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CEASE Edition

>Faction Focus: Chaos Daemons:

>Fort Building – Warhammer 40,000 Style!:

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>Previous Thread: >>73701418

>Thread Question: What is the most you have ever paid for a single model? Either second hand or new

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Sisters of battle are cute CUTE!!!

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~60€ for a corvus blackstar
basically all models I bought in start collecting boxes, or they came with more then 1 model per box

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The $140 for my baneblade since my mother insists on buying things from the local GW.

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Tell me about /your guys/

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They’re the reserve companies of a feudal world’s PDF. The shittiest of shit. No tanks, just massed infantry.

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Posted these in burger hours yesterday, but I like to post my dudes twice and then never again

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A blood axe warboss whose forst waaagh was thwarted by a Deathwatch kill team. After seeing their efficiency he decided to gather orks from other klans and create a Deff Wotch of his own.

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>my mother insists
What the fuck is wrong with you?

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We're just friendly neighbourhood Cadians, don't mind out non-standard pattern Lasguns, the AdMech were testing out something new!

By the way, did you have time for a quick chat about politics?

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A Sautekh tomb world that has been awoken from their slumber by some curious Admech

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>luv nu'gbu
>luv blue bints
>ate corpse gods
>simple as

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Confess your sins.

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dreadwaaagh lead by a big mek who has been enamoured with giant things fighting each other ever since he saw a great gargant and an imperator duelling when he was a stormboy
it's like gundam but with orks in
incidentally, he once crashed into an orbital habitat in his kill kroozer, sending it flaming to the planet below where it crushed a city

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Please tell me you have a P+M blog

Look at this retard

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Well, she also bought me the largest sigmar starter set and the $125 gw foam case (spike destroyer) when I repeatedly asked her not to since I didn't want either one.

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How often do you think humans are actually having sex with xenos? I mean considering the size of the human population at someone is doing it with some kind of alien.

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They travel on a hunt for STCs with both the Sisters of Silence and Sisters of Battle from the Order of the Argent Shroud who they formed a bond with through their mutual silence.
They share STC designs with the Sisters that travel with them, like the old immolator lore.

The Admech fleet leader tried to make a servitor purely for thoughtmark, when this failed due to the lobotamised brain failing to transfer the nuance, he created "digits" (he was very proud of the pun), a binary based sign-language. After realizing baseline-human hands didn't move fast enough to transfer data efficiently that way, he offered to replace the hands of all SoS. The sisterhoods have started to avoid meeting him in person, preferring now to just send messages

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Should I buy hellblasters or a redemptor?

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Your mom sounds like a consoomer

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Crisp fucking red, anon.

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I don't really have a story for them yet, but my Tau cadre are known for their particular emphasis on using xenos auxiliaries in their forces. This is basically my way of saving myself from painting five thousand fire warrior variants, but also gives me some fun room for conversion potential.

Current plan is;
>Strike teams are the only infantry which are actual Tau.
>Breachers are Gue'vesa troops.
>Pathfinders are space skaven.
>Significant kroot and hopefully vespid presence (looking into good conversion options to make some custom vespid because I'm not a big fan of their finecast models)

I figure that maybe this cadre has been cut off from supply lines during one of the expansions, and so they've been forced to rely on reinforcements from recently befriended alien races to supplement their dwindling troop count.

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Ok..... I lacked the social skill to tell the lgs tranny that I didn’t like her and end up sleeping with her Its been so long since I cried this much, I’m not going back to the lgs st least for a few years

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When GW went from metal to finecast did they most likely make moulds from the original sculpt?

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What does your army lack? Plasma is a top-tier generalist weapon but it's almost certainly getting nerfed.

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If you don’t want sex then just say that. It’s really not hard Anon.

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All the time, especially in the Eastern Fringe. Both Eldar and Deldar keep human sex slaves, too. Then there's daemon-fucking Slaaneshi cultists.

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Is this what you wanted?

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Nah, I like the (yous) but I can't be arsed to whore myself out on social media

Thanks anon

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why?.... please assist me in what to buy for a gsc army, I have a sc box and 10 acolytes

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I don't paint my own models but if someone compliments me on them I don't correct them.

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High society Kabalites with particular close Coven ties that like to dabble in biomodification

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Would the lgs let me in if I modelled a stinky diaper on my thunder wolves?
My thunderpuppy does a stinky when scared teehee

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>Eldar keep human sex slaves

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I read that as bimbofication but that's also probably right

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desu I'm sure theres a failed Dracon thats been on the receiving end of that somewhere

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Imagine writing this post

Imagine giggling to yourself as you do it

Imagine thinking "Hurr hurr my 4chan bros will think I am so funny. I will get lots of (you)s giving me approval"

Imagine hitting the post button


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>reserve 5 melee blightlords and a LoC
>engage the enemy flank and delete several intercessors

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he still got a (you) out of you tho

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She never mentioned anything about sex. Just complimented me a lot and things happened hers was bigger, I..i.m just going to disappear from social media for a while.

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fuck i cant decide on which chapter to paint the marine half of my box.

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The Jötunnhive is the near dead carcass of a lone Hiveship that crashed into and through the polar ice cap of a Knight World on the fringes of imperial space.

The Hiveship moves slowly in the deep polar ocean below the ice sheet, evading detection while devoting most available resources to self healing and to eventuslly produce structures to allow the ship to return to space.

As such the ship not willing to waste resources on disposable troops has shifted all spawning to the largest most resilient breeds modified with additional regeneration genomes to allow them to both survive the extreme polar cold as well as being capable of withdrawing and quickly healing from a lost fight.

Consequently carnifexs are the smallest of the Jötunn encountered by the world's knight Households further and further north each day as more land is conquered and stripped to feed the Hiveship
Contemplating putting names on all their bases as well, doing a sort of court of the nephilim king "monster household" thing, where each is a unique beast that has attained its own reputation and name.

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What units do you want? What are you trying to build?

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>hers was bigger

You should feel grateful, apparently your LGS was visited by Slaanesh in person.

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You didn't have to take to ur clothes off or suck her cock.

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Yeah but like at some point you must have been getting undressed, why did you not sense that was coming ffs

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The short story "The Marauder Lives", where an Inquisition agent is kept as a plaything by the leader of a Deldar/Corsairs mixed band. The rape is only implied, sadly.
I suppose this technically only qualifies as Deldar, though.

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I don’t know... I already have a magus and I’ll probably get a brood coven later on, I just want 2000k asap

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Ur probably just gay anon, lean into it

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Was she at least good looking?

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Who wants some fresh rumour straight from the design studio?
>Squats are coming back, not a big surprise with the Necromunda models and the new fluff piece in the 9th book. Expect them before the end of 2020
>Tyranids as they are now are going away, being replaced as biomechanical body horror monsters, tbc
There is a degree of irony in the Squats are being unsquatted while Tyranids are being squatted.

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Do you have any marines already painted up? Are you starting something new?

If yes, paint your own. Yourdudes is always way more rewarding and you get much less of Grogs saying "errm aktchually this company of boringmarines has RED trim here and GOLD trim THERE"

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>She never mentioned anything about sex.
and was it only until both your dicks were out you realized you were about to do some real gay shit? I don't know who did what to each other but it sounds like you're an honest to god faggot now

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>not a big surprise with the Necromunda models

>> No.73704250

There are currently 2 Squats in the existing Necromunda range

>> No.73704251

We didn't fall for the first piece of "SQUATS BACK TYRANIDS SQUATTED" bait and we're not falling for this one either.

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>Purple skin. Black carapace
I was thinking of doing this exact color scheme when I started my Nid army. Maybe a different highlight though, the blue doesn't contrast enough with the purple though. The teal looks better. Gives me some ideas.

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There are squats in Necormunda.

>> No.73704259

Did you enjoy yourself at the time? Maybe it's just your thing. Nothing to feel bad about.

>> No.73704262

Draw up a list and I’ll tell you the best way to get the units.

>> No.73704274

Squats getting untyranid'd, tyranid's getting tyranid'd.

>> No.73704277

New Cadians when

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Yes..I mean you don’t really think about it until halfway and you realize you made the worst decision of your life.
I honestly thought I was gay but I think it’s just me trying to cope, I feel as if I haven’t eat food for days.

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>want to paint my indomitus box as /yourdudes/
>dark angels look fantastic
what do?

>> No.73704298

This was at 1250 points, I'm a squad shy of 2000 points painted as of this weekend.

>> No.73704299

Make your dudes look like dark angels

>> No.73704300

>blue doesn't contrast with purple
Then add more blue

>> No.73704303

>>dark angels look fantastic
>what do?
Get better taste.

>> No.73704305

As soon as they finish the female Cadian models

>> No.73704309

Lol, fuck off retard.

>> No.73704310

Really cool anon

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Nice stuff anon.

>> No.73704325

<your dudes>
or these dudes

>> No.73704330

I don't paint my models and I can still beat you in a game.

>> No.73704335

Why don’t you paint?

>> No.73704338

I was talking about his models he posted, and my potential ones. Purple skin and black carapace. I'm no artist, but to me it seems like it needs a brighter color to contrast the purple and black. Like the greens on your model you posted.

>> No.73704341

Thank you. Here's the Stormtrooper platoon that goes with them.

>> No.73704345

Hope it's by at least 10vp

>> No.73704347

Not at -10VP you won't

>> No.73704349

Good stuff. The only thing I dislike is the burn marks on the vehicles. Other than that, fantastic.

>> No.73704355

>non-Nurglite Death Guard
>non-Slaaneshi Emperor's Children
>non-Khornate World Eaters
>non-Tzeentchian Thousand Sons
How do these make you feel?

>> No.73704356

Mmm, lovely.

>> No.73704359



I own a Castellan, but the LGS I got it from had it discounted to $155 USD.

>> No.73704374

Like puking

Burn marks

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>> No.73704380

anyone got some decent airbrush tutorials?

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I’m on test/tren my dog and someone close to me died and I didn’t cry, couldn’t feel sad if i wanted, I’ve been crying and I feel like I have the biggest hangover ever after my incident never do tren guys, that shit will ruin your life

>> No.73704393

Bro why did you just not have sex with her

>> No.73704399

If you think this is intense, wait until you go off. I'm still depressed 5 years later.

>> No.73704410

>I'm on test/tren
anon I'm disappointed

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>> No.73704430

does T stop you from feeling sad?

>> No.73704438

It makes the sadness worse most of the time

>> No.73704439

What board would these terrain pieces go along with?

>> No.73704440

I’ve had that argument too many times. My point stands.

>> No.73704453

Sector mechanicus, but they’ll go with most really.

>> No.73704454

messing with that can give you harsh mood swings, depending on individual body chemistry

>> No.73704457

Not to be facetious, but any. Those Martians will build shit anywhere.

>> No.73704470

No it doesn't.
Because if """her""" is in fact him, then the dynamic is totally changed.

>> No.73704472

Make your dudes dark green

>> No.73704476

moon base klasius

>> No.73704481

>420th marshmellow

>> No.73704485

It makes you really angry at times and horny at all times.

>> No.73704490

So the new forge world board might be the best for that?

>> No.73704491

Reposting because I am retarded:
Is it possible that a Start Collecting: Adepta Sororitas box will be made in the near future? I always thought those come out along with new codexed so it may be too late now.

>> No.73704493

"Loyal" is the word you need.

>> No.73704495

So I need some help. Or hope.

I want to run a non-primaris DW army. And I already have two converted captains and a watch master. As well as a chaplain. I have around 21 veterans with various load outs. And two dreads and a contemptor. I mainly play against friends. And wanted a low model count army.

How fukked am I if I keep resisting primaris. Crunch wise.

Also for bonus. Can watch masters refuse primaris (fluff wise)

>> No.73704497


where did sarge get his boltguns from?

>> No.73704502

Eventually I'm sure, might not be for a while. Going off the AoS ones it was ages from release of a new army until it got a SC box

>> No.73704504

Not really. Anon could have said “no thanks” to either of them.

>> No.73704506

How do I into using putty molds to duplicate heads?

>> No.73704511

>Can watch masters refuse primaris (fluff wise)
why would they

>> No.73704530

If it has a hole, man has put his dick in it.

and if it's a (space) elf, it needs dick

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>> No.73704545

Thank you king!

>> No.73704548

Yeah, but that doesn't mean the situation is the same.
You can turn down and icecream and turn down a dogshit, but that doesn't mean both are the same.

>> No.73704570

“This is woman, therefore I cannot refuse the opportunity to smash”.

If Anon wasn’t comfortable then, regardless of who or what he was about to fuck, he is perfectly entitled to day “no”.

>> No.73704576

It doesn't matter whether or not they're the same. The point is different or not they can still be turned down.

>> No.73704584

DA successor chapter.

>> No.73704598

>Thread has really nice minis posted
>No political shitflinging for a change
>All attention diverted to someone's blogpost

>> No.73704604

>shooty marines
>get one of the coolest imperial melee units exclusive to them

>> No.73704608

What if you think the dog shit is ice cream until the dong gets out? It’s shit you don’t think about it until you are fucked

>> No.73704619

No one cares about commenting on minis unless they are golden demon tier or fucking awful shite

>> No.73704627

Anon could still have said no *at any point*. The minute he saw the dick he could have bowed out.

>> No.73704657

>fluff wise
big galaxy, and you don't have to justify a non-primaris watch master, maybe he can't or hasn't been offered it, maybe he's too busy.

new edition so who knows but manlets are better for DW because they have a ton more options, better durability through storm shields, and higher damage output via heavy weapons and storm bolters

>> No.73704683

Dark Angels are the edgy Mary Sue "OC do not steal" Space Marine faction

>> No.73704684

What's a fairly sensible loadout for a Primaris Lieutenant? I'm getting the Bladeguard one so I guess he'll be down the front with those guys, assault dudes and the Chaplain, but what weapons work out best for one who's hanging around ranged guys?

>> No.73704700

>being replaced as biomechanical body horror monsters
They are already that retard.

Even if there's a nugget of truth to this rumour it sounds like Tyranids might just be getting a new range redesign like Necrons and you're trying to twist this to sound like it's "squatting them" when it is in fact, the opposite.

>> No.73704739

It's a LGS tranny; Anon sure as hell knew that chick was packing a dick.

Of course post ejaculation regret is a thing; maybe Anon liked the idea but not the reality once the actual dick sucking and sex happened. Seeing a fetish porn video and actually performing the sex act are two vastly different things; some things are better left as a fantasy

>> No.73704741

Is it possible to take the screamers from the Burning Chariot and use them as actual screamers (are they modelled separately or attached to something)?

If so, what mm size base do they use? I couldn't find the info on the store.

>> No.73704747

Nids don't need a range design, they just need better rules. have you not been paying attention to SNA? He probably should be here again soon. He usually posts around this time right?

>> No.73704757

>Tyranids, space bugs that devour planets with their swarms
>Chaos, the corrupted legions of the dark gods
>Space Marines, the cleansers of the universe, big men in power suits
>Imperial Guard, men of the future with big guns and lots of infantry
>Death Guard, the pox of the universe, hulking zombie warriors
>Death Watch, the slayers of Xenos, black armour and the best gear
>Eldar, the elves of the future with sleek looks
>Dark Eldar, their evil cousins and sadistic aliens
>Necrons, the ancient race of robot men
>Adeptus Mechanicus, the Martian engineers
>Tau, the buddhist aliens
>A Thousand Sons, the egyptian inspired chaos legion

Who am I missing?

>> No.73704761

Leman russes look better without the side sponsons

>> No.73704769

>>Tyranids as they are now are going away
fuck off, tranny, nobody is buying it

>> No.73704773

tau aren't buddhist, they aren't buddhist at all.

>> No.73704780


>> No.73704782

Yeah but that doesn't mean GW will do that. They might just go "here's your sexy new tyranid model line update, the rules are still ass though looool buy them because you want to paint them, the game is secondary to the hobby paypig :^)"

>> No.73704785

no they are the alt right cringesader faction

>> No.73704794

Not really, the tails are seperate parts which attach directly to the chariot. You could greenstuff them I guess but honestly just buy a box of screamers instead of the chariot then, its cheaper
>mm size base
they use the little flight stand ones

>> No.73704800

a rumour without a source is just a wishlist

>> No.73704803

I don't understand why people are getting so mad about Indomitus. Most, if not all, the models will be released eventually anyway. There's no rush to get them ASAP. The only thing you're really getting is a special cover for the rule book, yet people are acting as if there'll never be a chance to get any of the models inside ever again when you know all of it will be used in starter sets, easy-to-build sets, and such because there's no way they're going to put a mould to waste.

>> No.73704805

You missed Orks you nonce.

>> No.73704807

>Want to paint indomitus marine half as the usually shooty dangles
>box is very melee focused
What do?

>> No.73704809

I'd take a brand new model line update if it means better rules too. But god damn do other armies need newer models more than the Nids right now.

>> No.73704810

>proxied my xbox controller as a leman russ vanquisher in a duel against my normal leman russ
>won against it 10 times out of 10

jesus fucking christ this thing sucks dick. What the fucking fuck is the fucking point of this shitty thing?

>> No.73704812

No one important.

>> No.73704818

Value for money.

>> No.73704834

missed orkz and nuns, and i dunno where you got the idea of tau being buddhist from.
And ynnari/harlequins, but no one could be blamed for forgetting about them.

>> No.73704847

Stop being an indecisive waste of air and do it. CHapters are not "that" rigid.

>> No.73704852

just a few panels of space marines battling with some text and you realize it is the bolt gun's machine spirit narrating....

>> No.73704856


what does that even mean?

>> No.73704870

Allarus custodes or wardens?

>> No.73704874

I thought I saw different flight bases but after double-checking before I post, I see there's only one size for the ball-top ones.

Either way, crap that sucks. Thanks anyways Anon.

>> No.73704876

I remember land raider crusaders full of deathwing assault terminators. Them's were good times.

>> No.73704878

Innate distrust against freshly minted marines who haven’t served in parent chapters for a long time. And thusly haven’t accrued experience in genuine combat.

>> No.73704885

I'd agree with you if that was the primary complaint people were making, but it's all about muh artificial scarcity, as if the product itself, i.e. the sculpts, are gone.

>> No.73704887

don't forget to til the soil anons

>> No.73704899

I think ever since I was a kid, I made this association with Tau and Taoism.

Shut up ya git.

>> No.73704901

why did you close his mouth?

>> No.73704920


too goofy for me, I wanted a realistic looking demon nurgle snail

>> No.73704927

They're shown as being desperate for more Marines, so I doubt they'd do that.

>> No.73704946

>I wanted a realistic looking demon nurgle snail

>> No.73704954

>no way theyre going to put a mould to waste

The deffkopta says hello.

>> No.73704956

>This deluxe hardback volume sports a cover design that abstractly represents the spheres of Imperial influence on the galaxy, alongside the encroaching tendrils of Chaos and vile xenos races that would intrude upon the God-Emperor’s realm.
>encroaching tendrils of Chaos
>tendrils of Chaos
So are the GW marketing guys fucking retarded or what? Since when does Chaos have "encroaching tendrils"??? Especially colored in black, not ugly Warp pinkish-red?? They're literally appropriating Tyranid visual themes and language aesthetics now for Chaos? Are they just stupid? Like some artist made an awesome Tyranids attacking Sol piece of galactic map art for the book and the mouth breathing Chaos wank fanboys in the studio went REEEEE NOOOO MUH BIG BAD CHAOS HAS TO BE CENTER OF ATTENTION and lied in the marketing promotion that "encroaching tendrils" r-really represents Chaos (and I guess uhh all those other xenos races too, because Orks and Eldar have always been portrayed on maps / described as tendrils right?)"

It's pathetic. When will the Chaoswank nu-writers be purged from the studio so we can get back to when the game had actually good lore. Abaddon should just be killed off, he doesn't even represent any fitting part of Chaos' themes at all and his character is Mary Sue shit at this point thanks to ADB. Tyranids invading Sol is way more threatening a plot development than Chaos attacking for a third/fourth fucking time and failing yet again.

>> No.73704957

Taoism isn't Buddhism. Also, Just because T'au and Tao sound similar doesn't mean they are similar in any regards.

>> No.73704962

>Can watch masters refuse primaris (fluff wise)
does it matter? just say your master wanted veterans with more experience

>> No.73704964

>realistic looking demon nurgle snail
What did xe mean by this?

>> No.73704979

>factional appropriation
Chaos is Cancelled

>> No.73704986

Tyranids, Hive Fleet Diablos, a splinter of Jormungandr, are known for their tunneling and underground antics much like their mother fleet. They’re brown and bone colored, like the Monster Hunter creature, with green for the acid/plasma/weapon details. As a result I’ve been told that my monsters look like they’d taste like pistachios.

>> No.73704994

Is it just me or do Non-Metallic Metals look kind of off on 40k models? Like this would look sick on an Infinity model but it doesn't really look right to me on a space marine.

>> No.73704996

>The entry of Buddhism into China was marked by significant interaction and syncretism with Taoism

Sorry, must be that I'm ignorant and thought they were similar. There's plenty of syncretic religions like the Druze that people kind of label as Muslim because of where they live. So it's more ignorance on my part.

>> No.73705002

> Some GW graphic designer makes something they think looks cool
> GW marketing writes some meaningless wank for a product page

>> No.73705015

Normally not big on NMM but god damn that is pretty.

>> No.73705032

>Innate distrust against freshly minted marines who haven’t served in parent chapters for a long time. And thusly haven’t accrued experience in genuine combat.
thats retarded, and doubly retarded given that in universe Primaris have been in play for a while now

>> No.73705040

Yeah it's beautifully painted but IDK for some reason just doesn't really work on SM for me.

>> No.73705045

This but unironically. I used to like Chaos back in 3rd ed era, they were my second favorite faction after Tyranids. GWs constant wank of them in the lore since 7th though has completely soured them for me, when combined with the cringe autistic fanboys like ADB and carnac. The subset of insecure faggots who cry every time Chaos isn't the center of attention and claim "t-the setting is about the battle for the SOUL of HUMANITY" like that isn't some newfag shit meme that people only started spouting after the Horus Heresy book series mutilated the lore are the worst and they need to die. You can tell this shit only has purchase because there's a couple of Chaos fanboys in the writing team who push their agenda onto the lore instead of sticking with the themes and tone established before they came around. It's basically as bad as the BL guy who got fired recently for saying he wanted to emasculate Space Marines, except these guys only want to do it to xenos.

>> No.73705047

the mouth is where you draw the line huh

>> No.73705049

dude, chill out, of course it's primarily referencing the incoming tyranid invasion of the Sol system but it's conveniently abstract enough to represent any encroaching enemy and they don't want to spoil the narrative yet

>> No.73705057

>Never got into CSM because I couldn’t decide on fluff and a paint scheme I truly love
>Go with Guard instead
>Just placed can order for $300 worth of models
>Finally come up with a CSM theme I absolutely love
>Already have 4000pts of Tyranids, a Scions army, GSC, and 2 Horus Heresy armies


>> No.73705058

>Since when does Chaos have "encroaching tendrils"???

5e rulebook cover has a shield with a dude wrestling with snakes. I do believe this imagery has been used elsewhere to represent humanity struggling with Chaos.

>> No.73705059

I mean even Guilliman called primaris "Cawl's blasphemous hordes" so it's not too much of a reach that some chapters / individuals might distrust them.

>> No.73705061


>> No.73705071


I've taken it before, the mood swings were noticeable. As others have said, horniness and anger included.

>> No.73705074

Sell them to me for $250

>> No.73705075

see? black tentacles

>> No.73705078

Because he enjoys a challenge and making painters cry.

>> No.73705094

the back side is more reminiscent of one of ian miller's chaotic orgasms in any case

>> No.73705095


>> No.73705103

Why are paintlets so useless.
They can't even come up with decent banter .

>> No.73705111

Do the Sisters of Battle feature much in the new Indomitus novel that just came out? I know that some were in the crusade fleet that found the Pariah Nexus.

I'll probably read it sooner or later, but I'd love it if my girls were in it.

>> No.73705114

Another xenosalt bitch.

>> No.73705125


Turn undead.

>> No.73705133

Those aren't snakes on the cover of the new book. They literally said they are tendrils. That's what Tyranid Hive Fleet subgroups are called.

>> No.73705142

Guilliman doesn't believe in blasphemey though, so don't take that as a serious pejorative.

>> No.73705151

Tell me your chaos theme and I'll tell you if you should bother.

>> No.73705155

>Compelling narrative

>Daddy doesn't love me so I'll kill everything
>If I can't have the kids, I'll throw them to hell
>I could solve all these problems by talking but I won't
Horus Heresy is the worst backstory to any setting, ever.

>> No.73705157


>>73705125 Can't turn robots, silly

>> No.73705159

This cringe is exactly what I'm talking about. "Compelling narrative" my ass lol, HH wank should stay in HH not pollute 40k. All of this is happening because the fanbase got flooded with secondaries from reddit and YouTube lore videos about muh HH manchild primarch high school angst drama 50 book book fucking series and these secondaries get into 40k proper and are like WAAAH WHAT ARE ALL THESE XENOS THEY DONT EVEN HAVE PRIMARCHS

>> No.73705162

RIP necrons
Forever número 2

>> No.73705166


>> No.73705167


>> No.73705169


>> No.73705180

It's far more likely they're named for the symbol.

They have that whole hyper advanced slant after all.

>> No.73705186

Literally better motivation in every single way than Chaos crying about how daddy didn't love them so they're going to go suck the cocks of evil rape/murder gods and throw a tantrum to genocide the entire galaxy and suck daemon cum out of each others assholes.

>> No.73705195

Is she single? Is she hot? It would be nice to have a wife that was cool with my hobby. After mom made dinner, you and I could go to the game room and have an epic battle of Guard v Orks. Your mother would bring us refreshments halfway through and ask ‘who is winning?’. We’d both laugh and say ‘I am’. After the game I’d compliment you on a particularly crafty maneuver you made. You’d say ‘Thanks...Dad’. We’d both smile, I’d pat your head and say ‘Off to bed with you. We have a rematch tomorrow.’ You’d head to your room and then your mom and I would snuggle on the couch and talk about what a great son we have.

>> No.73705197

do your LGS have bits bins, bros?

>> No.73705205

They're written to be an otherworldly alien menace we can't possibly even begin to understand, and their lore represents this. That's what makes them a good villain faction.

>> No.73705207

I want to gift my Space Marine half of Indomitus to a friend but I don't play Necrons, can I make my money back selling the Necron half on ebay? I don't mind a minor loss.
It's currently going for $150 and I can sell the rulebook, since we can both just wait for pdf's.

>> No.73705210

It looks identical to the Branded Limited edition destiny PS4 That came out a while back

>> No.73705213

How difficult are metal models to kitbash?

>> No.73705214

>When will the Chaoswank nu-writers be purged from the studio so we can get back to when the game had actually good lore
>when the game had actually good lore

When was this exactly? I would really fucking love to know when the lore has ever been good.

It’s best to just treat it as a rough guide and make up your own shit as you go along, that’s what GW does.

>> No.73705220

Warp Dragons. Fallen Salamanders that had become disenfranchised by the oppressive and uncaring nature of the Imperium but ended up being just as bad themselves

Paint scheme black, dark green, and fire motifs. Many mutations involving spikes, scales, and fire. Their demon prince is a draconic beast with large wings

TL;DR black, green, and flames. They’re Wulfen but dragon themed bc Salamanders

>> No.73705228

I know but he's sardonically saying what they're viewed as by some hardliners in the Imperium.

>> No.73705230

>Crying about how daddy didn't love them so they're going to go suck the cocks of evil rape/murder...
Just like white women lmao.

>> No.73705232

the compelling narrative of chaos representing the self destructive nature of beings is undeniable

as is undeniable that the horus heresy, the primarchs, the emperor and the space marines are the worst part of the setting

>> No.73705235

Its doable but not particularly fun. Be sure to pin everything or your models will fall apart all the time.

>> No.73705241

>They're written to be an otherworldly alien menace we can't possibly even begin to understand
Not really, they're just hungry. Even something retarded like a cat or mouse can understand hunger.

>> No.73705243

Worked for Aliens, which is a better story than HH homoerotic daddy issues tantrum civil war.

SKREEE HISS ROAR noises don't make me cringe like "LET THE GALAXY BURN!" and other cartoon villain "MWAHAHAHAH DOOOOOM" shit that Chaos does. It's fucking goofy.

>> No.73705255

not really enough to claim a relevant similarity

>> No.73705258


Around 3rd/early 4th edition.

>> No.73705260

>be sure to pin everything
I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with "pin" in this context. Is it a specific technique for kitbashing metal?

>> No.73705262

Nidgers are getting uppity again, better roll out the barbed wire.

>> No.73705264

I'm building Black Legion cause they look cool as fuck but I have to turn my brain off to enjoy them lorewise sometimes. I like my CSM like the chaos in the DoW games, a lot of personality but no backstory beyond GOD I HATE THE IMPERIUM DIE LOYALIST SCUM AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

>> No.73705265

depends on how practiced you are at TIG welding.

>> No.73705270

>t.seething bugfags who know there is no tyranid fiction worth a damn so they try to tear down the billion dollar selling HH series

>> No.73705272

Tyranids vs imperium is more compelling than chaos to be honest senpai

>> No.73705273

Drill both bits. Insert wire into the holes. Glue as normal.

>> No.73705278

Imperium vs. Xenos is much more interesting than Imperium vs. Chaos.

>> No.73705286

the part that's impossible to understand about cosmic horrors is not what they do but why and how they came to be.

>inb4 cosmic horror bad

>> No.73705292


>> No.73705305

Its because Infinity I think exclusively paints their metals in NMM

>> No.73705308

Xenos vs. Xenos is the pinnacle of interesting, but is virtually nonexistent

>> No.73705310

Now this I can get behind. But the Chaos threat shouldn't overshadow all the other ones. 40k originally as a setting worked because it had humanity beset on all sides and all of them were horrible fates, they didn't have narrators constantly at every turn going "but-but Chaos is the biggest threat of all okay don't forget gaiz muh spiky self-insert marines are definitely the scariest and most badassest okay?" It just comes off so fucking insecure and off-putting. Like ADB is literally shaking with anger any time Black Legion isn't being wanked as the center of attention.

>> No.73705316

Not him but Nids vs Imperium has that classic Man vs Beast opposition, while Imperium vs Chaos invariably devolves into HH Marvel-tier herohammer bullshit and Primarch wank.

>> No.73705320

Help me decide, /tg/. Do I do a commissar Dan + pet basilisk conversion?

>> No.73705326

>muh sales = quality
So by that metric Twilight is a better story than the Horus Heresy, okay.

>> No.73705332

How they came to be is irrelevant though.
Any number of relatively mundane answers completes them.
There's nothing horrific about a question that doesn't have or really need an answer.

>> No.73705333

Ork on ork violence is peak SOUL

>> No.73705342

Lets not pretend HH is good.
For fuck sake reality tv sells a lot and it's not exactly good either.

>> No.73705343

I think Imperium vs Xenos is the best.
Xenos vs Xenos and Xenos vs Chaos are ex aequo at the second place.
Third place goes to Imperium vs Chaos, fourth to Chaos vs Chaos, and last place is for Imperium vs Imperium.

>> No.73705346

Chaos vs Imperium is the setting of 40k and Xenos are just background flavour.

>> No.73705354

>Man vs Beast opposition
I legit don't see how that's interesting.
>Imperium vs Chaos invariably devolves into HH Marvel-tier herohammer bullshit and Primarch wank.
That's simply not true.

>> No.73705357

A Sister of Battle fallen from grace gathers outcast followers of slaanesh and nurgle to give them a new home to feel whole and accepted, the Court of Love

>> No.73705364


>> No.73705365

And be cancelled for being ‘transphobic’?

>> No.73705367

Fuck off 8thfag.

>> No.73705369

Yeah that’s fair

>> No.73705375

Like comparing Pac-Man to Arthas Menethil.

>> No.73705376

Seethe carnac. You know the tide of opinion is turning against you and soon GW is going to start listening to xenos players. Even other chaosfags see it and are sick of the overwanking ruining the lore and the setting.

Now this is a based Chaosfag. Understands aesthetics come before everything else.

>> No.73705380

Imagine being this vanilla boring, I bet you like holding hands kyaaahaha

>> No.73705384

“Some weirdos on twitter said it’s a thing, therefore it actually is IRL!!!!”

No, Anon. He is allowed to say no at any point.

>> No.73705387

As with every war in history there will be some good old rape. Idk how much consensual sex. Probably very little.

>> No.73705389

Space Marines holding their own against a tide of orks/nids/crons is infinitely more comfy than heresy shit. maybe i think that because of Dawn of War though

>> No.73705390

Based and Battle for Macragge pilled.

Name me one (1) single Chaos vs Imperium battle that was that fun to read.

>> No.73705393

There is plenty of Tyranid fiction, but they're the villains, and don't need their motives explained for it. Instead, we can focus on the good guys and their actions in the face of these monsters.

Or do you really think that "Daddy doesn't love me" - the book series is amazing?

>> No.73705396

Marine versus marine of any kind is a power gap towards trash tier of boring and lame

>> No.73705404

If I wanted an IG army meant to resemble a WWII Tank Destroyer company, what kind of units should I take?

>> No.73705408

>You know the tide of opinion is turning against you
GW literally said on livestream that the setting is about Imperium vs Chaos.

>> No.73705410

>I'm building Black Legion cause they look cool as fuck but I have to turn my brain off to enjoy them lorewise sometimes
honestly, black legion are probably the most <your dudes> official legion in a way, in that they're explicitly drawn from so many sources, so your particular BL warband can be whatever you want it to be.

>> No.73705414

Orks? Sorry, I don't play NPC factions in Cool Space Marine Game.

>> No.73705420

>I legit don't see how that's interesting.
I assume you didn't enjoy Alien or Starship Troopers either?

>> No.73705421

Undead robots are still undead.

>> No.73705426


>> No.73705427

Glad i wasn't the only one who say the design of the cover and thought of destiny
eh, destiny is generally filled with designs like the cover of the rule book

>> No.73705432

Even as a Xenosfag I think it should be done sparingly. It should get more attention than the ZERO it currently does but GW is sort of right when they say it's hard to relate to xenos races as the protagonists.

You know what we should see more of though? Imperium vs xenos vs other xenos three-way free-for-alls without one of them always forming an alliance.

>> No.73705434

Pick any single one.

>> No.73705438

Heavy weapons squads + basiliks.

>> No.73705439

The implacability, the visceral horror of the invasion, the lack of hope, the fear of infiltration, the fact that the best solution is to exterminatus a planet before the fleet gets to it, the weirdness/otherness of the nature of the hivemind, the threat of its hyper-adaptability, the way the shadow in the warp cuts a planet off before an invasion, and how that foreshadows the madness to come when the spores begin to fall, the outright otherness.
There are more compelling questions than the big dumb drama of chaos marines. What is the hive mind? Can it be reasoned with? What would it want if it could? Is victory possible? What will be the cost? What is the imperium willing to sacrifice for victory?
But yeah, lets have more retarded and contrived falls to worshipping evil for no good reason.
Chaos works best as an internal threat, as corruption of individuals and societies. Chaos marines sitting around in the warp for a gillion years moping about their dad is stupid.

>> No.73705446

I finally got a table so I'm starting to paint some 3d printed terrain i got, its a lot of fun dryrbrushing away at these things!

>> No.73705449

>How they came to be is irrelevant though.
>Any number of relatively mundane answers completes them.
just because you're a jaded refuse of modern society desensitized to the higher questions and faiths of human life it doesn't mean literature can't explore scenarios where these cause lesser and higher men to react to them, often in entertaining arcs of character development or deconstruction
it only means that you can't emphasize with anything but a rock

>> No.73705451

It really is. HH is not very good sci-fi.

>> No.73705453

Based. The best parts of the setting are imperium vs xenos like armageddon wars 2 and 3 and rynn's world

>> No.73705454

Has you ever met anyone that complained about Kasrkin as counts-as Scions? I want them to fit with the rest of my Cadians.

>> No.73705459

Some sentinels too with lascannons for some cheeky ambushes.

>> No.73705460

> so much cope by NPC faction players
Look at any interviews by the creators of 40k like Priestley and you'll see Chaos come up a bunch and Xenos be basically ignored.

>> No.73705465

So not 40k and not even HH
HH is basically an anime high school drama.

>> No.73705467

They pump out way too much lore/novels imo now anyway. They should focus more on the hobby/game. Or maybe I'm just noticing it more now.

>> No.73705468

Fucking THIS. Man versus Monster has always been compelling, it's as old as mythology. Chaos tries to go for that mythological tone but they always end up falling flat and cartoonish like comic book villains and then they get all pretentious and wax lyrical about how "muh Chaos vs Imperium narrative is BIBLICAL it's like the PARADISE LOST of sci-fi"

Yeah fucking right dude it's fucking He-Man but without the charm.

>> No.73705469

I thought the entire point was that you're allowed to say "no" to sex.

The Gothic War. Truthfully though it was interesting because
>Multiple xenos factions also present
>Eldar and Imperium team-up

>> No.73705470

any dark elder players here? Is it possible to play solely haemonculus covens or do I have to take other DE stuff? I love wracks, grotesques and talos, the whole mass scientists creations does it for me

>> No.73705471


>> No.73705477

Alien is okay.
Starship troopers are good, but the most interesting part is the human society and the fact that the bugs aren't dumb animals.

>> No.73705478

>>non-Tzeentchian Thousand Sons
This is just Ahriman

>> No.73705479

Where did you got those nice .stl ?

>> No.73705480

nah scions are just nu-stormtroopers anyway

>> No.73705481

I guess it would be closer to Starship Troopers.

>> No.73705483

>Chaos works best as an internal threat, as corruption of individuals and societies.

This. Chaos is supposed to be the threat within; a creeping, insidious corrosion that inevitably taints every individual and institution it comes into contact with. When they do launch 'external' invasions, they cause a horrifying amount of damage in a short space of time before quickly burning out because Chaos is inherently opposed to order and co-operation and cannot maintain any kind of coherent strategy for long.

>> No.73705486

>t. Secondary who started with HH lore videos on youtube

>> No.73705489

The series runs the runs the gamut of human emotions and experiences but your bug addled brain can only muster tried memes. Sad!

>> No.73705492

Chaos Marines vs Loyalist Marines can have potential to be genuinely good, but usually devolves to spamming catchphrases.

GW also said that they made enough Indomitus boxes for everyone.

>> No.73705495

I got a guy on ebay to make them for me, cheap and sturdy I'm super pleased with the result, 3 story ruins and everything!

>> No.73705498

Destroyer Tank Hunters, Annihilators, Vanquishers, lascannon teams, mechanised infantry.

>> No.73705501

You guys are really outing yourself as post-HH nu40k fans. Chaos vs. Imperium used to be a lot better than that, don't blame the setting for ADB's daddy issues Marvelization of it.

>> No.73705504

why would they? kasrkin and scions are both imperial stormtroopers

>> No.73705505

>just because you're a jaded refuse of modern society desensitized to the higher questions and faiths
What does this have to do with the fact that Nids are basic bitches and that can be explained mundanely?
Origin can explain action, but is always less important than action.

>> No.73705507

A guy at my LGS runs them. They’re fully WYSIWYG, so there’s no real reason to disallow it.

>> No.73705508

focus on mobility. In the in the US anything used in an anti-tank role in tank destroyer companies were considered tank destroyers, from conventional artillery to specially designed vehicles, but the tank destroyers were strictly a reactionary force that were pulled to were enemy tanks might make a breakthrough, they were not a static defense.

>> No.73705510

this is some god-tier photoshopping. Nearly every piece of this picture is an actual, in-game mini with a hefty set of filters applied over it

>> No.73705512

purging of kadillus is alright

>> No.73705513

No real person would be bothered by that. Stormtroopers are stormtroopers.

>> No.73705516

don't worry so much anon! There is nothing wrong with you and /tg is full of faggots just like yourself.

Just ask a few people here and they will gladly feed you nutritious cum

>> No.73705518

the only good marine vs marine conflict was the Badab war

>> No.73705520

No you think that because it was the cover art of like every rulebook and Codex prior to the newfag chaos fanboy writers taking over around 6th edition.

A mountain of Space Marines standing firm firing in all directions as they get swamped by Orks/Tyranids was the soul of 40k.

>> No.73705530

>The implacability, the visceral horror of the invasion, the lack of hope, the fear of infiltration, the fact that the best solution is to exterminatus a planet before the fleet gets to it, the weirdness/otherness of the nature of the hivemind, the threat of its hyper-adaptability, the way the shadow in the warp cuts a planet off before an invasion, and how that foreshadows the madness to come when the spores begin to fall, the outright otherness.
Chaos does that all better.
>There are more compelling questions than the big dumb drama of chaos marines.
Chaos Marines are only part of Chaos.

>> No.73705534

>four books
>one a year for four years
>fucking done
I would rather read twilight than I would the horus heresy. It is a finished story written by a single author, and immeasurably higher quality because of it.

>but X book is
The horus heresy is a 50+ book/short/novella nightmare that's been going for fifteen years and through the hands of god knows how many individuals.

>> No.73705536

>GW literally said on livestream that the setting is about Imperium vs Chaos.
The fags who said that can be replaced at any time.

>> No.73705539

>hard to relate
Literally how? It's not like Necrons, Tau, Orks or Eldar have motivations that are anathema to human understanding. Tyranids as a protagonist would be nearly impossible to do, but all those others? Not really.

It's still a better love story than Twilight though.

>NPC meme
You do realize that without us, the game would just not exist, right?

>> No.73705540

Watch some of the intro graphics, has the tentacles reaching out and all sorts. Very similar.

>> No.73705541

so you are telling me most of /tg is on test then? This explained a lot, honestly.

>> No.73705544

The Imperial Armour books were full of this stuff. Hopefully we’ll get more sometime.

>> No.73705548

>GW also said that they made enough Indomitus boxes for everyone.
They did, they were just not distributed equally.

>> No.73705554

>Chaos does that all better.
Imagine actually believing this.

>> No.73705559

>>NPC meme
>You do realize that without us, the game would just not exist, right?
Most games wouldn't.

>> No.73705560

Why is Imperium vs Chaos always assumed to be Space Marines vs Spiky Marines?
Imperial Guard vs Cultists is a way more interesting narrative. It gives Chaos the proper menacing and paranoid-inducing feel it deserves, you never know if those cultists are just a bunch of idiots or if a daemon invasion is about to happen.

>> No.73705563

But they haven't been for a long time now, how long do you think you're gonna have to wait?

>> No.73705566

So since when do you noticed being retarded anon?

>> No.73705567

>Chaos vs. Imperium used to be a lot better than that
Well it isn't now. Former quality is not an argument for present quality. "a long time ago, our brothers fell to chaos" was fine, but it turns out GW couldn't actually write it properly.

>> No.73705569

I'd love warrior to go back to the rogue trader's silhouette but better..

>> No.73705571

because cultists/traitor guard don't exist as a faction of models

>> No.73705577

Ahriman is Tzeentch's most valuable mortal follower, ironically enough.
So much so that, without Ahriman's knowledge, Tzeentch once offered him death without his soul being consumed by Chaos, to just be allowed to fade away in peace. Basically the most precious gift possible in the grim dark

>> No.73705580

do necrons have to worry about the obliterator virus? I know they have the flesh virus.

>> No.73705581

It's true though, anything Tyranids do, Chaos can do better, its supernatural horror rather than just alien bugs.

>> No.73705584

Think of the Siege of Vraks.

>> No.73705585

The Imperium is more interesting than Chaos both as protagonists and as antagonists. The noblebright heroism of the Ultramarines, loyalist Knight Houses, Grey Knights and Custodes has no equivalent on the Chaos side. However, the menacing grimdarkness of the Ministorum, Black Templars and Death Korps of krieg make them look more intimidating as antagonists than anything Chaos can field.

>> No.73705588

And what current quality Tyranid writing do we have today, fuckface?

>> No.73705591

>any dark elder players here? Is it possible to play solely haemonculus covens or do I have to take other DE stuff?
In smaller games you can get away with pure Coven, though in larger games I find the lack of firepower starts to hurt a bit. 500-1000 is perfectly doable though

>> No.73705597

Not long, the tide of opinion is changing because every single person in the fandom except for the most diehard Chaos autists are sick of the constant Chaos bullshit wank and getting fed up with it and GW is going to start getting more and more backlash for it. I think they already knew when they went into 9th edition and that's why they made Necrons into the enemies instead of Chaos for the fourth time in a row.

>> No.73705598


>> No.73705600

fug didnt mean to attach a admech picture

>> No.73705602

>Why is Imperium vs Chaos always assumed to be Space Marines vs Spiky Marines?
Because Nidfags need to try and meme on daddy issues to make nids seem better.

>> No.73705603

>Why is Imperium vs Chaos always assumed to be Space Marines vs Spiky Marines? Imperial Guard vs Cultists is a way more interesting narrative.
Games Workshop doesn't seem to agree with you.

>> No.73705604


>> No.73705611

Sorry for the request, but I can't think of a better place to post this.

Anyone got the pic of the guardsmen with all the eldar soulstones?

>> No.73705614

40k Xenos are shit.
This creates a vicious circle since GW has no incentive to create depth in shitty factions, without depth they dont sell, when they dont sell the cycle repeats.

Space elves and space orcs simply do not belong in a futuristic setting trying to take itself somewhat seriously, they need a complete overhaul.
Tyranids need to be more interesting than mindless world consoomers. Necrons need to be more interesting than undead space robots.
GSC have potential, but they're held back being Tyranid cucks, they need to be humans 2.0 with divergent goals.

>> No.73705615

I know this, and you know this but those ‘Twitter weirdos’ do exist in the real world. And if you don’t think a tranny would burn a cis-man at the stake for some social media clout, you’re naive.

>> No.73705616

We don't because it's literally the shitty chaos fanboys writing all the lore including the modern nid stuff. GW just needs to hire some new writers who know their shit and the low quality chaoswankfest marathon will end.

>> No.73705617

Don't think so. Not even the majority of CSM seem to have to worry about it.

>> No.73705618

Look man i dunno what to tell you but I guess chaos does shadow in the warp and giant alien hivemind better than tyranids.
Chaos also round house kicks better than chuck norris, is cooler than david hasselhoff, can beat up your dad, and has like 10 girlfriends.

>> No.73705619

>the human society
Which is the one going against the beasts, and which we can focus on since we already know that the enemy is an alien monstrosity which we don't need to understand, just destroy.

>bugs aren't dumb animals
So they're just like Tyranids.

I've read the first four books of the HH series and I've been into 40k far before the book series was even a concept. Even before the book series was written, the lore for it just came off as "but... why?" since there're hardly no justifiable reasons for any of the events of the Horus Heresy or how the characters react.

But since you brought up memes:
>Don't use space magic
>Ok dad (but not really tho)
>Son I am disappoint
>Fuck you dad!
And then Emps sends the Wolves to burn Prospero even though Magnus just tried to save the Imperium, since apparently Emps is on so many levels of 4D-chess that it is beyond our comprehension.

>> No.73705630

>the tide of opinion is changing
Prove it.
You lot have been ranting at Chaos for years now, and nothing has changed.
Chaos is going to be getting even more codexes and there is nothing you can do.

>> No.73705631

I wanted to launch into a furious tirade about your miniscule mental capacity, but now I just pity your disappointed parents and the unfortunate people that actually know you. They must live in hell.

>> No.73705635

As a quick example

>> No.73705647

Tyranids are supernatural horror, they're psychic freaky witch-bugs from outer space, they literally have a psychic powers called THE HORROR which is like a lovecraftian mindrape field and the Shadow in the Warp in the lore is this terrifying presence around the Hive Fleets that even affects non-psykers by filling them with a constant, ever-present supernatural dread and anxiety.

>> No.73705654

A momentary change of focus doesn't mean GW is turning their back on Chaos, pinhead. You get a little focus on Necrons because they can sell some new stuff to all 10 of you necron players and it'll be back to Chaos with huge releases and books about the return of the World Eaters and Emperor's Children.

>> No.73705659

Fucking hilarious that people whose factions are
> Basic ports of Fantasy races so people could use their Warhammer models in 40k (Eldar, Orcs)
> Meme races to capitalize on 90s pop culture trends (Tyranids-Alien, Necrons-Terminator)
> Diversity hire races (Tau)
Think that they're actually a meaningful and important part of 40k's setting. Chaos vs Imperium is as old as Rogue Trader.

>> No.73705663

>What does this have to do
I just told you: just because you are a jaded refuse devoid of faiths and higher questions dictating your daily life it doesn't mean all other characters in fictions must be the same or that the story of their character development when facing with something challenging their preconceptions and hopes of life are somehow less entertaining or interesting.
a mundane, nihilistic, pointless answer can drive a man of faith insane because it causes him to reflect upon and reconsider everything that he thought made him feel human and alive and that kind of tragedy is something that can be very compelling, unless you're incapable or unwilling of emphasising with other people, but at that point why even bother reading a book?

>> No.73705664

>Space elves and space orcs simply do not belong in a futuristic setting trying to take itself somewhat seriously
40k is not suppose to be taken seriously.
Also shit taste

>> No.73705666


>> No.73705667

Tyranid writing never took a sharp downturn in quality, though.

>> No.73705669

Kek, you had me about to respond seriously for a second there.

>> No.73705670

The Crimson Fists are one of the few canon Marine Chapters I respect.

Hell, even the Battle for Macragge, even though it stars the insufferable vanilla faggots of the Ultramarines was greatly written back in the day.

Meanwhile in Chaos v. Imperium we get such classics as
>Hey here's this fortress bet you can't break it
>Breaks it
>It was a trap haha!

>> No.73705674

>tech-priest gf
Jesus Christ something that i never knew i wanted

>> No.73705679

>Which is the one going against the beasts
It would be interesting regardless, and probably more interesting with a different society as a foil.
>So they're just like Tyranids.
Not really, Nids are just hungry. That's it.
One of the most iconic scenes of Starship Troopers is the caputre of the Brainbug, where they learn that it is afraid of the humans.
Nids have nothing like that, they're just retard eating machines.

>> No.73705682

Potentially. The cis-man could always claim rape, though, which would also be correct.
Twitter is retarded.

>> No.73705689

but spacehulk was released in 1989?

>> No.73705694

>fun to read
Part two maybe

>> No.73705696

>Tyranids are supernatural horror
Only in the sense that Orks are. At the end of the day they're just aliens.
Chaos is daemons and malevolent spirits that twist and corrupt reality.
Way more threatening.

>> No.73705700

>as old as rogue trader
>literally the first scenario in the game was marines vs. orks


>> No.73705705


>> No.73705709

Spotted the newfag. Tyranids, Orks and Eldar were all in the Rogue Trader rulebook. You know who wasn't? Chaos.

>> No.73705710

I suppose that's just where the discussion mostly went. I can't think of a single novel that starts with a daemonic invasion and focuses on that.

But true. Gaunt's Ghosts is mostly IG vs. Traitors and that's fun to read. Ciaphas Cain with Genestealer Cultists was also fun.

I guess the point is that anything but Space Marines is fun.

>> No.73705712

>a futuristic setting trying to take itself somewhat seriously
since when does 40k do that?
why do you consider chaos not one of the most ridiculous parts of the setting?

>> No.73705714

>Tyranids need to be more interesting than mindless world consoomers.
Hive fleet tiamet, kronos and hydra all disprove that, anon.

>> No.73705715

>Chaos vs Imperium is as old as Rogue Trader
the tyrannic wars pre-date the horus heresy, newfag

>> No.73705718

you're a fucking idiot and all of that is wrong

>> No.73705721

>40k is not suppose to be taken seriously.

Maybe not in the first couple of editions, but thats a bygone era. Eldar look totally outdated with their gay 80s banana suits. Dark Eldar are more salvageable with the bdsm angle.
Orcs also look dated as fuck, like an old kids marvel cartoon trying to fit in with the gritty reboot. They clash now that 40k humans have 10000 books of lore and tacticool marines. Modern imperium vs orcs looks like some weird crossover episode.

>> No.73705722

Look at this clown.

>> No.73705726

god why do covens have to be 10 times better than everything else deldar have in their range? incubi are also pretty great to

>> No.73705727

>I just told you: just because you are a jaded refuse devoid of faiths and higher questions dictating your daily life it doesn't mean all other characters in fictions must be the same
But that's irrelevant.
Cosmic horror isn't defined as something having an unknown origin.
I found what appeared to be dogshit in my garden today, despite there being no way for a dog to get in my garden.
Is that cause for cosmic horror?

>> No.73705729

Ngl I read the wiki page on grass every so often. It’s nice to have a full, well-thought-out 40k war.

>> No.73705734

>Literally hell
>Carbon copy of Lovecraftian Horror

There are nuanced differences here.

Tyranids don't need to be the main characters or have writing for them, as they're the antagonists.

>> No.73705737

*vraks, not grass.

>> No.73705740

GW plays it completely straight.

>> No.73705747

>every decision that brings money is a good decision
or maybe the masses have shit taste and catering to the masses bring shitty decisions to any brand, story or product

>> No.73705753

it might be well thought out but the premise is still stupid

>> No.73705760

I have a genuine reaver Titan, so about $1650 after tax

>> No.73705765

Taros is more interesting for that, if I'm being honest.

>> No.73705771

Again, that's only your opinion.

I think you're getting way too upset about what people should and should not like about 40k, kiddo.
>Noooo, stop enjoying things.jpg

>> No.73705772

I don't even play Tyranids ffs.

>trying to take itself somewhat seriously
Right. That's why they're fucking perfect for Warhammer 40,000.

>Tyranids need to be more interesting than mindless world consoomers.
Right. That's why Alien was such a commercial failure.

>> No.73705778

>>Literally hell
>>Carbon copy of Lovecraftian Horror
This. There's space for both of them. The reason you see such much pushback and hate for Chaos though is it has autistic fanboys on the writing team who push Chaos as the one and only and marginalize all of the other big threats, pissing off their fanbases in the process because they can't manage to share a setting as massive as 40k with other villains due to people like ADB's pathetic small penis complex.

>> No.73705779

I was about to suggest reading Return of the King, the pages where he describes Pellenor fields would have been right up your alley.

>> No.73705781

Tyranids stories are generally about what their existence and the threat they pose cause the inhabitants of the milky way to do. You see, a story about tyranids is about how they affect others. If you had actually read a book other than BL garbage you might realise that a narrative does not need a thinking antagonist to be compelling.
Except of course your post is double retard because tyranids demonstrably do more than eat.

>> No.73705782

What I mean is that there’s tactics, albeit retarded WW1 tactics.

It’s not “oh no, save us mr. marine, oh yay you killed the bad guys thx mr marine!!!”

>> No.73705784

And Aliens came out in 1986 whats your point

>> No.73705785

Chaos marines existed and were primary antagonists of RT

>> No.73705787

They are the variety to DEs baseline. Its a good visual package together with the vehicles and Hellions. They've got top three table top aesthetics up there with Orks and Mechanicus.

>> No.73705789

really good bait, apparently

>> No.73705791

>chaos doesn't have compelling or interesting fiction and shouldn't be the focus of the setting!
>okay, can you point to compelling or interesting tyranid fiction that proves they should be the focus of the setting
>n-no... but don't change the subject!!1111

>> No.73705800

What bait? It only shows how legit retardo chaos players are.

>> No.73705803

Except Rex, the Grey Knights and the Red Hunters DO save everybody

>> No.73705805

>Chaos marines existed and were primary antagonists of RT
Literally weren't even in the book, newfag. They had to be added later and only because they got thrown into Warhammer Fantasy expansion books that GW realized they could sell to both systems if they added some 40k content.

>> No.73705813

>>Literally hell
>>Carbon copy of Lovecraftian Horror
>There are nuanced differences here.
Like what? Again, anything the Nids can do, Chaos does better.

>> No.73705816

vraks was good fluff, but holy shit the death korps are not that fucking retarded. They would absolutely never waste 18,000,000 men on a shitty armory. they would've sooner exterminatus'd that place

>> No.73705819

>Thread Question: What is the most you have ever paid for a single model? Either second hand or new
Not WH40K related, but this was about $300 USB roughly if I remember right

>> No.73705822

Are all Chaos players like this guy over here?

>> No.73705825

True, but not for a long time. The war is thought-out, there are reasons as to why and how stuff happens; a rare occurrence in much of 40k.

>> No.73705826

Yeah, and Chaos is more than just 'Daddy issues' but when your mentally defunk ass wants to throw memes around as arguments that is A-OK. Fuck off!

>> No.73705827

My Waaagh! of deathskull orks follows a weirdboy that is constantly getting sucked into the warp (has periled every game I've used him in). They thought about choosing a new leader but ultimately decided against it. While their WeirdBoss is unreliable, he's never boring.

>> No.73705830

>Again, anything the Nids can do, Chaos does better.
Again, lmfao no.

>> No.73705835

>> No.73705838

that book sold me on Tau

>> No.73705840

You should consider playing a Historical wargame like Flames of War or Bolt Action, Anon. It doesn't have any of those factions you dislike, it's good old human-on-human fighting with guns.

>Nids are just hungry
Even assuming that was all there is to the entire faction (it's not), how does this make them bad villains?

Are you talking about the models or the lore? Since those are two completely different things.

>> No.73705841

Yes, name one single they can do and I'll show that Chaos can better it.

>> No.73705842

>tyranids should get more focus and respect from the writing team
>"wow why do you think they should be the focus of the setting?"
I hope you are only this retarded on the internet, but there is room for more than one threat to the imperium. Its was kinda the premise of the setting at one point. ONLY WAR, and all that.

>> No.73705843

>the enemy is an alien monstrosity which we don't need to understand, just destroy.
Sun Tzu cries. Knowing your enemy is all.
Kryptman discovering the Tyranids have designs and objectives makes them a much greater threat than a horde of hungry bugs could be. It's another edge xenos conflict has over Chaos daddy-issues conflict.

>> No.73705846

Collected posts from the last 24 hours enjoy lads

>> No.73705851

except when they cry for marines to save them twice.

>> No.73705852

The sin of single shot weapons

>> No.73705862

Yeah I read the BL books and the disconnect between DoW BL and black library BL was so jarring. Went from I WILL SACRIFICE YOU AND EVERYONE YOU CHERISH TO THE DARK PANTHEON
to "no no we're actually misunderstood rebels who just wanted to be a part of the empire we helped build."

Unless theres a reason why between Abby's first black crusade and present day they got progressively more Word-Bearers'y

>> No.73705864

He was probably hoping to catch you with the 90's culture line, failing to realize that Alien was 1979. Or he was just baiting.

>> No.73705867

>Cosmic horror isn't defined as something having an unknown origin.
it is defined as something unknown or unknowable having a terrifying impact on someone's point of view of the universe

good luck not having a literal piece of shit change your view of the universe, maybe a reduction at absurdity is not a comprehensive example, perhaps a swarm of monsters from another galaxy forcing you to reconsider all relevancy you put into all the other conflicts that defined your life, your identity and your entire race's role in the universe until that point can be an entirely different matter from a shit in a garden

>> No.73705875

>I found what appeared to be dogshit in my garden today, despite there being no way for a dog to get in my garden.
I mean that sounds pretty scary anon.

In-universe this makes sense. Orks haven't been played straight in GW's marketing or anywhere else since forever. The only place they're played as the scary, giant green monsters that they represent in-universe is in the in-universe descriptions.

>> No.73705878

> You should consider playing a Historical wargame like Flames of War or Bolt Action
I think the NPC races are important flavor though

>> No.73705879

Sorry my dude, but I’m a well respected member of society. Wife, kids, good job, good circle of friends, close family. I like to play 40k, paint models, watch football and have a beer with my friends. I enjoy the western canon, the scientific method and barbecuing on the weekends. I play Imperial Guard and Orks because they’re fun and soulful. I’m comfortable in my skin. What about you?

>> No.73705880

>how does this make them bad villains?
It makes them incredibly one note, which means whenever you try and tell a story about them it comes out sounding the same. Which disincentivises people from listening.

>> No.73705884

Disable use of the warp?

>> No.73705885

The horus heresy as we have it now is a series of contrivances and it was better before.

>> No.73705886

not him but.
by mere mention of name turn you into a nervous wreck

>> No.73705890

What about this?

>> No.73705894

>try to look for a decent ork batrep
>get to the lists
>ork side is fluffy with varied units
>opposing army is a net list
>"well if we went with a competitive ork list it'd be a boring battle report"

>> No.73705895

What are the more interesting enemies for SoBs?

>> No.73705897

Those are called Poles and Belgians in ww2 games.

>> No.73705898

Im just saying the cold truth. Kids arent going to be buying orks and elves when they've grown up playing cowadooty.
It made sense in the 80s when kids grew up with a closer bond to fantasy. 2020 is no longer the fantasy age, and when fantasy does come up its scary evil orcs and not silly orks.

Xenomorphs peaked as a mysterious terror, usually few in number, and they've been done to death by now.
GW tries to sell them as a bright pink army of samey monsters who just want to eat everything.
They need major adjustment.

>> No.73705902

lol, no; you're mistaking presentation with interpretation.

it's all made absurd on purpose, it's not a serious setting, only an autist or a child would take it at face value.

>> No.73705904

The bigger problem than Chaos is Space Marines though. They need to be the focus of every single conflict, book, supplement, model release and so on.

And since there's also the "evil space marines" to put against "good space marines", it's obvious what they're going to do.

Give us Imperial Guard against Orks like that one based russkis (I think) comic. Harlequins against Chaos. Sisters of Battle fighting Tau. Just... Anything but Space Marines. Please.

>> No.73705908

I'm so glad I'm not a marine/necron player right now.

>> No.73705911

>10x Blood Angels Assault Intercessors
>deal more damage then a full 30 boyz mob to teq in assault doctrine, even with green tide up
>have way easier access to additional buffs
>cheaper and durable than a full mob

So whats the justification for the Ork shooting tax again? The uber melee race's scariest option is getting out punched by the marine also-ran basic troop loadout now. Good job turning army identity into a fucking joke GW.

>> No.73705913

>it is defined as something unknown or unknowable having a terrifying impact on someone's point of view of the universe
Defined where? How do Tyranids fit this better than any other Alien Invasion? They're not unknown, or unknowable simply because we don't know their precise origin.

>> No.73705915

The three elysian books are probably my favourite FW books. They all look at a different alien race and how the imperium reacts to it.

Warwick Kinrade does good shit.

>> No.73705918

Word Bearers.


>> No.73705926

Warp storms do that.


>> No.73705929

Poster boys gotta sell, xeno.

>> No.73705931

Got my copy of indomitus all set. Now i need to work out how i wanna play these fuckers. Should I run em as a /yourdudes/ white scar successor, vanilla dark angels or blood angels? Coming back to 40k after a 3 edition break and i'm wondering which would be the most fun?

>> No.73705933

Everybody always talk about Horus heresy, drop site massacre or macragge.

The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7 was by far most tragic.

>> No.73705944

>black templars have entered the chat

>> No.73705948

>Warriors of Ultramar
>Lone wolves
Can you stop being retarded now.

For basic understanding of Chaos, please
>Play Doom
>Watch Event Horizon
>Get a basic understanding of biblical hell

If after doing that you don't understand why "Space Bugs from beyond space" is different, I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.73705952

>and Chaos is more than just 'Daddy issues'
there was never a book where daddy issues weren't what moved chaos, regardless of it being possible for chaos to have narratives that don't involve daddy issues

>> No.73705957

500-1k is my absolute jam so I am pleased to hear that

So far I was looking at starting with

3x5 wracks
Talos with scalpel+flail+haywire

Then adding in urien, another haemoculus, some more wracks/grotesques/talos and a couple venous to fling the wracks around in

>> No.73705961

I thought we were still in the noble savage Orcs age. When did they turn evil again? I feel so old and out of touch.

>> No.73705964

Another thread shit up by the irrelevant girl-faction.

>> No.73705965

The only even attempt at competitive ork lists I've seen are from tabletop titans and its a grog channel in general. Something about Orks just compels people to throw whatever shit they want out there with zero thought and then get smashed apparently.

>> No.73705971

I feel you bro. My Incubi use to be bar none the single best elite melee unit being able to rip apart terminators with such ease. Now they struggle to kill the most basic option that the primaris can run

>> No.73705975

In case you havent notice, GW dont care about Ork.

>> No.73705979

>If after doing that you don't understand why "Space Bugs from beyond space" is different, I don't know what to tell you.
I get that they're different, but only in that they're shittier.

>> No.73705982

Honestly tho' my favourite Fantasy books from BL were the ones that featured Skaven because they were such great antagonists most of the time.

But because I am not a retard I understand that it is not a necessity for a good book.

>Space Skaven versus Squats is the actual 9th edition starter box

Horus Heresy is just Daddy issues. 40k's Imperium versus Chaos isn't Daddy issues, it's more like...
>You're bad guys!
>No you're bad guys!

>> No.73705985

a company of Lamenters that early on in the chapter's history got trapped on a massive, strange space hulk that's constantly falling through time and space, protecting the humans who live on it from everything else living on it and everything that turns up whenever and wherever the hulk winds up next.

>> No.73705987

>cover of Rogue Trader is Marines vs Orks
>starter scenario of the book is Marines vs Orks
>most lore is given over to the Imperium and Marines, second most lore to Orks, the rest split between Eldar, Tyranids, Slann and other miscellaneous factions
>two expansion books for that edition were about Chaos and shared with Fantasy Battles, 3 were about Orks
>second edition comes around
>starter set is once again Space Marines vs Orks
>meanwhile all these board games came out on the side like Space Hulk and Tyranid Attack that made nids really popular
>they are upgraded to a full faction
>get the first ever Warhammer 40k global campaign all about them
>Ultramarines become the poster boy Space Marine Chapter with their own codex used as the standard template for all chapters that arent BA DA or Wolves
>their backstory is all about Battle for Macragge vs Nids and Corinthian Crusade vs Orks
>chaos barely ever mentioned
>3rd edition
>starter set is Space Marines vs Dark Eldar
>the next big global campaign is Armageddon, all about Imperium vs Orks
>end of the edition Chaos gets some love finally with Eye of Terror campaign, this is the first time they are ever a prominent faction at all
>4th edition
>Space Marines vs Tyranids
>Tyranids played up as the main threat even in the core book
>Space Marine Codex cover is fighting Tyranids
>Tyranid Codex has the biggest plot advancement yet in 40k with Hive Fleet Leviathan arriving and devouring hundreds of worlds, almost reaching Terra, Kryptman is forced to exterminatus more worlds than the Imperium has lost since the fucking Horus Heresy just to slow them down
>redirects them to Octarius to fight Orks
>5th edition starter set
>Space Marines vs Orks again....

Wow it's almost like Chaos historically was the actual sidenote and you are full of shit, utterly.

>> No.73705989

You're thinking of dogshit warcraft lore

>> No.73706004

>Kids arent going to be buying orks and elves when they've grown up playing cowadooty.
And that's where you're wrong.
Good riddance, you're so out of touch with what the kids do these days you still think they all only play CoD. Meanwhile there are tons of mobile fantasy games that get mad cash from kids stealing their parent's credit cards.
>Imagine being this much of a boomer

>> No.73706007

You mean another thread shit up by secondary Chaos autists with overinflated self-importance? Yeah.

>> No.73706020

> Marines
> Marines
> Space Marines
> Space Marine Chapter
> Space Marines
> Space Marines
> Space Marine Codex

>> No.73706026

>Anything about Ahriman
>Anything about Fabius Bile
>Anything about Lucius
>Anything about any Iron Warriors cause fuck Imperial Fist
>Anything about Night Lords
>Anything about Corsairs

>> No.73706032

ive gotten polarizing reactions on this guy,

yea or nay?

>> No.73706033

>Kids arent going to be buying orks and elves when they've grown up playing cowadooty.
And that's a good thing.

>> No.73706034

>seething npc hands typed this

>> No.73706035

Honestly I think sisters are better than SM

>baseline humans that hate xenos, hate heretics, and worship the emperor harder than space marines
>believe in the emperor so hard that they manifest literal superpowers
>the number of traitor sisters can be counted on your fingers. SM? gonna need more fingers bud.
>More interesting lore as a faction that only exists because of a legal loophole

>> No.73706036

>Literally weren't even in the book, newfag. They had to be added later and only because they got thrown into Warhammer Fantasy expansion books that GW realized they could sell to both systems if they added some 40k content.
This is incorrect, in the advertisement for 40k in White Dwarf they mentioned that Chaos had its place.
Chaos was confirmed to be in 40k before there even was a 40k.

>> No.73706041

I like him

>> No.73706044

Yeah. Loyalists. Versus Xenos.

>> No.73706047


>> No.73706051

GW really lost it's soul progressively.

>s-seething y-youre m-mad

>> No.73706055

>Dark Eldar and Daemons.
Chaos Space marines have their rivalry with Space Marines, so those two should be left to it.

The twisted nature of the Dark Eldar are a good counter to the "purity" and righteousness of the Sisters
Daemons also play of the religious holiness of the Sisters, with a slightly obvious but still really good Gods and Devils theme.

>> No.73706059

Is that what you're going with? Because this shitshow started with someone complaining about tendrils on a book cover.

>> No.73706064

10/10 work anon, a indomichad toast to you too

>> No.73706065

Be cool space bugs.

Well, Imperial High Command probably would like to figure out what the fuck is up. I was mostly just memeing on the basic dogma of "you don't need to understand the alien, only to destroy it" that's prevalent in the Imperium.

Then stop shitting on them, you asshole.

Or you could, I dunno, focus on the heroes and how they deal with the threat. And are you really so creatively bankrupt you think 'nids only work for one type of story?

>> No.73706069

I guess you're right, marines are the only player-character faction and everyone else, chaos included are NPCs

>> No.73706070

>Horus Heresy is just Daddy issues. 40k's Imperium versus Chaos isn't Daddy issues, it's more like...
>>You're bad guys!
>>No you're bad guys!
I think that's the real problem. The imperium/chaos conflict has been getting more and more dominated by horus heresy overflow shit that lots of us don't really like all that much, and its not only dominating the imperium/chaos conflict its starting to overshadow the other conflicts in the setting, which s for the worse, in my opinion and apparently the opinion of plenty of others. HH stuff is making mainline 40k worse overall.

>> No.73706088

>chaoscuck newfag gets blown out, projects seething

>> No.73706092

Mobile games also top the charts with Kardashian simulators, its an irrelevant comparison

>> No.73706093

And yet only real life NPC's play marines, funnily enough

>> No.73706095

Its before boyz go up to like 10ppm in two weeks and the race gets completely rip in general btw. Pretty funny to me SM go up 20% and they still look better than everyone else, sans admech is currently comparing unit to unit across armies.

>> No.73706099

>Defined where?

>How do Tyranids fit this better than any other Alien Invasion?
the tyranids are an extragalactic menace, rather than a local one, so you can't study where they come from; the workings of their biology is canonically extremely hard to break down; it's impossible to communicate with them in conventional and the unconventional ones end in disaster

>They're not unknown simply because we don't know
you are retarded

>> No.73706101

>This is incorrect
No the fact that they were not in the Rogue Trader book is completely correct. I don't care what cope about "b-but they were advertised that they'd be added later!!" you need to tell yourself faggot, lol.

>> No.73706103

Yeah, that's been the case since 40k started. This whole argument is two NPC factions arguing which one is more of an NPC.

>> No.73706107

Rescued this DI Primaris Lieutenant with a terrible paint job and bodged arms and fixed him up to go with my dudes here >>73703972. Not sure which weapon variant he wants yet (Bellicose Bolter worth it?). Thoughts?

>> No.73706112

>If it doesn't support my opinion and fragile ego it isn't relevant
Ok boomer

>> No.73706117

>Or you could, I dunno, focus on the heroes and how they deal with the threat.
Any other faction can be used like that.
>And are you really so creatively bankrupt you think 'nids only work for one type of story?
Because it's true, they're just monsters out to eat people.
How many stories did they end up telling with Jurrassic park? Turns out just one.

>> No.73706124

>buying orks and elves
Hey look, the two factions I started playing 40k with. And you're implying kids will buy 40k at all, instead of just playing more cowadooty.

Fuck Space Marines.

We can comprehend and understand the five Ws when it comes to every other faction in the 40k universe. Even Chaos and Necrons can be negotiated with. Not so with Tyranids.

>> No.73706126

And that post was completely right and would have ended there except the one Chaos autist needed to sperg about it.

>> No.73706131

Where is 40krpg thread?

>> No.73706143

Marine player here, what NPC faction should I start collecting first?

>> No.73706156

>seething xenocuck talking about hurt egos

the irony

>> No.73706158

imperial fists

>> No.73706159

Yeah, shit like waste 300 points on trukks that get blown up T1 before being moved once. I kind of get what they mean since a comp list (for 8th) for orks would just be grot shields, lootas with shoot twice stratagem, 12 - 18 mek guns, and some boyz to get da jumped for tarpitting. At that point you're just playing guard artillery, so why not play an army that is designed to be played that way?

>> No.73706161

/Yourdudes/ is always the most fun.

Well, you're just wrong then I guess.

>> No.73706164

They need a good Ministorum based HQ to tie together the concept that its what they're actually representative as an army. Just a big Gaudy looking Priest like an Admech Dominus.

>> No.73706173

You have to admit it's more on-topic and entertaining than the dogshit that usually fills the general though

>> No.73706181

I'm not the one trying to tell other people what they are and are not allowed to enjoy.

>> No.73706185

The only thing that'd be better than this is if they'd have thrown in a starter box with IG or SoB instead of Marines in there too.

>9th edition Starter is SoB vs Squats
That'd be killer.

>> No.73706188

Raven Guard.

>> No.73706192

So im coming back to 40k after not playing since 5th and i've snagged the marine side of indomitus. With 2 weeks to kill till it comes out, what shit should I pick up and paint while i wait?

>> No.73706193

They need more named characters

>> No.73706196

Necrons since they're in the starter

Failing that, Tyranids, because they're awesome in the models department and just need better rules

>> No.73706198

Think its possible orks will ever get buffed bros?

>> No.73706202

I like it, but he looks so sad from the front.

>> No.73706208

>At that point you're just playing guard artillery
This has happened with basically every army in 8th. As if it couldn't be more obvious that Cruddance, a known IG fanboy, was the rules team lead when 8th edition was made.

>> No.73706210

>Anon posts proof
>Y-You're mad and seething
Pic related, it's you.

>> No.73706212

What chapter?

>> No.73706218


>> No.73706220

Rainbow warriors

>> No.73706222

It's always nice to dream

>> No.73706229

GW has missed the chance to do necrons vs admech now that they are at an all times high, they will never risk not having marines in the starter box

you can expect the tenth edition to be primaris vs world eaters or primaris vs marines

>> No.73706235

>the tyranids are an extragalactic menace, rather than a local one
So? All the other aliens don't come from Earth.
>so you can't study where they come from
So what? How long did we go without knowing where the Ork home planet was? Decades. What changed after we found out? Nothing.
What about the Eldar home planet?
>the workings of their biology is canonically extremely hard to break down
All the aliens have their own biological mysteries, but that's a product of the Imperium not being very intelligent. They still can't agree of how Orks reproduce.
>it's impossible to communicate with them in conventional and the unconventional ones end in disaster
No, they just don't want to communicate.
>you are retarded
No, you are. Just because we don't know for sure the origin of something doesn't mean it's unknown. Look at a dog. We don't know precisely when or where the first dog appeared, despite plentiful theories, but the dog is not some unknowable eldritch being.

>> No.73706236

If a Ork fan joins the GW rules team they could even become OP.
Current rules team has a majority of marinefags on it, you can tell (and confirm it on livestreams and podcasts)

>> No.73706239


10 meters

>> No.73706240

looks awesome. I was expecting a head underneath the cannon similar to an exocrine though.. Are those his eyes? kek.

>> No.73706248

You're absolutely right. Sisters are way better as a faction and protagonists than Space Marines. Too bad /pol/posters try to make them seem like they were added into the game recently for inclusivity, as if they weren't a major part of the setting back innaday.

>The NPC meme
ffs, this is such bullshit reasoning, and I hope that anyone who unironically thinks that only marine players "matter" go back to playing video games.

>> No.73706261

he must be very sad

>> No.73706262

>Not so with Tyranids.
I can't negotiate with ants either, doesn't make them unknowable.

>> No.73706271

I mean, HH is bleeding into 40k pretty obviously. Just look at the new book cover. It's literally two Horus Heresy characters duking it out. They've been going at it for 10,000 years, and it's still just as boring as it was back then.


>> No.73706275

Bet they paint em blue too.

>> No.73706282

vanilla /yourdudes/. planning on just changing the trait based on what i feel like playing at the time. most likely shifting between white scars or salamanders and i might settle on one or the other if i really like them

>> No.73706285

>Well, you're just wrong then I guess.
Nope, I'm right.
Chaos is more powerful, and has better scope for monsters. That's all the tyranids do, and they do it worse.

>> No.73706290

Don't forget the midway set like shadowspear. Myy bet is on Gravis Primaris vs WE or EC.

>> No.73706295

Xenos players are so fucking touchy, they're like middle children.

>> No.73706296

ironically im considering buying an exocrine and removing the head underneath the cannon. i might put a mouth there (tyrannocyte mouth bit maybe?).

>> No.73706297

Top tier:
>Guardsmen vs. xenos
>Xenos vs. Xenos
Good tier:
>Guardsmen vs. chaos
>Chaos vs. Xenos
Meh tier:
>Guardsmen vs. guardsmen
>Marines vs. xenos
Skip it tier:
>Marines vs. chaos
>Marines vs. guard
>Marines vs. marines

There are exceptions to these rules but this is the general lineup. Praetorian of Dorn is a top tier book for instance, even though it’s Imperial Fists vs. Alpha Legion

>> No.73706301

Well they are just blue marines with stripe but i was thinking a different shade

>> No.73706310

>Space Hulk
>Genestealer infestation
>Starting phase of an invasion
>Desperate escape at the end of an invasion
>Space conflict against Tyranid void-ships
You don't belong on /tg/. But go listen to the Calculus of Battle.

>> No.73706315

i've played a few games of 9th with my orks, boyz are fucking dead for anything but objective grabbing. depending on how points shake out i might splurge a bit on stormboyz for the extra mobility. dreads and kans with a big mek with kustom force field for the 5++ and repair has been a solid core of my few test games, grot artillery is still strong (not to mention mek guns are blast now as well), and grot shields are still necessary. tried out strategic reserves a few times and with the smaller table size i ended up fucking myself since i could have used those unit's firepower from the start of the game and ended up bring it into my own deployment zone anyway due to screens. new terrain rules do definitely help though.

>> No.73706329

Oh and while i haven't played since 4th i do have the following already/ ready to stripe and repaint
>2x 5 man scout squads
>a termi-captain
>dreadnought with a melta
>3 aggressors because a mate didn't want them and flammers are neat

>> No.73706339

FLGS dude just sent me a message to confirm that my order is in, and the only copies our FLGS is getting are the ones we pre-ordered through him. I feel bad for GW being such shitters about this box, but glad that I'm getting a copy.

Ultramarines is the most NPC faction of them all.

No. They absolutely do not. Named characters kill creativity and make the fanbase more bland.

>> No.73706347

>>Space Hulk
>Aliens are trying to eat me
>>Genestealer infestation
>Aliens are trying to eat me
>>Starting phase of an invasion
>Aliens are trying to eat me
>>Desperate escape at the end of an invasion
>Aliens are trying to eat me
>>Space conflict against Tyranid void-ships
>Aliens are trying to eat me

Wow, such variety here.

>> No.73706353

Ultramarines if you want to start with the most NPC there is.

>> No.73706367

There's several good shooting blobs in tournament orks used besides meks and lootaz and then there boyz and you mix however many of both to get something effective. Saying its just guard is over simplified, especially when there's a 150 boyz list that is nothing like them.

>> No.73706374

I mean, having a customizable imperial Saint would be awesome, but that would be the shortest way to create a Mary Sue

>> No.73706377

Orks will rise again. They dominated back in the day with Nob bikers.

>Primaris vs marines
It will be this box set when I stop playing Warhammer completely.

>So? All the other aliens don't come from Earth.
Hrrrrrgfdgh. Assuming you're actually a retard and not baiting, please understand that "local" in the context of Warhammer 40,000 means the Milky Way, not planet earth.

>Ork home planet

>don't want to communicate
Which means it's impossible.

>> No.73706385

What is the endgoal of Chaos? Will they just disband when they've conquered the golden toilet seat? I can't see Chaos ever pulling off the infrastructure required to match the Imperium's military output. They can't even expand Chaos further, with no Imperium to raid they're defunct. The rest of the factions would just clean them up, they're more effective against Chaos than the Imperium ever was and in some cases even completely immune to it.

I've never been big on Chaos lore, but the endgoal of the faction can't be just to shit on the throne and dab while they get wiped out by the Imperium's enemies. It can't be that shallow, that would be the weakest faction objective in the entire setting.

>> No.73706386

> white scars

Well shit, get more of the new primaris bikes then.

>> No.73706392

Ants aren't trying to destroy life as you know it, or are a threat in general. Your examples are pretty shit.

>> No.73706394

A dragster.

>> No.73706400

Don't worry, I fixed him.

>> No.73706405

>So? All the other aliens don't come from Earth.
but they all come from this galaxy and the imperium can reach those planets
>ork home planet, eldar home planet
orks and eldar aren't a sudden apparition into your world that changes your preconceptions about it, they might have been at some point but the setting doesn't deal with that status quo, humans are accustomed to their presence to the point they don't need the feel to question them, while the status quo does with the tyranids
>No, they just don't want to communicate.
which makes communication impossible, are you dense?
>Just because we don't know for sure the origin of something doesn't mean it's unknown.
yes, you must be.
>but the dog is not some unknowable eldritch being.
if an utterly alien dog suddenly appeared out of nowhere you wouldn't think about it the same way, again, reduction to absurdity.

just admit you are too dumb, or contrarian, to understand the point of view of characters in literature.

>> No.73706413

You forgot Sisters of Battle completely.

>> No.73706417

Chaos gods feed off of the emotions and psychic energies of living creatures in our dimension. Their goal is to keep that buffet open as long as possible by keeping everyone fighting each other.

>> No.73706432

Chaos will cease to exist whatever happens, either everyone dies and the Chaos gods pop out, either they win and the warp floods reality, killing anyone still alive, and therefore shutting down the chaos gods as well

>> No.73706434

>fickle chaos god trying to fuck you over
>fickle chaos god trying to fuck you over
>fickle chaos god trying to fuck you over
>fickle chaos god trying to LITERALLY fuck you over
>>Chaos Undivided
>fickle conceptual power trying to fuck you over

Wow such variety

>> No.73706436


>> No.73706440

>Hrrrrrgfdgh. Assuming you're actually a retard and not baiting, please understand that "local" in the context of Warhammer 40,000 means the Milky Way, not planet earth.
I know what you were meaning, but I don't get why it's supposed to matter. They're both alien in that they did not originate from Earth, what does it matter if one is from 50000 Light years away and the other 50000000?
>Which means it's impossible.
No it doesn't. I don't want to wear a thong, but it's not impossible.

>> No.73706441

>What is the endgoal of Chaos?
the great game of the chaos gods has no endgoal, it's just a game, they will move on to a different universe when this one stops working or stops being interesting.

>> No.73706449

I give up. Never play a roleplaying game, you'd be insufferable at a table.

>Play Saint Celestine
>Give her her own backstory and name instead
Not that hard. Hell, my hospitalier is fluffed as being a saint (or that it has been put forwards with the Ecclesiarchy that she may be) as doves seem to constantly appear around her and she has managed to perform miraculous recoveries on her patients in battlefield conditions.

She personally finds the doves kind of annoying though.

>> No.73706457

needed a bit more in my opinion

>> No.73706459

Nurgle doesn't want to fuck you over, he loves you

>> No.73706467

Apologies, I thought I included “Imperium” in there

Top tier:
>Sisters vs. Xenos (especially GSC)
>Sisters vs. Xenos (it’s their wheel house)
Good tier:
Meh tier:
>Sisters vs. guard
>Sisters vs. mahreens

>> No.73706473

Not very good but still working on it
This WB is a nigger becuse i don't have any other colors i could use for skin

>> No.73706474

play on tabletop also did a pretty decent dark eldar vs orks batrep.

>> No.73706479

So what is in the Well of Eternity bros? My theory is its the last pocket of stable warpspace that's been untouched since the War in Heaven, and that this pocket of pure energy is what Big E drew from to create the Primarchs.

>> No.73706480

>Nurgle doesn't want to fuck you over
he deliberately causes suffering for his followers, because he views that as another kind of worship

>> No.73706483

The endgoal of chaos is to turn our universe into Hell, basically.

Your examples keep getting shittier and shittier.

>> No.73706484

I understand that as the Chaos God's nature, but Chaos, as a faction, has sentient leadership and armies. Not very sane in most cases, but a few have some sanity left. They must realize that if they ever achieved their objectives they'd be fucking themselves in the ass.

>> No.73706491

Saucy. This guy's sure to be a hit with the ladies.

>> No.73706497

>Top tier:
>>Sisters vs. Xenos (especially GSC)
Atleast you didn't put in Sisters vs. Slaanesh in top tier...

>> No.73706501


>> No.73706502

>Ants aren't trying to destroy life as you know it, or are a threat in general.
Irrelevant to them being unknowable or not.

>but they all come from this galaxy and the imperium can reach those planets
>orks and eldar aren't a sudden apparition into your world that changes your preconceptions about it
Neither are Tyranids.
>which makes communication impossible, are you dense?
Are you? A desire not to communicate does not make communication impossible.
>if an utterly alien dog suddenly appeared out of nowhere you wouldn't think about it the same way, again, reduction to absurdity.
The only absurdity is your points. You probably know the origin of almost nothing you own, yet you're not shitting your pants over it.

>> No.73706504

I'm in the process of abandoning this hobby. I've sold off about 80% of my models now, and cut contact with most of my 40k "friends", since except for one of them they're all single losers who have no significant career accomplishments, life goals, or manly hobbies. It's been a waste of time, money, and has probably dragged me down. Once I get rid of the rest of my models I'm gonna quit posting on /tg/ and abandon this shit for good.

>> No.73706508

As long as they're the last to get fucked and have a great time doing it to everyone else, they're probably fine.

>> No.73706514

>The lore says A
>Anon says B. Every time Anon says B

The goal of the Chaos Gods is to destroy all reality. If you give the Chaos Gods the universe blow up button they will press it.

>> No.73706515


>> No.73706523

Audiobook mega got nuked again didn't it?

>> No.73706528

Even if that were true, fickle gods can fuck you over in more ways that a monster can kill and eat you.

>I give up.
Thank you, now just sign a paper admitting that Nids are boring.

>> No.73706531







>Chaos is more powerful, and has better scope for monsters. That's all the tyranids do, and they do it worse.

>> No.73706541

Teleporting shoot twice sparkly morkanaut, kans with pistons as a meat shield, and suicide bommers seem like the big pa pick ups to me. Maybe a boomer gun wagon makes the cut now. Giving a Killkannon 4d6 shots and it still being borderline good enough should probably tell them something about how shitty bs5 is.

>> No.73706544

>significant career accomplishments
Is your motto "live to work" as some sort of servitor?

>> No.73706547

>Irrelevant to them being unknowable or not.
We can study them, they're from our planet so we know the rules they operate by, and can do so without risk.

>Neither are Tyranids.
Nigga go read a book, the entire fucking point of Tyranids was that they appeared out of nowhere and the Imperium is STILL struggling to figure out what the fuck is their deal, while Orks and Eldar have been around since forever.

>does not make communication impossible.
How do you communicate with something that absolutely refuses to communicate, then?

>> No.73706550

I don't like 40K lore because Waifus and cute girls don't really exist. It's not cute girl friendly.

>> No.73706554

You’re making me want to field my Nids for the first time in years

>> No.73706555

Listening to an interview with BL writer Danie Ware, who's been writing SoB short stories.


Absolutely fantastic stuff. She understands the Sisters, she's passionate about them. Very glad she got into Black Library, the Sisters are lucky to have her.

>> No.73706559

>Your examples keep getting shittier and shittier.
You keep having weaker and weaker rebuttals.

>> No.73706563

GSC and tyranids will be merged. Pretty based if you're asking me.

>> No.73706577

way to miss every single point and keep making false equivalences

no wonder you probably think chaos is serious business

>> No.73706587

This is a lie. We have the best waifus. They wear power armour and kill monsters three times their size.

>> No.73706592

>I'm gonna quit posting on /tg/
good luck, you didn't get good at that yet.

>> No.73706597

Good morning SNA, did you dream of biomass and good rules?

>> No.73706599

>floats into the club
>"Come on ladies be different, say yes. Ha!"

>> No.73706605

Knowing that based Nidanon considers some of my posts based has made my day as bright as the Astronomican.

I don't even play Tyranids and have never intended to do so, my current army is Sisters of Battle

>> No.73706611

I've been out of the loop for a while. When did DA stop being Termie/Biker/speeder and start being shooty? Do they even have exclusive shooty dudes?

>> No.73706612


>> No.73706635

She's not cute.
Some of the Elves are cute, but Imperium hate them. It's not a fun setting.

>> No.73706637





>> No.73706638

Not him.

>Nigga go read a book, the entire fucking point of Tyranids was that they appeared out of nowhere and the Imperium is STILL struggling to figure out what the fuck is their deal, while Orks and Eldar have been around since forever.

The Imperium knows more Tyranids than they do the Necrons and C'tan. Tyranids biology is understood mostly while Necron mysticism and science is beyond none Necrons.

The guys in the Imperium know the deal of the Tyranids. They know what motivates them (hunger), how they eat works (and how to fisx those worlds), etc etc. Necrons agendas on the other hand are a mystery to the Imperium.

>How do you communicate with something that absolutely refuses to communicate, then?

The Hivemind communicated with Iyanna to express its rage at her and desire to see her personally violated and broken.

>> No.73706642

I think it's "Work makes you free". He sounds like an asshole, anyway.

There's an entire fucking faction of Waifus. You can even have them be led by a dude you can self-insert as yourself, making it your personal harem. You have shit taste.

>> No.73706647

>We can study them
The Imperium can and has studied Tyranids too.
>Nigga go read a book, the entire fucking point of Tyranids was that they appeared out of nowhere
All aliens did at some point, as did animal species before them. When the Imperium were finding dead worlds and didn't know what was doing it, the Tyranids were unknown. Since then they had fought them numerous times, and actively studied them. They don't know everything about them, just as they don't know everything about Orks, Eldar, Necrons or even humans themselves.
>How do you communicate with something that absolutely refuses to communicate, then?
Force it to.

>> No.73706654

burna bommers with flying eadbutt have been lots of fun against tau since our pa, mortal wounds with the bombing run then the kamikazee into the shield drone blob for more mortals is a great way to start thinning their drones out t1.

>> No.73706663

>way to miss every single point and keep making false equivalences
You think you're making good points, but you're not.
I've made no false equivalency.

>> No.73706669

heck ye

>> No.73706676

Nice try. You've already lost this one.

>> No.73706698

Biggest problem orks are going to run into is the fact that most of our aura units are HQ's which will be much more valuable. Big meks with a KFF and painboyz are going to be needed for their invulns and support, and we'll likely be fielding at least 2 big meks with KFF for a 1500 point game, and you still need a weirdboy and potentially a warboss. I figure most ork lists will have at least an extra patrol tacked on just for the HQ slots.

>> No.73706752

SNA, how do you feel about my spore based nids?

>> No.73706756

you need 2 formations anyway, orks have always been evil sunz + deathskulls or badmoons.

>> No.73706779

>Primaris get new melta rifles
>Sisters still stuck with melta and multi melta
>The army whose entire thing is the trinity of weapons of bolter, flamer and melta not getting a new melta weapon
But like why not though? It's not like it's to heavy for sisters, they carry multi meltas. Does it need Gravis armor to work or something asinine like that? Why can't sisters get melta rifles too, would it make retributors to strong? Would make dominions to strong?

>> No.73706788

What is a simple rule adjustment that could make orks viable?

>> No.73706802

4+ BS

>> No.73706803

It's simple, right now, any time the designers think of a new toy, their first thought is to give it over to the space marines

>> No.73706807

Charges are Movement+D6

>> No.73706860


>> No.73706869

Pick up some Reavers and turn them into Mortifactors.

>> No.73706934

False. It always ends up with a follower Turing into a Chaos Spawn. Everytime.

Show me one time, one single time, when a Chaos god outright killed one of their followers instead of turning them into a Chaos Spawn.

>> No.73706936

What the fuck happened to the points cost of Land Speeder Typhoons? They cost as much as a fully geared predator? 50 points for the typhoon alone? That's insane! Battlescribe lists typhoon as 32 pts? Which is the correct points cost for Typhoon 50 or 32?

All my speeders are decked with Typhoons. How fucked am I?

>> No.73707024

fantastic looking models anon, well done.

>> No.73707126


>> No.73707180

I think its more like they HAVE to use new toys on primaris to continue their "totally not upscaled marines" theme.
Whereas sisters were literally just upscaled old models so new toys wasnt a consideration.

>> No.73707209

siege of vraks?

>> No.73707233

based and vraks pilled

>> No.73707300

>mfw I didnt miss SNA this time

>> No.73707379

Man, the dark eldar really speak to my inner edge lord like no other faction does

>> No.73707489

wtf is it mean to be lol?

>> No.73707658

As a model I like it but I can't tell what it's supposed to be.

>> No.73708292

>significant career accomplishments
Oldfag here. Worked my balls off for the past 20+ years. Played 40k as a teen, but no time to hobby while I was grinding at work. I’m finally getting back in because my kids are older and my job is less demanding.

Work is good. It focuses your mind and gives you the means to pursue hobbies. As long as you can maintain a balance. Work won’t make you happy in the long run, remember that.

>> No.73708435

Hatch, match dispatch.

>> No.73708874

>Work is good
Work is necessary, but beyond that, it just eats into your time spent on this planet. Let's not kid ourselves, without the work-ethics propaganda, no one would ever pick more work over life of leisure.

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