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>What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
Davinchi stuff

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>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
A soul grinder!

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>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
The new starter box, unironically.

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Which version will you buy?

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Neither because I can just read scans when someone else posts them.

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>Gav Thorpe
I don't support those sorts of 'people'

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>What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
I'll try to finish my manlets, then I'll take a break I guess, still trying to figure out if I jump ship to primaris or stay loyal, maybe if I find a cheapo ebay deal, it'll sort itself out, right?

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>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
More sorcerers

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>Adding to your collection
Custodes! I bought around 1200 points of them 4 months ago from Ivan. I think I will assume that they're a lost cause and start building them with non recaster shit.

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whats the crossbow thing on the overlords hand? I am also wondering if old necron heads would look weird on the new necron bodies. I don't mind the new heads but they just have such LARGE foreheads. Like 5 head tier.

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Do things die way too fast in this game? It doesn't really feel fun setting up models and then removing a third of them turn 1 or 2.

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i still dont get it

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>Guardfags can't triforce

>> No.73175259

>start building them with non recaster shit.
Good girl

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Tachyon Arrow. It's a device powered by a sliver of the Overlord's own body and it's powered by a piece of his essence. Each time he uses it he loses a part of himself. That's why most sane Necrons dread and fear the weapon.

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>whats the crossbow thing on the overlords hand?
tachyon arrow
super powerful one-shot ranged weapon

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>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
this here was the plan as soon as he was announced

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>Tachyon Arrow
does it hit you in the past lol?

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Newfag here, what's up with Gav Thorpe?

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>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
Probably a Rhino for my CSMs

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Is Gav Thorpe really that bad or is it just 4chan memes?

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For the guys that missed it. Anyone interested in the summary of the new Aero book that features the Imperials and Tau having round 2 over the planet of Taros?

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it's just a name
Carl Friedrich Gauss didn't invent the Gauss Flayer either

>> No.73175307

Thoughts on the Custodes Psychic Awakening leaks?

>> No.73175308

*guns down your hive tyrant turn 1*

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Yes, on a successful hit roll you have to restart the game but without the unit that got hit by it

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Memes. Polfags want to force their memes here because Gav in RL is a leftest like most GW staff both former and current.

In book signing usually Gav is swamped.

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This. Maybe two since I want to start primaris blood angels.

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These better be squadrons

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Rule of 2 for all non-troops would be beneficial for gameplay balance.

Agree or disagree?

>> No.73175323

Unironically cool rule

>> No.73175327

Who do you main?

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>hive tyrant within 24"

He deserves to die anyway.

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Did GW forget that chapter serfs and servitors exist?

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>Rule of 2 for all non-troops
What is this rule?

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>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
Some Stealth Suits if I can find them.

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no GW are just big fans of Death Grips

>> No.73175339

but did you buy his new novel?

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No, but Gauss is a unit of magnetic induction and Gauss weapons work by basically reversing the polarity of target atoms and stripping them off layer by layer.

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The marines are fighting Necrons on inhospitable planets. Humans and servitors won't cut it there.

>> No.73175349

On rate, yeah. Which is why playing with lots of terrain is so important. 9th ed is being written with strong guidelines to encourage this,

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>make a primaris atv
>somehow looks both shittier and weaker than the gsc version

How do you even fuck something up this badly

>> No.73175358

will 40k finally be fun?

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I hate that most marine armies seem to just be 50 guys crammed within 6" of a chapter master.

How viable would it be a to build an all primaris mechanized force. Transported units supported by the new bikes and buggies. Maybe some infiltrating/deepstriking units to support them

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Why the fuck did you not buy the collector edition? It's only twice the price. You Chesapeake, you are no real fan.

I bought the model, collector edition, and will buy the novel both digital and audio when it comes out. You gotta send money to support the hoppy.

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The icy winds of Fenris blow across the glacial steppes, Awoo with me sisters! Awoo with all your might!

>> No.73175371

I would honestly be down for a 40k cart racing game.

>> No.73175377

We have rule of 3, meaning all non-troops can only be taken in a list up to three times.
3 still seems kinda spammy.

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i don't mind it being manned by a marine, but the fact that's it's a techmarine manning it is what gets me

>> No.73175387

Reposting my newbie question: for IG is the entire platoon of a command squad + 2 infantry squads required to fill the infantry slot or are platoons more of a roleplay/yourdudes thing and each infantry squad a troop?

>> No.73175390

Well given that it's Necrons, I don't doubt that there is subatomic penetration rapid-fire through their enemies skulls.

>> No.73175391

I don't need your persimmon to make a purchase, pal

>> No.73175392

They seem to think servitors can't do anything without being directed by a techmarine (like stormraven turret gunner) even though in 30k you can put a servitor into a flyer to pilot it.

>> No.73175393

Fuck you just reminded me I have a half done 8th ed Gorkamorka rule set around here somewhere I should hunt it out and finish it. Thanks anon

>> No.73175395

If Necrons are so great, how come nobody plays them?

>> No.73175403

How do we encourage the homebrewfags to make a tabletop ruleset for it?

>> No.73175404


What if he misses though? R.I.P piece of essence.

>> No.73175406

I am outspending you. Ergo, I am better than you!

>> No.73175410

So presumably a detachment would be
The primaris iron hands HQ
3 repulsor executioners


Hope and pray you get a Primaris biker hq
And 3 units of bikers / ATV?

>> No.73175412

I don't know where anon got that "powered by his essence" thing. I've never read that anywhere.

>> No.73175414

Techmarines also man vehicle guns. There's plenty of precedence.

It's weird that we don't have primaris techmarines as standalone models.

>> No.73175415

IG haven't had platoons as troops choices for several editions senpai.

>> No.73175416

No that would make all lists super boring

>> No.73175418

Then it sucks for him. He just lost a piece of himself for nothing.

>> No.73175423

>> Necrons of course
It's not even an option zoomer marines are shit looking range.

>> No.73175424

ARE crypteks basically the jews of necron society? They make all this stuff but hold the secrets hostage. Why? Apparently crypteks are the only ones who really know how necrodermis works too.

>> No.73175427

Why would a tech marine manning it get you? They man guns more than other marines do

>> No.73175435

they're certainly uniform in appearance. I hope you didn't work too hard on them because I think you would have achieved similar results just by priming them silver and dipping them in nuln oil or a wash of black paint, water and paint thinner

>> No.73175440

New Objective: Attack and Dethrone God

>> No.73175445

Twin accelerator autocannon build is way better

>> No.73175449

>several editions

They were take away in 8e, anon.

>> No.73175450


Yeah true it's actually useful but I'm curious how many points they are. Jumpy bois aren't expensive and are actually able to move around a bit too.

>> No.73175452

If all loyalists go to 2W base then what will the design philosophy and play style of Chaos marines become?

>> No.73175456

The 5th ED codex says that the nobility sees it as beneath them to learn how their stuff works.

This arrogance gives the Cryptek their power and influence despite being basically educated plebs.

>> No.73175459

Anyone know if the Desecrator kit has enough bits normally to be converted to a despoiler with just the Hades autocannons from the forgefiend kit? (and the missile launcher from the brute kit)

>> No.73175462

With a tech marine gunner it might be bs 2+

>> No.73175465

It’ll depend on the defensive stats, but accelerator autocannons are priced (baked into suppressors) at or just slightly above normal autocannons so idk, maybe 60-80 points?

>> No.73175466

at the moment it's just fluff to form your units into platoons.

>> No.73175472

I've always liked the endless hordes of robots ala stormtroopers in star wars aesthetic. I think heavy destroyers are really good right now but no way was I gonna use the finecast kit and the new destroyer doesn't hit the spot with me. FYI that is just a primer layer of Krylon shimmering metallic. I'll start painting them once I get some new brushes.

>> No.73175479

Why would all loyalists go 2W and not chaos marines

Do you even have a brain

>> No.73175481

Both look like shit

>> No.73175489

post yours faggot

>> No.73175491

Hq would either be captain in a transport, or the infiltrating phobos guy.

>> No.73175493

Why? Tech marines man thunderfire cannons which are barely mobile

>> No.73175494

I;m wondering what the sprue looks like and how many come in a box. That could be a new source for mortis/rifleman dreads.

>> No.73175495

>If all loyalists go to 2W base

They already have my friend. Primaris are the new normal.

>what will the design philosophy and play style of Chaos marines become

Cultist spam, cheesy stratagems/trait combos, stacking multiple defensive things like untargetable/-1 hits/FnPs etc

>> No.73175500

It's only got the laser gun and both melee weapons, good looking model but you'll have to get the regular kit to mix up the loadout.

>> No.73175504

Hes pretty bad. Not Phil kelly tier, but definitely below average.

>> No.73175505

Might as well download one book and see how his writing is before spending any money on it. Any recommendations.

>> No.73175509

Khan in an impulsor with 5 shield veterans or veteran assault intercessors

>> No.73175513

>maybe 60-80 points
>bs 2+

So about twice the cost of a jumpyboi but presumably harder to kill than two of them, that's not bad really. If it counts as a character these things will be actually good.

>> No.73175514

I don't publish my fanfiction for GW, you crotch-monkey.

>> No.73175515

>barely mobile

They got tracks and are self-propelled. This is just a gun emplacement. Why does this need a marine to operate but a tarantula doesn't?

>> No.73175519

Completely hit or miss. I liked the first wall but he comes up with some dumb shit occasionally

>> No.73175521

>Primaris captain can't even carry powersword+plasmapistol
>I can't even turn my dad into a primaris without changing his wargear
My Weekend just keeps getting worse

>> No.73175525

Eldar Path series.

Rise of the Ynnari series.

My strongest recommendation is for :

>> No.73175531

Oh if they make them characters they'll be really handy but I doubt that. I think thelly be similar to rapier carriers but primaris

>> No.73175532


He's an insufferable progressive and a mid-tier BL writer. His Eldar shit is really good and the rest is mostly shit. If you like Eldar stories, his are the best ones. The rest is mostly trash.

>> No.73175534

Do you think the thunderfire is driven around like a go kart between battles?

No, it’s airdropped by thunderhawk. Same deal with this clearly more disposable gun platform.

>> No.73175535

But Phil's tau books are pretty poggers though.

>> No.73175536

Hey I love Sisters. Thanks anon.

>> No.73175543

Don't do it, manlet captains are cooler

>> No.73175549

>He's an insufferable progressive
That's a plus in my book.

>> No.73175553


I think it's why he writes Eldar so well to be honest.

>> No.73175557

Primaris have fixed loadouts and are penalized by souping

Meanwhile chaos have access to marks/icons and daemon weapons, daemon allies and knights and lose nothing by allying

>> No.73175559

What armies can be built as durable armies in terms of saves? I like the idea of being able to soak up damage as I get into melee with the opponent.

>> No.73175561

Dangles can
New captain has super volkite + PS/SS. Same theme + better loadout desu

>> No.73175566

Death guard
Iron hands with chief apothecary are just death guard but better

>> No.73175570


>> No.73175572

>Do you think the thunderfire is driven around like a go kart between battles?

No, but it can be moved without a thunderhawk to come and pick it up. You know, if the fighting moves or to get out of the way of enemy counter battery fire.

>Same deal with this clearly more disposable gun platform.

So disposable they gave it its own primaris techmarine. Not automated controls like a tarantula or even a regular primaris. Because manning a gun is so tough it takes a techmarine to do.

>> No.73175575

Leave the melee out and go with riptides+ethereal+shitloads of shield drones. Ain't nothing more durable.

>> No.73175577

I like how you pretend CSM aren’t relegated to either having
1)plasma of some sort
2) a reaper chaincannon
3) absolute garbage

>> No.73175579

>Meanwhile chaos have access to marks/icons and daemon weapons
I can tell that you've never played chaos

>> No.73175596

is it ever explained how the necrons managed to entrap / kill the ctan anyway? Not really sure how they could have done it considering ctan are like reality shaping star vampires or something.

>> No.73175597

Thunder fires move 3” a turn, they’re literally the slowest non-immobile unit in the game. The thing has zero ability to genuinely reposition outside of its immediate deployment area without help

>hurr just put a servitor on it
Yeah let’s make the long range gun only able to target the closest enemy. Read up on why emplaced weapons exist And are not computer controlled

>> No.73175598

>implying marks do anything other than segregate off stratagems that most other armies can use on everything

>> No.73175600

Reapers aren’t good

>> No.73175602

but if I stay with manlets I will never get new releases again, and at some point my army will get squatted and I'll have to buy into primaris anyway
>super volkite
that's not the same

>> No.73175603

I like most death guard models, especially their cool helmets, however I don’t like the ones with bloated stomachs like two of the ones shown in the deathshroud terminator kit, does that kit come with multiple torso options or are they easy to convert?

>> No.73175608

Spoken like a true degenerate

>> No.73175615

They were okay. Infantry blobs deep striking got better, so did vertus praetors. I still think that basically every ranged unique Custodes weapon on everything other than tanks / flyers should get 1 more shot.

>> No.73175617

Upgrade him to a fist+plasma then, you’ll be happier

>> No.73175619

If it's any comfort, Primaris will inevitably get Powerswords and Plasma Pistols.

>> No.73175630

It’s just odd at this point that they have power swords and they have plasma pistols but thanks to GW they just can’t use them simultaneously

Despite of course a power sword + plasma pistol model existing for primaris lieutenants

>> No.73175633

Marks let you take certain daemon weapons, be the target of certain strats and spells, and use specific icons.

Goddamn, chaos players are so fucking whiney
“But SM can use all of their strats”

>> No.73175655

no one takes daemon weapons
no one uses mark spells except for the nurgle one
no one uses icons
you have never played against a chaos player if you think that any of those are good mechanics

>> No.73175656

powersword is much more aesthetic on captains then fist tho
so I guess i'll spend the next two years waiting then until GW get their shit together?
>slowly running out of sad pictures
truely, life is suffering

>> No.73175662

You guys think the tachyon arrow will be overlord only? I only recently found out that overlords can take other wargear options like hyperphase swords, void blades etc. Like what would even be the point through? Why not take their reaper scythe thing and the rez orb?

>> No.73175669

>dadanon is the same dude posting sad anime girls all day

Just lost all respect

>> No.73175670

>decide to convert the made to order sister of battle into a slaaneshi chaos lord
>find out that the disco lord is really just better
since I've got no room for a useless lord what should I convert her to? I was thinking maybe a Dark Apostle, but priests just seem like worse psykers

>> No.73175678

>Thunder fires move 3” a turn, they’re literally the slowest non-immobile unit in the game. The thing has zero ability to genuinely reposition outside of its immediate deployment area without help

Crunch vs. fluff.

>Yeah let’s make the long range gun only able to target the closest enemy.

Stormraven's turret doesn't have to target the closest enemy, nor do any fighters with servitor pilots. Also, you haven't explained why the operator has to be a techmarine specifically and why a regular marine can't do.

>inb4 "hurr just paint it a normal marine durr"

>Read up on why emplaced weapons exist And are not computer controlled

Just about all 40k fortifications have automated emplaced weapons, so I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish here. And they can have improved cogitators before you pull the low BS card.

>> No.73175694

>what should I convert to

>> No.73175695

Looks pretty good on the stratagems/shield hosts front. Captain-Commander stuff was a tad disappointing. Missed opportunity to give them subfaction traits like Chaos Knights got.

>> No.73175707

Just mix primaris and manlets. Manlets aren't gonna get squatted for a good while and they'll probably be forced to support them in legends or something

>> No.73175717

He's a baby tech marine

>> No.73175718

Look at the sprues on the website

>> No.73175726

Im a sad and miserable pile, I dont deserve any respect anyway
Just talk to me in a couple of days, then it'll be better
mixing looks stupid

>> No.73175730

>all this marine cope
lmao this dude

>> No.73175732

Which commander trait do you think is the stand out take?

>> No.73175738

Magnetise your captain then

>> No.73175741

You can do better than that.

>> No.73175742

>ran out of arguments
>quick, tell him he's coping

>> No.73175744

but no one can triforce. not any more, anyway

>> No.73175748

Why would Slaanesh bless or affect Khorne worshippers? Makes sense to me
to have access to specific god sfuff that you can’t mix and match.

Also you sound like a tourney fag so maybe that explains your salty attitude.

>> No.73175754

>> No.73175756

Do you guys think we'll see a stat change in the new Codex for Aggressors, so that they'll properly replace Terminators, or do you think it'll be another unit that does it?

I.E. a 2+ save with an invuln?

>> No.73175760

>bruh this brand new model part of my huge fucking release has a marine thats PAINTED RED NOOOOOOOOOO
I fucking hate imperium fags

>> No.73175762

I think i played against an EC player who had an icon

>> No.73175770

I hate list building with Custodes. They have cool shit but it's hard to fit anything together the way I want.

>> No.73175771

they're already flat out better than terminators at T5 3W 3A 3+, no I think we'll get actual primaris terminators eventually because terminators sell like hotcakes

its an attack bike replacement, landspeeder was already leaked and its impulsor sized

>> No.73175777

Planning the same as anon here >>73175281. Fabius is the last living vestige of the true Emp's Children. No, the black and pink clowns don't count.

>> No.73175781

Based Taff-Priest.

>> No.73175823

He's just a poor fiction writer. He got a gig at Black Library because he's one of their OG rules and rulebook fluff writers.

>> No.73175828

>better than terminators
>3+ instead of 2+
>no invuln
>can't teleport
They're just fat kids waddling in search of cake.

>> No.73175829

>fiction writer

Not much of a rules writer either.

>> No.73175831

Nice headcanon faggot.

>> No.73175839

I will never not hate termies for making marines into hunchbacks.

>> No.73175841

Valorous Heart Sisters of Battle and Iron Hands Intercessors with a "Father of the Future" Chief Apothecary are probably the toughest footslogger spam armies you can make.

>> No.73175844

Mad Scientist Cawl does it again.

>> No.73175849

I still have fondness for the 6th ed. WHFB Dark Elves book.

>> No.73175855

What that anon meant is that no one uses them since they are shit. Most of the time there is a cost for basically no benefit.

>> No.73175856

Hit and miss as an author and he ran afoul of /pol/ expressing opinions they don't like.

>> No.73175857

So here's the insulting part:
3+ 3W is flatly superior to 2+ 2W in almost every single situation imaginable.
5++ is overrated, as I'm sure you've discovered if you've played terminators.

But that isn't why aggressors are better

aggressors absolutely *shit* out damage compared to terminators. Each aggressor is putting out 9.5 bolter shots each on average, 19 if they stood still, for about the same price as a terminator (who is only putting out 4 in a best case scenario)
*and* aggressors are flat out 50% better in melee too.

The cherry on top is that aggressors can advance and shoot their guns with no penalty, meaning they have a significantly better max damage threat range than terminators do outside of deep strike

Deep strike is legitimately the only advantage terminators have in normal play but they're so pillow fisted it barely matters.

>> No.73175858

He really is horrible, he constantly inserts his personal politics into everything he does. And if you disagree with anything he does then retards here instantly start screeching and ranting about /pol/. He can fuck off.

>> No.73175859

Yes but if anyone couldn't triforce it would be imperials.

>> No.73175868

That speeder is on a flying base. It's not happening.

>> No.73175875

>no one uses mark spells except for the nurgle one
Delightful Agonies has its uses if you're not stacking -1 to hit, and will probably see more play in 9th

>> No.73175883

Given that picture has both the bikes and what appear to be the gravis melta guys, I'm a lot more inclined to accept it as legit.

>> No.73175888

Yeah I'm sure that picture from 6 months ago that clearly shows the new outriders that were just revealed, including the one holding his chainsword out, is actually faking the landspeeder and baal-impulsor tank. Mix real leaks with fake ones. Because I'm on 4chan surrounded by stupid fucking schitzo's like you.

>> No.73175892

>he constantly inserts his personal politics into everything he does
Yes all authors do this. Are you stupid or something?

>> No.73175896

See for yourself.

>> No.73175900

Yes, he just wants to be the victim when an author he doesn't agree with does it, and wants to suck the dick of any author who does it that he does agree with.

>> No.73175909

>hey moooooooooooom, Heinlen, Clarke and Asimov are inserting their politics into my ready things make them stop

>> No.73175916

So it's just memes?

>> No.73175919

I, for one, do not miss 4e Codex: CSM. Or, as Gav put it in his blog "It's not my job to write good rules, just homebrew your own, faggot, or get out of the hobby."

>> No.73175924

So how many people are going to get the new Eldar model?

>> No.73175926

>he constantly inserts his personal politics into everything he does
What do you mean? Did he have Leman Russ endorse the Labour party?

>> No.73175929

>could have just used they/them or the character's name
>instead, makes up words
This is why people make fun of English majors.

>> No.73175937


>> No.73175942

That's not his politics, that's his ethics.

>> No.73175943

>authers have to insert their personal bullshit into everything they write
Nah, you're just reading shit books by authers that can't adjust to different types of characters. It's not difficult to write something from a differeny perspective you fucking spatic.

>> No.73175955

He writes fluff he's not an author

>> No.73175956

>>authers have to insert their personal bullshit into everything they write
They kind of do. That's the whole point of being an author. You sound really fucking stupid.

>> No.73175965

Chaos terminators are cool.
I refuse to think otherwise.
Having combi plasma + deep strike is amazing

>> No.73175969

Some of you are legitimately so brain damaged that you're arguing to change the very point of written fiction.

>> No.73175974

You can't even spell author and you're pontificating on how to write.

>> No.73175978

They're cool as fuck models and veterans of the long war goes a long way (heh get it) as does not being stuck with a power fist if you just want a tough shooty unit

>> No.73175979

Death Guard, Custodes, World Eaters or Grey Knights? Redpill me on one of them for my first army.

>> No.73175989

It's unfair and bad to write perspectives that aren't mine and dangerously cool and skilled to write perspectives that are mine.

>> No.73175990


>> No.73175997

>oh no, a spelling mistake
>I better be a cumguzzling faggot and point it out

>> No.73175999

>Some factions in the game still have unit models multiple decades old
>marines get MORE redundant units coupled with every release

>> No.73176007

>They kind of do. That's the whole point of being an author.

It is? Man, I've been doing it wrong the whole time...

>> No.73176008

Good, marines are what keep the hobby going.

>> No.73176013

dont care about marines, dont care about other armies, just happy for my boney boys

>> No.73176015

You probably are you fucking retard.

>> No.73176019

>ordered a zoanthrope head to convert a foot tyrant with the proper 3e-style synapse head crest
>and another tyrant guard box so I can have 3 melee chunksters and 3 thicc impaler cannons
luv me space dinosaurs

>> No.73176038

Today i'll remind them how Eldar range is so old that it's molds will unironically go extinct in near-foreseeable future along with the shit-resin that GW uses. Both hilarious and depressing how the line is going extinct just like the Eldar are going extinct in the lore.

>> No.73176039

We're just laughing at you saying authors shouldn't insert their politics, but we all know that if he wrote about beating down minorities and killing gays and trannies you and all these other whiners would be jumping up and down hooting and hollering about how "based" he was.
Call Gav a bad writer, that's fine. But whining about him and bring up his politics whenever you can just makes you look line an insecure little kid who can't handle people having a differing opinion.

>> No.73176040

Death guard have the newest models and are pretty divisive in terms of looks: either people love them or hate them. If you like them, they just got a lot better with psychic awakening and their models are widely available.

second newest army in terms of models, also just got their PA book. Decently fun but not really competitive without either spamming bikes or forgeworld units. That being said they're definitely playable and fun. Also they look fantastic.

>grey knights
third oldest army in terms of models. Used to be shit for most of 8th edition, are actually quite strong now with their Psychic Awakening book. Most of their models are less than a decade old and hold up very well but they have some finecast stuff which is a bummer.

>World Eaters
the oldest chaos faction and one of the oldest in terms of models in the whole game. You're going to be bringing a fuckton of khorne berserkers which are REALLY good in game but have models that can legally vote. They look really fucking weird next to new CSM who are bigger and much more detailed.

>> No.73176041

>Death Guard
Probably a good choice. They have a relatively new range. A good choice if you like converting. About to get some new rules.
>World Eaters
Probably not the best time for them. They're a weaker CSM choice and they are in line for a big update.
>Grey Knights
They just came out of a long run of being one of the worst armies in the game. They have quite an old model range but I think it holds up very well with one exception. They don't get a lot of new stuff, but as an Imperium army you can easily slot in other things from the faction once you're happy with your regular guys. One huge problem is that their main centre-piece unit is the worst model in the entire GW catelogue, The Dreadknight.

>> No.73176043

Still waiting for a dedicated noise marine kit instead of weapon bits that barely fit the models.

>> No.73176046

>Flakvierling 38
Confirmed Space Marines as fascists.

>> No.73176051

oh no not our
*reads notes*

>> No.73176053


Who fucking cares?

Don't read it if it bothers you that much.

>> No.73176056

It's important to know how to write when you are telling people how to write.

>> No.73176071

TZEENTCH ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚!!!

>> No.73176072

>is this author any good?
>he doesn't fit my political ideology so no
That's not what I asked you faggots.

>> No.73176074

That ATV is fucking stupid looking though. I’ll buy it, but it looks really dumb.

>> No.73176086

Based magicman.

>> No.73176090

What did you expect ? Non retarded answers on TG ?

>> No.73176096

Some kits age better than others.

Gaunts are pushing almost 20 years old and honestly they're still a good kit.

>> No.73176097

What the fuck is TG you fucking redditnigger?

>> No.73176104

>cishet = normal
I'm going to assume thinking and breathing at the same time is difficult for you.

>> No.73176114

thats where you are right now

>> No.73176115

Phil Kelly made me like Tau. Or at least just Farsight.

>> No.73176116

>if he wrote about beating down minorities and killing gays and trannies

Then it wouldn't be his personal politics. Unless he's secret Hitler.

>> No.73176121

>all caps
>no slashes
You fucking dirty newfaggot.

>> No.73176130

T.G. was a prominent yugioh archetype in 5d's focusing on synchro summoning

>> No.73176131

oh nosey i used da lettas wrong, now da day is ruined and everythibg be looooost ! ! ! ! !

>> No.73176133

>cishet = normal

Are you saying non-cishet people are abnormal?

>> No.73176137

Holy fuck is that the only way to get those models?

>> No.73176141

no, they both come in the box

>> No.73176142 [DELETED] 


▲ ▲

>> No.73176147


>> No.73176155

Why would i want to do that ?

>> No.73176157

No. How the fuck did you come to that conclusion?

>> No.73176159

so? he is projecting into his books, which would be fine if they were his original books and not GW.
read Imperator, the ammount of gender issues there is aggravating, since when do full-on tech priests care for their gender, especially if its some made up xer bullshit.

>> No.73176160

/40kg/ really isn't the best place to ask about this. A large number of people here just can't read English very well, either because it's their second language or because they're fucking idiots.

>> No.73176170

politics aside, he's well below average. barely 1 step above Nick Kyme who is considered the worst.

>> No.73176171

>> No.73176172

ever heard of EMMP on youtube? his music is amazing, Tzeench stuff especially so

>> No.73176173

That or they want to be the victim whenever an author writes something that isn't in their personal "normal."

>> No.73176179

Some ( like me) are both.

>> No.73176186

Go back

>> No.73176188

are impulsor worth buying?

It's hard for me to justifying buying the primaris rhino for $75 when the primaris land raider is $80

>> No.73176191

Should have made Alpharius Omegon your primarch. Magnus is just a fuck up.

>> No.73176193

>suddenly flips to the complete opposite
>well if you're not an extreme leftist then you must be a nazi
Fucking hell you are retarded. You're the kind of person I was talking about when I first commented on this.

>> No.73176196

to where ? Kenia ?

>> No.73176202

Oof frenderino

>> No.73176208

none of this is worth it, just buy models you like

>> No.73176216

Chapter Serfs and Servitors aren't as competent as full Space Marines.

>> No.73176219

You just want to talk about politics and not about Gav's mediocre writing style.
Trying to pretend like that's not it is pathetically transparent.
And throwing around the Nazi word like anyone said that is just proof that you haven no argument, so you make a strawman.

>> No.73176227

>non-cishet people are abnormal?
What would you call sticking your dick into a pooper?

>> No.73176232

It will probably be better in 9th edition with the new fighty Primaris but I personally think its a really ugly and overpriced model.

>> No.73176234

Friday night?

>> No.73176236

Definitely Death Guard

>> No.73176247

He's not a good writer, but luckily for him most 40k novel readers are autistic.

>> No.73176248

>I’ll buy it, but it looks really dumb.

This should be the motto of these threads

>> No.73176250

You know they outnumber white people right?

>> No.73176251

That's just what Alpharius wanted you to think.

>> No.73176262

so does this all mean a mad-max style space marine army is now viable?

Troops riding in impulsors and repuslors, supported by attack bikes and buggies

>> No.73176265

>dodging the issue
Because you know I'm right and you shitcunts would chant BASED BASED BASED while basting yourselves in your own jizz.

>> No.73176266

Its expensive af like all 8th ed released transports but its a cool kit with a load of bits and ways to build it and its very useful in game right now, let alone with melee primaris coming

>> No.73176272

In the sense that they have vehicles yeah.
Nothing at all resembling mad max aesthetic though

>> No.73176306

>dodging the issue
How can you be outnumbered by a minority is what I wanna know.

>> No.73176323

"cishet" is a bullshit neologism created by cultists, for cultists. anyone who uses the term unironically is a member of the cult.

>> No.73176340

A good time?

>> No.73176344

Wip,think they will get better rules or get dropped for 9th?

>> No.73176349

>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
However after that I'm a little conflicted on if I should continue with my marines, dark eldar or necrons.

>> No.73176369

Lord of Change or maybe a Mutalith Vortex Beast.

>> No.73176380

Falcons, Vypers, Warp Spiders, and most of the Phoenix Lords are 1997 or older. Those last two groups are from 1993.

>> No.73176385

it's not gross population numbers that defines a minority, but rather their lack of institutional power and representation

>> No.73176387

has anyone got the black library book Relentless on pdf? I cant seem to find it on the megas, maybe im just retarted pls help

>> No.73176401

didn't they just get an expansion?

>> No.73176405

warp spiders are kino af

>> No.73176407

chad armies, go for the one who you like most in term of aesthetic but keep in mind they are not easy army in term of rules, except death guard maybe

>> No.73176426

I'm not sure,i never ever see anyone take decimators of any kind really, I just really like the model

>> No.73176434



>> No.73176447

a nemesis dreadknight and rukkatrukk squigbuggy soon. Later indomitus, I like the necron stuff and have had a box of immortals on top of my closet since november so I may as well get the new necron stuff. I'm going to trade the space marine half other than the gravis meltas and bikes for the new atv because the sword and board stuff doesn't gel with my chapter's aesthetic.

>> No.73176457

Amazing to me how great you can make Terrain look with just rudimentary junk like Cardboard, pop-sickle sticks, and the like with a paintjob.

>> No.73176458

>nemesis dreadknight
But its so fucking ugly.

>> No.73176460

It's not headcanon. It's from Shield of Baal : Devourer". The scene where Anrakyr uses his arrow.

>> No.73176465

His whole "i'm literally retarded" shtick falls apart when it's blatant that he acknowledges "minorities" refers to non-whites. If he was as retarded as he's pretending, but still armed with the knowledge of whites as the global minority, he would have been asking about why he'd be calling "based" on Gav saying to kill whites.

>> No.73176491

So Jews are not a minority?

>> No.73176509

The swords are slightly cheaper, so you can save a few points.

>> No.73176510

I like it, after I read about how the reason it's exposed is because it's not armour, but a frame to help the pilot duel greater daemons, it kind of just clicked for me and I was like "oh that's cool" and the design didn't bother me as much as it used to because it's not meant to be heavily armoured. But then again, I like vanguard primaris so I probably just have objectively shit taste.

>> No.73176558

If it was a frame built around the pilot instead of dangling him off the front it'd be much better.

>> No.73176564

they're a religious minority, but they aren't a race so yes and no

>> No.73176589

>they aren't a race

Oy vey!

>> No.73176592

>jumping up and down hooting and hollering about how "based" he was.
dude, your on 4chan, people would be doing that because it would be contrarian. It wouldn't make his writing any less cringe, because it's still inserting politics.

>> No.73176602

Horrible writer
horrible player "that guy"
Monopoly on eldar fluff but maim them through and through
This is an example of why nepotism is wrong.

I suspect eldar don't have new model to spite him. I hate him for this.

>> No.73176603

>they aren't a race
I'm a jew and i'd like to have a word with you.

>> No.73176606

I mean there are semitic racial groups like ashkenazi and so on, but those are different to "jews"

>> No.73176620

>rather their lack of institutional power and representation
So Africans in Africa lack institutional power and representation? Chinese in China lack institutional power and representation? Middle Easterners in the Middle East lack institutional power and representation?
It's a pathetic attempt of the mewling parasites to worm their way into White countries and get special treatment.

>> No.73176632

My store has 5 necron players, 2 of which main necrons

>> No.73176633

yeah they lack power in western countries, they're minorities here

>> No.73176646

>Africans in africa are not a minority
Holy shit really?

>> No.73176675

What would count as having power? Being 50+% of all politicians, government officials, cops, etc.?

>> No.73176686

Is he? What's the politic of the lord of the rings?

>> No.73176691

No having fair representation proportional to the population

>> No.73176703


▲ ▲

>> No.73176719

representation isn't entirely analogous to actual acceptance/equality but it's a good start, there are lots of factors but imprisonment and income are decent things to go off

>> No.73176720

Ahahahah mate

>> No.73176722

>Also, you haven't explained why the operator has to be a techmarine specifically and why a regular marine can't do.
Not him but not only would a tech marine know more about technology thus potentially operate it better but they'd do sophisticated maintainence and repairs too.

>> No.73176736

>> No.73176738

Define fair representation.

>> No.73176762


▲ ▲

>> No.73176763

So why aren't techmarines operating all Marine equipment? Land Speeders, bikes, centurions, etc.? I mean, if they're so much better, why put shitty regular marines there in the first place?

>> No.73176773

>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
I honestly can’t decide between a Mastodon or a Spartan and a knight. I know it’s 30k but still

>> No.73176784

We already know, it change whenever it suits you. It still cannot justify inserting what 2% of the twitter demographic, which is 5% of a country think into miniature fluff. It's not a respectable move.

He should get cured of his delirium.

>> No.73176785

Thread is derailed like fuck, fuck off back to pol

>> No.73176795

Need a tsundere eldar gf lads.

>> No.73176816


We're right on track, buddy boy. Choo-choo.

>> No.73176818

>yeah they lack power in western countries
Then why the fuck do they come to Western Countries then, termite?>>73176646
Yes faggot, you should go there and see how you fare with the whole "I'm a minority" schtick. 5 to 1 you get eaten.

>> No.73176820

Those are identity politics SJW words. Normal, sane people don't think in those terms. It's definitely 100% politics bro.

>> No.73176826

Politics is personal. You can't escape it, you can only accept it or fight it.
Just like Magnus did.

>> No.73176831

because western countries are economically stronger and have better standards of living and and more opportunity?

>> No.73176844

So they're parasiting? Thanks for your honest answer.

>> No.73176846

That people are fairly represented you moron

>> No.73176865

Post about your dudes anons!
This is one a chaplain I made for my chapter

>> No.73176875

what? immigrants are beneficial to a country, labour is just another resource

>> No.73176881

That does not answer the question. Are we talking about representation like how unions represent workers, lawyers represent their clients, and politicians represent their constituents, or what?

>> No.73176897

In everything anyway can we go back to talking about little space men please?

>> No.73176908

this is the rest of my tactical box, still unsure wether to primaris them, so for now im just finishing the models I have.
>obviously WIP

>> No.73176910

That's a Chaplain? I would have thought it was a Primaris Captain kitbashed so it has the same loadout as this mini.

>> No.73176916

Just say you don't have an answer.

>> No.73176920

I like the rivets on this! What is it meant to be?

>> No.73176926

So which faction is objectively the best for someone who wants a psycher based army?

>> No.73176931

How does that justify an invasion?
Can't they work in their own countries?
Who tell them to come?
>what? immigrants are beneficial to a country, labour is just another resource
To the self claimed elites of the new world order because it allow to pay natives less and tax them more in the name of the migrants.
They will never be a cultural or economical benefit outside of these war profiteer.
The crime and drug trade do multiplly, that's a form of gdp I guess.

>> No.73176932

Last I checked tapeworms don't tend to start local businesses and stimulate the economy

>> No.73176935


>> No.73176954

This guy gets it. The modern left is based around brainwashing. The believers are made to de-learn and then re-learn about everything in order to completely alter their eprception of "normalcy". That's why their catch-phrase is "educate yourself!". They have alternative definitions for most political words (what a progressive means by "racism" or "equality" is vastly different from classical definitions of those words) as well as an arsenal of newspeak that marks anyone using it as a member of their cult.
I'm not a cishet person. I'm a normal guy.

>> No.73176959


>> No.73176960

Rapier carrier. Made out of a tamiya ww2 flak gun

He does have the same load out but he's a chaplain. I like powerfists and plasma

I know you don't wanna mix but I like marines of all types.
I'm sure you'll find minis you like to collect and have an army you enjoy

>> No.73176974

You are 100% not a normal guy, how hard is it to post in the board this shit is meant for?

>> No.73176977

You're playing him as a firstborn Chaplain, then? I was confused because the model is obviously a Primaris dude.

>> No.73176983

A real good conversion my man, also if those marines are yours good job, look great

>> No.73176984

>immigrants are beneficial to a country

When you take the best and the brightest and have them come in legally. Flooding the work market with millions of unskilled labourers only benefits corporations that want to pay less for the workers. If you want that, we might as well abolish social security and minimum wage, then the corporations can oppress the regular citizens.

>> No.73176987

Grey Knights or Thousand Sons.

>> No.73176989

Yeah I dunno what ruleset to use I just made him to look how I like. I don't think chaplains can take that load out at all to be honest

>> No.73176990

Maybe I wouldn't find it relevant to talk about politics if the game we're playing wasn't being pozzed with prog shit every other day by a massively leftist company?

>> No.73176997

>I'm a normal guy.

>> No.73177008

Yeah, you're right, I just checked.
Primaris Chaplain have a fixed loadout: Crozius and Absolvor pistol.
Firstborn Chaplains can have a Crozius and a Power Fist or a Crozius and a Plasma pistol, but not a PF with a PP.

>> No.73177015

You are speaking fucking gibberish mate, if you get off the internet for a bit and actually go play the game you will quickly realise that this shit you are autisticly obsessing over is in your own head

>> No.73177025

Thanks very much mate
Yeah I guess I'll just say what he's using before games. I usually only play with my friends in a shed so shouldn't be an issue

>> No.73177028

>Maybe I wouldn't find it relevant to talk about politics if I wasn't constantly seething over politics
Big think

>> No.73177030

>pozzed with prog shit every other day by a massively leftist company
Nuspeak nonsense.

>> No.73177036

Yeah, I simply imagined that aggressive "You won't be missed." official statement. Gav Thorpe inserting progressive newspeak in his novel was also a pure daydream. Oh, and naturally, the systematic addition of ethnic minorities and grrl pwoer characters in recent years has nothing to do with a political agenda. Silly me!

>> No.73177040

imagine liking this model

>> No.73177041

Get a life pal
Post about the hobby or don't post at all

>> No.73177046

>Post about the hobby or don't post at all

>> No.73177049

double damage on the relic axe is pretty solid
+2 wounds with the half damage taken trait on biker captain looks solid
+3" range on the previously auto take heroic intervention aura for 15" instead of 12" is potentially good, but you're normally taking this on the bannerboi, moving that to a captain isnt really ideal

>> No.73177057

>official GW statements, 40k lore and novels have nothing to do with the hobby

>> No.73177059

Who gives a fuck though, unless you over analyse literally fucking everything, which is seems you really really do then it shouldn't impact your playing of the game at all, the you won't be missed statement is something literally every company is doing, read it ignore it and move on,

what are you doing hobby wise at the moment?

>> No.73177064

Don't have to

>> No.73177066

Yes, please and thank you

>> No.73177067

Post models

>> No.73177069

>The modern left has an arsenal of newspeak that marks anyone using it as a member of their cult.
>One post later
>buzzword buzzword buzzword

Like poetry

>> No.73177078

Official statement doesn't, its corporate shit that does not affect our game, and adding women to model ranges and novels should not annoy you this much, seek help

>> No.73177092

Looking good my man

>> No.73177094

Here's the same rubric for the thousand time

>> No.73177108

If I get it. I'll swap the head for a bald scar man and it will look sweet.

fantastic anon, they look brilliant.
I did the battle of Glazer's river today, used the newer scenario rule with a few key tweaks.

Ultramarines as the defenders vs an awakened tomb world worth of necrons.the "power level" system is dumb and I disliked it but I just bit that pill for the narratives sake.

Took a heap of pictures too, I'll post some later when I combine them into less than gorillion.

for now I'll post a bad time, poor guys transport got blown up by massed destroyers as he was flying towards the necron hq in a gambit to assasinate the fucks.

>> No.73177113

I'm gonna headswap it but other than that its ace

>> No.73177121

He just looks too much like a stormcast eternal.

>> No.73177124


>> No.73177126

>ignore it and move on,
They're screaming about their ideological allegiances so loudly it's not possible to ignore anymore. They've always be elftists, but until recently you could indeed just ignore it. However, they've become needlessly aggressive and preachy about it.

>what are you doing hobby wise at the moment?
Assembling a SoB army. I want it to be my main army in 9th ed.

I admit you're right, but I'd never use words like that outside of 4chan. I wouldn't want a company selling games to start using right-wing internet linguo either. I don't want GW to start being a conservative propaganda outlet, I just wish they'd stop being a leftist one.

>> No.73177127

Cheers mate, I really like your sideways drifter haha he's pretty radical, what's it supposed to be?
Is there a plan for basing hin? What's the fluff for him?

>> No.73177135

Post your models you secondary

>> No.73177140

My thoughts exactly. i like the executionner sword and the cloth hiding half his face, but the mini in general gives way too much of an AoS feeling.

>> No.73177155

I might be able to be persuaded
If I could stop autistically homebrewing BB rules that is

>> No.73177159

It's not political to tell you to fuck off. It's apolitical in the same way telling rapists to leave the hobby would be apolitical. The normies are disgusted by your ideas and that's why every company in the English-speaking world shat on you for an easy PR win. It's just good business.

>> No.73177162

Cheers man! It always ends up sideways when I post from mobile for some reason

I am not too sure to be honest, it's on a cawl sized base so I use it as a counts as cawl, it has bits from all sorts of kits I just really like how the pose turned out, one day when they release a skitarii HQ he will mabye be that

>> No.73177168

Very nice scheme, is there fluff for your dudes?

>> No.73177169

Would this be too strong for a Legion tactic?
>slave masters
>during the shooting phase units with this rule can't be targeted as long as they fully remain within 3" of an unit of Chaos Cultists that has a higher model count
>example: a unit of 5 khorne berserkers can't be targeted when wholly within 3" of a unit of 6 or more cultists
>note: characters follow their normal targeting rules
>if Legion tactics are updated to include vehicles: a vehicle unit with this rule without the TITANIC keyword can't be targeted in the shooting phase as long as it's within 3" of an unit of Chaos Cultists that outnumber it's base wound value
>example: a Chaos Predator can't be targeted in the shooting phase when it's within 3" of an unit of 13 Chaos Cultists or more
If too strong I'd probably change the model rule to be double the amount of models in the unit they're shielding. Alternatively give them an option to elect to put any hits that were directed at an unit to a nearby cultist unit before wound and saving throws.

>> No.73177178

the heads pretty bad, why would a space marine be wearing a bandanna on his helmet?

>> No.73177182

I haven't taken pics of my SoBs yet, but here's a WIP pic I took of some Kriegers.

>> No.73177192

Are you for real?
Mirror are cheap, invest in one.
You cry for no discrimination, parroting our struggles, but what you actually want is a pass to dehumanize maim physically and kill socially a social group of your choice.
If that's the end result of voting left for 20 years, I'm really starting to rethink my choices.
All that to appease a bllack supremamcist movement born under the american regime of obama. Why do they want us, europeans to care?

>> No.73177194

Are they really screaming though? I saw they posted that and thought ah another company jumping on the bandwagon then forgot all about it, it's such a small deal to get riled up about

Sisters of battle are cool, do you think the army will have to wait as long as it did before for new stuff? I think with them being featured so much in the new trailer they are gonna have them featured a lot more

>> No.73177198

So since we are getting new points in 9th...

you guys think we are these gonna be balanced ala CA or are we getting a hard "reset" ala the Index points?

I don't even play Knights but surely the new 12 shoots against units of sizes 10+ rapid fire battlecannon should be heftly priced over say, the gatling that's two S lower at the same fire rate.

Shit I'm worried folks.

>> No.73177202

With a normal marine helmet this guy will look good I think

>> No.73177214

they're saying points are gonna be increased across the board, so somewhere in between balancing and a reset

>> No.73177219

Does anyone know where I can find the Necron novel Severed? I couldn’t find it in the links in the first post. I heard it’s a really good one.

>> No.73177224

>slave masters
Not going to happen in modern times.

>> No.73177231

No clue. I've just been working on their paint scheme / getting a bunch ready to be based (I think I'll end up running 45+). Might get some plastic card and turn in into cobblestone if I'm feeling lazy, otherwise might try and make it look like they're standing on mossy boulders.
I'm not one for making fluff. I just like painting and playing.

>> No.73177234

Cool, nice blue. Are they reacts or legit boys?
Fair enough, he looks cool. More skittle HQ rules would be fun

>> No.73177244

Need to get more of this army painted.

>> No.73177257

Bit of both.
Everything is going up in price. But by varied proportions to try get more balance.

>> No.73177262

>Are they really screaming though? I saw they posted that and thought ah another company jumping on the bandwagon then forgot all about it, it's such a small deal to get riled up about
It's not just the statement. it's also the Repentias now looking like shit, the completely unironic use of leftist political terms like gender neutral pronouns, the rapidly chaning ethnic composition of the Ultramarines, etc.
Imagine how much of a shitstorm there would be if, instead of constantly signalling left, GW started dogwhistling to the right with a tenth of the intensity of what they're currently doing.

>Sisters of battle are cool, do you think the army will have to wait as long as it did before for new stuff? I think with them being featured so much in the new trailer they are gonna have them featured a lot more
They're selling like hot cakes. GW will probably make new stuff for them in the coming years.

>> No.73177263

What big boys have got left to paint

>> No.73177267

I think they're aiming for balancing. I think this edition is just meant to be a bigger chapter approved

>> No.73177275

very nice anon.

>> No.73177292

Good job but think what you could've done painting a better faction

>> No.73177300

its going to be the most headswapped model in 40k anon.

>> No.73177301

4 more fexs, an Exocrine and a flyrant.
Though several of these are partially done from my old collection

At least for the 1500 tourney I'm taking them too in a few weeks. Beyond that probably going to add a tyranofex and Trygon.

>> No.73177302

They're legit. I only use recasts for units that are OOP.
My recipe for the blue: two thin coats of The Fang, one coat of Russ Grey, shade with Drakenhof Nightshade, highlight with Fenrisian Grey.

>> No.73177326

>like gender neutral pronouns
Someone post the vey, vis or whatever the terms were thingy.

>> No.73177327

Here. It really is good.

>> No.73177354

Planning on kitbashing some reiver grav-chutes unto some marinelet backpacks for my scions as a sort of not!Elysian drop troop squad. Would rather not go through buying molds cross-continent.

>> No.73177374


>> No.73177377

Thanks lads
>is there fluff for your dudes?
They were for a campaign I ran with a couple of mates; the Scrapkillas are a mechanised Deathskull warband that specialises in wrecking the vehicles and of their enemies and using them to build more dreads and buggies. Chop Shop here is the nominal leader but its effectively more of a big mek coop that all specialize in their own things

Fluffwise they were recently pushed off the imperial agriworld Harvest IV after a three way war in a ruin city between them, Eldar and Death Guard in pursuit of a lost Eldar artifact. Despite building increasing numbers of kans, dreads and eventually a Morkanaut they were unable to dislodge the entrenched Death Guard before they performed a ritual to corrupt the continent. Since then they've gone off planet and are slowly accumulating more vehicles as Chop Shop has started building a Kult of Speed around him

>> No.73177379

Nice sounds like a fun list
Fair play, that must get expensive. Thanks for recipie

>> No.73177400

Found it kek

>> No.73177434

Very cool mate
I got some deffskulls off ebay hoping to touch them up and make my own warband

>> No.73177447

can't believe people are already making conversions of the new primaris kits

>> No.73177449

I'm undecided. I had paused building Custodes to build Thousand Sons, but now I might switch back to Custodes now that I have a build that seems worthwhile with the PA. Especially since I plan on running 3rd party for Daemon Princes, and there's little review out there on small manufacturers. But then there's my long standing desire to get some of the Dark Souls minis. But also I want to start a kill team of either Deathwatch or Dark Angels.

>> No.73177460


>> No.73177463

Lol I still can't believe it's real

>> No.73177467

I understand the notion of a techpriest thinking they're above having a gender, but why couldn't the fucking retard just use they/their/them

>> No.73177479

I wouldn't put it past a tech priest but I have no clue what the point of more pronouns denoting the same gender (or lack of is).

>> No.73177497

What was wrong with 7th edition?

If you were to get a group together and go back and play it a bunch, what changes would you make?

>> No.73177499

We do t know since no points or stats are available yet

>> No.73177523

Yeah it isn't perfect but I don't think it's as bad as other people say it is.

>> No.73177524

Am I a Waacfag for using Kyrinov instead of a normal Missionary?
He's the only Legends model in my army.

>> No.73177526

gradual bloat, same as 8th with one more year of existence.
They can't get out of the 'rule bloat to push miniatures' model.

>> No.73177535

Why on earth would that make you a Waacfag?

>> No.73177540

I agree Its a bit weird but it's nowhere near one as bad as people make it out

>> No.73177546

We all still use legends models in out gaming group, just deciding bike lords for example no longer exist is stupid, so I would use him if you like the model!

>> No.73177549

Maybe they're a Transmechanic?

>> No.73177552

anyone recognize the calc this is snipped from, I had it open and windows auto updated before I remembered to bookmark it.

>> No.73177560

Normal Missionaries have tons of attacks but can only use chainswords. Kyrinov is slightly more expensive but he's got an S+2 AP-2 D2 melee weapon that actually make him choppy.

>> No.73177581

just use the model as Taddeus.

>> No.73177602

Maybe. But at the same time insisting on specific esoteric pronouns is exactly the kind egotistical bullshit a mates would pull.

>> No.73177623


>> No.73177625

>One Reaper Chaincannon does on average more damage then a lascannon
>Throughout 5 turns of the game, 1 reaper chaincannon at BS 3+ did 5 wounds to a basilisk, while 2 twin lascannons at BS 3+ did 0.
I don't like this.

>> No.73177640

The point is to create a us/them mentality to feed a victim complex.
This could have been subverted wonderfully for the mechanicus, by making a subtle faction division between xenotech fanatics, hereteks users, human form supremacist, ect.
Instead we got a twitter regurgitation passed as written talent. That's a waste.

>> No.73177659

Its .888 vs 1.3 v t7 3+ with double the range. Really not true at all anon.

>> No.73177737

They tried to give each army more personality by giving them unique formations. This was a good idea on paper but led to an arms race since they became ever better. Problem was that only a handful of factions (Marines, CWE and Necrons) sat in the sweet spot where they had broken formations and undercosted codex entries at the same time. Then there was the problem with GW releasing new center point models for some armies (Wraithknights, Riptides etc.) which not only looked awesome but also had very competitive rules and were criminaly undercosted (no surprise, right?).
So what we ended with were a small number of viable army builds (for pick up games against randos) that were neither fun to play against nor to play with. Roflstomping your enemy with your Wraithknights becomes boring after a short time.
The rules itself were mostly fine though if a bit tedious at times (haggeling with your opponent over nanometers when using templates for example).

What I miss the most is how armies were spread out over most of the table back then. Now they have all these incetives to clump up and form walking or stationary castles. Hopefully 9ED will bring more dynamic manouvering back to the game.

>> No.73177882

it's what keeps happening.

>> No.73177989

>with that variance
you forgot to divide by 6 lol.

>> No.73178016

come on man, its a basic excel graph someone made

>> No.73178231


>> No.73178402

My old IG I had painted like a week before Scions came out. Pissed me off.

>> No.73178419

722nd Hurricanes.

>> No.73178427


>> No.73178434

>Thread Question: What do you plan on adding to your collection next?
More Gaunts.

>> No.73178487

Do CSM shoulders fit on Primaris? Thinking about getting that new box and converting the primaris stuff to CSM.

>> No.73178877

Please convert it into a Guts space marine.

>> No.73179174

I need to get all of the shit delayed from the Conquest collection due to corona.

>> No.73179210

It’s in one of the Necron novels, the one with Anrakyr fighting Nids

>> No.73179491

it's great

what you planning on giving it? I'm gonna go with primaris chaplain because I have no imagination

>> No.73180210

really beautiful

>> No.73180251


>> No.73181153

Some are more advanced than others or are newer technology harder to intuitively use

>> No.73181280

7th also had a machanic similar to CP with warp charges. You could get a bunch of psykers in order to farm them just like CP.
That said I had more fun with 7th than 8th.
Something about not having actual options even if they are shit kind of killed the fun.
For example the amount of dumb crap you could do with Inquisitorial Acolyte and how much extra gear you could give to vehicles was fun.
With 7th you could simply remove formations and it could be usable. With 8th? I cant even find where to start

>> No.73181283

Blood ravens chest wings are gold.

>> No.73181338

fags go away! get out

>> No.73181360

neither do blacks. They take fentanyl and try to use counterfeit money, then resist the police when they show up

>> No.73181363

What would be a good use for the head?

>> No.73181843

He never said it was a dude's pooper, ya git.

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