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Kino Matchup edition

War of the Spider PDF: https://mega.nz/file/IL4VVKSB#2aXsbm_9AIJhe6sE7kHbfrAajQIo1512-rXcBZqMM94

>RIP Overwatch:

>The Models of Indomitus

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>TQ: What are the best matchups from a WWE-style grudge match perspective

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>What are the best matchups from a WWE-style grudge match perspective
Word Bearers vs SoBs
Dark Eldar vs Tau
Nids vs Blood Angels
Orks vs Imperial Guard

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My friend is a Tau WAACfag and has sucked all the joy out of converting Ork shit and playing meme lists. How do I WAACfag in return and make sure no one has any fun whatsoever?

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buy as many of those 2E ork boys as you can, then field them in disgusting endless identical squads of 30 greytide

>> No.73314276

Slow and steady.

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Space Wolves vs. Thousand Sons
Blood Angels vs. Black Legion
Iron Hands vs. Emperors Children
Ultramarines vs. Word Bearers
Ultramarines vs. Alpha Legion
Imperial Fists vs. Iron Warriors
Imperial Fists vs. Alpha Legion
Space Wolves vs. Dark Angels
Black Templars vs. Dark Angels
Grey Knights vs. Death Guard
White Scars vs. Thousand Sons
Crimson Fists vs. Orks
Ultramarines vs. Tyranids
Grey Knights vs. Daemons
Salamanders vs. Dark Eldar
Tau vs. Haemonculus Covens
Deathwatch vs. Genestealer Cults
Steel Legion vs. Orks
Black Templars vs. Orks
Cadians vs. Black Legion
Eldar vs. Slaanesh
Iyanden vs. Hive Fleet Kraken
Harlequins vs. Ahriman-led Thousand Sons
World Eaters vs. Emperor's Children
Necrons vs. Eldar
Imperial Knights vs. Chaos Knights

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Mek Guns, 90 Ork Boys and a Weird Boy to do Da Jump.

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BA vs. Nids

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I was about to get a set but I don’t understand how primaris works

So they cannot be played like normal marines? Do they have their own rule book, or are they just a type of unit for normal marines? The GW website desc says they are fielded by normal marines sometimes, so I guess they’re not true replacements.. and don’t have their own rule book?

When is everything going to just be primaris, or is that even the goal? From what I understand they can’t field everything the normal marines can, which leads me to believe they have their own chapter book somewhere or something

Can they not physically fit into vehicle models or lore wise they can’t? Not sure what I was hearing people complain about

Before you reply with complaints about GW I don’t really care but obviously I wish they just silently scaled the models up instead of write all this shit because I read more and get more confused by how these are supposed to work in tabletop, but lore indicates they’re going to replace marines

Also, are they clones or something? Why do people say they are less unique?

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>Grey Knights vs Death Guard
Ward cringe detected

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Oh no

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Yeah. I don't really feel it myself because it's just something GW started pushing in 7th edition and it seems forced to me. I know they were in Space Hulk but in 40K itself the Blood Angels were more prominently fighting Orks than Nids until fairly recently.

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custodes really are jobbers

>> No.73314329

I dunno, from the fluff dumped about Bile, it seems like he's been given some form of depression by either the chaos gods or DEldar and is merely just going through the motions now instead of working towards his new man project

>> No.73314332

That one works because you can book it as settling a bullshit score. That match would draw.

>> No.73314340

They did a thousand Blood Games and never drew a dime.

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Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion is true kino, because they are the true halfs of a whole. The Imperial Fists embody power pure and simple. The only good is strength, the only evil weakness. Because of this, they fail to recognise that weakness offers it's own brand of strength, or in other words; everything is strength when utilised correctly. The Alpha Legion understand this, but they do not understand that in the end, true strength is what rules. You can plot, scheme and plan endless contingencies; but if the mountain is still there at the end, then you have lost.

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Primaris are the next generation of Space Marines and old Space Marine units are being slowly phased out.

"Primaris" and "marines" aren't armies. Space Marines have multiple chapters that you choose from and every chapter (aside from Grey Knights) can run all Primaris and Space Marine models that aren't chapter-specific.
For example, a Blood Angels army can have Primaris Intercessors and a Tactical Squad in the same list, but they can't take a Nephilim Jetfighter, which is exclusive to Dark Angels.

>> No.73314360

Would these make a decent counts as heavy bolter?

>> No.73314368

I'd say no. Heavy stubber yes though.

>> No.73314371

Iron warriors vs imperial fists of course

>> No.73314373

To be fair to them, they had to fight Bile-buffed Brazen Drakes and Death Guard back to back, and they basically took no casualties aside from a couple Custodians that got captured by Bile.

>> No.73314394

Suck his dads dick

>> No.73314397

Allarus are generally better. Aquilon have better melee but they don't get the Allarus Terminator stratagems and anti-character ability.

>> No.73314408

Didn’t they lose 3/4 of their force?
I haven’t yet been able to read it, but I think that’s what the summarized version posted here said

>> No.73314419

Oh no the guy who accomplished fuck all in 10.000 years is gonna accomplish another fuck all in the next 10.000 years
Chaos really is a fucking joke

>> No.73314423

This works better for Ultramarines and Alpha Legion. I could easily believe that Alpha Legion were written to be the Ultramarines dark reflection. The Ultramarines even use an inverted Omega as their chapter symbol.

Plus Guilliman killed Alpharius.

>> No.73314430

>believing that story

>> No.73314435

He created the New Men and several Perfect clones of the Primarchs.

>> No.73314438

Ask him to tone down his lists a bit? True friends would do that.

It's just a portion and that plotline will be forgotten in months

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I think thats the problem with custard coming back. They are awesome, but other factions arent allowed to have fun when they are around, cos even killing one of them is such a big thing, and they are so powerful that no matter who they fight, they have to kill the opponent in droves to justify the one loss they have.

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>Primaris are the next generation of Space Marines and old Space Marine units are being slowly phased out.
Why lie to someone asking for help? Old Marines aren't being phased out. You can play them alongside Primaris all you want. In fact Primaris really just have one good tank and two good troop choice.

>> No.73314448

and did nothing with them

>> No.73314451

>he did [thing] that amounted to absolutely nothing

>> No.73314456

Okay, so it’s just an optional type of unit for whatever chapters have them (which I assume are covered in their rule books, just reading the general space marine codex at the moment).

I heard complaints they can’t use vehicles besides Razorback, is that true? If they’re next gen I don’t understand why they’d be restricted from behaving like a normal marine

>> No.73314460

In theory that should be true but GW is plenty willing to make Custards job.

>> No.73314463

>So they cannot be played like normal marines? Do they have their own rule book, or are they just a type of unit for normal marines? The GW website desc says they are fielded by normal marines sometimes, so I guess they’re not true replacements.. and don’t have their own rule book?
They are normal marines now. They'e just new units.
>When is everything going to just be primaris, or is that even the goal?
No fixed time line so far.
>Can they not physically fit into vehicle models or lore wise they can’t?
They can't use old marine transports in the rules of the game.
>Also, are they clones or something? Why do people say they are less unique?
No. People will generally say they're less unique because they have only one variety of armour per unit, though they have a lot variety over different units.

>> No.73314465

Who won War of the Spider anyway?

>> No.73314475

They had a Custodes get sodomized with a wooden spear in The First Heretic.

>> No.73314478

>can make primarchs
>but custodes are a big deal
I don't get it

>> No.73314479

Old marines will be given legend status sometime in 10th edition

>> No.73314481

What happened to that mega with a bunch of novels? The Rho mu 31 library.

>> No.73314490

Custodes did what they set out to do, which was essentially irrelevant in the grander scheme.
Bile got kind of delayed so not really a win, but not a crushing loss.
Death Guard jobbed every step of the way.

>> No.73314491

You're lying to yourself if you think manlet marines aren't going to get Legends'd.

All chapters have Primaris (aside from Grey Knights because they have their own shit). Main compatibility issue is that Primaris can only use Primaris vehicles like the Impulsor.

Bile got what he wanted and used the Brazen Drakes as a diversion while he escaped back into the Eye of Terror.

>> No.73314494

He got pure gene-samples of the Primarchs and is familiar with their physiology.

Custodians not so much

>> No.73314503

Because he can't make Primarchs, only photocopies, and he's since lost his original image.

>> No.73314511

Custodes and Bile both accomplished their goals. Bile probably came out on top having not only escaped the Death Guard with his prize but acquired living Custodes and Sisters of Silence to experiment on. Custodes annihilated the renegade chapter they were hunting and drove off the Death Guard, but they took heavy losses.

Death Guard were the losers though. This is the last mention of Death Guard in the fluff:
>"Full of bitterness and disgust, the Plague Marines quit the field. "

>> No.73314519

>t. stinky morty

>> No.73314521

Ultramarines vs Alpha Legion is shallow in the same way that Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists is. The Ultramarines are empire builders, the Alpha Legion are empire saboteurs; it's boring to examine. But the Imperial Fists and the Alpha Legion are both schemers, and more important, idealists. The Imperial Fists scheme in a very apparent and evident way, with traps and pitfalls directly in the way of their enemies. If the enemy wants to get to the Imperial Fists, they have to get past their schemes. If an enemy wants to get to the Alpha Legion, they first have to be *aware* that the Alpha Legion are there and are building traps and pitfalls around them. When someone falls in an Imperial Fist trap, it's because they moved into the trap. When someone falls in an Alpha Legion trap, it's because the Alpha Legion activated it. They're both idealists, in the sense that they believe they can uplift humans by teaching them their respective ideologies, and showing that it is the correct way to live.

>> No.73314522

think of it like this why would you care about being able to make t-34s when you can make M1 abrams
with how wanked off primarchs are a photocopy is easily worth a few custodes

>> No.73314527

>Primaris vehicles like the Impulsor.

So they made successor marines that can’t use the standard vehicles so they can sell the new tank?

Nvm, I’m just gonna pirate dawn of war. Good luck guys sorry about your hobby

>> No.73314532

you'll not be missed

>> No.73314553

Then don't play an Ultima Founding Successor, doofus. You can still order 90% of old marine kits.

>> No.73314556

>Full of bitterness and disgust
isn't that how they do everything

>> No.73314560

>with how wanked off primarchs are a photocopy is easily worth a few custodes
Sure, but it doesn't show any great understanding of their biology.
It's like creating a program in visual basic vs being able to create your own compiler.

>> No.73314561

An addition lasts about 3 years, sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. You think GW will stop selling it's most successful ever line in the next 5 years? You think everything Forgeworld puts out for the Horus Heresy series will be moved to Legends in 5 years?

This is what you don't get: There's no value to getting rid of Marinelets. HH proved that people will happily buy multiple Space Marines armies if the models are slightly different. Marinelets are probably still outselling every Xenos faction on their own. Primaris are just another form of Space Marines for you to collect.

>> No.73314565

I know this is bait but you could just play literally any other army

>> No.73314567

If you looked at how the game played, no one transports infantry any more anyway, since it's a massive waste of points to take troop transports. You're especially wasting your points if you're transporting shit low cost marines like tac marines down the board this way.
People use tanks as tanks, they're there to shoot stuff from behind your infantry, not to transport people.

>> No.73314573

Planning on finally painting / finishing my Custodes. Going Shadowkeepers. The plan is to park the two squads of Allarus Terminators in deep strike along with the terminator Vexilla and one Dreadnought. Anything you would change in this list?

>> No.73314580

What relics are you running on the jetbike captains? Are you planning this for play in 8th or 9th?

>> No.73314581

Always glad to have more things to add to the list of things Custodes have jobbed for.

>> No.73314582

>An edition
Fucking typo. I'll add to this buy saying that before 10th edition GW will release a First Born box set with new Marinelet models.

>> No.73314583

You're fooling yourself if you think gw will ever stop selling older models which still make profit

Some factions have gone like 2 editions without any new models or are actively using models which are a decade old.

Quit your whining

>> No.73314588

God DAMN I fucking LOVE space marines

>> No.73314592

you shouldn't, they SUCK

>> No.73314593

Tyranids didn't get a new model in all of 8th edition.

>> No.73314600

9th hopefully. I figure Custodes probably won't see a ton of points changes so it'll hopefully work with maybe +/-1 terminator. For relics I think I'll make one of the bikers the 2+/3++/5+++ and bigger aura with captain general so he can fly up and help the termies shoot straight.

>> No.73314602

>drum mag and belt fed


>> No.73314604

the tyranid line is perfectly fine save for the guns of termagaunts

>> No.73314607

In fairness he tried to fight a room full of Space Marine Captains and a Primarch.

>> No.73314610

Whenever Necrons and Eldar fight, do they ever make references to the war in heaven?

Are any of them veterans of the War in Heaven?

>> No.73314616

the guns of termagants have got no problem aside from needing a touch on the sprue to add the spike rifle and strangleweb

lictors and vores need a kit before the range can be said to be finalized

>> No.73314618

Necrons didnt get any in the 7th and only got 2 models in 8th: the cryptek on scarab and the new chad Szeras,

SM players will cum themselves at slightest marine variety or even paint scheme change.

Thinking GW will cut marinelets is schizo because they will sell even in 10 years

>> No.73314627

A nurgling probably ran off with the other drum.

>> No.73314629

all necrons are the same that fought in the war in heaven, the eldar aren't, but they may have memories from their past incarnations that lived through it

necrontyr and eldar fought together against daemons at some point

>> No.73314630

>Are any of them veterans of the War in Heaven?
I don't think any Eldar have been around for that long. Must be a few Necrons though.

>> No.73314636

The belt is in the drum, like an RPD or an MG42

>> No.73314638

I just don't like how they look like a regular gun with a flesh coat of paint

>> No.73314639

I like mechanised infantry because it looks cool. Feels more needed with Admech vanguard too with the 18” range

>> No.73314644

Had a couple of games today; these guys did some good work, the caped Archon in particular smoking a Daemon Prince, an Inquisitor, and a bunch of Sisters of Battle, as well as tanking way more hits than he should of on his Shadowfield

Tell me about your recent games anons

>> No.73314653

>No Lord of War choice

That alone should be corrected. Like it or not, Imperial Knights are now the standard bearer of big units, and Tyranids, who were the big units specialists, have been left behind. Plus they still have units in Finecast.

>> No.73314654

tyranid bioweapons are an acquired taste

>> No.73314664

the rest of the guns look fine it's just the termagaunts that bug me

>> No.73314667

How do you make the Tau aesthetically fit 40k?

>> No.73314670

You would think given the rise of the Imperium, Chaos, and that the fucking Krorks still haven't gone away they would have better things to do than bring up millenia old grudges.

>> No.73314685

>better things to do than bring up millenia old grudges
dumb choices on a grand scale is a bit part of 40k

>> No.73314686

blings and warpaint

>> No.73314689

IIRC It's more the Eldar are pissed because the necrons, y'know, killed their parents.
The necrons are pissed because they didn't clean out the pests before going to sleep and now they're everywhere

>> No.73314691

>Necrons didnt get any in the 7th
They got that Overlord with the Scythe.

>> No.73314699

the necron exist only due to a billions years old grudge

>> No.73314718


Redpill me on them

Can they take dark eldar and harlequins in the same detachment? Are they actually good?

>> No.73314725

No, no. They were briefly good in 8th but they got heavily nerfed and aren't worth anything anymore. They're just a shitty version of whatever eldar you take in that detachment.

>> No.73314735

Watched this episode again recently, reminded me of this

>> No.73314736

Been out of the game for a decade or so (still kept up with the lore through rpgs and the like).

My brother and I were talking about getting back into the game and starting with a fresh army. I notice the genestealer cult starter box had 20% from an online shop I usually pick of my Star Trek adventures off from. Always thought genstealer cults were funny, it it worth starting an army of them?

>> No.73314739


>> No.73314743

are these DEldar genestealers? cool as fuck

>> No.73314747

>Redpill me on them
they're just a scheme so that GW can stop supporting two eldar armies going forward, by providing releases only for one and to force eldar fans to cross over to the other kinds of eldar
eldar will receive a large release next year, they were supposed to get it shortly after gathering storm but the changes behind the scenes on the plotline for slaanesh forced them to redesign the new line from scratch, don't be surprised when the new range is full of rehearsed designs and half assed sculpts done in a hurry, like incubi

>> No.73314764

Remember how the War of the Beast ended, anon. Orks basically have a 'rocks fall, everyone dies' button now. They're just here for decoration at this point.

>> No.73314774

>We chose the Tau mainly for their clean, modern, 'Manga' image and their vibrant history. This was offset nicely by the savage Kroot.
>This was offset nicely by the savage Kroot.

This is where it went wrong for Tau. They were designed to contrast with Kroot. GW only supported half the idea though, so the faction seems imbalanced. Tau need their alien allies.

>> No.73314781

Schizo nonsense.

>> No.73314797

>source: my ass

>> No.73314803

I haven't played in months but last game I watched my 2+/3++/5+++ victor of the blood games biker captain get killed in one round of shooting from a squad of 5 harlequin troops and then watched Trajann Valoris take 3 fight phases to kill another squad of five 5 harlequin troops.

>> No.73314809

Anyone got any tips for weathering marine armour?

From what I have seen online it looks like rhinox hide with a line underneath of your edge highlight colour.

>> No.73314815

>GW only supported half the idea though
battlesuits sold better than alien allies or other tau troops
problem is it has become yet another vicious circle

>> No.73314819

Drybrush a light silver (ironbreaker, GK Steel) over the edges (look at the red shoulder)

>> No.73314820


Pelts and wraps.

>> No.73314823

they are notoriously expensive, you might want to get in only at a good discount, planning only a few purchases or having a good plan for recasting bits to get the best out of the kits

>> No.73314827

>(embed) (embed)
>link not copied
Ah I fucked up the OP oh well

>> No.73314829

There are the FW biotitans.

But yeah a new plastic knight sized heirodule would be nice.

As cool as the old one was it's a little dated in no longer being one of the largest minis in 40k.

>> No.73314830

Denial isn't healthy mate.

>> No.73314831

it's crazy how 90% of /wip/ is still DG. I don't know if DG players are just that slow at painting or if they are really that prolific.

>> No.73314835


+ these claws.

>> No.73314839

Damn, didnt know DG players were slower at painting than their army is at moving

>> No.73314847

They're very expensive and not particularly good

>> No.73314849

It's just because they were one of the starter box factions. Hopefully with 9th opening with SM vs Necrons we'll see less of those ugly reddit models, both in real life and on here

>> No.73314863

they're good models and can be found for cheap, you won't see the same happening for necrons

>> No.73314865

yeah I assume every new player has them, posts them painted, and never actually plays them.

>> No.73314884

Cheers, guys, I think I'll give them a miss. Maybe I'll just strip and repaint my 3rd edition DE.

>> No.73314904

Hey solid chance they're the same as the deldar line today!

>> No.73314919

What do you Boyz think so far?

>> No.73314927

that's good I don't want a load of people to buy necrons and never play them

>> No.73314989

skin looks good. Yellow is a bit too yellow-green for my taste, but it looks smoothly applied and consistent so that's great.

>> No.73314993

Two separate bolters welded together

>> No.73314996

Most of it got a refresh in 2010

>> No.73315011

I'm just sick of secondaries pontificating on shit they don't know about.

>> No.73315018

No the DE overhaul was in 5th edition.

>> No.73315021

I should have no issue selling the marine half of my box right?

>> No.73315037

Finished some Blightlord Termies.
Here is my safe boxart paint scheme.
Thank you.

>> No.73315040

Depends on your area, for mine most of the dudes want the SM, me included.

>> No.73315048


I don't think Kroot are monstruously-looking or barbarian-looking enough for the contrast. They should look something much more vicious, like predators.

>> No.73315069

not for at least 2 months no, and we don't know what might stay exclusive.

>> No.73315079

Pretty much

>> No.73315103

Wanting to get back into 40k after seeing the 9th ed hype. I've been out of the hobby since 2012 but have all of my old ultramarines. From what I've seen most of my units seem pretty unviable aside from maybe scouts and some HQ. Is there any hope for my old models being useful?
I know all of my units still exist in the 8th ed codex but was wondering if it's worth selling and getting an army that I'm more interested in.
Do old marines even sell on ebay or anything?

>> No.73315107

they still could, just need a few elite options and a cool helmet

>> No.73315114

also if it helps I can post a list of what I have

>> No.73315126

I think it'd be fitting if they were a lot taller too. Let them actually tower over the Taulets

>> No.73315150

too clean

>> No.73315155

>Redpill me on them
Soup homos.

>> No.73315159

old marines don't sell for much but you can probably shift them, depends on quality and if they are pained unpainted since there's lots of decent ones for sale fairly cheap.

>> No.73315162

Yeah, I know.
I prefer my models to be clean anyway.

>> No.73315170

Here's a rough list of good manlet units
>Scouts (blood angels specifically)
>Devastator squads with grav guns
And some armor

>> No.73315177

lol then why did you pick death guard

>> No.73315189

I like the models.

>> No.73315198


>> No.73315200

Theyre self-conscious DG

>> No.73315201

good job anon

>> No.73315202

Old Marines are still perfectly usable. People here have lost their minds about this Primaris shit.

>> No.73315210

good answer

>> No.73315220

What have you guys been working on this weekend?

I have made 2 boxes of green rod necron warriors so i can field at least 2 20 man squads of matching guys.

Still need to paint though

>> No.73315223

Anyone has some of the latest books to share? Saturnine, Mark of Faith, Lion primarch book etc.

>> No.73315226

Im working on a box of intercessors

>> No.73315231

Ordered a Steel Legion infantry squad from someone who i think might be recaster

>> No.73315236

cheers, I have a unit of sniper scouts I remember loving to bits and a unit of bolter scouts, but I left the hobby before centurions or even grav guns existed.
I have finecast Marneus Calgar with an honour guard squad, old Tiggy and another Librarian, Telion, and finecast Sicarius. Are any of these characters worth running?

>> No.73315237

>Snot Green Base

>> No.73315240

GW are really keeping the necron changes close to their chest, makes me worried what they are going to do with them ruleswise.

>> No.73315260

When I get Assault intercessors im doing hazard striped chainswords

>> No.73315264

Sniper scouts aren't great. I say scouts because in blood Angels they get 3 attacks on the charge and +1 to wound.
As for the characters they're all okay. I'd look out for base sizes though. Nearly everything but scouts and characters that haven't seen a model in a long time is 32mm now.

>> No.73315274

Given the update to Blast rules, does anyone think the Airbursting frag projector will be any good in the new edition? If you put two and an ATS on an XV8 squad it's 36 autohitting shots on a large horde

>> No.73315280

Calgar and Tig have both been replaced with Primaris versions which are better. Telion still works well with Sniper Scouts. Librarians are still good. Sicarius is fine.

>> No.73315284

Buy 400 dollars worth of gretchin and make an grot only list, that will teach him.

>> No.73315287

primaris sanguinary guard when?

>> No.73315289

If incubi were a half ass design then good, I'd much rather have straight updates on the old models like them and banshees than a new range of shit like redictonators. Can't come soon enough either, craft world infantry are putrid. I don't know how you manage to even go this long without touching them.

>> No.73315303

Blood Angels moving back to codex when?

>> No.73315319

you could make assault intercessors right now, its literally just a weapon swap.

>> No.73315330

I don't have enough chain swords

>> No.73315335

they're already good for reactive countermeasures.

>> No.73315343

Why would they

>> No.73315367

Probably never. Primaris aren't really a thing for chapter specific stuff, the design idea is a general purpose side grade that can slot into any chapter's look as a beefier side grade.

>> No.73315378

Why tell the new friend to buy kits bound to be left out support eventually, soon even. Unless said friend has elevated tastes and buy them for aesthetic reasons maybe.

>> No.73315397

Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Ultramarines are the big chapters. Everyone else is secondary

>> No.73315408

>left out support eventually
You know the only people who perpetrate this meme are concern trolls here making fun of marine players and the people who fell for the trolling, right?

>> No.73315412

Primaris Dante when
Primaris Death Company that aren't just Intercessors when
Death Company Invictors when
Sanguinius returning from the warp as a daemon prince like Celestine when
Baal Impulsor when

>> No.73315422

Can someoene explain to me what "jumping the shark" means with regards to Primaris? People seem to be saying it a lot recently, with this model being toted as an example.

>> No.73315429

Hey maybe if they make a baal impulsor they'll actually fucking give it an option for an assault weapon

>> No.73315435

You are literally just parroting things you've read on here.

>> No.73315436

>Primaris aren't really a thing for chapter specific stuff

>> No.73315442

>Primaris aren't really a thing for chapter specific stuff

>> No.73315444

I think that, eventually, we might get chapter specific stuff, but that would probably be after the "fourth wave" or so of Primaris releases, if not later.

So if Indomitus is the start of a melee/fast-attack themed wave, then next we might be getting a more heavy weaponry/artillery themed set of releases or something, and then in like 3-5 years we start getting chapter specific units. Who know, though, it might never happen.

>> No.73315457

Not that guy, but everyone is getting Bladeguard, the fact that it's painted as Deathwing is irrelevant.

>> No.73315462

Jumping the shark refers to when something was popular so they do something absurd to regsin popularity

Regardless of weither you like the ATV 40k is at its most popular

>> No.73315464

Space Marines jumped the shark with the Stormraven. Primaris weren't even conceived of when new units ruined Space Marines look.

>> No.73315467

death company assault centurions when.

>> No.73315471

This is an English-speaking board. If you can’t English, don’t post.

>> No.73315474

Literally the generic thing that everyone else gets only painted in the colour scheme of a chapter specific thing.
The only actual exception, but their really just an add on to Calgar. The new generic bladeguard have the same load out plus pistols.

>> No.73315477

Manlet cope

>> No.73315480

Not really, I just think GW is scum. I don't doubt they will do whatever it takes to push Primaris forward.

>> No.73315483

Jumping the Shark is when a product has exhausted all it's serviceable ideas and has to use ideas that are obviously below standard to get by.

>> No.73315486

What if instead of
> To hit
> To wound
> To save

It was
>To hit
> To save
> To wound

>> No.73315489

Why do you think they have a vendetta against regular marines? You know those still sell by the bucketload as well, right? Primaris where just an excuse to keep expanding the line.

>> No.73315497

It makes more sense, but itll fuck up the rending claw style rules - "on a roll of a 6 to wound, increase AP to -4"
What do you replace that with?

>> No.73315503


Is the wraithknight gonna be worthwhile in this edition?

I really can't see it if it gets a noticeble point hike.

Also, if you have to pay CP to actully bring it it's gonna be dead in the water ain't it?

>> No.73315506

Jumping the shark usually refers to a great dip in quality for a series from which it’s impossible to recover. The jumping the shark moment itself is usually something particularly stupid or hard to take seriously for fans of the series, like the Fonz... well... jumping the shark in Happy Days

In the case of primaris, it’s because that particular model sucks ass, so now there are people saying that primaris are ruined forever and there will never be a good model released for that range anymore

>> No.73315513

The new Indomitus Chaplain has made me appreciate the OG Primaris chaplain a little more now that I have a different aesthetic option available. The Reaper chaplain isn't my favorite and I prefer the new one by a large margin (he fits BT way more) but I think that the Reaper chaplain is good for more minimalistic chapters, like RG.

I think that once they finish rounding out the Primaris line, something that is desperately needed is some redundant models for individual HQ units, with different appearances and wargear. We're getting there with the new Indomitus Captain/Chaplain/Lt., but I'd still like to see more variety.

>> No.73315514

Man, more than anything I want to learn how to paint leopard print for capes and butt capes alike

>> No.73315515

It doesn't improve anything enough to be worth switching to.

>> No.73315522

From what I know the reason it goes like this is because the defending player getting the last role feels the most satisfying. I guess what you could do is just switch the names of those two but keep everything the same. So instead of armour save, it becomes wounding save, and instead of wound roll it's an armor hardyness roll. AP just becomes P.

>> No.73315524

I don't even play manlets. The Bladeguard aren't units exclusive to Deathwing unlike Deathing Termies, therefore they don't count as chapter specific units.

>> No.73315526

I think GW leaves it that way so the final roll is the player who owns the model. Gives a different sort of feel

>> No.73315527

>What have you guys been working on this weekend?
Slowly working my way through these guy, not sure how I'll base them or what would be a good name or shoulder insignia for them yet

>> No.73315534

No vendetta, only money. Because I'm sure GW thinks og marines look out of place when paired with Primaris. When was the last time you saw an official image that featured og marines?

>> No.73315543


>> No.73315544

>Paint something yellow/orange
>Make sloppy dark brown circles
>Make sloppy yellow/orange circles, of a slightly darker shade than the base one, inside the brown circles

>> No.73315549

I suppose it's not surprising that people here just conflate things they don't like for no reason. Squatting is bad, Primaris is bad therefore Primaris is in league with squatting!

Games Workshop want you to buy all of the Space Marines. They want you to buy the new ones and the old ones and the Forgeworld ones. They aren't going to get rid of Manlets because Manlets still sell. I know its hard for you but think for a moment: If GW did a box set of Manlets with a single new Manlet kit, would it sell? Of course it would. GW doesn't want to just buy Primaris, they want you to buy they want to continually bring out new Space Marine products every year forever. If you don't think that somewhere down the line they will get an easy win by making this years new Space Marines the much demanded new Manlets then you don't know what GW is about.

>> No.73315552


>> No.73315556

That and speeds up the games. Every time you swap who is rolling things take longer.

>> No.73315565

That's too busy.

>> No.73315567

>only actual exception
so far...

there will probably never be another non-primaris marine release

>> No.73315577


>> No.73315580

Its already dead in the water, it needs a new data sheet entirely. Wraith Host + spirit shield helps, but your sol if they go first still, and you have to pay for it every turn. So give it 5+ natural 4+ with the shield, and let protect go off on it. Expert Crafters makes wraith cannons better but it needs a choose one profile with a focused/dispersed option to shoot like a hades/avenger gatling.

>> No.73315582

this >>73315544
would recommend as last step to paint inner blob of brown first, and then outline blob sloppily with darker brown
a light yellow to light orangy/yellow transition as base color doesn't hurt either, as seen in your pic.

>> No.73315583

There have been several since Primaris came out.

>> No.73315594

its all over now

>> No.73315600

Where did I said I think primaris is bad? Yeah sure GW will keep selling manlets... until their current stock is gone and no more. You'll see.

>> No.73315620

stop anon, I mean sure GW is focusing on initial releases that cover as much ground for as many people/chapters as possible which makes sense, but primaris will get more and more chapter specific units over time. \When they release the next loyalist primarch you can bet that chapter will get a ton of specific units.

>> No.73315632

Then why are things like primaris bikes being released? Do you think they do anything manlet bikers didn't? They are the same unit, just powercrept to make the other kit irrelevant.

>> No.73315639

Guilliman killed Omegon ( probably not though). Alpharius canonically died in the Heresy vs Dorn.

>> No.73315648

>Devastator Manlet
>You were the heavy weapon guy in your Tactical Squad
>You trained to use every heavy weapon in the Chapters arsenal
>All according to the Codex Astartes
>Guilliman returns
>Decides training in every weapon is bad
>Replaces all the weapons
>You can't even use the new ones
>Captain wants you in the Drop Pod now

>> No.73315663

Yeah we still have some thing like heavy sp and jp theme for primaris. And dont let me start on primaris flyers as well.

Would take a long time before they finally introduce specific chapter primaris but hey, they are trying to pave the road for it. SW still have the canis helix, BA still have black rage and the Sanguinary Guard died to the last man, DA get to keep their gay secret plus 2 special company and is introducing primaris to those.

>> No.73315664


I’ve been a little out of the loop of actually engaging with the community since this pandemic thing, but there’s hype for 9th? I was under the impression GW are just kinda tampering with things randomly to see what happens with these previews.

>> No.73315670

>until their current stock is gone and no more.
Manlet stuff runs out of stock all the time. Check the webstore. Loads of it is unavailable right now.

>> No.73315676


Why on earth does GW think we’re going to accept power armoured Deathwing?

>> No.73315678

Like what?
Wish there was a resource that had release dates for every kit.

>> No.73315698

because there has always been power armoured deathwing?

>> No.73315713

>Then why are things like primaris bikes being released?
So you'll buy more models.
>Do you think they do anything manlet bikers didn't?
Do Ravenwing do anything Bikers don't? All of this is just Marinewank.

>> No.73315715

Drop Pod devs and centurions are two of the best units in the game and dominate sm competitive. Manlets still rule the roost honey buns, while hellblasteritors shit up the shelf.

>> No.73315721

>Alpharius canonically died in the Heresy vs Dorn
Does anyone actually believe this anymore?

>> No.73315727

There wont be hype until GW start teasing the extremely obvious primarch release they're sitting on.

>> No.73315732

OK tourneyfag.

>> No.73315733

People who have never seen a keikaku doori character before.

>> No.73315735


only crazy people dont

>> No.73315738

Alpha Legion vs Alpha Legion

>> No.73315759

>spike rifle and strangleweb
Won't happen anymore, those got moved to legends.

>> No.73315761

Black library books aren't canon

>> No.73315765

Knight Titans are fucking awesome

>> No.73315771

Everyone I have ever talked to about Praetorian of Dorn got the twist.

>> No.73315773

When all the primarchs come back and we start doing HHv2, will the xeno races get squatted or will they still be relevant?

>> No.73315781

Xenos will form one empire called the T'au Empire.

>> No.73315783

Not this again.

>> No.73315796

His spark flies out when he dies just like Ferrus. Also the fucking author said he died.

>> No.73315805

>His spark
his what?

>> No.73315806

What if alpharius were never his true name, but betarius. So they're planing on beta uprising by becoming "alpha"

>> No.73315807

Iiiiiiii'm Aaaaaaa-live my friends
I can feel the shadows everywhere

>> No.73315811

Thanks. May your paintjobs be great too.

>> No.73315815

>Got a Blood of the Phoenix DE half for 90 bucks

>> No.73315817

I think they are supposed to be way more ponderous than that, and the pilot would never make one jump headlong because it literally couldn't get up again.

>> No.73315821


>> No.73315824

I hope Wraithknights become good in 9th edition

>> No.73315827

Thanks anon, I'm glad they came out looking okay

>> No.73315828

When Alpharius died a wisp of energy left his body just like when Ferrus died because primarchs are creatures of the warp.

>> No.73315841

in my mind they are slow and clunky so seeing them move like a guy in a mocap suit triggers me

>> No.73315842

being able to play knights v wraith host would be cool.

>> No.73315868

Redpill me on why zenithyl highlighting + contrast paints are bad

>> No.73315885

Or thats what appeared to happen in a non canon novel

>> No.73315886

Well that settles it then. It's impossible to fake a spark.

>> No.73315887

>> No.73315890

In my mind the shooty ones are slow and clunky, but the melee ones can charge fast but less like a running person, and more like a a giant chunk of metal falling forward.
The way the knight crashed through that pillar was almost good. It should crash through it but then keep it's balance not through stability,but the stopping force of the destroyed pillar.

>> No.73315896

>only money
So you agree manlets are here to stay? They still make tons of money.

>> No.73315897

you should have paid full price for it to show GW you actually give a shit about new Eldarian models instead of buying it half off from you're struggling FLGS or whatever.

>> No.73315900

>> No.73315907

You know Alpharius was on Istvaan when Ferrus died, right? The fact that a pyrotechnic went off when his body double was sacrificed proves absolutely nothing.

>> No.73315909

They're not.
Contrast paints are another tool and zenithals are good for judging shadows.

>> No.73315915


>> No.73315917

Anyone got press square to restore necron dynasty meme?

>> No.73315918

That's just what Alpharius wanted you to think.

>> No.73315920

Anon, I'm a smart consumer. I don't pay full price unless I absolutely have to.

>> No.73315922

It isn't, paint one area at a time in one direction and you're golden, anyone sayig otherwise is a salty gatekeeping faggot that probably doesn't even play or paint himself

>> No.73315926

>> No.73315928

According to the leaks Blood of the Phoenix didn't do so well and you're contributing to that

>> No.73315931

How do you feel about. changes to combat activation?

>> No.73315935

Blame GW for overpricing the hell out of the box for no reason then.

>> No.73315947

It was a shit box set. Nobody wants Falcons and Vypers.

>> No.73315949

>written by Alpharius

>> No.73315950

if they made the box even better that would have contributed to a better sell

>> No.73315954

It's way more likely that Alpharius killed Dorn though. How else do you explain Dorn's baffling out of character decisions after the Battle of Pluto?

>> No.73315960

>New Cron stuff
>Just got the necron start collecting box for birthday last year
Are the new necron warriors Primarised and scaled up in size at all?

>> No.73315967


>> No.73315972

why are imperial fists memes so bad?
is it because they have a legion that has less character than the worthless raven guard? because they are plagued with people thinking the text to speech series is the best thing since sliced bread? is it because they are trying to compensate the fact their two most famous successor chapters are better than them?

>> No.73315975

They're standing up straighter thats it. They're also soulless redesigns like everything GW does

>> No.73315978

I hope there's a wraith troop in 9th so I can build a wraith only army.

>> No.73315994

>> No.73315999

You dont need troops anymore mate, we all start with the same CP so you can run all the vanguard/superheavy detachments you want

>> No.73316001

>Are the new necron warriors Primarised and scaled up in size at all?
doesn't seem so, with the correct colour scheme they should fit with each other quite seamlessly
>but the rods
use the ones from ghost arks or split the extra ones from immortals built with tesla

>> No.73316005

Killing someone dressed as Alpharius is the only victory Dorn has. Everything else is either a failure, a mistake or a non-event. IFfags are weird. They're the only C-tier chapter that gets offended when you try to explain that Ultras, DA, BA and SW are the four big drawing chapters.

>> No.73316006

The irony of an ALfag going off on someone else about memes. You're so high on your own farts and memes about AL that a book point blank told you Alpharius is dead and you're still here arguing, 'unpossible! alpharius would never allow that to happen! he had already taken over dorn's position and he was executing dorn who was dressed up as alpharius!

>> No.73316008

Though with no ObSec / cheapest model being around 40 points it'd be very rough to play them.

>> No.73316009

it's ok, I think they could've been a bit more radical with it. Personally I'd like to see an option to counter-charge or fall back that the defending player chooses when a charge is declared against them which would have really massive negatives if they fail. For falling bac they would have to roll a D3 and if it took them out of range of the charge dice total then they could evade being charged and move back 1-3". If they failed to get out of range then they would not be able to attack back and would have -1 leadership in tests. If they opt to countercharge then they would have to roll higher than the charge roll made and if they suceeded they would fight first. If they failed they would not be able to fight at all and be at -1 morale.

>> No.73316014

don't post this webm

>> No.73316015

How do you imagine they charge? Just fully throwing its bodyweight behind the glaive in that trailer was perfect for me, can't imagine them moving any other way

>> No.73316017

fuck i miss using those green templates - still have mine

>> No.73316020

Whats the deal about shield custodes shield captains. They got their own boxset with shield captains for everything

>> No.73316021

I hate this image. Why is he sitting across from his own army?

>> No.73316031

>implying I'm an ALfag
I don't need to be a fanboy to realise both your memes and colour scheme are inferior

>> No.73316042

>soulless redesigns
that's perfect for the lore of necrons.

>> No.73316046

Grot mob Weirdboy weirdboy 3x 10 gretchin 12-18 smasha gunz

Deathskulls dread mob
Big mek SAG relic
Big mek SAG
3x 10 gretchin

Bad moons
Big mek SAG
warboss on warbike with da killa klaw
3 x 30 boyz

>> No.73316073

But it's such a sexy one.

>> No.73316080

Look, I can try to take you through the idea of reading between the lines but I know you'll just get offended, so lets put it this way: It doesn't matter what the book says. Books used to say Dorn's skeleton was in the Phalanx and now it's just his hand. Canon gets changed. No amount of killing Alpharius will stop me from just saying it was a trick, and you'll never be able to conclusively prove otherwise, and in the fullness of time I'll be proven right.

>> No.73316082

Press F to pay respects

>> No.73316088

Its a combi bolter.
Heresy era astartes didn't have stormbolters so they just bolted two bolters together

>> No.73316090

In your mind, how do you effectively differentiate Khorne and Slaanesh rules wise? I'm thinking about Daemons and Marines, and a lot of the time an idea for one feels like its stepping on the toes of the other.

Slaanesh has speed yes? But why cant Khorne go fast too, they need it to get into melee. Same with things like str, attacks, damage etc. Avenues for differentiation which if taken rover the other of options.

>> No.73316091

But with the changes to flamers and cover a unit of D-Scythe Wraithguard would be durable as fuck and extra killy on most objectives

>> No.73316096

It was a cool idea but they always had the scuff mark on them from taking them off the sprue no matter what I did.

>> No.73316103

the author, the editors, omegon himself in the book. alpharius is dead, you dont get to have 2 primarchs.

>> No.73316108

>Why yes, I'm going to ignore evidence in favour of my memes. It doesn't matter how many times they tell me he is dead, the memes say he can never be bested. The memes are never wrong, The books are wrong.

>> No.73316119

Just buy those ridiculously expensive glow in the dark ones from china that people are buying small ones of to put in gun sights.

>> No.73316143

has anyone got the post epilogue stuff from Praetorian of Dorn where the author straight up says " yep THAT scene happened" or something to that effect.

>> No.73316155

Khorne is cqc focused hitting hard

Slannesh is about shooting and fighting a lot but not as accurate or hard hitting

>> No.73316164

>Why yes, I'm going to ignore possibilities against my memes. It doesn't matter how many asspulls can and have happened, my memes say he can never do wrong. The memes are never wrong, The books are omniscient and futureproof.

>> No.73316166

IFfags are contrarians who are afraid of standing out, the exact same type of people who insist that playing human male fighters with brown hair and no backstory is a bold choice, NOT because they can make something interesting with that premise, but SOLELY because they think blandness makes them special.

You know it's the "I'm not a shy awkward dweeb nobody likes, I'm just the quiet type, too smart for everyone else" mentality that boring nerds tend to develop as a coping mechanism.

This is why, instead of playing a quirky chapter, or a really obscure chapter, or the big popular one (ultramarines) they settle for the ONE chapter that is
-not obscure
-has no cool visual gimmick
-isn't as popular as the main ones

Thus, they play IF, aka unpopular ultramarines with a bad color scheme

and THEN, in order to retroactively make their choice appear motivated by something substantial, they come up with cringeworthy memes like Dorn's moustache.

But the real reason why they pick IF is because of their inferiority complex.

>> No.73316177

>> No.73316181

>the author, the editors
Why bother doing twists if you just give them away when someone asks? Authors lie all the time.
>omegon himself in the book
Someone said they were alone after having a mysterious blackout at some point and then assumes the role of Alpharius on a ship in the Alpharius fleet somewhere. Nothing in the text actually proves that that chapter takes place instantly after the preceding one or even involves the real Omegon. That's just an assumption the author wants you to make. In a book where the Alpha Legion uses multiple sleeper agents with activated identities, a character waking up from an unexplained lapse and immediately assuming a different identity proves absolutely nothing.
>alpharius is dead
Of course. Guilliman killed him.
>you dont get to have 2 primarchs
The Hydra has 3 heads.

>> No.73316188

So is taking 60 conscripts to shield my knights a good idea?

>> No.73316199

Khone: More strength on attacks
Slaanesh: Reduces enemies attacks

Another variant could be:
Khone: Better defense, not on nurgle levels
Slaanesh: Low defense, but makes wounds on enemy when taking damage

>> No.73316208

Didn't the ADL call big chungus an anti semitic dog whistle?

>> No.73316223

yawn, dont care. alpharius is still dead. keep making convoluted fan fiction though. this shits amusing.

>> No.73316230

Khorne: strength and damage
Slaanesh: number of attacks and speed

>> No.73316240

the tweest is he's dead. thats the tweest! thats the beauty of it. you don't even have evidence, just vague theories and ideas.

>> No.73316243

nah i just like painting yellow, bruh

>> No.73316254

spot on

>> No.73316271


>> No.73316318

John French here. I just moseyed over to this fine Brazilian scat directory to tell y'all that it was actually Dorn who died, and not Alpharius.

>> No.73316336

John, why are you French? You could’ve been John German but instead you wanted to be a contrarian faggot.

>> No.73316339

I like IF and CF because I like boltguns and power fists you dork

>> No.73316354

>implying Alpharius Omegon isn't a warp entity that can be summoned into or forcibly posses any member or members of the Alpha Legion
Do you even AL lore?

>> No.73316358

>Oh no, Sister Meatshieldia has been heroically martyred. Now all four of my Retributor Squad's meltaguns hit on 2+ and the Sister Superior's combi-plasma can't overheat anymore. How terrible...

t. OML

>> No.73316367

Nigger him bumhole

>> No.73316392

How screwed is anyone going against a Flesh Tearers and Flesh Eaters tag-team?

>> No.73316393

I honestly couldn't take a SoB force seriously, I'd just break down hysterically the moment they got deployed

>> No.73316396

>Warp entity
There is no Alpharius Omegon. It's just an identity imprinted into every Alpha Legionnaire when they are indoctrinated into the Legion. There have been dozens of Omegons that became Alpharius when the previous one died.

That said, the person Dorn killed wasn't even an Alpharius.

>> No.73316408

>taking warhammer seriously in the first place
what army do you have?

>> No.73316434

Anon, all the primarchs are warp entities.

>> No.73316436

Why I do declare, I thought being French would be the superior method of joining the ol' Order of Freemasons. I say I say, being of the Masonic persuasion is the only way to become a bona fide author of fine Black Library literature. It was a careerist decision, if you will.

>> No.73316446

Whats the concensus on Admech? Thinking of building a Skitarii heavy list but haven't played the game since 3rd edition.

>> No.73316448

DKoK what of it?

>> No.73316477

>can't take plastic toy soldier army serious
>plays DKoK
I knew it

>> No.73316479

>not being a competitive player
>being a caac
>even worse a cringe fiesta narrative honebrew guy


>> No.73316487


Since when?

>> No.73316498

So Azrael and friends are okay with primaris in the inner circle?

>> No.73316504

Fuck niggers

>> No.73316505


>> No.73316509

My advice would be to run dread host since allarus deepstrike charges are their big thing. But you do you.

I would also drop the second vexillus preator. I'm guessing your plan for him is to cover the troops, but you're going to want to spread out your troops to hold objectives rather than castle under the banner.

You could put the points from the second praetor into an extra body in one of your squads, throw misericordias on everyone, or grab an inquisitor/assassin.

And of course 9th edition is coming out next month and it's going to be changing the points on everything, so I wouldn't get married to this list quite yet.

>> No.73316512

desu its probably been long enough they can start vetting them

>> No.73316524

I love the skitarii rangers, dunecrawlers, techpriests, and raiders.
Gameplay wise, they can range from unplayable to broken depending on your build. What was it? A sinlge unit of Kastellan Robots can do 108 S7 AP-2 D1 shots ignoring cover? for 390 points? At BS4+and rerolling failed hits with cawl nearby? Can be made BS3+ with a strategem.

>> No.73316539

I don't know how to feel about it. I am too used to the Deathwing being termies.

>> No.73316544


>> No.73316552

Its been 100 years. Is he even still alive?

>> No.73316566

With a manipulus you can even add more range to the galvanic rifles. Something like 36" range.

But yeah guessing theres no reason to take non-ranged kastellans?

>> No.73316577

I don't see why they'd kill him off unless they want to shake things up.

>> No.73316582

I was betting on imperial guard
second option: custodes

lmao, like a glove

>> No.73316592

Azrael went so far as betting his chapter master title on this one primaris. He's cool with them, unlike his grognard friends.

>> No.73316593


>> No.73316599



>> No.73316613

>killing of your token gay character

>> No.73316635

The original was Ork. Something along:
Tau Mr bond? Embarrassing
I cast da jump on my boys. Waaaagh Mr bond.

>> No.73316643

Azrael isn't gay, he only tops.

>> No.73316656

The original was something about Bond's Tau not having Plasma weapons to get through his 2+ armour save. It didn't really make much sense at the time.

>> No.73316660

>> No.73316664


how did you make two comni plasmas? spare bits?

>> No.73316666


>> No.73316674

What if I told you that they can be both?

>> No.73316676

How would you design Vespids so they look less goofy?

>> No.73316682


finished my brap hauler, went overboard on the rust dybrush

>> No.73316718

War of the Beast ended with the Imperium doing some bullshit anti-WAAAGH power feedback loop so all the Orks brains exploded. Then the Mechanicus teleported Ullanor to a different system and renamed it Armageddon.

War of the Beast is absolute fucking trash and is destined to be ignored.

>> No.73316720


what twist? was that guy not alpharius ?

>> No.73316724

Nothing 40k related
>Still ordered Fabius Bile and almost 200€ worth of chaos stuff

>> No.73316734

>> No.73316741

Yeah Alpharius did something to Dorn. He either replaced him or brainwashed him somehow. Dorn's been doing weird shit ever since.

>> No.73316747

Why? They have cool models.

>> No.73316755

That was the DG force after they had slammed into the Drakes and then the Custodes slammed into their backs

>> No.73316771

Looks good, some nihilak oxide here and there on and around the bronze might help to spice things up a notch

>> No.73316779

There are a lot of people here that let memes form their opinions for them.

>> No.73316812

Trannies are not cool

>> No.73316814

Tfw I have a fully painted army but never play yet faggots out there play every day with grey tides

>> No.73316828


This has been explained a few times, but the way this functions is that the armour is supposed to negate the inflicted wound.

Lets say someone throws a rock at someone. In one case, it hits their toes, in another it hits them square on the nose. The nose impact will 'wound' and damage the person more than the toe impact.

The way armour works is that it decides whether or not a successful wound passes or fails. For example, someone wears a helmet =, blocking the nose impact. Maybe the attack in to strong (AP) and goes through this armour to wound.

The act of wounding is 'If this were to hit the target, it would cause damage', the idea of a save is a chance to negate the wound based on what you are wearing.

>> No.73316850

See? This guy needs a meme to illustrate "his" opinion that the new manfaces are somehow worse than the old manfaces.

>> No.73316871

Im addition invuls are the ones that are other factors

>> No.73316886

The Sabbat-pattern helmet is your friend.

>> No.73316911 [DELETED] 

>See? This guy needs a meme to illustrate "his" opinion that the new manfaces are somehow worse than the old manfaces.

>> No.73316915

This is how the hobby works:
Essential interests:
Additional interests:

Only collecting and building is essential to getting something out of this hobby. Obviously you'll get a lot more out of it if you enjoy the other interests involved in the hobby but you can participate in the hobby perfectly fine without any of them.

>> No.73316924

If you'd play, you'd get tabled everytime by a WAACfag's greytide.

>> No.73316926

Those helmets make Primaris look good.

>> No.73316934


>> No.73316945

Yeah, Im really into 40k because model kits and lore. Though I do hope to play someday

>> No.73316980

>He doesn't like sallets, aka the coolest helmets

>> No.73316983

Secondaries like him aren't even aware that the kit comes with helmets. They just get mad because /v/ told them they need to be mad.

>> No.73316991


>> No.73317009

>> No.73317025

based and salletpilled

>> No.73317027

Like Harlequin Troupes, you make and HQ out of a normal dude.

>> No.73317043

Salt of the earth take my YOUUUUU.

Soldjaboy tell him.

>> No.73317045

Very cool mini!

>> No.73317077

its not mine I just like sallets

>> No.73317096

You can do that with marines too just call it a captain or lieutenant

>> No.73317098

Even cooler digits

>> No.73317122

>tfw we will get new guard soon but they won't look anywhere near this cool

>> No.73317146

>this shit
Fuck off with your le medieval themes, Cadians are peak aesthetic

>> No.73317148

> Power slap

>> No.73317156

>boring ww2 man cool
kys tastelet

>> No.73317180

Let me show you peak IG aesthetic.

>> No.73317186

kasrkin were the only cool cadian infantry units

>> No.73317203

pic not related?

>> No.73317218

Now that Cadia is gone are there any other planets that we know of that shit out as many soldiers as krieg does? I'm sure they are out there but have any been mentioned in the lore?

>> No.73317220

Yeah if only they came in FUCKING PLASTIC YOU CUNTS

>> No.73317232

>Since the player who isn’t taking their turn gets to choose the first non-charging unit to fight with,
How does this rule affect things?

>> No.73317241

Leave my boys alone, you've already got your scions

>> No.73317262

Scions are cringe

>> No.73317266

kasrkin are WAY cooler than scions

>> No.73317267

Go dig my trench, scrub

>> No.73317274


They were my favorite unit in DOW.

>> No.73317285

Finally figure out how to buy them. No more trannies of battle for me.
Only Blind Faith.

>> No.73317294

that's not the firstborn

if the imperial guard wants to become a faction more than a generic npc with a quirky reference, then it must take from the combination of uniform, style, gasmasks and honour exemplified by the firstborn

the hat can be replaced with another design of helmet, especially for the normal troops, but the pomposity must remain

>> No.73317299

Based and redpilled

>> No.73317306

I got 20 of those. For some odd reason the absolute retard carefully fill off the aquila on every single one of them.

>> No.73317314

Scions are what happens when you mix IG aesthetic with medieval garbage

>> No.73317321

my favorite guard unit period

>> No.73317360

Makes being on the offensive with charges a bit better, but isn't going to matter for the units that are strong enough to kill things outright

>> No.73317364

I seriously doubt long loose hair would be allowed with the Mordians. They seem like the sort that would require that shit to be bunned up tightly.

>> No.73317367

So how does making my own chapter work? I just paint then something not recognizable and then use whatever codex I want?

>> No.73317384

Yeah basically, there's also rules for making your own chapter tactics if you want.

>> No.73317402

Though if you're not a fag you'd give them a decent name and maybe even some light fluff

>> No.73317404

krieg looks better with brighter colors

>> No.73317408

Scions are unironically pure onions. The are some of the worst models GW has ever made.

>> No.73317418

Fucking excellent anon. I want to play against your dudes.

>> No.73317424

to avoid blending with the skitarii they shall take more of a grey and green colour, limiting the colours of honor to blue, purple and yellow

the coat must be left for elites and higher ups, preferring heavy duty pants for the troops; the gasmask must have a less integrated design, easy to model off or tied around the neck, to drive the point that these are men, not cyborgs, the design of gasmask for the steel legion works well.
to get the best of the various regiments the helmet must have a retro design, ideally drawing form the great war, fur and plumes are great for character and colour schemes and must be present on officers
veterans will have asymmetrical or partially removed equipment, similarly to a catachan
vehicles can stay as they are

>> No.73317447

Kinda want blind folded sisters to all carry scales and talk about justice.

>> No.73317452

>lets remove the coolest infantry unit the guard have and make them their own army, but way uglier

thanks, GW

>> No.73317455

Could I change my codex based on what cool unit I wanted to use that battle? For example if I wanted to play a game with Raven Wing bikes am I allowed to claim I'm DA?

>> No.73317463


>> No.73317477

You don’t even play.

>> No.73317483

nothing really stopping you, though you can and will be called a fag if you're constantly hopping to the next big thing and will probably see your games dry up

>> No.73317489

void shrikes when?

>> No.73317504

Anyone know any Jap companies that make building around the 1/60 scale? I can only find N gauge stuff since that's the most popular train format over there, and 1/144 scale stuff for HG Gundam kits.

If I'm going to buy scenery I'd rather pay the same price that GW wants me to pay but have it modelled and painted by the Japs.

>> No.73317526

not jap. but could be a nice base for a city terrain.


>> No.73317539

Fair enough

>> No.73317571

>Still no vehicle like the AML-90
Damn shame

>> No.73317588

Oh damn.

>> No.73317602

>> No.73317603

that's hot

>> No.73317648

So tri-pointing still works for the most part, there's just the possibility of them getting out. And the possibility that they die doing it.

>> No.73317657

FNp is hotter

>> No.73317658

Whats the point of tri-pointing at that point?

>> No.73317673

Tri-point multiple squads/models and force them to choose which ones they want to try to save.

>> No.73317688

Its still worth doing when the opportunity arises, as its not cost free for the opponent

>> No.73317693

having the enemy waste some models, the action of the unit and 2cp

>> No.73317694

That's so limited though, I'm just tired of getting into melee with my gaunts or genestealers and the enemy just walking away with no penalty.

>> No.73317701

Source on those?

>> No.73317719

file name

>> No.73317729

Does anyone have any images of Morhgasts converted to daemon princes? I think their kit makes an excellent base for one.

>> No.73317764

>Literally JUST bought some Thallax to use as Kataphrons the other day
>they buff Kataphrons to a 5+++fnp

T5 3W 3+/5++/5+++ is gonna be NUTTY

>> No.73317782

At this point Krieg is more boring than Cadia. Everytime I see them I roll my eyes.

If I wanted WW1 huns, I'd play historicals.

>> No.73317788

I googled it but didn't get any hit

>> No.73317789

What do multiple pluses mean

>> No.73317796

now that is a stupid stratagem, if I ever saw one.

>> No.73317798


>> No.73317800

>secondary detected

>> No.73317807

One + (e.g 3+) is armour save
Two + (e.g 5++) is invun save
Three + (e.g 5+++) is a fnp roll

>> No.73317818

Regular save
Invulnerable save
Feel no pain/ignore wounds

>> No.73317823

When would this ever be worth using?
Pay 2CP to risk losing 1/6 of your models, and can't do anything the next turn.
Plus, with no free overwatch, you'll probably be charged the next turn anyway.

>> No.73317825


>> No.73317827

It let's you break out of tri-pointing and bypass abilities like the Word Bearers Axe Rake.

>> No.73317836

Please just lurk and read the rules you fucking wastoid newfag.

>> No.73317850

Outside of dicking over the 3 point. I can't think of another use.

>> No.73317857

Its good if your opponent has a unit of his that he wants to keep in combat thats trapped a unit of yours

>> No.73317862

you get to shoot the shit out of whatever was holding you in combat?

fall back through enemy lines to cap an objective?

>> No.73317869

What is he using?

>> No.73317874

When you want to shoot up an enemy that is locked in combat with one of yours, especially if that one of yours is something expendable like a screen

>> No.73317884

It doesnt matter, the point is to break your unit out so you can shoot at the melee fucker. Its fine if they died, but if they somehow make it? Good.

>> No.73317889

wait till 9th then rape him

>> No.73317902

I’m planning on making some frosty looking necrons with the new box. How can I help craft the models to be more Nordic draugr style undead than canonic egyptaboos?

>> No.73317910

exactly. that is why it was stupid.

>> No.73317912

I literally just realized that you can fall back forwards to get through screening and charge their characters
>Im a terrible player

>> No.73317924

>fall back through enemy lines to cap an objective?
thats a pretty good idea

>> No.73317933

Lootas or Nobz? Which do I want to spend the points on? Lootas feel like the better choice right now, but I'm unsure.

>> No.73317943

If the unit is expendable, why waste the 2CP in the first place? Why not just keep them busy and shoot them after they wipe out that unit?
If it's an objective, sure, it may be worth 2CP, but otherwise it seems like a waste.

>> No.73317955

You can't charge a turn you fell back in unless they have special strat/ability.

>> No.73317975

>Why not just keep them busy and shoot them after they wipe out that unit?
Because quite often they will wipe that unit out in the combat phase of YOUR turn, then on their next turn charge their melee unit into something you don't want getting charged.

>> No.73317986

They’re already one of the weapon of choice for Siegler’s Crisis blob

>> No.73317990

Lootas are pretty decent shooting in big squads, but are very fragile. Nobz are solid melee units, not something Orks are lacking in but good at the job. What do you need more?

>> No.73318001

just paint runes on their arms and shit laddo.

>> No.73318008

This was my 2nd box. So I had 2 combi plasmas total. Ha.

Thanks, my dude.

>> No.73318041

That shorthand isn't in the official rules, buddy. Gatekeeping hurts the hobby.

>> No.73318066

Everyone is already using Airbursting to ignore AP -1 and -2

>> No.73318089

It forces them to spend 2 CP

>> No.73318102

Gatekeeping is saving the hobby form fucking spooks like you coming into something are too stupid to understand or care about.

Maybe try the GoT subreddit? I'm sure they are more appropriate for your mental capacity.

>> No.73318113

They were good for warpstone convertions tho

>> No.73318121

>Gatekeeping bad
Okay zoomer

>> No.73318126

That stratagem is the only way to fallback now

>> No.73318137

Gatekeeping is great for hobbies. It forces people to care, making a hobby better in the long run.

>> No.73318139

No it isn't anon

>> No.73318151

It's for when
>your backed against a wall
>held by an ability like DE hook nets

>> No.73318153

It seems to imply fallback still exist. So beside dicking over 3 point and some "no retreat" abilities I hardly see a point. Well beside creative ways to get into an objective or fuck melee even more.

>> No.73318161

>You can't HANDLE this miniature wargame! If you don't already know everything about it then fuck off!
Ya ok.

>> No.73318164


>> No.73318183

bring them back

>> No.73318186

>what is hazing

>> No.73318188


>> No.73318196

Anyone else just notice they took the CSM apocalypse detachment off the GW store?

All the other apocalypse sets seem to be up, and it’s a real shame cause that was the only one I wanted. Think this might be part of a new reveal?

>> No.73318197

They just lead to debates, im glad they're gone

>> No.73318205

for TOW, I agree

>> No.73318207

>baneblades can already move and shoot heavy and fire while in melee
This is an indirect nerf to baneblades and I want to rape cruddace.

>> No.73318208

>The fucking clipping on the pope hats

>> No.73318219

Nah, its like faggots in golf can't stop yapping while the other player is trying to play.
Gatekeeping is to stop this faggots that can't even bother to learn basic stuff.

>> No.73318221

>Gatekeeping hurts the hobby.

>> No.73318231

Why should I kill myself? I'm not the newfag here, you are. I don't need to feel bad because I'm not ruining anything, you are.

Simple as.

>> No.73318237

>guy asks a question
>3/4 people call him a secondary and a fag
neck yourselves

>> No.73318243

I hate how a lot of CSM strategies rely on stacking big buffs, relics, traits etc on things like Lord Discordants or Daemon princes. Those type of things should go on lords IMHO.

>> No.73318244

Not much different than currently measurements.
>That unit is totally within range!
The issue was never templates, but faggots like you.

>> No.73318248

Doubt it. You can still find it for pretty cheap on Ebay. Well below retail price.

>> No.73318252

Good evening friendos. Does anyone know who build this miniature/where to buy it ? Asking for a friend

>> No.73318254

Definitely not
Melee is getting quite a big buff so there should be some stuff to counter it.

>> No.73318258

>can't google check basic lingo
Pretty deserved.

>> No.73318259

In my gaming group when someone's interested in learning more we're happy to teach them. It means more friends for us, as well as a new army to play against. Is that not normal?

>> No.73318261

>says the secondary fag

Keep seething spookette, your rotten vagina has no power here.

>> No.73318268

Only the Heavy Bolters/Flamers. Now they can also fire the lascannons and variants can fire stuff like the Vulcan Mega-Bolter. It's nice for the Stormlord in particular as a transport.

>> No.73318270

Forge World.

>> No.73318277


>> No.73318279

Word Bearers (led personally by Lorgar) vs Ultramarines (led personally by Guilliman)

>> No.73318287

most posters don't play, or have friends

>> No.73318289

>guy clearly does not want to learn
>as he can't bother with basic google search
Nah fuck him. If he was asking for something like 3 points or old fish of fury. Yes absolutely teach him.

>> No.73318291

I hope he gets a new model.

>> No.73318292

looks handsculpted

>> No.73318296

If gatekeeping keeps dumb fucks like you out, it sounds great.

>> No.73318311

thank you brother :)

>> No.73318312

They could still fire at other units that weren't in melee, and now it's going to be harder for them to survive with the massive boost to mobility that other heavy weapon platforms have.

>> No.73318318

Are you sure ?
Same, i dont play EC, but his old model looks like shit.
Thats pretty likely.... i`d be cool if i knew who handsculpted it, just out of curiosity

>> No.73318324

I think it's Forge World.

>> No.73318328

Pretty sure the hook nets would still work, as they specify you can't fall back. This new strat just makes you able to ignore intervening models.

>> No.73318336

why not just paint the armor green and the robe bone, and just put the character as a veteran squad in any company except 1 or 2?

>> No.73318338

Seeing how mad people got over a question is why ill answer any question any newbies have.

>> No.73318345

This for the most part isn’t any kind of player base, these people have no gaming groups and can’t get along with others. They talk about gate keeping something they are in the outside of. Poorfags don’t belong here and the price keeps them out of real life.

>> No.73318361

His aesthetic needs an upgrade. The tentacles, sword and soul armour and drugs could look so much better now.

>> No.73318371

There's a difference between genuine interest and begging to be spoonfed.

Shit like "redpill me on X" is low quality shit.

Asking questions after reading the rules to make sure you understand them properly is not.

Begging for the Lingo of all things, when shit like 1d4chan exists is just tedious for us, since we have no obligation to help his lazy ass anyway. If he's that lazy, I don't want him as a player. That's the kind of lazy fuck that brings whole unpainted armies and justifies it by saying that "it doesn't really matter"

>> No.73318377

Another chance to save basically. Each one represents a other roll for saving throws.

>> No.73318397

A lot of talk from “players”, but I ain’t seeing no armies being posted.

>> No.73318412

I could direct the same criticism at you, my good niggerino

>> No.73318416

No one here plays we just complain

>> No.73318430

You know.
I've never encountered a Hotel California situation in Rogue Trader.

Which is wierd considering the amount of chaos plans and daemons we found or bumbled into on a regular basis.

Depends on how far off they spot the tag team and how good their artillary is.

>> No.73318460

>0 replies
Hmm a telling lack of rebuttals...

>> No.73318466


>> No.73318473

Then go play a different edition with your friends

>> No.73318478


>> No.73318482


>> No.73318553

Dubs of truth

>> No.73318887

I prefer models with garrison caps

>> No.73319199

How come the Salamanders have never weaponized the dragons on their recruiting world?

That sounds like something fun to model and put on the table.

>> No.73319205

You could kitbash the Fyreslayers dragons in

>> No.73319217

Your templates have a severe lack of green.

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