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Death Guard!

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>rock-paper-scissor-like system in its units and weapons types so that the best options are also situational
>give up on the IgoUgo for alternative activations during each phase so that there's more risk-taking during target selection
>drastically increase survivability of units/reduce weapons lethality so that the game can finally be about armies and not big stompy monsters and teleporting gambles
>regulate the use of movement trays so that all units can be moved as fast as 6-men squads at most and there's opportunity for the inclusion of rules and tactics about pushing enemy models or reacting with a movement (and fuck conga-lining anyway)
>change all instances of rolling a high number of dice to rolling a low number of dice and multiplying the result, so that the fun extremes of the probability distribution are more likely
>turn stratagems from a list you can choose from to a deck you must draw from, so that players are less aware of what the enemy can pull off and decisions are less predictable
>include target priority rules on units to add a further element to balance out units and allow forms of screening that aren't cancerous: some units will be forced to shoot the closest, others will have to ignore other targets if a there's their specific target category in sight (this can be circumvented through special rules such as orders, traits or stratagems)
>models and movement trays must be able to turn on the spot to face the target they want to shoot at, if impeded by terrain or other units, they can't shoot that target (no peeking with the tip of a cannon shooting sideways from behind a wall or placing your bikes sideways)
you may not like it but these are what peak changes look like

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Manlets rule tbqh

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fuck why cant the PB power fist look like that :(

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If you have to say it, it’s not true.

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Remember to homebrew

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Self respect
A shred of decency or integrity
Knowing that there's a good chance the manbaby they're facing can't even use the bullshit he's been served by GW well enough to take you out.

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>bolt rifles can double tap too
So close.

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> can be killed by a single las gun shot
>cant even use bolter drill on T1 if they go first
>plasma has to be in crapticle squads, cant take full units
>T4 elite shock troops
face it, the rubicon is coming for you

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From now on everyone gets marines extra rules and weapons
Guardsmen with bolter? bolter rules
SoB with meltagun? Primaris melta
Chaos marine charges? Gets extra attacks
Eldar shooting? Devastator doctrine
Fuck marines and their equal participation cake

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gay and autistic, fonts are all weird sizes

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Are you trying to bait?

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>turn stratagems from a list you can choose from to a deck you must draw from, so that players are less aware of what the enemy can pull off and decisions are less predictable
Looks like someone never had the heart of the cards.

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>Tau """"melee""" unit
>no weapon weapons
Didn't know Tim Buckley played Tau

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who cares lol it's a game

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I disagree, if forge world can reimagine marines so successfully GW can do it, it's just they are too attached to old designs whilst also being influenced by much too generic concepts.

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>no weapon weapons
Wot da zog?

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think quickly, anon, a trio of dakkafexes just killed 6 of your dudes, it's time to remove casualties, what will happen to your meltaman(red) and plasmamen(blue)

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Rules are the only thing that matters in a game. A game is defined by its rules.

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What is his endgame?

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>first they came for our grav vehicles
>next they came for our aspect specializations
>then they came for our memes
I'll freely admit that I'm currently very salty

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>Who cares about the rules
>because it's a game
Did this line of reasoning sound better in your mind?

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What is a weapon weapon

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absolutely fucking based

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A melta somehow has less restrictions than a bolter
>Have to stand still or be in half range for double-tap
>Assault melta just shoots twice because you didn't do extremely situational splitfire

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>be me
>Play Custodes
>fight Blood Angel army
>They literally do just about everything I do but better
>I’m fucking Custodes

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he doesn't know

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Games are fun in spite of the rules a lot of the time. Especially wargames.

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You remove the casualties from non special weapon models? The player taking wounds assigns them and makes saves. LOS is not involved at this point. Have you read the rules at all

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even if ignore what you just said, and address your implied point about looks
>all look like they are shitting
>garbage proptions
>new primaris have plenty of gothic bits whilst retaining tacicool vangaurd units so both looks can be done
>classic marine look more and more dated by the day

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>2nd ed and 5th ed monopose

You love to see it

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Hey anon, I'm starting up Minotaurs. How did you get such a smooth paintjob on your minis, and what's your recipe?

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so model needs to be within coherency of two other units, so you lose a guy in the middle of the top row you're fucked and could potentially lose the whole units. so instead one option would be to set up as in the second row, just perfect triangles with the minis 2" apart so you are within 2" of two other minis at all times and you take casualties from one end and work your way back. do i have that right? im sure better methods will be developed but this is what initially came to mind.

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Based retard

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sarge has SO MUCH SOUL

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>classic marine look more and more dated by the day

This is only a good thing

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He's already there, you just can't perceive how the pieces have lined up.

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Based Calvinball anon

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>All those 3D print lines left on the mini

I get that these are early models they painted for the store page but come on guys, a little photoshop is all you needed to do. This is the advertisement for your product, have so standards.

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god they look bad. the paint job is great, but can only do so much with such poor clay

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these are cool dudes

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prepare to be one upped constantly if you're not a special little boy that GW is trying to pander to.
>in spite
do you mean you take joy out of gimmicky situations and stuff? Terrible balance?

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Just hold out hope for more plastic aspects in the future, rules are temporary but good models are eternal.

The new banshees alone are better than most of the primaris model line and that doesn't seem like a trend thats likely to change.

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Oh, a trick question. Do they have acid maws? Do I have anything else that can kill them if I fallback?

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>Looks like someone never had the heart of the cards.

I draw Repository of Avarice! It allows me to draw two stratagem cards from my deck!

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too bad its £30 for just 5 guys

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Are you lost? /v/ is the tasteless zoomer board, begone.

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>Soldiers get field promoted to hold the Plasma Guns
I don't see an issue here.

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From the blog https://azazelx.com/category/minotaurs-space-marines

I’ve been going with a spray black, spray silver, zenithal spray of a brighter silver, 2 coats of Seraphim Sepia wash, and then a highlight of Vallejo Model Air Brassy brass. Later on, I’ve given them a subtle wash of watered down Coelia Greenshade for a subtle verdigris wash based on the Forge World Badab War books’ artwork. I went with Silver/Iron for the chest eagles and such, along with red for eye lenses and gems. I wanted to minimise colours other than brass/bronze, red, black and “steel”, so leather straps and bags are done in a red-brown, and only rarely green appear on lenses or on specific things like wreaths in green, or (some) skulls in bone.

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They don't die to begin with

>> No.73459613

Also - is there anything else that will stop having LOS to them if I remove the specials?

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>Chaos marine charges? Gets extra attacks
CSM already have this, you seething retard

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His plan has already succeeded, the universe just needs to catch up.

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too bad banshees have sucked for (at least) 5 editions now.

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Theyre not bad, their classic. Primaris look better, but they dont look as classic. Its your choice to make. Neither are bad. Except the primaris helmet. Taking the fucking face grille away is a crime.

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>I already have the left and right arms of the Emperor, and the left and right legs of the Emperor... with this draw, I can end this game!

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It was 'crons in like, 6th or 7th. It was Eldar flyer spam pre-FAQ and rebalance in 8th. It's space marine dread spam bullshit with late 8th.

One faction always gets its turn at "holy shit nothing else is worth taking other than these what the fuck" with GW. It was Ossiarch in AoS, it'll be the new Lumineth.

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the future is now old man. your type isnt welcome here, begone grog

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>Just hold out hope for more plastic aspects in the future
Honestly, with how they fucked up the Banshee on Incubus box, GWs is probably seriously rethinking the other Aspects at this point.

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Extra extra attacks.

>> No.73459654

Used to be £25 for the same but resin, its not quite the tragedy that befell upon the dire avengers.

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Was there a reveal for the melta profile on primaris fire dragons?

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>rr wound rolls
>+ to hit vs infantry
>+1 dam on wound roll of a 6
>3 attacks base
there we go, i fixed HBs

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these banshees are the epitome of what a boring, soulless update that gets churned out fast with the minimum amount of work needed looks like

>no variety in designs
>no unit options
>no posability
I pity the xenofags that consider this an update

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Care to rephrase that in coherent English?

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stop being reasonable anon, this is a place of baseless tribalism, not reasoned debate

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At least they're better than striking scorpions, fuck those guys were massacred.

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>extra extra attacks
I like where this is going. I'd still prefer a revamped mark system

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I am not getting good vibes from 9th edition content so far. I am under the distinct impression that it's going to be shit.

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Can someone redpill me on Tyranids?
I like warriors and genestealers. I like hormagaunts but I don't like having more than 30 of the same model.
Also can I use a tyrant without wings? Or is it similar to a daemon Prince where having wings is always worth it. The model just looks so big with wings and I like to put my dudes in a foam case to bring to the shop.
I'm thinking I want to start a 9th edition army and it looks like melee is back on the menu

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Nobody gets posability these days, calm down

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Anybody that needs glasses deserved to be executed.

>> No.73459707

potentially, but lets wait until he full rules are out before saying the sky is falling

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The entire point is to fuck marines and their equal attention cake.
They get meltaguns with more range and that can double tap? Everyone gets that too.

>> No.73459712

How long until GW has him show up in 40k?

>> No.73459716


SOB could genuinely use some access to some unique variations of flamers/meltas. They've got the twin issue of 'less weapon access than other factions' and 'Don't even get notable access within that narrow category'.

>> No.73459722

It all depends on the 9th. For now winged tyrant is king.

>> No.73459724

Nice to see a fellow reasonable anon. As long as we are united about the face grille, im happy.

>> No.73459727

why would you say something so controversial yet so brave

>> No.73459728

I disagree. A lot of what I've seen has me hopeful and interested in 40k again. What don't you like about what they've shown off?

>> No.73459740

hahaha seethe more NPC

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Fuck off furfag

>> No.73459745

Shit bro, I'm just trying to see :'( I am a very nice guy and people like to play Warhammer with me

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eternity, now get bonked, ratto

>> No.73459752

Its a fucking tragedy that THE iconic eldar unit and one of the most easily recognisable units in the game as a whole has been so dreadfully and relentlessly bad.

They need fixing rather terribly.

>> No.73459753

What was the last release that had poseability, anon?

>> No.73459754

SoB models and codex was a rushed as fuck job.

>> No.73459755

9th e is just round the corner dude. so balance could go everywhere.

in 8th genestealers great as kraken, bad as else.
warriors mostly bad unless you take a custom hive fleet built to make warriors less bad. in which case warriors situationally good.

Walking tyrant bad(comparitively to winged) but desu he's not as useless as warriors. will likely be better in 9th. If you want a walking tyrant and want to be meta take swarm.

>> No.73459759

Post models!

>> No.73459763

Would the legs on the mount of Serverys Raiders be possible to repose? The joints seem to be very clean cuts and could be pivoted around the cylinder to make them standing instead of running.
Hard to tell because there isn't a 3d view on the GW site yet.

>> No.73459770


Them still not having a second troops choice is kinda tragic.

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>mfw marines get double tap and 24" range meltaguns

>> No.73459780

>can I use a tyrant without wings?
Yes you can.
Swarmlord is a good "tyrant" without wings, and generally non-winged tyrants opt to use ranged weapons like heavy venom cannons to provide ranged anti armor support.

Wings are generally used on tyrants that opt for melee or the quad devourer setup. Both have short range so they need the extra mobility.

>I like warriors and genestealers. I like hormagaunts but I don't like having more than 30 of the same model.

Good if you run two units of 9 with either 3 venom cannons and 6 deathspitters or just 9 deathspitters. With the adaptive physiology traits they play like primaris marines in terms of firepower and tankiness.

Glass cannon to the extreme, but can shred in melee. Generally the preferred melee unit of the Tyranids due to their superb melee capabilities.

cheap ass chaff you use to hit enemy hordes or contest and hold objectives.

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>50% of everyone over 45yo gets executed
based af

>> No.73459785

>blanks dont have souls
>souls are warpy and therefor people notice that something is off when people dont have souls
>chaos gods take their servants souls
I might be wrong about something here, but why don't chaos nuggets become blanks when they lose their souls?

>> No.73459786

Its really not hard to change the sword and gun arms around, putting heads on different bodies is a more difficult prospect but still perfectly achievable.

no one gets hip rotation these days anyway and at least they're more dynamic than cookie cutter primaris.

>> No.73459788

Is he best with a ranged loadout chilling in the backline for unit buffs or does he just go balls to the wall and fly into combat, or somewhere in between? (In current edition) and do players take more than one (like daemon princes)

>> No.73459789

Im with you, it looks like good fun for all this edition. Slightly worried about infantry ranged armies, bit overall it looks excellent.

>> No.73459797

Yeah I'm pretty tired of the whole "marines get the same thing as everyone else but better" bull shit.
Wait for them to drop the datasheet of the vindicator or what ever the guy with the sword is called so chaos fags can call it out for being a MoE but better

>> No.73459800

what would you even have? fanatics? actually that could be cool, poorly armed CC guys, basically fearless cultists

>> No.73459801

>9ppm 3+ save that each deal a mortal wound every fight phase on 5+
7 mortal wounds a game turn on any infantry target stuck in CQC, before any of your other attacks, is really good nigga

>> No.73459803

I don't think it's going to work, the crippled body of the animal, above the mechanical limbs, is still sculpted in dynamic extensions or contractions

>> No.73459805

You get to play something other than Space Marines and everyone will love you for it, but only 3 staff members at Games Workshop remember you exist and they're already busy updating the other non-SM factions the rest of the staff forgot about.

>> No.73459807

Actually nevermind I found a video and the shoulder/hip are too dynamic and not exposed even if you can change the knee/ankle joints.

>> No.73459808

Without interesting NPCs to beat up you'll be forced to play against 99% marvel migrants and shithead obsessed marine grogs.

>> No.73459811

I thought they only took them in death?

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>> No.73459820


Remember to do gay shit because your tau keep getting their stupid asses beat

>> No.73459823

Reason why I sold my marines around 5th.
The most boring way to play 40k is marines vs marines.
Once you do it onces you have done it for every game.

>> No.73459825

Where is the melta reveal? Not seeing it on Warhammer community

>> No.73459826

Because the chaos gods basically hollow out the soul of their victims and fill it with their brand of warp energy.

If you're super competent, you essentially become a part of the god just like daemons are, slowly losing all sense of self until the only thing left is a mindless husk and you get resurrected as a daemon.

If you're not of particular interest, you just get absorbed and digested by the god.

>> No.73459830

They take the soul when they die. Maybe they could barter it away first and then maybe, but thats probably less fun for the god, so would be a rare case.

>> No.73459834

They take their souls after they die. Usually.
It's a lot harder to ignore when you have multiple of the same "jumping off rock like this" model, no matter what the arms are like.

>> No.73459835

Yeah I just saw. I wish GW would just do standing cavalry or at least a walk. The age of sigmar lumineth cavalry suffer from this too.

>> No.73459836

Aside from gameplay reasons, is there a single reason why you can't deepstrike within 9'' of an enemy?

>> No.73459842


>> No.73459843

Because blanks don't simply "not have souls" or else all necrons would be blanks. Blanks have like -1 souls they inherently remove warp stuff so being near one makes you feel like you don't have a soul.

>> No.73459844


>> No.73459846

but thats the greatest part, other factions are so masochistic, they will keep coming back for me to beat all over again AHAHAHAHAHAHA
if anything, by humiliating them so badly, im doing them a sexual favour

>> No.73459853

because they still have their souls linked to their bodies, it's just that in the warp, their soul is now within the vortex of one of the chaos gods

souls live in the warp

>> No.73459856

You are a liability. If you can't even function properly as a person without some sort of mechanical assistance, how can you contribute meaningfully to society.

>> No.73459857


Considering we've got orders based around melee combat, an actual melee choice for troops would be nice. Fraternis Militia (The in-universe fanatics) could also be fun, though I admit I'd lean more towards another actually SOB option.

>> No.73459858

It's in the last thread

>> No.73459861

Its because they are an already established unit that didn't get released as part of a new codex.

Look at all the other units that fill a similar role that came out recently.
Zepharym get re-roll to wound just because they can, for example.

>> No.73459867

should have watched the daily stream dummy

>> No.73459875

>Blanks have like -1 souls
only strong ones do, all necrons are unnerving to soulled beings

>> No.73459876

Always combat, potentially with adaptations and relics. You have more effective options to shoot and babysit from the backlines. I don't think you need more than one, but that one should be an absolute killing machine that should kill a knight at least 50% of the time.

>> No.73459883

Thanks for the advice, I think I'll make them my own colour scheme so I can run them as any hive Fleet or custom fleet.

>> No.73459886

Nobody wants to take scorpions as elite killing mortal wound dispensers for the same reason that no one wants to take banshees as disposable chaff to countercharge melee units.

Because it goes entirely against what the unit is supposed to be doing, IE in scorpions case that is rolling a barrel of chainsword attack dice and pushing ranged units off the opponents backfield.

turning mandiblasters into mortal wound dispensers was fucking gay.

>> No.73459887

I would argue that both Dire Avengers and Warlocks/Farseers are more iconic, but I didn't get introduced to 40k through a video game.

>> No.73459897

>instead of sorting out close combat or wound allocation so daisy chaining isn't a thing, add exceptions to the decades-old coherence rule you now have to remember situationally

I don't really care about this particular case, but it's just a microcosm of GW's ass-backwards writing process. No wonder when the rules guys are often promoted shop staff and on basically the same wage.

>> No.73459902

reposting since new manlets will arrve tomorrow or the day after, so nothing to paint right now

>> No.73459907

An actual melee unit with magical wood staffs from second edition
Or the fanatics

>> No.73459908

Bait foe the bait god! (Yous) for the (You) throne!

>> No.73459909

> IE in scorpions case that is rolling a barrel of chainsword attack dice and pushing ranged units off the opponents backfield.
says who?

>> No.73459911

>mfw Marine gets double tap Melta
>mfw Marines gets nu Volkite
>mfw Admech get fire breathing horses

We got an update after 23 years, now it's back to the regularly scheduled programs.

>> No.73459915

Oh yeah, that problem.

I just saw the feet off the included base and swap them around to be jumping off of other things instead.

>> No.73459919

You don't wanna to portal inside of living creatures/people

>> No.73459921

Keep coping you worthless resource pit.

>> No.73459927

Thats been the Scorpions' schtick since their inception

>> No.73459930

The only way to deepstrike is with scatter dice and random range.
Like a true man!

>> No.73459931


>> No.73459932

I forgot to add, if you run a unit or two of warriors, get a Warrior Prime. It's like a primaris lieutenant, he provides re-rolls for the warriors and vastly improves their ranged firepower.

>> No.73459936


The blessed staffs would be fun to see make a return. 40k has very few staff-using units that are not Psykers/Individual Characters.

>> No.73459940

You scatter off the board and die

>> No.73459944

well not any more old man, the times change

>> No.73459949

The cold, naked truth is a beauty to behold.

>> No.73459953

But I can function, i would've been fine in medieval ages but I just wouldn't have been able to recognise faces from 10 feet away and I'd be known as the guy who's a shitty shot with a bow. Can also squint eyes to see better if I need to. Definitely sucks but not as debilitating as you'd think

>> No.73459957

blanks have more anti-souls than they do not have souls. tau and necrons have souls but they're so small, particularly when compared to a human or god forbid an eldar, that their presence in the warp is negligible and thus makes them hard to be corrupted or influenced by chaos. blanks, on the other hand, are an active anathema to the energies of the warp to the point that even regular humans feel unsettled by their presence.

all of this is a long way of saying that chaos gods don't just rip your soul out and magically turn the remaining body into a blank. in non-blanks, the soul is an intimate and necessary part of the being, ripping it out drains the life force so as to leave them an empty husk (like dark eldar when they haven't had their fill of souls). the few times in lore it describes a daemon ripping out someone's soul/life force, the body left is desiccated and completely lifeless. on top of this most of the time a chaos god takes ownership of a soul, if it doesn't immediately mean turning the unfortunate victim into a daemon prince or chaos spawn, means they wait until post-mortem to claim it out of the body

>> No.73459960


>> No.73459961

No one is taking scorpions because they aren't spears, farseers, or planes.

>> No.73459970

Lol my eyes work fine. i call my glasses friends four eyes all the time, but in all seriousness with our modern day office/retail work settings, theres little effort to keep plastic/wire sticks between your ears. Its a simple truth.

>> No.73459974

Why the fuck would anyone use this strategem?

>> No.73459977

maybe i should get a pair of those dominatrix boots and a dominatrix coat

>> No.73459980

I'm sorry about your autism but I'm glad you have something to channel it into.

>> No.73459982

Like a man though

>> No.73459986

I didn't get introduced through DOW either senpai, My nerdy fucking friend showed me his chaos daemons and suddenly I was playing eldar.

I just think Banshees are fucking iconic and they're regularly used as stand ins or representations of the eldar as a whole, farseers are equally prolific I suppose though.

>> No.73459988

So if I get 2 boxes of warriors I would just do a unit of 5 with a prime? Or do they need to be in a bigger unit to be effective.
I might start with those models first since they are some of my favourite nid models and I'll just pick adaptations specifically for them

>> No.73459991

>mfw Admech legends my horses only to recreate them as cyborgs

>> No.73459997


>> No.73459998

Move the unit out of line of sight?

>> No.73460001

Since Primarines came out, I can't take marinelets seriously. They look short, stubby and inelegant.

>> No.73460002

maybe you stuck a comical amount of guys inside some huge transport and can't fit them in the 3" space?
It's retarded either way.

>> No.73460003

As well you should be

>> No.73460004

is this because they're manlets and not primaris?

>> No.73460007

I mean your not wrong, but its a bit disheartening to see the classic role of specialized units change so drastically, and function so counter to their lore.

>> No.73460010

Yeah the sob rules were lazy, 4 sisters units with essentially the same profile. A war gear list of flamer/HB/melta without special rules to bring them up to par when they're the worst imperium weapon options of 8th.

>> No.73460012

Your friends cry at night when you remind them of their disability just so you know

>> No.73460013

>lose twice the models and 1cp
>for 3 inches!
the choice of insecure men

>> No.73460014

didn't see this posted last thread.

>> No.73460022

oh no an eldar unit is T3, how terrible and unprecedented. if only they were an incredibly cheap deep striking unit ideal for tying down shooting-oriented infantry units or elites and blasting them to bits

well boo hoo faggot, barely any army plays like it **ACHSHUAHLEE** should in the lore, the fact scorpions are a viable and still deadly option is way above most other units and the fact you're moaning because the mortal wound dispencser doesn't come from the weapon you like just goes to show all the eldar player stereotypes are 100% true

>> No.73460024

>the only female minis with a cute butt
>always use that ugly mask
>meanwhile all the sisters are covered in robes and what not

>> No.73460025

>No wonder when the rules guys are often promoted shop staff and on basically the same wage.

Harsh but true, GW pay notoriously average wages, because a lot of people simply want to work for them to be involved in the Warhammer company, even the admin staff. No wonder Duncan left.

>> No.73460027

Im wondering if they changed the core rules for disembarking from a destroyed transport because that is... bad

>> No.73460030

don't worry, every player of every other faction already saw them that way

>> No.73460031

Enemy unit surrounded your transport and destroyed it via melee, leaving the unit inside dead because there is no space withing 3". Use this strategem to actually be able to disembark. You know, cuz it's an emergency situation.

>> No.73460033

A very large fraction of the rules changes seem to be "we'll just do what they do in AoS" except they ignore the context of how those things work in AoS, so you now have AoS split unit culling, but you also have an extra rule that will make large units lose coherency more easily, there are rumors of phase or term limited damage on some models, another rule taken from AoS, except in AoS that was used on a single character and was so fucking gay it was never used ever again, yet apparently it's going to show up over in 40k too.

This is the same kind of game design practice that they were doing with 8th edition, which in the end turned out pretty badly, so I have no confidence in 9th either.

>> No.73460039

I'm enthusiastic about the salt when bladeguard turn out as possessed++.

>> No.73460040

Fuck marines.

>> No.73460043


*shits on the entire Primarines range*

>> No.73460044

should I tell you?

>> No.73460045

>"censor" wyches in new art
>give her a full bodysuit under her armour
If this is the kind of censorship gw is gonna be going for then muh dick wants more

>> No.73460046

Is this after attempting to regroup or before?

>> No.73460054

>I want every game to last 10 hours: the post.
You have to be microbrain to think this won't make the game drastically longer

>> No.73460061

How shit is 9thEd going to be?

>> No.73460062


I think part of the issue is that GW doesn't want to push 'Human' statlines very much. Marines can be T4 or 5 but humans almost never get to move the statline beyond the standard human S3/T3, 4+/3+ offensive stats. It's why Zepherim have to have a special rule for rerolls to make up for not being allowed bigger stats. However, it also means that making new SOB units means a lot more rule/weapon creation as they can't make up the difference in raw stats.

>> No.73460065

I don't think that it's worth the 33% chance of killing dudes inside as opposed to the 1/6 chance you get normally.

>> No.73460066

mm..maybe? banshees have a feminine penis? cause that makes everything way better

>> No.73460079

what fucking thing is this vile abomination from

>> No.73460084

As much as im actually fine with glasses, thatd make me and the rest of the genetically flawless boys have a hearty chuckle.

>> No.73460085

Insecure much?

>> No.73460086

you'd get 0% chance of them surviving in that situation anon noted.

>> No.73460089

Do you think they'll update the SoS to actually fit into armies in 9th?

>> No.73460092

a qt elf girl with a crack addiction

>> No.73460094

Yes, it's because you're still buying manlets. Not that primaris are much of a step up, but at least it's not delusional.
ahahahahahahahahahahaha incredible
MSU are the only way to play from here on out.
Yeah, and it doesn't help that the core of 40k is so dated and stuffed with sacred cows that these horrible hackjob bandaids are the only thing GW can do to attempt to drag the ruleset into the modern era.

>> No.73460102

If your unit is important enough, I could see it being used. 33% chance to lose models is better than 100% unit loss.

>> No.73460103


Can someone explain Stratagems to me as a grog.

Like, do you pick 5 before a game or something (from your codex or the million supplement books each army seems to need now) or can you just pull them from a huge list at any time?

>> No.73460104

Nope that does not work either, because you cant move through an enemy model.

>> No.73460106


>> No.73460108

>novel from 2018

>> No.73460114

pull them from a huge list, anon watch some battle reports to find this sort of thing out.

>> No.73460117

>what could have been
How do I get to the berenstein dimension where tacs got the csm treatment instead.

>> No.73460118

probably before, since GW and the ITC fags they're working with are literally braindead
It's the curse of keeping things in a d6 system when you have what should be large amounts of stat variety from augmentations, mutations, species, etc.
He's probably aiming to make the tired sisters tranny joke

>> No.73460120


>> No.73460121

imo it'd be better if it didn't ignore explosion and instead let you skip survival rolls, but you were required to deal d3 MW if the vehicle didn't explode, dunno if that would be considered op or not since I don't use transports much.

>> No.73460123

Warriors really want a 9-man unit to be effective in 1500-2000 point games.

If you're playing at around 1000 points then a 5 man unit with a prime can be a good starter.

>> No.73460124

im not in denial, I know that manlets are getting squatted, I just happen to enjoy painting them more then primaris, also they are more fun to kitbash If its autistic to like my models for the joy they bring me during the hobbying aspect instead of how new they are, I'm happily autistic

>> No.73460126

Full body suits are way more attractive.

>> No.73460131

I feel like I'm going to hate the 2020s.

>> No.73460132

Thats in the morale phase, after fleeing.

AoS does the same thing

>> No.73460135


>> No.73460139

that's cute newfrend

>> No.73460141

>roll less dice
>move less bases
>remove less models
>spend less time reconsidering stratagems

>oh, no, I have to alternate unit activations instead spending 30 minutes smoking outside

>> No.73460143

>Game is defined by its rules.
Warhammer 40k is shit.

>> No.73460147

>He's probably aiming to make the tired sisters tranny joke

I expected no feminine penis and i'm still let down

>> No.73460149

Anons, I got a box of Dark Imperium on the cheap at my local store; I am keeping the Marines for a BA army but what about the DG? Are those units any good or should I just sell them?

>> No.73460150

I don't hate the t3/3+ just make the weapons worth using. Heavy bolters and flamers are practically worthless.

>> No.73460152

That's a reasonable take, anon.

>> No.73460161

This. I'm kind of tempted to paint my own wyches like that but i also can't resist the bare tummy

>> No.73460164


>> No.73460167

You will not be missed

>> No.73460169

Hey, I kind of like Garadon. His head is fucking terrible. I am considering an IF force with him in it, though. Going to just give him a helmet.

>> No.73460170

Just sit back and watch the fire burn. Came sooner than I expected but this year will probably go down in history as the most concrete 'this is where the collapse started' year.

You could always take it as an opportunity to get some armies for better games so you can play with your crew around your barrel fire and not worry about GW fuckery in 5 years.

>> No.73460175

>Nooooo assault multimeltas with double tap is op!!!!
>I hardly use vehicles as GK
>on the chance that I do, they're at the back of the board
>the next best thing they have to shoot has an invun
>and probably -1 to hit too
>these new primaris guys still have almost zero psychic defense and will get bonked by hammers regardless

>> No.73460181

I would certainly prefer it if you didn't act like an insufferable douchebag while talking about a mathhammer vacuum that implies utility in scorpion playstyles that isn't there.

sure I could deploy my eldar, get alphastuck off the board by astartes, wait for turn 2, deploy my ten man squad of striking scorpions 10 inches away from a unit, get overwatched at and lose a guy or 2, roll a 9" charge, fail, spend a command point to reroll the charge, pass, get into combat and then kill three or four primaris intercessors in melee and get deleted the next round.

Or I could spend those points bringing more saim hann shining spears and have a a T4 2W melee unit with a 4++ against ranged weapons and a 16" move that autoadvances 6" and can advance and charge with the saim hann strat, or play alaitoc and bring a ranger/flyer/wave serpent circus list and dab on everyone with my perma -2 to hit on everything.

>> No.73460182

Disembarking isn't movement as far as rules are concerned. You set the unit up within 3" of the transport.

>> No.73460183

Most people with half a brain that want anything more than casual dice rolling from the game have moved on to better games, anon.

>> No.73460188

This is the thing I'm confused about.
When does this happen? They didn't say in the article.

>> No.73460194

So, I figured out a way to fix Custodes. They are 3+ on WS, BS, and Sv. They roll on 2D6. They never take morale tests. They're S/T 9. They cost 200 points for a basic Guardian.

>> No.73460195

Remember they added a universal outflank strat

>> No.73460200

BSS, Dominions, Celestians and Retributors have been a part of the army since 2004. BSS and Retributors are even older than that. They couldn't change that fact without impacting iconic elements of the organisation of a SoB army.

>> No.73460205

I don't show off my secret stash of loyalist marines too often. I only play Orks.

>> No.73460206

>Haha my specific faction and army composition doesn't happen to be on the list of things this new power creep unit counters!
>look at me be so smug and self important!

Christ, can't you go huff some superglue? Preferably after you've jammed it six inches into your nostril?

>> No.73460209

>He doesn't like the mask.

>> No.73460210

It counts as having moved

>> No.73460213

it fucking literally says below you retard

>> No.73460214

More rules and such for 9th..

>> No.73460217

How do we know Eradicators can fire twice? I've never seen that stated anywhere.

>> No.73460218

So I break my unit's coherency on purpose (through intentionally bad casualty removal). When I remove models for the Unit Coherency Check, I can remove them in such a way that I leave my unit with a single model left (again, though what would be considered by model removal choices).

BOOM. Lone Wolf strategem.
I'm a fucking genius.

>> No.73460220

GW hates money remember

>> No.73460224

LITERALLY on their datasheet

>> No.73460226

>> No.73460233

I was hoping for a more rapid melta type weapon instead. Kind of like like a grav cannon with multiple shots on a gravis body.

>> No.73460235

Is there any way to remove specific models out of a unit, instead of always having the owner choose which models get removed?

>> No.73460236

Tell that to 30k.

>> No.73460237

>Implying SoS would make any money
Pull the other one

>> No.73460241

not that guy, but "counts as moved" doesn't mean "to set this model up you must be able to move it from the transport's hull to its final position as per a legal move"

it means "you count as moving for any rules that care about if a model moved or not"

>> No.73460244

>> No.73460245

Nice copy+paste despite ignoring all the people pointing out your ideas suck every time you post them.

>> No.73460247

hopefully not

>> No.73460248

>kill three or four primaris intercessors in melee
big dreams bro

>> No.73460249

>wound 2 paladins
>make points back

btw faggot nobody likes an uppity motherfucker, especially with how bad the moaning was when GK were bad the smugness that they're good is unbearable
t. gk player

>> No.73460251

things that deal mortal wounds to models and not units?

>> No.73460255

But it never actually moves through enemy models to disembark. The models are "set up." Counting as "having moved" doesn't prevent the disembark.

>> No.73460258


>> No.73460264

Yes he's wrong, but it's important to note that it does count as having moved

>> No.73460266

>> No.73460269

If Infinity's 4th edition really does simplify their special rule bloat I might migrate at this rate since 40k is diving into bloat. And doesn't even have reasonable purpose or depth to it.

>> No.73460271

So the way I see it, the new disembark will be change into wholly within 3" now. So yeah, your choice.

>> No.73460274


Honestly, I'm not so sure there. Those have all had the same models forever. If they'd say, given Celestians some unique special options they'd have not invalidated old models as those models are also the battle sister models.

That and to be frank? Celestians are trash and have always been trash because they don't actually have a mechanical identity other than 'vaguely more elite sisters...but not actually allowed to have any changes that might actually make them elite because that would push them above marines'. They don't get any special melee weapons, just ranged stuff. But they are also not allowed to just make them 2+ BS because marines don't get to have Veterans with 2+ BS. Celestians desperately need something to make them worth taking and doing so is going to almost certainly require a new set of models to let them be distinct from battle sisters.

>> No.73460281

30k marines are distinct enough between rites of war and the various legion specific abilities and units to make things a little more interesting.

however even 30k is currently dead.

>> No.73460283

if it's after falling back you could remove a specific model with like the Death Jester rule or something.

>> No.73460284

just remove them out of melee lmao
30k is boring unless you jack off to bolter porn more than real women.

>> No.73460286


>> No.73460288

I alone would spend enough to pay the rules writers / design team for the next three years. Granted said teams would probably consist of two guys and GW doesn’t pay well, but my point stands

>> No.73460296

I need them

>> No.73460299


>> No.73460300

This is dumb. Let me make my chaff stand in a line goddamn it

>> No.73460301

Is its mouth a fucking meltagun

>> No.73460306

Ironically the main reason SoS are at the bottom of my list of units I'd like to buy is that I can't find a way to effectively fit them into my army.

>> No.73460313

I may have a problem, but my point stands

>> No.73460316

>The player's turn then ends
Morale is given in 9th as being a phase both players take part in: "Both players test the courage of their depleted units"
So, say you have a unit that was shot at by your opponent and 'split' in two, is it going to cost half the unit now? You wouldn't have a chance to bring the unit back together in your opponents turn, but you still have the morale phase ergo this rule applies.

>> No.73460328

There are male Banshees.
Banshee aspect armour always got tits because the Banshee is a female aspect of Khaine.

This also means there are tomboy Striking Scorpions.

>> No.73460336


>> No.73460338


>> No.73460340

Gonna point out a lot of the stratagems only affect specific units so most of them you can ignore. I recommend using cards (make your own).

>> No.73460341

>unit gets shot at and 2 guys are removed like this
>no mention of which "single group" stays on the board

Why do they put down so many words in these new text boxes but not the right ones.

>> No.73460347

God these are beautiful

>> No.73460349

30k actually has depth and identity. Marines (and CSM) in 40k are the same thing with (varying levels of) different paint. Just a boring, homogeneous mess.

>> No.73460350

>there are rumors of phase or term limited damage on some models
don't want those Primaris Invictor and Forgeworld Leviathan minis people bought to be taken out in one turn after all! they put a lot of money into that model, need to make sure it artificially stays on the board so people feel good about that purchase.

>> No.73460352

I'll just pretend that banshee training slowly feminizes the male warriors now

>> No.73460355

I mean, who the fuck like bald woman with top knot? Like, what the fuck?

>> No.73460357

Daisyfaggots getting BTFO, melee king once more

>> No.73460358

>which single group stays
the one you don't remove, you get to choose obviously

>> No.73460359

The group the controlling player chooses. Stop blaming the company for you being retarded

>> No.73460367

Most likely you choose which group

>> No.73460369

conga chads win again

>> No.73460372

"players remove models until there is one group remaining"
its your choice?

>> No.73460378

>30k is dead

Because the mastermind passed. No one else in GW has passion like Bligh did.

>> No.73460380

Yes, daisy chaining now has to be at least two models thick

>> No.73460383

Now that I can actually see it Astartes plate armor sucks wtf I hate the torso

>> No.73460386

If you're actually this dumb, tabletop wargames might not be a great fit for you.

>> No.73460387

yeah but now you suck at screening

>> No.73460392

>No wonder Duncan left.
he had no choice really after what happened

>> No.73460393

Only works with 25mm, 32mm and above are larger than an inch

>> No.73460397

Woot woot for my Salamanders, it’s like they were made just for them...

>> No.73460398

or like base to base, as shown here: >>73460369

>> No.73460399

I do.

>> No.73460400

Sure, but they don't have to have the same profiles. They really couldn't do something more with dominions than they're just battle sisters with a 6" pre-game move. They don't even scout deploy. Seraphim can't have at least a vet profile when they clearly should in the lore, much anything interesting as special rule.

All these strategem abilities no one will ever use should be on unit cards. Retributors should just have Storm of Retribution, Seraphim should have Deadly Descent, Sister squads should have Holy Trinity.

>> No.73460402

Actually, thanks to still failing to spell out that there has to be an unbroken chain of coherency from any one model to any other, you shouldn't have to remove any models in that pic, as the surviving models all still meet the criteria of being within 2" of two other models from the unit

>> No.73460405

>that hair cut
Why do they keep their hair like that? [insert abbedon waifu joke here] Blanks life is rough enough as it is, why make it worse by looking less female and more retard?
GW try to avoid making cute females? SoB are ugly ass feminine manlets on a rampage, SoS are abbedon look alikes. Eldars got their stupid masks on, Dark eldars are just retard looking bondage nutbags. Tau female looks like a fish.
I don't want bikini armour ladies, but i'd like to see one model that could represent the average female in the imperium

>> No.73460406

>While a unit has six or more models, all models must be within 2" horizontally and 5" vertically of at least two other models from their unit.

Someone explain to me why with the new Coherency rules you can't just split a 12 man unit into 4 three model ""squads"" as all of them would fufill the requirements.

>> No.73460411

Okay, 1 person.

>> No.73460412

I really like the gemstone chestplates, I'm sad modern models no longer have them

>> No.73460414

Those look bloody awesome. I really need to start picking up more old models.

>> No.73460415

32mm is about 1.25". So the models on either side of a model on a 32mm base are within 2" of one another.

>> No.73460416

Dominions can also take more special weapons than BS (5 v 3 at min size)

>> No.73460424

"must be set up and finish any move as a single group"

>> No.73460427


what no, they'd still be less than 2" from 2 dudes

>> No.73460428

Civilized men of taste and culture.

>> No.73460431

>that smugness
Do you want to turn back time? To the good ol days?

>> No.73460436


With all these pistol units turning up for GSC and Mechanicus, I'm kinda disapointed that Seraphim don't have any cool pistol tricks. 2x Bolt Pistols are mostly just 'worse than having a bolter' for a unit that folds like cardboard the moment melee happens and bolters are already not exactly impressive weapons.

>> No.73460448


>> No.73460452

It's not the dog's fault, but the owner's!

>> No.73460454

>have a perfectly good front grip
>"Nah, man, lets put a tacticool vertical grip ON TOP, brah!"

>> No.73460455

it doesn't have to be base to base, this figure is drawn to scale

>> No.73460460

They kind of are bs2 since they reroll around a canoness now, maybe we see them some more since theres less pressure to bring 6x troop squads as they're clearly worth +1 point. However 6 elite slots is a limitation in single battalion now with imagifiers and priest eating up slots.

>> No.73460466

Not if you start taking dudes off the end of the chain, if I'm following the example correctly. In order to not have a domino effect you would have to have 2 models within 2" on one side or the other of the model (if you made a straight line) which can only be done on 25mm bases

>> No.73460482

If you take out one guy now though, wouldn't all but the other end of the chain die and cascade because one end of the chain is now out of unit coherency?

>> No.73460483

>Kids, this is NOT World of Warcraft...
What the fuck did he mean by this?

>> No.73460485

How much are they meant to cost? Quite important for rating their balance.

Here's a homebrew sheet i've been playing with quite a lot recently.

>> No.73460490


Are you retarded?

>> No.73460491

'Group' is no where near specific enough. You could still use the word group to refer to things that are only within 3" of each other, or even further.

>> No.73460493

>Single group
That doesn't mean anything though. If I have two groups of 3 models 2.1" away from each other, would you not instinctively say that they were a unit?
They didn't specify that all models need to be continually linked.

>> No.73460495

>i'd like to see one model that could represent the average female in the imperium
Here ya go anon.
> Why do they keep their hair like that?
Two reasons I think. 1st, it allows for their hair to actually fit their helmets and frees up skull space for sickass tattoos. 2nd, modeling hair is hard. Very hard. Just take a gander at modem Daemonettes if you don’t believe me

>> No.73460500

Yeah but this shortens the length of your chain by HALF compared to before. It's still an effective rule at mitigating that gamey WAAC bullshit.

>> No.73460510

Player stop measuring your movement you're out of time and are forced to forfeit the rest of your turn, opposing player you have 20 minutes to complete your turn starting now.

>> No.73460511

Bold of you to assume I’m a person

>> No.73460519

That's literally what coherency means retard. A single group where all models are within 2" of another model in that group.

>> No.73460520

Id like to think not. This answer should be consistent with fight phase rules which we talked about when orks went to 32mm bases

>> No.73460521

To be fair, GW's failure to specify that ALL the models must all be linkable by an unbroken chain of 2" isn't new, the coherency rules for 8 left it just as vague. And even in the FAQ when this was addressed, they just answered 'They have to be in one group dude'

>> No.73460527

If something has an ability to kill the model of your choice then one half of your unit dies when one model does.

>> No.73460534

But anon, if they held them in a reasonable way people would realize the Melta-rifles are just normal meltaguns with an extra tank

>> No.73460536

>Here ya go anon
thanks anon, tho its not a cute model. Its still how i would've dressed in 40k if i were female.

>> No.73460537

Single group.

>> No.73460544

>single group
>i have two groups
You already fucked up

>> No.73460548

Fine, I thought you could infer without me having to quote the whole rule, but whatever.

"as a single group with all models within 2" . . . of at least one other model from their unit"

>> No.73460549

being able to target specific models unironically breaks the game if the models have more than one wound
the game doesn't allow for you to allocate wounds in the case that two models in a unit are wounded

>> No.73460553

>You could still use the word group to refer to things that are only within 3" of each other, or even further.
No you couldnt because that same fucking rule specifies what group means in regards to the coherency range. Stop being intentionally retarded.

>> No.73460560

if the base is less than 2", its possible to have 2 models within 2" of a model only on one side.

You are correct about fighting in combat, but combat range is only 1", thats why

>> No.73460561

Carapace armor is the thinking woman’s choice

>> No.73460568

So you need to stay in a group, not a line.

>> No.73460569

>That's literally what coherency means retard.
They LITERALLY didn't define it that way. All they said was for groups of 6+ models, they need to be within 2 and 5 inches away from two other models. NOWHERE in the rule given was it specified that these groups/models had to be linked to one another.
You can say "WeLl tHeY MEaN ThIS" but they didn't write it that way.
It's shittily written, stop defending poor writing.

>> No.73460570


>> No.73460571

This has to be the most hilarious but sad thing I've read in a while. Did he ever make it bros?

>> No.73460577

I don't think anything in the game currently lets you target specific models in units though, right?

>> No.73460583

Combat is 2". And I said only 25mms could do this
32s couldnt

>> No.73460593

topknots are just an aesthetically functional trick on the silhouette

>> No.73460594

Right, here's my GROUP of models, all within 2" of two other models from the unit.

It's GW's job to specify that 'group' means they must all be close together in a manner that allows any one model to be connected to any other by an unbroken chain of 2" coherency. I'm not just going to assign that definition to the word without instruction.

>> No.73460598

anon why are your models in my fridge?

>> No.73460611

"it must instead be within 2" . . . of at least 2wo other models"
note the word "Instead" in that sentence.

Instead means it modifies the coherency rules to "Within 2" of at least one model" to "within 2" of at least 2 models"
It doesn't remove the "in a single group" requirement.

>Combat is 2".
This is wrong though? Its 'Within 1" of an enemy model, or within 1" of a model in that unit that is itself within 1" of an enemy model'?

>> No.73460618


>> No.73460619

what's wrong with this? it causes no problems

>> No.73460622

It's made by brits who have never held a rifle in their life.
What do you expect?

>> No.73460623

it still works

>> No.73460627

I mean if your being deliberately obtuse about what a "single group of models where each model is within 2" of at least 2 models from that unit" is, then sure. I guess your right.

I don't think any sane person will follow that interpretation in a real game though.

>> No.73460631

So, I'm seeing another RAW vs RAI debate. Someone care to fill me inon what the dilemma is?

>> No.73460638

>grabbing a late night snack
>surprise grav tank shooting at you with all its dakka
roll to save anon!

>> No.73460645

>canned pineapple
get a real pineapple. remember, after you've sliced it up soak the pineapple slices in lightly salted water for about a minute. the salt will neutralize some of the enzymes that "burn" the tongue and lips leaving the sweetness and tartness of the pineapple intact.

>> No.73460650

Don't put arguing that kind of bullshit beyond tourneyfags if they think it'll be to their advantage.

GW failing to be specific enough in how they write the Unit Coherency rules

>> No.73460656


>> No.73460659

>It doesn't remove the "in a single group" requirement.
You seem to be confused. I can clearly see what the sentence reads, but they don't DEFINE what a single group means.
Look at anon's picture here >>73460594
I would call that a group of models. If you want to be more visually appealing, we can move them closer such that they're just over 2" away, but it doesn't change the fact they didn't specify that the coherency must be linked/chained.

>> No.73460661

This is why everyone hates tourneyfags.

>> No.73460663

>WAACfag tourneyfags argue over spacing AGAIN

you stupid faggots are the reason simplified to the point of insult 8th came around in the first place

>> No.73460667

WAACfags are getting hysterical because their precious screening conga-lines are being taken away.

>> No.73460675

Those both domino from casualities

>> No.73460680

Specifically, it revolves around GW failing to define what "A single group of models" is, and some people deciding that a unit can still be in "a single group of models" if the unit doesn't form an unbroken chain of coherency

>> No.73460687

Redpill me on buying/painting models. I've just been playing the game for the last six months on tabletop sim which has been pretty fun but I'd love to start a collection. I'm concerned if I bought models I'd fuck up painting them and they'd look awful and I'd be stuck with them I've heard stripping the paint ruins the plastic so you only get one shot? I don't think I could play or enjoy models that look like shit if I couldn't improve them.

>> No.73460694

But this is an instance where simplifying the rules has OPENED shit to abuse

>> No.73460695


>> No.73460696

>New coherency rules breaks Mordian rules and the aesthetics of firing lines.
RIP Fluff.
Though, I wonder what benefit Mordians will get in 9th to replace their old rules.

>> No.73460703

I'm petitioning GW to include a disclaimer in the rules for 9th edition.
>When playing Warhammer 40k there's a high risk you'll come across players who are on the spectrum. Please be patient when playing with them. If they don't understand the rules, instead of arguing, if their error isn't severe enough to break the game, accept their interpretation and try to enjoy the rest of the game. Remember, they have a disability, and you do not.

>> No.73460705

(that that anon, but) no they don't. In both images, the model on the left is within 2" of two models from its unit (both on its right)

>> No.73460706

Fish Tits!

>> No.73460709

I like the "WAACfag" interpretation of group. It can lead to interesting maneuvers where you could break up 12 cultists into separate triangles of 3, but one model getting killed in a triangle removes an entire triangle.
Technically it could also lead to situations where the unit can't move, because it has 5 models but they are separated in a group of 4 and 1, and really far away, so no movement will bring them back into coherency.

>> No.73460710

Double-ranked firing lines always looked good and was nothing unprecedented

>> No.73460715

Can someone link me to the new coherency rules?

>> No.73460716

no one has held or fired a meltagun though.

>> No.73460720

They literally define 'group of models' you fucking mong.

"A unit- that has more than one model must be set up and finish any sort of move as a single group."

Cease your faggotry.

>> No.73460721

I don't think the current coherency rules are any different though? Didn't they have to FAQ them for this edition too?

>> No.73460722

nothing, everyone but cadians and catachans are getting squatted

>> No.73460723

Gravis profile (T5 W3), 24" meltaguns, fire twice if they all shoot the same unit. Just the usual Primaris power creep. I wonder if the rules writers ever heard of Fire Dragons.

>> No.73460724

Why's the dog signing Lesbian?

>> No.73460729

Fish Tits! In the correct position!

>> No.73460731

They're posted in this fucking thread

>> No.73460734

You didn't read the article, did you?

>> No.73460735

They won't. They don't have models. No model? No rules. Look at all we've lost from previous IG books. IG will just become a homogeneous blob.

>> No.73460736

>not playing an edition between RT and 5th
Enjoy your marvel marines

>> No.73460741

fish tit*

>> No.73460744


>> No.73460747

>They literally define group, dude
>Quotes a line that doesn't define Group

They aren't different and I saw this debate years ago too

>> No.73460756

I eat normal pineapples all the time, back in February Metokur got me spooked out on Corona so I bought a shit ton of canned foods. Now I am just working on eating thru the stock. I just thew it in since I wanted them chilled when I ate them later that day.
Poor man's light box, guys on /tg/ recommended it

>> No.73460765

>there are rumors of phase or term limited damage on some models, another rule taken from AoS, except in AoS that was used on a single character and was so fucking gay it was never used ever again, yet apparently it's going to show up over in 40k too.
It's already in 40k, and only in two instances: Ghaz (who absolutely needs it as a >9W character lest he get deleted as soon as he sets foot on the battlefield) and Exalted Bloodthirsters (who get an 8W cap out of their 16W total as one of their potential abilities, and they degrade to shit anyways).

>> No.73460770

Do the metal Cadian melta and plasma dudes get extra stuff for having a top mounted vertical grip and an extra (backpack) tank? Then again, it's not totally normal meltagun as the pistol trip is angled for a more comfortable looking hold than the Primaris.

>> No.73460774

>effectively assault 2
Since I'm guessing Impulsors can't take these, these are probably excellent for Raven Guard chaplain drops

>> No.73460776

They do. You know what I mean by casualties right?

>> No.73460777

Surprisingly difficult when the community you come back to after a hiatus in the middle of 4th now only plays 8th and the very few veterans that stuck around really enjoy the simplicity of 8th. And have turned into tourneyfags.

>> No.73460779

Hello friend! I see you are very confused about groups. I have found this educational video to help you out.


Hope that helps!

>> No.73460782


>> No.73460783

Their blades would need to be S5, ignore ALL armor save.

>> No.73460786

That's your fault. Blood Angels are the one space marine chapter everyone loves.

>> No.73460787

If c is removed then b and d are still within coherency because they are within 2" of each other and a and e respectively
this is now what you must do instead of spacing for blast templates

>> No.73460798

if your entire unit is set up in a chain that way, and you remove one model off the end of the chain, the model to its right is still within 2" of two models from its unit (both on its right)

>> No.73460802

He's the God of not having an endgame

>> No.73460803

We already have a pretty complete picture of Bladeguard. Primaris statline with 3A (veterans), MC power swords (S4 AP-3 D2) and 3+/3++ (storm shields). Other than any potential extra rules (which I wouldn't rule out because lol Primaris) that looks to be about it. Notably, it's pretty much the perfect profile for Gene-wrought Might.

>> No.73460808

If you ask nicely, Xir can grow up to 6 tits.

>> No.73460811

With 24" they are excellent for any kind of drop.

>> No.73460815

You want a burger, because you're hungry.
You come to my stand and ask for a Mushroom Swiss, with a medium rare patty.
I reply
>That'll be some dollars
You, be naturally confused by the statement, ask
>Excuse me, how much?
I reply

>> No.73460818

>all necrons are unnerving to soulled beings

[citation needed]

>> No.73460823

>Since I'm guessing Impulsors can't take these, these are probably excellent for Raven Guard chaplain drops
or the new strategic reserves rules should be able to drop them in half range from the get go

>> No.73460828

How to congaline in 9th.

>> No.73460837

Imagine expecting practicality in 40k lmao fucking lurk more.

>> No.73460838

>24'' range
>2 shots
>12'' range for bonus, therefore easily obtainable
>salamanders melta squads

>> No.73460839

It's acrylic paint, you'd have to be a wizard to fuck up a model permanently with it. And I've got models that have been painted and striped 10 times and they are still fine. A bad paint job doesn't ruin anything, despite what the work in progress thread says. If you want models, get models.

>> No.73460841

Frankly, I don't see this doing much. Aside from what was pointed out that a conga line with a 3-man cluster at each end still fulfills the coherency requirements, if you really want your conga line you can just take MSU and put them next to each other. I like the intent, but the reality doesn't pan out.

>> No.73460842

>stripping the paint ruins the plastic
It doesnt, just strip with alcohol not the drinking kind and a toothbrush for scrubbing. remember to thin paints and be careful and take your time. If it looks too shit to play with it, strip and retry, you'll only get better with time

>> No.73460844

>In mathematics, a group is a set equipped with a binary operation that combines any two elements to form a third element in such a way that four conditions called group axioms are satisfied, namely closure, associativity, identity and invertibility. One of the most familiar examples of a group is the set of integers together with the addition operation, but groups are encountered in numerous areas within and outside mathematics, and help focusing on essential structural aspects, by detaching them from the concrete nature of the subject of the study.

I don't see any mention of unbreakable chain

>> No.73460875

Two would be preferred

>> No.73460880

Pictured: NOT a group of stones, because some of the stones are more than 2 inches from each other. You can call Stonehenge 'multiple groups of stones', but if you hear someone refer to them as 'A group of stones', be sure to correct them immediately.

>> No.73460887

maybe, well have to see how they compare to the more flexible grav dev drop.

>> No.73460889

I don't know if we're saying the same thing or there is some kind of misunderstanding. Basically, in order to not have a domino effect you must set up your models so that you have 3 within 2". I think only 25s can do when setting up in a single file line and they ha e to go base to base to do it

>> No.73460893


>> No.73460898

>love the lore, color scheme, play style of 1ksons
>hate the headdress helmets

>> No.73460906

Grab a couple of friends and play kitchen table hammer of your preferred edition. Me and my mates still play 5th edition 40k and 6th edition fantasy. How was 4th edition? I’ve never given it a try

>> No.73460907

I'm gonna be forcing this interpretation so people can question their sanity.

>> No.73460908

27 points per MW in melee from a unit that's made of paper is hardly a good asking price. Not that it really matters anyway since having to try and squeeze some form of utility out of their rules regardless of what the lore says they do is what most non-Marines get.

>> No.73460912

I have discovered the NEW(tm) conga line.
It is this:
The size of the right group is a certain risk for you, the player.

>> No.73460918

32mm bases are less than 2" wide, so you can fit two of them within 2" of a model in a straight line only on one side.

it can be done with any base that is less than 2", which I think includes 40mm, although I didn't actually do the conversion because I'm lazy

>> No.73460923

>intentionally and willfully misunderstand words
>Starting having a trantrum when people call you a retard

>> No.73460930

>aesthetics of firing lines.
two deep or go home; fake-aesthetic-fag

>> No.73460935

>swap helmets
have fun anon

>> No.73460936

I agree with separate blobs single group until GW either reword or FAQs it

>> No.73460953

>he dosent know

>> No.73460957

>Being a shill
>Defending poorly written rules GW hired some ESL to write
You don't get it do you.
It's not a matter of anyone not "getting" the rules, it's a matter of the rules not being explicit and there being multiple cases of things following those rules with unintended results.

>> No.73460968

hey anons, I would really like to do an ork army but my wallet isnt into cbt. any tips?

>> No.73460982

Someone referred to me as a "fucking unit" today. I immediately corrected him, I'm not a tabletop miniature, and I don't even have an assigned statsheet.

>> No.73460987

buy a knight, and pretend it's a pile of orks in unit coherency.
Remember guys, models can float as long as they are stable and don't touch other models.

>> No.73461004

It's not poorly written. It's like calling a hotdog a sandwich. You have to intentionally choose to misinterpret the rule in order to come to such a ridiculous conclusion. You'd have just as much credence in saying you could play the game with a d6 that has six on every side because GW only defines a d6 as a "six sided dice". You're not proving anything beyond your ability to be autistic

>> No.73461007

Based on being popular. Dab some knowledge into the brains of illiterate people called Fucks.

>> No.73461015

Hello Rogal Dorn

>> No.73461019

>Tabletop game using little space plastic soldiers fighting green fungus blobs and aliens.
>Flying Churches as ships, giant walking robots and Space magic.
>People crying about rules written to have a clear intent instead of page long paragraphs adressing every single issue that could happen.
>He doesn't have an assigned statsheet
I bet ur S4

>> No.73461023

As far as we know, casualty allocation is still done by the owning player, so you'd have to be somewhat retarded to allow a unit to get cut in half by enemy shooting.

>> No.73461032

I define a sandwich anything that is between two slices of bread. If you had a sausage between two slices of bread I would think it's a sandwich before it's a hot dog.

>> No.73461038

Hotdog is a sandwich though. More important question - what's the difference between a sandwich and a pizza?

>> No.73461044

Not him, but obligatory rules are important.

>> No.73461051

Go to a hotdog stand and ask for a sandwich, see how it works out for you

>> No.73461053

People are crying because they can't create maximum length chains with 2" between each model anymore.

(and in that setup, losing a single model anywhere in the chain would kill your chain down to 5 models)

>> No.73461055

My fridge is too cluttered and the light doesnt work anymore

>> No.73461060

>Tfw I didn't even read the coherance rules as i always rank up my men in aesthetic tight knit ranks of 3/5/10 depending on their size and haven't pulled a faggot conga in my life

>> No.73461061

yes, but common sense should still be applied right? no need having to bring a library to every game because your opponent choose to be retarded

>> No.73461063

Trying to define a group of models as 3 separate groups of models is opposite extreme of that picture.

>> No.73461065

but then it isn't canon!

>> No.73461068

Oh, yeah I guess Centurions will always be better, but mydudes dont run any manlets so that's why.

>> No.73461071

I define a pizza as some thing that uses that circular bread as a base, is fried.
I don't know any hotdog stand that sells sausages between two slices of bread.
Actually scratch that, I know a bakery near me that does, and they are literally called sausage sandwiches.

>> No.73461082

I did that, not only once, but thrice. And everytime I received a hotdog, which is a specific kind of sandwich without any complaints.

>> No.73461083

It's a great feeling. Those of us who just played the game instead of fucking around with weird conga-line formations don't have to change a damn thing.

>> No.73461084

>tzeentch got drunk
>removed helmets for a quick laugh
here you go anon, I might be a lorelet but now you can have helmetless T-Sons

>> No.73461092

You could do what MTG does. Have an online library where all the nitty gritty niche details are located, and the actual codexes and rulesbooks have basically RAI.

>> No.73461102

I'm trying to think of a pun I can make about people saying "SOULLESS" but so far I'm drawing a blank.

>> No.73461103

They've said their including an appendix in the rulebook for "what if?" rule interactions

>> No.73461106

Does seem like rules specificity has diminishing returns in that vague rules will usually be played according to RAI (ie assault weapons) but exacting rules will be squeezed dry on the altar of RAW.

>> No.73461116

>fried pizza
>only round counts
>online rules for free
I'd love that, but GW wants to make money with codices and updated ruleboos etc. sadly

>> No.73461120

>Custodes ever taking morale tests
How badly did you fuck up for your custodes to have to take a morale test? I've ran them in large squads and never had this happen.

>> No.73461126

Well for me a difference between them is WHEN the bread is fried. Pizza's bread is wired WITH ingredients, while sandwich's BEFORE putting them on.

>> No.73461129


>> No.73461142

Not wired but fried, but you get it.

>> No.73461153


>> No.73461165

I hate it when I go to a sandwich shop and they don't cut all the way through the bread. If I wanted a hotdog I would have gone to the hotdog shop.

>> No.73461166


>> No.73461172

>fried pizza
>only round counts
I don't know the name of that type of bread so I just described it, but yeah it can be whatever shape you want.
>I'd love that, but GW wants to make money with codices and updated rulebooks etc. sadly
They don't have to have all the rules there, just the nitty and gritty for us who like to abuse RAW.
I still say that the type of bread is important. I mean if you take an unbaked loaf, cut it open, put some chees and salami, then fry it, is it now a pizza? No, it's a calzone.

>> No.73461180

But calzone is just a closed pizza.

>> No.73461183

The worst is when it's a sloppy sandwich or burger, so you're risking compromising the structural integrity of the thing by separating the halves. My bagel place does that shit all the time.

>> No.73461189

Assuming you keep your units chained in base-to-base contact:

Model A is within 2" of three other models in its unit. Removing it will not cause a domino-effect during a Unit Coherency Check as the next model in line is also within 2" of at least 2 other models in the unit.
Model B is within 2" of two other models in its unit. Removing it will not cause a domino-effect during a Unit Coherency Check as the next model in line is also within 2" of at least 2 other models in the unit.

>> No.73461201

well not really. At least in my opinion. A calzone closed bread. It can be normal bread, or pizza bread, or whatever. But I disagree you have a pizza if you use normal bread loaf.

>> No.73461204


>> No.73461206

Yeah now I think about it this won't stop daisy chaining at all, it'll just require them to be a bit tighter. That guy lamenting he can't have his Mordian firing line actually has nothing to worry about.

>> No.73461212

>sandwich or burger
in my country aburger is literally just called a sandwich.

>> No.73461227


>> No.73461231

I'm actually curious now... If you put a sausage between two slices of toast, would some people actually call it a hot dog and not a sandwich?

>> No.73461235

>all this talk about pizza and burgers
damn you anons, I dont want to get takeout today

>> No.73461237

Countries can be wrong. Such as this Asian hotdog.

>> No.73461243

And they just need to take casualties from the ends of the chain and not the middle, so put the units you want to protect (Lt.'s with special weapons) either on one end (if taking casualties starting from the far end and working down the line) or in the middle (if taking from alternating ends).

>> No.73461246

I would call it a terrible meal

>> No.73461262

if you took one piece of toast and curved it around the sausage, I think I'd call it a hot dog.

the hot dog bun is ultimately connected into one piece, although very loosely.

>> No.73461266

Honestly I might go look at what I can get. Maybe a pack or two of MR Noodles, those are always a nice rare treat. How many packs do I buy?

>> No.73461273

hmm... I think i'll actually order something now... Only ate a Pfankuchen today...
well them calling it "asian hotdog" clearly indicates it's a different entity. They were trying to make a reference, but still acknowledge it's not the same thing.
Nah, I like it. Toast and sausage has that airplane food appeal to it.

>> No.73461274

Wait, people did this? Why? And I missed something, coherency rules?

>> No.73461277

As gross as that is, God do I miss all you can eat sushi, restaurants in my area just got the green light to allow customers inside but all my local all you can eat sushi places are dragging their feet on the matter.

>> No.73461285

>As gross as that is
I don't think it's gross...

>> No.73461288

In a pinch, if there weren't enough hotdog buns for the entire family, someone would use regular bread instead. Said person could say they are "eating hotdogs with the family" while on the phone. Remember to correct them and tell them that while the rest of us are eating hotdogs, they are in fact eating a sausage sandwich.

>> No.73461295

Yes. Because it is what people call it. Things aren't objectively defined. You can not conceivably have a perfect empirically defined language because that is not really how language is used or works. However, acknowledging that, trying to point at a hotdog and calling it a sandwich or a group of three things and calling it one group makes you retarded.

>> No.73461296

People used conga lines for a bunch of reasons. Often to keep a large unit within range of a beneficial aura ability over a longer distance.

>> No.73461299

Everyone shut the fuck up, gospel truth coming through

>> No.73461300

That actually happened back in high school.

>> No.73461311

if you're adding to it, 2. If you're eating them raw, none and starve
these ones?

>> No.73461314

A sub is a type of sandwich, aye?

>> No.73461320

In your defense, I never tried it so it could be good. But regardless I am looking forward to the day my favorite sushi place does dine in again, I am going to eat like a king.

>> No.73461325

>You can not conceivably have a perfect empirically defined language
But everyone does in side their mind. We just disagree on definitions. The reason the hot dog thing comes up is because people have different interpretations of what a hot dog is. I just don't see sausage between two slices of toast as a hot dog.

>> No.73461333

>if you're eating it raw
God, I remember the old school I went to, all the grade fivers would bring cup noodles and just bite into them.

>> No.73461335

This just makes me imagine a whole bunch of marines holding hands in a daisy chain of super gay friendship to share in and pass along comanderkuns buffs

>> No.73461337

A hot dog is a taco.

>> No.73461338

No, the Berliner variant.

>> No.73461339

Structure Neutral Ingredient Purist is the only correct choice also structure purist ingredient purists are also acceptable

>> No.73461343

Anyone who calls a wrap a sandwich should be shot on sight.

>> No.73461358

thats just a jelly filled donut

>> No.73461364

what is that, some sort of jelly sandwich?

>> No.73461370

That is essentially what they were doing, just playing a game of telephone and letting the guy on the far end know that the Lt. said he could reroll his 1's while wounding.

>> No.73461373

Time to shoot my sister.

>> No.73461379

No, this is.

>> No.73461381

>tfw you play GKs
>tfw you've never needed to congaline in your life
>tfw you don't ever have a single unit with more than 5 models in your army
Sucks to be you, fags.

>> No.73461384

If it's anything it's a jelly calzone.
I guess Americans do call it a donut? But how do you differentiate between this and the one with the hole in the middle.

>> No.73461389

No they don't, unless you are wildly misunderstanding what empirically defined means.

An empirically defined language would leave nothing open to personal interpretation because everything wouldd be based on empirical observation.

"It is 50C" is an empirical statement. "It is hot today" is not.

The hotdog thing comes up because people want to create strict definitions and categories for things so that language can be accurate, but that is distinctily not how language works.

>> No.73461393

>rice doritos
Thanks Brock.

>> No.73461395

>nurgling chill with plague marines and just generally have a good time
>bloodletters don't just hang out with berzerkers
>horrors don't hang out with rubric sorcerers
>daemonettes don't hang out with noise marines
Maybe Nurgle is the best chaos god. I mean his daemons seem pretty alright

>> No.73461396

Should I buy I buy the GSC part of Deathwatch Overkill for $95? Been looking to get into GSC.
>Primus, Magus, 2 Purestrain Genestealers, 4 Aberrants, 12 Acolyte Hybrids, 16 Neophyte Hybrids, 1 Genestealer Patriarch

>> No.73461403

Anyone else think the plural of Tyranid should still be Tyranid?
When someone calls them Tyranids (which is the correct way I think) it reminds me when I was a kid and some adults would call Lego "legoes".
Please share your thoughts

>> No.73461407

Also lets even small units deny large areas of the board for deep-striking

>> No.73461417

I kinda knew you ment them
>literally wanted to upload the same google image
im stupid
thats a Berliner, Pfannkuchen or a Krapfen, depending on where you live

>> No.73461418

A Jalapeno Popper is a sandwich, Tyranids are space marines, and Guilliman is Lawful Evil.

>> No.73461428

>"It is 50C" is an empirical statement. "It is hot today" is not.
However if you have semi strict boundaries from which point hot beings and where it ends it is in fact empirical.
People who have convictions in these things have almost strict definitions, those that do not accept which ever consensus is reached.

>> No.73461430

All of USA call multiple Lego "Legos" and it drives me crazy.

>> No.73461431

My battle-brother.

>> No.73461433

Damn, breaded poppers? Sounds good, want to try.

>> No.73461436

If you wanna play GSC yes sounds good to me

>> No.73461446 [SPOILER] 

>Asian hotdog

>> No.73461449

Turducken is a sandwich, if you're a rebel.

>> No.73461467

That's the standard way to serve them in America, unsurprisingly. They are quite tasty though.

>> No.73461471

is this the definition of white fragility?

>> No.73461477

I was hoping for Shino Aoi.

>> No.73461488

Only white people have Lego though

>> No.73461494

Do I get french fries or a burger?

>> No.73461495

>tfw your friend was getting back into 40k with a new army after dropping his eldar a few years ago
>he was thinking of getting custodes
>could have teamed up as elite battle-bro's and kicked heretical and xeno ass together
>in the end, he decides to go for Tau instead

>> No.73461500


>> No.73461504

>Gets a slightly better version of everyone else's wargear
>Double shoots for free just for shits

Is being a marine fanboy a requirement to get hired as a GW rules writer?

>> No.73461506

Hot is a relative description, not an empirical one. Freezing can be considered hot relativr to absolute zero. That's the distinction point of language. Obviously what is hot to someone may not be hot to another. What is considered a sandwich in one culture may be called something else in another. Language by nature is imprecise. Of course this is all the subject of much debate. The vienna circle made an attempt to create a purely empirical language but ultimately they failed in doing so. You could argue that computers require an empirical language in which to operate and therefore one exists, but I would argue that computer language is not actually a language, just logic chains.

>> No.73461509

hmm... fine.

>> No.73461514

It is strange to me this is an either-or decision.

What do unbreaded poppers even look like?

>> No.73461518

That is correct. "Legos" is the plural of the singular "Lego"

>> No.73461520


>> No.73461521

you need fries as a side to the burger anon
>Do I order food or not?

>> No.73461525

Depends where you're ordering from, and on how many you want. McDonald's fries are fairly solid, but you can buy four of those tiny cheeseburgers for like eight dollars.

>> No.73461532

Turducken is a sandwich if you aren't a massive bitch

>> No.73461536

>It is strange to me this is an either-or decision.
I save money on small decisions like these to buy more models. You skimp on one or the other and within 10 days you already have another box.

>> No.73461538

I am only not mad because I have retributors who do almost the same thing.

>> No.73461542

One burger isn't enough. Burger and fries is too much.
One and a half burger.

>> No.73461546

>enough melta to make a sister blush

yes. as the posterboys for the setting and the army(all meq for that matter) they'll get better stuff all the time

>> No.73461548

Based post and get.

>> No.73461549

what the fuck is this? why are her eyes glowing red? that is not appropriate for holy space paladins! reeeeeeeeeee!

>> No.73461554

It's just a cheese-stuffed pepper.

>> No.73461556

This is what I meant by 'in ones own head'. Language in total is not precise because people disagree on definitions, but agree on the broader meaning of words, but you within your own mind know precisely what you mean when you use a certain word.

>> No.73461562

She's charging her eyebeams.

>> No.73461563

Order with a fried egg on top, or get a second patty.

>> No.73461571

I see it more as an acknowledgement that multi-meltas should be two shots. That's a better alternative than Eradicators being immediate shelf decorations.

>> No.73461576


Loyalist SM are now power armor Eldar.
CSM are retaining their options.
What does this mean?

>> No.73461578

Prove it.

>> No.73461579

>Sein und Zeit intensifies

>> No.73461580

Nah they just go super saiyan sometimes.

>> No.73461592

Fyi lads GW finally got Hellbrutes back in stock, OOP start collecting ebay scalpers charging 40-50 BTFO once again.

Can't wait to use one of these in 9th edition.

>> No.73461603

>buy burger
>french fries always go to the trash, no exception

There's no way i'm eating anything that comes from the french.

>> No.73461612

>retributors who do almost the same thing.
2 cherubs per unit is hardly a flat shoot twice.

>> No.73461613

The same thing it always means for CSM

>> No.73461614

These are probably some popular Linguists I know nothing about. I'm a physicist not a linguist so you'll have to tell me what they said.

>> No.73461615

>What does this mean?
That gaynigger jewshack is creatively bankrupt and desperately pillaging ideas from other factions to keep pumping out space moron models for retards to buy.

>> No.73461624

What is the dude in the screenshot so mad about?

>> No.73461627

IRON WITHIN the garbage

>> No.73461632

He's mad that he's a chaos player. Comes with the territory.

>> No.73461639

I have no fucking clue on how to layer the skin, or even if I should. The golden trinkets and such it's easy, but i have no clue about the skin. Should I just leave it like that or use something like a softer gold and a blue-silver for the layering?

>> No.73461648

based fluff and you're based for citing it, but sister palos is a martyred lady sister.

it must be that she used to be in bloody rose but then transferred for some reason. yes, that is the only explanation. thanks, anon.

>> No.73461658

I need some suggestions for my admmech paint scheme
>skitarii have a worn leather coat
>admech is more of a pale bone color, same for the veicles
>skitarii eyes would be yellow (unsure about it)
What colors i should make the leather for the skitarii backpacks since they already use leather for the coats? What color i should paint the legs of the dunecrawler (classic mars colors is a very pale bone for the legs that goes well with red) and what base should i use?

>> No.73461660

>be me
>bought my first box in may
>had fun painting the ETB primaris
>a tad on the boring side for some spots, but not a pain in the ass
>really like the look of necrons
>buy old cryptek and immortals
>it's boring as the devil in comparison
>all the fine detail work is in fact a pain in the ass

>> No.73461664

popular linguists terms*

>> No.73461666

Honestly base it and seal it it looks good already and more shit might ruin it imo

>> No.73461669

That was the thread from when the CSM stuff in Faith and Fury got teased I think. They kind of underpromised in the preview but CSM still ended up getting about as much as loyalists in that book

>> No.73461679

To be fair, chaos is pretty fucking awesome as long as you only play for models and lore and possibly narrative games.
then again, I have always thought tournament play was shit and I don't see it improving. Rules or no rules, the tournament mentality is just not fun to me.

>> No.73461681

>fine detail

>> No.73461685

that post was probably made by this fag >>73461615

>> No.73461689

Ok Satan, I will. Taking care of the golden trinkets and gems, and base it. How many skulls should I place on the base?

>> No.73461698


>> No.73461700

Why buy an expensive mini if you are not even going to pain it

>> No.73461705

I mean you can't beat marines at being little fuckers. I'd bet I could spam melta for cheaper than them with dominions though.

The point is more that weird supernatural shit just happens to sisters. It's not necessarily some ultra instinct bloody rose thing.

>> No.73461708

I gave them tesla carbines and I goddamn hate the edge highlighting. Partially because I don't have any layer brushes to do it with.

>> No.73461710

The Genestealers are pointless and Aberrants are questionable at best(as of 8th edition, with no sign that they'll be backing off on any of the many, MANY GSC restrictions for 9th), but everything else in there is pretty core to the army, so go for it.

>> No.73461722

I recently spontaneously bought a Syll'Esske and now I'm looking to convert it into a Fabius Bile-inspired Slaaneshi fleshcrafter of a Daemon Prince. However, I'm somewhat drawing a blank on what exactly I wanna do with it.
Thus far I'm entertaining the idea of replacing the hands with mechadendrites and maybe also replacing the head with something like a brain-in-a-jar surrounded with more mechadendrites. As such the model could be fluffed as a master fleshcrafter (maybe an old disciple of Fabius Bile?) who has made himself a godlike body.
What do you peeps think?
What would you do do and/or suggest?

>> No.73461730

3 groups of 3 or something else that seems symbolic

>> No.73461744

They're like Tyranid Warriors, if all three could take Venom Cannons instead of just 1.

But with way better stats.

So, to answer your question: Yes.

>> No.73461749


>> No.73461765

I meant it as in that chaos players tend to be constantly angry and whiny no matter what. Kinda like BT players really.

>> No.73461775

I buy expensive models because I enjoy to paint them, but I have no idea how to pain them.
>drawing a phallus with the skulls.
Remove Esske, had horns to the Syll's head, and you're done. Make the marks blazing hot. You can also write "Ouch!" on his chest.

>> No.73461779


>> No.73461791

>constantly angry
That's kinda their thing, yeah.

>> No.73461792

The model is painted

>> No.73461809

He literally said it isn't

>> No.73461810

it's hard to be the second child

>> No.73461818

Ill trade you for your hive guard bro.

>> No.73461825

It is. Look at the picture. He said he didn't know how to layer the skin but I don't think he needs to, it already looks good

>> No.73461852


>> No.73461860

So from regret piles and ebay/gumtree shit along with what i have from kt i've got the following:
>Plague Champion
>Lord of Contagion
>Noxious Blightbringer
>Malignant Plaguecaster
>2x Foul Blightspawn
>Biologus Putrifier
>Scribbus Wretch
>Nauseous Rotbone
>4 x Units of 10 Plague Marines with 2 Blight Launchers
>3 Plagueburst Crawlers
>1 Hellbrute
>3 Blighthaulers
>3 Bloat Drones
>1 Chaos Rhino
>40 Pox walkers
>20 Plaguebearers
>6 Nurglings
>6 Plaguedrones

So am i ever going to need to buy anything else? like i know some DG players use land raiders, dreadnoughts and of course Mortarion but im not planning to do giant 5 hour games, am i good for most game modes?

>> No.73461873

>Bronze spray means it's painted

>> No.73461885

No. That is a diseased roster.

>> No.73461891

It's got a lot more on it than bronze spray

>> No.73461929

A calzone is an Italian pasty

>> No.73461979

The one unit that deserved it.

>> No.73462062

So according to Gee Dubs this is "COHESION"


Whilst the latter is NO COHESION


>> No.73462088

>posting imgur links on an image board
what the fuck are you doing

>> No.73462190

>Imgur links


>> No.73462263

Eat your hot dog, Apollo.

>> No.73462357

finished the crawler. Next I'm gonna pick up some models for a daemons of nurgle HQ detachment. Tempted to make it a Tzeentch HQ detachment just for the dominant magic phase and the Kairos model is amazing, but I don't think Tzeentch likes deathguard.

>> No.73462358

every fucking edition there's these autist who insists on attempting to break the game through clever rules lawyering because they think they're clever.

They ruin the experience for everyone arguing over stupid rules just to masturbate themselves over how clever they think they are. Their miss use of language is what creates the rule word salad we all have to endure because occasionally one actually finds a legitimate mis interpretation of the rules that other WAACS clutch to.

its fucking tiresome and I wish there was a button to remove these types of people from existence.

>> No.73462385


fries are not a meal, unless it's poutine

>> No.73462570

Do some line work on the face to make it stand out, other than that it's pretty ok already.

>> No.73462740

Well,as a tyranid player who takes gants as a mandatory troop choice im neither for or against this rule since i always have to take 10 models of them minimum as a unit anyway and they dont have any kind of impact on the game except being parked on some objective or screening,thats their m.o. since forever and im ok with that. Only madmen take a hundred gants to a game but they dont play to win for they won in life already

>> No.73462821

I'd call it a buttie

>> No.73463012

But they cost 40 and it's order only.

>> No.73463064

While I appreciate that you're one of the chosen few that actually paint their models instead of just bitching about rules in the thread, I feel that you could have glued that gun barrel together more evenly and filled in the gap, and also removed the moldlines on the spike ridges that run along the tracks. These are minor nitpicks that I would not notice if I played against you, please do not feel discouraged. Greatness awaits us all.

>> No.73463181

Well yes of course. I would never affirm the contrary.

>> No.73463240

It's more about bearing weight rather than dealing with recoil.
A completely straight vertical grip on the topside isn't going to help in any scenario.
It would be better if it was some sort of handle.
Something that would hang off the fingers instead in order to prevent slipping.

>> No.73463331

usually you'd have a vertical grip on something like a disc grinder if you want to move it horizontally so perhaps the point is that it'd make it a little easier to track tanks and the like without having to twist your torso, move your feet etc.

>> No.73463496

you know what's easier than that? Using orbital weaponry. Nothing in 40k makes any sense.

>> No.73463759

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