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Imagine painting youre army

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>We've literally seen their data sheet
Link please? I can't believe a newly released unit comes with no bells and whistles to make people buy them.

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B-b-but mommy still wipes my ass

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Death to grey tide

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Are all of you poorfags? I get my models painted by a painting studio. Who the fuck has the time to sit down and paint their own shit, good god.

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*Slaaneshi Lord uses his style to win a battle that would otherwise end up in defeat // Year 41.457 // Colorized*

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Richfag dabbing on WAACs

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Post your unpainted models proudly and without fear, 40kg is a pro-unpainted model zone. Show GW you will not be bullied into doing something you don't want to do! We can do this.

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It's time to make a choice.

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I just wanna say that based leaker has reminded me why I love this hellhole, even with all the bait and polfagging. We're a bunch of shits, but I feel more genuine community with you guys then with anyone who was complaining about poor GW or wondering why the leaker didn't try to monetize his good fortune. I hope everyone's armies are top-tier this edition and that you all have good games.

Tau excluded, obviously.

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Good, you'll have both hands free to hold a brush.

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Gray Minis Matter

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Prove you're not a paintlet and post painted models

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So ive been asking in the second to last thread.

If i use a super heavy auxilliary detachment,for instance a wraithhknight from alaitoc/biel tan,does that mean that it doesnt benefit from the craftworld rule,like the -1 to hit or reroll 1s to shoot?

why would i use a unit thats represented in the codex and not having the beneift of its rules?

or did i misunderstand something?

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asked this in another thread, but is Mechanicus a good army for someone new to 40K and modelling in general? I like their lore and aesthetic. Was tossing up between them ans the SoB or 1K Sons but the new Admech models really sealed the deal

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>when you always play fully painted so you never have to worry about losing out on VP

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hodor :)

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Deeth tu Animekaschperl

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They're simple enough to play but the models are very fiddly and have a lot of small, awkward details. Good army for a new player, bad army for a new painter.

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I know I don't deserve a win, but godsdamnit I'm not going down without a fight.

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>tfw you never play despite buying minis for 15 years so you don't have to worry

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Unless it says that it doesn't apply to aux detachments it would get the benefit.

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paint it anon

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>bad army for a new painter.
Which in the upcoming edition means a bad army for a new player.

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Here you go, curtesy of our local hero.

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No Paint, No Games
No Paint, No Games
No Paint, No Games

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Me playing an Apocalypse game with my friends.
I'm the EC guy.
It's all painted, there are 15 Raptors in reserve, and even with them that's not even half my stuff.

Working on more Raptors right now.

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>Prove you're not a paintlet and post painted models
here you go
If I don't hate playing these guys I'm going to try run them for a crusade campaign, if not I'll do with my Dark Eldar or Orks

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How did we get marine points but no points for everything else?

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I guess, but Intercessors only started off with 1 option and chainswords, powerfists, power swords, auto and stalker bolters and thunderhammers got added over time. I know rules aren't quite the same, but still. Initial release data-sheet doesn't mean they won't get something in future.

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I really like your paint scheme. Good luck making them work.

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who else matters?

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>he thinks armies other than Primaris™ Astartes™ matter

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what are the odds CSMs get to use the Astartes Chainsword too?

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did anyone save the primaris captain and leftenet data sheets?

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They'll be good with the Judiciar alongside them

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Explosive salvos....

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zero to none

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[Laughs in 21 S8 AP-3 Dd3 attacks hitting on 2+]


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The same odds they get Bolt Rifles. Zero.

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How, in the fluff are CSM getting Astartes chainswords made by Cawl?

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Reivers but better

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Any chapter that buffs melee will like them, especially if they really are a troops option.

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im completely new to painting, are there any good tutorials around so i dont completely fuck my outrageously expensive skitarii up?

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No, CSM get "rusty ass pocket knife" witch gives you enemy the benefit of cover.

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cheers man

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Why, what does he do?

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I don’t know if this is a dumb question, but fluff-wise why can’t tacticals and primaris tacticals be issued both a chainsword and a rifle?

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>if they really are a troops option.
Oh I hadn't heard about this. If they were troops then I take back all my reservation and will def try to make a smashy list featuring them.

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Posted these already weeks ago, but I'm just about to finish some Hellblasters to join in.

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thanks anon, they were a fun change of pace to paint from my normal stuff

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I think they're just making all space marine chainswords better

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he puts a knee on the neck of the enemy unit and doesn't let it breath until everybody else gets a turn on it

very insensitive of GW

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because shut up thats why, you need to fall to chaos to have all 3

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Hoe does the Judicar "attack for last" rule interact with the Slaaneshi "attack first" rule?

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There's a Duncan video that's a step by step guide on Skitarii, just google how to paint skitarii and it should be the first result

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It has the troops symbol in their data sheet so...

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You too anon

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I didnt see a "Made by Cawl donutsteel" on the chainswords yet. Neither is it a "Primaris Chainsword" but an "Astrates Chainsword". CSM are Astrates still.

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>Astartes Chainsword
>Not "Primaris Chainsword"
We'll get it in Index CSM for sure. Maybe now people will actually use those chainswords they got from the $60 CSM kit, or Raptors as actual Raptors.

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>CSM are Astrates still
loyalists in denial

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>Whoah, is that an Evangelion reference?

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>CSM are Astrates still.
Uh no

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>How, in the fluff are CSM getting Astartes chainswords made by Cawl?
are they primaris chainswords or space marine chainswords?
I wouldn't put it past GW to name them one thing and have them be the other

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When a model makes an enemy unit that has a stroke first rule attack last, the abilities essentially cancel each other out and the units attack as if neither rule was in play

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by primaris marines betraying the imperium? or by, you know, just good old theft?

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I just continue to post my WIP that counts right? I dont wanna post my dusty deathwatch or my current manlets again, as I'm still looking for color suggestions and criticism on my inquisitor

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I think you mean traitors anon.

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I've got 75 out of 94 infantry painted but I'm an idiot and I'm seriously considering adding another 20 to my list once 9th launches properly.

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man, those are so clean I am legitimately jealous
I also appreciate the power fist sgts a lot

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Wait, their hourglass gives a magical debuff?

Man, I knew they looked like a stormcast character with a backpack, but this is ridiculous.

(Don’t get me wrong, basic troops stormcast look terrible but a handful of their models are visually decent)

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thanks doc

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Wrong thread!

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>everyone panic selling their matinelets to get primaris everything
>my BA swells from 2000 to 4500 points for only a couple hundred dollars

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People often win as Eldar, Tau and Orks.
Granted each army only wins one way each but it's something.

>> No.73511532

Basically just negates it. Order of combat continues as if they didn't have it.

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Why not just have the entire Space Marine armory available to CSM then?

>> No.73511536

I guess for the same reason you don't give everybody gravis armour with a jump pack

>> No.73511537

I would really love that, running a 20 man chainsword blob of CSMs as Red Corsairs to advance+charge then bring them back when they die sounds like fun

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>Wait, their hourglass gives a magical debuff?
You think that's unusual in 40k?

>> No.73511545

reminder: you have absolutely no excuse to not paint your models.

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>Why not just have the entire Space Marine armory available to CSM then?
In 2nd ed CSMs could take loyalist stuff (like Razorbacks) for extra points, that was neat

>> No.73511552

They attack last unless they want to blow 2 CP for counterattack

>> No.73511555

because then CSM would just be marines+ and that's bad from a game design perspective
lorewise there's pretty much 0 reason

>> No.73511558

They don't have primaris though

>> No.73511560

No that's stupid. There's no differentiation then. No uniqueness to CSM.

>> No.73511561

That’s good though

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Anyone UK-based know a good, cheaper primer spray that's suitable for plastic/resin/metal all told? Ideally online but if I have to risk the coof to go to B&Q I will.

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That's true. Why can't I loot all the armies I've defeated and use their equipment with my CSM? HUH GW???!

>> No.73511568


Oh that’s easy anon.

See, Tactical Marines have served a tour of duty as both an assault marine and a devastator, meaning they’re fielded as generalists equally capable of ranged combat and close assault.

That’s why it’s very important to give them no equipment to actually help them engage in close combat so they can be just as shit at it as a green newbie devastator.

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Do we have Necron point costs from Indomitus?

>> No.73511574

Wrong they attack as if neither rule affecting combat order is active

>> No.73511576

Fake and gay

>> No.73511577

This edition is gonna be a good time for CSM. Whether we win or lose, we still Rip and Tear.

>> No.73511581

um, sorry sweetie but that's wrong

>> No.73511583

literally just buy GW primer
it works great and really isn't very expensive

>> No.73511585

You joke but Devastators actually got a huge buff from the new points changes.

>> No.73511587

I dont want to go to WIP, I wanna get (you)'s here
also Inquisitors are 40k related

>> No.73511589

Yeah I know but they wouldn't be marines + they'd be distinct

>> No.73511590

>+ £6 shipping
>"not very expensive"

>> No.73511591

Apocalypse used to let CSM take Imperial titans for the obvious reasons.
Honestly there's no reason they shouldn't be able to as per the lore, just make CSM pay a tax on loyalist shit or make manlets into CSM
Similarly, give orks the ability to take Imperial vehicles with a points tax/BS reduction.

>> No.73511595

Not really. CSM would still have plenty of unique stuff like Possessed and Daemon Engines, but could pay a premium for stuff that would come from freshly turned chapters or carefully maintained old gear. They wouldn't have access to actual new Marines like Primaris.

>> No.73511596

>Mfw Genestealers lose to these
Powercreep is real

>> No.73511597

That would be cool for Crusades

>> No.73511598

Will the IG ever be the focus in an edition? Will GW ever change the cadian posterboys for something more interesting?

>> No.73511601

You can do both.

>> No.73511602

He's right though.

>> No.73511604

>ecological disaster
aren't various ecosystems actually recovering as a result of the coof?

stop being so fucking poor

>> No.73511605

paint the dragon thing green but with a butterfly's wing designs
the bolter in rose gold marble with some psychic effect for the eye (fluff it as of it was crafter from the ruins of prospero)

look up if you can find symbols or sigils associated with the heresies detailed in the malleus maleficarum of the actual historical inquisition and tatoo them on the exposed arm

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>> No.73511608

Paint your models or go back your containment website >>>/reddit

>> No.73511610


It’s unusual in the imperium and especially space marines. Particularly since it’s an ornate hourglass that messes with time.

I could see a Cryptek or a unique inquisitor having something like that.

>> No.73511615

Based leaker anon. Could you please post the page with the new necron reanimation protocols rules?

If you could I would much appreciate it.

>> No.73511616

Can you order from hobby stores? Cause stuff like goblin gaming, element games etc do online orders of spray cans citadel and army painter etc.
If not Halford sell own brand primer that looks fine (seen the midwinter minis guy on YouTube use it but haven't myself)

>> No.73511617

I've been working retail throughout the entirety of this crisis and I painted my Custodes army just fine. This dude can get fucked.

>> No.73511618

Good lord, if you think less than 20 quid is too rich for your blood you are literally in the wrong hobby and i say with no malice.

>> No.73511619

orks should be allowed to take any vehicle but with a BS reduction and a points increase, change my mind

>> No.73511622

they're called chain axes hombre

>> No.73511624

Warhammer tv is perfect for newbies

>> No.73511625

The pages in the book he had said see new necron codex

>> No.73511626

They are the same, Necrons don't get their codex yet.

>> No.73511631

£20+ up for minis or even paint kits? Fine. £20 for a rattle can that I know exists cheaper in an equivalent quality? Fuck off, mate.

>> No.73511632

>aren't various ecosystems actually recovering as a result of the coof?
No? It didn't last nearly long enough to reverse hundreds of years of ecological damage.

>> No.73511633

Why did we stop using that General Thread pictures with all the factions with that face?

>> No.73511634

>I suck at freehanding
this will be an interesting challenge with the tatoos and butterfly wings I guess. any tips on the rose gold? gold with a tint towards pink? just shiny desaturate pinkwhite?

>> No.73511637

>ecosystems actually recovering
no, you see, nature is beyond saving now and forever, we must funnel our money in the gaping maws of mega-corporations that promise to soften carbon footprints now, it's the only way.

>> No.73511640

I'd be happy for this

>> No.73511642

Buy cheap shit get cheap results. You have been warned.

>> No.73511645

The new detachment rules say if its either a super heavy aux or buildings then it doesnt benefit from any faction rules,which for me is absolute bullshit since a wraithknight without any buffs is utter trash

>> No.73511646

Haven't played 8th or looked at the leaks for 9th yet, however, im gonna say they're both shit.

>> No.73511648

Did we get the points costs for marine CC and other wargear?

>> No.73511650

It isn't an ecological disaster but as other anons are saying nah stuff isn't really recoving.
Air pollution from cars and that is lots lower in lots of places though

>> No.73511651


That’s some impressive centrism anon, you’ve managed to hit “environmentalism is fake and gay” and “corporations are bombarding us with propaganda to stop worrying that they’re fucking the environment” at the same time.

>> No.73511652

>cheaping on primer
you'll regret it, my guy
you get so much use out of one rattlecan it's not even funny

>> No.73511654

>no, you see, nature is beyond saving now and forever
I mean it kind of is. We will never scrounge the kind of transformational motivation from humanity to really reverse all the damage. The pandemic has really shown just how petty humanity as a whole is and my hopes of people coming together to stop themselves from extincting themselves is basically zero now.

>> No.73511662

Correct. Voluntary human extinction is the answer.

>> No.73511664

Boo hoo bring 3. Superheavies should be bad except in 2500+ point games

>> No.73511665

>acrylic grey spraypaint from a reputable brand that's cheaper than GW is somehow worse just because it doesn't have the Citadel logo on it
Fuck I'm pretty apologetic of most Citadel tools because they do the job but this is just legit insanity.

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>> No.73511667


>Head of rules team: Robin Cruddace

Good call anon.

>> No.73511668

it was never updated with a primaris lieutenant and we can't have the poster boys not represented

>> No.73511672

Because Orks would just spam Hellhounds and Knight Gallants
and that's fine

>> No.73511679

yeah i saw the ranged stuff, i mean the melee stuff and the storm sheilds and the like

>> No.73511680

Some cheap primers are really bad though. Having said that I've used pound land primer and that's been fine (although the can didn't have that much paint in it)

>> No.73511681

Aw fuck off, nihilist

>> No.73511683

Why do space marines have to be every other army at the same time? Eldar with the tankiness of DG, and now they even get our abilities, goddamn.

>> No.73511684

>buy second hand for cheap af
>buy simple green

Armies are now 1/4 the price

>> No.73511686

Wait if thats true then people here will say its shit, nah 8th and 9th are now the best.

>> No.73511689

Nope, sorry anon I only have that.

>> No.73511694

why are their guns spewiing spinach puree

>> No.73511695

In my experience methylated spirits work better than Simple Green, and you can reuse a bottle effectively forever because you only lose it due to alcohol evaporation. The only downside is you can't use them on resin but I've never really met anything that can strip resin.

>> No.73511697

As a BA player for a decade I’m conflicted. On one hand yes more factions should have sub factions and if that’s too confusing then there should be less marine ones. However I’m already devastated assault marines aren’t troops if I lost all my other BA shit I’d stop olaying

>> No.73511704

Whataboutism is a retarded argument.

You can get away with everything that way.
"You can't complain about balance in 40k when there is a genocide in Myanmar"
"Sure, I killed your sister, but there is an epidemic going on, which is worse"

>> No.73511705

Imperial guard soldiers don't eat their greens anon, didn't you know?

>> No.73511708

I just have a bucket of simple green, lasts for months but you just need to dump everything in and scrub em within a week sometime

>> No.73511710

I am of the opinion that while 8th wasn't a bastion of balanced play it was a damn sight better than 7th. Also 9th looks like it's fixing a lot of issues people had with 8th.

Eat my shorts.

>> No.73511714

I'd prefer the +1A over +1S a lot of the time and more importantly I have plenty of chainsword arms and not many chainaxe ones

>> No.73511718

Don't worry anon assault primaris™ are troops! Remember to preorder 3 boxes of them!!

>> No.73511719

>waacfagswill start selling their armies they where forced to paint because of 10 VP as propainted, asking a lot more because of it, whenever they rotate
watch secondary market getting a lot more expensive

>> No.73511720

I only use one against Tau,thats it

>> No.73511725

>I am of the opinion that while 8th wasn't a bastion of balanced play it was a damn sight better than 7th
I used to think like this, but honestly I'm not so sure anymore.
In the end 8th edition was just as messed up as 7th, with the added features of being boring as hell.

9th seems like an improvement, that I agree.

>> No.73511726

I think 9th will be like 8th where its reasonably balanced (by GW standards) to start but by the end of its lifespan will require 6 other books for each individual army

>> No.73511729


>> No.73511732

Does it create a hideous goo like dettol, or does it just strip?

>> No.73511738

Did you win?

>> No.73511741

in case i missed it, does the new edition's rules od anything with the jetpack keyword?

>> No.73511744

During 8th, any two casual lists could go against each other and result in a fair game.
During 8th, basically every army had some way to compete in high level tournaments with at least a few lists.

Honestly, as far as balance goes, that's already pretty good.

>> No.73511747

>but by the end of its lifespan will require 6 other books for each individual army
That's just the nature of the beast.

>> No.73511756

>During 8th, any two casual lists could go against each other and result in a fair game.
This is really all people here should care about. Tournament fags are an entirely different subset of the fandom.

>> No.73511757

>centuries of battlefield experience

Lorelet here. Weren't the Primaris only born in very recent history?

>> No.73511758

>In the end 8th edition was just as messed up as 7th
That's a straight up lie
Nothing in 8th was ever as broken as invisible seer deathstars, wraith knights, or 700 points of free vehicles. Remember, 7th was the edition where Nids had to run one of two netlists to not get tabled by random casual lists.

>> No.73511760

Space Marines get their own category on the website now.

>> No.73511762

I cant see em, please show bike stats if ya got em lads!

>> No.73511764


8th was an improvement over 7th in a “We might be the team who fucked the rules system over, but if we burn it to the ground and start over there’ll be less bloat!” Sort of way. The underlying core system is a lot weaker than the 3rd-7th one, but it’s hard to be worse than 6th and 7th.

Of course they then bloated across the edition and seem to be adding more bloat with 9th...

>> No.73511770

The Indomitus Crusade has lasted a hundred years+/- warp shenanigans.

>> No.73511774

>Also 9th looks like it's fixing a lot of issues people had with 8th.
It's just a shame that apart from the painting rules for scoring, the taufags have be missed by the nerf bat.

>> No.73511777

I know it's bait but some creatures legitimately think like this.

>> No.73511780

Yeah but they turned the clock forward a few hundred years since they got woken up

>> No.73511781

>The underlying core system is a lot weaker than the 3rd-7th one
completely wrong, 3rd+ was a clusterfuck of vestigial sacred cows that added nothing to the game.

Let me guess, you're one of those retards who thinks spacing out his models 2" is a "strategy"?

>> No.73511786

What if I'm colourblind? Do I still have to paint my models?

>> No.73511787

>700 points of free vehicles
I beg your fucking pardon?

hello slowfriend

>> No.73511789

Probably cause they got more kits than every other faction combined.

>> No.73511793


The balance was the worst it had ever been in the time of formations and decurions, sure.

Balance aside though, the problems with gameplay are about as bad as they’ve ever been.

>> No.73511795

Just do whatever you have to do to get the grogs to stop yelling. Let the babies have their bottles

>> No.73511796

this happened like 3 weeks ago man

>> No.73511797

Paint them in black and white

>> No.73511802

yes, stop being lazy

>> No.73511804

Yeah, but now the balance is "whoever goes first win"

Sure, throwing a coin is balanced I guess.
It doesn't make it good.

Balance was all over the place, but against the few factions on about your level it was a fun game.

Now you just sit and see your army obliterated by deepstriking stuff using 100+ dice rerolling hit and wounds, and you can't do nothing about it.
There is balance, but there is no game.

>> No.73511806


Oh my, have we hit a joyless anti-templater?

>> No.73511808

Thats the one thing they lack. Besides the occasional primaris ancient thats been alive the whole time (i think) thats there one problem. In the apocalypse book, the imperial fist primaris does a great job, but the one error he makes is expecting the word bearers to fight tactically, cos he just didnt realize how new word bearers did their shit with the chaosy religous fervor and such, and gets blindsided by a massive and suicidal thunderhawk deployment run.

>> No.73511813

Might as well considering the shear amount of support they get relative to anyone else.
There are 2 types of 40k players, those who buy only space marines, and those who buy anything else.

>> No.73511815


Space marines in 7th edition could take a formation that gave them free razorbacks for every infantry unit in the entire army.

>> No.73511817

Never seen a SM DoubleDemi Company?

>> No.73511818

The YouTube channel Miniac has a good playlist for beginners that runs through the basic techniques and pitfalls of painting. For actual paint schemes, you'll want warhammer tv, or pete the war gamer.

My big pieces of advice personally would be don't buy into the GW bullshit, most hobby products they make you can get cheaper and better elsewhere. I'm very partial to Vallejo model colour paints, for instance, and they have great sets of basic colours to get you started, like the medieval colours set or the us army colour set. Aside from that, make a wet palette so you aren't fighting with dry paint the whole time, plenty of guides on this if you just Google it. Oh also, if you want to do drybrushing (a very basic and effective highlighting technique), but a cheapo makeup brush,the big poofy ones, don't pay for a dedicated dry brushing brush that's actually worse.

>> No.73511819

Templates were bad and it's good they're gone

>> No.73511821

Sure whataboutism is bad, but why aren’t you complaining about anecdotal evidence and appealing to hypocrisy?

>> No.73511822

Why are there so many poorfags in a premium hobby who then constantly whine about the prices?

>> No.73511823

Don't you remember marines could run a battle company with minimum sized squads for like 1500 points, which enables them to get a free transport for everything, i.e. 11 fucking razorbacks for the cost of their weapons?

>the problems with gameplay are about as bad as they’ve ever been.
also wrong, basically all the major gameplay problems were fixed.
Remember, 7th was the edition where melee units were actively discouraged from killing their targets in one turn, sponsons were useless by design, and rhinos drove up the board ass-to-ass.

>> No.73511830

>armageddon (vs orks)
>cityfight (vs night lords)
>junglefight (packaged with codex catachans)
>eye of terror (2nd plastic line released)
>3 codexes total
3rd edition was the guard edition

>> No.73511832

Yes,but just by a hairs breadth,even though i used the wraith detachment from vigilus for it and my other battalion,both were alaitoc and i used the saving throw stratagem for it plus fnp and a singer,it took 2 turns for him to shoot it down with everything he got,so id say good deal because it soaked up all seeker missiles etc. To my defence,i didnt use flyers so its more fair for him,have in mind he still used 6 broadsides,3 with missiles,3 with the better railgun and 9 suits with the better gatling,i only won by VP since tau are still bullshit even with - to hit and their characters and montka. Couldnt doo too much dmg with it bc of drones,but i remember killing 3 of his broadsides and other dross
Fun fact,i had the first turn

>> No.73511833

I agree as long they keep vehicles and aircraft under check 9th looks really good

>> No.73511834

I haven't played since 5th
seems I may have made the right choice

>> No.73511835


>> No.73511841

Uh, I didnt find any reference to reinforcement points, is it possible they got removed as a mechanic? There was a referement to a "how to spend points" section, but that is the only thing I noticed.

>> No.73511843


>Templates were bad and it’s good they were gone

It’s taken them an entire edition to even half-ass replacing them.

>> No.73511844

>Yeah, but now the balance is "whoever goes first win"
Git gud at the game before commenting. Tournament stats show the second player literally winning more often.

>> No.73511845

>stroke first
makes sense for a slaaneshi unit

>> No.73511847

Its an unklancy unit only good against some armies

>> No.73511849

Tried to paint all my gsc for 9th but I'm only like a third of the way there.

>> No.73511851

Get good at grammar.

>> No.73511854

No excuses mothertrucker, this guy is also colour blind yet he has made a moderately successful channel dedicated to painting 40k.

>> No.73511856

>Don't you remember marines could run a battle company with minimum sized squads for like 1500 points
Actually if you took barebones gear (like boltgun and chainsword barebones) you could get a BC for less than 900 pts.

>> No.73511859

Petes good for painting, but fuck i think most of his conversion vids are shit, they all have one good tip, but the rest is just "use mark 3 armor, and shitty 3rd party parts that look crap"

>> No.73511860

They're still there, in a sidebar. Nothing changed

>> No.73511864

It should be bad against most things though

>> No.73511871

i dont care if they make no sense, i love my cyborg cogboys on their robohorses with lever-action energy rifles!

>> No.73511873

Because tournaments already use the big walls of nothingness in the middle, which they now implemented in the new edition.

In any standard table you see in LGS, you can't.

>Git gud at the game before commenting
When you are on my level you can start commenting on my skills, not before.

>> No.73511877

Thats what i meant,you really have to build your army around it to be good,hence the wraith detachment from vigilus and Support units for him as farseer,singer and phantomseer

>> No.73511879

are those servitors made from dead horses? or are they pure machine?

>> No.73511886

Pure machine would be tech heresy, they have human brains.

>> No.73511887

>Guy who plays with no terrain complains about getting shot off the board

>> No.73511892

So that's what happens to bronies in 40k

>> No.73511895

Good, this is how it should be.

>> No.73511897

>In any standard table you see in LGS, you can't.
You can't finish your sentences?
Or you can't stop going to ghetto-stores that cheap out on terrain because you're poor?

>> No.73511907

Furries specifically, those aren't horses

>> No.73511914

oh, yes, decurion, triptide, invisibility... list goes on and on and on
7th was easily worst edition

>> No.73511918

I have plenty of terrain, but read the fucking rules. You see a tiny bit from that window? You can shoot at it

>because you're poor
No, I don't have the cardboard terrain they use in tournament, I have the GW plastic ruins and plenty other ruins, woods and stuff.
I got 3 walls full of the shit.

But no, they aren't the ITC approved cardboard terrain.

>> No.73511921

Thanks for your apreciation anon,maybe now you understand my gripes with the ruling

>> No.73511926

I wish the horses were more creepy
like ironstriders or whatever, more sorta insectoid you know?

>> No.73511929

>that feeling of knowing your glory days are behind you.
The most imperial faction

>> No.73511930

>be imperial guardsman
>apply for a basic sentry gun
>get denied, tech priests cite budgetary considerations
>next day see wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing cogboys stride across the battlefield on their Da Vinci Gliders, robot chicken-legs, clockwork horses, and punchcard robots
>desert the next day

>> No.73511934

So in the new rules these formations are impossible to use?

>> No.73511936

>No, I don't have the cardboard terrain they use in tournament, I have the GW plastic ruins and plenty other ruins, woods and stuff.
>I got 3 walls full of the shit.
And you're obviously too stupid to use it if you complain about first-player-advantage. Tbh that's even more pathetic.

>> No.73511940

If the rules for terrain are so good in 8th edition, why is 9th edition changing them to become the tournament ones?

>> No.73511945

anon, tarantulas are one of the things still for sale on FW

>> No.73511950

If your games are decided by first turn you either don't have enough terrain or are really bad at deploying and have just stuck all your high priority targets in plain sight of your opponents big guns

>> No.73511951


9th seems to be aiming for worst of both worlds: True line of sight with caveats and complications.

>> No.73511960

Cloak how please? Did you just flick a brush to get the white stars effect?

>> No.73511962

theyre creepy when you realize that there's a human brain in there... trapped

>> No.73511963

>get captured immediately.
>instead of being immediately shot you are taken to get your brain wiped clean.
>you are turned into one of the horses.
>'just as planned' you would have though if you still had the capacity to do so.

>> No.73511969

Just strips

>> No.73511973

they're goofy robot horses
no amount of ackshually is going to make them not goofy robot horses
the sydonian dragoon is peak admech design
every engine war admech release is shit

>> No.73511982

Not impossible,but a single super heavy choice doesnt benefit from any detachment rule,what does this mean? To be short,it doesnt get any faction bonuses,for me this means no chapter/craftworld/etc..., the only thing i dont know if it can be targeted by friendly psychic powers and or benefit from stratagems?

>> No.73511983

7ths was awful. 6th was fine to start, it was tempered by the 5th mind set but it fell apart by the end. 7th was just rules for sales with all the formations and thats where the tipping point of greytide being acceptable happened becuase new and current players at the time did mad buys for the newest hotness.

I miss the days when someone would apologize for have an unpainted model or unit. When we applauded effort, no matter the paint quality, and encouraged growth. New players bought slow, painted and played small games. It was accessible and a hobby.

Now its people making excuses for their greytide becuase the bought into just the game. Worst timeline.

>> No.73511996

Then I think that change is good. Keep superheavies bad unless they're in big games

>> No.73511998


Halfords Plastic Primer is alright. I prefer GW stuff but it does its job for the price.

>> No.73512002


>> No.73512008

I'd rather paint than play the game most of the time.

>> No.73512010

dark grey base, lightly stipple dark purple and dark blue on bot and top respectively, repeat with lighter mixes of blue and red/purple/pink, until desired effect is achieved, load brush with white, flick most of it off, and then flick the remaining once or twice onto the cape
this will leave you with only 2 or 3 stars, repeat last steps until desired amount of stars is reached

>> No.73512015

>they're goofy robot horses

They're dogs. Not horses. Specifically, the design team used greyhounds as a reference point.

>> No.73512016

I like modeling personally, are we nerds?

>> No.73512020

forgot to add: shade with dark (nuln oil or smth similar) at the end to darken recess and achieve a bit of a highlighted feel

>> No.73512026

Awesome thanks!

>> No.73512030

Hey does anybody have that pic of the guy with a shit eating grin where all his units are deployed on the edge of the table in a line and the judge is reading a rulebook thanks

>> No.73512032

I think its positive
Smaller games have more support in 9th
And from what I see most people support the paint rule
I understand there's people who struggle with painting but unless you're a dickhead you're not gonna be like uh oh disabled friend your army isn't painted you lose points.
For everyone else you should eb encouraged to paint. I don't seen anyone saying unassembled models should be allowed. Takes a similar time to build a model to get it painted to the bare minimum.

>> No.73512036

what part of "no amount of ackshually is going to make them not goofy robot horses" are you having a hard time with

>> No.73512042

Was any lore leaked?

>> No.73512044

How come they look like horses and not greyhounds?

>> No.73512045

Kroot vs white scars

>> No.73512049

I bet you get your wife's boyfriend to glue your models for you too, you absolute weak ass faggot

>> No.73512052


The fact that they’re cool as hell?

>> No.73512054

Yeah, marinelets are now super rare and often elevated to veteran ranks, get veteran war gear options on tacticals but they lose a leadership for it for some reason

>> No.73512064

Thats weird that they lose a leadership

>> No.73512066

you have shit taste
get away from my precious cogboys and fuck off back to age of sigmar

>> No.73512069

Was that in the rulebook?

>> No.73512071

>Kroot vs white scars
thanks bruv

>> No.73512075


Remind me, is that leaker meant to be british or american?

>> No.73512077

Valleyo grey surface primer, just airbrush it on. So much cheaper in the long run.

>> No.73512081

A man who gets his army commission painted doesnt have the commitment to get a wife anon

>> No.73512092

>that image
>waaaa i have to agree to live within societies rules THIS IS BASICALLY MURDER

>> No.73512093 [DELETED] 

Dude said he came from Ohio

>> No.73512094

Not that guy but hey, at least it's not a saturday cartoon villain riding a big spiky spider

>> No.73512099

fuck off redshirt

>> No.73512106


You mean free speech. Learn to tolerate the opinions of others and see other points of view, there is at least a slither of truth in all personal opinions.

I been on 4chan for the last 12 years and that's what I can really share.

>> No.73512107

but thats wrong
>be in watts app gropup for cool 40k guys
>nicest guy on there has only commissioned units
>plays exclusively WAAC admehc/knight lists with some guard
>wife and 2 kids

its a weird mix in a man

>> No.73512112


Next you’ll be telling me you bought into the meme that the card punch robots have bad heads.

>> No.73512122


>> No.73512123

post your WIP

>> No.73512128


Makes sense, I was kind of skeptical about him using americanisms.
Otherwise it checks out. My guess is that GW's head office forwarded an early copy to someone in Ohio (does GW have offices there?) and the dumb fuck's used a shitty delivery service. I don't know how it is over in the US, but Amazon have basically made it industry standard to just dump deliveries into empty dustbins when they don't get a response at the door. My guess is that the delivery went wrong and either they dumped it into the wrong bin and fucked off and this guy found it.

>> No.73512130

you mean kastelans? I love those things so much

>> No.73512132


I don't know why everyone assumes they have human brains, the could easily just be cyborg horses or dogs.

>> No.73512133

Anyone have the stallmainia pic with the list of crazy rules about never touching your army again?

>> No.73512140

/pol/ exists for a reason, we don't need to hear that shit when we're talking about plastic space fights

>> No.73512143

they're based, not crazy

>> No.73512145

Hey, nice. As much as i meme, the truth is all groups have chads and and fags.

>> No.73512148

Where did they say that?

>> No.73512156

what a based grog

>> No.73512159

Other leak

>> No.73512168

Becuase you're blind look at the skull

>> No.73512171

I like some of these, but I also like doing touch up paintjobs on my dudes or giving them extra little touches when they do something cool, as well getting new units even if they suck (I recently bought a bunch of CSMs and bikers because I think they're going to look good mixed together)

>> No.73512172


>> No.73512175

Mind pointing me to which bit? lots got leaked yesterday and I can't be bothered sifting through all the images I saved

>> No.73512182

Buddy, I agree with you in part. But there's accepting the opinions of others, and then there's watching retards scream about the trans agenda back and forth for three threads on the bounce.

There's a time and place for that shit, and it's not on the toy soldier board.

>> No.73512185

Yeah. I really fucking despise this place sometimes, but I still stay because it's the only big website where I can feel as a part of the community, and where I can be truly genuine. Permanent names make it difficult to get into an already established circlejerk, and scores really neuter the fuck out of discussion because you either say sterile shit or have your comment branded with a bad boy badge.
Just as you're free to have your stupid opinions, I'm free to dislike them and call you a faggot for them, you faggot.

>> No.73512189

Last thread or two

>> No.73512193

very nice

>> No.73512197

>No but expensive

>> No.73512198

yeah, I don't 100% agree with it, but the whole thing is prefaced with the fact that it is ultimately one guy's opinion. the important thing is ultimately the spirit and not the letter

>> No.73512200

I got these lads done this week

>> No.73512202

I did the same with my Ultra Marines. No excuses for anyone now.

>> No.73512210

have you forgotten regular marines can be turned primaris?

>> No.73512211

Those are really cool. I love the vibrant slime stuff.

>> No.73512216

>horse body and neck
>head vaguely like greyhound crossed with a horse
I'm the blind one? How many greyhounds have you seen with hooves?

>> No.73512217

I ship them

>> No.73512220

I mean that's true; both left and right bring that shit in here.

I had this disagreement in my local hobby stores whatsapp when somebody used archwarhammer to begin discussing BLM; I pointed out the hobby is meant to be an escape and a place where we can leave political/class/work issues at the door and just have some fun. Real life sucks enough and society is currently a mess; let's have somewhere we can escape to.

Full /pol/ fags
Fuck leftys
Fuck BLM
Fuck power crazed police
Fuck George Floyd and his drug addiction
Fuck the cop who is responsible for his death
Fuck niggers wearing gangsta clothing and living up to the gang stereotype/peer pressuring young black males to act like Niggers
Fuck white supremacists
Fuck trannys trying to limit my free speech
Fuck anybody who doesn't let a tranny be a tranny in peace

That should cover it. Oh also; fuck you and fuck me.

>> No.73512222

>> No.73512226


>> No.73512231

go look at some other admech models and their legs

>> No.73512233


>> No.73512235

Yes you are free to do that and I fully support and endorse it.

I'm no /pol/fag btw; but I believe in free speech above everything else.

>> No.73512239

Gotta love the amount of sperging that goes on anytime someone is called out and asked to practice a bare minimum level of etiquette.

> put my dog on a leash? fuck that, I'm calling the cops
> don't let my kids run around a restaurant? fuck you, you don't know how tough it is to have kids
> Wear a mask in a grocery store during a pandemic like everyone else!?
> Paint my models like everyone else!?

>> No.73512243

You show that to someone they're gonna say it looks like a horse not a greyhound 100% of the time.

>> No.73512246

The choice to not be political is a political choice. You can't avoid this.

>> No.73512251

People have been talking about trannies since 4chans inception. /tg/ has had tranny bait threads since forever

>> No.73512252

With Chaos space marines essentially being the number 2 faction in popularity and the fact that as it stands right now they'll be bottom tier in 9th I think they'll have a really strong 9th codex, hopefully with a lot of new models. Seems like an unpopular faction will be left by gw for years but popular ones, where the money is, get a huge amount of attention very quickly, see space marines 2nd codex. It better include some sort of progressive system like doctrines or what the drukhari get, hell hopefully everyone gets that. Additionally stat changes to CSMs are in order to make them a compelling troop choice.

>> No.73512253

>fuck you
even me???

>> No.73512254

they have fucking hooves

>> No.73512257

The day you buy my models is the day you get to demand I paint them, you bootlicking cretin.

>> No.73512262

stop being lazy
paint your models

>> No.73512266

I'm not going to hold my breath

>> No.73512268

-10 points lol

>> No.73512270

Who cares gay Lord

>> No.73512276

Im not gonna fuck a tranny anytime soon
Just my hand

>> No.73512277


-10 VP

>> No.73512280

Nah, you're ok. Don't come into /40kg/ tomorrow.

>> No.73512284

yeah it's pretty nice

>essential worker
>paint my shit
>retards with nothing but free time
>noooo it's a pandemic you can't expect me to just paint my army aaaa not my 10 victory points

>> No.73512286

thanks for the free VP

>> No.73512287

Adds up

>> No.73512288

Without wanting to get the knives out, this does seem to be a uniquely American problem. to quote Richard Nixon:

>We enjoy so much freedom, it's almost sickening.

>> No.73512296

>mfw seething paintlets

>> No.73512300

>If I bury my head in the sand deep enough, I'll be safe

>> No.73512302

Especially YOU

>> No.73512308


Painted miniatures is obligatory

>> No.73512318

My mommy said that’s mean

>> No.73512327

You're not able to not discuss politics for the 3 hours it takes to play a game of 40k?

Guess how I know you have no social life.

>> No.73512345


Oh no, Auspex Tactics is a paintcuck who thinks the new paint rule is problematic.

>> No.73512346

> that creamy blend on the cloak
> smooth clean cream shoulder pads
> highlights perfect
> great color palette
Damn dude these look ace! Amazing job! Are they your own chapter?

>> No.73512347

Thanks anon, I wanted my accent colours to be pretty bright as the armour scheme is so dark

>> No.73512359

sounds good to me, is there anyone who would actually be mad about an entire chapter of 9ft amazon space warriors? it'd be like an entire sub-faction of samus aran

>> No.73512371

Should I base my bloodletters the same as my Word Bearers, or should I do something different since they're technically a different army/I might expand then on their own?

>> No.73512375

They used to be able to do this

>> No.73512377

time to cancel this mumbling britbong islamo youtuber

>> No.73512378

That's just SoB with extra steps

>> No.73512394

>That smiley face belly

>> No.73512399

Tell me about Miniac. I've been told he doesn't like miniature painting, but for an uneducated dumbass like me he seems to bring up good points.

>> No.73512403


Hobbylets belong on a cross. Next up are the people who haven't converted any of their characters.

>> No.73512413

Kitbash or conversion?

>> No.73512414

bring up good points about what?

>> No.73512419

I know I'm late to the party but just wanted to take the time to say thanks to the absolutely based leaker. The salt this past day has been truly glorious.

>> No.73512420

Wait so I don’t know anything about post 8th, can you still buy wargear? Do all lieutenants have this loadout with the volkite pistol or is this just rules for the box?

>> No.73512421

Holy shit the GW cock smell is strong on this niggas breath.
Hey retard.
Do you think GW brand paint is somehow MAGICALLY better than the paint produced by literally the same company that they sell under their own name?
Do you think that company changes all the formula, ingredients, and general production for a few cans with the Citadel logo on them?
Or does it just change the wrapper on the can when it's time for a run of Contrast(TM) Wraithbone(TM)?
Use your fucking head.
This is how you can tell so much of this thread is fucking minimum wage scum. They dont know how the real world works.

>> No.73512433

I did my Word Bearers the same basing as my daemons just in case I ever feel like playing with summoning

>> No.73512436

Isn't that some kind of GI Joe fortress playstation?

>> No.73512442


Kitbashes are a type of conversion. The lowest kind but still counts.

>> No.73512447

Depends on what your WB bases are.
All my armies are effectively based the same (dirt, tufts of grass, small rocks) because I use my Daemons in 40k and AoS and subsequently like the more neutral basing to fit with whatever I'm bringing.
That said, if your WB are based for a specific biome that doesn't aesthetically match Daemons or a very sci-fi base, then maybe do it different?

>> No.73512455

As someone who is severely colorblind; paint your models. The colors are labeled. Metals and monochrome are easy.

>> No.73512460

Primaris units don't really have wargear options in the same way older marines do. Characters get what's on the model, with units getting to choose between two different types of guns at most.

>> No.73512468

Oh no, GW says I have to paint my non existent army for the game I don’t play. I’ll bitch about it here.

>> No.73512470


>>blames covid for people not painting their models in a hobby that has existed for 45 years

>> No.73512471

Only if you're also dyslexic, they write the colour on the side of the pot.

>> No.73512473

You can know alot about something without really liking it anymore.
He says when he first started his channel he went through a time when he really intensely worked on painting techniques. He crunched hard and put in a lot of hours, and got a lot better.
But lately he has been whining about not finding as much joy in it (after he switched to it being his job). He literally stated he finds more joy in analyzing his MOBA performance to get better at MOBAs.
He flat out stated he hasn't painted a model for his own use (hobby wise, not channel) for over a year before his 38 hour paint marathon... in which he made a total of 10 models.
Dude fell into the make your hobby your job trap.
Now he floats in mediocrity, living off his patron page, releasing a mediocre video or a kind funny really not skit.
Kind of sad really

>> No.73512478

Does anyone have the prices leak? How much should I expect for the indomitus box?

>> No.73512481


I have every god with their own basing theme and then undivided as their own as well. So Nurgle Daemons with DG, Tzeentch Daemons with Tsons and AoS Disciples and my Word Bearers will get their own theme when I get around to them.

>> No.73512485


>> No.73512487

Shucks, I'm embarassed now. They're my own dudes, intentionally putting as much effort into them as I can for 9th - trying to blend the older and newer aesthetics together a bit to suit Indomitus too.

Not sure what I want to do with them thematically or ruleswise yet, I'm just having fun!

>> No.73512491

what's the difference?

>> No.73512494


Wait, there are people who DON'T try to convert their characters at every opportunity?

>> No.73512505

So I came in just before 8th Edition landed with Necrons, but quickly dropped them because they weren't what I was expecting. Even after the codex they felt super flimst, RP didn't really feel powerful, and they just didn't act like the heavy terminator endless tide of death that I remember from the RTS games. Either their points were too high to be run as an endless legion or they were too flimsy (RP was too weak and the "roll under the damage" ability was too few and far between).

I still like how they look and will probably drop money on the Newcrons but what's an army that shrugs off wounds and is super tanky? Death Guard?

Petrifex OBR from Sigmar is pretty much what the playstyle is like (except that they're incredibely broken).

>> No.73512506

>Repaint intercessors as Death company
>Get assault intercessors

>> No.73512508

What's a good and cheap way to transport minis

>> No.73512510

Post you're painted army, hothead

>> No.73512525

Tupper ware. (plus magnets)

>> No.73512526

$250? So about 220€?

>> No.73512528

Old Metal candy boxes and magnets

>> No.73512544

Depends gw have moved to only letting things have options that come with the models basically. The standard lieutenant datasheet has more options cause they sell lots of different loadouts.
However, many models have less options than they used to

>> No.73512545

also, magnetise your bases

>> No.73512551

get slave. very cheap. not like a bdsm one, that going to cost you in the long run

>> No.73512554

if that's true they're going to swim in money even more than they already do. fuck. should have invested in GW stock in april....

>> No.73512562

>all that seething in comments

>> No.73512564


imagine? I live it

>> No.73512567

We should have female space Marines, but only if they're futas

>> No.73512568


Your hands

>> No.73512577


If you want something that works, I got decent results with two blobs of Teslamortals backed up by a DJ Techno Techno Barge and a standard footslogger Overlord constantly tossing My Will Be Done on them. You then run a small block of Wraiths as a distraction Carnifex cluster, and then have your Lychguard behind them.
By the time the enemy realises that your two units of Taslamortals have been averaging more that four times the hits than they have models you should have sandblasted most of his stuff away.

Works best with either Nephrekh for getting in close as fast as possible, or Mephit for obvious reasons.
Assuming of course that they don't alter Tesla's to need unmodified sixes to get extra hits in the new edition, which could happen.

>> No.73512579

Iron Hands are the tankiest army right now. The most ________ army for any given value of ______ is some flavor of Space Marine for as long as GW are pushing numarines.

>> No.73512583

Are there any updates related to the Q'Orl? I see there's a new Necron Dynasty right on their doorstep, the Sarnekh.

Regarding Sarnekh, their world is named Zapennec, which sounds a bit aztec-like. Styling a dynasty after the demon-skeletons the aztecs were afraid of might be cool.

>> No.73512587

The reasonable expectation is 120 punds, due to the newsletter contest and the fact that GW said the box would be more than a 50% saving compared to buying the kits seperately.

>> No.73512596


I wanted to do an Aztec themed Destroyer Lord with all my leftover Lizardman stegadon bits once, but it never really materialised. As it were.

>> No.73512597


>> No.73512598

From what I've heard they'd be reverse futas, indistinguishable from the male space marines but for a small slit in their crotch.

>> No.73512600

>an entire chapter of 9ft amazon space warriors
You're optimistic.
It'd be just like the female Stormcast. There is a total of ten female bodies spaced across something like 20 kits. A drop in the bucket.
If we got Femarines it's be a single intercessor here, a lone, optional, tank commander there.

It's the same with everyone that isn't, specifically, an all female faction.
Those new High Cow Elves? The veiled mage and that's it.
GSC? Titty Boss, Biker Boss, a single Biker and the optional tank commander.
The new Giant army coming soon? Not a single one is female.
For all of GWs bluster about diversity, they are yet to actually do anything more then lip service.

>> No.73512602


We already know it's $250 so unless it's literally twice as expensive in the US it's definiately not 120 pounds.

>> No.73512608


>Implying GW can into foreign currencies

[Laughs in 'Straylian]

>> No.73512611

they're called cuntboys, anon

>> No.73512612


>> No.73512630

Just curious, where did the 250$ price tag come from?

>> No.73512632

Oh that, I saw it on arch's channel

>> No.73512633

Why is there a rule that I have to wear a seat belt, bootloader? Certain states here dont even have that law and they seem to be doing just fine

>> No.73512637


this must be a troll

>> No.73512646


That's not quite accurate, every mixed unit since about the release of AoS 2.0 has been about 33% - 40% female. I'm actually really surprised that the new light elves are all male.

>> No.73512651


>> No.73512654

Because I've heard everthing from 299 to 199 dollars, and 200ish is pretty much what GW thinks 120-125 pund is equal too.

>> No.73512658

WYSIWYG master race coming through
That's right, I don't play with LOSERS who don't model all wargear on every model, ESPECIALLY relics
Once, I had a LOSER who "modelled" his BA captain with fleshrender grenades. So I said "Those are just frag grenades painted red, fag" The store owner agreed with me and kicked the loser out, then offered me any model in store

>> No.73512663

ok but what does a resonant barb look like

>> No.73512668

What’s your secret to that nicely-shaded white carapace? I’m jealous.

>> No.73512669

I missed that opportunity as well brother,now it bites me in the ass

>> No.73512672

>how could you possibly find time to paint your minis when we've had to stay home for 4 months straight by law
Either this guy is a master baiter, or he is reaching levels of virtue signaling that shouldn't be possible

>> No.73512677

Price of the wolf/ork Boxset.

>> No.73512683

so that you dont fly though your windscreen and kill others dumbass
hahah imagin phoneposting lmao

>> No.73512694


>> No.73512697

I think I've seen that from google images and you're deliberately trying to frame tau players.

>> No.73512698

you can buy hammerite in bigger cans but it's still £10 for a can, Rustoleum is cheaper as is Autotek, basically any motor store or online has car sprays which are good and dirt cheap.

>> No.73512703

What a load of shit.

>> No.73512708

wow dark angels really are gay.

>> No.73512710

Will any of the models from the indomitus box be limited edition? If so which ones?

>> No.73512716

He's a jovial fella!

>> No.73512721

>phone posting
You got me.
And as I just said, how come one state across the border from where I live nobody wears their seat belt and nobody flies through windshields and kills other people?
Oh sorry, I didnt realize I was talking to a yuro. I'll file all the rest of your opinions of my country in the loo

>> No.73512724

>You can't get bonus points
>Just refuse to play!

>> No.73512726

it's just a joke guys
>three coats of gloss varnish

the point is all the other ones, to have a fully painted army you play with a narrative in mind, and fight for the thrill of battle, not just victory

>> No.73512731



>> No.73512732

we dont know yet, but given the sprues, likely the royal warden and the leftenet

>> No.73512743

>I only post from my $10,000 gaming computer in my mothers basement

>> No.73512744

hahah okay enjoy your collapsing society lmao

>> No.73512748

I prefer the 2nd tbqhwyf

>> No.73512751

ETBs are always priced significantly cheaper than multipart. And named characters gets a massive cost increase.
Dark Imperium has 53 models and is £95, while Indom has what 50ish models total? Maybe compare those instead and add on inflation/GW price raises, you absolute brainlet.

>> No.73512755

>At the end of the game, for every model in your army painted as a POC, earn 1 Victory Point. In addition, for every model in your opponent's army painted as a white male that you destroyed, earn 1 Victory Point.

>> No.73512765


>> No.73512766

We started a territorial campaign in 8th edition
>pic related is the map at the end of the last turn

But then covid arrived, and now the new edition, so I decided to restart it as a a Crusade campaign.
It's perfect because new players will add to the group now because of the hype.

One thing I want to do is that I want to reward players that started with me.
>What can I do? Suggestions?

I was thinking of painting a mini-hero miniature for each players to use for free in the new campaign, but I don't want to buy new kits for everybody just to paint a single miniature.
Is there any kit I can split up and paint that everybody can use? Something generic.

>> No.73512768

i dont live with my parents and i dont have basement, but otherwise DAMN RIGHT I DO

>> No.73512770

>OBR broken
If you have half-decent MW output or shooting they fold pretty easily.

>> No.73512772

Wait, what's that? Painting is gameplay now?


>> No.73512774

Well the link is legit.

>> No.73512776

$12 toolboxes

>> No.73512782

your pockets

>> No.73512786


>> No.73512792

It's short but i like the milf tits

>> No.73512800

H9w do you get that rust effect?

>> No.73512802

I just want to see the CSM points. I've got a list I've loved running in 8th for my wordbearers and I'm hoping I can salvage my favorite parts for 9th.

>> No.73512804


>> No.73512806

Fuck me these are good

>> No.73512813

lol, this rule has been the greatest gift GW could have given us

>> No.73512826

Greyniggers btfo

>> No.73512833

The fuck is so important about this single planet that everyone is on it

>> No.73512836

Hey guys what if 10th adds a Painting phase?

>> No.73512842

where's this -10VP to non painted armies meme coming from?

>> No.73512845

The cost of the box was in the small print for the give away contest, retard.

>> No.73512846

Ausperg Tactics' completely unfounded rumours due to a "leak" on a US retailer site. 40kg and /tg/ are shilling the fuck out of them because they produce tons of videos all the time, allowing zooming ADHD anons to have lots of things to do all day.

>> No.73512847

why don't you just give them a special rule or something? a free warlord trait or an extra cp or their HQ gets one reroll of anything during a game

>> No.73512853


>> No.73512856

The new rules.

>> No.73512861

this is our new reality

>> No.73512862

>seething this hard because you're too lazy to just paint your models

>> No.73512864

>> No.73512865

If you can't afford time and money for a HOBBY, that's a you problem.

>> No.73512866

>Gets sawed in half

>> No.73512867

the rule book. the new scoring system is max 45 points from primary objectives, max 45 from secondaries, and then +10 vp if you have a fully battle ready army

>> No.73512870

Should I give my only begotten thunder hammer to Chosen, or should I make an Lord/Sorcerer with it instead? if the latter, I don't have many torso/leg parts laying around. So I'd probably just greenstuff a bunch of mutations on him or something

>> No.73512871

absolutely based

>> No.73512873


Post a painted model.

>> No.73512874

Which you would know was £120 if you could actually read.

>> No.73512875

Understandable, carry on

>> No.73512879

where does it state that?

>> No.73512886

>at the beginning of each round, strip all your minis and start painting them
>whenever a squad is finished, this squad can take its regular actions before both players return to painting
who needs IGOUGO or alternate activations when you can have something entirely different and terrible

>> No.73512888

you first
oh wait

>> No.73512892

In the leaks, when it talks about victory points for a game.

>> No.73512893

>We started a territorial campaign in 8th edition
>pic related is the map at the end of the last turn
very based anon
>One thing I want to do is that I want to reward players that started with me.
>What can I do? Suggestions?
Like another anon said, I think just giving them a free requisition point or whatever for an early relic or WT would be fine

>> No.73512896

>Not converting all your ablative wound and bodyguard models into POCs and women.
Guilliman loves diversity that’s why he surrounds himself with Inclusionsors.

>> No.73512905

It’s people who don’t own models doing the complaining.

>> No.73512918

That’s awesome anon, do you have a template for that world? Can you post?
you could always paint a plinth with a statue on it denoting their dudes. As for cheap kits, buy some recast characters/singles of their factions

>> No.73512919

so whats the best anti space marine team?

>> No.73512920

>haha you fucking chimps with your unpainted models
>haha wait what no of course I refuse to post anything painted

>> No.73512922

>SJW faggots don't play 40k playing the disability/depression/time/lifestyle cards to defend not partaking in the hobby
What a revelation no-one saw coming.

>> No.73512923

go here
4th image
see >>73512867

lazy cunt

>> No.73512931

Could you give any tips for doing my own one of these campaigns? How do you do the rules for terrtory and such?

>> No.73512939

Share you're two yvara list

>> No.73512942

Especially here.

>> No.73512945


>> No.73512948

It's the one solar system full of minerals and resources in an otherwise barren cluster of stars on almost the fringe of the galaxy

Most big factions have plenty of resources an can skip it or avoid it alltogether and don't really care, but smaller armies can't.

That could be an idea

>very based anon


>> No.73512955

Post models

>> No.73512957

>Planet Texas.

>> No.73512966

Far more people post their painted/WIP models. I have on the high ground, Anonkin. Don't try it.

>> No.73512977

>model relics on every model
can you tell what relic my Inqusitor got?

>> No.73512983

Tau and AdMech are my favorite armies. I've wanted to start them for years, but I've only just now decided to to start playing them. What is the best way to play each army? What is the easiest way to win? I'm pretty stupid and bad at tactics. Help a fellow anon out? I'll give you huggies and snuggles! *uwu's you*

>> No.73512985

im on vacation bitch
but here have this i took a few days ago, it's fitting

>> No.73512986

The clothed still art is pretty alright but the nude art and the animation sequence was pretty mediocre. Reminds me of old newgrounds stuff.

>> No.73512988

>Are there any updates related to the Q'Orl?
no, I wouldn't be surprised if they went extinct in a new lore snippet

>> No.73512992

You all need to get some painted models fast.

>> No.73513000

I made all my conscritps black while my infantry and vehicle operators are white

>> No.73513001

Just when I thought Reddit couldn't even get anymore retarded. I love to see this guy pull this with a Muslim.

>> No.73513004

As a Tau and Ad Mech player, I would have been more than happy to give you advice, only to realize that somehow you’re a bigger faggot than me with furryposting

>> No.73513014

>he goes on reddit
Stay there.

>> No.73513017

go back

>> No.73513020

I have lots of painted models. This is because I am not a retard that started a hobby I knew would be exceptionally time-consuming when I have an extremely busy lifestyle and then complain that I don't have enough time to be fully inducted into it. I made sure I could devote time to this hobby before I joined it.

>> No.73513032

I just go there to look at pictures of models.

>> No.73513033


Paint your models.

>> No.73513038

I honestly paint more than I play these days so I'm pretty safe. I haven't had to field unpainted models for some time now

>> No.73513044

I meant rose gold MARBLE

>> No.73513046

Dont throw stones from a glass house anon, the whole world is on the brink

>> No.73513058

Imagine all the greytide T''''''aufags continuing to seethe so hard GW adds a rule where T''''''au is exempt from the having to be painted rule (like they did with Overwatch going away)

T'''''''au is the special needs army, holy shit how do people manage to put up with the faggots that play them

>> No.73513062

its really not. pretty comfy where i am

>> No.73513064

Then why did you post an epic meme you didn't look at if you didn't see it because you don't look at them?

>> No.73513067

ah, and any tips painting that? white and then light glaze of pink and a few pink squirls?

>> No.73513070

I was wrong. I just went through every single Stormcast kit, 14 females in total.
>That's not quite accurate, every mixed unit since about the release of AoS 2.0 has been about 33% - 40% female.
Only Fish Elves really got any gender mix with six thralls across two boxes, a mage and one of an eel and one on the turtle.
Snaketits is an all female army
Goblins remain all male
Chaos averaged 1:5 across the Warcry boxes but otherwise only has one female special character specifically in AoS.
Ghosties got 4 new Banshees and a Banshee Queen in total.

It's a touch better then previously but still far from your stated 1:3 - 2:5.

As for CowElves, both in lore and sculpting wise they are meant to be a reincarnation of the High Elves who only had their queen and ten female archers, so really it's business as usual.

>> No.73513073

>T'''''''au is the special needs army
that's marines, reddit, always been marines

>> No.73513076

I already have 5k painted. Taking a break for a while by playing vidya.

>> No.73513083

absolutely based move by GW. I don't even care that a couple models in my army aren't painted, I just think this rule is funny because of the butthurt from lazy WAACshits who don't care about one of the largest aspects of the hobby it will cause.
Although it'll probably be houseruled in friendly games and in the competitive tournements where this would matter most they already had rules against unpainted models anyways, so its not even that big a deal.

>> No.73513085

Goblins don't have a gender anon.

>> No.73513096

the use of metallic pigments mixed in the pink for the swirls might help

>> No.73513103

>nobody wears their seat belt and nobody flies through windshields and kills other people?
I bet if you check the statistics you'll find they do but I guess your personal anecdote trumps any actual reality in the end.

>> No.73513105 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

You play both Tau AND AdMech? Oooh!
*begins playing with your hair*
You sound so handsome anon! Tell me more!
*Starts giving you a back massage*
I've always thought that Tau players were so incredibly sexxxy! Oh, I'm getting shivers up my spine just thinking about your models!
*reaches into pants*
I hope you don't mind if I do this, I just can't control myself around you!

>> No.73513118

I dislike using metallic paints, but I'll see what I can do

>> No.73513125

well, looking at the sprues, i can say that's not strictly accurate, though 1) it's elves so it's hard to tell, especially given that 2) there is no boob-plate to be seen. this deosn't mean there are no females, it just means that breastplates, it turns out, are basically unisex

>> No.73513131

So now that Primaris is better in every way than regular PA AND Termie guys, why isn't GW just end them already

>> No.73513140

Nice. If they clear your screens first they’re racist.

>> No.73513151

Because of the dusty losers that can't let go of the past still spend a little money on the hobby.

>> No.73513154

How much impact does 10 VP has?

>> No.73513160

10% of max score. not too much but give you an edge

>> No.73513162

because marinefags will STILL eat them up enough for GW to not stop yet

>> No.73513163

There are still people who will buy them.

>> No.73513164

fuck off herbert

>> No.73513168

I dare someone to write community support with something like "Hi I have been hearing rummors that in 9th extra victory points are awarded to having a painted army, this is PROBLEMATIC to us T''''''au players. Despite making up less than 13% of the population tau players contribute more than half of all complaining about having to paint"

>> No.73513177

10% of potential points you can earn, matters more if you fail to fully max out primary and secondary objectives, which appears to be a likely occurrence.

>> No.73513181

Just let them borrow one of your 43

>> No.73513182

Statistically you’re more likely to get hit by lightning than a human cannonball of peace.

>> No.73513185

it looks to be about one and a third objectives worth of points, so not negligable unless you intend to roflstomp your opponent, in which case you are invested enough in the hobby to

paint your minaitures

>> No.73513186

I usually do more interactive campaigns. In AoS I have one with 26 players, all building stuff, with cards and shit.
Very good stuff, all autobalancing too, but it require managment from me.

For 40k I planned something simpler, and territories just give you these cards. You choose one before playing and it gives you some bonuses.
Most bonuses get better the more cards you have with a type of keyword, so even if have a favourite, you still want to conquer more territories.
Other cards are better at the start and worst later in the campaigns (armies grow up every month) so there in general some meta with those cards and people aren't stuck with those.

I would pass you everything but it's more than the size limit on 4chan and I would still need to rebalance them. Also Italian.

For starting a campaign I will try Crusade. It seems cool. I think it would be perfect for you too.

>> No.73513187

Well well well

>> No.73513197


>> No.73513199

Boring bait.

>> No.73513202

Which is still a higher chance than most anons here have at getting a girlfriend

>> No.73513218


lmao based leaker forcing their hand

>> No.73513221

Not sure if this bait or actual autism
I'm willing to bet about at least an 8th of this general are furfags, but this is just cringe all around

>> No.73513225

Leakerbro has restored my faith in humanity

He single-handedly saved 2020

>> No.73513227

Because people wear their seat belts
You know what doesn't wear seat belts? lightning.

>> No.73513236

Despite being 7 % of the Playerbase T´'´au make up 70% of the upainted armies.

>> No.73513240


GW Posted the Core Rules

>> No.73513246

thoughts on bunker size, pointcost and real cost?

>> No.73513248

LOVE /tg/

>> No.73513249

Now let's see the points for other armies! Go leaks!

>> No.73513257

Ok guys now that painting actually matter i guess it's time to finish my backlog, which one of my wip armies do i finish first
>Word Bearers
>Death Guard
>Tau Empire

>> No.73513260

Wow, that bunker sucks compared to a whirlwind.

>> No.73513261

>in a move that will delight old-school fans
fuck you, zoomers don't deserve superkrak

>> No.73513263

>no drilled barrels


>> No.73513264

If dubs you NEVER EVER paint your tau

>> No.73513267

Thanks a lot man, appreciated.

>> No.73513273


>> No.73513279

Word Bearers

>> No.73513282

Cringe faggot

>> No.73513288

What were your planned colours? Otherwise, get those Tyranids out.

>> No.73513300

>Being played this hard by GW

>> No.73513301

>Each Convergence of Dominion consists of three Starstele (they’re the big obelisk-type things), which are seriously durable and armed with impressively deadly transdimensional abductors! Even better, they bolster units from your dynasty that are nearby and, with the help of a friendly Cryptek, can perform Translocation Protocols to redeploy across the battlefield. Yeah… these are great.

>> No.73513302

based and bughunt pilled

>> No.73513308

Love you bro.

>> No.73513312

That Necron fort looks cool

>> No.73513314

Tau so you can make people seethe even harder when you beat them by ten points

>> No.73513315

>Superfrag missile
Are you fucking kidding me

>> No.73513327

Think every faction will get some king of new structure or just necrons and space marines?

>> No.73513330

>he genuinely thinks GW wrote "redditors guzzle cum" on their own leaks

>> No.73513331


>2d6 shots and blast

Get fucked hordeniggers

>> No.73513338

How do you know I haven't drilled them since anon, eh?

>> No.73513343


Reanimation protocols are covered in the Necron codex not the main rulebook, dumbass.

>> No.73513346

ok GW.

>> No.73513347

But what about...
superfreak missiles?

>> No.73513358

40k gets what they test in aos

>> No.73513363

Pretty good, except for the rainbow daemonprince, haha
Got any hi res shots of the dreds?

>> No.73513364

Thousand Sons 750pts

Demon prince, talons and wings - 180
Exalted sorcerer - 120

Rubrics x5 - 96
Rubrics x5 - 96
Cultists x10 - 50

Deredeo dreadnought, butcher cannon array, havok launcher, twin HB - 198

Casual games between friends, how good will I do and how fun will this be to play against? Planning on having the dread, sorc and cultists hang back with the rubrics push for objectives and the DP warptimes to get into melee.

>> No.73513365

So, do you guys still use points lists, or do you just stick with Power Level lists? What do you find to be the most FUN? What do you find to be the most BALANCED (feel free to laugh).

>> No.73513366


>> No.73513368

Chaos, Eldar, GSC and orks already have one. So probably yeah.

>> No.73513372

Of course. This is their new attempt at those plague trees for DG/Nurgle Daemons or ore drill for GSC. They'll likely be amazing or lacklustre as FUCK. Absolutely zero in-between. I reckon lacklustre, just like all the shitty terrain-pieces-with-rules each army got in 8th.

>> No.73513376

GW xeno terrain always looks so nice. Shame they don't make more of it.

>> No.73513377

>They brought back that tri-Monoloth field
>With a new model.
Instead of, you know, making Monoliths better.

>> No.73513379


Ghosts are ambiguous, only the banshees and queen are obviously female sure but there really no way to tell the gender of the rest since they're just bedsheets and skulls.

>> No.73513385

kevin roundtree listens to ram ranch on the regs lmao

>> No.73513387

I think if GW were to do it they'd have their controlled leaks say it since it's not like slurs an anon says on /tg/ means anything.

>> No.73513393

Sisters too.

>> No.73513395


No amount of pushing power levels will ever make me use them.

>> No.73513396

I'm willing to bet so. If it's like like terrain pieces in Sigmar, they might even be completely free.

What else could we see though? Assuming we throw out the current "faction specifc" terrain pieces like the Noctlith Corwn, Tau Shieldwall, Webway Gate and Mekboy Workshop? Which faction needs static terrain?

>> No.73513397

Eldar got the webway gate

Chaos has a giant gaping anus

Tau already have terrian

Orks do aswell

>> No.73513398

>He genuinely thinks leakbro was breaking an NDA

>> No.73513401

Monoliths are getting a new model, so anything is possible.

>> No.73513405

>You know what doesn't wear seat belts? lightning.
Do you know this?

>> No.73513408

What did they get?

>> No.73513418


>they'll be either busted and mandatory or shit

This post is 100% accurate

>> No.73513424

A mate of mine is getting into 40k with 9th dropping playing admech and since i haven't played properly since 5th I thought it would be a decent opportunity to start a new army. Should I go with Deldar painted as flayed skulls or custodes either picking aqulian shields or solar watch but swapping the red for purple. Which army is more fun?

New army should i pick deldar or custodes and which of a,b or c should I go with?

>> No.73513427

>>>>>>he thinks GW wrote "redditors guzzle cum"
I'm amazed someone can be so detached from the reality of how corporate entities act

>> No.73513428

So is every faction going to get a lame piece of terrain now? We really are turning into Sigmar

>> No.73513436

I mean they've been trying to do it for years (eldar gate, tau floating walls, the entire wall of martyrs shit, bastions), so I'd expect new armies to get some with their new books.

I don't mind it much, even if I won't really use that shit for anything other than scatter terrain.

>> No.73513444

Nigger, people are looting like crazy right now in the US. You don't think some opportunistic madlad anon didn't go out and grab himself a box amidst the peaceful protesting carnage?

>> No.73513449

go with Deldar painted as flayed skulls

>> No.73513452

for starters
>painting custodes as anything other than red and gold
go deldar though

>> No.73513455

The Battle Sanctum. Gives them a 1+ invun or some such.

>> No.73513458


Seth was fucking right. He got memed on so hard but Gabriel Seth was fucking right. He's been given so much shit but now everyone can shut the fuck up and respect that he is the most right and good looking Chapter Master ever, even better than that useless oldfag Dante.

>> No.73513460

They screwed the pooch making you have to give up a detachment for forts.

>> No.73513475


>> No.73513479

Notice how once it was revealed cops and altright were starting the looting, it pretty much stopped overnight?
I wonder why?

>> No.73513485

Anybody got a leak to the necrons datasheets? At work and it’s a pain in the dick to go back through old threads.

>> No.73513486

I'm thinking of starting a GSC or Necron army.

Talk me out of it, anons. Why do they both suck?

>> No.73513489


>> No.73513491

Core rules are up: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Lw4o3USx1R8sU7cQ.pdf

Engagement range is 1" horizontal, 5" vertical

>> No.73513494

>>painting custodes as anything other than red and gold
>not wanting to paint them gold and purple, the colours of royalty
Yeah probably a good idea, deldar have more units for one

>> No.73513501

Baser leakanon upending the plans of a multimillion dollar company

>> No.73513502

>Looting like crazy
It’s Antifags grabbing the dumbest local nigs to wreck their own neighborhoods. Then they scream “Look out, Proud Boys in blackface,” and shoot them.

>> No.73513505

>the watermarks are the reason they released the core rules today

>> No.73513514

gsc are shit and require a fuck tonne of models. go with necrons

>> No.73513516

Well they both have new updated sculpts.

>> No.73513517

you want ugly ridgeheads?
you want rusty junk?

>> No.73513526

>I'm still to fucking dense.
Leakbro only 'leaked' because the NDA expired. Incidently it expired within days of GW revealing everything themselves.
The fact that you seriously can't add two and two together has me wonder how come you haven't forgotten to breath yet.

>> No.73513528

>Why do they both suck?

GSC don't suck though. They have great models, fun rules and lots of options. They're a great casual and reasonably competitive option if you're looking for anything that's not marines.

Necrons have shitty rules, old shitty models (until now) and extremely limited effective builds for even casual play. Granted a lot of that will surely change, they will suffer from power progression after being the first notmarines of the new edition.

>> No.73513533


Depends on the type of Muslim. They range from the New Jersey “My imam is a hip youth pastor who only read the three nice hadiths and I’ve never worn a hijab in my life, sometimes I eat bacon but I don’t think Allah will care lol” all the way up to the Isis “I only haven’t strapped a bomb to my chest because I want to rack up 100 kaffir kills with my bare hands first”

>> No.73513542 [DELETED] 

I play both. If you're willing to paint more models, GSC are more fun to play, and look cooler imo.

>> No.73513548

Basef, we just can't stop winning bros

>> No.73513557

I saw no mention of rope.

>> No.73513576

I love you so much, benediction-apostle anon. You're an inspiration to me.

>> No.73513577

>Subtract 1 from hit rolls made when Monsters and Vehicles shoot Heavy weapons while any enemy units remain within their Engagement Range.
Did we know this? Keeping tanks in close combat just got a lot less attractive

>> No.73513582

god do I loathe these people

>> No.73513584 [DELETED] 

Choose a few units in your army, and make a prediction as to how many points they'll go up/down, and give a brief reason why.

>> No.73513587


>> No.73513596

The numbers worry me. Can't be bothered to buy and build and paint tonnes of models.

I suppose theres no way to run a "small" GSC force?

>> No.73513597

yes, we knew this ages ago, it's part of the big guns never tire rule
and what do you mean it got less attractive, you never wanted to do it anyway, now it's just better if it does happen

>> No.73513599

Still it takes more courage to attack a living an growing religion than to beat up on the walking dead that Christianity has been for the last 100 years.

>> No.73513600 [DELETED] 

Better than falling back and not shooting at all.

>> No.73513603

yes did you not read any of the warcom articles? jesus

>> No.73513609

We've all done good work over the last 2 days anons, well done, round of applause all round

>> No.73513610

We knew. GW mentioned it before.

Shooting a unit your engaged with at -1BS is better than losing a turn of shooting for Falling Back.

>> No.73513613

Rusted Claw lends itself towards a mechanised army with lots of bikes and vehicles.

>> No.73513615

my bikez will go up, my nobz will go up, my boyz will go up
because GW doesn't playtest properly and has no real idea of how many points things should cost, hence why they push that shitty power meme because "lol it's not meant to be properly balanced"

>> No.73513621

>you want ugly ridgeheads?
>you want rusty junk?
That's not very nice. Do you want a Necron to mock your jock-itch?
Necrons are getting both the new LE box soon and in a few months there will be the proper 9th starter box with even More necrons.
Probably your best bet right now.

>> No.73513632

Nah leakbro dabs on your gw store credit paycheck and will forever be based. C O P E

>> No.73513634

>Death Guard
>Will go up in points astronomically
>Reason: They aren't Primaris

>> No.73513637 [DELETED] 

My old 2k list ran 150 models, but it's on the higher end. Points costs are going up in 9e too.

A "good" GSC list will probably have about 100 models in it or so, tending upwards? You could definitely run a more elite force though - go mechanised. The new GSC in 9e can freely take ANY Guard unit in their army, so you can take artillery etc, take some rockgrinders for some Neophytes and have some punchy units in ambush etc.

Ally big bug nids too if you want fewer, but bigger models.

>> No.73513641

I'm glad you like him anon!

>> No.73513643

just cause you don't go to church anymore doesn't mean its dead, its massively growing in south america, africa and asia

>> No.73513645

>he thinks gw pushes PL because they dont care about balance
they push PL because they want to get rid of unit-upgrades, so it'll be like in AoS with every unit costing a fixed price (PL) and having only the choice between 2 different static loadouts at best

>> No.73513647

But it enables you to tactically sacrifice one unit to let another one move over the open fields and finish some objective.

>> No.73513648

Depends. If it means something like firing lascannons into infantry and the infantry have weapons that will do serious damage to the tank, then it may be better to pull out (plus pulling back will allow other unit to shoot the enemy cc unit)

>> No.73513658

I hate primaris, but this was hilarious

>> No.73513662

My Scrapjets and maybe Dragstas will go up, the Scrapjet because the Rokkit Kannon is a blast weapon now, I think it'll still be worth it though, it should be a real solid allround unit in 9th

>> No.73513663

I fear 40k is getting the free terrain for every faction thing from AoS

>> No.73513665

Reminder that the leaker was a paid GW shill. Refused to put "Nigger" on his leaks because GW doesn't want that tied to them.

>> No.73513670

>nooo leaks ruin the company

best edition since a long while I'll tell you that

>> No.73513671

>Honestly thinks GW hasn't had this reveal planned for months
I love how stupid everyone is. But then again, watching America willingly plague themselves to death, it certainly explains some things.

>> No.73513675

Here's the Levi.

>> No.73513682

if your headswapping your alien boys, why even use aliens in the first place?
they lay around for idontknow how long, clearly they must be old rusted junk, also you made me google jock-itch, fuck you

>> No.73513683

>because shut up thats why, you need to fall to chaos to have all 3

Not anymore, anon. We lost that option.

>> No.73513691

that's a good thing if the terrain looks cool

growing capillary towers with tyranids as you devour the field should be a thing

>> No.73513693

>Fuck I got played

>> No.73513695 [DELETED] 

I didn't do it because I'd watermarked everything before the tide had changed to put the n-word on everything.


>> No.73513696

And it doesnt get eaten from the inside there, righ?

>> No.73513706

Right, but compared to 8th the option is better.

>> No.73513713

Would the assault intercessor squad keyword count for the veteran intercessor stratagem if it says it needs the intercessor squad keyword?

>> No.73513714

least chosen can....for now :(

>> No.73513715

Wrong trip

>> No.73513716

not nice Souba

>> No.73513717

you're the fake leaker, anon, not trash-can anon or !!p4

>> No.73513728


>> No.73513730

He was wrong though. Primaris have the black rage which. His precious flaw is still safe.

>> No.73513734

fuck this post man

>> No.73513735

wrong tripcode

>> No.73513739

posting to both threads:

Updated pdf leaks:

all 3 books and marine points and marine dataslates included.


>> No.73513742

Maybe if the free terrain is the bonus for going mono-faction, it would be fine I guess, instead of doctrines bullshit for SM.

>> No.73513745 [DELETED] 


>> No.73513746

I dunno, in 8th, the tank would have pulled out, waited a turn an then would molest your other, more important unit. This way you can sunk cost your opponent into staying in that combat to avoid the loss of one turn.

>> No.73513753

>> No.73513763

I prime my models back and spray Army Painter Fur Brown over it. Then I drybrush the entire model in Necron Compound. Wash it in Agrax Earthshade and you have the base for the metal.

After I'm done doing the whole model, I apply pic related sporadically over the metal and armor.

>> No.73513765

403 Forbidden

>> No.73513769

I don't know, stuff like Hellhounds ramming into enemy lines and then lighting stuff up in melee is fun.

>> No.73513771

I feel like it might fit better with 40k anyways. Its a lot more believable that a bunker was dropped in or something than some random ass trees or a fucking wrecked ship

>> No.73513774

>you want rusty junk?

>> No.73513789

>Absorbing rules for free = Getting played
>"o-oh fuck where are my anime gifs i need to fit in!"
The schizoid is mind-broken lmao


>> No.73513790

I recognize these girls and I hate that I do.

>> No.73513791

werid try this link should be same:

works for me


>> No.73513793

Yeah, it's strange how every Beastmen vs Idoneth battle ever just happens to be nearby a wrecked ship AND a herdstone

>> No.73513795

fake and gay

>> No.73513796

whats your recipe for dark skin anon?

>> No.73513799

Yeah, flamers could be pretty bad, dont charge da BANEBLADE

>> No.73513804


>> No.73513806 [DELETED] 

A reminder that there never have been, and never will be, dogs in 40k.

>> No.73513808

>that weapon
nice cron, but please anon, put some effort into that weapon and give him some glowy eyes and a prope base while you're at it
you do want your free 10 VP dont you?

>> No.73513810

I’m literally pointing out how leakerbro isn’t GW related.

>> No.73513813


>> No.73513817


>> No.73513821

absolutely seething lmao

>> No.73513822

most scenery has a fluff justification for it to be there
>inb4 magic donut count

>> No.73513827

How am I doing? Any tips? You still here?

>> No.73513830

not him but still doesnt work

>> No.73513831


>> No.73513832

You can use that one Rogue Trader Kill Team in 40k.

>> No.73513837 [DELETED] 

Does anyone else find it really weird that out of the four core books, the only book that WASN'T leaked was the Points Cost book? The one that everyone was clamouring for, and the one that, if leaked, means that everyone can start playing 9e.

Seems a little suspicious to me. Almost as if the person behind the leaks was told "leak these three books to build up excitement". GW definitely don't want points to be leaked yet.

>> No.73513839

How much of a corporate dicklicker do you have to be to hate people who leak GW's shit

>> No.73513841

hrmm wonder if zippyshare has a timer or something .. looking for another filehost

>> No.73513845

The big GW case is pretty good actually. The thing is, you get a discount on pretty much all GW products in a proper shop, while you don't get in on let's say Feldherr.

>> No.73513847

The stone comes out of the ground. The ship is brought up with magic air water. It’s simple.

>> No.73513850


>> No.73513852 [DELETED] 

That's not a dog, that's a man with a hammer.

>> No.73513854

You’re implying that GW would conform to watermarking “redditors guzzle cum” in their leaks

>> No.73513864


>> No.73513867

If you’re beginning to talk about cases, battlefoam by far is the superior choice.

>> No.73513871

"With the exception of Smite, you cannot attempt to manifest the
same psychic power more than once in the same battle round, even
with different Psyker units."

Additionally you must manifest all powers with one caster at the same time. Does this mean casting smite multiple times per turn is now possible with the same caster again?

It's a new dawn boys.

>> No.73513875 [DELETED] 

Those aren't dogs, and even if they were, they're not in 40k. One would "technically" be in Kill Team, and the other in art.

Also, I said there never have been (the past), and that there never would be (the future). I never said there aren't dogs in 40k right now (the present).

>> No.73513877

I want this in model form.

>> No.73513878

The Imperium of dog is the Imperium of man's best friend.

>> No.73513879

>ask local player during a painting get together why he doesn’t thin his paints
>”but I do anon, I get a nice big glob and as I start applying it to all the models it slow gets thinner

>> No.73513885

kind of gay how the hammerfall bunker doesn't at all look like it's meant to drop from orbit, ngl

>> No.73513887


this should work tested in 3 browsers:

9th pdf leaks

>> No.73513888

>Cyber-Mastiffs are mechanical creatures that resemble a metal hound, who are guided by the brain and nervous system of a hunting creature after such components have been integrated by members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It is not uncommon to see purely biological canines who have received some form of cybernetic upgrades.[1][2] Cyber-Mastiffs are usually deployed under the control of Adeptus Arbites Patrol and Enforcer units for hunting down their prey and to catch criminal fugitives who attempt to escape.[2][3]

>> No.73513908

No, I left a long time ago anon, you're talking to my ghost now.
>Any tips
I suggest a bit lighter dabbing with a darker red to get a smother transition on the bottom
you can also do your colors on different areas, doesn't need to be top and bottom only, and doesn't need to be red and blue, could be most colors I guess
ohterwise looks like a nice start to me, I like that blue transition, pretty smooth
>friendly reminder that im not a good painter and people shouldn't take any advice from me

>> No.73513912

>they're not in 40k.

>> No.73513916

looks like brainbugs are B A C K O N T H E M E N U

>> No.73513917

How the fuck are they not dogs

>> No.73513925

>battle round 2 = set up wholly within 6" of any
battlefield edge (not enemy battlefield edge or in enemy deployment zone).
>Battle round 3+ = set up wholly within 6" of any battlefield edge (not enemy battlefield edge)

Help this ESL please. I don't get how this "enemy battlefield edge" works. I thought it's same thing as "enemy deployment zone" edge, but that restriction is gone in 3+. What is this?

>> No.73513926 [DELETED] 

Their unit name isn't "dog", it's "Aximillion" or some shit. If it were a dog, it would be named as such.

>> No.73513929

how should it look, o orbital drop engineer?

>> No.73513944


>> No.73513954

like a fatter version of the deathstorm droppod instead of something out of starcraft

>> No.73513955

BASED! Furries BTFO!

>> No.73513957

Based. Fellow psychicbros we will finally have our time in the sun.

>> No.73513960

The long board edge of your opponent's deployment zone

>> No.73513965

It comes in an impact crater.

>> No.73513969

6+2d3 mortals

>> No.73513974

>Maybe if I REEEEEE harder

>> No.73513976


>> No.73513987 [DELETED] 

I've got one of the e-pdfs with the updates 9e points costs. They're divided similarly to how indexes were divided - I've got the Xenos ones.

Ask me for points values since I can't be asked to list them all and the pdfs still have watermarks on them so I can't screenshot.

>> No.73513990

it looks more suited for a drop than pic related

>> No.73513992

>Turn 2
Units can come in on the left and right table edges only up to the enemy deployment zone.
>Turn 3
Units can come in on the left and right table edges. This *can* include inside the enemy deployment zone.

>> No.73513994

>+1 for psychic charge on smite for each attempt to smite
enjoy your hard cap on smites lmao

>> No.73513997

don't worry, it's still wip, I'm thinking of going for brass and verdigris, and then going for the classic green glow on the eyes, chest sigil, and gauss bits. Still not sure what to go for the basing though.

>> No.73514001

Fuck off, liar

>> No.73514007

shup up !!OOH7
you're a faggot, changing name doesn't change your trip

>> No.73514021

>not for Tsons.
Magnus wins again

>> No.73514025


>> No.73514041

Ah, I see. Thank you. So drop pods got fucked I guess?

>> No.73514047


>> No.73514048

harlequins might go up since they fall back and shoot, which a lot of units lost.
the skimmers might go up, haywire cannons are blast weapons.
they should go down in cost because you can't stack -1/+1s anymore though.

>> No.73514049

No, because they have their own rules for arriving out of Reinforcements.

>> No.73514050

Does the "Gunslinger Rule" still exist in 8th edition?

>> No.73514052

where did it say that?

>> No.73514055

Could you put them into a mega instead of using a bullshit site full of ads.

>> No.73514063 [DELETED] 

When are we likely to recieve points costs? Presumably if they're in pdf form and will be released online, we'll only get them day of release (similarly to how the BIG FAQS didn't get leaked until release, except that one time where we got snippets of info 16 hours before release).

>> No.73514072


>> No.73514073

What is the gunslinger rule

Do you mean pistols? They're unchanged.

>> No.73514076

fake and gay

>> No.73514077

I like these, but they look cheap third party models and the rocks around them not being optional are a turn off

>> No.73514080 [DELETED] 

>they should go down in cost because you can't stack -1/+1s anymore though.
GW won't care about this fact. They probably assumed that no player was gonna stack -1s anyway when they pointed units, so the fact that they can't do it anymore won't have any bearing on Aeldari points.

>> No.73514083

Doesn't matter because now I don't need to bring another ~300 points for a buffed smite.

>> No.73514089

all the new monolith-type models look like shit

>> No.73514093

Please let Primaris use Manlet gear this time around

>> No.73514094


>> No.73514096

>No flame weapon rule similar to the blast weapon rule
Maybe I'm just blind and didn't see it on my skim through, but it's weird they recognized the need to force a minimum number of hits/scaling anti-horde potential for blast but didn't do the same for flamers.

>> No.73514105

COVID is god answer to niggers, iq NPCs and waggies. Praise be the true god

>> No.73514107

>6" move
who at GW decided assault marines without jump packs was a good idea

>> No.73514114

Are you seriously getting this butthurt over some reaction images?

>> No.73514116

Eh, models are okay, It depends on the paintjob.

>> No.73514125 [DELETED] 

At least you have the Impulsor. There are a lot of armies with 6" move "combat" units that lack a good transport to put them in.

>> No.73514129

They lack self determination.

>> No.73514133

space marine close combnate weapons pricing if you please....take a photo with you phone

>> No.73514137

You could probably cut the rocks off the base, I imagine?

>> No.73514144

I would think so and if I was gaming against you I'd allow it. But some people would rules lawyer it.

>> No.73514148

they thought hitting automatically was good enough to balance them out

and they can be shot in melee by monsters and vehicles, but I think they need more

>> No.73514149

sorry but flamers are racist so they have to be shit
you will not be missed

>> No.73514154

Fuck you.

>> No.73514155

Brotherhood of Sorcerers – In a Thousand Sons Detachment, Psykers gain this rule, which Increases the range of all psychic powers by 6”. Additionally, in Matched Play, units with this rule do not add 1 to the Warp Charge of subsequent Smite attempts in a given turn.

I think GK have a similar rule for smite, not sure though.

>> No.73514158

Primaris Blood Claws when?

>> No.73514161

>watching America willingly plague themselves to death

It is not willingly, most of us are fighting this tooth and nail to try and get people to fucking behave and get politicians to listen, but too many governors are sucking the Trump Teat to listen and actively want cities to suffer because they vote Democrat.

>> No.73514171

Make a new thread you dumb fucks

>> No.73514173


>> No.73514175

Unless they FAQ it - NO.

>> No.73514181

Reminder flamers are good for like 2/3rds of the armies in the game at this point

>> No.73514183

At this point, I just refer to all those who refuse to follow the safety guidelines as Nurgle Cultists.
Ditto for anti-vaxxers.

>> No.73514184

In 7th there was a rule called "Gunslinger", which allowed a character wielding two pistols to fire both of them in that turn, and he counts as having two CCW's to get an additional attack.

>> No.73514188

it arguably should, but as written no

>> No.73514201

this but unironically

>> No.73514211

Models CAN fire all of their pistols at once, but they have nothing to do with close combat attacks anymore

>> No.73514215

was going to say, i'm pretty sure if you upgrade your terran bunkers to automated defences with Engineer Swann, you get exactly the new 40k model

>> No.73514225

Not even remotely. Everyone is either too busy obsessing over race or digging their hole and plugging their ears as their infallible country falls down around them.

>> No.73514232

/ourguy/ got the box

Is it worth $250?

>> No.73514242

I think it's a gun turret on top of those and not a missile launcher, but the point still stands
looks like shit

>> No.73514248

To be fair, drop bastions are not meant to come down from orbit, but are deployed by a flyer quickly onto the battlefield.

>> No.73514250

Too many idiots confuse freedom and self-indulgence

>> No.73514253

>No more additional CCW attacks for cool gunslinger shenanigans.

>> No.73514262

Is it confirmed $250? I thought that was just rumors

>> No.73514266

Someone in a discord I am in says their shop opened preorders at 200$. Might just be a ballpark just to get money early.

>> No.73514267

You can still shoot pistols in combat during your shooting phase. Stop living 2 editions behind.

>> No.73514273

So no new art from rulebook yet?

>> No.73514275

I can't afford it because people aren't paying me enough to paint their armies.

>> No.73514278

>> No.73514281 [DELETED] 

New thread when?

>> No.73514282

The stores that accidentally listed it early priced it as that

>> No.73514283

However, pistols are the only ranged weapons that can be fired while in combat. Still in the hooting phase, though. And you can fire either all your pistols or all your other ranged weapons.

>> No.73514289

So... am I right in thinking that according to the new rules download aircraft cant be charged at all?

>> No.73514298

mmm, alright. Was hoping it'd be less but I guess I also don't know how much is crammed in it. Thanks!

>> No.73514307

Most likely £120 or if you want it in dollarydos 290 of those, since that's what the prize newsletter draw is worth.

>> No.73514312


>> No.73514320

It says that no movement can end a model within the aircrafts engagement distance. So yeah?

>> No.73514336


>> No.73514340

fuck off

>> No.73514341

Do it, coward

>> No.73514346

smashfucker v3 9th edition when?

>> No.73514349

Do it faggot

>> No.73514353

>blast rules
So i'm never going to run my kabalites in squads larger than 5 ever again right?

>> No.73514356


>> No.73514363

what's the max size? basically if you're going to take 6 hits max that shit out to compensate

>> No.73514365

the gay thing about the bunker is that they didn't just make an upgrade kit for the established Drop Pod, I'm sure Drop Pods were already dropped as gun platforms sometimes?

>> No.73514367

Thats why I'm trying to catch up, faggot.

Actually that helps. Coupled with the fact that I can take a combi- weapon and Combi is no longer a one shot issue, This edition is actually starting to look better to me.

Though now I have to figure out if I want my captain to dual wield actual plasma pistols, or if I should take a combi plasma and just have the model look like he's got two pistols for the fun of it?

>> No.73514373

If you ever did this, you have been playing them wrong.

>> No.73514381

At least anti vaxxers have a good point with kids developing autism.
But man, I am not happy to watch my neighbor die like this, I must do something, gonna need to grab a huge plate of popcorn.

>> No.73514385

Drop pods don't look enough like cartoony starcraft toys for the Space Marine Marvel audience

>> No.73514387


>> No.73514395


>> No.73514396

Same dude here :) Was hoping this would cause a discussion :D But cant control 4chanites i guess

>> No.73514405

but they can certainly go for the "STEEL RAIN XD" audience
I know I would buy them if that's the case

>> No.73514409

The 6-10 thing is only scary on plasma cannons. Blast only really shafts 11+ model units.

>> No.73514420

The rules only maximize the number of shots, you still have to roll to hit, to wound and then the opponent gets saves.

I did some math a few days ago and an unbuffed unit of Orks being hit by a Battlecannon only averages 1.5 more wounds with the rule change.

>> No.73514426


>> No.73514427

10 is fine, just don't go 11+

>> No.73514431

its called a deathstorm drop pod.

>> No.73514444

Deathstorm Drop Pods where dropped in servitor-manned gun emplacements.

>> No.73514458

Literally 1 job

>> No.73514459

looks like shit. also, learn a real language.

>> No.73514462


>> No.73514470

how fucking hard is it to make a new thread

>> No.73514476

>how to turn two Chaos cultist patrol into a brigade with one simple trick

>> No.73514479

I looked it over. I am running a league with dozens of players and crusade is WAY too much paperwork to work out.

>> No.73514488

>Impulsor got jacked up in points from 75 to 100

>> No.73514490

But kids ARE NOT developing autism due to vaccines. That has been proven time and time and time again.
We're seeing more autism diagnoses in recent years because we're getting better at diagnosing those on the spectrum and the spectrum itself is expanding to accommodate more developmental disorders that would have been classified as just "slow" or "odd" but are now considered part of "autistic."
Also, remember that the entire thing of vaccines causing autism was started by one faggot pushing a now-redacted, bullshit papter saying that one particular MMR vaccine given to Danish children was causing it because he was getting in on an early investment in a competing MMR vaccine.
Now that he's lost his license and even his doctorate has been revoked, he rides the anti-vaxx grifter train, making money from scared housewives who don't know how to do proper research and believe the frantic non-scientific drivel that gets driven to the top of google results.

>> No.73514498

there's a not-very-good chance that they'll get more options when the full kit comes out, including jump packs
like Intercessors did.

Although giving them jump packs would make assault marines hyper-redundant, so who knows

>> No.73514508

What do people do on their turns?

>> No.73514515

>buy drop pod
>put missile pod on top
>put flamers/whatever other guns it can have on the bottom
>use hammerfall rules

>> No.73514519

the kernel of truth with the antivaxxers is that we should give children 5 different vaccines at the same time. Only reason we do is because of shit parents that can't follow up with several doctors appointments.

>> No.73514537

Aircraft are unchargeable in 9th. Melee units cannot attack it. Must take down with ranged. The aircraft section of the rules pamphlet says no unit can for any type of movement enter the aircrafts engagement range. Sounds like a big deal to me (Yeah, I'm spammin, fite me)

>> No.73514543

How did charges change? I thought people were saying they got super nerfed but reading the rulebook I'm not sure why

>> No.73514546


>> No.73514553

based retard

>> No.73514573

That depends, though I see what you're going for.

-With 2 Pistols, you can fire your shorter range in both combat and out of it, which is still good since you can attack up to 4 times with a captain in melee anyway.

-If you don't care to fight in Melee, take the Combi-plasma. You got a longer range, still shoot like you've got two pistols at the half range, but on top of that, you can ALSO fire the boltgun if you want at the sacrifice of all your shots getting a point subtracted from their to hit.

Basically, you can 2 plasma and 2 bolter shots in the same turn at 12", going full bullet storm on the enemy.

>> No.73514574

>1 new post
(the dude that posted it here) Yup. Aint denying that.

>> No.73514576


>> No.73514598

You are the prime example of why I'm never vaccing my kids, fucking autist

Pd. someone make a new thread holy

>> No.73514615

god you are so fucking lame, falling for such bad bait.

>> No.73514637

>Whenever a model makes any kind of move, it can be moved across Aircraft models (and their bases) as if they were not there, and they can be moved within an enemy Aircraft model’s Engagement Range, but it cannot end the move on top of another model (or its base), and it cannot end the move within Engagement Range of any enemy Aircraft models.

>> No.73514639

>t. Nurgle cultists

>> No.73514653

there is a new thread, you're not welcome

>> No.73514658

>I dont like plastic armies

why would this person pick up the hobby?

>> No.73514662

> Whenever a model makes any kind of move, ... and it cannot end the move within Engagement Range of any enemy Aircraft models.

So... they cant be charged?

>> No.73514667

i'm not an antivaxxer, you are fucking retarded for replying to someone who is evidently looking for (you)'s. this will be my last reply on the subject, i'm not a sucker.

>> No.73514686

>t. tzeench cultist

>> No.73514694

What did I miss?

>> No.73514699


please find the slither of truth in this:

it is my personal opinion that you should shut the fuck up and leave this board, if you want to discuss /pol on /tg you piece of shit.

Just my POV of course.

>> No.73514705

Well that's rude

T.khorne priest

>> No.73514713


This is hardly news, the writing has been on the wall for years now. We're lucky they didn't just bin the entire setting entirely like they did with WHFB.
On the other hand the fact that they've actually been doing good work with the specialist games means that you can just say "fuck it" and go play something else with better rules.

>> No.73514764

What's your orkboy going to do, throw his choppa at a Voidraven 100s of feet in the air?

>> No.73514776

Was more thinking about stormbois, or smashcaptains or any other non-aircraft things that can fly.

>> No.73514780

Darn that's a shame. My Blood Angel assault troops need yet another way to get extra attacks

>> No.73514808

All my Necron are females?

>> No.73514828

everything in the game is getting a points hike just about

>> No.73514913

Soooo... any words on chaos or xeno points yet?

>> No.73515183

If you want

>> No.73515399

Assume 50% increase in everything

>> No.73516663

>tyranids nowhere to be sin but in basilicata
You glorious shitposter

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