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So can we agree that GW has improved their art for 9th edition?

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I approve, but I'll want to see more.

Anything which is more than just "literally the models we're trying to sell you" would be much appreciated.

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Seems to be primarines still.

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This is probably one of my favorite pieces of 40k art produced recently.

The tone is perfect, the story told by it. Everybody just kind of mingling in this incredible gothic architecture that they've set up as a makeshift rally point, showing a moment of calm in between the fighting. Id like more pieces of art showing marines doing things besides fighting.

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>Anything which is more than just "literally the models we're trying to sell you" would be much appreciated.
Never ever going to happen anymore.

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r u sure bout that

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that's 8th ed art tho

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Nu-art trying to appeal to soulful old art doesnt count

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You are dangerously autistic

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No, it won't be any good until they start reprinting old art pieces

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because that's what the future of marines are. GW is slowly phasing firstborn out and we knew they would from the very start

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You ever feel this soul and soulless argument is just made by dumb people

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Okay not gonna lie, I was totally put out by 8th edition (and somewhat everything post 5th and much of 5th) but this art is really encouraging. I gotta give props

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It, like most arguments on the internet, basically comes down to thing i like vs thing i dislike. Generally speaking there are enough people wjo have sikilar opinions thaf they are able to create terminology to describe what they like and pejoratives that can be used to insult things they don't like. The problem is once the term begins to be used it's usage begins to mutate, because not everyone in the group will have the exact same opinion, and because others will coopt it. Eventually it gets watered down and becomes even more meaningless than it was at its inception, however it will still see use from people who simply throw out whatever terms are part of the current zeitgeist.

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I guarantee this is a model somewhere in 9th.

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If it was i would be ok with that.

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The point is it's extremely unlikely this art is depicting something that isn't going to be on the tabletop looking exactly like that at some point in the near future.

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GW hired competent artists again. Or at least re-hired them

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It's sad I can't tell if this is 40k or AoS anymore, could be either desu

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Now all they need to do is credit them.

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They stopped crediting people in rulebooks since 2013 or so to avoid another hatewank against Matt Ward

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No we need to go further back to toy soldier marines and bright colors

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bros wtf is in this image? It's actually captivating my morbid curiosity. Three-armed fungus construct man creature? Rogue skull collecting barbarian construction equipment? I think that could be an ork in the bottom left... Are those an enslaver redesign above him?
Could 9th edition be a sleeper golden age for warham?

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Are meant to be representative of the many non-major xenos factions the Imperium fights. They've done similar compilation pics before and nothing ever came of them

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I really hope the hazard stripe dude on the right is going to feature in something. That design is just too cool for me.

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Still neat as fuck. Weird grotesque creature art like those are what got me into warhammer.

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>Can we agree

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Are you retarded?

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>In 40k
Fucking dropped

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Anyone have that Vetruvian man style Primaris augmentation rites artwork?

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real shit balance of color here, but pretty okay otherwise. style is good

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>all this Dainton worship
Bros, our time is now.

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It's supposed to be "something you can feel the artist enjoyed creating" vs "something you can feel the artist just shit out for a paycheck", totally independent from medium, style, age, quality, etc. In practice it's usually used as "old=good".

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>can we agree
Oh you poor ignorant child.

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>"something you can feel the artist enjoyed creating" vs "something you can feel the artist just shit out for a paycheck"
Neither of these are mutually exclusive and production ques have more to do with the end result than artist skill will ever

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Where are they? In a cave? Inside a battle barge? The orange sunset/explosion in the background indicates otherwise, but I have no clue where these BAngles are.

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Space Marine armies should be like 15 marines in a sea of those little serf guys, just trying their hardest.

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They're inside a giant cave-hangar overlooking a battlefield.

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>empire of a million worlds
>each planet had thousands of years of genetic isolation, inbreeding, and pressure
>anon gets mad when there's one black man in the background of an image

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it's angst caused from a lack of sex, just ignore it

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>Could 9th edition be a sleeper golden age for warham?
Highly unlikely.

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I certainly think so. There's a lot more of the slightly looser, more painterly look to the pieces they've shown that used to be prevalent in the older books. I also like that they've moved away from just drawing the models to putting the characters in actuall settings and situations besides "advancing towards the camera" or "shooting somewhere offscreen.

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I jus want to see a pile of dudes stacked up on a tiny hill & shooting in every direction like the old art has

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No Karl Kopinski No buy.

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Never happed.

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I mean black in my 40k?

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What a weir idea.

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Good art? This is good?

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These are clearly dangerous xenos, anon.

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This is a huge fucking step up from 8th

Early AoS was the absolute dark ages of GW art, since the implemented that "ONLY DRAW THE MODELS" policy, but it looks like they're actually hiring decent artists again.

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We cant agree on anything on this board

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At least we all agree that scub is good

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At least we all agree that skub is good

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All the time, there is substance to the core idea of "thing made with love by somone who cared" vs "thing produced for a paycheck to fill the bare minimum requirements" but it gets abused into "my tastes vs any other tastes

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People in general can't agree on much once the groups get large enough. The fact that we aren't face to face so peer pressure has less impact doesn't help. Group cohesion is enforced by fear, and there is no fear inspired over the internet.

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Are you implying all society is based on fear? Chill out Crane

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SW vs Nurgle now.

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SW vs Nurgle then.

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Wulfen now.

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These pieces of art make me hopeful that GW still got it. I kinda wish that they were black and white, as that captures bleak atmosphere of setting. Still, their colour balance is good compared to this eye melter >>73230781

Almost any Necromunda art makes me THROBBIN`

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Wulfen then.

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solid goal post moving goyim

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It's why I've always wanted them to have rules for combat serfs, many of them more support based, crappier them scouts but dedicated combatants are better then guard (many chapters form their serfs from failed aspirants so they probably have se warrior bite to them)

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Not all society, but a significant portion of it. Fear of government keeps order. It's literally an accepted tenet of political theory that the foundation of stable and effective government is a monopoly on violence. Organized religion developed as a unifying and stabilizing force as we developed more complex societies beyond tribal groups and created settlements and a good portion of that and it's benefit anthropologically speaking was based on fear of divine punishment. People conform to the group for fear of ostracization and loneliness or other consequences, which is the root of peer pressure which honestly is the basis of a lot of both small and large scale interactions of groups of humans.

There are arguments to be made for the ability to cultivate loyalty and devotion in others, or create an identity which provides fulfillment, and to be fair those methods are used as well, but a significant portion of social interaction and government is based on fear.

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I don't have a problem with dark skinned people being in 40k. The inquisitor in the first spacewolf novel had a dark skin and Ragnar had a hard on for her. I'm just sick of the lazy choice of picking the black american every time.

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That looks like 7e dreck

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You know, as somebody who was just bitching about the cartoony stuff in their promotional materials, I actually agree. I have a little bit of hope now. This presentation is much better than what I am used to. Thanks OP.

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>Fan art
>Current era

You're right, it's very weird considering the 30 years prior where they never modeled Black people or had them in Official Artwork. The only one that even comes to mind that's been official canonized was Dawn of War 1 with the one inquisitor from the Campaign

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>T. retard

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> It's literally an accepted tenet of political theory that the foundation of stable and effective government is a monopoly on violence.

Good work totally missing the point. This statement isn't about FEAR THE MAN, it's an observation that a government has failed if NGO or individual can freely resort to violence as a means to an end.

To make it simpler for you: The fact that you can't go to war on Target if they make you leave for not wearing shoes is not a sign that the government only exist because of fear. The vast majority of people want everyone to agree that violence as a means to an end is unacceptable, and are fine with the government being the only people that can use violence, and there in strictly, legally defined ways.

Most modern governments exist based on the will of the people, with their support, and create a framework wherein most people work without unreasonable interference. They are ugly, stupid things built on compromise and moronic, antiquated traditions that also reflect the fact that many of the people prefer tough talk and simple sounding solutions to people that know what the fuck they are talking about, but they basically function for most people.

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>Fan art
First one is walpaper from GW site from 90s.

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That just looks like Calgar decided to punch a guy during the worst house party in tge sector and is issuing a challenge for the rest of the room.

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Everything you both said was absolutely retarded. This is /tg/ if you want to wax on logical fallacies go somewhere else.

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Oh, hey, Blizzard made the wulfen !

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I'm a idiot, the post about wulfen was for the

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you're wonderfully naive and uneducated if you can't understand that the rule of law is predicated on the threat of force. What do you think the police are anon?

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>>In 40k
>Fucking dropped

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>taumarine shit

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Jonah in DAW 2 was black.

>> No.73234558

Wulfen were always stupid and awful looking.

>> No.73234569

That's part of the improvement

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Go be retarded in /pol/

>> No.73234580

werewolf in power armour?

>> No.73234591

Or they just gave them time. These things have notoriously cut throat schedules and deadlines.

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how could anyone ever think this crap is better than the absolute chad 2e cover.

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> being in support of the police means you're racist

YOU are the cancer, not /pol/. Just fuck off back to loldit

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So grim. So dark.

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Ah yes all those guns the gangers are using does make them seem like they're in AoS

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>never modelled black people in 30 years prior
This is from 2000

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THis could be the best cover art for the company in ten years.

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I still don't get why they didn't just make primarines a gear upgrade for space marines rather than this whole nu-marines thing.

I mean having Cawl appear out of nowhere with gigantic stockpiles of shiny new astartes equipment designed by the emperor, because this was what they were supposed to be equipped with towards the end of the great crusade and nobody told this secretive forgeworld to actually start distributing it so they just kept makin it for ten thousand fucking years.
That'd be a lot more in line with 40k than Cawl making new super marines.

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sounds like the average CSM list pre-cultist nerf.

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So they can sell both ranges at once silly.
If you ever don't understand something gw does, first think is it to sell more models?

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>Setting is quite literally the most diverse setting ever made.
>ranges from vary from soldiers inspired form WW1 German soldiers to an entire planet that literally was just Gotham with super grimderp batman in space.
>Factions like the Salamanders, White Scars, Tallarn, and a thousand others exist, all inspired by thousands of different real world cultures and groups.
>Somehow believe that they never showed Black people in official artwork.

First off the original Catachan models very clearly show people with black skin. Secondly, people of damn near every ethnicity has appeared at some point in BL and/or background lore. Having a couple more show up is hardly a problem.

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You just know WAAC fags would end up running 70 of them because of maths and some tedious exploit

>> No.73235205

Wouldn't this actually make it easier to sell both?
Since marines in old equipment would still be a thing

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Can this just be a 40k art thread, regardless of era

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The "good art" examples have all been Paul Dainton and Dave Gallagher pieces, except for >>73230274
and >>73230808
It's depressing they're golden age artists, along with Karl Kopinski, and that the new blood is pretty shit.

Are there any examples of new GW artists that are good?

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>New xenos art
>No new xeno army
fucking lame

>> No.73235488

Nah cause old marines would just be old "out of date" sculpts

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Why do they keep giving Guilliman fucking wings?

>> No.73235654

Dang... that was some effective bait!

>> No.73235922

>the post that triggerd /tg/

>> No.73236050

Because if the ruler of the dark side of the Imperium has wings, so must the guy heading up the light side.

>> No.73236078

>Fan art
Inquisitor Mordecai Toth was since the 1st DoW game. And Jonah appeared in game 2's Chaos Rising expansion. YOU FAIL.

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Cool! But where are the Slaugth??

>> No.73236302

>I don't have a problem with dark skinned people being in 40k.

Nor I have. On the contrary on fantasy based on European look....weeeeell, that drives me mad when it's just lazy shoehorning different ethics in it.

> I'm just sick of the lazy choice of picking the black american every time.

That's because black americans are the one complaining loudly. There isn't another reason. Let's face it.

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Doubles of truth. Some of new stuff is ok.

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These are like 5 years old now

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They still in recent codexes. If you got newer art of SW or wulfen you can post it.

>> No.73236473

That one's fan art, though, isn't it?

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>> No.73236509

But it still looks godod
>Can this just be a 40k art thread, regardless of era

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Why is the baneblade attempting to stick its cannon inside the lord of skulls penis-cannon?

>> No.73236790

When the commander says "Drive me closer!" you obey.

>> No.73236807

This hasn't existed since 8th edition if it existed at all.

>> No.73236822

I bet you're really impressed by photoreal painting, you low IQ retard.

>> No.73236857

It's definitely getting better.

>> No.73236859

I would love that actually

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>> No.73236956

Wasn't Creed suposed to be dead? Or inside one of Trazyn's pokeballs?

>> No.73236963

That how forgefiend is born.

>> No.73236976

>(c) 2006 Games Workshop

>> No.73236988

Ah fuck, I thought we were posting 9th edition only, you're right. My bad

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>> No.73237070

Pic related is my fav artwork of all time

>> No.73237081

Remember when GW created a regiment just for their worldwide campaign?

>> No.73237086

Still looks like cheap shit in comparison to prime time GW art though.

What's always noticeable in nu-GW art, is the lack of background and the general blurriness and low detail of everything not in focus, instead of these big pieces where even the back rows were made with attention to detail.

Not to mention, that as long as their artists try to tell everyone that its a digital image, and refuse to actually try to use proper techniques, it'll always look like shit.

Its not terrible, but its not good either.

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>> No.73237112

I always thought that bottom one has sach on head. But its just his face so fucked.

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>> No.73237148


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>> No.73237186

>> No.73237203

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>> No.73237233

nigger spotted. i think it's the first one i see outside catachan. salamanders doesn't count. So 2020.

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>> No.73237261

I'm fairly sure the various skulls and baby guns are Paul Dainton too, so really its just the minor xenon display.

>> No.73237304

This one and Kthelmir the Terminator Lord are my favourite pictures from the 3.5 codex

For the longest time I thought the severed head backpack vent on the Khorne Chosen (which even has teeny skulls in the eye sockets!) was an extra head on the nurgle guy.

>> No.73237350

Damn, this one is cool. I assume it's a same AoS artist that painted Sigmar vs Archaon?

>> No.73237373

this looks so forgettable. its like a panel in a comic book that you look at for 1sec
this however is iconic.

>> No.73237508

>I still don't get why they didn't just make primarines a gear upgrade
They are, they just come with more biological gear too.

>> No.73237515

I'm not sure but this might be my favourite 40k art.

>> No.73237532

London has changed since the last time I was there

>> No.73237545

He canonized by the Ecclesiarchy he is a living saint to the imperium all of the loyal Primarchs are saints Horus is literally referred to as the devil Horus in some cases

>> No.73237557

The art is cool af, but are those planets in the background or explosions or stars? Why's there lightning going between them?

>> No.73237570

For me, it's this one from the 6th ed codex. Made me get into 40k in the first place

>> No.73237573


>> No.73237577

Because it's weird you are 40 and still playing this game

>> No.73237605

Cringe, I play with guys who are well into their 30s and early 40s that are married with kids and a job and still play 40k

>> No.73237613

Nigga, do you not see the titanic rift leading to the screaming insanity of the Warp? Lightning is the most logical thing that can be happening there.

>> No.73237637

Max Fitzgerald

>> No.73237653


>> No.73237675

If it’s Necromunda and it looks Great chances are it’s Thomas Elliot

>> No.73237699


>> No.73237719

If I’m not Mistaken Thomas did work on the Space Wolves vs Orks box but I can’t find it and may be going nuts

>> No.73237792

I'd love to see the Iron Warriors come up with something new.

>> No.73237804

All my Homies fuck with Igor Sid

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>> No.73237830

>> No.73237837


>> No.73237903

JG O’Donoghue does some nice work for the RPGs

>> No.73237917


>> No.73237929

>> No.73237968

8th edition was like two weeks ago.

>> No.73237993

Did he punch a guy out and then start moving to tee bag him while shouting?

>> No.73238013

Its all so inspired, but really blurry.

>> No.73238030

Been a while huh

>> No.73238040

Gee random Imperial outpost, why does Karl let you have TWO steamtanks?

>> No.73238065

pretty much

>> No.73238088

Honestly that'd be one hell of an improvement to the london shithole

>> No.73238121

I meant the beginning.

>> No.73238130

Anyone got that Artwork of Eldrad + Avatar of Khaine + Eldar Army fighting against giant Magnus and the Thousand Sons + soom Tzanngors?

>> No.73238144

God i hate how that one banshee is looking away from the fight. I mean we can assume there is a threat in that direction, but from our perspective the fight is behind her and she just looks distracted

>> No.73238358

>Dang... that was some effective bait!

>> No.73238476

This one's cool, but you can tell poor Paul was just asked to rush it out. He's hiding a lot of the blobbiness with good use of colour, but they really lacking some physiciality

>> No.73238546

that's not even pretending to be retarded though
that's just cookiecutter racism bait

>> No.73238666

that actually looks really good, hopefully this isn't a once off

>> No.73239650

You get a slaugth army once you can get 10 people to agree on how that is pronounced.

>> No.73239729

Why do people always complain about "overdesigned" and "busy" stuff, and "visual noise", and then pictures like that are universally recognized as good and peak soul etc. It's a cool picture, but it takes a while to even make out where one marine ends and the next one begins. It's really, really busy.

>> No.73239769

Every technique that is used during "regular" painting can be used in digital painting. Every single one. Only people completely uneducated about the medium claim otherwise.

>> No.73239839

Because certain styles only work in certain mediums. Horror vacui just doesnt look good on a model but on a 2d surface it's great

>> No.73239880

No it isn't, it was in a big spread in the 6th edition rulebook.

>> No.73240032

The new art has definitely gotten better - a lot of it used to be vague or blurry, which was really bad for making battles feel big or inspiring on 'oh I could paint something like that too.' And I still remember when GW made some awful examples of painting schemes for some splat.

I just wish I could be less autistically mad over the new shit. Primaris hurt me.

This is my favorite 40k art, sorry I can't find it in a higher resolution offhand.

>> No.73240048

It's not as big, but here's that pic with less pixels to it. I like the Steel Legion.

>> No.73240127

the helmets look like guardsman but the spots on his head belongs to geenstealers cultist

>> No.73240144

>> No.73240147


>> No.73240156

The steel legion has skull shaped breathers.

>> No.73240167

I'm guessing they killed what they thought was a guardsman for whatever reason, but found he was a genestealer cultist after the scuffle and are examining the body.

>> No.73240187

Only the commissars and officers. They were the original gas mask boys with the iconic campaign and lots of background. Now they're just a watered down, less batshit insane Krieg.

>> No.73240191

Primaris Calgar looks so sterile and boring. Barely a note of the ridiculous ornamentation of stuff from the past.

>> No.73240241

>primaris sterile and boring
well yeah that's kind of their whole shtick

>> No.73240345

Impasto :^)

>> No.73240351



you thought this was the grim darkness of the future? WRONG, these blue guys and their PAPA SMURF are literal gods and the best of the best at everything?

What's that you say your chapter specializes in somthi-


you want a new model for eldar, orks, Gk, any other space marine chapter? NOPE, SMURFS ALL THE WAY.

i never thought it would be this way when i started a few months ago, when did 40K turn into "ultramarine sci-fi battles"? Was it always this way? Why are they extracting every bit of personallity and identity out of the game?

>> No.73240361

Odd, I remember it was all of them. It is a long time ago since Armageddon campaing.

>> No.73240391

It's the lighting

>> No.73240427

>merely pretending

>> No.73240429

Check the models if you don't believe me, GW still sells the basic infantry squad.

>> No.73240442

>They've done similar compilation pics before and nothing ever came of them
The Zoat on the left literally just got a model

>> No.73240450

The problem I have is with the rules and profiles. The rules are absolutely simplistic shit. I really, really dislike them. There's no depth (stratagems do not add depth they add video game-esque abilities instead of just having a piece of wargear or a special rule for the squad/character/army itself). The lack of options when building a character or unit is painful too. You can take this or you can take that. Gone is the armoury where you could mix and match which led to /your dudes/. Now, /your dudes/ are just, maybe, a different colour. If that. Everyone paints already established entities. Ultramarines. Dark Angels. Imperial Fists. Iron Warriors. There's no creativity left where you come up with something in the universe. Sure, it has the possibility to be bad but that isn't different from GW's fanfiction.

9th just seems like 8th + 1. If they were going to add in some complexity and customisation I might be excited. If armies were a canvas instead of a fast food menu I might be excited. I love the fluff and the universe. It has so much potential and I love confabulating things for it. When I do that, though, I get an itch to play the game so I take a look at [faction] to see how I can mold my ideas with it. It's a brick wall. That really sucks. Aside from just creating my own rules I'm stuck behind that wall. Most games are Matched pick-up games where you say, "here's my [net]list" and then you roll (and reroll) buckets of dice.

>> No.73240478

Oh, I believe you, I'm just surprised. I remember the skull helmets as one og the things that set them apart from the Death Korps.

>> No.73240621

I suppose you could always build your own regiment based around that - they all wear skull masks to scare Orks a bit more.

>> No.73240734

Which doesn't fit with 40k.

>> No.73240791

That's from 8th tho

>> No.73240835

That looks like garbage though, can't even tell what's going on.

>> No.73240857

your eyes are weak, we must enswole them

>> No.73240887

Have you seen a tac marine?

>> No.73240993

It's actually been a long time since I saw a non-converted marine. I'm also talking about characters which should (and did) have more... character.

>> No.73241015


>> No.73241174

Paul Dainton never left, but CA did go down a slippery slope of cheap artists during AoS inception.

>> No.73241387

To be fair, they're meant to be painted up in all sorts of colors like heraldry. It's like how the Bretonnian Knights of the Realm are actually pretty boring for similar reasons. It's fun to have a model you're mean to make interesting yourself, rather than getting covered in so much shit you either like it as is or forget about it.

And I will never get why Primaris marines are a better design than this. Equal, maybe, but these marines look damn good to me. That one in front isn't even doing the squat so many people joke about.

>> No.73241435


>To be fair, they're meant to be painted up in all sorts of colors like heraldry
Which is why I don’t understand the argument being made when the same could apply to Primaris

>> No.73241561

I guess it comes from the lack of customization options. Even the basic bitch tactical kit comes with some bits from corvus pattern armor, including the famous beakie helmet. There's also some fancy ranged weapons like plasma guns and flamers. I think you also get some melee weapons for your sergeant too - chainswords, powerfists and the like.

Not sure what the Primaris kit get but the general impression I've gotten is that they don't get much customization options. Instead of a plasma gun, you just get a whole squad of hellblasters.

>> No.73241686

I'd be more welcoming of Primaris if they could take options like that. I understand that in the HH specialists were fine because you had 100 times the marines and they were the main army. It doesn't make sense to do this now when chapters still have around 1000 marines and are often not deployed in chapter strength.

>> No.73242283

>Ghost in the Shell set in Holy Terra

It was an ok book.

>> No.73242745

You're one of those Lorelets who thinks there is almost no black people in 40k aren't you?

>> No.73243120

Here you go

>> No.73243337

I love how the 4 Chaos gods are swirling together in the sky.

>> No.73243448

Do you feel fufillment when feeding trolls,
or is weak bait just too appetising for you?

>> No.73243647

I think this is just the AoS style and people wrote it off back in its dogshit 1st edition and never payed attention after it became good to notice.

>> No.73243672

>So can we agree that GW has improved their art for 9th edition?
LUL, no.

>> No.73243727


>> No.73243735

Here's a good new artist

>> No.73243817

So why the need to put niggers in the blonde hair blue eyes chapter?

>> No.73243840

Another new piece thats pretty nice

>> No.73243955


>> No.73243963

fuck off and stop arguing about this.

>> No.73243976

This looks like shit

>> No.73243983

>wytches and SoB
HOT Girl on Girl action - Don’t let the commissar catch you!

>> No.73244001


>> No.73244020


>> No.73244054


GW never stopped making artwork not based on miniature designs. They just started to make art to promote new shit.

>> No.73244103


>> No.73244208


>> No.73244257

Because it's not fucking space wolfs, they got more then one world to reqruite from, and not everyone in those worlds is pale mutant trash from a hive. Some people actually live better then average lifes.

>> No.73244309

Sure, faggot. Your tasteless digital painting is pure dog shit.

>> No.73244322

I really like that guy's pose right. Good gumption.

>> No.73244336


>> No.73244358

you’re supposed to post good art

>> No.73244360

>> No.73244383


>> No.73244490


>> No.73244504

ah yes, the classic “I cast fist”

>> No.73244509

>I-I-It’s good because it’s hand drawn!

>> No.73244635

I hope this edition has more cool environment shots

>> No.73244648

And now for Paul Dainton, my favorite GW artist.

>> No.73244722


>> No.73244786

it's ok anon
how can you be expected to understand soul when as a nufaggot you don't have one?

>> No.73244814


>> No.73244889

Ran out of 40k stuff from Paul.

>> No.73244906

>why it good
>it has soul
>why’s it bad
>it’s not hand drawn
The mind of a child you’d have a lot in common with my nephew

>> No.73244927

like I said, you don't understand and never will
but that's ok

>> No.73244994


>> No.73245019

>New thing bad, Old good

c'mon anon, really?

>> No.73245064

The book art/covers and everything are all imperial propaganda. the Masess eat that shit like pez. You make the Emperors only son to return a fucking angel - no ones gonna say shit against it.

also. 40k - everything is supposed to be over the top and taken to 11.

Slap some fuckin' wings on it! ~GeeDubs to Artist

>> No.73245080


>> No.73245114

>in the blonde hair blue eyes chapter?
That's not ultramarines you retarded secondary newfag.

>> No.73245131

This ones trash but a lot of the other new stuff is good.

>> No.73245162

Wish I could find a better version if this piece.

>> No.73245240


>> No.73245347


>> No.73245436


>> No.73245480

Anon I have drawn by hand and by digital means, I can see why people prefer digital, as someone who has drawn on canvas and paper with brush and pencils before, it's pain in the ass compared to digital where if you are good at art you can do similar results at faster speed.

>> No.73245516


>> No.73245554

>> No.73245579

>> No.73245605

Anyone has hi rez of that art with marine taking weapon from tau?

>> No.73245614

>> No.73245615


>> No.73245658

Is that a nipple? On my 40k art?

>> No.73245687

Never noticed that fackhuge building on background has treads.

>> No.73245725


>> No.73245766

it's a leviathan

>> No.73245768

>> No.73245787

You do know there’s a reason why the vast majority of artists do digital right?

Don’t be a caveman mad at the other cavemen because they moved on from the dirt to cave walls

>> No.73245789

>yfw it's Perturabo

>> No.73245813

most aesthetic codes ever. pure fucking kino

>> No.73245823


>> No.73245828

>> No.73245852

one of the best 40k pieces ever.

>> No.73245857

For a second I thought that it was Aku from Samurai Jack.

>> No.73245868

looks like a quiet moment before the battle begins. Almost comfy, i approve

>> No.73245886

don’t post reaction images in an image dump thread, come on lad

>> No.73245908


>> No.73245927

Isn't this after Baal? With all successor BL chapter and new primaris to boost numbers. Also who is in coffin?

>> No.73245975

I kinda hate face here. he looks like fresh out from barber shop and waiting for some bulshit latte in hipster bar.

>> No.73246000

>> No.73246014


>> No.73246049

I like that there's so much fanart going around nowadays.

>> No.73246082


>> No.73246177


>> No.73246191

This makes me actually want to do Sisters of Battle but then I remember they're in 40k 8th (soon to be 9th) edition and I stop wanting to do them because the game is fucking horrible now.

>> No.73246218

just build the army in AoP style, don’t even play it just make a kino display/diorama

>> No.73246235

I'm not a display guy.

>> No.73246372

>fuck I fucking hate ethereals so much
>where's my sword
>I wish I was fighting orks right now
>that fucking flamethrower slut burnt everything again
>my feet hurt

>> No.73246461

>that forehead slit
Finally, a female Tau that isn't drawn for masturbation purposes.

>> No.73246557


>> No.73246592

Yes, hand drawn is a superior medium to digital.

>> No.73246611


>> No.73246634

Ok, but boarding more on shit than good.

>> No.73246748

something being easier/faster doesn't make it better artistically.

>> No.73246854

>> No.73247149

I'm re-reading the Gaunt's Ghosts series these days.
According to Ghostmaker:

Gaunt is 2.20m
Major Gilbear of the Volpone is 2.50m (but from the royal house of Volpone so probably full of gene-enhancement) with nobody raising as much as an eyebrow about that fact
Corbec is taller than Gaunt so i'd put him at 2.30 with muscular mass to boot
Bragg is freaking massive so i'd put him at around 2.40 at least and dwarfing the former in terms of mass
Ezra Ap Nigh is supposed to be super tall and thin, so let's say 2.50 at least, again
Though many ghosts (or any subsequent recruit) aren't as tall (like Rawne for example being slightly shorter than Gaunt), no Ghost is ever described at particularly small in comparison. And even though they're said to all be tall, they're called Gaunt's Ghosts, not Gaunt's Freaks with a Pituitary Gland Syndrom, so they must not be particularly out of place.

And even then, when they see Space Marines (pre-Primaris) they consider them gigantic, so i'm tempted to put them just short of 3m

The 41th millenium is actually shock-full of giant posthumans.

>> No.73247341

What the hell? These aren't Plague Marines! Where are all the goofy faces and hentai tentacles? I bet these don't even have one epic smug Nurgling!

>> No.73247639

It’s that why it’s dying?

>> No.73247658

Also probably an Imperial Saint

>> No.73247931

Alan Blight was an insecure cuck and this image is cringe as fuck, looks like a charles king cavalier. Good riddance hack.

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