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Sob are cute CUTE!

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Does anyone have any tips on painting runes over armour for Word Bearers?

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Post your most recently painted miniatures, Anons.

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Of course, can't do it without a good tip.

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>midwinter minis
>40k theories
>wolf lord rho
I'd like to propose a toast. Skål

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Don't they come with rune transfers?

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Hello I am the literal retard from last thread. If I had ever bothered to read the OP for links a lot of my questions would have been answered.

Herr is my hunk of white metal.

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What are some good FW recasters that won't take half a year to ship to europe?

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Go away GW, I'm not selling out Lee.

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Working on Kabalites next though

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I just went on aliexpress and bought the cheapest recast.
Hope I don't get fucked.

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only the mk4 and betrayal at calth sets came with a WB specific transer sheet. the regular chaos one only comes with legion symbols.

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>Hope I don't get fucked.
You wanna stay a virgin forever?

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any specific russian recasters?

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If you could go back to the beginning of 8th what would you have done differently?
I think I would have started a Thousand Sons army. Not that they're especially good then or now, I just think I have a good idea for a paint scheme and I like the models. I could always start them now, but already have Dark Eldar, Word Bearers, Orks and CSM Renegades on the go and the last thing I need is more plastic

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You always need more crack.

Are there US based recasters?

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Why's she got sailor moon hair

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Uh sorry that's just a saying.
My bf fucks me dw <3

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Try a sharpie oil pen?

>> No.73096681

i literally can't tell if it's a joke or if there is a an actual recaster who names his business Putin.

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I can't help but fully believe 9th will still be a horrendous pile of shit, and its starting to turn into anger so much that I can't even talk about it with people anymore.

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You really need to get back on your meds, anon.

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tell them you're nostalgic about 5th/6th/7th ed and would like them to play it a bit,and then turn it into a regular thing.

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seems like a dumb thing to do

>> No.73096730

>Being nostalgic about 6th/7th
I'd laugh, but stockholm syndrome is no laughing matter.

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Some sisters are born to Awoo, some achieve the Awoo, and some have Awoo thrust upon them. Awoo!

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Do you think Guilliman has a breaking point? How badly could Chaos inflict on his morale?

For example, what if Fulgrim taunted him by sending him a message saying how they captured Euten and kept her alive in the very palace of Slaanesh, proving it by betraying childhood secrets with such precise detail that only she would have known.

Would this affect him badly, or would he just compartmentalize and resist the temptation to rescue her since it would serve no practical purpose.

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Given that during the Heresy when he found out his mama was in danger he lost his shit yes, I think that would fuck him up proper. Difference is now there is another female... presence in his life who might actually be able to calm him down.

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Jokes on you. I'm not on meds though almost certainly should be but can't die to the fucked up medical and mental health system in Murica

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Given that during the Heresy when he found out his mama was in danger he lost his shit yes, I think that would fuck him up proper. Difference is now there is another female... presence in his life who might actually be able to calm him down.

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They should have Sisters for every Space Marine chapter.

>> No.73096809

Yvraine actually would be able to help in such a situation, since the Eldar also have to live with their own loved ones eternally damned by Slaanesh. Probably give him hope along the lines of eventually defeating it.

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Post about your dudes anons

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Already seen some strong buffs to shooting so I'm pessimistic until we see similar buffs to melee.

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those are looking pretty nice anon

>> No.73096829

post your guys or be cursed

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>Straight up plague wizard in muh sci-fi
>Rad as shit, god damn
>Only released in a japanese beginners paint box
>£80+/$100+ for one figure

i feel a deep need. Convince me to not behave like a forge world goy.

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Thank you anon, do you have any of your own dudes?

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Convert it or you faggot. Ez pz bois.

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I'm sure this has already been discussed, but the fact this means you can determine your shooting weapon by weapon on a unit rather than having to declare it all in advance buffs some units pretty solidly

>> No.73096900

don't curse me
>reposting same pic over and over again, because I didnt get any work done at all
since their armor is yellow and my dad's a now retired fluid dynamics engineer, I guess they'll be imperial fists successors?
I don't like magic that much, so I guess they have some kind of hatred towards psychers?
also they have grey knight heads, because they look cool.
any suggestions on more lore, chapter name, or chapter symbol welcome as always was thinking as symbol maybe a sword, simple to freehand, and already on the small special character shields

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It looks so much better than the Dark Imperium one, it's not even funny

>> No.73096903

You still have to do it in advance.

>> No.73096909

Post yfw you thought "how bad could the flash be?" and you ignored /tg/'s sage warnings and bought the resin necron flayers anyway and opened a box full of candy floss.

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>there is another female... presence in his life who might actually be able to calm him down.
aside from porn, how much have the two interacted?

>> No.73096916

You still declare everything in advance

>> No.73096924

Very wholesome model
You could make them imperial gust successors but use black templars rules cause hatred of psykers.
Sword is a good idea. You could have it over a sun/star cause they're easy to freehand too

>> No.73096934

And then they kiss, right?

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You have to declare all your attacks at the same time still, but it like buffers the inputs. So it's like "my Heavy Bolters will go into the Grot squad tying me up into combat and my battle cannon is going into the Boyz squad over there". But if you don't kill the Grots first, it will negate the cannon's attacks.

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I'll stuff my awoo right in your fat ass

>> No.73096949

Recasts friend.

>> No.73096950

Like the ones used for detailing gundam?

>> No.73096960

>"A new Warhammer 40,000 boxed set is on its way! Not just any boxed set, mind, but the biggest and most impressive Warhammer 40,000 box ever."

what bigger and better than the box that was a literal fucking battle company with full transport?

>> No.73096964

Still WIP

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>> No.73096966

I don't do gunpla, but maybe? Speaking of, don't they have their own transfer sheets with appropriate-sized white scrawlies?

>> No.73096968

>my friend's 24-shot carnifexes will now also shred my boyz in melee
Can't wait.

>> No.73096977

>50 marines
>8 rhinos
jesus fuck

>> No.73096986

No no anon, that's not impressive those are manlets, not primaris™

>> No.73096991

>declare into random 4 random cultists that tagged tank
>declare main gun at real threat
>shoot cultists with 6 shots
>2 miss
>3 wound
>1 left
>remaining crew shits pants and can't fire

>> No.73096993

how much did this cost back in the day?

>> No.73096995

>orks whining
it begins

>> No.73096997

>what bigger and better than the box that was a literal fucking battle company with full transport?
10 primaris dudes plus 2 primaris characters
and some necrons

>> No.73097001

Oh fuck off. You don't even play.

>> No.73097002

>50 marines
100 marines, 60 of which are tacticals

>> No.73097006

They just come with standard stickers, but a lot of experienced builders paint them on instead.

>> No.73097008

Oh shit you'r right

>> No.73097019

You need a very fine tipped brush. Layer paints like white scar instead of base paints are more valuable because they are less opaque and can be controlled more easily and cleaned up more easily if you make a mistake.

>> No.73097021

good job anon, that turned out great

>> No.73097038

Man I'm jealous of all the daemon engines khorne gets!

>> No.73097045

Thanks, it's the largest model I've painted and the most elaborate base I've done yet.

>> No.73097059

About 400ish

>> No.73097066

Any loremasters around? GW is hiring loremasters to review 40K animations and make sure they are lore-kosher.

Do you want to be a lore-nerd and get paid for it?This is the job for you!


>> No.73097073

>Intimate and expansive knowledge of the warhammer worlds, including both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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>> No.73097083

having that box must feel like this picture

>> No.73097087

Say i want to be a faggot and play Death Guard right now. Aside from the Codex how much booktax do they have in supplemental shit?

Or should i just buy the codex, paint my dudes and wait for 9th?

>> No.73097095

What's the point of hiring lore masters for the animation when GW, FW and BL never care about established lore anyway?

>> No.73097098



Maybe this?

>> No.73097099

Emperor protects brother

>> No.73097101

why don't the idiots hire a loremaster to ensure the shitty BL novels stop being the lore breaking nonsense that they are!

>> No.73097105

Paint your fucking dudes, I don't give a shit what else you do.

>> No.73097110

>Get job
>Refer them to Death of Hope for everything

>> No.73097112

>Aside from the Codex how much booktax do they have in supplemental shit?
Just Spider book when it comes out I think

>> No.73097114

Just the codex and the upcoming WoTS book is needed. They're shaping up to be decent and a lot of people are trying to get the Dark Imperium primaris stuff so Death Guard are cheap right now, not a bad time to join brother

>> No.73097116

still no engine war pdf?

>> No.73097123

Death Guard have their codex and the upcoming Psychic Awakening. That's literally it.

>> No.73097125

Its in the mega

>> No.73097130

Because they already have editors and loremasters for BL. Nick Kyme and John French.

>> No.73097136

thank you, Ill look into black templars and sun/star painting as well
im a lorelet, will GW hire me?

>> No.73097140

>Nick Kyme

>> No.73097149

If i were to do black, would i just water down abbadon black?

>> No.73097153

Is that reliable?

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>> No.73097168

Thier was new space marine models I cant find them. One of them Had like a skull helmet like a Chaplin with a bevour covering the mouth. He was wielding a power sword that looked lik a executioner sword

>> No.73097184 [DELETED] 

Working on a Foul Blightspawn right now

>> No.73097189

Primaris Judiciar. Supposed to be a return of the 30k marine disciplinarians.

>> No.73097208

Change the helmet and he's great

>> No.73097209

Hopefully not upside down this time

Been on a Death Guard painting spree after not touching them for almost a year

>> No.73097252

>Thank you anon, do you have any of your own dudes?
Working on these guys at the moment, though I'm going to change quite a bit on the caped guy including the head and pistol arm
Basically running with that brief bit of fluff in the codex about high society dark eldar grafting tyranid parts on as a fashion statement

>> No.73097258

Gaslands player here. Can I get one of you to take a pic with a genestealer cultist next to a matchbox car? Im tempted to use their bikes, and GW 'claims' that their models are 1/60 scale, and would therefore fit in with 1/64 scale matchbox cars. However, I have SIGNIFICANT doubts that is actually true. Thought Id ask the authorities.

>> No.73097264

If that's the colour you want to use, I don't think they have a true black layer paint. There is such a thing as glaze medium (GW's is Lahmian medium), which thins the opacity of paint without (necessarily) turning it into a wash consistency as you might get with water. That's probably the best bet if you're finding runes hard to manage. A lot of water typically just makes it harder to manage and turns it into a wash.
Other than that if you have a "black highlight" layer paint like thunderhawk blue or dawnstone you might try painting in the runes and put the black within the borders of the runes. Bonus is it's a 3D effect, but that might not be what you like.

>> No.73097266

Amazing and unique look. Perfect conversion dude.

>> No.73097268

Thanks were the hell did i see these

>> No.73097269

I wonder what he'll do, they already have leadership shit. Exalted champion clone maybe? That would be amusing, the SM executioner is the chaos champ and the chaos executioner is the SM champ.

>> No.73097279

>This is my friend anon, he's from Norway. Therefor you are right to assume he's playing [Faction]

>> No.73097295

What's the chances Mortarion will get an exclusive stratagem? Did Magnus get one?

>> No.73097301

My bet is the discipline shit is just flavoring with no rules. He'll be a pure melee beatstick.

>> No.73097308

Black market miniatures

>> No.73097310

I wouldn't have bought a shitload of SM kits that I'll never paint because I don't even like the aesthetic. Everyone said it was a good starter army and then I ignored the "pick your army for their appeal" mentality.

>> No.73097311

>Straight up plague wizard in muh sci-fi
Anon, is this your first contact with 40K? It's had a shitload of fantasy elements since its very exception. I'd even go so far as to say it's more fantasy in space than sci-fi.
That said, I too am upset about the Japan-only Heroes shit.

>> No.73097313

Alright anons, now post what you're currently working on.

Also fellow stinky anons, how do you paint your nurglings?

>> No.73097319 [DELETED] 

I see you tranny

>> No.73097325

With paint

>> No.73097327

This hongry boy is my most recently finished. I've got a maleceptor almost done but no pics right now

>> No.73097331 [DELETED] 

So what.

>> No.73097333

>now post what you're currently working on.
These: >>73097252

>> No.73097335


>> No.73097341

Best order coming through.

>> No.73097342 [DELETED] 


GW is looking for someone to review the lore of their animation stuff.

Actually cool job to be honest.

>> No.73097348

Having a good ass time.

>> No.73097355 [DELETED] 

Is there anyone who is not a delusional marxist unironically using the word "chud"?

>> No.73097356

Reminder: Order of the Bloody rose unknowingly worships a priestess of Khorne and must be purged.

>> No.73097357

Nice painting style but is it that a mould line and sprue mark?

>> No.73097362

that seems hard to believe, if I had my wish he add some infantry mobility help. reroll adv + charge would be nice.

>> No.73097367

I had a bunch of extras when i got a sick deal on a start collecting, my extra leftovers are always for painting experiments.

You should see the pile of Skinks on my desk right now.

>> No.73097372

Niiiice! Wasn't there a story in the ynnead stuff about a genestealer cult infested craftworld? you could do something with that

>> No.73097377

It would lead to hot SoB on SoB action, and i'm absolutely ok with that.

>> No.73097378

>professional lore autismo

damn, why does it have to be on the other side of the world

>> No.73097398 [DELETED] 

Stop coming to /tg/, faggot.

>> No.73097399 [DELETED] 

chud is such a shit insult anyway. It makes no practical sense and isn't based on reality.

>> No.73097408

Anybody have a sec?

>> No.73097413

The Emperor is my shield as I am His. Your words have no power here heretic.

>> No.73097415

Devilfex hyped for 9e.

>> No.73097416 [DELETED] 

No. "Chud" waseant to be a faggy insult that isn't meant to offend I'm a non PC matter like "nigger" or "faggot". In other words, anyone using the phrase as an insult if a limp wrist beta fuck faggot and likely transsexual.

>> No.73097418

Worst Order
Fixed that for you

>> No.73097426

>John French
>John "Anything I don't like, I write poorly" French

>> No.73097432

>Zero effort lore videos
I love how these sigmarxism niggers think he hate arch for the same reasons those faggots do.

>> No.73097442

I Just want to say that the BS guys checked the french and spanish copies of Engine War. Free heavy Phosphor is just a thing you will have to deal with.

>> No.73097446

*we hate
Don't buy chinkshit Huawei phones people.

>> No.73097448

1. Paint the circles in black
2. highlight the red just outside of the runes

>> No.73097463 [DELETED] 

Go, you aren't welcome here. You won't be missed.

>> No.73097499

>zero effort
Until one of those other """lore""" fagboys steps forth and delivers something of equal or better scope and quality than his Siege of Vraks series they should continue to choke on some trannies dick instead of running their mouths

>> No.73097502

I got mine for 20 pound from a jap on ebay

>> No.73097513

Visit Japan (ironically not possible because of a plague)

>> No.73097525


>> No.73097527 [DELETED] 

I've been into 40k since I was 10 years old, it's kind of sad if actual fans aren't welcome.
Why do you have to be like this?

>> No.73097535 [DELETED] 

Ignore political faggots
Report political faggots
Try not to be a political faggot yourself

>> No.73097538

Is playing Khorne Daemons with WE fun?

>> No.73097544 [DELETED] 

Yeah sorry
Just saw tranny and got bothered, sorry for my drunken shitposting.

>> No.73097555

How will waacfags ruin 9th edition?

>> No.73097571 [DELETED] 

Warhammer Community themselves said that their own fans aren't welcome. So i'm just returning the favour.

>> No.73097580

>Heres my genestealer list thats just leman russes and some sub faction bullshit that completely breaks them and lets them deepstrike or some shit.

>> No.73097591

The same way they do every edition, Pinky: try to aggressively see your list.

>> No.73097594

>be waacfaggot
>losing to shit list I've never even read about
>"hey anon misgendered me I literally can't even"
>win by default

>> No.73097600

Probably something involving abusing tanks in melee. Might be somewhat fluffy but could be gamebreaking, to be met with a GW overreaction nerf halway through the edition.

>> No.73097601

He's working on a Badab series now which is very based.

>> No.73097606

>he thinks deepstriking your tanks is some alien concept
lmao look at this pleb
imagine unironically not being THE HAMMER

>> No.73097615


>> No.73097620


Doesn't really matter, to be honest.

At this point, I honestly believe that recasters barely exist (except the 'mainstream' ones), and if they do, their fanboys exist in the most tight-knit, cult-obsessed, secretive organisations to rival the Illuminati and the underground railway.

You can get these anons and cut deep wounds into their ball sacks and they will scream with terror and pain before even thinking of considering telling you where or who they get their recasts from.

>> No.73097622

According to ADB's blogpost about Master of Mankind, it's because they don't particularly care about consistency except for the internal consistency of the HH series. Outside of that writers are let loose to do their own thing and "loremasters" exist just to make sure you're not writing about living Emperors or blue Blood Angels.

>> No.73097627

I was already imagining basilisks being used as assault vehicles.

>> No.73097631


brass scorpions are so sick

>> No.73097639


>> No.73097642

In 2nd ed basilisks were assault guns that couldn’t fire indirectly

>> No.73097655


>> No.73097656

What ARE these?

>> No.73097661

I hope they will let us play Daemonkins eventually.

>> No.73097663

Went on AliExpress recently and found some Blood Raven's decals

Anybody else bought them before?

>> No.73097670


>> No.73097673

Enough that Greyfax is ambivalent in if she suspects he is being tainted by Yvraine.

>> No.73097675 [DELETED] 

Someone can have cancer for several years, it does not mean they should embrace it. You are a tumor. Kill yourself like your tranny brothers do when they realize they look like gross men in drag and have a non functional penis that's been inverted.

>> No.73097676

Crusaders, obviously.

>> No.73097677

Painted some reinforcements

>> No.73097679

>Be terrible at doing highlights
>Don't bother trying
>Tell people I don't highlight because I like my stuff looking dulled down and grimey
Checkmate losers

>> No.73097684

Expect leviathan and chaplain dread spam.

>> No.73097685

I had a chance to get that for 1/2 price and I'm forever kicking myself for getting it. Even if I just shoved it on Ebay I still would've made a profit.

>> No.73097687

crusaders, a commissar lord (with the blade of conquest), and a ministorum priest

>> No.73097689

There's nothing you can do to stop me.

>> No.73097693

This is the entire reason I play Nurgle

>> No.73097701

Midwinter Minis is a fucking cuck. Fuck outta here.

>> No.73097703

Since when?

>> No.73097705

I've been slowly working on a pair of these for a while now. Waiting on an order of paint so that I can finish them.

>> No.73097711

Here are your new Tyranid units.

>> No.73097712

>Expect leviathan and chaplain dread spam
I already see that.

>> No.73097714

cool haruspex bro

>> No.73097719

yes and now they're even better.

>> No.73097720

8th has problems, but anyone who would rather play 7e has more problems.

>> No.73097721

I wasn't around for 7th. What was so bad about it?

>> No.73097725

Magnificent anon.

I think these count. Finished today. Just waiting on dryer times to gloss /pva the bases

>> No.73097726

But anon, I thought we are supposed to mindlessly praise the old and scorn the new.

>> No.73097728

Aww, shit that takes me back.
Quick everyone, post your very first mini

>> No.73097742


>> No.73097743

Blood for the Blood God!

>> No.73097753

Novel that came out last year.

>> No.73097763

I would be more inclined to watch Arch if his fucking faggit voice didn't make me want to cut my ears off. I literally can't listen to his voice without having a physical reaction.

>> No.73097765

Not him, but it was a mess of rules.

It was 100+ pages of rules that often contradict each others.
Also, we didn't had faq and errata for almost all the lifespan of the game, and no balance whatsoever.

If your codex come out broken, you would be broken for years. But that also meant you have half of your favourite units that were completely pointless.

They tried to fix it with formations, which was a nice idea at first, but of course they later devolved into spamlists and even broken stuff.

Also, don't even get me started on pic related.

The thing is, the edition had come character, which is somewhat lacking in 8th edition, but it was ruined by powercreep, confusing rules and lack of any type of balance.

>> No.73097768


What colours did you use for the blue and red anon it looks awesome.

>> No.73097773

Tell me your that guy stories.

>> No.73097776

It's so strange to me that the actual writers have so much trouble staying within the confines of a setting so much. It's really not that hard.

>> No.73097777

To be fair with how stupid 30 points is for mars cybnetica breachers atm, 65 isn't that far out of line. 18 Breachers easily fits in a triple knight list btw.

>> No.73097781


>> No.73097785

So Fabulous Bile was an emperors children apothecary once upon a time right?

So in Book of the Spider will he just be a faction agnostic character you can take in any chaos force or still only for the powder puff boys under Fulgrim?

>> No.73097786

How did you build the plasma ones?

>> No.73097788

Some Plaguebearers.

>> No.73097792

>but it was ruined by powercreep
So was 8th, to be fair.

>> No.73097793

>So Fabulous Bile was an emperors children apothecary once upon a time right?

>So in Book of the Spider will he just be a faction agnostic character you can take in any chaos force or still only for the powder puff boys under Fulgrim?
He quit the legion, so he's indipendent now.
Also, it's hated by Fulgrim.

>> No.73097794


>don't even try to improve

at least drybrush dog
like literally you don't need skill to drybrush

>> No.73097806

>how do you paint your nurglings?
Contrast for the skin and horns, then detailing for the eyes and teeth.

>> No.73097807

I think I actually like them more than my current GK, wish I hadn't stripped them

>> No.73097809

Working on these fatties now.

Show me your scorps's unhappy guy in the cables! He brings me joy. >>73096602
I really like this color on the armor.

>> No.73097813

>My local waacgrogs heard about zenithal priming and that became their "monochrome" paint jobs for the iron warriors they bought the week before.

>> No.73097815

Bile has his own army now

>> No.73097817

EC release with fulgrim and eidolon leading the reformed EC when?

>> No.73097819

>death of hope

>> No.73097821

Why don't Imperial Fists have a chapter master?

>> No.73097824

they don't care either, not like us anyway. plus its easier to do your own thing and be remembered forever rather than colour inside the lines. we still talk about Goto's schlock to this day meanwhile Nick Kyme has wrote dozens of books and no one cares.

>> No.73097828


I think they mean the best 40k maingame boxed set theres ever been. Like assault on black reach, dark imperium etc.

>> No.73097833

True, but 7th edition had some massive balance problem on top of it.

In 8th edition at least they update stuff quickly and they try to balance with point changes.

In 7th edition I've seen an Ork playing with double the points and still lose to an Eldar.

I'm not defending 8th edition, which I deeply hate, but the problems of those two editions are quite different beasts.

>> No.73097847

Not soon enough

>> No.73097849

Oof, and you fucktards complain about marine rules.

>> No.73097854

They do it’s just a position for a designated jobber and so he gets wrekt and replaced once per edition

>> No.73097855

God bless those innocent ultra-zoomers who had the fortune to miss 7th and earlier. If you want an idea go look at 30k, but before 8th that was seen as a breath of fresh air for relatively balanced mirror matches and less bloated detachment nonsense.
Basically the main problems were:
Rather than detachments built around access to stratagems, you could game the system with supplement books and even cards given out with boxes or internet bundles giving their own rule to the entire detachment. USRs were overabundant, and in combination, OP. There were many ways to get them but formations were a big part next to characters.
Because characters joined units rather than projecting a buff to any separate unit within a certain range, they gave the unit many buffs. Many armies were built around piling as many special characters into a specially built super-unit as possible to combine as many buffs as possible. This meant many units with OP stats and abilities, which could only be counteracted by similarly constructed "deathstar units", so the game became a bit static with min-maxed units slamming into other min-maxed units and struggling to wear down the opposing death star.
>overly complicated and long
Basically by seventh the game had grown both in scale and in rules bloat complexity for multiple editions, to the point that turns took several times longer than currently. Templates are the most notorious example thereof.
>AP values
Another factor which contributed both to deathstars and the game taking too long was how AP was different. It was a flat pierced or not pierced dichotomy, not modifiers. So everything was far tankier than currently unless you brought plasma or stronger. Everything else was simply inefficient whenever it ran into something MEQ or TEQ, so it might not have had any AP value.

I wasn't a big waacfag or anything back then and indeed avoided playing outside of casual so maybe those who played competitively can say more

>> No.73097858

Not him but, how would you highlight something but want to retain a "new" look? Every highlight I've seen just makes it look dinged up or faded.

>> No.73097859


>> No.73097868


>> No.73097869

I'd call it more impressive anyway since it has tons of interesting new sculpts instead of just a pile of repackaged tacticals

>> No.73097871

altdorf blue and mephiston red, then very very light drybrushing with ironbreaker to get the metallic look

>> No.73097874

He may have quit but he spends large portion of his books fghting along side EC(usually he is being blackmailed to do so) and most of his warband are EC, so while independent he does seem to spend most of his time around EC

>> No.73097880

Iirc a while ago ole
Duncan Rhodes did a tutorial on 30k word bearers that had some freehand symbols in it.
Please don't curse my resin. Here is a plasma man from my kill team. Go in peace.

>> No.73097881

I'm not posting my blue Primaris again, but I'm working on some Aggressors and Inceptors at the moment so I've got a nice base army to work with for when the big box comes out

>> No.73097884

thats a pretty sweet strat.

>> No.73097886

who the hell is that in the middle

>> No.73097890

Definitely a conversion of the new Chaos Sorcerer

>> No.73097892

Yes that's clearly a wrack bit on his back

>> No.73097895

Cool tor garadon. I would paint the skull on the helmet gold though, added scribbles to the purity seals and done something fancier for the grav gun.

>> No.73097897

New Sorceror probably.

>> No.73097902

That's fuckin' sick. Damn im tempted to shift my Cosairs to Bilez Boyz now

>> No.73097904

The terrain is new too right?

>> No.73097905

that's a chaos terminator with lightning claws

he's my friend be nice to him

>> No.73097907

>s7 berserkers
swole af

>> No.73097909

Yes.. hahaha... yes!

>> No.73097910

Yeah. Regular csm head, different right hand. Back thing from a wrack

>> No.73097914


>> No.73097915

Fotm fag

>> No.73097917

I assumed they had one, I meant why don't they have a CM model like Blood Angels or Ultramarines.

>> No.73097919

Was going to be running my renegade CSMs as Red Corsairs but the new Bile stuff is making them real tempting
20 Chainsword CSMs rocketing across the field with warptime support should cover a lot of ground with those

>> No.73097920

Conversion. The back bit is literally from the wrack kit.

>> No.73097931

Why is Fabius so fucking tall, did he primarify himself or what?

>> No.73097932

>what would you have done differently
I would have bought those wraithblades on sale at my local game store so I had incentive to build a xenos army instead of trying to get started with admech

>> No.73097933

Thanks man, is the altdorf shaded with nuln or the blue? Looks dark. I love how its turned out, nice job.

>> No.73097935

So will Bile not be usable with Death Guard?

>> No.73097945

Bloat, mostly. It may take 2-3 hrs to play a 2000 pt game of 8th, where it was double that for 7th.
Stuff that is bespoke on datasheets in 8th was done through core rules and keywords in 7th. Meaning movement types and unit types, as well as abilities on weapons.
The hit and wound tables were wonky as hell, Vehicles had facing rules that you had to argue with your opponent for 15 minutes on whether or not their guns could even fire. There were a half dozen tables you rolled on before the game started, particularly if you had psykers. Not a damn person I ever played with had the morale rules down pat, especially stuff like going to ground or rolling for Pinning, and half the armies didn't take morale tests anyway.
Basically, it was much more rules dense. Not really more complex, just more rules than you have now, and they were mandatory. If you like that sort of thing, great, but the change to 8th was a positive one that has slowly worn out its welcome because they can't balance for shit.

>> No.73097950

He eats his vegetables.

>> No.73097951

He wears high heels inside his power armor

>> No.73097958

Because he’s not particularly amazing

Salamanders, fists, scars, iron hands and until very recently raven guard didn’t have chapter master models

You could play their chapter masters by just using the generic CM rules

>> No.73097959

One of those is the old metal plasma gunner and other two are from cadian command squad kit.

>> No.73097961

>Mono Corsairs like 4 months after their debut is fotm
ok retard

>> No.73097966

>All one uniform colour
thats heresy anon!

>> No.73097974

I would have focused on my dark eldar instead of constantly faction hopping and being indecisive

>> No.73097977

I don't have any genestelers, but look at what size bases the kit comes with, that will give you an idea or the size.

>> No.73097982

Immediately wanting to shift your army to a new one is pretty fotm

>> No.73097983

>tzeentch daemons
>cheap heralds on jetbikes zooming halfway across the board, deleting a superheavy with a str D brain laser then zooming back out of line of sight in the shooting phase
>2++ rerollable everything
>nearly invincible horror blobs shooting str7 dakka everywhere and S P L I T T I N G FOR F R E E
>S U M M O N I N G
>Flying 2++ rerollable 6+ to hit invisible psychic chicken warlords nuking your world

>> No.73097987

Does that look like black legion colors or is that more black and silver?

>> No.73097989

I didn't really feel like spending more time painting each Nurgling a different color, so yeah.

>> No.73097990

if he can't ally haemunculus covens then what's the point?

>> No.73097994

Nuln, pretty liberally too, I just slapped it on
I'm glad you like it!

>> No.73097995

Will GW hire me if I said SW psychic is from the warp and not from their wolfy wolf wolf planet?

>> No.73097996

hyperbole nonsense, when you know how to play you play, not every game is "30 minutes" arguing about templates or looking up rules. and a lot of that bloat is coming back, but now its supposedly "based" to have 4 books, a deck of cards and a supplement to deal with.

>> No.73097997

He's a reference to the villain from Phantasm.

>> No.73098001

I guess 8th was the wrong time to start tzeentch daemons then

>> No.73098005

ive just now realized i forgot to paint the skull, thanks for the comment

>> No.73098006

So Bile attacks with S6 now

>> No.73098009

How's the size profile of a jetbike vs that in a bike squad? Makes sense to proxy? I really like jetbikes.

>> No.73098010

What was 5th edition like?
It was the edition I started with but I only played a few games casually so I don't know what was broken/shit about it.
Was it good?

>> No.73098023

8th was bad for basically everybody except Guard. God I hate 8th.

>> No.73098025

Jetbikes are significantly longer, like longer than a land speeder

t. Run jetbikes, landspeeders and bikes together in my 30k scars army

>> No.73098030

I forgot entirely about the D
fuck that shit

>> No.73098032

It does look that way which is pretty weird since I'm pretty sure the black legion does not get along with fabius after the whole nuke horus' grave world and clone his body thing

>> No.73098038

>Doesn't say the n word
Who's the faggot nigger tranny that thought this would be well received on fucking 4chan of all places?

>> No.73098041

8th was only really terrible to Chaos and Necrons

>> No.73098042

What is the proper way to Tau?

>> No.73098046

is it really that quick? Most of the games I play in 8th take about 3-5 hours. At least in 2000 point games.

>> No.73098048

>Not even top 3 faction
Why do you feel so badly the need to bitch about Guard?

>> No.73098050

The bases don't even have the same shape
I'd advise against trying to proxy just on that metric
It wasn't terribly well balanced. BA, GK, and IG dominated the competitive scene and basically everything required a transport.

>> No.73098051

This tbqh

>> No.73098056


>> No.73098065

Rhythm Emotion is better.

>> No.73098067

Yeah. It did fix many of the balance issues. By making the game fucking boring making all the armies play the same i.e. hordes of cheap infantry buffed into an obnoxious unkillable tarpit.

>> No.73098069

Guard had like, 1-2 months of being on top until power creep. Now Guard is nothing more than a battery for other Imperium armies for more CP. Also, we lost most of our model lines. Fuck off.

>> No.73098073

Depends on what they mean by bad. Tau was horrifically boring to play until PA and now that everyone gets to move an shoot and everything getting a higher cost, as a Tau player I'm worried that we're going right back to triptide (our best custom sept became obsolete and the costs may make running FSE more trouble than it's worth)

>> No.73098076

full on ayy lmaos with tribal asian aesthetic over the slick cassette-futurist armours

>> No.73098077

Tzeentch got nerfed too much in the opposite direction but it's infinitely preferable to how disgustingly unfun they were before.

Seriously with split you were encouraged to own like 90 pink horrors and the amount of blue and brimstone to replace them for free. You couldn't even charge pinks because as you shot them, the split blues would pop up in the way and you couldn't charge those because 7e.

7e tzeentch was not an army for having friends. It was an army for literally paying to win. And the grossest thing was that somehow ynnari were WORSE. Fuck 7e.

>> No.73098081

feirros, tor, adrax, and khan aren't chapter masters.

>> No.73098082

I guess I’ll have to choose what to play my EC Warband as, since they are meant to have pretty strong ties with Bile (since they basically refused everything that happened to them after the Siege on Terra)

Maybe I can mix depending on what kind of game I want, EC for when I want to take many Noise Marines/want to focus on shooting, CoB for when I built it to fight in glorious melee

>> No.73098083

Everything psychic IS from the warp, the only differences are whether you're pulling it from undifferentiated energy or from a coalesced psychic entity like the chaos gods, the planet fenris, or the emperor.
(But again this is just an implication - any good lore writer should treat it with many grains of salt like the wolves could just as likely be full of shit as they are to be tapping into a rare non-chaotic warp energy).

>> No.73098084

Jesus Bile is one lanky motherfucker. Manlets BTFO yet again.

>> No.73098085


>> No.73098091


>> No.73098092

Judging by the flavor text on >>73097849
yes, he did. And 9th is probably gonna bring a Chaos Primaris rules update. Mark my words, 2w Veterans of the Long War inc.
Let the Galaxy Burn!

>> No.73098095

No it isn't. Just Communication is amazing. Rhythm Emotion is pretty good, but Just Communication is the best OP any Gundam series has ever had.

>> No.73098096

But I want to Covenant.

>> No.73098105

So are creations of bile a whole new army or just another CSM legion to pick from?

>> No.73098106

What aboutthe Tyranids and Orks?

>> No.73098109

Another CSM legion.

>> No.73098115

Also Tyranids

>> No.73098117

>making all the armies play the same
I keep seeing this being thrown around heaps, but i never understand why people actually think that.

>> No.73098122

Naughty rowboat

>> No.73098125

Gee bill, by does mom let you have TWO vindicares?

>> No.73098131

Isn't that normal for all editions?

>> No.73098132

Same thing. Tyranids are one psychic entity with distributed bio-functions, gork and mork are the source of ork teknology and waaagh power, as reflections of the orkian archetype

>> No.73098133

Wings of Words is the best Gundam OP.


>> No.73098136


edge highlights/line highlights, 'eavy metal style
or whatever gunpla nerds do (probably airbrushes and gundam markers)

also take the wetpalettepill if you haven't already. mix in tiny amounts of white until you get a highlight color that's going to read as a highlight, but not be a huge increase in contrast.

>> No.73098142

Are we ever gonna see more plastics for eldar after blood of the Phoenix failed spectacularly?

>> No.73098148

Because people think ITC is basically static gunline vs static gunline (they're still reeling from 300 boyz and big meks vs 300 conscripts and basilisks), when in actual fact mobility counts for a shit ton in ITC tournaments these days.

>> No.73098149

Guard was the strongest army in the game before the Space Marnie Orgasm. They still are one of the best armies in the game for what they cost and what they get.

You fuck off you fucking Arch-sucking neo-nazi faggot.

>> No.73098151

Gaslands is made with matchbox cars, right? A gsc biker is going to be comically oversized.

>> No.73098152

>buy $300 of models for an army
>suddenly don't really like the army all that much cause they seem really limited
What do

>> No.73098155

so, nothing at all, got it

>> No.73098158

This guy?

>> No.73098160

Tyranid psykers explictly don't use the warp, what they use instead is unspecified.

>> No.73098161

Keep them in reserve, one day you'll probably be glad you have them

>> No.73098163

>zoomer "gundam"

>> No.73098167

Finished this counts-as Blightspawn just now

>> No.73098170

This is your new C'tan.

>> No.73098172

That is exactly what I said

>> No.73098174

So for a fun CSM renegade army that has melee options, whats looking best?
>Red Corsairs
>Flawless Host
>Creations of Bile

>> No.73098175

Me on the bottom

>> No.73098178

What army?

>> No.73098181

yes, but not much, you can expect a great squatting of aspect warriors

>> No.73098185

Looks pretty great, but regards to the bleeding effect you have glazed, that isn't how light works.

>> No.73098186

Hee hee I love him. Thank you.

>> No.73098187

Out of curiosity, what army?
I advise keeping them if you can no matter what they are; they will probably appreciate either through GW price hikes or rarity.

>> No.73098189

is that Yvraine? People on the imperioum know that guilliman works with the eldar and they still kill them? the fuck. Imperium is literally the bad guy

>> No.73098191

Edge highlight is good for keeping the "new" look because the main body of the paint looks flat and monochrome.
If you have an airbrush you could try preshading (black from underneath white from above, then basecoat) to have a smooth "monochrome" paint job, but in my experience airbrush shading/highlighting tends to look more like "fading", without skilled control. Which is good for a lot of people but isn't as easy for a "new" yet highlighted look as simple edge highlighting.

>> No.73098196

Anon, if he is a nazi, why don't I want to rape him?

>> No.73098197

Emperor's Children

That auto-6 on charges stratagem is pure gold

>> No.73098198

he looks gay, I don't want it

>> No.73098201

Thousand sons
Bought them assuming that i'd be able to run daemons but then 9th came around and I don't know anymore.
I hope so anon.

>> No.73098202

Read the last sentence over, seethefag. I'm not suckin on 8ths dick, but late 7ed had just as many problems as 8th, if not more. I did learn every USR in that damn book, but I played Thousand Sons. Rolling 2-3 times for every character and unit, marking each down, agonizing over warp charge every turn, it takes time. If youre gonna sit here and pretend 7ed was some 'pick up and go' system, you just look like some dick-lipped nostalgia-grog trying to pretend rules density makes you a galaxy brain instead of boring. 7th had more rules in the core book, more supplements, and more formations to deal with.

And the balance issues in 8th have nothing on 7ed Ynnari.

>> No.73098203


>you have glazed

I wish. probably came from le updoot site.

>> No.73098204

Ah, didn't read "renegade"

>> No.73098210


>> No.73098212


>> No.73098214

I play World Eaters anon. I win or lose by the end of turn 3, every game.

>> No.73098215

Guilliman can do whatever he wants. He has the Emperor's direct blessing, and his sword to prove it.

>> No.73098218

But he doesn't look like a dark angel

>> No.73098222

Yeah I misread it.

>> No.73098225

I a big gundam fan and it's upsetting when people say tau mechs are gundam. Tau suits are much weaker designs than most gundams.

>> No.73098230

>the ol'dunning kruger effect
I rarely play ITC, only really at 3rd party tournies, but even in maelstrom you get a big variation on which armies prefer which objectives and how they'd want to deal with less favorably objectives, usually the main factor in winning is proper movement and positioning during the game.

>> No.73098233

>shoulder pad on the right arm

>> No.73098234

If I ever do buy one, I will Gael it.

>> No.73098239

I painted all 90 of mine in different colours. I divided them into 18 groups of 5 each. Each groups was primed in a different colour. After that was done i formed 5 new groups, each consisting of one of each primer group. Each groups was then heavily shaded/contrasted/glazed in a different colour, so that all of my 90 Plaguebearers are unique. The horn,blade, wound, eye and weapon colours are uniform though.

>> No.73098244

GM III is best GM. GM Custom and others come close.

>> No.73098245

As I've said, my theory is that "raw undifferentiated warp stuff" is what non-chaos psykers (humies and eldar) use, but every other faction uses the power of an entity which has enough presence and coherence within the warp to provide its followers with psychic powers. Tyranids are unlike orks and humans in that their psychic warp entity IS them instead of what they worship, but at the end of the day the hive mind uses its presence within the warp to manifest the psychic powers that its "psyker" appendages call out in the materium. The tyranids aren't using something other than the warp to do psychic powers, they just aren't using the chaos gods or undifferentiated warp energy to do it, but the specific psychic energy of the tyranid hive mind.

>> No.73098261

ITC is not 40k, and shouldn't be thought of as such. Moreover, none of these people play outside of a vacuum and 2 games a season against a similar random at an FLGS

>> No.73098262

Is there a way to make chaos terminators good? Seems like its plasma drop or bust.

>> No.73098268

You realize the Hive Mind is a warp entity right? The Shadow is basically a DDoS attack. That's why Zoanthropes use literal warp blasts.

>> No.73098270

My roomie has a wetpallette but I didn't see much use in it. I think the eavy metal highlighting looks tacky, time consuming, and most importantly, makes them look a little aged. I want my models to look brand spanking new. Figured I'd just put a glaze on them and call it a day.

>> No.73098274

We’ll have to see the full CoB rules and stratagems to be able to tell; also 9th could make some specific rules stronger or redundant, so it’s best to wait and see

>> No.73098279


>> No.73098281

If you wanted me to post this, you only have to ask.

>> No.73098282

The fuck are you on about? I made no mention of ITC, so why are you bring it up?

>> No.73098288

Melt them down and use the liquid plastic to mold better models.

>> No.73098289

Still this lot as completed. Working on rockgrinder.

>> No.73098292

Oh haha that's fair. I play Tau, so most of my opponents get pretty dug in most games.

>> No.73098295

Wait for 9th edition and see if they can make them better with new melee rules and/or better point costs

>> No.73098299

Not until they get a rule that lets them treat their ranged weapons as assault weapons.

>> No.73098302

you got it wrong, they use the warp, but not in a way recognisable to most psykers: they channel the psychic might of the hive mind instead of conjuring warp-stuff on their own

>> No.73098309

>incoming SOS received

>> No.73098313

>hive mind is a warp entity

>> No.73098315

I know that it's a really baby-tier "conversion" but it's nice to see an official GW picture of a modified model in the current year

>> No.73098319


>> No.73098320

Fuck rules.

Never, ever, on your life buy models for their rules. Rules always change. Powercreep comes and goes. An incredibly powerful army one year might be shit the next. The only consistent thing in this hobby are the models. The models are why we play the game, and the models are why we care about the lore.

Rules are temporary, badass models are forever.

>> No.73098324

Literally everything except the necrons, nulls, and possibly the c'tan is a warp entity.

>> No.73098327

Not him but how? Isn't the hive mind a bajillion nids together?

>> No.73098328

>im a lorelet, will GW hire me?
So are their current writers, I wouldn't sweat it.

>> No.73098335


>> No.73098338

Is grass a fucking warp entity?

>> No.73098340

>Always go for rule of cool
>Torn on whether I like the idea of gauss melting people or tesla giving them the John Coffey treatment with my immortals
Help me out anons

>> No.73098345

It's hard to quantify the hive mind as singular. It's closer to the Imperium as an organization than an individual. Is the Imperium as a collective a warp entity?

>> No.73098347

the hell is wrong with my phone, this is the third time.

>> No.73098348


the hive mind is the collective racial soul and consciousness of the tyranids, as such it sits in the warp and is made of warpstuff like every other soul of every other living being

>> No.73098352


>> No.73098353

Delicious candy nurglings, must eat

>> No.73098357

I'm partial to the bulky powered GM, but as far a feddie suits go Jegans are my favorite grunts and I standby the fact the Nu is the pinnacle of gundams. My real favorites are zeek MS, particularly the classic Zaku II, that MG2.0 has the perfect mix of the classic Okawara design and the more sleeker modern iterations. But even with gundams alone, there's better design themes and variations than the Tau's generic sci-fi chicken legged artillery.

>> No.73098359

All rocks go to heaven

>> No.73098360

Anything that can let them consistently pull off the deep strike charge helps at least

>> No.73098363


>> No.73098368

People who complain about every army playing the same do so because many of the drooling morons in this general spend hours theorycrafting their 40k armies for the ITC tournament rules, and do nothing but read battle reports from the same tournaments.
These are the people that rage out over every army playing the same, because ITC only favors one army type, so every codex will just try to copy to the same shit.

>> No.73098374

Like eating a moldy fruit gusher

>> No.73098377

Oh, idc about the rules like that.
If thousand sons became the best army but didn't run daemons i'd still be upset.
I just want to have swarms of nurgle daemons alongside my sorcerors and rubric marines...

>> No.73098378

That's me basically. I like Tau alright, and I think it's hilarious how much people hate them, but the battle suits look like absolute dogshit. They look nothing like Mobile Suits, except for the superficial blocky torsos and limbs.

If they actually looked like Mobile Suits I'd actually play Tau.

>> No.73098384

Here's a warp entity for you
*unzips dick*

>> No.73098386

There is a certain simplicity to the fact that my first turn typically is my *shortest*, as opposed to my longest.
I have played many games without making a single ranged attack.

>> No.73098391

Then play Open Play. Make that a condition of playing you.

It's not like it's a very strong combination, so nobody should bitch.

>> No.73098404

>Nurgle Daemons
>Tzeentch Marines
Fuck you

>> No.73098405

I've just primed these fellows here (first time painting). It's shit, but since I'll paint them green, It'll blend with the plastic colour.

>> No.73098410

its up

>Str 7 M9 dread with advance and charge and +1 to both

>> No.73098415

I think you mean Hi-Nu.

>> No.73098418

Is ITC your boogeyman or something?

>> No.73098424

>I just want to have swarms of nurgle daemons alongside my sorcerors and rubric marines...

>> No.73098427

No, because it's not sentient. Only those things with "souls" are warp entities. Though it's debatable whether non-sentient things are capable of contributing to the warp on a shallow level, at least nurgle and khorne (eg: rebirth and decay, survival of the fittest). As current lore hints (thankfully doesn't spell out as a poor allegory for BL writers' daddy issues), the first three chaos gods formed from the turmoil the old ones vs necrontyr war caused. Plus Gork, Mork, and the Eldar gods.

No, because humans are individuals. The hive mind is unique, it helps more to think of it as halfway between the emperor as a energy-directed totemic construct for the entire species, and the ork gods as automatically generated archetypal entities springing from the race by default.
It's tough because the tyranids as a hive mind have a distinction to be made between the physical organic brains the individual creatures have and the psychic hive mind which directs them all. The hive mind is more than the sum of the parts of the individual creatures' minds, but in large part dependent on it.

Must be because it's immaterial and the only existence it has is from you imagining it exists.

>> No.73098428

Red Butchers with a Termie lord that gives the +1 to charge range can do some dirty work. Especially with lightning claws. Expensive pts wise though, so you better not miss.

>> No.73098430

It’s great, isn’t it?

>> No.73098431

Oh fuck off, nobody likes the Hi-Nu. It sounds like a fucking sports drink.

>> No.73098432

>I just want to have swarms of nurgle daemons alongside my sorcerors and rubric marines...

>> No.73098435

I like the tau suits up to a certain size. Which really just means the stealth, crisis/enforcer, broadside and ghostkeel. Everything bigger than that is just goofy, especially when they try to keep the heads around the same size.

>> No.73098447

Heh, that's how my FSE lists plays. Almost 75% of the shots I make are from the portion in deepstrike. Turn 1 is just advance/shoot my transport and take objectives.

>> No.73098452

No it's because it's fat, hideous, rotting, and has small creatures spilling out of it

>> No.73098453


>> No.73098459

>Though it's debatable whether non-sentient things are capable of contributing to the warp on a shallow level
Codex Chaos Marine 6th Edition straight up says "Even the tiniest scalpel has a reflection in the warp, a sliver of potential..." in either the Obliterator or Mutilator fluff section.

>> No.73098464

No. You asked why people bitch about every army playing the same in 8th ed. I'm saying it is because in the ITC ruleset, they do.
I also just happen to think its a shitty ruleset, and my posts are seethe-colored to match.

>> No.73098469

Jesus Christ anon get a full covering over the whole model, or you're gonna get paint flaking off

>> No.73098472


>> No.73098481

>implying I care what anybody else thinks
>implying the lopsided ass regular Nu isn't a joke

>> No.73098482

>New DG 1st company strat
>can deploy up to 2 units of Poxwalkers behind ennemy lines
>TP typhus alongside them

Yes… YES

>> No.73098484

Well honestly I started death guard and then realised I didn't like GW's current range because they were too goofy and monopose for my taste so went to thousand sons.
I had already developed a love of nurgle at that point though weirdly.
What's wrong with it lol.

>> No.73098486

Let this be known that this is the logical endpoint of being an army-construction libertarian. This is what you are fighting for when you argue in favour of everyone using everything.

>> No.73098489

Wait.. is Creations of Bile a new faction?
I weep for xeno players

>> No.73098492

Could well be so. I did forget about the machine spirit issue, which suggests on top of the "every machine has a warp signature" as well that the c'tan are also warp-based creatures. (Although there's still the possibility the void dragon isn't c'tan, or was not a warp creature until the mechanicum started worshipping it).

>> No.73098494

what glue do you guys use for resin finecast? i tried to get away with my citadel plastic glue but no bueno.

>> No.73098504

I hate that the Poxwalkers have to be wholly within 9" of the board edge as well. It's gonna be too restrictive to get 2 blocks of 20 in position AND have them in range of Typhus

>> No.73098509

Nu also sucks. Enjoy your sports drink. Stay hydrated.

>> No.73098510


>> No.73098512

What are some good books for Thousand Sons that are available in audiobook format

>> No.73098513

Because plastic glue only works on plastic.

Use any superglue

>> No.73098516

>using plastic cement on resin

>> No.73098517

It's a decent enough range to hit a weak flank

>> No.73098523

>If they actually looked like Mobile Suits I'd actually play Tau.
Tell me about it. I'd love to be able to use some of my spare HG parts to make some neat custom battle suits, but I've still got actual gunpla for that at least.

Don't get the wrong, the hi-nu is good as well, but it leans a bit too much into bulky side. The reason why the nu stands out is it because it builds on every design of the original gundam without going too far in any direction. If you want bulk you've got stuff like the hi-nu, or the ZZ or the Ex-S, you've got sleek stuff like the exia or for firepower stuff there's the thunderbolt FA gundam or the double X. But the Nu is a good balance without getting distracted with any particular aspect, the only thing that takes away from that is the funnels, but even then they're got an essential part of the design and can be easily removed.

>> No.73098524

Each Chaos God has one they ally with regularly, and one they hate above the other two.
Tzeentch and Nurgle are the latter.

>> No.73098526

Tzeentch and Nurgle are polar opposites of one another, and as such, they and their servants are in constant conflict with each other like Khorne and Slaanesh are. Also Thousand Sons with Nurgle Daemons reeks of WAACfaggotry

>> No.73098527

Engine war finally put out the lore for this thing.
>Floats by creating an energised gas cloud to propel it
>Gas cloud is extremely toxic
>Mortar works by overcharging more of the gas and launching it
>Ferrumite cannon fires projectiles that turn liquid on impact and discharge masses of heat

>> No.73098532

Your bait would be better if you had anything more biting than "Sports Drink"

>> No.73098535

Splitting shots is for greedy smelly try hards. Real men dictate all shots into one unit and outright clear it off the board.

>> No.73098536

New Chapter Tactic. Still CSM faction.

>> No.73098541

Try telling this to the retards that bought the invictor warsuit, it's a horrible looking model.
>but anon, it has really good rules
It looks retarded.

>> No.73098542


>> No.73098543

Actual cool looking dreadnaughts instead of cardboard boxes with vents when?

>> No.73098545

They really don't look that bad on paper with either alpha legion defensives or world eater damage as a melee unit.

>> No.73098548

>"As the Daemon Engine floats or rolls over the battlefield, its trailing pipes and tubules suckle rot and filth with idiot hunger to fuel these revolting weapons. The Bloat-drone or Plagueburst Crawler slurps up diseased innards and maggot-thick mud until its putrid flesh is straining and pulsating, refining a hideous cocktail of hyper-concentrated toxic slime. Then, with a disgusting spasm of regurgitation, the drone or Crawler squirts the resultant soup through its Plaguespitters, spraying it in great fans across the foe. No cover or defence can protect the target from this lethal rain of filth. Victims find their bodies convulsing and twisting in the grip of a thousand maladies, rotting and bloating until they collapse into a heap of decaying, highly-infectious matter. Many are still screaming when they do."

Name a more horrific weapon in 40k

>> No.73098551

wet palette is worth it, your paints won't dry out on you while your working. which is especially helpful with mixed colours.
you can make one for a couple $, try it. A container of some kind, a damp sponge or paper towel and some baking/greaseproof paper as the palette surface and you're good.

>> No.73098556

>No, because humans are individuals. The hive mind is unique, it helps more to think of it as halfway between the emperor as a energy-directed totemic construct for the entire species, and the ork gods as automatically generated archetypal entities springing from the race by default.

>> No.73098558

It has a Heavy Bolter pistol.
It looks stupid, it makes zero sense in or out of universe, and it is incredibly unbalanced.
But it has a Heavy Bolter pistol.

>> No.73098560

Contemptors are cool.

>> No.73098562

>Not liking the Castraferrum.
Unimaginably bad taste.

>> No.73098565

imagine the smell

>> No.73098569

Contemptors and leviathans are both nice and poseable

>> No.73098580

glad I got 3 redemptors instead, heh.

>> No.73098581

oh, wait cant have the advance and charge on a dread. but still

>> No.73098590


>> No.73098598

Some of the admech weapons could be up there. The basic rad carbine can impart so much radiation that it can make a marine's face rot off. They've also got all the phosper, which seems like a horrible way to go.

>> No.73098601

look mommy I used the meme arrows

>> No.73098602

Most recent I have a pic of

>> No.73098609

Why would you want claws, 8 chainfist attacks not enough for you?

>> No.73098612

Which are the ones that ally regularly?
That’s news to me, I know they can ally, but they almost always extremely shortlived alliences (even more if Slaanesh is involved) and I don’t remember ever reading about, say, Tzeentch being more willing to ally with Slaanesh

>> No.73098617

Get away from her, you HERETIC.

>> No.73098619

Thank you for proving my point for me.

>> No.73098626


>> No.73098631

don't you think its kind of dangerous to blindfold women and give them chainsaws?

I mean they can't even use one with their eyes open

>> No.73098633

Tyranid codex, not sure if its in the current one but it was definitely in 6e, 7e.
A description to the effect of "they do not use the warp in any fathomable way, instead flexing the will of the hivemind"

>That's why Zoanthropes use literal warp blasts.
they can manipulate the warp but its not the source of their power, just as we wouldn't say human psykers are fire powered just because they can manifest fire.

>> No.73098634

>cardboard boxes with vents
Yeah, remove the vents.

>> No.73098640


>> No.73098653

just convert it bro.

>> No.73098655

The autist at my lgs flipped out hard when i killed all three of his warsuits turn one.

>> No.73098665

I've never seen anyone make a scene at my LGS, I feel like I'm missing out. What'd he do?

>> No.73098672

This is how I power armor.

>> No.73098675

Tell us how he flipped out

>> No.73098689

can't help but think they're missing parts from the neck below, definitely need more scrolls and purity seals

>> No.73098703

>Openings? They're alright. But the best is still Last Impression.

>> No.73098713


>> No.73098716

Thanks for the warning. I have to say though, reaching the crevices with the starter brush is a pain in the neck.

>> No.73098721

Nurgle and Khorne will work together regularly as both of them represent death, although Khorne isn't a fan of Nurgles use of sorcery and delaying death

Tzeentch and Slaanesh on the other hand work as allies due to their common enemies in Nurgle and Khorne respectively

>> No.73098724

Alright thanks

>> No.73098729

Killer model.

>> No.73098739

I think I did the models a slight disfavor by painting their clothing in somewhat light colors (on some of them at least) and their skin a healthy tan color.

I did this to differentiate them from pic related, but they might have been more evocative with pallid skin with blue, red and purple tones and darker clothes to let the seals and adornments stand out more

>> No.73098746

I have. One guy was so notorious for flipping out that he got banned from playing at all (any games, like 40k, magic, or vidya). Soon he switched to observing games, and began flipping out when people refused his tactical advice or did something he thought was dumb. Thus he was banned from the play areas. Soon he started coming in to chat, and would insist people bought stuff he thought was "good" and flip out if they didn't buy shit he advised. Now the store remains open an extra 30 mins after doors close so he can come in, spend like 600+ a week, have a chin wag with the staff, then fuck off again. He spends crazy money in there so they won't outright ban him, but he's not allowed to interact with other customers. By all accounts, he's a nice guy, he's just mega autistic when it comes to manchild toys such as ours.

>> No.73098748 [DELETED] 

Fuck off lunatic. You will not be missed.

>> No.73098755

This won't apply to vehicles so fuck you

>> No.73098765

Khorne and Slaanesh do work together as well, rarely. There's a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh who is specialised in teasing tsundere Bloodthirsters into being so angry they fuck shit up hard, while the KoS watches and fondles its pussydick lmao

>> No.73098773

I swear to God GW is in here shilling lately because I've seen more anti recasters shit posted in the last few days than ever before.

This post is conspiracy tier. Recasters are easy to find literally just Google them.

>> No.73098778

Sure you've got enough armor there?

>> No.73098791

For the most part though Khorne hates Slaanesh the most (even more than Tzeentch and his sorcery) as Slaanesh likes to revel in slowly torturing their enemies rather than spilling as much blood as fast a possible

>> No.73098799

None of them like to ally with each other. Usually they fight together because someone, like Horus or Abbadon forces them to, or they have an incredibly beneficial mutual goal that outweighs their mutual hatred of each other.

You typically see other Daemons fighting for a Lord of Change, because they got tricked into it, or Khorne daemons fighting for a Keeper of Secrets, because they don't even realize how thirsty they are.

But it isn't really the norm. Most daemons will fight each other on sight and will actively work against each other.

>> No.73098803

Imagine the space marine codex, but for the whole edition, with no nerfs. That's 7th. There was so much bullshit the game was borderline unplayable.

>> No.73098805

No, khorne hates Slaanesh because khorne can’t deal with his attraction to Slaanesh.

>> No.73098806

Man, I have to admit I'm tempted to run my Word Bearers as CoB instead of Word Bearers; fluffwise it'd even work with the idea that my Master of Possession is out to make improved super Possessed, as he'd have no problems working with Bile to improve the base materials

>> No.73098810

He stuck them as close as he could to my deployment zone thinking that he'd block me from moving up the board. I killed one outright with heavy weapons, the other two were damaged then finished off after I charged them. You could see him turn red, then tried to say I was using weighted dice. Never heard anyone screech the way he did.

>> No.73098818

>A description to the effect of "they do not use the warp in any fathomable way, instead flexing the will of the hivemind"
and what makes you think the will of the hive mind doesn't manifest through the warp just like all other wills of every other psyker?

I've got one of their codex under my eyes now and in the might of the hive mind is called psychic and the zoanthropes are said to tap and manipulate the warp.

the tyranid biomorphs do it differently from all the other races simply because instead of being the entity that possesses the will and personally digs up the warpstuff from the warp they act as remote guns for the hive mind to manifest its psychic powers through

that's it, everything they do is coherent with them using the warp, the shadow they project in it it's the result of the constant chattering and exchange of information of all the tyranids talking psychically with each other, resulting in the consciousness that is the hive mind.

>> No.73098820 [DELETED] 

Exterminatus on your location in t-30minutes engaged

>> No.73098826

Eldar were leagues worse. Not even Eldar players like playing other Eldar players.

>> No.73098829

They also have a grudging respect for one another. Khorne was gifted an objet d'art by Slaanesh and got so mad that he destroyed it. But he was compelled to refashion it, because it was such a beautiful piece that it would be a crime to leave it sullied. He then gets mad again that he was gifted such a thing, smashes it, then feels guilty and compelled to rebuild it.

Khorne wants to fuck Slaanesh so bad. It's cute.

>> No.73098833

Preparing to paint my first Skitarii/Sicarians, made a sketch of the lines I'll use(in black), freehand with tape, no decals - although I may add symbol decals, not sure.

Any feedback?

>> No.73098842

No they are from the sector imperialis objective set

>> No.73098849

Waiting for the day Admech gets a proper artillery unit so I don't have to see this model as anything other than transport.

>> No.73098868

That warcry terrain looks nice. Think I'll put some flock on mine too.

>> No.73098880

So, never spray a dude with something in front of his chest. Usually better to remove the arms, head and backpack first then spray and paint them, then assemble. Take some black paint and fix the patches you missed.

>> No.73098893

That's a thick primer layer, son. May want to strip and go again.

>> No.73098895

All the Covenant posting makes me realize how much many of the Halo factions are in some way Tau done better. The Covenant do the whole
>Empire of different Aliens
with much more divided attention and even infighting than the Tau. Most of the Tau races get little attention. In drones, we've witnessed 343 Guilty Spark and all those Halo 2 sentinels and even Onyx Sentinels. Their culture is caste based but also surprisingly alien in its own way that isn't Tau.

>> No.73098903

Get a can of spray primer. It will make life much easier.

>> No.73098913

Only do it for Alphas.
If you're fielding a proper army, you'll have something like 30 skitarii minimum, and doing those designs for every cloak will wear you down fast. Plus it's nice to easy identify alphas.

>> No.73098915

working on this devilfish.

>> No.73098930

This is how I Khorne.

>> No.73098934

I don't know why, but whenever I see this the first thing that comes to mind is "FOOTBALL!"

>> No.73098948

If the first thing that popped into your head wasn't Alien, you need to reasses your life.

>> No.73098964

Orks you mean?

>> No.73098976

I like it, fuck you.

>> No.73098999

They already did the alien reference with the sentinel powerlifter, so fuck off with that
Also, I really really hate "I CLAPPED BECAUSE I GET THE REFERENCE" faggots. Oh wow, the flapcopter is based off of Dune. Cool. Looks like shit anyway. Oh wow, the dread-not is based on that one scene in the movie that ruined the Alien franchise. Cool. Still looks like shit.

>> No.73099009

>Blast auto-hits
GW stop, Tanks don't need this much

>> No.73099015

I like the scheme

>> No.73099029

Of all the things to think ruined the franchise, the power loader scene is it for you?

>> No.73099032

he said they dont you moron

>> No.73099037

why are redshirts fighting noshirts? Whats the story here, it looks like football hooliganism but more organised

>> No.73099038

That's not just tanks, that's walkers too.
>tfw my DG Leviathan get buffed even further
good feeling tbf

>> No.73099039

Which character is the best physical fighter in 40k?

>> No.73099043

the real question, which looks better the invictor or the dreadknight?

>> No.73099050


>> No.73099058


>> No.73099072

>if you're firing a 'blast weapon' which is the random d6 shot weapons; if you target a unit of 6 to 10 you always roll at least 3, and if you target a unit of 11 or more you always get the max number of shots

>> No.73099076

It is football hooliganism. Surprisingly organized isn't it?

>> No.73099077

You sound upset, did daddy touch your weewee when you were a little boy?

>> No.73099079

The invictor looks better. The Dreadknight's pilot should've been either on the back or within the suit, rather than on the chestpiece.

>> No.73099080

wtf is this anime about

>> No.73099086


>> No.73099095

So when are we getting a Primaris update of this

>> No.73099100

>yeah dude, remember that scene from a movie that's over 30 years old
It's still an ugly model.

>> No.73099104

Forgot to mention it's for KT, so fewer models.

Is there specific lore about the quantity of stripes each rank has? I'm a newbie

>> No.73099113

You need a proper spray technique. The blackshirt at my local GW taught me. Basically lay them flat, blutacked onto a spray surface (I use thick cardboard).
Then spray it from 4 angles. 1-2 short passes per angle should be enough. Wait for it to fully dry (10 mins at least) then flip it over and do the same on the other side.

Also to save time you shoulda just primed them in Death Guard Green if that's what you were going for.

>> No.73099119


>> No.73099133

Thanks I like my Achillus. But I'm considering converting Katakros into some DAoT golden automata I'd play as a dread.

>> No.73099134

Did they specify if it currently has 6 to 10 models or if it started with 6 to 10 models?
I find it odd that they're effectively promoting unit sizes of 5 or 10, versus any other amount.
Disheartening honestly, because I run 7 man skitarii squads.

>> No.73099137

>4 sprays

>> No.73099139

>Madara? Kakashi vs Obito is better. Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki is also better.

>> No.73099150

You meant Lucius? Cause not only Lucius would shit on Kharn, but even if Kharn would somehow by any chance best Lucius in combat, he would then slowly become Lucius.

>> No.73099162

Because fuck our fluffy Death Guard lists with 7 man Plague Marine Squads that's why. Now buy Primaris for their 5 man Squads that CONVENIENTLY FLY UNDER THE RADAR FOR BLAST :^)))))

>> No.73099163

There really isn't an specific lore, as every forgeworld operates separately. If I remember correctly, Stygies have almost no markings on their Skitarii, while almost all Mars skitarii have some sort of trim.

>> No.73099166

>not runing MSU skitarii
What's wrong with you?

>> No.73099167

I always like tracking the guy in jeans that does a high kick at the start.

>> No.73099168

Lee vs Gaara in part 1 is peak Naruto though

>> No.73099173

What are the limits to Lucius' ability? If Khorne or the Emperor killed him, would it work?

>> No.73099180

>4 sprays on a single side
Are there any details left?

>> No.73099183

>Did they specify if it currently has 6 to 10 models or if it started with 6 to 10 models?
Do you really have to ask? Retards like you are what fuck up this game.

>> No.73099184

You need to hit every angle, anon. Wouldn't want a bare spot.

Also to add on, if you're priming multiple you can just lay them all in a straight line.

>> No.73099200


>> No.73099204

God anime is fucking trash for brainletts

>> No.73099208

That color scheme reminds me of that one bionicle

>> No.73099210

Swarmlord is so good in crunch if he catalysts himself but absolute ass in lore

>> No.73099212

>Shooting gets even more powerful
>One Guardsmen should be able to wipe out half a squad of Orks
>Well you could take less Orks but where would the fun be :^)))))))

>> No.73099217

>Shirtlesses focus on doing high kicks and fighting one-on-one
>Redshirts coordinate, dragging shirtlesses out to the side and beating them 3 on 1 while keeping a solid line

This is the difference between tactics and strategy.

>> No.73099222

I guess the only way to get rid of him is to either lock him away or kill him outside of combat (like sabotage for example)

>> No.73099231

There is no fucking way Crudface didn't write this whole edition

>> No.73099244


>> No.73099252

What the fuck are you dribbling about you mouth breather?

>> No.73099254

You be the judge, man.

>> No.73099259

Uno reverse card
>a singe Boy shoots the entire IG regiment and their ancestors into smithereens
Also no such thing will happen dumbo

>> No.73099262


>> No.73099272

9th? He's out dawg.

>> No.73099283

>New men are more mental space marines
Based Stu, shitting on Reynold's feminist crap.

>> No.73099289

Can f/a/gs fuck off back to their board allready? The Gundam posting was tolerable because it's an actual good show but I can't stand that Naruto shit

>> No.73099291


>> No.73099312

Invictor. Both are absolute dogshit and I always think less of people that play them.

>> No.73099326

hmm he can actually go toe to toe with ghazzy.

>> No.73099330

>Actual cool looking dreadnaughts instead of cardboard boxes with vents when?
But the custodes already have excellent looking dreads on FW?

>> No.73099337

Actually Nurgle and Tzeentch are the friendlier pair of rivals compared to Slaanesh and Khorne, and sometimes what they stand for isn’t at odds. Tzeentch makes constant change making way for nurgle to bring new life or death. It might be a bit of stretch but

>> No.73099341

>Unending tank buffs
>Blast weapons upgrading at 6 models and then at over 10 models (to work around the typical 5 man Marine Squads and 10 man Infantry Squads)
Nah he's definitely still hanging around

>> No.73099347


>> No.73099354

7 is most efficient. If you lose 5 men, you still have a special and the alpha left, with a 1/2 chance of neither running from morale.

>> No.73099366

Not likely, since he was already shown being revived out of a factory worker that created a mine/shell (can’t really remember which) that killed him

I would guess that trapping him somewhere would allow him to be rebirthed out of whomever trapped him the second Lucius died, since it would still mean that they indirectly killed him

>> No.73099378

I'm aware of what they're implying, but WAACfags could argue that the original unit size is what's intended.

>> No.73099381

Nurgles entire philosophy is stagnation and accepting you for who you are while Tzeentch is unending change and encouraging his followers to stab each other in the back to prove their worth. They're polar opposites.

>> No.73099386

>Supreme Creation (Creations of Bile Stratagem)
>pick a friendly model and give it 3 of the following: [REDACTED]

>> No.73099391

It's Mike now. He's our god and savior.

>> No.73099408

The downside of MSU is that they are still subject to the high end of the dice. 6-8 Plasma Cannon shots will tear a 5 man Primaris a new vent.

>> No.73099416

>Implying these rules aren't perfect for WAACfags

>> No.73099417

Is that your idea or something they have said in the live?

>> No.73099438

something they said in the livestream, they didn't go into much detail on what else creations of bile get

>> No.73099449

A Spray primer would probably be better than doing with the brush, if it wasn't so expensive. For now, the pot will suffice.
( Or I could just prime/based coat them with green from the start, like the instructions said)

>That's a thick primer layer, son.
I can see that. I've even tried to be careful (2 thin coats, and all that shit)
>May want to strip and go again.
Nope. Whatever comes out, it's how it's going to be. And since they are already bloated it wouldn't bother me too much.

>> No.73099450

So how does BLAST effect D3 weapons?

>> No.73099460

>Bring dozer blades back, give them the Ogre charge ability from AOS where you roll a number of dice equal to your charge roll, and for every 5+ (just as an example number) you deal a mortal wound
Yay or nay?

>> No.73099467

oh boy, a new person to focus all our disdain for the rules changes on, how many years do we give him?

>> No.73099470

Have you heard of Rustoleum?

>> No.73099472

I still don't know how or why invictors have more wounds than dreads. Is it to balance out being T6? If so it doesn't really help since most weapons that are at least S6 also have either a high number of shots (assault cannon, autocannon) or a high-damage attack (melta, lascannon, thunder hammer)

>> No.73099477

D6 weapons are the blast ones I think

>> No.73099478

Min 1 for 1-5.
Min 2 for 6-10.
Min 3 for 11+

>> No.73099481

Yes that’s true but in fringe cases just like Khorne and Slaanesh have similar ideologies, example on the absolute perfection of physical prowess, Nurgle and Tzeentch line up as well. Nurgle known as the god of perseverance and survival is also know as the god of death and decay, and rebirth and life, two sides of the same cycle that require constant motion and change

>> No.73099491


>> No.73099497

every other version of that is usually one dice per model on a 6, unless its from a strategem.

>> No.73099504

>Turns my Plagueburst Crawlers into battering rams
Perfect synergy with the Plaguespitters playstyle

>> No.73099507

Are hordes just dead this edition?
Do you think terrain changes will be big enough to save them?

>> No.73099512

So I'm guessing they're gonna make Blast weapons do spillover damage like MWs?

>> No.73099514

Stop being a waacfag then. Play as it's intended to be played.

>> No.73099515

There isn't a single system that WAACfags can't abuse. Saying that any particular rule is perfect for WAACfags is kinda dumb, because all rules are.

That being said, you can always houserule it. I don't know anybody that plays with 100% vanilla rules. GW rules are too poorly designed for that.

>> No.73099527

because its a redemptor variant and 8w dreads are basically legacy models.

>> No.73099534

Then why rubric marines are eternally unchanging dust and plague marines are constantly sprouting new mutations?

>> No.73099535

Depending on which effects he gets it could end up being pretty great for a new version of the Smashlord

What I’d really like, though, would be a “New Men” stratagem along the line of
>“Pick a cultist unit at the beginning of the game; that unit is not considered having the Cultist keyword for the sake of being excluded from the effect of stratagems and rules (including experimental enhancements)”

>> No.73099538

If they gave the huge dozer blade a weapon profile (why the fuck didn't they) I would be stoked even though it has shit tier WS

>> No.73099549

I fucking hope not. One lucky round of shooting with a single tank and you completely wipe a 40 man unit. Fuck that

>> No.73099555

Doubt it.

>> No.73099559

That would be a logical way to do it.
But they haven't revealed specifics yet.

>> No.73099563

Sorcerers can bind and summon daemons without worshipping them. It could be that this particular warband has somehow bound a horde of Nurgle daemons to their service. Perhaps they did some favour for Mortarion, or they found a powerful relic of Nurgle and used it to their own ends. Maybe they don't know why the Daemons they summon are always Nurgle.

The same sources that say Nurgle and Tzeentch are rivals also say that Daemons of different gods often fight alongside each other.

>> No.73099594

I'm thinking they just make blast weapons do max/minimum shots or something for a unit above a certain size, you still need to roll for hits and damage.

>> No.73099608

>Sorcerers can bind and summon daemons without worshipping them
Like that TS asshole with a deck of bloodthirsters to summon in combat

>> No.73099612

if spillover damage had lower or no AP it might be fairer

>> No.73099616

I hope the rules writers don't equate AP ammo with general explosives. Because there's a really big different between weapons designed to blow holes in armor and just explode.
That said, there is a point in where what you're shooting does overlap, like with most artillery rounds.

>> No.73099617

meh it doesn't bother me. Orks needed an excuse to stop playing 150 boys and termagant spam is lame. I'd also caution against assuming people are going to even be running enough blast weapons in an average army to invalidate a specialist build.

>> No.73099637

I intentionally didn't bring him up because I know how much he triggers the more autistic fa/tg/uys. It's besides the point, anyway.

>> No.73099658

That's it.
You still roll for blasts, but units of 6+ you get minimum half shot and units of 11+ you automatically get full shots.

>> No.73099664

Guillimom deserves better than that :'(

Although yes I do think he could compartmentalize it, but basically in the same way he "compartmentalizes" his hatred for Lorgar: he still lets his hatred motivate him, but doesn't allow it to overcome his decision making.

>> No.73099683


>> No.73099688

Image limit reached:

>> No.73099692

We don't know enough to say.
Max hits from.blasts and tonks shooting in CC May break them or could be needed to keep them in check with other ways they've been improved.

>> No.73099696

>blast weapons 3 minimum hits against squad sizes 6-10
>max hits against squad sizes 11+
>can’t fire blast weapons in engagement range


>> No.73099700

Nobs need to be a Troops choice. Bam. I just fixed Orks permanently.

>> No.73099701

Interresting. I hope Balistus grenades will benefit from that.

>> No.73099716

>9 seconds apart
>3 posts apart
Well shit.

>> No.73099719

Oh fuck

>> No.73099735

Sorry anon, other one posted first.

>> No.73099744

every time

>> No.73099804

>shot frag greande at mid unit
>min 3 his from 1 dude
>shot rapidfire battle cannon at mid unit
>still min 3


>> No.73099908

Dark eldar are so sexy

>> No.73099925


>> No.73100185

He’s just being a contrarian.

>> No.73100207

RFBC is 2d6, so each die is min3, so 6 min

You brainlet secondary

>> No.73100573

>secondaries in 40k
what do they even come here from? dawn of war?

>> No.73100830

>yesterday's article recommended flamethrower sponsons
>can't shoot blast weapons in melee
>penitent engines and flamethrower mortifiers get even worse
>inferno pistols and hand flamers now unusable

>> No.73101089

Are flamers blast? Don't remember seeing that

>> No.73101138

>max beef squad
>le random frail girl

>> No.73101240

youtube im betting, especially the newer ones

>> No.73101409


That's nothing, someone post the complete chapter.

>> No.73101422

There was a WHC article that said Gargants were good lmao

>> No.73101438


Any of you faggots remember this?

>> No.73103124

>And then Primaris happened.

>> No.73103149

All you faggots spamming 1d4chinz memes on normie sites.

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