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Is there a way a normal dude could challenge a massive werewolf to a fistfight and win?

I know there are some martial arts that have techniques for bigger enemies, there has to be a fighting style that would work right? Some glitch in physics in any kind, witch would make it possible.

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Sure, just crush his big ol' balls, sweep his leg, and stomp his groin until it's paste. Bam you win.

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what if it's a she wolf?

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mating press

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Silver knuckles

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Depends on how strong werewolves are in setting or if they can only be harmed by, you know, silver

If they're just above peak human in terms of strength it's still possible, fights are not "the higher number always wins". Puglist who are both strong and quick could take down a superhuman creature, wrestling would probably be a bad idea against something that can cause a lot damage by biting and scratching

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In 5e? sure
They have like what? 15 Str? that's weakass shit. Just have bras...I mean silverknuckless and that's it

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Give her the old double fist in the asshole. That'll calm her down

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sex them
grab a werewolf's knot and they immediately freeze

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Nut shots also work on females, they just have different names.

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Depends of a lot of factors.
How big a werewolf are we talking about?
Is the werewolf intelligent?
Does the werewolf know martial arts?
Is he a practitioner of wol-fu?

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feed it some chocolate

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Martial arts are only functional within the boundaries of human strength. The best BJJ practitioner can't do shit to a gorilla.

Bare human hands are just awful natural weapons. Our fingers are delicate appendages that evolved for grasping and manipulating tools, not for ramming them into flesh and bone. If the werewolf has subhuman intelligence and the human is allowed to use primitive tools, then a sufficiently well-trained human could win. Otherwise, it's pretty much hopeless without fantasy qi/magic or insane plot armor.

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Pickaxe from behind. Hard but possible.

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>Is there a way a normal dude could challenge a massive werewolf to a fistfight and win?
sure, cheat at the fighting part

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>there has to be a fighting style that would work right?
the consensus amongst martial arts' experts is clear - if a random dude has a knife you run the fuck away. the consensus amognst wild life experts is clear - if you encounter a wild animal you do everything n your power to avoid physical confrontation with different methods for different animals. The world doesn't run on the rule of cool
There's a saying about bears - "if it's brown lay down, if it's black fight back, if it's white goodnight" If you get spotted by a polar bear you cannot do anything to avoid it - it's going to chase you and maul you to death. I presume werewolves are higher up your food chain than bears

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Doubtful, pretty much impossible.
Humans have been making weapons for longer than they've technically been humans.
That's because we need them to survive in any scenario where we're faced with a large predator we can't avoid by hiding, running, or bluffing.

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even chimps understand the value of a weapon

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It depends on just how much Main Character Energy you got.

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somebody with bruce lee speed/strength/training and silver knuckles could maybe do it by just being too fast/skilled to hit, but it has much greater reach and can bite when you're in close. Also, if *it* has human intelligence and some martial training that really lowers the odds even further.

I say it's technically possible, but I'd never bet on the human.

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The thing you need to understand about martial arts is that weight classes exist for a reason.

The stronger your opponent is than you, the proportionally better at fighting you need to be than he is in order to win. The amount of skill you would need as a person to beat most werewolves ("most werewolves" in the sense of "most types of werewolves as predominantly depicted in fantasy") in a fair fight simply does not exist. It's impossible to obtain.

Additionally, past a certain point of strength / prowess your opponent has in excess of yours, your punches simply won't hurt him, your throws won't work, and he can just no-sell any kind of grappling move you try. I mean, do you think there is a level of martial arts skill that would allow a person to take on a tank bare-handed? At a certain level, you just lose.

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Chokehold maybe? I know Jujutsu as a martial art doesn't care too much if the opponent is bigger/stronger than you - you wouldn't get out of it unscathed but could probably choke them out.

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If their neck is too big or has too much muscle, it won't work. I can't say if a "massive werewolf" is too big/strong, but I wouldn't count on the chokehold. That said, in D&D 3.5, you could do it as long as you're within one size of the werewolf.

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If your opponent is much stronger than you, they can just force a hand under your arms or whatever and you can't do anything.

Also, a werewolf would probably just tear your arms to shreds with its massive claws. You'll lose the use of your limbs long before he loses consciousness.

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Yeah that would make sense. I can well imagine the choke hold moving from something with the arms to the legs instead, and the arms being used to grab the muzzle and keep it closed/pull it back against your chest. I really can't imagine another way of trying to fight them without weapons other than grappling/choking them in a position they can't eviscerate you as well.

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A "massive werewolf" can just reach behind and pull you off or break your hold by using 2 arms to pull against whatever limb you're using to choke him with. As many others ITT have said, it's simply impossible for a normal human to fight a massive werewolf barehanded in a fair fist fight and win.

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Then the next question would be, how many human martial artists would it take to grapple a werewolf?

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Honestly, if the werewolf has at least chimp-level IQ and doesn't have an absurdly dumb Achilles heel, the number would be in the dozens or even hundreds - whatever amount is necessary to tire out the werewolf via sheer calorie expenditure.

Just ask yourself: "How many barehanded children does it take to kill a grown man?" The only limiting factor is when the grown man gets tired.

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if the children had adult intelligence and a willingness to face danger, it could be less than 10. If you have a couple kids on each limb, there's not much you can do. The rest could stomp on your face, neck, nuts, whatever. It wouldn't be quick. You'd probably get some of them first. I'm talking like 10 year olds though, not preschoolers.

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I was thinking of 5 year olds, I should have been more specific. Because that's pretty much the powergap between our feeble human bodies and a werewolf (I'm assuming it's stronger than a full grown bear)

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i mean, if you're working perfectly in concert i would imagine it only takes three guys, one to gouge out the eyes (assuming its still mostly mansized and not like a 10ft giant or something), one to attempt to crush the windpipe, and one to get mauled to death in order to give the other two time to make their singular attempt.
But thats like, hivemind level shit, it would probably take a couple dozen if we just threw them in a room, but no more than 40 probably unless they all practiced arts that were actively interfering with each other
Also assuming that its the 'just a really fucking hench dude with claws' kind and not the VtM 'literally an unkillable demigod' kind

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OP specifies a "massive werewolf". My litmus test here is "Would the strat work against a bear or gorilla? If not, it's not going to work against a werewolf." Even with hivemind-level coordination, I don't see the 3-man plan working against a bear or gorilla. Real life fighting isn't a turn-based game. IRL ferocious beasts can tear through multiple "squishies" in seconds.

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well, using 3.5 stats, they aren't, or most aren't, any

a werewolf has +4 strength, humans can have up to 18 at 1st level, a barbarian gets another 4 from rage, so thats 22/26 max
a brown bear has 25

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Take on on a tank? Hokuto Shinken, The Fist of the Northstar.

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Why the hell are you talking about 3.5? Everybody is talking about IRL because OP's question implies that.

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I could see three top-level high-str martial artists taking on a gorilla if their lives depended on it. Brown bears have been killed by guys with knives before; but I can't see somebody doing it barehanded.

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Oh shit, werewolves exist?

and we're expected to think OPs are talking about reality on the traditional games board?

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>I could see three top-level high-str martial artists taking on a gorilla if their lives depended on it
Maybe the best of the best can pull it off, yeah. Even then, 3 would be pretty hard.

Read the thread, smartass. Nobody thinks you're clever for avoiding the discussion.

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I mean there was a guy who snapped a bear's neck once but I'm pretty sure he was super high on amphetamines at the time?

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New question: What and how many drugs does a normal man need to take to fist fight a massive werewolf and win?

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no, he stabbed it in the neck with a big knife, damaging it's spine
he noticed it was tilting it's head at an odd angle and deduced what was going on
it charged him and power slammed it in the face as hard as possible and used it's own bodyweight to finish breaking the spine

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werewolves are fantasy creatures
this is /tg/
OP didn't specify "real life"
OP didnt specify stats

What do you want

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Give someone PCP and let them loose in the dog park - and they might think they've killed a dozen werewolves by themselves before the police arrive. Does that count?

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Man, I wish I was as cool as you, anon.

Said nobody ever.

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Use a weapon dumbass, if you don’t have one improvemise something to not get killed while you run for your life

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Humans can't even fight normal wolves without weapons dumbfuck, werewolves are wolves with opposable thumbs and spite.

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people like you are why i can't mention playing 3.5 without getting bitched at

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How the fuck
A werewolf is basically a brick wall made of hatred and claws. You want to try to take that on by punching it? You'd need a closed-casket funeral.

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1vs1 they absolutely can, because wolves can only bite, they dont really have claws

literally nothing wrong with what I said
you don't have an argument and you're lashing out

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>1vs1 they absolutely can, because wolves can only bite, they dont really have claws
is this bait

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>there has to be a fighting style that would work right?
it's called a gun

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>don't die to it's bite
>get it in headlock

I wouldnt want to try it, but it can be done.

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Not unless his fists are made of silver.

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Skip to the fight boss fight. Dude is a normal human, who is a master fighter.

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Are we talking Andre the Giant as a Wolfman, Hollywood hybrid or the classic "literally a wolf but huge" and then making it even bigger? OP's pic implies the second but may as well cover all the bases.

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>There's a saying about bears - "if it's brown lay down, if it's black fight back, if it's white goodnight"
Hmm, I always thought this a racist saying about people.

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>Hide thumbs from view
>He's missing a thumb
I wonder how he learned that little tidbit.

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Choke points IE running through a small hole and then stabbing in the face when it tries to get you. Otherwise, no. The entire point of the big scary monsters in that it can't be overcome by your strength alone.

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OP here, what would be the minimum requirement to kill one?
Fistfight does not seem to be a real option.
EXCEPT handling it's genitals.

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Like equal or greater strength at which point who is the real monster. Just the height difference alone is a massive malus against the man. Say a werewolf is like what, 20 strength?
The man would then need at least 16-24, and blessed silver gauntlets and the skill to fight without getting grazed at all. It just aint feasible.

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Then prepare for a wild night.

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fatal injury using a silver weapon or some sort of massive physical trauma like the first part of >>73175967 suggests.

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>Yeah, no op, you just can't fucking make a guy punch a werewolf in your fantasy game where people shoot dearhrays and can be stabbed dozen of times no problem because ITS NOT REALISTIC
As expected of /tg/

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OP is implying a regular dude/martial artist vs. a werewolf. He never talked about a system, just how realistic it is, and people assume realistic dude vs fantasy creature because OP said nothing else you mong.

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Sure, but you need to be this guy, and you need a gauntlet/punch gun that fires silver bullets.

Short of that, maybe these two guys could do it, they both fought in human baiting matches.

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Only by paying off the judges to give you a points victory.

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This is Charles Bronson.
Werewolf vs. Dr. Eggman, who would win?

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Give him a frying pan.

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If alien super computer is coordinating them then sure

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