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Awoo with me sisters!

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Just wondering if there's a better option for *teleports behind you* havocs. How would I go about acquiring more RCCs?

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We’re here to fight for the Cardinal.

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Damn those claws look great.

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Black Templars are awesome, glad they're back to thousands of marines per crusade.

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>unpainted helmet
what the fuck

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cadia more like gaydia

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It’s from /WIP.

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Now that Cadia is gone, what do you think is going to happen to the planetless Cadian soldiers?

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That doesn't explain the unpainted helmet

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this was gold when it came out

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Go ask the dude, it’s not mine.

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Probably commit the s*x

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Does the plastic MK4 Space Marine kit have all the same proportions to the Forge World resin MK4s?
I heard that the resin may be small, or the limbs are?

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There are other planets in the Cadian system.

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>this isn't finished!
>because it's a wip
>but why isn't the helmet finished?

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Post painted Word Bearers!
(optionally, post how you achieved them)

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world bearers are gay dude

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There's paint on the helmet, despite it not being primed. You don't do that.

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OOF, I didn’t expect get another one. This one was very late, I remember I got a refund. Oh well, free model then.

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I love the paint detail on the pauldron it looks great

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They're close enough. Lots of the resin upgrade sets officially use the plastic kit as a base.

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Well, if you want to take that literally, you could stick them on Red Corsair Marines and give the rest bolters and the champ a Combi. Obviously won't be as good hitting of 4's, but having the option of deepstriking that much firepower is something to consider. That said, it is better overall to stick them on Havocs since there's no reason not to keep them moving.

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Here's my Dark apostle Darren Lockyer
>base khorne red
>wash nuln oil or druchii violet
>layer word bearers red

I recently got the Gal Vorback red base paint and i'm considering changing to that as my base instead of khorne red

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Valkyrie auxiliaries for SW when?

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Didn't they change it to the planet being just really badly damaged, not proper fucked? In time it's gonna probably go back to "there's a big hole with a few spokes of the blackstone fortress sticking out of it, but other wise everything is fine".

Leave it to GW to just retcon any progress out of the game. Can't wait for the Silent King to bring pylon tech to close the Rift and maybe daemon Fulgrim will stab Guilliman back into a coma.

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But the arms are thinner? If I wanted more “human” limbs in power armor, would the resin kit be a good place to go?

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That gun looks nice.

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>paint mini
>looks pretty alright
>take a picture
>it looks like shit

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FW marines are notorious for skipping leg day. Otherwise everything should match.

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Hi Darren.

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>>73153035 (me)
Just realised the Fire Dragons I bought were not the most recent sculpt, but are in fact the Rogue Trader (1991) sculpt by Jes Goodwin.

They're pretty short and I think I prefer the new sculpts. Should I flip them on eBay (or otherwise just try to sell them off)? Or are they potentially worth keeping as a collectors item? No idea if I've stumbled across some hard-to-find models or not.

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I can't decide if I want to start an iron warriors daemon engine list or some kind of death guard list when 9e drops

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It was never turned into dust. It just had massive cracks appear in it like a huge meteor had hit it and it is uninhabitable and geologically unstable, so nobody can be on it. Cadian troopers are common all over the galaxy due to how the system works. Guys from Cadia capture planet, commanding officer is given the planet and becomes the Planetary Governor, remaining troops became PDF, they then recruit, train and maintain Cadian military shit. Rinse and repeat over and over. Same for all other Guard units. Their goal is to one day reclaim Cadia, yeah, when it is safe to do so. It is possible to do it now but Imperium can't go and send huge armadas of Mars tech priests to go and fix it.

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So since the death guard uses other gene seed than mortarions to make astartes, what would they do if they had a marine succumb to the black rage or the curse of the wulfen

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They're not super-rare, but getting that many metal Aspect Warriors for £26 is actually pretty good. You could flip them, and you'd probably make a profit, but you can expect to pay about twice as much for half of the newer models.

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With the way the rest of it looks, I think he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

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Slightly thinner yes. Although the legs are more noticable. You can compare the pictures yourself.

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Do you think this Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader or Realm of Chaos?
You’re not supposed to have these type of thoughts and questions.
Get with the times my dude, those sort of creative freedoms are a no go.

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I wish "historical" campaigns were a thing again, rather than every new release having to crowd in at the end of the timeline and "advance the story". I'd love a campaign book revisiting interesting battles from iconic stuff like the 2nd Armageddon War or Tauros, maybe even some less well-known stuff like the Macharian crusade or even the Age of Apostacy (hopefully without getting into HH-style-spinoff territory)

On a related note, remember how they released Best Inquisitor Loks model at the same time he was canonically confirmed to have died at Anphelion Base? It's disheartening that people would probably be annoyed by something like that nowadays.

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Why are /40kg/ users like this

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Cool. Thank you, anons

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I hear necrons have a bunch of dooms day tier weapons that they don't know how to use anymore or effectively lost the keys to use them? Is that correct? Do they ever reference any of these?

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If they were to be violent they would probably be put down

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Any meta for beating 'nids as Guard?

New-ish to the game, having my second battle against a mate's tyranids army. He waxes lyrical about his generstealers, brood lord, tyrants, carnifexes...

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There are a ton in lore but not on tabletop, outside the gauss pylon

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I know it's not dust, but this doesn't look like something you can walk off with a bit of polish. How many planets that got exterminatused have been reclaimed and inhabited like nothing happened?

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>You could flip them, and you'd probably make a profit, but you can expect to pay about twice as much for half of the newer models.
From what I can tell the newer models sell for £25 for six.

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Have you seen a Plague Marine? Im pretty sure whatever mutation is in some loyalist geneseed pales before the myriad of warp diseases that deform a DG marine, like no one's gonna care about Bob who is obsessed with Horus when your guts are replaced by 15ft long maggots.

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>Darren can't respond because he is a model
On the not of characters, anyone got any tip on making this model more space marine like?
I'm trying to make an Exalted Possessed chaos lord but not sure if the model is too fantasy.
>his name will be Johnathan Thurston

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I use AL head hunters for my AL chosen. I only used the MIV kit from gw with the upgrade resin and it looks just fine.

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Boring but probable answer: BLAM them.
Spicy but dumb answer: maybe some really weird demon shit, imagine a Nurgle Chaos Lord with BA heritage styling himself as an "angel of death" with black cloak and sythe.

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>Old school Edition

Goblin Green or Snot Green for base rims?

>> No.73153793

>New to the hobby
>That paintjob
>I still suck three years in
Be right back, going to fucking shoot myself in the nuts.

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that freehand on the pauldron?

>> No.73153800

What paints/materials do I need for transfers? I think it was 'Ardcoat and something else.

>> No.73153804

goblin, but GW's exact shade for "goblin green" has varied a bit over the years

>> No.73153810

Backpack and maybe a gun, add chainaxes instead of the flail things.

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Not many. But it's one of those 'we'll wait however long it takes'. Wait a few hundred years, might be stable enough to start trying to repair it with S C I E N C E. But obviously it won't happen (yet, if at all) in the setting.

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I feel that pain on a spiritual level

>> No.73153826

He said newish to the game. Doesn't mean he hasn't painted before. Might just mean he's never played.

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I was thinking raging death company esc berzerkers carrying hives on their backs so when they leap in they bring rot with them

>> No.73153829

Armageddon got fucking teleported across the galaxy. If GW wants to repair Cadia at some point they can.

>> No.73153832

Its all in the nuln oil. That was my first successful attempt at lightning on a blade.

Hope your nuts are ok, mate.

>> No.73153847

Convert them yourself.

>> No.73153858

>world eaters colours are Red and Brass
>Khârn box tries to get you to paint him Red and Bronze
Why tho? Is there not good brass recipes or is it to easily differentiate between WE and Crimson Slaughter.

>> No.73153871

Taking white girls fuck dogs to a whole nother level huh

>> No.73153876

I remember when I found out what a cheat code nuln oil is. Good times.

>> No.73153877

More like phones have good cameras now

>> No.73153885

I did kill team for a bit, started December last year. The scions I painted for that are pretty shite hehe

>> No.73153887

Just paint Khârn in white and blue then dip him in blood for the blood god

>> No.73153889

Wut can we do for ya?

>> No.73153890

Why doesn't GW do more with Blood Ravens?

>> No.73153893

You could have at least read about this before you started writing about it. Why is that so hard? You're clearly interested, and yet actually reading about the thing you appear to care about is beyond you. I do not understand the lorelet and I do not wish to understand because I do not respect the lorelet.

>> No.73153896

What have you guys been working on? Ive been doing ghaz. Fucktons of touch ups and more detal work to do but hes finally all put together now.

>> No.73153897

Ok, i was thinking about cutting up on of the axes and putting all the blades on on to make a power maul for the cursed crozius. Also using the face place from the dark vengeance kit to make a helmet, thoughts?

>> No.73153900

There isnt a game to shill.

>> No.73153901

They made movies for teenage girls about this dude.

>> No.73153903

Oh, given you were talking about old metal models, I assumed you were specifically looking for the pre-Finecast versions. Yeah, if you want to buy them new, they'll come in at that price. But expect to do a lot of work filling in gaps and cleaning away flash, and half the weapons will be bent (and too rubbery to bend back into shape).

>> No.73153913

Post sobs! i suck and need to steal ideas

>> No.73153926

They gave them a Index Astartes; what more do you want?

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Where's tha truck? WHY ARE WE WALKIN'?!

>> No.73153934

Thinking of adding a knight to my slaanesh army. thoughts? I will lose the ability to advance and charge. It's probably dumb

>> No.73153949

>caring about modern lore

>> No.73153950

Not mine. But I like it.

>> No.73153953

You should make the the little shoulder shield a singular giant tit.

>> No.73153957

Ah right, that's a good point, I'll probably want metal.

I did look at eBay for the old Fire Dragon sculpts (the ones I bought), and I don't think my reselling prospects are as good as I thought (see pic related):

>> No.73153959

I planned to save the 30k white and blue for my red butchers so they stand out more with the excess blood splatter

>> No.73153962

Why would you lose the ability to advance and charge? Are you talking about their loci

>> No.73153966

generally speaking people don't jam their minis into their eyesockets in order to look at them
if it looks good at six inches, it's good enough for me

>> No.73153972

>GW will never do an age of apostasy campaign book series

Life is suffering.

>> No.73153976

*dabs on every other chaos faction*

>> No.73153983

convince me not to start a kroot armor
i am about to order some carnivores because i've never seen them in stock before on their website

>> No.73153987

So they can ruin it like the horus heresy?

>> No.73153988

Why the god damn fuck does the Blood Throne not do anything different than a regular Herald?

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>> No.73154005

>Mr Typhus... i don't feel so good

>> No.73154015

>thinks they can dab on the other chaos factions
>doesn't even have warp time
You can try and dab, but i doubt you could even get across the board to do it.

>> No.73154022

The camera adds 10 layers

>> No.73154035

I don't care. I only care about showing disdain for this person who is too infantile to have even checked the thing that has upset them.

>> No.73154039

What are you talking about?
I use Tops: Clear coat Satin Primer???
You deserve an answer-
And said answer is laziness.
They’re lazy anon.

>> No.73154045

It /wip/ dumb-dumb

>> No.73154046

Do Iron Warriors.

>> No.73154049

in lore, not TT

>> No.73154053

GW is so inconsistent with Khorne colorschemes that it's almost comical

>> No.73154057

Black undercoat, Mephiston Red, Carroburg Crimson, Ironbreaker for the silver parts and then an agrax wash over them
I tried something a bit different on the Apostle by using a silver coat after the black which made him a little brighter, but not enough to really make a big difference

>> No.73154073

IW since it looks like DEs actually might not be shit this time

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>> No.73154080

I've found mine tend to look a little better in photos after I varnish them

>> No.73154081

imperial armour was at its best when making new things in unexplored sections of the universe

But they have opened the pandora's box of space marines fighting other space marines, and are forever lost to us. At least warwick kinrade's getting to do cool stuff with Aeronautica. Underground dogfighting is straight ace combat and I reeeally want to read about it

>> No.73154087

Is a Riptide at 1,000 points okay in a friendly game?

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>> No.73154102

As long as you don't cover it in shield drones it tends to be fine.

>> No.73154120

So Cadia is not in any condition to get recolonised, it's gone for good?

>> No.73154128

So no meta?

Guess I'll just take artillery and some hellhounds to toast some bug. Maybe a vindicare for character sniping laughs.

>> No.73154137

Fuck off stinky everyone knows Slaanesh is the best of the four

>> No.73154147

best at doing nothing but masturbate and snort warp dust

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>> No.73154161

Your newfag is showing.
Actually fuck you, RoC: StD & LatD have always been a Khorne circle jerk.
Khorne has always been #1 since day one, now eat my shorts.

>> No.73154170

Slaanesh’s Power has permeated modern culture into making entire generations of public degenerates. The dark prince has unlimited power and grows stronger by the minute.

>> No.73154179

how do you transport that without breaking it?

>> No.73154187

How does saying that GW is inconsistent with Khorne schemes make me a newfag? You're a retard.

>> No.73154195

How’s he looking?

>> No.73154199

Not like he'll have much in the way of characters to snipe. Against nids you're usually better off just bringing more units and more guns, and removing units one by one.

>> No.73154210

Hue hue hue hue, I knew you would dab upon us. What you did not know is that the gesture you in your ignorance believe is a dab is actually a sentence in the sign language of the long dead Hockuld, a race that existed eons ago and died out not of disease, but in fire. Our lord has seeded this gesture into cultures across the stars in preparation for this very moment.

Your bowed head is supplication, as a peasant to his liege on harvest day, you are giving us an offering. Your arm extended backward indicates your second, the one that is closest to you, which in their rural culture was most commonly their spouse. curved arm indicates.... intimacy.

Taken together, your "dab" is in fact an offer for the Thousand Sons to copulate with your wife!

>> No.73154221

>The regular marines are fat fucks
>The dreadnought has a six pack
For what reason?

>> No.73154227

would send my necron overlord to honorably stab him/10

>> No.73154228

Post pics of your RoC books and Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader OT fuck if you 2e+ new fag.
God damn, know your place and shut your face.
Don’t you have some bitching to do about the current meta and upcoming ninth edition?
Fucking kneel peasant.

>> No.73154247

Pretty good. You need to tidy up that collar. The gold could also use some highlights depending on how long you want to spend on it. It's tabletop standard though.

>> No.73154253


>> No.73154254

Why not?

>> No.73154257

It's just the plasteel mesh left from the broken ceramite armour pressing up against their fat.

>> No.73154268

Yea. What would be the best knight and loadout for anti tank?

>> No.73154275

The black rage is like turbo ptsd for Blood Angels and only Blood angels.its a concentrated feeling of grief and hatred left behind by the genetic imprint of sanguinius' death at the hands of Horus. None of the other chapters have that connection to sanguinius' because they've got their own primarchs to revere and worry about

>> No.73154278

helbrutes weren't designed specifically for death guard

>> No.73154280

3rds better than 2nd or first ed

>> No.73154281

I want to paint up my fusion blaster piranha, but I'mm not to sure how to paint the fusion blaster itself, I kind of want to do a glow effect.

Anyone have some good images of tau suits with fusion blasters. I need some inspiration.

>> No.73154282

A chaos gallant can and will act as a giant distraction carnifex that will wreck tanks

>> No.73154286

New stuff for flyers


>> No.73154287

Not sure about the helmet, I think he needs a fancier one but these guys are coming along

>> No.73154293

I thought it was passed on via gene seed thus why primaris marines could even have the hope of not having it

>> No.73154295

Loci are on a detachment basis, not over the entire army, so long as your knight is in a different detachment you'll still receive it.

>> No.73154301

Why are they hyping a reveal of the box set when everyone had already seen the contents weeks ago

>> No.73154304

it's gay

>> No.73154309

all he/she does with that power is pinch down harder on his/her own nipples

death guard get shit done

>> No.73154315

Not for TS either, it seems (what with having to rewrite the lore to explain why they're all fleshy and all). It's almost like they didn't think much about it. If only they hadn't gone with the "flesh = corruption" theme and just made a twisted baroque dreadnought, preferably MkIV style one instead of the regular loyalist MkV.

>> No.73154316

Yeah, I opened my case up to look for minis to post and saw him. I haven't touched him in awhile and was shocked at how bad the bleed was on the jacket lining.

>> No.73154319

Because the box set is totally gonna have a Ctan shard and silent king

>> No.73154322

Those are some serious fighting words anon. ;-)
What did you play back in the day?

>> No.73154326

Is a Swarmlord fair at 1,000 points?

>> No.73154327

The art has to look like the models now sadly. Granted there are two helbrute kits, one without the retarded six pack, but still.

>> No.73154338

In 3rd necrons and eldar, before that I played marines

>> No.73154352

>one without the retarded six pack

Yeah, he has the way less retarded 14-pack.

>> No.73154359

Is the swarmlord even good at the moment

>> No.73154362

Cadia is fucked beyond all repair. It's crust is broken, it's atmosphere is burned away, and the impact knocked it away from its star. Just as important, the pylons exploded, meaning the planet is now completely unprotected from the Eye of Terror. Even if they could retake the planet and defend it for decades while it is repaired, the inhabitants would never be suitable for the Guard due to warp exposure.

Cadia is FUBAR

>> No.73154365

But that one has T O E S

>> No.73154369

They're the 1999 version, not the 1990. Their size difference from the 2006 release isn't that noticeable. I use the 1999 and 2006 sculpts in different squads together to represent aspect shrine variations.


>> No.73154379

I just wish they finished Fires of Cyraxus

>> No.73154392

guard need new posterboys

>> No.73154395

One other note, the two fire dragons in the back are the Chris Fitzpatrick sculpts which were body guards for a warlock character in Necromunda.

>> No.73154412

>Overpriced resin is the answer

>> No.73154423

Id rather have any regiment than krieg, said it last thread they're the space wolves of guard. 6/10 in concept and the fans make it 2/10.

>> No.73154427

Dawn of War 3 was a financial disappointment.

>> No.73154430

Doesn't stop the Imperium from going back there:

>> No.73154431

I vote for Attilans

>> No.73154432

>"Anon, why are you spray priming the clear plastic windshields of your aircraft? "

>> No.73154434

What's a decent 40k book on word bearers? I find the concept of 40k books kinda weird and off-putting, but I'm bored and have nothing else to do.

>> No.73154444

How will waacfags ruin 9th edition?

>> No.73154445

Because I plan to paint it sky blue

>> No.73154448

Word Bearers omnibus and Apocalypse by Ryan Reynolds.

>> No.73154456

For some reason people underestimate nuln oil and agrax. Basecoat + wash is literally all you need for good looking models. You're fucked if you do lighter colors though.

>> No.73154459

>Index cultist were 5ppm, going up to 6 now.
>Intercessors were 20, going back up to 20.
>check assault terminators
>56 ppm
dios mio.

>> No.73154461

By playing the game how they want with people who want to play that way and you getting assblasted for no reason

>> No.73154466


Yes, and then painting them black.

>> No.73154469

Parking lots

>> No.73154473

Only if you're pussy enough to let them.

>> No.73154475

I thought Krieg was pretty cool until I saw my 1200th shovel meme. Most of the shovel fags are fucking secondaries.

>> No.73154481

the answer is bringing them back in plastic as well as steel legion, elysians, catachans, mordians, and praetorians.

>> No.73154485

Krieg are the posterboys for recasters. Their Space Marines.

>> No.73154493

Deepstriking planes over and over

>> No.73154495


>> No.73154503

you mean 7th ed?

>> No.73154507

its a full house of cringe

>> No.73154515

the trick is to stay off reddit or pretty much any other 40k online community and you don't have to deal with it so your views on krieg aren't tainted by faggotry

>> No.73154516

Like krieg fags have ruined my dream of a Vallhallan army using converted KV-1's as russes becaues my flgs has a neckbeard who runs their BA germans as krieg

>> No.73154528

>1200th shovel meme
Tell me about it.
t. admech player

>> No.73154535

> well painted
> doesnt look like a man
WELL that can't be GW work

>> No.73154549

The swarmlord is fair at any points

>> No.73154555

I hate Krieg because they've gotten popular as greatcoat and gas mask guard, and that will ensure that Steel legion never becomes the poster boys.

Steel legion are way cooler than krieg, loved the look of their missile launchers and other weapons teams as well as their armored companies.

>> No.73154559

I play Custodes and literally every meme is just gay TTS shit.

>> No.73154575

Stripe of red down the middle ridges.

>> No.73154582

So I just found out that these boys are on the same base size as Flesh Hounds. and are 10 for $35 rather than 5 for $60
>I am mad, would you allow these as Fleshhounds in a Daemon army?

>> No.73154584

It’s Nids, just shoot em. Do the classic guard thing, flamers might help for the small critters and pump everything else into the biggens

>> No.73154590

custodes are gay shit, so it really doesn't matter much

>> No.73154594


>> No.73154595

Welcome to 40k memes. Same shit repeated ad nauseam but eventually you get use to it.
>tau can't melee
>gay dark angels
>gay space wolf fuckers
>blood ravens stealing
>nids are trannies/girls
>affix bayonets
>40k is too grimdark
>40k isn't grimdark
>guilliman fucking eldar
>40k gets political
>female space marines

>> No.73154599

people have been using those as flesh hounds for years, put some effort into converting them and you'll be golden.

>> No.73154601

Elysian Drop Troops

>> No.73154604

Just convert one. Or get 3rd party, there's plenty of places to get turrets for one.

>> No.73154607

I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

>> No.73154608

I've got two squads and a shield captain that comes to just under 750 points. I've been waiting for their PA book to come out to add anything elsd.

>> No.73154618

I can sum up the marines for you

>> No.73154623

Incredibly based, TSons are awesome

>> No.73154629

anybody who acts like the men of krieg are meat robots that melee berserkers have clearly never read a single krieg book

>> No.73154630

Thanks guys, I guess its pretty straight forward, I'm just a bit new.

Also, blanket apology if I've contributed to the Krieg-hate, seems plenty of people here dislike them.

>> No.73154638

So as far as adding conversions, collars and Khorne Icons?

>> No.73154639

Go for it, GW makes retarded decisions when it comes to pricing and the amount of models that boxes contain.

>> No.73154651

those would be a great addition.

>> No.73154664

Genestealers are incredibly fast and extremely deadly in close combat. I also run a ranged army and I always focus down genestealers first.

>> No.73154666

Yeah no worries, nids might seem intimidating from across the table top but as guard you shouldn’t have an issue. They’ve got the shooting to wipe them off the table. Bring some blast weapons, some high AP, and a flamer or two and you’ll be good to go, the scion was painted real nice btw

>> No.73154670

Steel Legion = Sonic The Hedgehog

Krieg = Coldsteel The Hedgehog

Steel Legion has awesome sergeants and missile launcher teams. I also highly prized getting as many of their folding stock lasguns as possible for use in my army of Catachans. I can respect Steel Legion, Krieg are a bad meme.

>> No.73154684

I don't think the anons on here hate krieg itself they just hate the shit that spawned from them

>> No.73154687

What better reading material to put in the guest bedroom for your inlaws than a Tyranids codex?

>> No.73154691

How do they act?

>> No.73154699

Thats not fair. Krieg are Shadow the Hedgehog. An off-brand version of the same idea representing the edgier late-90s-to-mid-2000s idea of cool.

>> No.73154700

The only thing that I ask is that you give them the brass collars

>> No.73154702

>Get an Assault Squad for my new-ish marine collection
>Jump packs are actually completely optional
Since fucking when was this a thing? I don't think I've ever seen a pack-less Assault Marine

>> No.73154708

Liber chaotica

>> No.73154713


>> No.73154715


>> No.73154728

Steel Legion is a forced meme.
And unlike Steel Legion Death Korps is actually cool, as to why people spam Krieg memes.
Don’t be salty man.

>> No.73154729

aren't krieg more ww1 while steel legion is ww2

>> No.73154741

I don't know. I haven't had a game with it yet. I took it to the shop to show the buddies and I just turned it sideways in a GW foam case.

>> No.73154752

Krieg is a weird combination of WWI and early WWII from both sides

>> No.73154754

Am I wrong in thinking that 'eavy metal isn't a paint style that's meant to be put on your minis? It's a pop style with an absurd amount of tedious work meant to make a model easy to quickly read and to sell minis. I don't understand why people would want to put it on their own miniatures. Clearly GW doesn't either considering they sell a hundred different lines of paint to make painting models quicker.

>> No.73154755

Vallhallans are WW2 russians

>> No.73154766

If i want to use stratagems that are in a physic awakening do I need to bring the codex, 8th edition rulebook and the PA book to a store?

>> No.73154774

Which one? Nurgle?

>> No.73154776

>Since fucking when was this a thing?

Like 3rd edition? Before that you had to buy jump packs for them.

>I don't think I've ever seen a pack-less Assault Marine

Because why wouldn't you have them with jump packs?

>> No.73154780

The fuck are you two talking about? The standalone kit has no six pack and no toes.

>> No.73154786

>Custodes Bike Captain is getting 9 wounds for the price of 1 CP
Yep, they needed a buff

>> No.73154797

Steel Legion is a mashup. The trench coat+gasmask look is solidly WW1, but the helmets, widespread folding stock weapons, mechanization, and other details are a little more WW2ish.

They were undoubtedly “those WW1 looking guys” before Krieg existed and just went headfirst into WW1.

>> No.73154798

What paint style should be used to paint minis?

>> No.73154802

Genuinely was not aware it was even an option you could take for some stupid reason.


>> No.73154804

Steel legion is just krieg for contrarians.

>> No.73154809

You just need whatever books the stuff your bringing is from.

So Codex with erratas
Rulebook as always
And PA book assuming you're using a stratagem

>> No.73154810

I've been using the digital copies on my phone for years and never ran into any problems at my local GW.
That said i do recommend getting the data cards if you intending to play maelstrom.

>> No.73154811


>> No.73154815

Hopefully they'll be less inconsistent then. I've had them die with 2+/3++/5+++ to units that should average around 2-3 damage about every 2 games.

>> No.73154816

>TFW i jumped into this hobby using wet pallettes and washes from the get go.

>> No.73154817

a dour and antisocial breed of guardsmen with a sprinkling of zealotry and self hatred because of their upbringing

>> No.73154818

>Steel legion is just krieg for people who have too much money
Fixed that for you

>> No.73154823

still looks like shit

>> No.73154824


>> No.73154828

anyone who plays either is buying from recasters anyway

>> No.73154841

was thinking more about how they operate rather than how they look

>> No.73154842

I know, that's what I meant.
That kind of sucks, don't know how I can justify paying $70 for a few new rules instead of more models.
Did you buy the copies?
Do the data cards have PA stuff in them?

>> No.73154844

Do the GW painters not realize that painting realistic lightning over blue armor just makes it look like water?

>> No.73154850

I use styrofoam and im just learning how to glaze (for plasma coils)

>> No.73154853

What's the best wet palette on the market?

>> No.73154856

New to Warhammer, just started painting some Skitarii, any tips on precision painting? I have an insane need for detail and it isn't healthy, but they must match my vision for them.

>> No.73154864

I was speaking in terms of a GW store being as strict as possible

You could get away with a screenshot of the stratagem or whatever at a LGS

>> No.73154866

What do you do when your recasts look like shit?

>> No.73154867

Yes, lorewise their operation is more WW2. One of the only regiments that gets away with integrated combined arms organization. Guard units are supposed to be more specialized as a way to keep any particular regiment from going rogue and being able to fight effectively on its own.

>> No.73154872

Trench coats existed in WW2 too. I always pictured the Steel Legion coat more as like the German camo smock, which was longer than the regular tunic.

>> No.73154878

Small brush like 1/10
Slow your heart rate via breathing technique
Plant your elbows on the table

>> No.73154882

dont buy from bad recasters in the first place?

>> No.73154883

No, they're all PDF's, i usually just say i converted them to pdf's so it's easier to read on my phone.
The data cards only have what's in the codex since they were released with it, but i have been playing around with some of the custom MTG card creators to make custom cards since I put all my cards in sleeves.

>> No.73154895

Steel Legion is just fucking gay and boring.
If you gave people the option of Plastic Krieg or Steel Legion they’d pick Krieg.
Steel Legion is the faction of contrarians who think they’re cool by defying tHe MaInStReAm and championing the most boring Guard Faction.
Death Korps are cool, sorry bud.

>> No.73154896

Use a little brush
Make sure to step back every so often and just look at the mini as though it was on the tabletop. I've spent hours on tiny details only to find that no one notices them unless I point them out

>> No.73154905

How do you know who is a good recaster?

>> No.73154906

Roger roger to that. A brush and magnifier are likely to assist me greatly in this. Now if only I could get everything around me to shut the fuck up and let me get that zen on. I've had these fuckers for a week now, and finally had time to even prime them last night.

>> No.73154907

Your own. I'd say learning techniques is good, but learning just enough to do paint by the numbers is super boring. Like ideally learn as many techniques as you can and learn when each is good to use, rather than just using somebody else's scheme over and over forever.

>> No.73154908

i wouldn't know because i just use a homemade one.

>> No.73154913

I'm in straya and have never ran into any problems at multiple GW's across the county, is it any different around the world because then it might just be a regional thing.

>> No.73154918


>> No.73154924

There's a special place that you can go to to find reviews. Can't give much more info though.

>> No.73154939

The fuck I cant find this bit anywhere. Ebay is sold out, all the bits stores are sold out what the fuck!?!!

>> No.73154941

I find it helpful in addition to what other people have said to try and hold the brush so it's got a small acute angle with the surface. Almost tangent. I also generally will hold my breath for super precise lines to not deal with movement from breathing.

>> No.73154942

>paint a base coat of silver
>fill in the rest with red , any cloth brown, gun black, the silver base doubles as trim
I did fuck up in the reguards that i dident consider painting the base separate from the dude

>> No.73154949

I've accepted that the detail is only there for me, really, but one of the things I am enjoying about model making and painting is the pride in having something tangible in my hands that I have put effort into, and produces real quantifiable results. Quite the happy change from Vidya.

>> No.73154950

Steel legion reminds me of roundheads.

>> No.73154952

I'd be interested to see how that'd translate to miniatures.

>> No.73154953

>tfw I have the bit

>> No.73154955

I have a few spares from my blood crushers, so not enough. But I can always add on some chains around their necks.

>> No.73154970

I'm trying to wrap my mind around how that would work

>> No.73154979

If you haven't noticed, there's a bit of an... incident going on globally that has forced many businesses to shut down for a while, including GW's factory. No new kits, no products to sell, no bits to clip and sell.

>> No.73154980

Anyone else get obessed with rolling dice in their free time and just roll dice for imaginary scenarios for hours on end and then fail to turn in college papers because you would rather run 50 tests of Riptide vs Baneblade than write paper?

>> No.73154996


>> No.73155000

I'm in aus as well, my local store has store copies for people to check rules. The guy that works there also helps people with anything they're not sure about during games.

>> No.73155006

Also I'd recommend not putting super fine details on models until you've either finished your army, are painting something special like an HQ, or are doing a very small force like a kill team. Unless you've got the patience of a saint you'll get burnt out. I try to keep chaff minis to an hour or less. Currently I'm getting my process for Rubrics optimized and they're around 35-40 minutes a piece, because I'll end up running between 40-50 of them.

>> No.73155012

Now that you mention it, it does sound appealing

>> No.73155014

Just do the math it's all super simple stats.

>> No.73155019

if FULL precision is your goal, secure your model to where it will not move by accident for any reason.

>> No.73155026

I try to keep myself from doing it since I'm convinced it drains my luck

>> No.73155031

Good thinking. Mass production first, character afterward. I suppose that idea should have come natural in the first place.

>> No.73155033

Fuck it. Fuck guard I'm starting a different army that doesn't have 15+ year old busted sculpts and shitcast.

>> No.73155041

Whatever you want.
>fuck lorefags and having lore friendly paint schemes
>fuck paint hipsters and their fancy painting jargon
>luv' me washes

>> No.73155045

What do you even need it for? I hope you aren't kitting a whole regiment out with that head. It's a Baneblade exclusive as far as I know.

>> No.73155060

>Fuck guard


>> No.73155062

I bought some fancy genuine Las Vegas dice that I like to roll occasionally

>> No.73155066

I listen to metal while I paint

>> No.73155079

Out of curiosity I looked up recasters and Krieg troops are so in demand that they are basically just as expensive as Cadians.

>> No.73155086

This much is obvious to me, I intend my men to be fully based, redpilled, and stationary when I commence the ultimate detailing

>> No.73155089

How does GW's codex release schedule work for new additions?
Is it usually obvious which ones will get a new codex or is it mostly random?
Thinking about getting the 8th ed thousand sons codex but don't know if it will likely get replaced in 9th.

>> No.73155090

I listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDKVd8v9LT8

>> No.73155093

>$50 for 3 eliminators
Who the fuck would ever pay that
I can buy 3 fucking killa kanz for cheaper which come with way more sprues and are much larger models.

>> No.73155099

>Just do the math

>> No.73155107

Mostly random.

>> No.73155114

For me its Django Rheinhardt, something about that sweet jazz helps me to concentrate

>> No.73155125

Thinking of making a 6-10 inch tall ladder for my Vindicare sniper to sit on top of on his base. It’s a joke, but I mean technically is it legal? I see so many people really pushing limits with “scenic bases” adding like an inch of height to their minis. Frustrating in kill team when somebody props a long range mini up like that to shoot over cover.

>> No.73155128

>70 dollars for three admech horsemen
>a full squad of them is nine horsemen
dual kits were a mistake

>> No.73155129

>tanks can shoot into combat
>it's no longer stupid to bumpercars tanks into combat
>tallaran light vehicles that play bumpercars with shooty infantry
What other factions could do similar?

>> No.73155131

Does the current plastic culexus assassin model have two different face plates to choose from? I’m seeing one with the grinning skull and one with a covered mouth with wires and such from different places.

>> No.73155138

or you could not be a raging queer. Thats also fun.

>> No.73155140

Most planets train their Imperial Guard in Cadian military doctrine, its basically the Codex Astartes for the Guard.

>> No.73155141


Can run a unit of 6 dragoons

>> No.73155145

I wouldn't play against someone that did that.

>> No.73155156

Sounds like you need to grab your laser papasha and teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

>> No.73155159

This is what I hate about 40k

>> No.73155167

dual kits were a mistake

>> No.73155170

rules are still coming out and besides some potential terrain stuff have Tyranids and Orks seemed any less fucked since 9th was announced?

>> No.73155182

dual kits are such shit, I fucking hate them
>more expensive than they should be due to the extra bits
>one of the units always ends up looking weird and shitty due to the nature of being a dual kit

>> No.73155184

not for GW. Its pretty sickening how much money they charge

>> No.73155199

Every fucking thread

>Where's muh Blood Ravens
>Where's muh Carcharadons
>Where's muh Emperor's Shadows
>Where's muh [other obscure chapter]

Holy shit they gave you niggers a codex that lets you build your own chapter tactics and it's not enough, I can see why people hate marinefags and I'm one

>> No.73155204

Where I am there's generic hobby stores next to every warhammer shop, the hobby stores sell 40k stuff 10% cheaper.

>> No.73155206

Skitarii in general are good to paint in sub assemblies.

>> No.73155207

>kit doubles in price and halves in size because it has a shitty variant nobody runs

>> No.73155210

You will not be missed

>> No.73155232

High level autism.

>> No.73155240

For real. You can play literally every style of play with marines, theyre just different colors.

Want melee marines? Blood Angels
Want shooty marines? Imperial Fists
Want to be more boring than plain oatmeal? Ultramarines

Give all Xenos(and some chaos) more attention

>> No.73155249

>a full squad of them is nine

Why does GW keep doing this?

>> No.73155259

I have 3 armies. 1 I bought all new, 1 used lot, 1 mix of new/used. People who can afford to play can complain about pricing

>> No.73155275

Chaos is no different and they get decent looking models. Fuck knows why chaosfags bitch all the time.

>> No.73155278

3D printer go brrrrr.

A quality resin printer pays for itself very quickly.

>> No.73155288

Someone convince me to not play dark angels for rules/fluff reasons

>> No.73155305

Not really, no
Let's use melee as an example. What are the star melee chaos units? Khorne Berzerkers and Possessed. Do either of these units have good monsters? I feel that I need not actually answer that.

>> No.73155308

Its from the chimaera. Only one per kit. The guy is delusional if he thinks he's gonna get more than a few.

>> No.73155313

DA a solid prototypical 40k faction. They embody the mysterious, medieval tone of peak 40k. Aesthetically they have a nice color scheme and the robes and other flourishes are soulful and not over the top.

Also they are homos which is a plus.

>> No.73155321

Yeah, how is that gonna change the unit size?

>> No.73155329

Literally the gay chapter, their primarch sleeps in a gay bar.

>> No.73155337

the only good recent CSM models are the Lord Discordant and Fabius Bile

>> No.73155352

dev favorite < oldest books < devs have a neat idea in the works < some flavor of space marine

with 9th on the way we'll probably see necrons or vanilla marines first since they're getting new models. after that i predict more marines but i hope for chaos deamons

>> No.73155359

Reasons to play Dark Angels:Green Power Armor looks cooler than most other colors

Reasons not to pkay Dark Angels:Xenos exist and all are infinitely more interesting

>> No.73155363

It won’t? You print your own unit for nothing per unit.

>> No.73155429

I don't care, I want GW to stop making max unit sized 9 just because they put 3 models into the kit.

>> No.73155440

Or sell 9 models in a box at a reasonable price.

Inb4 keep dreaming noob

>> No.73155474

I just want to field my 10 old ogryns without having to split the unit in two and pretend one of the guys in the second unit is a bone 'ead.

>> No.73155480

9 wounds, S5/T5 is legitimately almost primarch tier

>> No.73155481

Ok but like, they won’t. Nothing you type here will affect anything. Your options are recast, cheaper 3rd party, or 3D print. You have the power to get units on the table more cheaply if you stop just chugging down GW prices.

>> No.73155485

>GW selling models at a reasonable price
In my fucking dreams

>> No.73155518

They look cool and still have the shroud of mystery that 40k used to have. But they're essentially index marines without much to make up for it. Your special units suck and your special rules suck. The only really exception is Sammael and Weapons of the Dark Age but they can't carry your entire army.
The only potentially interesting xenos are mandrakes and they're a single unit stuck in another army.

>> No.73155529


>> No.73155538

Any idea if the big khorne symbol from the lord of skulls could fit on a daemon princes head

>> No.73155541

>primarch tier
Though primarchs typically have a billion extra rules tacked on top. Primarchs are meant to be support that threatens melee, not a smash captain 2.0

>> No.73155548

Complete lie. Terminators look great, regular marines look great and Havocs look amazing. CSM got truescale without a cringy namechange

>> No.73155556

Yeah primarchs are clearly more skilled/intelligent, but physically S5/T5 9W is rapidly approaching daemon prince/primarch tier of physical ability

>> No.73155561

I made a chapter master for my Iron Warriors long missing chapter of armored hulks


>> No.73155577

nah I don't like the face trim on the new marines and the terminators fucked up the silhouette

>> No.73155583







>> No.73155593

>daemon prince
>similar price
>similar abilities
It's not unrealistic, and makes sense in fluff. Primarchs are far above princes though so lmao at your understanding of 40k.

>> No.73155600


>> No.73155604

Just use your old heads then

>> No.73155611

I don't know much about space hulks but why not go admech based.

>> No.73155612

No xenos are interesting besides 1 model? Enjoy games of power armor fighting other power armor you boring human

>> No.73155615

Whats the most competetive way to use an inquisitor and daemonhosts?

>> No.73155627

i know it would stem away from the source material but i think if you do it you should down-size the pyramid because as it stands it just looks out of place

>> No.73155633

>Primarchs are far above princes though
primarchwank was a mistake

>> No.73155645

Cheat and don't get caught

>> No.73155651

They're both S6/T6, originally anyway. The upper level greater daemons and daemon princes are capable of challenging primarchs in 30k (fluff and game)

>> No.73155655

I would do that if I didn't already have CSM models

>> No.73155666

you realize inquisitors are pretty damn good psykers for 1 CP that can bring yet another BS3+ plasma gun and ride shotgun with whoever you want in whatever army you want.

And then you add a daemonhost

>> No.73155668

Will 9th have 'wholly within" auras?

>> No.73155683

Has anyone made a Table with multiple Z levels built in? So like a Giant Building that takes up the whole table with multiple floors or a jungle with underground tunnels

>> No.73155686

Yea, well the point of it is that he is a hero of the legion. A thoughtless mechanical monster whose only purpose is to punish the guilty but he is so brutally efficient that his chapter have adopted the same means as him. Basically they are all armoured Fat guys wearing armor similar to the bloated armor of the Death Guard.
And they basically show up at full strength to any confrontation out of nowhere, bearing dark chrome equipment and refuse to relent any attack. Breaking through walls and shit without batting an eye.
This is because they have been surviving outside the reach of the astronomican since the end of the horus heresy so they have a good independence from anything.

>> No.73155695

Why doesn't that make sense though?

>> No.73155719

No but that sounds super rad. I think the toughest part is youd always have the same terrain to some extent. Easier to start flat and build up but I like the idea of potentially beginning from the high ground

>> No.73155726

Dark Angels have suffered badly from all the changes in the game over the last decade. Everything that made them unique has been ruined.

Dark Angels were unique for being able to field an entire army of Terminators or Bikers, and using them both together was a cool and unlikely pairing. Now anyone can do that, and it's a fucking terrible combination even for Dark Angels. The capstone to all of this is Primaris Marines, which utterly wreck their lore in ways that have never been resolved. You can either play a painfully useless fluffy army or a sub-par version of an effective one.

In 3rd edition GW played their questionable loyalties up massively. Most of their lore was written to make you question their loyalties, especially the purposefully incomplete story of why the Dark Angels pursue their traitor Legionnaires so ruthlessly. It couldn't just be a matter of honour of they would abandon entire campaigns for it, surely?

Then the quality of fluff writing took an absolute nosedive in 4th and especially 5th edition, and that subtlety was sandblasted away. What was once a strange obsession that hinted at darker motives was now a completely retarded obsession hinting at some kind of developmental disorder. The Hunt for the Fallen does not matter at all, because the Dark Angels are exactly what they appear to be.

By the time the Horus Heresy series started covering the Dark Angels, they had completely removed any hint of mixed loyalties whatsoever. Lion was just a violent weirdo, Luther was doing Chaos rituals, and the thought of switching sides never even crossed Lions mind.

If you want Knights go with Grey Knights or Black Templars. If you want green Marines go with Salamanders.

>> No.73155728

How do you move the minis around inside the levels? Sounds like a tight fit.

>> No.73155746

Not fully made the background but i'll write up at least a few short stories when i'm fleshing them out ^^

>> No.73155748

primarchs were originally slightly bigger and stronger marines that the legions originated from all the stories of them shaking battlefields were exaggerated myths warped by being told over 10k years
now they've been wanked into capeshit faggotry

>> No.73155749

You could do that for something like Necromunda but normal 40k it'd be too awkward to use it all at once. I'm starting to work out some custom tables to build for a campaign type setup to mash all the different types on 40k games in though.
>Basically I've made a reason for me to build a custom ZM board you can play 40k on

>> No.73155758

Was it good?

>> No.73155784

Maybe make the building broken down so it has a lot of openings as well as an open roof? For the tunnels I have no clue

>> No.73155792

I have a summary of the Second War for Taros fr (T'au vs Imperial) from the new Aero book.

Anyone interested?

>> No.73155805


>> No.73155840


>> No.73155854

how strong is the tau plot armor this time?

>> No.73155859

Which armies have access to a 2++?
Is that even possible?

>> No.73155862

Thanks, is this sword too much also?

>> No.73155872

nonexistent. The plot worked in favour of the Imperium.

>> No.73155880

Makari has one natively. I know several armies (mostly Space Marines) and can buff theirs to be like that.

But 9th is doing away with stacking modifiers, so you won't see too much of that very soon.

>> No.73155896

that's the first time I have heard of that happening

>> No.73155898

Guard are be able to get a 2++ on their Crusaders by casting Psychic Barrier on them to increase their 3++ storm shields to a 2++.

>> No.73155900

Not that anon but yes it should be shortened. Keep it wide but just reduce length.

>> No.73155904

I dont understand what crusaders are. Can you explain these dudes to me?

>> No.73155916

>After the T'au annexed, the human citizens if Taros adopted the philosophies of the Greater Good. Where once Imperial rule governed every aspect of their lives, an age of equality. came to the planet. Of course, it was an equality dictated by the T'au, who were the first among equals. For the humans of Taros this was a chance for the first time of their lives to guide their own destinies. This motivated them to work harder for the T'au than they ever had for their former Imperial masters. The worker conclaves of Taros reorganised themselves into an alliance of mining outpost and fortresses called the Union of Iron. The workers of the Union worked closely and enjoyed a standard of life far beyond that of their forefathers, as well as a sense of a stake in their future. So it surprised no one when the workers of the Union of Iron fought hard against the Imperial invaders who had come to rob them of their freedoms.

So...living under the T'au is great? How are they the bad guys again?

>> No.73155927

They've already established a replacement Cadia called New Cadia.

>> No.73155930

More interesting gundam / zerg / any 80's sci fi elf race / terminators clones.

>> No.73155934

Communism is bad anon

>> No.73155939

Tau are the good guys they just have an annoying style of play

>> No.73155941

Speaking of stacking modifiers, will that affect stats? Or only rolls?

I.E, will I no longer be able to get 6 attacks out of a single Boy?


>> No.73155946

GW can't decide if the Tau are 1984 or a literal utopia.

>> No.73155949

depends on how true to source you wanna go

personally i agree with the other guy and think the sword should be shortened as it looks kind of silly right now, but pyramid head himself looks pretty fucking silly so thats up to you

also i know it's probably easier typed than done but if there was a way to have him in a pose where he was dragging the sword behind him i think it would be brilliant

>> No.73155951

they are supposed to be a generally positive faction that treats it's people well with some dark implications but are way too small to cause any real effect and could be easily wiped if a faction put in the effort

>> No.73155973

They're the good guys if you don't resist.

>> No.73155977

yes all the time, my friend and i got into trouble rolling dice in math class like 15 years ago. My current scenario is putting up a sky ray alpha on anything.

do the math to determine the odds
Roll the dice to get a feel for what its actually like.

>> No.73156014

A few points. The summary says that the humans multiplied under tau rule. Does this retcon the fact that the tau sterilised humans under them?
Second point is that it says that the eldar aren't innovative compared to the tau. Is this lore breaking?

>> No.73156040

1) I'm pretty sure that was always just a one off line in Dawn of War
2) Innovation has never been a major eldar thing, they just have highly advanced shit and polish it to perfection.

>> No.73156045

Bullshit. Imperium has the most plot armor.

>> No.73156046

There actually is a way and i think i can do that desu. Iliterally just snapped parts together to make that one to test if it could look somewhat ok and that was the pose of the champion from this scene ^^

>> No.73156054

>The space war above Taros lasted less than an hour as the overwhelming numbers of the Imperial fleet smashed through the outnumbered T'au ships. The T'au ships that survived the Imperial onslaught, were forced to flee into low orbit to seek cover among the orbital platforms. With the way clear, the Imperials began their landings on the planet.

Poor form air caste poor form, they should evaded the Imperium's vessels rather than slug it out.
Don't they know anything about Kauyon?
It was never general policy for tau to sterilize the human population.

>> No.73156055

fanatical church guys that train in the sword, given some armor, shield + sword, and hang out with sisters/priests/church/inquisitors

>> No.73156056

Imperal plot armor mostly just extends to the setting at large. They'll never be destroyed but they lose individual battles and worlds all the time.

>> No.73156093


>> No.73156096


The sterilization is what happened to an imperial world that joined the tau, and then rebeled against the tau and rejoined the imperium only to be reconquered by the tau, and even then it was in a non canon ending to a video game.

>> No.73156101

Watch GW update the kit and make it a combat shield while everything else in the kit is a superior pick to it.

I want to make some crusaders for my IG priest, but I'm afraid they'll get removed in an update and then I'm stuck with a bunch of dudes I can't use. Again.

>> No.73156109

When IW get their supplement

>> No.73156125

never, go take your adorable little space cthulhu pirate and bring him to me, I want it

>> No.73156132

We still got Tau carpet bombing civilians in Fire Warrior, and trying to stop Kroot from eating everything (because it's icky), dooming them to stagnation.

>> No.73156133

Hopefully never. There are things that deserve support much more than a Nurgle micro faction and that'll always be the case.

>> No.73156145

>these, the DP, and the soul grinder are the only cyborg daemons available
it's not fair

>> No.73156155

They don't stop the Kroot. Some T'au hope that by exposure to T'au culture the Kroot would be civilised. The T'au that know better just tell the Kroot to do it out of sight.

>> No.73156165


>> No.73156176

you have clearly never read a tau book then

>> No.73156184

What’s your adress?

>> No.73156192

The gellerpox models are actually incredible, and mildly useful in game as long as you aren’t bringing them to a tournament or something

>> No.73156208


>> No.73156213

>As the Imperial air forces neared their target, they were met by what it looked to be Imperial aircraft that had come to reinforce them. Too late did they realise that these aircraft were being piloted by traitors. The lead Imperial fighters and bombers were cut apart by the traitor fire. But when fresh Imperial fighters joined the fray, the skill of the Imperial pilots won out. Space was cleared for the first bombs to drop.

Question about aeronautica: Do the rules allow you to take imperium planes in a tau air force?

>> No.73156215

I specifically said "trying". Civilised or not, their evolution depends on them eating other creatures.

>> No.73156233

Somebody please come smash all my Custodes so I don't have to feel any emotion about how GW treats them anymore. I can't even take the wait to see what other garbage is in the preview tomorrow morning.

>> No.73156241

I think what the autist is trying to say is that the painter seems to be using some type of paint (Acrylic?) that does not need primer, hence the partially painted helmet. and no, he shouldn't be using that paint which is why it looks so horrible

>> No.73156275

They were a pretty good troll unit to take to tarpit an enemy unit with their Acts of Faith. They could restore a model that was slain each turn. I would run 2 and throw them at stuff I wanted tied up. 3+ invun save, if I miss one I can bring him back at the start of the next turn. I once had a pair last 3 turns against Space Wolves terminators. Wolves player wanted to strangle me after the game because of it. Sadly they lost this rule with the new Sisters codex.

>> No.73156288

Trying but not forcefully. The T'au are aware of the benefit of Kroot biology.

Also the Kroot before they met the T'au gave up their old ways and became an advanced civilisation. Then the Orks happened. So you can't pretend the Kroot would be fucked if they gave it up again

>> No.73156293

Thanks for the write up anon.

>> No.73156301

Kill your self. If you aren’t playing your army because you like their fluff and aesthetics then you are scum

>> No.73156302

Have there been any space marine chapters or heretic space marine chapters to be completely wiped out to extinction? Like I hear the lamenters are very few in number but not really extinct right?

>> No.73156319


>> No.73156324

I built them because of their look but I never play them precisely because they're genuinely infuriating to play.

>> No.73156334


>> No.73156347

TSons are always bleeding numbers, so they may eventually cease to exist, and definitely if Ahriman dies because he's the only one who can perform the Rubric.

>> No.73156350

a lot

>> No.73156354

I'm really enjoying modern tau fluff, although things like that guevesa workers union was playing a little too hard to the communist memes, overall it feels like a nice balance of both the souless utilitarianism and attempted benevolence.
I do find it interesting that the guevesa don't fight in the same way as the tau.

>> No.73156359

So how is your comment relevant? I chose my army based on look and you're complaining at me for something I'm not guilty of.

>> No.73156369


being wiped out though doesn't mean the end of a chapter though right? I thought mars had gene seed storage for every chapter?

>> No.73156376

you can still use a hospitaller if you wanted to bring one back every turn. She works on all adeptus ministorum models.

>> No.73156411

I would have to bring a Sisters detachment thought to do that.

I forgot to mention that could also move twice a turn so you could advance them twice onto an objective and camp it with the invuln save and the revive rule. I used them in a tournament and the judge was very amused when he confirmed to my opponent that it was indeed legal and bullshit.

>> No.73156414

here's some old tau fluff

>> No.73156444

thanks anon.

>> No.73156483


>> No.73156504

What's something that would genuinely surprise you tomorrow?

>> No.73156525

Anything xenos related that's not necron

>> No.73156527

/40kg/ not bitching

>> No.73156528

New Kroot units.

>> No.73156530

A new Custodes or Deathguard unit

>> No.73156534

Literally anything besides the shit we saw two weeks ago

>> No.73156535

Cool Necron dice in the box.

>> No.73156536

The box is actually CSM vs Blood Angels

>> No.73156539

Good rules.

>> No.73156551

How has this changed in recent lore?

>> No.73156562

An actual tape measure.

>> No.73156570

>The T'au are aware of the benefit of Kroot biology.

Are they?

>Also the Kroot before they met the T'au gave up their old ways and became an advanced civilisation. Then the Orks happened. So you can't pretend the Kroot would be fucked if they gave it up again.

Do share sources for this timeline.

>> No.73156585

goes against my every expiriance with unions, specialy steel mill and miner ones.

>> No.73156599

I mean that's the ongoing issue with any concentration of power, unions are theoretically good but often just start fucking stuff up just like the government

>> No.73156610

I don't think it's the same kind of union as what you'd have participated in.

>> No.73156630


>> No.73156650

this, even if they are plain good guys (that they are not), the GRIMDARK angle is that they have no fucking way of having any real effect in the galaxy apart from a dozen of solar systems.

>> No.73156663

What army has the most dark souls like aesthetic? Daemon Souls remake has me thinking it and I'm about to start building my first army.

>> No.73156670


>> No.73156673


>> No.73156675

Grey Knights?

>> No.73156691


>> No.73156694

Probably the faction that is the absolute furthest away possible from what he asked.

>> No.73156701

The Gundam fuckers? You could maybe make the non suited up HQ's look the part but I hardly think they'd work as an entire army.

>> No.73156702


>> No.73156714


>> No.73156726

They do look the part, aside from 40k style painting. Thanks anon.

>> No.73156731

>Are they?

Yes, the T'au scientist in 3rd edition talks about it.

>Do share sources for this timeline.

WD 264 Savage Evolution

>> No.73156769

I need some clarification on melee
If I have 10 models in a unit, and 5 are within 1 inch of an enemy, and 5 are not. Can the 5 who are not still shoot in the next shooting phase (at units that are not in melee)? I presume not, but gotta ask.

>> No.73156776


>> No.73156801

I think he's just shitposting

>> No.73156835

Looking through the 3rd party lists trying to find good scale vehicles that I can play as leman russes but fluff to be mad max-ish battle cars for renegades and heretics. Does anyone have any additional ideas/places to look?

>> No.73156854

Historicals mostly for guard

>> No.73156896

>Yes, the T'au scientist in 3rd edition talks about it.

Same guy also hopes the Kroot would stop doing it.

>WD 264 Savage Evolution

Nothing in that says the Kroot stopped eating meat and evolving during that time. Hell, the mercenary work was a compromise on the old ways in order to bring in more genetic material from elsewhere.

>> No.73156900

Yeahh whip those slave bitches, make them black as god intended

>> No.73156924

Any cool bombers that exist in history that I could base my marauder's paint scheme off of?
Inb4 go play historicals

>> No.73156927

|So i have a guard player in my little group thats so assmad about my really annoying to kill captain on bike, so he decided to take 9 bane wolfs(the chemcannon hellhounds) to hunt him down.

Now I am aware that his strategy is going to fail miserably. because he cant actually go after my captain with all of those. hes just so fast, and will dust them.

Ive tried telling him its not going to work but he wont listen. So is it the polite thing to do to let him fail to kill my captain again?

>> No.73156954

Shield captain or marine captain on bike?

>> No.73156965

Marine captain on bike, With custom hero stats so hes got base 8 toughness and a salamanders mantle. Making him, without psychic powers, immortal against s4 weapons. Z

Bane hounds can kill him 50% of the time if im a moron and somehow end up within 18" of all 9 banehounds at once.

>> No.73156974

If he's not a complete ass you can try and help him out. If he is one then just sit back and enjoy the show

>> No.73156976

Yeah you're a fucking dick for running a T8 biker smash captain

>> No.73156979

Yes. Give him advice, and if he doesn't take it continue as normal.

>> No.73156980

With custom stats? Wut why doesn't he just get a super custom bane wolf with s10 d6 flamers

>> No.73156987

>Custom hero stats
What the fuck are those?

>> No.73156989

Septicus screaming "Bakana!" as Robu bisected him with the Sword of the Emperor, giving the Greater Demon of Nurgle a holy burning True Death was rad as fuck

>> No.73156991


>> No.73156994

So, we'll have some pictures from War of the Spider today, right?

>> No.73156995


>> No.73156997

His tank commander can snipe charachters. I only did it so hed survive being shot by it.

Its chapter approved 2018 stuff. Charachters only. His tank commander gets a s9 battlecannon at ap 3 that does d3+1 damage. it also does mortal wounds on 6s to wound. Why he didnt decide to take a punisher cannon is beyond me.
Theyre in chapter approved 2018. You can do all sorts of things with them. My hero starts at t6 since hes got enhanced physiology. Forge master warlord trait gets him to t8

>> No.73157010

Oh that stuff fair play, yeha he should just take the punisher cannon

>> No.73157012

>Why yes, I ran a Lordran army in WHFB. How did you know?

>> No.73157020

>What's something that would genuinely surprise you tomorrow?
Terrain in the starter box.

>> No.73157026

It has even more fucking units inside than we thought

It's only $160

>> No.73157028

Probably demons & word bearers to be honest if you went all in in the body horror conversions and big swords

>> No.73157029

I miss the hardline fluff of Templar's hating all psykers. The nufluff (circa 6th/7th) of them loving sanctioned psykers as extensions of the Emperor is whack

>> No.73157040

Post it in warhammer fantasy general so we can see it.

>> No.73157043

It was kinda hard to reconcile with the necessity of having navigators and astropaths serving their chapter...

>> No.73157044


>> No.73157054

Because it doesn't make any fucking sense to hate all psykers, everywhere in all situations in the Imperium of man. You would have to be wilfully retarded to not understand how vital psykers are to humanities continued existence.

You could think they're high risk and impure, so you don't want any psykers anywhere in your own chapter. But it wasn't a well thought out piece of fluff

>> No.73157055

Er, post it here then?

>> No.73157056

>DS3 Silver Knights don't drop their swords or spears

>> No.73157064

Nose art of either girls, or if you don't want to COOM, shark face

>> No.73157069


>> No.73157071

Don't they specifically like grey knights for the nature of their rituals

>> No.73157080

Is it? The Imperium lives and breathes off of poorly regarded slaves. As does Chaos, for that matter. There's no reason for Templars to treat navigators and astropaths with respect in order for them to do their jobs. In fact their souls being ripped asunder by daemons for all eternity if they fail is all the incentive they need to do their jobs.

>> No.73157081

Holy shit they don't? I've never made a sliver knight build in ds3 before.

>> No.73157089

a-age of sigmar general?

>> No.73157095

>Because it doesn't make any fucking sense to hate all psykers, everywhere in all situations in the Imperium of man.
Why in your mind does "we hate all psykers" translate to "we literally do not have any psykers in our employ"

>> No.73157109

Because the Emperor is a psyker, his most powerful and venerated second in command was a psyker, the primarchs were all psykers of some level (including Dorn) and so on

The Imperium was founded by psykers from the very start.

>> No.73157113

Just mention you browse Sigmarxism and the IG player will go completely apeshit

>> No.73157124

He'd be right to.

>> No.73157131

Lordran's a good army. They have great anti large monster units like pic related. Their Giant bomb throwers are great artillery. They have tanky units like Havel Knights. Their near universal poise rule means it's hard to stop their attacks. Their downsides would be few flying units besides Batwing Demons and really no cavalry or mounted units I can think of. That's weird because Boletaria I think has horses and Drangleic has Dragonriders and Lothric has Drake riders. I guess it's a balancing thing like how Dwarfs have virtually none besides shieldbearers?

>> No.73157139


>> No.73157147

I browse Sigmarxism.

Was that wrong, should I not have done that?

>> No.73157152

>not decorating his Valkyries with oriental whores

Can't wait to start putting my Guard together.

>> No.73157154

It's unpainted isn't it?

>> No.73157156

M-make a dedicated f-thread to it?

>> No.73157166

You bring Coteaz

>> No.73157175


>> No.73157183

Wrong. You bring Hector. And take radical trait.

Chad hector smacks virgin coteaz to death,

>> No.73157188


>> No.73157190


>> No.73157198

God you're the worst. Keep your nasty coomer shit out of the hobby and get a woman to touch you.

>> No.73157205

>get a woman to touch you
You are asking humanity too much

>> No.73157206

All of this will of course change when Pariah hits with new Inquisition rules and Rex gets a new datasheet written by GW on day 1 of 9th ed

>> No.73157214

They have some decent memes but they get real shitty with each other in the comment sections

>> No.73157220

What malfunction prevents a female from touching you?

>> No.73157222

We'll see. GW's rules writing has yet to impress me. And im willing to bet they dont think it through. 100 pts for a 2 cast 3 deny psyker, in a no name faction? I bet they'll leave his datasheet alone for the most part

>> No.73157227

They hate America so I hate them

>> No.73157230


>> No.73157235

The AoE morale debuff im constantly wearing for being one of grandaddy's favored sons

>> No.73157238

>wanting a woman to touch you

>> No.73157239

I would suggest keeping it at least semi-lore friendly but nose art is based no matter what it is

>> No.73157258

god-emperor dammit, do you want angry marines? Cos this is how you get angry marines.

>> No.73157269

>semi-lore friendly
He adds a small Hakenkreuz on her shirt?

>> No.73157287

Only if it's an ork plane.

>> No.73157293

>Same guy also hopes the Kroot would stop doing it.

Where? All I see is that the guy which in the timeline at the start of the Kroot joining of the empire starting to understand Kroot evolution.

"They were not about to rebuild a society that had led them into war and then failed to defend them. Led by a visionary leader named Anghkor Prok, they advocated a return to the old ways, to the time before the coming of the Ork Rok. There would be no rebuilding and the Kroot would revert to the traditional ways that had served them perfectly well for thousands of years. A compromise was reached where each kindred would spend time as mercenaries and fight for other races, returning to their home world periodically to pass on any useful genetic material they had acquired following their victories. A number of warspheres remained on Pech to guard against further invasions and the mercenary Kroot departed to ply their trade amongst the stars."

The old transitional ways clearly meant their savage practices.

>> No.73157309

The degenerate pict recordings coming from the neighbouring forge world have the young men of the regiment under their heels. It cannot be helped. Two exterminatuses wasn't enough.

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