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sizzlin' edition

>nu-newcrons explained (with hints towards their playstyle, enjoy your deny 1 power per turn)

>War of the Spider PDF:

>Warhammer Tip of the Day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6EXnfxdjRU [Embed]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>Book Megas (Don't share):

>ded thred

give me your best this guy encounter

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Looks like tau bullying is back on the menu

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why aren't you practising your painting right now, anon?

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I WAS looking forward to 9th, but with that tau info I guess I'm going back to playing Infinity

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>give me your best this guy encounter
Frequent at my store is a cool dude. Lotta cash to spend, plays for fun. Would run a 100% Kroot army if he could.

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Can we EVER stop winning, fellow Tauchads?

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should I buy some Space Wolf to convert into shamanistic space marines? Would obviously not run them as space wolf successors as I am not a furry
I am painting right no tho

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Post models boyos

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>use chart
>start practicing
>now unable to stop

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Yeh I'm gonna bully them with my 90 Ork Boy and Mek Guns cancer list

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Gas the Tau, Race War Now

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My armies are already painted and I don't impulse buy like a retard.

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Tau player in 4th or 5th edition tried to convince me that since his seeker missiles have unilimted range, he should be able to hit the rear armour of my vehicles when shooting them.

>Also that one time I went to a tourney and played against 2 lash princes, obliterator spam and berzerkers.
I have since realized I don't enjoy tourney-style play at all.

But any kind of spam is boring.

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>army gets overwatch nerfed to uselessness to help meleefags
>well at least my orks will do better against the large amount of tau in the meta
>tau haven't been touched by the nerf while every other army gets fucked

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Does that no no no shitpost format actually rile anybody up? It just makes me automatically check out of caring.

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You need to be able to play against someone to win.

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Right? It's funny cause even most Tau players (such as I) arn't in favor of the new overwatch rules. I was honestly hoping for JSJ or SOMETHING else to make Tau more unique and on flavor.

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I'm busy shitposting here.

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It's some /v/eddit faggotry

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I got a few people from my Rugby club into Warhammer. 2 of them chose Tau and the other one would have if they hadn't. Jocks just love Tau.

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>people think the new morale is anti horde
you can get a low ld unit utterly crushed and have all of 1 model flee since it's 1/6 chances for survivors to flee you won't have a lot of others flee.
Nightlords get laughed at

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It's just a meme for 'here's something that's not good', don't overthink it

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jeez I knew rugby players leaned towards the homoerotic but that's a bit much

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>have broken rules
>Haha I am such a great player
Is this what autism looks like?

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Can't win if nobody will play with you.

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>T'au get a stratagem for free for their army rules
This is so busted lmao GW what the fuck is you thinking hahahaha

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what is this, a best unit in the game that will never be nerfed for ants? you bring shame to the greater good

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>inexorable advance

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None of my boyfriends have ever liked Warhammer.

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true npc factions will rage at this truth

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Have you not looked at Marine rules in the last 9 months?

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>forget progress and understanding
uh not any more sorry sweeties progress is what we do now

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but there is also the chance you could roll horribly and have 2/3 of your remaining models flee

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There comes Fenris' twin
His jaws are open wide
The serpent rises from the waves
Jormundgandr twists and turns
Mighty in his wrath
The eyes are full of primal hate

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Assault Marines get to deepstrike for free while other armies have to use stratagems to do it. Is it time to nerf manlets?

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It's "template posting" popularized on other more cancerous boards and brought here by shitposters

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Still less casualties then you’d have gotten in 8th lol

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I really hope GW doesn't get memed into actually making the Noise Marine kit this cringe when they get their Codex.

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every army has at least one unit that can deep strike or scout

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>Tau literally get no negatives from what we know so far in 9th edition
>Limitations on hit modifiers prevents enemies with minuses to hit being viable against Tau
>Get UNLIMITED FREE overwatch WITH 6" FTGG shooting included, while everyone else gets a 1CP strat can only be used once per turn
>Suits being monsters can SHOOT IN MELEE
>None of the current cheese will be adressed
>Drones won't be balanced/nerfed, so melee units get double fucked anyway

Tau have won 9th. Congrats to the greytides, to the commander/crisis FSE spammers.

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That means I win by default.

>To be a man
Put a trigger warning on your sexist content next time.

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Id be fine if you can build the noise marines as rock stars but theres also options to build them as normal

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Well at least you tried to read it. You've done better than most.

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Yeah I was thinking about something like Gretchin, where their pitiful LD of 4 could easily mean more models fleeing than are actually killed by the enemy. If a unit of 30 lost ten Gretch in one turn and you rolled a 4, ten more would run. With the new rules, after the first obligatory fleeing Gretch, you'd probably only lose three or four more. It'll seriously leave me questioning the value of Runtherds for one thing.

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Oh no, so nothing changes. wow just wow! How will I endure playing this match up just like I did before?

>> No.73391281

What are the reasons, Anon?

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>Drones won't be balanced/nerfed, so melee units get double fucked anyway
We still don’t know this, as drones are the biggest balancing issue with Tau.

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pretty insulting desu, wont go down well.

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>Tau literally get no negatives from what we know so far in 9th edition
Terrain blocking LoS fucks with them massively.

>> No.73391294

her inspirational faith and determination

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>he thinks inexorable advance is on par with the new overwatch mechanic
Don't post about the rules if you don't play

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>If a someone rejects me when I ask them out, I win by default.

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Looks like every army is getting a free stratagem, like Admech and SMs got one too in their 9e ruleset. Wonder what other factions will get.
Though I am not too crazy about giving out 0CP abilities like candy.

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>Manlets are fun to convert/kitbash
>Manlets are fun to paint

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More like Cucked Rose lmao

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>Threat of overwhelming violence
>Government indoctrination

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God this art sucks. If you are going to post coomer shit at least post the good shit.

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>also protects drones
>what are smart missiles/airbursting frag launchers

>> No.73391327

>Two reasons
>When with Slaanesh you can get up to 6

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Does anyone have the meme about a tech priest commenting on the size of your cyber-d0ng? For research purposes ...

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based gkbro

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8th's morale rules make it very possible to have instances where a unit has suffered so many losses that ALL survivors will flee even if you roll a 1. And it's in the nature of hordes to only take heavy casualties instead of just being chipped away at. Overall the new rule is a horde buff. 'But you could roll astronomically garbage' applies to anything.

>> No.73391339

>Crisis Suits can fire in melee now
Considering all the other things that are able to in 9th this one makes sense to me at least. Might make Flamers on them something to consider.

Free unlimited overwatch seems a bit silly though, although if it's nothing we haven't seen before then we already know how it goes.

>> No.73391346

>like Admech and SMs got one too in their 9e ruleset.
What free strat did Admech get? the don't roll to see who died if a transport dies?
You're telling me that unlimited free overwatch with surrounding units also firing is equivalent to skipping causality rolls from a transport?

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>extremely low quality post
>trolling outside of /b/

>> No.73391354

For all you know they're also getting their point costs jacked up by 50% across the board to compensate. It's daft to judge and make predictions by rules alone without knowing how they're valued.

>> No.73391363

Sure thing, furfag.

You don't need more than two.

>> No.73391367

Slowly getting there.
I hate it
Still contemplating potentially ruining it further with weathering.

>> No.73391369

>'But you could roll astronomically garbage' applies to anything.

My weirdboy has peril'd in every game I have ever played the model. I have to take rolling astronomically garbage into consideration.

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Reposting the info bits from the Gav minwar gaming interview for the guys that missed the link :

>Gav Thorpe was always a narrative comes first guy. He sees the games as a vehicle to tell stories and explore the setting.

>Among Gav Thorpe's old concept writings was a 40K lizard-like race called the Sashell (correct spelling?). The basic ideas from that race became the T'au such as the 5 elemental caste system. The Sashell were basically Lizardmen in SPACE with a dash of ripped off Aeldari aspect warrior concepts.

>The first book that Gav worked on in terms of design was the original Sister of Battle codex. He wrote the lore of the Age of Apostasy, Vandire Goge, and daughters of the Emperor based on quotes and lines that were handed to him by Rick Priestley. For example, he had to invent the lore and the scene that led up to Vandire's final quote.

>We don't know really what happened to Alicia Dominica in the Emperor's throne room or what she saw, but according to Gav's headcanon seeing the suffering of the Emperor made her realise how corrupt and decadent the Imperial Church had become. Opening her eyes to the fact that she wasn't serving the Emperor but a villain.

>The Lost Primarchs/legions mystery will never be revealed because ultimately GW never thought of answers to it and never will. The mystery according to Gav is more interesting than any answer they can come up with. GW over the years, like in the HH series, had written in hints and conjecture but they lead to nothing since there is no answer. The idea of the Lost Legions was invented by Rick-P as a reference to the Lost Roman Legions.

>The desire to fill the gaps in the setting and be precise is understandable but too much of it can rob the writers, the players, designers, etc of the ability to create their own stuff. The purpose of the setting is to set up things and get them in motion. It's up for the players and writers to take off where the existing material ends and be creative.

>> No.73391372

The first is Promethium.
The second is also Promethium.

>> No.73391379

2 mw rubrics when.

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>> No.73391390

I am pointing out that it seems to be a trend that everyone will have a 0CP stratagem added to them, not just Tau, no need to jump beyond what I said like a lemming off a cliff. That's a different topic all together and not one I discussed.

>> No.73391393

God fucking dammit

>> No.73391394

GSC and GK

>> No.73391396

>crisis suits can fire in melee
They aren’t Monsters/Vehicles, anon

>> No.73391400

what are you talking about, vehicle costs are going to go up substantially for being able to shoot in melee and the LoS changes massively fuck with Tau, it's kinda gay they stay exactly as-is with overwatch but I think at best they'll stay about where they are in the meta

I don't see them as being too big of a problem going forward, I already know how to beat tau with current rules, and the changes only really favor them staying in CQC with my guys, which is what I want (especially when they hit on dogshit)

>> No.73391408

>It's related to the topic of the thread
>It's interacted with by other users
It's okay to not like tits, anon, but you don't need to try and hide your faggotry like this.

>> No.73391410

I love how 90s it looks, but the artist is insanely boring.

>> No.73391417

My painted FSE offshoot are pretty happy about this

Shitty art makes me go heretic

>> No.73391418

>Gav Thorpe was asked about the return of Dorn. Gav said "he is just a hand, isn't he?". He went on to say that having too much of it (Primarchs returning and the such) would cause so drastic of a change that 40K would cease being 40K. This stuff is one of the mysteries of the setting that people in-verse and out-verse can choose to believe in. For example, Logan Grimnar in "Ashes of Prospero" hopes for the return of Leman Russ. It's pointed out to him that his Primarch said he will return in the End Times/Wolf Time. He isn't coming back to help Space Wolves out. He is coming back to die with them. So maybe stop wishing for that, Logan?!

>A Warham writers should plant 3 more mysteries for each one he solves. Always maintain the feel of mystery, exploration, scale.

>In Gav Thorpe's younger days , the space marine chapter that he painted and gamed with was called the Celestial Lions. When he became a GW designer he wrote their name in the list of chapters involved in the third war of Armageddon. Alan Merrett who was the IP overlord at the time saw their name in the list said what a rubbish name. Gav responded to Alan's statement by pointing at the Space Wolves. Eventually, some other writers picked up the name Celestial Lions and fleshed them out and gave them their own colour scheme. Then came ADB to expand on it. Gav was like "Hey, that's my chapter!".

>Jervis Johnson based the Cypher character on three characters. Aragorn, the man with no name, and a third character that Gav unfortunately couldn't remember in the interview. Like the Lost Legions bit, there is no answer for the Cypher mystery. He doubts that GW will ever spill it out. Though, Gav Thorpe did wink when he jokingly said Cypher wants to go to the Emperor and stab him. Another thing he added is that the contradictions surrounding the Cypher character are a feature and not a bug.

>> No.73391420

1 got a new model the other is failcast

>> No.73391423

Is that a Boxnaught in the background?

>> No.73391439

A trvu gritty and gothic artstyle

>> No.73391440

As someone posted earlier
>Can more easily hide drones
>What are missiles/airbursting
Tau have got literally nothing negative going for them.

>> No.73391447

Wow, the former faction's core gimmick is a RNG-depedent deepstrike and the latter is simply the horrendously nerfed deepstrike. Nice try though.

>> No.73391450

I think the paintjob looks neat. Real shame you're playing Primaris Emperor's Pointy Sticks.

>Vandire Goge
Is he Japanese now?

>> No.73391453

>You don't need more than two.

>> No.73391454

>The central idea behind Gav's upcoming "Indomintus" is based on the comic writer's quote that's paraphrased like this "How can you hurt superman? You attack him emotionally". Space Marines are fearless and powerful. The only way to really hurt him is to attack their faith and purpose. In the novel, a ship of Space Marines faces the moral dilemma of either facing the rising Necron threat emerging from the Pariah Nexus in order to save the hapless Imperial citizens or flee back to warn the rest of the Crusade.

>On the Necron side of "Indomintus" there are Necron characters that have their own agendas that might conflict with each other.

>Gav's favourite marine chapter is the Blood Angels because embody a concept that he likes which is the flawed hero.

>In case you are wondering why only four marine chapters (Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and Dark Angels) get the major focus and the codexes while others like the Imperial Fists don't, it's because these fours represent four core ideas. The Ultramarines represent orthodoxy, while the Space Wolves represent unorthodoxy. The Dark Angels are physically pure but flawed in spirit, while the Blood Angels are spiritually pure but flawed physically.

>The Dark Angel authored their own problems since they can came up with a lie and then spent 10K years making up further lies to hide their original lie. Now what's going get them in trouble with the Imperium is not the first lie, it's the 10K years of lies.

>Sanguinius is Gav's favourite Primarch. To him, he is the greatest and most heroic Primarch that ever was. However, his final act of heroism which is fighting Horus despite knowing it would be his doom created the flaw that plagues his sons to this day.

>> No.73391461

More like the flavor of corona month(s).

>> No.73391469

>Yore dewds eckdee posting
No one cares about your shitty fanfiction

>> No.73391478

>No you don't understand, I NEED coomer posts in my mongolian basket weaving forum for miniature toys
Unironically off yourself. Bet you're an Only Fans apologist.

>> No.73391481

>When creating something new in 40K like a new aspect warrior it's more than simply designing a gun. You need to connect it to the faction and the setting as a whole. You got to answer for example what this aspect warrior shrine represents in Khaine and how it's distinct from other shrines.

>Gav was asked who would win in a fight, Leman Russ or Horus? Gav said that Horus as the avatar of the Chaos Gods cannot be fought by anyone except the Emperor. As for Horus before his fall, well, Horus is a superb fighter however he was a superb commander more than anything else. He would never let himself be in a position of disadvantage versus Russ. Russ would find the Mournival and the entirety of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus between him and Horus. So this is not a question that Horus will not let be answered.

>-Gav was asked who would win in a royal rumble between the Primarchs. Here is what he said :

-The Khan would be the one doing the weird stuff like getting thrown from the top rope and then bouncing off the railing back into the ring or landing on the announcer table.

-Curze would be hanging out in the corner being snide over the whole thing

-In the other corner Guilliman would be directing three Primarchs to throw Horus off the rope. But then somebody would turn on Guilliman and throw him off the top rope, most likely Dorn.

-Vulkan and Mortarion will be the tankiest, Enduring beating that comes their way

-Ultimately, the royal rumble will be decided by whoever gets the jump on who

>> No.73391482

There's the deal with how Fly no longer allows models to shoot after falling back.

>> No.73391483

You will not be missed /pol/.

>> No.73391491

As a tau player I agree with you. I was honestly hoping that triptide would get a huge nerf and honestly was looking forward to a change to FtGG. Instead Triptide got buffed and FtGG stayed the same.

>> No.73391500

>Right? It's funny cause even most Tau players (such as I) arn't in favor of the new overwatch rules. I was honestly hoping for something even more broken or SOMETHING else to make Tau more unique and on flavor.

>> No.73391501

>Fly no longer allows models to shoot after falling back.
You what

>> No.73391508

where's that from?

>> No.73391510

I was the anon who posted that, but come to think of it, there are a few.
>need more fire warriors for objective grabbing
>objectives discourage castling up in one blob
>Commanders can no longer hide behind two drones/out in the open

>> No.73391512

If you look at the size of those milkers,six of those would just get in the way.

Nobody cares about shitty capeshit either, while that one Anon's battle reports were pretty good OC compared to the usual bitching and moaning.

>> No.73391516

Reminder that all these stories are going to be bland and typical space adventures crap because Disney won't allow anything too graphic or un-family-friendly
>B-but anon, you don't need gore to be grimdark
you're right, but Disney won't allow anything "bad" as if they actually do something proper grimdark, media will go on the fritz as to "how could Disney allow one of its studios to make something so awful"

>> No.73391521

Has his new rules been shown?

>> No.73391523

It's how it starts. When people will wonder why 40k has become so luke-warm and bland, this among many other things will be one of the reasons.

>> No.73391524

>Tau player in 4th or 5th edition tried to convince me that since his seeker missiles have unilimted range, he should be able to hit the rear armour of my vehicles when shooting them.
Kek, always Tau players trying to anything and everything just to win.

>> No.73391525

Nice, more Slaanesh marines.

>> No.73391528

What? Proof?

>> No.73391530

Not really, I just find it odd how much tits rustle people's jimmies.

>> No.73391535

>In case you are wondering why only four marine chapters (Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and Dark Angels) get the major focus and the codexes while others like the Imperial Fists don't, it's because these fours represent four core ideas. The Ultramarines represent orthodoxy, while the Space Wolves represent unorthodoxy. The Dark Angels are physically pure but flawed in spirit, while the Blood Angels are spiritually pure but flawed physically.
Just say you're lazy fags, it's faster.

>> No.73391537

Stay mad, but honestly no. I initially liked Tau because they didn't get a psychic phase. It felt like playing the underdogs. I liked the whole covenant/communism feel. Unfortunately the only way to play them is battlesuits and drones, which is really unfortunate.

>> No.73391541

Lorefags, RP fucks, and whatever creeped in from Reddit all need to fuck off already

>> No.73391542

Hobbies being subject to corporate shareholders instead of being spearheaded by hermetic and insular grogs will all share this fate; GW's time was already at an end.

>> No.73391547


>> No.73391548

>-In terms of being great fighters, Gav lists Angron, Horus, Corax, the Lion and Sanguinius. However, he throws in Russ in there as a wildcard because if he has a good game plan he can take out any of them.

>-Gav was asked what is the one thing he would like to retcon out. He was going say Rainbow Warriors since he felt they were a lame joke but changed his mind mid sentence since other people did cool stuff with them. He said he has a hard time thinking in terms of retcons but he would remove some of the bad puns he wrote in warhams.

>-Gav was asked what character he would like to bring back to the narrative. He said it would be the Khan because he is entertaining and he is his second favourite Primarch. If you thought that Roboute wasn't impressed with the state of the Imperium, just wait for the reaction of the Khan.

>-His favourite xenos army is the Craftworld Aeldari. His greatest regret is being forced to write his Aeldari codex in the period of the mini-codexes. He wanted to write a gigantic 60 page codex where he can expand the Aeldari lore with more freedom.

>-The thing he is most proud in adding to 40K is the Inquisitor game. Working with Rick and Blanche, they fleshed out the Inquisition as a vast diverse organisation rather than a selection of individuals. He also invented the Deathwatch as a means to get chapter Space Marines working under the banner of the Inquisition.

>-Gav's favorite non-40K sci-fi novel is the Culture novel "Excession".

>-The Primarch that Gav didn't want to write about is Horus even when he was given the chance for it. The expectations of writing Horus made him choke out and refuse it

>-Gav's inspiration for writing grimdark is history. Thinking what the worst thing that could have happened and then writing it into 40K. What's the most inefficient and inhumane way to do a thing? That's how the Imperium does it.

>> No.73391552

Didn’t they have unlimited range when you Markerlit something back then?

>> No.73391555

Fuck does that have to do with anything? The question was whether an army-wide ability that usually costs CP is overpowered, which it obviously isn't. And how is GSC deep strike RNG-dependent?

>> No.73391562

What model is that?

>> No.73391569

>need more fire warriors for objective grabbing
Sorta. Only on contested objectives. Drones that come with firewarriors still count as troops so they should be able to capture. Plus there's a lot of non-firewarrior infantry iirc.

>> No.73391572

More like suck my chad dick you fucking raging hompo sexuall

>> No.73391574

>>-Because of the sense of pointlessness and inevitability in 40K, the act of trying to be heroic is heroism even if the characters are not that particularly heroic. So the darker you make the setting, the brighter these characters shine. It's the whole raging against the dying of the light thing.

END. Hope you learned something new.

>> No.73391575

Compared to who? What kind of content do you want to see here in 40kg?

>> No.73391576

>If you look at the size of those milkers,six of those would just get in the way.
That's because true patrician like small tits and huge thighs.

>> No.73391582

>Haha ecks d I just find it so curious why pornposting degrades every thread el-maw-oh
The one time jannies could do their fucking job

>> No.73391590 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73391597

Do your eyes work?

>> No.73391598


>> No.73391599

>T'''au community article confirms that triptide drone spam is now what GW sees as the epitome of T''''au gameplay

This shit is fucking hilarious. Guess this is what happens when you let only the most competitive tournament players playtest your game, they'll just make sure they don't have to sell their favorite cheese army

>> No.73391600

>"How can you hurt superman? You attack him emotionally". Space Marines are fearless and powerful. The only way to really hurt him is to attack their faith and purpose.
No I'm pretty sure you can dismember them just fine

>> No.73391603

>> No.73391611

sludge grubs from the gellerpox

>> No.73391612

Gav's a fag but his heart is in the right place.

>> No.73391622

Personally I prefer huge tits and thighs. Just, y'know, big everything really.

I find it more uplifting than the constant discussion about trannies or calling people's models shit.

>> No.73391626

guess that's it then

>> No.73391627

What the hell are you on, anon, Disney's trademark AND investments go beyond kiddie shit. 40k is very milquetoast in grand scheme of things.
>But daemonculaba and RT grimdark
Is still not that shocking compared to variety of media disney sponsored and in case of events like "daemonculaba": it's just a one-off that exists as an anecdote, not the norm.

>> No.73391632

Gellerpox Sludge grub from Kill Team Rogue Trader

>> No.73391636

>unmodified sixes always hit
Fucking finally.

>> No.73391647

>Is there an afterlife?
>Keep practicing.

>> No.73391659

A marine can killed but he can never die. You get me?

>> No.73391660

Why should I care about what Miniwargaming posts on... I don't even know where this is. Instagram?

Based and checkpilled.

>> No.73391661

>he would remove some of the bad puns he wrote in warhams.
So no Obiwan Sherlock Crusoe nor Kruellagh the Vile?

>> No.73391664

Kind of pointless alongside modifiers no longer stacking though. That was all it was really needed against.

>> No.73391667

>all these imperialfags crying
Feels good seeing all these faggots do a complete 180 from the overwatch is dead threads

>> No.73391668

Why cant I have nice things

>> No.73391675


>> No.73391687

>The largest challenge for the T’au Empire in the new edition is the change to the Fly keyword. It no longer offers units the ability to Fall Back and shoot

>> No.73391692

Yes but that's boring and relies on using the same cast of STRONK villains or making up new STRONK dudes for Superman to fight (like Mogul).

>> No.73391693

Yeah, the always hitting on 6's now only affects units with BS 6+
If those even exist.

>> No.73391695

Does anyone know if the uk royal mail has big delays for eu? Ordered from element games and the box is a week late already.

>> No.73391702

>What's the most inefficient and inhumane way to do a thing? That's how the Imperium does it.

>> No.73391713

So it's hell, then

>> No.73391717

>Riptides can now shoot in combat
All according to Keikaku

>> No.73391720

Eeyup, daemonic torture has always been something Disney as a company has been okay wit.

>> No.73391722


There you go

So now suits may have to choose between actually making a shooting attack or getting away from a melee unit which could actually be capable of killing them

>> No.73391730

Well alrighty then.

>> No.73391731

RIP Harlies

>> No.73391735

What makes us better than /aosg/ and /wfg/?

>> No.73391740

Some units' BS drops to 6 when they're hurt

>> No.73391741

Not a huge fan of this one, honestly. There's a shitton of buffs that become nonfunctional or redundant, and -2 to hit is hardly the end of the world, it's the -3s and -4s that are really degenerate. Positive modifiers beyond +1 are also pretty rare.

>> No.73391746

I find huge tits distracting, which is ironic because every one of my girls in the last 10 years have massive tits, but it's so hard to find girls with huge thighs and small tits

>> No.73391748

the fact that we're not /aosg/ or /wfg/

>> No.73391749

>Unit shoots a combi-weapon or advances and shoots with an assault weapon (-1 to hit) at a unit in heavy cover (-1) that has a native minus to hit ability (-1) to hit.
>The total modification is -1 to hit


>> No.73391754

The fact that there was 4 posts as I typed this in response.

>> No.73391756

Space Marines can and will die to sustained small-arms fire tho', and will outright die if shot with a krak missile.

>> No.73391757

>Implying anyone can even reach melee with Tau
lamo'ing at the fucking mongoloids who clearly don't play the game beyond the kitchen table

>> No.73391762

The most important units with Fly are vehicles or monsters anyway. They can just shoot themselves clear and then continue on, no need to fall back anymore.

>> No.73391763

>give me your best this guy encounter
When I was starting the hobby we played a small (1k pts) 2vs2 game to learn the rules. We were three newbie and one veteran. We determined the teams at random and ai ended up on the veteran's team. During a charge phase one of the player on the opposing team declared a charge against a group of my characters and the veteran texted me "don't say anything, he didn't declare a multi charge so he can only fight one character". I was such a shitty thing to do. I told him we expected him to teach us the game not use are inexperience against us and explained to my friend his mistake and allowed him to multicharge me. We still talk with the veteran but we never play games with him.

>> No.73391765

A good hit and wound system and no block combat respectively

>> No.73391766

>Tau can still overwatch for free with their entire army

>> No.73391786

Not so fast, Torchstar!

>> No.73391788

Yes, you'll just have to be a bit smart about what you charge it with if you want to waste its shooting phase. IE it'd be a tremendous waste if a Riptide equipped with the Accelerator and Fusion Blasters was forced to fire them into Gretchin.

>> No.73391790

Lmao, when you're up against a -1 to hit army you can just run around firing heavy weapons and whatever, standing still does literally nothing

>> No.73391792

>this guy
Is based
>that guy
Would be the one you're talking about

>> No.73391795

Modifiers of neg 2 and more still matter numbnuts. You need them to counter enemy bonuses, you just can't bully orks into automiss anymore

>> No.73391796

>Huge tits distracting
Yeah, that's kind of the point.

>> No.73391797

>thread doesn't know the difference between this guy and that guy
Fucking newfags

>> No.73391798

that's "that guy" not "this guy"

>> No.73391799

>lmao -1 that's it

>> No.73391800

I'd agree with you had you not been an anon whose reasoning is "because I said so."
Anons like you use that reasoning in every single rules-debate in this god damn general.

>> No.73391802

How long has the FW world Eaters conversion set been "temporarily out of stock"?

Dammit I just wanna make half decent Berzerkers. I don't even play WE, I just want some for my other dudes.

>> No.73391804

>Drones will still absorb melee attacks anyway

>> No.73391810

we're better than /aosg/ because they play aos
we're worse than /wfg/ because they play wfb

>> No.73391811

Everyone was bitching about about forests and shit now buffing with a hit penalty, but with the way things work now it may never really have an effect

>> No.73391814

This only affects combi meltas. Do you often struggle with armies that take extremely expensive company veterans bullying you?

>> No.73391826

Grab AoS bits

>> No.73391827

These rules releases have been quite the roller coaster. The best thing is, no one care how better/worse their own army gets, everyone just wants Tau to get worse.

>> No.73391828

Not out of stock bro

>> No.73391829

I didn't read it properly I'm sorry ;__;

>> No.73391834

Where's the story in that? Gav's talking about telling a story, not just whether you can kill a Spesh Marine or Kryptonian.

>> No.73391840

>screening is about to become more effective
How? I can just second shooting pha- I mean overwatch anybody and with no ens to saviour protocol in sight you might as well just screen with drones and riptides. At least they remembered kroot exist

>> No.73391844

There's your Tau nerf, now stop bitching

>> No.73391852

If a tank is charged by gribblies and it's equipped for anti-tank, then the idea of it actually shooting its enemies instead of falling back may get a lot less appealing. Similarly for a unit equipped with anti-horde being charged by something high toughness with a good save.

>> No.73391854

Also out of stock

>> No.73391857

Hey, no more "I've combined my universal-cover, stealth-suit and Sneaky aura to give all shooting a universal -3 to hit me with shooting, tee-hee. Oh and Orks also automatically fail even on a roll of 6 because reasons."

>> No.73391858

I play an army that doesn't get anything new anyway so I just want everyone else to suffer

>> No.73391860

>Tau nerf
>If someone DOES getinto melee, they'll get to have that one unit survive at least until the NEXT shooting phase.

>> No.73391861

>Actually considering running Farsight to bail my suits out of melee with Heroic Interventions
What a time to be alive.

>> No.73391873

Their main weakness is that they can't fall back and shoot. Good news is if they don't fall back they can shoot anyway

>> No.73391874

We have been saying for years now that '-1 to be hit' sub-factions are the strongest, so maybe this is a fine way to indirectly nerf them

>> No.73391878

-1 to hit armies/units now literally encourage enemies to advance with assault weapons / move with heavy weapons, since they incur no penalty.
It's retarded in so many levels.

>> No.73391882


>> No.73391884

-1 to Hit
+2 to armor save

I've been playing Cityfight recently and I can say that getting to roll 1+ armour saves nearly army-wide for my SoB is pretty great so yes, cover is going to matter, the thing is that most tables just don't have enough of it.

>/wfg/ plays whfb
ha ha.

>> No.73391886

>Actually does less against hordes

>> No.73391895

I shoot you

>> No.73391910

What they're in melee with may not care much about the firepower coming from those particular guns, and may be formidable in melee enough that those suits are dead if they choose to stick around for the fight phase.

>> No.73391911

Where do you get all that cityfight terrain from anyway?

>> No.73391914

Yeah, and a story where Space Marines can't be killed is boring, and considering they're bred to be fearless killing machines, attacking their feelings seems like something you'd expect to see on SJW Twitter, not in 40k.

>> No.73391917

I agree especially with heavy weapons but the example was about combi weapons

>> No.73391918

I genuinely wonder if this is going to be exclusive to Hit rolls as implied by the text-box, or if wounding and armor rolls are going to have the exact same clause.

>> No.73391923


>> No.73391925

I knew there was a reason I have 10 of these guys
You can't shoot them when they deep strike silly.

>> No.73391930

>We have been saying for years now that '-1 to be hit' sub-factions are the strongest
Stygies was the only Admech subfaction that was even comparable to Mars. Now, with this shit, and with the buffs to Mars and others in Engine War, Stygies has be thrown into the ground and spit on.

>> No.73391939

>Dronetide spam is even stronger than every with the rules they've shown off so far

Dank memes, I sure do love seeing the same one army type over and over again

>> No.73391942

just found this dude sealed in foil amongst my boxes

Hope it's not a mispack

>> No.73391943

I shoot you in melee because of course I have 3 riptides and 90 drones with me

>> No.73391947

While you were having premarital sex in the warp, I studied the blade.

>> No.73391954

It also included assault weapons, if you read it again.

>> No.73391959


>> No.73391965

You can kill them, but they're not afraid to die, so threats of violence are meaningless.

>> No.73391969

And if you get units into melee on the charge the tau get to fight first.

>> No.73391972

Anybody who thinks armour penetration is also gonna be capped at -1 is such a fucking idiot it's a miracle they don't choke on their own tongue.

>> No.73391978

It still works fine against rapid-fire weapons, which are hardly a small share
And remember that there's loads of stuff that DON'T get the penalty for movement on heavy weapons naturally, like tanks, so it'll still help against them

>> No.73391986

Oh yeah I'm dumb haha

>> No.73391989

>Anybody who thinks armour penetration is also gonna be capped at -1 is such a fucking idiot
>invulns exist

>> No.73392001

Noooo not all those WS5+ S3 attacks, my Orks are done for

>> No.73392005

Another detail that hurts Tau: the Commander cap is still in place, and detachments now cost CP, so that's a big blow in the effective amount of Commanders you can take without gimping yourself.

>> No.73392016

They at least mentioned kroot about 3 times. Unfortunately unless drones get a point raise I don't see why you would rely on t-shirt save chickens who need a stratagem to get a whopping... 5+ save and -1 to hit for one (1) unit

>> No.73392019

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the only retards here are those who start to unironically seethe at the thought of other people considering things they themselves never did.

You retard.

>> No.73392022

>Everyone pretending the "can't fall back and shoot" change matters.
>Implying Tau won't just bring extra drones to eat up all your melee attacks and cuck you harded.
Here I thought my BA would be good against Tau.

>> No.73392024

My hormagaunts are guaranteed to go below 20 models after free FTGG overwatch and attacks

>> No.73392029

Mine is this, he had a christmas deal some years ago when I bought this for 100£ or something:

Can't recommend though. While the terrain is plentiful and looks neat, he didn't send me anything for about 6 months, after which I began spamming his FB posts with negative comments. He then sent me about half the stuff. I started replying to him, and he was quiet until I went to Facebook again. He then sent me half the missing stuff. So I was pretty tired of his shit and just told him to send me my fucking stuff, which he did, and some extra towers to boot.

But basically it took me 9 months to get my original order, and that's not cool. Just search "MDF industrial terrain" or "MDF necromunda terrain" for this kinda stuff.

>> No.73392030

What does the Imperial Fists add to the table? Or the Raven Guard? Or the Iron Hands?

>> No.73392033

oh no, not the -3 to hit eldar, i'm so disappointed

>> No.73392042

>Inevetable +/++/+++ re-rolls.

>> No.73392045

My CSM came with an extra base, what do?

>> No.73392050

I'm not really surprised they get to ignore the OW nerf, it's kinda all they have, but I really wish GW would actually take efforts to make Tau fun to play for more than just the kids who got wedgied in school and fun to actually play against.

>> No.73392051

I think it's somehow be on your end, anon.

>> No.73392055

Since when are suits monsters,except riptide,ghostkeel and the big one

>> No.73392057

>better than /aosg/
We're not stockholm-syndrome'd beaten wives that are so completely beaten down by bullying that we'll reflectively snap at any criticism and defend GW no matter what
>and /wfg/?
We're not embittered grogs basing our entire identity around an imagined golden age that never really existed (while also being equally reticent to admit fault as /aosg/).

Mind you, elements of both can be found here (alongside plenty of the other extreme), but at least we have variety.

>> No.73392078

>What are battlesuits/kroot screens

>> No.73392079

Just saw this posted today.

>> No.73392083

Put it in an envelope and mail it back to GW, I'm sure they can't afford to be giving away extra bases by accident like that

>> No.73392087

>The only armies that had hit modifiers were Eldar
>Implying this isn't just an overall negative and makes movement even less impactful
If you unironically think that -/+ 1 to hit is a good cap, you're a moron. There's no longer any reason not to stack as many penalties as possible, since it won't matter.

>> No.73392096

>Oh and Orks also automatically fail even on a roll of 6 because reasons."
They haven't had that issue since their codex, all Orks always hit on 6s even in 8th.

>> No.73392098

>tau play exactly like they did in 8th
>except now the patented strategy of "lol my suits fall back and everyone blows you to pieces" is trash
>this is somehow a win for tau
>and this is aside from the changes to LoS

>> No.73392100

> but at least we have variety.
People actively defending our shitposting as better because it isnt't AoS or WHFRP shitposting.
I'm with you in spirit but damn.

>> No.73392102

You mean 27 S5 AP-1 attacks on 4s that reroll hits/wounds?

>> No.73392107

I just woke up after staying up 'till 2 am painting, bitch. Cut me some slack

>> No.73392115

>drones get doubled point cost
i know it won't happen but i would like it.

>> No.73392120

castrate yourself and stick your dick to it
it'll make an excellent counts-as gretchin

>> No.73392122

Worst case scenario the Tau suit falls back and the rest of his army just shoots the melee unit. I think people forget that Tau units are literally covered in guns so losing one unit's shots for a turn isn't the end of the world, and again, they can just stay in combat and shoot.

>> No.73392124

All orks have innate ability to ALWAYS hit on 6 regardless of modifiers when shooting.

>> No.73392126

Dfuq is a Kroot? Sounds like some weird Guardians of the Galaxy shit

>> No.73392128

There's lots of shit that naturally IGNORES movement penalties, or has no reason to move anyway. IG players aren't going to move their parking lot out just because they don't get a penalty for it.

>> No.73392130

>(wannabe) grog
>says "chud"
These are largely incompatible

>> No.73392137

How does this make you feel?

>> No.73392138

plus ghostkeels now suck a fat one without their -2 to hit

>> No.73392144

Monster units like ghostkeels and most importantly riptides don't give a shit about melee and will keep shooting. Considering how prevelant riptides are and the nerf to detatchments and consequently commanders tau more or less are staying in the same position as 8th. Which is basically just the beginner competitive shitter screening

>> No.73392158

Yeah if they take one specific unit, with one specific loadout, and pump an assload of CP into it, and are positioned just so, they get halfway passable melee. Whoop de doo.

>> No.73392160


>> No.73392166

Pretty good - theyre cool looking models despite the faces (shame theyre monopose/modular or whatever the fuck its called)
I like seeing different armies getting played and not just "my green space marines are acchully Iron Hands/Ultramarines successors"

>> No.73392167

Fuck off Taufag.

>> No.73392171

I just remember the all the shitposting.
>all Orks always hit on 6s even in 8th
The shitposting I remember mentioned something about Nat 6 auto-success not applying to hit-rolls because it was never explicitly stated in the core book or something.

>> No.73392173

If they're vehicles/monsters, and the rest of the army can't shoot them, and blast weapons can't either, and they have to take the melee attacks coming their way. It's quite a nerf from the virtually consequence-free Fly fallback of 8th.

>> No.73392174

Dunno I don't collect sisters. What am I supposed to feel?

>> No.73392179

As of 8th, you couldn't do that anyway. Orks have the "6's are always successful hits" already.

>> No.73392183

k, I don't own the Ork codex and haven't read it, so I'll trust you on this one.

>> No.73392196

>riptides don't give a shit about melee and will keep shooting
>>no markerlights and -1 to hit if they shoot their big guns in melee and now can't fall back/shoot

>plus who knows how many tau guns get cucked with <blast>

>> No.73392198

And again, you can still fuck with big things that are able to shoot into combat by tieing them up with shit they wouldn't normally want to be shooting at. Yeah you fire those fusion blasters into those boyz while the battlewagon rolls around unmolested, good job.

>> No.73392199

Those attacks are pretty devastating when you only have 5 orks left after overwatch

>> No.73392200

Orks have a global special rule, Dakka Dakka Dakka, which specifically stipulates that their hit rolls of 6 in shooting always succeed (and give them a bonus attack). They can also buff it to 5+ with a stratagem, making them essentially ignore hit modifiers since more are BS5+. Ironically, post-codex Orks are one of the armies that least cares about hit modifiers (especially compared to the likes of Tau or IG).

>> No.73392204


>Dominians & Celestians
>GW actually lumping them together, instead of the same box having multiple shop entries with text saying "this kit also makes X, Y & Z" in the blurb below

Good. This is so fucking annoying.

>> No.73392211

Its the DakkaDakkaDakka trait (not the same as the dakkajet dakkadakkadakka rule) that gives them a second hit roll as well as a guaranteed hit on 6s

>> No.73392217

Is the set "worth" it? I'd say $42 for bits is kinda crazy, but then again it's the same if you bought AoS parts I guess.

>> No.73392218

For that matter; I ALSO remember the metric assloads of whining that always hitting on a 6 would be OVERPOWERED AS FUCK HOLY SHIT for Orks.

Man this place really gets to you after a while.

>> No.73392224

I also remember people trying to claim that Orks always hitting on a 6 was going to make their shooting too overpowered, and Eldar -3 to hit cheese being the only thing keeping ork shooting lists in check.

>> No.73392226

>the Farsight build already spends the two command points regardless for the ungraded stats
>1CP strat to boost their melee to become rerollable heavy bolters
>still have to get past the free overwatch

>> No.73392230

8th never had a '6 always succeeds' clause for hitting, only '1 always fails'. It was unique when Orks got it for their codex, but really should have been baseline so Eldar couldn't make strong shooting units literally untargeteable by BS4+ armies

>> No.73392237

Why does the RT marine have a shuriken catapult

>> No.73392240

Why is Battlescribe so gay.

>> No.73392242

Capping armor rolls would remove the purpose of any AP beyond -1, so I highly doubt it. And negative wound modifiers are very rare (though they've gotten more common with the years) so it's probably unnecessary. Then again, so was this.

More than anything, I'd say that rerolls are a bigger issue than flat modifiers.

>> No.73392246

>what is heavy burst cannon
What is the two other riptide that will be dicking about

>> No.73392249

>plus who knows how many tau guns get cucked with <blast>
Not Riptide guns. Amped Ion Accelerator and Heavy Burst Cannon get fixed shots.

>> No.73392254

They might edge out Death Guard as the most ugly Reddit faction if they do

>> No.73392255

because if it was good gw would have shut it down years ago

>> No.73392256


They just did sometimes.

>> No.73392259

Because it was a crazier time when space marines using alien guns wasn't out of the question

>> No.73392261

Charge 3d6 past their screens ignoring overwatch

>> No.73392265

>If my unit isn't constantly borderline unshootable all the time it sucks
Fuck all Tau/eldar waacunts and this mentality, so glad this shit is being stolen from you utter faggots, burn your Alitoc armies and film it please.

>> No.73392270

Yes. I remember that and I really wish I didn't.
My disgust for all you lovely people grow by the day.

>> No.73392271

Because they changed Heavy Posphor Blasters to 0 pts despite literally every other print of Engine War outside English listing it as 15.

>> No.73392277

I've never seen Riptides not using the accelerator. Maybe I'll see some hasty swaps for 9th.

>> No.73392279

>drones eat the attacks
>Get gunned down in combat with a Heavy Burst Cannon

>> No.73392283

if only the plastic models looked as good as the old metal versions.

>> No.73392284

As a Tau player I hate this. Besides the coming "Tau is the cheese faction" I was looking forward to see new rules pop up to compensate for the loss of overwatch. Maybe make the army a bit more mobile and exciting. Castle play is boring as shit.

>> No.73392289

IF you buy Aos stuff, you can mix and match the bodies so you'll have more dudes than you did if you just bought an upgrade kit.

Also, Fuck buying anything from FW.

>> No.73392297

>I've never seen Riptides not using the accelerator. Maybe I'll see some hasty swaps for 9th.
Pretty much every single tournamentfag brought the burst cannon

>> No.73392304

>ignoring overwatch
You still can only declare a charge within 12"

>> No.73392305 [SPOILER] 

1. Salvation
2. Aesthetics

>> No.73392313

You should study gap filling

>> No.73392322

You can’t fall back and shoot with fly anymore.

>> No.73392328

Maybe at least one of them for the new relic gun but beyond that its usually HBC
Yeah because ghostkeels were just the biggest menace and everyone always talked about how much they hated them

>> No.73392330

Man, Imagine 2+ armor never getting worse than 3+. That would suck.

>> No.73392333

FW conversion pieces should be bought from a recaster t b h

>> No.73392338

Fly, LoS and character changes fuck tau hard. Now the commanders can't hide behind their 2 man units of drones in addition to what you said. Also eldar are much weaker with these changes. People that are whining about these changes just show that they don't play the game.

>> No.73392340

I think Smash Captains have something that allows them to bypass overwatch.

>> No.73392342

I'm in /wfg/ more than here but I won't even deny it. It's overran by grogs, RPG secondaries and ESL trolls

>> No.73392357

>he lost to ghostkeels
git gud

>> No.73392359

>1s always fail
>6s always hit
>On a D6
>Literally 1/3 of the roll results are irrespective of unit stats

Why do this? Why dumb down the game so much?
Would moving to a bigger die really be that awful?

>> No.73392364

>Not finding everybody disgusting by default
Sweet summer child

>> No.73392379

HBCs are straight up better unless you took the prototype ion accelerator

>> No.73392380

Is it acceptable to paint orks with brown skin?

>> No.73392382

>tfw literally never been a better time to play fluffy infantry and tank-centric tau with limited suit use

>> No.73392392

/aosg/ because it exiled the grogs to /wfg/ and they actually talk about the game. /40kg/ threads are completely overrun by fuming grogs, contrarians and shitposters like no other thematic threads on this site.

>> No.73392397

Imo those are really minor inconveniences. This only cements the only winnable way for Tau to play, by having big gunline castles. I was really hoping to be getting new rules (even if I had to wait for 9th codex) that make other ways of playing Tau viable. Instead of reinforcing the boring as fuck deploy and never move playstyle.

>> No.73392403

While you were filling your gaps for the sake of instagrammable pictures, I was basecoating
While you were drilling your barrels for the sae of memes, I was layering
While you were magnetizing your models for WYSIWYG, I was layering
While you were basing your models with clear bases, I was layering
While you were varnishing your models to ensure your failures would survive, I was layering.

Now 9th edition is here, and I'm layering.

>> No.73392405

There's a relic that allows rerolls and ignore overwatch.
Personally, I've never been a fan of the smash captain. I feel like having a captain sit back and help with your heavy guns is the best use of him.

>> No.73392408

What difference does it really make? How often were you hitting on a 7+? 1s always failing was already a thing.

>> No.73392410

Yes that sounds cool

>> No.73392411

It's enough to make a man turn on his 3d printer and start printing sisters

>> No.73392415

What's probably going to happen is the ghostkeels are going to get their old rule of "only gets hit on a 6" to make up for the rule change.

>> No.73392416

Yup. But if someone calls you out on your gorilla men you have to say you like Warcraft.

>> No.73392419

It may be a stopgap until a new codex, because Tau desperately need a rework. If a drone nerf comes through, it all but confirms it as by lowering their power level in crutch areas like FLY and Savior Protocols, they can bring a lot more interesting abilities to the Tau.

>> No.73392422

This. I'd rather have lost overwatch over the ability to fall back and shoot

Fuck overwatch. I hate how for the greater good encourages tau castling.
Where as the fall back and shoot allowed some more mobility.

>> No.73392424

No, there are already retards crying that everything Orks should be banned because they are clearly meant to represent niggers and disrespect and oppress them

>> No.73392428

This only encourages them bringing more drones.
From all that we've read so far, Tau is being directed into a gunline army harder than before.

>> No.73392448

Man I'm sick of being knock off imperial guard. I want mobile suits and melee auxilaries, not masturbating in trenches and gunlines with tanks that have legs

>> No.73392452

Tau tanks don't get "for the greater good" though, right? Not in their existing codex anyhow.

>> No.73392453

Rework when. I hated playing static Tau, but FSE just ends up getting shafted by all of this.

>> No.73392457

Is ninth going to fix movement? 40k really needs a legion style movement system.

>> No.73392460

>I feel like having a captain sit back and help with your heavy guns is the best use of him

I know it currently is the most efficient way to use captains/chaos lords, but it goes against everything in the lore.
Leaders sitting back shouting at idiots to aim better is something only IG should have.

>> No.73392462

Thanks you for the kind words newfriend.

>> No.73392469

The tau's isn't a strategem though. If it were a 0cp strat like the get out of Higgins boat free card, it would still only be useable once per phase regardless of being 0cp or not. For the Greater Good is way better than just having the overwatch strat be 0cp

>> No.73392474

That would be the optimal scenario now.

>> No.73392488

>IG players aren't going to move their parking lot out just because they don't get a penalty for it.
I was actually looking forward to being able to freely get more aggressive with my vehicles

>> No.73392490

Orks represent football hooligans and chavs. I haven't heard a single chav be upset about Orks in 40k.

>> No.73392504

When was the last time you visited Twitter?

>> No.73392508

>I hate how the Greater Good encourages unity and closeness between T'au.

>> No.73392527

confident for their futur.

>> No.73392529

Yes, but you have to understand that Cancel Cultists see dumb, violent, savages and immediately think of blacks.

>> No.73392538

Chavs don't use Twitter anon.

>> No.73392539

If the dude in question's answer is "never" that would be the most correct course of action.

>> No.73392545

LOTR may be used as a excuse too

>> No.73392559

Rules =/= lore. As a rule, this encourages having all your units in a blob.

>> No.73392570

Neither do most people from minorities.

That's why on Twitter you have a whole crowd utterly dedicated to being offended on everybody else's behalf.

>> No.73392608


>> No.73392659

Haha suck it Tau haters!

>> No.73392677

Between III and IV, what's the most fun to assemble and paint?

>> No.73392705

Assembly there's really no difference.
IV is better if you're a paintlet.

>> No.73392706

>drone pillow fort draw meme still kicking around
Cute, but I still stand by what I originally

>> No.73392710

Space marines? I'd say mk Iii but to be honest although they are good looking minis, both kits are a little bit boring and don't have that much variety within them

>> No.73392737

>This only encourages them bringing more drones.
The only way they can possibly balance this shit show is to make drones ridiculously expensive.

>> No.73392742

what are the best anti tank tools a chaos player can bring? i fought against my friend's fully decked out wave serpent yesterday and could barely make a dent

>> No.73392743

>here you go, all of the things you've been asking for since the faction's release
>but they're all locked behind a cp tax and specific subfactions
rape the rule writer

>> No.73392755

Is trying the game on Tabletop simulator (if it's even possible) worth it?
I'd kinda want to see if i like it before sinking moni into this. But if it's gonna leave me a sour taste in my mouth i'd rather not.

>> No.73392762

Why were you not using Havoks?

>> No.73392771

Bad pic but just painted up 20 of these lads for my 10th company. Am I werid that I quite like reivers hear a lot of hate directed at them

>> No.73392772

It's literally $15 to play near any board game ever made with anyone around the world.

>> No.73392804

It's a bit clunky. Look up some YouTube vids of how to play 40k on it

>> No.73392815

>The only way they can possibly balance this shit show is to make drones ridiculously expensive.

Or put a hard cap on how many shield drones you can take with an army. Remove shield drones as their own unit and instead make them upgrades for other units the same way you change gear loadouts.

>> No.73392831

Why can't drones just intercept wounds like everyone else's bodyguards, isn't that better?

>> No.73392841

>Harlequins gets a new model
>First one since 7th
I'm not a Harlequin player, or even an Eldar player but this is fucked up

>> No.73392851

these are finished? look like a basecoat, one painted trim and then dunk'd in green wash
you need some more different colors to make them pop

>> No.73392855

Or just make the drone interception work like every other bodyguard rule in the game: Riptide takes 6 damage, 6 drones die.

>> No.73392863

>Rules =/= lore.

>> No.73392868

Your options are obliterators and melee various melee units. If someone tells you to use havocs or manlet tanks that's how you know it's bait.

>> No.73392901

Pure CSM? Best bet is probably Obliterators for ranged options.

>> No.73392921

Kinda think that not putting so much stuff locked behind CP and instead bringing back points-costing, model-by-model non-wargear upgrades might've been a better idea.

>> No.73392928

Based Amarthposter

>> No.73392953

They're supposed to be in camoflague it hasn't shown up well in other pic

>> No.73392956

As a Tau player I love this. Now I actually have play against my friends Alpha Legion bullshit besides quadfusion commanders.

>> No.73392959


>> No.73392969

but why would they wear greyish camo in a well tended garden field?

>> No.73392993

that looks like complete garbage

>> No.73392994

I think i mean Stern's buddy.

>> No.73392995

> tau have same OW as 8e
> but now including 9e buffs like defensive terrain (+1 to hit in OW).
> tau sept hit on 4+ with OW.
Yeah, I don't plan on playing against Tau this edition. 8e was already boring enough. Just a point-and-click snoozefest game after game.

>> No.73392999


>> No.73393006

The article says tau are going to be faster than ever. How? If anything. Losing the ability to fall back and shoot makes crisis suits even worse, and they don't get the shoot in melee bonus since they aren't monsters or vehicles so they are pushing battleships even further into unusability. Add onto that the need to buy additional batallions to get commanders and all I'm seeing are 3 riptide and broadside castles all day long

>> No.73393011

Like you had several months to buy them when the rest us did. Why the fuck did you wait until now?

>> No.73393017

just paint their emblems trim color, their bolter casings black and their various pouches leather optionally suggested paint their faceplates and metal parts on their head
also, drill the barrel

>> No.73393018

That doesn't look like camo, but a poorly half-assed executed Death Guard color scheme

>> No.73393031

>no word on price changes for Tau stuff
> increased amount of terrain rules and LOS blocking means Assault armies can get better cover
>detachments costing command points and 1 commander per detachment kills commander spam.
>Can't fall back and shoot with units that fly. Vehicles and monsters can shoot into combat but that is far more dangerous and does not help crisis suits.

>> No.73393033

So when they tell people off for being on it they know who said it

>> No.73393041

>Believing everything from the faction focus

>> No.73393044

...g-goblin green is based haha!

>> No.73393049

if you're going to do grass basing then use a mud texture paint underneath, it looks a lot better and gives the glue a much better hold on the base.

>> No.73393059

maybe it was written by the same guy trying to play up the overwatch strategem for tau

>> No.73393060

haha okay cool but what about the Scourged GW
remember when you gave them rules in Vigilus
remember how they have buffed overwatch
it would be nice if they got free overwatch too

>> No.73393085

>not imperium
Don't expect anything.

>> No.73393088

>a4 (or 8 whatever)
wow what a model holy shit this is gamebreakingly good

>> No.73393096

Remember, the faction focus writer moonlights as a 1d4chan tactica writer to drump up sells virally. You're getting the same level of advice and commentary (but with editing) as you would reading 1d4chan tactica articles.

>> No.73393097

Tau aren't Imperium either...

>> No.73393105

Nah cause they go with my normal marines that have classic goblin green bases
Eh I think it looks like camo well enough

>> No.73393116

based autocorrect

>> No.73393118

How is this not a Harlequin?

>> No.73393120

She looks disgusting.

>> No.73393130

>One of the most painful things that T’au face in the current edition are units that inflict multiple penalties to hit rolls, such as -2 or -3 to hit. Armies like Chaos and Aeldari have long been tough match-ups for the T’au when they utilised these tactics. In the new edition, there is a cap, so no units can suffer a modifier of more than -1 to hit, so you can still make your firepower count.

RIP Raven Guard

>> No.73393139

As always, depends on the points

>> No.73393147

At least now when we get into combat with them they cant go away and still shoot.
It's not ideal but still better than what we currently have

besides who even plays against tau lmao

>> No.73393163

personally I like it

>> No.73393168


>> No.73393169

>> No.73393170

Which human fucked him then ?

>> No.73393171

>Is this Greytide?
Feel free to shit on my Dudes, I managed to paint trims/other metaillic parts today aswell as shoulders and helmets (only basecoat shown, too lazy to take another pic)

>> No.73393175

My armies don't have melee units...

>> No.73393179

He's literally tax for being able to bring Stern.

Source for this revelation?

>> No.73393193

He got banned from the webway because of his excessive shitposting so now he's simping for Imperium instead.

>> No.73393195

How are things in Australia?

>> No.73393199

>wrong pic
kill me pls

>> No.73393209

Nah they're just my 10th company the normal guys look like this. You decided on whether you gonna stick with manlets yet?

>> No.73393220

put in as much effort as their conviction I see

>> No.73393221

You can price him at 12pts and he still wouldn't make his points back against guardsmen.
Anything tougher than that is even worse.

For example that stat line deals 1 wound to a MEQ

>> No.73393238

I ordered some intercessors, but after assembling them they kinda seem out of proportions, so im probably sticking manlets
Now im just hoping my SoB based inquisitor will not look out of size next to manlets

>> No.73393240

Then why are you worried about tau?
Just shoot them in the face whats wrong with you

>> No.73393247

Should I get one Mk III and one Cataphractii or two Mk III for my Chaos Marines?

>> No.73393248


>> No.73393250

I like this new Necron art. It reminds me of the 3rd edition codex art.

>> No.73393263

I'm not worried about Tau

>> No.73393265

It's an improvement from the last edition at least

>> No.73393282


>> No.73393291


>> No.73393293

Probably will be bigger than them unfortunately. I'm not bothered by size difference personally, I've got a bunch of 2nd Ed termites I run with primaris

>> No.73393299

>muh classic goblin green bases
meme regardless it looks like shit

>> No.73393319

He got kicked out of the Black Library for being a fucking wimp

>> No.73393323

I only play official armies.
Sometimes, I'm a bit jelly of people who have TheirDudes(tm).

>> No.73393325

I think I might prefer that, or maybe something like enemies go to -1BS, drones make it -2BS.
having one of the advantages of keels being they kill plasma enemies more often has consistently felt lame to me.

>> No.73393335

its alright if its just a bit bigger, she's standing on a rock after all (got that heavy weapon team leader body as a base), also she's a character, so she's supposed to look impressive, just worried that it might look horrible out of size since new sculpts keep getting bigger and bigger
We'll see once the bits arrived, if it looks to big I just have to search up a smaller frame

>> No.73393336

Yeah 9e has had some real good art

>> No.73393345

>I don't like Primaris
>That's why I bought a special anniversary Primaris model and will be using it with a lazy kitbash

>> No.73393354

Dude has 5 wounds, most likely the harlequin invul, and gives his Bolter-bitch Dom a 5+fnp. Will the flexibility of deep strike and imperium keyword, some people may make use of them if only for harassment

>> No.73393357

Any necron rules yet?

Or any details on summoning?

>> No.73393360

>The faction that has faggots running gundams as proxies for key units is made even more cancerous than previous editions.
I still remember when you all thought warhammer children's books were going to destroy this hobby.

>> No.73393365

Just have your dudes be a specific branch/group from an official army.
My Stygies army is a sect who use xeno tech/tactics to fight daemons.

>> No.73393366

It isn't soul. It's the absolute bare minimum required for Primaris to be taken seriously as a diagetic Imperium army. In 15 years, when they have 73 more kits that look AT LEAST this good, then we can start to take them seriously. And every fucktard warbuggy cancels out one of their good models, meaning it'll take even more time.

Until then, keep dreaming kid.

>> No.73393367

Female SM don't trigger me, but models holding their helmets in battle instead of wearing them does.

>> No.73393370

Looks like a riot cop

>> No.73393372

>them they kinda seem out of proportions
In what way?
>Now im just hoping my SoB based inquisitor will not look out of size next to manlets
It will.

>> No.73393374

I like it though

>> No.73393378

I only play fully painted.
Sometimes, I'm a bit jelly of people who get more then a couple of games a year

>> No.73393385

>classic goblin green bases
that's not how classic bases look though, you're just lazy.

>> No.73393388

>Any necron rules yet?
>Or any details on summoning?
Sorry anon. All you need to know is fuck Tau

>> No.73393396

>It's the absolute bare minimum required
He's far more "gothic" than the vast majority of old marine models.

>> No.73393397

You probably won't go too wrong then

>> No.73393399

their arms just seem a bit short and their heads to small.
Also Bolters are much cuter then boltguns

>> No.73393410

schizos get the fuck out

>> No.73393412

fuck wrong image

>> No.73393425

>their arms just seem a bit short and their heads to small.
They're far more in sclae than old Marines.

>> No.73393428

>" O-okay Ephrael, i showed you the Black Library, can i please get a crumb of Mon-Keigh pussy now ?"

>> No.73393448

every faction has waacfags

>> No.73393450

He's for eating bullets and Sterns sex slave when she's bored

>> No.73393453

I know, it just looks weird to me. Maybe it's manlet syndrom since I have spent so much time with them recently.
>Maybe I'm becoming a soul-poster

>> No.73393463

Well yeah I know I am a bit lazy. I don't like to spend more than a few hours painting a single mini. but these are my other dudes >>73393293 and I think it works well.

>> No.73393476

>Everyone forgetting that Tau are additionally buffed by multi-target charge nerf.
Tau players must be laughing

>> No.73393486


>> No.73393489

Technically, I have one army that is a bit like that.
They're legit DKoK with blue uniforms. My fluff for them is that they're an independent regiment that operates on its own rather than in corps of 3-5 regiments like most DKoK regiments do. Their regiment was form at the request of the Inquisition to serve as repression troops, since Kriegers are known for their absolute obedience and won't hesitate to shoot fellow humans. They frequently operate with Inquisition or Officio Assassinorum support.

>> No.73393501

>being this assblasted about plastic toys

>> No.73393504

How can any marineplayer take a look at this and say this is fine

>> No.73393509

>No female electro priests

>> No.73393534

I have a depression streak last weeks

>> No.73393535

the issue is you could get a much better effect by putting in literally the tiniest bit of effort into basing, just painting the base green and sprinkling some flock on brings down the entire mini, you'd be better off with no flock at all, using some texture paint, or just painting texture paint green with the base and give it a light yellow drybrush like >>73393412

>> No.73393538

>lose falling back and shooting with FLY
I can assure you, they are not laughing right now

>> No.73393547

nobody tell him

>> No.73393568

>Implying that even matters
Oh no, looks like they'll have to bring more drones to block the melee attacks.
And what's this? They sacrifice one unit's shooting phase to blast the target in question with the rest of the army? What a tragedy.

>> No.73393570

Wait, so Raptors suck now?

>> No.73393576

Nah I don't like that as much, sorry mate

>> No.73393582

As a tau player, im not particularly excited. I was really hoping this edition was going to make battlesuits more viable. If anything its made them a deliberately bad choice compared to riptides and ghostkeels since they are now just broadsides with worse guns and deepstrike. Fall back and shoot was what kept them playable at all outside of the castle

>> No.73393584

I have commitment issues and fear I'll fuck up my model if I (finish) painting it, even though what's already there ain't much

>> No.73393591

youre forgetting that i can still shoot in melee with the big stompy idiot you charged your many smol choppy idiots into

>> No.73393593

>Oh no, looks like they'll have to bring more drones to block the melee attacks.
What are price increases

>> No.73393607

>The Lost Primarchs/legions mystery will never be revealed because ultimately GW never thought of answers to it and never will. The mystery according to Gav is more interesting than any answer they can come up with. GW over the years, like in the HH series, had written in hints and conjecture but they lead to nothing since there is no answer.
But they've written to many hints here and there that they can't answer what happen to them without massive retcons.
>They did something bad
>Bad enough that the legions got wiped out
>Records of the Legions and even their Primarchs, got struck from memory
Horus and co fall to Chaos
>Half the entire Imperium self destructs
>They don't get the same treatment
What is actually WORSE then falling to Chaos and killing the Emperor?

>> No.73393610

>at BS5+

>> No.73393616

I bought a box and then they ran out.

>> No.73393617

Price increases don't mean anything.
We say from their chart that 3000pts will be the new 2000pts standard. They're just shifting everything up, and while there may be some differences relatively, overall it won't really change lists.

>> No.73393621

How do you guys feel about the fly keyword not getting fallback and fire anymore?

>> No.73393639

better than not at tall desu

>> No.73393640

Don't forget if you're FSE you get the reroll 1s to hit and reroll the wounds.

>> No.73393641

Huge fucking hit for Tau

>> No.73393646

>b-but muh classic bases
>it's not classic
>well I like it!
have fun never improving

>> No.73393660

You reroll wounds of 1, and Crisis Suits aren't Monsters.

>> No.73393665

I hope the new rules make Malcadors good.

>> No.73393668

Those don't look like Necrons. Is this Necron recruiting people?

>> No.73393669

It makes Tau 'need' to castle more. Unless Tau units are getting drastic ability/stat changes paired with impressive points swings, there'll be no viability in being a mobile attack force as Tau.
Tau has been relegated as the sit and shoot anything off the board, and blast anyone charging, faction.

>> No.73393671

>people think tau don't get a nerf
>tau actually gets hilarious nerf

christ nigga, tau aren't close to top tier now and they sure as hell aren't going to move up now that their riptides can't just dip from combat and annihilate whatever was punching it.
not to mention -1 to hit on an army with a fuckton of gets hot AND no marketlights in melee means suits are double dabbed on in CQC

>> No.73393675

Why would I change it to something I don't like as much just because you do?

>> No.73393683

>take 10 man squads of CSM since they're "traitor LEGIONS" it seems like they'd still have habits of being in larger squads
How stupid/based of an idea is it
How fucked am I gonna be if I do

>> No.73393704

>stop painting miniatures in ways that i dont like

>> No.73393712

This. FSE was a breath of fresh air because it encouraged you to close the gap with Crisis Suits and their short ranged weapons, but with detachments costing CP, the stupid commander rule still existing, and Crisis Suits unable to both shoot in or fall back out of melee and shoot just fucks the mobile playstyle of Tau and encourages stupid sit and shoot castles.

>> No.73393718

Given that riptides can fire into melee and battlesuits can't fall back and shoot anymore, get ready for the 3 riptide castle all over again

>> No.73393723

I want to run a malcador infernus it seems alright. Thinking about leaving the fuel carriage off the model though, looks dopey

Also malcadors are 18w right? That makes them fucked by new cover rules

>> No.73393744

There are currently 0 indications that CSM/Tac squads are going to be better in 9th than in 8th, and if anything, big blobs of 20-man squads even in Red Corsair armies seems to have gotten nerfed.
It's based because it's cool, but it's suboptimal, so you will get fucked.

>> No.73393751

Shooting into melee isn't that great if the unit gets engaged by something its guns are shit against. And melee armies SHOULD be making strategic choices for charges like that

>> No.73393753

>I hope it makes Malcadors good
>Posts a picture of a Macharius


>> No.73393762

>Tau gets nerf
No they don't, they actually have a rule change applied to them.

>-1 to hit on an army
Assume it's FSE, hitting on 5s, rerolling 1s to both hit and wounds.
They are by no means in a bad spot. Further, drones exist. So they get free shots at an enemy while still being protected by drones.

>> No.73393770

*laughs in Rising Crescendo*

>> No.73393775

I confused the names. I was talking about the Macharius.

>> No.73393780

well from a lore perspective they're called legions because they were never re-organized to chapters the way loyalists were, but instead fractured into little splinter warbands fucking off and doing their own thing, maybe sometimes coming together as a legion to get something done.

practically, however, this means CSM tactics have shifted drastically over the millennia and don't fight at all like they did in 30k, so it's really up to you if you want it to be "these guys keep up the old traditions" or not.

>> No.73393782

>christ nigga, tau aren't close to top tier now and they sure as hell aren't going to move up now
This isn't even good b8, anon. You are the tryhard that other tryhards look down on.

>> No.73393789

>their riptides can't just dip from combat and annihilate whatever was punching it.
Nah, now they just stand still and does it instead

>> No.73393794

>Assume it's FSE, hitting on 5s, rerolling 1s to both hit and wounds.
People don't run riptides in FSE, they run Crisis Suits, which don't even get to fire in combat.

>> No.73393796

because you're just coping that you're basing skills are bad and mad that someone dare criticized your shitty bases
>acting like anyone's work is beyond criticism

>> No.73393804

>all the angry reacts on the tau focus article
yummy angst

>> No.73393811

>at Ork BS

>> No.73393812


That was never said. Morale was being re-worked to be less all or nothing. No one ever said it would be brutal.

>> No.73393815

>Nah, now they just stand still and does it instead
But it's totally a nerf

>> No.73393825

Maybe after the HH both Malcador and the Emperor were no more to order destruction of any mention of them, and regent Guilliman was reluctant to order it itself.

>> No.73393828

There's not a lot that a heavy bust cannon is shit against, which is why its been the premier choice for several editions, and given the changes will continue to be for some time to come

>> No.73393837

>giving criticism without being asked
>criticizing personal preference
how sad

>> No.73393840

>Has a spare sister head from a limited edition model

>> No.73393852

how you think the banana bois will fair in 9e?

>> No.73393867

if you're too fragile for criticism then don't post here, go to a hugbox like reddit where they'll call anything good.

>> No.73393869

Several editions? Up until 8th, the Accelerator was the default choice for those S9 AP2 large blasts

>> No.73393883

>at 5+BS
>and no help from outside shooting (ML or just assisting fire)
>and completely fucks anything with gets hot
wow amazing

>> No.73393887

>small model count gets even smaller
i dont like custodes, but best of luck to you

>> No.73393893

Chill out lad haha I'm not coping, I did my bases like that because I like them

>> No.73393899

>Will shoot/punch at a 3+ at the worst
>-1 to hit, +1 to save in cover
>Will avoid issues from BLAST weapons
>Morale literally irrelevant

Sounds like they'll be pretty good.

>> No.73393905

tfw bought 6k points of custodes last month

>> No.73393919

>just found khorne berserker leg bits for cheap and on mass
guess who's gonna build some goofy running tacticals next
they fit on loyalist manlets don't they?

>> No.73393921

probably ok. the changes to objectives will probably go to their favor and dreads obviously got a big buff, but outside of that I see them as still struggling to compensate for their low model count

they still have no way to counter MW spam, still can get knocked out by sheer weight of firepower, and still lack the punch to make up for their incredibly low model count.

>> No.73393922

>how you think the banana bois will fair in 9e?
If you play them, I'd say prepare your anus for another shitty edition. If you play against them, I'd say prepare to become a static of people who literally laughed their ass off.

>> No.73393927

>and completely fucks anything with gets hot
What did they do with this?
what have I missed?

>> No.73393930

They do yeah they were originally on 25mm

>> No.73393938

gw: "dontcha mean 10k?"

>> No.73393948

RG dont give a shit with their broken-ass superdoctrine that lets them snipe the shit out of any character when T2 hits

>> No.73393949

>Also being almost incapable of screening characters

>> No.73393957

>tfw bought 6k points of custodes last month
That's gambling for you. Sometimes you win, but mostly you lose. Better luck next time

>> No.73393960

>Absolutely love the silhouette of the standard CSM infantryman with a good old-fashioned bolter, especially the new poses with the belt-feed
>Don't want to run them as Red Corsairs

>> No.73393967

Baneblades, yea or nay?

>> No.73393968

>+2/3 to hit is now +1
>units that previously could achieve -3 to hit are now locked at -1
sure anon

>> No.73393969

>i walk up to random tables and tell them how to paint their models
i bet your lgs loves you

>> No.73393972

Oh no, your 2+ 3++ 5+++ captain will be exposed!

>> No.73393983

just make your own warband and give them RC rules

>> No.73393987

Guess it's time to finish my blood angels painting back log

>> No.73393988


>> No.73393991

>le waacfag rears his ugly head

>> No.73393994

you are, you've been looking at it so long that you've convinced yourself you like it. You wouldn't feel the need to justify it as "classic basing" when it's not. It also doesn't gel with your "I'm just lazy" excuse when just painting the base green is easier. You'll never improve if you don't learn that what you've done isn't always the best and could be better. Regardless you'll have to rebase them in like a year anyway since the glue won't hold the flock to the base for very long like that.

>> No.73393999

No one takes RG for their -hit you doofus
They take them for getting a shitload of assault cents and aggressors in your face, and sniping your characters with 2+ to wound

>> No.73394009

chop chop troon

>> No.73394011

Red Corsairs are based though.

>> No.73394015

project harder faggot, I give advice at my lgs and also know how to take it. I don't flip out and get autistic when someone gives me any kind of advice or criticism.

>> No.73394020

They are going to be pretty good. They overall got a lot better, improvements to dreadnoughts, Terminators, and overall every unit. Strats like WR of 1-3 fail (Transhuman in Custodes), the ignore up to -2 AP for terminators, the double rapid fire (making the Terminators also good, both versions, one being a CHARACTER murder machine and the other an overall murder machine (rapid fire 4 S5/-1/1 is no joke)). The Shield Hosts rules are a bit let down, was expecting something more in the line of the SM chapters rules, instead is just a relic (only a few are worth taking), warlord trait (not that impressive, though since you can also place WT in non-Warlords, some have their uses) and a strats, which aren't that impressive (the best one was to use Custodes Infantry or Dreads as shield drones). The Dread Host strat can be good with a Dreadnought with the 1 CP +1 A and RR charges, since you will be able to re-roll the 3 dices before droping 1.
With the new rules of the Hit roll that can only get -1 or +1, Sagittarum got a lot better, since you can advance, and shoot both weapons, while only receiving -1 to hit.
In the 9th they will be amazing at staying on objectives, since their defense was buffed by the new strats, while thing like Terminators will be able to cause mayhem in the enemy's backline.
I'm hoping to see how the Custodes Dreads will work out, specially the Telemon, the poor bastard that got it's main job robbed from him, out of so many unecessary nerfs.

>> No.73394021

Ah mate I'm loving it

>> No.73394029

I'm just saying

But also yes, having a character exposed when you give away 1VP for him being killed is a liability despite his ability to survive

The captain also dies to a single (buffed) riptide despite that statline so it's not like it's immortal

>> No.73394035

They have a nutty strategem that denies any sort of rerolls against a targeted unit.
Great if you really want a big blob to live.

>> No.73394049

>your bases suck
>>but i like them
>youre mad and coping

>> No.73394075

Then don't paint them as Red Corsairs?

>> No.73394079

>it's WAAC to want to run CSM squads
Don't post ever again

>> No.73394087

Post your models

>> No.73394088

Wow this guest author
>wwaaaaah my amry should have a weakness

Tau have markerlights and hea complaining about hit modifiers? Overwatch?

This is unironically why people hate tau so much.

>> No.73394092

Khorne Red or Gal Vorbak Red?

>> No.73394095

giving advice when people didnt ask for it just makes you seem like an obnoxious faggot

>> No.73394104

>give detailed advice on how to make good looking grass and classic bases
>no I don't care I like my shitty bases!
>not mad and coping

>> No.73394121

8th edition was the edition of powercreep. I remember that, back in early 2018, I was called a waacfag for playing one (1) of these.

>> No.73394124

Gal Vorbak Red

>> No.73394125

>missing the point
Paintjob is not the issue, RC suck

>> No.73394133

That's not me youre replying to anon :^)

>> No.73394143

>This was considered to be a heavily decorated model back in 2003

>> No.73394151

R8 custard man scheme plox

>> No.73394159

k, as you can see I put more than 4 seconds into basing my miniatures

>> No.73394160

Powercreep has been a thing since forever. It's why being the first army to receive a codex in the new edition sucks.

>> No.73394163

i like how not covered in gold they are. i get enough of that shit in for honor

>> No.73394167

>> No.73394171

>8th edition was the edition of powercreep
You say that as if things like Screamerstars, Riptidewings and all the other cancer of late 7th didn't cause a massive drop in the playerbase

>> No.73394178

dear god anon, those bases look aweful, it looks like a brunettes pubes.
Paint the base black, put some earth texture paint (pref. brown);
Apply white glue, and while it's wet, lightly put some grass (pref. something more green than that) and turn the models upside down and let it dry in that position.

>> No.73394179

The candles are stupid. Fight me.

>> No.73394186

not yellow enough

>> No.73394188

and that matters why? I didn't think it was you. Stop trying to win an internet argument and fix your godawful bases.

>> No.73394192

Kek I hope those are actually your bases lad

>> No.73394196

Why? You're right

>> No.73394205

Yeah all the super glue frosting looks great.

>> No.73394223

I hate basing, how can I be a lazy cunt at it and still have it look nice

>> No.73394225

holy shit he cant even take a picture of his guys let alone paint them

>> No.73394226


>> No.73394252

I like it. It looks noble and elegant.

>> No.73394260

that's a dry paint you tard
>not coping
>accuses someone of stealing an image of a halfway decently based miniature

>> No.73394266

Apply earth textured paint, some bigger sand particles to make tiny rocks (just throw them in while the previous textured paint is drying), then just apply pigments on top.

>> No.73394273

>paint on the model is thick
>uneven attempts at edge highlighting
>super glue frosting visible on the base
>basing material spilling onto the rim
This the guy trying to talk hot shit. Let me guess you've been painting for like 3 years maybe?

>> No.73394296

Sculpted bases

>> No.73394303

But RC are the WAAC choice, you fucking imbecile

>> No.73394306

Nah I was just checking it wasn't someone pretending to be you. Makes me quite glad I haven't listened to you haha

>> No.73394383

thats less than half, lad

>> No.73394388

>paint on the model is thick
it's not, why is this always the "gotcha" of the paintlet? none of the detail is clogged, the paint is smooth over the surfaces.
>uneven attempts at edge highlighting
never claimed to be a master, still have a lot to learn, but I know my shit when it comes to basing
other anon is posting primaris but who gives a shit right?
>super glue frosting visible on the base
impressive considering I didn't use any super glue
>basing material spilling onto the rim
oh no something I could fix in two seconds with a scalpel what a tragedy.

>> No.73394414

compared to slapping flock on a green base it is.
good for you, continue to have your skills degrade out of laziness and a false sense of self righteousness.

>> No.73394454

>it's not,
You can see the brushstrokes dude. I can see the red spilling out of the eyse
>but I know my shit when it comes to basing
Aparently fucking not
>oh no something I could fix in two seconds with a scalpel what a tragedy.
You could, but you didn't, and you're ready to shit on the other guy for being lazy. Jesus christ.

>> No.73394457

Who's coping now friend :^)
Here's some more of my bases to cheer you up

>> No.73394507

Gal Vorbak Red has really shitty coverage for some reason.

>> No.73394524

cope harder

>> No.73394530

To be fair, Fuck Tau is kinda making up for most things.

>> No.73394547

>You can see the brushstrokes dude
where? You wouldn't need to make such vague statements if you knew what you were talking about
> I can see the red spilling out of the eyse
>misplaced paint means it must be thick
yeah you really don't know your shit at all
>Aparently fucking not
what's wrong with my basing? Other than "super glue frosting" which is just what you and a bunch of other anons believe dry paint is.
>You could, but you didn't
it's something I do in batches at the end rather than for each mini, also I spent a decent amount of time on the base, so yeah I think I can dunk on a guy who thinks gluing flock to a bare base is the height of miniature basing.

>> No.73394566

yeah because you totally didn't defend your work when I criticized it. Redo your bases ultranigger.

>> No.73394602

>>tau haven't been touched by the nerf while every other army gets fucked
Thats not entirely true, they lost the ability to give overwatch for other units. so now there is less overwatch to kill you.

>> No.73394659

See all the half dry chunks of paint on this shin? See how the edges are becoming rounded because they are clogged up with paint instead of being sharp? This is just one spot too.

This is some peak dunning-krueger shit right here

>> No.73394693

I like my bases, here's some more.
Respectfully, I don't want to 'improve' if this is the end goal >>73394159
But if you like your bases and minis too then I'm happy for you

>> No.73394721

actually that's where the crackle medium got in, it's a bitch to dig out and file down, naturally it not being a core piece of my army I'm not gonna go to that much effort to fix it. The fact that you've gotta zoom in so far that the image starts to distort to try and point out a problem shows how little it matters. Please continue to point out the other areas anon.

>> No.73394789

I cant decide, someone pick for me. I want to make two 10 man squads of CSM, one with bolt pistol/chainsword, and one with bolters. I'm trying to get the most out of the shadowspear box and the other marines I've added since then.
Should I go with:
>all vanilla weapons except a chainaxe and plasma pistol on the CC champion
>all vanilla weapons except 2 plasma guns in the bolter squad

I desperately want to make them all basic weapons but I am exactly one body short of doing that and my autism wont be satisfied either way. The best I can do is 19 regular marines, and the odd men out are 1 plasma gun, 1 autocannon, and the shadowspear champ with chainaxe and plasma pistol.

>> No.73394791

it's not the end goal, this is still just battleline stuff, but yeah, you are coping hard if you think winning an internet argument makes your bases any better, whilst you may feel good now, the other anons aren't helping you, they're only egging on the argument for shits and giggles. Also if you didn't think it was good you wouldn't have felt the need to imply that I was lying about the mini being mine, I hope that you become more open to improving your work in the future, you may think it's good enough but in a few months you'll look back and wonder how you were ever that bad at something so simple, especially when you felt so confident about it at the time.

>> No.73394804


>> No.73394837

>Show me where it's thick
>Uh you zoomed into much that's actually crackle paint I painted over it's not even thick bro lmfao you couldn't tell just by immediately looking at the model
Anon please this is getting really pathetic

>> No.73394859

>I hope that you become more open to improving your work in the future, you may think it's good enough but in a few months you'll look back and wonder how you were ever that bad at something so simple, especially when you felt so confident about it at the time.
Deeply ironic

>> No.73394890

I though someone posted it an awful base as a joke. That's why I said kek before I asked.
Anyway I don't wanna be rude to you but you certainly aren't practicing what you preach about criticism.
Anyway you have a good evening and keep enjoying painting minis

>> No.73394927

>reading comprehension
My esl ia showing trough

>> No.73394935

it is though, what's pathetic is going so out of your way to call someone's work bad that you start inventing reasons to hate on it. I asked for where it was thick and you could see brushstrokes, you ultrazoomed into an area that had leftover crackle medium under the paint, still no brushstrokes visible. Now you've run out of areas that you can claim are thick so you're resorting to dude cope lmao

>> No.73394959


You are asking 4chan users to be nice or truthful when they have the element of anonymity

>> No.73394984

>deeply ironic
how exactly? I actually gave advice on how to improve as well as criticism, my stuff just got shat on for the sake of it, no advice on how to improve. The fact that you think winning an argument on 4chan means you're better at painting is just sad, the rest of us don't need group approval to feel good about our minis.

>> No.73395012

Your bases look shocking and you've been kicking off at everyone who's pointed that out while telling people they should listen to your criticism.
Do you not see the irony?

>> No.73395024

2 fags fighting

>> No.73395028

I couldn't give a shit about whether they're nice or not, I haven't been nice so I don't expect it back. I'm just deconstructing a shit tier argument for the fun of it.

>> No.73395068

I showed you where it was thick and you're in complete denial at this point. Also I pointed to the chunks of paint on the shin. You can also look at other places like the face mask where again the detail is being eaten by thick paint or the scope of the rifle where the edges are rounding from the paint instead of being sharp.

Besides the paint being thick, you also have visible moldlines, paint spillover all over the place, poor coverage over your shit. Your model fucking sucks bro and the only thing you can do is try to outright deny it.

Despite being the dude talking about "I know how to take criticism Im so good I can tell your model is bad". You fucking suck dude

>> No.73395091

>Your bases look shocking
how though? This is what seperates opinion from actual criticism. I don't care if you think my base looks bad. What I do care about is why it looks bad in your opinion and what I can do to fix it. I gave advice on how anon could do his bases better and just get back "yeah no my bases are good lol" meanwhile I post my base and get "doooood look at that super glue frosting!" when it's dry paint and I didn't even use super glue on the model, what apparent irony am I missing here?

>> No.73395097

>the rest of us don't need group approval to feel good about our minis.
>An appeal to a group
Is this an elaborate joke?

>> No.73395122

>Basing material spilling onto the rim
>Basing texture paint spilling onto the rest of the model
>Huge white streaks that are totally not super glue frosting trust me bro

>> No.73395197

I Never said they were good anon, I said I liked them and that I didn't want to follow your advice :^)

>> No.73395342

>I showed you where it was thick and you're in complete denial at this point
no you didn't, you showed me where there was texture medium under the paint. If you were being truthful in your argument you wouldn't feel the need to force this point, it's clear you don't know what you're talking about because you didn't paint the mini. I'm only "in denial" to you because what you're saying isn't true.
> You can also look at other places like the face mask where again the detail is being eaten by thick paint or the scope of the rifle where the edges are rounding from the paint instead of being sharp.
yeah it's not super sharp, but that's partly due to lighting, and partly due to the paintjob in those areas being kind of flat, there's more reasons than paint being thick for why flatness can occur, if you painted you'd know.
>you also have visible moldlines
yeah I got the mini from warhammer conquest, the plastic isn't like regular, it's kind of soft and was tricky to get all the moldlines around the helmet, but I got most of them
> paint spillover all over the place
yeah, by like tiny degrees that won't even be visible on the table, its an intercessor not a bloody captain
> poor coverage over your shit
yeah I was lazy with the basecoat since the green I got for airbrushing it on wasn't the right one so I just did a couple quick coats of the right green.
>Your model fucking sucks bro and the only thing you can do is try to outright deny it
why do I have to accept it's bad when your objectively wrong about several details? Okay, you think it's bad, I don't, I can go into details about my method on things you find an issue. Why can't you act like a civilized adult about this?
>Despite being the dude talking about "I know how to take criticism Im so good I can tell your model is bad". You fucking suck dude
grow up anon, I only ever said I was reasonably good at basing, I still said I'm learning a lot and have a long way to go.

>> No.73395404

>I don't think they're good but I still like them
still not coping lmao
so two little issues that are barely there and reaffirming the fact you don't know what drybrushing is? Look at peachy bro look at how much he sucks look at all that super glue frosting: https://youtu.be/9qqisAy_LCg?t=115

>> No.73395561

What's coping about liking them?

>> No.73395570

>I'm only "in denial" to you because what you're saying isn't true.
No, you're just in denial. Every criticism leveled you go out of your way to handwave or otherwise ignore and then say "bro why can't you just criticize me". Given how completely sincere you seem to be this might not be a joke and you may actually have 0 self awareness. You want to have any excuse so you don't have to face the fact that you did not paint your model well. You don't even know what's being criticize apparently. You have a huge moldline on the arm that apparently you don't see. The metallics on your gun have the paint underneath showing through. You apparently can't see any of this, or if you do you'll come up with something like "it's just a troop bro I'm not going to put any effort lmfao". Herecs a thought, if you aren't going tl put in amy effort why are you going to spend so much energy trying to defend your shit when someone calls it shit? Moreober how can you in good conscience go around and offer your """""criticism"""""" to others when you struggle with the fucking basics so much?

>> No.73395798

>Every criticism leveled you go out of your way to handwave or otherwise ignore
except where I haven't and have accepted what I've done wrong and can improve on. What annoys you is that I won't accept every verbal beatdown you throw my way and will actually respond where you're either in the wrong or are just blatantly making shit up. You still haven't shown me any brushstrokes. You also make vague statements about the paintjob so you can pretend you were talking about something else entirely when I correct you on it, it's pretty pathetic that you'll go so out of your way to move the goalposts every time I debunk your argument. I never said anything about his minis, only his basing, I even said his painting was good, so why are you bringing me up on my mini painting and not my basing work when that's not even what's being criticized. Also most of what you're criticizing me for he is equally guilty of, and he's the one acting above criticism. Maybe I wouldn't handwave so much if you were actually bringing up fair points and not whatever tiny flaw you can find to make a mountain out of a molehill from. If you're such an expert on painting, then show me some of your work and practice what you preach.

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