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>that book cover
Xenos absolutely cucked

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1rd for chaos

>> No.73160233

salamander bros, We can finally use more primaris units with meltas.

>> No.73160235

good spook

>> No.73160239

6th for necron pauldrons

>> No.73160240

I just hope these guys retain the options for the bossman the regular Intercessors have. Not getting a fist or a hammer on the sergeant would be a shame.

>> No.73160241

when the fuck are they going to give us heavy/special weapons in intercessor squads

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Here's the thing. Guilliman has Primarch stats. Abaddon has chapter master stats. Hes very similar to Calgar, yet he's being portrayed as equal to Guilliman.

I really think they should have given Abaddon much better rules similar to Guilliman because he's so iconic and he's also a huge model.

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Interestingly they say this isn’t a starter set. It’s designed for people already in the hobby, and is a special launch box for the new edition. It won’t be there forever, just the start of 9th. So with dark imperium gone, and when indomitus is stopped, we should expect an actual starter set.

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post you're models

>> No.73160253

Fantastic looking robes on the ancient.

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>no necron video

>> No.73160260

I'm starting to suspect this box might be more than 120 quid...

>> No.73160261

man this new box set is tempting me to come back to 40k... but i got too many projects for aos...

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>> No.73160263

>Cuckmarines vs WE WUZ KANGZ N SHIET
why can't they have a major release a real faction for once?

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Why did one guy forget his sword? Embarrassing.

>> No.73160269

>Jes Goodwin

>> No.73160276

My only issue thus far is that the Captain for the Space Marine side looks a bit static. He's just stood there holding his shield, where I'd rather have him dynamic and ploughing into enemies, but it's a minor complaint

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Why couldn't it be death guard and orks fuck

>> No.73160278

Anyone be grab a screenshot of the new intercessor sprue?

>> No.73160280

I’m replacing the standard for a classic banner though that looks exactly like the AoS bearer

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they look like huge slabs of dirty pasta dough lmao

>> No.73160282

take a back seat nidfag

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The developer just said that 40K's meta story/focus will always be Imperium vs Chaos. And the Pov of the setting will always be Imperium. He said the Necrons are just going get the spotlight in the launch of 9th ED but Chaos remains the big bad.

What the fuck? How could he say this outright in the open? Aren't they afraid to offend the xenos fans?

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You already have them in the tactical squad

>> No.73160290

Gotta admit, there sure is a lot of stuff in that box.

>> No.73160291

Were it not for the laws of this land you would be dead where you stand scum.

>> No.73160293

I slightly disagree, especially on the collar/shoulders parts. Makes me think of SoB but to each their own. Definitely looks a lot more 40k than the ultra sleek and bland stuff from the DI box.

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Sounds like he’s gargling gravel wtf

>> No.73160296

why so dusty

>> No.73160297

>Why couldn’t it have been Space Marines?

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>we should expect an actual starter set.
A new version of this will be the "actual starter set."

>> No.73160301

>Chaptermaster stats.

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Orkz v Chaos would literally be too soulfull and would shred the average zoomers mind to ribbons

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Needs a headswap, but otherwise perfect

>> No.73160307

is it his mic or does he really sound like triple terminal smoker stage

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The robes are lovely and the detailing is on point. Not entirely convinced by the skeleton at the top, though.

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Be'lakor is stated to be more powerful than the Daemon Primarchs but look at his stats.

Ragnar should never beat Ghaz in the TT but he fought him equally and beat him in the lore.

Rules don't matter in the lore.

>> No.73160312

And they straight up admit that it's still going to be Imperium vs Chaos because fuck everyone else LMAO
Orkfags, Taufags, Eldarfags, Deldarfags all BTFO

>> No.73160316

Just finished my lord and pimped the crawler with pigment

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>> No.73160320

compare him to calgar

look at his aura type

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tactical squads are garbage

>> No.73160323

seethe tranny

>> No.73160328

pretty sure he did a LOT of drugs in the past

>> No.73160330

Oof. Naming team is working overtime I see.

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Guess I’ll either need to heavily convert him or use a different model, because that one doesn’t do for a Space Wolf

>> No.73160333

I beleive there is 3 heads for him in the box. Bare head, fully helmet and that head.

>> No.73160334

Cope harder. This is what you get for buying the new marine hat

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>> No.73160339

Original anon calling for death guard, I am a literal tranny so you're just siding with a tranny.

>> No.73160340

>tactical squats
Good one, anon. I laughed.

>> No.73160341

>because that one doesn’t do for a Space Wolf
None of the characters in this box do really.

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>> No.73160343

I wanna buy the box just for the guys with shields alone

>> No.73160347

good one

>> No.73160352

They arent worth the points in the current meta.

>> No.73160353

Nice false flag, chaosfag, but cultured Necron players enjoy playing the game with their friends instead of acting like spoiled retarded children.

>> No.73160355

>master-crafted power swords
The Victrix Guard had normal power swords, right?

>> No.73160356

Cope hardest, manletfag.

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>> No.73160365

I really want it, but I won't be using any of the models in it... probably
Should I buy it, or actually buy the models I want for my army list first?

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>> No.73160374

The swords are the worst part of these models, definitely gonna use conversionworld bits

>> No.73160378

don't care for dg so how am i siding with you troon? cope much?

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>> No.73160380

Maybe for the codex, the starter set rules will probably keep the wargear options strictly limited to the box set.

>> No.73160383

>large scale Necron update
Aeldari are sure to follow, right?

>> No.73160384

which pixel is your model?

>> No.73160385

Why are Necrons covered head to toe in scratches and dents now, they should be pristine and indestructible looking.

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>> No.73160389

ah ah ah, guard first :)

>> No.73160390

Yeah. Pretty easy to convert into a paper banner or some other icon though.

>> No.73160391

Eat a dick. Who cares what you think? I just astounded that GW would blurt it out in the open rather than sugarcoat it.

>> No.73160394

so only one heave support type of SM and they are all in the same fucking position

>> No.73160395

Oh baby talk to me nice

>> No.73160396

pozzed guard

>> No.73160400

You got the special weapons there. See this is what happen when you support anti consumer practices and didn't take primaris like any other marine size increase

>> No.73160401

Which manlet units will still be worth using in 9th ed?

>> No.73160407

I’m extremely happy about the bike sprues, no more hiding the mold lines on the tires.

>> No.73160410

Here's some Renegade CSM, I'm looking forward to painting a bunch more once I've got my Kabalites done

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>> No.73160413

This is retarded because it barely resembles what happened in ROTS

>> No.73160415

How fucking long can they talk about space marine models that look nearly identical to existing ones? Are we getting anything else?

>> No.73160419

Scouts and tanks.

>> No.73160422

Because Timmy can't be trusted to scratch and dent /hisdudes/ on his own.

>> No.73160423

Can I use the Chief Librarian Stratagem in a Blood Angels successor chapter?

>> No.73160426

what army do you play, pencil dick?

>> No.73160429

Full kit will probably have a Lascannon variant, about fucking time

>> No.73160432

>> No.73160433

GW the melta units where everyone has melta are an eldar thing. Marines are the jack of all trades army.

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>> No.73160438

Sternguard and Scouts.

>> No.73160442

End of the stream, they already said to wait for a new reveal

>> No.73160443

chaos baneblade...

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>> No.73160448

Because they want to push the "Ghoul" undead aesthetic of the Necrons

>> No.73160450

Overall really happy with this box

>> No.73160451

>How fucking long can they talk about space marine models that look nearly identical to existing ones?
As long as shareholders tell them to

>> No.73160452

>non-shit Gravis
What's next, non-shit Suppressors?

>> No.73160453

Looks great, but the head does not fit. Still a cool bit, though.

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>> No.73160457

Guys I fucking love that Skorpekh Lord, I can't even contain myself

>> No.73160466

Anyone with a link to the Death Guard PA pics?

>> No.73160467

>No point running, you’ll just die tired.

>> No.73160469

That was disappointing, not sure what I was expecting to see though.

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>> No.73160474

Just join Chaos already

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>> No.73160476

Cawl seems to like his plasma, so my money is on a long-ranged plasma rifle.

>> No.73160478

Scout bikes, every HQ, terminators depending on chapter, company vet equivalents, whirlwinds for sure

>> No.73160481

What are the most soulful combinations possible in 40k? My favourite is Nids vs Daemons.

>> No.73160484

Pretty cool

>> No.73160487

will always be a 500pt handicap

>> No.73160488

>He doesn’t like Zaku marines
Kys and then kys again

>> No.73160489

Are they already spoiled?

>> No.73160490

literally the only ugly models in the box is the judicar and the gravis dudes, simply because gravis is just an ugly pattern

>> No.73160493

Fucking Marinefags cooming for the 1000th time this week how is this acceptable.
Fuck your shitty children toy faction

>> No.73160494

> Eredicators

Hellfury still up on the menu boys.

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>> No.73160502

The sprue has both pristine and damaged components

>> No.73160505

Box comes with three heads for him.

>> No.73160506

Is GW going to accept Intercessors with marinelet helmets as tactical marines at the LGS?

>> No.73160507

Behold, Ortan Cassius.

>> No.73160508

Hellblasters are already plasma in every variety

>> No.73160510

IG vs Orks

>> No.73160512

No. None of those rules in Faith and Fury apply to Blood Angels or their successors. Your rules are in Blood of Baal. If you want a powered up generic Librarian for a BA successor I recommend the Librarian Dreadnought. Alternatively run your army as the "Blood Angels" keyword from a rules standpoint and use Mephiston's Rules for your guy.

>> No.73160515

>all this detailed golden crusade stuff
>I already have Custodes with swords and shields

>> No.73160517

This is nice and looks amazing, but this is not Dark Imperium 2, this is a limited edition set that will probably cost an arm and a leg, when are we getting the new core set?

>> No.73160518

I like the sword the judicar has, possibly enough to get into recasting.

>> No.73160520


>> No.73160524

just the overlord is a massive upgrade, I like that the cowl and shoudlers look like a more natural/organic part of him.

>> No.73160528

I knew he'd be Primaris and that's a nice model.

>> No.73160529

>3d print lines

>> No.73160531

Fucking badass.

>> No.73160532

How many GW employees are in this thread trying to encourage sales for the new box?

>> No.73160533


>> No.73160534

>Not going full World war (in heaven) part 2: Psychic Boogaloo with Eldar getting permanently BTFO'd in a Nerdcron v Eldar box set
Swing and a miss

>> No.73160536

Good time to be a Necron player. They get more models, and you just know there will be alot of people offloading the Necron side for cheap.

>> No.73160538

Fuck its great to be Deathwatch

>> No.73160539

The Necron here looks goofy and cartoony as fuck. Does this confirm that Necrons can open their mouths?

>> No.73160541

The new necron heads are great.

>> No.73160550

>even Jes Goodwin couldn't remember the bullshit primaris names

>> No.73160551

He's not, that's a generic chaplain.

>> No.73160555

Bold to broadcast your negative taste

>> No.73160558

Some closed FB groups apparently have pics of the german book. dakkadakka and reddit have some stuff, but for DG there are no pics, only text. Looks extremely good so far, almost to good to be true.


>> No.73160560

>Does this confirm that Necrons can open their mouths?
How else would they eat?

>> No.73160561

>Arms are swappable once you cut off the pegs
Good, we won't have to have five pairs of clones.

>> No.73160567


>> No.73160575


>> No.73160577

leave the old man alone, we owe him a lot

>> No.73160579


>> No.73160582

That has to be shopped.

>> No.73160588


>> No.73160589

He will soon have 3 models. Fuck I hate Ultramarines.

>> No.73160592 [DELETED] 

>everyone on stream is still a cishet white he/him male

>> No.73160595

>> No.73160597

Oh I just saw Cassius and clicked off. I just woke up. Either way, good model.

>> No.73160601

Are you really this gullible?

>> No.73160602


>> No.73160603

He's not cassius.

>> No.73160604

>So I says to Mabel, I says

>> No.73160607

I'm pretty happy with it too, I have a bunch of auto-boltrifles Intercessors to build and would love the new poses to mix and match

>> No.73160610

What a boring box. It should have been SoB vs Necrons. A repeat of sanctuary 101 where SoB lost for leaving the kitchen

>> No.73160611

are we sure that's him?

>> No.73160613

whats with this focus on herohammer? the marine side alone contains 4 HQs

>> No.73160614

It looks like he's about to say the N word.

>> No.73160616


>> No.73160618

>Goodwin indulges his rivet fetish
Lovely stuff.

>> No.73160620

Well when you put it that way guess I gotta

>> No.73160622

>It's stylistically designed to be that way and you can't undo that. But we can diminish the effects of it.

>> No.73160628


>> No.73160629

Imagine being a non-marine player seething about your lack of models. You only exist so we have enemies to kill.

>> No.73160630

The starter set is going to be SoB. This is just the launch set.

>> No.73160632

>harbingers are back

On related news, this guy is literally the cryptek cairn wraith conversion that literally every Necron player did.

>> No.73160637

Reference to dorns left hand?

>> No.73160643

I can't even whine about Xenos being stale now that they updated Necrons...
I fuckng hate Necrons, God fucking damn it.
I want something completely new fuck sake.

>> No.73160645

>No Pariahs in Psychic Awakening: Pariah
GW you shitheaps you only had one request from the Necron players and couldn't even do that

>> No.73160652

trillion hours in ms paint to fix that blanderino skull

>> No.73160653

just Melta and Grav.

>> No.73160654


>> No.73160656

The same way tactical marines look like shit

>> No.73160658

Its clearly Cassius. They just don't want to explicitly have a faction specific character in the generic starter box.

>> No.73160661

"It costs 400,000 dollars to fire this gun FOR 12 SECONDS"

>> No.73160663

>he's carrying a hand
>its a reference to DORN!
fuck off valrak you fat FUCK!

>> No.73160664

This box is £300.

>> No.73160666

What other type of Cryptek you want to get modelled next?

>> No.73160674

Even the artwork on the new rulebook looks lame & generic

>> No.73160676

>terminator head and eye instead of proper admech bullshit

>> No.73160679

Pretty new to warhammer

so I really like the necrons and I got some but they sure are hard to build and I messed up the tubes and did a mediocre job painting them

any tips for my next ones?

>> No.73160680

Only the Imperium gets nulls you greedy dog.

>> No.73160681

>I can't even whine about Xenos being stale now that they updated Necrons...
oh I'm sure you'll manage

>> No.73160682

Anyone have an idea when preorders go up for war of the spider?

>> No.73160684

Fuck me I planned on swapping the Necrons but they look so damn sexy

>> No.73160689

can we stop pretending the artwork in your pic related is good? it’s crude looking shit. Best art is from 3rd ed

>> No.73160690

in what way is it clearly cassius? because he has a face wound?

>> No.73160691

Am I the only one who still doesn't give a shit about Primaris?
This stuff is all so fucking lame. Marines truly are for faggots.

For me? It's Death Guard, Admech, and Orks.

>> No.73160695

>Implying Deathwatch will be able to use any of these models before a WD supplement that comes out a month before 10th edition

>> No.73160696

Just give me something completely new REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.73160697

They up already

>> No.73160702

I preordered the collector edition hours ago. Go to the site.

>> No.73160704

Crusader Primaris kills Grey Knights

>> No.73160706


>> No.73160711

*Catachan Veteran showing new recruits his primary survival technique*

>> No.73160712

We sure it's *not* him, it's just a bog-standard chaplain. I was just mocking that one anon that was insistent that he was Cassius.

>> No.73160713

already up in NZ and Aus

>> No.73160714


add wolves...done

>> No.73160718

So no First Strike or Know No Fear type of smaller deals?

>> No.73160719

Uh Huh.

>> No.73160720

They said last stream that Deathwatch is get a big wave and they're hyped to show it

>> No.73160721

>marines are gay
>so I play even gayer marines

>> No.73160725

>it’s crude looking
It's supposed to be you retarded zoomer.

>> No.73160728

I have literally 2-4 of each of them already converted since 5th edition. I just want rules. But Storms were my favourites.

>> No.73160731


>> No.73160738

>literally a cross
Why couldn't they do I shaped shields?

>> No.73160739

Doesn't look like it, they'll probably do another set for the starter

>> No.73160743

>Didn't even bother to mention us Nidfags...
It hurts.

>> No.73160744

> Cassius's Tyranid fashion phase in middle


>> No.73160747

its just gonna be vanguard shit and it'll take up another 20% of shelf space in stores just to have vanguard boxes with fucking deathwatch shoulderpads because fucking timmy can't walk over to the space marine section and grab a vanguard and DW upgrade kit seperately

>> No.73160748


>Marines truly are for faggots.
>Plays Marines

Imagine this level of disconnect

>> No.73160749

A bald space marine with implants? Now that's just crazy it must be [specific marine]

>> No.73160750

Buy the new starter and sell the marines on eBay.

>> No.73160756

Oh yeah, totally. Especially since he looks nothing like the guy.
>But muh greaves.
If I wear your socks do I become you?

>> No.73160757

25 more dorrars

>> No.73160758

Do we know Justicar's HQ? I assumed Elite, basically Primaris replacement for Chapter/Company Champion.

>> No.73160759

>b-but it’s SUPPOSED to look shit
not buying it

>> No.73160764



>> No.73160765

guess what the name was for chaplain 3 in the WD battle report when that model got released? i'll give you a 1 guess.

>> No.73160767

This will probably be the first box kit I actually buy day 1....ever.

>> No.73160769

120£, we already know.

>> No.73160770

Man the harpoons! The whales are coming to buy!
Yeah it will be more than 120 quid, I think it's a pass for me until we either a starter or smaller boxes

>> No.73160772

I have been considering dipping into getting a squad or two of Sisters of Silence for my Custodes since their rule reveals showed they'll get their firepower doubled though only as a 1 command point strategem.
However I then need to consider what I'd need to drop to fit the Sisters in, as I'm going to go 50 Power Crusade and go narrative, as the game is straight borked right now.

>> No.73160773

They're announcing it at the end of the stream

>> No.73160779

Please help me with some ideas for an in-universe Imperium propaganda leaflet
So far I’ve got
>Citizen! The Imperium of Mankind calls you to your holy duty!
In the darkest hour, the Emperor calls every citizen to step up and to serve with honour in the ranks of Mankind's Planetary Defence Force.
What else could I add?

>> No.73160780

who are you again?

>> No.73160785

The exact opposite. This is designed for current players as a "9th Edition" bundle and doesn't include the normal intro set quick guides, dice, measuring sticks and other such things. Just the new book and models. We'll probably get actual First Strike style intro boxes for 9th later.

>> No.73160789

They literally said new models and Deathwatch Primaris were never available off the shelf even in GW stores

>> No.73160795

Cool, I'll wait then.

>> No.73160799


new video

>> No.73160800

Box just got confirmed, 450 bongs

>> No.73160801

Fucking sexy shit Anon. Bravo.

>> No.73160807

We're definitely getting Chronomancers as the current "Default" cryptek.

the flying cryptek boys are probably gonna get made as a new machine harbinger subtype.

Background spiderman necrons probably a psychomancer terror unit.

>> No.73160808

>HQs have no weapon/gear options
>everyone has a basic anti infantry weapon
>everyone has a melta
>everyone has a long range anti heavy infantry/vehicle weapon
>everyone has a power sword and a pistol
>everyone has a chainsword and a pistol
>everyone has a jumppack and a basic weapon
>everyone has a jumppack and a stronger weapon
>everyone has a bike, basic ranged weapon and a melee weapon
>everyone has a T5 and same weapons
riddle me this, riddle me that, did I just describe specialized eldar units or the flexible SM?

>> No.73160809

Have a look at

>> No.73160810

>> No.73160815

AHHHHHHHH thanks fellas didn’t notice

>> No.73160817

bros i got banned for calling out the simps defending the judiciar on the warhammer stream lmao

>> No.73160818


>> No.73160822

>If you don't we'll have you shot for treason, y'know. Just putting it out there.

>> No.73160823


>> No.73160824

How’s he looking with the visor down?

>> No.73160826

unimaginable cope

imagine comparing based 30k glorious marines to pozzed Primaris nushit

>> No.73160827

Me too fellow wargamer! It looks so amazing! I just hope I can get my preorder in before they all run out haha! Think I'll pick up some new high qaulity Citadel brushes and paints while I'm there too.

>> No.73160829

They do a good job of making the stream unwatchable

>> No.73160831

>Warscythe and tachyon arrow

What are the odds we finally get a real kit for lords so we can swap out wargear?

>> No.73160832

What's wrong with it?

>> No.73160833

great memerino friend :)

>> No.73160835

I said it's supposed to look crude. That was the artistic style, to have a scifi future version of old renaissance paintings with weird proportions and crude features. It has a million times more character and art than this new soulless digital copying of existing product. Feel free to keep crying tho

>> No.73160837

Super. Could you try and get yourself banned here as well?

>> No.73160839

Anon, I don't know how to tell you this, but Death Guard are LITERALLY pozzed. Like they carry every possible STD known to man.
They're evil booger Primaris, models even developed around the same time.

>> No.73160843

its fucking cringe looks like a deviantart 12 year old designed it

>> No.73160845

>mfw the sharkfaggot will make a thread on this

>> No.73160847

>From a chaos Fag

>> No.73160849


>> No.73160850

difference is the marine players buy their new models unlike the simp elf players who wail, scream and cry when they get a new kit

>> No.73160853

lol I hate nu-art too moron, I said in my post that 3rd ed was the sweet spot

>> No.73160854

So epic bro. You sure showed them. How will they ever recover from your epic burns? Here's your 4chan gold.


>> No.73160855

>every single model in the box is pushfit

>> No.73160856

Thorugh the eyeholes, one assumes.

>> No.73160859

That stratagem only applies to Custodes though, unless more SoS rules have been leaked from PA?

>> No.73160860

judiciar is a strong independent model who needs no defending, they're wasting their time

>> No.73160863


>> No.73160864

Is the SoB box a good deal for $250ish? I know it's monopose.
It seems like some of the stuff (repentia, arcoflags) come in a weird number of models.

>> No.73160869

>mfw jannies are going to leave them on the board for three days straight

>> No.73160872

lol u tk him 2 da bar|?

>> No.73160873

>The warrior redesign was to push them away from looking like human skeletons

Why though?

>> No.73160877

You take that back, nurgle pozzed marines are cute, cute!!

>> No.73160881


>> No.73160882

>a thread
More like fifty.

>> No.73160883

You described the easy to play subfaction of Space Marines known as Primaris!

>> No.73160884

>n-no y-you're pozzed
holy fucking lmfao
Primarisfags really can't stand being inferior to glorious 30k Chads

>> No.73160886

>why don't the jannies delete on topic tg threads about awful models

>> No.73160888

>combat cards are now fucking useless
Haha good one GW thanks

>> No.73160889

I swear to god if the silent king jobs to a fucking captain I'll be mad

>> No.73160893


Thanks for the yous boys

>> No.73160894

Is that a lord with a gun in the bottom left?

>> No.73160896

>Why doesn't alien space robots look like human skellingtons
why would they

>> No.73160897

why is a Salamander doing with Ultras?

>> No.73160899


>> No.73160903

For the tubes it's easiest to use the side of your brush and run it lenghtwise. Going across them back and forth splatters paint in unwanted places. Also building mistakes can be covered up with weathering (dirt etc)

Modeling and painting is not the easiest skill to learn but like all skills you'll get better with time. Don't get stuck on a single troop model for too long. Starting over with a new one once it's acceptable is better for learning.

Pic is my sand thousand sons

>> No.73160904

because you have fucktard retards like the one who lurks here insisting they are not xenos but humans

>> No.73160907

This looks cool, but how much will it be?

>> No.73160908


>> No.73160911

New necron line got mogged.

>> No.73160912

Becuase theyre an alien race? IE not human?

>> No.73160914

Why would they hype this up as the new dark imperium for a new edition and then reveal it to be an expensive collector's item that's not even for new players

>> No.73160915

>Who look like Xenos
Wtf you can’t do that

>> No.73160916

No. Just get the old metal models.
Now the new plastic kits? Yah expensive but not as a scam as let’s say GSC acolytes

>> No.73160917

>>The warrior redesign was to push them away from looking like human skeletons
I don't think it worked

how are they more alien now?

>> No.73160918

You say goodbye, and I say hello!
Terminators get me beyond hard, I don't play Marines but i've still got a whole bunch just to put on the shelf and look at

>> No.73160925

He’s going to complain about aosfags on them too isn’t he?

>> No.73160928

Yes, they do this with every new model in every box set ever. At least in this one you get some weapon and head options, going off the sprues

No. Arcos are shit and Penitent Engines were deliberately nerfed so Mortifiers would be better. Seraphims are also worse than Zephyrims.

>> No.73160929

You can't claim to be 30k unless you use the Horus Heresy range, you use the same possed easy build kits for kidz as primarisfags.

>> No.73160933

>simp elf players
keep projecting marinefag while I buy from any source than GW until they update eldar. don't get me wrong, I fully support your kind because the more money you throw at your brand the more obvious will your kind be when it comes to avoiding people to play against

>> No.73160934


>> No.73160936

pay up goy

>> No.73160937

It’s ok Ben I like you

And your sister of course

>> No.73160938

like every starter since a while

>> No.73160941


>> No.73160944

I can sculpt models better than GW

>> No.73160948

It’s a bit too humorous for my taste, I want to do something serious and proper grimdarky

>> No.73160949

>on topic

>> No.73160950

Is this a thing?

>> No.73160956

me too, anon

>> No.73160959

>Terminator model
>that doesn’t look like complete shit

>> No.73160963

then why are you still making primarch-shit?

>> No.73160966

don't clip off the sprue directly, clip the connector point off the sprue and then cut that off the piece seperately so you have to spend less time tidying up the lines, especially on the shoulder pads.

Buy some liquid greenstuff to fill in gaps.

when you're gluing on the arms make sure you glue on the right gun, each gun corresponds to a specific torso as indicated on the sprue.

glue the right arm on first, make sure it feeds into the wires perfectly before attaching the left arm.

do the upper body separate from the legs, trying to glue the right arm onto the legs + torso is more difficult than just gluing onto a disembodied torso.

prime black, then spray paint with your primary colour, then add spot colours and shade.

paint the barrels white, then go over the raised parts in black, then paint a thin highlight of bright green over the edges of the recessed areas.

thin your paints.

>> No.73160969

Wonder how they'll look with mk VII helmets

>> No.73160971

Have $300 in store shopping cart, what do I do?

>> No.73160972

Dark Imperium wasn't really for new players primarily. The cheaper versions of that set had mats, cardboard terrain and example scenarios to learn the game. They just decided to go in on the models for this edition's Dark Imperium equivalent instead of wasting space on dice and shit that no one needs.

>> No.73160973

Not when you ignore lore

>> No.73160975

Oh, I was asking more in terms of raw dollar value. I don't super care how things perform, the models are sweet. Thanks though.

>> No.73160977

Hope not, looks dumb.

>> No.73160978

"Launch Box"...please tell me this won't be limited stuff but that it is just a fanc new word to sell the box

>> No.73160980

Pull the trigger and enjoy yourself

>> No.73160981

>its off topic because I disagree with the premise of the thread

>> No.73160985

these aren't even arguments
the new DG sculpts are based off their 30k looks
Primaris is pozzed nushit

>> No.73160986


>> No.73160987

it should be, and instead of melta they should have nuclear grenades launchers

but not every gravis has that kind of second visor and GW can't design new things for shit

at least pic related is cool

>> No.73160988

Read the fucking article you illiterate nigger.

They say just that.

>> No.73160989

Yeah, tis what I meant... Getting Sisters as Custodes even with that strat on them aren't good ranged.
Kinda annoying, I mainly fight Tau so I won't need their antipsyker stuff and they're T3 3+ no invuln, max out on 10 a squad.
If their Power was lower, I'd like to add in some Prosecutors as effectively an archers unit, though I still want to have room for my reliant deep striking Wardens with S8 fuckoff axes that get -3ap with the castellan strat to wreck battlesuits that get too confident.
Prosecutors even as a squad of 10 will get shot off the table, I could put them in a Null-Maiden Rhino, though that defys the point I'm getting them for (a bunch of dice to shoot with).

>> No.73160990

>on topic

>> No.73160991

>The cheaper versions
Weren't they released a while after DI?

>> No.73160999

feels good that the lore guy confirmed that chaos and imperium are the main charcters

>> No.73161002

They're making a limited amount of it. After it sells out you'll have to buy the individual kits.

>> No.73161005

buy all palstic eldar shit to show them support instead of primarisharts to feed the greed

>> No.73161006

okay, trashcan legs

>> No.73161008


Legs are too long, wings dont fit, and hands and head are wrong sizes. Overall it doesn't look imposing

>> No.73161009

delet and buy recasts or discounts, idiot

>> No.73161013

Still no. The only good thing about the new SoB is the weapons options. Something the monopose garbage does not. At that point just buy the old metal models. At least there the Canoness has options

>> No.73161015

>Indomitus is by far and away the most impressive Warhammer box we’ve ever made and it’s arriving this July. The box has been optimised for you veteran hobbyists out there, meaning the whole box is just packed full to the brim with great models and the rules to play – it’s so full, in fact, that Indomitus will save you more than 50% over getting the contents separately. In case you lost track, that’s 61 push-fit miniatures, 1 exclusive launch edition Core Book, the assembly guide and transfer sheet, and the Edge of Silence book with all the rules for your models. We actually packed it so full that we couldn’t fit any dice or tape measures inside – but we know you already have some.

>> No.73161018

Nah. It's worth getting the full kits for all the options.

>> No.73161021

So when you going to post one?

>> No.73161023

>not fly wings
it's a shit

>> No.73161027

cute... CUTE!

>> No.73161035

It's something you could convert with some Inceptors plus the new guys.

>> No.73161036

You could just run them as a standalone detachment so they don't take up your Custodes elite slots

>> No.73161039

>implying this box is a starter

>> No.73161040

All they need to do is make primaris terminators.

Which would be easy with slightly longer legs and as similar proportions. Like the custodes or new chaos terminator armor.

They already heavily toned down these new models so they didnt look so randomly bulbous like the previous primaris units.

>> No.73161046

because its a 30k model

>> No.73161047

>eldar player admits he doesn't buy
checkmate'd yourself pal. I'll be over here playing with millions of my fellow players while you... uh... play infinity with the dozen of players worldwide or whatever it is eldar players who don't spend money do.

>> No.73161048


>> No.73161054

Reveal time bros

>> No.73161059

i love this little thing

>> No.73161060

>gets new kit every week
>gets new kit every 20 years

>> No.73161061


>> No.73161063

>comes with a new edition
>last starter box went oop
>used to introduce the new big waves of models (necrons and primaris)
are you dumb?

>> No.73161065

>Take Tomb Spyder
>Remove hover function
>Add uselessly long legs
wow such creative genious

>> No.73161068

Hello hello~
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

>> No.73161071

>custodes name generator only takes up one page

>> No.73161074

Flyboy was comfirmed to be a Plasmancer (Harbringer of Destruction)

>> No.73161078

>HQ's have no weapon/gear options

only because they were taken from us, Autarchs used to be able to take pretty much every aspect warrior weapon in any configuration of 2 as well as three different mobility boosts depending on whether you wanted jump infantry, jet pack infantry or a jetbike.

now we get a glaive, a chainsword, or a jetbike with a meltagun/lance.

God I want a build an autarch kit.

>> No.73161084

>eldar players who don't spend money
Don't have to spend money on Warhammer if I can still use my metal fucking models that were made before you're were even born

>> No.73161086

Are you? lmao

>> No.73161087

liquid green stuff is bad and overpriced, better to use vallejo plastic putty or milliput

>> No.73161088

Any bets on if war of the spider will leak before release?

>> No.73161089

when you can next buy the fuckinnnnnn sag custodians from fw. those niggas can relic bolter the shit out of some guys and then some with the underbarrel lasers.

>> No.73161090

they just said this on stream

>> No.73161091

>we're not gonna say the price

>> No.73161098

oy vey

>> No.73161099

Doing the math for myself, looks like you more or less save the book's value, but as you say, the weapon options are important and I don't really want to be stuck with bizarre numbers of certain units. Thanks guys.

Do people typically magnetize stuff like retributors?

>> No.73161103

Horrendously based.

>> No.73161104

I know i'm in the minority here, but i really like the new bronze scheme they use for necrons.

>> No.73161105

>> No.73161108

No, I mean a new reveal
right now

>> No.73161110

What the fuck kind of Xenos technology does this guy have that he can manipulate time?

>> No.73161113

>unironically proud consoomer
post models
>n-no u!
come on, don't be shy

>> No.73161116

Except that goes against the primaris design philosophy, primaris were never intended to replace manlets so they aren't making directly comparable units aside from Tacticals/Intercessors

>> No.73161117


>> No.73161118

That would be a PR disaster. They want the community to spread some good emotions before its torn down with a price reveal.

>> No.73161124

Before old night humans could do it.
Men of iron could too.

>> No.73161126

It's probably archeotech

>> No.73161130

Turret and silly buggy?

>> No.73161131


>> No.73161132

>Excuse me sir, I'm trying to take a piss here.

>> No.73161133

The Invader ATV looks like a happy meal toy

>> No.73161138

>new marine shit toy car
>some turret
>same thing but different loadout for spider thing
This is fucking shit, I hate marinefags

>> No.73161139

>all you do is lick GW's boots and buy models
>b-btw s-s-show models!!11


>> No.73161142

Holy fuck those new marine models are cringe they don't look like marines at all.

>> No.73161143

I just want to make them into Death Company.

>> No.73161146

>> No.73161148

Wow a Halo Warthog

The future is now

>> No.73161149

>silly buggy
Primaris attack bike. Better than the sidecar IMO.

>> No.73161153

>necron gaping mouth
>no grit
>15 min on a tablet
god I hate nuart

>> No.73161157


>> No.73161160

>A fucking go cart

>> No.73161161

for what purpose

>> No.73161162

that atv is mad cringe, whos designing the marine stuff its all absolute trash

>> No.73161164

>new knight aesthetic
>halo shit comes out

>> No.73161167



>> No.73161168

Your EC are so much cleaner than mine.

>> No.73161171


>> No.73161173

what the fuck?

>> No.73161174

>god I hate nuart
Fuck off

>> No.73161175

>Launch box not beginner box
>"For fans"

This is going to be really fucking expensive isn't it?

>> No.73161179

>Heavy destroyer
>Primaris ATV
>Primaris Turret
The ATV's will be good but I'm not sure about the others. I guess the destroyer's power depends on exactly how strong its weapon is.
The Turret is DoA since it's a stationary placement that clearly can't ignore LoS like TFC can.

>> No.73161181

fuck is this? a stationary turret on my rapid intervention force?

>> No.73161184

Looks way better than a suppressor, what bits did you use?

>> No.73161187

I like the turret. I always wanted one for Marines. Thunderfire Cannons aren't in every codex for some dumb reason.

>> No.73161188

How much is that in Eurabian dollars and golem dollars?

>> No.73161190


>> No.73161191

>he thinks anything other than marines, chaos marines, and IG are real factions

>> No.73161195

>can finally use the second part of our chapter tactic on something decent

feels good

>> No.73161196

GW probably know they can make more money in 12 months with a box that will last for most of 9th like SM vs World Eaters or SM vs Orks

>> No.73161198

Cheap anti-air?

>> No.73161201

It's mega value. Up to a 50% saved if you buy it.

>> No.73161202

I think it’s kinda both that and just a super raspy voice in general.

>> No.73161205

>Primaris use looted ork vehicles

>> No.73161206

welcome to orktober

>> No.73161207

>le animurino picurino again
>le imitationino
>"t-that will show him!"
cope harder, animefag. where dem models at? no more (youverinos) til you post em

>> No.73161208


they just showed it on stream

>> No.73161211

Image on the left would have taken 3 months, not 3 days. if you don't understand why that's stopped and why it isn't sustainable, you're dumb.

>> No.73161212

>€240 box

>> No.73161213

>get an email from GW about being able to preorder the new PA and Bile
>dead link

Feels fucking bad being an amerishitter

>> No.73161215



>> No.73161216


>> No.73161217

Where is that from ?

>> No.73161220

super warhammer kart CONFIRMED

>> No.73161221

That can't be real.

>> No.73161222


>> No.73161223


>> No.73161224


>> No.73161225

You would think that it'd be more heavily armored to protect the driver..

>> No.73161232

This really shows the gulf between what happens when GW pays for good art vs cheaping out for crap. You can have good official 40k art in 2020, GW usually just doesn't want to spend the cash.

>> No.73161236

haven't played since 8th hit us, did they finally remove all the autarch index options?

>> No.73161237

attack bikes weren't

>> No.73161238

Alright, there’s the retard primaris shit I was waiting to see

>> No.73161239


>> No.73161241

goddamn this looks breakable

>> No.73161242

who designed this trash

>> No.73161245

People do no take retribution.
At least me I have so many SoB models that the heavy weapons are usually moved from the regular squad to Ret when the rules favor a meme list. Like double tap heavy Bolter some meme Heavy Flamer Repressor combo
Usually exorcist, serpahims and regular SoB are enough for shooting

>> No.73161246

>chadmarines get cool dune buggies
>npcs factions get fuck all

>> No.73161248


>> No.73161250


>> No.73161251


he just slapped two bikes together and called it done

>> No.73161260

Psykers can casually manipulate time it’s not as rare as you think

>> No.73161264

Is this real?

>> No.73161265

>most profitable company in the UK 2019

>> No.73161266

Do you think 'eavy metal ever get tired of painting ultramarines?

>> No.73161271

I guarantee it's because the mad max genestealer car was super popular so they tried to do that shit for primaris without realising the coolness was NOT the fact that it had 4 wheels and a driver

>> No.73161272

Is this the worst vehicle in all of 40k?

>> No.73161274

>the rear is more armoured than the front

>> No.73161276

another new article

>> No.73161278

It was just revealed at GW stream

>> No.73161279


>> No.73161281

he's using the sheer power of 6'0 vs 5'11 to turn back time and eliminate manlets before they ever existed

>> No.73161283

Open up the Tau codex and find a single good piece of art. I'll wait.

>> No.73161284

BBW destroyer

>> No.73161287

I’ll take 6

>> No.73161289

Pretty much every space marine manlet flyer is worse

>> No.73161290

Probably 150€

>> No.73161300


>> No.73161301

stormtalon is still worse but not by much

>> No.73161303


>> No.73161304

Goofy looking. But still the least silly the attack bike has ever looked.

>> No.73161305


>> No.73161306

God all these new Necron names are so stupid.

>> No.73161307

come on now the orktober buggies are way better than that

>> No.73161313

How would that even work? You would need pristine/damaged variants of every part, because if one part is damaged, the model is no longer pristine. So does a 10 man warrior box contain enough parts to build 20 warriors or what?

>> No.73161314


>> No.73161319

>Except that goes against the primaris design philosophy, primaris were never intended to replace manlets

>> No.73161321

What the fuck are marine doing with Imperial Guard stuff?

>> No.73161322

absolute dump truck ass

>> No.73161325


>> No.73161326


>> No.73161329

"Overlord, I'm trying to assault the enemy, but the clap of my grav-unit keeps alerting the guards"

>> No.73161332

This is a joke at Primaris players expense, and I am laffin
>So they want a fucking techmarine do they? They're desperate for a techmarine huh?
>Fine. We'll give you a techmarine.
>We'll give you exactly the techmarine you deserve

>> No.73161335

he literally looks like his grav is failing, and he's scraping the ground

>> No.73161341

Dune buggy is fine. Everything looks shit in UM colours. Make it BA or WS or BT and it looks better. The attack bike is literal sidecar nonsense that made no sense.
>b-b-but my Nazi sidecars :(
Yeah and they were dumb.

>> No.73161346

>Turret, ATV and Destroyer are the new EtB kits
Fuck, They'll probably get rid of the Dreadnought and Haulers now right?

>> No.73161347

I dunno these new models seem pretty comparable. Outriders and bladeguard look like chunkier bikes and vanguard vets. And they even toned down the gravis unit so they carry one weapon normal instead of having gorilla arms with even uglier bolt tumors and extra awkward rocket launchers.

>> No.73161349

The attack bike looks leagues better than that literal ork warbuggy.

>> No.73161350

>primarisfag damage control begins as they compare modern day dumb looking model with 20 year old dumb looking model

>> No.73161352


>> No.73161354

>primaris were never intended to replace manlets
>he doesn't know

>> No.73161356

>we've weaponized that mars curiosity rover

>> No.73161360


>> No.73161363


>> No.73161364

Good bye manlets imperial guard edition

>> No.73161366


>> No.73161367

Two editions you fags have been saying regular marines are on the way out. How many more until you stop acting smug about this meme you've been pushing?

>> No.73161370


>> No.73161371



>> No.73161372

the bikes can confirmed take multi meltas

>> No.73161379

>primaris are getting soul! just look at these mele-
primarisharts were doomed from the moment they came to existence. bwahahahahahahaha

>> No.73161382

I’m surprised it took them this long

>> No.73161384

Would have been useful as a cheap detachment filler in 8th but seems kinda bad now. Especially since the other version has Lastalons which are 24 inch range.

Hopefully Thunderfires are going to legends.

>> No.73161387

Then dorn has sone serious baby hands

>> No.73161388

Lol no

>> No.73161390

please tell me it's not really that short

that's some pretty serious mental gymnastics to call people who laugh at the new model nazis
how much is GW paying you?

>> No.73161393


>> No.73161394

>okay, here you go

So, what do you want, fags?

>> No.73161397

The absolute fucking cope. You officially have the worst looking model in the entire fucking game.

>> No.73161399

the turret can take 2 accelerator cannons or 2 lascannons

>> No.73161409

Surprised its not heavy stubbers

>> No.73161410

>Destroyers will now be sold in boxes of 1, making them even more expensive to form into squads
On the bright side, one is shown by itself in the leak image, so I just hope they receive an Obliterator-esque stat buff instead of becoming dragoons.

>> No.73161411

That would give it less space to navigate terrain

>> No.73161412

I never said they were Nazis, I just said only the Nazi's used sidecar motorbikes in their military. How the fuck did you get that from my post?

>> No.73161413

>They'll probably get rid of the Dreadnought and Haulers now right?
No? the blighthawler only exists as an easy to build set, so that's gonna stay around forever. Besides that, there's no reason to think any of the easy to build line are going anywhere, they still function as a way to make the hobby more accessible to newcomers.

>> No.73161417

Not him but that’s a similar defense to those who defend old nagash

>> No.73161419

Think that was just a selling point for the warrior heads, no way is the damage optional on anything else

>> No.73161421

And yet they keep making more Primaris stuff that replaces manlet jobs.

>> No.73161423

I like it.

Seems pretty fun to bring in a bike heavy force too. I can pretend I'm playing GSC.

>> No.73161429


>> No.73161431

Every time he goes over a bump bigger than 25cm his suspension shatters and pulls his rectum out.

>> No.73161433

I'm just going to pretend the gokart doesn't exist

>> No.73161435

>Heavy Destroyer rolls a 1
>Dies to Diabetes

>> No.73161439

I don't have a single Primaris model, friend. There are still worse models. Stormtalon for one. Logans Sled. Etc.

>> No.73161440

>Announcing books
>Not announcing release dates
Why do they keep doing this to me

>> No.73161442

Fucking CAWL!!!!!

>> No.73161443

That tachyon arrow is pretty choice as well

>> No.73161448

nobody defended old nagash, even the sculptor declared it a disaster and made a do over.

>> No.73161449

Official version of a fairly common fan conversion. Just like rifle broadsides and a few other things.

>> No.73161454

>that fucking ATV

>> No.73161456

this shit looks like it just got ripped straight out of red faction guerrilla

>> No.73161459

Gonna look fucking swank in White Scars colors

>> No.73161461


>> No.73161464

somehow that looks even worse
at least the primaris one looks fun to ride in

>> No.73161466


>> No.73161468

Jesus that's hideous
>gav thorpe

>> No.73161470

>plastic tarantulas for both SM and IG
>nah, senpai dem consoomers want priamris. tech primaris!
tis' be a laffin day, necronbros

>> No.73161471

The Primaris tanks are still worse, but dear god it's trying to get to their level.

>> No.73161477

I can already hear the shapeway lads designing a proper front end

>> No.73161478

The new models are neat but I want an update on fluff. The "return to flesh" bullshit is still skullfucking retarded and newcron fags deserve to suck down a hard retcon with a smile. Let's see a true leader return from exile to restore his immortal race's ancient empire to greatness, not a fucking whiny bitch who wants to shit himself, get old and die.

>> No.73161480

>nobody defended old nagash
You haven’t been posting here long enough

>> No.73161482

They all do.

>> No.73161485

I like it. It's stupid, but I like it

>> No.73161486

>You officially have the worst looking model in the entire fucking game
lets not go crazy

>> No.73161495

>2 bolt rifles and a OGC

I'm thinking 55-60 points each, accounting for 9th ed inflation.

>> No.73161499

I like it because GW for some reason didn't put Thunderfire Cannons in other dex bar vanilla.

>> No.73161500

I know, I was trying to make a joke about the long names of custodes.

>> No.73161503

>I hate Primaris marines but this new release is surprisingly really good
>Wow, are they actually learning?
>Mariokart 40k
... aaand there we go. Back into the trash it goes.

>> No.73161505

Substantiate your claims.

>> No.73161513

it would be better if it had treads

>> No.73161516

>Logans Sled

>> No.73161517

Techmarine has a cool helmet.

>> No.73161535

Oh boy, a kart for my orks. WAAGH!

>> No.73161537

fucking numarines

>> No.73161538


>> No.73161544

I do like the implications from all of this that Cawl is stealing more xenotech for his designs.

I also like how the marines are becoming a bigger force. It's kinda like we're gonna see the GC repeat itself

>> No.73161549

Las talons* each would make 2 shots.

>> No.73161552

since vehicles are gonna ignore heavy penalty, and this shit buggy is a non flying land speeder... are primaris gonna get a blurry leak land speeder which is totally real or is the classic land speeder gonna be good for once? it can fly afterall

>> No.73161553

>sm get more shitty metal boxes
>necrons get SOUL and a fat booty
truly a great day to be a lichad
the techmarine turret is actually quite cool tho

>> No.73161561

It even has a firstborn to help aim the guns.

>> No.73161565

>we want teh hayloez audience
Nice one, Gdubs

>> No.73161570

>That helmet
Fucking aces

>> No.73161575

Does this mean they have the ability to turn off overwatch on a successful kill?

>> No.73161579


>> No.73161581

blue flak 88

>> No.73161583

>stationary turret
>in a fucking marine force
you're not a deathwind drop-pod fuck off and come back when you've got some wheels or something

>> No.73161585

I think the helmet is plugged into the sights

>> No.73161591

u realise the floaty tank comes with that helmet already, right?

>> No.73161592

>I also like how the marines are becoming a bigger force. It's kinda like we're gonna see the GC repeat itself
That’s basically what Gorillaman is doing
He rewrote the codex
Put Primaris into legion formations with similar tactics
Humanity is scattered and beset on all sides again

It’s the age of strife 2

>> No.73161593

Jesus fuck the new heavy destroyer chassis looks like fucking shit. The gun looks awful too. Fuck all that garbage, I'll use the fucking finecast over that.

>> No.73161595

>dark imperium
marines get shitmaris while the other facion gets cool stuff
>vanguard thing
marines get shitmaris while the other facion gets cool stuff
marines get shitmaris while the other facion gets cool stuff
feels good switching to chaos

>> No.73161596

As much as I laugh at its absurdity, if people are going 'THE ATV ISN'T 40k REEEEE FUCKING PRIMARIS' then I point them straight fucking at it. It's so fucking dumb. But I'm not a fucking fake grog who got into 40k in 2011 and thinks I'm invested. 25 years. I've seen dumb shit come and go and new models are either 'Shit' 'I don't care/meh' or 'I like it'. If it's shit, I don't care, I just don't buy it. The bike isn't near the top of dumb shit GW has done.

>> No.73161597

>A Judiciar is not only a supernal swordsman, able to cut down foes with but a single blow of his brutal-looking executioner relic blade, but he has an all-new item of esoteric wargear – the tempormortis. You don’t need to be an expert in High Gothic to know that this means it’s something he can use to manipulate time and ensure the death of his quarry…
Since when could space marines manipulate fucking time?!

>> No.73161598

>are primaris gonna get a blurry leak land speeder which is totally real
the leak had the new design of bikes too, it's coming

>> No.73161600

Yes, I'd like to place an order for delivery... Imotekh… I think I'm in the computer. Yes, that's it! I'd like a large... EXTRA THICK!

>> No.73161601

Just like Muhammad Ali call me Cassius
Now watch me bash this beat like a skull you didn't know I had beef with.

>> No.73161609

Anyone else feel like the SM’s in the new box we’re gonna be Black Templar’s but they changed them to Ultramarines at the last minute?

>> No.73161611

>>b-b-but my Nazi sidecars :(

>> No.73161613

>"but phaeron if we mount the doomsday cannon higher we can shoot more targets"

>> No.73161617

Hey fuck you too game. I've been trying to kitbash something like this since 8th came out.

>> No.73161618

I hate all tanks Tho

You should look at what their Psykers are capable of

>> No.73161627

Librarians can do all sorts of jank with time, you fucking lorelet.

>> No.73161628

>It doesn't fucking MOVE
Ahahhahaha fucking Space Marines crewing flak guns ahahahahaha. They could have just made a plastic Rapier but no, Primaris must always be goofy as fuck.

>> No.73161631

Its fuckin Aunt Fanny

>> No.73161632

since the imperium had the ordo chronos, stasis technology or cawl stole from the xenos again

>> No.73161636

>Space Marines don't do stationary defence
>crying Imperial Fists.jpg
Remember Imperium is under attack more than it is attacking. So defensive emplacements make sense. It'll become a problem if they get another 10 stationary shit.

>> No.73161644

when have any non ultramarines gotten a box?
>inb4 muh 30k
it was still an ultramarines box

>> No.73161649

To me the usefulness of the ATV's depends entirely if they can be taken in squads. I'm not spending a FA slot for just one.

>> No.73161650


>> No.73161652

Fuck off, you want me to type
>b-b-but muh Zündapp KS 750
And expect you zoomies to know what the fuck I meant?

>> No.73161653

There's a plague crawler that's upside down, let me fix that for you.

>> No.73161655

>Oh hey these new primaris looks pretty goo...

>> No.73161658

>when have any non ultramarines gotten a box?
6th edition?

>> No.73161665

I can't wait to see what it looks like with the legs bent a bit so it's not so fucking tall

>> No.73161668

>nobody defended old nagash

>> No.73161671

Dark Vengeance.

>> No.73161672

New article said more vehicles on the way

I'm honestly loving it, I've been dying for proper turrets and now with the new cover/flanking/deployment rules they actually have a role

>> No.73161673

You people will suck the cum off the most filthy and unwashed taint. I'm so glad the fucking go-kart exists i'm laughing so much holy shit it's beyond terrible

>> No.73161676


Weird cause they somehow managed to sustain it for years until they went full jew and profit took priority over everything. Imagine defending a corporation.

>> No.73161677

The true armor is the friends we make along the way, anon.

>> No.73161679

People will use this for so many conversions

>> No.73161680

2nd Edition was BA. 4th edition was BT, wasn't it? 6th.

>> No.73161684

>IG stuck with old-ass cadians and leman russ
>marines get 10 new models every other year
it's not fair

>> No.73161686

Am I the only guy that likes the Mario Kart and flak gun? I think they'll fit nicely into my Salamanders force.

>> No.73161687

NEW BAD OLD GOOD is a meme for a reason

>> No.73161689

I miss that show. Best sci-fi nobody watched.

>> No.73161690

based robotsposter

>> No.73161693

>servitors and machine spirits are a thing in 40k, allowing for automated systems
>only allowed 1,000 Space Marines per chaper
>each one an army unto himself, a killing machine of the highest calibre
>let's have one sit on a gun that isn't automated

>> No.73161694


>This novel will be available in hardback, eBook and MP3 audiobook formats, as well as in not one, but two fancy special editions. The special editions will contain an additional short story and will be themed around the Ultramarines and Necrons, complete with coloured covers and page edges to match your chosen faction. Look out for the novel at the same time as the boxed set.

Is it the same extra story or will each special edition of the same novel have a separate story?

>> No.73161697

>only nazis used sidecars
this cope. this fucking bread as a whole
>pic limit maxed

>> No.73161703

>every other year
More like every six months.

>> No.73161705

Why do people get so mad if someone likes something they don’t? It’s weird
I see the same shit on /v/

>> No.73161708

There's LITERALLY nothing wrong with Leman Russ

>> No.73161710

Now, with Saga of the Beast. If you mean a starter specifically then the Dark Vengeance starter box was explicitly Dark Angels.

>> No.73161711

>>only allowed 1,000 Space Marines per chaper
nah that's gone out the window at this point

>> No.73161713

imperial fists are not gonna bother with a shitty little baby turret like that
imperial fists build REAL fortifications

>> No.73161716

With weapons, yes. British used Bren Carriers. Google Zündapp KS 750.

>> No.73161720

GW explained that the reaction time of servitors are slower than humans. Space Marines would be able to target and aim faster and better.

>> No.73161721

>putting a techmarine into frontline combat
I mean yeah but if the dude dies it's a bigger loss than any other sort of Marine.

>> No.73161726

>Tarantula Sentry guns have been tech thats existed for 10k+ years

>> No.73161727

Nah, have you seen the shit revealed this thread? I'll happily live with my 3rd party bits and nice industrial vehicles rather than let the monkeys designing modern GW vehicles come within a thousand miles of my tanks.

>> No.73161728

>people who defend primaris models don't own any

>> No.73161731

I'm indifferent, we already had a dumber looking manlet trike.

>> No.73161732

even if it was 10000 you're not going to waste any of them crewing a weapon that can be crewed just as easily by a fucking mortal

>> No.73161736

I know they're guns, but I'm struggling to unsee tiny t-rex arms.

>> No.73161737

because 90% of people in here are /v/edditors and /pol/edditors who are here to shitpost. They don't own models and they're zoomies who only got into the hobby in the last 4 years.

>> No.73161738

>implying it will stay every other year

>> No.73161739

Its a heavy destroyer. they already come in squads of 1 to 3.

>> No.73161747

Primaris marines in a stationary gun position? It looks cool but isn't this a job for imperial guard?

>> No.73161750

Bro they get put into a different looking box every few years, what’s the problem?

>> No.73161753

I genuinely like it. It's got that old school sillyness that I appreciate. I wanted a bike with a side car though.

Also I think that should be on a base.

Call me weird but if I played marines that would've been my favorite model to seek out.

>> No.73161756

>hahahah Primaris shit is so du mb hahaha, not my based manlets and their awesome 40k aesthetic!
>.... *holds up Centurion*

>> No.73161758

Hey here's a thought, just c o n v e r t the flak gun into not having the marine and you're fine.

>> No.73161759

I'm not mad you like it anon, I just find it really fucking funny

>> No.73161765

I don't love it and I'm not rushing out to get one. But if I really need an attack bike down the line i don't find it particularly offensive.

>> No.73161766



>> No.73161770

>tarantulas are a thing
>imperial Guard heavy weapon teams are a thing
>lol Primaris flak
Guess GW wants to remove marines and IG

>> No.73161772

Marines excel in all types of warfare.

>> No.73161774

>just as easily by a fucking mortal
Lorelet detected

>> No.73161777

They are still the coolest model in the line and wreck everything.

I feel bad for people who don't know the truth of the destroyer cult.

>> No.73161780

are there options for Bladeguard Veterans? can i change the sword for a plasma pistol?

>> No.73161784

>Call me weird
Okay. You are weird.

>> No.73161785

Someone make a new bread, i want to shit toast.

>> No.73161789

centurion was almost universally reveiled upon reveal and release. sorry not letting you get away with this rewriting of history

>> No.73161793

The best starter set was Forgebane, and I fucking missed it.

>> No.73161799


>> No.73161808

They're called BLADEguard Veterans, anon
the sword isn't optional

>> No.73161811

why would you think that? or want that for that matter

>> No.73161812

Nope, if you want options grab some company veterans

>> No.73161815

image limit reached

>> No.73161816

Ah yes, the Cawl's Dick autocannon defence platform.

>> No.73161820

A tech marine non less. An even rare type of marine

>> No.73161821

where in the lore does it state that regular humans have any difficulty manning stationary emplacements?

>> No.73161828

Anonymous isn’t one person my fren

>> No.73161865

I thought it was a joke

>> No.73161911

Motherfuckers hated the Centurion when it came out. I never saw a single one hit a table until recently, and that took them being OP as fuck to do so.

>> No.73161940

Rotate the back wheels to lift the back end. Add purity seals and skulls

>> No.73161970

The only thing I needed to run them was the bump from 3W to 4W

>> No.73161975

Sure, though I was talking on the 50PL roster for Crusade mode, which limits choices in a more general sense as 3x Custodes are 8 PL as is.

True enough, though I'm partial to the sticking power of giving one of my troop Custodes a storm shield for a 3+ invuln, which the Saggitarum custodes don't have. They're also quite shite at melee compared to the OG golden lads.

>> No.73161990

That one admech ship could do it. Literally timewarped an Eldar ship back into its past self just to flex on the xenos. The "collision" annihilated it.

>> No.73162080

Everything in the box looks cool, the turret is... okay, the buggy is absolute garbage.

>> No.73162089


>> No.73162207

Are you serious? Where do you play at bro? Of course they'll wouldn't mind. You could stick a cadian head on a tau body and declare it a fire warrior.
As long you won't bring your sister's barbie dolls in as greater daemons you're fine!

>> No.73162210

I am hoping the flak gun is like the stormcast ballista and goes in a cheap easy build box so I can bastardise a few of them into Mek Guns for my orks. So yes I am a fan, but not for the reason marine players would be.

>> No.73162298

>your sister's barbie dolls in as greater daemon
I have the terrible feeling someone has tried to do a conversion like that at some point...

>> No.73162407

He knows he's going to die but he just sits in there, shooting at what's charging at him. He doesn't care.

>> No.73162469

I like the turret. I literally laughed out loud seeing the buggy, never done that at a mini reveal before

>> No.73162732

Do you expect them to wait for all of the molds and everything to be finished before they hand models to their studio painters? Do you have any idea how long lead times can be when dealing with physical goods?

>> No.73162777

Why the long face?

>> No.73162882

Gotta agree, that's close to 80% of the fight actually happening.

>> No.73162930

I desire to make such bases for my modes.
Would pigments from an artist store be adequate?
How about pigment for professional painters?
(the cost is three time lower)

>> No.73162940

I'm still mad they are going to add a new primaris model for each special gun instead of just giving hellblasters the option to have meltas, plasmas or flamers.

>> No.73162971


>> No.73163000

It's his wisdom beard.

>> No.73163029

Took me this long to reallize the judicar has a skull helmet.
The whole time I saw a helmet-less dude with weird grey skin and goofy eyes.

>> No.73163032

Why do we need different units for each gun? It feels like a waste when you could get more complete and flexible units from the get go. The only reason to do this is to sell more marines.

>> No.73163043

When eldar are made astartes.

>> No.73163119

Respect the aquila son or I'll throw you to the genetranners.

>> No.73163122

Profitable does not mean they produce good art you neanderthal. It's the opposite

>> No.73163146

This was meant for >>73162971

>> No.73163171

Microfiller is also an option..

>> No.73163174

>Why do we need different units for each gun?
Better kits.
More flexibility in tweaking.
No reason not to have more units.

>> No.73163176

who designed this? John Deere?

>> No.73163193

They don't that's slaanesh realm.
If this isn't involved in some kind of necrosis, Nurgle will not care.
Like necrosis of the testicles on an otherwise healthy individual from looking at a fly.

>> No.73163216

110€ from dark sphere.

>> No.73163239

Subvert some propaganda poster from the past?

>> No.73163266

Hq with 0 options.

>> No.73163515

Looks like it's time to turn to chaos.

>> No.73163521

soulNagash's scepter>pansynugash's weaponry

>> No.73163545

Litteral halo marines.

>> No.73163586

Day2 3d print.

>> No.73163626

This is horribly painted for a commercial piece.
Do they capture underage polish guys to do this on the cheap?.

>> No.73163973

Do you have any idea how old is this particular piece?

>> No.73164030

They released a few rare collectors catachans this year. Go buy them on ebay for $100 and quit whining

>> No.73164194

It looks fine, the fuck are you on about

>> No.73164209

The vertical strokes.

>> No.73164613

What a faggot shill.

>better kits
None of them are any different than *marine with weapon*, all they are at the end of the day are weapon and arm swaps, so they're not better kits.

>more flexibility in tweaking
What the fuck does this mean

>no reason not to have more units
Yeah other than the fact that FLGS have to dedicate more limited store space to push faggot primaris shit.

Well done retard. You, the dumb paypig, are GWs target audience.

>> No.73164988

Fucking hell, I have 5 different Autarchs, all illegal now I guess

Not too bad, what's the EU shipping for DS nowadays? they used to be really cheap about 10 years ago

>> No.73165044

>Not too bad, what's the EU shipping for DS nowadays? they used to be really cheap about 10 years ago
They are far from cheap if you want a single item.
Use alchemist workshop instead in this case.

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