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Post models

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TQ Dante

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I'd rather play against a WAACfag than against any of you retards.

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Fuck Jannies

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No one here plays so

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why didn't he tell his kids about chaos?

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>In this series of comics we'll find out that Marneus Augustus Calgar prior his induction into Ultramarines had gay lover that was killed by chaos cultist.

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Ngl Cato is pretty based.

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Go be a secondary somewhere else

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what I don't get is why they didn't just brew up some random marines to follow like the previous 40k comics did. Going with a pre-established character is just going to cause problems for what he can and can't do. Plus Marnues has more bling than the average marine so he's probably going to be more work for the artists to do.

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Because look what happened when they did find out about it.

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You dont play either retard

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Is there something wrong with me?
I've been an Admech guy for years and greatly enjoyed them, but the heavy influx of meme-spewing IFL science morons has seriously made me question whether or not I should invest more into my secondary army.
I normally don't care what others do, but it's really quite upsetting.

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oh shit, they're here for revenge against battle-brother link

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Why are the Tau still going to be so fucking strong in 9e?

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to make people mad

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I honestly dont know what you mean by IFL science, but I have not seem much beyond the normal "MAKE PENIS INTO ROBOT" and toaster posting around here.

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Then let us devolving into posting shit quality photo's of game moments
>i'm chaos

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>What model do you want to see have a new sculpt?

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>rock-paper-scissor-like system in its units and weapons types so that the best options are also situational
>give up on the IgoUgo for alternative activations during each phase so that there's more risk-taking during target selection
>drastically increase survivability of units/reduce weapons lethality so that the game can finally be about armies and not big stompy monsters and teleporting gambles
>regulate the use of movement trays so that all units can be moved as fast as 6-men squads at most and there's opportunity for the inclusion of rules and tactics about pushing enemy models or reacting with a movement (and fuck conga-lining anyway)
>change all instances of rolling a high number of dice to rolling a low number of dice and multiplying the result, so that the fun extremes of the probability distribution are more likely
>turn stratagems from a list you can choose from to a deck you must draw from, so that players are less aware of what the enemy can pull off and decisions are less predictable
>include target priority rules on units to add a further element to balance out units and allow forms of screening that aren't cancerous: some units will be forced to shoot the closest, others will have to ignore other targets if a there's their specific target category in sight (this can be circumvented through special rules such as orders, traits or stratagems)
>models and movement trays must be able to turn on the spot to face the target they want to shoot at, if impeded by terrain or other units, they can't shoot that target (no peeking with the tip of a cannon shooting sideways from behind a wall or placing your bikes sideways)
you may not like it but these are what peak changes look like

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>>What model do you want to see have a new sculpt?
tankbustas or weirdboy

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Anyone here plays Sororitas?

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primarneus is actually fairly lacking in bling, he's fine to draw

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Because the Ultramarines have been replaced as the Mary sue faction with the T'au.

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It's working.

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Please take you ideas and leaves

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kroots are better "predators" than striking scorpions

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I used to hate Ultramarines but more and more I'm starting to like those blue assholes.

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They made the thing they were subpar at (moving) worse and the thing they excelled at (shooting) better, so now lists will become more focused.

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>This marinefag cope

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"I fucking love" science, a facebook page that hit it big with normies that posts bottom of the barrel tier "science" facts and memes and makes people think they're smart for knowing it or getting the jokes.

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I'd like to play the sororitas

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What's the coolest mission/scenario you've ever played? Old edition missions are fine, the more obscure the better!

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Most of what you said is terrible.

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I am hundred procent for 40k comics and video games but the fact that they keep using ultramarines over and over and over again just kills my interest.
I fucking hate ultramarines

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Just straight up two armies smashing each other. Pask destroyed 10 wraithblades and a wraithknight. My enemy got so mad he shat himself

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No one plays scenarios.

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Very varied quality, had some stuff come out good and others so fragile that they turned to 15 pieces or were missing hands/arms. Also not that cheap or fast

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I loved playing Bunker Assault in 3rd/4th edition, back in the day. Some of the most memorable games I've ever experienced came about from that scenario.

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CJ would be in Salamanders because Grove Street wore green.

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paint your shit please

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If I used any helmetless Marines I'd paint them all black. I probably wouldn't though, because helmets are better.

>> No.73407619

I am in the process, that pic is from a while ago but it's what i had on hand.

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He's not that cheap and not very fast.
But everything I've gotten from him has been pretty good, quality wise.

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I always had fun playing the 4-player Carnage scenario. I would almost always win though, even after people caught on to my strategy of knocking out the guy to my right while playing the two others against each other.

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thank you

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>No need to pay any customs fees! All parcels are marked as GIFT
don't really want to commit tax fraud over miniatures

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you think any government has the resources to investigate the billions of packages they have to let through?

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So I'm a little confused with all the new space marine rules. It seems the vanilla marines now need chapter specific abilities but the forge world chapters don't have any updated rules. Can they still be run in 8th or do I have to say that they are a different chapter? I run carchrodons and minotaurs.

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Its all shit, go away

>> No.73407689

you can still run them, use the custom chapter rules to make something suitable.

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Have you ever ordered anything internationally before?
Unless you're ordering a literal crate of stuff, It'll be marked as a gift. I don't know why he even mentioned it, because no one ever DOESN'T mark them as gifts.

Also, it's not tax fraud, it's not even close, what's wrong with you?

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I do.

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>photo's of game moments
You don't use apostrophes to pluralize you illiterate troglodyte.

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blue is an underrated colour for loyalist marines, but the ideal blue is the darker one on crimson fists

add to that an asymmetrical colour scheme for the right arm, the use of cream on faceplate, pauldrons and knees as backdrop for freehands, the use of full-cream and full-black armour for veterans or heroes (think deathwing or death company), classic designs of yellow and black stripes, white and black checkers, toothed lines, flame patterns and red for focal objects with a preference of dark steel and bronze as metallics to leave silver and gold to very important shit
and you get the perfect marine colour scheme

blood angels and sanguinius are best primogenitor chapter and primarch to have fluff ties with too

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Which codex has that? Or is that in one of the campaign books or psychic awakening? Would it be better to wait for ninth edition?
On a side note what happened to the imperial armour books. Does fw not make those anymore?

>> No.73407733

have a problem

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why are iron hands separate from ultramarines?

>> No.73407755

Do these fit the bill? They're some of my ultra successors

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Look kinda Crimson Fisty

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whoever did the chart messed some stuff up, like putting cypher in twice instead of a dark angels dude

not sure what it's supposed to be though, however is fortunate for me as I have both IH and /my dudes/ generic marines

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>Not really ideal, though having anti-tank guns actually be better at anti-tank than massed buffed infantry guns would be very nice
>100% correct
>Also pretty correct, though bloating wounds is a bad idea. Old AP/cover could be good
>Dumb idea. Too many different base sizes, totally fucks with terrain you're meant to go inside i.e. bunkers, trenches, buildings.
>This is a remarkably terrible idea. The game does not need to be more swingy, and since most rolls are a binary do/don't it would be totally irrelevant 99% of the time.
>The deck is also dumb, very game-y, standardises armies into the same flavourless genre unless there's a shitton of options, another thing GW will print unbalanced and then errata, another thing to buy.
>Just bring back "roll Ld to shoot at not the closest enemy"
>Dumb without movement trays, which are dumb.

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Yeah they do a bit. Prefer the darker blue

>> No.73407853

It's shit.

>> No.73407861

>Start new army
>Immediately spend over $500 on kits, books, etc

I don't understand it, why throw money into it all of a sudden?
What if you don't end up liking the army? What if the modeling for the army takes too much time? Are you just going to let the kits sit for months as you work on them? They're not rare or OOP, they won't go anywhere.

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all the stuff I've ordered internationally I've paid custom fees on, I've never recieved anything fasely labled. If you're not paying customs charges then you aren't paying the VAT on the goods, which idk if it's fraud but definitely tax dodging.

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this is the first confirmed female necron miniature
say something nice to her

>> No.73407880

If you have a plan for what you want, there's no real problem.
you can always sell them i guess

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>That’s right, the Pariah of the title isn’t a person, or a thing. It’s a place.


Did GW troll Pariahfags and secondaries on purpose?

>> No.73407889

why the fuck she got a beard

>> No.73407891

>like putting cypher in twice instead of a dark angels dude
pretty sure that was intentional

>> No.73407894

*block you path*

>> No.73407902

I can't fathom someone that was a fan of space marines actually liking primaris.

>> No.73407903

So, what do you think ?

>> No.73407905

to hide her penis

>> No.73407906

What's a possible justification for a nid/gsc soup? I know the ultimate gsc fats is eventual absorption but can the two still work together and be a vanguard force that softens up world's before main fleet force arrives? Or remains of some splinter fleet working together with gsc due to lack of a higher mind? Maybe just outright some more crafty gsc fucks like twisted helix outright hijacking feral nid organisms and controlling them through chems/cyberware/pheromones/psychic presence or the combination of those?
Which are feasible and have a precident?

>> No.73407907

I want to smell feet

>> No.73407908

Egyptians queens had metal beards same as the kings.

>> No.73407911

This is blind consooming, whales like these support every cancerous sell method in existence

>> No.73407914

i buy boxs and don't paint them, does that count ?

>> No.73407916

Could someone explain how to define tech-priest level?

>> No.73407918

>That’s right, the Pariah of the title isn’t a person, or a thing. It’s a place.
God damn it

>> No.73407931

>email back and forth a bit with my recaster
>ask him for custom bits that aren't on the site
>he asks 1 currency per set of 2 bits
>6 currencies + 4 currencies shipping
Absolutely blessed

>> No.73407935

bigger chest than Tau female.

>> No.73407938

I bought too much DE at once (2 battleboxes), its kinda daunting.

>> No.73407941

>all the stuff I've ordered internationally I've paid custom fees on
Can't say the same, never had to. Everything from orders in Russia, to Greece, to Germany, to Japan, to France.

>If you're not paying customs charges then you aren't paying the VAT on the goods, which idk if it's fraud but definitely tax dodging.
I don't care, the multiple sellers I've bought from (including big companies) don't care.
No one cares.

>> No.73407944

Just start with a kill team.

>> No.73407947

Maybe the true Pariah was the friends we made along the way

>> No.73407949

most importantly though, does it have the heldrake's big red butthole?

>> No.73407951

I saw that recently in a nearby LGS. It's mostly a TCG shop, so their Warhammer stock is pretty limited.

Some chud came in and bought out pretty much all their Space Marine shit and put in an order for more. He dropped nearly $1000, while commenting that he was just getting into the game.

>> No.73407952

>giantess are a thing for real in 40k now

>> No.73407956

No, they are pretty diverse and there is barely any standardized rank among them

>> No.73407959

Can someone pill me on ultramarines? I always wanted to try them out but Blood Angels dragged me away.

>> No.73407960

what a babe

>> No.73407966

I can't fathom someone who is a fan of marines not liking primaris
they're practically the same shit

you must have a deep seated dissonance between what you think marines are and what marines have been all along, or be one of those crazy people that use any and all occasions to feel personally offended just to create situations where they can feel elitist or persecuted

>> No.73407967

Just noticed that the dread is a classic boxnought, I wonder if he's going to be a character.

>> No.73407968

>The Silent King is uniting his people against the rising threat of Chaos

What happened to his hatred of the Tyranids and wanting to unite his people against them?

>> No.73407970

Yeah, custom fees are rough. Last time a paid like 70$ in them when ordering from GW. All because of dem web exclusives...

>> No.73407973

They're the Space Marine-iest Space Marines to ever Space Marine.

If you like turbo-faggot Mary-sues that never do wrong, then they're perfect for you.

>> No.73407978

>they're practically the same shit
They quite clearly aren't.

>> No.73407987

>I can't fathom someone who is a fan of marines not liking primaris

I play Blood Angels. None of the new Primaris Models fit the aesthetic of my army.

>> No.73407994

Maybe he realised that chaos is the bigger threat.

>> No.73407995

But enough about Blood Angels. What about the Ultramarines?

>> No.73407996


who gives a fuck about old lore dude. your probably secondary as well

>> No.73408000

he realised that tyranids are NPCs and can never win, where as chaos (primary antagonists) are actually capable to doing anything ever

I'm not a marine player, but I hate their helmets. frowny darth vader helmet = space marine as far as I'm concerned

>> No.73408001

The dark angels is probably a joke but it's weird that iron hands are a separate faction but all the other major space marine factions like salamanders and black templars dont get anything. Either group them all together or have them all present. Also legion of the damned isn't it's own faction, and I don't even know what the guard guy in the tyranids column represents. This chart is shit.

>> No.73408002

But they are.
Why lie?

>> No.73408003

There is no rigid structure but
Fabricator-General of mars
Fabricator-General of everything else
Fabricator Locum - second in charge of a forge world.
Archmagos/Archmagos Veneratos
I dont know where the rest fall like dominus, but it's high?
Look in the admech codex on pages 8 and 9

>> No.73408008

I with reivers didnt looked like a biker gang.

>> No.73408010

Before the CONSOOMING gsc and nids work together, that's a fact. There are precedents of cult members escaping before the feast, and so they can live as nomads, preparing planets for their fleet, maybe?

>> No.73408011

>be me
>wake up too soon
>today is going to be a slow day at work, so I'll bring some minis to paint
>Search all morning for my vintage Chaos Raptors
>Only find 4 out of 5 bodies
>Well then, I'll bring the newer metal Chaos Raptors
>Search for them everywhere, I found their box after a while
>Fuck I'm late
>Go to work
>Start filing and cutting the Raptors
>Missing 2 arms, strange. I must have lost them somewhere at home
>Fuck then, I guess I'm painting Chaos Warriors for AoS which I luckly left at work
>One piece broke
>I can't find my plastic glue, so Attack it is
>Fine, I'm ready to prime
>Prime runs out
>Ah-ha! I left some half finished Daemonettes here too, I can paint those!
>It isn't a slow day at work afterall
>No time to paint anymore

>> No.73408015

Anon lore aside, primaris fundamentally change how space marines play, change all thier units and vehicles, change most weapons and the few that they still use look completely different. Same with their power armour.

>> No.73408029

Primaris is cool

>> No.73408031

Dominis is no rank by itself, it is added after the rank for fight tech priests, just like biologis for biology tech priests

>> No.73408039

Seeing how they’re in Nihlus and told the Imperium to go fuck itself after the inquisition dabbed on the Celestial Lions (again) how would they react if Dante manages to launch a crusade to retake and connect Nihlus?

>> No.73408045

This thing looks like ass ngl

Anyone else agree?

>> No.73408049

>Going to work, expecting to slack off
Where do you work, and how have you not been fired yet?

>> No.73408051

where do you work at anyway ?
Maybe you should organise your minis in the evening instead of the next morning
primaris be cool

>> No.73408054

I don't care. They are primaris so they should go extinct.

>> No.73408057

What time do preorders go live on the GW site in the US? 10am EST?

>> No.73408058


>> No.73408060

I really dont understand what you are saying

>> No.73408061


>> No.73408070

For ancient Egyptians beard was a mark of power, it was part of the royal regalia. Some female Pharaohs were represented wearing beard (though they proabably never wear a false beard in every day life)

>> No.73408088

They should start with alternating activation. There's no good reason it shouldn't exist. Next up should be lowering BS and strength across the board with increasing values of +hit/wound at closer range brackets to make shit actually move. That's 90% of the problems.

>> No.73408090

yeah, you can probably scratchbuild a better one from the spell model and some daemonettes

>> No.73408091

I like it

>> No.73408092

They're arguably the most expensive army in Aus dollars, so nah. Same reason I don't play GSC.

It's literally 3x the dollar cost to field a Sisters/GSC army than a Primaris/DG/Ork army

>> No.73408106

Who are they ? And how do they know what the Inquistion did to the Celestial Lions in Armageddon if they are a post "great rift" chapter ?

>> No.73408110

AA is shit anon

>> No.73408119

They aren't an ultima founding chapter. It's just that ADB defiled them in a book and now they are all primaris.

>> No.73408128

Thankfully the not so competent Necron overlord has a smart female Plasmancer at his side to make up for his dumb shenanigans. Thanks Gav!

>> No.73408134

I bet you anything they'll go renegade in the 2nd book, and traitor in 3rd. It is an ADB series after all.

>> No.73408139

>am sustained by (You)s
>work really hard on painting mini
>post it
>get one (You)

>> No.73408143

Post it on Plebbit, free easy (you)s

>> No.73408144

the helmets look like mk4, they aren't new. Yes, mk7 helmets are far more iconic.

>> No.73408148

They aren't allowed to be interesting.

>> No.73408150

Shitposting is easier than critically looking at a mini. It's the same on /wip/ where people who post garbage get a million (You)'s and genuinely good work gets one or two. That being said, telling people something looks nice over and over gets a little tiresome and repetitive. I think you want Instagram or Reddit for that unironically.

>> No.73408154


someone post that drawing of the female necron lord

>> No.73408165


>> No.73408167

You know what, guy? You're cool.

>> No.73408174

yeah going top of one and two and killing more than half their army is much better instead.

>> No.73408178

The inquisition sabotaged the celestial lions leaving the spears on their own and then later assassinated the lions chapter master while he was on their home world >>73408119
>now they are all primaris.
No they’re no

>> No.73408180

Giantesses are not new

>> No.73408184

I like the daemonettes. Bought them separate and plan on using them as Heralds.

>> No.73408194

>>am sustained by (You)s
Why are you here? There's a good reason we dont have usernames and karma counts: if you want that kind of attention post your minis (I'm sure theyre lovely but most of us dont care) on another forum

>> No.73408195

>No they’re no
Show me a non primaris spear of the empreror that isn't from the space marine chapters compilaiton.

>> No.73408211

>absolutely no signs of feminity

Bravo GW. Very brave.

>> No.73408212

>slack off
I've been working extremely hard in the last 2 months. People say I should slow down, since my health is getting worse for the stress and I'm trying to do just that.

>how have you not been fired yet?
I'm the boss

>Maybe you should organise your minis in the evening instead of the next morning
You are right. I usually do, but I was so tired yesterday I couldn't bring myself.

>> No.73408219

I know how you feel. When you're neither trash, excellent, nor have any major single flaws, you'll get minimal (you)s

just a single > looks good man

>> No.73408220

Are you talking about the nu SoB or necrons?

>> No.73408233

I didn't say they were new, I said I didn't like them
I like most of the space marine armour patterns except for 4, 8 and 10
that said, I quite like the bladeguard ancient helmet

>> No.73408240

> that daemonette with the 2 bunches hairstyle

>> No.73408242

Buying and painting one box at a time

>> No.73408243

Add lashes to the eye.

>> No.73408248

if you want feedback on a mini post it in /wip/ you knob
if you want empty praise post it on reddit or some other such shithole

>> No.73408250

I don't even post critically anymore. People just say post your models (which I did and then they just sperged out saying it was shit to try to get revenge for the crime of criticizing) or they just stonewall your criticism and come up with excuses to not even consider it.

>> No.73408260

The safe and chadly approach - good to see.
Nice WIPs there, what wash you gonna use?

>> No.73408261

why the JUST eyes?

>> No.73408267

it's a killer skeleton robot inhabited by the mind of someone who like a million years ago used to be female
why would it be feminine

>> No.73408268

>You are right. I usually do, but I was so tired yesterday I couldn't bring myself.
well, shit happens but hopefully your next work day will be much more fun m8

>> No.73408276

i screen shot and edited some of the /tg/ admech moth threads from a while ago, its not perfect and i think i missed some but what i got is what i got.
starting with o.g then moving onto wot i edited.
if anyone has more / has stuff to add just edit n post. 1-5.

>> No.73408278

lel the necron green blades look like trash, because GW no longer sell their yellow glaze, so can't use it on minis

>> No.73408285

not a clue. i JUST graduated from base coat and baby shading to actually trying. How the heck do i was white and not have it turn into a washer grey? anyone wanna help? I want to keep them bright since my previous army was all dark colors and blacks

>> No.73408289


>> No.73408295


>Shows a Guardsmen

Are Xenos and Chaos fags this blind?

>> No.73408300

> signs of feminity
> in [current year]
Are you a fascist anon ?

>> No.73408307


>> No.73408309

GW is at no fault for the delusions of a certain small subsect of the fanbase. It's Orktober all over again.

>> No.73408313

how much death company is too much death company?

>> No.73408317

But you can't kitbash when opeing one box at the time !

>> No.73408325

Maybe I'll find those bits and start those sexy metal Raptors.

>> No.73408326

Based no self control anon.

>> No.73408328


>> No.73408337

They use contrast paints diluted with contrast medium for glazes now.

>> No.73408338

they're in the latest marine codex, titled "successor chapter tactics"

Imperial armour hasn't done anything since the initial 8e index's. though apparently there's a update for them coming with 9th.

>> No.73408344

>This thing looks like ass
It's a mirror.

>> No.73408345


>> No.73408361


>> No.73408363

while true, they'll get more and more elaborate as i go on. i also have a metric asston of marine bits and weapons left over to use if i want

>> No.73408370

Forge World has been functionally dead since ol’ what’s-his-name croaked.

>> No.73408374

art from bottom screenshot

>> No.73408375


>> No.73408380


>implying that you can't hate the ant problem you have and the crackhead problem you have simultaneously.

>> No.73408381


>> No.73408382

Wash really diluted to grey, then highlight with white - makes it look like shadows rather than dirty white

>> No.73408383

moth wifu art from o.g moth wifu /thread

>> No.73408399

I've prepared a 500pt list for a friendly match at my lgs today, how is it?

>> No.73408400

Will it be violent? That could be the comics biggest draw imo.

>> No.73408410

That moth nigger is the kind of person who writes 1d4chan entries.

>> No.73408412

>Making up things to cry about

>> No.73408421

Post a Legion or warband, then post a fetish or two that relates, we'll assign them all over time

E.g: Death Gaurd - Slob/Weight gain

>> No.73408424

They're supposed to, they're SKELETONS

>> No.73408431

No one cares about this moth faggot shit. Stay on discord tyvm.

>> No.73408432

There's no way they cut off skitarii arms and legs and leave the penis. You know its a mechadendrite hive now.

>> No.73408433


>> No.73408448

>in summary:
>full physical recovery: 5 minutes
>full psychological recovery: 1 year

>> No.73408454

There's no reason to cut off the penis. The testicles would interfere with artificial testosterone so they would be gone, but there's no reason to remove the penis

>> No.73408471

I want to covert a chaos guard/warband like the Blood Pact, but don't want to do Khorne? Are there any alternatives? I know Prospero had a weird planetary defense force/regiment they kept around for awhile and I think are a warband now. Do they have any lore or is there anything like that for the other Gods too?

>> No.73408483

I mean, it's kind of a boss battle.

I would try to play against it.

>> No.73408485


>> No.73408488

You forgot your enginseer anon

>> No.73408497

>mechadendrite hive
>more or less a hentai penis monster under that cog-boys robes
>moth bitch is gonna be full desu

>> No.73408498

>telling a religion there's no good reason to cut someone's penis

Goyim, please.

>> No.73408502

Reroute waste disposal to a single pipe for efficiency.

>> No.73408508

Any sauce on this? I wanted them to do a tomb queen character

>> No.73408511

Why would necrons differentiate between the sexes post-biotransfer?

>> No.73408516


>> No.73408521

Ritual of the Damned ended with Magnus-worshipping cults rising up across the sectors surrounding Prospero.

>> No.73408522


>> No.73408523

Then why make a point of it being a female?

>> No.73408525


>> No.73408543

It's what they felt like doing.

>> No.73408551

My own custom zombie fighting scenario around halloween at the gaming club in college with four other dudes.

>> No.73408562

Called it 2cp

>> No.73408566

>power level
GW will never stop pushing that shitty system.

>> No.73408573

I'd give it a go.

>> No.73408580

why not?

>> No.73408583

The same with people exaggerating penises in armor design.

>> No.73408605

Pretty much my dream to have this be balanced and popular enough to actually play it regularly.
I hate building 2000 point or even 1000 point armies full of repeated units and required units so I don't insta-lose.
Much rather spend the same money on multiple small collections of models I actually like.

>> No.73408618

I'm an attention whore, but reddit is trash and empty praise is worthless, I want full praise.
It just means I have to PAINT HARDER for those sweet, sweet (You)s

>> No.73408620

They really need to rewrite Dark Eldar army rules now after this.

>> No.73408628

Your response is really something a 2 year old would say?

>> No.73408638

her mind ?

>> No.73408643

2 feels a lot.

>> No.73408650

>Post some model from my favorite Xenos army I spent 40 hours on
Get ignored
>Post fully painted army I finished recently
Get ignored
>Post a single model from popular army
Get a couple (you)s
>Post a tank model from popular army I just lazily drybrushed
get the most (you)s

The lesson is stop painting better models and start painting BIGGER models.

>> No.73408653

if you want real praise go to /wip/

>> No.73408666

no seriously, why not have a female necron character

>> No.73408675

if you want yous you need to post bait alongside your models.

>> No.73408680

Yup. I'm hoping for a Day 1 faq and errata that address all the outstanding issues. Otherwise we're in for a rough start in 9th.

>> No.73408688

Because an overlord could get a Female shell if she wanted to.

>> No.73408694

My goal is to cause extreme psychological trauma to newfags.

>> No.73408695

This is bad advice. /wip/ will usually just ignore you, or post nothing of value. There's a reason why it's one of the slowest boards, it doesn't actually give you good painting advice.

>> No.73408701

I've already posted my models in threads and got my meager (you)s. I don't need your charity.

>> No.73408712

Whenever people say "post your models" I kind of just ignore it, because what's the point?

>> No.73408713

Why do servant robots need inconsequential genders attached to them

>> No.73408717

I do, but they're too early WIPs for me to post. Soon, I'll be able to paint a lot more.

>> No.73408724

it's the best way to play

>> No.73408731

don't worry they'll still loose hard to most adeptus retardes, especially raven guard.

>> No.73408733

yeah, when a battalion is 3, there's basically no point.

>> No.73408736

When do the other commissars get models?

>> No.73408741

Post a time-stamped model and restate your opinion

>> No.73408742

Why make a point of other Necron characters being male?

>> No.73408745


Guess that confirmed assault cessor is troops choice.

>> No.73408751

there is no female shell. They're SKELETONS. And unless they deliberately insert gender dysphoria into the Necron lore, it won't be an issue.

>> No.73408758

I wonder what the most unfair feeling 500pt combo is, probably like 15 breachers.

>> No.73408760

Fuklaw is kinda cringe not gonna lie

>> No.73408764

>there's no differences in the male and female skeleton

>> No.73408769

Its more specifically for small games now I guess, where you might just want one big troops unit instead of 3 MSU ones, or maybe just 1 HQ

>> No.73408772

are people genuinely upset by tau overwatch or is it just a meme?

>> No.73408773

5 vindicares on the opposite end of the map

>> No.73408781

it's a character though, no?

>> No.73408783

Who's the Commissar on the left? I recognised the rest of them immediately, but I don't know who that guy is

>> No.73408784

>yeah, when a battalion is 3, there's basically no point.
i expect battalions will be "going up" as well.

>> No.73408785

>random creature lands on toy soldier
>40koomer: i can masturbate to this

>> No.73408786

I'm just very careful when it comes to things like it, I always feel like because I've never cheated the system the one time I try I'll get caught and be made an example of.

>> No.73408797

im pretty mad t b h

>> No.73408799

Tau are legitimately the most aggravating army in the game to play against. Their mass Overwatch bullshit is just one of many reasons why.

>> No.73408801

Canis rex and a vindicare is pretty funny
alternatively 3 armigers and an inquisitor

>> No.73408805

CSM don't have any "snipers" do they?
What's the longest range weapon available to infantry?

>> No.73408808

>"Please let me die"-Dante
>"LOL, no!"

Why is holy ghost Sanguinius such a dick?

>> No.73408809

its a body for a gendered being, whats so hard to get?

the higher ups customise themselves, ones that were female in life can reasonably still care about that and modify their new robot bodies to their liking.

>> No.73408811


I don't see why they're kinda B A D desu

>> No.73408814

probs lascannons, 48"

>> No.73408815

>What's the longest range weapon available to infantry?
Lascannons and Autocannons

>> No.73408822

not CSM but admech have rangers with 72'' snipers.

>> No.73408826

you play in a casual meta then

>> No.73408829

>not CSM
so why reply

>> No.73408831

Why not just add rules for fallen sorcerers and rhinos instead of locking them behind a detachment?

>> No.73408833

Fuck off newfag

>> No.73408836

Legitimately mad.

>> No.73408837

Your second question seems more general then the first one.

>> No.73408838


Because Dante is the golden warrior, he can not die just yet.

>> No.73408839

I defeated the Tyranids. I punched the Tyranid King.
There was no little boy asking for his da.
That was just a dream.

>> No.73408843

It's not a case of whether you win or lose. It's a case of how much of a pain in the ass they are to play against. I'd rather lose vs any other army than win against Tau.

>> No.73408844

Not that they're too good they're just a bit boring to play against cause their rules encourage sitting there and shooting and offloading hits on to shield drones. Melee should work against entrenched gunliney but more overwatch makes that frustrating too

>> No.73408846

you are not very bright are you

>> No.73408849

I thought transuranic arquebus was longer?

>> No.73408852

Autocannons will be probably the best weapon for that job.
Long range, cheap and the -1 rend doesn't really matter on most characters since they have invuln which are close to the armor save

>> No.73408853


>> No.73408854

>Not recognizing Holt

>> No.73408859

I'm more mad Tau are no fun to play as or against. Why couldn't they give them kroot psykers/melee shit and make them a 'real' army? let them play in every phase, then i myself would play them, but I hate Tau being just "suits, shooting and nothing else: the army"

>> No.73408860

GW since they're the ones selling knights.

>> No.73408861


AHEM. I organize and play my games based on power level. I do this out of preference, and by deliberate choice.

6/26/20, 10:33 EST

>> No.73408862

Just houserule it. Are you really playing a fallen army outside of a narrative game?

>> No.73408872

The timestamp is supposed to be in the photo itself you double dummy.

>> No.73408874



I mean in game in general, not in lore itself. Because depending on level I have to pay more points for them

>> No.73408875

What's the issue anon? You don't have problems with knights do you?

>> No.73408876

fucking newfag secondaries not know what a time stamp is

>> No.73408884

>"Teus, his name is Teus!"

Man Uigui death made me tear up.

>> No.73408890

Oh. Well whatever. Check the exif data if that's still a thing.

>> No.73408891

they already showed the battalion being 3cp

>> No.73408894

Follow up stupid question, but last I checked neither the CSM squad or Tactical SM squad kits came with Lascannons, just missile launchers. Would I have to convert them?

Same question as above, though. I don't recall either kit coming with them. Reuse the ones from Havocs/Terminators?

>> No.73408899

Who'd win, a shitty patrol detachment of 10 intercessors and a few shield dudes, or a knight despoiler boi with twin avenger Gatling cannons and heavy flamers.

>> No.73408904

I hope this takes off desu, but even if it doesn't it'll be great for quick kitchen table play when I have my bud over for painting days.
They're setting up a smooth progression of killteam>combat patrol>1k>2k for army building/playability that seems like an obvious move in retrospect.

>> No.73408910

Newfag here,
what was the Emperor's attitude towards technological development, especially resurgitation of technology from the Dark Age of Technology?
My impression has been that he just met the Martians, and made the deal with them and let them control the whole thing, and after that did not think much about technology as such at all. Which would be really weird so I assume it's not the case?

>> No.73408911

Consider this:

>> No.73408912

the new kit only comes with a missile launcher and heavy bolter as heavy guns. you'll have to go to bits sites or buy havoks and kit bash

>> No.73408915

I don't think so. I just routinely see tau getting dumpstered by hide angles smash captains, raven guard centurions, paladins, Alaitoc flyers, and Nightspinners. I feel like a faction only have so many good matchups before it kinda isn't good anymore.

>> No.73408919

We already know they cost 3 and you get 3 if your warlord is in them

>> No.73408925

>this is the iq and experience of power level

>> No.73408930

Havocs kits have plenty, which are compatible with the CSM kit, and there is one in the Start Collecting snapfit CSM.

Most people were happy to get rid of them in 8th edition, I'm sure you could snatch some from other CSM players before people figure out sniping character is a thing for CSM too in 9th edition.

>> No.73408932

you are so new, holy shit. 4chan strips exif data

>> No.73408934

Soon the great mouse will have a firm grip on the company that now goes by a stylized hammer symbol.

>> No.73408940

Would that be that good? A maximum of 25 models killied in a 5 turn game

>> No.73408941

doesn't seem legal, you need some kind of formation.

>> No.73408942

So with the way this works now are you supposed to just cram as much shit as you can into your warlord detachment to avoid cp costs?

>> No.73408953


consider that new character targeting rules and changes to +/-1 to hit make them incredibly fragile, that 4++ don't mean shit to even just a few bolters

>> No.73408957

Yes. As opposed to 8th edition, where you were incentivised to spread everything as thinly as possible to maximise CP gain.

>> No.73408960

And yet, here we both are. Neither of us awarded or not for our time we haven't or haven't spent here.

>> No.73408966

I hate Tau even if i'm crushing them. It just feels so bad to play against. No choice feels like it's the correct counter. It always feels like it's just a flip of the coin.

>> No.73408967

>tau lose to the tippy top optimized tournament list guys, they're fine.
not how that works bucko.

>> No.73408971

basically yeah. they are trying to make people go back to days of old when there only was 1 detachment you could take. the holy FOC

>> No.73408974

I don't hate it in theory, feels a bit more like the old FoC but with the option of adding a detachment with different rules for soup purposes if you want, but at a cost

>> No.73408975

It didn't use to.

>> No.73408976

You got so excited you do an illegal list.

>> No.73408978

also with missions and game size creating a new "rule of" requirement it won't even be possible.

>> No.73408983

>what was the Emperor's attitude towards technological development, especially resurgitation of technology from the Dark Age of Technology?
Pro, it's mars that is autistic about it. He pretty much had to let mars deal with all tech because he didn't have the means to deal with them after taking earth, he probably had a plan to deal with them but things didn't play out how he intended.

>> No.73408987

the 'reward' is you dont look like a dumbass you psudointellectual

>> No.73408988

>Newfag secondary likes AA

Wow its almost like this is what I expected

>> No.73408989

I'll take it for allied guard detachments to my GSC. 1 CP less and still gets me up to 8 tanks (2 commanders and 6 normal russes) and only requires 1 guardsman squad tax rather than 3.

Didn't they already show battalions as 3 CP?

>> No.73408993

If I can ask, was/is the old Dark Apostle kit worth getting? I like the tubes going into his face, but at the same time

He's like $60 on eBay and I doubt he has the GW return policy still applicable on him.

>> No.73409002

or you could take a spearhead detachment, still get all your tanks, no infantry requirement, and costs 1 less CP.

>> No.73409003

Do...do you mean "pseudo-intellectual?"

>> No.73409009

it has for many years now

>> No.73409010

Jesus fuck. Why can’t Tau Commanders just have “3 per army” rather than 1 per detachment?

>> No.73409016 [SPOILER] 

A 'great mouse' has been in control all along biding his time

>> No.73409020

Man, Devastation of Ball was such a good book, I liked everything up until the Deus ex machina at the end. The scene where Dante entrusts the last feather of Sanguinius to Seth is pure kino.

>> No.73409026

That much for anything fine cast probably isn't worth it. Maybe if that model is your absolute favourite

>> No.73409032

>Devastation of Ball
Is this some new CBT thing?

>> No.73409035

lmao @ ur lyfe newfag

>> No.73409043

Boo hoo
Yes it is

>> No.73409044

Its dumb, they were already moving towards penalizing soup with super chapter rules. Now the restrictions will stay on top of the cp penalization. Just so they can fun police and force rules aimed at tournament list restriction on casual play.

>> No.73409050

Its a very bad model from a technical perspective, and the new one comes with some sick acolytes

>> No.73409055

Put 4 of them in a vanguard with that one rule they have and put the last one in an auxiliary support.
Worst case, you throw all 5 of them into auxiliary supports.

>> No.73409056

Just trying to help. You seemed really proud of trying to say it.

>> No.73409060

"Baal" fucking auto correct

>> No.73409061

>casual play
soup in casual play is usually cancer

>> No.73409071

Because then people would field nothing but Commanders. As it turns out, a Character which can move ludicrously fast, carry four fusion guns, and easily position himself in such a way that he can't be targeted is a tad overpowered.

Fucking Tau.

>> No.73409077

I dont mind Knight players if they're fun to play against. But we have one that is a prick and always talk shit about your list while he brings in tournament lists at the GW store.

>> No.73409094

It's the meta I play in, just saying at my lgs tau really aren't problematic. or at least aren't nearly as problematic as
>tippy top optimized tournament lists.

and hell I can even beat tau with my shitter guard list so honestly, I can't really complain.

>> No.73409096

haha okay Zoomer

>> No.73409099

If you're playing casual just do narrative.

>> No.73409100

Fair enough, you're right.
There's a """high tabletop quality""" one for $36, what about that? Could be my introduction into stripping minis.

Valid points, but as I'm a newfag, could you explain why it's bad from a technical perspective? The flowing (breakable) papers up front?

>> No.73409116

gav thorpe on the lore video about indomitus call the plasmancer a she
second minute

warning, the voice is unbearable

>> No.73409126

Hes a pain to put together, and transport, and as you mentioned fine cast is so fucking bad

>> No.73409127

He told 1

>> No.73409134

>be looking at which space marine chapter to build for my dad
>see crimson fists chapter tactic
Is the tactic really "add 1 to shooting rolls on vehicles and infantry units?" that sounds absurdly strong.

>> No.73409135

>Show me a non primaris spear of the empreror that isn't from the space marine chapters compilaiton.
Did you read the book?

>> No.73409136

Same mentality, someone brings unfluffy tournament style soup to casual like a ravager spearhead. So lets put a bunch of rules penalties on every form of it. The problem is with the design of the formations themselves not the incentives.

>> No.73409139

>that gif
heh made me chuckle

>> No.73409142

Is this how you drive off children from the lgs?

>> No.73409148

Resin can be a bit funny to strip some things make it go all spongy and soft so be careful what you use. but yeah if you like the model a lot why not

>> No.73409150

not as strong as ravengaurd

>> No.73409153

>then people would field nothing but commanders
Rule of 3 still exists, but you could still limit it to three per army to prevent usage of multiple datacards
>position himself in such a way that he can’t be targeted
What are the new “look out sir” rules. You. Can’t be protected by two-man drone squads hiding behind something, or any unit that’s closer but on the other side of the map. If the Coldstar’s out in the open, it doesn’t matter if something is a millimeter closer. You can blow it up easy.

>> No.73409160

No, but the fact you only have unpainted miniatures will

>> No.73409164

Limiting commanders was bullshit, I can't really even believe they did it. Its essentially an acknowledgement that the unit is a problem but instead of fixing it, it gets its own super rules. The only unit in the game that does. That's design mistake 101 shit.

>> No.73409169

by being a child yourself?
probably not

>> No.73409172


somewhat related, Maelstrom of war missions that rely on tactical objectives can be very frustrating when all the objectives you draw are things you can't do for the foreseeable fiuture.

>> No.73409174

>heavy bolter hwts
>scare anyone off

>> No.73409177

Makes me wonder what sort of cost benefit analysis we're gonna see on various CP/detachment combos. Like when is it worth having my Scions in their separate detachment so they get their doctrines rather than stuffing them with my regular dudes? When is it beneficial to have daemons as their own detachment over just summoning them with the primary detachment? Stuff like that.

>> No.73409181

Alternatively you could just stop being a WAAC shitstain who spams Commanders, but since that isn't likely to happen GW is forcing the issue.

>> No.73409183

wheres Commissar Lord Bern

>> No.73409193

God those were fucking retarded.
>winning hugely
>draw 3 cards
>they're all useless
>opponent somehow draws every card he ever needs to win

>> No.73409194

>sit on objective in building
>knight cant even see inside thanks to new terrain rules
>shitty Intercessors patrol beats knight

>> No.73409197

Atleast Uigi can finally love his son

>> No.73409208

What would be the narrative reason for a small tau force having multiple commanders?

>> No.73409210

Is it just me or is this a huge mismatch? The bikes are getting six attacks a head, the intercessors four. I don't see how the Necrons are supposed to stand up to that punch.

>> No.73409212

Remember, you can thank Cruddence for gracing everyone the only faction that is both shit to play and play against.
>the marker light table gives RR1s as the first hit, then seekers (2), remove saving throws for cover (3), move and shoot heavy (4), +1BS (5)
>Commanders then benefit way more than other BS4+ units as BS2+ rerolling 1s goes from 83% hits to 97% hit (14% boost) vs 50% hits to 58% hits (8%) boost.
>Their wargear is costed the same as regular BS4+ crisis suits
>They are also characters AND can benefit from drones (twice the protection)
>They provide a ONCE PER GAME buff to units in 6", the better of which lets you reroll hits IF YOU STAND STILL, the other lets you advance and shoot (as a side note, this rule was so poorly written it would cause planes to crash out of the sky and in some readings wouldn't let models move at all, it took 3 years to be FAQd.)
>This incentivises a castle that sits in a ball and shoots and doesn't move
>The "hero of the empire" type special character lets you.... STAND STILL TWICE wow this definitely won't make for unfun gameplay
>For the Greater Good (taus overwatch rule) just further makes people want to sit in a ball
>Their vehicles (were, still are, [email protected] railguns) horrifically overcosted
>No cc options means just take the best shooting option as much as you can
>No psychic anything other than drones to soak wounds
Everything just favors taking the best shooting unit (commanders) as much as you can. Then take riptides and a bunch of drones to protect both the commanders and the riptides. Taking anything else is just hurting your list. There's no trade offs between units because every unit that is not a commander or a riptide is strictly worse at everything they already do.

Tau could be a cool army focused around quick strikes into enemy territory with high risk (bad at CC) high reward (good at 18" shooting) plays but instead GW cut out all their flavor and made guard but shittier.

>> No.73409227

The Farsight Enclaves literally revolves around that.

>> No.73409238

There is no rule saying you can't take the eight anon.

>> No.73409249

You thinking the Games Day '99 feller?

>> No.73409250

Does the rule of three mean three x max unit size? So you could take 27 Serberys Raiders?

>> No.73409252

>We’ve added a Jackal Alphus and some Purestrain Genestealers to the Start Collecting! Genestealer Cults box. The Genestealers add some close-combat bite while the Alphus adds his expert precision to the already impressive firepower of the Neophytes and the Achilles Ridgerunner.
>while the Alphus adds his expert precision

>> No.73409254

The commander datasheet represents sub-commanders too

>> No.73409257

A the necrons are shooting and B the destroyers are ap3 dam 2/3 bs the marines which are ap-1 dam 1

>> No.73409258

well, the eight's point cost is one...

>> No.73409259

Are they not allowed more than 3?
I meant in regular tau army

>> No.73409269

>cadia destroyed
>mordian captured by chaos
>death korps and steel legion too "problematic" for new minis

whats next for IG?

>> No.73409274


>> No.73409275

Commissar Holt the real OG before Yarrick.

>> No.73409284

What's a 25 PL or 500 point chaos list I could take to beat a tau player who will absolutley be taking a riptide which I see myself struggling to kill?

>> No.73409285

Nothing but Tallarn.

>> No.73409288

>implying I don’t
People still complain when I do, which is fucking hilarious because they are trash-tier, and are going to be getting even worse when you remember that they need their own detachment but still cost you 3 command points.
It applies to only datacards, so yes, you can have to 27 raiders split into full 9 man squads.

>> No.73409292

Catachan prob
They can come in a separate detatchment

>> No.73409295

What's the regiment with the helmet spike and potato masher?

>> No.73409296

Add 1 if your unit is outnumbered by 5 models, your tanks count as 5 models

So basically tanks get +1 to hit against 10+ model units

>> No.73409297

reanimation protocols

>> No.73409307

but Catachan? Showed the chaosfags what a real regiment is. Reminder the fleet that arrived to help Catachan came to a planet that had ZERO chaos activity.

How can other regiments compete?

>> No.73409308

It is time

>> No.73409309

Normal Tau are limited to 1 Commander of any type per detachment but FSE can have 2

>> No.73409316

They are allowed up to six, but it’s stated as 2 per detachment. I don’t see what would make such a big fuss over turning it into 3 per army but double it for Enclaves because you’d still have to get multiple detachments to fully fit in 6 commanders at max anyways, costing even more command points than what FSE players were paying before 9th for their pregame buffs.

>> No.73409320

100 cultist, 1 chaos lord, play objectives

>> No.73409323

Why is steel legion problematic,i thought its ww1 british motorised company design?

>> No.73409324

it's an alien race inside a proxy metal body, so there's no reason it would have human femininity you moron.

>> No.73409330

As much as I love catachans, the planet itself probably did most of their work for them.

>> No.73409332

Death Guard is creampie

>> No.73409335

but i wanna coom torobot skelly dominas.

>> No.73409344

>scottish SAS bottom left
What's their regiment name?

>> No.73409347

1 lord
3x twin Las hellbrutes

>> No.73409367

>People in this general actually do not know the Tanith 1st and only.

>> No.73409368

Tanith. First and Only

>> No.73409369


>> No.73409372

Fuklaw, Cain, Yarrick and who are blue and green?

>> No.73409375

>6 las cannons
>killing a riptide
>when drones exist
haha no

>> No.73409390

The focus fire of all the helbrutes should hopefully let the rest of his army do fuck all as its 250 points for his stupid riptide

>> No.73409391

Its a fantasy panzergrenadier regiment only they use fallschirmjager helmets instead of standard stahlhelms.

>> No.73409394

They're all to specialized to be the generic guard infantry line. Cadians were perfect if you wanted to represent some no-name /yourdudes/ regiment because they were plain enough for kitbashing and converting.

>> No.73409395

I think it'll really depend on army. The Marine patrol shown would be hosed against a Knight Errant (the one with the gatling) but would skullfuck hordes.

>> No.73409398

>"Oh hey, I forgot they had an actual Chaos Lord model."
>"That looks pretty neat. Maybe a headswap and different weapon, but that looks kinda co-"
>for $30

>> No.73409399

Thanks lads, been a while since I've read any 40k stuff

>> No.73409408

anyone who brings a riptide to 500pts vs chaos deserves what he gets

>> No.73409410

Nah I'm a retard I thought you could give them Las for both arms

>> No.73409411


deathguard - thicc

>> No.73409412

its drookian fen guard you fucking secondaries

>> No.73409415

>cadia destroyed
This is irrelevant
Do you know how many regiments Cadia has shitted out? They literally immediately gave several regiments settling rights to several planets and a shit ton of regiments were off world. You’re nuts if you don’t think we don’t have more generic ass angry cadians on the way

>> No.73409421

i wish :(

>> No.73409424



>> No.73409425

Oh, I did misread it then. Thanks.

>> No.73409429

That's not thick, that's fat.

>> No.73409432

I mean you can fit Knight-killing units in 500 points and have points to spare.

>> No.73409440


>> No.73409445

So why does he have the dumb blue shit then?

>> No.73409447

>83% hits to 97% hit (14% boost) vs 50% hits to 58% hits (8%) boost.
They're both a 16% damage increase. Tau commanders are broken because at their current cost their bs2 is "free" in points. And across the whole game HQs options almost universally upgrade in pistols or melee weapons while commanders get to run not one ranged weapon but 4. Compare their options to another "shooty" HQ like a Tech-priest Dominus. They also unbelievably dropped their points since 8th while the other good melee only hqs like SM captains and daemon princes have continually gone up.

>> No.73409451

>he thinks casual play is more about minmaxing soup detachments than having a single balanced FoC of /yourdudes/

>> No.73409457

>camo cloak
>straight silver
that's Tanith

>> No.73409458

nice chin

>> No.73409459


If we get plastic tallarn troops I will buy Malcador tanks and start a guard list

>> No.73409460

>You’re nuts if you don’t think we don’t have more generic ass angry cadians on the way
I wouldn't mind new Cadian models but I have a very bad feeling that we are going to get a new tacticool regiment of guardsmen to be the new posterboys.

>> No.73409465

Yeah, to play Tau in an engaging way you really have to choose to swim upstream.
At least we have Vior'la. FSE is alright but it doesn't really do much for what I want to run beyond breachers, since I only have three crisis and don't see much incentive to get more.
I just wanna run fast and shoot shotguns.

>> No.73409468

Because the commander rule predates rule of 3 and the rule was never updated because the dudes writing Tau rules (excepting TGG apparently) don't give a shit about the army

>> No.73409469

Do you guys ever look on Ebay and see the same $1,000+ for months on end? Like what goes through the sellers head? Its been months and he still thinks some mister money bags will buy is poorly painted army for 1000 bucks?

>> No.73409477


low test limp dick, don't talk to me

>> No.73409482

Huh,well paint me suprised,i really didnt know that,but why the leather coats instead of uniforms if they are supposed to be wehrmacht?

>> No.73409485

Its Tanith the due has those dumb tattoos they all have and a camo cloak not a kilt

>> No.73409488

tanith don't wear tartan

>> No.73409495

Are Commanders more broken than any other HQ in the game? They're the only ones hard capped. And unrelated, but Commanders took an indirect nerf now that they can't hide behind two drones.

>> No.73409501

Fuck, she's exactly my type

I play EC though

>> No.73409508


>> No.73409510

>because the dudes writing Tau rules (excepting TGG apparently) don't give a shit about the army

>> No.73409511

Drookian Fenguard wear their tartan across the chest

>> No.73409515

guy i know kept a painted sisters army at £1600 on ebay for 6 months, i told him he should reduces it but he said it had taken him that long to paint....he go his fucking cash in the end, so i guess im a moron

>> No.73409516

Archons assemble and discuss!

>> No.73409517

I one time saw a poor bastard keep trying to see a bunch of IG for $2000 and kept advertising "AMAZING CONVERSIONS!!!!"

>> No.73409520

Surprised he didn't do it sub assembly. Skitarii are really annoying to paint fully assembled.

>> No.73409533

because the drookians also have blue tatoos, they're based off of the woad warpaint celts used to decorate themselves with.

>> No.73409549

Nice. You get 3 patrol detachments for free. Problem solved.

>> No.73409553


>> No.73409559

Which, unless they change it for 9th, is shit.

>> No.73409563

just run the terminator as a normal lord.

>> No.73409565

Keep in mind most of the $1,000+ listings you see on ebay are commissions. Which that by itself is really absurd.

>> No.73409567


>> No.73409569

3 patrols with a warlord is now even stevens for Deldar. so thats nice i guess

>> No.73409598

pretty good on destroyers T B H m8

>> No.73409609

and tanith don't wear tartan at all

>> No.73409613

I fucking hate it, I wish ebay would crack down on commission listings it fills up to much of the 40k listings now.

>> No.73409617


>> No.73409620

no not at all, but I don't think they should continually degrade soup either. You're supposed to run imperium, chaos and demons, or drukhari kabal/cults/covens together in the lore.

>> No.73409621

I'm buying my first army soon. Should I go for space marines or some sort of Xenos? I was thinking Tau but I've heard they're controversial.

>> No.73409636

rule of 3 isn't an official rule you know.

>> No.73409638

What do you want out of your army?

>> No.73409640

A Riptide is 60% of the points of a Combat Patrol game and it gets 26 shots at BS4+. You can honestly outshoot it, I'm not even kidding.

>> No.73409642

Wait until the new edition drops.

>> No.73409644

just get what you think looks cool

>> No.73409649

if you're considering space marines then just wait for the indomitus box to release

>> No.73409656

Well ok, to the least i can see an inspiration for the steel legion design but nothing more. Still a nice touch from ye olde GW.

>> No.73409661


>> No.73409663

steel legion or new OG regiment that fuses elements from catachans' action movie heroes feel, the aesthetic and the retro pomposity of vostroyans and the first world war

>> No.73409667


>> No.73409676


>> No.73409679

>mordian captured by chaos
Iron Hands saved it.
>death korps and steel legion too "problematic" for new minis
This is a schizophrenic delusion. You should seek help.

>> No.73409682

This is probably a better representation. And I agree, I enjoy a little historical flare in guard units.

>> No.73409691

>fifteen results

>> No.73409696

How can they be "british" ?

>> No.73409698

>or drukhari kabal/cults/covens together in the lore.

And you absolutely can, in this case at least, because they have rules to allow it.

>> No.73409705

Tau are also boring as fuck to play with and deceptively irritating to paint for a new person, I'd always say go space marine or Necron which just happe to be the focus of 9th

>> No.73409714

Why even have all these specific rules if all the armies that would be heavily effected by them are just gonna ignore it?

>> No.73409726

I was very pleased to see that the fluff for the Pariah Nexus notes that the SoB were immune to the depression aura. Finally, my noble space nun paladins are being recognised for their willpower and faith.

>> No.73409728

>Problem solved.
not really, what I don't want to run three patrols. Guess I have to pay to run any of the other 2/3rds of my army list.

>> No.73409735

wtf I love bland Calgar now

>> No.73409737

Why does it look like the gravis fellows are just talking among themselves not noticing the eldar?

>> No.73409738


>> No.73409742

Dont buy for rules right now. The new edition is about to drop. If you really like the lore/general playstyle of an army, then go for it. Space marines can do a little bit of everything. Xenos are a bit more specialized in terms of playstyle. Tau are generally a very static gunline. They set up formations and just sit their and shoot...and shoot ....and shoot. If thats the kind of thing you like, go for it. A lot of people just find that unfun to play against.

>> No.73409746

>what I don't want to run three patrols
Spend some CP then.

>> No.73409750

Just don't run that many commanders, the point of that rule is to stop people spamming them

>> No.73409752


>> No.73409753

I somehow forgot Orks, also a good beginner pick

>> No.73409757

The best thing you can do right now is buy a box of intercessors and learn how to paint well using them. After the new rules drop pick out an army you want to play.

>> No.73409761

Wasn't the reason nobody used Raiding Force because it wasn't exempt from the 3-detachment limitation? If that's gone, 6-Patrol Strike Force armies could actually be standard. Even without it, being able to take 3 detachments at no extra cost is a nice leg up.

>> No.73409771

Because DE are a quick strike army in fluff

>> No.73409772

Lords are eccentric and have vanity issues. Well, some of them.

>> No.73409776

Cause the eldar don't pose a threat to marines

>> No.73409781

The Incubii have asked them to leave so there's no trouble.

>> No.73409790

I wish GW would do what anvil does and let you pick different bits to customize the squads you want to buy.

>> No.73409794

So, Drukhari got previewed. Who's left to preview? Thousand Sons and Custodes?

>> No.73409798

Yeah but they all feel nieche, we need something centralised and vanilla like the Ultramarines for the Space Marines and the Cadians for the Guard

>> No.73409803

>programmed to be officers
We Legionaries again

>> No.73409809

Drazhar and groupies have a decent chance of skullfucking those aggressors.

>> No.73409817

Drazhar has just done a flurry of lightning fast blows. The Aggressors only have time to look at each other in shock before they fall apart in sprays of blood.

>> No.73409837

Thanks for the responses everyone

I'd like one that I can play games with, but from what I've read, strengths of certain armies change over time.

There's quite a lot of ones that I like the look of and have cool lore. I might do some research into chapters etc.

Swarms sound expensive

I'll probably wait and see what state the game is in when 9th comes out then. Maybe some marines will be good for practicing. I could always go for something different later.

I live fairly close to the GW HQ, so I might visit and see what's there

>> No.73409840

There's a reason GW got rid of bits and it's simply because it wasn't viable at such large scale. Best you'll get is a stock Guard kit with possible upgrade sprues. If we're lucky.

>> No.73409853

>1700 points of Tau, 2k when I build the rest of my piranhas and convert a couple tanks to be looted
>start collecting of necron, realized I hate painting necron vehicles but have a neat combat patrol now
>just bought into sisters, once I get a BS box I'll have 500 points. Will be expanding into a full army
>necromunda gang/kill team of GSC
>numerous other necromunda gangs

I really want to dive into elf soup but I have other priorities. Also want to expand my AoS beastmen into daemons until I can field a full daemon army.

>> No.73409858

The rule of 3 already stops people from spamming. Just tweak it to 3 commanders per army so you don’t get datacard abuse.

>> No.73409881

that kill team box is definitely going somewhere and was the only source for Manipulus until recently

>> No.73409888

No. Just don't run that many Commanders.

>> No.73409896

The reason they split the army keywords up in the first place when writing the codex was because formations were free. Then they just hand wave how the changes destroy the army with this bullshit "just use raiding force bro". Even going as far as calling it a fucking improvement, when the writer knows the popular options don't fit in patrols.

>> No.73409904

>Cypher repping DA

>> No.73409951

The armies you probably don't want to start with are the more fragile low toughnes being less forgiving of mistakes, or ones or that require lots of models because you'll burn out early, probably want to avoid Dark eldar, Tyranids, Harlequins, genestealers, guard and Tau

Orks, death guard, Necron, all the space marines and maybe ad mech all have pretty solid rules, quite tough on the field, easy to grasp, etc.

Eldar/CSM fall into the place of being ok to start with but have wild variety in sculpt age/quality so you will have moments where you like a model but it's just so old and shit you don't want to buy it, also playing a csm legion is more for experienced players who like to convert

>> No.73409963

I dont see what stops you just have 2 or more kabal detachments? Nothing says they have to contain different units or keywords

>> No.73409964

Is Remain Stationary already a named action, or will this be some special 9th ed action that gives you +1 to hit

>> No.73409998

They don’t have bodies so why fear the nids? They want to have souls, so fearing chaos makes a lot of sense.

>> No.73410003

So with the new combat patrol rules, are las eliminators good enough for a phobos-only patrol in terms of AT?

>> No.73410007

Nobody who owns models cares, because they are better models. Just people parroting what someone else told them.

>> No.73410022

what new combat patrol rules?

>> No.73410023

Because they still need the galaxy's existing life to figure out how to turn themselves back into biological beings. If the nids eat everything in the Galaxy, they kinda can't do that.

>> No.73410025

No. That model is cool.
Tomorrow at 2pm ast.

>> No.73410031

They want to have flesh bodies again, and they can't do that if the 'nids eat them all

>> No.73410033

Got a Hive Tyrant and a box of Gaunts over quarantine just for something to build and paint, considering starting to turn it into a full army, alternatively give suggestions for other armies I could build, I've done like 3 marine armies so no marines please, guard are pretty cool but all of their pleb infantry are garbage, xenos also acceptable.

>> No.73410042

>when the writer knows the popular options don't fit in patrols

Maybe you should have been playing a fluffy army all along instead of spamming 3 Ravagers.

>> No.73410043

Where is the model?

>> No.73410051

Nids are like global warming. Chaos is North Korea with a working nuke and a power vacuum.

>> No.73410052

Considering that you'll likely need much less of it they should be fine

>> No.73410074

'nids are like global warming in The Day After Tomorrow

>> No.73410078

North Korea is hardly a threat, even to the region it is in.

>> No.73410087

I need my codpieces.

>> No.73410101

>implying Best Korea is a real threat

>> No.73410103

Go into Tyranids. Buy a box of Hive Guard (Impaler cannons) and/or Zoanthropes both are solid picks good with all the fleets

>> No.73410107

Just don’t be an asshole, those people are alright to me.

>> No.73410120

Out of those, space marines probably sound like the best place to start. Do all chapters follow the same rules, or are there variations? I don't what to be that guy that just gets basic ultramarines

>> No.73410122

The mother of Oblivion from Alan Bligh was a she too (so a Phaerak and not a Phaeron...) but yeah no model
>Once again, the Bad guy male leader will be an idiot and the female second in command will have to save the day (only to job to marines)
why is GT such an incredible fagget

>> No.73410133

It does, that’s why your picture is sideways. You need to crop it slightly for it to properly align. Even just a pixel.

>> No.73410147

Nids, buy around 40 genestealers and 2 broodlords, you'll be happy with the results in kraken

>> No.73410149

Untersturmführer looking cute

>> No.73410164

Never saw that artwork of them,only the one in their yellow garb

>> No.73410176

Neither is chaos, if you read the outcomes of all their battles lmao

>> No.73410193

Is the start collecting box a worthwhile purchase?

>> No.73410209

Trygons are pretty good, mawlocs are AWFUL in 8th and look to be equally bad 9th unless they get reworked rules
Yes its worth it though, at least one of them

>> No.73410214

Thanks very much.

>> No.73410226

Where's the best place to get cheap beakies?

>> No.73410231

sell your nids for cheap on ebay so I can buy it

>> No.73410233

sure thing just make sure you assemble the trygon as a trygon and not a mawloc

>> No.73410236

There are "Codex compliant" chapters that follow the same basic outline as the Ultramarines and there are "non-compliant" chapters that operate in entirely different ways. You can always make your own chapter if none of the existing ones suit you, the faction as a whole has a ton of freedom when it comes to modeling or army construction

>> No.73410248

Anyone got any reasonably cost effective conversions or alternate miniatures for guard, preferably cadian-esque.

>> No.73410271

google, different flavors of guard have literally the most third party options.

>> No.73410279

I'm gonna say it...

>> No.73410292

Ready to die again?

>> No.73410295

>Craftworld focus article

>No mention of Wraith units

>I think that the point increases will initially challenge players as they try to fit in all of the units they previously fielded. It’s important to remember that every faction is feeling similar increases though, so it’s not a problem unique to you!

I'm scared.

>> No.73410298

not him but I sold my whole army a few months ago, where the fuck were you?

>> No.73410315

Tau commander spam is stupidly good and needs to be prevented.
Go away.

>> No.73410316

>tfw fulgrim regrets killing girlyman and regrets killing ferrus and basically regrets the whole heresy

>> No.73410325

>missed an entire army sale on ebay
what units did it have, what were you asking for it?

>> No.73410336


>> No.73410342

>fulgrim regrets killing girlyman
where does it say that?

>> No.73410345

fulgrim is basically the only one to fall to chaos for reasons other than being stupid

>> No.73410348

in the new fabulous bill book

>> No.73410361

it's gone anon, even if I told you of all the big, nicely converted but unpainted models it wouldn't change the fact that I had to hunt down gullible people on facebook to sell it piece by bloody piece and it's all your fault!

>> No.73410367

Lorgar holds that title

>> No.73410371

was it the kind of regret of people eating a cake without tasting it properly?

>> No.73410374


>> No.73410382

>dkk always top 3 on appeal polls and still sells phenomenally despite having such an astronomical cost

imagine dk but cadian prices haha

>> No.73410383

lorgar might be the dumbest of them all

>> No.73410384

let me guess, he really wanted to turn him to Chaos or some shit and killing him was a missed opportunity. you would think Fulgrim would just be batshit by this point and there would be nothing left of his old self.

>> No.73410388

Im full of regret anon.
Im gonna buy a regret boxnought and name it after you
what loadout would you like to have?

>> No.73410392

>i should continue talking to this garish painting of myself, one that is using its creepy disembodied voice to encourage me to wield a sword I picked up from a giant alien murder sex orgy whom were clearly worshiping it as some kind of totem, while said painting-voice also encourages me to do weird shit and even incites me nearly kill most beloved brother over a small case of banter
>not being stupid

>> No.73410394

There's basically two varieties: core codex Marines and codex-divergent Marines. The former use the Marines Codex and the latter (Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Grey Knights and Deathwatch) have their own codices with unique units and whatnot. However, there are also six (and a bit) supplements for specific chapters out of codex Marines (Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard, White Scars, Ultramarines and Salamanders) and if you want you can run a successor/homebrew chapter that descends from one of the aforementioned chapters and gets most their rules, so there's a shitton of variety (Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Blood Angels armies play very differently despite having almost all the same units).

>> No.73410395

>I think that the point increases will initially challenge players as they try to fit in all of the units they previously fielded. It’s important to remember that every faction is feeling similar increases though, so it’s not a problem unique to you!

in other words just relax your asshole, resisting will only make it hurt more

>> No.73410405

it was over as soon as he touched the sword

if he knew about the dangers of chaos beforehand he might have stood a chance

>> No.73410409

ok retard

>> No.73410421

enjoy things while they last, mousefag

>> No.73410422

how so? He succeeded at almost every level, his one failure is not eradicating Ultramar which was a big ask in any case.

>> No.73410432

Slaaneshi relic boltgun “Penetratoris.”

>> No.73410441

I meant in terms of him falling to chaos in the first place. He should have just listened to daddy.

>> No.73410443

>Im gonna buy a regret boxnought and name it after you
pls don't, let me rest

>> No.73410457

Cool, I might pick a pre-existing one, then maybe get into custom stuff later. Perhaps Space Wolves or Minotaurs. I'll do more research

>> No.73410460

Why her one foot so big?

>> No.73410470

There's no variety in the boxes. The intercessors box is the same guy in 10 poses.

>> No.73410483

>Bought 2 battleboxes last week

>> No.73410491

buy my shitty nids

>> No.73410495

We know Tau have a day 1 FAQ planned so a day 1 for dark elves isn't out of the question.

>> No.73410502

The Adepta Sororitas are my favourite ones and I love them.

>> No.73410504

Could someone explain what’s the point of Rievers now?

>> No.73410512

Which Order do you play?

>> No.73410533

but anon I really want a boxnought and I dont know which type/what loadout I want
you have a link?

>> No.73410535

he just worked towards his purpose as a primarch, to destroy everything other than the Imperial truth and obedience to the Emperor. Religious fanaticism was obviously the best way to achieve that. Once the Emperor made it clear he was not to be worshipped as a God, what actual right did he have to rule anyway? Especially after he gave control of the military to Horus. Not only that, Lorgar then discovers the Emperor lied about the primordial truth, and that everything Godly about the Emperor is born from it. Now he has forced the Emperor into Godhood, revealed the primordial truth and turned the Imperium into his pre-heresy vision of what it should be. He also made Guilliman shit himself with rage. That's runaway success in my book, and it was all his choice.

>> No.73410536

I'm happy that you found an army that you like, Anon. Rules can change, minis are forever.

>> No.73410541

They never had a point

>> No.73410543

Cool skull masks for kids

>> No.73410547

What's harder to kill, MEQ with two wounds or MEQ with T5?

>> No.73410557

No but I still kind of want to get rid of them
do you want ~2500 points of badly painted bugs?

>> No.73410563

MEQ with two wounds. It’s been shown that Primaris with 2 wounds are still more durable than plague marines.

>> No.73410566

if they are cheap yes

>> No.73410584

I do, if theyre not too pricey.
What've you got

>> No.73410585

More wounds is always better. See: why cultists were taken instead of CSM despite their shitty save and toughness. They had more wounds.

>> No.73410588

W2 all day erryday

>> No.73410596

why are there two of you now

>48x genestealers
>48x termagants (half nib, half built)
>9x ripper swarm FW
>5x warriors
>1x malanthrope FW
>1x converted malanthrope
>2x neurothrope
>1x hive tyrant FW
.1x broodlord
>1x old one eye
>6x hive guard
>1x maleceptor
>1x deathleaper
>2x carnifex (magnetized)
>1x tyrannofex
>2x exocrine

>> No.73410599

I didn't get regret from the spoilers I read, he says something about killing a brother he didn't love
That doesn't say regret to me

>> No.73410600

>Religious fanaticism was obviously the best way to achieve that
No, and the emperor himself straight up told lorgar that his legion was the worst at conquest.

>Once the Emperor made it clear he was not to be worshipped as a God, what actual right did he have to rule anyway?
His achievements are too small to list in one post, lorelet.

>Not only that, Lorgar then discovers the Emperor lied about the primordial truth
The emperor not telling his sons about chaos was his biggest mistake. Still, Lorgar should have known that the emperor knew better than he did. Now he is a slave to the chaos gods instead of a servant to the emperor.

He has had success post heresy, but the fact that he fell in the first place shows how much of a fool he was.

>> No.73410608

I want every single monster model. Dont really need the basic nids since ive already got a tonne

>> No.73410614

Tried model master brush on primer but it easily came off when I scratched it with my finger nail. WTF am I doing wrong?

>> No.73410622

You need to let it cure first bro

>> No.73410625

>only 5 warriors, 3 fexes and 50 gaunts
>50 uggo genestealers and a few brainbugs
on second thought, I pass

>> No.73410629

how long did you leave it to set?

>> No.73410637

leadership gimmicks, maybe 9th will make them worthwhile

the models are still cool as fuck, though. not so much the skull masks as the carbines + grav chutes

>> No.73410648

Ok bye

>> No.73410650

I just heard how you are supposed to say Omnissiah (Om-knee-sigh-ah)
I've been saying Om-nish-ah which is much more satisfying to praise.

>> No.73410662

Like 10 minutes

>> No.73410676

It's just Omni+messiah

>> No.73410680

how do you pronounce messiah?

>> No.73410688

How low are you willing to sell everything below the FW malanthrope for together?

>> No.73410700

I know. I guess my brain just likes 3 syllable words.

>> No.73410704

polyurethane based primers can take 24 hours to fully cure

>> No.73410705

Are people cool with me changing my Inquisitor’s Ordo depending on what army I am against?

>> No.73410708

Anyone here play on tabletop sim?

>> No.73410726

then gib me melta and fist, it shouldn't be hard to find an assault on black reach dreddy for cheap

the fist is a must, the multimelta keeps it classy, doesn't break the silhouette, but most of all you can picture it doing this kind of moving energy beam, unlike 40k lascannons, which are the tightest shit

>> No.73410728

Like ~$600

>> No.73410729

I usually let primers dry for at least a day before touching them so paint some on some sprue and test it tomorrow

>> No.73410733

Nobody here plays in general.

>> No.73410737

I just bought it from the summer sale, it seems super clunky

>> No.73410744

Give plague marines 2 wounds NOW

>> No.73410756

If it's a pregame choice like picking relics and warlord traits it shouldn't be an issue.

>> No.73410765

Clunky but managable.

>> No.73410772

multimelta and fist, got it
will prob convert it from a normal dread/venerable dread, since I wanna try to repose it anyway

>> No.73410774

it's pretty good actually. You'll need the asset and map packs to make it easy to play. measuring tool is pretty good and there's a dice roller which saves a lot of time.

>> No.73410778

yes, fanaticism is the best way to erase former popular perceptions, destroy cultural heritage and instill obedience. It's been shown time and again from Mohammed to Stalin. The WBs were the worst at conquest because they took the time to instill true faith and willing obedience in every planet they conquered, which takes a lot of time compared to getting a half hearted nod from the governor. A lot of the GC was dealing with upstart planets and sectors who rebelled almost as soon as the expedition forces left their sector.

>too small to list in one post

>Should have known that the Emperor knew better than he did
apparently he didn't, that's literally the whole fucking point of the heresy. Lorgar knows loyalty to a hypocrite makes you no less a slave than embracing chaos, which is a real power created by humanity and not a false doctrine like the Imperial Truth.

I don't call a logical choice made with no regrets which gave the individual almost everything they wanted out of it, especially seeing as Lorgar isn't even devoted to one God and is left out of their power games, is 'falling to chaos'.

>> No.73410790

A Minor Order descended from Bloody Rose. Hack and slash Sisters were just too cool to pass up, even if they aren't necessarily the strongest way to play them.

>> No.73410794

Oh wait. It's a faction choice you make during listbuilding, not a pregame choice.
Changing it would be kinda dickish but depends on the people you play with.

>> No.73410805

Anyone got the original for this? I'm wondering if they altered the colours to make them look like the nucrons,

>> No.73410812

I'll need to see how an actual game plays out but I imagine it'd take quite a while longer than an irl one
Also need to actually find people to play against

>> No.73410816

People who like heroic scale should be burned.

>> No.73410840

>"I know I'm getting in the way of my brother's being able to fire into the necron line, but I REALLY need to punch this guy."

>> No.73410854

Nice, what's the color scheme? Do you have any pics?

>> No.73410866

I thought they were in fact the strongest way to play them?

>> No.73410875

With the new inquisition rules about being able to add them to any imperial detachment, what do you dudes think about a list with 3 inquisitors, one in each detachment, and each inquisitor has a different ordo, so that the list has one malleus, one hereticus, and one xenos inquisitor?
I wanna run a scions battalion, with a hereticus + a patrol of deathwatch (fluffed/painted as a red hunters Honor guard for my ordo malleus inquisitor) + a patrol or battalion of xenarite-themed mechanicus, led by an ordo xenos inquisitor.
It’s probably not a very efficient list but it seems like it will be fun to play, in theory at least.

>> No.73410884

Fanatacism causes problems of its own. Look at the imperium today.

>too small to list in one post
Meant too large

>apparently he didn't
Yes, he did know better. His whole plan was to cut off humanity from the warp which isn't exactly easy with billions of religious zealots running around. Again I will admit that note telling the primarchs about chaos was a mistake but for any primarch to assume he knows better than the guy who created them is just plain stupid.

>> No.73410886

Too expensive in CP to run additional detachments just for this.

>> No.73410905

How do you go from this...

>> No.73410915

It would just be a 3 detachment list, the only one’s i’ll end up paying for would be two patrol detachments, since the battalion would contain my warlord.

>> No.73410924

...to this

>> No.73410948

the original was black and white, I think pic related was in the 6th (or 7th?) ed codex

>> No.73410957


>> No.73410969

The one in older codexes was black and white because they didn't use colour printers aside from central painting pages. I've got the 3e Necron Dex open in front of me.

The true original is in colour, and is on display at Warhammer World, it was scanned in B/W for the 3e codex.

>> No.73410977

Now that would be cool if true.

Ha, get ready for it. All the marvel fags will be begging for cross universes and reimagining of established 40K characters, then the eventual buy out.

>> No.73410986

makes sense, what colour was the original though?

>> No.73411010

From memory it's very similar to this (>>73410948), but with less vibrance and darker shades. It's likely they touched up the original after scanning to make it look "better" for the new codex.

>> No.73411024

116 + 40 + (?) + 0 (dont need broodlord) + 25 + 85 + 45 + 16 + 50 + 35 + 90
206 + 146 + 150 = £500 raw model value + whatever the FW hive tyrant cost, roughly $600-700
I'd be up for that 100% lol

>> No.73411040

>Disney must own Lego now since they made Lego Marvel sets
this is how you sound

>> No.73411045

>oh n-no, I have to customize m-my own models!

>> No.73411062

They better not take my legos.

Though I have to admit. That Super Mario lego set looks pretty cool.

>> No.73411079

I am definitely not shipping all theses fiddly bits over to the UK, that'd cost a fucking fortune

>> No.73411206

no worries mate, but you know that shipping is pretty much always paid by the purchaser right? I'd have been up for that too

>> No.73411209

>melts meqs
>very annoying for teqs in conjunction with big battle cannon damage

what did anon mean by this, bros?

>> No.73411248

plague: 2(.5)(1/3)(1/3)(2/3)= .074 wounds, .07
primaris: 2(.5)(1/3)(1/3)= .11 wounds, .06 guy dead

plague: 2(2/3)(1/3)(1/3)(2/3)= .098 wounds, .1 guy dead
primaris: 2(2/3)(.5)(1/3)= .22 wounds, .1 guy dead

>heavy bolter
plague: 3(2/3)(.5)(.5)(2/3)= .33 wounds, .33 guy dead
primaris: 3(2/3)(2/3)(.5)= .66 wounds, .33 guy dead

>plasma gun (overcharged)
plague: 2(2/3)(2/3)(5/6)(2/3)= .494 wounds at D2, 1 dead
primaris: 2(2/3)(5/6)(5/6)= .926 wounds at D2, 1 dead

>melta gun
plague: (2/3)(2/3)(2/3)= .296 wounds at 4ish damage, 1 dead
primaris: (2/3)(5/6)= .56 wounds at 4ish damage, 1 dead

the math goes on like this. basically what you come down to is you will almost always have an easier time wounding the primaris marine, however he has twice the number of wounds so only when you have double the damage output against him or more is he easier to kill (aka not very often against D1 anti-infantry guns)
the numbers look the same all the way up but it's deceptive, the raw number of wounds is the percent chance that a shot goes through so while a melta gun utterly obliterates a plague marine when it does deal damage, it only has a raw 30% chance of doing so

>> No.73411260

If you have massive amounts of disposable income I can understand that, its not that much different from people buying expensive guitars, automotives or firearms if you have a ton of money at your disposal

Only other justifiable reason is its a veteran hobbiest embarking on a large army project in one go, otherwise its just a blind consoom impulse mentality

>> No.73411537

i heard that if you line them up in a circle on something you can spin, and then spin it, it looks like the marine is moving, like how animation used to be done. a series of stills

>> No.73411660

>All primaris
Citation required, 'cause I have the novel and there ain't shit about that in there.

>> No.73411699

The onus of proof is on the one making the original claim, son.

Also, read the novel - there is 2 examples of firstborn given.

>> No.73411721

Knights will cost over 500 points
So armigers are all you can bring

>> No.73411725

Depends, are you a Flesh Tearer or not?

>> No.73411970

How exactly are knights supposed to be balanced in combat patrols?
I don't think you can bring enough anti-armor to fight one without list tailoring.

>> No.73411984

You pick up the knight and slap its owner in the face. Then you remove wounds for each bit that breaks off.

>> No.73412022

Dont pick deathwatch
They are now the shittiest marines

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