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Death Korps of Krieg!

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Rate my model. I've tried my hand at weathering this time!

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Can we get a thread tune

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How are Shadow Specters to use? repost since asked after this thread was made last thread

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Are my guys ready for the battlefield?

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>have a day off tomorrow
>no one has called in telling me to take over a shift for some bitch nigger who bailed
am I going to be allowed to paint? It's been so long

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>the absolute state of /aosg/

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This is the only picture I have right now. Yes, I cleaned my keyboard since then.

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Where's that poor destroyer lord's base?

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hahah good meme

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Gue'vesa models came out? When?

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why can't GW just make models that come pre painted in parts like gunpla stuff?

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>Am I a joke to you?

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I can't hear this without thinking of If the Emperor had a Text to Speech device

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Nice crimson fists
Scrub green on an apothecary nice
Based Dreadmob

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Because then they wouldn't be able to sell as much paint.

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Completely forgot to put him on it for the picture. I'm still using those clear plastic ones until I find a regular base that's big enough.

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Already done. Green plastic for your convenience! How nice.

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I lol'd

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What should I add to my CSM force
Right now I have:
>Daemon Prince
>Lord Discordant
>Master of Possession
>2 Defilers (one anti-tank, one anti-infantry)
>2 Soul Grinders in reserve
>2 obliterators
>(x) chaos spawn (I could probably manage to make any number of them with how many bits I have)

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They're not a company that makes games, they're a company that makes high quality minatures.

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This cover art is terrible.

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Mauler Fiends

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I'll bite
Not only in colors but time in RnD to separate everything. Not to mention the molds.
Pretty self explanatory
>the entire point of painting
They even sell paints

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The scale of the models is completely different. Also, painting is the core part of the hobby.

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At this point they're just the wardens of the 40k ip

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it's fine
what's not so good is the book, bein abnettrash

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Is the one with the stripes is a sergeant?

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>kills off half the good HH characters

Thanks I hate it

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That's what you get when the company only lives off it's IP. At least they let anybody make vidya games

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sorry sweetie we only care about Primaris™ Astartes™ equipment here
get back in the manlet box before I call the judiciar

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Because you have to work for those +10 points.

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They are all custom jobs except for the Librarian. Even the Contemptor couts as a Relic Contemptor since I gave it a heavy flamer. I made a list the other day with all of them, a Baal Predator, and a Predator. Can't play, of course, but it was a fun exercise in hilarity.

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wouldn't that be a little redundant with the other melee daemon engines
hmm, yeah that's a good suggestion
might be fun to model

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>introduce erda
thanks I hate it even more

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Those aren't primaris that picture has too much soul-
>they really are
holy fuck

Also they're coming out of a drop pod lmao

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Do it, coward

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so I'm the cutest? Thanks anon!

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So many dead SoH characters...

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Alaitoc or Iyanden?

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Im fine, with it
GWs been doing pretty good 9e looks like the best ed so far regardless of what grogs say

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is this thing seriously going to have 8 heavy flamers?

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I hate that potbelly looking piece of shit. Makes me rage that they will eventually replace the Furioso and Death Company Dread with those pieces of trash.

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>wouldn't that be a little redundant with the other melee daemon engines
Never enough. You can also turn it into a Forgefiend. I'm a big fan of Maulers, though. They're really great distraction models that need to be dealt with swiftly or else your opponent is in deep trouble.

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it is since its forgeshit

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Flamers or bolters, according to the article. And apparently you can mix them freely.

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Why would they replace plastic boxnauts with leviathans?

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>that picture
it's fucking garbage.

nah it apparently has something called a "flamer array" or a "bolter array", both of which hits every unit in range
we don't know the profile of these weapons

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Jenetia Krole...

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hmm maybe I'll try one
no idea what I'd do for the model though since I hate dinobots

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For what

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why pretend to be retarded?

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>it's fucking garbage.
Get your eyes checked, angry contrarianism can only take you so far

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I ask the same thing to heresy players

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both colour schemes are hideous but iyanden has cooler rules

>hurr durr other opinions than mine are contrianism
feel free to off yourself any time, chief
that image is trash, being mostly shapes in smoke with a couple of badly-proportioned marines being the only thing with any time or effort spent on them

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>The pool of characters worth caring about shrinks more and more and more
This series and its consequences were a disaster for the Warhammer 40,000 setting.

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Other threads make me want to make a Slannesh warband of cooking space Marines. That ravage the galaxy in search of culinary perfection.

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>The non-character

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Some guy in PrintedWarhammer Subreddit made a STL copy of this bunker thing but he only released the files to his discord buddies, kinda annoying he didn't put them in Thingiverse even if they would not have lasted long on it

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What colour scheme do you think is coolest?

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Nah, he's right, it sucks.
Everything's all blurred out. What are they even fighting? Tau? This is nothing like those old pictures where you could stare at the details for hours.

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Both color schemes are whack imo

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7/10 perfect

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There was a really good story in one of the RPG books about a noble who increasingly went insane trying to recreate a Slaaneshi feast and winds up murdering and eating his ratling aide.

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>what you mean that legion that FUCKING DIES at Terra and loses 90% of its numbers is finally having its established characters killed off after two decades?

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I like leviathans. I hate redemptors.

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>Angron holding Gorefather when he shouldn't have it at that point
yeah it sucks

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The one you made up for your own dudes

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Yeah he should have his sword

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Redemptors look better in person

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I'm short on ideas desu.

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as long as you give them all Aprons, and your HQ's chefhats

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In STD its shown angron can make and summon weapons

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I've seen them in person and they really don't.

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5/7 can't get better than that

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>Dan even killed a guy who canonically survived

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post combat patrols

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Aprons on techmarines would be based

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What’s happening on Armageddon? Gorillaman sent a battle group there with a secret mission during the indomitus crusade

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I bought and built one for my Blood Angel Dreadnought collection. Hated it. Lopsided traded it for a fuck ton of Devastators. Totally worth it.

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Any tips?

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>"Cheeeeese Brother Gromit. We'll go somewhere where theres lots of cheeeeese"

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Looks like he's going to "survive" the way Torgaddon "survived"

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Without ever having used them, very expensive, and probably not Killy or survivable enough for their points

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What were they thinking
>that bizarre perspective
>that bright blue light coming from literally nothing that exists solely for muh blue and orange effect
>angron's wings look like a misaligned flat plane

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ulthwé looks good

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Read an aos book with a slaaneshi warlord who was blind and could navigate with sensory horns

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>What’s happening on Armageddon?

A never ending influx of Orks, also cultists tried to summon Angron but the Salamanders stopped them.

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Currently working on some Corsair conversions for my fan codex

Since The FW rules are insulting

>> No.73828999

you fucking what

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>Gorillaman sent a battle group there with a secret mission during the indomitus crusade
Are they finally going to teleport Ullanor back to its original system?

>> No.73829031

Last we saw it was during/just after the Cicatrix Maledictum, when the cultists tried to summon Angron and the Salamanders stopped them. Orks were still there last we saw

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hey, it's the piemarines
is the dread going to get a nice creamy face too?

>> No.73829054

>Lump all of Eldar into one heading while leaving the rest of Imperials off the list.
>Space marine releases still dwarf all Xeno releases.

>> No.73829075

That's battle ready. +10 vp

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Gregor Eisenhorn is the King in Yellow!

>> No.73829091

I built one and was kinda disappointed when I ordered t that I couldn't do the defat conversion kirioth does but after I built an painted it I liked it a lot more

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Looks good anon

>> No.73829105

clean, but boring

>> No.73829113

thin ur paints

>> No.73829127

Dawg they're almost washes when I apply them

>> No.73829132

Because that would replace the grey tide with badly visible sprue marks.

>> No.73829134

unpainted gunpla look like shit.

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why lie on the internet, anon?

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Still working on the List. Feedback is of course always welcome:
Watchmaster - 125
1x5 Veterans: (124)
Blackshield w/ Chainsword, Stormshield (23)
Veteran w/ Shotgun, Bolt Pistol (19)
Veteran w/ Frag cannon (37)
Veteran w/ Stormbolter, Chainsword (20)
Sergeant w/ Stormbolter, Xenophase (25)
1x5 Veterans: (137)
Blackshield w/ Chainsword, Stormshield (23)
Veteran w/ Heavy Thunder Hammer (37)
Veteran w/ Stormbolter, Power maul (25)
Veteran w/ Stormbolter, Power maul (25)
Sergeant w/ 2x Inferno Pistol (27)
Dreadnought w/ Heavy Plasmacannon, Combatweapon, Stormbolter (113)

Total: 499/500

Another Idea I had was dropping the second vet squad for a razorback w/ Stormbolter + TwinLas, but I dont know if that would be better

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>have pic related, but with a few different weapons since I got it second-hand from a player that was probably planning on using it as the base for a Chaos dreadnought
>am immensely proud of that metal fuck, he's a literal chapter ancient amidst all my plastic boys
>even if other people didn't think boxnaughts were lame they're going to be outdated in a few editions anyway

It ain't fair bros. He deserves to serve the Imperium.

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im getting a hammerfall bunker for my guardsmen and there is nothing any of you will be able to do about it

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>> No.73829193

tell us of his exploits, anon

>> No.73829194

starting with a red primer would help you get a nice even red if you decide to strip him and start over

>> No.73829204

I mean, that's what the fortification detachment is for isn't it? Just pay your cp

>> No.73829205

there are places for metal models on the table anon don't fret! my metal vostroyans have served me faithfully for almost a decade now!

>> No.73829213

If dubs I added cornstarch to the paint
If odd singles they're not thinned enough
If even singles no idea
If 0 they're thinned and you're capping

>> No.73829220

I wish those were more of a thing. Having the opportunity to drop a couple of those in conjunction with some actual marine carrying drop pods and having everything go off at once in a storm of close range rockets and bolters is 40k as fuck

>> No.73829222

Just finished painting this guy up; Sven the Blooded.

Will actually be any use? I'm figuring duty eternal can keep him alive past round 1 providing my opponent has better targets to shoot at. I'm considering using him as a character bodyguard for Bjorn the Fellhanded. I like the model but redemptors were shit in 8th.

>> No.73829224

Still can't believe there are 40k stickers in CS:GO

>> No.73829227

They used to be pretty good, but the modifier cap screws them over pretty hard. Aspects in general are kinda fucked, T3 1W elite models just don't work very well.

>> No.73829232

should have just thinned them anon

>> No.73829233

I primed with mephiston red

>> No.73829241

The Omnissiah has spoken. Thin yo paints.

>> No.73829242

I dont believe you.

>> No.73829243

do 'nids get fortifications? what's an example of a tyranid building bros?

>> No.73829244

I haven't paid super close attention to the missions but it's probably a good idea to stick with the vets to be able to actually perform actions

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>> No.73829272

Are people just using current PL? I kinda want to start making them

>> No.73829280

It's big boy season, get you one

>> No.73829284

Post what you're working on tonight anons! i'm doing this guy and his little friend.

>> No.73829286

>do 'nids get fortifications?
only unaligned
>what's an example of a tyranid building bros?
well there's the astronomican copy that hive fleet tiamet is building, but that thing's the size of a continent
more realistically for a game there's shit like spore chimneys and capillary towers and whatnot

>> No.73829288

The 9th points were already "leaked" check the OP there should be a spreadsheet

>> No.73829295

Any tips on how to start a black legion army? Aiming for combat patrol as a 1st step but I know jack and shit about 40K

>> No.73829308

just glue him to a larger base and use him as a proxy for whatever new dreadnought. He deserves to keep going and maybe a new paintjob with markings of his exploits

>> No.73829315

Spawning pool or whatever

>> No.73829319

Implication is Guard may as well be Xenos for how they’re ignored.

>> No.73829321

>astronomican copy
I'm sorry, come again? How in the hell have I missed this?

>> No.73829329


>> No.73829331

brood nests that spawn termagants

>> No.73829332

Ohh I might be confusing crusade with combat patrol

>> No.73829333

how far away was the model? the clumping around certain areeas suggests you may have been a bit too close

>> No.73829338

thats what I thought, but I might swap around their melee oriented wargear, specifically the 2x infernos, the heavy thunder hammer and the 2 powermauls for some cheaper more ranged, and upgrade the dread to a venerable.
It seems kind of hard to get them into melee range without a transport

>> No.73829351

Yeah that's what im thinking. I probably was too close

>> No.73829354

because it's the tyranids and nobody, especially not GW, gives a shit about them
basically it's a continent-sized psychic beacon the nids are building, probably to attract more nids because I guess the extragalactic nid population by and large hasn't noticed the milky way yet?

>> No.73829359

>Guilliman looking at Armageddon
>'that's...that's not where the planet was last time I was there'
>'what the hell happened when I was asleep?'
>'the fucks the Beast? Father killed that thing during the crusade'

>> No.73829363

I thought their entire race was already here. How many fucking tyranids are there holy shit.

>> No.73829366


>> No.73829370

I always thought that it was supposed to be their version of a necron pylon

>> No.73829372

As many as needed by the plot.

>> No.73829377

Can't you just teleportarium them in? Pretty sure combat patrols start at like 3 cp though so it'd hurt

>> No.73829380

8th ed nid dex

>> No.73829381

Made a couple patrols using blood angels/admec/tau, all come to roughly the same points
I'll post my AdMec one since it's the one I'll most likely use.

Tech priest enginseer. 3 PL

x5 skitarii rangers, x2 w/arc rifles, alpha w/arc maul/pistol. 4PL
>x5 skitarii vanguard, x2 plasma calivers, data tether, alpha has taser goad and phosphor blast pistol. 4PL

>Fast attack
Squad of pteraxii sterilyzors, the ones with flamers. 4 PL
One Sydonian Dragoon plus phosphor serpenta. 3 PL

>Heavy support
Onager dunecrawler w/neutron laser and cognis heavy stubber. 7 PL

>> No.73829383

mostly just dropped in spore launchers, digestion pools, and capillary towers

most of it is flimsy and easily deconstructed, and only really meant for direct offensive or tyrannoforming

They use big momma for that

>> No.73829384


>> No.73829390

Effectively unlimited

>> No.73829399

Sorry, not a fan of them. Prefer the questoris chassis myself, the Warden is pimp

>> No.73829400

necron pylons repel psychic shit
the tiamet beacon is so full of it that it caused a deathwatch librarian's head to explode just by going near it

>> No.73829407

>checked again
forgot about that, thanks

>> No.73829413

>he thinks the emperor doesn't have four arms

>> No.73829421

but the shadow in the warp repels psychic shit too

>> No.73829429

How do you use it exactly? If i'm painting skitarii vanguard, where should i put it

>> No.73829437

cerastus is the best knight frame, and I will brook no argument

>> No.73829443

at least let them spawn hormagaunts as well

Capillary and spore towers would be pre-existing FW examples. Some kind of digestion pool could also work, I guess.

>> No.73829452

On your model

>> No.73829457

slather that shit all over metal

>> No.73829468

>Skinny chicken legs

>> No.73829481

tallboy knights best knights

>> No.73829490

>How do you use it exactly?
Dunk the model in the bottle.

>> No.73829493

Anon, I'm not trying to play a practical joke on you, but many people will make a shading bath, then use something to dip their models into it with.

>> No.73829494

how do chaos factions even beat tyranids in-universe when the shadow in the warp is a thing

>> No.73829497

swallow it, partially digest it, and projectile vomit it onto desired areas.

>> No.73829500

If lanklets are your type maybe

>> No.73829501


>> No.73829510

usually they shoot them with guns or hit them with melee weapons

>> No.73829514

knightlets, when will they learn?

>> No.73829523

Get some more stuff on that anon. eBay yourself some Venerable Dread bitz or something

>> No.73829526

is there ever any depiction of chaos fighting tyranids? i can't ever recall this happening

>> No.73829530

Why are dark angels green if Lion El Johnson was grey power armor?

>> No.73829540

there's a few

>> No.73829541

I'll let you in on a little secret, Tyranids are jobbers. Literal punching bags made for winning against. Any other faction can beat Tyranids.

>> No.73829545

only brief snippets that boil down to "chaos and tyranids are fighting", with no actual details or outcomes

>> No.73829548

it's happened at least twice to my knowledge
and another one somewhere


>> No.73829550


What models are these? They're obviously not Intercessors but I havnt seen any Primaris Lieutenants with either of these loadouts.

>> No.73829551

they wanted +10VP

>> No.73829554

Preetty much all over the metal, makes it look much better

>> No.73829558

at baal a bunch of daemons showed up just to party

>> No.73829560

the fun is painting it though. also all the serious gunpla enthusiasts apply a lot of extra stuff to make their kits go the extra mile

>> No.73829562

Fall of Shadowbrink
tl;dr: chaos fucking sucks when only using the immaterium

>> No.73829567

Nice one my dude.

>> No.73829575



>> No.73829578


>> No.73829586

>every time i list build tyranids i end up with the exact same list.

It feels like no units are worth taking but genestealers, exocrines, hive guard and to a lesser extent zoanthrope. And the hiveguard/exocrines are stepping on each others toes as far as army composition goes

>> No.73829590

Why didn't they ever make a chaos conversion kit for the other knights?

>> No.73829591

how does that even work
do I just not understand what the shadow in the warp is

>> No.73829609

nothing in 40k makes sense so don't worry about it

>> No.73829610


>> No.73829621

the shadow in the warp isn't absolute
it can be broken through when the plot demands it

>> No.73829624

i just build lists themetically and literally ignore everything else. winning a board game is for faggots

>> No.73829633

I enjoy looking at this

>> No.73829645

Warp Talons. For only 27ppm for a basic jump pack assault marine statline but with no pistols, fixed loadout and inability to hit above str4, they're an absolute bargain.

>> No.73829647

Thanks anon

>> No.73829661

Captain and Chaplain

Made from the Imperial Fists Command Squad from FW, with some MK4 bitz

>> No.73829664

Take a haruspex, coward. Next, you will add a unit of ten warriors. These warriors will use your Trygon's tunnel to arrive on the board.

>> No.73829665

>ghaz jobs to some random space wolf nigger
>gets back up
literally what was the point

>> No.73829667

I'd buy that for a dollar!

>> No.73829676

“Shining Spears”

>> No.73829679

Then the Great Rift happened and the Hive Mind died.

>> No.73829680

Thanks fren

>> No.73829681


The perspective is beyond fucked

>> No.73829688

So is it cool if I bring Ka'Bhanda with my blood angels

>> No.73829689

>Also, losing is fun!

>> No.73829691

b-but muh overwatch

>> No.73829696

So that Ragnar the ''random space wolf nigger'' could get Primaris'd and get a new model.

>> No.73829703

how do you even get back up from being decapitated?

>> No.73829705

rewatching Warhammer 40,000 The New Edition Cinematic Trailer.

Holy shit marines and sisters are BAD ASS

>> No.73829709

>His jumppack marines with Lightning claws cost 27ppm
mine cost 29, I dont see the problem

>> No.73829714

WAAAGH energy

>> No.73829717

>he can't win with his fluffy and fun list
kinda cringe

>> No.73829721

Is the master of posessions, venomcrawler, obliterators and greater posessed any decent outside of the more focused legions?
Iron warriors, word bearers etc

>> No.73829725

>be ork
>have a bro willing to sew your head back on
decapitation is a minor inconvenience to da profit o' da WAAAGH

>> No.73829726

Swap the legs with standard knight legs and I would wholeheartedly agree with you. Still can't believe that 'spear and shield' on a knight was something that forgeworld had to do instead of something gw directly, it practically sells itself

>> No.73829734

Nice conversion! The do look a bit short for a Primaris Captain and Chaplain tho.

>> No.73829735

>nyooo I must be optimal at all times aaaaa
ok enjoy playing the same list every time

>> No.73829737

Its a really good deal

>> No.73829740

be green. ghazz only has half his brain after all

>> No.73829741

Ork physiology is insanely resilient. They frequently survive being decapitated and don't even need their head to be sewn back onto the correct body.

>> No.73829742

other legions are gay, who cares

>> No.73829743

I like cerastus legs

>> No.73829745

Where do I buy bits in the US. All bits stores I've tried to find are either all out of stock here, or are sites from EU. Am I really going to have to buy like 3 Allopexes to convert a few jump packs with their fins,

>> No.73829750


What colors are those, some OC chapter? Looks neat all the same.

>> No.73829752

Please return to reddit.

>> No.73829754

I think I'm officially done with 40k. Don't think I'll sell my armies, but I doubt I'll be playing for 9th.

Any other tabletop games you guys recommend? Preferably one that relies on generalship over listbuilding

>> No.73829758

If he's playing Tyranids in the first place he very obviously isn't playing optimally.

>> No.73829763

Monopoly is p fun

>> No.73829767

recast it with bluestuff

>> No.73829771

You be a half fungal monster. Its referenced multiple times in the ork book that injury isnt a particularly big deal to an ork and specifically mentions decapitation as being fixable so long as the dok sews your head back on quick enough

>> No.73829773


>> No.73829774

Just play fluff lists with fun people is it really that hard?

>> No.73829775

Wait for SNAs 2.5 project or sign up to playtest for it

>> No.73829793

you ever try galaxy truckers? that's fun

>> No.73829796


>> No.73829797

I like how the two have crossbars on their spears. It's a nice touch, and makes a certain amount of sense to not lose your spear if you're hurtling around the battlefield trying to stab people

>> No.73829798

Dominus and Cerastus don't have one, I think standard Crusader+ got a conversion kit as did helverines- but if you look at the book they just kinda condensed the amount of profiles to half (with no access to Cerastus) and pushed the Desecrator/Rampager kit, which happens to be a corrupted crusader+

long story short they made one kit and knew people would convert for the rest for a quickie cash grab

>> No.73829803


>> No.73829810


>> No.73829821

Usually with your arms and sense of balance

>> No.73829824

These are the only thing from indomitus I really want. How long until they get their own box?

>> No.73829827

>actually mentions Vostroyans
>dies within a few sentences so the Grey Knights can take over
>who themselves die quickly so daemons can come in

There's a metaphor here but I can't think of what.

>> No.73829830

>flayer virus

>> No.73829832

knight rampager is based

>> No.73829838

Nearly done with my first set of boys. Goddamn painting sure does wear me down. I have no problem building models, but painting makes me so damn tired for some reason.

>> No.73829853

yours have more attacks, better weapons and better chapter tactics

>> No.73829862

For metal yeah, just paint that stuff all over. For non-metal, only put a bit into the recessed areas.

>> No.73829868

>Entire army in early stages of flayer degredation
stealing this

>> No.73829875

I think a month after the box releases we'll get an announcement. November/October at the absolute latest.

>> No.73829883

i have ~40 gaunts unpainted, i know that struggle
gj anon

>> No.73829884

>parents threw out my giant tub of lego when I left for college
I'm still mad, that had to be like 30 pounds in that fucking container

>> No.73829897

flayer crons are possibly the most based part of their lore, right next to destroyer cults

>> No.73829898

Ah that's actually a better idea especially as my army would grow, thanks,

>> No.73829906

Already done. It's the Maynarkh dynasty.

>> No.73829916

>better weapons
sure, but then they cost even more
>better chapter tactics
I dont know if rerolling 1s to wound is better then the tactics Chaos can choose from
>more attacks
yeah, the 1 Attack more is nice, can't argue with that

>> No.73829929

I dislike the mechanics of the game itself. I find them incredibly mediocre and the game is propped up solely by the 40k lore (which I still really like by the way)

What is snas?

Isnt that supposed to be really terrible?


>> No.73829933

Yeah just wondering if the units will be of actual use in a small list/black legion in general over other stuff, money isn't a problem really

>> No.73829954

I want the deathmark ones real bad. I'd like to see them in person first, though. I've got plenty of arms and guns left over from my 30 Immortals to make at least 10 deathmarks and 10 immortals with Tesla. If you get them, let us know how they turn out.

>> No.73829956

>The Great Unclean One Shub'Luth'Gug attempted to break the deadlock and push through, but his psychic abilities were smothered by the Shadow in the Warp. Moments later, the huge Daemon was blown apart by Zoanthropes.[1]

>With the defeat of one of their own, the Daemon Lords of the Abominatum realized the nature of the battle had changed. No blood was being spilled for Khorne, just putrid alien ichor. All of Nurgles diseases were ineffective in the face of Tyranid adaptation. The deadlock went on for days, and the Lord of Change K'rix'xi'kra blasted its way back to the Malestrom Cradle to abandon the effort. The two remaining Daemon Lords then led a final mad charge against the Tyranids. However the Hive Mind had by this point absorbed their opponents strategies, using Tyrannofexes and Trygons to meet them. The Daemonic lines soon collapsed, and as the Bloodthirster Hak'Vasha was dragged back into the Warp he was still wrestling with three Trygons.

haha holy shit and these are supposed to be the main villains of 40k?

>> No.73829979

The point was the Prophecy of the Beast. In order for Ghaz to rise up as the great king of the Orks, he needed to fall by the claws of the Beast.

Now Ghaz returned larger and most psychically infused than ever. He is like a Golden Throne to the Orks. They are navigating towards him.

>> No.73829985

considering the fact that loyalists get two tactics counter the chapter doctrine, I think all the melee specific ones are just better
the only good one is probably bile's in this situation

>> No.73829992


>> No.73829999

brutal mogging

>> No.73830000

>haha holy shit and these are supposed to be the main villains of 40k?
the tyranids did it again in the same place in the 8th dex, hilariously

>> No.73830009

How come nobody comments like that when the Tyranids receive their 99th humiliating defeat. I can name at least five battles where the Tyranids lost in a war of attrition against the Imperium.

>> No.73830021

because nids get constantly shit on by GW, their decisively winning a battle must mean their opponents were even bigger jobbers

>> No.73830022

>two tactics
Anon, im playing deathwatch, all I get are my mission tactics to reroll 1's against a specific battlefield role

>> No.73830025

And yet in the Death Guard book there's a battle with the Nids where their plagues get worse and worse until the whole planet just melts into fleshy soup and it kills the hive ships trying to consume it.

>> No.73830032

Is this good enough for a MK.3 heads for primaris?

>> No.73830038

>tzeentch just said "fuck this I'm out" and fucked over the remaining Gods forces by leaving when it was a draw
Fitting, and also hilarious. So does this mean the Hive Mind is about as powerful as 3 Chaos Gods and can only be beaten by all four of them?

>> No.73830040

tbf that sounds like the life-eater virus
and that DOES kill nids
they just don't use it because there's a chance the nids might be able to replicate it

>> No.73830048

> their decisively winning a battle must mean their opponents were even bigger jobbers

Not really. Everyone gets to beat everyone in the lore. The T'au for example have defeated every playable faction in 40K in battle. Only tyranidfags think it's a big deal.

>> No.73830052

Oh, I'm terribly sorry, carry on

>> No.73830058

Forgot pic

>> No.73830061

Just find someone willing to play an older edition you fucking pansy.

>> No.73830065

>Not really.

>> No.73830067


Take the wraithpill anon.

>> No.73830076

No. Slaanesh casually pushed the Hivemind aside in Valedor. Also the Hivemind temp died in DoB.

Also the Light of Terra BTFO the Hivemind in Shadow of Leviathan.

>> No.73830077


Because those battles ignore the lore and are bad writing.

It killed one Hive Ship, but also killed the entirety of all Nurgle forces on the planet. Tyranids lost that one, but Death Guard lost harder, so in a way it was a pyrrhic nid "victory".

>> No.73830079

its fine, we non-generic marines can be fucked together

>> No.73830087

nids almost never get jobbed though, it's always a phyrric victory

>> No.73830097

Valedor was written by Guy Haley who everyone knows is an idiot when it comes to nid lore.

>> No.73830111

Not really. I have most if not all the lorebooks and read them all.

I can name battles where Chaos utterly curbstopmed the Tyranids. Nobody mentions them because nobody cares. Tyranidfags are acting like whipped dogs here wanting a bone.

>> No.73830116

>All four Chaos Gods:
>The Hive Mind
haha bioplasmic cannon go sssquissshhhh

>> No.73830119


Ad Mech
Data-hoard Forge World with Magnabond Alloys and Servo-focused Auguries

35 Enginseer w/ Fabrications of the Artisans, Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land

70 5x Rangers w/ 2x Arquebus, Omnispex
60 5x Vanguard w/ arc rifle, plasma caliver
55 5x Vanguard w/ plasma caliver

Fast Attack:
130 2x Ironstrider Ballistarii w/ twin cognis autocannon
48 3x Serberys Raiders

100 Skorpius Dunerider

498/500 points

Idea is a mobile dunerider moves up the two squads of vanguards to objectives while the enginseer slogs on foot. Rangers camp back in cover for pot shots, raiders and ballistarii flank on the sides and harass/screen. Maybe Ballistarii hang tight to dunerider and enginseer for warlord buffs. Forge world traits give the dunerider and the ballistarii 6+ FNP and they can both reroll hits within half range (as they have all cognis weapons).

>> No.73830124

>the same, and only, book that says the hive mind is angry
okay bud

>> No.73830139

>tfw no pet tyranid doggo

>> No.73830142

>Because those battles ignore the lore and are bad writing.

>When we lost it's bad writing.

BS. I just told you that I know 5 battles where the Imperium BTFO the Tyranids in a war of attrition. Heck, I can name a sixth one where the Cadians wiped out an entire Hive Fleet without losing a single company.

>> No.73830143

>waah the big mean tyranidfags point out that they've have 3 editions of insulting codicies and lose constantly in the lore
ok crud

>> No.73830154

>it's always a phyrric victory
I don't think GW really know what they mean when they use that phrase. Pyrrhic victory implies you cannot continue the fight even though you won the battle, but the imperium is always ready for the next fight. Nids will never be able to defeat their plot armor.

>> No.73830162

Ive heard literally nothing but good things about warmahordes.

>> No.73830165


Valedor says that.
Dante novel implies.
DoB and Darkness in the Blood outright show it.

The trailer of Blood of Baal implies it too.

It's butthurt.

>> No.73830166

ah yes, the book with such a deep understanding of tyranids that it has the hive mind feel fear

>> No.73830173

>>When we lost it's bad writing.

>> No.73830190

wtf is this? you can't just make shit up about the definition of a word. it's literally just victory that is tantamount to defeat, and it generally pertains to specific skirmishes or conflicts, not whole wars

>> No.73830201

I like these colors.

>> No.73830202

>all written by the same one black library retard who doesn't understand Tyranid lore and isn't even a codex writer
Using the same source over and over again doesn't make you less wrong.

>> No.73830203

Playing against Deldar fly circus in a couple minutes. Custodes or Dark Angels? How tryhard of a list do I bring?

>> No.73830216

Posting Tyranid lore.

-The War of Death’s Welcome

>A splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Hydra ploughs down upon the Knight world of Death’s Welcome. Morbid nihilists who worship the Emperor as the harbinger of war and ending, the houses of Death’s Welcome greet the Tyranid invasion not with terror, but sombre rituals of celebration. Marching out in Knight suits of sable and bone, singing dirges from beneath their chain mail veils, the Knights of Houses Drudge, Fervans and Scythe prepare to meet their long-foretold end.

>The war is spectacularly violent, with tidal waves of Tyranid beasts crashing against the Knights’ lines. The Nobles’ guns reap thousands of xenos by the minute, only for the next wave to scramble atop the bodies of the fallen and hurl themselves at the Knights in turn. Rippers slither in rivers up the legs of Knight suits to gnaw through hydraulic cables and clog workings with their corpses. Hormagaunts and Termagants erode the Knights’ armour plating through sheer weight of bioshot and claw, and then tear and stab at vital systems. All across the battlefield Knights are lost, falling into an endless writhing sea of xenos creatures.

>Yet still the Knights of Death’s Welcome fight on, their hymnals growing ever louder and more fervent as the end approaches. Against all expectation, the surviving Nobles find the Tyranid tide ebbing, then drying up altogether. Hydra’s bio-ships flee orbit, their reserves of biomass dangerously spent. Just eighteen Nobles remain alive from a starting force of over four hundred, yet through their survival, Death’s Welcome also endures.

>> No.73830232

lmao what

>> No.73830236

>Lore is wrong because I say so

Guy in the Afterword of DiB says that his books informed the BA and Tyranid events lore of 8th ED

>> No.73830250

>tyranids only attack with rippers and gaunts
>no mention of tyrannoforming creating whole continents of brood nests to recycle those forces infinitely.
Yep. Bad writing.

>> No.73830251

>black library
>anything but fanfiction

>> No.73830257


>The genius and innovation of the Tech-Priests of Lucius was displayed anew when a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Leviathan invaded the planet. Despatching Lucius’ Legio Cybernetica and a great host of battle servitors to the planet’s surface, the Tech-Priests Dominus largely fought their battles from below the planet’s crust. By tracking the motions of their servant clades and controlling their activities via electromagnetic data-tethers, they waged their war without risking direct harm. Such is the wonder of the Cant Mechanicus that their battle plans were enacted to the letter. Wherever the Tyranid swarms overcame their servitor armies, the Tech-Priests waited for the xenos predators to devour the biological components before sending servo-skull swarms to carry the most vital of the remaining machine parts below the crust of the planet. There they were installed into fresh recruits, and the next wave sent back up to the surface. Though it took months to accomplish, the resultant war of attrition ended in victory. Deprived of bio-matter, the Tyranid splinter fleet was forced to feed upon itself to produce further troops, and the xenos could not keep pace with the recycled machinery parts and refurbished robots.

>> No.73830264

>and it generally pertains to specific skirmishes or conflicts, not whole wars
you pulled this out of your ass

>> No.73830272

No it's wrong because the real Tyranid lore says so.

>Guy says
No one but you cares what that faggot says.

>> No.73830275

>knight world, which is basically an agri-world but with giant robots
>I guess we should flee now we're low on biomass, these remaining 18 knights will clearly stop us from harvesting any biomass

>> No.73830276

-The Threshing Fields

>En route to Ultramar, a fleet of Sororitas comprising multiple Preceptories of the Bloody Rose stops on the lone planet in the Thresh System. The halt in their progression is in response to a divine vision received by Sister Assumpta, a Sister who has yet to see combat. The Sororitas array themselves for war on the utterly lifeless world, and hold their positions for a day while the Canoness of each Preceptory prays for guidance. Their holy duty is made clear when a tendril of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Ouroboris spews into the system.

>The xenos creatures hone in on the Bloody Rose’s position and descend upon the planet in great waves. Swarms of skittering predators are butchered by the Sisters, squads of Sororitas are devoured by ravenous monstrosities, and before long the barren world is drenched in blood and ichor. Knowing that the Tyranids feed off biomass, the warriors of the Bloody Rose ensure that every corpse – human and xenos – is burnt to ashes. After six months, the influx of Tyranids into the system ceases, and after six more the last xenos creature is finally slain. Sister Assumpta is the only member of the Sororitas force to survive.

>> No.73830292



>> No.73830308

>nigger library fag calling codicies fanfiction

>> No.73830310

Hydra is the designated fleet of "Fuck big bugs just bury them in little bugs"

that being said the fact that they couldn't recoup their losses is also retarded.

>> No.73830313

>tyranids don't attack with their burrowing organisms that can go underground
>don't find the tech-priests with lictors
>don't establish their reclamation pools and brood nests to keep recycling their own dead
>don't have powerful claws and metal-destroying acids and warp energy blasts that destroy machine parts so they can't be reused
Yep, again bad writing. You're 0 for 2.

>> No.73830317

>”Earning their name the "Old Irascibles" through hundreds of battles, the vaunted 9th Vostroyan Regiment served for three and a half centuries during the late 41st Millennium. The 9th Vostroyan became one of the most veteran formations in the Segmentum Obscurus, before finally meeting their match on the world of Nimbosa. Around 790.M41, the 9th Vostroyan defended the Imperial world of Nimbosa against the Tau's effort to expand their burgeoning alien empire and annex the world. The Vostroyan regiment heroically sacrificed themselves to a man defending the factory city of Polia. Inspired by the Vostroyans' sacrifice, the populace refused to submit to the Tau Empire. Reformed after their destruction on Nimbosa, the 9th Vostroyan once again met their ultimate fate during the Fall of Karak Prime in 998.M41. They held the hive city for 18 months against the brutal onslaught of a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Moloch, valiantly facing a Tyranid swarm that stretched from the base of the city's walls to the distant horizon. With the onset of midwinter, and with the rapid depletion of ammunition and supplies, the 9th Vostroyan knew that they were doomed and vowed to sell their lives dearly. Only when the bulk of the Tyranid swarm had passed into the city did the regiment detonate its nucleonic stack, incinerating the hive, its defenders and an estimated 85% of the Tyranid swarm. With the coming of midwinter, the few surviving Tyranid organisms eventually starved to death and the splinter fleet was entirely defeated.“

>> No.73830324

Lieutenant, 10 tactical squad, rhino, and a dread.

No idea how many points that is, but that's my combat patrol

>> No.73830327

>400 knights

jesus fuck it's Soulstorm's baneblade blunder

>> No.73830337

>codexes are fanfiction but black library isn't
Hahaha you're so fucking dumb.

>> No.73830338

>Chaosfags so butthurt they lost at Shadowbrink twice (TWO [2] TIMES) they start posting examples of better factions """""BTFO""""" nids

>> No.73830348

We have been over this. The Cawl novel says that the Tyranids are surface eaters ONLY. They do not dig into the deeper ground of the planets they eat. The underground and core of the planets they devoured are all okay and even can support life.

And not everything that disagrees with your headcanon is bad writing.

>> No.73830354

>The Cawl novel

>> No.73830367

Nah. Your headcanon is fanfiction.

>> No.73830378

btw consuming biomass is retarded if the tyranid were real they would just turn into extreme farmers/shepards

>> No.73830380

>on a planet being tyrannoformed where spores in the atmosphere and holes tunneled through the crust to release geothermal heat cause massive global warming that eventually turns everything into steaming alien jungle
0 for 3. I can do this all day. You're just proving how the new GW writers only make fanfiction and don't read the lore.

>> No.73830383

So...why does the Primaris Bolt Carbine just look like a regular bolter?

>> No.73830388


>Rapacious and destructive, Tyranid splinter fleets are amongst the most dangerous of the galaxy’s many threats; a fact that leads the Daemonkin of the Harvest to actively seek them out. Tyranid attacks upon fortified positions are utterly relentless, as wave after wave of bio-beasts surge forward into the bloody meatgrinder of siege warfare. Stood atop the battlements of their stolen fortresses, the warriors of the Harvest relish these headlong assaults for the wealth of blood and skulls they inevitably bring.

>Though the battles of these two foes have left countless strongpoints demolished and heaped with corpses, one of their greatest ever clashes came in the cold void of space. Led by packs of snarling Warp Talons, the Harvest audaciously tore their way through the Immaterium and straight into the seething innards of a Tyranid hive ship.

>Spilling into the guts of the mega-beast, the Harvest set about slaughtering the writhing creature from the inside out. Though it sent showers of acid and swarms of weapon beasts against them, the hive ship could not purge its tormentors. Carving a path through the fleshy walls and pulsing viscera that confronted them, the Harvest slew the enormous beast in the name of Khorne, before digging in to resist the inevitable counter-attack. Sure enough, Tyranid bio-craft soon latched onto the hide of their shoal-mate, spewing swarm after swarm of horrors into its carcass. Yet the Harvest counter-charged time and again, the body count rising until Daemons tore through the veil to lend their blades to the battle. Finally, the last Tyranid beasts fell, bodies riddled with bolts and brutally sawn apart. Ichor stained and victorious, the last of the Harvest howled Khorne’s praises into the void.

>> No.73830402

Fucking god dammit, this should be a story of a tragic last stand an aged veteran steps into his knight for the last time to give the last survivors of the House and Planet a chance to escape the great devourer, the now nomadic house/freeblade fostering a mighty grudge against the nids and becoming honed into an engine of industrial scale tyranid slaughter!

>> No.73830404

>The Cawl novel
Also written by Guy Haley, again. See

Try using an actual source for once, buddy.

>> No.73830405

>meanwhile tyran is a completely and utterly dead world, down to the molecular level
makes you think....

>> No.73830407

This just proves that you can't accept your faction can lose.

>> No.73830424

The message of Tyran survived because it was buried.

Guy Haley was put in charge on writing Nid lore. He is very authoritative on the subject.

>> No.73830426

The novel is outright contradicting older lore, and even if it wasnt, it's a moderately defended Feudal planet! Teaming with delicious and vulnerable flore and fauna!

>> No.73830436

what it proves is that GW can't write believable tyranid losses on account of their writers knowing the square root of jack shit about the factions they write about

>> No.73830452

This, I'd be fine with tyranid losses if they felt, earned.

>> No.73830461

>How come nobody comments like that when the Tyranids receive their 99th humiliating defeat.
Their entire gimmick is an endless horde of goombas to stomp. Losing is expected and not worth remembering (outside of cool shit like the pre-retcon battle for macragge). Humiliating THE GREATEST EVIL EVER THAT WILL WIN 40K NO HONEST TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY GUYS is something noteworthy.

>> No.73830463

It's not surprising seeing as tyranids can only lose in space battles.

>> No.73830465

>The message of Tyran survived because it was buried.
>the same message that mentions them devouring everything, including those barricaded deep underneath even bedrock

>> No.73830468

Now I can tell you're just trying to ruffle feathers

>> No.73830474

it's bigger and has a forward grip, clearly it's a masterwork improvement of engineering and forbidden innovation

>> No.73830476


Anon, devastation of baal says this is a change in the tyranid pattern.

behemoth and kraken both used to strip mine worlds but leviathan changed the pattern so they could move from planet to planet faster.

>> No.73830477

Work in progress red bois

>> No.73830481

>Guy Haley was put in charge on writing Nid lore. He is very authoritative on the subject.
"Robin Cruddace has now worked on two tyranid codexes, establishing himself as a bona fide expert"

>> No.73830491

Because functionally it may as well be a regular bolter.

>> No.73830501

>> No.73830502

If the Tyranids find them, then they will go after them. Otherwise, they won't bother. That's why some biomass can survive on planets eaten by the Tyranids.

That's kinda BS. The Hivemind is FURIOUS at its defeats at the hand of the Blood Angels. So mad that it's expending resources in questionable efforts to exterminate them.

And you act like Chaos haven't lost before to every faction.

>> No.73830503

I really love that candy red.

>> No.73830512

>The Hivemind is FURIOUS
no it isn't
the hive mind doesn't feel emotion

>> No.73830516

Because different marks of boltgun didn't have different profiles before, and neither should all the primarines boltguns with their tiny variations.

Also GW is creatively bankrupt.

>> No.73830522

>They do not dig into the deeper ground of the planets they eat.

Also pic related.
>Tyranids burrowed through the armour-plated crust

Are you done being wrong? Fuck off now lorelet.

>> No.73830524

I am posting lore. If that raffles your feathers, then don't read any Tyranid lore.

>> No.73830526

It does now.

>> No.73830527

they should be good, the most you'd have to do is add a little greenstuff in the neck area to raise the head a tiny bit. and considering they're fw you'll be needing greenstuff anyway

>> No.73830528

That's why I liked the nid fight in the Ventris series. Ended with massive imperial casualties including like 80% of his company, and they only won because after slowing down and hurting the hivefleet a little bit with space fights, it still came down to "I don't know if this will work, but the science is sound and it's the only choice we got" with the whole direct attack on the norn queen thing the deathwatch did.

>> No.73830529

But No one said they were primaris...
No one implied that they were primaris...

>> No.73830530

Times like this make me glad that none of the writers give a shit about my faction, if no one cares about necrons no ones writing about them.

Unfortunately the upcoming necrons acting as the poster children for the new edition means people are gonna job the fuck out of us while writing about space marines.

Why does everyone who works in GW seem to love writing about space marines?

>> No.73830536

god I hate candy metallics
they're really well done though, so props for that
you oughta get some more detailing and heraldry and shit on those boys, they look a bit blank

>> No.73830537

>leviathan changed the pattern so they could move from planet to planet faster.
which in the 8e codex is clarified as them leaving worlds for Kronos to replenish it's mass while doing runs on the great rift, so they can keep BTFOing the great 4 just like at Shadowbrink

>> No.73830538

It explicitly does, it also felt fear when it temporarily died during the formation of the great rift

>> No.73830543

Why wouldn't a Hivemind have emotions? It's not an AI.

>> No.73830544

Post the one where the Nidgers are defeated by barbed wire.

>> No.73830545

>Guy Haley was put in charge on writing Nid lore.
So then we can safely assume all Nid lore since he started working at GW is definitely fanfic now, gotcha. Thanks!

>> No.73830546

>This lore snippet that has my favorite faction winning counts
>But this other lore snippet that has it losing does not
Quit being such a faggot, faggot.

>> No.73830554

>t. Headcanon

>> No.73830557

>Why does everyone who works in GW seem to love writing about space marines?
because if you write about space marines your book sells, and if your book sells you make more money

>> No.73830560

Yes, it does. Read DoB and DiB.

Or even Shadow of Leviathan or Wraithflight.

>implying anything would be believable for a fanboy like you

The batman fans of 40K everyone.

>> No.73830561

I believe that he's attempting humour

>> No.73830569 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73830576

yeah, obviously gonna cover the shoulder pads i just cant for the life of me figure out what I wanna do. Try default decals, order ones, freehand (which im bad at), i dunno

>> No.73830580

back in your box, Haley
you can come out when you've learned to write

>> No.73830582

It doesn't say how far they went deep. So yeah, you are not proving anything.

>> No.73830598

How would guardsmen react if right as they're about to be overwhelmed drop pods rained down and unleashed death company

>> No.73830599


Fucking this. Tyranids lost in the old lore too but it did feel earned back then because the writers knew their shit and how to tell a good story.

>> No.73830603

>Nid fag mad his pet faction doesn't win all the time
Could you be any more of a little bitch
SNA is at least trying to do something about it, meanwhile you're just sobbing on /tg/ that the big mean books hurt your feelings

>> No.73830606

Space marines are a basic bitch power fantasy faction, and written in such a way that any number of special snowflake cultures can be appended to them, they appeal also because they dont need much effort to write a deep character because by their nature they lack much in the way of understanding, except when they do of course.

They appeal perfectly to lazy writing.

>> No.73830614

>waac lightning gun moiraxes

>> No.73830616

seethe harder haley
the hive mind doesn't feel fear
that's a retarded idea

>> No.73830618

all over metal.

But don't listen to the people who say to just dunk it in. It looks like shit.. You just paint the recesses and corners and it looks way better. targetted shades has really upped my model game.

>> No.73830620

Rent free

This is the man that gave the Tyranids their origins story in the 40K galaxy!

>> No.73830629

they're fucking wonderful. Love them for 155pts. Thank you China.

>> No.73830637

probably by dying

>> No.73830641

>read this book by Guy Haley or this book by Guy Haley or this story by Guy Haley

So what we can take from all this is... Guy Haley doesn't know fuckall about tyranids and is basically to their lore what Cruddace is to their rules and we need to get rid of that retard too. Cool.

>> No.73830644

And why the fuck not

>> No.73830662

Forgot my image.

Yes, it does. It screamed in fear as it was burned away by the Warptide.

>> No.73830667


It says through the crust, dumbass. Do you also not know anything about geology?

>> No.73830672

anyone got any stories of waacniggers getting dabbed on by caacbros

>> No.73830673

When are they going to release it already?

>> No.73830680

What about Chaos?

>> No.73830683

did you just forget your image twice or did you just not bother to post it?

>> No.73830688

You know what, I take back what I said about Taufags.
Tyraniggers really are insufferable since even Taufags don't bitch about their faction's lore this much.

>> No.73830693

no because I always win

>> No.73830694

"In geology, the crust is the outermost solid shell of a rocky planet"

So just the surface. Nothing about them going DEEP.

>> No.73830699

Saying guardsmen die is like saying fish swim its not news

>> No.73830705

Renegades bail, Nids are only just recently trying to deal with encroaching rift bullshit, and there's a long drawn out story of Daemons vs Nids where Nids "win" because neither side is able to maintain sustenance (Uncorruptable faction vs Inedible Biomass) and daemons just lose the battle of attrition

>> No.73830708

>that's a retarded idea
It makes sense actually.
Fear is ultimately a useful mechanism for survival.

>> No.73830713

didnt even Tau defeat nids in lore tho?

>> No.73830715

>this lore snippet where the Tyranids actually use all their units and tactics counts
>but this other one from a different codex where some new intern with no knowledge of tyranid lore had them lose by basically not doing any of the things tyranids do in war doesn't
Yeah sums it up.

>> No.73830719

Not a nidger but I feel like IGfags are the batmanfags of 40k, they both have the "aw yeah regular human strong" thing going on

>> No.73830720

Delayed by the plague. Maybe next year.


>> No.73830729



Are you done being retarded.

>> No.73830731

A) why would an entity comprised of the psychic gestalt of trillions of ravenous space bug dinosaurs feel anything like how we humans do
B) what is the fucking point of trying to humanise the tyranids
C) no seriously why would you do that
D) it goes completely against what the tyranids are and why they appeal. anyone arguing for the hive mind feeling fear making sense must be either totally ignorant or as big a retard as that BL guy that got fired

>It screamed in fear as it was burned away by the Warptide.
your shitty book doesn't count, haley

>> No.73830735

I've literally never seen anyone here complain about IG lore

>> No.73830750

space marines are more batman than guard. guard are literally just regular people with 2-3 weeks of basic military training and a lasgun.

>> No.73830753

>in a pillbox shooting out
>a pubic hair's length away from getting stuck in melee

>> No.73830757

IG has no lore to complain about, as they have no lore

>> No.73830758

Late to the party.
The Gladius video shows that the Hivemind feels emotion. For example it feels kinship towards the Orks.

>> No.73830759

>haley even looks like a shrivelled old cuck
>meanwhile this is the chad that created the tyranids

>> No.73830764

>he wasn't here when cadia fell

>> No.73830777

>your shitty book doesn't count, haley
This. A thousand times.

>> No.73830778

he means from the "they don't have any powers but they do work!" argument
ever notice GW keeps filtering you guys out of stories, like first it was a guardsman who stood in front of Horus, then it was a marine in later editions, then a custodes...

>> No.73830779

Crust. I see nothing about the lower levels and the core!

Sherman Bishop's stuff are not canon.

>> No.73830782

>space marines are more batman than guard.
In this context Space Marines would be Superman or some other Justice League guy.
Batman is just human rather than super human.

>> No.73830791

Historical wargames are a bitch to paint for, but you'll get exactly what you're asking for. Models are far more affordable, to boot.

>> No.73830796

Have you seen him recently? He has gotten fat.

>> No.73830800

How far can you go beyond "bugs eat planet" for Tyranid lore? Seems like they're just an adversary invented for some other side to do heroic things.

>> No.73830803

>Fighting an unconscious guy

>> No.73830807

>seriously why would you do that
Because writers dont know the appeal of the unknowable, it needs to have a character and personality to matter! These are the only paths to character depth!

>> No.73830812

>Sherman Bishop's stuff are not canon.
His stuff literally got published in a Tyranid Codex. It has Andy Chambers seal of approval. That's all that matters.

Guy Haley has no approval from Chambers. He is more fanfiction than Bishop's writing will ever be.

>> No.73830827

The Hivemind registers distress at encountering the Crons.

>> No.73830829

>people look better when they're young
More news at 11

>> No.73830830

And yet Alien is one of the most beloved and successful sci-fi franchises of all time.

>> No.73830831

Reminder that Tyranid lore includes a Callidus who turned into a Genestealer with a fuck sack to blend into a sexcult and couldn't turn back

>> No.73830832

The battle for Macragge is a good Tyranid loss.
The battles at Iyanden and Ichar IV are good Tyranid losses.
The battle of Horst Prime is a good Tyranid loss.

The point is that the writers should be more creative with Tyranid losses than picking illogical reasons.

>> No.73830834

the whole point is that they're unfeeling, so when they do something that would make it seem that they're aware (see: any novel/story that includes lictors and deathleapers) it makes it all the more uncanny

>> No.73830836

the best tyranid lore is the stories of the people they ate and how they tried to resist and were overcome

>> No.73830837

That's fine. The final form of every englishman is a potato-like creature who wanders up norf.

>> No.73830838

Chambers doesnt work for GW anymore his approval is irelevant

>> No.73830844

Still looks less like a bitch than haley does tho.

>> No.73830846

Batman has won more fights with superman then lost, he's got unlimited money and is always right about everyone, hes a much bigger mary sue then a man who's basically a flying brick and has actual character flaws and strengths both stemming from his innocent upbringing and obsession with carrying the team.

>> No.73830847

Thankfully GW is expanding on them to make them more interesting recently, with the personality injection, Hivefleet Tiamat actually building and defending something, the cultists following in their wake and all that.

>> No.73830849

ok bootlicker

>> No.73830852

This just proves my point, only a complete autist would think those movies are about the aliens and not Ripley.

>> No.73830857

The eisenhorn books suck dick. The first one was kinda interesting and i liked the parts with Glaw but most of it is just James Bond shit

>> No.73830861

This, fucking thank you.

>> No.73830865

How would you guys feel about the name Hive Fleet Cerberus

>> No.73830867

That's more pragmatism then anything else.

>> No.73830873

>How far can you go beyond "bugs eat planet" for Tyranid lore?
The story is in how people react to them. For every Battle for Macragge there's a Kryptman or Anphelion Project doing Alien/s investigative work behind the scenes.

>> No.73830876

Tyranids can't be a perspective faction because there is only the hivemind.

Tyranids can be pretty useful for writing grimdark misery porn because of the sheer number and variety of horrible ways they can kill you and the hopeless atmosphere of fighting an infinite horde.

tyranids are also good enemies for a defiant and tragic last stand or a heroic victory that bests a seemingly insurmountable foe.

but thats about all they're good for unless you want to tap into their origins which is a bad idea because leaving them a mystery is the most interesting thing you could do with it honestly.

>> No.73830879

not tyranigger, but the Macragge loss is a joke
>and then Calgar pulled the big fucking stupid and flew screaming directly into the hive fleet despite having his veteran company sacrifice themselves to pull him out
>and then an irreplaceable imperial battlecruiser suicidally threw itself into the hive fleet after him, detonating, and tearing a hole in their offensive
>Imperium wins "At a great cost!" again

>> No.73830885

>stabs your norn queen

>> No.73830886

No one cares about the monkeys in business suits that hold a trademark for an IP they didn't write. They just make the money off of it. This is like saying a record label created the music they publish.

>> No.73830890

>and then an irreplaceable imperial battlecruiser
ask me how I know you're a secondary

>> No.73830897

No the point is that it doesn't matter that they're "about" Ripley, just like it doesn't matter if Tyranid lore is "about" the defenders (it's about the dynamic between both anyways).

Tyranids don't need personality to make a good story.

>> No.73830898

Yeah, like I said, they're a plot element in somebody else's story.

>> No.73830900

Macragge is the ONLY reason I could like Ultramarines and even then that's only the first company
the mental image of the last Terminators back to back, dead as fuck and undevoured against all odds is one that stuck with me
and one that guy haley tries desperately to recreate to no avail

>> No.73830904

>despite having his veteran company sacrifice themselves to pull him out
Retcons done to add in the swarm nigger and tar a quality piece of fiction.

read the 2nd edition tyranid codex

>> No.73830907

Everything that is alive feels. You're being extremely obtuse

>> No.73830911

and the hive mind isn't alive, you total brainlet

>> No.73830913

I think it's already taken.

>> No.73830917

As a random name, ehh, but If you want to use the symbolism of the name, play into Cerberus' role in the greek myths, the guardian of the under world, thr jailer of the damned of tartarus, among the only monster children of Typhon and Echidna to be tamed into a force of comparative good.

>> No.73830922

Actually, it's established that the Tyranids are not exciting to read or write about. That's why Guy Haley gave the Hivemind some character development and invented its rivalry with the Blood Angels.

No lie. It made Tyranid lore 10 times more interesting.

>> No.73830925

It was an emperor class battleship,while not irreplaceable its replacement had probably only just completed its shakedown cruise around the sol system when cadia exploded.

>> No.73830927

Batman achieves superman feats. Guardsman 566-648, as their innards spill out, uses every last bit of strength left to chuck their still-functioning weapon towards the nearest Guardsman whose liver isn't decorating their uniform.

Batman doesn't fail, and doesn't make mistakes. Guardsmen only fail, and yet their sacrifice still leads to victory. That's why guardsmen are badass.

>> No.73830930

I've done it a couple times, my proudest,
>waacfag plays custodes and talks shit on everyone
>challenges me to game because hurrr guard can't touch custodes
>brings over a third table for more gaming space
>dice gods bless my manticores and basilisks
>almost all bikes gone turn one
>consolidate squads as i move across table
>turn 4 of consolidated mordians, first and second rank fire, rerolling hits of 1 yarrick, mordian stratagem, bonus order from laurels
>Fails his charges
>tabled him turn 5 without losing a single model
To this day he has never shown back up and i have no idea why he insisted on the third table.

>> No.73830931

>And yet Alien is one of the most beloved and successful sci-fi franchises of all time.
The first two were okay.
Everything else has been bad.

>> No.73830937

There is nothing more kino than that line where they found the 1st company all dead, still standing, leaning back to back against each other, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of dead Tyranids.

That shit was 40k to the core. It was the epitome of Space Marines.

>> No.73830955

A record label is different from IP management.

Hypothetically lets take two books
Codex Eldar 2e
Path of the ynnari wild rider
Both published by GW
Both refered to by later works
Both written by Gav thrope
Both canon

No where does it matter about an individuals opinion when they arent in the role of ip management, this is why the space marine reprint and a disclaimer at the beginning while liber chaotica didn't.

>> No.73830960

Not really an issue. What matters is they've got more than one note, which is more than can be said of most 40k factions.

>> No.73830962

>Actually, it's established that the Tyranids are not exciting to read or write about
No one "established" this except you, and you have like 3-4 anons in this thread disagreeing. Your opinion is wrong.

>> No.73830964

Guardsman are literally the jobbers for the jobbers for space marines

>> No.73830973

>Macragge is left a smoking charnel house
>50% or more of the ultramarine chapter gone
>entire first company annihilated
>millions of guardsmen/PDF/chapter serfs dead
>UDF and battlefleet tempestus suffer massive losses

Yes, at great cost. What makes that a joke?

>> No.73830976

Can't have that now. Marines have to win harder or the timmies get upset.
It also doesn't promote GLORIOUS PRIMARIS

>> No.73830982

it's the only reason i own any space marines, just to make my chapter nid fighting specialists

>> No.73830984

>Guardsmen only fail, and yet their sacrifice still leads to victory. That's why guardsmen are badass.
It's the fetishisation of [MERE HUMAN] beating [SUPER HUMAN] which is the commonality that the anon is trying point out.

>> No.73830985

Basically the jannies of tyranids them

Except they aren't massive faggots like 4chan jannies

>> No.73830993

Because Space Marines are an unironically great, if overused and overwanked, faction.

>> No.73830995

Literally what?
Yes it is you mong. By literally every definition. Are you baiting or just an idiot?

>> No.73830999

Is this /BFGG/?

>read old X
I know the new lore is shit, and I'm more familiar with chaos lore (new and old) than anything else- but Calgar is still a fucking hack who shouldn't have survived

>> No.73831004

If GW stuck with old lore nids would have consumed the galaxy already. I'm glad the writers made them less OP over the years.

>> No.73831009

Not by me. By GW. I want you to go to BL weekender and ask Guy why he wrote the Hivemind like that. You will get this exact answer.

>> No.73831013

I mean, yes
but also, its replacement entered active service the second day after, having had its keel laid down centuries ago because the imperium can literally never have enough ships and as such ships aren't built to replace lost ones, so much as they are to replace and reinforce the fleets of the future
point being that a single emperor class is far from irreplaceable and trading that for destroying multiple tyranid capital ships is a good trade

>> No.73831014

>Actually, it's established that the Tyranids are not exciting to read or write about.

I'm not quite sure how that can be established.

You could certainly establish that tyranids are boring to write about by pulling up Guy Haley saying as much in the back of DoB but how the fuck could you prove that tyranids are boring to read about?

>It made Tyranid lore 10 times more interesting to me.

FIFY, I don't give a shit about Tyranids before or after the change so clearly that failed.

>> No.73831033

Every other imperial victory is "At great cost!", it's the default schlock the writers use to try and push the darkness of the narrative rather than write something solid.

>> No.73831034

Guy wrote the hive fleet being spiteful in BoB as a reflection of how petty nid players are

>> No.73831039

>Yes it is you mong. By literally every definition
no it isn't you fucking retard
it has no body, no physical presence
it's a purely psychic entity, like a daemon. daemons aren't alive

>> No.73831043

>batch painting white scars
is it possible to learn this power?

>> No.73831045

Its body is the swarm you ape

>> No.73831047


>> No.73831055

Painting white is a pain

>> No.73831060

Trying to come up with an inquisition-related scheme for my guard. Planning to run them alongside SoB and MT Scions cuz i found an old Inquisitor model and the idea sounds fun. What Inquisition iconography can i add to guardsmen? =I= symbols on their shoulders? banners?

>> No.73831061

I dont hate primaris, but I would like to see more of them struggling to just barely hold things off.

>cocky primaris zoomer proclaims his superior weapons and enhancements will turn the tide against the enemy
>old dreadnought is reminded of when he thought the same in relation to the guard
>forms rough bond with primaris zoomer as he tries to teach him
>sacrifices himself (again) to rescue PZ from an ego born blunder, forcing the primaris to see the folly of such assumptions and grow as a person
>lost much of his body and inherits the old dread chassis to carry his memory and redeem his failures

>> No.73831063

>No lie. It made Tyranid lore 10 times more interesting.
maybe if you have totally shit taste

>> No.73831066

>The Gladius
HAHAHAahahah ahahah

>> No.73831067

>saul invictus
We still haven't been able to give terminator captains plasma blasters to honour him. Not even a relic. No mention at all.

>but Calgar is still a fucking hack who shouldn't have survived
He was directing the battle in space and never touched the planet you colossal retard. The defense of the planet was left to the first company while he whittled away at the fleet.

>> No.73831076


>> No.73831079

>a unit of ten warriors
Max is 9.

>> No.73831084

What do the Janit?

>> No.73831085

wow, that'd be pretty kino ngl

>> No.73831089

>imperial guard player proud of beating a mid tier army

>> No.73831092

>50 fucking books in the horus heresy series
Are all 50 worth reading? Are any of them better left unread?

>> No.73831106

Jannies dont prune enough imho

>> No.73831114

yes, the great part is that the battle for macragge was one of the first times this had ever happened, literally

>> No.73831116

might as well skip any by abnett
the rest are mostly serviceable though

>> No.73831117

what goes through people's heads when they make stuff like this

>> No.73831127

They already did this in Of Honour and Iron where the old Chaplain has to teach them how to hate.

>> No.73831137

I like it

>> No.73831143

>He was directing the battle in space and never touched the planet you colossal retard.
"Sensing its prey was about to escape, the Swarmlord plunged into the fray alongside a horde of elite hive-warriors, cutting a path straight towards Calgar. The Lord of Ultramar stood his ground, laying waste to xenos horrors with every swing of his fists. But the Tyranids were too many, and Calgar's body was rent and torn. When he came face-to-face with the Swarmlord, he was on the verge of death, yet still would not yield. Locked in a mortal duel, they fought like mythic gods, and though Calgar struck with his last ounce of strength, he was laid low by the monster's blades."

Cold Steel Ridge

>> No.73831146

>I want a Dark Mechanicum army so fucking badly

>> No.73831148

>all this tyranid talk
On that note, so what would happen if someone ripped open a big fucking hole in real space to the warp, like the Eye of Terror, right in front of a hive fleet? Would the hive fleet have to take great pains to go around it all the while being assailed by daemons and chaos barges and shit trying to enter realspace?
Would the fleet enter it because they're pretty fucking dumb?

>> No.73831150

Read the first 5

Then just wait for the final one next year

Also just listen to the audiobooks

>> No.73831152

Spray paint white
Red details
Other details
DONT wash

>> No.73831153

that it's cool? I dig it

>> No.73831158

Looks good, whats the problem

>> No.73831161

Just read the first three and then pick up the last when it comes out.

those are the only books that you should have in the whole series because they're the only ones that really matter.

>> No.73831163

It's not hard, the key is to give characters flaws and to give those flaws meaningful consequences.

>> No.73831164

Pretty neat ngl

>> No.73831173


>> No.73831174

>thinking bikestodes are mid tier

the shadow in the warp would cause massive problems for this rift and any ships trying to pass through it
they'd probably retreat and go find something with actual meat to eat

>> No.73831176

whoah it's almost like I pointed out the retcon of 5th edition and told anon to read the 2nd edition codex where things weren't retarded

>> No.73831179

>That gap in the hood
>All those uncleaned nubs

>> No.73831180

They’d definitely go around it since there’s no biomass in the warp only daemon cum essence

>> No.73831181

"Wow , this thing looks rad"

>> No.73831183

STD is pretty good

>> No.73831188


>> No.73831190

Hive fleet Kronos exists for this reason, they tried to eat it at first, found out they couldn't and held back/went around, evolved a new approach and came back for round 2

>> No.73831191

>what would happen if someone ripped open a big fucking hole in real space to the warp, like the Eye of Terror, right in front of a hive fleet? Would the hive fleet have to take great pains to go around it all the while being assailed by daemons and chaos barges and shit trying to enter realspace?

They do this most of the time.

BUT Warpstorms have their own ideas sometimes. So they might suck the fleet in

>> No.73831199

>Would the hive fleet have to take great pains to go around it all the while being assailed by daemons and chaos barges and shit trying to enter realspace?
>Would the fleet enter it because they're pretty fucking dumb?
Not if they can avoid it, because they're not that dumb.

>> No.73831201

Admech are mostly machine so

>> No.73831207

Army tiers are a meme.

>> No.73831208

Whoa it's almost like several editions and books later old lore is no longer relevant, Calgar should be dead- especially now with Roboute up and about

>> No.73831210

why not become the tallest chad if you can mechanize your body

>> No.73831212

Kronos flies around Warpstorms destroying anything that would result in the Warpstorm growing larger. That's it job.

>> No.73831216

depends on what you mean by "alive"? Like are necrons alive? If you mean SENTIENT then no the hive mind isn't sentient, the norn queen or whatever it is that sits at the top of the tyranid pyramid is sentient and the queen exerts her will upon all the lesser tyranids. The simpler nids have their will overwritten by the queens hivemind projection while the stronger synapse nids are merely heavily influenced by it but maintain their own sentience.

>> No.73831219

>Calgar should be dead
Nah, he's cool.

>> No.73831225

> Oh shit i got glue fucking everywhere.

>> No.73831228

>Whoa it's almost like several editions and books later old lore is no longer relevant, Calgar should be dead-
You sound like a defender of the starwars sequels, no respect for your roots

>> No.73831230


also you're a faggot

>> No.73831233

I did like that bit where he admitted to writing his own "what if guilliman returned" fanfiction and then was confused at why the imperium at large doesn't love daddy like he does

>> No.73831235

What is a good alternative to the GW texture tool? I don't want to fork out the cash for it. I was thinking I could just use a popsicle stick that I split

>> No.73831242


>> No.73831247

>No blood was being spilled for Khorne, just putrid alien ichor.
That's really fucking stupid. That's so goddamned stupid. It's not like Khorne needs literal, physical, exact red blood. It's just "the shit that comes out when someone is hurt or killed". It's just symbolic of slaughter.
God DAMN is that fucking stupid. It's like if they wrote that a Khorne army lost to a head-lacking xenos race because "there weren't any skulls to claim!!!!". FUCK!
And this guy ITT has the audacity to bitch about "bad writing" when Tyranids lose.

>> No.73831248

just use a plastic one you can get for less than a dollar at most craft stores , or use a flathead screwdriver

>> No.73831253

>calgar got primarisized
>Still no primaris cassius
is he too old?

>> No.73831254

I just use my sculpting tools, but I imagine a popsicle stick will work just fine in a pinch.

>> No.73831260

This dude's out there collecting all the Xenos wives he can before the universe upends itself.

What are you doing?

>> No.73831262

it's especially stupid considering that khorne loves tyranid skulls

>> No.73831264

>tfw a five sentence green. Presents a more compelling use of primaris then most official books

>> No.73831269

we'll have to wait for the primaris tyranid hunters

>> No.73831272

Yup, now you know the true form of the nidger.
Despise him!

>> No.73831273

I'm pretty certain that the hivemind is a distributed intelligence actually, there is no top of the pyramid because every synapse creature makes up a part of the instinctual behaviours that make up what people call the "Hivemind."

>> No.73831279

Don't worry. We know he hypocrite.

That was retconned later in the daemonkin codex. Khorne does accept Tyranid ichor.

>> No.73831288

Close enough.

>> No.73831294

Yeah I don't get it. By that logic the chaos gods can only exist as long as humans exist which really doesn't make any sense.
So if like eldar and ork blood is good enough for khorne then why not tyranid blood? They're all fucking aliens. I mean shit technically orks don't even have blood they have sap.

>> No.73831295

and then the Generic bloodthirster was gangraped by worms

>> No.73831300

Speaking as a nid fan I felt the ichor thing was stupid, that was bullshit in the other direction, wins and losses alike should feel earned

>> No.73831309

Tyranid "blood" might just be lubricant for their joints and not vital to their life or something

>> No.73831316

I'll admit, if there's one faction done dirtier by its own lore than nids, it might just be daemons
they can't win anything without spiky marine support

>> No.73831320


>> No.73831321

>not recognizing chaplain 3 immediately
for shame

>> No.73831323

>orks don't even have blood they have sap.
>Blooms for the bloom god!
>sap for the sap throne of Khorne!

>> No.73831324

finally, the lore matches the game!

>> No.73831335

>that logic the chaos gods can only exist as long as humans exist which really doesn't make any sense.
Yeah but you gotta remember, most writers treat humanity as the center of the setting, hence why thorn and tzeentch have both been stated to have been born by events of human history, like the black death or some shit. Because the scope of a single planet matters enough to match an entire galaxy because these writers have no sense of scale.

>> No.73831352

Probably because if daemons are good youd have a good army that works in every system

>> No.73831356

>hence why thorn and tzeentch have both been stated to have been born by events of human history, like the black death or some shit.
This is a misreading of RT fluff.
The fluff says that a god wakes up and then something associated happens on Earth, not the other way around.

>> No.73831365

exactly, also the tools are there for demons to do well, they just get fucked by points values most of the time.

>> No.73831373

There's no real "daemon" army in AoS, just individual god aligned armies.

>> No.73831378

to be it's entirely possible that they weren't "awake" until humanity got involved, leutin09 has a pretty good video explaining this headcanon

>> No.73831379

It has for a while
>imperium always wins but they lose some units too

>> No.73831384

Oh, that's a relief

>> No.73831397

>tyranids always lose because the crunch doesn't match the fluff

>> No.73831399

I just want to bring Ka'Bhanda and have him be a vector of death only to have my opponent play the objective like a galaxy brain

>> No.73831422

do points costs represent anything, fluff-wise? i feel like plasma guns are more expensive resourcewise than grenade launchers, yet theye the same in the guard codex

>> No.73831436

>do points costs represent anything, fluff-wise?

>> No.73831443

Chaos are treated so much better in AoS it’s not even funny

>> No.73831444

No, points cost are based on game balance

>> No.73831446

>Both written by Gav thrope
That's exactly the difference.

Now take Tyranid Codex 2e
Some modern Black Library shit featuring Tyranids
Both are not written by Andy Chambers.

>> No.73831448

>do points costs represent anything, fluff-wise?
yes and no
they exist to balance the game, and typically the weapons that are rarer in the fluff are better and thus cost more
but they lean more towards crunch than fluff, and are not there to inform the fluff

>> No.73831460

No, they don’t even represent stats, they’re mostly made up.
For example, a guardsman with a better save, gun, special rules, and skill is cheaper than a chaos cultist

>> No.73831463

Andy doesn't matter anymore mate he doesnt work there

>> No.73831483

It's coming to 40k. Just need EC and WE, and roll up the daemons there.

>> No.73831486

>That's really fucking stupid. That's so goddamned stupid. It's not like Khorne needs literal, physical, exact red blood. It's just "the shit that comes out when someone is hurt or killed". It's just symbolic of slaughter.
Yes but you're missing the point that nids exist to die. They don't fear death. slaughter is not a mentally traumatic thing for them. If they SUCCEED in their goal of killing all prey life on the planet and survive all that fighting, they intentionally commit suicide by diving into pools of acid. So Khorne gets nothing from them because there's no emotional horror, no suffering, no psychic imprint of War being Hell. THAT is what He needs to feed.

>> No.73831490


why are they so afraid to raise the points needed for a game to something like 10,000, then redistribute effectiveness and points values to better represent fluff?

>> No.73831501

>Codex Eldar 2e
> written by Gav thrope
you fucking wot

>> No.73831503

They paved the way for it with the CHAOS keyword nerf not touching GOD keyword

>> No.73831511

yeah i get that it might be a little jarring to pay like 60 points for a plasma gun, but it would make more sense if a guardsman was something like 23 points, for example. a cultist could be 17 points.

>> No.73831513

When would you ever be running vanguard veterans with lightning claws?

>> No.73831515

Because that would be retarded and not fun at all.

>> No.73831516

>They don't fear death. slaughter is not a mentally traumatic thing for them.
With that logic, Khorne would get nothing from Orks either.

>> No.73831522

Sorry I meant 3rd

>> No.73831529

when would you ever run warp talons?

>> No.73831530

Doesn't matter if he does or doesn't. He created the lore, he's the authority on it.

>> No.73831531

because they can't effectively use the granularity of points that we already have, increasing it will just confuse them

>> No.73831534


>> No.73831536

I think they should double points so we play 4k games with the same size army
Then cultists and guardsmen can have a meaningful gap

>> No.73831548

khorne doesn't care about horror and suffering, he cares about martial glory and slaughter. you're thinking of slaanesh

>> No.73831553

Orks don't want to die because that means no more fighting. They care less than most races but they still fear death.

Tyranids are more like robots made out of meat. Their ichor doesn't feed Khorne the same way that a T'au Drones oil doesn't feed him. They're unfeeling biomechanical machines.

>> No.73831556

No, when working with IPs individual authors dont matter. Like what if Andy said he approved of all the lore

Changes nothing

Andy says he doesnt

Changes nothing

DoB and BoB are and will still be canon independent of what one author says.

>> No.73831562

except orks feel very much the same as khornates

>> No.73831564

both the 3e book and the 3e craftworlds book were "written" by multiple authors though (and for what it's worth had more or less no lore at all in them, compared to the 2e book which was quite comprehensive)

>> No.73831569

TFW we dont have a khornate berzeker fighting robits animated nby Gendy Tarkovsky

>> No.73831573

Nothing for Nidz in entire edition. Not even a single god damn bone thrown our way.
Fffffuck this game right in the ass.

>> No.73831578

that's what i said, except quintupling them, so there's an even more sensible gap

>> No.73831581

>Both canon

>> No.73831598

spare a tear for the crons
2 releases in 6 years

>> No.73831604

the great part about BL books is that they're incredibly biased one-sided accounts that are capable of being dead fucking wrong while still maintaining canon

>> No.73831606

Yeah it is a collaborative effort as all books in an IP are. Authors work together and discuss ideas like when they do the heresy summit and such. This supports my arguement that individual authors are irelevant

>> No.73831612

because you got an entire new faction with no penalties to allying until the 9e leaks

>> No.73831613

thats what you get for playing an NPC faction

>> No.73831615

Yeah they are, provide evidence otherwise

>> No.73831616

>Their ichor doesn't feed Khorne the same way that a T'au Drones oil doesn't feed him
I dunno I feel like a khornate warband hunting robots and dedicating their CPUs and oil to khorne would pretty cool
the skull of an imperator titan is pretty rad

>> No.73831624

No, Slaanesh cares about excess. Any kind of excess, including war, He actually feeds on the other three Chaos Gods when they are being overfed. He's like the counterbalance.

Khorne cares about suffering because THAT'S WHAT SLAUGHTER IS. Spilling blood feeds him not because of the literal physical blood. Nothing physical affects the Warp, that's the whole point of the Warp, it's a place of emotion and feeling. The feelings of horror in war, of mortality and dying, the agony and struggle in your last moments as you bleed out from horrible gashes torn in your flesh by a berserker's chainaxe - that is what Khorne needs. If you found a bunch of skeletons in a burial mound and took those skulls and offered them up to Khorne it means nothing because they were already dead. He wants you to mutilate the living, to render them down to meat and he feeds on that.

Tyranids don't care because they do that to themselves because they only see themselves as single cells in a larger body. Death of the flesh is nothing to the Hive Mind, it's like the way you and I shed skin cells.

>> No.73831635

Well yeah Contradictions especially when found from a biased inuniverse PoV aren't a deal breaker on canon

>> No.73831656

>slaanesh doesn't care about suffering
that take was so smoothbrained I stopped at "No"
come back when you're not a lorelet

>> No.73831666

>lost the argument so he strawmans

>> No.73831672

>Khorne cares about suffering because THAT'S WHAT SLAUGHTER IS.
Khorne cares about hatred and rage, that's his thing, not suffering in particular.

>> No.73831683

Cool headcanon, my dude.

>> No.73831692

God, Khorne is gonna get a massive hard on when Dante succumbs to the black rage against Abaddon

>> No.73831697

>This supports my arguement
your complete lack of knowledge of the books you're referencing supports your argument? Sure bud

During (later) 2e and 3e, andy chambers had the role of 40k's "overfiend". I'll leave it to you and other anons to puzzle out why one individual had additional writing credits in more or less every single 3rd edition 40k book, and in every supplementary 40k game.

>> No.73831698

>Khorne cares about suffering because THAT'S WHAT SLAUGHTER IS
n. The killing of a large number of people; a massacre.

>> No.73831704

There is no canon in 40K
There are only vague outlines for a setting and stories that might or might not have happened in it

>> No.73831710

I could have never read a 40k book an my arguement remains sound

Andy while in that role mattered but the minute he left his opinions irelevant to the actual canonicity of something.

>> No.73831718

based and blighpilled

>> No.73831728

There is though, see the prelude to space marine reprints.

You're atempting to use the frequent use of unreliable narrators as a judge of canon when they have little bearing on it

>> No.73831740

How will autists win internet arguments though if there's not some absolute authority they can cite w.r.t. any topic?

>> No.73831745

Except when it comes to the issue of female marines

>> No.73831759

What issue?

>> No.73831777

at this point opposition to that comes more from disgust at the self-righteous trannies that push it than anything else

>> No.73831811


>> No.73831820

You should see the absolute state of 40k groups on facebook/reddit. Basedboys simps and lefties all acting like female marines are the most creative and brave concept they've ever seen. Extremely tiresome. Starting to feel like it's only a matter of time.

>> No.73831826

Pretty much.

>> No.73832086

What is the point of this epithet? I really don't understand
People play as these factions, they can't be NPC by definition.
>Hurr durr your faction isn't Imperial or Chaos get fukked
Why? Why do you have this opinion? These other factions add flavor to the game on top of the others. Many, many people play them, either as their primary army or otherwise. Do you want them gone? Do you want this game to be Horus Heresy 2: Electric Boogaloo? Do you agree with GW giving middling attention to all Xenos as a whole, while outright ignoring or downplaying individual factions? What is your deal?

>> No.73832571

I play and use them as raven guard

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