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Amanar Edition

>Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/qVGrgwwh
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/inbyBsR6
Novels: https://pastebin.com/6FV6bSNQ

> Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers

> Warhammer Wikis

> Warhammer Video Games

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Tell me about all the deep sea stuff in the warhammer world.

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Those look like Skyrim Design rejects.

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Dreadfleet looked pretty cool. Its hard to believe they fucked it up so bad.

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What was so bad about it?
At first glance the system seems fine, except for the frequency of the random events. But that shouldn't be a difficult fix.

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Speaking of fishes, what are some ideas for sea-themed terrain?

I was thinking of making some rock pool like things from crater terrain and putting little coral reef things and fish inside them

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I never played it.

Apparently the games was a slog to play, with lots of random BS, and not really fun. There are a bunch of articles on line that describe the game play as awful.

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>new thread on page 7
stop being new

true, but the thing with people is, tastes change.
its like a band that still makes music two decades after its heyday and has lost pretty much everything that used to make it good.

someone would say "i hate this" in 2019, and say "actually i think its pretty cool" in 2020.
which is why I always found the "this person is still working at the company" in response to someone saying a company has lost it, circlejerk misplaced.
yea it might be the same person that worked at the company 20years ago, but that doesn't mean he's still got it.

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Question for Everyone: If you could squat any faction and replace it with your own creation, what would remove and what would you create?

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I like pretty much all factions, but if I had to, I'd remove Ogres and fold them in a greater Dogs of War faction. If I had to go more original, I'd replace them with Cathay.

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that makes sense

they've got giants so that's already 2 DoW units

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Beastmen, replace them with Creatures of Chaos,
Featuring Fimir, Chaos Trolls and all manners of chaotic monsters.
Beastmen units like Gors and Ungors are folded into the Warriors of Chaos as chaff.

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Just read Man O'War Sea of Blood.

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Any tips for equipping a WFRP 4th Edition character? Never played it before and the weapon/armor list seems pretty versatile with all the flaws and qualities.

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Get rid of Araby as it is, if you could even consider them a faction, and give them a major retooling
Get rid of the whole city-states nonsense and make them a unified caliphate. Expand on their unit roster and lore, developing what's been done before and adding new stuff as well. Make them a more active opponent to Brettonia, the Tomb Kings and maybe even the Lizardmen too.

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I would squat Chaos Dwarfs (boring, are far away from everyone else) and replace them with either Araby or Estalia/Tilea. Honestly I would prefer Araby because they're a much bigger part of the fluff and would allow for a more varied style of army. Tilea/Estalia seem too close to the Empire lore- and gameplay-wise.

Honestly the other main change I would want is removing Beastmen and Daemons and just making Chaos an army. Make Beastmen the footsoldiers of Chaos like originally intended, and make rules to summon daemons. On that last point, that's something I like about AoS quite a bit: if you want to summon daemons during the match, you don't just set aside a certain points value beforehand like in 40k, you have to actually do stuff to summon them. I don't know how well it works in play but on paper it looks good.

Do you have a set amount of money to spend, or are you just looking for general guidelines?

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I just wonder how much of that is legitimate grievance and how much is just bad word of mouth.
I kind of want a set now just to give it a go and see what actually needs fixing.

Shipwrecks (obviously)
Basalt columns
Giant ammonite fossils embedded in rocks
Tidal salt marsh
Piles of dead fish and discarded nets
A dead whale
Half-submerged primitive idols

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You're going to be quite limited by your skills. So it really depends on your career and where you're headed.

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General guidelines. Will be playing a more well off character (Noble) but no set money to spend as of yet.

Noble and not sure just yet, probably a bit of ballistics and weapon skill but nothing too focused.

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Can't get wrong with hand weapon plus shield. But if you want to spec into other melee options, they are all kinda good. You will just miss the defensive options, unless you go for parry. Blunderbuss are great for blast, gunpowder in general is strong, but only if you have appropriate skill. The other ranged options are strong as well. Wear as much armor as possible, unless you really need to sneak.

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Just go fencing Fencing weapons have some good rules and can be used to defend yourself as well.

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Its probably also worth saying that the game was not at all like Man O War which was what everyone actually wanted.

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Well, as a noble you'll at the very least start with a dagger, courtly garb, a foil (or hand mirror, which is useful for remaining beautiful), jewelry worth 3d10 GC, and a single gold piece.
I recommend not pawning your clothes or jewelry, and instead try to buy as much stuff that you think might be useful in some edge case as you can with a single gold piece. Have your tattooed Albionish manservant carry your stuff for you. He's trained in that sort of thing, he's a good lad. Give him a nice English name like Ackley, Bartleby, or Conan.

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>but if I had to, I'd remove Ogres
whoa there buddy, i can't help noticing that you wanted to remove my big guys.

dont do that.

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I know it doesnt fit, but i don't know where else to ask without people thinking its bait, but what happened to /aosg/?

It used to be 10x as fast as us, but nowadays it sits there like a ship without wind.

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If I could squat any faction, I would squat Warriors of Chaos to give the Beastmen and Daemons more prominence. But big armored guys sell apparently, as seen by AoS, so that would not happen

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Once you get Melee (Parry), you lose the penalty to opposing attacks with a shield.
The rules for this are an absolute mess, but in short you can normally only use the 'Shield (X)' trait by taking a -20 penalty for using it off-hand (you can use Defensive fine though).

This is a huge benefit of Melee (Parry). I would stress, though, that the social aspect is (or should) be as important as the combat stats. And that while a shield is just miles better than a main gauche, it's not socially acceptable to take a pavise shield to a masquerade ball.

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Thanks. I'll stick with the foil as the noble is from a dangerous area and probably fancies himself as quite rakish. Is it possible to swap out starting trappings for similar things at the start of the game? I'd quite like to trade out the jewelry for some fine travelling clothes and keep the courtly garb.

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When was the last big release?
AoS really depends on new content to stay afloat, while this thread has been running on fumes for years.

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You can attempt to get yourself new stuff as soon as you find a market somewhere. Doesn't mean you get what you want, depends on the availability. Also you should try to get yourself a rapier instead of a foil. The foils "fast" rule is nice, but the extra damage and reach really helps with the rapier.

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Ask your GM, really. But trading out for flavour like that should be totally fine.
I wouldn't underestimate how much money 3d10 crowns is though.

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What are the best lore supplements for WHRP?

I'm planning to buy it simply because I miss WHFB and wanna get some shit to feel nostalgic about.

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You could always tell your GM that you're pawning your jewels. Just roll 3d10 while he watches and buy that many GCs worth of stuff. Really, it shouldn't be an issue. You're the guy starting with £4000 in a game where most people are starting with maybe £100.

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I'd squat Chaos Dwarfs as they exist now and fold then into the vanilla Dwarf faction. Spice up their lore by having then incorporate daemonology in their Runesmithing and enslaving/breeding the Black Orcs themselves.

Don't make them a Chaos faction, but making them willing and content to trade to Chaos if the pay is good. Make them less 'stubborn but stalwart allies' and more 'genocidal industrialists'

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I wouldn't if I didn't have to, anon.

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Rolled 3, 6, 4 + 1 = 14 (3d10 + 1)

rolling to see my starting gold

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Most of the best background books are for 2e, and aren't in print any more.
If you're able to get them then just go for whatever you're interested in. The list is something like:

Magic - Realms of Sorcery
Religion - Tome of Salvation
Chaos - Tome of Corruption
Skaven - Children of the Horned Rat
Vampires - Night's Dark Masters
Bretonnia - Knights of the Grail
Kislev - Realm of the Ice Queen
The Empire - Sigmar's Heirs
Institutions of the Empire - Shades of Empire

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Thank you anon. You are a top man, or woman.

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Thanks. Yeah I'm not concerned about how much money I have. I plan on ensuring the rest of the party is well equipped and looking flash if they're to walk around with my noble.

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Post models or else ima bite your dick

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Anyone wanna read a pretty long winded and completely insignificant history write-up for /mydudes/ I fluffed out?
Been working on it for two weeks or so and would appreciate criticism.

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Yeah absolutely. Share away.

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Ok, here it comes by popular demand.

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The first inhabitants of the hidden Valley had been led there by a Great Green Drake, who made a pact with them before the Ten Kingdoms of Ulthuan had been established.
Hailing from the open plains that would later become known as Ellyrion, these Elves were timid and humble, and altough they had no name for themself, they would become known as the Danoii.
They fashioned simple tools from bronze, and altough they knew to make bows and spears, they never created them for battle.
Led by councils of Elders, none of them made themselves Lords or Masters. The Danoii did not practice agriculture, nor did they quarry stone or build great halls, instead they lived houses made from wood, tending to great herds of domesticated animals.
Arriving at the hills and rivers, the Danoii spread through the upper half of the Valley, primarily the open past the Redfang Mountain, since the many rivers of the lower valley obstructed the movements of their herds.
In exchange for a tribute in livestock, the Green Dragons of the Valley would keep the Danoii save and hidden within the valley, a pact that endured for many centuries undisturbed, and allowed both the Danoii and Green Dragons to prosper.

Generations later, a Dragon called Eldoithnir gathered the Elders of the Danoii for a Great Council, revealing to them the approach of a great Catastrophe. And although the Green Dragons would be able to protect their sworn charges, the task would deplete their kin to a degree that will surely leave them unable to continue their duty.
As such, it was decided that an insurance would be laid in place.
Eldoithnir crossed all of Ulthuan in search for new Wardens of the Valley, until he discovered the People of Carn in the far north-west of the Island, in what would become known as the Kingdom of Nagarythe.


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File: 5.07 MB, 4096x3072, Green Drake Valley (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The People of Carn had been embroiled in petty warring with their neighbouring Tribes and Peoples for decades, and altough they were peerless warriors, a coalition of rival Cities and Tribes had seen them severely outmatched, even driven out of their ancestral territories.
In these troubled times appeared to them the Dragon Eldoithnir, offering them a place in the hidden Valley.
Their Lord, Carn, agreed to the Dragons Pact, and led his people south across the Anulii Mountains, through the Plains of Ellyrion, and into the mountainous lands that would be known as Caledor. Eldoithnir led them on the hidden paths and through the narrow Gulches that eventually open to the hidden Valley, and at the base of the Redfang Mountain the people of Carn established their first settlement, known ever after as Carnaith, and called themself the Carnaii, to seperate themself from the natives they named the Danoii.
For the Carnaii fashioned weapons and armour out of Steel and Sky-Silver, and their Great Halls and Mansions were built from stone and tiled roofs. Furthermore did the Carnaii practice intensive agriculture, transforming the grassy plains into fertile fields for crops and orchards, while building strong bridges across the rivers and streams that cut through the lower valley, opening it to settlement.
Altough the Danoii eyed the newcomers with suspicion, they trusted the wisdom of the Dragons and instead left them to their own devices, slowling giving way and moving further into the upper valley, not suited to agriculture.

Long did this peaceful union last, and while the Danoii continued their primtive customs unchanged, the Carnaii established many towns across the Valley, building great Castles, and even beginning to cut into the great red Karst known as the Redfang.
Despite their differences, no conflicts troubled the Valley under the watchful eyes of the Green Dragons.

Until the Great Catastrophe swept over the World.


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Not much need be said about the Great Catastrophe that has not been said before, it's impact on the hidden valley was not direct, but still felt.
As the Green Dragons flew off to fight Chaos, some of the Carnaii accompanied them into battle, primarily on foot and horseback, yet some exalted Heroes earned the right to ride the Dragons themself into battle.
Few Warriors returned from the Great War against Chaos, and even fewer of the Green Dragons did.

The greatest among the Carnaii, a descendant of Carn himself had earned the right to call himself a Prince of Ulthuan in the war, and the hidden valley had become a part of the Kingdom of Caledor. The handful of Green Dragons still alive either left the valley never to return, or retreated deep into their lairs. Without their watchful eye, the Carnaii took a less reserved approach to their Danoii neighbours, collecting taxes and building castles in their previously untouched territories.
And altough the Danoii took issue with this change in attitude, there was little they could do about it, since theirs had always been a peaceful people, and violence was not in their blood.

In the centuries of peace that followed, in what would become known as the Histo, or Golden Age of the Asur, the Carnaii encroached on the lands of the Danoii, and the people intermingled to varying degrees. Only in the deep Valley and Sarnaith did the Carnaii remain completely pure, who began calling themself Sarnaii to create a distinction.

In the Golden Age, the Carnaii created Great Works of architecture in the valley, Redfang Keep, cut into the red Karst itself, the great Temple of Asuryan and the Grand Masons Hall in Carnaith and most notably the Hidden Gate of the Valley, an impenetrable defensive bulwark that connected the valley to the southern coast of Ulthuan, and from which a secret road led to Tor Sethai.

The Green Drake Valley would continue to trade with the outside world until the Doom came to Sarnaith.

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And that's it so far, the events during the Sundering are not finished yet, and I haven't illustrated the Upper Valley, but it will get done eventually.

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>mfw seeing 14 gold pieces
I love how 4E made gold pieces actually worth something, and in the process made the "peasants fighting over two shillings" meme a reasonable amount of money to fistfight over.

I like it. It's rare that you hear anything about primitive elves.

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someone give me some waifu tier list

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just tryna slap some high elf tiddies

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Well, it's not Elf-Neanderthals, it's just Elfs who didn't really keep up with the more recent developments.

>> No.73081573

I just thought about it. and I honestly don't remember a single female whfb character by name.


>> No.73081598

>doesn'r remember Morathi
absolure lorelet

>> No.73081673

based and alzheimerspilled

>> No.73081759

oh yea. she certainly exists

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You can just buy aquarium decorations for dirt cheap

>> No.73081978

You call that based, I haven't had a woman talk to me in six years.

>> No.73082033

no i mean things near the sea that could be modelled onto a battlefield

i.e. terrain to imply a coastal area

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>pieces of lint to represent seaweed on the beach
>weird statues to forgotten gods
>hilly islands

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Named Warhammer women are fucking psychos and not waifu material.

>> No.73083312

So pretty much a Throgg army? I dig it.

>> No.73083383

Just had a thought, is it possible that in life Be'lakor was a fimir?

>Seems to have an interest in Albion
>Predates humanity as Chaos's champions
>The Fimir seem to blame Tzeentch for their fall from power, who was the one that cursed Be'lakor
>Seems to have a particular disdain for humanity

>> No.73083409

I thought he was just a Manley desu.

>> No.73083422

Basically, but without any dirty Humans in it, only true children of Chaos like Dragon Ogre's allowed.

Basically to represent a non-human-centric part of Chaos, who like the Fimir want their place in the sun back.

>> No.73083444

Two eyes tho.

>> No.73083490

You know, I just did a cursory glance at the books I have on hand and I can't find anything saying he was a human, just that he was a savage primitive from an unknown land.

Mutations do all sorts of stuff.

>> No.73083524

>3d print master from TWWH models
>use the master to make molds
>recast TWWH models quick and easy
How feasible would this be?

>> No.73083650

3d printing has come on in leaps and bounds but the resolution is still not quite there, unless you want to get the master made professionally.

Also the game models are not appropriate in and of themselves. I don't know how the Grom guy did his, probably by using the normal map as a displacement. But it's not really the same as using a purpose-built model.

But I guess it's possible.

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Give me the husbando tier list

>> No.73083987

video game models don't have the detail, they rely on textures to make pretend detail.

>> No.73084218

The Ice Queen is pretty cool.

>> No.73084340

My headcanon is that he is not even from Warhammer World, but from a planet long lost or even a different universe altogether

I really hate pretty much everything to do with him after Storm of Chaos tho

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A lot of characters have wives but these aren't even mentioned, let alone named.
Thorgrom has one, Karl, Finnubar didn't have his sons with Alarielle, Boris, Von Raukov, all prime female self insert husbando material and your OC isn't invalid for whatever reason.

>> No.73084465

Pretty cool, good job, anon.

>> No.73084473

Does he? Iirc there was a whfrp scenario about someone trying to seduce him

>> No.73084491

He didn't create Luitpold and his unnamed daughter via budding.

>> No.73084496

I played it. It was fun and easy. The models were pretty stellar too.

The biggest problem imo, was how the game could only be played narratively. There was no point values, or build your own ship/fleet rules. Other then that it was pretty great and used a lot of intuitive tools.
Never played Man O War, so I don't have that as a comparison.

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Is 120 a good points value for 6E skirmish?

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Deleto the ogres as an independent faction. Keep them as a choice for almost everyone, and fold them into a resurrected Dogs of War.

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File: 1.56 MB, 3600x3255, r6l26onlqjq31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Squat Skaven. They're just rolled into Beastmen.
I think I would do, Cathayan Air pirates, to give an reason to be in other parts of the Old World. Some big centerpieces based on paper lantern air ships, and kites. Lightly armored pirates as mainstay units and some rocket/gunpowder stuff as uncommon.

>> No.73084660

>Deleto the ogres as an independent faction
How about no?

>> No.73084665

Seems cool, if a bit behind the times for the elves

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>imagine wanting to squat Skaven, one of the most iconic races of WHFB, and replace them with that abomination

>> No.73084688

>implying Karl isn't capable of budding
Gotta keep the bloodline pure

>> No.73084710

Squat Bretonnia, GW did nothing with it other than dumping knights and leaving them to for a decade before pulling the plug.
You don't make another faction, one human group is enough and no other thing fits the setting. Maybe Sea Elves.

>> No.73084723

Squat the irrelevant shit like Dogs of War, replace them with a Norsca army book

>> No.73084728

just play mordheim

>> No.73084739

>one human group is enough
>makes a 4th elf army

>> No.73084757

I could see rolling them into Empire.
Fuck adding a 4th elf faction though.
What would you do?
I think it will depend on just how skirmishy you want. I'd probably due 200-250.

>> No.73084768

Humans are boring and generic, elves are not.
Was originally gonna suggest hobgoblins but those are too far away and are essentially just an army of goblin wolf riders so replacing Bretonnia with a watered down OnG wouldn't work.

>> No.73084824

If you mean "faction" as in part of the war game? Then Ogre kingdoms

If you mean just faction in general, tilea/estallia/the other irrelevant city states

Replace them with either elven colonies or Norsca

>> No.73084890

So pretty much
>remove humans
>add humans but with pointy ears
Isn't that just what AoS did?

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File: 696 KB, 962x1297, Bret01 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Begone you unchivalrous dog.

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File: 327 KB, 1920x1288, 2cb7a53ea0a867fa6eacbdf47135af90.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would anyone want to squat skaven? what the fuck?

>> No.73084927

AoS added cogfop dwarves, space marines and ghosts

>> No.73084956

Elves are inherently more chivalrous than humans since Bretonnia is just a nation that larps as one unit in the high elf army book.

>> No.73084965

Squat skaven. Put in another subterranean, weaselly faction of dirty, diseased humans. Basically just like skaven but not bait for furfaggots.

>> No.73084968

They're a zany beastman race with a plague motif. We've already got beastmen, zany and plague factions.
They bring nothing to the table except autistic Skaven fans.

>> No.73084982

I dont get why people dislike brettonia, if I had to roll one into the other the setting could do without the empire much more than the brettonians.

Theyre also a very honest army to play against, no bullshit, could do with more of those.

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I have a present-gift for you, man-thing

>> No.73085055

I think that people think they're kinda one note. Which I understand a bit.
I like them though.

I think they could maybe use a bit more medievalling. Like focusing on the three estates. As it is the worship of the Lady creates a weird incestuous overlap between the first second and third.

>> No.73085089
File: 688 KB, 825x659, Tomas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Empire has that brothers Grimm fairytale thing where the woods actually are super spooky and dangerous. But Bretonnia is just wonderful, lovely to paint, amazing art, Arthurian knights fighting orcs, whats not to love.

>> No.73085096

Bretonnia ARE one note, but it's a good note. Unfortunately you can already do maximum chivalry with the Empire, so they're a bit redundant.

DESU I'd sooner squat the Empire and add three or four human factions that all get their own distinct thing.

>> No.73085115

>even MORE human factions
Go play a historical.

>> No.73085121
File: 63 KB, 1280x960, 1588887069391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73085182

Cringe to death, ratnigger.

>> No.73085197

The durkas got defeated long ago.
>rival to the tomb kings
Fucking lol.

>> No.73085208

I can't field macedonians against an army of greenskins.

The human factions in Warhammer are wacky and fantastical anyway, and absurdly distinct for nations that are meant to be neighbours. You want to talk boring and generic, the spiky bondage elves are right there.

>> No.73085224

>The durkas got defeated long ago
>literally monopolize the southern trade routes
They seem more fitting for a Man o' War reboot than anything.

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>dark elves are generic
>humans in skirts with long pointed sticks are not

>> No.73085269

Give skaven an updated army book

>> No.73085304

>The human factions in Warhammer are wacky and fantastical anyway
They arent, theyre the !HRE and !arthur

Araby is, was, and should remain, utterly irrelevant. Theyre an NPC punching bag for the bretts and TK's

>> No.73085313

ignore him. anon has an irrational hate for skaven and always tries to be extra edgy when he shows up. no need to feed the troll.

>> No.73085373

and !russia/poland/hungaria
but so what? they're well done !HRE.
what about elves that come in three differently bland tastes (vanilla mary-sue, edgy emo and mental treehugger, the neapolitan shit-sandwich of all elves ever) and plain dwarves is more interesting than any of the human factions?

>> No.73085415
File: 1.69 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are a couple of pics of my latest painted units / models. I hope all you fellow Fantasy fan-things are staying healthy and getting some hobby stuff done during lockdown,

>> No.73085420

>is more interesting than any of the human factions?
Everything, literally everything about the elves is more interesting than some bland faux-historical trash.

>> No.73085429
File: 310 KB, 1151x1538, blood knight charge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No need to fight, every WHFB faction is fun and deserves to exist.

>> No.73085439
File: 179 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_5229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73085444

just play skirmish

>> No.73085446

Very nice anon.

Howd you make the movement tray?

>> No.73085451
File: 95 KB, 750x750, 1564542586816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73085453

no offense anon, but are those finished?
because the faces look like theyre at step 2 of 5.

which surprises me, because everything else is painted adequately.

>> No.73085454
File: 225 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_5231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73085460
File: 1.51 MB, 3148x2136, Skavenslaves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

very nice, but would it kill you to dot the eyes?

>> No.73085473

>They arent, theyre the !HRE and !arthur
You just said why its interesting. That IS inherently interesting. Plus the gunpowder.

>> No.73085478

They look very good
10/10 will battle with

>> No.73085491

>verything about the elves is more inter-

>> No.73085495

>You just said why its interesting
I just explained why theyre boring (one more than the other)

>> No.73085497

Step 2 of 5?
lol I bet you follow tutorials on yt

>> No.73085504

I like every faction and think think they all have a role to play in the setting, but I'd probably squat Bretonnia. As far as humans go, I much prefer the themes and look of the Empire over Bretonnia, and if I had to choose to squat either of them, it'd be the knights. More importantly I'd elevate the Zombie Pirates/Vampire Coast into a full tabletop army inspired with some of the additions from Total War Warhammer, though with some tooling/renaming to help differentiate them from Vampire Counts.

In fact, they don't necessarily even have to be undead or related to vampires at all. They could be seafaring mutants covered in crab claws and barnacles or an amalgamation of different races/factions ships and navies twisted to become a fleet of dread pirates. I just really like pirates, and I never really jived with Dark Elves being the designated "pirate" faction. I think the Davy Jones/"pirate gothic" aesthetic they gave the Coast in the vidya is really cool. Something that uses that specific style is ay-ok for me.

>> No.73085508
File: 135 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_5238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't spend too long on the faces of my Clanrats given that I have so many of them (and so many still to do). I'll probably go back and do a little more to them in a few years time.

That was Trik's Clawpack, and here is the accompanying Warpfire Thrower (doesn't have a name yet, still thinking of one).

>> No.73085509

when did thanquol get this fat?

>> No.73085514

>literally everything about the elves is more interesting than some bland faux-historical trash
yes, but nothing about them is any more interesting than what we in fact have, colourful well-made faux-historical factions.

>> No.73085522

no you autist. painting steps.

>> No.73085530
File: 184 KB, 1000x1240, Pleasekillme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking good anon. I've been learning to paint again myself, had a stroke. Reckon i'll have enough models for a game soon, need to get a troll on ebay first.

Heres a fun game, post the first model you guys ever painted. I was 12 and using a fucked brush but its a reminder of where I started.

>> No.73085532
File: 1.86 MB, 974x548, 1574872987531.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They're a zany beastman race with a plague motif.
They have Ninja and Mad Scientist motifs too tho.

>> No.73085552

>I just explained why theyre boring
the only thing you explained is your typical zoomer mentality

>> No.73085579
File: 199 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_5226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I stuck together two of the old GW movement trays they used to make back in the day, sprayed them with Army Painter Leather Brown then covered them with Stirland Mud and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull.

And here is the other of my latest painting efforts, Berteek the HPA. Think I showed him here last week though, can't remember,

>> No.73085602

Probably. Most teens don't like human factions because they're not "cool" enough.
I think there's a good reason why most Empire and Bret players were adults. Because once you grow out of the "cool" phase, you focus more on other aspects of army thematics.

It's the same principle of every single teenager on the planet thinking their home city is boring.

>> No.73085605

This pic is Finubar's son right?
I kind of feel bad when I think about the Pheonix King. End time portray him as a powerless cuckold but he could have been quit an interesting character and model.

>> No.73085626

they're good but I'm too autistic about the simple faces and no painted eyes.

if we'd play together I'd certainly pee in your rucksack while you're on a smoke break outside

>> No.73085650

You're mental, anon.

>> No.73085652

Yeah thinking about it I think maybe rather than him directly being a Fimir, he was the patriarch of the the Fimir? We know they're somehow descended from daemons, so maybe Be'lakor was raised to to daemon princehood in an attempt by the dark powers to create a kind of daemon that could stay on the physical plane indefinitely. While this was ultimately a failure he was stable enough to be able to breed, leading to a line of half daemon Fimir.

>> No.73085675
File: 32 KB, 543x543, 1579819543960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The warpstone has too many calories, look at him now

>> No.73085696

>The Old World
>trying to grab vidya kids and nostalgic oldfans who are still willing to give GW some shekels
>restoring the setting and bringing back your dudes
But that cannot be all.
There has to be at least one(1) new faction that we never had before, so oldfags actually feel like its worth buying models again, instead of just downloading the rules.

What is that faction going to be?

>> No.73085701


>> No.73085715

how has nobody ever dressed up their rats as skaven before? ive seen rats in costumes but this is a missed opportunity.

>> No.73085732

>than what we in fact have
bland faux-historical trash?

>> No.73085738

Oh I really like this one

>> No.73085781

Why are you always acting so edgy?
It's literally just you. Trying to fit, or problems at home? We're here for you anon.

>> No.73085783

None of the fully detailed human factions are bland.

>> No.73085784

Agreed with the other guy, you're nuts. They look great.

>> No.73085808

they do look great. except for the half finished faces.
its not a big deal but its worth some drops of nature's champagne

>> No.73085816

Are you retarded? They've said there are new mdoels, and even Kislev 99.9% of people who would consider playing TOW do not own a single old school Kislev model, so will have to buy them new.

That being said I do want an Albion army that's basically the Fimir and their thralls.

>> No.73085828

It would certainly help with the rather limiting "Beastmen do not build" lore bit, that shit can get so boring.

>> No.73085862

I mean NEW as in NEW faction that never had an armybook before.
New models are fine and dandy, but many old grogs who have their +10k points armies, won't give a shit. They just want the rules.

That's what I meant.
>an Albion army that's basically the Fimir and their thralls.
Nice. How would you fit that into the narrative of the Old World at the time

>> No.73085876

All of them with the possible exception of Brettonia are bland and boring.

The truth isnt edgy anon, no matter how uncomfortable it is for you.

>> No.73085878

Could one Gor, one ungor, and one Bestigor beat a river troll in 3v1? (RPG or Wargame)

>> No.73085886

>They're just rolled into Beastmen.
Skaven were classified as Beastmen in some early material.

That said
>Cathayan Air pirates,
Please no

>> No.73085902

Well if you want to act that way, act that way.

>> No.73085909


>> No.73085919

Depends on the individuals involved but probably, bestogors can get all the way to "basically beastlord" teritory

>> No.73085921

of course they weren't.
stop feeding the troll.

>> No.73085926

Fimir were allied with chaos, retconn that they were raiding the Empire during the period or some shit. Also you great overestimate the number of grogs, even back in the day most Kislev models were never made and they were mainly conversions and third party models used. Basically I disagree with your idea that there needs to be a brand new army, but that being said I expect there will be some brand new armies. In fact I expect it will be basically all brand new armies, with at best a Ravening Hordes style book for the old WHF armies (if not straight up them not being officially playable).

>> No.73085956

So three billygoats gruff lied to me?

>> No.73085988

Kislev only had 4 units and 2 characters. It's basically new.
I think we'll see that Ravening Hordes book at the start, but each of the armybooks will include list variants and a few more units. For example, Empire can get a list for each claimant, skaven one for each clan, etc. Perhaps it's too optimistic.

>> No.73085990

I dont think we disagree, because personally I don't think there NEEDS to be a new army as well.
I just don't see it happening without one. Just like you're saying yourself.

>In fact I expect it will be basically all brand new armies, with at best a Ravening Hordes style book for the old WHF armies
What do you mean with "all". We already know the old armies come back with new models and even Kislev is getting an edition. Where does the "all brand new armies" come in?

>> No.73085994

Fimirs don't leave in Albion.

>> No.73086044

Well, in the wargame it largely depends on the dice

In the RPG I dont know, but im not sure theyre very inform in the RPG either

>> No.73086056

Thank you for recommending me sword of the bastard elf, whoever did it last thread.

I'm having fun.

>> No.73086105

Anyone else did 1 on 1s between character models and narratively imagines the hits?

>8th ed
>Empire champion and Nurgle champion models come out
>three hits from the EC
>one gets through
first hit gets blocked by the arm, second swing crushes his knee and he goes to the ground. third swing comes from aboce and delivers the final blow to the head.

i know its autistic, but it was fun.

>> No.73086126

Whys the nurgle champ going seccond? Did the spanner in charge give him a great weapon?

>> No.73086147

they didn;t use to live in Norsca either

>> No.73086170

Sadly I do not have any pictures, but mine were the Skullpass-Dwarfs. My friends and I just called them Klötze because they had so many layers of paint on them. Fun times

>> No.73086205

I agree.
Except Skaven.

>> No.73086212

In WFRP 2nd? Depends on the dice but I'd say things are in their favor. They'll almost certainly win initiative over the troll, and since they'll outnumber it 3:1, they enjoy +20% to WS; -10% due to Stink Baaaad. That means the bestigor is hitting 55% of the time, and even the Ungor's hitting in the 40s I think. The bestigor also has a great weapon and the troll has 0 defensive moves unless it parry stances, which increases the odds of a fury (if you let fateless enemies fury; I know some DMs interpret that such characters cannot).

The wild cards here are Frightening, the troll's 3 Attacks, its Regeneration, and its Vomit move. That last one is really bad; Damage 5 armor ignorer, and if they roll well on the d10, your goats won't survive long. Similarly, its Regen ability could make up for its mediocre TB (4).

>> No.73086214

speak for yourself, I saw colorful knights and thought that's amazing when I was 8

>> No.73086269

I think without Bretonnia the Empire would come off as monolithic and bland, and without the Empire Bretonnia would be generic and uninspired. They need each other to balance each other out and give some real weight to relations since they can trade and war and ally. Otherwise you might as well have the Imperium of Sigmar which I desperately want to avoid, having each race represented by one gigantic united nation/confederation is stupid.

>> No.73086300

Do they all have melee weapons, or does the ungor get a bow? There are a lot of variables here. Just by sheer height and having longer legs the troll can outrun any of them, and if it hits any of them they're basically toast unless he's hitting the Bestigor.

>> No.73086323

Albion is one of the places of the Old World they're said to primarily reside, and given that there is a lack of lore on both the Fimir and Albion, as well as the Celtic inspiration of the Fimir, Albion is a natural place to soft retconn as their heartland.

So I think Kislev and Brettonia will come back, but as they've been squatted for years at this point I'm counting them as new armies. As for the rest I think they'll be a twist on each of them enough that new models are essential. Firstly there won't be an Empire army, instead each region of the Empire will get its own army. For the other armies there'll be some new twist on them to make sure people have to get new models (at least in theory, in practice most will proxy as they do for 30k). Instead of a Dwarf army there'll be Norse Dwarfs and some more traditional Dwarf units as part of one of the Imperial factions (probably the Sigmarite one), instead of Vampire Counts there'll be a Sylvania army, etc.. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks for the other armies.

>> No.73086346

That seems like way more effort then I expect from GW.

>> No.73086347
File: 54 KB, 678x381, BruceBeki-678x381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any grognard painters out there who can help me with copying older style of painting (90's era for Games Workshop)? I have been reading a lot of old painting guides, watching the Games Workshop Twitch and they often bring up small bits of information, and talking to older painters at the LGS so far I have gotten this:

-When painting gold use bright yellows instead (This apparently this trend had to deal with GW's Gold being trash).
-When painting iron use grays instead (I heard this from two different ex GW employees who worked in the early 2000's)
-Basing is sand + glue painted Goblin Green and highlighted with a dry brush of Goblin Green + Yellow Highlight.
-Wood handles of weapons and shield faces were painted Red (still seen today in Night Goblins/Gloomspite).
-Using Black Ink for 'lining the model" or painting the separation of items like clothes/skin/weapons, it gives it a more cartoonish style.
-Because of GW's old paint range that the Primary Colors were better so it was common to use them.
-John Blanche's style of painting leering faces on shields
-John Blanche's use of Brown/Red Inks for everything
-Hazard Stripes
-Checkers/Chevrons patterns

If anyone could add any addition information/allegories that would be great.

>> No.73086363

>Isengard swim club

>> No.73086409

What, you're saying it's *not* like GW to change things just enough that you have to buy new models rather than proxy your old ones?

>> No.73086582

>"Beastmen do not build" lore bit
Without it their existence wouldn't make sense. The reason they thrive within the Empire is because they live in extremely isolated areas in nomadic herds that can slip past patrols unnoticed and if danger arises can flee into the woods without a trace. If they were also building forts and siege weapons and shit then the Empire would be able to track them with ease, encircle and massacre them.

>> No.73086623

The reason they thrive within the empire is that the empire does not possess any real control over its woods, the beastmen thrive in massive numbers because they for all intents and purposes exist far beyond the reach of the empire

>> No.73086661

good question actually. been too long.

>> No.73086671
File: 142 KB, 1000x810, CIT-History-1990s-set-3rhf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the biggest things I could recommend is to buy P3 or Coat D'Arms paints as those were the original paint line.

Also this guide

>> No.73086679

No that's totally in their idiom. What I'm saying is I expect them to make two new armies/factions for a new game, like Kislev. They'll use them to test the waters and either dump it or expand it depending on whether it flops or not.

>> No.73086696

Fair enough. Anyways to answer your earlier question, yes, honestly I imagine most people have a little vision of what the fight plays out like when they think about it.

>> No.73086711

that's pretty based anon.
once you finish your list of 90's aesthetic aspects post it.

but couldn't you simply download the pdfs of the old armybooks and just look at the minis? its not like seeing grey used for iron instead of boltgun or chainmetal is hard to spot

>> No.73086728

The best thing to do would be to copy that paint set using Coat D'Arms paint range.

Yellow, Red, Blue
White, Black, Silver
Fleshtone?, Orange?, Dark Brown and a Green?

If anyone who knows those colors say what the backrow is?

>> No.73086734
File: 18 KB, 340x186, WD100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lorewise? Pygmies. Fuck em, they`re just a bunch of racist caricatures.

>> No.73086742

And they only become dangerous in those numbers because they don't fuck with the Empire most of the time. They roam around in fringe raiding packs and rely on stealth and hit-and-run tactics to get by. If they started building settlements and weapons and all that inna woods, the hammer would fall hard. The #1 reason the Empire can't mount an effective military action against the Beastmen (outside of invasions) is because they don't know their exact location. They could be anywhere. It's like fighting Chaos Vietcong. If they locked down a place that could be easily noticed/tracked, they wouldn't last long at all.

>> No.73086765

yea i loved to do that along reading the old bl novels.

also, now that I think about it. i dont think the EC went first, he just got lucky with dice and the resulting counter attack is the only thing i remember.
but then again, the NC did have a two huge weapon, didn't he?

>> No.73086833
File: 126 KB, 498x773, Warhammer Siege (5ed)-88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Consider the following.

>> No.73086842

I still dont think you understand the actual nature of the terrain. The beastmen could build an Altdorf out of shit and twigs in the middle of the woods and the empire would neither know about it nor be able to reach it if they wanted to, the drakwald is not the dominion of the empire, it just happens to border it.

Also the beastmen arent waging some guerrilla war where they bide their time, they maraud 24/7, most of the time this just happens to be against each other/smaller villages because they arent very co-operative. Its like greenskins, its not numbers that are the issue, its getting a leader capable of mobilizing their numbers against a target without self destructing.

>> No.73086862

Theres also the whole "herd stone" thing theyre known for.

Beastmen dont build much because they hate building, not because they cant build for fear of some woodsman finding their secret base

>> No.73086882

that thing looks like a giant target and nothing more.

i mean what is that supposed to hold back? especially in the empire where its giving them a good target for artillery.

nice piece of lore though. thanks for posting

>> No.73086917

Oh yes, just get your artillery train through the woods around it in one piece and its ripe for the taking.

That fort isnt built to protect against the empire because the empire isnt a threat to beastmen in the woods, its built against necromancers, goblin tribes and other beastmen/chaos warbands.

>> No.73086934

Being behind the times is part of the hidden valley theme.
Any issues or criticism you have with it? Improving something is difficult if noone points out things that are wrong with it.

>> No.73086941

Yeah, I like tents and stuff too.
Gonna be hard to get the guns onntatget in the deep woods.

>> No.73086966

>lugging a whole artillery train through Beastman infested woods
It's possible yes, but difficult and dangerous.
And there's a good chance the fort will be abandoned by the time you arrive if you brought enough cannons to demolish it.

>> No.73086970

Why would you squat them though? They`re more homours than racist. People nowadays…..

>> No.73086980

Also their places of power, like that tribe lead by Kul Hadar that Malus encountered, camped near some magic relics because their mage really wanted more power

>> No.73086983

>The beastmen could build an Altdorf out of shit and twigs in the middle of the woods and the empire would neither know about it nor be able to reach it if they wanted to
If the Beastmen built a large stronghold and started raiding the Empire from it and some scouts found out, it would be a smouldering ruin in a matter of days.

>> No.73086997

>Also the beastmen arent waging some guerrilla war where they bide their time, they maraud 24/7
They raid small, isolated communities and only do much in the way of actual military action every several centuries at the earliest when a warlord rises up. Beastmen suck at conventional warfare and even a modestly-trained militia regiment can make quick work of a raiding party. It becomes a problem when there's 50 more raiding parties circling around them under a warlord's leadership.

>> No.73087022
File: 129 KB, 612x483, Warhammer Siege (5ed)-46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that handpainted backdrop
I miss it, lads.

>> No.73087050


>> No.73087078

>a warlord rises up
Yes, because otherwise theyre too bust fighting each other as opposed to actually invading people.
The beastmen dont have issues with numbers, they have trouble with co-ordinating those numbers.

The empire could no more get at someone in the heart of the woods than they could at someone sitting in the chaos wastes, they have no information that far in and even if they by some miracle obtained it they wouldnt be able to reach it.

>> No.73087114

>The beastmen dont have issues with numbers, they have trouble with co-ordinating those numbers
And the reason they have numbers is because they stay away from major settlements until they can coordinate their numbers.

>they have no information that far in
They have entire patrols specialized in the Drakwald and an entire province that hunts beastmen for sport.

>> No.73087149

The reason they have numbers is because they have massive numbers, its why they can fight each other all the time with no problems.

>They have entire patrols specialized in the Drakwald and an entire province that hunts beastmen for sport.
And they still only possess the ability to project force into its most outer regions.

>> No.73087173

They aren`t considered to be humans anymore

See White dwarf issue 100# for more information about this

>> No.73087545

The Drakwald isn't as big as you think it is and the beastmen aren't as numerous as you think they are.

>> No.73087585

Actual, historical Romans would easily defeat these "forts."

>> No.73087634
File: 443 KB, 1335x1600, 396_realsize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The romans didn't have to contend with seven-foot-tall goat-faced rape beasts.

>> No.73087648

Maybe, but theyre still enough to be beyond the empires reach.

>> No.73087677

That are even less disciplined than Germanic barbarians, have even less armor, even worse weapons, and even less intelligence.

>> No.73087697

No, they dealt with things even LESS human.

>> No.73087720

People have this weird idea that you can just run through a wall of knives because you've got muscles. Muscles won't save you from a fucking pilum in the heart.

>> No.73087731

Not even just the pilum or halberd in this case, but the muscle-shredding arrows or bone-shattering bullets that hit you long before the halberd's even within reach.

>> No.73087755

Oh, Really?!

>> No.73087773

And that give people with plate armor, magic and guns bother, as opposed to manlets in skirts with an overglorified dagger

>> No.73087791

Muscles WILL however let you kill someone through their shield and segmentata

>> No.73087800
File: 415 KB, 1365x842, Gate_Pa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are specifically stated to be as clever as men and are masters of military deception and ambush.

Which are exactly the same tactics that allowed the Maori to beat the British army at the height of their power using pic related.

>> No.73087869

That just leaves their soft sensitive balls completely exposed to the manlets and their gladii.

>> No.73087967
File: 618 KB, 580x830, 22e0447324fc5ec0f618e19d26f62831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73088009

Hahaha - no. No! What happens is what happened to all chimp tier barbs that thought that. You hit their shield with your stone axe and slightly damage it (because it was made by Romans, not inferiors). The line shoves you back. The gladius darts out and pierces you through the liver. Or the heart Or the throat.

>> No.73088010

Knives are nothing.
A significant amount of muscle improves your chances of surviving 9mm rounds.

>> No.73088039

They'd beat minotaurs the same way they rendered the elephant obsolete. Light infantry in skirmishing formation chucking spears or shooting bows to get the retards to berserk. Hell, considering minotaur bloodgreed, you could probably ACTUALLY distract them with pigs, rather than it being a meme.

>> No.73088061
File: 21 KB, 480x480, 1580054836375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73088083

People also pretend the Empire is literally just a bunch of militia who have no means of countering anything that any enemies have.
>ablobloblo the beastmen have minotaurs how can da empire ever compete lul
Greatswords, warpriests, master engineers, knights, mages, and so on apparently don't exist.

>> No.73088084

>And then a gor with a greataxe disemboweled him

>> No.73088097

>They are specifically stated to be as clever as men
No, they're stated to be more clever than they're given credit, but they're also described as primitive and bestial, with many beastmen being barely smarter than animals.
>that allowed the Maori to beat the British army at the height
That never happened.

>> No.73088098

Greatswords are the usual trash given a weapon too heavy for them to use properly, the if you want to look at the empires useful weapons theyre called cannons and guns.

>> No.73088126

>retards go berzerk
>smash into your formation like a knife into a porcelain vase
10/10 generalship

Elephants go backwards, big monsters go forwards, very important difference

>> No.73088144

Cope more dyel.

>> No.73088150

The Maori had modern weaponry, including rifles and double-barreled shotguns.

>> No.73088159
File: 151 KB, 413x606, Empire of the Beast.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do the Beastmen lore portray them as anti-nature when they thrive in areas where nature is wild and uncivilised? Heck, even in art that shows beastmen dwellings the forest around them is in a poor state of decay and death.

>> No.73088167

>retard goes berserk
>attacks its own allies while your infantry withdraw

Alternatively if it keeps aggressing you do as the Romans did: keep hitting it with skirmishing light infantry until it either exhausts itself or bleeds to death.

>> No.73088173

fuck off
Minotaurs are also big, dumb beasts prone to confusion and rage. They're not exactly fearless, nor can they keep going after having their organs blown out by musket fire/halberd stabs.

>> No.73088182

The difference being that Elephants weren't swinging around huge axes like madmen.

>> No.73088195
File: 14 KB, 431x86, beasts of chaos 6ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem is that instead of going mad with fear and rampaging through their own lines, minotaurs are just going to try even harder to tear your guts out.

It's not that men can't beat monsters through discipline and tactics. It's just not going to be a cakewalk. Some of these monsters are horrific.

>No, they're stated to be more clever than they're given credit, but they're also described as primitive and bestial, with many beastmen being barely smarter than animals.
Yes, and as intelligent as men. Pic related.

>That never happened.

>> No.73088199
File: 74 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-916855508-170667a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the empire of man
Yup, it's 8AIDeS

>> No.73088202

>seven-foot-tall goat-faced rape beasts.
They're generally called Celts or Gauls.

>> No.73088208

>attacks its own allies
Minotaurs like human flesh a bit too much, and your armored manlets arent going to be fast enough to outrun it.

>> No.73088220

Cause their chaos. The antithesis of everything good.

>> No.73088222
File: 65 KB, 564x594, 8BDEB0BA-94AC-4002-9ED4-801568928C1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vlad died many deaths during the Vampire Wars. Would he have failed miserably in his attempted conquest of the Empire without his Ring, or did he let himself die to sow fear among the Imperials every time he came back?

>> No.73088229

>minotaurs are just going to try even harder to tear your guts out
Again, they're specifically said to be frenzied beasts that, yes, can go into mindless rage, but so can elephants. They can also go into mindless panic.
>Yes, and as intelligent as men. Pic related.
The intelligence of a man doesn't mean they're necessarily smart, and that contradicts other descriptions, so I wouldn't hold it 100%.

>> No.73088250

An elephant's trunk can hit you so hard as to cause instant death. IIRC soldiers that got hit in the sides by them were pretty much snapped in half.

>> No.73088253

That's where you're wrong. It was common to add weapons onto the tusks of war elephants, and that trunk made for a nasty wildcard, too.

That's a really nasty thing to say, even on 4chan. Stop and think before you post. Celts and Gauls are ungors and brays at most.

>> No.73088257

>early 7e army book
Well, at least you tried. Sasuga empiretard.

>> No.73088265
File: 92 KB, 1018x319, beastmen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73088266

The Beastmen didn't have a 8th ED army book. That's from the 7th ED Beastmen army book. And I am sure 6th ED also called the Empire the Empire of Man. This is how I know you are a video game secondary. A TT guy would have known this.

>> No.73088278

Uh-huh, except minotaurs killing their allies in frenzies is well-established in canon and kiting a big, crazed animal that's faster than you is something even boring real life armies could do.

>> No.73088289

>early 7e

>> No.73088293

Beastmen seem to vary wildly in intelligence. Some are chimp-tier, but some are not just intelligent but eloquent (in the Beast Tongue, anyway). Maybe the dumb ones are the equivalent of feral children - not properly socialized at critical ages. Or maybe it's just 'lolchaos.'

>> No.73088304

So what I'm getting is "fight beastmemes with Mongols, not Romans".

>> No.73088315

Because they're a corruption of nature, not a natural part in harmony with it.

>> No.73088332

They're the worst, most self destructive bits of nature, plus y'know Chaos corruption.

>> No.73088336

Mongols would not do well in thick forests.

>> No.73088349
File: 64 KB, 822x388, The Empire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think there's one example in 6e of 'Empire of Men' being used, but in a context that is specifically distinguishing it from an empire of dwarfs or elves.

Other than that it's not used in 6th edition at all.

>> No.73088358

The Empire wasn't called the Empire of Man in a formal sense until 8e. A few times it was called "an/the Empire of Men" and such, but its actual title was never that until Geedubs decided to piss some 40k cancer into the punchbowl. Also, it's close enough it may as well as 8e. Also, it's written by Phil Kelly, who's got a reputation for not knowing the lore and making up shit that doesn't fit with other stuff (he writes in Warriors of Chaos 7e that Magnus and Asavar never even met each other, for example). And it obviously is gonna be focused on selling you the faction at hand. And having "Empire of Man" is enough to invalidate it anyway imo.

>> No.73088371

Kiting animals and kiting monsters (or even just mad people) is an entirely different matter.

An animal operates on a set of rules unsuited for combat, its why elephants will run mad at pain or why kiting them works. Its instincts guide it, and they arent designed for that.

Monsters on the other hand, possess instincts very much designed for combat, minotaurs have more than instinct to use.

>> No.73088391

I don't know how you're getting that, because the opposite is true.

I mean Mongols would rape the beastmen to death too. Given favorable terrain.

>> No.73088407

>because the opposite is true.
The romans would get absolutely massacred by the beastmen, people with better technology and military power get fucked

>> No.73088417

The same animal instincts that make a panicked elephant flee pain, applied in reverse, can be used to draw it between targets until it collapses and dies.

>minotaurs have more than instinct to use.
Not when they're in a berserking blood rage they don't.

>> No.73088429

Intelligence would also give them self-preservation, which also gives them the ability to feel fear, and very, very few things in Warhammer are incapable of breaking. For Chaos specifically, even the most psychotic of Everchosens and most one-tracked of Daemons can still feel fear and flee.

>> No.73088446

People on horses shooting at people were only dropped around ww1, and even then they were kinda adapted into tanks.
Heavy woods don't seem to do much about it.

>> No.73088457

That's nonsense. Khornate daemons will not, cannot withdraw. They fight to the death because that's what Khorne demands.

>> No.73088459

The Empire beats the shit out of the Beastmen any/every time they're a military attack. The biggest warherd in history could only threaten Hochland but that's because reinforcements hadn't arrived, and the Beastmen still lost.

>> No.73088476
File: 36 KB, 486x238, Warhammer Fantasy Battles (7ed)-155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, the duel between Asavar Kul and Magnus the Pious was a relatively late addition. I think it might even have been invented for The Empire at War.

The 7th edition rulebook casts some doubt on whether that version of events is factual.

>> No.73088478

Daemons are also prone to being selfish and self-preserving. They're expended energy of gods concentrated into a physical form, but they're not direct puppets of said gods.

>> No.73088481

Beastmen virtually never win a stand-up fight with the Empire (or anyone else, for that matter). Rome's military was better-standardized, better-disciplined, had better logistics, and had a wealth of experience fighting poorly-organized savages whose most advanced tactic was 'ambush out of the woods.'

>> No.73088484

Demons cant withdraw full stop, they have unbreakable/unstable instead of panic.

>> No.73088488

The orcs who are not that far removed from the Beastmen have successfully Waaagh'ed in the Empire since forever resulting in the annihilation of at least two provinces.

>> No.73088496

My guess is that he just didn't give much of a fuck about keeping himself alive, since he got a get out of death free card.

>> No.73088500

>The 7th edition rulebook casts some doubt on whether that version of events is factual.
Of course, because the retards at GW have to wank Chaos even when it's losing.

>> No.73088510

The empire also gets bloodied by them every time they bother raiding it.

>> No.73088516

Just Solland, which was reclaimed but not politically reconstituted.

>> No.73088526

>dude with a pointy stick and a codpiece
>maille shirt, helmet, big shield, and no pants baby! They're barbarianshit

>> No.73088528

I don't mind doubt being cast on it necessarily, even if that particular description does undersell Magnus for some reason, since he wasn't just some good leader, he was exalted by Sigmar and favored by Ulric. But Kelly's telling takes it in the direction of being complete fiction, they never meet each other, and Asavar gets stabbed in the back by an angry underling then falls off the city wall. Then there's the whole thing with the Norse Dwarfs where he decides they're actually all dead because a giant army of Asavar's never joined him for some reason, and the leader really hates Dwarfs, but he and his army also get wiped out, so it's all a bunch of inconsequential meaninglessness that only really weakens the worldbuilding.

You know, like 8e.

>> No.73088536
File: 66 KB, 600x600, KOW-Giant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do we feel about the mantic giant?

>> No.73088539

They can and do run away. They just run away into the warp.

>> No.73088545

The last big Waaagh was a long time ago, and during a time when the Empire was in total disunity.

>> No.73088552

Did everyone forget the province of Drakwald?

>> No.73088564

>they never meet each other, and Asavar gets stabbed in the back by an angry underling then falls off the city wall
Which is much better writing to "and then the designated hero met the designated villain on a giant battlefield by sheer happenstance and they had a big epic duel full of edgy one liners and quips"

>> No.73088566

I like it. I like the fat GW more though.

>> No.73088576
File: 230 KB, 688x352, They don't run.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They don't. Khornate daemons are programmed to not ever withdraw. They fight to the bitter end because even their deaths honour their master.

>> No.73088588

From what I gather banishment isn't nearly as small a deal as some chaosfags like to say. Daemons seem terrified of dying when it comes down to it and apparently weaker ones never come back at all. Then factor in shit that can permakill them like Widowmaker or the Flame of Asuryan, which sent N'kari literally flailing and screaming out a window, and I imagine death for a Daemon is like death for a Vampire. It's far worse than death is for any mortal. Just my speculation anyway

>> No.73088612
File: 384 KB, 1600x1251, IMG_20181023_205131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big boy.

>> No.73088635

>It's far worse than death is for any mortal.
Oblivion to someone who has eternity is far worse than oblivion to someone who has like 70 years tops.

A human lives, dies, and becomes dust, thats just the way of it. But for a demon eternal life is there from the get go, the idea of losing what is otherwise a given must seem terrifying

>> No.73088649

It just deprives Magnus of one of the coolest moments of the setting's history and neuters him while simultaneously making Asavar a dumb chump who gets done in by some lieutenant who thinks he's a dumb chump. I don't like AoS's Marvel capeshit but in a case like this it just makes the hero and villain both a lot lamer. Imagine if in the Storm of Chaos Valten died from diarrhea due to spoiled food the night before he arrived and Archaon tripped on a rock and fell down a hill and that's how both of them end.

>> No.73088650

What is this I don't even? Even the smallest daemon reincarnates in the Warp. Why it sucks getting killed is because they have to spend time in the Forge of Souls which is unpleasant and boring. Being banished rather than killed lengthens their stay in the Forge so daemons avoid that.

The Widowmaaker and the Flame of Asuryan CANNOT perma-kill daemons. They are just really painful. The Daemons that Aenerion killed with that sword weren't perma-killed.

>> No.73088672

>Imagine if in the Storm of Chaos Valten died from diarrhea due to spoiled food the night before he arrived and Archaon tripped on a rock and fell down a hill and that's how both of them end.

Would be accurate to how things happened in history. The leader of the Huns died from a nosebleed

>> No.73088692

Drakwald wasn't claimed by greenskins, and wasn't really lost to enemy action at all. It was mismanaged for centuries and collapsed under the weight of a magic evil forest and its own mismanagement.

>> No.73088698

It's not like they can just manifest again afterwards anyway. I imagine some of them have to wait hundreds of years for an opportunity, even if they haven't been banished. There's only so many gullible cultists and storms of magic.

Originally the Great War Against Chaos didn't even have a single leader.
Maybe things were better that way.

>> No.73088707

It's good, but honestly the new GW is better.

>> No.73088716

The more Valten shat, the more he drank. the more he drank and the more he shat.

>> No.73088732

>6' vs. 5'11", 5'10", 5'9"

>> No.73088753

>hillfort with a cairn
Are beastmen supposed to be irish? The brits are at it again!

>> No.73088768

It was overrun by beastmen and goblins.
Maybe it wasn't destroyed in one fell swoop, but at the very least that's a whole province lost to 'chaotic monsters'.

>> No.73088782

>Imagine if in the Storm of Chaos Valten died from diarrhea due to spoiled food the night before he arrived and Archaon tripped on a rock and fell down a hill and that's how both of them end.
Reductio ad absurdum does you no favors.

Yes, the earlier story makes a better story, because it literally is the in universe story, its a simple and inspiring story because its a literal myth.

The latter is better from a worldbuilding perspective, because it puts the conflict into context, the empire won not because of some magical marie sue beating satan in a fist fight, but because they were united by a great leader and managed to pincer the enemy forces, their unity was their strength while chaos's disunity was their downfall.

>> No.73088793
File: 49 KB, 613x590, 6D928752-104B-4808-A0A4-532527E7B0DC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Sword of the Emperor perma kills most daemons in 40k, why shouldn't the Widowmaker be able to permakill Daemons in Fantasy? Because it would hurt the feelings of Chaosfags?
And no named Daemon killed by the Widowmaker even returned.

>> No.73088797

Lost to incompetence and mismanagement, not a military offensive. Of course beastmen and goblins eventually swamped it, because evil magical forests is where they live.

>> No.73088806

The Warp isn't a thing in WHFB, there's just the Realm of Chaos. Also the Forge of Souls isn't where all daemons end up when their physical bodies are destroyed.

>> No.73088817

>like death for a Vampire. It's far worse than death is for any mortal.
Is death worse for Vampires? What happens to them?

All I know is that they're supposed to be really easy to bring back. To the point a necromancer turns one to ash, and blessed oil to it and then throws the mixture into a river to be washed out to sea. And he still wasn't 100% it was gone for good.

>> No.73088818

>The Widowmaaker and the Flame of Asuryan CANNOT perma-kill daemons
The only named daemon that Aenarion killed that we know returned was N'kari and N'kari got killed BEFORE he got Widowmaker. Otherwise it's never said whether or not any of the daemons Aenarion personally slew came back or not. However, if we go off the text that Widowmaker was capable of killing gods, I think it can inferred that daemons weren't coming back from it. The Flame of Asuryan also never killed any daemon. The only one who got near it was N'kari and even the edges of it caused half his body to burn into a blistering black mess that caused him to howl in pain so loudly that it echoed across the island. We're talking about the powers and weapons of gods here, and the gods are infinitely beyond daemons.

>> No.73088834
File: 22 KB, 400x400, fag thorpe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We all know the 'Magnus didn't kill Asavar Kul, it was another Chaos Champion' thing has nothing to do with historicity or an attempt to emphasize Magnus's role as a leader over a warrior, though. It's about how certain people at GW would not tolerate major Chaos antagonists being defeated by the Empire (or even elves or dwarfs).

>> No.73088842

According to Mannfred when a vampire dies and no one tries to resurrect his soul it gets thrown into a purgatorial void outside the Aethyr where cosmic winds rip the soul apart and it dies a slow death over an eternity's time, and it's monumentally painful all the while. That's just his theory but he says that's why his kind is so afraid of death despite being seemingly immortal. If nobody calls them back, the end is a fate worse than dying.

>> No.73088850

How did they get away with this???

>> No.73088852

Because that's what the lore says. The idea of perma-death is a 40K thing. Even there are daemons that are resistant to perma-death like Drach'nyen, Antwyr, and Qaramar.

>And no named Daemon killed by the Widowmaker even returned.
There was no named daemon that was killed by it except N'kari and he returned.

The only lore ever that has Widowmaker perma-killing a daemon was in the Mallus End Times novel.

>> No.73088857

I know that it doesent matter why it was done, you faggots will piss and moan because your EPIC HERO OF DESTINY didnt get to be epic and perfect even more.

>> No.73088866

This. People thought Magnus was awesome, but that was at the expense of a Chaos champion. (((Certain interests))) disapproved.

>except N'kari and he returned
Aenarion didn't have Widowmaker when he fought N'kari.

>> No.73088867

N'kari wasn't killed by the Widowmaker.

>> No.73088872

Realm of Chaos = Warp and vice versa.
>Also the Forge of Souls isn't where all daemons end up when their physical bodies are destroyed.
Not according to the 8th ED army book. Do you actually read the lore or do you want to drag down the discussion by your ignorance?

>> No.73088882

>The people who added a big named baddy for Magnus to fight clearly hated magnus beating the big named baddy and rewrote the things they wrote for the sake of some grand subversive agenda
based schitzo

>> No.73088893

Did Konrad die and get brought back? That would be a good reason for him being nuts.
Or any of the goofy Vampire Coast guys too.

>> No.73088902

The 8th Ed armybook just mentions the Forge as where Soul Grinders get made.

>> No.73088903

Looks too intelligent. Like a refined scholar compared to GW’s giant sculpt.
Speaking of giants, can Bretonnians ally with Bonegrinders?

>> No.73088913
File: 406 KB, 575x576, 1566368749568.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the 8th ED army book
>8th ED

>> No.73088917

Was a different time anon, was a different time.

>> No.73088921

Drawing from Liber Necris, Night's Dark Masters, and the Ulrika novels, what we know about death for a vampire is this:

It's absolute torture. The process that turns you into a vampire severs your soul's connection to the aethyr, which is why vampires have to feed (they're refreshing the aethyric content of their amputated soul). A dead vampire's quasi-soul is trapped in the material realm, slowly growing weaker as it's flayed apart by entropy and the winds out of the gates.

It's not entirely clear if you can ever kill a vampire's quasi-soul by starvation or bodily destruction, but you can render them so helplessly weak they can't do anything under their own power. I'd assume after enough time a vampire's remaining aethyric essence simply dissolves and cannot be reconstituted. Stronger vampires seem easier to revive, maybe because force of will and a sense of identity helps to hold their aethyric remnant together. Death is still a very unpleasant experience for a vampire and they aren't keen on experiencing it.

>> No.73088924

Would Archaon survive a direct cannon shot to the face, lorewise?

>> No.73088929

I don't see why not.

>> No.73088931

roughly 2/3's of the time, yes

>> No.73088935

I wouldn't care if the text said something like the actual 7ed rulebook where it's unclear what happened. Maybe they dueled, maybe they didn't. That lets you draw your own conclusions for your dudes.

What I don't like is that being inexplicably hard-retconned into "nah both these guys were dumb lol".

>> No.73088940

Already an established pattern in 6th with GW tantruming and ending the Storm event (which Chaos lost) by having a random orc show up and headbutt Archaon (who was allowed to retreat for no reason).

>> No.73088951

6e/7e Archaon was sometimes called "targeon" because if you fielded him vs. artillery he was a big fat target that usually died the first turn.

8e made him super OP but 8e sucks dick.

>> No.73088954

The Empire has magic, guns and steel though. The Romans are nowhere near the same level as the Empire.

>> No.73088955

Sounds like you could have a really strong Vampire still influence things in the "real world" despite not having a body. At least for a while.

>> No.73088957

>Do you actually read the lore
Not trannylore, no.

>> No.73088968

Yes, he was killed by the Widowmaker. 8th ED and the Aenarion audiodrama gives a timeline to what happened in the first war. N'kari kills the Everqueen. News gets back to Aenarion. He goes and gets the sword. Duels N'kari and kills him.

Furthermore, there is infferance that the daemons were getting perma-killed. The opposite is true. The daemons are said in the text of that war to be immortal and always coming back despite Aenarion killing them by the boatload.

>> No.73088970

The rulebook says its a dumb story that probably didnt happen, the empire army book says Magnus was ebin and the chaos army book says Asavar got backstabbed by his underlings

>> No.73088974
File: 1.02 MB, 900x1380, ASOIF_FreeFolkSavageGiants_Main_900x1380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personally, I wish the ASoIaF ones were big enough to be alternate WHFB giants.

>> No.73088989

>No, they dealt with things even LESS human.
Yes, the Romans had to deal with Sabines.

>> No.73088997

Sure, I don't see why you couldn't do that. It's a known fact that some very powerful dead vampires have cults dedicated to them to this very day, and interested in their resurrection.

More concrete parallels can be found with Nagash, who actively influences people still. The vampiric elixir was derived from Nagash's elixir, so it probably results in some similar metaphysical phenomenon. Nagash is and was much more powerful than any one vampire, though.

The other example I can think of is Drachenfels, who put parts of his malevolent essence in cursed objects to carry out evil deeds even after his apparent destruction.

>> No.73089006

So you can only have 20 units of these. Why not just say that instead of the number of individuals?

>> No.73089009
File: 146 KB, 967x902, 9899A7AA-4D59-4B43-84D6-07BB04229F94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8th Ed Audiodrama

>> No.73089021
File: 102 KB, 427x559, Vilner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's complex. It was overrun by beastmen, then the Black Plague happens and no support comes and whatever was left is unsupported and reverts to the forest.

Children of the Horned Rat in WFRP 2e briefly retcons it to skaven, but in 4e it's back to being beastmen.

>> No.73089025

Yes anon, the same people that added all those empire superheroes and made karl franz into jesus reborn were also secretly seething at what they added to the setting

>> No.73089032
File: 44 KB, 596x628, keksimus maximus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73089045

>8th ED
>the Aenarion audiodrama
Holy shit irrelevant.
>The daemons are said in the text of that war to be immortal and always coming back despite Aenarion killing them by the boatload
No, it says Aenarion was one guy and couldn't kill all the daemons that kept coming, even if he could greatly stem the tide. It never said that anything he killed with Widowmaker just came back, and if that were true I don't know why Widowmaker was get described as being capable of killing gods. If gods can die to it but not daemons, then that would be weird. Also, I don't think 8e says what you say it says, and even if it does, it doesn't matter. A whole lotta people don't follow 8e fluff (or rules) at all because most of it is, subjectively, total shit and proto-ET buildup.

>> No.73089060

I think it's another "look guys I'm carnac aren't I funny" posters since that was the exact argument carnac used in this exact situation, calling someone a "lorelet poser" for not listening to an unofficial 8th edition audio book.

>> No.73089070

Not everyone, just the ones that had the most influence. Gav and Kelly were avid chaos-lovers and held inordinate influence over what got written.

>> No.73089087

Yep, it's important to note that as terrible the vampire "afterlife" is it's a very, very slow (but very, very painful) death. So guys like Konrad and Nagash will diminish, weaken, and eventually die, but they have a very long time till it happens.

>> No.73089091

They literally did that only to make Chaos look cooler when it won the event. When that didn't happen they had their little baby fit with Grimgor before retconning the entire thing.

>> No.73089097
File: 168 KB, 680x243, First war end.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Holy shit irrelevant.
That's your opinion. I go where the lore goes. N'kari was killed by Aenerion WITH the Widowmaker and yet is back.

And here is what the 7ed book says. Daemons could not be slain. Only banished. Period.

>> No.73089104

And despite their vast influence KF only got more and more perfect and Valten was shat out into existence right?

>> No.73089116

And if you listen really well
The vamps they scream
When it's dark

>> No.73089134

That's fair.

Only the Daemons book says that, and it doesn't specifically mention Widowmaker, and "soon" doesn't match up well with other descriptions. "Banishment" doesn't sound like "I'll be back next week" to me. Remember that 7e was Ward's first time writing his own book, and he himself admits he didn't know much, was inexperienced, and being pushed under a tight schedule to get it out. Definitely you can take it for what you will, but this serves as a great example to most lore arguments: >>73088970
You're going to get different perspectives depending on what guys you're reading about, and every book is at least to some extent supposed to be the perspective of the guys it's specifically about.

>> No.73089151

In 8th Karl becomes much weaker and dumber, ditto for Valten, while Archaon becomes like 10x as powerful.

>> No.73089154

It's fine. I think that I like fat giants better tho.

>> No.73089167
File: 29 KB, 316x310, 1564609078200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

8th ed and some dude's "audiodrama" isn't lore lmao

>> No.73089179

In 8th Karl becomes the best statesman in the world (beloved by everyone), a great warrior, has an incorruptible heart and is also a great innovator and unifier of his people

>> No.73089189

And bitches out to some Dark Elf randos.
It's 6e/7e that makes him a great hero, 8e tries its hardest to weaken him then follows it up with ET where some retarded asshole of Nurgle floors him like a wet sock.

>> No.73089195
File: 328 KB, 431x446, Forge of Souls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck do I have to play catch up with you guys? READ THE BOOKS. See here from the 8th ED army book.

Soulgringers are created when the masters of the Forge scam defeated daemons into buying into the grinder contract rather than wait until their body reforms.

>> No.73089210
File: 18 KB, 300x298, Gav.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Some dude

>> No.73089220
File: 277 KB, 614x593, 1565208692181.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8th ed

>> No.73089228

We don't use AoS lore here.

>> No.73089247

That's even worse.

>> No.73089250

Anon you really need to read some Empire army books, they literally have a character that does nothing but range through the deepest woods killing beastmen

>> No.73089311

Or Boris?
Well, Boris has Middenland to run and has to plot against Karl in between Beastman invasions.

>> No.73089321

Just cut down the fucking trees, they had two and a half thousand years to do it

>> No.73089333

Do we have any stories about Vampire resurrections? Like do they need a body to take over or what?
Other then Vlad getting ressed via the ring.

>> No.73089334

Wulfhart is a literal who with about as much impact on anything as one of the elven unit upgrade heroes

>> No.73089356

Anon, the woods are teeming with monsters at all times, the reason they arent attacking more often is because theyre busy fighting each other.

The empire has three stooges syndrome, it cant afford to get a bigger door.

>> No.73089391

>This is how I know you are a video game secondary
Oh just fuck off with this shit you insufferable reddit cunt, you are absolutely the most miserable little piss stain on this entire website

>> No.73089421

>t.butthurt secondary

>> No.73089445
File: 20 KB, 500x367, Carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't you mean this entire WEEBsite?

>> No.73089450
File: 80 KB, 359x516, Beasts of Chaos (6ed)-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aye, you want to do my job, lad? Have at it. Here's your axe, come see me when you're finished.

>> No.73089470
File: 7 KB, 225x225, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear to fucking god I will find you and I will fucking end you, Carlos

>> No.73089474

How long have you been saving that one?

>> No.73089498
File: 455 KB, 429x724, ndm ritual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Night's Dark Masters gives this as an example ritual to resurrect a vampire, but there's nothing to say there might not be other methods. In Warhammer Companion, there's a nasty drug den/tavern run by a guy who is trying to resurrect a vampire countess. He keeps her ashes in an urn and waters them with blood from druggies he murders.

>> No.73089537

Every time they do, Marxist elves go "NOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT THE HECKIN TREES! NOT THE LEAFERINOS! AAAAAAAAAAA!" and murder the woodsmen while chanting "beast lives matter!"

>> No.73089575

>when a logger violates your forests NAP so you burn down his town and hang the children from the antlers of your deer

>> No.73089723

Kino. Vampires are growing on me.

>> No.73089738

Carlos is more powerful than GW.

>> No.73089783
File: 100 KB, 960x774, 84652720_1831169187018967_1710755310165032960_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay here's my strat
>ride up
>ride away

>> No.73089864

I can't think of a counter.
Seems like a good strategy.

>> No.73089921
File: 95 KB, 1200x581, VIK_11_5393b90d-24e1-4381-a434-6ca904f8a4de_2048x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, the detail on the Victrix plastics is so crisp, I'm very impressed with them.

Probably not appropriately scaled for Warhammer, unfortunately.

>> No.73089980

What would you even use them as?

>> No.73089996

The way you beat steppeniggers without just bribing them is to have the intel to know where they're gonna go and the logistics and C&C to have a well-disciplined force there waiting for them. When their pee pee poo poo tactics fail and they fuck off back to their shitty steppe, you win. There's also the Chinese technique - 'get conquered, destroy them with your degenerate culture,' but that's not really winning.

>> No.73090010

Sit in place with bigger bows

>> No.73090033

You need a heavy infantry component for the archers to retreat behind when the pee pee poo poos ride up to pee and poo at you.

>> No.73090055

I wish there was a vidya made by a competent AAA dev. I'm tired of all the shovelware trash that get passed as "games".

>> No.73090069

Warhammer vampires are based as fuck. You want a slutty bisexual illuminati? Done. You want ambitious narcissists who believe conquest justifies itself and are engaged in constant court intrigues against themselves? Done. You want a race of hateful, depressed pariahs longing for their glory days, hiding in tombs and worshiped only by the ragged descendants of their subjects? Done. Fighting autists? Done and done. Mad magical scientists? You better believe it.

>> No.73090072
File: 64 KB, 648x462, qRAUpq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Norscans? The more moderate types, perhaps.

But they have some Gauls that would make good Albion troops.

>> No.73090082

Those are Persians.

>> No.73090125

A mass of Albion chariots throwing shit at people and then running away as the main body of naked norfs and giants engage the for. Beautiful it is.
Fuck it just add Fimir to them for no reason just for more of a folklore flavor. Even Zoats too why not.

>> No.73090369

>Can't kill Demons
>Can kill Gods
>Doesn't make sense

I mean, it CAN make sense.

If you assume Demons and Gods are essentially the same thing - a collection of power and aethyric essence - but at different scales, and being slain with Widowmaker disperses that energy.

For something that is small and used to being dispersed on the regular, no big deal. It's like a puddle drying up. Next time it rains, the puddle is back.

But a God? A huge well of power that had never been dispersed before? It'd be like detonating the Hoover Dam. A huge flood of power into the market that may never reform before something else takes its place.

>> No.73090895

>You want a race of hateful, depressed pariahs longing for their glory days, hiding in tombs and worshiped only by the ragged descendants of their subjects?
I thought ghouls were people who had eaten human flesh.

What are they, in setting?

>> No.73090932

They are. Ghoul Kings are just degenerated vampires who have turned bestial.

>> No.73090941


>> No.73090943
File: 325 KB, 1580x1031, Citadel Paint Set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.73092813

>want to paint some cool knights for fun
>want a mix of realistic with fantasy like brettonia did
>can only find 100% realistic or stupid crazy fantasy like age of sigmar
does any company make a happy medium between the 2? i dont want to wait 6 years for the new bretonnian release, assuming they even are in the new WHF thing that is coming

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