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squat terminators

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I just want sniper rounds back on them.

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*blocks your path*

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Fuck T""""au and fuck T"""""au apologists
Hang them from trees

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Should SoBs get a LoW in the future?

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>We were just kidding about nerfing Tau overwatch.

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The LAST church.

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Iron within

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>Tau is still unfun to play against
>Tau is even more unfun to play
What good comes from this

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How does it look lads

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Are Hunters worth it? Or are they a big meme.
I'm playing BA and need some backline firepower, and it seems to fit the need well.

>> No.73397655

Imperium can all use Knights anyway.
Just slap some of the abundance of icons and birds you get in their kits onto the knight and you're good.

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Iron without.

>> No.73397659

>wake up the lion

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yes, a distant relative of the baneblade with a church on top, mainly working as transport and as force multiplier for acts of faith and melta and flamer weapons of surrounding sisters

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didn't they say that Tau's thing would be "they can overwatch 2 units for one cp" what happened to that?

>> No.73397668

Fuck off, this was a way more crippling nerf

>> No.73397675

*teleports behind you*

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You already posted it, it looks good.
Is there something you aren't happy about with it?

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>>Tau is still unfun to play against
units with fly can't shoot when they retreat

>> No.73397690

>inb4 jetpack keyword gives falling back and shooting

>> No.73397691

looks pretty bad (in a good way)

>> No.73397699

they literally deleted that sentence from the article an hour after posting it.

>> No.73397701

will be the keyword

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>Free overwatch doesn't help whatsoever against other gunlines, which are looking to be stronger
It makes them better than those gunlines; only Ultramarines have the ability to fall back and shoot and only Tau have the ability to overwatch for free.

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>Oh no I have to think about deployment and actually screen my units now waaaah

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It'd be funny if some idiot felt for it and decided to sell his entire Tau army in a rush.

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They still kept their second most unfun rule to play against, which is FTGG, and still have savior protocols. You're just going to see Tau players stop running aggressive units like crisis suits and castle back up like faggots

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it looks like metal left to rot in water for decades, good work

>> No.73397719

I remember reading that as well.

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Yeah but in a UM v Tau matchup who has the better gunline againstt the opposition gunline is his point

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*block your path*

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GW gaslighting

>> No.73397733

Broadsides don't have jetpack

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Oh no, you're just going to spam more fucking drones, such a fucking nerf.

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Exactly, to rebreak tau they'll give all battlesuits fall back as a free special rule

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How is he gonna feel about the primaris?

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>the post that saved /wip/

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>what are price hikes

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He'll give them taller helmets, with more wing ears.

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>mfw it happens
I want the tau fangay that writes these rules to die a miserable death.

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doesn't matter big tau will just push for larger sized games

>> No.73397790

They’ll be chaos only eventually

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It's a big nerf to crisis suits and commanders, but not to riptides. All this does is force tau back to riptide and drone spam which will be just as good as before.

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>When a random intern hastily writing up the community article based on half heard information has a better nose for balance/fun than the actual rules team

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>The Tau player pretends the FLY nerf has any effect on his free, unlimited overwatch that includes surrounding units.
>He has the audacity to think we forgot the multi-target charge nerf, which already made things worse
>He wants use to forget the new terrain rules that give a native 5+ to overwatch incase he didn't choose that sept trait
>He distracts us from the fact he doesn't need to worry about Heavy movement penalties
>He wants to imply he won't have enough drones to eat all the melee anyway
>Implying implications

You avoided having a huge overwatch nerf which all other armies got this edition, and now you'll never have to worry about negative modifiers in any meaningful manner.

You didn't get nerfed, you just have to rearrange your units.

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I feel as if the majority of this thread doesn't own enough anti-armor to counter knights.

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Yes and a Primarch level character.

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Haha, I can't wait to go back to Riptides and drones again! For the next two-three years. I couldn't even play with my FSE due to the lockdown.

>> No.73397852

They are completely useless currently. Every other form of marine anti tank outclasses them for the points, even against aircraft.

>> No.73397854

Everyone bitching about how Tau overwatch got buffed dont know what they're talking about. It's literally the same as before. Other people not getting free overwatch doesn't suddenly make Tau free overwatch higher value. Literally nothing has changed.

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They've really done FSE dirty. You have to take 3 detachments to get your 6 commanders who probably can't even shoot into combat. So you pay a shit load of CP for subpar units while your Tau sept friend just takes his riptides and wins.

>> No.73397868

>doesn't suddenly make Tau free overwatch higher value
>what is comparative value
Literal retardposting hours

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I wonder.

>> No.73397877

>laughes in flanking Multi-Melta Retributor spam

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baneblades are shit desu

>> No.73397891

This. I was so excited to play FSE when this lockdown ended, but it just got fucking suckerpunched while faggot castle with riptides basically got off scot free

>> No.73397893

where's the 2+ 5+++ shitposter?

>> No.73397895

Fuck Tau and their apologist cunt bags that are their players.

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Imagine you're stuck in a room with 4 other people, you all have a bowl of potao chips, all of you except for one guy have to give up the chips and if you want any you've got to put money into a vending machine to get them

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>So, what new units will the Kroot get?
they will get nothing but they deserve their own GSC-like independent release

>new kroot cannibals (options for tau weaponry or traditional kroot weaponry)
>new krootox (larger redesign, more like a greater knarloc)
>new kroot hounds
>lesser knarloc riders
>predator-like hunter hero equipped with the kroot's higher tech stuff
>shaman-like shaper hero, option for tau-inspired equipment
>winged tracker-tactician hero with kroot hawk familiars

>can work independently, be deployed heavily alongside tau or in a minor way in every other army as mercenaries

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I'm just happy my breachers can still cover for each other. Don't run riptides and only have three crisis so eh. Sucks for my stealthbois though.

>laughs in 13 seeker missiles

>> No.73397914

I don't mean just for aircraft, I mean generally. They have a native BS 3+, +1 against fliers, and reroll all failed hit rolls.
They're basically a huge, extremely durable, armoured lascannon, and I was wondering if it works well in that roll.
I don't have many points on the list to work with, are there cheap alternatives?

>> No.73397915

Who is the best in the western reaches?

>> No.73397920

Is that from 9th Ed or a PA book ?

>> No.73397926

>chaos just got a full chaos knight codex, burying any chance of chaos baneblades becoming viable
really now

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>> No.73397937

Cry more guardfag, you can live with one unit in your tier 1 army being not as good as the rest.

>> No.73397939

You seem like a reasonable person.
Did the terrain rules give a +1 to Overwatch hits or was it a a Nat (5+) speficifically?
Literally asking to enrich myself.

>> No.73397949

>he doesn't use nothing but mortal wounds

>> No.73397973

Nope, apart from smite spam and lucky rending claws I'm fucked

>> No.73397978

hold on, gringo

>> No.73397979

It's more significant than you think because Battlesuits aren't Vehicles, and thus can't shoot if engaged or ignore movement penalties.

Even moreso, attached Drone units can't block characters any more.

There was a chance that they could've run lists other than 3x Riptide and 60x Drones, but these changes kill it.

>> No.73397981

It's 5+.
If it's +1 to overwatch Tau would be shooting at native BS, and I don't think GW would have a spam filter strong enough to deal with the rage that would cause.

>> No.73397989

I don’t understand this picture. Can I get a quick rundown?

>> No.73397990

Please anon, I don't wanna paint any more obliterators.

>> No.73397991

>visible differences between space marines and chaos space marines

>> No.73397997

Will 9th fix summoning?

>> No.73397999

Hurray for walkers with unprotected pilots!

>> No.73398003

you mean celestine? or the demonifuge?

>> No.73398010

>Even moreso, attached Drone units can't block characters any more.
What do you mean?

>> No.73398014

You need more anti tank than a single lascannon shot each turn. I don't play bangles but my friend does and he doesn't take backfield shooting at all. His anti tank is all combat based. A smash cap, mephiston, lib dread, sang guard or just intercessors in impulsors with a thunder hammer on the sgt. From my experience playing against him melee anti tank is probably the way to go.

>> No.73398017

Probably not.

>> No.73398026

Really makes me want to do a Red Steal-esque diorama

>> No.73398027

Anyone used Necron Dry Compound over Leadbelcher?

Is it much brighter? I just want to gently "buff" the iron up to a silver with a makeup brush.

>> No.73398031

No. Unironically go play Age of Sigmar for actual well writen versions of this concept and not just limited to daemons too.

>> No.73398032

the western reaches are not spacious enough for everyone

>> No.73398034

Knights are fine

>> No.73398036

Attached Drones only come in groups of up to 2, and with the new targetting rules, you can just shoot the characters directly.

>> No.73398051

>itt: people forget that R&H exists

>> No.73398052

Outstanding. I would do some darker streaks down from the rusty areas. How did you do that rust?

>> No.73398054

Tau don't care.

>> No.73398058

His legion buttfucked the thunder warriors with the Custodes

Probably disappointed they didn’t do that again

>> No.73398059

Then people will just take drone squads which can be up to 12 strong.

>> No.73398062

They'll try to fix it by making it more complicated instead of more interesting

>> No.73398063

Amour saves should be effectively doubled 5+ -> 10+, and you should have to roll 2D6 for each save, which allows space for a distinction between a Dreadnought 3+ (6+) and an average marine 3+ (7+)

Prove me wrong fags, protip: you cant

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>> No.73398069

Post minis

>> No.73398076

I mean I have lots of melee with anti-tank potential (smash cap, sang units, death comp, lib dread), but it feels weird not to have something in the backfield, at least something to sit back there with the defending tact marines.

>> No.73398082

Can't batch roll 2d6 saves tardo

>> No.73398085

Today, I will remind you Vandire slept with all of the Founding Saints.

>> No.73398086


>unit takes 10 wounds
>either have to roll 2d6 ten times or have ten different coloured sets of dice

Idiot, leave that in 2nd edition

>> No.73398088

They can, and in fact, that's probably the only way they'll be run. But this takes up a Fast Attack slot, which costs them CP for running additional detachments, and they're Ld6, which the new Morale rules might punish hard.

>> No.73398089

>lets put heavy bolters on the same mechanical arms that are supposed to be constantly flail around for the flails to work
even more retarded than an exposed pilot

>> No.73398096

Rolling 2d6 for each save stops you from fast rolling saves for an entire units and lengthen considerably the game. You'll need d12s for your idea to be practical.

>> No.73398098

Knights should have been a WD supplement not a fucking codex.

>> No.73398101

I once saw Duncan loading twenty cases of beer into an SUV.
I said "Big party tonight?"
Duncan stared at me a bit surprised for a moment and appeared to swallow in fear before finally saying to me "Y-yeah. Big party t-tonight."
He then started loading the cases faster, slammed his door to get into the vehicle, and scrambled with the keys for a second before finally roaring out of the parking lot.

>> No.73398102

You can take 3 squads of them in a battalion and ethereals make them ld 9.

>> No.73398104

Yeah, nice idea. I just wounded your space marines 35 times. Please roll all of those 70 D6, 2 at a time

>> No.73398105

>LGS still not open
>every day it's either raining or far above the recommended priming temperature
This was supposed to be the summer wherein I finally finish an army...

>> No.73398111

He has a giga chad face

>> No.73398114

How exactly was overwatch nerfed?

>> No.73398118

They can already take 3 units of fast attack with a simple battalion.

>> No.73398119

I think you're better off spending the points elsewhere, a single lascannon shot a turn is unlikely to change the game. But if you like the model then ofc go ahead and do it. It's never a bad choice to buy a model you think is cool.

>> No.73398120

Buy brush on primer

>> No.73398121

is it true that in 9th you can't charge a flyer even if you have the fly keyword? I heard they mentioned in the streaming a couple days ago

>> No.73398124

Well that is like the only reason to have women in your army.
Battle Harems

>> No.73398125

>duncanposting is dead since he doesn't work for GW anymore

>> No.73398127

I just prime inside my house

>> No.73398135

Can only be done once per turn costs 1 cp to do

>> No.73398138

It is a stratagem and costs cp

>> No.73398140


>> No.73398143

>less reason to run FSE and more to go back to generic septs with overwatch
Just fucking end my life

>> No.73398146

my experiences with brush-on are either it going on too thick, or it refusing to cover certain spots

>> No.73398152

I never got the point of these machines, maybe I'm just a lorelet.
Why strap people into clearly well-armed/maintained walkers if the point is they should die, or are otherwise expendable.

>> No.73398158

Well we should have seen it coming, no way would he have been allowed to stay there after what happened.

>> No.73398160

It's charity in the case of the Mortifiers, they are exposed so they can die in battle, Anchorite have an adamantine armor because they are bigger sinners.

>> No.73398163

To make them suffer in the meantime

>> No.73398164

Absolutely. But this means no Pathfinders, and you're locked to 3 HQs max without a separate detachment, so to actually be able to effectively cover your Drones in the Ld aura you'll need a second detachment anyway.

All of which still means you're castled up as tightly as possible so you're not holding objectives, you're not able to maneuver around the new LoS blockers, and all it takes is 1 Impulsor to gut you.

>> No.73398168

>he doesnt own a phone with a dice roller app
The absolute state of poorfags, loling at your life to be honest lads

>> No.73398177

Apocalypse already uses d12
It’s basically a testing ground for future edition revisions

>> No.73398182

So, is that a no on the quick rundown?

>> No.73398184


>> No.73398186

>Need a phone app to make up for a shitty idea
Better yet drop the shitty idea

>> No.73398187

>Heresy.... Really? Ughh...

>> No.73398190

>he doesn’t own an amount of dice equal to the cost of a phone

>> No.73398196

The machines are expendable, the heretic in it is also expendable and its why they arent given any cover, a lucky shot or a grenade will stop it in its tracks. The point of a penitent engine is to make the penitent in it suffer as much as possible and throwing it at the enemy guns is part of that punishment, and why? Because the church can do it, thats why. Arco-Flaggelants are the same thing.

>> No.73398201

I am

>> No.73398204

I haven't painted anything new and I feel like I've been spamming too many old projects

>> No.73398205

>darker streaks
That sounds like a good idea, I'll give it a go. I just drilled some holes and clipped some pieces off the model, did the rust by building up 3 thick coats of typhus corrosion on top of my base coat, 3 heavy washes of agrax earthshade to make it more brown than gray, and dry brushed it with skrag brown. I bought some actual rust drybrush (ryzen rust) but it was too bright of an orange imo

>> No.73398212


>> No.73398214

Please show me a dice rolling app that can specifically roll 35 sets of 2D6 at the same time with at most 3 (three) inputs

>> No.73398216

Thank you. =)

>> No.73398230


>> No.73398233

Rolled 9, 7, 5, 6, 8, 3, 1, 8, 12, 6, 12, 9, 11, 9, 4, 7, 3, 1, 10, 5, 10, 3, 5, 9, 7 = 170 (25d12)

D12 is fine too, its better if we go digital anyway

>> No.73398234

>duncans been spreading the word that gw is too big now
>basically the company became a god
>he's gathering workers and ex workers to rebel against the God company GW


>> No.73398235

Only infantry takes the movement penalty.

>> No.73398250

>dice roller app
absolutely disgusting

>> No.73398255

He read the chaos knights codex and it started to make sense to him.

>> No.73398259

>His legion buttfucked the thunder warriors with the Custodes

>> No.73398265

Rhodes vs Rountree wrestling match when?

>> No.73398267

I mean saint Arabella coming back in M.42 (since she is the only one from the 6th original saints unconfirmed death).

>> No.73398269

Question to Tau players: Why abandon FSE, even if Crisis suits are less impressive now?
Aside from the fact the new terrain rules make Crisis airbursting more worthwhile, isn't the +1 to markerlights (effectively reroll 1s at all times) and reroll 1s to wound still going to make overwatch insane?
And the reroll 1s to both hit and wound seem extremely worthwhile for a riptide locked in combat.

>> No.73398271

Literally The only fun part of the game is literally rolling a shit ton of deuces, you literally took out the fun of the game

>> No.73398272

Isn't a d12 just a d6(2)?

>> No.73398280

I honestly think the chaos knight hype-video was the tipping point

>> No.73398286

oh wow a whole 1 point increase, how will you cope?

>> No.73398288

Are you certain? I've only seen vehicles and monsters ignoring the penalties.

Where was it declared?

>> No.73398289

D12 is not equivalent to 2D6
And even if it were, let's just have a different die for each role, no way that that would be tedious

>> No.73398291

2d6 can't produce a result of 1 and has slightly different probability curve I believe, also interacts with rerolls slightly differently

>> No.73398303

> literally can have every girl he want from the whole Imperium
> choose to have bunga bunga party with battle nuns from a feral world

>> No.73398308

I'm not abandoning them. I'm in tau for the legions of space shotguns, floaty motorcycles and chickens.

>> No.73398310

what happened?

>> No.73398311

2d6 go from 2 to 12 with an average of 7
they are a different thing from the d12

>> No.73398330

Tau players are made for bullying.
And they deserve every last bit of it

>> No.73398331

did he?

>> No.73398335

Calm your y-fronts nerds, just use an app with D12s if youre gonna start talking about autistic statistics

>> No.73398337

How can 1 die (simgular) can be the same as two dies (plural).

>> No.73398344

Im not sure how they are going to fix this but at this point the way this is implemented is stupid as fuck.

Say an Alpha Legion army has -1 to hit, then it has another -1 to hit due to cover, now you can move your heavy weapons and nullify one of those defenses. Now more than -1 to hit is absolute cancer but giving your opponent a buff due to how certain rules interact is stupid, you pop smoke on a vehicle and the enemy heavy weapons can move freely to another position and fire at it with only one penalty.

Now certain rules could be rewritten to become a set Ballist Skill instead of a modifier (like can only fire at Alpha Legion/Eldar/Raven Guard with a max of B4+) but so far its stupid as fuck.

>> No.73398345

so are elves

>> No.73398346

i had an ideq for a new faction basically weve got skin coloured people (human) and weve got red green purple people (chaos demons) and weve got blue people (tau) so we need yellow people so my idea is that the yellow people are the opposite of tau they only use melee and dont use guns and they have no mechs or flying things just big combine harvesters that run peiple over but 40k styled. what do u guys think? what would you add to their lore?

>> No.73398352

reroll 1s to wound?

>> No.73398354

No... Elves are made for other reasons

>> No.73398358

Well we don't know for sure, those court records aren't public yet.

>> No.73398366

Eh, makes more sense to just have a defense value that you have to roll against. A space marine with defense of 4 would mean you roll 5+ to beat it. A dreadnought can have a defense of 6, meaning only 1d6+1 weapons can do damage to it.
This would also make it easier to play with chess clocks since the attacker rolls against armour and it's more beginner friendly (higher armour value = better is more intuitive).
Sadly, this idea has been around since i started 40k and it's always been a better way of doing it.

>> No.73398369

Do you reckon any of the current necron stuff will be written out? Or will they just be vastly inferior to the new stuff so they can sell stuff

>> No.73398373

Yeah, my venom/malanthropes will be trash-tier with the new rules. Same with rangers from that one craftworld, stealth suits and various debuffs/buffs (The Horror as an example)

>> No.73398374

>spongebob on a combine harvester in 40k
I love it

>> No.73398383

what's the rumor?

>> No.73398387

dark angels and custodes were the ones to exterminate the thunder warriors once they were deemed "defective"

>> No.73398393

People don't run riptides in FSE. There are much better things to run in there (Crisis Suits, Commanders). Crisis Suits are FAR less impressive due to them gaining no bonuses from any of the new rules that have been previewed (shooting in combat, FLY is nerfed). Commanders are far harder to protect now due to how look out sir works. Rerolling 1s to hit in combat doesn't mean much when you're already hitting on 5s. Fielding your commanders means you have to spend command points on detachments while before you could do that but with 18CP.
Farsight lists get hit hard, while Riptide castles in custom/Tau sept see very little change.

>> No.73398396

>not orks
What the fuck

>> No.73398398

They're getting rid of anything with a green rod, so say goodbye to heavy destroyers and destroyer lords.

>> No.73398405

never thought I said this, that necron oozes s o y

>> No.73398412 [SPOILER] 

You mean for fa/tg/uy parties?

>> No.73398420

flayed ones are getting soft squatted imo. Those new garbage cans with claws have a similar visual profile (hunched over more than other necrons, big claws) and will likely fulfil a similar battlefield role. FO will probably go legends then have their models discontinued when they finally phase out all metal and finecast sculpts. Wouldn't be surprised if the silent king cured the flayer virus as well.

>> No.73398423

It looks worse than the current warrior kits.

>> No.73398424

Bought one of those Citadel Drills so I can finally "drill (my) barrels"

I've ruined like four spare bolters already. How do I not suck at this? I'll try to get it in the center, but the hole I'd always juuuuuuust off enough there's a tiny bit left on the side and it looks horrible (to me)

Or is this one of those "points for effort" things since it's hard to tell on the tabletop

>> No.73398442

Drill those dogs dawg

>> No.73398444

>so say goodbye to heavy destroyers and destroyer lords.

And say hello to THICCSTROYERS!

>> No.73398449

Slag 'em.

>> No.73398457

use your hobby knife to create a pilot hole, it gives the drill something to catch onto.

>> No.73398461

>nice, admech can have a Canticle to hit overwatch on 5+ army wide, that's kinda cool
>oh nvm you can only overwatch once per turn
>everyone hits overwatch on 5+ now as long as they're in cover
>oh and Tau can overwatch with all their units for free
The Omnissiah giveth, the Omnissiah taketh. It was a nice two weeks of being relevant

>> No.73398464


>> No.73398467

We've seen flayed ones in some leaked painting scheme image. Sadly it's still the dogshit finecast trash models, and those 2 big claw guys are just like the Apostles cultist helpers, not a real unit

>> No.73398477

The bucketmen are gonna be spare wounds for crypteks according to what GW has said about them. Like the dark apostles disciples.

>> No.73398479

Two methods

Super easy method is use a push pin to poke a small guide hole for the bit.

Slightly more involved method if you don't have a push pin is use a knige to make a + sign and drill in the center, then file a little to smooth it again.

Make sure you are using the right size drill bit

>> No.73398480

You have a warlord trait that allows your vehicles to fall back and shoot. That is insanely broken considering the change to the FLY keyword.

>> No.73398482

for what? wanting actual sci-fi in their sci-fi game?

>> No.73398487


I didn't want to be the screaming green retard crashing 3 planes into the opposition but I feel obligated to now.

>> No.73398496

What is the most likely cause of death for a tech priiest

>> No.73398503

>>everyone hits overwatch on 5+ now as long as they're in cover
Only if they're in that specific kind of cover

>> No.73398506

How do you build a cohesive Night lords army? Obviously you want lots of Raptors and Warp talons but what beyond that?
Or do I just play them as a standard CSM army with leadership debuffs?

>> No.73398520

Yes. They should have giant a church on treads that spits fire and shits melta.

>> No.73398523

Not much really, police have been keeping a lot on the down low in respect for the families.

>> No.73398530

Dying searching the archives of Mars, likely to old Men of Iron, heretech, haywire machine spirits, and whatever else horrible is down there

>> No.73398534

stop posting it’s Space Fantasy wtf

>> No.73398536

Trying to interface with a generator

>> No.73398538

>I can get on 6" bubble what every Ultramarine gets for free

>> No.73398557

Ignore the leadership stuff and take it as a bonus rather than something to build around. Just be themey with raptors/ tallons/ helldrakes/ jump lords.
Maybe we get a useful trait in the next edition.

>> No.73398566


I'd say its equal to Ironbreaker or Steel Legion Drab

>> No.73398567

But without -1 to hit.

>> No.73398573

First you shed a tear that soon literally every unit from terrified grot to guardsman can randomly auto pass morale by just rolling a 1 as if your legion trait wasn't underwhelming enough no matter how many modifers you stacked

Then you go and buy every unit with 'claws' such as Termis, helbrites, mutilators and that old jump pack lord model

>> No.73398578

d12 has a 1/12 of any given result.
2d6 has a normal-distributed curve where (7) is the most common result and only 1/36 chance of rolling a 2 or a 12.

>> No.73398582

>start reading talon of Horus
>chapter 2
Yo, this nigga sucks at pacing, he's basically Buckley in book form

>> No.73398584

>Abbadon's daemon sword, Drach'nyen, is literally the desire of the chaos gods to see the emperor dead and his empire destroyed given form

wtf I love chaos deep lore now

>> No.73398592


Not everyone has seen your old projects, anon

>> No.73398597

paint half the raptors as tiger claws and then use red corsairs rules

>> No.73398601

abbadon is a joke

>> No.73398604



>> No.73398606

>is literally the desire of the chaos gods to see the emperor dead and his empire destroyed given form
But anon, that means Chaos fears the Emprah

>> No.73398608

is the planet killer related to the blackstone fortesses?

both use a warp-powered gun with enough force to destroy planets
both blackstone fortresses and the planet killer were found, not made, the latter as a half-assembled wreck
as soon as abbadon seized the planet killer it started looking for the blackstone fortresses

is it possible that the armageddon gun was derived from scavenged tech from an incomplete blackstone fortress lost in the eye of terror? it would explain the similarities on top of why it's not possible to build more planet killers or how abbadon learned of the fortresses

or is there any lore I'm not aware of in novels or something detailing the nature of the planet killer?

>> No.73398618

he THICCstoryer looks like an actual beast though. 10/10 would welcome into my Dynasty.

>> No.73398619


>> No.73398626

it's not hard to find ruins

>> No.73398631

The desire of the chaos gods to see the emperor dead and his empire destroyed given form has a silly frowny face

>> No.73398635

I thought the fortresses were necron tech?

>> No.73398642

"My emotional cogitators return Disgust and I choose to experience it" the picture.

>> No.73398645

3 Keepers of secrets
and the FW KOS

i may have gone too far in a couple of places

>> No.73398648

Why don't you get an Age of Sigmar gf?

>> No.73398654

>You need 6 commanders to play FSE

>> No.73398656

That's not gigachad, that's one of the Bogdanoff (which are gigachads, but not The Gigachad).

>> No.73398661

>battle nuns from a feral world
imagine the snu-snu

>> No.73398662

its angry cause it hasnt happened yet

>> No.73398667


From iron cometh strength

>> No.73398668

>Night Lords

>> No.73398673

It's been confirmed old one tech.

>> No.73398698

>imagine the snu-snu

>> No.73398699

Planet Killer was a ship that was built in the Eye of Terror, thats the lore behind it and as for the gun the Imperium itself has plenty of warp tech and the bigger ones are strapped on Warlord titans, its not such a wild idea that heretek techpriests might build a warp based gun strong enough to destroy planets, the knowledge is already there however rare it may be.

Blackstone Fortresses are old, as in War In Heaven old, starships, they have no relation to Planet Killer.

>> No.73398700

>knowing my melee only slaanesh daemon army still auto-loses against tau in 9th

why am i even painting models, why even try

>> No.73398705

I don't have to I've seen her video, it sucked.

>> No.73398718

old ones, not necrons

necrons are soulless niggers, they have never been capable of making a warp-powered machine without stealing old one tech and integrating it in theirs

>> No.73398726

>new FSE rule states you can have six commanders
"wtf bro don't take six commanders"

>> No.73398728

> Ynnari and Ultramarine cultural exchange aboard the Macragge's Honour, M.42, discolored

>> No.73398731

Currently the only bright spot of 9th...

>> No.73398739

Think it made a smiley face when Cadia cracked?

>> No.73398745

they can't fall back and shoot with fly.

>> No.73398750

I can beat triptide reliably with nids that are like 80% melee, you'll be fine

>> No.73398757

When last did niggers integrate tech into their own? When last did they make tech of their own?

>> No.73398758

>like literally everything for marines in that box
>not buying the box because literally everything except the bikes would be easier to make on my own than try to shave off all the details

Sorta makes me want to play Blood Angels.

>> No.73398771

How do i stay motivated to paint?

i got lots of Catachans and Emperors Children to paint, but ive burnt myself out

>> No.73398773


Your opponent is braindead

>> No.73398776

It looks so shitty and I can't believe they didn't redesign it

>> No.73398783

Abaddon already used the Planet Killer as flagship during the 12th Black Crusade (Gothic War), so beofre he put his hand on 2 (3) Blackstone Fortress.

>> No.73398788

Is there any canonical 40k character named Biggus Dickus?

>> No.73398793

Just be the kind of person who enjoy painting.

>> No.73398799

Do you mean like african africans or people like george washington carver?

>> No.73398811 [DELETED] 

What is the least hated space marine chapter? Like if you asked 1000 40k fans, which chapter on average do you think would get the most "oh yeah they're cool" and the least hate?

Blood angels I think? Maybe space wolves?

>> No.73398814

Ahum, surely you'd give me an opportunity to see how much Saud video sucks. Just for criticism of course

>> No.73398821

i agree there is no way this could happen.

Daemons need a new book and a rework, summoning is not even used.

The only time ive ever used summoning was at a ITC tournament, just took a bunch of heralds and summoned based off what my opponent chose for points

>> No.73398824

well done chap

>> No.73398842

Sorry, don't remember her name anymore. It was like a 2 min camera phone videa and she moaned like a beached dolphine

>> No.73398846

What is the least hated space marine chapter? Like if you asked 1000 40k fans, which chapter on average do you think would get the most "oh yeah they're cool" and the least hate?

Blood angels I think?

>> No.73398863

Whoever the dude was referring to, likening the Necrons to Niggers and in the same sentence saying the selfsame people invented stuff.

>> No.73398866

rules + lore hate
gay xD
>dark angels
>furys xD
space wolves
iron hands

I'd bet salamanders for first founding loyalists

>> No.73398869

Legion of the Damned

>> No.73398874

The fuck even is this entire

>> No.73398885

Raven Guard since you need to be relevant to be hated

>> No.73398889

a toss up between space wolves and ultramarines.

>> No.73398891

sorry I am drunk and messed up the formating

>> No.73398896

yeah, blood angels

>> No.73398898

Salamanders, there's nothing to dislike about them apart from their skin colour

>> No.73398909


Blood Angels. They're few people's absolute favorites, but in many people's top 3, and few people hate it. They're the apple pie of space marines, honestly.

>> No.73398910

least, not most

>> No.73398912

raven guard and iron hands tie for most forgotten chapters

>> No.73398922

Gain sobriety.

>> No.73398926

and their colour scheme and their aesthetic gimmick which doesn't sit well in the wider imperium

>> No.73398931

even though there's vocal hatred for both, they still seem to attract a lot of players, the latter is basically newfag: the chapter. Also there are a lot of people who will say they hate them but secretly love them.

>> No.73398933

no u. i havn't even cried yet

>> No.73398935

I've been running at least 1 burnabomma when facing tau since we got the flying 'eadbutt stratagem in Marchish? Taking out 1/3 or more of their drone blob with a bomb then kamikazee in the first movement phase before you've done anything else helps so much with having a good first turn.

>> No.73398941

it's the colour scheme, isn't it?
pure black is a bad colour for marines, even the templars struggle with it

>> No.73398950

sci-fi would be better though

>> No.73398958

>slightly different
not really.
>pic related
look at all those 7s

>> No.73398959

>even though there's vocal hatred for both
then they're not the least hated
least hated doesn't mean more popular

>> No.73398961

You forgot Imperial Fists

>> No.73398991

the imperial fists are not nearly forgettable, just bland and boring

>> No.73398998

This is why nobody likes Tau players.

>> No.73399002

Which is the most painful to be shot by?

>> No.73399008

no, it wouldn't

>> No.73399011

for you

>> No.73399017

Grav gun or flamer, the other two would probably kill you instantly

>> No.73399030

Can someone explain to a newbie what exactly it means when an army is "battle-forged"? I must have missed an article because it's not explained what the significance is.

>> No.73399042


>> No.73399044

Read the core rules

>> No.73399050

>he didn't know

>> No.73399060

it means following the restrictions and requirements of a detachment when choosing units

>> No.73399061

On the community site, just like everything else.

>> No.73399081

I'd be down to make a mono kroot army.

>> No.73399097

Your army follow a Detachment pattern (like 1 HQ 2 Troops 1 Elite)

>> No.73399131

I didn't know Anon, please forgive me!

>> No.73399152

So, my friend has finally got me into the game with this new 9th edition. Where should I read up on playstyles and such on the various factions? This will be my first tabletop game, what am in in for /40kg/?

>> No.73399166

Just finished this.

>> No.73399169

Utter destruction of your spare time and/or spare money.

>> No.73399173

What is he doing with the legion of fallen he is gathering?

>> No.73399198

Circle jerk

>> No.73399231

I'm fine with this, the models look pretty fucking sweet.

>> No.73399242

Play whatever you want. Wait until the core rules drop and the official app comes out to build your army. Or just get battlescribe.

>> No.73399245

>Gulliman has an Eldar fuck buddy.
>Stern has a Harlequin boytoy.

Why are Eldar so desperate for the human dick/puss?

>> No.73399274

I mean craftworlders aren't getting it from other crafterworlders.

>> No.73399286

Carry on, then. Buy a starter set, paint the models, get used to the rules in a few small games with your friends, and find an army and units that fit your playstyle.

>> No.73399299

Common characteristic of white women

>> No.73399303

>Dude, lets like, put frowny yelling faces in his daemon sword.
>Dude, you're a GENIUS!

>> No.73399333

>>73398444 (checked)
Now it just needs boobs...

>> No.73399335

>suits can no longer fall back and shoot
Hahahaha this edition keeps getting better

>> No.73399340

They just use the libidinous Mon-Keigh to achieve their own goals.

>> No.73399384

>all the people responding to this as 2d6 not d6(2)

>> No.73399394

the past few weeks I've noticed a lot of RLM images and the strangest thing is that every single time it's on a retarded, utterly braindead post.

can't tell if it's just one really dumb guy that migrated over or just all RLM fanboys are awful

>> No.73399396

Your text says Guardsmen are gay for eldar.
Not the other way around.

>> No.73399412

There are just so many that look cool, which is why I wanna read up on their differences. I like SoB, Tyranids, Slaanesh and Nurgle Daemons, Craftworlds and Drukhari.

>> No.73399422

Tau only get shooting
Stop hating on our Overwatch.

>> No.73399425

>speed based craftworld
>painted red
What did the eldar mean by this?

>> No.73399438

The only units I want from Indomnitus are


>> No.73399450

wait, is this saying that male eldar too tease human males because they have xenophilic homolust for eldar?

>> No.73399453


Go with sisters. Nids are expensive as fuck to collect, Daemons of any variety are better as addons to other armies and Eldar have half their range as ancient monopose resin models.

>> No.73399455

...are you a woman? You literally just listed every single army I've known a female player to be into, almost in the exact order.

>> No.73399465

>Take sold lot to UPS
>Have models out to put in box at store
>Ask if I can have insurance
>Sure anon, what would you classify these as and for how much?
>Game miniatures and $700

Wow great story anon tell it again

>> No.73399469

Based and meltapilled.

>> No.73399471

>nids are expensive
>suggests sisters instead
Lmfao what, nids are way cheaper

>> No.73399472

and the amount of their shooting is already increased to compensate the lack of melee
no need to shoot twice

>> No.73399476

Makes sense. Eldar are faggots.

>> No.73399477

long range meltas too
hopefully 9th includes other improvements to make them worth choosing over hellblasters

>> No.73399485

Must be a craftworld only thing

>> No.73399490

40k is now for transpeople, straightboys get out

>> No.73399491

you'll stop getting the hate when you stop deserving it.

>> No.73399492

>fastest tank in the imperium
>painted red
what did the blood angels mean by this?

>> No.73399496

It's fine they hit on fucking 6s lmao

>> No.73399498


Don't paint lots of 'batches'.

Generally speaking, painting batches is the quickest way of doing it, but it is mentally draining about gets boring really quickly. Pick 3 or so models and paint them, then move onto the next 3 or so models. That way, you do different things in painting instead of base painting the same 30 models.

>> No.73399502

I'm not super worried about price, but fair enough. Are Sisters more elite or something to make up for the price of each box being so much?

>> No.73399508

>Nids expensive. Buy sisters
Imeperium fag spews imperium bullshit

>> No.73399511


>> No.73399525

>speed based hive fleet
>painted red
What did the tyranids mean by this?

>> No.73399526

Based. Go with Tyranids. Also spoiler tags use square brackets.

>> No.73399528

Our shooting is worse than Marines.

>> No.73399543

except when in ruins

>> No.73399550

Don't listen to him anon, Tyranids are awesome. They're one of the most versatile armies in terms of playstyle.

If you plan on building/painting then seriously pick based on what you like the look of. You're going to spend as much time painting as you will playing, might as well enjoy what you're creating.

>> No.73399559

Something's really off about this model
like those don't look like GW parts

>> No.73399565

>accidentally drawing on the powers of Gork and Mork to make them go faster

>> No.73399568

> Eldar
> Male

>> No.73399571

>They're one of the most versatile armies in terms of playstyle.
when was the last time any tyranid playstyle beyond shooty nidzillas and flying tyrants was viable?

>> No.73399579

Tyranids and Drukhari are the two coolest options on that list for sure, but Drukhari can be tough for a new player to handle in terms of strategy

>> No.73399586

>implying you wouldn't

>> No.73399591

I dont think the new girl is jumping straight into tournament play against hyper optimized WAACfags, anon. Tyranid lists of all kinds are very viable for casual games.

>> No.73399593


Tyranids are the worst performing army in the game and the head of the rules department has a personal vendetta against them. I'm just trying to spare him my pain.

>> No.73399596

>9th touting how it's going to move towards making more lists and playstyles viable
>+/-1 max mod makes cawl's moving castle really the only heavily viable admech list

>> No.73399598

Yeah, I fucked up those brackets, thanks anon.
Fair enough. If I had to say which I like the most it would be the Xeno armies, so probably will choose one of those. They all look so awesome, might just grab an infantry box of each and see what I like painting more.
Is nidzilla just lots of the big bugs?
Why do you say that? What is hard about them?

>> No.73399602

Tarpit spam hordes, hive guard shooty list, nidzilla, super psykers, any combination between

>> No.73399620

Death by fire is to be said the most painful way to die,so theres your answer buddy

>> No.73399628

Plasma and Melta are probably instant.
Flamer and Grav probably last a while.

>> No.73399629

>Tyranids are the worst performing army in the game
They're not that bad by any stretch.

>the head of the rules department has a personal vendetta against them
FORMER head of the rules department. 9th edition is a whole new day.

>> No.73399635

Might be worth it to grab a few infantry boxes and play kill team to start. That way you'll get to experience multiple armies before fully diving into one.

>> No.73399643


>> No.73399650

>Is nidzilla just lots of the big bugs

>Why do you say that? What is hard about them?
Drukhari hit hard but are typically made of tissue paper and delicate glass. You have to maximize your destruction of the enemy before they shoot back in order to play them well.

>> No.73399653

It's literally the same as before

>> No.73399659

Ah the box.

>> No.73399664

>Kill Team
That's the skirmish game, right? What is it like?
Ah, gotcha. I could probably get used to that, I've always liked glass cannons in vidya.

>> No.73399669


>> No.73399672

now comes the burning question
is it more painful to be consumed by flames from the outside or from the inside?

>> No.73399682

Probably a little less painful than being doused in flaming liquid napalm and burning from the outside in.

>> No.73399700

Being on fire is the most pain the human body can possibly feel
next is childbirth

>> No.73399716

I feel like volkite would kill you faster and more effectively. You'd probably suffer the same agony, but for less length of time.

>> No.73399722

I've seen plenty of hate for them and Raptors after the Vanguard marines were announced

>> No.73399724

People have said transports are bad all of 8th but I think they're stupid

>> No.73399726

I will personally call GW to patch me through Rountree and tell him that ill cherish the day where Cruddace dies

>> No.73399732

3-20 models.

Move small models individually as opposed to groups of small models or big models.

Cheaper to get into, would give you the chance to try multiple armies. Similar feel to 40k to test the waters before fully diving in.

>> No.73399736

If the Deathwatch count, them. If not I have no idea.

>> No.73399749

It's weird. I like Eldar as pretty elves but on the other hand I think I like them more as weird looking ayy lmaos.

>> No.73399756

assuming you are not counting the basic profiles as enough already
then the new edition gives less penalties to shooting, blasts do more shots, vehicles can shoot in combat, you can flee from tripointing via stratagem to allow the unit to be shot at and you can increase overwatch by using the most common type of terrain

non-infantry will shoot in combat

>> No.73399761

A striking similarity. Well done.

>> No.73399764

200 gants and the spore mine warlord

>> No.73399765

The thing with volkites is that youll die slow enough that you still feel heavy pain from your nerves but fast enough to not feel it in a prolonged way

>>73399672 >>73399716 what he said

>> No.73399769


We don't know GW's corporate structure. The new guy might report to Cruddace. Regardless Cruddace is still alive and for that my people can never know peace.

>> No.73399770

Probably just out of pure tech, they are designed to be advanced weapons of death not pain so they are probably designed to maximize the rate at which they burn the body. Meanwhile being on fire isn't as efficient.

>> No.73399777

>> No.73399779

If Admech count, Admech.

If picking an army in power armor, Blood Angels. Only space marine army i'd consider playing.

Also Space Wolves honorable mention cause they have slightly different models and aren't just a different color paint with different rules

>> No.73399782

I will send him a notarized letter from the bank.

Hell I will personally buy one of every plastic Tyranid kit the day that happens.

The day they get a Codex written by someone who loves nids like Andy Chambers did, that never had Cruddace within 100ft of it like that book had a restraining order on that abusive fuck through its whole development, I will buy the fucking super special extreme limited paypig collectors edition and all the stupid dice and stratagem cards and shit that come with it the minute they go up for preorder no questions asked.

>> No.73399785


>> No.73399797

Are Abaddon and Guilliman good on the tabletop?

>> No.73399805


not firewarrior spam with enough shield drones to get the job done. i mean seriously why would you forsake 60 rifles on overwatch? (plus all the brrrt from the riptides)

>> No.73399813

If we go by descriptions given volkite is more like instantly combusting, you will probably feel a bit of pain and then nothing so probably no different than plasma or melta which might be a bit quicker.

>> No.73399815

>The new guy might report to Cruddace.
No he reports to Pete Foley. We already know that.

Worst case scenario is Cruddace is still on the team but demoted. If we're lucky, he doesnt even work on 40k anymore, or he was let go completely.

>> No.73399826

>tfw no catachan gf

>> No.73399835

Hmm, sounds interesting. I'll ask my friend if he plays it. Should I check out the general for it?

>> No.73399837

I take it back. Tau are based.

>> No.73399838

Speaking of...

How do Admech and Blood Angels play together? Think it'd be a good shooty/melee mix and its the only marine chapter I like

>> No.73399853

we were supposed to get one..but never happened

>> No.73399855

definitely should, they'll (hopefully) be a ton of help.

>> No.73399863

>non-infantry will shoot in combat
Only Vehicles and Monsters. Anything smaller than a ghostkeel can get bent.

>> No.73399865

I don't remember if it was actually canon, but in any case I headcanon elves and eldar to have minor shapeshifting abilities like changing eye and hair colour with mood or having their features get more aquiline or more plain depending on the state, expressions and tone they're using

>> No.73399874

>Only 3 axes/swords in the blightlord box

>> No.73399888

That's a man, baby.

>> No.73399889

trips means Tyranids will be best army for 9th

>> No.73399892

I thought about that as well,problem is i have all the models i need for my army,if they really bring out a special edition odfsomething else,wells thats another game of poker then

>> No.73399897


>> No.73399907

you are a tyranid ruining bastard

>> No.73399911

tau will be the best for 9th

>> No.73399912

Thanks for the help anon, appreciate it. Hopefully they don't sperg out too much.

>> No.73399917


>> No.73399918



>> No.73399921

Instant vaporization you wouldn't even feel it.
You're entire body gives into more g's than it was intended, so all your bones breaking and organs rupturing is gonna fucking hurt.
You are on fire.

>> No.73399928

enjoy my first guard army that it was made for. no longer have it.

i did get alot of hate from a tournament held at a college. people went into the room called me a natzi.

i even used that displayboard at a Grand Touranment early 2000s. no one noticed the trench design. (was for that guard army)

now i wish i still had that army.

>> No.73399931

I would slit your throat if I could

>> No.73399932

Post digits means my dudes > your dudes

>> No.73399942

The one who gets 99999 will decide the fate of baneblades in 9th.

>> No.73399947

>999 and 18 (1+8=9)
We might have something here

>> No.73399962

Ultramarines or bust

>> No.73399971

No one gives a single fuck about baneblades. This is the roll to see if Tyranids will be restored to glory days and Cruddace gets what he fucking deserves.

>> No.73399975

you must learn to enjoy homogeneous heterogeneity if you don't want to choke on your autism

>> No.73399976


>> No.73399981

They might get legs.

>> No.73399982

If only GW made feminine women...

>> No.73399991

Rolling. Tyranids 9e Codex will be the most soulful in 20 years.

>> No.73399993

>> No.73399994

quints means Tyranids will be best army in 9th

>> No.73399995

Nidz Nidz Nidz Nidz

>> No.73399997

More specifically, Cruddace's legs.

>> No.73399999


>> No.73400003

I remember something similar where the mental state of an Eldar can change his or her physical appearance to a considerable degree.
At any rate, Dark Eldar actually wither pretty fast physically when they run out of soul essence. To the point where they're actually starting to look like walking corpses. I think it was in one of the Chambers novels but I'm not sure.

>> No.73400004

fuck nids

>> No.73400005

People severely underestimate just how painful burns are. I consider myself a pretty tough guy (in the autistic "I can think pain away" way, not the buff way), but touching a stove by accident is something that I can hardly bear. I can't imagine what actually being on fire would be like.

>> No.73400012


>> No.73400014


>> No.73400018


>> No.73400019

Who is that?

>> No.73400023

please leave anon

>> No.73400027

...so they will be as good as termintors? have a 2+/5++? become usable only for marines?...so cryptic!

>> No.73400028

Based fuck bugs. This is a fucking marine game, get used to it

>> No.73400036

Working on my ultramarines chaplain

>> No.73400052


>> No.73400064

Honestly I'd be perfectly fine with being second best after Marines. But I'll be pissed if pansy faggot Eldar or Tau or shitty Chaos Daemons are better than Nids again this edition.

>> No.73400068

Tyranids buried in 9th.

>> No.73400079

Digits confirm, terminators will be great again in 9th.

>> No.73400096

>still no overlord flyer

What will it be? A Primaris Thunderhawk? Probably going to be resin?

>> No.73400097

I take it that you don't like boobs or our lord and savior Rich Evans. Just accept him in to your heart and receive his blessings.

>> No.73400103

Hold on, this used to be on a model-by-model basis before, right?
Now it seems that if anyone in the unit moves, the heavy weapon will suffer a penalty, even if the model carrying the heavy weapon didn't move.

>> No.73400106

So... new Space Hulk with Primaris Terminators and new Genestealer sculpts. I'll take it.

>> No.73400120

>next is childbirth
Nice bait.

The second most painful thing are crushing injuries.

Because burns have the nerves burnt, and the messages get sent back to the brain en-masse of all the damage.

Crushing pains are the same, but imagine your hand has been flattened in some factory hydraulic, and it's all ruined. Every bone is broken, tendons torn, muscles torn, some nerves even snapped, but some of those nerves are STILL INTACT.


Personal experience, don't trap your fingers in a door hinge, kids.

>> No.73400136

>overlord flyer
If you don't want a ccb you can just put an overlord's head onto the doomscythe pilot.

>> No.73400152

>The second most painful thing are crushing injuries.
Which is funny enough what grav will do to you.

>> No.73400153

Admeh+blood angels=?

Is this a good idea anon?

>> No.73400160

Retard or trolling?

>> No.73400167


Excellent work anon. I look forward to seeing the text on the long chest scrolls.

>> No.73400177

Women ask to go through childbirth again

>> No.73400184

You're on /tg/, so both.

>> No.73400191

Don't worry you'll get your box after you get that plastic thunderhawk.

>> No.73400197

make a blood angels successor chapter with strong ties to mars and cawl

>> No.73400229

Not happy with the paint at all, oh well.

>> No.73400230

>next is childbirth
childbirth is only painful when the child ends up in the wrong colour

>> No.73400274

You know what, I see a few spillovers on your model and the metal bits with the blue bits looks kinda haphazard, but it looks amazing nontheless. Great job!

>> No.73400393

if you're happy with the paintjob, you probably fucked it up

>> No.73400414

its my fist chaos model since last year, and its hard to paint while fully built.


>> No.73400418

Having kid, will I not be able to play 40k much after this?

>> No.73400429


>> No.73400449

So has a daemon prince ever done something impressive in Lore or black library? cause they mainly seem to Job.

Pandorax? DP dies like a btch to grey knights.
Valdorius? Pathetic

Any impressive daemon princes

>> No.73400455

incredibly apt comparison actually

>> No.73400463

>The phenomenon of butchering priceless pieces of art is still going on in Spain
What a weird country.

>> No.73400466

>Any impressive daemon princes
no, they're ugly and bad and all over the place but nowhere in particular

fuck daemon princes

>> No.73400486

Lorewise, not well.
IIRC whenever a Baal predator gets deployed the Admech are usually watching it like a predator watches its prey, hoping for a chance to make off with it and its precious engine. Because the Admech think the BA hold out on them and the BA think the Admech is interfering in their secrets, they don't trust each other. It's surprising that they have Techmarines at all, but I suppose the BA have to have good relations with at least one forgeworld.

>> No.73400511

New thread Time!


>> No.73400518

Marbas of the Fallen invaded the Rock and freed Luther

>> No.73400531


>> No.73400546

>page 7

>> No.73400560

That's not bad. feat, I guess.

>> No.73400662

I wanna make minotaurs. Do the forge world shoulder pads fit alright on primaris at all?

>> No.73400732


That's all?

>> No.73400752


well I only have 1k points

>> No.73400768

Playing no
Painting in spare time yes

Gone will be the days of dedicating three hours to sitting at a table rolling dice. You hobby now, you don't play.

>> No.73400772


>counts towards total points cost
>doesn't count towards formations
>can;t deepstrike then summon


>> No.73400805

I tried to find primaris with the shoulder pads you were talking about and couldn't find anything, I assume they would fit though.

>> No.73400847


just built my crawler today, gonna paint it over the weekend

>> No.73400908


>> No.73400972


It's to do with matched play. All your dudes have to be from the same army and form a detachment (battalion, spearhead, etc.)

>> No.73401100

well i'm not going to wait 6 months till gw puts this out in a 3 bike for $50 box. and sure as fuck am not paying $200 for 3 goddamn bikes in the starter box.

>> No.73401114

I like the face

>> No.73401166

No, that'll be 10th right after the big Legion of the Damned update. 10th will let all IMPERIUM characters summon Damned Legionaries, while CHAOS characters can summon demon troops only, and Aeldari can summon either flavor of Avatar but they have to pay points.
No other army gets summoning.

>> No.73401207

What's the coolest mission/scenario you've ever played? Old edition missions are fine, the more obscure the better!

>> No.73401301

Not really a mission/ scenario. But at my LGS there is a writefag who always write a backstory for why every faction is there and why they are fighting whenever they host a turney or campaign. He then dynaimically writes the story depending on who wins or loses.

>> No.73402469

Being homosexual in a manly way, just to spite the Dark Angels for being faggots.

They're the Chads to the DA's Virgins.

>> No.73402670

>tau changes literally only benefit spamming the gayest battlesuits
>heavily punishes using stealth and crisis suits
man fuck this gay earth

>> No.73402828

Jesus Christ my sides exploded into orbit

>> No.73403631


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