No.73945621

Humans are evolved from tyrannosaurs (well, something like a tyrannosaurus. It had arms much like our own and intelligence on par with a dolphin or elephant) and if placed next to an average human from the real world would be slightly but noticeably stronger, faster, and more cunning, but also less good at long-term thinking, not being swayed by passions, and solving problems in ways that don't involve violence. They also tend to veer a bit more pragmatic, amoral, and aggressive compared to real humans. Technological progress is much slower but they're very good at maintaining what they do have. Most humans just think they were created by the gods though.

>> No.73945673

So oxygen is near-absent in other planet's atmosphere? How does that affect things like trees/plants and fire in the development of other civilizations?

>> No.73945958

Almost the exactly opposite of jack of all trades, more like type-casting.
>Cause us humans aren't jacks... Each one of us picks a specialty and learns that, and nothing else usually.
I call it "Bloodlines", not the most creative I know.


As humans pass down their traditions from parent to child, the children become more and more skilled in that tradition, to the point of supernatural talents starting bleeding through.

A father is a farmer,
his son has an exceptional green thumb,
his son always knows exactly where and when to grow the best crops
The next can herd the animals as if he's talking to them
The next CAN talk to animals.
The next son is considered the Druid of the area since the animals, land, and weather speak to him.

Noble and Royal bloods become better at talking to people
Warriors can become as to Argonauts or other legendary figures.
Merchants into wandering luck peddlers, that appear on corners suddenly
Hey even a shoe cobbler's son can get the general build, weight, height, and pick out the direction from foot prints

One problem is that- just like real life- getting a family to stick to one tradition for 5+ generations or more? Pretty rare. Some son or daughter is struck by wonder lust and then wants to become a sailor. Their previous bloodline "reseting" within only one or two generations as they attempt to start a new one.
"Ur a wizar 'Arry' situations are pretty common.

Other races tend to respect humans that have long lines of <whatever>. Dwarves show their respect to lives of dedication. Orcs know that warriors-son-of-son-of-son are fierce just from their title. Even the stuffy elves concede to a Royal bloodline that's been on the throne for 10+ generations. When the very land speaks to you, you tend to know what's best.

Naturally most of my games don't have my players living through generations of life. I generally let my human PCs pick up right in the budding of supernatural powers of... whatever their profession is.

>> No.73947607

In my pseudo scifi magic post apocalyse kitchensink setting, humanity IS the most versitile race as we adapt to environments and adapt environments to suit us. Not many thrive but we all survive, unlike some races that are stuck in a niche they cant/don't want to get out of.

>> No.73947776

No species truly has any real benefit over another, everyone sucks equally but for different reasons. Yeah sure some pricks got better posture, tails, horns, sharper teeth, more upper body strength, more nimble bodies, etc. But usually one thing or another balances it all out, so some prick could absolutely kick someone else's ass regardless of their independent species.

>> No.73947806

The humans from your setting sound rad.

>> No.73947845

Hypernumerous in relation to other sapient races, making them the default perspective. Also generally favored by gods because said gods were humans from a previous kalpa, meaning humanity gets along because of supernatural nepotism.

>> No.73949202

unlimited level advancement

>> No.73949313

>yfw the local lord shows up

>> No.73949353

They make about half of the population, being a distinctive majority.
That's about it.

>> No.73949378

Both devils and angels have a fondness for humans to the point that a human that makes a deal with a devil will both not get fucked over by the deal and angels won't bat an eye at it for the most part

>> No.73949456

O_o More lethal version of Chaos Winds of Magic. Quite interesting concept.

So no Elfs?
Also If I remember correctly Jordan Peterson mention that Hebrew word for Sin and Missing the Target are related. We consider MIssing the target to be sinful.

No centaurs?
And why other don't ride horses? Do we are only ones with pets?

Maybe write more about this three species? Maybe they are to strange/niche?
Maybe they don't see them as different enough?
Or maybe they have something that your players don't like?

I once read that Elfs try to replace Humans with Half-Elfs they send their females to Great Humans. Elfish girl try to catch human in to marriage. Spend with him couple of decades. Produces some offspring. And Human are deny superior genetics of their best. For Elf girl is something ala mandatory Military service.

Tribalism for the win!

THere was story on HUmans Fuck Yeah subreddit on the lines of that. You are author?

>> No.73949503

Possible if it was taken from /tg/
Many years back I did write a HFY story which had humans again as midgets compared to aliens. But they were much more organised and peaceful.

Plants and shit just work on other mechanisms. As for fire. Never really thought about it. Perhaps more natural fuels contain their own oxidiser?

>> No.73951766

>>73943692 (You) #
>I once read that Elfs try to replace Humans with Half-Elfs they send their females to Great Humans. Elfish girl try to catch human in to marriage. Spend with him couple of decades. Produces some offspring. And Human are deny superior genetics of their best. For Elf girl is something ala mandatory Military service.

In mine it's more like elf girl decides she likes "that one", so she claims him by virtue of being an elf and therefore his better, which he's almost certain to be OVERJOYED about because he'll now be essentially the pet of an upper-class girl. Their society being what it is, if he's extremely lucky her mother / sister(s) / wife(s) may also take a liking to him, which is even better (depending on her age, family distribution for the last several generations, success in networking, family prosperity, etc. she may well have all of the above and could be living with a number of them). So might her brother(s), but if they're of an age with her or older (which is to say, of breeding age) they'll be spending the vast majority of their time away from home if indeed they're home at all.

In any event, whilst his children with her (or them as it may well be) will never know him as "father" precisely, he'll know them more than an elven father would and he'll be secure in the knowledge that they'll undoubtedly have a better life than he could've ever dreamt for himself and that he's given them the greatest gift possible - elven lineage. They'll now be part of an elven house, be elves themselves even (albeit with a bit thinner blood than their mother(s) have) and have the magic that comes with that.

>> No.73951867

This breaks down on the very first line. Oxygen is a dangerous, volatile fuel compared to FLUORINE? Fluorine is the most reactive known element and almost impossible to find in a pure stars because it reacts with EVERYTHING.

>> No.73951961

>I once read that Elfs try to replace Humans with Half-Elfs they send their females to Great Humans. Elfish girl try to catch human in to marriage. Spend with him couple of decades. Produces some offspring. And Human are deny superior genetics of their best. For Elf girl is something ala mandatory Military service.

The problem is that there's way more humans than elves, so the result of that is much more likely to result in the elves disappearing before the humans unless the elves become obsessive about not breeding with half-elves.

Orcs are, likely I said, different. Orcs jut ask "were you born as part of the tribe?" If the answer is yes, then you're considered an orc, even if you're really a half-orc, or a halfling, or goliath, whatever. "Orc" is slowly changing into an idea or a way of life instead of a race as a result, although racial orcs still outnumber cultural orcs.

>> No.73951972

Yeah, that Anon...

He put a lot of effort into what he wrote. I'll just charitably leave it at that.

>> No.73952226

They do not fuck all the humans. Just they top.

>> No.73952301

A healthy mix of being certifiably insane by the measure of every other species, and being the galactic equivilent of the fae.
>A ridiculously complicated set of laws that most of us don't even understand, who need high paid professionals just to fully grasp, on top of an already elaborate series of personal, local, social and overall rituals that may alter between time and space that somehow we all grasp implicitly.
>We have professionals for understanding ourselves, for example.
>Rarely do the rational thing. That plus the fact that we're suicidal, have high abstract trends that can override some of our core natures, and that we generally don't behave like any other creature does, makes us entirely unpredictable in combat, but also in person to person communication.
>Add this to the fact that we're naturally on the upper end for sensory abilities (while not being a species that depends entirely on one of them alone, like birds or dogs), and exceedingly social (in which the complicated layers of rituals exist) and socially aware of what's going on and things like tells and indicators.
We're the fae. Unsettling (tall bipeds that have different social cues that most don't understand or misrepresent), very difficult to understand as a person (being unexpectedly complex and unexpectedly simple at the same time), almost impossible to predict, massive rules lawyers both in policing and in loopholes (that frustrates other races to no end), and generally the race that you only want to deal with in extremis because you have no control over the outcome, no way to predict it, and it might be a nice human who's friendly and gets you gifts and always does all the work, but you have no way of telling if they're truly so kind, or if they're secretly gouging you for everything you have and you can never tell. It's not a matter of being some mastermind, it's just that other races simply can't tell, with humans.

>> No.73952351


In a fantasy setting, that's pretty fucking fast.

>> No.73953861

why do these sort of threads always end up with people trying to tiptoe around humans being "bland" by overblowing things and making them mary sues instead?

>> No.73954780

Humans are exceptional in only one way: Through no fault or plan of their own, Earth happens to be the only densely populated planet for many jumps in any direction. This makes the Sol system extremely useful as an outpost for the slowly expanding Commonwealth, as a heavily populated, industrialized planet is a pearl of great price in this thinly settled wilderness of stars. As a result humanity is contacted, technically assisted, and aided in its efforts to colonize the Sol system and a few outsystem colonies.

Given the many factions on Earth this inevitably leads to some conflict, the it is still much cheaper to deal with than than ship colonists all the way out to this part of the Orion Arm and set up a base,

>> No.73955589

>What's the novelty of the human race in your setting?
There is no novelty.

>> No.73955831

They're one of the oldest races on the iron star and known for having records of a time when galaxies were things of fact and not legend. Unlike many other species that grew into geometric mechanical shapes as they progressed into the twilight age of the universe, humanity has stubbornly persisted in its use of a mimicry of its biological form, though so optimized and improved that they would be likened to gods were they to visit one of their carbon-based ancestors. They were not the ones who created the localized entropic negation system but are old enough to understand the technology behind it, and while capricious and ambitious remain stalwart allies in the war against the Cold Ones.

>> No.73955995

Some girls can get knocked up at 12

>> No.73955996

I'm just watching this episode, wtf.

>> No.73956175

>O_o More lethal version of Chaos Winds of Magic. Quite interesting concept.

Yeah, magic isn’t “evil”, but it’s still going to do damage to you if you utilize it raw. Most people who practice magic utilize wands and scepters which act as safer conduits for magical energy, as well as special armor being made which insulates you from magical radiation just in case.

That said, you can cast magic raw, but it’s extremely taxing on the body and will result in an early grave as your body decays and develops cancers.

>> No.73956197

Compared to whom?

>> No.73956242

So, Space Marines?

>> No.73956383

Humans have a particular affinity for the dark arts. They might not be the most populous, or powerful, or the most trustworthy, or have the best technology, or even be well-liked, but you can find them in every major population center. Everyone talks about disliking humans because of their innate qualities, but most everyone wants to have a human friend, because they rule the seedy underbelly of society. You need some smuggling done, or a curse laid out, humans are your best bet.

>> No.73957057

>I am now in the mood to spew this shit out and force you all to consume until you like it.
Jokes on you, anon. I was always liking it.

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