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>> No.73529297

Orks get stomped

>> No.73529306

How many fleshy bits do you think should be on a chaos dread? I figure it would make the most sense to keep the mutations around the pilot because that's the only flesh on it.

>> No.73529322

Just finished these guys up. Still don't know how the fuck I'm fluffing mydudes.

>> No.73529323

Should I go Intercessor spam in 9th?

>> No.73529328

I need some help, I'm making a Forge World and I'm on the fence between making them enemies of either the Inquisition or the Dark Eldar. Trips or most votes when the thread is archived will be the deciding factor. Also here's the traits of my Forge World:
>Unorthodox: doing their own thing outside of what mars wants without being labeled hereteks
>It was founded during the early years of the age of Apostasy (M36-M39)
>Known for reliably making reliable heavy arms
>Techpriests on this world are very prideful in themselves but they also swear fealty to mars
>They have a Skitarii Defense Force (ala Modified imperial guards), especially at the behest of a certain Magos who doesn’t like lobotomizing those who don’t deserve it.
>The number of Skitarii on the Forge World is the average amount compared other Forge Worlds
>The Forge World is friendly with an Adeptus Astartes Chapter (on the fence between Imperial Fists, Salamandes, and Space Wolves. It’ll be dependent on who they’re enemies with)
For the record, I'm not going to go around reposting this. Though, I was unsatisfied with the results of the last thread and thought a fresh thread could yield results.

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You shouldn't spam anything in any edition, faggot, except positive energy.

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Nice shade of bluegreen.

>> No.73529353

RAM ranch marines

>> No.73529357

assuming I wanted to paint a whole army in a weekend or something to battleready, to prove the fags crying about not having time to paint wrong, which army would be best, as in ease of painting and cheap cost to purchase, conversions/kitbashes welcome to keep cost down by not having to buy characters - use official GW prices in $ for comparision
I'm not necesarrily doing it, depends on if I like the army and its cheap enough, as I dont want to spend a ton on a stupid idea

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Should I buy $300 worth of recasts from a recaster I've bought from before?
I'm mainly worried about people finding out and making my collection useless, although I live in Australia so people will hopefully be more sympathetic.
Also does anyone else care about the writing under the base? If someone looked underneath my bases and saw no text they'd know I was using recasts potentially...

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does GW or ratcher BL hates Mortartion?
>one of the best aesthetics, 40k grim reaper
>in Horus heres portrayed as 1d cringe soar looser
>the same in 40k Plague wars

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Give 'em all white capes that match the white + gold shoulder pads. Those pads are lookin' crisp and more white will help balance the blue. This paint job is very nice.

>> No.73529372

>all this time wasted by paintlets seething over the new rule>they could have painted their models in that time

>> No.73529378

What are you getting? at that price point 3d printing resin might be better.

>> No.73529380

Enemies of the Inquisition would be bad, even for the ostensibly independent AdMech. Have them be enemies of the Adeptus Ministorium, so its two rival priesthoods fighting eachother, but the Cult Mechanicus was legalized by the Emperor himself, so it actually has more legitimacy than the Adeptus Ministorium.

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>Should I buy $300 worth of recasts from a recaster I've bought from before?
This is a stupid question. Slap yourself for typing it.

Buy the real bases from GW or an online retailer instead of using recasted ones.

>> No.73529383

Just tell them you had to get new bases because your 'second hand' models didn't come with any

>> No.73529387

Paint your models.

>> No.73529396

Gsc are easy to paint and look amazing, not cheap at all. If you have an airbrush you can paint 2k of a tau army in a day, marines are also easy to paint

>> No.73529409

Grey knights or custards

>> No.73529410

The multipart Helbrute is nearly perfect. Chaos vehicles being a meld of flesh and metal is extremely 40k. I hate when people greenstuff fat guts on nurgle models though because it just looks cringe, even though I play DG myself.

>> No.73529412

+10 VP my guy.

>> No.73529416

Dark Eldar because I can see that
>Fast bastards obsessed with drugs and pain
>How the fuck does their tech work?
>What’s the point of taking prisoners?
>Beep boop

>> No.73529419

Custodes would be extremely easy. Small model count, simple paint scheme. Necrons are easy as well.

>> No.73529423

You can do it with literally any if you aren't being contrarian and using compatible GW sprays, paints and washes.

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ive heard playtesters complaining they are OP

>> No.73529432

“Oh I just got the models off ebay. A lot of the bases were crap so I bought some replacements”

Btw anon all shipping atm from Europe’s coming via boat atm.

>> No.73529435

What Australian would be against recasts? You're paying 50-70% more than bongs, how in the world can you be against NOT getting fucked in the ass?

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I notice you dont highlight the thing under the knee pad, can you post back of your Marines? I remember how so many parts were very frustrating to highlight

>> No.73529438

Any decent BL books lately?

>> No.73529445

The fleshy legs look goofy to me. It's like he's wearing booty shorts and tube socks.

I could understand having lots of flesh and armor on a marine or obliterator but I don't understand where all of this skin is growing from when it's just a torso in a mech suit.

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do we have the updated custodes points for 9th already?
seems like a single unit of wardens could give me a trajann, 3 wardens and a preator for a total of nearly 500pts
roughly 10points per $ sounds like probably the cheapest deal

>> No.73529457

They're supposed to be.
You have to drown them in a tide of your own blood.

>> No.73529471

No points leaked besides Marines. Custodes are bullshit from playtester whining.

>> No.73529475

>soar looser

>> No.73529476 [DELETED] 

Unfortunately at work so no more photos. I basically avoid anything that isn't a raised ridge, and that tends to mean I don't highlight next to recesses simply because it's were a flat panel ends

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Playtesters talked up necrons in 8th as well.

>> No.73529486

>playtester whining

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Greytide confession time:
Growing up, I mostly played 40k with base sized tokens and cardboard silhouettes for models, until I had learned the system quite well. Still when my mate came over we would mostly play this way. Played probably well over 100 games this way.
Played a shitload of BFG this way too. Used paper circles with labels for ships

We also played a lot of WHFB with paper rectangles with the number of bases written on them. We’d just cut them to the right size before a game since they were essentially just blocks with wound counters. Never bought anything for that system - why would I when there was no benefit to it and models were literally useless wound counters 9/10 times? 8th ed sucked like that

and we still had fully assembled and painted armies for 40K. we just preferred this way. still kind of do if I’m honest

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Naa the playgroup guy got assassinated by gw legal before they came back with 9th points for the rest

>> No.73529504

Yea the flesh on the legs and around gun barrels is a little excessive, but I think it really does look good overall. New obliterators take that look and make it great. Flesh appearing as the crippled marine is becoming one with the walker chassis while being within mutating influence of the warp is very fitting.

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I'll take shit that never happened for $400 Alex

>> No.73529521

Dark Imperium, Plague Wars, Talon of Horus and Black Legion were the only non-heresy books worth reading from last decade.

>> No.73529526

I wish it lent even further into it. There's too much separation between flesh and machine for me.

>> No.73529536

I don't know, sounds like an interesting idea. But you also got to understand my cog boys are very bullheaded in their snubbing of the norm. So much so that Parties in the Inquisition may take notice and may not like what they're doing. I also like the idea of my dudes tossing in their guns to support parts of the Imperium that have slighted the Inquisition like the Space Wolves and this home brew: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpSeoLCC_6A&t=632s
Then again, my boys are headstrong and aren't willing to stand for that fucking bureaucratic nonsense.

>> No.73529544

no it’s all true. quarters for terminators and battle suits, pic related for regular dudes. Got the dimensions for all vehicles and just made paper boxes.

Battlefleet was super easy, if anything it was better with paper cause we just marked the arcs on the paper circles itself

I wouldn’t dream of playing WHFB without paper squares. We saved them actually cause we each had 3 armies

I played HE, Skaven and WE in WHFB, Imperials and nids in BFG, and necrons, dark eldar, and BA in 40k

>> No.73529546

I'm reading the Emperor's Spear, and it's much less catalogue-y than many of the recent books. There's just something about the newer books that feel a bit off, no one ever recommends to read Dark Imperium over something like Eisenhorn, Gaunt's Ghosts, Cain, Storm of Iron etc etc.

>> No.73529550

>no it’s all true.

>> No.73529553

Sorry, I miss read Ministorium as Administratum.

>> No.73529576

Why would I lie about being a faggot when I was like 15? Are you retarded?

>> No.73529579

Nice scheme.

The 1d4chan chapter generator can be a good springboard for /yourdudes/ ideas.

>> No.73529593

Post your fucking painted minis

>> No.73529594

ah well, tips on cheapest listbuild for them? currently im thinking
Trajann, 4 Wardens
Vexillus, 4 Guards
Shieldcaptain, 1 Vexillus, 1 Leftover
this fills a patrol, doesn't have retarded shit like 3 vexillus termies or smth and brings the list to 850pts in 8th roughly

>> No.73529596

Avid readers recommend plenty of new BL books. I would recommend leaving whatever echo chamber you live in.

>> No.73529600

i sold them to buy a gun.

>> No.73529605

This is the echo chamber anon

>> No.73529606

My plan for 9th ed is proabably going to be running 60 possessed.
What's your 9th ed plans /40kg/?

>> No.73529611

They tried to write about him in a way that makes everything that happens to him seem tragic. Read Lords of Silence book, I think it does him justice there.

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>> No.73529620

Who doesnt love getting models early?

>> No.73529623

I'm not surprised. These threads have next level contrarians appear in them sometimes.

>> No.73529624

You can't make me paint!

>> No.73529625

Re basing every model I left on a 25mm base.

>> No.73529626

If someone tried pulling the rules lawyer Custodes stormshield shit, I'm picking their models up and snapping the storm shields off

>> No.73529629

Don't just do "X but in space". GW writers typically combine two or more references when creating a faction. For example, DA are knightly but also had Native American influences and eldar are a mix of Egyptian, Celtic and Japanese.

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>> No.73529633

what army?

>> No.73529635

Better go with 2 boxes of Custodian Guard and a box of Termies. This is enough to give you a 1000pts Battalion iirc. The rest is up to you.

>> No.73529639

Finished these guys, 1500 nidzilla for a tourney tomorrow.
Just gotta ad some snow to the bases and paint rims later tonight.

>> No.73529641


Bloody Rose Repentia bomb.

>> No.73529645

so, shield captain, termie captain, 2 vexillus and 8 guards then?

>> No.73529657

9 guards, my bad

>> No.73529658

My plan for the last little while was to get my backlog in decent shape by the 9th release deadline so that once we have full points I'm free to build whichever chaos army I want. Putting together the new csm sc! and dg mbh's has been a joy.

>> No.73529660

Does anyone know if the Inquisition rules in pariah are just the same as the ones in the November white dwarf? I already own the white dwarf and want to know if its worth buying pariah.

>> No.73529669

There's a Pariah PDF in the mega.

>> No.73529670

Most recent. Taking a break to play vidya. When I start back it's probably gonna be 5 more plague marines.

>> No.73529674

Just wait for the PDF.

>> No.73529686

>Took me an evening to finally sit down and paint some GK to above TTS
>properly based, details such as purity seals done, eye lenses
>even a colour blend on their halberds

Paintlets have NO excuse to paint some models to battle ready standard, thats half of what I did

>> No.73529687

>sloppity bilepiper

>> No.73529693

I'm thinking something Imperial Fist descended, but rather than being stoic IF or zealots like the BT, they're really into their knightly-ness and nobility in duty. Sort of like early Emperor's Children but rather than their perfection being about themselves, it's more about perfection in duty.

I had some thoughts about their recruitment process being about refining savage, barbarian inductees into noble knights, and that betterment is part of their training and promotion, but I'm not too sure on details yet. Feels too vague.

>> No.73529696

Most of /mydudes/. Leaning towards playing mono csm in new edition, but I need to see points.

>> No.73529697

>spoilpox scrivener

>> No.73529704

Looking real good anon, I like it

>> No.73529712

Any close ups of those blightlords?

>> No.73529713


>> No.73529737

Could they not have just called them the bilepiper and the scrivener. Nu GW names are so cringe

>> No.73529739

Because i'm not supporting my LGS...
I guess, I hope it's ok.
Like 1.5k of death guard stuff.
And is it really better?
I thought 3d resin printers were a meme for 40k stuff unless you wanted to make your own sculpts.

>> No.73529772

This the best I can do without taking new pictures of them. It's my first painted army so I wanted to do something achievable, but interesting.

>> No.73529776

Presumably you have supported them enough already. "Supporting your lgs" is a good thing, but it shouldn't be an end goal. Your lgs is a business, they are not your friends and will trade you for another customer in a heartbeat. You have no obligation to actively sabotage your own budget for their benefit

>> No.73529777

They needed to add some wacky adjectives. At least their job is in their name.
The DG elites on the other hand:
>Foul Blightspawn (Firehose dude)
>Noxious Blightbringer (Bellboy)
You can't tell what the fuck they're supposed to do from the name, they're almost similar to boot.

>> No.73529786

Quick question.

Does the new set come with a CA style update for all models or do we have to wait for that?

>> No.73529790

Time for
>Clean Death Guard

>> No.73529804

Thanks, my dude.

>> No.73529815

You need to wait for the other book coming after that

>> No.73529820

That's a helluva neat model in that image, anon.
To answer your question, while I do agree that it makes the most sense to focus the mutations around the pilot I could totally see how the mutations could target other parts, such as the weapons. What would be really cool but probably quite hard to pull off well would be a fine mesh of ganglion spreading out from the pilot to the various weapons etc who are then heavily mutated as they become a biological extension of the pilot's body.

>> No.73529844

Pretty sexy scheme.

>> No.73529851

Why are people so mad about Hammerfall Bunker? It's literally the most kino aspect of Dawn of War incarnated. Drop Pod structures for Mahreens should be a thing since forever anyway.

>> No.73529859

Should I run a max sized squad of allarus custodes?

>> No.73529861

Someone NEEDS to paint it up in Blood Ravens colours

>> No.73529864

I like the bluish tint on some of that pink flesh. How did you pull it off?

>> No.73529880

It's not like minis not painted make you autolose or anything, right? You can stay greytide and still win if you're good? Why such seething?

>> No.73529886

All of these sucked, you have garbage taste.

>> No.73529892

Is there stuff for Inq cycling?

Happy to bring all the non smite mini smites and smites with SoBs. Feels good to burn stuff

>> No.73529894

I just don't like the design, not the idea/concept.

>> No.73529900

They literally announced chapter approved coming dumbass.

>> No.73529909

It's literally in my best interest to play Space Marines if I want a chance at winning, want a cost-effective army, and don't want to paint a horde. I feel like I'm being pushed towards SM.

>> No.73529913

Its base rakarth, shade druuchi violet highlighed with fenrisian grey

>> No.73529915

Because to greytide faggots the winning is the most important part, and it's in direct contradiction to their "pick up whatever's best in meta then dump it" because it punishes the workaround they've made for themselves. He NEEDS to win, and being disadvantaged or not min/maxed is absolute anathema to him.

>> No.73529918

There's just a point update coming in the CA release that's coming out at the same time as 9th. Units won't get an update until codex updates start rolling out.

>> No.73529920

10 points can make a big difference, but a new rule shouldn't be what forces you to paint. The people getting upset about it are just being lazy and making excuses.

>> No.73529927

Is there any faction with Terminators that can mix-match their weapons?

>> No.73529938

I know
but I'm happy with the glow effect

>> No.73529957

deathwatch can do that

>> No.73529965

they aren't US marines there's no need to paint dull colors
also /wip/ is 100 times better for showing off your dudes

>> No.73529971

CSM and it's the only thing you can do without converting since the box only gives 1 of each weapon.

>> No.73529979

Running shit ton of 3 ripper swarm units to put in reserve while taking the table quarters and enemy deployment zone secondary objectives.

>> No.73529980

is grey seer then blood angels contrast the easiest way to paint BA?
I've tried using normal citadel/vallejo paints but I don't really like the results

>> No.73529986

/wip/ is good if you paint 1 model at a time and want critique while you work on it. They rarely paint full armies there.

>> No.73529991

What's the one to the left? Exocrine conversion?
It looks bit small to be Exocrine.

>> No.73529998

Dont get tunnel visioned so badly. Remember there are 19 other factions that youll have happy and fair games against, so what if you lose to a few space marines, or your rules arent quite as good. Rules a re temporary, flavor is eternal. And if your a waacfag, there are still other options.

>> No.73529999

contrast isn't good for painting marines. just get red spray from gw and do it that way.

>> No.73530015

>they aren't US marines there's no need to paint dull colors
that's kind of the point of /mydudes/ though, playing on the tacticool aspect of primaris, they actually care about camo, and mainly use infantry and light vehicles.

>> No.73530016

i really worried for my green boyz anons

what if they go up to 8pts? or even 9?!

what will i do

>> No.73530029

dont run 300 but just 200 boys

>> No.73530039

>what will i do
whine, then come to terms with it and adjust

>> No.73530042

use only gretchin and laugh as your opponent can't even make enough shots or attacks to clear your green baby retards.

>> No.73530054

What're some good Craftworld bonuses for an army using lots of Banhees and other Aspect Warriors? I wanna do one of the lesser canon Craftworlds and I like the look of Iybraesil

>> No.73530063

the concept is cool as fuck, the actual design is just ripped straight from starcraft and looks terrible

>> No.73530074

Hips and tits.

>> No.73530080

This is a real solid paint job, anon. I especially like the plasma effect. Does your custom chapter have a name?

>> No.73530098

>DoW 3 brought back the bases system of DoW 1
>Yet it still flopped
What went wrong? Why did we never get DLCs with Nids, Tau and shit?

>> No.73530105

Understrength units no longer fuck up anything, nor do they have to be taken in auxilary detachments....
You also only need to pay the points for the models you have (e.g you have 7 models and the minimum size is 10 models, you only need to pay for 7 models

....totally not gonna be abused by waacfags for easy brigade detachments etc

>> No.73530107

>What went wrong

>> No.73530111

Use some microsol on those decals, you shouldn't be able to notice the decal is made of paper.

>> No.73530114

because the game was absolutely terrible and sold even worse

>> No.73530120

Are you ready to defend out hobby at all costs? We're under siege.

>> No.73530127

They are braindead Primarchs, they should be op as af

>> No.73530143

Please elaborate. I only now realized I have it in my Steam library so I'm downloading it right now.

>> No.73530146

I'll be using the marines from the new box as rainbow warriors, will be running this guy with them.

>> No.73530148

where do you see that?

>> No.73530152

Exocrine inspired carnifex conversion from before the current plastic Exocrine.

Just run it as a sniper fex.

>> No.73530158

It put all its eggs in the esports basket, tried to be the next starcraft instead of just being the goddamn fun strategy game it was originally. Couldnt even have 4 player maps, and the gameplay was too off from the original.

>> No.73530164

Carnifex body it looks like, same tail and torso size, not sure waht the gun is, looks like a very large barbed strangler

>> No.73530175

it's just a bad design for what it's supposed to be

I would have preferred it if it had entrances, a way to protect the main armament during descent
if I were a marinefag I would simply pretend it's built on the spot and get rid of the tiny wings/tails

unless they fluffed it be dropped so that it can deploy through deepstrike during the game

>> No.73530178

Requiem infernal, Manflayer if you like mind break and hooves, the first wall alternatively if you haven’t started the siege of Terra read solar war and skip the fallen or whatever the name of the second book is.

>> No.73530179

Well in 8th plus Chapter Approved tgere was a rule that said understrength units could only be included in a (matched play) army via the auxilary detachment

In 9th there is no such rule, and under the "understrength units" part it says you only pay the points for the models+wargear you have, but the power stays the same

>> No.73530181

Looks good.
I feel the warp over taking [email protected]!

>> No.73530182

At least you're honest about what's in his pants.

>> No.73530193

wtf am I looking at?

>> No.73530199

>Tried to please everyone,Ended up not pleasing anyone
>Devs were openly hostile to fans saying they knew better
>It looks like shit
There are so many reasons why it sucks that i can't list them in 1 post, youtube is full of videos explaining all the problems, you might want to give them a look.

>> No.73530200

They tried to do away with base vs base rts gameplay and had you focus on objectives. The game was also a little too fast paced for most people with all the abilities and fragile units. The eldar were also absurdly OP for a loooong time until devs finally did something only to abandon the game support soon after. Game was also one of the first to get review bombed and that was before Steam had countermeasures for that.

>> No.73530201

Thanks, and yeah, I've written a bit of lore for them. They're called the Revelators, they're an ultima founding Raven Guard successor chapter that specialize in counter-insurgency. They were originally greyshields sent to reinforce the Raven Guard but became lost in a warp storm, only to be crapped out near an imperial planet in the eastern fringes that had been assimilated by the Tau, they led a guerilla campaign with what little they had, and were able to restore the promethium rich planet back into imperial control. After it was decided that they should form their own chapter, so they kept their camo as their chapter colours and the raven guard livery as a reminder of their origin.

>> No.73530202

with long range meltas bunkers and turrets, are primaris turning into the real castle army?

>> No.73530216

Well, the designers had to make the game a special snowflaker with some weird moba inspired base/toower mechanics. Instead of a nice bramched out unit/building tree we got most kino units locked behind some weird ressources. Also, 3 Starting factions felt quite boring fast.

They should have made it an classical RTS instead, maybe upscaling the time per game a bit with bigger maps.

>> No.73530221

>Ebay Pre-orders
>Scamming Intensifies
How long will people complain about this shit?

>> No.73530235

Kicking taufags in the nuts. This is lore I can get behind. Good work.

>> No.73530239

thanks for the tip, I've not usually had an issue with transfers before but the raven guard symbol I found just wouldn't lie flat, I was hoping the seal coat of varnish would flatten it down but it didn't work as well as I'd hoped.

>> No.73530244

Any airbrush guys here? I'm thinking of picking up a Badger Renegade and I want to know how much of a hassle they are to use and clean. Also can I base coat with a .3mm?

>> No.73530261

nmm /wip/! this is why i'm okay with being grey

>> No.73530265

requesting Blood Raven Edit Because I'm scared that DOW Series is Dead and hoping to god DOW IV fixed Relics bullshit from the 3rd Game

>> No.73530273

I thought so at first too, but look again at the Eternal War missions, they dont allow your army to contain any understrength units.

>> No.73530281

That rule is now in the detatchments themselves.
Aux detatchment is the only one that allows understrength units.

>> No.73530293


>> No.73530304

we're posting /wip/'s now?
finally finished armor, started work on tabard and skin
Still need to decide on a glow-color for the bolter-eye

>> No.73530305

Thanks, bud!

>> No.73530313

The Regent's Shadow was nice.

>> No.73530324

DOW3 and Eternal Crusade being a failure and shutting down gave me a push to start playing tabletop so I'm eternally grateful.

>> No.73530333

>dat Heavy Weapon Platform on the back
Eldar got cucked yet again?

>> No.73530337

Sometimes you just gotta take the Nurgling for a walk, let the little bugger tire itself out

>> No.73530343

>Dawn of War III $9.99 on Steam
Will it worth $10 just for the campaign?

>> No.73530348

I think GW hates me specifically.

>Decide to play CSM
4th edition drops a month later
>Decide to play Tomb Kings
7th edition drops a month later
>Give up on Warhammer completely, then, ten years later, decide on a whim to play Orks
9th edition drops a month later

What the fuck did I do to deserve this?

>> No.73530351

I mean he said painted not finished, technically a /wip/ mini has paint on it, and yeah yours look good, fuck nmm I can’t work with Lahmian, the paint simply goes wherever the paint likes to go

>> No.73530352

looking real nice
>Still don't know how the fuck I'm fluffing mydudes.
You and I both

>> No.73530361


>> No.73530363

Yeesh GW needs to get rid of the dumb employee that did that to Arch's channel.

>> No.73530370

The comment section is a goldmine of retards.

>> No.73530379

what happened and what did Arch Do?

>> No.73530382

I just wanted an excuse to paint my own /wip/, so the anon who suggested the bolter color can come back and tell me what color I should use for the eye.
accepting suggestions from others too ofc.

>> No.73530387

You play Ork.

>> No.73530390

So big armys have to pay more cp to field all their trashy units? IG tards getting fugged :DDD

>> No.73530391


I don't know company-specific insigna

>> No.73530407

>That Logo
so much better

>> No.73530409

holy fucking shit that image
poor little eldar

>> No.73530412

pure kino

>> No.73530413

Its between these guys and my gold CSMs as to who'll be my dudes in early 9th I think

>> No.73530423

You could go for DOW II 4th Company Insignia (IV)

>> No.73530425

>that gap between the two missile pods
Also these releases literally are worse than vanguard

>> No.73530430

>tyranid eldar
nani the fuck

>> No.73530437

It’s basically the raven from nichijou

>> No.73530439

>Renegade CSMs with advance+charge helbrutes running up the field supported by CSM blobs and Havoc
>Dark Eldar Kabalites in Raiders with some souped Archons and Sslyth for a little melee, maybe some Incubi
>Deathskulls Kult of Speed
I hope to test them all out a little but I'll probably try give the orks a rest unless they end up being substantially more fun than the others

>> No.73530445


>> No.73530458

damn man, I was thinking the other day metallic DG would look neat, they look real nice

>> No.73530466

Playing at the start of new edition before meta is established is always the best so not sure what you are complaining about.

>> No.73530477

Building a Leman Russ Demolisher, is it worth magnetizing the commander or should I just build it one way or the other? I'm having trouble working out how I'd magnetize it to swap out the commander and the hatch

>> No.73530481

being an exodite gets you a genestealer arm?

>> No.73530482

My armour.

>> No.73530484

Theres a bit of fluff in the Dark Eldar codex about high society grafting Nid parts on as a fashion statement and it seemed like a pretty fun way to model huskblades/agonizers

>> No.73530489

might do, you never know

>> No.73530495

Thanks! These are the latest models I painted for it. Loving the look myself.

>> No.73530497

I mean that sounds fantastic
do you happen to have the codex on hand? I'd like to know more

>> No.73530503

Can you try to take a worse photo? I can almost make out some details.

>> No.73530508

Literally who cares.

>> No.73530509

why is it burned around the middle?

>> No.73530519

I really dig them, I would honestly steal that scheme for myself and pick up my own DG if I didn't already have two regular DG playing opponents

>> No.73530520

Nice one anon, love it when a tiny bit of fluff comes into reality like that

>> No.73530524

There's some fluff of Deldar transplanting tyranid pieces onto themselves because it's in fashion.

>> No.73530528

some extremely bitter commie in GW's legal department tried to claim that any usage of the word warhammer in the context of a youtube channel is breach of trademark

>> No.73530532


>> No.73530540

The Codex should be in the mega in the OP; its not a particular involved bit of fluff, just one of those little snippets, but it still sounded neat

>> No.73530546


>> No.73530549

Very impressive, looks like a lot of work though anon

>> No.73530553

>that bolter hand disallignment

>> No.73530555

Is there any reason to jump back into 40k with GKs over Custodes? It seems like GKs are on their way out with Marinelets being slowly but steadily Legended. No new releases, pretty much no new lore since Gathering Storm compared with all the love Custodes are getting since the GS as well.

>> No.73530561

Big E really dropped the ball on this one, huh?

>> No.73530563

the fabled good-looking yellow is here, nicely done

>> No.73530566

Anon if you like GK just go for it.

>> No.73530578

both are not real armies, so you'll feel left out regardless of choice

>> No.73530585

GK dunk on custards thanks to their psychic shit, and GK terminators are better than custard terminators.

>> No.73530593

GK actually got halfway decent with PsyAw. Besides, even if they squat all the marinelet spinoffs we'll just get Primaris versions so they can sell more models

>> No.73530601

>> No.73530602


>> No.73530605

I'm torn desu. I really like both factions but GKs seem to come with more opportunities for kitbashing/converting. On the other hand looking at all my kitbashed Bike HQ/Elite options moved to Legends makes me worried.
Also I fucking hate the Baby Carrier both model-wise and lore-wise - not fielding even a single one will fuck me hard, won't it?

>> No.73530612

>> No.73530613

Probably should have just killed him and also Lorgay

>> No.73530614

I imagined them smaller

>> No.73530617

Gonna run mass daemon engines for Death Guard to make use of the new 4+ invul save relic, and give a defiler disgustingly resilent.

>> No.73530619

Kabalite would look so much better on 28mm bases

>> No.73530624

Scorched wastes camo pattern.

>> No.73530626

got back to working on my veteran squad after loosing motivation to work on infantry for a bit
layering leather atm, but still quite some stuff to do

>> No.73530627

Not them but when my father introduced me to WHFB in the edition that was HE vs Gobbos it came with some cardboard prop-ups of various monsters. So I took that to a literal conclusion and made a whole army of wood elves out of cardboard props. My dad even measured out the base pieces to be the correct size.
Over time I slowly replaced the cardboard with minis that I'd get as presents.

Just because you're an unimaginative corporate whore, doesn't mean all of us are.

>> No.73530629


>> No.73530631

People seeth when they get called out, especially by the company they spend so much money with and love.

>> No.73530637

>boomer blight drone mowing his pox-lawn waking up zoomer tzeentch sorcerers
I'm pretty into this

>> No.73530645

I still say they're space sharks mutants a la wulfen

>> No.73530650

yes anon, fanart does usually reference that stuff

>> No.73530660

God, I hope they expand minor xenos species this edition.

>> No.73530673

if you're lucky those species will get 1 unit each
more likely only 1 or 2 of them will
oh, and each unit will cost £40

>> No.73530674

tfw pretty much never base anything

>> No.73530683

My first mini, how did i do lads?
Bought the Dark Imperium box, ended up selling the SM part on Ebay to some chump for like 80$

>> No.73530685 [DELETED] 

Where were you when Sigmarxism's faggy ass slapfight with some youtuber they didn't like accidentally got Astartes and If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device taken down?


tl;dr: Sigmarxism used fake discord screenshots got some low level GW staffer to file a trademark claim against Arch Warhammer on Youtube, and if Arch fights it in any way, any fan created Warhammer content on Youtube goes automatically bye-bye, because the mark will go into Youtube's automatic enforcement bullshit system.

All this because he's smart enough to not like communists.

>> No.73530692

>if you're lucky those species will get 1 unit each
I'd be cool with that.

>> No.73530694

Isn't there already a thread about this?

>> No.73530697

>minor xenos species
Like tau?

>> No.73530712

>mfw GW annihilates all """lore"""tubers on youtube

>> No.73530714

Them too

>> No.73530724


>> No.73530728

>I love my minis so much I'm not going to paint them

>> No.73530735

settling in to read the new core rules now, is there anything in there of note that we didn't already know?

>> No.73530743

I want to play a chaos terminator lord (with dual claws) supported by a squad of non terminators. Should I take plague marines or chosen?

>> No.73530746

If only

>> No.73530747

Gud, he's a cunt and the more times Youtube's fucked algorithm causes collateral damage the more people will call for them to do something about it.

>> No.73530748

Vanguard vets with storm shields and mixed weapons

>> No.73530750

Literally fuck Arch. The sooner we can be rid of his obnoxious faggot voice, the better.

>> No.73530754

But it wouldn't just stop at youtube though.

>> No.73530763

Plague marines with double flails do some good work and are sturdier than Chosen, I'd go with them

>> No.73530764

>yfw /tg/ gets taken down for having the word warhammer in it

>> No.73530774

Probably just gonna buy more Eldar, maybe run Wraith army, Wraithlords might actually be good again. Maybe some Harlequins too, I'm willing to sink 2 CP to bring the handful of Harlequins units that actually matter

>> No.73530780

Whats a good unit to shove into a black templar land raider?

>> No.73530781

That looks like it took some time

>> No.73530787


>> No.73530789

Probably Black Templars.

>> No.73530790

Freedom at last

>> No.73530802

Anon, a handful of harlie units are all the harlie units

>> No.73530804

That's an interesting choice of colour for the armour.
I like it!

>> No.73530810

>mfw GW is finally forced to meticulously hunt and shutdown recasters

>> No.73530815

TWSSEQ units

>> No.73530816

Chosen are pretty good, flexible and (right now) cheap, but honestly they have no models and there is a high chance they will go Legend in the next Codex

>> No.73530817


>> No.73530818

good, sekrit club faggots need to be purged whatever corner of the web they hide in

>> No.73530824

That's a hilarious conversion, well done buddy-roo.
Bloody marvellous, mate!

>> No.73530825


I like the new shoulder markings you used. Great looking Chaos Marines.

>> No.73530828

It's about goddamn time.

>> No.73530829

Fuck mate, worth a try

>> No.73530833

Fuck reading this sucks

>> No.73530842

Looks good already anon! I'd recommend starting on line infantry before you do HQ's to get more comfortable. Next steps you should take are trying drubrushing, highlights and basing.

>> No.73530844

im fucking pissed that FSE were fun for 2 months are are now kind of fucked again. I haven't bought a riptide and really don't want to.

>> No.73530850

Are you fucking retarded? Nevermind, I know you are

>> No.73530854

To answer seriously, these new fucking terminators are going to be nuts, even though they'll get FAQ'd over immediately, you cam probably get a game or two in of unkillable Terminators with Thunderhammers.

>> No.73530860

So would cancerous facebook groups though so it will be a net positive

>> No.73530864

>these new fucking terminators are going to be nuts, even though they'll get FAQ'd over immediately
what is this about

>> No.73530866

Archfaggs sniffing their own farts, because their cosplay overlord cries like a baby

>> No.73530869

abloo bloo

>> No.73530872

literally a six box range where three of them are single characters

we finally get a new Harlequin and he's not even usable in Eldar armies

it hurts, bro

>> No.73530877

then don't. In casual games your list composition isn't super important (beyond having a healthy mix of anti-tank and infantry)

>> No.73530878

thanks anon, I'm a lot happier with the new transfers even if they're pretty basic

>> No.73530880

Gw trademarked the name and arch, emperor tts maker, etc were fucking cancer. good riddance

>> No.73530881

>Literally fuck Arch.
Why do you wanna have sex with that excuse for a norwegian?

>> No.73530882

>our secret safe space echo chamber where we all seethe about about black Space Marines is being threatened, time to pull out the pitchforks.

>> No.73530883

>any fan created Warhammer content on Youtube goes automatically bye-bye, because the mark will go into Youtube's automatic enforcement bullshit system.

The automatic shit requires audio or video matching. What the hell is going to be matched from Astartes or TTSD? A more general TM claim will require a human to file something. GW gets to choose which shit it wants have taken down or not. Fuck off with your fear-mongering.

>> No.73530884

termies and custarts with stormshields get a 1+ armour save which is effectively a 2++ because of the way AP works being reducing the value of the saving throw roll while being unable to reduce it below 1

>> No.73530889

Hammernators have pretty much always been decent. Even in 8th.

>> No.73530891

Terminators with Storm Shields only suffer a wound on a natural 1 save, RAW. Hopefully RAI.

>> No.73530898

Also fanart. Also third party studios that have any potential trademark infringements. Also recasters. etc etc. It doesn't stop at dumb fb groups and yt channels

Yep, retards confirmed

>> No.73530899

RAW you can outflank Fortifications, because nothing prevents you from doing so.

Suprise Fortress of Redemption everyone!

>> No.73530904

Now i know a little competitive lingo, but thats too many letters for me.

Thats so many points, but it would be so sexy to pull off. Probably the best option even after faq, thanks.

>> No.73530909

>The automatic shit requires audio or video matching.
in this instance the trademark claim is about the usage of the word warhammer in any way in a youtube channel
meaning that if Arch were to choose to argue that his channel is being unfairly targeted GW would have to either take down all the other instances or they would lose the copyright to the warhammer name under american copyright law

>> No.73530911

> if Arch fights it in any way, any fan created Warhammer content on Youtube goes automatically bye-bye
Anon, you need to learn that just because Arch says something, doesn't mean it is true.

He's trying to rally support for himself by claiming other creators who people actually like are under threat, when in reality it is just him.

>> No.73530913

Nice rebuttal fuckwit.

>> No.73530917

>if Arch were to choose to argue that his channel is being unfairly targeted GW would have to either take down all the other instances or they would lose the copyright to the warhammer name under american copyright law
No they don't

>> No.73530925

>well AKTUWALLY by RAW...
you already lost before the game even began

>> No.73530931

don't you have some fat retard asmr lore vids to watch?

>> No.73530939 [DELETED] 

Free speech has been an excuse for fucking idiots like Arch to start shit, and then claim that they have a right to start shit.

Arch is under attack because he's a faggot that loves the taste of Big Black Cock, and his channel's going down. Soon he'll have to beg Sargon for money.

>> No.73530941

Have fun fitting it anywhere on the board.

>> No.73530944

They're not unkillable. Just hard to kill.

>> No.73530946

You cant fit that shit within 6" of the edge table anyway. Its doom to be a waste of points if you try that shit.

>> No.73530949

anyone read pic related? Is it good?

>> No.73530957

man, fuck that whole sphere you YT. arch and sargon and Vee can all go hang

>> No.73530961

There is theis little thing called Fair Use you may have heard of.

None of the channels that anybody actually gives a shit about would be affected, because they almost all fit the Fair Use clause.

>> No.73530964

Those are some extremely sexy tanks, especially the scorch marks around the barrels (how did you do that?), but the treads on the first Russ look conspicuously less finished than everything else.

>> No.73530968

I never understood how those channels get so many views. Can't people read? A lot of the source material, no matter the topic, is meticulously cataloged on wikis and can often be easily found through a simple Google search.

>> No.73530971

I think Steve Lyons wrote it.

>> No.73530972

Yeah, all of Steve Lyons' Krieg stories are really good. Thoroughly recommended.

>> No.73530979

Terminator with storm shield equivalent

The new hotness because 1+ = 2++

>> No.73530980

Apparently it's mainly people that are too lazy to fucking read.

And people wonder why GW has a rule that forces these lazy fucks to paint.

>> No.73530981

which arch's channel falls under. however GW (or in reality, one bootybothered goblin inside their legal department) is attempting to claim that in the context of a youtube channel, using the word warhammer at all is a breach of copyright, not fair use

>> No.73530990

What color scheme would you make the ground? I was going to put Dark Earth, some tiny rocks and skulls, but have no idea how to paint the ground. If i should try to make it a dark brown an realistic...

>> No.73530994

In Arch's instance, it isn't Fair Use, because he's a fucking faggot.

>> No.73530995

what if they're hit with an -3AP weapon like a power fist?

>> No.73531002

why do you talk about yourself in third person?

>> No.73531005

Getting my Sentinel army done.

>> No.73531006

>I support free speech but...
Fuck off commie

>> No.73531009 [DELETED] 

Don't you have cum to wipe off your cheeks?

No free speech is free speech. But you don't have free speech on platforms like yt, fb, twitter when you make and account and agree to the terms and user agreement; So Arch would not have much of a case. But watching that video, his case wasn't exactly about free speech, but rather the can of worms this GW employee just opened with the very poorly written trademark claim (assuming all this is even true, because I haven't seen any response or even a screenshot of the threat). I honestly didn't know Arch prior to this drama, but I can't help but be concerned since this shit happens with gaming too often and I happen to enjoy fanmade creations

>> No.73531010

100% they are going to FAQ this, or maybe, just maybe, the sheilds will have different rules ala the captain vs the blade guard

>> No.73531012

I have a secondary friend who is into 40k youtube stuff. He told me he likes to leave lore vids on when he's going to bed.

>> No.73531018

Are the rumours true and Stern can't run with Sisters and MUST be played with the xeno?

>> No.73531019

I'd make it Simple Green because jesus fucking christ start over from scratch

>> No.73531025

AP modifies the Roll, not the statistic. We as players often simplify and abstract AP to mean "I need a 4+" or "now my save is 6+" bit that's actually backwards.

A roll can never go below a 1. And anything above a 1 is saved. They don't even need the Invuln save anymore, because their Armour Save can't be modified, RAW.

>> No.73531028

ok anon, it works like this
jimmy attacks a stormshielded terminator with a power fist. hit and wound succeed so now it's time for bobby to make a saving throw
bobby rolls a 2
the -3AP on the power fist reduces the result of his saving throw to 1, because it cannot be modified below a 1. a modified 1 is saved by the 1+
as a result of this, the saving throw is successful and the wound is blocked

>> No.73531039

>what color shceme would you make the ground
like the rest of my armies, sand-dark grey-bone drybrushhighland grass and tufts
However if you want that underwater feel, go with seafloor, light sand with some rocks and corals AoS sea-elfs are a good source for basing bits
could even do some swirls to represent the waves above, mimic'ing it being close to the surface
if your looking for colors to fit, i'd still recommend a pretty light base, as the model itself uses quite muted colors

>> No.73531041

ah, I follow
yes, I do not expect that to stay unFAQd for long but it'll be fun (for someone) if it stays up even a little while

>> No.73531042

it would still be a save on 2 or higher because the -3 would lower the dice result to a 1 and it can never be below a 1 because ap modifiers don't modefy below 1 ever, the wound is always saved unless you roll a 1 because 1's always fail.

>> No.73531045

>GW makes an inaccurate copyright claim
>ArchWarfaggot challenges it
>Youtube legal peon is forced to watch the videos in question, thus becoming the true victim in all of this
>Goes back to GW and says the videos are covered under Youtube's Fair Use policy
>GW's only recourse now is direct legal action, which is costly and they'll almost certainly lose
Oh look, it is fucking nothing. Call me if he gets taken to court, that might actually have an effect. He's just fishing for view $$$ by trying to generate fear in the wider 40k youtube community that him getting copyright strike'd will somehow effect them.

Remember when an anime studio made a claim against an anime youtuber for using clips of their show, then from then on, no anime was allowed on Youtube? No? Neither does anyone else because it didn't fucking happen but that is what Archwarnigger is claiming.

>> No.73531056

Free Speech is used as a "I can say what ever I want and you can't do anything to stop me" card. Free Speech is to protect the citizen from the government, not corporations or other citizens.

Free Speech ensures that you can't be censored by the government, mostly. It doesn't mean you can't get punched in the face for what you say.

>> No.73531066

Go punch some nazis, faggot.

>> No.73531067

Yes they do. If you do not defend your trademark you lose it in the US, and the claim invoked US trademark laws. Assuming this is all true and Arch isn't just making shit up

>> No.73531071

You have no fucking clue what you're talking about. There is no "fair." GW gets to decide who they're okay with and who they aren't You seem to be conflating this with genericization of trademark which DOES compel a company to act against everyone misusing the trademark. But that's not at all relevant here. No one is confusing Warhammer 40k with being a generic term for all tabletop wargaming. When they say 40k, they're specifically talking about GW's 40k. This is just like a company saying Artists X's fanart is okay but Artist Y's is not for whatever reason (too sexual or too violent or whatever) and demanding they stop. They get to make that determination and are free to draw the line wherever they like unless Arch can somehow successfully argue fair use. Hell WotC just shut down a fan made gay vampire adventure module because they said it was too sexual. Those guys bitched about double standard and pointed at sexy female characters and do you know how much that mattered legally? Exactly jack. WotC controls the IP so they get to decide who gets to play and who doesn't.

>> No.73531074

I did. I think they liked it.

>> No.73531078

you can tell he's a friendless moron who never plays the game, being that vocal about right wing shit in any nordic country gets you shunned fast.

>> No.73531080

>government censoring bad but corporate censoring good
fuck off bootlicker

>> No.73531090


Feculant Gnarlmaw
Battle Sanctum
the new Space Marine turret
Void Shield Generator

fuck it, just use it to give your flanking unit a barricade.

>> No.73531106

>squad of battlefield infiltrators brought a pre-fab defensive structure to quickly unfold on the battlefield and use as a defensive position

I mean, makes sense to me

>> No.73531121

I didn't say any censoring was good, I said that people of interpret Free Speech to be far more sweeping than it is, legally.

But you don't care about that really, you're afraid your favorite Dutch twink is about to get deep dicked by daddy GW, and now you'll have to go back to watching Info Wars. Which, I get it. Big Al has really dropped off recently. But that's no reason to abandon Arch in his our of need! You should go donate to his "save my channel" GoFundMe! I'm sure that will be money well spent.

>> No.73531125

Thanks anon, and I think I did those treads before I settled on the method I used for the rest of them. Too many washes killed the highlights, but I'm too lazy to go back and change them.

>> No.73531126

paint more infantry and probably not play much cause guard seems to not get any rules/stratagems that aren't rigid and restrictive

>> No.73531131

Here is my tryhard mode level of painting atm

>> No.73531135

>There is no "fair".

>> No.73531145

he's a hairy boy

>> No.73531158

>implying I would ever give any money to a fucking lore channel
christ anon I may be a serial pervert and a disgusto slime gremlin but I have more self-respect than that
I feel that you're misunderstanding people who cry about free speech. anyone who makes the legal argument about private infractions of the ideal of free speech is of course wrong, but many of them make the argument for the ideal of free speech, that a corporation or even angry mob should not be allowed to stop you from speaking simply because they disagree with you.

>> No.73531161

Might want to wipe the pubes off before taking a pic next time. Good painting tho.

>> No.73531166

Sup guys

Chapter Master Valrak has declared he will no longer cover leaks as he believes he has a responsibility to the community. I'm disappointed about this.

Shall I become a YouTuber with the intention of being approached by leakers? CMV has sat on lots of information rather than share with us. Any leaks I get will be shared.

I'll do it for you Anons. Do you approve?

>> No.73531169

In fact the likely claim here if it is indeed a trademark claim is a "tarnishing" claim. Basically saying Arch is such a shitbag that him being associated with their IP is tarnishing it's value. https://www.uspto.gov/about-trademarks
More likely though this is just a plain old copyright issue.

>> No.73531171

I remember seeing his video, it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. His retardo discord fags are what probably fucked him up.

And freedom of speech should always be preserved, censoring turns us one step close to an imperium and only the dark gods will deny this future.

>> No.73531178

Those are some lovely bases. Though I don't know if a light sand-base, first i had an idea of a deeper sea-bed, more greenish or dark blue, but have no idea on how to make them. I also though of using black pigment over a red base, but may break from the dark-sea mermaid feel.
The idea of the waves is good, I remember MarcoFrisoniNJM having a nice way to make waves. Could also help to give a little movement to the "dresses" (capes?) since they are a bit to the bland side, unlike the skin which has a lot of stuff.
Thanking photos of metallics is a pain, specially when phones have a lot of post-processing, so it ends up being very blurry with more light in it.

>> No.73531179

>Chapter Master Valrak has declared he will no longer cover leaks as he believes he has a responsibility to the community.
Read: his GW contact told him they're not sending him """"leaks"""" anymore

>> No.73531183


Damn, forgot to answer your question. The battle cannons are just some brown and black pigments worked into the surface before varnishing, while the heat distress is thin strips of coloured washes applied from red to purple down the barrels.

>> No.73531185

Literally who cares? Let people do what they want and let people watch what they want.
Virtual signaling fags are just as bad as the other side IMO

>> No.73531189

As long as your channel is called "Niggerfaggot" I'll endorse you.

>> No.73531193

I think GW have contacted him directly and now own him as a paid shill.

>> No.73531202

He always was. Literally everyone who got sent Indomitus is.

>> No.73531204


>> No.73531206

Do it cunt, I'll support you all the way.

>> No.73531214

the people who want leaks care

I'm close to CMV. Let me let you in a secret

He told me in discord he has been told by a very reliable source that there is a primarch coming with next edition a month or two after release.

Also there is more marine shit to come in a second wave due around the same time.

CMV isn't telling the community because of "responsibility", but he 100% believes his leak.

Fuck you CMV. I'll be leaving your community today.

>> No.73531216

The missile launcher is probably stored inside on the drop and a top-plate is discarded on landing, the launcher rising and locking into position.
Post battle, a Thunderhawk carrier comes and retrieves it to be repaired, reloaded and ready for the next battle.
Things like the fins are always present as it's built into the main structure. They don't need to be discarded as it's not a permanent structure. It's dropped and picked up again and again.
Despite being called a 'bunker' it looks like it's just a defence turret so tat's why there'is no visible way in. there's likely a hatch for the Techmarines to get at the internals but no room for a squad to hide.

>> No.73531217

>red to purple washes down the barrel to heat
nice and easy, I'll steal this for my meltas and flamers If I ever get around to building some

>> No.73531218

I admit I've been very slow with painting them (and that it looks like utter shit). Could be worse though.

>> No.73531221


sigmarxist detected.

he literally fucking said they made sense via the lore. the only people who think he had a problem with them were the idiots who listened to sigmarxism "summarize" his views on it.

>> No.73531222

Thank you random guy. That's not what I meant by fair. I mentioned fair use myself. And hell, fair use isn't actually even applicable in trademark law. Trademark and Copyright are two entirely separate things administered by two entirely separate government agencies.

>> No.73531223


Any leaks I get will come here first

Also fuck reddit

>> No.73531227

40k utube space is pretty ripe for the taking. Very few likable personalities that don't push some personal agenda.

>> No.73531235

.... you didn't prime them?

>> No.73531243

i see that; I think I could get in there and take some territory.

Why? 40k YouTube is fill of shills and we deserve better

>> No.73531247

I honestly love the idea here but the execution of it leaves the vehicles as kind of an eyesore unfortunately. Would there be any way to add another wash to all that silver, or maybe rust some of it up a bit?

>> No.73531251

I actually think they are, look at some of the joints you can see a different color vs whatever spray he used.

>> No.73531256

Ah i see how it is now. Well that sucks, it’s just that “leaks” nowadays just mean promotional material for you tubers to show.

>> No.73531258

Yes. I was torn between the usual (priming with abbadon black) or follow the instructions given and prime/base coat them with DG green.

>> No.73531259

You do support the best 40k youtuber don't you?

>> No.73531264

I'm all for Free Speech. Of course. But I'm saying that people sometimes use the concept of Free Speech to protect them from the ramifications of what they say.

Speech in all it's forms should be tolerated and protected, even Hate Speech. But that doesn't mean you won't have to deal with people trying to beat your shit in. I shouldn't have to be explaining this.

It's the intellectual equivalent of those faggot prank channels where they step on a guys shoe and then scream "IT'S JUST A PRANK" as if that absolves them of any liability for their words or actions.

In the end, it's just people using Free Speech as an excuse to be stupid and get away with it. Usually it's not, but in Arch's case, I fail to see it as anything else, especially since we've only heard his side, and we know for a fact that he is no stranger to twisting or omitting facts entirely to make his narrative more coherent.

>> No.73531269

>I'm all for Free Speech. Of course. But

>> No.73531273

I watch him if that counts.

>> No.73531276

Oh they mad. they real mad LMAO

>> No.73531280

Of course I do. Best Wh youtuber (that's not saying much, but still).

>> No.73531281

Poor quality strawman

>> No.73531284


>I'll do it for you Anons. Do you approve?
Do it ya mad lad.

Fuck Valrak, the spineless britbong cuck.

>> No.73531286

>Drop Pod structures for Mahreens should be a thing since forever anyway.
It was canon before DoW.
Marine structures are;
1) Giant edifices that take centuries to build, kilometres high and will stand the test of time over millennia.
2) Prefabs that get thunderhawked planetside and the slaves/serfs/servitors/Techmarines spend the afternoon assembling. Like a giant plascrete and adamantium demountable.
3) Literal specialised drop-pods for when they need structures but only for a few battles before they move on.

>> No.73531301

>whatever spray he used.
Not spray. It was all with pot & brush.

>> No.73531303

Wheres this from?

>> No.73531304


>> No.73531305

lol the GW boot came down on fat master valrak's neck

>> No.73531309

>people sometimes use the concept of Free Speech to protect them from the ramifications of what they say.

That is exactly the meaning of free speech.
This case is a bit out of the ordinary because companies are private and don’t give a shit about morals and are based on the Jewish catholic bible ethics so they can shut shit down as they seem fit.
Doesn’t mean what they did is wrong.... or right

>> No.73531315

How many of you would leave your drink unattended at a party with this guy hanging around?

>> No.73531316

Free speech is free speech. Those "ramifications" really aren't necessary consider this is all related to toy soldiers and painting them no matter how heinous, because he hasn't (as far as I know) made threats, invoke violence, etc etc.

But you can't use speech to threaten someone or scream "fire" in a crowded theater which could get people hurt.

>> No.73531319

How do I approach Necromunda? I got the Dark Uprising box and thought "I should magnetize all the weapon options since dudes upgrade during campaigns" but then looking through the books there are SO many options! Some that parts don't even exist for!

So please anyone who plays Necromunda, what's the best way to customize your dudes? Are some just not worth magnetizing?

>> No.73531323

>being that vocal about right wing shit in any nordic country gets you shunned fast
found the berniebro amerinigger who has never set foot in scandinavia.

>> No.73531324

I'm not happy with the vehicles and consider a lot of it still being a work in progress. The main goal was to get the pile of plastic that I've been collecting to have a solid base coat. It will get a lot better once I start adding weathering and some additional basing that I have in mind.

>> No.73531327

All of the "posts" made by him were clipped out of context. He went through nearly all of them on a stream explaining the conversations.

And ALL of them were just raunchy jokes. Each and every single one.

Of course the fucking communist larping subhuman filth would try to pin jokes as a reason to silence someone.

>> No.73531328


>> No.73531331


>> No.73531333

>at a party
where do you think you are normie?

>> No.73531334

The amount of outright self admitting communists in that thread is concerning.

>> No.73531337

Screen capped.

I'll spend today setting it up and begin Saturday after the latest stream. Cheers boys

>> No.73531340

the only reason my drink would be unattended would be because it was finished and I was acquiring another one

>> No.73531343

Why are so many Warhammer YT guys faggits?

>> No.73531352

my phone. they sent it to a bunch of people in involved in the tournament scene here in the UK, who posted the blast weapon stuff somewhere other than here

>> No.73531360

You mean jokes like "CP is fine because most of the time the children and parents consent"?

Because I have to admit, that's a pretty funny joke.

>> No.73531362


He's alt-right too. Sigmarxism's discord was talking about him a few weeks ago.

Expect some "leaks" about him soon, or a trademark attack against him from GW, since both worked on Arch.

>> No.73531363

I was in Goteborg just last year, scandinavia is liberal as fuck as is the warhammer scene over there. I think you have the bigger problem with reality then I do friend.

>> No.73531364


they are very unhappy about this whole leak lmao

>> No.73531367

I think you are supposed to keep track of your dudes in a sheet and not in a literal way showing their weapons or load out, wouldn’t know we only played arena and shits dead , no one plays it anymore.
I’m a communist and political ideologies have nothing to do with arch, why are you like this

>> No.73531370

>It doesn't mean you can't get punched in the face for what you say.
it means exactly that, be it the government or anyone else.

>> No.73531376

he still lets pedos on his discord, so he is a pedo lover and will hang

>> No.73531381

Shit anon this is fantastic, exactly what I want for my zombie pirates army [\spoiler] Can you please spoon feed me your basing process?

>> No.73531384

What is /40kg/'s problem with this guy again?

>> No.73531390

But isn't that censoring Free Speech? If I can't use Free Soeech to punch you in the face because I disagree with you, that censor ship. It's sheer communism.

>> No.73531393

this dude has got that 'ally by day, predator by night' energy

>> No.73531400

>r/sigmarxism goonies literally organized the attack
>political ideologies have nothing to do with arch
>when he has made fun of sigmarxism and their retarded ideas of communism and their views of 40k and AoS several times

>> No.73531402

I used to joke with shit like that on my “esport team” vent, some secondary heard about it and now I’m hated by people who I’ve never even talked with despite everyone on the team doing the same jokes.

Secondaries are a mistake, there’s a reason why they don’t fit in.

>> No.73531406

cry me a river

>> No.73531410

He really does. I bet he's the 40k YT "community" equivalent of ProJared.

>> No.73531412

So does basically every single discord server.

Hell, many of discords own official servers used by their staff have come under harsh critique for being filled with furry pedophiles.

>> No.73531415


>> No.73531416

What do Command Points have to do with consent?

>> No.73531417

idk about the rest of people but fuck his fucking voice jfc my god

>> No.73531423

That’s more like anarchy, being able to impose violence into whoever you want because you disagree or something. Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want as long as you don’t break any laws like being a threat to someone peace by being obnoxious.

These are not hard concepts

>> No.73531424

>I don't consent to playing 8th edition

>> No.73531426

oh so if everyone does it then its okay. fuck off pedo supporter arch is a cunt

>> No.73531429

>that censor ship
no, it's not
physical aggression is not speech

>> No.73531432

where's the rust?

>> No.73531434

>he thinks I did those
I didn't i just took them of google to illustrate my point
still, here's how I would go about it, tho it might look a bit different and require a few tries and alterations:
>aquire acrily texture paste, slop on, smooth out, then shape dents in one direction, this should create ridges
>base khaki, drybrush bone, lightly wash earthtone, this should create the sandy look
coral bits, small fishes etc. can be taken from idoneth deepkin, rocks and pebbles from the ground, corals look like island-moss or whatever its called
for painting rocks: light grey, drybrush and sahde together with the ground
and to answer your actual question, heres my basing process: sand-darkgrey-drybrush bone-add grass

>> No.73531435

I thought he was holding a can of beer or soup

>> No.73531437

It's a political act though. And that IS Free Speech.

>> No.73531439

is that an Alpha Legion army?

>> No.73531441


>> No.73531445

>outer circle
he's ok but has a lot of retarded takes but then I would be frustrated as hell if I was australian and tried to play the game so it might be the massive chip on his shoulder.

>> No.73531447

Political acts =/= political speech.

>> No.73531461

>there's one spike too many on his shoulder and the model has too much trim, it's fucking worthless

>> No.73531464

I've heard our boys are going to 3 wounds, can anyone confirm this?
I've also heard all marines get 2 wounds?

>> No.73531466

There is no difference between the two. Actions are inherently political. All actions. If they are not protected by Free Speech, then there is no Free Speech.

>> No.73531474

This isn't happening

>> No.73531478

Both of those are wrong.

Yes I'm sure.

>> No.73531479

>all actions are inherently political
Do you have fucking worms in your brain?

>> No.73531481


I have the highest tier on miniac patreon but more importantly, how could you tell?

>> No.73531485

Good luck with your court case, ANTIFA, but it's not gonna fly. There is an enshrined distinction between acts and speech in United States law.

>> No.73531487

>cares so little about the hobby he only paints for his videos

>> No.73531488

If the same political shit arch warhammer says in his videos was posted here,the user would he called a /pol/fag and asked to leave

>> No.73531489

No and no.

>> No.73531493

Well boys, we had a good couple days of the thread not being full of politics and worthless yt drama, i enjoyed it.

>> No.73531499


Better him than some Male Feminist. He's a Conservative, they actually respect women.

We're up to what, 80% of le woke lefty male feminists since GamerGate started being outed as rapists and sex pests? 85% maybe?

>> No.73531503

It's death guard, but I wanted to have one scheme for all my CSM models.

They are oily bois, but I did buy some rust effect paints so it will be added soon.

>> No.73531504

Have you ever watched the guy? He's a bit of a spastic, the rest of ttt aren't any better. They're all kind of special.

>> No.73531513

Same. The western obsession with politics is unhinged.

>> No.73531516

s a n g u i n i u s

>> No.73531522


>> No.73531526


Bases not done, but I'm proud of my first minis.

I wanted to use everything I learned from that for Abaddon and it took fucking days.

>> No.73531529

Papa Nurgle's gift to you, anon. Breathe it in.

>> No.73531536

If you can drop bunker for marines, you can also drop equal volume of bombs on the enemy.

>> No.73531537


>> No.73531538

aren't arch and valrak well known for samefagging whenever they're criticized here?

>> No.73531541

This. I come to 40k for escapism not have this shit pushed on me.

>> No.73531542

>It's a political act though.
so is gassing the jews then.

you're insane

>> No.73531551

>Actions are inherently political.
I just had a wank and farted, could you please explain the politics behind that action?

>> No.73531553

One guy just told me, since the Sv of 1+ is mostly a mistake from GW part, white means a 4++ on a Custode was shit since they already had 4++, the thing was, they have 5++ which is improved by 1 from being Battleforged, but if they have the stormshield that gives +1 Sv and 4++, it means they are going to be 1+/3++, which means from Ap 0 and -1 they will save on 2+, and from -2 and up, they will save on 3++.
That makes them pretty strong troop choice.

>> No.73531554

What's the best place to buy individual bits in the EU?

>> No.73531556

>It's a political act
no, it's a crime

>> No.73531566

>still paints the greatest minis without effort
>and teaches you how to by telling a 15 minutes story of art history


>> No.73531568

What is the political ramification of your Mum guzzling my cum down her throat? Asking for a friend

>> No.73531569

Bombs can only be dropped at the specific place and specific time of exactly where the enemy is, dumbass. Fortifications can be dropped and left until the time at which they become needed, allowing the ship to move elsewhere. It makes far more sense for mobile warfare to have the drop bunkers.

>> No.73531573

ah yes whining about painting rules and 'FUCK greytide' followed up by a day of 'hurr how do stormshields work' was a real jump in quality

>> No.73531581


>> No.73531586

Very nice use of colors here. Just like my own dudes it needs a bit more work, but it looks good already.

>> No.73531591

Because this one goes to eleven!

>> No.73531592

True, but as things currently stand they have a 2++

Because that Errata will take a while, if they even bother doing it, considering GW made that exact Ruling official in Age of Sigmar.

>> No.73531595

fuck off to /pol/ retard

>> No.73531596

Primaris! Cawl™

>> No.73531597

They already used hyper, mega and ultra so what's left?

>> No.73531599

>WAACfags around the net are bitching that you have to actually write down your psychic powers, WL traits, Relics and other pre-game choices on your sheet instead of waiting to peek at your opponent's list and tailoring like a faggot
Top kek, can 9th get any better? Paintlets BTFO, WAACniggers BTFO, Overwatch faggotry ended, congaline retardation ended, soupfags fucked, terrainlets utterly cucked.

>> No.73531602

so manlets krak and frag missiles dont get the extra 2S

>> No.73531605

So when are we going to get back to talking about female space marines?

>> No.73531607

They were a thing in Necromunda and earlier editions of 40k.

It's just a nod to oldschool fans

>> No.73531608


>> No.73531609

The place where they are available.

>> No.73531611

Your the unlucky man that missed the golden time a day or two ago with the leaks and the 10vp paint rule, im sorry you missed out on it.

>> No.73531616

Been out the scene for a long time (8 months), what's the most important things about the new ed?
>Grey tide btfo
>Vehicle and horde changes
>Stormshield fuckers
>New forts that do stuff?
Is that it or am I missing anything else.
And lastly what army/list will be the most fun with the new changes

>> No.73531617

I was waiting for you retarded newfag secondaries to unwittingly show how new you are over this hahahahah.

>> No.73531618

>write down before
on like a piece of paper, or designated sheets?

>> No.73531620

Everything is super When you're--- Don't you think your troops look cute in this blast?

>> No.73531624

It's wonderful isn't it? Really looking forward to playing 9th when quarantines are over everywhere.

>> No.73531628


>> No.73531630

On your army list. It has to be chosen like wargear and units before you show up to the game.

>> No.73531635

>2d6 shots
Low t high model unit btfo.

>> No.73531636

The one downside is hordes fucked too, but hey can’t have everything

>> No.73531639

Were they an older thing? I don't own a single SM model so idk about SM equipment.

>> No.73531641

Cool thing is, most armies look fun with the new changes.

>> No.73531642

NEW >>73531627

NEW >>73531627

NEW >>73531627

NEW >>73531627

>> No.73531643

What i mean is, even if the rules gets fixed, the Stormshield on Custodes is still massively good on them. It would be terrible to have Guards with Shields, and after the FAQ they only having an inv save of 4++ and a save of 2+ from Ap 0 and -1. Their ability of improving the inv. save by 1, affects greatly, as in before, they couldn't go to 2++ because that inv. save improvement couldn't go lower than 3++ (as stated in the ability).

>> No.73531648

not him, but wasn't that always the case anyway?
and couldn't you just write them down as soon as you see your opponents list as that would still be pre-game?

>> No.73531652

So a battlescribe list would be just as fine?

>> No.73531658

But.... that’s how the game is supposed to be played.... you can change your relics and traits between games, getting blasted by a thousand sons fag ain’t fun , this has nothing to do with being a waac.

>> No.73531662

People are overstating how deadly the new blast rules are. Hordes arent terrible when you actually play, they're pretty balanced. Well, some of them are terrible because the unit/army/Codex is terrible, not because they are hordes. Hopefully balance improves with the next wave of codices.

>> No.73531666

>Is that it or am I missing anything else.
true line of sight is removed when you're hiding behind 5" tall scenery

any non-horde army with both infantry and dreadnought-equivalents, nidzilla for example

>> No.73531667

Most people already did that by making battlescribe generate army lists.

>> No.73531674

That's what I did with my frens. But it sounded like this is some new thing.

>> No.73531679


>> No.73531689


Really. In which one?

>> No.73531696

it's better than the usual hyphenated abominations that pass for names at GW these days. Hyperphase Reap-blade holy shit how did they have the nerve to print that. Just be thankful they didn't go overboard on -kin.

>> No.73531704

>Mfw I'm a nidzilla player

>> No.73531710

Fair point, I’m referring to gaunts specifically, that new turrets gonna fuck em

>> No.73531713

Thank you!

would love to see your boys

>> No.73531720

>you have to actually write down your psychic powers, WL traits, Relics and other pre-game choices
Wasn't this always like that? Didn't the GW tournaments have that requirement, only that stuff from stratagems (additional relics, improving units, etc) you could do during the match, after you got the information from the oponents list?

>> No.73531723

>source: my ass

>> No.73531734

gtfo my internet, faggot

>> No.73531748

Those steel death guard in the thread are mine. Looks like next step for me is learning how to weather and add rust effects.

>> No.73531750

that's not comfy winters

>> No.73531755

>use 50 5 man units instead of 25 10 man units
Pshht nothing personnel GW but horde stays

>> No.73531763

>something something girlfriend!
He can fuck right off with his clickbait

>> No.73531786

ok they are beautiful

>> No.73531845

are we talking about the same person?

>> No.73531900

Just build cool looking models. You will never be able to account for every possible change in the gear of all your miniatures... keep track of their stuff on seperate cards and keep it as close as possible.

>> No.73531930

It's crazy to me that all of this 2++ nonsense wouldn't even be an issue if GW didn't include the clause that rolls cant be reduced below 1. Why would they even put that in there? What function does it actually serve besides being redundant, confusing, and serving as WAACfag bait?

>> No.73531980

Superfragilisticexpialidocious missle

>> No.73531992

Artificial drama.
People get upset, causes controversy, more people pay attention to the new edition.
Remember no publicity is bad publicity.

>> No.73532133

Look how good the first half of the thread was, and now look at it

Stop bringing fucking gay youtube e-celeb politics in here

>> No.73532174

Probably cause if they could get modified lower than 1 people would make a similar retarded argument that - 1 rolls don't do anything or something

>> No.73532294

Why do my eyes hurt looking at that picture?

>> No.73532592

While he does have some small point in there, it still reeks of a petulant child screeching, typical 40K copeposter.

>> No.73532688

This so much this. I have to wear sunglasses to hide my brown eyes from right wing death squads Every. Single. Day. I don't have TIME to paint all of my minis while I am CONSTANTLY fearing for my LIFE. GW really need to reevaluate their stance on this.

>> No.73532757

i pray for the day youtube and all other social media is deleted

>leakerbro gets rulebook after it falls off a truck, uploads the whole thing instantly straight to the board with seethe-causing watermarks to boot
>guys should I make YOUTUBE channel to cover leaks????? I promise to be BAAASED and not CRINGE so everyone subscribe do I have your approval because /tg/ is a hivemind

>> No.73532948

Maybe read what people are actually complaining about for starters.

>> No.73533128

>people hate him and want him gone, so they'll allow any bullshit GW can pull
>GW uses the same bullshit to go after content people like
>fan projects are ruined
>Arch gets all the blame

It's Chapterhouse all over again. Can't wait to hear years and years of people bitching how GW is taking down cool content and it's all Arch's fault, not the complacent people who supported GW when it was convenient for them.

>> No.73533140


Bring back deep striking orbital laser platforms!

>> No.73533268

>gets rulebook after it falls off a truck, uploads the whole thing instantly straight to the board with seethe-causing watermarks to boot
Is that legit what happened?

>> No.73533400

I still don't understand this, the way I saw it is those specific special primaris shields shown in the leaks give you the +1 save while all other storm shields work like normal. Was there an addendum to the rules somewhere I missed that changes that?

>> No.73533421

He said he found it in a trashcan

>> No.73533509

All Storm Shields grant a +1 to a model's armour save and also confers a 4++.

>> No.73533611

Lmao the guy who threw it away knew what was up
Did he return it to the trash like a good citizen would?

>> No.73533878

Would you paint chess piece?
Would it be ok to become a grandmaster for having airbrushed and zenithaled your chess pieces?

It's a social game before being an artistic passtime.

>> No.73533956

allegedly it was an angry girlfriend that threw the rule books away

>> No.73534087

What else do I add to this? Trying to start a TS small army.
>20 Rubric Marines
>20 Tzaangors

>> No.73534155

Add a Rhino or Terminators

>> No.73534180

If I wrote a sci fi fantasy series inspired by Norse mythology, would people immediately just think of space wolves? No hate on GW or the 40k universe, but I would rather make something original.

>> No.73534247

What rules lawyer shit? The 3++? That's not RL; that's just basic rules. SS gives 4++, and Custard improve invul by 1, max 3++.

60ppm bananamen are better than your precious primaris, deal with it.

>> No.73534257

Maybe add another HQ? A jump-pack Sorcerer.

>> No.73534367


Where did you find the pdf?

>> No.73534428


>> No.73534433

Why ask for the lowest bar to prove a point?
It's like telling people who run 5k and 10k marathons that running a marathon isn't hard. Then finding and using 1k run to prove your point.
If you really want to prove your point pick a hard to paint scheme or an army with lots of model.
Even then you're just going to get a "good for you" when you brag about it.

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