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Chad Horrigan Edition

Discuss Fallout Lore and Tabletop games here.

Pre-war threads:

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I always wondered why do Small Guns scale with agility and Energy Weapons with Perception. Maybe i'm just dumb but I would like an answer.

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small guns you quick draw
energy weapons ya gotta aim

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So we have a good idea of what happened to the US, and can guess what happened to Canada and Mexico- we also have a decent picture of what was going on in China, but what do you think was going in places like India, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, or South America?

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Fallout: Amazonia would be sweet.

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True- plenty you could do with a radioactive rainforest.

Here's an idea- Brazil had mass deforestation in the intervening decades- but unlike the US, they sought to try to reverse the damage, using something like G.E.C.K.s to try to reverse the damage done, and try to restore the amazon rainforest. And somewhat less altruisticially scope it out for materials they could use in biological warfare.

This could be used to explain some of the wackier things you could find in the Rainforest.

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It's hard to say. Fallout seems to be thematically attached to America, so one way to imagine the state of other countries is to analyze their relation with Pre-War America.
China is mentioned because it was Americás main adversary, we know about canada because the U.S. forcefuly annexed it by force spawning rebellious uprisings from the locals, and we get information about Mexico because it is so close to the places Fallout 1, 2 and new vegas take place in.

Besides, i think one of Fallout's strengths as a setting is it's scale. I believe exporting Fallout to other countries and continents that didn't play a significant part in Pre-war America´s future would only make the lore to lost it's scope and to bloat to an unnecessary level.

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I agree- I wouldn't want to see a mainline game set outside the US. But I think spinoffs or DLC are fair game, and I think it's a fun thought experiment. I like the discussion we had about how Europe would descend into WW1 trench warfare and zeppelins with tons of Maginot-line super-bunkers everywhere.

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>some of the wackier things you could find in the Rainforest
I'd hate to see what sort of crazy shit happens if someone drops a box of Vault 22 voodoo into the Amazon.

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It wouldn't be a box. It'd be half a million boxes.

You know, something I learned in my cultural anthropology class- a lot of Amazonian tribes have various myths, mainly focused on the rainforest- namely that the rainforest is sort of the root of all evil, and that the village they live in is only an exception because a spectral anaconda surrounds the village.

Interesting most demons are considered sexual in nature, because sexual infedility is the chief source of conflict in such small communities (in a city you can usually get away from a jilted rainforest, not so in a village with half a dozen huts).

The other interesting thing to note is that these tribes are pretty much constantly at war with one another- they tend to exhaust the soil viability of their village within a decade or so, and so they have to move to find a new spot for their village. Which usually has some other village there that they have to drive off to use. It's also how they tend to inject new blood into the tribe- by kidnapping the women of some other tribe.

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Canada was basically US' base of operations for the war in Alaska and a massive stockpile of resources for the americans to bully out of Canadian hands, so it's likely it got nuked pretty hard.
the US military also took the opportunity to place Mexico's vital resources under its own "protection," so Mexico probably got nuked to a notable, albeit, lesser state.

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>so Mexico probably got nuked to a notable, albeit, lesser state.
Yeah, Raul mentions Mexico City getting nuked during his companion quest dialogue in New Vegas, IIRC.

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We know Mexico City was hit directly by a nuke, thanks to Raul.

Interesting to consider about Canada though- most of Canada's infrastructure and population is in the south, mostly bunched up along the American Border. Most of the country is empty, so I imagine that wide stretches of the country, especially towards the north, would be untouched.

Although something else to consider- if people stopped caring about the environment, the Northern Passage might have opened up, which right now is being hotly contested by Russia, Canada, the US and China, so there may be some intrastructure on the northern coasts.

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Been a while since we did one of these. Post your characters.

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As others have said Mexico City was hit directly by a nuke. Now Mexico is a vast country with few urban centers and lots of rural and poverty stricken areas. The Most viable targets for nuke strikes would be the capital, the border zone and the gulf coast, mainly Veracruz for all the ports and oil rigs it has

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Think of the bugs

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Re-posting my lore question from a previous thread: If the Chinese couldn't produce miniaturized microfusion reactors like the US, what does their Stealth Armor use as a power source?

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The issue wasn't microfusion cells- if was Fusion Cores. Not really sure what the big distinction was, but keep in mind that T-45d's originally ran on small energy cells- as in ammo for energy pistols.

We know the Chinese used Gauss rifles, and presumably had other energy weapons- they also had robotics. So presumably they were able to use similar power cells.

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I thought fusion cores weren't a thing until FO4. IIRC t-45 PA used batteries for power and latter models such as t-51b and Advanced PA ran on a internal reactor that granted them virtually infinite power.

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The Fusion Core is that internal engine. They just retconned it so it doesn't last forever. T-45's were retrofitted with them because they 'ate through energy cells like the chins ate through rice', which is why the Anchorage Front wasn't overturned until the T-51b's were introduced.

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If i saw that in my yard idc how endangered that is im grabbing my shotgun, every 3" slug in the box, and im going to start blasting until my shoulder is turned to powder in a loose formation

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I have a feeling that centipede is actually from Scotland actually.

Back in the time before the dinosaurs, the oxygen ratio on earth was 40%- because there were more plants on the surface than animals, as animals hadn't yet completely evolved to handle land life. This meant that earth had outrageously giant wildfires, but also outrageously large bugs- most insects don't have lungs. They instead have holes in the sides of their chest so that their heart can oxygenate directly from the air. This means that insects can only grow so large before the suffocate, and why larger insects are found in high-oxygen locations such as the rainforest.

And in the time before the dinosaurs it meant you had dragonflies the size of eagles, ants the size of your hands, and centipedes as wide as a mans reach. And the only reason we know about the centipedes, is because the land that is now Scotland used to be a tropical swamp on the equator, and these centipedes left footprints on the soul that became fossilized.

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>footprints on the soul
That about sums up the aftermath of a hypothetical encounter with those abominations in the wasteland.

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Conventional batteries I guess? "Light modulation" is science fiction handwaving anyway, doesn't have to be energy intensive.

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I wanted to like Maria as a weapon but by the time you get it 9mm is hilariously underpowered. They should have made it more effective given it is a mid-game weapon.

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>been playing Fallout all day
> hop on tg to check things out and get a change of pace
>you pull me right back into it

But 4real, looking to play the table top mini game. Mostly just want to paint those nifty raiders. Is it worth?

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Plausibly they run on MFCs and they can produce at least a weaker mfc, or its just so ridiculously expensive that they cant produce many of them

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I imagined the old school fallout games they imagined small arms to be focused on how quickly you can get shots off, while energy weapons (namely laser guns) would require you to focus your shots on a single spot for a period of time, thus shaky hands do less damage since you're not concentrating the beam

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Energy Cells, like the T-45d did before they retrofitted them with the micro-fusion plant from the T-51b.

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I like scifi shit.

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>tfw you'll never break through pinko chinese lines wearing your own personal tank

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> browse /k/ thread on dieselpunk weapons
Would this stuff suit the fallout world?
no bully pls

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Well some of those are flechette rifles from the 1960s which yes, is absolutely insane enough of an idea to exist in Fallout.

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Give it like 10 years, you never know.

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Unfortunately I don't think the concept of power armour is ever going to have legs in real life.

Wrapping what is essentially an extremely complex robot around a human is significantly more challenging than just deploying a far more simple robot by itself, which has the added benefit of not exposing a human to danger and being a lot cheaper.

I think if Fallout was more realistic, they'd have simply been mass producing Sentrybots and rolling them into Alaska rather than messing about trying to fit US servicemen inside a humanoid version of them.

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Are power-armor heat resistant? Can't you grab a a flame thrower and cook the guy inside, assuming you can be close enough to the fella?

> mfw hear your buddy scream as he gets roasted alive

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Aren't they environmentally sealed? I thought I read that somewhere, they certainly give high rad resistance which would suggest they are. If so, a flamethrower wouldn't work until the heat melted the seals. Trying to kill the operator with heatstroke through armour that thick would take a long time and require the operator to make no attempts to leave the area.

The chief cause of death from flamethrowers is actually inhalation of carbon monoxide, one or two guys in the bunker might get hit by the full blast of the flames but it'd create this rolling wave of carbon monoxide which binds with your red blood cells and stops them carrying oxygen, for every guy burnt to a crisp you'd get four or five untouched but still stone dead.

So power armour would protect you from that, probably not that effective a weapon against power armoured troops.

>> No.73491572

IRL, flamethrowers are already useless militarily, due to their pathetic range, with no more heat resistant equipment than a BDU on the other guy. That said, lots of other reasons to put in a thermal barrier layer on your powered armor, like Molotov cocktails, burning tanks, forest fires, regular operation in hot/cold enviorments, ect.

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Remove Leaf

Canada is Rightful American Clay

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I really want to know more about the 'Battle of the Sea of Tranquility'.

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I don't see why not. Fallout has everything from P90s to water-cooled "assault rifles".

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Danse survived being cooked by the exhaust of a rocket(i think) so yes definitely

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I'd imagine that like all good things in the Fallout universe, it began due to resources and nationalism. The US and China likely had competing space programmes, complete with outposts on the Moon. One side identifies a resource in the Sea of Tranquility, and their plans to secure it are quickly discovered. The other side moves to prevent them securing it, hoping to get it for themselves.

The scale could be anything from a small number of astronauts on either side having a brief punch up before withdrawing, to both sides sending up hundreds of grunts in spacesuits armed to the teeth. It could also be an absolute lie, a propaganda piece spun to show how the US was technologically superior and dominant.

>> No.73492237


Seems my original reply vanished. Never had that happen before.

I'd reckon that a fight on the Sea of Tranquility would either be over resources, or a spy-station being built. Either the US or Chinese could be the aggressor, frankly.
The scale of the battle could be anything from a dozen 'local' astronauts using small arms and construction tools to beat the crap out of each other, to several hundred grunts in spacesuits being rocketed up to the moon for a good old fashioned SPACEBATTLE.
Or it could all be a lie. A nice bit of propaganda, with the US claiming a grand victory in an exotic theatre of war.

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>3000ºc+ temperatures and 100+ atmospheres of pressure
Yeah, I think it is safe to say if the suit can survive that for even a second or two, a flamethrower is going to do precisely fuck all against it.

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>tfw there will never be a Fallout game with the Reservation, the ghoul version of Colonel Kurtz, and his small army of fanatic ghouls who one day hope to take free the world from the smooth skin menace.

Why even live?

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>Seems my original reply vanished.
I still see it, even after refreshing

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How odd. I can see the original reply now.

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The mf hyperbreeder alpha and that perk that makes enemies explode is ridiculously fun, you just paint targets with it and then they pop like balloons

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Bit of trivia: the radiation pressure from the photon flux when a hydrogen bomb goes off (~140 TPa) is momentarily greater than the pressure in the core of Jupiter (5-10 TPa)

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>The chief cause of death from flamethrowers is actually inhalation of carbon monoxide
Huh, the more you know. As for power armor, my only knowledge is that the game provides some resistance towards ballistic, fire and rads, so it might imply some form of shielding.
What's that?

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Battle Dress Uniform.

>> No.73493896

it's two guts on the moon and then one kills the other one with a rock

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Sure way to get PTSD.

>> No.73496258

Power armor damage resistance stats mean your buddy will be laughing more than screaming. Setting a power armored dude on fire usually just means you've turned an angry refrigerator into an angrier refrigerator with flaming fists.

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I mod my fallouts to be tactical shooters.
This makes small, fast-shooting semis incredibly useful for their low-weight and high capacity

>> No.73496314

Your imagery made me lol

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So what are the thoughts on Zeta?
I want to believe someone stole it and went on space adventures, or at least made themselves a cool space home

>> No.73497335

4th one looks like the metro shotgun

>> No.73497418

I like to think that the Lone Wanderer adopted Sally, and moved her into their home at Megaton. Donated some of the cool space tech to the Brotherhood, who weren't able to do much with it besides make their guns zappier.

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O2 was more like 30% but your general point still stands.

Scotland is neither here nor there, Scotland, Scandinavia and northern Appalachian mountains weee all connected during the Caledonian Orogeny

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It was all a dream.

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something something Enclave fighting aliens on the moon

>> No.73499397

Can Caesar's Legion be Sustainable without plot armour?

>> No.73499509

They're living on momentum and wholly dependent on Caesar himself keeping shit together
No, they'll die in a decade

>> No.73500509


Now, maybe some successor state to the legion implements an actual bureaucracy making the legion sustainable, but that's going to be very unlikely given how Caesar set up the legion, and how most of them are uneducated tribals, whose only examples would be the pre-war US and the NCR.

And even if someone was smart enough and successful in setting up such a successor state, they'd then have to compete with and conquer all the other various warlords that would be rising up.

And even assuming that happens, what we'd get would look nothing like the Legion under Caesar.

That said, I think coming up with successor states with the Legion is more fun anyway. So far I have an idea for the Legion Republic, and the Legion Empire, but I need a good idea for the Legion Kingdom, and some fleshing out for the Eastern Legion Empire.

>> No.73500653

Unless Caesar secures New Vegas and vastly reorganizes the structure of the Legion to turn it into a proper state rather than a slave army (all within the limited timeframe his poor health allows) the Legion will collapse within a few years of his inevitable death.

The NCR had to nerfed with a heavy dose of contrived situations (such as having their best supply/reinforcement lines destroyed) and incompetence (keeping their best units away doing nothing or having idiots for commanders) for the legion to have a fighting chance against them.

>> No.73500978

>Unless Caesar secures New Vegas
>and vastly reorganizes the structure of the Legion to turn it into a proper state rather than a slave army
If he was going to do that, he wouldn't have waited until he was dying of a brain tumor.

>> No.73501033

Caesar's obsessed with new vegas because he sees it as his Rome and the Hoover Dam as his rubicon and he thinks by obtaining his Rome he'll somehow transition the legion into a proper nation.

Of course he's also a delusional idiot with a god complex so he'd likely fail regardless.

>> No.73501077

His rational basically boils down to magic.

>How will the Legion reform itself?
I don't know.
>What will you do to reform the Legion when you take Vegas?
I don't know.

You know it's said that the Japanese during WW2 suffered the disease of victory, I think it might be said likewise for Caesar. Having faced no real armies that could go toe-to-toe with him, he's never had stop and reconsider his actions.

Remind me- I know you can talk down Lanius at the end, by convincing him the Legion is overextended like during the Denver campaign, I don't think you can talk down Caesar- and Lanius is an idiot.

>> No.73501225

Caesar's only gotten so far because his enemies have been tribals with no understanding of basic tactics or incompetent commanders like General Oliver, his success comes down to everyone around his being written to be dumber than he is.

If he tried to conquer NCR where they aren't stretched thin, low on morale and being led by incompetents he'd get curb stomped.

>> No.73501384

I think it has to do with laser weapons not having recoil.

>> No.73501561

Anon they werent sustainable without it to begin with. 2 offscreen events have to happen immensly in his favor to make it viable in the first place, and it requires the NCR to be surprisingly lax about protecting what is supposed to be a major chunk of their power grid.

1: the BoS turns the NCR gold reserve into a slagged mess
2: the Courier literally nukes the NCR's main artery to the region, and despite the NCR having the technical capacity to keep at least a small vertibird op going and being able to repair a dam that hasnt been maintained in 200 years they arent capable of just building a few mad max semis and just going around, or even just making late 1800s tier artillery or mortars to yeet Caesar from across the river during the first battle, knowing full well the Legion doesnt have an answer to that.

Not to mention Legion territory is miraculously clean, despite having NORAD, los alamos nuclear lab, and the air force academy. There's more to hit there than there is in SoCal

It also relies heavily on Caesar's rule not being questioned after his massive defeat at Hoover Dam 1, which tends to be a major problem with absolute leaders. When things are good, its their divine grace and leadership. When things are bad, the mandate of the gods is gone and the people may turn to another. He is lucky that he was able to shift the blame to the malpais legate.

A LOT of things not even under his control had to happen for the NCR to be as weak as it appears in NV. The most important thing isnt even something the NCR OR Legion could prepare for (Hopeville exploding basically because someone carried an iphone that tapped into the wrong wifi).

Hell he cant even be bothered to check that you destroyed a factory 100 feet from his damn door, you think he has a great understanding of how to make sure things get done beyond "i point at it"?

>> No.73501588

His delusions and aspirations are less explained by "magic" as they are by "everything I have done up to this point has worked, so I'm sure I'll figure it out". And there's definitely a difference between the two since the first is an answer based in ignorance while the other is based on crappy logic and a raging ego.

Caesar was more caught up in his greatness and success than we was just an idiot. He knew things would have to change but he viewed that the specifics of the change weren't relevant.

>> No.73501674

Supposedly storms from the divide make going around the Sierra Nevada impractical, which is why the main artery to the Mojave is the Long 15. Presumably they are trying to build a railroad across the route, but that takes time.

I also assumed the NCR used artillery more, we just don't see much of it due to difficulties making it work in game.

I also like to think the Reservation from Van Buren exists, but Caesar lets them be because they are surrounded by radiation, and not worth conquering (being presumably just a few dozen ghouls and some old rusted bunkers).

It's also worth noting that the NCR is engaged on three fronts, in Baha, against the Brotherhood, and lastly against Caesar. And you know what? The people of the NCR are probably much more concerned about the Brotherhood than the Legion, considering that they much more directly experience the war against the Brotherhood, especially after the Brotherhood trashed the NCR's cold reserves, and set in inflation briefly.

>> No.73501707

AKA magic.

>Can you explain how it'll work?
>Yeah, it works because it works. That's how.

The line between a hubristic genius and a massive idiot is nonexistent.

>> No.73501718

Lanius arguably has a better grasp of the ground picture. Caesar isnt the one marching anywhere, Lanius & co is. If Caesar says "yo Lanius, have them build me a pool", it gets done of course, but Caesar probably isnt thinking strictly in terms of "these company-level slave assets are being re-routed to dig a pool". But Lanius HAS to. If Caesar says "give those particular guards thermal lances", its the guys on the ground who have to deplete units XYZ to concentrate those valuable weapons in the Caesar Lance Cohort.

We know Caesar isnt even that involved in the war planning process by the 2nd Battle, as evidenced by both Boone's dialogue and the outcome being the same with Caesar alive or not (ie., Lanius at the tent). That should tell you how divorced he is from actually administering his army, whereas Lanius is the one, dummy or not, who has to know how far they can stretch their supply lines and how far they can march slaves and brahmin on a given day, and has to deal with that reality

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>tfw beating Horrigan by repeatedly punching him in the dick until he explodes

>> No.73501821

>I believe exporting Fallout to other countries and continents that didn't play a significant part in Pre-war America´s future would only make the lore to lost it's scope and to bloat to an unnecessary level.
Not if you keep it self-contained.

If you try to tie it all together and do something retarded like have the Enclave or the BoS suddenly show up in Africa or whatever then yeah, it would be shit. But you could still have a game that's set in the same world, just in a different, entirely unrelated area.

Though like >>73485596 points out this would be more like a spinoff than a full-fledged part of the franchise, since there wouldn't be enough to tie it to the rest of the game.

>> No.73501845


Most of the Legion will off themselves to join their leader if ordered to and the slaves are too crippled to start an uprising of any kind. If he leaves them the Legacy of New Vegas they could force the scientist to teach them at swordpoint.

Given how swiftly they deal with intellectual dissenters like Arcade if he was left in the care of the Legate, it will be easy to cow the smart but not so defiant ones to teach the Legion how to build an empire or to serve as bureaucrats.

>> No.73501913

Supposedly one of the original devs wanted to make a battlefield styled game set during the resource wars between Europe and the Middle East.

You'd play as part of the His Majesties Armored Forces, starting in Northern Italy, and retreating across France and across the English Channel, with each level your team having to decide whether or not you'll scrap your vehicles to make gun upgrades, or if you'll try to keep your tank up and running.

On another note- I'd be completely fine with them reusing a bunch of assets from Wolfenstein to represent Fallout Germany. They can even use the stylized W symbol instead of the Swastika.

>> No.73501983

I don't think you understand how tyrants operate.

Government require facts. In order to make good decisions, you need information- information that might make you look bad. And dictators prefer yesman who tell them what they want to hear than people who might tell them accurate information that is damaging to them politically.

A relevant example of this, the Nazis dismissed the vast majority of atomic theory as 'politically motivated jewish science', which is why most german atomic scientists moved to America to work on the Manhattan Project. And it's also how the Germans ended up researching magic towards the end of the war because that was the only thing that could have turned the tide of the war at that point.

It doesn't matter if the scientists will be willing to educate the legion. What matters is that any type of education given to the legion is going to be mandated by Caesar, and will be hamstrung by it's need to be politically correct, and inferior to any scientific base available to the NCR.

>> No.73502032

I am sure a scientist like arcade gannon is also equipped with the skillset to train a whole bureaucracy and establish a nation, im sure organic chemistry and pharmacology are basically the same thing as teaching a nation of spearchuckers. But if they were, why didnt Caesar train them already to do so considering HE IS LITERALLY TRAINED TO EDUCATE TRIBALS ON ADVANCED TOPICS. The Followers arent dumb, they make quality doctors. Ed trained with them. There is jack shit stopping him from going back to his own vast territory and using his own skillset to unfuck it, but Caesar is incredibly insecure as evidenced by his refusal to deal with intellectual dissent, you verbally questioning him, and him being incredibly asshurt about losing anything at all

>slave uprising
I didnt mention that. But ask the DPRK, you can only work people so hard at gunpoint (or in this case, machete-point) before it becomes counter productive and you run into a spiral of killing your main labor force

>> No.73502101

I find it extremely ironic that he could just try turning Flagstaff into a real city using the resources he's accumulated across his vast territory, but he'd rather conquer his rome in a day, than try to build something of his own.

Anyway, you know what I think might be an interesting plot hook for a future game? Maybe set in San Francisco, or some other New Vegas 2- Bill Calhoun. The second member of the Followers of the Apocalypse that went into Arizona with Joshua Graham and Caesar. Imagine what kinds of stories that guy has to tell.

>> No.73502206

To call Big-C an idiot is retarded. The man created an Empire with barely any help aside from Joshua Graham who was basically just Mormon Terminator.

In-game Caesar alludes to converting the rabble of the Legion into a standing army. The exact dialogue comes up in his bs interpretation of Hegel:

> "The NCR council will be {beat}eradicated, but the new synthesis will change the Legion as well...from a basically nomadic army to a standing military force that protects its citizens, {finality}and the power of its dictator."

He doesn't get into how he will do this because those details literally do not matter. In his predicted outcome of total Legion victory his orders and will will be able to get his Legion to do anything. Boom you're a standing army now and you follow these specific dictates. That's it, that's the plan.

To say that him using his god-like ability to control his Legion to bring about his desired outcome is magic is just you being a retard.

>> No.73502258

Trust me, being smart, and being and idiot aren't mutually exclusive. Some of the smartest people in the world are also the stupidest. A lot of flat-earthers for instance.

>> No.73502284

probably because he's not as intelligent as he thinks he is, his training with the followers was in anthropogy and linguists not bureaucracy or logistics and his military conquests are much when you consider his opponents were spear thowing tribals when he had a basic understanding of small unit tactics and total warfare

>> No.73502343

Bill would have a ton i bet.

Also ironic, Caesar claims that his goal is to purge away the culture that led to the use of weapons that turned the world to its current blasted state. Yet only 3 factions use WMDs
>the BoS, who i think technically have fatmen but dont seem to ever use them
>Boomers who have fatmen, but only so far blast things on their turf and have 0 expansionist goals for now
>and the Legion, which uses chemical (Omerta plot) and radioactive waste (searchlight) as weapons

The NCR doesnt use those weapons against the legion. They dont start at any rate. In fact, we never hear it stated that against even the BoS the NCR uses WMDs, even if we assume they use the odd fatman. We know they are researching a vault with plant growth but are doing so for FOOD, despite its clear bioweapon potential.

Despite his bold claims, Caesar is by far the heaviest user of WMDs, even plotting to use them on a place he intends to capture, with an army with no clear ability to protect itself, and whos securitron army isnt even effected by it. And the nation he wants to purge for reflecting the old world that led to an apocalypse doesnt even seem to field them with any degree of regularity!

>> No.73502429

Yea that's true but you missed the point.

Pointing to his ability to give the Courier a specific plan for converting his nomad army into a standing force isn't proof that he's an idiot.

His misreading of Hegel on the other hand is definitely proof. Although he might have been deliberately lying to the Courier about how dialectics work to justify all the horrible shit he does. Either way, him not having a plan doesn't mean his a dummy.

>> No.73502594

He's either bullshitting or got a serious case of confirmation bias, if he actually believed in his Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis then he would have gotten his synthesis after the first battle of Hoover Dam but he didn't so either he thinks it only counts if he wins the clash between thesis and antithesis or hes making up bullshit to lull people into believing hes anything more than a warlord

>> No.73502641


It's Alessia to Rome itself. No one remember the city raised in Alessia to fuel Caesars ambitions. But all remember his legion crossing the rubicon to establish the empire.


Better than the NCR's attempts at forced labor camps. Give the Legion the duty of making the powder gangers build a railroad and they will do so without question.

>> No.73502730

I think that's the big part of it. I really doubt halfway through his conquests he was like "Ah yes, Hegel would be proud" as opposed to just taking up a position of dominance that was available to him, and using his incredible success and skill to completely entrance himself in the "system" he manipulated into existence.

Almost like it's an apocalyptic parallel of irl Caesar, wowie!

>> No.73502784

Yeah, so conquering Vegas isn't about reforming the legion, it's about his personal ego trip.

>> No.73503040

Arcade sums Caesar up pretty well saying that all his talk of historical inevitability are just him abdicating responsibility for his own actions, Caesar claims that the existance of the legion is part of a pre-ordained cycle of Thesis and Antithesis but he is the one who's perpetuating it since without him the legion wouldn't exist.

>> No.73503042

Julius Caesar didnt actually establish the Empire though, his nephew did after Caesar more or less let himself get killed by making it a near policy of just letting scheming rivals go in a weird catch-and-release plot circle

>> No.73503560


Then why does he die in almost every ending where the Legion won without his family armor? Surely he would have been a genius to fight to resist Caesar's regime


Crossing the rubicon to kill Pompey was what led to the formation of the Empire

>> No.73503687

>To kill Pompey
Shame on the House of Ptolemy for such barbarity, Shame

>> No.73503715

I dunno, why do 3 out of 4 endings involve the legion being blasted all the way back to the legate's camp despite Caesar's masterful, divinely inspired 64D leadership and grand wisdom? Arcade dying doesnt necessarily prove a conceptual argument wrong

>> No.73503852

Violence is the response of the man who has no argument.

>> No.73504703

What's your money on the next location for a fallout game, spinoff, or DLC? Or conversely where would you want one?

I'm quite interested in what they could do with a Fallout San Francisco, following up on plot-threads regarding New Vegas. The focus of the game would probably be between the Brotherhood-NCR war.

Maybe the Shi tried to salvage the Enclave Oil rig, meaning they have access to Enclave Weapons and power Armor? Or conversely maybe the Brotherhood did, and they're prancing around in old Enclave armor?

Maybe there could be sea travel, or at least a form of fast travel at coastal locations (like they added to Skyrim).

Maybe you could have Triads and Yakuza as stand ins for Raiders, maybe there could also be Cartels smuggling stuff from Baha? Bonus points if the Yakuza have taken over some old anime dubbing studio or something (with 50's era styled anime).

Any ideas of your own? I read that they cut out a mobile base for the Brotherhood in Fallout 2, that'd be a great setpiece to have for them (and it'd make sense being at war with the NCR to have a base of operations that can move around and keep hidden).

>> No.73504779
File: 122 KB, 960x540, doctor kenshiro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A New Vegas/Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise crossover sounds pretty goddamn radical.

>> No.73505156

Fun fact: Supposedly, the Enclave nuked San Francisco in retaliation for the Oil Rig, but all mention of that was cut from New Vegas because Bethesda didn't want to rule it out as a possible future game location.

>> No.73505212

Good call.

>> No.73505384
File: 137 KB, 1024x768, 1581003031968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not necessarily, considering their spin on Fallout has always leaned toward the stock post-apocalyptic landscape. It's been 200 years and the west coast has reached near pre-war levels of development thanks to NCR and The Shi. I shudder to think what rusted sheet metal monstrosity they would try to sell as San Francisco should it appear again in a mainline game.

>> No.73505455

Oh hush you debby downer, I don't come to these threads just to here how much people hate fallout games.

>> No.73505633
File: 89 KB, 765x1024, 1570854792726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just being practical, anon. Bethesda always had an eye for Fallout in the traditional wasteland setting. And while I would love to see them take a shot at portraying a thriving city in a post-post-war America, I really haven't seen enough to think them capable of it.

>> No.73505767

does anyone in this dogshit cargo-cult excuse for a thread know the difference between developer and publisher?

>> No.73505884

I've seen plenty.

Fallout 3 was supposed to be 'wasteland classic' because it would be the first game in the series for a lot of people. Even then the game has a lot of themes about the world recovering- the main plot is about distributing free water to the wasteland, the Brotherhood end in firm control of the wasteland turning it into a new state, we see Harold slowly turning the wasteland green again, and then you have the DLC's like Point Lookout set in green swamps, and you have the Pitt which is going through a second industrial revolution.

Fallout 4 has the Commonwealth which is much more forested, you can perform basic agriculture and set up water purification centers at settlements, and that's the entire theme of the Minutemen, we see a lot more plant life, we see rain and fog, and you can also go to the Island which has a thriving if hostile ecosystem. Then we go to Fallout 76 and it's thriving forests.

Now, I wouldn't really want Fallout: San Francisco to have completely clean streets either- I'd still expect plenty of ruins, mutants, and people to shoot at, but I think there's plenty you could play around with.

Chinatown would become a thriving jungle as per the Fallout 2 endings, downtown would be more fallout classic akin to what we see in Downtown Boston, you could have a silicon valley tech center, and then you could go out to the suburbs, and the surrounding mountains or beaches for more rural areas.

Really you'd just have to establish 'San Francisco hasn't completely sorted out being a state' like what was done with New Vegas, which it should be remembered, was also full of decaying ruins.

So don't just complain so you can get one up on Bethesda.

>> No.73506133

Brotherhood should have a mobile underground super-base.
>inb4 they get raped by Tunnelers

>> No.73506152

Underground? How would that work?

>> No.73506176

For all the hype Lonesome Road gave to the Tunnelers, they didn't turn out to be so bad. Certainly nowhere near as much of a pain in the ass as cazador swarms.

>> No.73506180

Can we just forget the Tunnelers were a thing? they exist purely so Avellone could include a way to clean the slate of the mojave/NCR because he hates that the setting has progressed and needed a way to make it more dour and depressing.

>> No.73506219

I like to imagine they're reused concepts from the Van Buren lore- that mentions cannibalistic mutants around the Grand Canyon, so I like to think they're the same.

>> No.73506348

>clean the slate
Pretty sure Ulysses was talking out his ass on that one. He's as prone to hyperbolic crazy talk as Kreia is to lying. Boone could probably mop up a Tunneler invasion in an afternoon if you stuck him in a tower, even earlier if you send in the Mk II Securitrons.

>> No.73506459
File: 19 KB, 350x188, 350px-Storms_of_Destruction_turbine_mole_machine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drill tank.

>> No.73506554

Throws a wrench into the whole "humanity screwed itself and has to avoid repeating its mistakes" thing the series has going. If a bunch of aliens stole the launch codes like that one tape implies, they probably set the bombs off themselves just to prevent mankind from reaching space. Between the fusion stuff, matter replicators, FEV, and the impending end of the war, mankind (starting with the US) was a hair's breadth from turning its situation around. House already had a plan to get into space, and so did the Enclave. Some of Vault-tec's projects (like the Vault 22 plants) could've actually been something good if not for the bombs and the unfinished FEV. Mankind may have finally had a chance to fix what it'd broken. The aliens couldn't have that, couldn't countenance the idea of another species threatening their absolute control of the local systems.

>> No.73506638

I still choose to see the cores as not running out, but getting their contact surfaces damaged. Lotta power, but need maintenance most people don't have the knowhow or tools for to be used again.

>> No.73507016

An easteregg exactly as canon as the Tardis or the Star Trek stuff in the classic games.

I personally like the idea of the Tunnelers being mostly contained by the Courier drafting all the working earthmovers from the quarry to dig down to bedrock and set up a securitron-and-roboscorpion garrisoned killing field, while pressuring the NCR to do the same with their side of the Divide. It also conveniently leaves Vegas's robot forces depleted enough that there's still a role for organic militias if you're GMing a game and want the players to have the option of employment.

>> No.73507099

Can an entire expansion really be just a noncanon Easter egg?

>> No.73507126
File: 243 KB, 680x709, C1ED4D6C-9D2A-4510-9481-88599AD83204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73507145

Yeah. If it's zany enough.

>> No.73507147

You just have to believe.

>> No.73507526

well barely anything in fallout 3 is cannon or coherent so yes

>> No.73507533

Oh come off it, Fallout 3 is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

>> No.73507567

So caesar, the man who will turn hostile if you challenge him too much since he has no arguement

Ulysses is 100% talking out his ass, he just is super overconfident in his prose. Tunnelers being some global boogaloo unstoppable threat is stupid for the same reason bears arent extinct just because wolves exist. Theoretically a whole pack of wolves could try to take a bear, and even lethally wound it, but the casualties are never going to be worth it unless the alternative is certain death or something insanely valuable. A pride of lions probably could take a giraffe or an elephant, but that doesnt happen often because the juice just isnt worth the squeeze

>the ayys are easter eggs
>a potential companion in FO2 is a robot named Skynet literally made with ayy tech, explicitly so, indicating that said tech is available to the US government and thus there was at one point an alien presence on Earth
>the neuralyzer helmet thing in FO1 that makes fighting the Masters pschic bullit is implied to be ayy tech as well
Aside from the UFO random encounter, there are 2 pretty big implications in the og games that alien presence on Earth is a thing, or at least WAS a thing

There are different schools of thought with how zany you want things to be. There are people who just want Fallout to be Shady Sands, the Hub, & Junktown forever, but then you have to ignore stuff like talking deathclaws, an alien based supercomputer, a psychic monster man, and so on. And if you're bringing in metaphysical crap like psychics that have no basis in the physical world, then you arent exactly violating the settings groundedness by including the odd Alien. Especially considering that the ufo craze was part and parcel with the cold war and that kind of nuclear panic the game is basing itself around. Or you can just not care, from what little we know it seemed to be completely isolated as an event.

>> No.73507582

It was pretty fucking awful.

Fun game to play. Had cool moments and some solid ideas, but god damn the setting and story is garbage. The story so much so that they had to dedicate an entire dlc to making it only half as shitty as it originally was.

>> No.73507778

>>a potential companion in FO2 is a robot named Skynet literally made with ayy tech, explicitly so, indicating that said tech is available to the US government and thus there was at one point an alien presence on Earth
>>the neuralyzer helmet thing in FO1 that makes fighting the Masters pschic bullit is implied to be ayy tech as well
"Alien" Can just mean "Foreign." So shit they got from the Japs or stole from the Chicoms.

>> No.73507816

Area 51 was originally built to test captured aircraft- it's well disguised by the nearby mountains, so you can do so without people spotting Russian fighter jets. Jokes about alien aircraft write themselves.

>> No.73507921

So a lot of people like the American Civil War in Kaisserriech which honestly I find to be trash. So I figure I can one-up them.

We know that Fallout USA was on the verge of Civil War with for instance the original brotherhood declaring secession, and the Free Staters just about doing the same. So I think it's not to much to figure out a scenario where you just string those events a little bit longer before the bombs dropped until civil war erupts.

I'm figuring this out in HOI4 terms, but anyone want to add input feel free.

The various commonwealths would split up due to the Enclave abdicating real leadership (in lore they abandoned DC a few months before the bombs drop with the US running on autopilot until then). They'd be split amongst various factions- namely Enclave Garrisons trying to muster support, democratic revolutionaries, communist revolutionaries aided by China, maybe even the soviets (It's not hard to imagine americans saying 'fuck capitalism' given how things like Robobrains existed, and resistance movements would likely find common cause with the Chinese who did extensive espionage in the US), and those that are either trying to play it neutral, or squat over petty fiefdoms (so they'd be the unaligned option).

In terms of Balkanizing the US, I figure if Alaska has been reclaimed by the US, the bulk of the army would still be stationed there, meaning the Enclave hold it effectively- but they'd be cut off between the USSR, and Canadian resistance movements (who'd likely be communist and aligned with China, as China likely was the only country funding the Canadian resistance movements- maybe the Russians too since they'd be the only other major power who'd care).

I imagine the Northwest and Southwest commonwealths would band together (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada) and be led by a coalition of communists and republicans who are in an uneasy alliance so long as the civil war goes on.

>> No.73507955

That is an extremely bad use of that word contextually speaking considering you can also find a ufo with an alien blaster. "Alien" clearly has an otherworldly context in those games. Thats on top of the BOS scribes at Lost Hills mentioning seeing an alien space ship. Not a vague ufo, an actual space ship. Joke? Maybe. But the BoS isnt known for joking.

And i doubt the psychic nullifier has MITZUBISHI printed on the side when the guide says "alien", considering that implies there were enough psychics around to justify developing and importing a psychic retarding helmet, as opposed to some weird obtained ayy tech or imprisonment aid

>> No.73507975

I imagine Enclave holdouts in other commonwealths might be on the East Coast, maybe New England, the Eastern Commonwealth (New York and Pennsylvania), the Columbia Commonwealth (Maryland and the Virginia's). The Deep South however would be in control of the republican free-staters.

Which leaves the Great Midwest Commonwealth/Rust Belt, Texas, and the Plains and Northern Commonwealth. For fun Texas would be led by republican Rangers.

As for Mexico, I figure that pre-war they weren't allied to the US, but were aligned after the US invading a couple times and installing friendly governments. So Mexico wouldn't join in on the war, but would host the Enclave government in exile, and maybe selling arms shipments to the Americans.

Oh also probably the Quebecois also rise up, but are probably at least nominally aligned to the rest of the Canadian resistance- though they might break when the American civil war ends in a favorable position.

If this were a mod like Kaisserreich though, this would all be somewhat random though- each major commonwealth could be of any ideology, and be in different factions, making it more of a dynamic clusterfuck. Probably the exception would be Canada, that I imagine would refuse to host the Enclave under any scenario.


>> No.73508035


A dumb idea I had was someone unrionically programming "American Patriotism" into Liberty Prime rather than just catchphrases. And this spreading like a virus to tons of other US Military bots, that cause some sort of robot uprising against the Enclave subversion of the Constitution.

>> No.73508065

Not bad.

I actually had a similar thought walking the dog just now but reverse- A path for the soviet union (were this a mod) is you can bring Lenin back from the grave as a robot and have him leading the soviet union. He'd be an international communist, and achieve his goals by trying to go on a world conquest run, starting in Europe, trying to annex the whole continent.

>> No.73508413

For those of you who play Wasteland Warfare - are the Mirelurks a faction you can play?

>> No.73509017

The fact that people are living in bombed out houses full of pre-war garbage and eating pre-war food TWO HUNDRED YEARS after the bombs dropped is absolutely pants on head retarded - especially when settlements in Fallout and FO2, set more than a century before the Bethesda games, had new construction, clean streets and functioning infrastructure.

>And while I would love to see them take a shot at portraying a thriving city in a post-post-war America, I really haven't seen enough to think them capable of it.
Considering that Morrowind has more NPCs than Oblivion and Skyrim combined I wouldn't hold my breath either.

>> No.73509188

To be fair most NPCs in morrowind are just walking billboards with no real info to be given, its better to point out that morrowind has better set peices overall to explore, while oblivion and skyrim suffer from randomized set peices that make them uninteresting.

>> No.73510606

Caesar should have won in fallout NV.

>> No.73511535

>*The Enclave should have won
Fixed that for you

Its easy to have more npcs when they are unvoiced and have a dialogue tree that basically goes
>The Tribunal
>the Nerevarine
>the town
And they spit out the exact same answer as everyone else when asked

>> No.73511588

This, the Morrowind NPCs were about as smart as canaries.

>> No.73511636

One thing i liked about NV, Skyrim & Fo4 is they had generic npcs. Settler #35 and Gambler #26643 helps make things feel bigger

>> No.73512560
File: 75 KB, 622x960, 100% genetically pure red blooded american.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Enclave should have won

>> No.73512594

Brotherhood - Followers lead alliance should have been possible to win as as a sort of insanely hard to get bonus ending.

>> No.73512699

Arguably they do in some NCR endings. The mojave BoS comes out of their shell, allowed to wander the surface for supplies and patrols and end their crippling isolation. The Followers are basically an NCR Red Cross/Doctors Without Borders, and likely would fare far better under them than not considering the two entities are deeply intertwined. The Followers rely on donations after all, and the largest donors are almost certainly NCR sponsors, or even perhaps NCR grants or subsidies themselves in exchange for their education or consultation services

>> No.73512727

Forgot this last bit, Veronica iirc can join them. So its not at least a bit plausible that other BoS members will warm up to the Followers, if only because the BoS will be happier working with THEM rather than the NCR.

>> No.73512844

are there female Enclave soldiers?

>> No.73513392
File: 62 KB, 564x798, 1560828354304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course there are. How else would you think they get new ones?

>> No.73513756
File: 1.72 MB, 1190x842, Pages_1_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im working on a Fallout rpg system.

It will be set in Hawaii, with original lore, factions, enemies and locations (albeit some already existing things will reappear, like the Enclave or Super-Mutants.)

Its going to be a pdf, decorated to look like an old rugged book that had several owners already.

So far im 50 pages in but I think it will be at least 200 pages long.

Here is the Special Thanks section. Mentioning /tg/, because threads like this one have inspired and helped me loads. Thanks guys!!

>> No.73513906
File: 142 KB, 750x525, 4694A190-A7E0-4E8E-B464-ABC59029C3A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No way to know for sure.

Obviously there is some sort of civilian population within the Enclave but whether or not women can become foot soldiers in power armor is a toss up. They do have female vertibird pilots though.

Good ole Daisy was tough as nails but wrinkly as a ballsack.

>> No.73513991

But it doesn’t drill a path big enough for itself

>> No.73514015
File: 177 KB, 460x215, 14908E2D-6292-43EC-AA98-AA71CFE368BB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73514087

Daisy has a spare suit and can give the Power Armor Training perk despite not needing to wear her armor in the cockpit, so Enclave military women probably were expected to at least have some power armored infantry training. Fallout 3 also has female Enclave officer enemies, albeit without power armor.

>> No.73514138

That has a lovely aesthetic anon. Can't wait to read it and make a subsequent splat book with my South Louisiana setting .

>> No.73514230

The brotherhoods prime direction is to hoard knowledge at the end of a gun. The followers prime directive is to spread knowledge and they're all pacifists. The two are completely ideologically incompatible.

>> No.73514294

Thanks! The book can be easily adapted for other areas of the wasteland. You should have no problem to use it for South Louisiana.

And remember to go wild!! Add sonic scrambler banjos, two headed Gatorclaws, voodoo ghouls, fev roided hillbillies and a jazz soundtrack to your adventures!

>> No.73514345

Oh no, that one is totally canon.

>> No.73514696

And like it or not the mojave BoS is doomed without adaptation considering the NCR and Shi are a hop step and a jump ahead of them. They can huddle around a warm plasma gun in a dark bunker and yell IM PROTECTING THE WORLD all they want, but its a dead end ideology when they dont even have a monopoly on high end tech by that point, seeing as both Vault City and the Shi exist, as does Mr House's robo army. Adapt or die

>> No.73514786

I wonder if the Shi ended up adopting some of the BoS to give them cover from the NCR.

>> No.73514861

Maybe, but since the Shi are largely Chinese and BoS was historically the US mil i can see there being animosity

>> No.73514907

I kinda like the idea of the descrndants of both groups coming together ocer a love of technology.

>> No.73515282

Having both combat robots and power armored humans is a bit of a stretch, but it's entirely possible that IRL we'll end up in a situation where autonomous combat robots are banned by international treaties, but power armor is seeing active military use.

>> No.73515307

>IRL, flamethrowers are already useless militarily, due to their pathetic range
Don't believe video games, their range isn't THAT pathetic.

>> No.73515369

It's been 200 years. Everyone has clearly stopped caring.

>> No.73515972

I see it as a purely gameplay thing to keep people from running around in power armor indefinitely right from the first mission in the game

>> No.73516003

I thought it was the CIA who started the whole "alien" idea to make conspiracies themselves seem super wack and make anyone trying to dig for the REAL secret shit look like some zany weirdo

>> No.73516106

I don't remember Skyrim having any of those (in the towns at least, bandits don't count)
There's even a mod to add them in.

>> No.73516156

With Enclave female scientists/technicians/other non-combat personnel
Or what, does becoming a soldier require you to be born to two soldier parents?

>> No.73516275
File: 3.77 MB, 3020x938, Fo1_Shady_Sands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73516382

The difference with the aliens thing is the implications that were in the originals vs "here's an entire alien mothership dlc". Nods to aliens possibly existing is better because it is vague and can be taken as however the reader sees it. Big, blatant shows of aliens is so heavy handed cuz now everyone has to live with the fact that aliens might have caused the Great War and other stupid shit.

>> No.73516408

Good evidence. Thanks for proving that anon's point

>> No.73516551

Yoooo Bethesda just announced that they are working on a Fallout TV show with Amazon

>> No.73516570

>The fact that people are living in bombed out houses full of pre-war garbage and eating pre-war food TWO HUNDRED YEARS after the bombs dropped is absolutely pants on head retarded - especially when settlements in Fallout and FO2, set more than a century before the Bethesda games, had new construction, clean streets and functioning infrastructure.
I still remember walking to that diner in Fallout 4 where some old woman and her son are having trouble with the local drug dealer. She runs a trading shop from the diner. All that's fine, except there's skeletons in the booths. Still bothers me to this day that Fallout 1 had Shady Sands while Fallout 4 had people living in ruins with corpses everywhere.

I went out of my way to build settlements with concrete blocks as an act of defiance.

>> No.73516571


>> No.73516585


Actually searing for "fallout tv show with amazon" shows dozens of websites reporting it

>> No.73516612
File: 32 KB, 234x342, 1560230038964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fallout TV series
Oh coo-
>From the Creators of Westworld
Not cool.

>> No.73516778

Might have caused the war, but probably not. They were torturing an army high up for the codes, but it's not known it he broke before he died.

Also in real life there's a shit load of procedure to firing a nuke involving opening a safe with a very long number arrived at by combining in some way a code sent from H.Q. that also is used to open another safe to get the other set of numbers. They then open one of several armoured boxes, choosing the wrong one makes the other lock up permanently. Inside the correct box are two keys, the holes they go in can't be reached by even the lankiest officer, they have to be turned less than three seconds apart, this then activates a button by the keys. They have to be pressed at the same time and then the missile launches.

This all in a world that hadn't had a nuclear war. Fallout had already seen a nuclear exchange by the time of The Great War. They'd already seen the horrors of it, one reason why neither China or America had already nuked everything despite the war having gone on for years and the years long occupation of Alaska. I'd imagine they'd be even more cautious.

My point is it's more likely to be Vault-Tec, but we'll never know for sure.

>> No.73516808

probably aptitude testing, just like everything else. Enclave is very meritocratic at the end of the day. If you are smart, you end up as an officer or in technical work, from machining to research depending on the degree. There is also likely some choice in the matter. I imagine smarter soldiers end up getting into more elite programs, which there is apparantly plenty of need to go around (in fallout 3, every random group of enclave soldiers you came across usually had 1-2 officers, 1-2 elite armors (tesla or hellfire) and at least 2 standard soldiers. Sometimes a sentry or robobrain as well. There was plenty of room for smart soldiers as well as dumb ones.

>> No.73516908

Plus there's the problem that the US launched a retaliatory strike, not the initial strike. There's plenty of documents and terminal entries where soldiers are raising the alarm at incommoding missiles. I'm pretty sure radar operators would notice outgoing missiles. News reports were about cities being nuked, not that tens of thousands of missiles had been launched.

My theory is US forces were reaching Beijing in the land war so China's leaders decided to end the world rather than be taken prisoner.

>> No.73517091
File: 9 KB, 268x200, 596664B4-E48C-48B5-8A58-6664D71E8FBD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73517286

By most accounts, the whole aliens things was pure happenstance, but the government decided to go ahead and run with it, because they'd rather people think Area 51 had aliens than figure out all the actual top-secret aircraft experiments they were actually doing.

>> No.73517301

It's very clear from the unexploded ordinance we see in places like DC, Appalachia, the Divide, and the Commonwealth that the US was clearly taken by surprise.

>> No.73517508

I'd like to see stuff like the BOMB platforms and Ouroboros in future entries. Also molechs and gehennas, bring that shit on

>> No.73517632

I have a question- what was the deal with the BOMB platforms? Like I get that they were orbital nukes, but why were they relevant to the plot of Van Buren? And why does it seem like the only endings in Van Buren involve launching them and creating another nuclear holocaust?

>> No.73517872

The game was unfinished and perhaps thats why only one ending has appeared so far. A fallout game with only one ending is not a fallout game at all

>> No.73517881

It's been a while since I read the docs but her's what I remember.

They were basically ways to ensure that prisoners/other randos infected with the Blue Flu didn't escape containment. If the Tibbets facility (used to contain the epidemic) was compromised, the BOMB platforms would basically be used to clean up the mess before they could infect high population centers.

Presper was going to compromise Tibbets to bring the BOMBs into their activation stage, at which point he would re-route them to blow the shit out of the NCR.

>> No.73518068

Van buren sounds like a fun game, but its wayyy too wacky and sorta un-fallout to work in my opinion. The entirely automated prison guarded by a 30ft tall attack dog robot being the main issue. Victor presper having such extensive knowledge of old world systems despite being an NCR educated scientist is also strange.

>> No.73518349

First time I've heard that one.

That said, I think a Colorado/Denver game that reuses a bunch of the Van Buren lore would be fun. We'd get followups on what's going on with New Canaan and the Legion- facing off against Legion Warlords sounds fun. They had a lot of tribes in the region, the Cyphers, the Hangdogs, Twin Mothers, Ouroborous, the Iron Lines. And then there's also the Brotherhood of Steel in the region. Plus the fun you could have with DIA or Colorado Springs and all the military infrastructure there.

I think the only thing I'd add is a Westworld inspired wild-west themepark run by robots.

>> No.73518558

Not sure about the first point, but being forced to detonate them over at least a few rebuilt settlements sounds like Avellone to me.

>> No.73518697
File: 20 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wild-west themepark run by robots
That already exists. It's called the Mojave Wasteland.

>> No.73518734

>Westworld inspired wild-west themepark run by robots.
Nuka World had that. It sucked.

>> No.73518775

Nothing westworld about that one though

>> No.73518799

Did it suck because it was a bad idea or did it suck because it was Fallout 4?

>> No.73518930


>> No.73519133

I think you're confusing ARGOS (who admittedly is a heavily armed robotic "rover") with the literal Cyberdogs and the BBECyberdog in Denver.

It definitely isn't a literal giant laser dog.

>> No.73520575

Why didn’t they remove the skeletons.

>> No.73520860

That's the point, eh
200+ years after the war and people still don't do the bare minimum to clean up their homes

>> No.73520960

To be fair, this was the case even in New Vegas- the only portion of the map that had been cleared of debris was the Strip.

>> No.73521195

Most actual homes in NV that NPCs live in are pretty damn clean relatively speaking. So much so that a shitty place with garbage in the corners and mattresses directly on the floor actually tells you about the person's situation instead of just being a default. I don't think this was a major focus when designing the game world but was more of a logical thing that they just sort of did.

>> No.73521201

I feel like part of that is the Bethesda devs going from college kids to hiring maids and not thinking that anyone would clean up for themselves.
They didn't leave skeletons around.

>> No.73521777
File: 180 KB, 2518x1024, ddelw25-7cb8eafd-e025-432d-a79e-d6691f6184f4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73522158

That looks awesome! Can you share more pics?

>> No.73522266

Any way you can share the fonts and shit like that?

>> No.73522486

I’ve been saying I want other countries as DLCs for years

>> No.73522537

nice tits

>> No.73522794
File: 5.07 MB, 1190x4210, Pages mix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go! I hope you like them! Most pages will only have text, but from time to time I managed to add a image here and there, along with the crazy ramblings and notes of the book's previous owner.

I used a lot of fonts, to name a few: Loki Cola, Monofonto, Diediedie, Sketchy, Drawing Blood, Scribblet and Magneto. I think they can all be found in Dafont.com

>> No.73522820

I like that everyone, Legion, Rangers, and many soldiers in the NCR are afraid of Moore being put in charge of the NCR military. She's the reason why most of the raider gangs ran from NCR core territory, specifically the Jackels and the Vipers, the massacred the BoS, she did /something/ that apparently frightened everyone. Ranger chief Hanlon says "She's better at making graves than making friends. Bring in Moore and the earth will be razed. Fields will be salted."

I really want to know what she did that's so scary.

>> No.73523030

That art is some real gourmet shit.

>> No.73524481

Europe being in retro-future trench warfare sounds pretty metal to me.

I figure maybe Australia teamed up with their neighbors to try to form some sort of isolationist deterrence to China and the US- IRL they have some of the worlds largest uranium deposits.

>> No.73524514

China was probably too afraid of the intel reports coming out of its Australian spies that kept mentioning "Forced Evolutionary Virus" and "emu" in the same sentence.

>> No.73524553

It's a shame that we don't see a lot of mutants from Mad Max.

Now in general I don't think one should just steal from other works of fiction from inspiration- at least not without adding an original spin on it. But Fallout is very sparse for details, and it's kind of a 'too unique for it's own good' sort of setting. Plus stuff like Mad Max, Metro, or Wolfenstein just jive too well.

Maybe the Australians had a large motorized army using nuclear engines?

>> No.73524557

The Antipodean fears the emu

>> No.73526099

Won’t America just invaded them?

>> No.73526125

Australia is not a fun continent to invade. It's mostly empty, filled with the most poisonous animals on the planet, and prior to the seventies, was just as armed as the US was.

>> No.73526863

Scorched earth?

>> No.73527266

So what is this thread about? Is there a fallout RPG, if no t are there any good systems to run one in?

>> No.73527438

There's a couple- some homemade, some alterations of existing systems. I believe Bethesda has published an official one called Wasteland Warfare.

>> No.73527534
File: 306 KB, 1600x1600, spbaotk55wz41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few, but I assume a lot of people are here because /v/ is unfit to hold regular lore/game discussion and /vg/ is too divisive.

Unrelated, preview of the Frank Horrigan figure shipping for Wasteland Warfare in September.

>> No.73528696

Any news on the Master?

>> No.73528823

Never understood why Horrigan's biceps are not covered in armor. Pretty stupid in my opinion.

>> No.73528962

Yeah, but they still add to the world just by being there. The fact that the NPC count in cities in Vvardenfell brutally mog pretty much every city and/or settlement Bethesda has made since (except for the Imperial City) is a bad joke at this point.

>Why didn’t they remove the skeletons.
Because if everything isn't a bombed-out shithole littered with corpses then it's not post-apocalyptic, duh.

>> No.73530952

basically come to the conclusion that they just don't notice the skeletons, the world is so filled with the dead that old remains are just something their brains treat like yours or mine would treat trash left in a public place, tidy people do something about it, most people ignore it and go "not my problem".

>> No.73530996

Adding P90s and other very modern guns was one of the only bad things FO2 did. Fuck that stuff, it ruins the aesthetic.

>> No.73530999

I've the headcanon that in some tribal areas they don't touch the dead because they are bad juju. Perhaps in the past some of these corpses were still radioactive and people died from approaching them, so the tribals started to believe that their angry spirits never departed and instead stood near the corpses. And avoided them, and the belief stuck.

>> No.73532210

Seems plausible.

>> No.73532727

That is literally what the Sorrows believe.

>> No.73533292

The whole point of the franchise is to look at America from the very specific redscare 50s styling. Anywhere else is just a generic post apocalyptic world. I feel like if you leave America you just might as well make a completely different post apocalyptic setting.

>> No.73534509

He's the Fallout equivalent of Doomguy.

>> No.73534892

If he was one of the followers of the apocalypse as lore kinda suggests he should have had access to knowledge regarding NORAD, etc, etc.
If the defeat of the legion and the death of Caesar are canon ( I think they are) whoever took over would have to push north or continue the war against the NCR. ( if the legion survives)
I’m not sure if the rockies brotherhood are canon now, if they are, they have a huge fucking army. Probably comparable to NCR, due to them including tribals, ghouls, mutants and even robots. If either faction hits the rockies brotherhood they are in for a huge war, the rockies brotherhood had tanks, apcs and nuke trucks so the NCR could face heavy losses. That’s if we ignore any other potential enclave settlements there, who really should be more of a powerhouse to rely on two main hqs.

Regardless the NCR and Legion are not sustainable if they meet anything that puts them in a long protracted war, and not the tiny campaigns they had against a few bunkers (in the BOS case)or the legion.

>> No.73535085

Well, theoretically, you can try Liberia. I mean, it's actually a little America, isn't it? And then we could get Radioactive Two-headed Giraffes.

>> No.73535546

Liberia doesn't have giraffes you silly goose.

>> No.73535739

West Virginia doesn’t have sloths but in fallout 76 it does..
If anything just make a lore reason

>> No.73535987

Fallout 76 is a stupid ass game though.

It has some pretty fuckin cool background lore with the Free Staters, labor strikes, and the Responders but Bethesda was too focussed on making a wacky themepark world to where the actual in-game shit is the worst part about it, like with the sloths.

>> No.73536049

There’s nothing stopping a wildlife preserve or zoo from spawning radioactive creatures over the hundreds of years. G.E.C.K.’s going crazy could create a mad environment. I’m guessing vault tsk would have at least tested a few before the war. The result could spawn a rainforest right in the middle of the USA somewhere

>> No.73536159

Ah yes, the "MUH FIFTIES" aesthetic everyone and there mother loves to bleat about, ignoring the fact that Fallout draws inspiration from all over the place. I'm glad modern guns exist in the setting and I'd like to see more. Stay mad.

>> No.73536251

Just ignore the people obsessed with preserving the "muh 50s" aesthetic. There's no hope for em.

Mofos don't even realize that the original had a fucking Desert Eagle and it was fucking awesome.

>> No.73536386

Fuck, I made a typo. It's "their", not "there", you fucking illiterate jackass.

>Just ignore the people obsessed with preserving the "muh 50s" aesthetic.
It's hard to ignore them when they seem to account for half of the Fallout fanbase. The other half is made up of the manchildren who get into idiotic fights about which game is best.
>Mofos don't even realize that the original had a fucking Desert Eagle and it was fucking awesome.
Exactly. I wonder if they're also against weapons like the Chinese Assault Rifle, the Anti-Material Rifle, the Assault Carbine and the 10mm SMG.

>> No.73536452

Was I the only one using ‘that gun’ right until the end in 2?
In 1 I just used anything until yougot the plasma rifle and modified it
The 50s feel is part of it, but when you have gauss weapons, arguing about weapons from now seems silly. Also I want my pancor jackhammer back please

>> No.73536519
File: 6.64 MB, 2074x837, 9FE1F46F-D919-419E-BA7D-6704804B4ACA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As far as I can tell the weapon thing needs to be vague. Like how in NV you have M16s, and M4, but in F4 you have this absolute bizarre dieselpunk assault rifle that makes no god damn fucking sense. It's just an excuse for them to add wacky and weird shit for the sake of it.

Even Fallout 3 had an equivalent of the G3 as its assault rifle instead of the hot garbage in pic related.

>> No.73536616

From what i understand the F4 "assault rifle" was originally designed to be a machine gun (and is even referred to as such in the game files) designed for use by power armor troops but the F4 version of the chinese assault rifle was later cut and the machine gun became the assault rifle.

>> No.73536842

I think you are confused on some lore, or you otherwise are unfamiliar with American geography.

I think you are referring to the Midwestern Brotherhood, who are based out of Chicago. They're from brotherhood Tactics, which is considered semi-canon- all the anachronistic references are non-canon, but the rough course of events are.

However, so far the only thing that has been canonized is that they used airships to cross the Rocky mountains, they are based in Chicago, the Lyons Brotherhood re-established contact with them on their way to DC, and that they fought a war against super-mutants- In Chicago.

Now, in tactics, the supermutants were in Missouri, the state to the southeast of Illinois (where Chicago is). So this then implies that the scale of Tactisc has been severely compressed, and they don't have that stupidly huge empire.

The Midwestern Brotherhood isn't based out of the Rockies- that mountain range spans states like Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, etc. They did take out the Calculator in Tactics that was based out of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. But that was a 'blow it up' mission, not a 'conquer it' mission.

I figure if there's going to be brotherhood presence around Legion territory it'd be the van-buren Maxson Bunker in southern Colorado. It's important to note that New Vegas reused a lot of Van Buren lore, including the Legion itself, and the NCR-Brotherhood war. Another interesting note is that the Maxson Bunker was the origin of the 'Circle of Steel' a group of Brotherhood extremists- though by New Vegas they seem to be more like the intelligence wing of the Brotherhood.

>> No.73536865

Which games let me play as a talking deathclaw?

>> No.73536918

Anyway, the issue is less if the Legion wins or loses the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The issue is that they couldn't possibly make a serious dent into the NCR. The Sierra Nevada, Divide, and Death Valley make crossing into California nigh impossible, or at least severely impractical, meaning the only way to get to the NCR is the Long 15. And that's a patch of land that the NCR could easily defend before you get into the core states of the NCR.

Long enough that Caesar is going to die of his tumor or of old age. And when that happens the Legion collapse, because Caesar was an idiot who did nothing to make sure the institutions of the Legion persist beyond his death- because the Legion has no institutions. And what will inevitably happen is that the generals of the Legion will decide to just carve up the Legion into petty kingdoms, because why the hell wouldn't they? Some sense of patriotism? That said, I think a collapsing legion has a ton of interesting things you could do with it.

Back to the Maxson Bunker though- they could make interesting antagonists if they are controlled by extremists who decide to try to take control of the NORAD facilities at Colorado Springs, DIA, or Cheyenne Mountain to try to seize some leftover nukes to use to end the war against the Brotherhood.
Fallout Tactics.

>> No.73536932

Oh your right, I wonder why I thought they were in the rockies? My apologies
I stil think there’s probably something big in the mountains. It would be interesting to see something new

As I understood the rockies basically cuts the us in two?
Is the calculator still considered canon? Or semi?

>> No.73536934

I meant tabletop, I know about tactics and the mods for new vegas and 4

>> No.73537009

I think it should split into two with one becoming very religious possibly with the remnants of the religion the master founded(or something). The other hanging onto power with generals carving out fiefdoms each claiming they are the true legion

>> No.73537043

The enclave probably controls norad. Didn’t they mention a enclave bunker in Chicago?

>> No.73537066

I'm not sure the northern pass is still a thing. The radioactive fire of the nukes could of melted it all. On the flipside, the area could be so cold that you could freeze solid if you stop moving (this is a real thing).

>> No.73537092

The Rockies basically encompasses all the western states. As said, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montanna, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Califonia, and Nevada. They continue into Canada in Alberta and British Columbia, and into Canada, and down into Mexico. They don't really end, they just turn into the Andes when you reach South America. They exist because the America's are pushing up against the Pacific Plate, which is why California has so many earthquakes.

Anyway the Calculator is currently up in the air- it's not confirmed, but it's not de-confirmed either. Important to note- Tactics took place in 2197, and Fallout 4 in 2287- and whatever sequel game we get is probably going to be set in the 2290's at least. So whatever events grabbed from Tactics would be about a century ago. Also interesting to note- Van Buren, the original Fallout 3 was supposed to take place in 2254, and it seems most of the backstory for that game still happened with stuff like the Legion, New Canaan, and the NCR-Brotherhood War (though with some stuff moved around- the Blackfoot and Legion are combined, and the Twisted Hairs are based out of Arizona and not Utah I think it was).

As for what's in the rockies, lore suggest they are tough to cross for whatever reason, which is why the Brotherhood used airships for the midwestern expedition (which remains canon), referenced again in teasers for the return of the Appalachian Brotherhood in Fallout 76.

For states we know about- Legion has made trade very safe in his lands, but most of his territory seems to be in Arizona and New Mexico which is mostly desert. Utah is described as mostly filled with hostile tribes, with New Canaan being the exception.

>> No.73537134

Colorado the only canon bit we have is that Denver is now known as Dog-Town and the Hangdogs were based from there- with the Legion having conquered both. But van buren lore places tribes such as Twin Mothers (former vault dwellers led by a goddess that's a pre-war scientist whose brain is in a satellite), and the Cyphers who are a semi-nomadic tribe descended from scientists trying to preserve knowledge based out of Mesa-Verde, which is southern Colorado. You also had Ouroborous, which was a led by that anti-legion extremist Hecate in Utah.
Yes, in New Vegas, but I imagine they aren't sticking their heads out these days.
The flooding we see in places like the Commonwealth suggest to me less rather than more ice in the ice-caps. This would also be supported by the desertification we see in the US.

>> No.73537149

The West Coast brotherhood are pretty much in their swan song at this point, they failed to evolve to match the times they found themselves in and are reduced to hiding in bunkers while the NCR and others are building proper nations. Best ending for the Mojave branch was working with the NCR to patrol the L-15 and 95 and even that only fixes relations between that specific chapter and the NCR not the rest.

Either they'll go out with a wimper dying in their bunkers or they pack their bags and try and join their more successful counterparts on the East.

>> No.73537173

Said Enclave member who mentions the Chicago outpost was also under the impression that Navarro was still under Enclave control so it's status is dubious at best.

>> No.73537194

I think there are a few places to go. Namely either try to bunker down and hide from the NCR- die in a war of extinction, or try to call for a ceasefire to the whole thing.
I figured that there was some underground portion of Navarro the NCR/Brotherhood never found. The Enclave war was thirty years ago or so by Broken Steel.

>> No.73537207

The flooding in the commonwealth is from damns, levies and other infrastructures falling apart after 200 years of disuse. However, the weather around the time of Fallout 4 (Autumn) is surprisingly accurate. Accurate amount of rain and sun and even the color of the damn trees looks accurate.

I live a just above the boarder in New Hampshire.

>> No.73537227

Not by the Coasts it's not. Places such as University Point are slowly sinking into the sea. Now you could say that perhaps it's erosion of the coastline over the course of two centuries without maintenance, but I still figure there has to be at least a half a foot rise in water in addition.

>> No.73537312

A lot of Boston has been teraformed over the centuries, probably more in the future.
I know for a fact that several hills and even a lake have been leveled or filled in. My knowledge of Boston is a bit fuzzy, but I don't think it's based off a real landmark.

>> No.73537536

That really depends on how bad a loss the brotherhood/Ncr war was a loss for the brotherhood, if the ones in NV and those who went to the capital wasteland are the only survivors that’s fairly bad. Honestly I think the brotherhood is trying to shift its numbers and a second NCR. /bos war is inevitable, regardless of their strength. The brotherhood doesn’t like to loose, and I see them nuking the capital in a final act of vengeance

>> No.73537578

The Enclave will return brother. For the president!

>> No.73537767

I've always felt like Fallout outside of the US would be a mistake since it's so central to the entire universe but the guys that own it now aren't the smartest so I can see them making a spin-off set somewhere else like Canada or Europe.

>> No.73537856

I'm against anything outside the US, but I honestly see something on the US/Canadian border as something that could be genuinely good.

>> No.73537868

Didn’t fallout one have a British guy who ran the “thieves guild” or something and 3 had the Irish guy

I think one also had the ghoul sub captain?

They don’t really mention much about their homelands though.

>> No.73538003

Don't know where you got the thieves guild thing. Tenepenny is English- Moriarty was brought over from Ireland as a kid. You also see a few stranded Chinese ghouls.

>> No.73538061

In fallout 1 there’s these thieves lead by a British guy loxley, you have to survive a crap load of traps to find him he’s in the hub.

>> No.73538067

Loxley in F1 was the leader of a Thieves' Guild in the Hub had an english accent but according to Chris Taylor the joke was he was pretending to have an english accent (nor was loxley his real name) he was just really in character as a robin hood esque thief.

>> No.73538079

Yes because fallout was never in a 50s aesthetic besides the vault boy, armor designs, the literal opening shots of the first game with a retro 50s nuclear car on a 50s era television

>> No.73538093

Oh I didn’t know that.

>> No.73538140

Tenpenny's existence also begs the question of just where on the East Coast he landed. 3 and 4 show an Eastern US that isn't functional enough to support even NCR-grade nation-building, but somehow, somewhere, there is also place in the East that can support transatlantic shipping.

>> No.73538178

Just because people are sailing across doesn't mean that there is transatlantic trade- just that some people can cobble together a ship and sail across.

Also it's noteworthy that the Commonwealth almost did form an NCR like state, it not for the Institute sabotaging the whole initiative. The Island even seemed relatively decent bar the fog and the local power conflict. Really the only other areas we know about is that Pensylvania was heavily bombed, and that rural Maryland is full of inbred mutants.

>> No.73538192

Or Britain has recovered really well. The ship he came in on might not have been American.

>> No.73538489

Apparantly Britain was bad enough that Tenpenny left to seek his fortune. Now this could just mean that the US is the equivelant of the 'frontier' but whatever it is, it's not completely recovered.

>> No.73539045

The NCR is a bumbling bureaucratic nightmare in precisely that area: they put Fantastic in charge of Helios, and their scientific knowledge is entirely dependent on other small factions. All their projects go nowhere without you to fix shit. Ceasar is also personally appreciative of the follower's interests, having been one of them. Ironically you're also saying dictators are inherently more worried about their public image than elected officials, which is hilariously bogus. Both are capable of tyrannical idiocy.

>> No.73539429

Legion believe that landmines have fire spirits (player can teach them to push the blinking red button to deactivate them), their most skilled doctor is a slave woman who took 6 weeks of first aid training before her village was massacred (legion apparently killed the actual doctor - he had glasses) you can teach her how to make medicine powder more efficiently because she was just guessing the ratios, she's being used as a food server, you can teach one of them how to make gunpowder from a recipe you get from the powder gangers. Nobody in the legion knows what a firing pin is or why the howitzer they dragged out of a museum doesn't go boom when they put the metal eggs into the tube.

>> No.73539455

The difference is that you can elect idiots out of office. Caesar intends to drag the Legion down with him.

>> No.73539796

I always thought Tenpenny was from New England, because how could he get to the US by ship? There must be radioactive whales in the ocean, or even cthulhu, judging by the fact that Bethesda is for some reason obsessed with Lovecraft.

>> No.73539901

It's very likely a dangerous trip- but it doesn't have to be an impossible one.

Considering Tenpenny's age, it's possible he came to North America at a younger age, maybe someplace in Canada hopping from Iceland and Greenland, and worked his way south over the decades.

>> No.73540188

i mod in a SCAR and the RU556 in all of my fo4 play thrus now cuz i hate how that gun looks

>> No.73541670
File: 40 KB, 450x560, john.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73543479

Pretty much this. If the GECK is capable of recreating extinct species of plant and animal life, it can be your excuse to have any kind of biome anywhere in the United States.

>> No.73545059
File: 1.81 MB, 640x480, 1528304931782.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73546468

Oddly enough, some of the environmental design in FO76 actually has a 'fixed up' place to reflect this. The wayward started off as your traditional Beth place with shit everywhere, but as you progress through her quests, her place is nicely cleaned up. I think this is partly due to the personal loading screen to her place; i.e, her place can only be clean because it's a personal instance. Other places such as Flatwoods has shit everywhere since it's public space. So I think in one way, it's technology that's the limiting factor for FO76.

>> No.73546543

I think also some poor marketing decisions.

Like with Wastelanders it's clear that they could add NPCs, and they drastically improve the game- helping things feel lived in, and being an extra source of lore and plot. And it's not like they didn't basically have NPCs anyway with robots, or the scorched taking the place of raiders.

It really reeks to me as the decision of some marketing exec thinking that it'll be so revolutionary to have an MMO with no npcs in it.

And honestly after the Wastelanders update, I really don't think Fallout 76 is all that bad.

>> No.73546686

I can't imagine the first wave of players just dealing with robots as NPCs and scorched things everywhere, must've been a dead as fuck world. Even fighting them all the time gets boring. But with the Wastelander update, I think it's nice to have humans floating about. Sometimes I'm wondering around and find a scavenger, giving me some goodies if I give them some bobby pins. Sometimes it's just wanderers giving me hints about the surrounding area.

Obviously it's not a perfect game, and the end-game is a bit luckster, but there's little details here and there that really shows that the developers (or just the world artists) really put the effort into the world.

>> No.73546757

Hence why I think the call was made by some clueless exec- the gamemakers clearly put in effort, even into the lore. And it's really obvious that all the notes and the robots and enemies are giving you everything that having regular NPC's would- but much worse. I mean, it's not like they didn't have humanoid gun wielding enemies, it's not like they didn't have quest givers, it's not like they didn't have to record a bunch of dialogue, it's not like they didn't have a bunch of lore written.

Anyway, I am at least invested enough to see where they are going to go with the series- I unironically love the 'journey to zathura' aesthetic they picked for the Seasons update. And I'm interested to see the return of the Brotherhood- my guess is they'll establish other garrisons also joined up with the Brotherhood, though more concentrated around the West Coast.

>> No.73548406

Anyone familiar with the East Coast? Why isn't there much of a merchantile business(es) similar to the caravans we see in the West Coast? My entry into this series is only with FO4, so I'm not well versed in the game's setting.

I can understand smaller roaming travellers, which they would roam on their own accord. But I'm curious with the lack of a semi-business/corporation of caravaneers similar to the Gun Runners or the Van Graffs

>> No.73548703

As someone who played before and after wastelanders, I think it’s a good step, however they should have done far more to bring the original factions they introduced in the game to life rather than just throwing in two new ones.

I wanted to meet Dassa (though he body is completely gone now so hopefully she will return) , or survivors from the responders, the free states( survivalists not surviving the scorched wtf??), or what have you. Have a wounded grizzled firebreather squad holding out. But no, it’s empty.
okay have the proto brotherhood evac then return, I can understand the Enclave getting killed by the AI. But they’d probably send somebody by now.

It still needs a lot of work.

>> No.73548886

>I wanted to meet Dassa (though he body is completely gone now so hopefully she will return)
I swear I found Dassa's body out in the open field, near the back of the church with the dead body. She's dead just as well with the rest of the factions.

But I do like the idea of survivors from the existing factions. They built up the responders as pretty interesting factions, and when there was a distress call from Chavez and finding out the outcome, I guess it was a bit of a punch in the gut. Shit, they already have a Settlers vs Raiders faction system in the game. If they could expand that faction system to these smaller, minor factions, it would be a pretty interesting system change.

>> No.73549266

It used to be in the church, so it’s been moved? To the outside?

>> No.73549299

nah there were enough pcs and critters around that you didn't feel like it was empty.
'76 let me chase a guy through the woods while i yelled at him in my best backwoodsman accent that i was going to make him squeal like a piggy, i'll forgive it a lot for that.
Coms transmit by proximity and incurring bounties allow everyone to pvp you, sadly few people are dumb enough to get them so this was the only time i got LARP american law enforcement.

>> No.73549338

Not him but
You must have had better luck with servers than I did, often most people. We’re just either grinding the golf course or in the bog area. If I wasn’t basically the only other person.

>> No.73549365

Yeh, just go to the back of the church and you'll see her body.

>> No.73549390

That’s sad. oh well, RIP dassa.
I still think it’s bullshit none of the free states guys survived considering they would probably just hunker down and wait.

>> No.73549458

yeah but they were the sort of retard who blows up vaults full of hippies and irradiates the bog, appalachia's equivalent of the anti-mask dipshits loose today, so them failing to cope with the scorched makes perfect sense, especially when you read terminals etc and realise just how dumb and disorganised they actually were.

>> No.73549731

because the east coast is bethesda’s oc, and they wanted generic post apoc mad max shit instead of the actual non apocalyptic societies on the west coast

>> No.73550163

to be honest i don't think i would care about this. honest hearts bored the pants off me.

>> No.73550204

could be worse, could be honest hearts reborn

>> No.73550547

That’s quite true, Still you’d expect at least one of them to be less fucking retarded than the others.

>> No.73551312
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Happy Independence Day.

>> No.73552371
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Notice how they constantly talk about Bethesda and Todd as if they created the franchise, no mention of Interplay or Black Isle

>> No.73552510

For the average coverage piece for these journalist, all they need to know is the latest company behind the product and then write their stuff. They're not here to make any investigative, nor detailed piece about the series, so there's no need for them to go indepth about the series' history.

>> No.73552529

I wish we'd have gotten to see the film that they never made.

>> No.73552648

You can read the treatment here

>> No.73552868

It looks like it could have been good.

>> No.73553394

Does bethesda actually understand fallout though?
4 was ehh, 76 got ridicule. if and when there is a 5 It’s probably going to be even further from the original material. Where could they put it though? Detroit? Great Lakes?

>> No.73553544

You'll be a recruit to the newly revealed BoS chapter in China.

>> No.73553612

I would say New York or some other east coast city. I'm not sure but I remember that in the lore NY was nuked to hell and that would fit Bethesda's tendency to set Fallout in ruined stagnant places filled with raiders, trash and scavengers incapable to build societies even after two centuries since the old world ended

>> No.73553647

Here's the link to the wiki.

We know there's general caravan services, though they don't seem to be as organized as they are on the west coast- which has listed at least two formal trade routes (the short loop and the big circle). Wastelanders list the Blue Mountain Ridge as a major trade route, and one of the safest in the wastes.

Interesting to note is that Moira Brown, an NPC in Fallout 3, co-authors the Wasteland survival guide with you, and it's so successful it finds itself in the Mojave wasteland in four years, and becomes a series in 4- and she seems to have her own printing industry in the Capital Wasteland setup.

There's also a fan theory regarding the jet-road. The idea being is that it's a silk-road equivelant across the wasteland which is how you see things like Jet which was made in California in the east, and how caps are an accepted currency across the wasteland- and how you'd see copies of Wasteland Survival Guide in the Mojave, and Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor in the East.
Agreed, but I'm willing to give them time to flesh it out more- and bringing back the brotherhood is a good start.

>> No.73553730

Good areas based on existing lore I think in the West would be someplace like Richmond or Baltimore as some place close to DC that they could followup on some lore from Fallout 3. Maybe also Atlantic City aka Great Lanta.

New York is an obvious one, but I feel that's going to be put off until there's a big technological leap that could let them do all the skyscrapers justice. (just had a thought- go all the way up a skyscraper, call in a vertibird on a roof, and land on top of another skyscraper).

As for out west, Bethesda apparently expressed interest in San Francisco, and I think there's a lot you could do there. Denver, or somewhere in Texas would be great for a location dealing with a collapsing Legion. Chicago has been clearly built up as sequel bait over a couple of games.
You know when you stop and think that's not too far-fetched. Plenty of US battalions were in mainland china when the bombs fell.

It should be remembered that in Fallout Extreme, the final bad guy was going to be the Chinese Empire that wanted to super-nuke the Brotherhood of Steel.
Well why the hell wouldn't the Chinese nuke New York to hell? It's kind of one of the most important cities in the US.

That said, there's a lot you could do with New York when you stop and think (and stop being some edgelord nihilist about the franchise.

Maybe one of the burgs faired better, being relatively intact? Maybe Queens or something. It's established that the Pre-War US tried to nuke-proof their monuments, so maybe they did that with the skyscrapers? It's worth noting that LA's skyscrapers were left standing- which is why it's called the Boneyard. You could have lots of fun making levels out of the steel skeletons of the skyscrapers. Then there's the underground you could play around with, being almost it's own map, then you could go out to Long Island where it's more rural and there are tons of megamansions for the rich.

>> No.73553743

Fallout 3 and 4 have a running theme of the birth of america alongside the birth of the new society after the apocalypse, so I'd think they'd continue with that and place Fallout 5 in Philidelphia.

I think Bethesda actually has the idea that they need to leave 1/2/New Vegas alone, lest the fans eat them alive more than they already do.

Would love to see intelligent deathclaws and Goris return, which seems more likely now that Chris Avellone has been MeToo'd as he was their biggest opposition.

>> No.73553800

Forgot Philadelphia- that'd be a great location to explore.

>> No.73553805

Come on man calm down. You don't have to call me names to state your point.

>> No.73553948

Sorry, it just gets really grating when people keep having to throw an obligatory dig at Bethesda every time they mention fallout. I mean I owe Bethesda no special loyalty, I just want to talk about Fallout, not whatever perceived slights the publisher has made.

I swear sometimes it's like talking to star wars fans.

>> No.73554012

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