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Just 3d printed my own Warhound Titan, ask me anything

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Can you show any close ups of printlines?

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Why is it two different colours? does the different resin have differente properties or something?
also, your keyboard looks fucking mental

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Sauce? Looks great.

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How does one transport one of those anyway?
Not in the fluff, like the actual piece.
Also does it still count as a "miniature" if it's the size of a family pet?

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what's the cheapest price at which you would realistically sell a similar print?

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it's a "miniature" because it's smaller than the "real" version of one would be

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How many hours did it take

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How expensive was your printer? Reckon it could do a Warlord in this fashion?

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what printer was it done on?

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I've done two warhounds and a warlord. A LOT of time, about three rolls of filament, and some amazing models.

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Half a dozen of these guys. Interchangeable weapons.

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This took a couple of hundred hours to print. Glorious beast that it is.

Sorry for the sideways photos, phone posting.

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Judging by the quality it must me resin printer.

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Is this the end for GW's insane price gouging? There's no way there won't be 3rd-party printers all over the place to the point where it affects their business.

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>Make sure not to reply to the idiot

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>Is this the end for GW's insane price gouging? There's no way there won't be 3rd-party printers all over the place to the point where it affects their business.

If there are good stc's of various 40k kits then that's almost certain, unless gw takes some steps. The best thing about printing your own 40k kits would be the the option to upscale them so for example you could have a nice big dread kit.

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How's the resinif I wanted to cut it up for conversions?

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Can you put cake in a 3D printer? You could make a Warhound cake.

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Can we get the files?

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Did you sell one in ebay? I saw a red one up awhile back

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3D printing is so cool. I can't wait until we can print new organs and stuff.

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I can't wait till we can print lolis.

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>that pic
Something is very wrong here...like a forgotten memory that I fear should stay forgotten...

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>Dammit Muriel, it's drafty in here. Close the window

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>3D printing is too expensive, looks awful, take too long, and will never become popular

I wonder how many undercover red shirts are freaking out right now and emailing GW. Seriously looks great OP, makes me want to get a printer even more. Honestly I really wonder what GW will do, 3D printers just get cheaper and cheaper and the quality just continues to improve massively.

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these should make forgeworld shit their pants.

I wonder if they know that they are living on borrowed time.

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Nah, this gets used about once a year for shits and giggles. I don't sell the stuff I print, but I do a lot of stuff for my mates.

So far, GW has lost at least three thousand dollarydoos from me printing stuff. When they start charging reasonable prices, I'll start shopping with them. Otherwise it's prints and Chinacast.

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These were do e on a $300 Ender 3 Pro. Give it some fine settings and you can't tell the difference from the real thing once it's painted. Well worth the price.

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>I can't wait until we can print new organs and stuff.

I would print a muscle meat titan with your bioprinter.

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Unfortunately, when a large portion of the fanbase spent thousands of $ on the hobby they're going to do anything not to acknowledge the fact that they might be misusing their money. GW store tourneys aren't going to allow this, and there are jannies everywhere nowadays

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You wouldn't steal a car
You wouldn't steal a handbag
You wouldn't steal a television
You wouldn't steal a movie

Printing Games Workshop figurines is stealing,
stealing is against the law,

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Which printer?
Which resin/PLA?
How long was the print time?

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Why cut it when you could just print the piece you want? Anyway elegoo and anycubic make nontoxic resins.

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How long until people wake up and realize they dont need GW for the hobby?

Hell, I prefer a lot of the proxies that are try to do their own thing to the official models. The makers cult has a ton of cool not-admech.

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I think, like with most things, a decentralized community oriented hobby is what we'll get

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How do I get into 3d for the purposes of wargaming? I know nothing about 3d printing in general. Lenghty and comprehensive sources appreciated, I'm not an impatient cunt so feel free to propose something that will eat a week or two of research

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That's a weird looking scanner

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You gave me such cancer with that wojak trash here's a quick cut of the actual argument for those too lazy to do so themselves.
Only YOU can stop faggotry on /tg/ anon.

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You made 1 mistake, remember for the last 20? years or so it has been "The GW Hobby" (tm), not wargaming.
So for that hobby you do kinda need GW.

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That looks really bad

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My brother just loaded up chitubox to get things prepped for when his Elegoo Saturn arrives.

32 primaris blood angel shoulderpads will take 54 minutes to print and cost fifty cents. That's cheaper than when he was working at a GW store and they let them buy minis by weight.

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/r/3dprinting/ has a decent FAQ but for some reason the tutorial for blender 3d modelling is this ten hour long donut thing aimed at people wanting to 3d model for animation. MrMcAngry is also supposed to be making a 3d modelling centric tutorial and uploading it up on his patreon for free so keep an eye out for that.

For modelling your own stuff, the rule of thumb is Blender for vehicles/robots/armored things and ZBrush for organics. You'll also want Chitubox for prepping the files for printing and MeshMixer to take parts that are separate files and combine them together.

Anyway, the Elegoo Mars Pro is the current standard, so look for printer reviews comparing machines to that.

Aside from that, keep an eye out on thingiverse and cult3d for people to load up files with names like "primary space soldier impulse rhinoceros" "evil space terminators" "blue space communist frisbee robot" and so on.

Also look on patreon to find creators you like.

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Much of the greater wargaming community is already almost entirely decentralised, but a big chunk of /tg/, or at least the noisiest pack of faggots, would lose out. Seems to be big numbers on here that are too shackled by laziness and social retardation to play anything other than pick up games of 40k and AoS at a store. Not defending it, just if anywhere's going to be a holdout for inaction and impotence, consoomerism and paypiggery, and soiboi tier corporate worship and white-knighting, it's going to be here.

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3D printing isn't all that. It's pretty toxic to your health and hobby.

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I can't stand to listen to this guy drone on, sum it up for me.

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>I can't stand to listen to this guy drone on, sum it up for me.
I sped up the video to x1.5
>16.05 minute video
>5.27 minutes are completely unrelated to the question
>resin smells bad, talks about resin smelling bad for 3 minutes
>"resin has to be cleaned off, its' sticky too, yuck!" - 3 minutes
>you have to learn how to 3D print and maintain a printer, my brains can only do YT videos and paint miniatures (yeah, literally his point) - rest of the video

You owe me Anon

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Jesus, what a poofter. I appreciate your sacrifice anon.

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We kinda do, GW are the ones designing new stuff.

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How will the tourneys tell they are 3D printed? Unless they put like "certificates of authenticity" in their boxes(like the old thunderhawk has) I couldn't see a way to make it work.

Most 40k players grow out of GW games/realize this eventually. Thats why most historical players are older, they started with GW. I know my group has moved on from GW almost entirely. Only GW models I still get are LOTR.

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Biggest decision is resin or plastic printer. Plastic is more for terrain(less detail, but cheaper material), resin is for miniatures. Seriously just hit youtube and look up 3D printer reviews. There are hundreds of them from tabletop players.

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Let me guess; his "what happens if the FLGS isn't friendly?" video is "Suck it up and go there anyway."

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Jesus this guy is so whiny

>> No.73889057

oddly enough no his attitude is if your FLGS fails to meet the friendly requirement go to another store if you can. if not try to work around the shitty LGS

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How would tournaments tell if they're painted and the correct size?

>> No.73889247

Wouldn't the weight be a tell? At least for the bigger models, maybe?

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You missed his main point which is fairly reasonable.
IIRC "I don't have a well ventilated temperature controlled space in which to consistently make use of this so its not really worth the investment for me personally."

I agree the dude is a whiny asshole who stretches his videos out 10 times they should but at least be honest.

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What kinda fag plays competitive army mens?

>> No.73889471

Testing to see if an otherwise great looking model is counterfeit is a bad look from the same hobby that came up with kitbashed deodorant landspeeders. A very bad look. I've personally never met a single person who would deny someone a game if their army looked decent. If it weren't for the constant stories of tfgs and shitty tos I just wouldn't believe it was like this now.

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Its funny. One of the stores in town is far worse for parking than the other but I still go to that one because the atmosphere is nicer and he has actual lighting.

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Oh-ho-hoooo fuck! That is nice OP!
If I were FW I would be shitting fucking bricks.

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So two warhounds and a warlord cost about $75 to $90?

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lmao imagine if they gave every model they made an "official" weight, when you enter the GW tourney your entire army must be weighed to determine if you might have 3D printed it.
>Oh you used weights in your bases so they won't fall over?
>Must be a printed army.

it would be a losing battle from GW anon they can't stop 3D printing

I mean you aren't wrong. Only game I can stomach tourneys for is Infinity and blood bowl.

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so you used a filament printer and not a resin one? I was considering buying an ender3 so I can prink glawk frames, but I was concerned it wouldn't be any good for pirating minis since everyone said to get a resin printer for them. how sturdy is the plastic? the stuff I 3d printed you could drop on the floor and it would be fine.

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do you have to use blender or can you use fusion360 or solidworks? I just want to make robot parts.

>> No.73890662

Anything that can output STL files will likely work.

>> No.73890709

As someone who got a Photon S in the last month everyone really overstates the whole smell and ventilation thing. Temperature control is a non-issue as well.

>> No.73890720

This came out 2 years ago and costs $200.

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Question to any industry-minded anons: why don't GW/FW use 3D printing for production line rather than injection molding? They do it for prototyping already. Is it just because of the "resin bad, resin hard!" mentality? Wouldn't if have like two or three orders of magnitude less overhead?

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Molds are way faster, and they already have invested in molds. Give it 10 years and maybe they switch over, but by then they might be dead.

>> No.73891584

Injection mold is fast and automated as fuck. I used to work maintenance at a mold plant in summers between college, super interesting stuff

>> No.73891636

What if you print OOP stuff like Epic?

>> No.73891657

You can, thingiverse is full of it and Battlefleet Gothic stuff. Just make sure you use a resin printer.

What job did you have there anon?

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Resin printing is super slow and has plenty of potential points of failure. On top of which the difference in material cost of resin compared to plastic is significant.

That being said there is no reason why GW couldn't introduce a print on demand service for FW like stuff, though they would probably make the price prohibitive. Using the machine is easy, the difficult part is setting up the STL with good supports so it doesn't fail. If they had a couple people at head office doing that for the store to print then it is a viable thing for them to do in future.

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Resin printer. I printed off a bunch of BFG stuff recently. There is a fuck ton of Epic and BFG stuff available for download already, and people are still making more.

>> No.73892185

GW used to do print on demand catalog orders where they'd just put the mold in the spinner, fill it with pewter and rev it up. Like, you could actually call GW mail-order and say you needed a half dozen lascannons from a devastator squad and they'd make them for you.

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I remember anon, I remember. I always loved looking at the final pages in WD with the bits breakdown for models.

>> No.73892224

Solidworks is probably perfectly fine. People use blender because it's free. Any CAD or solid modelling program should be fine.

I really wish I had a modern copy of Solidworks. The whole "making a shape by carving out other shapes" is more intuitive than messing with vertices. All I have is a 15 year old student-edition.

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I still lament the day they took down the bits section of their website. I was building an ork army at the time, and was just about to order a Gorkamorka nob body for a conversion when it disappeared. Sad times.

>> No.73892505

Finally. You have all seen the light and the Jewish ways of GW.

You are now free.

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Wanna know how I know you weren't in the hobby in the 90's?

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3d printing models is cool and all but anons saying its the future or will destabilize gw seem to be underestimating how stupid and lazy humans are combined with the annoying habit of paying for something mass marketed because it feels better than making a thing yourself.

Worst case is IP law and internet constriction ramping up, meaning we all have to buy gw's designs but they outsource printing to us so they still make money but don't have to own factories.

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Based trips of truth from 3D printing Chad.

>> No.73892691

>well-ventilated temperature controlled space
A garage with a shop fan? Seriously, you're making it sound like you need a laboratory for these things to run right.

>> No.73892714

>meaning we all have to buy gw's designs
No, that is when genuine model piracy comes into play. Unless GW manage to make some sort of uncrackable 3rd party software along with unaccessable proprietary USB drives to put their files on then someone somewhere can always hand the STL or sliced files out.

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Ventilation really isn't a big issue with these printers and the intensity of the smell varies by the resin. Just having the window open in the room when the thing is running is enough. Biggest annoyance is actually keeping sunlight off it as most of their UV shielding is not 100%.

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More people pay for netflicks than download or stream for free. That's before shit like the EU's internet/ip restrictions become more normal. People are stupid and lazy, as well as interested in being part of a larger thing via purchases.

I'm not saying 3d printing models isn't a thing people will do. I'm just doubtful it will have as much impact as its more ardent champions claim.

I will be super happy if I'm wrong though.

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Wow, OP, that's so cool! It looks really good too! What color scheme do you plan on giving it?

>> No.73892808

It's been so long since I've seen that animation! Very cool, anon! : )

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>Next thing you know is GW/FW putting microchips in their parts that they scan before letting you play in official tournaments.
Keep fighting the good fight OP. We use chinacast where I live but my gaming group have been talking about pooling money for a high end printer. This thread will probably be what makes it into reality.

>> No.73892882

People invested in a printer will already be attempting to source STLs to print. If GW makes their prices reasonable then people will be willing to pay them for convenience, just like with any other industry that has piracy. And if the prices are unreasonable then people will start looking for the pirated models, or more likely as we are even seeing now hobbyist made STLs that are almost identical to the actual releases.

More and more people in the hobby are getting printers for various reasons as the price keeps coming down and quality keeps improving. This can also be seen with just how viable STL only kickstarters have become. Your average normie may never get into 3D printing, but sooner or later anyone above entry level in this hobby will either consider it, know someone with a printer already, or get one themselves once they realise the ROI compared to buying legit.

It will impact the people that it will matter to. Maybe not enough to destabalise GW since their business model isn't focused on the long term hobbyists, but sooner or later GW will have to address the trend in some way.

>> No.73892896

It's people like you and the OP who give me hope for this hobby! : )

>> No.73892936

You don't need a high end printer. Whilst it may be able to have a little better detail it is not worth the increased cost. Better to get something like a Photon or a Mars first, and if that is working out well but you still want more detail then maybe look into a high end printer.

>> No.73892990

Yeah, me too. I found out that it was gone when I wanted to order some stuff for Blood Bowl conversions. Really sad. Have they given any reason for it?

>> No.73893043

One has to imagine that the department was seen as unnecessary overhead by management, and that by taking it away they could make people buy more whole kits for their conversions.

>> No.73893083

Wanna know how I know you're a boomer who can't understand new technology?

>> No.73893092

>ask me anything
boxers or briefs ?

>> No.73893097

When I see things like this I fear for the future of companies like Reaper and Games Workshop.
I have no respect left for GW, but Reaper, they're mostly good folk... I would not like to see their efforts and what they have made go away.
I know there are people who make files for 3D printing, but many of the companies that have made models in the past won't be creating files to sell - the work they have done will stop existing with time. It is kinda depressing to lose art, especially art related to a hobby I enjoy.

>> No.73893117

>Resin printing is super slow
Industrial SLA printers are helluva fast. Like 50 minis in 15 minutes fast.

>> No.73893119

I think 3d printing models is neat, but can you show me how they look painted? I feel like the official models may have an advantage there.

>> No.73893123

Can you answer these or are you the gay?

>> No.73893124

>printing thread turns into poorfags whining about GW.

Also 3d printed models always look worse that moulded models. Simple fact.

>> No.73893136

Reaper will likely get into making STLs at some point. It seems inevitable with the market they are supplying. However I don't see their physical stuff going anywhere for a while as it is relatively fine for price. There is no real drive for your average D&D organiser to get a printer compared to a wargamer since less models are needed overall and there are lots of options available at varying levels of price and availability.

>> No.73893143

>Simple fact.
Factually wrong fact is factually wrong. You're thinking of FDM prints, which suck for minis. SLA prints will look as good as molds once panted.

>> No.73893149

That is nothing compared to the plastic injection stuff GW does now which can shit out a model sprue every 5 seconds or less. Industrial resin printing might be a viable option for them for fixing up FW releases though.

>> No.73893152

yeah, printers are diffenately more worth for wargamers. For an RPG you need a large number of different models, which means a lot of effort into supports. But when building an army, you want multiple copies of the same model, so less time spent doing supports.

>> No.73893158

>5 seconds
I find this surprisingly fast.

>> No.73893174

I can't find the video again at the moment, but the biggest hold up is the operator taking the finished sprue out of the mold. The tech behind how the injection molding works is amazing.

>> No.73893183

I mean the plastic has to cool before you pop the mold ...

>> No.73893198

That really doesn't take as long as you think anon. One of the biggest hurdles to injection molding was keeping the material hot and pliable enough to actually be injected. The speed at which the injection happens is crazy, as is the fact that the edges have enough space between them to let air through but not the plastic particles, up until it starts to deteriorate and mold lines start forming.

>> No.73893199

The sheer physics in how 3d printers works makes detailing ten times harder for a 3d printer.

Why do you think like 90% of minis made with 3d printing are either statuettes or large models?

>> No.73893216

You seem to be stuck some years into the past anon. That hasn't been the case for a good while. So much so that GW's studio models are 3D printed yet you didn't realise that.

>> No.73893240

It would literally be slower to produce models via 3d printer than injection mould.

The only one stuck in the past is you thinking everyone makes statuettes.

When you can print masses infantry sprues in a reasonable time you can talk.

Right now I only use my 3d printer for terrain.

>> No.73893262

The studio models, not their production models. Learn to read.

>> No.73893271

>Right now I only use my 3d printer for terrain.
Oh, so you have an FDM and not an SLA?

>> No.73893281

rfid chips embeded in the larger pieces would be pretty easy/cheap and would have a fairly high bar to get past fakes.

>> No.73893294

It would be fun to wreck the RFID chips in people's models with a strong megnet.

>> No.73893299

No I have a SLA. I just don't collect memeshit like knights or titans so trying to get models that dont look off is easier just buying them.

>> No.73893300

You couldn't just spoof them with a blank rfid inserted?

>> No.73893312

GW designer models are often CAD and upscale.

Studio models are literally production line models anon.

3d printers are not more accurate or faster.

>> No.73893313

Then how the fuck is your argument about detail quality when you know how an SLA printer works?

>> No.73893317

Not as many people know how to do that as you think.
good point, especially with magnetic interchangable parts that so many people set up on larger models.

>> No.73893321

As someone who's printed a warlord, and painted a FW one. The differences are noticible if youve seen the models irl. Mostly bolts / some assembly parts / some scaling. But they're still wonderful / a billion times cheaper. Just don't try to do it in resin omg

>> No.73893328

hes a redshirt

>> No.73893329

Because I know how a fucking injection mold also works you cretin.

>> No.73893332

It has already been proven their studio models are 3D printed and have been for some time. Anons already found print lines on the melta-bois in the Indominus images.

>> No.73893338

But people don't have injection molding at home dipshit. You don't even know what you are arguing about.

>> No.73893351

Again, you miss the point of the production level injection molding vs the custom small run level 3d printing. No one is saying you should be mass 3d printing spess muhreens. It should go towards baneblades, titans, shit like that.

>> No.73893352

>everyone who disagrees is GW

Why would GW be even opposed to 3d printers?

>> No.73893363

>its been proven
>anon hearsay

>> No.73893371

Injection molds cost an insane amount. industrial 3d printing would be viable for smaller runs.

>When you can print masses infantry sprues in a reasonable time you can talk.
So ... 2019 ?

Here we go :

84 minis in 7.5 minutes. They didn't even fill the build plate, it seems.

>> No.73893372

they wouldnt. it was sarcasm. GW should be getting heavy into supporting their customers who want to 3d print, hell, they could come out with a GW branded/sponsored printer, the plastics and everything else needed.

>> No.73893399

>prints out statuettes

Sort of proving my point.

>> No.73893407

... I literally never disagreed with that point anon. Hell that was my arguement.

>> No.73893417

Explain to me the difference between a statuettes and miniatures.

>> No.73893420

I'm arguing 3d printing

>> No.73893472

>Having to cut the supports off all of those by hand

I don't think mass-scale SLA will ever be commercially viable, unless some sort of way to remove supports automatically becomes viable. They can't be removed by the consumer, since it's already cured by that point.

>> No.73893478

You are on the wrong argument chain. No one is claiming that GW should 3D print all their models since injection molding is faster and cheaper. The initial discussion was about 3D resin printing having high enough detail that it is a non-issue compared to buying legit models from GW.

>> No.73893486

They would probably manage it the same way they manage de-spruing models or removing flash from FW resin models.

>> No.73893490

tfw instead of hunting for STCs you start hunting for STLs

>> No.73893936


If you visited Warhammer World you could order and collect the bits directly from there. The shop had catalogues where all the individual parts were labelled up. You filled in a form of the bits you wanted, ordered at the till, then went for a drink in Bugman's and they'd be ready in about an hour.

Fuck, I want to go back.

>> No.73893974

Sprues are flat, but SLA supports are at various angles. You can't make a cutting press to remove them like you can with a sprue as easily

>> No.73893994

>or removing flash from FW resin models.
So... they won't bother?

>> No.73894069

Printers are currently reviving Epic, just check the /epic/ general, best game to get into with a printer and getting a printer is cheaper than scavenge hunt old minis on eBay.
Some guy in the Epic general printed and posted pic related.

>> No.73894076


i used to love looking at the bits order section in the backs of white dwarfs. My favorite was when there was some crazy conversion in an article and then in the back they offered a collection of all the parts you needed to make it. Im sad i was too young at those times to have the moeny to take advantage of a service like that. Ive heard over the years they shut it down because someone knocked all the shelves over in the bits department and they couldnt be bothered restarting it lmao

>> No.73894130

I mean they would just have the consumer do it like they do now. Removing supports is akin to removing a model from its sprue. And if you think they would never release a product in such a sorry state, remember Finecast.

>> No.73894138

Printing up some Epic is next on my list after finishing printing up a Marine fleet for BFG.

>> No.73894147

I don't even what Epic is but I'm adoring those chubby widdle tanks

>> No.73894188

I would have felt guilty if they were a start up company selling and producing out of their garage. But GW ( and FW) are multimillion dollar companies. I haven't bought a new book from them in months, I haven't bought genuine FW for months. Especially since FW has been axing products and jacking up price on others.

>> No.73894199

It is a 6mm scale 40K game meant to represent larger scale battles than regular 40K. Everyone loves the small models.

>> No.73894210

Who is actually still buying legit FW? I can't think it is economically viable for anyone at this point except for the British maybe.

>> No.73894229

>Who is actually still buying legit FW?
Chinese recasters.

>> No.73894274

>People use blender because it's free.
You know, this is what i like about free(as in gratis), and open source software.
As long as your program is good enough, and isn't a pain the ass to use, it will eventually become popular, if the alternatives cost money.

Unless it's an Operating system, in which case apps matter way more.

>> No.73894333

>Who is actually still buying legit FW?
I have a friend who's on the spectrum who was considering dumping his latest Paycheck on a Warlord Titan, despite the fact that he can't even assemble marines without melting them with glue and is too afraid to paint any of his stuff (not to mention that there isn't even an Apoc scene in town). Luckily me and a few of our friends were able to talk him out of it.
I imagine that's most of FW's customer base, people with exceptionally poor money management and impulsive buying habits who are too dim to use recasters.

>> No.73894350

It was a 40k spinoff with tiny minis fighting massivly huge battles.
GW killed it once they realized people are willing to pay hundreds more to play the same thing with large minis.
Money money money.

>> No.73894369

It looks like a resin print, you probably won't see any layer lines.

>> No.73894418


That's not entirely true; GW decided to put all their 'Specialist Games' out to pasture. That was Epic, Warmaster (the Fantasy version of Epic), Battlefleet Gothic, Bloodbowl, Necromunda, Mordheim and Inquisitor (and possibly other titles as well).
My recollection of exactly when this happened is fuzzy. I want to place it between 2004-2007, as I remember my local GW store devoting shelf space to the starter sets for BFG, Necromunda and Mordheim, and hosting Bloodbowl events, but these had disappeared well before 2008.
As for why they dropped the lines, I'm going to guess that some accountant reasoned that GW could get a better return on their shelf-space by clearing out the 'old' titles and focusing more on the 'core' games of 40k, WHFB and LoTR. This is ironic, as some of the games they shelved were fucking excellent, and serve as incredibly rich source materials for video games.

>> No.73894459

Not OP, but if we're talking prints at that size, I'd probably charge quite a lot. This isn't like casting resin into a mould, prints at that level of detail take a fucking age even if you cram the print volume full (in MSLA printing, print time is a function of purely build height, so it's more efficient to fill up the print bed).
If I were in a position where I was considering selling knockoff warhounds, I'd be looking into creating silicone moulds from the 3D printed master and then casting the parts, very similar to what GW currently does.

>> No.73894490


Having had a bit of a dig, it looks like I was slightly inaccurate with my dates: the Specialist Games carried on being sold by GW online for a few more years (as evidenced by my having some BFG ships ordered around 2009-2010), but the games pretty much stopped receiving any support past that point.

>> No.73894492

I'f you can hang on till next year (because good luck getting one when it releases in September), it should be possible to get the new Elegoo Saturn which has a larger print bed than most of the current models and a monchrome LCD which dramatically reduces the print times.

>> No.73894524

Cool Zergling

>> No.73894531

Nope, the plastic needs to cool (which is why most tools are now water cooled) and then the machine automatically ejects the part into a bin (look at any injection moulded part, you'll see circles or small cylinders all over it; these are what the ejection pins push against to eject the part).

>> No.73894555

I own a Photon and I can't see the main body, the leg or the backplate fitting on the print plate but maybe I'm wrong.

>> No.73894592

Zergs are a literal Nid knockoff down to Blizzard copypasting GW artwork, so that's fine.

>> No.73894633

Epic looks like it is more fun than standard 40k, is the ruleset any good, I've seen some pictures floating around from people that did 30k epic armies and it looked really awesome compared and like it was easier to get cool looking terrain and models than is the case with 40k/30k.

>> No.73894635

It's annoying seeing printers like that that.
>"check out our propriety ultra fast print technology that well'never let be used outside of our own ridiculously expensive hardware"
>it's just a special membrane in the vat instead of FEP, any printer could use it

>> No.73894643

Is there any place with models for Infinity?

>> No.73894816

Check out the OP of the /epic/ general for all rulesets and see for yourself.
Epic30k is just additional armies for the base game, so they all work together.
Still lets you play fluff focused 30k battles in 6mm but also against all other Epic armies, that's up to you and whoever you play with.

>> No.73894855

Looks great, OP, how much did it cost to print?

I remember I used to get away with making plasticard and card tanks and aircraft (used to be a lot shared on /po/) until I got busted. People seemed really pissed off about it.

>> No.73894863

Is it possible to print something good with FDM-printers yet or it's only SLA for miniatures?

>> No.73894942

You can do that, but don't expect them to look amazing.
Don't expect FDM to get much better in the future, smaller nozzles tend to get clogged up, so for private usage it's both harder to maintain and more expensive than SLA
They're good enough for playing as they are.
Nothing wrong with playing an army of FDM printed proxies that you gradually replace with real minis.
Not OP but I saw someone else mentioning that his SLA printed warhound cost about 30 bucks, but it also depends on wheter OP printed it hollow or solid.

>> No.73895029

>Why would GW be even opposed to the thing that renders their entire catalog worthless?

>> No.73895041

In my experience, basically only terrain.

>> No.73895057

>tfw when blowing your pocket money on a bunch of different imperial guard bits to make a totally cool and unique general
>it would still all come to under a fiver

>> No.73895115

How does it feel to have more power than God?

>> No.73895143

Is that an Admech Demonette?

>> No.73895164

>so everyone can find representation and heroes they relate to
Boy oh boy,that's just what i want from my grimdark sci-fi wargame! Fuck balanced rules, fuck fair pricing, fuck good sculpts, and fuck the established lore! All I want is giant space bugs, skeleton robots, and unspeakable twisted horrors I can RELATE to!

>> No.73895197

Stay mad

>> No.73895209

I like to play Night Lords because I'm a rapist, it's nice to have positive representation.

>> No.73895230

I actually got into Warhammer by finding my older brother's Warhammer shit. Found an Epic Imperator and Space Hulk stuff

>> No.73895238

Yes and no. You can print down to 0.04mm layer height, but it takes ages to print and it;s quite difficult to do and still get good results. It'll still never look as good as resin.
I printed everything in this at 0.08mm layer height.

>> No.73895242

More accurately its a Slaaneshi Heretek but it's splitting hairs at that point

>> No.73895264

>I remember I used to get away with making plasticard and card tanks and aircraft (used to be a lot shared on /po/) until I got busted. People seemed really pissed off about it.

>> No.73895294

it was back in 2010 or whenever the new guard came out with that air unit, some kid had one and was all happy showing off. All the poorfag kids were upset because they couldn't afford air units, so I decided to be nice and make them some. Then I made tanks for some. And eventually the guys in charge found out what I was doing.

I think people got pissed off because they were dropping like 60quid on something that I could make for a few pounds, and looked just as good as the real Mcoy when it was painted up.

>> No.73895432

Basically imagine a loli in it.
If that doesn't jog your memory then imagine a spike going up in her cunt

>> No.73895650

How're you doing?

>> No.73895993

It's the best they ever made after Warmaser/Ancients

>> No.73896033

You could have picked anything but The Makers Cult Admech, those are hilariously bad. Their guard is nice.

>> No.73896055


>> No.73896186

>Why cut it when you could just print the piece you want? Anyway elegoo and anycubic make nontoxic resins.
I don't know how to make 3d models, just 3d sculptures
I'm wondering how easy it is to work with

>> No.73896274

No they don't. GW have shown painted 3D printed masters before, you can absolutely see this.

I've also got a bunch of battletech stuff printed on commercial 3D SLA printers and you can tell on those as well.

>> No.73896562

Depends on the printer.
I'm 100% certain that GW uses Formlabs printers, which are laser SLA and the lines turn out very strong and sharp.
With LCD printers they are harder to stop, everything looks smoother, but also more washed out and rounded.
Peak performance would be DLP printers like on the left on pic related (the other two are laser printers).
It also depends on the resin, but I won't go into details.

>> No.73896599

I like to play orks because Im a propa norvern unit 'oo loiks kickin' in them suvvern poofs 'eads af't footy.
I feel this is a very affirming representation of my vibrant culture. its only fair that other cultures and peoples get their representation too.

>> No.73896627

I can't fucking wait for DLP printers to become the norm. The Photon I have is already pretty good, but the jump in quality is too much to pass up.

>> No.73896699

Hm, I still hope for a release of the Elegoo Saturn in near future desu.

I also wonder why Warcradle don't start selling Firestorm Armada STL's. Like, how about selling Partner Licenses for their STL's so people can sell the models for them? Sounds like an easy solution to keep tabletops around that are oop.

>> No.73897022

Me too, but don't expect them to be affordable anytime soon.
I recently looked around for what would be the cheapest one and found a DIY version with instructions, got super hyped about finding this.
Then I realized the DLP projector alone costs at least 2000$.

>> No.73897188

GW doesn't use 3D printers for its production.
They use injection moulding

>> No.73897197

Prototyping you absolute knob

>> No.73897218

They use printers on many minis that are sneak peeks before they go into production.
Of course they don't mass produce with printers dummy.

>> No.73899640

Fucking asshole.

>> No.73899692

6mm scale sucks sadly, I'm looking forwards to the eventual epic relaunch in Titanicus and aeronautica's 10mm scale

>> No.73899711

Around me it's mostly middle class boomers.

>> No.73900581

Epic used to be equally as popular as 40k, but Andy Chambers decided to go really experimental with the 3rd edition and wound up making it overly abstract. On top of that they decided lore parity with 40k meant killing off squats which were the space marines of epic. This killed the line's popularity and reduced it to the level of a specialist game. Later on, they took the knowledge gained from reworking epic 3rd into BFG and released Epic Armageddon, which was a good rules set but didn't have an audience since all the models were forgeworld only and initially limited to the 3rd war for armageddon.

>> No.73900668

Most stls of GW stuff has everything split as parts. They reduce file size by only including the left half of vehicles so you need to mirror the file in blender.

>> No.73900845

I live in a house with no AC and a long haired mutt. My solution was simple: find someone at my flgs with a resin printer and pay him to print my shit for me.

It's working out quite well.

>> No.73900974

>GW store tourneys
LMAO what kind of hobos you think we are?

>> No.73900994

It actually isn't tho.

>> No.73901134

Yeah. Printing small WW1 influenced sci-fi tanks I designed myself is hardly a crime.

>> No.73901830

The exclusive kind.

>> No.73901911

I can do that with any 2d printer.

>> No.73902052

So tourneies would have an official weigh in? Complete with bikini babes (male) and media fanfare?

>> No.73902222

Wow, paper can do anything.

>> No.73903284

Question is, where the fuck are the schematics for these

>> No.73903334

>where the fuck are the schematics
True. Fuckers probably have some discord for the initiated to share this kind of stuff. Simillar to Yoyhammer I would imagine

>> No.73903396

Lots of them are on Thingiverse under names that wouldn't get them much attention.
But yeah there are basically small groups that share shit they bash

>> No.73903859

And they're designing garbage.

>> No.73903881

Piracy is a crime, and crime doesn't pay.
So we go home poor at the end of the day.

>> No.73904228

couple of hundred hours? fuck that shit. in that time i could have bought it, built it, painted it and played games with it

>> No.73904275

You do realize hundreds, if not thousands of people and companies make new stuff all the time, right? Lots of which have worked to GW at some point? You can't be that stuck into old habits. Live a little.

>> No.73904477

I'd like to get into 3D printing but I'm lazy and scared of the toxic chemicals

>> No.73904606

3D printing is a hobby in of itself. That being said a plastic printer is really cheap and doesn't smell. The smell is only for resin printers.

Painting is what usually covers up most printing mistakes. Guy I know has a ton of resin Tyranids that look amazing.

>> No.73904624

3D printing can give you cancer. You should leave model production to the trained professionals at Games Workshop and Forge World.

>> No.73904754

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

>> No.73904794

>implying GW is the best manufacturer of "The GW Hobby(tm)" products

>> No.73904832

Yeah, but only about 5 hours actually required his input or presence. It also cost him about $60 rather that whatever FW is charging.

>> No.73904886


>> No.73905005


> Yeah, but only about 5 hours actually required his input or presence. It also cost him about $60 rather that whatever FW is charging.

It would cost $3000 for a Forgeworld model in the same configuration. Fuck that shit. Including the price of the printer, the one I did was less than $400.

>> No.73905212

Personally I love 3d Printing because the STL's available for it are much cooler than the old GW Guard lines.

>> No.73905234


>> No.73905298

Though I do have a slight problem with printing more than I can paint...

This is still like 200 dollars of guard that I printed off in less than a 25$ Roll of Filament.

>> No.73905315

Actually, the Warlord plus the two warhounds, plus the three Onagers, plus the Terrax drill, plus the six Armigers that I have printed STILL comes to less than $600.

>> No.73905434

3D printed minis are life. Now if only I can get some novice troves for 3D files.

>> No.73905480

Thingiverse already has basically every warhammer 40k model

>> No.73905506

>cunny with full-body surgical scars: "I am growing stronger!"

>> No.73905971

hey... what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.73906188


But Anon I would happily do all these things.
And more! So much more!

>> No.73906345

>OP posts 3d printed titan
>cba to put the stl on a third party site even if it's on dropbox or something

Checking new releases on thingiverse every day is doing my head in.

>> No.73906429

Games Workshop being cum guzzling leftwing dick suckers that cannot help but virtue signal in the vane hope they will make more money with a political slant that offends half their player base rather than just stay neutral and do a good job at their actual business, making a fucking game.
GW have said their games are for everyone, as long as they agree with their stupid ideas. Everyone else can fuck off.

>> No.73906456

GW is a company, they don't have any real political leaning beyond "more money please".
I don't like GW and haven't bought any GW products for over a decade now, you don't need to make up reasons to dislike GW when plenty of perfectly good ones exist already.

>> No.73906463

get a job, dipshit. for a few hundred hours you should be making enough to buy 3 or 4 titans with change

>> No.73906480

>learn 3D modelling and do your own models
>it's no more stealing GW stuff than using green stuff to hand sculpt your own models in the style of GW models

>> No.73906577


I literally cannot wait for this autism to die down in a few more weeks. Its particularly baffling in threads where people use it to justify things they were already doing. If you don't like the statement that's your business, there's lots of reasons to not support G.W, but stop acting like you are some king of matyr because a company said a toothless statement of "racism is bad" which is far, far from fucking shocking. Don't buy their product, or steal it, and shut the fuck up about it.

>> No.73906579

Did not make up shit, that is their official policy. Warhammer is not black, gay, or inclusive enough... Buy our shit, and fuck you if you don't agree with us.
In the grimdark future of humanity there is only social justice politics and identitarianism.

>> No.73906590

So what filament do you recommend. My printer is supposedly arriving tomorrow(though its spent the past 24 hours in troutdale ) and I'm trying to figure out what spools I should get.

>> No.73906620

>Did not make up shit, that is their official policy
Nigger, they make up their official policy and they made it up to try and push more units, just like every other company that pushed that BLM shit did.
Now, whether or not they're correct in their estimations (I sincerely doubt enough people care to make it worthwhile), they most likely did it to avoid a twitter mob.

>> No.73906671

It was maybe five hours of my time to get the stl files, run them through the slicer and set up the print jobs. The other ~200 hours was me doing anything I wanted while the printer did its thing.

Plus, and this is really important, GW can suck a mighty chode if it thinks $3k is even vaguely reasonable for a single model. I can afford a warlord a week if I wanted to, but those cunts aren't getting a brass razoo out of me.

>> No.73906688

Have you ever considered getting a resin printer? The anucibic photon costs $200 and prints without any of those gritty lines on everything.

>> No.73906693

You realize he isn't sitting there watching the printer for said hundred hours?
It requires a couple of hours of setup and cleanup, the rest of the time you just leave the printer to work

>> No.73906729

Not the same guy, but I use 3dfillies.com pla+. Great stuff.

>> No.73907234

Since there are like a billion Epic STLs out there what are people's best Leman Russ STL?

>> No.73907322

You can't. After the thing is cured by UV light post-print, the supports would become impossible to remove cleanly. Even when its soft, I still need to cut some supports off with a knife when they don't pop off cleanly.

>> No.73907935

I really fucking hate moralfags like you, always ready to go soon, always looking for some ways of pleasing their overlords like the good subservient species they are.
Governments and corporations are out there to fuck you regardless of what you want from them, no days off for good behaviour.
The good thing about not giving a fuck about law is that I can hang faggots like you without any worry other than how messy things get.

This is why all leftists must hang, always policing and trying to kick us normal folk from our hobbies. Just put them against a wall and shoot them all, that'll teach them to exclude others.
Why must they always flock towards everything made by and for white men anyways?

>> No.73908125

Right, you are supposed to fully UV cure AFTER removing the supports. Imagine if some fucking idiot did the UV curing BEFORE removing the supports, ha ha.
I am a fucking idiot.

>> No.73908133

Whites be damned. Nerds made these games, nerds loved these games, nerds cultivated the actual culture around these games.
This is about SJW Marxist fucks versus the actual people who fucking care about the hobby.
Go to hell with your false flag bullshit you communist fuck.

>> No.73908189


>> No.73908229

what the absolute ever loving fuck does this have to do with what you replied to? autist
Yeah i’m about to lose it over obvious newfags who aren’t even in the hobby shitting things up
Nigger the first post you responded to was obviously a joke. You have problems

>> No.73908556

virtue signaling needs no sense

>> No.73908680

Nothing you can do with 40k designs

>> No.73908722

Sasuke put the katana away, you're gonna hurt yourself.

>> No.73909867

On the one hand, overpriced stuff doesn't inspire a loyal fanbase.

On the other hand, if everybody fucked off en masse and made their own models, official support for the game would collapse. Because it doesn't make sense to sell models if people are just making their own, and it doesn't make sense to sell rules for a tabletop war game that you don't provide any other materials for.

>> No.73909981

>it doesn't make sense to sell models if people are just making their own, and it doesn't make sense to sell rules for a tabletop war game that you don't provide any other materials for.
Funnily enough there are plenty of companies that do simply sell rules or miniatures.
Combining the two into one company is a great way to charge a premium mark up for both though.
Besides, GW hasn't released a good set of rules since they close down the specialist games, both the crunch and the fluff have been getting progressively worse as they both become slaves to pushing new minis.

>> No.73910123

Multiple GW games that got relegated to Specialist followed by support being completed dropped by GW but still have solid communities proved that GW is largely unnecessary to the survival of their games.

I mean Blood Bowl survived in spite of GW holding a new ruleset to ransom at one point.

>> No.73911176

Tired of this lie. You dont see a single company on the fucking earth trying to court the far right dollar. Not one. In fact many of these companies (Sony, Nike, Gilette etc) have LOST money from promoting left wing talking points and still continued to do it.

Face it, the people in control of these companies are lefties and its not subversive or rebellious to be a lefty any more

>> No.73911261

>have LOST money from promoting left wing talking points and still continued to do it
Have you got any evidence of this? To me it seems like they just got a shitload if free publicity from easily triggered snowflakes

>> No.73911599

>not subversive or rebellious to be a lefty any more
because everyone is 14 years old and only bases their decisions on pissing of their parents

>> No.73911707

200 American man-hours vs 1 chink-hour. You can't compete like this.

>> No.73911736

Thank you

>> No.73911810

gillette stocks did drop hard

>> No.73911817

I mean lots of places sell build it yourself furniture like Ikea, that doesn't mean that the actual furniture companies go out of business

>> No.73911901

That could mean some investor got butt hurt and cashed out. Then a dozen bot programs noticed a slight raise in sale volume and cashed out too. Losing stock value is not the same as losing money.

>> No.73911911

GW is the Ikea in this analogy so I don't quite know what you're trying to say.

>> No.73911935

Incredible /po/wer

>> No.73911965

Seething gw cashier watching his job die in real time

>> No.73912006

Oh it COULD mean something? What happened to evidence?

>> No.73912021

Stock markets are a con game. Don't pretend they have real meaning.

>> No.73912035

>It's pretty toxic to your health
Nah, SLA printers don't release very many VOCs at all. Running one will keep the air within healthy parameters (ie, within OSHA work environment safety standards) and definitely will not kill you like some jackasses claim. Even FDM, which literally melts ABS/PLA plastic to print the models, can stay within safe levels if you keep the machine in an open space with enough air flow. Definitely do not use an FDM printer in a place like your bedroom though.

As far as touching the stuff goes, you can become sensitive to resin through repeated or prolonged exposure to your skin. That's why you wear gloves when handling the resin before it's cured by UV light.

>> No.73912600

>SLA printers don't release very many VOCs at all.
It's still a good idea to add one of these airbrush exhaust tubes, just put one end on top of the exhaust fan with double sided tape and the end side out the window.
I can't smell mine at all until I open it to take out the prints, it's never a bad idea to minimize the fumes in your environment.

>> No.73912644


>> No.73912674

>uuh, the ideology about the power of the masses is not a fringe belief anymore!
Ouch, solid gotcha you got there, champ

>> No.73912761

You can set up an exhaust, but it's not entirely necessary to start working with SLA printers. Although the resin does stink it's not outputting much that can harm you. A few different publications have verified this, along with a few youtubers who ran their own tests with similar results. Different people react differently to the stench though, so some people are particularly prone to finding it repulsive and can't stand being around it for even a minute. Personally I do all my printing in my garage which doubles as a workshop, so to aerate the room (if my meter starts telling me the air quality is approaching dangerous levels, which it has done only once in 3 years) all I have to do is raise the garage door.

>> No.73913042

You have an advertisement with more dislikes than likes, and many people saying they are insulted and won't continue to buy their products, and then their parent company writes off $8Bn BILLION with a B.
One would assume had their campaign be a success they wouldn't have to write off so much money.
And either way, your differentiation between customers and investors is completely stupid. How is it any better for them? "Oh we lost billions of dollars but thats just because no one wants to invest in us if we get too political, fuck em"

If youre trying to make the case that companies care more about profit than they do political causes then youre making a bad case for it

>> No.73913063

You're in good company.It's one of those things that you do once and instantly realize your mistake.

>> No.73913081

>the ideology about the power of the masses
>fringe belief

We all fucking know lefty ideology has nothing to do with "the power of the masses" and has everything to do with failures in life thinking they can bully their way to power by accusing everyone who made something of themselves of committing original sin. If theyre not a sexist, then theyre a racist, if theyre not a racist then theyre just a secret racist, if theyre not a secrt racist then they participate in a system that is racist so theyre implicitly racist.

And more to my point, what I'm saying is that the leftwas on the rise through the late 90s and the early 2000s. In America at least, sure most things were owned by conservative christians. There were legitimate issues to be fought. But not any more. The left is a conquering army playing the role of rebels

>> No.73913131

Put them in hot water, not cooking hot but also not lukewarm.
This particular photopolymer resin we use for this is thermoplastic, so once it softens the supports will just pop off with almost no force when you pull on them, just be gentle to not destroy details.

>> No.73913224

good fuck GW get woke go broke

>> No.73913621

Oh I was getting the supports off easily enough, it just required more cleanup than necessary based on me curing before removing.

>> No.73913694

Ye ye, fuck off to /pol/ to yell in that echo chamber, this is not the right board to spout that kind of nonce.

>> No.73913756

Where were you when capitalism subverted the PUNK movement itself for few more dollars ? Please realize this blue haired Twittermob has fuckhuge collection of Pop Figures and whatnot. They are a new market, not the revolution they claim to be.

>> No.73913790

>You dont see a single company on the fucking earth trying to court the far right dollar.
Because the wealthy consumer class aren't right-wing you utter spastic

>> No.73913842

Why would I care one bit what labels yankoids throw around? It's not like their hegemony will last much longer.

>> No.73914051

>Ye ye, fuck off to /pol/ to yell in that echo chamber, this is not the right board
The funny fucking thing is, I had never even been to /pol/ until faggots like you started shitting up my hobby with your retarded identity politics and disgusting tactics in discussion.
Politics wouldn't get talked about on this board if it weren't for people in control of the games we play forcing their politics into it to begin with. You don't get to do that. You don't get to make a hobby political and then get upset when people with other viewpoints want to discuss what's happening to their hobbies.
>Because the wealthy consumer class aren't right-wing you utter spastic
And here I was led to believe the west was ruled by fascist right wing rich white people and the brave downtrodden workers needed to reclaim what was stolen from them by this capitalistic system

>> No.73914099

Can we talk about 3D printing? I want to print off some 28mm multifloor buildings for terrain. Other than sanding, how do I beat smooth out the print so it doesn’t look trash when it’s painted?

>> No.73914111


Right-wing politics are defined by sexism, racism, aristocracy and stupidity. It would be nice if both sides had a point, but they don't. You're dumb. People don't fall for right-wing ideology without being dumb. You can be a republcuck without being a sexist, without being a racist, or without supporting right-wing economics, but you can't be a republcuck without being dumb. Again, I'm sorry, and I wish it were different.

>> No.73914146

I look forward to how fucking mad you cunts are going to be as they continue to change D&D to be inclusive. I'll get off to it.

>> No.73914196

>I changed my politics because people were mean to me
Get over yourself you pathetic cunt. Politics are more important than your feelings.

Also. This is a fucking Boardgames board you emotionally stunted turbo-autist. Stay in /pol/

>> No.73914228

>3D printing thread
>only talk about poltics
Fuck all of you. Lefties, Centrists and Rightwingers.
Fuck you.

>> No.73914238

>And here I was led to believe the west was ruled by fascist right wing rich white people and the brave downtrodden workers needed to reclaim what was stolen from them by this capitalistic system

And you took them seriously?

Look at the voting patterns, leftist parties all over the west are losing their working class voters and gaining high-income/highly-educated voters.

>> No.73914264

>Right-wing politics are defined by sexism, racism, aristocracy and stupidity. It would be nice if both sides had a point
Nah. Right wing ideology is founded on the good of your own nation. Thats what a government is for. They are people you elect to look after you and other citizens of your nation. They don't exist to send billions of foreign aid, they don't exist to import millions of people into your nation, they don't exist to attempt to engineer society in particular ways. That is what right wing ideology is based on and thats why lefties are so insufferable. All you people do is sacrifice the good of the nation, and your reasoning has become so dogmatic, the average pleb like you genuinely thinks it is a morally virtuous position to take.
Do you want to know why governments love to import the 3rd world? Do you want to know why they create massive schemes of financial aid instead of systems to help people out of a position where they need aid? Because it wins votes. Migrants vote for the party that invited the. People on handouts vote for more handouts. Why wouldn't they? When people are reliant on the government for everything they have, they vote for that government. The longer that government is in power the more power it can give itself, and the higher taxes it can demand.

And that's the crazy thing to me. On the left their ideologies are exclusively about power. Every single policy is about taking something and putting it under government control, controlling what people can say, controlling what they can see or hear, controlling who gets to be considered for positions. And they've convinced braindead idiots like yourself that its all okay because it's the morally correct thing to do.
You never stop to think about how badly mass immigration harms the lowest income people. You never stop to question why cities run by Democrats for decades have some of the worst poverty and crime rates.
They want you poor, and they want you dependent.

>> No.73914281

>I look forward to how fucking mad you cunts are going to be as they continue to change D&D to be inclusive
Oh like re-writing Orcs cos they're secretly racist? All I know is that the only people I've seen in D&D saying Orcs are an allegory for blacks is left wingers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.73914287


>> No.73914296

Yeah man fuck all the centrists and right wingers in tabletop hobbies who are busy re-writing all the lore to fit the politics and posting publicly how they don't want anyone who doesn't share their views to be involved in the hobby
Oh wait... its only the left doing that

>> No.73914297

Yes please keep talking about how it's just lefties injecting politics into things, I'm hard already.

>> No.73914311

How do you know you don't like Krabby Patties if you've never tried one?

>> No.73914312

>Nah. Right wing ideology is founded on the good of your own nation. Thats what a government is for.
Explain the right wing response to covid, then.

>> No.73914342

The discussion never leads anywhere and just derails threads with entirely different topics.

>> No.73914347

Individual freedom. All your rights have to be balanced this is an incredibly fundamental concept in law and if you're unfamilliar with it you've clearly never given it any consideration at all.

If the benefit of the nation is to put millions out of work, confine people to their homes, and force them to wear certain things or take vaccines, that is fundamentally at odds with many of their other rights.
It becomes especially ironic when we consider that protests against lockdown were dispersed and condemned and yet Dems are all for a month of rioting and looting after a cop killed someone and was criminally charged for it.

>> No.73914361


Imperialism hasn't been good for our country you idiot. Zionism and blood-for-oil hasn't been good for our country. The drug cartels which Ronald Regan invented and funded weren't good for our country. The war on drugs and the prison industry hasn't been good for our country. Big pharma and the health insurance cartels (known in these parts as "non-socialist healthcare") haven't been good for our country. Deregulating the banks wasn't good for our country. Only idiots fall for this shit. We can literally tell that a person is an idiot just from their support for right-wing ideology. Again man, that's not the system I would have invented, I really do wish that both sides had a point.

Your definition of "government" only includes legitimate government. I.e. your democracy, the only aspect of your government which is actuall accountable to you. No, stupid. Corporations are government. The ruling class is government. Blackwater is government, White Fish is government, Monsanto is government. Legitimate democracy carried out by voting citizens is literally the only form of government that you idiots oppose. You aren't afraid of tyranny, you love tyranny, you're just afraid of accountability.

>> No.73914365

Yeah wake me up when a right wing game designer is injecting the nuclear family and civil liberties into your RPGs

>> No.73914377

Think you'll find it hard to find a right-winger under 50 who supports much of anything you just described. I think this is another failing of the left, they talk about the right as if its the same right of the 90s or the Bush era. It isn't.

>> No.73914398

>Think you'll find it hard to find a right-winger under 50 who supports much of anything you just described.

You mean it's hard to find right-wingers under 50 who vote for Republican candidates?

>> No.73914414

>waaaah I can't be bothered to stop a disease from shitting up my country because muh freefrees
Epidemiologists literally had to rework their models because they hadn't considered that dipshits like you would decide "fuck it lets just ignore the plague because karen needs a haircut"

>> No.73914430

Oh yeah man, lets crash the economy for a decade because of some flu that has an average age of death of 80. I can't think of a single negative repercussion of making millions of people unemployed, driving thousands of people out of business, and increasing unemployment and homelessness. Boy oh boy I sure am glad we sensible left wingers have got it all figured out. Haha dumb Karens. Now excuse me, I'm attending the anti-racist rally soon where 3000 of us are going to pull down a statue and then hold hands in front of a police line chanting.

>> No.73914444

Trump literally ran policies on withdrawing troops from the middle east and allowing state's rights on marijuana, almost as if most people are tired of traditional replublicans lmaoooo

>> No.73914468


Don't act like you have a plan. You don't. You have a slogan, "not my problem", which leads you to abandon any responsibility for the wellbeing of your society. Then you can drone on and on about how anyone who DOES take any responsibility for anything is just a power-grabbing leftist. You people disgust me.

>> No.73914473

That's true.
I'm half black and I only feel objectified by leftists by shit like that.
I never fucking ever even saw any type of real world connection in fantasy games.
Shit like "Orks are black" is the most racist fucking shit I have ever seen and it's not rightwingers that push that shit.
In my experience "rightwingers" are often not unironically racist and just a bunch of retarded edgelords while leftists are treating me like a fucking pet dog which feels worse.
I'd rather have someone call me nigger to my face instead of having these weird ass passive dialoges like when these fucks talk about Orks and look at me and say "ohh they're not primitive aggressive monsters, they're just misunderstood" without seeing how fucking incredibly racist they caused it to be even though it wasn't in the first place.
I think I'm done with this hobby because I can't find any more normal people.

>> No.73914503

>muh economy
You dumb fucking cunt. What does the economy matter if 1000 people are dying of a preventable disease every day? What fucking good is wealth if it can’t be used to support your own citizens? Oh wait. That money isn’t yours. It’s in the hands of an oligarchy that you fucking stomp on your own dick in the hopes of one day joining.

Other countries like New Zealand and Australia have been able to deal with COVID fine without destroying the economy. The Australian government has taken out literal record debt and it’s still not an issue because we have the production capacity to pay off the debt because our citizens are still fucking alive.

>> No.73914505

Bodies piling up hurts the economy far more deeply than a limited shutdown. Assuming the government does its job of caring for its people, shit can bounce right back after the plague is gone. You can't bring back the dead, and each person gone is tangible, measurable economic harm. To say nothing of the fact that we wouldn't NEED to do full shutdowns if our federal response hadn't been to sit on our thumbs until it was here and spreading, and then halfassedly try to play catch-up before saying fuckit not my problem anymore

>> No.73914576


It doesn't matter. "Let's Reopen (hometown)" groups are quickly evolving into "Let's Stalk and Harass Any Colored Folk who Enter (hometown) Because They're Probably Antifa" groups. Ten hurricane season will come around again and the right-wing demagogues will tell us that the government is exaggerating and that nobody needs to evacuate. Republkin gonna republ.

>> No.73914586

Your conservative tears are like lubricant for me.

>> No.73914609


Traditional D&D races aren't racist. Wizards is just going where the fence is lowest and it's sad. But, seriously, D&D has always been about killing other intelligent creatures and taking their stuff. Were you really too dense to see it before now?

>> No.73914610

I mean, shit, a competent federal response to covid in an election year would have let trump easily coast to another four years, but he's fucked the dog so hard that Texas is talking about moving to an electoral system for statewide elections because they're worried about the state going blue.

>> No.73914650

Nah. You're just trying to put words in my mouth and nothing i can ever say will ever shake your beliefs because you've convinced yourself that you have the morally correct position and therefore those who don't share it are motivated by ignorance or evil. All I'll say is that the left is not on the side of responsibility, its on the side of blaming people they don't like to justify taking from them. Rights, money, freedoms, all on the chopping block for the left wing witch-finders.
As someone who once considered themselves left wing, and has seen many others in this position just know that right now the left is just a competition to see who can be the most radical, and as soon as you're not willing to be as extreme as everyone else then suddenly you're an enemy.
>You dumb fucking cunt. What does the economy matter if 1000 people are dying of a preventable disease every day?
People's lives depend on the fucking economy, dumb fucking cunt. You can't make people fucking immortal.
It's nothing to do with wealth, its to do with the fact that things that happen right fucking now could ruin the lives of young people permanently. You seem to have no concept of how harmful it is for people to be unemployed for extended periods of time, how a business going bankrupt just once may mean the people involved never recover, how learning and work opportunities that have now been cancelled or postponed indefinitely will mean some people's lives are over before they've begun. let alone the mass fucking homelessness and reduced quality of life economic ruin causes.
The economy isn't some mystical thing in the power of the extremely rich. it's not a fucking prize. It's the raft we're all floating on and you would drown everyone to try and keep the elderly alive a few more months. THAT'S despicable to me.

And not Australia and New Zealand haven't fucking amnaged. For one thing, NZ is back under fucking lockdown already


>> No.73914662

I don' understand why some americans think other countries are just fucking magic.
In the UK the furlough scheme has cost absolutely billions, and still every fucking brand name in the country is announcing closures and lay offs. Smaller businesses are suggesting they may not survive the summer. And when this is all over and the government has a deficit in the tens or hundreds of billions, where will the recoop the losses? Oh yeah by fucking raising taxes.

>> No.73914668

Tee hee u so mad xDDD

>> No.73914678

All of the things you’ve described are manageable if a couple try gives a fuck about it’s citizens and implements social safety nets.

>> No.73914698

You’re literally defending killing old people to prop up businesses because you don’t believe in welfare.

I can say with complete confidence that not only would every moral philosopher in human history think you’re speaking from an immoral position. Even Hitler and Mussolini would say your position is indefensible.

>> No.73914731

>Bodies piling up
Lmao have you read anything about what counts as a Covid death? A fucking motorcyclist who supposedly had Covid dies in a crash and they put down Covid as the cause of death.
In the UK, emergency hospitals were opened, the one in London had a capacity of 4000. By June less than 70 of the beds were in use. "Oh well, if they needed ANY of the beds this must mean the hospitals were overwhelemed right?" except no, because an internal letter was leaked showing that hospitals had been recommended to offload any Covid patients onto the emergency hospitals to free up beds for elective surgery.
>Assuming the government does its job of caring for its people, shit can bounce right back after the plague is gone
This is a fucking fantasy, and not only it wrong, it's demonstrably wrong, as proven by the fact that businesses are still reporting massive shortfalls because people are still scared to go out or not willing to engage with the hassle of social distancing.
>we wouldn't NEED to do full shutdowns if our federal response hadn't been to sit on our thumbs until it was here and spreading
You can look at the fucking countries that did shutdown early and see that they are still fucking locked down, you retard.

I think this is what i really fucking hate about the left, you're fucking delusional. You live in a fantasy world.

>> No.73914764

>You’re literally defending killing old people to prop up businesses because you don’t believe in welfare.
Not what I'm saying but the world throws hard choices at you. Either you ruin milliions of lives for the sake of people who have lived lives 3 times longer than their ancestors, or you invest in a future, I have no problem defending the decision i would make there. You can't save the world and you certainly can't save eveyone, whats worse is the amount of lives you're going to ruin trying.

>> No.73914774

>as proven by the fact that businesses are still reporting massive shortfalls because people are still scared to go out or not willing to engage with the hassle of social distancing.
>the economy can bounce back after the plague is gone
gosh you sure showed me, brb kysing myself.

>> No.73914825

No nobody wants to go out because you've managed to convince them it's a fucking plague instead of an unusually bad flu.
The chances of someone under 50 dying of it are ABSURDLY low, but congrats you've convinced them its the worst thing in the world and now the people are terrified. proud? You should be.
Never mind that vulnerable individuals could have quarantined themselves while the rest of us lived normally. Nah lets instead tell everyon this is disasterously bad and no one's prepared despite proof of officials overestimating the harm. What happened to those 30,000 ventilators New York said they needed at the start of the pandemic? Oh didnt need them? Crazy.

>> No.73914867

Don't you have a covid party to be attending since it's clearly not that bad? Or do they keep cancelling all the trump rallies in your area.

>> No.73914880

Shit like this would work a looot better if your side wasnt out """protesting""" literally every night for the last month

>> No.73917870

Well duh

>> No.73917979

That's not a left right thing, it's people taking askance at a company implying all their customers are rapists.

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