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>> No.73240609

reposting DG leaks

>> No.73240615

Tau dont give a shit about these changes you faggots, they still get to use FTGG

>> No.73240631

>Thread Question: Realistically, will this be enough to make melee armies viable again?

>> No.73240637

>You may find that some units benefit from other special rules that modify Overwatch as well, such as the T’au Empire’s For the Greater Good special rule, essentially giving them two-for-one Overwatch fire – a brilliant use of a single Command point
>FTGG changed to just let one other unit OW
seethe harder taunigger, ill love buying your unpainted triptides for pennies in 3 month

>> No.73240639

The myphitic blight hauler stratagem for 7 inch AP-1 seems really good.

>> No.73240640

Why so upset, we don't know the rest of the rules yet.

>> No.73240643

I really whish they would have made DG better. This is quite shit as it is.

>> No.73240647

>You may find that some units benefit from other special rules that modify Overwatch as well, such as the T’au Empire’s For the Greater Good special rule, essentially giving them two-for-one Overwatch fire – a brilliant use of a single Command point!
>For the Greater Good special rule, essentially giving them two-for-one Overwatch fire – a brilliant use of a single Command point!
>a brilliant use of a single Command point!

>> No.73240649

On 1 extra unit rather than half the fucking army, fucking smooth brain

>> No.73240650

>Thread Question: Realistically, will this be enough to make melee armies viable again?
On it's own, no. In combination with other changes like terrain, strategic reserves, mission objectives, and so on.. yeah probably.

>> No.73240651

>You may find that some units benefit from other special rules that modify Overwatch as well, such as the T’au Empire’s For the Greater Good special rule, essentially giving them two-for-one Overwatch fire – a brilliant use of a single Command point!

Cope/seethe/etc. FTGG is getting changed to let you fire overwatch with two units rather than one when you use the Stratagem.

>> No.73240654

Its models within 7"
Which is alright, but not as good.

>> No.73240660

>>Thread Question: Realistically, will this be enough to make melee armies viable again?

Doesn't matter, I'll still be playing my orks and having fun doing it, and none of you can stop me!

>> No.73240665

Does the Ephrael Ster new model is already out ?
[and the colors edition Daemonifuge ?/spoiler]

>> No.73240667

Nerfing overwatch alone isn't enough to make melee viable since outside of a handful of factions it was mainly something that just slowed down the game to minimal effect. Limiting fallback and shoot somehow would be a massive melee buff though

>> No.73240671

>only lets one additional unit fire
>still costs a CP

>> No.73240673

*The Triumph of Saint Katherine passes through this thread, singing hymns and spreading fumes of incense*

>> No.73240676

depends on the context
fast melee armies with ways to easily wrap units?
yes, they already were serviceable at worst
slow melee armies eternally trapped with their 3" pile in/consolidate?
no, they were, are, and always will be shit

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>conveniently forgetting that Riptides can now shoot into combat after absorbing everything with a gorillion shield drones just like before

>> No.73240692

They could already just fall back and shoot you idiot.

>> No.73240695

Fingers crossed for only being able to take advantage of saviour protocols once per phase

>> No.73240699

triptide and shield drones is still a thing, and riptides can now shoot in melee, so I think tau will still be waacfag cancer for a while yet

>> No.73240703

No. It's part of Pariah and they're still working through Engine War and War of the Spider.

>> No.73240713

>A brilliant use of a command point!

i smell a spicy new meme

>> No.73240716

>Realistically, will this be enough to make melee armies viable again?

No, because Overwatch was marginal at best in everything but Tau (and maybe Salamanders but who is even playing them lmao).
Also, they nerfed CC further by making tanks impossible to lock down in melee so closing the gap toward a tank gunline is not gonna cut it anymore, you have to actually destroy the tanks as well.

>> No.73240722

Apparently falling back is also a strategem
Is this our time, meleebros?

>> No.73240732

Seething manlets, seething T'''''''aus.

>> No.73240733

>getting locked in combat
>fucking ever
read the <fly> rule again, slowly

>> No.73240740


To be fair, being able to get into melee with an Immolator and have the flamethrowers somehow stop working was always kinda silly.

>> No.73240742

Shame on yee!
Page 6

>> No.73240743

>Realistically, will this be enough to make melee armies viable again?
Blood Angels already managed to viable. So sure. It's a huge boost to GSC though.

>> No.73240749

>Is this our time, meleebros?
No, it the time of the big, but not too big, shooty monsters.

>> No.73240752

Oh right. Yeah thats hard to position for then.

>> No.73240755

>Lets you overwatch with a whole extra unit
>Still costs CP

>> No.73240764

>by making tanks impossible to lock down in melee
Melee disables their blast weapons, makes all their other heavy weapons -1 to hit, and only allows them to shoot at the units actually in melee with the tank instead of picking their targets. And now they cant overwatch you with all their tanks on the way in. This is far better.

>> No.73240767

>Thread Question: Realistically, will this be enough to make melee armies viable again?
The better question: Who the fuck cares about melee?

>> No.73240769

I can see people trying to brute force CC by trapping tanks with a unit that has a good save, like a stormshield, rather than trying to adapt to the new rules. At least for a bit.

>> No.73240773

Where does it say you only overwatch with an extra unit?

>> No.73240781

>tanks are impossible to lock down
bad meme, they can shoot non BLAST weapons into combat, and unless you charged a quad flamer baal predator it wont be enough to cripple your unit

>> No.73240782

>Is this our time, meleebros?

>> No.73240783

Who is the Taushitter on the rules team right now? I've been surprised that they've held off on nerfing Triptide Drone spam as long as they have,

>> No.73240794

As a taufag, I'm legitimately okay with these changes since they also remove 4+ rerolling Iron Hands Leviathans. I expect the EWO will get reworked into a free overwatch, which would make it a viable take.

>> No.73240800

Anyone playing Warhammer 40k who understands what the soul of this game is about.

>> No.73240809

Especially with Target Lock basically now being a free take on all Battlesuits.

>> No.73240812

Did hey say that on stream or something? I don't see it in their new article.

>> No.73240815

>The Strategic Reserves rule allows a unit to deploy on their own table edge, even if it’s within Engagement Range (1”) of an enemy, and proceed to make attacks as though they charged!

Ok now I really want to know the SR rules, been thinking of all the shenanigans you can potentially pull off.

>> No.73240818

You're all right Taufag. Don't go near the Heavy Cover tomorrow.

>> No.73240819

>> No.73240832

In the article. Which has been quoted several times in this thread. Read, nigger.

>> No.73240833

Who put Blitzcrank into 40k

>triptide and shield drones is still a thing, and riptides can now shoot in melee, so I think tau will still be waacfag cancer for a while yet
Hardly makes a difference since Riptides just fell back and shot anyway. And Tau have seen below average results with all but two players for years now, I don't see why they still have the WAAC stigma when they're at like 45% win rate once you take out Siegler and Pullen.

>> No.73240834

Phil Kelly. But he’s a Farsight fanboy-
Oh. That makes sense.

>> No.73240838

>attackers climb on the tank's hull and disable its weapons/kill the guy who is manning the turret.

Doesn't seem so freaky to me.
Anyway, it doesn't have to make sense to work, now the best way to stop 30 boys to get to your basilisks is just to put a leman russ in their way and Watch them not being able to go through the T8 10Ws all the while slaughtering them with your H12 S8 turret

>> No.73240840

Every single Green Tide, GSC and Nid player cares about melee.

>> No.73240848

I expect a rework on that one since now it only affects assault weapons. Maybe we'll actually get an accuracy boost SS.

It's alright, I'll be in the Defensible ruins :^)

>> No.73240850

>I don't see why they still have the WAAC

It's not that they're WAAC, it's that win or lose they're a miserable grind to play against.

>> No.73240852

I must have missed where melee isn't viable, someone go tell those 150 boyz or 27 shining spears list.

>> No.73240853

Finish the Plastic Reconquista:
- Plastic Crusaders
- Plastic Missionaries and Preachers
- Plastic Death Cult Assassins

>> No.73240854

The article said some units are still keeping free overwatch so I wouldn't celebrate yet, I could see a support system giving it if a battlesuit doesn't have it by default

>> No.73240874

If melee is only viable in meme lists, then it's not truly viable.

>> No.73240876

>2020 models vs 2004 models
cool and normal

>> No.73240878

Stormlords will be a lot cooler though.

>> No.73240886

>they're at like 45% win rate once you take out Siegler and Pullen.
This. Taufags in general don’t even know how to play them properly. It was only until the NOVA Open that people realized you should stop taking fucking broadsides.

>> No.73240889

>the age of big, but not too big shooty monsters

>> No.73240899

its an even more annoying of a retarded statement given that riptides aren't even vehicles.

>> No.73240905

Why can I take Guardian Spears and Shields in 30k but not 40k for Custodes?

>> No.73240916

Lmao crud wrote the codex and made them so bad they only have 2 viable lists, even the professional tau players couldn't make it work and jumped ship. Consider some new memes because Tau havent been good in a while

>> No.73240921

They lost the STCs for these

>> No.73240925

And yet, the Boyz still look better.

>> No.73240937


>> No.73240942

Now that you mention it, those Ork asses don't look right.
GW should update ORK BUMS!

>> No.73240943

But the Shield Captain literally has the ability to take THE SAME SPEAR and a shield. It's the same stuff.

>> No.73240952

1 viable list*
2 came after Phil Kelly blessed with with Farsight rules in PA

>> No.73240955

Hum bros? Aren't WS supposed to be asian?

>> No.73240959

>meme lists
You can look at practically any tournament in the past year or two and the top 4 would have at least one army with a significant melee component, if not exclusive. There was that one BA-playing bodybuilder who ran no shooting units outside of incidental boltguns and pistols on his BA beatsticks and won tournaments.

>> No.73240962

Do you think Howling Banshees will get a buff since their overwatch shutdown isn't as useful with the rule change?

>> No.73240963

Big lists of boyz are competitive but they are slow as fuck to move so if you are playing timed match play they become way less viable. In contrast gunline castles or IG parking lots can just skip their movement phase other than a couple of mobile units being used to contest objectives.

Same problem with bug swams

>> No.73240966

> Plastic Crusaders

>> No.73240968

>Look out, Sir is back
>Reserves have no distance limitations to enemy models when coming on from own table edge
We back

>> No.73240971

those meme list win tournaments, regardless its as dumb as saying castle is a meme so shooting isn't viable. The idea that every melee unit is shit unless the list is 100% melee is also absurd.

>> No.73240974

Fuck you, I'm taking my Broadside and with the HRR too. I don't care if it's suboptimal, it looks cool as shit.

>> No.73240975

EZ, they only have a few left and they can't repair them anymore so they only hand them out to the best of the best

>> No.73240983

Okay, you’re based. Carry on.

>> No.73240990

post the one with the knight

>> No.73240995

>alright, so since giving Primaris multiple points drops and 36" range -3 AP D2 exploding 6s guns for their basic troops we've finally sold every player like 3 boxes of Intercessors. What's our next move?
>We make Intercessors with chainswords so they have to rebuy their troops all over again
>But melee sucks, how can we convince them to do that?
>Just, like, remove Overwatch from the game completely LMAO

>> No.73240996

Yes, Crusaders. The plural form. More than one Crusader.

>> No.73241000

I don't know how they will fix Banshees considering 99% of their problems relate to being S3.

>> No.73241004

they've evolved. I wish Ultramarines would follow suit.

>> No.73241013


>> No.73241014

>>Look out, Sir is back
It's just the name of the "you cant shoot Characters unless they're the closest" rule

>> No.73241016

This is the best news I've ever woken up to.

>> No.73241020

People spam eldar bikes, possessed, centurions, SoB repentia+jetpacks, whatever then. Its not just horde that's good.

>> No.73241021

Apparently Bile’s faction rules were posted in an earlier thread too, but I couldn’t find them
Do you them a link for them too?

>> No.73241026

Don't have that one.

>> No.73241029

>And they say there is no race prejudice against chinks
Not complaining, just noticing the hypocrisy of GW when it comes to racial representation

>> No.73241035

We have like 10 SW players in our meta and the AWOOOOing is audible across the city

>> No.73241052

I dunno man they figured it out with Incubi and Zephyrim pretty easy.

>> No.73241057

they don't care about stupid shit like that they care about money
your average gw suit looks at the front page news and orders some general platitudes in the hopes of acquiring more money
racism against asians isn't front page news hence nothing said or done

>> No.73241058

There are like 5 Tau and IG players in my LGS' group chat seething so hard right now. I can't wait to actually have a fun game against them this edition.

>> No.73241062

>get unites with more wounds, attacks, become taller, get a bigger penis
>become white
what did GW mean by this?

>> No.73241069


>> No.73241075

racism only matters when its against blacks, everybody knows that

>> No.73241091

They had a shot at a buff in PA and didn't get it. So, doubtful.

>Look out, Sir is back
They're just putting a name to the character targeting rule

>> No.73241100

How much would molds for different facial types cost?

>> No.73241104

They've only made one Scar specific Primaris model. He looks like you'd expect.

>> No.73241118

Is nerfing overwatch really going to impact IG that much anyway other than hellhounds? They might have to actually use squads to screen their parking lots more.

>> No.73241126

Sisters are kind of bland without the rest of the AdMin for seasoning. I need some crazy grimdark space priests. Frateris militia would be neat too.

>> No.73241130

Incubi get to S4 with +1 to wound and Zephyrim can stack their innate rrw with their own +1 to wound stratagem so they'll wound even Warlord Titans better than half of the time. They'd need to do something really over the top like an Exarch power that just flat gives them rrw to work.

>> No.73241137

>Metal models.

>> No.73241140

its not like 98 % of all units were relevant when it came to overwatch anyway.

>> No.73241143

They better redo this fag on an outrider, I'm still mad.

>> No.73241153

aren't the 30k white scar models fairly recent?

>> No.73241164

I think they're one of the worst units in the game atm, so just redo the entire data sheet.

>> No.73241178

Got the meme where this model compares getting coverage to that giant Tau suit?

>> No.73241179

But Shield Captains can't take them now.

>> No.73241183

Exactly, it was pretty much a pointless ohh look you killed a model charging in time suck outside of a small number of units/factions.

>> No.73241188

Convert and ally in some Cawdor. Their models are fucking fantastic.

>> No.73241205

Look at this waxy motherfucker.

>> No.73241231

It's honestly a huge nerf to castle armies like guard. Losing their free second shooting phase is so good for armies that actually have to get close to them, although with all the vehicle and blast changes they'll still be good.

>> No.73241235

Fallback and shoot generally wasn't something you could do

>> No.73241241

>i place this unit face down in defense mode
>your move, Kaiba

>> No.73241247

So I'm interested in narratively building my Dark Imperium box around the Wretched, the daemon-summoners who operate in the space between Tallarn and Nocturne. Someone tell me some chapters (aside from the Salamanders) who would likely be engaged in that conflict.

Also, since I want these marines to be fluff-friendly I can't let them be Black Templars because they're all ranged.

I'm somewhat interested in the Mortifactors, but I'm curious to hear what ideas you guys have.

>> No.73241252

> noose

>> No.73241255

Riptides aren't vehicles

>> No.73241261

Honestly, a lot of the Aspect Warriors just don't work. Almost all are made of paper, and others are incredibly anemic in their output and/or completely confused in their role. Scorpions, Banshees, Dragons, Spiders, all of those don't really have anything they're good at and GW has just dropped their costs over and over in the hopes someone will take them, regardless of the fact that Aspect Warriors are supposed to be elite specialists, not fucking hordes. Need some of the designers they have upchecking every new Primaris datasheet to pretend these guys are Marines for a moment and give them some overdue attention.

>> No.73241263

go read the big guns never tire rule and stop being a retard

>> No.73241268

Any word on how 9th is treating cavalry? I would be sad to find out I had gone all in on these lads only to find out they are suddenly super broken or super bad.

>> No.73241270

>What are MONSTERs?

>> No.73241278

LMAO my tank can see you through a pinprick in the wall, say goodbye to your procession

>> No.73241289

>just started making a Scourged army
>these overwatch nerfs
wtf I just wanna neuter genestealer charges

>> No.73241295

>'Hmm, what sort of tricks is Kaiba up to? I better play it safe.'
>I place a unit in deepstrike and end my turn.

>> No.73241305

*squad goes on patrol the morning after burrito monday*

>> No.73241317

I mean, a tank outfitted with various radio/sonar/SI and whatever 'auspex' is could see any unit no matter what was in the way.

>> No.73241320

>sourcing bits for a tribalistic themed Thousand Sons army
>end up with a ton of space wolf parts
This feels like double heresy

>> No.73241321

Even with an Invul, it's a 5+ save
Genestealers have taken the raw dick for time

>> No.73241326

I don't know why but that image you posted makes me think of that "Take a Bweaff" music video from sesame Street.


>> No.73241328

Cavalry are niche enough I don't expect them to get any kind of specific preview. That said, the nerfs to overwatch are good for most Cav and if there are any Cav with heavy weapons then they can now move and fire them without penalty.

>> No.73241332

I think the worst part of 9e's rules so far is when they said on stream that they're bringing back facing, so if you fall back from overwatch your guys are turned around and can't shoot.

>> No.73241343


>> No.73241355

>laughs in iron hands
So the cancerous players. Also why'd you nids twice

>> No.73241357

Bad news on that front, competitive players are creaming themselves over the Raiders. Turns out 3 wounds for 14pts, scout move and "fuck your DS charges" stratagem add up to pretty good.

>> No.73241361

You shouldn't lie on the Internet anon.

>> No.73241362

They didn't honestly say that, did they?

>> No.73241364

Yeah it sucks, elite melee troops with 2 attacks at s4 ap 0. Deathspinners should be a storm of fire like an inceptor drop.

>> No.73241377

Calling bullshit on that one chief.
40k hasn't had facing since like 3rd. If it even had it then.

>> No.73241391

Facing for infantry was a non-bad idea back in Rogue Trader, but it’s a positively awful one after decades of game size bloat

>> No.73241396

Based sesame street, teaching our children to breath. Without them kids would be suffocating everywhere

>> No.73241403

It had facing for Vehicles all the way until 8th.

>> No.73241409

I care more about how realistic something is compared to if it is viable, I think overwatch should always be possible but only with rapid fire weapons.

>> No.73241418

It was in the last stream, about 45 minutes from the ending.

>> No.73241421

Sure thing bro, they definitly said that, i believe you

>> No.73241426

>Building Raiders because I love the Arabian/Cossack horseman aesthetic.
>mfw will be called WAACfag or will have them nerfed into the ground
I just want a proper harassment unit for Stygies, man.

>> No.73241434

Vehicles had facing in 7e.

>> No.73241443

The best thing they could do for 9th is just make it Rogue Trader 2e.

>> No.73241444


>> No.73241447

Will always be a reminder of shame and disappointment.

>> No.73241459

Rules are temporary. Models are forever.

>> No.73241471

>he thinks manlet marines are forever
anon, I...

>> No.73241480

They arent monsters either

>> No.73241485

Has there been any indication that transport rules are changing in 9th?

>> No.73241486

There was a pic someone had posted few days ago when cover rules changes
The SoB precession model dosent get coverage but a Tau suit did. Someone thought it was wild about how sisters wouldn't get coverage but the suit would

>> No.73241492


Looks like my Nid horde army is coming out the shelf. Can't wait to devour delicious Tau and Guard tears.

>> No.73241497

same, but I also like being able to snipe characters.
It's why I have 20 rangers with double snipers.

>> No.73241513

That actually proves my point perfectly. Marinelets rules might be going away soon, but the models will remain. Just because GW stops supporting them in the game doesn't mean people's miniatures spontaneously disintegrate.
Also there is 30k if people really want to keep using them

>> No.73241523

what does that have to do with my post

>> No.73241533

Nothing yet.
>In before you now lose a model on the roll of a 2 or a 1

>> No.73241535

How does this Overwatch change Admech Cognis weapons?
I have to pay 2 CP now? 1 for Overwatch and 1 for the natural BS?
Or can they Overwatch for free?

>> No.73241538


>> No.73241546

Can't wait to meet you on the field, brother. We can drink their tears together.

>> No.73241555


>> No.73241564

Imagine not being a FSE chad in current year

>> No.73241589

That's gonna be 2 CP to use both stratagems, until something is revealed that changes that.

>> No.73241596

chaos already has that

>> No.73241602

I need the comparison. Got a Taufag seething in the group chat for my FLGS and I wanna show him visually that his entire army isn't null and void.

>> No.73241603

BASED Farsightbro

>> No.73241607


>> No.73241616

>I care more about how realistic something is

Oh boy are YOU in the wrong game.

>> No.73241618

Haha I really hate them pesky ethereals but some are okay and also we're just the Tau empire but red ayup

>> No.73241626

>over watch is now a once per phase stratagem

*laughs in Italian pretty boi"

>> No.73241627

Just tell him "at least savior protocols haven't been nerfed yet. ;)"

>> No.73241640

>luv’ O’Shova
>luv’ me enclaves
>ate’ ethereals
>ate’ auxiliaries (no racist, just don’t like em’)
Simple as

>> No.73241642





>> No.73241656

Just say they're primaris marines

>> No.73241663

They're gonna change armies with a 5+ overwatch trait, right? They wouldn't have it so that their subfaction trait only applies to a stratagem, right?

>> No.73241667

As a Tau player, I fucking hope this happens because it’d mean that Tau would be getting a rework away from the shit Crud made them out to play in 8th

>> No.73241671

>Iron Warrios
>Loyalist model in bad guy colors

>> No.73241673

Actually no, dreads will be able to fire their ranged weapons in combat. Meaning dual gun leviathans will outperform dual melee in most cases.

>> No.73241676

they mentioned on stream that as part of the universal rules of space marines, they will all be able to fire overwatch for free.

Probably Chaos too since they got the same bonuses but you never know

>> No.73241677

the intersesors and revers came out in 2017

>> No.73241680

why not just give them guns instead
that way they can attack while moving up and continue to attack while in melee

>> No.73241682


>> No.73241683

but they have cowboy aesthetic

>> No.73241693

Oh sweet summer child

>What are Silver Skulls

>> No.73241696


Horse shit.

>> No.73241697


Old sesame Street was trippy and weird.

>> No.73241703

>ate’ auxiliaries (no racist, just don’t like em’)
there's a whole planet in the enclaves thats majority humans

>> No.73241711

Your earlier bait didn't work either, pumpkin spice.

>> No.73241717

Burn, Maim, Kill sounds better.

>> No.73241720


Is there anything actually new here?

>> No.73241721

Why the fuck are these non-deathwing minis painted in deathwing colors?

>> No.73241731

I also heard that Tau now have a rule that if they are losing, they can automatically win by giving their opponent a blowjob in the middle of the game.

Look it up. I think the name is "The Greater Good ;)"

>> No.73241734


Cause gravis is the new termie armor you dumb shit.

>> No.73241744


>> No.73241753


>> No.73241754


>> No.73241756

Fucking retard

>> No.73241759

That's was why I love it so much. The creators clearly had a great time

>> No.73241760

Those aren't gravis

New deathwing

>> No.73241764

>new overwatch rules
Lmao, this edition is going to be a shitshow and I love it
>NEO volkite
Why the fuck can’t it just be Volkite????

>> No.73241769

>Nnnoooo! Gravis doesn't have 2+/5++ and the ability to Deep Strike!

>> No.73241771

I don't think there is a single piece of new information there at all

>> No.73241774


>> No.73241781

Looks like bikers can fight twice now, which is cool, but we don't have a lot of biker units to begin with, unless GW plans on giving us more.

>> No.73241782

Fury of Khorne is neat but overpriced. That's it really.

>> No.73241786

So far all of the faction focus articles didn't actually have anything new really.

>> No.73241793

No it doesn't

Why are you posting these. They're in the codex

>> No.73241794


>> No.73241798

Tau about to get OP, be careful lads.

>> No.73241802


Is the next thing an aura? I need my shitty 8th edition bingo.

>> No.73241805

>Why the fuck can’t it just be Volkite????
Because primaris babies need to be treated like they always get the extra special things, lest they throw a hissyfit.

>> No.73241808


>> No.73241816

Again why are you posting this thing we already know?
Not new though

>> No.73241830

>Why are you posting these.
So people can talk about them.

>> No.73241831

So only primaris can carry it. Need to make sure their stats are a bit better so you know in your heart of hearts that primaris are an advantage over manlets and you should buy more.

>> No.73241833


>> No.73241837

>source: my ass

>> No.73241841

There was one new rule for the necron new unit.
None of these have had anything new in them.

>> No.73241844

>hey guys check out these new rules

>> No.73241846


Nothing yet, but it's likely transports will get some kind of buff as they're underused in 8th.

>> No.73241850

The best fluff was usally more " expanding the setting" (ie Vogen Campaign, Vraks Siege, the Abnett stuff happening in the Scarus sector, the FFFG Damocles Sector) than "advancing the storyline" (Psychic Awekening, Fall of Cadia, Warzone Fenris/Damocles etc). You can argue there were a few exception that were the subject of world campaign, like the 13th Black Crusade and the 3rd War for Armageddon tho.
Anyway, it was before the newly released "official" material (outside BL) felt the need of describing "Superheroes like" duels between the same name character, often ending in draws because both of them have plot armor to protect the sales of their mini.

>> No.73241852

I was about to say that isn’t gravis but I don’t even know for sure, it all looks the fucking same.

>> No.73241855

Dude trust me

>> No.73241857

>That's was why I love it so much. The creators clearly had a great time


>> No.73241872

>They removed auto bolt rifles and powerswords

>> No.73241884

He was talking about individual infantry model facing.
They arent ever being back vehicle facing

>> No.73241885

Agreed, I wish they stuck to campaigns within the setting. Fuck it, roll out tru size marines, who gives a fuck? Most of the old models look funky and oddly sized next to new ones.

>> No.73241887

PlayOn Tabletop have been testing 9e and they say that the new rules have made more armies viable against each other. Considering that one of the guys testing can only made absurdly OP lists (its like his fucking super power, so much so that he isn't allowed to write lists for the batreps anymore since his are always too strong) I'm feeling pretty hopeful.

>> No.73241891


>> No.73241893

Is this actually new? I don't know anything about Primaris things.

>> No.73241895

1st Company is Chad Marine only now, Terminators are relegated to reserve Companies.

>> No.73241899

> thinking that will last in the new edition

>> No.73241909

When will she enter fully into the scene?

>> No.73241911

I'd like them to reverse how disembarking works.
Currently, you disembark before the transport moves, then get to take your normal move and charge.
I'd like to see instead you disembark AFTER the transport moves, but can't move yourself. Then you can charge or whatever in the charge phase.

This would mean you get the movement of the transport on the same turn as you disembark, instead of only getting it on previous turns. Most of the time transports only seemed to get one single turn of extra movement before they dumped their load, except open tops which never dumped at all.

>> No.73241912

Where did they post this? Or are you referring

>> No.73241914

how is that wrong ?

>> No.73241918

Literally DG but you're a fag

>> No.73241921

Yeah brand new mate

>> No.73241933

Guys guys guys there’s new rules for chaos!

>> No.73241945

The FUCK is this?

>> No.73241946

>play on tabletop
It’s such a weird thing, they blew up and have such crisp videos. I kind of like them but I feel like they kind of cheapen the hobby

>> No.73241949

My bad friend, it was Tabletop Tactics.

>> No.73241953


>> No.73241957

Give Primaris players choices makes their brains hurt

>> No.73241962


>> No.73241965

>Sergeants can't be equipped with anything additional
>No grenade launchers
>No rifle options
Is this real?

>> No.73241970

A melee primaris literally holding a monkeys paw.

>> No.73241971

>The FUCK is this?
Traitor fighting Traitor?

>> No.73241979

Bro check out this leak

>> No.73241981

I think they went a bit overboard with the effects, but their production value is great. I really like them having the birds eye camera above the board, showing a split screen of before and after the movement phase from the top makes it real easy to see how everything moved.

>> No.73241982

one of the units in the box

>> No.73241986

When T'''au get melee battlesuits

>> No.73241990

Cope xenigger

>> No.73241996

Ohh is this what that Deathwing guy was raging about?

>> No.73241997

Its probably from one of the starter kits that have easy to build primaris. The datasheets in those books dont include options the sprues dont come with.

>> No.73242000

i'm not going to paint one because i'm not going to get one

>> No.73242001


>> No.73242002


Look at how it's cropped, there's more shit we don't see.

>> No.73242010

Yeah man, brand new rules!

>> No.73242036

What are those? blips?

>> No.73242037

1 wound oh my gooood

>> No.73242039

> Be careful, though – a savvy enemy might be able to catch you off-guard if you’re in their deployment zone. The Strategic Reserves rule allows a unit to deploy on their own table edge, even if it’s within Engagement Range (1”) of an enemy, and proceed to make attacks as though they charged! This is such a situational rarity that it probably won’t come up very often, but a stunt like that completely bypasses Overwatch to surprise unwary or careless opponents

>> No.73242040

thats one way to make 9th edition the triumphant return to grimdark.

>> No.73242047

>someone who clearly plays says we need plastic crusaders, as in a usable unit for the game
>some pedantic dunning kruger secondary pipes up with a single character from a board game - THIS IS PLASTIC
YouTube lore videos brought this plague on us.

>> No.73242055

good bye termies >:)
so glad that 2E garbage is finally dead
#youwillnotbemissed #new40k

>> No.73242056

>deathwing primaris

>> No.73242060

Do you think they are fucking allowed to say anything overtly negative?
Not if they want the early access train to keep rolling in.
Plus they had no hand in writing or testing the core rules to the game.
One of their members said when told that they were happy they had a hand in writing the rules that they were given the finished rulebook. They had zero input on core rules.
Then Winterseo plays a game on the 'new' table size... shit doesnt even have to move. You are always in range of the scary guns. It does not look good

>> No.73242062

Could them focusing on defilers of all things indicate new defiler models potentially soon?

>> No.73242078

This would be as a blurb, or example. they've literally given like 5 or so unique melee and guns in the upgrade sprues for intercessors

>> No.73242079

Primaris are for beginner, that why they have "easy to build army list"

>> No.73242080

I have been rewarded for my faith in Slaanesh. All praise Slaanesh.

>> No.73242083

Nope token you can still use this grog! Shout out piece.

>> No.73242087


1. Sisters players who actually plau don't use crusaders

2. People who want them for aesthetic tend to make conversions.

>> No.73242090

>want skitarii
>want crons
>think Tsons would be cool to paint and maybe play
>lgs has the admech starter box, necron immortals, and rubric marines
>all for 2/3s of the price
Papa bless my LGS

>> No.73242093

Just buy two of them and you have a unit.

>> No.73242101

Tau and imperial guard are finally being squatted?

>> No.73242102

>1 wound
The game is an actual joke that maybe even surpasses AoS at this point.

>> No.73242103

They let a Redemptor in. It's in a WD from last year.

>> No.73242105

lmao no we aren't done replacing every space marine sub faction vehicle, troop and SC with a Primaris version

>> No.73242110


>> No.73242113

>Then Winterseo plays a game on the 'new' table size

Without the tweaked scenarios and deployment zones 9th is likely to introduce. Expect less than 24" between the two armies. More guns will be in range, but charges will also be easier.

>> No.73242122

Local WAAC Tau player got really pissed off when the new overwatch rules were brought up

all is good with the world

>> No.73242124

okay retard

>> No.73242126

With all the points adjustments, I wonder if Kroot will be cheap enough to actually justify screening for Tau gunlines. That would actually be pretty cool and fluffy

>> No.73242127

You can easily buy some of it alone to build an unit.

>> No.73242128

Did you actually expect regular Chaos Marines were going to get bumped up to Primaris stats

>> No.73242133

>overwatch no longer a standard action, but a strategem requiring CP
>meaning charges just became deadlier
>meaning melee is now relevant again


>> No.73242136

it's not like dreadnaughts do much talking
they're either in stasis or in combat and he's gonna get replaced like a battery in any event

>> No.73242142

>keep shopping there
>get "regular" status
>store owner will hold items for you or offer extra discounts for your patronage

>> No.73242147

It would indeed

>> No.73242148

They'd have to be the price of Gretchin to be worth using in such a manner rather than just buying more fire warriors. They're not going to get that cheap.

>> No.73242151

>getting buffed
never ever

>> No.73242152

Why is he celebrating the detachment changes, you would think it hurts chaos more than most armies with their billion good hqs and strong incentive to mix csm with cult and demons.

>> No.73242160

So does the Death Guard book contain out of print models?

I'm getting back into the game after a break since the 13th black crusade and a hellbrute seems like a fun model for narrative games with friends but it looks like its not for sale anymore but super cheap on ebay.

Did they just phase it out for something else?

>> No.73242165

Kroot need to be their own army.
I don't understand why Sigmar gets 3 new armies per year but 40k hasn't gotten one since... what, Custodes?

>> No.73242169

Previously, if you took some generic terminators and painted them as deathwing, it wouldn't really work. They wouldn't look like Proper Dark Angels, yet for Primaris this is what they are telling us. Any random Aggressors or Bladeguard Veterans can be Deathwing or Blood Angels or Iron Hands, just change the paint job, they look the same regardless.

>> No.73242171

I used to run them in Guard when they had broken acts of faith rules that let them move twice a turn and revive fallen models in their uni.

>> No.73242173

True, but the WD article on the DA mention Terminators and Gravis equipped troops in the 1st company too.

>> No.73242175



>> No.73242178

It is too early to be over excited, boss. Overwatch was annoying, but rarely a dealbreaker. Now, if they'll turn Fall Back into a stratagem or have stratagem to allow units who wiped out an enemy unit be untargetable in the following turn...

>> No.73242185

I can't think of a remake that I want less than the defiler. Think of how badly they would ruin it.

>> No.73242188

> blast weapons always hit mobs for max amount of dice
> 5 battlecannons to gut a mob completely
> every screening unit will have flamers for days
I dont think so greenigger

>> No.73242189

>Do you think they are fucking allowed to say anything overtly negative?
It's always good to keep that in mind but when the dudes who do the Splintermind podcast say that their experiences with 9th so far were pretty great I'm more inclined to believe that it's not as bad as you might fear.

>> No.73242193

>Kroot need to be their own army.
Kroot are NPC progeny, fuck off.

>> No.73242195

They've taken it off their website, dunno if a new model is coming or they're reboxing it or something

>> No.73242196

AoS doesn't kids and older marinefags slurping up every new release for a single faction giving GW no incentive to ever release anything else

>> No.73242197

Chaos Knights was the latest.

>> No.73242198


>> No.73242201

space marine paypigs.

>> No.73242203

1) That isn't gravis
2) No it isn't
You do not belong in this hobby

>> No.73242205

I need new sos models, all the new reveals and releases been shit SHIIT

>> No.73242209

What the fuck does that even mean?

>> No.73242212


Been a long time since then. Don't get me wrong i love them and a plasric kit would be alright i suppose, but i have conversions for that and they never see the table in any case cauae there are plenty of units that are just strictly better.

>> No.73242213

>Expect less than 24" between the two armies
For real now?

>> No.73242215

I want them to get outflanking like they used to have. Kroot are wasted as a screen but great for popping up on objectives or near backline shooters.

>> No.73242216

>Yeah I love monopose models and even better - just one model repeated, I also love to suck GWs cock 24 hours a day
Yeah your quite right that guy was really out of order to just say he wanted a plastic crusaders box for sisters. Definitely worth posts and posts from secondaries saying why that’s wrong.

>> No.73242217

Loyalist thing BUT CHAOS isn't a new release

>> No.73242218

I ought to do that, especially when I get around to buying crons.
I will slap down 2 hundo for the three sets I mentioned, and they do painting groups on thursdays.
Im trying to decide if I want to paint my admech for Stygies VIII, or make a custom expansionist forgeworld and dick on even the tau themselves with superior range.

>> No.73242224

I mean, apart from the anal thrust turkey, most csm stuff is fine. Hell, even the necron stuff is nice, it's the primaris ones that are shit.

>> No.73242227

Something even more irrelevant than the actual NPCs.

>> No.73242228

Does that even count? There were already chaos Knights, they just had fewer options than Loyalists.

>> No.73242229

Tau shitters getting dabbed on almost makes up for it being Primaris Edition 2.0

>> No.73242232

What the deal with template weapons? Are they coming back?

>> No.73242233

Sorry can't release new armies and Primaris

>> No.73242234

DG Helbrutes in a new book releasing right now got a stratagem specifically for them so i have to assume they aren't getting rid of them. On the Australian store Helbrutes are still avaliable for sale.

>> No.73242236

1 model is hardly a faction release

>> No.73242238

fucking hell deathwing is dead

>> No.73242241

Have you seen the new kroot strats anon?
>+1 save and -1 to cover
>can counter charge chargers
Might seem useless now but it might be really good for 9th

>> No.73242242

Whats your point cost estimate for the new and old primaris units in 9th?
whats your estimate for manlets?

>> No.73242245

The studio painters at GW are fucking retarded.

Why would you highlight the edges of the pauldron where it meets trim?

>> No.73242248


>> No.73242250

>2/3s of the price
I thought stores weren't allowed to offer less than 85% of MSRP.

>> No.73242257

They didn’t have a codex or plastic models that weren’t conversions before the new release as far as I know.

>> No.73242258

There will never be a renegades\militia\create your own type list in this game ever again.

>> No.73242259

I agree the defiler looks nice

>> No.73242261

Wouldn't that just steal points that could otherwise spent on crisis suits and drones?

>> No.73242262

templates aren't coming back but they're buffing the hits on them when they target big units

>> No.73242269


>> No.73242273

If they remade the defiler it would be in the same style as the dinobots and I don't want that

>> No.73242274

Didn't the Knight codex have rules for Chaos Knights though?

>> No.73242275


I always felt like the Kroot would better serve as recon and guerrillas.

>> No.73242276

Where are you supposed to get the prince rules from now, codex csm 1.0? And why does it have a lore entry in the new book but they left its rules out.

>> No.73242277

It's meant to be lightning as that's the scheme for night lords

>> No.73242278

19 points

>> No.73242280

Soup isnt going to take as big of a hit as they claim. The +1 CP a turn ensures that. We will see what happens to aura abilities. But so far noone has talked about that.

>> No.73242281

>9th Edition drops
>Custodes go up one point
One can only hope

>> No.73242288

'Eavy Metal highlights every edge. No exceptions.

>> No.73242290


>> No.73242292

so Bolt weaponry would be really shit in reality, huh.

>> No.73242301

They've done this for years and it's awful. I never understood it. Less jarring on night lord warp talonsnwhn they came out but still

>> No.73242302


IMHO That should be the actual job of the drones. The Kroot should be more sneaky flank unit.

>> No.73242303

I think it’s meant to tie in parts where that nightlords lightning effect comes out of the trim but regardless it does look shit.

>> No.73242305

>can't even infiltrate anymore

>> No.73242307

What level of Space Marine saturation is required to kill off or ruin 40K?

>> No.73242310


>> No.73242315

Marinelets should just get legended already

>> No.73242316

I dunno. Admech's box is down from 165 to 115, at least according to their site.

>> No.73242318


I will laugh my ass off if kroot somehow become part of the new meta. I think I'd literally laugh till i couldn't breathe.

>> No.73242321

>armor values
>wargear cards
>dice outside of d6
>vehicle speeds
>dueling melee combat instead of I hit u hit
>in depth special rules for weapons and units with tons of depth and complexity to make your units feel real and super elite.
>ludicrously powerful terminators
>ludicrously powerful thunder hammers
>ludicrously powerful assault cannons
>15-25 models makes an entire 2000 pt army
Unironically based.

>> No.73242324

Imagine bombing literal rice farmers in your state-of-the-art jet only to be shot down by decades old AA and captured by a girl literally half your size and a third of your weight.

>> No.73242328

what gw paint would give me the closest to the dark grey on this tank?
my flgs only stocks gw paint

>> No.73242329

Daemon Prince? CSM 2.0 does have rules for the Daemon Prince.

>> No.73242330

Think that ship has sailed mate.

>> No.73242331

It's getting close to it now

>> No.73242332

> GW categorically say no to Dark Angels Sternguard, and Vanguard Veterans
> lol but use all the new Primaris elites though

>> No.73242339

Counter charging and heroic interventions sound pretty based in a post-overwatch world.

>> No.73242341

He doesn't look at all like I would expect, where's the damn bike?

The mongol look is as needed as the bike. They are hand in hand. Poor bastard has to walk up field while all his troops roar past silently laughing at him on their new bikes.

>> No.73242345

they're still pretty terrible
5+ with a strat is hardly gonna save them

>> No.73242346

;w; lucky

>> No.73242350

It looks like shit now with the helbrute, fiends, disco, venom crawler, and oblits around and doesn't fit the new daemon engine aesthetic. Its top 4 for replacement along with mutis, zerkers, and possessed.

>> No.73242359

That is indeed a lighting effect that happens in real life, but it isn't nearly as pronounced, and it only happens at very specific angles. On minis it just looks fucking retarded.

>> No.73242361

>a pistol that fired tiny rockets back in the 60s sucked
>therefore technology cannot improve

>> No.73242362

For some weird reason I have a desire to go looking for porn of little Asian chicks getting railed by big dudes.

>> No.73242364

Hopefully they stay the same. Being about 12-13 ppm makes them a more spammable choice than primaris (although marines really should never have the word spammable next to them but that’s another issue) it’ll keep them usable since taking a few small squads means you could hold objectives or take some devs or veterans to round out your army. I hope rhinos and razorbacks stay cheap to support more manlet forces playing rhino rush lists.
Realistically they’ll probably be like 15ppm because buy more models paypig

>> No.73242365

to be fair, dark angel veterans have a ton of flexibility to recreate sternguard
not having access to jumpacks is lame though

>> No.73242366

When every active player has both their preferred army and a primaris chapter during the lean times then desired level of saturation will be achieved. If they could get marine players to have multiple loyalist chapter armies that would be ideal but unrealistic since the bulk of them are primer only anyway.

>> No.73242367

Give them a buff for holding an objective, since it sounds like only troops can obsec in 9th.

>> No.73242372

Gyrojets aren't exactly the same as bolters. Muzzle velocity is quite low and they don't reach supersonic speeds until around 30 feet.
Notice how when he fires the gun in the video, it makes a FWIP instead of a bang.

Bolter rounds are propelled out of the barrel with a traditional charge, and then the rocket kicks in and makes it go even faster.

>> No.73242376

you think so? I like my defilers, but I wouldn't mine if a new model came and it was just the same shape with more details (the ball joints always looked kinda empty and LEGOy to me).

>> No.73242381

Unless deployment zones are literally 6" out from a side (good luck fitting some units even in that shit- AoS had the same issue in the retarded Matching Engagements deployments) not even the LOS changes in the new rules will help.
> oh noes a ruin in the way!!!
> I move 6" and am inside the ruin
> oh awesome I can immediately fire like normal :^)
In the first turn almost every army will be entirely in range of the other army. So first turn wins again what, 70% of the time?
Good luck with a quarter to half your army dead. This is the shit world of IGOYOUGO 40keks refuses to move away from

>> No.73242384


Oh i know, i don't expect them to ever amount to anything, but sometimes shit happens outside our expectations and I'm just saying if murder chickens become popular i'm going to bust a gut.

>> No.73242386

Maulerfiends look cool as fuck, what is your problem.

>> No.73242392

fire warriors are good though

>> No.73242396

Eshin grey

>> No.73242398

-fiends and heldrake, arguably also the helstalker and venomcrawler, despite them not being dinosaurs
characterized by fleshy bits, segmented plate armor, and having smooth, organic shapes

>> No.73242399

Mechanicus standard with a wash should get close. Use this for future reference, helpful when you need to go outside your usual brand.


>> No.73242400


>> No.73242401

Got ‘em.

>> No.73242403

New heavy weapons rule only affects Vehicle and Monster keyword, not bikers keyword as far as I recall. It'll probably work on the new marine atv and it works on small cars like the GSC ridge racer! but most horses and bikes I believe fall up Biker keyword.

>> No.73242405

>GW builds up the entire Marine range over 30 years
>GW decides to replace the entire range in the span of 5 years

>> No.73242410

Yeah look at all the other demonybubiys like the nappy obliterators

>> No.73242418

ty anons

>> No.73242419

You cant advertise less than 85% but you can still sell below it, most stores get around this by saying "special sale on GW product, contact us for info"

>> No.73242429

Which is why I'd be nice for kroot to get something.

>> No.73242430

oh, you're australian
With exchange rates that's only a little better than 85% of US MSRP. You guys really get fucked on the pricing, huh?

>> No.73242439

Alternating activations ala Apocalypse would melt their brains anon. Do you really want that carnage on your hands?

>> No.73242441

I don't like the new daemon engine aesthetic. I hate the organic armour meme and I want them to go back to when chaos units were characterized by flat, angular armour with a lot of trim and arrow designs

>> No.73242442

guess that makes sense since bolters eject a casing, though getting the rocket to fire at the right point of acceleration out the barrel would be difficult, since any waver whatsoever would send the bolt off course

>> No.73242446

they edge highlight literally everything

>> No.73242450

I got it, its bugged in my readers index but in the actual pages.

>> No.73242452

new models reeeeeeee
standalone codex reeeeeeeeee

>> No.73242454

I dont mind them but I don't want a defiler looking like one

>> No.73242459

That implies they are actually upgrading the existing stuff rather than squatting it and giving you new garbage.

>> No.73242462

It's Dark Age tech, isn't it? There's probably a tiny computer on every round.

>> No.73242463

You don't want your army to fall short of being the best it can be, right?

>> No.73242468

Right now they're not packing a great deal for many factions' basic troops, though. They have a fairly decent supply of nids, muhreens, and tau, but I don't care much about any of them.
They do have a bunch of the SC boxes, including crons.

>> No.73242472

I would still like them to have their own faction, I love Kroot but don't like Tau. Plus new Krootox and Kroot Hound Models are needed.

>> No.73242474

eavy metal fucking sucks
they paint dark angels like dark eldar

>> No.73242475

looking at bs black templars.
Is it true that I can take inquisitors in the same detachment? can I do this with all imperial armies? Was this always the case, did I miss some kind of rules update?
Am I a stupid retard?

>> No.73242478

>Guards go 50pts
>Jetbikes go 110pts
>Valoris goes 220pts
>Caladius goes 300pts
Here is you future, right from Pythianon's crystal ball.

>> No.73242479

Because you’re retarded.

>> No.73242480

the ruin ship has sailed, but kill never
if only because 50% of the playerbase is space marines and if all else fails they'll just fight each other amidst the blasted hellscape of what used to be prosperous and diverse LGSs

>> No.73242489

Why did GW drop the native american from the deathwing?

>> No.73242490

>wait for marinelets to get squatted
>use marinelet models with primaris rules

>> No.73242496

Canadian. Pricing does blow up here, though.

>> No.73242502

impossible, sm paypiggies eat up everything
30k: 2 is the end result

>> No.73242509

Yes because 40k really need a new xeno faction that they won't support or refresh the models for...

>> No.73242511

because they went with the knightly orders vs giant chaos beasts route instead and left tribal stuff up to the white scars

>> No.73242512

>enemy "melee" leman russ charges into your fat fuck broadsides with a squad of 3 krootox behind them
>spend 1 cp for heroic intervention
>spend 1 cp to give krootox 4 attacks each at 2AP S6
Krootox will probably still eat shit but its something

>> No.73242516

when they realized it was racist and colonialist
#new40k #youwillnotbemissed

>> No.73242518

shells and so on are on another level to an infantry rifle. For small calibre firearms there are many more issues with rocket propulsion.

>> No.73242519

they made Corax more native american in the HH.

forgot pic

>> No.73242521

Native American knights would have been cool.

>> No.73242532

The 165 SC comes with the codex, 115 is the regular price

>> No.73242533

If they stay 12 and intercessors go to 20+ then they replace them. They already have more shots per point at 18.

>> No.73242534

new heavy weapon only affects infantry, no one else

>> No.73242535

So, are horde armies happy now?

>> No.73242537

> GW steps up tournament support
> HOWEVER, stores want sweet merch, have to pay the toll...
> no third party models, conversions
> no proxy old models for current models
Sorry big think Black Man

>> No.73242540

and this bait should fuck off

>> No.73242543

Not at the GW store you won't!

>> No.73242544


>> No.73242545

>Is it true that I can take inquisitors in the same detachment?
>can I do this with all imperial armies?
Yes. However, if you do it with SoBs, you lose the Sacred Rites bonus.
>Was this always the case, did I miss some kind of rules update?
it wasn't. it was added in a White Dwarf Issue from last year I think.

>> No.73242549

When they made Caliban into a bog standard medieval European world.

>> No.73242555

Well they still had the knight thing, the native stuff was a deathwing only thing.

>> No.73242559

Ah, you meant the box with the codex included.
In AU it's $165 just for the SC! box itself.

That said, I'm not sure it's a good idea to buy the codex now. New edition is around the corner and I bet AdMech won't have to wait long for their new codex.

>> No.73242561

I'd take it over more Primaris releases.

>> No.73242565

Oh, and I forgot:
>Am I a stupid retard?

No, anon. You're cute.

>> No.73242576

One is a special shell fired out of a regular cannon like a regular shell, the rockets merely extending the range. The other only has the rocket engines with no initial charge to give it speed before the engines fire.

See the difference with Gyrojet and how it can be overcome now?

>> No.73242578

>terminators still don't get relentless back
feels bad man

>> No.73242581

They edited the article. They removed part of the wording.

>> No.73242582

>Uuuuuuuum mister manager? Why are his Primaris so much shorter than mine?

>> No.73242586

The native american stuff was not from caliban. It was from a recruiting world they used after caliban's destruction, the same world that was under genestealer infestation that lead to the deathwing having bone white armor.

>> No.73242588

Wanted to wait and see if GW would update the old C'Tan models but apparently it's not happening given they showcased the old Deceiver model in their last Necrons preview.
I find the model particularly ugly and was wondering how I could make my own Deciever. Any idea for a good base to start ? I've seen pic related and I kinda like it but I feel it's maybe a bit too big. What would be other good options?

>> No.73242591

thanks anon, time to go bits hunting!

>> No.73242592

Ah, you're right on that.
I'm guessing the admech codex will be replaced when 9e comes out, right?

>> No.73242593

ngl I would cream my pants a little if we got actual primaris terminators
never ever
fuck gravis armour right in the dick

>> No.73242598

>Yes. However, if you do it with SoBs, you lose the Sacred Rites bonus.
Not as of War of the Spider. Inquisition is updated to allow a single inquisitor without negating Doctrines and similar bonuses.

>> No.73242600

>stay in melee with the tank
>it can only shoot at your unit in engagement range, can't fire its big guns until your suit is dealt with
>tank all the shot with shield drones
i can see this happening a lot more, instead of wrap and trap or tarpit just send up a big unit with a lot of wounds or a unit with good saves to tank the tank's shots.

>> No.73242611

> all marinlets that are left would be grizzled vets, on tier with Vanguards/Sternguards etc
> ergo they should have another wound at least
> so I'll just use intercessor, or assault primaris rules for them

eat shit GW

>> No.73242616

Who the fuck plays at GW stores? I can't remember the last time I played a game which wasn't at my house, my opponent's house, or a games club.

>> No.73242617

You either fallback and shoot or you fallback the unit and focus your entire force on ruining the units that are now exposed for an entire turn.

>> No.73242628

I'm less salty about the mandatory heavy bolter since it can fire without penalties.

>> No.73242632

>no proxy old models for current models

I'm gonna feel sorry for Eldar and Guard players once their ranges get updated.

>have only one GW store in the entire country and it's almost 300 miles away

I'm good, thank you.

>> No.73242635

Called it. WarCom just being fast and loose with language again.

>> No.73242653

Nobody cares

>> No.73242656


>> No.73242659 [SPOILER] 

Oh, neat. I didn't know that. Maybe my SoBs will get some anti-psyker support, like in the good old days of the Witch Hunters Codex...

>> No.73242662

Not right away, the psychic awakening books were meant to be a bandaid until the full codexes come out. It might be a while so if you want to play I'd suggest finding a deal on a used codex

>> No.73242664

just say Cawl brought back Saturnine Terminator armour

>> No.73242666

or back tracking on potential spoilers.

>> No.73242669

>win by doing what I was already doing
Tauchads win again

>> No.73242673

That's a little rude, Anonymous.

>> No.73242674

>stained glass
I need more of it.

>> No.73242679

They come from a high gravity world where everyone is a manlet and the mineral rich crust has made them an industrial powerhouse that enables them to have old patterns of armour.

>> No.73242682

That's not saturnine

>> No.73242683

I would instantly forgive him for all the stupid shit he has brought to my setting

>> No.73242687


>> No.73242690

its 50/50 whether it just end up looking as dumb as gravis anyway, but they have been making it look better with models like tor garadon.

>> No.73242692

Reminder that Marines' version works on any unit, not just infantry and bikers, and not locked to any subfaction :^)

>> No.73242695

It took them, what, a good 2,5 years to give us primaris bikers and assault marines? I'm going to assume it will take as long from now until we get primaris terminators. For me and many others, terminators are the most iconic facet of space marines. They have heard the calls by now. Stay strong and patient brother, our day will come.

>> No.73242697

It's a part of their style. Personally I never do it, looks dumb.

>> No.73242703

it is, saturnine has gone through quite a few iterations

>> No.73242718

I’m sure something equivalent will exist in the future, after the demographic replacement of marinelets Is complete

>> No.73242721

Find me one bit of canon information referring to the hyper-huge shoulders armor as "saturnine"

>> No.73242726

If they were going to make a bunch of dudes on a base model for 40k they could have at least made it as badass as Katakros.

>> No.73242727

Yeah. Sure dude. I was already skeptical and this edit is only reinforcing my opinion.


>> No.73242728

fuck you termies are perfect just the way they are
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't take my terminators away
they're all i have left

>> No.73242729

>not basing it off the chad cataphractii

>> No.73242731


>> No.73242734

>mfw the release of new melee-friendly rules coincide with the release of an entire set of melee Primarines

>> No.73242736

>clip flamer barrels
>add melta barrels
>counts as Eradicators
Yay or nay? Should I just find a way to rig a multimelta instead?

>> No.73242738


What the fuck is saturnine then?

>> No.73242741

>go to gw store to play
>it's a gw store, so someone certainly is playing 40k
>you play a game, have fun, and go home

>go to flgs to play
>it's a flgs, so they stock a lot of shit
>9 of the 10 tables are occupied by people playing mtg and ygo
>on the 10th table, some dudes are playing some obscure african board game
>well, looks like you don't get to play
>go home and be sad
Playing at the GW store is the superior choice.

>> No.73242746


>> No.73242749


>> No.73242755


>> No.73242765

Assuming that GW will never give multiple wargear options to a Primaris unit what would the load out of primaris terminators be?

Something like the gauntlets of ultramar ( dual power fist with integrated storm bolter)?

>> No.73242766


That looks absolutely fucking ridiculous and pointless.

>> No.73242773

Man i wish cataphractii and tartaros had the same rules and were just a stylistic choice. Cataphractii look so much better, but the reduced movement hurts.

>> No.73242775

No, CA did. Renegade Knights, technically. Regardless, they were way less expanded than their codex.

>> No.73242777

AoS is even worse at updating older models than 40k

>> No.73242780

>Those old ass Zerkers


>> No.73242788

>welcome to 40k

>> No.73242791

Different anon here.
The only thing like it were the few suits Vulkan made. They're in a short story set after the drop-site massacre.

>> No.73242796

Daily reminder that Aggressors are the new Terminators and there is nothing you can do about it.

>> No.73242797

It's just a throwaway mention to some unseen pattern of armour. It's just like when they mention a chapter of space marines, but don't show what they look like.
Note the "Salamanders old pattern Terminator Armour" near the bottom, with a citation

>> No.73242808

At what point do you just say fuck it and give them Space Marine Knights

>> No.73242811

Whats your army and how do the overwatch rules have you feeling?

As a Nids player im stoked.

As an Admech player, im unsure but think itll be fine.

>> No.73242813

no more than centurions, dreadknights, the new stealth dreadnought etc

>> No.73242820

I don't understand people who like this but hate aggressors

>> No.73242823


Figures vulcan couldn't into decent engineering. Ferrus would have made something far superior to topheavy wow pauldron marines.

>> No.73242829

Nay. Eradicators don't have big meaty power fists. And one weapon.

>> No.73242831

eww, holding a stubby gun one handed is a central part of the terminator aesthetic.

>> No.73242833

To be honest, cataphractii and tartaros getting rules for 40k at the start of 8th edition together with the introduction of primaris was nothing but a band aid fix to give us bigger terminators that look less stupid next to primaris. But they either need the keyword, or we need primaris terminators.

>> No.73242834

as long as I can still spam CP with detachments I think Guard will be okay

>> No.73242843

meh I'll just wait til melee Gravis

>> No.73242844


Actually it is worse, it really is.

>> No.73242845

>As an Iron Warriors player
Well, it's definitely not a good thing.
>As a The Scourged player
Devastated. This ruins me.

>> No.73242846

So are they removing zerkers' second fight and replacing it with 3CP cost, or is it a new addition in addition to the existing one to use for 3CP in-case you have to over-extend?

>> No.73242851

Detachments not holding your warlord now cost CP.

>> No.73242853

If you do not like that image, you have no place in this hobby. That is exactly what 40k is supposed to be like.

>> No.73242860

welcome to 40k

>what is making friends

>> No.73242861


No better than playing at a GW store. Get together with some local players. Find a venue you can hire out and set a regular date. Enjoy weekly, hassle-free games from now unto eternity.

>> No.73242863

Detachments cost CP now

>> No.73242875

Looks like I'll just be kitbashing an auto-boltrifle and a melta together then, I wish we got a better look at them because I cant tell how big the powerpack is

>> No.73242876

i can understand this when battle bunkers were a thing
last time i saw a one person shop there were three tiny tables, i doubt you could play more than 500 points on them

>> No.73242877

i hate the smooth panels, and bubble helms. its not because i hate primaris either because I hate mk4 and Tartaros stuff.

that smooth, sleek look is painfully generic. like it could be out of any generic scifi vidya or movie

>> No.73242880

aggressors look dumb bro, just get right the gauntlet guns that make them 10 feet wide and its fine.

>> No.73242881

uhh anon i'm sorry to tell you

>> No.73242884

No, that's a flanderized version of 40k. It looks like the ork tinboy model that's making fun of marines.

>> No.73242886

The shard of the deceiver's body is absolutely gorgeous and cool. Perhaps you should consider just replacing the head, since its a bit odd looking.

An excellent model to look at though would be the Yncarne. Its sort of all floaty and shit with a weird body, could be a good start. The statue of khaine on the cauldron of blood model, if you cover up the markings of khaine and replace the head and hands could also make for something interesting.

>> No.73242888

Someone forgot that 40k is a satirical game and everything is supposed to be over-the-top and dialed to 11.

>> No.73242894

Read the article

>> No.73242898

Berzerker Champions should be given a power fist and what else?

>> No.73242901

Yeah, would you mind showing me on their datasheet where they have the terminator keyword? Oh that's right, they don't.

>> No.73242905

>aggressors look dumb bro
And that terminator armour doesn't???

>> No.73242906

This is not a new stratagem is has existed for a long time

>> No.73242908

>With their ability to fight twice in each Fight phase by violent virtue of their Blood for the Blood God ability

They're not changing. They're just wanking about 'previewing' units that are staying exactly the same

>> No.73242910

if i were capable of making friends easily i wouldn't be playing make believe with toy soldiers or posting on a siberian xylophone tuning board

>> No.73242917

its the same existing one that's already there.

>> No.73242920

>Already have DG, CSM and DEldar
>Getting half of the Indomitus box because cheap SM
The real question is, what chapter should I paint them? Their rules would also be considered.
The following are gonna be out, since someone at my LGS plays them already:
Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Imp Fists, Salamanders
Don't wanna play (or paint) Iron Hands.
That leaves White Scars, Raven Guard, Black Templars. UItramarines dead last because I have a small Know No Fear box painted with their colors.
I'm partial towards White Scars since it's gonna be a new army color. Also because new bikes. Raven Guard and Black Templars are black, my DEldar are already black so if I cared about rules more I would be picking one of those.

>> No.73242922

Fist and chainsword is correct

>> No.73242925

sauce me b0ss

>> No.73242927

Isn't that original rogue trader terminator marines in saturnine?
How is it flanderized?

>> No.73242929

that's what your FLGS is for, anon
you go meet other autismos who play make believe toy soldiers and arrange games with them

>> No.73242934

why not make your own chapter

>> No.73242935


>> No.73242938

Reminder that the chaos unit got renamed from "Chaos Terminators" to "Terminators"
tick tock loyalshits

>> No.73242947

Sweet. I thought it'd be the best choice. Glad i don't have to rip any arms off

>> No.73242949

he's got an assault cannon so it automatically gets a pass.

>> No.73242950

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't canon. ;)

>> No.73242951

Casual player.

Weren't Iron warriors the top tier meta like 6-12 months ago? How the tables turn

>> No.73242956

i can't i'm autistic
i just paint models and post on 40kg

>> No.73242958

I have zero imagination. All my color schemes are direct from official art.

>> No.73242959

>And that terminator armour doesn't???
It doesn't if you have taste. It's a rare trait these days though.

>> No.73242963

Rogue Trader is before the game got its aesthetic down.

>> No.73242965

tell me lads, was i wrong to buy custodes for 9e?
did i do good or fuck up.

>> No.73242969

Canada has some of the best prices, us and oz are fucked.

>> No.73242971

Crimson Fists because they are cool

>> No.73242972

t. discovered 40k in 8th edition

I liked his siege of vraks series
but mostly I like the frothing rage he inspires in r*ddit

I too am autistic but I managed it
I believe in you anon

>> No.73242973


This may be hard to believe anon, but you are not the arbiter of what is acceptably 40k or not. I think that abomination is a steaming pile of shit that is far from being anything more than peripherally 40k, and you can go fuck yourself. You can like your shit, I'll enjoy the non shit, and since we'll likely never interact again and you'll delide yourself into thinking you're somehow right and I'll forget this happened ee will both go on with our lives and presumably be decently happy.

>> No.73242977

Well then I have bad news for you.

>> No.73242981

What a fucking sham.

I refuse to believe this is real, but it is.

>> No.73242982

Fuck your restrictions, do Dark Angels.

>> No.73242984

Death Guard we ARE BACK

>> No.73242985

>Weren't Iron warriors the top tier meta like 6-12 months ago?
No, what the fuck?
>How the tables turn
No, since IW are about to be better than ever due to the new vehicle and blast rules.

>> No.73242990

Renamed where

>> No.73242993

This, actually.
bolt shells detonate when the small chip in them detects sufficient enough mass around it to explode (Crusade! and other stories... has a short mention of it when an Inceptor starts firing on cultists.) Wouldn't be too far fetched to believe it's got a sensor that when it leaves the barrel it kicks the rocket charge over.

>> No.73242996

You can't play Black Templars with Primaris, because they are the manlets theme chapter. Technically they have primaris, but unoficially they are the manletlords.

>> No.73242998

I play IG and it sucks but overwatch was never a big help to be unless it was a Baneblade or getting lucky with a LR. Most people don’t charge hellhounds anyway and regular IG infantry is killing shit in overwatch. Overall it’s not THAT big of a loss.

>> No.73243001

Where did they go?

>> No.73243004

Custodes are fine if you don't mind them being put on a shelf for long periods when they aren't playable.

>> No.73243006

pick your favorite color + your second favorite color

>> No.73243009

>reddit spacing
You really can instantly tell with these faggots
Also, gatekeeping literally keeps your hobby healthy

>> No.73243014

>t. discovered 40k in 8th edition
Do you really think that, when I just made an allusion to tinboyz?
Codex 2.0 (Chaos Terminators to Terminators) and store page (Chaos Terminators to Chaos Space Marine Terminators)

>> No.73243023

>you are not the arbiter of what is acceptably 40k or not
Yes i am.

>> No.73243025

Was it Iron hands then?

>> No.73243026

i can't

>> No.73243029

After seeing some more recent fanart I'm kinda coming round on it.

>> No.73243036

I bought 5k points of custodes...
but i also still have my 6k points of blood angels.

>> No.73243040

You mean iron hands mate

>> No.73243041

>can give Land Raiders disgustingly resilient now
>all these melee buffs to Plague Marines
>melee getting more viable with every preview
Oh baby

>> No.73243044

Good night Imperial fist

>> No.73243048

>gets btfo
>cries wolf
>thinks this means he somehow won.

Invoking your boogeyman doesn't make you right anon. It just makes you look even more retarded.

>> No.73243050

They look alright

Nah man I wanna be the special snowflake

Well fuck

Sounds... alright

>> No.73243052

>Papa bless my LGS
>Papa bless
You have to go back

>> No.73243053

>no line breaks at all in the text
>reddit spacing
you're fucking retarded
>Also, gatekeeping literally keeps your hobby healthy
It depends on the type. Not all gatekeeping is good.
>You must be involved in this thing for (x) years
>You must have been involved in this thing before (year)
bad, because it can't be overcame
>You must have my opinions
bad, because it's just retarded

>> No.73243061

How are Krieg this edition? My order from Chinaforge came in and it had an extra bag of like 50 infantry bits for them

>> No.73243069

>It's racist to not include other races
>it's racist to include other races
You can't win. If you're white, you're racist by definition, and nothing will change it. Be prepared.

>> No.73243070

Thanks anon

>> No.73243080


>> No.73243081

I mean if you are actually fielding something obscene like a Stormlord chances are you are going to be willing to pay 1 CP to get that sweet sweet Vulcan Mega Bolter overwatch but the reality is that in most IG games it doesn't mean much unless they really really buff flamers in 9e.

>> No.73243082

Gonna be squatted
Just proxy them as IG troops

>> No.73243085

Any word on when the death guard heroes series will be available world wide?

>> No.73243089

one is an artillery shell so it already has a very high velocity out of the barrel and the shell has plenty of capacity for fuel, the other is a firearm which typically fires the projectile at lower velocities and uses a projectile that is 30 times smaller than a shell. A firearm and an artillery piece are in no way comparable.

>> No.73243094

>yfw flamers get free overwatch

>> No.73243098

what is this papa bless stuff?

I thought I was racist because I hate jews

>> No.73243099

Post that shit.

>> No.73243100

That's not gatekeeping

>> No.73243110

Poorfags like yourself are kept on the outside. This is a good thing.

>> No.73243111

igarashi a CUTE
considering her affinity for big buff natty men she probably plays catachans

>> No.73243119

That shittiness even bleeds to HH. Fuck these Instagram painters.

>> No.73243125


This would unironically fix flamers as long as they got rid of that retarded range rule.

>> No.73243128

Uh oh anon you forgot your medicine again

>> No.73243136

I feel the same way anon. Unless flamers are seriously buffed they’re pointless to bring. I have never been in a game where overwatch for almost anything can make or break the game as imperial guard.

>> No.73243137

I'm kinda meming about the black templar thing, but in their psychic awakening book everyone had pictures of primaris models, except black templar, which had mostly marinelets in their photos. Combine that with the fact that black templar's whole shtick is being "fuck fancy stuff like psykers and codexes and ranged weapons" it has led to this reputation of being the marinelets faction.

>> No.73243141

if you want to be a special snowflake making your own chapter is the logical conclusion

>> No.73243151

Who knows FW shit is always pretty sketchy in terms of balance. But you could always use them for a custom regiment if push comes to shove. A couple of the weird things like that mini tactical nuke bomb tank could eventually go away but who cares.

>> No.73243152


>> No.73243158

>It looks like shit now with the helbrute, fiends, disco, venom crawler, and oblits around and doesn't fit the new daemon engine aesthetic.
Oh my god. CSM got nucron'd and I didn't even realize it.

>> No.73243160

Flamers would be fine if they cost like 2 points

>> No.73243162

I saw someone on twitter getting mad about American Girl's Nez Perce doll. American Girl consulted a council of Nez Perce people to make sure the doll was an accurate portrayal of their culture, even making her the only doll that doesn't show her teeth because that's rude in Nez Perce culture, but twitter retards still found a way to get mad about it.

>> No.73243163 [DELETED] 

in the process of repainting my blood angels because i didnt like how i painted at first.
and the rest of the custodes are still in the process of being assembled

>> No.73243174

you ever put a shiny reflective metal near a surface? Lo and behold it shines onto the surface, lighting it up.

>> No.73243177

Bring back GMs too.

>> No.73243180

Those things all look bad though anon, that's why we don't want the defiler to change

>> No.73243187

Well, it depends on how you do it.

>> No.73243195

I'd imagine, of all the chapter, the space sharks would probably have one or two suits of that around.

>> No.73243202

>spam CP with detachments

Oh, anon...

>> No.73243206

>inb4 edited screencap

>> No.73243211

I was thinking of buying another box or two of plague marines to turn into melee dudes. Is the bubotic Axe + plague knife combo worth it? The mace seems like its only good if i cast putrescent vitality.

>> No.73243213


>> No.73243216

Only if they brought back ludicrously powerful melee Carnifexes.

>> No.73243217

>Then Winterseo plays a game on the 'new' table size
New "minimum" table size, dumbass. Also, that's pointless without all the other changes including everything getting points hikes.

>> No.73243225


>> No.73243231

I like the big angry chaos spiders

>> No.73243238

I get the feeling that the minimum table size is intended for (relatively) small model count games.
Like when one side is Knights or Custodes.

>> No.73243239

>Heh, I'll make a claim that's both impossible to prove and impossible to disprove, while not actually addressing what anyone said! That'll stymie 'em!

>> No.73243241

Well that’s shitty to hear. Do the custom regiment rules at least let you make something similar?

>> No.73243246

It honestly doesn't at this point. Doesn't matter how hard you try to make it accurate and acceptable someone will cry foul and you will get crucified in the court of public opinion by the masses of retardeds wjo don't know enough to appreciate how hard you worked to make it appropriate and only know jow to get angry about cultural shit they don't actually understand cause it isn't theirs but they feel the need to act like they have the right to decide how it should and shouldn't be used.

>> No.73243247

*flagellate your dudes*

>> No.73243249

I only called you a poorfag. Ya poorfag.

>> No.73243254

>Fall back is now a D6 movement
>Unit you're falling back from has to match or exceed your fall back roll to keep you in melee
There I just fixed melee.

>> No.73243261

It's too stupidly tall and the face looks like shit

>> No.73243265



>> No.73243267

Just make a single flamer special weapon a default part of every IG squad that can be replaced with a different special weapon (plasma, grenade launcher, melta).

>> No.73243280


>> No.73243284

Apparently falling back is also a strategem now, it hasn't been revealed yet though.

>> No.73243289 [DELETED] 

Is the Old Spice your inspiration?

>> No.73243295

Overall kinda mediocre, doing some dry fitting

>> No.73243299

I don't really care about public opinion. I'm talking me-to-you. Also, you're a worryingly similar level of paranoid as I was back when I was in high school and got way too into politics while not actually understanding them.

>> No.73243300

Pass, I want the option to keep everyone with just lasguns

>> No.73243304 [DELETED] 

that's a land speeder

>> No.73243305

You really are pathetic you know that? You don't even know how to articulate an actual argument. All you know how to do is seethe and throw out buzzwords.

>> No.73243307

Nah CSM is dead
New article basicly told us to get fucked as an army with mixed detachments is now a bad thing but considering Berzerkers were in the article maybe we will get an updated kit for them or the Defiler.

>> No.73243308

You fucking retards.

>> No.73243310

I liked the system we had in 4th the best. I maybe biased by the fact that's around that time I started playing but nothing felt better in comparison

>> No.73243314

I only heard about strategem that prevent falling back on stream few weeks ago.

>> No.73243315 [DELETED] 

Maybe delete and retake without your cheque book there.

>> No.73243319 [DELETED] 

no just was there and didnt want to move it

>> No.73243324 [DELETED] 

Why have checks in the pic?

>> No.73243328

I'm gonna buy admech this week. Should I make them Stygies VIII, a different forgeworld, or a custom expansionist forgeworld?
Inb4 you sperg out and hit everyone with a
>Hurf durf nice inspect edit

>> No.73243330

I doubt it. Sounded like some guy was just shitposting.

>> No.73243335


Is that the chink heads from taoboa? How the fuck did you manage to get them? I tried to use an intermediary service but they wouldn't.

>> No.73243336 [DELETED] 

Nice bank information bro

>> No.73243339


>> No.73243344

Just make your own color scheme and run any forgeworld dogma you like.

>> No.73243346 [DELETED] 

because im a gigatard apparently

>> No.73243354


You may not care but companies care quite a bit since the court of public opinion has significant impact on their profit margins.

>> No.73243364

And batta cost 3CP each, enjoy spamming batta for CP bro.

>> No.73243365

Stygies is great. Excellent colour scheme, solid Dogma/Stratagem/Canticle, fun fluff.

>> No.73243369

Yeah it is, I used SuperBuy and it got here within a month
Also shortened the neck a bit since it was bothering me, it's not a straight swap so you'll need a bit of fiddling

>> No.73243376

No shit. What, you want them to do things that AREN'T profitable?

>> No.73243379 [DELETED] 


Oh fuck. Best call your bank anon, there are assholes here that may try to take advantage of your slip up.

>> No.73243380

I'm painting mine green and playing however I want anon

>> No.73243382

You must have seen this coming.

>> No.73243389

>have 3 melee-focused armies(melee nidzilla, GSC, coven drukhari)

>> No.73243398

Imagine Yura in Imperium forces as inquisitorial retinue, chaos would stand no chance until she ends up joining chaos because imperium is too casual and that's not daijoubu

>> No.73243400

the defiler will have a big pussy vagina and you'll buy one.

>> No.73243402

How do I 'dampen down' the shine from shades pooling I may have missed? I heard of matt varnishes but which one is the best one?

>> No.73243404

They are getting fucked in 9th with BS modifiers not stacking tho

>> No.73243405 [DELETED] 

This is why I only use physical money and temporary cards

>> No.73243406

Oh good, we've come around to the point in the cycle of new kids not even knowing what they're supposed to be mad at.
Soon reddit spacing will be utterly meaningless and we won't have idiots making useless replies because someone committed the unforgivable crime of hitting enter twice.

>> No.73243407


How did you find them on superbuy, cause damn looks like i may be getting some after all.

>> No.73243414

What should I name my word bearer army?
I think in the codex I saw a warband called the "34th Host" so that seems neat, but realistically mydudes wouldn't be such a low number. Someone said name them something after my warlord, but doesn't the model you declare as your warlord change from battle to battle?

I don't know why I'm so nervous about it, haha
They look like shit anyways, it's not like the name is gonna matter

>> No.73243417


>> No.73243420

whats the highest amount of posts one of these has gotten without starting over? Ever break 1000?

>> No.73243422

The Black Conventicle

>> No.73243426

you literally just slap the url in, it's not that hard anon

>> No.73243427

all the goddamn time.

>> No.73243434

>Gun drones get free overwatch.

>> No.73243435

Man this is really good. DG might just be playable again, right fellahs?

>> No.73243436

In the new death guard book the stratagem "creepling blight" lets you add 1 to any damage rolls in the fight phase. I assume this means it does not add 1 to damage of weapons without a roll?

>> No.73243439

normal threads max out at 1k. rolling stickies for events also max out at 1k but they automatically delete older posts.

>> No.73243440

>Chainsword in hand
>Chainsword in the back

>> No.73243445

Dictionary Cubs

The Saurus'

>> No.73243451

I think we got there with the 9th reveal. That day was crazy, we had like three simultaneous generals all hitting bump limit for a good ten hours.

>> No.73243456

cry more lads, i havent hit quotas yet

>> No.73243457

>Soon reddit spacing will be utterly meaningless
It's always been meaningless. I've been accused of "reddit spacing" for putting a double linebreak between replies when replying to multiple posts.

>> No.73243459

>he doesn't dual wield chainswords
2b always had two weapons anon

>> No.73243460

Just fucking write Battalion. You aren't on a timer. You just look like a fucking idiot.

>> No.73243468

It's translated from german so I guess it just means add 1 to damage for attacks in the fight phase.
Gotta wait till saturday for the real one.

>> No.73243471


You don't carry a backup in case your primary weapon jams or is otherwise damaged?

>> No.73243478

why say lot word when few do trick

>> No.73243481

>strategems may only be used once per phase

>> No.73243485

wtf is wrong with /aosg/

>> No.73243487

"Don't mind me just killing some Tau"

>> No.73243488

>merely pretending

>> No.73243489

> "No"

>> No.73243492

go back.

>> No.73243496

>h-h-heh y-you mad
Damage control.

>> No.73243499

I've considered doing this, I have a pot of Caliban green handy. I'm tempted to have specialists(arquebuses, calivers, etc.) in purple and gold robes and normie rangers in deep blue and silver robes.

>> No.73243505

Same reason why you suddenly have murderous thoughts, or wanting to throw your expensive phone out a window

>> No.73243506

>you can always fall back, but if you do, the unit you're falling back from gets to attack you once more, and you don't get to roll saves
Fixed it better than you.

>> No.73243511


Reddit spacing has always been meaningless. All the two bit buzzwords and insults are meaningless.

>> No.73243512

If I could get Rubric Marines for £20 I'd jump on that like a nigger on welfare

>> No.73243514

Fuck off ben

>> No.73243516

Yes, the others seem as angry as you.

You mad.

>> No.73243521

Because patience is a virtue, and typing like that makes you appear impatient.

>> No.73243525

Honestly stick with either dual knives or flails for melee, the rest cost too much and PMs are already a bit of a point sink

>> No.73243527

sorry, did you intend to snipe me from across the board? Sorry, I was busy coming by using cover and annihilating your unit.

>> No.73243528

They play Age of Sigmar.

>> No.73243536

why do people bring six of these shits, Grotesque look like a better meat wall.

>> No.73243537

Right, but I won't have to hear about it anymore. I'm sure it'll be replaced with something even more annoying though.

>> No.73243538

I was using this as my source.

>> No.73243539

already had a rumour engine for red butcher termies so an update for berzerkers is likely yeah

>> No.73243545

its more fun to give a shit about how good your models look and how you want them to look then the rules anon.

Unless you play with some shitty strict tournament rules that is

>> No.73243546


>> No.73243553

I'm actually glad we'll be seeing more Orks, Nids, and Khorne armies. I was getting tired of only fighting against SM, Admech and T'au castles.

>> No.73243555

I got so mad I ate an ork once

>> No.73243558

that's why we shouldn't live with black people.

>> No.73243565

Even though >>73243422 go dubs...

Verbose Venerators
Loquacious Loremasters
The Eldritch Eloquence
The Prolix Proselytizers
Discursive Deifiers
Maundering Mendicants
Garrulous Guardians

I'm running out of wordplay

>> No.73243566

It sharpens the contrast between the blue and the gold.
It's a necessary step if you want your marines to look good

>> No.73243570

They're about 25 or 30 pounds' worth, I think.

>> No.73243572

Since when has Stygies been able to stack their modifiers? Dragoons, sure. The Archeocopter as well. That's two units out of the whole army, hardly a defining strategy. It's not like they relied on spamming Lightning Fast Reflexes like Eldar.

>> No.73243576

It always was meaningless. It was literally a fucking experiment to see if you could gaslight the entire population of a site into demonizing something extremely mundane.

>> No.73243578

>he doesnt eat his models

>> No.73243581

In the first psychic awakening trailer they teased a new berzerker

>> No.73243582

Those were SoB Repentifiers.

>> No.73243584

it doesn't just add a free damage to fixed damage weapons
you have to actually roll a dice (d3/d6 etc) RAW

>> No.73243585

I accidentally swallowed a talos bit I was chewing on once.

>> No.73243591

I don't recall that.

>> No.73243596

There is almost no difference between AoS and 40k now. Rules wise.

>> No.73243599


>> No.73243600

>hardly a defining strategy.
literally the only point of taking Stygies above Mars is Dragoon spam.
It used to be for their stratagem as well but GW nerfed that shit down a while back

>> No.73243603

Against marines, the bubotic axe is almost triple the damage compared to dual knives. I'm sure the flails are lovely too, but dual knife marines seem like a waste of space only useful to tie things up, which poxwalkers do better.

>> No.73243609

>It's a necessary step if you want your marines to look good
Absolute fucking bullshit.

>> No.73243638

Whatever you say paintlet

I doubt you could paint lines like that even if you wanted

>> No.73243640


Okay it's time to sleep. I shouldn't have laughed that hard at something so stupid.i must be loopy from sleep deprivation.

>> No.73243645

Jes Goodwyn said he already designed new berserkers so we're just waiting for them to be released.

>> No.73243649

I don't have to, because it looks like shit. Everything 'eavy metal does looks like shit.

>> No.73243652

>rumour engine for red butcher termies
Don't do this to me

>> No.73243670

Really? I was expecting WE to get a standalone codex with some new models between soon and a few years.

>> No.73243673

We just don’t know what’s gonna happens first them or noise marines. This is killing me.

>> No.73243681

Talos > Grotesques although those aren't bad but the core problem is that the grotesque sculpt is pretty shit and it's expensive so you need to commit to doing conversions.

>> No.73243685

If you're going to call Eavy metal shit then let's see your models boio

>> No.73243690

Get some skill, bud.

>> No.73243695

>It's gonna be another instance of "sculpt that everyone but me adores since there are 1-2 details that don't sit well with me but others find inconsequential"

>> No.73243698

They're only really good for proccing MWs if you casted blades of putrefaction on them + VotLW

>> No.73243702

I mean, it could still be a few years off. We know Jes designed the Archaeopter in 2015 and between creating the actual model, cutting the molds, manufacturing it, and getting it on store shelves it took about 5 years before we got our hands on it.

>> No.73243705

Yeah, if the weapon has flat damage the strategem is useless.
GW at it again.

>> No.73243707

The problem is that you WILL suffer casualties before you get in combat so knives keep the walking corpses cheap while the flails do the work

>> No.73243708

>quotas met

>> No.73243713

>you're not a chef

>> No.73243717

Not him but it was a power fist with claw fingers like the talon of horus style, with blood dripping off. I dont know what else that would be thats likely to come out soon except some World Eaters shit.

Also the hidden "write rules for Angron" in the streams.

>> No.73243722

>blocks your path
GW please give points nobody fucking uses PL

>> No.73243723

Sorry, I only watch Arch Warhammer and shitpost on 40kg 24/7

>> No.73243732

They did?

>> No.73243750

Not in 9th.

>> No.73243755

>I don't see why they still have the WAAC stigma
Probably bc they are extremely annoying to play against.
Whether they win or not every time the drones take a hit and half the fucking army just moves away from melee with 0 penalty it makes you feel like they are not following the same rules as everyone else

>> No.73243776

And as its fight phase only, that means it really only works on flails of corruption, power fists, great plague cleavers and some of the vehicle weapons, but most of those dont benefit much from getting ap -4 on 6s.

>> No.73243777

Yeah, but if you pick Age of Sigmar over 40k, 30k and Fantasy, you're clearly a bit of a retard.

>> No.73243781

If you had been paying attention since Gathering Storm you would know its WE first, EC last

>> No.73243787

This is definitely a Death Guard model. It's a very similar shape to the power fists on both Plague Marine Champion models. That drop is probably Nickelodeon slime like on Lord Felthius.

>> No.73243789

Except you actually need some painting skill to critique other people's work beyond parroting "lol eavy metal bad" because you heard it on 40kg

>> No.73243793

>30k and Fantasy
Who gives a fucking shit about these dead games LOL

>> No.73243794

They are one of those armies you will not beat with majority of casual lists. HUGE gate keepers, super un fun to play against. And if you build an army or have a faction that can beat them, you don't just beat them, you wipe the floor with them, and after some time it gets boring too.

>> No.73243798

Wait, when?

>> No.73243800

So we might have to wait a year or so

>> No.73243805


>> No.73243806

Not really. You don't need to be good at painting to know that highlighting every single edge of an object looks jarring.

>> No.73243807


>> No.73243813

>death guard
>getting new stuff

>> No.73243814

Who says you can only choose one?
I plan to buy Fantasy models once TOW comes back and the only reason I don't own Sigmar models is that Nighthaunts are monopose.

>> No.73243823

dead??? both are more alive then AoS. no one normal plays AoS, only some dudes in UK , new people that never got to play WFB and monkeys from US that will parrot everything UK does, but make it look worse.

>> No.73243827

This joke doesn't work when your alternative is World Eaters getting new stuff.

>> No.73243836

>Is there anything actually new here?
Did we have confirmation before that you can no longer fill a 2nd floor with models and become immune to melee?

>> No.73243842

AoS is miles and leagues better than 40K in model quality and faction diversity. Plus 40K shooting is cancer.

>> No.73243845

>It's a very similar shape to the power fists on both Plague Marine Champion models.
It's a fucking CSM powerfist it's going to be the same shape no matter what legion its on, they're all just fucking recolors.

>> No.73243849

Enjoy you're flying sharks, fucko

>> No.73243857

>not on my nazi lgs
You sound like a loser irl

>> No.73243861

Anon AoS is selling really well

>> No.73243862

>It's a very similar shape to the power fists on both Plague Marine Champion models
It's almost like...
CSM use mark 3 power fists with claws...

>> No.73243866

How so, WE haven't gotten their update yet, DG already did. You seriously think they're going to do a new Codex for one legion?

>> No.73243867

>New melee-friendly rules
>New FW rules for 9thEd

>> No.73243869

so non-playable?

>> No.73243871

The Bonus turn mechanic is pretty wonky though and can single handedly turn a game around.

>> No.73243872

Enjoy playing loyalist marines color 1 vs loyalist marines color 2 80% of your games

>> No.73243873

I can't find the source right now but someone who spoke with him at whatever event first showed off Archaeopters (Las Vegas Open?) said that he strongly implied that he'd already designed new berserkers when he was asked about them.

>> No.73243874

It does look like it's got a mark of nurgle on it too in fairness

>> No.73243875

No AoS is shit dude

>> No.73243879

> death guard
> lightning claw

doubt it.

>> No.73243883

Tier 0 means really good

>> No.73243888

Any word when games workshops are going to open back up?

>> No.73243892

>You seriously think they're going to do a new Codex for one legion?
They did for TSons and DG, there's no reason not to expect one at this point.

>> No.73243893

>retard doesnt know how tiers work

>> No.73243900

that isn't a lightning claw, go look at a plague marine power fist, it has claws just like the rumour engine image.

>> No.73243906

I reeeeaaally hope the new Monolyth is good and that the Veil of Darkness will still be a thing. I want to do some T1 fuckery with the Deceiver shard and monolyth action

>> No.73243911

I still wonder why they're so fucking slow. I've worked with 3d artists and modelers all my life, and i know guys that do cnc drilling shit. The timeline from "i have an idea for a model" to "this model is now ready for mass production" is 6 months at most.

>> No.73243913

>You seriously think they're going to do a new Codex for one legion?
Yeah they'd never do a codex for Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, or Space Wolves.

>> No.73243916

That's what I'm saying nigger, they already DID DG and TS they arent going to do them again. DG isn't going to get two codexes in 3 years. They arent getting new shit.

>> No.73243918

4 god codexes, 1 for generic CSM with supliments for the other legions

>> No.73243920

With the changes to overwatch do you think sentinel powerlifters and chainsaw ones will be viable melee options in 9th or IG stick to Ogryns?

>> No.73243922

I wish the actual models looked like that.

>> No.73243924

what crap. Fantasy was 4th best selling wargame 5 years ago. In 2019 AoS was 2nd behind 40k.

Also I've heard from a redshirt that Warhammer Underworlds is the best selling sidegame right now.

>> No.73243930

Already in places that didnt fall for the virus hoax

>> No.73243935

How exactly are tau going to be tier0? Seems like everything is pointing to them being mediocre

>> No.73243939

You're both so fucking stupid. This is a regular CSM power fist, on the left. Note the completely straight and flat edge on the knuckle area. Compare that to the Plague Marine power fist on the right, with the rounded point on the knuckle. I can provide two more examples of DG power fists being like this.

>> No.73243947

I always assumed they were just staggering releases. Most big corporations do that, and even small companies know not to release too much at once.
I would like to know how many units they need to sell to break even on their molds. I have to wonder if they wouldn't make more money if they ramped up releases, and just cut prices so people were more likely to buy more releases.

>> No.73243950


>> No.73243957

>both are more alive then AoS
You are delusional. I dont even like AoS but the cope from butthurt WHFBfags is so fucking obnoxious. It is a way more successful game than your squatted shit ever was, go whine and bitch in the /aosg/ thread instead of bringing that cancer here.

>> No.73243964

>It's a fucking CSM powerfist it's going to be the same shape no matter what legion its on, they're all just fucking recolors.
Did you miss the whole Death Guard faction release or something?

>> No.73243965

>Underworlds is the best selling sidegame right now
It killed kill team here. It had prize support and lots of support/updated. Arena could have been great. But the dropped and trickle fed updates. If KY had underworlds level of support it would be great.

>> No.73243981

you can fuck off to /aosg/ too. neither of you fantasy shitters are welcome here

>> No.73243984

Such deathguard


>> No.73243990

How is Kill Team not extremely popular?
It's effectively a stepping stone game while you're building a bigger 40k army, and can be played in <3 hrs.

>> No.73244000

And neither are you, Tau cuck
*blows your fucking brains out*

>> No.73244002

That's not at all the same shape. Are you intentionally being dense?

>> No.73244005

Maybe casually but once you start to optimize lists it can be quite silly and not as convient

>> No.73244012

Are they just reviewing strats and stuff we already have?

>> No.73244014






>> No.73244022

That's true i suppose, not counting the champion because of his weird loadout options, 4 bubo+knives vs 2 flails 2 knives (which should be equal cost loadouts) it comes out vs T4 3+ armor to (on the hateful assault turn)
>6.31 Flail+Knives
>4.15 Bubotics
I don't think any of the buffs would significantly change this. That's disappointing i guess. One advantage bubotic axes could have is in larger squads where you are limited to 2 flails but want to be bigger to get more out of stratagems and spells, but there you would also want 3-4 knife marines just to soak shots.

Shame the mace of contagion is such a meme though. How often do you fight multiwound T5s with low saves?

>> No.73244025

>Maybe Casually
Isn't KT literally made to be the casual 40k? It's something people with little game experience can try and can buy a little bit of a lot of different armies.

>> No.73244033

People were disenchanted with 7th edition and early 8th so it never got popular. Then underworlds was a limited format that had everything you needed in boxes, models, card in a game format that was very tight and less janky.

Underworlds is more arcadey and thats what people here want.

>> No.73244034

>can be played in <3 hrs
Looking at the special rules for each model looks tedious as fuck and the micro managing of each miniature is not appealing to a lot of people

>> No.73244035

Does anyone know where I can get the Cadian Infantry Squad Upgrade Pack? Surely some third party retailers sell it?

>> No.73244037

hey look a grog

>> No.73244039

Here's the third example. If you really can't tell how this differs from a CSM fist, then you're just lost.

>> No.73244043

New edition when?
Rumors told preorders would be up on june 23 but this seems highly unlikely given we still have one PA book to go after WotS.
What's the most likely scenario in your opinion? Not before late July for sure.

>> No.73244051

yeah, it ain't fun at all

>> No.73244056

>old CSM fist on the left from before GW started doing modern updates

>> No.73244060

are you talking about the forge world kit?

>> No.73244066

What? How is that applicable at all?

>> No.73244077

If you just want more heads and gear plenty of 3rd parties make Cadian-esque stuff for cheaper

>> No.73244092

Yeah but some people want to make it competitive and if someone is building models to fit kill team it might not translate as well to regular 40k

>> No.73244099

wasn't it the 23rd of July?

>> No.73244105

>Plastic crusader
WHQ : Escalation
>Plastic Missionaries and Preachers
WHQ : Blackstone Fortress
>Plastic Death Cult
Kill Team : Rogue trader

>> No.73244108

That is from the new kit, imbecile. The old CSM power fist had two exhaust pipes and was pointing. I don't understand how you could make this mistake, unless if you own neither kit.

>> No.73244151


>> No.73244393

It does make games a lot more random, but it also makes pulling off flowchart combo turns more difficult
Fun > competitiveness

>> No.73244498

Check post anon here.
Got account and everything closed. Thanks to the anons who pointed it outm

>> No.73244585

no it isn't, it's cataphractii lightning claws with Khorne trim from a Red Butcher.

>> No.73244626

Since 3rd all Tau had 1 thing in common: playing against them is a miserable experience.

>> No.73244891

I wish there were more fortifications and hireable terrain. Tau have those funky wall things, the imperium has their big tower. I like that stuff and wish there was more of it.

>> No.73244990

build it yourself
I fucking despise the way GW has killed the hobbyist's mentality

>> No.73245538

I hought units cant only be seen if they are wholly within terrain,not behind it?

>> No.73245576

5 inch tall terrain obscures anything below 20 wounds as of 9th

>> No.73245607

So you mean to tell me even though im not in a building f.i. the enemy still cant see me if im behind? Noice

Playing nids against tau just got good

>> No.73245631

you gotta decide for each piece of terrain though, so expect to get the tape measure out against waacfags

>> No.73245681

What? I'm asking for rules, not models.
Well, usually new models come alongside rules for them, but what i mean is i want faction specific pieces of terrain that provide thematic benefits, likely in exchange for points or CP.

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