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When all you have is a warhammer, everything looks like a filthy heretic edition.

>Previous Schism:

>Thread FAQ(very old, remembers Age of Terra)
>Thread FAQ(suggestion)
>Erratas and extra downloads
>Rules and stuff for HH and Titanicus
==/ATG/ Zone==
>Rules and supplements
See the MEGA in HH section
>List of Titan Legions with Badges and Colours
>More lists
>What size magnets do I need?
>homemade missions: http://clawsandfists.blogspot.com/2019/09/matched-play-missions-for-adeptus.html

>Battlefleet Heresy: Void Battles during the Great Betrayal:

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Asking again because I did not realize the last thread was so close to dying.

Are there any modern 40k models that would be good fodder for HH?
I mean other than the obvious upgrade kits. Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard (great jump packs without the wings, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better artificer armour) would have been on my list, but with the price hike they may not be worth it any more.

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Like? I mean, marine stuff has been nothing but primaris the past edition and future doesn't seem any different.

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Regular 40k stuff in general. Should have been more clear, sorry about that.
Probably should have just said GW plastics.

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IG stuff is kosher (and often the only way to get a bunch of things), IA employed very much similar regiments as exist today. Admech stuff is a bit questionable, since rules for them don't exist. Skitarii and Kastelans existed at the time, but FW is being FW. MkIIc Mars Rhinos, MkIV and V Castaferrum Dreadnoughts, MkIII Phobos Land Raiders, etc. existed during HH and have been shown in FW books to some extent. Indomitus Terminators were a thing, but one will have to do some converting to the Crux shoulder and weapons. Plastic kits are a source for MkVI bits. Only real difference is that GW arms have the ring around the wrist, but even some FW models have it, so it's not a hard and fast rule. There's also MkIV bits to spice up some character models and also GW style MkIV helmets, if you're into that (I know I am). Oh, and Sarum pattern helmets.

Even primaris have some bits that one can use. I've made use of Reiver knife sheaths on Scouts and Hellblaster scopes on bolters. I imagine Reiver helmets might make nice Chaplain helmets.

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Depends, what legion?

Most of the plastic vehicles like rhinos and land raiders are fine.

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Necromunda Enforcers are also a good alternative option for recon squads in scout armour.

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The Primaris apothacary set has some nice canibalization potential. Those medicae bits can be turned into multiple apothecaries with a bit of conversion. The new primaris techmarine might also work well, but im not sure if its out yet and it might just be a better idea to get an older school techmarine

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For the anon’s that replied to my mechanicum w/ blackshield ally idea, i like the idea of running the outlanders one. not the most mechanichly sound but kinda fits some of the idea of what might be pals with my fringe space forge fane. the xenos deathlock and rad grenades seem proper cool stuff to be supplied with for being with a... not entirely loyal to the emperor forge fane.

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Nice, try using their deepstrike to its full potential. Since only half of the infantry can be given deepstrike try using a scheme involving natural deep striking and scouting infantry alongside non-dedicated transports to cause chaos in their backlines while your less mobile frontal assault mechanicus units take objectives and organize. Also keep in mind that thallax are deepstriking infantry (with jetpacks) so if you take a cortex consul you could make an even larger percentage of your blackshields deepstrike.
You could instead use the blackshields who cant deepstrike as more support among your units who are lacking in things which certain space marine units (especially the diversely optioned marauder squads) do better than equivalent or non-existant mechanicum options.
Remember that in order to use deepstrike well most or all of your sm units need to be infantry, you can already do non-infantry things with your mechanicum units so focus on that

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Is there anyone who could share the ebooks of Sons of the Selenar and/or Saturnine? Would be greatly appreciated

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>If a woman draws a thousand faces and draws one pair of dick sucking lips, they don't call her a faggot... they call her an artist.
now if roles were reversed... why do women get to get away with this, bros? jk, she's a great artist so I'm not complaining

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What is this helmet called and what does it do? I haven't been able to find any info on it. I've only ever seen it on this model (Master of the Signal) and an old metal 40k model. My friend is a big HH buff and even he doesn't know anything about it.

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It's a MkIV helm with big brain addition because the MoS is a smarty.

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Can the dick sucking lips already faggot, it wasn't funny then, its beyond cringe now.

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So there's no lore about it then? I see. Thanks anyway.

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>angery about his fetish coming to light
>projecting to hide it
no need to hide it anymore, faggot. and just for your amusement:
>dick sucking lips
>dick sucking lips
>dick sucking lips
>dick sucking lips

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is there a list for missing models (including limited edition models) for the already existing rules? e.g. khan and pic related. curious on what to expect in the upcoming decades

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like these? https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Space_Marine_Legion_List_(30k)#40k_models_usable_in_30k

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Which mini is this in the middle? Is it still available?

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>Abaddon glanced at the III Legion champion. Eidolon’s retinue trailed him, wretched and gaudy in their enhanced and augmented battleplate. Their faces, and in some cases their forms, had grown wildly misshapen. Their adopted colour schemes hurt the eyes. They were the cream of the Phoenician’s men, the Emperor’s Children, grotesquely and excessively ornate. Haughty bastards. Why did they preserve the name? Did Fulgrim fear offending his father somehow? Names could be changed.
He doesn't get it.

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Sealed all the models I’ve been working on in quarantine so far. I have another Knight, 10 more Vets, 5 Outriders, and 30 Assault Marines coming up.

Really happy with how much I’ve done.

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Does HH have rules for skirmish fights? Like on the scale of Kill Team?

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MAJOR SPOILERS FOR POST-SCOURING: I think they're trying to foreshadow that Abbadon is going to rename the Sons of Horus!

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ZM/Zone mortalis

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Any have the old two part Visions of Heresy PDFs or the new (2018) version?

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looks like a pretty cool frankenstein tier conversion to me
>mk3 left leg
>mk 4 apothecary right leg with mk7 knee and purity seal
>encarmeine sword
>destroyer jump pack
>BA upgrade head sprue with sanguinary halo
>mk4 arms
>BA mk3 left shoulder
>destroyer right shoulder
and torso is... modified destroyer/apothecary? the conversion is so bit heavy he can be a blackshield reaver lord in disguise with a halo sword

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Truly and profoundly do not like the 180 they've done on Abbadon by post-hoc justifying all his small-brain moments as galaxy-brain moments done because he's just 2 rebellious 4 Chaos. Compare it to the efforts to rehab the Lion by not invalidating his previously established decisions, but creating new ones that do show his intelligence and wisdom in certain instances.

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The legs and torso are from the Legion Champion.

>> No.73753256

indeed, I stand corrected. I can't believe I didn't notice until now that there's a model with different legs

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>all those tarantulas
The Omnissiah smiles upon you, Anon

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Don't expect yabadabba to have big brain outside ADB's book

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how come no one uses terrax? better transport, rules, and model than dreadclaw. only downside is that there is no row that gives them as dedicated transport.

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People tend to default to drop pods due to it being fluffy for certain lists and it is itself the default means of deep striking, although being somebody who is building a list using them as we speak i have to say they seem pretty nice

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Made a quick list
>Legions(characters order in legion numbers)
Saul Tarvitz(still waiting for model that was promised)
Erasmus Golg
Kyr Vhalen
Niirik Dreygur(limited)
Tsolmon Khan
QinXa(still waiting, announced more than half year ago)
Jaghatai Khan(FUCKING WHEN)
Geigor Fell-Hand(limited box, never to return)
Kheron Ophion
Castrmen Orth
Autek Mor(Iron Father don't count)
Shadrak Meduson
Shabran Darr
Gahlan Surlak
Remus Ventanus
Crysos Morturg
Durak Rask
Ahzek Ahriman(limited box, never to return)
Maloghurst(SoH command squad don't count)
Tybalt Marr
Hol Beloth(WB)
Nomus Rhy’tan
Xiaphas Jurr
Strike Captain Alvarex
Kaedes Nex
Autilon Skorr
The Nemean Reaver
Endryd Haar
Inar Satrael

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what's a good centurion besides a champion that I can stick into a terrax with a 10-man marauder squad that can buff the unit and murder shit?

>> No.73755607


Chaplain, Librarian rolling Biomancy if you can stand the randomness since he'll usually get something fun, technically Herald but he's far more trouble than he's worth for one unit of buffs.

>> No.73755817

I think I'll do the librarian. I'll use Tylos' model and give him a head that's not retarded.

>> No.73756371

That's a lot of characters.

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what do you guys use for xeno deathlocks? i figured shuriken catapaults would work but what else? gonna go for a 10-man termie squad with 7 deathlocks because fuck being a pussy and only using one

>> No.73756746

Does anyone here homerule out the random army generation stuff like psychic power choice and warlord traits?
That was pretty much the only thing I liked about the 8th edition changes.

>> No.73756754

That’s a terrible comparison as all Lion stuff should be retconned save for the two stories Wraight had him for.

>> No.73756769

Necron gauss weapons or slightly modified skitarii rifles.

>> No.73756983

I know it'll never happen since GW and FW don't really give a shit about HH any more, but how would you introduce xenos armies to the GC/HH era?
Failing that, which 7e armies are the most reasonable to use in HH (without formations, obviously)?

>> No.73757008

Craftworld Eldar and Necrons already have fanmade rules. Obviously not tau or nids. So Orks and Dark Eldar?

>> No.73757050

Lord of the First was interesting, if poorly-written.

>> No.73757072

How would you even balance Orks? They were a complete mess in 7e. I think.
It's been awhile.

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OK so I might make a blackshield outlander army as my second army.

How's this list? Trying to keep it infantry based.

2k Points, Outlanders


Nemean Reaver
Librarian, 2 ML, Artificer Armor, Force Sword


Terminators, Cataphractii Armor, 3x Powerfists + Deathlocks, 1x Chainfist + Plasma Blaster, Sarge with Harness, Rad Grenades, Chainfist, and Deathlock


Marauder Squad, 20x Marauders, 17 Shotguns, 4 Pariah Flamers, Chainaxes, Chief with Lightning Claw, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs, Rad Nades

Marauder Squad, 10x Marauders, Chainaxes, 7 2 Bolt Pistols, 2x Pariah Flamers, Chief with Thunder Hammer, Melta Bombs, Plasma Pistol, Rad Grenades

Recon Squad, 5x Recon Marines, Cameleoline, Nuncio-Vox, Power Armor, 5x Sniper Rifles, Sarge with Artificer Armor, Rad Nades

Fast Attack

Termite Assault Drill, 2x Volkite Culverins

Xiphon Interceptor, Ground Tracking Auguries

Heavy Support

HSS with 5x Lascannons, Artificer Armor and Augury Scanner on Sarge

I have a sneaking suspicion this list is horrendous

>> No.73757171

It’s not bad, but honestly you’re better off dropping the Recon marines for maxing out the HSS squad. Your Terminators also need a transport.

>> No.73757220

figured I'll teleport the termies in. I can max out the hss.

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>> No.73757287

Back again from the last thread, still looking for tips on Salamanders for Zone Mortalis. I was a little late to the last thread so my bad.

>> No.73757297

What do you guys think about Lorgar getting exiled by Horus for his failed coup and so only a small chapter of Word Bearers under Layak take part in the Siege of Terra?

>> No.73757300

great. now I just have to figure out how to convert a reaver. what would i even use for the sword? Guilliman's sword?

>> No.73757330


>> No.73757335

*the nemean reaver

heavy flamers are your friend obviously. definitely take a hss with those. if you want to be spicy take a tactical support squad too for maximum flame rape.

not surprised. it's not like horus was gonna kill lorgar, he's too useful for that.

>> No.73757348

I don't think about Lorgar getting exiled by Horus for his failed coup and so only a small chapter of Word Bearers under Layak take part in the Siege of Terra?

>> No.73757432


I thought about those. Firedrakes look fucking awesome i just wasn't sure if they would be good or not. I've also thought about a dread. not sure if i could bring both of those, as I'm still new to HH. played a bit of 7th though.

>> No.73757450

let's be honest anon
you're never gonna stop collecting, are you. Just buy what's cool and you'll get what's more useful later

>> No.73757476

dont consider BL to be canon. i ignore everything they come out with nowadays. with bligh dead the liquid shit they pump out however is infiltrating the black books, and it's infuriating. the worst move BL has recently done is ruin the origin story of how the primarchs were dispersed across the stars. fuck BL and every single faggot that writes for them, including that hack abnett

>> No.73757548

fair point

>> No.73757590

> worst move BL has recently done is ruin the origin story of how the primarchs were dispersed across the stars
What did they change?

>> No.73757617

Heavy support squads. Firedrakes are fantastic. One of the toughest models you can take.

>> No.73757639

Instead of Chaos Gods did it, Perpetual mommy of Primarchs did it.

>> No.73757650

Primarchs were a joint project, one of emps coworkers was some bitch who is thier "mother". Said bitch lowered the shielding so they could be tossed to the winds.
Be sure to thank Dan for this new development.

>> No.73757684

The emperors ex-girlfriend decides that he’s too bossy and he’s gonna make the primarchs do what he wants and they won’t be free

So she sends angron to become a lobotmized gladiator

And curze to rape city on murder planet

But at least they’re freeeeeee

>> No.73757775

Damn that's pretty gay

>> No.73757787

there is no lore
there is only war

>> No.73757903

A lady perpetual claims to have assisted the Emperor with their creation, even providing some of her own genetic material, and to have been responsible for their scattering. She provides no details on that last part beyond that she did it because daddy issues.

>> No.73757922

be sure to thank Dan for this latest development

>> No.73757985

There is no lore
there is only war

>> No.73757986

dont forget abnett also turned AL from heady youngest brothers hungry to outcompete and display their superiority to other legions to 'dude i am alpharius lmao'. also turning traitor because ayy lmaos and not alpharius having a point to prove and shitting on guilliman

>> No.73758078

great looking force - can’t say I like the dominus but you’re hardly to blame for my distaste for the model, you painted it well regardless. any close ups you can treat us to of the lads?

>> No.73758085

there is no lore
there is only war

>> No.73758099

because they’re not in any book so I always forget they exist. kind of like the flying custodes

>> No.73758200

Let's see.
Abnett gave us "I was there when Horus..."
Alpha Legion as a meme and twin Primarch
Gay romance between Iron Warrior and Imperial Fist
Primarch's Mommy
Murdered almost all important characters in Sons of Horus and Emperor's Children in like 2 minutes.

Fingers crossed for last book and ending, with he probably also will write.

>> No.73758269

>Murdered almost all important characters in Sons of Horus and Emperor's Children in like 2 minutes.
This shit pisses me off to no end, who do we have left for the inter legion fighting,

>> No.73758275

why did you remind me

>> No.73758434

He’s a good writer, but like ADB, man he comes up with some bullshit.

>> No.73758707

I really blame the pace and lack of editing in BL HH novels for most of his sins. Most, but not all. It’s strange because no one writes marines as human as he does except maybe wraight, and no one does the soh any justice but him. And yet still he does things that just seem almost thoughtless. The SoH attack and its failure is really cool in the moment until you pull back and go “wait what the fuck, who is even alive in the scouring then?”
no excusing the cabal though. Perpetuals could have been a decent reimagining of the sensei but there’s no timeline where the cabal having such direct influence isn’t shit. Maybe if they’d secretly manipulated the alphas to heresy it would have been decent - tricked them into succumbing to their hubris and pride or something. maybe

>> No.73758863

>to 'dude i am alpharius lmao'.
Abnett didn't do that. All the writers who followed him writing for the legion did that by latching on to a memey phrase from the novel and transforming it into 90% of their character. Then the internet meme machine got involved and things got stupid.

Can't defend the alien plot though. Only way I can think of to even make it work would have been to explicitly show the AL were just using them for the AL's own benefit and had already chosen a side.

>> No.73759298

What is the most underrated unit in your opinion for your army?

>> No.73759370


>> No.73759448

Posting my revised Blackshields Outlanders list, its a work in progress so feedback is required. Minor Errors may exist here and there but they are minor if they exist, in particular I think I need good anti air options alongside a more refined anti-vehicle loadout since the army is basically just infantry focused.
In particular I am unsure if my terrax would count as dedicated transport (I feel like thats a stupid question but I don't know exactly) which would of course btfo eternally this entire list. Also if I'm proposing using cataphracti correctly.
Its late so I will be sleeping on this and hopefully tomorrow I will wake up to find that I did or am doing something stupid so that I can correct those errors and build an effective yet fluffy list for my cheese encrusted boys in black.

The strategy of this list is to use the terrax to get to the enemy's face and then deepstrike everything using nuncio and sometimes blind faith. Basically I'm counting on hitting them so hard that they can't muster a response fast enough to do anything about it since it will be the early game, I fear tank armies and could fold to enemy infiltrators, although that probably depends on if I do proper placement or not.

Space Marine Legion List (3000pts) (currently 2,848pts. In progress list especially in the heavy support options)
Legion: Blackshields - Outlanders

HQ: (375pts total)
Forge Lord (195pts)
Centurion (50pts)
Forge Lord Consul (35 pts)
Cortex Controller, Cyber Familiar (15pts each, 30pts total)
Nuncio-Vox (10pts)
2 Power fists (20pts each, 40pts total)
Rad Grenades, Refactor Field, Volkite Charger (10pts each, 30pts total)
Artificer or Pariah Power armor (free)
>will be put in a terrax with a squad of either tartaros terminators or maruaders w/ an apothecary or 11th marauder. Isn't built yet but could easily be converted to be tartaros or even cataphracti armor through an arms and/or legs swap or simply building it that way

>> No.73759464

The Nemean Reaver (180pts)
>will be put in a terrax with a squad of either tartaros terminators or marauders w/ an apothecary or 11th marauder

Elites: (830pts total)
(2) Apothecarion Detachment (50pts each, 100pts total)
Apothecary w/ bolt pistol + chainsword (45pts)
augery scanner (5pts)
>will be put in terrax w/HQs and associated troops, a third may be made which could be put alongside termies/marauders in terrax or in their own deepstrike squad
>bits for conversion already available

Tartaros Terminator Squad (255pts total)
Terminator Sargent (22pts)
Power Fist (5pts)
Rad Grenades (10pts)
Volkite Charger (7pts)
>option for grenade harness could potentially be taken, 10pts for that upgrade
(2) Terminator (42pts each, 84pts total)
Power Fist (5pts)
Volkite Charger (7pts)
(2) Terminator (47pts each, 94pts total)
Chain Fist (10pts)
Volkite Charger (7pts)
>will be put in terrax w/HQ + apothacary unless dual apothacary or termie HQ is taken
>confirmed to be taken (prospero box) (weapons not final)

Cataphracti Terminator Squad (475pts total)
Terminator Sargent (22pts)
Power Fist (5pts)
Rad Grenades (10pts)
Volkite Charger (7pts)
>option for grenade harness could potentially be taken, 10pts for that upgrade
(5) Terminator (42pts each, 210pts total)
Power Fist (5pts)
Volkite Charger (7pts)
(4) Terminator (47pts each, 188pts total)
Chain Fist (10pts)
Volkite Charger (7pts)
>will be deepstriked in, supposed to hold ground. Further Roles are undetermined
>weapons not final

>> No.73759478

Troops: (803pts total)
(2) Blackshield Marauder Squad (239pts each, 478pts total)
nuncio-vox (10pts)
pariah power armor or standard power armor (free)
x2 xenos deathlocks (16pts each, 32pts total)
Marauder Chief (27pts)
Power fist (15pts)
Astartes Shotgun (1pt)
Rad Grenades (10pts)
>combi-weapon, plasma pistol available for 10pts each, melta bombs available for 5pts
(9) Marauders (13pts each, 108pts total)
chain axes (free)
astartes shotgun (1pt)
>will be put in terrax alongside HQ, potential for extra marauder among them as well if apothacary or HQ isn't taken

Blackshield Marauder Squad (332pts)
pariah power armor or standard power armor (free)
x3 xenos deathlocks (16pts each, 48pts total)
Marauder Chief (27pts)
Power fist (15pts)
Astartes Shotgun (1pt)
Rad Grenades (10pts)
>combi-weapon, plasma pistol available for 10pts each, melta bombs available for 5pts
(17) Marauders (13pts each, 221pts total)
chain axes (free)
astartes shotgun (1pt)
>deepstrike fodder, could be made as heavy support instead maybe. Specific number is due to deepstrike rules and weird numbers on thallax and transporting infantry. Offensive nature means that they are ineffective at holding ground
>their large squad size means that deepstriking them outside of nuncio range is less likely to be completely fucked even if they have a bit of a mishap

>> No.73759492

Fast Attack (300pts)
(3) Terrax Pattern Assault Drill (100pts each, 300pts total)
(2) Twin-Linked Volkite Charger (10pts each, 20pts total)
>screw drop pods we don't have time to clean that shit up, instead we let shit build up on the drillhead of our terraxes
>such a dull fast attack list is ironic considering this force is about being a bunch of glass cannons who get up in the enemy's face
>will be transporting all the key units who will then use their vox in order to safely call backup

Heavy Support (535pts total)
Heavy Support Squad (235pts total)
Heavy Support Sargent (default)
(9) Heavy Support Space Marines (default - heavy bolter) (20pts each, 180pts total)
>I don't know what I should do with these guys, they are going to be very important but I don't know exactly what to do with them. Might scrap the deepstriking marauders in favor for another heavy support squad

Thallax Cohort (300pts)
(6) Thallax
Destructor Augment Upgrades (tank hunter) (15pts)
Melta Bombs (30pts)
>they are deepstriking infantry who are also bulky which gives me an extra 12 potential other deepstrikers
>will stay around the forge lord because he controls them, supposed to be go to vehicle killers outside of termies. May also be altered in order to serve as anti air
>will probably give them some special 1/3 weapon, haven't decided on one yet due to inexperience

That concludes the Sons of Chtedaar list (official name pending)

>> No.73759556 [SPOILER] 


Major Spoilers reporting as requested.

>> No.73759557

Cool, looks like we’re working on similar concepts


>> No.73759635

look, i’m sure this is cool and I’ll but the cancer formatting and 4 words words words posts are a pain. There’s no way you needed that many posts to write out your list faggot, please trim the fat next time.

>> No.73759949


>> No.73760368

A guy on FB did a comprehensive conversion of Kill Team to HH but it uses 8th Ed so fuck that.

The best option is the Victory is Vengeance campaign rules in book 3 which uses the Tactical Strike rules. It's basically set up for mixed groups of marines fighting on Istvaan V in the wake the massacre. Points are between 350-500 and doesn't require whole units or legions so is much more skirmishy unlike ZM

>> No.73760494

If I magnetize custodes spears, would it make more sense to magnetize them at the hands or just snip off the spearhead and magnetize there?
Posing would be harder at the hands, and each guy would have a specific set of spears, but the only place to magnetize the spearhead is a really thin bit, usually near a hand.

>> No.73760517

He can sail, he can sail
sail away, sail away, sail away

>> No.73760858

Check out black book 3 for small vengeance is victory campaign or something.

>> No.73762992

you are missing Aster Crohne

>> No.73763014

#1 Horus Rising https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrygVYe2IHk

#2 False Gods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv3L3mp9uqU

#3 Galaxy in Flames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M65y-oKQ_TY

#4 The Flight of the Eisenstein https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17qmheF3phg

#5 Fulgrim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg4VSLgiShc

#6 Descent of Angels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gua1o4o-eI

#7 Legion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXI0rQWDu78&t=30969s

#8 Battle for the Abyss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNVHVWoklCk

#9 Mechanicum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvufno2pYbA&t=24s
#`11 Fallen Angels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk94OTCM1_M

>> No.73763075

a thousand suns when

>> No.73763208

Fuck, you are right, I forgot about new Blood Angel.
And after Crusade drops list will be even longer.

>> No.73764146

what will they make next for titanicus? obviously we have the new campaign book and expensive cerastus knights. but what next?

corrupted titans as teased?

>> No.73764267

Titan dildos for the spouse or yourself.

>> No.73764309

Bruhs, you can customise your hobby if you don't like it.

>> No.73764324


>> No.73764361

in reality, that would be a shitty knight weapon. even if it was like a power fist or something it would still be too unwieldy and heavy.

>> No.73764392

By the Emperor...

>> No.73764520

When are we getting the Sanguinius Primarch book?

>> No.73764541

When are we getting an alpharius one? or a horus one? we know jack shit about horus

>> No.73764546

corrupted titans as a FW kit
then nothing

>> No.73764859

We know that he was ambitious,excellent diplomat and brutal warrior, he got along with everyone(that's why half of fucking Imperium followed him into betrayal), chaos gods used his ambitions against him and turned him on Emperor.
And remember anon, tip of the spear.
Or if you like BL version, there was no statue of him in the future during warp vision so he decided he will kill the Emperor.

>> No.73764935

>we know jack shit about alpharius

>> No.73764957

i meant his upbringing on cthonia.

>> No.73765533

I just saw that Sigmarine the Ebay Miniature Rescue guy painted up to look like an animated statue and I absolutely love the look. Apparentky, "stonecast" eternals are a somewhat common thing, but I had never seen them before.l, and i think that type of theme could work really well for a Daemons of the Ruinstorm army, but I'm not sure which models would be best. I have some Wood Elf dryads, but they're already basically animated trees, so I don't think it would be worth it to do them as statues. Maybe WHF ghouls or those new beefy skeleton guys?

>> No.73765548

Forgot my picture.

>> No.73765583

Great post, wrong thread.

>> No.73765618

How is it the wrong thread? It's something I want to do for a HH army, Daemons of the Ruinstorm.

>> No.73765656

You can also paint Spite-Revenants and Dryads as if their bodies were twisted metal, rather than wood.

>> No.73765669

Now THAT is an interesting idea. I'm going to look in to that.

>> No.73765694

I would just magnetize the hands personally.

>> No.73765703

Ye and the worse part of the book? Fuggin Strabo

>> No.73765738

>Only way I can think of to even make it work would have been to explicitly show the AL were just using them for the AL's own benefit and had already chosen a side.
But they did, Alpharius literally threw a Cabal member out of the airlock.

>> No.73766072

Here we go again. What are you guys working on?

Before anyone asks, yes that is going to be an indomitus terminator.

>> No.73766142

>What are you guys working on?

Waiting for more stuff.

>indomitus terminator.

Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.73766640

It's surprising how big the change is with just the shoulders and top knots. Those look pretty damn good.
Which legion?

Yeah, the more I look at them the more that makes sense. Just doing the spearheads looks too easy to fuck up.

>> No.73766684

Nothing since I'm in the process of moving, but I'll be hitting up my Night Lords as soon as I get my new station set up.
Just need a good desk. It needs to be small but functional.

>> No.73766726

It's a shame the Grey Knight terminators have so much damn iconography. They'd look great as old timey indomitus, but you'd have to cover or shave off half the model.

>> No.73766848

That's the headset part of a Master Vox Array.

>> No.73766913


>> No.73766948

>Which legion?

>> No.73767294

ok so i made a bit of cash by scalping indomitus to primaris paypiggies, should I

A) buy the new titanicus starter set
B) get all sorts of shit for my Iron Warriors

Dubs decides, if trips I start new army of your choice for heresy

>> No.73767329

Titanicus but if trips you have to make a mechanicus army of myrmidons and tech adepts for troops.

>> No.73767346

while that is a based choice, my list that i planned for mechanicum sometime in the future has the infinitely based anacharis scoria and cybernetica buddies

>> No.73767598

Meduson Immortals. With volkite they shit out dice and they can take S8 fire well.

>> No.73767636

Last time i got called out for making my list to short with to little information. I suppose I will need to find that golden mean. At least my list isnt disjointed and non cohesive like last time

>> No.73767736

What can heavy support squads and deepstriking catapracti do against vehicles and air units? Can they be effective anti-air and anti-vehicle and/or dreadnought options?

>> No.73767763

Deepstriking termies can unload combi plas/melta in the ass of enemy vehicles.

>> No.73767774

Rocket laucher with flak

>> No.73767811

I got some laying around, I'm tempted to use the legs and heads for terminator IF 30k Templars, mixed with indomitus with Black Templars terminator pads, cruxes shaven off of course.

>> No.73767822

Are these HQs?

>> No.73768256

Not a huge fan of the GK terminator legs. They looked off from the start. Plain terminator legs without the knee pads feels like the best option. Or get Gorgon legs and use those.

>> No.73768294

>against vehicles

Lascannons, missile launchers, combi-meltas, chainfists.

>air units

Flak missiles or just fire wildly into the air and hope you'll hit something.

>> No.73768341

Left to right it's a veteran, veteran sergeant and basic terminator

>> No.73768450

Cool cool

>> No.73768564

IW are battle bros with Mech, friendly reminder

I dunno how big your IW force is, if it's small add to that, or just get the Titanicus starter set.

>> No.73768739

Pretty sure that is Angron.

>> No.73768792

>implying angron can think straight for more than three seconds
To be fair a primarch can do a lot with that much time but then you got to apply that.

>> No.73768829

Perty had tubes in his head as well.

>> No.73768885

He's more tube now than man. Twisted and bitter.

>> No.73768912

Remember: tubes make you evil

>> No.73769032

yeah, well... kitbash those guys with rules and give any leader a name that has no rules. Problem solved. How many single characters that will not be bought by many are they supposed to produce?

>> No.73769213

Tyranids work with another background (like Megarachnids) and Tau also work with another background

>> No.73769248

Dunno why you’d focus on characters when there’s units without models
*cough ultramarines cough*

>> No.73769476 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73769495

Because it's easier to do list of characters instead of list that include entrie Militia army(never, mins for heretics alredy squated buy 3rd party), many mechanicum units, and units from legions both unique and universal(consuls included).
Meanwhile FW will give you some new units with rules in pdf.

>> No.73770307

So Horus did nothing wrong then.

>> No.73770960

In the grim darkness of the far future evil is a necessity.
For there is no respite from the darkness, and eventually all not sheltered will be consumed by it

>> No.73771131


>> No.73771240


>> No.73771751

a big fat pile of I don't fucking care

>> No.73772452

There were places even he avoided there, such as haruspex murder cult warrens.

>> No.73772932

wtf? can i get more info on this?

>> No.73773160

Missle lauchers on heavy support squad can take flakk missles and have frag/krak missles as standard, so your one squad can fight agains vehicles, flyers and infantry at acceptable level, if you want to only to destroy tanks use lascannons. Terminators can take combi-melta for ranged and power/chain fists or hammers for melee against tanks.

>> No.73773208

AT player thinking of getting into HH. I'd probably paint up two (very) small forces to get friends to try. What are two simple starting lists (or good mirror). Also which book do I actually need?

>> No.73773842

goonhammer.com has some good starting lists for several of the legions. I would get up to 2000pts. Here's 2k points of Iron Warriors

Pride of the Legion

Delegatus, Cataphractii Armor
Master of Signal, Artificer Armor

1 Graviton Cannon Rapier

Apothecary (goes with big tactical squad)

20x Tactical Marines, Extra CCW

10x Veterans, Combi Meltas

5x Cataphractii Terminators, 3x Powerfists, 2x Chainfist, Plasma Blaster

2x Anvillus Dreadclaw (for the vets and termies to ride in)

10x Tyrant Siege Terminators

This balances to around 2k pts and gives lots of fun toys to play with.

Now here's 2k points of mechanicum

Traitor, Legio Cybernetica

Anacharis Scoria, Xanathite Abeyant

2x Castellax with Darkfire, Enhanced Targeting Arrays (ETA)
2x Castellax with Darkfire, ETA

6x Vorax, Bio-corrosive Amunition, ETA

Thanatar, Paragon of Metal
Macrocarid Explorator, Irradiation Engines, Flare shield, whatever other upgrades you like

That list is a bit more specialized but still pretty cool.

You could make Zone Mortalis lists (1000-1500pts) - no vehicles, mostly infantry and a couple dreads. But those you need good terrain for.

As for books, you'll need the main rulebook, the legiones astartes army list, and the legions list. All of those are in the mega.

Buying recasts is highly recommended. Saves you so much money.

>> No.73773889

Are there any high quality scans of the 30k Death Guard transfer sheets that I can print off? Or any 3rd party’s that produce similar sheets? I like the look of the FW one but 30 bucks and it being out of stock right now is a pain.

>> No.73773900

bump for intrest

>> No.73773959

how the fuck do they justify $30 for fucking stickers

>> No.73773963

bruh it was literally two minutes ago and on page one, also third party transfers generally suck

>> No.73774092

You can get the books as pdfs from the links at the top of this thread. The books are VERY expensive.
The books you need will be determined by the army:
The base book for Marines is
>Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List

Legion-specific rules for the following legions can be found in
>Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions
Emperor's Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Space Wolves, Death Guard, Raven Guard, Salamanders, Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, Iron Hands, Iron Warriors, Sons of Horus, Ultramarines, Imperial Fists

Space Wolves and Thousand Sons can be found in
>Horus Heresy Book VII: Inferno

Blood Angels and White Scars are in:
>Horus Heresy Book VIII: Malevolence

>Crusade Imperialis: Army Lists
This book includes Solar Auxilia, Imperialis Militia (and Warp Cults), and Knights

>Mechanicum: Thagmata Army List
This is your Mechanicum stuff and Titans. Several flavors of Mechanicum including regular, siege, and robot.

Talons of the Emperor are found in books 7 and 8 (I think 8 has a fully updated list, but you may need both. Sorry, I can't remember).
Talons includes Custodes and Sisters of Silence

And you'll need the rulebook, too
>Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness Rulebook

Oh, and Daemons of the Ruinstorm are in book 8: Malevolence

>> No.73774282

You also forgot he is the one who set up the polarized pylons stuff for the destruction of Cadia and the Black Legion using them to fuck up warp routes.

>> No.73774383

Talons are in book 7, updated rules for Custodes are in book 8, so you need both, unless you want to play mono SoS(7) or mono Custodes(8)

>> No.73774392

If someone wanted to play a HH using the Renegades & Heretics list from either Imperial Armour Volume 13 or the Siege of Vraks omnibus, would you be okay with it?
If the list made no use of storm bolters, tanks based on the Chimera chassis, or other post-HH tech, would that influence your opinion? Possibly the same for daemon engines.

>> No.73774421

Yeah, that was it. Thank you.

>> No.73774468

Abnett? When?

>> No.73774711

FW doesn't really make much money as a company between paying writers, designers, sculptors and store staff a bare minimum living wage. It's why their models have been getting worse over the past couple years as Heresy has died down and people only buy recasts. We'll never see two Khan models and are lucky if they ever get around to Siege of Terra. No financial incentive, and no motivation after Bligh died.

>> No.73775097

>sell your miniatures for atrocious prices
>don't update rules
>don't fix stuff
>don't create hype
>axe half of your product range
Make you wonder why people buy from recasters and FW is poor, maybe a little lower prices would be a good way to get more coustomers instead of creating another super heavy model.

>> No.73775476

Frigging raising the prices so much on the USA and australia was asinine.
I genuinely wonder what the hell they are thinking.
Perhaps we should organize an email campaign to address it. If nothing else we tried.

>> No.73775534

But you see anon, in order to run a company, you need a business degree. Which is a degree in bullshit, and brainwashes you to destroy your own company. So you see, what you ask is impossible, we cannot avoid the iceberg because the captain is drunk.

>> No.73776951

It fucking hurts, 30k have potential to be so much more, but FW want so fucking much for piece of fucking resin, look at fucking warlord, you can buy 10-15 years old car for that amount of money and it's fucking 22 resin toy, you can buy same size plastic gundams for fraction of warlord's price.

>> No.73777580

7e Chaos Daemons or Daemons of the Ruinstorm?

>> No.73777809

Nothing too detailed but I’ll do my best.

>> No.73778121

a monopoly?
I mean GW and FW learned a long time ago they can charge whatever they want and people will still buy it. They charge 36 burgers for a 22 year old land speeder now.

>> No.73778123

Depending which bits you want trace over the symbols in a vector graphics program like inkscape and print them yourself. It'll be hard to get the banners looking good but pauldron markings should be fine, and anything with flat colours.
You should be able to get it printer at a custom decal place if you want any white printed, otherwise just buy transparent decal paper and find the best printer you have access too.
That's what I did for my imperial fists.

>> No.73778633

Keeping the thread alive until the morning, good night to the best game community

>> No.73778645

Need to choose a legion. It can't be Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, Night Lords, Imperial Fists, Emperor's Children, Salamanders, Sons of Horus, or Iron Hands.

>> No.73778789

Iron warriors or alpha legion if dubs, your choice.

>> No.73778828

Dark angels

>> No.73778952

Traitor raven guard

>> No.73778964

>Iron Warriors
Damn. Forgot about them; they're taken too.
Alpha Legion might work.

>> No.73779029

You should play Thousand Sons

>> No.73779094

Alpha legion is fun and unique - honestly if I were to start over I would have them as my first legion list.

>> No.73779358

I'll check 'em out, then. Thank you. I'm slowly narrowing down my options to Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, or White Scars.

>> No.73779409

All 3 are good options. Scars are definitely fun and have great models do would be my second choice.

>> No.73779705

Do a Word Bearers army. We could always use more paladins in space.

>> No.73779749

Nothing but this brief mention I believe in the Wolf of Ash and Fire.

>> No.73779811

FW doesn't need to work hard either, unlike recasters they have whales ans fanboys that LOVE them and MUST support them.

>> No.73780172

Just cut off the top and bottom spike.

Personally, as I'm thinking of going with black shoulder pads (for that Poison Ship Destroyer look), I might just put a white skull on the legion pad.

>> No.73780228

those are sexy lil guys, thanks

>> No.73783342

It doesn't work that way, the prices are based on a multitude of factors including projected sales, regional tax differences, and inflation. Their prices are often not that different from similar companies.

This is also a huge part of the problem, GW/FW can never compete with pirates (who also charge atrocious prices when you consider they don't have an overhead) and by buying recasts rather than supporting other companies there will be no other legitimate companies whose successes can drive innovation in the industry.

Basically, recasts ruin everything for everyone, and China is doing this deliberately to fuck over a lot of western industries so I wouldn't be surprised if they did it with shitty toy soldiers too.

>> No.73783645

>China is doing this deliberately to fuck over a lot of western industries

>> No.73784705

Death Guard

>> No.73784714

>Their prices are often not that different from similar companies
Yes they are, other wargames have much cheaper models, and recasters charge way less.
>China is doing this deliberately to fuck over a lot of western industries
You retarded? recasters are just guys who want to make money from seling cheaper miniatures, It's not big conspiracy of CCP agains western toysoldiers.
China don't need to do anything, they just provide cheap labor and no ecologic norms for corporations, so corporations deliberately fuck over themselves by producing in china, and becaming dependent from whims of CCP, Chinese don't need to fuck over west, west if fucking itself well enough.

>> No.73785043

>by buying recasts rather than supporting other companies there will be no other legitimate companies whose successes can drive innovation in the industry.
What innovation are you expecting in the toy soldiers market exactly?

Specifically, what innovation that results in us getting better products at cheaper prices, as opposed to the manufacturers benefiting?

Let me tell you about innovation: the need for small runs and low prices has given us 3D printing, while the "supporting other companies" has given them more money which haven't passed on as savings and instead done the opposite; they've used that more money to hire lawyers to try to sue competitors who make shoulderpad accessories or hobbyist who post points values online. Fuck them, and fuck you.

>> No.73785117

ok cuck

>> No.73785795

Daemons of the ruinstorm.

>> No.73785809

If Big E uses evil to fight evil, then Horus who is evil is actually good.

>> No.73785977

If Horus is such a good guy, how come he is dead?

>> No.73786061

good guys never win

>> No.73786158

Mistakes were made.

>> No.73786286

Whats the recipe for that grey? I really like it.
For some reason I struggle with grey of all fucking things, feels like i spend ages painting it to end up with the exact same colour as if I had not painted the plastic at all...

>> No.73786381

The legion champ is armour autism incarnate.

>> No.73786393

Ding ding winner.

>> No.73786601

The reaver has a flammbard, only GW option I'm aware of is empire greatswords.

>> No.73786797

< 1000 points:
- Take a simple Consul and two Tactical troops
- Add Anti-tank & -infantry: Contemptor Dreadnought and Heavy Support Squad.
- Equip Dreads with Dual X instead of X & Y.

> 1000 points
- add one scoring unit for every 500 points
- Counter threats: tanks, infantry, flyers
- don't underestimate flyers but don't take AA-only units. Take mobile units, e.g. Sicaran, Deredeo
- Don't take a Lord of War under 2500 points
- Don't bet on your deathstar only
- find a good mix
- use the strengths of your Rite of War

1000 pt basic list:
2x Tac Squads
Contemptor: Chainfist and Powerfist with Graviton or Heavy Flamer
Heavy Support Squad with Missiles (cheap) or Lascannons (against some Flare Shield, Armor 13/14)

1500 pt

2000 pt
Consuls or Praetor

The next 500 points you will know after some test games and after choosing your legion and RoW. After 2500 or 3000 points you may think Lord of War (big tank, Primarch, that stuff)

>> No.73786908

The red books contain the rules and the units compiled together from the black books.
The black books contain fluff and missions.
There is one core rules book (the 7th ed 40k one but redesigned), the the LA Age of Darkness Army list (all the common Space Marine units, but also some legion specific Rites of War at the end), then there is the legion specific book (incomplete, as the series is not yet finished) and there are books for Mechanicum and Guard.
Some units have pdf rules on the FW site (recent stuff that did not fit into a print yet).

Here is a reference which black book contains which faction; book 9 is the next one to be released this year:

Dark Angels: 6, 9
Emperor's Children: 1, 2
Iron Warriors: 3, 6
White Scars: 6, 8
Space Wolves: 7
Imperial Fists: 3
Night Lords: 2, 6, 9
Blood Angels: 6, 8
Iron Hands: 2, 6
World Eaters: 1, 2, 6
Ultramarines: 5
Death Guard: 1, 2
Thousand Sons: 7
Sons of Horus: 1, 2, 6, 7
Word Bearers: 2, 5
Salamanders: 2, 6
Raven Guard: 3
Alpha Legion: 3, 6
Mechanicum: 2, 3, 6, 7
Titans: 3, 5, 7
Knights: 4, 5, 7
Auxilia: 4
Shattered Legions: 6
Blackshields: 6
Custodes: 7
Sisters of Silence: 7
Daemons: 8

>> No.73787024

Custodes are in book 8.
You forgot militia from book 5.
Rulewise if you have red books you only need book 6, 7 and 8. Unless you want campainings

>> No.73787589

There's a guy in an upcoming Warcry warband with a flaming flammbard, but no telling when it's coming out in the age of corona.

>> No.73787593

Because good is dumb

>> No.73788839

Okay Erebus

>> No.73790493

saved from page 10

>> No.73790711

whats the best kind of traitor?
one who is in it for/with chaos?
one who is on the traitor side for non-chaos reasons?

>> No.73790840

Non chaos reasons

>> No.73790938

the only interesting true believer character was argel tal. shocking news is that complicated characters with relatable motivations are the most compelling

>> No.73792262


>> No.73792492

Argel Tal was a simp.

>> No.73792526

Blah blah blah

>> No.73792596


Best? The kind that have their own reasons to stray from the emperor, pre burning thousand sons for example. They're not anti humanity and aren't working for chaos (deliberately) but they can't really be said to be under imperial rule, they do their own thing for the betterment of humanity by their own standards. Of course then they fall to tzeentch and their motivations become....has anyone actually worked that one out yet?

>> No.73792899

Their motivations post tzeentch become self serving goals mixed with a desire to restore the legion to its former glory along with survival and the potential for daemonhood
When it comes to magnus he mostly just tries to find out more about the warp and arcane stuff while also having the goal of destroying the space wolves. Although he is just a pawn of tzeentch and probably spends most of his time playing the great game

>> No.73793142

See this is what doesn't do it for me with post fall magnus. Mans is trying to understand the nature of the warp with the architect of fate as his daddy. I can't take a guy who is all about knowledge seriously when he goes around being a great fuck off musclemancer with a god of potential universal understanding holding it out of his reach

>> No.73793397

Blah blah blah

>> No.73793439

Death Guard

>> No.73793787

Are there any rules (official or home brew) for wargaming the great crusade against various alien/human empires?

>> No.73793829

There are rules for Eldar for example. And human factions are no problem ;-)

>> No.73793875

Fantastic! I’d have no idea where to start for models though, I’ve got about 750 pts of iron hands space marines (Just started playing desu) and nothing that could even come close to representing non-compliant humans. I’ve got some Napoleonic soldiers but that’s it.

>> No.73794426

1d4chan has a page of 30k xenos/non imperium armies.
i have a pdf of a ‘dm your own heresy’ thing but am at work rn. so i cant post it yet.

>> No.73794510

Eisenhorn. It is the over plot of the renegade inquisitor for the books. Use a replica of the pylon, supercharge it with alpha psykers, then fire it into the eye of terror to burn it out.

>> No.73794929

Official no.
If you want something official you only have 7th ed codexes.
Homeberw yes.

>> No.73795824

Hello anons. Played a game of Horus Heresy last weekend,a 2v2 of 3k per player, with 7th Ed Imperial Guard representing the regular forces of the Imperial Army.

You anons up for a Battle Report? Highlights of the game include Ahriman getting sniped out by a lucky battle cannon shot and Magnus blowing up everything with Strength D Vortexes.

>> No.73795901

>send in the grey knights!
Besides that it sounds like a fun game

>> No.73796388

>Magnus D strength?
The guard player let red bois play pre nerf magnus?
Based and masochist pilled

>> No.73797119

You fought pre faq Thousand sons?
What a madman

>> No.73797600

We gave them the option of taking Daemonolgy as well on any Pskyers as we were trying to do a Siege of Terra themed game mode. Other highlights include this one Flamer Guardsman holding the line and killing 4 Traitor Marines in one round of shooting.

The bastards had the nerve to call me,the Guard player,for being OP when my two Executioners accumulated a total of 56 hits against ten Death Guard Terminators.

>> No.73797837

tiny carrier
what should its name be?

>> No.73798178

wait... astartes was a perpetual? and she lowered the shielding?

did the emperor kill her? I remember reading the guy who succeeded her was a shit head who blackmailed her to get her out the way.

>> No.73798371

>astartes was a perpetual
>and she lowered the shielding?
A new female perpetual did that
>did the emperor kill her

>> No.73798469

>a new female perpetual did
yeah that sucks

>> No.73798497

St. Calcutis

>> No.73799218


>> No.73799237

Peenus Weenus.

>> No.73799678

Endurance good name for a tiny ship.

>> No.73800196

I'd kind of hold off on re-using Gloriana names in 30k.

>> No.73800264

Caliban's Wrath

>> No.73800767


>> No.73800856

Tiny Tim

>> No.73801083

Right now it’s nearly 2 in the morning. I’m trying to sleep on the couch in my family summer home. But there’s all sorts of fucking bumps outside and I’m about to have a panic attack.

Tell me about your best moments in the hobby to distract myself from getting murdered by a clown.

>> No.73801418

I'm not a fucking clown, anon.

I'm a fairy, don't you believe in fairies?

>> No.73801504

I really hope you have some means of protecting yourself anon.

Emperor protect you.

>> No.73801795

>But there’s all sorts of fucking bumps outside and I’m about to have a panic attack.
I wouldn't worry about it.

>> No.73801834

So last week me and a buddy were playing a game in some rando's yard. We tried to be quiet but I'm sure he would have heard us inside. Dude stuck his head out to see what it was and I couldn't let him see me losing to a death guard player so I beat his head in. Me and the buddy want to do it again real soon

>> No.73802423

you best be posting if you held the line against enemy forces anon.
The Locomotive force preserve us.

>> No.73802437


>> No.73802454

just last week i deepstruck a boxnaught.

killed a 20 man assault squad, 2 saber tanks, a 10 man tac squad and finished off a wounded deredio before finally falling in combat. DG dreads just preform better it seems. also my tac squads wiped out enemy tacs with a well timed FoTL, which felt nice. hbu?

>> No.73802496

I thought that one was editorial mandate to try and untangle the previous books?

>> No.73802561

good name. call it the ss steve for sssteve

>> No.73802572

>ss steve

>> No.73804520

Endurance was never stated to be Gloriana. most of legions flagships are counted gloriana because fans can't understand that it's just normal class of battleship, many legion flagships aren't mentioned as gloriana ever.
Legions used multiple gloriana class during crusade and heresy, even fucking armada have some.
It's not some mystical battleship that only 20 were made of, it's normal class like retribution.

>> No.73805590

sounds awesome anon, boxnaughts don't get enough love
ok so i made it, basically i was sleeping outside on the house's deck in like a bug net (love the outdoors) when i started to hear the weirdest fucking clucking sound on earth. it sounded like a demonic horse chicken. after 5 minutes of it getting closer i noped the fuck out, grabbed a blanket and got on a couch in the room directly next to the deck. 4 minutes later i hear a massive thump on the deck and just about shit meself. i run over, lock the door. hear a crash a couple minutes later but nothing else. go to bed. wake up. my uncle asks me if i heard the noises last night. said he heard clucking right outside his window but was too tired to get up and look. a little freaked out right now.

>> No.73805842

Post Night Lords

>> No.73807077

tell us your biggest hobby sins, /hhg/ + /atg/

>> No.73807142

I had 8 Gal Vorbak,a Centurion with powefist and Chaplain basically run through the entirety of a Custodes army. Took the charges of two Spear Dreads,two Guardian squads and a Shield Captain while only losing maybe three or four models.

>> No.73807512


>> No.73807749

wow, you’re retarded. thanks

>> No.73807771

I inevitably have sex with someone in any dnd group i form, usually multiple someones.

>> No.73807783

Give citation that Endurance was Gloriana.

>> No.73807815

I rattle canned an entire white scars army with hardware store spray paint

>> No.73807891

not to worry anon. just another Alpha legion psy-op in progress. Report to your nearest Hydra cult for proper conditioning.

>> No.73807959

but your scars look beautiful.

>> No.73807980

Anyone know how well this scales with earthshaker cannons?

>> No.73808033

Oh stop it, you...

>> No.73808066

Well, that's 960 by 831 pixels while the FW one is 920 by 950 pixels.

>> No.73808371

while i'm sure the other boys appreciate it anon LARPing Fulgrim isn't healthy.
recasts? surelu?

>> No.73808473

what’s the story on the guy with the ultramarine arm?

>> No.73808514

He's Alpha Legion.

>> No.73808623

>"I forgot what legion we were infiltrating today. This is almost as embarrassing as the time Brother Alpharius tried to infiltrate the Space Wolves without wearing a fur-suit."

>> No.73808636


>> No.73808639

Sealed, as in vanish? If so which did you use?

>> No.73808862


>> No.73808892

>horns on helmet

>> No.73808903

Some of them, probably. Got them peice by peice secondhand from ebay etc. Stormeagle is legit FW for sure, originally iron warriors when I first got into 30k, but I never used it, now it puts in work for the fifth.

>> No.73808944

Have a game pic anons.

I do this just for you.

>> No.73808965

Wanted it so have the kind of esoteric mystic occultist vibe that a stormseer would rock, and librarian stuff has always had horns in their insignia. Old iron warriors helmet plus a topknot gave me a kind of Mongolian look that fit well.

>> No.73809021

Well, he's already breaking the edict of Nikaea.

>> No.73809067

Just don't use the warp, brah.

>> No.73809190

While the wolves tried to bullshit their way out of it (nooo we're not psykers, the wyrd is just the elemental power of the wolfy mcwolf wolf or whatever) the scars effectively didn't care, and after magnus got slapped around on court tv in space, the khan just took his librarians and kinda went "fuck this I'm out, let's just go to chondax then quit."

>> No.73809249

the Stormseers chargin their lasers via actual storms and then blasting the shit out of demons was one of the more kino bits in their latest BL outing.

>> No.73809907

Ye its the power of Fenris bro.

>> No.73810476

Nothing warp spawned, just wolf spirit of fenris that's 100% not warp spawn.

>> No.73810574

Khan straight up agrees with Russ on warp fuckery. The traditions of Chogoris and Fenris put strict limits on their respective priests.

>> No.73810612

It’s that Fenris acts as an intermediary so they don’t draw directly from the warp.

>> No.73810812


>> No.73810855

While they agreed, their reactions to the ruling at nikea is what I'm getting at here. Khan pretty much decided that he'd just bail and go off into the fringes beyond the reach of imperial law, figuring that as long as they were fighting for the crusade nobody would care enough to go after them for shooting force lightning at orks

>> No.73811026

BL did, somewhere around Wolfsbane, attempt to retcon Russ' stance in Nikaea to "Y'all are doing this in a very dangerous manner and need to be more careful and traditional in your warp usage. Stop trying to science the warp." And he actually points to the Scars as doing it right. Khan still calls him an idiot.

Also that just opens up questions of why the Emperor sided with Mortarion.

>> No.73811519

Now Sisters of Battle acts of faith works in null zone, one SoB character drop faith nukes in null zone cuz "it's faith not warp spawned power"
Meanwhile in fall of cadia Celestine lose all faith juice after pylons are activated.
Makes you wonder when wolf priests will be immune to null zones and pariahs because "spirit of fenris not warp".

>> No.73811596

Imagine that, GW changing the rules to suit whatever is convenient at the time.

>> No.73811669

They fuck up the lore hard.

>> No.73811742

Which is why I stopped following the lore after 5e.

>> No.73812000

5ed also fucked lore hard, with super heroes everywhere, even nids got unique super hero.

>> No.73812132


Why do you think I stopped?

>> No.73812281

Lorewise 4th ed was last good edition of 40k, then only FW made good lore.
Now FW is dead and suck BL cock :(.

>> No.73812286

Literally no one hates russ as much as the khan, even magnus.

>> No.73812313

5e wasn’t all bad, it was just mostly bad. There were good bits here and there, but it was certainly the beginning of the end - especially for nids. It was also when flyers and super heavies were normalized and the game went from skirmish to big battles. Shame because it also included some great sculpts.

>> No.73812375

>It was also when flyers and super heavies were normalized
That's 6th ed, 5th ed was spiritual liege and more ultramarines wank than ever, draigo, perpetual grey knight, Swarmlord and every army having 5+ heroes who are the best, but of course the best was Draigo and Calgar. 5th was Ward's and Cruddace's edition.

>> No.73812484

>and every army having 5+ heroes who are the best
Except the Dark Angels. In 5th we didn't get to have nice things.

>> No.73812485

Nah mate 6th was when it hit hard but 5th started it. Most flyers launched then remember? storm raven, soon scythe, void raven, etc. and 5th introduced trygons and a few other super heavy lights. Admittedly it was more “superherohammer” with mephiston. I remember people being so mad about flyers saying they would ruin the game and I didn’t believe them
turns out they were totally right about it leading to huge armies and bigger tanks. HH makes it work but god I miss the days of 1.5k standard where a land raider was the meanest thing on the board

>> No.73812798

If I were to make a perfect 40k it would be some ungodly mash of 2nd, 3rd and 7th (pretty much just hull points from 7th, depending on how damage feels. I don’t miss invincible rhinos)

>> No.73813012

Propably because Dark Angels got codex in 4th and 6th ed, not in 5th, same with CSM and daemons, coincidence?

>> No.73813932

Most flyer models were introduced in 5th, but they were considered fast skimmers. It wasn't until 6th that the flyer unit type came to be

>> No.73814038

New one

>> No.73814386

>1500pt games as standard
Preach, brother

>> No.73814444

I think 5th had some of the best core rules, it mostly suffered from bland, no option codecies. Having to take named characters to get chapter/regiment specific rules and losing the wargear lists for buying upgrades (my current biggest issue with HH, actually) really hurt the game.
7e also had fairly good rules, it just got ruined by flyers, super heavies, and those godawful formations

>> No.73814517

That was Dark Helmet, maybe? That's what I got from it.

>> No.73815231

i appreciate it anon. i dont get to game this week.

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