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>What army will be the next GSC or Admech in terms of release

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Right, so I want to do my Sisters of Battle army as being so crazy obsessed with purity that they find every single IG regiment they end up working alongside as not being faithful enough, and often purge them after a campaign is over or even in the middle of it.

So, to do so, I figured rather than bash them up with some normal trophies, I'd do them with IG stuff, severed heads, trophies, that sort of thing. Rather than being bragging about their conquests, I'd figure it'd be warnings to everyone else, a sort of "Fuck up and you'll end up like this" thing.

However, I'm worried it'll just make them look like a chaos warband or something. Any ideas of how to get the look of them being psychos without them looking like they're just a warband and still an actual sisterhood?

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TQ hopefully ynnari or exodites

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>>Thread question What army will be the next GSC or Admech in terms of release
Necrons, duh.

>> No.73210994

Guard, I bet. Popular, and the Cadian sculpts are like twenty years old at this point

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Hear me out here, Slaaneshi Sisters.

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Whats he doing?

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>Eldar defeated the Necrons in the War in Heaven

Get Rekt, soulless ones.

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maybe have the skulls/helmets with purity seals on them and stuff
absolutely no severed heads with the meat still on, that's full chaos

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What have you been working on anons?

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Being a slave
Just chaos things

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where's that cool hat you promised me OP?

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Word Bearers or Black Legion?

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My big prediction for 9e is that Guard is gonna see a Catachan line revamp.
Besides Scions, the last handful of guard releases have all been catachan characters. Maybe with Cadia dead, it's time for the jungle boys to shine.

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Trying something new for a paint scheme. Thoughts on the armor?

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Awh cmon, catachan are the worst regiment. Mordians or Vostroyans pleaaaase

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i can barely tell what color anything is besides gold on that
I request a better picture

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Bronze looks nice, though honestly anything that isn't gold is refreshing.

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Word bearers

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masturbating and slowly having the irony of his fanfic about Big-E being a god becoming the sole religion of the Imperium while he bailed to worship chaos

picture is either out of focus or just poor quality. But the silver to gold or brass isn't really a transition so much as just switching partway through.

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Looks like only the pre-shading is done and the model is whatever you call the step before unfished

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I want Vallhallans with a cheaper but weaker russ (like its a t34)

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I think you know in your heart the right answer to that question

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Which do you prefer painting more? I personally went with my own warband for more creative freedom.

>> No.73211109

This around my 50th attempt at a picture with around 10 different light configurations.

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You will not be missed?

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Word Bearers
>they support the best rugby team

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Yeah, I’d take any vaguely historical regiment above the cheesy 80s action catachans or the boring done-to-death cadians

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Thats not how to spell krork

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stop using your hand and either put the mini in your fridge with nothing around it as a makeshift light box or at least give us a white background to look at it better. Your hand is a fucking awful background for determining what you've done to the mini

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The hat fell through a warp rift

>> No.73211131

cleaning moldlines from a defiler
debating on whether I should spend $25 for a razorback turret sprue, or just buy the whole rhino kit for $45

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Think about it. What have guard gotten recently besides these three and Sly Marbo?

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Man I guess it really is hard to tell then. It's a blue to red ink layer over silver.

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I just think winter gear is cool

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I really hope them being such super exclusives rules this out, just callbacks in the same way the noise marine model didn’t constitute a EC release

>> No.73211171

Buy the whole thing, or scavenge some bits from a bits swap. A rhino chassis is always useful.

>> No.73211175

I've put it in the fridge, using parchment paper as the background / floor, on my white stove, on a brown countertop with more of the same color trim behind it all while varying from all the lights to only natural light.

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That's because you're low-test historical-leaning contrarian. All the normies want catachans or cadians.
Anything else is contrarian tier cringe.

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Is it contrarian? I just personally don’t like either of the current regiments in plastic. I had mordian iron guard as a kid, and I’d like to see them return

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Yeah, probably the best thing to do. Worst case scenario I can just unload it as part of my next /wip/ secret santa if I get a marinefag.

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I haven't played since 5th edition and I have Guard, Grey Knights, and Craftworld Eldar. Which of these armies has the best chance of being good in 9th edition?

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The noise marine is in stores now. I hope those make it to mass release as well. I don't really have any interest in guard beyond some vague plans to run cawdor models as penitent fanatics alongside sisters, but those models are very nice.

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Guard or CWE

>> No.73211214

We don't know yet.

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>Was promised fancy hat
>No fancy hat was provided

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Get back to your cell.

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>wrong universe

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Knowing everything we know now, the GK land raider redeemer actually looks pretty sweet

You can teleport it up close turn 1 and just start charging shit to set things on fire with your suped up flamers and psycannons

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guard tonks BABY

>> No.73211294

If I took those chains off, would xe die?

>> No.73211297

All hail nurgle

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these are the trannyggers that spam "you ain't finna be missed, whiteboi"

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Meanwhile on Krieg

>> No.73211307

Knowing everything we know now, the GK land raider redeemer actually looks pretty sweet

You can teleport it up close turn 1 and just start charging shit to set things on fire with your suped up flamers and psycannons

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same warp

>> No.73211314

you ain't finna be missed, whiteboi

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>The uniforms of the Imperial Guard are camouflaged in order to protect their wearers by hiding them from sight. The principle is that what the enemy cannot see he cannot kill. This is not the way of the Adeptus Astartes. A Space Marine’s armour is bright with heraldry that proclaims his devotion to his Chapter and the beloved Emperor of Mankind. Our principle is that what the enemy can see, he will soon learn to fear…
Yeah but, what if the enemy doesn't fear anything because they were killed before they even knew what was happening? Hell, isn't it better that they don't even get to fear you, and thus never prepare countermeasures against you?

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you get that those are just people shitposting, right?

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︵︵(ಥ﹏ಥ)︵︵ TZEENTCH!!!

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you will not be missed

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I don't play Necrons so I might just be retarded but I don't see any reason to take the new gauss reaper gun for warriors. Maybe their new codex will change things but warriors are too slow to ever use a 14" gun and those stats definitely don't look like they're worth it.

>> No.73211346

>Getting motivational speeches

>> No.73211350

I don’t know what’s worse getting beat up by Eldar or a bunch of toads

>> No.73211352

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.73211354

It warms my heart to see the polacks get so assmad about it.

>> No.73211357

Having warriors that close up sounds good with the math of the guns but it's similar to Tau Breachers. Sure they are closer but you damn well better be shooting first or something because at that point you're in rapid fire range for intercessors etc.

>> No.73211360

Model Penitents being dragged behind the vehicles, or crucified on top of them. Put a breaking wheel on top of one of the rhinos with the skeleton of some long-dead officer. Warhammer fantasy had some skeletons in gibbets, have a few of those hanging off of stuff too with "HERETIC" and "COWARD" and "REJOICE FOR HE IS REDEEMED" and shit written under it.

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nice double post noooob

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It’s more of a command

>> No.73211381

first one didn't have a cool pic

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Based GW referencing a based era to shit on secondaries

>> No.73211401

Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with them as they are. Just right scale, just right amount of detail, etc. What is there to change?

>> No.73211405

It's not, he's a tardo.

>> No.73211413

>Forget the promise of progress and understanding.

>> No.73211415

I agree

>> No.73211421

Word bearers. They're actual sons of Lorgar, where black legion's a twisted mess of retards

>> No.73211426

If you didn't melee execute valrak in eternal crusade then you will never know true joy of slaughtering fistfags

>> No.73211428

REMINDER: Hate has no home in our hobby. Anyone who confuses in setting satire of hate for an endorsement is a brain addled fascist.

>> No.73211430

Has GW basically abandoned DW as a sub-faction? They can't use the new Phobos stuff and it's been a while since their release. I am aware of the homebrew but officially have they? Sure seems like it. The PA shit was pretty damn lazy.

>> No.73211438

That's basically what 9th is, most of the new necrons stuff is based off of jes goodwin sketches from 3rd that were impossible to make models of at the time.

>> No.73211440

A bunch of toads, eldar, roided up orks beating you up is infinitely a better decision than gay homo ear twinks

>> No.73211443

Supposedly gw said that dw would get more stuff in a live stream

>> No.73211447

Was that game any good? Were you playing as IW

>> No.73211454

My favorite thing about AoS is that it killed the theory of 40k and fantasy being in the same universe.

>taking credit from the Krorks

>> No.73211459

Trannies get out

>> No.73211460

Human is human
The emperor doesn’t care if your flesh is gay or your blood is black you’re getting sacrificed kiddo

>> No.73211463

I hate HATE fat smelly neckbeards in the hobby. This is the most disgusting part of it and I can't wait for GW to finish ejecting them.

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what is the best romance of 40k ?

>> No.73211475

Not really the warp views time very non linearly so yeah slannesh is sealed right now but when shes unsealed she will just retroactively do shit.

>> No.73211482

It was absolute fucking garbage, but killing loyalist fanboys was wonderful. And yes, iron within.

>> No.73211484

Zahndreck and Obyron

>> No.73211489

I finished up all my tanks, Just have drones and seeker missiles to paint now. the infantry to base, and the piranhas and commander to paint.

But today I'm taking a break since I spent all of last week and the weekend painting up the last two devilfish.

>> No.73211491

new dex next edition apparently
we'll see if they even get above BA, DA, SW level

>> No.73211492

It's meh
It's acceptable for a marine on marine TDM but flops for the other races.
Should've been more focused on Marine on Marine with more chapter options, more customization, and a bigger focus on balance

As is it's sort of fun. I play solo but like every game out there it'll really shine with friends

>> No.73211498

Greyfax and Celestine

>> No.73211504

That looks like Word Bearers to me.

>> No.73211509

As long as there are no gay theories about Sigmar being a lost primarch i'm fine with that.

>> No.73211513

My DP's axe and your vehicle's innards

>> No.73211536

Those are the some really good ideas.

I could see redoing an Imagifier to be carrying a gibbet cage or a breaking wheel like that.

>> No.73211537

I think one of the lost primarchs should be named sigmar but not be the sigmar if you catch my drift

>> No.73211538

>Do bromances count>

>> No.73211578

Deldar unironicly need new units more than any other faction.

>> No.73211580


>> No.73211589

I think it should be left unknown.

>> No.73211592

I was promised a hat

>> No.73211613

>Should've been more focused on Marine on Marine with more chapter options, more customization, and a bigger focus on balance

I see it now... Horus Heresy Online

>> No.73211614

Why? They have 3 major areas with units already

>> No.73211619

You're done, CUNT

>> No.73211620

Why? What has made people crave the insane unit bloat? Has GW's brainwashing finally taken root?

>> No.73211633

Why are there no atrocities committed by Imperials ever shown or talked about? It's a hellhole shitsetting. We should be hearing more about that to really enforce the shittiness.

>> No.73211635

In the 9th reveal they hinted at DE getting new toys, I guess they were waiting for the next wave of primaris before they updated them because they have a crazy amount of unit interactions and it wouldn't be good to do them via FAQs

>> No.73211636

I might've lost my arm, but you lost your brother

>> No.73211645

Us marine autists only need a canvas to start painting a beautiful picture with corpses. Would play the shit out of an updated game like that since eternal crusade and space marine are dead or buried.

>> No.73211646

>Why are there no atrocities committed by Imperials ever shown or talked about?
what is exterminatus

>> No.73211655

No, that's the talk of someone who has a funkopop addiction. Deldar need rules that allow them to use their current units in a non-retarded way.

>> No.73211658

They're shown all the time what are you talking about?

>> No.73211669

Same reason american war crimes and other atrocities aren't shown to their own populace. It's to keep the status quo.

>> No.73211678

Excellent rule writing gee dubs. Can the manipulus not move at all (why then give it a 6 inch move attribute)? Can it not use this ability when it moves? Wtf.

>> No.73211681

When is the last time in the fluff Exterminatus happened? Kryptmann.

Give an example.

>> No.73211683

John 15:13
Go fuck yourself you ignorant unloved troglodyte

>> No.73211689

that's a big ork

>> No.73211693


>> No.73211703



>pick one of three Deldar subfactions
>troop and HQ choice is made for you

>> No.73211705

Did we talk about this massive retcon yet?

>> No.73211710


>> No.73211713

DEldar have more than 3 subfactions

>> No.73211716

It's a mistake from a troglodyte
I hope

>> No.73211718

Yes, they let phil kelly write about necrons again.

>> No.73211722

Yes, brainlet he has to stop to perform a weapon enhancing ritual. This is going to be common in 9th especially with mission objectives requiring your units not to move to perform actions as well.

>> No.73211725



>> No.73211729

I would also be happy with this

>> No.73211733

Agrellan's aftermath. To contain the T'au expansion, the Imperials extermintus'ed the Hiveworld of Agrellan and then set fire to the Damocles Gulf killing untold billions on their own side and the T'au.

>> No.73211736

the lesbian sister of battle with her hospitaller gf from the SoB trilogy

>> No.73211737

In Red and Black they used a virus weapon to cleanse the entire planet of artificial sentient humans that had built the planet because ot was voted for by a small ruling class of natural humans. The natural humans also turned out to be a chaos cult

>> No.73211739

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only friendship

>> No.73211744

No one cares, grog. You won't be missed.

>> No.73211751

Does that mean he's off tau?

>> No.73211760

In the U.S.
Where do I get bits from other than fucking ebay

>> No.73211761


>> No.73211762

like when the totally depopulated Armageddon after the 1st war ?

>> No.73211764

What's the mistake? The Necron and Aeldari lore says that the Aeldari defeated the Necrons in the war in Heaven and then ruled the galaxy for 60 million years.

>inb4 the necrons weakened themselves by turning on the C'tan

The Nazis weakened themselves by turning on their Soviet allies. This does not detract from the Allies victory. Same logic allies here.

>> No.73211768

>Xenos are so irrelevant they can be rewritten without anyone really noticing

>> No.73211771

>disregard Old Ones
>acquire Slann

>> No.73211772

Then state that the character can't move when using the ability.

Also, out of curiosity where did they state the thing about objectives?

>> No.73211775

Which coincidentally is where Chaos and Psykers get their abilities from. Friendship is magic

>> No.73211776

The only man worse than Ben

>> No.73211781

Speaking of allies, the Eldar had the Old Ones and Krork on their side
The issue is that it says ELDAR beat them opposed to the coalition of species

>> No.73211782

Saint Josmane's Hope ?

>> No.73211783

They talk about eating ground up human corpses every day for rations like it's not a big deal anon. I don't know how much more you want.

>> No.73211788

That sounds counterproductive

>> No.73211791

Can call the imperium for rooting out chaos cults atrocities? For all the blame people put on the inquisition and navy most of the time it's them chasing down a handful of chaos corrupted rulers that drags an entire sub-sector into civil war.

>> No.73211799

Word Bearers unless you paint like this guy

>> No.73211800

Learn to read fuckhead

>> No.73211804

That is more of a rules issue, not a models one.

>> No.73211807

Really? Which faction do I choose if I want an HQ that doesnt punish me for not also taking the exact one troop choice that comes with it?

>> No.73211809

"deseased" ok so they never have paid for proof readers. At least GW is consistent.

>> No.73211811

I could see them losing because they thought enslaving their gods during an intergalactic extermination war was a good idea

>> No.73211812

Based ADB inserting his fanfiction as best buds with one of the most well-known names in the franchise.

>> No.73211816

No, the necrons went to sleep because the krork were still fucking their shit while the elves kept to their bit of space that would become the eye of terror. Necrons used their time travel to determine a time that the creations of the old ones would degenerate to a point where they didn't matter.

>> No.73211820

Probably, because they usually kill a whole lot of people who aren't chaos cultists along the way

>> No.73211824

He just can't move when using that version of the ability, i don't why you have trouble understanding that.

>> No.73211829

Not really. The Imperium can handle cutting off its own nose to spite its enemies. The T'au can't handle those kind of losses so they stopped their expansion.

The alliance was defeated and scattered. The Aeldari were the ones that rose up and banished the Necrons to their tombs.

>> No.73211831

Imagine saying the lore instead of just posting it

>> No.73211837

Yeah but he does kill his OC at the end

>> No.73211839

> "le général Petain est un bon Français animé par l'amour de la patrie"
kek, is that even allowed in France ?

>> No.73211842

>The emperor was wrong to abolish religion

>> No.73211843

M: 6"

Bolster Weapon: This model cannot move for any reason.

Sloppy writing

>> No.73211846

There is your headcanon.

And there is what's in the codexes. I am going with the codexes.

>> No.73211847

And yet we see massive ground wars to avoid cleansing whole planets. It's not like chaos would be a non-issue if these were nom-imperoum worlds. Entire alien civs have been lost to chaos and a dead world is better than a future xeno breeding ground.

>> No.73211850

Dark Eldar
They have 3 super factions that can all be played together. Each one of those superfactions then further split into subfactions. So you only feel a lack of units if you purposefully choose not to take the other 2/3rds of a codex like a stubborn retard.

>> No.73211852

Because you've been desensitized to it. I remember the PA short stories for tau causing a shitstorm but extermination, genocide, and hell even cannibalism is just another sunday morning for the imperium.

>> No.73211858


This is why Intercessors only got a mild point increase compared to cultists, choosing to not shoot with a squad of marines is a big deal but cultists barely scratched paint anyway

>> No.73211879

what the fuck

>> No.73211882

It's not you stupid fucking moron.

You choose the ability. Then the ability gets applied. If you choose Bolster Weapon, then the model can't move. if you don't then the model can move. Fucking illiterate shithead

>> No.73211884

Not really bro
The eldar LARP as the sole winners when in reality the Old Ones got exterminated and the krorks finished the necrons alongside the eldar
Are you trying to tell me that those fucking elf twinks managed to dance through phalanxes of necron gauss cannons and survived necron sieges? Are you stupid?
Only krork formations have a chance of pulling something like that off. And the krork did pay a heavy price, they got their numbers annihilated but by then the necrons were already beat

Shut up eldar

>> No.73211887

Because cultists were so cheap before

>> No.73211890

Necron codex. Literally first pages.

>> No.73211898


>> No.73211900

I give a few months until the new necron codex changes it again so that the necrons ran from daemons unleashed by the old ones this time.

>> No.73211901

ty bb

>> No.73211903


Fuck off, 8thfaggot.

>> No.73211904

Quit being a 12 years old child. See >>73211846

>> No.73211914

>Not really. The Imperium can handle cutting off its own nose to spite its enemies
No it can’t

>> No.73211915

Comparatively they were, especially when they just sit on an objective all game and occasionally take a potshot or two

>> No.73211920

Yeah and other times we exterminate a bunch of worlds to try and slow down Tyranids and other times we try to create a lab to study Tyranids and then we lose the whole world because they escaped. Hell, this one time Necrons killed a buncb of Sisters so we sent a second bunch of Sisters there without telling them about the Necrons, to see if they would get killed to. Don't bother trying to apologize for the inquisition, they don't need your help.

>> No.73211921

Quit being a cocksucking faggot, retard
I bet you have a hard time tying your shoes

>> No.73211922

All the chaos codex characters got similar treatment in during the HH.
>adding depth to characters isn't bad
>so long as it's not retarded and out of character

>> No.73211930

>unironically being autistic

>> No.73211932

Khârn and Ahriman got great stuff.

>> No.73211933

It can. It's an empire of a over a million worlds. It can shrug off the loss of a few planets. It already survived losing hand of itself with the Great Rift.

>> No.73211937

Nobody cares what's in the necron codex, not necrons and especially not whoever wrote it.

>> No.73211938

>seeker missiles are completely grey

>> No.73211952

Cool headcanon bro

>> No.73211954

Are you ok buddy?

>> No.73211955

They should have an HQ choice that supersedes the three mini faction HQ choices though.

It's dumb that your forced to split your army into 3 smaller armies that have NO synergy with each other.

>> No.73211958

Lol I can hear your chins quivering from here as you rush to simp for GW and their poorly written rulesets.

>> No.73211962

Nice faggot impression bro it's really convincing

>> No.73211965

My shoes are velcro faggot

>> No.73211970

>It already survived losing hand of itself with the Great Rift.
Survived how? It’s still rapidly dying and being picked off systematically the imperium has literally never been weaker. They’re dying of blood loss at this point as opposed to the cancerous death they were being subjected to before

>> No.73211974

it's fall of orpheus all over again for kriegers

>> No.73211977

>I'm going to choose to play with only a third of my army
>WTF this army is so small I need more units
User error

>> No.73211979

How about you read the start of the rule retard

>> No.73211980

Part of me thinks GW purposefully makes... I'll be diplomatic and say interesting, models because it gets people talking about warhammer more. I mean sure, we get the new box set for 9th, and we see those cool models, but hype settles down a little after that as we start waiting. But a model like the ATV, that gets people angry, laughing, arguing, and most importantly, still focused on 40k.

I don't seriously believe this though, just thought it was a fun tinfoil hat idea.

>> No.73211982

Actually, the Aeldari curbstomping the Necrons is referenced in quite a few places. Like the Aeldari codex.

>> No.73211983

I thought they WERE allied with the C'Tan, at least at first?

>> No.73211994

You're the only one claiming that it is confusing, illiterate.

>> No.73211997

I'm starting to agree with the angron poster

>> No.73212001

Thanks bro

>> No.73212006

It's but a flesh wound I tell you

>> No.73212008

Can this guy's ghost come back and give us some good fluff again?

>> No.73212012

Eldar is a human corruption of the word Aeldari.

>> No.73212013

I wonder if the writers were the same for the good eldar codex and the absolutely dogshit necron codex.

>> No.73212014

> not Asuryani

>> No.73212015


>> No.73212016

I mentioned that I still had to paint them, they're magnetized and optional (mostly) so they don't really count...

ah shit.. I get to them soon... I still need to figure out how I'm going to paint them, I was thinking the ever classic white with red tip. or following a similar theme of dark green with cream tip. don't know if I want to make them contrast or blend in.

>> No.73212017

has GW FAQ'd the heavy phosphor blaster yet?

>> No.73212018

You're a faggot

>> No.73212019


>> No.73212021

Yes, but not anymore, that is their point.

>> No.73212023


>> No.73212033

That’s a really big flesh wound

>> No.73212040

If they make a new imperial armour campaign book i hope it's just some low universe stakes warzone, that's the best place to get fleshed out characters when you don't have to worry about the universes ending.

>> No.73212049

Fabius stuff leak yet?

>> No.73212051

If you turn a Combi-weapon into Master Crafted does both halves get the +1 damage or do you have to pick a half? Same with Artisan of War.

>> No.73212065

There has to be a summoning we can perform to get someone possessed by Bligh. Perhaps we can use a vessel. A teacup. A stuffed bear. Straw woven into a facsimile of Alan that magically speaks.

I will settle for a ouiji board transcription no matter the time.

>> No.73212069

It gives both

>> No.73212070

Rules have been leaked already but they are in some Euro-language.

Lore has been leaked. You want to know what happens?

>> No.73212073


>> No.73212078

Thank you

>> No.73212082


>> No.73212083

They are. It's just the usual illiterate doomer overreaction. They called The Silent King the God-Breaker in his preview thing. It's not a retcon it's just a quick lore summary. All of it is correct according to the existing lore.

>> No.73212084

Probably gonna draw a graffiti dick on one side somewhere but does anyone else have suggestions? Might do Kilroy too.

>> No.73212095

I'm sick and tired of this Marvel bullshit where everyone is at the same place in the fuckhuge galaxy. I want things to be cataclysmic but not matter because that's just how it is in 40k.

>> No.73212103

Ouija is a form of witchcraft and therefore haram

>> No.73212118


i cant wait till saturday, imma see if my lgs will sell it to me tomorrow

>> No.73212123

Is master crafted a Strategem? Do all chapters get it? How don’t I know about this?

>> No.73212125

Traitor Guard. They have the assets from Blackstone Fortress and the Cultist box is not really fit for purpose.

>> No.73212129

Nothing makes me feel better than knowing someone else is suffering as much as I am.

Especially if they're an Imperial Fist.

>> No.73212133

Did you notice they realized that didn't work after Vigilus, and that's why Psychic Awakening is scattered throughout the galaxy with 2-4 factions present per book?

>> No.73212134


i am not the anon who made the tau auxiliary jellyfish xenos out of spores, but i respect the hell out of him and want to copy it someday. I did make pic related though (it's a combination of greenstuff, gw bits, plastic toy organs, and doll eyes)

i literally only use my fingers, water, and and a beat to death xacto knife to sculpt.
I want to get greenstuff rollers soon.

>> No.73212146

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

>> No.73212147


>> No.73212156

Anyone know where an autist can see the current sum power in-universe for each faction is? Or is that all headcannon

>> No.73212178

I think space marine officer combi-bolers are all mastercrafyed if you pay 3pts

>> No.73212179

"Vescere bracis meis" is one of my favorites

>> No.73212185

All in constant flux.


>> No.73212191

>Anyone know where an autist can see the current sum power in-universe for each faction is?

how new are you?

>> No.73212195

it's a retcon that gave eldar a retarded name for copyright purposes

>> No.73212197

GW have never done anything like that. They wouldn't because it would limit the setting.

>> No.73212199

Space Marine warlords can take it

>> No.73212201

What do you mean? Like power rankings?

>> No.73212208

Thank me later

>> No.73212215

Sister Miriya and Verity

>> No.73212222

fucking GROSS

>> No.73212229


>> No.73212240

If you want to read something real dumb read the fluff in Ritual of the Damned PA, it's actually a joke.
>planet hyped up for a page that it's completely fucks up invading forces
>literally the next page GK and DA invade with no problems
>they also completely forget they have guns on their ship until the very last second to stop the ritual
>their was nothing stopping an orbital bombardment on the ritual the entire time but they decided to invade it on foot.

>> No.73212256

to find the answer to that question you must first post your models.

>> No.73212263

Yeah they even handholding in the end of book 1

>> No.73212265

Cain and Amberly

>> No.73212268

>their was nothing stopping an orbital bombardment on the ritual the entire time but they decided to invade it on foot.
that;s such a wierd thing to have since the likes of vraks and Armageddon both had reasons for no orbital bombardments

>> No.73212281

Isha and Nurgle

>> No.73212282

He didn’t want to accidentally create warp God Jesus & get dethroned by a better man

>> No.73212289

It's too dark. And they're unfinished

>> No.73212297

Jesus was a necromancer who would have become akin to Nagash

Prove me wrong pro tip: you can't

>> No.73212300

>dozens of systems
What's the greater context here becuae we all know this isn't true, at the very least gross misrepresentation. Is this old misinterpretations of bumping into tomb worlds that were napping?

>> No.73212302

Anyone have the pictures of the sprues from the Twitch livestream?

>> No.73212308


>> No.73212328

you do not understand faith

>> No.73212355

yeah bro why don't space marines just toss melta bombs on everyone's head first
And let's put camo on 8 foot tall loud as fuck dudes in tank armor that you can hear the servos whirrrrrr on every time they fucking twitch

>> No.73212358


>> No.73212359

hey this is my screenshot, I really like sending Fists on suicide missions in my campaign for some reason lol

>> No.73212374

Is there a chaos equivalent to fast attack vehicles that carry marines?

>> No.73212379

A rhino is the best you can do.

>> No.73212380

>Taking Warhammer seriously

>> No.73212384

What is the point of the Gauss Reaper? It's bloody garbage.

>> No.73212385

that fucking size difference on the scout's bolter and the heavy bolter

>> No.73212393

They let the guy who wrote the last codex write the new one too.

>> No.73212405

bone helmets are absolutely kino

>> No.73212410

Marinelets removed from the game when

>> No.73212418

You are stupid

>> No.73212419

man, I wanna go back the days of the necrontyr being tricked by the deciever, and ruled my the malicious c'tan. they can keep the egyptian theme and all the dynasty stuff. Make it like Khalidor or something.
Also the new units don't feel very Necron, all the exposed piping etc. Necron stuff always felt more sleek and compact

>> No.73212422

Nope, chaos lacks a lot of the more "modern" technology that loyalists use.

>> No.73212425

Is it even a question at this point?

>> No.73212430

Probably not what you expected, but the Dreadclaws. This thing isn't a drop pod either and can keep operating after deploying the troop cargo.

>> No.73212436

Never they're gonna update manlets after all the marine players rebuy their army as primaris

>> No.73212439

Heavy bolters would probably be classified as full-auto grenade launchers if they were real. Lore says they fire fist-sized bolter rounds.

>> No.73212440

I can only assume they figured half the shots at range was a good trade-off for AP. Hopefully there's some kind of trick to get some extra mobility out of them in the new codex.

>> No.73212452

All the main rules writers play marines and said so in the recent reveal streams. Obviously writing other units rules was an afterthought.

>> No.73212456

It's meant to give Warriors a way to harass and put pressure on high toughness models with good saves. Which is kind of irrelevant because those models also usually have Invuln saves, but I still like it. It'll at least let the melt common characters.

>> No.73212460

>14 inch range
but why

>> No.73212463

There's already better guns in the necron codex for cheaper troops. There's really no defending the new gun unless you have GW's cock currently blasting rope into your mouth.

>> No.73212469


>> No.73212470

With what exactly? They're getting replaced in the lore too lmao

>> No.73212473

the difference between alliance and slavery is just a matter of perspective. Ask the democrats

>> No.73212475

chaos leans a lot harder into heavy support than it does fast attacks.

>> No.73212477

Wouldn't he be closer to a green mage
>he was able to heal the lepers - Cure Blight
>change water to wine - Ferment
>regenerate after being sealed in a cave for 3 days - Earth Blood/The Jade Casket
>Calm the storm when the were fishing - Summer Heat
>helping those seek peace - Peace(yes)

, move the boulder in fr

>> No.73212487

>Death Ray is a Blast weapon
>Says Heavy in the Type
So Blast isn't a Type but a weapon modifier or something?

>> No.73212491

He is the King of Kong’s & all of Heaven & Earth bows to his Will. He will speak & it will be

>> No.73212492

The warhammer thread on /aco/

>> No.73212498

It seems like Weapon Keywords may be a thing in 9th

>> No.73212500

I'm just trying to think of what could be in the codex surrounding the gun that would make it do...something.

It's like the necron version of a shuriken gun, but at least guardians can run and gun.

>> No.73212505

>14" rapid
They better have a strategem for firing full rapid at max range or something

>> No.73212510

Jackin’ it in San Diego

>> No.73212513

We talking normal human fists or space marine fists?

>> No.73212517

>He is the King of Kong’s

>> No.73212522

>I really like sending Fists on suicide missions
I like the way you think.

>> No.73212531

Its true. DG have some really solid fast attack, but nothing that carries infantry, would probably be way too powerful, or done really weakly if it existed.

>> No.73212532

It's hard to imagine because it's impossible unless it's specifically only for that gun. I already have a lot of useless stratagems, what's one more?

>> No.73212538

Keywords would be nice.
Like DEEPSTRIKE for the bazillion 9" deepstrike abilities.

>> No.73212539

>8th fucks everything up because people are too stupid to learn USRs.
>9th brings back USRs

Like clockwork

>> No.73212545

For all of their scientific knowledge and ability, why have the Tau never discovered how to live longer than 40? I mean, modern humans right now are within a hundred years of significant life extension.

>> No.73212550

This image unironically inspired me to start working out since I like how "absolute beast of an autist" sounds

>> No.73212553

They're really pushing DG as a TOUGH BUT SLOW faction since there are still zero ways to improve charges in the new PA. What we do have seems pretty solid though.

>> No.73212554


>> No.73212569

I think >>73212505 could be something. Or a range extender subfaction, or 'free assault on advance but RF counts as assault'

Mind, these are tau things already.

>> No.73212576

Ethereals probably live much longer and use the short lifespan of the other castes to keep them under control.

>> No.73212577

the same reason necrons did not

>> No.73212588

Haven't found anything that specifies that, but I assume normal. Ridiculous enough already.

>> No.73212592

May be an unpopular opinion, but I like Black Legion. I like they're driven purpose of destroying the Imperium over worshipping the gods. Also I think they give more wiggle room for -your dudes- bc they accept nearly anyone into their ranks as long as they prove themselves and hate the Imperium.

>> No.73212598

Its for the advance through walls dynasty when it becomes common place to make everything obscuring

>> No.73212599

>because people are too stupid to learn USRs.

Are these the same people that said they removed Chaos Undivided because people just didn't get it, while they write about Chaos Undivided in a way that's totally not what it is, indicating they themselves didn't get it?

>> No.73212606

T'au see life extension as distasteful since a T'au is suppose to work so that the future generations would enjoy the fruits of his labour. If a T'au overstays his welcome in life he steals food from the mouths of the nation's youth.

With that said, the T'au have means to extend their lives. People who take them are looked down upon.

>> No.73212607

Bell bitch buffs charges, doesn't he?

>> No.73212609

It could have been fixed by simple adding the list with all the special rules to each codex.

But no, new edition it was. Why take the easy solution am I right?

>> No.73212621

Wait what

>> No.73212623

All the sprues are here http://natfka.blogspot.com/2020/06/whats-in-box-9th-edition.html?m=1

>> No.73212624

Probably because it wouldn't be for "the Greater Good." Really though, there's not a good reason why they wouldn't be long lived unless their genetics knowledge is just stupidly far behind everything else. Like even the GG argument falls apart when you consider what the Tau lose be letting guys like Puretide die of old age in their 40's.

>> No.73212633

What's USR?

>> No.73212637

You could model a MBH as a buggy with a Missile gunner and a melta lad

>> No.73212645

Universal Special Rule

>> No.73212651

Custom renegades

>> No.73212653

some more Fist slaughter for your viewing pleasure

>> No.73212656

You saw nothing.

>> No.73212660

Oh, how would anyone struggle to get that?

>> No.73212662

I was thinking of that, but it turns out that the reaper isn't assault 2 18". It's rapid 1 14"

>> No.73212664

I can see them making that argument, but it's a dumb argument.

>> No.73212677

Necrons would rather have any of that on any of the guns they actually use. any reaper specific stratagems is gonna get people to use them unless it's absolutely broken, and wasting a relic/transport/deceiver and stratagem on them just to make warriors shoot almost as good as immortals is only good if you're an abject retard.

>> No.73212683

I plan to make a fabius army (I have enough bits to make about 50 marines with mutations easy) so any and all leaks are helpful

>> No.73212687

"meeehrr I don't know if this is a flame weapon or not"
>it has to be nigger and retard proof anon

>> No.73212703

>I like this HQ but don't like I'm locked into a specific troop choice by taking it

>I like this troop choice but don't like I'm then locked into a specific HQ choice by taking it


>> No.73212707

Stop, I can only get so erect

>> No.73212710

They could have included the core rules in the back of each codex too, but that would make things easy for players and we can't have that. I don't get why they trimmed the rules down enough to fit into a pamphlet if they weren't gonna include them in each codex. Seems retarded to trim it down that much just to sell a huge book for them anyway.

>> No.73212718

what's the most american army?

>> No.73212728

any ideas for normal CSM not DG TS etc

>> No.73212731

Stop posting this

They let you download the core rules pdf for free on their website. Printing it in the codex would just waste paper.

>> No.73212733

Because then people would not have to buy three, four different books as the edition progresses anon. That would just not do, GW needs that money.

>> No.73212739


>> No.73212740

Bolters themselves are basically 20mm cannons only more destructive.
Heavy bolters are even bigger, like .998 caliber big.
That'd be 25mm

They're more than grenade launchers bruv, they're way scarier

>> No.73212743

Universal Special Rule. Things like Gets Hot!, Twin Linked and Deeptrike. Every army and every model had them, in addition to their unit type, like Gargantuan Monsters or Jump Pack Infantry.

>> No.73212744

No just advances

>> No.73212750

We had a thread about this. It’s DA by a Texas sized mile

>> No.73212758

>Want to get into CSM
>Can't decide between Iron Warriors and Night Lords
Help me out here anons

>> No.73212759

What's the most Yes army?

>> No.73212762

I thought 40k was supposed to be satire.

>> No.73212769

The reason why people say things like "feel no pain" and "deep strike"

>> No.73212770

No it doesn't, it's like wanting to make dark souls accessible to the mentially disabled, it would ruin what attracts people to it in the first place.

>> No.73212773

Please don't remind me of the days when the rulebook had 18 pages of goddamn unit types and their movements when those were cleanly replaced by the Move stat and whether or not a unit can Fly

>> No.73212779

I know, but that was the closest thing I could think of. using a heavy bolters would probably be considered a war crime in modern day

>> No.73212780

IW are about to become really good with the blast weapon and vehicle buffs

>> No.73212784


>> No.73212789

Necrons are the most everything army

GW forgot what satire was and started hiring people who actually idolize the people in the setting.

>> No.73212790

Night lords =
>Dead crybaby primarch, waaah im sad dad made me the way I am despite the fact other primarchs had the same powers/upbringing I had and became better people. "we scare people by killing kids and shit oooohhh we scary"

Iron warriors =
>Iron within, iron without

>> No.73212793

Do you like shooting or melee?
Do you like few big boys or many small boys?
Do you like tech horror, or body horror?

>> No.73212794

It always was, but as the setting evolved other writers tried to make it at least make sense in it's own context and setting. And that ended up attracting people who didnt get that.

It's likely more complicated then that but I dont really care to delve deeper, I have better shit to do.

>> No.73212809

Probably the Elysians. They're like Cadians, but they focus more on speed and precision. They also have a tendency to give individual infantryman more gear than they actually need.

>> No.73212812

Does "Dag, the Shatterfist" sound too stupid for a Space Wolf name?

>> No.73212816

>S4 AP0 1(one)damage

>> No.73212829

Hopes for Crusade

>No random unit selection unlike Path To Glory
>Unit buffs gained by experience are relatively minor and don't skew the game that much
>Easily integrated with a map for map campaigns
>The new app lets you track your army's bonuses over time
>Encourages players to become attached to specific units

>> No.73212832

I would perhaps entertain the name Dax instead but it’s a perfect yiff name

>> No.73212833

why not both you silly nig

IW for shooty
NL for stabby

>> No.73212839

Dog the shitterfist?

>> No.73212840

Don't delude yourself. The only differences are how you paint them, legion trait (haha nice joke) and the stratagems they get.

>> No.73212844

>power level, not points
fucking, droped

>> No.73212849

You're a Space Wolf. You're already stupid.

>> No.73212850

>Chad Night Lords vs Virgin Iron Warriors

>> No.73212858

The people who made and make 40k don't understand guns, ammunition, and in certain cases even physics Lasguns would actually suck at hurting people, but do great in the armour penetration department

>> No.73212859

Do you realize you can just go "Okay guys, it says 50 power level, so we're playing 1000 points to start"?

>> No.73212860


>> No.73212862

That's pretty big though, the legion trait and stratagems as minor as they are, will guide how you build the army

>> No.73212869

Not going for yiff.


Silence, nerd.

>> No.73212872


>able to wound a normal human 3/6ths of the time in melee combat.

>> No.73212878

sometimes i read stuff about the catachan jungle fighters and i think about how their lasguns would set literally everything on fire.

>> No.73212879

yes, I can make up all sorts of fix's to broken game modes, the thing is, this new "Crusade game mode" is already starting off with shit like power levels and will be balanced around that, no hope for it being any good, its going to be another "narrative" mode that no one ever touches

>> No.73212883

Well have fun playing 2k matched play games forever I guess

>> No.73212886

Best CSM legionsgo in this order:

>> No.73212899

Yeah, that's a good point to consider. Thanks anon

>Dead crybaby primarch vs living crybaby primarch

>Do you like shooting or melee?
Either is fine
>Do you like few big boys or many small boys?
Few big boys
>Do you like tech horror, or body horror?
Either is fine

That's the plan, but I gotta start somewhere

Alpha Legion is a distant 3rd for me, maybe some day

>> No.73212906

I don't know. I enjoyed it. I appreciate the way 8th slimed down the game, but I still play HH for the fact that it is simply deeper game. It's way more complex, but every unit feels like it matters. Or that is CAN matter, at least. Every unit has it's own personality and weaknesses. Every chaff unit in 8th feels the same. Every heavy support unit feels the same. All armour feels the same. It's simpler and faster, but it doesn't set off my imagination like 7th used to. 8th feels like a game designed to appeal to people that play Magic or League of Legends, with a thin veneer of "lore" that contextualizes really gamey surface level machines that change every 6 months. Everything is buff auras and ablative wounds now. It isn't as cool. The only thing keeping me going at this point is the models, which for the most part, have been pretty great since 8th launched (everything Primaris notwithstanding). Otherwise I would've dropped the game in 2017.

>> No.73212907

Thinking about it Night Lords and Iron Warriors would gel together really well when it comes to waging war.
Iron warriors would be the front line focusing on pushing the enemy lines and facing them in open battle.
While Night lords would be the grubs that they are and be committed to wreaking havoc amonsgt the enemies supply lines and reinforcements, performing preemptive raids on targets to soften targets up before the main force of iron warriors assault them.

>> No.73212910

The Night Lords only had a singular chad, and he went on to start a Loyalist Chapter, and a damn good one at that. Otherwise, at least the Iron Warriors still have some semblance of a Legion.

And a Primarch.

>> No.73212923

I had a weird moment setting up an Only War campaign last week where my bud and I were explaining lasguns to his teen brother.
I more or less gave up on making any sensible technobabble work and just said they were essentially star wars blasters.

Honestly, meltaguns are a more accurate representation of a laser weapon.

>> No.73212931

hazard stripes are cool

>> No.73212934

>the virgin we have a primarch and a legion vs the chad we were right the whole time this universe is irredeemably fucked

>> No.73212935

>WE being anything other than dead last
biggest retards in the eye of terror, accomplish nothing other than aimless violence. haven't been a serious threat to the imperium since Armageddon.

>> No.73212936

Did any of the lore get leaked from War of the Spider?

>> No.73212940

>BL anywhere except the bottom
You also play ultramarines, don't you?

>> No.73212944

No faqs til ninth silly
So if you want to be a faggot and run 65 point triple gun bots be my guest

>> No.73212946

Yes, I agree

>> No.73212949

I almost want the catachan commander to get a regular release later just to watch the tears of the people that bought one off of ebay for $100+.

>> No.73212967

warhammer weapons don't make any sense if you try to take them seriously, power weapons are just swords and axes but extra choppy. plasma guns just shoot blue goo of armor-hurting. boltguns are just guns but they shoot things deader. meltaguns are so vague in their descriptions it's difficult to even rationalize anything other than the fact that it melts things.

>> No.73212976

reminds me of the NES game Shatterhand

>> No.73212977

I find We to be less of cucks then WBs,

>> No.73212981 [SPOILER] 

He technically didn't die since his brain got copied to a robutt

>> No.73212983

That sounds just the right amount of stupid for a Space Wolf name.

>> No.73212988

How is it dumb? It's logical. Look at Japan and its ageing population or the US and its boomer problem. A youth focused nation is a strong one.

>> No.73212995

The Carcharodons are a successor of the raven guard, their tactics do share it's similarities to night lords and world eaters but that's also inline with a lot of the terran born raven guard being the descendants of brutal slavers, black book 3 has a some good references to this if you wanted to read up about it.

>> No.73212996

They learned from that though, that's why Shadowsun and the rest of Puretide's protege gang get frozen and carted around like fuckin Master Chief.

>> No.73212997

Puretide mind got copied into an AI brain imprint.

>> No.73213007

That's not really the same if the life extension tech also keeps you relatively healthy.

>> No.73213010

How do AL play?

>> No.73213011

The Iron Warriors figured it out the hard way. The Night Lords just really wanted any excuse to cause others pain.

>> No.73213017

Well, in this sense, old =/= enfeebled, so their old would still be as mentally and physically fit as the young, just have more experience, much like the Imperium's or Eldar's valued ancients. But yeah, Tau likely just off themselves Clockwork Orange style when they hit 40 just so they aren't a burden on others. They probably would live into their 100s otherwise.

>> No.73213019


BL has Abby, who is both a force multiplier and a mega beat stick

>> No.73213038

Yeah but
>BL fucking sucks
>word bearers are cool
Simple as that

>> No.73213039

S4 AP-1 when they decide to use them right on turn 2

>> No.73213046

I'm working on a campaign game where the players will be fighting to locate some sort of relic hidden somewhere on the planet. If you were being asked to join a campaign, what overall objective would get you excited enough to join it.

Right now my only ideas are "STC template" and "ancient weapon from the dark age of technology"

Any thoughts?

>> No.73213052


>> No.73213054

>want to run flamer-obsessed sisters
>thinking of schemes, favor a green base with gold trim
>realize this is just fem salamanders
I just repainted my tau green so maybe I should think of something else.
It's kinda hard to imagine sisters in anything but their classic red and black though. I was also gonna put escher heads and have them be hiveworld based, so maybe I could draw more from punk aesthetic?

>> No.73213057

Why does it seem like Chaos players are chads who just like spikey bois and loyalist players are whiney and entitled?

>> No.73213058

counterpoint: abaddon is a faggot

>> No.73213059

I like them at any level. If you are a waacfag you get the possessed bomb, if you like fluffy stuff more you can basically build whatever you want. They are highly mobile and can asbically teleport infantry around, and stacking -1s to hit isn't that hard. It remains to be seen what 9th ed has in store. Also with I am alpharius and we are alpharius it's easy to give every HQ warlord traits, and prevent the enemy from getting VP from killing your warlord.

>> No.73213068

Weapon is going to be an easy sell because the first thought to occur to any player worth his salt is 'maybe i'll get to shoot it'

>> No.73213073

outside of Abbadon black legion really on has the blender lord, and those aren't enough.

>> No.73213105

Why isn't their legion trait good? Seem like it keeps them quite mobile.

>> No.73213108

NL knowing that fear and intimidation work and are easily the best way to bring the galaxy to heel during the great crusade is essentially them knowing the universe is fucked. it isn't out of a desire to kill and maim they do it, it is out of a desire to get their disgusting task done with. kurze wasn't born a psychopathic killer, he was made into one by the universe and the imperium.

objectively speaking,
Custom Renegades > BL > DG=TS=WE=EC > NL >>>>> WB > IW > AL

chaos is just as faggy a playerbase as loyalists.

>> No.73213115

people who think word bearers are cool are the same people who think Ouija boards are cool and drew pentagrams on their notebook in grade school.

>> No.73213120

I'd definitely build them more on the fluff side. The highly mobile thing is nice, it's kind of what I was looking for in another army.

>> No.73213134

wtf i love word bearers now

>> No.73213135

I think you typed your post backwards

>> No.73213161

That's kinda my first thought.

Because of the way my campaign system works works, it's possible that by sheer dumb luck someone will find the relic in the first round of the campaign, so I want to have a backup mode where, if the relic is found early, the campaign has a backup objective. Maybe you have to take the weapon to a specific hex in order to really claim victory?

Basically the archaeology aspect of the campaign works like this: Each player gets a clue, which is a vague in-universe document that talks about where the weapon might be, and you should need several to piece together where it is. After you play a game with someone, you can either try to guess where on the map the relic is, or you can force your opponent to show you his clue, so you can have more info next time. (That last is to encourage people to play everyone in the campaign)

>> No.73213162

>he really thinks anything about the Night Lords is redeemable

You're probably one of those faggots that actively abandons his allies.

>> No.73213163

you're rarely running basic marines, your termis are already going to DS at doubletap range, bikers are resoundingly mediocre, dreads can only take a combibolter if they have a fist, and cultists no longer get legion traits.

>> No.73213165

>Custom Renegades
It's a shame that the renegade traits are bad.

>> No.73213175

make it so they have to find the power source

>> No.73213179

warp talons are scary

>> No.73213189

This seems awfully specific?
>i like them because they're MAROON

>> No.73213196


>> No.73213199

>off themselves Clockwork Orange style when they hit 40
Did you mean to say Logan's Run?

>> No.73213220

Make it so it needs to have its machine spirit appeased or there's a not insignificant chance it'll turn on the bearer.

Maybe one of the other areas has an exiled heretek who is the only one who knows how to work the gun, and they'll have to find him too.

>> No.73213234

white looks good on them.

>> No.73213243

Currently a poor fag interested in a small model count army is custdes the way to go or is elite Necrons possible?

>> No.73213244

Ooh, that actually gives me an idea. A "collect the pieces" style game where you have to find all the relics, and you can also steal relics from your opponents. Maybe you have to find the complete set of weapon / shield / armor?

>> No.73213263

maybe they can fire it with only one bit but it's horribly unstable and will most likely backfire but as you get pieces it becomes more stable and powerful

>> No.73213264

If you don't mind a 100% loss-rate Custodes is the army for you

>> No.73213269

How do the custom make your own SM chapter traits compare to the main chapters?

If they're bad, hopefully ninth makes them better.

>> No.73213276

Some of them are stupidly good.

>> No.73213284

Unlike like their loyalist counter parts, legion traits are generally an after thought when picking sub faction. CSM get a lot of their rules through stratagems and thankfully we the rest of the legions received some very flavourful rules that have the crunch to back it up in Faith and Fury PA.
Have a read of the traits, relics and stratagems in that that book and see which one you think would fir you play style best, if you don't like their paint scheme just run them as a custom warband.

>> No.73213295

Have you looked at how necromunda campaigns work? A set number of territories are rolled up scaled by player count. There's then two phases of campaign, one where the players fight for control of the vacant areas, and another where they fight to steal territories from each other.
Each territory has a perk attached, from giving free followers to offering discounts on certain items in the market, or even things like being able to infiltrate guys turn one or turn the lights off to blind the other gangs.

>> No.73213300

Got done with my second character and looking for feedback. I know its shit but how is it shit. 1/2

>> No.73213301

9th's Crusade system has a bunch of unit bonuses you can get. I'm thinking that each piece will give a particular bonus, but if you can get all three pieces together you unlock its full power and win the campaign.

>> No.73213314

I've experimented with more territory-heavy campaigns, but players aren't usually satisfied with them, so I'm going for something where the game isn't about grabbing land and is more about exploring the map searching for something.

In my experience, players don't like a game being changed just because of how well someone's doing on the strategic scale. No one likes playing a 1k vs 1.5k game just because of the map, for example. So I minimize its influence on the game itself.

>> No.73213325


>> No.73213326

I quite like it. You should hit the cloth with a wash and highlight though. And maybe touch up that bit of green that bled onto the purple cloak.

Oh, and do something with the gem on the spear blade to make it pop.

>> No.73213329

Finish painting in all the gemstones for one, neaten up the gold details on the chest, you have a good amount of spillover onto the robes from there, and then hit it with a shade.

>> No.73213368

There are plenty of good combos, my favorites are

rerolling 1s to hit with boltguns and duelists, you get a buff on shooting AND assault
whirlwind of rage and hungry for battle, you get to assault and generate more attacks
hungry for battle and tactical withdrawal, easier to get a charge off and now you can fall back and charge
hungry for battle and rapid assault, if you want a fast shooty army
master artisans and scions of the forge, all your vehicles turn god mode on
long range marksmen and stealthy or bolter fussilade, longer range and defensive buffs OR ranged buffs

>> No.73213372

The problem is that nobody is paying 140 dollars for the new ones

>> No.73213455

I'd buy so much more stuff if gw stopped with these 2 player multi-faction boxes they keep shitting out.

>> No.73213464

do normal power armored space marines wear the crux terminatus on their left shoulder as if they were terminators?

>> No.73213472

Stop trying/10

>> No.73213476

Is there a pdf for Harlequins pa?

>> No.73213482

probably better off than an "elite" necron force
lychguard are a unit you definitely don't want to spam

>> No.73213487

Just cause it loldar?
Lets see ur werk ;^}

>> No.73213488

wait out the next edition, we have no idea how necrons are going to change overall once they get their new minis and codex.

>> No.73213494


Oh good. Looking forward to see what ninth buffs or doesn't buff with the various rules changes.

Fluffing out my chapter's fighting style is difficult when I'm torn between the in your face choppiness of things like BT/BA and sneakiness of RG. And can't forget those bolters of course.

>> No.73213495

If you've earned the right to wear Terminator Armor, you can wear the Crux. Generally it's either a badge or painted on, and it can be displayed on the pauldron instead of the chapter symbol.

>> No.73213497

Use washes to add shadows and hide the sloppy color patches you made all over the place.
Half the mediocre paint jobs posted here can be easily fixed if you just stick to
prime -> base color -> wash -> drybrush

>> No.73213504

>nothing other than aimless violence
This sounds like a good thing anon.

>> No.73213506

the do not.

>> No.73213511

ty anon

>> No.73213518

it's reserved for company vets that have the right to wear armor. Pretty sure it goes on the right pauldron since left is usually reserved for chapter insignias

>> No.73213520

That snout head might be the absolute worst marine helmet design

>> No.73213522

hm that's odd
is there a reason why termies wear it on their left then?

>> No.73213545

hey anon take a quick pic of your most recent completed work and lets compare. we'll reverse search the image so don't try to cheat.

>> No.73213560

What would make Reivers good/pick them over stuff like infiltrators or incursers?

AP? More attacks?

>> No.73213563

I think it's just to show that you have terminator honours vs when you're actually wearing the armour, i can't remember the exact reason.

Yeah the pre-FW mk4 helmets were weird.

>> No.73213577

How would he fair in 40k?

>> No.73213588

fuck off

>> No.73213595


>> No.73213598

Same. The CSM half of Shadowspear still has no separate boxes for anything but the CSM troops themselves. I'd love to buy some more obliterators but I'm not gonna buy an entire start collecting box for one unit when I can just go on ebay.

>> No.73213613

please go away.

>> No.73213616

The problem is now they have to compare with Assault Intercessors too. I would say that Rievers' specialty should be avoiding damage - maybe while they're in area terrain or obscured, they use character targeting rules and can't be shot unless they're closest.

>> No.73213622


>> No.73213625

at least keep your cancer in other threads rather than shitting up this one even more

>> No.73213628

there's always the option to convert some obliterators

>> No.73213635


>> No.73213638

Give them incursor knife fighter rule not like people use incursors anyway

>> No.73213645

no i just don't care for extra dumb stuff in the thread

>> No.73213646

why not
t. wants to spam sword n board lychguard

>> No.73213647

>csm part of shadowspear
It was made into a Start Collecting! CSM at the end of last year and I bought 2. That one really is fantastic and I might get more later for conversion fodder.

>> No.73213648

Honestly? I’m very supportive of Primaris Marines & most of their models.

That being said, the best things for Reivers would be folding them into Incursor/Infiltrators as melee options & slowly pretend they don’t exist.

>> No.73213655


>> No.73213681

they're expensive, they're slow, they don't have many attacks, and they don't have a way of getting multiples across the table aside from one relic, c'tan shenanigans, or monoliths/night scythes which are hilariously bad
2 attacks on a unit built for melee is bad news

>> No.73213708


I honestly like the skull helms. And the BL books that have included them have been enjoyable - that one where the chaplain has to go with them to sneak did a good job showing how they are different than regular marines. Reminded me of lone wolves a bit in how they kept to themselves. (of course that novel predated the introduction of the vanguard forces)

We still haven't seen the morale changes to 9th, so who knows what that will do to their fear special rule.

I really fuckin hate how incursors look. giant ass ugly square scope things on their bolters. weird visors with no full helmets. Just looks dumb to me.

>> No.73213770

the new CSM start collecting is an incredible value for what they give you. Sure, the models are all monopose but you get so fucking much.

>> No.73213774

>Devil Fish aren't actually fish

>> No.73213819

get fucked iron queer

>> No.73213833

>tfw unironically excited for bladeguard veterans because I've always had a hardon for sword and shield knightly stuff.
Just when you think you're out, they just pull you right back in

>> No.73213842

They aint fish either, it's the peanut situation where peanut is neither a pea nor a nut.

>> No.73213851

Good luck finding a necron player to split the box with after the reveals. They're a fun army to have on the side though.

>> No.73213857


Im literally buuing the box for them and the captain. I don't even plau marines but those minis are pure sex so i guess it's time to start. Crons are ok to i suppose, if i can't find someone to buy them off me they should be easy to paint and i can have them as an option if i ever feel the desire or i can loan them out.

>> No.73213861

>implying that pious holy warriors bent on converting the galaxy to their point of view because dad says so isn't better than "waaaaah my dad's dead dad dead! I'm gonna dress in all black now waaaah"

>> No.73213868

Is 500 points the most kino size to play?

>> No.73213870

Objectively speaking, this anon chokes to death on cock and forces his boyfriend (of the day) to resuscitate him.
He's waiting for that one guy who just doesn't care and will leave him alone on the ground, dead having his lungs full of jizz

You fucking faggot

>> No.73213879

>necron halves dirt cheap
nice for peeps

>> No.73213883

okay dumb question, do their shields still bounce projectiles back?

>> No.73213892

So Necrons are all about exterminating all life again? Can gw make up its mind?

>> No.73213901

I have a few friends that are mad about the necron reveals so much that they're dropping out of they're splits, and so many more space marine players mad that they aren't splitting it any more. Today's been a great day for drama.

2 CP to make it 3++ and bounce.

>> No.73213902

it's pretty damn fun but I enjoy 1000 the most.

>> No.73213908

For CP, yes.

>> No.73213915

gamza pls leave. or at the very least start making hobby videos again.

>> No.73213921

Why do they have to exterminate all life though? Why can't they just subjugate the other races?

>> No.73213922


Really? People being little bitches about it huh? Honestly what did they expect?

>> No.73213933

>implying gamza isn't one of the salty necron posters

>> No.73213934

That was fun.

>opponent drives a stormlord up to some shield boys
>unloads a bunch of infantry
>brrrrts the shield boys with the stormlord
>reflect the shots into the unloaded infantry
>unit panics
>hilarity ensues

>> No.73213935


Not that it says "if they must" meaning that while they're willing to xenocide every other race it isn't neccesarily their first choice.

>> No.73213937

Were the necron reveals so bad?

>> No.73213941

Which honestly sets them apart from most of 40k...

>> No.73213950

Because they're bitter fucks who hate everything.

Though don't think they were ever about complete exterminatus. Oldcrons wanted to turn the galaxy into a farm to feed their masters. Nucrons just wanted to rule the galaxy as its master, which meant everyone else had to make like a tree and fuck off.

>> No.73213951


Wait i lied i misread that, they're just cunts.

>> No.73213996

Asking for modians and vostroyans when you can ask for kriegers baka

>> No.73214027

Their chapter tactics aren't being updated, probably no new reanimation or gauss rule, their big guns aren't changing, and the new gun for warriors being hyped is absolute trash see pic. It's probably a new CSM 2.0 situation, unless GW was only talking about pariah.

Someone bail on you because they don't want to give money to GW for garbage huh?

>> No.73214033

Huh, last time I remember checking it was just if they passed the save. Weird, guess my terrible list is gonna be even shittier.

>> No.73214037

I figured out how iron hands can have an aura that gives an effective 2+ invuln to their entire army, against shooting.

The downside is that the models required to do this cost almost 2600 points

>> No.73214044

Opinions on GW slowly replacing all space marines with primaris

>> No.73214046


>> No.73214059


Never had anyone to split with, don't want someone to split with. I legitimately like the models from both halves, want it all for myself. Rules come amd fo minis last a lot longer amd if people were actual nexron enthusiasts rather than faggots eho had been hoping to bandwagon on power creep they wouldn't give a shit if the rules aren't that great.

>> No.73214070

the new box looks great, has some awesome minis, and some trash ones that would work great as basing

>> No.73214074


Manlets will be squated within a few years. It's fact. Only people who deny it are delisional retards dumb enough to believe gw's pr jolding pattern designed to keep them appeased until the time comes.

>> No.73214083

the people who are dropping out of the pre-orders aren't new to. They figure they can get what the cron half cheaper elsewhere without giving GW any money

>> No.73214090

I guess loyalty isn't its own reward, huh...

>> No.73214095

>a guy at my local shop just bought 2,000 points of manlets

>> No.73214099

Sounds about right for chaos faggotry

>> No.73214109

It's not going to be any time soon, and by the time it happens: no one will care. The game will be what.... 50, or 60 years old by that point? It's a moot point either way and any grogs working an aneurysm over it will be shitting their pants inside nursing homes.

>> No.73214110

Chaos is never right but they weren't wrong.

>> No.73214112

iron hands are loyalists. youre thinking of iron warriors.

I dont think iron warriors can do this

>> No.73214125


It'll be within the next 6 years for sure. 3 if they're quick about it. Once we've had waves if primaris that replace all the marine options the manlets will go.

>> No.73214128

Are you retarded?

>> No.73214130

Except Magnus.

>> No.73214134

Yes. I am retarded, and i like eating cock

>> No.73214155

How do you think they will kill them off? Big event or one day everything is Last Chance to Buy?

>> No.73214158


>> No.73214165

They look cool indeed but alas they are primaris so I can't buy them out of principle

>> No.73214167

Quietly retire them bit by bit. First the old characters will go, then stuff like old bikes and land speeders, then eventually tacticals and terminators. It'll be spread out over months though, so we'll hardly notice.

>> No.73214213

Nice to see that we're slowly going back to "mistaking Iron Hands for Iron Warriors" instead of the other way around

>> No.73214237

What are some of the """Good""" WB books?
Where do I get em at? All I can see on Amazon is the Omnibus for $95
The books in the mega are dead, right?
Can I technically use Gal Vorbak as Possesed?

>> No.73214240


>> No.73214242

They'll never do it in the lore itself, they'll just stop making manlet sculpts, slowly replace all of their roles with a primaris equivalent and port more and more of them over to Legends, which is basically the same as removing them. Eventually they'll stop selling them altogether but they'll squeeze every last penny out of those plastic molds while they have them, so they'll probably still sell manlets until the molds break.

>> No.73214265

You can use a rock as a possessed.

>> No.73214288

btw what ever happened to legion of the damned? they're just fucking gone

>> No.73214290

First Heretic and Betrayer are good books if you want to see their fall to chaos and their rivalry with the ultramarines.
If you don't mind e-copies you can get the majority off the Black Library site, otherwise be a pirate, the best place to find if the paper backs are still being made is directly through the GW website.
>i use gal vorback as possessed

>> No.73214294

Reynold's WB books are good and gal vorbak are way larger than gw possessed models, maybe good as greater possessed but those models are already awesome. I'd advise against reading BL books if you're chaos fan though because even in chaos legion focused books imperium has insane plot armor and some things will just make you close the book.

>> No.73214305

Can't primaris a ghost legion, and GW won't release new marinelets, so into the trash they go, along with everything else.

>> No.73214314

Disney sent a C&D for infringing on Ghost Rider

>> No.73214322

>> No.73214335

why are modern memes so fucking shit

>> No.73214336

Damn, I kinda wanna do a Tau tank battalion too now

>> No.73214340

>2.5 units replaced over 3 years of primaris existing
>manlets outperforming primaris at everything
>most competitive marine lists only use intercessors out of all the primaris line
And you insecure short people still cry about it.

>> No.73214362

When are 9th preorders up?

>> No.73214363

>Flesh tearers not wanting to fill their ranks with boat-marines
Just like real life

>> No.73214366

Some time in July.

>> No.73214370

Because I didn't make them

>> No.73214382

>rick and morty

>> No.73214438

You can use the FW character to get them going 12" a turn.

>> No.73214457

Sometimes I forget Vinesauce isn't just Joel and Vinny. I should check out some of the smaller guys sometime.

>> No.73214473

Not quite, RepEX, Aggressors, and eliminators are all pulling results. Though its only arguable that RepEX is actualyl a primaris model.

"intercessors are sweet tho

>> No.73214593

tzeentch horrors shouldn't cost points to transform.

>> No.73214617

Theyre pretty insane if you dont have to pay points to transform them.

I agree, but still

>> No.73214623

I'm on the fence too. The new necron minis look sick, but the rules look like hot garbage.

Maybe I'll come back in 10th ed instead lol

>> No.73214624

i would agree if they only split once

>> No.73214633

It counts and you know it

>> No.73214642

Paying even more points to polish a turd is rarely a good idea

>> No.73214644


>> No.73214653

chaos spawn shouldn't cost points to transform

>> No.73214681

Chaos spawn shouldnt cost points

>> No.73214708

Chaos spawn shouldnt

>> No.73214709


>> No.73214714

Chaos shouldn't.

>> No.73214793

fresh bread

>> No.73214899

Spent a whole afternoon on these kataphron halves, realised that the wires I painstakingly painted will be all but covered by the bodies. Ave Omnissiah.

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