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What's the worst campaign setting you've played in and why?

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7th Sea. The assassins don't kill and the pirates don't steal.

Also that socialist democracy utopia is retarded

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WoW inspired campaign.

MMO style quests, go here kill this. Now go here kill this. Everything was dull

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I'm stuck playing wildmount.

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Well our GM was really into Stormlight Archive and the short lived campaign there was just a power creep hell. It felt like a shitty anime where a new and more OP thing jumped up around every fucking corner.

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Golarian, by far. Thankfully it didn't last long.

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I'd love to meet the person who thinks up these stock photos.

On topic, my brother tried to run a 3.0 campaign set in Mirrodin once, but he was shit at it.

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Friend of mine tried to run a campaign d&d based on Indiana Jones Temple of Doom. Which would have been cool had he been a good DM that knew how sandbox worked but he wasn't and wanted to follow the plot of the movie.

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This may be cheating because I didnt take the invite, but it was a 5e but the twist was you were mercenaries. Also there was just modern guns thrown in with no sense of balance. The setting was dreary, tedious and unravelled if you started asking logical questions.
Though on the bright side its awfulness inspired me to make my own campaign that was bright, colorful and swashbuckling out of spite.

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This is brilliant

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wtf is this?

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You poor bastard. Please, poison everyone involved, loot their wallets and run quickly. If they die, they die.

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Can you not read the filename?

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What? How? What? Explain!

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They have all been DnD campaings.

I hear foaming retards desperately clacking out on their keyboards this very second.

Yes, retarded DnDrones, you are technically right. That being said, the rules of DnD require a metric asston of setting assumptions to work, and many of those assumptions you need to make, such a world where morality is objective and magic is the only reliable way having fun, lead to shit settings. Ergo, DnD settings are all shit.

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A friend's homebrew for Only War where he wanted 40k races but none of the religious or extremist tones.

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Underwhelming bait, at that.

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Bait or not, I understand the frustration. DnD is made for a very specific game and people don't realize this and try to use it for games it's not meant to run. To deny this is an act of self-deception or outright delusion.

That being said, anyone who plays DnD then bitches about having to play DnD has only themselves to blame.

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>implying D&D haters are not that retarded

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My eyes glaze over whenever someone says they want to run a mystery or political campaign in D&D. It cuts half the book and makes limited classes even more limited.

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My favorite is when people want to play a "low-magic" or "no-magic" game of DnD. Yup, say goodbye to literally 80% of the player options and basically every enemy and plot arc over level 5.

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It's especially lazy when you consider that he could have very slightly changed the wording to make it true.
Yes, D&D requires certain setting assumptions due to how it's structured mechanically. The ones he listed are not among them.
The actual assumption that you need to make is that you're playing high fantasy. >>73367827
has it right there.

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Hell get rid of the fun gizmos that could make playing a boring class more fun.

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I generally like low-magic settings and prefer them to high-magic settings in general, but DnD is not the system for that kind of game. It's just not. The rules aren't there for in depth non-magical combat, the entire list of mundane skills gets like 2 pages in the PHB (while magic gets over 100) and almost every published adventure and power-level appropriate obstacle once you get out of the "beginner" levels involves magic or the supernatural and requires magic to fight or resolve.

There are games out there that can run low or non-magic games. Games like Legend of the Five Rings, Song of Steel, or even stuff in entirely different genres like Halo Mythic... but trying to run DnD, a game that relies on magical elements super hard to run, without magic kind of leads to you barely having a game at all. There's a reason people complain that pure martials are so "boring" in DnD.

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Agreed. Every martial I played was fueled my roleplaying and desperately hoping I can help out in every non-combat encounter with roleplaying bonuses.

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Forgotten Realms because medieval fantasy is boring as shit.

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Medieval fantasy is cool as shit.

Medieval fantasy as presented by DnD and the assumptions of DnD's rule set is boring as shit.

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This is one of the main reason I dislike DnD. Every situation that would force a difficult or a creative solution can be solved with a single spell, and the role of every martial is boiled down to "hit things with weapons or lift rocks because everyone else dumped Strength"

For example, survival is a joke. If you have a druid, you never run out of food thanks to Goodberry, and if you have a Wizard or a Bard and get to 5th level, every notion of making a campfire for light/warmth or keeping watch is negated by just making a Tiny Hut.

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i've read those books, what kind of shit did he pull

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Forgotten Realms 5e. Because 5e and Forgotten Realms mix like oil and semen.

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And you know all about mixing oil and semen

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Forgotten Realms because Elminster

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I once played in a philosophy student GM’s homebrew world that he was writing a book set in. He literally cobbled together Dragonlance and Oriental Adventures with Japanese elves that just did not make sense with anything that was going on. You would be in weabo japanland one second and then suddenly everyone has names like Raslan and the setting is medieval Europe with no clear distinction between what happened when. Didn’t help that he worked in his GF’s magical realm everywhere he could.

As for the worst setting I’ve ran. It was a dnd in space style game that was a unholy lovechild between Spelljammer, Disney’s Treasure Planet, Warhammer, Star Wars, DBZ of all things... Fun game, terrible incoherent setting.

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>say goodbye to literally 80% of the player options and basically every enemy and plot arc over level 5
I would give e6 a look.

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DnD 5e is the newest edition. There is no 6e.

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>he worked in his GF’s magical realm everywhere he could
Elaborate so that we could better understand what you had to deal with.

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