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>23 point CSM terminators
thats as good a reason as any to get started on making some

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So i got indomitus for the rulebook and necrons, a friends buying the primaris shit off me as he is a pleb, but i haven't touched Necrons since 3rd edition and finding that codex last week and reading it gave me a hankering.

Question is what do i pick up? I've heard from testers of 9th that The Deciever is a must buy model but then you have the idea of things being replaced. My OCD is already dealing with the fact my existing necron warriors and the new ones dont match but we know things like destroyers are getting new sculpts as well so what is safe to pick up that wont be replaced? and what should be replaced? god knows those finecast flayers are the worst but in sculpts and quality.

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Given that guardsmen and conscripts cost 5 ppm, and blast rules make taking 10+ suicide, what is the fucking use of conscripts?

>> No.73721220

Bro literally buy the models/units you think are cool. Anything else makes you a huge gaylord.

>> No.73721229

>faction traits, orders and 5+ save
5 points
>no orders, can't use stratagems, no legion traits, 6+ save
6 points

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a meme, also causal play. At comp level you are right, there is no fucking use for conscripts.

Alternatively you could you a blob of them, as a big pile of bodies on a back/mid field objective to just body block. Obviously keeping an officer of some sort nearby to stop them from breaking and fleeing.

>> No.73721249

The difference is that you're not playing
Not all things should be perfectly balanced.

>> No.73721250

How much are loyalist Terminators now?

>> No.73721255


Its probably because Chaos have other infantry types and giving them a GEQ makes chaos more versatile than Guard in that way.

>> No.73721256

Me, hesitating as I slowly grow my kitbashed Iron Warrior cultist swarm

>> No.73721259

So far looking through point changes it looks like GW decided to beat dead horses rather than leave underforming units be. Worst part is it seems meta units (GK Paladins, Allarus Terminators, Calladius Grav-Tanks) barely change.

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What do you guys think of this comfy ass list? I haven't played since early 6th edition. Kinda want to build demons or tau maybe sisters.

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Daemons) [123 PL, 1,997pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Chaos Allegiance: Chaos Undivided

+ HQ +

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage [17 PL, 230pts]

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage [17 PL, 230pts]

Skullmaster [5 PL, 90pts]

+ Troops +

Bloodletters [4 PL, 70pts]: Bloodreaper
. 9x Bloodletter: 9x Hellblade

Bloodletters [4 PL, 70pts]: Bloodreaper
. 9x Bloodletter: 9x Hellblade

Bloodletters [4 PL, 70pts]: Bloodreaper
. 9x Bloodletter: 9x Hellblade

Bloodletters [8 PL, 77pts]: Bloodreaper
. 10x Bloodletter: 10x Hellblade

+ Elites +

Bloodcrushers [20 PL, 400pts]: Bloodhunter
. 9x Bloodcrusher: 9x Hellblade, 9x Juggernaut's Bladed horn

Bloodcrushers [20 PL, 400pts]: Bloodhunter
. 9x Bloodcrusher: 9x Hellblade, 9x Juggernaut's Bladed horn

+ Heavy Support +

Soul Grinder [12 PL, 180pts]: Warpsword

Soul Grinder [12 PL, 180pts]: Warpsword

++ Total: [123 PL, 1,997pts] ++

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Chaos Marines are now 14 points, compared to 20 for an Intercessor.

Also, Cultists are now more expensive than guardsmen.

Both are very much inferior to the loyalist counterparts. I honestly don't get GW balancing sometimes.With 11 pts per CSM, they were atleast playable.

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>> No.73721276

Looks spammy, and therefore boring.

>> No.73721286

Are you ready for the age of 20 plague marine murderball units?

>> No.73721287

yes, they will

>> No.73721292

I mean its demons you dont got many good options.

>inb4 take other gods

Might as well start kissing dudes while I'm at it.

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Saw a game at my local yesterday and the guy had 2 units of 20 and a few hellbrutes and it was frankly disgusting.

Which i guess it accurate.

>> No.73721305

Look at this anti inanimate carbon rod propaganda right here

>> No.73721314

Why are PMs good now???

>> No.73721317

>Chaos Space Marine
>a veteran of countless battles over 10k years (in the warp, maybe)
>1 wounds, 1 attack, no ap bolter, no doctrine, only 1 legion trait
14 points
>Primaris Marine (literally born yesterday)
>2 wounds, 2 attacks, -1 ap or 3 shot or 3damage bolter, doctrines, double chapter trait
20 points

>> No.73721319

>14 points
Alright, what the FUCK did they mean by this?

>> No.73721332

Yeah, manlets continue to get soft squatted. Get wrecked manlet scum

>> No.73721339

why don't you people ever adjust the formatting of your lists?
2x1 Bloothirster of Insensate Rage
3x10 Bloodletters w/ Hellblade
1x11 Bloodletters w/ Hellblade
2x10 Bloodcrusher w/ Hellblade, Juggernaut's Bladed Horn
>Heavy Support
2x1 Soul Grinder w/ Warpsword

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The shit FW Custodes bikes went up like 25ppm and the good gw ones only went up 5. Allarus went down but the awful transport went up

>> No.73721344

Where can i find the points "leak"

>> No.73721350

war of the spider buffs, more shit is plague weapons, blast shit, new stratagems, blight launchers were already god tier and god better.

>> No.73721356

Didnt think itd come out so shitty and was too lazy as a phone poster to check it all.

>> No.73721363

>what is safe to pick up that wont be replaced?
every plastic kit other than the monolith and the warriors
no resin is safe and in any case you shouldn't buy resin

>> No.73721373

>66% points cost for all ork units
>no actual buffs at all
So they really are following Age of Sigmar where orcs are shit tier and get no support.

>> No.73721380

how are blight launchers better?

>> No.73721381

How are you feeling about your armies point changes?

Everything bumped up a point or two which is fine, I always preferred 1500 point games and it seems in line with other factions.

>Dark eldar
I know the armies fluff is about loving pain, but I didn't really want to experience getting fucked in the ass by a Razorwing jetfighter

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>> No.73721398

>S2, T2, no klan traits
Also 5 points

>> No.73721401

Orks are totally reasonable. What are you complaining about? Why would Nob Bikers have the +2 attacks on the charge rule of the powerfully aggressive Primaris bikers?

>> No.73721404

Ss82 on YouTube

>> No.73721405

you got orktober
it's more than what marines got

>> No.73721406

One with cloud of flies is okay, but it's still 1 wound manlets with 5+ ignore wounds.

>> No.73721409

>Genestealer cults got hit the hardest of any line, jackals and abberants are totally fucked, its acolyte spam or nothing.

>> No.73721411

When will you give up and start playing Primaris?

Sisters going up in price is a horrible joke.

>> No.73721412

>Chaos Marines are now 14 points

Thats a big ooof from me.

>> No.73721416

So when is the damage control article on Warhammer Community coming?

>> No.73721422

I was thinking of running a big blob of 20 man CSMs for Red Corsair fun but lol, not any more

>> No.73721426

>Three types of Bloodthirster
You take two copies of the same.

Granted you only get one choice anyway

You still could have some variety by having
>Flesh hounds
>The skull cannon

>> No.73721427

urh this sucks. 2W? We're already kind of 2A with hateful assault.

>> No.73721434

But they are also only 2 points pricier than 8th edition. While CSM in general have huge hikes. Throw in things like Defilers staying the same price too Death Guard and Thousand Sons are going to do significantly better than black legion.

>> No.73721437

Heavy bolters are now 15 points

>> No.73721444

>24 pts for a Deathwatch Veteran with Storm Bolter/Shield.

Bros, have they finally put the nail in the coffin of the last faction that could take efficient manlets en masse?

>> No.73721448

It is laughably insane that everyone is looking at points cost increased while Primaris are the same price or cheaper. What the fuck.

>> No.73721449

I fucking hate that Primaris do literally what every other army does, but better. It's such fucking bullshit.

>Sisters going up in price is a horrible joke.
Why tho'? everything else did, too.

>> No.73721454

>better than black legion
that's nothing new. I'll try the 20man unit, but it's a garbage grenade strat that only people that don't play the game hype up

no and primaris get 3 attacks with shock assault

>> No.73721456

There's no real damage to control, all they need to do is put out something new and everyone will forget they never got Indomitus.

>> No.73721464

wtf, fuck this man. why does GW hate deathwatch so much???

>> No.73721472

Death Guard:
>2 points increase for plague marines
>20 for Morty
>16 for drones
>7 for deathshroud
>1 for blightlords
>defiler unchanged
>30 for plagueburst but they get free weapons


>> No.73721473

let me guess: GW asked the playtesters to raise the point costs of LISTS by roughly 10-15%, but the playtesters are tourneyfags and where they all agreed to nerf the shit they didn't personally care about or play, each one decided to drop the majority of the point tax on the units they weren't going to play anyway, leaving their waacfag options overall still safe.

>> No.73721477

When can I use my monolith.

>> No.73721478

>Equipment costs were rounded and normalised across factions.
When will GW realise this is fucking stupid.

>> No.73721479

>Sisters going up in price is a horrible joke.

No more than the average though. I'm thinking of dropping the storm bolter on the 5 girls squads for silmuracum now, they're a good way to use up lower miracle dice on advances and saves, which is really what troops are for, rather than a couple of extra s4 shots

>> No.73721480

Post projects

This guy,along with all my other necrons are gonna be in a white and gold scheme

>> No.73721485

275 points now wagwan

>> No.73721486

Yeah, was about to expand my KT Deathwatch team into a small army, but that's not gonna happen now lol. Guess I'll keep playing my gay IG gunline then.

>> No.73721487

You're not playing the imperium(tm)

>> No.73721489

GW basically just used a simple algorithm to increase almost everyone's points. These aren't fine tuned balance changes. This article pretty much lays out the exact algorithm they appear to have used. https://www.goonhammer.com/the-9th-edition-munitorum-field-manual-points-review/

>> No.73721499

fuck this game man. fuck it so much. gw doesn't even care about other factions this point. if i just want to play marines vs marines i go play the horus heresy.

>> No.73721502

Sisters went up less then average overall. Arguably a slight buff.

>> No.73721506

Oh shit. Might try use it for some deep strike point holding shenanigans.

>> No.73721508

Have you even seen the points? Plenty of WAACstuff got nerfed, while other things got increased. Although it is suspicious that the only manlet squad that's still points efficient is grav-gun devastators, a WAAC-classic.

>> No.73721509



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>> No.73721512

>cms aren't playable in csm lists

>> No.73721513

Also big expensive $$$ models went up less than everything else. Mysteriously.

>> No.73721514

there must be some finanical or otherwise malicious reson. Surely they aren't this stupid.

>> No.73721522

What got cheaper?

>> No.73721523

>What the fuck.
remember that time the higher ups completely disregarded the feedback of playtesters and made the wraithknight as strong as the proposed upper level and as cheap as the proposed lower level?

>> No.73721527

Play Nurgle or Tzeentch like a patrician rather than an Edgelord.

>> No.73721530

They nerfed the fuck out of a lot of the old OP marine shit, and some of the really stupid shit like Lias and Chaplain Dreads are gone. Yes marines have some new undercosted toys (Eradicators) but it's not all good for them.

>> No.73721535

They just did a massive Necron update though

>> No.73721537

They have grot mobs

>> No.73721541

>csm lists aren't playable

>> No.73721545

Abberants 22, power pick 10. Ouch.

>> No.73721554

it's still a joke. new warriors aren't great. new weapon option sucks. only good thing from indomitus were skorpech destroyers. they're just a strawman for the mighty spess muhreens to knock down.

>> No.73721561

Why did they shill for TFA?

>> No.73721563

way to make CSM unplayable after a beautiful model refresh.

Just play primaris goy

>> No.73721568

So only death guard points have been leaked?
I thought there was a full list of point leaks?

>> No.73721569

>tfw getting new chaos army tomorrow

>> No.73721571

Chaos Terminators got better and aren't bad units. I think there's a place for a heavy-termie CSM list now.

>> No.73721572

the primaris shilling is indefensible, but we still dont have the new codex.

>> No.73721574

God shut the fuck up. How can you people honestly still find ways to complain about getting am entire model line revamp? Jesus christ I'm sick of the entitled doomering in these threads. How about be fucking grateful about your awesome new sculpts and toys for once you little shitburger?

>> No.73721575


It's incredibly obvious that they just used a formula to increase everythings points and then tweaked a few things to make it look like they tried.

>> No.73721576

Work in progress

>> No.73721578

Someone please help me. What book/leaflet/pamphlet has rules for Grot Tanks?

>> No.73721579

Waiting for people to compile it well so don't have TSons or Aeldari yet.
Not bad but it's super frustrating. I'm up 75 points, which is
>1 biker (which are very important for horde clearing so not sure that I can afford that)
>1 terminator + 1 guard (leaves me with 47 points on the table)
I might try and build a list the firing base of 2 Calladius + Trajann + Vexilla that also escorted the Vexilla up the board for teleport homer. But then I have no anti tank.

>> No.73721583

Well where they pulling the info from?

>> No.73721584

>terminators are too expensive for space marine players to use

>> No.73721585

>wtf, fuck this man. why does GW hate deathwatch so much???

No idea, I knew they fully hated DW completely when they put their psychic awakening rules in a white dwarf and also they still can't use all the primaris line but ALSO they're allowed to use the new models coming in 9th

Deathwatch should just be a rule page in Codex Space Marines, just get it over with

>> No.73721592

Nice, tnx anon!

>> No.73721593

Anyone got the GK points increases?

I see Falchions went up to 2 points per sword (so 4 points for a pair) so they're fucked
But in general our points havent increased that much apparently

>> No.73721597

It does seem to me like they'd be best placed as a supplement for codex spess muhreens.
Or some manner of specialist formation explicitly designed to be bolted onto another Imperial force.

>> No.73721599

they make crazy profits and absolutely have the financial resources to playtest. I hope this stupidity hurts the game.

>> No.73721600

>"Tryanids are a strange one. They have gotten straight nerfs across the board with no improvements at all, its almost like they are leaving them behind"


>> No.73721601

Bruh you can get points anywhere as long as you use your brain

>> No.73721603

Bye bye my brand new squads of Termies I just painted during lockdown

>> No.73721605

True, but it's only a 30 point difference for terminators from before which are optional units. The troops going way up eviscerated csm lists since you must fill up that battalion.

>> No.73721608

So how have stormtroopers and knights suffered? Probably need to redo my list.

>> No.73721609

You have to go Primaris based Deathwatch. And even then they won't be that great.

>> No.73721611

They realized that everyone and their dog was only abusing SS+SB so of course they'd get bumped up, you faggots brought this on yourselves

>> No.73721616

lel bugs gay

>> No.73721618

>Tyranids nerfed
>No new models in several years
>PA book didn't help them much at all

I hate how this was my first army and I'm glad I moved on from them. I loved this bug horde but GW doesn't

>> No.73721622

Imperial Knights make out like bandits. Scions are basically neutral I think.

>> No.73721623


>> No.73721631


>> No.73721633

Grot mega tank 95p
Grot tank 35p

>> No.73721635

Oh shit we got reductions?

>> No.73721636

Next thing we know, they'll discontinue the entire production of bugs models

>> No.73721639

I bought a box of CSM the other day. Do I only make 5 as troops and turn the rest into chosen? What do? I know I only need 5 for combat patrol now, and I guess I will buy some cultists at some point

>> No.73721644

I want to believe its fake. I really want to.

>> No.73721646

For fucks sake people, just read the article and stop asking 10000000000 questions.


>> No.73721647

Nids just ain't that interesting in a narrative sense.
They're literally NPCs. Also very generic as omnom spess buggos
Genestealer cults provide something more interesting

>> No.73721653

5 points gretchin and Stompa stuck at 850+ points? Fuck them and whoever gives them money

>> No.73721658

Absolutely no creativity here. Zero. Just go back to playing video games, /tg/ is not for you.

>> No.73721660

>What do?
Seethe. That's what I'm doing already.

>> No.73721664

Fucking hate the Primaris line. And even though DW are one of the few marine factions were the Vanguard makes sense, they can't even take that. Again, glad I didn't buy into them and waited for the arrival of 9th.

>> No.73721669

That's both adorable and hilarious

>> No.73721671

same fren :(

>> No.73721672


>> No.73721678

Most stuff got proportionally tiny increases. When compared to 15% increases on everyone else. That's basically an across the board buff. By RAW the Castellan actually did go down in points but it looks like that might just be a misprint.

>> No.73721684

>Tyranids wipe out the Squats 30 years ago
>Squats come back and wipe out the Tyranids
Nature is healing.

>> No.73721685

Say hello to your new meta overlords

>> No.73721687

don't even play necrons. just sick of the primaris bullshit

>> No.73721692

Should have done this from the beginning. Tyranids really don't have a place in 40k as they are right now. Kinda hope this is real

>> No.73721694

I'm predicting top 5 at every tourney:
>thousand sons
>death guard

Hope you like dudes in varying kinds of armour.

>> No.73721695

Basic scions going up by 2 points per model is pretty painful but I think the special weapons all went down so should balance out on most builds.

>> No.73721697

I, for one, welcome our new gloriously oiled overlords

>> No.73721701

I hope the castellan misprint is in the chaos one. Or they just decided to dick over chaos knights for no reason.
Because fucking hell 620 points for a castellan? Yes please thank you.

Meanwhile scions went up by 2 points. Ehhh.
Once battlescribe gets the numbers up gonna have to redo a lot of my planning

>> No.73721703

>Fucking hate the Primaris line
Yeah, just don't buy into any type of marines then. The one exception might be Grey Knights. They should continue to be pretty good, and their unique line and side-faction status means they're unlikely to be made Primaris anytime soon.

>> No.73721704

I miss Dark Crusade era Tau

>> No.73721705

>The Angel is back
>some fucking Inquisition-era background lore character is returning but not Lion or any of the remaining Deamon Primarchs
Sounds stupid, may be true

>> No.73721707

stop spamming your fake rumours, tranny

>> No.73721713

>/my dudes/ barely got affected by the points
>/my dudes/ are almost just getting buffs from 9th ed USR with the exception of a few
I'm hype as shit frien

>> No.73721714

Lets hope so, I'm going to be trying a 10 man unit and hoping for the best

>> No.73721716

Were the kroots ever good on the tabletop?

>> No.73721718

Since I collect Custodes at the moment, I've compiled a quick reference for the Custodes points leaks, from the same source videos that most people are referencing.
Apologies if I messed anything up, I find transcribing from audio quite difficult.

>> No.73721722

One more £90 model to add to the primaris roster goyi- i mean wise consumer!

Also 9th is clearly the "fuck off dark angels" edition so we will get clone fulgrim before the lion.

>> No.73721727

Considering most of those models are still in print you can do just that. Except for the Broadside and the Commander though, those are kind of rare now.

>> No.73721736

Yeah. Basically neutral depending on the particular build.

>> No.73721747

>chainfist 10 points
>power fist 10 points

>> No.73721751

>I play Tyranids in 40k
>I played Tomb Kings in fantasy
I can't take it any more bros...

>> No.73721758

There have been various times they've been useful enough to take in tourney lists, but they've never been so good as to be a core mainstay.

>> No.73721760


>> No.73721761 [DELETED] 

Oh, and if you collect SoS (I certainly do) the only thing that changed as far as i can tell is the Rhino, which went up by 5 points.
The base SoS weapons went to 0 and the base model points were raised to compensate.

>> No.73721762

Custodes shit on death guard so you can cross them off. Tsons are unplayable because there is a secondary that gives free 15 points for killing psyker units.
It's gonna be
>primaris from some fotm chapter

>> No.73721764


>> No.73721768

>Taunar fucking DROPPED almost FOUR FUCKING HUNDRED points

>> No.73721771

Where are people getting FW points from?

>> No.73721776

Knights came out well so expect the nobility to continue dabbing across the board

>> No.73721781

Result of rounding in the algorithmic changes. And honestly that's more correct than 15 point chainfists would be. Chainfists are not that good.

>> No.73721782

>tfw I quit 40k 4th ed to play DOW1
>come back for 8th
>people 10 years later think that game is at all relevant to current 40k

>> No.73721786

>there is a secondary that gives free 15 points for killing psyker units

>> No.73721791

Well dickery doo csm took a hit.

>inb4 a 30$ book in a few months that lower their points again.

>> No.73721793


>> No.73721796

forgot to add there's a similar secondary that says "fuck knights, you give the opponent full secondaries"

>> No.73721797

>Elysians arent in the new points costs

Lads....can we get an F for "one last drop...."

>> No.73721798

Good, now you will realise that GW doesn't care about you
Be our lord remembered for the millenias to come

>> No.73721799




>> No.73721802

Leviathan dreads with double butcher cannon arrays were the only shooting platform worth a fuck in the entire CSM arsenal and they went up from 280 to 410, so your theory is full of shit from the get go.

>> No.73721806

>Havocs with 4 x Missile Launchers actually down slightly in total

>> No.73721808

Friend you should know by July this is the dawn of the Nurgle age.

>> No.73721822

what percentage of the playtesters were chaosfags?

>> No.73721826

>Chainfists are not that good.
Compared to a power fist at the same points, they are the better choice.

>> No.73721832


>> No.73721833

ForgeWorld Guard


Cyclops Demolition Vehicle - 60
Hades Breaching Drill Squadron - 65 (drill) 6 (veterans)

Fast Attack

Artemia-pattern Hellhound - 115

Heavy Support

Armageddon-pattern Basilisk - 120
Armageddon-pattern Medusa - 120
Carnodon - 60
Colossus Bombard - 155
Earthshaker Carriage Battery - 100 (Earthshaker) 5 (Guardsmen)
Heavy Mortar Battery - 65 (Mortar) 5 (Guardsmen)
Heavy Quad Battery - 95 (Gun) 5 (Guardsmen)
Leman Russ Annhilator - 130
Leman Russ Stygies Vanquisher - 155
Malcador Annhilator - 215
Malcador Defender - 200
Malcador Heavy Tank - 215
Malcador Infernus - 315
Manticore Battery - 135
Medusa Carriage Battery - 90 (Gun) 5 (Guardsmen)
Rapier Laser Destroyer - 90 (Gun) 5 (Guardsmen)
Stygies Thunderer Siege Tank - 135
Tarantula Battery - 20

Dedicated Transport

Centaur Light Carrier - 50
Gryphonne-pattern Chimera - 65
Trojan Support Vehicle - 105


Arvus Lighter - 115
Avenger Strike Fighter - 165
Lightning Strike Fighter - 135
Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter - 125
Vendetta Gunship - 95
Vulture Gunship - 140

Lords of War

Akurian-Pattern Stormblade - 425
Crassus Armoured Assault Vehicle - 200
Dominus Armoured Siege Bombard - 590
Macharius Heavy Tank - 400
Macharius Vanquisher - 410
Macharius Vulcan - 415
Marauder Bomber - 260
Marauder Destroyer - 180
Minotaur Artillery Tank - 320
Praetor Assault Launcher - 400
Valdor Tank Hunter - 400

>> No.73721835

Yea I'm really digging 15 point missile launchers and cheap terminators. Too bad we got fucked on troops and hq's though.

>> No.73721836

>Chaplain Dread and Lias Issodon gone

Good riddence to that WAAC shit

Glad to see the trifecta of bullshit Marine units all got slammed

>> No.73721838

Man. Fuck these DE changes though. Time to make a clown army.

>> No.73721839

They can’t be proper meatshields if they can’t shield anything. That’s be like adding side skirts to a tank fashioned out of literal women’s clothing.

I suppose they have slightly more purpose now that Troops slots are actually limited in some capacity. But that’s it.

>> No.73721841


>> No.73721842

>Haha I'm going to keep my entire army in the reserve so that your 1st turn is fuck pointless and then I'll fuck your shitty kroot up the butt with my tactical entry t.waacspessmarine
>Ok, but not today t.based krootman
A true legend.

>> No.73721843

>Farting music intensifies

>> No.73721844

it's primeorks

>> No.73721845

Dropped straight into the grave.

>> No.73721847

Ranged Weapons

Aterma-pattern Inferno Cannon - 0
Autocannon - 15
Avenger Bolt Cannon - 0
Battle Cannon - 20
Coaxial Storm Bolter - 0
Collosus Siege Mortar - 0
Cyclops Demo Charge - 0
Defensive Heavy Stubber - 0
Demolisher Cannon - 20
Earthshaker Cannon - 0
Flamer - 5
Heavy Bolter - 15
Heavy Mortar - 0
Heavy Quad Launcher - 0
Heavy Stubber 5
Hellfury Missile - 15
Hellstrike Missile - 10
Hunter Killer Missile - 5
Inferno Gun - 0
Lascannon - 20
Laser Destroyer - 0
Long-barreled Autocannon - 15
Macharius Battle Cannon - 0
Manticore Missile - 10
Medusa Cannon - 0
Medusa Siege Gun - 0
Vulcan Mega Bolter - 0
Missile Launcher - 20
Multilaser - 5
Multiple Rocket Pod - 5
Neutron Laser Projector - 0
Plasma Blastgun - 0
Praetor Launcher - 0
Sky Eagle Rocket - 10
Skystrike Missile - 15
Storm Bolter - 3
Stygies Vanquisher Cannon - 0
Twin Assault Cannon - 40
Twin Autocannon - 30
Twin Earthshaker Cannon - 0
Twin Heavy Bolter - 30
Twin Heavy Flamer - 30
Twin Heavy Stubber - 10
Twin Lascannon - 40
Twin Multilaser - 10
Twin Punisher Gatling Cannon - 70
Volkite Caliver - 15
Volkite Culverin - 30

Melee Weapons

Power Lifter - 0


Cluster of Heavy Bombs - 30
Cluster of Hellstorm Bombs - 30
Cluster of Tactical Bombs - 20

>> No.73721851

Like 1 or 2, but they only play it as secondary army with main being SM and Guard.

>> No.73721854

>what is the fucking use of conscripts

Were they even used before these changes? Guardsmen were just objectively better in every way

>> No.73721855

does he actually make a good point or does he use an irrelevant bit of fluff for an unreasonably unlikely hypothesis?

>> No.73721859

Very, very marginally. And Termies can use a sneaky gear based buff.

>> No.73721870

>Yay, less variety in the game

>> No.73721873

It's an interesting take, and I'd be very appreciative if all of my Tyranid models were still playable in the event that something like this happens, but....no.

I love my bugs. GSC are a ton of fun and all but these are two very distinct playstyles that deserve two very distinct sets of rules. Trying to squash them into one book is a great way to make 60% of both rosters un-usable.

>> No.73721874

Theres a reason we haven't gotten new Ork sculpts yet.

>> No.73721875

then my point stands

>> No.73721877

>Shield Drones got a 50% points increase

>> No.73721880

For Sister of battle

HQCanoness 45 > 50

Missionary 38 > 45

Celestine 160 > 170

Junith Eruita 110 > 115

Triumph of Saint Katherine 185 -> 105?
Geminae Superia 16 > 18
Battle Sister Squad 9 >11
Arco-flagellants 13 > 15
Celestian Squad 10 > 12
Crusaders 9 > 11
Death Cult Assassins 13 > 13
Dialogus 35 > 40
Hospitaller 35 > 40
Imagifier 45 > 45
Preacher 30 > 35
Repentia Superior 35 > 40
Sister Repentia 13 > 15
Zephyrim Squad 15
Fast attack
Dominion Squad 10 > 12
Seraphim Squad 11 > 15
Heavy Support
Exorcist 90 > 150
Mortifiers 36 > 30
Archorite? 42 > 35
Penitent Engines 28 > 20
Retributor Squad 10 > 12
Immolator 70 > 80
Sororitas Rhino 65 > 75
Battle Sanctum 55
Range weapon
Autogun 0 -> 0
Bolt pistol 0 -> 0
Boltgun 0 ->0
Combi-flamer 8 -> 10
Combi-plasma 8 ->10
Condemnor boltgun 1 ->5
Exorcist conflagration rockets 0 -> 40
Exorcist missile launcher 70->30
Flamer 6 -> 5
Frag grenades 0 ->0
Hand flamer 1 -> 2/5
Heavy bolter 10 -> 10/15
Heavy flamer 14 -> 10/15
Hunter-killer missile 6 -> 5
Immolation flamers 30 -> 30
Inferno pistol 7 -> 5
Krak grenades 0
Laspistol 0
Meltagun 14 -> 10
Multi-melta 22 -> 20/25
Plasma gun 13 -> 10
Plasma pistol 5 -> 5
Shotgun 0 -> 0
Storm bolter 2 -. 3
Twin heavy bolter 17 -> 30
Twin multi-melta 40 -> 50
Melee Weapon
Arco-flails 0 -> 0
Blessed blade 9 ->10
Chainsword 0 -> 0
Chirurgeon’s tools 0 -> 0
Death Cult power blades 0 -> 0
Dialogus staff 0 -> 0
Neural whips 0 -> 0
Penitent buzz-blade 0 -> 0
Penitent eviscerator 0 -> 0
Penitent flail 0 -> 0
Power maul 4 ->5
Power sword 4 ->5
Armorium Cherub 5 -> 5
Brazier of Holy Fire 8 ->10
Incensor Cherub 5 -> 5
Null Rod 12 -> 10
Rod of Office 5 -> 5
Simulacrum Imperialis 5 -> 5
Storm Shield 0 -> 0
Zephyrim Pennant 5 -> 5

>> No.73721888

Read the points changes, they just made 60% of gsc unusable.

>> No.73721889

I wouldn't mind GSC, but I just love the "bug" look of OG Tyranids. A line of Termagaunts across the board is super appealing.

>> No.73721898

the reason is that no sculptor or designer cares about them and that they don't sell enough or are relevant enough in the narrative to be updated

>> No.73721900

Troupe Master: 65

Shadowseer: 115

Troupe: 14

Death Jester: 50

Solitaire: 90

Skyweaver: 35

Starweaver: 60

Voidweaver: 65

Webway Gate: 95

Shuriken Cannon: 10

Haywire Cannon: 15

Prismatic Cannon: 15

Nuero Disruptor: 5

Fusion Pistol: 5

Zepher Glaive: 5

Power Sword: 5

Kiss: 6

Embrace: 5

Caress: 6

Anything else: 0

>> No.73721906


>> No.73721909


>> No.73721911

Yeah, I'm trying to take any silver lining I can take from this
>Man. Fuck these DE changes though
yeah my DE lists look gutted on paper; I'll be sure to try them out once I can get some games in but its not looking great

>> No.73721912

>squat abberrants and jackals
>replace with regular tyranids
>old one eye charging into battle with a fleet of goliaths and hooting and/or hollering cultists who worship him as a god.

I think i want it.

>> No.73721913


Broodlord 125 (+10)

Hive tyrant 155 (+12)

Hive Tyrant with Wings 200 (+10)

Neurothrope 95 (+5)

Tervigon 200 (+38)

Tyranid prime 75 (+5)
Named Characters

Deathleaper 65 (+5)

Old one eye 120 (+20)

Red terror 55 (+5)

Swarmlord 270 (+20)

Genestealers 15 (+5)

Hormagaunts 6 (+1)

Ripper swarms 12 (+1)

Termagants 5 (+1)

Tyranid warriors 21 (+3)

Haruspex 170 (+20)

Hive Guard 40 (+22)

Lictor 32 (+2)

Maleceptor 160 (+10)

Pyrovore 28 (+3)

Tyrand Guard 38 (+3)

Venomthropes 33 (+3)

Zoanthropes 45 (+5)
Fast Attack

Gargoyles 7 (+2)

Mucolid Spores 22 (+2)

Raveners 22 (+3)

Spore mine 10 (+0)
Heavy support

Biovore 50 (+10)

Carnifex 80 (+13)

Exocrine 170 (+15)

Mawloc 125 (+21)

Screamer Killer 105 (+15)

Thornback 80 (+5)

Toxicrene 150 (+25)

Trygon 120 (+12)

Trygon Prime 160 (+22)

Tyrannofex 190 (+39)
Tyrannocyte 65 (+15)
Sporocyte 85 (+6)
Harpy 125 (+20)

Hive Crone 155 (+20)

>> No.73721916

>Still trying to make Chaos work kid, huh? You've got balls.
>Why don't you take the store's army for a test drive and see if you can handle the power of Primaris?

>> No.73721917


>> No.73721918

Outside objec secure there is no reason to take two CSM at 28 pts vs a Chaos Terminator at 27 points with minimum gear.

>> No.73721919

We got a pdf already?

>> No.73721921

As a Tau player I'm very happy with this, fuck those obnoxious cheesy lists.

>> No.73721923

>hurrr blight grenade go blurrrggh hurrhurr

>> No.73721930

Post your models

>> No.73721936

Is there anything wrong with the current sculpts?

>> No.73721942

acid spray 5 (-15)
barbed strangler 10 (0)
bio-electric pulse 0 (0)
bio-electric pulse with containment spines 0 (0)
bio-plasma 10 (+1)
bio-plasma cannon 0 (0)
Bio-plasmic scream 0 (0)
Choking Spores 0 (0)
Deathspitter 6 (+1)
Deathspitter with slimer maggots 10 (+3)
Devourer 4 (0)
Devourer with brainleech worms 10 (+3)
Drool cannon 0 (0)
Flamespurt 0 (0)
Flesh hooks 3 (+1)
Fleshborer 0 (0)
Fleshborer Hive 0 (-15)
Grasping tongue 0 (0)
Heavy venom cannon 20 (+2)
Impaler Cannon 10 (-15)
Massive Toxic Lashes 0 (0)
Rupture Cannon 20 (-15)
Shockcannon 0 (-21)
Spinebanks 5 (+3)
Spinefists ravener and warrior 2 (+1)
Spinefists termagant 0 (0)
Spinemaws 3 (+1)
Spore mine Launcher 0 (0)
spore node 0 (0)
stinger salvo 0 (-8)
Stranglethorn Cannon 15 (0)
Tentaclids 0 (0)
Toxic Lashes 0 (0)
Venom Cannon 15 (+3)
Adrenal Glands (Monsters) 5 (0)
Adrenal Glands (Other units) 1 (0)
Chitin Thorns 5 (0)
Enhanced Senses 10 (0)
Extended Carapace 2 (0)
Spore Cysts 10 (0)
Toxin sacs (termagants) 1 (0)
Toxin Sacs (Hormagaunt) 2 (0)
Toxin Sacs (Hive Guard, Mawloc, Tervigon, Tyrand guard, Tfex,Fexes, Stealers, Tyrants, and warriors) 5 (+4)
Toxin Sacs (trygons) 10 (+2)
Tusks 10 (+2)
Melee Weapons
Acid Maw 0 (0)
Bone Mace 5 (+3)
Boneswords 3 (+1)
Crushing Claws 10 (-2)
Lash Whip and bonesword 3 (+1)
Lash Whip and Monstrous Bonesword 15 (0)
Massive Crushing Claws 20 (0)
Massive Scything Talons (Tervigon and Maleceptor) 10 (0)
Massive Scything Talons (Trygons) 30 (0)
Monstrous acid maw 10 (0)
Monstrous boneswords 20 (0)
Monstrous crushing claws 15 (+3)
Monstrous scything talons (carnifex) 15 (+1)
Monstrous scything talons (tyrant) 15 (0)
Monstrous scything talons (two pairs Carnifex) 15 (0)
Monstrous scything talons (two pairs tyrants) 20 )0)
Rending claws GENESTEALERS 0 (-2)
Rending claws everyone else 2 (0)
thresher scythe 5 (+2)
toxinspike 0 (-1)


>> No.73721943

>Scions are basically neutral I think
Most of my units and vehicles got bumped up around 20-ish points (since I run full squads rather than MSU), aside from the command squads which were more or less unchanged (74-75 for the plasma+medkit) or a bit cheaper (83-75 for the melta+medkit).

Honestly considering the vehicle rules, being able to move and fire taurox gatling guns and shit is going to be nice and worth the 20 point bump.

>> No.73721946

Did the fuckers just give it a 50% increase to an already garbage unit? At 40 points is already shit

>> No.73721947

Feels good to only play the top three chad armies (Imperial Knights, Adesptus Custodes and Primaris Space Marines).

>> No.73721948

>Seraphim up 4 points per model (36%)

Oof. I guess Inferno Pistols got cheaper so a squad of 5 is only up 12 points but the basic bolt pistol squad is dead in the water now.

>> No.73721949

>Outside objec secure there is no reason to take two CSM at 28 pts vs a Chaos Terminator at 27 points with minimum gear.
Battalion tax and as you said, obsec
technically in ideal conditions CSMs might get more melee attacks off as well but not enough to matter in practice

>> No.73721955

>Tyranids really don't have a place in 40k as they are right now.

care to explain?

>> No.73721956

>forge world dreadnoughts either up to near 500pts or put in legends
>mfw i almost bought one last week and got a nurgle hellbrute instead off ebay for £15
>mfw reading war of the spider and giving it two ranged heavy weapons

>> No.73721963

Watch Master 125

Chaplain 80

Chaplain w/ Termi 95

Chaplain w/ Jumppack 105

Libby 90

Libby w/ Termi 105

Libby w/ Jump 115

Primaris Chap 85

Primaris Lib 95

Primaris watch captain 85

Watch Captain 80

Captain w/ Termi 95

Captain w/ Jumppack 105

Artemis 110

Intercessors 20

Aggressors 40

Hellblasters 33

Inceptors 40

Reivers 18

Veterans 17

Bikers 28

Blackshield 19

Terminator 23

VanVets 19

Dreadnoughts 70

Primaris Apothecary 60

Redemptor Dread 125

Ven Dread 85

Land Raider 125?

LR Crusader 215

LR Redeemer 245

Repulsor Executioner 250

Corvus 140

Drop pod 65

Razorback 80

Repulsor 230

Rhino 75

>> No.73721966

>there is no reason
Filling out Red Corsair detachments. Admittedly that's a bit of a corner case.

>> No.73721967


>> No.73721968


>> No.73721970

Get dabbed on squatkind.

>> No.73721971

They have to balance SM's separately from the rest of the game due to how insane and autistic the manbabbies that play them are.

>> No.73721974

Essentially they are...

>> No.73721977

Do we need him back?

>> No.73721978

Is there a pdf/site/whatever with the exact points changes on them?

>> No.73721983


They don't have any special snowflake characters to bend the entire narrative around or write terrible fanfiction for.

>> No.73721990

Yeah, Nobz and Sigmar Orks have much better posture.

>> No.73721991

Absolver Bolt Pistol 0
Assault Bolter 0
Assault Cannon Inf 15 Veh 20
Assault Plasma Incinerator 0
Auto Bolt Rifle 0
Auto Bolt Storm Gauntlet 0
Blackstar Rocket launcher 0
Bolt Carabine 0
Bolt Pistol 0
Bolt Rifle 0
Bolt Gun 0
Combi Flamer/Melta/Grav/Plasma 10
Cyclone missile launcher 25
Deathwatch Frag Cannon 20
DW Shotgun 2
Deathwind Launcher 5
Flamer 5
Flamestorm Cannon 0
Flamestorm Launcher 0
Frag Grenade 0
Fragstom Grenade Launcher 5
Grav Gun 10
Grav Pistol 5
Hand Flamer 5
Heavy Bolt Pistol 5
Heavy Bolter Inf 10 Veh 15
Heavy Flamer 10 15
Heavy Laser Destroyer 40
Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon 30
Heavy Plasma Cannon 20
Heavy Plasma Incinerator 0
Hunter Killer Missile 5
Hurricane Bolter 15
Icarus ironhail heavy stubber 5
Icarus Rocket Pod 5
Inferno Pistol 5
Infernus Heavy Bolter 20
Ironhail Heavy Stubber 5
Krag Grenade 0
Kragstorm Grenade Launcher 5
Las Talon 35
Macro Plasma Incinerator 30
Master Crafter Auto Boltrifle 5
MC Boltgun 5
MC Stalker Bolt Rifle 5
Melta Bomb 5
Melta Gun 10
Missile Laucher Inf 15 Other 20
Multi Melter 25
Onslaught Gatling Cannon 20
Plasma Exterminator 5
Plasma Gun 10
Plasma Incinerator 0
Plasma Pistol 5
Reductor Pistol 0
Schock Grenade 0
Stalker Boltrifle 0
Stalker Bolt Gun 2
Stormbolter 3
Stormstrike missile launcher 0
Twin Assault Cannon 40
Twin Boltgun 0
Twin Heavy Bolter 30
Twin Icarus Ironhail Heavy Stubber 0
Twin Lascannon 40
Chainfist 10
hainsword 0
Combat Knife 0
Crozius Arcanom 0
readnaught CC Weapon 20
orce Axe 0
Guardian Spear 0
Heavy Thunder Hammer 20
Lightnin Claws 5 pair 10
Power Axe 5
Power Fist 10
Power Maul 5
Power Sword 5
Redemptor Fist 0
Reclic Blade 10
Thunder Hammer Char: 40 Others: 15
Xenophase Blade 10
Auspex Array 5
Auto Launcher 0
Auxilliary Grenade Launcher 2
Blackstar Cluster Launcher 0
Combat Shield 3
DW Teleport Homer 5
Grapnell launcher 2
Grav Chute 2
Halo Launcher 5
Storm Shield Char: 10 Others 4

>> No.73721994

So are Necrons going to actually have a chance against marines this edition or is it going to be a one sided stompfest like 8th?

>> No.73721999

>>>/hhg/ with your 30k capeshit

>> No.73722000

Who knows? New codex soon.

>> No.73722001

Fuck marines

>> No.73722006

never liked him honestly, big mary sue and ADB sucked him off hard

>> No.73722008

>basic bolt pistol squad is dead in the water now.
Nobody ever ran those tho'

>> No.73722015

what do you think?

>> No.73722016

No. GW is run by pedos, so marines will stay broken for a long time

>> No.73722020

newfag here

can someone explain the ADB hate? I enjoyed the Night Lords trilogy.

>> No.73722021

first, thanks for writing em down anon
second, these points were done incredibly half assed and it shows gw doesn't even know half of these models exist or what they are actually capable of

>> No.73722031

slowly collecting marines just because they're fun to paint.

>> No.73722032

>Jaghatai Khan coming back
>Not Lion or Russ or Sanguinius

Big fake

>> No.73722036

>Trusting unverified leaks

>> No.73722037

But did he suck him off more than Abaddon?

>> No.73722038

With bloody Rose running a full squad it could be used along inferno pistols
But yeah only bolt pistols was never a thing

>> No.73722041


>> No.73722043

110 points for 40 -1 AP shots out of deep strike on a flying 3+/5++ unit was pretty good senpai.>>73722008

>> No.73722044

It's contrarian whining. His books are my favorite as well.

>> No.73722048

If I heard right..

>Wraithblade 40, ghostswords 10.

So my unit went from 300 some to 500 points if this is right...

Welp it was fun for one game atleast.

>> No.73722049

I don't hate him but he always writes OP OC donut steel characters like Argel Tal. He's also a chaos fanboy and hates the imperium and god.

He's one of the best BL writers though

>> No.73722052

Is there a place where this is all listed out to look over, or do I have to watch the video?
Did blight haulers get changed?

>> No.73722053


>> No.73722054

LMAO These arent leaks you fucking retard, the GW embargo was lifted and content producers have PDFs.

>> No.73722061

Bloody Rose Seraphim are pretty cool, whether with flamer pistols or inferno pistols. Love 'em.

>> No.73722064

They are dated and ugly but besides that no I guess

>> No.73722066

>wipe out all the first born adeptus astartes.


>> No.73722071

>marginally better
so make them one or two points more.

>> No.73722072

Vocally lefty politically. Has some strong and controversial view on some of the core 40k mythology. Main around elevating the importance of Abaddon and what the ultimate nature of the struggle between the Imperium and Chaos is. That set some people off, especially given his politics. On a technical level, yes he's a pretty good writer.

>> No.73722075

Don't tell me you didn't put two flamer pistols on that squad.

>> No.73722083

he acts like a cunt online

>> No.73722086

>so make them one or two points more.
If you've been paying attention all weapon costs have been adjusted to 5 point increments.

>> No.73722087

probably not literally all, though if they wanted to they could wipe out 99% of marinelets just by making the war be that extreme, they would keep most named characters though

>> No.73722090

His only good book is the first heretic. All his protagonists are the same and he has absolutely zero objectivity when writing the moral dilemmas in his stories.

>> No.73722091


>> No.73722096

He's an ok writer probably in BL's top ten but he's a total arse on social media.

>> No.73722098

edge bias, self insertion, overinflated ego and daddy issues seep into his work

>> No.73722102

>tyranids are dead

>> No.73722108

>Malcadors still laughably overpriced

Honestly all these points leaks seem so scattered and unreasonable that it's hard to trust that this is legit.

>> No.73722119

Looking at it I don't think Orks got off as badly as I feared. Grots should not be 5 points but aside from that most of the increases seem okay, with a couple of things (double killsaw MANZ) actually down a little
I helps that my army was more vehicle based though

>> No.73722124

They are fucking everywhere, not concentrated like the Squats

>> No.73722126

Yes, that's a rather bad thing

>> No.73722129

>Wraithblades goes from 36 with fucking powerswords to 50.

Was these points set after one play tester had a bad game against them and no one else bothered to test something that wasn't the tourny meta or something? who the fuck thought those dust collectors needed a nerf?

>> No.73722136

for the 9th time since 5th edition
incredible how they can still be the best selling xenos range

>> No.73722139

>Dude who's livelihood depends on making videos about this stuff is posting these leaks
Yeah, he's definitely the type to go online and lie.

>> No.73722144

these are absolutely baffling
did they give marine weapon points cost to guard?
taurox is officially and completely dead now
exterminator autocannon price hike looks like some form of personal vendetta against a gun that already no one used
somehow artillery got hit much less than russes
guess they didn't sell enough sentinels last edition and infantry spam is in full effect which sucks with all the blast weapons
super heavies are CP intense and the ones that were decent are very point expensive now too
so to all the guard haters you might have gotten your wish finally

>> No.73722145

yeah well idk they all show up to stop the necrons and tyranids?

>> No.73722148

because DG actually get shit done

>> No.73722151

any statement from GW regarding the indomitus box?

>> No.73722158

How hard did nidzilla get hit compared to more conventional playstyles?
Is there a way to salvage it?

>> No.73722159

Okay. But why are you fixated on the fucking irrelevant Chainfist then?

>> No.73722160

>infantry spam is in full effect which sucks with all the blast weapons
>Infantry is comparatively cheaper to take
>Yet is countered by Blast weapons
It's almost as if... This is balanced...

>> No.73722166

stop making excuses for your lies passed as rumour.
nobody buys it.

>> No.73722172

>did they give marine weapon points cost to guard?
Yes, weapon costs have been normalized across factions again for some inexpiable reason.

>> No.73722176

>Is there a way to salvage it?
A new codex with a concentrated effort to make good, usable units.

These points updates are largely irrelevant, since nids are already bad and shuffling those around won't change it. We'll see what they do with the eventual 9th edition codex.

>> No.73722178

Here's the real question: World Eaters release when.

I wanna fuck shit up with an Angron damnit.

>> No.73722181

the "leaks" in the picture are pretty obviously fake

>> No.73722183

>mentioning a fix to one of many issues is fixation

>> No.73722185

I am wondering this too since I tend to stay out of social media for the most part. I assume not. They might say something once all the heat dies down a little.

>> No.73722188

>I wanna fuck shit up with an Angron damnit.
Disgusting to want named characters.

>> No.73722194

>Here's the real question: World Eaters release when.
10th edition, full blown death guard treatment.
it will be the final cherry on top of the chaos range's revamp started in 6th edition

>> No.73722196

>Mfw 9th goes out
Thank GW for curing my addiction to plastic crack

>> No.73722197

I mean you need more of them than like every other range.

>> No.73722198

>inexpiable reason
It's because the game is centered around loyalist marine babbies, and everything needs to be written in a way that caters to their lack of intelligence.
Simplifying weapon costs for everyone while also nerfing NPC factions is part of that.

>> No.73722202

>World Eaters release when.
Hopefully not before the Emperor's Children release.

>> No.73722207

Angron sucks, he's objectively the biggest jobber of all the primarchs.

He jobbed to non demon pert
he and lorgar were losing a 2v1 with guilliman
jobbed to grey knights when he had 10 of the strongest bloodthristers bodyguarding him
jobbed to random humans who turned him into a gladiator

his only win is beating russ who was holding back to some degree

>> No.73722210

I think we'll get Emperor's Children first.

>> No.73722212

not sure My 1500 Nidzilla list is now 1615 points. Its less than I expected
how did other armies like marines end up?

>> No.73722219

So considering how obvious it is at a glance how unbalanced and arbitrary a lot of these new points costs are, is it safe to say GW didn't do much playtesting and we're just going to get a CA on schedule at year's end with all the crowdsourced balancing?

>> No.73722224

heresy and pre heresy they are cool, after they are one note and boring

>> No.73722225

maybe, remains to be seen how it fares against msu marine spam
other than that sounds a bit lame when you consider having to set up 100+ minis just to remove half of them in round 1 again

>> No.73722227

>who was holding back to some degree
furry hands typed this post

>> No.73722229

That SS82 video.
>1 min intro
>1 min "please share"
>starts with shit nobody cares about like BSF and fortifications
>individual factions not timestamped
What a blatant attempt to get people to watch the whole video.

>> No.73722236

How much are leman russes now? I cant be fucked to watch a 9 min video of a bloke talking to find out.

>> No.73722250

>is it safe to say GW didn't do much playtesting
the playtesting was more about feedback from tourneyfags to know what was the meta and how to make rules waacfag-proof

there was no testing, only a pretense of it

>> No.73722251


If we get Emperor's Children first it's literally just to appeal to LGBTQ+ players. Fuck that tranny army and their gaped asshole of a primarch.

You're fake news. He doesn't lose cleanly, there's always bullshit going on.

I hope I'm not waiting another 3 years tbqh

But they're fun to build and always the most detailed. Plus I like lore.

>> No.73722252

Having said that I'm inclined to play some of this out myself before getting too worked up, I don't doubt there will need to be changes down the line but people jump to conclusions a lot before actually trying things out in actual gameplay

>> No.73722256

How does your play? Any experiences in general?

>> No.73722262

>is it safe to say GW didn't do much playtesting and we're just going to get a CA on schedule at year's end with all the crowdsourced balancing?

Absolutely. Don't buy this CA, don't buy any new models until we know how the points costs shake out in 6 months time. Maybe if GW sees their sales drop after this shitshow they'll actually learn something they won't.

Aberrants being costed on-par with Terminators, what the fuck.

>> No.73722264

That's my assumption. Hopefuly Europe and Aus will be able to provide some tournament data.

>> No.73722265

>Still no Vanguard Primaris

For what reason?

>> No.73722266

>If we get Emperor's Children first it's literally just to appeal to LGBTQ+ players. Fuck that tranny army and their gaped asshole of a primarch.
Look at the idiot who thinks noise marines are gay. Point at him and laugh!

>> No.73722268


>> No.73722275

>ctrl + f
>guard points
wow searching the internet is too hard for imperium players

>> No.73722276

Playtesters helped nerf the shit out of waac meta units so that's a win in my book. The general incompetence with game design is 100% GW so don't shift blame off them.

>> No.73722277

absolutely, half of this shit looks like it was made by throwing darts at a board the other by just doing a search and replace over all factions

>> No.73722279

Damn right, there was nothing, otherwise it would've been leaked long ago.

>> No.73722284

>how did other armies like marines end up?
See >>73721499. They include the before and after for some typical 8th ed. tournament lists for each faction.

>> No.73722289

what advantage does he have over the other primarchs? His psychic powers are non existant, and he's the least skilled and not at all able to keep a calm head during battle. He would get absolutely murdered by Sang,lion, horus or curze

>> No.73722291

>don't buy to prove the point
You fucking retard. That's how we got this Primaris hell because Marine paypigs will buy that shit regardless.

>> No.73722292

Honestly this logic I can understand and makes for something or a half decent excuse. What I cant get behind is the constant misprints and numerical errors we get in these books. Like holy fuck is the QC team just jacking off to the new sisters models too often to actually get anything done?

>> No.73722293

leman russes went up 23 points what the fuck? but battlebannons went down? and heavy bolters went up? on sponsons that nobody takes? what the fuck are they doing?

>> No.73722295

Is there any way to deepstrike terminators or an assault marine squad so that you can get in close enough to fire flamer/heavy flamer on the turn they drop in? Or am I just shit out of luck with my old terminators and drop-pod assault flamer squad? I haven't played a game since the 6th edition.

>> No.73722316

Why are they trying to force this fortnite clickbait streamer thumbail shit in tabletop stuff. Did wotc start using it or something?

>> No.73722320

Any idea on the points for the stormcannon?

I hope that shit got increased to all hell, broken as shit and displays how much of a waacfag a player is when you see them running 2x those

>> No.73722323

Yes, by taking Long-Range Marksmen chapter trait because of course SM can do that :)

>> No.73722325

>Lias Issodon Legend'd
RIP Raptorsbro and his crummy tacticool pounces marines

>> No.73722326

yeah, sorry mate, flamers are dogshit this edition and last

>> No.73722327

As far as I'm aware the only factions which can do closer-than-9" Deep Strikes are Custodes and Genestealer Cults. Marines are out of luck, I'm afraid.

>> No.73722333

Stick to Tank Commanders sadly.

>> No.73722338

Literally he's only nerfed by the Butcher's Nails clouding his thinking. Before the nails Angron probably would have been able to make an argument for one of the best primarchs. His battle prowess is incredible and even with the nails he literally can't stop. He's the incredible hulk because of the nails.

>> No.73722339

Theres a chapter tactic that increases all ranged weapons range by 3", so flamers become 11"

>> No.73722341

>defiler points havent changed
>can shoot in combat now
>look at page in death guard codex


>> No.73722342

Blame Youtube and the algorithm, knucklehead.

>> No.73722347

Good fucking riddance.

>> No.73722350

It's like there's 2 different games of 40k taking place. Your average everyday game that won't be filled with the same levels of bullshit you see in a tourney list, and said WAACboys doing what they do. How do you please both crowds without upsetting the other?

>> No.73722355

The worst part is considering how much time they had to work on this.
It's fucking incredible how fantastic an example GW is of what a soft monopoly causes. You wouldn't expect a niche hobby to have such a glaring example of one of the flaws of corporatism and public trading, but boy does it.
Then again, the videogames industry is also wall to wall examples, so maybe it's so visible thanks to consumerism.

>> No.73722356

yeah but he got the nails like.. age 6, it's an interesting theory but irrelevent

>> No.73722364

Yessss, goy. Buy our 15 year old plastic boxes. We need to empty the warehouses.

>> No.73722375

take your bloodletters in bigger units, they have +1 to hit rolls if there's twenty of them

>> No.73722379

eventually they're going to get fed up with all this and pull a setting reboot like they did with AoS to chase everyone with 30 year old collections out of the hobby

>> No.73722386

Any CSM player worth his salt should own a defiler already.

>> No.73722391

How the fuck are bolt rifles on par with if not better than gauss flayers?

>> No.73722393

>Grots got 66% more expensive
>I had been planning a 90 Grot + Makari Combat Patrol
>Now just those 90 Grots is 450 points
>They cost the same as basic Guardsman
I quit, I give up, I'm gonna go back to AoS

>> No.73722403

Parking lot bros, are the Leman Russ points increase better or worse than we expected?

>> No.73722406

The only silver lining is that under the new rules system points are easiest thing for GW to change. So if they want to fix this they can, and fairly quickly. If there's enough of an outcry they actually might at least improve things.

>> No.73722408

Any CSM player with shit taste more like

>> No.73722413

He was older or at least more developed than that. Angron is almost a tragic story.

>> No.73722416

Are Baneblades worth taking yet?

>> No.73722417

I am a marine player and still dont understand why the fuck bolt rifles are 30". It makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

>> No.73722418


>> No.73722420

By putting the effort to balance all units in a codex to be functional competetively instead of focusing on slapping down whatever rises above

But that requires a little bit of effort and thought.

>> No.73722423

how awesome are orks now?

>> No.73722427

>>look at page in death guard codex
What? what? what? i dont have it on hand

>> No.73722429

They're just using kraken bolts. +6" range, +1 ap.

>> No.73722439

>grots are the same ppm as guardsmen
Excuse me fucking what?
Go autism mode on twitter and facebook over that shit senpai.

>> No.73722443

I can only see the chaos stuff, am I dumb?

>> No.73722444

Be silent cretin, I won't have a faggot who thinks Ultramarine Reviers are the greatest thing ever besmirching the honour of the Defiler.

>> No.73722451

The further babification of the space marine faction.

>> No.73722456

Did they fuck up my bois the GK MK IV "Doomglaive" Dreadnoughts? They're the teleporting, wallhacking lynchpin to my backline so the Terminators can storm objectives.

>> No.73722457

>How do you please both crowds without upsetting the other?
by actually balancing the units and putting limits on how much you can spam shit

>> No.73722466

Still new to it. Got a mix of shooty and CC monsters. Plays aggressively, and needs to be mission focused.
Does alright I think, 1 did 3-2 at a recent tournament as a semi noob.

>> No.73722468

It's truly incredible how the timmy and bryce babby faction got even more dumbed down and kiddified.

>> No.73722477

Do we know of any people who killed Lucius besides the Raven Guard and the Necron?

>> No.73722479

>Excuse me fucking what?

If something isn't zero points, it's set at a minimum of five. So gretchin are five points. Termagants and Conscripts are five points. Heavy Stubbers are five points.

>> No.73722485

Well GK got a bunch of below average points increases and only Falchions got fucked
He should be alright unless he got Legends'd

>> No.73722489

A living saint is typing as fast as he can but haven't got to the other stuff yet.

>> No.73722492

Grots are a lot more expensive and Shokk Attack Guns got slammed. Otherwise they basically got average point increases. Boyz only went up 1 so they're still great.

>> No.73722494

>putting limits on how much you can spam shit
Oh shit, this was a thing. Imagine if they'd bring it back so you'd have stuff like Exorcists 0-2 or had a 0-1 cap on stuff that's supposed to be rare like Venerable dreadnoughts or whatnot.

Fluff first, faggotry second.

>> No.73722495

Defilers are my favorite design though. You will not be missed.

>> No.73722499

>tfw you just bought 3 boxes of jackals and just painted your 8 aberrant squad

Feels bad. I'm honestly probably just gonna put my GSC army in the closet and forget about it.

>> No.73722501


>> No.73722502

what happend to shokk attack guns?

>> No.73722514

>Storm bolter
>3 points
What did he mean by this?

>> No.73722516

Lucius was killed by an anti-infantry mine.

>> No.73722517

Quick question.

Given that all FAQs and such have carried over to 9th.

Does that mean that an autarch can still take their classic weapon options?

>Reaper launcher cost 0.

Happy days if that's the case, which would be the only fucking ray of sunshine out of the butchering.

>> No.73722518

Mek with SAG is +40pts

>> No.73722521

kys grogs! defiler looks like absolute shit! SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIT!

>> No.73722523

>boyz up to 8
Fair, could be worse.
>grots up to 5
Haha what.
>SAG up to 120
Oh no no no.
>trukk full of tankbustas 1 point more expensive

>> No.73722524

honestly too early to tell
Grots are overpriced but as for the rest of it we'll need to see how bad we're hurt in practice compared to everyone elses price hikes

>> No.73722531

I literally started this game a few months ago

>> No.73722534

>commissars went up in points

>> No.73722537

Funnily enough, the same as Custodes.

>> No.73722539

That could be nice but I wouldn't at all trust GW to implement it well
When this is confirmed as legit I guess. With all the bullshit in it I can't fathom it being anything more than bait. Maybe we'll see the classic "make you think you get an awful thing so that when you get a bad thing instead you're happy about it"

>> No.73722540

Wasn't that the Common, Rare, and Special units in Fantasy all about? A good idea that could probably work to iron out a lot of the problems 40k is having.

>> No.73722541

ah okay, thought they changed their rules or something. thanks.

>> No.73722542

>shittiest marines
Suck a cock asswipe

>> No.73722543

>Fateskimmer 160 points
fuck off

>> No.73722544

>Given that all FAQs and such have carried over to 9th.
All FAQs have NOT carried over. They explicitly said they'll be releasing new FAQ/Errata for 9th. Only codexes carry over.

>> No.73722545

Subscribe to app, goy

>> No.73722546

went up by 50%, fair enough for the relic one but ordinary SAGs likely wont see play now

>> No.73722549

>falchions 4 pts
Uh, OK, why the hell was this necessary.

Cross fingers for the psyker dreads, but we're GK I'm used to being forsaken.

>> No.73722563

haha, fucking jobber.

>> No.73722567

What an awful way to start an edition with making everyone sad and then taking away their rules fixes if that's true.

>Points reduced for all

Still hurts.

>> No.73722569

Killed by Oros Telemar, Iron Hand clan company champion. Although Oros brought a task force with him.

>> No.73722573


>> No.73722579

I consider myself lucky that my army only had 1 SAG and token boys/grots squads as a battalion tax, I feel like I got off reasonably easy

>> No.73722581

Get ready nigger the defiler has made obliterators obsolete.

>> No.73722587

>That could be nice but I wouldn't at all trust GW to implement it well
It was implemented well in the early editions of 40k.

>> No.73722589

Sisters have been relatively spared... I think.

>> No.73722596

Can we get FW points somewhere? I'm interested in the point cost for a hellforged contemptor dreadnaught.
Also with things like Lord Arkos apparently being legacyed, do I use his old point cost until he gets a legacy entry, or is he just no longer a unit that exists?

>> No.73722597

>Average point increases per faction

>> No.73722610

>taking away their rules fixes
No they're making new rules fixes designed to work with 9th. I get you're sad about your autarch, but you ought just rip the bandage off and let legends stuff go. It's worth is to see bullshit like Chaplain Dreads and Lias Issodon also gone.

>> No.73722612

That GW had people that earnestly cared about the setting and game in charge.
>those CW eldar tho

>> No.73722619

Hi can you get some more artifacts on that jpeg?

>> No.73722628

>Lias Issodon
Also imagine wanting things to go away instead of wanting them fixed.

>> No.73722629

almost picked up CW, glad I dodged that bullet

>> No.73722630


Fuck Eldarcucks

>> No.73722631

>CW eldar given the dicking of a lifetime

>> No.73722633

get fucked, eldar.

>> No.73722635

that actually sounds interesting, I might do that, as I am looking for chapter traits anyway

>> No.73722638

Not a super useful way to break it down be honest.

>> No.73722647

Indomitus units arent listed either but we know we're getting them, these lists are for things already in the codex I assume

>> No.73722652

>eldar fucked the hardest
Sweet sweet justice.

>> No.73722657

this basically confirms Eldar is getting an update this edition. their codex will come out and be baller and GW will push new units that are more cost effective than existing ones.

>> No.73722661

They are already a bit overcosted. So no they got shit on too

>> No.73722674

I have no issue with cooler Autarchs. But if they're going to have them they should be in the codex. Not shoehorned in from a book that's long out of print.

>> No.73722676

Raptors Chapter Master

>> No.73722684

and yet somehow eldar will still be better than chaos daemons

>> No.73722690

it's useful for simple people who want to say things like"ELDARKEKS BTFO, IMPERIAL AGENTCHADS REIGN SUPREME"

>> No.73722695

how can they still be overcosted if every army got increased points costs?

>> No.73722697

>Just finished painting my eldar army.

I fucking hate this edition already.

>> No.73722700

>or is he just no longer a unit that exists?
For matched play he doesn't exist. For Open play feel free to use his old points.

>> No.73722702

>the virgin stats analyst vs the Chad shitposter

>> No.73722708

Pick any other faction if you want to have fun and friends.
Okay marinebabby

>> No.73722709

Here here, anon.

>> No.73722713

Didn't horus keep him around specifically because he was the only one who could beat Sanguinius?

>> No.73722722

>Creed got legends'd
the end of Cadians is coming

>> No.73722724

Why did they get rid of the only named alpha legion named character? wtf...

>> No.73722725


>> No.73722734

>Not all things should be perfectly balanced.
Not calling for perfection, calling for literally what is the point of cucktists? A unit should be viable. Doesnt have to be amazing, but shouldn't be bad by design. Cheap and disposable chaff should be thus.

>> No.73722740

Who beat Sanguinius again?

>> No.73722744

>Every competitive fag bought a psychic awakening meme book just six months prior.
>Can't use it in the 9th edition, goyim.
>Buy our new index booklet
>New codex book available in another three months, then you have to buy that book too because it makes the index null.
>Another psychic awakening -type of book in six months to a year for all the competitive fags to buy again.
>New edition hits the shelf every 1½ years
>Repeat all over again.
How much can they milk the average consumer till they just say fuck it and quit?

>> No.73722746

>Striking Scorpions +44%


>> No.73722748

Built for Primarch dick

>> No.73722756

>that Eldar increase
Sweet cant wait to buy some Eldar for cheap on Ebay

>> No.73722759

Fuck off coomer

>> No.73722767

I think hamemrheads are the coolest looking tanks in the game by a mile and I'm a guardfag / marinefag.

>> No.73722774

>Every competitive fag bought a psychic awakening meme book just six months prior.
>Can't use it in the 9th edition, goyim.
PA is 100% usable in 9e what are you on about?

>> No.73722775

>lusted for primarch cock so badly she brought it back from the dead to be ravaged by it nightly

Truly, eldar depravity knows no bounds.

>> No.73722776

>why the hell was this necessary?
>8th comes out, falchions cost exactly the same as all other force weapons while being objectively superior
>everybody builds their models with falchions
>9th comes out, falchions are nerfed into uselessness, everybody that has models with falchions needs to buy new models to get halberds
Well played GeeDubs

>> No.73722778

God, all Yvraine art is so fucking shit.

>> No.73722780

They just wanted to drive the point home that you shouldnt take these into your Army

>> No.73722783

but you can use psychic awakening books in 9th.

>> No.73722785

Are you retarded? PA aren't faqs.

>> No.73722794

My bad shitposter-kun. Codexes and PA books are both valid (And other printed stuff like the Harlequin White Dwarf article). It's the old pdf FAQs that are gone to be replaced by new ones. So basically this is a non-issue aside from more stuff moving to legends, which happened to pretty much everyone.

>> No.73722798

I don't think looking at just this is useful. It looks like they made things difficult by removing weapon costs and putting it on the model (GW solidifying hate for customization)
Plus, outlier models that got shit on would affect this number, so faction as a whole could be fine despite high number.

>> No.73722801

Honestly I think that's attributing way too much intent and cunning to what appears to be a matter of giving some mathematical formulas to a bunch of interns.

>> No.73722804

Only Eldar, Dark Eldar and GSC seem truly fucked by this update. I'm not looking forward to the return of a Knight meta though (especially if Custodes are also top tier).

>> No.73722805

>he plays against turbofags that aren't okay with you just stating "all falchions are halberds" at the start of matches
Sucks to suck, you play with people worse than ITC fags.

>> No.73722811

Wouldn't that just be Nobs?

>> No.73722812

>> No.73722815

that's why you either magnetize or build stuff with fluff or aesthetics in mind
the rules change so often you might as well not bother

>> No.73722817

>New edition hits the shelf every 1½ years
Since 2004 they seem to be released every 4 years on average.

>> No.73722823

>40k coomer garbage is shit
golly gee never would have guessed.

>> No.73722824

Rate my harlequin.

>> No.73722826

Or you do it like me. I gave all my gk halberds back in 7th. Only played them once in 8th before anyone got a codex.

>> No.73722828


>> No.73722834

Thicc and blotchy / 10

>> No.73722835

>How much can they milk the average consumer till they just say fuck it and quit?

GW´s downspiral will begin in a decade or so, and the reason will be less and less new (young) players.
They will however go stronk in the videogame and movies department.

>> No.73722838

>feet on tau
go back to your edgy hole of angsty teens

>> No.73722840

So you guys are upset that a weapon priced the same as its competitors (while being superior) got a small bump? That just sounds like balance to me

>> No.73722844

>No mention of "legend" units

So bonesinger is kill too?

Fuck me this edtion is off to a great fucking start.

>> No.73722847

They're gonna unify the eldar codexes.

>> No.73722852


>> No.73722856

Because they where already overcosted.

>> No.73722863

how many harlies are in a 2k point army roughly?
they seem fun to paint

>> No.73722868

Tabletop ready but not amazing. You'll get better if you keep it up.
>he thinks the west will still be able to support hobbies and pastimes in a decade or so
Maybe if we go down the BNW route instead of the economic and ecological collapse route

>> No.73722879

layers are visibly thick up close
checkers pattern needs better planning (do the black lines last)
base is uninteresting
metals and gems are nice
model is overall good enough from a distance

>> No.73722883

>Heavy Bolters on vehicles went from 10pts to 15pts

>> No.73722887

yes, when the other armies did cost less. now they are even.

>> No.73722890

it looks like you painted the checkers outline first and then filled it in, try it the other way around, first paint a smooth layer of pink, then do the green checkes and then outline everything with black neatly getting rid of any uneven spill
other than that, don't try to rush bright colors, give them more layers rather than thicker ones or prime in white

>> No.73722894

pay up waacfag

>> No.73722895

Post yfw you got your Indomitus preorder in

>> No.73722897

They're based on Gorillas.

>> No.73722903

Legends rules explicitly said they would not be getting points adjustments going forward. With 9th shifting point values up expect Legends stuff to become less accepted outside of playing with friends.

>> No.73722909

they're certainly the range that needs models updates the most

but I think a lot of units will be lost in the update

>> No.73722915

Games Workshop doesnt care about spikey people

>> No.73722917


>> No.73722919

More like post yfw you didn't have to panic at all because you got your box from your LGS at a 20% discount weeks in advance.

>> No.73722929

I laughed

>> No.73722935

good paypiggy

>> No.73722939

Thanks for the tips.
I tried to do yellows with brown -> light brown -> yellow but it still takes a billion coats of yellow.
I'll try doing the motley the other way around on the next one.
Dunno, I just found some models from back in the day when I played 40k and started painting.

>> No.73722940

Tyrannofexes with acid-spray is my new love.

>> No.73722960


>> No.73722967

Nice bait mate.

>> No.73722974

I feel like a better comparison would be comparing changes in tournament lists.

>> No.73722986

>HBs, the weapon no one took as a first pick, went up 33%
but why

>> No.73722988

>Cultists cost more than Guardsmen
>Warp Talons from 19 to 27 points even when their ability is much less useful now
>CSM still sucks. In a CSM army.
>Daemon princes up in points
>Slaaneshi Daemons, already arguabily the weakest faction in the game, got dragged into the ground
>They even increase the Seeker Chariot, which was most likely then worst unit in the game

>> No.73722991

go to Wahapedia and you can find them there.

>> No.73722995


>> No.73722999

Ain't gonna jump no more.

>> No.73723000


Also how much is a knight castallan? Because a Falchion is still 900 fucking points of no invulnerable save. Fucking why? Its a worse knight castellan. That knight better be pushing 900 points.

>> No.73723007

>> No.73723011

>Not running 4 Mortifiers with HBs for 24 HB shots on Assault before advance-charging with 1CP for a turn 1 charge

>> No.73723019

>> No.73723035

Me in the middle.

>> No.73723038

>> No.73723044


>> No.73723045

Is that William Shatner?

>> No.73723049

Warp talons going up by 8 points really is a horrible oversight. And why do they insist CSM cost the same as SM. it's different armies for fuck sake. They made troops the most useless unit choice in every army, so going for anything that isn't the cheapest is basically always wrong.

>> No.73723054

No that's me.

>> No.73723055

Wait a minute, this is a 3d render right ?

>> No.73723060

Imperial Armour Index: Xenos

>> No.73723073

now it's cosplay. It's just a filter that makes contrasts look too high.

>> No.73723074


ok fuck it, im doing a 2k point of drukhari

>> No.73723080

irrelevant, the lordosis is exaggerated in a way that looks bad and is inconsistent with the rest of the range, which still features it but at a much more bearable extent

an update of the ork line should aim to fix the basic ork boy, remove the few remaining resin/metal, and provide a new posterboy elite for the army because nobs and meganobs are not cutting it anymore with the size creep going on and the new look of ghazkull
call them beast-orks, primeorks, skarnobz, brutes or whatever, but the orks need a new face and since it's not reasonable to redo their whole range, then a new unit above the nobs is needed

>> No.73723082

Base? Do you happen to know the weapons cost/total cost?

Because holy fuck why is the Asterius and Fellblade/Falchion (though technically these two went down in points) so much!?

>> No.73723090

>post yfw you will never have a dark eldar gf who steps on you

>> No.73723101

Don’t speak ill of my gamefu

>> No.73723105

Castellan looks like it may be a misprint. The cost on the Chaos and Imperial ones do not agree.

>> No.73723108

that shouldn't be too hard with the point hikes.

>> No.73723110

>post yfw you will never have a dark eldar gf who steps on you
>post yfw you'll never get a good value box with new units with DEldar like Indomitus

>> No.73723123

So fingers crossed it got a big points hike? I own one(preorder, if i had known how brokenness was going to get inwoukd have ordered a different knight. Ive used it once) and even I think its OP.

>> No.73723162


>> No.73723166

how much do you think he paid them?
they're clearly not conventional street whores and they don't seem capable of dom-roleplaying, so they must be just e-thots, but most of them wouldn't share the attention or get someone in the cage to begin, they would have done a solo cosplay and end it at that
so how much did he pay them?

>> No.73723174

>myphitic blight haulers got a 2pt reduction
neat. Now my DG's only real anti tank unit is more useable.

I'd rather plague marines have access to heavy weapons though

>> No.73723183

probably one of the cosplayer's dads.

>> No.73723185

>wyches look like normal models instead of insane battleworn amazons covered in scars from their gladiatorial fights
>imperial citizen looks cleaned, well-fed and healthy, instead of scrawny, stressed, undernourished and overworked his entire life
Fake news, what is this, tau propaganda?

>> No.73723186

>So fingers crossed it got a big points hike?
No. The alternatives are small increase or a points reduction. It certainly didn't need a big points increase. The time of OP Castellans is long past.

>> No.73723188


>> No.73723193

>how much do you think he paid them?
0$. Probably his two GF's.

>> No.73723194

what would you equip them with? lascannons?

>> No.73723199

That's a possibility so pathetic and depressing I didn't even consider it

>> No.73723205

Just letting everybody know that they have nudes.

>> No.73723209

Considering it was 720 before? I think the 720 is a misprint and its gone down

>> No.73723217

>It makes no fucking sense whatsoever.
How not? They're longer. Longer barrel = better effective range.

>> No.73723234

If I got my wish and they were plague flavors of weapons?

Entropy cannons, and Missile Launchers with something like 'deaths head frag and rustrot krak missiles'.
I'd also take some with heavy bolters.
I like heavy weapons, and DG desperately need some range options.

>> No.73723242

> He thinks barrel length affect range for rocket propelled ammunition

>> No.73723245

CWE be like

>> No.73723246

>how much do you think he paid them?
From their website : "Erotic cosplay is my soul hobby, not a matter of profit, hence all content on my site is absolutely free."

What a madman.

>> No.73723257

Bolts are both, they are fired and then the rocket kicks in.

>> No.73723258


>> No.73723260

heavy infflamers

>> No.73723276

Lmao. This absolute snowflake thinking their personal opinion requires an entire range redesign.

>> No.73723280

dude if only mbh could be equipped with heavy blight launchers... that would be so sick

>> No.73723283

And thus range is determined by the rocket part

>> No.73723284

>Haemotrope reactor mixes the blood of martyrs with volatile promethium

This is the most stupid fluff blurb I have ever seen on a Terrain piece

>> No.73723287

>> No.73723291

>Buffs for illuminor szeras
>Remove Master Technomancer
>Let us choose the augmentation to give warriors or immortals
>Augmentation lasts until next movement phase
>Augmentation units have 1+ to their reanimation protocols
>Empyric Overcharger - just make it a standard psyker deny
>Remove Atomic Energy Manipulator
>4+ invuln save

There a cryptek that can buff unit and fight in melee while not having to be sat back as an overpriced cryptek

>> No.73723303

No, it's determined by a combination of both the free flying bolt propelled by the initial charge and the follow-up rocket boost.

>> No.73723306

Imagine a CWE update like the Necron one. Diorama characters, new Guardian sculpts, tripod wraiths...

>> No.73723310

why? what's more grimdark than using blood as fuel?

>> No.73723319

nah, fuck elves and fuck your shit

>> No.73723335

Probably next time SM need another complete upgrade, either CWE or Tyranids could get one.

>> No.73723360

The banshees were very likely a precursor to a refresh for the other aspect warriors. Knowing GW, they were probably all designed at the same time.

>> No.73723365

>BL author let go after attacking fans and threatening to use his position to lore spite fans

>> No.73723366

Sorry bro but the price increase is just the first step to squatt CWE with the 10th Edition

>> No.73723376

>defiler with 78" cannon range
muh dik

>> No.73723378

Feels weird that it's hard to even picture an Apocalypse book like Valedor being published today even though it's not even very old.

>> No.73723380

>patreon exclusive content

>> No.73723386


>> No.73723391

>tripod wraiths
fuck off

>> No.73723393

they should go with nids. battle for macragge but with primaris

>> No.73723394

so...i came to the conclusion that aestethically i only like orks or drukhari, what do you guys suggest between these two? im not a waacfag

>> No.73723401

Drukhari if you like Elves.
Orks if you don't.

>> No.73723406

Oh hell yeah

>> No.73723409

you imbecile weren't even able to write to whole sentences, without making a mistake. Calm down, get down from your high horse and go fuck yourself, you retard

>> No.73723411

>The time of OP Castellans is long past.
Its the House Raven with Cawls Wrath spamming Order of Companions. Thats still OP. The regular still punches above its weight and Cawls Wratch gained blast so it got better.

720 is a steal

>> No.73723421

Flip a coin, heads for druk, tails for orks. Whatever your heart wants it to land on while it's in the air is what you want to start.

>> No.73723425

>Knowing GW, they were probably all designed at the same time.
>implying warp spiders, shining spears and dark reapers aren't bound to get legends'd

>> No.73723428

watch, it uses the iron in the blood for some really scientific reason but it got grimdarked over the ages becuase "ancient tech"

>> No.73723443


Helbrute with twin lascannons + missle launcher (Alongside firing frenzy strategem if vehicle is close to fuck with knight armies)

Blight Haulers

Land raiders




Don't they have a good variety of anti-tank?

>> No.73723459

They lack long ranged firepower. Most of what you listed was borderline unusable in 8th.

>> No.73723464

good variety, yes. good effiency, no. FW stuff is gonna get nerfed hard, so we're left with Helbrutes.

>> No.73723468

You can make dreads hav DR now so they're more promising anti tank options

>> No.73723471

But but i thought they were pro-diversity?

>> No.73723472

>helbrutes, raiders, defilers, predators aren't really DG flavored, and along with that only one gets resilient if you pay up
>you replied to a comment being happy about blight haulers
>meltas are a joke

>> No.73723476

Orks if you like kitbashing, Drukhari if you don't

>> No.73723480

>6ppm cultists
>5ppm IG infantry

I love you GW

>> No.73723485

You can have a /single/ dred with DR, and doing so prevents you from giving it to another unit that would benefit more.

>> No.73723493

No, it's determined by GW. You can't know which part is more responsible for range without knowing specifics. There is no given equation, since GW doesn't do (realistic) numbers in the lore.

>> No.73723497

Oh really? I thought that strat could be used multiple times cause its before battle

>> No.73723499

>no point increases for the shit that I care about

>> No.73723503

>> No.73723505

>meltas are a joke
*laughs in Primaris*

>> No.73723510

Mortifiers went down in points so overall the units only up 4 points.

Seriously the most underrated unit in the codex, my opponents target them over Repentia now.

>> No.73723511

The difference is that I'm phoneposting on an anonymous image board. AND I'm not getting payed.

>> No.73723520

Your sentiment about DG AV choices being mediocre is correct, but it's possible to give multiple units DR because the strat is pre-game and therefore not bound by once per phase rule.

>> No.73723524

Since when can you use strats multiple times before a battle?

>> No.73723527

discord tranny outed himself

>> No.73723533

How big is the rebalancing rebalance going to be.

>> No.73723537

I've got both and they're both pretty fun. I'd probably recommend Orks if I really had to, they're a little more forgiving and you can probably run a fun vehicle list in 9th

>> No.73723538

lmao bruh just be glad you're not fuckin playing orks

>> No.73723542

It is? Since when?

Guess it's time to order some lads from my recaster that will go in the increasingly large pile of unpainted DG I have. I-I swear I'm making progress

>> No.73723544

>admech caring about sexuality and/or gender

>> No.73723546

>Since when can you use strats multiple times before a battle?
since always

>> No.73723547

In matched play strats are limited per turn and its before any turns start. Ones that are limited usually say you can only use this once

>> No.73723555

Looks like the Falchion and Fellblade are relegated to Crusade and Apocalypse still even though they basically reverted back to their 8th edition launch points cost(so went down in points, believe it or not). But they're still hundreds of points more than a Castellan; Which is better all around. Even the Astreaus is better and its cheaper than a Castellan.

>> No.73723557

>Orks if you like kitbashing, Drukhari if you don't

that's a type of advice i was looking for, thanks, i like them both a lot and i posted here to see if there was some advice to tip the scales because im scared to start buying an army only to change idea midway and having to sell and buy again everything, i know myself too much sadly

>> No.73723558


>> No.73723560

>essentially a titan
it was vastly overpriced dogshit in 8th, it's still going to be shit now.

>> No.73723568

Do guys talk like this because they were raised by women?

>> No.73723570

Is there a good printer friendly version of the core rules yet? I want to have a printed version for my binder since the real book is so bigh

I was gonna edit the PDF myself but I need to track down a bunch of fonts to do so.

>> No.73723571

Since the entire 8th edition, paintonly faggot

>> No.73723579

>> No.73723581


>> No.73723584

>I was gonna edit the PDF myself

>> No.73723587

If you're that split why not start both in 500pt increments? Start with 500pts of Deldar, then pick up 500pts of orks when you've built and painted them, then grow the delder to 1k, etc.

>> No.73723598

>lmao bruh just be glad you're not fuckin playing orks
Orks got off light compared to some others, aside from grots (which is bullshit) and to a lesser extent the SAG none of it seems too bad
>i like them both a lot and i posted here to see if there was some advice to tip the scales because im scared to start buying an army only to change idea midway and having to sell and buy again everything, i know myself too much sadly
consider just trying two smaller 500 point armies instead of going all in on one to start, its hard to tell what you'll really like without playing it yourself

>> No.73723600

I wish I had a brain as small as you.

>> No.73723608


>GW's statement was unnecessary

>I've never experienced any prejudice in the hobby so it clearly doesn't exist.

>SJW's are ruining the hobby by pointing out bigotry
Sort of. SJWs are spreading their toxic bullshit trying to label us as nazis because the fictional space empire that we enjoy prentend fighting for and against isn't a democracy.

>This discussion is preventing me from enjoying the game.
False. Luckily I've never seen a fucking SJW run aound the gaming club calling people nazis.

>> No.73723612

I haven't played for a year because the wuflu hit right when I had finally gathered myself enough to get back to it, but I did play quite a bit before then.
Guess I assumed and no one ever told me different. Does it state where this is the case?

>> No.73723623

missing one battlesuit

>> No.73723627

>Not shoving a paint brush in your wiener and painting your models using your peener to give them a nice thicc coat of paint.

>> No.73723628

I know right? He must be so unaffected by worldly affairs, like a kitten

>> No.73723642

Remove all the backgrounds and pictures that don't matter, so when printed on a b/w printer it''s all nice and clean and readable.

>> No.73723648


>> No.73723650

lol Eradicators are basically the same price as a Fire Dragon squad, Primaris rules are so fucked

>> No.73723666

holy shit you fuckin owned him dude

well memed

>> No.73723668

That's probably because """"""SJW""""" aren't actually real people that exist, you fabsolute mouth breather. There's no green haired fat women out there walking around calling people nazis in real life. Have fun growing up one of these days, fag

>> No.73723678

>SJWs are spreading their toxic bullshit trying to label us as nazis because the fictional space empire that we enjoy prentend fighting for and against isn't a democracy.

Wrong. SJW's are calling SOME players nazis because they sperg out about SoB and black Space Marines. If your arguments sound confusingly similar to those used to justify oppression back then, it's time to reconsider your opinions.

That's not to say trans people are universally "beautiful" or whatever, but jesus, is it so fucking hard to live and let live? If you don't like them, just ignore their birth name/genitals and focus on watching your grey tide get mulched

>> No.73723681

They're as effective as Grav Centurions lol, I dont know why everyone had their panties in a bunch

>> No.73723687

Eradicators are the most undercosted unit in the entire game as of now. Guess they needed to sell more indomitus - oh wait.

Meanwhile, the Obelisk, literally the worst unit in the game, in one of the weakest armies in the game went up 40 points.

>> No.73723691

you're fucking retarded

"orks got off light comparatively even though their competitive staples got fucking buried 60 feet under the ground"

lmfao theres a reason no one took the other units and its cause they were FUCKING UNCOMPETITIVE TRASH U FUCKING MONGOLOID RETARD.

>> No.73723692


>> No.73723705

Trying to find admech points with my last 2 brain cells can someone point me in the right direction

>> No.73723709

How do we save 40k?

>> No.73723713

I can't help but wonder if their special rule for focusing fire wasn't originally just a +1 to hit. Shooting twice seems like a poorly thought out patch job to make them more immediately appealing.

>> No.73723718

You're an actual retard anon, stay in school

>> No.73723730

maybe eldar got fucked so hard because they're the next codex after marines and necrons and instead of changing point costs again they're just taking into account now the power creep of rules they're going to receive?

>> No.73723731

>their competitive staples
you mean boyz?

>> No.73723736

Maybe they've given it new rules considering it's getting a new model too. Would be very annoying if there's another edition with the most iconic necron unit being unusable

>> No.73723737

I wonder where the Silent King's return puts Imotekh. I mean he was basically introduced as the faction's off-brand Settra but that angle doesn't look like it will work now.

>> No.73723746

It's too late to go back. We're stuck in the land of HBO drama and Marvel Herowank

>> No.73723747

The existence of the Melta Rifle inherently offends me desu, I'm not able to fairly judge the unit.
>or 10,000 years we have used meltaguns and multimeltas following a reliable pattern
>*Cawl tinkers for 5 minutes*
>here have some new melta weapons without any of the downsides

>> No.73723752

Wayland just mailed me I won't be getting Indomitus till August. Should I just cancel, lads?

>> No.73723754

If so they'd just adjust the points with the new codex and the new rules
or at least thats what you'd think

>> No.73723755 [DELETED] 

>> No.73723761


>> No.73723762

Necromunda is still pretty classic 40k in style.

>> No.73723763

I'm thinking of getting my feet into 40K for the first time with the launch of 9th edition.
As I like coming up with backstory for my armies I was wondering if it would make sense for a Forge World to be located within the Koronus Expanse. Furthermore, would it make sense if said Forge World, having fallen to Chaos/allied with the Dark Mechanicum would focus its attention on the perfection of humanity through mechanical and biological means?
I envision that the Forgeworld is quite prosperous as a result of selling augmented soldiers and war-mutants to various regional warlords and aliens. The planet is also host to a force of Chaos Space Marines, including some former acolytes of Fabius Bile, who the world's ruling council of Tech-Priests employ for targeted raids and pirate activities to gather particular reosurces of interests.
Does this seem like something that could very well exists within that part of the galaxy?

>> No.73723765

Although they're better than all other melta units they aren't that good still. Grav devastators in a drop pod do their job better and devastators with lascannons that sit back are probably better anti tank still

>> No.73723766 [DELETED] 

ur a faggot retard and should kill yourself homo

>> No.73723770

Alright anons, how are TSons in 9th?

>> No.73723771

>shocked and intimidated
Yeah I'm sure you were really shocked and intimidated when you used to regularly spend time on 4chan m8.

>> No.73723772


>> No.73723774


Grots, SSAGs, and Smasha guns you fucking monogloid kill yourself.

>> No.73723781


>> No.73723784

You're thinking of the monolith, which is bad but I think got a discount. The obelisk is the alternate build of the tesseract vault. I'd bet on the new monolith being overpowered to be honest, considering the new model looks like it has 4 mini death rays on it, and GW will want to push Necrons to sell their big models.

>> No.73723785

>outflank eradicators for 1 CP
>come onto the board and drop 6 shots 2d6 take highest damage at whatever they like

>> No.73723787

ADB is gay as hell but he's right with this. the problem is his women characters are blatantly tokenistic, along with a lot of his nonwhites, rather than being fleshed out individuals.

>> No.73723791

apparently they made out pretty well pointwise at least
One of the secondary objectives (kill psykers) seems like it'll hurt them though
desu I don't think any of us really knows how things are going to play out in practice

>> No.73723792

It's completely fucked. Almost like GW is saying: play the newest Primaris or leave.

>> No.73723793

.t white wolf

>> No.73723800

>off-brand Settra
this is a terrible meme, imotekh is a little shit without rightful claims

the silent king's dynasty has already been established to have survived and surpassed the others in power and influence, imotekh will either be written off as irrelevant, get canonically humiliated and destroyed, updated into a new niche (he controls flayers), or he will fall in line under szarekh

>> No.73723801

Yeah, on the surface that sounds fine as long as you don't move too deep into 'WE THE COOLEST AND SPESHULEST' territory.

>> No.73723802

Grav devs are better and can drop in turn 1

>> No.73723804

The fact that you're this dumb is why you're bad at the game

>> No.73723805


U wot? If people want surgery done to their bodies or take hormones for some reason then that doesn't concern me at all. I just don't want my tax money to be spent on it but if you want to do that sort of thing then I say go for it. As long as you pay for it yourself.

I also never play with unpainted models. I am deeply insulted by your post.

>> No.73723807

>yanderedev's trip got hacked again
>it's shitposting on /tg/ instead of /v/

>> No.73723818

Ah yeah you're right. I always forget the obisk exists and assume people are talking about the monolith.
That's good it's got a discount. My mate has crons and I want him to be able to bring space pyramids and it not make him auto lose

>> No.73723819

bring your /pol/faggotry elsewhere, tranny

>> No.73723822

Not looking good, but we'll see.

>> No.73723823

I like your shit, anon. I'm sorry 9th is spreading your cheeks wider than nicky avacado's
>t-they're' not replacing manlets! Really!

>> No.73723826

based shock and awe shitposter

>> No.73723832

It's me

>> No.73723833

lmao if you believe they'll deliver in august

>> No.73723837


>> No.73723842

that's a weird way of saying boyz, boyz, and boyz

>> No.73723851


1. Paint your armies.
2. Build some nice terrain.
3. Chill out with your friends playing casual matched play while drinking beer.

>> No.73723861

What do you mean by this?

>> No.73723873

Really digging your fleet anon, have you been able to play much with them?

As your fellow yellownid I’ve been working on getting this ready to paint

>> No.73723874

>GW: Let's give Ork players the ability to make an all-grot army with new, grot-only buffs!
>Also GW: +66% cost increase

Sending mixed messages here, guys. Our local Ork player says he's done with 40k. Switching to One Page Rules.

Meanwhile, GW rewarding me for deciding not to buy more GSC shit by jacking up Jackals and Abberants by 30-40%. Also, Metamorphs went up ~50% despite the fact that not a single soul has EVER used them. Cunningly maneuvered, guys.

>> No.73723878

>3. Chill out with your friends playing casual matched play while drinking beer.
I'm looking forward to some more narrative missions with the lads, maybe try out the crusade rules

>> No.73723883

If I want to play a game with my buds I'd do a better one like malifaux, infinity, or any of the FF star wars games. Hell, Fallout Wasteland Warfare is great and practically built for being a narrative growth campaign with your buds.
I play 40k because it has a large population I can hop in and out of at any time.

>> No.73723889

same, crusade looks like a load of fun.

>> No.73723893

but wheres my admech points

>> No.73723904

I've literally won the last 4 tourneys I went to before COVID retard.
You probably run some garbo speed freaks list that gets tabled turn one or boyz spam that gets rocked by primaris meta.

>> No.73723912

yep, I'll be getting some good vibes only games in with my homies

>> No.73723914

Don't make them into snowflakes. Basically, give them actual flaws. Things they suck at, or mistakes they make. Don't make them all powerful.

>> No.73723916

>Implying Tempestus Scions aren't Male Sororitas

>> No.73723919

>One Page rules
What is that

>> No.73723931

>implying in the time between now and when their new codex drops some waacfag wont find some new combo promting GW to increase the point cost of their units with the new Codex again

>> No.73723933

>i'm so much better than you at toy soldiers

>> No.73723934

male sororitas are frateris militia but they were dismantled

>> No.73723940

>I've literally won the last 4 tourneys I went to before COVID retard
lmao sure you did anon
>You probably run some garbo speed freaks list that gets tabled turn one or boyz spam that gets rocked by primaris meta
good thing those lists didn't get their points increased as much ;^)

>> No.73723941

Codex:Cultist ([email protected]) is without stratagems and orders as well retard

>> No.73723947

Fair. However those are mostly skirmish level games. 40k scratches a nice company-level-engagement itch.

>> No.73723958

The scions are a mix of boys and girls, anon. Sisters only take the most zealous members of the progenium.

>> No.73723963

>scratches the company itch
nibba what? It's a bloated mess because of the game size bloat, hence 9th claiming to reduce game size

>> No.73723988

not him but I pretty much always play at the 1000 point mark give or take, feels like it makes for more fun games

>> No.73723991

It's 40k but with alternate activations, balanced units, less random, faster, but you loose some special rules. Give it a try, a 1k game is done in an hour and half total.

>> No.73724005

>Ork buggies barely went up/stayed the same

>> No.73724008


It's a free 40k-type game with Legally Distinct representatives for all the 40k factions. Much less rules bloat and way more standardized units/weapons/rules.

You lose some of the Super Special My Guys boosts of 40k, but there also isn't the wild favoritism of GW's Best Selling Golden Boys.

The best part is that all the units are balanced by a stat calculator, so you don't get absurd price inconsistencies like Cultists costing more than Guardsmen.

>> No.73724009

>2+ pages of rules

>> No.73724020

Grav devastators are do ~6 wounds to T8 3+ compared to ~7 from eradicators at range and ~9 up close. Likewise, they may be much cheaper, but losing even 1 wound really hurts on your T4 W1 3+ guys, whereas losing up to 2 wounds of T5 W3 3+ models doesn't affect their shooting at all. Eradicators are almost always the better pick, especially considering the smaller boards, as they're much more durable with similar shooting.

>> No.73724027

My Scions are all female with one grey haired old english bloke as the sergeant

>> No.73724031

Well, the base rules are one page, front and back. Full rules are larger (to deal with RaW v RaI issues. You know how nerds be)

>> No.73724036

Don't be that guy, there's one page of core rules and one page of special rules

>> No.73724048

>it's bloated because of bloat
That depends on points level, terrain, and the people.

1000-1500 games have always been pretty nice as a change of pace from smaller-scale games. I doubt 9th is going to change that.

>> No.73724062

I bought a second scrapjet on the way home today on a whim, guess it was a good omen

>> No.73724074

>bloat from bloat
You know what I mean. I'm tired and dealing with med withdrawal so no talk good
Also at 1k level it's about the same as star wars legion

>> No.73724078

Primaris are just Better Tyranids, now. Multiwound everything, better stats, better saves, more Toughness, Hellaciously better weapons.

So much for "Death to Xenos" and "Humanity First." Your saviors are literal monsters jammed into human suits.

>> No.73724095

>You know what I mean.
I know and have been there. It's still funny.

Something about legion just doesn't click with me. Don't hate it, but just not a big fan. I'll have to give it another go when I get some death troopers.

>> No.73724099

>shocked and intimidated
Yeah, talking about alien things that rip man's lungs out with in one fell swoop and chaos demons that fuck people's spine up through the butt with their scary dicks is one thing, but women and niggers, now that's the real horror.

>> No.73724114

doesn't really matter to me honestly, this army will lose most games it plays against a competent opponent. it's extremely slow, easy to shoot at (theyre practically shooting practice) and weak as tissue paper. however it does damage nearly exclusively through mortal wounds and nearly everything flies. also it spawns many spore mines.
the army seems fun to play against !

hello fellow yellownid, love your dudes.
I've only played one game with them so far, against my closest friend. i was planning on surprising the regulars at my lgs by "bringing in a nid list", only to show with the most unorthodox army. i want polyp to be known locally as the spore army !

>> No.73724134

>Also at 1k level it's about the same as star wars legion
but I like 40k dudes more than star wars dudes

>> No.73724167

I've found legion to be pretty great. The dice are a bit gimmicky but overall it plays better than 40k
Death troopers are good taste. And also cool AF.
That's okay as long as you're aware of 40k's failings as a game

>> No.73724168

You will not be missed.

>> No.73724169

Ah okay I see.
My plan for the fluff is to make the Tech-Priests the proverbial wizards who has locked themselves away in their tall spires where they spend all their time studying and tinkering only to occasionally leave their sanctuary to welcome the latest cull of the population of the wasteland below into their new function as human lab-mice.
Meanwhile the CSMs are all pretty much washed up has-beens who has flocked to the shelter of the Forgeworld aswell as the odd bilesque loon. On the planet they are then free to lose themselves in whatever vice they prefer so long as they are ready for the next piratical expedition.
In other words; I envision the lot of them as a bunch of backwater nerds and druggies who think themselves the big duck in a little pond.

>> No.73724171

Sisters were going to be squatted for FIFTEEN YEARS!
Jesus fuck nidfag. Just because you didn't get anything in several years it doesn't mean that everything and the sky is falling.
You're almost as bad as fucking Marine players.

>> No.73724179

Primaris are better than literally every xenos anon. We all suffer the same pain. My Necron supposedly super advanced blasters are strictly worse than bolt rifles, and half my shooting is completely random shots. It's about as much fun to play as it would be to grate my shins.

>> No.73724181

>Your saviors are literal monsters jammed into human suits.
Well, you know how it goes... to fight monsters....

>> No.73724187

That's good to hear.

>> No.73724189

That does sound fun lol
Your tl;dr sounds terrible but your actual description sounds pretty good

>> No.73724202

Literally no one is as bad as marine players
Not even tau players.

>> No.73724208

>That's okay as long as you're aware of 40k's failings as a game
I am, thats why I just play it as a casual thing with mates or occasional pick up games with randoms

>> No.73724211

That guy's not a nid player. Just reposting the same baiting meme that's been circulating for days now

>> No.73724228

Well, Eldar and Tau had a chance to be almost as good at shooting until this 9e point raping.

Petition to split 40k into 40k: Marines and 40k: Everybody Else

>> No.73724236

Hey, does anyone know of an equivalent to Zandry Dust and Ushabti Bone in a cheaper brand? Preferably a cheap regular acrylic, like Folk Art, as I can just use additives to thin it to the proper consistency for miniatures for a fraction of the price per ml than buying pre mixed model paint.

>> No.73724238

So what do you think, will everyone get a new codex in this edition or are we going back to updates every few editions for most armies?

>> No.73724248

did ork flyers spike in points?

>> No.73724249


>> No.73724264

tfw just started GSC

>> No.73724265

I think GW will try to churn out a codex for every army every edition, way more money in that

>> No.73724274

Frateris Templar. Frateris Militia are just random civilians and cultists grabbing guns to 'help out'.
And the Decree Passive got tossed out so they are back in anyway.

>> No.73724281

Primaris are also better Sisters of Battle, better Orks, better Tau and better Guard.

>> No.73724287

Yes, they're definitely going to do another year and a half of codex releases, along with two more marine codexes. Will any of the non-Imperial ones be any good? Almost certainly not. From the 9e rules changes to the points hikes, it is clear that they only play Imperials and are just eyeballing every other faction without any understanding of how they're actually played.

>> No.73724292

Damn it, i managed to leave this general in favour of aos cos 8th ed sucked. However my brother has managed to preorder a box and is giving me the necrons.
Can someone please give me a quick recap on what i missed? And how are necrons currently?

>> No.73724297

Fair enough
Oh we'll get codexes all right. And everyone with half a brain will just pirate them.

>> No.73724299

I keep seeing this 41% meme on here. Where does this actually come from? My google-fu has failed to come up with a study or news article about it.

>> No.73724301

If you think about it Wraithblades are basically Necron Destroyers but Aeldari instead of Necron. Unfortunately there is no Aeldari analogue to Flayed Ones, though.

>> No.73724316

Necrons are looking okay. Better than they were in 8th. The new points costs are a joke across the board for everyone, completely schizo.
Enjoy your crons for what they are and you'll have a good time.

>> No.73724321

people identifying as trans have a 41% attempted suicide rate

>> No.73724323

>Gets angry at it
>Forgot it was a strawman
Every single time. /pol/ is a special kind of stupid.

>> No.73724325

arnt the dark eldar mandrakes analogue to flayed ones?

>> No.73724345

I was thinking of making a troop based army consisting of warriors, immortals and monoliths, is that possible or should i add in some destroyers and other vehicle support?

>> No.73724349

Necrons are probably either worst or second worst army in the game in 8th, and 9th doesn't look like it's gonna change that. New codex out imminently for them though, so they might suddenly become the best army, or not much might change - we don't know yet. The box game itself is pretty well internally balanced, maybe a minor marine edge, so enjoy it for what it is and don't worry about it for a month or so.

>> No.73724350

Sure the release schedule will look something like this.

Space marines, Armies of Imperium, Space Marines, Xenos, Space marines, Chaos, Space marines, Space marines, Armies of imperium, Xenos, Space marines, Chaos, Space marines, Space marines....

>> No.73724359

>Ushabti Bone
Vallejo Bone White
you get more for cheaper
but Zandry Dust i dont know

>> No.73724374

Postan in Hottest thread on /tg.

>> No.73724375

And better Space Marines.

>> No.73724377

R&H doesn't exist anymore. Let it go old man.

>> No.73724381

is it darker? mix in some dark brown
is it lighter? mix in some white

>> No.73724391

I know what it means, I just want a source.

>> No.73724396 [DELETED] 

I didn't wanna have to post this.... I really didn't. But you stormweenies won't stop raiding and trying to "redpill" us from you reactionary discord servers.

Don't say I didn't warn you chuds. It's over....

White males accounted for 69.67% of suicide deaths in 2017.
as of 2019 it's reached 70. meaning out of every 10 **successful suicides** 7 of them are straight white males.

Compare this to transgender people whereing 40% **attempted** (/pol/fags miss this cause they can't read) suicide with far less succeeding..

You've lost movies, you've lost gaming, you've lost academia, and you've lost the court of social opinion.

The only thing white males are winning anymore is in killing themselves so do what you're good at and KYS incels.


Fuck /pol/
Fuck white supremacists
Politics don't belong on /tg/, go back to your reactionary chud subreddits, or become the 70%, /pol/cels


>> No.73724410

Just remember you need a pretty decent amount of antitank. Not sure if monoliths will do the job

>> No.73724427

Just because it is funny.
Karamazov does give look out sir to other charakters. Are there other vehicle Charakters around?

>> No.73724428

Close, here's my guess:
Space Marines, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, Blood Angels, Tau, Space Wolves, Custodes, Dark Eldars, Deathwatch, Orks, AdMech, Tyranids, Chaos Daemons.

>> No.73724431

>t. doesn't understand per capita
the le 41% meme is retarded and incorrect, but not for your reasoning. You're dumber than they are, congrats.

>> No.73724433

>Space marines, Armies of Imperium, Space Marines, Xenos, Space marines, Chaos, Space marines, Space marines, Armies of imperium, Xenos, Space marines, Chaos, Space marines, Space marines....
>One ork model is released in October in all silence.

>> No.73724446

Stop the offtopic /pol/ bait.

and you have room temp IQ if you posted that unironically

>> No.73724450

wasn't chaos daemons one of the oldest?

>> No.73724463

>Dark Eldar, Orks and Daemons in the second half
I play them all so I believe it

>> No.73724471

>Mfw jetbikes get more expensive
>Mfw Allarus get 1-4 points cheaper
>Mfw Aquilon get cheaper by 8 pts too
Fuck you bike spammers. What a great time to play a Dread Host teleported assault list.

>> No.73724491

Not Vehicles, but Daemon Princes are Monsters and so qualify too.

>> No.73724493



>> No.73724501

>> No.73724510

dont necrons have innate anti tank anyways with their guns?

>> No.73724520

The Indomitus box isnt the starterbox for 9th right?

>> No.73724521

>buying in Wayland when other not as cheap but way more reliable stores exist in the UK.
If they are sending you an e-mail saying that they will only ship in more than 3 weeks, is more likely that they don't have it and are hoping you cancel it. Wayland and lying about stock are synonims.

>> No.73724525


>> No.73724533

new one people

>> No.73724548

You nigger.

>> No.73724558

Use pubmed anon

>> No.73724584

Yeah I've always had issues sort of with Wayland.
Every time I've ordered off them it takes them weeks to get to me.
I'm waiting on a scions starter kit plus some more scions boxes.
Almost at two weeks since ordering.
Took them a month almost to get me a brush set and basing kit.

Their prices are good and in my experience they will get you what you order. It's just a question of time.

>> No.73724590

We fucking wish, 8e hosed us. Gauss is now just slightly better AP. Necron AT is almost entirely overcosted shit.

>> No.73724646

Currently working so I can't see how bad Orks got fucked.
I know Flashgitz got penetrated, but how are Morkanauts looking pointwise now?

>> No.73724703

>a squatted guard regiment is brought back, multipose, in plastic.

Which is it realistically? Which is it ideally for you?

>> No.73724731

realistically it's not going to happen, ideally I'd like plastic mordians

>> No.73724736


>> No.73724737

weapon points droped to 0 on the bikes meaning hurricane bolter bikes took a wooping 5pts increase and salvo bikes stayed the same

>> No.73724774

I just prefer to pay 5-10% more and receive it at decent times. UK Warhammer shops are already very cheap, specially compared to the rest of Europe, so I don't complain if I have to pay that additional amount just to get them when I need them.

>> No.73724782

up by about 20 points including wargear

>> No.73724799

It's a LE Starter Box.
The actual 9th ed Starter is coming in a few months. Maybe start of 2021.

>> No.73724848


>> No.73724977

What color/recipe is your armor? Mainly the light brassy color.

>> No.73724990

It's a good day for the Custodes. Finally my Telemon will see the light of day. Waiting for my Aquilon terminator and Saggitarum order to start to paint the army.
I'm quite already with my Slaanesh Daemons army, I was expecting the point increase in HQs, at least for the Keepers of Secrets, the only I did't expect was Syll'Esske, 230 points is just too much, he is a murderhouse, but lacking FLY and only moving (9+D6)" was the weakest part. Slaanesh daemons still break the fighting order, and Daemonettes are still incredible troops (any troop that can move 8+D6 inches and still charge, while having an invunerable save, is welcome. They may die to high fire-rate, but stucking Hard-hitting but low attack-fire-rate in CC is still amazing for just 7 ppm).
Slaanesh was always my "casual" army that could use on both 40k and AoS without needing to get any additional mode (unlike Tzeentch and Nurgle, which require a handful of different models). Still a very fun army to play, and the KoS being able to reach second floors is amazing.
Also, I shit you now, Exalted KoS with -1 wound rolls against shooting, is the T'aufag nightmare, 99% of their weapons will wound on 6+, needing around 346 of accumulative damage (before the hit-roll, wound-roll, etc) to actually down a KoS (461 total damage if you use the 2 CP strat to increase the inv.sv to 4++). I still see people using the 4++ Exalted trait against shooting armies (that should only be chosen when fighting melee armies or armies with a lot of S3 shooting (since those already wound of 6+).

>> No.73725012

Stop caring what other people think of a thing you enjoy, just enjoy the thing. If you liked Night Lords, you'll like the rest of ADB's work.

>> No.73725080

Gehenna gold washed with agrax, nothing more complex then that

>> No.73725510

>People still paint a GW metal flat rather than mix the basecoat with a complimentary metallic then drybrush the final colour over it.
>People getting into 9th edition complaining their metals dont look like metal just silver toys

Pic related. Retributor gold, a touch of hasnut copper and a dot of abaddon black all over then drybrushed leadbelcher. I see so many people use leadbelcher right out the pot for 40k mechanicals and its so easy/lazy to get a better look with a undercoat and drybrush.

>> No.73725556

And pre drybrushing with the undercoat, drybrushing is the true way to use GW metals and now you have eyes on the inside.

>> No.73725687

I drybrush metallics.

>> No.73725725

>Your tl;dr sounds terrible but your actual description sounds pretty good
Fair enough

>> No.73725874

This is a good thing thou... all the chapters have made the Imperium tab almost unreadable. Now I can browse the Imperial armies without stumbling over SM all the time

>> No.73726030

FAQs are up


>> No.73726149

No mention on the castellan points cost thing

>> No.73726424

Good day to be a White Scar

>> No.73726695

I love obscure lore, so it actually sounds kind of cool, but you just know they're gonna make it a pointlessly fuckhuge model with tons of ugly sculpted special effects that looks like a toy.

Also prepare for EVERY grey knights player to use it

>> No.73726986

So for shits`n Giggles in a 2v2 i will try to guard a Deamonprince with him, or he my Kramazov.

This is the bullshit i play this game for!

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