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>> No.73875175

What jumps allow me to become better at being a blacksmith?

>> No.73875182

Everyone Else Is A Returnee has that as a big part of the setting.

>> No.73875448

I've never played Hyperdimension Neptunian and know about it mostly via osmosis, memes, and fanfics. Despite that, it's my next jump on my chain.

Could someone give me a breakdown of what I'm getting myself into?

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Do your Companions have their own apprentices?

>> No.73875575

We all do lots of teaching so yes.

>> No.73875645

Can you go through the Suit section in the Spider-man PS4 jump more than once?

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>> No.73875904

It says you can purchase multiple separate suits. Don’t think it’d allow you to take the same suit through it multiple times though.

>> No.73876165

Why do my wives laugh at me when I say I cleared their games on easy mode?

>> No.73876179

What jumps have good terraforming technology?

>> No.73876205

Forerunner Saga.

>> No.73876224

Stellaris can transform a blasted radioactive planet into someplace capable of supporting most life within years.

>> No.73876271

Kemono Friends
Alpha Centaur
Super Sentai Part 2
DC-Superman the Animated Series
Sailor Moon
Star Trek, particularly if you finish up the genesis device.

>> No.73876368

Any jumps with a lot of cool muscled men? I wanna create a bro cult and organize a mass orgy there

>> No.73876372

Warding the thread.

>> No.73876417

Alchemy Meister, Waltruate, Demons of Astland, and Campione all have such options.

>> No.73876418

Thanks anon, I needed to be protected against being wished good morning.

>> No.73876419

What is this? A ward for ants?

>> No.73876450

good morning to you as well

>> No.73876460

To those people asking about slipspace in last thread here is a couple good videos.


>> No.73876500

Ah, yeah, whoops.

>> No.73876535

Street tier.

Street tier.

All street tier.

>> No.73876564

And that's a good thing.
By the way, it's street Level, not street Tier. It describes a subgenre of comic book stories, not a power level.

>> No.73876568

Well that'd ideally be where you wanted things, right? If it's below sea level then it's only a 7.5/10 in terms of quality assurance.

>> No.73876579

Street tier, street tier, street tier. All of your settings are street tier. Nothing is free from guns.

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>> No.73876593

How well does it hold up when high tide comes in though?

>> No.73876606

So a microwave at 500 watt power it is then. Do you want the model that has warming features?

>> No.73876610

Not well, because tides are both above street level and immune to guns.

>> No.73876612

You could always opt for a healthy all organic approach to terraforming.

>> No.73876617

Excuse you, Kemono Friends just went planetbusting.

>> No.73876621

So you're saying that they're Stands.

>> No.73876632

how large are these streets are we talking avenues or sidewalks

>> No.73876637

So that's why one of the Friend has the Majin Buu symbol on her head

>> No.73876703

>t. street tier IQ

>> No.73876727

Would it be wrong to create Venusian Birdmen to deal with the Martian Roachmen and have a three way apocalyptic battle for Earth?

>> No.73876758

No because the whales and the chinamen are already on the side of the roaches so you'd get a five-way battle.

>> No.73876778

Nah, just pop Mars like a damn balloon and ignore the rest. Well, lobotomize the sentience out of the whales and maybe most of China too.

>> No.73876786

>tfw the whales are evil to justify the japanese eating them

>> No.73876787

>Forgetting about the aliens who fucked around on Mars with viruses before sitting back and waiting for the humans to kill themselves.

>> No.73876803

Street tier though.

>> No.73876808

Terrarformars is living proof that Unit 731 did nothing wrong. We need Japan to re-establish Unit 731 with American backing in China again.

>> No.73876862

The manga is gonna end with the heroes locking the roaches in a freezy-incineration-gas chamber and raping them to death as the MC looks directly at the reader and says "Don't you see? It was the only way. The bugmen don't understand any other language but gas. And rape"

>> No.73876865

I hate this shit. The jump name is a typo. It is Demons of Astlan.

>> No.73876883

Hive queen quest jump you can terraform an entire planet with just a couple spore pods from space.

>> No.73876890

Ohhhhhh, the entire manga is actually just Japan justifying their war crimes in WW2. Again.

>> No.73876893

They already eat the roaches in retaliation for the roaches breeding with Earth women. There needs to be several more chapters of women getting raped with roach birthing in order to up the ante.

>> No.73876904

>war crimes
Japan didn't commit any war crimes in WW2 and if you think they did then you're probably a retarded Chink.

>> No.73876919

Quiet, old japanese war veteran.

>> No.73876924

>He thinks the Japanese only committed war crimes against the Chinese.

>> No.73876933

You can't commit war crimes against a pile of logs.

>> No.73876946

Nanking no happen. Reave us, Amelican.

>> No.73876948

The only crime was losing the war. If Japan won there wouldn't be anyone crying foul so clearly there were no war crimes.

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>> No.73876977

Granted fully immunity and recognized as never having committed a war crime. Everything they did was for the betterment of society at no one's expense.

>> No.73876981

Imagine this many people biting the bait like hungry piranhas. Shame on you Anons.

>> No.73877001

Now, hold up a second. Weren't the bugs created via human science, and weren't the real bad guys the ultra-rich Roman group who want to replace both humans and bugs with cross breeds of the two species?

>> No.73877004

mass repliers get a mass grave

>> No.73877017

There should have been more nonsensical replies. Start replying to these comments with cheesecake.

>> No.73877029

There should be no replies at all, just a report.

>> No.73877045

>no fun allowed

>> No.73877046

I think so, but if we're continuing with this incredibly hamfisted metaphor then that group could be meme!Jews.

>> No.73877058

>There should be no replies at all.
“report and ignore” sounds fucking whiny as shit, on top of the mods not giving a fuck about our report spam. Just ignore it.

>> No.73877084

>Dozens of replies, ranging from cheesecake to lel street tier IQ
>thread filled with nonsense and spam is fun
What are you, three years old?

>> No.73877120

They fucking tested live vivisection on humans and did all manner of experiments on unwilling subjects includingremoving the stomach and sewing the digestive tract to the throat and sewing legs on backwards just to see what happens.

Just because they got off scott free because the government is sick as fuck does not mean they were right or good.

>> No.73877122

Old enough to count.

>> No.73877144

Logs are not humans.

>> No.73877194

Anon use your brain, I'm not going to spell this out for you.

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>> No.73877219

Man, the allies in WW2 had the best fucking quotes for the annihilation of their enemies.

>> No.73877247

American soldiers are.

>> No.73877267

America didn't agree.

>> No.73877333

It's pointless to argue with anon about anything since they are mostly baiting and shitposting. Morality especially.

>> No.73877336

What are some jumps that would let me empower my soul or spiritual energies in preparation for Bleach?

>> No.73877357

Veritas, German Hollow Quest,

>> No.73877361

Most anons are bitter assholes so annoying them is morally correct.

>> No.73877369

Ghost rider helps and danny phantom

>> No.73877373

Pointless arguments are the only thing keeping this place alive.

>> No.73877388

Battle Through The Heavens.

>> No.73877435

Imagine digging the shitposting back up again after everyone moved on. Shame on you anon.

>> No.73877455

He needed to prove to everyone that he was morally superior by giving them all attention.

>> No.73877460

Eye of golem refuse to drop, Plantera don't wanna give his sword, and Empress of Light don't drop anything on console!

Movingon! Do you Jumpers have fairies?

Soviet Japan perfect can't do wrong? pls

>> No.73877462

Uh oh. My manufacturing plant has gone feral.

>> No.73877479

But stupid arguments about inconsequential bullshit make the best arguments

>> No.73877494

But they did do something wrong, they didn't eradicate the Chinese.

>> No.73877500

What plants were involved in it's overall creation?

>> No.73877502

Tough luck. Took me about 15 golem kills to get the eye the first time for me. For my friend it took 25. Plantera we were lucky.
Indeed I do. Though they aren't very small.

>> No.73877527

Hello. I wrote up a houserule for transgender people! To be fair, I don't like how Quicksilver categorized gender and CP-locked it. So here you are!:

Freeform Gender (and Sex) – After using this toggle, only you can change your gender identity, so mind-controlling psions can't make you change your gender. Also, you can change your sex every 10 years or at the start of Jump.

>> No.73877543

Is this bait? This feels like bait. Or a crosspost.

>> No.73877544

Just the building framework needed for a normal industrial plant, plus a few algorithms I ordered from the Space Pirates in exchange for better tube-based defences.

>> No.73877547

The Overwatch Jumpchain should be updated considering it was created in 2017

>> No.73877554

SB as usual.

>> No.73877558

Probably both. Report/ignore as always

>> No.73877561

Anon, which was more cancer back then? The Chinese or the Japanese?

I think I'm at my 20 or so tries.

Hey, as long as it's not Navi and that they're useful, they can be giants!

>> No.73877565

Rent free.

>> No.73877569

Ohh, you meant a semi-regular industrial plant. I thought you meant that you made a plant that manufactured things.

>> No.73877575

Why are you so intolerant? I just wrote up a toggle. I contributed to the JumpChain community! If you don't like it, ignore it!

>> No.73877576

Now if only nature actually gave a fuck hmmm?

>> No.73877581

Then stop talking about it and get to work.

>> No.73877586

Probably. This is such a non-issue.
Besides, it makes me think about having trans PCs in tabletops, just feels unnecessary and pointless.

Isn't Overwatch 2 coming out or something?

I knew that's what he meant but I chose to interpret in the other way because it's funnier.

>> No.73877595

Hey, I'm not that much of a glutton for PUNishment.

>> No.73877598

Cute Pixie.

>> No.73877604

The Chinese have been more cancerous to the world even before Japan was a nation and it has only gotten worse.

>> No.73877618

Oof. Yeah, I've had runs like that. Never fun when RNG is being a dick. The golem always seems particularly bad for RNG I've found.

True true.
Indeed she is.

>> No.73877626

Please don't upset our Chinese friends in this thread.

>> No.73877643

The Chinese have been a net negative for Jumpchain. The worst jumpmakers are Chinese.

>> No.73877644

Any perks for drawing all evil creatures to you and forcing them to obey your will?

>> No.73877668

Yeah, it was always obvious that Beast was a yellow man.

>> No.73877679

Beast isn't even anywhere close to being the worst jumpmaker you retard. How new are you?

>> No.73877680

The world of Gamindustri has four nations based on Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, ruled by CPU Goddess. The CPUs, based on consoles, handle helping to run the country and protect their citizens from monsters, while the faith of the citizens gives them power in the form of Shares

The countries used to be stuck in a war but they signed peace. Then there's normal citizens that live in the world and monsters. To throw in more game references there's the Makers, citizens that are based on game producers or series like MAGES., Nippon Ichi Software and God Eater. Furthermore you have other CPUs besides the main four running around like Uzume and Plutia and the usual bad guys that want to ruin everything

That's all I know, you should ask Valkyrie for more stuff

>> No.73877690

It should. And it didn’t cover everything even back then. Probably won’t happen until 2 comes out though, and isn’t likely even then, unless you’re planning to do it.

>> No.73877699

Beast has changed trips literally tens of times and is famous for creating all the worst jumps and community drama under different guises because he hates us and especially Val.

>> No.73877700

Don't forget the CPU candidates who are all handheld consoles.

>> No.73877702

>How new are you?
The irony.

>> No.73877707

Who made the jump that's there now

>> No.73877721

Yet it's Dirge, Wild Card and OAA unanimously agreed by all communities to be the worst jumpmakers and predate Beast by years. Funny that.

>> No.73877723

Beast half assed it.

>> No.73877737


>> No.73877738

Can you not read the jump? I’m pretty sure it says.

>> No.73877745

Those were early Beast trips before he settled on his current one.

>> No.73877750

I have no clue who either of those names are.

>> No.73877761

>being new

>> No.73877769

It's a Beast sockpuppet, there's no need to puzzle it out.

>> No.73877778

Except they didn't have trips. But I guess if you're right that means Beast has made well over a hundred jumps.

>> No.73877787

Oof. I miss Cracker_Jack.

>> No.73877794

Maybe you should compile a list of namefags that you worship so other people can learn from your example?

>> No.73877802

He's still around, he just changed names to Beast and obsessively seethes anonymously against better jumpmakers.

>> No.73877808

Wait, that's still a thing people say?

>> No.73877833

You need to be understanding, he doesn't have much of a vocabulary because he was too busy being angry at Beast to pay attention in school.

>> No.73877844

On a similar note, any perks that do this with "good" creatures?

>> No.73877852

Not really. Probably gets used more by twitterbabbies.

>> No.73877857

>Do you Jumpers have fairies?
The Pixie from the SMT 1 jump. As we still lack Nocturne, I just wank that she slowly levels up into Super Pixie.

>> No.73877861

Should You Rise Against Me, I Shall Cast My Judgement Upon You from Mugen Souls.

>> No.73877868

When is SMT getting around to finishing that?

>> No.73877880

>Do you Jumpers have fairies?
I ran a fae/druid chain a bit back. Was pretty fun. Might redo it.

>> No.73877890

Beast is infamous for having a really shitty work ethic it's why his jumps are so low effort and take so long to make.

>> No.73877914

I heard Disu had claimed it, but had family troubles that prevented him from working on it much. He's probably still struggling with this epidemic currently. But since Nocturne is getting a remaster, he might get that drive.

>> No.73877930

If half the people here are Beast, wouldn't he have a really good work ethic?

>> No.73877935

Fuck off Beast.

>> No.73877960

>But since Nocturne is getting a remaster
Oh really?
>Dante replaced with Raidou
It's shit

>> No.73877971

The only ones I have are SMT + Zelda related
I am so fucking happy Atlus announced a Nocturne remake + a release year for SMT V its all I could think of this morning

>> No.73877978

It's worse when you realize one of the people he claimed was Beast has made more jumps than everyone except Valeria

>> No.73877990

>Hating on Raidou
You are an enemy to be destroyed

>> No.73877996

So in Neptunia you have various Goddesses that represent IRL game consoles. Depending on the dimension these goddesses were either formed by the Faith/Shares of the worlds inhabitants or raised to such via a CPU disk. The Four Goddesses used to fight eachover in heaven however after the events of the first game (which is technically non-canon to the main storyline now?) they decided to battle more peacefully and now compete for shares via how good their games and nations are. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. There are a few bosses and such who seek to take the power from the Goddesses, such as Arfoire (though she is more a joke villain after her first showing). As mentioned there are other dimensions that will occasionally interact with the cast, who have equivalents of the CPUs. The main boss from one of those dimensions is strong enough to make multiple clones of each CPU and was supposedly going to destroy an entire dimension. The main boss from another game lived in a dimension that they controlled and IIRC made. They could control stuff like whether monsters created shares etc.
In the actual world there are monsters that adventures go out and kill. In between all the fighting there is a lot of playing games.
Also lots of waifus.

Probably glossed over a bunch but that is a basic summary for what you might encounter.

>> No.73878008

It would be nice if they put both, not take away Dante

>> No.73878038

They are cancerous to the extreme now, they seemed less so at the time.
Japan was and still is a mess of a country. But boy those war crimes.

Must be karma for being blessed with the Eclipse I guess.
Finally dropped it, now farming for the Terra Blade, them broken sword. Also got Eye of Cthulhu, I wonder if it's even worth it to make any weapons other than yoyos.

>Super Pixie
That's some high culture you got there!
In SJ & SJR you could get one too via passwords.

It's so fucking memetic a Pixie with Megidolaon/Jihad.
Reminds me of that Apo Slime with Enlightment.

>> No.73878053

>Nocturne is getting a remaster
What! Really on what console and when?

Dante is better than Raidou!

>> No.73878100

All of them? Go get your hammer and practice, anon.

>> No.73878106

But are any of them good waifus, or are they all bakas?

>> No.73878112

Look like PS4 and Switch so far

>> No.73878138

Okay, neat. I think there are enough ways to get shapeshifting in Jumpchain that you don't really need this specifically, but if it gives you what you need then power to you. Have fun with jumping, TransAnon.

>> No.73878142

Seems they're basing off the Remake off the Japanese version. But who knows, there's still time.

>> No.73878148

I can't think of any jump that explicitly bans you from having dark skin or calling yourself Smith.

>> No.73878150

That would be the perfect solution, but alas we do not live in a perfect world.
Noooo! Both are good!

>> No.73878155 [DELETED] 

It have is NIS

>> No.73878180

It gave us NIS

>> No.73878183

Neptune is usually lazy, very friendly and charismatic, and one of the stronger fighters. Noire is a bit of tsundere, very hard working, and focused, and quite cute to fluster.
Blanc is smol but has a short temper and incredible strength. She likes reading and writing, and magic. In normal form she is very quiet and gentle, though is very jealous of big boobs.
Vert is an avid gamer who would love to have sisters to pamper. She likes to boast about her large bust size and is a bit of a tease.
Plutia is a sleepy girl in normal form but with a sadistic streak that is brought out to massive amounts in her CPU form (using a whip as her weapon).
Rei is a cutie who makes mistakes and goes a bit mad with power on occasion.
Nepgear and Uni are a cute couple that should be teased a lot.
Compa is an innocent cinnamon bun who uses a massive syringe.

>> No.73878196


Why not?
Still prefer Dante!

>> No.73878241

Inukami has it so the more you use its magic the bigger your soul gets. Just don't use too much at a time or else...

>> No.73878244

That's a nice pic

>> No.73878264

Flat is justice, but cowtits are mercy.

>> No.73878277

That protagonist look...
Hopefully they'll do the Dagda better and tone down Muh Neutrality, Muh Humanity and Muh bounds.

>> No.73878290

I thought the main demon of SMT 5 is Odin anyway

>> No.73878312

>That protagonist look...
Not every one can be SJ's MC

>> No.73878322

Doesn't really matter because SMT is street tier.

>> No.73878343

Fuck off Gohan, nobody cares you jobbed to a street as well as a goat.

>> No.73878347

So they're like Blizzard?

>> No.73878396


>> No.73878399

Odin was so cool.

Space Marine was great, Hito Shura too, fuck Flynn was alright.
Nanashi... well the asymmetry was fun.

Now they go full kabuki

>> No.73878413

Any recomendation for a Pokemon form? Preferably an humanoid one that doesn't look feminine.

>> No.73878426


>> No.73878433


Add gallade, remove cacnea and possibly the clobbopus line.

>> No.73878452

Oh, wait, that line is human-shape now.

>> No.73878459

Can't go wrong with Riolu. They're small, adorable, increadibly durable, get innate Ki powers, and are /ss/ bait

>> No.73878474

Tell me about times your jumper defeated a technologically superior, stronger, or more magical foe.

>> No.73878514

Autism Bunny is the best SMT protagonist

>> No.73878531

Blaziken, one of the best pokemon!

>> No.73878585


>> No.73878641

Be the Mach 2 bird

>> No.73878650

Does Apokolips have a God of Clowns?

>> No.73878685

Yes, Darkseid

>> No.73878692


Four arms, two penises

>> No.73878777

AH! I don't think Desu 2 as a real SMT, but this protagonist is a treasure!

>> No.73878790

Chesnaught,Jumpers of any stage will find Pain Split and Spiky Shield useful and orderly jumpers can really benefit from the amount of things bulletproof will protect you from

>> No.73878812

>Being a non-human
>Not embracing your inhumanity
Go all in if you're gonna do that. Be, like, Magnemite or something and really expand your horizons.

>> No.73878864

Don’t give DC anymore ideas to push more Jokershit.

>> No.73878873

Yes. I very rarely bother to flesh them out tho.

>> No.73878874

Garchomp and Mewtwo.

My first chain had my de evolued Charizard looking at jumper's Gible like 'You have no chance of surviving'
And Jumper became a Garchomp.

>> No.73878996

Be an Eevee. The fluff compells you

>> No.73879432

For anyone going to God of Highschool, remember to kill the scar face and the cripple

>> No.73879527

Also remember to destroy the world in retaliation for it getting a better adaptation than Tower of God.

Yes it's a joke. I'm still salty.

>> No.73879548

No need to tell me twice

>> No.73879584

Koreans have a thing for betrayal/treason, it fills up their timeskip

>> No.73879641

Just how many powerups can one get in Marvel anyway?

>> No.73879656

I'm not sure what you're trying to say, or what you think I was trying to say.

Let me try again:

Everything I've seen from the GoHS anime shows it to be a very high-quality work, with great choreography in it's fights. Which is not how I would describe the Tower of God anime. As someone who doesn't read GoHS but loves Tower of God, this upsets me and makes me feel like the thing I like was short-changed.

>> No.73879694

I find weird that Chakravartin is a 400 CP item when it's probably the most powerful item in the jump. And Shiva's spear getting a boost to be 600 CP material.

>> No.73879703

You know who you should blame for this? Rachel.

>> No.73879743

I didn't know Asura's Wrath offered that dude?

He should probably be a companion rather than an item

>> No.73879759

I'm okay with that.

>> No.73879787

Rachel is such a cunt

>> No.73879812

Is there any better jump to create the ultimate lifeform than dragonball super?

>> No.73879836

Rachel is 100% correct. If you find yourself living in the same universe as some bullshit shonen chosen one, betraying and killing them is the right thing to do. Rachel's only flaw is that she didn't finish the job. Remember, Rachel, if you don't see the corpse, your work isn't done.

>> No.73879850

>I'm not sure what you're trying to say
Webtoons tend to to have a traitor character fuck over the MC then bring about a break/timeskip. Don't know why tho

>> No.73879958

>with great choreography in it's fights.
GoHS manhwa always had well done fights, much better than ToG. This isn’t a fault with the animation I don’t think, just that it’s an area that GoHS excels at more than ToG.

>> No.73880041

>If you find yourself living in the same universe as some bullshit shonen chosen one, betraying and killing them is the right thing to do
Befriending them and living off easy gains and mooching off their success while letting them handle anything truly dangerous is the right thing to do. Rachel threw away an important asset while making enemies with Baam's other friends

>> No.73880115

Is this something generic or is it based on something specific?

>> No.73880141


>> No.73880178

Obviously you're new here, so here's some advice. Run. Just run. Now. Don't look back, just get as far from this cursed place as you can. It's too late for me.

>> No.73880180

I run a jumper's school of the "best" teachers ever.

>> No.73880203

You win by blowing up Mars and Earth. If you're a man, you die. If you are a woman of breedable age, you get bred by cockroaches. If not breedable, you die.

>> No.73880205

Mc friends die a lot

>> No.73880261

Any interesting questions or problems in your chain?

>> No.73880312

So for those of you who bought the Jinchūriki perk in Naruto which beast did you go for? Personally getting Matatabi was the seemingly best choice, more in terms of personality and aesthetics rather than actual power.

>> No.73880323

Im tring to figure out if star treks enterprise could survive a trip through slipspace. Im honestly not sure if they could with their shields.

>> No.73880324

Are you pic related?

>> No.73880325

>posting OAA jumps
why does this thread continue to demonstrate retardation and shit taste at the drop of a fucking hat.

>> No.73880349

How do I get my soul to stop eating chunks of the multiverse? On a related note, since multiversal travel isn't limited aside from a few nuances (you're not going to see things like Perpetua or Vortex Blaster in other canons), what do I need to worry about in the long-term?

>> No.73880368

I mean the shields of the Federation seem to work in alternate dimensions, before there was a universe and actual physics, Fluidic Space and that one with the weird face thing that's beyond time/space/existance. Given that setting some random fucking engineering would probably puzzle out how to change the frequency to get it to work, but honestly in reality they'd just end up going poof.

>> No.73880371

Then fucking hop to it, Anonymous.
Put your money where your balls are, assuming they've dropped.

>> No.73880385

>ignoring the joke, and the fact that everyone hates the setting, to whine about a namefag nobody except him gives a shit about anymore
Boy, you must be the life of the party huh?

>> No.73880393

I never take that but to throw my opinion, Kurama is undoubtedly the best choice for power(I don't even remember if he was an available option). For aesthetics though, Saiken and Chomei are the winners

>> No.73880418

People coming to slay you for eating their world. I try to limit my forerunner energy pylons to only eating doomed universes. How is your soul doing it?

>> No.73880431

So how would Sith and Jedi react to a Blank? Post jump, so I still have a soul despite doing the “psychic blackhole” thing.

>> No.73880471

and that ia what worries me. Unshielded slipspace jumps are BAD news. Im kinda iffy on how or if they could take it. May just get them to land in the hangar bay before the jump.

>> No.73880491

Probably similar to how they saw the Exile and Nihilus.

>> No.73880493

My current chain gimmick is that the Jumpchain is a botched attempt at an Oldwalker trying to regain their power by turning their Planeswalker Spark into something that eats and adapts the traits of different planes into itself (perks, items, reincarnation via soul eating) until it theoretically restored him to full power...but it went much, MUCH further than he intended and it doesn't have an off button. He died and now it's attached to my Jumper. Jumpchain ensues.

>> No.73880534

He is an option.
>You only get half the chakra
>still more than any other tailed beast

>> No.73880592

Can we bonk Perpetua in you DC1M?

>> No.73880612

Trying to figure out what would happen if I infuse a bunch of energies into the Yuan Trees from WDQK. I'm slightly worried that if I infuse too much Dou Qi and Spiral Energy into it, it might do something funny like turn into a giant waifu nature goddess that constantly emits power from herself. And while that seems like a fun addition to the garden, I feel it may raise questions among my followers.

>> No.73880647

Give her the job of spreading life to the universe

>> No.73880651

>create clone of yourself that has all your memories and powers
>only difference is that he is an girl
>go our own ways for the same goal
>find her getting gangbanged by a lot of dudes the next day
Are there perks to prevent this?

>> No.73880683

Hmm, I'd have to add a little 5th Heavenly Flame to the mix for that. Maybe some Life Qi too. Doable though

>> No.73880704

You chose that to happen on your own volition. Why do you want perks to stop it?

>> No.73880725

But isn't being gangbanged good?

>> No.73880728

ESL, or just retarded?

>> No.73880749

How good are you at making out jumpers?

>> No.73880820

> Any interesting questions
Is it still bestiality if you’re an animal too?

>> No.73880835

Just do it, and if questions are raised let the giant waifu nature goddess answer them.

>> No.73880838

Jorge Joestar.

>> No.73880852

That's a friend?

>> No.73880890

Isn't Kurama supposed to have like, 9 times Gyuki's chakra? Before that cut in half shit

>> No.73880912


>> No.73880939

Webtoons and chinese things tends to be bad

>> No.73880952

I'm more concerned about the ability to accidentally a nature goddess.
>Jumper, one of the few people to not only have a nature goddess but an entire race of them.
>Entire wars fought inside the Garden(tm) about what plants grow where.
>One goddess wants it to all be lilies so keep sneaking over to other areas to grow them (somehow, despite being multiple hundred kilometers tall)
>Another Goddess keeps trying to replace the mountains with giant fruit because she gets hungry after napping.

>> No.73880971

Would those be good for pursuing the same Life Dao as Bai Xiaochun?

>> No.73880982

Trying to figure out how I can weaponize this by spreading it over entire universes to further the power of friendship. Any ideas?

>> No.73881003

Huh, who are the bottom row? I know the top ones, but the others escape me.

>> No.73881009

What are some good jumps for Mental defenses?

>> No.73881025

Probably yes.
Honestly I'm currently entertaining the idea of Infusing Vital Qi into one of the Yuan Trees in order to greatly accelerate my cultivation of the Undying Live Forever Codex. Also I keep typing Forerunner instead of Forever...

>> No.73881044

Well, turn yourself into a nature goddess and keep the others in line.

>> No.73881104

what if i scar the kill and face the cripple?

>> No.73881141

To be honest, the image of a normal sized jumper berating a country sized pouting goddess is too amusing in my head to let go.

>> No.73881145

Go to SMT and get the perk to make perks into those demonic bugs then feed those bugs into the scp that enhances stuff on very fine to make a drug, now use star trek or supcom to replicate the drug on a massive scale or just buy a copy of it from the gold market in world seed.

>> No.73881168

well obviously they all need to get their own planet.

>> No.73881174

So while I'm deciding on jump two yes revising my chain yet again what of it, one of my choices is FSN. I have to ask, how likely is the Counter Force going to freak out if I break out the time magic?

>> No.73881207

It wont care unless you bother humanity.

>> No.73881246

Sounds to me like you should make the nature goddesses and just accept that you’re going to have some extra work as a result.

>> No.73881270

Who can actually threaten me if I take the supreme god option in god of highschool? I can just snap out both the MC and satan out of existence at that point of the story. What stops me from having an ability that turns all the girls into fucktoys?

>> No.73881294

Ah, the woes of a weary daddy jumper looking after their 100km daughter going through tree puberty.
Given I'm probably adding a new tree option in BTTH, they are likely going to have some company

>> No.73881302

Can we talk about how the bug enter by the eye?

If only Viridi was half the woman Palu was

>> No.73881342

The fiat enforced fights with multiple beings of a similar power level that the perk mentions? Did you actually read it or is this just shitposting?

>> No.73881399

So really nothing besides that?

>> No.73881402

That’s what Time Locks are for. Take some time off from looking after the kids whenever you want.

>Given I'm probably adding a new tree option in BTTH, they are likely going to have some company
On that note, what does the 5th Heavenly Flame do? Is it just the BTTH version of WDQK’s Life Qi?

>> No.73881454

5 - Life Spirit Flame
Ability: This flame is highly strange, for most Heavenly Flames are pervaded with the power of destruction, but the Living Spirits Flame, instead of displaying destructiveness, is instead famous for its power of life. The steam produced by this flame helps to accelerate the growth of magical herbs, and it is said that if one tosses some seeds into this flame, those seeds would quickly germinate and grow. In other words, with this flame, one would no longer need to search for any herbs, and would be able to get boundless amounts of ingredients with just seeds.
This Living Spirits Flame is also known as the Flame of Longevity, for any person who obtains this flame would get a lifespan comparable to that of those beasts which are famous for their long lifespan. The only flaw of this flame is that this flame is not very suitable for combat, thus it does little to increment one's battle strength.

>> No.73881480

The 5th Heavenly Flame brings life to plants. The vapors emitted from it allow plants, even special xianxia plants, to grow super fast. Putting seeds in the fire would let them grow near instantly. No need to go looking for them, literally scatter some seeds in the fire and seconds later you have the matured medicinal plant in front of you. Also known to grant its user increased life span. The 3000 star fire flame is the one that acts more like Life Qi, granting regeneration and an 'undying' body.

>> No.73881496

>These powers do not come without attention however. Taking the 1000CP option will lock you into the plot of this setting in a sense. Whatever actions you choose, you will end up fighting against several opponents at the level of the High Gods. If this means you join Mo-Ri Jin in his battle against the Gods and take several on yourself or if it means you face down the humans and find several empowered warriors on the level of High Gods in your way, so be it. The 2000CP option will instead guarantee that you face at least two opponents on the same level that Satan and Mo-Ri Jin reached during their climactic battle, whether they be those two at their greatest power or other, original characters. These battles willb be serious, life threatening ones and cannot be avoided, no matter how you much try. Any allies you have will be drawn away in this time, leaving you to prove yourself worthy of your own power.
This is seperate to that 1000cp drawback, just killing the MC and Satan before they’ve reached their full power isn’t going to stop those fights from happening.

>> No.73881511

The problem for me is that it just states there will be opponents and that's it. Thats really unlike Val because it leaves WAY to much in the open. We can basically wank any ability we want on them so that the fight will be "hard" but a certain win in the end. Should be something like "they have this and that power" or "you need ateast this power" or "they are that strong" So you at least have to a have an idea on how the fight will actually look like and whether you can actually win with your current abilities. If its "hard" but in the end just doable I just say I win. No reason needs to be given because it only needs to be an hard battle against my supreme god powers and a single out of jump power is the specific that I need to win.

>> No.73881527

Jumpers! What do you do in modern jumps? Ones where the supernatural is either well hidden, or simply not present at all.

Me? I set up a bunch of holistic medicine-selling companies, except they actually do the thing's they're advertised to do. People think I'm just running a big scam, but everyone's getting exactly what they paid for. All products are enchanted with a hex that makes people doubt their effectiveness if they haven't used them before, but it frames it like a challenge. "Of course these crystals won't help me with XYZ! Here, I'll prove it to you!"

>> No.73881546

That’s pretty nice. I might pick that up when the jump remake comes out.

>> No.73881554

That’s on you for trying to look for loopholes. That’s like blaming the jumpmaker because you decided to write a challenging drawback as “no I cockslap them just because, no matter how hard it is”.

>> No.73881566

It's become a staple for my Garden(tm). Alongside spirit enhancing the soil/water etc. And now Yuan Trees.

>> No.73881572

I offer magic back alley doctoring to pay my bills, and live the NEET life otherwise.

>> No.73881652

Any other setting with some kind of healing fire? I think I could do it combining Cure with Personal Manifestation in Psyren but where else

>> No.73881674

>spirit enhancing water
What does that do?

>> No.73881686

Vaguely remember a fire & life djinn in Magi iirc. Phoenix?

>> No.73881718

Live the NEET life if I can, working on my hobbies and occasionally manipulating the political spheres to keep things stable. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to, and will have to, scour communism from the world.

>> No.73881729

Well with the capstone I'm thinking of adding to BTTH... You might be able to make some:
>Heavenly Creation [600]
>- There are rare ways to create flames akin to Heavenly Flames. There are also more types of energy from heaven and earth than simply Fire. So surely it makes sense that you would be able to condense this energy into something akin to a Heavenly Flame for other elements, such as water or lightning? Just to do the simplest equivalent would require vast amounts of the element, for you are creating the King of an element after all. Similarly, the environment and source you take this energy from may influence the strength and effect of the Heavenly Element you are creating.
Spirit Enhancing is from AWE and increases the strength of stuff that is enhanced. Each enhancement increases the previous effect by an order of magnitude. MC spirit enhanced some soil and water like twice and grew a super good plant relatively quickly. With the Turtle Wok and lots of flames combined with the Flame Mantra I aim to spirit enhance it a lot more than twice.

>> No.73881741

Katekyo Hitman Reborn's Sun Flames are useful for healing

>> No.73881777

I do know what spirit enhancing is, I just wasn’t sure what you’d get if you used it on water. Spirit enhancing is actually another thing I would have liked to pick up, I just got put off by the penalty if you fail and I didn’t have the points for the Turtle Wok.

>> No.73881799

>>- There are rare ways to create flames akin to Heavenly Flames. There are also more types of energy from heaven and earth than simply Fire. So surely it makes sense that you would be able to condense this energy into something akin to a Heavenly Flame for other elements, such as water or lightning? Just to do the simplest equivalent would require vast amounts of the element, for you are creating the King of an element after all. Similarly, the environment and source you take this energy from may influence the strength and effect of the Heavenly Element you are creating.

So how would flames that were created from say the power cosmic from Marvel or a connection to the source from DC stack up to the top tier flames of this world?

>> No.73881818

What was that jump that offered a ring that gives infinite uses of the D&D Wish spell as the reward to a scenario that required you let some people beat you to death?

>> No.73881852

It would make water better, and make it contain a ton of spiritual energy.
Dunno, not very familiar with marvel stuff. In BTTH the rank three flame had such latent heat that it radiated from within the pocket dimension it was trapped in and melted an entire xianxia mountain range into a desert. The rank 2 flame was known to devour anything and everything, and could consume entire Ancient clans.

>> No.73881877

Admit it, you're only mad because you wanted her all to yourself, and because she's not a virgin anymore but you still are.

>> No.73881878

Do you just enhance the whole ocean at once?

>> No.73881905

Bug enters by eye

Make eyedrops

>> No.73881949

Nah, I set up a forerunner facility. Eternal Flame (EER) enchanced heavenly flames constantly heating the bottom of clones Turtle Woks (via breaking them and then healing the fragments using the Mirror Maiden shards(VC)). Water and soil would be sent across a chain of progressively stronger woks to enhance them then released back into the ocean/land using Forerunner sentinels. Not sure if you would be able to enhance the entire ocean at once. Potentially possible, but I felt like going long winded.

>> No.73882039

>no perk for super-effective rape tactics in Generic Video Game Developer
Lame and gay.

>> No.73882050

Automation is also good. Wish I’d had the points for that Turtle Wok.

>> No.73882077

Just go yoink it before the MC does.

>> No.73882082

ffs what kind of shit are you bringing up in an autistic cyoa thread on vague and weak justifications and connections now?

>> No.73882094

I ended up loading up on nearly every drawback. It wasn't a fun time.

>> No.73882114

Nevermind, it was generic fairy tale

>> No.73882117

Anywhere I can get some synopsis forWu Dong Qian Kun? I want to know if there's anything I'm morally obligated to do or not do.

>> No.73882118

Geez I just shoved the flames into the swirling churning mass of fire, darkness, and screaming that is my soul. I dont even do anything with them lately.

>> No.73882135

I don’t know where it is.

Yeah, I tend to not take too many drawbacks because I want to have fun.

>> No.73882140

>Not making a hiveminded clone so you can fuck yourself and enjoy both feelings
You choose the plebian path.

>> No.73882174

Not that I know of unfortunately. Unfortunately the Wiki for WDQK is kind of bad.
Everything eventually comes back to be used in the Garden. Everything has a use.
Same. This was a bit of an exception since there was a lot I REALLY wanted.

>> No.73882194

Can you go in detail some more? That sounds stupid

>> No.73882201

>Same. This was a bit of an exception since there was a lot I REALLY wanted.
In the end, I liked Internal Affairs and Progenitor Of Cultivation more then spirit enhancing.

>> No.73882233

My build ended up as:
A Will Eternal:

Origin: Wildlands Cultivator
Location: Wildlands
- Cultivation [Free]
- Wild Life [Free]
- Mutation Infusion [100]
- Necromancer [150]
- Dao of Medicine [200]
- Internal Affairs [400]
- Cultivation Scroll [Free]
- Bag of Holding [Free]
- Heavenspan Stream [200]
- Turtle Wok [600]
- Soulhoarding Pagoda [Free]
- Underworld River [100]
- Undying Codex [300]
- Jumper-Emperor Realm [600]
- Import [50]
- Cultivation Maniac [+100]
- Ego [+100]
- One Hundred And One Problems [+100]
- Dependable Personality [+200]
- Bullied By Bai [+200]
- Pacifist [+200]
- Aggravating [+200]
- Enemy Of The World [+300]
- Dark Past [+300]

Also getting food now, be back in a bit.

>> No.73882290

One Hundred And One Problems Isn’t just a drawback name, it’s also a description of your time in the jump.

>> No.73882313

Do you grow meat in your garden or just plants?

>> No.73882340

Is the anon who wrote the Dao of the Triforce still alive and working on that?

>> No.73882349

>I don’t know where it is.
It is in the MC's sect that he first starts in. Located with the other woks and such. Hell, you could have it so you start in the same sect to better nab it.

>> No.73882370

I wonder how bad the bugs get.

>> No.73882482

>It is in the MC's sect that he first starts in. Located with the other woks and such. Hell, you could have it so you start in the same sect to better nab it.
Looking at my build again, I could easily adjust things to companion Bai as well.

>> No.73882551

In canon, Lex has that moment after Superman uses a gravity gun to warp time around him to make the super-serum he had taken metabolize faster. So I guess just copy that super-serum and modify it to be processed by the body at high speeds, then aerosolize it.

>> No.73882567

Pretty damn big

>> No.73882704

Very true. Jumper just set up shop as a spirit enhancer and spent their time making money that way. While also having a horrible time.
Got a whole section devoted to blood/vital energy and all that meat stuff. Used it for cultivating the Undying codex.
I'm now wondering what would form if I used that heavenly creation perk above on Vital energy. Some kind of weird blood spirit thing? Would it just be undying blood?

>> No.73882726

>Scathach is getting a short manga

>> No.73882733

Rolled 94 (1d100)

Don't mind me. I'm just seeing how much a bad starting situation escalates.

>> No.73882746

Oh. Goody. Well, I just made an enemy of the Einzberns within about two minutes of the jump starting and now I need to flee Germany. Quickly.

>> No.73882758

What's a good place to pick up one of those perks to make you a genius mage?

>> No.73882785

How do you run a shop when you annoy just about everyone you meet?

Also since that other anon gave me the idea, would Bai Xiaochun make a good companion?

>> No.73882805


>> No.73882819

Rolled 35 (1d100)

Let me see if I can help. Higher is better.

>> No.73882824

Sword and Sorcery?

>> No.73882837

>Rolling for dice to determine outcomes
what is even the fucking point

>> No.73882838

I’m not helping much, but I’m helping.

>> No.73882851

>>How do you run a shop when you annoy just about everyone you meet?
>Put a puppet in charge of the store
>Get that Vending Machine in Recettear to sells things you put on it on it's own

>> No.73882853

You should read a quest sometime. They’re pretty fun.

>> No.73882863

I didn't say I ran it very successfully. But people tend to accept the annoying guy if they are able to provide an incredibly valuable service.

He'd be an... entertaining companion. Very loyal and a generally good person, especially compared to normal cultivators, but he has a rather MASSIVE tendency to accidentally create disasters wherever he goes.

>> No.73882873

I appreciate the thought. For the curious Jumper literally dropped in to several thousand feet above the Einzbern estate. In an attempt to break his fall, he used physical enhancement via red mana to reinforce his body to be strong enough to survive the impact. He landed on top of the Einzbern family head and broke his spine on impact. The roll was to see how bad it was and if I could salvage this.

Went about how you expected.
Sometimes failure is more entertaining than success.

>> No.73882903

Watch Heavens fail at everything since he consistenly gets high numbers. Maybe he should swap to high number=good result like a normal person does

>> No.73882917

You say that now, but the moment I switch it back I'm going to be rolling nothing but <10's.

>> No.73882923

fucking fake, retarded, gay

>> No.73882943

Quests that roll dice are shit.

>> No.73882945

>He landed on top of the Einzbern family head and broke his spine on impact
Well done, not sure if that is going to finish the job but well done

>> No.73882951

DCEU and SupCom

>> No.73882984

>he has a rather MASSIVE tendency to accidentally create disasters wherever he goes
Any way to fix that?

>> No.73883015

anima beyond fantasy, basically any xianxia where improving your soul is a thing that can be done (which is a lot of them, coiling dragon and BTTH for example)

>> No.73883049

Lots of luck? The problem is that he isn't doing it on purpose. He just ends up causing a disaster. To the point where any time he leaves a location after staying there for a while, the locals celebrate.

>> No.73883078

In JoJo, perfecting the spin and launching a projectile a certain way grants a stand or upgrades an existing one and ties it to the perfectly thrown projectile. But what happens if the “projectile” was the stand user themself?. If I teach Sonic the spin and he uses himself as the projectile, does he temporarily merge with his stand?

>> No.73883089

Imagine having taste this shit. Imagine opting out of so many quests.

>> No.73883180

chakravartin is mainly useful only if you pick up the Saver capstone perk, whereas the spear is useful regardless of what else you have, and is useful against targets that chakravartin (if you're not a Saver) would be largely useless against.

>> No.73883204

That just makes me imagine it as some side effect of his cultivation.

>> No.73883301

Morning, and thanks guys for the info! I'll come back as new questions pop up for me!

>> No.73883309

Hi, new to CYOA and Jumpchain. Are there any Jumpchains where you actually make choices after you finish building your character? Do these choices have consequences? I'd like to do more than just fanwank.

>> No.73883354

Nope. Not to my knowledge at least. That ain't how Jumpchain runs. It's all in your mind.
No problem!
If only it were that simple!

>> No.73883383

>If only it were that simple!
The author’s doing then?

>> No.73883415

Do knights practice Swordomy?

>> No.73883429

It’s basically a fanfic prompt so not really no. The only ones that really get like that are Black Crusade & Light of Terra. To a lesser extent scenarios & drawbacks help fill out the narrative, but if you want you want to be making choices every step of the way for your narrative that’s something else to set up yourself or look for elsewhere.

>> No.73883437

In favor of starting Jump order "A":
>slightly better power curve
>some really nice first jump powers
>there'll be a group called the Three Dick-sketeers
In favor of "B":
>Less things will be immediately obsolete, build-wise
>Meet waifu a decade earlier
>Arguably safer

>> No.73883444

What if I were to make one of these that had a choice and consequence after each year? 10 choices/consequences per jump?

>> No.73883462

Perhaps. He cultivated a technique and stole loads of valuable chickens. He enters a competition and accidentally gets first place while hurting a bunch of potentials. He made a pill and terrorised the sect. He was punished by imprisonment in a snake filled valley and managed to mutate them, leading them to terrorising the sect. He goes to another sect and accidentally steals all the inheritance keys for a super important event. He gets trapped in a prison and accidentally destroys it, letting out a powerful prisoner. He grows a plant and it melts the local snowy country. He meets a race of 'crazy pill makers from hell that never give up' and drives them so crazy they beg him to leave.
People would probably complain about railroading.

>> No.73883483

Expect shitposts and a lack of interest, depending on how you do it. Maybe look at the Black Crusade jumps for inspiration, but generally people aren’t going to be enthusiastic.

>> No.73883615

Ah, Heavensanon’s long lost brother. Sounds like people should stop giving Bai trouble.

>stole chickens

>> No.73883629

Option C. Wake up in a wooden carriage moved by a horse across the woods

>> No.73883658

I know your face, villain!

>> No.73883678

you'll get nothing but shitposting.

>> No.73883701

What are some good options if I want to pick up some dragongirls?


>> No.73883752

Wouldnt that mean you have an entire section devoted to growing semen trees?

>> No.73883782

>growing semen trees
Man, I have some great gifs and webms for that but I'm not in the mood for a vacation.

>> No.73883806

Weakness of beatrice is pretty good, I used my job class to grab up a hybrid job of crafter/mage.

Hero bbs would work, you can design your system but a veteran mage hero is really great plus it lets you get a magic bbs to shitpost on.

>> No.73883811

Why do you think it's the most powerful in comparison to others?

>> No.73883826

Kobayashi maid?

>> No.73883834

stando power armor?

>> No.73883851


>> No.73883858

Make a link to them?

>> No.73883871

dark souls, priscilla is an adorable little peach blossom.

>> No.73883879

It's just that good

>> No.73883880

Deleted the numerals

>> No.73883908

To expand on this >>73883462
I just tried writing down every time he caused a disaster or terrorised someone. Pretty sure I missed a bunch, but its enough that you get the idea.
This time with the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/1d3SYhMA

>> No.73883950

I feel like taking my jumpchain on a dungeon keeper style binge. Anyone mind giving me a list of jumps outside just Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper Ami to do to scratch that dungeon building itch?

>> No.73883967

>Terrorized Lone Valkyrie by making him forget the pastebin link.

>> No.73883974

>Lone Valkyrie

>> No.73883983

Damn BXC!

>> No.73883998

Since you've posted Grea, just go search for her. Go to Attack on Titan, take the crossover drawback for Granblue Fantasy and visit Mysteria. There's also Scathacha if you want more dragon girls and some other girls related to dragons like Zooey and Alexiel

>> No.73884010

Generic Isekai and Overlord the anime. Maybe Overlord the game too, it sounds like a dungeon jump. The Rapture item in Bioshock 2 lets you combine future property purchases so you can turn any properties you buy into extensions for your dungeon.

>> No.73884014

Wait, there is a crossover drawback for Granblue Fantasy in AoT?

>> No.73884044

>He landed on top of the Einzbern family head and broke his spine on impact. The roll was to see how bad it was and if I could salvage this.
That's sounds like retarded bullshit straight out of a trashy harem isekai anime. Why not have your jumper legitimately anger the Einzberns instead of le silly anime hijinks xD?

>> No.73884055

Now I really think I should take the Turtle Wok, just to save that world the trouble.

>> No.73884089

...Fucking hell.

How do we stop this madman?!

>> No.73884131

There's a toggle drawback that covers crossovers. GBF has a crossover with AoT. This also enables Draph and Erune Soulmate companion. Knock someone out

>> No.73884162

>He landed on top of the Einzbern family head and broke his spine on impact.
It's all the more impressive, considering the Einzbern's head is literally a magical AI.

>> No.73884176

The only problem is that he ends up as the guy who saves that world from a guy who destroyed 1,080,000 other xianxia worlds. And he is genuinely a good person. He has a whole philosphy of 'why do we need to fight each other, we should all work together'. He just tends to cause disasters, usually inadvertently.

>> No.73884177

>Generic Dungeon Builder
>Generic Isekai(Dungeon Defense)
>Aria of Sorrow, you can get the castle and shape it to your desires
>Slave Harem and Jobless Isekai IIRC

>> No.73884186

>take the crossover drawback for Granblue Fantasy and visit Mysteria
>Granblue Fantasy
Those are the same setting: GbF and M?

>> No.73884216

Really? I was thinking of this guy.
Did that get changed up again?

>> No.73884222

...How do we stop his disasters, while still letting him continue to be pretty cool in doing all sorts of crazy stuff like saving the world?

>> No.73884232

lazy dungeon master

>> No.73884233

Generic Dungeon Builder?

>> No.73884240

He is, in fact, a magical AI who's kinda like the spirit of the Einzbern castle.

Type Moon.

Fucking Type Moon.

>> No.73884258

Give him a minder? You cannot stop the disasters, only direct them. Many have tried to stop him. That's what lead to that one sect having their prison destroyed and sect melted.

>> No.73884267

Saber King Arthur from Fate

>> No.73884272

>Maybe Overlord the game too, it sounds like a dungeon jump

Its more about creating a horde of tiny gremlins to fuck shit up like some sort of emo pikmin.

>> No.73884286

Yeah, Mysteria is part of the Granblue cycle. Thank Bahamut for that

There's also a biker gang in Mysteria that likes to skip class, hang out acting macho and tinker with magic motorcycles

>> No.73884287

i keep meaning to make a "Lewd Dungeon" series jump but never follow through.

>> No.73884288

Question: if I give him a waifu who has luck equal to his own luck and brings blessings wherever she goes in proportion to the disasters he would bring...would that work?

>> No.73884289

I don't remember seeing cute wings and a fat tail on her.

>> No.73884303

>Character type: Golem, Magus
>Jubstacheit is an artificial intelligence made to control the Einzbern Castle, Golem Jubstacheit (ゴーレム・ユーブスタクハイト, Gōremu Yūbusutakuhaito?).

>> No.73884309

Drive isnt working for me, do forerunner ancilla break down over time? Also what do you people do when you have a companion long term, do they ever leave?

>> No.73884341

Maybe? Though I would just imagine him being less restrained and causing disasters of a different kind.
Generally not. At least, most Ancilla are fine to last hundreds of thousands of years. However they can go a bit crazy if left on their own for hundred thousand years, if they themselves used to an organic. At the very least they don't go rampant.

>> No.73884379

What I can’t help but think is, what happens to a world that ends up being ruled by someone that causes disasters wherever he is?

>> No.73884397

I like how that's just thrown in there at the beginning like a throw-away detail. I'm going to officially state I hate the Nasuverse and its increasingly batshit lore. I liked it better when it was weeb World of Darkness.

Alright, just swap him out for a random Einzbern attendant or something in the jump.

>> No.73884401

Before she was born, Merlin used to blood of a dragon to give her the traits of one, so for all intents and purposes, she counts as a dragon in Fate and is weak to anti-dragon weapons

>> No.73884412

Try How To Train Your Dragon.

>> No.73884419

No, no, by all means please fall on his head and break his everything.

It's not gonna kill him, but it'll definitely piss him off and kick things into high gear.

>> No.73884426

Do you think maater chief has the isodidacts geas in him? I like the theory that the librarian made sure chief would have her husbands reborn soul in him along with the skills of forthencho. Im hoping for some more ancient humanity lore in the next game.

>> No.73884441

That is entirely true. Blood vendetta is go.

>> No.73884447

The original Einzbern died out. All that's left are homunculi. That's an important detail of the family

>> No.73884455

He's a Golem, the eight successive mode and Head of thr Family(beforr Ilya).

Current Canon is that there's haven't been any non artificial magi for a long time since their original creators killed themselves or gave up after their. Biggest achievement Justeaze von Einzbern proved insufficient to save humanity.

>> No.73884465

People really look forward to the times when he goes on trips.
Ooh, I remember my race of tiny dragon girls. And the race of honey dragon girls.
It would be a nice thought, though I doubt 343 is going to run with that.

>> No.73884508

He's a Golem, the eight successive model and Head of the Einzbern Family(before Ilya).

Current Canon is that there haven't been any non artificial magi in the Einzbern family for about two hundred years since their original creators killed themselves or gave up after their biggest achievement Justeaze von Einzbern proved insufficient to save humanity.

>> No.73884539

This is what I get for not paying attention to background lore. Is the general train of events "crash into castle like a moron, immediately put foot into mouth after falling atop someone who would be very pissed off by this and flee very quickly" still a probable event chain?

>> No.73884560

Should have seen that coming.

Steady Breath?

I can see how becoming a Rider might help, but how would DP do so?

Yeah, those are always good.

Mind enlightening me as to how?

Seem a bit dangerous, but the rewards do look to be worth it.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

>> No.73884601

Is that that sword girl you’ve posted before?

>> No.73884604

Do you have a way to find them and get past their bounded fields? Because Kiritsugu couldn't in his attempts to get Ilya back. If yes then the rest shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.73884606

Extremely, really. All those details really don't matter except for the fact that Jubstacheit doesn't die when he's killed. So you can happily crash into him at terminal velocity and turn his body into jelly, and all he'll be is pissed off at it happening as long as the castle is still standing.

>> No.73884634

Considering they have a bounded field in place so people they don't want to find it can't, an unkown person breaching it, dropping from the sky and doing that could work. Specially the breaching part

>> No.73884643

The jump started with a malfunctioning planeswalking caused by the Spark taking a big bite out of the world so either that borked the bounded field or I just happened to fall inside of its borders. That's what I'm going with, anyways.
Got it. Thanks, Anons! Apologies for the lore fuckup.

>> No.73884661

That's the sword girl from 'Hero? I quit a long time ago!' yes

>> No.73884724

>Got it. Thanks, Anons! Apologies for the lore fuckup.
It's no problem-honestly, it makes it even funnier in a way. Continue being the disaster engine we all know and love!

Also, remember to destroy the moon here! Vampires come from the moon after all, so it's evil! But also rip out the core of the moon first, it's a hyperadvanced supercomputer who has an AI waifu in it along with Altera.

Unless this is one of those continuities where that's not a thing, in which case just destroy the moon anyways-because it still has vampires either way.

>> No.73884843

I'm just a post-Mending Planeswalker from Iconics with an unusual talent for Chronomancy (plus the perk boost) so I don't think I'm quite at moonbusting levels yet. But someday. Someday soon.

Just for the Anons enjoying the ride, I'll keep you posted on how this particular Grail War goes. Blue Magic is kind of a gigantic 'fuck you' to Magecraft and Servants without Magic Resistance in general.

>> No.73884868

Where do mages get all their money from? I know a lot just sell magical objects, services and theories to other mages, but where do those get their wealth from?

>> No.73884910

Any system that doesn't use Mystery is a fuck you to magecraft. But even so, Magic Circuits are still aesthetic

>> No.73884938

What setting, Anon?

>> No.73884963

Type Moon

>> No.73884991

>Steady Breath?
The energy purity perk too.

>> No.73884996

Well I know fuck-all about that one. Sorry.

>> No.73885039

I mean, hypnosis is a pretty simple spell that doesn't require a family legacy to cast

>> No.73885061

Magic patents in some cases.

>> No.73885100

Most of them are Old Money. They own a lot of land, and have fortunes going back generations.

>> No.73885141

I thought of that, but it seems too simple. Likr why would thr Tohsaka's not do that, but instead rely on money they earn through their magical patents, ehich barely suffices to finance their expensive magecraft. Like it cant be morals, since we know that Tokiomi Tohsaka considers the act of human sacrifice during a Grail War commendable if secrecy is kept properly.

>> No.73885163

Those are payed for by mages who have tonw

>> No.73885164

To be fair chronomancy is pretty busted.

>> No.73885176

It really is.

>> No.73885197

Those are payed for by mages who have to have source of income themselves >>73885100
Yeah, but how did they get that, we also know that they mostly use their land to earn money through other mages.

It honestly seems like a pyramide scheme.

>> No.73885237

>It honestly seems like a pyramide scheme.
That's basically what the Clock Tower is yeah.
The old families with the most magical knowledge and land owned force the younger families to pay them rent to live on their land(and they own all the land with good lay lines), and then buy up any inventions the younger families make.

>> No.73885263

I think that card would be more accurate if it made a bunch of indestructible tokens with Fading counters

>> No.73885277

Be aware, the Nasuverse has its own brand of Chronomancy...but it's extremely limited. Kiritsugu has the "Time Alter" spell, which lets him speed up his personal time to move at superspeeds in return for stress/damage after the spell's cancelled. Additionally, the Fifth Magic has some bullshit to do with time but I'm not as well-versed on it, only that manipulating small things with the Fifth Magic can have *stupid big* consequences in the future such that averting an event that's merely five minutes long can have a noticeable/major impact on the total lifespan of the universe. I share all this, simply so you know how many people you're going to be freaking the fuck out when you bust out the chronomancy.

>> No.73885286

Lazy Dungeon Master, Divine Dungeon, Generic Dungeon Builder, and Runescape

>> No.73885289

So, could you do the same with the Code Geass jump? It also had an alt-canon drawback and Granblue has a crossover with it too.

>> No.73885295

The Tohsaka had plenty of money until Kirei decided to screw with Rin so Tokiomi may not have bothered with that. And since Rin has this one thing called morals, she doesn't consider that option

>> No.73885319

To clarify for >>73885295
Kirei "donated" basically all of the Tohsaka fortune to the church. And wasted most of the rest on bad investments. Completely accidentally of course.

>> No.73885323

Due to a drawback, jumper's stuck as a fodder minion among generic fantasyland forces. The jump lets you have a bit of leeway with this so I figure I'd have them be a kobold. Thing is, should they be a more traditional lizard kobold or more modern canine kobold?

>It honestly seems like a pyramide scheme.
When you think about it, the situation kind of is. Consider that the earliest mages were likely seen as gods among mortal folk insofar as the bullshit they could make happen. Someone like that is going to get quite a tidy sum from whoever's in power at the time if they're not already the one in charge of a given area. From there, it would make sense to keep wealth like that in the family if at all possible since it lets the mages get up to the NEET life they'd need to be better at magic.

>bottom center
Inquiring minds must know... How?

>> No.73885333

>Fifth Magic has some bullshit to do with time but I'm not as well-versed on it
Nobody is

>> No.73885340

I am 90% sure UBW abridged made thst up

>> No.73885381

...There's an UBW abridged?
Is it good?
I've only ever watched DBZA, HellsingA, and bits of Yu-gi-ohA(I never finished it).

>> No.73885382

Nope, that's actually canon. It's literally what happened.

>> No.73885387

Isn't it something like the energy requirement to go travel through time being so fucking large that the magus just throws the cost into the future, resulting in a contribution to the Heat Death of the Universe or something like that? Isn't that why it's referred to as the "Extinction" Magic?

>> No.73885404

Didn't know CG had that toggle. The thing is that GBF treats AoT as a random island in the Sky that the Grandcypher visits at some point. I never watched the CG collab but I guess it's just a 'magic portal opens up for a week' type of collab

>> No.73885434

It is pretty good, its probably one the top 5 abridged series.

>> No.73885443

Fuck dental surgery, what are some fun simple jumps that you can build for while loopy and coming off sedation?

>> No.73885444

That sounds about right, but mind you I don't know much on the subject.

Either way, just be prepared to piss off/scare/terrify/horrify/etcetera a lot of people when you bust out the chronomancy.

>> No.73885447

Archer is Actually Satan. Watching Actually Satan fight in the Murder Death Kill was rather fun

>> No.73885448

>The rights to the Tohsaka lands are inherited by Aoi after Tokiomi's death, and subsequently inherited by Rin after Aoi's death. Kirei manages them as Rin's guardian, and because of his foolhardy and coarse management, the majority of profitable properties end up in the hands of others. It is possible that he believed the wealth was bad for her upbringing due to following the principle of humbleness and poverty

>> No.73885465

Nice, I'll look it up. Thanks anon.


>> No.73885469

Baki. Cuphead.

>> No.73885470

Hes the first episode
Valeria also added the option to jump in the fate stay night jump

>> No.73885474

What are some good jumps to become a good artist?

>> No.73885498

Rin decided that Archer was Actually Satan, and she refers to the Holy Grail War as the Murder Death Kill

>> No.73885514

Yet the Second can do it for free as a side effect. Don't bother with the others, the Kekscope is the only good True Magic

>> No.73885528

I can see that now thanks to >>73885470
So it's just Rin being...weird. Got it.

>> No.73885552

Bioshock. Where the artist need not fear the censor.
Except that one time Ryan censored a guy's amusement park to turn it into propaganda.

>> No.73885555

>Thing is, should they be a more traditional lizard kobold or more modern canine kobold?
Both. The lizard kobolds ally with the pig orcs while the dog kobolds ally with Tolkien orcs in a race war for supremacy over naming convention

>> No.73885607

Dishonored 2 has some good stuff for it, also magic painting powers

>> No.73885622

What cultivation systems are best for making sword girls?

>> No.73885676

Literally everything becomes sentient in Desolate Era if you cultivate far enough. Literally *everything*. Swords. Golems. Formations. Random treasures. Rocks. Plants. The very Daos themselves.

And *everything* decides that becoming a human is apparently best after becoming sentient.

>> No.73885684


>> No.73885700

Hmm... Wu Dong Qian Kun has Soul Treasures which are items with their own spirit. Strong enough ones will be properly fully formed souls essentially, which could then by made into Sword Girls likely. BTTH doesn't really have that kind of stuff, nor The Great Ruler to my knowledge. A Will Eternal has some treasures that could form a spirit, but they are pretty strong treasures. Of all the ones I can think of, WDQK is probably the best one for that if you don't want to get too powerful. Generic Xianxia could of course be used.

>> No.73885701

>Talking about the sights of Fuyuki
>Giving away his NP
>Knowing Sakura's name
This incarnation of Archer isn't the best at keeping his secret. Good for him that Rin seems completely obvious to anything different than her initial assumptions.

>Cu reciting Limericks
Fitting for an Irishman.

>> No.73885715

I think you mean Mario Mario

>> No.73885736

He hadn't said that yet when I typed that post down.

>> No.73885751

Ah, thought you had finished the episode.

>> No.73885762

What is some basic OCP that would be really good for truncating Cultivation systems into something that can be climbed through in a reasonable time frame? I'm thinking something like insight into metaphysics that would let you just skip all the meditation and waiting for epiphanies to just knowing how to do whatever you want.

>> No.73885781

>This incarnation of Archer isn't the best at keeping his secret
After a certain point he doesn't even bother with that. But nobody has figured hus identity out so far

>> No.73885792

the warrior and mage capstone perks in coiling dragon part 1, and then the strongest luck perk you can get, multiple strong luck perks if you can manage it.

>> No.73885797

Do what I did and make such things into base stats then make a system that can only boost base stats up to conceptual levels in the scenario award from world seed

>> No.73885799

Drugs, most cultivation systems can go from taking huge time frames to just a few decades with sufficient access to resources. Namely magic drugs.

>> No.73885813

>DEEN anime flashbacks
Oh no. Archer is DEEN Shiro?
Does this mean he had a fun time at the carnival?

>> No.73885843

Stack luck perks until stumbling upon trillion year old drugs that you can snort for a rank upgrade becomes a weekly ocurrence

>> No.73885875

By the way, don't forget to turn on the canadian subs

>> No.73885880

Hey Lone Valkyrie, it's the guy who was asking about Hyperdimension Neptunia before. I finished my build, and I've got some questions I need some help with now that everything's set.


So it appears that I am going into Hyperdimension Neptunia as Nepgear who may or may not be going through a rebellious/goth phase...right at the start of "Sister Generation". I have no idea what that is; could you explain which game that is, what the plot is, etcetera? Also, from reading the drawbacks I get the sense that having Gehaburn is a bad thing or at least signals bad times in canon; explanations there as well? It also appears I'm gonna end up kinda tripping/randomly stumbling through possibly most/all of the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise as I go, which should be fun in its own right even though I have no idea what's going on.

...What *is* going on, by the by? Aside from Dark Nepgear-who I suppose is me-going on a multiversal journey to waifu all the CPUs throughout the Hyperdimension Neptunia multiverse?

>> No.73885896

There's a scene later on with the Carnival footage where they show him on the phone buying batteries, and he goes full Karen. Its great

>> No.73885913



>> No.73885956

Sounds ideal, though I hear that place is dangerous.

Can that also make a sword you already have into a sword girl?

>> No.73885961

>as Nepgear who may or may not be going through a rebellious/goth phase
Do not Conquest Ending, anon

>> No.73885987

Isn't everyone in Desolute Era a shota or am I getting it mixed up with another one?

>> No.73885991

Which version of the Starbound jump is better? The one here or the one for SB?

>> No.73886045

>Sounds ideal, though I hear that place is dangerous.
Oh, it's super fuck-off dangerous. I strongly recommend not visiting until you've got the power to stomp everything in Part 1 at least, or having an in-depth knowledge of the setting so you know how best to abuse the utter shit out of it.

As the guy who started that meme, yes. Everyone (with talent) in Desolate Era is a shota. The moment they hit Xiantian Lifeform (essentially the very first stage of cultivation) they stop aging physically until they're at the very tippy end of their lifespan, so just about everyone who matters ends up being a shota/loli. That said, this is a place where you can be fully grown (5'11") by the time you're eleven, so at the same time *eh*...

And of course, everyone can just sorta manipulate their own appearance to be whatever they like. It's a super-easy skill that basically everyone masters early on.



>> No.73886076

>I strongly recommend not visiting until you've got the power to stomp everything in Part 1 at least
How much power is that?

>> No.73886120

I have a few questions about the shield hero jump. First of all am I correct that you start off heavily nerfed do to things being tied to your level 1 stats? It’s not that big a deal it’s just it makes the next thing much harder. I am not complaining if you’re nerfed it just means lots of grinding…

Second if you are a Campione and want to do campione things because the goddess there is a bitch… is she possible to kill? I have only seen part of the anime and they haven’t gotten there yet, also in the jump itself it mentions she can hit you in the past, present and future with the same attack which seems kind of bad if you have a nerfed defense. Also I hear she is immortal but I don’t know if that means doesn’t age or can’t be killed. The latter might be a problem for a 5th jump.

Third if you are going shield hero and not replacing Naofumi how much are people going to freak out? It’s like they summoned twin devils. Also if you’re a girl how is Malty likely to screw with you? I mean she is evil and wants to turn everyone against the shield hero I assume jumpers don’t get any immunity from that.

>> No.73886127

>The Conquest Ending is an event in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and one of the multiple endings of the game. In this ending, Nepgear wipes out all the Goddesses and ultimately dooms Gamindustri.

>> No.73886148

Lesse...casually busting galaxies, immune to reality warping bullshit, immunity to hypnosis/mental effects and spiritual enslavement of any and every type, speed significantly in excess of the speed of light, durability to tank galaxy-busting punches to the face...

That should let you breeze part 1, I think. Won't carry you far because that's what *everyone* in Part 2 starts out as (at the World Level), but Part 1 you'll be basically untouchable.

>> No.73886205

Okay, so, don't wipe out all the Goddesses and become the sole tyrant ruler of Planeptune, and I should avoid that ending, right?

>> No.73886212

Maybe I’ll go somewhere else.

>> No.73886229

Those of you with magic schools what do you teach?

>> No.73886233

>casually busting galaxies, immune to reality warping bullshit, immunity to hypnosis/mental effects and spiritual enslavement of any and every type, speed significantly in excess of the speed of light, durability to tank galaxy-busting punches to the face
>that's what *everyone* in Part 2 starts out as
Is this a Suggsverse?

>> No.73886249

>Also if you’re a girl how is Malty likely to screw with you?
The spear hero originally had a harem, until Bitch drove them all off with exceptionally cruel bullying.

>> No.73886257

>And *everything* decides that becoming a human is apparently best after becoming sentient.

I mean it is the most convenient body if you want to be/fuck bitches.

>> No.73886266

You know, that's fair. Desolate Era is not for everyone, and it has some pretty absurd powerlevels.

Welcome to Desolate Era, it's a crazy powertrip.

>> No.73886267

>Also if you’re a girl how is Malty likely to screw with you?
Eliminate her as quickly as possible.

>> No.73886275

The Ace of Spades wishes he had a dick as big as a late series DE character.

>> No.73886287

If you call “selling them off as slaves” bullying I find myself worried about whatever schools you went to.

>> No.73886293

In Sister Generation the Main CPU's are kidnapped and made helpless at first. The game instead follows Nepgear and the other CPU sisters. They set out to free the CPUs and defeat the enemy. At one point Gearsy picks up Gehaburn in order to kill the Deity of Sin. Turns out it grows stronger by killing CPUs and in the conquest ending she ends up having to kill all the other CPU's, then defeating the Deity. She rules as the sole CPU from then on. Unfortunately this also means that humanity will stagnate as there is no progress from conflict and such. (It's considered the darkest moment in Neptunia). In the 'Good' Ending IIRC they break the sword and remake it using sharicite crystals, achieving the same strength without the sacrifice.
Er, maybe?

>> No.73886345

Seriously? I thought they ran away from her?

>> No.73886348

Not really, you come in as you do. So if you can casually destroy mountains, that'll affect your stats and increase it as you level.
She is but it required a round about way with Naofumi becoming a god and reflecting the attack back.
If you don't have a weapon, then they'll probably say you're an extra who got caught. If you're a girl and decide to join a hero, you'll get fucked with by Bitch once she goes around everyone. Best option is just quickly fuck off until after Naofumi fights Motoyasu in the castle and join him. Or stick with him from the start, but that'll get you some looks especially from Motoyasu.

>> No.73886372

>Desolate Era is not for everyone, and it has some pretty absurd powerlevels.
It does sound like it has a good cultivation system, but that’s more then I’d be ready to face before I got pretty far in a chain.

Different question then, what xianxia jump is best for becoming the sword girl?

>> No.73886403

Man I dont fucking know. I have so much magic right now it is bullshit. Right now my spell ability is completely broken. I think Im just teaching them mtg stuff with a bit of druidic magic mixed in atm with the rare orbital mining class.

>> No.73886405

Alright, so again, no killing other CPUs for power and I avoid the conquest ending! Probably!

...What if I decide to become a tyrant through political machinations anyways and forge Planeptune into an ever-evolving hedonistic paradise under my sole rulership with all the other CPUs in my divine harem? Would that be a bad end, or is that safe? And yes, this is a genuine, not-horny question. It's sorta my theme in-chain, being a multiversal conqueror who honestly believes they're doing good rather than being a tyrant across infinite realities.

>> No.73886416

A Will Eternal has an option for being able to turn into an item, so maybe that one?
>Artifact Spirit [300]
>Well this ability is just slightly odd. You have the ability to turn into a spiritual artifact, which can then be used by others. While the actual ability is not too strange, as there are several techniques that allows one to become one with an artifact, it is rare that you will find a cultivator that develops techniques that bring no immediate benefit to themselves. The strength of your spiritual weapon form is naturally dependant on your cultivation. A Celestial cultivator would end up as a Celestial grade artifact. What form you take should be decided now. An incomparably vast and sharp sword? A supremely sturdy shield?

>> No.73886441

Like what are we talking here? Are you guys walking WMDs or something?

>> No.73886454

>First of all am I correct that you start off heavily nerfed do to things being tied to your level 1 stats?
Depends on how you go about it if you say your perks get affected by stats or not. The bullets in the setting suffer from funky physics due to stats but then again your perks aren't a jump native thing

>is she possible to kill?
She can be killed and damaged, since the heroes damaged with their skills before Naofumi met Arc, she just has stupid high stats and soul fragments spread across a few parallel worlds like Bitch which she may use to resurrect herself(not sure if that last part was confirmed). For the way she is defeated in canon, Naofumi was taunting and insulting her after failing to kill him. Since Medea has the personality of a bratty kid she got angry at the mockery and tried to use her annihilation attack once again on him, the one that as you said 'hit you in the past, present and future with the same attack'. Then Naofumi used his shield to parry the laser attack and bounce it back her way, so she hit herself with it and died, erasing all of her soul fragments on her own

>Third if you are going shield hero and not replacing Naofumi how much are people going to freak out?
Probably a lot if you appear in the Melromarc castle with everyone else instead of showing up later when the Queen is around. The ritual was supposed tosummon one person and then two shield users appeared

>Also if you’re a girl how is Malty likely to screw with you?
She'll find a way. It's literally the purpose of her existence

>> No.73886458

Does she do it maliciously, or accidentally due to being a dum-dum?

>> No.73886489

Evening thread, what's going on?

>> No.73886506

I just take their money and give them useless degrees.

>> No.73886514

I believe most people can be considered a wmd when you start tossing around fire hurrricanes but lemme just post this as a pastebin so I dont spam thread. It has the magic I currently have, Im not sure if I missed some. Probably have. I dont want to let some of this stuff out. Sorry of the format is weird, I just copy and pasted it.


>> No.73886524

>The game instead follows Nepgear and the other CPU sisters. They set out to free the CPUs and defeat the enemy
"Let's go rescue our sisters! And Vert, I guess..."

>> No.73886527

What I meant is that I teach any magic I have knowledge of, which is a lot. I can't think of anything in particular that Jumper doesn't teach or would be willing to teach if asked.
Wasn't malicious. IIRC the first kills were an accident, and it spiralled from there? Neptune willingly sacrifices herself and it fucking kills me still.
Sounds like a wanky end, rather than a bad end.

>> No.73886535

I'm going to Neptunia and I am NOT going to do the Conquest Ending! I swear! Definitely! Probably! Hopefully!
>Sounds like a wanky end, rather than a bad end.
I'll take it! Thanks Valkyrie!

>> No.73886536

Ah the classic Harvard Method.

Thats a lot of magic

How many planets have you desroyed now?

>> No.73886551

Looks good, it’d be simple enough to fanwank that you’re a spiritual artifact that turns into a human instead of the other way around.

>> No.73886572

That is just mean! Vert just wants a lil sis...
In my defense, the planets I destroy are usually the planets I've made in the first place.

>> No.73886574

What if you TRY to do that, but instead get distracted and lose interest every time it looks like you might pull it off?

>> No.73886606

>with all the other CPUs in my divine harem
Hello there Infinity Heart.

>> No.73886638

What martial arts have the best canon lewd techniques?
Besides Sinanju, because everyone always brings that up.

>> No.73886667

I suspect this may happen quite a bit anyways, what with the dimension shifting, occasionally blowing up my own eyeballs, and getting led around by my own lust.
Oh hey, you read that quest too? Nice.

>> No.73886681

I'm getting a Gundam. While I agree it looks pretty hot, it isn't a martial art

>> No.73886734


>> No.73886746

Then Xbox should have made a handheld! They can make a FunkoPop Gears game and they don't even have the common decency to release it on their own handheld? Ridiculous!

>> No.73886750

tl;dr The Infinity Stones fuse into a girl who drops in on Hyperdimension Neptunia, Sister Generation I think, and proceeds to go forth and waifu other girls.

>> No.73886751

It’s a lot of fun.


>> No.73886797

>Not a martial art
Yeah, afraid there's a... 160? or so long series of novels that begs to differ with you there.

>> No.73886854


>> No.73886897

Not saying that's not awesome, but techniques you learn yourself and then use on unsuspecting cute girls are more fun.

>> No.73886957


>> No.73886968

Orgiastic Fugitive from Exalted: Sidereals. Although those are pseudo-canon? It's theoretically possible to utilize them through lewd means, but no one has succeeded. Jumpers' can probably pull it off though.

>> No.73886977

...You know, with the "Deity of Sin" perk, it doesn't really matter if I have the people's worship, right? All I have to do is ensure Planeptune becomes a wonderful den of lust and hedonism, and I'll be going HDD just the same...

That should work, right?

>> No.73886993

Do not bully the zenbu.

>> No.73887014

What is that perk? Whats it from and do?

A system devoted entirely to porn seems like a hard sell, maybe have it work lile computers. Can emulate other stuff amd run it but is usually full of porn.

>> No.73887035

Maybe, but if you do it then Plutia will get very angry.

>> No.73887076


>> No.73887086

It's directly from the Hyperdimension Neptunia jump itself.
>Deity of Sin (600): Where a CPU draws her power from Faith, you draw yours from Sin. The more people lust and desire, the stronger you grow. As people steal and allow the greed in their hearts to overtake their common sense, and as they cast down order in favor of chaos, your strength rises until you are no less than a god. Further, you can spend sin in the same way that Goddesses spend Shares in order to learn how to recreate any device that lies before you. The more complex the device, the more sin you’ll have to spend.
...I think she might actually work to empower me too, but at what cost...

>> No.73887189

Not lewd enough.
We need to get more extreme.

>> No.73887208

What if we get moronsexual?

>> No.73887218


>> No.73887224

Sounds like it’d work to me.

>> No.73887232

The pink panther is human, oddly enough.

>> No.73887253

Only if it's a special type of handholding that abuses leverage and pressure points to prevent the other person from escaping your grasp.

>> No.73887268

He is a fucking panther.

>> No.73887273

I thought it was a diamond and a mcguffin for a classic movie

>> No.73887286

There's also a diamond called pink panther, right?

>> No.73887296

There is a pink panther diamond and a pink panther detective and then there is The Pink Panther.

>> No.73887305

You should go to Fate / Empires and waifu Artemis. Or pick a fight with her. Or both!

>> No.73887327

Moronsexuality is a beautiful thing.

Where can I find moronsexual waifus?

>> No.73887333

I would assume she meant the animal as shown here >>73887268
since she asked about an animal.

>> No.73887358

Anyone know what jump would net me the ability to have multiple bodies under the command of one mind? Not talking about Shadow Clones or things like them. Not a fan of forking.

>> No.73887386

It wouldn't really let you do it on it's own, but I put something similar to that in Godzilla(Legendary). If you wanted something a bit closer then it seems you would want some Hive Mind perks, which you could probably find in Tyranids.

>> No.73887395

Invincible, Girls' Frontline, and Generic Lewd Science Fiction off the top of my head.

>> No.73887398

>Moronsexuality is a beautiful thing
That sounds like it could get predatory real, real easy. Like, someone marries a moron because it lends itself well to a power imbalance in their favor.

>> No.73887411

Dragon Ball GT
Duel Terminal Part 2

>> No.73887414

Shadow Clones don't work like that, but Wood Clones do.

>> No.73887438

Yeah, it could get bad pretty quickly and pretty easily.

But it's much more fun when done cute and silly, so I'm going to have cute and silly fantasies.

>> No.73887464

what if the moron likes that tho

>> No.73887472

Will a moronsexual waifu break up with you if you take an intelligence perk?

>> No.73887511

Queen's Blade has Holy Poses, but those are one could argue that's more a spellcasting discipline since the techniques only require relative proximity rather than direct contact in just about every case. That said, it is a discipline fit for use in a fighting tournament, so it sorta works out?
Naruto ninjutsu has some tangentially useful techniques if you consider stuff like the Harem Jutsu. Akimichi bloodline gets a nod depending on your personal interests, but for those who aren't of such persuasions you may consider using it as a discount Fat Marker.
Something something Manyuu Hiken-cho's whole gimmick...

>> No.73887522

They may be morons, but they should really aim for a healthier relationship than one where their partner uses their superior intelligence to control them.

I know that sounds silly but it really is sad.

>> No.73887529

You can still be a dumbass even when you’re smart.

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