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first for tau deserve good overwatch

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Second for follow the codex

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nth for sell your fucking razorback turrets on ebay
chaos players need them for defilers

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first for we desperately need male sisters of battle

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All vermin must be exterminated!

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I agree they should keep FTGG on the units that have them. But there should be a once per turn limit to it being used. Let the certain tau units OW for free when they are being charged, but limit the ability to link nearby units to OW to once per turn.

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Or false flag?

>> No.73432678

They shrug off the pariah Nexus. They are IMMUNE to Alpha Legion psychic trickery,

It is official.

The space. Paladins. Are. Back.

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what would the term be for a model made exactly like green army men? do they even exist in 40k?

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I don't know how they're justifying their constantly increasing prices, but it can only get worse.

That's fair, too bad good gunlines aren't fun to play against when played properly with cheese.

Misters of Battle is funny.

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>burnt out painting in feb
>nurgles plaufe sapped any desire to paint
>suddenly want to paint again, bought a trio of zoomer marines online
>wait a week
>"lol fuck you, it just shipped yesterday

>> No.73432705

My face when

>> No.73432707

you man cadians?

>> No.73432720

considering night lords are canon russian
>every narrator gives them russian accents

>> No.73432722

To anyone who hasn't seen this beautiful gem of a voice-over, I come bearing gifts.


>> No.73432728

Chinese plague has fucked everyone over.

>> No.73432729

Is total war warhammer good if I know nothing of the verse?

>> No.73432735

>9 and 12 of the same model
>Too much
I guess 40k just isn't going to be yur game then.

>> No.73432738

huh? aren't they completely assembled & posable?

>> No.73432742

Yeah, it's the best Warhammer video game out there.

>> No.73432749

Yeah, it really is.
I hope we get a Total Warhammer 40k too.

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>costs 3cp to take a superheavy aux detachment now
>this kills the stompa
who else here whiny xenofag?

>> No.73432757

It is. Total Warhammer would have been a gateway drug for WFB if GW hadn't axed the latter

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Seriously this is the best GW dreadnought, and it's not even a dreadnought

>> No.73432762

good for warhammer fantasy, but sadly a redundant verse because that's the old world.

They retconned it with a forced plot advancement.

>> No.73432763

Stop. No one cares.

>> No.73432769

If you are interested in WFB yes. Otherwise it's just a mediocre total war game with less depth than usual.

>> No.73432770

What will I do without my obelisk?

>> No.73432771

this guy looks very cool , i really wouldent want to fuck it up with my shit painting skills

>> No.73432780

yeah because it's the best total war game ever made, the chinese total war was a huge step backwards

>> No.73432785

Still run it because 3cp is fuck all to lose when you get 10+ now

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I mean, nobody in their right mind even touched a stompa so why does that matter anyway?

Shit was so hilarious when GW hyped it up before the 8th edition Ork codex release, only for a stompa to get killed in a 1v1 vs a IK first time shown on stream.

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>GW forgot to reveal his datasheet before pre-orders went out
Anybody who bought him already is a simp lol

>> No.73432798

bruh if you try as hard as you can, and thin your paints, yours will look good too

I believe in you

>> No.73432799

Sure, but Iron Warriors embody the Russian attitude of "Everything is shit, so why worry about it?" better than most in 40k

>> No.73432801

Butcher Cannons are so fucking sexy that I'm putting them on my Contemptors. I don't care that they're oversized.

>> No.73432802

>taking a stompa

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Maybe the thing should stay in fucking apoc then the type of game it was made for anyway.

>> No.73432816

>forgot to paint my sisters in sub-assemblies
How fucked am I?

>> No.73432820

>Buying models purely based on how OP their rules are
>And not based on how cool you think the model looks

The real simp is you

>> No.73432826

If you collect necrons, go ahead and get it, paint it as good as you can, and enjoy it. Nothing wrong with that

>> No.73432830

Did I say follow it to the letter? I said follow it.
mind is in the right place though brother.

>> No.73432832

its the only good game that warhammer and 40k have ever had
>b-but muh space marine
generic 3d gears clone
>b-but muh mechanicus
shitty waterd down xcom eu clone
>b-but but BFGA 2
great battles but the game is ruined by the worst campaign style ever put into a game and necrons get shafted hard

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Anon, even in Apoc nobody would take a stompa. The only use that model has is as a paperweight.

Imperial Knight should have been restricted to apoc too.

>> No.73432845

It was dead before.
You should get 2-3 cp for taking one.

>> No.73432850

I'd say the same about Knigts, but here we are all the same.

>> No.73432853

no, tau deserve mobile and synergizing warfare noch castling crap overwatch and drone spam
they should be completely rewritten and I say this especially because I hate tau

>> No.73432854

>Imperial Knight should have been restricted to apoc too
No, knights and knight equivalents are fine, anything above is fucking dumb and the whole having to take a centerpiece unit is dumb too.

>> No.73432855

maybe the stompa is good in this edition

>> No.73432861

>Giving GW money before you know what you're buying
Simps like you are the reason GW doesn't respect it's playerbase

>> No.73432862

>I mean, nobody in their right mind even touched a stompa so why does that matter anyway?

I posted a couple threads ago that I love my stompa model but its so overcost that I won't play it in a game. This Anon believes that apparently that makes me a WAACfag.

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i think those are supposed to be bad dracula accents

>> No.73432880

Dawn of War.

>> No.73432882

This is why you dont replace core day with shoulders day

>> No.73432887

Why would you paint them in sub -assemblies?

>> No.73432888

Oh, I see. You're one of THOSE

>> No.73432893

buying models because you think they're cool and you want to paint them>buying models because you like the lore>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>buying models to fill out your force org>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>buying models for rules

>> No.73432896

Those helmets are so nice, I'm happy the kit has enough and some spare.
Their guns are held right at their chests, so I can't reach their chest with a brush lol.

>> No.73432897

>you know what you're buying
It's a plastic model.

>> No.73432901

Fatshark are a bunch of incompetent devs. Working on meme gamemodes no one wants, such as the Weave and soon also versus mode. Endgame sucks balls, the grind is boring and maps come out once in a blue moon. They're sitting on a goldmine but would rather pick their noses.

>> No.73432902

A WAACfag would not even own a stompa to begin with, lol.

Must have been a in experienced troll.

>> No.73432927 [DELETED] 

>move to new small city because in the military
>only one lgs
>go check it out
>smells like BO
>check out their facebook
>"We support LGBTQ! Everyone is welcome here!"
Guess it's another 4 years of no games

>> No.73432932

My stompa has seen plenty of great victories and of course defeated. Maybe get good, scrub? Otherwise play for fun instaed of being salty you suck at being a waac fag?

>> No.73432933

The rules will get changed within a month if not on release through FAQ, CA and what not.

The model will never change anon. You buy models for their rules, you might as well have wiped your fat arse with that money before flushing it down the toilet.

>> No.73432945

Go there
Be a chad
If they get butthurt, prove you're military
watch them reel back.

>> No.73432956

Nobody cares you whiny bitch.

>> No.73432963


I have decided I'm going to add an HQ detachment to my deathguard army. It will be comprised of:

>demon prince of nurgle
>Horticulus slimux (because I love the model)

>> No.73432964

>buy one from forge world with duel soulburner petards
>look forward to mortal wounding shit off the table
>day of game finally arrives, opponent does some raven guard shinigins and obliterates it first turn
>corona appears and haven't played since
>rules update for FW units approaching, may never get to mortal wound things off the table

I'm going to demand a refund if they change it for the worse

>> No.73432966

I know exactly what I'm buying anon, its the fucking model I'm not buying the rules.

>> No.73432969

>Their guns are held right at their chests, so I can't reach their chest with a brush lol.
Paint that first, then touch-up the gun later. And since they hold the guns to their chests, nobody is gonna see what's under there anyway.

Play at home.

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>> No.73432972

What if I want to use one lord of war, and not break the bank by needing to buy a shit ton?

>> No.73432973

I can just wait a month or two until the codex comes out, then buy things based on that because GW won't update necron rules for another edition. It's a cool model, but there are more on the way.

>> No.73432977

>buys models for rules
>gets absolutely rekt
you deserve it

>> No.73432979

>proceed to have nobody to play with
yep checks out

>> No.73432983

post time stamp picture of your stompa

>> No.73432993

I hate the texture it has, with those weird welts on the armor plates

>> No.73432996


>only 1 lgs
>smells like BO

this is the majority of cities everywhere unless you're in a big city

>> No.73432998

Then run a low and take your 3cp loss its fucking nothing in larger games.

>> No.73433002

dear god, the hardcore yaoi stuff is back. Do you have link for the rest of it so I can send it to a friend and see how they react?

>> No.73433003

But you did. ;) Hugs and kisses, sugar plum.

>> No.73433006

Hmm good point. I just remember my necrons tended to hold their guns far away so there was lots of space, and I was kinda worried with how close the sisters guns are. I'm sure you're right tho, they should be fine.

>> No.73433011


Shit it must have been horrible when they dragged you to the ground and forced you into a dress, and had you spend all day using proper pronouns and tasing you when you got it wrong.

Truly fucking suffering, I agree you should never go back.

>> No.73433013

>threatening to refund because the rules changed

anon I don't know what to tell you... but like.. this is the company that deleted an entire ruleset to the point where retards were burning their minis

you're not going to get a refund lol

>> No.73433015

I'm directing this at the people who say "keep LoWs in Apocalypse"
I have no problem with paying a small CP tax to use my Lord of Skulls

>> No.73433025

>Decimator bigger than a Leviathan
>2 less wounds than ordinary contemptor
How so?

>> No.73433034

Give me a couple of hours and I will. But trust me or don't, well adjusted folks don't need an optimized list every game to have fun.

>> No.73433043

Oh yes, I'm real sure all those necron players are really happy about all the necron flyers they bought in previous editions.

>> No.73433049

all of them are on here for easy viewing so yo don't need to scroll through a bunch of twitter stuff

>> No.73433054

Decimator is made with xeno tech so can't be as retard strong as imperial tech.

>> No.73433057

They don't look too oversized to be fair, it a is a giant walker

>> No.73433058

What would a fluffy alpha legion list look like? Just cultists, marines and dreads? Is there a fluffy reason they would have possessed

>> No.73433074

Then play one in larger games.

Literally the only way to see there would be to pick it up and look at it from above with a flashlight.

>> No.73433079

some alpha legion are lost and wholly devoted to chaos, they're not all epic 4d chess meme-lords

>> No.73433082

Yes I like my fleet of croissants, you think I only got them for 8th?

>> No.73433085

What armies feature rats?

>> No.73433086

Such a good model though here is my one I'm working on

>> No.73433094

>fluffy alpha legion list look like?

>> No.73433101

Yeah they use forced possessed as a terror tactic
Also, don't forget to use and convert Arkos, their only special character with rules (he's pretty good and cheap)

>> No.73433112

Looks good mate. What's life like being half australian?

>> No.73433113

Oh thank goodness, also those look nice, I like the dark metal, it's pretty similar to what I'm trying to do for mine.

>> No.73433118

shut up ratfag, youre in almost every thread

>> No.73433128

He probably is.
"My knights are OK. Other faction's Knight Equivalents are not. Only I should have the good units because I am the main character."

>> No.73433132

Feels good man, I'm on mobile and it does it nearly every time

>> No.73433155

dark mechanicus

>> No.73433161

Delet this, without Lorgar there is no 40k

>> No.73433167

He does sound like a colossal cockmongler.

>> No.73433168

Is there any official lore of them using chaos demons/demon princes as a tactic?

>> No.73433183

40k is one of the greatest games ive ever played. many games of 40k i have played, i like to play space marine iron hand scpater and blood angels chapters . i do not like encron models. I hate the necrons! they look so bad and stupid and not realistic. how do they even move if they are made of metal they would be so heavy they would get very tired without muscles or hearts or vaginas to help them be alive they are really just made of metal it doesnt make any sense i dont understand it really the guy at the games worskshop store looked at me like was crazy when i asked him but the guy at the games workshop store has a brain and heart and a penis and he is alive now the encrons lore doesnt make any sense i hatE THE NEW BOX SET I WILL NEVER BUY IT OKAY SPACE MARINES BLOOD ANGELS HAVE GOOD HUMAN PARTS AND NECRONS CANT MOVE WITHOUT MUSCLES ITS DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE >>73433101

>> No.73433192

To be fair; I have no idea if a Stompa is a Knight equivalent though, or if that is more on the Morka/Gorkanaught level.
I haven't seen either and as such doesn't know their rules. I am of mind that Big centerpiece models should be exclusive to bigger scale wars.

>> No.73433194 [DELETED] 

>> No.73433217


>> No.73433219

unless you have 0 idea how to paint, it'll be fine if you're patient whilst painting.
just paint this one before you glue all the bits together though or that's gonna be a massive bitch to get at

>> No.73433225

>tell a retard that he won't get a refund

>be accused of hating necrons

excuse me what?

>> No.73433236

Please don't try to push the AllLivesMatter politics here, we're trying to talk about 40k to get away from such things.

>> No.73433242

The Stompa is weird because it's probably the biggest plastic superheavy in the game despite being one of the weakest

>> No.73433249

>well adjusted folks don't need an optimized list every game to have fun
you must have a decent LGS then, there are only 5 regulars at mine and they all run competitive lists. you know its bad when the regulars with comp lists won't play the other regulars with comp lists because they fight cancer with cancer.

>> No.73433257

>Yo! When da Imperahum fahrst encountered da T’au Empahre some 6, 000 years before da Era Indoesmahtus, day was lahttle mo tha warrahng trahbes of savages. Then da Edareals cise – regal a' ahmperahous beahngs whose mere presence seemed ta possess a ahntrahnsahc power ta unahte da T’au peep. Wahth daahr nascent cahvahlahzatahon workahng tagedar as one ‘for da Greater fly’, da T’au Empahre developed at a astanahshahng rate. What it is, like, Mama! Dahvahded ahnta fahve castes – Fahre (mahlahtary), like, Aahr (avahatahon a' ahnterstellar travel), Water (dahplomacy a' admahnahstratahon), like, Earth (scahentahfahc research a' constructahon) a' Edareal (leadershahp a' strategy) – all workahng seislessly tawards a common goal, da T’au Empahre flourahshed exponentahally. Slap mah fro!

What did they mean by this?

>> No.73433270

Big in size or quantity while still being completely worthless the the hallmark of an Ork army.

>> No.73433271

Well, I would have no problems with a narrative game where you have a Patrol level of units trying to sabotage a LoW in the dark of night, so I get what you're trying to say Even if it is ironic shitposting for fun.
I'm just a simple person that feels like a battlefield shouldn't really contain super-weapons or legendary characters until it becomse a certain scale. I'm probably boring but each to one's own.

>> No.73433275


>> No.73433317

alpha legion is actually 2 separate legions one of loyal meme lords and the other totally fallen meme lords, but neither knows which is which.

>> No.73433320

it wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt as hilariously overpriced, it's about 2x more expensive than it should be.

>> No.73433326 [DELETED] 

You won't be missed.

>> No.73433332


>> No.73433336

So Fulgrim is the next Primarch to get a model?

>> No.73433338

My army has a 2+ BS, you won't be missed either.

>> No.73433349

That they do, but 8th edition’s version of “for the greater good” would have been great in and of itself. The Tau do not need to completely negate one of 9th’s biggest rule changes (especially since they have the option to hit overwatch on 5+) and I say that as a Tau player

>> No.73433356

Because I felt like it. = )

>> No.73433364

Yes it is, but you’re in the wrong general friend.
Don’t start with 2 though; buy the first and work from there if you enjoy it

>> No.73433368

Your enemies can't know your plans if you don't know your plans.

>> No.73433380

Can't remember if it was official or not, but there was an anecdote somebody posted about AL kidnapping guardsmen and forcing daemons into them, then sending the possessed soldiers back. After a while the whole platoon started to panic because random guardsmen were turning into monsters, and in the end the commissars killed every guardsman in the platoon and then killed themselves

>> No.73433391

Funnily enough the popularity of Total War: Warhammer very well may be the soul reason GW is bringing back “the old world”

>> No.73433392

so can you attach decimator butchers to contemptors with minimal fiddeling? Never tried FW models before.

>> No.73433419

That's pretty badass

>> No.73433430

>only good game
Oh yeah?

>> No.73433432

Another reason could be the actual batshit madlads that ordered 20 models each of the "make-to-order" range when they had that.
Some absolute fuck-o ordered 20 Lord Greasious from the Ogre Kingdom range.
20 Legendary lords. For an army that no longer exists. Just to support GW's greasy spending habits.

I think they're bringing it back because their customer base are still throwing money at them without reason, and imagine how much they'd throw at them if given a reason.

>> No.73433448

Stompas are amazing and nothing you say or do will change my mind.

>> No.73433456

In which way do you feel they are amazing Anon?

>> No.73433462

>and in the end the commissars killed every guardsman in the platoon and then killed themselves

ok now those are the kind of subversive operations I can get behind, not this "we intended to lose for the plan!" bullshit that BL tries to pass off as tactics.

>> No.73433466

The models are indeed gorgeous

It's rules make it worse than an Imperial Knight whilst costing like three times as much points.

>> No.73433503

Is there some secrate tequnique or mind set to airbrusing minis? I used my badger a lot for planes and gundams. But after hand brushing 60 boys a ghaz and some random other things, Im only just now trying it on a morkanaught. A lot of what I used to do was just a basic preshade. And it was fine considering most planes/gundams were at MOST 3 colors. But all this 40k shit is so small and/or has so many details it seems like i would have to mask the fuck out of everything, or get the PERFECT mix consistency AND be a free hand god to get anything done. Pic related is the naught from last night. Ive done so much touch ups and clean ups tonight that i wounder why im even trying it on somthing like this. I mean I might as well get a black rattle can at this point.

>> No.73433551

Pic related is where its at now. I was trying to go for a fade inot the red for the skull, but it just ended up looking like shitty overspray. I want to try a glow effect on theese lists, but im guessing it will just look like shitty over spray again. idk though, even a lot of 'good' glow effect just look like over spray to me.

>> No.73433600

I find airbrushing best for big areas as you've found with vehicles and such. Doing small details takes a lot of practice and time to tape parts of the mini off to avoid overspray. I also don't have great control but thats due to injuries not healing correctly and fucking up my range of motion. I just use the airbrush for priming, base coating, and varnishing, do all of my large area stuff with it and do the details and highlights by brush.

>> No.73433602

Is her familiar just a regular animal? I thought familiars were typically warp related but maybe I've just been dead wrong about that this whole time

>> No.73433614

looks like a god damn eldar

>> No.73433624


Im working on a new homebrew space marine chapter, the paragon knights (loosely based on german knight orders of the medival times).

And i want to design some of my models after my friends. One of which is a refugee girl from syria, which is one of the most faithful muslims i have ever know.

So, to honor my friendship with her and to honor her "zealotry" to God(Emperor) i would like to make a female space marine chaplain named and based on her. I want it to be a model with a head that (vaguely) is like her head, which means i need a female head with hijab or any other form of head scarf.

So, do you guys have any ideas?

>> No.73433630

We could have had Valeria bros...

>> No.73433645

Probably, but I'd gladly get fucked out of my Primarch for a FUCKING NOISE MARINE UPDATE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.73433674

In the off-chance that this isn't a bait post made to trigger people for shits and giggles, I'd reccomend you greenstuff. A lot and lot of green-stuff. I'd also reccomend third-party retailers for plastic mini-head bits as GW have proven time and time again to not be able to sculpt a female face if their life was on the line.

>> No.73433679

>And i want to design some of my models after my friends. One of which is a refugee girl from syria, which is one of the most faithful muslims i have ever know.
>So, to honor my friendship with her and to honor her "zealotry" to God(Emperor) i would like to make a female space marine chaplain named and based on her. I want it to be a model with a head that (vaguely) is like her head, which means i need a female head with hijab or any other form of head scarf.
>So, do you guys have any ideas?
Get a SoB preacher and use that as a Chaplin. Ezpz.

>> No.73433687

Ok, in this regard I feel for ya. Warhams is amazing as a beer and pretzels game between casually competitive regulars.

>> No.73433694

Don't even need to get a female head, can get a generic unhelmeted space marine, make a head covering with greenstuff (roll it out into a thin strip and wait 20 minutes to dry slightly), then just wrap it up. Choose a face with no scarring around the eyes, you can highlight the nose to slim it and make it less masculine while hiding the rest of the face and chin with the head wrap.

>> No.73433708

9th ed can't come soon enough
i hate that the enemy russ parked in my opponents deployments zone can destroy decimate one of my squads because the tank commander can see the antenna's on my marines backbacks through a broken window

>> No.73433718

Is there hope for the same happening for 40k?

>> No.73433730


>> No.73433731

Jesus bubba, couldn't shell out 20 buckeroos for a magpul?

>> No.73433735

Use this if you're too lazy to convert a model by itself. Just trim down the hair and do what the other anons said about the head wrapping.

But I think you're doing this as bait. So on the off chance you aren't, here you go.

>> No.73433771

won't the spent casings catch on the rubber band here and be hot enough to burn the band and snap it?

>> No.73433780

I'm proud of you tards, trying to help someone asking a question despite it most likely being posted to trigger the autists frequenting this general.

Keep up the good work and lets try to get som much needed positivity here.

>> No.73433790

I only do it because it makes bait-fags seethe. I genuinely don't care anymore.

>> No.73433819

Just finished another one of the boyz!

>> No.73433847

Apathy is positivity at its finest.

>> No.73433854

I wanna see that new glow technical paint

>> No.73433858


>> No.73433860

I need a new 40k book to read; I just finished the latest Fabius novel and it was delightful. I've already read the basics and the excellent fehervari shit.

>> No.73433865

Is there anyone who sells cheap painted models? I hate painting but love playing.

>> No.73433874

For future reference please put your mini down on a stable surface so we don't have to see your meaty hand in half the image. Not just you in specific, everyone could learn from this. Also your mini isn't in focus.

>> No.73433885


>> No.73433903

Remember to Agrax your rust, nuln your lead and drill your sister.

>> No.73433906

wow fuck you there is nothing wrong with my hand

>> No.73433914

Path of the Dark Eldar books are pretty kino, and way better than than the Fabius books

>> No.73433917


Clean your moldlines and fill your gaps. Also get that crusty pube off of there.

>> No.73433923

>green dg
>smeared in filth

>> No.73433928

T. Small handed virgin.

>> No.73433936 [DELETED] 

good thing i picked this army up for $250 at a bitz bizarre before their codex dropped. stripping/redoing some of this .. kinda hard to match some one else's paint job. i need to learn how to get that force weapon look right.

so 20 paladins and 25 grey knights. all the named characters and 3 baby carriages. i need to find a stl file for the psy cannon for the razorback.

>> No.73433937

I'm hoping for the slim chance that its real, I always enjoy seeing people be creative. Like the anon that showed how to make billboards for terrain out of empty sprues and those fake credit cards from mail offers, that was some good shit.

>> No.73433939


t. handlet

>> No.73433947

While you work on the PBC, you're mom is working on the BBC.

>> No.73433950

> Also get that crusty pube off of there.
Crusty pubes only makes it more authentic Anon.

>> No.73433952

>not happy with my painting of 1 army
>try another today, its meh, realize I hate their vehicles and dread ever painting them

I should take a break from the hobby honestly... I'm just not finding happiness painting anymore, haven't played in years.

>> No.73433955

Take a picture with it against some plain white paper next time so we can get a better look at your details and highlights. Its a bit hard to tell from the picture, did you wash it?

>> No.73433959

What are some good BL books about rogue traders or otherwise non bolter/lasgun non space marine imperium Stuff

>> No.73433960


good thing i picked this army up for $250 at a bitz bizarre before their codex dropped. stripping/redoing some of this .. kinda hard to match some one else's paint job. i need to learn how to get that force weapon look right.

so 20 paladins and 25 grey knights. all the named characters and 3 baby carriages. i need to find a stl file for the psy cannon for the razorback.

>> No.73433968

Billboards for terrain?
Is there a channel for this?

>> No.73433977

Stompa is not a knight equivalent though, gork/morkanauts are.

>> No.73433991


actually the majority of my army is dirty bone, so I decide to do something mainly green as a contract

>> No.73433999

Nah, doesn't take too much effort. Pretty simple to magnetize if you want to swap arms around as well.

>> No.73434000

Just buy paint thats already on the market you fucking sheep.
>people painting with inks and shit for years
>gw sees this
>makes pots of ink mixed with flow improver

>> No.73434007


the side panels and front of the plow will be bone

>> No.73434010

Can we then assume them (Gorka/morka) to have equivalent point-costs, stats or rules to the Knights then?
I ask because the supposedly superheavy is always memed as having worse stats at thrice the cost in comparison.

>> No.73434014

Not on my PC at the moment, hopefully someone else can find the pictures. He essentially used the sprues to make a frame for the billboard then glued a plastic card to it and then glued a printed out image onto the card (think it was a picture of a capital ship).

>> No.73434025

Looks like a big steamy pile of shit.

Good job!

>> No.73434038

Your painting is absolutely fine and better then mine. I just wish other dg players also experimented with color schemes more.

>> No.73434045

And they should be rebalanced to reflect what they're supposed to be, the knight equivalents, but shit like the stompa have no place in a game of 40k outside of apocalypse. Stompa should be reworked too, but with the caveat of having a prohibiting points cost like the titans but a manageable PL since apoc uses PL.

>> No.73434085

Gorks and Morks are alright, comparable to a knight. Gork has more volume of firepower while Mork has harder hitting fewer shot weapons (plus the option to be equipped with a kustom force field). Both can also be used as small transports, not a bad way to protect some units until they get closer. I've had decent luck using telyporta' to bring in a gorkanaut on their flank to draw some fire and take out troops before disembarking the nobz with power klaws to go and retard smash their armor. Not the best tactic but its funny when the rolls go your way.

>> No.73434102

I've always like cream/bone armor since it can compliment so many colors.

>> No.73434104


Nnnot exactly. Morkanauts are 290-310 points (depends on whether or not they take a Kustom Force Field, without which they have no Invuln), Gorkanauts are 311 (and have no invuln). They're T8 3+ but only have 18 wounds.

So they're decidedly worse than Knights, and cheaper as a consequence.

>> No.73434115

I love little arts and crafts like this, really ads atmosphere to the gaming table.

>> No.73434123


well for me, I wanted to keep a lot of the per-heresry colors. But I besides some poxwalkers that were green/yellow my whole army was looking very samey. So I wanted to color swap and do majority green with bone compliment, the opposite of the rest of my army.

>> No.73434141

>GW makes contrast paint
>Says to do one thick coat for easy painting!
>Most hobby channels on youtube don't care for contrast in that fashion
>Duncan gets out from under GW's thumb
>Understandable really, considering the allegations
>Makes his own youtube channel
>"Yeah, contrast works best with Two Thin Coats so that the change in color is nice and smooth"

GW doesn't even know how to use their own fucking products.

>> No.73434142

How would you rewrite their rules so mobility and synergy are rewarded? I've been mulling over this but am at a loss. It's not like people didn't hate playing against JSJ.

>> No.73434146

Is there an easy way to break down a unit into expected Damage per Round or Damage per point? Or PpW if we count how much it is supposed to tank?

>> No.73434158

>Understandable really, considering the allegations
What allegations?
What is going on?
Is Duncan ok!? he is literally the only good thing left about GW.

>> No.73434161

What allegations?

>> No.73434172 [DELETED] 

You won't be 'miss.'

>> No.73434185

Where were you when Anon was a miss?
I was at phone

>> No.73434203

That's not what was said by GW at all. There wasn't a friendly "all are welcome" sign.

It was
>Political Statement
>Disagree? Then get out, you won't be missed

Literally the opposite of what is in that image.

>> No.73434212


Not really but in this particular case (since they're both T8 and 3+) we can break it down to points per wound, but as far as the invulnerable saves you'll have to make your own judgment on how that balances out. KFF Mork and a Gork are about 17 points per wound (and the Mork complicates things by granting his invuln to a 9" bubble around him), a stock Knight Paladin (RFBC, stubbers, reaper chainsword - 419 points) is also about 17 points per wound.

>> No.73434215

>People who agree with out political statement are welcome.
It is almost like GW is practicing the Imperial creed or something.

>> No.73434230


How did we let it get this bad? Exactly at what point society decide that just because you can do anything, ALSO means nothing is bad/wrong?

>> No.73434243

how is it political to say everyone is welcome to play

>> No.73434245

look at his eyes you can see the darkness behind them. im ashamed it took me by surprise.

>> No.73434254

Stupid question.

I played 40k back in 2nd edition, but recently have had the urge to get back into the hobby. Back then mixing and matching different factions was a pain in the ass, and I'm thinking of putting together an imperial army from multiple different chapters. Mainly one main chapter and some of its successors.

Is this easy to do in the new edition(8th, right?). I'm not looking to build a crazy min-maxed army, I just want to do it for the story.

>> No.73434265

Because if you have to say it, your making the assumption that your comunity is so fucked that niggers are turned away on base of just being niggers. Also it makes your message just seem like an attempt at brownie points after EVERY OTHER company puts out a statement that niggers burning down autozone is ok......shit....i mean, after every other company made a message supporting blm cause they want to look good.

>> No.73434269

That's peak. My scene has a few guys who run pretty competitive stuff but are all banter. Like a crowd of hood rats shooting dice, hollering n joking.

>> No.73434271

America is retarded, but this bigoted mindset started years ago. It needed to be stopped in 2006-2008 when it was in its infancy, but it's too late now. For some people it's completely incurable, and they'll either have to be killed, or disarmed/imprisoned/reformed at some point.

I guess just rest assured that normal people don't think like this and like 80-90% of people going along with this shit at this point are doing it out of fear only.

>> No.73434277

That isn't what was said though is it?


>> No.73434281

>burning down autozone is ok
It is though
fuck autozone
this post was made by advance auto parts gang

>> No.73434284

Not really.

>> No.73434287

The older I get the more I start thinking along the lines of 'freedom is important, and you should be allowed to do whatever you want. But also dont be a fucking degenerate and having a sense of shame is a good thing.'

>> No.73434291

9th edition is right around the corner, with that the Dark Imperium starter set is going to be rotated out. It's got Sphesh Muhreens and stinky Sphesh Muhreens in it if you're interested in that. Soon we'll also have a Necron vs Sphesh Muhreens boxset (not starter kit). 9th is also supposed to be mainly mono armies from the looks of it right now, so to answer your question, no, putting multiple chapters together will be a pain. 8th edition was perfect for that, though.

>> No.73434304

People really get baited every thread without fail. It's a spectacle.

>> No.73434310

Ok cool, thank you.

Guess I'll go with Mechanicus or the Bolter Bitches then.

>> No.73434330

I feel like I am the only person here who has never played vs marines, my local group has a good amount of armies but literally no one plays their marines, plenty own them even have full painted armies but they never get used

>> No.73434337

Some people just can't resist.

>> No.73434350

>how is it political to say everyone is welcome to play
They literally specified a specific group of people that is in fact not welcome to play, invalidating your claim.

>> No.73434357

I used to never have to play against marines then their codex got updated and I had to play against nothing but marines. Funny how it works with retarded GW designers.

>> No.73434364

won't be missed =/= not welcome to play

>> No.73434369

Some people also like to add grease to the fire, just because its funny.

>> No.73434371

Tts was a mistake
>buy it from steam summer sale
>find out lgs has discord server with active online community
>set up a game today with a random person
>2k casual
>bring nidzilla since I know the faction
>guy shows up without a roster
>oh ok no big deal
>8 leman russes 90 guardsmen, shadowsword and misc HWTs and sentinels
>uh that doesn't seem like 2k
>fumble around with clunky mechanics for 4 hours
>guy barely knows how to play the game
>I'm still winning on VP somehow
>realize how late it is, so concede to go work out
>"oh btw this was my first game, thanks for walking me through"
tldr I sat through about 5 hours of babysitting a new player that didn't even know how army construction worked. Honestly my fault for not specifying but jesus christ why have your first game be at ~2500 points

>> No.73434380

That's a fine assumption you have there.
Did you make it yourself?

>> No.73434387

how to properly play an imperium faction without steppin' on toes/properly acknowledgin' dat da imperium glorifies fascism an' workin' to subvert it? or be it just beyond subversion an' i best just play a non-imperium faction?
hi all, i play 40k on tabletop simlulator, an' mah motha fuckin' main army be adeptus mechanicus as that’s da only faction dat appeals to meh nuff to main it. I'm just wonderin' how i can conduct myself in a bitchin' manner, an' work to subvert da fact dat da imperium glorifies fascism in a medium (tabletop simulator) where i can't necessarily customize mah motha fuckin' army to do dat fo meh unless i learned moddin' fo tabletop simulator. If its not really worthwhile to do so, i will switch to tyrnaids an' not play any imperium faction. I would play aos, which be a much less problematic settin' in mah motha fuckin' opinion (and honestly has more depth), but it doesn't really seem like derr be a sizeable nuff community fo aos on tabletop simulator.

>> No.73434389

that is the stuff i miss. i moved for work and the new LGS fucking sucks so much. at my old store we'd have "fluffy fest" once a month on a saturday for only fuffy lists of 1250 points. Big enough for a good mix of units but not so big you can take all of the units you want to take. Rest of the time it was whatever you wanted to play, but there was a good mix of armies and lists, it was great.

>> No.73434396

If you don't respect other people purely based on looks I don't see how thats a bad thing to tell those people they aren't welcome. If you dont respect someone based on their actions, well thats something different. Ive been in this hobby for a long time and I've really never seen anyone be racist to someone else so I don't think its that big of an issue, but people are hyperfixated on that statement thinking its the end of the world.

>> No.73434401

Interpreting words isn't an assumption, and if it is, then I could ask you the same question

>> No.73434414

I wonder what Ward is up to

>> No.73434419

chaosfags keep screeching how they want shitmarines purely for the 2W stat despite already having possessed which are, as a bonus, a melee unit. so why do chaosfags really want primarinos? more attacks? zerks. resilience? plague marines. useless shits (outside of EC)? noise marines. chad psychic bullshit? rubricks. so what gives? surely there's more to it than "le 2w" meme. not to mention how there's more and more counters for 2w units. perhaps the models? buy chadcasters' conversion kits, bits and make them. FW conversions are still the best shit around. plot twist: 9th comes around and upgrades all marines to 2w and termies to 3w

>> No.73434422

The only difference is you don't have to be near some lardass that's struggling to breathe during his first game in 5 years with space wolves.

>> No.73434438

I'm sorry I have the social intelligence to understand what is being conveyed when someone tells someone else their precense won't be missed. Having to explain this to you I can only imply that you're part of the reason why GW needed to specifically explain that you're losing the game when you concede.

>> No.73434440

It's really weird to me how you frame possessed not having guns as a good thing

>> No.73434446

low iq post. think about what 2w gives to a marine chassis with all the other stats it has. the real reason anyone wants anything is because gw is trash at balancing and just want to power creep so you buy more.

>> No.73434451

Why does that Storm Bolter only have one barrel?

>> No.73434452

Oh, so NOW I'm supposed to assume things? You were just demonizing the concept one post ago.

>> No.73434454

Where do you stand?

>> No.73434457

I'd rewrite warhammer. Your Deployment zone is your entire half of your table. Balance the game around this.

>> No.73434460

I want 2a, 2w, and a better gun on my CSM troops. Hell, just give them all a free chainsword in addition to their bolter and i'd be happy

>> No.73434465

Instead I had to listen to several dogs barking and a vacuum cleaner

>> No.73434468


>> No.73434469 [DELETED] 

Why is the 40k community full of such xenophobes and biggots?

>> No.73434474

There's time to fill until we get more info, and this is better than rules arguments. Can't wait until we can get eyes on the new rules, that should keep the thread mostly on track for a few weeks.

>> No.73434477

Now that Psychic Awakening's almost over, what's your thoughts on it overall? For me, it was kinda hit or miss -- it really helped some armies, but others were totally left in the dust, even some that really needed the help. On the bright side it did bring a leg up to a bunch of armies that had sucked for a long time, RIP Necrons.

PA tier list:
>Zero to Hero tier:
>Rich get Richer tier
Marines, Tau, Guard
>Appreciated help tier
Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights, Orks, Harlequins, Custodes, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, CSM, AdMech
>Kind of a letdown tier
Tyranids, Deathwatch, Craftworlds, Dark Angels, Black Templars
>Why even bother tier
GSC, Dark Eldar, Ynnari
>What about us tier
Necrons, SoB
>Not a real army but thanks I guess tier
Sisters of Silence, Inquisition, Assassins

>> No.73434480

That's grossly reductive to the point of it being a strawman. Good job.

>> No.73434481

All I read is people complaining about marine bullshit, worst we had was a new guy who did 3 riptides and 40 drones and we slagged him off so much he never did it again

>> No.73434484

Unless necrons get similar stuff in their new codex I wouldn't hope for much at all.

>> No.73434490

>playing 40k and being trans

did you really have to take your politics to autistic spess marines simulator?

>> No.73434500


>> No.73434505

Possessed are not troops
Possessed have no variable loadouts
Possessed have no ranged weaponry
Possessed are weak to anti-daemon stuff
Possessed have an ugly kit

>> No.73434508

>why is a community who's source material is one of the most xenophobic universes in existence xenophobic.

Well i dont fuckin know, now go and 52% yourself

>> No.73434510

I forgot GSC even got updated and I own the Greater Good book. It's so laughable.

>> No.73434519

the worst part is that some of remains are still unidentified

>> No.73434527

Its how I interpreted it. If you interpreted it differently and let it make you angry all the time I can't really do anything about that. Hope you find solace in something.

>> No.73434532

Why should any environment or milieu tolerate the mentally ill masquerading as them?

>> No.73434534

you're misusing the word "xenophobic"
also this is a really stupid post, one for replying to bait, and two for thinking that liking 40k actually means you must be hateful

>> No.73434543

I'd tell you to fuck off, but I'm not certain you'd understand what that means.
As long as you have fun, that's ok I suppose.

>> No.73434558

So you never got to see all those dreads with sang guard wings that suddenly became untargettable chaplains, deep striking centurions in every game and thunderfire spam? Cute of you to bring up Tau that are mainly still in the meta because of being a marine counter though.

>> No.73434560

never realized grey knights are wearing picnic blanket camo until now. seriously though any other surface would work better for that pict.

>> No.73434577

if you interpret my statement as anger, then I have good grounds for doubting your interpretation abilities.
You might not be smart, but at least you keep this general alive with your traffic.

>> No.73434585

Salamander's Batallion
Culexus Assassin
Hector Rex
Radical Warlord Trait
Mental Interrogation
Captain on Bike
Imperium's Sword
Forge Master
Salamander's Mantle
Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought
Twin Lascannon
Mantra Of Strength
2x4 knife scouts with heavy bolter
1x5 knife scouts
1x3 Landspeeder with 6 heavy flamers
Thunderfire cannon

>> No.73434595

it's shit

>> No.73434598

Make Brothers of battle with SCE models, the power armour would fit the aesthetic and they're bigger because wimmin are smol and weak

>> No.73434599

Thank you anon, very cool

>> No.73434601

Rate my list. Also it didnt format how i wanted it to.
Any suggestions?

>> No.73434618

I guess it could be disappointment or just being upset in general, but given the volume of people saying stuff in that line it seems a lot more like anger. I have pretty good ground myself for seeing you as someone that lets the smallest of things bother you. I'd definitely get that checked out, doesn't seem too normal to me.

>> No.73434626

I did this

>> No.73434633

> keep the thread mostly on track for a few weeks.
I love and envy your enthusiasm in equal measure.
I myself hope necrons get to keep their 8th edition reanimation protocol rules because of its inherent fluffiness, with the caveat that they get a stratagem to leave a marker when a unit has been wholly removed which could be used to enable their Reanimation Protocols under certain conditions.
Having to play without the entire faction identity because the enemy brought good units is just bad internal balancing and it shows.

>> No.73434635

I am aware what meta lists have been/are and he got slated to fuck cus everyone knows that's a shitty way to play the game

>> No.73434640

Seems about right, but Inquisitors got easily put in zero to hero tier. I didn't like how almost every book was "70% imperium and 30% everything else" template even in xeno/chaos centered books.

>> No.73434646


Jesus fucking christ shut up holy shit. Go fucking argue in a discord chat you secondaries. Fucking hell

>> No.73434656


>> No.73434667

I wish it was this easy for most autists in this hobby to take a hint and not act like cunts.

>> No.73434673

>When playing a decent army is a shitty way to play the game

What are you? A faggot?

>> No.73434680

A blood angels chaplain dreadnought with mantra of strength and artisan of war is statistically guaranteed to kill a knight castellan in a single fight phase, even without stratagems
A death company squad with jump packs and thunder hammers can put out a maximum of 550 damage in a single phase after charging

>> No.73434703

I on the other hand could write a point-for-point on why it is bad to commit logical fallacies when stating your point, from claiming a supposed statement that was never said to simply making up an enemy you can easily defeat in an argument.
But the reality of the situation is that you're not worth the effort I take to point it out, so in the end I guess you win at trolling. Good job, you sure showed me by wasting my time.

>> No.73434712

Are you ok buddy?

>> No.73434726

Me too. Hoping they have a pink one.

>> No.73434728

Yea and mephiston can have like 50 attacks nearly auto hitting with multiple damage too. There's a reason why people with common sense say marines are over the top.

>> No.73434738

Uh, bub.

Secondaries shouldn't post, so do us a favour and delete yours.

>> No.73434757

They said that necrons will have several new mechanics to make RP more consistent. One of them is one of those new walkers the reanimator something or other. My guess is that it will either buff the chance for RP or will auto RP a d3 of a unit within its aura every turn.

>> No.73434779

That's enough to take out 7 warlord Titans in a single phase
If that happened, for each point you put into that squad, you'd make it back seventy-seven times in a single phase, before modifiers
That's a 540 point unit wiping out 42,000 points in a single phase, and it's entirely possible. Yes, some Marine units are OP

>> No.73434780

Which is pretty annoying as that wasn't the problem with RP.

>> No.73434795 [DELETED] 

What do you think of my tau? i tried to use a custom chapter scheme. My tau are based on the current japanese defense force :3

>> No.73434817

While it sounds nice albeit generic, the problem of RP was never that you didn't get enough models back. The problem has been the fact that your enemies gun down entire units at a time, something that removes RP from the equation in its entirety.
Something made doubly aweful considering you're actually paying for the RP ability as a unit-tax in terms of points per unit.

Unless you get something that works after a unit has been removed or The Silent King forbid you can reanimate them proactively before they die, the problem remains.

IG says Hi.
Necrons says Bye.
Not a single RP roll was ever made.

>> No.73434820

Cry of the poorfag.

>> No.73434821

My group just agreed not to do shit like that. The only person who ever tries is our Tau player and he has literally quit two games because he thought he could see a unit when the rest of us said he could not.

>> No.73434822

they showed the reanimator's rule. It picks 1 unit within 9" and gives that unit +1 to its reanimation roll

>> No.73434828

You accidentally posted a picture of yourself, anon

>> No.73434843

I'm sorry, but you seem to have posted a ratling wearing T'au clothing, did you post the wrong picture?

>> No.73434854

Because you won't be missed.

>> No.73434865

That was the scarab's Stratagem, was it not?
But as previous anon has stated, reanimating models on a 1+ doesn't really help when the enemy just kills all the models in the unit each phase.

>> No.73434873

Dont insult rattlings like that

>> No.73434875

anybody got that GK on life support but awoken image?

>> No.73434909

in before:

Tits or GTFO

but considering the changing times.

Dick or GTFO

>> No.73434910

In all fairness, Rattlings deserve to be bullied.

>> No.73434951

Yes, but this is true redneck engineering. It will work until it doesn't. Might be one round, might get the whole clip, but it's be worth watching.

>> No.73434954

Did you just have a massive allergic reaction?

>> No.73434958

>why even bother
>relics and extra cp to spend to help out greater deamons
>some help for other deamons

i guess i have only myself to blame for expecting something more when the grey knights got a major boost. to be fair to necrons they're getting a new book.

>> No.73434969

Anything special i have to do to prepare a metal mini to be primed?
Does it need to be washed and primed like resin?

>> No.73434972

Youre forgetting harlequins. They went from zero to hero

>> No.73434982

I played Tau before overwatch, I have no idea why that was made our thing in 6th. I would trade FTGG and Protocols for Jetpack back, if you don’t want castles then let’s encourage some fuckin’ mobility please. Slow them down or split the moves down the middle if used if you’re worried about terrain humpers.
Anything to give me back the old dance, the old chase me/chase you/hunter/hunted dance Tau did before becoming robots and bulletcatchers and the five man squads who stand in front of them. You couldn’t even have five in a squad then, and if someone caught them out of step the price was death. I really liked that high-risk/high-reward combined arms vibe and it’s gone.

>> No.73434984

Would be cool if Monoliths allowed you to roll for reanimation protocols after a unit got destroyed. Maybe as a one time thing.

>> No.73435009

Is that what we're doing today? Talking about how good 40k used to be back in the earlier editions?

>> No.73435012

>washed and primed
*washed and scrubbed holy shit.

>> No.73435013

That's what they used to do and also let you pull a unit out of combat.

>> No.73435030

how badly will they fuck up the eventual series?
i bet there wont even be a single Gregorian chant, not even dies ire

>> No.73435038

It would be nifty to have a few "once per unit" or "once per game" stratagems akin to that yeah.
Could make the Monolith an actual unit too if it could bring back uninstalled squads.
A shame the Monolith has historically been Gorka//morkanaut tier.

>> No.73435039

wait harlequins benefited from PA?

>> No.73435051

my friend isn't a WAAC but our meta is full of WAAC's which means most people have an extreme adherence to RAW

>> No.73435064

washing it isn't really needed but it couldn't hurt if the model has been gathering dust
priming is a necessity. paint loves to not stick to metal models

>> No.73435069

Yeah goonhammer has an article about it. They are legitimately insane

>> No.73435084

Gonna make my own wraith focused craft world when im done painting all my ork stuff. Whats the least faggy/snowflake way to make your dudes.

>> No.73435087

>Legitimately insane
Stop, stop Anon, you're killing me with your brilliant deductions.

>> No.73435090

Going back to the original WWB would be so much better than the current system. Allows you to actually use RP without it being overbearing for the opponent to deal with.

>> No.73435092

Should i prime it. Let it dry. Then prime it a second time for the best effect?
I kinda want this model and like the weight of metal minis so i want this guy to look good

>> No.73435110

space marine about terrain humpers
>why even bother
A blood angels chaplain dreadnought with mantra of strength
Possessed have an ugly kit marine bullshit

>> No.73435115


>> No.73435127

Tier 4 here

>> No.73435134


>> No.73435139

Why dont you read the new rules fagbaron

>> No.73435141

it depends on how it looks after the first run but a second priming might be a good move. Just make sure you're at a good distance on the second run to avoid clogging finer detail

>> No.73435151

unfortunate my dude.
40k should be a gentleman's game not
If me and my opponent agree on LOS we go with it but we never let some tiny exposed bit shoot at another. Its fucking gay

>> No.73435156

Really quite uncanny.

>> No.73435162


>> No.73435166

Gotcha. Thank you for the help

>> No.73435189

Yeah, WWB was unironically amazing to play with, but with models getting bigger and bigger with points-cost getting smaller allowing for fielding more models, I can see it being an issue.

I feel like a good compromise would be 6th's version, where you could drop a marker when specific units go killed off, and could reanimate using that marker by treating it as a "living" necron of the same unit so it could reanimate back to it.

>> No.73435192

Painted some yellow today after not having painted it for maybe fifteen years and actually really enjoyed it. Tried it the Darren Latham way. Going to try airbrushing a test model now that I'm home to see if that way is the way I want to go or if I want to stick to doing it majority paintbrushing.

Guess I'm starting Imperial Fists.

>> No.73435199

fuck jannies! Post orks!

>> No.73435203

Why don't you understand simple jokes you incompetent clown.

>> No.73435210

>Posting maymays

>> No.73435218

i wonder if gws will do something cool for 9th edition starters like:

>pick two start collecting sets and terrain options
>receive massive discounts on relevant art supplies and associated rules & supplements
>$150 (or equivalent bongbux) out-the-door

>> No.73435221

Iron Warriors canonically come from Merica.

>> No.73435235

It’s a playstyle shift, I went to DE because they had what I was looking for. Why, are you the 4chan conversation police? You put in an app?

>> No.73435239

Because they're fucking retarded and are obsessed with walls while being shit at building them?

>> No.73435242

Sorry best I can do is this amazing bundle of this 15$ pack and that 20$ pack for 35$. No need to thank me, You're just that important to me as a customer.

>> No.73435245

So... pic related is literally useless now, right?

>> No.73435246

>massive discounts

>> No.73435247

Criticizes "clone" but praises a clone. Anon is a man of complexity.

>> No.73435251


>> No.73435253

Is that what asking questions is considered? Policing? Why are you policing me you blackfaced clown?

>> No.73435262

In 9th they get +1 to hit from that

>> No.73435273

>You don't get -1 modifier for shooting.
The absolute state of Taufags I swear.

Not everyone imposes an automatic -1 Hit modifier on you, you blue frog.

>> No.73435281

oh look more retards trying to guess what the new rules will be like while looking at old rules

>> No.73435283

Are you retarded?

>> No.73435285


wait, aren't most tau weapons assault anyway?

>> No.73435302

I'm going to post my fist in your ass.

>> No.73435303

Only Infantry suffer heavy weapon penalty now, retard.

>> No.73435310

The hit modifier is only for infantry in 9th.

>> No.73435316

Not that anon, but a properly kitted out stompa can be monstrous when it comes to shooting. A custom stompa can have a Deffcannon, a Supa-gatler (which can be fired thrice if you’re proper Orky), a Lifta-Droppa, a gaze of Mork, a Belly Gun, a twin big shoota, three big shootas, five supa-rokkits, four grot sponsons, and a skorcha. All of which benefits from Dakka Dakka Dakka, and whatever kulture you run, and the new relic gatler which doubles the damage.
All of that without considering any of the special rules or army buffs

>> No.73435317


>> No.73435319


>> No.73435323

Is it ever explicitly stated how much the different companies of the Unforgiven actually know about the Fallen? I know Azrael knows the "whole story" i.e. that the Fallen are Heresy-era traitor marines from the 1st spread across time and space, and that the Lion is somewhere within the Rock. But does that mean the Ezekiel or Lazarus (or Balthazar) don't know the whole picture? What do Belial or Sammael think the Fallen are? What about Grandmasters from other chapters of the Legion? I know the Ravenwing know that the Fallen are heretics with a (non-descript) special meaning to the Dark Angels. Do the Interrogator-Chaplains even know what kind of repentance they're trying to extract? Does the average Deathwing Terminator know what the Fallen really are or do they just think they're renegade Angels from the current era?

>> No.73435334

That reaction image is way too good to be wasted on me, but I thank you regardless.
I had a genuine chuckle, so thank you.

>> No.73435343

>+1 to hit with heavy weapons
Not even Phil Kelly would let that through.

>> No.73435344

Deathwing knows, the interrogator chaplains know, chaplains don't know, ravenwing knows they're hunting traitor dark angels

>> No.73435366

And the entire Inner Circle knows about the Lion? or is that just the collected Grandmasters of the Legion?

>> No.73435375

Which PA book has the Harlequin rules?

>> No.73435395

I think it’s a White Dwarf. I could be wrong.

>> No.73435421

I wonder if that anon ever got a boyfriend

>> No.73435437

only Azrael knows the lion is on the rock, nobody knows where on the rock though, only grandmasters know he's alive but not that he's asleep

>> No.73435439

Which one, there are up to 93 homosexuals in any given thread.

>> No.73435467


>> No.73435473

you free tonight?

>> No.73435474

I have two of those and I love them. Absolutely murdered custodes, Magnus, and knights. paired with a discolord and the iron warriors trait for exploding sixes they wreck house

>> No.73435481

I live in the united states of McDonalds, I'm free every god damn night of the year.

>> No.73435493

sorry but it's illegal to be gay in mcdonalds land

>> No.73435497

get zapped

>> No.73435507

I thought it was illegal to be straight there now

>> No.73435521

nobody knows, just assume you're wrong about something at any given moment.

>> No.73435526

Vehicles and Monsters don't have -1 to hit for heavy weapons.

Battlesuits are neither.

>> No.73435529

I think at this point in time, it is illegal to simly be.

>> No.73435546

Anyone else find it difficult to choose between the power sword, mace and axe?

>> No.73435549

unless you're a hetero sexual racist cop, then you get to commit warcrimes against free people with no repercussions

>> No.73435550

I thought the virus was over at about April or March like the politicians ordered the virus to be.

>> No.73435560

>Power Knife
>Power pepper-spray
>Power Deodorant.
GeeDubbs what a hard choice to make.

>> No.73435564

no it's pretty simple

>> No.73435570

No, only Infantry suffer the penalty for heavy in 9th. If it doesn’t have the Infantry keyword, then it can move and shoot heavy.

>> No.73435576

Choose the one you think looks the best. Fashion is a top priority.

>> No.73435581

most of the time, you want the axe

>> No.73435587

I wish marines fought more stuff like this. I'm tired of the storiea being 99% the same shite.

>> No.73435592

when in doubt or if you like options, magnetize

>> No.73435609

At first, then I figured out/read that axe is best for t4, mace is best for t3 and sword is for replacing it with relic versions.

>> No.73435621

Thats the thing.
I really like the mace but like the other ones they all just kinda suck and if i want something that doesn't suck i take the power fist but it's not as cool as the sword, mace or axe

>> No.73435638

Just because its an isometric turn based strategy game does not make it an xcom clone.

Especially since tactical level RNG, which is core the XCOM experience, doesnt exist

>> No.73435650

The angriest man in the galaxy

>> No.73435653

I'm a bit late to this but what's the likelihood this will be a problem?

>> No.73435658

I've crunched the numbers, and as a statistical AVERAGE, a 15 squad of Thunder Hammer Death Company will shave 48 wounds off a Warlord Titan in a single phase, with a possible total of 550 damage, before modifiers

Is this the most broken melee unit in the game?

>> No.73435668

Middling to low. Once per phase and only for one set of attacks

>> No.73435694

Thats like 1000pts, it seems like a good plan but its so expensive its not that impactful, it might be better used to bodyguard 3 Leman Russ commanders.

>> No.73435697

The damage is crazy, but the defenses don't scale with it.

>> No.73435700

Considering that you have to pay over half your command points to even field this combo, low. The stratagem is going to be very annoying though because of auto include inquisitors and other bullshit.

>> No.73435704

Decide if the guy using it really needs the better weapon in gameplay. If it’s insignificant, make them look cool. If it makes a significant difference to your strategies or whatever, equip the other instead.

>> No.73435707

I'd like to see an angry contest between Khârn and Gabriel Seth

>> No.73435709

Does your chapter favour maces, axes, or swords as a cultural depiction? For example, my homebrew is a DA successor, so they love the winged sword iconogoraphy. A Salamanders or Salamanders successor would favour the Thunder Hammer. Spears of the Emperor? You get the idea.

>> No.73435715

As a single unit, it might be. BA and SW (purely because new ragnar) are going to be hottest FOTM shit in 9th 100%.

>> No.73435723

Mechanicus did so many things right which Xcom didn't. Automatic hits if within range was one of them. Xcom's rubber-band RNG was an atrocity with their weighted success/failure rolls. HUDs straight up lying to the player is not a good place to be.

>> No.73435726

With a buffer unit, you can get them up to 3+/5+/5+ autopass morale, as well as an apothecary and ancient

>> No.73435738

It's still not that impressive for the price.

>> No.73435739

Yeah that's fair, though in most cases if you can completely negate one of your opponent's more powerful units a turn, it's probably a decent tradeoff

You can still fit a brigade of guard in that other 1000 points and then some, basically trading the blood angels smash captain detachment for custodes

Yeah the cp costs for soup things may be a problem but you can farm a couple of cp a turn so it's not dire. You also wouldn't need to spend 3 cp on rotate ion shields

>> No.73435740

Yeah nah, that's barely going to be a problem, anyone that thinks it's OP is just a retard.

>> No.73435752

Do whatever looks coolest. Damn the rules.

>> No.73435791

Is a 6+ an auto pass for everything now or just to hit?
Need to know if making somethings armor save 7+ is still possible

>> No.73435800

Planning to start an AdMech army soon, I love the look of Sicarian Infiltrators/Ruststalkers, but I don't hear many good things about them. Are they that mediocre?

>> No.73435814

How does anon make his guys look fashionable?

>> No.73435820

Infiltrators can be used to deliver a budget version of Wrath of Mars since they fire a lot of shots. Ruststalkers are just shit.

>> No.73435834

Bitches love skulls

>> No.73435839

Lots of spikes and skulls. It's all the rage in m42.

>> No.73435849

My boyz need to earn their decoration in combat. If one has a good game they get some gubbins.

>> No.73435851

Was expecting a more powered up data sheet for Stern. It doesn't seem to live up to her level in the lore.

>> No.73435852

Nah, tired of the retards in the hobby who don't learn the actual art and just wanna play paint by numbers.

>> No.73435853


Games workshop has made more money off the Total War games than they have off the ENTIRETY of Age of Sigmar TT sales, including books.

>> No.73435870

I want more non-furry Ice Guns.

>> No.73435871


>> No.73435880

Well yeah, but if her stats matched her lore she'd be mephiston-tier at MINIMUM, and would probably be stronger than TT guilliman.

>> No.73435883

>Games workshop has made more money off the Total War games than they have off the ENTIRETY of Age of Sigmar TT sales
What. Do they get royalties that big? How does CA make any money with that?

>> No.73435886

Not at all, ruststalkers are outshined by fulgurites on the table but are cheaper and look much cooler. Infiltrators are the only deep strikers in the army and, depending on loadout, either deliver an ungodly number of hits or tear through MEQs

>> No.73435889

The GW 2019 investor report.

>> No.73435917

rule of cool baby

>> No.73435925

Wow. Holy shit.

>> No.73435937

I want non-furries to get Grav Weapons more often, it's one of the only unique weapons for SM and there's like nothing that uses them ffs.

>> No.73435938

Damn, if only there was a 40k game as successful as the Total War games. I fucking hate fantasy. I really want that crossover to happen and for fantasyfags to get raped by fucking rubric marines and necrons.

>> No.73435942

Keep in mind that AoS barely sold anything for the first four years it existed.

>> No.73435950

When did it actually start, btw?

>> No.73435966


>> No.73435975

I guess this explains why a lot of AoS stuff is direct order.

>> No.73435981

>Some absolute fuck-o ordered 20 Lord Greasious from the Ogre Kingdom range.
>20 Legendary lords. For an army that no longer exists. Just to support GW's greasy spending habits.

>> No.73435990

I see. Something that intrigued me was putting a unit of Infiltrators or Ruststalkers in the new flyer transport and dropping them into the fray, since that'd let them get closer than deepstriking, correct?

>> No.73435993


>> No.73436007

To be fair, gw really only started selling a lot with 8th ed 40k so that 2018 date makes a lot of sense.

>> No.73436021

>tfw no autogun option to make my guardsmen only cost 3 points

>> No.73436024

Do they even break down how much is made by the different tabletop games?

>> No.73436027

Night bud. I hope you dream of your favorite army getting good rules and models in 9th.

>> No.73436037

How do you figure that?

>> No.73436046

The issue is that the flyers only have a transport capacity of 5, so whatever you’re dropping in with them isn’t exactly going to punch hard.

>> No.73436059

autoguns are worse than lasguns

>> No.73436071

It's also for armor saves.
Armor save modifiers are also going to be capped at -1/+1

>> No.73436083

In hindsight, is that an ice gun? The description’s ambiguous. On one hand it says
>Its liquid ammo, which doubles as its coolant
So the ammo is a hyper-futuristic self-cooling thing but the damage it does is electric. I guess the latter is just a gameplay thing.

>> No.73436086

Thats pretty stupid but i knew it was going to happen

>> No.73436097

The weapons have identical stat line in 8th and 9th edition.

>> No.73436107

>Armor save modifiers are also going to be capped at -1/+1

>> No.73436112

Make them higher caliber to make up the difference.

>> No.73436113


>> No.73436121

queer grog

>> No.73436127

Dark angels

>> No.73436135

Pretty much all modifiers are being capped at either +1 or -1. They haven't explicitly stated that saves will work the same way, but it stands to reason.

>> No.73436146

You’re correct, but it’s generally not worth the points to put a deep striking unit into a transport. Something that I don’t see anyone talking about all too often is throwing a squad of ruststalkers into a transport (drill or boat) alongside a unit of vanguard. The vanguard won’t do much in melee on their own, but their -1 toughness aura lets ruststalkers wound GEQs on twos and MEQs on threes

>> No.73436165

True, but that unfortunately doesn’t translate to the tabletop

>> No.73436177

Will we ever get a super powered slingshot gun?

>> No.73436179

There is no fucking way that is going to be a thing, what the fuck is the point of using a lascannon on a tank versus anything else?

>> No.73436183

So as it stands a t shirt can save someone for an anti titan weapon?

>> No.73436186

Oh yeah, I forgot about them. Which should tell you something about how much help they got.

>> No.73436190

What is Alpha Legion?

>> No.73436200

Not in a way that can be meaningfully communicated with a D6 tho.

>> No.73436222

Also, new cogbro, if you want a transport for your melee units the forgeworld Drill is the way to go. It can hold 12 infantry, deep strikes, can have some nasty firepower, is big enough to block LoS on your infantry, and can seriously injure a knight in the fight phase

>> No.73436224


>> No.73436225

I'm pretty sure they means armour BUFFS and DEBUFFS. Not AP values.

>> No.73436231

lasguns benefit from orders autoguns don't.

>> No.73436234

I think the modifier refers to things like cover and possible aura abilities, not AP. If it refers to AP then 9th is doomed

>> No.73436244

This is how I Alpharius/Omegon.

>> No.73436248

As another cogbro, the Dunerider is also a good choice if you want something cheap, but just need to ferry something up the board. They also now have a 0CP stratagem to safely disembark everyone if the transport goes down too!

>> No.73436253

I really like the image of dropping my dudes in from the sky, but I'll keep that in mind. Might look into the Pteraxii for my airborne urges. But that $131 pricetag, whoof.

>> No.73436261

It'd be a stretch to genuinely believe they'd do that.

>> No.73436265

The white dwarf that literally just came out today. It was spoiled weeks (months?) ago, however.

>> No.73436266

I was about to say.
There is no way they are gonna fuck ap that much. I'm still hoping we can push armor saves past 6+ to easily remove hordes

>> No.73436270

Ease. Lascannons have been able to wound tanks since 8th started. I don't know why you find this surprising. It's just the next logical step. 6s always hit, 6s always wound, and it's likely to be that 6s always save. And as far as we know, ALL MODIFIERS are capped at +1 or -1.

The days of buffing units into the sky or debugging them into the ground are over. That's why people are questioning how usable current codices are going to be, since many, if not all armies will need massive rules rewrites just to be playable. Anybody that doesn't play Space Marines is in for dark times ahead.

>> No.73436276

less range?

>> No.73436279

Just made and tried out a wet palette for the first time

How the fuck did I ever paint without one?

>> No.73436284

I want the power whip.

>> No.73436285

Shut the fuck up you fuckwad. In not one single article have they mentioned capping armor saves and for good reason.

People were abusing the negative/positive modifiers you could slap onto a unit to make untargetable balls of hate or buffed squads hitting you 100% of the time 180% for inperial fists.

You fucking retard.

>> No.73436290

*Lasguns. Not Lascannons

>> No.73436299

how should I base this turd?

>> No.73436302

i'm disappointed but i understand. i feel like deamons are a rare army, i know a tournament player that runs deamons and i run into him every few months.

on the positive side there's a huge benefit playing against someone that has no idea what your army does.

>> No.73436305

Here's even the modifier tid bit.

>> No.73436309

New special EC weapon

>> No.73436310

Why wouldn't they make 6s always save?

>> No.73436314

Just get the drill recasted and paint it up. Provided it isn’t warped beyond all measure and you clean it up a bit, it’s impossible to tell the difference with paint on.

>> No.73436319

Nah you're a fuckin retard buddy.

>> No.73436335

>all cumulative modifers to a hit roll

holy fuck. lasguns are the new anti-tank meta....

>> No.73436338

Why? How do you disagree?

>> No.73436339

I really like the look of dark armor on top of white snow, but also if you base death guard without little puddles of nurgle's rot you're doing it wrong. Maybe the classic nurgle base (muddy texture paint with little pools of nurgle's rot) with snow on top?

>> No.73436342

Here you go anon, now you can have a BDSM session with your half naked squad mates. Whip em hard, the Emperor demands it.

>> No.73436355

Something that would separate the brown turd from the base. I use desert basing for my dg for this reason

>> No.73436362

Has anyone here tried running a supreme command detachment of Janus Draik, Elucia Vhane, and Neyam Shai Murad? Their keywords allow for it and each one’s pretty damn good as a character killer. Hell you could even include an inquisitor into the detachment for extra funnsies

>> No.73436369

It makes such a difference when you want to blend your own highlight colors. Everything stays nice an usable for the whole session.

>> No.73436371


>> No.73436405

I don't see how that disagrees with what I said.

I said that modifiers are capped at either +1 or -1.

>> No.73436407

Cause they're attempting to balance the meta by eliminating death stars, taking power away from hoardes, and making vehicles viable again.

Saves that always pass irregardless of modifiers are what we currently know as invuls.

If a hoard can soak up anything on a 6 irregardless of modifiers you've just given them a buff. Doesn't matter if they buffed blast weapons if there's guaranteed saved models for hoardes. They already win out in the morale phase over small squads since you take 2 different tests at half or less.

>> No.73436417

Actually same. I ended up picking up the army painter one but I'm afraid I'm going to blow through all the stuff for it so I'm just using it to glaze.

>> No.73436428

how would you feel about your buddy wanting one of his random rank-and-file imperial guardsman have a +2 invulnerable save?

>> No.73436434

not all modfiers you fucking retard. Just for hits.

>> No.73436452

black base goes with everything

>> No.73436453

No kidding. I don't have to worry about re-blending colors every few minutes when I get to edge highlighting, and beyond that it's just great utility to not have to worry about colors drying, and making it easier to thin everything

>> No.73436455

Are you sure? Why don't you check and see?

>> No.73436458

>I'm still hoping we can push armor saves past 6+ to easily remove hordes
All rolls that land on 6 automatically succeed regardless of anyhting else. The inverse is true for 1. Bloodthirsters save is 7+ rn but they'll still win at 6 even out of cover.
WElcome to 9e, where 30% of the time all model's stats are irrelevant.

>> No.73436462

insert some fluff about him being a perpetual born shortly after the 1st crusade

>> No.73436465


>> No.73436468

Like buffing them to 2+
I can see a special squad of guardsmen with 4+ but not even most tanks get 2+

>> No.73436480

Here's a cool tip - literally just use parchment paper instead of the sheets that they give you. It really does work just as well and it's so much cheaper

>> No.73436481

No, that's fucking retarded. It would invalidate any AP beyond -1. They've only confirmed hit mods, not any other sort of modifier.

>> No.73436482

Yes. Literally just a single random dude that just happens to have a fat invuln save.

>> No.73436485

That is a good point, and I would be inclined to agree with you, if they didn't just need Overwatch into the ground for every army in the game except for the one army that needed it nerfed.

I want to agree with you, and believe that that is there plan, but at this point it wouldn't surprise me if they made it so that 6s always save, just for shits and giggles.

>> No.73436491

because it'd make 6++s pointless, for starters

>> No.73436496

Which? Can you find it for me?

>> No.73436498

That is dumb i hate it and i hope it's the first thing to get changed

>> No.73436505

I kind of had a similar thought but use that gray texture paint citadel makes, astrogranite I think with little puddles of rot.

>> No.73436521

It's not even a thing. It's stupid to get mad at a hypothetical an anon made up based on a slippery slope conjecture.

>> No.73436536

Sweet thanks. Guess I'll grab some parchment paper

>> No.73436558

ALL modifiers. That description is extremely specific, anon.

With the new system, AP wouldn't need to go higher than -1 anyway. It's only to benefit rolls on 2's through 5's.

>> No.73436559

PA broke admech. Arguably the best army in the game

>> No.73436569

If I put Daemons in reinforcement to be summoned, do I have to make room for them in a CSM detachment? Does the inclusion of daemons cost me my faction trait? I know I have to pay the points to have them on hand.

>> No.73436573

They haven't confirmed it to be all modifiers.

>> No.73436580

Fucking retard can't accept he misread

We gave him all the resources he's just a faggot

>> No.73436603

they count as reinforcement points. you play/deploy with 1500/2000 and just bring in whatever. small downside is you don't get the deamon relics/warlord traits for models summoned because wargear is given before game

>> No.73436604

If he makes the guy look different maybe have a bunch of skull trophies on his base I'd allow it but he'd have to be the last guy to take wounds in the squad.

>> No.73436609

if it is all modifiers, then the night lords legion trait can't stack with itself anymore. That shit's already so bad that it doesn't need another nerf

>> No.73436639

6s don't auto pass armor even in 9th retard. Stop freaking out cause a different retard said shit.

>> No.73436653


>> No.73436678

The AP one is nice, just wish it was a bit bigger.

>> No.73436703

Just so we're clear, ALL MODIFIERS FOR ANY ARMY IN ANY CONTEXT are capped at +1 or -1.

>> No.73436709

where does it say that?

>> No.73436728

Sure, Cpl. Jim is a special mix of dumb fuck and dumb luck. He hits on a 7+ and carries a lasgun (unloaded for the squad's safety).

>> No.73436729

You won't be missed.

>> No.73436730

Lol nice. I love these epic reddit memes

>> No.73436733


>> No.73436757

>AP maxes out at -1
nah thats dumb

>> No.73436767

No. This is stupid and mixing two things.
Hit modifiers (i.e. abilities, cover, buffs etc) will cap at a net effect of either +1 or -1 to avoid stacking buffs to make big ass vehicles impossible to hit (like the tourneytards putting flying tanks in cover and popping smoke). And hit rolls succeed/fail on 6/1 respectively regardless of buff. Nobody at GW has said this applies to all modifiers, or all bonuses. AP can still be -3, and S modifiers can still be x2.

>> No.73436775

source. besides your ass.

>> No.73436785

No, and you can't stop me!
nice Cato though, always nice seeing your models Ultrafag

>> No.73436802


>> No.73436823

Thank you :)

>> No.73436860

>tourneytards putting flying tanks in cover
So they get +1 save? Listen, stacking hit mods was cancertown but if you're going to complain about waac shit, at least understand what they're doing.

>> No.73436954

How hard do you think it would be to get the front of the terminator torso onto a new terminator body?

>> No.73436993


>> No.73437002

what does his post have to do with pokemon?

>> No.73437009

XD upvoted!

>> No.73437038

>All modifiers are capped ! either direction
>Have strategems that explicitly state to modify it by 2

>> No.73437058

How can I name all my units after knights of literature without just having a hack list of Arthurian knights and Robin Hood antagonists? My Captain is already named Mordred ffs. I wish I knew things about stuff.

>> No.73437062

New and old terminator is just about the same.

>> No.73437072

Just be aware that the name Astolfo is forever tainted

>> No.73437074

I don't know

>> No.73437082

I've finally done it lads, the nid scheme to end ALL nid schemes. I dare you to try to post anything that even comes close.

>> No.73437097

Those will be changed. You'll see.

>> No.73437099

thanks doc

>> No.73437100


>> No.73437105

>I wish I knew things about stuff.

Just goes to show how retarded you are that you dont know that there's a whole literary genre about Knights in adventures, just go search through medieval literature and pick names left and right, beyond that go for catholic saints.

>> No.73437120

Alright you little fucks...

If a model/unit gets hit by a weapon that is twice its toughness, then it should be automatically wounded. If you fail your save, you should be insta-killed. example: A grot gets hit with a demolisher cannon, the cannon should auto-wound. provided there is no mek boy kustom force field, the grot should auto die. Fight me fuckers

>> No.73437125

>tfw green/purple + yellow has always been my shtick

absolute best palette for triggering

>> No.73437126

>you dont know that there's a whole literary genre about Knights in adventures
I DO know that. I just don't know what that genre is necessarily called.

>> No.73437127


>> No.73437146

Fuck off with that shit Orcs should be removed from the game completely

>> No.73437171

>Orcs should be removed from the game completely

one of the founding armies of the game with the most loyal players should be squatted?

>> No.73437181

Did I stutter?

>> No.73437184

It's called Chivalric Romance.

>> No.73437190

you're a tau player amirite?

>> No.73437216

that sounds like bait for posting nid schemes; i'll bite

well that would do a lot of damage to horde units/armies but i do like that rule. problem i see is taking away the ability to fail wounding (the demolisher cannon doesn't hit the enemy dead on, rock gets in the way, enemy ducks, wind blows it off target, etc)

>> No.73437219

Fuck no I don't play this game

>> No.73437234

I cannot wait for the 500 pt meta.

Think I could start up some sort of airborne guard list with that, lads?

>> No.73437242

I can see it. It's a bit hard to abstract the notion of a lone guardsman outside of cover being directly hit by a warlord titan weapon and just walking away unharmed. IDK if twice is best though, but I can see three times toughness autopassing, and maybe toughness being three times strength auto-failing

>> No.73437243

And Flame throwers shouldnt hit airplanes, And assault weapons should actually function, And Drones shouldnt turn a 12 damage shot into 2/3rds of a damage. Marines shouldnt have been forced to change doctrines, and fires of battle shouldnt have been nerfed. The Forge world super heavies shouldnt have been hit in the earlier nerfs, and Aetous'Rau'Keres shouldnt be forced to attack himself on a 4+. Unfortuneately this is how the rules are written and we're stuck with it.

>> No.73437261

Have you considered 52%ing you shitty little secondary?

>> No.73437262

>Marines shouldnt have been forced to change doctrines

>> No.73437263

>(the demolisher cannon doesn't hit the enemy dead on, rock gets in the way, enemy ducks, wind blows it off target, etc)
That stuff should mostly be abstracted by the to hit roll or the saving through.

>> No.73437272

>well that would do a lot of damage to horde units/armies but i do like that rule

yea, your right. Im a horde player too, but i think it will make people respect high power weapons again. they would need a points increase. I just find it silly that a toughness 3 model like a guardsman could survive a direct hit by a strength 10 weapon, 1/6 times

true. well, i thought about making my own house rules amendments and youve posted some good ones

>> No.73437273

Have you considered fisting my ass you faggot?

>> No.73437277

Id take a 15-30% points increase independant of other armies if it meant i could play my fluffy salamanders list perpetually in the tactical doctrine.

Or iron hands in the devastator doctrine

>> No.73437311

youre an angry little shit arent you, lol

>> No.73437323

Forced doctrine changes should have been for matched play only. It would fix how it breaks tournament play but not punish fluffy players.

>> No.73437330

What the fuck is boston?

>> No.73437346

>Or iron hands in the devastator doctrine

>> No.73437359

I'll shit on your fist when you shove it up my ass bitch

>> No.73437368

>It would fix how it breaks tournament play but not punish fluffy players.

the hairsplitting tourney WAAC faggots are now dictating the rules to the majority player base of beer and pretzels chads. We're fucked

>> No.73437376

>hordes aren't fun
>elite infantry isn't fun
>super heavies aren't fun
>anti-tank isn't fun
So what DO you consider fun?

>> No.73437386

No one here plays this hame anyways.

>> No.73437388

You're welcome.
Hive Fleet Goblin descends

>> No.73437389

fun, natural fun?

>> No.73437392

Is there a limitation on which model is equipped with the Aux Grenade Launcher for Intercessors? Does it have to be the Sergeant, CAN it be the Sergeant?

>> No.73437401

The coconut crab paint job was so sick, but now it's just done to death - shame.

>> No.73437403

You won’t be missed.

>> No.73437406

Read the datasheet it literally says you dingus

>> No.73437408

Berzerker party buses

>> No.73437414

I base painted and shaded a model but I don't like the end results. At what point is it too late to layer over the original paint job?

>> No.73437417

Any Stern and Kyganil leaks?

>> No.73437421

who, beer and pretzel chads?

>> No.73437439


>> No.73437442

It says that for every 5, 1 may be equipped, but it doesn't mention the Sergeant who is part of the squad.

>> No.73437455

Then yes, congratulations your sergeant can take a grenade launcher

>> No.73437458

How do I stop caring about rules? I feel like I subconsciously think about them even when I don't intend to.

"Oh that looks neat
*checks BattleScribe*"

>> No.73437460

There's no point in having insta kill when damage exists.

>> No.73437461

Because he's not an intercessor he's an intercessor sergeant. So you need at least six models total in the unit to take a grenade launcher

>> No.73437462

haha nurgle stinky

>> No.73437469

I'm quite sure it specifies what equipment the sergeant may take, and a grenade launcher isn't on that list

>> No.73437479

But the Sergeant also has specific instructions on wargear and the launcher isn't mentioned. I'm so confused.

>> No.73437491

You people are so retarded holy shit

>> No.73437500

The FUCK are you talking about "you people" you racist prick

>> No.73437504


>> No.73437508

I can't be racist, I'm black

>> No.73437519

wow. You guys are special. Its any model in the unit that has an auto/stalker/bolt rifle. The sarge is a model in the unit

>> No.73437521

It just says model with X gun, so it can be on either a regular model or a sarge.

>> No.73437538


>> No.73437548

hey I made a guy

>> No.73437550


>> No.73437556

I actually have to pick up the rule book for this edition.
I split the 8th one with my friends then ended up moving away. The problem is ive got questions about rules that i don't want to hammer people with every time i need to know something

>> No.73437559

A) what color for the staff handle? Bright red?

B) how do I paint fire

>> No.73437565

Thin your paints, try a more darker wood color for the gun. If you haven’t applied shading, do so.

>> No.73437566

Yeah just reread the data sheet and he can take the grenade launcher. Don't really like the idea though

>> No.73437573

So did I

>> No.73437578

Just wait till the 9th edition rule book drops. It’s probably less than a month away.

>> No.73437582

Legs are awful lol

>> No.73437589

It was another Anon's idea originally, I just did my own take on what he did. It's pretty good for infantry los-blocking for alleys and streets in city environments. Sorry for responding to it so late, I had gone to bed right before this thread.

>> No.73437596

I can't be black, I'm racist

>> No.73437608

Is he made of cheese

>> No.73437616

Double no, triple or quadruple yeah. A version of Instant Death for extreme SvT differentials makes sense, there's not much point in S6 and S20 being identical vs T3.

>> No.73437621


>> No.73437624

Thats what i ment.
I'm going to have to grab the 9th book.

>> No.73437628

I don't know WHO this guy is but he looks like he's made of CHEESE HAHA!

>> No.73437641

I'm using some brass and gold (very similar looking unfortinately) for them, I haven't incorporated much wood. I'l try thinning the paints more, I just worry about thinning them too much. Pretty new to it all but I enjoy the painting.

>> No.73437644

online sure, but most of the paint jobs i see in person are generic. then again i haven't played against a tyranid but once

>> No.73437651

You didnt answer me

>> No.73437666

Yeah probably true, I definitely think it's more common just from online exposure. Still it feels like a gimmick or reddit like bait to me now - maybe I'm just too much of a contrarian

>> No.73437675


>> No.73437678

I'm with you there satan, the coconut crab scheme is overdone as far as I know and people keep using the same pattern on non nid stuff
one of the eldar guys at my lgs painted his wraith shit with a bunch of similar polka dots and it looks awful

>> No.73437697

good point. triple sounds good to me

>> No.73437701

Did you prime him gray, or paint straight onto gray plastic? He looks... Unfinished, somehow.

>> No.73437706


>> No.73437707

probably because he didn't shade or highlight anything

>> No.73437715

i should stop at 5 for now. i don't even know if they are the right size lol

>> No.73437727


>> No.73437732

Primed grey, yeah.

Correct, I haven't done that yet, I guess I gotta grab a couple things and give it a go. I only have 3/10 Skitarii painted so I'm gonna give them all the shading/highlighting once they are all done.

>> No.73437747

Just doesn't feel right, maybe because there's always a 'heavy weapons guy' in movies and stuff that isn't the leader of the squad - but imo the sarge should be focussing on leading the squad not noob tubing across the map.

Could just be my autism though.

>> No.73437760

nigga you're supposed to have a black undercoat when working with metallics what the fuck are you doing

>> No.73437763

Of all the OTPs in warhammer, why that one?

>> No.73437773

I don't deal with blacks too dangerous these days

>> No.73437782

>B) how do I paint fire
Warp Lightning Contrast.

Thank me later

>> No.73437795

Under barrel grenade launchers aren't a heavy weapons guy piece of equipment.
Sergeants would definitely use an under barrel grenade launcher but a sergeant wouldn't use a recoiless rifle.
If you want to satisfy some kind of autism start painting tracer rounds on machine gun belts.

>> No.73437804

It's a brand new threaaad >>73437797

>> No.73437808

What do recoilless rifles or tracer rounds have to do with anything?

>> No.73437871

Recoiless rifles are a heavy weapon that you'll never see a squad leader use and tracer rounds just spruce up ammo belts and keep autists happy.
If you want a squad leader to look like most modern day squad leaders they should have the best stuff but not carry any extra baggage like melta bombs

>> No.73437952

>Marines shouldnt have been forced to change doctrines
> fires of battle shouldnt have been nerfed
Post immediately invalidated

>> No.73437984

Matched play-only changes to faction mechanics is stupid

>> No.73438188

go fluff your mom's dick, you walking vagina

>> No.73438783

>> No.73438791


>> No.73438824

This is why literacy and actually reading stuff, is important.

legislateros are like this green lizard. Only instead of us being illiterate we just don't read the bills they are required to post publicly.

>> No.73438835


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