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>> No.73080354

From Live Stream:

1) All vehicles and monsters can fire non-blast weapons into CC at -1 to hit.

2) You declare shots at the same time, as usual. If you wipe out the unit touching you say before firing your battle cannon, your weapons can fire at OTHER units.

3) Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.

Big buffs to vehicles.

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>> No.73080364


Since it wasn't in the OP, new info on tanks and shit from today.

>> No.73080365

are trukks going to not cost a billion points again?

>> No.73080373

New Death Guard stuff
>7 Plague Companies with relic+warlord trait+stratagems
>21~ generic stratagems on top of 7 company specific stratagems

>> No.73080377

>movement 5"

>> No.73080384

that might possibly help orks. so no.

>> No.73080389

parking lot meta is back baby

>> No.73080393

So Thousand Sons treatment...

>> No.73080406

>3) Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons
I'm going to call bullshit without proof. This seems way too OP. Plus, what's the point of Tallarn anymore? Or say, the 20 stratagems that exist to counter that effect, like the Admech one?

>> No.73080407

Skullcannons better get the vehicle keyword when daemons come around again.

>> No.73080415

>u declare shots at the same time, as usual. If you wipe out the unit touching you say before firing your battle cannon, your weapons can fire at OTHER units.

That one heroic guardsman who will survive all the anti infantry fire and prevent a tank from firing its main weapons.

>> No.73080418

>Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons
That was kind of a special rule for pretty much all of admech, but I guess that's OK. Except it's not

>> No.73080429

Nth for tanks should be hitting on only 6s in melee to give melee units a chance to actually survive.
>5 assault terminators attack a leman russ
>Every turn they have to survive double main gun shooting, 3 more heavy weapons, and a pintle weapon
>People will say this is a fair and balanced situation

>Tank overwatch is bad melee units are to scary
Imagine actually believing this.

>> No.73080438

That's very interesting. Global ignore heavy penalty is understandable, does that mean bikers ignore it too? What was it called before, Relentless? Anyway, blast weapons not being able to shoot point blank is fair enough, should still give some value to swarming tanks with infantry, especially if non-blast anti-infantry is worse. Also there's some risk in declaring shots at something you're not engaged with since if you don't wipe out your melee targets before shooting the ones at a distance you're wasting firepower.

I guess it remains to be seen how much of the anti-infantry firepower of tanks and monsters is tied up in blast weapons. Stuff like punisher gatling cannons and quad devourers, for example, remains able to shoot into melee while decimating hordes. Speaking of, they still haven't said the exact criteria for targets that blast weapons get max shots against.

>> No.73080447

Most Tau suits aren't vehicles or monsters though.

>> No.73080448

>Hows that backlog coming along, anon
Hard mode: post pics

>> No.73080454

This is also a nice buff for flamers on tanks, which were largely a waste of points beforehand.

>> No.73080458

i'm actually ok with Hellhounds, Redeemers and other Flamer tanks being able to just fuck shit up because that comes with a serious opportunity cost from focusing on those ranges

a wall of russes is just shit to play against and this is going to make it worse

>> No.73080460

Big buff to dreads of all sorts, and even defilers.

>> No.73080464

>So Thousand Sons treatment...

Thousand Sons got 7 generic stratagems... and no Cult specific stratagems...

So you mean Thousand Sons treatment ×4?

>> No.73080470

Updated Reminder

>> No.73080472

reposting question
>Q: Is the Avatar of Khaine a named character?
>A: No.
>Avatars of Khaine and named characters such as Prince Yriel already have one or more artefacts, and cannot be given any of the following items.
what about phoenix lords? can they be given relics? and warlord traits

>> No.73080475

>3) Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.
When was this said?
Because a shitton of units/abilities/strats are going to need to be rewritten when it launches if this is true.

>> No.73080484

Commanders, Crisis, Broadsides and Stealth suits. Ghostkeels and Riptides are monsters, Stormsurges are vehicles (and not battlesuits technically).

>> No.73080486

Lol that was the weapon list for a basic leman russ. Tau shit gets to fly and doesn't care anyways

>> No.73080492

Does that mean that a hellhound is a meelee tank? Drive up, burn something, charge, don't get shot at, burn something in meelee range next turn

>> No.73080493

>New edition, admech lose all their special rules.
This is going to be a theme, isn't it?

>> No.73080497

>they still haven't said the exact criteria for targets that blast weapons get max shots against.
I imagine this will be explained in tomorrows article about blast weapons

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>> No.73080515

They're named characters. So no.

>> No.73080516

>targeting matrix no longer needed
this motherfcuker could already delete shit after deepstrike thanks to autohit. get on my level, non autohitting plebs

>> No.73080522

That's what you get for being everyone's R&D department. All your spicy tech becomes the norm next eventually

>> No.73080530

that's what i'm saying, it's perfect for their role

melee has a risk element, the enemy gets to activate on your turn. firing assault weapons into CC for vehicles, cool

a leman russ tilting down to fire at the guys fucking with its treads is stupid bullshit

>> No.73080533

is solitaire a named character as well? how does one know what character is named and which isn't anyway? is it the "only one in army"?

>> No.73080537

Stratagems will probably change once they get new books / an index etc.

>> No.73080538

I am really fucking excited for this news! Now I can just buy models I think look cool to paint and not have to worry about actually playing with my army!

Guess what army I play!

>> No.73080548

No. Download battlescribe and see for yourself.

>> No.73080551

You play the comedic relief faction. It is only good and proper that your releases are also comedic relief.

>> No.73080556

Only one in army mean named character.

>> No.73080560

This pretty much confirms that the current codex is going to be useless for 9th edition.

>> No.73080567

Russ will probably not be able to shoot its battle cannon because blast. At least that makes it worth investing in sponsoons

>> No.73080568

primed some models the other day, my collection of primed models grows

>> No.73080569

Trick question you're a filthy secondary who has never held a model in his life

>> No.73080573

What n-no anon it's balanced. My 40 punisher cannon shots won't do anything! Not being able to shoot my tank every turn was not fun, this was a necessary change!

>> No.73080580

Space Marines?

>> No.73080588

>the comedic relief faction

>> No.73080589

It was nice, being the cool faction with cool rules for a few days at least

>> No.73080591

Post model with time stamp, otherwise your claim of secondary is moot.

>> No.73080600

Solitaires aren't named characters, they can take relics but not warlord traits (as shown by a specific rule in their datasheet). Usually, a character with, y'know, a proper name is considered a named character. I don't think it's codified anywhere, but it's probably because most people aren't complete spergs and won't try to take "obscure FW character number 123312" three times because they forgot to put "only one of" in their datasheet.

>> No.73080601

My backlog is nonexistent because people hopped on the necron bandwagon, so I can't complete my army.

>> No.73080605

The Russ' battle cannon can't shoot into melee, it's a blast weapon

>> No.73080607

poor solitaire. I was looking forward to buffing him to beyond one's limits

>> No.73080610

See this is why I don't believe these posters, a lot of admech shit negates penalties for moving. They said the PA was written with 9th in mind and since the Mars Canticle (among other stuff) gives ignore heavy penalty, it makes no sense.

The only thing I can imagine is if the FAQ gives +1 to hit for Kataphrons, Dunecralwers if they don't move and completely changes Wrath of the Machine Spirit strat, etc.

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>> No.73080617

Scorn the filthy IG WAAC as he removes all his turrets

>what, I always ran executioners and punishers, check my regiment's fluff!

>> No.73080618

This >>73080438 is an acceptable use of double spacing on 4chan.

These niggas
are an invasive species.

>> No.73080619

reminder there's absolutely nothing wrong with skull masks, tactical webbing and gun scopes.

>> No.73080629

Did they say that blast weapons cant shoot into mellè ? I must have missed that...

>> No.73080631

haven't been able to paint in weeks, still getting used to the chemo again and my hands won't stop shaking. also lost another 9 pounds despite trying to calorie load, down to 149 now (am 6'1" tall)

>> No.73080638

the new fabius model is pretty good, if you ignore the weird neck flaps on his skin suit. also my boy got BUFFS

>> No.73080639

I don't want them on my space-monk-warrior-knights

>> No.73080644

Fuck off cod kiddie

>> No.73080647

I've started too many projects.

2,000+ points of 40k built but unpainted.
2,000+ points of AoS built and partially painted.
2,000+ points of WHF built and partially painted.

And let's say 3 abandoned projects that I'll paint and display on a shelf *someday*.

Just started painting the Fantasy stuff this week but had to put in an order for new paints. So I'll have to paint something else until then.

How are you?

>> No.73080652

Oh shit is cancer-kun, glad to see you are still alive

>> No.73080655

5 terminators kill a russ in one turn. All this crying is dumb, 4 point chaff shutting down land raiders was always more of a rules exploit than fluff.

>> No.73080658

>how does one know what character is named and which isn't anyway? is it the "only one in army"?

Look at keywords, named Characters have their name as a keyword as well as their *generic* model:

Prince Yriel, is a named Autarch


The Changeling

This doesn't work all the time, but is a good indication.

>> No.73080659

>gets angry at people formatting their post to make it easier to read
>is likely the same person that would sperg out at wall of text

>> No.73080663

They'll still be firing at BS5 with only the sponsoon and hull mounted weapons. It's annoying, but I don't think it'll be as crippling as people think. Even if it has heavy bolters for all three of its secondary weapons, that's still only 2 T3 models dead.

>> No.73080666

>can deepstrike two dreadnoughts and a dreadknight grandmaster
>the dreadnoughts can have heavy flamers
>the GMNDK can have a heavy incinerator and charge reroll warlord trait
>all of them were already very competent in melee

>> No.73080669

>weird neck flaps on his skin suit
that's a COLLAR on a COAT

>> No.73080681

Will all that stuff making tanks better in meelee shouldn't there also be an easier way for infantry that doesn't consist of 10 thunderhammers to harm vehicles in meelee? Stuff like meelee only melta charges or something.

>> No.73080693

You are literally the worst kind of retard. And I'm including those that eat their own shit in that. They've got more dignity than you.

>> No.73080695

its an absolutely awful collar on an otherwise reasonably fashionable coat

>> No.73080698


>> No.73080709

>Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.
Are Daemon Engines usable again?

>> No.73080718

>However, if a Phoenix Lord is your Warlord, they can never have a Warlord Trait.
I reread the rules and you are correct. yay for solitaire

>> No.73080720

With the collar exaggerated from 1800's styles.

>> No.73080721

let's be real: this is because the repulsor executioner is 300+ pts and could be countered by aggressive play. Space Marines are always entitled to all their shots (rerolling misses and failed wounds natch)

The fact that IG might also benefit didn't enter into consideration at any point

>> No.73080725

>3) Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.

>> No.73080726

>my Contemptor will ignore -1 on his melta while moving into enemies, and can fire melta AND fist into enemy things when in cc
will he also be able to advance now with heavy weapons?

>> No.73080729


>> No.73080730

I'm making a Catholic-themed homebrew chapter, but I dunno if I should make them DA or BA successors. Which would fit better?

>> No.73080733

Yep, time to break out the defilers.

>> No.73080749

the model literally isn't based though

>> No.73080755

What is the "Fly" keyword again? I keep forgetting it.

>> No.73080758

Cool, now i dont have to use a strategum to not have plagueburst crawlers and bloatdrones hit on 5s. 4s are bad enough

>> No.73080761

>yfw most tank guns will be BLAST weapons
>yfw meleefags are having a meltdown at tanks shooting 6 stubber shots at BS5+
wow, so game breaking.
In reality, all this will do is promote the usage of flamers and encourage people to use infantry more aside from just screening.

>> No.73080767

Guess my tanks can now Tokyo drift without penalties

>> No.73080768

>competent in melee
>dreadknight grandmaster
that's one way of putting it.

>> No.73080770

Literally doesn't matter.

Bangels if you want to stab
Dangels if you want to shoot

>> No.73080775

>also my boy got BUFFS
He went from S5 A6 to S4 A4 though

>> No.73080776

DA have a strong monk aesthetic

>> No.73080780

Lol no they don't unless you're putting buffs on them.

You charge my russ and I get to shoot you on my overwatch, then shoot you again on my turn before you get to fight.

>> No.73080783

oh no, people space wrong, we are doooomed !

>> No.73080788

BA are renaissance (gothic), DA are masons. BA I guess. also BT are peak catholic, but you didn't mention them and sadly they have shit rules

>> No.73080789

It's also just about the only painted model I own. Some of my Tau are based but not painted. What a world, huh?

>> No.73080793

>let's be real: this is because the repulsor executioner is 300+ pts and could be countered by aggressive play. Space Marines are always entitled to all their shots (rerolling misses and failed wounds natch)

Fly already did this my dude.

>> No.73080795

Your chapter already exists, they're called "Black Templars"

>> No.73080796

No, apparently.

>> No.73080797

You're not wrong. It's rapidly approaching the point where tournaments are going to have to separate into marine tier and everyone else.

>> No.73080806

>All vehicles and monsters can fire non-blast weapons into CC at -1 to hit.
Only if the vehicle or monster is within engagement range of the specific unit it's targeting.

>> No.73080818

Asscan dreads can clear chaff in melee, autocannon and lascannon dreads can point blank execute their enemies. This brings me much joy.

>> No.73080819

>Yfw the Leman Russ Battle Cannon gets changed to BLAST so it can't shoot into melee, only its puny pintle guns

>> No.73080825

too bad, I wanted to charge him full speed across the table, now it'll only be half speed

>> No.73080826


Nothing new under the sun, Anon. I just want something I can call my own. I don't play the game that much, I just like painting and writing fluff.

>> No.73080827

Hold up, was that from the stream?

>> No.73080834


>> No.73080836

It seems you can shoot one gun at the time. You could leave the blast guns for last for when you already cleared the melee guys

>> No.73080841


>> No.73080845

so it's no longer just white scars

>> No.73080846

What is it?

>> No.73080847

Penitent engines have just become extra fresh. Heavy flamers on top of fucking saws in your face
I think GW has doesn't know what kind of buff this will be to non titanic walkers with guns and meelee

>> No.73080848

Engine war has been out for 4 days and they've already invalidated the Mars canticle. That's got to be a new record for stupid.

>> No.73080858

Oh sweet. Bikes aren't infantry.
Are attack bikes back on the menu? Sure looks like it.

>> No.73080860

Were these leaked, or just shown from the stream?

>> No.73080871

DG powerfist

>> No.73080873

Problem is the opponent gets an opportunity to fall back before you can shoot.

>> No.73080878

me after fisting your anus

>> No.73080882

still have to move the model, either forward and potentially out of the magical aura castle or backwards and out of line of sight of more valuable stuff.

aggressive play doesn't mean 'i got one gaunt in on a lucky 12" charge now you're shut down'

>> No.73080883

Doesn't say anything about vehicles, unless contemptors are infantry now

>> No.73080885

You still have to declare all the shots on all weapons at once. If you haven't killed the melee dudes with your non-blast guns they fizzle out.

>> No.73080891

>+1 Str to heavies
I think Mars is still quite fine.

>> No.73080894

Rod of Torment gives him +1 Str so he's back to normal with that profile
he has a second melee weapon so he has effectively two more attacks.

they seem to really be stressing him in melee, especially with his leadership debuff aura. maybe take a squad of 10 crackhead marines and roid them up as his personal guard

>> No.73080898

If in Assault Doctrine, 5 TH/SS terminators have a better than even (59%) chance of wrecking a LRBT on the charge. Outside of it it's a 43% chance.

>> No.73080901

wow 2 off, as if literally anyone with a brain wouldn't fury of the first if they aren't already whirlwind of rage, or ba, assault doctice lieutenant ,captain, one billion other random sm buffs. How could they ever survive all that bottom profile 6+ shooting.

>> No.73080903

Alright, so PIRATES! There's Eldar Corsairs, Red Corsairs, and Freebootaz, right? That's it?

I'm considering making a Freebootaz army and giving them some special BITZ from Eldar and Chaos, but I just want to make sure I didn't miss any factions. Do Rogue Traders ever do pirate crap? Not that they have much as is...

>> No.73080907

9th edition is Dreadnought edition.

>> No.73080908

I'm genuinely in awe that they've managed to fuck this so fast. Didn't they literally say last week that wrote the PA books with 9th in mind?

>> No.73080914


>> No.73080915

Forgefiends might not suck total dick when they move now. I gotta say, I'm excited.

>> No.73080916

In that case there's nothing lost, because you can still shoot him before charging again next turn.

>> No.73080917

They updated the article and added it

>> No.73080925

>machien spirit redundant
I do wonder how are they gonna rework fliers because fliers ignoring heavy penalty seems OP

>> No.73080929

Templar outfits

>> No.73080930

You still declare them at once. You have to take a gamble that your other guns will kill the unit you're engaged with before you get to the big one.

>> No.73080931

>Wrote a rule
>Announce half of it won't work less than a week later
This is fine.

>> No.73080935

Reminder: Bikers do not have vehicle keyword

>> No.73080942

They'll probably crank up their base BS to make up for it

>> No.73080945

>Oh yeah if I apply some buffs I can maybe kill your unbuffed basic tank before you get to shoot me a second fucking time
L O L this cope.

>> No.73080946

We don't do that anymore. It's fascist propaganda.

>> No.73080947

How gay are catholics?

>> No.73080948

and he even got 5+++ on top of his auto heal

>> No.73080949

Cool model.

>> No.73080951

They literally only said that to save face. They dont give 2 shits if you wasted money on books that'll be outdated in less than a month. Remember codex KDK?

>> No.73080952

Does this mean melee got evwn more shit?

>> No.73080955

>It seems you can shoot one gun at the time
No, it's worded to specify that while you can choose targets that you're not engaged with, the unit you are engaged with has to be wiped out for you to be able to fire at that target. You still have to choose all your targets before you start firing, so if you choose a target outside your engagement range you risk not being able to shoot that weapon at all.

>> No.73080958

They also don't have the infantry keyword. Which is the only one the heavy rule cares about.

>> No.73080964

Primaris Lieutenant holding a severed power fist of a CSM

>> No.73080968

Wasn't there already that SoB walker whose guns counted as pistols? Well done GW, taking its gimmick away

>> No.73080969

Yes. Guard bias is real

>> No.73080971


>> No.73080979

What is the darksouls of warhammer armies

>> No.73080990

Those are just TH/SS terminators with no additional buffs other than assault doctrine, though. Which hardly counts since it's native to them, only requiring you to be turn 3 or higher.

>> No.73080993


>> No.73080996

It won't be taking the -1 to hit.

>> No.73081003

>Dark Souls? It's an alright Zelda game.

>> No.73081005

that's how i read it yeah
>i'm going to fire the stubbers, heavy bolter, and sponsons into the melee
>i'll fire the battlecannon at that unit if i clear them

>> No.73081016

That's not half bad anon
I like the tribal stripes on the mask

>> No.73081017

Khorne is getting something soon. A number of unsolved Rumour Engine posts are clearly Khorne shit. I thought it was going to be an Age of Sigmar thing, but that is definitely a Chaos Power Fist.

>> No.73081019

We're still waiting for Sisters' PA, maybe it'll include some way to compensate for this

>> No.73081031

Relax, everything will get rewritten soon enough anyway. Half of the unique shit for Admech has been invalidated by this, and I can't imagine GW is braindead enough not to notice.

It does make sense now why the new Admech flier didn't have an ignore heavy penalty rule, though.

>> No.73081040

This one is much more likely to be Undivided, I doubt they'd put the Chaos Star on something with a specific god mark

>> No.73081054

>only requiring turn 3 or higher
Yeah, half the game having passed and leaving that LR unmolested the whole time. And this thunder hammers which are on the higher end of efficient melee weapons. It's fucking stupid

>> No.73081062

>Do Rogue Traders ever do pirate crap?
what do you think?

they're also one of the few lore reasons you could end up having orks and eldar under the same flag

>> No.73081064

Other Khorne-looking shit. Might also be Dark Elves, that seem to be on the way to getting something too.

>> No.73081077

>I don't have to choose between shooting gitz and running gitz over with my car

>> No.73081078

no he left out assault doctrine because they kill it with it on avg. The example relies on making a 6+ on 4 rolls to only get 9 through.

>> No.73081090

Thats a good point. Still it does look like 40K Chaos is finally getting some new models. Probably around October, because that's a free month.

>> No.73081093


>> No.73081098

Thank you, need to go back and touch up a few spots and fix the exhausts after my experiment with vallejo brass paint, then finally base it when I get more glue but for my first vehicle (and first time drilling barrels) I'm pretty happy with it. Will definitely paint in sub assembly next time, though.

Thank you, I painted the mask and washed it a couple times but it still didn't "fit" with the rest of the model so I figured I'd try something.

>> No.73081101

Considering his question was about Advancing and Firing and that’s not mentioned at all, I assume no. It cannot advance and fire heavy weapons.

>> No.73081102


Inb4 >Facebook

>> No.73081105

that's slaaneshi shit

>> No.73081107

>Orktober 2
>nothing but chaos releases
I would love this

>> No.73081109

>Pretentious fans that think they're the first to come up with an idea even though everything about it had been done before
Space Marines?
>le little guy against uncaring universe of horrors
Imperial Guard, honorable mention Tau
>Beat the fuck out of giant disgusting monsters while wearing aesthetic armor
Grey Knights
>I died? LMAO let's try again, gotta work eventually
Necrons, possibly Phoenix Lords or Drukhari in general

Young man you put those goalposts right where you found them this instant.

>> No.73081125

that's necromundian

>> No.73081135

hmm since burst cannons or pulse carbines are assault maybe they will be good options for tau tanks that get caught in melee....

AHAHA Nah, tau tanks can fucking fly, just fly away and shoot nigga. just fly away.

>> No.73081142

>5++/5+++ Plague Marines

>> No.73081143

Still the last thing I painted, so not as well as I hoped.

>> No.73081149

>> No.73081154

>Young man you put those goalposts right where you found them this instant.
They're in the same place. You had to apply buffs to termies to kill a LR with average rules. They can't do it on their own. Assault doctrine is a buff and doesn't even come until T3

>> No.73081158

Very cool, definitely excited for this

>> No.73081159

>GW: Why yes, we do design models with weak points and pieces that can easily snap off, how did you know?

>> No.73081162


>> No.73081167 [DELETED] 

This is the new execution method.

>> No.73081172

Don't forget to Grab Fabulous Bill for T6

>> No.73081176

>broadsides drowning anything trying to melee them in missiles while shield drones protect them
10th edition when?

>> No.73081183 [DELETED] 

>You will not be missed
Neither will you

>> No.73081184


>> No.73081187

hey a 5++ landraider nice.

>> No.73081200

>inb4 HYMPs are considered blast weapons

>> No.73081208 [DELETED] 


>> No.73081209


>> No.73081215

>The incomplete list of Admech stuff that no longer works.

>Protector doctrine no longer gives +2 to hit with enhanced data tether or broad data tether.
Affects Rangers, Vanguard, Duneriders, Dunecrawlers, Disintegrators, Ironstriders, Dragoons, Raiders.

>Conqueror doctrine no longer gives +2 to hit with enhanced data tether.
Affects Rangers, Vanguard, Duneriders, Dunecrawlers, Disintegrators, Ironstriders, Dragoons, Raiders.

>Hard to hit no longer works with Stygies.
Affects Archeopter, Dragoons

>New Mars canticle invalid, lasted 4 days.

>Pointless rules attached to Dunecrawler, Disintegrator and Dunestrider.

>Taser being nerfed next edition
Affects Pteraxii, Dragoons, Rangers, Vanguard, Infiltrators.

This is the fault of the one Admech player at GW hq, who beat the Crudd stain one too many times.

>> No.73081221

At least we can take another sept trait instead of this?

>> No.73081228

Working on infiltrators and incurssors. Got five Reivers after that. A squad of eliminators, war suit, touch ups on my repulsor then it's all about my Nidz. Bio titan, trygon and sporocyst

>> No.73081231

Stoked for this guy.

>> No.73081232


>> No.73081235

They don't have variable shots so I doubt it

>> No.73081242

Battlefield edge requirement is a bummer

>> No.73081244

Half the unique shit for admech was invalidated last edition, and yes, they were that brain dead.

>> No.73081249

>picked up a bunch of Necron stuff today
>didn't get my Start Collecting! one cause it wasn't in stock even though I put down the order a few days before quarantine
>out of stock still it seems, might not get it as they probably will exchange it with the new 9th edition stuff
>a lot of my starting plans ruined if this happens
Feels badman.

>> No.73081257

god I hate these stupid rumour snippets

>> No.73081258

Here we go boys, looks like I'm going to be starting 9e by collecting a new army - I want to run mechanised Eldar. Bikes, Vehicles, etc. What models work thematically with this?

I particularly love the Eldar vehicles because of the large flat surfaces perfect for airbrushing patterns etc.

>> No.73081259

Holy shit that guy's enema kit looks bad ass.

>> No.73081260

Why do people assume that the Void Dragon is opposed to humanity?

>> No.73081270

>>Protector doctrine no longer gives +2
the +2 needs to counter the -1

>> No.73081279

because it had to be beaten up and imprisoned before it would help us?

>> No.73081281

homeboy seems pretty missed considering half your country's in flames because of him

Doubt it. Ion might? AFPs for sure.

>> No.73081292 [DELETED] 

can't help it, I was trained by the IDF!

>> No.73081296

It shouldn't make any non autistic person that angry. I'm afraid you might be retarded.

>> No.73081303

So much for future proofing, huh? Gonna need to rework target lock too.

>> No.73081308 [DELETED] 

>half your country
Five cities where the police were ordered to stand down so a few shopping could be looted by thieves so heart broken they just had to get themselves some brand new Nikes and TV's.

>> No.73081310

I never claimed not to be

>> No.73081312

Is this it DGbros
Will we finally get rules that arent total shit

>> No.73081314

>yet another reason to take Ion over Railgun

>> No.73081324 [DELETED] 

Just imagine it was somebody you cared about for half a second

>> No.73081325

This is just regular chaos.

>> No.73081330

Oh no, wait. You can take this trait to fire the one Markerlight your Stealthsuit Shas’vre has at full BS

>> No.73081336 [DELETED] 

luckily for me none of the people I care about are violent criminals on four times the lethal dose of fentanyl

>> No.73081337

For a while. Just remember that every army that gets updated after you will power creep just a bit more than the last, until you're fucked again.

>> No.73081345

This is elf inspired but for another army. I’m thinking it’s the Slaanesh mortals for AoS.

>> No.73081346

You must be retarded if you think battlescribe is the end all be all of gw rules

>> No.73081349

i don't know if paying 1cp to get another 7 attacks with plague knives is the thing DG needed, anon

also a 2+ from cover is functionally identical to a 5++ against most weaponry so uh

>> No.73081352

>12" Blight Bombardments
Oh papa Nurgle

>> No.73081353

why do they even make throw away crap like this. 1 cp for 5, s4 - attacks.

>> No.73081361 [DELETED] 

I'd mourn them being a multi felon drug addict before I blamed the cops for killing them.

>> No.73081365

Because very occasionally it's useful.

>> No.73081370

there's a better board for this larping anon, you could post there instead and get a much spicier response

>> No.73081373 [DELETED] 

Why would I care about a career criminal that held a gun to a pregnant mother's belly, who died of a heart attack because he was high on meth and fentanyl and had coke baggies in his possession?

>> No.73081374

Oh shitttttttt

>> No.73081375

Its in the warhammer community post you ork

>> No.73081391

what larping?

>> No.73081399


>> No.73081408

What was the point?

>> No.73081410

VoltW and Virulent make plague knives mortal wound on a 5+
If you have an Arch Contaminator you can reroll all of them as well
Not that easy to pull off but it's there

>> No.73081412

Anon NO!

>> No.73081413

seems like the problem is more with you eating up the shitty videos instead of taking the rumour engine as indication of the faction that are getting the next releases

>> No.73081424 [DELETED] 

>Anons willingly gobble up propoganda and character attacks coming out weeks afterwards so they can turn a blind eye to rampant police brutality
Talk about 40k or fuck off

>> No.73081427

why do you think a c'tan would ever be friendly?

>> No.73081430

Eldar vehicles is a top-tier list at the moment with Expert Crafters. You can never go wrong with Wave Serpents, Night Spinners are the current hotness, Fire Prisms are also really good. Falcons are workable if you want a midpoint between transport and gunboat. ALl the planes are amazing but that's probably not what you're looking for. For bikes and bike-adjacents, Vypers aren't great but the forgeworld Hornets are pretty good. All bike characters are good to amazing, as are Shining Spears. Windriders aren't the terror they once were but they can work just fine. ANd if you want full theme, Saim-Hann is the biker craftworld, though it won't affect most of your units (ironically, Iyanden does bigger vehicles better -- though again, for pure power Expert Crafters is best).

One day Railguns will get the love they deserve.

>> No.73081431

this is like the guy jizzing about blight bombardment range. these are really niche and cumbersome strategies that require you to be in an awkward situation in the first place, it's cool that DG are getting new relics though

>> No.73081432

Who says it was not a consensual duel, like how the Emperor recruited Leman Russ? I mean, both the Void Dragon and the Emperor have similar goals, so it would make sense for them to have an alliance, even if this is 40k

>> No.73081434

Narrative to focus a series of books and box sets around leading up to the new CSM models

>> No.73081437

Stratagems should always be situational and never auto-use.

This is a situational use where you're fighting another Obj Secured unit on a point and want to thin their numbers so you can take it. Or to guarentee a unit wipe

Is it a GREAT stratagem? Hell no. But it's a solid C

>> No.73081441

you'd be as likely to get another wound with a command reroll. I doubt +1 with all weapons would have been over the line given that PM melee blob isn't good.

>> No.73081442 [DELETED] 

Because regardless of how you feel about a person or whether or not they're a criminal, we have a justice system in place to process these people fairly. Stepping on their neck until they're fucking dead is a simply evil act. There is no defense for this.

>> No.73081448

A global campaign for people to play in

>> No.73081454


>> No.73081461 [DELETED] 

>standard restrainment maneuver

>facts I don't like

>> No.73081464 [DELETED] 

Imagine being so butthurt about a company that makes little toy plastic soldiers putting out an anodyne sociopolitical statement that you start unironically supporting state thugs Judge Dredding people on the street in real life.

Best move Games Workshop ever made.

>> No.73081466

my point is that they only exist so that people can make those videos. it's not unintelligent marketing, it's just kinda irritating

>> No.73081471

If you had a big squad it might be handy

>> No.73081481

Not to mention lacking stratagems can always be improved, but if its too good GW has shown how they "adjust" them into irrelevance.

>> No.73081482

>Leviathan Dreads can now shoot in melee

>> No.73081484

Because the seal on the noctis labyrinth has been broken once before, during the Rangdan xenocides. It was about the same time that the second primarch and his legion disappeared, and the seal was later put back in place 'at great cost'

>> No.73081486

>>New Mars canticle invalid, lasted 4 days.
Still works on infantry and still gives everything plus 1 strength.

>> No.73081487 [DELETED] 

he died of a heart attack, nothing to do with the neck thing

>> No.73081491

Someone decided not being able to shoot every turn wasn't fun

>> No.73081493

Vigilus wasn't a global campaign. It was just a pair of campaign books.

>> No.73081512

Narrative, framing for the new Chaos models, wanking Abaddon as is the mandate, testing out specialist detachments (which got dropped like a bad habit).

I agree with >>73081437. Stratagems are best when they're an option you use when relevant and not "pay a CP tax to make this shit unit usable" or "this makes an already good unit outrageously better to the point where you'll always use it if available".

>> No.73081514

>2x5 Tacs with Plasma
what looks better?

>> No.73081518

because space marines were underpowered, obviously

>> No.73081521

Neat it works on infantry heavy weapons! Like the sniper. That cannot move and shoot under any circumstances. And nothing else.

>> No.73081523

It was a global campaign. You don't remember? My GW had little prizes and things for it and everything. I think that's when they gave out the WHW coins too but that may have been for kill team

>> No.73081531 [DELETED] 


>> No.73081537

look anon i paid a lot of money for these forgeworld dreads i better get to shoot them every single turn

>> No.73081538

An Iron Hands player lost a game after the nerfs and GW couldn't take it.

>> No.73081540


>> No.73081542

Sounds like someone has never had their Knight one shot by the Blight Bombardment Putrifier combo

The extra threat range makes it a lot more dangerous

>> No.73081543


boy they're really trying to make you take those formerly shit models

>> No.73081547

To have a book with the new chaos models.

>> No.73081550

>wanking Abaddon as is the mandate
But he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs. How is that wank?

>> No.73081552

Some books to sell.

>> No.73081553

How dare a horde army manage to get a few models from their unit down the table, through the chaff, through the rerolling hits and wounds, through the overwatch, and SULLY MY FUCKING TANKS KEEPING THEM FROM SHOOTING!

>> No.73081554

The KT thing was not for vigilus

>> No.73081559

>It was a global campaign. You don't remember?
I member the plague wars global campaign. But vigilus wasn't that.

>> No.73081574

How would you call Konor a campaign and Vigilus not?

>> No.73081579


thanks fucking christ are those plague spewing weapons will be slightly better

>> No.73081583

Well it came with the starter so I guess I'll be using him now.

>> No.73081584

Carnifex too, though who would have guessed 4x devourers and acid maw are going to hurt a lot of feelings. More than any melee choice at least

Screamer killers are back too now

>> No.73081585

>be GSC
>manage to pull an absurd combo that can one shot a knight player that sucks at the game
>better nerf the entire army to the ground
Crudd is a blight, even when not in charge he keeps fucking everything up

>> No.73081588

Bottom one.

>> No.73081597

>through the rerolling hits and wounds
guard re-rolls being tied to their orders is one of the better ways 8th edition has handled character "buffs"

For the infantry at least. The tank commanders are kind of fucked.

>> No.73081604

How would you feel playing against this?

>> No.73081606

you should use anti-tank weapons against tanks, not infantry rabble

>> No.73081610

Nice, I was planning on running:

> Farseer on Jetbike
> Autarch with wings, or on jetbike, not too sure.
> Maybe another psyker HQ.

> 2x 10-man Dire Avengers for troops. Each goes in Wave Serpent.
> 1-2x Guardian Squads, possibly.

Fast Attack:
> A bunch of windriders. I would look at shining spears but they're Finecast from what I recall, and I want to keep the amount of Finecast down if possible for the time being.

Heavy Support:
> 3x [mix of Night Spinners/Fire Prisms],

> 5-10x Aspect Warriors to go in another Wave Serpent - the points spent on these will be "flexible points" that change from time to time if I want to change up parts of the list.

I was looking at planes too, as well as Vypers, not sure how much space I'll have though. I've not really got much of a concept of what Eldar can bring in an 8e 2k list, let alone a 9e list.

One of the major issues I'm seeing here is that I'm really hyperspecialising into one specific type of thing (mechanised, fast moving models), so any future rules change that affects them will have massive effects on my army. Very non-future proof. I don't mind losing out of min/max-iness, but if the army will become trash I don't know how fun it'll be to play.

>> No.73081619

well no, i would never buy or field a knight, that shit's gay.

I've also never seen footslogging marines walk up the board and use blight bombardment in a significant way, which is probably why every list focuses on plaguebearers, blight drones, and blight haulers

>> No.73081627


>> No.73081636

>the jannerinos have arrived!

>> No.73081641

Konor used player and store-inputted results to (however tangentially) determine the outcome of the campaign, while vigilus was a pre-baked narrative with no player input.

>> No.73081642

World Eaters Red Butchers Terminator kit

>> No.73081645

it would be fun until the novelty wears off

also not giving a melee weapon to a dread should be a capital offence

>> No.73081647

Pop em in a transport

And thank you for your service against the Knight menace

>> No.73081651

Nice model.

>> No.73081656

Hush, you'll summon Carnac. That said, I do enjoy how Abaddon quite literally won the battle but lost the war. Got to stab Calgar a couple times while losing out on objectives.

I mean, I don't think throwing waves of disposable chaff at the tanks with anti-infantry guns should be the play here anyway.

>> No.73081657


>15" foul blightspawn plague sprayer

>> No.73081660

You and I have very different definitions of campaigns then

>> No.73081663

pretty much every good list isn't running grounded vehicles atm and certainly not in large numbers. Doesn't seem like a problem.

>> No.73081666

Contempt for a meme that got old 10 years ago

>> No.73081671

>Roll a 1 for shots
Heh..... nothing personnel

>> No.73081672

I preferred the eye of terror campaign where chaos players won every battle and they even killed off characters like eldrad in response. I'm glad that asshole is dead.

>> No.73081686

I mean that's how GW's done global campaigns since Ichar IV when you had to mail in results.

>> No.73081689

>also not giving a melee weapon to a dread should be a capital offence
Dreads should be allowed to kick things to death.

>> No.73081692

This is 40k son. Why would units have melee weapons?

>> No.73081703

Respect the dedication to a dead meme, be obnoxious about the fact that Angry Marines would run double melee.

That's a pretty good list there. Don't mind the rules too much -- rules come and go, models are forever. I'd recommend Dark Reapers for your flex Aspect Warriors, and a bike Warlock never goes amiss (Doom + Jinx is a godly combo).

>> No.73081707

>Doesn't seem like a problem.
See you at the table with my 12 vehicle tank company anon

>> No.73081716

Then why was the second legion and its Primarch erased from all records of the Imperium then, if the Void Dragon ate them, instead of their deaths being recorded as heroic sacrifices when fighting against the Rangdians (who nearly destroyed the Space Wolves and Dark Angels, I might add)

>> No.73081717

They have done them before but that also means saying the FW black books which have rules for playing through Isstvan III isn't an Isstvan III campaign because we know the outcome. I guess you would call it something else?

>> No.73081719

With what, their vents?

>> No.73081720

>Giving dread shooting weapons now makes them better in melee than if they have melee weapons

>> No.73081734

They can. That's what their normal strength represents.

>> No.73081736

The Levi dread was only good when it was unkillable man. It isn't some super unit, and now that its not its been dropped and they're running all infantry, which supposedly suck compared to vehicles according to everyone suddenly.

>> No.73081744

What they did really well with this model is, they didn't overdetail him, or deviate from his former model or artwork too much.

>> No.73081747

It’s the same with carnifexs anon, I’m sad.
And to think we thought 8th was the shooty Ed.

>> No.73081761

Because at that point, Primarchs were not allowed to die. The fact that the death was being covered up nearly made Horus crack Malcador's skull open. He wouldn't have been that mad if he'd been up to shady shit and been purged for it.

>> No.73081762

How the fuck do the minis cost so damn much?? When I played in 3rd ed. a tactical squad was $30. And we were pissed to pay that for plastic! Now they want $50 for that same box??

How does the market bear this bullcrap?

>> No.73081765

Awoo with me sisters!

>> No.73081767 [DELETED] 


>> No.73081768

>Dreadnought leg vents
What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.73081770

these fucking updates. what a time to be alive

>> No.73081776

GW has gone insane and decided that Space Marines will no longer be the focus or mascot faction for 40k.

In their madness, they have chosen you to pick which faction will be the Big One, focus of most releases and the face of the setting. Who do you pick, and why?

>> No.73081781

>These DG buffs
I am already loving what I'm seeing and I can't wait for more. Really looking forward to more on the 5th company.

>> No.73081786

>being this new

>> No.73081790


>> No.73081791

>he thinks dreads have knees

>> No.73081798

Anon I'm not using the term "global campaign" to be special. They're different from scenario books.Think the armageddon global campaign, the eye of terror global campaign, the medusa V global campaign, etc. A global event organized and handled by GW.

>> No.73081800

Adeptus astra telepatica and because fuck you

>> No.73081801

I know right

>The time of man is over
>The time of the tanks has come

>The tank always wins

>> No.73081803

Yeah I'm just memeing. The immortal IH horde sure looks like some cancer, though.

>> No.73081806

When I started Cadian Shocktroopers were £15.00 for 20 models. Now they are £22.50 for 10 of the exact same models.

>> No.73081807

The boxnaughts don't have knees. Only vents.

>> No.73081809

AdMech are the beta testers of 40k

>> No.73081810

Make the investment in a 3D printer.

>> No.73081812

Sisters. Can you imagine the hysteria from the usual crowd, the shitposting would be glorious.

>> No.73081815

Chaos space marines. They're the next most covered faction

>> No.73081816

Yeah, just ran the points and by 8e's standards it's a 1863 points list barebones.

To clarify on what "barebones" was:
> 1x 10-man guardian squad with weapons platform;
> 9x Windrider Bikes;
> The "psyker on bike" is Warlock Skyrunner
> Autarch has wings
> Fire Prism/Night Spinner mix was all fire prisms
> Aspects are Fire Dragons.
> Everything took the cheapest possible loadout.

With upgrades it'll probably end up hitting 2,000 points (again, by 8e standards).

With 9e points going up I imagine I'd have to drop some stuff, but it seems pretty cool.

I'm coming from GSC where I have to drop £27.50 on a functionally-mandatory 45-point basic troop (and I need about 8 boxes of these), so this list is also looking significantly cheaper to collect than what I'm used to.

Also running a 2k list with "only" 57 models feels low too. Gives me more of an opportunity to properly paint each. With GSC I was hitting about 200+ models in a list, all infantry.

>> No.73081820


>> No.73081823

Anon, that is LITERALLY just inflation. 3rd Ed was released in 1998, and $30 in 1998 is $47.19 in today money

>> No.73081830

I pick tau, that way I can watch taufag tears as all that they know and love is neutered and sanded down and made soulless for marketing purposes

>> No.73081831

Tau because I revel in butthurt

>> No.73081832

It's got nothing to do with being new. Dreadnoughts don't have vents. Why do 8th edition fags thing everything has vents just because Tau have vents?

>> No.73081834

>does that mean bikers ignore it too?
Read the article in WarCom.

>> No.73081836

Nice to see the world eaters and space wolves getting along.

>> No.73081841

>1st company can deepstrike in poxwalkers
Typhus won't be as bad anymore

>> No.73081846

>he doesn't know

>> No.73081853

Eldar, give a xeno faction their time to shine.

>> No.73081855

>1st company can deepstrike in poxwalkers
That stinks

>> No.73081861

Haemonculus Covens. I just think they look cool and they are underrated.

>> No.73081865

da orkz and becuz I want waacfags to buy entire new armies because 100% they have no ork models

>> No.73081886

Like I said your definition is weird to me. Id call a campaign and assosciated events that GW organized across their stores a global campaign even if there weren't player results being tracked but w/e. No use arguing about what specifically to call it.

>> No.73081901

I really dislike the wholly within 9" of board edge requirement. Gonna be hard to get 2 blocks of 20 within range of Typhus and in a good spot to charge from

>> No.73081903

>In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, Humanity is guided through the darkness by a vast order of Psychics

>Imperium becomes even more psychotically religious and all maybe misandrist

>The people who say IMPERIUM BAD CHAOS good are now right, Chaos is now seen as a good rebellion against a repressive, crumbling regime.

>The true inheritors of the galaxy, making stole their sentience, but they have gotten it back and return as a brand new faction with their own vehicles and deep lore.

>> No.73081905


>> No.73081913

Imagine the smell

>> No.73081919

dark eldar because pirates are fun

>> No.73081923


>> No.73081926

Guess where you are on this chart anon

>> No.73081930

>Orktober 2
>gets undercut by a massive Slaanesh reveal again
Words can't describe how awesome that would be

>> No.73081938


>> No.73081940

glorious times

>> No.73081942

This has nothing to do with that. Read the replies.

>> No.73081956

I guess it's a tradeoff for real deepstrike.

>> No.73081960

Nidz get no love.

>> No.73081961

when is 9th even supposed to release? rumours?

>> No.73081969


>> No.73081972

Just stop posting

>> No.73081975

The best part of all this ended up being the memes really. It was one cretin vs. the world.

>> No.73081977

Inquisition. They might as well be the puppetmasters behind the whole imperium anyway, and we get SM factions under their banner anyways

>> No.73081981


>> No.73081983

If you've only been around for 2 years then I can see how you'd think that.

>> No.73081984

That's exactly what's going to happen.

>> No.73081987


>> No.73081993

Some rumors for July but that was before the release schedule for PA got pushed back.

>> No.73081995

>Tau are retconned back to where they were good guys but naive, but scratch naive. Instead of being a small pointless Empire, they have conquered and brought together the entire Ultima Segmentum and battle the outdated rulers of the galaxy in order to introduce a new era of enlightenment.

Eldar resurgent, Craftworlds and Exodites team-up, Dark Eldar become the Big Bads equal to Chaos in the setting.

>Entire setting becomes brutally simple as it's just things for Orks to fight

>> No.73081996

cretinposter is a gift that keeps on giving

>> No.73082004

Some say July, some say September.
Can't be too long from now, otherwise the hype is gonna die down

>> No.73082009

And we have yet to see the rules for "Blast" weapons
>Be me, a Galatus-Contemptor
>Deal 12 S6 AP-1 hits on Overwatch to hordes charging you
>Deal another 12 hits during your Shooting phase
>Finish the job with 5-7 S7 AP-3 Attacks
Please GW, make it happen.

>> No.73082010


Sauce? Or just context.

>> No.73082019

I think it will still be July. They will rush out the last 3 Psychic Awakening things.

>> No.73082021

4th of July at earliest, 11th/18th most likely. Bear in mind that GW works in 3 week hype periods based on the preorder going live on week 2.
It's extremely unlikely that they'd announce the preorder this weekend or next since it'd conflict with War of the Spider too much.

>> No.73082022

>even in death, I must discharge exhaust and circulate fresh air through my system

>> No.73082036

I just found it in my unlabeled images and haven't posted it in a while
I still love all of you tho

>> No.73082037

When are we gonna get these boys in plastic

>> No.73082045


Well fug. Now I'm going to wonder forever

>> No.73082046

I think Brayarth Ashmantle has this as a weapon

>> No.73082053

is there a screengrab of the sequel heroic interventions: tau drone save edition

>> No.73082057

Anon pls. It's been like that for at least a decade if not more. Last time Xenos were really doing anything on their own was fucking Battle of Mcragge. Every other time Chaos butts their head in
>Oh no orks and Tyranids!!!
>JK the climax is v Chaos
>Battle for Armageddon
>Oh no orks
>JK here comes Angron
And so on

>> No.73082060

Best to do a 360 and walk out on the vents posting

>> No.73082081

Don't know. It might be in the archive.

>> No.73082082

but the battle against angron an armageddon was a completely separate war from the ork one

>> No.73082099

4chanx has the "what anime is this" tool, name is Servant X Service

>> No.73082103

Chaos can fuck off to AoS

>> No.73082106

Why did Armageddon need a war against chaos at all? Were orks not enough of a problem?

>> No.73082107

fuck wrong pic

>> No.73082114

in what way was that an admech only thing nothing besides the dune crawler could move and shoot without a -1

>> No.73082117

Chaos is legitimately less important in AoS than in 40k, bizarrely

>> No.73082118

That is a hot take

>> No.73082121

chaos wasnt in base DoW 2 at all. chaos rising is a separate story

>> No.73082123

thank you, have some vents

>> No.73082124

I mean, it was the first war for Armaggedon. Orks hadn't turned up there yet.

>> No.73082126

Most fun army to play at 500 points?

>> No.73082133

>sequel heroic interventions: tau drone save edition
oh god that was an entertaining 3 or 4 threads, dude could not contain his autism. and the best was when he tried to samefag to show how "others agreed with him", but all of the responses were written in the same stilted style as his original post so it was obvious it was him.

>> No.73082138 [DELETED] 

>> No.73082140

the only thing the wars have in common are the planets they don't even take place in the same era

>> No.73082144


Danke, didn't think reverse search would work with an altered gif.

>> No.73082147

Angron gathered about 50k Berserkers to fight. About 100 Grey Knights died banishing him and his Bloodthirster bodyguards.

>> No.73082148

I'd be ok with these rules if l*yalist marines, knights, and IG were exempt from the new buffs to vehicles.

>> No.73082156


>> No.73082160

The 1st War of Armageddon was against the World Eaters. The other two wars were the Orks.

>> No.73082163

Kataphrons, Duneriders, Disintegrators have it as well.

>> No.73082167


>> No.73082168

Chaos is the penultimate threat to the story. It repeats in DoW 3. Also BFG 3. Not sure about DoW 1 off the top of my head. Chaos is always butting their head into shit.

>> No.73082172


>> No.73082174

Tech-Priest Dominus weapons.

>> No.73082176


Fucking how? Thought aos was after they won qnd controlled damn near everything?

>> No.73082178

I want to hear more about the 7th company, I’m all for more buffs/stuff for running Papa morty

>> No.73082182

Sometimes it does, but even if it doesn't if it can lead you to an unadulterated version of the image then you cans search based off of that one.

>> No.73082183

A Galatus/Achillus/Exemplar multi-kit would be nice. GW will probably release a totally new design no one asked for, though.

>> No.73082185

Sigmarines spanked them so hard Death took over as the villains

>> No.73082189

Tech-Priest ranged weapons are heavy. Also you're ignoring the +1 strength part so you can keep sperging.

>> No.73082193

Wow, so that's two weapons in the entire army. Interesting.

>> No.73082194

One of the goals with this edition was supposed to be reducing the effect of alpha strike.
Meanwhile at GW
>blast weapons will always do max hits against hordes
>no penalties for moving vehicles aka can always move to put up the best possible shot
>weapons are no longer wasted on overkills
So more damage and they can make sure they deal it every time. I'm not sure that's going to help with the issue.

>> No.73082195

yes if you buy the expansion pack, Chaos Rising, you will find a brand new Chaos story.

>> No.73082196

Sisters of Battle

>> No.73082202

Xth for I wish cult marines other than khorne berserkers had a role to play in chaos armies. A black legion army with one of each would be pretty neat.

>> No.73082210

The only dumb thing about Armageddon is how GW retconned it to also be Ullanor but the AdMech teleported it into an entirely different star system somehow.
Like fuck me, we already only get stories about the same handful of chapters and such (people are sick of UM for a reason) and now they also only take place on the same handful of planets? The setting is the size of an entire galaxy for crying out loud.

>> No.73082211

>>blast weapons will always do max hits against hordes

It's max shots, isn't it? A D6 Blast weapons would get 6 shots against a large enough unit, not 6 automatic hits.

>> No.73082212

Yeah, it is. Chaos is in control of the majority of all but two of the Realms after Sigmar sealed off Azyr and waited for a thousand years. The majority of mortals in AoS worship Chaos. That's just in no way at all represented in anything ever shown because everything focuses on Sigmar's cities of Order, and also because the last few events and releases have been about BONE DADDY.

>> No.73082215

Armageddon is the old ork homeworld now I believe

You don't need to do everything on one planet. Angron could have gone anywhere else. You don't see Xenos suddenly showing up and becoming the main antag for Cadia for example.

I know what happened, I'm pointing out that Chaos is the next mos represented faction after marines and they constantly butt into everything. I can't even remember the last time we had an event without them showing up to reveal that it was about them all along. Maybe forgebane I guess? Does that count as an event?

>> No.73082218

>Taser being nerfed next edition

>> No.73082219

>totally new design
This. It must be a legal nightmare to claim subsidiary liscinced IP and produce it direct. Im surprised the contemtpor got a plastic kit. Probably becuase it was a direct link to 30k when sold.

>> No.73082224

>Make a rule that does two things.
>Four days later one of the things only applies to two weapons in the army.
>This isn't bad design.
Do you work for GW, or do they just have your wife held captive?

>> No.73082226

anything thats not super elite like knights or super swarmy like Guardspam
or super on tanks like IG. or super gay like IG
basically anything except guard, knights and custodes imo

>> No.73082227

I dunno. Rubrics and Plague Marines might as well just be tougher basic CSM, but Noise Marines seem useful

>> No.73082238

>max shots you still need to roll hits for
This seems about right.
I think it will be 6 or more models as the requirement.

>> No.73082245

>games go from gunline castles firing at each other from across the map to gunline castles firing at each other from across a smaller map with more LoS blocking

>> No.73082246

Yeah, but the first war was written decades before the Ullanor thing.

>> No.73082249

>>weapons are no longer wasted on overkills
What you mean by dis? Does dmg now spill over?

>> No.73082258

They're kinda just better versions of troops that can't be taken as troops. If PMs or rubrics could be troops in a chaos army things would be different.

>> No.73082261

Manipulus had its range buff aura reduced from 3" to 2" as well.
And, even though this is kind of more of a generic problem, the Rusty 17 is no longer a benefit to your CP, but rather a detriment.

And PA has some funny points alterations a well, like Phosphor Blast Pistols being 5 but Heavy Phosphor Blasters being 0?
Not sure if that's a 'nerf' exactly.

>> No.73082263

10 blight boys in a drill pop up and throw 10d6 2d grenades with +1 to w and mws on 5s.

>> No.73082264

The tasers in engine war only work on an unmodified roll of 6. You can bet that'll be rolled out edition wide in 9th.

>> No.73082266

>and they constantly butt into everything.
I thought that was the Eldar. Especially Eldrad.

>> No.73082269

it's three stories on a planet on an important route it's not the end of the world
it was a single war that took place hundreds of years before the ork wars they are not upstaging orks in any way

>> No.73082275

Quoting the video - "Explosive weapons deal maximum hits to hordes"

>> No.73082276

Engine War reads 'unmodified 6s' in the couple instances of Taser Goads that are in the new units.

>> No.73082278

Something like that was needed, what used to be blast weapons were a fucking joke and specially against large units.

>> No.73082281

Indeed, too bad Rubrics can only be taken in BEST ARMY Thousand Sons

>> No.73082282

What's wrong with that? That sounds pretty good to me. More things should be unmodified anyway, like Plasmas.

>> No.73082289

They can in DG or TS I guess

>> No.73082293

>Mfw Devilfexes are better in close combat than Ninjafexes

>> No.73082295

How many times you gonna post this?

>> No.73082296

based spammer

>> No.73082304

When did they say damage spills over now?

>> No.73082313

they will have to change a lot of pts values.

which they will fuck up of course.

>> No.73082320

I stand with Markus

>> No.73082321

Don't forget the heroic intervention debate.

>> No.73082326

You need a biologus too.
Also a chaos lord with Arch Contaminator if you like overkill.

>> No.73082329

It used to have synergy with a Stratagem, and could be used strategically.
Now, you can't influence it in any way, and you just swing away hoping for the best.
I don't really personally consider the weapon 'dead' but I do think it's less useful now that it can't be buffed.
If it cost like 1 point less, I probably wouldn't complain, but same cost, less efficacy, less interactivity is just silly.

>> No.73082333

please stop. Theres a rumoured 4 man unit of Chaos Warriors Underworlds box, to go with Season 4 Underworlds starter box. This is the sorcerer in it.

>> No.73082334

God I hope death to the false guy is on unmodified 6s. So tired of terminators with power fists being meh about emperors.

>> No.73082342

Because it just removed dragoons from viability completely, and considerably weakened infiltrators. Both of those were lynchpins of melee admech and forces them back into either playing castle, or spamming servitors.

>> No.73082345

will we ever see an autarch kit containing all the shit an autarch should be able to equip? current rules are utter shit. prince guy is pretty great tho

>> No.73082349

At least it gives guard players less reasons to be gun line fags.

>> No.73082355

>Angron comes after the Orks VS Imperium conflict took place
Anon please...

>> No.73082357

>2020, 9th edition
>battles only involve tanks or monsters slowly moving towards eachother to get into melee
>the few, if any, infantry and characters being brought now cower in ruins in your deployment zone to hold objectives
>people will still argue that this is "fun"

>> No.73082358

Nevermind on that, I was misunderstanding the post. Overkills are still in, just relates to targeting outside the melee.

>> No.73082359

>it's three stories on a planet
More like five:

>Battle of Ullanor
>First war of Armageddon
>Second war of Armageddon
>Third war of Armageddon
>Khorne Daemon invasion during the opening of the great rift

>> No.73082360

No. Everything is about Chaos. Even xeno storylines. Vigilus had a GSC cult and all they did was fight chaos who was the real villian. Blood of Baal has chaos show up to cuck the Tyranids. Tyranids have to adapt a specific hive fleet to fight specifically Chaos. War in Heaven? Yeah bruh that had Chaos. Eisenhorn the ordo xenos inquisitor? Hope you like reading about him fighting a chaos cult. Oh xenos appear at the very end sure. Chaos xenos. Is there a threat from the GSC cult on Terra? Maybe but here comes a khorne invasion instead.

I don't dislike chaos but I'm tired of them being jammed into everything.

>> No.73082366

>Less reasons

>> No.73082367

Don't wish for it it will have 1 option and they'll remove rules for everything not in the kit

>> No.73082369

No, it will never happen. We're all just swimming in the Crudd.

>> No.73082377

the former is only that because of retarded retcons and the latter barely has a paragraph on it

>> No.73082380

Why do people seem to think this gives tanks and monsters an additional round of shooting? All this does is allow them to fire their guns during the shooting phase while engaged, just like how pistols work currently

>> No.73082383

It looks bad
Hopefuy you'll need infantry to win games

>> No.73082386

>gloves attached to gauntlets
Is GW retarded?

>> No.73082389

They're gonna have to revamp markerlights, thank god

>> No.73082395

Yeah that's the problem

>> No.73082397

>Like Thousand Sons
>Hate Tzanngors
What do?

>> No.73082404


>> No.73082406

the what

>> No.73082408

>why do people think this gives tanks extra shooting?
>All it does is let them shoot when they couldn't before

>> No.73082409

Melee weapons on vehicles usually hit much harder than ranged ones. A Leman Russ will be in no hurry to charge a Grandmaster Nemesis Dread with a hammer

>> No.73082411

wasn't this just what vehicles could do in every edition pre 8th

>> No.73082412



>> No.73082414

Don't run them

>> No.73082416

Sorry i ment excuses. no idea why i typed reasons

>> No.73082418

SoBs are a comfy army. They'll be my main army in 9th ed.

>> No.73082419

Do you need to ask this?

>> No.73082424

>Armageddon is the old ork homeworld now I believe
Yes, and it wasn't until somebody at BL felt that the setting needed even MORE connections between 40k and shit happening 9 or 10 millenia before. Chaos being first on Armageddon is old lore.

>> No.73082427

>he doesn’t wear war gloves

>> No.73082431

>there is now no way to tie down shooty kastellans

>> No.73082433

>because of retarded retcons
That's what I was saying, I didn't have a problem with Armageddon wars before. It's just one example of the direction GW is taking things lately

>> No.73082436

Allowing use of grenades as melee attack again? My Ork boy squads would be happy with the tankbusta bombs they all have.

>> No.73082437

Be a man, don't play them. Spit in people's faces when they try to 'optimise' your list.

>> No.73082447


Which is one more round of shooting than they would have had before, and whicj also makes no ficking sense because there is no way in hell to shoot a canon or a gun t a dude if he's so damn close you can't aim at him.

>> No.73082448

>>Khorne & TZEENTCH Daemon invasion during the opening of the great rift

>> No.73082450

1. Word Bearers aren't above subversive actions/false flag/AL stuff, are they? (eg. getting themselves/cultists to appear as regular imperial citizens/SM and spreading subtle propaganda or something)

2. Realistically, would they use Noise/Plague/Rubric/Berzerkers? Since they're Undvided, it seems like they would. In fact, they seem kinda like they'd be BL-lite. There wouldn't be any of those special marines who would dedicate themselves to a WB Warband (and therefore repaint themselves red/silver), would there?

>> No.73082454

Lose games.

>> No.73082461

It sounds like they are rewriting the objective secured rules for troops and some special units. From what we've seen of some secondary rules (up to 10/15 points per turn if you can hold 3 out of 4 objectives) troops will still be valuable.

>> No.73082462

This but it's horus and sanguinius

>> No.73082466

you havent seen any pts values for tanks/monsters yet so you have no idea how good they will be

>> No.73082470

Kitbash some aegyptocultists and run them as tzaangors?

>> No.73082479

>2 gorillion instead one 1 gorillion shots
jesus fucking christ

>> No.73082481

>56 shots at 5+ BS
>Can't reroll with Cawl since it's not the shooting phase
>18 hits on average
I guess that's better than not being able to shoot

>> No.73082483

Yes to both

>> No.73082484

Play Thousand Sons. Not codex Tzeentchkin

>> No.73082493

Don't forget there's going to be mission objectives that require units to forgo shooting and such to do utility actions.

>> No.73082494

Nvm my math failed, double it if you're in shooting mode so that's 36 hits on average. That's alright.

>> No.73082496

I'm actually not very fond of modern chaoswank myself but I'm just saying that there is nothing wrong with the angron war for Armageddon

>> No.73082498

This all goes back to the original dude's post about infantry being relegated to just hiding in los to score objectives, which sounds like you'd be forced to play pew pew noises with tanks/monsters or not play at all if your faction(s) isn't build around that or has both deployment+resilience of something like loyalist Space Marines or Custodes.

>> No.73082500

Overwatch counts as the shooting phase because of FAQ, no?

>> No.73082501

The vehicle shooting happens in the shooting phase, just like Pistols.
So yes it is in addition to regular attacks.

>> No.73082502

>Word Bearers aren't above subversive actions/false flag/AL stuff, are they? (eg. getting themselves/cultists to appear as regular imperial citizens/SM and spreading subtle propaganda or something)
They’re generally pretty overt. They’re more likely to summon a billion daemons to invade a planet than subvert it.

>> No.73082504

Which naturally favors non-gunlines, no?

>> No.73082510

So how about them Death Guard?

>> No.73082512

Convert something you like or leave them off

>> No.73082516


All point costs are going up

>> No.73082519

>CSM puts on power fist
>"Y'know, I'm honestly kinda lukewarm on the whole 'false emperor' issue"

>> No.73082529

Overwatch is overwatch. Cawl specifically says shooting only.

Nvm I'm retarded, it's the shooting phase after all. Somehow my mind was thinking you were shooting during the fight phase.

>> No.73082535

Pretty good rules teased, unlike the Chaos Daemons and Chaos Knights. I'm optimistic.

>> No.73082537

>the few, if any, infantry and characters being brought now cower in ruins in your deployment zone to hold objectives
Good days ahead for that Demolisher Leman Russ. I'll be charging it into melee now rather than trying to avoid it.
Also Leman Russes in a spearhead detachment get Objective Secured. My tanks are now troops.
Where are your gods now heretic?

>> No.73082539


>> No.73082540

Assuming firing lanes it would encourage small groups of gunlines, instead of one massive blob, in order to cover different lanes and flanks. This is assuming that GW releases some sort of standardized terrain placement because people who don't use terrain will probably continue to do so

>> No.73082542

According to the stream, the more restrictive LOS and terrain rules mean that there are places vehicles simply can't enter, and the mission design means that all-vehicle/monster armies simply can't score some of them. Not to mention the detachment system pulling you towards balanced builds if you want CP.

>> No.73082544

Doesn't matter to WAACfags.
They only plan on victory by removing all of their opponents pieces or being unstoppable to the point you can't secure objectives

>> No.73082546

>shooting during the fight phase.
that would make them even stronger since that would be a net increase to their attacks

>> No.73082547

>>Can't reroll with Cawl since it's not the shooting phase
I don't think that's true. with rerolls even hitting on 5+ cawl gives four bots an average of 41 hits, which is more than enough to melt anything (and wrath of mars can make especially sure)

>> No.73082551

Well you made me have to look it up but yeah u r wrong

>"All rules (e.g. abilities) that would apply in a specific phase apply to actions that are taking place ‘as if it were that phase’. For the purposes of this FAQ, Overwatch attacks are also considered to be attacks made as if it were your Shooting phase."

>> No.73082552

Gotta see all the new stuff. The stuff today is mostly ok so far, with the standouts being the Blightbringer relic and Poxwalker stratagem

>> No.73082554

Those new rules make me glad I bought a pair of Immolators. Autohitting flamers in melee make me hard.

>> No.73082559

>Get a 5+ BS for shooting

>> No.73082561

And if you don't, the battlecannon doesn't fire at all

>> No.73082566

is there a summary of the stream?

>> No.73082572

>Pangyric Procession, Cawl, Wrath of Mars, Elimination Volley, Daedolosus, Artisan, Logos, Magi.
>BS 3+, Rerolling, S7, AP-3, Mortals on 6s.
>6s generate more shots and make it AP-4.
This isn't the life I wanted, but if I have to suffer, so does everyone else.

>> No.73082585

Trick question. NOBODY YOU FAGS


You split the attention everybody gets otherwise you get primaris. Fuck you losers never learn.

>> No.73082600


>> No.73082602

1. Word Bearers do the whole subversion thing, but they don't take over whole planets secretly. It's mostly pre-prep for a invasion

2. No they don't have the Cult troops. Word Bearers look down on those who are dedicated to one single God over the others. They are Undivided but they are individually Undivided, not just as a whole like the Black Legion are.

3. Yeah sure you can fluff converts if you want.

>> No.73082617

This is what people don't understand. That - 1 to hit is gonna cripple you severely, and people will quickly learn playing bumper cars isn't the meta

>> No.73082619

Post your models

>> No.73082624

They are releasing "strong recommendations" for terrain density with regards to game/table size, yes. More terrain, less models, smaller tables all points towards planet bowling ball parking lot shoot-offs being discouraged.

Here: https://www.goonhammer.com/warhammer-community-9th-edition-discussion-transcript-vehicles-and-monsters/

They also said that you'll be able to fight across terrain height discrepancies with vehicles and monsters, so to whoever has that edit of Abaddon standing on a box out of reach of Guilliman and Ghaz, that's fixed now.

Surely if playing the mission and scoring objectives is more effective than trying to table your opponent, WAACfags will gravitate towards that? Not much "at all costs" otherwise.

>> No.73082625


>> No.73082627

So this is probably DG, right? It'd be cool if Night Lord bros got an HQ termie.

>> No.73082653

>2 corpuscarii
>enginseer with mechanicus locum for divinations of the magos warlord trait
>stick him in the middle of the priests and go overload safeguards
>reroll all non-6's
>average 99 hits
>use electrostatic overcharge to give all those hits AP-2, or just go wrath of mars for 16 fucking mortal wounds in addition to other damage

>> No.73082654

>cut up my blightbringer to make a chaos lord

>> No.73082663

-1 to hit is literally fucking nothing unless you are running something without buffs for some reason. You can't even stack an extra -1 to hit to keep your melee units safe. Lol, they don't even get fucking cover. Holy shit

>> No.73082668

>Gee Demolisher-Dan, how come your codex lets you have three heavy flamers?
If I can clear what I charged with that before firing the Demolisher we're good. You don't need a lot of hits of S10 -3AP D6 to kill most targets.

>> No.73082675

>2 corpuscarii
fuck 20 lmao

>> No.73082698

Now post yours

>> No.73082707

But I like Primaris though

>> No.73082713

Honestly doesn't look corroded enough to be DG but that substance doesn't look like blood so I'm not sure

>> No.73082719


>> No.73082723

We can go further. Add a logos and an artisan for AP-4.

>> No.73082750

Looks like you started pretty recently, that makes sense

>> No.73082751

It's probably blood, NL models tend to be overly cartoony with their gore. Like their dread having a toso that looks like a plastic mannequin.

>> No.73082759

I only say DG because of the crack or whatever on the top of the gauntlet.

>> No.73082761

Yeah I fucked up earlier, just ignore my math.

>For the purposes of this FAQ, Overwatch attacks are not considered to be attacks made as if it were your Shooting phase.
Did you just take out the NOT word on purpose?
Here, I'll screenshot the latest FAQ.
You can't use Cawl's reroll during Overwatch, it's only during the Shooting phase.

>> No.73082765

Carcharodons unique army WHEN?

>> No.73082769

The Kings of 8th were overthrown. But now it is 9th, and they have returned.

>> No.73082778

hopefully never

>> No.73082779

When you convert it you lazy shit

>> No.73082782

>NL get a codex before WE and EC
Imagine the salt

>> No.73082790

It makes sense for some weapons to shoot into CC, like sponsons or pintle mounts or flamer turrets. But I do agree that cannons and the like doesnt really make sense.

>> No.73082813

I shit on GW for painting SoB faces bad, but I just got a box of them and their heads are tiny as fuck

>> No.73082816

did I miss something about overwatch, where does it say shooting while in melee happens there? was it on stream?

>> No.73082818

NL don't have a single model with that kind of sloppy sculpted gore, DG on the other hand...

>> No.73082822

I want EC and buddy wants WE, but wouldn't even be mad and I doubt most chaosfags would care to get angry.

>> No.73082826

Primed my CSM and Lord Discordant yesterday, threw a layer of paint on some of them before bed. Also got my Primaris army out of storage and threw some of them into isopropyl alcohol for stripping.

>> No.73082831

it'd be contained in 'w-well they'll be trash in five codexes' as if every faction doesn't operate under the same wax and wane cycle.

>> No.73082835

If they keep Sisters as the insane religious zealots they are it could actually be pretty great.
They have a lot of civilians to burn after the Awakening, just saying.

>> No.73082848

Post pics when you paint them

>> No.73082849

IMO each of the gods deserves a full subfaction legion akin to TS and DG. It's only fair.

>> No.73082853

I just figured it was an emblem of some kind.
I mean it could be the claw of the EC marking with the little circle

>> No.73082856

>shoots you 109 times

>> No.73082859

No someone just thought they could use Cawl's reroll hit aura in Overwatch. It specifially says Shooting Phase.

>> No.73082860

>asks someone to post models
>doesnt post their models when asked
>its because their models dont exist

A tale as old as time itself. Consider yourself BTFO anon.

>> No.73082877

I'll try
never done skin before so gonna test on some marine heads first

>> No.73082881

Just kite them bro

>> No.73082884

post yours lol

>> No.73082887


>> No.73082890

the hover tanks ill give you but kataphrons are infantry and so do plenty of other tanks like the russ and most of the tanks from sm probably alot more desu

>> No.73082896

Yeah faces suck. Unless you're good at painting just use contrast and be done with it. My biggest hang up is lips. Mine always come out looking like ridiculous cartoon bimbo lips

>> No.73082898

>500 hours in paint

>> No.73082903

>Most vehicles/monsters troop weapons will be BLAST, ergo can't shoot in CC
>Other guns will be shooting at 5+ anyway
>Heavy terrain focus implies vehicles will be left with restricted movement and limited targets (if board properly made) like real tanks
>pts increase will make stupid to bring just tanks
Why are people thinking this is broken?

>> No.73082905

>Kite this.

>> No.73082909

Only if the Emperor told Horus about that shady shit though, and even then, Horus would likely object to the complete erasure of his memory

>> No.73082919

Here's some of them.

>> No.73082926

Because 40kg overblow everything

>> No.73082931


>> No.73082935

how many models can you do in one go with a can of gw primer?
i keep trying to figure out the sweet spot so i can use the entire can up in one go so i don't waste any
last time i did a knight, a doomsday ark, a taurox, 12 necron warriors, 5 immortals, 10 scions, ~15 guardsmen and i still had some leftover

>> No.73082939

immolator is now 100pts more expensive.

thanks gw!

>> No.73082942

I actually just had this same problem doing an IW Havoc. I gave him the mark 3 unhelmeted head it just couldn't get the mouth right so i cut the fucking thing iff and give him an actual helmet.

>> No.73082948

looks like a death guard power fist to me

>> No.73082953


>> No.73082961

It can't be that much of a point increase cuz Knights.

>> No.73082963

Any recommended paints or tutorials?

>> No.73082964

hell yeah dude. Lemme see some close ups of your favorite models.

>> No.73082965

Bimbo lips are the best.

>> No.73082982

Depends on the models, the conditions you spray in, the method of spraying, the condition of the spray can...

>> No.73082983

I don't really use tutorials. Honestly just throw a layer of contrast skin tone on it and call it a day.

>> No.73082984

beep boop robots words 1010101001001
haha robot makes me smile he's cute lol 0101010101

>> No.73082988

Idk bro chaos can get a Levi to -2 or 3 to hit

>> No.73083010

I don't have a lot of pictures of them on this phone I think

>> No.73083024

where's the humor?

>> No.73083025

We were right after SM for 8th, looks like we'll be taking the 9th.

>> No.73083026

Seems useless since the tank/blightdrones have auto hitting flamers and the blight haulers have an heavy so moving out of combat is -1 to hit anyway, same as staying in.

>> No.73083030

Uhhhhhh >>73082919

>> No.73083048

>Thinking memes are suppose to have actual humor

>> No.73083058


>> No.73083060

With one can of rustoleum white I've done
>30 fire warriors
>10 necron warriors
>5 immortals
>annihilation barge
>10 tzaangors
>10 ungors
>5 GSC cultists
and probably some other shit I can't think of right now. It's on its last legs but I could probably get at least another unit out of it before it starts spluttering.

>> No.73083083

They should or else they come off as weird corporate ads

>> No.73083084

convert some cultists and run them with tzaangor rules

>> No.73083091

ty anon

>> No.73083095

What's the best loadout for an Impulsor?

>> No.73083107

>fight emperor for 10,000 years
>ascend to daemonhood praise khorne and are given a huge axe
>maybe it's time to reevaluate this Emperor situation. Is he that bad?

>> No.73083113

Vehicles don't have a penalty to moving and firing heavies anymore. That Strat is great for units of 3 Blighthaulers that can shoot at something big, charge the screen, then fall back and shoot the big thing again next turn

>> No.73083118

People usually like the huge redemptor too. Other people get upset because Pr*maris

>> No.73083122

The 4+ invul.
With all the ap flying around, regular saves are practically useless.

>> No.73083127

Why tank have little head?

>> No.73083133

the bin

>> No.73083137

I'm relatively new to painting in general, and I don't paint vehicles much. I've got several hundred (if not a thousand or so) points of Chaos infantry n stuff. Should I grab a Defiler or should I wait until I'm more comfortable with painting vehicles? If the latter, how do I do that? yt tutorials?

>> No.73083138

your army makes me want you to have hot sweaty sex with nubile college girls.

>> No.73083142

It looks good, but it does make me wonder how the legion is getting primaris stuff. Then again I don't know much of their lore, maybe they're marine valhalla or something.

>> No.73083143

>Bukkakes my explosive loads into your hordes
Heh... didn't even need to use my SMS gue'la

>> No.73083156

Post was deleted for a reason.

>> No.73083161

What is the most off the wall or unusual Chapter of Space Marines?

>> No.73083167

Literally the only reason I'm considering sisters. You think anybody would realize my magical realm?

>> No.73083171

>the bin
>pretty much every tourney winner ran one since they came out
Lol I can tell you don't play.

>> No.73083182

You will need more stuff for sure to play a real game. Even the board you get with the starter set is too small. Let's break the price down.
>2 Astra Militarum Valkyrie Assault Carriers - $21
>3 Imperial Navy Lightning Fighters - $21
>3 T’au Air Caste Barracudas AX-5-2 - $21
>2 T’au Air Caste Tiger Sharks - $42
So you pay $90 for a $105 of models. Keep in mind they cost $105 because it's fucking GW. Hardly a great deal - keep in mind GW is selling bundles with up to 50% from time to time.
Still I heard it's a great game and I'm thinking about getting the old starter set myself.

>> No.73083184

i dont care about tourneys I just dont like the model

>> No.73083208

Hey, you do you honey bun.
Worse you'll get is some good laughs together and picture posted around online.

>> No.73083209


>> No.73083210

Go back to playing with your ugly invictors, grampa.

>> No.73083214

zoom zoom

>> No.73083215


>> No.73083218

Is there any point of getting the PAs if 9th will release new codices which more or less have to include the new stuff, which will probably be rewritten anyway?

>> No.73083225



>> No.73083241


>> No.73083247

One of the theories is they are the returned spirits of dead marines and that's the theory I ran with for my army of them. So some Primaris managed to become ghosts too. It lets me justify the widest range of models and rules to use for conversions amd such

>> No.73083252


>> No.73083255

Yes, that is a thread. Not a new one, I note.

>> No.73083257

Good thread my dude.

>> No.73083262

>stormtalon gunships will now be hitting on 2s with lascannons

>> No.73083277

Primaris player detected

>> No.73083287

Thanks anon, Primaris are pretty great

>> No.73083293

>> No.73083294

That’s not a Vehicle/Monster.

>> No.73083297


Theyre daemons of the emporer and celestine is a damon prince ess

>> No.73083309

practice practice!

>> No.73083314

Sounds good. If I were you I'd 100% try to get my hands on this guy for conversion reasons.

>> No.73083322

Grey seer + Gulliman flesh?

>> No.73083324

>use electrostatic overcharge to give all those hits AP-2, or just go wrath of mars for 16 fucking mortal wounds in addition to other damage
First one, then the other

>> No.73083328

Them being warp entities is also a theory yes

>> No.73083346

Right now I'm trying to get all the old unique sculpts that I can, starting with the finecast ones (but recasted so I don't have to deal with finecast). They're a pain in the fanny to find recasted though

>> No.73083350

Books are always going to be outdated within a year or two, anon. I'd say get them because you like having a physical lore/art book of an army you love, rather than getting them for rules.
9th is probably gonna have Indices again anyway.

>> No.73083355

Quick ! Get in the delorean!

>> No.73083366

Base coat
Highlight nose, cheekbones, chin, brow
Glaze cheeks
glaze eyeshadow
paint just the lower lip if the mouth is closed, plus a tiny bit on the bottom of the upper lip

don't bother painting blacks in the eyes

>> No.73083367

>> No.73083373

painting vehicles is not really much different from painting small boys, you just use bigger brushes and you will probably drybrush your highlights instead of edge highlighting unless you're some kinda psychopath. it's wise to invest in an airbrush, or in spray primer that is in the primary color of your army, because brush-painting a tank takes forever.

>> No.73083374

I only have a unit the real OG models

>> No.73083377

>Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.

This is good for everyone, now I wonder what they'll do to Tallarn but in the meantime I might just run a custom regiment.

>> No.73083388

The left can't meme.

>> No.73083396

Oh fuck yeah your right
>riptide gets to shoot in combat
>they have fly
Well at least we won't need stabilisation systems I guess

>> No.73083399

Tallarn might get the ability to advance and shoot with heavies, which would be fitting and offset this nerf.

>> No.73083400

Are there rules for destroying terrain or causing collapses on castling units?

>> No.73083406

Fulgrim is coming.

>> No.73083407

Is that Lady Gaga?

>> No.73083408

Neither can the right

>> No.73083418


>> No.73083421

I can't wait for Tau to get nerfed.

>> No.73083433

From the little research I did I thought most of that generation was upgrade sprues of the normal marines. Is that correct? I did acquire a Cassius

>> No.73083435

Edgy opinions are less dangerous than child grooming

>> No.73083438

So are Sentinels finally not going to be shit?

>> No.73083451

Not unless that terrain feature is a fortification

>> No.73083460

we don't know yet.

>> No.73083463

Brothers of Battle sounds pretty cool desu

>> No.73083474

Crusaders fill that roll pretty well.

>> No.73083479

>femboys of battle.

>> No.73083481

Not really, the ones I have are LotD bodies, shoulderpads and backpacks.
Some of the arms came from a generic SM plastic sprue, so maybe that's where the confusion comes from.

>> No.73083484

T"""au wil get nerfed but you'll learn to hate farsight enclaves and crisis suits

>> No.73083487

What about the Misters of Battle?

>> No.73083488

>Squad of sentinels hitting on BS2+ with no penalty and +1 to hit strat
imagine the destruction.

>> No.73083502


>> No.73083509

Not while Phil Kelly still exists

>> No.73083511

So theoretically, could The Emperor possess Guillimans body to bring back the Emperor?

>> No.73083518

Sister! Get the flamer!

>> No.73083521

What melee weapon should I give my Havoc Champion? They all look pretty neat.

>> No.73083543

>page 8

>> No.73083692

>Dark Eldar become the Big Bads equal to Chaos in the setting.
No. Leave my dark eldar alone commoraghs full

>> No.73083759

Which is what I've been saying all along. That the only current rules that will be carried over are basically just the datasheets. Everything else will be worthless.

>> No.73083776

Slaanesh powerfist.

>> No.73083791

Chainsword and bolter.

>> No.73083902

Chain axe for maximum manliness

>> No.73085804

Hang in there, anon. I’ll make an offering to Nurgle on your behalf.

>> No.73086066


>> No.73086791

> IW without helmet

glad fate pushed you to do the right thing

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