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reminder that rumour engine is fucking trash

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Why are all dreadnoughts so fat?

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I remember when this kit was the only way of getting anything like combi-weapons for your Tactical sergeants, without buying metal ones in blisters.

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Dark Angels but less full of it.

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Even the early color images were meaning less.

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Guys at BL and GW say that Gav Thorpe is the great loremaster of Warhams. Can you name any of his best warhammer works?

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What are they watching /40kg/?

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They had to design a character for their largest demographic to self inset as

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Back when not every battle report was for the new release and the new army has to win.

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>largest demographic

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Last Chancers

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During the heresy, Luther's Chaos-worshipping Dark Angels painted their armour GREEN, while
Lion's Loyalist Dark Angels wore BLACK

When did this change? It didn't.

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if you're a terminator go join the deathwatch do you take your terminator armour with you? or do they have a set in your size prepared

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Death, it's right there in the name.

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>Spend past few days downloading STL's and formating them
>Find a huge Mega that basically did what I did already so I just wasted days of time for no reason
Welp I feel a little dumb but at least I found the Grey Knights Builder I was looking for

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It probably varies.

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Post WIPs.

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Reminder that you need to go back.

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Firstest of the firstborn

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back to where

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>Brainstorming first passes at 9E Ork list
>Always been Evil Sunz Speed Freeks, lists have gradually moved further and further into anti-tank focus

I have now very clearly aimed for the most aggressively anti-Primarine list I can manage with the models in my collection. Out of 17 units in the list, 12 of them have at least one model with D2 weapons, nothing with less than T6 starts on the table.

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if you join my deathwatch, you gotta bring your own I haven't gotten around to building any terminators yet, I have too much fun with the normal veterans
is it any good?

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God damn that pic really makes it obvious where the inspiration for the predator comes from and the rhino platform in general.

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What's going to be announced on sunday? New Starter Set hopefully?

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If you could have the training and equipment (bike included for the Shining Spears) of one aspect class (incubi included) which one would it be and why?

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More primaris

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Goff Nob

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i wish they still did the "build a character" plastic boxes, that shit was great

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>actually autistic enough that I might have my chapter distinguish between Company Veterans (i.e. the Veteran Sergeants and command squad members in a regular company) and Chapter Veterans (i.e. the 100 or so Marines of the 1st company)

Because it's a mess when you think about it. Is a 3rd company Veteran Sergeant of higher rank than an unranked 1st company Veteran? Is a 1st company Veteran Sergeant of the same rank as the 3rd company Veteran Sergeant or is he technically a Veteran Veteran Sergeant?

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Every faction should get a terminator equivalent

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Warp Spider easily.

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Primaris units to replace devastators but with rules allowing only one kind of heavy weapon in the squad

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I thought the thumbnail was a Bradley and was going to make a joke about the Imperium watching Pentagon Wars and unironically thinking it was a great method of combat vehicle deaign.

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>terminator sorcerer
>exalted sorcerer on disc
>10 rubrics
>2x10 tzaangors
>5 scarab terminators
>tzaangor shaman
Fast Attack
>tzaangor enlightened
Heavy Support
>lascannon predator
Dedicated Transport

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That’s the Repulsor

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Don't warp spiders risk getting lost in the warp?

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>if you're a terminator go join the deathwatch do you take your terminator armour with you?
Yeah. It's a BYOB kinda thing. Most chapters will just send them in basic armour, since terminator gear is precious and the kind of veterans going to the deathwatch are usually capable enough in their regular shit.

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I haven't watched it yet, but apparently everyone gets into it at some point so it must be okay.

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>every faction should have a chonky bigger than normal guy
Marines have termies
IG has ogryns
Custodes have super termies
CSM have tusk-termies
TSons have dust-termies
DG has stinky termies
Eldar have wraithguard
Tau have Stealthsuits
Orks have bigger orks, dont know their name
Tyranids have warriors
GSC have those big guys with streetsigns as weapons

Only factions I dont see as having a termie-equivalent are harlequins, sisters, knights, chaos knights and deldar?

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I don't think company or veteran status effects ranks or chain of command, it's more of a prestige thing. All sergeants are equivalent rank.

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I’m trying to think what Guard’s would be and all I have are terrible visions of some diet Centurion

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>new thing bad!
>i'm so original and unique in my opinions

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Swooping hawk

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So the vision for my current project was a mono-Slaanesh Daemons list (that also gets my foot in the door with AoS) that functioned something like a Tyranid list does on paper. Waves of Daemonettes dotted by shit like Syll'Esske, Daemon Princes, Keepers of Secrets and these things. With the change to Supreme Command Detachments and not being able to take as many HQs, is it time for me to cry over all the time wasted in the past few months?

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With big risks come big rewards

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>forgetting the best necron unit
>forgetting necrons entirely
Shame on you

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Dark reapers have a very cool sounding name and going full pic related would be amazing

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You forgot AdMech.
They have Kataphrons and the concept sketches for the archaeopter mention "heavy infantry" that we still haven't seen.

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Same rank, but it's more of a veterancy thing. Look at the US armed forces, a 1st lieutenant will always outrank the sergeant major of the army, but who would the general consult first?

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what issue?

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Does a Veteran (Not the squad’s Sergeant) of the first company outrank a Veteran Sergeant of any other battle company?

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>shining spears

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Planning to do a small GSC detatchment for Combat patrol or to rub with my Nidzilla in big games.

What are the staples of a small GSC army?

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Im sorry, I dont know all factions from the top of my head. and much less all their units
but apparently both of those have termie-equivalents too, so I still dont see how all these factions are supposed to need one

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I would want to be a crimson hunter, duh

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What cult are you picking?

How are you planning on using your tzaangors?

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Transports rock saws mining weapons, HQ are big need the good HQ.

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i've got 5 lychguard with sword and board from forgebane, is it worth it to get more or should i just stick with the 5 as a small bodyguard for an important HQ?

i've also got the start collecting and now i've got indomitus coming. what are some good next steps? immortals? i really am not a big fan of the giant chunky vehicles, i much prefer the marching terminators and floating spider robots aspects of it

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Which are the good HQ, patriarchs?

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They don't outrank, a sergeant has command over their squad and their superiors are their company's lieutenants and captain, and the chapter master.

A squad sergeant would probably take the advice of a veteran very seriously though because of the prestige associated with the veterans, though.

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Needagus and patriarch, primus is good too if you go with broodcoven stratagem but iconward can be super useful to protect your obsec troops

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Fucking shit, i keep posting late. Thoughts on theese kans? Im trying to go for something easy/basic that still looks not like shit. Just some base colors and cheating with a fuckload of dry brushing.

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I dont really know yet
currently im thinking something along the lines of:
Watch Master
1x5 Vets for backfield objectives
1x10 vets for close quarter shooting, 5 of those as termies to split off and tie things up in melee / be annoying to kill together with the chaplain
Boxnought of some kind to distract opponent and look cute

this should sit on around 1k points, from their it would obviously be another veteran squad to fill out the battalion.

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>Is a 1st company Veteran Sergeant of the same rank as the 3rd company Veteran Sergeant or is he technically a Veteran Veteran Sergeant?
Same rank. In the first place, most veteran sergeants will be marines who have served in the first company for a time, returning to the battle/reserve/scout companies to share their expertise.

That said, it's going to be entirely individual-based. Veteran sergeants are chapter heroes, and one with a proven and illustrious combat record will usually be treated with more respect than one that is comparatively untested.

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you couldnt even get the mold lines off you fat fuck

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>what you're working on
Ork boys
>your favorite paint
Druchii Violet
>your preferred style of headwear
Mesh trucker cap
>your geographical region
>your foot size
>what you ate for your most recent meal
Homemade Chinese chicken and rice

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I'd wait for the codex with regards to the Lychguard, but you'll want some Immortals for sure, and which vehicles do you like/not like? Just curious where Wraiths and Destroyers sit in your opinion.

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>tfw no extra thicc sister termies

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>so, what do you want on it?

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That's because (chaos)knights and harlequins are hardly their own factions.

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We don't know what anything is gonna look like when the new codex turns around. Lychguard with scythes could be made obsolete by the new destroyers.

As for vehicles, the triarch stalker looks to be very good now, the doomsday ark is still a big gun, and the new monolith will probably be alright with deathray sponsons.

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Sounds like the Dark Angels are being extra loyal as usual

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Also, I know things are in M42, but before that (I have permanent 4th edition brain)

Are Command Squads a permanent part of a company? Or are they assembled from 1st company Veterans on loan?

In my headcanon it's 6x Tacticals 2x Assault 2x Devastators for 100, then 5 command squad members, and then the Captain and attached Chaplain, Librarian and Techmarine kind of make it 109

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I want to show my nephew 40k but i'm afraid of the fascist elements it promotes, is there a friendly guide that shows you how to avoid the pro nazi elements of this universe?

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They need a ranged variant to truly count

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New starters soon

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>every faction should have a chonky bigger than normal guy

This is not TEQ (Terminator EQuivalent). TEQ should be non-vehicle, non-monster, have a 2+ save and at least T4 2W.

>Orks have Mega Armor Nobz (T4, 3W, 2+)
>Custodes, Marines, CSM, Death Guard, and TSons all have Terminators
>IG have Slabshield Bullgryns (T5, 3W, 2+)
>Tau have Broadside Battlesuits (T5, 6W, 2+)

So a lot of factions actually don't have a TEQ - Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, GSC, SoB, Harlequins all don't. Neither do Knights and Chaos Knights but there's no reason for them to.

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are they actually getting a new codex soon? i thought everyone was still using 8Es codexes and the indomitus stuff was just going to be data cards

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Just acknowledge that the existence of flaws in the protagonist isnt a championing of said flaws.

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>start collectings at the bottom
are those the old ones, or are we getting new SC!?

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>>what you're working on
ork nobz
>>your favorite paint
ulthuan grey
>>your preferred style of headwear
I only wear joke headwear
>>your geographical region
>>your foot size
who the fuck knows that off the top of their head are you a woman or something
>>what you ate for your most recent meal
a pepperoni pizza

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so, do we know what the new edition started box will be since apparently it isn't indomitus?

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I want a real answer, not your incel babble

>> No.73888937

I wonder what will be added to the necron starter

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>More wraithguard shit
Wooo can't wait

>> No.73888942

Necrons are all but confirmed to be getting the first or second codex of the new edition. They didn't get any updates throughout the entirety of 8th, not even a PA boost.

>> No.73888946

I think you're confusing two things, rank and command authority. Rank comes from things like experience and seniority, and determines what positions you are eligible to hold in the command structure. Command authority comes from where in the command structure a soldier is. Each soldier has superiors that they have to obey orders from, i.e. people above them in the hierarchy of the command structure. Being a sergeant doesn't give authority to command all brothers, just the brothers in your squad. Being a Captain doesn't give the authority to command all Sergeants, just the ones in your company.

>> No.73888949

If we're pretending that isn't b8, prog. left types can't separate fiction from reality on any meaningful level. It's the same principle that keep them from enjoying offensive humor.

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nice digits

>Are Command Squads a permanent part of a company?
Yes. They're the captain's retainers, more or less. Techmarines and Librarians are attached to companies on an as-need basis. Apothecaries and Chaplains are assaigned more permanently (though still primarily a part of their own divisions, answering to the reclusiarch/chief apothecary respectively)

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Go be boring somewhere else, my first White Dwarf was when Codex Daemonhunters was released, I was about 10 and loved how weird the Daemonhosts and stuff all were.

>> No.73888956

I'd imagine so, but I suppose I don't have any real proof. Indomitus will just be data cards, but unless they go full retard Necrons will be one of the first two codicies for 9th.

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I can dig it.

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are those six 8's ?

>> No.73888972

I don't see anything new in that image.

>> No.73888973 [DELETED] 

>"You'll get what you deserve soon enough, We SJW-"Anti"-facists are the future, and we will be the death of you"

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if they remove the dread from the ork SC! I'm going to be PEESSED

>> No.73888980

looks edgy and try hard, like something an incel would enjoy

>> No.73888985

I was being generous and decided to humor him

>> No.73888987

Path of least resistance is a stripped down Indomitus, but maybe they'll surprise us. No, to answer your question.

>> No.73888990

Link or it didn't happen

>> No.73888996


That's just the existing Start Collecting Eldar and Start Collecting Orks.

By "starters" he's talking about the 9e equivalents to Know No Fear and the like. So it'll be Necrons + Primarines stuff.

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>> No.73888998

Post minis

>> No.73889016

>Screaming Skull
>also mesh hats because its part of my uniform
>South Dakota
>Friend who is a good cook is making steaks right now

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>> No.73889026

I like single-color boltguns and dark eye lenses. Tempted to go all black or metal on my Cawl Boys bolt rifles.

>> No.73889034


It's more like Indomitus was the special edition and the starter set that they'll keep for 9th, and strip back in a couple of ways, hasn't been announced yet.

>> No.73889040

hmm... Do have any speculation when we'll find out? I mean 9th ed is coming out in like 3 days.

>> No.73889049

Hi, newish to the game. I have heard that some units have their equipment points baked into their new point costs. How do I know which units are like that?

>> No.73889052

Those SC have the old 40k logo on the side. Nothing new there.

>> No.73889064

The Path Series

>> No.73889075

so is gork's grin a temporary warp storm or is it forever like the eye of terror?

>> No.73889084

They'll have weapons that cost 0.

>> No.73889087

You will not be missed

>> No.73889090

These Bladeguard from the full kit have the one cross thing hanging from their waists, just like the one in the Indomitus box. Presumably when all the units in in Indomitus are sold separately, all the units will have the little cross thing.
I was hoping this was a unique campaign badge or something, as I don’t like the look of it on the forearms of the Assault Intercessors, Eradicators, and Outriders.

>> No.73889102

oh jesus, why do i keep opening this. need to learn to recognize that thumbnail

>> No.73889112

Are there any rules for playing Carcharadons? I read that there were rules, and people were just playing them as Templars or whatever, but I want to know if anyone has any experience fielding them for a place to start ... Sorry I'm just trying to get into the game so I'm grasping at straws here. For the Emperor

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you are WEAK

>> No.73889129

Wanna do
>primaris chaplain
>librarian in terminator armor
>3x5 Tactical Marines, maybe 2x5 and 1x10
>Company Champion
>Company Ancient
>Venerable Dreadnought
Fast Attack
>Assault Squad w/ Jump Pack 2x5
Heavy Support
>Devastator Squad 1x5
Dedicated Transport
>razorback x2

Hope I can jingle jangle it around to be a 1500 point list because that's what my FLGS plays, but if it's too much it's less shit I have to buy anyway

>> No.73889140

>Sorceror in Termie armour (cause i have the praetor model im always gonna take this one)

> 2 x 5mans of Rubrics
>1 x 10man of Rubrics

>3 x 5man scarabs

Heavy supp
>Vindicator (oh baby i missed this from 7th)
>land raider

>> No.73889141

Are the kits in Indomitus all monopose, suggesting we'll get different sculpts when any of these are retailed separately?

Why do GW do this now, like the Sisters Army box and the Chaos at least in Shadowspear. Is it really worth making a monopose CSM squad sprue with fixed gear just for that box, when you're releasing posable CSM with weapon options like a month later?

>> No.73889151

I finished these a few days ago. Haven't don't a lot since the work week started.

>> No.73889152

>Add a new ''''''aspect warrior'''''
>don't even add a plane Phoenix Lord
I hate GW so much

>> No.73889161

>necron warriors
>i dont wear hats
>i have legitimately no idea
>homemade spaghetti and meatballs

>> No.73889173

It's my first time painting, hes still a wip but tell me what you think. Any tips?

>> No.73889174

This is what the Tyranids are running from.

>> No.73889178

Whats the leak I can't see shit

>> No.73889181

How are wraithguard not TEQs? They make up for the lack of a 2+ save with T6 and W3

>> No.73889189

Oh shit forgot the rest.

The Fang
Ушaнкa because it is fucking cold in the winter.
Idk like 7
Ghost pepper burritos

>> No.73889193

Replace it all with primaris

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>> No.73889204

are all tzeentch players gay?

>> No.73889207

The general release kits are also monopose though.

>> No.73889213

as a tsons player yes

>> No.73889214

Not bad. Generally work on controlling the paint tip so that you're staying on the area you're trying to paint, like the armor behind the hood has gold and red running over each other, and the flesh paint on his right hand.
Otherwise, it's pretty good for a first time. It'll look good enough on the tabletop. Praise the Omnissiah

>> No.73889217

Help a brother out with those STLs? I plan on getting an Elegoo Saturn when they come back into stock.

>> No.73889219 [SPOILER] 

are you?

>> No.73889220

Are the Dark Angels secretly Tzeentch worshipers?

>> No.73889223

We have no idea. Arguably, the newer kits are monopose since there are a set number of poses and a decent amount of the weapons only fit certain poses, the new havocs are exceptionally bad about hat.

>> No.73889226

Indomitus sold better than Dark Imperium and stuff but does Indomitus has cute crossdressing boys? I don't think so...

>> No.73889239

Does a bear shit in the woods?

>> No.73889241

>Hey Iskandar, one of my closest advisors and friends and who helped found the Black Legion, why don't you get yourself caught by the Inquisition, it'll further one of my plans
>Oh wait, this Great Rift happened and Guilliman's back, woops, guess you're stuck getting anally probed for centuries now
Abaddon is kind of a bad boss huh.

>> No.73889252


Evil Sunz

>Warboss on Warbike (Da Killa Klaw, Da Biggest Boss)
>KFF Big Mek
>10x Tankbustas
>9x Nobz +Ammo Runt, 4x Big Choppa, 4x Dual Choppa, 1x PK
>4x MANz, 3x Dual Killsaws, 1x PK+shoota
>10x Shoota Boys, Big Shoota, Big Choppa Nob
>10x Shoota Boys, Big Shoota, Big Choppa Nob
>10x Grots
Fast Attack
>1x Kustom Boosta-Blasta
>1x Shokkjump Dragsta
>2x Megatrakk Skrapjet (Korkscrew Kustom Job)
Heavy Support
>Battlewagon, Killkannon and 4x Big Shoota
>Gunwagon, Killkannon and 2x Big Shoota (Da Boomer Kustom Job)
Dedicated Transport
>3x Trukk

MANz, Weirdboy, KFF Big Mek and Tankbustas in the Battlewagon (Big Mek starts on the board T1 and embarks first thing for initial KFF coverage). Grots in Gunwagon, Boyz and Nobz in Trukks.

>> No.73889261

As expected of Abaddon the Loyal. The secretly most loyal servant of the Emperor.

>> No.73889263


Because they don't have a 2+ save.

>> No.73889271

So your only autistic definition of a TEQ is that it has a 2+ save

>> No.73889273

There a consensus on what this could be? I swear if its more admech I'm gonna lose it.

>> No.73889275

Does anybody have the campaign info or whatever mini codex or pamphlet comes in the Indomitus box? I really want to read the fluff entries for the marine units.

>> No.73889286

Looks like a lasgun. New guard for sure.

>> No.73889287

Tank Commander 190pts
-Heavy Bolter

2x Armoured Sentinels 90pts
-2x Plasma Cannons

Veteran Squad 90*
-Plasma Gun
-Power Maul

Veteran Squad 72*
-Power Maul
-Bolt Pistol

Ministorum Priest 40

492 Points*

*Power Mauls got legends'd so I don't actually know what to cost them as, but judging by the Sword they should be about 4ppm, hence the weird gap. My IG are ancient and crispy as fuck, but 2 years of KT only has prepared me to repaint them, so fingers crossed.

>> No.73889288

It's another radical ugly female inquisitor.

>> No.73889290

The swirls are ad mech esque BUT Im betting on it being a fancy lasgun for new plastic Guardsmen, Vostroyan or something.

>> No.73889295


Yeah, most of GW's stuff is functionally monopose now.

Which makes it even stranger, like why make 10 fixed sculpts, spend all the money on making the injection molds, and only use them in Shadowspear/Sisters Army Box. Then a month later a different set of 10 sculpts is the one in the retail box.

Is it an exclusivity thing?

Personally I wish they'd use the money to make an injection mold for say, new Aspect Warriors, instead of making Death Guard, CSM or Primaris Infiltrators twice over.

>> No.73889306

Hi guys ! My name is Ashley *uWu* here’s a picture of my new tau! :3 hope you likies<3 I included a separate picture of myself, for some reason it was hard to get a good picture of both me and the miniature today so I just photo shopped them together! *kisses you goodbuy*

>> No.73889310

it's blatantly an admech gun

>> No.73889321

Thin your paints.

>> No.73889325

I assume it has to somehow be easier to just make a push to build kit instead of a fully figured out kit that allows more than monopose after a "big box" is done.

>> No.73889327

>Workin on
Hills, a Reaper arm for my chaos dread
Big wide stupid sunhat for summer
>Geographic region
North England
>Most recent food
Tuna sweetcorn cucumber sandwich and a big bag of crisps.

>> No.73889329

Hey I was looking at this new psychic awakening book and it seems like mine is missing some pages. Anyway, hopefully I can get a replacement copy soon looking forward to having as many stratagems as space marines.

>> No.73889334

You got a twitter mate, id love to retweet that

>> No.73889335

Nice try anon, I know a shuriken catapult when I see it.

>> No.73889355


There's nothing autistic about it, TEQ as a term came about in editions where AP wasn't a modifier but a flat value - if your unit didn't get a normal armor save against AP2 weapons, then it wasn't relevant when discussing anti-TEQ. 2+ save is the most important part, T4 second because Terminators are Marine units so that is the second most relevant defensive stat, and as of 8E an extra wound on top of the "base" profile of whatever model was being given a TEQ profile became part of that defensive profile.

You'll notice that I am already being flexible in that definition because Slabshield Bullgryns technically don't have a 2+ save but rather a 4+ that has the dice roll modified by +2.

>> No.73889356

That there is a revolver on the gun. It's going to be another cowboy Admech unit.

>> No.73889364

Tank Commander Executioner + Plasma + Lascannon
Tank Commander Punisher + 3xHeavy Bolter

3xInfantry Squad + Flamer
2xInfantry Squad + Grenade Launcher

>Fast Attack
3x Armored Sentinels w/ Missile Launcher +Hunter Killers
3x Armored Sentinels w/ Autocannon +Hunter Killers

>Heavy Support
Leman Russ Squad
LR Punisher + 3xHeavy Bolter
LR Punisher + 3xHeavy Bolter
LR Executioner + 2xPlasma Cannons + Lascannon


>> No.73889366

>lorelet detected
That's actually a Kai Gun, made in secret by Dr. Kai to kill Mega-Man during the Ichar Is Unbreakable arc.

>> No.73889369

That's a laslock or a radium weapon, mechanicus for sure

>> No.73889370

Just won this from Ebay. 10 shootas. am I going to the right direction?

>> No.73889372

Skitarii HQ?

>> No.73889375

Are these +10vp?

>> No.73889383

Yeah and we no longer have that AP system, the difference between 2+ and 3+ is no longer as big

>> No.73889387

The radium carbines have those barrels too you know

>> No.73889389


>> No.73889393

terminator armour is sort of important when talking about terminator equivalents

sort of like how marine equivalents need a 3+ save

>> No.73889398

>> No.73889405

This is how I Tau.

>> No.73889407

man I just like space wizards bro shut up :(

>> No.73889412

Check the Printed40k Subreddit and go to their discord from the reddit about section and from there their megasync general channel and the pinned message is a link to the huge megasync with all the files.
>InB4 admitting to using Reddit AND Discord
Usually don't but for the sweet Files I will
I don't even know how to upload shit that big anon, I am telling you have I been unzipping and sorting files vultured off Cults3d and Thinigerse for about a week straight now.

>> No.73889416

Anon, you are terrifying than chaos

>> No.73889420


Slugga Choppa Boyz are looking pretty ass, yea, and Grots are just a bad investment. Shoota Boyz are probably the loadout of choice for the time being, they can pile onto objectives, preferable in or behind cover, while the rest of your army does the work.

>> No.73889421

Tournament judges like SaltyJohn hate customization and conversions because they throw off the silhouette of a model, and GW is trying to get closer into the competitive scene

>> No.73889422

It's about being able to calculate expected wounds, the difference between 2+ and 3+ throws off those numbers by 16.67% of their value.

>> No.73889426

As I understand it, GW does literally everything themselves now, including tooling the moulds. This significantly reduces their set up costs. And when they know the moulds only need to hold up for a year and not 20 years of production I believe this also lowers the cost and allows them to tighten their margins. This leaves the actual 3D design work, which is getting done anyway to produce the main kit. So the 3D assets are already there and just need to be reposed a bit to make the limited version.

So while it seems redundant, it's actually significantly easier and cheaper than producing an entirely new kit for something else.

>> No.73889427

What would be a good way to design Tarellians to be visual distinct from lizardmen.

>> No.73889431


>Obliterators still haven't been released, either literally reboxing the Shadowspear ones or multipose ones based on them


They'd probably make a double kit with Mutilators though, for example the Primaris Infiltrators in Shadowspear can only be made as them, whilst the multipose box makes Infiltrators and... the other ones. Incestors?

>> No.73889432

Correction, the PrintedWarhammer subreddit. The overall file is called Printed40k

>> No.73889441

I wish Tau looked more like Elites.

>> No.73889445

Yeah shootas are the way to go unless you're specifically looking for a mass assault style list. For general "troops" purposes (aka standing on objectives) shootas are going to be more useful.
Plus they look better if you're asking me.

>> No.73889449

CSM 4th edition, of course

>> No.73889459

Hold the fuck up. That person in that pic that this place has been posting for years with ">tfw no jap gf into 40k" is a dude

>> No.73889460


Macrostubbers, Radium Carbines, Galvanic Rifles, Flechette Blasters, Flechette Carbines, Arc Rifles - basically EVERY AM infantry weapon has a revolver chamber.

>> No.73889466

Then you shouldn't include models that aren't T4 either.

>> No.73889467

Yes, and?

>> No.73889473

It's conversion time.

>> No.73889476


Yeah, makes sense to be fair.

>> No.73889477

Why is it that the Dark Angels felt the need to so desperately hide every trace of the traitors from their legion? Weren't there traitors from essentially every loyalist legion and loyalists in every traitor legion to some extent?

>> No.73889478


>> No.73889479

>>73889356I thought that at first, but looking back at it, it looks mosre like a vented cap on the housing of the gun. It doesn't have a groove on the top, where there would be another one if it were a cylinder, its kinda flat.

>> No.73889482


Literally every single admech rifle and pistol has that cylinder on it. It's like a power pack or something.

>> No.73889488

Incubi. That way I can be deployed with the cooler Eldar army.

>> No.73889496








>> No.73889497

Yeah that's what I thought you 90maxer

>> No.73889503

interesting concept and execution, at least 3 colours, +10bvp

>> No.73889504

>even the 42th millenium's weapons bow before revolvers
All those laser guns are no match for a good 6-shooter.

>> No.73889508

Never in as large of numbers as the DA, and moreover the Dark Angels have a reputation for purity and incorruptibility.

>> No.73889509

God damn cowboy memers!

>> No.73889513

SNA you feeling ok?

>> No.73889524

This is a shitpost, but if you're actually dropping 1k on an army, don't. You'll just get burned out and never paint it. Do a 500pt list, finish it all up, then buy more.

>> No.73889535

I picked magic because of arcane focus and the free damage spell. I already have enough support spells on my troops.

The tzaangors on foot are just going to be a massive distraction. Depending on points I might run another exalted on foot to support them. The enlightened, shaman, and disc sorcerer are going to fly around and fuck things up as the sorcerer and shaman both have auras and spells to supplement the bow guys.

>> No.73889537



>> No.73889553

Sisters of Snu-Snu

>> No.73889554

Incubi darkness. Which I almost did instead of corvus black but I wanted them to match the world my forces are cutrent "on"


New England


Leftover pizza

>> No.73889589

Khayon is an assassin.

Sargon is imprisoned in the same place as him

Put 1+1

>> No.73889606

Just a few more days until Indomitus. Can't wait for my spess muhreans and Necrons

>> No.73889622

remember that plastic deffkoptas STILL don't have their own box
it's been OVER A DECADE

>> No.73889629


Moot green


Mid west US


Homemade burger

>> No.73889643

Custom Inquisitor
Coelia Greenshade
Hats are for nerds
Southwest US
Eggs and bacon

>> No.73889650

It's not just "AdMech-esque" it's almost identical in design to radium weapons.

>> No.73889652


>> No.73889664

Neither Gravis Captain, or the Ancient, or the Space Hulk box Terminators.

>> No.73889673

You... primed the model. Right?

>> No.73889683

>Neither Gravis Captain, or the Ancient, or the Space Hulk box Terminators.
cry me a river marinenigger you have nearly as many dreadnoughts as we have models in the range

>> No.73889692


Dark vengeance shit

>> No.73889713

The design pretty much screams skitarii weapon.

>> No.73889718

They're the ones that came to memory. I don't play marines heh

>> No.73889725

Me again, which units should I buy for the boyz?

>> No.73889726

Iron Warriors contemptor-turned-daemon-prince
Boonie hat
Leftover Little Caesar's pizza

>> No.73889730

Cope with your shitty investments.

>> No.73889731


1k points
Chaos lord
Lord of contagion

2 units of 7 plague marines, 2 blight launchers, 3 plasma guns
12 poxwalkers

Farted bloat drone w/spitters
Myfartic brap hauler

Plaguebrap crawler w/entropy cannons

>> No.73889744


>> No.73889746

Do you have a pic where you applied Warplock Bronze? Please anon I want to see.

>> No.73889760


>they didn't even release them with the Revell Build+Paint Collab


>> No.73889761

This is how I Tau Titan.

>> No.73889767

I think killa kans are some of the most fun units to actually build and paint

>> No.73889773


Could be something Cult Mechanicus as well, Phosphor Serpentas can be taken by Tech Priest Dominus which have the same sort of fancy trim as the teaser pic, and the coils aren't exclusive to radium weapons - even non-energy weapons like Macrostubbers (also to be found on a Tech Priest Dominus) have them.

>> No.73889775

Are those salamanders just black? Like normal human dark brown color, not their usual midnight burnt black?

>> No.73889780

just get a start collecting, getting a lot at once is just asking for trouble nid anon. vanilla marines are getting a very nice update

no one is surprised. between being vanilla, start of the new edition, and marines in general it was bound to happen.

>> No.73889784

>what you're working on
Testing out how bad a manlet army does compared to a mixed manlet / primaris army. Going to pick up some dreadnoughts soon to start my Dark Angels, just not sure on
Aggressors Vs Termies
Vanilla Land Speeder Vs Vengeance
Tacticals Vs Intercessors
Scouts Vs Incursors
>your favorite paint
Balthasar Gold
>your preferred style of headwear
>your geographical region
Midwest US
>your foot size
>what you ate for your most recent meal
Burrito and a coke

>> No.73889831

Uhhh I don't have my camera on me at the moment but I found a sigmarine on google images with it applied. This is what it looks like as a base coat.
It's a bizarrely smooth paint; it almost feels (and looks) like it's been gloss varnished when it hasn't been. It hates wash, though.

>> No.73889840

Holy shit! I know the guy that painted that in real life. He has som weird trans tau fetish and wanted to make a whole trans guard army.

>> No.73889843

>want various random old plastics, like a Heroquest Barbarian or Space Crusade Turret
>literally pennies each if you find one in a job lot of junk
>the minute you try to ask for one specifically on a FB trading page, or look at eBay Buy it Now prices, it's like £3+postage

There should be a word for this phenomenon. Actually knowing what you're buying makes it more expensive.

>> No.73889849

>Are those salamanders just black?

>> No.73889857

>what used to be a single box is now 4 or 5 separate characters that cost $35 each

>> No.73889863

If you think that's bad, try getting one of those dreadnoughts in your picture. Horrible.

>> No.73889872

That looks interesting, will try it myself soon.

>> No.73889886


>> No.73889892


Yes, until Matt Ward decided they were ashen black with red eyes in 5th, Salamanders were normally African black. They were also painted with white skin sometimes too.

>> No.73889898

It's because the person selling online can sell for more because their platform is a lot larger.
It pays to put in the work to find a deal.

>> No.73889906

Matt Ward is a racist

Remove Ward

>> No.73889916

T4, 2 wounds and a 2+ is the definiton of TEQ
just like how T4, 1 wound and a 3+ is MEQ

>> No.73889931

staff/invitation armies are peak WD soul

>graham davey's yellow tube black legion
>the two-parter black crusade mega game where most people brought their own shit
>pete haine's "fits in one box" ork army
the best shit

>> No.73889934

>T4, 2 wounds and a 2+ is the definiton of TEQ
Except for the majority of the term's existence, wherein TEQ had 1W.

Not him, just want to throw my own pedantic nitpick into the pot.

>> No.73889937


T5 can be made an exception for - you can't really say that DG Termies aren't TEQ.

>> No.73889941

God I wish they'd just delete mutilators already. No one would even notice.

>> No.73889943

Aren't Blood Angels supposed to be unusually handsome, unlike most Space Marines?
Why does every portrayal of a BA in art make them ugly as hell?

>> No.73889946

>>73888814It looks alright, maybe try to weather your whites a bit though. They pop a bit too much for the waaaagh

>> No.73889948

I don't think so, Tim.

>> No.73889951


>> No.73889967

Prime your model next time you muppet

>> No.73889970

were Lords of War a mistake?

>> No.73889971


>Revell Build+Paint

Damn I still want a Black Reach Dreadnought, I like how they made the basic Castaferrum even more basic.

>> No.73889977

Had to buy this kit over and over for the eagle heads powerunit.

>> No.73889980

do you know I went to fish out my AoBR box to go "nuh-uh"
but it turns out I was the retard all along
scary how memory just fails to work sometimes

no, but then again 1 point of toughness matters much less than it used to because of the way wounds work
I hate it
why can lasguns hurt land raiders
this is bullshit

>> No.73889993


>> No.73889998

I've got one in my hand literally right this moment
how dat make you feel wite boi

>> No.73890009

>why can lasguns hurt land raiders
Cruddace wanted his guard to be the best at 8th, and also wanted to fuck over necrons like he did nids.

>> No.73890029

Thoughts on bile? Is he a fine addition to my EC?

>> No.73890043

Holy rip lmao

>> No.73890052


>no, but then again 1 point of toughness matters much less than it used to because of the way wounds work

Funny enough, when talking about TEQ specifically, the T5 is a bigger deal because with the new AP system you are more likely to be shooting weapons at TEQ you wouldn't have shot at them in previous editions - to use a simple example, Heavy Bolters are not something you'd have shot at a terminator before, but it's worth considering now - S5 still wounds on 3+ and they're down to a 3+ save then, so enough shots and they'll go down the same as a normal Marine. Add T5 to the equation and Heavy Bolters aren't as good an option in 8th.

In 3-7E, your Plasma was wounding T4 or T5 TEQ on 2s anyways.

>> No.73890058

>Why does every portrayal of a BA in art make them ugly as hell

IDK but every time they're drawn kinda...badly, if that makes sense. This cover and the covers of the old BA codex as well. Absolutely ugly and not "cool hardcore ugly", just fucking badly drawn like that one.

>> No.73890064

absolutely soulless

>> No.73890067


TY anon I needed to feel better about my mediocre painting

>> No.73890079

I want to run a Fallen only army. How do I do it?

>> No.73890083

It gives me a Kill Six Billion Demons vibe, and I don't entirely hate it. But yeah, the artwork they posted a while back looks way better and has stylized ugliness.

>> No.73890097

>every portrayal
Excuse you.

>> No.73890100

dangles? renegade chapter csm?

>> No.73890105

Use Codex: Dark Angels but paint them black and add some extra robes and spikes.

>> No.73890108

Small small army. Three squads of fallen with Cypher leading.
If people will allow it, take the Fallen Specialist detachment with a Jumpack Sorcerer and relic. Take 5 Rhinos and max ‘em out.

>> No.73890115

They're called beautiful, not handsome. Mountains are beautiful.

>> No.73890118

>a fourth major hive fleet
how would you want this to play out?

>> No.73890130

Had a pretty good day, how about you anons?

>> No.73890134

Jobbing to Eldar, who get wholesale updated models.

>> No.73890137

I'd just limit to 5/10 man squads of plasma fallen with Cipher, the Sorc they can take is a gimped one and rhino is superfluous. Just keep em in the back pointy-shooty and they'll get their jobses donses.

>> No.73890138

Who's in the box?

>> No.73890139


>> No.73890145

>people actually bought GTshit

>> No.73890152

There is an elite troop entry for fallen in the CSM book but you'd need to take cultists or regular CSM as troops and looks like you can't play a Fallen-only force. There is a Cypher HQ too.

>> No.73890171

When you unbinding your GT to scan it into the archive anon?

>> No.73890181

Sure what do you need for infos?

>> No.73890182

Which video game characters most deserve a table top model?

>> No.73890183

Anon, he can run Vanguard. It takes only one HQ (Cypher) and three squads of Fallen.

>> No.73890201

>3cp to play a fluff army

>> No.73890206

Any cool artwork we haven't seen before?

>> No.73890225

I really like this , good stuff

>> No.73890238

The actual rules for fallen are pretty terrible. You are best of converting and customizing your own fallen army using either regular marines and/or chaos marines and either using the Dark Angels rules or CSM rules, but not using the fallen CSM rules since it's incredibly restrictive and doesn't really let you field an army.

>> No.73890239

Zephyrim Squad
Ulthuan Grey
Keyboard Cat Hat
12 (?)
Poke Bowl

>> No.73890247

What the art request anon said, but really, just the fluff entries on the new Primaris units would be lovely.

>> No.73890254

No official rules. Tyberos the Red Wake has his own rules, but nothing for the chapter as a whole. You can really run them as anything you want. If you want to be lore accurate they are Ravenguard successors (rumored).

>> No.73890256

If you have that saved on your computer I hate to break it to you, but you're gay

>> No.73890259

A more anti-psker/warp fleet would be pretty cool as an adaptive response to the warp rift that now divides the galaxy map. I know there is some sub faction that battled chaos and evolved a bit to deal with daemons, but I don't know if there's one that's highly specialized to dealing with warp-fuckery

>> No.73890263

Because they are still Space Marines which means each will probably have a face transplant or dozens of skin graft or straight up cyber augmentics to cover the hundreds of injuries across their life span, no one's beautiful after getting half their face blown to shit. And Blood Angels are also described as devolving into blood thirsty monsters in battle so whatever beauty they may have had goes to shit when they get the munchies.

>> No.73890264

So how's team Xeno looking for 9th?
More specifically, Orks and dark eldar.

>> No.73890268

Very cool. Might've replaced the sword on the right guy with a spear for maximum hoplite.

>> No.73890271


>> No.73890272

>Tyberos the Red Wake
Weren't all the forgeworld characters squatted.

>> No.73890276

Gimme a sec mah dude

>> No.73890284

Both are absolutely fucked after the rules/point changes. The only xenos that look good are Harlequins, Tau, and maybe necrons.

>> No.73890292

A fluffy Fallen army would use lots of Cultists.

>> No.73890293

Probably those "Hephaestons" they mentioned. That might be a troop leader unit wth a special gun but iirc they were mentioned at that open where they showed the other admech stuff.

>> No.73890300

How did you get it so early??

>> No.73890315

Here are the marines that I've worked on since the weekend. Still need to do some touching up on the master, but with the rest I'm done with, for now.

>> No.73890321

>Buggies drop in pts and boyz only go up by 1pt

>> No.73890329

>maybe necrons.

They're going to be powered up massively with their codex when it drops. They'll have lots of new toys and shit in it I am sure so GW can push this new edition hard and get that power creep rolling again. I mean non-marine power creep, of course, so that marine power creep can kick in later.

>> No.73890335

not sure, i plan to still play my gun and aspect heavy biel-tan eldar the same way. my deamons will switch to more monsters

>> No.73890336

>gun with a fucking water tap valve on top
I'm sorry but this is Ork-tier
In fact there's literally Ork art of that

>> No.73890337

I've not actually read anything since Gathering Storm, what does Cypher end up doing?

>> No.73890350 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73890354

Necrons are probably most likely to suffer from early codex syndrome in 9e.

>> No.73890355


Nice lad

Manlets rock

>> No.73890356

>only read points

>> No.73890357

we're both fucked
t. ork player
pretty much nothing but nerfs
dreads and orkanauts are a bit better since they can shoot into combat, but kanz went up 50% and they were mediocre already
grots are fucking 5ppm, and GT pack missions disallow specialist detachments
if that trickles down to normal play imma be pissed
basically it's all hopeless

>some okay fast attack units get a bit cheaper
>boyz eat blast weapons and are more expensive
yeah we're really doing well

>> No.73890361

Still don't know if I should be doing WS, Salamanders, or BAngels with this new box.

>> No.73890375


That's a flamer, so clearly it is a gas valve.

>> No.73890376

Salamanders or White Scars

>> No.73890382


>> No.73890384


>> No.73890387

>and GT pack missions disallow specialist detachments
Man I haven't followed 40k since 9e got announced with Necros vs SM box. Where and why was this done?

>> No.73890389

What do I freehand on the terminal friends? :^)

>> No.73890391

Dump incoming!

>> No.73890396


He released Nobody from the Rock and he went off with other Nobodies to do Nothing somewhere in the galaxy at large.

>> No.73890398

wow those look really good
notice how they're distinctly admech and not cowboy

>> No.73890401

We already have all that.

>> No.73890413


Those chonky bikes would look good painted in white not gonna lie

>> No.73890415

The only thing here that's shocking me how much Dakkajet, and especially, Blastajet went up. Also as to why Blitza costs more but does less will now forever be a mystery to me.

>> No.73890416

always /yourdudes/

>> No.73890421

grand tournament pack 2020 this >>73890130 thing, disallows specialist detachments because some of them make cheesy armies worse, ignoring that others make mediocre armies viable

>> No.73890424



>> No.73890426

What do you want then? Ask I shall deliver dear Anon

>> No.73890435

Sorry to spoil your fun anon but its a girl.

>> No.73890438

Yeah, is there not any lore info on units like there was in Shadow Spear? Would it be in that edge of Silence Booklet in a different spot?

>> No.73890440

find the best bit of new art in the new rulebook and show it to us

>> No.73890442

4 8 15 16 23 42

>> No.73890450

Why so far forward?

>> No.73890451

404 or blue screen of death

while your desire to dump is nice, the info's been out for a few weeks now.

>> No.73890452

The lore blurbs next to the units or just the entire new necron codex.

>> No.73890455

or /trash/

>> No.73890469

I'd definitely blue screen if the entire model wasn't already blue

kek I might be able to make a transfer for that shit

>> No.73890491

just realized that thing on the rocket launcher arm isn't a ladder...

>> No.73890497

>here's my demon prince
>hahaha isnt it so quirky?
>le sassy nurgling

explain how this is less power gamey than a kneeling/laying down riptide. I'll wait

>> No.73890517


>> No.73890518

sharpie in pooper

>> No.73890524

It's not about power gaming, its about intent.

>> No.73890525

Does the product not have big unit lore section like ShadowSpear did, like the pic here?

>> No.73890526

RIP paintjob. it was nice while it lasted.

>> No.73890530

god i fucking hate nurglings in general. such fucking reddit tier shit

>> No.73890531

Alright let's trry this again... DUMP!

>> No.73890548

I will never accept that someone at GW thought this was a good idea for a model.

>> No.73890550

Because the Tau player is probably a faggot who specifically modeled them that way to make drawing LoS harder.

>> No.73890559

>> No.73890570

>that quick contrast job
>sprue nubs
Why wouldn't they at least put effort into their joke model

>> No.73890574

Nurglings have become Minion backwash

>> No.73890577


>> No.73890578

>even if guilliman were not there, the ultramarines would still be the undisputed masters of the indomitus crusade

>> No.73890584


A big knotty dick

>> No.73890585


I never used to hate Space Yiffs until that update with the sled and wulfen etc

>> No.73890588

>kek I might be able to make a transfer for that shit
>Go to work
>Start printing out fine transfer sheets
>Co-worker passes by
>"Anon. What are you doing?"
>"Printing out some miniatures stuff, nothing special"
>Co-worker takes a closer look
>Sees that it's miniature-sized animal porn for ants
>"Oh. Well, Ok then. Whatever floats your boat."

>> No.73890593

It's the same. It was a cute meme for a week or so when the mini came out with one cool conversion of it. But otherwise it's a cheap conversion that's commonly poorly executed and in that case comically smaller and therefore modeling for the advantage

>> No.73890597

>> No.73890600

>more ultramarine wank
I know it is to be expected but doesn't mean it still isn't disappointing

>> No.73890602

Faustinius, Videx and Scavolea

Amarkun the Gatherer

Malos Vrykan

Gabriel Angelo's

Gorgutz da'ed hunta

Ciaphas Cain and Jurgen (not game but you know what I mean)

>> No.73890607

Kronos is anti psyker as well as anti daemon.

Really just elevate kronos to major hive fleet status. Its "battle for maccragge/Iyanden/Baal" can be some major daemon world in the rift.

>> No.73890609

>> No.73890614

Dark Eldar got absolutely fucking wrecked. All their troop choices went up massively. Their best heavy weapon got hit with a huge tax for gaining blast. They also lost a number of detachments they relied on. DE have been slipping for a long time though.

Orks didn't really get hit that badly. What was good before is still good now. Armies like Guard will actually have ways to deal with their blobs but that's more than offset by the smaller board size. Ork players are the biggest martyrs in the setting though and love to act like they've been crucified because they're not at the top of the meta.

>> No.73890624

I know... I know... I really wish GW would let other Chapters or at least Factions have the spotlight

>> No.73890627

>No mention of Primaris/Firstborn distinction
The soft squatting is going apace

>> No.73890628


>> No.73890631

You know whats worse? If I were to do that it would be me going up to the office depot or staples and asking them to print that shit for me on transfer paper.

>> No.73890633

Thanks for this anon

>> No.73890637

>Orks didn't really get hit that badly.
fuck off retard

>> No.73890638

Hits the shitstorm button by sneaking under the galaxy to the vicinity of holy terra, the emperors light pressing against the shadow in the warp to create an warp space eddy that makes for some unfinished shenanigans.

>> No.73890649

Not really. It's an hit toward the army, since you pretty much will use 2 Patrols, starting with 2(?) CP less. But the thing is most armies require more than a Battalion, many armies want to use more than 3 HQs, so you will start at similar ground.
Btw Slaanesh was never a daemonettes spam, it was a HQ centric army with fodder. The HQs are the reason why the army slightly works, specially the Keepers. Having 3 Exalted Keepers is amazing for just 240 (aegis) points each. Use Contorted Epitome to screw fall backs and having +1 to cast and deny (remember that if they used the new strat to fallback while stuck, after they roll the D6s do see who dies from his unit, before he fallbacks, you roll the contorteds 3D6, if it fails to roll below the Ld, that unit fails the fallback and gets destroyed because of the last step of the strat).
Seekers got a bit screwed, but if you have the points, they are a good turn 1 charge to delay the opponent's actions (they are suppose to die turn 1, just to burn time until the keepers reach). But if you don't have the points, a Exalted Keeper with -1 to hit rolls of shooting attacks makes him extremely tough.
Syl'esske is a 4th Keeper but slower, with morebattacks.
Fiends are annoying and that's wonderful. To bad they won't lock Tanks anymore. But denying fallback is amazing (do not let the opponent use the new strat to allow fallbacks, in casual games, he will cry afterwards).
Daemonettes are cannon fodder that hold objectives. They are also good locking some low A enemy units (5++ with possible 6+++ for 7ppm is amazing).

>> No.73890651

>The soft squatting is going apace

Seth knew...

>> No.73890654

Brother this Lamenter is suffering more than usual...

>> No.73890661

>> No.73890663

>everyone loves the codex, even the ones that reject it!
was this book written by calgar or something

>> No.73890670

Nurglings were a mistake

>> No.73890676

>> No.73890689

Hell, you could actually let the nids score a really good win too.

>> No.73890698

How can they pretend the 10 companies of 10 squads thing still holds when every week they add more new snowflake squads?

>> No.73890699

You're welcome

>> No.73890707

Is this from the rulebook or from the indomitus book?

>> No.73890716


I headcanon it as they just replace dead dudes

>> No.73890718


>> No.73890719

>Other Chapters hold the Codex in high honour and follow it closely, but deviate from its strictures in areas of their choosing

>> No.73890725

>Disintegrators are the only weapon that can hurt primaris marines
>That will be 25 points + tip

I feel like that is the only reason disintegrators keep going up.

>> No.73890726

Lore is shit to keep the people who still read capeshit entertained.

>> No.73890742

This "lore" dump is making me think
if you had the power to make a single permanent change to the 40k lore. something in a single statement or sentence, what would that one thing be

>> No.73890744

It's from the the lore booklet inside the box. Do you need anything in the GT/ CA/ Rulebook Anons?

>> No.73890745

>Codex? Our servitors store and supply our toilet paper, ask them.

>> No.73890747

Is that Caramel Corn? I love caramel corn.

>> No.73890748

He is not alone.

>> No.73890758

Kasrkin never being a thing. Maybe Cadian Youth Army can stay. Going all the way back to Codex: Eye of Terror to unfuck that mistake.

>> No.73890764

''The Emperor has died, it is only a matter of time before Tera falls... Humanity will go down swinging'' or something like this

>> No.73890767

Are there faction specific lore pages in the core book? I'm interested in seeing if marinelets are mentioned for the SM if so.

>> No.73890774

Anything on Templars?

>> No.73890775

interesting, not knowing too much about them, care to explain why?

>> No.73890780

I gotchu senpai

>> No.73890793

just want to remind everybody that the stompa is 850 points
and the ta'unar supremacy armour (which can kill a stompa in a single round of shooting easily) is 890 points
justice for stompas fucking when?

>> No.73890798

Because fuck Cadiafaggots and their OC donut steel Fagrkin stormtrooper wannabes.

>> No.73890807

>Ultramarines are traitors and they're hard at work to whittle away the Empire of Man from within.

>> No.73890808

Don't forget the porphyrion that can double tap the fucker to death is about ~600 points iirc

>> No.73890830

something like this to just end the constant bickering and virute signalling. Just further establish the space marines as a single-gender species that reproduces by using their organs to hijack the development of a human male in order to create their superwarriors.

>> No.73890833


>Dark Eldar got absolutely fucking wrecked. All their troop choices went up massively. Their best heavy weapon got hit with a huge tax for gaining blast. They also lost a number of detachments they relied on.

You almost spot on described what happened to Orks, Troop point changes only look ok when you just look at Boyz going up a single point, but if they'd gone up more we wouldn't have had any viable Troop choices because you really can't justify bringing Grots at 5 points.

Nobody is trying to win a pity contest, here, but don't call us entitled for being upset.

>> No.73890834

how can I improve this list without completely changing it? the right version is 3 points over unless the second version of the points leak where railguns are only 15 points is correct. I played some games with the left version but it seems pretty limited. my idea when I made the list was to make a deathball with the crisis suits while the strike team sits on an objective and the broadside spams los ingoring missiles. it sort of works if I can get close enough, but the problem is that I need to be within 18" and preferrably 12", but shit that kills me has like 24" or 48" range. if I end the turn exposed to anything more than bolters I basically lose 20% or more of my firepower. flying is way less useful for abusing terrain than I thought it would be and if I get tagged in close combat I'm tarpit for the rest of the game.

>> No.73890838

but what about the NECRONS

Primaris marines are just as much if not more susceptible to chaos and as the indomitus crusade nears its final victory there will be a huge wave of primaris defection

>> No.73890845

at this point never. GW seems to refuse to make the stompa good. Last I saw one was in 7th because you could field the custom FW one with the same gear for much less and fill it full of meks to never die.

>> No.73890847

Honestly if they could figure out a way to handle the astronomicon issue the emperor dying and the Imperium fracturing could be really good for the setting with SM Chapters and other Imperium fighting each-other.

>> No.73890849


>> No.73890857

Porphyrion comes out at 836 minimum including weapons.

>> No.73890862

pictures of your feet please next to the book

>> No.73890866

2/2 from the Rulebook

>> No.73890883

Thanks. Ultima founding is mentioned so I don't think they're going full retcon yet.

>> No.73890892

That plasma pistol looks gnarly as fuck, I love it.

>> No.73890893

Shit I forgot they spiked the points up a while back

>> No.73890895

>tiny head syndrome strikes again

>> No.73890900

But they've always defined SM as "beyond the human race" (Transhuman physiology, hello?). The issue is that you think these cultural subversives give a shit about lore and justification when in reality they see an all-male space and they want to tear it down. Same thing that happened to the Boy Scouts, the job market, etc...

>> No.73890905

I'd add a single sentence to the 4th or 5th edition rulebook mentioning the secret Primaris project under Mars. Just one sentence saying that before he died, Guilliman ordered an ancient Dominus to build him something in secret, and that the Dominus disappeared into the vast tunnels under Mars with huge amounts of technology and was never seen again.

>> No.73890912

>cawl is just so amazing you gaise!!
it's all so tiresome

>> No.73890929

>framing a lore dump as a character quote from a hugely important character we know almost nothing about

Why must modern GW be like this?

>> No.73890930

Primaris are never introduced, simply that the entire marine line is given the Primaris frame for miniatures and rules

>> No.73890939

Some in universe documentations of a daemonic night haunter after kurzes death

>> No.73890952

850 is such a strange number. Why not round it up to 1000?

>> No.73890966

Thanks, bud.

>> No.73890972


>primaris armour and weapon designs/concepts are just slowly applied to existing marines when rowboat girlyman wakes up and he's like "yo lets fucking change shit" which is a cool enough concept to me without it being a flawless 11/10 improvement from cawl

>> No.73890982

you're hired, welcome to games workshop

>> No.73890984

>blood angel
>squad marking in place of company marking
>ugly as fuck
Thanks GW

>> No.73890985

More SM lore from the Rulebook 1/2

>> No.73891004


>> No.73891011

>something in a single statement or sentence
In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only CUTE GIRLS.

>> No.73891021

How do we know hes not just a member of a red chapter that isnt blood angels?

>> No.73891024

Calgar's the only smurf to start modifying the codex to suit the changing needs of the current era. It's a bit of character growth in the post-hive fleet behemoth and hive fleet kraken universe, and part of why guilliman approves of him. Remember that all space marines, even the traitors, venerate calgar as their superior and role model as marines.

>> No.73891037

He has accomplished more than Abaddon, but it cost him an arm and leg

>> No.73891040

>terminators mentioned alongside mk10

I actually like calgar
that bit where he admitted to writing "what if guilliman came back" fanfiction was endearing

>> No.73891044


>> No.73891050


>> No.73891055

I'm selling off an old Dark Eldar army and it looks like I can't even PAY people to take these Wyches. I knew to expect lowballs from what I saw under sold listings on ebay but dang. Absolutely no one wants to buy the part of the army lot with the actual troops (Kabalites too) and transports. They just want the stupid recast FW Reapers I have.

>> No.73891060

>these first founding chapters most closely resemble them in physical appearance
ultranig apologists BTFO

>> No.73891076

If they free I'll take 'em anon

>> No.73891077

since when are white scars "sombre and grim"
they have big fucking feasts all the time and love riding around on motorbikes

>> No.73891079

I dunno, I never really saw being a space marine as something to look forward to. The process of becoming one is brutal, and in the end you get brainwashed to serve a fascist theocracy until you die a horrible death on some godforsaken planet in the middle of nowhere. If anything the faction that should have more female models and characters is Tau since they're equal opportunists.

>> No.73891080

Oh man there really is no distinction made between Primaris and Firstborn. Manlets really are getting squatted huh?

>> No.73891098

you're retarded

>> No.73891103

all we can really take away from this is that terminators really are the greatest

>> No.73891107

They mention the Ultima founding and Primaris marines/chapters.

>> No.73891116

They are free with purchase of the rest of the Drukhari.

Heck, I'm half inclined to just keep them around because they're utterly useless in game and a reminder of when I started getting better at painting like 9 years ago.

>> No.73891121

You're not wrong, but you're ascribing a level of intellect and care to people who bring this up that simply isn't there. They simply see the posters, they don't read the books.

>> No.73891125

why sell your army
you know you'll regret it

>> No.73891129

I suppose the imperium would be a fascist autocracy by their own ideals, but in practice would be something like a feudal confederacy?

>> No.73891133

I bet Cawl invents a way to modify terminator armor so Primaris marines can fit into it.

>> No.73891139

He has blood droplets underneath the symbol on his right pauldron, and possible blood drops on the hand holding the plasma pistol. Plus his helmet's yellow which is how the BA indicate assault squads.

>> No.73891152

Anything else from the Rulebook/ Chapter approved/ Grand Tournament? Happy to deliver my dear Anons

>> No.73891156

Am I a fucking brainlet? I can't find the discord link.

>> No.73891164

Longer story shorter, it's not actually my army it's my friend's army of which I painted back in the day when we were still in high school but now he wants to downsize his collection to just one army (Chaos) and he asked me to sell the knife ears as a favor and to split it the money a bit. .

>> No.73891168

Forgeworld Guard please Anon!

>> No.73891174

Don’t sell anon. Rules are temporary love of the Kabal life is eternal.

>> No.73891177

In practice, the best adjunct overall descriptor for the Imperium’s government is a Theocratic Monarchic Tributary Empire. Approximately.

>> No.73891188

not fascist at all
it's an imperium, with individual planets being oligarchic/feudal tributary states

>> No.73891198

Double dubs can't be wrong.

>> No.73891221

The ideal of the imperium fits most definitions of fascism that I can find.

>> No.73891225

They write poetry, so by comparison to the Yiffs they're pretty sombre.

>> No.73891237

1/3 Enjoy ;)

>> No.73891254

anon, fascism requires a unified national identity and a system where every aspect of society is under centralised control. the imperium is the opposite of this, with the senatorum imperialis's control over the many societies of the imperium limited to taxation, religion and the enforcement thereof

being literate doesn't make you sombre

>> No.73891258


>> No.73891260

>dominus armoured siege bombard
Huh, funny they keep its name alive

>> No.73891261

Nevermind friend, I figured out why I couldn't find it. You're the fucking best anon, thanks.

>> No.73891272

>going first against T'au
>kill longstrike with a single mortis dreadnought
>wipe a bunch of fire warriors with some aggressors
>use most my shooting clearing drones and fire warriors
>do a good job at it
>have a lascannon mortis and 4 meltaguns in my land speeder squad left to shoot
>pop 3 at a hammerhead at 11 wounds left, 1 at one with 12
>put a hammerhead down to 3, the other down to 7
>put 3 lascannon shots into the 7 wound one, 1 at the weak one
>fail to kill both
>one is at 4 wounds and the other is still at 3
>shot 1 assault cannon at an ethereal with no drones or screen
>only dealt it 3 damage
God fucking damn it man.

>> No.73891275

3/3 my dude

>> No.73891288

Aww yiss thanks anon.Soon we crusade.

>> No.73891302

DKOK are still in, hell yeah baby

>> No.73891304

Forgeworld nids if you would please.

>> No.73891308

FUCK alpha strike

>> No.73891312

Thank you Anon!!

>I don't see Salamander Command Vehicle

>> No.73891325

Tau FW would be good if you can. Still hoping my variant hammerheads haven't been squatted

>> No.73891326

does the rulebook itself have any new lore?

>> No.73891330

I think it's sort of half and half. Like sure there's youtubers making clickbait '40k is a nazi safe space', but most of my 40k friends are far-leftists who understand that it's a just a game and doesn't need to show moral virtues down your throat.

>> No.73891335

I fucking hope so, my main army is Death Korps

>> No.73891342

FW orks please

>> No.73891361

Maybe I did not have the time to read the lore part yet...

>> No.73891364

Do you understand the distinction between ideals and reality? The IDEAL of the imperium (the whole galaxy colonized by standard template construct civilizations guided by the imperial truth, all obeying the direct command of the Emperor and his representatives) is textbook fascism.

>> No.73891369

> cawl's cawr keys
That shit wasn't even that long ago.

>> No.73891383

The middle and right bladeguard look almost like the return of Titus and Sidonus.

>> No.73891392

Cawl came out what, four or five years ago?

>> No.73891394


>> No.73891401

>Calgar writing fanfiction

>> No.73891446

>increasing everything by the same flat amount
>never mind a 3 point increase is a 50% increase for some units but <25% for others
What does GW even think they're doing?

>> No.73891448

What else am I supposed to do against T'au?
Though to be fair even with Kayuon 3 hammerheads and 2 broadsides they killed 1 land speeder and a mortis dreadnought before conceding.

>> No.73891457

Boosting elite armies clearly.

>> No.73891459

How strong would eldar be if they didn't need to worry about slaanesh eating their souls?
Are there any examples of eldar just not caring anymore and unleashing their full powers momentarily?

>> No.73891466

I mean, the emperor's personal ideal for what the imperium should have been resembles fascism (though misses out on the entirely crucial nationalistic part and thus cannot accurately be called fascism), but that's not what anyone who talks about the imperium being fascist means, and I suspect you know this full well.

no really, there's this excerpt where he admits to having privately written "simulations" about what would happen if guilliman came back, and then complains about how blind humanity is that they didn't immediately all fall into line
it was really very cute

no I mean I get that it's how you're meant to play the game
it's just unbelievably shit design

>> No.73891478

Newer painter who wants to play harlequins. What’s a good way to do checkerboards on the front of the bikes?

>> No.73891485

Same bro, glad to see we're still in the trench

>> No.73891488

Fall of Cadia was January 2017.

>> No.73891491

>tfw Tancred endures

>> No.73891496


The Fall lol

>> No.73891506

shilling their shitty power meme by the looks of it

pretty sure slaanesh doesn't stop them "unleashing their full power"
I mean look at the dark eldar. they do pretty much whatever they want because all they have to do is rape some puppies and that refills their soul-o-meter

>> No.73891514

Know how people meme about Orks believing hard enough in something will somehow make it true? Well that's Eldar at their peak. Ofcourse even attempting a fraction of this just gets the Eldar eaten, but can be done to limited extent.

>> No.73891517

work as a coach painter for 30 years

>> No.73891524

I thought eldar had to limit their psychic powers cause slaanesh would eat them if they used too much?
I mean post fall.

>> No.73891527

you only have to worry if you are a sister of battle , or two of them really

>> No.73891542

>that's not what anyone who talks about the imperium being fascist means, and I suspect you know this full well.
It's what I mean, which is all I ever said. Just because you were gearing up to own the libtards and didn't read the fine print doesn't mean I have to prop up what "most people think."

>> No.73891565

Mighty anon, please tell me what's the new Admech Arquebus (sniper) value? It's important for my listbuilding yet hasnt been leaked yet.
Also, you got point value for Daedalosus?

>> No.73891583

It's pretty neat that White Scars have gotten popular enough that they're talked about before the Salamanders, Iron Hands, and Raven Guard.
That they're paired with the Space Wolves in terms of importance really does show how far they've come. Gotta give Wraight credit man.

>> No.73891592

and as I said, even by your own meaning you're wrong

>> No.73891639

Saying the imperium isn't nationalistic is pure pedantics based around the idea that the Imperium itself isn't a nation. It is.

>> No.73891643

between the 3/4 factions it's hard to say. the race is in decline and heavily restricted. on a good day Eldrad has pulled off some impressive stunts and Vect has been playing 4D chess.

with no restrictions i could see massive psychic power allowing them to 1 shot greater deamons or similar

>> No.73891661

it's relevant, not pedantics. and the imperium is not a nation. you even said it yourself here >>73891129
it's far close to a confederacy
which is the opposite to being a unified nation with a single national identity and feeling

>> No.73891670

>It's another episode of "all authoritarian governments are literally Fascists guise"
Why do I waste time here.

>> No.73891671

>grots cost as much as guardsmen

>> No.73891673

IDEALS VERSUS REALITY you twit, if you're going to quote the argument read the whole argument.

>> No.73891685

you literally said right fucking here >>73891639
that the imperium IS a nation
make your goddamn mind up

>> No.73891690

If we are arguing in Universe then REALITY matters more then Ideals, it doesn't matter what Ideal its holding if it doesn't fucking follow through on them!

>> No.73891697

Hope this helps Anon 1/3

>> No.73891710

That is cute. I always loved the line that Bobby G has in the Ultramarines Supplement about Calgar, "Many things about this dark new age have caused me to question all that father and I tried to build. Many things have dissapointed me. The Chapter Master of my loyal and noble Ultramarines is most emphatically not one of them." I like to imagine there are moments when then absolutely shitty state of things is getting to Bobby G but then he thinks about ya boy Calgar and everything seems a bit better.

God damn GW, hurry up with the next loyalist Primarch! My man is probably drowning in paperwork and hasn't slept in two centuries!

>> No.73891711


>> No.73891713

me armour is kontempt. me shield is disgust. me choppa is hatred
in gork an' mork's names let no ruleswriter survive

>> No.73891716

Dude you have to read the entire argument if you're going to jump in. My argument about the imperium being fascist is based around the ideals of the emperor, not the modern imperium. I said that the modern imperium is a confederacy. I'm not saying the modern imperium is fascist, and I never have.

>> No.73891723

3/3 You're welcome

>> No.73891727

>Destroyer Tank Hunter: SQUATTED
>Griffon Mortar Carrier: SQUATTED
Fucking christ. Losing something fun but specialist sucks, for sure, but the Destroyer has existed since 3rd. Hell, the Griffon was in the 2nd edition codex. No legends, no nothing, IG TDs just ceasing to be.

The fucking big retarded thing is the Destroyers gun still exists. They gave it to that fucking ugly hunk of Primarishit with 80 redundant barrels. Goodnight, sweet prince.

>> No.73891731

even in your definition of the ideal you stated it was "STC Civlisations" under the control of the emperor
civilisations plural, i.e. not nationally unified

>> No.73891734

Bless you anon.

>> No.73891738

Do forgeworld space marines next!

>> No.73891740

The Khan's primarch book absolutely sold me on the white scars and every time Jaghatai shows up in a book I'm never disappointed.

>> No.73891745

don't forget
>Rough riders: SQUATTED

>> No.73891747

can you please show how much broadside railguns cost? one leak said 25 and one said 15.

>> No.73891748

Don't forget the Gorgon heavy transport, why the fuck would FW bring them back and not have them in the rules anymore, it's just retarded

>> No.73891754

Telling someone they should have been arguing in your context all along does not make you right.

My first and only point in all this was that the emperors original plan for the imperium fits the definition of fascism.

>> No.73891755

>little does he know grot blasters got upgraded to 24" s4 assault 2 and massed grots are not the most overpowered thing in the game

>> No.73891770

>fits the definition of fascism
Except it literally doesn't.
Is basic government/civics not taught in schools anymore?

>> No.73891771

Could you do tau and nids plz?

>> No.73891772

>>grots become massively better shoota boyz
by mork it's beeyootiful

>> No.73891773

If all the planets have the same technology, culture, and government, which they would have in the emperors ideal imperium, them they are all segments of a nation. Arguing that they aren't is like saying Hawaii isn't part of the US because there's an ocean in the way.

>> No.73891776

I fucking forgot, I even converted some out of GSC too. At least they included the Twin Punisher Vulture, if not i'd be driving to firebomb Nottingham right now.

>> No.73891777

it says in the CA book 25pts anon

>> No.73891786

Most definitions of fascism I can find fit it. Which one are you using and where did it come from?

>> No.73891790

Fuck they got those too??

FW Squatted IG Vehicles:
>Destroyer Tank Hunter
>Griffon Mortar Carrier
>Salamander Command Vehicle
>Salamander Scout Tank

What else did FW squat??

>> No.73891794

>If all the planets have the same technology, culture, and government, which they would have in the emperors ideal imperium
source? I don't believe it was ever said how the emperor wished individual planets to govern themselves once the imperium was at peace, or what he wished for their culture outside of the imperial truth

>> No.73891810

Powerlifter Sentinel

>> No.73891822

Wait, guardsmen are only 5pts? Tell me you're joking. Like I don't mind grots going up to avoid low pt cheesing, but no fucking way guard is only 5pts.

>> No.73891826

Fascism is bad. . why?

>> No.73891827

it's true
oh, cultists are 6ppm now btw

>> No.73891834

1/6 Incoming!

>> No.73891835

What you imply is "fascist" fits nearly all governments prior to the 1600s and a good portion of them afterwards.
Was Rome Fascist? Was the Byzantine Empire Fascist? Were the Huns Fascist? Was the British Empire Fascist?
Modern China is more close to textbook Fascism than the Imperium.

>> No.73891837

yes and it's a crime

>> No.73891839

we're not talking about that
we're talking about the imperium not being fascist
whether or not it's good is irrelevant

>> No.73891850


>> No.73891859

>I don't believe it was ever said how the emperor wished individual planets to govern themselves once the imperium was at peace
I don't either.

>what he wished for their culture outside of the imperial truth
Well he, mandated under pain of death that they all follow the lex imperialis, the imperial truth, and use of STCs. When your laws, philosophies, religion, technology, and racial and group identities are all mandated by the state under pain of death, I'd say that fits the definition of a fascist state.

>> No.73891861

Oh goddamn it i've got a recasted one in the mail.

>> No.73891864

>people talk about "muh good old days when armies were smaller"
>the army in that picture would still be about 1500 points today

>> No.73891866

What's the best way to kit out a Devastator squad for well rounded response to both massed infantry and heavy armor? I was thinking two middle launchers, two heavy bolters, giving the Sgt a thunder hammer, and then using the two lascannon sprues in my tactical squads

>> No.73891867

3/6 that's all for Tyranids, T'au are next

>> No.73891873

>Daedalosus squatted

>> No.73891874

And the purpose of determining this is. . ?

>> No.73891880

>Black salamanders

>> No.73891881

Is there a positive outlook I can take on the whole Primaris marines thing?
Their existence is just like pure power creep in terms of game play and lore. While they get stronger and stronger, regular marines fall to the wayside, the Tau no longer have the best Plasma, and Chaos degenerates even further. I feel like my minis will be outdated sooner rather then later, and the constant push for new stuff like this will just edge me out of the hobby.
Is there anything good to see in it at all?

>> No.73891882

So you can't even provide a definition of fascism? You aren't doing that because you can't find one that doesn't support me, are you?

>> No.73891886

>If all the planets have the same technology, culture, and government
>I don't either.
so you're just full of shit

>> No.73891887


>> No.73891892

If """we""" determine they are we can alienate more of the fanbase like that ex BL author wanted to do

>> No.73891893

The scale is nice.

>> No.73891897

>legal justice, religion and technology are the only things that matter from a nationalist standpoint
ok retard

>> No.73891899

Primaris players are easy to mock.

>> No.73891919

You need to define one rigorously, since you're the one making an assertion, make your proofs.
You can't say "Imperium have strong military and likes war = fascism" and claim to have won the argument. I could say that for the USA today, and regardless of what you think of the US, it's not Fascist.

>> No.73891922


>> No.73891933

6/6 sorry for the mixup

>> No.73891935

The "I don't either" but is poking fun at your vague grammar anon. Your statement could be taken to mean that you don't remember that the emperor wanted planets to govern themselves. I don't remember that either. Sorry if that was unclear.

In fact I don't remember ever reading anything to imply that the emperor intended to ease his rule in "peacetime". If that is what you were trying to say, surely you have some kind of source, right?

>> No.73891938

>the Tau no longer have the best Plasma
this really makes me seethe
gets hot! is not longer universal (which is itself soulless and boring) but tau plasma remains S6 despite everyone getting to avoid gets hot! now?

>> No.73891940

>the Eight costs 9 CP to run now
>can’t even get faction trait due to LOW auxiliary detachment rules
>still increased by 120 points

>> No.73891950

You could be necrons and not even have plasma.

>> No.73891968

>you need a definition

Fascism is a form of authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

Does that satisfy?

>You can't say "Imperium have strong military and likes war = fascism" and claim to have won the argument.
Not only did I not say that I never said anything even close to that.

>> No.73891971

No problems. You're a legend! That book got FW in it too?

>> No.73891975

why do tau even have plasma when ion is their plasma now and their plasma is some kind of fake not plasma?

>> No.73891977

>X faction is screwed because 9th ed makes 8th ed rules bad
Wow its almost like the 9th codex will fix that

>> No.73891979

Can I get pics of the necron stuff?

>> No.73891982

I'll be shocked if they don't give farsight a supreme command keyword so you can take it in the refunded detachment

>> No.73891983

>morality, philosophy, law, technology, and government don't comprise the main part of any culture
Ok retard

>> No.73891997

>Fascism is a form of authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy.
That is a pretty low bar for what qualifies as facism.

>> No.73892001

getting a bit ahead of yourself there chief
the emperor was enforcing law, religion and technology
not morality, not philosophy and certainly not government (beyond the imperial tithe)

>> No.73892004

1/2 Yup!

>> No.73892006

when are they going to unnerf crisis suits so it isn't a points trashcan? I guess you get one riptide.

>> No.73892008

Then what would you consider to be the acceptable standard definition?

>> No.73892015

He’s in the Blackstone fortress part, and was raised 5 points

>> No.73892016

the imperium isn't ultranationalistic

oh yeah because every codex is an improvement over the last that always balances the faction well, huh

>> No.73892017

How long do we think it will take to print the entire Codex line for 9th? Now that there are no more Indices, and most things are "a port over" will it be a simple reskin with all the PA stuff and current points thrown in or will every codex see slight changes here and there??

>> No.73892020

That'd be the dream. I only run a single riptide normally bc I enjoy playing with FSE crisis bombs/ T'au heavy infantry lists so not much will change for me

>> No.73892026

3 years
then we get 10th

>> No.73892028


>> No.73892035

i played against a dark angels player earlier this year, with my eldar i was pretty much wiping the floor with him. we called it early and he was ahead on points. i broke his spirit turn 1 blasting his plane out the sky.

they look fancy but they die like other meqs

>> No.73892038


FW Squatted IG Vehicles:
>Destroyer Tank Hunter
>Griffon Mortar Carrier
>Salamander Command Vehicle
>Salamander Scout Tank
>Powerlifter Sentinel

What else did FW squat??

>> No.73892040

Do you want to have a serious argument orcall each other retards? You get one.

>> No.73892043

based on GW's past history, most of 9th ed.

>> No.73892046

the soul from their range

>> No.73892057

Why is she sad, bros?

>> No.73892068


Seems a bit long to me anon for an edition that seems like more of a ".5" that a full new version. Damn I hope that isn't the case.

>> No.73892071

tancred endured, she didn't

>> No.73892072

>slight changes
Some codexes need a complete redesign due to being either powercreeped (Tyranid) or horrible in design (Tau)

>> No.73892074

so you lost?

>> No.73892083

>the imperium isn't ultranationalistic
The Emperor's Imperium (not the modern imperiu, which I was never talking about) plaster their iconography over everything, forcibly recruit military personnel from every population, and enforce the belief that it's your moral secular duty to die for the imperium of man.

>> No.73892094

That's a given for IG

So "easier" codices get put out quickly and the more difficult ones come later?

>> No.73892096

that doesn't mean that GW won't just give them slight changes

>> No.73892099

Image limit is on... next thread?

>> No.73892120

>not the modern imperium, which I was never talking about
but the modern imperium does all those things (except it's your moral religious duty instead of moral secular duty)
and isn't ultranationalistic

make it yourself nerd

>> No.73892126

yup, had we done another turn or 2 i would have won. i got too caught up in killing.

>> No.73892133

>TransArqs 2 points cheaper
>Arc Rifles more than doubled in cost
I hope this indicates arc rifles are getting reworked in the codex but I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.73892138

no, it's just shitty balance

>> No.73892141

The modern imperium isn't because it's a theocracy. The Emperor's Imperium did all those things and IS ultra nationalistic, because the focus is on the imperium of man and not the God emperor. Glad we agree on that.

>> No.73892145

New Thread:


>> No.73892151

I'm the Anon who's been dumping for the last 2 hours, don't be impolite my dude

>> No.73892152

theocracy and fascism aren't mutually exclusive retard

>> No.73892159

Don't be a dickhead

>> No.73892200

Yes but as you say the modern IoM isn't (as) nationalistic whereas the original was.

>> No.73892238

Facism is a post industrial political philosophy attempting to reject both the tenants of capitalism and communism through an ultranationalist militaristic mindset where a totalitarian party reaches to control society and dictate economic direction though without communist style planned economy.

Also you stole your definition right off wikipedia.

>> No.73892256

I think the problem with that is that many of the elements of fascism you describe (i.e. economic control, centralisation of power, militarism) were envisioned in the 30s as a means to centralised society in a hyper-efficient manner, where every part of a country could be turned to the war effort (or whatever effort seemed important to the dictator).

I agree 40k is often fascist in aesthstic, and that it promotes a kind of pan-human ethnonationalism as an underpinning ideology, but the Imperiums economic system is about as far from "regimented" and efficient as possible. While it probably contains fascist-style dictatorships, the Imperium is full of weird death worlds, feudal worlds, hive worlds etc. which are all largely independent beyond their tithe and which operate vastly different (though usually oligarchical) political systems. The Imperium may have fascistic intent in some of its elements, but it's far too decentralised on a planetary basis to be considered a galactic fascist state.

The Imperium is a vaguely authoritarian meta-government with an ideology that resembles fascism, which has varying control over an anarchic mess of systems many of whom have significant autonomy (but are capable of being, independently, mini-fascist states). This is because the writers mish-mushed Dune, the HRE and various other inspirations together with a stereotypically fascist-y aesthetic, but still wanted players to be able to cook up their own corner of the universe

>> No.73892270

>40k is often
*the Imperium is often. 40k doesn't really "promote" the Imperiums ideology.

>> No.73892286

People constantly confuse all forms of authoritarianism and Totalitarianism with Fascism and Communism constants online

>> No.73892303


If w ended up with new terminator kits as a result I'd be ok with it.

>> No.73892326

Facism is admittedly kinda nebulous at times and even historical regimes would run contrary to their own stated ideals when felt it benefited them. Also people are lazy and like convenient labels.

>> No.73892362

WWII followed by the Red Scare in the US has really helped have the Fascist and Communist labels be associated with evil so that's probably made things worse

>> No.73892451

they make you armor when you join the deathwatch, this includes terminators

>> No.73892590

Renegades and Heretics, and Elysians

>> No.73892721

Yo someone wanna email me the link so I can start adding into a new mega. I cannot into discord, it's new technology and it scares me because I'm old. I also cannot into reddit for the same reason
>tgscustodian at google mail

>> No.73892744

>How long do we think it will take to print the entire Codex line for 9th?
Minimum 5 years. 8th only did it faster because it was a hard reset edition and they rushed to get everyone out of indexes. Codex cycles normally only happen with a fair amount of new models otherwise, so we'll see like 4-5 a year at most because they don't shit out that many new kits for different armies in the same year especially with specialist games and Age of Sigmar taking up some months.

>> No.73892748

>Modern China is more close to textbook Fascism than the Imperium.

Retard alert.

>> No.73892868

>Modern China is more close to textbook Fascism than the Imperium

>> No.73892873

No matter where I go people keep calling me that, what gives?

>> No.73893019

you can't even take him in EC anymore, he has his own legion.

>> No.73893045

I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

>> No.73893062

Orks literally lost their best HQ, the ability to fire nauts twice, grots and kans went up 50%, flash gitz were almost good enough to see play after CA 19 but got a hefty 33% increase.

A bunch of great ork shit got hit and you're a retard.

>> No.73893068

where the fuck is regular squiggoth

>> No.73893076

Black lives, Police brutality, You

>> No.73893078

Manlets (terminators included) are getting a resculpt in about a year. They're getting brought up to new csm proportions and Firstborn/Primaris will finally be two sides of the same coin.

>> No.73893127

I feel like Tau flyers (well the vehicles as a whole really) are underrated- if you look at the sunshark bomber's PPM and Model cost in 8th it was actually damn good but got overshadowed by le epig triptide

>> No.73893167

Sick. Can I use Grey Knights ... or are they basically out of bounds? I want to avoid Primaris being the best guys on the roster but not trying to cheeese

>> No.73893214

sunshark was good since its bomb was one of the few ways to get mortal wounds for tau.

I've been meaning to get one. I've been thinking about the razorshark. I know its considered the worst unit in the codex, but now that it can move and shoot without penalty overcharging its ion weapons shouldn't be a problem, mainly though because I want to build it like a p61 with the turret on top.

Really looking forward to using my Barracuda too now that I don't have to worry as much about it. Its the older barracuda so it has the burst cannons and ion cannon, but I think the ion cannon is great anyways.

>> No.73893232

Couldn't figure it out huh? No wonder people keep calling you retarded.

>> No.73893318

I’m still shocked Mek gunz didn’t get super fucked.

>> No.73893396

Anon what are (you) doing to keep Tauniggers out of your lgs?

>> No.73893413

Refusing to play against them. A faction should not be just blatantly exempt from a core rule of the game.

>> No.73893419

I am the taufag and one of the leading players (you) manlet secondary

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