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Do you ROMA!?

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I use the Roman Empire/Republic dynamic in my chain, so yeah. I like the aesthetic.

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I also borrow from the service = citizenship of the Starship Troopers book. I think they go well together.

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Do we have a jump for Troopers? The book, not the movie.

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I do not. Ultimately, my impulsive nature and tendency to live and let live unless I sense a strong personal threat is not conducive to building a society like that of Rome. If I were capable of committing to a course of action long enough and strongly enough to belong in a place like Rome, do you really think I'd be here indulging in an escapist fantasy where I can imagine myself going to worlds that can afford to let me do whatever I wish and drop it the moment I get bored of it or my "goldfish-like" (though this is perhaps an insult to goldfish) attention span runs out?

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That's fair. I like the idea of building something that follows me throughout my chain, but I can see where that wouldn't appeal to everyone.

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Post your latest build!

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Do you ever add non-Jumpchain CYOAs to your Chain?

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TIL there's going to be a fourth season for Wakfu. Just saying in case anyone else is interested

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I need some help with interpretation. In the Generic Mind Control Jump from the QQ drive, what exactly does the following line from the description of the Big House "item" mean?
>Can house ten people normally and forty as staff and will gain another ten bedrooms with a similar expansion in overall size every ten years.

Specifically, I am confused by this part:
>will gain another ten bedrooms with a similar expansion in overall size

If it means what I think it means, I have a second question. How do I have to distribute those extra rooms between companions and followers?

Yes, I'm ESL. Say whatever you want.

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Sometimes I do. Right now, I'm playing with the idea of starting a chain in Eventide Academy

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>How do I have to distribute those extra rooms between companions and followers?
As you want? Why does it matter. Fanwank.

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You're not jumping correctly if you don't add the Anime Highschool CYOA as your first jump

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I also like the idea of having something that grows and follows me around, but can't really imagine myself actually running it, so it has to be the kind of thing where I can just stick something new I find cool in there and let it do whatever. That's not something you can do with a true civilization. A pocket dimension wilderness where I can just stick all the cool animals I find, on the other hand, is doable. I don't actually have to pay much attention to it beyond sticking samples of any animal or plant that captures my interest in it.

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Oasis of Fantasy
Sumer: 2800BCE
Holy Person
An Age of Gods
Divine Harlot
Mind of the World
Voice of the World
Body of the World

Weapon For A Holy War

I've gone back and forth about whether or not to dip into drawbacks for this jump, as there are a lot of great things there. Ultimately, I don't want to go drawback heavy because I took this early in my chain.

Does anyone else do Legends jumps early on?

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Your chain does pass the Bechdel test, right?

>> No.73446482

Revelation Space
Early Start, Glitterband, M, 120, Digital Entity, Unknown

Time Runs Away mandatory
Prosopagnosia +100
The Time Thief +200
Slow Light +200

Easy Freeze, Easy Thaw free
Electric Sheep 100
Digital Spider 200
Uncanny free
Helpers 100
Plague Bearer 200
Pattern Assimilation

Servitor free
Data Hounds 200
Quicksilver Body 300
Galactic Final Memory Fragment 100
Data Killer 200

I have no idea what kind of setting Revelation Space is, but I really want it's perks for when I do the scenario in Nier. I figured I'd just spend the decade as some rich guy's personal assistant AI, or something like that.

Gonna go to Eclipse Phase after this one though, so that when I'm in a robot/computer body all my perks would both apply normally and be adapted to work digitally

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I'd read that as ten rooms that you'd want to live in, and living conditions for 40 staff members that aren't as nice as the first ten.

>how to distribute
See >>73446461 I don't think there's a wrong answer there.

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So I'm thinking about playing KH3. I own it - or well, a friend bought it and borrowed my ps4 so he could play it - and have never played it and I'm currently extremely bored. Disgaea 5 is also an option, but I'd rather play a new game vs one I'd already lost interest in.

If for some dumb reason I decide that I should make a jump for this nonsense, what are the highlights that I absolutely have to add and if I forget about them I should commit sudoku?

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Raw probability dictates that eventually, at some point during your hundreds/thousands/millions of years of adventure, that two women will talk to each other about something besides a man while you are present (thus putting them on-screen) unless you specifically take steps to prevent this.

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Does Alucard from Hellsing in Loli form count as a woman? Because if so, yes

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I can respect the low-key approach. I also don't always get into the micromanagement aspect of things, which is why I like to build up subordinate governments that can be managed and inhabited by followers and companions. Any type of wildlife in particular you collect?

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holy fucking baitness

>> No.73446531

>Does anyone else do Legends jumps early on?
Tend to use France quite a bit early on, but the others typically end up in the middle/mid-late chain, exceptions depending on chain theme.

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You asked for it.

>#1214 - Green Worldz

Gokokuji Station


A Beautiful, Yet Cruel and Deadly World
Master Mechanic
Evolve Each Day
Sufficiently Advanced
The Harder They Are to Hit…

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Does an enhance/d/ jumper with an all female harem pass the Bechdel test?

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>Green Worldz
Never heard of it.

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I posted it recently but ok

Age 14 fmale
Superficial mutant free, black eyes with glowing orange iris, beetle man body

Quirk Marriage 500
Animal mimicry Beetle + Queen Bee(tles) + hatcher + scouts
It might be destiny free
Push through free
Do you ever do something uncool!? 400
Plus ultra! 100

Allmight memorobilia free
Scholarship 0

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I think the third season wouldn't be covered by the current jump already. Doesn't sword guy and elf's son are already fairly old by then?
>80 pages long
Holy autism Batman

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That's funny, France is the one that's the hardest for me to build, not only because thematically it's so different from the rest but also because the timeline fucks with the flow of things for me.

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It's one of those horror mangas that never really go anywhere. Although this one has 100+ chapters. It's from Reddit.

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Rome's cool and all but I always end up with something like the high-tech version of pic related. Right angles are sexy.

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>Anime Highschool CYOA
Which one is this again? I can't find any CYOA by that name

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Nonavian dinosaurs get top priority from lingering childhood bias. Then it's dragons and other 'cool' mythical creatures, assuming said dragons aren't of the smarter-than-humans kind. After that is Pleistocene megafauna, any exceptionally colorful fish, amphibians, or invertebrates, and an unorganized scale with microbes somewhere at the bottom. Microbes are very difficult to pay attention to, and most of them probably don't need my help getting anywhere they want to go.

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>Jump 459 - Bloodborne (REDUX)
Starting Location: Yahar’gul, The Unseen Village
Origin: Hunter
Aspect: Beast
Age: 20-years-old (49,921)

Talents: (T1, T2, T3 discounts)
-Rally (Free)
-Blood Bullets (Free)
-Visceral Attack (Free)
-Messengers (Free - T1)
-Blood Scourge (Free)
-Introduced Instincts (Free)
-Blood Artisan Plus (T2)
-Arcanist’s Touch (T3)
-Ego Beast
-Squalid Beggar

Hunting Party & Armory: (+200 Item-Only Blood Echoes, 2 Discounts)
-Gifts from the Little Ones - Saw Cleaver, Hunter’s Pistol (Free)
-Blacksky Eye (Free)
-Eternal Labyrinth (-150) (-1)
-Kos Parasite (-50) (-1)
-Greater Reinforcement (200 BE)

-Scenario Covenant - Blood Beast
---Oath Rune - Beast’s Embrace
---Yharnam’s Flame
-1st Adventure - Southern Safari
---Shitload of Gold
---The Beast God’s Claws (Five daggers)
---BLOOD BEAST ROUTE - Beast God’s Power
---BLOOD BEAST ROUTE - Beast God’s Third Eye
---BLOOD BEAST ROUTE - Tamed Cleric Beast (Vicar Amelia-esque)
-2nd Adventure - Cursed Island
---Great Deep One Rune - Siren’s Cry
-Curiosity (+100)
-Enucleation (+100)
-The Hunted (+200)
-Watching (+300)

>> No.73446630

>Central Yharnam
>Hunter’s Identity
>Hunter Aspect
>Blood Bullets
>Visceral Attack
>Hunter’s Skill
>Brutal Execution
>Hunter’s Intuition
>Blood Echoes
>Church Hunter
>Workshop Hunter
>Old Hunter
>Victorian Wardrobe
>Burial Blade

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That gif scares me and i don't know why.

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There we go.
Fate Legends - India
Origin: Demonic
-Blossoming Vessel x 10 [1000]

A good use of CP desu. I may have tweaked some of the vessels to look like Skadi and Medusa.
I do Accidental Magical Girl occasionally

>> No.73446638

The same guy also did a Murcielago jump, since some anon was interested on it.
It's like 80 pages long so it doesn't get posted often. Just check the archives and you will find it.

>> No.73446646

Sometimes, either as an alternate start or just a jump stand in. I like alternate starts in general, or maybe it's just the latest trend in my brain.

>> No.73446658

>no Beast XXL

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Reminder that Aki Nijou would make a fine waifu, nurse and companion because of her K cups, Maken, and sword in vagoo.

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Probably because you know the scene well enough to hear it, but the gif is from a meme animation that's just "off" enough to put you right in the uncanny valley.

>> No.73446696

And I just realise that I saw that the 50CP item was free, not the 100, and abandoned the idea of discounts entirely.
It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take.

>> No.73446705

>It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take.
She’s free iirc?

>> No.73446719

>Aki Nijou
Tell me more.

>> No.73446721

I stand by my statement.

>> No.73446734

Evangelyne was 25 by season 3 and Percedal was 24. They have two sons(one is a baby) and a daughter. The kids weren't that old

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>when you can't decide where to put that one jump in your Chain, at best knowing you want it "early" or "late"
Pic related for me. What about you, what's that one jump you just can't place?

>> No.73446798

Your jumper is now themed around the last Youtube video you saw what's your new theme.

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>Tome of Radiance
>Origin: Shining Star, Stargazer
>Age: (15 – 1d6) 11
>Genuine Friendship (Free)
>Hope Springs Eternal (200)
>Avatar of Light (200)
>Boundless Optimism (Free)
>Merciful (100)
>Incorruptible (200)
>An End To Darkness (300)
>True Comrades (200)
>Ancestral Seal (+200)
>Costume: Light
>Device: Implement
>Inner Light (Free)
>Radiant Arsenal: Marksman (100)
>Intelligent Device (400)
>Enhanced (100)
>Warded (200)
>Weightless (200)

You know, it’s a lot easier to talk about how it’s important to be good to people when you’re in a setting where Good is an actual force.

>> No.73446833


Demon Apostle, 19F

Friendly Neighborhood Vampire (free)
Predator’s Instinct (free)
Reality Marble (400)
Life Thief (400)
A Stray Cat (200)

Shiki Syndrome (+100)
Familiar (+200)
Trails of Blood (+200)

Cash Money (free)
Closet of Uniforms (free)
Dusty Old Notes (100)

>> No.73446840

You fucking tell me, mate

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File: 235 KB, 1280x2088, dayxp9v-14e3394e-4245-42b6-851a-e29a040305f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aki Nijou, this pic here? To give you perspectives It's her in a flashback, at 12.
Maken Ki. Takeda Hiromitsu. Go forth with many blessings!

>> No.73446883

i poke fat people with sticks till they get out of the house https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enqiof-3TfE

>> No.73446893

Mercs and memes

>> No.73446917

A mukbang, apparently

>> No.73446931

I have a question about the recent bloodborne jump. If I get a rune which transforms me, am I stuck in that transformation or change I change into that form at will cause it would kinda be difficult to do anything as broccoli head the Hunter

>> No.73446955

Jump 2: Suprahuman Academy;
Background: A-Lister
Perks[-0]: Smile For The Cameras, Pull Your Punches(-100)
Superpowers[+400-1700]: Strength 1(-100), Toughness 3(-300), Regeneration 3(-300), Speed 1(-100), Agility(-100), Kinesis 3(-600), Teleportation 1(-200)
Supersuit[-0]: Basic Supersuit
Items[-0]: Magazines, Logo
Total: 1400-1400
Angel Academy;
Age/Sex: 12/Male
Perks[-1400]: Porn Logic, Hidden Desires, Bottomless Appetite, Heavenly Housekeeping, Sexual Educator(-100), Chivalrous Pervert(-100), Old Money(-100), Hot For Teacher(-200), Love ‘Em and Keep ’Em(-300), Supply and Demand(-300), Industrial-Strength Chick Magnet(-300)
Items[-300]: Premium Allowance, Slave Collars(-300)
Drawbacks[+300]: Men Only Want One Thing(+300)
Total: 1700-1700

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I'm looking for Companions with an implacable drive for justice and retribution. Who can you recommend?

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Sort of. Lately I’ve been digging the vibe of Western classical cultures crossed with the near east—the Palmyrene Empire, Greco-Bactria, Mithridates’ Pontic Kingdom, Carthage kinda-sorta.

>> No.73446967

No. I 'MURRICA! Fuck yeah, motherfucker!

>> No.73446972

Mermaid man and barnacle boy.

>> No.73446983

You're stuck until you take the rune out of your head. Runes are equipment in that game.

>> No.73446987


Church Executioner
20 Years Old, Male [Rolled 6]

Magic Circuits - 20 [Free]
Origin - Survival [Free]
Dream Manipulation [200]
Curry Chef - Ramen [Free]
Senpai [Free]
Holy Sacrament [300]
Beautiful Blood [300]

Mystic Eyes:
Pure Eyes of Emotion [100]

A Pious Soul+ [Free]
Senpai, Strange Friendship, Iron Plate Effect, Beautiful Blood

Mystic Eye Killers [Free]
Sealing Artifact [Free]
Village of Weird Cats [100]

>> No.73446990

yeah it kinda sucks that there are so many great civilizations from the classical era that get shoved aside because they aren't Rome

>> No.73447015

We don't have the movie or the books, but we do have the cartoon. Roughnecks Starship Troopers under Complete but Needs Image Work.

>> No.73447016

Warrior of Light (Earth), White Mage

A Ragtag Bunch of Misfits +200 1200
Random Encounters +200 1400
The Crystals Four +300 1600

A Journey Begins free
Prelude free
Take My Hand free
Now Now 100 1500
Have Faith In Me 200 1300
Tail of the Phoenix 300 1000

Comfy Robes free
White Magic Spellbook 100 900
Sage's Surplus 200 700
Sage's Staff 300 400
Black Magic Spellbook 200 200
Thief Gloves 200 0

I made this one just now. Gonna be a trappy white mage, because white mage traps are the best.

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Anyone know of some good characters to take over the role of nanny/guardian/custodes to a mad scientist all while also running a company that sells said scientists tech? So basically a mix of Pepper Pots, Black Widow and Constantine Valdor, the personality is most important, fene-mods and the like can be grafted later.

>> No.73447018


>> No.73447025

I love horror jumps mostly cause Jumper is to the monsters what the monsters are to the regular people.

>> No.73447033


>> No.73447036

>reddit jumps
You are disgusting.

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I just realized that Stannis and Seibah are the same character.

He'd just spend the entire Chain cockblocking the others every time there's a villain to kill.

>> No.73447074

Musical Animatics I guess? https://youtu.be/nE0ElmZm-6c

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Seryu from Akame ga Kill.

>> No.73447081

ah, i see you are an anon of culture as well.

>> No.73447084

Seiba literally abandons her principles for a sword's dick.

>> No.73447086

oh boy
time for round 57 of this shit

>> No.73447088

NTA but I’ll be using the Murcielago one because it’s actually not half bad for reddit and I’ve been wanting a jump for it for a while now.

>> No.73447128

So what is this in a not shit number system?

>> No.73447138


>> No.73447140

In the Torau universe being good at math can make you a God

>> No.73447144

what do you mean?

>> No.73447157

>Dosen't know how to use Roman numbers

>> No.73447164

Pokemon Trainer Jump
Region: Kanto -100
Age: 15
Origin: Small Town -50
Starter: Partner Eevee from Let's Go, Eevee!
Physical Fitness -0
Survival Training -100
Combat Training -100
Savant -600
50K Pokedollars -50

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File: 1 KB, 21x125, AHSCYOA - 1 of 80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This the bitch?

>> No.73447192
File: 2.31 MB, 1200x7000, The Bitch, But Not For Ants.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or, more accurately, this?

>> No.73447249

Stargate or any jump where its in a school for superpowers. I keep wanting to blow stuff up but my fun meter goes down with no challeges

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I know. Breaking people's asses with the power of mathemathics isn't a bad theme at all when you have options like Toaru

>> No.73447288

ETA on Skadi?

>> No.73447340

Jump # 2 Fate/Oasis
Starting Location/Time: Sumer 2800BCE
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Origin: King (Queen)
*Age of the gods (0)
*AUO (0)
*Seat of the Pharaoh (0)
*Born for it (100, Discount)
*Divine Harlot (100)
*Sha Nagba Imuru (300, Discount)
*Two thirds divine (300, Discount)
*Magician of the Early Ages (100)
*Import X 2 (100)
*Eternal Flower (0)


Background: Holy Person
*Divine Harlot
*Mind of the World
*Weapon for a holy war

Background: King
*Seat of the Pharaoh
*Two thirds Divine
*Sha Nagba Imuru

>> No.73447341

>Caring about the origin of a jump instead of whether it represents the setting accurately and how much fun you can get from it
It's about time you notice that our drive doesn't matter anymore.

>> No.73447344

she crazy

>> No.73447360
File: 205 KB, 248x311, 89E697A3-6EBF-4A40-B9A3-F6C5DB5A43A1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Robo Knights, LETS GO!

>> No.73447380

Stealth Symphony
bad luck +100
No Money (+100)
Slice Hates You (+200) an enemy that can't hurt me with less money than me oh no
Assassination Guild Wanted (+300) I've seen the power levels here I'm not worried.
drop in
open path free for drop-in great for dimensional travelers such as myself
empty inside -300 hope I can handle this.
Mechanic knowledge -200 I need to know how things work around here literally
beholder -200 surveillance and murder hand-in-hand.
Eggshell-400 discount because I purchased it first. so I'm immune to physical and magical attacks by anything other than a black dragon or if it gets shut down?
backpack -400 very useful
wardrobe free for drop-in yeah I take these.
Blueprints -200 discounted for drop-in so I actually know how to build more of these great legacies
the plan a rare selfish jump, there are too many toys I need here. But there's plenty of adventure and action sequences.

>> No.73447453

So is Batman, she is still obsessed with Justice and retribution.

>> No.73447495

No, she's obsessed with murder and just pretties it up as Justice.

>> No.73447544

I was gonna start watching that so this is a nice surprise.

>> No.73447547
File: 536 KB, 576x890, __uncle_sam_and_over_justice_trigger_and_2_more_drawn_by_mike_luckas__0be408ab6a032b22d6cb3461519c5078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Ogibuko squad

>> No.73447550

Yeah well the Rebels and Night Raid are awful
Empire has done literally nothing wrong

>> No.73447557
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Back at it again at the Land of Light

>> No.73447568


=Base School=

>Punching Music Free
>One Finger Death Punch Free
>Space Bridging Blow 100CP
>Plentiful Weapon Rain 200CP
>Freezing Palm 200CP
>Blood-Drinking Palm 400CP
>Backhanded Deflection 400CP

>Ruin Turning Cape 100CP

>Fluent in Bruce +100CP
>Cinematic Experience +100-500CP
>+Blood Opera
>+No Luca No
>Sword Breaking Blow +200CP
>+Ground Shattering Strikes +300CP
>The Unerring Fist +100CP
>Burly Brawl +200CP
>Rules of Nature +300CP

=The Journey=
250 Stages
>Fool’s Mark
>Army Slaying Breath & Body
>Commemorative Gi
>Hummingbird Catching Zen:
>Two Finger Wood Punch
>Thousand Soaked Fists
>Commemorative Poster
>Horizon Spanning Stance
>Commemorative Movie
>Commination Belt
>+Drunken Fist

>> No.73447587

Neat. I liked the manga.

>And grind and grind and grind

>> No.73447589

>Jump 60)A Song of Ice and Fire
>Noble 900

>A Quiet People 800
>Mine By Right 800
>Schemer 400
>Gregarious 100

>Heraldry and Words 100
>Pouch of Gold x29 100
>Hands of Gold -50

>Brave Companions -150 (Noble, Schemer, Gregarious, Pouch of Gold, Hands of Gold)

>Think of the Children

>Paranoid 50

>> No.73447617

I still think about starting new chain. If I will decide with what start then I will post it.

>> No.73447644

It was answer to post >>73446418.

>> No.73447700

I guess that means i need to buy the workshop equipment or find equivalent to not be broccoli

>> No.73447709

Again, so does Batman. Okay, for him its more beating people up, rather than murder, but its the same principle.

>> No.73447854

The Punisher
Ghost Rider

>> No.73447863
File: 563 KB, 468x748, 1589929062790.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


...I'm scared on what this means.

>> No.73447887

>SMP Minecraft
Time to get some friends and place some blocks across the multiverse I guess.

>> No.73447911

Batman know what he does is wrong. That chick? She's a psycho who make crazy faces, spout autistic nonsense about justice while talking about murder. Oh, and she's like a cockroache, if you don't kill her correctly she'll remplace any lost limbs with mechanic and dangerous versions.

She also put a mini nuke in her BRAIN!

Everyone's a piece of shit.

>> No.73447916

Hey red if I have a cybernetic implant I'm okay with losing can I import it into Device donation?

>> No.73447917

>Cuphead S Rank video
I don't like how obvious it makes the first jump.

>> No.73447919

Demon Harem

>> No.73447920

You’re being baited dumbass, this shit comes up every time she’s mentioned.

>> No.73447921

Fuck you, Seryu is fucking perfect and has done nothing wrong.
The rebels are the only criminals.

>> No.73447941

Shhhh let me be the smart one.

>> No.73447945

I'm okay with this!

>> No.73447949
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Red the Demon Dragon is back at it again!

>> No.73447951

How does one show her the true way of justice?

>> No.73447959
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I guess, sure?

But why tho.

>> No.73447960

It means you will have to gain a harem of demon girls!
who will proceed to make your life a living hell.

>> No.73447963

You know exactly what it means, demon.

Don't fight it. Just lie back, and think of Sodom.

>> No.73447965

Disney, apparently.

>> No.73447966

Quest for Glory: So, You Want To Be A Hero? - 005
>Magic User
>Magic Spark (Free
>Magic Training (200)
>Potent Potioneering (200)
>>Spell Sense (300)
>Storybook Life (100)
>Who Needs A Dentist? (100 CP)
>Basic Gear (free)
>Heroing Outfit (free)
>Money (free)
>Long Dagger (free)
>Erana’s Fruit (100 CP)

>> No.73447968

It's a gundam!

Is it an OC or from a game?

>> No.73447985

Biting bait makes you a dumb fuck no matter how smart your reply.

>> No.73447990

Do demon harems need a reason? now go forth and gather them lovely ladies!

>> No.73447996

I am less defending Seryu than I am bashing Batman, I fucking hate Batman.

>> No.73447997

'cause that's the last video you saw

>> No.73448028
File: 907 KB, 812x1116, __nero_claudius_and_nero_claudius_fate_and_2_more_drawn_by_suga_leon__ee4035037facb5c0c8707af158ff0809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck no, Rome is wanked garbage.
Unlike Nero, who's wanked but not total garbage, she's just (unironically) retarded.

>> No.73448029
File: 364 KB, 687x1135, 9CFD15F6-71B2-4581-9678-88C129238395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your dreams told you to!
Its from Gundam Battle Assault

>> No.73448056

Buddy? Get over yourself and learn to have some fun.

>> No.73448063

Does a group of DanMachi "amazons" talking about how they love to kill monsters in the dungeon count?
Right now it is Journey to the West. I know they have some BS powers and don't want it too early, but I want that staff and to hang with the monkey king.
I am watching thequartering talk about Dr Distrsect. So maybe a generic youtuber?

>> No.73448071
File: 153 KB, 900x686, xenogears_by_gyrfalcon65-d3rhsky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its from Gundam Battle Assault
Oh, that explains it. I've only played 3, but not 1 or 2. Thanks.


>> No.73448072
File: 534 KB, 1032x729, 1590339407400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw this is a hell of my own making because I pick up every single appearance perk ever, and almost always go for sharp suits when having attire
>tfw the only fucking appearance perk in Battle Valkyrie was a fucking harem perk

>> No.73448098
File: 18 KB, 320x240, Naked_and_Afraid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some jumps with settings the focus on Survival? in the Naked and Afraid sense.

>> No.73448100

Do you have any idea for a theme or would you like a suggestion for a few starting jumps?

>> No.73448103

Kill yourself

>> No.73448105

Nero is not slow of wit, she just has poor impulse control. Very poor impulse control.

>> No.73448113

To bad there is no Maken-Ki jump....or is there?

>> No.73448120


>> No.73448124

KHUX anon, how goes things?

For your jumps, are there any perks based on the Master of Masters?

>> No.73448170
File: 467 KB, 606x423, this is but the end of the path we thread.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All your choices have been leading to this moment. Of your own free will, you have walked towards this ending.

Cherish it. Embrace it.

It's too late to turn away now.

Yer a harem protag' now, Red! Congratulations. We're so proud of you!

>> No.73448172

I suspect it's going to be a gay opera rock theme.

>> No.73448184

ARK Survival

>> No.73448230
File: 166 KB, 640x480, arcueid0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even a Dead Apostle, a newly created vampire of notable power and potential
Hey Val, would any of the tiers of Age of Monsters from the new Oasis update allow us to become a True Ancestor? Which one would be more fitting?

>> No.73448245
File: 281 KB, 768x1187, I hope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now angels have been set up as being real movers and shakers, White chain i particular here has some real foreshadowing on her side.
So is it wrong of me to be rooting for Salami Dave here? Purely because i adore his aesthetics in everything from combat, mannerism, architecture, clothing etc, and use it as basis for my jumper.

>> No.73448250

Jump 20: Stormlight Archive
+200(1300)Thrill Seeker
+200(1500)Newly Bonded
+50(1600)Alethi Promotion Methodology

-0(1600)Vorin - Jah Keved

-600(1000)Surgebinding - Stoneward
Stoneward – Cohesion and Tension
Cohesion: The Surge of Strong Axial Interconnection. Said to offer the ability to alter materials at a molecular level.
Tension: The Surge of Soft Axial Interconnection. Has been used to make stiff things pliable.

-0(1000)Benevolent Background Radiation
-0(1000)Cosmere Awareness
-100(900)Cosmere Scholar
-0(900)Race Based Cultural Touchstone: Jah Keved: Innovation (Jah Keved was actually left out of the list, despite belonging on it, so I fankwanked an answer)

-50(450)Fabrials(16): Alonoe’s Orb(1%Odium), Alonoe’s Orb(1% Devotion), Alonoe’s Orb(1% Dominion), Alonoe’s Orb(1% Preservation), Alonoe’s Orb(1%Honor), Alonoe’s Orb (1%Autonomy), Alonoe’s Orb(1%Ambition), Alonoe’s Orb(1%Endowment), Alonoe’s Orb(1% Cultivation), Half Shard Shield, Oathgate, Oathgate, Painrial Watch, Spanreed, Spanreed, Regrowth Fabrial


-0(400)Canon Companion - Shallan Davar

-400(0)Import x8: Newly created companions and imports gain a history in this world (including Origin and Race) as well as 500 CP to spend as you like. Usagi, Makoto, Sylveon, Devoted Host, Kelsier, Ty Lee, Aqua, Ariel

>> No.73448253

What have you fuckers done to me?

>> No.73448260
File: 92 KB, 265x274, 1369027528442.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lies and slander, for if that were true I would have actual waifus.

>> No.73448278

If you can suggest anything it would be great. I look for sporadically used jump that give brick package or good regeneration.

>> No.73448286

Probably Deadly Creature for a normal one.

>> No.73448302

Tokyo Ghoul maybe?

>> No.73448327

Salami's a tragic hero, at best. The K6BD universe rejects stability as hubris, so his empire is doomed one way or another.

Which K6BD character would make for the best Companion?

>> No.73448328

>She has not seen me yet, but I see her. Beauty incarnate, I am not alone in staring, and with half a mind for my surroundings I slow to a stop and my eyes follow her.

>She defies description utterly, for to use words- any words- is to fall desperately, utterly, insultingly short. So graceful in her movements I doubt for a second that she is human, only to recognize the truth: she is a god, an incarnation of beauty and motion and form.

>I have a husband- I married only five months ago. I can remember the moment when I realized I loved him, the way my feelings redoubled as I recognized and embraced them.

>I know now that feeling was a lie. I never loved him. What I feel for him is but a pale and pitiable echo of the warmth and security and joy I experience merely for being able to see her. The knowledge that she exists and I have been in her presence.

>I want to know her. I need to know her. To be with her, until the end of time.

>I fumble with my ring. It's a nice ring. I remember showing it off to my girlfriends after I was married, that little bit of smugness that my husband was able to afford something so much nicer than any of them had. But now it's an ugly, disgusting thing. IA reminder that I'd let my love someone else. I slip it off into my purse and turn my body to approach her, to talk to her.

>I need this. I need this. I need this.

>Let me prostrate myself before you.

>Let me worship you.

>Let me love you.

>> No.73448338
File: 151 KB, 850x425, __made_in_heaven_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_and_1_more_drawn_by_nobita__sample-637f68f5b3208451c5aec5ae81b319fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still retarded.

No I don't think so, which is weird considering what we have on QQ.

I thanks Jojo everyday for making me discover Queen.

>> No.73448341


So it's pirates then

>> No.73448356

We've made you into the cutest kitten of the thread

>> No.73448360

>discover Queen
t. zoomer

>> No.73448397

The last video I saw was a video showcasing Bahamut from Final Fantasy.

... So I guess I'm gonna be a dragon?

>> No.73448415

>The K6BD universe rejects stability as hubris

There are a lot of lore parts to the K6BD universe that truly feel like a breath of fresh air and enrich the background immensely. And there are other times where it feels like abbadon has an opinion that he then makes universal fact in his universe with some flowery words tacked on to justify it.

I don't even read too much about the latest additions at this point.

>> No.73448425

>I look for sporadically used jump that give brick package or good regeneration.
Hmm. Let me see them. There is...
>X-Men Movies
>Buffy if a demon
>Empowered (superhero setting) (QQ - mostly ecchi stuff)
>Danny Phantom (superhero setting)
>Generator Rex
>Godzilla is a brick
>Rosario + Vampire can get you power and defense
>Jackie Chan Adventures has a immortality item.
>The Mummy can let you be a super mummy with all the power of the ten plagues of Egypt or be a super mage over the five elements.

>> No.73448432

>This is other people's brains on Lurid Lovecraft.

>> No.73448439
File: 570 KB, 360x246, 1366633653673.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73448443

Jumper uses his Awakener powers from Warbreaker to add to the Spren he has bonded. The Jump Doc is wrong, you CAN have more than one Nahel bond, it's just rare. But so is bringing a spren back from the dead. He knows its possible, Shardblood, the insane talking sword that wants to destroy used to be a Dustbringer's Spren/Blade. He doesn't know how to do Type IV Awakening though, so he can't (and wouldnt) create another Shardblood. The Cosmere doesn't need another Shardblood though. He does have experience with Investiture use and with Dustbringer powers from wielding Shardblood for a number of jumps already.

So, through his purchase, he's a newly minted Stoneward, bonded to a spren named Clast. Functionally, he's also a Dustbringer, through his bond to Shardblood.

He invests 5,000 breaths, enough to bring a man from nothing to the 5th Heightening, to resurrect a Deadeye Honorspren, who it turns out is named Nohbelle, and bonds with Jumper out of gratitude, making him a Windrunner in addition to Stoneward and Dustbringer.

Jumper invests 10 breaths into a deadeye Lightspren, using the process one uses to create a Lifeless (basically think a magic battle zombie automaton)and reainmates Gef, making him a Truthwatcher as well,

Makes a deal with one of the Unmade, named Sja-Anat, who can corrupt other spren. He helps her leave this world and escape odium, and she helps him with a few things. Corrupts a Stormspren, making it willing to bond with him, granting him unique surges that allow him to summon and control lightning, and play with the wind.

Since traditional Radiant orders have two surges, and there's overlap between them, Jumper functionally has all the powers of the different orders and then some.

>> No.73448453
File: 636 KB, 800x800, smug redman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It means that's hell you are walking into

>> No.73448473

Balancing stability and stagnation is tricky.

>> No.73448474

Empowered on the QQ drive is pretty great.

>> No.73448517

>Now angels have been set up as being real movers and shakers
What do you mean by that? Did something happen before or after that scene?

>> No.73448518

Oi, I don't play Fornite for the record.

>> No.73448545
File: 2.65 MB, 2560x1440, __the_emperor_arknights_drawn_by_gh_chen_ghh__6ae1d6bf71e76d2e4001a935b8208f09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I'm penguin man now

>> No.73448554

Interesting but I would prefer to go there after prototype jump.

>> No.73448594

Eat the Doctor for me, will ya?

>> No.73448607

Immortal Tupac too strong

>> No.73448613

Anyone got builds for the trilogy, or atleast wanna say what you did there?

>> No.73448630

Additionally, since Shallan's deceased eldest brother was a shardblade wielder, we wind up recovering his blade when we kill Meridas Amaram. Using the same awakening process that brought back Nohbelle, Shallan becomes both a Lightweaver through her bond to Pattern, and a Skybreaker through her bond to Helaran's Blade. The overlap between those orders is nothing.

Similarly, Usagi is carrying Palliah's Truthwatcher Honorblade that we stole many jumps ago by traveling here in the far past, via Shadesmar. I awaken Etta, another Deadeye Honorspren, making Usagi both a Windrunner and Truthwatcher. The overlap between those orders is nothing.

Makoto follows my footsteps and buys a bond with a Stoneward Spren, Woll. She purchases a Shardblade as well and I awaken Blink, making her a Windrunner as well as a Stoneward. The overlap between Windrunner and Stoneward is Bondsmith, so it is Makoto who carries Sja-Anat in a Mox Diamond.

Sylveon is our artificier, and invests deeply in the Artifabrian's art, collecting a number of fabrials to analyize. Makes me both a basic and advanced Soulcaster, even though I have the ability via my surges already.

The Devoted Host eventually manifest their powers as my Squires as a stoneward. They also buy a number of the Half-Shard shields to equip teams with.

Ty Lee has me resurrect an edgedancer shardblade, the powerset synergizing well with her acrobatics and martial arts. Additionaly she adopts a Shin Truthless Follower, grants him the name of Ty Long when he relates that he has never known his true name.

Aqua is the group's Ardent and picks up some medical knowledge for cases where her healing magic is inaccessible or depleted.

Ariel goes undercover as a spy, posing as a shin slave.

>> No.73448636

Harvested Rey's organs.

>> No.73448655

No, it's just a ridiculous excuse to power wank by hiding behind the sequels being bad.

>> No.73448657

I discovered Queen from one of their Greatest Hits albums. Yes, I'm a zoomer, circa 1989.

>> No.73448664

What did you do with them?

>> No.73448666
File: 678 KB, 718x510, 3ac7e535a994850fa492e9c6e05ce706.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jump 13: Monster Hunter
>In which Jumpers adds a clan of mixed cats to his dungeon
>And the Kobolds learn to love heroes.

>Starting Location: Jumbo Village
>Species: Human
>Weapon: Hunting Horn
>Background: Craftsman (50, 950)

BBQ Specialist (Free)
Journeyman (Free)
… Want Not (150, 800)
Infusionist (300, 500)

>Hunting Party (300, 200)
Katia Managan - Human, Hunter, Weapon Master, Weapon Savant
Fenrir - Wyverian, Merchant, Smooth Talker, Silver-Tongued Deviljho
Ash(e) - Troverian, Craftsman, Journeyman, Mad Genius
Sabatini - Troverian, Drop-In, Survivalist, Pacifist Pheromones, Combination Prodigy
Devisi - Human, Hunter, Weapon Master, Eye Of The Tigrex, Peak Performance

Ore Cache [x4] (200, 0)

Grimalkyne Clan Leader: “Words mean little. Only actions. Actions speak of inner strength that words only conceal.” “Violence is necessary for life to continue. The struggle continues with each breath a creature takes. But indiscriminate violence leads to the destruction of self.”
> The Grimalkyne taught the Kobolds the Purpose and Struggle of Life.

Felyne Clan Leader: “Heroism is doing what must be done despite fear.” “One can serve without being inferior. If the master would not survive without the aid of the servant, does that not prove the value of the servant?”
> The Felyne taught the Kobolds the Honor and Justice of Assisting.

Melynx Clan Leader: “Kindness is the only currency worth spending in this world.” “Sometimes the best treasures are found in the pockets of others.”
Jumper wielding spray bottle of water: “No! Bad kitty! I warned you!”
> The Melynx taught the Kobolds the Kindness and Enjoyment of Living.


>> No.73448673

Yes, it's one of the most autistic documents I've ever read this year

>> No.73448699

I blew up the universe and drifted in void for the rest of the jump.
But seriously, is there anything to do there. The place is a mess beyond fixing.

>> No.73448709

Used them to start studying her DNA, and get Palpatine and Skywalker genes out of them.

>> No.73448713
File: 367 KB, 752x900, 1550428711085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Together the three clans taught the Kobolds about the world of Monster Hunter.
> That life is precious, but the struggle for life is just as precious.
> That violence is necessary to keep balance in the world, but not to succumb to bloodlust.
> All coupled together with lessons about adaptability, perseverance, and loyalty.
> It all worked far better than Jumper could have ever hoped.
> The chances weren’t instantaneous. They took years.
> Still, the roots were seated and growing rapidly.
> It wasn’t quite a faith. Not yet at least. It might not ever be.
> They were lessons passed from one to the next and changing ever so subtly each time.
> Who could know just how it would change and grow over the years?
> But there were worse starts for a system of beliefs.

> At the end of the decade, Jumper was rather surprised to discover that quite a few Lycians had smuggled themselves into the dungeon and tagged along.
> There were worse things than excellently crafted meals and capable scouts to discover in your dungeon.
> He welcomed them with ear scritches and laughter


Not yet, but I've always wanted to start off a chain with The Lady's Very Own. Half-breed Human/Stranger seems like a really, really fitting description for a Jumper.

Whelp. I guess nothing much changes. Going to have to hit up FLCL if I'm going to beating people up with my guitar on the regular though.

>> No.73448731

... Can you link the other builds in this chain? It sounds pretty interesting

>> No.73448736
File: 122 KB, 1039x514, assimilator_class_star_destroyer_by_ignusdei-d8ysskh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy) #183
-Background: Bathrobed Evil Wizard (Free) -As a Sith, I was quite skilled in surviving the war.
-Force Sensitive (Free) -Keeping it going.
-Jumper Sue (400CP) -So things like the Force, Magic, and other mystical things I could train a year to overcome those with centuries of training and power. Well, shit.
-Somehow, Jumper has Returned (Free) -If you didn't see me die, then I likely did not. Always have a body.
-All the Voices in Your Head (300CP) (Discount) -Wait, so for a short time I can use abilities like the Force on someone a ridiculous area away? Taking.
-Galactic Planning Master (100CP) (Discount) -Absurdly good at planning, and I can cut through bureaucratic bullshit of being a leader.
-Mega-Flagship (-300CP) -A custom 60km vessel bristling with weapons, tons of Stormtroopers and fighter craft, ground armor, and other wonders. I'll call it the Mag Mell.
-Nice Golden Bathrobe (Free) -Huh, at least this will feel really good to wear around at times.
-Surprise Fleet of Death Star Destroyers (-600CP) (Discount) -Hold up. So I have the entire Sith Fleet of Xyston-class Star Destroyers, all loyal? I'm modifying them.
-Past Adventure (-600CP)
-First Order Removal Policy (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Free Choice (Naboo)
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I guess the best way to describe it was "take a copy of the Sith Fleet with a huge-ass warship, travel to Exagol and straight up deleted it with every single Star Destroyer firing on it at once." Proceed to grind the First Order into dust and figure out what the fuck I'm gonna do with a bunch of Sith Cultists who think I'm the new Sith Eternal.

>> No.73448768

I don't do joke jump builds.

>> No.73448787

Yeah, this is...this is seriously something, alright.

>> No.73448790

>Not yet, but I've always wanted to start off a chain with The Lady's Very Own.
Isn't that one about being a slave/bottom bitch to a vampire?

>> No.73448791
File: 443 KB, 900x862, 1580446614373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's probably easier just to link you to the document where I'm keeping this chain. I don't think anyone wants me to spam the thread.
Just a warning though, I don't have a build for all the Jumps yet. After the first few I started focusing on story snippets and main points I wanted to get out of my head so I knew the direction the Chain was heading. It's pretty messy, but I'm happy someone wants to take a look.

>> No.73448802


Kelsier's soul was already expanded through his contact and commerce with Preservation, during his home jump of Mistborn. This makes him an ideal Bondsmith. He winds up buying the capacity, and then has to go looking for a suitable spren. He finds a rather unlikely candidate, atleast not one any of us would have guessed to begin with. Ashertmarn, one of Odium's unmade, also known as the Heart of the Revel. Kelsier dominates Ashertmarn, trapping her in the Mox Ruby. He can summon her as a Spear, and she grants him a surge that is essentially a boosted form of his mistborn rioting ability that feeds on stormlight rather than metal (and can synergize with his rioting), and Decay which is similar to the destructive abilities that a Dustbringer wields. He further saps away a portion of Odium's power, using one of the Connection Orbs based on those which the Ire developed. He is essentially the bearer of a splinter of shardic power and he deems it the power of Passion, taking the positivbe interpretation of Odium's powers.

In addition to Sja-Anat and Ashertmarn, we also lure Ba-Ado-Mishram into imprisonment in the Mox Jet, depriving the Parshendi of Capital-C-Connection and Voidlight, weakening all of them considerably. They are once again removed from their regal forms, and Odium's spirits are driven back into Shadesmar.

Yelig-nar, the Blightwind, is captured in the Mox Sapphire. Research is underway to find a way to utilize the surges it offers, without the corruption associated.

In the Harvest Moon jump, we retained the "A Storm, is Coming" drawback to ensure we will regularly be hit by destructive storms. This is enhanced and enlarged by visiting Roshar, and the storm continues to carry with it the connection between the physical, divine and cognitive realms, meaning that it will charge gems with Stormlight whenever it passes.

>> No.73448805

Fleshlight. With emphasis on the flesh

>> No.73448817

NTA, but I think you are more of a butler, maid, or accountant to them. Plus you can design their personality however you want. From anything like a shy gamer girl who likes you, to a dominatrix who despises you, but ultimately finds you too useful to harm seriously.

>> No.73448836

What would be a good familiar for the summoner class in generic dungeon crawl?

>> No.73448845


After the local plot is dealt with until the second arc of Stormlight, Jumper goes through Shadesmar and visits different shardworlds, using his Miniature Connection Orbs to attune to and siphon from those shards. He steals a tiny tiny fraction of Odium's power, characterizing it as Passion like Kelsier did. From Elantris, he absorbs some of the ambient Devotion and Dominion, from Scadrial he takes a tiny portion of Preservation, and he already had a tiny measure of Ruin from Mistborn's "Ruinous Font." From Roshar, he takes a tiny measure of the ambient energy that once was Honor. He repeats this picking up Autonomy, Ambition, Endowment and Cultivation as well. all told, he is maybe at 10% of a Shard's power, from the nine orbs and Ruinous Font.

Our next stop will be Moana, because the Heart of Te Fiti is scary analogous to Cultivation's powers, and in buying a copy of that, we will boost our shardic power considerably, we estimate around 40% of a shard's strength.

>> No.73448879

No? I mean, I guess you could be that if you really wanted, but it focuses more on-
Yeah, basically that. There's a "Choose your relationship" section that alters things significantly.

>> No.73448893
File: 91 KB, 850x1226, Sora and Roxas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a suitable last name for the official paperwork for my new wife.

>> No.73448895

>Jumper said calmly

>> No.73448920


>> No.73448924

A succubus.

>> No.73448934 [DELETED] 
File: 72 KB, 850x481, __mordred_and_mordred_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_takatun223__sample-0784e559e38bffbf3ae3ecbb6b683486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Garden of Avalon-09
>>Purest Path
>Age 18

Knight of Owner-400
Arcane Tricks-Free[Hypnosis, Reinforcement, Ilusionism, Flash Air, Curses, Healing]
False Truths-Free
Conceptual Fertilization-100
King Maker-300
Talking Tree-Free Can always be used as a weapon
Sibling Rivalry-200

The next stop is CATastrophe to master the technique of Tube Riding technique. By the way, how do I get Merlin out of the tree? I don't think he wants to miss out on the fun

>> No.73448935


>> No.73448949

Tiny chibi succubus, full blown demonic succubus (WoW style), sexy anime succubus or some other sort.
What about a fairy?

>> No.73448965

Not sure if Rimworld has a jump, but this is literally one of the scenarios from the game.

>> No.73448971
File: 72 KB, 850x481, __mordred_and_mordred_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_takatun223__sample-0784e559e38bffbf3ae3ecbb6b683486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Garden of Avalon-07
>>Purest Path
>Age 18

Knight of Owner-400
Arcane Tricks-Free[Hypnosis, Reinforcement, Ilusionism, Flash Air, Curses, Healing]
False Truths-Free
Conceptual Fertilization-100
King Maker-300
Talking Tree-Free Can always be used as a weapon
Sibling Rivalry-200

The next stop is CATastrophe to master the technique of Tube Riding. How do I get Merlin out of the tree, byt the way?

Vendit, for Ventus. Or Highwind and Riku was teasing Sora by giving the raft Sora's last name

>> No.73449019
File: 123 KB, 860x1158, 90-908463_monster-rancher-pixie-feet-hd-png-download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A small dragon, a cat with wings, a tiny pixie, a succubus of any size. Anything is good. Hell you can have a pixie sized succubuss named pixie if you want.

>> No.73449036

>How do I get Merlin out of the tree
Call a fireman

>> No.73449041

Can't you raise those in the MR games? Feels kinda weird.

Did you ever post your Monster Rancher jump here? I don't remember any talks about it.

>> No.73449049



>> No.73449052
File: 3.84 MB, 5400x3038, Zatanna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just went to the Legend's continuity instead, the shit I don't like in there is easy enough to fix.

>> No.73449071

>How do I get Merlin out of the tree, byt the way?
You don’t.

>> No.73449085

>How do I get Merlin out of the tree, byt the way?
Call Solomon and tell him Magi Mari is in danger.

>> No.73449086

>How do I get Merlin out of the tree
Unfortunately, any attempt to get Merlin out of the tree will, at best, result in an exceedingly brief freedom before a comical series of events traps him inside a different tree.

On rare occasions, he may instead end up trapped inside a rock or particularly sturdy bush instead.

>> No.73449090

A Carbuncle

>> No.73449093
File: 200 KB, 760x686, 66BFF3BC-3F3D-4893-8C1A-DABB71196636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based and Baalpilled

>> No.73449097

A human child.

>> No.73449102

why is fate merlin such a fuckup?

>> No.73449109

>Can't you raise those in the MR games? Feels kinda weird.
Yes! They come in a wide range of types and flavors.

>> No.73449113

A fairy.

>> No.73449116

>A Carbuncle
Okay, okay. I had to google that and why would you suggest that? But now I imaging a messy thing with a happy face leaking pus and always wanting to hug people.

>> No.73449144

I did. I can repost though. It's my first one so it's not as streamlined as the FF ones but I"ll repost it in a few.

And in MR1 they're all referred to as male, even the Pixie.

>> No.73449152
File: 211 KB, 371x571, Magi Mari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Works for me as long as he can get out every once in a while before ending up trapped again. I don't want him to miss the fun in CATastrophe

But what if I do anyway?

>> No.73449153

Waifu faggotry and being a futa lover

>> No.73449173

A Final Fantasy Carbuncle

>> No.73449174
File: 44 KB, 461x512, unnamed (22).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do a final fantasy carbuncle instead. They make sheilds and can heal.

>> No.73449179

I have become the very thing I sought to deswtroy.

>> No.73449181
File: 177 KB, 850x779, 404 1da7r3rnu___reiuji_utsuho_touhou_drawn_by_guuchama__sample-d0689786e1f34d6a656690bdccea6884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And in MR1 they're all referred to as male, even the Pixie.
The jump is based on all the MR games, yes? I'd rather not deal with whatever happened in 1 then.

>> No.73449189

Try searching for Carbuncle and Final Fantasy.

>> No.73449192

i dont recall that

>> No.73449218

A tiny succubus the size of a fairy that can grow larger seems fun. Or just a fairy that can grow larger if she wants. Like in that Hook movie when Tinerbell does it.
Do we have a Monster Rancher jump?

>> No.73449235

>Final Fantasy Carbuncle
That makes more sense and looks cute.

>> No.73449281

I know there was one Monster Rancher jump somewhere but I don't remember if it was on this drive

>> No.73449321

Yeah my jump encompasses the first four games, with very minor inspiration from EVO because EVO changes the formula pretty heavily on the games.

If I get bored in my lockdown I'll upload a shot of my Pixie on my MR1 save.

There's a MR jump in WIP on this drive which is old and I don't personally think is good, so I did one back awhile for SB before realizing how much of a circlejerk it is. I lurked here for a few months and decided the threads here are more fun to be engaged in and (for the most part) people have fun with Jumpchain and not just theorycraft how to 'win' in the shortest time possible or complain that my builds aren't optimized, etc etc etc.

>> No.73449324

Strike Witches build
Drop-In, Italy, M, 13. -100

Not Enough Energy +200 1100
Forbidden Love +100 1200
No Pants Allowed +100 1300
Rival +100 1400

Defensive Sign "Directional Shield" free
Restoration Sign "Top Gun Conditioning" -200 1200
Technomage -100 1100
Perception Sign "Flawless Awareness" -200 900

5th Generation Fighter Striker -800 100
Compressed Space Weapons Bay -100 0

Pantsu Supplement
Regular Pantsu free
White free
Fabric Choice (Cotton) -100 900
Matching Bra -150 750
Matching Socks -150 600
Perfumed -100 500
Snug Fit -150 350
Organic -350 0

Remember kids, don't let your living underwear molest you when you're using jet legs to fly at supersonic speeds

>> No.73449329

We have a WIP of the anime in the folder, but Will made a jump of the games.

>> No.73449355

Can't go wrong with a fairy healer. Dogs are a good option too.

You could also have a centaur, so your familiar can be a rideable waifu too. The only run of Nethack I can somewhat remember had my dog get turned into a female Centaur, and I spent the entire run until I died mounted on her.

>> No.73449367


>> No.73449371

Imperium Sine Fine

>> No.73449389

Because He CaN'T UnDeRStanD hUmaNs.

>> No.73449391
File: 259 KB, 513x561, veronica.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doing a roll chain
>roll Metal Slug
>not really familiar with it
>check out the wiki
Holy fuck that's a lot of waifus

>> No.73449407


>> No.73449408

Can't really fault him for that, humans don't understand humans either.

>> No.73449432

I really don't know

>> No.73449444

Thank you!

>> No.73449450
File: 126 KB, 512x378, seleucid_war_elephant_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your jumper have war elephants, /jc/?

>> No.73449457
File: 133 KB, 1280x892, Tau30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Tau jump, hand it over

>> No.73449466
File: 3.07 MB, 640x360, Rin thumbs up-min.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pantsu Supplement
Thanks for reminding me that masterpiece

>> No.73449468

>can be a waifu too.
This is my one universe chain and this familiar is going to be jumper's first companion so that might be an idea. It will be a long time before he hits up a jump that would allow for another immortal companion option . So I might as well think of a waifu option. So maybe a fairy or succubus or some other lady familiar. Goblin?
What is that?

>> No.73449479 [SPOILER] 
File: 399 KB, 600x514, 1593385679085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got one

>> No.73449488
File: 44 KB, 811x1135, tau booty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute Tau girls are canon and nobody can tell me otherwise.

>> No.73449491

Can confirm.
Am human. Don’t even understand myself.

>> No.73449499
File: 74 KB, 1920x1080, ricardo-raionhardt-henger-won.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always kinda loved the pixie line, small but still pretty powerful. That and the henger line were my go too monsters.

>> No.73449508
File: 145 KB, 850x1046, Fio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, right?

>> No.73449509

>What is that?
Nethack is a 33 year old Roguelike game, and also a very popular one.

>> No.73449510


>> No.73449519

No problem anon

>> No.73449529
File: 211 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ptvttyjY1b1xvubcoo1_r2_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh also worm. I love worm.

>> No.73449547

Is Pantyblock the only anti-fanservice perk we have?

>> No.73449548

This looks fun

>> No.73449560

I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one other one, but I can't remember where.

>> No.73449561

>a 33 year old Roguelike game
I hear those are some of the most fun. Graphics do not hold up, but the gameplay is engaging. I take it there is no jump for it.

>> No.73449564

Worms are my favorite, hands-down. Mostly just due to the fact that in MR1 they could cocoon and emerge as a Something/Worm at around 2-3 years? Which reset their age timer so they were basically the best.

Naga and Dullahan are probably my favorites following them, but I also super dig Rippers and Suzurin too.

I'm raising a Pixie for the first time in my MR1 run (since I've never technically beat the first one) but so far she's pretty much a steamroller in cute Pixie/Gali form.

>> No.73449590
File: 239 KB, 850x1204, Tiger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks William. It is very depressing that monsters here have such short lives and that they jump at most gives you an item to up that for 1 more year.

>Saucer Stone
Is this a one-use item or can we keep doing it to the max we can take care of? I really want a way to get more MR monsters after I leave this jump.

>Words of Power
>written words
I feel kinda iffy on whether the Thuum would count. It has a language of words, and you are sorta projecting them, but not really.

The anime really endeared me to that line. I still love Tiger more however.

>> No.73449597

I'm afraid not. You can use Generic Dungeon Crawl to go there if you want though.

>> No.73449627

Best girl!

>> No.73449645

They're not retarted or fuck up that way, that bad tho

>> No.73449672

>They're not retarted or fuck up that way

>> No.73449685

he's willing to shit on the trannies and females, and yet waifufags are apparently pandered to

>> No.73449695

Pretty sure he only started working on it like a day or two ago.

>> No.73449696

>I really want a way to get more MR monsters after I leave this jump.
I hadn't considered that. I could probably make it work up to a certain limit, or regenerate over time to keep that as an option.

It's meant more for scrolls and spellbooks and the like, not necessarily just magic with verbal components. I would probably say unfortunately not.

But if I get around to doing Treasure of the Rudra, I'm certain that would synergize quite well

>> No.73449705

Well then I suppose I shall head there.

>> No.73449720

It's just proof that Talons doesn't give a fuck about canon in the end. He just wanted to protect his special snowflake faction and now that he's on Tau, he doesn't care enough to adhere to the same canonical rules.

>> No.73449723

Another interesting thing to note, Nethack still gets updates occasionally.

Despite it being 33 years old

>> No.73449733

They can also apparently get huge if you go by the cartoon which is neat.

Tigers are cool but Im not really a fan of all that fluff.
I say as my new fluffy puppy malamute starts howling and crying while I type this.

>> No.73449751

waifufags consistantly are better for business

>> No.73449762

>Pretty sure he only started working on it like a day or two ago.
I wasn't here for almost 2 weeks, that's nice to hear.

>> No.73449782

Have you even seen how much of a that guy is?

I fear for your soul, this game is quite the beast.

>> No.73449799

>Have you even seen how much of a that guy is?
have you seen human beings?

>> No.73449843

I think I'd prefer the time regeneration than being limited, but eh.

I gotcha.

Never played it, so I have no idea if this will be good or bad for you. Anyway, which MR game would you say is the best?

>> No.73449860

Will there be an option/scenario to travel back to before the first Rudra appears and fight the Destroyers so the cycle isn't necessary?

>> No.73449863

I'd honestly suggest against it. Nethack is an incredibly deadly setting.

Seriously, the Nethack wiki has two seperate pages listing ways you can be killed, one for instadeath and one for delayed instadeath

>> No.73449873

Yes. And I can safely say that Merlin's a big case.

>> No.73449879

And the pets level up and evolve to other pets? That sounds interesting
Ah, that sounds bad.

>> No.73449892

>Nethack is an incredibly deadly setting.
As if it was a roguelike!

>> No.73449919

>this game is quite the beast.
Yeah. I beat it years ago and honestly only remember how cool the magic system was so it's something I'd like to do, but will need some time to refresh my memory on it all.
>Never played it
Basically you can write the names of your own spells, and based on the words used, it does different things. But there are actual keywords that do different things, so the more you make spells and play with the effects you the player actually learn how to craft spells. It's super fucking cool.

>Anyway, which MR game would you say is the best?
2 without question (although closely followed by 4). Honestly if 2 had the Book that they put in starting with 3, I don't know that I would ever play the others again.

I had to go and look that up again, but I think that would be a slick way of circumventing things. I'll note that down, thanks for the idea!

>> No.73449940

I just realized that I can use Technobabble from Neptunia to rant about Darkness Darkness Heart Darkness Light Darkness Hearts Friendship Darkness and make perfect sense.

>> No.73449967

Far as I remember, how strong normal TAs were, rather than the crazy specially made Arceuid, was always very vague. We never even get much info on what Altrouge can actually do and she's also a weird exception.

So I dunno, depends on what level you'd think they'd be.

>> No.73449971

>And the pets level up and evolve to other pets? That sounds interesting
While the pets do level up, they don't have the ability to evolve.

There are a few ways to turn things into other things though, like using a wand/spell of Polymorph or eating the corpse of a Polymorphic creature. My dog ended up as a female centaur after he stepped on a Polymorph trap.

>> No.73449980

The game really reward using your brain with the magic system.

Happy future gaming!

>> No.73450001
File: 323 KB, 522x572, mira.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's there to do in the setting? Or is it mostly just for conquering the world to acquire all the waifus?

>> No.73450007

>Polymorph trap
>like using a wand/spell of Polymorph
>or eating the corpse of a Polymorphic creature
I take it that is rare? You end up as random creatures due to spells?

>> No.73450041

Ugh. This is nearly SB tier in how it shoves tons of dumb power at you instead of focusing on monster raising. Double power for all rune magic, the ability to apply magic defense against physical attacks, and a 15 second recharge on all spell slots, because that's what Monster Rancher is about. Again I say: ugh.

>> No.73450071

Vtubers, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, and JoJo???

You can either purchase the right equipment or just go and get the tool to remove the Rune from your brain in order to go back to normal.

>> No.73450072

Such is the beauty of technobabble

>> No.73450074

But why? Hinako’s a jobber.

>> No.73450076

>Not superior Night Witch
The 588th frowns upon your shenanigans.

>> No.73450093
File: 154 KB, 500x803, 271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to talk about Asura's Wrath; how does Mantra work? The jump doc talks over and over about how Asura's unique in how utterly angry he is and how he can feed off his own Mantra to achieve things that normally require a whole planetary population to support; how does one go about achieving that same ability, especially for other types of Mantra?

>> No.73450094

>I take it that is rare? You end up as random creatures due to spells?
I don't remember? The last time I played the game was back in elementary school, and the only memories I have of the game is that I accidentally got my dog turned into a female centaur and rode her for the rest of the run, and the time I got turned into a female cockatrice and tried to conquer the dungeon leading an army of my own progeny

>> No.73450115

War, duh.
Cool waifus, shitton of cool guns and mecha and technology.

>> No.73450123

Like I mentioned, it was first made for SB because that's where I stumbled onto jumpchain first, so there is a lot of their influence. It's on my to-do list to make this a bit less...awful. I like a lot of the ideas but the power scaling on everything is far, far too overtuned for my liking now that I've got a better handle on what is/isn't a good jump.

>> No.73450148

Hinako being a TA was a mistranslation, she’s just a vampire-like elemental. She’s closer to fairies than TAs.

>> No.73450179

It's an energy tied to an emotion/sin. The more "insert emotion" you are, the more mantra/power you have.

That's why Asura's so OP, everything that happens constantly piss him off. And his mantra is Wrath, do the math.

>> No.73450280

It's like Issei, where Asura's an angry boi, Issei's a perv, his powers is boosted by his boner (and magic n shit is also around desire emotion in dxd), and he is surounded by babes and want to fertilize them.

...maybe Jumper should have Lust mantra then. (yes, I know lust is more than sex and everyone bastardize it, shh)

>> No.73450285

Waifus you say? Tell me more.

>> No.73450294

>That's why Asura's so OP, everything that happens constantly piss him off. And his mantra is Wrath, do the math.
Yet that's the issue; in the jumpdoc it says how no matter how much emotion you normally feel you only count for something like a single source of Mantra. At the same time though Asura gets to break that rule and count for basically infinite Wrath Mantra.

So how does one go about breaking that rule and let themselves get functionally infinite Mantra from feeling a given emotion *that hard*?

>> No.73450319

You replace the jump to get rid of retarded rulings that were forced into the jump by Red, bullying the jumpmaker in the process.

>> No.73450325

The jump is completely borked anon, this has been known for a long ass time.

>> No.73450336

Ah, early jumpmaking rulings stuff, now I get it.

Thanks everyone!

>> No.73450337

>Maken Ki. Takeda Hiromitsu
based. thanks, anon.

>> No.73450338

>right on cue as we're autosaging
Muyo was high on his own farts, dude.

>> No.73450344

I'm really starting to notice what that Anon said about an influx of retards who can't even string together proper sentences.

>> No.73450383

tux and fishnet zatanna > all other zatannas

>> No.73450394
File: 128 KB, 850x1119, __fio_germi_metal_slug_drawn_by_kelvin_hiu__sample-d6c9219202a59825842c8d80bf26db83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Category:Female Characters

>> No.73450469

Well it's been long but if I remember correctly, it did happen to Asura where he's so angry and goes berserk and... I forgot how he dealt with that.

At the end of the game, he DOES get a special mantra reactor thing that destroy the limit and allows him to uses all kind of mantra as one.

Been a while, correct me if I'm wrong, it might be a nerf attempt too.

>> No.73450509

Muyo said nothing about that. Remember this is the guy who got pissy that he was getting more questions than praise and left claiming he didn't want to be a Forever DM. So if you think it works, more power to you.

>> No.73450575

Reminder that Muyo turned out to o be Shyft, who was easily one of the most autistic people in the Exalted community. Which is easily one of the most autistic communities, arguably as much as JumpChain.

>> No.73450620
File: 146 KB, 642x1035, chachamaru negima.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recall someone said they were working on a caveman jump of some kind. How is that progressing?
Pic unrelated, its just my waifu tax for the post

>> No.73450623
File: 425 KB, 500x894, Your Waifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Location: Hemwick Charnel Lane
Covenant Scenario: Cainhurst Vilebloods (Knight’s Set, Reiterpallasch, Corruption, Crown of Illusions)
Adventure Scenarios: Misty Eastern Land (Blood Bullet Upgrade, Giant Silkworm)

(Free) Hunter Aspect
(Free) Rally, Blood Bullets, Visceral Attacks, Hunter's Dream
(Free) Good Blood
(150be) Insight
(300be) Blood Saint
(Free) Blood Echos
(Free) Church Hunter
(200be) Workshop Artisan
(300be) Old Hunter
(+200be) Gifts
(Free) Gifts from the Little Ones (Threaded Cane, Hunter Pistol)
(Free) Bag of Quicksilver Bullets
(Free) Bag of Blood Vials
(Free) Victorian Doll
(50be) Victorian Wardrobe (Brador's Set)
(150be) Chikage
(50be) Reinforcement (Moth Waifu)
(Free) Living Doll

Moth Waifu
(Free) Hunter Aspect
(Free) Rally, Blood Bullets, Visceral Attacks, Hunter's Dream
(Free) Hunter’s Skill
(300be) The Art of Quickening
(Free) Blood Echos
(Free) Church Hunter
(300be) Old Hunter
(+200be) Gifts
(Free) Gifts from the Little Ones (Threaded Cane, Hunter Pistol)
(Free) Bag of Quicksilver Bullets
(Free) Bag of Blood Vials
(Free) Shining Coins
(50cp) Caryll Runes (Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis)
(150cp) Holy Moonlight Sword

Living Doll
(600be) Blood Artisan Plus

>> No.73450637
File: 407 KB, 768x1024, jc41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I encouraged Nero to transform into Mother Harlot and reenact the Book of Revelations. Does that count?

What I did there is way more relevant than the build so: I just completed my dark pact with Palpatine and encouraged Rey to shank him to be all of the Sithjedi or whatever. The last rebellion died out, and all fell under the shadow of a bunch of inexplicably existing Star Destroyers. Also my chunk of the Darkness from Destiny was basically cheerleading the whole time.

Disney can't ruin Star Wars in my chain further if I ruin the setting first

Wait, is that actually finished? Thought there was some debate about Outsiders.
Nope. The bad guys always start out with the coolest stuff.

He's referring to how 2 Michael is gathering all the angels into a big whirl in the void, in anticipation for the multiverse's imminent annihilation, as well as the fact Juggernaut Star is keeping very, very close tabs on White Chain and has recently revealed she is aware that Zoss is doing something like resetting the timeline every time he gets a result he doesn't like. Abby has said Juggs has a higher understanding of reality as part of why she's so angry, and also that 1 Metatron is operating on a whole different level from the other characters hence in the flashback where Zoss is explaining how he mastered the Wheel (the multiverse) only to build it into a prison, Metatron's HEAD is represented as looming menacingly behind and dwarfing the image of Zoss straddling the multiverse

>best companion
Your pal Worm Anon Gog-Agog obviously.

>> No.73450675

>Jump 61)Diablo
>Rogue 1000

>Aura of (Perk) 600
>Diamond Mind 500
>Glorious Thing of Whatever 300
>Stay Awhile and Listen! 100
>Finishing Move -200

>White Gear -200

>Companion Import -600 (Warrior, Aura of (Perk), Orb Drops, Diamond Mind, Stay Awhile and Listen!, White Gear)

>Communist Hell -400
>Prime Target 0

>> No.73450691

We really need a couple of proper diablo jumps.

>> No.73450716

yes, but only mobile posters should be allowed to use them

>> No.73450717

Isn't D3 the only one missing?

>> No.73450720

>Wait, is that actually finished? Thought there was some debate about Outsiders.
There’ll probably be some more options added later based on other prestige classes, but for the most part it seems to be done.

>> No.73450728

Proper jumps, not a garbage jump that shoehorns D1 and 2 into one jump and just offers a bunch of game mechanics.


>> No.73450732

Anon said "proper jumps". Not just "jumps". Implying we have some, but he doesn't consider them worthwhile.

>> No.73450737

I just discovered there's a spell point system that you can replace the normal system with.

>Muyo said nothing about that.
That's some pretty important things tho!

>Moth Waifu

>> No.73450752

If we do get a D3 jump I want a purchase or scenario that gives you your own treasure dimension and an army of treasure goblin minions that go out and steal stuff for your hoard every jump.

>> No.73450769

>I just discovered there's a spell point system that you can replace the normal system with.
For what game?

>> No.73450797
File: 70 KB, 578x500, 2lnn7j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The day Blizzard died and became trash.

Best thing ever. Gil would piss himself!

>> No.73450804

Blizzard died way before that, mate.

>> No.73450806

Ah DnD 5e apparently.

>> No.73450810

Fucking leave, reddit.

>> No.73450813

God I would love to have that too. I want a D3 jump just so I could save Leah. They didn't deserve that fate. Well, that and a wispy angel wing item I can hand out to everyone I know. It didn't do anything, but I thought they were cool.

>> No.73450825

Spellpoints have been a variant rule has been a thing since 2nd edition.

>> No.73450826
File: 1.59 MB, 812x1055, 1571330763541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I get some good, low-level reality warping?

It doesn't need to be strong, it's mostly just going to be used for silly, whimsical, small-scale stuff so I don't need a hundred different powers.

>> No.73450844
File: 164 KB, 848x942, konata_izumi_by_lchrno-d5i3f7j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah. I'm not really into the Roman aesthetic.
If we're doing ancient civilizations I'm way more into Egypt, actually. Although it might just be for all the makeup and bling. Pyramids are also cool, though. And Sphinxes are great, although I think they're borrowed from Greece. I don't know jack about Egyptian Myth, sadly. I should read up on it, it seems like a fun time.

Conversations with my female companions usually revolve around what a tremendous fuckup I am more than anything, although I cannot deny that occasionally we have talked about butts.

I was looking stuff up for the World of Light jump.

If I take the Animal origin, I get [+100CP], and a FREE animal sidekick. Which I can spend an additional [-50CP] to make them a recolour of Kazooie, who does not count against my companion limit.
So, I get a free Kazooie follower and [+50CP].
And I can't... think... of any reason why I shouldn't DO that.

> what's your new theme


>> No.73450845

The Mask

>> No.73450867

Tbh, I only cared about Diablo and some old stuff.
God, I loved D3 but I hated having to max the levels of my characters, didn't feel the same

Seriously? And I never knew?
Is it good?

>> No.73450896

>Is it good?
It's nearly universally critiqued as broken, but it does what you think it does. Honestly, it makes more sense, actually makes sense, for Sorcerers and Favored Souls.

>> No.73450903


>> No.73450905
File: 3.15 MB, 2280x3480, 103d6aaddef43c6d97af47452d768b91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Foxes are fucking weird.

>> No.73450912

Maybe stop bestiality and pedoshit and you'll feel less weird.

>> No.73450930

>We still don't have a Lucky Star jump
This is some bullshit

>> No.73450933
File: 717 KB, 1188x651, 1546471878012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good jumps and perks for making monstrocities please?

>> No.73450938

Non-canon optional alternate rules for DMs who want to run their game with different mechanics. There's no way to actually learn to cast off spell points in the canon settings.

>> No.73450950
File: 161 KB, 850x1199, 8037a7b942a3f1c9d56b657c875997fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Franken Fran.

>> No.73450951

Too powerful, way outside of Jumpchain's possible scope.

>> No.73450959

Kubo and the Two Strings

>> No.73450961

A Pokemon jump would probably work for getting a monstrosity to say "please."

>> No.73450962

Mechanics are abstractions that represent the setting. You wouldn't need to learn to "cast off spellpoints" if that's how you DM that setting works.

>> No.73450964

>Moth Waifu
My demonic parasite from being a Chaos Servant in Dark Souls. She went from being a vulnerable larva in my chest to a moth after defeating the Moonlight Butterfly, then over the rest of the series turned into a moth beast woman (DS2), and finally a hybrid/fluffy dragon princess (DS3). Still haven't settled on a name.

>Dark Souls 1 (Done)
Location: Ancient Oolacile Sanctuary
Background: Chaos Servant

(100cp) Pyromancy
(Free) Egg Head
(100cp) Toxic Decanter
(200cp) Blight Swallower
(300cp) Abominable Mutation
(100cp) Calcium
(100cp) Strength of Taurus
(100cp) Amazing Chest Ahead
(Free) Egg Vermifuge, Blooming Purple Moss Clumps

//// //// ////

>Dark Souls 2 (Done)
Location: No Man's Wharf
Background: Honorary Rat

(Free) Gutter Sophistication
(100cp) Verminous Fellowship
(200cp) Toxic Spittle
(200cp) Persistence Predator
(100cp) Illusion of Nobility
(200cp) Absolute Unit
(Free) Common Fruit
(100cp) Rat Rings
(100cp) Single Import (Moth Waifu)

Moth Waifu
Background: Beast Man
(200cp) Upgraded Beast (Moth)
(Free) Do Not Attack
(300cp) Giant Soul
(100cp) Illusion of Nobility
(Free) Fragrant Branches of Yore

//// //// ////

>Dark Souls 3 (Done)
Location: Cathedral of the Deep
Background: Deacon of the Deep

(300cp) Miracles
(Free) Bottom Feeder
(100cp) Blind Faith
(200cp) Twisted Faith
(300cp) Visions of the Deep
(Free) Aldrich's Ruby, Aldrich's Sapphire
(100cp) Single Import (Moth Waifu)

Moth Waifu
Background: Lothric Knight
(300cp) Ancient Bloodline (Paledrake)
(Free) Royal Guard
(200cp) Royalty
(300cp) Thy Brother's Burden

>> No.73450972


>> No.73450975

Yes, but we're in /jc/ not a DnD thread. You work off the canon way the setting operates unless you buy a specific option in the jump that says otherwise.

>> No.73451018
File: 633 KB, 1200x1200, duckhuntduo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And I can't... think... of any reason why I shouldn't DO that.
It stops you purchasing another species if you wanted to do that. Not that I'm naysaying, it's great to see people using my jump.

While I'm here, is there anything you guys want for the update? I should be done with in a few days time, after I've had the opportunity to play with Min Min for a bit, so now's a good time if you wanted something specific.

>> No.73451021

Well my head's hurting, seems needlesly complicated.

Yeah, the whole memorize and tome and prepare is actually canon, which make it stick out like a sore thumb with other magic system in jumpchains.

>> No.73451030

>She went from being a vulnerable larva in my chest to a moth
That must've hurt, and be non practical

>> No.73451033

Did you know that if you plugged in a second controller while playing duck hunt player 2 would control the duck?

>> No.73451060

No I didn't. That's very cool.

>> No.73451064

What does Argent energy do?

>> No.73451087

Since the jump has a perk to gain a magic system is there any chance for something similar in relation to ki considering a few characters have it? The closest we have to that I believe is being able to fire off one hadouken as a perk.

>> No.73451094

Its a ridiculously efficient and potent source of energy that functions analogously to electricity.

>> No.73451107

this >>73451094 and its made out of tortured souls

>> No.73451109
File: 125 KB, 300x400, QLoTdvT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least it's better than having an egg sac hold together what's left of your head.

>> No.73451110

Nuclear energy only instead of fallout and radiation you get demons and hell.

>> No.73451112

The Comeback! perk already covers Lucario's Aura, and like you said Fireball! already covers things like the hadouken, so I don't really see the value of adding it at this time. Sorry anon.

>> No.73451113

Shaping from Geneforge. You can pretty much make damn near anything you want by whipping up an alchemical cocktail of arcane quintessence and then Shaping it into a living creature. You can make all kinds of shit, including beings with magitech biology and assorted magical abilities. There's really no hard limit beyond your imagination and spending the few hours it takes to whip up a big ol' pool of Essence. It hardly even has to be biologically viable; the Shapers in-setting make all kinds of crazy shit and they don't even know what DNA is. They just slap something together that doesn't explode through trial-and-error and filling in the gaps with magic.

>> No.73451132

Right now there's a combined jump for Diablo 1+2, and SB has a jump for Diablo 1's dlc

>> No.73451246

So in Magi the buffer you are the bigger your reserves, right?

>> No.73451355
File: 108 KB, 655x342, __reiuji_utsuho_and_kaenbyou_rin_touhou_drawn_by_supahbeefcakes__aa11948a7f84ff7770ef4efd891b4b65.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is it with Hell and nuclear power

>> No.73451370
File: 772 KB, 1000x1414, assassin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does End of Eras from Garden of Avalon only work when you're trying to kill your foe or do other types of opposition or story derailment also benefit from this perk?

And regarding the Holy Mountain of Corpses drawback in Oasis, I have two questions if you don't mind.
Does it affect Hassan companions? If it doesn't the fact that the leader isn't doing their job because of you might be an explanation of their hostility.
And what does it happen if we pick an era before the foundation of the order? Do they just form earlier?

>> No.73451409

This sounds like the kind of thing you could get or develop in many other jumps, I thought it was more esoteric. I'm guessing the Argent Synthesis perk isn't worth purchasing undiscounted, then?

>> No.73451438

Turns out when you burn people down to even the metaphysical level you get a lot of energy

>> No.73451449

It's what the Baatezu wish they could do to souls.
Note: do NOT teach the devils how to harvest it

>> No.73451459

Red is a dragon with a demon harem.

>> No.73451474
File: 8 KB, 781x158, red is best waifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73451567

How powerful/dangerous is the Doom setting? How well would a Slayer or Khan Maykr fare against demons from other settings? DMC, Buffyverse, Darksiders, DxD, Bayonetta, DC, Warhammer 40k...

>> No.73451589

Street tier.

>> No.73451609

I was wondering about that part myself, like if you pick the Little Shadow in Gil's time, did she manage to sneak into a different point of the timeline by mistake while training to be a Hassan?

>> No.73451646

Honestly they're not that strong out of the setting. What you see in Doom is what you get: There are a bunch of big ugly fuckos who can be blown up with guns and blown up more easily with rockets and high energy weapons and sometimes Martian artifacts, and that's that. But you won't get like, a demon woh can just wave their hand and turn the earth into a hellscape. The only reason there's an apocalypse happening is because of a literal conga line of spaceships politely waiting it's turn to Earth, and some of those other settings have more demons than that.

And the Maykrs were worried enough about the demonic incursion for their leader to literally kowtow before them, and SHE was blown up with the same methods used to blow up the other demons.

>> No.73451649

>jumping a Red document
Go to hell.

>> No.73451663

Spider-Man can solo the entire Hell invasion
there is literally nothing of value or worth in that setting or in that jump.

>> No.73451677

>Spider-Man can solo the entire Hell invasion
was that something he did in the comics?

>> No.73451691
File: 62 KB, 685x474, OP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73451695

>there is literally nothing of value or worth in that setting or in that jump.
What about using it as a cow level to power up a new companion in various rpg systems?

>> No.73451698

Yeah, that's the point

>> No.73451705

>Go to hell
Isn't that kind of the point here?

>> No.73451714

I'm really starting to notice what that Anon said about an influx of retards who can't even string together proper sentences.

>> No.73451735

Dont know wat u mean anon
Punctuation isnt important in the slightest nope no way no how

>> No.73451744

Do you guys mind throwing me a few human-centric settings we have Jumps for?

>> No.73451750

No, he sold his marriage to the devil without a fight.

There is Isabelle now the Animal Crossing crossover is basically canon

>> No.73451755

Its like anon doesn't want a collection of very cool guns.

Even though the Titanfall Sidewinder is probably the cooler automatic rocket rifle compared to the Doom AR/Micromissile launcher

>> No.73451758

Go for it.

>> No.73451762

Dragon Ball Super, where a park ranger saves the multiverse as Gohan watches his monkey father sacrifice himself for that park ranger's success yet still cuck him out of Blanco from the bleachers.

>> No.73451775
File: 63 KB, 500x665, ed7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Marvel Magic has a pretty nifty human perk tree.

>> No.73451782
File: 84 KB, 520x545, Scanty_and_Kneesocks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Always fun to see someone finally start to figure things out. I'm proud of you, anon.

>> No.73451783 [SPOILER] 
File: 199 KB, 720x508, 1593396501068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every day until you like it

>> No.73451785
File: 10 KB, 285x177, Acher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73451789

Do you want no sapient nonhumans at all? Fantasy or scifi?

>> No.73451791

>using it as a cow level to power up a new companion in various rpg systems
What are other good jumps for this?

>> No.73451794

Wow, I completely misread that one. Star Wars technically.

>> No.73451799

define human centric

>> No.73451800
File: 1.03 MB, 830x1200, 1572901546425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73451804

On a big Titanfall kick so. Titanfall

>> No.73451813

So cyborgs weren't enough, you have to be racists against anything not human too.

Princess Bride
Otoyomegatari (Bride Stories)
True Lies
Austin Powers

>> No.73451821

>Jump 62)Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
>Loptyr Blood 900

>Magic Weapon Skill 700
>Major Holy Blood(Naga) 100
>Minor Holy Blood(Fala) 0
>Sacrifice -300

>Theme Song -300
>Sol -400
>Nihil -550 17.5

>Luna Sword -600
>War/Berserk/Return/Restore/Heal Staves -650
>Kia Staff -750

>Companion Import -950 (Loptyr Blood, Minor Holy Blood(Naga), Loptyr Blood, Sacrifice, Nihil, Warp/Berserk/Return/Restore/Heal Staves)

>Loptyr's Ire -550
>Wanted Criminal -150
>Family Hatred(Neir, Tordo) 250

>> No.73451826

She was so bad that they traveled through time just to tell her they wouldn't even hypothetically accept her.
This also means that, if you train her well enough and pick the right time, you might be able to change history so that she's the one who forms it in the first place.

>> No.73451839

That's the plan

>> No.73451841


>> No.73451845

Not sure what you mean, but does EDF work?

>> No.73451852

Right post, or are you saying to hit up a Godzilla Jump?

I feel like Dragon Ball as a series tends to sideline humanity more than anything. The Park Ranger in this context is also kind of a genetically engineered "android"(cyborg) after all.

I can work with that, thanks Smut.

I'm probably never gonna check it out, apologies anon.

Thanks for the suggestion, kind of a weird one but thank you.

As long as humanity is a core focus I don't care what's going on. Stuff like 40K where there's the Imperium of Man and they're awful would still be something I'd be into. Others where humanity gets put on this pedestal and does crazy shit would also work, like TTGL. Either genre works.

Oh! Okay, gotcha. Thanks Goji.

>> No.73451866
File: 2.99 MB, 1000x562, 1486822939364.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73451867

>Speaks of how clumsy she is to be rejected yet the potential she has
>It's a funny handwave to the problem
I'm keeping this

>> No.73451870


>> No.73451872

Stargate? The setting is almost pure HFY

>> No.73451877

>genetic dead ends

>> No.73451898

Add oc waifus to your jumps and nobody gets hurt

>> No.73451905

I love this game and wish I tried it sooner.

>> No.73451910

Jobless In Another World has the Temptress drawback. It basically causes all monsters in a several mile radius to target the Temptress and try to rape them all night. Basically free exp if you have someone strong enough to kill the mobs while the other level up.
>Sword and Sorcery
>Cowboy Bebop
>Earth Girls

>> No.73451914

Smart man.

>> No.73451921

Even Gohan?

>> No.73451922


>> No.73451923
File: 28 KB, 480x360, leech lyria.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What jumps lmao

>> No.73451928
File: 167 KB, 1024x1687, 1582831303507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73451929

Would those two make good companions?

>> No.73451935

I don't know why you'd want OC dragon waifus but ok.

>> No.73451936

Settings where the plot involves humanity as a theme rather than just humans existing as the characters. Whether that's just the villain being a massive nihilist about the course humanity is on and getting into debates with the good guy about why humanity is bad/good, or humans have to come together against some alien threat, or some other third thing. I was mostly asking in passing honestly.

I don't think we have a Jump for this.

Thanks kindly.

Cyborgs aren't a race, and therefor I'm not racist for having a distaste for chrome domes.
Thanks anon, I'll be browsing through these.

That seems handy; thanks bud.

Yeah, works perfectly. Thanks dude.

>> No.73451943

Hey YJ_Anon, does the True Wanderer drawback in Fallout 1 also cancel out supernatural powers bought in the jump?

>True Wanderer (+300 CP)- Although this world is no stranger to supernatural
occurrences, the fact of the matter is that they’re still uncommon. In the future ghosts,
aliens, and strange artifacts might appear more often, but in the here and now of this
world they’re almost unheard of. To better fit this more grounded world, your
supernatural abilities aside from those granted by the Body Mod are stripped from
you, including access to your Warehouse and any other items that follow you. This
also applies to your companions and followers.

>> No.73451944

Absolutely, if you're a lawful jumper. They're all about the rules.

>> No.73451948

>and nobody gets hurt
Isn't that only setting up the waifus who aren't in a given jumper's build to be forever alone?
That's kinda fucked up, anon...

>> No.73451950


>> No.73451951

No they don't exist until you buy them

>> No.73451960

I don't think I know what this is.

Strange one, but thanks bud, I'll look into it.

HFY stuff works. I'll go looking for it, thanks anon.

Those all work for me, thanks dude. Well, three work for me; what's Earth Girls??

>> No.73451970

>Earth Girls

>> No.73451973
File: 2.87 MB, 1280x720, 1483654849498.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>humanity as a theme rather than just humans existing as the characters

>> No.73451975

I am more a fey type of lawful. Is that close enough?

>> No.73451980
File: 70 KB, 298x728, OC Pokemon Waifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if my OC is just a blatant rip-off of a canon waifu?

>> No.73451981

You ever had one of those moments, when designing/thinking about a chain, where you realized that one of your companions was more the Jumper than you were?

>> No.73451984

>Minor Holy Blood(Fala) 0
Fjalar? Anyway, good bloodline combo there, it’s what I used as well.

>> No.73451986

>Yeah, works perfectly. Thanks dude
Okay, then throw Battle Action Harem Highschool Side Character Quest in there too

I can't ever remember this thing's name properly

>> No.73451987

>what's Earth Girls??
Cave man yuri manga. The jump is over on QQ.
Also go look at Battlestar Galactica. It is humans vs robots.

>> No.73451997

All good I can do both of them at once

>> No.73452001

>Settings where the plot involves humanity as a theme rather than just humans existing as the characters.
Going by that definition, I guess, Civ V:Peace Walker counts even though everyone is an AI reconstruction since it is a trial of humanity.

>> No.73452011
File: 2.18 MB, 300x170, 1454282420561.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you need someone to enforce your contracts and deals, then definitely.


>I don't think I know what this is.
Battlestar Galactica.

>> No.73452031
File: 139 KB, 850x1133, dirty ass thot gardevoir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it's pokemon you better add pic related.

>> No.73452035

Man I completely underestimated what looked like a clip of a porn comic. Thank you anon, this definitely works with the themes from the looks of it.

This is the second webm I've been linked and I still don't know what it is.

I'm messing around with starting an experimental chain right now where I'm the companion. Mostly since I kinda suck at it and would rather just fiddle about on the side with cool trinkets and sight seeing. I'm probably going to be realizing that they're the Jumper quite often once I get into it.

I have no idea what that is, but I shall put in token effort towards figuring it out.

Aight, thanks I think. I shall look into Battlestar Galactica as well.

Oh, thank you. I don't know what that means with it being a trial, but it seems like it'll work?

Aaah, thank you. That's gonna be three or four recommendations for it now I think.

>> No.73452044

As a proactive actor with a purpose, ideals and character arcs that interacts with the plot and changes things? Yeah. Jumper is mostly [a lazy asshole] an enabler for his companions, that likes to play white mage or mentor and then send off other people to deal with problems

>> No.73452046

The Jump hasn't been updated with the localizations Heroes is using, hence why the Jump also still uses Loptyr instead of Loptous among a few more minor things.
Also pointing out that the mouthful used to title that one lockout drawback in Valentia should totally be renamed to the quote Berkut makes in the prequel DLC about not seeking divine favor since it'd be much more flavorful than the current rambling.

>> No.73452057
File: 25 KB, 680x384, eb8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're the type of jumper who likes to diversify and collect different types of energy so you can do crazy batshit science by jamming literal hell energy into shit just to see what happens or splicing it with other things or generally collecting twelve slightly different means of doing the same thing from different angles, then sure, it's a great purchase.

If you're very practical and just want "a thing that powers things real good", then no, it's not worth it and you can find many things that do its job far better and with far fewer side effects.

>> No.73452064

>I don't know what that means with it being a trial
Basically, it's about determining if the AI copy of Big Boss has enough humanity to actually be a good person that doesn't want to plunge the world into endless war and raise war orphans to be soldiers to make more war orphans and ad infinitum. Also, the AIs where judging humanity but that's not that important

>> No.73452065
File: 352 KB, 1224x2048, __busujima_saeko_highschool_of_the_dead_drawn_by_55level__95066a64191185be9e7cefe2a4530bb0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes, due to jump constraints, that's just the way it goes.

>Man I completely underestimated what looked like a clip of a porn comic.
Oh, it's absolutely a porn comic and it's based af. Hagfish really outdid himself on that one. It's just based on TDP, which, once you get past the animation issues with the first half of the first season, is pretty neat.

>> No.73452071

What is the deal with them needing to turn their panties into weapons? Is it any panties they happen to be wearing or a special set?
And I wonder why my jumper always ends up with so many demon/devil girl companions.

>> No.73452086

That's just how that universe works, anon.

>> No.73452089
File: 913 KB, 848x1200, 1592970377756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, gotta go for now. I'll do my best to keep up with any additional suggestions for the update.

>> No.73452092

So I was reading dungeon meshi back in like February, and figured I'd like to be one of the living armors. But Fallout Power armor instead of medieval armor. I only just got around to doing a build for it

Fallout 1

Good Natured +100 1100 (Molluscs don't know how to fight like people, and believe everyone should get along)
Kamikaze +100 1200 (It's not like molluscs know when a situation is delicate or not)
Chem Reliant +200 1400 (The boost from mentats is rather useful in understanding how humans work, which is a definite must when you're a colony of molluscs pretending to be a man in power armor)
Hideously Mutated +200 1600 (I need to regularly get supplies of durable metal, so my shells can grow properly. Also my insides is a mass of squirming flesh)
Crippled (no eyes) +200 1800 (Molluscs don't have eyes naturally, and eyes are really really complicated. Thankfully I can sense electricity)
Hunted(Masters Army) +300 2100 (I'm an escaped FEV experiment, so this is kinda a must?)

Special: Heroic Strength, Heroic Endurance, Average Perception, Poor Charisma, Average Intelligence, Heroic Agility, Average Luck -300
Tagged: Big Guns, Repair, Science

Psyker -300 1800 (Contact Electrokinesis, so I can subsist off of electricity. Combined with Mutant, Cyborg, and Hardened Power Armor to make jumper be a colony of molluscs. Think the living armors from Dungeon Meshi)
Mutant -600 1200
Cyborg -600 600

Hardened Power Armor -300 300
Psychic Nullifier free (It's actually fused with my power armor, and is the reason I was able to escape the Master)

>> No.73452094

Shit, meant to link this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msWbNfEOFlk

>> No.73452095

How would they feel about getting constantly blueballed?

>> No.73452101

They each have the special ability to turn one kind of underwear into magic weapons. Panty rips the underwear off a bunch of guys and gets tiny guns, then gets a giant shotgun off of one guys only for it to run out of ammo after one shot.

>> No.73452107

> Is it any panties they happen to be wearing or a special set?
It's any article of clothing that matches the type they're keyed to use. Stocking uses stockings. Panty uses panties. However the special set that they are wearing is tuned to create a reliable and powerful weapon, whereas if they just use anyone's pair there's a pretty good chance it'll be weak or shitty, with the occasional one-in-a-million shot of finding a real winner that turns into a BFG.

>> No.73452113

So she becomes the new founder and creates the order after you kill King Hassan?

>> No.73452118

I feel an urge to help them, but at the same time I feel compelled to travel the world and pick up my own harem. Or you know. Start at the start and lock down the school into a safe zone. Stop that one teacher from being bitten and see how things go from there. Also kill that pervy teacher.

>> No.73452125

They'd probably get off on it since a good portion of their comedy runs on UST between them.

>> No.73452134
File: 180 KB, 328x496, EF-YybWUwAAL0X8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What can one do in Gundam?

>> No.73452136

But is it safe to jump early chain?

>> No.73452141

Gotcha, thanks for the rundown.

Huh, I see.

>> No.73452149

>Man I completely underestimated what looked like a clip of a porn comic.
The porn comic itself is based on an animated series called Dragon Prince, made by the same people who made Avatar The Last Airbender. The first season is a bit stiff animation wise, but the ones after are a lot better, and the series itself is a ton of fun. Great music, great designs, the magic is cool, and the story itself, while nothing super special or unique, is definitely enjoyable. Season 3 of the show just aired...last fall, I think? That jump is from SB, and was made after the second season but before the third, so it's missing a lot, but it's serviceable.

>> No.73452151

Which one?

>> No.73452157

Eh, there's a normal human that follows the angels around and he does just fine. I mean, there are threats, but if you don't go out of your way to challenge people you should be fine. You might end up as a damsel in distress, but that seems to work out for people there. However, it should be noted that it is a Gainax production. So there's that.

>> No.73452160
File: 68 KB, 1073x674, needle vs viper fang vs spider fang vs scorpion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just discovered my Spider King build for MHA would make me a great anesthesiologist too as well as have lots of webbing bandages and stuff.
The doctor is in, friends.

>> No.73452164
File: 476 KB, 640x360, holy blood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then there’s the version the Geneology retranslation patch uses.

>> No.73452167
File: 1.22 MB, 1000x1000, 54103f97f43a49e30b156f880a9f7bce.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I asked for jumps for a random chain a long time ago and I have been making a story based on that. I am still on my first jump. Anyways I have posted it on a couple sites and been completely ignored, would anyone like me to post it here? Pic unrelated (mostly)

>> No.73452170

Universal Standard Time?
United States Treaty?
US Trust Corporation?
What does UTS stand for?

>> No.73452174

>Start at the start and lock down the school into a safe zone

Good luck with that. You've got a long perimeter wall to defend, multiple entrances to guard, hundreds of stupid panicky teenagers to ride herd on, and no easy way to get supplies for all of them. If you've got the supplies to withstand a siege tucked away in the warehouse then you might stand a chance at it.

>> No.73452176

Which sites did you post it on?

>> No.73452178
File: 899 KB, 679x1000, whos warcrime is it anyways.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73452181

>However, it should be noted that it is a Gainax production. So there's that.
Is that good, bad, something to worry about, or something not to worry about?

>> No.73452183

Sure. More builds/stories are always welcome

>> No.73452185

Saeko is easily top ten material, so I have no issues making her an offer. The nurse and her police friend would have similar offers. I'd help all of them, sure, but those would be the ones I'd offer a companion slot to.

>kill the pervy teacher

>> No.73452187

Remember to rewrite Gohan's hormonal balance to produce lots of HST and serotonin. Or was that Deku? I forgot who you were supposed to BTFO and rewrite into a wife, but I'm sure it was one of them.

I mean this IS the jumpchain thread

>> No.73452190

Unresolved sexual tension. Blueballing basically.

>> No.73452192

unresolved sexual tension

>> No.73452193

>would anyone like me to post it here?

>Pic unrelated (mostly)
Go to Meddlesome Kitsune and make it related.

>> No.73452198
File: 53 KB, 571x658, A87AE366-ABEF-4A11-9EF7-2E7613CD5D55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73452204

Unresolved sexual tension.

They're known for big titties with enhanced big titty physics and controversial endings. Make of that what you will.

>> No.73452210

Fanfiction.net and sufficient velocity, didn't get much response though.

Alright... I may not be the best writer but know that I tried.

>> No.73452211

Remember, they aren’t warcrimes if you aren’t at war

>> No.73452212

I haven't trusted filthy foxes ever since I read a disturbing doujin where fox men were giving themselves titties to lure in waifufags and then turn the waifufags into women so they could breed families of foxes and now they scare me.

>> No.73452219

>What does UTS stand for?
Unresolved Tension, Sexual

>> No.73452244

>If you've got the supplies to withstand a siege tucked away in the warehouse then you might stand a chance at it.
I do. Any smart jumper gets a food supply early one.
>You've got a long perimeter wall to defend,
FMA alchemy can help make it thicker.
>multiple entrances to guard,
I can cut that down to a single exit.
>hundreds of stupid panicky teenagers to ride herd on
I will calmly inform them all what is going on. Inform them that their parents and family are most likely dead and that any that wish to leave will not be allowed back in. Want proof? Here is the still moving severed torso of a person I just cut in half.
Maybe do take them all to the ukuza boss and FMA their perimeter and let him run hings while I chill.

>> No.73452247

>42 pages
Nice. I'll give this a read tomorrow. You looking for feedback or just thoughts?

On another note, FFV is mostly done, just needs some small QC. Should be on schedule to post up the 0.1 tomorrow for reviewing.

>> No.73452248

Ultraporn, Titty Sex
And reminder that distributing ultraporn to anyone below the age of 100 is a serious crime while on the planet Earth.

>> No.73452267

Ghost in the Shell
Xcom 1 & 2
Pacific Rim

>> No.73452271

Diebuster almost definitely fits. Not as well as Gunbuster probably would, but I don’t think there’s a jump for that.

>> No.73452272

In the Land of the Light?

>> No.73452294

>Nice. I'll give this a read tomorrow. You looking for feedback or just thoughts?

Either would be good. I am trying to improve so feedback would be nice but honestly if you just have some thoughts about it you want to share, that's fine too.

>> No.73452296
File: 1.76 MB, 3840x2160, EXbYeA6WAAE_s7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Demon Spawn (Hero Union Board)
Basically freeform and allows you to make anything so long as it's living and it also allows you to empower your creations with your powers.
>Mad biologist (Gargoyles) Biology stuff and cloning
>Biology as a Guideline+Commence the operation(all variations)(Franken Fran) For more biology stuff and ease of use
>Starro Tech Notes (Young Justice)For magic,tech and biology symbiosis
>We Can Copy Nature, Flesh is Strong(Hive Queen Quest) For biology to tech and vice versa
>Promethean Man (Fate/Strange New World) For magic to tech
>Science and Sorcery (Marvel Magic)
>Guide to Super-Tech Theory (Justice League Unlimited) For superpowers to tech
>Crystal Womb(Evo Search For Eden) For easy subjects that have really flexible genetics
This gives you some good stuff for taking just about anything you want and turning it into something you can integrate it into a living thing in some way, stacking magical, technological and biological analogues of the same thing such as durability or consciousness. There are very few things you'll be restricted to in the long run. But lets go a bit further.
>Simulated Biome (Evo Search For Eden)
>Evolutionary Function (Ben 10) which is then plugged into the simulated biome
Convert all the magical and tech related components into pure biology, and put the creature in the Biome that has the integrated Evolutionary Function and collect the data of said creature after years of intense war and then separate the functions back into tech, magic and biological components after being stress tested by war.

>> No.73452302

I usually jump it as a teacher, and I wank it so that I'm an American. That justifies my firearms knowledge and lets me usher the main group to my apartment, which is conveniently located near where Rika and Shizuka live (the sniper and tiddie nurse). That makes it easier to pick up supplies that they don't have in the manga/anime and still lets the group more or less follow the plot to pick up the entire group. From there we find a place to bunker down.

>> No.73452310
File: 332 KB, 742x413, 1347227620265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>FMA alchemy can help make it thicker.

You probably want to make it a lot taller too so the zombies don't just pile up over it WWZ-style.

>I will calmly inform them all what is going on. Inform them that their parents and family are most likely dead and that any that wish to leave will not be allowed back in. Want proof? Here is the still moving severed torso of a person I just cut in half.

...okay sure, let us know how well that goes for you.

>> No.73452313

>Fanfiction.net and sufficient velocity
Well, there's your problem. You'll want to post it on QQ/SB if you want it read, since they're the sites with active jumpchain communities

>> No.73452317

according to what? I'd love it if the 5e spell system worked differently. Honestly the current set up is just trash. Then again I feel that 5e in general has mostly been trash, the whole thing just feels samey as fuck pretty much regardless of what class you play, like there's no variety in anything.

>> No.73452330

>Jump 63)Harvest Moon
>Drop In 1000

>Looking Good x40 -1000

>Farm Hands -1100 (Drop In, Looking Good x6)

>Weeds -1000
>Sickly -800
>Working for Cheap -600
>You Suck -300
>A Storm is Coming 0

>> No.73452336

>You probably want to make it a lot taller too so the zombies don't just pile up over it WWZ-style.
With a big pit in front and a curve to the wall.
>...okay sure, let us know how well that goes for you.
Most panic and want to leave. Those smart kids or teachers would stay to ask questions, but I would have shut the gate and they would be able to hear the screams of the dying outside.
>Ultraporn, Titty Sex
I see no problem with them being a product of that.

>> No.73452338

Somehow more comprehensible than overdramatic son of a bitch with a mommy complex wrapped in being at war since childbirth.

>> No.73452369

Can someone explain to me how Asura's Wrath went from crazy ultraviolence in one episode to...


>> No.73452383

Every weeb product has to have an onsen and or beach episode. It's a universal constant.

>> No.73452398

Sometimes it be that way. It went right back to ultraviolence again one episode later.

>> No.73452408

...You know what? Fair enough.
Yup, I'm watching the whole playthrough right now to get a better idea for what to write for my chain. After this Asura and Augus proceed to fight on the *moon*.

But just...sudden onsen interlude because why not!

>> No.73452425
File: 2.47 MB, 400x300, Gainaxing-TopWoNerae!Gunbuster.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It means you have to deal with Gainaxing

>> No.73452432

I mean the entire project was experimental in the first place so they really just threw anything they wanted into it.

>> No.73452435

The cycle of reincarnation hard and cold
But titty is warm and soft

>> No.73452437

Why did Cantrips go from useless to overpowered between 3.5 and 5e? Is there a more reasonable middle ground option we could use in D&D jumps?

>> No.73452440

I can definitely say this was a successful experiment.

>> No.73452445

How does the Seal of Urdak work? If we are a Maykr would we be unable to enter hell, would doing so break the seal and make Urdak vulnerable, or would we not be affected by the seal?

>> No.73452447
File: 15 KB, 583x300, 1540434020115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lies and fucking slander.

I mean, I'm just gonna say right now that Bayo/DMC stuff will likely fuck up anyone not named 'Doom Slayer'. So >>73451646 has the right of it.

>Go to Hell
>in Doom
Yes... that's the point of the jump. To go to Hell.

I can add some traps, take it or leave it.

>> No.73452449
File: 158 KB, 1600x900, yamero ultra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope not cause 100 would be like... Ultra Baby. I mean even Z is like 5000 and he's functionally an Ultra Teenager

>> No.73452452

how are cantrips overpowered in 5e. are there even any (non-reddit) 5e jumps

>> No.73452459

I fucking wish. The true ending DLCs were supposed to be their own game, but the game didn't do so well so Cyberconnect 2 just made the DLCs to wrap it all up.

>> No.73452460

>3.5 cantrips
Bruh, Prestidigitation is one of the most useful quality-of-life spells in existence

>> No.73452469
File: 50 KB, 537x418, Do Your Best-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73452473
File: 484 KB, 720x1080, __busujima_saeko_highschool_of_the_dead_drawn_by_ayya_saparniyazova__f114a435ef155e3ac326be5b3fbc1933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never understood how that work

>not using the powa of darkness

why is no one talking about the TH jump

Saeko good. Good killing machine too.

Japan and their obligation to put japan shit.

>> No.73452476
File: 167 KB, 575x650, jc34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Augus really wanted to explain to Asura that it was literally, literally nothing personal for him to stand with the Generals/"Deities" than with him. He just went for the side with no fighting. "So hey, take a break kid. Relax, I'm not snitching on you. Also we're gonna fight on the moon right after this so don't bust a nut and lose your testosterone!"

Augus is basically how I imagine the Yozi Isidoros being like in my chain. Hell he has a 3CD called Ferand that's similar to him.

Mass Effect and Star Trek are among the most anthropocentric scifis I can think of. Still amused how blatantly the Ferengi are space jew caricatures

Ah, alright. I can wait then.

Oh hey, I remember this question. And the answer is: My female companions are constantly shittalking each other about who has the biggest powerlevels, so easy p. At a certain point the line between shittalking each other for being weak and for having a flatter butt becomes vague, though.

Hey, you never know. Maybe that anon was just concerned people would be confused and try to go to Heaven, and find out that 1. it's actually another just another dimension run by alien robots, 2. the boss there signed up with Hell and 3. it's about to devolve into a boss level for the Doom Slayer.

>> No.73452491

>t. retard

>I can add some traps
Do not subsidize their faggotry.

>> No.73452492
File: 1.67 MB, 400x225, infinite brofists.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>After this Asura and Augus proceed to fight on the *moon*.

It will only get even zanier from here on out. Asura's Wrath has absolutely zero chill from beginning to end.

>> No.73452496

Whoops, didn't see this.

If you show up in Hell, the seal's broken and demons start pouring in.

Which are all legit issues.

>> No.73452501
File: 4.52 MB, 475x273, Busty.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It means you have to deal with Gainaxing
I have no problem with that. I have some companions that I like to see bounce. >>73452437
>Cantrips useless 3.5
BUt I plove changing the flavor of people's saliva with prestidigitation. And ti means I can just use it to wipe my ass without having to use toilet paper. Very useful in any fantasy setting.

>> No.73452506
File: 60 KB, 640x651, 1591048647093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73452508

In 5e cantrips can be cast at-will and don't consume spell slots. It's lead to a lot of people making warlocks that spam eldritch blast at everything.

>> No.73452510

Cantrips like fire bolt scale up to 4d10 with no spell slot used, it is clearly better than any first level damage spell by 5th level when it reaches 2d10. Compare that to magic missile which does 1d4+1 for a spell slot. Even if magic missile it doesn't miss that is a huge difference, 2-20 damage for free vs 2-5 damage for a spell slot.

We have at least one, Adventure Zone.

>> No.73452512

>laughs in Harry Potter bankers

>> No.73452514


>> No.73452517

>don't bust a nut and lose your testosterone
...Literally just got to that exact moment where Augus cockblocks Asura, and I can't stop giggling.

Asura's Wrath is goddamned beautiful.

>> No.73452519

I wanted to avoid SB because there is the thing between us and them. I am not familiar with QQ honestly except that's where they have porn jumps. I was recommended sufficient velocity and I checked and saw that FF.Net had a few Jumpchain fics. Still your probably right.

>> No.73452520

Sorry, meant to specify damage cantrips. Like ray of frost or acid splash.

>> No.73452522

You know good and well how many dragonfuckers live here, faggot.

>> No.73452524

Man that fight was awesome, the music, the sword, the finish!

>> No.73452534

>Deus needs a a massive space station powered by gorillions of years' worth of human souls and a daughteru plugged into lots of tubes to power up enough to be confident to fight Asura
>Augus just uses his two fists to match Asura's six
the virgin pride vs The Chad Greed

>> No.73452535
File: 48 KB, 460x617, an9K9Xo_460s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73452539

SB and SV do have a lot of cross-pollination, but it's hard to say which is the 'better' option. SB is more active, I think. But they do have a very specific set of what they want out of a narrative.

>> No.73452546

>It's lead to a lot of people making warlocks that spam eldritch blast at everything.
This is the only legit cantrip complaint I've ever seen. EB should be a Warlock class ability and not a cantrip. That'd cut out the overwhelming majority of Warlock dips and, correspondingly, the dip/multi cancer in 5e.

>> No.73452551

>I can add some traps, take it or leave it.
how many of your jumps with oc companions don't have a trap

>> No.73452552

Dat girl is prolly one of the best feMC ever.
Makes me sad what they do with feMCs todays.

>> No.73452560

muh stronk wimmin tho

>> No.73452561

>That'd cut out the overwhelming majority of Warlock dips
just going to ignore hexblade, huh

>> No.73452568

F.E.A.R. doesn't have a Trap OC companion.

>> No.73452582

Houserule that they instead do 1d6+1/2CL(max +5).

>> No.73452599

They're not strong tho, they're caricature that people unironically think are strong and not caricature.

which make me saaaaaaad

>> No.73452601

I only have time for the first chapter right now, but I can give comments on that at least.

>Drawbacks: That escalated quickly
>I didn’t know what to expect but waking up amongst the smoking ruins of several city blocks was certainly unexpected.
I mean, it’s kind of your choice.

>He asked me to set up if I could. It took some effort but I did. As I sat up there was a new large bounce in my chest. My attention was drawn to my rather large breasts. Even through the haze I couldn’t help but think that the endowed perk was a hell of a drug. It looked like puberty had hit me like a Mack Truck.
The same reason many take Charmer.

>On the one hand this sounded like it was going to be some crazy talk
Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it can’t be crazy talk.

>In this lavishly decorated room there were a couple priestesses kneeling before a lavish pile of cushions that were being lounged upon by the most beautiful looking woman I had ever seen. She had perfect pale skin, bright green eyes and a playful smile. Her long hair was the color of a red fox’s pelt, her body was buxom and well-proportioned with curves too perfect for any mortal, looking like something that had to be airbrushed since such perfection was impossible in reality... yet here she was.
Always good to see Quicksilver again.

>> No.73452607

I see more dips for EB-spam than for hexblade, desu.

>> No.73452616

>ITT martials crying about muh caster superiority
Faggots. I come to this thread to avoid that stupid shit. Take it over to /5eg/.

>> No.73452625

Battletech is great if you want a setting without sapient aliens at all. It's all humans fighting humans and having human drama. no rubber foreheads or ears at all. a few cyborgs, some genetic engineering, but everybody is derived from humanity.

Most Gundam settings are similar, though they don't reach beyond the solar system either. Gundam 00 is the only one that really dabbles in anything other than "humans, and people who think they're the next stage of human evolution"

If you're good with humans wielding power derived from a dead god,the Brandon Sanderson cosmere is a fun place. We have Elantris and Mistborn, and theres a.... well, a stormlight jump exists in the SB drive. It's not unusable, but it leaves much to be desired IMO.

A Song of Ice and Fire started out promising and ended up garbage, but it's human garbage?

John Ringo's writing tends to have a strong HFY vibe, so the Legend of the Aldenata jump HAS aliens, but humans are no pushovers. I still wish we'd gotten a Troy Rising jump.

The other one I wish we had was Fred Saberhagen's berserker setting. Aliens exist, and are terrified of the rampaging fleets of AI robots that are the legacy of two different ancient super civilizations wiping each other out. They are the "Berserkers" and Humanity is the first thing that the allied aliens have found that's been at all effective at combating them

>> No.73452637

Every edition, they're whining about not having special shit.

>> No.73452644

Is turning into a cute animal a legitimate tactic for getting females to cuddle with you?

>> No.73452646
File: 489 KB, 3059x3676, bqTFsUU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm starting a new campaign soon and going Warlock 2 Wizard 18 because Eldritch Blast + Tiefling wings means I'm basically untouchable at low levels.

>> No.73452653

were you even around for 2e?

>> No.73452664

>they're whining about not having special shit.
On the bright side they are not writing any editions, recently Batman fans are in charge of DC's current story

>> No.73452671

>Warlock 2 Wizard 18
>cha and int

>> No.73452675

while your argument in general is spot on, I'll point out that magic missile in 5e does 3d4+3 (3 missiles) at 1st level, and scales up with an additional missile that does an additional 1d4+1 per extra spell slot. Still utterly worthless compared to just using a damage cantrip, but not quite as extremely bad. That said yes, cantrips are fucking busted in 5e, to the point that even as a high level caster I would regularly just use cantrips during fights rather than normal spells, because spell slots are so limited that I always felt like I was wasting them if I spent them on anything other than 'extreme emergency' sorts of things.

>> No.73452676
File: 300 KB, 1330x748, Dioscuri TTGL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are now a proper /tg/ thread

>> No.73452680

>Batman fans are in charge of DC

>> No.73452682

>Tiefling wings means I'm basically untouchable at low levels
Had a character like this in the last campaign I played in. Second session he died because he failed a save against Hold Person. Turns out that falling damage is kind of a bitch.

>> No.73452684

Thank you for your comments lol.. I appreciate them. I hope you liked the chapter and I hope you will like the ones to come.

>> No.73452687

>Is turning into a cute animal a legitimate tactic for getting females to cuddle with you?
It was how Zeus got close enough to Hera the first time he raped her. He pretended to be a wounded animal. So I would say that it works.

>> No.73452695
File: 3.94 MB, 443x250, 1371425422026.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Warlock 2 Wizard 18
>choosing to go MAD
Useless theorycrafters are amusing at the table, if nothing else.

>> No.73452699

You can't trust a fuckin wizard

>> No.73452711

was monte cook a mistake

>> No.73452713
File: 239 KB, 389x397, 1572319749009.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a list of wuxia jumps? I pay in the currency of the land.

>> No.73452715
File: 142 KB, 533x688, Beakie_has_a_soda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Negro Crusade 3 out yet?

>> No.73452719

you can get eldritch blast as a wizard cantrip if you take spell sniper, so you can use it with your int bonus while still benefiting from the warlock agonizing blast feature, and as a bonus it's still double range and ignores everything less than full cover (because of spell sniper).

>> No.73452729

You could also just be a DC wizard and do whatever you want. Just saying.

>> No.73452731

Yes. Magic Resistance was a much better system than Spell Resistance.

>> No.73452732

wuxia, kung fu hustle, thunderbolt fantasy

>> No.73452744

and let me guess, you're a variant human too

>> No.73452747
File: 14 KB, 445x125, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not RAW you can't.

>> No.73452757

Not yet check back in a few months

>> No.73452763

No, anónimo

>> No.73452764

Will do. Gracias friend.

>> No.73452766

Yes, very much. And I say this as a fag who unironically like Pathfinder

>> No.73452782

Nope, not yet. Piggy backing off this a bit, what is the best way to improve the 40k universe if you've hit up the major comic magic jumps? Brute force it or try and be subtle about it?

>> No.73452794

The first chapter was good, so I have good hopes for the rest.

>> No.73452795
File: 36 KB, 562x246, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fuckers need to learn to read the fucking book.

>> No.73452818

How do you fix the Ranma setting?

>> No.73452820

Giant Robo, ID Greatest Fusion Fantasy, Jade Empire, and Trinity Wonder are all that I can think of which come close.

>> No.73452829

That depends, what's your issue with it?

>> No.73452857


>> No.73452873
File: 1.17 MB, 1200x1200, tumblr_pmw6reagZq1xcp1dpo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, I'm really more interested in having fun and I love the idea of playing a Wizard that's smart and charismatic. Plus I'm also going to be specializing as a Necromancer so after a while I'll be having my undead minions do most off the work.

Yeah, that's one of the major weakness of this build I'm worried my DM will realize he can use against me.

>> No.73452874

Unfortunately, vague problems get vague solutions. If you just wanna go full reality-warper on the place, that'd certainly let you change everything, but at that point the question is why you're even going there.

>> No.73452880

Not that anon, but I've got a simple solution for you, fren.

Don't go to Ranma 1/2.

>> No.73452892
File: 313 KB, 640x960, Magilou_(ToLink).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trinity Wonder
What did you guys use the Mysterious Power option for?

>> No.73452900
File: 1001 KB, 400x286, Ukyo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it is a great setting with many waifus.

>> No.73452937

Most DMs hate flying PCs, so don't be surprised when it happens.

>> No.73452960

Depends on what kind of line up you've got. Obviously, the big issue with 40K is Chaos. The problem is, even if you could kill the Chaos Gods, it would have terrible consequences, unless you had some perks to deal with it. One thing I would suggest is stopping by LoZ: A Link To The Past and grabbing The Man Behind The Man. This perk means that you can damage and even permanently weaken the Chaos Gods by killing those they empower or avatars/pieces of them. If you could kill off the Greater Daemons of the gods permanently, or the Daemon Primarchs, it would weaken them, making removing their influence or finding a way to block them off a lot easier.

Closing the Eye of Terror would be of immense help, since that's the big gateway for Chaos' forces to enter the Materium. Seal that off, and while they might still be able to sneak through other portals or holes in reality, or be summoned in, it'll be in vastly smaller amounts.

>> No.73452973

Like who?
I thought everyone there fell into the category of "funny to watch, but would be horrible if they were real."

>> No.73452985

Well when you spend 2-5 hours on a dungeon only for someone to completely bypass it cause they can fly you'd probably be a bit miffed too.

>> No.73453005

Would killing the Chaos Gods actually cause a problem though? As long as the Warp exists those emotions should still exist, if you had a perk that let you kill the Chaos Gods despite their connection to the Warp that is.

>> No.73453006

...there are?

>> No.73453009

I was thinking of generic psychic powers to go with my Tech Origin, but I was also tempted by the idea of creating and raising spirits for a mighty army one day.

>> No.73453011

You're going 8 10 14 16 10 16, I assume?

Oh, it's definitely warranted. Especially when you factor in that people that play flying races are very nearly always That Guy. See >>73452719 and >>73452646

>> No.73453013

Back on the Asura thing...you know what's striking me as I watch this playthrough? During Asura and Augus's first phase of their battle-and looking towards the second phase too, when Augus draws his sword-the music isn't actually all that sad or angry-in fact, it's almost *happy* in a way. Dramatic and crazy, but *uplifting*. This isn't a battle of hatred, despair, and vengeance as all of Asura's previous battles have been; this is a battle purely for the sake of battle, for the joy of it and for the thrill. Naturally Asura's still angry-Augus is standing between him and his daughter, after all-but it's because Augus just really wants a damn good fight. There's a bit of trash talking, but there's also clear respect between the two opponents.

Augus is a goddamned bro, battle-obsessed and pigheaded he may be.

>> No.73453021

I like Ranma but I can understand how some of the characters personality problems could be grating. I would suggest Therapy perks and perks that allow you to change people for the better by interacting with them. Some of the problems boil down to it's anime so you get some ridiculous situations, there are perks that actually let you change the tone of the setting (I think) that might help. Still am not sure that fixes the setting enough for you

>> No.73453042

It might have changed knowing 40K's history, but I thought the gods were directly connected to those emotions, so killing them off would cause them to disappear as well? Obviously if you had something like that perk from Sidereals it wouldn't be an issue, but I thought by default it would end up causing humanity terrible harm.

>> No.73453044
File: 382 KB, 1280x1711, tumblr_ps8pbyH3781v4fvg9o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not worried about that. I already had the character approved and one of the players in our last game was an aarakocra. What I am worried about is my DM throwing a fuckton of really powerful magical enemies at me because that's usually his answer to the; "my players are becoming too powerful" problem. But It's cool though. I'd rather that than just have him outright say no flying characters.

>> No.73453049
File: 9 KB, 259x194, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Like who?
Cologne was a looker back int he day and knows a lot of rare in setting martial arts. She has shown willingness to still marry when Ranma ate a tempory love pill. A good jumper could get her a youth potion and have a hot Chinese amazon waifu.
And Kazume is basically the perfect Japanese housewife. She is so nice even a demon didn't want to upset her.

>> No.73453058

The real solution sohuld be just to remove emotions from the universe altogether.

>> No.73453065

ok oldcron

>> No.73453069

>there are perks that actually let you change the tone of the setting (I think) that might help.
>Jumper makes setting more lewd on whole
>jumper uses perk to make futas a third gender
>Ranma fell into the Spring of the drowned futa
Oh my god, what have we done?

>> No.73453072

I don't quite think they're like Marvel Abstracts, where if you got rid of one then what it embodies goes away. I could be wrong about that because I don't think the lore has ever actually gone that deep into it.

>> No.73453088
File: 272 KB, 1440x1440, 1585281469928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cologne was a looker back int he day and knows a lot of rare in setting martial arts. She has shown willingness to still marry when Ranma ate a tempory love pill. A good jumper could get her a youth potion and have a hot Chinese amazon waifu.
Literally my primary plan in that jump. Sure she may not age gracefully but with a carefully cultivated age mushroom supply what does it matter?

>> No.73453097

>human-centric settings
>Settings where the plot involves humanity as a theme rather than just humans existing as the characters.
Dark Souls and Bioshock, technically.

>> No.73453099

>Ranma fell into the Spring of the drowned futa
If you're using hentai logic, you might be able to pull off a similar effect by splashing him with lukewarm water, or throwing both hot and cold water at him simultaneously.

>> No.73453118
File: 165 KB, 771x1000, CCN4TPn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically. My middle stats are slightly different because I guess I found an alternate default score distribution. However I'm not sure whether or not we're going to roll for our stats.

Also is it really being That Guy if you're using perfectly valid game mechanics and vanilla race/class combinations?

>> No.73453128
File: 68 KB, 800x596, 6940288330_c6793ff93d_c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sure she may not age gracefully but with a carefully cultivated age mushroom supply what does it matter?
It does not. May I suggest being a Sims 3 Witch and giving her a Fountain of Youth Elixer? It will restore anyone to the prime of their life. And seeing as she claims to be 300 or 3,000 depending on the anime or manga, she does age slowly and might even get the nice MILF look going. Then again, once you change jumps her age will reset to a youthful one again and again. So in jump she only needs a patch up once.

>> No.73453137

Fate and later SMT and Persona? The human wanking is stronk

>> No.73453138

It's the attitude

>> No.73453177

>Also is it really being That Guy if you're using perfectly valid game mechanics and vanilla race/class combinations?
Absolutely, if you're doing it to mog on the rest of your party and or shit on your DM. You don't win at D&D, anon. That's not the point.

>I'm basically untouchable at low levels
Shitty attitude.

>doesn't understand 5e mechanics, which couldn't be easier unless it was 200 pages with "You Win!" printed on them.
Lazy fucker.

>> No.73453192

If it's in the rulebook and there's no rulings explicitly banning it, it's perfectly fine.

>> No.73453201

>t. That Guy

>> No.73453210


>> No.73453217


>> No.73453226

This is exactly why it's perfectly okay to bring the Fish of Fury into a friendly casual game.

>> No.73453235

Don't have to, we don't allow retards at my table.

>inb4 no u
Try again, faggot.

>> No.73453251

>implying you actually have a game
>and aren't just posturing on /tg/ whining about other people's fun

>> No.73453257

I typically play the party healer, and I definitely assign low priority to players that act like douchebags. >>73452646 is a douchebag post.

>> No.73453258

Rule zero DM has final say
plus DM has to balance the game for everyone if That Guy is playing a broken build it will either be to hard for the other players or too easy for That Guy.

>> No.73453268

>actually cucking yourself out of being strong because muh game balance

>> No.73453273

>t. doesn't actually play

>> No.73453274

Finished CoS last month and started Descent two weeks ago. I also have a homebrew BG-inspired campaign that's a blast.

>> No.73453279

/tg/ is full of these cucks. They've been here since the first D&D threads unfortunately.

>> No.73453298

>cucking yourself out of absolute power by not dming

>> No.73453299


>> No.73453306

If you're using hentai logic, Ranma is bathing and a guy walks in. Something something sex happens. And now Ranma never wants to turn back into a guy. Plus she is now pregnant.

>> No.73453307

Because this is a cooperative game that relies on socialization and both the GM and other players not hating you for being an autistic manchild
Of course, you'd know this if you actually played ttrpgs

>> No.73453319

I've played several games. My first game I successfully nagged my DM into letting me be the one tristalt character, it was a sorcerer/warlock/favored soul and I had a lot of fun because I wasn't getting screwed over by muh balance.

>> No.73453334

>My first game I successfully nagged my DM into letting me be the one tristalt character, it was a sorcerer/warlock/favored soul and I had a lot of fun because I wasn't getting screwed over by muh balance.
Its even worse than being an autistic manchild. You're a fucking Karen
Kill yourself

>> No.73453339

Preferable to cucking yourself out of a decent game experience by having no sense of balance or restraint.

>> No.73453343

>This much self-entitlement
Looks like someone just got back from squatting in the CHAZ

>> No.73453348
File: 1.32 MB, 480x270, 101yQ6Fqc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And you say that like it's something to be proud of.

>> No.73453356

Nope, that doesn't count since the gaming experience is real and the the strength you'd be cucking yourself out of is imaginary.
Definitely and apples to oranges situation.

>> No.73453365
File: 18 KB, 590x345, 1539012806559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I successfully nagged

>> No.73453368

Is Memory a valid element for Aspect of Oblivion from the kingdom hearts jump? I want Namine's memory abilities.

>> No.73453370

>not Wizard//Warblade//Factotum
Come back when you know how to that guy properly.

>> No.73453372
File: 858 KB, 1024x1894, melafos_revisited_by_thatweirdguyjosh-dbpen4i.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, personally I think it'll be fine. If things get too easy or I end up being too powerful I'll just talk with everyone to figure out a way to make things more fair.

IMO, anything in d&d can be OP if you want it to be. That's the whole point of it being an imagination game. For example;
>DM: "Hey guys, since Tiefling player is making things too easy, I've decided to give everyone Boots of Flying with unlimited charges. Also from now on all the enemies will have sniper rifles. Ok, let's start."

>> No.73453380

You sound like you aren't very fun to play with.

>> No.73453384

>t. That Guy
People like you are the kinds of social retards we tell horror stories about on this board. How many times did you suck the GM's dick to get him to allow your faggotry, or did you just roll on the floor shrieking like a spoiled brat until they gave up and gave in to your childish desires?

>> No.73453402

Is there a God of War 2018 jump?

>> No.73453405

My first game I talked the DM into letting me be a Bard. So he cursed my bard to never get laid. IT was like an anime where something always appears to cockblock him. To the point of having a magical duel break out in the lobby that burned the whore house.

>> No.73453407

Fuck off Timmy, and stop lying, all it does is make you look more pathetic than you already are

>> No.73453435

My first game I was DM and it was gestalt dragon//class. There were only two PCs but it was genuinely fun even though I wasn't so good at designing dungeons and encounters. The game eventually stopped when we discovered Dark Heresy and I've only played a few more D&D sessions since tthen.

>> No.73453437

No. Given it's not covered by the current GOW jump, it's up for grabs.

>> No.73453474

Whatever you gotta tell yourself, anon. It's not my table, so ultimately I don't care.

>> No.73453491

>tristalt character
Why stop there? There are like 8 or 9 main classes. Why not just ask to be everything while you are at it?

>> No.73453504

Name a jump and lets talk about that.

>> No.73453513

Sherlock Holmes

>> No.73453519

Generic Ntr

>> No.73453525 [SPOILER] 
File: 927 KB, 1119x1600, 1593406009985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An interesting setting for any early jumper. Do you have a favorite origin? Maybe a potential companion you like?
See pic related.

>> No.73453529
File: 229 KB, 1280x1041, tumblr_130163e7f045a05e2fe58504fa7deeaf_531ac2ae_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck did you get anyone to play with your entitled ass?

>> No.73453561

>Do you have a favorite origin?
Drop In has a pretty fun capstone but waifu anon made all of them pretty appealing. Though flash of brilliance is kinda hard to write

>> No.73453584

Now THIS is good bait.

>> No.73453589

Red is working on it

>> No.73453609
File: 223 KB, 915x933, Sherlock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sherlock Holmes

>> No.73453617

I can appreciate it to a point. It's actually tg related bait.

>> No.73453626

I always fanwank my sherlock jump to be the Granada version with Jeremy Brett, so that's not an issue.
Wrong person?

>> No.73453656

Ye, not sure how that one happened. Meant it for this anon. >>73453584
Might be a hint that I need to hit the sack though. Night, thread. Hope to get even more work done for Fleischer tomorrow.

>> No.73453660

Where do we rate the mass production of Joan of Arc by downloading her past memories and then uploading them into flesh bodies.

I need to prepare for the upcoming cool in the foreseeable future

>> No.73453664

Is it bad if a jumpmaker's exasperation starts coming through their fluff text.

>> No.73453666
File: 590 KB, 1200x1339, 666613_6220739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Samurai Jack. Because I picked up 24 daughters and need help with what their personalities and gimmicks should be.

>> No.73453669

>Granada version with Jeremy Brett
That one is good.

>> No.73453673

depends on the setting but you should try to remain neutral

>> No.73453675

Depends on the series. There's some things that started out good but then went absolutely retarded or similar idiocy that it is understandable, but generally jumpmakers shouldn't do it.

>> No.73453679

Why do you want a bunch of 15th century teen-age french catholic girls?

>> No.73453688

Yes. Walk away if you're starting to get in that mindset. Making a jump just to shit on a setting is retarded. See: WWE jump.

>> No.73453693

>WWE jump.
what's wrong with that?

>> No.73453697

No, Doom Knight is a good example of what happens if you push your feelings into a jump.

>> No.73453701

It has nothing to do with wrestling; it's just a literal meme jump.

Why 24?

>> No.73453705

I will low-key forever be disappointed with that final season.
I was so down for Dad Jack.

>> No.73453714

>WWE jump
Cenanon was such a retard.

>> No.73453722

>Samurai Jack.
Good jump and setting
>Because I picked up 24 daughters
8 is enough. Why did you take 24?
>and need help with what their personalities and gimmicks should be.
Okay let me see. Make them expies of whatever women you wanted to hang out with but not lewd, as they are your children.

>> No.73453725

A little bit is okay, especially if just confined to certain options, but it's not really great if it goes too far or spreads through too much of the jump.

>> No.73453748

Occasional jabs at and references to fuckups in the IP are fine, and can be funny, but if it starts to be the running theme of the jump, then walk away.

>> No.73453751

When are we going to replace all his crap?

>> No.73453756
File: 2.79 MB, 1200x3516, Jack and his Daughters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73453760
File: 340 KB, 1200x1280, 7dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had the budget for three sets of eight alongside getting Summoning so they'd be raising their own armies of defeated enemies eventually. I also had to give the Scotsman a run for his money.

>> No.73453767
File: 2.87 MB, 320x240, 1586463765863.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, anon, I will not allow you to use my post commenting on the shit nature of Cenanon to become a springboard for replacement shitposting.

>> No.73453782

Sometimes you see a bad idea and feel like replicating it.

>> No.73453788

That'd be funny

>> No.73453797

>these niggas don't even know that Generic Ntr is the alt title of Egyptian Mythology

>> No.73453806

Same but for other reasons. I was so hoping they'd go for some kind of we can't return to the past but we can fix the future ending but nope, they went with the worst possible ending.

>> No.73453823

I hope you have enough dragons to satisfy them

>> No.73453900

Where we're going we won't need dragons.
Gungnirs will have to do

>> No.73453904

It can go beyond just killing, if it's directed against someone that fits the perk.

It won't affect your companions. If you're before the era, they're either out of time somehow or just ancestors of the Hassan.

Sorry for the long response time.

>> No.73453921

Will there be an update in DBS where we can be a Supreme Kai?

>> No.73453937

Make it through the race builder.

>> No.73454007

Are you taking a bunch of Jeannes into Waltrude to make them your personal Valkyrie squad?

>> No.73454027

Do we have a Shaolin Soccer jump?

>> No.73454038
File: 409 KB, 400x566, jc32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's about the size of it, yeah. Like Augus keeps saying during the fight he wants the fight for the sake of it not because of whatever highhanded crap Deus is spouting. It's a bit more tense in one regard: Augus also thinks Asura is fighting for the same reasons as he is, and seemingly doesn't see the difference between them until he's lying on the earth dying and sees the other girl Asura protects and seemingly puts two and two together. Like he outright tells Asura to explain how they're different while impaling him to the Earth at one point, as if he doesn't get why Asura isn't having as much fun as he is. That's why he tells Asura to walk the path he must at the end instead of something like "good fight", he was his former mentor and trained him to fight like such as berserker, but it took the mother of all beatdowns for him to get that his student has higher priorities than the love of battle.

I take it you've seen Gods of Death?

Depends on the setting. It's understandable when it's low key and the setting is Avengers vs X-Men for example.
>Sherlock Holmes
God, I remember wondering whether I should've picked the Benedict Cabbagepatch series after settling on the classic stories. So, SO glad I sticked to my guns after how hard the show dovetailed.

>The gobbos get away with literally trying to kill Harry and the gang over what amounts to an ownership dispute, who escaped by freeing the tortured white slave dragon they had chained up in the vault rigged with respawning false cursed gold
Forgot Raimi ghostwrote for Rowling

Not yet.

>> No.73454067

Just finished it, actually. Just started watching "For The Cause" now.

Augus is a bro, though he's blind and stubborn to anything outside of base pleasures and fighting. His whole arc was just...perfect, really.

>> No.73454068

>So, SO glad I sticked to my guns after how hard the show dovetailed.
The first season was enjoyable. Some of the critiques of >>73453609 still hold, but it was good fun. After that it really took a hard dive down.

>> No.73454104

How would D&D settings handle someone like a WoW worgen: basically a werewolf that wasn't evil and that could change on command? Is there any basis for something like that in the setting or are you just setting yourself up for being hunted all the time if you try that?

>> No.73454122

Not all werecreatures are inherently evil and some have a similar level of control over their transformations, so really it depends but you could get accepted.
D&D is such a kitchen sink that basically any fantasy archetype exists somewhere in the multiverse.

>> No.73454224

Question Valeria for the Tiamat scenario will Tiamat be able to achieve human size once we befriend her?

>> No.73454275

Just wanted to ask a couple things: Should I add material from other editions to the Blood War?
>3e/3.5e could probably be added easily enough, although there were some archdevils reshuffled around
>on the other hand, 4e nuked the Blood War, 5e turned it into a Cold War, and retconned the setting and cosmology pretty hard
>and some of the reshufflings on the Hell side of things like The Hag Queen being deposed by Glasya or Bel being overthrown by Fierna make almost no sense at all
Additionally, should the Blood War be its own jump or should it be split up into faction jumps, eg. Devils, Demons. The problem with that is it would be hard to make a whole jump for the Yugoloths or especially the Gehreleths, or would it be better to merge the non-Devil non-Demon fiends into a whole jump that would cover the Yugoloths, Night Hags, Hordelings and Gehreleths.

>> No.73454311

>Blood War be its own jump

>> No.73454367

Have three origins; Demon, Devil, and the neutral evil fiends.

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