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40k is fun!

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Preorder on July 11
You'll need to order 4 books to get all the new updates/rules/missions.

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word bearers are cool

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The only good Ultramarine successors coming in.

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>implying there wont be at least a few missions in the main rule book
>implying two of them wont be sold as one and are only seperated for our conveniance

Still to much though

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Doesn't really look S or T 5.

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anon told me they look like imperial fists
accepting tips on how to make them look more distinct
could quarter them black/yellow, but I don't know

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>Wraithguard Edition
Imagine paying 33 points(going up soon) for ONE shot of assault range 12"(lol) -4 d6 on your w3 heavy support.

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RIP CA2019 grand waste of money.

Also the app will exist july 11 becuaer they said it goes up with preorder, prob won't be free but may be cheaper than the points book.

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>Indomitus is coming out
>Play both Blood Angels and Necrons
>Limited edition so some of the characters are likely stuck in the box
>Doesn't come with the 9th ed rulebook
>Likely costs a lot more than a normal box set

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Maybe add some black stripes into the yellow?

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>Just buy 4 books, goy! You wanted up-to-date rules didn't you, you filthy little paypiggy? Oink oink, pay up to enjoy the FULL 9th Edition experience*!
>*full 9th Edition experience remains so until the first Warhammer 40,000(R) Codex(R) is released. This does not affecy your statutory rights.

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Damn reivers need to be able to use shotguns.

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>anon told me they look like imperial fists
Just because they're yellow.
Ignore him, by neccessity most chapters will have a similar colour scheme to another chapter.

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so you just want me to full hazard stripe them?

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It comes with the rulebook.

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>>doesn't come with the 9th ed rulebook
yes it does

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I literally explained it end of last thread

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Doesn't need to be that much, just a stripe along the arms?
Can go Adidas in Space.
Though to be honest, I didn't think about Imperial Fists until you mentioned it, so maybe it's fine as is.

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what 4th book? or am i just no god at read

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>>Doesn't come with the 9th ed rulebook
yes, it does

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They don't, especially the helmeted ones

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1. Rulebook
2. Missions
3. Points Changes
4. Crusader
For the entire set of 9th edition.

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Someone was being racist and said the n-word so I left the thread in hope a new one would come.

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I didn't think it came with the full 9th Ed rulebook for some reason. Fuck I'm retarded

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Word bearers should be the coolest legion but instead they are one of the lamest due to GW writing.

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Well. It has no flesh, and bikes are t5. It's made of the same material, so same toughness.

It's also a construct, meaning it's strength is only a limitation of the materials with which it is created.

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Why would you buy a book with point changes in it when they'll just be on battlescribe

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see >>73492438

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It comes with a super speshul, eggs clusive one

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what is crusader ?

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>here's a blank book with a shitty logo

>that'll be $60 please

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so who else is just going to wait out the app?

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With the changes to melee would pic related finally be a decent option to start deldar? got a mate getting into 40k and buying an admech sc box and thought it would be a decent opportunity to start a new army alongside him

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I have played all of 8th and never bought a single book, it's not gonna change with 9th like

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I plan on painting some Imperial Fists. I already have a can of Corax White primer but all the tutorials tell me Wraithbone is the way to go for the Fists. How much of a difference will it make? Would it be worth grabbing the new primer just to be on the safe side?

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Narrative progression game mode rules

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dont like it dont buy it

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>The well disciplined cannibals who wear skulls.
>They fall back and shoot.

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Because you can't get the updated pts cost on the """""""""""amazing""""""""" new app GW plan to release alongside the new edition

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Because battlescribe is trash?
They still haven't reversed their Heavy Phosphor Blaster points value, making Admech lists funky.

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These came out years ago. I guess they just rebranded it

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the black pauldrons, helmets, and backpack bits break it up enough to show that it's a custome scheme to me at least. Starting on getting your chapter sumbol on all of your dudes' shoulderpads would probably end that though. Either way, the yellow is masterfully done. Cool job brewing your own dudes. Hope you continue to enjoy the hobby

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>More melee for the ultrafag player to fall back from and shoot.

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I like the idea of minimal stripes. They look very much like IFs to me as is. Nice banner though.

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I seriously hope they put the updated points cost in the big rulebook. If they don't, they can officially go fuck themselves and I will not buy a single book from them anymore, black library or otherwise.

What a fucking shameless cashgrab. First the fuckton of extra books with Psychic Awakening and now this.

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Did you see their stats? If near Cryptec they hit 6 times each.

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have you ever considerd fixing it yourself ?

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I hope you reported them to Security. Racism is against the rules.

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add serpentine stripes on at least one leg and one arm
then use some red somewhere on the pauldron and helmets

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>battlescribe is trash
Spotted the redshirt. Anyone can personally edit the rosters, faggot.

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too early to say, I still prefer Coven for melee myself but cults do look like they'll see improvement

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Only if you like the Wytch line. I never cared for it though.

The old box used to be Kabalites, an Archon, and a Ravager. You can't get more essential than that.

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Your troops will be a bit brighter. I used white on my salamanders, they look fine.

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Yeah, the way they were talking about it, I was hoping that they'd have some basic army lists for each faction until each codex release like the 3e book had. Knew it wasn't likely, but hope's a bitch

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So the game launches with a chapter approved book that includes updated points? No thanks. Wonder how long before necrons get a new codex and arent shit.

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And to top it off, PA books are basically just paid indices/FAQs until one buys the updated codices. GW are scummy as ever.

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>You'll need to order 4 books
Chapter Approved is a pack with two books in it. The crusade thing is just tat.

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Makes me happy I got a free ipad through work and the MEGAs exist.
Wait what? Are multi meltas actually going to be useable now?

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>PA books are basically just paid indices
All Indices are paid for.

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>Wonder how long before necrons get a new codex and arent shit.
I want to believe that they won't be shit in 9th. But we just spent years with no attempt to fix the faction

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Have you ever read/listened to apocalypse? Does then loads of justice, the dark apostle in it has one of the most chad chaos speeches ever, and the main chaos lord is fuckin great

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Yeah i really regret not grabbing the old box, the raider alone makes it better than the venom which is still useful but not as great imo. Wyches are fine and i like the kit, hopefully units like reavers and hellions are improved by next edition, would love to run an army of gangers
Wracks are sold out in my region unfortunately and have been for a while which sucks

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I try on one or two of them to give them a bit more black on a leg or arm or something
I'll also add role markings and chapter symbol variations to some of them
will post the variations once they are done

thank you for your suggestions anons, have a WIP of my inquisitor

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they have some cool characters but their constant jobbing and the fact that they just sit in the eye of terror mostly doing nothing for thousands of years makes them look bad

if lorgar ever decides to stop being a pussy, get off his ass and get shit done I might change my mind about them

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They’ll be the first in 9th, be broken for being tailored to the new rules, then turn to utter dogshit over the next year as everyone else gets updated codexes to counter them.

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No it's so that you look at the Eradicators and go "Wow I get three DOUBLE Multi Meltas for only 120pts? Gonna buy me 9 of those!"

>> No.73493278

Poorfags don’t listen to logic.

>> No.73493289

See, I don't understand why they don't release batches of codices at once, then at least there'll be some sense of balance.

>> No.73493297

If you play with lots of concealing terrain then footslogging Wytches would actually be pretty effective.

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Space marines aren't the only faction tha-
No wait, my bad, forgot everything else is just there to give timmy and brandon NPCs to fight.

>> No.73493311

>points for space marines already out
Am I missing something? Where was this leaked?

>> No.73493312

Doesn't get GW enough money. Codex creep forces WAACniggers to constantly chase the meta each time a new book drops.

>> No.73493333

Most of the WAACs and just general comp players I know, in general, pirate all their rules.

The only ones that buy are the consoomer fanboys and the space marine droolers.

>> No.73493335

You cant blame the primarchs, 90 percent of them are dead or jobbing themselves off as hard as possible.
I disagree, simply because i cant get amat nayums silky voice out of my head

>> No.73493337

It is incredible how many retards come out of the woodwork to bark out their semi-literate tantrums whenever GW announces anything. I do wonder how many of the nutters only come here to howl when something new happens, and how many of them are here all the time and hiding their madness.

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>Warhammer goes mainstream
>red and blue everywhere

ohohoho they are catering to the lowest denominator now, rip 40k

>> No.73493373

This. I watched one I know go from Craftworlds to Ynnari to Iron Hands to Chaos after spending months/a grand on each army then bailing on it as soon as it got nerfed. He never even played his Iron Hands army.

>> No.73493379

>ohohoho they are catering to the lowest denominator now, rip 40k
But anon, YOU are the lowest common denominator.

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I do not give a fuck about any of these points change, I just want to know if my 3 favourite models, my leviathan, contemptor and decimator are still worth using, regular marines can gtfo

>> No.73493395

Why would you bail on IH when its still busted even after the faq.

>> No.73493400

It's not really the books themselves, but the models these books encourage you to buy. A majority of WAACs and netlisters will go out and buy swathes of models when a good combo is found. I like the stubborn WAACs myself, who have a faction they love and try their hardest to make shit work to a top table finish to get their faction some exposure.

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Jesus fuck are you retarded?

>> No.73493410

Like i said last thread, gotta ignore the doomers, these people are so negative theres no way they actually play and enjoy the game

>> No.73493413

>The only ones that buy are the consoomer fanboys and the space marine droolers.
This man speaks the truth

>> No.73493422

Wasn’t busted enough for him.

>> No.73493430

primaris captain on bike huh?

>> No.73493441

To be fair, everything in the box, except the wytchs, are good units right now and will most likely still be good.
one squad isn't going to hurt too much unless he's trying to 100% min-max

>> No.73493443

Yes. Which is why all the rules should be straight up free. Sell codexes with bright fluff and pictures for the fanboys, give free rules to the screeching compfags since they're gonna pirate anyway. And having them free has the additional benefit of lower cost of entry to new players.

>> No.73493448

Where's the other side of the book? I need to know if Melta Rifles have a pts cost because if they are less than 30pts each, then GW is megaretarded. Like, seriously.

>> No.73493449

No mention of the rulebook
inb4 the only way to get it at the start of 9th is by buying the £120 boxset

>> No.73493452

I blame the word bearers for not dropping lorgar and doing their own thing like pretty much every other chaos legion did.

>> No.73493454

>360 points for 18 Melta shots with a 30" threat range, behind toughness 5, 36 wounds and a 3+ save, losing 2 shots for every 3 wounds taken

They're not tough enough to spam. Like the Plasma Primaris guys, which were also highly rated by secondaries, these guys will just get shot off the board very quickly without a transport.

>> No.73493458

Theyre better then ever shooting into melee i assume

>> No.73493468

>Primaris Lieutenant went from 65 pts to 90

>> No.73493470

Aleya and valerian are 200 points now

Maybe they actually fixed them

>> No.73493475

When will they make Tyranid monsters actually good in melee?

>> No.73493476

I have these hellblasters I’m not using. Would anyone care if I ran them as devistators with plasma? I want to use my drop pod again.

>> No.73493486

The melta rifles are Assault, giving them a 31"-36" threat range AND you are conveniently forgetting about Tactical Reserves.

>> No.73493489

>b-but they'll never replace my marinelets
>new reserves strat
>walk onto the board turn two unscratched and blasting away

>> No.73493490

new edition you can outflank them

>> No.73493491

How compatible are Deathwing and normal terminators for kitbashing?

>> No.73493503

>Why would you bail on IH when its still busted even after the faq.
Oh boy. I sure am scared of an army that I can hide from on turn one, and then becomes worse than ultramarines for the rest of the game. How will I live with the fear?

>> No.73493506

everything is getting a big points increase

>> No.73493507

I'll say it again

>You are ALL charged with not fucking buying these books and not letting them get away with it

>Holy fuck, I don't mind the price of the models because I get a lot of time and fun out of them and with FLGS discounts and stuff it's not so bad, but as a community we can't just endorse this kind of bullshit every fucking time

>> No.73493509

Is there any way to make Banshees sexier? Bash 'em with Witch Elves?

>> No.73493510

deathwing are primaris only starting 9th edition

>> No.73493519

Why can Bandai make a high quality Gundam model kit with high levels of articulation for a fraction of what games Workshop charges for its static products?

>> No.73493530

Holy shit, no-one tell this guy about yellow.

>> No.73493539

>unless he's trying to 100% min-max
He has no idea what the fuck he's doing and the most he's gone into his army is finding out cawl is good and that he wants to run metalica. Hell when he asked me about building vanguard or rangers from the box i told him he could also build 2 squads of 5 with one of each which prompted him to ask if you could mix the two options in one squad. I think we can safely say he's a long way from being a waacfag.

>> No.73493543

Look closer retard. The ** means the gun is included.

>> No.73493545

Anon, 65 to 90 points? That's a near 40% increase.
That's absolutely nutty.

>> No.73493548

Not true, most are still loyal to their primarchs. TS DG and word bearers are all loyal, i reckon half the iron warriors would join perty if he came back, and most night lords liked their primarch a lot before he got vindicated. Alpha legion, ive no idea, but im pretty sure emperors children still like their man too, not an expert there though. World eaters like angron too.

>> No.73493559

>Crusade journal
Stop stalling and show me the crusade rules already GW you teasing fucks

>> No.73493561

Paint the clothing black so it contrasts with the bone armor.

>> No.73493568

>leviathan, contemptor
>His """favourite units"""" are fw pay2win
Cringe. I bet your favourite legion is AL right? and you've totally always played them.

>> No.73493572

>4 wounds 2+ at 70ppm was good enough, which now cost 85ppm
>3 wounds 3+ at 40ppm somehow isn't
sure buddy, plasma was 7 points less for -1 wound and half the range btw. Theres no comparison. If you think these aren't the best unit in the entire SM range after the point increases you're a retard and can't evaluate for shit.

>> No.73493578

That is not what I asked. Go away.

>> No.73493585

We still don't know how expensive those new Melta rifles are.

>> No.73493597

thats with those war gear options, normal lieutenants are 75.

>> No.73493605

>Why can Bandai make a high quality Gundam model kit with high levels of articulation for a fraction of what games Workshop charges for its static products?
Because games workshop charges what people are willing to pay for their product. So, when you really think about it. This is all your fault, anon. Fuck you, you inconsiderate faggot.

>> No.73493615

Whip out the greenstuff.

>> No.73493628

t.sold his still unpainted grand of IH after the faq.

>> No.73493635

But I never bought anything from them.
I just watched from a distance as they kept increasing prices with no discernable improvement to their products.

Always wanted to ask fans of the tabletop game what that is about. Do you pay for the flavor? The creative work behind the game?

>> No.73493636

she cute
ordo xenos?

>> No.73493642

Because GW knows consoomers and rubes will eat up the brand name, and the Great Marvel Migration reinforced that to a crazy degree.
Anyone who acts like GW doesn't have the selling power to lower prices because muh plastics are expensive is retarded. For fucks sake THEY MAKE LIMITED RUN PLASTIC CHARACTERS
They make a profit in preorders alone for nearly everything they put out.

>> No.73493644

>he doesn't know

>> No.73493650

I've got three squads of five Dire Avengers in my Iybraesil all-female army. How can I make each squad feel distinct from the others, aesthetics-wise? Any suggestions?

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>> No.73493659

yes we do they cost 0.

>> No.73493661

Most of those legions are split into many different warbands though and are actually out doing shit. Lorgar supposedly has the largest and most in tact legion, he can afford to throw the weight of the WB around. But instead they mostly sit int he eye of terror doing nothing with only small, isolated warbands occasionally leaving to do something and when they do, they usually fail. Thats the most frustrating thing about them. They should be BL tier, Lorgar should be more important than Abaddon, but they are just jobbers.

>> No.73493662

>muh leviaboogie
>muh contemptOP
Unironically learn to play and break through the newbie gatecheck.

>> No.73493666

what is a supreme commander unit?
(from the new supreme command detachment)

>> No.73493683

ordo two deny the witches because she's my only psyker
sell me on ordo xenos tho

>> No.73493685

Like this

>> No.73493686

crimson fists are aesthetic as fuck

>> No.73493687

>outrider squads are cheaper than pre-9th terminators, harder to kill, do more damage per model, and are significantly faster
Lmao how the fuck does GW justify this

>> No.73493695


>> No.73493699

Segregate them by hips, waist, and bust size.

>> No.73493701

makes me think like those characters that would be considered lords of war but aren't really a titan: guilliman, abbadon, silent kang, (swarmlord ?)

>> No.73493706

They are, which only proves that post more ridiculous

>> No.73493708

my cultists got a 50% points increase.

>> No.73493710

I get that its a hopeless outlook, but why should i stop? All it means is one less guy will buy new and expensive models, so everyone else gets to enjoy their solid rules and fancy model, and i get what, the warm fluffy feeling of sticking to principles in a hobby wargame? Especially when my singular stopping wont stop anyone else, so it doesnt change anything.

Im with everyone on bokks should be cheaper or free, but ill live without a high horse stance on models.

>> No.73493712

now I KNOW I'm buying three boxes to scalp

>> No.73493716

very as are all loyalist terminator kits and the FW ones of the same pattern, weapons work on all of them though

>> No.73493717


>> No.73493739

What makes the models worth their price for you, though?

>> No.73493751

How difficult was it to make them? Did you convert or just buy a shitload of boxes to have enough female variants?

>> No.73493761

I play all melee world eaters nigger, shooting is for fags

>> No.73493767

I think you just have a bias for em. They only take longer to do shit because they are an organized force with a proper military structure, so when they do get off their ass its with a far larger forfe then the average warband. And abbadon will always be top dog, hes chaos gulliman, nothing will change that.

>> No.73493768

I made milliput+bluestuff duplicates of the Female Guardian torso and used it on all the models. Ends up looking like pic related (not my model, I don't have photos on hand)

>> No.73493782

2+ BS is busted and you know it

>> No.73493786

>Indomidus Set
>Priamris Chaplain on bike rules but no model in the Indomidus set
Does this mean you can kit bash in the box?

>> No.73493791

I heard about that but what goes on in the mind of a buyer? Would they pay me if I shat some plastics on their floor and wrote a booklet about how that is now a fancy new goo alien for their next Exterminatus?

>> No.73493800

>The Marvel/Star Wars diaspora filtering into 40k won’t lap up whatever **Insert Corporation Here** diarrheas out
Sorry anon, there’s no hope.

>> No.73493805

How are yours so clean? I bought a box of Dire Avengers and a box of Guardians and they're littered with mould lines and shit. Took ages to get rid of them but they still look shitty post-primer

>> No.73493808

>of all the things to pick its BS2+
Gate check failed

>> No.73493814

No it's part of the first wave of supplementary releases like the AIV and the faggy turret.

>> No.73493818

lol, no. It's good but not busted. It's just a skillcheck that beats out bad players and dogshit lists.

>> No.73493821

I just think aliens make for more entertaining and varied enemies to fill the background of an inquisitor, and I thought the winged snek was a parallel to the thing the new inquisitrix has

go with whatever rule you may need

>> No.73493822

> Ends up looking like pic related (not my model, I don't have photos on hand)
> (not my model, I don't have photos on hand)
> not my model
Not my model, sorry. It's a matter of careful cutting and greenstuff. Not sure what else to say.

>> No.73493824

Lmao no.

>> No.73493831

I'm there guy on the right in the back.

>> No.73493839

>when they do get off their ass its with a far larger forfe then the average warband
like when?

>> No.73493840

what did you use for these?

>> No.73493844

>the fat inquisitors pet
yeh, thats where I got the idea from, and I guess xenos would be more fitting, im just scared then psychic enemies will shit on me if I only have 1 deny in my whole army

>> No.73493847

I still want to use my drop pod tho....drop pods are cool

>> No.73493849

How should I paint renegade militia? I got a bunch of the Forgeworld ones from a totally legit source, but because they are rare, theres fewer jobs of them out there for me to look at.

Any ideas? I use them in Death Guard, but might use them in other chaos armies in the future.

>> No.73493852

Whoops, turns out I'm a retard - read the first couple of posts, glazed over that one and just looked at the image

>> No.73493853

At least my Broodlord has something to do other than spam Smite in the psychic phase now.
Not sure if worth it to waste using psychic actions on psykers that can cast multiple powers.

>> No.73493858

If it was made by GW and hyped up? Yeah. Unless it was sooooo awful it was on the level of the Grimnar sleigh.

>> No.73493859

Are Wraithguard/blades decent? I kinda want to build a Combat Patrol of them and a Spiritseer in the upcoming edition. I'm not super concerned about it being high tier or competitive.

>> No.73493860

Running anything other than dual chainfists and stormbolters/heavy flamers on your relic contemptor.
It's like you dont even want to hunt knights in melee.

>> No.73493865

on the other hand, xenos would give me the warlord trait of gaining more CP

>> No.73493867

If you do that's based
If you run quad las or butchers like all the other sois then that's cringe

>> No.73493871

I did mine with cloth as the same color as the primary for my chaos marines, armor in leadbelcher with a heavy wash, shoulderpads in a complimentary color.

>> No.73493872

Do something neutral and earthy. Maybe tan and brown or grey and black.

>> No.73493873

So Indomidus Set isnt the Indomidus Set? Seems counterintuitive

>> No.73493876

Not mine but witch elves, green stuff and wraithblades

>> No.73493877

>> No.73493883


>> No.73493884


>> No.73493889

switch between the rules of the two ordos depending on enemy
fluff justification? anti-psyker grenades

>> No.73493894

>> No.73493903

I like em. I have fun painting them, and they look cool, their associated lore often makes me nut, and yeah i could buy something else for my other hobbies, but 40k is without a doubt a really constructive and positive hobby for your health. Games and magic aint what it used to be. And yeah i could play a cheaper tabletop game, but nothing has the lore and model quality of 40k, so ill cough up 80bucks for blightlords without enough combi options, or 150ish bucks for a monopose starter set, cos i just dont fuckin care enough about price and ethics to deny myself my one productive hobby.

>> No.73493906

The only problem with wraithblades is that its difficult to cast runes of battle powers.

>> No.73493915

How is this sleigh worse than the other products?
Just the design? Looks about the same in terms of materials and functions.

>> No.73493917

>supreme commander

>> No.73493921


>> No.73493925

they should definitely invest in some cherubs-pulled medical beds

>> No.73493926

So. No powers after fallback.

>> No.73493930

Makes sense that the daemon primarch is gonna be your warlord

>> No.73493934

Well that’s certainly interesting.

>> No.73493939

>switching ordos on the fly

>> No.73493947

Welp, now we have to find out who is a supreme commander.

>> No.73493950

But the core rules are free and every mission is in the Mission Pack. Why are you guys being retarded? You literally only need these two books and the rules.pdf that they'll put out on day one.

The big rulebook is just rules.pdf, these two books, and some fluff rolled into one larger book.

>> No.73493952

Blood Pact.

>> No.73493953

so lists will now always be battalion + primarch where available?

>> No.73493954

Maybe certain named HQs?

>> No.73493955

Maybe if you didnt have such negative preconceptions of them youd know. Im not spoonfeeding you 4 novels, 2 short stories and ch8nks of codex lore to you. As much as anyone else has, basically.

>> No.73493966

I have found all the things you describe for 15 bucks in Japanese model kits of death robots.

So you pay the premium for the lore and flavor of Warhammer. I like that, too. But not enough for prices like that.

>> No.73493972

No just means you wouldnt be able to get vp with the secondary objective that requires a psychic action after fall back

>> No.73493980

Why? This just gives you the CP refund you'd have otherwise with a LOW-less detachment.

>> No.73493982

It's okay I guess. It really doesn't change anything.

If you have a Supreme Commander, it refund you of the point of the Battalion you would have saved if you had a normal Warlord.
It's like having an extra slot just for Primarchs on battalions and stuff.

>> No.73493984

>> No.73493985

They'll probably be pretty expensive to field. Plus you'll still need more HQs for the other detachments

>> No.73493987

>captain on bike
Better, chaplain on bike

Indomitus box points includes wargear costs

>> No.73493988


Fucking hilarious, I love this.

>> No.73493996

>> No.73494011

Sons of Sek maybe?

>> No.73494013

I think its future proofing for adding in more primarchs, we know fulgrim and angron are coming, and probably some loyalist but that's for marines so who gives a fuck

>> No.73494016

and religious people
>tho shalt not steal

also checked

>> No.73494017

It'll be any 'faction leader' type named character. Abaddon, Farsight, Shadowsun, Ghazgull, etc and is going to give extra rule bonuses.

>> No.73494019

What the fuck is a supreme commander?

>> No.73494021

well, it's your choice: do what you want or do what your army wants

>> No.73494024

>15CP if I have morty in my army
fuck year

>> No.73494027

Does the Imperium have a peerage system outside of or parallel to the Knight houses?

>> No.73494036

Sons of Sek are cool as fuck and it's sad they get overshadowed so much by blood pact.

>> No.73494037

They would just be primarchs then. Obviously it means primarch tier LoW characters for non marine factions. The brainer example would be Silent King.

>> No.73494040

>half the range
Hellblasters have 24" range with their base weapons and 1" more movement.
>Centurion comparison
Centurions have more guns, more shots and stratagems that give them rerolls to wound and damage. I'd much rather 3 Grav-Cannons backed up by their strat and 3 Hurricane Bolters than 6 Melta Rifles and 6 Bolt Pistols. That extra wound and better save does make a huge difference because every time a model dies you are putting out fewer shots.

If Eradicators get a stratagem as good as Gravitic Amplification then this might be open to debate. As it is I don't think Eradicators are better than Devastators in a Drop Pod.

>> No.73494042

Sons of sek and blood pact colours would both look banging on the new traitor guard cultists

>> No.73494045

GW being incompetent is nothing new
its honestly what makes it the most believable

>> No.73494047

What about the factions without such a leader character?
Are they just supposed to sit in the corner while the other kids play in the sandbox?

>> No.73494051

>I use them in Death Guard, but might use them in other chaos armies in the future.
give them a completely separate and unique paintjob from the army they are going to support, so they actually feel like an alive entity

start from homebrewing a loyalist regiment then think of why and how they may turn

>> No.73494053

Battalion costs 3CP, so no.

>> No.73494056

you still have to buy another detachment anon.

>> No.73494058

most planets have nobility, dunno if it is comperable

>> No.73494059

Just in case that there are other slowpokes

>> No.73494061

Probably a knight with the character keyword or similar. Perhaps armies with multiple warlords can pick one to be the supreme commander.

>> No.73494062

Of course it's fucking based. Chainfists rock. Still need transfers and dullcoat on the base+ the black/dark metallic parts.

>> No.73494067

Oh no, i only ever pay for books when i get sick of loading six pdfs when im in a game. Im talking models specifically. The books are really fucking nice though, my 7th edtion chaos codex has 3 seperate big art pics of guards man being chained in the face or having chunks blown out by bolters, amd the chaos lord standing over the rent corpse of an ultramarine standard bearwr makes me cum everytime. Theyre worth it if you really really love the art.

>> No.73494068

Looks like my Bible, except skinnier and less cool.

>> No.73494069

You still have to pay for the battalion though

>> No.73494070

BLAST WEAPONS BOYS (sorry if late)

>> No.73494071

>Make your 1st battalion with a Morty Supcom
>You spend 3 CP anyway because Morty is your warlord and already gave you the refund you would have gotten otherwise

>> No.73494076

It doesnt actually grant more cp it just refunds the detahcments costs that would have been refunded if your earlord was in that one bevuase its now in the SCD instead

>> No.73494077


>> No.73494086

Chainfist dreads are the most kino, Anon. I like it.

>> No.73494089

>Rhino 75
the fuck

>> No.73494095


>> No.73494099

deathstrike missle huh... that shit is gunna be insane

>> No.73494107

>Chaos mathematician
Look at the fat retard and laugh everyone

>> No.73494117

Wonder if crap like Hive Tyrant, Baneblades, Canoness or other non Primarch things could be supreme

>> No.73494124


>> No.73494127

Using a deathstrike on a shitty horde blob

>> No.73494128

Well that's how it is currently with marines, layer upon layer of free rules while other factions get a single rule often terrible for the entire sub faction, no changes here with this new thing!

>> No.73494130

>wanna try out CSM
>read some Black Legion fluff, big terminator motherfuckers corralling hordes of traitor marines
>also love black and gold as a color scheme
What minis should I get? I know that I want some terminators with a lord and regular CSM. Beyond that I guess their legion tactic goes well with bikes?

>> No.73494132

That's what power armor is for

>> No.73494134

>plasma inceptors are only 50 points now for 2d3 blast plasma shots that can deep strike and has 3W T5

>> No.73494135

>Tactical Marines up 25%, from 12 to 15
>Intercessors only up 17.65%. from 17 to 20

>> No.73494142

Their novels are HH. Nothing in their established lore since then mentions them fielding massive armies. They mostly set up cults that spread with differing levels of effectiveness and perform daemonic rituals. Thats cool and all but I'd like to see them put those tens of thousands of marines they have to use sometime.

I don't have the hateboner for WB you think I have, I hate that they haven't been done justice.

>> No.73494144

all other vehicles will have to pay for their weaponsm while the rhino only has to pay for a single stormbolter and thats it

>> No.73494151

It's going to be some normal HQ units too, they're adding rules that give bonuses for taking them as part of the supreme command detachment.
Who doesn't? Nids are getting the shitlord turned into a supreme command and eldar I know are getting big boy eldrad for sure.

>> No.73494160

Don’t forget intercessor guns are all free now, so stalker intercessors are the same price as always.

>> No.73494168

Supreme Command isn't a new detachment.

>> No.73494169

It's lower in the text, anon. Read it. Not on the picture.

>> No.73494173

Fingers crossed for angron

>> No.73494178

you still spend the CP for the battalion detachment because your warlord isnt in it
its just a way to get primarchs into your list without spending 3cp

>> No.73494180

>This Detachment is the perfect way to add Magnus to a Thousand Sons force, refunding you for a single Brigade, Battalion or Patrol Detachment.

So I guess brigades only cost 4CP. Huh.

>> No.73494181

So you stop buying stunties.

>> No.73494182

Anon, you know why. I do too, and everyone.
The day of the squatting is nigh.

>> No.73494186

Yeah, I learned my CSM traits and strats of of a wiki, I'm not throwing 50 down on a rulebook when I don't even have all the /dudes/
Nice quads, also.

>> No.73494190

Dark Eldar Kabalites only have Archons
The other DE factions aswell except for 2 of the myriad of subfactions

>> No.73494191



1. Per Chapter Approved, all Undersized units must be taken in an Auxilary Detachment
"But Stern has a rule where she doesnt take up a slot,what happens?"
2. The Auxilary detachment says you can include 1 unit of your choice, note, the key word "can" not "must"

Auxilary detachments dont actually require a unit to fill them
So you are essentially taking a HQ auxilary detachment, not filling out the slot as Stern doesnt take it and fielding her undersized for 1cp

Is it dumb?
Is it completely pointless?
Does it mean your army is more themed and you dont have to take a mandatory harlequin?
Does this also apply to Aleya/Valerian?

>> No.73494192

>if plasma inceptors shoot at a 5+ man squad they each are doing 6 shots a piece

>> No.73494195

Bikes, terminators, Abaddon, cultists, and a dark apostle

>> No.73494197


>> No.73494201

Both went up 3 pts

>> No.73494207

> Psycher can no longer manifest psychic after falling back

Good good.

>> No.73494210

Why do I need the crusade book?

>> No.73494216

If flamers were blast you wouldnt be able to fire them in close combat you moron

>> No.73494217

A lot of weapons costs are down.
Price for a Tactical Marine Squad that's kitted with Heavy / Special weapons might actually not change much.
For example, notice that the lascannon is only 15 pts now, while previously it was 25.

>> No.73494218

>Flamer 5
>Storm bolter 3
Nice. Maybe retards will stop saying flamers are bad

>> No.73494224

Time to max out air wings, fellow Archons.

>> No.73494227

>cultists go up 50%

You know why

>> No.73494230

Oh snap

>> No.73494231

Wraithguard can fall back and shoot and have S5 T6 W3 with a 3+ save, they can choose between a S10 AP-4 flamer or a wraithcannon, fuckers hit hard.

Wraithblades get to choose between getting 4 S6 powersword attacks in melee or swinging at S7 AP-2 Dd3 with a 4++ force shield.

generally they both have the problem that they're really slow by eldar standards so they either deepstrike in or fly in transports, since you're playing so low in points thats not really an option though.

for a combat patrol you probably want wraithcannons on the wraithguard and to outfit your wraithblade with ghost axes and forcefields. use the quickening to move the wraithblades super fast then bring in wraithguard through a flank on the second turn.

>> No.73494238

Fingers crossed for return of Dracons for Deldar

>> No.73494240

>*casts gate of infinity to get the unit out of combat*

>> No.73494243

The start collecting is a good initial buy. The terminator lord/sorc kit is awesome and gives a ton of spare bits. Daemon princes are really good. Terminators are okay. Cultists are our best troops choice, but that might change in 9th. Bikes kind of suck, not quite enough shooting or melee power to be effective in combat and the game doesn't really have them benefit from using their high movement value to flank your opponent, also a somewhat outdated kit now that we have new mook marines. But ultimately, treat this as a hobby first, game second, and go with what you like. Just know you are not going to be good at building and painting at the start.

>> No.73494244

Grav cents are likely dead at 85, and you get 6 wounds vs 4 per 80 points. They're also doing more damage per point even with Grav amp which saves you CP, its also not like almost every chapter doesn't have a general damage boosting strat to use instead. Hellblasters get one shot at 24". Grav devs+drop pod went down in points, probably because gw forgot it was good. Now they're super good.

>> No.73494246

>Collect Necrons since 4e
>Took a break for a few years, but came back and found all the new stuff.
>Build an army I really like and enjoy.
>No money to get Indomitus and whatever exclusive models that will be in that.

>> No.73494249

Those 4 dmg combined with the 6 attacks from Shock assault and UM relic banner means you can really put the hurt on large targets.

>> No.73494254

>we decided that flamers were too good for autohitting, as a result they still won't be able to overwatch and fire out of deepstrike

>> No.73494256

It's always good to have some emergency toilet paper on hand.

>> No.73494260

>can't lob a grenade in close combat because might hit my frens
>spraying superheated compressed napalm around is fine th

>> No.73494263

if guardsmen see the same increase in points, I will be less upset about it

>> No.73494264

Does anybody here have small pickup games with their friends and family members, or is 40k mostly just semi-srsbsns matches at the hobby stores?

>> No.73494265

>only one of each weapon option in the scourge box
Well this fucking sucks

>> No.73494269

Do you mean Primaris Ultramarine Dracons?

>> No.73494273

Space marines have multiple ways to get flamers with range above 8", including a CT

>> No.73494274

Dudes are gonna sell Crons for dirt cheap, here's your time to cash in.

>> No.73494276

Gotcha, thanks!

>> No.73494278

>Why do I need the crusade book?
It's just a journal. You don't need any of this shit. It's a hobby. You buy it because you like it.

>> No.73494281

i assume GSC are gonna get the patriarch as a supreme commander and a 1 per army limit

>> No.73494282

>Nice. Maybe retards will stop saying flamers are bad
They're fucking horrible. Even if you only get a single round of shooting outside of rapid range with the storm bolter, you get 2 shots, then you get 4 shots in flamer range for a total of 6 shots. At Bs3+, that's 4 hits. A flamer in flamer range is 3.5 hits. Otherwise, it's 3 hits without the extra round of shooting at long range. You're paying 2 more points to lose on shots at range in exchange for and extra half of a hit within 8".

>> No.73494288

Can't do either of those because you aren't a vehicle or monster

>> No.73494289

Welcome to heavy weapons squad sprues. It doesn't get any better no matter what army you look at.

>> No.73494291

The favoritism for primaris shit is getting indefensible.

>> No.73494293

what the hell is a supernova launcher, sounds cool.

>> No.73494296


and non-marines?

>> No.73494297

They're 5ppm

>> No.73494298

That seems way too strong for a WC4 spell.

>> No.73494301

>what are hand flamers

>> No.73494305

Well they can get fuck.

>> No.73494312

why would you ask your opponent to take a CP penalty for wanting to NOT field a model?

>> No.73494313

Was it ever defensible?

>> No.73494314


>> No.73494318

Do you mean salamanders successors, of which there are none, are better than their primogenitor at flaming stuff ? Preposterous
i just want to play my hh tacticals and flamer predators damnit ;_;

>> No.73494321

Now do DE and Clowns
Hard mode: No Drazhar because why the fuck would a merc be SC

>> No.73494323

>They're fucking horrible
Brainlet retard detected. Nice job using a comparison to give a SB two rounds of shooting and a flamer one and calling jt fair

>> No.73494324

>No money to get Indomitus and whatever exclusive models that will be in that.
With GWs track record with Necrons. There is a good chance they will be hot garbage. So, you should be able to buy them for cheap shortly after release.

>> No.73494326

I have a table in a cabin in my garden, me and bros play games and introduce new people to the hobby doing 500pt games as we all own a few armies

>> No.73494327

Oh i know and remember them from 5th and building devastator squads but for some reason i hoped things would be different. I was wrong. Worse still all the bits for them seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere

>> No.73494330

If you do that (or any VP gaining action) your psyker cant do anything else.

>> No.73494332

Can't throw a grenade in close combat because might hit me.
spraying superheated compressed napalm is fine.

>> No.73494333

God those new coherency rules are going to be a bitch for my Tyranid warrior squads.
Especially when going on large terrain features with multiple levels.

>> No.73494336

That and those 2 books come packaged together.
You're really buying one book that's split into multiple volumes for convenience.
Like they did with the core rulebook in 7e.

>> No.73494340

Because obviously the flamer is in range t1 and able to keep firing for the whole game

>> No.73494341

We'll just get a special kind of Haemonculus, Archon, and Succubus, plus Rakarth and Hesperax.

>> No.73494346

>exorcist conflagration rockets
18 auto shoots, oof.

>> No.73494348

Well its just the rules

Its dumb as hell but worth it for a fluff army

>> No.73494353

Pistols, which are an entirely different set of rules

Also have those rules. Of the armies I play, GSC, Tau, Sisters, and Guard all have ways to get around 8" range. The only one that doesn't of the ones I play is Deathwatch

>> No.73494354

You're an idiot thinking that should be possible. >>73494260 has it right

>> No.73494366

and also that buying the bits seems to cost as much as just getting a new fucking squad

>> No.73494372

No I mean anyone who takes the long range marksmen CT

>> No.73494376

Are 300-400 point games a thing? I'd like to get armies for me and my dad but a total of 1k points seems like it would cost a pretty penny.

>> No.73494381

I'm talking from the gameplay perspective.

>> No.73494394

500 is the bare minimum playable amount of points. Any lower and you might as well just play Kill Team.

>> No.73494398

All blast will mean is that nobody is going to take >5 dudes in a squad ever again if they have a choice.

>> No.73494399

Depends entirely on their platform. Flamers on a vehicle can have a 30" threat range. Alternatively, there are many units with flamer range above 8" that can DS directly into range and start working.

>> No.73494400

I'd be very surprised if at least the swarmlord isn't.

I wouldn't expect basic generic HQs to get it and "just" tanks certainly won't.

>> No.73494402

>We get models
Yeah sure.
Urien is locked as Prophets, Lelith as Cult of Strife.
Still leaves just about every DE subfaction in the air though

>> No.73494405

Some armies also have the ability to fire into combat. Imperial Guard, for example, have an order for such a thing.

>> No.73494410

>PGL is blast
nigga wat are you gonna do, lower the leadership of 4 dudes? other than that neat stuff

>> No.73494412

You can play with as little or as much as you want anon but i would start at 500 or 750 at least.

>> No.73494417

So basically everything that used to have a blast template is now Blast type.
It's what we expected.

>> No.73494422

Remainds me of an old joke:

>How much is 4 + 4?
>Are we buying or selling?

>> No.73494428

Flamers are better on low BS models.

>> No.73494429

>fluff army
you could use another model instead of the clown, a token of some kind that uses its rules, a servo skull, a cherub or a sister/inquisitor tasked with keeping an eye on stern

>> No.73494441

Guess I'll have to wait a lot longer to play, or plan out my purchases to be *only* csm and muhreens.

>> No.73494444

Play with power level instead of points, a start collecting box and a couple extra units each depending on army and you will be good to go really! If you are not being super competitive PL is good rather than points but people will bitch about it regardless

>> No.73494448

>Vengeance Rockets on a whirlwind are blast
>6 S7 -1 D2 shots against 6+ model units

>> No.73494450

Which they would still be able to fire blast with. Blast weapons not being able to be fired in CC is a characteristic of the Big Guns Never Tire rule. If you aren't using that rule to fire in CC, it's limitations don't apply

>> No.73494458

Yeah, so none of the first founding

>> No.73494466

No no, not models.
Just rules for "Supreme Commander" versions of the generic HQs that will probably just add the Supreme Commander keyword to them and nothing else.

>> No.73494473

The first founding can pursue other options like Invictors

>> No.73494481

No, anon, it's 2 shots on a D3.

>> No.73494482

Quads of truth

>> No.73494488

Some units didn't go up at all, rhinos should have been one of them. They're already borderline useless at 67.

>> No.73494489

>tomorrows preview will tell us that a unit exiting engagement range for ANY REASON will count as having fallen back

>> No.73494500

That makes sense
But I still don't believe it until I see it.

>> No.73494501

So, I'd probably be able to spend just 160-180 maplebucks on an army and be able to have a small friendly game? Sounds guddo.

>> No.73494506

>Fully kitted Stormraven went from 338 pts to 360 pts, an increase of only 6.5%

>> No.73494509

Yes, that would be the point of taking that power.

Ultra marines and eldar working much closer together as a result of girly man uranus would be an exciting lore change even if I hated it.

>> No.73494519

They've already said the models will be out individual later.
The exclusive thing is the fancy version of the rulebook and getting the minis first.

>> No.73494520

Can't wait for GK players' inevitable seething

>> No.73494528

I dont think than 10 points more ruined them, although i agree in so far as that they are overpriced

>> No.73494532

Blast rules is just a flat 6 not, not 6 per d6 being rolled right?

>> No.73494533

What if i want to run flamer aggressors though ?

>> No.73494550

It's unclear how it works with d3 and 2dx weapons right now. The example given in the rule text IIRC only used a single d6 shot weapon

>> No.73494552

With how transports are in this ruleset? It absolutely fucking did. Do you not remember how nobody used transports at all in 8th due to their rules?

>> No.73494561

I would shit myself if Ultramar secedes from the Imperium and Yvraine takes a few planets in the system to become a protectorate of Ultramar

>> No.73494565

I did see a lot of Skorpius Duneriders.

>> No.73494567

6 models or more: your dice is treated as a roll of 3, minimum
11 models or more: your dice is treated as a roll of 6

>> No.73494571

Then play a successor with long range marksmen

>> No.73494588

I am utterly convinced people saying transports were bad in 8th where a combination of retards and people who think tourney netlists count as playing the game

>> No.73494591

Is that per die or altogether?

>> No.73494594

There is a dracon in the ynnari books who acts as the leader of the former dark eldar ynnari forces, so ultramarine dracon is absolutely possible considering yvraines relationship with gorrillaman.

>> No.73494601

Minimum 3 shots, and the maximum is the max shots you can possibly do

Its not clear of its each dice individually or all dice in the weapon attack

>> No.73494602

>blast plasma shots
Since when are they blast

>> No.73494606

Per dice, why would it be otherwise?

>> No.73494612

It's absolutely clear.
1d3 - 3 min for 6+, 3 for 11+
2d3 - 3 min for 6+, 6 for 11+
2d6 - 3 min for 6+, 12 for 11+

>> No.73494613

Per die, per roll instance.
Thus, shooting at a unit of 7 models with a 2D3 weapons results in 2+2 = 4 hits.

>> No.73494619

They said that it's always max shots vs horde units. This applies to 2Dx weapons.

>> No.73494622

>Hellbasters wash out to exact same cost with base gun

>> No.73494624

If an entire unit type barely appeared in tournament games, then it was bad. Just because they worked okay in pickup games means literally nothing, anon.

>> No.73494625

>It's absolutely clear.
Not really

>> No.73494626

>The Hydra fires 4d6
>this means 3 shots against units with 6+ models right

>> No.73494631

i saw quite a few of them this edition, although i admit that my meta is not necessarily normal

>> No.73494632

>Jump Pack went from 19 pts to 25 pts.
Pretty nutty, honestly, especially given how less useful they are with smaller map size and CP-based side deployment.

>> No.73494641

>he thinks tourney netlists are equivalent to actually playing the game
Opinion discarded

>> No.73494644

Because >>73494613 makes for wacky and wild fun times with the new blast rules.

>> No.73494647



>> No.73494661

look mate
assume you're shooting 6 dudes with a 3d3 shot weapon
you roll 3 dice
on each of those 3 dice, each of them is considered to be a 3, at minimum (3 3 3) if it's higher than 3 you just use the higher number

if you're shooting 11 dudes all your dice are maxed out at 6, no need to roll.

>> No.73494662

Are Winsor&Newton brushes really the nuts like these youtubers keep telling me? Anybody have experience with the brand?

>> No.73494663

What do you mean?

>> No.73494666

>he thinks the most refined, effective, and strong lists almost universally missing something isn't indicative of a problem with that things' rules
CAACfags are more detrimental to the game than WAACfags

>> No.73494669

We know.

>> No.73494671

>"makes a minimum of 3 attacks"
>no mention of dice
It's clear.

>> No.73494673

Wyvern, not Hydra

>> No.73494675

Any point leaks for Deldar anons?

>> No.73494678

Pickup soccer is more fun than league soccer.

>> No.73494683

>can cover more of the total area on the smaller board
>less useful than a large board.

>> No.73494692

Retards are arguing its a "3 on the dice result"meaning 2 shots for D3 shot weapons

>> No.73494694


>> No.73494708

Thanks, I didn't know this. My double-missiles Havocs are gonna have some fun.

>> No.73494713


Is no one going to point out how Whirlwinds went from 65 points to 125?
Sure, Castellan went from 15 to 0, and Vengeance from 20 to 10.
But that's a total cost for a Vengeance Whirlwind from 85 pts to 135!
How is BLAST worth an increase of nearly 60%?

>> No.73494722

You are absolutely correct.

I have no idea why I wrote Hydra.
My brain must've shut down there for a minute.

>> No.73494729

Because non LOS shooting is gay and deserves a point hike

>> No.73494731

It's not. Just wait for the new primaris whirlwind goyum!

>> No.73494747

>ignores LoS in an edition where ignoring LoS will be king

You figure it out

>> No.73494756

Are people actually going to play on smaller tables?

>> No.73494758


That's not actually what the rule says. It just says that blast weapons can't have fewer than 3 attacks on units of 6+. It says nothing about per dice, just total attacks. So if your weapon does 3d3 it actually doesn't do anything since you couldn't have done less than 3 anyway.

>> No.73494760

because GW doesn't understand why people don't like all of their models

>> No.73494761


>> No.73494766

It depends. If you're playing in tourneys, yes. If you're playing in a FLGS or with friends in casual games, I'm certain they won't.

>> No.73494770 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73494778

My brain shuts down all the time when i am discussing rules on /tg/, thats why i keep telling all of you my shitty opinions

>> No.73494783

thunderfire cannons were destroyed as well. I assume they are increasing all indirect weapons by 50%.

>> No.73494784

They still get the benefit of cover.
Say you're shooting intercessors in cover, that's 2D3 shots against a 3+ save.
not that great

>> No.73494793

Not what the actual rule says though, is the point. The rule itself is unclear in how it interacts with anything outside of d6 specifically

>> No.73494811

>shooting an anti vehicle weapon against non vehicles

>> No.73494812


>> No.73494821

40k players unthinkingly buying whatever new rules GW puts out regardless of price or quality is nothing new.

>> No.73494841

Not really

I roll less than 3 attacks on a D3 shot weapon, I make 3 shots thanks to blast

>> No.73494844

How "it always makes a minimum of 3 attacks" is unclear? Please enlighten me.

>> No.73494846

Yeah that's weird after reading it.
I assumed it meant 3 on the dice at first.
So yeah weapons with more shots actually get shafted?

>> No.73494860

Better than not shooting them at all when all you needed was a toe to count as full visibility. You bet people are always applying obscuring.

>> No.73494865

Ok so what if you roll a 3D3 weapon
You're gonna get 3 minimum anyway, so that makes the Blast rule useless if you're shooting a 6 model unit?

>> No.73494870

What kind of brainlet actually spends money on nuln oil?
>water down black or brown
>lightly brush over model for desired effect

>> No.73494874

>logic dictates
>proceeds to go directly against RAW

>"if you make less than 3 shots against a 6+ man unit with a weapon that has blast, make 3 shots instead"

>> No.73494880

Oh and always buy from a 3rd party seller like element games equivalent as they do 25% off retail gw, or ebay for even cheaper!

>> No.73494893

Yes., minimum 9 shots against 6-10 models would be over the top

>> No.73494906

>I have no idea why I wrote Hydra.
Think again.

>> No.73494909

Regardless of what makes "sense" the rule doesn't say this is per DX instance. It explicitly says "If a Blast weapon targets a unit that has between 6 and 10 models, it always makes a minimum of 3 attacks"
If a weapon has a characteristic of 3D3, it's still one weapon, not 3 weapons shooting D3 times.

>> No.73494923

Yeah the rule is pretty clear cut about this. Thanks

>> No.73494936

If a squad of 3 guys attacks my squad of 10, and the squad of 3 have multiple weapon, can I remove casualties so that he doesnt get all of his attacks as they are now out of range

>> No.73494939

Because the only example they used is a d6 weapon. It is entirely possible that the interaction with other dice sizes or pools may be different. There may be further text or example in the book that changes how multiple dice work. For example a 4d6 shot weapon has a different minimum maximum then a d3 weapon. It may also remain that they don't. But with only one example given, and with that example only referring to a single d6, it remains unclear in cases outside of a single d6

>> No.73494951


>> No.73494956

your logic is an assumption, d3 causing max attacks on a 6+ unit is a feature not a bug

>> No.73494957

>wanted to spent weekend painting
>instead have to overtime and probably stop sleeping, in order to fix the shit my teammates did before leaving, so I can at least keep to the release date, even if it means scrapping 50% of all required features
what ruined your day today anons?

>> No.73494958

Range is set at when a target for shooting is declared. If all of the units are in range at the start, before casualties, all can shoot.
You could remove casualties to make it impossible for OTHER units to shoot at them, but all of the guys in that 3 man squad will be able to shoot.

>> No.73494968

Working for a living

>> No.73494981

The kind that's not poor?

>> No.73494982

Does anyone have a leak of Inquisitor Draxus' datasheet from Pariah yet?

>> No.73494999

I wanted to spray some models but it has been raining 3 days straight and i can't spray inside.

>> No.73495003


>> No.73495004


Wait does this mean that if you fire a d3 blast weapon at a unit of 11+ you automatically get twice your normal maximum number of shots?

>> No.73495011

I get that for shooting but how does it work for melee? For example I fought some custodes and he used his misercordias first, I removed casualties so the allarus were no longer in range of my zerkers, so he lost his attacks with his axes we ruled it

>> No.73495025

With their next Codex if they ever want to see money from me again.

>> No.73495028

>maximum possible shots
learn to read retard

>> No.73495031

No, the unit of 3 resolves all his attacks at once
Another unit though, yes if they're out of range.

>> No.73495033

what about delaying the release date?

>> No.73495036

Reading these threads genuinely causes me despair because so many people simply do not know how to read and comprehend.

>> No.73495042

Wanted to enjoy my uni break working and playing vidya with friends/ painting but turns out my intensive winter unit will take up all of next week and a total of 6 hours every day. Really putting a dampener on me

>> No.73495049

Where do you think we are?

>> No.73495053

Same thing.
The attacking unit resolves ALL their attacks first regardless of who you removed.
Subsequent units though, they need to check the range.

>> No.73495055

what do you mean? aren't you happy that tourneyfags "balanced" dakkafexes so they're an automatic choice even in melee?

>> No.73495056

>No mention of the rulebook
>inb4 the only way to get it at the start of 9th is by buying the £120 boxset

It will be reales on the 25th alongside the Indomitus box.


>> No.73495065

I haven't set it, and client will be pissed and cry and I can start writing job applications I guess

>> No.73495070

I already did dipshit, what I pointed out is still relevant. I ain't holding warhammer community articles as absolute gospel especially since we know that that rule may have bullet points that aren't shown. Literally this same release cycle warcom released a thing that turned out to be wrong (how ftgg worked). This shouldn't be a contentious idea, there should be no reason to start acting like a spaz because I'm pointing out the only example given is a d6

>> No.73495075

Based bait

>> No.73495076

They'll release the core rules for free, anon.
The book just has fancy lore and shit.

>> No.73495077

Can you? They don't specify anything aside from minimum of 3 attacks.
What does that mean for 3D3? It isn't clear.

>> No.73495088

It's just going to be Lords of War that arent Primarchs or Titans, this isnt rocket science you fucking retards.

>> No.73495090

My dog is fucking dying. He's been really sick for the last 3 days, but today he couldn't even walk without my help.
I'll have to euthanize him tomorrow. I've had him since secondary school and he's accompanied me for almost half of my life. It's heartbreaking.

>> No.73495094

Ah so you wait for all the attacks from a unit before removing the casualties?

>> No.73495095

Tell me why I SHOULDN'T field these.

>> No.73495101

>> No.73495104

then surely there's some way to have the other guys pay for it

>> No.73495107

The only reason you would care that much is because you're a meta chasing faggot who plays in tournaments

>> No.73495114

It doesnt care about your dice rolls.
It just says it makes a minimum of 3 ATTACKS, irregardless of whether you're shooting with a 1d3, a 2d3 or 3d3. They ALL make 3 ATTACKS minimum if you're targeting a unit with >6 models.

>> No.73495116

3D3 makes a minimum 3 attacks in TOTAL (regardless of how many dice are rolls, or the value of the dice themselves) against units with 6+ models. Units with 11+ models take the maximum you could have rolled on the weapon shots (1D6 becomes 6, 2D6 becomes 12, 3D3 becomes 9)

>> No.73495118

you'll look at their lances and think coca cola

>> No.73495119

It talks about the result, you fucking dipshits. If you shoot a 3D3 weapon at a unit of 6 and roll 3 ones, BLAST won't modify the roll at all, because you made 3 shots. If you roll 2 ones and 1 two, you make 4 shots. BLAST doesn't do shit. If you shoot that same weapon at a unit of 11, you make 9 shots no matter what you roll.

Jesus christ.

>> No.73495123

If you want to play it that way, yeah.

>> No.73495124

oh certainly they're fired, or getting after end of the project but that still doesn't save my weekend

>> No.73495127

Or maybe he thinks they are cool looking. Because these things are shit in the tabletop.

>> No.73495144

>Indomitus is $250

>> No.73495147

And that's a good thing.

>> No.73495166

Pic related only thing you need.

The example happens to be d6, this is not exhaustive.

Assuming its pic related magically changes for any reason with no evidence is not correct.

It replaces all attack numbers, this is past the dice roll so it doesn't matter what type you roll, on the the end result.

>> No.73495175

Spend as much time with him as you can, give him the send-off he deserves. Sorry about your loss anon.

>> No.73495180

Feel you Anon, had to euthanize my cat last saturday. I miss this little fucker so much.

>> No.73495184

I'm sorry anon. My dog is about to turn 14 and I'm shitting myself every day that it's 1 day closer to losing him.


>> No.73495186

I'm sorry, anon. Dogs are better than people and we don't deserve them. What kind of dog is he?

>> No.73495210

>watered paint and washes behave similarly
Can't wait to buy your propainted minis on eBay

>> No.73495216

Cherish and remember the good times you had with him, anon. Know that he had a good life by you side, and be at peace.

>> No.73495225

Uh, Boss, iz diz true?

>> No.73495238

Some of the time likey yes.
Currently established clubs and tournaments that already have tables won't change size.
New groups probably will adopt the minimums as their normal.

>> No.73495245

Seems about right. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it's cheaper.

>> No.73495250

The other guys are right, which means the only viable blast weapons are 1d3 and 1d6 blast weapons.

>> No.73495253

How long until ForgeWorld point changes?
I want to see if Helios will be worthwhile, given how Landraiders weren't hit by the points cost shift too much.

>> No.73495256

Why can't dogs live 40 years. My dog is 7 and he can't keep up anymore. He walks slow and likes to meander, whereas I am /fit/ and love to go hiking rough places. I can't take him with me anymore. It's so sad. I love him to bits and do my best to take him places he can have good fun without being overworked, but I'd give anything to have him as active as he was 3 years ago.

When campsites reopen I'll probably take him up Scotland and have a long weekend wild camp and take a puzzle book with me.

>> No.73495259

Makes d3 shot weapons somewhat nice. You'll get max shots at 6+ models.

>> No.73495274

You don't get your forge world traits and they're flimsy and bendy as fuck as far as models go

>> No.73495280

>I am /fit/

>> No.73495287

Not everyone is fat slob on 4chan, my dude.

>> No.73495289

Blades are decent but need psychic support and some CP to really shine. Guard aren't worth it.

>> No.73495290

I tried to spend more time with him lately, but he doesn't seem to care for company anymore. He seems to want to be left alone. Still, the biggest problem with pets is that, unlike humans, they can never tell you how they feel, so I can only guess.
He's a labrador retriever. The gentlest creature I've ever met.

Anyways, I'm sorry for derailing the thread. I just couldn't help using the opportunity to vent.

>> No.73495292


>> No.73495296

Why would a Canoness be a Supreme Commander? Sisters only have like 2 non-named HQ options and one of those isn’t a Sister

>> No.73495304

Chapter Master Valrak is getting them and if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me!

>> No.73495307

According to auspex tactics a store listed it at that price in USD. Some in the comments section is cheering because more money for GW = better hobby.

Markus was right

>> No.73495315

Stiff, awkward poses

>> No.73495316 [DELETED] 

Does any other army besides Marines get to split units upon deployment?

>> No.73495317

Consoomer culture

>> No.73495320

ebay baby, tons of necron half boxes will be going up while the sois gleefully stroke their withering cocks to the spess muhrinn half.

>> No.73495327

Take care anon. My lab/golden retriever mix was my best friend and I don't mind admitting that I cried for a long time when we had to put her down.

>> No.73495333

I'm never taking a unit with more than 5 models lmao

>> No.73495338

Fuck off Skaven fag

>> No.73495343

Yes any army that can take vehicles in squadrons

>> No.73495345

how shit is 9th edition gonna be

>> No.73495358

>why? its good GW makes money so they can continue devolp and produce things for our hobby.

>> No.73495364

until enough time has passed since the start of the edition that the autists have already bought what was needed from GW to adapt to the new meta

>> No.73495365

Animals usually get like that when their time is near. It's an instinct thing. It provides a few benefits: keeps their potential sickness away from any fellow animals (doubly important for social creatures), keeps opportunistic predators away from a group of fellow animals, and also prevents their eventual carcass from becoming a health hazard to their neighbours or pack. It's sad as shit, but hey. Nature ain't nice.

When you do take him to the vet, don't leave the room. You want your buddy's last moments to be with you, not his last thoughts to be him panicking because you've gone.

>> No.73495366

It'll be fine as long as they nerf the fuck out of guard

>> No.73495372

you mean develop and produce new things for primaris players.

>> No.73495377

Hopefully it'll be their respective faction's top-tier character.
So Celestine, Swarmlord, Eldrad, Vect, Ghazzy, Logan, etc.

>> No.73495380

Wait until he's older anon, it'll be even worse. I'm lucky that Ollie is a Jack Russell and could live for another few years yet, but in about 6 months he went from being able to manage about 40 minutes of walking to 20 minutes of walking

>> No.73495381

better than 8th

>> No.73495391

It's more that a lot of transports were shit, specifically. Impulsors, Starweavers, Raiders, Wave Serpents, Skorpius Duneriders and Terrax drills saw a lot of use.

>> No.73495405

They needed a nerf aside from the Blast premium.

>> No.73495411

so many peoples galaxy/space pattern effects look shit, and even with this low res pic yours looks good. nice work

>> No.73495420

I already knew that, some time ago I've read a vet anon's post giving the same advice. But still, thanks. I won't leave him while he's still awake.

>> No.73495421

Jack Russels should be able to walk for days even when they're old and crumbly. I have a GSD (from a litter of police dog pups, so he's sturdy as shit and has none of musculoskeletal issues 'typical' of the breed). He's such a good boy.

>> No.73495436

thank you anon
I guess most people just go overboard with it, add big and bright swirls of multiple colors and a ton of starts or smth.

>> No.73495449

Anons, what would you do if I set down a modified plagueburst chassis to use as a land raider? They're almost the same dimensions as far as ground space goes.
Need a land raider that fits the plague aesthetic, and slapping shitty greenstuff all over a normal land raider always looks awful

>> No.73495454

Does any other army besides Marines get to split infantry squads upon deployment?

>> No.73495460

Don't care

>> No.73495462

It’s a straight improvement to 8th already.

>> No.73495472

>When you do take him to the vet,

I don't have a pet but it always looked strange to me the fact that putting down pets when their hour comes is seen as a humane and just thing to do to avoid needless suffering but somehow euthanasia is a big moral dilemma when it comes to humans.

>> No.73495474

It can depend I guess, depending on the unit and if they can get a way to get invulns/saves via equipment or stratagems/spells/litanies/etc.

>> No.73495475

>5 Tactical marines with a missile launcher went up by 10 points total (11%)
Probably not as good as scouts but they'll probably be a low-priority target.
Still cheaper than intercessors.
Meltaguns went down, but oddly twin multi-meltas went up.
Predators also only went up 5 points.

>> No.73495478

>They're almost the same dimensions as far as ground space goes.

All comparisons I've seen of the tank make it more or less equal to a Rhino.

>> No.73495485


Starweavers saw a lot of use because they're effectively mandatory for their faction (being extremely fragile, extremely expensive melee units)

I think Raiders may be the same way. A necessary component to the army.

>> No.73495495

Don't leave him even when he sleeps. Death doesn't come when the heart stops. He will still potentially hear you and think about you until his brain neurons shut down, regardless of whether the heart is beating or not. Keeo stroking him for a few minutes after the vet has comfirmed the heart has stopped. He'll still be able to perceive it for a time.

>> No.73495500

For most people human lives > animal lives

>> No.73495511

raiders and venoms aren't necessary, they're open topped which makes them good.

>> No.73495522

Then surely if a human can suffer more than an animal due to our more complex intelligence, why is it better and more moral to force a human to endure it when they don't want to?

>> No.73495526

Pretty sure Plaguebursts are both lower-profile and smaller in footprint. I'm all for using some conversion or rules-less model as a proxy but using one model with a defined datasheet as another would probably annoy plenty of players.

I'd personally live with it, at least if there weren't a bunch of PBCs in the list that were not Land Raiders, but I wouldn't recommend it given lots of people would complain.

>> No.73495532

5 Man Tactical Squad w/ Lascannon and Sergeant with Stormbolter is 92 pts now.
Under new pts, it's 93.
Unless I'm missing something, this is a straight win for my backline units.

>> No.73495535

They're good, but keep in mind that like most products once you go over a certain price point you're just paying more for the brand name than any more quality. $15 - $20 for a good quality brush isn't bad, but don't be like those chumps paying $35+ for a brush.

>> No.73495536

people who aren't retarded and know the difference between a wash and a shade. If you're gonna go full frugal fag, then buy some de-ionised water and inks.

>> No.73495540

Yes that's what I don't understand. If you value a human life more than an animal you should value human suffering more, which means that you should think that humans are more deserving of a human solution to needless suffering than animals, not less.

>> No.73495549

Sorry, forgot melta bombs, so it's 98 pts now, up 6 pts, a 6.5% increase.
Pretty okay, honestly.

>> No.73495558

Increasing vehicle cost across the board, and then lowering Devastator points seems very strange. Vehicles weren't so great to begin with.

>> No.73495561

i wouldnt have an issue with it, but i could see some pricks at events maybe making a stink about it.

do you only play locally? if so, you can ask your flgs manager if the conversion would be ok in events, and if so then you can feel safe knowing he's got you covered if someone makes a fuss. always best to ask ahead of time if you are worried about those kinds of issues with conversions and "counts as"

>> No.73495564

and those who are fun posting are just making the smooth brains more confused

>> No.73495569

Am I missing something or are multi melta devs almost the same price as eradicators while being strictly worse from almost every angle

>> No.73495571

according to the internet,
plagueburst: 6x4.8x3.2
land raider: 6.7x3.9x2.8
I'd be doing conversion work on it, replacing the mortar bed with a transport compartment of some sort so that it's enough to be differentiated at a quick glance

>> No.73495581

Get fucked manlet

>> No.73495582

it's a conversion that I would encourage but needs to be planned thoroughly
just slapping a burster down and calling it a raider is not going to cut it

>> No.73495593

amazed yoru vet let it get that far, usually they put them down without many questions asked since apparently dogs are in agony when they die from old age from liver failure, so the lactic acid builds up in the muscles and really hurts them. They are conditioned not to whine and not to show it too so its not obvious. I'm glad my dog died from a stroke in her sleep.

>> No.73495598

It's because in the bible mercy killing is bad but we don't have to prolong life. DNR is fine, but injecting someone with a lethal substance to end their suffering is comsidered wrong.

>> No.73495604

>new Eradicators are 40 pts
>manlet Devastator with multi-melta is 35 pts
Marinelets btfo

>> No.73495605 [DELETED] 

>people here talking about toy army men rules when something serious is going on
Humans are a waste, dogs don't deserve our neglect.

>> No.73495606

they can be easier transported by cheaper transports, razorback and drop pods, but you are still right that they are inferior

>> No.73495611

Devestators with multi-melta are 35 pts per model, the eradicators are 40.

>> No.73495618

got the box, if interrested i will post you all the unit profiles first and later this evening some stuff about the rules.

i will only write the stuff down. no pictures.

want it? y/n?

>> No.73495627

Thankfully it looks like that mortar just rests in the bed there, so I should be able to straight up pull it out and replace it with a transport compartment. Or even an open platform with some spare plague marines on it riding to war.

>> No.73495635

>Space marine captain is better than Hive Tyrant in melee
Explain this

>> No.73495638

Here's some good images of a land raider and crawler side by side:

>> No.73495639


>> No.73495640

Not to go full fedora, but the bible also supports slavery.

There's nothing wrong with ending an animals suffering.

>> No.73495642

forgot pic

>> No.73495643

Post proof you have the box, faggot.

>> No.73495644

it's noticeably smaller

>> No.73495646

Pretty much just within the county, yeah. Thanks for the tip.

>> No.73495647


Not even remotely close freindo, sorry.

>> No.73495650


Does it include anything about how necron reanimation protocols work now?

>> No.73495651

Yes of course, but prove you have it by taking pic of the box with date and message on it.

>> No.73495653

Protagonist vs NPC
Any other questions?

>> No.73495654

Have melee weapon costs been leaked?

>> No.73495656

Sounds like more work than just taking a picture

>> No.73495662


>> No.73495668

Oh yeah. Even my lgs has better prices than gw.

>> No.73495669


>no pictures.
take pictures of units we still haven't seen showcased in the rulebook, fagit

>> No.73495670

no only the unit rules are in the extra book thats coming with the box. including only the rules for the units inside the box

>> No.73495671

Leak that shit you absolutely massive cock having handsome man

>> No.73495673

You'll be able to get the Necron side of Indomitus for less than half the price of a box. I am guessing £45.00 will be the average resell price in the first few weeks of the box set, assuming GW keep it stocked for a good few months. For that matter the rule book will also sell very cheaply.

>> No.73495675

The internet dimensions have apparently lied to me.
Shid. Guess I'll need to do more work to extend the platform off the back or something.

>> No.73495676

Fuck yes, but I suggest using a trip. Do you have something about Necron Reanimation Protocols?

>> No.73495681

Post Tyranid profiles please!
Or at least Hive tyrant(and wing upgrade price), Warriors and Carnifex.

>> No.73495683

Because human lives are worth something and not to be given away lightly. Also there is deeply rooted religious reasons in most cultures that simply don't apply to animals.

There are a lot of factors to consider. First of all animals are generally regarded as not being able to make decisions, people can. So the only time someone else is euthanizing people is when the person in question is incapable of making a decision. Pulling the plug at this point is generally socially acceptable innthe west although I believe there is still a bias against. Then there is a consideration of cost. Even in the shitheap that is the US medical care system, people are generally willing to throw way more money at keeping a person alive than any animal. Usually keeping a person alive means also rounds of drugs to limit any discomfort they feel. My mom did the same thing to my cat, and I really wish she had just put it down instead because that thing lived like a year to long. By the time they killed it insects were laying larva inside of its skin (like big horsefly larva or some shit) and it was so sick that it couldn't keep the insects away. Most importantly though is that animals simply aren't people and doctors aren't vets. A person may choose to die (for example by having a DNR order) and that's fine, but it is generally considered a step too far to ask a doctor to kill you. Obviously it is different for a vet (although I believe they can get in trouble for being too gungho about putting down animals)

>> No.73495687

You're not missing anything. Multi-meltas are trash now, but meltagun assault marines and bikers could still be usable.
A biker or assault marine with a meltagun actually cost less than in 8th.

>> No.73495689

And our own. As a sentient being, shouldn't one of my most basic rights be the ability to end my own existence? If I have no control over even my own life, do I really have any control at all?
*tips fedora and waddles away*

>> No.73495690

So what's your story, anon? Are you some kind of well known YouTuber? An ITC guy? Some established tournament player?
Why did you get an early copy?

>> No.73495693

So nothing has reanimation protocols in the box set?? Lmao

>> No.73495694

depends what denomination, but any sect that upholds the teachings of Jesus Christ msot definitely does not condone slavery, and the abolitionist movement was born out of protestant christian thought which itself is pretty much directly based on Christ's teachings.

>> No.73495695

How exactly does the new reanimation protocols work?

>> No.73495697


That's not in the box you retard.

>> No.73495700

You absolute spanner.

>> No.73495706

GW please

>> No.73495709

Everythin (or anything) Harlequin please.
There shouldn't be much to write down honestly.

Please and thank you

>> No.73495710

>Chaos marines are arriving at my lgs
>they'd probably be here today
>It's CANADA DAY and everything that isn't Tim's, Macca's or Walmart is closed
>even still it's too hot to do any priming for this entire week

>> No.73495712

old testament clearly does, brainlet

>> No.73495715

Use a trip

>> No.73495717

due to certain limitations it is rather traceable if the stuff goes public, so no pictues because of that.

Okay guys, here i start: Primaris Captain:
M6" WS 2+ BS 2+ S4 T4 W6 A5 LD10 SV3+
Heavy Boltpistol 18" Pistol 1 S4 AP-1 D1
Mastercrafted Powersword S+1 AP-3 D2
Honorshield: 4+ Fnp versus Mortal wounds, in additon it increases the armor save by 1.

Has a 4++ due to iron halo, the regular captain aura and angels of death

>> No.73495718

Oh shit it's happening

>> No.73495720

OK I will tell you even though it will get me fired. My name is Robin Cruddace and I like leaking rules, I do it all the time.

>> No.73495728

Fuck you Robin, stop jerking off to your precious guard and Tau

>> No.73495731

Trip dude

>> No.73495733

>Because human lives are worth something
Value is a subjective thing. Humans are just extremely smart animals. Religions are an invention of humanity as an early form of control and rationalisation of misunderstood mechanics and experiences.

Humans' suffering is qualitatively worse than animals' suffering, therefore human euthanasia is better than animal euthanasia.

>> No.73495735

He is a GW store manager, they got their copy this week

>> No.73495742

>primaris captain has a 2+/4++/4+++

>> No.73495745

Fuck off GW shill

>> No.73495748

If no pictures, then maybe set up a quick spreadsheet table to plug your numbers into then take a screenshot of the table to post (if you don't want to post the spreadsheets). Should at least help to cut down how much typing you'll have to do.

>> No.73495751

you clearly dont know anything about the box :)

Primaris Lieutenant
M6" WS2+ BS2+ S4 T4 W5 A4 LD10 SV3+

Neo Vulkite Pistol 15" Pistol2 S5 AP0 D2 unmodified wound rolls of 6 cause 1 MW in additon to the damage
Mastercrafted Powersword S+1 AP-3 D2

got angels of death and the regular LT aura

>> No.73495754


>> No.73495755

>rules will boil down to "imperium armies OP and everyone else gets nothing"
Checks out

>> No.73495756

Fnp vs mortal wounds, you illiterate fuck.

>> No.73495758


The only thing in the box is the core rule book and the rules for the units in the box set. No other rules you absolute cretins.

>> No.73495759 [SPOILER] 

Only I can set the pdfs free

>> No.73495760

Welp, my future WB Chosen/CSM have arrived.

I was gonna just paint them in the appropriate colors, but someone said that Chaos MkIIIs look stupid without chaotic bits on them. What are some bits I should use that wouldn't look stupid?

>> No.73495763

Not like this, this is literally a psychologist on the team "genius" psychologist who thinks that these colors will turn little timmy switch off and get him to buy marines. Not even joking and honestly seeing normies reaction a lot of garbage they might actually be

>> No.73495767

I think this confirm the fact that Storm Shields are becoming a +1 save and 4++

>> No.73495771


>> No.73495773

No. I will never stop jerking off. I, Robin Cruddace, do it at the office. I have numerous opinions that some would find outrageous, and I am very forward in my dealings with the opposite sex.

>> No.73495776

You're wrong on multiple grounds and I don't know how to start unpacking it or if it is even appropriate to do it in a 40kg thread.

>> No.73495778

Wow an actual insiderbro? Things sure have changed around here

>> No.73495783

Are the rumours of a Primaris Chaplain on Bike true or was that bullshit?

>> No.73495784

But Cruddence hates tau. That’s why he made the Tau codex “Guard but shittier”

>> No.73495792

is it not a normal stormshield, he isn't 3++?

>> No.73495794

>MC power swords now give +1S

Holy shit

>> No.73495798


>> No.73495812

Please do, I want to read your nonsense. I would like a good chuckle.

>> No.73495813


>> No.73495814

It’s either a primaris captain on bike or they’re taking the firstborn one back from Legend

>> No.73495815

Because it invokes those deep seated, reinforced images of "good vs. evil" and "light vs. dark" making it a very easy tactic to show diametrically opposed sides and have that be easily understood by someone with even just a quick look. It will all be over for warhammer when they switch to orange and blue promo shit.

>> No.73495821

right, trips are easier.

Primaris Chaplain
its a regular chaplain, nothing personal so i skip him for:

M6" WS2+ BS3+ S4 T 4 W5 A4 LD9 SV3+
Absolver Boltpistol 18" Pistol 1 S5 AP-1 D2
Executioner Honorblade S+3 AP-3 D2 unmodified wound rolls of 6 cause 1 MW in addition

Angels of death
4++ in close combat only
at the start of the close combat he can select one enemy unit in 6". the enemy unit always strikes last

>> No.73495824

That would really fuck my Wulfens over

>> No.73495826

>hellhammer with 18 shots

>> No.73495831

kek i finally got my black library comrades in arms rejection letter
must have been one hell of a backlog

>> No.73495832

Big dicked leaker anon please leak the assault intercessors with a trip code

>> No.73495833

You're not a true american if you don't jerk off at work. Getting paid to nut is almost as liberating a feeling as ass pennies.

>> No.73495845

>18" range

>> No.73495848

It's confirmed by myself, Robin Cruddace, that I hate Tau. The only thing I hate more than Tau is ethnic minorities and women. My one passion is leaking rules and making women feel uncomfortable in the work place. I like to take drink and drive.

>> No.73495853

Yknow. Maybe I'll just play marines, and never field primaris, so that no game I'm present in will have them. Marinelets only baybee.

>> No.73495860

Have fun with your manlets, whatever you use is going to look terrible on them. If you're going with word bearers your best bet is loading them up with !not purity seals with heretical text.

>> No.73495864

For the sake of archiving please @ your previous non trip leaks

>> No.73495865

I just want the core rules desu

>> No.73495866

Bladeguard Veterans

M6" WS3+ BS3+ S4 T 4 W3 A3 LD8 SV3+
M6" WS3+ BS3+ S4 T 4 W3 A4 LD9 SV3+

Heavy Boltpostil 18" Pistol 1 S4 Ap-1 D1
MC Powersword S+1 ap-3 D2

Stormshield: +1 on armor save in addition to a 4+ invul

i guess the regular stromshields are going to that status aswell

>> No.73495867


The difference between animals and humans is that we can understand humans. There is usually a way to help most people with their issues (unless it is some kind of debilitating disease).

There is also an issue of coercion. People could be pressured to end their lives when they don't want too.

Countries that do allow it only allow it for horrible illnesses.

>> No.73495875

I'd sure not like to be paid to nut as a male porn star since 99% of the time you have to do gay porn to make any money.

>> No.73495878

So how do I give you a blowjob?
Is through the mail okay or do you wanna come over?

>> No.73495882

Gay for Pay is still consent, so its up to the person involved to set their price.

>> No.73495884

>Stormshield: +1 on armor save in addition to a 4+ invul
RIP Shield Captains
Can you post the new pts values, by the way?

>> No.73495885

It means someone kept it around long enough for it to be rejected.

>> No.73495888

Are they actually called stormshield or “primaris tempestshield” or something like that?

>> No.73495890

Bladeguard Ancient

M6" WS3+ BS3+ S4 T 4 W5 A4 LD9 SV3+

Heavy Boltpistol 18" Pistol 1 S4 AP-1 D1
no melee weapon.

got the regular Astartes Banner Rule in addition to:
friendly Ordo Bladeguard units within 6" gain +1 to hit

>> No.73495892

>whatever you use is going to look terrible on them
Because I'm stupid, or because it ruins the aesthetics? I was just curious, it wouldn't really bother me if I didn't have gribbly bits on em.

>> No.73495896

Stop creeping on the leaker.

>> No.73495897

Are you sure about those range 18 pistols? Since the Absolvor is currently 16 and the heavy bolt pistols 12.

BS2+ is a new one for a LT too for that matter,

>> No.73495900

MC powerswords are sweet af goddamn

>> No.73495905

Whoever you are, Robin Cruddence, you will not be missed.

>> No.73495907

If csm get the -1 ap chainswords will Raptors be viable?

>> No.73495908

How much money?

>> No.73495910

what're the skoropekhs dudes like

>> No.73495912

I can see the tracks getting reversed to look like a land raider and the back of the tank having an extra pair of demonic mechanical legs since the treads aren't as long as the dimensions of the land raider, but it can end up as a cool conversion with a bit of work
with two pairs of treads you might even end up recreating the silhouette of the older version of the land raider

>> No.73495913

>Primaris Veterans have a 2+4++
RIP terminators

>> No.73495917

Thread autosaging, quick someone make one

>> No.73495920

That's +2 range and +1D over 8e. It's not unbelievable.

>> No.73495924

I-it's only creepy if he doesn't want it and I'm not hearing a no

>> No.73495926

Those posts are real. sorry for no trip

Assault intercessors (troops)

M6" WS3+ BS3+ S4 T 4 W2 A2 LD9 SV3+

Heavy Boltpistol 18" Pistol 1 S4 AP-1 D1
Astartes Chainsword S User AP-1 D1 makes one additional attack with this weapon.

Sargeant can take a Plasma Pistol

>> No.73495932

Skorpekh lord please

>> No.73495934

My name is Cruddace. Robin Cruddace. Leaking rules makes me feel like James Bond. All the kids are little S.O.B.s

>> No.73495935

>friendly Ordo Bladeguard units within 6" gain +1 to hit
Fuck me

>> No.73495941

Please anon, hit me with the pts costs, and the costs for melee weapons!

>> No.73495942

Are you hot, shredded, gifted with a big dick, and possessed of a lot of sexual stamina?

>> No.73495943

huh, so you're saying i managed to make it through the initial screening
it's a good feeling i guess

>> No.73495958

I believe that I am.

>> No.73495960

It's a bump limit!

>> No.73495961

well, stormshield terminators have a 0+4++ while in cover, that does sound nice

>> No.73495963

The points have been posted in all threads today, just go back one and find them out and stop wasting leakanons time

>> No.73495968

>18" Pistol

>> No.73495979

This isn't 40k, bro. Belief won't make it real.

>> No.73495980

>Astartes Chainsword S User AP-1 D1
With a name like that (which seems “generic”, not primaris specific) can we expect all chainswords to get AP-1?
My Grey Hunters would certainly appreciate that

>> No.73495981

Sorry, assault intercessors have LD7 and sargeant has 8. Sargeant also has +1 A

okay now the biker Lads:

M14" WS3+ BS3+ S4 T5 W4 A2 LD7 SV3+
M14" WS3+ BS3+ S4 T5 W4 A3 LD8 SV3+

Heavy Boltpistol 18" Pistol 1 S4 AP-1 D1
Twin Boltrifle 30" Rapidfire 2 S4 Ap-1 D1
Astartes Chainsword S User AP-1 D1 makes one additional attack with this weapon.

When they advance they always move 6 additional inches instead of rolling

they gain +2 attacks if they assaulted this turn

>> No.73495983

Fucking Castellan got better

>> No.73495988

This is the correct interpretation of the current wording

>> No.73495990

Melee weapons haven't been leaked, only ranged.

>> No.73496005

How does it matter? You're not gonna shoot the volcano cannon at a >6 model unit, are you?

>> No.73496006

Doubt it. Primaris only goy

>> No.73496014

Hit me up with some Necrons senpai I'm starving

>> No.73496021

Eradicators have allready been leaked so i jump to the necrons now :)

Overlord is a regular one so i skip for the jucy bits

M5" WS3+ BS3+ S5 T5 W4 A3 LD10 SV3+

Reqlic Gaus Blaster 24" Rapidfire2 S5 AP-2 D2

living metall
in the movement phase, can select a friendly dynasty unit within 9" that unit can fall back and still shoot & attack

>> No.73496023

So we’re talking about at least 5 attacks on the charge, 6 if this doesn’t remove the AoD’s +1 attack too?

It seems a bit much, bro

>> No.73496028

>5 attacks on the charge
Lmao amazing. Fucking GW cooming all over Primaris rules

>> No.73496054

Overlord should have a new weapon, anon. Can you post that?

>> No.73496059

I paint primaris marines as world eaters and use blood Angel's rules and nobody can stop me

>> No.73496065

Marine leaks so far

>> No.73496066


>> No.73496067

Now play Blood Angels for 7 attacks on the charge at 2s to wound most infantry models LOL

22 attacks on the charge, and of course bring along your chaplain on bike for extra kekking

>> No.73496069

Not if you can help it but its still a straight buff.

Gets worse.

>> No.73496075

Plasmamancer: (got cryptek keyword)
M5" WS3+ BS3+ S4 T4 W4 A1 LD10 SV4+

Plasmalance: 18" AssaultD3 S7 AP-3 D2
Plasmalance (melee) Suser AP-3 D2

living metal
at the end of the movement phase, can select a enemy unit within 18" and visible to him. on a 4+ it takes a MW

at the start of the close combat phase roll a d6 for every enemy unit in 6" on a 4+ it suffers a MW

>> No.73496076

Not really, no it doesn't.

>> No.73496083

Most rules have already been showcased or leaked one way or another.

>> No.73496092

Which is funny because I actually think the harley model looks better than the Stern model.

>> No.73496101


>> No.73496122

There's nothing called kingsguard in the box

>> No.73496123

Thanks anon you put a smile on my face

>> No.73496128

he got a trachionarrow 120" assault 1 S12 Ap-5 D D6 one use only and
Hyperphase Scythe S+2 AP-3 D D3

be so kind and take my trip out, im a bit paranoid ;)

Skorpekh Lord
M8" WS2+ BS2+ S6 T6 W6 A4 LD10 SV3+

Anihilator: 19" Assault 2d3 S6 Ap-1 D1 Explosive (the new auto hit mechanic vs hordes)
Claws: S user Ap-1 D1 can do 2 attack rolls instead of 1 for each attack
Scythe S+2 AP-4 D3 -1 to hit

living metal
friendly destructor cult units within 6" gain reroll 1 on wound rolls
4+ invul
he can reroll hit rolls of 1

>> No.73496134

It's the Royal Warden. Anon is probably translating.

>> No.73496141

>making a new thread before page 9 at the earliest

>> No.73496163

Your trip cant expose you

>> No.73496174

Not my fault you're poorly educated.

>> No.73496214

Is explosive just blast?

>> No.73496236

All IG and TSons stuff.

And detachment/core rules.

(just post pics, it's not like they can trace it back to you.)

>> No.73496279

Just for you anon I'll write one big long post but I have no interest in an actual debate. This is niether the time the place

"Humans are smart animals" is wrong or at least a massive understatement. Even if you fedora tip and dismiss all proofs offered from religious sources, further proofs exist that humans are seperate. The concept of the self and the other, rationality vs, instinct, and empirical observations of human decision making v animal are examples. In fact, the topic of euthanasia is uniquely human. Intelligence has been a huge boon to our ability to survive as a species and dominate our environment, but it has some consequences. Because of our consciousness humans choose to kill themselves way way way more often than any other species (if you can even prove another species is capable of consciously choosing to die rathet than doing so by instinct).

An animal is generally considered to not be capable of making decisions. They do not have rights, they cannot hold property, and they themselves are essentially owned property. An owner decides to euthanize a pet. The pet does not choose to die. This does not apply to people. People are generally regarded as having the ability to choose if they live or die. That is why we have DNRs. That is why if you slip into a coma and someone becomes a legal guardian, you can leave instructions that say "don't pull me off life support" and those instructions would be honored. The leap some people want to make is that they want a Doctor to kill them. Wanting to die and wanting a doctor to kill you are to different beasts entirely. If you want to die then don't be a fucking weenie. Kill yourself yourself, don't try and make someone else do it for you. Take responsibility for your decision. It's not like dying is hard.

I'm at post limit so I can't go into it anymore.

>> No.73496349

haha im all for conversions but are you joking? they are nowhere near the same size

>> No.73496408

Necron reanimation rules please

>> No.73496447

how does reanimation work for crons my dude?

>> No.73496502

Pic or details of Death Guard points would be amazing. I'm not above begging. Thank you hero anon.

>> No.73496529

Im pretty sure the crusade book is just a notebook

>> No.73496560

he only has the indomitus bruh so no other factions

>> No.73496782

Since they put them on the blast weapons list

>> No.73496843

Guess why, genius.

>> No.73497040

artist inks+medium>>nuln oil

>> No.73497531


>> No.73498031


be better if it was any hp

>> No.73498146

>I'm kevin, I'm 12 yo and I want a starcraft2 base but ugly
>Thank you, james worship, your my best fren.

>> No.73498307


>bolt sniper rifle


>> No.73498406


yes? that's a vehicle

>> No.73498523

plasma incinerators are 0

>> No.73498574


my gf is working full time from home during covid and I've been collecting unemployment since October. I ain't going back to the wagie life until the summer is over...if ever

>> No.73499009

what the fuck is this starcraft shit

>> No.73499054


>> No.73499212

>bolt sniper rifle gets blast
>flamers dont

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