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>> No.73109083

How do I achieve the glossiest candy red metallic possible?

>> No.73109088

That;s hot but also heresy.

Commissar please blam me.

>> No.73109099

Gold base coat and one of the red contrasts over it.

>> No.73109101

First for chaos

>> No.73109107

>tfw always strive to convert as much of my army as possible

>> No.73109118

Stormhost silver, Red Contrast and a gloss varnish of your choosing.

>> No.73109119

Jerk off until what comes out starts turning red

Use that to put on your models over a gold metallic undercoat.

>> No.73109122

I'm pretty sure he was never supposed to be a genuine god, although praise of him as one made since to the humans who did not know better. I don't think this was some huge Atheist retcon because The Old Ones have always existed in the Lore or have at least existed longer than The HH lore stuff and in canon existed longer than the Emperor. I think you are looking for a conclusion that just does not exist. For example Religion is also shown in good lights in 40k, such as the Living Saints being likely Warp entities that are made manifest by worship as well as the Greater Good Warp Entity that Gue'Vesa under the Tau manifested. Ceogorach, while not exactly a strictly morally good character, is a an asset for good against Chaos. The blood Angels near worship of Sanguinus leads them to do some amazing deeds and overcome their inner demons (figuratively and literally). The Sisters of Battle being a whole faction of Battle Nuns for the Emperor, hell in the most recent cinematic for 9th edition the Sister of Battle is actively shown to be healed through her prayer and worship. There are certainly other examples I am not even remembering.

In essence, it seems like you are just trying to reach a conclusion you suspect in your head by only looking at evidence that supports your conclusion while willfully or unwillfully ignoring evidence that does not support your conclusion, which is a very backwards way of forming opinions.

Posting again just incase other anon has already migrated.

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Tamiya spray over silver

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>> No.73109160

here's to hoping that my 59 breacher list makes it into 9th

>> No.73109210

What's he doing right now?

>> No.73109216

>vehicles with Heavy 2D6 and up exist
oh boy, if those get blast then shit is really cooking, imagine Stormsurges with blast
whining about blast for unit sizes under 11 is soi, 11 and up units are poised to get fucked

>> No.73109230

Mocking Corvus for being a bird furry.

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>> No.73109246

arguing with be'lakor

>> No.73109250

I dig this. I should do this for my Flesh Tearers.

>> No.73109257

Alternating between meditation and seething

>> No.73109274

Hoping none of the gods make him go fight

>> No.73109282

You could try it, but i think the matte red and black still looks the best.

>> No.73109298

I expect blast to be extremely restrictive in the base rulebook and first few codex updates, and by 2022 the new space wolf book will have Wolfstorm Warcannons that are 3d6

>> No.73109308

Why would he be seething?

>> No.73109309

>cluster rockets are 4D6
>24 shots against hordes with AP-1

>> No.73109320

>Not wolfstorm rawrcannons

>> No.73109330

>and by 2022 the new space wolf book will have Wolfstorm Warcannons that are 3d6
40kg will then declare 9th the most balanced and best version of 40k

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Reminder, if you ask the following question:
"Did The Emperor do anything wrong?"
And the answer is,
They're a retard.
They're alright.

>> No.73109365

because the best chaos primarch but abandon gets all the love

>> No.73109368

Fucking derping out with his sons

>> No.73109399

>Best at anything

>> No.73109402

Recently decided to get into big40k after doing Kill Team for almost a year, since i liked their themathic and look went for genecult and got myself a couple of start collecting boxes
In short, is new edition gonna ramfuck me in the ass?

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double retard if the answer is
>Yes, according to this ADB novel...

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I wonder what he thinks about G-money returning

>> No.73109440

He's the best orator

>> No.73109454

Depends on how you are trying to build and play them. If you wanted to go melee heaby or even melee exclusive you're fucked

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What is the proper way to wash a model in your opinion? Full nuln or agrax BATH or paint nuln or agrax or whatever wash directly into recesses? I feel like directly putting it into recesses is the way to go but I am not sure? I just can't see why would you paint agrax all over a model or nuln oil etc. Or maybe those colors can tint a model in a good way? Like if you want to bring the colors on the model down some notches?

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Well of course, he was raised by Kor Phaeron who was a priest, so there is no doubt Lorgar is good with his mouth.

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A Job isn´t perfect unless it´s finished. He´s probably planning to fuck Rowboat over somehow. Or kill him. Again. Permanently.

>> No.73109493

Probably not too bad. Worst case scenario you have to kind of build around a new meta.

>> No.73109494

What i'd love to see happen.

>Lorgar returns
>Fights Guilliman
>Nearly kills Guilliman
>Lorgar ends up getting killed, slowly, by sisters of battle and other holy orders of the Imperium.
>Lorgar doesn't understand
>Hoisted by his own petard

I want this.

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Paint it only in the recesses and over small areas, unless you're those filthy Death Guard or something.

>> No.73109508

Yes. You are playing xenos and a nid variant
You are going to get ass fucked hard.

>> No.73109515

I think if you spam rock grinders and ally in a hive tyrant to buff them you are fine. Your basic duders are going to get ripped up though.

>> No.73109520

I'm a cocksucker for the Neophyte models so i was planning to do a mostly shooty list centered around neo spam, ridgerunners, and mining lasers using Bladed Cog cult, i had some acolytes in the plans but the chances to vehicles aren't enticing me to go for them

>> No.73109536

Yes, according to this ADB novel...

>> No.73109542

Depends on how or what I'm trying to paint. Usually I try and plan my colors and work so that I can do a mass wash all at once. Recess shading takes time so I only do it if I need to like if I have flat panneling that I don't want pooling on and that I'm not doing any more layering in

>> No.73109547

Sounds shit

>> No.73109568

>posts a glossy red marine

>> No.73109574

>unless you're those filthy Death Guard

Can confirm, giving DG an agrax bath is a zero effort way to make them look great

>> No.73109575

That's how I run them although I also use brood brothers to bring some guard tanks. I used Rusted Claw and do alright. I think with the new limit to stacking bonuses their cult creed is going to be really useful again

>> No.73109589

Probably initially mad upon the new, but i doubt he'd sperg out as much Mortarion, but Lorgar has been content with the state of the universe for a long time so he'd probably just laugh at the idea Guilliman's reaction to the current imperium.
>especially when he finds out the entire imperial cult is based off the Lectitio Divinitatus

>> No.73109595

>beating Guilliman

>> No.73109600

>plays a game with models exclusively made by the manufacturers of this piece

Couldn't be me

>> No.73109614

Yes, I posted that to show an example of what a cherry red might look like on them.

>> No.73109618

You can't buff GSC with nids. Crudd went out of his way to faq that

>> No.73109630

Pooled coffee stain washes look like shit on all models, even Nurgle ones.

>> No.73109634

>Lorgar: Have you lost your temper, Roboute?
>Guilliman: I am going to gut you.
>Lorgar: You have lost your temper.

>> No.73109638

What if my answer is "No, but the necrons should still reclaim their empire."

>> No.73109647

I once order a set of plasma cannons from FW, and they still had pieces of the mold attached to them. I am not even joking.

>> No.73109653

>I'd love to see Lorgar
said no one, ever

>> No.73109663

Can someone help a colorblind guy out? What GW brown best matches Stirland battlemire?

>> No.73109665

reminder Lorgar would have died if Angron hadn't saved him.

>> No.73109685

>59 breachers
dear god

I wish kataphrons were better, imo they could really use upping their BS and armor by 1. They're cheap as is which is fun, but I'm fine with paying more to make my battlebots feel as destructive and terrifying as they should be
or just give them vehicle keyword for 9th and all is good

>> No.73109687

And if Curze hadn't saved him the time before that

>> No.73109694

What would ADB do if GW just strongarmed the lore and made it clear as day to everyone that Chaos ARE the bad guys, the Imperium ARE the good guys (relatively), and the emperor did in fact do nothing wrong and that chaos are lied to and mislead?

What would happen?

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>> No.73109711

Wyldwood or Rhinoxhide

>> No.73109715

FW is so shitty im scared to order even repulsor doors from them

>> No.73109722

none really, if you're gonna paint any you'd be best off painting all
but rhinox hide can be close enough if you're going to drybrush the base or something after

>> No.73109728

Very dark brown, id say Rhinox hide

>> No.73109741

I see death guard blight grenades getting real good from the blast rules

Blight Grenades are D6

new blast rules (this is presuming grenades count as blast weapons, I mean they should)

Biologus Putrifier brings up my blight grenades to S4, 2 Damage and 6+ mortal wounds

blight grenade nonsense stratagem that allows all squad members to throw grenades + minimum 3 hits per grenade, minimum 30 attacked per squad per squad (presuming I have 10) Against a squad of 11+, 60 shots

add veteran of the long war for mw on 5+

add new range stratagem +6" so 12" nade

add archcontaminator trait for reroll 1 to hit and all wound roll

In essence, if you pull this off.

12 inch 60 shots against 11+ model target (guard/orks/daemon spam), hitting on 2's, strength 4 (+1 to wound also), D2, rerolling all failed wounds, 5+ mortal wounds
And thats what? 2CP?

Mfw blob spam finished

>> No.73109746

sorry, anon, they kinda do

>> No.73109776

I think it's the new Catachan Fleshtone

>> No.73109790

>not getting beaten by every daemon primarch
do you even read the lore? when was the last time gilly didn't need to get his ass saved by somebody else?

>> No.73109792

Do you prefer power weapons or chain weapons, looks wise?

>> No.73109803 [DELETED] 

>3 arms
>furry shit
Da fuq is this abomination

>> No.73109804

Cry on reddit

>> No.73109809

Probably nothing really.
I don't care if chaos are straight up evil, i just want them to have good characters

>> No.73109810

Bruh 30 Guants isn't fucking spam!


>> No.73109813

This is assuming they won't cap MWs from such abilities at unmodified 6s.

>> No.73109830

Chain weapons if theyre feilded in mass
Power for elites

>> No.73109838

First model in over 10 years, planning loyalist alpha legion, help is greatly appreciated!

>> No.73109843

>more than 11 models per unit
Someone is using conscripts?

>> No.73109845

That's airbrushed.

>> No.73109846

So with hordes getting fucked in the ass, and melee.....not looking good. Whats the safest army to play? Is it some flavor of marine faggotry?

>> No.73109848

You can't make me choose!

>> No.73109853

post YFW the guardfag tells you his 30 man conscript blob us using the genadiers strategem to chuck 30 frag grenades into your 11+ model unit.

>inb4 there's no way to get all 30 conscripts in grenade range without losing half of them

obviously they just jumped out of a stormlord/gorgon/crassius transport.

>> No.73109859

Thank you.

>> No.73109862


>> No.73109873

>alpharius not in every category

>> No.73109880

Go ask him you faggot.

>> No.73109886

>loyalist Alpha Legion

>> No.73109897

>Whats the safest army to play?
I say Eldar.

They will always be broken, but unlike the SM you don't have to keep buying new stuff because you rarely ever get new models.

>> No.73109903

power swords > chain swords
chain fists > power fists

>> No.73109904

I dont like brood bros but changes to vehicles might make leman russes interesting

>> No.73109906

the two damage is wasted on any unit with 11+ models

>> No.73109908

No one should argue against that pre-awakening, Lorgar was always a scholar first general second, but not that he has embraced his psychic potential he's a whole lot more powerful now.

>> No.73109930

Depends on who is wielding them. I like khorne with chain axes, terminators with claws and hammers, word bearers with power mauls, powerfists on normal human hq

>> No.73109935

Hellhounds bruh. Drive around trying to explode

>> No.73109937

>11+ model unit.
there's no such thing in my army

>> No.73109940

I really like it anon, I think you did the blue quite well

>> No.73109941

Exactly, wanna play chaos? No prob. Wanna play as Raven Guard? No prob. Wanna play 30k? No prob. 3 armies in one!

And of course it's just a long con.

>> No.73109942

Eldar have a lot of shit from a time when GW made stuff for them, so now they just rotate what is actually good for them.

>> No.73109943


nah that looks good, just needs more detail

>> No.73109947


maybe not, but someone is guaranteed to use orks/nids/daemons

>> No.73109957

>chain fists > power fists
DISAGREE. Nothing is cooler than a fucking huge regular fist.

>> No.73109961


>> No.73109963

CustodeCHADS win again

>> No.73109966

Problem is, nobody fields huge blobs of w2 infantry, so it's a super niche use. Maybe good against plaguebearer spam?

>> No.73109967

>11+ model unit
Imagine not taking six 5-man troops in 9th edition.

>> No.73109975

>unit sizes over 10 are a terrible idea now
>tank/walker buffs

can't wait to see what disgusting WAAC lists look like next

>> No.73109976

Being dead.

>> No.73109983

Seems pretty useless on a unit that would need that much juice to do anything and all that to kill some 6point chaff.

>> No.73109985

And? That's just an example of how contrast looks over a metallic paint, you can get a similar effect via brush it just requires a few coats and more control to reduce pooling.

>> No.73109989


Maximum shots for 11+ though, so 60 if I rolled with a squad of 10 plague marines

>> No.73109993

Guard parking lots are back in business baby!

>> No.73109994

Taking a knee.

>> No.73110003

Now we're talking.

>> No.73110013

but what if your huge fist had a bayonet and that bayonet also happens to be a chainsaw?

>> No.73110015

>playing favourites with your children when your children are demigod man children.

I mean that was indisputably a fuck up.

>> No.73110026

Why would you ever want to play 30k, its actually worse than 6th

>> No.73110029

Thank you very much!

Its leadbelcher base then stormhost silver. Griff charger grey then akhelian green. The deep blue is such a beautiful color. I'm tempted to hightlight with either stormhost silver or temple guard blue for more pop but I love the way the blue turned out like this.

>> No.73110038

>the blast buff is so good that people stop taking blobs at all and it circles back-around into being nerf

>> No.73110046

are we gonna pretend that 30 frag grenades into a unit of 10 or less models is any better? they're still gonna get wiped out

>> No.73110052

>my dad can beat up your dad
Meanwhile Lorgar is almost exclusively responsible for 40k as a setting

>> No.73110055

>he uses CITADEL Washes and doesn't use oils

>> No.73110056

Options are nice.

>> No.73110060

>still thinking he can do whatever without getting vetoed at black library.

Nah, ADB has a murder fantasy for Lorgar, he only wants 1 undivided champion of chaos and that's Abbadon.

>> No.73110104


I'm going to field a shit ton of iron Maiden walkers just to see what happens.

>> No.73110108

why is this guy's aquila not a stupidly overdone golden or silver eyesore?

>> No.73110115

>he only wants 1 undivided champion of chaos and that's Abbadon.
what about Perturabo?

>> No.73110125

>Chaos are the bad guys

>Imperium are the good guys (Relatively)

>The emperor did nothing wrong.

>> No.73110129


Adb will give him the axe as well given the chance. Whens the last time we heard about port doing anything?

>> No.73110133

only oil i use is nuln oil brotha.

>> No.73110135

When will my Skitarii get their Skitarii HQ to lead them into holy battle?

>> No.73110136

Because Crimson Fists are the most aesthetic chapter of them all

>> No.73110140

the last person to give a shit about perterabo went missing during the first black crusade

>> No.73110144

>Shhhh don't tell him
>I don't want another primarch put on ADB's kill list.

>> No.73110153


The emperor did literally everything wrong. Literally everything.

>> No.73110161

He wants to kill Lorgar and Pert. Not a bad idea if done right, but he wants to do it because it would make his husbando super special and not for an actually good narative reason.

>> No.73110163

Everyone says fuck it and runs big boys. There is little reason to run troops now.

>> No.73110170

Subdomina Khepra needs a model

>> No.73110179 [DELETED] 

>Furry shit
>A pair of horse-ears for an animal themed Escher with mutations
Bruh, how are you this much of a lorelet?

>> No.73110183

>hey bro they updated the Monolith aren't you excited for 9th

>> No.73110184

>the Imperium ARE the good guys (relatively)
Relative to Chaos, Orks, Necron, or Nids? Sure. Relative to the CEldar or Tau? Without the Emperors Guidance, fuck no.

>> No.73110192

Lorgar should get killed off for being a bitch but ADB better not touch Perturabo

>> No.73110214

The emperor had an exceptional plan in a vacuum, he just made the classic blunder of failing to do a single intelligent thing to actually help him accomplish said plan.

>> No.73110218

>Better than the necrons
This ain't it bro.

>> No.73110220

>gay space elves or blue commies
yeah I think the Imperium is better

>> No.73110255

That looks alright because it HASN'T been drowned in wash.

>> No.73110260

I would rather live under the Tau's """"""""""Communism"""""""""" or use a Soulstone than whatever fucking shit the Imperium is under without The Emperor.

>> No.73110265

fucking fungi football hooligans are better than the bombed out tire fire that is the imperium.

The imperiums so monumentally fucked that fixing its probably harder than blowing it up and giving it another go with another great crusade.

>> No.73110270

Speaking of Peturabo, did you see artelw is working on a model for him?
Early wip pic.

>> No.73110271

Please help me.
I’m being forced to play modern 40k by my significant other and have a wild mishmash of models for Rogue Trader, Realm of Chaos, etc.
How do I play chaos soup?
I will definitely have to use certain units from Renegades and Heretics and all over the ranges, essential undivided.
I heard nowadays you can do a lot of weird mixed armies, what books would I need to buy in order to do so?
>traitor guard/militia
>plague Ogryn
>chimera transport
>chaos Ogryn
I’m really scrambling here and I don’t want to spend $$$ on models (books I can live with)
Please help me guys.

>> No.73110272

Why are C'Tan humanoid with noses and ears?

>> No.73110274


>> No.73110282

>good for humanity in any way
What next gulags and concentration camps are good too?

>> No.73110284

ADB is still better than this guy

>> No.73110289

>Lorgar and Horus chimp out
>break the imperium in half with civil war because literal demon gods told them to
>betrayal of the highest order

>> No.73110292

Crimson Fists have bright silver chestquilas bruv

>> No.73110319


>> No.73110320

Nice conflating of "Good for humanity" with "Good for the Galaxy". In that case I would still rather be a Gue'Vesa than an Imperial Citizen unless I won the lottery and was born on one of the few actually nice Imperium Worlds, and even then its pretty close.

>> No.73110335 [DELETED] 

It's funny that they didnt even entertain the idea that people who are politically opposed to them can enjoy something they enjoy for the same reasons they enjoy it.

>> No.73110339


>> No.73110345

You would think the Emperor could see that kind of shit coming, in fact me might have seen the Betrayal coming and planned to kill off the more aggressive primarchs(Such as NailSkull or evil batman) like he did with the Thunder Warriors. He probably did not expect Magnus or Fulgrim to fall though

>> No.73110352

They were given their forms back before the necrontyr were turned into necrons.

>> No.73110366

Depends on the C'tan, the nightbringer looks like the grim reaper because the grim reaper actually looks like him.

The deceiver looks the way he does because lol shapeshifting.

other c'tan can look different, the c'tan in this picture has the Ankh of the triarch instead of a face for example.

>> No.73110371

They look like what the necrons looked like.

>> No.73110390

If a model is armed with two pistols and both are in range of an enemy, can it shoot both pistols?

>> No.73110396

I'm surprised the Silent King isn't more regal (i.e. giant as fuck)

>> No.73110398

>guy wants to sabotage 40K from the inside
>outright states that his goal is to antagonize 40K fans
>gets a job at black library
absolutely disgusting
subhuman trash like that should not be allowed anywhere near any established franchise

>> No.73110400

If it's a legal loadout, yes.

>> No.73110403

>relegated to writing short novels
>thinks he'll ever having any sway at Black library

>> No.73110410

He honestly looks pretty lame.

>> No.73110415

A world eater came to that conclusion something like
"Guilliman raised bureaucrats Dorm raised builders, We were made to burn this world down not build the next"

>> No.73110417


You're missing a whole litany of tbe emperors fuck ups along tbe way that lead to that and made ut possible.

>> No.73110423

No you have to choose one

>> No.73110427

Yes. But only the pistols. It can't shoot anything else or throw grenades.

>> No.73110433

Probably didn't want the inevitable ork comparisons he'd get if he did that.

>> No.73110458

>gets a job at black library

He seem like the man they're looking for.

>> No.73110465

they can even do anti tank now thanks to mars and they get tesla exploding shots

>> No.73110484


>> No.73110501

The galaxy belongs to humanity. Being a second class citizen is being a race traitor. In other words not good for humanity.

>> No.73110503

>By use of Cawl
I fucking hate how lazy GW is.
Cawl is an interesting character, but fucking GW can't control themselves and keep using him as a deus machina to fix everything. All it does is serve to ruin the built up character. But NOOOO we gotta have the token "i love the science" guy do everything.

>> No.73110507

I'm actually surprised that more people don't write for 40k. I remember someone who wrote BL books said they sold at a pretty damn good rate compared to regular sci-fi novels.
You would think more up and coming, and more importantly skilled, sci-fi writers would want to write 40k if only for a bit so they get their name known.

>> No.73110525

Business up front.

>> No.73110526

This is EXACTLY why I enjoy painting my DG, at the end of the day taking a bath works great

>> No.73110534 [DELETED] 

There is a saying:
>there are two kind of fascist; the fascist and the anti fascist.

>> No.73110552

Looks good anon! Hoping mine come out as good as these

>> No.73110556

Party in the back.

I'm glad Goff Rockers made a narrative return in White Dwarf.

This model is to count as a Kustom boosta-blasta (Kustom Base Boosta), or maybe a boomdakka Snazzwagon if I feel like pushing it.

Yes, the Rocker is a reference to Fury Road's Doof Warrior.

>> No.73110565

fa/tg/uys, why have you forsaken me?

>> No.73110569

Probably worried about being pigeonholed into only writing 40k.

>> No.73110575


>> No.73110588

Why are terrain youtubers such cancerous talking heads?

>> No.73110590

I wish he was standing on the ground instead of a cuhrazy vehicle. First Arkhan, now this. Fuck off, GW.

>> No.73110617

Why are you a shitposter?

>> No.73110618

There's a fucking mega with all the books for free you idiot. Maybe you and your homoblowmo prancing boyfriend should stop giving each other rimjobs and do a little research before asking your buttbuddies online for advice.

>> No.73110633

Hes spite writing and basically looking for any excuse to spite people.

>> No.73110644

You have a "significant other".
You're not one of us anymore.

>> No.73110650

>black female commissar
>obnoxious comment
not noice

>> No.73110656

you might be able to trade some of that off for a more coherent army.

There are grogs who will pay top-dollar for OOP forgeworld

>> No.73110668 [DELETED] 

Wink wink

>> No.73110693 [DELETED] 

>obnoxious comment
It's only obnoxious if you're a racist.

>> No.73110712

Anon they will be called wolstorm wolfcannons

>> No.73110722 [DELETED] 

I dont think that's for you to say dude

>> No.73110730

Oh I am well aware, it's just common for GW writers to simply default all their ideas to "haha Cawl can fix it" regardless of how simple, obvious, or stupid the idea is. Such a waste of a decent character turned to shitty plot device whenever it convenient. It's same with Ultramarines. They are legit great and interesting Space Marine force, but they get overused so much as unkillable heroes because the writers of these books are lazy and/or hacks with no talent nor imagination.

>> No.73110731

Question. If I roll a 1 and I'm getting a +1 mod to the roll is it a 2 or still a 1?

>> No.73110737

How cool would it be if necron HQs had the option to be infected with the flayer virus in 9th edition?

>> No.73110749 [DELETED] 

You will not be missed.

>> No.73110752

ADB made pert a daemon prince of nurgle.

>> No.73110754

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.73110757

Depends on the kind of roll it is

>> No.73110759

codex xhaos daemons + the FW index for IG/R&H and CA 2019 for points changes. Some warnings though, the traitor IG rules are atrocious, almost unplayable and gauranteed to struggle against everything, they lack what everyone else got by having a codex.

>> No.73110769 [DELETED] 

Ban evading?

>> No.73110775

Oooh, I really like that purple one.

>> No.73110783 [DELETED] 

No, parroting it is inflammatory by nature.

I personally don't have anything against blacks in 40k, it makes sense given the scale of the universe and the size of the imperium. But artwork of that variety parroting "you will not be missed" is that sort of inflammatory, smug, self righteous shit i'd expect to see from your average hard-left person who thinks all white people are guilty and yadda yadda.

In a nutshell, I hate lefty shit-stirrers. I don't hate black people.

>> No.73110785


depends on the roll. If it's something that can "fail" like a hit or wound roll, it still counts as a 1.

If it's something like a moral roll or a charge roll, then it's a 2

>> No.73110793

a 1 on the die always fails, nut it counts as a 2 for counting results for things like gets hot

>> No.73110798

Did the Great Rift affect people who were already Psykers? I know miracles happen more often now but are Psykers stronger or something?

>> No.73110804

Power rankings of BL authors?
>Top Tier: Abnett, Wraight, McNeill some of the time
>Mid Tier: McNeill, ADB, Swallow, Thorpe, Stewart
>Low Tier: Pretty much everyone else

>> No.73110807

It’s pussy I smash on the regular, go fuck yourself you 2e+ faggot.
You don’t even have the capacity to be funny like >>73110644
I don’t know what happened in your life to make you such an insufferable little queer but go fuck yourself.
Trust me I know.
I’m quite fond of these putrid little guys though.

>> No.73110812

Does the Sautekh dynasty have any examples of unique canoptek colours? For example, Nihilakh necrons often have a light blue, oxydized bronze look to their canoptek plating. Would a sautekh necron just have it be dark green?

>> No.73110819

Those whose brains didn't melt from it are likely more potent, but they're also more likely to be purged for being too potent and dangerous.

>> No.73110826

Yes, psykers are stronger but more unstable.

>> No.73110827

What did he fix beyond the Space Wopves successor chapter problem Blood Angels still go buttfuck mad their geneseed is cursed forever

>> No.73110830 [DELETED] 

On a side note never understood the white thing.
Like decades before fucking irish where not consider white. While fucking Romans are consider white from time to time.
And if it is because some old fart from back in the day had slaves? shouldn't folk from Africa pay the Europeans slave reparations because at some point egypt had slaves too?
Its just a dumb thing. So dumb that even the Imperium finds it dumb

>> No.73110838


The best Alpha legion paint job I ever saw was ultra marines with the ends of the U being snake heads.

>> No.73110842 [DELETED] 


>> No.73110843 [DELETED] 

Why are you such a faggot?


>> No.73110845

It's still a roll of a 2, it just fails because it was a 1 before modifiers.

>> No.73110855

Treating your people like garbage is being a race traitor, in other words not good for humanity. I would rather live under Xeno overlords who treat Humans like beings than under human overlords who treat humans about as bad as they treat their enemies.

>> No.73110863 [DELETED] 


>> No.73110890

>trolling outside of /b/

>> No.73110891


>> No.73110908

you can airbrush contrast?

>> No.73110909

i bet this fucking simp won’t even make the femarine look like this

>> No.73110914

I am fine with Female Space Marines but the fact that he would just want to retcon it into being is worrying

>> No.73110922

Cheers to the mods keeping this place clean of pol and leftypol shit.

I understand why a post of mine was deleted, I fell for bait.

>> No.73110927

Why are Catachan so based?

>> No.73110928


>> No.73110938

How would you paint an alpha legionaire to look like that pic?

>> No.73110944

Checking to see if I am shadowbanned or banned in general!

>> No.73110945

Imagine being so pathetic you can't even beat up your nerd brother who spent most of the crusade off the front lines but he cracks your fucking skull open with his crozius

Still mad about ultramar huh?

>> No.73110946

Yeah, it's actually fairly popular to do so.

>> No.73110957


>> No.73110960

They do their job but they just don't give a fuck.

>> No.73110977

Not true retard
Guilliman had his skull shattered while Lorgar had some crushed ribs
They were on equal footing. Lorgar had enough strength to take on the COMMUNION and survive a few hits from a fucking dreadnought afterwards
smurf cope

>> No.73110992

>another cruddex
GSC are fucked then
and so are nids unless they play Hive Fleet Ultra

>> No.73110999

eat shit

>> No.73111002

The current Imperium is a shitshow, normally I would just write you off as a troll but so many people unironically think the Imperium are the good guys I can't tell anymore.

>> No.73111015

>Female Space Marines look like Sakura
You know, im on board with FemMarines now

>> No.73111043

Danganropa? Or however you spell it?

>> No.73111044

It's a psychic curse from the Warp and Sanguinius' death itself, not something genetic
The Lamenters already had the red thirst dampened considerably, but the rage never left because it's not something you can cook up a fix for in your meth lab on Mars

>> No.73111045

Why does the bugman feel the need to subvert an established universe with three decades of lore?
I don't read lord of the rings and feel a need to infiltrate the tolkien estate and retcon aragorn to be gay for boromir.

>> No.73111046

I see your comment
What other flavor rules like this are there in 40K?

>> No.73111056

Troubled childhoods. Bullied at school, want to bully in return with their newfound "power".

It's very typical.

>> No.73111060

>cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable
>"the good guys"

>> No.73111061

E-celebs are pretty fucking cancerous anon.

>> No.73111069

Any recommendations for good ones?

>> No.73111078

I want to report him to GW, honestly. I think people really need to do that.
Much obliged.

>> No.73111087

Basically sexually abused/bullied in their childhood end being fascist/anti-fascist (aka the same thing) and when ever they have some form of power over a group they will immediately try to abuse it.

>> No.73111090

I hope Crudd fucking god damn dies.
I honestly do.

>> No.73111095

Any primarch can defeat any other primarch. It's not just a static number of "5 is greater than 4." It doesn't matter if X primarch is stronger, smarter, uses better tactics, or more experienced. It's proven again and again that tides can flow in any direction. Primarchs can even lose to regular marines in one on one even if extremely unlikely.
I know some people like to argue about their capeshit bigger marines, but stop. This isn't batman vs superman. HH shouldn't even be DBZ/Capeshit despite moving in said direction with late HH novels. Please enough of "well my primarch has XXXXX powerlevel while yours only has XXXX powerlevel, so my primarch wins har har!" This is Warhammer, please treat the setting like Warhammer.

>> No.73111098

You're a normal human being
It's a dumb idea. Making some improvements to the space marine's gene seed like adding organs and adding extra gene therapy to make them bigger? Understandable

Gene seed fatality's a common enough thing in neophytes anyways, lots of them get outright killed by their own body ripping itself apart fighting the new organs that are rewriting their genetics. This shit's MADE to be used on human men because that's the genetics primarchs were made for, the space marines are SONS of the primarch, gene seed is made for human males and even it has a good chance of killing its most viable candidates

Imagine how hard it would be to make that shit work on women. It's a stupid idea that belongs in the trash where the garbage man will heroically dispose of it

>> No.73111102

Cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable but out of necessity. Living in England during WW2 was fucking lame compared to current peace-time. rationing, strict work ethic, sending your children off from parents, sleeping in underground tunnels, stripping the street of metal to use for guns/tanks, loose lips sink ships, so on so forth.

WW2 era england was a "shitty regime" compared to now, but only because it was REQUIRED so we didn't get shat on by germany.

Please understand wider context.

>> No.73111105

Well yes. Not saying they are the good guys lets say compared to the utopia that is Best Korea.

>> No.73111109

Not him, the only reason I like them is for what they could be Also the eternal struggle of the human and all that gay shit. But yeah as a whole they’re way too mired in paranoia, cruelty for cruelty’s sake, suffering for sufferings sake, xenophobia, the list goes excessively on. There does exists pretty much objective good guys in the imperium though Guilliman being one due to actually being civilized and not just in terms of the rest of the setting, as opposed to some techno barbarian.

>> No.73111121

>aka the same thing
Look pal, buddy, not sure what sticks you got shoved up your ass as a kid but with all this gay shit you're spewing you sound an awful lot more like the chemically inbalanced queers you're admonishing than anyone else

>> No.73111122

Where the FUCK do I get brass rod to pin big resin models?

>> No.73111132

>Why are Catachan so based?
based on what?

I wouldn't wish harm on him (or anyone). I would like to see rules writers embrace unintended synergies instead of going out of their way to constrain play to a single "approved" way for each faction

>> No.73111137

hardware stores

>> No.73111138

There's also another aspect; and that Space Marines are not suppose to be replacement for humans. They are suppose to be their guardians until humanity no longer requires them, that's why they are stated (again and again) to no longer be human AND why so many fear them. By having male and female SM: you essentially replace humanity with a "better" but more violent versions of themselves; which goes completely against vision of The Emperor.

>> No.73111145

To be fair, fascists dress pretty damn well, as opposed to anti-fascist black bloc outfits.

>> No.73111153

Well I'm bitter and he literally goes out of his way to fuck over other people.

>> No.73111154

Awoo with me sisters, there are scant few moments left to do so!

>> No.73111156

We have been over this. Phil Kelly says that the t'au are the closet thing to being good guys in 40K. One of the reasons why is because they have something which rare in the other factions. Which is people who are legitimately noble, heroic, and admirable.

>> No.73111160

It's the only way he can gain power over anything.

>> No.73111163

I got mine at my LGS. Could probably get it at a hobby store

>> No.73111164

If you were to paint chaos models in a blue like this, but also wanted black armor mixed in, would you used black wash over silver to keep the whole model shiny? Or would you just do flat black with shiny teal blue? And what color would you use for the banding on the edges of the armor? I was considering copper or bronze, but I'm a dummy.

>> No.73111173

>It's a psychic curse from the Warp and Sanguinius' death itself, not something genetic
There isn’t a distinction with their curse that’s the problem. that’s what the mehpiston books talked about and darkness in the blood Sanguinius was heavily mired in the warp I’d go on to say on par with Magnus even though he wasn’t a caster.

>> No.73111176

Such a great sculpt! Your painting looks good as well!

>> No.73111178

>Faction fueled entirely by plot armor
>Two characters with names people actually remember

>> No.73111189

But those also exist in other factions though

>> No.73111192

>people who are legitimately noble, heroic amd admirable

What are literally most space marines?

Phil Kelly is also a Tau fangay so there's that.

>> No.73111195


Only assuming they breed true. I might have my appendix and wosdom teeth taken out but that doesnt mean my kid will be born without them. It's entirely possible the new organs and changes wouldn't be passed on, mutations that don't effect gametes are a thing. This is if course also assuming they aren't sterile.

>> No.73111196

>Imagine how hard it would be to make that shit work on women.
I really don't think it would be THAT hard. What I mean is it would obviously be difficult but the development of current Geneseed was already incredibly difficult. Space Marines, Primarchs, Custodes/GreyKnights, and the Emperor himself I would not even call "Men" in the human way, they are genetic changed beyond male or female (although obviously much more masculine than feminine) in the way those terms work in modern humans. They are already completely genetically rewritten, so its not like much of their original male genetics are left unchanged anyways. Also just to be clear I don't play Space Marines and won't lose any sleep if we never get FemMarines, I just do not see why it is so impossible in a universe with already super advanced Genetic alternation.

>> No.73111200

Male space marines are completely impotent because of chemicals. (Except maybe some space wolves I don't know)
Female space marines would just be an extra recruiting stock, an unnecessary one because there's an abundance of male volunteers that'd be much better suited anyways, and would require different genetic therapies to disable their reproductive systems than male marines do.

This is more work for apothecaries, and unnecessary, as like I said it isn't a lack of candidates for space marines it's just the heavy attrition rate of neophytes anyways. Especially among Blood Angels successors, who have do grapple with falling to the black rage while they're in that coffin for a year

Female space marines are pointless and make no sense

>> No.73111207

play bugs

>> No.73111212

Increasing the amount of people who can suffer a horrible death and life is barely subversion in 40k

Not even defending the idea personally who gives a fuck about space marines and their lore they’re boring as fuck but you literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

>> No.73111213 [DELETED] 

Can someone explain to me why these BL author types are particularly pozzed compared to the rest of GW employees?

>> No.73111214

GW need to work on these depictions better then, as plenty of men in the imperium are depicted as "legitimately noble, heroic, and admirable."
Hell this is an issue with the setting since 2e IF GW actually cared, but they don't. They just make convenient statements when it's all bullshit to appease manchildren who are way too deep into a toy collecting hobby.

>> No.73111217

We're talking about tau, not Blood Angels.Or Space Wolves. Or all of Chaos.

>> No.73111222

Has anybody found a good use for the Kill Team starstriders outside of their niche specialist game? Any good coverisions or counts as for them?

>> No.73111238

I second this. What GW contact is best for this kind of complaint?

>> No.73111243

>what is context

>> No.73111245

The red thirst is genetic. It afflicted the Legion during the Heresy

The Rage is a curse brought on by Khorne through Sanguinius' suffering, which is psychically amplified and afflicts his sons. The Rage was born on Signus Prime but released on Terra.
The Lamenters literally had the red thirst weakened through genetic therapy before they were founded, there's absolutely a distinction. Just use your eyes

>> No.73111249

I do agree with you, although my point is as the 40k Galaxy is right now, I would much rather live as a Gue'Vesa than an Imperium citizen because Gue'Vesa are treated better than 90% of Imperium citizens who are all but worked to death and if they are somehow not they are still at risk of their whole planet being blown up by the Inquisition because some horny guy had sexual thoughts of his colleague and accidentally summoned a daemon.

>> No.73111250

What do I do with my 90 hormagaunts though

>> No.73111252

How much do you actually know about GWs employees? Anything beyond what gets regurgitated on 4chan?

>> No.73111253

Except there's more to SM than just some organ additions, don't forget there's secrecy and mysticism as well (likely infused with the warp in some shape or form). They are no longer human, it's stated as such. They are also lacking females (as in have none for autistic) because, it's again stated, to prevent humanity from being replaced.

>> No.73111259

>Male space marines are completely impotent because of chemicals. (Except maybe some space wolves I don't know)

Pretty sure its the hypnotic conditioning, given that the Emperor's Children all were able to turn into Super Rapists almost instantly, Space Wolves are known to enjoy the company of Fenrisian women, etc.

>> No.73111263

Used too. Our new ones are super lame and lack style.
Truly the worst timeline

>> No.73111265

>What are literally most space marines?

He addressed that in the same stream minutes later. He said that some marine chapters try to hold unto noble ideals but at the end of the day they are terror weapons.

Did he say otherwise? He just said that the T'au have way more of them. Good people are rarer in other factions.

>> No.73111282

Damn.... FemWolves look like THAT?

>> No.73111285

Melt them down and use it as a weapon to murder crudd.

>> No.73111286

Crying in his room, regretting everything he has done

>> No.73111288

>noble, heroic, and admirable
So literally almost every named character the imperium has?

>> No.73111294

I didn't buy the whole box but I bought two of the rotor cannon dudes. I used the rotor cannon as a heavy stubber on another model then I converted the starstrider into a bounty hunter for necromunda

>> No.73111306

Yeah, and Mr. Kelly sounds like a typical tau fan.

>> No.73111310

A T'au person is more likely to put his life on the line for an alien.

Humans generally only care for their own and not even that. They care about systems of oppression. That is what makes the Raven Guard laughable since they hate tyranny but support the greatest tyranny in the galaxy.

>> No.73111313

What's more noble, heroic, and admirable than a creature that's no longer human, with built in aggressive and killing impulses; being able to sacrifice it all for the greater sake of humanity?

>> No.73111316

Use bluetak and make them into the shape of a bigger nid

>> No.73111322

Creating a space marine is an extremely complicated process, doing it twice for very different physiologies of males and females makes no sense. They only time you go through all the trouble of adapting such process to both sexes is when you are severely limited in recruitment pool. If you have double the theoretical capacity to produce marines than you have actual male recruits available - then developing a female-oriented process is logical.
But the number of potential recruits was never the limiting factor of marine creation. Imperium has warm bodies in abundance. It is the available number of geneseed that was limiting the marine headcount. And Codex-dictated 1000 battle-brothers limitation.
Chapters that gave no fucks about codex like Space Wolves or Black Templars were able to grow quite quickly despite being permanently in active engagements. Chapters that went renegade and stopped paying the geneseed tithe and obeying the 1k marine limit like Red Corsairs have also been able to swell in numbers rapidly.
Female marines or custodes for that matter make no sense lore-wise, it is as simple as that. Female guard? Perfectly okay! Sisters of Battle? Sisters of Silence? Kino and Blanche-approved. Female skitarii? Absolutely. Female Inquisitors? It would be retarded not to have them. Female IG commanders, Navy officers, Rogue Traders, cultists, traitor guard, gsc, daemons, assassins, xenos? A-OK, knock yourself out.
Female marines or custodes? No.

>> No.73111329

Are there any good guides on how to scratch-build vehicles? I've convinced a couple friends to give Gorkamorka a try but no one's really done anything big outside the odd conversion.

>> No.73111331

Hmm. I'm honestly not sure, customer service is great at helping, but I am unsure if they would forward a message. GW honestly does not have a bunch of readily available e-mails addresses. Could always try twitter messages or private messages or whatever Twitter uses?

>> No.73111335

>CSM codex sucks ass? just use the loyalist codex!
>9th ed ends up being shit? just play 30k
I with I wasn't such a smoothbrain and could have thought of this

if it were up to me to write lore for female space marines, by the time they have undergone so much in the way of treatment and other "enhancements" they would be indistinguishable from the men. Even in the real world, high amounts of testosterone will cause a female born person to grow facial hair and have their voice crack, so imagine a process as extreme as what space marines go through... Also that way GW could then say "haha half of all space marines were female all along! you just couldn't tell!"

>> No.73111344

>greatest tyranny in the galaxy.
Tau? I mean they literally mind control the population. I can't think of something more tyrannical than that, that is like text book wet dream of a tyrant

>> No.73111347


>> No.73111349

A creature capable of choice and autonomy doing it lol

>> No.73111355

>Out-plague Nurgle
>somehow beat Tyranids in bio-warfare
>Chaos never corrupts their client races or technology because having them die off-screen would be inconvenient
>Anytime Imperial forces make ground against them they RANDOMLY have something in the same area come up to make them leave
>Eldar never steer a WAAAAGH into them for minor advantage

They're a background feature that survives and is relevant purely because the narrative bends over backwards to protect them

>> No.73111358

How long does you guys take to clean mold lines in your figures? I don't know if I'm too slow but I think I have more than 20 hours cleaning the mold lines of the Know nobFear Box. What are your experiences with this?

This is my first time doing this.

>> No.73111359

>much more masculine than feminine
Understatement of the century.
I never said it was impossible, I explained in a very detailed way why it's pointlessly difficult and then I explained why it's POINTLESS because all female marines would do is add an extra recruiting stock, an unnecessary one

It's clear you're not a marines player. Space marines are NOT completely rewritten genetically, and they are still MEN. The Emperor says so in his speech about them.
Space marines being human is an extremely point of their entire character, them retaining their humanity despite the incredible changes they undergo.
That ideas dumb for every reason I've explained.

>> No.73111365


>> No.73111366

Go to a Dollar store and look for the cheap plastic toys.

>> No.73111369

>Literal Fascists (not my words but this is how GW developers called them)
>Admirable, heroic, and noble

If that's the case, then the Imperium wouldn't be the way it is.

Remember EVEN the "goodest" of the good guys in the Imperium the Space Wolves and Blood Angels purposelessly keep their own people living in hell holes when they can fix it,

>> No.73111386

How long does you guys take to clean mold lines in your figures? I don't know if I'm too slow but I think I have more than 20 hours cleaning the mold lines of the Know nobFear Box. What are your experiences with this?

This is my first time doing this BTW

>> No.73111388

Hormagaunts have been trash since 5th edition anyway

>> No.73111400

I mean, we are not in much disagreement. What if they started to develop a separate geneseed with the objective of enhancing Sisters of Battle for example? This does not have to reach the level of Space Marine power but would probably appease a lot of people and I think make logical sense for the Imperium to do, unless I am missing something

>> No.73111404

Like 5 minutes for a normal infantry model

>> No.73111420

>an unnecessary one because there's an abundance of male volunteers
And an abundance of those that die

>that'd be much better suited anyways
Based on what? A space marine would be a space marine. They’re psychic cyborg mutant transhumans. This would be like saying the difference between a male and female assassin from one of the temples outside the shapeshifters is significant when the scale by which they’re compared to things in the setting is absurd beyond conventional human standards in and out of setting

>and would require different genetic therapies to disable their reproductive systems than male marines do.
Which can be taught and is almost never relevant ever like literally ever to anything but chapters without a place to do that. The Imperium specializes in hyper focusing people’s skills training is not a problem why would you even think this

>> No.73111425

never said it wasn't dumb, it is just the least dumb way I could think to it. The better approach would be to focus on other aspects of the imperium, like having an imperial guard kit with female models in it, or for that matter, an imperial guard kit not derived from the 2002 cadians.

you will speed up with practice

>> No.73111427

The T'au aren't mind controlled. This is evidenced by T'au disagreeing with Ethereals and even rebelling against them.

The Imperium crushes and brutalisises its mass

>> No.73111432

SW keep their people living in shithole because they don't know better, neither SW nor Fenrisians, but it's still to their benefit and keeps everyone happy. The ones that I know of specifically keeping shitholes when they could fix things are Iron Hands and Imperial Fists (though it's inconsistent with IF, while IH are ALWAYS assholes to their pet humans).

>> No.73111435

Ok, so we are not really disagreeing then.
Also pretty funny

>> No.73111438

>at the end of the day they are terror weapons
>every legion is the Night Lords.

Does this guy actually read his own lore? How are the fucking Ultramarines terror weapons?

>He just said that the T'au have way more of them

The Tau have no good or evil people outside the Farsight Enclaves, becuase those words are meaningless separated from the freedom to chose them, and the Tau don't have free will when overseen by Ethereals. They're a race of puppets.

>> No.73111457


>> No.73111462

They do have literal mind altering with the Puretide Microchips implanted in fighters (That when remove leave the host braindead) and while that is bad it is nothing to all the shit the Imperium as done.

>> No.73111469

When did they change it? Last time I check Hive Worlds where not even consider civilized worlds.

>> No.73111477

First sample GSC dude done.

What's a good base for him?

>> No.73111492

Tau have literal mind control chips. Not even the imperium is that cruel.

>> No.73111495

I agree as well but I would much rather read about a person struggling against what is at that point human nature and trying to evolve basically. I’d personally say that’s a more compelling story on average and what leads so many people to liking the imperium and thinking it’s good and the abundance of objective psychotic monsters trying to kill them.

>> No.73111496

You mean how Farsight found his mind altered the moment he left Ethereals' sphere of influence, or how he has to carefully deal with former Tau allies through sending diplomats on outer edges of Ethereal control to limit their power over him and his group?
Fuck off apologist.

>> No.73111499

Hard times make strong men.

>> No.73111500

>This is Warhammer, please treat the setting like Warhammer.
Anon I'm sorry to tell you, it's not Warhammer anymore

>> No.73111505

>>somehow beat Tyranids in bio-warfare

Didn't happen. They can just figure out cures for Gorgon's many strains of Phage cells that work once or twice.

>>Chaos never corrupts their client races or technology because having them die off-screen would be inconvenient

The Great Rift corrupted slews of humans in their Empire. ALL of the other alien races in the 4th s[here got corrupted which traumatised the T'au in that fleet. etc.

>>Anytime Imperial forces make ground against them they RANDOMLY have something in the same area come up to make them leave

False. The lore that I am holding in my hand says that the T'au defeated both Imperial efforts fair and square.

>>Eldar never steer a WAAAAGH into them for minor advantage

The Aeldari did steer a hive fleet tendril toward them.

>> No.73111513

>What if they started to develop a separate geneseed with the objective of enhancing Sisters of Battle for example?

Because, in-universe, it's superfluous. Out-of-universe, the people who care about these things are offended by the idea of things women can't do, and already either don't know (and thus don't care enough about the setting to be entitled to an opinion on it) or don't care about the Adeptus Soritias or the Sisters of Silence. They're already are female supersoliders - that doesn't matter to them.

Also, making concessions only encourages greater demands. So it wouldn't help.

>> No.73111519

>abundance of those that die
What you fucking saying
>Better suited
Based on what? Based on the fact that chapters have been working on lowering the attrition rate of their neophytes to pump out as many brothers as they can and the idea of having to work with some new shitty version of that for women when it's just redundant is pointless
Then you factor in the fact that men are much better suited for every single military application than women and that the PRIMARCH'S GENE-SEED WAS DESIGNED BY BIG E FOR MEN AND THAT FUCKING WITH IT ALREADY CAUSES ENOUGH ISSUES FOR THE PEOPLE IT WAS DESIGNED FOR
And then then the purest gene-seed, for the Dark Angels, Fists, and Smurfs, KILLS NEOPHYTES ENOUGH ALREADY
And you think it's a good idea to jerry rig some retarded method for making this work on women
That's just stupid. Quit being stupid

>> No.73111535


>> No.73111539

This guy gets it. You give them an inch and they'll just take a mile and make the entire setting about their own bullshit and it'll be completely indistinguishable from the thing you loved for years

>> No.73111552

>The Lamenters literally had the red thirst weakened through genetic therapy before they were founded, there's absolutely a distinction. Just use your eyes
And it got worse and continued to got worse. The authors literally state their intention that you cannot be a blood angel without suffering from his curses and the effect of his death. It’s not just genetic. Mehpiston is literally an avatar of their curse right now because he took in the psychic manifestation of it at Sanguinius’ behest and if he dies they all fall every single one. This isn’t just some shit with their DNA

>> No.73111559

It's funny you say that because gulags and concentration camps are the exact living conditions and 95% of imperial citizens live under

>> No.73111561

Not rules per se, but the crimes of the Last Chancers.

>> No.73111567

You mean how they'll commit suicide because an etheral they hate asked them nicely?

Or Farsight's entire fucking character?

>though it's inconsistent with IF

Pretty sure Inwit is actually pretty good. IIRC they have the tech to make their lives easier and more comfortable, but chose not even before the Fists.

Which, in a universe where Slaanesh exists, isn't the worst choice.

>> No.73111573

Mephiston is stupid
I said that's it not just genetic work on your reading comprehension

>> No.73111587

>"haha half of all space marines were female all along! you just couldn't tell!"
that would be fun, but the less leverage is offered to those brainwashed maniacs the better.

>> No.73111591

>Not even the imperium is that cruel.

The Imperium lobotomizes and mutilates its population to make them flesh-robots and works them to death.

>> No.73111596

Why do Taufaggots ruin everything?

>> No.73111597

Don't lie. They weren't mindcontrol chips. They were knowledge chips that allowed the commanders to tap into Puretides knowledge.

Even Farsight in the presence of Ethereals resisted their influence. He and his men worked against Ethereal politics while inside the Empire. So you trying to make it out like it's total control is false. The T'au have their own opinions and thoughts. HECK, Farsight's home sept still honour Farsight despite the will of the Etherreals.

This goes for you as well >>73111438

Nah. This is called out by Lukas the Trickster. He says that the Space Wolves keeping the Fenris people in a primitive state is just cruelty. And the thinking that it creates stronger men is false since marines spawned from civilised worlds like Ultramarines are not lesser than wolves.

>> No.73111617

Should Tyranids get anything new in 9th? What should they get?

>> No.73111625

I'm baked, should I go base more of my havocs?

>> No.73111627

>And the thinking that it creates stronger men is false since marines spawned from civilised worlds like Ultramarines are not lesser than wolves.
Sounds like something a milkdrinking sop would say.

>> No.73111633

because insufferable imperiumfags aren't capable of staying in their niche and themes

>> No.73111639

You can do an all over that is faster and less dimming with an oil wash.

>> No.73111641

Thanks boss.
Yeah, I figure it won’t be the most effective, but hey, not everyone can be a chaos champion eh? ;-)
Hope you’re happy.
Feel free to change your ways.

>> No.73111645

An Ethereals has to exert his influence to get him to do that. Aun'Va in fact has to train and augment himself with technology to get this result. Despite this Farsight resisted him during the questioning. The Ethereal control is not absolute even in their presence. So no they are not brain controlled. Individual T'au have their own opinions and thoughts that's why they saw Farsight getting popular as dangerous. That's why Farsight worship is still a thing in his own sept.

>> No.73111648

They should get blasted off the table lmao.

>> No.73111656

>What should they get?

>> No.73111663

Hellhound's inferno cannon used to have some funky rules to it.

>> No.73111674

Mephiston red haaha just kidding that is actually a red paint you dumb colorblind bitch

>> No.73111683

You do realize that just because mind control is not absolute doesn't mean that it's not there, or that it's not mind control. Generally mind control is depicted as slowly manipulating people towards your own goals, rather than being an instant thing, until you've completely convinced someone to give in where it's rare, but not impossible, to break out of mind control in extreme circumstances.

>> No.73111686

>that allowed the commanders to tap into Puretides knowledge
By overwriting the original persona. Don't leave out that little detail.

>Ultramarines are not lesser than wolves

Sounds like he's had a bit too much to drink. If they were THAT good, Cato Sicarius and his single-handed domination of the Tau Empire would have wrapped up before he coincidently had to go back home to deal with Tyranids.

>> No.73111690

They shall be my femarines and they shall wear power sailor uniforms

>> No.73111691

>Ultramarines are not lesser than Wolves.

And who's ever question a man called "Trickster"?

>> No.73111695

>What you fucking saying
A shit ton of recruits die every year even before being initiated and that’s outside of the chapters that subject them to purity tests beyond their compatibility with the geneseed.

>Based on the fact that chapters have been working on lowering the attrition rate of their neophytes to pump out as many brothers as they can and the idea of having to work with some new shitty version of that for women when it's just redundant is pointless
You’re assuming a female space marine would be any worse than a male one because? Also you’re arguing against lowering the attrition rate while saying space marines want to lower the attrition rate

>Then you factor in the fact that men are much better suited for every single military application than women and that the
What’s the difference between a Vindicare Male Assassin and Female one?

Ok? You do know the Emperor didn’t do everything by himself right? He literally subjugated, conquered, and pillaged people and their knowledge or goaded them into working for him with shitty deals. It is not impossible to make a geneseed compatible with females in this setting

>And then then the purest gene-seed, for the Dark Angels, Fists, and Smurfs, KILLS NEOPHYTES ENOUGH ALREADY
Sounds like they would do things to address high attrition rates among initiates

>And you think it's a good idea to jerry rig some retarded method for making this work on women
I really don’t care honestly I’m bored Waiting for a delivery and your arguments are just really bad

>> No.73111709

I’m new to 40k can someone name every dude in this picture so I can look them up.

>> No.73111710

Both of their curses transcend genetics this objective

>> No.73111716

>It is not impossible to make a geneseed compatible with females in this setting

There is no basis to be able to say this, as it has never been done, and there is no Femperor to base it on.

But that ignore the greater problem that capituating to the sort of "people" who demand female space marines is invariably a mistake.

>> No.73111718

t. lorelet

>> No.73111720

They should get plastic models to replace their resin ones.

>> No.73111734

why not anon?

>> No.73111736

It kills or at the very least, heavily damages anything you point it at, even vehicles because of the MWs and sheer volume of fire.

>> No.73111741

It's there but it's not widespread or absolute. An Ethereal has to WALK to you in order to influence you. Even then he might not get you to change your mind. Heck, the T'au are ruled by councils of people made from T'au and non-T'au. Where everyone gives a voice. So presenting them as brainwashed zombies unable of making moral actions is false.

A t'au person because of his inclusive and progressive upbringing is more likely to turn up a good person. Which is why they have an abundance of good people. And that's not necessarily a good thing in 40K since being a good guy means that you will get fucked.

>> No.73111755

>glancing hits and penetrating hits
I miss them.

>> No.73111757

it's just the traitor primarchs. from top to bottom;

Magnus & Alpharius/Omegon
Perturabo & Mortarion
Curze & Alpharius/Omegon
Fulgrim & Horus

>> No.73111770

Serious question - has anyone actually managed to sit through the Farsight books? I had to stop when he managed to kill a Voidship with a battlesuit the size of a fucking starfighter drop-tank because apparently this is fucking Wing Gundam now.

>> No.73111780

I wish necrons had gundams...

>> No.73111789

>By overwriting the original persona. Don't leave out that little detail.

It doesn't override the personality since Farsight's comrade came back from it.

Literally called the greatest of them all with the most victories and glories.

His shtick is talking truth to power and challenge the Space Wolves on their ways.

He is called a Trickster because he likes to pull pranks.

>> No.73111793

>They miss the too

>> No.73111798

Only the most degenerate Tau enjoy that shit.

>> No.73111801

>Where everyone gives a voice
Like the Vespids and their remote-control comunion helms? Seems like a useful tool for the Ethereals to defang those councils.

>Ethereal has to WALK to you in order to influence you
>councils of people

So are these held exclusively by teleconference?

>> No.73111822

>He is called a Trickster because he likes to pull pranks.

Such as talking shit about the chapter.

>> No.73111825


>> No.73111828

>inclusive and progressive upbringing
>Good person

This is how you identify someone who has nothing of value to offer this conversation, or the world as a whole. Not a person, but a terminal for the received instructions of the Cathedral.

>> No.73111830

But no mind control and not exactly hiding it either like some evil tyrant

>> No.73111840

Don't worry, I hear you won't be missed.

>> No.73111847

>Like the Vespids and their remote-control comunion helms?
You know it's a rumour right? The Vespids are wilful enough to reject working alongside the Kroot. This doesn't imply control.

>So are these held exclusively by teleconference?
What does even mean?

>> No.73111849


Plastic Lictor, Biovore and Pyrovore.

Plastic Superheavy, NOT a Hierodule unless they dramatically redesign it, it's such a fucking snorefest of a monster.

>> No.73111868

>It's there but it's not widespread or absolute. An Ethereal has to WALK to you in order to influence you.
Recall the early introduction of ethereals, how they were not in immediate range when they pacified the Tau around the vicinity. So obviously the range is longer. On top of that, as mentioned with Far Sight, he has to keep extreme measures to limit/avoid exposure as much as possible, so obviously there's a certain aura of influence that wanes over certain distance.

>The T'au aren't mind controlled. This is evidenced by T'au disagreeing with Ethereals and even rebelling against them.
This, even with your comment, is now incorrect statement made earlier. So you can't say they are not mind controlled
Likewise, the use of chips is there regardless of how niche you want to argue they are.

> the T'au are ruled by councils of people made from T'au and non-T'au. Where everyone gives a voice. So presenting them as brainwashed zombies unable of making moral actions is false.
We are speaking of Tau, not everyone in Tau empire. That said we have precedents, such as indoctrination camps and chips, to show Tau themselves are not above mind controlling their allies.

>They are good because they are brainwashed to be good
Sounds like cultist propoganda to me, bro.

>> No.73111869

moldlines really fucking piss me off when im painting so i spend a decent bit of time cleaning them as best i can, if its for an infantry piece i maybe take 15-20 minutes, any more important or large a model ill take upwards of 30+ min

>> No.73111888

Actually, the Gladius video game has the Imperials secretly dumping mind altering chemicals and sexual suppressant drugs in the water supply of the hives to control people.

>> No.73111892

>T'au are ruled by councils of people made from T'au and non-T'au. Where everyone gives a voice.

And what happens when the non-Tau outnumber the Tau and want to do something the Tau or the Ethereals don't like?

>a good person

Who has the moral high ground from which to nuke everyone that doesn't want to join their little paradise.

>> No.73111909

"Hey, let's be progressive and inclusive and make female marines!"
"What do you mean the knotted dog dicks on our Majoris Interasser Marines on Wh33lchairs are too big?"

>> No.73111940

>Most moral of all the factions in the Galaxy
Farsight Enclaves
>Pretty Moral, although have flaws
Craftworld Eldar
>Do evil somewhat often, although it is seen as necessary to reach a better end outcome
>Evil as often as they are good, although with potential to redeem their current system and change for the better
>Mustache Twirling Villains
Genestealer Cults
Alpha Legion

>> No.73111945

do you honestly think thats progression there

>> No.73111948

>Recall the early introduction of ethereals, how they were not in immediate range when they pacified the Tau around the vicinity.

Wrong. That's not what happened. The Ethereals pacified the guys that came close to them and then the leaders of the city.

Later it was noted that the Ethereals had a harder time convincing the savanna tribe.

>as mentioned with Far Sight, he has to keep extreme measures to limit/avoid exposure as much as possible, so obviously there's a certain aura of influence that wanes over certain distance.

That's not what happened. Farsight resists them and even argues with them based on his willpower.

>So you can't say they are not mind controlled

They are not mind controlled. A T'au person is free to decide his own course of action. Most of them are pretty morale about it.

>We are speaking of Tau, not everyone in Tau empire. That said we have precedents, such as indoctrination camps and chips, to show Tau themselves are not above mind controlling their allies.


>Sounds like cultist propoganda to me, bro.

Teach a guy not to murder people and everyone desrves a chance is not propaganda it's the golden rule.

>> No.73111959

Bros I need help choosing my first army. NLs are my favorite for their fluff but I think IW are more my playstyle. The IW lore is kinda cool but i'm more of an edge lord than a bitter autist.

>> No.73111968

termagants sprue update, like the one given to warriors, just to reintroduce the other weapon options
>spike rifles

>plastic lictor kit, makes either a normal one, deathleaper, or a new variant of lictor, all about mind-control; the normal lictor gets to choose between its old loadout or a new set of heavier limbs that make it a tank-opener (a redesign of the grabber-slasher)

>biovore/pyrovore plastic kit

>hierodule plastic redesign (more similar to the epic model): choice of talons, bio-cannons or grabbing claws for the forelimbs, acid-cannon, spore-cluster or psychic symbionte riding on the carapace; tentacles, bio-plasma or distended jaws for the face

>> No.73111975

The difference in playstyle between the two with the current CSM codex and supplements is minor, t b h. Go with the one you like the fluff and look of more.

>> No.73111978

Very stupid post. GW can't sell knotted dicks to Timmy.

>> No.73112007


The T'au were never join or die. That's the Necrons.

The T'au are join or you will be made to join. Which makes them better than die or just die of the Imperium.

>And what happens when the non-Tau outnumber the Tau

As long as the T'au keep expansing we will never know. The greatest need the T'au have right now is for massive alien populations to be assimilated into their core worlds to fuel their industry and economy

>> No.73112012


>> No.73112016

>do you honestly think
No, they don't think at all

>> No.73112045

You are a disingenuous person and I shall not argue with you any longer because you straight up mention people mind controlled in same sentence as claiming there's no mind control. Likewise you call information irrelevant, or pretend the context is different, when information like >>73111892 exists.
Lastly you're straight up changing the lore to what's convenient to you. We are done.

I don't believe you're being purposely disingenuous, but you obviously have a some kind of mental gymnastic that you're jumping through.

>> No.73112049

Worse? I never said that, but it is true anyways
ASSASSINS and SPACE MARINES are different. Vindicares are ASSASSINS you idiot

>hurrr dudrrr emperor bad so female marines good
You're retarded.
>women would fix attrition rates
God I hate you spergs, you sit there repeating yourselves like broken records with autism with your thumbs up your ass while imagining it's your boyfriend's cock you fucking faggot shut up

>I don't care
>I'm bored Waiting for a delivery
>your arguments are bad
You have zero reading comprehension, your brain matter is literally dripping from your ears, and your grasp on reality is fucking tenuous
I've written fucking walls of text explaining why this is stupid and you refuse to even read them, you just vomit out the same horseshit again and again

I'll make it very easy for you to understand this.
>Making gene-seed for women is pointless
There isn't a need for women to be recruited as there is more than enough men to fit the bill.
Recruitment has always hung on the amount of gene-seed available.
There will always be enough male recruits to fit the gene-seed bill.
Making female gene-seed doesn't make sense because of the inherent difficulties in creating it and the lack of a need for it

Attrition won't change and adding females to the pool won't do anything you fucking mong. You can't just synthesize female gene-seed out of thin air, it'd have to come from dead female marines just like how male marine gene-seed comes along.
There's no point in creating female gene-seed, all you'd be doing implying you succeeded is getting a couple new marines per whatever chapter accepts this, not nearly enough to excuse the research and development cost for female marines, let alone the inevitable problems that'd spawn from using this new fucked up gene-seed

>> No.73112058

>The T'au were never join or die.
>The thing about the Great Good is that it is, in the long term, as inflexible and authoritarian as the Imperial Creed or the all-consuming Tyranids. It still comes down to the Greater Good or Death (tm).

>> No.73112068

These guys are the twirlest of mustache twilers.

>> No.73112069

>do not want to join
>accidentally get infected with a virus that Tau are inmune
At least the Imperium has the decency of killing you in an honest way

>> No.73112082

That is actually the correct answer here, sub 0 IQ at work there

>> No.73112086

Urge to make purple marines rising

>> No.73112110

>The T'au were never join or die.

Yeah, I suppose quotes from three different editions saying exactly that doesn't count. Silly me using the lore itself as evidence.

>> No.73112122

Not that guy but the Stormcast Dracolines have sculpted cock sheathes.

>> No.73112125

>60$ for 5 Pterxii

God dam, I actually really like the models, especially the Sterylizors, but holy hell, are they fucking expensive. I just can't bring myself to buy them for that much money.

>> No.73112127

I mean, When the lore changes happened,,, D'uh. Before it was 'we will keep killing until they know submission' before now where it is 'Greater Good or Die'

If you rat on your neighbours and tear down the status quo, The new status quo will put you back where you are but now you serve another kind of 'Golden Throne' called 'The Greater Good'

>> No.73112130

That's incorrect since see the excerpt I posted.

Fuck off, you loser and good riddance. Ethereal can exert influnce on the T'au but they have get in close and it wears off the moment they are not in the same room.

How the fuck does this have to do with a T'au person for example deciding to risk his life to save a human that he doesn't know based solely on his upbringing that all life is sacred?

The presenting that all T'au are mind controlled zombies with no moral agency is demonstrable false.


Which are nit mind control.

>> No.73112133

So I tried out the new 44x60 board size in a game today. Obviously we were otherwise playing with 8th rules, but I have some thoughts.

>Game was 1500 pts, melee Sisters list vs Cadian guard list featuring 3 basilisks and 3 tank commanders
>We deployed 12" from the centerline of the board like you do in the new missions so it was still 24" between our deployment zones
>Less backfield to cover meant my Sisters had an easier time reaching and charging the enemy Basilisks, and since he'd backed into a corner to stay far away from me, I was able to lock him up and keep his basilisks from ever falling back the whole game
>Since he only had 1 heavy bolter each and you can't point blank blasts, I would've been relatively safe from point blank shots from the basilisks as well, meaning I probably would've still shut them down in 9th
>The smaller backfield made it impossible to find anywhere to drop my Seraphim and Zephyrim in the enemy's rear, so I put them in the midfield. Maybe the 'stay the fuck back' distance will be smaller in 9th, but if it isn't, deep striking might not be too good.
>Unrelated to everything else, but a Bloody Rose canoness with the relic chainsword killed 7 guardsmen on her own in a single fight.

>> No.73112146


>> No.73112157

they look cool anon

>> No.73112167

>He think being mind controlled is same as being a mindless zombie
hello retard
>False equivalence is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone incorrectly asserts that two or more things are equivalent, simply because they share some characteristics, despite the fact that there are also notable differences between them.

>> No.73112168

Just buy a ruststalker box and some jump pack/flamer bits from eBay. Easy as fuck conversion.

>> No.73112169

>That's the Necrons.
Wut. Necrons are just "We wake. Now u die"
There is no joining Necrons.

>> No.73112188

That's some internet dudes that invented. The T'au never wipe out races that they can assimilate.

The Nisccar or whatever they were called the Space flat polar bears were assimilated into the empire after they were beaten in war. And this is the case for many races. The 6th ED codex underlines how the T'au go about this by crippling a world and then forcefully assimilating it. The T'au want other races their empire. Genocide is the last thing on their mind.

HECK, the lore says that they spend a long time trying to assimilate the Orks before they gave up. This is not a race that's join or die. It's join or we will force you to join.

>> No.73112191

Some minor dynasties and sub-dynasties are known to subjugate worlds, but the main dynasty (that makes up vast majority) and most of the minor ones is what you describe.

>> No.73112204

If you are not gonna join the AlphaLegionCHADS, then look at this
and see that the Nightlords look pretty neat and you can do some amazing kitbashes with them(The amount of stuff you can do with just the Black Knights kit from Fantasy is pretty cool). Also if you REALLY want to you can paint them as nightlords and use IW rules if you like them more, but I like to paint my models to be the same as the rules im using.

>> No.73112229

What makes IW or CSM at all your playstyle over others in general? What Playstyle do you enjoy?

>> No.73112232

I play space wolves. How would I make them still fit in with wolves but be purple?

>> No.73112239

If you're still around you can make a coherent force out of just that. Basically the militia are your R&H with the mutants and the ogryns. You can summon in the daemons with your characters

>> No.73112246

Night Lords are cool as fuck, but I can't do lightning.

>> No.73112261

Why the FUCK are the new Admech units so fucking expensive? They look really cool but holy hell.

>> No.73112262

You certainly think it is because saying that the T'au are all brain controlled is false. Since they are not. ALL the T'au except the guys in the immediate presence of the Ethereals are free thinking individuals with their own sense of morality. And plenty of them are good people. Ergo, what Phil said is correct.

Refer to the Sautekh Dynasty and Imotekh. The Sautekh rules 500 alien worlds and Imotekh has been quoted to allow aliens in his empire as long as they bend the knee.

>> No.73112267

cover them in a shitload of gore then
no need for lightning, plus they look scary

>> No.73112269

He did take two plasma blasts from a warhound titan though..

>> No.73112270

>That's incorrect since see the excerpt I posted.
the excerpt you posted says that assimilation is preferred to extermination.

in the end if the opponent can't or doesn't want to join the greater good, it's death.

>> No.73112284

I already ordered the NL conversion kits from GW, like 3 of them

>> No.73112292

>but I can't do lightning.
You will never be able to unless you try, although I do understand where you are coming from it seems hard but it really is not desu here are some guides on it


>> No.73112303

Well it was covered entirely in a brown wash. Maybe i dont slop on as much as others

>> No.73112306

Wait a fucking sec...thats good..damn it.

>> No.73112309

I'm more of a defensive kind of player and that seems more of a IW thing compared to NL, unless I start running away or something.

>> No.73112324

>tfw thought about doing a lightning affect for loyalist custom chapter

>> No.73112327

Is there a difference in the quality of the body of a Lord compared to an Overlord, or do they simply differ in rank? Were all nobles, apart from Szarekh of course, given similar bodies?

>> No.73112343

>That's some internet dudes that invented.

And put it into the codexes:
>dragged to the negotiating table under threat of annihilation. Those that remained openly defiant face obliteration under the orbital guns of the Air caste fleet.
>in some cases, wars of annihilation were inevitable.

>> No.73112347

But what makes you want to play CSM when other factions might fit that Defensive style better? Do you just think CSM also look really cool(Which I agree with)?

>> No.73112351

Tip for the gore: Paint in Mephiston Red, then Blood For The Blood God. BFTBG over blue just looks black.

>> No.73112366

Anon, don't bother. The guy practices mental gymnastics, only accepting facts that he likes while ignoring ones he doesn't. He agreed there's mind control in the exact same sentence that he claims "there is none."
There's no winning here, he's remain willfully ignorant and will argue till death despite being proven wrong.

>> No.73112374

>tfw kinda feel like starting a sw army

>> No.73112386

Oh man I remember this. Used to run 3 in 3rd edition. Back then the inferno canon also forced whatever unit it fired on to fall back it was purpose built to protect your lines from melee (which was a big deal at the time) than it would explode in their face. Best 75 points I ever spent.

>> No.73112387

Go ahead and do it then!

>> No.73112389

They look cool and have awesome fluff

>> No.73112399

That's stupid in how you reverse thing. The greatest of the awakened dynasties the Sautekh and even the Silent King are big on turning the lesser races to vassals.

extermination or death are not mentioned. In fact, it has them indoctrinating vanquished enemies into being citizens. There are only TWO races beyond the touch of the Greater Good. The Tyranids and Orks. The rest of the races are spared and assimilated.

>> No.73112453

Don't have to keep a record of aliens you've exterminated if you wipe them from history.

>> No.73112468

>>in some cases, wars of annihilation were inevitable.

Like the case of Orks, Tyranids, and other hostile races that are impossible to assimilate?

>do not want to join
That's fail on your part since that a race willingly joined before the illness got them. And how do you know the T'au did it?

Can we blame the European colonialists for bringing small pox to he Americas that killed most of the Natives?

>> No.73112481

Big brain idea, so you guys know how blacks are a majority now and the world is on mega overpopulation mode, it struck me that the imperium is the same as white people, they somehow think they are the majority cause there’s billions of them in gorillions of planets but they are the smallest faction on warhammer right now, except for tau but fuck tau lmao

>> No.73112501

Are Genestealers fun? Their vehicles look cool

>> No.73112517

Somehow every single thing you wrote is wrong, im impressed.

>> No.73112531

I like the new direction strokeposting is taking.

>> No.73112534

Nah. The Imperial are the largest faction and is said to have the largest army in the galaxy. Furthermore, the total numbers of Necrons (sleeping or awake) in the galaxy are the same as mankind.

Aeldari are dying. Orks are numerous but we don't know how much of them are around. Tyranids don't count.

>> No.73112541

Maybe you are too stupid to understand macro socialsm

>> No.73112548

They're fun to model and have neat rules, but I worry they're gonna get fucked over by 9th ed. Hold off till then to see how things land

>> No.73112552

Stop responding to bait you double menials.

>> No.73112585

Quick someone review the story of Engine War. Was it good?

>> No.73112587

Right nobody is crazy pay that much for a gsc army

>> No.73112611

>Like the case of Orks, Tyranids, and other hostile races that are impossible to assimilate?
enough cases to confirm they have a "greater good or death (tm)" philosophy

the tau want to expand, leaving alien races that don't want to join be on their own is not an option, it's war or greater good until nothing esle remains

>> No.73112625

>can no longer find possessed on eBay
>only wanted the box for wings, arms, and shoulders anyway
Is this chaos telling me not to waste my money?

>> No.73112635


>> No.73112651


This is chaos telling you to consider a bits seller

>> No.73112684

Do vehicles die more or less quickly now with wounds than they did with armour?

>> No.73112699

The only bits I could find on ebay were the shoulders, so maybe I should just buy them as they spring up desu.

>> No.73112723

there was a story?

>> No.73112726

It's not since the T'au assimilate all races except the extreme cases like the Tyranids and Orks.

Like I said they spent a long time trying to get the Orks to join. They assimilate humans into their empire despite all the difficulties and dangers that come with including a troublesome race prone to rebellion. They could wipe humans out and settle races that are more friendly but they continue to try with mankind.

Genocide is abhorrent to the T'au and that's why the actions of the Fourth Sphere are described to have haunted the T'au High Command.

>> No.73112734


Go to a fucking bits seller site rather than ebay, it aint rocket science

>> No.73112747

Why not?

>> No.73112774

Less quickly with equal firepower, but faster since firepower increased in this edition.

>> No.73112781

Ive never used one before, got any recommendations?

>> No.73112792

Yes. It was an unambiguous Imperium loss, for once.

>> No.73112816

Any Skitarii would feel Morale loss after seeing Dragons fucking cars.

>> No.73112828

Chaos possessed just had a $price hike while they've also become one of the powerful units in CSM, it's just supply and demand at the moment.

>> No.73112840

Well, they did destroy the demon torture chamber that was supposed to slingshot a Warp storm into Terra. Still lost a shitton of knights and Admech forces, plus four greater daemons are back on their bullshit, so it's not a total victory.

>> No.73112864

>slingshot a Warp storm into Terra
it feel like terra is being invaded every other day nowadays it's like new york in the superhero comics

>> No.73112912

It's the most valuable target. You take out Terra - all of Imperium crumbles. If you can shoot a Warp storm at a planet and distance is not an issue, then aiming for Terra makes sense.

>> No.73112956

>your expensive tank gets shot by a retard with an 18 point gun
>your opponent rolls two sixes
>screams and claps like a retard because Explodes!
Nah, get fucked.

>> No.73112962

You take out terra and reality implodes

>> No.73112970

not every single fucking story has to be about it though

>> No.73112978

Or new York the last two weeks.

>> No.73113000

spiritstone red over a light metallic

>> No.73113011

I mean. It's earth.
Nobody cares about a random tau world getting buttfucked.

>> No.73113025

Terra's been mentioned maybe three times the entire Psychic Awakening, most of which were offhand or "we have to hold this place or else Terra will be in danger" as a strategic concern. Wasn't the focus in any of seven books

>> No.73113033

>meanwhile, lasguns can kill landraiders and knights
>this is perfectly fine

>> No.73113068

you make them care by establishing it and making the readers invested in the world and the characters fighting for it over the course of the story making the story be about the end of the galaxy if a world isn't taken with little regard given to the world itself is just a lazy way to set up stakes

>> No.73113081

the chance of that is so absurdly unlikely that it would never happen in a million years

>> No.73113129

I'd take "literally has never happened" over watching all my transports and vehicles get blown up and immobilized because the damage tables are retarded

>> No.73113137

Vehicles being outright immune to small arms fire is bad design because you create a scenario where one side can end up literally unable to do anything against the other. Allowing at least some damage to be done, but keeping it very unlikely is better. Fielding enough lasguns to whittle down a knight is not a viable strategy anyway. Specialist weapons will always be better at handling specialist threats.

>> No.73113198

I also like the idea that infantry if unable to lock up vehicles in combat could plant a grenade on them with advantage

>> No.73113251

>space wolves
Sorry to hear that anon
Loyalist no clue, don't think you could really pull that off. Some dumb lore about them being a space wolf company that had some warp issues and popped up at a later date and then started their own thing or something dumb like that


Chaos wolves with a sort of corrupt Varangian-Praetorian theme
You just gotta be creative anon

>> No.73113284

So if I take a Venomcrawler as Creations of Bile, then its cannons are Base S9 at top bracket.

>> No.73113318

Chain weapons. Power weapons usually just look like regular ass weapons, maybe with some wires and shit tacked on.

>> No.73113347

this shit right here

it was fine for vehicles potentially to have incredible resilience (hell you ignored 1/3 of the damage results with extra armor or daemonic possession) when there was only 1 or 2 of them in a 1500 list. It would be utter dogshit to do that now with the parking lots we see

>> No.73113365

My guys are successor white scars. Maybe you can do purple and add some areas of armor to be the same space wolf grey sort of like I'm doing with white.
Maybe something as simple as everyone's helmet. Yellow also works well with purple, so maybe you could do the space wolf yellow shoulder pads with purple armor everywhere else.

>> No.73113402

Why not fite them then determine if they’re worthy to join?

>> No.73113461

Can stick a herald/GP next to it for S10 then?

>> No.73113471

so the creations of bile this "new way to play chaos" is just +1 str and +1move eh

>> No.73113502

Toast models?

Also, how would I know which Dynasty I'd like best based on their code? Is there a "when in doubt pick Sautekh" type thing?
T. Never played 40k but want to play crons

>> No.73113536

You don't need any qualifications to be a meat shield

>> No.73113540


>> No.73113542

read their codex and pick the one you think is the coolest, gameplay is secondary
hell, you can run your boys with another dynasty's rules, most people won't care

>> No.73113548

are we really gonna take this sitting down?

>> No.73113552

>Legion Trait
>Characters, Infantry, Biker, or Helbrutes
I'm sorry anon, but this is 40k and you aren't imperial.

>> No.73113558


>> No.73113562

I mean if you mean code as in code of honor, Sautekh has Nemessor Zandrekh and Imhotekh the stormlord, both of which exercise an honor-thy-enemy thing. Zandrekh is moreso legitimate respect for enemies, Imhotekh is more "Youre clearly outmatched, so Ill cut off your hand and let you return when youre stronger"

>> No.73113588

I like it, good job.
Glad you went with white visors, they do help break the monotony.

>> No.73113592

We'll have to see what the rest of the strats/relics do, but yes, looks that way.

>> No.73113603

All the codes are mediocre outside sautekh and sautekh just got made obsolete by the revealed 9th rules. Paint your necrons however because no-one knows what they look like anyways.

>> No.73113623


Woofs have successor chapters now, go hog wild. Varangian guard theme eould be baller.

>> No.73113639

Thanks. It was a good suggestion from whoever made it. I plan on throwing the occasional yellow one in

>> No.73113677

But the Guard doesn’t just accept anyone.

>> No.73113686

Conscripts can be pretty much any breathing person

>> No.73113700

guard tithe actually have to be of an acceptable quality or else the lord governor will be summarily executed for dereliction of duty. PDF are the shitter infantry.

>> No.73113710

Just getting into Warhammer after playing the dawn of war games and space marine.
I bought some Ork stuff off of my friend and now how a dakka jet, lootas, a truck, 10 gretchin and boss snikrot.
What should I look at getting next?

>> No.73113719

There's always the option of cozy deals with the tithe collection agents.

Remember, the Imperium's corruption goes all the way up

>> No.73113720

do you guys think royal courts are going to be a mechanic in 9th? I really want to write backstories for my Overlord and his buddies, but I'd probably only be using half of them at any one time.

>> No.73113728

Space marines

>> No.73113729


>> No.73113747

Yes. Conscripts. Part of the guard. The part of the guard where they will take anyone

>> No.73113760

Probably should just build and paint what you want until 9th edition comes out. also I hear you need lots of Boyz

>> No.73113776

You don't have to, it depends on the klan. Some favor boy hordes, some don't care.

>> No.73113816

Would a Grey Knight ever serve in the Deathwatch? Perhaps as a Black Shield for atonement purposes?

>> No.73113829

Yeah, and when the shitty troops do not pass the muster, there's going to be investigations. Remember, picked up regiments receive extra training after joining the Guard and get attached commissars and other such advisers who are sure to make note of the poor quality of troops. So it's very clear where the problem lies and if there's one thing the Imperium does not tolerate, it's people not doing what they're suppose to be doing. Even governors can get summary executed if the transgression is big enough.

>> No.73113831

Is college ball part of Space Mariner training?

>> No.73113839


>> No.73113846

Do you have any klan/list in mind? Goff or Evil Sunz boys spamming is going to work different to a Deathskull dread mob

>> No.73113852


>> No.73113860

Depends on the planet. Some take the tithe seriously and send out the best troops they can muster, some shirk it to some degree sending out hive hangers or other undesirables because the planetary governor is corrupted by ambition, greed, xenos or chaos influence into plans of seccession.

>> No.73113880

Nope. GK's existence is supposed to be a secret. A disgraced grey knight will not be let out of the chapter's eyesight.

>> No.73113881

turns out I was wrong about legion trait. So it can get to a MAX of S10 with both a GP and a herald.

>> No.73113892

still pretty good, and S9 is a enough a lot of the time

>> No.73113897

Ah I wasn't aware. I'm not to familiar with orkz I'm afraid.

>> No.73113898

Depends on the chapter. Some play by street rules. Others, like Dark Angels, are down for any kind of ball play with their brothers

>> No.73113904

Conscripts are raised when the need for troops is dire. It is not standard thing and thus do not adhere to the normal regulations regarding Guardsmen. Claiming that because during emergencies normal regulations can be ignore that those regulations don't exist is dumb.

>> No.73113908

I am going to try ruin fang silver for my Thousand Suns, wish me luck!

>> No.73113917

Not in the Deathwatch, but with the Deathwatch if you believe the FFG rpg

>> No.73113929

What's with the head on the heavy bolter sister?

>> No.73113951


>> No.73113955

Some planets have only raised conscripts, and everywhere is in a state of emergency all the time. Even cadians use conscripts, the Whiteshields. It's just another type of regiment, like a penal regiment. The guard will take anybody

>> No.73113971

you act as though Penal Legions and the Savlar Chemdogs (regiments who get most of their gear from looting battlefields or stealing from other regiments) aren't something that have been a thing for about as long as the Imperial Guard has existed

>> No.73113974

It's a modified escher head, angle doesn't show the face

>> No.73113986

So would it be unrealistic to see a Grey Knight alongside a Death Watch kill team?

>> No.73113988

She has a mask covering her lower face. Her eyes are hidden behind her hair.
Hair reminds me of corrupted Avacyn from MTG, what that an inspiration?

>> No.73113992

Most people aren't.
But that's fine, don't worry too much about it. Just try different things and see what works for you in your local meta. Mine is very casual, so it's easy to run silly garbage like Stompa, while some people are surrounded by WAACfags and thus they have to squeeze out every bit of advantage.

>> No.73113994

I wish Baldermort got a job at the BL, his personal lore stories have me more captivated than most of the recent work, plus he keeps politics out of the game. Warhammer is a place to have fun, relax, and make new friends.

>> No.73113998

conscripts are not considered to be part of the guard they are just whoever is nearby given guns when the imperials desperately need manpower

>> No.73114014

Not completely, but the Death Watch is the military branch of the Ordo Xenos, while the Grey Knights work for the Ordo Malleus.
So the DW hunts aliens, GK deals with daemons. If those two interests intersect, they could find themselves working alongside each other.

>> No.73114025

no but they join the navy instead
penal regiments are a different thing from the rest of the guard

>> No.73114036

Wrong. Militia like the Ecclesiarchy has is not part of the guard. Conscripts are part of the guard. See Fifteen Hours if you need a whole book about it.

>> No.73114050

>Some planets have only raised conscripts

Such as?

>Even cadians use conscripts, the Whiteshields.

Whiteshield is not Cadian only thing. And you'd imagine a world literally at the gates of Hell, where you're trained to strip a lasgun before anything else, would have strong military culture and at times a need for extra recruitment.

>The guard will take anybody

So what's the point of stating edition after edition that if the quality of recruits is not sufficient, the governor might get blammed?

>> No.73114058

They can work together on very rare occasions but the deathwatch troops will likely be mind wiped to some degree or bound to oaths of secrecy.

>> No.73114061

They aren't. They're just part of the guard. Just like DKoK is part of the guard and the Tanith first and only is part of the guard. It's all guard

>> No.73114072

>35 paladins
wish me luck

>> No.73114082

>and librarian, fuck
very curious to see how the DS rules fuck me or not

>> No.73114092

>35 paladins
Rule of 3. Shouldn't you only be able to field 30?

>> No.73114106

Abhumans, mutants, and alien mercs are also part of the Guard, so I guess the Imperium is an equal opportunity employer now.

>> No.73114109

that changes on a by book basis

>> No.73114111

No Cheeto dust in blanchitsu?
Missed op

>> No.73114117

Imperium has always been an equal opportunity employer, lorelet.

>> No.73114120

I've only just now realized that this boy is the guy who crashed the Phalanx into the Will of Eternity BSF.

>> No.73114133

testing out ninth changes so decided not to use rule of 3, just seeing what does and doesn't change for balance

>> No.73114137

older edition codices have also talked about how feral worlds that aren't technologically advanced past bows and arrows will also raise regiments of warriors to fight on battlefields while riding around on horses and swinging swords and hiveworlds will press-gang gangers will autopistols and shivs to send off. while Cadia and it's guardsmen are the standard to which other planets are based off of and it's great to get competent soldiers, you will find that the guard will take anyone they can

>> No.73114142

how new are you

>> No.73114148

>Such as?
Jumael IV which raised a regiment of conscripts and sent them out into the galaxy before later getting bodied by orks.

>So what's the point of stating edition after edition that if the quality of recruits is not sufficient, the governor might get blammed?
Are you retarded or something? Are we really going to have to pull teeth on this because you have an overly literal interpretation of a line? The guard in previous editions would sometimes strap suicide vests to a guy and send him in. T
Other places are like Catachan and hate comissars and rules. DKoK will die as soon as they get the chance. They're all guard. Conscripts are guard, penal legions are guard. Just because they have a general standard, they aren't picky in the face of endless meatgrinder wars

>> No.73114156

>he's so dedicated to punching that he'll punch you with his ship

>> No.73114158

Been doing some hunting, and haven't had any luck elsewhere, so worth a shot - anybody here happen to have the files for the 40k Century Man 3d printed Centurion that GW had pulled off the web? Working on some weird kitbash prototypes, and I'd rather not spend a small fortune trying to get a couple of sets of Centurion legs.

>> No.73114163

Ratlings and ogryns have been around since RT

>> No.73114165

He's pretty cool, has a great model.

>> No.73114181

Abhumans and mutants have always fought in the guard. Squats would literally deploy in regiment strength before nids got to them, Ogryns and Ratlings are usually just mixed in with normal regiments by individual squads

>> No.73114197

Depends. GK just hanging out with DW? No. Teaming up to hunt chaos xenos? Maybe. A conclave of ordo hereticus, xenos, and malleus all teaming up to power fuck some poor bastard with all the might of the inquisition? That'd be pretty sweet

>> No.73114201

>10 different 2 MW smites
Nice but you need someway to deliver the half that can't deep strike

>> No.73114217

He also beats the shit out of some Minotaurs on Terra, dude actually gets around

>> No.73114238

Never played MTG, don't really know anything about it. I based my colors off the emerald herald from dark souls. At one point she gives you a feather that has a red tip and white base and I decided to use that flr hair and feathers on my models.

>> No.73114239

Perhaps Dark Angels?

>> No.73114258

Last I checked SoB is the militant chamber of hereticus

>> No.73114275

The imperium is less a singular entity and more of a large collective that sort of follows a central doctrine

>> No.73114332

Ah, there's a big-tiddied, goth angel who goes evil and grows red at the tips of her hair and wing feathers.

>> No.73114334

Should've mentioned but I'm starting with a kill team. I think using generic deathwatch armors is pretty boring in terms of modelling. So I was planning on grabbing some various chapter's models, and GK has always been my favorite looking, just trying to work out some fluffy justification.

>> No.73114337

Would people get upset if I slapped extra weapons on one of my HQ models, but I made it explicitly clear that they were only for show? I want my new necron lord to look like he has a tachyon arrow on his wrist.

>> No.73114347

Do you have a specific page or codex in mind?

>> No.73114351

I mean I think the only time it'd be relevant is in a wysiwyg tourny.

>> No.73114354

GK i think uses modified aquila armor. Just start pulling from other marks of armor

>> No.73114357

I wouldn't mind, but some people are autistically WYSIWYG, so I'd avoid tournaments with him.

>> No.73114368

5th ed codex I believe

>> No.73114392

Sounds good. If I ever debase myself by going to one of these tourneys, I'll just swap him out for one of my older Lords.

>> No.73114404

>Are we really going to have to pull teeth on this because you have an overly literal interpretation of a line?
I feel like this is how most 40k fluff discussions go.

>> No.73114405

GK use their own mark called the Aegis, which is a mix of Mk6 and Mk8 with their own stuff added to it.

>> No.73114431

Is there any way to get it without chapter markings? I could scrape it all off and try and redo it with appropriate markings but that seems like a good way to fuck up the model.

>> No.73114450

Whoops meant to reply to

>> No.73114459

I hope creations of bile lets you run godmarked units. S5/T5 Plague Marines sound fun.

>> No.73114461

>necrons haven't been on the cover of a white dwarf since 2018
c'mon, GW, give me a reason to buy one of those glossy magazines.

>> No.73114491

Doesn't World Eaters trait apply to non-Khorne units? I don't see why Creations wouldn't.

>> No.73114496

Pretty sure Plague Marines are locked to Death Guard aka can't be run with Bile

>> No.73114506

>Pretty sure Plague Marines are locked to Death Guard


>> No.73114526

do we have leaked lore if Bile made Chaos Prim Marines?

>> No.73114552

They describe creations of bile as "a new army". I don't think its going to be like how Black Legion is a subfaction of CSM, i think its going to be a slightly altered CSM army list, with certain things taken away or altered. Nothing that needs a new kit of course, but stuff like fallen that are "old kit, paint it differently".

>> No.73114563

no, anyone (thats not god locked) can run plague marines

>> No.73114571

No not at all. GKs would never let anyone use their armor that wasn't part of the chapter

If you want GKs with your DW just take a patrol detachment of them with your DW.

>> No.73114575

Makes you wonder why providing beastmen to the Guard is a forbidden, if everyone is welcome and beastmen do serve in the Guard.

>> No.73114592


>> No.73114603

Was that actually confirmed? I read that The Iron Warriors and Death Guard fought but the Iron Warriors started dying from Nurgle’s rot. If Perturabo was a daemon prince of Nurgle shouldn’t his marines also be in service of Nurgle

>> No.73114626

Lets say you take a chaos lord with the mark of tzeentch. Does every single marine in your army need to now serve tzeentch? Chaos Undivided is not the only time the forces of chaos work together.

>> No.73114638

because you get more bodies by not allowing them to fulfill your tithe but still taking them in anyway

>> No.73114671

But you already get as much bodies as you want. The tithe is an arbitrary number made up by some scribe somewhere and has no bearing on reality. They can take a handful of people from a hive world and bleed an agri world dry and declare them traitors for not providing more than 100% of their population to the war effort.

>> No.73114721

sure but once you let mutants count for the tithe you're only getting the worst of the worst

as is you get gangers and the lowest scum from your planet to fill the tithe but at least they're normal humans (probably) that can form and function fine. if you let in abhumans planets will start sending you every fucked up abomination and one-legged three-tentacled freak they can find that didn't somehow get killed already
set the bar low so you know it will be hurtled

>> No.73114728

Iron Warriors worship all the gods. Undivided forces worship them differently
>Black Legion
Worship of the gods for power to spread their influence. The largest warband with many camps that compete against each other
>Iron Warriors
Worship of the Gods to stuff Daemons into giant machines and wage temper tantrums. They can use others as Elites that are mostly from their own favoritism, but it's mostly vehicles.
>Word Bearers
Worship all of Chaos and would have some that act as Beserkers in Khorne's name or be into EC Sick beats but is all about the Word.
>Alpha Legion
Worship the Chaos Gods... or do they?
>Night Lords
Don't worship the Chaos Gods as much, but they are willing for any help to sow terror and fear and gain victory.

It isn't like they are special troops, any faction can make them if given the tools and the insanity their god gives them. Heck, Death Guard has fought the Death Guard because Mortarian and Typhus aren't buddies as they are competing

>> No.73114758

Meanwhile, in Codex: CSM:
>"Primarch Perturabo – reincarnated as a mighty Daemon Prince by the Ruinous Powers that guide him"

>> No.73114785

But Guard doesn't care, they'll take anyone. That's why they got conscripts and mutants and shit.

>> No.73114844

But they dont take in mutants and beasts, its the Guard not your mom.

>> No.73114864

that's kinda a meme, they still want the best soldiers they can get but due to raw scale will take whatever they can
just setting the standards to able-bodied fighting-age men is pitifully low standards to be inducted for a fighting force but enough that you can throw out billions and have them perform half-capable on the field

>> No.73114871

Shouldn't the lore in codices be considered the main fluff, since it's directly bundled with the rules that every player uses?
And all Black Library or other fluff be flavor where you pick and choose to make /yourdudes/ and not explicitly canon unless mentioned in a codex?

>> No.73114916


>> No.73114927

yes, black library stated multiple times to be the writer's interpretation, not the final say. the take GW used to use for lore is "everything is canon, not everything is true" and it's really the only good take

>> No.73114960

Wait is ADB the blue haired whale with the spaghetti-sounding name or Gav Thorpe?
What kind of "hard work" do game writers even do?

It really is.

>> No.73114988

What army is good?

>> No.73114998


>> No.73115009

ADB is the formerly based balding fatso that ruined the horus heresy over his own daddy issues

>> No.73115011

How do they play?

>> No.73115019

Any way you want them to.

>> No.73115031

That's pretty cool, what models should I get for them?

>> No.73115043

Space marines is the best army

>> No.73115051

He is also a huge hypocrite.
He went on long reddit rants about how blood ravens are absolutely not loyalist TS successors, because loyalists from traitor stock are "babby's first custom chapter". He then proceeded to create Shadow Wolves chapter, loyalist Luna Wolves successors for his wife.

>> No.73115055

I know, I was just wondering why the image was his name when it's just a shitty opinion and Gav Thorpe.

Go on the GW store for 40k and look at the models for each group. Pick the one you like the most and there's your models.

>> No.73115063

The ones you think look cool and would be enjoyable to build and paint.

>> No.73115119

Tier list?

Armies that fuck (only ones worth playing)
>GSC. Fuck all the time
>Dark Eldar. Fucked a chaos god into existence
>Slaanesh Daemons.

Factions that occasionally fuck (valid choice but subpar)
>Guard. Need to reproduce
>Tau. Need to reproduce
>Emperors Children if they figure out how to get their dongs to work fucking losers
>Eldar. Need to reproduce but are scared to touch their bodies
>Knights. Need to reproduc also they're aristocrats
>Space Wolves. Fuck before recruitment
>Dark Angels. Fuck each other
>Sisters of Battle. Only in to /ss/ and the Emperor

Factions that do not fuck (only pathetic faggots would even touch these models. Players will not look you in the eye)
>Custodes. Sworn boy toys of the emperor
>Sisters of Silence. Can't find anyone to fuck them
>Adeptus Mechanicus. Virgins to obsessed with their video games to fuck
>Space Marines. Dick doesn't work lol
>Chaos space marines. Dick doesn't work lol
>Necrons. Gave up their dongs becauae their gods told them to
>Orks. Don't even have dongs lol
>Tyranids. Don't have dongs lol
>Chaos daemons. Don't have dongs lol
>Inquisition. Haven't touched their dongs in 200 years

>> No.73115176

>chaos space marines dongs don't work lol
There was literally an entire war in the eye of terror that occured because the emperor's children ran out of slaves to rape.

>> No.73115189

Read the list again

>> No.73115195

Probably bad moons

>> No.73115224

I don't think it would matter even then, the arrow isn't even a wargear option.

>> No.73115232

Language isn't like that. Fluff is used to describe something, but those associations aren't made because of the word, but because of how they view the thing being described. I absolutely agree that fluff is important and deserves fair pay, but calling it something else won't change how people view it. Whether we call it fluff, lore, game vibe i dont know people who hate it hate the thing, not the word.

>> No.73115261

The First Heretic was good

>> No.73115284

First Heretic and Betrayer are good books, it's just unfortunate that the author went full retard

>> No.73115285

only if you have shit taste

>> No.73115319

I miss him.

>> No.73115335

this shit reads like a shadowrun character sheet.

>> No.73115349

that's stupid. to me, fluff is small bits and pieces, most often found in things like codices. Flavor text if you will. Lore is what's big chunks, entire stories, legends, etc, found in actual books or whatever. both can be used interchangeably, but if it isn't rules or mechanics, then honestly in a game with rules and mechanics, it will always inevitably play second fiddle, no matter how well its written or how much effort is put into it

>> No.73115353

>First Heretic
Imagine not liking Argel Tal, omegalol.

>> No.73115384

Can we get a NEW?

>> No.73115391

What has the author done that is bad? I've only read Betrayer and First Heretic. I have not gotten to Master of Mankind, is it that bad?

>> No.73115532


>> No.73115537

>Commissar please blam me.

>> No.73115556

Nothing 40kg is just full of contrarians

>> No.73115563

Okay secondary

>> No.73115571

How do I paint WB/SM in general without them looking flat and gross? I genuinely liked the "quick" way (Khorne Red + Nuln) but it's beginning to look really flat. I'm not seeing many places to highlight armor on the new CSM, it's mostly just trim. Fellow disciples of the dark gods/bootlickers, what do?

>> No.73115572

oh man, Baldemort really does know how to write a 40k short story. he really does get the lore. even the factions he claims to not know much about he seems to capture their essence perfectly.

>> No.73115577

>sad tongue snek

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