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Squats when?

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Men only thread

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It's going to be alright.

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How many of you faggots are going to use aircraft spam in 9th?

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First for Tau are for razzle-dazzle

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Odds are I'm just going to start only playing kill team

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Refresh before you post first.

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*place my hakenkreuz-themed leman russ on the table
Your move, xenocuck.

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I don't want to use any aircraft honestly.
Fuck aircraft.

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Davinchi flies again!

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Did, but image uploading up here actually takes that long.

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For those that missed it, the summary of the story of the Tau vs Imperium featured in the new Aero book.


tl;dr Tau got Damnos'ed

Please give your feedback about the story and how GW is mistreating xenos.

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I got Sunsharks before those 9th rules dropped, but god I’m going to fucking use them.

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>early 40k
>Imperium keeps jobbing to xeno trash

>nu 40k
>Imperium are capeshit retards who win every time


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Aircraft have no business in 40K in the first place. Doesn't make any damn sense at this scale.

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Finally finished my 52 Leviathan Hormagaunts, think I might leave it a year before doing the other 52 Termagants and 20 Gargoyles. Would rather kill myself than paint another little bug anytime soon

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8/10 would enjoy playing against.

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>A inflexible straight-line only commander defeats the adaptable T'au through brute force and the weight of numbers

How is this not based?

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I want to build a tyranid arny based off starship troopers, have lots of hormagaunts with a few carnifexs .

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Tau scum get the rope.

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>enter gw store
>place my ww2 german IG army on the table
>hear the local tau cuck faggot talk about how we need to tolerate other races such as jews and niggers
>pull out my gun
>shoot his fucking brains off
>everyone starts clapping

How's your day, 40kg?

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Will rhino be good in 9th edition?

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>have 4 valkyries and a vulture


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Cato sicarius changed a lot.

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Wild animals shouldn't be used im games of 40k.

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I’ll take things that certainly did happen for five-hundred.

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anons... I think all xenos exist solely as NPCs for imperial players to beat up...

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Pretty good, saw a cuck get shot in a GW, it was pretty based.

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But gw wants us to let them in the hobby

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Tell me your that guy stories.

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>2k points
>expect 60+ infantry for marines if you're not running heavily mechanized / super elite
>a smallish company by both united states and fluff in marine codex standards
>air cavalry companies are regularly employed by militaries

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>uh, CEO of racism?
>yeah we found your man
>yes he's very based

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This guy came into the gw and shot some dude's brains out.

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I rape Aryans. It is good.

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>be at gw store
>some guy comes in and places his totally based and redpilled IG army on the table
>hear the local tau libtard talk about how we need to tolerate other races such as jews and niggers
>based dude pulls out his piece
>shoot the faggot's fucking brains out
>I starts clapping

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Only a that guy would have brains in his head.

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> 52 Hormagaunts
> 52 Termagaunts and 20 Gargoyles
Geeze. I like how Tyranids look, but is there a way to play them more like an Elite army without it sucking ass?

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A subhuman antirapist told the group it's unethical to violate people. We educated him in the proper American fashion.

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One, maybe. But the table size does seem stupid for a flier to be circling around on for a whole game. Just as stupid as named characters pissing around in sub 4k marches but they are here too

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This week is animal week in warhammer conquest, I can buy them for 10€ each.
Which is why I'm asking. Gutfeeling is to buy at least 3 between my death guard and blood angels. I do own 2 razorback/rhino for the bloody already.

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I didn't play any tabletop today. This is what happens when you date a tomboyish girl. Sex drive too active.

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No, flyers should never have been added to 40k

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Because you know they're the best fucks

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What did persians do to you?
Was the chaos dwarf annihilation not enough?

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>be me at local gw store
>brought my newly painted csm army
>however something is missing from it
>can't tell, but it's on the tip of my tounge
>then this guy with his nazi IG army walks in and slams on the table right in front of the local tau faggot
>guy straight up pops a cap in the guy's face getting blood everywhere
>everywhere all over my army

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Don't concede that he's fucking wrong both a perspectice from codex descriptions of space marine organization and modern military organization

>> No.73157610

>How's your day, 40kg?
Was okay, some fat kid with an IG army stood in the store mumbling and laughing under his breath for like 20 minutes but then he stuttered and ran out when someone tried to talk to him

>> No.73157613

I will. I like muh Eldar flyers and non of you Imperial fagboys will stop me from bringing them

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Same. I only play chaos armies and now all the tomboy girls want to date me.

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Show me your ways

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so i read the aircraft rules and I don't understand why people are freaking out about it. Could someone elaborate for my admittedly retarded self why they are supposed to be a bad thing?

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He plays dwarves in bloodbowl and to this day bitches about the 4th ed eldar holo-fields upgrade. His army is black marines dry brushed with a light grey so it’s interchangeable for use with all named marine characters to beer chase the latest Op flavor and the minimum of tourney standard paint jobs (he doesn’t actually enter tournaments)

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Chaincannons: Should I put them on Havocs or CSMs?
Havocs get to move and shoot them without penalty, which is relevant with their range, and I can load 5 Havocs with 4 Chaincannons plus a bare bones Chaos Lord into a Rhino and deliver them pretty reliably where they want to be to do some damage
CSMs have a lot more spare bodies to soak wounds so that the Chaincannons are likely to be in play longer, though the larger squad size means transporting them alongside any support is more of an issue. They also suffer the penalty to hit when moving.

>> No.73157639

I watched a Youtube video about a new expansion for Destiny 2. In spite of my image there weren't as many bald Toys R Us owners as I thought.

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>tomboyish girl
Gross, get a qt trap like a real man you faggot

>> No.73157651

>Just as stupid as named characters pissing around in sub 4k marches but they are here too
Covert missions. Airplane issue is that their operating scope is miniscule.

>> No.73157653

Seconding this, mines been good to me

>> No.73157655

I don’t care about codex or modern military perspectives. I think it’s stupid to think flyers should be part of 40k, it shoulda been gates to apocalypse only games like bane blades were before GW started to push them to regular games to increase sales

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It's all so tiresome

>> No.73157665


speaking of i'm waiting while i farm a shit ton of engrams and season resources so i can cheat my way to a higher light level. hurray for exploitable system flaws.

>> No.73157667

The play is to put havocs with cannons in an assault drill, drill up and cover the havocs with the drill so they have a clear lane of fire to what they want to kill and protected by the fatass drill in the way from everything that wants to shoot them.

>> No.73157668

>be me
>painting a dunecrawler at the hobby table
>the local taufag is back with his Shadowsun painted in the trans pride colors
>was probably found on a sigmarxist screenshot
>he(?) starts rambling on about equality and tolerance while he starts to pull out the rest of his army that’s unpainted
>what a shocker
>the doors open
>the entire store is basked in a god-ray of sunlight despite it being raining
>the sheer size of the bulge in this dude’s pants knocks over the paints a new customer is using on the demo table
>he begins to pull out the most beautifully painted and converted IG army flying the colors and symbols of the third reich
>taufag gets extremely flustered
>says that he can’t paint his army like that
>not even letting them finish, IG player whips out a revolver and hipfires a round straight through his skull, spraying grey matter all over the AOS and Black Library section of the store
>mfw the intense clapping of the store is permeated by
“Why yes, I would like to purchase a Sentinel box. How could you tell?”

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Most modern military confrontations are very small and air support is still very common, including jets.

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Read the new chapter of pic related that got uploaded about a week ago. They're at the part where MC has to impregnate a boy/girl/I dunno for science. They've acquired enough data from the sex that the can continue but the problem is MC's too hyperactive and they start round 2 immediately after. At the end of the chapter more girls come in and the novel illustrations suggest it's going to become a foursome next. Good thing because the whole mega science plan needs the MC to impregnate more girls.

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Shouldn't have played xeno shit lol

>> No.73157682

Only funny response so far.

>> No.73157685

I don't think I can be bothered getting the drill and it looks pretty dumb though

>> No.73157687

>ge thanks primarch girlyman for joining us on this combat patrol
>oh wow Eldrad is here to walk his guardians
Special characters should
Never have lost their opponents permission requirement

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what the actual fuck.

>> No.73157698

Tau model overhaul when

>> No.73157700

>I don't care about any sort of realism or how factions would actually deploy in such a battle
So you are just rambling for no reason. Go pick up 3rd with the rest of the sports.

>> No.73157702

All the primarchs should have rules and models for 40k.

>> No.73157707

I've been sunbroing for sister friede for the last few days. She's longer because she has 3 phases but she's super easy & gives lots of souls.

>> No.73157713

I'm just glad that missile launcher Havocs can blow big blobs to hell and back.

>> No.73157718

Should I actually buy a box of SoS to use as cheap troops for objectives since they won't cost CP now?

>> No.73157719

I've identified the homosexual.

>> No.73157727

Yeah that’s one thing my army buddies always complained about was the air support circling always staying near and circling the small area where they were fighting insurgents. Flames of war is the only game to do flyers right and they are at a scale I would expect them to be allowed in the table the whole game

>> No.73157728

Why do they need boobplates...

>> No.73157729

Read a VN about gay Germans.

>> No.73157730

Okay nigger

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found the manchild who's never gotten laid overcompensates accordingly.

>> No.73157739

Because it’s a very gothic looking aesthetic, it also lets the males in the sisters of silence fit in

>> No.73157743

yeah, its nice to see Missile Launchers being in a (hopefully) good spot

>> No.73157747


who gives a shit? What's wrong with them? Honestly this reveal was basically pointless we didn't really learn anything of substance.

>> No.73157754

I have a feeling blast weapons will have a big points adjustment, especially those with alt shooting options

>> No.73157760

>he thinks that's proof
Not him but is this your first day here?

>> No.73157768

Of course it’s proof. I can’t edit the image whole posting from my phone

>> No.73157770

>A space elevator is supreme technological marvel

I thought this thing was a basic standard tech for space civilians. The Imps in the book act like they never encountered things like that before.

>> No.73157771

They're disposable fucktoys for Custodes, that's why

>> No.73157778

They're still an elites choice so they won't be any good for holding objectives.

>> No.73157780

>not raping him
This is why we should have nuked you.

>> No.73157783

>what are the timestamps
>implying I would have enough time to realize that within a minute, I was responded to and would have edited, let alone have given enough of a shit to edit in the first place

>> No.73157789

I expect a Craftworlds overhaul before Tau desu
Do tomboys actually have higher Libido?
I've been climing a lot in LoL (Finally gave up on trying to make ADC work and just decided to main support until Riot gets their shit together) and about to start some very basic drawing practice (just superimposing line practice)

>> No.73157790

If they get the ObSec rule that custodes do they will. All Custodes infantry and bikers have it.

>> No.73157792

>doesn't know how
>admits to phoneposting without any reason or prompt for it

>> No.73157795

I mean it's not like my valkyrie or vulture were ever in danger of leaving the table, thanks to being helichoppers.

>> No.73157796

Dumb slaanesh poster

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>> No.73157805

Yeah, I really liked how the new Havocs models had their missile launchers and lascannons be callbacks to the OG ones, so I built two squads, one with the missile launchers and one with autocannons.
Glad to see that the launchers will be useful.
Yeah, probably, but I think they'll probably still be worth it.

>> No.73157806

Same reason as all the other dumb shit in 40k, they look cool

>> No.73157811

Take your meds

>> No.73157816

I got up, finished building Ahriman, and painted a rubric marine. Then I watched star wars episode 4 with my gf and ate some pizza. At work now so I'll get the article up by the time I get home.

>> No.73157819

The time between the post calling you gay and >>73157730 is over a minute. Plenty of time for any of us who's been using electronics for over a month to do.
>given enough of a shit
Allegedly so less that you've posted a cropped screencap. As I've said, welcome newfriend. How long have you been here?

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>> No.73157822

So, how would an SoB list loaded with a bunch of Mortifiers and Penitent Engines do?

>> No.73157824 [SPOILER] 

I hate Space Marines

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>> No.73157838

>I hate Space Marines
So, why are you participating in 40k? Perhaps AOS would suit you better?

>> No.73157845

No. Unless you think physically active = tomboy. A cardio bunny will fuck like a rabbit even if she's not particularly tomboyish.

>> No.73157846

Rewatched TOR's cinematics. Makes me weep how even a shitty MMO nowhere as good as KOTOR 1 & 2 still has parts way better than Disney Wars.

>> No.73157848

>Tau model overhaul when
Never. And thank fuck for that.

>> No.73157851

Well, technically yes
>it’s over one entire minute, that must mean that they’ve edited the-
No. Take your meds. Seriously. Besides, I don’t know how the fuck you could even edit (you)s on a mobile.

>> No.73157861

>tau model overhaul
>it's just guardsmen hanging taus

>> No.73157871

Eh, highly depends. I've encountered some pervert as fuck tomboys. I guess acting like a guy makes them more open about it? I dunno.

>> No.73157873

Put CIBs and AFPs to the basic crisis kit and make plastic k-hounds and vespids. Simple as.

>> No.73157876

Newfriend, I welcome you to this site. May we teach you our ways which you somehow haven't acquired by now. The lying is a good start to fitting in.

>> No.73157879

Good luck trying to find Cyclic Ion Blasters. One per commander box.

>> No.73157884

I've been on 4chan since 2004 and I have no fucking idea how to edit that nonsense and only schizos who were wrong about claiming samefag ever go 'HURR YOU JUST REWROTE THE CODE OF THE PAGE WITHIN A FEW MINUTES BRO'.

Now fuck off and lurk for three years before posting again.

>> No.73157888

By all means. Please enlighten me.
I assume that the first thing you’ll teach me is to call out faggots by “Post your models.”

>> No.73157891 [SPOILER] 

Nth for spoilers of the box

>> No.73157894 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73157895

i got bullied and enjoyed every minute of it

>> No.73157896

..that's why he's saying they should put them in the crisis suit kit

>> No.73157897

Tell us

>> No.73157899

Did you know that the Space Marines are so named because the Emperor's original name was Jinmy Space?

>> No.73157900

Because it’s impossible to load the image into mspaint and use the color match tool to cover the extra (You) so you can price to another anon you’re not a samefagger

>> No.73157904

Ah, misread. Thought you were talking about modeling.

>> No.73157908

Each day I'm reminded we will never have another Tolkien. I'm sad today.

>> No.73157912

Not funny, reddit.

>> No.73157913

>can’t even tell mobile posting from PC posting
You sure you’re not the one who needs to lurk? What a fucking retard.

>> No.73157916

I replied to this post.

>> No.73157921


>> No.73157923

So is the preview basically just going to be the starter box?

>> No.73157925

>I've been on 4chan since 2004 and I have no fucking idea how to edit that nonsense and only schizos who were wrong about claiming samefag ever go 'HURR YOU JUST REWROTE THE CODE OF THE PAGE WITHIN A FEW MINUTES BRO'.
Thank you for this entertainment anon. I haven't seen a newfag impression this good in a long time.

>> No.73157926

Imagine trying to kill yourself for a meme number

>> No.73157928


>> No.73157929

Last (you) I’m going to give you.

>> No.73157931

>"Haha I totally belong though bros!"

>> No.73157937

Are they discontinuing Know no Fear box?

>> No.73157945

Pretty good, this thread's giving me my daily dose of sodium.

>> No.73157946

Ok, I looked for it but wasn’t able to find a title

>> No.73157948

Respect to the chaos marines players for playing what they like in the face of loyalist favoritism.
it can be hard to stick with an army when you see others getting lots of new minis and buffs

>> No.73157951

Oh dear

>> No.73157960

Try the xenos-life for once you privileged upper-class cunt.

>> No.73157974

I just want to see the epilogue with Micha and Lilith having a beer together.

>> No.73157978

No one cares, ork cuck

>> No.73157985

>no longer needs target lock
>can now shoot in combat
>stabilization systems sept trait can be replaced with another
>smart missiles shit on new terrain rules
>can still hide behind terrain due to being <18 wounds
>3+D3 damage six-shot gun that doesn’t need to be Nova Charged
And you thought they were gay before.

>> No.73157988

There's nothing wrong with being a cuck.

>> No.73157998

Don't worry, all tau players are gay libcucks

>> No.73158002

Suck my fucking nuts there are 12 units in my codex and all but 3 suck shit.

>> No.73158003

This model. This fucking model.
It's still based on cone-head Eldar ffs.

>> No.73158010


>> No.73158016

What about the ones that field mechanized Tau with Breachers in devilfishes and use an ample amount of what limited auxiliary support they have available while also taking Farsight himself?

>> No.73158018

Yeah but where are they gonna get them from in the first place? Get your reading comprehension checked idiot.

>> No.73158039

>What about

>> No.73158040

I judged various anons models as soulless for possessing color instead of greyscale.

>> No.73158043

How can just one robot be so based? Literally cucking all the lesser factions and their unmanly players on itself.

>> No.73158051

Is it gonna be a blast weapon?

>> No.73158062

Go back.

>> No.73158064

Started Deldar. Got a good 350 points and now stuck because my choice of units is abysmal. Choose one of 3 microfacrions which have no synergy with each other and then have your HQ and troop choice made for you.

>> No.73158067

It was a blast weapon before and it would help differentiate it from the other high shot, no AP crisis weapons.

>> No.73158076

>tfw zenith am lrime my models and airbrush one area of the model red
Don’t I have such a quirky and cool monotone paint scheme? Look the red makes it look like sin city

>> No.73158092

I contemplated if the Imperium would approve of birth control or not. On one hand, more conscripts for the IG. On the other hand, pregnant female factory workers don't work as well and they'll need to put time raising the kid.

>> No.73158104

Doubtful. Blast is probably only going to be relegated to random shot heavy weapons.

>> No.73158105

A source would be nice. I tried every search engine and I only get 4chan results.

>> No.73158107

Yeah I keep hearing about these alleged players but never see them in the wild. If you DO exist, you are such a minority that not much will be lost with the complete removal of your faction from the game.

>> No.73158115

Nice ninja swarmlord

>> No.73158127

I started in 8th and I've yet to see any faction that isn't full of waacfag or close to players. The 40k community kinda sucks

>> No.73158129

Is it the same series? Because even searching the names or that imagine didn’t lead to anything (it doesn’t help that Lilith is “generic female demon name” and Micha is considered an abbreviation of Michael)
Like >>73158105 I’d like to know the source, please

>> No.73158140

Farsight chads are gonna come out of the woodwork more once lockdowns are lifted. They just didn't have much opportunity to shine before the world went to shit.

>> No.73158143

>Yeah I keep hearing about these alleged players but never see them in the wild.
That’s because we don’t exist.

>> No.73158145

Bring a malanthrope w/ 3 guard and a tyrannofex as your tank/heavy armour busters in your back pocket. Bring a neurothrope and broodlord as psyker core, then rippers as objective cappers since 4 wounds a model is pretty legit. Any spare points fill with stealers to yeet across the board or deep strikers

>> No.73158146

>would rather kill myself
>nid player

>> No.73158155

Probably not. It’s going to hinge on the price increases of Crisis Suits and the fact that you have to spend CP for multiple detachments, making it harder to get six commanders. Right now, Farsight players have everything they need. After 9th drops, it might be a coinflip.

>> No.73158165

Frag'nades have already been confirmed to be blast. I feel they'll be more liberal with them.

>> No.73158174

Aeroplanes go brrrrrrrr.

>> No.73158175

Also, I thought that would be a double-edged sword as blast weapons can’t fire in combat, but then I remembered that they can just fly backwards and shoot.
Or does that only apply to vehicles and monsters?

>> No.73158180

ok after a bit of searching I found this
It looks like ti might be a LN.

>> No.73158182

Has Firestorm really been that good to build around?

>> No.73158187

Best girl bro. Best girl. Lilith was surprisingly good and PURE for a villain but Micha is the best.

>> No.73158189

On the 2nd rule. Not directly said it's frag but what else could it be? Plasma is just a better frag. Photonnades?

>> No.73158197

>As you can see, it’s not all about heavy ordnance weaponry either, but grenades and a whole bunch of other, more esoteric, guns, warheads and munitions as well.
Also this line leans heavily on the frag-blast.

>> No.73158206

Flyrants are such impressive models. I kind of want one just to own.

>> No.73158215

>Male units without Helmets on
>Female units without Helmets on

>> No.73158217

I'm pretty happy with the state of Chaos right now, concerning the collecting/building/painting aspect. The army is very versatile, if you don't give too much of a fuck about optimization. And my group is pretty casual anyway. Only either jump troops or bikes should have been updated.

>> No.73158218

>It looks like ti might be a LN.
Well, he talked about novel illustrations, so that was the assumption to begin with
Thank you very much.
Could you tell me the way you got there, so that next time I don’t have to ask here and look for it myself?

>> No.73158227

>>Male units without Helmets on
As a RG player I must agree.

>> No.73158230

Where on the second rules does it imply AFP are blast. It’s only talking about grenade and heavy weapons (which AFP is neither), and still does not call it out specifically, or even subtly. I heavily doubt that AFP are going to be blast due to their recent resurgence as early as March, and that quite frankly, they don’t need a buff. They’re fine as is. I could be wrong, but nothing in that image implies AFP, let alone a massive amount of suspected weapons are getting the blast treatment. I’ll see it when the rule book comes out.

>> No.73158234

This post >>73158187 made me find pic related. It says Something something of adam, so I'm fairly certain the LN was the correct thing.
I went through all the google result links, and on page 3 this one was one of the results. I then had to cross check with what anons were talking about with in the archive links.

>> No.73158239

Criminal levels of cringe in this post.

>> No.73158240

That’s fair, I guess. I just don’t see AFP needing buffs against hordes because unlike shit like Battlecannons, AFPs already can rip through them and are supposed to be shot at them.

>> No.73158257

>took MC's virginity
>got MC to fuck other girls to enslave them to MC's cock
>even beforehand she knew she'd become enslaved to MC's dick and willingly did so
>remained always loyal to MC and never cheated on him at any opportunity
Dang. It's hard getting girls like this. Though I say Schwartz is the most underrated. Ange too. She might be the heroine but I rarely see a tsundere completely spaghetti like she does.

>> No.73158265

I was talking about frag'nades being all but confirmed to be blast. But it's not such a stretch for AFP to be blast in 9e. In 7e it was a large blast weapon and in 8e it got this weird d6 shots slammed to it just like all the other blast weapons. We'll see.

>> No.73158269

Should I own up to the emo aesthetic anon? TELL ME

>> No.73158283

As hot as this sounds, apparently it has yaoi, so I'll stay away.

>> No.73158287

Wrote a short story / fanfic about my dudes.

It's an Inquisition and Deathwatch story.

I'd LOVE some feedback and comments, and I hope you enjoy it.



>> No.73158290

Ange & Machina are nuts. How many girls make out with each other during 3 or 4 ways? Protag encourages it too. They love him so much that they kiss each other several times in different h scenes to please him.

>> No.73158292

Helmetless Space Marines aren't a sin, but they're worth of a penance.

>> No.73158294

Interesting. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

>> No.73158316

How are they going to make flamers worth half a shit?

>> No.73158326

Make new ones that are 12” range

>> No.73158327

They arent

>> No.73158334

Squats return

>> No.73158356

So how does Male and Female numbers go for their units? Would Guardians have Female units in them? What about aspect warriors such as striking scorpions? are Howling Banshees female only? Know any good Eldar 3rd party bit sellers such as ArtelWs starborn ancients?

>> No.73158360


>> No.73158367

>So how does Male and Female numbers go for their units?
Meant Eldar units

>> No.73158369

pyrovores are 25 points a pop, the only reason to use them is if you can somehow get them into melee reliably since they have acid blood

>> No.73158402

I remember how annoying pic related were before I got used to them. Their flamethrowers spewed not just flames but fireball looking gobs into the air. When you get close they blasted you back. Funny how one of the fastest killing units in a not!Bolter wielding Space Rhino army are the flamethrowers.

>> No.73158407

All Eldar units are mixed fluffwise. Even Howling Banshees since even though they are male, their aspect is based on a female Phoenix Lord and so when they put the armour on, it's still female.

>> No.73158419

Guardians "should" be fifty/fifty in that all civilian Eldar are called to defend the Craftworld. Choosing your Aspect Shrine is a matter of calling, in Gav Thorpe's Eldar novel the MC's Striking Scorpion shrine was five or six with the Exarch and one female Scorpion. There was another Exarch's shrine with like 10 warriors altogether and two or three chicks, I don't particularly remember, it wasn't the best.
There are no real gender divides on the Craftworlds so if an Eldar dude felt that it was time for time to walk the Path of the Banshee he certainly could, but it would be a rare thing.

>> No.73158425

>apparently it has yaoi, so I'll stay away.
Obligatory Dark Angels post.

>> No.73158427

>and so when they put the armour on, it's still female.
Prove it. You wouldn't just be regurgitating shit people say on 4chan right?

>> No.73158445

..why is there so much destiny posting today?

>> No.73158449

Is it a law of nature that Riptides will simply get more powerful as time goes on?
By 20th edition are they going to be able to kill a chaos god?

>> No.73158455

I’d give it until 11th.

>> No.73158460

Wait. Were all the yaoi posts in every thread images from this? It's all coming together now.

>> No.73158462

This is bait.

>> No.73158480 [SPOILER] 

Tau suits are getting fucking ridiculous

>> No.73158483

Why'd they extensively feature a SoB in the Warhams video but not include any in the box set

>> No.73158489

God, Tau are so soulless.

>> No.73158491

Because having three armies in a box would be silly.

>> No.73158492

No, that's a manga.

>> No.73158497

SoB will get the Primaris and Astartes keywords.

>> No.73158498

>Tau players

>> No.73158507

>Is it a law of nature that Riptides will simply get more powerful as time goes on?
It's just the shit rules writers at GW. They didn't expect anyone to actually agree to play against Tau.

I'm just hoping these excited little taufags have their parade rained on by a massive points increase.

>> No.73158508

>Were all the yaoi posts in every thread images from this
What. People posted many yaoi pics from different stuff. And i could have sworn >>73158425 is a manga not an LN.

>> No.73158511

Apparently there is a manga of that adam puberty thing.

>> No.73158525

SoB players are to be bled financially like the halal cattle they are until every kosher drop of money drips into the bucket.

>> No.73158537

I'm thinking of buying a single flyer for each of my armies.

>> No.73158539

Played zelda

>> No.73158540

It's literally one of the images that pops up when you google the name.

>> No.73158548

Nice to have some scary Orks for once and those boyz are spiky enough to make it work.

>> No.73158550

Simple really. Space marines need to be in EVERY starter set. That's just how it is, so no other imperial army will ever get the chance to be in a starter set unfortunately, no matter how hard they are ultimately being pushed, they still have the handicap of being in the same Grand Order as Space marines.

>> No.73158551

pic didn't get sent

>> No.73158556

Shut the FUCK UP Graphite you total mongoloïd

>> No.73158558

How is that different from any other player?

>> No.73158561

Sigmarines would probably be a no go for him as well anon

>> No.73158564

>Eldar being WAACfags
Wow, color me surprised.

>> No.73158568

>Space marines need to be in EVERY starter set
I see nothing wrong with this. SM are the flagship product.

>> No.73158569

>Already have 3 Doom Scythes
>No more -1 to hit
>Probably going to get blast
>Now they can deep strike and instantly use the stratagem for maximum MW
I'm pretty happy

>> No.73158577

Censor that please

>> No.73158580

Post about your dudes anons
Pic of models too please

>> No.73158585

AoS proved that box sets made of different faction can be viable even without the flagship faction, but for some reason when GW tried to do that with blood of the phoenix it made it extremely expensive and with a book inside.

>> No.73158586

I'm not here to comment on wether it's right or wrong, just saying how it is.

>> No.73158589

post homebrews

>> No.73158602


>> No.73158609


Well they look mus less retarded off of the flight stands.

>> No.73158610

Explain why.

>> No.73158620

Then Ange learned well from Micha. Micha loves MC enough to fuck other girls too. Too bad no onscreen threesome with Micha and Ange or Micha and Lilith.

>> No.73158621

Only when playing against marines

>> No.73158626

mods are fags jej

>> No.73158629

I just don't see why they can't have a simple squad of Sisters. Is it because Sisters are inferior in every way to SM and cost more per point, thus being at best a sad Blood Angels cqc army with Bloody Rose?

>> No.73158631

Enlighten me in the way of exploits please.

>> No.73158634

I deleted the image my self, and reposted. Blue board and what not.

>> No.73158645

Bros, help me out I feel tempted to buy the sTaRt CoLlEcTiNg MeChAnIcUs but they’re not chaos and I only play chaos.
If they ever released Dark Mechanicus do you guys think it would recycle models like Genestealer Cults or no?

Ya know.
I’ve thought about having slaves for my Slaaneshi forces, but seeing how this makes me cringe I’m gonna have to hard pass.

>> No.73158658

Can someone translate?

>> No.73158663

I only played chaos and then started admech. Don't really see the problem. And if your friend are fine with it just use custom forgeworld, replace Imperium with Chaos, and move on.

>> No.73158668

I have some guardians next to me, right now, on a little bookshelf on my desk.
Some models definitely have breasts while others are flat.
Though I admit I have heard of howling banshees having the occasional trap, since they are a feminine aspect of war and Khaine.

>> No.73158674

Not a kraut myself, but do you have more of the golden boys stuff ?

>> No.73158682

thanks for the sauce anyway senpai

>> No.73158691

What weapons are these guys carrying? I want to go WYSIWYG but I'm not sure what their load out is.

>> No.73158698

so german is my 3rd langauge, but from a first pass, it seems to be something about being able to take sos and custodes together, but not getting detachment bonuses.

>> No.73158711

np. Hopefully this thread end up on google results, so people stop asking for source. The only google results right now are threads where people ask for source.

>> No.73158717

But anon it won't because others won't find the source.

>> No.73158718

Blight launcher blotter and power fist

>> No.73158719

What does being a dread feel like?

>> No.73158728


"Potential leaks of custodes stratagems from a German facebook page:

Infantry units can deny psychic powers on a 4+ (wardens on a 3+) for 1cp.

Half the damage on a dreadnought for one phase for 1cp

One additional warlord trait for a character which is not your warlord for 1cp

Wound rolls against one of your Infantry units always fail at rolls 1-3 for 2cp (similar to space Marines)

Add 1 to attacks, and reroll failed charge rolls for one dreadnought for 1cp!

Add 1 to wound rolls for one of your units which is attacking a unit with a higher toughness than itself for 2cp

Terminator units (not just allarus) ignore up to - 2 ap for 2cp

You can deny enemy rerolls against one of your units for 2cp

Sisters of silence greatswords are now strength 5

Captain commander traits ( not all)

+3" HI

Reroll wounds against monsters or vehicles

double damage on a 6

+1 to move, advance and charge"

>> No.73158733

Talons of the Emperor

>SoS in a Custard detachment without negating the latters army wide special rules.
>Custards get their special rules in this case but SoS don't

>standard SoS vanguard detachment w/out HQ = 0 CP

>> No.73158750

Skimmed over the article. They really need to stop using the word structure. A structure is something that has been constructed. If it occurs naturally, it's not a structure.

>> No.73158751

Champ with knife, power fist and a plasmagun on his back
Guy with Blight launcher
Guy with bolter

Its a good kit, I grabbed a few just to mix and match bits with the full kit and have more special weapons to spread around

>> No.73158758

This is my Swarmlord, who has taken to jumping around the battlefield so that he can dab on Calgar and the Ultramarines from even greater heights

>> No.73158764

I'm (re)painting some Kabalites for an upcoming campaign. The Archons and Dracons are into grafting alien parts onto their bodies and as a whole they have particularly close ties to a Haemonculus coven. Still need a name and other stuff for them though

>> No.73158781

custodes cant take sos if they are battle forged, but the sos don't get any special abilities from the custodes detachment, they also dont take up any slots. so you can't take 3x5 to have cheap troops.

you can also make a sos detachment without an HQ.

>> No.73158794

I have the dark imperium set + 20 more poxwalkers and bloat drone. What should I buy next?
Have terminators coming in the mail atm.

>> No.73158795


>> No.73158801

As someone who plays against DG a lot, Bloat Drones and Daemon Princes are a real pain to deal with

>> No.73158807

What are you talking about?

>> No.73158812

As the sun sets on another thread, I think back on all the Awoos that have come and gone, and Awoo with renewed vigor!

>> No.73158820

Oh yeah, I def am getting a daemon prince.
Are bloat drones really useful though? Should I get another one with a plaguespitter or the kit version?

>> No.73158821

Very nice anon, ultramarines vs nids is kino, here's some of my nids

Nice anon, cool scheme and nids parts are a nice touch. Did you decide on if you were gonna swap the heads in the end?

Yeah I hate the stands, these guys were made with no parts from the suppressor kit at all though

>> No.73158823

the part from the leak I like is the solar watch warlords trait

>Warlord Trait: Add 1 to the movement value of units inside of 6, they may also shoot with rapid fire weapons as if they were assault weapons after they advanced

May get value from their spears while advancing and could be amusing on the bikes

>> No.73158825


>> No.73158828

What do I buy to add to my list?

>> No.73158829

>standard SoS vanguard detachment w/out HQ = 0 CP
Can't wait! 2 years into 9e and everyone (= imperials and maybe chaos) can just ignore the anti-soup costs.

>> No.73158831

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (1/9)

>> No.73158835

More hive tyrants

>> No.73158841

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (2/9)

>> No.73158842

I have one on the way already, but what do I equip it with? Boneswords HVC?

>> No.73158845

Gib pls
It let them keep up with SoS

>> No.73158847

Tau players are incredibly high test chads?

>> No.73158853

Whatever you think looks best

>> No.73158854

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (3/9)

>> No.73158856

Das rite!

>> No.73158864

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (4/9)

>> No.73158865

tyranid troops other than genestealers are shit anyway. take minimum units of ripper swarms as troops and then just spam hive guard.

>> No.73158867


Necrons get 20 base line warriors for dealing damage to MEQ's

Marines get a bunch of assault models and virtually no dakka with the exception of those things at the back.


>> No.73158869

Yeah, Bloat Drones are tough and fast enough to be annoying no matter how you use them. Plaguespitters are good on them, you can just send them to go vomit onto infantry and contest objectives, charge vehicles to tie them up, all that stuff
On a similar topic, the elite guy with the souped up flamer (Foul Blightspawn) is also a real fucking hassle to play against especially if he rolls hot

>> No.73158871

To be honest mate I don't think anyone wants 9 images in German.

>> No.73158873

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (5/9)

>> No.73158881

Stop it

>> No.73158883

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (6/9)

>> No.73158884

Agreed, they should have put ANOTHER OML special character in there. That way they would
>piss off space marine players who don't want an icky girl in their box set
>piss off the sob players who want everything by forcing them to buy the box set for one model
>piss off the sob players who are sick of nothing but special characters

>> No.73158888

I dont speak French so unless you are gonna translate these, fuck off.

>> No.73158889

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (7/9)

>> No.73158890

It's going to be meleebedition, nimrod. The terrain rules will change everything. Just think about it. What new units have they shown? Meleecrons and assault primaris. Chop away.

>> No.73158895

Thanks my nigga that really means a lot.

>> No.73158898

>Sword SoS are S5 now

Wew lad, that text leak above is legit then

>> No.73158899

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (8/9)

>> No.73158900

They need to pander to male feminists now.

>> No.73158901

Also she looks like Elijah Wood

>> No.73158904

what army fits this vibe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttYkixOWDOo

>> No.73158908

Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider - Custodes (9/9)

>> No.73158909

I want to put a squad of imperial fist intercessor in my space wolf army.

They're on a penance crusade and have ended up staying with the space wolves temporarily (maybe to learn a different way of warfare. Maybe an oath)

I want to make it clear they're part of my army and wolf then up a bit, some talismans, rule etchings and wolf pelts.

Is this a dumb idea? How can I justify them serving together?

>> No.73158915

Stop shitting up the thread you brain dead cretin

>> No.73158919

Hmm not really.

>> No.73158923


>> No.73158927

HAIL leak anon. SING HAIL.

>> No.73158929

>AoS proved that box sets made of different faction can be viable even without the flagship faction
when did they do this? The 2 main box sets were Stormcast vs Khorne boys and Stormcast vs Nighthaunt. Also didnt 40k have prophecy of the Wolf?

>> No.73158932

Good to see that almost all the problems Custards have as an army remain unfixed. Thanks GW.

>> No.73158935

What was the name of that book where the Night Lords fought the Charcharodons in some prison planet? I think they fought Carcharodons, it might have been some other chapter. But they definitely fought on a prison planet.

>> No.73158938

Here you go Anon:
Have a nice day :)

>> No.73158940

>leaks are worthwhile unless they're in a language I personally understand otherwise they're they're shitposting *clap clap clap*

>> No.73158941

Quick question, multi Meltas on boxnoughts ?

>> No.73158947

So how much better are already made factions traits compared to their "Successor Chapter" or "Your Craftworld" traits you can pick?

>> No.73158959

Red Tithe.

>> No.73158971

depends of course. the only space marine army you should play as non-successor is white scars desu. successors still get super doctrine, warlord traits, and stratagems. if you want to take characters though you have to go with the main chapter. as far as craftworlds go only alaitoc and ulthwe get play. ulthwe only gets play for eldrad. mainly because expert crafters and masterful shots are super powerful traits. master artisans is the space marine equivalent of expert crafters thats basically an auto-take.

>> No.73158975

Custom septs are IMO better. Except for enclaves and t'au and that's because of all the extra support those 2 have gotten

>> No.73158986

They have had a number of battlefirce like box sets besides the original ones. There has been skaven vs ghouls, steampunk dwarves vs Tzeentch, Grots vs Trees and ogres vs the new skellies

These have all sold out fast and been rather popular for new people or those looking to split with friends.

>> No.73159002

>English language board
9 consecutive posts not in english
Just link to a Pinterest or something

>> No.73159008

Those box sets aren't the starter set and 40k also has them.

>> No.73159013


>> No.73159020

No because you have dual lascannons

>> No.73159021

You’re dense.

>> No.73159025

You are adding a train to your board right anon?

>> No.73159029

>AoS proved that box sets made of different faction can be viable even without the flagship faction

But responding to that anons post is a box set that was popular, but I do agree with that anon a starter set without marines would be nice.

I seem to remember that one being popular, if only to get the as then unreleased knights.

>> No.73159032

whats the easiest way to translate the whole boxes without having to type it all out in google?

>> No.73159034

Have any of you guys played aeronautica imperialis?
Is it fun?
Is it the kind of game that people not normally interested in war gaming could enjoy?

>> No.73159035

>click on random video about necrons
>another australian doing it
why is it so popular over there? I understand Canada and cold places but isn't Australia more outdoors orientated? And the expense is insane, who the fuck other than adults could afford to play out there?

>> No.73159044

Only adults play this game at any real capacity numb nuts

>> No.73159045

This was a great set

>> No.73159051

Australians are an opinionated lot.

>> No.73159058

How’s my dark apostle? I feel like my painting has plateaued at decent since I started a year ago.

>> No.73159066

This might be easy to copyright but this sounds like shit.

>> No.73159069

How did you get it to stick to the wall?

>> No.73159076

I bought the very last one in accessible europe.
2 remain in sweden only shop.

>> No.73159079

Sweet but I feel you could shade in the eyes I’d you aren’t gonna do em

>> No.73159089

I've always wanted a Vulture or Avenger, mostly for the flying gatling guns.

>> No.73159091

Good point, maybe in 9th

>> No.73159095

Strong magnet are great, where do you buy them?
Try to paint a bust, you can't improve by doing the same thing.

>> No.73159096

define 'adult'

>> No.73159125

Imagine only being able to read English
Imagine not knowing that you can literally use google translate

Hopefully you carry a gun to compliment you huge brain and huge penis

>> No.73159150

Fuck you, Crisis Suits are absolutely packed with soul
>3rd edition design sensibilities
>Massively poseable, everything built with ball joints
>Obscene amount of weapon options, including full-retard triple loadouts
>Obscene amount of extra wargear, Iridium and Commander suits
>Express the clean and high-tech look of Tau while still being big, boxy and rule-of-cool in classic 40k style
All the big suits (apart from the Ghostkeel) can suck my taint, Crisis Suits are one of the best designs in 40k. Fire Warriors are ok but Crisis and Kroot are what keeps Tau soulful.

>> No.73159152

Mature human.

>> No.73159157

I heard it's fun but it's another game crippled hard by GW shitty release politic. I think it's worth trying if you have a group willing to play in your area. Can't wait for the Tyranids release for all those crazy kitbashing options.

>> No.73159169

>Fire Warriors are ok
I find FW the best 40k models now the CSManlets are gone and SManlets are on their way to limbo.

>> No.73159212

Fire Warriors could do with some special weapons, I reckon, but they're neat.
>CSManlets are gone
Hey, the new CSM kit is pretty good by current standards. Heads are on the goofy side and the paired legs/torsos suck, but unlike Primaris there's actually a point to seperating them thanks to some nice variety and the wealth of weapon options.

>> No.73159237

yeah but primaris look amazing, manlets and csm don’t

>> No.73159253

are those mini-knights with melta and chain available elsewhere?

>> No.73159258

Oh shit, sorry anon. I didn't realise you were a tastelet.

>> No.73159264

Yup, they're in a separate box, look up armiger warglaive

>> No.73159266

Yeah armiger warglaives

>> No.73159271

Had a really shitty week so didn't get much done, but finally got these Aggressors painted for my burgeoning chapter.

What did you do this week anon?

>> No.73159276

Lmaaaooo that’s cause you can literally buy 4 different captains there’s no need for a captain head or torso

>> No.73159277

Pretty cherry picked example anon, Primaris units do look better. Couldn't you just use base UM upgrade pack on Primaris Marines anyways?

>> No.73159280

necropolis hawks?

>> No.73159282

Jesus. Remember when pic related was called an "upgrade pack"?
What the fuck happened?

>> No.73159286

>most aesthetically pleasing and well designed tau suit
>amounts to a big distraction with 5 meltas and is usually just a points sink

a shame

>> No.73159290

>Hey, the new CSM kit is pretty good by current standards
Yeah but I have a soft spot for the old goofy CSM dudes. I bought 3 start collecting boxes the day GW announced new sculpts so I could run an army with nothing but old kits.

>> No.73159294


Those are looking great Anon!
I really like the shoulder pauldrons with the blue. Any chapter in particular? Or homebrew?

>> No.73159302

I managed to trade some old crap handmade terrain to a friend for his incomplete Macragge Lander, painted it up. I'm not a great painter but I like how they turned out, shame it's missing the engine piece and original fin.

>> No.73159304

Those great Anon!
Like the colours,
Aby chapter in particular or are they homebrew?

>> No.73159305

With these starter boxes will it be possible to buy just one half of it? Example, I only
Play necrons. So I don’t want the space marine half. Is there a version that only has the necron half?

>> No.73159308

Did some translating on the talons of the emperor rule

Seems like you can put SoS in custodes detachments without them preventing a bonus, however they themselves cannot benefit from said bonus

>> No.73159311

Best are Crisis, the Ghostkeel is just the least sucky new one. What, you think the Riptide is best?

>> No.73159313

Based a shitton of custodes, also did ghaz

>> No.73159314

>reivers look better than a mk6 armor.

>> No.73159321

no, just find your local player of space marines

>> No.73159323

Thanks, I think I really should learn to do faces even if looks like complete shit at first.

>> No.73159324


>> No.73159325

With the new los rules and Bloodthirsters being below 18 wounds combined with a smaller board size and new exalted rules/relics, how do you all think a list of 9 (1950 pending point changes in 9th) would fair?

>> No.73159329

Homebrew chapter, still no real ideas yet. I want to write them up a little better than "x in spaaaaace" but I haven't found a particular culture or theme that's catching my interest. Just noticed some sloppy highlights on the fingers after the drink kicked in so will go back and tidy that up.

>> No.73159331

that wreck always looks good on a table, especially if ruin sections are placed around it as if the falling plane made a series of holes in the edifices

>> No.73159332

Illegal because rule of 3

>> No.73159334

painted the carapaces on about 25 or so mixed tyranids, when im done with the backlog I'll do the rest of the body, then after that I'll do details. Just gonna batch paint to get it all done

>> No.73159346

There is 3 different kinds of BT silly so you could technically take 9 I suppose

>> No.73159347

GW decided you needed to pay double

>> No.73159351

Beakies a SHIT!

>> No.73159353

looking good anon

>> No.73159359

Would area denial work? Some rule about how napalm or whatever causes some area burned to remain burning for some time and whoever’s there has to pass a check or receive damage.

>> No.73159364

Sounds neat, remember that you don't have to anchor your creativity to a culture, you could make your own warrior culture and customs up and maybe even weave them into your trait picks. Stuffs like names will always have a cultural root but you could always just use the preceding chapter they came from for that inspiration.

>> No.73159371

Lorewise can necrons convert other necrons to a specific dynasty or house? I was reading in lore that dynasty novokh has no phaeron I think so who are the lychguards following?

>> No.73159372

the riptide is better point per value than the ghostkeel, me personally though? I bring a lot of broadsides

>> No.73159373

It would have to be after the foursome chapter coming up next. We’re close but not there yet.

>> No.73159374

I asked earlier. But is GW keeping Know no fear in stock?

>> No.73159378

>Primaris look better
>Just need buy oldmarine kits to fix them
The classic blunder!
All shitposting aside, a single Intercessor looks great, there's nothing wrong with the basic design (Phobos aside) and the new kits look great. I just can't deal with how awful the variety is, every squad of Primaris i've ever seen in person looks exactly the same. I'm not a diehard Marinefag, but the main advantage of the old stuff was always customisability - the most weapon options, the most interchangeable kits, the best upgrade kits, the most variant kits with the most bits. Primaris sacrifice all that to look good, but monotonous.

Of course, a really skilled hobbyist can sculpt new torsos and tabards and fit heavy weapons to Primaris scale etc. etc.

Enjoy not being able to hold a bolt pistol and power fist at the same time.

>> No.73159381

Which doesn't fucking solve anything because they are still Elite. Oh well, at least we can play a fluffy Talons army now.

>> No.73159387

The stream starts at 2.00 right?

>> No.73159389

There is a small chance that they appear as SC! boxes in the future, but I wouldn't bet on it. It's also easy to sell parts of it on ebay. I bought the CSM vs sneaky Marines box and sold everything but the squad of CSM and Master of Possession and it cost me about 10€ in the end (ebay and packaging cost included).

>> No.73159391

I think I want to lean into some knightly themes, but more like Imperial Fists, uppitty stiff upper lipped Teutonic, blade and bolter sorts than religious crusader fanatics

>> No.73159392

SoS still solve the weakness of Cusyides being countered

>because they are still elite
Oh you're just a WAACfag who wanted them to be troops so you could spam more bikes and tanks

>> No.73159394

Aquila pattern is the apex of marines armor.
I can't remember a miniature with a errant pattern, does anyone remember any?

>> No.73159399

>but I haven't found a particular culture or theme that's catching my interest.
go with a pop or vintage reference, it usually helps cementing the choices I'm hesitant about if I can assign some meaning or history to it.

>recruitment world was a prison-world that periodically became cut off from warpstorms when the eye of terror used to link, in the resulting isolation from a particularly long warpstorm it became less of a prison and more of a mad max anarchic post-apocalypse
>with the turmoils of the cicatrix maledictum channeling all the storms, this barbaric world is now free from warpstorms again and open for recruitment for a new, fresh wave of expendable recruits to throw in the meatgrinder of war

>dying in a blaze of glory is a blessing so redemptor dreadnoughts are actually sought after

>> No.73159402

Send them an email

>> No.73159405

Nevermind, carry on sir.

>> No.73159407


>> No.73159410


>> No.73159411

Need an answer to if Know no fear is being phased out or not.

>> No.73159413

>used to blink

>> No.73159414

Damn, my fault for not assembling my copy of overwatch.

>> No.73159419

If true, it will also likely mean Sisters won't have anything to assist with holding objectives.
I am at least glad this frees up the use of a third detachment in my Talons army, which may be important when 9th edition changes the way detachments are used.

>> No.73159424

My personal, degenerate fetish is Mk3 helmets on scrappy mix-and-match Mk5 bodies.

>> No.73159425

I do agree Primaris could do with some more variety unit to unit though although I imagine that will come with time.
Sounds neat, also the new units in the starter set sound right up your chapters alley with the Assault Intercessors for example.

>> No.73159426

As someone whoes playing a wraithhost..

A wraithknight is hard enough to justify as it is.

After what I've heard from FLG's stream about it, it seem fielding one is gonna cost CP atleast 2 or something.

Am I missing something that allows inbook Lord of Wars in the armies or something? Otherwise what's the point of units like Rowboat and the likes?

>> No.73159431

Pretty sure the tactical box sarge has it

>> No.73159434

You don’t need to find a culture. Some factions have no basis in one. When I do stuff, I tend to think of what flows. For example, more than one culture thinks of movement as life. Dancing and whatever as celebration of life. I put a spin saying if movement is life then stillness is death and what some culture believing stillness = death means. This could mean they’re nomadic because staying still is equivalent to dying. This could mean they’d believe plants are less alive than animals or that running water is often safer to drink not because of bacteria but because of movement representing life. There’s probably some IRL culture with these same beliefs but I took a single thing and asked
>What would stem or flow from this one thing?
And got a culture used in some homebrew setting.

>> No.73159441

>no sauce in file name
Kill yourself.

>> No.73159443

Mark 2
Mark 3
Mark 4
Mark 5
Mark 7
Mark 8
Mark 6

>> No.73159449

Beakies are the epitome of soul

>> No.73159452

I think it's more a flaw in the current way the kits are designed i.e. no internal variety and minimal eye to crossing parts beyond a headswap and some shoulderpads. I hope the assault Intercessors show an improvement, but i'm not so hopeful - Primaris seem to be a gambit by GW to divide every marine weapon option into it's own kit, then sell them seperately one by one for the rest of time.

>> No.73159454

Tacctical squad has one suit of Errant I think. Also I think all the DW vets are errant.

>> No.73159456


They would say if they were discontinuing it

>> No.73159457

>Oh you're just a WAACfag who wanted them to be troops so you could spam more bikes and tanks
Fun fact anon, I don't own jetbikes or any FW units besides Dreadnoughts. But yes, I think Custodes do need a cheaper Troop choice and you've clearly never played them if you think otherwise.

>> No.73159461

Now I will buy your army

>> No.73159466

Yeah unfortunately I think this sells well so they're gonna double down on it

>> No.73159474


but what could be a cheaper troop choice?

>> No.73159476

>nooooo I dont own any of the meta Custodes units! I need muh sisters to be Trooos because I dont want to take custodian guard which takes up points! Totally believe me guise!

>> No.73159486

Shishunki na Adam

>> No.73159492

>plays the most elite army
>we need cheaper trooooops
Why the fuck do you play custodes at all? Do you think knights need a troop choice too?

>> No.73159494

Anon, why would you find ketchup or mustard in a file name?

>> No.73159497

Mark 6

>> No.73159504

Anon that’s clearly a 40k comic about dark angels welcoming a new initiate.

>> No.73159507

thx friend. A thick girl is your reward

>> No.73159512

>Fun fact
That fact wasn't fun, I also suspect that it wasn't a fact.

>> No.73159516

Prosecutors, the most basic SoS unit nobody would spend a Elite choice for.

>> No.73159520

They're joining these guys who are little more dolled up than Primaris usually are, so hopefully the themes will merge nicely

Good advice anon, appreciated and noted

>> No.73159523

50 points, 3+ armour, has an 18" -1 to cast/deny bubble that stacks up to -4 and can snipe psykers with boltguns

Great vs Eldar/GSC etc with low armour saves

>> No.73159531

Anon I’m gay.

>> No.73159543

Cultures are inspiration and heavily inspired stuff can be very good. But if your problem is
>I want to write them up a little better than "x in spaaaaace" but I haven't found a particular culture or theme that's catching my interest.
Then don’t focus so much on having an inspiration but what would make sense or flow well. You might not find a perfect inspiration.

>> No.73159548

How good are Flayed Ones on the table? I really love their look and lore but I'm hesitant in investing in them.

>> No.73159550

Somebody find this man a thicc dude, STAT

>> No.73159558

I heard Solid Snake was dummy thicc

>> No.73159560

then here. my only thick boy.

>> No.73159562

>I really love their look
You won't when you see the models

>> No.73159577

Is it gay to make out with another girl during a foursome with men?

>> No.73159580

half beaky

>> No.73159582

You kidding me? I love them.

>> No.73159588

Only if her dick is bigger.

>> No.73159590

That center one is posing absolute fabulously

>> No.73159591

it's a melee unit that costs more than a tactical squad and moves 5 inches. no AP and 1 damage as well. to compare them to something like genestealers would be a bad joke.

>> No.73159594

>Deepstrike with no ranged or AP
Pretty fucking bad i am sorry to say

>> No.73159615

I love the OG flayed ones. Hated these as soon as I saw them. Have high hopes for new ones

>> No.73159618

Someone put these old men out of their misery.

>> No.73159625

Please tell me they get a plastic kit in 9th

>> No.73159630


My nigga I fucking hate Primaris as much as Gabriel Seth who just watched one kill a wild Pikachu as he was leaving the first town in Pokemon Red but that paintjob is crisp

>> No.73159631

they ought to squat them like wraiths, especially now there are so many melee crons out there.

>> No.73159641

Ordered some rekast of krieg

Ill let yall know how it goes

>> No.73159645

I guess you don't know the OG ones and have never played DOW1 then. Not even talking down on you as they aren't that bad, but the first iteration was already perfect and they were changed too much.

>> No.73159653

These look like ass compared to the metal models, they dont look insane and they dont even look like theyre wearing skin - just fancy drapes

>> No.73159657

I remember the old ones and I have played a ton of DC, but I guess I'm a rare breed that like both?

>> No.73159658

What made Machina so happy in that pic? This isn't the first time she and Ange fucked Mutsuki together. Her smile is much bigger than pic related.

>> No.73159661

Good In KT

>> No.73159663


>memestealers are fast, especially if you take the retard speed hive fleet but even without it they're pretty fucking fast
>memestealers are cheap as shit
>memestealers are troops so you can throw them in any list you want
>memestealers actually do damage, not as much as they used to but enough to actually hurt

Shit they're one of the only good units in the entire nid list

>> No.73159664

Not saying your paintjob is bad bc it isnt, but what is with Space Marines and Red Helmets on not red armor? I don't get it

>> No.73159667

I have seen some from the chingchong I bought a levi dread from, the dread came out great so I have been tempted like

>> No.73159674

Why are 90% of recasts Kreig and IG? Where are the good Eldar Recasts? Aside from Artel I already know about those Soul incarnate models

>> No.73159677

I'd be reluctant to get recasts of anything that fine/flimsy. Dreadnoughts, marines, vehicles are usually fine but little guys with pin thin gun barrels is asking for trouble.

>> No.73159679

Why are necron players so weird? Just reading through this thread makes me think all necron players have a victim complex or some shit.

>> No.73159680

Lorelet. It's to demonstrate Sergeant rank in the Codex.

>> No.73159682

Call me edgy but I just love dudes wearing the skin of thier enemies.

>> No.73159685

Not that anon. Kreig is fucking expensive.

>> No.73159687

plus if you use the spacehulk genestealers they look fuckin rad.

>> No.73159695

If you reply to this post Orks will get new models.

>> No.73159699


>> No.73159704

You got new models already ork tober and Ghaz

>> No.73159705

From your keyboard to Mork and Gork's lips.

>> No.73159711

I think it was in Volume 7 Chapter 5. For most of the series Machina was this sorta emotionless girl like all those Rei Ayanami clones (forgetting that Rei's problem was social skills and trauma not inability to feel emotions). She came to grips that she also emotionally desired Mutsuki and that the feelings she had were love.

>> No.73159714

>Warhammer twitch locked to subs only
>Casters begging for Prime Subs

GW is over

>> No.73159715

But what if I don't want my Sergeants to have Red helmets?!?

>> No.73159721

there is definitely potential with them but the models could've been so much more, with skins from different species and skin masks.

>> No.73159722

then you dont have to bait-kun. There are many chapters and not all of them follow the big book.

>> No.73159724

Fine, but only if they come with an Eldar Overhaul as well as a Orc VS Eldar box

>> No.73159727

Then it's Heresy, and you need to report to the Commissar

>> No.73159729

Your face is over

>> No.73159738

Fuck you Peachy

>> No.73159741

They have to make it sub only because otherwise you clowns would go in and start shouting slurs.

>> No.73159747

You know some incel autist is going to spend $5 just to shout slurs anyway.

>> No.73159751

>Warhammer twitch locked to subs only
I don't to be mixed up with plebs like you

>> No.73159760

Is it gay that MC didn’t just rail the trap in the ass but that he also got fucked in the ass by the trap? And that he actually got even harder from it happening to him too, thus improving his girl-fucking?

>> No.73159761

Looking forward to this one lads. Maybe we ought to move to a new thread for the preview?

>> No.73159765

theme for the thread


>> No.73159766

Good idea

>> No.73159780

Imagine buying yet another Primaris Lt box

>> No.73159786

you don't even need to pay, just rack up points during the week with audio off

>> No.73159788

they've been in a similar spot with nid players for 'neglected model ranges with neglected rules' and it's made some of them tetchy.
We're gonna have to redefine the necron player stereotype over the next year or two as the bandwagon tide waxes and wanes, leaving a fresh permanent sediment of dedicated players.
I expect some amount of greytide hate to spike for crons as new people get into the game and 'CAN'T EVEN BOTHER TO SPRAY PAINT THEIR ARMY CHROME GAW FUCKIN WAACFAGS', along with a misguided shitpost regarding a necron army only being respectable if there are visible green rods.

>> No.73159805

imagine being so mad at what other people buy

>> No.73159808

That's still more effort than what normal people would put into shitposting. My point stands.

>> No.73159810

Streams live now bois

>> No.73159813

Are you the same person?

>> No.73159820

>Imagine buying Primaris*

>> No.73159822

Every box set is a starter set.

>> No.73159825

It would suck honestly. Some of those SoS stratagems will hopefully be useful to counter psychic-heavy lists, and Custodes already struggle with getting enough CP for their own stratagems.

It's mostly a problem for people who want to play a mixed Talons of the Emperor list. You'll still rely heavily on Custodes because SoS have no HQ or Troop choice of their own.

>> No.73159826



>> No.73159837

>all this pointless waffle from two balding, ageing nerds I couldn't give a shit about
just show me the fucking box you cunts

>> No.73159847

dude, Its gonna be 40 minutes of these 2 drip feeding.

>> No.73159860


>> No.73159876


>> No.73159878


Yeah only ordered 40 bucks worth

Worst case scenario it's basing material

>> No.73159881

>Need to pay to chat
Nani the fuck?

>> No.73159883

>nth warhammer preview
>he STILL hasn't learned to mute the stream and do something else until something actually happens

>> No.73159885

>GW officially calling T'au irrelevant on stream.

>> No.73159889

it's hilarious and based

>> No.73159903

paying to ask questions. fucking hell. the shamless sub begging was awful too.

>> No.73159909

>shrouded in mystery
lmao who are you fooling, faggots

>> No.73159916

How are you supposed to know when something happens if yo ucan't see or hear it?

>> No.73159917

>lmao who are you fooling? faggots?

>> No.73159922

In the first twitch reveal people were asking for more Grimdark, those people were muted and banned so they changed it from there.

>> No.73159925

"looking at the models in the box set in detail i n next few week"

dripfeed inc

>> No.73159932

Lorewise riptide is the best. Epitomises the ever advancing tech approach of tau and battlefield role is same as crisis suits but bigger targets.

>> No.73159939

Why did I even bother showing up in the beginning, they're only gonna announce anything at 2 o'clock

>> No.73159944

Occasional glance at the screen m8, just cracked open a pint myself

>> No.73159950

How does the old terminator lord kit hold up? I'm hoping he's not too much smaller than the new terminators

>> No.73159951

It's fucking nothing

>> No.73159953



>> No.73159955

I knew exactly what to expect and I was still disapointed somehow.

>> No.73159961

I wondered this also. Thinking about getting the vengence warband for my birthday.

>> No.73159962

He's a little smaller but not massively so. Perching him on his rock helps

>> No.73159963

Oh hey they're actually opening the box.

thats not bad.

>> No.73159965

Yup, exactly what was leaked.

>> No.73159966

I mean we got to see a closeup of those dumb turbine bots.

I closed the stream I'd hoped for some rules or stats or something.

>> No.73159968

It literally happened while you were typing this.

>> No.73159969


>> No.73159971

>over the next hour we're gonna be going through the box yadda yadda
oh fuck this I'm going back to sleep

>> No.73159973

I'm just here for the price tbqh

>> No.73159975

dem's f8ing words, m8

>> No.73159982

Yes it is. Box openings are the dumbest youtube meme. We just want to know what's in it and move on to the next thing.

>> No.73159983


>> No.73159988 [SPOILER] 

>looks inside the box
>find pic related
What to do?

>> No.73159990

Yeah I have it open on the another screen, I saw it

>> No.73159991

we already knew that too

>> No.73159996

multiple heads for the captain is cool. 2 different shields as well.

>> No.73159998

The onions is ridiculous

>> No.73159999

can't wait to see the monopose warriors and primaris assault marines

>> No.73160001


>> No.73160004

Are you as disapointed as I was?

>> No.73160005

>full knight helm for the Captain
Fuck yeah

>> No.73160019

names check out

>> No.73160023

Molded on left shoulders. Fuck.

>> No.73160024

Well it was supposed to be just an unboxing, hard to be disappointed with no expectations in the first place

>> No.73160029

Fucking called it. Two identical sprues for 10 marines. Fuck off, GW.

>> No.73160030

That ground clearance lol

>> No.73160042

Called it a necron overseer, not an immortal overseer.

>> No.73160054

Are push fit kits normal nowadays?
All of mine weren't but IG spruces are ancient

>> No.73160056

>long range melta rifles

>> No.73160057

They literally don't know shit that hasn't already been officially revealed.

>> No.73160060

it is an immortal since it has the blaster. Also
>those thick crab legs on destroyers

>> No.73160061

Its are starter set anon, they're always monopose.

The multiparts come later if they come at all, we weren't stuck with the same seven plague marines for long.

>> No.73160066

That necron warrior sprue is delicious

>> No.73160067

>necron warriors get both weapon options and damaged/undamaged options
nah just primaris.

>> No.73160068

What the fuck is that paintjob on the bottom gun? Is that some image artifact? It looks like fucking scan lines.

>> No.73160069

>optional weapons and heads in a starter kit
Holy shit, they're actually learning

>> No.73160079

>The multiparts come later if they come at all
Nigger, the intercessor etc sprues were exactly the same as the Dark Imperium ones.

>> No.73160082

close enough

>> No.73160083

3d print lines most likely

>> No.73160087

I think it’s all the full sprues.

>> No.73160093

All this crusade looking shit is EXACTLY what I wanted. Hot damn how much better is this than the Vanguard shit?

>> No.73160095

Probably painted a 3d printed prototype.

>> No.73160098

This guys is pretty cool.

>> No.73160107

Anyone grab a screenshot of the assault intercessor sprue?

>> No.73160108

>40,000 viewcount

By Gork...

>> No.73160109

thats a pretty weird hat

>> No.73160110

it's not the first time GW would use for display the 3d printed prototypes

>> No.73160117

they took the not knights nitpicking seriously

>> No.73160120

change the sword with a spear and he's a good fella

>> No.73160121

He just lift the face head up.

>> No.73160122

maximum knight

>> No.73160132

dare I say, SOUL?

>> No.73160133

>"That's totally Cassius, guys! Mark my words, he's certainly not a generic chaplain!"

>> No.73160134

>plasma magic

>> No.73160136

Not a starter set? Oh shit this is their justification for a massive price hike isn't it?

>> No.73160142

>sisters fucked again

>> No.73160144

>"What is this thing?"
>Name of the model is written right there.

>> No.73160149

And the plague marines are completely different.

>> No.73160154

Yup. "Bionic head chaplain" mk2, just like I said.

>> No.73160161

The Skorpekh Lord is a chunky lad

>> No.73160163

>tfw you’re tempted to buy these bad boys but you’re a chaos fag and will always be a chaos fag
Oy vey.

>> No.73160168

This one is so much better than Primaris 1.0 Chaplain

>> No.73160169

Visual Noise: the model

>> No.73160172

But the other guns don't have it. They obviously had access to non 3d printed models why did they use one that looks so bad? Jesus why is GW so bad at models? Like that tanks on their website that are assembled wrong, or the infantry with huge thumb prints in the piant. It's not that fucking difficult.

>> No.73160181

I dont care for this new box set as I dont like Space Marines and Newcrons are shit Matt Ward crap still

>> No.73160186


>> No.73160187

really boogles my noogles

>> No.73160199

>wielding master-crafted power swords, storm shields and heavy bolt
>master-crafted power swords

>> No.73160205

shut it nerd

>> No.73160207

I like that one but this one looks way more like an actual space marine

>> No.73160209

>non-stupid Gravis
What the hell is going on?

>> No.73160220

Those are basically just damage 2 power swords, aren't they?

>> No.73160222


>> No.73160223


>> No.73160225

necron hq choice but with guns? at last

>> No.73160258


>> No.73160279

So this confirms Agresssors as new Terminators?

>> No.73160387

>bladeguard veterans
>bladeguard ancient
aw cmon fuck off

>> No.73160537

Am I to get the colored tint of a given necrons dinasty is derived from the c'tan radiation.

>> No.73160580

Until they remake it as an hellbrute sized beast, the mini is fine.
At worst a quarter of shoulder smaller.

>> No.73160612

Isn't the chaos start collecting verbatim the sprue from shadowspear?

>> No.73160646

>when someone tried to talk to him
This is where your faggoty story falls down.

>> No.73160668

>power cavalry spear.
Yes, I'm erect, how could you tell?

>> No.73160716

are factions that got a complete play style overhaul in psychic awakening like DG and TS getting new codexes so I don’t always have to carry two books?

>> No.73160735

>recently got their whole line in plastic with new units
fuck you, grow up

>> No.73160796

What does he look like with the visor down?

>> No.73160828

Something about the dangers of inter-warpal finance.

>> No.73160842

probably like the other shield dudes with the more knightly helmets

>> No.73161147


>> No.73161426


>> No.73162811

Man these threads move fast.

>> No.73162818

gotta go fast or we will not be missed.

>> No.73163448

I suppose that's true in this age of plague.

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