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TQ: Who do you think gets to have the spotlight after Necors?

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Just give me war of the spider already.

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Imagine having two bodyguards that can't actually guard your body.

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Im considering repainting my whole army as Red Scorpions. Problem is, 2 hqs and 4 units of 6 of them are Phobos.
Now, Red Scorpions do not like being sublte, as said in the Imperial Armoury book of Badab.

Help me out, /tg/, should I just go ahead and make the 10th reconaissance company as dictated by the Codex and maybe they are looked with disdain from the other Red Scorpions companies, or should I just leave the Phobos units out and start buying new minis for the RS? For the record, my current army is painted green, and I realized I despise the look of army green on them.

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Who I want: Tyranids
Who will happen: Chaos

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Marines, obviously.

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unless it's HHv2 it's always Marines vs someone else

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Well, phobos look like shit, so I'd leave them out.

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Marines is a broad term though and given another primarch or something similar a Imperial civil war isn't exactly out of the question.

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Is this game dead ?

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>Comparatively making UM even betterave
Fucking wh...
>Tau battlesuits get nerfed
Okay I'm fine with it

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Those guys have a rule that lets them eat individual wounds for Calgar on a 2+, they still work fine

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What game?

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since they just released something for it I'd assume no
I was planning to have a test game with a pal that bought all the boxes and maybe get some myself, the minis are quite gorgeous from what I've seen

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Baguettefag auto-correct spotted. The mental picture made me kek, though.

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based kitty bacon at it again.

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You'r quite gorgeous from what I've seen

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Is there a pdf for harlequins pa?

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show me your projects anons
I finished painting and flocking my forgeworld plate yesterday, just some minor finishing touches and then the whole board is done

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Jesus dude, learn to clean parts and glue like a normal person, literally all you need is a scalpel and thin cement

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Mom wont let me use sharp knives

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Tell me your that guy stories.

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Wanna pick up some of the new relic marines to go with my SoB, and paint them up as an emperor worshiping chapter.
Except from black templars, what are some other religious chapters?

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>tau battlesuits getting even more fucked
jesus, why does GW hate them in 9th? i wonder if they're gonna get vehicle keyword instead

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It's spelt "mum" you fucking spastic.

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I once met a Tau player

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I hope they nerf the into ashes and then rebuild them into something actually fun to play against.

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aaaah that looks good.

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thank you anon, but you're quite the handsome fella as well if I dare to say

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The tau player at our lgs got upset that we kept calling him a waacfag so he starting using loads of kroot to make his army fluffy.

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Don't pretend you don't know Americans spell it differently, you low function person

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no it isn't.
that would be a buff. they wouldn't be getting -1 to hit on their suits for moving .
Tau deserve all the nerfs they get, never forget how they run farseers attached to riptide units. Biggest affront to eldar players ever made, till GW decided to give marine skimer tanks and transports.

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Extremely based

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Primaris intercessors can't go all chainswords in the blood angels codex. Are the guys from the indomitus box special?

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>that image
Are you retarded or are you just posting low quality bait?

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Let me jump in my time machine and I will go check the 9th ed rules for you.

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He isn't. that is how RAW the rule was writen down.

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you are bait

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All Americans are illiterate retards, their poor education means they don't understand their own language.

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My hometown has a resident "rookie crusher" that has stopped dozens of people from really getting into the game.
Basicly he only plays people that have no idea how to play, cheats, runs waac lists and likes to set up the board to his advantage.
He's also a grade A douche and throws a tantrum when someone calls him out on his bullshit.

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Weird, everything was burnt and most of the buildings around me were gone. Couldn't find anyone to ask what happened.

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I have it in french

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ok leftenant

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How has he not been banned from all stores and clubs ?

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>he doesn't know why it's pronounced lef-tenant and not lew-tenant
Illiterate inteed.

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heh, loo tenant

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Because you faggots can't stand sounding french.

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Plot twist he's the owner.

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Give it a rest you secondaries and post models

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But you do know there were two reforms to make american english easier to learn and write with? one in second half of XIX century in the 80s, and the other one which simplified the writing even more done in the early XXth century.

I mean which version of english is the proper one anyway? the closest to old classic english is Kiwi version. The oldest dialect is welsh version of english. And you ain't going to tell me that welsh english is the way to use english. Because if we take that stand, we may as well say that cockney is english too.

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He has been banned from a few but his brother or cousin runs one of the LGS and isn't willing to toss him out despite the fact no one likes him.

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drill your barrels

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Sorry, new to GW shenanigans. I didn't know they printed codex/chapter specific rules in a core rulebook

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I'll drill your mom

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They're both characters so both can be shot at, it's going to get a faq as soon as people try to claim otherwise.

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LEFtenant is exactly how it sounded in French, you dumb cunt. It's a very old word with French origins.

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Why not just use the german pronounciation. It is not only better, because it sounds more natural, but also unlike most versions of english(with scottish to the least degree), it is not trying to force french accent and pronounciation in to a germanic language syntax structure.

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If this is real, then melee is still trash. Fly units nerf and overwatch gutting are great, but removing tri-pointing + nerfing multi-charges barely result in netgain. The problem is not that something can fall back and still shoot, the problem is that everything can fallback from you and you get obliterated.

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I'll thin your mum's paints

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I will not

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no they can. a character is stil a unit even when it has 9<wounds, and if they "hold hands" they are within 3" of each other. So you can't start to target one or the other (with non sniper rifles of course. eliminators are of course pwning the shit out of them).

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Avoid her when she's got the mephiston reds, though. I heard she can be very bitchy.

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Eldar, for a non-vehicle line update. Though we'll probably see the next wave of Marines shortly after Indomitus is released.

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Drill your wolf holes.

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>goblin green bases
King shit

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That's your mom's pussy after I deepstrike her

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Why do people seethe so hard over being told to drill barrels? Don't you want your models to look good? For what reason would you be so stubborn about it?

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GW hinted that Abaddon might have a go at Terra. Any idea who is going to win if that happens?

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Post current projects

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The original pronunciation of Lieu in French was LEFF. It had eroded away with time into LOO (French is a toilet language, after all). Brits kept the LEFF part in the language because they are based.

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>"the rule doesn't work that way"
>"RAW it does"
>"nooo it will be FAQ'd to not work that way"
Anon do you even know what RAW means?

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It doesn't matter very much and its annoying to fix if you do it wrong.
I do do it sometimes but usually only on bigger guns

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Do you really think that they'd allow to have a clear winner? Check saga of the beast, plot armor for "main characters" got to retarded levels.

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Tech-priests look weird without a coat.

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T.tard who never took a course in french

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That's why they wear them

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>GW preview a rule
>already people have figured out inconsistencies in the wording so the rule is wide open to abusefagging
Absolutely amazing work, GW. And they said that Frontline assisted with rules writing, and dedicated playtesters have ironed out many kinks LMAO

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If you try that in any game you'll be laughed at and told to fuck off.

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Fuck you just gave me an idea of making that "buff techpriest" from that art luth did

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Contemporary French pronunciation ≠ old French pronunciation

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Isn't it Lyoo?

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custodes are basically primaris sized right? will their capes fit sizewise?

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Saga of the Beast ends with Ragnar defeating Ghaz by beheading him. Ghaz got better and then Ragnar returned to finish what he started by sending an orbital station plummeting down on Ghaz's head. Ghaz's status is unknown. He might be dead.

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I went raw into your mother.

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>The post numbers
Nurgle will arrive today

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MtG has taught me that company playtesters are always complete scrubs who can't theorycraft their way out of a paper bag.

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That's the thing, GW said they used tons of external playtesting groups, such as the Mournival, TTT, et al.

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It would be closer to "lyuh" in modern french, as in "hurt"

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Everyone I know plays RAW since it's the only way not to get boggled up in interpretation. Some rules are houseruled but that is mentioned before game. Anything not mentioned is assumed to be RAW.

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>He might be dead
Yeah, beheaded ghazz only for ghazz to be literally resurrected right away. GW does not have the balls to kill off important characters, nor it has any creativity to make new ones who would be engaging. Plus, they give 0 fucks about orks, so add laziness to above. So, they won't kill off Ghazz since they won't have a replacement.

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full metal tau progress, starting in on the big suits now. basecoats and shades thus far. no highlights or details yet

>> No.73277472

Post more thigh-high and maybe we'll tell ya

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High quality insult

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Plus no one claims that the rule working in a retarded wat and needing a FAQ/errata is a good thing.

I mean who here thinks that a unit of 30 boys behind a 5" terrain being able to shot at a super sofisticated eldar flyer is okey, when the flyer can not return the fire at the boys, because for non flyers the LoS blocking of terrain is as tall as the stores celling.

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What I also don't get about people who complain is, finding these loopholes is half the fun with rules as long as they aren't breaking the game outright. You just makethe opponent go "wait, what...?".The setup in pic really only achieves 8th ed character rules, not some game breaking untargetable situation, but it'll also make opponent squint.

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How do you get past the fact that in RAW it says to ignore other character models when accounting for the distance?

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are demon engines just machines controlled by a demon "spirit" or rather something like half-machine half-demon?

>> No.73277504

yeah. I remember when tripointing was called out to be the same way. Rhino sniping, congas, slingshoting of units, yet every edition I can remember, had stuff like that. And there were always people that said that the rules are stupid, that they should be played different and that in fact no one is going to play the rules the way they are writen. yet here we are 30 years later.

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So in your games units with assault weapons cannot shoot after advancing?

>> No.73277506

no, im just getting shit on for posting off-topic again

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There still has to be a closer unit, they just work as a MONSTER within 3" for each other.

>> No.73277513

when accounting for what is the closest model*

>> No.73277528

It varies. Some are just machines with daemons trapped and used as power sources, some are basically just mechanic augmentations or robot suits for daemons, some are full fusion of daemon and machine.
Darkmech prefer the fusion, since they believe that only through uniting man, machine and daemon can perfection be achieved.

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Hey anon, you dropped something from your post.

>> No.73277538

thanks anon, here's a pic of the whole board, just had to clean up a bit of the work mess now that I'm finally done with the flocking

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Get off 4chan, dad.

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Reminder that Necron warriors should have melee weapon profiles since all their guns have axes

>> No.73277555

It'd just be a CCW profile.

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The DP on the left can be shot at because it's not within 3 inches of the cultists. It is close to another DP, but that is a character with less than 10 wounds, so it doesn't count as being closer, even if it and the cultists are closer than the left-most DP.

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They already have a rule to represent the axes.

>> No.73277568

They do. It's:
User 0 1

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>Post current projects
These guys are mostly done though I still may swap the helmet on the caped Archon. Also not 100% on the eye colour but I kind of want to go back to painting CSMs, they're more fun

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Guys who won War Engine?

>> No.73277575

Games Workshop PLC

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Yeah but each DP is itself a monster, and monsters within 3" prevent you from being shot (as long as there is also another unit closer to the enemy, like cultists).

>> No.73277581

>even if it and the cultists are closer than the left-most DP.
this is not what the rule says. Learn To English

>> No.73277582

Unironically necrons.

>> No.73277584

But the Monster is a character, so it doesn't count.

>> No.73277588

It doesn't count purely for determining which unit is closest.

>> No.73277592

>But the Monster is a character, so it doesn't count.
this is not what the rule says. Learn To English

>> No.73277597

It is what the tule says. Learn to English.

>> No.73277604

It's not clear this is why everyone's having bed shitting fest. We will have to wait for an FAQ to see whether monster characters are ignored or not

>> No.73277605

I still can't believe there are actually people here who still think two DPs behind a line of cultists aren't able to protect one another.

These people probably also claim to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules, but make massive mistakes every minute of games they play, no matter how clear the rule is.

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They should get AP-1 like basically every other axe

>> No.73277615

Imperials because they have achieved their ultimate goal - they prevented darkmech from launching a Warp storm into Terra. They also successfully tested a portable necron pylon bomb and can possibly replicate it.

>> No.73277619

No it doesn't. Read it out loud, and try to write it out word for word.

>> No.73277621

Drachynen would be destroyed and abaddon maimed by guilliman with surprise assistance from the lion. This coincides with the necrons starting up their pylons and powerwashing the warp dust away from the galaxy. Nids as real big bads incoming.

>> No.73277633

Actually my bad it does seem like it's only for determining closeness

>> No.73277634

>It is what the tule says.
>Learn to English.
>Learn to English.

>> No.73277635

Hey, so I've literally been out the game since 5th Edition, but is the Imperium cool with the Eldar now?

>> No.73277637

You do know that Pylons fuck up the Hivemind too right?

>> No.73277640

this >>73277619
There is no other thing characters are ignored for.

>> No.73277642

It was pretty obvious that some necron dressed as a tech priest gave them the bomb.

>> No.73277644

Models can't target [...] CHARACTERS [...] while they are within 3" of any [...] VEHICLE or MONSTER unit, or while it is within 3" of any [...] units that have 3 or models.

Unless the CHARACTER unit is both visible [...] and is the closest enemy unit [...]. Ignore other enemy CHARACTERS [...] when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model.

>> No.73277651

thank you

>> No.73277653

The hivemind will adapt, that's its whole thing.

>> No.73277660

> Ignore other enemy CHARACTERS [...] when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model.

Ignore other enemy CHARACTERS [...] when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model.

> Ignore other enemy CHARACTERS [...] when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model.

Ignore other enemy CHARACTERS [...] when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model.

>> No.73277663

There is nothing to adapt to. Null fields cut off the Hivemind and harm it.

>> No.73277674

>>73277644 (me)
I'm on your side, I agree with the DPair "exploit". I'm just posting a condensed version of the rule so that anyone who is struggling to read has an easier time.

>> No.73277684

Daemon Prince 1 is 2 inches away from Daemon Prince 2, but 5 inches away from Cultists. Daemon Prince 2 is 2 inches away from Cultists.

Based on how LOOK OUT, SIR rule is written, DP2 cannot be targetted by Intecessors, because that is within 3 inches of Cultists. DP1 can be targetted because it is not within 3 inches of Cultists - the rule allows the firing models to igore Characters when determining if LOOK OUT, SIR protection applies to Charater models with 9 wounds or less.

Do try to learn English, friend.

>> No.73277689

Just wait until they revert synapse back into 5G.

>> No.73277700

Dp1 is within 3" of a monster though
Characters are only ignored for closeness

>> No.73277703

> DP1 can be targetted because it is not within 3 inches of Cultists
He's within 3" of a MONSTER, so he can't be targeted.

> the rule allows the firing models to igore Characters when determining if LOOK OUT, SIR protection applies to Charater models with 9 wounds or less.
I advise throwing away any preconceptions you have about the rule from 8e. The last sentence only affects when determining which model is closer.

>> No.73277704

Monster is a character, it is ignored.

>> No.73277705

>the rule allows the firing models to igore Characters when determining if LOOK OUT, SIR protection applies to Charater models with 9 wounds or less.
Would you kindly encircle or underline the part of the rule that says this. Also consider learning english friend.

>> No.73277708

It's only ignored when determining what unit is closer. Not whether it can be targetted

>> No.73277710

For the purposes of determining which model is closer. It doesn't let you ignore the first part of the rule.

See >>73277644, and reread it carefully. The last sentence doesn't allow you to ignore the first line.

>> No.73277719

It does not say that. Read the rule, and underline the part that is confusing you.

>> No.73277722

You can't ignore part of a rule, because a unit is almost something else.

It is like taxs. Technicaly all churchs are exempt, but because the ortodox church hates the cathoclics then fuck them, they have to pay taxs anyway.

>> No.73277724

This is nothing like how it works

>> No.73277731

DP1 it more than 3 inches away from cultists. The DP1 can be targetted even if it is behind the Cultists. DP2 is ignored for the purposes of targetting DP1 because DP2 is a Character and is ignored.

>> No.73277733

I don't know how people who think "the DPair combo doesn't work" haven't seen that in the last dozen threads there have been many, many others try to argue against it, and then be persuaded otherwise, eventually admitting their mistake.

>DP2 is ignored for the purposes of targetting DP1 because DP2 is a Character and is ignored.
Please show us in the rule where it says "a MONSTER CHARACTER does not count when determining whether a model is within 3" of a friendly MONSTER or VEHICLE".

>> No.73277735

No Dp1 is within 3" of a monster so it can't be targetted

>> No.73277737

If a character is next to a monster and is not the closest non character model, it is not targetable.

>> No.73277741

Please provide a quote from the rules that backs you up, or this is just bait.

If you're gonna bait, at least make it entertaining.

>> No.73277744

>Want to paint my Grey Knights
>Remember that means I have to paint force blades
Any quick ways to painting force weapons? I always hate painting them

>> No.73277746

How do we make GW care about orks again?

>> No.73277751

I sense the "DPair denier" is preparing yet another post without any evidence, yet again reiterating a part of the rule that simply isn't there.

>> No.73277752

Just paint them silver and say they aren't switched on yet

>> No.73277758

they are almost perfect as is

>> No.73277759

Why wouldn't you just wait for the full rules and faqs to come out, its not like you're going to be playing 9th any time soon

>> No.73277763

What's it like being retarded?

>> No.73277770

Why wouldn't you just wait for the full rules and FAQs to come out, it's not like /40kg/'s dicussion will be relevant to you until then. Come back later if you don't like discussion or speculation based on the little info we have.

>> No.73277779

> DPair doesn't work, waa waa
> provide evidence
> no i will not

>> No.73277782

Blue contrast on a silver basecoat, highlight a bit, done.

>> No.73277785

you mean 2-3 retards squealing about shit they don't fully grasp for a whole thread

>> No.73277787

because it's fun. I like getting angry at others who don't agree with me on the interpretation of rules.

>> No.73277793

If you don't like that why not just retreat back to your reddit safespace

>> No.73277795

Cool-er than they were. They still have wars, but there's more of a general uneasy non-aggression agreement between the more major elements

>> No.73277798

I can't deny you're in the right place for it

>> No.73277800

paint white
wash yellow
drybrush orange, orange red, red, dark red, black
lava force blades
test it out some sprue first though

>> No.73277806

>he called me a squealing retard, better call him reddit
squeal on, tubby

>> No.73277812

The reason DPair denier isn't posting evidence is because there isn't any. They've probably considered it, but haven't yet been able to do the mental gymnastics required to argue against DPair with evidence.

Once most DPair deniers try to look for evidence fully, they end up switching, because once they deconstruct the rule it becomes abundantly clear that it works.

>> No.73277818

Probably a bunch of small updates to push Codices out.

>> No.73277824

>> No.73277828

We need an edit of the muslim shoe/jew tvguy for DPair.

>> No.73277835

What "evidence" do you want, faggot? The only evidence I can provide is the same fucking evidence that you can provide, which is text on a computer screen explaining it.

>> No.73277842

obviously chaos, probably WE with Angron which they'll consider the next most popular chaos faction to release.

>> No.73277850

underline the part that you think means what you believe it means and I will show you why it doesn't.

>> No.73277856

Take us through how the last sentence applies to determining whether a MONSTER CHARACTER within 3" can protect another MONSTER CHARACTER.

Don't just say "the last line says CHARACTERS" are ignored, as that last line only allows you to ignore them for the purposes of determining which model is closer.

Explain how "ignoring them for the purpose of being closer" stretches to "ignore them for the purposes of determining whether there is a MONSTER or VEHICLE within 3 inches"

>> No.73277858

Oh now I remember what it was like when 8th came out and spergs tried to break everything with limited information and just shit every thread up for 2 weeks

>> No.73277863

Imperial Guard

>> No.73277866

Any ideas for thematic DPair conversions? These two seem very obvious fodder for a DPair.

>> No.73277874

I genuinely think if you try to give us a direct quote of the last line you'll actually see where you're wrong. Everyone else who has read the last line realises that it only applies when determining which model is closer. Why? Because that's literally what it says:

> "Ignore other enemy CHARACTERS [...] when determining if the target is the closest enemy unit to the firing model."

>> No.73277881


>> No.73277884

Like pottery. I bet it'll happen again too.

>> No.73277887

Want: WE or EC

Expect: Entirely new thing

>> No.73277889

>Lookt out, sire
so, unit can't be targeted if it's within 3" of 3+ model units, vehicle or monster, unless its visible and closest.
for ranged purposes, characters are ignored

so to determine if unit can be targeted follow this:
>is it the closest (ignore characters for check) and is it visible? if yes can shoot
>if not, is no unit within 3"? if yes, can shoot
>if no, can't shoot

can somebody confirm or explain correct ruling, english is not my native language

>> No.73277897

Hello, not sure if this is the right general to ask in (is this only for the wargame?) but Im planning on gming a 40k rpg for some friends, ive never played the wargame but i love the lore and world of w40k and i was wondering if anyone could recommend which system/edition to use and give any advice/warnings about what to expect

>> No.73277903

By getting someone who is actually interested in orks into their development team.
What are you talking about?
Where are madboys? Grotsnipers? Why are there so little melee options for "melee" centric army?

>> No.73277904

Other characters are only ignored when determining if the target is the closest model, not for wether the target character is within 3" of a monster.

>> No.73277907


>> No.73277909

use the literal rpg made by GW, dark heresy

>> No.73277912

Ignore the cultists for a moment. Pretend they aren't there.

If you wanted to shoot DP1, RAW states that you could not, because it's within 3" of a Monster (DP2). Thus you are forced to shoot DP2 instead, because it is closer. However, characters do not tranfer this protection, so you can shoot DP1 if you want. Adding the cultists to the mix does not suddenly mean neither DPs are targetable until the cultists have been cleared, because DP1 is not protected by the cultists. It's not close enough to them to be protected by Look Out, Sir.

>> No.73277918

I feel like a couple of the Endless Spells might work too, like this guy. Also might make for interesting CTan

>> No.73277924

There's a thread for the RPGs

>> No.73277929

I think there is a rgue trader general or 40krpg general, they might have more input on the best system.

>> No.73277930


NEITHER PRINCE is targeteable if the Cultists are closer to the firing unit

>> No.73277938


So GW has decided to throw flavor into the trash and give Imperium all the coolest toys just because they are money grabbing kikes? I really dodged a bullet by not buying that army.

>> No.73277947

No. If there are only DPs you can target them both, because they satisfy the considiton for there beign a monster within 3 inches, but don't satisfy a condition for there being a non character that is closer. Once you satisfy the second condition (by adding cultists), all the conditions are satisfied and the DPs can't be targeted.

>> No.73277949

This character rules drama is too big brained for me

I cant grasp it either way.

>> No.73277951

aw shit thanks, didnt see that

>> No.73277953

the unit that is within 3" doesn't have to be the same unit that is closer to the enemy

>> No.73277955

I hope you havent been skipping the Gym, Magos

>> No.73277966

Readind helps. We need a RTFC for rules.

>> No.73277969

We will see at least one person complain about needing to take battalions to get CP after the launch of 8th edition.

>> No.73277973

First time i hear about synapse being affected by pylons

>> No.73277976

>When the toaster on the extraweb has just the right curves

>> No.73277979

It's only an issue because GW forgot that there are vehicle and monster characters with 9 or less wounds.

>> No.73277986

>Back in the day, Grav-tanks were the domain of the Eldar. Sure a couple of other factions could occasionally use grav, the Land Speeder being the key exception. And yes, their Dark Eldar brothers had grav-vehicles, but except for the Dark Eldar any kind of grav was super rare. And no one had durable grav units like the Eldar. Slowly this has started to change over time. Necrons became a real faction, and the Monolith hovered. T’au came into being, and they used real grav tanks.

But DE were only a thing in 3e, which is also when Necrons and Tau showed up, so this seems a strange complaint.

>> No.73277991

What like 2 of them?

Plus Chaplain Dreds are certain to go into the Legends bin.

>> No.73277992

This is what happens when Imperium MUST have new units every second release, and you end up having to put put so many that you need to steal from other armies for ideas

>> No.73277997

This guy walks up to your toaster and slaps her ass

What do you do?

>> No.73278006

Tbh wheels and tracks would look weird on any other faction than Imperium and orcs. The mechanicus swooping hawks are inexcusable though.

>> No.73278008

the synaptic link is a psychic link, null fields scaring the hive fleets away were mentioned at least 10 years ago

>> No.73278010

almost like they're not old enough to know what they're talking about

>> No.73278012

I said almost perfect, not perfect. There are lots of other factions that need updates before greesnkins.

>> No.73278017

>good news fans of chaos, we've given your precious daemon princes 1 more wound to better survive on the battlefield :^)

>> No.73278024

They have 8 wounds right now, so +1 wound would still put them under the 10W threshold.

>> No.73278026

Looks like im rusty on my tyranid lore
Thanks for clearing that out anon

>> No.73278028

Imperial Knights and deamons
Chaos Knights got right fucked
AdMech got launched into the sun except the boss
Deamons got free
Imperial Knights killed a bunch of assholes, foiled a plot they didn't know was happening and now have a pet Tech Priest Dominus who will tell them all about some Necron superbomb that they can yeet at enemy psykers

>> No.73278029

>*2 wounds ;^)

>> No.73278031

Shut the fuck up! Right this fucking instance!

>> No.73278032

that would buff them with no consequences.

>> No.73278034

Been thinking of getting the Hostile Environment set from FW just to have a cool squad of guardsmen on my shelf next to my Inquisitors. Have anyone here bought and used them on minis? How were they?

>> No.73278037

Just demon princes and the command barge for non FW I think, but it's still an oversight.

>> No.73278042

Orks have loads of melee-centric units, what are you on about
Boyz, Nobz, Meganobz, Kommandos, Stormboyz, Deff Dreads, Warboss, Wartrike, Gorkanaut, not even mentioning loads of other characters and units that are good in melee but arguably are about other stuff more

>> No.73278044

00101101 00101101 01010001 01010101 01000101 01010010 01011001 00111010 00100000 01000100 01001111 00100000 01011001 01001111 01010101 00100000 01010111 01000001 01001110 01010100 00100000 01010100 01001111 00100000 01001001 01001110 01001001 01010100 01001001 01000001 01010100 01000101 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000101 00100000 01010010 01001001 01010100 01000101 00100000 01001111 01000110 00100000 01000111 01001111 01001001 01001110 01000111 00101100 00100000 01000010 01010010 01001111 00111111 00101101 00101101 00001010 00101101 00101101 00101101 01011001 00101111 01001110 00101101 00101101 00101101 00001010 00101101 00101101 01010011 01010101 01010000 01010000 01001100 01000101 01001101 01000101 01001110 01010100 01000001 01010010 01011001 00111010 00100000 01010100 01001000 01001001 01010011 00100000 01010101 01001110 01001001 01010100 00100000 01010111 01001001 01001100 01001100 00100000 01000100 01001001 01010011 01000001 01010011 01010011 01000101 01001101 01000010 01001100 01000101 00100000 01011001 01001111 01010101 01010010 00100000 01000001 01010011 01010011 00100000 01001001 01000110 00100000 01010010 01001001 01010100 01000101 00100000 01001111 01000110 00100000 01000111 01001111 01001001 01001110 01000111 00100000 01001001 01010011 00100000 01000001 01000011 01010100 01001001 01010110 01000001 01010100 01000101 01000100 00101110 00100000 00101101 00101101

>> No.73278047

Ctan as well I think

>> No.73278053

Yeah c'tan and also the deffkilla wartrike.

>> No.73278059

Do they really need updated models?

>> No.73278060

2 GSC girls with 2 familiars each.

>> No.73278068

How do you spell armour? Armor or Armour?

How do you spell flour? Flor or Flour?

Also knock off with that reform nonsense, lots of wealthy intellecutal Americans wanted to reform the language even more into Simplified Spelling. Look up Carnegie's dictionary and tell me that's a good idea. This whole 'Well actually we are the true English' nonsense from Americans is embarassing. You spell differently to us because Webster, when he was writing the dictionary didn't want to copy Johnson and that's it.

>> No.73278071

Yes. They look like midgets next to modern marines and sisters, and they really stand out from more modern Ork units with their stupid posture

>> No.73278073

NGL, that comparison between swooping hawks and skystalkers gave me a good laugh

>> No.73278076

More than Necrons did.

>> No.73278077

No. Of all the Xenos factions, Orks are the least in need of attention.

>> No.73278080

Roboute Guilliman, Bray'arth Ashmantle, Bjorn the Fellhanded, regular Dreads upgraded with the Iron Hands stratagem, Avatar of Khaine and Old One-Eye.

>> No.73278089

Librarian Dreadnoughts also.

>> No.73278092

>Roboute Guilliman, Bray'arth Ashmantle, Bjorn the Fellhanded, Avatar of Khaine and Old One-Eye
You can only take one of these units so you can't DPair them.

>> No.73278093

Did you forget that GSC and Deldar exist

>> No.73278095

We run the world, Brits lost everything

Seethe on it

>> No.73278102

yes if GW insists on charging what they do, no if they reduce them significantly.

>> No.73278108

No. Anyone playing Orcs for the models should be in AoS already

>> No.73278113

Bobby G and Bjorn can be in the same list, hell even the same detach since they're both Astartes.

>> No.73278114

It was a good idea. With milions of poles, russians and russians jews, having a language that requires you to write like a french and talk like a german was an insane thing to do for longer time.

>> No.73278116

They don't have to be the same unit. to DPair they just both need to be monster/vehicle

>> No.73278122

Still don't have a real centerpiece model.
Multiple units in Finecast hell and desperately in need of their old HQ choices back. Plus their most significant character still hasn't had a new model after a decade of waiting.

>> No.73278124

>we run the world
extremely poorly it would seem

>> No.73278145

>Finecast hell
Wish they'd just go back to metal models, I would have zero issues with aspect warriors and the like if they were metal.

>> No.73278147


>> No.73278148

Meanwhile Greenskins in 40k get shitty back to the future buggies

>> No.73278150

China is laughing at you

>> No.73278156

The Chinese have always been laughing at everyone. At least until they get invaded.

>> No.73278157

>Still don't have a real centerpiece model.
Good. Sick of all this "everything must have a biggerest thingiemabob!"

>> No.73278161

Nah. They're perfect. Anyone who says otherwise is a faggot who wants toy aliens to conform to human beauty standards for men.

>> No.73278166

yes, but you check first if its closest, and only if it isnt check if something is in range
thank you
looks like a blast to paint, are orks fun in AoS? are they fun to convert?

>> No.73278170

if american ran the world people would follow them,but american seems to be buys bombing everyone including them selves.
A king who has to mass execute his own peasants every day can't really be called a king. He's just the temporary bandit holding the village.

>> No.73278179

I need help deciding between custodes and craftworlds for my first army but I don't really care for the meta. With craftworlds I like the look of wraithbone constructs whereas with custodes I like their heavily armoured look. Thanks for any advice anons.

>> No.73278184

Who cares if stealers don't have a big attention-drawing monsters, that's not a real problem

Deldar's only important unit still in Resin is the Grotesque, otherwise it's just Mandrakes (which havnt been good for a long time) and a bunch of characters you'd only ever want one of each anyhow (if any)

>> No.73278191

Boyz models, rules reliance on grots, and the non viability of "elite" ork list, are basically keeping me from getting orks atm. I'm not super happy they made that amazing wartrike model and then made it not a warboss, and specifically gave it a non artifact replaceable not power klaw for literally no reason either.

>> No.73278192

>looks like a blast to paint, are orks fun in AoS?
I haven't played AoS in a long time but last time I did they were fun if pretty basic; just running across the field faster than expected and stomping stuff pretty well
>fun to convert
Probably not quite as fun as 40k roks, but still fun I'm sure, especially if you came up with a clever gimmick for them

>> No.73278196

They're both very cool but wraiths have a fantastic start collecting option at the moment.

>> No.73278199

If it isn't closest, then you can't ignore wether or not it's within 3" of a monster.

>> No.73278203

chaplain dreds aren't going anywhere, its currently being sold.

>> No.73278204

>been unable to project power outside of mainland china for 5,000 years
>economic growth completely predicated on poor trade decisions made by U.S in 90s.
>a superpower

>> No.73278205

Nah, Order of Need range wise is:

>> No.73278206

if you wanna go wraith units then the eldar sc boxes will help you a lot. It's got wraithguard and a lord in it. I've never played custodes but the wraith guard guns are fun as hell. Really just go with what you like more/ what you think looks better

>> No.73278218


The image you posted is where your heart is at.

>> No.73278228

I've narrowed it down to eldar and custodes by looking at what's cool and I can't decide which are cooler to me between the two

>> No.73278229


We can be moved a lot lower than this, to be honest. The only things we're missing are plastic Grotesques, Mandrakes, Beastmasters/Beasts and special characters. Everything else is plastic and already looks gorgeous.

>> No.73278231

I think I'm the only one who's happy with his wartrike
Sure it'd be better with the relic klaw, but he's still pretty solid without it and does his job well enough

>> No.73278232

They wanted the Wartrike to have a less potent melee weapon in exchange for the greater mobility and durability. And it's even debateable if it's worse than a power klaw since it doesn't have the hit penalty and comes with wound rerolls. Plus the model even has more attacks than a Warboss.

>> No.73278234

Wraith construct armies are easy to collect but apallingly bad currently, mostly because their guns are really short range and they are bad in combat, and the larger units are expensive.

Custodes are less easy to collect but you only need very few of them, not ever more than two boxes of one unit, and they are pretty damn good on the table especially at a novice-intermediate level.

>> No.73278239

and guard will get their line first beacuse they're imperium and actually played! excellent!

>> No.73278241

I'm talking about weapon options.

>> No.73278242

Custodes could quite possibly be a very powerful force in 9th.

>> No.73278251

Craftworlds, the SC is a good deal, they're nice looking models that are straightforward to paint but can still be blinged up if you feel confident

>> No.73278258

>Mandrakes (which havnt been good for a long time)
Fucking secondary.

>> No.73278259

Well do you prefer the idea of space necromancy or do you want an army of the most elite of the elite and the vehicles they get like jetbikes?

>> No.73278260

I agree if it isnt closest (ignoring characters for that check ofc.) then you check if its within 3" of monster/vehicle/unit ( for that check characters are not ignored, as long as they have vehicle/monster/3+ models)
thank you again, I'll look into getting some orks and testpainting them

>> No.73278262

AoS ironjawz still only have 3 new kits still man. I've been waiting on new shit for them for years. The black orks look just as derpy as the 40k ones and that's most of the models on the table in their list.

>> No.73278264

Eldar, a single Chaos Legion and then more Marines.

>> No.73278273

New to 40k and I really like these models. Is it viable to make an army using mostly them?

>> No.73278279

I only put you there because of the finecast stuff and lack of characters, honestly. But you are right, when they redid the model like they did a phenomenal job.

>> No.73278281


Everyone knows it's India's year.

>> No.73278283

And Cult of the Archon models and all the special characters that were entirely removed because they never got models. So that's just 11 kits. More than Guard.

>> No.73278285

Why would you want to?
Is owning like 12 of them not enough if you like them? Why wouldn't you want to spam dozens?

>> No.73278286

I'd say swap Marines and SoB, since it doesn't matter where Marines are on the list they'll always get new shit every year.

>> No.73278288

still a vast improvement over current boyz

>> No.73278291

That's because GSC are PC armies. Only NPC have big center piece models for the main characters to blow up in awesome ways.
All NPC factions have some huge centerpiece model like marines and nids

>> No.73278295

They're pretty solid but generally play better as one big unit in an army with other stuff than multiple smaller units.

>> No.73278302

Be sure to get yours now before 9th edition drops.

>> No.73278303

Then it's craftworlds now you put it like that with space necromancy

>> No.73278312

hey, they are already having a conflict with china, so i wouldn't laugh.

>> No.73278318

Yeah I assumed I would still need basic troops and some characters I just wanted the bikes to be the core of the army.

>> No.73278332

I would like this thing so much more if the pilot had some more protection. I need to pick up some extra dreadnought bits to fix it.

>> No.73278336

Shut the fuck up paki

>> No.73278342

This guys as well. Firing into melee changes everything

>> No.73278344

Tau should be way higher because of Kroot. Guard should be lower since they only really need a troop choice update. They're basically on par with CSM in terms of needs, since both just need a decent kit for guys with lasguns. Tyranids, meanwhile, didn't get a single new kit in 8th edition and don't have a Lord of War choice despite being the monsters faction.

>> No.73278346

Remains to be seen how kind 9th edition will be to someone who wants to eschew troops entirely

>> No.73278348

The issue with Reavers is you really want them to have Painbringer, and the way the drugs for Dark Eldar work you can realistically only have that on one unit.
I did sometimes run a big unit of 12 with 4 Blasters and 4 Grav Talons though, its expensive and vulnerable to a few things, but it can do some really good work against a lot of armies.

>> No.73278350

Its stat line is almost identical to a boss on bike but a brutal kunnin, killa klaw, biggest boss mashes the fuck out of it. They should have just made it a replace since 90% of the people will convert it to one anyway.

>> No.73278351

Wyches are the worst among the 3 DEldar subfactions so not really.

>> No.73278357

GW announce that they never plan to pose a model in the "dabbing" pose. How do you react?

>> No.73278364

And the changes to vehicles with heavy weapons.
The age of the walker is upon us

>> No.73278366

You’ve been posting this for days. Paint it already attention whore

>> No.73278369

Yeah. Also proving Einstein wrong, as it's the 3rd World War that's gonna be fought with sticks and stones to avoid sparking nuclear war by the use of guns.

>> No.73278373

Spent way too much time highlighting all these Termies. Just gonna base them and call it finished.

>> No.73278375

Don't forget the age of little bugs.

>> No.73278384

The look like they are from a different game when next to all the newer models, even within their own army.

>> No.73278388

Honestly if GW announced that I wouldn't hesitate to quit the game.

>> No.73278390

Are regular eldar or harlequins better for bike armies?

>> No.73278393

You know part of the strength of a mobile fighty character is being able to AVOID fights with enemy characters kitted out to kill big things.

Similarly having the biggest klaw in the world isn't much good if the enemy makes sure the model never gets to use it against something its effective against.

>> No.73278395

waiting for the ATV for conversion

>> No.73278396

Burn my entire collection and post it on the internet

>> No.73278402

You went into highlighting before painting the face of the guy on the right?

>> No.73278412

If you wanted to spam bikes, Harlies because they can all take Haywire, which fucks up vehicles.

>> No.73278420

Probably regular Eldar, more options and support

>> No.73278422

Did you guys misread or do you actually strongly love dabbing

>> No.73278424

cant spend all that time making highlights and not do something with those weapons senpai

>> No.73278427

That's what it is, there is actually a danger of spiritseers becoming to drawn into fucking around with eldar spirits and become real necromancers beyond putting souls in wraith constructs

>> No.73278431

Already have three.

>> No.73278433

What's unpainted about maggotface?

>> No.73278437

I haven't misread. I do strongly love dabbing.

To clarify, if GW were to announce tomorrow that they don't intend to make any models in the "dabbing pose", I would quit the game, burn my army, and possibly Warhammer World too.

>> No.73278447

spears are better, but people mix them. Harlequin pa might change it but I doubt it with whats in there.

>> No.73278448

Post ideas for Ork units.
>Ork Swattas
>Orks that become obsessed with LAAAUGH after stripping kit from dead Arbites. They use enormous metal shields, crudely rigged shock sticks and fungal gas grenades.

>> No.73278455

I'll probably just rust them all like the previous batch. Pic related.

>> No.73278456

Now just paint it yellow and call it BumbleFist

>> No.73278458

It looks like the entire head was just brushed green and then a little highlighting thrown on from here.

>> No.73278472

You can already make a dabbing marine. With the hand that right arm holding the old missile launcher and one of the pointing hand of the left side. Think it is from the old metal command squad

>> No.73278473

boring scheme

>> No.73278474


>> No.73278476

No, the literal comedic relief NPC faction doesn’t need anything. If you want actual good orcs go play middle earth.

>> No.73278480

I reply to a joke post with a joke

>> No.73278482

Yeah, how is a biker boss worse at that though. I'm saying its disappointing he isn't one.

>> No.73278489

> Admech
> Heavy phosphor blaster in codex is 15 points
> Heavy phosphor blaster in engine war is 0 points

Does this mean my kastelans with 3x heavy phosphor blaster just went from 110 points each down to 65? I can't complain but I doubt that was intentional.

>> No.73278499

I thought it was marine. The entire faction is a bunch of jokes put together

>> No.73278502

Red scorpions are autistic about the codex, so it makes sense they'd have the recon company, even if it isn't their style per se.

>> No.73278503

Cope yuropoor

>> No.73278504

yeah, they had to keep power level parity with 30 point breachers.

>> No.73278513

>All this shitposting about deliberately misinterpreting character rules
Can you guys just enjoy a game for once instead of trying to rules lawyer and calculate all the fun out?

>> No.73278525

they'd have to play the game to do that

>> No.73278526

Better than off white.

>> No.73278529

Trust GW. They've never lied before about anything.

>> No.73278530

way to completely miss the point brainlet

>> No.73278532

DPair isn't misinterpreting. "Misinterpreting" is more "Oh, it says "CHARACTER", not "CHARIOTEER"".

>> No.73278534

>heavy phosphor blaster
I just realized how extrem of a lorelet I am
can you guys describe to me all the weapons? how do they look firing, how do they feel? how does it feel to get hit, what sound do they make etc? im also happily taking meme-answers

>> No.73278535

I'm not playing the game right now, I'm shitposting.

>> No.73278538

I just want rules that are not written by people that know less English than me.
The fucking things are a mess

>> No.73278546

I am a brainlet. I read the first part, assumed you were talking about America then stopped reading lmao. Cause i literally don’t give a shit about a seething euros opinion on America

>> No.73278547

You also edge highlighted all the areas that are supposed to be the armor rusting out for some reason and look like the weapons are simply only basecoated.
Clean paint job, but baffling decisions.

>> No.73278549

I'm a boxart guy. So yeah.

>> No.73278566

Finished some mods on my old sniper fex and about to partially repaint it.

>> No.73278567

So you didnt read the post and assumed i was talking about america... when in reality i was explaining the CHINASTRONG meme is false.

talk about room temp iq

>> No.73278571

Off white HH death guard is their best colour scheme. If I had the drive I'd go back and strip my green ones to the paint them like that

>> No.73278572

yes, their posture is atrocious and their scale has been long surpassed

>> No.73278581

>all the weapons

Nigga, there's like dozens. Bolters go boom-woosh-boom, lasers go crack, big lasers go freeem, meltas sizzle, plasmas make pew-pew noises, etc.

>> No.73278587

>Off white HH death guard is their best colour scheme.
Nah, that looks weak.
A nice green is best.

>> No.73278588


>> No.73278589

Jokes on you buddy, I was going to get one of them anyway.

>> No.73278599

What a shitty lazy conversion.

>> No.73278601

pretty cool exofex

>> No.73278604

If you dont feel like it, you could also just describe your favorite weapons to me?

>> No.73278606

What sound do shuriken weapons make anyway

>> No.73278607

Another angle just for you, anon.

>> No.73278616

I’m a chad American and I don’t read the full posts of lesser men

>> No.73278636

>sword handle and trinket not even painted

>> No.73278651

I believe its only the English version of Engine War that has them listed as 0 but every other language has them listed as 15 so its clearly a typo

>> No.73278654

They make ninja sounds.

>> No.73278655

Thanks, Anon. I guess that's what I wished to hear. Guess i'll start stripping all of them now.

>> No.73278664


>> No.73278675

>Ignore other CHARACTERS when calculating which unit is the closest

>> No.73278679

Probably very quiet, whistling sound.

>> No.73278691

every weapon sounds like dawn of war.

>> No.73278692

I just washed and gave it a highlight.
I cut a few corners here and there.

>> No.73278699


>> No.73278706

Dawn of War made them make pew pew sounds. It was stupid.

>> No.73278707

I suppose the translators realized heavy phosphor blasters aren't unique to the new plane.

Phosphor blast pistols got the same shit going on but the opposite way. Went from 1 point in CA 2019 to 5 points in engine war.

>> No.73278720

low effort

>> No.73278726

You did great and made several greytide faggots seethe so well done.

>> No.73278745

Ironically, that really horrible Ultramarines movie had the best bolter sounds in any 40k media


>> No.73278751

post your dudes faggot

>> No.73278755

Just go to reddit if you want nothing but praise dude.
People are going to assume you want criticism and feedback here, especially when posting unfinished models.

>> No.73278768

Me too. Looks good

>> No.73278776


>> No.73278783


>> No.73278790

How many extra magazines do space marines carry for their bolters?

>> No.73278794

Clean lines good highlights. Would look a little better with a few trinkets painted a contrasting color.

>> No.73278803

Those moldlines really add to the detail, you should edge highlight them too.

>> No.73278815

>unwashed/layered cloak tabard and helmet
>messy wash
>lazy base
>undrilled gun barrels

>> No.73278816

>Most of my Death Guard is painted the classic green
>A few vehicles painted in the off white scheme for a bit of variety
Is there anything wrong with this

>> No.73278822


>> No.73278825

>says he's a boxart guy
>doesn't even paint the bare minimum detail like on the boxart

>> No.73278831

So is there any point I'm taking the long range sniper/support esque primaris units on a blood angels army? Or should I just play to my chapters strengths?

>> No.73278840

probably should have posted my more finished iron warriors

>> No.73278855

you are telling me thats a move? not a fanmovie or a video game cutscene, but a full blown official movie?
also, boltpistol + powersword confirmed best

>> No.73278882

love how this official movie looks like my highschool sfm stuff

>> No.73278885

What are blood angels strengths? Sinking too many points in DC that don't do enough damage with their all in charge, then all die to shooting the next turn?

>> No.73278888

It's like a decade old, but it's clearly poor quality even for then considering Dawn of War 1 had a better quality cutscene from 2003, and DoW2 came out around the same time and was almost Blizzard level cutscenes.

>> No.73278904

I focus more on jetpack speed, don't have any plans for PDC yet. If I'm not going DC spam should I just go ultramarines?

>> No.73278907

You aren't supposed to think about that anon

>> No.73278916

Well it is.
>give black orc gun
Wow it's totally a 40k model. Equivalent of just giving a stormcast a bolter and saying it's a marine.

>> No.73278955

Shit responded to myself.

How fucked am I if I don't spam death company? Can I be shooty vampires?

>> No.73278957

Terra is equally if not far more defended than Cadia and he didn't win there without blowing up the target. At best he'll fuck around in the inner solar system a bit before chased out.

>> No.73278969

No one, but also sort of everyone. Ultiamtely though with the anti warp device proven, Admech and Imperium have won.

>> No.73278976

bangles are for melee

if you want to be a shooty army pick another chapter

>> No.73278978

God I wish that faggot would stop ruining RLM

>> No.73278987

How is this different to before?

>> No.73278999

I mean, he does have a point with the handle and trinket, but I was getting kinda burned out doing these models, might as well finish them up and move on to the next one, aye?

>> No.73279001

unironically overkilled the hazard stripes

>> No.73279002

How easy it is to put a sarcofagus in it?

>> No.73279012

Sang guard, hero hammer, and thunder hammer intercessors are decent alternative build arounds. Not having Centurions is hurting BA atm.

>> No.73279016

I play better games.

>> No.73279021

When's the next fucking BotW

>> No.73279034

will there ever be a real inquisition book

>> No.73279064

Ed is such a fag. America is pure cancer.

>> No.73279098

Hey, i wanna paint a scheme that usually has a light grey basecoat, but ive already primed them white. Am i gonna get a big color difference when i paint rakarth on top, or will it be fine?

>> No.73279109

You're a complete faggot if you play the game like that. Rulebreaking is fun to sit and do on the internet- mostly because of how ridiculous the RAW-bending is- but if you try to fuck around with rules in a casual game you are the lowest tier of niggerfaggot. it's one thing to laugh about retarded wording online or even mess around what-ifing in a game with your friend, but if you ruin a friendly pickup game by going "umhm, ACSHUALLY" you deserve to get walked out on

>> No.73279121

Your time is over terminators.

>> No.73279122

The boxart shows the handle as having the color of the weapon, and the trinket being the same as the armor color so it's roughly the same amount of effort.

>> No.73279126

Can I paint my Deathguard black with a tiny bit of green? Or maybe super dark green? Do they have to look like snot?

>> No.73279131

You are very great at painting that seething faggot is mad you called him out for his low effort and self admittedly “corner cutting” painting, by literally not painting his sword handle at all.

>> No.73279136

Official art varies, some dudes, especially older ones, have lots, while these days they more often use less in the art. Looks awesome to me though.

>> No.73279138

He won't even get past Saturn. He only "won" at Cadia because he was getting his shit kicked in and he made a desperate gamble of sacrificing his valuable Blackstone Fortress by dropping it onto the planet. Which cracked its foundations, but didnt annihilate the entire planet.
Abby tries to get to the Sol system, he won't have his trump card and will get even more fucked by the Solar fleet than he was at Cadia.

>> No.73279142

Real Chad don't need an invuln save.

>> No.73279145

I got my teeth kicked out when I brought my alternative color scheme DG to the LGS.

>> No.73279148

This bait is low effort and boring. You got some responded the first time you posted it but no one cares anymore nigger

>> No.73279155

A dark scheme is nice. Wish I saved that one example.

>> No.73279159

So GW is slow rolling rule changes online so they can edit them before the rulebook is printed and save us from needing a million FAQs and CAs to play the game, right?

>> No.73279160

>The only way you can have a friendly game is by using no more then one phase per round and not removing more then one enemy model per round. Doing anything even slightly eccentric means you are a waacfag
You are a dumb dumb. Everyone being crippled is not the only way to have fun.

>> No.73279161

Did you fart on them tho?

>> No.73279181

the rulebooks are already printed dude.

>> No.73279182


>> No.73279185


>> No.73279186

The books have already been printed months in advance.
Just get ready for day 1 errata or something.

>> No.73279194

The books are already printed.

>> No.73279195

Fuck you guys I'm going to go back to playing 5th edition. Where it was fun and fluffy and had fun rules like TEMPLATES, FACINGS, ARMOR VALUES, and more.

>> No.73279198

But don’t ignore them when determining if another unit is within 3”. If the cultists are closer, neither demon prince can be fired upon.

>> No.73279199

you won't be missed ;-)

>> No.73279212

and that's a good thing

>> No.73279224

no you wont

>> No.73279231

To make it simple
The character protection is the same as 8th ed, EXCEPT that now you need a monster/vehicle or a unit >3 models 3" within the character to get character protection.
The DPs grant each other character protection, yes. But once you blast away the cultist/whatever screen you can target either one as normal.

>> No.73279236

i rest

>> No.73279250

>Can I be shooty vampires?
Go for it, although the new assault intercessors and bladeguard will give you more malee options.

>> No.73279257

Why did they shill for TFA?

>> No.73279258

correct. but a lot of people don't seem to get this.

>> No.73279260

playing the game to the best of your earnest ability is what makes for a good time, not surprising your opponent halfway through a game by saying 'uhm, ackshually, according to my strenuous abuse of grammar you're not allowed to do X, Y, or Z, so yeah get fucked'

play to the best of your RAI and remember that having fun is the most important rule, don't be a cocksucker shitting on a good game by bringing in RAWfaggotry. if you have to be a faggot, at least tell people you're going to ahead of time so they can just not waste the time playing with you

>> No.73279263

>GW don't care about their own lore
We've known this forever but it became extremely obvious with Gathering Storm and Cawl

>> No.73279274


>> No.73279284

because it was a star wars movie as good as any other?

>> No.73279286


>> No.73279290

They didn't.

>> No.73279308

You still need someone else to play with though.

>> No.73279312

what're the odds all the tau battlesuits get the vehicle keyword next edition? as is seems like they're getting handed a huge bucket of nerfs, but that could turn on a dime if even the lowliest stealthsuit got to shoot in close combat

>> No.73279315

They didn't? Rich said it was average at best, and derivative at worst. The only good thing they agreed on was the characters, which without hindsight was true at the time.

>> No.73279316

>playing the game to the best of your earnest ability is what makes for a good time
No, playing against someone who minmaxed their list and is using the most broken equipment, while just playing straightforward is not fun. Playing against someone who found a quirky interaction and made a list around it is. RAI is for the game to be balanced, which it isn't. RAW allows you to find fun combos.

>> No.73279321

Zero. GW wants to get rid of tau gundam castles and sell hover tanks again.

>> No.73279326

>They didn't? Rich said it was average at best, and derivative at worst.

>> No.73279328

>How do you spell armour? Armor or Armour?
Armure, sale pecno.

>> No.73279330

>Implying I play anything other than kitchen table warhammer with me m8s
You do only play this casual board game with friends and friends-of-friends, right?

>> No.73279333

Death Company assault intercessors?!?!?!?!

>> No.73279336

They'll probably get Monster. Suits aren't really vehicles.

>> No.73279344

>he never watched RLM
>spreading lies
>especially the one about being as good as any other

>> No.73279348

Even if they could, I'd rather face them in melee where they have -1 to hit and I have 5x S16 AP-3 Dd6, then let their entire army shoot at me.

>> No.73279352

What about that did you not understand?

>> No.73279355

How do I make a woman marry me by painting a model in front of her?

>> No.73279358

Factual reminder that Mike Stoklasa is a secret Disney-shill. The Plinkett Reviews were hitpieces with no factual evidence backing them up. Stop supporting these corporate shills and their capeshit.

>> No.73279365

Why is my forehead bright green all the sudden?......oh

>> No.73279366

I fucking hope so, but we'll have to wait for 9th ed BA codex.

>> No.73279368

>if you dont agree with me you've never watched RLM

>> No.73279372

>T'''au stuffed inside that pilots the suit
>Not a vehicle

What makes a suit closer to a monster than a vehicle according to your reasoning? I'm curious.

>> No.73279379

>make sure she loves you
>ask "will you marry me?" while painting a model in front of her

>> No.73279382

that sort of thing only happens in anime

>> No.73279383

There's a lot of people that play older editions.
I think 3rd is really popular still, I keep seeing swedes play it.

>> No.73279384

My "review" of Reddit Letter Media

>an unemployed construction worker, the trick monkey fraud of the group. knows two tricks: forced laughter and becoming violent. brava, rich! brava!

>a failed viral marketer with an ugly wife and children with terrible names ('myson packard?'). he knows he's the least popular cast member and desperately tries to fit in by making fun of reddit on stream

>an over-the-hill "director"g weighed down by his talentless friends. only makes "ironically bad" videos because they're immune to criticism. his latest production 'Space Cop' will expose him as a fraud and be a spiritual and economic disaster. he will eventually go the route of orson welles, balloon up to 500 pounds and die at the ripe age of 50.

>the curdling definition of a parasite. ditters on her phone while the men do all the hard work. got caught buying jewelry with actual Patreon money.

>the only cast member showing any self-improvement or growth. still has a long way to go, but has already outgrown RLM.

I like how Reddit Letter Media is a company founded upon criticism, insulting and berating others and their works, but HEAVEN FORBID that anyone criticize them! They'll even ban you from their stream if they catch a whiff of dissatisfaction. It's amazing how creatively lazy the group has become. They were better when they were a starving group. Now they can sit on their fat asses, drink beer and make fart jokes while you throw money at the screen. Amazing.

>> No.73279389

Wut. Okay, nigger, you're gonna need some factual basis for your bullshit here. Or are you just still assmad that someone didnt like the colossal like of dogshit that was the prequel trilogy?

>> No.73279395

All of it. Mike doesn’t want to admit he was wrong about JJ taking over Star Wars. It is why he always tries to change the subject when TFA comes up or damage control on how he shilled JJ.
>JJ would be great
>TFA was a return to Star Wars
He said that.

>> No.73279398

>surprising your opponent with grammar tricks is a fun
>making fluffy and thematic lists isn't
the absolute state of RAWfags

if you're going in assuming every game is an ultra-competitive tournament event where you must optimize your list to the most faggoty possibilities in order to absolutely win every time (because losing a game is the ultimate evil and means you can have no enjoyment) you're the cancer
40k, most certainly in pickup games at your LFGS, is all about fun moving models and rolling dice. not minmaxing and RAWfagging a victory as opposed to just trying to win on the battlefield through skill and grit

>> No.73279405

but I can't speak to girl unless I have a sm in my hand or my pocket. My only line I ever used was once and it was if she wanted a warhammer. the last girl was confused and I ran at the toilet and didn't go out for 10 mins.

>> No.73279412

Not him but
>muh prequels
Jesus Christ anon you're like one of those WHFB 9th age guys who can't handle any criticicism without
as a recation

>> No.73279415

He never said JJ should WRITE star wars. He's always said JJ was a terrible writer.

He said he would be a good director.

Stop being an autistic faggot.

>> No.73279422

you need to get over your autism or accept you will never be with a woman

>> No.73279426

> disneywars is so bad it even killed RLM
> george's face when

The only real question remaining is who of the group was the biggest shill? My money is on jay. He has held no qualms about sucking off the mouse. At least mike struggled to say he enjoyed TFA. Jay's composure was shockingly contained.

>> No.73279431

He's the one who brought up the Plinkett reviews.
Now post models AOS shill.

>> No.73279435

Anon, you are wasting your time. Zoomers think that downloading and installing an aimbot equals skill and being good at the game these days.

>> No.73279441

Rupture cannon.
Fires 2 shots - one is a bloated sack full of flammable acid that tries to catch on armor.
Second one detonates it.

>> No.73279444

>do you want a warhammer
whats that even supposed to mean? do you plan on giving her medieval weaponry?

>> No.73279450

>He said he would be a good director.
Not him but both "Fuck no" and "Where did he the other guy mention writing? He said JJ in general".

>> No.73279466

Why are you misconstruing what I'm saying waacfag? You are the one who is advocating for optimizing your lists.
If you can't deal with losing because someone found a neat interaction and made a fun list you didn't expect, you are the cancer.
I bet you play Tau, and hate the thought of anyone using more then the shooting phase.

>> No.73279467

>He's the one who brought up the Plinkett reviews.
See here? Boogiemen everywhere! Nobody can criticize that 9th age game on any basis besides aos. Not even WHFB fans who think 6th edition was superior to anything after it. Nobody can criticize those reviewers without being a prequel fan. Jesus Christ what's wrong with you?

>> No.73279475

when he said "JJ would be a good director" in the Star Trek plinkett review.

the problem with the new star wars was the writing.

The visual direction and practical EFX were fantastic. they were just wasted on horrible writing.

>> No.73279479

>good director

>> No.73279481

> Refuse the honour of wielding Ghal Maraz

Hey its her lost.

>> No.73279482

A life of lonely then.
I was hinting on if she would sleep at me, I try hard to get first place at tourneiments to be noticed by girls who wargame but I haven't won yet. I was scared at even mouthing the words at her, my heart was going crazy when I said if she wanted a warhammer. My voice lowers to a grunt when I'm trying to flirt. Do women get impressed by painting awards and battle being won?

>> No.73279486

just download all the codexes and skim through them, it'll describe most of the wargear and gives snippets of usage on the battlefield

specifically older codexes go into great detail over individual weapons and wargear

>> No.73279496

Mike feels obligated to shill NuStar Wars (only the main trilogy) because he was the one who started the meme charge that JJ Abrams should take over Star Wars because he was so awesome and so cool (this was before he rehashed Wrath of Kahn). Mike doesn’t want to admit that TFA was shit because it proves that he was utterly wrong about his meme and his ego can’t take it.

The fact that even Max Landis called out Rey as the Mary Sue and not Mike (who is suppose to be the biggest Star Wars expert according to him and his fans) hurts him inside.
Jay's a top contender.
>dude Daisy Ridley is charismatic as fuck
>dude Rey is totally not a Mary Sue
>Rey totally has a theme music. Mike, can you edit that in so everyone knows what the fuck I'm talking about?

I mean come on.

>> No.73279498

christ in heaven anon
i really hope this is b8

>> No.73279507

>the problem with the new star wars was the writing.
>The visual direction and practical EFX were fantastic. they were just wasted on horrible writing.
yeah problems jj's mystery box bullshit also had. and shitty direction too

>> No.73279512

A lot of Star Wars fans like TFA when it came out. It had the grungy, used sci-fi look that the original trilogy had had. It introduced a series of mysteries that, at the time, seemed like they would be fun and interesting to see how they played out in the sequels. Yea, it went too far in the last act by copying the first Death Star trench run. In fact, Starkiller base as a whole was dumb and killing Han was a terrible mistake.
But overall the movie on its own was fine. Not great, but fine. TLJ and TRoS can die in a dumpster fire.
The only reason we're having this derailing in this thread is because prequel babies are still booty bothered that RLM didnt instantly tear the sequel trilogy a new asshole like they did for the prequels.

>> No.73279513

French here, that's false.
You pronounce it that weird way because you obtained that french word through germans or russians.
That IS how they pronounce it when speaking french.

>> No.73279518

Jay Bauman, director of Space Cop, on the director Todd Philips
>I was always fascinated by him, even though his movies are shit. Joker is clearly a derivative of movies like Taxi Driver or King of Comedy and it shows.
Jay Bauman, director of Pork Pork in Space, on women in film
>Dude I enjoy the most grotesque and despicable movies imaginable but if there's a rape scene in there we're going to have a problem. A female nudity is the worst thing to ever happen on film, besides a rape scene
Jay Bauman, director of Space Cop, on the director Rian Johnson.
>I wouldn't call The Last Jedi bad. It's messy. It's a messy movie, but it's definetaly not a bad movie. I must point out, even though it's completely irrelevant, that rey isn't a mary sue in this film. Mike, are you read to mention how we hate TLJ, even though we never say it was a bad movie?
Mike Stoklasa, director of The Recovered on the director JJ Abrams and George Lucas
>JJ Abrams should have directed the prequels and George Lucas should have directed people to their seats in the theater.
Rich Evans, producer of Gorilla Interrupted on Ready Player One
>the main character shouldn't be a boring wet straight white rice male motherfucker.
Mike Stoklasa, director of Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplants on Star Wars The Force Awakens
>I loved it. It was everything I hoped it would be. But I was disappointing but the lack of interracial romance in film. I hoped there would be romance between Rey and Finn, or Finn and Poe. The movie really lacked that.
Rich Evans, actor from Recipe for Disaster: A Monkey Man Tale on The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story
>The character of luke was fine TLJ. In fact, it was one of the best parts of the movie. Also, Solo: A Star Wars Story was the best Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi. I really loved it.
Jack Packard, creator of Hey Hey Hee hee(The Pee Pee Song) video
>I'm not a fan of AVGN poop toilet humor

>> No.73279522

am I on /tv/?

>> No.73279528

>first question is asking to sleep with her
>wants to impress women by wining tournaments
this >>73279498
If not, I might be impressed by painting awards, depending on the model/paintjob, but not by showing how WAAC you are. also don't start by asking to fuck, makes it seem like you only want sex you do want more then just that right?

>> No.73279532

You're suffering from hindsight bias. TFA was average at best at the time, and most reviews (including RLM) said as much.

Good characters, very nice visuals and practical effects, poor story direction and rehasing.

>> No.73279534


>> No.73279535

>The visual direction and practical EFX were fantastic.
If I have to see another lens flare or helmet edited over Adam Driver's face for no reason I'm, just going to exit the theatre.

>> No.73279536

Ive never met anyone who hated rlm till now, and wow what a type of person.
You dont have to like em, but of course your the sort of person where if you dont like something, it has to be bad and they all have to be faggots!
Also they never got off their asses, its a movie review channel, why would they.

>> No.73279537

Anon, using niche strategies you didn't know are possible, is not the same as winning at any cost, or even winning.
For instance you have thousands of decks in MTG that abuse weird interactions to win, but are so inconsistent or slow they are Tier 4 or worse. Those are fun decks. Decks that win turn 1 by just having the best cards are boring.
You seem to advocate that it's the other way around.

>> No.73279542

SW is probably most neckbeards favourite sci-fi after 40k in this hobby, it's to be expected, it's not a hobby known for it's tasteful patrons.

>> No.73279546

>when he said "JJ would be a good director" in the Star Trek plinkett review.
When he said "It was everything I ever wanted from a Star Wars movie".
A lot also hated it. I myself thought it sucked/

>> No.73279561

tfw you've never watched Space Cop or any other movie made by Mike and Jay because you know it would them unwatchable

>> No.73279562

>he's bitching about an primaris vanguard space marines, is he alt-right?

>> No.73279565

I still think fall back should be a D6 to run away that many inches and the one they're running from gets to roll their own D6 to pursue. If the pursuer rolls higher they get to move back into combat and in the next Combat phase, get to count as having charged.
40k is a dice game, after all, let fate decide if you can fall back.

>> No.73279569

Fuck no anon. There were many who were pissed and angry reviews coming out. I recall visiting /tv/ for the first time in years just to see their reaction and they were pipping mad. All of them.
>because prequel babies
See this shit? What if someone hates both? Is that not possible? Get out.

>> No.73279579

>"When he said "It was everything I ever wanted from a Star Wars movie"."
You mean where he was clearly being sarcastic? Did that joke really go over your head?

>> No.73279603

>using /v/ with even more /pol/ as a measure of reaction to a movie
Fuck, you one dumb nigger. /tv/ is never not full of newfaggots who think they have to hate everything because that's how 4chan contrarianism is.

>> No.73279607

Anon, there is so much wrong about your posts it's not even funny.
>when things first came out
Even reactions to TPM upon exiting the theater had lots of positive reactions.
Anyone who knew Jar Jar Abrams would know he'd never deliver.
>fine on its own
It was terrible. Rushed plot, terrible characters, etc.
>Good characters
The only half decent one was Kylo going on an emo tantrum
>practical effects
This better be a joke. The few practicals they had were trash. Was anyone impressed by that bird?

>> No.73279624

>You mean where he was clearly being sarcastic
Aye anon. This is a 40k general but if you want to pull anyone anywhere being sarcastic as a defense, you go back to whichever board you came from. Serious, are you going to defense Josh Reynolds for that grog post?

>> No.73279625

can I find where the girl at my local is so I can run into her outside her home and talk at her to get what I want, I will bring my bits box to present to her in a future talk maybe. I do not joke when it comes to being boyfriended I try very hard at it each day. I train for it

>> No.73279635

What phobos? Infiltrators? They can be rapid insertion. Their scramblers would help with detection and stuff like that but you can fluff it as having other effects like messing with enemy communications. They can be walking radio static bombs. Plus in urban environments you want hard cover which block visibility anyway. So they could just be saboteurs. Where as incursors can be direct action.

>> No.73279644

>I loved it because it was schlock [/Mike]
>I loved because Rey was so powerful and she is NOT a Mary Sue! [/Jay]
>*Starts doing the fanboy voice* "This movie was awful!" Just kidding, I loved it too. [/Rich]

>> No.73279648

no its just new and covid happened

>> No.73279653

JJ also had some crappy direction. Just the mystery boxes alone

>> No.73279657

romans? never heard of those, but they oddly resemble those faggot ultramarines

>> No.73279673

I'm confused as to what people are having trouble with here. The cultists are closer than the DP, so the cultists must be shot at.

>> No.73279677

I say battlesuits are closer to vehicles than drones or anything biological.
Not him but he cited angry people. Were they not angry?

>> No.73279688

>cute painting girl i got a crush on
>after a while i grow the balls to tell her
>"hah anon, we're just painting friends"
>When she goes to the loo doing woman stuff i slightly open the paint buckets so they'll dry
BTFO paint thot, we can't be paint friends if you aint got no paint

>> No.73279714

no I'm not you fag, I'm advocating for making fluffy and thematic lists for good, clean fun following RAI. not waacfagging, not powergaming, not abusing RAW to pull one over on your opponent. just having fun playing the game as it's meant to be played

>caring what MtG players think
abusing RAW to fuck with your opponent is not sporting or good fun, it's just cheesy and gay. if you intend to fuck around with RAW wording tell your opponent before the game, because most people going in just want to play a good, friendly game where everyone understands the rules as intended

RAW abuse is nofun. power abuse is nofun. waac spamming and meta listing is nofun. cheating is nofun. all should be avoided

>> No.73279715

What have you been working on, lads?

>> No.73279716


>> No.73279719

Fuck Disney and fuck how they scrapped these concept arts.

>> No.73279723

>because Rey was so powerful and she is NOT a Mary Sue!
>Not a Mary Sue

>> No.73279727


Phosphor weapons are white phosphorous. In 7th edition they had the benefit of "marking" a wounded unit to remove the benefit of cover for the rest of the shooting phase, now just the gun itself ignores cover.

>> No.73279740

>this much denial from RLMfags
Mike fucking loved TFA. He gushed about it all the time in all his other reviews. He even hand-waved all the criticism of TFA as sexists/racists and nitpickers and said Rey was not a Mary Sue.

>> No.73279744

Shit like this is why no woman will ever like you anon, we've been over this.

>> No.73279746

this model is every flavour od dumb isn't it

>> No.73279752

>and talk at her to get what I want
how about thinking about what she might want, not what you want?
also, are you trying to bribe her with your bitsbox? How small is your bits collection that you can just carry it around?
Whats your training routine like, asking for a friend ofcourse

>> No.73279757

>RAW abuse is nofun
It is if it's not OP

>> No.73279764

Jesus Christ I hate that fucking model

>> No.73279774

at least he used a beaky helmet instead of the emo kid head

>> No.73279775

Is Dark Eldar the master race of 40k, most all their units are good. All their models look amazing. Even tournament list are fluffy and look great on the table with a high amount of variety. Only weak point I see is Wyches are supposed to be canon devastating in melee and their rules are total shit.

>> No.73279777

I have a dark apostle, 10x csm, 2x greater possessed, and 20x cultists. What should I add next to my fledgling word bearers army? I feel like I need AT.

>> No.73279786

Didn't top right, bottom left get used for that EA Star Wars game

>> No.73279793

It was literally a joke. i don't know if you're too autistic to understand humor, but it was a play on his previous criticism of star wars.

>> No.73279802

I would say the art always looks way better even when they try to match it, but mandolorian is pretty close.

>> No.73279808


>> No.73279809

>it was a joke
Nothing's straightforward, it's all a joke. What was that Josh Reynolds said about the tears of grogs again?

>> No.73279818

>Not cumming in her bottle of liquitex matte medium
Bro, do you even creep?

>> No.73279822

Not everything is a joke.

That line was a joke.

Go play with blocks.

>> No.73279831

>fire bullets that produce tons of white smoke
>somehow this removes cover instead of creating it

Does not bong.

>> No.73279836

So is the new fun thing to argue that 2 DPs next to each other can't be targeted?

>> No.73279839

>paint buckets

>> No.73279840

how do you feel about the representation of 40k in other media?

>> No.73279857

Just buy what you like anon.

>> No.73279862

It was one of the rebels inquisitors. Admittedly every time I see those incompetent inquisitors I'm left missing genuine sith.

>> No.73279873

>no I'm not you fag, I'm advocating for making fluffy and thematic lists for good, clean fun following RAI.
Too me that sound more like you have fun watching figurines then actually playing the game. If I wanted balanced rules I'd just homebrew them with my friends.
For instance my friends has no way of killing my warlord when he has -3 to hit, but I always have him retreat when my friend kills the warlords entourage to be fair to him. Fluffing it as him no longer being needed to oversee the battle.
But I'd use the DPair rule in a heartbeat, and would force the situation to happen to the best of my ability just to surprise him, even though that's not the best use of DPs, because it's fun and unexpected, and forces him to adapt. It's like learning about a neat strategem your friend doesn't know about, and then droping it unexpectedly on him. In the future he'll learn that it is a possibility and will adept.
I also expect my friend to do this as well.

>> No.73279875

if you have money, contact your friends from china or (((forgeworld))) for Gal Vorbak models for a possessed blob.

>> No.73279877

Naw son it was a joke, we read their minds and know in hingsight that it must have been a joke. It's not genuine, nothing these days are unless we say so. So again with Josh, can we excuse that too?

>> No.73279882

>set enemy on fire
>now everyone can see them

>> No.73279891

Cringe as fuck

>> No.73279899

again, autism.

Go play with legos

>> No.73279904

>helmet edited over Adam Driver's face for no reason
I have yet to understand why they covered him up there.

>> No.73279915

The die was cast with The Force Awakens.
Everybody glances over how truly shit that movie was on almost every level, and it was a terrible way to set up a new franchise.
>character, ship, alien, and planet designs are pointlessly similar to the OT
>that means that the new franchise has no real identity of its own
>giving up precious screentime that could be used to flesh out characters for dumb, over the top, cgi filled action
>overly kinetic momentum, the movie jumps from setpiece to setpiece while nothing is explained in a meaningful way
>Rey has fuckall character development and no apparent reason to want to be in the Resistance
>Finn has fuckall character development and no apparent reason to want to be in the Resistance
>Poe has fuckall character development and no apparent reason to want to be in the Resistance
>main characters have almost no screentime together, and no chemistry is established
>inconsistent plot that's mainly about finding Luke Sywalker, but gets derailed out of nowhere by the Starkiller Base subplot
>no sense of consequence or fulfillment; Luke gets found because R2 just decided to wake up at the right moment, not as a result of any character's actions
>dumb as hell power levels means that Rey gets stronger but with no buildup or payoff
>the distinction between the First Order, Resistance, Republic, and Empire are completely unexplained, adding confusion
>the existence of the First Order at all retroactively makes the successes of the characters in the OT seem pointless
>bait and switches to keep the audience guessing for the next film while adding fuck all to the story, like Rey's parents, Luke's lightsaber, and snoke
>unmemorable soundtrack
>the occasionally cool props and set designs are never showcased because of the ugly, shot-for-efficiency cinematography with the characters ALWAYS in the foreground
TFA is a legit 3/10 movie. I'm convinced that there is nothing positive to say about it.

>> No.73279916

hate it
seeing 40k threads on /tv/ makes me seethe

i like my little hobby as bad as it is and I want the gatekeeping as stringent as possible. even if you've painted just one model I think you're cool to say whatever retarded shit you want about the hobby, but I don't want normies with negative understanding of the setting to inject their retarded takes and fuck shit up
keep it niche

>> No.73279917

no one wants to see his emo wh*t*oid face

>> No.73279940

What will 40k end times look like?

>> No.73279947

No anon we get it. You just know he's ironic in that specific moment and that it cannot be real because it upsets your narrative. It's just ironic. It's all ironic.

>> No.73279961

You are looking at it

>> No.73279973

you best start believing in end times
40k is going through them

>> No.73279976

What about them crapping on R1 for things TFA did? That's gotta account for something.
Abaddon wank.

>> No.73279984

>says modern movies are dumbed down with shallow characters and loud CGI action to appeal to low IQ masses
>thinks JW, TFA, X men apocalypse, ID 2, and Star Trek 09 are great movies
>loves JJ trek because the "good guys are good and the bad guys are bad"
>thinks all movies should follow the same structure
What did cucklasa mean by this?

>> No.73279986

I have a feeling that the next PA book will have updated inquisition rules.
...or at the very least the WD rules will be in the book with the new inquisitor model.

>> No.73279987

imperium / eldar / necron / tau alliance vs everyone else who also fight each other

then chaos wins somehow

>> No.73279994

So what are they going to do for morale to make it more interesting?
Are they going to make larger units have less effect from morale?
As it stands, there's very little reason to take anything other than MSU unless you're going for specific strats.

>> No.73279998

I watch the anime Host Club on repeat and youtube hints and tips from divorced men, and I walk with a log in both hands for 3 miles to Joe Rogan podcasts that include women so I know what words to use. I like warhammer so I will use warhammer to be confident in becoming a partner.

>> No.73280010

>then chaos wins somehow

>> No.73280024

I am in no way a nidfag and am completely aware that they only exist so other factions have an enemy to kill.

>> No.73280039

They will not have changed much about morale

It will not be more interesting

>> No.73280057

>confirmed bait
I should've known earlier If not, then at least there's a bigger social retard in these threads then me

>> No.73280060

It's hard to make memorable characters out of mindless bugs so it's a shame they will always be that

>> No.73280084

It's not magic, white phosphorus is used in incendiary rounds and they're mainly to set things on fire, mainly stuff like munitions and fuel, not people. The firer might not see anything different from their perspective.

>> No.73280086

>mike's humor is almost entirely based on sarcasm
>says in a sacastic tone of voice "its everything i wanted in a star wars movie"
>intentionally being hyperbolic
No anon, he's totes serious because you said so.

>> No.73280090

Small Bitsbox Humiliation
Gotta write about it on /d/

>> No.73280102

Can necrons get corrupted by chaos? Also why is there so little necron vs chaos fluff?

>> No.73280103

Tyranids should be reworked in a manner similar to the Necrons with notable Hivefleets having "Fleetlord" characters and a few independent, intelligent 'nids that can travel to different war zones as they wish.

>> No.73280128

The biggest point of tri-pointing was not getting shot at by the rest of the army, not the unit they were engaged with. Kind of a net nerf to melee. Bigger nerf to Tau since they used drones for flying screens, and being able to shoot whatever's got them tied up isn't nearly as good as just falling back and shooting anyway. Crisis and Broadsides get the worst of both worlds, to boot.

>> No.73280144


>> No.73280153

oh yeah that new inquisitor model is a thing.
I just want to be able to play inquisition like it was back in Grey Knights 5th edition again.

>> No.73280163

Riiiight. Just keep on repeating it. Just keep telling yourself that.

>> No.73280188

Do you want me to play the clip for you?

Do you need me to explain how humor works?

>> No.73280205

any more memes anon?

>> No.73280207

wasn't there some leak that basically confirmed 40k was planned to turn into different sectors of space controlled by various factions? aka mortal realms in AoS. Obviously it'll be 'chaos wins and destroys the golden throne', terra webway portal opens and terra sucked into webway. Chaos storm divides galaxy up. custodes pop out of webway to help across imperium which is broken into factions like ultramar, fenris, chaos primarch regions etc. Tyranids eating half of imperium meanwhile.

>> No.73280209

i know anon
the point I'm trying to make is that the writers see gun that shoots fire, remember that fire is easy to see, then put the two together so that fire gun makes people shot at easy to see

>> No.73280210

Given how much he doesn't like to talk about it & more, methinks it was more real than you give credit. As well as tons of other material they did.

>> No.73280235

Naw son, I know how you lot work. You're going to cite something that ain't what it is and you're going to say it's that way. I had to point this out to several people before.
They'd say stuff exactly like that and guess what? Turns out it isn't or they're lying to themselves. Shit can't be genuine anymore. All is fake.

>> No.73280269

Mike clearly regrets his immediate praise for TFA. You can see this in all subsequent discussions on the movie and the Plinkett review where he side steps the movie completely. It's Jay and Rich that sperg out about criticism of Rey but still.

>> No.73280286

They already do, dude. Anything bigger than a Broadside has the Monster keyword. It's retarded in that they're immune to haywire but get poisoned all the same, but it it how it is.

>> No.73280293

Only for sniping away at the anti-horde vehicles/ monsters the enemy has before dropping the proverbial hammer that is the Death Company.
They need to be tough enough to survive at least 1 round of shooting or be able to use cover to prevent shooting.
Predators, Lascannon boxdreads, Plasma Redemptors, and devastators (the cheap but efficient option) can all help crack vehicles before your T2 deepstrike or T1 assault, depending on how you've planned the game out. I like suppressors too, they're fairly thematic.

>> No.73280376

anon I'm going to assume for your sake this is all some LARPing

>> No.73280394

Obliterators or Daemon Engines

>> No.73280414

A defiler.
Especially with how 9E's rules are shaping up.

>> No.73280514

oh anon never worry about that. in almost every thread there is me, and I have not spoke to a live person that isn't my mom and dad since I was 17, and I am almost 40 now. Never worry about your level of social retardness.

>> No.73280974

No, but by the way you feel the need to ask and the way you glue models like a neanderthal, you must be.

>> No.73281269

That would be terrible. Nids are the force of nature faction

>> No.73282336

never ever

>> No.73282787

Have fun with the other insufferable grognards.

Or you could just play Horus Heresy like a chadnard.

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