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I'm a fan of stormtroopers to be honest

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Hive Tyrant might beat Captain in combat but can Captain be targeted by 60 multi-meltas?
Didn't think so

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>Yes of course I want female marines, I want to see myself represented in the game.

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The old thread is only on page 7 you absolute nigger

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What's with the blood

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What will you non-coven-DE bros do now that 9th killed the army?

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boo hoo

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how so

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is saying that 9th ed lore is true headcanon?

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Nth for fix custodes

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Buy more blasters

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All stormtroopers or are you the anti-kasrkin scion poster or the anti-scion poster?

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Rhino. No reason why custodes can't have one.

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>minuses to hit capped
>all vehicles ignore heavy
>less space to run from assault armies
>fly does nothing

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How has 9th killed the army? You have all your same gimmicks

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>Trygon is Riptide sized
>T6 W12
Explain this

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All stormtroopers, anon.

I do love the scion kit lots though. Multipart insanity.

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It can't be explained.

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Gorgon armored transport
As Tyranid

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Play rt

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the T7 trygon was too strong, it had to go

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>Post what your working on
I found that if I dont think up a small sentence or something on what the model is supposed to do, and pay attention to their poses in that way, aswell as at least do a tiny bit of converting even if its just a legswap like pic related or smth I dont feel attached enough to my models to give them the paintjob they deserve.
just use female inquisitors

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Any of the relic dreadnoughts for my GK
I love dreads, would love them even more as psykers, and I see no reason why an army that's supposed to be extremely well equipped doesn't have any

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You're neither space marines nor T'au and as such you'll get shit on and like it

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>minuses to hit capped
never really relied on that anyway
>all vehicles ignore heavy
annoying, hopefully we'll get a points drop on raiders and venoms
>less space to run from assault armies
Its been fine in my test games, but I run Obsidian Rose so I'm normally flying about at the very max range. Strategic Reserves are going to be something to watch out for though
>fly does nothing
most of the time getting caught in melee is the end of the gunboats anyway

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I fixed your silent king, bro

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Any hopes and wishlists for your codex in the new edition?

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>caught in melee
I still remember taking 3 turns to try and kill some stupid fucking harlequins transport with a custodes biker captain and failing. Fuck you

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Rewrite from the ground up.

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The flesh is weak.

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I'm reasonably certain this except from The Word of the Silent King is the only detailed description of his looks we got.
A bit plain in execution, but I can see why the designers would do that.

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TQ: atalan jackals in my guard
I still can't believe that they squatted rough riders and didn't make a dual kit of these for guard and GSC

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All I want are rules for custom orders. I was hoping they would be in the Pariah book, but GW sucks dick so it didn't happen.

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What kind of Order do you want to make?

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Harlequin transports come with invuln saves that work in melee.

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did i do good?

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no you should definitely clean your fridge more often, that glass is tray is disgusting

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Primaris Lemartes
Primaris Astorath
Primaris Corbulo
Primaris Sanguinary guard

Dante and the Sanguinor go cuddle in Blood Daddy's coffin and Sanguinius is reborn so I can have a cool primarch too.

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subfaction rules like TS/DG got, more strats/relics/WTs, AoS style summoning

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Remove all the copy and paste shit from marines. Make their wargear worth while. Give them rules to signify their fighting style (fighting independently, making great use of teleports, extremely talented in various forms of combat). I'd also like some heavy support infantry and for wardens to not just be guard with a 6+fnp.
Since hit modifiers are capped replace those abilities with something that won't do nothing. I'd love a wraith troop choice, and d3 damage on d-scythes so they can actually kill heavy infantry. Also make crystal targeting matrix actually do something.
Give them some way of dealing with morale and perhaps another unit of Rubrics with different wargear (particularly a long range gun).

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Exoskeleton and carapace are not flesh!

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What's a good CSM to cultists unit ratio for chaos? Any legion.

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Why is there piss on the armor?

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i doubt we will see many cultists in 9th.

so csm all the way

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100 CSM
0 cultists

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I'm quite a fan of Unleash The Lions conceptually. I'd like for GW to give us that stratagem in the general case for 1 CP, split any single unit of any type into single model units.

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CSM are worse than cultists. However cultists are incredibly lame

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You can have as many cultists as you want, but I'd restrict Legion-colored ones to just the squad leaders and maybe special weapon carriers. Cultists actually joining the legion is extremely rare, the vast majority are some random fags from the planet of the conflict that will probably never see the marines again if they somehow survive the uprising.

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I think it'd be funny if we could just have any unit split at start of turn but that'd be a bit much.

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I honestly wish Unleash the Lions was just an ability rather than a strat.

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Return to being elite infantry instead of shitty horde, Greater daemons that can actually survive longer than 1 turn, easier ways to ally with CSM.

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Post yourdudes

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Go all CSMs unless you're taking some Cultists for fluff or things like the cannon fodder strat
CSM are fine for casual games

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I honestly wish there were just abilities instead of strats

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so now that sisters can just pray the xenos away, how will crons ever recover?

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>Return to being elite infantry instead of shitty horde
If only

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I’m the anti-Fagrkin poster

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I was literally just shaving off the headpiece. The only reason he looks top heavy is because of how wide it os. His legs are just slightly longer than his torso as they should be. Artlets just can't into proportions.

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Should I get Psychic awakening stuff or just wait until 9th edition stuff is out?

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Goddamn JainZars tiny ass spear just broke again. Why did GW produce this jank ass bs

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No simple base, -10VP.

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I doubt it would happen even if we were given custom order rules, but it would be cool to get something that interacts more with the non-ORDER units like penitent engines. Aside from that, I my army is somewhere between Bloody and Sacred Rose in theme so it would be cool to be able to pick traits to reflect that.

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If any imperial faction should be relegated to ally only it's IG. They're any other factions cheap canon fodder and aren't worth much else.

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that would be pretty cool.

I think giving him some kind of orb would be pretty easy as well.

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Will gauss weapons ever be special again?

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Nothing in the game is special.

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The Psychic Awakening stuff will still be in play for 9th so yeah, might as well get it unless you play Dark Eldar in which case don't bother

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the plainness is fine, but it isn't different enough to set him apart and it doesn't really give you an impression of what he is supposed to be. Way to many fucking balls too.

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Dire Avengers should get a flat +1 to overwatch in 9th.

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Don’t really understand why some people are disappointed with the Silent King’s design.

If anything it shows that he’s hardcore as fuck, he doesn’t need fancy armour or jewellery all over his body. The guy is floating around on a giant chair (the Emperor, anyone?) with a fucking god strapped to it like a big fuck-you trophy. His pose is perfect too, he’s just stood there with his hand out like “As you can see, I operate on a whole other level”

I think he’s neat, it shows that he’s not much different to his people except for the fact that he’s a bit taller, I’m actually kind of tired of HQ or Elite figures basically looking like they’re a different species to make them stand out, SK achieves that with the shit all around him.

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>Jain Zar tiny ass

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Speaking of nothing, didn't Elysians have buggies during 7E? Anyone got any pics or names? Can't find them on FW or in the Index any longer.
Or am I thinking of something else? I want to recall there being a deep strike buggy with like either lascannons or grenade launchers or the like.

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dire avengers should just get overwatch, remember you hasev to pay CP for over watch now

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>opinion I don't agree with

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How hyped are you for 9th?

I'm not very hyped at all. It looks good but I don't really care anymore.

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Shut up before we give you snapshot again

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I was pretty happy with how the eldar codex was in 8th. Maybe make the spiritseer+wraith interaction a little more interesting but I'm fine over here in wraith town. Banshees were a bit lackluster, and so were hawks, but I think that S3 just doesn't do much anymore.

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What are the odds of us getting new models for the Necron leaders?

I know they’ve had a shit ton of new stuff announced but characters like Trazyn are still shitty finecast, it would be nice if they got a refresh with the new Necron style.

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I like some things but hate others. I like that I can run a wraith centric army without shooting myself in the foot. I think capping modifiers is good but I think it should just be -2. I like blast weapons. I like how detachments work but I think soup is too dead because they overcosted it. I like that overwatch is a strategem but I think it should be 1cp and apply to T'au. I think it's dumb they killed fly and made potms abilities useless.

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Both CSM and Cultists sucks.

Pick either EC or WE and use their troops instead.

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God I wish I were that cat.

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generally pretty happy
Like the looks of the secondary objectives, narrative missions and general smaller scale

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Meanwhile actual girls play nids and lizards because women fuck animals and hate guns.

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I'm mostly interested in the crusade system. From what I've seen in the leaks it's looking good. But my initial "hype" has pretty much disappeared weeks ago. I'm also not quite sure on some of the rules but I'd have to play a few games to come to an ultimate conclusion.

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Following up on this with a thought I had. Vehicles shooting into combat should hit on 6's and T'au should just get -1 for that, but have overwatch be the strategem.

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I'm curious about the day-1-faqs that's all.

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>From what I've seen in the leaks it's looking good
seems a bit autistic, but maybe it's intended for use with the app

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>pray the ayy away
i like it

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Necrons in general looked better without the Kang bling. They’re supppsed to be the husks of a long dead universe returned to ravage the current one and instead we got Bender: the Faction.

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Too busy, I prefer The Silent Kings understated appearance because it sets him apart from all the ridiculously blinged up rulers of other factions, plus his plain appearance contrasts with the decoration of his throne to ensure he's the focal point of your attention.

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do we have a pariah pdf yet?

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The lid to that almond butter is not on properly. So, no.

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Where? Not in MEGA, or previous 2 threads, lads

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What, are Tau getting BS 3+? Because if not, I don't want to hear it.

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the only tau that deserve 3+ is crisis suits.

regular tau is good on 4+.

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all the girls i know that play warhammer use eldar-deldar
(exept one that use genestealer cults and guard)

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I hope that it's tied in with the app. Otherwise I don't think that it will gain a lot of traction outside of the usual narrative crowd. And they didn't need an officialy sanctioned system for their campaigns anyway.

>> No.73567838

BS4+ can shoot with entire army twice every turn

>> No.73567840

Tau were BS 4+ because it only took 2 MLs to make them BS2+. There were also no modifiers at the time either. I don’t mind them staying BS 4+ but marker lights need a rework.

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Looks ass. Actual scythes are kinda silly and I only have one on my phaerakh because she’s flying and could plausibly reap downwards with it as she passes people.

The mouthless head is a dumb over-literal interpretation. You know he can still talk, right? Traditionally only to the other two triarchs, but those guys are dead. He can talk.

Lorgar runes are completely irrelevant here. What were you even thinking?

And finally, you didn’t fix the only actual problems with the model: The hand that’s awkwardly stretched out doing nothing, and the insistence on shoehorning Blackstone into all these new models.

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>understated appearance
except for the headdress
or do you consider that understated

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whilist i agree that its too busy, i really like the lack of mouth anon.

>> No.73567870

I don't think necrons talk with the mouths on their deathmasks anon.... they seem like solid metal to me

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...It’s still a warp phenomenon you stupid writers

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here's my take though I might change the staff about again

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Szarekh is good, GW fixes our anti-tank problem and makes the monolith useful, warriors remain 12 points per model, we get loads of good looking plastic.

Shuriken catapults become assault 3, shuriken cannons become Heavy 5, GW figures out a way to make eldar units useful and effective at what they do without being broken, We get plastic aspect warriors.

>Chaos Space Marines
The legion traits get overhauled so they're as good as everyone elses, straight up replace the word bearers trait with something more universally useful, make chosen and cult marines W2, all unit champions gain an additional wound (Cult champions and Terminator champions have 3 wounds, CSM and cultist champs have 2) keep standard CSM cheap and let them have a special or heavy weapon every 5 models so I can take twenty man blobs with 4 special weapons, Release a plastic cultist kit and a plastic kit for chosen that is compatible with the standard CSM kit for more kitbashing.

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I just remembered that they said the app would go live on the same day as preorders
yet the preorder reveal didn't mention the app
really makes you think

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I'm not sure what you mean by no modifiers at the time because 8th had plenty of -1 to hit that severely effected Tau.

>> No.73567888

sadly, whilist im a ugly ogre of a man, most people at my club/local store/local gw are fucking chads that bring their gf or sisters to play and menage to get them into the hobby so there is a good amount of girls around there. Of course im not american so that might explain why people like to play with toy soldiers after gym and shit

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Kastellan Robots. No real reason other than my GSC are Admech/Forge World themed and I think they're really nice looking models.

Probably the Predator. Particularly if it becomes all ornate like the sisters rhino/immolator/exorcist. Yeah the exorcist is a lot better I just like the look of a traditional battle tank.

Uh probably wraith units or the wave serpent. Wraith units to give us something tough and durable to throw at things and the wave serpent to throw larger groups of quins into so we aren't stuck in 5-6 man squads.

>> No.73567896

Wow, my whole army? Shooting twice? hitting on 6's? Oh gee, thanks!

>> No.73567898


The once and future emperor of the galaxy should have a pretty big crown anon.

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>> No.73567911

then what's the point of wanting him without bling?

>> No.73567922

I want the platoon structure to come back. It feels much more like putting together and army, and as a bonus it stops your cheap heavy weapon squads from completely devouring your heavy support slots.

>> No.73567926

For the most part I wouldn't change things.
Better internal balance would be nice so there's more variety in viable lists.
A few more abilities to perhaps differentiate some redundancies more, like ramp up the haruspexs regen and wound mitigation so it properly is cemented as a slow melee grinder worth using as an anchor in your mine.

Elevate Swarmlord into the tyranid primarch equivalent LoW choice.

New plastic biovore/pyrovore kit would be nice.

>> No.73567927

A Codex.

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For chaos bros I'd steal intercessors and chaosify them. Ez
For my Tau I'd steal... maybe Hormagaunts. They'd do the same job Kroot/Kroot hounds do but would be maybe actually useful and much more aesthetic
For my Primaris army I'd steal drop pods

>> No.73567950

Give me my fucking Emperor's Children codex GW. While you're at it, make the World Eaters codex so my friends and I can finally play narrative black crusades with good rules for all sides involved.

We need subtraction rules like most other factions got and I really want each god to have at least one new unit for range, durability, combat, and speed except for the god that specializes in it. I also would like some rules for lesser chaos gods and undivided/generic daemons.

I don't know. Maybe some fliers? Honestly, we had one of the best releases of any edition.

>Imperial Guard
New models. Give us new Cadians, Catachans, Tallarn, Steel Legion, Vostroyans, etc. And also give each of those different guardsman regiments their own unique unit (outflanking power sword/plasmagun armed Tallarn, deepstriking power axe/booth in armed Catachans, Powerklaw/slugga armed Steel Legion, etc).

>> No.73567957

Why would you hate on the best figures GW ever made

>> No.73567960

I can see an argument for shaving that down or replacing it with something smaller but compared to a golden trim holocaust like guilliman or mortarion or abaddon its basically nothing.

All the fancy shit is around the silent king, the dude himself is just a dude, it helps him stand out.

>> No.73567964

I'm here to make an announcement, the silent king is a bitchass motherfucker
He pissed on my fucking dynasty
He took his Living Metal dick out and pissed on my fucking dynasty, and he said his dick was this big and I was like "thats disgusting"
So im making a callout post on my Tombworld.com, Szarekh, you got a small dick, its the size of this world engine except way smaller, and heres what my dong looks like
Thats right baby, all points, no scarabs, no living metal, it looks like 2 balls and a bong
He fucked my dynasty so guess what I'm gonna fuck the imperium
This is what you get, my SUPER LASER GAUSS
Except I'm not gonna gauss earth, oh no I'm aiming higher
Im gaussing on the EYE
How do you like that, emperor of man? I gaussed the eye of terror, you idiot
You have 23 hours before the GAUSS drrrrrroplets drip on Terra
Now get out of my sight before I gauss you too

>> No.73567971

Unless you know a way to auto-apply marker -lights; those pathfinders still have to hit. And when everybody has a baked in minus-to-hit, it's doesn't happen.

>> No.73567980


Who says he doesn’t have bling? He’s got a giant crown, a huge fancy cape and a gigantic staff of office.

I’m terribly sorry he doesn’t have sculpted faces on his knees like some emperors of the galaxy I could name.

>> No.73567988

Army: Raven Guard Primaris Vanguard
Unironically Valkyries/variants, but that's just because I think they look cooler and more tactical than space marine fliers, which are all kinda derpy imo.

>> No.73567998

faces on vents are patrician

>> No.73567999

Why are Tau still paying the price socially for the excesses of grey-tide, flavor-of-the-month, cut-throat WAACs who all moved on to knights over two years ago?

>> No.73568024

>he doesn't know

>> No.73568026

I really want to know what Imotekhs doing now that the boss he was trying to usurp has returned to the galaxy. Did he bend the knee to the silent king or is he still trying to make the galaxy Sautekh?

>"Imotekh does not serve, HE RULES"

>> No.73568043

I will trade 2 (You)s for this new information.

>> No.73568065

It would be a huge blow to the Silent King if the Sautekh don't join him, they are the most well off dynasty right now.

>> No.73568066

Well the lore piece on the silent king the other month has it mentioned that he doesnt like TSK returning one bit and actively opposes him

Needless to say, with Zandrehk in tow he'll probably be a massive pain in the ass to TSK because of his tactical genius
And then Imotehk has Zandrehk to go "yeah well if you go full crazy to beat me, ill use my general who is also crazy to counter you"

>> No.73568074

Please make markerlights great again. +1 bs should not be 5 markerlight hits. Make crisis cheap enough to ever be worth taking. Nerf shield drones. I'm tired of all the complaining when I bring any amount in any size game. Give me a light transport so i dont have to sink the cost of a battle tank just to move my dudes around. Make Kroot worth taking. Either a point reduction or some sort of buff. More Kroot units wouldn't hurt. Give me a melee crisis squad to run Farsight with. Give Tau the ability to deep strike within flamer range. (Honestly give that to everybody, flamers being useless out of deep strike is so annoying.) Make ethereals ever worth taking when fireblades exist. Give me an elite fire warrior option with access to pathfinder special weapons. Unfuck railguns. I think that's it.

>> No.73568079


My first two armies don't need much at all. GSC and Sisters are both in really good spots atm. The GSC could maybe get something of more staying power but thats it and the Sisters could get an overhaul of most ecclesiarchy units (Missionary, Preacher, Crusaders, Death Cult Assassins could all use an update). But honestly those can wait for a long while.

A GSC-tier update. A big new rule (like cult ambush or acts of faith) that sorta defines how we play and enough new models/kits to effectively double our unit selection from the current 8 to 16 or so.

>HQ: Troupe Master/Shadowseer on Skyweaver
>Elite: Mime (in-lore harlequin assassin, steps a bit on Solitaires toes though)

>> No.73568093

so how did the necrons get the void dragon shard from mars? or is it just another shard?

>> No.73568105

Sa’cea sept strat and aerial targeting strats. A fireblade/FSM from sa’cea or using the Kauyon WT to almost guarantee a hit.

>> No.73568106

another shard

>> No.73568111

>crisis suits
>a unit that's become a staple of the T'au meta
Man shut the fuck up

>> No.73568116

Is 9th ed. going to release codices at the same dreadful pace as 8th? With the power imbalance and waiting for months only to be disappointed? How many of these shitty books do they think I can fit on my shelves?

>> No.73568125

this >>73568105
You don't need MLs to Overwatch on 5s lol, that's why everyone hates them.

>> No.73568153

Well here's your 2nd (You) as promised. Although a sub faction trait and stratagem combo is nothing to be smug about. Now I have to confine myself to "The One" good combo just to make marker lights work correctly?

>> No.73568160

I doubt all characters will make the jump to plastic, I can see trazyn and orikan getting some love since they're bound to get new stories about them, but the rest are going to be massively overshadowed by the return of the silent king

>> No.73568173

>dreadful pace of 8th
>codex in 9th
You too soon forget that if you're not a faction GW currently cares about you'll likely not get a codex this edition. Only reason everybody got one in 8th is because of the complete rules overhaul

>> No.73568176

>Mohawk King

>> No.73568185


Haha oh yeah that's a thing, a good chunk of people might just not get codexes this edition.

>> No.73568199

As far as I know, the 8th edition codices will still be valid until a new codex supercedes it.

>> No.73568207

I fucking love Zahndrekh, he's gold in that novella "The Severed."

That books got everything from him dragging a terrified imperial governor to a banquet in honour of reunification and talking amicably with his seething lords about his old war stories while spilling wine all over himself To playing with a pair of canoptekh constructs like they're hunting hounds, He's my favourite necron.

>> No.73568216

Not getting codexes for an entire edition isn't exactly uncommon for GW.
I remember playing 7th edition with a tyranid player who at the time I believe got their last codex during the 5th or 4th edition.

>> No.73568230

You are a nigger who doesn’t understand how 3 patrol raiding party is going to give us a big advantage

>> No.73568234

So if 8th edition codices are 9th edition compatible; what's the point of making 9th? It's not that bad considering what used to happen to players but still...

>> No.73568240

And then Oberyn kinda unfuns the situation properly while Zahndrekh isn't looking.

>> No.73568245

>You too soon forget that if you're not a faction GW currently cares about you'll likely not get a codex this edition. Only reason everybody got one in 8th is because of the complete rules overhaul
forgot about that
I'm glad the DE codex is pretty solid because I expect they won't see updates any time soon.

>> No.73568253

>work correctly
>a buff to the premiere shooting army
Repeat after me T'au fags don't deserve human rights

>> No.73568275

Had a try at making terrain, pretty happy with it.
Building my first army, trying to get to 500 pts, what do u recommend i get next?

I have 1 dunecrawler, 1 techpriest dominus, 10 rangers, and 5 ruststalkers, which i think is about 335 pts in total according to battlescribe.

>> No.73568296

I remember that like a year ago some guy asked what if 40k was made by nerds in a French industrial shithole like Lyon instead of a British industrial shithole like Nottingham.
What followed was an interesting discussion on French 70s and 80s edginess as well as the changes that would be made to the setting.
Anyone got a screencap or a post number? I've no success in finding it.

>> No.73568300

Just because the only thing Tau do is shoot, doesn't mean it's premium.
And yes, 'correctly'. You try landing marker lights against an army wide -2 to hit and then try to leverage that measly "boost" to provide for your actual forces.
>denying my human rights
Be less of a drama queen in the future please.

>> No.73568322

Unless there are models you really want, I'd wait with buying anything until we get all the point costs for 9th which is coming in like a week or two.
It also depends how meta you want to be. Cawl is always good, the transport/tank is good. Those raiders aren't bad as they can harass and avoid melee, etc. Perhaps the safest bet is to get another start collecting box? But like I said, unless you really want some models, I'd wait for the 9th ed points, as your current army could easily suddenly be 500 points.

>> No.73568327

As much as I love modern scions I would kill to get my hands on some of those older scion models. I love their doofy helmets and tacticool scopes

>> No.73568329

Nice monoliths! My eye is drawn toward them more than the models themselves. Those rags are not offensively bad either.

>> No.73568336

Looks wild anon, can’t help you with your army though.

I threw together an objective marker with leftover green stuff and an old carnifex arm as a side project while waiting for shit to dry

>> No.73568340

shooting twice each turn on 5+ is bokers, are you alright?

>> No.73568342

There's French 40k, it's called E.Y.E.

The vidya is based on the obscure homebrew. I guess you can e-mail the devs and ask for a copy, but they don't speak English.

>> No.73568343

What's your recipe for that rusted metal? It looks pretty damn sweet

>> No.73568348

You'll want two more infantry squads eventually, if only to make a solid baseline.

>> No.73568364

That's pretty interesting actually
Give me a quick rundown

>> No.73568377

I actually don't know what that's about; is it another stratagem or sub faction trait? Because I'm already locked into Sa'cea just to get my ML working...

>> No.73568380

>Give me a quick rundown
Your legs are okay.

>> No.73568385

- Army wide rules for shield hosts
- A plastic Dreadnought
- Grav-Rhinos or whatever transport cheaper than a LR or Coronus
- Some infantry unit of Custodes infiltrators/assassins

- A generic HQ choice with Relics and WT
- Units inspired by the HH artworks

>> No.73568386

You can search the archive with keywords that have a very low chance of being mentioned later on , like “French edginess “

>> No.73568389 [SPOILER] 

Their character dynamic is the best part of the book DESU.

Obyron is trying is damnest to be a dignified and stoic warrior bodyguard to protect his bonded nemesor. A senile old handbag of a nemesor who's lost every ounce of common sense and seems determined to piss off every peer he meets and get himself killed in a ridiculous fashion despite all his strategic brilliance.

Obyrons constant struggle to limit the damage that Zahndrekh's madness can do to himself and his court is the driving force of the plot and Obyrons jaded cynicism contrasts brilliantly with the "Modern Major General" vibes Zahndrekh gives off constantly.

Then at the end after they've reached the heart of the severed tombworld and Zahndrekh has destroyed the master control system that "Turned all these necrons into soulless husks" Zahndrekh implies that he's been pretending to be retarded this entire time.

>> No.73568392

You’ll understand some of the words.

>> No.73568395

You shoot. Then the enemy charges because they can't outgun you, then you shoot again in overwatch... How is this hard, it's the only thing Tau do.

>> No.73568398

why don't necrons have links to the obliterator virus? sounds like it would be the kind of shit destroyers would be all over

also, making necrons an alien race was a mistake, they should have been the men of iron under the leash of the lingering weapon-gods of an alien race, with some working for chaos
their involvement in the war in heaven to explain their existence is a fragile background

>> No.73568399

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is a French vidya developed by 'Streum On' company that looks like a bad CS mod. It's A E S T H E T I C S, however, are top tier, and it draws from 40k pretty obviously.

However, the devs have neither money nor manpower to develop the franchise further. Which is a shame, since it's about the only good 40k game made other than first two DoWs.

>> No.73568410


>> No.73568411

That's the best way I've been told to look for shit myself in a good while lmao
Thanks anon
I'll try that I guess
If Zandrekh is legit senile then he might actually have moments of lucidity before slipping back into it. Happens irl too
The dumb will think he's always insane and the cautious will think he's always acting, despite the reality being neither

>> No.73568424

Alright that sounds good, I still have 4 more ruststalkers to paint so I can wait a couple of weeks.
Thank you! Im trying to do an egyptian themed terrain, with obelisks and other ruins n stuff.
Thanks!, that objective looks cool aswell

Yeah i suppose, just takes so much time for me to paint rangers, they have so much small details.

Gunmetal > wash with diluted black paint > paint with slightly diluted brown>then same with orange, and maybe drybrush with metal paint after.

>> No.73568427

>why don't necrons have links to the obliterator virus?
It's Chaosy.
>also, making necrons an alien race was a mistake, they should have been the men of iron
Nah, men of iron are gay.

>> No.73568429


This videos a decent rundown of the game.

>> No.73568433

Can I use the Daemon Prince from age of sigmar or is it haram? I can't tell if this has the sprues for 40k armour

>> No.73568450

It's the same shit.

>> No.73568455

>I can't tell if this has the sprues for 40k armour
It has

Also I've seen it use it all the time without armor, I don't think anyone really cares

>> No.73568456

May I ask about 9th editions policy on same-phase stratagem use? Because maybe I'll only be able to overwatch with one unit now yes? But also: I paid points and army slots for ML units that MIGHT work. The opponent pays nothing but a flavor slot for minus' to hit that WILL work. Plus they probably are more relevant in other phases than Tau.

>> No.73568460

You can use whatever model you want. Also, that's literally the 40k DP in pic.

>> No.73568466

(I've been waiting so long to compliment a monolith…sniff)

>> No.73568472

>haha yeah dude my daemon prince is a dedicated meleefag now since gunfire does nothing to him :)
>i just want him to be that way :)
Literally use whatever models you want lmao

>> No.73568475

>Silent King
Well we finally got our giant Necron

>Primaris Chaplain on Bike
Good, I will never pay money for Primaris but now I can counts-as my OG bike chaplain with stupid pushed new rules

>> No.73568477

Show list

>> No.73568485

Just headswap it with the 40k daemon that has the helmet so he can breath or it’s gonna look weird

>> No.73568486

Not everything needs to be Chaos or human in origin.

>> No.73568492

The drones give your shit extra wounds dumb dumb, Greater Good lets your entire army overatch for free without even suing a strategem, it's why everyone hates tau even more now. Read your own fucking rules. Complaining about MLs having a chnace to work, is like complaining charge has only a chance to work, or psy powers having a chance to work dependent on the warp test roll.

>> No.73568497

>now I can counts-as my OG bike chaplain
Not on my watch, that's modelling for advantage.

>> No.73568501

>think about Getting into Space Marines
>Manlets have no future, going for the chop soon so they are not an option
>Primaris have some cool units
>think about the Repulsor, Reivers, Phobos in general, baby carrier, mario cart etc
>nope out

>> No.73568502

Yeah, both of them are great.
Your god damn spoiler text though.

>> No.73568504

they still have rules in the FW index. Any guard list can take them. The rules look kinda fun getting a 5+ invuln and no -1 to hit if moving over a certain distance.

>> No.73568516

I remember some guy in our game store's facebook group being salty over what SMs get in the box
Said that Necron playas should at least force the Marinefags they'll split it with to pay a more than half the price.

>> No.73568517

>Clean up the confused mess of Canoness wargear rules
>Give her a jet-pack option
>SoB Lord of War
>SoB Flyer
>SoB Cavalry

>> No.73568519

So get the units you like and not the ones you don't.

>> No.73568520

Speaking of it, does anybody has the epub of the novella? I can't find it in the Mega.

>> No.73568523

>think about getting an ork guyz box
>it’s a 12yo spruce
>meanwhile marines are getting release after release and they look amazing

Dread night is adorable and absolute kino, eat scraps

>> No.73568527

why not have all versions of spooky terminator robots?

>ancient aliens that turned themselves into robots and sharded their gods into servitude after they hate their souls

>dark mechanicus creating daemondroids by binding chaotic souls or warp energy into old and new abominable intelligences

>surviving men of iron acting as imperial as imperial machines (like the blackstone fortress one and kastelans)

>surviving men of iron reorganizing themselves around rogue c'tan shards of the void dragon becoming the thanatrons

>> No.73568530

Core rule tweaks rather an complete overhaul can still make significant changes.
Most.40k editions have been backwards compatible older codexs. Balance would be whacky but running a 3e codex with 7e core rules works.

>> No.73568533

Thank you for explaining some of 9th ed tau rules to me. but your examples are false equivalencies because I was comparing two things against each other and you used examples of difficulty checks. If I could choose a sub faction trait that would retard your charges, it would have been a good example.

>> No.73568534


The Exorcist is an MBT.

>Heavy armor
>Requires LoS
>new edition it can move & shoot without penalty.

I'd be down for everything else though.

>> No.73568540

Thats Obyrons reaction too, the ending of the book is genuinely fucking heartwarming.

‘But… our souls, Zahndrekh. The machine… it could give us our souls back. It could give us our bodies. Please, lord, let’s at least take part of it with us, so we can know for sure.’

‘Oh, dear vargard, why do you hold on to such things? You must let the thought of this awful contraption go.’

Zahndrekh put an arm round him in consolation, and continued. ‘Let me pose you this thought, Obyron, in the hope it will bring you ease. What do you think caused you to hold true to me for all this time – despite all the power you might have enjoyed through betrayal – if it were not a soul? What can love, but a being with a soul?

‘Even if we all ceased to be flesh and blood millions of years ago, which of course I don’t believe for a moment,’ – Zahndrekh actually winked – ‘wouldn’t it have suited us better to live in denial of that, as some fools might say I had done? Wouldn’t it be better, Obyron, just to accept our fate, and enjoy immortality for the everlasting life of merry campaigning it has proved to be?’

Obyron stared hard at Zahndrekh, unsure of what he was hearing. ‘You old bastard. You knew all along.’

‘I knew nothing of the sort, old friend. But since you seem to be labouring under some delusion that you’re a soulless machine, I thought I should at least make some attempt to set you straight.’ Zahndrekh stood up then, and patted his thigh for Obyron to join him. ‘Come now, soldier. Up on your feet, and let’s return to the flagship. If we’re quick about it, we can have this all cleared up in time for a truly astonishing feast.’

Obyron, ever loyal, obeyed his lord. He would have wept, but he had no tears.

>> No.73568548

Anyone know of a cheat sheet for core rules from 8th to 9th edition yet?

>> No.73568549

Reminder that marinelet players who bitch about primaris are either hobbylets or poor.

>> No.73568553

I’m a marine fag and it sounds obvious to me, it’s like splitting prophecy of the beast expecting the ork fag to pay at least 60%

>> No.73568557

R.I.P. "living edition".

>> No.73568558

My hopes for SoBs in 9th Edition:
>I hope the point cost rebalances won't murder us.
>I want the plastic Reconquista to be finished. There are still four non-plastic units: Missionaries, Preachers, Crusaders and death Cult Assassins.
>A LoW would be nice.

>> No.73568576

>Be less of a drama queen in the future please.
Learn to take a joke.

>> No.73568577

That is some pretty good quality writing there.

>> No.73568582

enemies have -1 to hit which your overwatch ignores, you can just fly out of melee without penalty and force them to charge (into overwatch) again.
The only real weakness Tau have right now is the psychic phase.

>> No.73568583

I've got a pdf file, no epub though.

>> No.73568588

They are Xenos players falseflagging to even think a marine fag would complain after all these releases is insane.

We are the posterboys in the poster and on the table as well now

>> No.73568595

A plastic giant version of the forge world lords of war options.
A proper primarch size version of the Swarmlord.
Make the existing big bugs worth their points.
Make tyranid warriors either worth their points (which would make them better than intercessors), or lower their points cost to be less than space morons.
Hordes need to be actual hordes that don't get instagibbed by "le ebin blast weppun" horseshit

Make it possible to play with a stompa without fucking yourself in CP and points.
Boyz hordes need to be hordes that don't get instaraped by "le ebin blast weppun" horseshit
Make gorkanauts/ morkanauts capable of beating an imperial/ chaos knight.

BUFF FUCKING WRAITHKNIGHTS. Jesus fucking tapdancing christ make them capable of standing up to the other lords of war and not need to halve their weapons options to have a basic invulnerable save.
Make aspect warriors worth a fucking damn.

Buff railguns on Hammerheads with the repulsor executioners "shoot twice if you don't move" and the more generic "damage rolls of 1 and 2 counts as 3 damage" rule while keeping their D6 damage roll.

>> No.73568596

Oh, it always starts with the kidding ;}

>> No.73568609

I just want marks of chaos to mean something again. Do that and fix legion traits, and I'll be happy.

>> No.73568610

From the thumbnail I thought it was a dildo
How big is that monolith?

>> No.73568617

Pdf > EPUB
Thanks anon I might give a call I. Your name to the based department

>> No.73568623


wow what a shitty model

>> No.73568630

They look great, but the cloaks look a bit plain in colouration: I'd try to match them slightly more with the sand.
The blue is fantastic and contrasts well with the rust colour.

>> No.73568637

Its the exact same kit in a different box

>> No.73568647

Let's not forget the robots of other races

>wraithdrones maneuvered by the psychic echo of a craftworld's infinity circuit, no need for a "pilot"

>tau drones given full thin bodies and machinery to operate

>orkish tin-boys and scrap-hulks, not many, but the meritorkatic nature orkish society and their collective gestalt means they behave and are treated exactly like any other ork of similar size

>necron canoptek robots

>> No.73568649

>If you could steal one model from another army to use in yours, what would it be?
the marine golf cart should have been a Tauros replacement for guard

>> No.73568654

How do I make a Chaos Cultist a Cultist Champion? There doesn't seem to be any way to differentiate/upgrade the cultists in the cheap 5 pack?

>> No.73568656

the turret should've been a Tarantula replacement too

>> No.73568657

I hope heavy flamethrowers get cheaper in 9th.

>> No.73568658

is there a single example of headlight glow on armor looking good?

>> No.73568660

I am a marinelets player. I have about 2500~ points of Space Wolves I collected since 5th edition. I don’t care for primaris or the future of marines releases. I don’t care for 8th edition, and 9th edition doesn’t seem to be doing me any favors either. I want to go back to the days of blast templates and facings and firing arcs.

>> No.73568663

>Zahndrekh actually winked

>> No.73568664

It still looks and operates in the fluff as an artillery piece.
Sisters need a Tank that is functionally a tank in design and lore.
Hell, a Vulcan Megabolter/Conflagration Cannon/Thermal Spear on an up-armoured rhino chassis, Done.

>> No.73568666

>If you could steal one model from another army to use in yours, what would it be?
Sororitas Land Raider Redeemers

>> No.73568674

Maybe Necrodermis, as its a "living metal" can alter the face of a necron to display emotion etc

>> No.73568676

But the regular shooting is still effected by the minuses? and they must survive melee to do it again as well..

>> No.73568681

Those are big eyes
You’ll never know until you throw into someone’s head, might crumble on the real battlefield
3 copies or not battle ready -10vp
Hank butt made for Ireland
Everything wrong with 40k expressed trough dance and the least 40k minis To exist.jpeg

>> No.73568682

Convert more
Order some of the Dark Vengeance cultsists/cultist champions
Biy Blackstone Fortress cultists
convert more

>> No.73568685


I just bought a hiero and a harridan lol

>> No.73568686

might use it as one if im bored some day, they are aprox 11 inches

Thanks that really means alot, yeah its mostly the picture blowing out the shadows making them look a bit one coloured.

>> No.73568691

turn off glowy eye
turn back on glowy eye

turn both off for blinking

>> No.73568696

Tell me, why does she wear the mask?

>> No.73568701

what's the cheapest army to make semi-competitive 2000pts?

>> No.73568704

Why, Obyron wondered, would they seek to become one with ma-
chinery, when this is what it did to them? Catching the irony of his own thoughts, Obyron grunted in an approximation of a grim laugh. Yes: the humans ought to be careful what they wished

The Adeptus Mechanicus are just Necron posers.

>> No.73568705

Are any Necron units in the new indomitus box worth having?
Looking to start a Necron army and a lot of the guys at my lgs just play primaris so they're all looking for buyers to take the Necrons off of them.

>> No.73568706

>11 inches monolith
and how big is your monolith?

>> No.73568714


>> No.73568715


>> No.73568720

Uhhhhhhh Imperial Knights?
13 Custodes bikes?
they're new units so at the very list they should be good

>> No.73568723

>wanna field the Imotehk/Zandrehk dream team as my 2 hqs in a battallion
>you cant really take Zandrehk and NOT Obryon
>eventually spending 300+ points on HQs

>> No.73568725

Because otherwise, the prometheum fumes would make her cough during battle.

>> No.73568726


Cultists have gone up in points and they don't get <LEGION> traits.

Just run CSM.

>> No.73568727

I don't like how they changed the attacker/defender style missions from CA2019 back to alternating deployment and rolloff.

>> No.73568728

>behold mortal
>3 inches of absolute and unpaired powah!!

>> No.73568743

its alright anon, at least you have 37 inches of monolith sitting around

>> No.73568744


>> No.73568750

>not inhaling the holy fumes of purification
Closet heretic confirmed

>> No.73568751

welcome to herohammer.

>> No.73568753

CSM are lame. Go all cultists

>> No.73568756

If I take it off will she die?

>> No.73568759

I'd like World Eaters and Emperor's Children to get unique shit like Death Guard and Thousand Sons

Also having Abbadon do something to make him actually cool since the plots moving forward, Cadia was a good first step

>> No.73568760

Sisters have always been a mechanized force, not an armored one.
APCs, IFVs and fire support vehicles are all they need.

>> No.73568761

You sound like they won't. Did you ever actually play with Tau? You are saying you can't kill stuff in the shooting phase, in the overwatch phase, all your drones and riptides get nuked in the melee phase? Drones give your stuff extra wounds, remember?

>> No.73568764

>50% points increase
cultists are dead senpai.

>> No.73568773

implying CSM won't get 50% pts increase as well.
Btw what point increase did tacticals get, and did they have the same pts cost as CSM?

>> No.73568775

Zahndrekh has got a point, the necrons think to have lost their souls, and in a sense that's true, their souls were devoured by the c'tan, but considering what we know about souls
>the pariah genes stop a being from -developing- a soul
>artificial intelligences, machines and even weapons can gain a soul
>the haemunculi of commoragh can regrow a being -and- its own soul even after it died
then it's entirely possible that some fragments of soul have remained in some necrons, or that their consciousness can allow them to cultivate a soul back given time and will
a biological body would certainly help in that, but if a biological body can exist without a soul and a soul can exist without a biological body, then maybe the necrons haven't lost the potential to have a soul

>> No.73568780

you can still put HWTs in infantry and veteran squads though? Vet squads shouldn't be elites though.
Yes that as well plus that giant new bunker that's the upgraded listening post from DoW.

>> No.73568781

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.73568788

We really do need some tasty CA points leak, don't we? Until then we can just guess, and give our opinion where a ubit would not worth it.

>> No.73568791

What’s the difference between mechanized and armour?

Wachu mean is more like the new exorcist and less than the mars pattern exorcist or what ?

>> No.73568795


>> No.73568801

She's a big gal

>> No.73568803

That’s a big flamer

>> No.73568813

>Imotekh, Zahndrekh AND Obyron in a single list.

That sounds like a lot of fun actually, hopefully Imotekh at least gets a new plastic model.

>> No.73568815

tactical marines got a 25% increase in 9th

>> No.73568816

A mechanized force is based around infantry in transports, with vehicles for support. An armoured force is based around tanks, with other vehicles and troops with transports for support.

>> No.73568817

- Battalion -

- - - HQ - - -
>Arhimann on Disc
>Daemon Prince

- - - TROOPS - - -
>15 Chaos Cultists
>10 Rubric Marines
>10 Tzaangors with blades

Would it be better to replace the cultists for more rubric marines or nah?

>> No.73568822

So buy the whole kit off of them then?
Keeping in mind I bought my own set as well.
I guess the question is, which units are worth having duplicates of?

>> No.73568825


I believe tacticals are at 15ppm now. They're really garbage now unless you take special/heavy weapons with them now to make up for it (which went down in price and help soften the blow.

>> No.73568829

Let me have my tekunin dynasty god dammit.

>> No.73568831

For you!


>> No.73568835

>cheaper special weapons
i wonder if this is enough to make CSM worth it.

>> No.73568837

more rubrics cultists are shit

>> No.73568839

RIP Death Guard and CSM

>> No.73568840


Just spend another 10€/$ on the leg, tail and back bits and make another DP

>> No.73568841

You probably need more rubes

>> No.73568842

I think a lot of people forget how insane bolter discipline is in infantry firefights. I play a lot of smaller battles with chaosbro and my Tau went from slightly winning our firefights to losing very hard. Marine infantry definitely deserved the price hike.

>> No.73568845

Death Guard's PA was pretty good though, patched up most of the weak shit and gave us a lot of fun stuff to work with.

>> No.73568846

Dakka, Dakka, Dakka changed to extra auto hit on 6. Painboy aura 5++. Everyone gets +1 so you aren't forced to run evil sunz.

>> No.73568847

Those are the same thing spelled backwards

>> No.73568858

>Guard are allowed Tanks
>Marines are allowed Tanks
>Mechanicus are allowed Tanks
>Custodes are allowed a Tank
>Sisters are forbidden.
Give me one actual reason why that isn't to stoke your self superiority?

>> No.73568859

do we know what Power of the machine spirit is being replaced with on land raiders yet?

>> No.73568860

Excessive chassis modification is a symptom of the Destroyer condition. It makes sense to me that Szarekh would bear the body given to him by the Biotransferrence more or less unaltered, simply adorning that body with finery as he did in life.

But that's just my take. Either way he has a space pope hat and that's good enough for me.

>> No.73568865

>Wraithlord characters
>Autarch weapon options
>No cucked Warlock smites
>Properly costed Wraithknights
>General buffs to most Aspect Warriors to make them worth shit again
>Rangers that can ignore the -1 to hit cap the way Tau can ignore the Overwatch limit
>Actual relic choices
I'll get none of these, I know

>> No.73568870

true. I am a welder. You really don't want to get burned on the inside. Those things NEVER heal.

>> No.73568871

I don't think we'll know what's good for sure until the meta settles
What we do know from GW's past habits is that
>units that once were good will probably be shit now will be shit now, to at least force WAAC to buy entirely new armies from scratch
>since they're new unitsl, they'll probably be good all around
Necron lists in the 8th were like 30-60 immortals and no warriors at all ever, so the Necron Warriors should be good too, especially since they received new sculpts
Buy more minis.

>> No.73568874

>auto hit on 6
That's mathematically no different than +1 to hit with extra steps. Seems dumb

>> No.73568883

Paint up 2 necron lords as Ketchup and Mustard

>> No.73568885

The Severed was good. For some reason the novellas are the only time Black Library remembers how to tell stories.

>Could he really sacrifice that? Could he give up his most precious memories of his master - the very foundations their eternity together had been built upon- in order to save him? As the wounded constructs slithered forwards, Obyron glanced sideways at Zahndrekh, and Zahndrekh looked back with the strangest kindness, as if he understood. The vargard knew then that he had nothing to lose at all. He could forget every moment of Yama, but Zahndrekh would remember. And as sure as the void was cold, Zanhdrekh would tell him those stories again. This time, they would be new.

>> No.73568886

dont forget that the quality of a necron's living metal body is proportional to their status in society, it makes sense for the king of all necrons to have a smooth, flawless body like that.

>> No.73568890

Did anyone talk about this?

>> No.73568894

>I hope the point cost rebalances won't murder us.
don't count on it, 7-10 point infantry like SoB and Admech will likely get hit the hardest. Sisters will do even worse with their high unit count.

>> No.73568897

Look at what’s on the front of a tank.

>> No.73568900

but it represents more bullets and lets you stack another +1 to hit later.

>> No.73568903

a psyker dreadnought for 1ksons

>> No.73568908

>12yo spruce

>> No.73568912

literally just red meat for long time fans/memesters
it doesn't mean anything

>> No.73568913


Yeah but for 5 pts more you can get intercessors which have 100% more wounds and their choice of:

>+6" range and -1 AP
>+12" range and -2 AP
>+1 shot

If they go with the last one for the same 60 pts you can have:

>4 Wounds & 8 shots when standing still or at half range (tacticals)
>6 wounds & 9 shots at all times with option to advance & fire at penalty (intercessors)

So if you're going bolter only Primaris is the 'right' choice.

>> No.73568914

>Death Guard
All the PA bonuses baked into the datasheet directly so I don't need to pay CP for the patch.

>> No.73568920

Are we playing twenty questions or do you have a point coming?

>> No.73568921

Any update about the anons being hunted down by GW's cyber security testing team?

>> No.73568922

It's my birthday /40kg/ and i got some money to spend on buying into a new army. Which faction should I start, what should I buy and why?

>> No.73568931

fuckin lame ass stop-gap measure. just update the fucking datasheets yah CUNTS!

>> No.73568933

you know this is an imageboard, right?
also yes, current safe bet makes them an independent small army with chance of being added to an imperium army, like scions do with the guard, but probably on more armies like with primaris, sisters and mechanicus, on top of the guard, since they will be pushed way harder than scions in order to sell well and retroactively prove they were a good idea

>> No.73568934

So anyway I started shipping

>> No.73568935


Pick which army is most aesthetically pleasing to you. Pick up its start collecting (if it has one) and build & paint it and enjoy your hobby time.

>> No.73568936

Was answering a question with another question part of your plan?

>> No.73568952


Hoping they will have enough to run as a full army on their own like Harlequins are.

>> No.73568955

you tell us, it's your birthday, also once you've chosen a faction I might feel like drawfagging today

>> No.73568956

which ones do you find interesting?

>> No.73568959

I think that's perfectly reasonable. That's the literal entire point of primaris marines, right? They're bolter dudes but better.

>> No.73568961

Cute females

>> No.73568964

>Nice soul you got there skin-wearer.
>You grew that yourself? Real fucking original.

>> No.73568966


The exorcist is a tank still. It may not be the kind of tank you want but its still a tank. Fucking convert a predator to fit the sisters aesthetic and run it as a exorcist you fucking hobbylet.

>> No.73568980

>which army is most aesthetically pleasing to you
I like a few really which makes it hard to decide. Dark eldar, necrons, tau and CSM are the ones im tossing up between now.

>> No.73568987

An extra shot is mostly worthless, its 6 hits every 100 shots. Then you have to wound and save. If you look around practically every recent occurrence of exploding 6 has been worded as hit instead of attack. Like they just gave it to admech for free as an aura for 1 cp thats three times as effective as dakka dakka.

>> No.73568988

Why are you afraid to answer mine?

>> No.73568991

>NPC armies only
Just go full necron you soulless human

>> No.73568992

Space marines if you wanna win, otherwise decide based on aesthetics

>> No.73569002

>Post wishlists everyone
Who pissed in your cornflakes?

>> No.73569006

Should I get thousand sons or will they be changed too much in the new edition?

>> No.73569015

Gonna prime/spray my custodes
>retribution armor spray
>detailed models, hard to get the spray in every nook and cranny
>spray a little more in hopes of hitting those hard spots
>clogged details
How do people even get perfectly sprayed models without clogging?

>> No.73569020

>my wishlist is to have less options

Boy do I have some news for you, there’s these things called harlequins

>> No.73569024

Did anything interesting come out of Pariah? What changed for inquisition?

>> No.73569026

Stormcast Eternals

>> No.73569031

unless they kill it in an FAQ psykers casting smite multiple times will make Thousand Sons terrifying

>> No.73569037

Make sure you shake the can thoroughly.
Don't spray too close.
Use short bursts.
Plan your spraying angles.

>> No.73569038

You have to keep 40cm away and move horizontally in small bursts

>> No.73569043

Sub assemblies
I literally spray half the miniature part, wait a few mins, then flip it over with a toothpick
Also desu I'd just use a black spray then full coat the mini in bling.

>> No.73569056

>>NPC armies only
everything that isn't a space marine is an npc and space marines are gay

>> No.73569058

Fuck that it makes painting / building a mini into 24 hour project, just learn how to use a spray can.

>> No.73569068

Oh yes, I play with Tau. Shooting in 8th was abysmal strictly because of the free minus to hits modifiers. Overwatch is always a gamble. I only bring one riptide unless I bring a variant. And no I don't spam drones either because they cost points and do jack shit except be chaff. I would rather bring a variety of units (the ones you like, remember?) and have them be able to function properly without 1/3 of my army being markerlights, 1/3 ablative wounds, and 1/3 actual damage dealing units. That shit doesn't add up.

>> No.73569069

Admech and dark eldar both seems really interesting both for the models, fluff and rules, however both seems to suffer from being fragile as all hell. also the unit variety which admech has seems gimped by them not being the best in an actual melee fight.

>> No.73569073

>PC armies
Space Marines
Sisters of Battle
>Non player Character( only exist to make the guys above look cool as they rip trough them in epic battles)
Literally everyone else

>> No.73569079


Alright after aesthetic lore is the next choice for me, If I cant get my head around a faction I wont enjoy playing it past a handful of games. What attracts you about each group?

If Lore isn't your thing then maybe gameplay. While rules come & go, gameplay generally stays the same.

Which one sounds most appealing with these two facets.

>> No.73569090

If there was ever a time to bring back the Boys Who Dig Too Deep, it'd be in an edition with a big Necron focus.

>> No.73569109

>I lack reading comprehension

>> No.73569111

admech aren't fragile, kastellans, kataphrons, dunecrawlers, and cowboys are very resilient.

>> No.73569112


>Orks, Inquisition & Custodes

what? Like I don't even subscribe to to the PC vs NPC concept but Orks are literally the bad guy that gets pushed out of the way for Chaos in every single 40k video game like "haha just kidding heres the real threat".

Inquisition are side characters for the most part there to give advice or attempt to betray the protagonists.

Custodes don't get to show up, they are background fluff characters.

CSM are closer to PC than that at least they have "Main antagonist" as their position.

>> No.73569128

But I literally am doing that
It takes like 10 minutes tops to spray a batch of minis

>> No.73569142

even so i run into another issue that my friend is getting into 40k for 9th and would also be collecting admech, might make for very boring games.

>> No.73569148

>CSM are closer to PC than that at least they have "Main antagonist" as their position
>"I am a veteran of ten thousand years who fought alongside your emperor! I know he is no god!"
>gets dabbed on by an 80 year old zoomer

>> No.73569149

>weaponised gravitational field
this timeline is weird: space marines get squatted and squats get unsquatted

will primaris get grav weapons or will only the squat field them once the marinelets are out?

>> No.73569156

>I play bad so I get bad results
If you are are trying to not be a waacfag so you bring worse options, then ask your opponent to do the same. If your opponent is a waacfag, the only way you win is by being one as well.
If your end goal is winning, you play what helps you win.
If your end goal is just to have fun, why do you care if your options are suboptimal? But claiming that peak waacfag Tau isn't somehow good in basically all regards is stupid.

>> No.73569160

Its because you need to be concise with a novella, theres no room to waffle about with inane bullshit.

god thats cute.

>> No.73569187


Sororitas on Bikes. More Sororitas vehicle options in general.

>> No.73569193

What is this thing?

>> No.73569195

Fallen subfaction

>> No.73569197

Because it's not fun to have intentionally bad rules across the board? Stop putting words in my mouth, I made no claims about peak Tau whatever, the only thing they do is shoot, and they suck at it, by design. I'm not mad at you; I hate GW for selling me something other than advertised.

>> No.73569198

>squat marines

If I ever become GW’s CEO I will do this immediately, idc if it costs me my job

>> No.73569204

Tread tensioner. Tensions the treads.

>> No.73569212

Dark Eldar are cool especially the fluff for sliscus.
I guess at that point i'm also looking at admech. Their fluff of being fanatical and religious maniacs who all love to shoot and run head first screaming towards their enemies is pretty neat. The only issue with them is that many of their more unique units like ironstriders are very expensive seemingly as a result of the time they were released. Also as i said in another post a friend of mine just bought an admech sc box so we would be building basically the same army

>> No.73569217

Pneumatic dildo, to bait Slaaneshi cultists.

>> No.73569218

Each of my noise marines has two daemonettes and one cultists.

>> No.73569226

And i'm telling you Tau most certainly do not suck at shooting. 3 riptides and a bunch of shield drones is all you really need.

>> No.73569228


>> No.73569229

>only exist to make the guys above look cool as they rip trough them in epic battles
and yet eldar are on your list despite the avatar being the go to for getting slapped around to show how big someones dick is

>> No.73569234

But every army suffers from most of the range being unusable. CSM can't even use CSM because cultists are just better on basically all accounts which is a sin.

>> No.73569239

Enough cultists to fill out your slots. The rest is lord discordants, possesed and havocs.

>> No.73569263

Fucking boooooring! My problem is with free minus modifiers and having to (somehow) overcome that while paying for it, while having a one phase army, with 7th ed BS to (not) compensate.
you could have just said you were a waacfag and saved me some trouble.

>> No.73569265

Your succesor will have to double the number of marine releases to keep the investors happy. Stop using the monkey paw.

>> No.73569275

Post Tau women

>> No.73569276

Riptide's are superior tau technology folded over a gorillion times.

Surf's up, worm

>> No.73569279

Thanks anon, may your paint pots never dry!

>> No.73569302

That's just sad. What an abused wife this fandom is. To speak of Tau: they only get one phase at that!

>> No.73569308

Hmm, good point. In that case, I’ll do a reverse-Primaris: every marine model will be half the height of a guardsman, be made out of playdough, with 0 in every statline.

>> No.73569313

I don't get your problem. I asked. What is your end goal? If it's winning, you use the good unites, and in Tau's case they are good at shooting. Saying they are not is retarded.
But using bad units, and then saying all Tau units are therefore bad is just retarded.
I play Alpha Legion with 3 Defilers which doesn't give them anything, but I'm not saying all alpha legion is useless because my Defilers can't do anything when I know that if I want to win I could just make a possessed bomb.

>> No.73569314

You tell that bitch ass girlyman bug fucker GULLIAM that BLACK TEMPLARS NUMBERS REFUSE TO BE COUNTED WOOOOOOOOO!

>> No.73569323


>> No.73569327

So how will the new ork buggies do in 9th?

Will they finally be not shit?

>> No.73569337

you will not be missed

>> No.73569338

most of the range being bad is simply the reality of it. So in order for playgroups to not become cancer where only one list is being played you work with them to agree not to use broken lists and combos and mix in bad unites. But complaining that bad units are bad is redundant. You are playing them in BECAUSE they are not OP not in spite of it.

>> No.73569343

Is There No One Else!?

>> No.73569348

This wasn't about unit selection until you brought it up. I have explained my problem (free nerfs against me vs expensive and outdated options to "compensate" ) Tau would be just fine with BS 3+ in a meta with so many negative modifiers.

>> No.73569352

PC army for S&M obviously duh

>> No.73569370

Yes! Let's both praise the GOD-Emperor of Mankind, my Black Templar friend!
Euphoric Marines are seething!

>> No.73569372

Anything that might ever, possibly maybe, in anybody's imagination make a space marine look worse by comparison will never be good. Welcome to 30k.

>> No.73569377

> Primaris captain can shrug off mortal wounds with +4
whats the point of adding new wound ans save categories? I can see a character having +2/+4/+5/+4 Normal/Inv/FNP/Anti-Mortal saves by the end of this run

>> No.73569397

Are we back in early 8th edition, when getting the first turn was an auto-win?

>> No.73569400

U Kno We Don't Fuk Around, sissy ass pretty marines, bring back the angry marines

>> No.73569405

It's been that way since RT and will be that way until GW finally abandons IGOUGO

>> No.73569410

I didn't mean to imply I'm deliberately choosing terrible units. (although I did field vespids…ONCE)
I actually try to bring a balanced take-all-comers list. BS 4+ right now, in this and apparently forthcoming metas is simply dog shit.

>> No.73569420

How decent do you reckon these chunky fatboys are gonna be next edition?

>> No.73569429

And i'm telling you they are an army with only one weakness. the psychic phase. My -2 to hit is pointless if your overwatch doesn't suffer from it, and even if I kill one of your units in melee the rest are no longer in melee and I can be shot again. in range I am outgunned and can't kill anything important because drones suck up all the damage. In melee I have to survive through you shooting, and shooting in overwatch with a better BS, and only then can I try to kill something in melee, and regardless of the outcome you just shoot again next turn.
Are you using your drones incorrectly? You are supposed to hide them behind cover, so when your opponent shoots he has to shoot other things, and then you use drones to filer his fire. Bolt gun? take it. Lascannon? Onto the drone.

>> No.73569433

If breachers stay at or below 40 they'll still be the best thing in the army.

>> No.73569434

Or until I go and you go and we go and abandon them? God, they deserve to rot.

>> No.73569439

depends on the point hike.

>> No.73569463

Scrapjets and Dragstas are already fine, Scrapjets are probably going to be pretty good in general
the others I expect to stay the same

>> No.73569492

totally forgot about the scrapjet. i was mostly thinking about the boomdakka snazzwagon and the kustom boosta blasta since they are best looking and not very good at all.

3 scrapjets is probably gonna be a thing.

>> No.73569493

How to get 8" charges from DS

>> No.73569496

There aren't enough drones in the 40k universe to tank a bucket of melee saves where the Tau are "so obviously strong". You fail to realize that those minuses add up especially when the pathfinders are subject to them. You keep mentioning overwatch like thats going to save them; if you get into overwatch range, then the Tau have fucked up already.

>> No.73569503

admech in general is worrisome, most of their shit is only good because its so cheap atm. I guess at least they're not orks, I'd be shitting my pants if I were an ork player.

>> No.73569511

Kataphrons used as count as Sentinels?
Would people be okay with this?
The army in question is a Ad-Mech themed IG force.

>> No.73569523

Kek, good catch anon

>> No.73569542

smells like MFA because of the height difference

>> No.73569551

Your drones are supposed to tank high damage hits, not volume. And it's a stats game. You have to position your army so that in melee you at worst sacrifice one unit. The rest of your army can then be out of melee when they die/pull back. You shouldn't be protecting your troops with the drones but suites.
I've had my magnus deleted by a single unit of stealth suites I think in one shooting phase.

>> No.73569554

Deldar covens are tough as shit though.

>> No.73569568

>The army in question is a Ad-Mech themed IG force.
If your army is actually converted/painted to be this most people will be cool, showing effort always helps with dodgy proxies

>> No.73569574

GWs contemptor dreadnought looks like one of those cheap copies of a "real" toy that used to be included in Happy Meals to promote the more high quality toy

>> No.73569585

So that you can counter saves and wounds.

>> No.73569586

the contemptor rigor mortis, as some call it.

>> No.73569600

yeah, he looks like a generic action figure robot you could buy at like wal-mart

i think it's the hips and torso connections, it's like how a child draws robots

>> No.73569604

How different are they in height? Because I could always just shove them on fancy taller bases if it's an issue.

>> No.73569605

Those are all useful bits of advice; so thanks. I'll try to origami my firing-lines to both be in range and also only lose one dude on the charge.

>> No.73569619

But anon, women can't drive motorcycles

>> No.73569621

Pretty much because it is. Like the EtB redemptor dreadnought

>> No.73569624

They really should have an index again, along with some fluffy rules.
>Must take an Emperors champion in 2000+ point games.
>Don't get doctrines but get Vows again, which should be picked at the beginning of the game and can't be changed afterwards.
>Sword Brethren instead of Veterans (similar stats but more melee oriented).

>> No.73569626

That thing looks like a parody

>> No.73569639

It's not exclusive to cuckstodes.

Everybody hated it when it was released because of how cheap it looks.

>> No.73569654

>Sword Brethren instead of Veterans (similar stats but more melee oriented).
So just vanguard veterans with a different name.

>> No.73569657

What's your opinion on people who paint their knights with space marine chapter colors and iconography?

>> No.73569665

They can't help the fact they lack creativity. Some people are just born without the capability for even a shred of original thought.

>> No.73569671

Plastic when?
Gotfret is cute but there's only one of him.

>> No.73569680

All knightfags get the rope, painted or not.

>> No.73569681

they're wasting potential and probably do it out of autism

>> No.73569687

Wear a glove, shoot in bursts and rotate the model as you spray.

>> No.73569695

At the moment I've only assembled and half-painted two squads of guardsmen, mostly just Skitarii with Lasguns.
I have another four to go, along with tanks and said sentinels.
I was originally planning on converting Dragoons but price to point wise, Kataphrons would be a much better choice.

>> No.73569697

I'm always glad to try out a new edition. Trying to navigate my way through the new rules is always entertaining, I'm moderately excited for new and future models (new is always fun to find, even if the new sucks), and I pirate all my books so it's not like I'll ever get mad that anything I own is outdated.

One thing: I'm really not liking GW's trend of slowly introducing size creep onto the models and bases across the board. It's starting to make my dudes look mismatched next to each other; my Elysian drop trooper looks like a skinny teenager compared to the Chaos Guardsmen

>> No.73569699

Yeah, but with an actual melee oriented rule instead of just getting jump packs.

>> No.73569702

How decent are space wolves? Coming back from a break from 40k since 5th edition and I always wanted to collect some sm since the blood claw kit came out.

>> No.73569703

What's the cheapest functional IG list atm? I like tanks but I don't want to paint 500 cadians, especially if they're getting a model refresh

>> No.73569711

the ultramarines control an empire of 500 worlds, makes sense

>> No.73569715

its embarrassing, I'm surprised quality control allowed them to sell their version of contemptors.

>> No.73569730

1000 marines control 500 worlds.

right. nice scale there gw.

>> No.73569742

What are your feelings on wulfen and stormshields?

>> No.73569752

1000 marines, bilions of soldiers and administrators, thousands of ships in a few battlefleets

>> No.73569763

it was intended to be a cheap contemptor

>> No.73569780

Doesn't the Ultramarines little private empire have it's own Knight House anyway?

Anyway, I would welcome it. Painted Knights would show a level of dedication that NONE of the local Knight players seem to have.

>> No.73569784

I've always wanted to see how a knight world in ultramar would look like, but you'd think they'd at least stick their house/world name, instead of ONLY ultramarine iconography
they have successors you fucking retard, have you read dark imperium?

>> No.73569799

Stormshields are cool and i think wulfen look like shit only beat by the murderfang

>> No.73569801

Lambdan lion autocannon taurox spam+plasma drop from SC boxes, looks pretty strong.

>> No.73569807

Hmm... not good not good. They should be painted as your favorite anime mecha, anything else is ...... dare I say.....mediocre

>> No.73569811

a smaller amount of infantry in big expensive transports, like one of the superheavies

>> No.73569824

Far as I know, right now SW is about spamming wulfen and maybe some thunderwolves with storm shields.

>> No.73569831

>staple of the Tau meta
You misspelled Riptides

>> No.73569852

A complete rework.

>> No.73569854

It’s their Knight. As long as it’s decently painted idgaf about the colours.

>> No.73569855

>Painted Knights would show a level of dedication that NONE of the local Knight players seem to have.
-10 vp

>> No.73569857

they bought it, they can paint it however they fucking want

>> No.73569868

>They should be painted as your favorite anime mecha
that's the Tau
really I've seen some like that

>> No.73569872

1000 marines shouldnt even be able to hold 1 world.

>> No.73569873

This. Deployment was so much faster back then.

>> No.73569878

COVID still needs to fuck off so I can wear my monk's habit at the store Christmas party and hand out gifts pretending to be Munitorum Santa.

>> No.73569879


>> No.73569888

Lorewise it's a fuckup and I wouldn't personally do it, but if they showed up with a painted knight to the quality of your pic then I'd be more than happy to play them. At the end of the day it's just not that big a deal.

>> No.73569891

that's what the normalfag PDF is for you retard

>> No.73569900


For this you have been put on Father Sanguinilus’ “nice” list

>> No.73569904

Was the 1000 marines thing a case of a throwaway line that makes no logical sense, and they're now stuck with it or something. I can't believe it hasn't been retconned.

>> No.73569909

It's giving me more time to get my Venture Bros. henchman costume ready for Halloween.

>> No.73569910

time to upgrade to a paint stick and some wall putty dude, you'll be able to hit all the sides

>> No.73569911


>> No.73569913

1000 marines has been repeated quite a lot (although you’re right in that makes 0 sense)

>> No.73569926

Any news about CSM 9ed rules?

>> No.73569929

You forgot the olé, padre.

>> No.73569933

I know Tau are rough going into 9th, but holy fucking shit, man.
Modifiers are capped now. The most you’ll have for a penalty is -1 to hit at any time, so Eldar jets can no longer make it so that you cannot even target them. Tau still are able to overwatch with their entire army without the stratagem.

>> No.73569937

Can someone give feedback on this?


4chan just rejects it as too long.

>> No.73569957

>you can just fly out of melee without penalty
Not anymore. You can’t fall back and shoot, unless you pull a certain trick with the Riptide Nova Boost

>> No.73569975

Any time.

It's not worth the extra effort for any preparation when no one seems to give a shit. If we had just taken precautions (and they were mandatory) then we'd already have almost beaten this thing. Stupidity and ignorance and general uncaring individualism with no worry for the collective has continued this. Now there is no end. It's extremely frustrating to do what I'm supposed to in order to take care of myself and others but see it all for nothing because 98% of people aren't doing it. It makes it worthless.

>> No.73569980

Capping -1 hit is dumb, first 9th game I've watched and people are already abusing it. Oh I'll just advance and fire through terrain at a -1 unit, its still -1 instead of -3 though teehee 9th is awesome!

>> No.73569981

Katakros, suitably converted, would make a better Silent King model than GW's latest effort

>> No.73569982

Probably but I'm a mouth breather so I'd find a way to fuck it up.

>> No.73569984

We were talking about 8th. 9th will be more balanced

>> No.73570003

Somewhere earlier in the thread -2 was mentioned as the cap. And wasn't the 8th edition army overwatch only possible for the charge of that one target unit? Meaning that other charges would go un-answered?

>> No.73570014

the wasy it should work is first -1 is to hit 2nd -1 is to wound, third -1 is +1 to save

>> No.73570017

All hit and wound is capped at +/- 1 respectively.

>> No.73570018

Fuck YES BROTHER! I will Still play the SHIT OUT OF 7th! I JUST WANT VEHICLE FACES AND WEAPONS SKILL TABLE LIKE 7TH BUT MAKE IT LIKE 8th. WHERE WS 4's HIT ON 4. DOUBLE = HIT ON 6+. Maybe my fucking elves and quins that are suppose to be amazing at close combat and FAST AS SHIT can do that again like in end of 7th when ynnead was cool. I like the movement fixes and combat but some the stuff is just way to streamlined. ill play 8th for tournies but i would prefer 7th in causal if we have the time for the crazy bullshit invisble on crazy shit for the Grey knights and Death and Glory, the little stuff you miss, half army wipe on a deepstrike

>> No.73570022

Autistic guard

>> No.73570032

I want to make some particularly religious Ogryns that have fashioned crude garb for themselves. Does any 3rd party make capirote ogre heads or will I need to learn to model them with green stuff?

>> No.73570033

>Uhm anon let me look at your mini...well after inspecting it thoroughly I found out it isn't up to the battle ready standard, sorry you'll get a 10 vp penalty.

>> No.73570034


>> No.73570042

are there any 40k references in any mtg cards?

>> No.73570045


>> No.73570048

Well I hope they learned their lesson!

>> No.73570063

I wish there were mtg rules references in the BRB...

>> No.73570064


>> No.73570065

art is a skill so you'll get better, i still fuck up my priming but then i live in Houston where it is humid all the time.

i think the discontinued forgeworld chaos orgyns had hoods

>> No.73570073

>complaining about hit modifiers in 8th
Why not just play Farsight Enclaves. They do far better against -1 stacking.

>> No.73570076

>no rules for taking a spray bottle with thinner and spraying it onto one of your opponent's minis, thus making one not painted and he loses the 10VP bonus

>> No.73570078

Anyone watching the Indomitus face-offs?

Given how these fights are going, for SM versus Anyone Else, if we want to actually compare units in a balanced way, do we add +2 to SM units or +3?

>> No.73570082


>> No.73570102

Isn't there some fluff somewhere about ogryns being very protective of commissars, thinking that each order comes directly from the emperor?

>> No.73570103

should I drill the manlet flamer?
It would probably makes sense if its drilled, but I feel like it may look weird, as the front-grill barrelthingy is more square than round

>> No.73570108

What the fuck is battle ready and why we are setting it as standard? Three colours and a good base should be enough for any model.

>> No.73570114

I treated myself to a Lord Discordant on my bday last week. I've always been on-off with Chaos, it was in the price range of what I'd call splurging but not too pricy, and it's a big silly centerpiece model project that also has pretty good rules. So What I'd suggest is you just follow those criteria and go with your gut.

>> No.73570121

The face offs were scripted as fuck. No dice were actually rolled, for sure.
There also were a few instances where it was clear they didn't even know the unit profiles really well.

>> No.73570122

Yeah it pisses me off honestly. People can't just be adults and wear a fucking mask in public. Don't even get me started on the fucking government. Both sides are to blame, the idea of turning a global pandemic into a political issue is disgusting.

>> No.73570127

That is battle ready

>> No.73570128

That’s not how it works.

>> No.73570131

>he doesn't go to 40k tournaments with a bucket of paint to throw on your opp army

metagamelets, never going to make it.

>> No.73570140

And this is why you varnish kids.

>> No.73570151

I will look into those models, thanks.
Yes but mine in particular saw a group of devout pilgrims one day and were inspired to take up their look to the best of their meager ability.

>> No.73570155

Base coat and a layer is battle ready.

>> No.73570157

Tell me more about this “varnishing” you do to kids.

>> No.73570166

If someone did that to mine I would seriously throttle him on the spot

>> No.73570167


>> No.73570169

They keep better.

>> No.73570171

“Come here, Timmy, I need to varnish you. Hold still.”

>> No.73570178

Let's just hope their own stupidity results in the weeding out of most of the retards.

>> No.73570179

Base coats, shade, basing.
Doesn't need to be layered really

>> No.73570184

*happy redemptionist sounds*

>> No.73570198


>> No.73570201

Migrate when ready

>> No.73570203

>The void dragon got stolen off Mars
>It's now being used as a Pokemon too

Mars btfo
Emperor btfo

>> No.73570205

>Three colours and a good base should be enough for any model.
Wow it's almost like that's exactly what battle ready is.

>> No.73570228

Minis holding shotguns 1-handed annoys me. Like bruh you’re an undernourished Hiver with Rickett’s who has never seen the sun, your elbow’s not going to take the recoil.

>> No.73570231

Dumbass fucking humans KEK

>> No.73570241

>Is it painted?
>Is it painted more then just an undercoat?
>Is the based painted/flocked?
I don't know what exacting standards you have but it's certainly isn't GWs.

>> No.73570252

yeah but his propellant is made of fermented ration bars and hive-rat shit
hence why it can fail to kill another hiver with rickets

>> No.73570254

That other guy's using a standard bolter one-handed. He's going to send it flying backwards through his sternum the moment he fires the first bullet.

>> No.73570265

The American zeitgeist was ever taught to think individualism and solipsism are the same thing.

>> No.73570270

The Baby Man Races (Literally everything but elves) r pure LE FACE @ 56 %, fucking mutts

>> No.73570275

Oh well i'd rather use blood claws, longfangs and dreadnoughts with a few thunderwolves

>> No.73570276

Bolters are even worse on that count. If you’re not a catachan you should not be able to fire a Bolter without a tripod.

>> No.73570303

This guy looks so fucking done with everything.

He looks like someone made him watch both mama mia movies for his entire naptime

>> No.73570356

What's wrong with priming sprues?

>> No.73570384

humans can get bolters with some bullshit in them which reduces the recoil enough that they are usable by even those not blessed with being rambo

>> No.73570399

When you snip off the pieces you have often non-primed pieces in obvious places you must then reprime -- and then you're creating two different levels and generally adding way more primer onto already coated parts.

It's just making more work when the goal was to reduce said work!

>> No.73570425

Ya pathetic like we always knew

>> No.73570464

As well as flash/mold line removal being a problem.

>> No.73570500

speaking of, does anyone make a guard sized head like this? I really want to do a mixed ecclesiarchy army.

>> No.73570576

are you unwell retard?

>> No.73570732


>> No.73570748

What stratagem would go well with this? Also, is it good to spend like 300AUD on ~800 points? It's about the cheapest I can get really.

>> No.73570751

Shouldnt you be in like junior high class online right now?

>> No.73570771


>> No.73570820

Don't FUCK WITH ME MANBABY, and if you have my shit on your computer, that means trouble for you better not post my shit as your shit, ill come hard on you. YOU FUCKING DATA MINING ME HUH???

>> No.73570831

>Sunday, July 5th, of Independence Day Weekend, during Summer Recess
>56% posting

Is it a leaf or a straya poster

>> No.73570839

This is sign for BTFO... total fucking dipshit

>> No.73570861


>> No.73570959

N00b ASS FUK'N Children KEK

>> No.73571014

Would this work? It has no ranged so not sure about it. List: Tyranids Battalion

- - - HQ - - -
>2 x Broodlord

- - - TROOPS - - -
>16 x Genestealers
>12 x Hormagaunts

- - - HEAVY SUPPORT - - -
2 x Trygon

>> No.73571033

Yes if it is given to deathwatch Marines.

>> No.73571197

How many points is that? Tyranids are too soft to make it into melee honestly.

>> No.73571260

760 points.

>> No.73572123

Don't forget bringing back Eldritch Storm as an Eldar psyker power.

>> No.73572479

>MFW there is still no continuaton of Parchment and bolter

>> No.73572804

Excellent tastes, Anon!

>> No.73572868

TFW the planet you are starting a chaos cult on secedes from the imperium.

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