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first for still not errata'd

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Sob are cute CUTE!

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Cool stuff tbqh

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dead game, dead lore, dead company

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Death Guard

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You aren't a xenophile, anon, are you?

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Here's another art piece and you can see homie at the bottom firing something that might be a bolt pistol with casings coming out.

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Inexorable Advance keeps having its usefulness eroded by FAQs and rules updates. I kinda hope this is addressed in War of the Spider, but I kinda doubt it.

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Primaris upgrade sprue when

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I think it's neat to have an actual reason to put Heavy Flamers onto a Leman Russ for the first time ever.

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They really are.

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>designs an actual female head
>doesn't publish it
it wasn't even the age of the trannies back then meaning that no one would be offended by a feminine female. why didn't they publish her?

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Why does she wear a mask

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Kastelans are only worth it in Mars.
It's very sad.

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Tagging vehicles is still somewhat effective, its just more rock paper scissors now.

If you have flamer/gun sponsons then you will deal with an infantry tagger more easily. However, if a rhino or trukk or something tags you, you will struggle. Opposite for having AT sponsons and having infantry tag you.

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*BLAM* sorry filthy xeno, but I only date sisters

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Many materials give off harmful gasses when burned.

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Here's another shot with possibly the same guy and possibly the same weapon with no casing coming out

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Cause it looks rubbish?

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All flamer SoB do.

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That’s a big gun

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The death company weapons, helmets and shoulder pads fit on Primaris or require minimal conversion work

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She has a lot of loyalty, for a blessed nun.

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Wait I thought you could shoot in combat only to the stuff your in combat with?

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What would happen if I took the mask off

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It would be extremely painful.

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Those poor Sisters would cough from the smoke generated by their flamers when burning heretics.
That would be very mean of you.

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It would be extremely toxic to breath burnt xenos

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You'd realize it's a tranny

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I'm sorry now that I look closer there are definitely casings coming out of that. They got lost in the studs

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why does admech have so many melee/close range units now? two priests, sulphurhounds, praexii, ruststalkers, dragoons, inflitrators, sicarians

its a shooting army, but it barely has anything interesting going on on that regard

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Seems they make it so that if you declare stuff that's not in combat with you, and you kill stuff with other guns from the same vehicle before they fire, then you can fire. However if the vehicle is still in combat then you wont be able to.

As in, my 5 Grots are in combat with a Leman russ. I place all my heavy flamers on the grots and my battle cannon on a Stompa. If I kill the grots then I get to fire into the stompa.

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I count three.

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Shes a big gal

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Yeah but you can say if I kill the unit in combat with these guns I'll use this other gun to shoot a far away target.
You only get to do it if you clear the engaged in combat unit

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for the most part, and I'm sure in 90% of cases it will work out that way despite that needless and seemingly confusing rule stipulation.

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How can you declare an attack that at the point of declaring it it's not legal

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2x2 u

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>It's a shooting army
It's an assault army, not a gun-line army.

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Because it's a hybrid army as it should be.

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Why is her tongue grey

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>its a shooting army
apparently their unit list disagrees sir.

>> No.73086267

They say you can.

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>vehicles can't go onto terrain
So will infantry only be used to hide in terrain from vehicles?

>> No.73086279

Was getting crushed by a necron part of you plan?

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the gamble comment makes me think you can try to use side arms to first clear the melee and if that works you can then use main arnament on actual targets

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because the guy who painted it did a bad job on the face

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Secret romance with a female Tau.

>> No.73086287

Because no one cared who she was before she put on the mask

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You declare the attack and if there are invalid targets you can't shoot those targets. You still have to declare all your attacks at once, though you DO get to choose the order in which to resolve them.

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Couldnt make it simple could they

>> No.73086302

How does this work if all attacks were said to be done simultaneously.
So if an independent character is the next closest unit I should be able to shoot at it. But the unit in combat with me means I can't target it.
Does thus mean you can shoot stuff out of LOS now? Big change if true

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Are you actually clinically retarded?

>> No.73086314

Got to keep thos tanks shooting. God forbid they could countered. F
God forbid guadfags had to play by the same rules as everyone else

>> No.73086317

So if ALL vehicles don't have to worry about moving and shooting heavy weapons what are they going to do with vehicles like Land Raiders or Leman Russes where part of their appeal was being able to move and shoot? Even more so Tallarn Leman Russes.

>> No.73086340

nothing, get fucked imperials.

>> No.73086348

you'll get to roll a d6 every turn to see if you explode instead.

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>land raiders
Legends for being racist

>> No.73086354

Surely you can't be upset about grinding advance?
You still get to fire twice if you go less than 1/2 the movement characteristic.

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>Plasma, Combi-Melta
>Missile Launcher
What do I give the last Havoc? Missile Launcher as well? Toss up between that and the reaper chaincannon. I actually think the RCC looks kind dumb, but another ML might look too same-y

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They didnt say yet but can I shoot a artillery, let's say an exorcist at point blank range? Kinda retarded if you ask me

>> No.73086365

Not if it has blast weapons

>> No.73086376

Tallarn will get a new trait, or something additional to it, since heavies would only apply to infantry, and all Guard heavy infantry weapons are used in a stationary manner (mortars, backline lascannon, gunline autocannons, etc.)
It'd be really sweet if Tallarn could advance vehicles and still shoot.

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If you want it to be good not the chain cannon it's got too short range compared to everything else. I'd go for autocannon or h bolter to be cheap

>> No.73086378

>anything but ripper cannons
What's it like being retarded?

>> No.73086379

Do you think it will be? I mean nobody uses the exorcist as a infantry counter

>> No.73086388

No, those are just the first ones that came to mind that were "you can ignore heavy weapon movement penalty."

>> No.73086389

Almost definitely

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Tau are not Japanese you ignorant fucks

>> No.73086403

Behold, the Immolator!
It will be able to burn stuff in melee!

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>bubble wrapping your tank bad. tanks should look after themselves
Tanks without infantry support? How tactically unsound.

>vehicles can't go into terrain
Except of course ones that fly, so all of lil timmy's new primaris tanks can ignore this and he doesn't have to think of so many rules. I wonder if they'll bring back dozer blades and other vehicle equipment upgrades.

>> No.73086413

they could have made a bullet-points list with the rules
but the only complex part is the one about selecting a target for the weapons, which in the rulebook is probably accompanied by a few examples

>> No.73086417

man just how old are some of these ork models, they even look like shit on the gw website pin up shots. Its mind blowing that with how big they are in the setting they don't get more maintenance.

>> No.73086422

They incorporate certain japanese element and themes like wakizashis

>> No.73086427

>never ever

>> No.73086440

I'm actually far more happy it can move and shoot meltas.

>> No.73086441

He mad his manlet tanks cant into terrain

>> No.73086449

>Tanks without infantry support? How tactically unsound.
That's just the retard summarizing it.
No one would purposely leave a tank to get charged and waste firepower on grots.

>> No.73086453

Outside of the tankbustas and weirdboy, I am blanking on what looks bad. Maybe kommandos, they could be slightly improved while keeping general aesthetic.

>Tfw plastic is old vs box only

>> No.73086454

They draw a lot of inspiration from the Japanese empire

>> No.73086455

I meaaan to be clinically alcoholic you need to drink twice a month, I’m pretty sure everyone on the thread is clinically retard desu

>> No.73086457

Go with an autocannon. They're cheap, they have the same range as the rest of your squad, they're decent at most targets, and you can have him get killed first instead of your champ you gave double guns to.

>> No.73086472

>I meaaan to be clinically alcoholic you need to drink twice a month

>> No.73086479

>too short range
I figured, I just also figured since it was 8 shots that it's be nice to have something to keep the infantry away while everyone else took out vehicles. Fair point, though.

>What's it like being retarded?
What's it like not only mistyping "reaper" (because you're a phone poster with autocorrect) but also giving every dude in the squad the same wonky looking weapon that will eventually just get nerfed, at which point you'll probably just drop ANOTHER $60 on a squad of Havocs you'll half-paint and equip with the flavor-of-the-month weapon?

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I mean, I thought previously all shooting attacks from a unit happened simultaneously. Unlike in 7th and before. In those editions, you could literally kill a unit out of range.
Here, it seems that you are allowed to gamble that you will kill whatever you are in contact with before you get to resolving your attacks... so shooting is no longer 'simultaneous' in gameplay.
But now, it seems that shooting isn't simultaneous anymore.
So, for example, if I had a unit of three grots between my Intercessors and a warboss, I can declare 3 guys will shoot the grots and the rest into the warboss, and gamble that the 3 guys resolved first will kill the intervening unit and make the remaining 7 able to target the character (who normally I couldn't target due to the character targeting rules).

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GW has so many god damn orc kits I think they just expect ork players to just kitbash everything.

Their dragsters are sick af though.

>> No.73086489

What retarded defenition is that from

>> No.73086490

Good. My inner and outer tank autist would be displeased to see tanks not being gently held by the hand by infantry meat shields in all of 40ks urban warfare

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>> No.73086499

They draw inspiration from all kinds of asian cultures honestly, I can kinda agree with original poster that it's weird how people keep associating them with japanese when they have more visual and lore-related cultural take-aways from china and korea. But I guess everyone knows more about japan.

>> No.73086503

Pretty much the whole ork range looks great though

>> No.73086504

Are you worried about losing to this idiot timmy caricature you keep shit posting about? Are you shit at the game?

>> No.73086511

It's the Mecha

>> No.73086512

A painted one

>> No.73086515

I had to quit drinking, was too good at it.

>> No.73086517

Blind swordman tau battlesuit when

>> No.73086528

To see if you have alcohol in you body in case they give you something that doesn’t mix well with alcohol. It doesn’t mean you are a full alcoholic just like I’m not a full retard, just a minor one

>> No.73086534

Its mainly their general position in the setting as a new empire trying to carve out its piece of the galaxy (world) and picking fights with much bigger empires.
Like Japan in ww2.
That and some of their aesthetics but I agree its all very light inspiration

>> No.73086541

> army built around mech walkers
> hOw CoMe PeOpLe kEeP tHiNkInG iTs JaPanEsE?!?!?!
Big think you fucking retard

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>> No.73086552

Literally Vietnamese

>> No.73086553

Alcohol is metabolised very quickly surely they'd just ask when you last had a drink?

>> No.73086563

You sound vitriolically defensive of Timmy for someone who purports to not be an idiot baby.

>> No.73086564

I think my brain is fucked. Inquisitor Martyrdom is a painfully mediocre diablo clone but I am greatly enjoying using 40k weapons to kill 40k enemies.

>> No.73086568

That's fucking wrong though. They look dated, cartoonish, and straight up hunched over and scale creeped. Why do orkposters feel the need to defend these models? Like I get it you love your dudes and maybe you dont care about getting modern sculpts but thay is pretty far and away from them looking good. They look like shit. Cope

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>> No.73086575

I'll still asemble mine as flamer tanks.
I'm less salty about the hull Heavy Bolter now it's able to shoot properly while moving.

>> No.73086587

Their robots don’t even look like mechas

>> No.73086590

Probably they won't have limitation on what they can shoot if engaged and ignore the -1 if they are.

>> No.73086593

Masculine women = grimdark.

Because not even the coomers should feel happy in the 42 millenium.

>> No.73086610

Cope I guess

>> No.73086611

Wow lot of emotion there mate, maybe you should go to bed?
Orks look good

>> No.73086614

Yeah maybe , I’m just making shit up, practicing to become a bl author

>> No.73086615

And I thought csm and terminators didn't look bad until the new ones came out.

>> No.73086616

Do you think of japan when you look at MechWarrior and the like too?
Are imperial knights jap as fuck to you?
Was War of the Worlds inspired by japan?
Kill yourself.

>> No.73086620

I guess this will be half of the units from the Dark Imperium box now.

Gravis Captain, Flag Boy, Bell Fella, Butt Wizard, Death Chungus....

>> No.73086631

that tau looks off

>> No.73086632

Dialate I suppose
Seethe maybe

>> No.73086634

Maybe I am weird, I like both equally. The only really stand-out bad I can think of in old CSM kits would be stuff like 'zerker unmasked heads.

>> No.73086635

Makes sense

>> No.73086638

One person's opinion.

>> No.73086641

Fuck yeah

>> No.73086645

Conquest is coming to the states.

>> No.73086646

what happen if you put the mask off?

>> No.73086649


wow, stu black has absolutely no idea how actual combat works.

the guns work until troops are standing on top of it, slashing/punching/planting explosives on it.

i would really like to hear him explain what the purpose of a pintle mounted heavy stubber is, because clearly he has no understanding of the difference between pintle/sponson/turret types

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>> No.73086652

why are you so upset over plastic toy soldiers, anon?

>> No.73086653

> cartoonish, and straight up hunched over and scale creeped.
So like orks always have in 40k and in accordance to the setting they are in?
People defend them because they are good models and you're an outsider trying to dictate what orks should be based on your outsider views.

>> No.73086656

I'm not gonna say anything about your taste because you posted Slambo, my beautiful son, who I will always love unconditionally forerever.

>> No.73086657

What is conquest, another DOA specialist game?

>> No.73086659

Mortifiers with heavy bolters have a special rule allowing them to treat their HBs as assault type weapons in the shooting phase.
Mortifiers with heavy flamers have a special rule allowing them to shoot their heavy flamers in melee.

I guess HB Mortifiers won the edition game.

>> No.73086660

They'll probably split Dark Imperium into two start collecting boxes

>> No.73086664

People already complain about AOS orks so there would definitely be complaining and groggery if they updated ork boyz and the related models that are based on the boyz style.

>> No.73086665

Jesus fuck, is this an attempt to paint in cubism style?

>> No.73086666

>BIFFORD: What inspired the caste system of the Tau? Was it feudal Japan? Or perhaps India?

>THORPE: Originally? Probably India, but mixed with a bit of the warrior caste idea from feudal Japan. The main difference is the lack of hierarchy between castes - which is pretty much the point of an actual caste system - other than the over-riding presence of the Ethereals. The first inspiration was really the elemental idea, more than that of a caste system itself.

>BIFFORD: The Tau have a lot of Japanese influences in them, particularly mecha anime. When did you get the idea to add anime elements? Whose idea was it? Was Games Workshop seeking to tap into the rising popularity of Japanese cartoons?

>THORPE: It was mostly championed by Jes Goodwin, a fellow anime fan. He's used plenty of anime influence in his eldar of the years, but a more near-future patlabor-type mech race was a gap - something very different from the gothic / baroque of the overall setting. There wasn't any particular thought in Games Dev for pushing into Japan - a Western company arriving with their anime-influenced wargames models wasn't really going to be a big thing among the Gunpla and plethora of Tamiya mecha kits. More to appeal to a bit of the existing market that wasn't drawn in by the existing fantasy-in-space archetypes. Similarity with the background, a progressive, intellectually and technologically driven race was the antithesis of most of 40K. The Tau are more like C20th humans than the 40K humans! If anything, the more European imagery in the rest of the universe is a better sell in Asia because it offers something different.

>> No.73086668

It's probably a gundam.

>> No.73086669


>> No.73086678

You take that back old chaos termites look good too

>> No.73086680

even if it's not the greatest game, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the setting

>> No.73086684

>discontinue DI
>give updated rules for the models inside

For what raisin?

>> No.73086690

Grinding Advance only affected the main gun as well, so I'm very happy with the new global rule change because it means the other three weapons on my tank are now covered too.

>> No.73086695

This is one of those things that should be addressed in the day one FAQs but I bet it won't.

>> No.73086698

as good a reason as any in this crazy universe, carry on.

>> No.73086699

I know you guys don't like a lot of the new sisters but it isn't funny you kitbashed a bulldog head with a wig on her it's getting old guys

>> No.73086700

Serves me right for phone posting

>> No.73086701

I've been in the hobby for at least a decade and the models have been of questionable quality for pretty much that whole time. The reason it pisses me off is because I would love to start up an Ork army but am not going to waste my money on these dated pieces of garbage and you stockholmed ass retards defend these ugly sculpts tooth and nail because you dont want to have to rebuy your ten gorriion boyz

>> No.73086703


>> No.73086706


>> No.73086708

dude all the foot boys and meganobz look derpy as shit compared to the speed freeks. The Flash Gitz and the Nob kit look better, maybe the Gitz because they just naturally look like someone rolled them in a bitz box.

>> No.73086719

Ok, genuine question. Is that a chaos tentacle coming out of the ground or is that supposed to be smoke?

>> No.73086721

They'll release the gd half of DI as a start collecting probably
(most likely minus a few models)

>> No.73086722

maybe I'm just tired of this guys robotic same post.

>> No.73086737

>Legends for being Dune

>> No.73086739

>The more European imagery in the rest of the universe is a better sell in Asia because it offers something different.
That is actually true, which is why Imperial Knights are popular while Tau bots, who look like Macross/Robotech designs, are not so much. Though interesting in the last line to see the intentions with Eldar looking like patlabors in terms of deviating design.
Shame that the intention, vs final product, is so different with Tau.

>> No.73086744

>The main difference is the lack of hierarchy between castes

What does that mean? Castes are inherently hierarchical.

>> No.73086746

Checked Mega-Slaanesh

>> No.73086747

Nah boyz look good, good kits for conversions too, lots of options. If they got updated they would inevitably be more expensive with less options which is terrible for a chaff unit

>> No.73086749

Ouch. It's already double the price of the british release and the first issue is supposed to be cheap as fuck too.
Hopefully it still allows for some cheap models for americans.

>> No.73086750

>Stop selling DI at £95
>Repackage it into two £60 Start Collecting Boxes

>> No.73086762

All armies should be hybrid armies.

>> No.73086763

Convert your shitty AoS sculpts if you like them so much then, zoomie.

>> No.73086769

I think it's suppose to be a flame. Considering the heretic she's standing on looks pretty roasted.

>> No.73086770

>What does that mean?
every caste is equally important in the farm empire, it's just that the ethereals one is more equal than the others

>> No.73086772

The only reason to be salty about the bolter is if you assume they didn't free cost it out of base points. Which they probably did.

>> No.73086774

>finally get round to reading Space Wolves codex
>they have their two unique flyers and Stormtalon
>no Stormraven
>look up Blood Angels, supposedly THE flying chapter, who has the best pilots, who love flying the most and so on
>they still have no unique flyers, but they have Stormraven and Stormtalon
Wait, so GW removed Stormravens from SW and DA but not vanilla? Is that supposed to make BA fans feel better that they (and I guess GK) are the only chapter without unique flyers? They won't get any, either, due to Primaris. Unless GW gives them unique Primaris flyers, which still isn't 'fair' because the other chapters will too, surely... and if they don't... well I can see more people moaning.

>> No.73086779

Who the fuck wrote this? This is the most poorly written thing I've ever seen you could of used half as many words

>> No.73086786

So realistically, what is this gonna be useful for? Footslogging Marines doesn't seem that great even with the Blightbringer, and everything else either already has an invuln save or are too fast for the Blightbringer to keep up with

>> No.73086790

Fuck off secondary.

>> No.73086794

What's come up with some ideas for some good or even grade 40K novels.: Want a book about tau Auxiliaries most likely Gue'vesa or >>73086784

>> No.73086804

In Italy it was 2€

I bought 10

>> No.73086812

That'a BS. T'au suits BIG SUITS got a massive push in 6th and 7th ED edition. The T'au got a lot of content. This implies that they are popular.

>> No.73086814

SW and DA never were allowed stormravens anon.
Stormraven was BA and GK only originally.

>> No.73086816

You buy the tau for AI yet you vapid bugman

>> No.73086819

I had an idea fora GSC book but last time I posted it chaosfags got upset that it didn't have chaos in it.

>> No.73086828

Why do so many people like writing: "i'd buy X army if it had Y" when they wouldn't regardless. Same shit with "haha I always loved X army, that's why I only started after Z update that made them OP and suddenly disappeared completely from the general the moment they got the slightest nerf with the army already on ebay."
I fucking hate both you types.

>> No.73086835

>Legends for being racist

Lol I'll never stop playing with my space afghans. I'm just going to starry claiming I am Afghan and anyone telling me it's racist are cultural appropriators

>> No.73086836

Not much, dreads and land raiders probably benefit most

>> No.73086839

Immigrant memes aside, they probably did have some ASL intern write the rules down into text once they got the general idea of them.

>> No.73086844

Based. The rest is 100% right and people with any knowledge knew that. They knew that Tau wasn't meant to sell to Japan, but was to sell to weebs. Also, reminder, the Tau were originally going to be a lizardman race. Perhaps GW is making a lizardman race now the Old Ones are coming back (I think BSF note said so?)

>> No.73086846

They look ok in their own way, its like how you thought ps1 graphics were good.

>> No.73086848

This was referring to the replied portion of the comment on Asian market.
>The more European imagery in the rest of the universe is a better sell in Asia because it offers something different.
>The more European imagery in the rest of the universe is a better sell in Asia because it offers something different.
>The more European imagery in the rest of the universe is a better sell in Asia because it offers something different.

>> No.73086851

I've never heard anyone 'moaning' about it before you came along.

>> No.73086854

I was only joking to be fair don't think anyone has a problem with tallarn

>> No.73086856

This thread now belongs to Papa Nurgle!

>> No.73086860

AdMech have never not been about 50/50. Even when they were just Codex Skitarii, they were 50/50.
You might be thinking, "Okay, but the melee side of them isn't GOOD!" but that doesn't mean it's not there.
GW definitely thinks what they've done is make a balanced army, and it doesn't matter that Kastelans are much more efficient than Ruststalkers to them, as long as both of them are just one Codex entry, meaning the army has a balanced number of both melee and ranged options.

>> No.73086863

I had to get to the magazine shop by 8am just to get any issues. Some cunt kept buying them before I got there and one day I realised it was an employee cause he rushed over in normal clothes (probably day off), saw me holding the last 2 issues and then gave me a death stare as I went over to pay.

>> No.73086864

I'm torn
white scars are mongolian LARPers and this aesthetic is unfitting, but it still looks fucking sick

>> No.73086868

>feminine female

>> No.73086874

Fire caste isn't a higher caste ranking than Earth. Which isn't higher than Water. which isn't higher than Air. Only the Ethereals are above them, even if they claim equality.

No it isn't.$5 is £4.

>> No.73086876

I love patlabor, its fun having cliche cop show characters that happen to have robots to pilot.

>> No.73086881

They look basically the same just smaller. As the metal ones did but another tier smaller

>> No.73086884

Imagine the necron players who autistically stuck with the army through all of eighth who are gonna get called bandwagoners once their army turns mainstream.

>> No.73086893

Talked with a friend who lives in some suburb of Tokyo.
Apparently Guard, TSons, Knights, Tyranids/GSC and SoB are the most popular of armies in his area..

>> No.73086903

>I think BSF note said so?
hand over the citation and nobody but the negrons gets hurt

>> No.73086904

Issue 1 was £1.99 in the UK.

>> No.73086912

I wish they were sharky, like how space wolves are wolfy.

>> No.73086918

Ah. Still, quite baffling BA and GK didn't get unique flyers while they did.

>> No.73086922

Are Tyranid primes worth it if you don't use tons of warriors or are Neurothropes just better for cheap HQ?

>> No.73086928

Are you retarded? You could have easily looked up "WARHAMMER 40K CONQUEST"

>> No.73086929

PS1 graphics look good when utilized well, especially for horror games as many developers have discovered that better visuals often cause loss in scare factor. But there are other games that made good use of the console too like Xenogears, Spyro, and Chrono Cross.

>> No.73086937


>> No.73086944

What the fuck has that got to do with my post you utter cretin? Firstly, Conquest has been around for years, it has been advertised on GW's site and on fan sites as a cheap way to get a large army and terrain. Secondly, you were unable to google it? Come on man.

>> No.73086947

I just ordered 10 from the newspaper stand on my name and he kept them for me.

I don't even play marines, i just give them for free to guys that are curious about 40k and then teach them to paint.

>Pic related is the first mini of one of those guys (I borrow him some of my colours and had some help from me of course)

>> No.73086950 [SPOILER] 

Oh dearie me nurgle this is a nice thread you have here. It would be a shame if someone changed it >:3

>> No.73086963

If you mean why Space Wolves don't get SR, yes, it's been a thing for 9 years. People have complained for that long.

>> No.73086967

GK and BA were in fact the first chapters to get a special flyer. Vanilla marines only got access to stormraves in 7th or 8th edition I think, whilst the model was released during 5th

>> No.73086981

Ehm. Are you bringing a combination because those are the parts you have? Really Shouldn't run havoc as anything other than 4 of the same weapon

>> No.73086986

A Grey Knights and Deathwatch and Adeptus Arbites
all have to work together to solve a mystery? And the carpet is the Adeptus Arbites dad who conceded him when he was a little boy?

>> No.73086992

Best Guard

>> No.73086995

PBC sound like they're going to be based as fuck in the new edition.

>> No.73086996

I'd like to see the new chaos marine and havoc kits painted like this.

>> No.73086999

What does secondary have to do with not knowing about some specialist game.

>> No.73087006

It isn't a specialist game, retard.

>> No.73087019

He used the word cretin, an infamous knee-vent war of 2020 reference, so I think you can safely ignore it as a troll.

>> No.73087030

More this, but closer to human looking.

>> No.73087041

In the same time it took you to write google it, you could have just put a single sentence that described it like 'overpriced terrain game'. Or even better, you could have just not responded to the post at all.

>> No.73087051

You know, Eldar might be arrogant cunts but I would hate the other races if I was in that galaxy as well. I mean seriously, you have Space Authoritarians who nuke their own planets if someone jacks off and summons a Daemon, Orks being Orks, Chaos being Chaos. Tyrannids wanting to eat everything, Necrons wanting to kill everything. The only one I don't get them disliking is the Tau

>> No.73087056

Poxwalker spam. Can you imagine trying to kill 90 Poxwalkers with 5++ and 5+++ lmao

>> No.73087062

I've read that AdMech gets shafted big time with 9th. Anyone got a source on that?

>> No.73087064

>only young people like good models
That would certainly explain why we had to wait so long for a new Space Marine line that doesn't look like shit

>> No.73087065

Damn.... Carcharodons look like THAT?

>> No.73087066

>I’m gonna read all that shit
>I read at all
Are they japs or not

>> No.73087069

>comes out in Australia
>find literally one place in my city stocks it
>they never receive the good issues, only shitty ones

Fuck conquest

>> No.73087071

>can shoot in combat at units that are within 1" of the tank/monster at -1 to hit
isn't that only for heavy weapons though? >>73086261

>> No.73087075

sure am
but I don't wanna get murdered with brutality I've never even imagined before, gimme a craftworld gf instead

>> No.73087081

how is him telling him it isn't a specialist game and he can google it a 'troll'

>> No.73087086

they made the tau, and they hate the tau because they hate themselves

eldar are overly dramatic dicks

>> No.73087089

It's a subscription magazine that lets you get cheap models if you don't subscribe and instead get it from a store and avoid the shit issues where you just get paint. people tend to snipe and horde the high value issues though.

Like the one with 5 intercessors, 2 lieutenants and an ancient gets bought out instantly.

>> No.73087101

>people shitposting because they're secondaries who don't know what conquest is and got blown the fuck out
/tg/ is dead, bury it, consider it mercy

>> No.73087102

Eldar are unironically the good guys

>> No.73087106


>> No.73087115

>Primarisfag hates good designs
It all makes sense now.

>> No.73087121

But it isn't an overpriced terrain game; it's 40k with models for cheap, what is difficult about what I said. You can't say it's a specialist game to pretend you're right; you're wrong. You're a retard.

Oh wait, never mind, you were out retarded.

>> No.73087122

When they made 8th 'simple', WAACs and netlisting faggots abused the fuck out of semantics and grammar to squeeze out every bit of advantage they could get. They still will, but unfortunately, and in general, the more verbose a rule, the less likely a loophole will be noticed and exploited.

>> No.73087135

>good guys
Nah bro

>> No.73087137

Craftworld Eldar would be 100% in the right if they weren't too arrogant to function normally

>> No.73087143

>Typhus is THE leader of the Death Guard
>has been their commander since the great crusade
>has caused the legion's fall to Nurgle
>Morty is effectively just a greater daemon that goes raiding once every couple thousand years
>Typhus rules benefit pox walkers more than Death Guard marines
Anyone else bothered by that?

>> No.73087151

>says zoomie
>99% chance he didn't know about WHFB until video games came out
Would literally bet on it. This is where you say you did, I ask you to post your army models, you then go 'no i set them on fire' or some shit.

>> No.73087160

>murder-death-kill-fucked a literal god of hedonism into existence, giving chaos a 33% power boost
>the good guys

>> No.73087164

>The only one I don't get them disliking is the Tau

The Aeldari are not made from one person. There are Craftworlds that are friendly with the T'ai while others that are not.

Alaitoc and Ulthwe are friendly with the T'au.

Iyanden and Biel-Tann dislike the T'au.

>> No.73087176

I agree

>> No.73087177

>unironically use the word cretin
>start a giant shitposting fest because a guy asked a googleable question instead of just ignoring him.
Yeah I stick with the troll accusation.

>> No.73087180

The only badly designed primaris shit is the entire tacticool scout line. And reavers for the same reason. Everything else just looks like what the models should have looked like for a long time now

>> No.73087183

just buy a 4 pack of rapist chainshooters from kromlech ya dingus

>> No.73087187

>no pee pee or boobies
I rest my case tin man

>> No.73087208

No, Jobtarion is an absolute faggot. The only DPrimarch to have gotten less shit done than him is Lorgar, but Lorgar turned the Imperium into a religious cult, so Lorgar wins the Chaosbowl for all time.

>> No.73087218

How easy is it to paint this guy, by the way?

>> No.73087222

No in lore typhus has always been nurgles favored

>> No.73087223

Suppressors and aggressors look dumb too.

>> No.73087226

Yes but try to keep it a secret. If word gets out that Eldar are too morally good you'll get some shit writer have them blow up an orphanage or something.

>> No.73087227

Vindicators are BACK, BABY. Holy shit yesssss.

>> No.73087242

I'm complaining that Typhus gets railroaded to being a poxwalker leader rather than a death guard leader

>> No.73087246

based Jes

>> No.73087248 [SPOILER] 


>> No.73087250

>can't play an army that can't help you coom
This is one of the many reasons why eldar are gay.

He's a necron, you'll have more trouble dealing with the resin he's made from than painting him.

>> No.73087254

play bugs

>> No.73087255

Yes. I still have my cheap ebay typhus unbuilt because I fucking hate poxwalkers.

>> No.73087257


>> No.73087259

Typhus isn't the leader of the Death Guard. He is hated by the majority of the DG. The Lords of Silence novel highlights this.

The DG are still loyal and grateful to their Primarch from saving them from the Overlords, while they hate and mistrust Typhus for leading them to damnation.

>> No.73087265

>"Robin Cruddace got mad that his tanks wouldn't work in melee so we made a new edition."
9th is going to be a trainwreck.

>> No.73087276

I used to dislike aggressors but they grew on me. I can see not liking the poseing on suppressors but I imagine they look fine if you model them standing or something

>> No.73087278

I did, it was boring, like playing the target at shooting range

the swarms of gaunts are aesthetic as fuck though

>> No.73087280

Is a nidzilla army viable? I'm tired of assembling/painting/hauling/moving billions of little shits.

>> No.73087282

DA have stormravens now

>> No.73087284

Speaking of replicating the colors here? Not too hard with an airbrush, by applying techniques like these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTC6FWvOEx0

You could also attempt to heavy dry or glaze, but it's going to be harder. There's was a video like this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kDRo4XzWyM

>> No.73087285

Morty conquered the Scourge Stars and sieged Ultramar turning plenty of its worlds into diseased husks. Only Nurgle's command made him withdraw from his siege. And eventually, he is hoing to return there.

>> No.73087297

>reee why can't my ripper swarms competely isolate a fucking baneblade wtf

>> No.73087305


>> No.73087312

just you watch when the leman russ special rules gets changed from being able to move and shoot with everything to being able to shoot all weapons without penalties or target limitations when in melee

>> No.73087315

this is the age of the dreadnought
the deepstriking dreadnought even moreso
I am the hammer

>> No.73087332

remember guard domination in early 8th?
9th is going to be worse

>> No.73087333

I think it's mostly the posing, yes. Even on aggressors I don\t like stiff poses. Seems to contiue with the gravis melta guys in the new 9th box. Very stiff, static poses.
Maybe gravis armor just doesnt allow for actual posing of the model without clipping in the 3d software.

>> No.73087335


>> No.73087339

Oh. That isn't smoke. It's steam! Steam from the steamed C'tans we're having.
Hmmm! Steamed C'tans!

>> No.73087350

This is what Typhus actually believes. Chaos is a hell of a drug.

>> No.73087351

outflanking leviathan dreads with dual grav cannons ignoring the penalty to move. Damn that's going to be brutal

>> No.73087363


>> No.73087364

Footslogging is the best way to run Plaguemarines.

>> No.73087365

Stormcannon arrays would be better.

>> No.73087366

That bit of static grass on the red cloth

>> No.73087389

Because my army of genetically engineered superhumans don't feel superhuman on the tabletop.

>> No.73087394

Steamed C'tan. In this part of the galaxy, in this segmentum, in this millennia localised entirely in this part of the webway?

>> No.73087395

it's still too many months away from release!

>> No.73087396

T'au still have no melee crisis variant. I feel like there's just no reason for this. You'd think at least Farsight would have trained some sort of elite melee retinue to fuck shit up by his side.

>> No.73087399

Necrons whole goal is to find meat bodies so that they can coom again

>> No.73087405

>Kitbashing High Elf/Wood Elf Heads onto Eldar Units such as Guardians
How will it look? I just like having some qt Eldar girls fighting as well

>> No.73087406

I really just want my sicarians to be good again, other than that I think things are pretty ok

still feels like admech are bland compared to 7th, I'd have my faction be fun and interesting over good any day

>> No.73087409

I'll be happy for my defilers come 9th. Now, spread legion traits to vehicles you niggers.

>> No.73087414

manlet models that won't get an update in 30 years since post-ward GW doesn't give a shit about us and there are armies with much more outdated minis

>> No.73087417

How do you paint using gradients and what not? I want to try painting using blends but it just seems difficult and relatively pointless? I paint a lot of figures that are mostly metal so I don't even know how I would really use gradients properly. I guess my confusion is when and how would you blend? I have heard people blend on the model as it dries etc. Seems really advanced for me. In my head I am like locked in with the GW way of "base, wash, highlight".

>> No.73087418

>outflanking Land Raider Crusaders with Bolter Discipline and Tactical Doctrine


>> No.73087420

We all make mistakes. Maybe not as big as creating a chaos god from raw hedonism but still my point stands

>> No.73087422


>> No.73087427

If you ignore all the necrons who don't want to do that, maybe.

>> No.73087428


>> No.73087430

R*ddit considers this peak female.

>> No.73087433

Good luck, maybe use some dino models too.

>> No.73087440

Probably won't look good because of the half masks and fuckhuge circlets.

>> No.73087452

Can I see it?

>> No.73087454


Kommandos are legitimately some of the best models in the Ork range.

>> No.73087460

Why are people worried about tanks being able to shoot in melee? Why shouldn't they be able to? It was bull shit to have a fucking grot stop a tank.

>> No.73087463

looks stupid

>> No.73087464

Reminder that Vindicators and Dreadnoughts will be the new hotness in 9th.

>> No.73087466

Really hoping a full range and codex is in the works for these guys, would like some mortal followers of Chaos past cultists.

>> No.73087471


>> No.73087477

Between posts like this and the Fabuis bile "what is a d3" squabble in the last few threads there is a fucking worrying amount of posters on /tg/ that cannot read.

>> No.73087485

>if you ignore the necrons who want to die out then maybe

>> No.73087489

Well, I warped here, Seymoras. Despite your Navigators.

>> No.73087490

Try it with contrast. It's easy af and gives some good results to improve upon.

>> No.73087494

Take the Sisters of the Watch heads for example, they have the Circlets although surely they could be painted to match the Guardian Armor color scheme right?

>> No.73087496

I think the sculpts look decent, I just hate finecast. I'm hoping we get some plastic ones soon, along with Snikrot so I can properly take scalps.

>> No.73087497

great idea with lacking execution
the paintjob is good, but the sculpt of the fiire is horrible

>> No.73087501

>Why are people worried about tanks being able to shoot in melee?
because it greatly unbalances the game in favours of bigger units

what role does infantry have?

>> No.73087502

Take the chicken gorilla anon

>> No.73087504

the fact that i can't buy a box of 20 of every single t3 1w faggot infantry objective humper that is mandatory to not lose the game before it even begins makes me irrationally angry

GW is selling 5 of the old ass cultists for 15 usd

>> No.73087512

>"what is a d3"

>> No.73087517

Everyone knows you don't (It's a vent) read words imprisoned in brackets.

>> No.73087522

I am kinda torn. The orks themselves do look stunning, but the grot's face on the nob looks really off. Also some of the poses for the boyz are abit awkward, as they could use abit of adjustment. Outside that I'd love for them to be more modular so they could have weapon options back, like Big Shoota and Burna.

>> No.73087535


>> No.73087538


>> No.73087539

not happening, they didn't sell enough

>> No.73087549

Are these conversions of some kind or what

>> No.73087550

Eh? Why would they in particular be shafted?

>> No.73087555

Are these worth the price?

>> No.73087559

If GW hadn't locked them behind a higher than normal price tag as a BSF expansion, it might have sold better

>> No.73087561

>teleporting gorkanaut with a +1 bs 24 shot mega shoota and fire twice.
oh wait, that was still bad.

>> No.73087567

ObSec. Secondary Objectives. They also have the ability to plant mines, summon deamons, or whatever the fuck. Doomfags seriously need to stop posting and just be patient. Maybe 9th will be a disaster, maybe it will be a rolicking success.

>> No.73087568

no, buy recasts

>> No.73087573

why become meat agin when you can become as gods instead?

>> No.73087574

Yes, pretty much a pain in the ass to deal with.

>> No.73087587

Are models ever worth the pri-

>> No.73087594


>> No.73087600

My tanks have obsec, summoning sucks, mines are garbage. GW had an excess stock pile of tanks they wanted to sell this edition

>> No.73087605

Maybe teeth or eyes like that I think. Never full blown weresharks though.

>> No.73087610


>> No.73087611

Have you ever played any game, RTS or otherwise, where spamming tanks/heavy-shit was actually a good idea?

>> No.73087612

If your Imperial Guard army do not fight for the Tau as Gue'Vesa, you are on the wrong side

>> No.73087616


So what exactly is contrast? I know it on the surface level like lights against darks but how would you use contrast to your advantage? For example, if you have a dark silverish color and a light silverish color, what could you do with them to have them work well together? Would you use blending or use them separately?

>> No.73087620

It is, (and is the most fun) and with the new rules for monsters it will be even more viable.

>> No.73087636

You can’t fire blasts into combat

>> No.73087640


>> No.73087644

So, when doing edge highlighting like that try to just use the side of the brush and run it along the edge and not paint the piece from the front. Also use thinner paint for edge highlights.

>> No.73087646

yes, warhammer

>> No.73087647

>Bring literally 9 Russes and a couple tank commander
>Enemy has AT, because of course he does
>All your commanders get killed, tanks bracketed
>Hitting on 6s the rest of the game
>Lose because you can't do actions, don't have map control, can't see half the units to shoot anyway

Wow, tanks sound sooooooooo broken.

>> No.73087655

Check this guy out. He demonstrates how contrast paints can give some sexy results.

>> No.73087663

dreads will be better I don't think they'll be the new hotness- it isn't suddenly gonna mulch hordes with its melee attacks and even if you run assault cannon/storm bolter it can still get tied down the whole game by some guardsmen a fraction of its cost
I don't think lascannon/fist will be any better (not that it isn't good now) and the 2-3 wounds you'd do from an assault cannon isn't going to suddenly completely change the meta

it's a big shift in balance that doesn't have a lot of precedence within 40k, nobody's quite sure what it's gonna mean

obsec, better movement, ability to navigate through terrain, won't be obliterated by high damage single-shot weapons, cheaper, not to mention all the weapons and wargear that doesn't come on vehicles

y'know, the same role they have irl

>> No.73087666

Ooh I am a bad bitch.
The rules can't stop me if I can't read.

>> No.73087670

No army has the ability to damage 9 Russes that much in a single turn.

>> No.73087705

I have a blue ship with a blue window.
Blue is the color of all that I wear.
Blue are the Scouts and all the Vets are too.
I have a Captain and he is so blue.
Blue are the people here that walk around,
Blue like my Rhino, it's standing outside.
Blue are the words I say and what I think.
Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

>> No.73087707

So? Smaller board means range is less of a problem. No penalty to moving and shooting means the DCannon doesn't suffer as much. Ability to fuck hordes and tanks is nice. They're tough.

You can basically send 3 up the board, blow some shit up, force the enemy to deal with them, and have your army do their thing. Vindicators are akin to the Plagueburst Launcher playstyle of DG, but unfinitely better because imperial marines.

>> No.73087709

We, the big scary monsters faction, do not have a plastic big scary knight equivalent monster.

>> No.73087711

I liked spamming wraithlords in DoW and it does pretty well on hard

>> No.73087725


>> No.73087727

I'd love to see you chew through 90+ wounds of toughness 8

>> No.73087736

>implying guard can't fit troops into a list with 9 russes and 3 tank commanders
Guardfags somehow think this is ok.

>> No.73087743

except for the fucking techmarine

>> No.73087744

>tons of units
>different sculpts for the same HQs
>strongest army
>able to paint them in any color and still be lore friendly
>extremely fun and deep lore
Nothing to complain about, i love orkz.

>> No.73087746

Someone's pulling your chain. We don't have enough info yet to judge if anyone got shafted.

>> No.73087749


jesus.. this dude is fucking insane. Should I try contrast paints? I didn't even realize they were a fucking thing

>> No.73087754

It's called a heirodule and you had it before knights were a thing. I'm not saying it's good this edition but it's there

>> No.73087756

Rules soon.

>> No.73087776

when will you learn that your units and monsters are designed as targets? they aren't supposed to be equal to nothing else but the amount of wounds the good guys can put out in an average turn of shooting

>> No.73087781

Personally I don't think it's good my old apocalypse army can be taken in normal games now, but frankly after seeing so many pure knight armies I just want to make those players cry.

>> No.73087786

Honestly it shocks me how cheap everything in IG is. Like not much changes with universal pt increases when IG are still going to be vastly undercosted compared to other armies.
You can take as many useless and pointless upgrades on IG and have points left over, imagine this with ANY other faction.

>> No.73087793

they're problematic, they won't get support going forward

expect a new iteration of cadians done exclusively to add women to the guard

>> No.73087797

Because Alliance of Agony is a SCAM! Give me jetbikes in my kabal detachment you FUCKS!
Also Wyches look like TRANNIES with their nasty faces and latex gear!

>> No.73087804

>Death Guard get a stratagem called Trench Fighters
>Not the Iron Warriors, the legion known for besieging fortifications

Lmao, is there any other army more cucked?

>> No.73087806

the real advantage all tank lists will have is what people complained about with the knights codex, that the vast amount of weapons (anti-infantry, pretty much all troop weapons, most of the light weapons that get tagged onto stuff base, etc.) are effectively useless and you're left to rely on just your AA, however good or bad that might be.
I can think of a half-dozen factions that still easily carry enough firepower to fry 3 or so russes a turn just off their standard anti-armor, but you have the advantage of being able to ignore *most* of the infantry-fighting squads in favor of just targeting their armor and pushing your advantage

I'm very interested in trying the opposite, seems to me like there's never been a better time to spam the board with nothing but a billion skitarii and some buff characters, all the anti-everything is baked right into your basic guys

>> No.73087808


>> No.73087815

You haven't even seen the point increases. Relax.

>> No.73087823

orks don't dount I guess

>> No.73087826

Only for the Chaos Marines who can't fathom the might of the shovel.

>> No.73087830

Guard is a different kind of cancer than knights, It's one of the most unfun armies to play against after knights and tau. The only thing that edges them out is that people can delete whole squads of infantry while they're losing to tanks and artillery.

>> No.73087831

Which army is the citizen kane of 40k?

>> No.73087835

>tabs meme is new to you

>> No.73087836

It's not like the DG are styled on WW1 German Infantry and attrition-based warfare or anything

>> No.73087837

If going by the point of reference given, looks light slight pt adjustments for most things. So I am not seeing much change for guard.

>> No.73087847

Overrated and boring?

>> No.73087857

Speaking of, is there even a single PM model that comes with 2x knives? How does that work? Do you just take a PM model and say his bolter is a knife?

>> No.73087860

>why yes i have absolutely no good taste at all, how could you tell

>> No.73087862

blackstone fortress

>> No.73087877


>> No.73087878

Maybe if you're a pleb who also can't into historical context

>> No.73087880

It's definitely un fun to play against. Still gonna do it everytime I see a knight player tho

>> No.73087885

Most or all of the detailing which actually makes the model look good is done with normal paint.

>> No.73087892

Why does he have all these dumb cables in his head

>> No.73087905

In context it has a few nice camera tricks. Films that rely on special effects to carry them dont tend to be good.

>> No.73087906

Hey give me back my Ethernet cables

>> No.73087912

Intercessors went up by 20% and cultists went up by 50%. I'd guess guardsmen will be 50% because they seem to want to move away from the dudespam meta

>> No.73087917

probably data spikes so he can oversee every angle of the battle and micromanage like an idiot

>> No.73087923

Go play some historical games then. I'll never understand the appeal of what is effectively a modern military army in the year 40,000+.

>> No.73087927


>> No.73087928

Yes, and? You suggest that different techniques and media can't be combined to produce interesting outcomes?

>> No.73087942

This one's good too.

>> No.73087943

Made me look. I think it speaks a lot how I find the Warhammer crossover Fanfiction Tab more triggering than the e621 ones.

>> No.73087958

Intercessors went up more points though.

>> No.73087960


>> No.73087969

Other Primarchs wish they had such a cute barefoot Eldar gf.

>> No.73087974

In context it basically pioneered cinema as an art form by founding the basis of film language that all peoples could understand, regardless of creed, culture, or age.

>> No.73087976

Using percentages is silly here, it's going to be flat point increases based on unit rather than percent based.

>> No.73087977

So perturabo is a daemon prince? Why? I thought iron warriors hated daemons? So why would pert become a daemon prince? Isn't being a prince actually BAD because it means the chaos lords own your ass? Hell when did he even become a prince?

>> No.73087989

I have it, and it is a pretty small model when compared to a knight, also FW.

>> No.73087992

Post more Deathchad kino

>> No.73087993

I'm saying contrast paints play only a small part in his painting process and he mostly uses them for glazing. Granted they're good for glazing but one doesn't exactly need contrast paints to do what he does.

>> No.73087999

>Hell when did he even become a prince?

>> No.73088002

People do it to make matters look worse

>> No.73088013

Yeah it's an option for the normal death guard kits. It's just swapping the bolter for a 2nd knife and they get an additional attack. It also applies to swapping a bolter for an axe+knife as well.

>> No.73088015

>Isn't being a prince actually BAD because it means the chaos lords own your ass?

Yes but what was the last time Perty made a good choice?

>> No.73088018

have yvraine and guilliman actually interacted, like, at all, beyond her sticking some eldar psykery up his butt held in stasis?

>> No.73088021


>> No.73088023


>Fuck not again.
>"The Space marines strong as they be have trouble maintaining their superior strength to a minimum."
>If a <space marine> <Infantry> unit has not gotten a single wound in on the their targets roll a dice for each of your models that shot. On a roll of 1, that infantry model had pulled the trigger too hard on their weapon and has broken the mechanism. They are no longer able to shoot with that weapon for the rest of the battle.

You got it!

>"Given to the most "special minded" of the tau empire. Such a weapon is thought cursed as those who wield it never last long."
> Replace your ranged weapon with the following profile:
> range melee, A1, S1, Damage 600, AP -25

>Dey good bois!
>add this ability to your sicarian models.
>If one model is reduced to zero wounds remove that model from play. That model now causes a race riot and you are able to bring in a small force of up to 500pts onto the table to "peacefully protest". Roll a dice for each model. On a 1-3 you take control of the model for the current turn and the current turn only. On a 4-6 your opponent takes control of the model and for the turn and that turn only. If any of the third part models survive to the next turn, reroll for what player controls them.

>> No.73088048

Okay then how about a REALLY big one for you to shoot at imperiumfriend.

>> No.73088056

>So perturabo is a daemon prince? Why?
Why not?

>> No.73088072

I'm pretty sure they will retcon it

hopefully he becomes "uplifted" due to the obliterator virus instead of divine patronage

>> No.73088073

Because Perturabo is the dumbest smart person I have ever met.

>> No.73088076

>Human on Feral
>Human on Anthro
>Judy Hopps

>> No.73088088

Whoops! Sorry forgot to add >>73087406
to the post.

>> No.73088089

Why Ward? Giving models underpowered rules was the opposite of his problem.

>> No.73088091

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Are you saying that the point increases are more relevant to express in flat points, or that GW will give us the point increases in points rather than percentages?

>> No.73088092

Give us some relics that aren't shit already.

>> No.73088094


>> No.73088132

A nameless abomination, a testament to my failures. It must be destroyed!

>> No.73088135

only if an imperial knight can kill it with an average turn of shooting followed by an average turn of melee

>> No.73088137

Perturabo shouldn't be a DP because all the sport are already taken. One DP Primarch per chaos god, and one for undivided.
Maybe he can be Malice.

>> No.73088139

Red pill me on Orks. I met a guy who bought boyz at a swap meet.

>> No.73088146

I just had a great game against Tau of all things. Urban Conquest rules with some awful dice rolls on both sides at critical moments left the game really even to the point of it finally ending at 14-12 for my Sisters. Some highlights included.

-My Arco-flagellants failing to kill 5 fire warriors in melee, which was just fucking terrible
-My endurant surviving a full round of Ghostkeel shooting at it
-My Missionary being burnt to crisp by the Ghostkeel due to leaving the safety of his Arco-flagellant bubble (And the arco-flagellants still failed their fucking 5" charge roll, even with a re-roll)
-My Canoness rampaging through Cadre Fireblade, a squad of firewarriors and ultimately the shield-drones desperately trying to stop her from contesting the objective (as seen on lower right corner). Iron Suplice of St. Istaela Strong.

The fact that ruins and buildings give a +2 to my saves was a lifesaver for both sides several times, getting Sisters to 1+ armour (Or my canoness to 0+) made them nearly impossible to shift as long as I advanced in cover, while Drones and Battlesuits can't claim the advantage as easily. Though they just ignore height differences so it's kinda fair. 500 points tho', so I had to hold back 1/3rd of my army model-wise to control objectives without contributing anything else of value to the game, but still pretty fun.

>> No.73088147

>post yfw one Leman Russ, sans upgrades, costs 250 points at launch

>> No.73088160

I don’t ever complain about the EC or Dark Eldar.

>> No.73088164

Do you like the idea of collecting (literally no exaggeration) 100 boyz? If yes then play orks

>> No.73088184

Ok, we’ll show you in a month.

>> No.73088186


did pert actually make the obliterator virus?

>> No.73088187

>mfw monoliths go from being 300 points to 600
>mfw they don't get buffed

>> No.73088193

>A swap meat
Is this some code speak for a gay club?

>> No.73088198

In 8th you were supposed to roll everything seperately. People just didnt to save time

>> No.73088203

Based ghostkeel chad

>> No.73088206

GW Is finally bringing us back to comfy game sizes instead of these mass battles of Apocalypse-scale at 1,5k!

>> No.73088216

Swap meets are how poor people dodge sales tax

>> No.73088219

Undivided isn’t going to get one again. I’m pretty sure GW isn’t gonna let the non god related armies have a DP.

>> No.73088221

To this day I still have only about 50 something boyz with no plans to get more, never stopped me.
Like yeah if you want perfect optimal list you could go 60-90 boyz with grots, lootas, and 9 mek gunz. But that's a good way to never play with other people again, especially since it'll cause slower play. There's a reason tournies went from 2000 to 1750 points at one point (hint, it was orks).

>> No.73088225

A market place where people sell their own thing in the US, uselly poor people.

>> No.73088232

Monoliths have a new model with new weapons options. You can guarantee they'll be OP to make people buy them instead of keeping the old ones.

>> No.73088233

Good job, anon. You made the Emperor proud.

>> No.73088234

Because I was never asked to make homebrew rules for grey knights now was I?

>> No.73088245

uselessly, my mistake.

>> No.73088246

His whole list was like

-Whatever the turboflying commander is with 4 missile pods
-Warlord Cadre Fireblade
-2x5 Fire warriors
-5 breachers
-Ghostkeel with ion raker (?) and flamers
-6 Shield drones

>> No.73088256


>> No.73088276

Ward made literally every single codex he made overpowered. He never had any racial preference.

>> No.73088285

5th edition vanilla marines were trash though

>> No.73088311

Perhaps, perhaps...
But this IS games workshop we're talking about. If it ain't fleshy, bipedal and wearing power armour, it doesn't get to be strong for long.

>> No.73088327

Has Stinky Day finally arrived?

>> No.73088329

Most of my rules encourage castling and there aren't enough auxiliaries. Also there should be a sept just for vehicle pilots.

>> No.73088335


I see this is the aussy dollar one....wheres proof its coming to america?

>> No.73088353

No, they were just his first codex. They were overpowered as well for a few months, then powercreep made them shit for the rest of the edition. Like every other codex made by him. People have forgotten it but there was weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over SS becoming a 3++.

>> No.73088362

Mortifiers are literally just stronger Penitent Engines and they don't wear power armour.

>> No.73088365

Always Neurothropes. Primes are like Warriors with slightly better stats, no big guns, and 3x the price. To break even, you should only take one if you're using at least 9 warriors.

... but Nids can't get good HQs who are cheap. Hence, malanthropes going up like 60% and neurothropes going up 20%

>> No.73088376

If you want comfy games why not just play 500 Points?

>> No.73088380


>> No.73088384

Wait, weren't we gonna get Custodes news today too?

>> No.73088408

As the game currently is, they get too swingy easily, and bringing a "big" unit like a Daemon Prince or Celestine can just lead to GG.

>> No.73088412

>come up with some ideas for some good or even grade 40K novels.
Civil war on Eastern Fringe planet between Gue'Vesa Secessionist and Imperial Loyalist

>> No.73088416

This week. They'll spread teasers over the course of a few days, so Death Guard, Custodes, Assassins, and Agents of Bile each get a day

>> No.73088422

Why the fuck can't drop pods carry dreads again?
It's utter bullshit that it's a functionality that was just REMOVED from the game to sell a FW model.

>> No.73088426

Eh. Tyrants are good (though wings are overcosted now), carnifexes are okay (if you go full shooty with them and never melee), Tyrannofexes/Exocrines are okay as long as you take 2-3 (you'll lose one a turn, generally).

Trygons are niche and can be fun but not amazing. Mawlocs are hyper niche and mostly worthless. Harspex is a joke (tragic, I know) and Toxicrines are about 6" too slow to ever do anything.

Harpies/Crones are jokes as Flyers right now. Maybe they'll get buffs in 9e, but don't hold your breath.

>> No.73088431

Will Psychic Awakening fix Custodes?

>> No.73088434

No, your sight is too valuable to waste it looking at that piece of shit, let alone for the length of time required to build and paint it.

>> No.73088438

Hopefully not.

>> No.73088447

Yeah thats a pretty good list. How is urban conquest by the way?

>> No.73088451


Does.....does....that bolter have an asshole with a tongue sticking out?

>> No.73088452

I highly doubt every model in the game goes up 2-3 points.

It’s much more likely that every model in the game goes up 10-20%

>> No.73088453

Sure thing

>Floppy dagger of tremors
>"An large black cylinder that bends to gravity. The archmagos has determined it to be a dagger of some sort. Turning it on causes the user's hands to tremble."
>Range melee, 4A, S+1, Damage D3,
>All damage dealt with this weapon deal an extra mortal wound if the user of this weapon is directly behind it's target.

>> No.73088480

custodes was a "shit out a range and forget about it" kind of army
so my guess is that PA will just be a rushjob for them, I expect two low effort stratagems and a very clunky inclusion of SoS into custodes as Talons

>> No.73088482

>adds SoS to them


>> No.73088486

How often is that true?

How often is the opposite true?

>> No.73088487

Because they get tainted by the chaos gods sooner or later, the only exception being abaddon because reasons.

>> No.73088497

Why the fuck do marine drop pods work turn 1 but nid drop pods don't?

>> No.73088498

people bitched about SS termies but they were never that good. hammernators went up 5 points in later marine books and all the complaining stopped except begging chaosfags

>> No.73088515

Just some dumb math, On stream they said that the guy was missing about a squad from his normal 2k list, and 10 intercessors are now 200 points, so about a squad is likely close to 10%

>> No.73088522

How competent is the average Sanctioned Psyker trained on Terra? They can’t possibly be blowing up into demons or fucking up as much as the memes make right? Any books to get a good grasp on this?

>> No.73088537

Power creep and favouritism

>> No.73088555

Did the DG stuff do anything, or are they still not great?

>> No.73088567

Hes a furry....let him waste money on it instead of porn to hang on his wall

>> No.73088574

The reveals weren't anything terribly impressive. Small improvements.
The effectiveness of Inexorable Advance continue to be eroded away.

>> No.73088619

Unable to enjoy anything from BL after reading Dead men walking, might've shot myself int he foot bros.............

>> No.73088638


some neat things here and there, nothing that puts hem in a higher tier though

>> No.73088639

>Unable to enjoy anything from BL
That's pretty common.

>> No.73088676

was the clue that more than half their army is FW exclusive? I think that might have been the clue

>> No.73088681

Ancient related meme. Tau calling bullshit for melee terminators. Seems surreal today.

Marines still had some powerful builds. Or at least, they had it for very few months. Remember the Tau conga line meme image? Where the waacfag got fucked up by a mistake? The waacfag played the 5th edition marine codex.

Still, my point is that Ward didn't have the blatant favouritism of Cruddance or others. He simply made every codex more powerful than everyone that came before. The only exception was the 5th edition Necron codex, and everyone discovered why when it turned out that the codex was made with 6th edition in mind, so the codex was mediocre for a few months and then turned OP as hell.

>> No.73088696

havent played in 10 years.
havent kept up with the fluff of about 2 years.
anything cool happen to the nids in that time?

>> No.73088712

Don’t think so.

>> No.73088720

It's pretty good. Some of the missions seem bullshitty (Decapitation and Thunder Run) and as mentioned, getting 3+ Save to 1+ by being in cover AND getting a -1 to get hit is really strong for infantry.

So basically it makes terrain matter and is pretty fun.

>> No.73088725

They are arriving en mass, Hive Fleet Hydra has been eating other Hive Fleets and gaining more power and another Hive Fleet has begun building a tower of flesh to act as some sort of psychic beacon, to do what? Who knows.

>> No.73088731


We now howbmuch we are getting but not what yet

>> No.73088734

More GSC stuff has happened.

>> No.73088735

they hive fleets all died on the way back to their home planet, but new collectible upgrade sprues for the cadians let you live out your genestealer cult dreams for the low low price of 50 usd per 50 points of models

>> No.73088750

Signal other fleets to come here maybe.

>> No.73088755

>They can’t possibly be blowing up into demons or fucking up as much as the memes make right?
They can, hence why they always have people around to shoot them in the head.

>> No.73088765

There's a couple of nice spicy things and a lot more to be revealed. I'm a fan of the increased range on plague weapons thing and seeing more goods on daemon engines.

>> No.73088775

They are better than they were before the book gave extra rules. Maybe they will be more fun now.

>> No.73088783

What Tiamat is doing is honestly the plotline that interest me the most in current fluff.

>> No.73088787

They got dunked on by Chaos. Hard.

>> No.73088799

So you resolve all attacks against the unit it's engaged with until that unit is dead, and at that point you can target other stuff with remaining weapons?

>> No.73088800

Nothing that's ever going to get developed.

In THEORY, they set up some interesting plot threads. There's a hive fleet building a psychic beacon on a planet that is apparently so powerful any thinking creature brought onto the surface of the world is mind-controlled (like GSC hypnosis).

Also, the warp split open and since daemons are the only thing nids get no value from (they ret-conned is to nids can eat necron metal), the nids made a special hive fleet designed specifically to shoot daemons (instead of eating) and uses its synapse to Shadow in the Warp the Great Rift, suturing it up, like stitching a wound closed.

Oh, also the Nids went back to Baal for no apparent reason, suggesting they might be trying to get at Sanguinius' body for some sweet Primarch biomass to make super monsters (spoilers: they failed)

>> No.73088805

I'm tentatively optimistic about DGs PA stuff.
So far the stuff seems pretty nice. Pop-up-pox certainly helps with the slow as fucking balls aspect of DG. Dare I say we may be able to control board?
Depends on how much they change pox points costs for 9th.

>> No.73088836

What’s the chance? You have to fail two rolls rightbasically? So 1 in 1296, how many are being trained daily? This could happen all the time.

>> No.73088840


>> No.73088847

kinda neat that nids are kinda the good guys now i guess.
did the octavius war ever end?

>> No.73088896

Same here. That was the most disgusting thing to me.

>> No.73088906

Why not?

>> No.73088908

How does it work then? You declare all targets at the start of the shooting phase but anything not against the target it's engaged with isn't resolved unless that unit is destroyed by the attacks that do target it?

>> No.73088918

Nids were clarified as to why they avoid eating necrons, technically nothing's changes. It's not easy for them to break down necron biomass nor worth the effort when it causes massive losses in the process. They still, like always, avoid necron worlds when possible.

>> No.73088920

Like all xenos plot lines, it just fizzled out and nothing happened. Ghazghkull just sort of left after he got big enough, then he fought some rando Space Wolves, got beaten like four times, then decapitated. Because, again, Xenos.

The whole "Whoever wins, we lose" theme of Octavius never materialized and with 9e focusing on necrons, it never will.

>> No.73088923

Could a psyker theoretically learn one of the Space marine psyker disciplines without being one? I don’t see why they’d be restricted

>> No.73088938

I can't imagine 1 cp being worth a handful of S4 AP0 attacks.

>> No.73088943


Yes. Bring a Maleceptor, maybe two. Encephelatic Diffusion gives you a 6" bubble on one of them for -1 to wound against friendlies in range.

90% of anti-tank/monster shooting will wound on 4s. A lot of it will wound on 5s. Stack a Malanthrope -1 to hit in there and folks will have a real difficult time shifting your big bugs.

Good big bugs to bring: Exocrines and Tyrannofexes, they're solidly shooty and most importantly T8, solidly neutering overcharged Plasma. Two Hive Tyrants are also a must, T7 and a 4++ will be very tough to crack, and since you're rather tethered to the Maleceptor you can keep them cheap as Walkrants. I'd avoid Trygons, T6 is still getting wounded on 4+ most of the time. Carnifexes are good filler as well - I'd recommend building them for shooting but with how tough the core of your army is, CC loadout ones can very likely survive to reach combat.

Back them up with Hive Guard, Ripper objective squatters, you could probably even bring some Warriors since they can make decent use of the Maleceptor strat as well and have some punch.

>> No.73088948


khorne tried to stick his dick in the conflict by throwing a fuckhueg army at it but they retreated after picking up a few irrelevant, big trophies and claiming victory despite getting their shit pushed in and changing absolutely nothing

>> No.73088958

GW made plastic custodes and SoS for an HH boxed set. FW expanded the line for HH. GW eventually caved to people wanting custodes in 40k and we got where we are now. That's really all there is to it

>> No.73088973


Declare shots
Resolve shots against engaged units
If engaged units are dead, resolve remaining shots. Else, end sequence

>> No.73088978

It's just a gameplay restriction. Of course some races are more talented for certain kinds of psychic powers and every psyker is different, but every psyker can learn to do any kind of power at least in theory.

>> No.73088993

Funny that out of all the daemon primarchs Mortarion looks to be the least altered and fucked up. Pert too I guess but that's probably because we haven't seen any art of him in years.

>> No.73089003

Which goes to show the lack of foresight from GW. Custodes are pretty damn popular, and I wish they got more kits. Though I wonder what else they could get. Maybe Custodes Tanks?

>> No.73089024

I think this speaks of 40k writing in general.
Because GW don't want to make them into a serious mainline threat, but a side-line, they end up writing themselves into a corner and having to do silly shit like "Ghaz withdraws after winning, but he gets head cut off as consolation prize so it feels like victory for the wolves" because they can't remove Fenris or "DG withdraw after absolute 100% victory over Tau" because Tau have to exist; with no logic beyond needing factions to still exist for future herohammer stories. It's especially bad as you can't build up Nids, Orks, Necrons, etc too high as they would easily make Chaos less serious threat, who GW wanted to be main antagonist since RT, but Chaos honestly isn't as much of a danger as the other forces even if GW wants it to be... so you get all this inconsistent babble.
All they can do is keep reseting stakes, pretending previous stakes never happened, since they keep focusing on having an overarching story over an overarching setting.

Sorry if this sounds like incoherent rabble babble. But GW just need a good story board set up if they want to force a narrative.

>> No.73089035

The problem is that FW already made most of the units you can do, everything GW do is going to be a copy of that. See GW terminators Vs FW terminators, or bikes.

>> No.73089041

It'll definitely depend on what else they're getting for the things we haven't seen but I'm not too big on melee plagues myself. Unless they got flails or fists I prefer them ranged. I'm willing to give em a shot sometime though because I like having a variety of dudes with different weapons.

>> No.73089048

>DG withdraw after absolute 100% victory over Tau"
That's how Typhus invasion ended? In what book it is?

>> No.73089052

>How competent is the average Sanctioned Psyker trained on Terra?
Very to get sanctioned you already need to have natural talent and power otherwise you’re getting sacrificed or turned into a astropath

Perils of the warp are actuality rare occurrences even more so than what the RPGs imply.

>> No.73089064

>Custodes are pretty damn popular
I wonder about this
Generally people say that marines keep getting new kits all the time because marines are the thing that sells
If custodes really were popular, shouldn't it be in GW's best interest to create at least a few new custodes set?
I mean there is a lot of potential for custodes since they are not beholden to the restrictions we expect from marines, so we could get all new units for infantry, tanks or flyers
I'm guessing that however popular custodes are, it's not popular enough for GW to care about them

>> No.73089068

Space Marines can channel more power than humans, and Primaris Marines can channel more power than normal Marines.

>> No.73089071

They defeated the navy of tau I think but then left before entering the space anus (nem'yr atoll I think?)

>> No.73089084

I believe it was the PA book for Tau, if not mistaken. They literally just leave and that's it.

>> No.73089090

Does anyone have a ePub to diet of the imperium on hand?

>> No.73089101

Whats a good color scheme for death guard, Im taking a break from some other project to assemble and paint a dark imperium half that Ive had forever but I dont want to do the studio scheme.
Has anyone ever done them in rust orange or like a dirty brown?

>> No.73089108

>The whole "Whoever wins, we lose" theme of Octavius never materialized
It's a shame because set ups like these are what GW is really good at creating, but then they absolutely ruin their own previous work with sloppy anticlimatic pay-offs

>> No.73089117

Wtf brain

>> No.73089124

>Custodes are pretty damn popular
They were only popular as long as they had OP units. The instant they got nerfed, 90% of the "hardcore custodes fans" dropped them faster than a brick.

>> No.73089132

Only non-defaults I've seen are the orange you refer to and this baby marine blue color. Oh and some anon here done his in primary white with light blue "toilet bowl colors" as anons described it.

>> No.73089142

Having everything be a stand-still makes for a fine setting. But if you want to give a formal story to the setting, you have to have a chance for bad things to happen from time to time. The antagonists have to have at least the illusion of success. It's why Guard stories are better than marine stories, because marines can't lose, but there's a zillion humans out there, so who cares if cadia blows up.

But yeah, it's lazy writing in service to Baby's First Power Fantasy. I just wish they wouldn't use the fluff to excuse rules imbalances.

Oh, are bolters the hallmark of marines so they need to be buffed? And Marines are supposed to feel no fear so they're effectively immune to morale? And chain swords are iconic so they're getting buffed too? And marines are supposed to be equally killy at range and in melee, so they all get +1 attack for free? Yeah, that sounds super fair. But let's forget that Chaos Marines are veterans of 10,000 years of fighting, or that Tyranids have so many bugs they literally eat whole planets, or that Orks physically get stronger the longer they fight. You know, the inconvenient bits of fluff that would be too broken if THEY were translated to in-game buffs. For free. As special bonus rules outside of codex releases.

>> No.73089188

>no primer
>flgs is still on lockdown

>> No.73089193

just order some on amazon

>> No.73089194

Do old Space Marine Upgrade Kits work on Primaris units or do only Primaris Upgrades work on them? The Old Upgrade Kits feel more roman-y than the primaris Upgrade Kits

>> No.73089202

just go to a hardware store and grab some rustoleum

>> No.73089219

Only pauldrons, backpacks and heads work on primaris bodies.

>> No.73089229

>Orks physically get stronger the longer they fight
I think this is more omitted just because in all types of games "Hidden Power" can really mess with a players expectation and make it a less fun experience.

>> No.73089237


>> No.73089243

It also isn't suppose to happen during a single battle.

>> No.73089249

Arms also work, I've used the chainsword bit from the BT upgrade kit and the difference is minimal.

>> No.73089255

Except, there's already a mechanic for this with Combat Drugs getting better each turn the game goes on.

>> No.73089260

So just to be clear, you are saying Pauldrons are the only thing that don't work? Kinda sucks because the old Pauldrons are way more expressive than the New ones but I cared about the Heads the most anyways

>> No.73089261

how did they look in orange?

>> No.73089271

Combat Drugs are not on every unit though right? I could be wrong here because I am pretty new desu

>> No.73089281

Typhus isn't the leader, he's just been the most active named character in the Legion since they fell back into the eye. Mortarion in his bitterness created his homeworld out of a Plague Planet in order to become like the adoptive father he hated and practice the arcane arts. Helped him unlock his psychic potential further and even learned how to craft new demon engines.

Mortarion has been the least active in lashing out against the Imperium yes, but at the end of the seige the burned every imperial planet on their way to the eye of the maelstrom. He's attacked planets here and there encountering the Grey Knights on multiple ocassion. Then when Gulliman came back he united a massive force of his sons and assaulted Ultramar. Nurgle sent legions of lesser demons and some of her greater demons and Heralds to aid his assault. Typhus was even instructed by Nurgle to aid Mortarion for all Typhus has done, He's nothing more then his greatest mortal herald that delivered him his Greatest Champion.

Typhus has always been his most active Herald, which is largely due to his Destroyer Hive virus making it easy to launch crusade after crusade as you resurrect the dead every step of the way. In the plague wars novels you find that Mortarion is his favored champion.

>> No.73089287

there's like a bajillion rustoleum products though
do i do something like this?

>> No.73089312

>you are saying Pauldrons are the only thing that don't work?

No I specifically named them as some of the things that work. What don't work are torsos and arms, but I never tried them and >>73089249 says that the difference is negligible for arms so you can try.

>> No.73089314

Everything but legs work, but you have to put in effort for a torso swap


>> No.73089315


>> No.73089316

what army fits this vibe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T4nSXULU-k

>> No.73089336


>> No.73089341

No, they're like Dark Eldar Wyches or whatever.

I'm just saying there's a precedent for the mechanic. But Orks don't get free bonus rules outside of codex releases like Marines do. They're both fluff-appropriate but marines are clearly the preferred option, so they treat them far better than other factions. Which, in turn, helps get more people to play them which, in turn, makes GW want to give them more.

It's a whole circle jerk of power creep to sell maximum plastic. It'd be nice if the circle widened enough to give everybody a chance at the helm. If you write xenos stories, put xenos up front, give xenos new releases, and (most importantly) give xenos GOOD rules, you - surprise surprise - will sell Xenos. Or Chaos. Or anything beyond yet more marines and imperium bullshit.

>> No.73089348

>Maleceptor forgotten completely


>> No.73089352

How does Easy to build mess with kitbashing? Do older players just snip off the easy to build stick things and use glue?>

>> No.73089357

Fluff vs crunch is pretty much irreconcilable as far as I can see. Tabletop 40K does a poor job of showing anything from the fluff, from the weapons strengths to the characters to the size of the armies to anything else. I've never really played the tabletop game despite being into 40K for like 15 years (I have no friends) so I can't really comment on it much. I just know what I know from watching Youtube videos and reading about it on various forums and on here.

As for the actual lore, it's stupid. I have never wanted GW to advance the setting. I preferred when the Horus Heresy was mostly left unexplained aside from large, sweeping descriptions of battles and primarchs. They felt more like legends. Now we know how flawed they are, and having them come back in 40K feels cheap. I preferred when the Ynnari didn't exist. We all know that storyline will go nowhere. Slaanesh won't die, the Eldar won't get squatted.
Marines are a whole issue themselves. I'm tired of them. It feels like 40K is becoming more and more "space marines show up and win" every year.

>> No.73089368

At least is AoS Sigmarines got the boot and the game is now focusing on everyone else.

>> No.73089370

Synthwave painted Craftworlds

>> No.73089379

The ynnari are going to seal Slaanesh like in AoS.

>> No.73089386


Yes, just make sure you avoid any labeled Paint + Primer.

>> No.73089387

Yeah, I forgot him. In part because you're not taking him for anything on the data sheet. You're doing it for a stratagem. If they actually put that aura ON THE MODEL, I'd say yeah: go get one. Spending 2 cp a turn to make a shitty unit valuable is the scummiest of scumbag cash-in attempts.

How about they fix the friggin Maleceptor for once? Hint hint: Doom of Malan'tai

>> No.73089393

I believe they call that Poorhammer right?

>> No.73089406

Yeah after like 3 years of complete focus on them. Every time I saw new stupid sigmarine stuff it turned me off of AoS even more than I was already. Now i'm just waiting for them to do Shadow Aelves™ or whatever so I can see about good conversations for my Dark Elf army.

>> No.73089409

They couldn't even scratch a DP with all of their combined lives, love, and strength.

>> No.73089410

That's beyond poorhammer. It's like poorhammer ultra instinct. I'd rather play that then a good chunk of games I've had in my life

>> No.73089412

Its based either way

>> No.73089419

>"space marines show up and win"

Appropriately enough, your distaste of the Horus Heresy novels is extra appropriate because it was the release of all of those that lit the candle under GW's ass to push marines all the harder.

>> No.73089422

Ynnead is gonna get a massive amp or some BS

>> No.73089428

No, that's one of only a few recorded cases of Chadhammer. Possibly the only one.

>> No.73089435

>come with me if you want to live

>> No.73089438

Is lack of flavor Primaris have in their parent armies a common complaint? What are the odds of GW releasing more flavorful Upgrade Kits in the future?

>> No.73089441

Yes. It would be FANTASTIC if, after the 90th wave of Primaris trash is through, they don't even look at marines again for the next decade.

They conned marine players into re-buying their entire armies. Time to stop beating the horse and look for greener pastures, Cruddace.

>> No.73089452

>what is the odds of GW releasing marines
Pretty good

>> No.73089454

local hardstore doesn't have painters's choice spray, and amazon painter's choice is all primer + paint though

ty anon

>> No.73089459

Where can I get some magnets to magnetize my admech, and their vehicles. What size?

>> No.73089464

>Yeah after like 3 years of complete focus on them.

Yes but the strange thing is that GW understood that people were sick of them. Since their last release 2 years ago we went from having them in literally every boxed set to completely disappearing.

>> No.73089469

>Do older players just snip off the easy to build stick things and use glue?

Yes? You can change the arms, head and back pack so its fairly simple to use as a base to kit bash whatever you want.

>> No.73089472

Hell, Forgeworld spent a whole year putting out custom doors for imperial tanks. Give them a decade and you'll have a whole slew of primaris-sized upgrades for your zillions of marine chapters.

>> No.73089475

Yes but you can declare that you're gonna shoot at another unit if you think your other guns can kill what you're in combat with, like how you can declare a shot with your gun against a character and then gamble on your other guns killing the chaff in front of them first.

>> No.73089486

>Now i'm just waiting for them to do Shadow Aelves™ or whatever so I can see about good conversations for my Dark Elf army.
There have been a few preview. They seem very promising for that.

>> No.73089489

It was a shocking moment of self-awareness that they apparently lost after the 20th Primaris Lieutenant.

Hey GW, making a joke about more Primaris Lieutenants stops being funny when you actually just keep making them.

>> No.73089499

Well put. I'd say that's true. I can't lie and say I've hated everything in the HH. There's been a few decent books and some of the stories around it have been entertaining. But I think you can like an aspect of something while still expressing dislike for it overall, right? There are a few (very few) things in the new Star Wars movies I liked, but overall they're absolute shit to me.
But the HH is something I wish hadn't happened. I figure I'm in the minority on feeling this because we've got a lot of consoomers that'll just eat the shit up. I'm just tired of marines. I would barely need two hands to count the number of BL books that focus on xenos. I get the Imperium is popular and the marines especially, but fuck there's just so much potential that's wasted in 40K and it just makes me mad.

>> No.73089508

I am so looking forward to using the flamers on Jackals and Rockgrinders in melee now.

>> No.73089523


>> No.73089525

>Hop on, faggot. We're making Warha- [YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED]

>> No.73089526

I never realised this guy was one of Malerions/Malakeths Elves I thought it was just a Deepkin from Ulgu, makes way more sense that way though

>> No.73089528


>> No.73089533

I’ve been thinking of putting a wolf helmet on the new Justicar for my SW army. Do you think it will fit? Will it look cool? I’m gonna add a few wolf pelts. Maybe greenstuff a wolf fur collar on his shoulders. Maybe replace the hourglass with a wolf on a leash?

>> No.73089540

Do you mean the wolf quad specifically? Jackals arent vehicles

>> No.73089546

That’s a spy for Morathi

>> No.73089554

I'm with ya on that. Even worse, HH put forward the push to bring Primarchs into the 40k game instead of just in the fluff. They don't belong in 40k but people are so eager to get their chapter's superman that they'll never stop.

>> No.73089563

Glad to see that even in the next world Malekith and Morathi are still going to be frenemies and constantly plot against each other instead of working towards a common goal. Can't wait for the Dark Elves to be retarded again.

>> No.73089574

The change made Wolfquads a ton better. I still wish they were their own unit instead of Jackal champions, though.

>> No.73089588

Why doesn't she have the DoK keyword then? She only has Order, Aelf, Hero, Wizard, and her Name as keywords. She might be working for Morathi but I imagine she really is one of Malerions shadow Elves especially with how similar she is to how the Shadow Elves are described the few times they have been

>> No.73089609

Oh right, dang. Well, hopefully the Wolfquad gets treated as a vehicle, because it'd be hilarious to have it slam into melee with its incinerator.

>> No.73089615

Catch us if you can, loyalist dog

>> No.73089635

>Why doesn't she have the DoK keyword then?
Probably because it’s not a daughter of khaine? That’s a specific cult thing and morathi doesn’t actually give a shit about Khaine it’d make sense for her to have agents outside of the charade she has to uphold

>> No.73089642

>Hereshit minis
Sorry only GW allowed here

>> No.73089644

You are talking about the misteaver. That's a different model and probably a prototype for the Ulgu elves considering she was released years ago. This new ones are Kainite Shadowstalkers, haven't been released yet and the fluff on WHcomminuty says they are Morathi's spies.

>> No.73089662

If GW ever do some decent bikes, I'll gladly buy them

>> No.73089666


>> No.73089667

>t-55 dipstick as measuring device.

Hard core.

>> No.73089675

>They don't belong in 40k but people are so eager to get their chapter's superman that they'll never stop.
The thought of a $100+ space marine centerpiece model probably makes GW gush. It seems the majority of people are on board with Primarchs coming back, and in a way there is something interesting about it. I admit reading about Guilliman coming back and everyone in the room, xeno, traitor and imperial alike stopping the fighting for a moment to gaze at him was pretty cool. After 10,000 years a son of the Emperor returns? Those that were there were probably stricken with awe, even if they were hardened chaos veterans or otherwise. I think there's a lot of potential for cool shit with Primarchs in the 40K setting.
But I don't think it should happen. I don't think it should have. I would have preferred them to be lost to time, to become legends to their legions and the people of the Imperium. But since they're coming I'm finding ways to enjoy it. Not like my opinion on it matters. I can't stop it. Might as well enjoy it as best I can.

>> No.73089689

Oh yeah you are correct that is what I am thinking of, I admit fault.
>These dynamic models hark back to a classic Dark Elf aesthetic from the world-that-was, that of Khaine worshippers like Assassins and Shades.
Heres hoping they keep going with that Callbacks in the future.

>> No.73089690

Someone failed reading comprehension.

>> No.73089695

Just reading some warhammer lore: who the hell are supposed to be the good guys?

>> No.73089705

Depending on who you ask, either the Tau or no one

>> No.73089712


>> No.73089715

The good guys are the faction you agree with the most.
For me, it's the Necrons. For you, it might be someone else.

>> No.73089724

>he said to the manlet

>> No.73089727

40k is pick your own shithole it's pretty fun

>> No.73089728

good guys.

Haha, warhammer takes its cues from the real world. There are no good guys.

>> No.73089730


>> No.73089739

why are special characters a thing
why can't we have all these interesting and unique rules and kits as options for vanilla leaders

>> No.73089744

No one is a Good Guy.

The Imperium are Protagonists because they are human (kind of) and you, the player, are a human so you have so much in common. Buy more plastic.

The Tau are KIND OF protagonists, except they don't get any stories or fluff because they are not humans.

Eldar are KIND OF protagonists because they are space elves and Lord of the Rings was pretty neat.

Every faction is a villain, though. Do not buy into the memes. The Imperium has killed more humans than every non-imperium faction put together.

>> No.73089757

everybody, anybody, and nobody

>> No.73089759

one of my favourite parts of the gobby is kitting out my own generic guy, naming him, giving him a relic or trait or something and letting him loose. I really don't know why we can't just play out minor battles and have the characters just be backstory.

>> No.73089762

>who the hell are supposed to be the good guys?

Quick nobody tell him.

>> No.73089767


Named Characters should go back to "Requires Permission." Special rules because of a fluff name are never balanced.

>> No.73089771

So, in my open play event my players are a little miffed that their chaos stuff isnt working as cool as theyd like, and they keep trying to keep the cheese down which was like the entire point of the league.

Like if i didnt want cheesy games i wouldnt be playing 4 player free for alls with custom charachters and battle honors and was explicity about it being open play.

That being said id like to prove that chaos has a leg to stand on, so anyone have any suggestions for a Deathblossom summoning list?

>> No.73089773

Tau are literal chicoms.

>> No.73089777

Which novel is it where Orks turn humans into cattle?

>> No.73089784

I wonder how the ultra hardcore grimdark fags feel about having their catchphrase yoinked for a political movement?

>> No.73089785

the whole point of unique characters is that they are unique
if they were not unique they wouldn't be a specific character anymore

>> No.73089788

is this the /tg/ equivalent of gusic?

>> No.73089802

I just use their rules for my own characters if I like the rules

>> No.73089813

i played a six person free for all a while back
we had three rowboat gorillamans and two cawls
it was probably the least amount of fun i've had playing 40k that didn't involve a spas

>> No.73089818

Didn't GW release tables to create your own special character

>> No.73089826

>I must consoom GW
How do you feel about recasts

>> No.73089833

Custodes and GSC.

>> No.73089837


>> No.73089842

Yeah, and if you buy the propaganda, they're doing it all for perfectly good reasons.

I mean, people unironically buy into Imperial propaganda, despite it being written as an over-the-top spoof of fascism, People like the GW team, for example

>> No.73089844

not for every faction they didn't
just warlord traits for most of them

>> No.73089845

i only hate recasts because i hate chinks

>> No.73089856

Recasts are fine, FW shit is just awful

>> No.73089859


Can't lie, they have very cool bikes.
Too bad they aren't chaos. I would love to have cultists on bikes like those.

>> No.73089863

Yeah, and the Swarmlord is virtually the only reason you even see Tyranids at tournaments anymore. Named characters are bad for their factions. Don't give 1k Sons Magnus and Ahriman, give them a proper line of models. Don't get DG Mortarion, give them some semblance of internal balance.

>> No.73089879

>the least amount of fun i've had playing 40k that didn't involve a spas
>playing 40k
>involve a spas

>> No.73089882

I wish I could give my Overlord the lightning ability Imotekh has...

>> No.73089889

Tanitg first and only

>> No.73089900

being a spas
someone chimping out

>> No.73089907

you mean a spazz, anon

>> No.73089918

sometimes you catch a guy fudging rolls that matter

sometimes you bring out the spas the next week just to send a message. Not to use, necessarily. Just have it be visible.

>> No.73089926

learn something everyday
thank you anon

>> No.73089936

is it? I thought it was just a short of spasmatic

>> No.73089952

How so? Authoritarianism isn't even that bad if people are treated well desu , hell the Emperor was a near Benevolent Dictator. And before anyone accuses me of being a poltard I am quite left leaning but not a commie (simply because I lack faith it would work in current earth)
>despite it being written as an over-the-top spoof of fascism, People like the GW team, for example
True, I wonder how many Spesh Marine players dont even know enough about the lore to realize they are not the generic good guys

>> No.73089958


>> No.73089964

The prices are also reasonable. I got a contemptor with arms for $25

>> No.73089970

I can respect that

>> No.73089976

every government system works if people are treated well
government just doesn't treat people well

>> No.73089978

Okay What do you guys think of my open play chaos list. Im over by 6 points and not sure how to fix.

2x chaos lords Boltpistol chainsword
2x10 cultists
1x20 pox walkers.

1x30 pink horrors

5x Renegade commanders

Strategy here is to use the charachters to summon free shit every turn and then use the pink horrors/poxwalkers to consume the entire board.

>> No.73089990

Was Raven always that Thic?

>> No.73089998

Pretty much anybody who posts "XENOS SCUM" or "HERESY" like a gleeful parrot trying to earn a treat

>> No.73090014

Correct, but I am not speaking about general government types I am speaking about the specific Governments in the 40K Galaxy.

>> No.73090030

I wonder how many people who call 40k a parody have actually read the old lore

>> No.73090031

>he doesn't know

>> No.73090101

>no vehicles
have you read any of the news posts

>> No.73090132

I have, but infinite free infantry looks better.

Also this is happening in 8th

>> No.73090137

i wasn't aware 9e was out already, anon. Got a pdf?

>> No.73090158


Is there a way to assemble the Immolator so it doesn't look like a fucking church?

>> No.73090166

>free infantry
what do you think this is 7th

>> No.73090168

Why would you even pick Sisters as an army to play if you didn't want everything to look like a Church. Buy a Whirlwind then

>> No.73090169


That's an Infinity mini you clown. And that one is literally part of space Japan.

>> No.73090175

I think its open play. When i can split horrors, and create pox walkers for free. and summon for free

>> No.73090180

Why would you play the "everything is a church" faction without wanting it to look like a church?

Anyway, just use the Razorback kit and stick an extra Heavy Bolter on it. Forge World makes twin heavy flamer and twin multi melta turrets for them

>> No.73090186

cheesing like that is kind of a dick move

>> No.73090193

Whoops, mistook the Immolater and Exorcist. But still, why play sisters if you don't want things looking like churches? Buy the Baal Predator and leave off the sponsons

>> No.73090194

...if it's open play why even have a list?

>> No.73090209


Thanks. I should probably play a different faction, you're right. SoS are kinda cool but they're not as fleshed out.

>> No.73090272

We're used to it.

>> No.73090294

I set up the event because i wanted to play cheesy games.

Granted i wanted to play imperium with regenning cp but hey whatever, any port in a storm and all that

>> No.73090296

What am I looking at?

>> No.73090308

why are you pressing enter so much

>> No.73090318

It would appear to be a rabbit morph hybrid in fetishized chaos regalia. Having insectlike appendages makes me think tzeentch but the super slutty shit makes me think slaanesh

>> No.73090352

How many Upgrade Kits are you supposed to buy?

>> No.73090365

Rate my list. It's for the planetfall part of the narrative campaign i'm doing with my friend, so I was going with a mish mass of what ever, to represent it just being a random selection of stuff that just happened to fall into that particular region (hence the low CP as well), while everything being armed to the teeth. I want my friend with his IG to win this one but I want him to struggle.

>> No.73090390

They're getting expanded and fused with Custodes in War of the Spider

>> No.73090629

CWE Eldar. More specifically, Alaitoc.

They are the only society in 40k that is a autocracy. They govern themselves.

>Oh you mean they elect leaders to-
nope no "leaders" they just agree on something and do it.
>Don't they need law enforcement? What if there's a crime?
There isn't and when there is a squabble it's handled almost themselves on the individual term. Invasions of the craftworld don't happen because they're so stealthy, but if they did they would be fought by the general population
>So they have a hive mind that demands unity of opinio-
nope. Free thought and speech is allowed, but if you're doing other people harm expect civillian retaliation

Total. utopia. Though it is said that they are very strict with the path system there's no rise out of that, they leave as exiles if they don't like it. It's straight out of a marxist comic-book.

but then again monkiegh aren't in it.

>> No.73090640

Escher ganger with the ears of a horse and a genestealer's third arm. More or less, a low-key genestealer cultist from less than pure human stock.

>> No.73090675


Oh? When's that dropping?

>> No.73090752

That seems pretty... unrealistic. I mean i'm happy playing it because Eldar are pretty neat but they still look at other races as basically primates right?

>> No.73090756

>Good guys
Where do you people come from.

>> No.73090956

Explain how that is wrong though

>> No.73091003

Ah yes the salamandersfag. The guy who thinks he's playing the "good" faction after they graphically burn children. "But it's cool senpai because my guys get to go back home and spend time with their families. Something the eldar girl can no longer do."

Not necessarily It depends on the craftworld.

Alaitoc is wishy-washy to humans. Opinions vary depending on the individual. Most will let you speak to them unless they're certain you're going to shoot them.

Saim-Hann are complete nutjubs, but again their opinions differ with individual and wild rider clan. They are the most reasonable though so if you're looking for an alliance it's from these guys.

Biel-tann are your typical Eldar stereotype. They unironically think they are better than you and will gas your monkiegh-ass sooner than you can say "knife ear".

Iyyanden are pretty chill, but understand that they are very low in numbers and it makes them VERY paranoid and therefore slightly trigger happy. They are the guys that will "sacrifice a thousand human lives for one of their own"

Ulthwe's whole action as a craftworld is governed by the seer council and whatever thier visions say. The goal of them is to preserve Eldar life and beat chaos so if there are humans against chaos and not shooting eldar, they would be happy to help.

>> No.73091161

Well it's unrealistic for HUMANS because of Eldar biology. Eldar have the ability to feel each-other's emotions. They know when others of their race they are scared, angry, happy, etc and when you are in a community with a certain range of emotions YOU develop that same range. If you make a human unhappy you don't have to care, but if an Eldar does it to another Eldar THEY will start to feel unhappy.

Eldar are an emotional gestalt, they feel as one. UNLESS they are trained to do otherwise and that's part of what the path system does.

>> No.73091290

Humans do that too. It's called empathy. We don't need no stinking psychic system enforcing it either.

Eldar also definitely do not always feel the same, or as one.

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