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squat terminators

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what autistic hang ups do you have towards list building?

>can't have more that two in 1k list and three in a 2k list
>cant have more that one captain,chaplain,librarian, apothecary etc
>character builds have to be a versatile as possible
>characters have to match the list, IE wont take jump/bike/termie characters unless i have a lot of jump/bike/termie unit's
>wont take named characters

wapon mixing
>won't take all the same weapons in a squad,IE devastators and vets will have mixed loadouts
>only exception is assault terminators for some reason

unit size
>wont take only msu, need st least some units to be max sized.

>if one unit in my army has transport, the hole army has to

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>‘I heard you were dead, Manflayer.’
>‘More than once, princeps.’
>Gorgus laughed and drew a knife from his belt. ‘True enough. You’re the only man I ever met who dies as often as Lucius the thrice-damned Eternal.’
>Fabius frowned. ‘Hardly that frequently.’
Harsh but fair.

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For those that missed it. Spoilers for the third Fabius book.


Will Chaosfags finally be happy?

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Anyone else us 4channers approve of?

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i hate you

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Chaosfags will only be happy once they've stopped being chaosfags.

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>List building hang ups
At least 3/4's must be units I like the abilities or look of.

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Who are the 40k lizardmen?

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The Old Ones. It's said that they were scaly and cold blooded. And in third edition, you could use the Lizardmen as count-as Old One degenerate descendants.

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Both use ancient technologies like cavemen

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I remember when fedorafags were all smug that Fabius was an atheist and how that triggered daemons and the gods. I wonder how they feel now that it was all just an amusement to the gods and that in the end they got to him.

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the slanni, they're coming, look out for the blackstone fortress

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>warp entity is using his body and mind as cocoon and when it raptures a new god will be born
>fabius accepts fulgrim's offer and comes back
>gives into chaos and becomes even more of a mad scientist
>becomes gravely wounder and starts using clones while sitting stasis
>suddenly primaris poggers he jumps out
seems dope
he tied it back to the GW tabletop version being a mad cunt

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When are we getting space skaven?

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Blackstone Fortess is ending. The bigass drones release is the final release.

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wait, how does his chirurgeon reproduce?
do I even want to know?

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What are the forgotten scraps of canon or non-canon lore that suggest the warp lies between Fantasy/AoS and 40k?

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and why do you think it's ending if not to have the fortress start playing a role in the setting at large?

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It stalks some unfortunate bastard and then uses that drill and syringe to extract his semen

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There is a 8/10 chance that the fortress will end up exploding. Most 40K story arcs end up with expolsions.

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never, fuck off

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Fuck yeah! Exo-armour!

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Will space lizers retain their mesoamerican theme?

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It’s a reminder that the humanity is only a side plot. The real narrative is the war between the old ones and the necrons.
The warp, eldar and orks are all small offshoots of the main plot line

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I'm aware of the odds, but I still think it's going to end my way

now tell me what's in the shardcell

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Another one of these cards.

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most probably not judging by the biomechanical aesthetic of their drones

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Unfortunate, that was my favorite thing about them

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What weapons do I want on plague marine squads and what sizes are good?

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From the recent novels, Abaddon seems like quite a bro. He charged to save Kharn in the HH risking his life to save a literal mad-dog because he saw him as a battle brother. He advised Fabius to reject the gods and not be their slave despite the fact that it would have harmed his ambition. He did it because even though he hates Fabius, he doesn't want him to suffer a fate worse than death by becoming the gods plaything.

GW is reallty trying to humanise their big bad. But is it a good thing?

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always 7 man, and either max blight launchers/plasma guns for ranged or A fist and max flails in a rhino for CC

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Yeah, you might wanna get your eyes checked mate.

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Because Abby has daddy issues and hates authority so he's trying to tell others not to be good little slaves and listen to their gods

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Thermal Cannon anon, your stuff looks really fucking cool, just wanted to let you know.

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post your models

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>ALWAYS need a true commander ala grandmaster or brother-captain
>no more than one of each type of commander (chaplain, GM, BC, etc)
>always must take a standard bearer
>the holy trinity of terminator, dreadnought, land raider

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If you don't run 7 man squads you're gay

For shooty squads, go with Blight Launchers or Plasma if you have something to sit with them and give them rerolls

For close combat squads go with 2 flails, a champ with a plasma pistol, knife, and power fist, then give the rest of the squad double knives or axes and knives depending on what you have for points.

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As few as possible, and never 2 of the same.

>weapon mixing
Mono loadouts wherever possible.

>unit size
Always msu, for greater unit variety. Rather take a 5 man group of termies and get something else that's cool on top, than just take a 10 man group of termies.

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>holy trinity of terminator, dreadnought, land raider
based, the point of the game is recreating the fantasy of the setting. Nothing else matters.

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Oh yeah, "specialist" csm like plague and noise marines ALWAYS in god appropriate numbers, but that isn't even autism, that's how actual human beings use them.

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How come SoB are now better space marines than space marines?

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Cawl is shit, awake gulliman is shit, “primaris marines” as a concept is shit, the new eldar lore is shit, the timeline advance is shit, the new space marine units are shit, mixed small and big marines is shit, the Imperium having their lost tech back is shit, the Imperium having a positive heroic outlook is shit, inevitably resurrecting loads of loyalist primarchs to get money off the kits is shit, the emperor being awake is shit, noblebright is shit, the go kart is shit, the buzz light years are shit, abandoning terminator armour is shit, the dumbed down rules are shit, the tumblr art is shit, trying to appeal to preteens is shit, the cynical pandering is shit, every rule having to have hairsplitting autistic tournament players in mind while making the game worse for people who just play normally with their mates is shit.
It’s all shit and the state of the game, the lore and the people who condone it is a disgrace.

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>Will Chaosfags finally be happy?

Oboy, chaos primaris in 20 years time?

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Go elsewhere

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you will not be missed :-)

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the based shields can't take it captain! the power is too great!

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Does anyone else feel like they get gaslighted a bit by /tg/? Over the course of about 11 years I've enquired about various armies over various editions for different sizes of 40k and every time I ask the answer has basically been "no they're shit, spam this gay crap instead" for every question I've ever asked

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*crushes the path*

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why is he balancing a knife on his pauldron

>ever believing anything you read on a hawaiian shoemaking forum

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/tg/ is for memes and shitposting, not advice

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Thats not gaslighting for one, and for two 40kg is full of contrarians because the easiest position to defend is that something sucks.

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Hes not its mounted there like emile from halo reach

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I mean, I guess it makes sense that at least one Haemonculous would be into Ynnead despite the rules, but still weird.

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Around 8th Eds release AoS made references to Nurgle's armies marching away for some distant war (i.e. Plague Wars).

>> No.73334267

In PA 1, The Ynnari alliance gathered to fight Shalaxi had Haemonculous covens.

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In 1 or 2 years. 9th edition is going online in July.

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Based or cringe?

Codex Compliant isn't bad tbf

>> No.73334330

Imagine actually trying to kill one of those guys. So tiny, so tough.

>> No.73334339

How will they change the morale phase?

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Stern novel boxset is going preorder next Sat. Anyone else going to get it ti support Sister content?

>> No.73334362

2W Plague Marines and 3W Deathshroud and Blightlords when

>> No.73334372

they themselves are cringe, but some of their videos are good

>> No.73334399

>3W Deathshroud
This should be real. The second i saw DS in leaked images I was convinced they would be chunky 3 wound chads, but instead they're just shit tier and can be wiped out by one smite, and having to make a 9inch deep strike charge doesn't help. No reason to ever not just run Blightlords

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>chaos begging for +1W when loyalists get W4 bikes

>> No.73334427

I expect a discount for putting the worst stern art in there. More than 50 burger money is more than enough considering they put it there

>> No.73334430

Maximum small

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>all the chaos characters are the way they are because somewhere along the way Abaddon played some hand in it
cringing a little at this shit tbqh

>> No.73334479

16 pt chaos marines and 20 point intercessors is a pretty good bit

>> No.73334480

Just checked their personal twitters and 90% of it is retweeting anti-boris/anti-trump/pro-EU propaganda.

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why are there no washes or highlights

>> No.73334492

Only the major ones like Kharn, Huron, Ahriman, and Fabius, etc.

>> No.73334498

With a wash and highlights these will look nice anon.

>> No.73334515

I feel bad for Typhus who had to shamelessly job but at least most of the Cuckstodes got killed one way or another. I hope Bile does something interesting with the banana guards he took alive

>> No.73334517

>Channel has a 'fan mail' segment
Absolute cringe just off that alone

>> No.73334526

>kills countless thousands of his 'battle brothers' in Istvaan atrocities which the Mournival specifically pushed Horus to do
>Runs 13 invasions which kill ocuntless astartes
>'bruh Abaddon is a bro he does it out of brotherhood with muh oppressed astartes that Emps would totally genocide after the GC'
I think Abaddon just wants heresy era guys around to keep up his long war charade.

>> No.73334532

What's wrong with pro-NWO?

>> No.73334534

What was the reaction when these guys were revealed for the first time? What about the first time it landed on the tabletop?

>> No.73334535

That's not War of the Spider. That spoilers for the new Fabius novel.

>> No.73334539


>getting sent Rogue Trader metals by simps

Seems cool tbf

>> No.73334543

don't forget he had his champions fight each other to the death and then killed the winner.

>> No.73334554

Distaste for them obviously being intended for the weeaboo market; suspicion that they would be power-wanked to draw said weebs in and make fat stacks (a suspicion born out by time).

>> No.73334558

>>'bruh Abaddon is a bro he does it out of brotherhood with muh oppressed astartes that Emps would totally genocide after the GC'

The Primaris thing affirmed to abby and Fab that the Emperor wanted to indeed replace them, actually.

>> No.73334559

Ask yourself that when the barrel of the gun is poking the back of your head for "wrongthink" or "christian supporting"

>> No.73334565

I believe it came in top 3 (possibly first) for worst 40k model of the year in a poll run here on 40kg around the end of the year it was released. Funnily enough I believe this model came out top 3 for best 40k model in GW's polls.

>> No.73334571

To be fair, it was implied that they had failed or displeased him.

>> No.73334585

What is wrong with the art?

>> No.73334613

I didn't think of that, having a girl on your channel would lead to an amassing of betas who'll send you shit. Smart move.

>> No.73334618

Grand, they’ve ruined another fun character

>> No.73334625

Not the Anon you replied to; but I don't like it either

>> No.73334630


Lmao imagine painting miniatures

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>> No.73334645


Go drink acrylics

>> No.73334649

After pariah

>> No.73334662

He’s one of the bigger sources of obsession in the universe. He thinks he’s an atheist but his single mindedness fuels Slaanesh.

>> No.73334668

After they squat primaris.

>> No.73334695

you mean the same Emperor who was a vegetable when the project was commissioned, a project that came into being BECAUSE of the heresy showing how genetically flawed and chaos vulnerable astartes actually were, and which has been adapted to convert the most determined and loyal astartes if they are willing?

>> No.73334703

Fuck off we need less bloat on wounds not more

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Obvious Abby and Fab wouldn't know the details. But the Cawl novel has the Emperor giving Cawl the thumbs up from beyond space and time.

>> No.73334736

We need marines to feel like marines.

>> No.73334746

ho ho ho you are wrong

>> No.73334757

I'm sure the emperor would approve if he knew the sang thingy could get perfect genetic specimens from the primarchs, but that just proves that the Emperor STILL favours space marines and the primarchs despite everything.

>> No.73334772

I agree with you on terminator armor, every other point is either wrong or i disagree, you're a faggot either way.

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>> No.73334805

why cant it be good?

>> No.73334808

God I can't wait for the FW rewrite

>> No.73334827

now imagine you are GW:

Cawl is money, awake gulliman is money, “primaris marines” as a concept is money, the new eldar lore is money, the timeline advance is money, the new space marine units are money, mixed small and big marines is money, the Imperium having their lost tech back is money, the Imperium having a positive heroic outlook is money, inevitably resurrecting loads of loyalist primarchs to get money off the kits is money, the emperor being awake is money, noblebright is money, the go kart is money, the buzz light years are money, abandoning terminator armour is money, the dumbed down rules are money, the tumblr art is money, trying to appeal to preteens is big money, the cynical pandering is money, every rule having to have hairsplitting autistic tournament players in mind while making the game worse for people who just play normally with their mates is money.
It’s all money and the state of the game, the lore and the people who condone it is proftable.

see in their eyes YOU are shit, it is their IP, always will be, for long years you were the mug who bought into it and now you don't they don't give a shit, because you are shit.

>> No.73334847

Had anyone bought the Mk.V/Heresy armor from forge world? Is it any "good"? I never hear people talk about it.

How durable is resin, by the way? I'm imagining moving models across the table and them snapping into pieces.

>> No.73334856

I find it hilarious how many hoops and mental gymnastics people will go through to prove that the obvious bad guys are indeed the good guys. You can argue if the Imperium is the good guys, but shit son GW couldn't make it any more obvious that chaos is cartoonishly evil

>> No.73334877

Heres a pic of the Hornguide anon posted and deleted last threa
>Zandri Dust used Vallejo Khaki, as I coldn't find my dust
>full shade seraphim sepia
>3/4 Reikland Fleshshade
>1/2 Reikland Fleshshade
>1/4 Agrax Earthshade
Snake is there because I couldn't find a really textured horn bit that quick.
Easy to do (except I fucked up on the gaunt claw) and doesn't look half bad, might need some kind of highlighting tho

>> No.73334878

marine rights are human rights. MLM

>> No.73334881

What's with /40kg/'s fear of resin? It seems like half the people here are terrified of it.

>> No.73334886

man, just because people buy a million primaris intercessor kits doesn't make anything listed after that money. Eldar anything is money lmao!

>> No.73334891

an absolute disaster in tank design

>> No.73334901

This is why Kharn is the most based chaos character. Dude doesn't pretend he's got any high ideals, he just likes killing shit.

>> No.73334904

Apocalypse game yesterday

Double Necrons vs the unholy alliance between Emperor's Children and RavenGuard

EC and RG won

Why is Apocalypse so much better than regular 40k?

>> No.73334914

post more pics

>> No.73334915

You haven't read his BL content, have you?

>> No.73334917

What did I miss on todays 9th ed preview on twitch?

>> No.73334919

because it's as close to epic as you can get without playing epic

>> No.73334920

doesn't it have alternating activation, and more simplified rules for massive gmaes?

>> No.73334928

Wounding mechanics removed for being too time-consuming, now you just hit and then go straight to save

>> No.73334933

GW probably has 5 or 6 full time eployees figuring out what sells, how they should market themselves etc. They have a better idea than you what sells and how to sell it. For a start they aren't looking from one persons perspective. You see people claim they know a lot of people's opinions and its such and such, but pathetic to think a handful of posters on /tg/, some youtuber and the 5 guys at your lgs are representative.

>> No.73334935

It's not any worse than the fucking Predator.

>> No.73334939

I'm a newfag who is used to plastic, so resin is something new and scary. You (in general) say that you have to be careful with resin miniatures because they're more breakable than plastic, and you're gonna make me nervous about paying a lot of money for something that's extremely fragile. Even if I use recasts, if it breaks I'm gonna have to wait a couple months for a replacement I have to repaint.

>> No.73334947

WoS was simply underwhelming as a book if we are being honest. They barely even made the Biled marines competent and the units that would probably work the best as Bilemarines like Plaguemarines are pissed he stole their shit.

They didn't even give him Chaos Custodes/SoS although honest SoS are basically useless as Chaos because they interfere with warp fuckery too much.

Why didn't Emps make a Primarch and Legion with Pariah genes? I know all of the Primarchs are technically low grade psykers at a minimum but having a unit of pariahs would make protecting against the warp more useful.

Or was that something the 2nd or 11th Primarch had. Of course if a Primarch had the pariah gene then the Warp couldn't have kidnapped them in the first place.

>> No.73334948

As long as it doesn't have any long spindly bits on it, you'll be fine.

>> No.73334953

That's not new, it's brought up in the Covens supplement from 7th edition. There's an ideological strain of the covens that want to kill their own species off so they can go back to the good old days before the Fall.

>> No.73334955

I should paint my dudes again sometime now so I have something new to post, only did terrain lately

>> No.73334959

Sure thing

It's an more epic Epic

Yeah, and most importantly save rolls are at the end of the turn.

You don't just put your favourite miniatures on the table just to remove them before you have a change to play them.

>> No.73334965

this >>73334920
They're just clumping all the wounding bonuses and debuffs and clamping it all onto save rolls. your rerollable wound rolls and enemies rerollable save rolls now cancel each other out.

>> No.73334969

Only delicate thin bits nap easily. Unless you're a massive idiot you won't do anything you can superglue back together.
Bigger models can get warped a bit so be prepared to use hot water to bend things in to shape

>> No.73334970

yes it is, not to condone the predator either.

>> No.73334980

Resin isn't significantly more fragile that plastic. Recasts tend to be a bit more brittle that FW, but even then, they're fine.

>> No.73334988

Can't glue*

>> No.73334997

They only know anecdotes and don’t actually hobby. This applies to game knowledge as well.

>> No.73335000

Does Abaddon really claim to be "good" or does he really just hate the Corpse Emperor and the Imperium that has been his legacy? He respects the Chaos gods but refuses to be their slave like Horus was or give into their petty grudges like the Chaos Primarchs did. He's still focused on throwing down the Imperium although I've yet to see that he really has much of a plan on what to do after that fact.

>> No.73335011

Because the blanks can't be farmed. The SoS are found across the Imperium and brought into the fold. They aren't produced. Plus, there are barely enough blank to maintain the SoS relatively small numbers. Also I think theres something about there being far more female blanks that make blanks, but I'm not sure. I might be pulling that out of my ass.

>> No.73335019

I love that the necron player painted his first ghost ark to a nice standard and then clearly said 'never again'

>> No.73335029

>No Titan Legions

No thanks. Apocalypse is okay although even with Alternating activations the 40k ruleset scales poorly beyond a certain point.

>> No.73335030

the cicatrix shit should demonstrate that what happens after he succeeds is just destroying the universe and sucking it into the realm of chaos. Everything he does is for purely personal reasons, like out of homosexual love of Horus.

>> No.73335042

I can see the argument for nurgle being 'good guys' in the sense that their followers are released from suffering and the whole bountiful gardens and that but they're horrible for everyone who isn't them.

>> No.73335045

The predator is literally just a fucking Rhino with a turret on top. It gets a pass because the design is like 30 years old at this point, and the model itself is like 20.

I know the Sicaran doesn't follow traditional Tank design logic (lol), but it looks way cooler than the predator could ever dream of.

>> No.73335056

Yes. But just like the LE box literally selling out in less then five actual, literal, minutes, I expect I'm going to miss the chance just to see it on ebay an hour later for $500.

>> No.73335057

Why would you play 40k if you care at all about realism

>> No.73335061

After GW chasing me out of marines with primaris ruining the faction for me I really want a mechanized infantry IG army but they won't fucking make plastic steel legion.

>> No.73335076

With obscuring cover finally making terrain worthwhile + blasts scaling up with unit size I presume indirect fire artillery will be king this edition. What are your favorite indirect fire weapons? I must admit I’m a sucker for the whirlwind.

>> No.73335082


>> No.73335102

>40k ruleset scales poorly beyond a certain point
40k ruleset?
Apocalypse is a very different game from 40k.
It used the d12, just to name a thing.

>> No.73335107

>loyalist scum

>> No.73335122

because a lot of it is perfectly acceptable science fiction or it just looks good. Most the tanks in 40k don't achieve either goal. Also if you are going to use an antiquated concept like a tank, at least follow the rational guidelines anyone would have when creating one. These are supposed to be such perfect designs that they are effective for millennia. That's just laughable. Even in sci-fi a design that doesn't reflect the lore behind it is a failure. But then I don't go and spend $60 on an ugly resin box so I suppose I have the freedom to be judgemental.

>> No.73335123

Plagueburst Crawlers with spitters are going to be insane

>> No.73335130

Even during the Siege of Terra when it's looking like Horus might be able to succeed Abaddon is getting to the point where he loathes the Warmaster's weakness and corruption it's just he's made the commitment to stay on the course of loyalty and brotherhood rather than abandon his dad and the rest of the legion like Loken did. Still Alpharius might be a backstabbing dick and the Cabal is likely full of shit but at least Alpharius is committed to his course of action that the Emperor must die for Chaos to lose for a reason. Unless Abaddon is playing a similar long game then it's sort of unclear what his real goals for a post Imperium galaxy would look like.

>> No.73335141

Hive guard impaler cannons, not that theyve ever done well for me, I just like them

>> No.73335157


>> No.73335173

Saturnine has a really cool scene where Abaddon and his bros teleport into an ambush in a basement. After being angry as hell for about 15 minutes he realizes he's actually loving this. He just loves everything about war and doesn't want to be doing else with his life. Even when the last of his comrades pull his broken body back to safety all he can think of is how badly he wanted to stay in there and fight even if it killed him.

>> No.73335176

Every time you post this I wonder if its a new picture but none of the models ever change so probably not

paint your suit, lazy

>> No.73335185

> 60 on a sicarian
Try 110 there bud

>> No.73335186

If 9e is primarily Imperium vs Xenos in focus then I guess there is a chance they could have a 4th Armageddon campaign because apparently IG vs Ghaz hasn't already been done to death so maybe you'll get plastic Steel Legion

Haha nope, you might not even get new plastic Cadians based upon how little GW seems to like IG.

>> No.73335203

where's the lie

>> No.73335205

Hey, what's up with burst cannon guy?

>> No.73335212

What would It take to fix the Stern model?
Different Head and base terrain?
Completely changing the body?

Thoughts please, as I'd like to pick one up to paint

>> No.73335226

you could probably already do a lot with some bits and accesories with the cadian bodies, but yeah GW not releaing at least all the main regiments as plastic is a shame
I also fear with the current development we will never get them since classic IG is not fitting well into the zoomer scifi they seem to be changing the setting into

>> No.73335230

He has attacked a galaxy worth of knees.

>> No.73335238

>These are supposed to be such perfect designs that they are effective for millennia


No but seriously they get used for 10,000 years because they don't have anything better. It's all the can do to keep from losing the STCs they have.

And I mean, if you don't like how it looks, that's perfectly fine and acceptable. But don't try to rationalize it with "it doesn't follow historical tank design". It's an inane reason and makes you come across as more autistic than you probably actually are.

>> No.73335250

I guess if he's basically Archaon in space and he's the chosen champion of Chaos and future successor of Horus he likely exhibits traits all 4 of the gods like. Most of the time he seems more aligned with Khorne in terms of outlook and temperament but I guess maybe the other 3 like him for various reasons.

>> No.73335267

Here's the thing, marines were already money. Primaris weren't necessary. They've fucked their most iconic faction for no reason and no benefit. It just has not backfired because people are retards that eat up everything GW releases. I have not seen a single person that can tell me a single good thing about primaris that isn't "they are bigger", some complete nonsense they just made up or a stupid justification with no arguments backing them.

>> No.73335268

Remove 'Eavy Metal.

>> No.73335274

The details are scarce and spread far and wide but the SoS and Culexus generally only take the stronger of the Blanks that get found.
Sisters are all female for literally unknown reasons. It's literally canon that the SoS origins were lost to time and like everyone in the Imperium, tradition is strongly maintained.

There have been Blank Cloning and Breeding projects before but they always suffer some ill-defined bad fate if they manage to get them to work.
The Blanks not going to the Depatmento Investigates and the Assassinorum are used for many other things, from 'choirs' hiding facilities from scrying to used in the production of certain anti-psyker weapons.

>> No.73335275

I dunno, I like it.

I hope she buffs seraphim, then I'd for sure get her. Probably just a psyker though, and a one spell psyker at that since there's no spell lore for SoB.

>> No.73335286

>I also fear with the current development we will never get them since classic IG is not fitting well into the zoomer scifi they seem to be changing the setting into
Nah, everything is fine. The only army they are actually changing instead of just updating is marines. IG aren't marines so they are safe.

>> No.73335308

They are bigger and they look better. They lack the wonky proportions of old SM models.

>> No.73335309

>bought Vengeance Warband set
>start painting
>buy some manlet kits too, start painting those as well
>realize I like manlet kits more
>now if I want to include more manlet marines, it's gonna look weird to have 10 fancy csm
>it's already gonna look weird because I've got havocs and two squads of csm terminators, and was wanting to get cataphractiis too
What do I do

>> No.73335310

That is a good yellow

>> No.73335313

Why are those missiles still unpainted?

>> No.73335317

All of which are thigns that don't need primaris to happen, see literally every other army update.

>> No.73335320

they've repeatedly said they don't do market research

>> No.73335321

>Abbadon with his hair down and not in terminator armour
Why is this so weird to look at

>> No.73335325

I figure she'll just steal the Inquisition's powers

>> No.73335341

This, IG designs in particular are built around the assumptions that IG soldiers are typically dumbfuck yokels and that IG don't have the levels of Techpriest thralls so maintain anything but the most primitive of the Horus era designs so when more advanced tanks get destroyed they get replaced with more primitive but easy to produce in vast numbers models like the basic Leman Russ. It's also important to note that trying to innovate is seen as ultraheresy by the Adeptus Mechanicus so unless you uncover a new STC or you are a Magos like Cawl who might as well be Dark Mechanicum you are going to focus on using the exact same shit you have for the last 10k years or at least whatever your forgeworld can actually still produce and maintain.

>> No.73335349

That'd be sweet. Give her Terrify and laugh all the way to the bank with a zeraphim blob.

>> No.73335350

Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new marines

>> No.73335352

I think Abaddons main attachment to Horus is guilt, if he hates what happened to Horus then he knows it's entirely his and the mournivals fault. It isn't about 'loyalty' to the sons or Horus, it's about literally being the cause of all the shit thats happened and feeling responsible or at least guilty enough to own it. It's also very much about pride since even though other legions have more right to lead the crusades Abaddon feels his glorious SoH who were the foremost legion in the GC should still lead the fight. Loken didn't abandon shit either, they abandoned him.

>> No.73335353

And it shows.

>> No.73335356

How do I paint that dirty off-white I see on heresy era Death Guard? I really, really like it.

>> No.73335364

I'm the same with transports... I have some odd sperg ocd tendency that stops me wanting to take them and if I do add them, I'm doing mental gymnastics on how worth it they all are.
I play Custodes now and feel somewhat free I don't have that mental pain to deal with anymore.

>> No.73335371

what manlets did you buy? The old csm manlets or 30k manlets? The different kind of Terminators shouldn't be too much of a problem. As an answer to your problem, play the new models as chosen and the manlets as generic marines.

>> No.73335372

How would you fix W40k?

>> No.73335380

In Rogue Trader you could play as Slann, not 3rd edition.

>> No.73335404

Check the scenario section in the Necron 3rd edition codex, dum dum.

>> No.73335408

>Here's the thing, marines were already money. Primaris weren't necessary. They've fucked their most iconic faction for no reason and no benefit.
Are you stupid? You're prving GW's decision. Marines are by far the most sold minis, refreshing their line means all those consumer will buy marines once more, even "repeats".

>> No.73335410

It doesn’t sound like GW made the wrong move if they sell better than regular marines.

>> No.73335411

>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new sisters
>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new chaos space marines
>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new necrons
>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new thousand sons
>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new death guard
>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new howling banshees
>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new deathwatch
>Yeah but without Primaris they can't make people buy new genestealer cults
See? Marines never needed primaris to sell. Even less than all those other factions because most marine sales are from new players, who don't have any models and will buy whatever you show them, be it primaris or updated marines.

>> No.73335423

They aren't good but 25 attacks with those scythes shit all over blightlord melee, and a csm sorc can warptime them after they land.

>> No.73335425

Go back to your thread.

>> No.73335433

Give them meltas and flamers

>> No.73335434

Remove people who parrot the "CoD kiddie/tacticool" line

>> No.73335441

the point of primaris was to get marinefigs to re-buy their armies. Now everyone that might do that has done so, there's no finanical incentive that I can think of for them not to make a new tacticals box with the CSM scale.

>> No.73335442

I think they do now. Not sure to what extent

>> No.73335443

No more Shark threads

>> No.73335451

I actually bought regular marine manlets, and was going to buy 30k/MkIII manlets. I was gonna run the Mk.VII manlets as chosen and had outfitted them as such (everybody has plasma) and I didn't kit out the csm with many special weapons because I thought they were gonna be regulars. Then again, I guess they don't necessarily need to be armed to the teeth with expensive guns.

The Havocs are decently fun to paint, but the terminators and CSM look so busy and intricate it's just kind of off-putting. Older marks of armor are simpler, and while that sounds bad, I think it makes whatever extra parts you give them stand out more.

>> No.73335456

That doesn't help them make their charge and if they haven't been shot off the table by their next turn I'd be quite surprised

>> No.73335457

>the point of primaris was to get marinefigs to re-buy their armies.
Updated models would have done the same.
>Now everyone that might do that has done so, there's no finanical incentive that I can think of for them not to make a new tacticals box with the CSM scale.
Why would they? They've set up primaris to completely replace space marines. They'll just keep making stupid one weapon units each year until the book has 200 entries or something.

>> No.73335468

FUCK this hits the nail on the head

Its like with female space marine fags, literally any argument they make can be countered with "play SoB then"
And if they continue to disagree, they're just a fag who wants to undermine the faction and hobby

>> No.73335470

GW was at a point where they wanted/had to update Marines to 'true scale' (or better /modern proportions). Their options then were:
>make up retarded fluff and sell a shit ton of models
>don't make up retarded fluff and sell a few models
GW only sells the shit people want from them, hence why 40k unfixable >>73335372.

>> No.73335473

>Play Custards
>Each character has a very clear theme and role ("come get me bro" duellist, horde breaker, sneaky assassin)
>Never play units I dislike the look
>Always play as many deep striking units as I can because I love getting fucked by 9'' charge rolls
>Every model has a name, and I'm writing them for every entry in my list, no matter what.

>> No.73335475

I dunno if it's autism but you really only have to think from even one other person's perspective to understand why primaris sell better than upscaled marines. Hell even try to think back to when you got into the hobby. Everyone especially in their youth wants to have their own unique event, be it a game like WoW or a movement like BLM and it's the same in warhammer. Making upscaled marines doesn't brign new blood into 40k because the new players can't own them. It's just a continuation in a saga for current players. It also doesn't give GW as much creative or narrative freedom.

>> No.73335479

People should be happy they made primaris, their sales subsidize dimeless no draw xenos sculpts like Banshees and Ghaz.

>> No.73335483


Allow primaris in firstborn transports and vice versa

Bring back vehicle facings in the sense that if you shoot a vindicator from the front it has +2 toughness this way theres a base toughness incase its too contentious what facing your shooting.

Bring back vehicle pinning and wrecked vehicles as terrain

Any character can be on bike, have a jump pack, be in gravis or Phobos etc and these are options on slate opposed to different slates

Bring back an ally chart for soup so for example Knights and admech can soup easy but Inquisition and space wolves don't.

>> No.73335484

Revive the emperor.
Have him reunite the imperium and try to push his no gods no masters except me bullshit.
Have guilliman beat down abbadon for one last time making ab final fully give into the chaos gods ascending him into a chaos undivided daemon prince.
Eventually after a few years of this bullshit ass pull of a story the emperor hard resets the universe and it all begins again.
GW announces the War for Terra table top game

>> No.73335486

>Only just realised the chaos marines start collecting box is almost 800pts worth of shit
I wish every box was like this desu.

>> No.73335492

Funny how most of the people who complain about primaris don’t even have a SM army. Typical 4chan.

>> No.73335493

Would those 1:72-scale Zoids-kits be appropriate size to make Adeptus Mechanicus warmachines?

>> No.73335502

>Updated models would have done the same.
I don't agree. The jump of lore and asthetics was much larger than just scale.
observe three demographics:
>people that would be willing to rebuy armies of primaris
>people angy at 'squatting' or regular marines
they can get money from people in demographic 3, it doesn't matter whether demographic 1 buys primaris or non-primaris, and deomogrphic 2 has already bought.

>> No.73335505

Rejuvenation seems to be the best one, imo.

>> No.73335506

800pts of shit that tastes and smells really really bad.

>> No.73335508

No one here plays, few have models. IMHO you should have to trimestamp and post models to share opinions

>> No.73335509

That one has so many models. Same with the SM one now. It’s definitely the best value box.

>> No.73335517

Do banana boys even get a charge bonus? Deepstriking without at least +2 makes me want to hurl.

>> No.73335524

>Admech on the other hand is like 250 points.

>> No.73335537

>literally any argument they make can be countered with "play SoB then"
Nice non-applicable comparison

>> No.73335539

>why primaris sell better than upscaled marines
They don't.
>Making upscaled marines doesn't brign new blood into 40k because the new players can't own them.
The fuck does this even mean. New players are new. They don't know shit about what was there before. They don't know the difference between primaris and regular marines. They just see a big dude in space armour and think they are cool.
>It also doesn't give GW as much creative or narrative freedom.
Ah, yes, creative and narrative freedom to make marines but bigger with [old weapon] but bigger and no weapon options. Truly impressive.

>> No.73335544

yes, but the marines are MONOPOSE :(
god I hate monopose

>> No.73335551

Fix the tau

>> No.73335560

The advantages of the Primaris are that they are truescale so look more heroic and since larger can get better plastic sculpts. However just making primaris scale tactical squads would've resulted in a weird looking product where lots of people would have a mix of Marinelets and Primaris Marines potentially even mixed in the same unit. This isn't very aesthetically pleasing so they instead they decided to keep the 2 lines separate and to incentivize people to move to the new line (more sales) they've made the Primaris significantly more powerful than Old Marines.

The biggest problem with this is that you've advanced the loyalists forward without giving the CSM an equivalent power up despite your rolling out a shit ton of new CSM minis. But the reality is that other than the most diehard CSM types and the people that run CSM soup most people are shelving CSM armies right now since they suck in the meta outside of a very small number of lists. So your narrative focus of Loyalists vs Traitors has been really underwhelming.

>> No.73335563

We get it, you like halo.

>> No.73335564

>I don't agree. The jump of lore and asthetics was much larger than just scale.
This means nothing.
Would have bought updated marines just like they do primaris.
>people that would be willing to rebuy armies of primaris
Would also have bought updated marines just like they do primaris.
>people angy at 'squatting' or regular marines
Would have bought updated marines and won't ever buy primaris. You are only proving my point.

>> No.73335566

>Monopose CSM
>Mixed weapons

>> No.73335567

>anime image

Nice way to invalidate your comment

>> No.73335576

Is it an exact copy of shadowspear or do you get bits to customize the marines?

>> No.73335578

Feels good as a Custodes player as I play 1k and currently have 14 dudes in my army to use the name generator of two d66 tables to give each one a unique name.
That's going to come in super useful for Crusade and my 1k list is already close enough to a 50 PL roster, just need to get rid of one Warden and they fit for 13 dudes with all unique names for them all. :)

>> No.73335583

>to criticise something you must first own it
this is the same retarded logic as people saying to criticise movies/games you also must be a producer/developer
if you are the possible target audience and don't like something it's your right to explain why and the creators can then either cater to or ignore your opinion
and why would anyone even invest into a part of their hobby that they don't enjoy?

>> No.73335584

>However just making primaris scale tactical squads would've resulted in a weird looking product where lots of people would have a mix of Marinelets and Primaris Marines potentially even mixed in the same unit
Where's that problem in literally every other updated army? CSM did just that and they were universally praised.

>> No.73335586

I think the mk3 isn't that much smaller and works well, if kitbashed with chaos bits. Putting them on rocks or bits of plastic also helps. You can also seperate them into different detachments/warbands. I plan to use new CSM for my main the purge detachment and either sneaky primaris or mk4 as a smaller detachment of recently corrupted mentor legion. I'll probably play them as Alpha Legion or Fallen.

>> No.73335592

>no sisters rules
>necrons get to wait for 9e
I was hoping for custom convents, but desu having inquisition rules in a book that isn't WD is kinda nice too. Maybe they'll be tweaked.

>> No.73335595

I stand by my statement.

>> No.73335596

Reminder that people are upset because the primaris are something named thus distinct. If they said
>the admech finally reverse engineered some primarch stuff and they're giving it to all space marines
Without giving the upgraded ones a name, it would be ok

>> No.73335597

>anime is trash

Do you even know on what website you are posting?

>> No.73335601

Dread Host got a strategem that if they charge same turn a unit deepstrikes, they roll 3d6 and drop the lowest for the charge.

>> No.73335606

Newfag, the anime picture makes it more true

>> No.73335607

Where did you find that?

>> No.73335612

You complain about something changing you have no stake in. You are an SJW.

>> No.73335618

I'd still be mad they'd redesigned basically every piece of gear in the army and removed all weapon options, but it would definitely be a million times better.

>> No.73335621

This. It's the same person posting the same pictures over and over. We know this.

>> No.73335625

With primaris being a sub faction GW can double dip and update first born marines in like 4 years.

>> No.73335626

stream up on twitch about pariah now.


>> No.73335633

is the audiobook out yet

>> No.73335639



>> No.73335640

>anime image

Way to enhance your argument


>> No.73335642

>summary of all the theatres of war i the book

Nice, good way to change up games

>> No.73335648

Why would they go back on the decision to replace Tacticals with Intercessors, etc? Yes eventually we are going to get a Warhammer the Old World line for all the WHFB grogs but GW shows zero sign of abandoning the AoS line even if 1e was a shitshow. If GW wasn't unwilling to risk their 40k audience I think that we could've seen a complete AoS of the 40k line but I guess not even they thought they could get by with that.

But definitely don't expect to get good plastic tacticals in truescale.

>> No.73335649

Halo isn't even that good.
Why does this guy like it so much

>> No.73335650

more like 650, still the best by a mile though.

>> No.73335652

exact copy

>> No.73335656

They aren't a subfaction. They are a replacement. The way they've made primaris there's no reason for regular marines to keep existing, much less get updated.

>> No.73335658

Does halo have tomboys?

>> No.73335663

I feel the main issue people have with them is they're leading to replacing the odd marinelets, making those with SM armies essentially rebuy their entire armies.
The lore is just something extra to moan about.

>> No.73335665

No one liked how it looked, every tau lost had 1-3. Then the Riptide Wing formation came out and every tau list had 3 and it was honestly not fun.

>> No.73335666

they do though
they don't want to upscale old marines, because the only ones who want old marines already have them and won't buy more. Primaris show a clear divergence in style and theme and narrative that newer players can make their own.
and narrative freedom to have new conflicts in every chapter, with custodes, new campaigns and reimagined characters.

>> No.73335687

Primaris are hyper specialized with something that would be options like devastators turning into 3 squads.

>> No.73335689

>"If Shido wants me, then I'll gladly give my everything to him. To become his lover, kiss him, have sex with him, marry him, give birth to as many babies as he wants, grow old together with him. But, even if Shido chooses someone other than me, I won't mind. If Shido thinks to marry Tobiichi-san, I'll bless him with all my heart. Of course, it also applies for other person as well. Even if Shido chooses Tohka-chan, Kotori-chan, Yoshino-chan or perhaps someone that I don't know. Of course, I don't mind if he doesn't choose to be with anyone, or even if he chooses everyone I'll support his wish. I'll do anything for Shido's happiness. If Shido wishes it, I'll grant any of his wish. I don't mind becoming his childhood friend, his lover, his wife, his younger sister, his older sister, his mother, his daughter, his superior, his subordinate, his enemy, his nemesis or even someone unrelated to him. As long as Shido is happy, I'm satisfied....Oh sorry, it seems I got too worked up by myself. But it is true that I don't mind whoever Shido chooses."
Is it easy finding a girl like this?

>> No.73335693

space marines are the main faction in this game, them changing affects every other faction and as GW proved the whole setting as well

>> No.73335697

Good to know it's garbage.
Thanks for saving me money.

>> No.73335708

>making those with SM armies essentially rebuy their entire armies.
Don't they have more limited options? The reduction in flexibility should be mentioned.

>> No.73335715

Pariah won't bring anything for Necrons or Sisters, except rules for the 2 special characters. Inquisition will get the full PA treatment.

>> No.73335723

>they don't want to upscale old sisters, because the only ones who want old sisters already have them and won't buy more
>they don't want to upscale old chaos space marines, because the only ones who want old chaos space marines already have them and won't buy more
>they don't want to upscale old necrons, because the only ones who want old necrons already have them and won't buy more
Why do you keep repeating this as if it made any sense?
>Primaris show a clear divergence in style and theme and narrative that newer players can make their own.
Marines were always like that. In fact, primaris are a lot more restrictive.
>and narrative freedom to have new conflicts in every chapter, with custodes, new campaigns and reimagined characters.
All of which don't need primaris to happen. Still proving my points, I see.

>> No.73335724

Schitzo detected. The guy also posts star wars too

>> No.73335728

>No custom Orders for Sisters
>No custom Dynasties for Necrons
>No new stratagems for either army
>basically a glorified Index Inquisitors with special rules for specific worlds.

Fuck off GW.

>> No.73335729

still only 52%, not completely laughable like a raw 2d6 though.

>> No.73335740

This. It's always so obvious they've never seen an actual FW model in their lives.

>> No.73335744

I wish, but unlikely. People are their own individual person, and much like how you value your personal freedoms, so too do they. It's unrealistic to think any person would feel like that in real life.

It's hot af though

>> No.73335748

I can say Necrons got shafted for the entire lifespan of 8th edition

>> No.73335763

basically confirms a beginning of 9th models release for sisters release imo.

>> No.73335765

Necrons got a box set with admech

>> No.73335769

Dont forget those special rules for specific worlds are just reprints of theatres of war found in the other PA books

>> No.73335771

Only real men choose Samus
>bounty hunter capable passing off as male so well that being a girl was an intentional surprise
>competent in engineering, biology, chemistry and other sciences
>very athletic
>downy feather pubes

>> No.73335775

I actually prefer it. First few batches of finecast aside, they are pretty good. And resin means cheaper models, too.

>> No.73335777

GW apparently think that modular war gear options for loyalists are a bad thing. So they want the entire unit to be a fixed cost per mini with zero wargear options. With Intercessors it also makes it easier on people since they don't have to keep in mind that 1 model can't move and shoot and one model is a plasma and needs to roll on a separate die, etc. It streamlines running primaris units even if they lack the swiss army knife effect.

Yes some of the primaris units are sort of pants on head retarded in terms of how they work tactically and there are some glaring holes in the lines still but the reality is that Intercessors are actually somewhat hard these days especially with aura stacking and so maybe primaris actually work better than marinelets in simulating the lore/fiction Marines

>> No.73335778

That'd be cool. I have a burning need for flamer bikes.

>> No.73335782

>oh you didn't buy the PA book for the show cased imperium faction? Here is 5 pages. Don't ever ask for anything again
GW can suck my knob

>> No.73335790

it's entirely applicable, you're just a faggot

>> No.73335799

Is life also, relatively speaking, not a cakewalk for Imperial Nobles?

I mean, even the most fat, decadent, debauched noble likely can't continue his existence without having the legitimate means to ensure some other noble in or out of the family doesn't eliminate him and take all his shit.

I like to imagine that even there, being a noble is a lot of hard work with political scheming, avoiding assassinations and all the luxury is only a salve for all the elbow grease to put into continued existence.

I mean, with noble families constantly waging a war of social gatherings, political marriages, and intrigue I doubt they could hardly afford either the cost or risk of a fat manchild who does nothing but lounge around all day every day.

>> No.73335800

>it just is

>> No.73335801

It's truly sad that SoB capture the space marine playstyle a lot better than primaris.

>> No.73335802

That's because as the guy in the stream said, the new Necron codex is around the corner. So they didn't want to write the rules twice.

>> No.73335803

She's a mutant with xenos sympathies

>> No.73335805

That is true, though the more units that come out for them, the less true that becomes.

>> No.73335812

In the end, it's not that bad for Necrons. Save up money from a book. Everything in the 9e codex will be 100% legit

>> No.73335818

If you want any of the models inside it's still good value. Just sell everything you don't want. If you only kept the squad of marines, you'd probably get to zero. The heads are more or less interchangable between them and you can just add/remove some skulls/spikes/pistols/swords and they'd be varied enough. Even if you just swapped the heads around it would be fine, especially since they are that cheap.

>> No.73335819

Guillman's penis is hardening the more you write

>> No.73335822

you gave no reasons either

>> No.73335823

Space Marines are just fat aspect warriors now, it seems.

Yeah crons are probably waiting till september at worst.

>> No.73335826

They posted in Infinity too.
They're just false-flagging.

>> No.73335827

Then were are the custom Sister rules?

>> No.73335829

>implying necrons didn't get shafted in that box
Forgebane was for AdMech

>> No.73335836

>capable passing off as male so well that being a girl was an intentional surprise
only because she was in a suit of entirely genderless power armour for the whole game

>> No.73335838


>> No.73335840

Anon they already have more units than regular space marines. Their "lack" of flexibility is also irrelevant when the options they have are always better than 90% of the options. See hellblasters making every single other special weapon obsolete. Or every other marine tank with redemptor executioners. Will happen the same with the new melta rifles and the heavy weapons.

>> No.73335842

>giant pic of unconverted shining spears right in my face
thank god I wasn't eating.

>> No.73335848

Lucius T. Eternal model in 9th edition. Bet on it.

>> No.73335864

9th edition is the EC edition

>> No.73335865

Good choice but I want the clone.

>> No.73335874

Ehh, SoB is basically the military arm of Ordo Hereticus like Deathwatch are Ordo Xenos and Grey Knights are Ordo Malleus. Having Inquisitorial troops potentially work well in conjunction with SoB seems like a good decision. Hopefully the inquisitors for other factions can be mixed into other Imperium soups without fucking up synergies sort of like how Assassins don't.

>> No.73335878

>Their "lack" of flexibility is also irrelevant when the options they have are always better than 90% of the options. See hellblasters making every single other special weapon obsolete. Or every other marine tank with redemptor executioners. Will happen the same with the new melta rifles and the heavy weapons
Now this is shitposting!

>> No.73335880

>9th edition is the Phoenix Lord edition

Plastic Fuegan eventually.

>> No.73335890

meanwhile at GW hq
>gentlemen, we need more POC because pandering to trannies! and make sure they have lots of money to capitalize on as a bonus!
>>white scars' culture is mongrelish so we could expand on emperor's shadows to lure in the japs. write books, japanese heads, katana, bits and shit like that. maybe even japanese SOB bits and say there's a whole japanese planet dedicated to SOB
>japs are poc? those niggers ain't black, nigel. niggers... black... that's it! NIGGERS! LET'S INTRODUCE NIGGERS!
>>but there's zero (0!) of them are in the hobby and they are poor as shit. and everyone hates them, even pandering leftshits
>shut up, nigel. we will pander to niggers and their virtue signalling tools and we will make loads of cash
I want off this ride, bros

>> No.73335895

I want to rape

>> No.73335898

There's also a new strat for Custodes Dreads, 'Eternal Penitent' that for 1 command point gives them +1 attack & they can reroll a charge.
Still nothing special and also limited to one use.
It's a shame as Custodes hit their best in melee, they should get better buffs to actually reach melee fights easier.

>> No.73335908


>> No.73335913

You already got all the plastic models you are going to get for the next 10 years Xenos fag.
Get to the back of the line.

>> No.73335916

>Listen to Playtesters
>Regular annual survey
>Regular Q&As with fans
>Sneak Peak upcoming major releases over months like they did with the Sisters of Battle and Cow Elves
>Every remaining Failcast or metal mini goes plastic and/or goes Legends, depending on what they were
>Another 30K Gateway game. I honestly enjoyed those two.
>Some new Marinelet release
>Make a Sisters of Silence army
Those last three could even be the same.

>> No.73335923

>everyone is a WAAC
>people don't model for your dudes

>> No.73335929

>Why do you keep repeating this as if it made any sense?
because you don't seem capable of grasping the point that upscaling gave GW a good opportunity to change a stale uninspiring concept. Sisters and CSM haven't been updated in ages so it's not like GW did so for the sake of scale, and Necrons basically had their update with 5th edition so it's just getting rid of the oldest sculpts.

>Marines were always like that. In fact, primaris are a lot more restrictive.
I don't see how, Primaris just got mobilized and will be new to all the current conflicts in the narrative. Their history is unwritten and can be made as you play games that can have way bigger stakes and feel more relevant as opposed to being small chapters who purge a space hulk now and again in an unchanged imperium.

>All of which don't need primaris to happen. Still proving my points, I see.
so current marines distrusting primaris and feeling threatened doesn't need primaris to happen? Custodes questioning the loyalty of new marines who themselves are not used to the politics and dogma of the Imperium doesn't need primaris to happen? Chapter numbers being in the 10s of thousands and actually capable of big system assaults does not need primaris to happen? I dunno what to tell you but this is your problem to cope with, I don't care either way but GW doesn't regret primaris over a marine update for a second and never will.

>> No.73335932

Basically? Being a part of the imperial upper class can be pretty brutal even if your position is very safe and secure.
Since you got the tithe to worry about you can't afford to slack off or just leave your people to manage it all themselves.
You also have administratum adepts on your world who will be paying attention to what you do and have no loyalty or concern for you. You are a part of the machine to them and a part that doesn't perform is replaced.

>> No.73335940

> Mostly gundam

>> No.73335945

Chiss females > Tau females

>> No.73335954

Depends on the planet, like pretty much everything that relates to the social and/or political spectrum.
The imperium basically has three criteria that you as a member world should follow.
>Pay your tithe; in cash, troops, raw materials or whatever else you produce.
>Venerate the Emperor in your local fashion that isn't odd enough to make the Ecclesiarchy annoyed.
>Don't revolt/fuck up hard enough that the Administratum takes notice.
Do whatever you want with your nobles, degenerate scum with constant infighting or enlightened despots with a nice and regulated succession, the Imperium cares not as long as you pay your taxes.

>> No.73335955

>I want Wolf Marines
>I want Vampire Marines
>I want Monk Marines
>I want Tall Marines
>I want extra special Zooper Dooper Secret Marines
>I want female Marines

>> No.73335976

inquisition is too fluffy to not have shit rules, their basic design breaks the, no imperium keyword sharing within a formation rule, they want to apply now.

>> No.73335983

Plus it has the benefit from GW's perspective of making people buy an entire unit of these new specialist units instead of just buying a few different devastator or special weapon options. Now if you want melta you'll need to buy a unit of 5 or if you want plasma you'll need a unit of 5, etc. People are going to be forced to buy multiple kits in order to have the flexibility they used to take for granted.

In matched play that should allow a Primaris player to hyperspecialize their list to take advantage of the specialist units supported by a solid backbone of intercessors. For an all-comers list it's more challenging because you'll probably want to avoid some of the more hyperspecialized units since you won't know what types of models will have a hard counter but let's be honest you can probably be solid in most games running mostly troops and small number of other units that tend to be good vs a variety of army types.

>> No.73335984

>I want female Marines
>releases EC army with the occasional marine having a breast plate of some kind

>> No.73335986

Lucius is pretty much an off-brand Phoenix Lord.

>> No.73335987

>all this shitflinging and tears

>> No.73335988

Everybody played devastators as three different hyper specialized units too. Mix and matching options like in the box ha always been a mistake.

>> No.73335989

You can kitbash the female marines if youre that insistent

>> No.73335993

Even as a Tau fan, I must agree

>> No.73336002

>Mix and matching options like in the box ha always been a mistake.

>> No.73336020

Being fat is probably a choice to many imperial nobles, given they could probably afford an artificial nutrition modulator or some shit. And is probably used to effect to say, I'm so powerful and wealthy I can afford this much food get this big and not die of a heart attack in 200 years.

>> No.73336030

I am talking gamewise. You can like it from a hobby and fluff standpoint but a unit like those depicted in the cover of the box with one heavy bolter, one lascannon, one missile launcher and one multimelta with the sergeant having a combiplasma has always been a shit loadout.

>> No.73336053

I liked the lore of the Spyrers from Necromunda.
They are all noble scions yet to prove themselves useful to their House, so as a rite of passage they are given a powered suit and some short ranged archeotech weaponry and sent in a small squad to the Underhive to fulfil a Vow and cannot return until the group completes it.
Usually this is slaying a number of hivers or surviving a set number of undertaken combat encounters.
Surviving the hive and returning is supposed to show the young noble has the cunning and constitution to survive the intrigues and backstabbing nature of the noble's courts.

>> No.73336055

They need to get some better shills to write these faction focus articles if, "you kind can just take one battalion now that's different I guess, unless you don't want to" is the most enthusiasm these playtesters can muster for these changes.

>> No.73336056

>People are going to be forced to buy multiple kits in order to have the flexibility they used to take for granted.

People were forced to buy multiple kits anyway if they wanted a unit that didn't suck. Do you wanted some Devastator Lascannon squad? Fuck you then, a box has only two lascannon so be prepared to buy two boxes for every unit you wanted to field. At least now you can buy a box and have a viable unit

>> No.73336059

Anon, do you know what a breastplate is?

>> No.73336085

7th had decent inquisition rules (Agents of the imperiums was basically proto shit rules for inquisition) and did not turbo fuck your army for using it.

>> No.73336093

probably, that would be why he inserted a space to emphasise the "breast"

>> No.73336094

Fat as a show of power can also be due to size. You're physically bigger than your peers. You're fat with strength.

>> No.73336098

>You can kitbash the wolf marines if youre that insistent

>> No.73336101

Nope and despite having the internet at my disposal i choose ignorance.

>> No.73336114


>> No.73336115

Unironically a good compromise.

>> No.73336116

The new article does more or less confirm that Patrols will either no cost a player command points or be cheap enough to not effect them too badly outside their main detachment.

>> No.73336118

I can respect this answer. Willful ignorance is sweet.

>> No.73336119

I missed the fabius spoilers in the top of the thread. Can someone give me the info?

>> No.73336123

this but unironically

>> No.73336124

being a noble in any empire so far hasn't been a 'cakewalk' and required a lot of work since it is always viewed as a responsibility and there are rarely any guarantees. In the first place a noble is a scion of a family that had to fight and be exceptional to secure the position in the first place.

>> No.73336125


>> No.73336126

Honestly it's pretty accurate. Due to the range differentials between certain heavy weapons it's generally better to make a single weapon load out per devastator squad rather than take a Plasma Cannon, a Lascannon, a Heavy Bolter and a Multi-melta. Despite Tacticals being able to take a heavy weapon who was actually dumb enough to do that?

>> No.73336134

>no timestamp
nice image search

>> No.73336136

>retard game says fat with strength so that makes it real

>> No.73336138

I feel that is a right of passage to most painters. You get your first nice vehicle or HQ and you want to do the best possible job you can. You slave away for hours and are happy with the outcome, but at the end you look at the rest of your army you still have to do and go, "wow, that was unnecessarily time consuming." Its the same feeling as when you've learned to cook and want to go all out for a family meal during a holiday.

>> No.73336139

>Assuming subtlety is by design
Where am I?

>> No.73336141


If a unit has two alt-builds that do roughly the same thing, I have to take only one of them, because mixing Rangers and Vanguard or Infiltrators and Ruststalkers looks untidy.
If they compliment each other or are just a weapon swap like the Kataphrons it's fine, but the army has to look as streamlined as possible.

If I'm taking flyers or tanks I have to take more than one, no single Valkyrie, and again loadouts should match where possible. Also the all-or-nothing Transport rule.

>> No.73336161

>no pointy ears
No he ain't.

>> No.73336172

I expect every detachments cost to be equivalent to the current amount of command points it provides and duplicates to then cost additionally. Like a strategem will be costed as 1/3 for 1 or 2 relics for instance.

>> No.73336201

Did the standard book MEGA get nuked? Was looking for Cadian Blood

>> No.73336203

it is real, you literally perform actions with more weight on your frame.

>> No.73336225

I like SoBs.

>> No.73336226

Interesting, they alluded far more strongly to points increases for the Eldar in this article. I wonder if Eldar will see some "ridiculous" spikes in points costs, like over +25% all across the board.

>> No.73336238

How do you go from this...

>> No.73336241

Me too. What do you think of my scheme?
Grabbing my starting kits tomorrow.

>> No.73336249

to this?

>> No.73336266

Looks nice.

>> No.73336273

It is. You ever see olympic heavy lifters? They don't look like body builders.

>> No.73336288

>I want female marines
Okay you can have them. They're called the sisters of battle
>I want evil space marines
Okay there's chaos space marines
>No not like that!

>> No.73336290

I really love this version of the razorback. What old model is your favorite ?

>> No.73336291

Given currently what we know, I think detachments will cost in command points what they used to give originally pre-errata.
Patrols are free (strongly hinted), Batallions cost 3 (confirmed here at least), Brigades cost 9, etc.

>> No.73336293

i hope so. eldar should be a small, elite army with a ton of special rules

>> No.73336304

Agreed, though my worry is that GW will just increase points without adding rules to compensate for it.

E.g. "Oh, Dire Avengers are 22 points now"

>> No.73336306


>> No.73336308

>I want evil space marines
So like at aleast 1/3 of all loyal chapters ?

>> No.73336314

This. Make Aspect Warriors strong again.

>> No.73336322

Playing with 3D printed pauldrons. These are slightly less fiddly to produce than my usual method of masking off the stripes, even if the painting itself is harder.

>> No.73336323

No way patrols are free considering in the FF today with eldar they said about paying for patrols

>> No.73336330

Or you know an entire faction dedicated to being evil

>> No.73336331

Well, everyone's price is set to increase, so they dont necessarily need extra rules...

>> No.73336337

Do they have etched guidelines to paint or something?

>> No.73336343


>> No.73336348

They definitly count aswell

>> No.73336353

Eldar are already expensive man, if they want to keep shitting one the points for spears and reapers than fucking make something else in the army worth taking.

>> No.73336356

The day female Space Marines appear in canon is the day GW will have jumped the shark. You can't erase 30 years of canon like that.
You can have your female Ground Marines in AoS, though.

>> No.73336364

>Then the Riptide Wing formation came out and every tau list had 3 and it was honestly not fun.
And you can still experience the aftereffect of it by how all those Tau players run triptide in 8th.

>> No.73336376

i approve to hammer your mom

>> No.73336378

And that's why it'll never happen. For all the shit AoS gets at least it's a solid containment zone for them to sprinkle wokeshit/le stonk womyn crap to keep the trannies sated

>> No.73336384

Cool? You bringing it up negatively is just as bad as people bring it up.
Shut the fuck up about it. Female sms exist
They're the sob. Move on you shitty secondary

>> No.73336387


>> No.73336396

That's just a blue human

>> No.73336405

Yeah, although they could stand to be a little deeper to "catch" errant paint. The stripes on the old FW dread are a breeze for this exact reason. Though it turns out my hands are steady enough that I just need a line to follow to get it 90% right.

>> No.73336415

Nah, it mentioned if you couldn't fit everything into a batallion you can put things in a secondary Patrol (made it sound at least a very cheap option to add in).
They didn't mention you'd pay command points for the Patrol though.
Fair play though, having Patrols as free does go against the point of reducing detachments and souping that 9th seems to be going for.

>> No.73336426

likely, makes me fear every formation might cost a flat 3 since he's eluding to it being equivalent to his old 8-10 point builds.

>> No.73336437

Wait. Doesnt the Fabius novel have a female SM?

>> No.73336438

Well this book is going to sell very, very poorly.

>> No.73336448

>not drilling the guns
>zoomer tacticool knife on pauldron
>boomer green base edge
>No wash
Looks good for first minis but give them a wash or something like that and try to fix some of those major mistakes you did with the silver.

>> No.73336450

Come to think of it, the Craftworld army composition is probably the one that's changed the least since 2nd edition. I mean you're still running more or less all the same aspect warriors, wraiths and vehicles as 25 years ago.

>> No.73336453

I look forward to the inevitable day when all the manlets turn into chaos squids because chaos gets so bad.

>> No.73336455

Who's gonna win?

>> No.73336460


>> No.73336465


>> No.73336468

I reckon itll be 1-2 for a patrol, 3 for a battalion and 4-5 for a brigade

>> No.73336469

We got rekt. Ok guys we get our next model in 10 years as a cover model from a Comic. Oh wait here it is. So the next Sidters rules will be in 15 years. Was a nice time. VH and BR for the rest of my life.

>> No.73336470

Brother and I are thinking of getting back into 40k and we're going to do an escalation thing were we start at 500pts and gradually add more units to our army as the year goes on. I'm thinking of going Nightlords and starting with the following
>Chaos Lord with Jump pack
>Master of Executions
>Chaos Space Marines (10 Marines)
>Raptor (5 Raptors)
Is this an okay unit selection, or should I try to squeeze some Havocs in instead of Raptors?

>> No.73336471

Games Workshop

>> No.73336490

the aspect warriors are all 25 years old, so its not surprising.

>> No.73336495

I was thinking of using Darkness as a color scheme, but it seems I was not the only guy with that idea

>> No.73336520

>who was actually dumb enough to do that?
*Raises hand*
Missile Launcher. Every single time, always a Missile Launcher.
Originally because I was stupid and assumed they had to be equipped like on the box and since then because I just liked it.
And confirmation bias means that I'm only really remembering the times it's made more then it's points back vs all the times it didn't.

>> No.73336523

Girlyman's leg is up slightly higher than Abby's, so Girlyman wins.

>> No.73336524

you should ask him what hes running and then build list that are balanced against one another.

>> No.73336530

>vulture arrived
>forgot where I put my razor saw
>don't have time before work to look for it and just bought a new one online
I guess my hobby night will be a drinking night tonight. At least I can start washing the mold release off.

>> No.73336534

Increasing their points without fixing the huge issues that plague most of the aspect warriors would be bad. In my mind the best CWE strategic focus for most Craftworlds should be built around the following:

Highly mobile citizen armies (guardians units in wave serpents, windriders, warwalkers)
Small groups of specialist formations (aspect warriors in transports, jetbikes, wraithguard) used to gain tactical advantage
Heavy psyker support via Farseers and Warlocks

Units like Dire Avengers need to be lethal to marine equivalents even if they don't have the armor to stand up to a pounding but right now they are shorter range, less killy, less durable, etc and just don't match up particularly well against shit that they'll constantly see on the tables like Primaris. Same with units like Banshees that have nice weapons but because of a low strength struggle to wound.

>> No.73336539

nah bruv jetpack meme all the way
in sub1k games I've had way more fun zipping around with raptors and jumplords than doing pretty much anything else
except ripper spam

>> No.73336551

>Originally because I was stupid and assumed they had to be equipped like on the box and since then because I just liked it.

>> No.73336558

Shut up, they're bigger now

>> No.73336560

Vanguard, Outrider, Spearhead, Supreme Command & Air Wing realistically would be 1 command point, perhaps 2 so it's under Battalion though more than Patrol or Fortification.

>> No.73336603

We both promised we wouldn't reveal our lists or even our factions until like the day before we meet for the first match. Figured it'd be more fun if we both go into blind.
Raptors it is then. Cheers for the help fren.

>> No.73336610

so with the csm start collecting you're stuck with 5 marines with useless chainswords, and there are just two monopose oblits that aren't available elsewhere?

>> No.73336615

The article say its like Patrol is the cheap choice and knowing GW would not let Patrol be the free detatchment. So Vanguard, Outrider.... probably 2CP.

>> No.73336617

Ehh, the Aspects that are good shift between editions. Banshees will be good for a bit and then shit same with FD, SS, DA, WS, SH. Reapers and Shining Spears are the units that typically remaining pretty good regardless of edition. Oh and Crimson Hunters are almost always pretty good because Eldar are generally great flyers but you aren't building your whole faction around CHE kicking ass.

>> No.73336622


>> No.73336639

>Don't usually field named characters
>If I do field named characters, have the list be appropriate for the character like I only field Ghazghkull in Apocalyptic scenarios, or Karandras in a striking scorpions heavy guerrilla list.
>Relics I take MUST be modeled. No exceptions.
>Keep giving weaker units that I like a chance in games despite knowing they're weak because I like the theme/model.

>> No.73336645

Pretty much. Not like you can give them bolters anyway because the CSM kit doesn't even come with enough for it's own troops

>> No.73336657

Naw son, it's got eyes

>> No.73336662

I have to include the 490 point yeetstealer combo with swarmlord

>> No.73336664

like comedy wise or actually being cool wise

>> No.73336671

How do you model things like relic pistols, that are basically "this is a bolt pistol but has one extra shot"?

>> No.73336673

Kommandos are fun.

>> No.73336676

Is there anything that can make Abaddon into Horus 2.0? If no then no.

>> No.73336691

why are chainswords useless?

>> No.73336693

god snikrot is such a cool model
even though his lore, while everything you'd expect, is kind of just that and nothing more

>> No.73336694

Always have a knight

>> No.73336701

Anyone use a magnifying glass? I tried some basic painting on a ETB reaver last night and felt like the mini was way too small to paint.

>> No.73336704

Why would they make Vanguard/Spearhead/Outrider/Supreme Command cheap to take in terms of CP cost? Making Patrols be a cheap detachment makes sense because adding more troops is rarely going to be particularly overpowering but there should be a drawback associated with just plunking down a bunch of heavy support in a Spearhead detachment.

>> No.73336706

It will be a pink day for all.

>> No.73336707

8th has gone out of its way to make my mechanised witch hunter an absolute pain in the ass to run.
SoB transport getting more expensive for no reason
Storm Troopers can't take Inquisitorial Chimeras
Inquisition can't take Chimeras, Landraiders or Valks
For some reason SoB lose skills if they fight along side their traditional brothers in arms
7th was more fun to play. No idea how the fuck did 8th manage to do that

>> No.73336714

Wouldn't it be smarter to hide your missile launchers in a 10 man squad anyway? More ablative wounds and cheaper than havocs, although you do lose the extra toughness

>> No.73336716

Chainswords aren't useless.
Chainsword CSM are useless.

>> No.73336717

Considering this is really what a slaaneshi should look like, I’m all for it.

>> No.73336720

Your local non-militant Sororitas member knocks at the door to your Imperial Civilized World house, and asks why you haven't registered yourself with a wife and had at least two children as part of the sector Governors mandate to accelerate development of the planet.

She reminds you of your duty to the Imperium to raise more soldiers, factory workers, and mothers and that you face significant fines and ultimately social status downgrade if you fail to acquire one. She also reminds you that there is a social planning building not far from here where you can look for other persons not yet maritally arranged.

How do you reply?

>> No.73336724

I'm counting like 8 and only 1 plasma gun. oh no no no, look at thus dudes sprue, ahahaha.

>> No.73336731

Since he according to ADB refuses any chaos buffs he's basically just a marine who's a really good fighter so he's basically gonna be fucked. Hell old Sigismund almost fucked him.

>> No.73336738

I work 80 hours a week for the glory of the imperium, I don't have time for women.

>> No.73336740

based on the new CSM box and start collection, its very possible 20 man melee CSM with Bile will be good in 9th.

>> No.73336741

Same with the Venomcrawler, greater possessed and MOP. All monopose and no other way to get them yet. If you have the bitz laying around you can have the chainsword guys pistol grip bolters, that's what I ended up doing when I split Shadowspear.

>> No.73336748

Isn't it horrible.
Imagine playing Cuckhaos Space Marines

>> No.73336760

I don't field too many relics. For Eldar I modeled the Mantle of the Laughing God and that was it because that was the only one I took

For Orks they ain't got stuff like that so it's super easy. Supa-Cybork? Add super cybernetic parts.
Redda paint? Make a redda mek with a giant paint roller.
Sometimes I get creative and model something adjacent, so for example there's a wartrike with a 5++ invulnerable save and +1 toughness, so I would plan to use this Daemonic themed chariot as Daemons have a 5++.

If there was some boosted bold pistol I'd probably just add an extra barrel, longer barrel, more purity seals, or something. Doesn't sound like something I'd take.

>> No.73336763

Average processing time for approval of a child llicense is currently 58 years

>> No.73336769

It's gonna be just as bad, Anon.

>> No.73336771

Super Heavy Aux not getting traits is kind of garbage desu. That's how they should be run instead of this full knight army nonsense.

>> No.73336777

>Since he according to ADB refuses any chaos buffs
What about that special chaos mark?

>> No.73336779

Government records of your voxnet activity indicate you are more than capable of siring within two three minutes. You have plenty of time.

>> No.73336783

3 attacks + bolt pistol seems good if you can get into combat. Maybe new cover rules + smaller maps will make them ok in 9th. I'd hate to not take them on the nightlords army I'm building.

>> No.73336788

I tell her if she's so desperate for children she should come inside and bend over, otherwise she should fuck off since I have papers from the Sector Governor pardoning me for the next few years due to a recent return from a military incursion near Ultramar involving Tyranids.

>> No.73336792

I'd like to do this, but my worry is:

> 8e: I give my model "jetbike of steel and axe of the gods". The model normally has a gun and is on foot.
> 9e: The "jetbike of steel" and "axe of the gods" is removed from the game.
> Now I have a model with no associated configuration in the rules.

>> No.73336806

>8th babby

>> No.73336809

I thank her for the reminder and immediately proceed to the social planning building.

>> No.73336810

>release Emperor's Children
Dear God, yes please.

>> No.73336812

Doesn't count for some reason, I'm not here to decipher how he can both be uncorrupted and marked at the same time but I'm sure ADB has some explanation as to how being marked doesn't actually mean anything while also meaning everything.

>> No.73336816

You are? Not my place to say, Anon.
9th is just 8th with vehicles.

>> No.73336820


>> No.73336822

its not a big diff, patrols are 2 of instead of 3+ and the rule of 3 is usually being used, and you have your battalion. They shouldn't unnecessarily screw over crap like triple ravager vanguard out of what? spite?

>> No.73336828

>heard something about having to pay for overwatch now
hey you never know your luck in the big city

>> No.73336832

Are chaos baneblades good yet?

>> No.73336836

>Will Chaosfags finally be happy?
I can't take a basilisk and give my chaos lord attack dogs and a kai gun, so no

>> No.73336837

>less than half the rules released
>no point updates
brainlet take

>> No.73336845

Oh anon being marked means nothing now, ADB had a whole thing about how all the black legion marines who are marked aren't actually worshipers of the gods that marked them.

>> No.73336846

Baneblades aren't good so why would chaos baneblades be any better?

>> No.73336847

SoB could have 3 S4 attacks too and cheaper then Chaos marines. Never saw any use outside of meme list.
No real delivery method and no punching power beside a bunch of S4 AP0 D1 attacks is hardly worth a damn.

>> No.73336855

You've got a better chance of MDE getting a second season on Adult Swim than you've got of good melee.

>> No.73336859

Flawless Host begs to differ

>> No.73336876

comedy wise it's gotta be magnus's model from epic
I mean, a lot of the old epic models qualify, but he's the best/worst
honourable mention to squat trains

as far as coolness, I actually quite like the trike with a sail from gorkamorka
honourable mention to basically everything in battlefleet gothic

>> No.73336887

Make them noise marines they will chew shit up.

>> No.73336889

so basically you'll get more hits in with the boltgun. That makes sense. Is it not worth it to put them in a party van like berserkers?

>> No.73336890

>attack dogs and a kai gun,
I cope and pretend that Spitespitter is my Kai gun

>> No.73336895

Being a cynical cunt gets you nowhere in life.

The direction is clearly against gunline/alpha strike lists.

>> No.73336899

You do that, and now you just have a cool and unique character to field in games instead of some basic bitch not converted paintjob.

>> No.73336909

I'm a complete newbie who only read KillTeam rules, but in 9th if I have an AdMech army and want to bring a couple of Armiger knights I'd lose 3CP?

Please say it ain't so.

>> No.73336912

Sadly Biles noise marines would take up a Elite slot.
Meaning you'd still have to fill the troop slot with something

>> No.73336914

buff orks and nids
squat tau
lock ADB in a dumpster and throw it in a river

>> No.73336917

we all know bigger rocks equal better skill
I ask her why everywhere I look SoB kits are sold out

>> No.73336929


>> No.73336931

no one knows yet, its speculation.

>> No.73336953


>> No.73336961

Lol typo

>> No.73336967

I'm correct, he's wrong.

>> No.73336977

>people claiming necrons won't be played
>people will be fighting over space marine half of box
>meanwhile necron faction focus, despite having almost no actual news in it, is most popular article for third day in a row

>> No.73336978

I stick by my statement.

>> No.73336989


>> No.73337012

glowing orange bulge

>> No.73337017

I'm primarily interested in the SM half 'cause it's perfect for Templars, but the Necron half is super cool and because I still have the Necron half of Forgebane, my brother will have a decent sized army to play with.

>> No.73337036

Go back to huffing your own farts, secondary

>> No.73337039

If you're gonna do that you might as well just use berzerkers.

>> No.73337045

The old magnus was just a monke with a club, he was pretty hilarious.

>> No.73337054

So, what does Pariah actually contain if there's no rules

>> No.73337063

no pariahs is what it contains

>> No.73337064

I guess there's more to talk about but necron content is flooding yt at the moment as well. The new range definitely seems to have wider appeal on the whole. I guess if you want to be pessimistic you could say people just want a strong soon to be fully updated force out of the box for 9th but the designs seem to be a big draw.

>> No.73337072

I used my phone's image editor to make the colors "pop" more so it was easier to see the transfers.

>> No.73337087

What army would Nagatoro and Senpai collect?

>> No.73337092

To be fair this is literally the first major rules update Necrons have had since their codex drop back in like, 2018.

>> No.73337105

Slaanesh daemons and Primaris marines respectively
I have no justification for this, I'm only aware of the series through memes

>> No.73337113

Yeah I really like the Plasmancer, he's very wizard-y. I think the new Necron models look cool because they are a nice blend of 3rd ed. horror 'Crons and 5th ed. Egyptian 'Crons.

>> No.73337114

meant for >>73336977

>> No.73337146

>> No.73337163

There's a new datasheet for a Necron character. :^)

>> No.73337171

Codex: Hrud is confirmed for 9th

>> No.73337174

Szeras Anon (^:

>> No.73337195

Pariah you fucking spastic retard

>> No.73337211

lol it's funny because you know there's gonna be a new Necron codex in two months max, so there's no reason for Necron players to pick up this PA at all.

>> No.73337212

How would you feel if I were to field this as an Inquisitor? All SoB symbols would be removed, and ecclesiarchy symbols are pretty close to the inquisitorial =][= I guess

>> No.73337228

>annihilo, annihilare, annihilavi, annihilatus
>>conjugation: 1st conjugation
>>voice: transitive
>> 1. annihilate, destroy, demolish, ruin, bring to nothing
Annihilatum would be the neuter nominative singular perfect participle of annihilo thus meaning "it was destroyed", "that which has been destroyed", etc. Don't bother playing Imperium if you don't know Latin.

>> No.73337232

I am actually surprised. I expected GW to sell us Pariah with some rules and then the codex without the rules in Pariah, so that you'll need both.

>> No.73337249

>"Don't bother playing Imperium if you don't know Latin."

>> No.73337252

Pariah will probably drop early-mid july, Dominatus and 9th are confirmed for a july release so expect that in late july

>> No.73337259

>I expected GW to sell us Pariah with some rules and then the codex without the rules in Pariah, so that you'll need both.
Thats exactly what they are gonna do.

>> No.73337265

Also good job, you just made me feel like a student again.

>> No.73337270


>> No.73337277

They've already shown us/leaked everything. They're not able to keep secrets that close to release.

>> No.73337280

Pariah is on Next Week's preorder now, goes on Preorder saturday and releases a week after that, so July 4th

You didn't see today's article, huh? The only Necron rules in the whole book are Szeras' datasheet, which is also packaged with the model

>> No.73337284

It doesn't say "Annihilatum", it says "Annialatum". Get your eyes checked.

>> No.73337289

The original OOE.

Though that may be my nostalgia talking since it was one of my first warhammer minis.

>> No.73337296

oh no we got too cocky doubterinos

>> No.73337298

You'll also need to buy the FAQ that will "fix" the rules between pariah and the codex.

>> No.73337319

I write comprehensive magiclike rules

>> No.73337410

>it says annhialatum

>> No.73337517

Arch is based. Loves the imperium and hates nigs, what more could I ask for in a man?

>> No.73337590

both of those are retard cunts. y r u trawling us bruh?

>> No.73337603

Gotta be the 2e hive tyrant

>> No.73337635

20 legionnaires with vexilla, give the sarge a power scythe for rule of cool, you should be running the reaping usually so get them rad grenades too, it always helps.

Oh wait you mean after istvaan III....

>> No.73337716

So are you guys getting szeras on saturday?

>> No.73337866

>Every model has a name
I'm not the only one

>> No.73337869

this guy got me into tyranids, back when they were good.

>> No.73337907

Where can I get me some used models for cheap? I'm willing to buy up almost anybody's trash, because I'd like to just make an ork army full of looted gear and converted vehicles, just for shits and giggles. I don't want to give GW my money, and everything I found on Ebay was either more expensive than buying it new (including postage, at least), not shipping to my country, or just made up of faggots who break up their armies to sell them off in such small pieces that the shipping cost is higher than the cost of the model.

>> No.73338138

the color scheme I've been toying with

>> No.73338219

Does anyone actually use these stickers?

>> No.73338252

I did a few times ~10 years ago, same for the lads I play with. by and large we gave up because it was easier to freehand shit
been meaning to try my hand at it again now it's so easy to find guides online for shit I used to struggle with

>> No.73338814

I'm still fucking mad I didn't get that box.

>> No.73338892

Please, give me a jump pack canoness.

>> No.73339321

I like it anon. Here's my favorite I've done.

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