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>> No.73351604

>Tau Edition
Officially the worst edition that ever was

>> No.73351611

got 55 of these fuckers to paint

>> No.73351615

> Drones

Yup its Tau faggotry alright.

>> No.73351620

>space marines no longer part of the imperium
So..... yeah..... does it really matter what space marines do or don’t? It’s not like they needed to soup or will it be just a lore change?

>> No.73351634

>Deathguard rumour engine
Its out time lads.

>> No.73351637

They all look the same, same colours, easy to paint. You can do it.

I had to paint those fuckers. Took me 5 days.

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>literally no worldbuilding about zoats other that they use biomechanical tech to sustain their metabolism and psychic communication
I hate this

open up that shardcell already

>> No.73351658

Post models

>> No.73351672

>>Deathguard rumour engine
dark mechanicus soon

>> No.73351687

Why the fuck would the Tyranids have a slave race?

>> No.73351708

to kill necrons with since pylons disrupt the hive mind connection?

>> No.73351734

GW just let me take discolords in Death Guard

>> No.73351749

Out of the loop question:
What kind of stats on already existing units can the upcoming ruleset change? I heard something about point values being revised but wouldn't that be codex-specific? Are they going to have a huge list of the points cost for every unit in the game in the rulebook?
I am also extremely confused about chapter approved and psychic awakening, are the stat changes on those mandatory to use for matched play?

>> No.73351753

>implying it's not the Zoats who are controlling the Tyranids

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>> No.73351770

Missile Launchers are cool

>> No.73351771

when the FUCK are CSM getting vehicle mounted sonic weapons

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>> No.73351780

Sure, so long as my CSMs can take all the DG specific stuff

>> No.73351786

I agree, they look great anon

>> No.73351788

It's a noise marine terminator though

>> No.73351801

very nice
what're you basing them with?

>> No.73351816

I'm doing up some test bases and will see which ones look nice, probably red or grey but I'll experiment

>> No.73351848

>Specializes in eradicating other races
>Kill Team = Death Squad
Ugh.....BEYOND problematic......

>> No.73351867

Do you complain this much when Marines get new stuff

>> No.73351880

tyranids had different fluff at the beginning
if we had to reconcile old fluff and new fluff the zoats were a test

the hive mind had two ways to prepare an invasion: genestealers to infiltrate the population, zoats to subvert through diplomacy
the zoats weren't a bad candidate, they were native to the galaxy and had psychic powers that allowed them a perfect degree of communication with every other race, the problem was that very few races of the galaxy are open to diplomacy, so the test run of the zoats died with hive fleet colossus, which in modern fluff is the only hive fleet that used the zoats, or at least it was the only one documented doing so

if the galaxy wasn't such a war-filled hell-hole and populated with more tau-like races perhaps the use of zoats would have been a success and eventually the hive mind could have fully assimilated them and produced tyranid strains with their features instead of keeping them enslaved
also because it seems the zoats rebelled and ran away, their use of biotech to support their metabolism could be the way they have to cope with the genetic scars of tyranid enslavement (because if I were a tyranid, I too would start by altering their metabolism so that it is dependent on what I alone can produce)

>> No.73351884

>People still aren't understanding that 9th is the Death Guard edition.

>> No.73351886

>the worst
>not loyalist marines

>> No.73351890

Get a fucking life faggot

>> No.73351900

Deathguard rumor engine?
Love that soft brass, anon

>> No.73351907

Based missile launcher anon
I hope missile launchers get a slight drop in price to make them the proper all-rounder heavy weapon they're supposed to be.

>> No.73351909

It's some kind of chaos tartaros armour

>> No.73351914

Drones are pretty cute for being possibly the most broken thing in the game.

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>> No.73351928

>terminator torso with pipes
>clawed power fist with goo

DG terminator lord/sorcerer? If that lets us have one with T5 and Disgusting Resilience, I'll take it.

>> No.73351943

if we assume that this process was the norm
>test run
>full integration

then we might even reevaluate the original idea of genestealers being native to the moon of ymgarl rather than a mutant strain that went feral

the original host of the genestealers on ymgarl were giant worms, nothing like the more humanoid targets the tyranids seek
if they don't have a necessity to reproduce through humanoids then were are my gene-hounds?

>> No.73351945

That is because you don't know about the atrocities T'''''au drones are capable off.
I've seen drones kill hive tyrants in close combat as far back as 4th edition

>> No.73351948

Ok but how are Tyranids intelligent enough to plan something like that out? From everything we know about them they seem to just be a ravenous force that just consumes and every quirk about them (genestealers, biomorphs, the attraction to psykic power) are results of an evolving force not intelligently guided. So it doesn't make sense for them to use another race to infiltrate society when they don't even have a concept of society.

>> No.73351962

Probably a multi part Lord of Contagion since the DI one is now OOP

>> No.73351974

GSC here. I have like 100 of autistically detail horde models. Have painted 3 so far in a year.
Wish I had the time I had as a kid where I could sit down an entire week to paint

>> No.73351975

Not seeing the tartaros but I am seeing the death guard terminator. Thanks, anons.

>> No.73351976

Di is gonna get shadowspeared into two SC

>> No.73351983

Dumb hivemind fag
Dumb FOTM hivemind fag

>> No.73351984

>looks like a deathguard part with none of the nurgle aesthetic
Why? Same thing with that power fist.

>> No.73351987

we still have the amazing lord felthius

>> No.73351994

I cant wait for tau to get kneecapped In ninth so people can shut the fuck up about hating them

>> No.73351996

>Diversity is their strength
They're cucked, and thus safe.

>> No.73352001

Slaanesh Terminator with organ pipes on its back for maximum loud?

>> No.73352002

It's more likely the two halves will find their way into a start collecting Death Guard and primaris marines like the two halves of shadowspear did.

>> No.73352011

>Ok but how are Tyranids intelligent enough to plan something like that out?
the hivemind is intelligent
the tyranids only devolve into instinctive behaviours when they lose the synapse connection, they are being intelligently directed

>> No.73352013

>mfw I use a Miracle Dice to autopass a 6++ on my Exorcist

>> No.73352020

Since we are starting nice an spiteful, what is the thing you hate the most about Warhammer 40k?

>> No.73352024

the same time they get WE and EC codexes and model lines
which is never

>> No.73352026

They're clearly not organ pipes though.

>> No.73352029

Fuck that. Monopose start collecting sets are cancer

>> No.73352032

>DV chosen
>Ork Deffkoptas
We’re never fucking seeing any non muhreen shit ever again

>> No.73352043

>None of the Nurgle aesthetic
>Power fist dripping in slime and looks to have the fly symbol on it
>Newest one with the exhaust pipes that the army tends to have bellowing out disease fumes

>> No.73352051

I imagine with Dark Imperium going and -for a while at least- costing them 3 hero units it could be a replacement.

>> No.73352053

>DV chaos lord
I'm still mad

>> No.73352054

Too many women for a wargame.

>> No.73352055

I can dream, Anon.

>> No.73352058

never gonna happen, knights have been underwhelming for most of 8th but people will never forget once a faction dominates, even if it's not for that long.

>> No.73352059

They're going to be obnoxious for as long as they can parking lot and use savior protocols as freely as they can. I could care less whether or not they're good

>> No.73352065

>From everything we know about them they seem to just be a ravenous force that just consumes

>> No.73352066

I never really liked strategems
like I get the point and have even enjoyed using them, I just don't care for them from a design standpoint
lore wise I dunno, probably primaris marines and cawl
it's a basic bitch response but it's also true

>> No.73352078

these guys >73352054
now, boltguns or bolters for looks on primaris? Someone had a picture of one with a normal bolter if I remember correctly

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>> No.73352083

The price

>> No.73352084

I would assume GW removes them sooner or later and just has them as generic lord/sorcerer models.

>> No.73352088

It's cute that you think it's just a rules issue. You obviously weren't here when the warzone damocles books came out. The rage and reeee because of the lore of those books was incredible.

>> No.73352090

Manlet squatting really can't come soon enough, its actually painful knowing its likely going to be another decade until they get around to redoing GK.

>> No.73352094

>parking lot
not this edition apparently
>saviour protocols
either it gets put in line with other factions bodyguard abilities or everyone else bodyguards become tau drones

>> No.73352095

>Are they going to have a huge list of the points cost for every unit in the game in the rulebook?

Yes. They rarely change stats anymore. Instead, they change points costs and add stratagems. The new edition will have the latest points costs.

>I am also extremely confused about chapter approved and psychic awakening, are the stat changes on those mandatory to use for matched play?

They don't have stats changes. They might include the stat blocks of new units, but they won't change existing ones. They generally add new warlord traits and stratagems. They aren't mandatory but they tend to be very useful.

>> No.73352100

>Plagueburst Crawlers
>No penalty for moving and shooting their mortars
>Non LOS firing to circumvent new terrain rules
>Plaguespitters for melting infantry lines and and anything trying to bog them down
Can't wait

>> No.73352109

That's very ablist of you anon. I'll have you know that marvel cross-consoomers have trouble with complicated things like options and creativity. Monopose kits help them join the hobby.

>> No.73352111

How hard it is to gauge the strength of an emey unit. You have to know their stats, their weapons, their stratagems, their subfaction bonuses and the auras they're benefitting from.

>> No.73352117

Blame the faggotry of loyalist players. GW wasn't able to give them the same treatment they gave CSM because of how badly they'd freak out about being replaced.

>> No.73352122

At this point I wish GW would just squat or update GK to primaris so I no longer have to see any of those piss poor "conversions" people do. You know, the ones where they glue random GK bits on a primarine and call it an improvement. It physically hurts to look at.

>> No.73352131

>no corrosion
>no really warped parts
>no bugs
>no horns breaking through plating
>slime got WEfags excited thinking they were getting red butchers because the fist lacked the usual DG look

>> No.73352136

Ah yes the refuge of the sperg

>> No.73352137

>They rarely change stats anymore. Instead, they change points costs and add stratagems.
This is such a huge problem for the game's health and enjoyability. I fucking hate it.

>> No.73352157

How many points till I can viably bring a repulsor in my list

>> No.73352159

>When the average CSMchad owned maybe one unit of Chaos marines among shitonnes of cultists so the update was a welcome breath of fresh air

>> No.73352163

Not every part of every Death Guard model is corroded or AAAAAAAA TENTACLES IM GOING INSANE

>> No.73352165

Don't forget they're going to raise points across the board in 9th purely so they can reduce them as part of balance, which encourages sales from the WAAC crowd.

>> No.73352172

>primaris grey knights
shouldn't happen, they were a secret order, cawl getting his mechandrites into it would be horrible

just remake their terminators into the chaos-scale and squat everything else, none of their new units was good anyway

>> No.73352175

Yeah, giving units a stratagem in order to fix it is pure cancer. The community articles praising that are a joke.
>Look, this new stratagem is so great on that one trash unit!
>Now it might be good as long as you have CP to use the stratagem, isn't that fun?

>> No.73352177

>tfw the update got me to dive back in and start an iron warriors army

>> No.73352183

>not this edition
Hopefully. I don't like T'au shooting into combat much but we'll see how castles do
>everybody becomes T'au drones
That just makes everybody obnoxious. You're still included if that's the case.

>> No.73352186

it is on the new ones, the rumour engine doesn't fit the death guard it's for something else

>> No.73352187

it's a warmachine warjack

>> No.73352188

New Berzerker when god damn it? I will only expand my CSM if they release a new kit for mah boys.

>> No.73352191

>Imagining opinions to make yourself angry
Making things up isn't going to change the fact that You Will Not Be Missed.

>> No.73352196

converting a full army well is a huge project for average people.

>> No.73352197

its also to rein in point and army size inflation that occurred during 8th

>> No.73352214

You clearly don't even collect Death Guard.

>> No.73352215

Probably 1500 until its not list crippling. I certainly wouldn't do it without being IH.

>> No.73352218

Take a look at the newer DG stuff and say that again.
It's less AAAAAAAA TENTACLES IM GOING INSANE and more this is the daemon that lives in my shoulder pad he likes butter spaghet

>> No.73352221

It’s could easily happen. All the set-up is there for it. Caw wouldn’t even have to know.
>Grey Knight important person teleports to Terra
>demands Primaris grow-tech as well as tech priests with the knowledge of how it works and how to get it going
>teleport tit all back to Titan
Done. Super easy. Saying that because Grey Knights are all secret is a baby cop-out

>> No.73352224

>Blame the faggotry of loyalist players.
doubt it has much to do with that

primaris are 100% a kirby thing, that was later repurposed when the the internal leadership got shaken up and they cut back on the total AoS-style-reboot for 40k.

>> No.73352226

Whenever GW is done with primaris

>> No.73352235

Honestly if it's new khornemerators I'm still happy

>> No.73352236

Never then.

>> No.73352241

>Not only GK bits glued to primarines, but also dipped in nuln oil
I think I'm gonna throw up

>> No.73352242

just kitbash new CSM sculpts with AoS. They look amazing.

>> No.73352246

Nah it's definitely DG just looks weird.

>> No.73352251

Might be an Iron Warriors special character

>> No.73352253 [DELETED] 

>"I have come for your butter spaghet"

>> No.73352256

Just kitbash CSM and the AoS berserker kit

>> No.73352259

Prior to ullanor did the four to be cult legions ever team up

>> No.73352269

>"I have come for the butter spaghet"

>> No.73352270


>> No.73352271

blood warriors with awkward bolt pistols and chain weapons are not amazing kek

>> No.73352274


We will fight diversity...with DIVERSITY

>> No.73352278

Oh please, GW is fully aware how insane the loyalist obsessors are. Kirby was the root, but that was always on the minds of the decision makers.
If it wasn't, we would have seen primaris chaos instead of the thousand sons and death guard upscaling.

>> No.73352285

nurglings-only meme-army when?

>> No.73352293

you use the CSM bodies brainlet

>> No.73352294

You'd have reacted the same way if I said IH might get a special character before Ixion came out

>> No.73352296

much tentacles
many butter spaghet

>> No.73352299

just run them as pestillens

>> No.73352301

Love your models, dude. Convincing me to maybe go with metallic base tone. Unrelated, but I can't be the only person who fucking hates the arms on the havoks? What are they suposed to do? All their joints are on the same fucking axis, it makes me sperg that they wouldn't be able to reach the missiles much less the launcher itself.

>> No.73352308

Shooting into combat unfortunately makes riptides (a big source of peoples ass pain) better
If everyone becomes tau drones, others can at least do more frustrating things with their bodyguards but drones are cheap so im hoping drones get nerfed to work like everybody elses

>> No.73352323

>What do you think of my Ghost army? They're primed white, washed with Nihilakh Oxide and dry brushed white again. Do you want to hear their lore? It's pretty epic!

>> No.73352327

>every plate is deformed, dented and corroded
not really helping your point

>> No.73352331

Anyone have a picture of Tallasar blue contrast over silver? Looking for an easy way to do force weapons

>> No.73352334

I would love ghosts if we didn’t already have legion of the damned as precedent

>> No.73352336

>GW thinks nerfed often, hardly any strat synergy, no legion traits, bad LD, bad save, almost no options cultists are worth 6pts

if this is the logic they follow for applying points how expensive are gsc neophytes or guardsmen gonna be given they're actually kinda good

>> No.73352340

wrong general, dude

>> No.73352352

nope... I've seen Ghost Space Marine, ghost eldar, ghost guard...

>> No.73352368

Yet another person that does not understand what all units getting more expensive means.

>> No.73352389

Death Guard Dreadnought

>> No.73352393

it means that some can get more expensive than others

>> No.73352398

He's right in a way. No one will use cultist anymore. 4-6 for them while necron warriors went up 11-12 is arbitrary, and looks like a transparent attempt at soft squatting from play to punish multi formation.

>> No.73352399

>Ok but how are Tyranids intelligent enough to plan something like that out?
What kind of a retarded newfag question is that? The Hive Mind is the single most intelligent entity in the entire setting.

>> No.73352400

cultist increasing by 50% and Intercessors increasing by 13% was pretty indefensible and a horrible precedent to start with

>> No.73352404

hope its a EC terminator

>> No.73352406

Smaller and smaller boxes with a bigger price tag.

>> No.73352409

My Nighthaunt are the best Nighthaunt

>> No.73352413

Hmmm anon, from my records it says that you only bought one box of Dark Imperium throughout the whole of 8th Edition. Care to explain?

>> No.73352415

It also means people jumping through all kind of mental hoops to convince themselves only their favorite unit got more expensive.

>> No.73352416

>legs and torsos have no inscriptions on them, which is part of the aegis

Anyone who converts primaris GK needs to be castrated for sidelining a main piece of GK lore for MUH TROOSCALE

>> No.73352443

>Easily spent over €1000 since the start of 8th
I wish that were true.

>> No.73352444

5x intercessors with a hammer and auto rifles for 121 points is rough man, and that's if gear doesn't go up.

>> No.73352446


>> No.73352457

Just don't like 'umies.

>> No.73352466

im sorry the best troop choice in the game got slightly more expensive, while other units are almost doubling in price.

>> No.73352468

Nobody was using necron warriors. Comparing the most used infantry unit of CSM to something people only field when they are okay with losing is a good example of the mental hoops I was talking about.

Using percentages is one of the best ways to fool people.
>All income will increase by 2%, hurray!
>That this means that low wage only gets a couple of bucks more each month, and higher wage enough to buy another house or yacht doesn't matter, it's equal everybody!

>> No.73352470

must be a mixup in your records, I bought zero

>> No.73352478

Kitting around with my chaos lads, and wanted to make sure I got something right.

If I take a Death Guard detachment an Alpha Legion detachment and plague marines in that alpha legion detachment, can I use death guard strats that only specify they need to be used on plague marines on the Alpha Legion plague marines? For instance, Trench Fighters or Putrid Fecundity?

>> No.73352483

We are going to beat you to death

>> No.73352489

Imperial Fists players, always waacfags or massive basedboys.

>> No.73352490

No where near as rough as a full squad of cultists that bring basically nothing to the table

>> No.73352494

I really like plague marines, but not a whole lot else about death guard.

>> No.73352495

But its not a apples to oranges comparison.

Its comparing some of the best two troop choices in the game at the moment.

>> No.73352496

But PAGK are a shooty unit

>> No.73352502

So what's the fucking point of PA Pariah?It's almost WD Index Astartes level 'update'

>> No.73352503

show us your conversions anon, so we can learn. After or prior to that you can take some alcazaltzer.

>> No.73352522

what a terrible comparison.

Cultists were only really useful for CP farming. Intercessors are some of the best troops in the game at the moment.

Unless there's something were missing, it was a baffling decision.

>> No.73352526

Oter legions can still use them

>> No.73352533

Yeah its a cockup
They couldve easily shoved deathwatch and harlequins in there to “fill it up” albeit at the cost of pissing off cron and sister players (lol)

>> No.73352541

>Every other Grey Knight I've seen is extremely shiny and clean
>These guys still look shiny but seem less clean and more darkened
I really like it anon

>> No.73352542

yeah, each one of them is a work of love

except the helmet guy and the nadesman, you know the ones

>> No.73352543

>Marinefags have to actually think, consider pts and not just auto consoom the best cookie cutter shit
>Taufags gutted
>Hordefags on suicide watch
How could 9th be made any better?

>> No.73352550

cultist being "used" is disingenuous, required then sitting around on the board doing nothing is more apt. The best infantry on a per point basis are likely skitarii rangers currently.

>> No.73352552

You can only use death guard strats on Plage marines in the death guard detatchment

>> No.73352560

Manlets and Nids getting squatted

>> No.73352565

You can't use strategems from a codex to affect units from a different codex.
Example: You can't use Daemon codex Strategems on DG codex Daemons.
So to answer your question, no you can't use DG strategems on Plague Marines in a CSM detachment.

>> No.73352566


>> No.73352570

Their intent, and likely result was that you just don't take them. In that case they technically impact list building far less.

>> No.73352571

There is some reason to believe that partway through the Psychic Awakening development they completely scrapped their original plans and winged it.

It appears that originally the 9e starter box was going to be AdMech vs Necrons following up on Forgebane but they decided having a starter box without Marines was sacrilege so they shunted the AdMech release off to Engine War and swapped it out with more Primaris. Who knows what other changes and ramifications that had.

>> No.73352575

Cultist are not the best troop. They only get used because chaos marines are absolute garbage. So bad that bringing worst conscripts is better.

>> No.73352583

Crons gonna wait for 9th ed to get their update
And then get powercreeped over the course of 9th ed as a result.

>> No.73352588

>You can't use strategems from a codex to affect units from a different codex.
There is nothing in the rules preventing that. GW specifically had to change daemons and CSM keywords so ppl could no longer use certain stratagems with certain units.

>> No.73352589

>squatting nids
Shittest possible taste.

>> No.73352596

Which ones?

>> No.73352597

Dubs or funniest image gets to choose which Craftworld I paint up

>> No.73352598

>Grey knight helmets sold out everywhere
Who of you did this? and tips on sculpting my own knightly SM helmets

>> No.73352601

GW thinks cultist are used because they are cheap. Not because chaos marines are shit and the CP, detachment and stratagem system is broken at its core

>> No.73352603

Where are these new points values coming from?

>> No.73352605

not true. They are some of the best because it enables Chaos soupfagging - which is required for them to compete against Primarisfags

>> No.73352618

Buy one helmet then cast it a million times with bluestuff.

>> No.73352620

Imperial Guard are still gonna be cancer

>> No.73352626

>soup bitching
Post discarded

>> No.73352627


>> No.73352630

Q: When a Stratagem from Codex: Chaos Daemons uses the DAEMON keyword, can it be used to affect any unit with the DAEMON keyword, or only units with the DAEMON Faction keyword?
A: These Stratagems can only affect units with the DAEMON Faction keyword.

You can't use cross-codex strategems, anon.

>> No.73352632


>> No.73352633


>> No.73352635


>> No.73352639

Tfw I collect both Death Guard and Necrons

>> No.73352640

We have been over this. The release manager said that the Necron codex is around the corner. So it would be pointless to write Necron stuff in the PA and then rewrite them again in the codex.

>> No.73352645

Which is now dead for everyone in 9th, so why are cultists so expensive going into 9th

>> No.73352646

WE codex
except its utter shit and unplayable even in casual games

>> No.73352649

Well fuck, that didn't take long and that's what I was hoping for. Huh.

>> No.73352650

Maybe DG will get a late 9th ed release like SM 2.0

>> No.73352651

your own
>Neon Pink, Lime Green!
>get a single helmet
I can't, its sold out everywhere I look
>buying directly from forgeworld

>> No.73352653

H-he's fast!

>> No.73352657

>accurately describing 8th edition
>soup bitching
nigger what

>> No.73352661

>The release manager said that the Necron codex is around the corner.
Which we already knew anyways, I dont know how this is coming as a surprise to literally anyone with half a functioning brain.

>> No.73352664

They could've just shove DW and Clowns there to make it look better instead of putting them in WD?

>> No.73352665

Are primaris marines really as tall model ways as Custodes? Save for helmet height.

>> No.73352667

Tau player here, unfortunately the reason why most Tau players are assblasted is because everything that's been revealed either nerfs or makes redundant a ton of stuff that we have that ISN'T triptide. Triptide is really boring to play and personally I just like to have dakka, but the only other strong list out right now is FSE and that's looking like it won't hold up in 9th.

>> No.73352673

The shit was already printed months in advance

>> No.73352677

That is what GW had to change about CSM and Daemons to prevent certain broken combo's, yes.

But everything else still goes. As long as the required keywords are there you totally can.

>> No.73352679

Precisely. That's why i said above that it was a baffling decision.

The only possible reason i can think of is GW pricing CSM to enable them to be spammed

>> No.73352681

Cultist do not allow by themself soup. You can do it with chaos marines too. So hardly a point to bring up

>> No.73352682

>now dead
premature, people forget you get a point every round. You can likely buy multiple formations and end up netting more cp over a game than 8th.

>> No.73352684

Even if they only specify being used on units with the 'plague marine' keyword?

>> No.73352686

What are you washing over the silver to achieve that color?

>> No.73352690

No. They are taller.

>> No.73352697

So who won in War of the Spider? Bile obviously?

>Imperium is getting assfucked in almost every PA books and will lose in Pariah as well

>> No.73352699

agree to disagree. they save close to 100 points in a normal CSM soup list

>> No.73352703

All bodyguard abilities should intercept the hit, nothing else.

>> No.73352705

This is literally it and it's obvious why.

>everyone already owns a million cultists
>GW just made new CSM boxes they want to sell

>> No.73352718

I've seen posts here and there saying there's going to be a universal point-hike for most/all models in the new edition. If that's the case, should I hold off on putting an army list together until after 9th comes out?

>> No.73352721

Trying to sell csm by making the other options even worse isn't gonna work. People will just stop playing CSM all together.

>> No.73352722

Bile made out like a bandit with custodes dna and deathguard relic

>> No.73352726

>plague marines with alpha legion traits plus DR and all other plague marine goodies
That is clearly an exploit, dont be that guy anon. Plus if it was actually a thing tournament fags would have been running alpha legion plague marines for years now.

>> No.73352732

>tfw just finished converting and painting Neophyte Hybrids as cultists

>> No.73352740

Pariah will end on a cliffhanger since it's meant as an introduction and opened for 9th ED and the new Necron vs SM box that happens in the same warzone.

>> No.73352741

>it makes me sperg that they wouldn't be able to reach the missiles much less the launcher itself
I guess thats what the claw game arm is for
Just Agrax over Ironbreaker

>> No.73352745

Everybody considering to start 40k or expand their army should wait until 9th is released.

>> No.73352746

Look what I've found!

>> No.73352748

Actually you're right. The CHAOS DAEMONS one seems to be an exception. As long as it only has PLAGUE MARINE you can use it on your CSM detachment.

>> No.73352749

>new terrain rules allows us to shoot you out of LoS and you cant see us
>new melee rules allows us to completely fuck you over with multiple units charging etc
>new cp system allows us more base cp as we're an elite army
>Can also get 2cp a turn now because of the +1cp power and the natural 1cp per turn of 9th


>> No.73352757

>Sisters get to be 225cm
>Im not even on this scala

>> No.73352758

>dense motherfucker
You are basically agreeing with cultist only being brought because they are cheap, not because they are good. They do not allow soup by themself you can do it with regular chaos marines, just more expensive.
If you want people to use chaos marine in chaos marine armies make them worth using, like the Primaris incest squads.

>> No.73352769

Joke's on them, I have a bunch of CSM and Cultists, so I'll just pick and choose what to use.

>> No.73352770

Time to dunk our csm in Nurgles rot and say the cultists are poxwalkers boys. WE DEATH GUARD NOW

>> No.73352780

You couldn't afford the soup without the savings cultists provide you double nigger

>> No.73352783

true csm fans have chaos marines to use. the waacfagers are the ones with 60 cultists and no marines.

>> No.73352784

Surf's up, brother

>> No.73352796

"Psychic Awakening : Pariah" is named after the Pariah Nexus which a huge zone of space under the influence of the Pylon effect.

Did GW bait and switch the fans? Fans expected that Pariah meant a return of Necron Pariahs but turns out it's not. They could have named the Nexus anything else. Did they pick Pariah to tease the fans?

>> No.73352799


>> No.73352804

I got a recast dread, except for the gun it's not bad and will barely notice once its painted, thoughts?

>> No.73352812

That's nice, anon. But GW doesnt care what kind of player you are, the money all looks the same to them.

>> No.73352814

100 points hardly a noticeable tax. Even for chaos it just allows you squeeze a bit more.

>> No.73352817

I mean, psychic blanks in general are called pariah's. I can see where the necronfags are coming from, but it is just very, very wishful thinking. Hope being the first step and all that.

>> No.73352821

even the worst recast looks fine after being painted. You can always add battle damage to draw eyes away if its very bad.

>> No.73352825

>you can never use this word because the fans might have a brain fart and then blame you for their own delusions.

>> No.73352828

I don't normally go in for the bullshit gw pushes marine rules conspiracies but how do you give tides to gk so they smite for 2 in the same damn book as the 1k sons rules.

>> No.73352830

>100 points
>not noticeable

>> No.73352839

Except for a couple thin bits I'm pretty pleased with it like, all the WE details are pretty crisp, only took 2 weeks to arrive also

>> No.73352840

>It appears that originally the 9e starter box was going to be AdMech vs Necrons following up on Forgebane but they decided having a starter box without Marines was sacrilege so they shunted the AdMech release off to Engine War
Bullshit. Nothing the admech got is starer set stuff.

>> No.73352844

>obviously an exploit
>but actually wait no it can't be good cuz it's not being used
Which one, anon. I just want to smile and use plague bois that don't suck cock, and have actual ranged units like havocs supporting them.
They're not great, hence stacking things to make them fun enough to use without being crippling to take
heck yes

>> No.73352846

Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d6)


>> No.73352855

There's no way you actually play the game

>> No.73352864

>It's a dead game warnoun

>> No.73352866

[SPOILER]what recaster did you use for that fast of a turnaround [/SPOILER]

>> No.73352870

I warned you all that admech just needed a decent PA to turn broken. Hope you're all enjoying the last days of 8th with our cyborg overlords!

>> No.73352882

Look at the base of that Necron support walker in the box set. You can see the chassis of a Kastelan Robot on it

>> No.73352886

one of the most embarrassing lore posts i've ever seen on this board

>> No.73352898

Players who play Tau because they’re the good guys

>> No.73352900

multiple necron units have Ad mech bits on their bases.

>> No.73352904


>> No.73352907

It's 45, but okay.

>> No.73352909

So am I blind, or does FW not sell Boltguns? All I can find are the ones (they might be pistols) in that space wolves upgrade kit. Where do I get Boltguns for the marines? Bits shops online sell em for, like, $3 a piece. There's not an official kit for them?

>> No.73352914

Then why are there pieces of destroyed AdMech stuff on the Necron starter set model bases, and why was AdMech the only force in all of PA to get some big multi-kit release instead of one hero model? It definitely feels like these forces were intended to face off at some earlier stage of development but GW swapped over to the current set up a little way through the long process.

>> No.73352918

>where do I get boltguns for the marines
on the marine sprue? tacs come with a lot

>> No.73352919

GW routinely take the dumbest, most backward, and typically completely ineffectual or incorrect route in game design and balance.

>> No.73352921

it supports the idea that the new set was supposed to be necron vs admech, and the marines were added in.
and you usually do it twice. so 90 points. which is why i said "close to 100"

>> No.73352925

It was from ali express, the last thing i ordered took 8 weeks to arrive so I was shocked when this showed in the post this morning

>> No.73352927


Literally any generic space marine kit has 10+ bolters

>> No.73352930

Yeah, with the hands molded on

God I miss the old kits.

>> No.73352947

Holy shit you're right, they're gone. Looks like recasters really are the only way to get 95% of what used to be in FW's catalogue now.

FW used to sell sets of 10 of each of the specific boltgun patterns

>> No.73352950

As in to claim that cultist are the reason why chaos can soup. No it is not. Cultist make it easier, but not the reason

>> No.73352955

The Soup detachment is 3x3 Nurglings, rarely anyone actually brings 60 cultists in competitive.

Alpha Legion Battalion
Nurgle/Nurgle Demon Battalion
Thousand Sons Supreme Command / Flawless Host Supreme Command

>> No.73352956

>why was AdMech the only force in all of PA to get some big multi-kit release
Because they had the kits ready. We got news about the flyer ages ago.
>It definitely feels like these forces were intended to face off at some earlier stage of development
Highly doubtful.

>it supports the idea that the new set was supposed to be necron vs admech, and the marines were added in.
No it doesn't. There's no rule to base decoration.

>> No.73352957

So in addition to a FW marine set, I'd need to get another marine set just to harvest the Bolters from?

I might've phrased the question wrong. *Do They Sell Boltguns By Themselves?

>> No.73352959

Another thing about the upcoming lore.

People who feel the effect of the Pylons feel weak and emotionless before going into a deep sleep they will never awaken from. That's the effect of their souls being removed from their bodies as the Warp is sealed away by the Pylons.

This is DIRECTLY stolen from AoS. When the Deepkin steal souls from their victims, they fall into a state of lethargic apathy before entering an endless sleep.Is there anything sacred? Will 40K stop stealing concepts and ideas from AoS?

>> No.73352963

How do you meet with people to play 40k? The only place around that does 40k is a GW Warhammer store, as the only other game shop closed down.

>> No.73352969

>Because they had the kits ready
Yeah almost like they designed a bunch of AdMech kits in parallel with a bunch of Necron kits or something???

>> No.73352982


Tyranid rules are up

>> No.73352983

>This is DIRECTLY stolen from AoS
It's the same lore writers working for the same company making two games that have the same Warp and same Chaos Gods and even the same weird unique fungus Orks. Nothing is "stolen" between the two of them you absolute fucking retard.

>> No.73352992

Ah. I only recently started, so I didn't know if they were missing or not. Thank you for clearing that up anon.

On the other hand, wow that sucks. I also remember seeing some weirdly proportioned marines from HH somewhere and I couldn't find them either. I guess they stopped selling those too.

>> No.73353000

>playing 40k

>> No.73353007

So this cover will give you a -1 to be hit and a cover save? Gonna be crazy for some models

>> No.73353013

That's been the effect of losing your soul/connection to the warp in both 40k and faantasy fro decades. Souls and warp stuff work the same in the two settings. Are you going to complain that they both have Chaos Demons?

>> No.73353017

>Cawl extremely relevant in the current lore
>Mass release of new AdMech models, including a new Start Collecting
>Necrons and AdMech is a classic matchup
>Random Kastelan Robot chassis on the base of the Necron walker despite AdMech being completely absent in the battle in the trailer
Use your head you fucking mong

>> No.73353019

Why would you ever buy FW marines

>> No.73353021

No, like they had designed a bunch of admech kits.
None of the admech kits are easy to build, which is the hallmark of a new edition.

>> No.73353025

They are the reason Chaos soup works. Im sorry you're wrong.

>> No.73353029

So lads, think flamers, heavy flamers, etc are actually going to be worth using in 9th?

We've had an entire fucking edition with them being garbage bin trash to the point even units based around them couldn't be salvaged despite point cost drops.

>> No.73353036

Only if the terrain also provides soft cover as well

>> No.73353038

It's a big fucking nothingburger. God damn.

>> No.73353049

Christ their rule wording is so fucking clunky

>> No.73353050

That is one list. the others use 2 CSM battalions.

>> No.73353052

01001000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100111 01100101 01110100 00100000 01100001 00100000 01010100 01100101 01100011 01101000 00100000 01010000 01110010 01101001 01100101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01000111 01000110 00111111

>> No.73353063

Holy shit they actually figured out a way to make TLoS worse

Just use fucking area terrain rules GW. Christ. The cancerous ITC fags influeincing the game design are responsible for this, I fucking know it.

>> No.73353072

What the fuck is the point of Alpha Legion trait now?

>> No.73353074

God that rule is so fucking clumsily written, but I'll take clunky wording that gets the job done over 8ths overly streamlined shit full of loopholes that need to be errata'd.

Also, just good in general to have -1 to hit cover.

>> No.73353077

So just like very faction focus so far?

>> No.73353079


So, since the acid spray isn't a blast weapon I'm assuming non of the flamers are ? On one hand you can shoot in melee but it seems pretty fucking dumb that they don't hit more against hordes.

>> No.73353081

No. It would be the reason if bringing cultist allowed the soup. You can soup without them.
Cultist make it efficient due to how broken and bad chaos marine are along with how shit the entire CP, Stratagem and detachment system is at its core.
Stop being obtuse

>> No.73353082

>AdMech got a release
>Therefore they were meant to be in the new set despite space marines always being in there!
Use yours.

>> No.73353088

01010100 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101000 01100101 01111000 01100001 01101101 01100001 01110100 01101001 01100011 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110011 01110100 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110100 01100100 01100001 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110

>> No.73353091

They already said that no flamer was a blast weapon.

>> No.73353101

Marines with long range marksmen use flamers just fine anon, in fact its a dominant strategy ;)

>> No.73353107

>use admech bits in a starter set vs primaris
use yours

>> No.73353109

Why the fuck is a stratagem something that should be in the datasheet of warriors?

>> No.73353110

it's pointless. the AL trait basically just allows enemies to move and shoot heavy weapons on infantry without penalties.

>> No.73353111


>> No.73353114

>He doesn't use the narrative play sections

>> No.73353115

wordy rules for the wordy throne

>> No.73353123

If you're being autistic around the word "can", sure. Being a pedantic cunt gets you nowhere.

>> No.73353124

Why the fuck does GW refuse to fix flamer? Are they scared to admit that the issue was never templates but their shit rules and autistic fags that are not welcomed anywhere

>> No.73353127

I think it makes sense, the max # of blast shots representing the inherent lethality a weapon of that caliber has against tightly-packed groups of enemies while the random number of flamer shots just represents how big a spurt of fuel the firing model throws out.

>> No.73353131

>Flamers will be extremely good at clearing shit off of your vehicles and monsters
>Want them to have blast so they're unusable in melee
Duhhh durrr doyyyy

>> No.73353136

Is it "safe" to get stuff from the Chinese?
I would really like the particular thing they're selling, but I don't know if my life and lungs are worth it.

>> No.73353140

Yeah, guess what, base material means nothing, and never has.

Calm down, retard.

>> No.73353142

Could someone explain that rule to me in English?

>> No.73353143

Ah, so flamers are destined to be useless in 9th as well
Bummer, they look cool and would fit a niche.
GW is terrified and/or too retarded to change profiles so they just bandaid with stratagems instead for some godawful fucking reason.
It's probably the influence of the ITC testers.

>> No.73353148

Explain Dense Terrain to me. Im a brainlet.

>> No.73353149

Area terrain is a thing 9e, this trait can just apply to more than ust area terrain is all.

It's wordy but honestly makes sense.

>> No.73353150

alpha legion trait is still broken, your waacfagging sensibilities shouldn't be threatened that its being threatened by terrain and all the unwashed legions might get conditional get -1 hit occasionally.

>> No.73353154

>Is it "safe" to get stuff from the Chinese?
Lmfao no. Even if corona doesnt get you, cancer fumes will.

>> No.73353158

What's wrong anon, you don't like rolling the dice?

>> No.73353162

Consider that most flamer type weapons released in the past yearish have all been at least 9" and it indicates they might actually be trying to fix them.

Also consider that flamers already eliminate the variance on hitting the target, removing shot count as well might make them slightly too good.

>> No.73353165

Cancer fumes?

>> No.73353167 [SPOILER] 

>He doesn't know AoS and 40k are the same

>> No.73353168

Just read it, it explains it clearly.

>> No.73353175

Breathing in cheap chinese resin dust is a great way to get lung cancer.

>> No.73353179

Well fuck, here I was hoping they would be useful again (except maybe on vehicles). Here I go hitting once while I'm using a fucking flamethrower against a swarm of nids / orks.

>> No.73353181

it is much better for them to shoot in melee, anon

>> No.73353183

none of what you're saying makes logical sense. we knew about the admech kits a long time ago, the kits themselves are the complete opposite of what a start collecting/edition box would contain, marines always have and always will be the edition starter box for obvious reasons, and a dead model on a base means jack fucking shit from a lore perspective, if it did nu-abaddon would've came out the same time as guilliman instead of years later

the dead beepboop is just little homage to the necron v admech rivalry they've built over the last years

>> No.73353184

>base material means nothing because i say it doesnt.
Its very odd, jarring, and confusing for new players.

>> No.73353186

if everyone of the models in the target (or every part of the hull of a tank) is behind the terrain, then they get shot with a malus to the hit roll

>> No.73353187

shit behind sandbags is -1 hit unless its sticking out the side, infront of them, or the shooting unit has an angle.

>> No.73353190

Just pointing out the blant lie of:
>They are some of the best because it enables Chaos soupfagging
>enables Chaos soupfagging
Its like saying coughing is the reason why you are sick. When it is just a symptom.

>> No.73353199

It's a meme.
Resin dust like all fine particles can damage your lungs. But There's nothing especially cancerous about Chinese recast compared to other minis.

>> No.73353203

Alpha Primus model and rules when? Mechanicus need a powerup

>> No.73353205

Fucking dammit, they're the only ones I know who have the specific thing.

That sucks.

>> No.73353206

Doesnt it say only 1 model needs to be out of position though, not every?

>> No.73353213

all fantasy settings are mere worlds inside a science fiction setting, which themselves are all inside the cosmology of another fantasy setting

>> No.73353216

all the templatefags said new rules would be an eternal downgrade for flamers, warned you about streamlining games bro

>> No.73353224

>Read the dense cover rules twice
>Now understand it completely
/tg/ can't read

>> No.73353225

Consistently terrible rules, aggressively imperium-oriented releases.

>> No.73353226

>legion trait enables enemies to move and shoot heavy weapons without penalty
>legion trait makes dense cover pointless

>> No.73353233

templates were dumb though, it was way more common for you to hit one or two models than it is now with those same weapons

>> No.73353234

>mechanicus needs a powerup

do you exist in this reality? Current admech is easily top tier

>> No.73353235

If you cant draw a straight line to every single part of one models base/hull without crossing the terrain you suffer -1 to hit unless you are in that same terrain or 3" behind it and it's an Obstacle.

>> No.73353238

>Its very odd, jarring, and confusing for new players.
No it's not.
>Who are these dead guys?
>>The guys the Space Marines are coming in to rescue
Then there's the fact Indomitus isn't a starter set intended for new players anyway.

>> No.73353239

Just wear a mask instead of snorting the filings from cleaning the mini and you'll be fine.

>> No.73353243

>currently dominating at a lot of tournaments
>skittle HQ would be meaningless
ok retard

>> No.73353245

-1 to hit if you shoot at an enemy unit and the terrain is between you and them.

Doesn't work if the shooting unit is within 3" of the terrain or inside it.

>> No.73353246

all models must be in cover to get the malus

if only one model sticks out fully or one part of the hull does, then the shooting unit knows where they are and can shoot without malus

>> No.73353248

nice trips, my advice to you is to play more

>> No.73353253

>legion trait that does literally nothing

>> No.73353255

I recall some autistic discussion about flamers being better than storm bolters for SoB
Yes they are better in only one situation:
When overwatching and rolling 3 hits.
Every other situation flamers are absolute waste, to the point of being better not bringing them at all

>> No.73353256

I'm kidding but a Alpha Primus model would be cool even if he's borderline Lord of War

>> No.73353263

>its not odd because i say it isn't

>> No.73353264

Bring back templates

>> No.73353267




>> No.73353268

>Indomitus isn't a starter set intended for new players anyway.
how so?

>> No.73353272

It is safe to buy shit from china, all resin dust is bad for your lungs so just make sure when you sand/saw it there is ventilation

>> No.73353277

>or one part of the hull
No, if any part of the hull is covered then you have -1

>> No.73353285

Penalty to hit.

>> No.73353290

Thank you anon. That's the most concise explanation i've gotten so far.

>> No.73353291

a malus is the opposite of a bonus
>bonus of +1 to the hit roll
>malus of -1 to the hit roll

>> No.73353292

The pipes look like an instrument.

>> No.73353294

A lot of things are stacked against flamers, the point price, the 8" range when you'll be deepstriking at 9" or overwatching against 9" deepstrikers, the random number of shots. Shooting in melee with vehicles is nice but I don't think it'll be enough to make them viable unless they're cheaper.

>> No.73353296

What does hull mean to a mdoel?

>> No.73353297

They litterally said its not, its meant to be a celebration box for preexisting players

>> No.73353305

>>Necrons and AdMech is a classic matchup
The first time they were paired together was Forgebane two years ago. Ultramarines and Necrons have way more actual history as a match-up. The first BL novel featuring Necrons in 2002 had them fighting the UM 4th company. At Damnos The Necrons kicked the 2nd Company's ass so hard that Calgar mobilized the whole Chapter to reconquer the planet. Sautekh, the biggest Dynasty, borders Ultramar.

>> No.73353306

Hamburger cheeseburger big mac whopper
Hamburger cheeseburger big mac whopper
Hamburger cheeseburger big mac whopper
Big mac big mac big mac whopper

>> No.73353308

Not him but they've said Indomitus isn't a starter set at all. It's a commemorative special set for the new edition.

>> No.73353310

I googled it and it said its a type of apple

>> No.73353313

The vehicle itself opposed the base

>> No.73353318

Because they aren't "wasting" money on dice and rulers. It's still a fantastic starter set.

>> No.73353319

oh wow, now big models are going to tip-toe their way inside 3" tall terrain

>> No.73353320




>> No.73353327

Even with autistic spreading that never happen was mostly done by marinefags. it was strange to just get 2 models. Usually 3+ was the norm

>> No.73353333

I would sort of like templates back even though they could slow the game down some as you tried to count the models under a big pie plate. I think people with really nice paint jobs also tended to dislike dealing with templates due to the chance of accidentally damaging models. They could make flamer type weapons more predictable by going to a 2dX keep highest on number of hits which would make them less swingy than they currently are while also avoiding bringing back templates.

>> No.73353334

Its a good set to start an army maybe not start 40k

>> No.73353335


>> No.73353338

>It's odd because I say it is

>> No.73353339

>dark imperium is discontinued
you're a retard if you think indomitus is not a starter set
>but they said it's limited
only the version with the extra heroes and the limited edition rulebook, it's shit they've done before

>> No.73353343

Malus comes from the Latin word for bad "Mal", and Bonus comes from the Greek word good for good "bone"

>> No.73353344


>> No.73353346

Honestly thats one of the weaker tides

Tide of Shadows and the +1S+Damage to Psi weapons are the 2 tides you should always be in

>> No.73353351

Its odd because you're fighting against Space Marines.

You haven't explained why it isn't strange except your feelings.

>> No.73353354

When hell freezes over and I loose my virginity so never

>> No.73353357

>Playing Burgers in a Chicken meta
Fucking CAAGfags, will they ever learn?

>> No.73353359

>you're a retard if you think indomitus is not a starter set
It's not, they've said its not. It's a limited set and will eventually be split into two separate starter kits.

>> No.73353365

Also checked

>> No.73353373

Yes, it just includes a rule book and 2 armies to learn to play with your mate.

but its not a starter set because daddy gw said so

>> No.73353376

>worth using in 9th?
Absolutely not. Only units with Flamers that I can see is viable are Immolators and Hellhounds.

>> No.73353377

>dominating at lots of tournaments
what fucking tournaments have been going on post engine war.

>> No.73353386

By the will of the Omnissiah! Ordo Reductor units are being deployed

>> No.73353387

The Thousand Sons rules were really good though. Thousand Sons didn't need as big a power boost as GK.

>> No.73353390

I wish the prime form of shitposting on 4chan wasn't pretending to be a reading comprehension challenged retard

>> No.73353395

This 7 confirms the fist and exhaust pipes rumour engines are for Death Guard releases

>> No.73353398

Anon, they literally cancelled cyraxus. It was completely scrapped.

>> No.73353400


>> No.73353402

We have a baseline for a starter set anon and this ain't it.

>> No.73353406

So if a knight tippy toe is obscured 1mm behind a Dense Cover, you get -1 to hit it because you can't draw a line to EVERY part of of it's base?

>> No.73353410

>they've said its not
It comes with two decently sized monopose armies and the main rulebook of a new edition at the start of that edition. It is literally the FUCKING DEFINITION of a starter set regardless of whether or not they call it that. Stop being an autist.

>> No.73353412

Death Guard flamers tend to be be really good

>> No.73353420

It's Traitor Guard you stinking lout.

>> No.73353421

>Hmmm here come 30 angry green retards to cave my skull in. I think I’ll just goose the trigger enough to hit two.

>> No.73353422

pretty obvious they're just framing it as not a starter set to entice veterans to purchase.

As a starter box, its extremely good.
It literally is. Is it not a starter set because it doesnt include plastic ruler and dice?

>> No.73353429

Pretty sure that 18 wounds rule would override the Knight's ability to gain cover

>> No.73353433

If Flamers were basically included for free in IG squads with upgrades available to replace with plasma/melta/grenade it wouldn't be completely worthless since you could enhance the unit for overwatch and provide on average an increase in shots over a lasgun but the points cost for a flamer would need to be either free or extremely low.

>> No.73353442

>Is it not a starter set because it doesnt include plastic ruler and dice?
It's a Launch set because it's limited to boot.
Starter sets (Dark Imperium) last a whole edition.

>> No.73353444

>Is it not a starter set because it doesnt include plastic ruler and dice?
Yes, that's the baseline and has been for decades.

>> No.73353445

Yes stop believing in the fake flu

>> No.73353448

The new admech flamers are absolutely busted. Its all about toning them up to what they should be

>> No.73353455

But that's for Obscured, this is Dense.

>> No.73353456

something must be missing from the rule, like a wounds limitation like for the LOS blocking terrain
or it's absurd

>> No.73353458

wouldn't that be chicken at all cost tho?
he's clearly a Burger/Whopper fag

>> No.73353465

TTS/Euro tournies

>> No.73353468

Go away /x/ ain't no one got time for your shiat

>> No.73353470


As another anon mentioned, thats an extremely autistic definition of a starter sets. Even new players would rather have more models than 2 household items everyone already has.

>> No.73353473

Who the fuck thought making cover rules more and more complicated is a good idea?

>> No.73353480

>Can literally fucking ignore this new "dense terrain" rule with a psychic power

>> No.73353482


>> No.73353495

who the fuck cares about gay knights, go be a manlet somewhere else

>> No.73353498

When will Pizza get some support?

>> No.73353500

Ehh sometimes Knights have to hide as well especially when some of the Forge World models hit the table. The Shadowsword titan killer volcano cannon can fuck with true Titans and Knights would have to advance in cover to take one out typically.

>> No.73353507

pizza is getting squatted famalam

>> No.73353508

does artillery's "fuck LoS" ignore this shit?

>> No.73353509

Yours and my definition doesn't matter.
GW never called it a starter set. It's a launch set.

>> No.73353514

They should have mentioned that Vehicles, Monsters and Titanic units can't use Dense Cover.

>> No.73353524

They might not. Ignoring LOS is too powerful, this might reign it in.

>> No.73353529

So if GW says something, its automatically true?
Imagine being you.

>> No.73353534


>> No.73353536

I mean, most of 40k started as a warhammer fantasy rip off. It's why we have things like ogryns, eldar and orks.

>> No.73353539

Spotted the Nurgle cultist

>> No.73353542

Necrons too

>> No.73353546

T. Seething Primarisfag

>> No.73353552

40K has been riding AoS's coattails for too long.

>> No.73353565

Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?

>> No.73353567

I'll just leave this here.

>> No.73353570

>Its odd because you're fighting against Space Marines.
That's not odd.
>You haven't explained why it isn't strange except your feelings.
What's strange about it?

>> No.73353574

With what?

>> No.73353585

I want to believe you're trolling but my country is full of too many gullible retards that actually fall for this "COVID19 is a fake hoax conspiracy" horseshit. If you're actually one of those, kill yourself.

>> No.73353589

>Targeted Smite
It's ok I guess

>> No.73353591

Delayed indefinitely =/= cancelled

>> No.73353596

God I miss Initiative

>> No.73353597

All fiction is merely part of a greater setting called My Dick & Balls, which encompasses every facet of human experience, and is girthy and if anything too long.

>> No.73353603


>> No.73353608

>Strategic Reserves rules tomorrow
Hoping for good things!

>> No.73353619

Lol wow its shit.

>> No.73353628

Yeah, 9th edition looks fucking shit so far. Why make the core rules simpler mechanically, but then pile on loads and loads of caveats?

I was going to get back into the game but I can't be arsed.

>> No.73353635

What AREN'T Made in China these days?
Anyway, the virus on the surface will most likely to be dead during the time it gets to you, like in 2 weeks or something,

>> No.73353637

Go one, what's strange about dead people on a base?
Primaris Calgar came out with a Nid head, but he wasn't fighting Nids at the time.

>> No.73353645

No idea what you're on about, everything about it looks better so far.

>> No.73353651

>I was going to get back into the game but I can't be arsed.
Bye. I assume this means you'll stop posting here.

>> No.73353652


minmaxing carnifices and dreadnoughts to not wield melee weapons will always be a huge mistake
gw should stop catering to little timmies who are incapable of assembling their models correctly and to tourneyfags that aren't self aware enough to realise that balancing the game around their favourite netlists will do nothing to fix the terrible internal balance of the army's choices

>> No.73353653

They completely went off the deep end with special rules/formations.

>> No.73353657

If you think 9th edition already looks too complicated, tabletop wargames are not meant for you.
Try to stick to simpler things, like fortnite on mobile and such.

>> No.73353658


Compared to, say 4th, no. It's worse and less fun.

>> No.73353659

Get that ugly bitch a headswap pronto

>> No.73353662

That's because Calgar and Nids is a legendary iconic matchup that goes back 30 years and was many people's introduction to the game/setting.

>> No.73353666

not great, not terrible. if she's 80 or so points might be a nice add for targeting characters with smite and helping your melee units

>> No.73353676

Why doesn't she get blammed for using a Dire Avengers Shuriken Catapult? Even if Ordo Xenos that's a pretty baller move.

>> No.73353678


>complex and unwieldy = deep

Idiot man

>> No.73353680

What's the 40k equivalent to the book of grudges?

>> No.73353686

Who the fuck is playing 4th still, we're comparing it to 8th.

>> No.73353691

>euro tournies
>the hellzone that's more closed off than the US ever was
TTS tournies is funny though. The only redeemable factor that 40k has going for it is the real world social interaction and models, and online play has none of it.
My favorite clip this month is a dude at the trump rally saying something like "yeah, we know a guy who died from it, and his son had it and was on a ventilator, but you know both sides spin the issue so you don't really know what the real facts are" when talking about why he's not wearing a mask.

>> No.73353695

deathwatch have a book full of "we hate aliens here's how to kill them ps fuck aliens" you can take as a relic

>> No.73353696

You have inquisitors summoning daemons and using chaos weapons but a shuriken catapult is an issue?

>> No.73353698


And I said I was coming back into the game maybe. I think I'll stick with my /awg/ stuff

>> No.73353705

>hes still comparing to 5 editions ago
Why not always play 4th then? Literally moaning about old good new bad

>> No.73353706

that face is awful

>> No.73353707

I headswap anything that doesn't have a helmet. Not wearing head protection in a battle just triggers my OCD too much.

>> No.73353709

she put a purity seal on it
confirmed pure

>> No.73353710

>I first learned 40k lore on reddit: the post

>> No.73353712

Cool, Necrons and admech are an iconic match up, so that's why there are dead admech on Necron bases.

>> No.73353717

>You have inquisitors summoning daemons and using chaos weapons
Name 5.

>> No.73353720

Its strange to have slain enemy of another army on the bases of a starter set.

It would be like having eldar on plague marine bases in Dark Imperium.

>> No.73353723

>what are radical inquisitors
so many fucking secondaries

>> No.73353729

Ranged fexes in general were a mistake. Carnifexes should've stayed the line breaker tyrannid creature used for absorbing maximum firepower and then slicing into Marines and Marine equivalents like butter.

>> No.73353731

Like a busted up Tilda Swinton

>> No.73353733

Using a shuriken catapult is one of the lightest offenses Inquisitors can pull off.

>> No.73353735

Nothing stopping you playing 4th edition bro.

>> No.73353745

Every dread should have a melee arm and a gun arm because when things get in cc destroying your gun arms hitting them is stupid

>> No.73353748

It's not an iconic matchup.

>> No.73353753

>Necrons and admech are an iconic match up
No they aren't. Stop lying.

>> No.73353757

>lets remove initiative!
>ummm we are going to bring it back again and make it a mess of a rule!

>> No.73353765

>Its strange to have slain enemy of another army on the bases of a starter set
No it's not.
AdMech just job to Necrons before the Marines show up. It's not hard.

>> No.73353770


I always find GW drone cope hilarious. This stuff they've previewed is so badly written even the consoomers on Warhammer twitter are laughing at it before you.

>> No.73353779

Paralysis grenades are good to stop a unit getting murdered by a 2CP interrupt.

>> No.73353781

Nobody. Anybody who says they are has lied.

>> No.73353783


>> No.73353790

It made plenty of sense at the time it was implemented because fexes were the biggest monster you could field back then so they needed to be versatile to a lot of different roles.

As the game has added more monsters over time suited for that role, though, like Exocrines and Tyrannofexes, its diminished that need. Still, I don't mind having the option, I just wish melee fexes were a lot more viable. Their rules have been gutted for like 3 editions now.

>> No.73353795

Eisenhorn is not the average Inquisitor. Most Inquisitors are Ordo Hereticus and would not hesitate to Excommunicate Traitorus a heretic using a demon weapon or a demonhost.

>> No.73353798

I'm not saying its not explainable, you autist.

I'm saying is a very odd design decision, and suggests an ulterior explanation.

>> No.73353799

cannons are cool, it's just that taking away their talons/claws is aesthetic cancer and is only done for a waacfag loadout

even tyrants should not get that terrible loadout: the wings should force them to use at least one pair of scything talons

>> No.73353800

I want specifics anon, who among them has summoned daemons or used daemon weapons?

>> No.73353811

Painting my lord of contagion. Still a WIP

>> No.73353812

Ugh, me too. I kind of hate how their piece mealing the rules without context but I like the changes I've read so far.

>> No.73353813

her rules are decent nerd, were you expecting abaddon tier?

>> No.73353814

>if you have a land raider underneath an archway, and the archway covers approx a cm of the hull, that's -1 to hit, but a squad that has a single member fully visible is fully targetable

>> No.73353815

Admech have been fucking around in Tombs and waking up Necrons since 3e.
They even have a whole video game about it.

>> No.73353816

and now you can shoot in melee so this shit will be even more prevalent

>> No.73353825

>Old editions picked out at random with no real insight

Ah you're those Zoomers I've heard about.

>> No.73353834

>I'm saying is a very odd design decision, and suggests an ulterior explanation.
And I'm saying it's not odd and does not suggest an ulterior motive, because it's easily explainable and does not require one.

>> No.73353836

Jamie pull up the definition of Iconic

>> No.73353840

Why would an Archway be dense cover?

>> No.73353843

>Disagrees with my bullshit comparison between 4th and 9th
>m-must be a drone g-guys!!
Neck yourself you secondary

>> No.73353844

The are talking about acid maw though

>> No.73353852


I want to see a batrep of a game using the new cover rules before i even try to understand them.

>> No.73353853

But you didn't easily explain it. Your explanation is more confusing than the other.

Do you really think someone sat at a CAD station for 1000+ hours crafting these sprues and just decided to put ad mech bits on the necron bases?

>> No.73353856

Tell me about Inquisitor Draco, why does he travel around with a squat?

>> No.73353859


I've only mentioned 4th lol, don't project onto me. It was a good base ruleset with mostly fair codexes, outside of 3.5 Chaos and Eldar.

>> No.73353865

But someone told me 4th was the best one.

>> No.73353870

Cus he rides a sick motorbike

>> No.73353875

they are also talking about the pair of twin linked heavy devourers

>> No.73353877

It's not that weird gw have been pushing necrons vs admech a lot lately with forgbane and the mechanics game and stuff.
Makes sense they'd be fighting each other much like having nids on ultramarine bases

>> No.73353881

Every single one of the Ordo Malleus radical inquisitors.

>> No.73353901

>But you didn't easily explain it.
Yeah I did.
>Your explanation is more confusing than the other.
>Do you really think someone sat at a CAD station for 1000+ hours crafting these sprues and just decided to put ad mech bits on the necron bases?
Yeah. Putting dead guys on the bases is not a new idea.

>> No.73353904

The only dense cover in this post is you.

>> No.73353905

This cover thing seems way too easy to get now. If I'm right, if *any* part of my models base is obscured by terrain, I get +1 to save and -1 to hit. Given that the base is the lowest-lying part of any model, I'll be able to get this cover very easily.

>> No.73353908

Yes. Like maybe building up to a confrontation in a starter box?

And maybe, some suit dummy at GW stepped in and demanded they switch to primaris because games workshop.

>> No.73353912

Radical Inquisitors still have to report back to their superiors and requisition troops from various Imperium resources. I'm all for using xenos tech when it's worthwhile but using a Shuriken Catapult is basically putting a sign over your head that says "Heretic and radical" and when you typically have to recruit allies like Ad Mech or SoB or Marines or any number of other Imperial factions showing up with a Catapult is a huge amount of risk for very limited reward.

>> No.73353922

You didn't.
>Yeah. Putting dead guys on the bases is not a new idea.
Yea. Dead guys of the army you're pitted against.

As i stated before, its like putting eldar bits on plague marine bases. It doesn't follow.

>> No.73353929

>Putting dead guys on the bases is not a new idea.
not having the dead guys match the guys they're fighting in when the models are designed to come from the same box is

>> No.73353951

Squats are abhumans so at least sort of vaguely acceptable in even more central areas in the Imperium

>> No.73353952

Help a brainlet out

Can space marines field a baneblade/imperial knight as an allied detachment no strings attached? AFAIK they can but i never see them used in battle reports or on any lists.

>> No.73353957

>B-b-b-but it has to be the army they're fighting against right now!
So Abaddon can only fight Marines?
Guilliman can only fight Chaos Marines?
Stop being stupid.

>> No.73353960

Hey anons, I got a SC! Craftworlds box and would like to magnetize the wraithguard/blades and the wraithlord to keep my options open, however these are the first miniatures i'm working with. Do you have any tips for a beginner and suggestions for things I need such as what size/strength magnets I should use? Also, would a dremel tool work instead of a hobby drill as I don't have a hobby drill.

>> No.73353965

Oblivious newfag, how long have Mk II marines been OOP? I don't see any on eBay.

Follow up question - due to the amount of time they've been gone, if I were to walk into a GW with a few how obvious would it be that they're recasts? Would anyone care since FW doesn't make them anymore or would they still be rejected on principle

>> No.73353970

>Radical Inquisitors still have to report back to their superiors
Inquisitors don't really have superiors. They can operate independently for decades or more if they want.

>and requisition troops from various Imperium resources
They can just leave their heretic equipment in the cubbard, use any form of deception or method of obscuring it. Also remember that very few people in the Imperium dare ask questions when an Inquisitor comes calling.

>> No.73353971

If that Terrain has the Dense Cover trait.

>> No.73353977


>> No.73353981

Its actually a lot easier than you think. Any ~10 dollar rare earth magnets on amazon will be fine

>> No.73353986

>Can space marines field a baneblade/imperial knight as an allied detachment
yes following the requisite detachments

>no strings attached
no, check the various army special rules, you'll be disappointed

>> No.73353995

Abaddon and Gulliman aren't in start sets you mongoloid.

>> No.73353999

just be careful with the dremel, but a cheap hobby drill will work fine

>> No.73354000

>***These apply to things like forests and dense industrial ruins, where protection comes more from difficulty in picking out a target, rather than the shots physically being blocked.
seems like light cover and dense terrain will come at the exclusion of each other in their recommended use

>> No.73354002

>no strings attached
You lose the Combat Doctrines special rule if your entire army doesn't have that ability.

>> No.73354022

The Wraithguard/Blades are probably one of the more complex kits to magnetise (as there are four loadouts), but if you take your time and do everything carefully you should be fine.

>> No.73354024

Yes, and?

>> No.73354027

Why would they do that? Games workshop probably planned the release before it started getting designed

>> No.73354028

Literally irrelevant.
There is no rule saying starter sets can only have specific basing material.

>> No.73354030

Xanthites and Horusians aren't common and they don't fucking display the fact that they are heretics openly. Also pretty much every other Ordo Malleus will fucking hunt you down if they even get a hint that you are Xanthite/Horusian/Phanonite in orientation.

>> No.73354033

Imperium turned the Blackstone Fortresses they found into space stations. An inquisitor using an alien weapon is hardly the biggest crime. Especially when you have Space Marines running around with Chaos weapons (Logan, Calgar), sanctioned alien mercs, etc. You even think most plebs know what an Eldar weapon looks like?

>> No.73354053

Literally autistic.

>> No.73354055

There's been events in Sweeden.

I'm sorry you dont like TTS tournies, they're the only thing keeping me playing the game right now.

>> No.73354076

No, just not a credulous idiot willing to buy into your baseless theories.

>> No.73354078

Rumors were Necron vs Admech starter set for 9th.

The large amount of models and updates for ad mech in PA suggest they had more planned for them.

The bits on necron bases of the new set also support this idea.

>> No.73354091

There are Inquisitor Lords and Inquisitorial conclaves. Yes Inquisitors operate largely independently and don't report back very often but the Witchhunters in particular like to watch their fellow watchmen and if you go too rogue for too long they will send other inquisitors after the radicals so you have to stay at least sort of secret in your heresy.

>> No.73354097


>> No.73354107

where are you getting this weird rule starter sets have to have the enemy as dead models and only the enemy? because no other starter has ded guys on it, and the host of models with dead guys on their base have no pattern for who it is.

>> No.73354131

I'm glad you're able to do something to keep yourself entertained. I was basically just mocking the crappy rules lol.

>> No.73354134

Yeah but none of the admech stuff is easy build so that doesnt make sense.
I mean maybe you're right but it's quite an odd scenario compared to. Necrons have their main enemy on their bases for flavour

>> No.73354135

Is that the kid from Home Alone?

>> No.73354141


>> No.73354146

>a dead model on a base totally means it was all a conspiracy to have admech in the starter box as forgebane 2.0 but GW secretly decided to change it all, move the 3 new intricately pieced admech units from starter set monobuild to multi-part, and then do primaris wave 3 because nobody has been saying that would happen
yes, baseless, now shut up you autistic retard

>> No.73354147

Every single ordo malleus radical inquisitor on the list provided

>My apologies, forgot about the fact I was posting in autistic sperg central for a moment.

>> No.73354148

I'm not saying they have to.
Im saying the opposite (making the decision to PUT admech on bases) is strange.

As i said before, its like putting eldar bits on death guard minis from dark imperium.

>> No.73354152

quick search makes it seem like they went out in 2018
really sucks, I liked mk ii a lot

>> No.73354166

>starter set
>doesn't include loyalist marines as one of the 2 armies contained

Every starter set since they first came out in 2nd has had a loyalist marine faction as one of the 2 in the set. They are never going to change that.

>> No.73354168

Go gas yourself faggot

>> No.73354169


>> No.73354187

Also no it isn't it would be like putting orks on a steel legion starter set that's fighting chaos or tyranids on ultramarines or normal marines on chaos. Eldar aren't the main enemy of the imperium

>> No.73354192

lol mad

>> No.73354241


>> No.73354245

>you know, maybe at some point, when this model was designed, it was supposed to be fighting admech and not marines

>how dare you claim GW would ever need to change plans

>> No.73354268

they added that later

>> No.73354283

Doesn't change the fact it's correct
Was just making that anon aware if they weren't already

>> No.73354288

what are the piece of terrains between 3" and 5"?

>> No.73354294

It may have done, doubt it was ever intended to be a starter set

>> No.73354299

>Sounds like bullshit

>> No.73354308

it's one thing to say they shifted around lineup, it's a whole other to be a belligerent retard that breaks every rule of 40k releases because of a single dead model on a base

>> No.73354321

>a normal change of plans along development
>conspiracy theory

>> No.73354327

Bad rules writing and a community that doesnt respect the Rules As Written.

>> No.73354332

Look, there are people that are sure the earth is flat because they don't comprehend how gravity works.

There is no shortage of absolute retards

>> No.73354335

But thats literally what the guy you were arguing with was saying. That the lineup shifted during development, and they didnt go back to changes the necron bases.

>> No.73354349

>a community that doesnt respect the Rules As Written.
If nobody ever played RAI the game would be even more cancerous than it already is.

GW rules writers cannon into engrish.

>> No.73354370

Why the fuck does GW write like some guy that has English as his 5th language?

>> No.73354377

>>a normal change of plans along development
Cool. Prove it.

>> No.73354381

It's only 1 mini in the whole set though. I guess it's possible but it's not very likely considering the necron units are all easy to build and the admech ones arent

>> No.73354387

>I can only break their lines with melee and not by blowing huge holes on them.
Only good nid lists I’ve ever seen had lots of shooting in them.

>> No.73354390

Give flamers D6+2 shots. Voila.

>> No.73354394

people following RAW to justify their bullshit at the detriment of the game are numerous enough for such a wordy rule to be needed

it's not like it can't be summarized and there aren't going to be examples so that even brainlets can get it

>> No.73354399

bro you said its an elite level MKULTRA conspiracy theory

definitely not a change of direction in development

>> No.73354400

Anyone played with/against new Shadowsun? I missed the buzz after her release.

>> No.73354414

Use some common sense you retard. There is no outrageous claim made at all or you gonna argue the sky isnt blue now?

>> No.73354417

>bro you said its an elite level MKULTRA conspiracy theory
No, I said it's a conspiracy theory.
So prove it, bitch.

>> No.73354421

Yeah what do you think this is warhammer fantasy where every starter set was a different set of factions?

>> No.73354422

Her new drones are shittier and she’s more expensive. She was basically nerfed.

>> No.73354433

I'm referring to how they worked back in early 40k like 2e. They were close combat monsters and the bioplasma was just a sort of cool secondary weapon.

But yes currently there is no reason to take anything other than a Dakkafex

>> No.73354441

20x Rubrics or 10x Scarab Occult Termies? They're roughly the same points.

>> No.73354442

We'll know if 9th comes with easy build ad mech models.

>> No.73354448

>Use some common sense you retard.
I have been.
I'm not the one making baseless claims here.

>> No.73354449

Back in 2e most nid units didn't even exist

>> No.73354458

>vast blackstone pylons arranged in patterns of non-Euclidean fractal crypto-logic that defy explanation.
Oh great, the old non-Euclidean fractal crypto-logic trope.

>> No.73354465

I guess...?

>> No.73354473

>points out that something doesnt make sense about the new box
>suggests there might be an ulterior explanation, especially considering the rumors heard during lead up to 9th.

>> No.73354484

Maybe the rumours were because all someone saw was the 1 model in the set that has a bit of admech on it?

>> No.73354492

All I can think of when I read non-Euclidean fractal crypto-logic is the Silent King turning pink and screaming because the Bogdanoffs dumped the value on some coin he was holding for eons.

>> No.73354497

Rai is cancer as a concept because you cant be sure any given thing is actually going to work in a real game, and it unnecessarily divides the community. Playing things rules as written means everyone has the same understanding. Take for example the steamy daemon prince sex scene that we have coming into the new edition. You have two groups of retards screaming at each other because of how they think it was "intended" to work. If both groups just respected the rules as written and called gw a faggot for making a stupid fucking rule this would be less of an issue.

>> No.73354504

how are you going to fluff your space fantasy without a heavy dose of handwavium and science-words salads?

>> No.73354513

It's possible, but that still begs the question of why to include ad mech on the base.

>> No.73354522

>Points out something that makes sense but he doesn't understand
>Spins an theory from the air because he doesn't understand
>Tries to act like this is the logical path

>> No.73354542

Because admech have been established as the main enemies of necrons recently cause they keep coming and raiding their tombs.
>It begs the question why does calgar have a tyranid on his base?

>> No.73354544

Warriors and Fex did.

>> No.73354550

I'm sorry you're being an angry faggot who can't handle a discussion of what might have been the development cycle of Indomitus.

Next time we wont discuss what daddy GW did during the lead up to a release.

>> No.73354552

the greatest majority of RAW vs RAI arguments exist exclusively because the one arguing RAW wants to abuse the game to gain an advantage

>> No.73354556

Because they killed the AdMech and now Space Marines fly in to avenge them.
Not hard.

>> No.73354557

>a change in plan equals a conspiracy
>speculating equals making claims
>common sense
Nah youre actually retarded.

>> No.73354564

Yeah fair enough but the game in general is so different now

>> No.73354572

I think its pretty disingenuous to compare battle for mccgrage to a few stories about admech tomb raiding.

>> No.73354581

I like non-Euclidean fractal crypto-logic. It's my favourite.

>> No.73354582

The better question is
>Why won't GW fuck off with this awful fucking monopose base clutter and shitty step on rock 'dynamic' poses.
Having to trim, repose, and remove all this stupid shit from bases so that they fit in with my army thing is fucking infuriating.

>> No.73354589

>You're angry because you disagree with my conclusions based on nothing!

>> No.73354594

that's because the game has never had a balance of melee and ranged

>> No.73354599

What is the base decoration in question?

>> No.73354605

It's not just a few stories, there was the whole forgbane set, the game mechanicus. That short story about Oberon and zandrekh (can't spell their names sorry) where they fight admech. Gw has established necrons fighting admech a good amount lately

>> No.73354612

>So prove it, bitch.
im swear im not mad guys

>> No.73354618

>> No.73354619

it's going to be even better when it turns out the crypto part refers to the literal crypts, rather than the root meaning of "hidden"

>> No.73354620

Ad Mech explorator fleets do tend to do the Raiders of the Lost Ark nonsense on Tomb Worlds and then accidentally wake up a Necron world because they are idiots but I wouldn't say they are the core faction challenging Crons by any means.

>> No.73354631


>> No.73354645

>> No.73354648

What models have you been having trouble with? I haven't had any issues so far with most easy build terrain stuff being like plug in to bases that you don't have to use like with the aggressors (not saying its not a problem, I just haven't bought something where it is and am wondering what to avoid)

>> No.73354650

>He insulted me on 4chan
>He must be mad!

>> No.73354652

>Hull of a Repulsor Executioner touches the very tip of a Dense wall
>1mm of your LOS is blocked
Oh sorry, anon. Looks like my Repulsor has -1 to hit :)

>> No.73354658

Anybody pirate this shit yet?

>> No.73354659

You've been an angry cunt all thread.

>> No.73354660


I'm too tired to try and even make sense of this

>> No.73354672

Nah but they're theyre the one gw has written about a lot lately. I don't think nids are the main problem for ultramarines at the minute but they're still the like 'classic' opponent much how like orks are for steel legion

>> No.73354676

oh no

>> No.73354682

>by some models from ebay
>feel bad I didn't get them from my FLGS
>find out its a different FLGS even closer to my house whomst was selling the models
Things went better than expected. I hope they have a good set of terrain and players once NY allows businesses to reopen (i.e. never ever)

>> No.73354687

That said dicking over nids has been a constant.

>> No.73354688

What’s the point of the autocannon and reaper autocannon?

What targets do you want for it? It’s relatively high strength but weak ap and weak damage.

>> No.73354693

No, I've just pointed out why I think your theory is bullshit.
I've been quite calm.
If you're picking up any anger it's likely your own frustration bouncing back to you.

>> No.73354694

I've tried to read it like 4 times and it just doesn't go in. I'm gonna assume it s heavy cover is - 1 to hit if you're whole unit is in the cover

>> No.73354696

It's just the KT obscured rule imported with verbosity, and caring strictly about bases/hulls

>> No.73354699

It's just incredibly annoying. One of the CSM havocs is doing the rock steppy, one of the CSM normal dudes is doing the steppy, multiple guys in the CSM start collecting are doing the steppy, ghazghul is doing a ridiculous steppy, ragnar's steppy is so big it's a skateboarding joke, etc etc etc

>> No.73354704

>Nids right now

>> No.73354717

Or like this guy. What if my necrons have desert or forest basing with no ruins on them? That's going to be obnoxious as fuck to trim, pin, replace, and repose the ruin bits and metal girder so it fits with the basing scheme.

>> No.73354718

Playing the game is "Abusing the game"

You mean like tri-pointing?

Or what about flamers auto hitting airplanes?

Or what about heroic interventions with no charges.

Or how about setting up vehicles inside a ruin?

>> No.73354723

You have effectively 3 different choices on how to make a cover rule. Can anything be seen then no cover, is anything covered then cover or is 50% of the model covered then covered. The 50% solution is the optimal from a common sense perspective but it leads to a lot of judgment calls which makes using it in a hobby filled with WAAC dangerous.

>> No.73354725


>> No.73354733

AdMech Sicarian and Ptraxii types.
Light vehicles.

>> No.73354734

you can easily just cut off the rock, I don't see what the big deal is

>> No.73354738

Regular autocannon is for pooping on primaris
Reaper autocannon is because it's cheap.

>> No.73354739


>> No.73354748

>Can only see one side of the hull of a repulsor
>The Hull of the repulsor is touching a dense wall
>Repulsor is obscured because you cant draw los to the other side.
Oh look anon, my repulsive has -1 to hit

>> No.73354754

Bro your brain is outside your body bro, you're going to get meningitis

>> No.73354755

Ah yeah I'd forgotten how bad ragnar is glad I'm not a yiff. It does suck, guess it must sell though so they aren't gonna stop annoyingly

>> No.73354763

is the third one "touch any part of anything and it has cover?"

>> No.73354768

That Contemptor is ballin

>> No.73354776

neither model would be able to see every part of the base and that kind of terrain would be catalogued as a LOS blocking cover in any case

>> No.73354779

The germs will provide useful genetic material

>> No.73354789

We're already reopening a lot of stuff here in upstate, but predictably we're getting a slight spike in COVID cases from it so I don't know how long this will last. We didn't get hit nearly as hard as the rest of the state so a lot of the boomers and welfare rats around here think it's a hoax and don't follow distancing or mask rules.

>> No.73354802

Yeah, you cut it off and then you have to repose it in a way that doesn't look awful, or find a suitable replacement to big steppy on.
It's annoying and retarded. You don't need to make all these big heroic step on rock poses for every damn character so that christopher can beat off to how cool his captain america themed space marines are.

>> No.73354809

unless those sandbags are 3" tall.

its more like sitting in/behind a forest makes you harder to hit.

>> No.73354812

Honestly 2e Nids had a pretty big range of models.

Tyrannid Warriors
Hive Tyrant
Hormugaunts (pewter and shit)
termagaunts (plastic and monopose)
Ripper Swarm

It really wasn't a bad list of models it's just the sculpts were fucking terrible.

>> No.73354816

Marvel tier consoimers and super casuals are now a weirdly huge part of the hobby, boredering on majority. And they spend the dosh, and don't care much about personalizing their toys.

>> No.73354819

Why does it say the image is deleted?

>> No.73354823


>> No.73354827

That's the second option any part covered equals cover which sounds like is the type of cover they are going with

>> No.73354839

Have we finally hit "fabius bile autokills three knights" level of retardation?

>> No.73354840


Well thats been a thing for all of 8th anyways

>> No.73354843

Rockphobes are almost as bad as helmet autists.

>> No.73354850

Wait, I can't open like half the images in this thread. wtf.

>> No.73354854

Your Internet is shit probably
Yeah but they've addel loads more and the wargear of most of the old stuff has changed.

>> No.73354859

Fucking retard

>> No.73354860

>>Non LOS
You still draw the line, and trigger rules. You just remove the requirement for actually needing to see them

>> No.73354862

In long for simpler times.

>> No.73354866

I see its base perfectly, bro

>> No.73354879

You cant see all of its base. just the part thats facing you.

Also repulsives go for hulls even though they have a base but whatever

>> No.73354883

Go apologize to your funko pops for posting on a white supremacist website

>> No.73354885

That model looks shit. I'd rather the kickflip guy than some tiny spread-legged freak.

>> No.73354886

Rule says you need to see "every part of the base".

>> No.73354890


>> No.73354900

that's cool, is it done by nebulising some flammable liquid?

>> No.73354902


>> No.73354904

Funkopops aren't dynamically posed on rocks.

>> No.73354908

Where in upstate? Last I knew it was restaurants and places like that, so I wasn't sure where game stores factor into the reopening.

>> No.73354917

Because they tried to write everything conversationally in 8th and it was a disaster once it gets picked over by the RAW lawyers. So GW is trying bulletpoints for RAI and game legalese for RAW.

>> No.73354936

Spot on, looks cool but pretty safe

>> No.73354944

every part of the base without touching the terrain, retard

if the line doesn't touch the terrain it's fine

>> No.73354957

>Playing the game is "Abusing the game"
yes, doing something retarded is abusing the game

>> No.73354968

>make your rules overly confusing by design
>rules lawyers and WAACfags will cause controversy over RAW/RAI and how to game the rules
>GW gets to print an FAQ to "clear up the rules" that you'll need to buy

The true face of capitalism, create a problem then create a solution to that problem to sell.

>> No.73354974

pin vice and drill with a drill bit the width of the diameter of your disc magnets.

make sure you keep your polarities uniform so that you don't have to keep track of which weapon goes with which model.

>> No.73354984

>You cant see all of its base. just the part thats facing you.
absurd conclusion

>Also repulsives go for hulls even though they have a base but whatever
baseless assumption

>> No.73355005

You are the special type of retard who I want to beat to fucking pulp. You are the reason why GWs wording has to get so convoluted every single time since you think you're being clever.

I would kick you in the dick every time.

>> No.73355239

Did you put down any paste on those bases or did you just do the airbrush/fabric marble effect straight up?

>> No.73355858

>> No.73356090

They literally have a special rule saying that but whatever.

Most hovering vehicles do

>> No.73356236

>primarily on goblin green base
Fuck off newfag zoomer wannabe boomer

>> No.73356473

from 1 to 10. how autistic is it to name evry single unit in my army? even the plaguebearers?

>> No.73356482

Lmao what is that from

>> No.73356639


>> No.73356643

I’ll take your anal virginity no homo

>> No.73356702

Looks like your average Sl*v. Especially a R*ssoid monkey

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