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I run a bunch of small suits, a skyray and piranhas, so a lot.

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Has anyone made a list of GW releases?
Like what thing where released during X month during Y year for Z faction?

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that would be very autistic, but you can generally track back the year of release by looking at the date of the codex on lexicanum

>> No.73207755

I have a lot of DW vanguard veterans, though they fall like flies, storm shield be damned.

>> No.73207757

God I wish. I've wanted something like that forever. Lexicanum has models listed by edition, but its wrong sometimes.

>> No.73207768

I wish Craftworld Eldar were as cool as their artwork is.

>> No.73207775

A stormtalon and a stormraven. I want to get at least another couple talons and another raven, but so far that's the extent of my air force. But if we're counting things that have the fly keyword or an equivilant, then a couple land speeders and like 40 assault marines

>> No.73207781

I did em.

Basing is always left for bulk painting as usual, but the reasoning for the Servitor colour choices are that they're "assistants" to the specialists associated, only the medical servitor had a medpack added to him.

Apologies for the shitty picture quality, camera phones are unreliable as fuck.

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>that would be very autistic
Reason why I'm asking here. Someone must have made one by now?

>> No.73207787

Maybe when their 24+ year old models get an update they can be.

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TQ: the spore mine nid army is 90% flying

>> No.73207802

necron hierotitan when?

>> No.73207808

Some confirmation that the Indomitus box is a limited release, since no one could source this for me in previous threads.
"When they're gone, they're gone"

>> No.73207812

Been wondering the same thing. Specially after the marines versus nids releases since 2014.

>> No.73207816

you'll not find many productive autists here
but what model did you want to date back?

>> No.73207831

Undead aesthetic. They always resurrect. The sins of their leader was their dooming. Weird philosophy on Souls & identity & “humanity/necronity”
Crypts & Tombs feature prominently.

Just swap out necron green for estus orange & Praise the Sun(eaters)

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>elfs in space
>cool i love elves
>the all wear hats
>look terrible
>look like trannies


>> No.73207843

they said it in comments too

>> No.73207844

Do the starter boxes actually provide enough models for a new player to play with? E.g. the chaos half of shadowspear.

>> No.73207855

Yeah easily. All these sets do.

>> No.73207857

Really cool idea and good execution. Only nitpick is that the chaplain servitor could use something thematic to tie him to the chaplain or show how he is helping but not necessary.

>> No.73207877

>distant spacefuture elves armored in psychic bone
Yeah if their rules weren't (sometimes) incredible I don't think anyone would play them. Do you think when you get new models you'll get a rules nerf?

>> No.73207879


>Cawl is shit, awake gulliman is shit, “primaris marines” as a concept is shit, the new eldar lore is shit, the timeline advance is shit, the new space marine units are shit, mixed small and big marines is shit, the Imperium having their lost tech back is shit, the Imperium having a positive heroic outlook is shit, inevitably resurrecting loads of loyalist primarchs to get money off the kits is shit, the emperor being awake is shit, noblebright is shit, the go kart is shit, the buzz light years are shit, abandoning terminator armour is shit, the dumbed down rules are shit, the tumblr art is shit, trying to appeal to preteens is shit, the cynical pandering is shit, every rule having to have hairsplitting autistic tournament players in mind while making the game worse for people who just play normally with their mates is shit.
It’s all shit and the state of the game, the lore and the people who condone it is a disgrace.


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I am trying to find something suitable, I wanted to get a book strapped to his back, some sort of tome. But I can't find one, let alone know of a kit that might have one.

>> No.73207889

Post your (bad) models

>> No.73207891

It's gonna be a bit more than a start collecting, which are usually 4-500 points. Might even be a solid 1k on either side.
And 9e is supposed to be more friendly to small point games.

>> No.73207899

Give me your opinions /tg/, how badly will they fuck up the Necrons for 9th? Wil they still be bottom of the barrel or will they actually be fixed this time?

>> No.73207911

I thought your champion was pretty okay

>> No.73207913

Be strong, be strong for the Warmaster

>> No.73207914

I would play them if there wasn't stuff I was more interested in. Space elves is a rad as hell idea.

>> No.73207917

Given what they've shown so far they will be absolutely awful.

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>> No.73207956


Cool. I've been eyeing this hobby for like 10 years now, and never could justify the money or the time. But if I can spend $80 and get a playable CSM army, that's reasonable. I'll see if I can find a good local store after covid.

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If the Necron faction focus is anything to go by, nothing is really gonna change for anybody next edition.

>> No.73207975

You're awful, Murray.

>> No.73207989

I'M gonna spend less than that to make just a few models because I feel like it
It's gonna be this nigga but he's a blood drinker

>> No.73207991

My gf (who is a giant nerd) told me a loyalist primarch will be coming back in next edition.
Does anyone know who it's going to be??

>> No.73208003

Dude, thank you. The tome with the Ultramarine U on it?

Fuck yeah. I'll return to that servitor some other day and greenstuff a leather strap of a tome across his back.

>> No.73208005

i just don't like them

>> No.73208011

Just the popular army. Trying to confirm if I'm tripping balls or what.

>> No.73208012

Who would she be in 40k?

>> No.73208014

That tranny you let suck your dick is talking about my best friend my main fuck buddy the WARHAWK JAGHATAI KHA-
That'd be a good joke wouldn't it?

>> No.73208034

Yes, but that doesn't make necrons not awful either.

>> No.73208041

she'd be an ordo xenos inquisitor

>> No.73208043

How did you know my gf was trans?

>> No.73208051

Will there ever be anyone as amazing for 40k as Alan Bligh was before his passing?

>> No.73208055

For a reason I don't really understand, Elves in all Warhammer games are extremely popular, from Fantasy to AoS to 40k. They will be played still even if their rules were nerfed. People still play Ynnari for example.

>> No.73208057

>ultramarines as the posterboys of the new edition
Salamanders when?

>> No.73208059

Banshee is like 6 month old, can i play an (almost) only banshee army ?

>> No.73208065

>best korea
>anything other than hereticus

>> No.73208068

I got a faggot detector built into my brain, it goes off whenever I smell redditors
It's a gift from God and also a curse

>> No.73208074

Is that heavily photoshopped? She looks like a peasant from the 1800s in her other photos.

>> No.73208077

best korea purges the aliens

>> No.73208081

My first squad

>> No.73208085

>ate primaris
>ate girlyman
>ate cawl
>ate nu-lore
>love me fungus boys
>love Nids FC
>simple as

>> No.73208087

Very fine in Commorragh

>> No.73208090

why do you hate space wolves so much?

>> No.73208092

An inquisitor, maybe. Cold, ruthless, probably killed her own sibling to maintain the status quo, only recently emerged into the public eye despite working in the background for who knows how long

>> No.73208096

Probably just your standard camwhore filter. She is still attractive.

>> No.73208097

it's going to be either dorn or russ as they're the most popular
probably russ

>> No.73208117

Of course it's going to be Ultramarines. They have been the poster boys of everything in 40k except for Black Templars and Dark Angels for one box each.

>> No.73208119

Fucking weebs, she’s ugly.

>> No.73208125

she reeks of surgery

>> No.73208127

This is what Korean women look like without their 18th birthday plastic surgery to shave their cheekbones and chin, and eyelid westernization.

>> No.73208128

How do redditors smell, if you don't mind me asking? Good I hope?

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>> No.73208161

Go smell yourself and then you’ll know.

>> No.73208174

They """accidentally""" namedropped Dorn in one of the 9e streams.

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>> No.73208181

Nope. Gotta use Dire Avengers, Guardians, or Rangers for your troops.

>> No.73208190

He's from when I was in jr. high back in the 90s. Part of me is going to feel bad to dunk him.

>> No.73208192

Crimson fists, Blood Angels, Black Templars, Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Ultramarines

>> No.73208197

I hope not. Dorn is barely different from roboute on the interesting character scale.

>> No.73208199

Jaw bone shavings from patients on display at a south korean plastic surgery clinic.

>> No.73208203

My first models from a few months ago.

>> No.73208213

you were a visionary, anticipating the helbrute's misshapen bloated flesh by years!

>> No.73208215

For limited sets like the nee box set are preorders limited too, or do they accept all preorders and then after it comes out its limited?

>> No.73208220

I'm retarded.

>> No.73208221

I wonder what that'd taste like

>> No.73208224

I actually quite like it in an old 40k sorta way

>> No.73208226

So its a timed exclusive more than anything

>> No.73208231

Fucking disgusting. If I actually left my country I would avoid korean women so I don't have to put my children through this shit just to look like their mom and not adopted.

>> No.73208233

We need you here forever, O beacon of truth and memes

>> No.73208235

Emperor, give me a nice face please.

>> No.73208238

I like the base making up a mark of Nurgle, nice touch

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>> No.73208246

It'd be pretty fluffy to make a Deathwatch army for use against the inevitable Necron armies that will pop up, right?

>> No.73208249

Also, I picked up a SC Vanguard Space Marines set. Should I get another box of Eliminators? I think they're cool and I wanna say "Don't! Get! Eliminated!" when shooting with them.

>> No.73208252

those are pretty well done for a first batch of models.

>> No.73208253

Why do they do this?

>> No.73208262

Is this box any good for either side?
Is it any good for Ynnari?

>> No.73208271

Dis is a based lad roit 'ere

>> No.73208274

You could just fill up a spearhead with eliminators

>> No.73208289

I'm gonna get the BEST face

>> No.73208296

Elf players seemed pretty disgusted with it. Not enough savings, not good enough units, can't field the named characters in ynnari, take your pick.

>> No.73208301

>Should I get another box of Eliminators
yeah it's a good kit, plus the multipart kit comes with more options so you can make them look a bit different than the ones you got in the SC

>> No.73208302

To normalize the choice to pay for a surgery that everyone gets

>> No.73208307

Incubi are ok. Banshee are shit. Too many bad old models in the box to be worth it.
If a faction vs. box is still available for release price months later, you know its shit.

>> No.73208318

dumb question. I can paint before assembly right? I have a model with a slot to join pieces together and I fear the primer will clog the slot.

>> No.73208320

Anyone ever been to Foundry Miniatures?

When Bryan Ansell sold GW he took all the painted miniatures they had at the time, and they now display them. Basically anything you saw in a rulebook or White Dwarf from 1st-3rd WHFB and Rogue Trader.

>> No.73208322

Mostly filled with old, kinda crummy units besides whats new from what I hear. could be good for Ynnari, but its so busted expensive that idk if I'd recommend it. Bet GW saw its sales and said "well, nobody buys Eldar."

>> No.73208336

Come on 0!

>> No.73208345

>npc v npc box

>> No.73208349

fun fact, the surgery in question got a fine for this, improperly disposing of medical waste. How much do you think it cost them?
only slightly more than they'd charge for one procedure

>> No.73208350

How is the Korean 40k scene?

Also, stop it. You are a genuinely talented and not all that bad looking people. This plastic surgery shit is from some kind of horrible insecurity that will hopefully go away at some point.

>> No.73208361

Let's go

>> No.73208364


>> No.73208371

I have no idea what I was thinking

>> No.73208378

Post minis

>> No.73208381

Yeah, but you'll have to use super glue instead of plastic glue.

>> No.73208382


How does your army respond?

>> No.73208404

what's the body Typhus is holding from?

>> No.73208407

I'm not korean I think you misread my post or I typed it like a retard.
I'm pretty sure korean men have no problems with plastic surgery either, they are all indoctrinated into thinking its normal.

>> No.73208409

What would you base dark purple or blue in?
Was planning on painting first claw
Too bad you cant convert , only works on manlets

>> No.73208410

We've had worse

>> No.73208412


>> No.73208427


Reminds me of that depressed robot guy in Hitchhikers

>> No.73208429

Maybe get a templars Cenobyte servitor for the chaplain. Also i want to see a Librarian servitor now

>> No.73208430


>> No.73208442

don't got any blood, hoss

>> No.73208445

Is kill team any good after commander

>> No.73208448

that axe looks disgusting, good work

>> No.73208464


He is part of a Corpse pack from PuppetsWar

They are a 3rd party model company that do a bunch of cool stuff. Most people use them for conversion bits for 40k

>> No.73208466

Do you think they'll give fragstorm grenade launchers blast? They're all over primaris models.

>> No.73208485

a version of the box with a normal rulebook instead of the limited edition one and without a pair of characters will probably be what keeps being sold afterwards

>> No.73208486

uh oh ...

>> No.73208489


>> No.73208494

Grenades have it.

>> No.73208495

>if you don't [consume product and get excited for next product], you're probably a racist

>> No.73208497

Would a tsons army mainly of tzangors with mutalith vortex beast any good?

>> No.73208501

awesome thanks

>> No.73208502

They fucking better or those things will literally be hot trash

>> No.73208504

Bring out your dead

>> No.73208507

This is really cool for people who dislike the flies, but on the other hand I'm wondering why Typhus is carrying a naked man into battle.

>> No.73208510


>> No.73208511

thanks I'll take a look

>> No.73208520

it looks like you caramelized some sugar and pour it on your axe.

>> No.73208535


>> No.73208536

>high five!

>> No.73208542

Is warhammer degenerate? Or is it the opposite?

>> No.73208550

thanks, that's the look I was going for

>> No.73208557


>> No.73208559

One day I'll finish this dude. I have a fuckton of Custards waiting to be painted.

>> No.73208560

Oh shit he back

>> No.73208561

The only one there that is objectively shit is the grey knight. 40k landspeeder is fine for the time it was released, and the box nought is still a nice model for being that old.

>> No.73208563

I remember criticizing you before about the models being too low contrast but then you showed a group picture of your models and it really looked good. Keep it up! It's cool to have a signature style.

>> No.73208566

>hating on the boxnaught and land speeders
Smooth brain detected.

Dreadknight, it's somewhat grown on me when it comes to the function of it, but the model itself could be better

>> No.73208591

Why the middle gorund between OLD THING GOOD NEW THING BAD and CONSUME PRODUCT AND GET EXCITED FOR NEW PRODUCT has disappeared? Can I just like some things and dislike others independently from the fact that they are old or new?

>> No.73208595

Thanks, but it's really just lazy Blanche. Also I'm just reposting old models for the sake of the thread

>> No.73208613


>> No.73208614

the land speeder isn't perfect, but the basic concept of it would make sense in reality.

>> No.73208615

Look at the pose. He's going to cut him in two with a headbutt.

>> No.73208616

>using quote from confirmed Trump supporters and alt rightists

>> No.73208625

Who even is that?

>> No.73208640

*derails thread*

>> No.73208646

The entire primaris thing would have been averted if GW did what they did with Chaos marines. Just another marine size increase.

>> No.73208651


>> No.73208666

>the poo

>> No.73208669


>> No.73208674

>skipping arm day

>> No.73208679

Nah because the idea is to force marine players to buy a new army then after everyone's primarised up they'll redo the first born line

>> No.73208683

Would be interesting to see the sale numbers on the new chaos marine stuff.
It could refute the argument that GW did primaris because grogs won't rebuy their army if it is just a scale update.

>> No.73208684

But they are. Sure guardians are a bit dated but they're still okay and almost everything else looks fantastic.

>> No.73208720


>> No.73208736

>npc players spam facebook, twitter and reddit declaring they will buy new models if GW would just make them
>they don't buy any when GW actually does make them

>> No.73208737

I really like how you painted the end of the barrel for the las fusil red, could you post that chaplain in the back?

>> No.73208744

>Salamanders when?

>> No.73208757

Jes Goodwin and John Blanche probably

>> No.73208762

thanks, I hate it.

>> No.73208767

It's horrifying how much FW fell on its arse after his passing. They still haven't recovered.

>> No.73208768

>>Thread Question: How much of your army can fly?
Just the Daemon Prince

>> No.73208772

Kim Jong Un's cousin and presumed next in line if the fat lady sings for the fat boy anytime soon.
Apparently she's even more ruthless than tubby, but that's just rumors, so take it with a mountainous grain of salt.

>> No.73208782

That dude's a fag and so you are. fag

>> No.73208787

>shove old models no is buying that you want to get rid of into a box with new models
>rules suck for the new models
>no one buys them
>blame it on xenos players and make 5000 primaris

>> No.73208792

>that gun

>> No.73208793

While I don't deny certain players' laziness, its partly due to them being priced fucking terribly. That box was atrocious and was more expensive than any other box before it, and the new Banshees for example are 55usd for a 55 point unit, thats rules suck for anyway.

>> No.73208797

*all of your painted miniatures fall on top of each other once you pick up the handle*

>> No.73208798

She's his sister.

>> No.73208804

Have more then.

>> No.73208805

Uh yeah sure

>> No.73208814

My bad. That must be why he isn't dicking her.

>> No.73208817


>> No.73208820

Jess Goodwin designed primaris and all 40k admech. He has a weird 50/50 track record.

>> No.73208821

>but that's just rumors

She's not even in power and she's already threatening south korea and pulling out of talks.

>> No.73208824

It must be the pointy helmets.

>> No.73208829

>Apparently she's even more ruthless than tubby
Well, she is a woman after all.

>> No.73208832

>-For dummies.
>Autistic scribbles too small to read.
I'm actually curious for once to know what's on that image.

>> No.73208834


>> No.73208835

Only if you're in the niche position of wanting both a deldar and cwe army. That said the new kits in it are expensive as fuck separately so if you want all 4 anyway its probably worth it.
If you like deldar the battleforce is actually still available which might be a better deal.

>> No.73208840

>has frontal armor
>has frontal armor
>doesn't have frontal armor (I hate this design)
>doesn't have frontal armor (I hate this design)
>ATV doesn't have frontal armor (guess if I like it)

>> No.73208846


>> No.73208848

who else a cardboard army box chad?

>> No.73208858


>> No.73208863

Skaven in 40k soon...

>> No.73208865

Considering Dark Eldar got their entire line remade and people still bought it.
That said sales figures should be linked to model releases too. In order to see if its popularity, new, old or a combination of those.

>> No.73208868

Never had that issue myself, and I've been using mine for years now.

>> No.73208878

So, they become less drugged up?

>> No.73208882

I hate it so much but at the same time I want one

>> No.73208884

10/10 idea
6/10 execution
6/10 paintjob

>> No.73208887

Most the Primaris and Admech designs are solid, and Goodwin designed space marines for like 30 years.

>> No.73208898

>6/10 paintjob
Post your paint anon I want some real inspiration

>> No.73208903

>Complaing about transport damage when using anything other than magnets
Literally nobody to blame but yourself

>> No.73208916


>> No.73208918

>when viewed from outside
this punk not even play the game or something? probably an aos fag if his name is anything to go by.

>> No.73208921

redpill me on magnets
I'm afraid that if I transport my minis with magnets they'll explode into pieces if I drop the case

>> No.73208922

Are Vespids good all of a sudden?

>> No.73208927

Goodwin did knights (epic and 40k) aswell as the new thick destroyer

>> No.73208931

Never had any problems like that with my tzeentch.
I did cut the base of a few of the rows so they'd fit disc easier which worked really well.

>the less favored army gets the box

>> No.73208940

I think he's talking about magnetized bases, as in the bases magnetize to a carry magnet so they stay still IN the case

>> No.73208950

That's what I mean though. A lot of primaris are good, expecially the indomnitus box. But then they have the shadowspear primaris and the new atv. Plus the new admech stuff being controversial.

>> No.73208953

>> No.73208954

both are bad but new ones are worse.

>> No.73208962

Knights look great though. We're just talking about designs. Goodwin didn't make their rules

>> No.73208964

You really aren't making as good of a point as you think you are. Knights and the new Necrons are fantastic.

>> No.73208968

>Misspelling T H I C C destroyer

>> No.73208974

baby carrier
>marione kart

>> No.73208978

Yes, that's what I meant. But what if you drop the case? The magnets will stick strong, making all of the kinetic energy go to the weak parts of the minis.

>> No.73208982

Im just bringing up what goodwin has done.

>> No.73208983

What makes you think that, is it something to do with the new terrain rules?

>> No.73208987

I don't like how the missiles launcher is attached and it definitely needs a modified engine popping up on the front and a long antenna

maybe also a clawed coming from somewhere as if a genestealer was hidden in it

>> No.73209002

skaven in 40k NEVER

>> No.73209003

>> No.73209008

are you fucking with me anon

>> No.73209014

Plastic is flexible, it won't break. Only matters if you cheap out on glue and your models just explode their bits everywhere when hit by a mere stiff breeze.

>> No.73209015

Dude's almost singlehandedly responsible for what the game looks like now. At least as marines go, and they're more than half the game anyways

>> No.73209016


>> No.73209017

>Will the expensive shiny PRIMARIS kits benefit from rules changes to be even better and sell more models?

>> No.73209026

Every time I drop a mini it breaks on every glued joint

>> No.73209034

fucking amazing

>> No.73209037

It's just that some vespids that were on auction for years were bought all of a sudden.

>> No.73209042

kek based af

>> No.73209043

It hasn't dissapeared. Most people who aren't complete faggots don't spend all their time complaining online. They get what they like and ignore what they don't like.

>> No.73209055

Try plastic cement

>> No.73209061

>> No.73209063

I wouldn't even be mad

>> No.73209075

at least coommers bought their sisters box

>> No.73209086

Yeah people don't go online and rave about stuff they like for 3 months when they are happy. Complaining seem to prefer to spend their time complaining and insulting people.

>> No.73209087

Dont use tamiya extra thin its shit

>> No.73209088

What if I make a mistake and need to take it back apart

>> No.73209090

Leakers said that the sisters sold really well

>> No.73209102

As someone with a squat army I don't know if I should hate this or love it...

>> No.73209103

>no bad allowed

>> No.73209111

At that point youre fucked

>> No.73209121

It sold out in less than 12 hours almost everywhere

>> No.73209122

don't make any mistakes

>> No.73209129

>Nothing is sacred to the Squat-fag

>> No.73209132

Rats only don't appear out of politeness as not to embarrass the 40k races tech-levels

>> No.73209134


>> No.73209144

What tools do you use when sculpting?
Also are you the guy who made those tau auxiliaries out of spore mines?

>> No.73209155

Someone probably just wanted to some bugs with guns.

>> No.73209158

>hates the dreadknight while calling people out for hating [new thing]
>says people have [new thing] just because it's new, while hating the relatively new Proteus speeder (yes I know it's based on the old RT speeder, but still)

This troll isn't even trying.

>> No.73209169

constant price hiking
slowly some things just no longer become worthwhile to purchase

>> No.73209175

1 dead Primaris is always a good thing.

>> No.73209189

which leaker, there has been a dozen pretenders in the last while

>> No.73209194

>But what if you drop the case?

Any mini that is simultaneously massive enough and fragile enough to collapse under its own weight from the impact would probably have snapped/broken even if you had it in foam. A centimetre of foam just isn't going to reduce the deceleration that much.

Really only going to be an issue with some of the more ridiculously fragile centrepiece models GW produces. 99% of your army would be fine and by using magnets you avoid the routine wear and tear that comes with using a foam case (spikes getting stuck on foam, fragile parts bending/snapping as the push up against the sides) which is a far more likely threat to your minis than the (hopefully) rare occasions you drop your mini case from a great height.

Seriously, be careful with your mini case, if you've got a full army in there it is the financial equivalent of something like a laptop, why wouldn't you be careful as hell with that? I know I am, I can buy a new laptop but my army represents hundreds of hours of painting and modelling.

>> No.73209198

Skaven in 40k, but only if they’re literally just Skaven from AoS who forgot to turn left at Albuquerque.

>> No.73209200

>internet activists don't follow up on their claims
Say it isn't so anon

>> No.73209206

It's really disappointing for some reason. You wouldn't think he was literally Forgeworld, you know? Like someone else had to have had some good ideas and the drive to see them through.

Of course, this stuff in pic related was written whilst he was still in mail order. Before he was with FW. It's bonkers. Bligh was bonkers.

>> No.73209234

>implying 9th edition non-limited-edition starter box will not be Sister VS Necron

>> No.73209235

I was gonna make my Slaanesh penis wizard today, but I had no glue.

>> No.73209237

Did FW make anything worthwhile after he passed?

>> No.73209245

I’m going to keep playing my manlet 5th edition space wolf army and nobody can stop me!

>> No.73209250

jesus, those look like half of the bone was cut off

>> No.73209251

K have fun

>> No.73209256

Nah, Necrons vs Admech
>Forgebane II: electric boogaloo

>> No.73209257

>GW finally justifies remaking the entire skaven range by designing and releasing them simultaneously for aos and 40k

>> No.73209258

Okay but how am I supposed to transport my defilers and soul grinders

>> No.73209264

when are we getting new militarum tempest models

>> No.73209279

moar magnets

>> No.73209286

I literally fell with my bike and somewhat crushed my cardboard KR multicase with the handle because it blew into my front wheel.
The only damage was that 2 out of 4 exhaust stacks on my Sicaran broke loose from the glueing point. No other damage to any models outside of two minor rips in the case itself from the handle impacting the side.

>> No.73209302

They're like fridge magnets. Normal use they'll stick just fine, but they will fall off whatever they're stuck to if you really heave it. Models would probably shake around if you drop the box, but no more than a normal carrier

>> No.73209307

At work today I was bored and was thinking of how to make a screen adaptation of the HH and other 40k stories. Rate my idea
>2d animated, 3D and live action would look like trash and never work
Season 1
>firsr episode is the ulinor victory parade, introduce primarchs, the emperor and the general setting , a shitload of filler is getting cut
>Horus A plot, part 1 of thousand sons as the B plot, fulgrim as C plot,
>fulgrim story starts where the sword is found,
>horus and Fulgrim AB plots end at istvann , mangus story ends at the same time, webway gets blown up just before istvann
>season finale is istvann
Season 2
>Shawdow crusade A plot, Sanguinius B plot, Horus and co. C plot
>vulkan and konrad episode
>ends with the gilliman/sanguinius bro hug, konrad is cut out of this part because he adds nothing to that plot and it will had enough characters (girlyman, sanguinius, angron,logar, ect)
Season 3
>shitloads of filler cut out, skip to beta gammon
>sanguinius and Kahn A plot, horus and pertarabo B plot, dorne/malcador/emps/terra C plot
>condensed wolfsbane into one episode, cut out the cawl plot and it could fit no problem
Season 4
>battle of terra, seaon is shorter , only 5 episodes or so
>dorne/sanguinius/malcador/Kahn A plot, pertarabo/other traitors B plot, horus C plot
>final battle

>> No.73209310

Never, plastic Krieg next for Guard.

>> No.73209311

Ahhh, Necrons

I think the fact GW is taking over the rules for FW models says it all. Probably for the best, plastic is getting to the point resin doesn't have much on it.

>> No.73209312

Hahaha welcome to the guard

>> No.73209323

But they don't have bases

>> No.73209331

Krieg are unironically too edgy grimdark for modern 40k

>> No.73209336

>4 seasons
No fucking thanks

>> No.73209342

The Militarum Tempestus is being defunded.

>> No.73209343

No. They can't even make good decisions on who to hire from Instagram to paint their stuff.

>> No.73209353

Good, fuck krieg

>> No.73209356

>plastic is getting to the point resin doesn't have much on it.
This is very true really. Used to be a large difference in the potential detail but these days there's almost nothing, certainly not enough to justify the price difference.

>> No.73209359

I'd rather plastic Vostroyans. They're somewhat unique, baroque, and are based off the sketches from Blanche for the 30k Imperial Army. They're really cool.

>> No.73209364


>> No.73209365


>> No.73209376

>too edgy grimdark
Plastic Solar Auxilia!

>> No.73209380


Krieg aren't even cool anymore space wolves of the guard regiments

>> No.73209388

I thought about it. It's just a matter of searching a models name and looking up the dates of news articles on things like BoLS or Naftka. If you have a good memory of whats come out recently then its just a matter of being thorough.

Then I realized it's a lot of work just to have lesser autists smugly try to correct me, and it will probably just give the vile secondaries more bandwagon causes to jump on. I'd consider doing it for Reddit because they'd kiss my ass for it but I never use that site and I don't even really get how you can browse it for more than a few minutes.

>> No.73209407

mordians first

>> No.73209413

They are still cool, but their range is pretty dated, and for some reason GW hasn't been motivated to updated them all at once like they did for Dark Eldar or Necrons.

I love their lore and their look, but I understand it isn't for everyone.

>> No.73209417

I bought my coomerboy 4 times. still sucks that the limited codex is full of mistakes.

>> No.73209418


>> No.73209426

Is the Tech Priest manipulus any good. I'm going to get it eventually but it's either that first or just getting another squad of Kroot for now.

>> No.73209427

I could see it

>> No.73209428


>> No.73209432

>space wolves of the guard regiments
That’s fucking Cadia.

>> No.73209446

If you could feature a new IG regiment into being, what would it be & what would they look like? No bitching about old kits they stopped making your Elysium Drop Troopers/Etc dropped into the trashcan. Get over it

>> No.73209447

Better then 80 books of filler

>> No.73209452

Plastic Krieg would be a massive fuck you to recasters.

>> No.73209463

>They're somewhat unique, baroque, and are based off the sketches from Blanche for the 30k Imperial Army.
Yeah, I'd really like plastic Vostroyans for the same reason. I think they fit the Imperium's aesthetic very well, underline the inefficiencies and dogmatic traditions of the institution visually very well and they're very unique looking for science fiction soldiers with the cuirasses, mail and fur caps.

>> No.73209466

Cadia is the smurfs, generic and over represented
Krieg is the space yiffs, cool at first but the fans ruin it

>> No.73209467

Blood Pact

>> No.73209483

Chemdogs so that way chaos players could use them as well

>> No.73209488

I didn’t know Vostroyans came with a standard issue cutie in their rucks

>> No.73209493

I'd be pissed because I've just spent £200 on them from a recaster. I dislike resin.

>> No.73209496

Army of aquatic guardsmen with boat like transports and frogman outfits

>> No.73209500

Space Wolves have fans?

>> No.73209522

Vallhallans, tallarn or warhawks

>> No.73209537

For Blood Angels I have Death Company, Lemartes, Smash Cap. and Commander Dante
For AdMec I have the new Pteraxii

>> No.73209542

Yeah they're all 14 year olds who think paganism and power metal is cool

>> No.73209549

The Smurfs would be a little cool if they weren’t also the Mascot Marines. Having to be the generic template to which everyone else is compared really holds them back from being interesting.
And it’s all because Early GW was WAY too proud of that stupid “ultramarine“ pun.

>> No.73209556

for the necron players who were wanting a better canopy for their flyers.


>> No.73209561

And furries. Don't forget the furries.

>> No.73209567

Infiltration specialist Guard that wear face masks and hoodies. Kind of like the Tanith but more urban. They would come in a box set with new Orks that are obsessed with wearing stolen Arbites gear and screaming about DA LAAAAUGH!

>> No.73209570

Fans so dedicated they drill assholes and sculpt wolf knots from greenstuff for maximum realism, really I can only tip my hat in respect

>> No.73209577

Crimson fists should have been the mascots desu

>> No.73209580


>> No.73209586

I only like 30k Space Wolves.

>> No.73209591

This almost fixes it

>> No.73209596

I think he is good with kastelan punch bots and Fulgurite Electro-Priests for the advance/charge aura.
Haven't tried that myself though, plus the new admech options might be a better way to spend points not sure.

>> No.73209599

Yeah take the knot and drilled out asshole

>> No.73209606

How much of a point increase do you think gw will slap greater demons with ?

>> No.73209609

>try to watch a battle report
>they completely fuck up the rules

>> No.73209614

Ask specifically for OC, receive frog bitching...
At least >>73209496 knows how to follow instructions. Frogmen would be cool. What would their fluff be? Broad strokes

>> No.73209618

Hard to say are they even Overpowered?

>> No.73209624

Fuck it, why bother? Baneblades will never be good. They'll always be a 500pt handicap. All that will happen with 9e is that baneblades will be a 600pt handicap instead. I want to piss on Cruddace for being a shit.

>> No.73209639

Whatd they do?

>> No.73209650

They even make the Primaris shit more palatable. It's satisfying to know that they finally got reinforced after clawing themselves back from being wiped out.

>> No.73209652

It's the TV version of it. Don't bloat your shit

>> No.73209655

>frog bitching

>> No.73209656

Not at all but everything is getting boosted in points and they have the monster keyword which gives some benefits even if they don’t really capitalise on it because they have no real guns except Bloodthirster flamer etc

>> No.73209659

TQ: Everything in my army can fly. and if it can't its transported in a vehicle that can fly.

>> No.73209662

I think 3D would be better. 2D you need a really fucking good studio that is working with korean/japanese animators like castlevania or avatar did. Otheriuse you get shitty western puppet 2d where they use pin the tail on the donkey technology instead of actually drawing frames. Especially since 40k would require tons of vehicles and technology that would be made in 3D anyway since the people who can do 2d mech animation are nearly dead.

>> No.73209677

Imagine playing guard and complaining

>> No.73209678

unironically what is warhammer 40k? what is the game like? how do you play? what books do you need? i'm completely new to this, all i know is that there's space marines and orcs that go waahhhh

>> No.73209686

>they didn't lower the point cost of necron warriors

>> No.73209688


>> No.73209691

We've only seen two point values AFAIK cultists who get spammed and intercessors who have SBR, is there a source that everything is going up?

>> No.73209692

They always do.

>> No.73209696

Why do people act like 40k is more sci fi than Space Fantasy

The ratio is 40-60 at best

>> No.73209698

The Dune Raiders of planet Durka Prime.
Pic Related

>> No.73209721

Everything is getting increased and warriors only got 1 point increase. That is very good.

>> No.73209725

in my mind smurfs are the romano-greek badasses they always should have been

>> No.73209731

harakoni war hawks

>> No.73209733

I don't even play guard, I play DG and bought a baneblade thinking that a big fuckoff huge tank would be worth having. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I expected something from a faction with no models in the shop to be good.

>> No.73209742

fucking goddammit the taurox looks so bad
and it was such an easy fix too

>> No.73209747

Because I generally prefer the scifi parts and talk about things from that context

>> No.73209749

It's been stated on the Warhammer Community pages, yeah. Points are going up on almost everything. Seems to be about 10% across the board from the ballpark figures people have referenced.

Necron Warriors are also noted as going up to 12 points each.

>> No.73209751

Yeah they confirmed points increases across the board for faster games and more granularity with points changes in the future

>> No.73209753

Warhammer 40,000 is a table top minature wargame set in the space opera that is the grimdarkness of the 41st millennium.

The game is based on a D6 system and I go you go so each person goes through all their phases then the other person goes.

You play by moving minis according to their movement value then shooting and potentially charging and fighting in CQC. Victory is achieved by killing all enemies or some other obejctive

You will need the core rule book and the codex for your army, potentially you'll also need a vigilus book or physcic awakening book

>> No.73209756

This dude had a ghostkeel and he forgot it had a -2. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't a small game

>> No.73209762

That's... not how a gatling gun works

>> No.73209764

That's a very good point.
Fug, I guess GW is really giving necrons some love. I'm not used to that.

>> No.73209777

Beside marines everyone has been left out. IG during 8th was like the child they pass around during hollywood parties

>> No.73209779

oh are you the gatling gun expert? is that what we have here?

>> No.73209781


>> No.73209784

It sure was really easy to turn it into a Tonka Truck, yeah

>> No.73209787

But you’re missing context still

>> No.73209790

Grog. My bad.
Durka murka gurp gork. Probably not a good idea Age of You will not be missed but okay.
The heroes of the Antifa sector presume?

>> No.73209800

so it's a competitive thing? how many editions are there, and what is the most played? how many factions are there to choose from? can you mix and match?

>> No.73209803

I don't care about missing context. I want to talk about the things I like

>> No.73209806

Just type 40k into youtube and listen to whoever talks, then come back here and lurk a while. Download a rulebook. Do anything. Try. Please.

>> No.73209808


>> No.73209812

The gun isn't a gun, it's a probability engine that shits bullets out of thin air. You need multiple barrels so there's enough randomness to counterbalance the unlikelihood of the quantum vacuum folding itself into bullets.

>> No.73209819

Yes. I am Thomas A. Gatling.

>> No.73209821

So only a point increase ?

>> No.73209830

Tell me more. I love the look

>> No.73209832


>> No.73209838

I'd do the Battle of Macragge as an animated movie, but with the first half following Inquisitor Kryptman and his warband investigating the attack on Tyran and discovering the scale of the Tyranid threat. Using that you can introduce the Imperium from the ground level, build up the scale of the Tyranid threat, seed the idea of the Space Marines as figures from the Imperiums formation myths before following Kryptman to Macragge and ending with a big battle, focusing on the First Company's last stand, Cold Steel Ridge and the orbital battle.

>> No.73209843

Think this could work. About 9cm long, 4.5cm wide and 5cm tall
Maybe a Ridgerunner?

>> No.73209858

10% doesn't seem that bad. Seems like things will more or less stay the same besides terrain and even less infantry

>> No.73209860

a low tech looking lot would be pretty cool
I could use them in my AoS army too

>> No.73209862

On a scale of 10 to 100, how salty are you that people are using your gun in a neverending war?

>> No.73209875

>examples give was 17% increase for marines
>50% increase for chaos cultist

>> No.73209884


>> No.73209894

One of the figures we've had is a playtester who reported that from his 2000 point 8th edition army, he had to drop one full squad. Most 10-man Marine units tend to wind up at about 200 points, so that seems a fairly good measuring stick. Armies which are weaker in the meta right now probably (hopefully) won't go up as much.

>> No.73209908

You are worried by the gatling when the there is a fucking heavy bolter on top of a turret mounted autocannons

>> No.73209909

Just imagine how mad certain people here would be about Antifa Guardsmen. I'm smiling just thinking about it.

>> No.73209911

Well it can be competitive in the sense that the goal for some is to win yes, others will play just to use their favorite models or just to play the game and not worry about winning its all up to you.

There are 9 editions with 9 not out yet but coming in July. Most people play whatever is the newest edition which im this case is 8th until 9th comes out, however some people do play older editions.

The army building works with keywords for the major faction keywords
There is

Each one of these contains smaller factions that you mix and match within so
Chaos has chaos space marines and chaos daemons which can be together

Aeldari has craftworld eldar dark eldar harlequins.

Within each of these sub factions there are smaller groups so

Imperium has space marines and and those space marines when painted are a part of a chapter

>> No.73209915


>> No.73209917

I think it could okay. Tzaangors were the mainstay of Tsons before their changes. Now rubrics are fantastic and they have the best terminators.

>> No.73209929

Good. Fuck Chaosfags

>> No.73209940

Chaosfags don't like using cultists

>> No.73209945

Intercessors went up 3 points

Cultists 1 point

>> No.73209950

So uh, another retcon?

>> No.73209955

You mean Antifa chaos cultists? I think people would be okay with it

>> No.73209961

well it's just Bretonnian men-at-arms and Cadian Shocktroops kitbashed together.

>> No.73209967

i see, i see
how hard is it to learn? what kind of stuff do you need to play, dice, minis, and the books, of course, but do you buy terrain pieces and stuff too? how is the objective of every match determined? is there a big book of scenarios you can choose from?

>> No.73209975

>4 points models are now 6 points
>went up 1 point
Da fuq?

>> No.73209977

>they have the best terminators
t. someone who's never played TSons
SoT are just as shit as every other termie and outclassed by Rubric squads

>> No.73209981

There are hundreds and most are shit.
The good books are
>devastation of baal
>nightlords series
>eisnhorn series
>dark imperiam part 1
>ciphais cain series
>15 hours
>dead men walking
Horus heresy is a mixed bag because you have good writers and shit writers forced to work together to write 80 books of filler for a plot that can fit into 8 books , its not suggested you read it first untill your familiar with the lore
There are no good games past 2012 dont bother, its literally all shovleware
There are a handful of cool animations on YouTube such as astartes or helsreach

>> No.73209982

who's this guy?

>> No.73209986

why aren't they mentioning the fact that they enslaved the c'tan
that's a quintessential part of necron lore

>> No.73210006

> superior Primaris buggy here

>> No.73210008

Really staggering how much better it looks without the ridiculous exposed pilot.

>> No.73210017

Well the war in heaven retcon also made it into the official lore. Who know how much got changed.

>> No.73210028

Slavery is obviously bad and this is New Warhammer 40k™

>> No.73210032

uh oh anon

>> No.73210034

Rip bretonnia and their kino kettle hats.

>> No.73210037


>> No.73210043

>nu SoB have POC SoB being whipped by a white man
Are you sure?

>> No.73210048

>80 books of filler for a plot that can fit into 8 books
You know I remember making fun of star wars fans for having everything over explained in their universe, and then turned around to suck 40k's dick about being so expansive. Man I'm glad I read a few of those bad HH books because now I realize GW is doing the exact same overexplaining shit.

>> No.73210052

I have a small mountain of beastmen but the AoS community is pretty scarce, what armies would they fit in after some minor conversion work? I was originally thinking guard or mass cultist chaos but it would cost a fortune in bits to get right

>> No.73210053

the c'tan deserved it though
they weren't black, they were evil star people who ate souls

>> No.73210068

thousand sons can use beastmen with no guns

>> No.73210082

It is rather concerning. Them having enslaved their own masters was a really cool part of nucron lore. I hope we aren’t getting New nucrons. Also they lost the war in heaven? To Eldar? What is that about.

>> No.73210089

Tzaangors are good fighty chaff. The Mutalith can buff them pretty good. You can even use the Dark Matter Crystal and the Cult of Duplicity power to teleport the Mutalith and a big unit of Tzaangor into position. You should take a base of Rubrics and Sorcerers though. They are good.

>> No.73210127

I thought Necrons just went to sleep when Enslaver started to fuck shit up.
Eldar where in the side that lost the fucking war in heaven

>> No.73210140

>being this obtuse
They tore down statues dedicated to abolitionists, think they'll give a shit about 40k lore?

>> No.73210149

>alpha over an inverted omega
Man, they aren't even being subtle anymore, are they

>> No.73210168

Not very hard, most of what you need to know is on the dataslate for a model.

Movement has movement
Shooting has balastics skill
Melee has weapon skill etc

The core rule book has a great illustration.

To play you want dice a tape messure and some way to keep track of wounds on multi wound models.

You're free to buy Terrain, make your own or use books and cans.

For objectives you can roll a die and in the core rulebook itll list missions and show how you play them. There are also cards you can draw to generate a match. Campaign books will often have new missions aswell

>> No.73210174

No there isn’t. They said all the armies will have point increases, but not all the models.

>> No.73210176

If you read the HH from start to finish, the emperor would come off as an absolute schizo
>in some books he is mysterious and aloof
>in some books he is basically dr.Manhattan, he has humanity's best interests at heart, but he does not perceive the universe as normal humans do and he can come off as utilitarian to a fault
>in some books he has been playing 4d chess against chaos for 10,000 year
>in some books he made a faustian deal with chaos to become powerful in the first place
>in some books he is the evil bastard 3-way son of stalin, mao and skeletor who pisses liquid malevolence and eats puppies

>> No.73210177

Eldar have been my favorite since the 90s. I have never started an army because the models look so bad compared to the art. If they updated the range, I'd buy the entire range in one sitting. Like spending over a grand. I legit would make an apoc army of them I like them that much.

>> No.73210182

Guard, tau as auxiliary fire warriors, chaos for cultists, or counts as army, the applications are limited only by your imagination and motivation

>> No.73210196

ok, cool! seems interesting, gonna check out the books in a bit. one more thing: is it something that works well on virtual tabletops, or is it in-person only?

>> No.73210204

>"Of the many tens of thousands of Primaris Space Marines created by Belisarius Cawl, only half were initially formed into new Chapters. The rest had been gathered into great armies, each of one gene-line. They wore the livery of their founding primarchs, their badges crossed with pale grey chevrons, and within their gene-groupings they were then further organised into Chapter-sized formations."

Dark Imperium

>> No.73210224

I'm about to be on more long commutes. Does anyone have audiobooks for the HH series? Specifically anything after Master of Mankind?

>> No.73210241


Maybe this is a reflection of his nature as a gestalt consciousness.

>> No.73210242

No there is no virtual version.
GW doesnt like people stepping on their main source of revenue

>> No.73210243

That goes for any character that appears in multiple books
>In know no fear Guilliman is kinda based
>In the Imperium Secundus arc Guilliman gets easily angered and can't defeat Curze with help of 2 other loyalist primarchs

>> No.73210254

It's already working. The fury of the real thing would be a work of art in itself.

>> No.73210261

Yeah tons of people play on tabletop simulator or hell you could play in Minecraft if you wanted given what these lads did.

>> No.73210262

Tabletop Simulator works fine. You can Test it. You can also go to your LGS or to a GW. I wouldnt go to a GW. Most GW Employers only want that you pay the most. Or sell ypu shit like a sidecutter for 30euro.

>> No.73210269

Nah just shit writing and trying to explain what is basically the mythology of 40k. Never a good idea even with good writers

>> No.73210273

yeah, but if you had the books and everything in front of you, irl or on a pdf, and something like tabletop simulator open, does it work well or is it not worth the effort?

>> No.73210276

Skip to titandeath
>seige of terra
Still awaiting Abnetts version of emps vs horus

>> No.73210282

Some people on /m/ and /toy/ swear by the GW cutters

>> No.73210288

What if C'tan were white ?

>> No.73210295

>expecting shitposters to know lore

>> No.73210296

Abnett did saturnine and is writing for DC atm

>> No.73210312

Primaris are starting to sound more and more like a huge Alpha Legion undertaking the more I hear about it
>Primaris are taller than marines - AL were known for having the tallest marines
>Guilliman hates sneaky tactics, despised the AL for their preference for it - Phobos and armour and sneaky marines galore
>Primaris have little bling - AL kept their marking subtle

>> No.73210314

You will not be missed

>> No.73210323

Then it would be greenlit, they could even invent a pocket dimension called Hai-T'i

>> No.73210325


>just ordered some old metal servitors

Something very charming about these models, I got some of the finecast ones and they were in nightmarish condition, fucking ages filling in shitty little bubbles and even having to resculpt cable ports that didn't have the resin settle into them, and topping it off the obnoxious sprue tags that have to be fucking carved out. So I wanted to make sure I got metal ones.

Yours look good.

>> No.73210335

Dark imperiam girlyman is a great character desu when he has to play the straight man to a universe gone mad
>"oh shit, how dare you sit in the primarchs antique chair thats been worshiped for 10k years"
>girlyman:"but its my chair, thanks for keeping it around i guess"
>"oh yeha"

>> No.73210337

>Over-powered sadists that present themselves as benevolent patrons offering technological advancements but actually just want to steal your soul and advance their own empire
That fits really well.

>> No.73210341

Mars born primaris in the same book are shown to not really follow habits of their gene fathers, so its sort of a nature vs nurture thing. As we see in the indomintus box primaris vets are blinged out.

>> No.73210349

>Still awaiting Abnetts version of emps vs horus
I dread it.

>> No.73210360

What do you mean "if"?

>> No.73210369

Army painter isnt that well. I gpt a sidecutter from a friend he smokes e-zigarettes and had a special sidecutter for his coils to cut and Roll them. I swear its similiar with the gw. And it cost about 7 euro.

>> No.73210385

I use plato cutters that I bought in an amazon gunpla starter kit

>> No.73210387

I'll never doubt the soul vs soulless meme again.

>> No.73210391

Will Abnetts go with the correct version of ollanius pius or will GW require him to.fuck it up somehow

>> No.73210409

>Mars born primaris in the same book are shown to not really follow habits of their gene fathers

All the more credence to all primaris marines actually being AL sleeper agents. When the original legions left Terra they increasingly showed the same habits of their gene fathers, often without ever having met them.

>> No.73210418

Id just have horus affecting fate with his swings of worldbreaker so in 3 of the infinite time lines its a guardsman a terminator and a custodes all equally real yet sperate

>> No.73210419

Need help anons
I last played 5th edition and then completely abandoned the hobby after that
I mean I didn't follow shit since
I want to get back in and have become aware that 9th edition is weeks away
I want to get back in but have no idea how to do that now. What happened to just needing the rule book and a codex? It seems like I need to have 20 fucking books now to play any army.
I want to go Dark Eldar, what are the odds they'll get a new codex soon, also, the fuck do I need if I want to play them.

>> No.73210432

This doesn't sound real. Is this some kind of bait?

>> No.73210448

They still won't be useful unless GW overhauls gauss and/or reanimation. But it looks less likely with every revealed shitty rule.

>> No.73210453

You've got to be more subtle than this.

>> No.73210461

Only space marines and sometimes chaos get new stuff now, eveyone else is soft-squatted

>> No.73210462

The judicar is going to negate reanimation protocols watch

>> No.73210465

>the fuck do I need if I want to play them.
A latex body suit?

>> No.73210469

Looking forward to 9th, building an army, but still not at the painting phase. Can't decide between Ultras and Bangels.

Love assault, but appreciate Ultras flexibility

Want to be exclusively primaris, which is obviously not that great for Bangels at the moment.

>> No.73210471

Tzaangors worthwhile enough to base an army on? I'm digging the thought of a tribalistic/shamanistic Thousand Sons force now

>> No.73210478

Convince me not to buy a shit load of Harlequins.

>> No.73210493

>exclusively primaris
Just play ultramarines

>> No.73210494

Sans characters bangels can bring basically anything smurfs can, but smurfs can't have Death company and so on

>> No.73210496

Can you paint?

>> No.73210504

Sounds nice. Do they work fine?

>> No.73210507

Red beats blue.

>> No.73210510

They kinda suck rn I think. why do you want to play them specifically?

>> No.73210516

don’t buy a shit load of harlequins

>> No.73210518

I doubt this is true since primaris marines are the posterboy faces of the company
In dark imperiam and great work, it goes on about how gary stu made them from children, so not sure how alpha legion would manage that

>> No.73210524

Yeah they have rubber grips and all.

>> No.73210531

Watch some Harlequin painting guides and think about how much time it will take to paint each model.

>> No.73210534

That would be hilarious because he doesn't even need a special rule to do that, just needs to wipe a squad.

>> No.73210542

Yeah I practiced the diamonds the other day, weren't too bad but then again that was on flat paper. I can't do something to the level of the Shadowseer box art but

It's fine if they suck they just look fun I like creepy clowns and shit

good point they have small army lists from what i can tell

>> No.73210544

Ok I'm guessing this is why you think I'm trolling
So that hasn't changed then
So buying the most recent DE codex is a safe thing to do then? I ask because I got burned by the lgs I first go into 40K at. I was new to the hobby and decided to buy the rulebook first, bought the 4th edition RB because the owner told me that's what I'd need. 5E came out two weeks later so I'm always hesitant.
Obviously. But could I get by with just their recent codex. I've been reading and it seems like I need to get regular eldar stuff too and different little mini books. It's all very confusing.

>> No.73210555

You literally just need the rule book and the DE codex to play, they got an expansion to their rules in the Phoenix Rising PA but that's mainly just side grade rules if you want to make a /yourdudes/ subfaction rules.

>> No.73210562

what army fits this vibe?

>> No.73210571

literally sisters of battle

>> No.73210572

How come all the loyalist primarchs are chads and all the traitor priamrchs are cringy faggots?

>> No.73210575

No. All lore agree that the Aeldari rose to to defeat the Necrons in the War in Heaven

>> No.73210581

Because GW is full of hacks.

>> No.73210585


>> No.73210591

raven guard

>> No.73210602

So I am reading the new Warhammer kids story. It has a Kroot working as a dockworker in a frontier human outpost. He is well liked by the humans enough that they are giving him medical aid after he was injured.

I thought the Kroot were a warrior race? Also I thought humans and aliens can't be friends.

>> No.73210605

Disregarding all the other meme evidence for alpha legion primaris, there's precedent for sleeper agents in other legions. Apparently, before the Heresy kicked off, the AL had seeded other legions' recruiting worlds with their own sleeper agents, so that if any survived selection and implantation, they'd have warriors embedded and ready. Whether or not these tactics were effective is an entirely different discussion, but the idea is still there

>> No.73210607

Get help

>> No.73210608

Ypu will wait till the neweditions came out. The new rulebook will have an online code that you get a pdf. This fiel will be get all faqs and point changes. Maybe you will get a Box of Infomitus Necron vs SM. Eldar is now a big faction. DA, Eldar, Harlequin and Ynnari.Look for the Stormcall Bix with all 3 Ynnari Champions. Shit rules but some of your coolest faction models.

>> No.73210611

Alright thank you

>> No.73210612

horus, magnus, fulgrim, and mortarion were full fledged chads. then you know chaos or whatever... fuck gw.

>> No.73210617

>emo horsegirl
That's a tough one.

Raven Guard on bikes?

>> No.73210620

Cawl is literally doctor who , copy pasted into 40k
What fat dyke with pink hair on the writing team did this
>quirky scientist with multiple personalities
>who is also well over 11k years old
>flys around the galaxy in his own custom ship going on adventures, to the chagrin of everyone else
>has the exact same kind of plot armor "well fuck you, im clever and can solve or defeat anything with a techbabble dues ex'

>> No.73210629

stay on topic please, tia.

>> No.73210632

>Battle of Macragge
completely based, because they get to ape off of starship troopers and aliens again

>> No.73210635

Just go into the mega and have a look at the rule book and codex. With the new edition they'll be some core rule changes, but 8 page battle primer part seems to be staying relatively the same with some minor adjustments.
Things you should read up on are
>shooting and declaring firing targets
>Charge phase and how to declare what you are charging
>Assault's pile in and consolidate moves

>> No.73210695

Anyone here ever try glow paint or other kind of luminescent media on models?

>> No.73210708

Yeah didn't work

>> No.73210732

Theres actually a list of "sanctioned Xenos" that the Imperium doesn't really mind and kroot are on that list because they make good mercs.

>> No.73210755

They should bring back that glowing paint based on uranium. That is guaranteed to glow properly.

>> No.73210758

Worked for this guy

>> No.73210760

Right, so I want to do my Sisters of Battle army as being so crazy obsessed with purity that they find every single IG regiment they end up working alongside as not being faithful enough, and often purge them after a campaign is over or even in the middle of it.

So, to do so, I figured rather than bash them up with some normal trophies, I'd do them with IG stuff, severed heads, trophies, that sort of thing. Rather than being bragging about their conquests, I'd figure it'd be warnings to everyone else, a sort of "Fuck up and you'll end up like this" thing.

However, I'm worried it'll just make them look like a chaos warband or something. Any ideas of how to get the look of them being psychos without them looking like they're just a warband and still an actual sisterhood?

>> No.73210762


>> No.73210769

Because being a cringy faggot breeds jealously and betrayal
>horus, the super human millitary genuis gets tricked by chaos more easily then a toddler would and turns evil over night
>morty is a edgelord who actually teleports behind someone at one point
>Fulgrim is a faggot
>konrad is emo
>pertarabo is a fucking retard "wahhhh its the emperors fault that the iron warriors always go into the meat grinder first, well fuck the emperor ill meat grind for horus instead"
>angron is actually justified because ADB gave the emperor PIS
Magnus was not a cringy faggot but the end of the book and every book involving him completely ruined his character and flanderzied him into a cartoon villan when he had no reason to become evil, he should have died at the end of TS and stayed dead. He made a faustian deal to save his leigon and russ breaking his back and killing him was the inevitable consequence of that deal

>> No.73210778

Sounds to me like ppl might think you're making fun of feminists.

>> No.73210782

That's not glowing paint. That's plastic with a light

>> No.73210797

You must be retarded

>> No.73210799

Actually, there isn't. Imperial commanders have been killed for using Kroot mercs. Sanctioned xenos are on an individual basis.

In the novel, the Inquisitor wasn't pleased that human and xenos were cohabitating and working together but he had things better to do than burning a frontier outpost .

>> No.73210817

that looks like resin with a light, no phosphorescent paint, or photoshop.

>> No.73210819

How do I learn to be happy with my chaos marines?
I love the way they look but 1W marines kinda suck now.

Also, is summoning actually good? It looks good on paper, being able to call down some meatshields as needed.

Maybe it's best to think of Chaos marines as unified with daemons and knights instead of just standing on their own since they don't have doctrines?

>> No.73210822


>> No.73210838

They’re literally just Gorrillaman realizing the codex is pretty gay right now and it’d be great to have his legions back so he can actually properly wage war. Also the codex explicitly teaches the value in stealth tactics and multi dimensional warfare

>Mars born primaris in the same book are shown to not really follow habits of their gene fathers
This is false the Wolfspear were confused and depressed when they found out they weren’t going to be folded into the Space Wolves

Same with Justinian when he was sent to join the Novamarines instead of becoming an ultramarines. Space marines are incredibly autistic about traditions and cultures they were raised on their legion’s cultures albeit in simulations and teaching and indoctrination

>> No.73210845

go play with your trains perty

>> No.73210851

>Magnus was not a cringy faggot
You clearly haven’t read any other books about Magnus. He was a stubborn proud asshole obsessed with having knowledge and BEING the person who discovered said knowledge

There’s a reason the Primarchs fell they were flawed dickheads who had their vices preyed upon

>> No.73210852

Summoning sucks. Characters are not allowed to move before it, risk of blowing themselves up, and the summoned unit costs points you gotta put aside when making your list.
It's basically allying in one or more units without losing your battleforged army bonus, but then complicated and risky.

>> No.73210891

Play them as Chosen. At least you can Cacophony with six plasmas.

>> No.73210893


>> No.73210894

That is what they want you to think.

>> No.73210911

>Primaris have little bling

>> No.73210913

But dark apostles can't move when they use their prayers so they are perfect units since you're not planning on moving them anyway.
Odds of blowing up are fairly low.
It's basically just like deep striking units, you set them aside as part of your list.

>> No.73210918

Remember that summoning costs points.

>> No.73210939

The only answer I can give you as a chaos-fag is to enjoy the hobby aspect more than the game. Customize and personalize your minis, give squad leaders weapons stolen from victories against the imperials, mix chaos bits from AoS kits. New berserkers are a possibility, but kitbashing some of the new chaos marines and some AoS khorne bits can make some great looking berserkers as well. Summoning is awful, having to roll to determine if and how much you can summon in a turn is really hit or miss and the requirement to not move really limits your ability to place the summoned daemons where they would be most helpful. And yes, chaos is best served teaming up with it's various subfactions since none of them have doctrines or anything similar. However, we're a couple months from a new edition, so just focus on working on what you will enjoy rather than what's good. If the rumors about +/- to hit being capped at +/-1 are true then most of chaos's best means of winning are going to be dead and combined with the points changes, the army will be in a state of flux for what's most effective/best. So again, I suggest just finding out how to have the most fun you can with building and painting your chaos dudes

>> No.73210964

Migrate for a really cool hat


>> No.73210972

>But dark apostles can't move when they use their prayers
That can't be right, chaplains don't have to remain stationary to use litanies.

>> No.73210973

I used mine to bump up my kroot numbers.

>> No.73211011

Those looks rather neat actually

>> No.73211019

Fuck Off Omegon where’s Dorn

>> No.73211034

They're 2 points more than a battle sister who are considered good for their points. People exaggerate how weak they are.

>> No.73211082

>How do I learn to be happy with my chaos marines?
For me, it was shifting focus to daemon engines being the focus, with infantry support as needed. It does make sense lore-wise for CSM to use more vehicles/monsters as shock troops since traitor geneseed is limited as opposed to loyalists where they can just toss primaris into meatgrinders as instead.
The best use of this that I've found was summoning daemon HQs. The have low power level cost for summoning so you only need like a 4 on 2d6 and low point cost. In 9th I'm for sure going to lean towards this more since souping in a whole detachment of daemons is going to cost, while summoning presumably doesn't though it's limited.

>> No.73211176

Yeah, I was surprised at how well they meshed.

I also use beastmen as Goliaths in Necromunda, with vague plans of making more to run as a small CSM force.

>> No.73211215

/m/ swears by GodHands

>> No.73211277

Has GW basically abandoned Deathwatch as a sub-faction?

>> No.73213172

Thought they were popular in KT but maybe? There are too many SM factions overall.

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