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Fuck the Empress of Mankind

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First for Angron!

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>9th will be DoA

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I don't play/make a lot of Mehreens, so I was making a Lamenters small force of dudes who basically were on the Deathwatch and then came back to find everyone dead, and it was amazing how detailed you could make a backstory with just a couple items.

Meanwhile, Primaris seem... bland on purpose...

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Daemons of Anonymous?

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This. Primaris can't even be part of the Deathwatch.

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Holy fucking shit Ogryn are absolutely massive. They make even Custodes look small.

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Primaris in 8th were mars born so they were green
Primaris in 9th are era indomitus and vets

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Yes they can.

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It will be successful, but it will suck ass. Just like 8th.

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now you know what custodes players are sawing their miniatures apart to make them marginally less manlet

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This. Better than 8th isn't good enough. 8th sucked. Now we're out another chance for a good edition for another 3-5 years. Fuck me.

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Man this artist sucks.

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Feel like when anyone makes a judgement on the quality of 40k as a game (good or bad) they should post it with a picture of their models.

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Ogryn are pretty cool looking models. If you are getting a few and want to mix the models up a bit you could always grab the Necromunda ones and kitbash between them and the regular models so you don't have multiple identical sculpts.

I'm tempted to get a box to use as bodyguards for my homebrew Inquisitor character.

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>be an Imperial Fist
>serve with distinction for many years
>chosen to be sent to the Deathwatch as a representative of my chapter
>meet all sorts of interesting marines from other chapters
>finish training in Deathwatch ways, excited for first mission
>inbound to drop zone, the Flesh Tearer next to me in the stormraven starts screaming about Horus

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Is that a guardsman at the end? Holy shit what is that model?

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Nek Ron’s

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Holy shit, yes they can you idiot.

Does anyone in 40kg even read the fucking rules anymore?

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8th edition was the best edition since 3rd. This is as good as it gets, kids.

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What size bases do space marine captains normally go on?
Due to extenuating circumstances I'm looking to convert a sanguinary guard into a smash captain.
On the subject of smash captains, are storm shields even worth using with the 9th edition nerf?

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Only the first wave of primaris were trained on Mars. The marine aspirants were redirected to the primaris project from all over the Imperium. Ultramarines captain Felix from the books was from a shrine world in Ultramar, for example.
After the chapters received the reinforcements they started making new primaris marines themselves, putting them through the scout duties and all the other chapter-specific training.

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4th was literally better 3rd, how the fuck does that even work. No.

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>TFW you’ll never experience a cyclone mishap

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That doesn't make it good

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FW Solar Auxiliary

>> No.73852078

solar auxilia
the ogryn is also one

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>Bangel is screaming about Horus
>Spess Wolf is turning into Teen Wolf
>The Blood Raven is stealing everyone's badges even though we all got the same ones

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No, we just complain

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Post your oldest painted model.

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try again bucko

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Hey /40kg/ I can't decide if I should take Fire Dragons or Space Marine Eradicators. Which is the best unit for its cost?

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>be a Flesh Tearer
>serve with distinction for many years
>chosen to be sent to the Deathwatch as a representative of my chapter
>meet all sorts of interesting marines from other chapters
>finish training in Deathwatch ways, excited for first mission
>inbound to drop zone, the Imperial Fist next to me in the stormraven is killed when my chainsword misfires.

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whoa they had range and armor penetration thats crazy

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These are both 2nd edition.

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From around 2018, I am newfag.

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The paranoid part of my brain says this is because GW is going to wave a magic wand in an edition or two and say 'these are no longer Primaris, these are Space Marines.' They don't need a very detailed background if they're going to just completely replace the "Firstborn" in terms of history and culture, with maybe a more human and less imposing character. It seems extremely likely from how played up they are in media, and how the new Chaos Marines look very much like Primaris marines - similar helmets, longer bolters, etc.

But I'm still not sure because so far GW hasn't pulled the trigger on it, and they did make a strong attempt in the literature to separate Primaris from Space Marines. I don't see why they would bother making replacements distinct. Why even have manlets still show up at all? Maybe GW is just lazy enough they don't want to give them much background and leave that up to players and writers while they enjoy the money from a new model line. Maybe they want to seduce the old guard in, because they know squatting old marines outright will alienate fans.

All I can tell you is this: I never thought the old marines were bad. Looking back on old miniature showcases, it's actually nice that they aren't absurdly taller than other models so they fit in well with other terrain and don't make everyone else look whimpy, I care more about the bright colors and instant character than proportions or how silly a bolter looks. I blame GW for hyping them up in fluff and art and creating that disconnect at all, and draining some of the fun out of it.

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2nd edition is forever

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>tfw we will never get cool special rules ever again
>tfw the only rules gw will ever write is +1 to hit, reroll misses, reroll wounds, or +1 to wound
>tfw any cool rules we do get will be turned into a stratagem you gotta spend fuckin good boy points on if you actually remember to use it at the right time and remember the situation exists instead of looking at a models data sheet and seeing one word situational rules
feels bad man

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From around 2004 or 2005. There's no way these things were primed first. Not the actual first, not sure where that guy is. Guardsman in some bright ass blue armor with like a tacky neon green lasgun

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>tfw I only ever found one person to play Shadowar with and he moved to Canada

>> No.73852173

Yes but it did come before 3rd edition.

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I meant the model you own that was manufactured the longest time ago, but posted pictures of models are always good.

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Just play Necromunda. It's better than 40k.

>> No.73852196

I'm literally stripping it as we speak. My dog climbed up onto my painting station and chewed it up and snapped off the arms. I think I can save it with greenstuff and some spare intercessor arms that I had.

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>tfw I only ever found one person to play Shadow war with and he moved to Canada

>> No.73852201

The fuck is that dude on the front doing, staring at the ork and shit? Did he just calmly bash him in the noggin'? That's not really a facial expression I'd imagine after smashing someone's teef.

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This was my first ever painted model, from the Tactical Squad kit, I think I did him in 2008 or so? 5th Edition was new, I started with the tactical squad and Assault on Black Reach

>> No.73852220

I did find people to play Necromunda with, then the guy spearheading the group moved away and the other two people were too busy to play.

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Rolled 11 (1d20)

Necrons WISH they could get a 20 like this one here.

>> No.73852235

Not quite

>> No.73852240

>be Doom Eagle
>as a skilled apothecary, am honorably sent to the Deathwatch to further deepen my experience
>meet a variety of marines from other chapters, some obnoxious and some even more solemn than I
>about to start on my first mission, the Space Wolf is laughing that he'd hate to die and waste idle hours moldering into a corpse
>take chagrin at this blatant disrespect of the dead
>remind him solemnly that the fallen should be forever remembered as the Emperor's finest
>mfw the Dark Angels chaplain turns and gives me this really weird look

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Rolled 9 (1d20)


>> No.73852244

old marine good
new marine bad
Old edition good
8th and 9th bad

Do i fit in yet guys?

>> No.73852245

Rolled 18 (1d20)

Foolish witch. Move aside and watch the Crimson King show you how to roll a 20.

>> No.73852249

Rolled 12 (1d20)


>> No.73852252

He's enough of a chad to punch a ork in the mouth.

>> No.73852253

What models should I get for my birthday?

Already getting Indomitus

>> No.73852256

As usual, Magnus gets so close only to fuck up at the end.

>> No.73852258

DoW bad
Armageddon good

>> No.73852261

This is the Scout's first battle and first test of his superhuman abilities. He didn't think his punch would stagger an Ork, much less knock out a tooth and send him reeling.

Also he's wearing his nightmare vision goggles and can see the truth of this endless violence. IT'S ALL PLASTIC JERRY, PLASTIC AND PAINT

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>> No.73852270

Tzeentch demands a 9 to be pleased

>> No.73852274

Rolled 6 (1d20)

You see fools! None can roll higher than Magnus! >>73852245

>> No.73852275

he's calmly lecturing the disgusting xenos on the merits of Norf F.C.

>> No.73852278

Nobody just rolls a 20 anon

>> No.73852284

Rolled 3 (1d20)


>> No.73852286

Fine fucking posts

>> No.73852287

I want to pat Torchstar's head and butt.

>> No.73852289

>blame GW for hyping them up in fluff and art and creating that disconnect at all, and draining some of the fun out of it.
thats generally what happened in the transition from 2nd to third, the fun was drained out and things settled into the less self aware melodrama of it all

>> No.73852291

Rolled 16 (1d20)

Let me show you how its done

>> No.73852292

soul grinder

>> No.73852296

Drop Pod

>> No.73852301

>tfw have a homie to play Shadow War with at any time because I live in Canada

>> No.73852302

You play Necrons or Marines or both? I couldn’t suggest anything for Necrons, but with those Bladeguard, some Intercessors (as vets) and a few other units like Repulsors, maybe you could make Primaris First Company? Maybe use Terminators and such to gill the gaps?

>> No.73852303

>Two times 9
Truely Tzeentch cursed

>> No.73852305

Rolled 10 (1d20)


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>> No.73852313

That's plenty to get on with. Paint up your stuff.

>> No.73852317

Rolled 9 (1d20)

There is a 5% chance I will roll a 20

>> No.73852323

Marines, trading the necrons off for some goblins, squigs and trolls

>> No.73852325

Rolled 14 (1d20)

as if a Xenos could outroll the imperium's finest

>> No.73852327

Rolled 15 (1d20)

For the Great Good I roll a 10

>> No.73852334

What ever models you like its why im picking up pic related

>> No.73852336

Rolled 14 (1d20)

>How the fuck do you even roll dice

>> No.73852337

Rolled 6 (1d20)

That was just a stroke of bad luck! The predictions will be right this time, surely!

>> No.73852339

Get a Repulsor to carry your Assault Intercessors around in, or an Impulsor to carry your Bladeguard around in, so that they don't get shot off the table on Turn 1.

>> No.73852346

Is there anywhere I can get more information on Armageddon and its Steel Legions? I love what I've seen, but most of the lore comes from ancient sources and is thus beyond my grasp. I'd love painting guides or terrain.

>> No.73852359

Rolled 8 (1d20)

dice games aren't sanctioned by command

>> No.73852360

are repulsors looking any better in 9th?

>> No.73852361

>Rolls even lower

>> No.73852363

I really like Trolls, what could I convert them into for 40k?

>> No.73852367

Rolled 16 (1d20)

Fools. No one will upstage Magnus and his high score.

>> No.73852370

>Get an Impulsor

>> No.73852374

40k bad
40k good

>> No.73852381

Still looking just as repulsive as they did at release.
No idea about the rules though.

>> No.73852382

Ogryn, they even had a pretty similar statline in whfb

>> No.73852383

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Come now, Anon. You're embarassing them.

>> No.73852392

Why don't I just play with literal lumps of shit. Then I win when my opponent concedes.

>> No.73852397


>> No.73852398

Maybe something for orks? Perhaps as some painboy experiment gone wrong, and use killa kan rules for them or something?

>> No.73852399



>> No.73852404

I'd feel jealous if he played anything other than Eldar and didn't just spam shuriken launchers.

But it was nice to at least be able to play the game.

>> No.73852406

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Only a failure so thorough should belong to us, the Lamenters.

>> No.73852410

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Get the fuck out, you whores!

>> No.73852414

there are some novels

>> No.73852417

>beret with plate armor
Wow. This looks pretty good. Neat aesthetic.

>> No.73852418

Hover rhinos based.

>> No.73852420

Rolled 12 (1d20)

Can we go lower?

>> No.73852423

>be Mortifactor
>apex predator and all around excellent tracker
>due to this, inducted into the deathwatch, get to meet a plethora of different chapters and their idiosyncrasies
>meet the space wolf squaddie
>"hey, if I die, don't bury me, but let my spirit roam free"
>during mission said space wolf is slain
>I honor his last request
>mfw they kick me out after the mission for having "desecrated a battle brother by using his severed head as a jockstrap"

>> No.73852424

Absolutely based Lamentersfag

>> No.73852425

My Guys > My next guys > the dirt > the worms inside of the dirt > My guys stool > Your guys

>> No.73852428

Rolled 12 (1d20)

I will definitely not roll a nat 20

>> No.73852431

Ya did it

>> No.73852436

what's wrong with impuslors?

Mine has been very useful in my games.

>> No.73852439

>Failing at failing
Based and yellowpilled.

>> No.73852441

Truly heroes, one and all.

>> No.73852456

That's the same as unpainted, only battle ready gets you +10VP

>> No.73852459

Are you implying /40kg/ actually plays games before it complains about anything

>> No.73852463

What’s wrong with this repulsor

>> No.73852465

It looks fucking awful.

>> No.73852468

I clicked the spoiler and was not disappointed.

>> No.73852476

Oy ladz, oi nicked us a 20

>> No.73852477

I fucked you're mom and she was though

>> No.73852482

I like it

hover vehices make far more sense for space marines than tracked tanks

>> No.73852483


>> No.73852486

Too many optional bits, too much detail.
>J-just don't put on all the extra shit
No I'm a retard and must put on every bit in the kit

>> No.73852488

My lump of shit analogy works because the Impulsor is good in the game. Marinefags always buy completely garbage models for strong rules though, so I am not surprised by it at all.

>> No.73852489

Rolled 10 (1d20)

Da boyz is here to show dese 'umies how to roll!

>> No.73852491

Leave it to the Lamenters to fuck up so bad at succeeding

>> No.73852492

Yellow bitches...

>> No.73852494

Chaos Spawn is always an easy start. You could also uses them as a standin for some kinds of xenos - those bigger Kroot, whatever you call them, the xenos mercenaries Dark Eldar have.

>> No.73852500

Unlike in 40k, technology doesn't just work based on if you think it'll work when you believe hard enough.

>> No.73852507


>> No.73852508

It really is. Vindictus wasted the design, but at least the Scions decided to pick it up.

>> No.73852509

Model is cool as fuck too, you have shit taste clearly since you keep bringing up poop.

>> No.73852515

She said my dick looked big next to yours but I didn't think it was that much bigger.

>> No.73852519


>> No.73852521

So unless I've missed something faction soup detatchments are a thing again in 9e. But you miss out on chapter tactics or what ever.

>> No.73852526

>based Lamenters poster gets a 20
As it should be.

>> No.73852530

32s is what I got my officers on

>> No.73852534

>shit taste
Just another anon on /tg/

>> No.73852539

Too bad it looks like trash on Scions because the spooky stormtrooper helmets are better. This is definitely a more 15th/16th century design

>> No.73852540

Rolled 2 (1d20)

Beep boop fuck the organics

>> No.73852544

Rolled 20 (1d20)

For the Greater Good.

>> No.73852549

Failure only belongs to those who have failed, my friends. You have succeeded beyond anyone's expectation and you are beloved.

>> No.73852552

Gotta mix it up. Berets always look good, and the helmets being cool too is the icing.

>> No.73852553

It looks like a bad kitbash. It looks like a Rhino with the back half missing. I hate it and I hate GW taking every other armies things and giving extremely SHIT versions of them to Marines.

The Impulsor is alongside the Stormraven, Dreadknight and Invictor as a side of a WAAC Marinefag.

>> No.73852561

Rolled 4 (1d6)

T'aus superior technology will surely grant me a natural 20

>> No.73852564


>> No.73852573

Farsight already did it you fishy fuck. >>73852544

>> No.73852580

You're implying no one can like the impulsor

>> No.73852587

>tfw actually wouldnt mind running this if it had a back to it and treads instead of grav shit

>> No.73852590

You ARE planning to play a Crusade with your friends, right, anons?

>> No.73852593


>> No.73852595

I like it

>> No.73852598

If they're gonna do it they're gonna take their time, because 9th Ed mentions Primaris vs. Firstborn differences

>> No.73852604

I was planning to restart my ork army to bring in 9th edition. Is it true they made the greenskins even worse?

>> No.73852605

You're not really making sense. Is English your first language?

>> No.73852609

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Recalibrate your sensor pod.

>> No.73852611

>kills librarians for being weak
>still has dreadnought

Shouldn't world eaters have no dreads as they kill their crippled for being failures? Even Imperium dreads corrupted to chaos should be purged.

>> No.73852614

Rolled 3 (1d20)


>> No.73852616

I don't even play Marines and hate that model because of how often I have to see it. Also, why the hell are they bringing stubbers back? Aren't they supposed to be old tech and relative shit compared to 'modern' 40k weapons? Seeing regular forces with something that looks like a contemporary machine gun looks really out of place in the setting.

>> No.73852620

GW isn't going to retcon Firstborn away, they introduced the Primaris as a subfaction of Space Marines and have been insistent the whole time that they're meant to fight side by side

>> No.73852627

I don't know. As far as I understand Crusade rules, they're meant to start everyone off from scratch, no special toys, right? But those are the ways I customize my characters and make them feel unique.

It might actually work for me since I'm a faggot with a bunch of models I've been sitting on but never painted, so it gives me some encouragement to at least get started with a small force. But then I have to wait for the rest of it, and for someone with an existing force, what's the point?

>> No.73852634

being stuck in a dread is punishment enough for a WE

>> No.73852638

>implying my friends play 40k
god I wish. the one roommate refuses to learn anything that has more than a couple dice in it, and the other works to support herself and the lazy sack of shit aforementioned. then of everyone else, one guy lives in another state and is busy being a liberal degenerate and the other really likes starcraft so thinks zerg and eldar are cool but doesn't like the modeling aspect

>> No.73852655

You start with 5 Requisition Points to do some basic upgrades. It's enough to give two characters boosts. I've spent 3 so far - one to give the Palanite the relic sword, one to give my Inquisitor permanently the "Alpha Class Psyker" stratagem, and one to give him the blade of the Ordo. Probably gonna spend the other 2 on increasing my supply limit and adding some Seraphim

>> No.73852662

No, fag

>> No.73852663

How can I trust that? It's not as if GW hasn't slowly removed old WFB units from AoS when we weren't looking. A lot of Primaris units are either clear upgrades or at least replacements to existing units. I'd love to trust that but GW has given me no reason to believe the Firstborn will stick around beyond what's necessary.

>> No.73852664

>Angron is a lunatic with no logical consistency
More at 11
Stubbers never went away. However, giving stubbers to Space Marines is fucking dumb. They have better shit than goddamn stubbers; they could've just had a different pattern boltgun. If it were called the "Ironhail auto bolter" it would've been fine.

>> No.73852668

Well, at least I now know who wins in Fires of Cyraxus

>> No.73852672

They already took the first step of legends-ing out Bike chaplains only a year before bringing back Primaris bike chaplains. The writing is on the wall.

>> No.73852674

cries in dwarf

>> No.73852675

I'll probably just run solo games with perma death, Crusade looks fun though and I can't for the codexes to start dropping for even more flavor and fluff

>> No.73852679

I've been playing Kill Team a lot and am looking to get into full sized 40k. I have the SoB special box, and I was looking at the idea of running Knights with some Sisters because 1. the models look really cool, 2. I know it's kinda weeb but I like the idea of a unit of Sisters tolerating a Knight for the tactical reasons such a mech brings, while the Knight thinks of himself as some holier than thou young lord with a literal army of fair maidens attending him that he must protect.
What would be the best Knight kit to compliment a primarily Sisters list?

>> No.73852682


>> No.73852690

Anon that's not how that permanent stratagem thing works

>> No.73852695

Rolled 20 (1d20)

that was just a warmup

>> No.73852697

I want to but I'm not sure how long it will last or how many people I'll be able to get on board who will play consistently.

>> No.73852701

If you play marines you're low iq.

>> No.73852702

Aesthetic wise get the fucking hector rex box, but as for running with sisters? I'd probably just create a freeblade with the freeblade table and find some stuff you think is fun.

>> No.73852705

So we've seen leaked rules for bladeguard veterans. What about the rest of the new primaris models? What does the new bladeguard ancient that doesn't even have a fucking blade do? What's the bladeguard LT do? What's the chaplain executioner looking guy do?

>> No.73852708

Yeah I'm pretty excited about it overall. Someone claiming to be a playtester said Crusade's getting expanded with a whole book later this year.

You want the Canis Rex kit. It has all the parts to make every pattern of Questoris Knight, plus a detailed cockpit. Look up tutorials on magnetizing and you can make every Knight there is.


>> No.73852710


>> No.73852711

Primaris Cawl Pattern Assault Lasgun.

>> No.73852727

There are no more standard space marines being created in the 40k universe. It's all Primaris from here on out. Firstborn numbers will slowly dwindle over time until eventually they are all dead.

The only way GW could reverse this is by giving chapters some actual reason to keep making standard marines instead of the superior Primaris marines. Maybe Standard Marines have a longer lifespan, or there is some other genetic defect in Primaris Marines that kicks in after a certain length of time/after some sort of event occurs. Maybe they are significantly more susceptible to radiation or something, so you'll still need standard marines around for cleansing Space Hulks and fighting in irradiated environments.

I don't know, something.

>> No.73852739

I meant 'back' in the in-universe sense, but yeah I get you and I agree.

>> No.73852741

Newb painter question for best eldar bros. What is the best way to paint over the clear plastic on a venom so it looks black/tinted instead of see through?

>> No.73852757

I hate to be the one to tell you but the only faction that really works well with Knights is Admech, since IIRC you can bring them in as an Admech superheavy detachment and not lose your faction rules like canticles.
If you bring a knight into a SoB army you lose Acts of Faith, which is pretty core to how the army works. Knights can soup kind of OK with guard, but it's not really needed given that Guard have their own superheavies or can just spam Leman Russes anyway.

>> No.73852768

There are literally zero firstborn marines in any of the art or model pictures the new Marine codex that aren't special models like Terminators or special chapter specific models.

There are zero Tactical Marines, Assault Marines, etc.

The new fluff book for Indomitus just refers to the Primaris Marines as "Space Marines", it doesn't even distinctly say anything about them being Primaris. I haven't looked through the new rulebook from Indomitus yet so I have no idea if they are pictured in there, but I highly doubt it.

>> No.73852770

WFB has always had issues with underperforming sales, if people actually gave a shit about the system and bought the models GW would still keep them around. As for your second point, I genuinely wonder if you really play because it's been a trend since their launch that Primaris look good on paper but struggle to actually accomplish anything and are sidegrades at best in almost every situation, there are very few outliers to this and it's pretty obvious that it was done deliberately as to not render Firstborn obsolete

Chap on bike as an old as hell pewter model that almost nobody would buy because you could easily kitbash a better looking one of your own for a fraction of the price, it would be different if GW squatted the Space Marine Commander kit and replaced it with a Primaris Commander kit

>> No.73852771

Try a coat or two of contrast

This is simply not correct, you can still run a freeblade in a separate detachment and lose no bonuses.

>> No.73852790

>If you bring a knight into a SoB army you lose Acts of Faith
Incorrect. That's if you brought them in the same detachment. Sisters DO have an army-purity bonus called Sacred Rites, but it's relatively unimportant unless you run a repentia-heavy melee list. Shooty lists can lose it just fine, and rely on arco-flagellants for melee work.

Sacred Rites work on your entire army, not just a detachment.

>> No.73852819

probably this archaon, I think it's from 99

>> No.73852821

BGA gives +1hit to BG units
BGLT is just a LT with volkite + Psword and Sshield
Executioner makes enemies go last in melee

>> No.73852829

Anon said acts of faith, not sacred rites. Sacred rites aren't that important and I think knight anon would be fine without them.

>> No.73852833

>standard marines
Are you talking about marinelets?

>> No.73852839

Bladeguard Ancient adds 1 to hit rolls for Bladeguard units within 6", as well as the usual +1 to bravery and a last shooting/melee attack for any chapter model that dies within 6"

Executioner has a 4+ invuln from his sword (not kidding), and at the start of each fight phase he picks an enemy unit within 6" of him and that unit can't fight until all other eligible units have done so. His sword is S+3, AP -3, D2 and gets a bonus mortal on a 6 to wound

>> No.73852845

Sincerely hope GW will legends classic marines in 9th. At this point it's not in doubt anymore, and all this disingenuous evading the question and just beating around the bush is making GW look spineless.

>> No.73852847

>> No.73852852

I prefer spearmint

>> No.73852854


>> No.73852869


>> No.73852872

>tfw we will never get cool robots or even their rules in 40k
man fuck forgeworld

>> No.73852886


I'll add that the Eradicator's Melta Rifle is 24" Assault 1 S8 AP-4 D6 damage with the normal melta rule at half range. Pretty gruesome with the Total Obliteration (can fire twice if firing at a single target) rule.

>> No.73852887

>man fuck forgeworld
And get cancer dust up your peehole?

>> No.73852890

You're surprised that a company is choosing to advertise their latest line up in the artwork of their newest books? Kek

Oh and dont forget that GW said it themselves 3 years ago that Primaris are just different Space Marines, they never seperated Firstborn and Primaris like the community assumed they did

>> No.73852906

If you want some transparency, use black ink. Otherwise just prime over it like the rest of the model and do some sort of Black to white gradient.

>> No.73852907

GW is doing their 40k rules now.

>> No.73852911

I think FW is just a ghost company at this point. Do they even reveal new stuff anymore? Feels like the new stuff is vastly outnumbered by the shit that's being dropped from the store.

>> No.73852913

And at a tasty 120 points for the squad of 3

>> No.73852914

Well, a tumor does technically make your dick bigger.

>> No.73852924

I doubt they'll be pushed to legends for at least another edition. You'll see them moved to their own codex before that. GW knows they can milk both for a long time to come.

>> No.73852927

they still pretend that people play HH

>> No.73852935

Every now and again they release a new HH legion dreadnought or terminator squad. I think that's honestly all they did last year in terms of models.

>> No.73852940

Unironically the last thing I saw them do was that fuck huge khorne dragon that literally no one asked for. I'm actually mad at how they handled blood bowl too. For some fucking reason they decided to make shit like goblin secret weapons forgeworld only. I would've been perfectly okay if they kept star players as a FW thing but they can suck my nuts if they want me to buy their shit to play, its like GW doesn't get that there are a million companies out there making proxies that are as good or better than them since there was such a wide hole in their remake of the game.

>> No.73852961

Hey /tg/, tell me about /yourdudes/ home planet/ship/object

>> No.73852962

They focus mostly on AoS now, making expensive neckbeard models for salty old neckbeards

>> No.73852964

>> No.73852975

It's a moon, they moved it

>> No.73852977


>> No.73852985

And now you've reminded me that chaos dwarves are stuck at forgeworld as well


>> No.73852996

Its 3 dudes in a shed

>> No.73853009

I don't think they made any AoS models at all in 2018 or 19...

>> No.73853015

New Necron Overlord from Indomitus has a one time use 120" Tachyon Arrow weapon that is S12 AP-5 D6 damage.

With a decent roll you can delete a character on turn 1.

>> No.73853021

Castigator. Cool thematic name, giant sword that sets things on fire.

>> No.73853024

>these are no longer Primaris, these are Space Marines.

GW won't do that because they can't copyright "space marine", so the primaris verbage is here to stay.

The old units will definitely slowly get squatted, but there is a lot of gunk in the range that needs to go anyways. Either the models are old and need a facelift or the kits were poorly designed. Devastators don't have enough of one weapon to kit the whole squad out with and rolling different dice for different weapons is janky. I think GW is trying to pull away from the "bits box" mentality to make starting a space marine army a little less esoteric.

>> No.73853029

Tachyon Arrow has been a thing for a while

>> No.73853043

Well my dudes have a Lucius pattern dreadnought named Johannes who when he was a marine lead a team fighting tyranids. He got astropathic orders to hold the fort but the shadow in the warp stopped any further orders like ones to fall back so he stood and held the fort till he was out of ammo and only had his fists.

>> No.73853047

I don't understand why people hate on Primaris vehicles for being grav. Did you also autistically hate the Land Speeder? Being anti-grav is something that's iconically Space Marine and separates them more from the Guard. More unique flavour between factions is a good thing.

>> No.73853050

There's not much left on it since they turned traitor and started hosting endless gladiatorial combat on it, and then the Rift opened across the galaxy and swallowed it up since it was by the Maelstrom. Before all that shit it was a mostly tundra planet with some not!Slavic tribals eking out a living in the ice and snow, some eventually becoming marines.

>> No.73853053

all their efforts are pointed at a big WHFB release, probably to coincide with total warhammer 3.

>> No.73853057

I don't know shit about Necrons so I didn't know. I just thought it was interesting.

>> No.73853060

Seeing this highlights why I'm nervous about the art direction of the new warrior models. I really dislike the battle damage the new sculpts have. I like my Necrons ancient and clean.

>> No.73853073

That guy is easily my favourite model of all time. Shame he sucks ass and is only even remotely viable when he has multiple buildings to punch. Knights are just so fucking good that they make everything in the middle ground look like useless dogshit by comparison.

>> No.73853081

>GK don't have to worry about primeris shit

>> No.73853082

>fuck huge khorne dragon that literally no one asked for
I had to go on their site and check it for myself. It's definitely a cool model but fuck that asking price, god damn. Also:
>Khorne dragon
>face is axe-shaped
I fucking love Khorne.

>> No.73853084

"The Old World" is their new nostalgiabait project now that Horus Heresy is winding down. It won't actually work with old WHFB armies and will only have rules for shit no one cared about like Kislev and Cathay to make sure you have to buy whole new armies instead of using your old stuff

>> No.73853100

HH is winding down? And theres no Korsarro Khan model? Damn he's like the one primarch i actually want a model for.

>> No.73853112

They still could do siege shit and really milk it, tis a shame the rules are shit

>> No.73853113

For now. Once they get the core units and special characters for marines down, they'll move onto the snowflake chapters. We've already seen the start of it with primaris Death Company intercessors, which was a total waste of time when they released primaris assault marines like 6 months later, but that's GW for you. Expect primaris Wulfen, Paladins, etc. within a year or two.

>> No.73853114

They've reached the Siege of Terra, man. There's not much Heresy left to do

>> No.73853124

Pick one

>> No.73853126

My first model is basically that guardsman but a Van Saar with shotgun.

Same opaque blue and black paintjob.

>> No.73853151

With FW's current pace, it's gonna be like five or six years when they'll release the book for the siege of terra

>> No.73853155

There's more alien shit in the setting that uses anti grav than there are space marine vehicles using anti grav shit. I would not say anti grav is anything iconically space marine and honestly if they wanted to do the anti-grav thing that's what the custodes should be for. I mean, it was actually a big deal that sammael had the last jet bike in the imperium and then here are the primaris with unending grav shit that was lost to time but "actually just kidding we found it".

>> No.73853159

The only guy that ran pretty much everything died and no one wants to even try and pick up what he left behind because that would mean they would have to do some actual work for once.

>> No.73853163


>> No.73853187

Sounds like GW should hire a ringer of some sort and whip them back into shape, or otherwise just take full direct control of their facilities

>> No.73853210

I mean if you gave me the chance to paint that fucker you bet your ass I would but I see no fucking reason for it to exist.

>> No.73853298

I've always gotten the sense that Forge World was where GW stuck their employees who underperform as punishment duty, and everyone there is just drunk, all the time.

>> No.73853299

5th with 4th codecies for nids/orks>naked 5th>4th>3rd>early 7th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>6th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>late 7th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>early-mid 8th>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>late 8th

>> No.73853308

They released this a few months ago

>> No.73853344

I just started the install for Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade. What kinda of shit show will this be and will i even be able to get a game?
I got it when it was in beta and havent played it since

>> No.73853363

If you bring ork buggies as a squad they only have 2" coherency?

>> No.73853393

For what it is, and what the developers were given to work with, it's extremely good.

It's still a very bad game though that is in extreme need of funding. Development on it to my knowledge has ceased.

>> No.73853401

What army does your local qt trap play?

>> No.73853415

See most people don't get that trannys who could play wh40k are the ones who can afford good hormones and good titjobs. Blaire White tier

Big think.

>> No.73853454

are queue times long? Is everyone space marines? I wanna play an ork boy

>> No.73853469

It's shit. Considering it's a fucking one use weapon I don't know why they couldn't have just given it something crazy like a flat five damage and called it a day.

>> No.73853472

They'll have to do something about grey knights then because they don't have primaris and would be the only non-primaris space marines running around.

>> No.73853480

I'm still thinking it up...

>> No.73853526

Or they just invuln save it.

>> No.73853545


>> No.73853546

Not their homeworld, but my Sisters have a Mission on a local Knight World and that's turned into a close alliance between them. My Sisters hate the admech, so they get the Knights' Sacristans to make and maintain their stuff instead.

The Knights are House Cymru, on the planet Yr-Wyddfa. Their main notable thing is the use of vat-grown people they call Cauldron-Born as Armiger pilots.

>> No.73853556

This is fitting, since Tau have some relation to Necrons.

>> No.73853588

last time i played, which was like 3? 4? years ago, I dunno, there was still a pretty decent Eldar base. running around as a striking scorpion was fun. I should redownload it just to check it out, considering I was one of the guys stupid enough to buy one of the really expensive founder/preorder packs for it because me and a bunch of guys in my battery were planning on playing it a lot. turns out i stopped after 6 hours total

>> No.73853610

Does 9th have AA yet?

>> No.73853614

At the start, maybe - it certainly beat 7th. Codex creep, endless supplements and the endless tide of Primaris releases really put the fatigue in. Thats why 9th worries me, it looks very much like more of the same.

>> No.73853626

The infantry is all done

There is so much more work to do

>> No.73853630

Not until they are based.

>> No.73853637

base those badboys up

>> No.73853641

Basically a Primaris Pick Up Truck.

>> No.73853650

No you moron they're not done. They're not even based yet

>> No.73853662

>Painted past battle ready

>> No.73853672

Looks nice anon. Very inspiring.

Now fucking base them you retard.

>> No.73853679

>With a decent roll you can delete a character on turn 1.

without even factoring in the hit roll, the wound roll, and possible enemy saves, you'll still need to roll a 5 or a 6 on the damage roll to kill most characters.

>> No.73853686

Are you looking forward to Jump Shoot Jump returning for Tau in 9th?

>> No.73853689

No I was just going to spend the last 3 months and hundred of dollars making this army and painting endlessly to leave it with unfinished blue bases

>> No.73853691

>regular primaris
>stealthy primaris
>now footslogging melee primaris
It's all so soulless. Are assault primaris fast attack? If not why aren't chainswords part of the intercessor profile? Why are there no fucking wargear options? Who gives a shit about footslogging primaris that can't take power swords, the sarge can't take a thunder hammer, none of them have grav chutes or whatever the new jump pack is called. What's the point?

Same with infiltrators and incursors, why the rules bloat? oldmarines were at least customizable, but with primaris you have to take a whole fucking unit and those units rarely have any wargear options.

>> No.73853692

>cool looking unique land Speeder
>shoots a d6 shot relic plasma cannon
>t6 w9
>costed fairly
>all ruined because you can't take more them 1 in a squad

>> No.73853699

what the fuck is the context of this image? what is kurt russel pointing out?

>> No.73853705

They were kicked out of the store and the owner had to sue for damages.

>be at flgs new years' eve 2015
>store owner had planned for and hosted big reopening event same time
>worked out a deal between next door bar on left side and next door pizza joint on right side
>start with about a dozen people
>by 10:30 the thing has swollen to about 30 people easily
>alcohol gets involved
>normies from the bar next door now drunkenly learning how to play 40k, magic, and one brave duo of sorority girls even convinced the owner himself to teach them how to play aeronautica of all things
>unironically a great night, only one of the stereotypically-repulsive "deathguard LARPers" rl show up
>amazingly enough he actually cleaned up for the night
>later he turns out to be the least spergy regular-customer of the night because he didn't drink
>midnight celebrations happen, virtually everyone on site is absolutely wasted
>owner needs to shut it down before it gets out of hand
>rounds up some "orderlies" to start wrapping up the games and get people to head home
>Many rideshare services are being called
>shockingly, the fucking sorority duo are the only ones still actually trying to play a game somewhat coherently
>absolutely hammered tranny becomes belligerently autistic towards these girls about the game
>tranny gets told off, and he goes to leave
>realizes his fucking tranny backpack was stolen
>flies into a drunkenly autistic trans rage
>screaming, breaking merchandise, collapsed a game table etc.
>nurglespawn from earlier and the owner literally drag and throw this retard outside

the worst part about this is that the fucking weirdo was in all other respects normal up until that night, also turned out that he was too drunk to realize he never even brought the backpack anyway. he played eldar, and his units were painted very well. Didn't really pass, really just looked like an extremely feminine guy. if he didn't have fake long hair he might've made a good tomboy.

>> No.73853707

Fuck you GW

>> No.73853711

Are you like me and can't decide how you're gonna base them?

>> No.73853713

>Why are there no fucking wargear options? Who gives a shit about footslogging primaris that can't take power swords, the sarge can't take a thunder hammer, none of them have grav chutes or whatever the new jump pack is called. What's the point?

It's because it's a monobuild starter kit you fucking autist. The options will comes when the new codex comes out.


>complains that new units don't have soul
>only cares about unit rules and now how cool a unit looks.

Chainswords troops are a cool concept and that alone is enough reason to unclude a squad in my army.

>> No.73853728

he said trap, not tranny

>> No.73853730

there's no goddamn fucking difference

>> No.73853736

Not him but baseing can be a bitch to decide
For me the questions are:
>Where do I want these dudes set, in their home enviorment? a natural setting? a warzone? an enemy environment?
>Should I bases these guys like my other army if I want my friends to come over and play?
>what story do I want to tell?

>> No.73853748

>alcohol gets involved
If this story is true the store owner has only himself to blame
Lots of teens play in this place and even as an adult I can say that isn't right to bring booze into a GW

>> No.73853749

I'm a lazy fuck so i just drybrush some stirland mud and add a few grass tufts

>> No.73853754

Some of them already are based, I'm just painting everything then doing the bases all in one huge batch

>> No.73853756

Finally finished this thing, have almost half a board worth of tyranid terrain now.

>> No.73853759

>Ramilies class Starfort, Bastion of Twilight
>old ass, half falling apart starfort the chapter found in the Ghoul Stars
>spent half a century purging it of xenos and hostiles, spent another two fixing it and calling in enough favors to get it towed to a forgeworld to fix it
>found hundreds of Heresy era suits of power armour, equipment, vehicles, and supplies mostly intact in one of the primary holds
>traded a lot of the other stuff the chapter had no need of to the Admech to gain enough servitors and tech support to keep the fort functional
>now use it as an occasionally mobile fortress keep, dedicating entire holds to developing a multitude of biomes in order to train the chapter's scouts as final selection and to the chapter's armouries, reliquaries, and auto-foundries
>the disparate chapter fleets will gather at the Bastion every half century as time and war permits to mingle with their brothers and ensure that the various fleets, usually operating alone and out of communication of their brothers, maintain chapter culture and the ties that bind them
>rarely bring the fort into combat, because the last time they did orks almost got it and they nearly had to scuttle it

the chapter master and all the captains have their own flagships, but every Rider of the Storm considers the Bastion their home

>> No.73853761

Kits are still being poorly designed arguably now more then ever just look at the new CSM kits, havocs having only one fucking chaincannon is criminal.

>> No.73853765

Not that anon but
>Options will come when the codex does
Primaris captains still can't hold a bolt pistol and power fist at the same time. No Primaris unit has a special or heavy weapon marine. Gravis captains have exactly 0 options. Intercessor sarges finally got THs after literal years, but no other squad lead or character did.

Primaris are not getting all the options old marines did, not ever. They're lucky if they get to reskin their bolters.

>> No.73853767


It wasn't a GW store but I agree with you. As much fun as drinking with your mates and playing 40k is (it's how I play it 90% of the time), I don't recommend a store owner doing it with randoms.

>> No.73853774

any guardbros have anything to say about sentinels?

>> No.73853778

One of them knows that they're male and doesn't want to mutilate their penis

>> No.73853785

there's a difference between a light 2 man recon vehicle and a land raider with grav plates

>> No.73853787


I still think the monobuild options will loosen up for some of the units in the Indomitus box in the codex that will surely come soon. I expect at the very least for Sergeants to get weapon options.

>> No.73853790

That looks retarded as fuck. even worse than the flying potatocopter stormtalon.

>> No.73853793

Sentinels a cute

>> No.73853795

Siggie piggie needs to go back to his pen

>> No.73853797

they're ultramarines. they'll never be based

>> No.73853802

>Started with T'au
>Moved to salamanders, then space wolves, then ultras
>Eventually to CWE
>Started playing whfb skaven and then slaves to chaos
>Then to deldar
>Then to imperial guard
>Then to tyranids
>Then back to T'au
Currently just T'au and Deldar.

>> No.73853807


I kinda like the Respulsor after having one for a while. It's grown on me. The other one is shit because of the back but is otherwise just a rhino that flies.

>> No.73853808

The entire primaris range is not monobuild schizoid.

>> No.73853811

Not having the movement penalty for heavy weapons is a pretty nice buff for them.

>> No.73853815

I play marines and nids
no I won't post my models, I already post them on here and I won't have you associate them with me

>> No.73853817

I kinda love how ridiculous it is.

>> No.73853822

When are we getting new scout models? The current ones are atrocious

>> No.73853823

Relatively to new warhammer but the lgs I went to back in my mtg days was right below a pub. A fucking lot of people would go up between rounds and have a drink and come back down and we had no issues.

>> No.73853834

i actually like them. got like 40 or 50 of them. I should really finish painting them so I can get more

>> No.73853835

Nice job anon. How much time did that take you to finish?

>> No.73853836

>faction of religious goth varbies in bobcuts with flamers, perfect women
>made into the "tranny faction" because leftists and some really bad sculpts with unflatering paintjobs

>> No.73853837

They're gonna be thrown into legends.

>> No.73853855

You got them a while ago. They're called Infiltrators/Incursors

>> No.73853858

If there's a person who doesn't want to cut their dick off but is on hormones and goes by female pronouns what're they?

>> No.73853859

Still working on it, but so far: I'm thinking that my Minor Order is based on a relatively small industrial world in the Dark Imperium. When the Rift opened up, Chaos invaded which in turn prematurely triggered the local GSC to reveal itself and attack.

I'm interested in the idea of a Sororitas Order ending up as the last major power left on a world in the Dark Imperium. So the Order eventually rallied the planet's Imperials and defeated Chaos and the GCS, but there's so much corruption and death that they're basically the last stable power left. So the Canoness is forced to start governing the world, and also carrying out some brutal purges due to Chaos or GCS remnants in the populace, which makes the Order controversial amongst the people.

I'll say that eventually an interim civilian government is made, to justify my Sisters being able to go out and fight other forces again (me playing games), but the Canoness still wields a disproportionate amount of influence.

>> No.73853865

I play gsc but I like them and I feel like they're about to get really good with vehicles ignoring heavy modifiers.

We already got new scout models, eliminators are 1 for 1 scouts with sniper rifles and camo cloaks.

>> No.73853867

Then let me take SBR's on them

>> No.73853868

A tranny who still wants their dick or a trap who got way too into the act

>> No.73853869

Tarantino is a known feet fetishist, I guess this was from the scene that focuses on thurman's feet? In grindhouse if I remember right?

>> No.73853876

I don't exactly hate the repulsor or the other primaris grav vehicles exactly, I actually like the fact that if you look at them, they do have design features that clearly draw inspiration from the rhino chassis vehicles space marines already have, which is nice. I just think that they shouldn't be as covered in weapons as they are, and that they should have bolter based guns instead of stubbers of all things. I could go either way on the whole grav part too, I suppose

>> No.73853877

When do we learn what a supreme command detatchment can actually contain, i.e what units/types gain <SUPREME COMMMANDER> allowing for 4 HQs out of a battalion?
>Asking for a friend who list builds.

>> No.73853885

What's the cheapest way to make a smash captain? I would buy the vanguard veteran but what the fuck do I do with the other 4?

>> No.73853886

that and the air wing detachments got removed, so never

>> No.73853887 [DELETED] 

If a tranny doesn't have to want to mutilate their dick then your argument makes no sense, because you've still yet to provide a difference between them.

>> No.73853891

<SUPREME COMMANDER> is basically just a keyword for "must be your warlord"

>> No.73853894

based on what?

>> No.73853896


The power creep reset at the beginning of 8th was amazing, and probably won't happen again until 2040

>> No.73853900

Run them, convert them, or sell them.

>> No.73853903

No, it's probably relegated to certain named characters.

>> No.73853904

cheers anon, easily 12+ hours as I had to greenstuff back to life all the broken and missing bits, also I really should of primed grey or something, white was madness.

>> No.73853905

get a single marine, go to bits stores and get a jetpack and some weapons, will cost a bit, but still less than buying an entire box for a model. If you want cool poses, try to get one of the heroes manlets or some special guy and convert him.

>> No.73853907

Cthonol was an arsenal planet, mostly used for deep-storing mothballed gear and massive stocks of ammunition. It got attacked during the later stages of the 2nd Tyrranic War, with the PDF entirely wiped out and much of the surface being made uninhabitable. Judging the war material beneath the surface as too valuable to destroy outright, the planet was subjected to prolonged nuclear and chemical bombardment until it was an irradiated, frozen hellscape. Several regiments of penal troops were "volunteered" to remain behind in the sealed underground vault networks, guarding against any surviving bugs and awaiting rescue.

Centuries later, my dudes are the descendants of the penal troops, living in underground shanty-towns inside ancient armouries and paying for rare supply runs in salvaged ammunition and armoured vehicles. Like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. meets Gone with the Blastwave.

>> No.73853914

Turn them into a 4man veteran squad that acts as your captain's honor guard

>> No.73853920

8th could've been good if a bit boring had they just rebalanced indexes. Initial indexes were a fucking joke by points costs alone.

>> No.73853921

Literally just units like guilliman/magnus/mortarion, anon.

I don't have a ton of fluff on them but I do have some <your dudes> gsc that I want to base on the twisted helix while painting them up like they're in purple hazard suits. All I've really got is that they live on a moon colony.

>> No.73853922

Neat, I like it.

>> No.73853925

traps always know that they're male and trannies never do

>> No.73853926

buy a smash captain kit off of pop goes the monkey or find someone local with a resin printer to print you out some bits.

>> No.73853935

You know something I miss from 6th?
Scatter dice
I know its dumb but I really miss those things

>> No.73853936

Flyrant spam, the fw chaos hq spam and smite spam? 8th was pretty balanced post knights nerf and pre marine codex, and I played manlet salamanders with decent success (no melta or flamers, since gw hates those weapons)

>> No.73853939

Help, my brain wants me to collect a blood angels army

>> No.73853941

I hope so, anon. I want to like Primaris, but the horrific lack of wargear in what used to be Gear Queers The Faction just keep turning me around. I could even learn to love Phobos if I could give their Lieutenant a Thunder Hammer or something dumb.

Scout sarges can have Thunder Hammers. I only learned that a week ago, but it's absolutely rad.

>> No.73853955

fuck that
>roll scatter dice near the models so I can actually gauge which direction it goes
>knock all the models over
>roll scatter dice in designated dice rolling zone
>have to argue with the faggot I'm playing against that no, it does in fact hit that squad because it is going in this direction
>strength would be instadeath for his models so he will not fucking give up on it
yea no fuck that rule and templates for flamers, that shit always lead to arguments

>> No.73853957

Based on a throwaway line in the 8e BA codex.

>> No.73853958


>> No.73853969

thank you. I really like the fluff building aspect of the hobby more than I like the actual gaming, so I've got oodles of stuff about /mydudes/ in my head. I'm even half tempted to try and get a BFG fleet and paint them up in my chapter's colors so that I can have all the ships they have

>> No.73853976

>GW made Indomitus made to order
kek. So rather than bothering to print more stock and supply it to store they're going to do this shit? What a bunch of fucking penny pinchers.

>> No.73853981

>tfw bought a 12 pack of coke on friday
>too afraid to drink or eat around my models because of past experiences
bros i fucking hate being a clumsy retard.

>> No.73853993

so do I. used to love the potential risk in teleport striking a terminator squad or deep striking an assault squad or two and hoping they didn't scatter off of that gap you forced in the opponent's lines the previous turn, or sneaking a squadron of devil dogs around some ruins to fire a volley of danger close and hope it didn't blow up in your face

>> No.73853997

The Black Conventicle is/are a splintered force from the Word Bearers Legion. Their de facto leader, a Dark Apostle, makes up for his warband's small size and lacking defensive/offensive capabilities by utilizing scores of daemons. They "own" a few Chaos Spawn, most of whom were rivals purposely mutated in rituals. The marines they do have tend to be decked in Terminator armor (to support the bloodletter charges) or riding in bikes (to match pace with the flocks of Screamers). Their daemonic forces tend to be led by a world eater champion who ascended to khornate daemonhood and was subsequently more-or-less bound to the DA.

I'd change the name because I asked an anon suggested it and I hate the fact I didn't come up with it, but it's too good to just throw away. I couldn't decide on fluff but I've found I like painting daemons more than Marines, so I figured I'd work around that since /yourdudes/ daemons seem like they'd be kinda hard to work with.

>> No.73854000

I like this a lot, kinda reminds me of krieg in a good way but without the suicide cult autism.

>> No.73854005

The hope
The grim reality Probably

>> No.73854009


>> No.73854011

Fucking gross dude, I love it.

>> No.73854018

My necromancer-themed chaos warband make their home on the Shadow Fathom Labyrinth, a warp travel-capable space hulk that contains several battle barges, eldar technology, and even a whole mechanicus forge ship. It's 'crewed' by hundreds of thousands of zombies under the control of a lich-like daemon prince called the Afterking.

>> No.73854020

i am overwhelmed with an urge to coom on this when you are not looking

>> No.73854021

Hey guys, I'm trying to play with my buddy on tabletop, and unfortunately we're having a tough time figuring out tyranid weapons.So, as we went through the available PDF files on the trove, we were unable to find any real ruling about tyranid weapons. So I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on the situation.

Situation in question: His Mawloc deep struck into the middle of my necron warriors. After he did so, he attempted to engage in melee, and when we went to look up his weapons, we saw that he only had his base stats listed, and the prehensile pincer that gave him the +1 melee attack. That looks and reads like dogshit, so we didn't believe it. What the hell do we have to look at to find out exactly how many attacks this Mawloc has for 8th edition? For reference, I'm using the necron 8th edition book physically, so I have no issues on my end. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any advice you can give in reply. Have a good week. :)

>> No.73854023

Do they have to be the actual honor guard miniatures or can I call any space marine honor guard and just go with it's stat line.
I'm new.

>> No.73854024

On a base of appropriate size with a texture of some kind, painted and optionally flocked.

>> No.73854031

>tfw no more +3 invuln for smash captains.

>> No.73854033

>drinking soda

>> No.73854037

> Scouts
> In the current 40k timeline

You realize that no new standard marines are being created, it's all Primaris now. This means that any Scouts still in your army in 9th ediution have somehow gone through 200+ years of being Scouts without being promoted to full fledged Marines. This is during a period that is so rife with conflict that practically every marine chapter is constantly fighting something somewhere.

How much of a fuckup would you have to be at your job to not get promoted after 200 years?

>> No.73854046

as long as they have the appropriate wargear, you can have any model and call it honor guard, or any unit for that matter

>> No.73854052

shut up faggot

>> No.73854064

Make your own.

>> No.73854068

i'm pretty sure primaris still go through scout training when they're neophytes, not to mention all the chapters that still have thousands of years worth of unaltered geneseed that they know works and the armour and vehicles to go with it, right?

>> No.73854070

Grey Knights in self-exile to atone for some failure in duty. Their armor painted black to stand apart from their gunmetal brethren. They're pledged to Draigo(who's in traditional GK colors) in his travels and travel with him supporting him but sharing in none of the glory in their collective feats. The unacknowledged, uncelebrated pillars propping up the wayfaring chapter master.

>> No.73854072

They'll still be a thing until the marine codex comes out technically

>> No.73854075


>> No.73854076

I like his sword

>> No.73854079

Also i'm pretty sure Mawlocs can't tunnel into melee. They have to deepstrike "at least 1" away from an enemy" i.e. not in melee combat, and can't charge on the turn they tunnel in.

>> No.73854083

>tfw actually canadian

>> No.73854084

Man these are sick

>> No.73854094

That's worse

>> No.73854096

This just tells me that GW is going to say fuck it and squat the grey knights since they've made it clear they'll get no primaris models. And there's no point maintaining mareinlet molds just for GK.

>> No.73854097

Me too. Makes me wish we had a model for the lad.

>> No.73854098

4+ invuln on executioner is only in the fight phase IIRC

>> No.73854099

Ah yes, let's only make primaris marines who can't use the arms and armor we have stored up from ten thousand years of war.

>> No.73854107

Being a space marine would suck.

>> No.73854113

wouldn't be much different than being a servitor.

>> No.73854117

melee weapons don't have an attack stat, a unit has the number of attacks equal to their attack stat (the A on their stat line). Also the trove doesn't have the current nid codex as far as I can tell. Use the megas in the OP.

>> No.73854121

Where is this blurb from?

>> No.73854130



> Restrictions: You can only include one Supreme Command Detachment in your army. This Detachment can only include on PRIMARCH, DAEMON PRIMARCH, or SUPREME COMMANDER unit, and this unit must be selected as your WARLORD.

> COMMAND BENEFITS: Select one of the following:
> +4 Command points if your army includes any Brigade Detachments
> +3 Command points if your army includes any Battalion Detachments
> +2 Command points if your army includes any Patrol Detachments

>> No.73854136

The most reputable source we have, Warhammer community of course!

Which is to say the only place to comment on the matter thus far.


>> No.73854137

I personally would like to have a clear-cut purpose in life and ideals to defend/uphold. If your chapter master is a cool guy like Dante it would be even better.

>> No.73854138

I hope he can bring the black blade or axes he summons

>> No.73854145

It's in the codex as well.

>> No.73854149

Oh so it means literally nothing then


>> No.73854150

>Space Marines actually pre-date Warhammer 40,000 – they were so popular that the game was designed around them!
All non-SM utterly rekt

Confirmed for literal NPCs

>> No.73854160

weren't terminators the original space marine, and space marines were created to make terminators more badass?

>> No.73854174

These are the OG marines from 86.

>> No.73854183

reminder that if you aren't nids, astartes or androids you're a literal fucking npc faction

>> No.73854191


>> No.73854192

wow, adjusted for inflation the game was even MORE expensive then than it was now. 5 quid is an insane amount of money for '86.

>> No.73854213


$15 for 8 marines is ok.

>> No.73854220

okay retard

>> No.73854228


15 pounds, I guess. I'm used to burger currency.

>> No.73854229

Ynnari index you fucking retard

>> No.73854230

>5 quid is an insane amount of money for '86.
Wasn't that just like $6? That was like 2 cartons of milk back then.

>> No.73854237

It's the one with the three primaris types. The Indoctrinated and whatever the two others were.

>> No.73854238

They're also awful sculpts and material compared to today.

>> No.73854249

5.5 quid would be about 16.2 today

>> No.73854252


Lead or white metal is superior metal to what they have today. Sure, the sculpts are old and shit, but whatever. You would have thought them cool back then.

>> No.73854260

but Orks are in Space Crusade

>> No.73854266

metal is more expensive than plastic, regardless of what it means for quality

>> No.73854267

Doesn't mean they belong

>> No.73854276

Are plaugebearers any fun to paint?
Out of morbid curiosity, are there any decent alternative color schemes?

>> No.73854293

Yes, they're a bit more involved than other daemons (when painted with full effort of course)
Yes, you can basically paint them any color (someone post the rainbow plaguebearers guide)

>> No.73854298

They'll just get new sculpts but without being made Primaris, sort of like how all the Chaos marines are bigger.

>> No.73854305

I wouldn't have been alive back then

>> No.73854321

The warrior women art I've seen doesn't look so great either. It's not bad artwork I guess, just...doesn't make me want to pick up the sisters.

>> No.73854326

>Tiny baby gun held gingerly
>Yawning 40 year old car salesmen with terrible haircut
>ED 209 rip-off Dread
That box art looks shit.

>> No.73854334


I'm older than 40k by a few months.

>> No.73854335

Just don't throw it in front like a dumbass and it will be fun. Or stick its fancy angel statue on top and don't even bother with plasma spam.

It's a cool model and has decent rules this edition, so just try to make the best use of it you can. How would you even make a squad of that fat fuck?

>> No.73854342

I finally got a 2nd game on tts. I lost again but it was sort of close at some points maybe and I started with a big disadvantage since I made my list with 9th rules and points but then my opponent told me we were playing 8th when the game started.

me: my gundams
him: 3 nigger primaris squads, a captain and a shooty dread

I set up my guys right on the edge of the deployment zone with the big ruins blocking los thinking I was going first, but then my opponent rolled a 6 which he claimed let him go first instead. then he ran his marines straight through the walls in the middle of the map which he claimed he could do because infantry keyword and executed my strike team. that sounded like total bullshit but ok. on my turn I tried to fly my robots into cover from his dread, but I didn't roll high enough on my advance roll and got stuck in open ground. I gunned down one of his intercessor squads though with overwatch. turn 2 his dread sneaky sniped one of my exposed crisis suits with a lascannon potshot and moved his 2 remaining intercessors onto the middle and right objective. I flew my dudes into the ruins and shot at his marines, but I rolled like 8 1s and only managed to kill 2 of them. turn 3 he charges with his surviving intercessors and his captain but doesn't manage to kill me somehow. since he said we were playing 8th I flew back and shot and finished off his 2nd intercessor squad, but wasn't able to take any shots on his captain. turn 4 he charges his captain again and murders the rest of my crisis team with his relic power sword. his remaining intercessors also got close enough to charge through another wall at my broadside. I fell back with my commander again and finally managed to kill his captain, but I moved 1" too far and ended in los of his dread which lascannoned it next turn making me surrender with only a broadside stuck in melee left. I was way behind on vp but I think I had a small chance of at least killing all his dudes if I hadn't fucked up.

>> No.73854354

what can I do to git guder? this is 2 games in a row I feel like I lost because I overestimated using terrain to screen for me. I'm also salty that I changed my list to have the onager gauntlet on my commander but I missed with it 3/3 times. is my list the problem or just misplaying because I'm a newfag?

>> No.73854360

This is the worst model I ever bought and doing it killed my interest in Dark Angels. I sold them all now and bought Thousand Sons instead. That model is so ugly it turned me to Chaos.

>> No.73854363

I dunno man but you can run these fat fucks in a squad but GW didn't bother giving them a ravenwing keyword or jink in dark angels. Trying a game more in a castle before I just start running fliers

>> No.73854369

It looks cool as fuck minus that the studio didn't bother to gap fill anything.

>> No.73854372


>> No.73854391

woah what is that IT'S CUTE

>> No.73854393

tts players are the worst. no soul

>> No.73854408



>> No.73854410

>but then my opponent rolled a 6 which he claimed let him go first instead
It's called seize the initiative and yes it's a thing but 9th is removing it.

>he ran his marines straight through the walls in the middle of the map which he claimed he could do because infantry keyword and executed my strike team. that sounded like total bullshit but ok.
Infantry can move through ruins in 8th though I'm pretty sure they've killed this in 9th.

Honestly I'd probably avoid the gauntlet unless you really like it since Tau don't exactly want to be in melee, especially with something like a marine captain. Otherwise you'll just have to play more, if marines are able to get into combat with you so easily you need to position your troops better.

>> No.73854414

The gunner at the front is worse design than anything in the Primaris range.

>> No.73854428

You can still move through ruins without impediment in 9th. It's granted by the the Breachable tag.

>> No.73854450

>chaos deamon lords
>forgeworld only
>expensive in points and $
>rarely pop up on ebay
>no other lord of war choices
>special keeper doesn't get extra claw attacks

who are these models for? i can get 2 lords of change for the price of the forgeworld guy and at least 4 in points in my list

>> No.73854475

I saw where it said infantry can move through windows and doors but I didn't think they could just phase through walls. I didn't pick the map but I thought that I could fly around the ruins to stay out of charge range, but that plan didn't work when he could just walk right through them. what kind of terrain can I actually abuse with flying units?

>> No.73854476

They're for the nogamez guys, you know the guys that make up 80% of all model purchases

>> No.73854501

Anything tall, units that can't fly still have to count vertical distance when moving.

>> No.73854521

Going to buy more to spite you

>> No.73854561

They were around before the plastic ones were. Plus some of them arguably look a lot better, particularly the Khorne one.

>> No.73854564

>Plasma Inceptor
>Fly, deep strike
>2d3 plasma shots
>Mortis Dreadnought
>2d3 plasma shots
>8w but no deep strike or fly or invuln
>110 points

>> No.73854577

Would this be a sensible way to organize a thousand sons sect?

>> No.73854604

FW is always off in terms of balance but being able to deep strike in that much plasma is pretty nice.

>> No.73854619

I'm talking a plain mortis dreadnought, not the FW contemptor version.

>> No.73854636

>Like playing light armor
>14 wounds or a stupid invuln or -1 to hit stacks or character screening is necessary to not have them die to something stupid like one twin lascannon
Fuck you gw make armor do something again.

>> No.73854645

There's nothing mechanically wrong with it but my first reaction is that it's a little too consistent and organized for an army of esoteric magicians. I'd use that as a basic template and then rework everything to give it ritual significance that matches the flavour of the army whilst also breaking down the strict divisions between unit types. It's not a codex compliant chapter, it doesn't need ten strictly defined companies with ten strictly defined squads.

>> No.73854658

Cant vehicles fire in melee now? 9th might make taking things like land speeders a smart pick now.

>> No.73854659

Should I paint my Indomitus Box as Ultramarines, Blood Angels, or Dark Angels? I'm not going to ever expand it for the forseeable future this is kind of just a 1 off display project I want to do.

>> No.73854662

>not mentioning toughness
Shit argument desu.

>> No.73854665

I dunno whatever you think looks cool. Could just do yourdudes

>> No.73854666

so it has to be tall like a wall or a building but not count as a ruin?

>> No.73854672

Dank Angles

>> No.73854673

I couldn't fit too much information in the chart, I want it to be more of a general guide. I may flesh out each thrallband individually but that may take a lot of time.

>> No.73854674

Write 200+ pages of homebrew and then paint them as Your Guys.

>> No.73854679

Odds are it's t7+ fire going into either. The mortis is fucking squishy.

>> No.73854680

All three of those are tied for me. I was going to Yourdudes but I'm just going to save that for the far future when I maybe do a Primaris army.

>> No.73854687

Take 1 paragraph from each chapters page on 1d4chan and replace the name with yours

>> No.73854694

If you're doing it for display, do Ultramarines. I feel they look nice with their gold trims. Gives you an excuse to get Guilliman too which is a nice display model, but thats dependent on if you want to spend extra

>> No.73854702

The definition of ruin is vague and people apply it to most buildings and the like. Being a ruin just lets them move through walls, even if it's a ruin they still count vertical distances unless they can fly. Fly units ignore vertical distances so you can fly up to the top of the structure and make them have to charge further.

Also in 8th you're immune to charges if your opponent can't actually move the bases of their models within 1" so you can just sit on a ledge and be safe.

>> No.73854703

Jeff is a shit name for a Space Marine chapter though

>> No.73854707

You're starting a primaris collection with this box. Sounds like a great excuse to figure out a scheme for your dudes

>> No.73854713

>Also in 8th you're immune to charges if your opponent can't actually move the bases of their models within 1" so you can just sit on a ledge and be safe.
stg tourneyfags are the cancer killing the casual meta

>> No.73854727

Considering 9th ed engagement range has a 5" vertical distance it doesn't really matter.

>> No.73854730


>> No.73854735


>> No.73854736

I'd agree considering I was describing my gf

>> No.73854737

they are actually 50 now, before they were 59, vs 100 and 92 of the mortis.
That said, the inceptor have no impact before turn 2, only 18" range so they could be kept away from important stuff until turn 3.
The mortis has more range and can impact things from turn 1, sure they can shoot it down, but we are talking about raw performance, otherwise the inceptor should cost more for their utility

>> No.73854738


>> No.73854835

it just seems unintuitive that you have solid looking terrain that's effectively not there except to block los. doesn't that heavily favor melee units since they can run in with los blocked but then charge like it's flat ground?

>> No.73854856

Firstborn stormshields haven't been needed.

>> No.73855035

Fair enough I've done the same

>> No.73855062

It's based off of GW ruins which are full of holes to scramble through.

>> No.73855103

just remember it's raw biomass in the middle

cheers, anon, that sort of body horror is what I love lots about nids

>> No.73855144

>t. scalping faggot

>> No.73855177

>he doesn't think gw will primaris grey knights
Stormcast got a wizard chamber

>> No.73855640

>chaos marines had Primaris helmets
No, they didn’t. *Some* of them had chaos-y Mk.4 helmets, which is fluffy as fuck

>> No.73856095

Heh, you're a'right, kid.

>> No.73856137

>Weeeh, will take away their....Rhinos.

>> No.73856343

It became the tranny faction by you fucking incels screaming 'tranny' all the fucking time.
Not 'leftists', not your sjw-boogiewoogiemen, you fucking incels.
You Will Not Be Missed!

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