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>> No.73077588

What do you lads think of my Knight Lancer?

Also - post Knights, fuck Chaos degenerates.

>> No.73077592

First for Death Guard getting shafted in Psychic Awakening

>> No.73077597

Needs some of that force field effect plastic that's all the rage these days layed into the shield

>> No.73077602

>more death guard
I hope its Noise marines or Zerkers instead

>> No.73077616

>that force field effect plastic

>> No.73077617

Lovely! Excellent work on the decals and highlights.

>> No.73077620

I hope EC are getting a full Codex with a Fulgrim release instead.

>> No.73077622

>no TQ
Assuming you had the funds and time to spend on the project, what army would you buy into the second their line got an update?
For me its gotta be Orks

>> No.73077624

I picked up some more CSMs and Terminators today, they're nice kits. I'm going to hold off until seeing more about Fabius's rules before assembling and painting though

Speaking of which, is there any previous fluff about Fabius's marines like colour schemes?

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That is clearly slaanesh anon.

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>More DG
They have gotten literally nothing since the start of 8th. Eat shit faggot.

>> No.73077647

what the fuck

>> No.73077648

You know, that wavey looking bullshit that people have been making Shield Drones with.

>> No.73077657

Name something they actually need, hell they got more that TS got with their update and their line wasn't just patched up with AoS models.

>> No.73077661 [SPOILER] 

Rad anon, you’ve excelled in all areas. though I agree look into shield plastics

I’m was working on my last bit of nid terrain but then it started raining. Will complete tomorrow

>> No.73077668

At last, the legendary Cumfist of Slaanesh.

>> No.73077672

I can never tell if people like this are serious
I can never tell if they feel such a raging desire to consume more product that they don't realize they had an entire full range army released for them in the current era of gw kits.
And yet they angrily want more.

>> No.73077676

I really like the Richard Gray version with a solid shield.

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>> No.73077681

Any aeronautica imperialis pilots here?
I was wondering if the new set is good as a stand alone or you really needed some extra stuff to make the game fun

>> No.73077683

They have gone longer than any other army without getting a single update. Hateful assault doesn't count either

>> No.73077684

imagine being a loyalist npc

>> No.73077696

They are Chaos, so of course they will

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>> No.73077703

This nigger can't be serious

>> No.73077709

Thousand Sons and CSM fared really well in their books.

>> No.73077720

Tell me your that guy stories.

>> No.73077723

Oldest codex in 8th to get no updates, filthy secondary

>> No.73077730

I like how thousand sons were encouraged to take multiple detachments for different cults and then getting shafted with the new 9th ed detachment rules.

>> No.73077739

Just spitballing here but could you do this by coating an inflated balloon in say, woodglue and letting it dry? Or I guess a resin and curing it but that's probably messier.

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>> No.73077743

As someone that plays DG and loves the DG aesthetic, there is absolutely nothing DG needs new models for right now, least of all what appears to be a marine-sized character with a power fist.

>> No.73077746

Never played it, looks fun though. Nice art too.

>> No.73077748

The troops in fabius warband in books didnt seem to have any specific uniform, the 12th millenial is EC warband he took control of have mix of marines in old colours of EC and more wacky outfits, if you want a conversion thing try making savona (mortal female champion in space marine armour, has hooved feet and an eldar helmet). The noise marines with him have also fused with the wraithbone in his ships garden so could try building that in.

>> No.73077749

Nigger, you're getting a new Psychic Awakening very soon.
As far as models go, my GK are in a much worse position and they're not even remotely close to being the most neglected army. The fuck are you smoking?

>> No.73077757

You must be new to this hobby if you think not getting an update for a single edition is upsetting

>> No.73077760 [SPOILER] 

DG have gotten shafted with power creep over 8th, senpai.

>> No.73077762

Talk shit, get the lance.

>> No.73077764

Has the update for Harlequins come out? Is there a PDF for it?

>> No.73077765

Yes please. I'd start a CSM army immediately.

>> No.73077768

I feel like if you let resin cure on a balloon, it would probably pop the balloon.
Resin gives off a LOT of heat when it cures. You can actually get 3rd degree burns from it.

>> No.73077769

If you weren't already building your 2k lists with 3 detachments I don't know what to tell you anon. This is changing nothing for the vast majority of players that use matched play.

>> No.73077771

Just because they started from so low, getting all the stuff they should had from the beginning seems like a miracle.

Thousand Sons were the codex Chaos Beastmen before that and legion traits are still bullshit

>> No.73077774

I wouldn't even mind shield drone spam if they all looked like variants of that.

>> No.73077775

Mate its a new model, Emperor's Children and World Eaters haven't gotten new models for core units (not special characters) since long before 8th edition. Death Guard and Thousand Sons are doing fine.

>> No.73077780

Yeah DG has a large roster but half the models don't really see much use, even more so if you're not trying to use Typhus or Morty

>> No.73077781

What do you guys do for terrain? I swear I've never seen anyone actually buy GWs, and even at my shop there's a few buildings but most stuff is either 3rd party or someone made it themselves
Tallarn. I would quit work on my AdMec just to have them back

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>> No.73077786

how is making detachments cost CP changing nothing?

>> No.73077788

Death Guard anon here. I promise we aren't all as whiney as this faggot is going on about no updates.

>> No.73077791

It's a good intro, you can always expand later.
For your sake I hope your overcosted paperweight gets a rebalance in 9th so its actually useable.
Meanwhile I'll cry a lot at how bad they are for their points shoot you to pieces with my malcador platoon

>> No.73077793

The phone that had the original died

>> No.73077801

Needs some spikes, chains and chaos stars, but other than that, nice model

>> No.73077802

>GK are in a much worse position
That faggot from tabletop tactics won 6-0 games in a tournament using GK, what the fuck are you on about?

>> No.73077804

Could work if you fill the balloon with water.

>> No.73077805

Cause you get more for free dum dum

>> No.73077813

Yeah, that means they need rule changes not fucking re balances, straight up changes
wait what? I saw that detachments are being hard capped to 2 for 1k and 3 for 2k, not that they cost cp?

>> No.73077814

Get a life

>> No.73077816

Might be world eater

>> No.73077817

>Assuming you had the funds and time to spend on the project, what army would you buy into the second their line got an update?
If I didn't already have Word Bearers, with CSM renegades in the works, I'd be real tempted by a World Eaters remake like DG and TS got. Especially if it came with some more Daemon Engines to give them some fire support.

>> No.73077821

>As far as models go,
Do you actually read posts before replying to them, or just automatically scan for phrases you dislike and then generate a furious response?

>> No.73077828

not him but you're pretty braindead to compare GK (one of the best factions in the game at the moment) to DG, who are one of the worst.

>> No.73077833

1 core detachment is free if it has your warlord in it. The other 2 cost 1-3cp each.

>> No.73077835


>> No.73077842

You're retarded for joining discussions without following them

>> No.73077844

Mega Nobz seem terrifying man sv1+ 3w blob with 20 rokkit shots and 40 damage 3 attacks. That can get anywhere at will. Ghaz and a double saw unit just seems insane too. Makes me want to start Orks.

>> No.73077849

I hate this model so much
Fucking megagorilla ass motherfucker
fuck you and your stupid knuckledragger guns
If you mean only update, craftworld eldar. If it can include brand new stuff, almost any new xenos faction release

God do we badly need new visual distinction and interest on the table

>> No.73077851

I've been following them. You're just being a brainlet.

DG players have every right to complain about being ignored.

>> No.73077853

that would get obnoxious looking with 60 of them on the table.

>> No.73077855

Oh, huh, missed that. Do extra detachments give more bonuses now or some shit?

>> No.73077856

>dgfag complaining
>meanwhile, necrons had to wait 8 fucking years to get something other than an arguably worse version of an existing model

>> No.73077859

Renegades and Heretics.

>> No.73077861

So i'm looking into creating my perfect /yourdudes/ fantasy, an IG regiment of my own special soldiers. I want to know if there is literature about what kind of planets guard recruits from.

>> No.73077865

>Cause you get more for free dum dum
how are you not getting that people were previously incentivized to take multiple detachments, and are now incentivized to take as few as possible?

>I saw that detachments are being hard capped to 2 for 1k and 3 for 2k, not that they cost cp?
your warlord's detachment is free and the rest cost CP

>> No.73077868

Oh, so you just can't read
My condolences, anon

>> No.73077869

Seeing faggots like you bitching like a spoiled toddler makes me not care about getting any new stuff for my death guard
I'm good with what we have for a while. We just need a rules revamp across the board.

>> No.73077872

craftworlds if they got an aspect warrior update

>> No.73077877

Not a DGfag but I hope you do realise that people actually play DG and no one plays Necrons? I think it's odd for such a popular faction to get nothing for nearly 3 years except more plague marine models.

>> No.73077880

I'm aware that a lot of other armies are in the same boat, but with what they've previewed for the CP and detachments it's not fixing any problems, the only faction that i can think of that benefits from the changes are Space marines, because they have huge incentives to go mono already, and maybe knights, but they'll still lack the bodies to hold back objectives. I'd be kinda ok if they made the cost for multi-codex detachments, although that'd hit gsc-nids and mono chaos god armies hard, but after they a lot of armies got bonuses to take multiple detachments for the same army I find it disheartening that GW used Space marines as the baseline for making these new rules, without realizing that barely any other codex comes close to being as good as SM 2.0.

>> No.73077881

Any. Literally any. If they have spare population part of their tithe can and usually is paid for in regiments to serve in the guard.

>> No.73077891

Yes. Rules. Which is exactly what i specified in the previous post.

did the IQ of 40kg drop since 9th was announced?

>> No.73077892

all kinds, go wild

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>> No.73077894

Nice, cp hungry army like genestealers are fucked for the whole edition now.
Way to go primaris pusher.
Genestealers won't be missed it seems.

>> No.73077898

Tyranids if they updated the hormagaunt models.
Imperial Guard if they updated the infantry and command squad boxes. They need the bits to give officers the things they have rules for, like having a power fist or bolter.

>> No.73077901

I love your dog

>> No.73077904

Thanks for the link
Stop samefagging

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>> No.73077912

Damn, that's a cool fucking army.

>> No.73077915

I'm betting on emp. kiddos terminators with poison claws.

>> No.73077916

Would you want new models though, considering the recent ludicrous markup on new stuff? Dark Eldar are my main army and most of their line is in wonderful 5Ed multipart plastic. Same I believe for GK.

>> No.73077921

The entire conversation has at its core been related to getting new DG models, including rules.

>> No.73077924

>Stop samefagging
Whatever puts you at ease, Anon.

>> No.73077930

>severe losses: battle of low corridor

>> No.73077931

Nah, I guess they are trying to deal with soup and horde army spam without necessarily nuking them.

>> No.73077934

>DG fags whining
>necron players whining
I’m a guard player and our infantry sculpts are almost 20 years old, let alone all the other metal regiments being squatted

>> No.73077935

they'll still get a lot of CP unless they're bringing a lot of allied detachments

i think the main reason for this is to add an opportunity cost to soup

>> No.73077938

I should've been more specific about it in my original post. But as an example, their preferred types of planets. Would they ever recruit from a mining colony over a hive world and so on

>> No.73077940

Nu upgrade for dg until the end of warhammer conquest, in two years.

>> No.73077941

>as far as models go
Holy fuck I know reading comprehension can be tricky but at least make an attempt you fucking sperg

>> No.73077953

It hasn't, you're conflating the two concepts:

1) Rules not updated since beginning of 8th.


2) Desire for new models.

Try to handle two thoughts at once.

>> No.73077955

Any planet that produces warm bodies with minimal mutations.
Every single planet has a local defense force, and the best soldiers in the PDF are recruited into the Guard.

>> No.73077959


>> No.73077960

nervous doggo is getting a frighten

>> No.73077961

unironically thinking about buying a single squad or metal boys just to cast them again and again

>> No.73077966

>Rubric Marines 16ppm, get bolters with ap2, a psyker, invuln save, cheaper and stronger wargear, better saves against 1 damage attacks
>Plague Marines 16ppm, regular bolters, mostly bad wargear (save for blight launchers, plasma, and flails), slower, 1 extra toughness and Disgustingly Resilient

What do Plague Marines need to be brought up to the same level as Rubrics?

>> No.73077972

No, I refuse to and there's nothing you can do about it you whiny autist.

>> No.73077974

It's gonna be a generic Death Guard Chaos Lord (since we don't have a model for that), and it still won't have Disgustingly Resilient because Fuck You

>> No.73077976

There is also a new command phase that deals with CP regeneration. At least 1CP per turn as far as we know. So its really hard to tell how much of an impact the detachment cost is really going to have on each army.

>> No.73077979

>cut them down
love how they came so close to solving the fallback issue then shat the bed with a 6+

>> No.73077980

IG were the best army in the game for most of 8th. Necrons and DG are nearly unplayable even in friendly games

>> No.73077981

Plague Marines are already good. If anything they need two wounds though.

>> No.73077983

My manlet GK look like joke models next to Primaris, and the issue will be even worse with them getting knight-themed sculpts.
Modern GW's monopose fucking sucks, but it's not unsolvable. If new GK were announced I could still customize them by kitbashing with my old kits' leftovers. Maybe I'd even get one more old box just for the parts.

>> No.73077986

Have a look up on the imperial tithe, a lot of planets main resources is it's people with death and penal worlds being a fantastic source of ruthless fighting forces. Every planet has a PDF and depending on how self sufficient they are they'll either create regiments purely from a single planet, or if the sector is more resource/industrial based they'll pool they're assets together to produce a regiment for the tithe.
The imperium is a massive empire that has countless cultures working inside of it, almost nothing is out of question when it comes to creating a /yourdudes/ army, so just use your imagination and make something you think is cool.

>> No.73077993


2 wounds

>> No.73077996

>I hate this model so much
It doesn't feel anything about you, Anon.

>> No.73077997

Sweet model, sweet paintjob. I dig it.

>> No.73077998

That Strat is also bad on anything that isn't a horde

>> No.73077999

There are no types of planet from which they will not take guardsmen. More tithes are paid in the forms of guardsmen from worlds which don't produce anything more valuable, but all produce guardsmen

>> No.73078002

There was a leak with phonepics a while back

>> No.73078005

2 wounds

>> No.73078007

Memes aside how many shield Drones have you seen spergs bring to the table? I'm a taufag and bring at most 4 units of 4, one squad to protect each high priority suit unit.

>> No.73078008

Few years ago you didn’t even deserve to be separate army. Get your ass back to the vanilla CSM codex where you belong.

>> No.73078010

Why does Death Guard get so much new shit while everyone else is ignored?

>> No.73078012

Orks, or just boyz, nobz, Meganobz, grot tank even.

>> No.73078015

Skitz paint job but it's a pretty fucked up sculpt. What encouraged you to buy one? Genuinely curious if it has fans.

>> No.73078016

Don't forget their armywide Inexorable Advance. Despite that, they get shot off the table way too easily and need heavy babysitting to do anything meaningful. DGs biggest weakness is it's lack of heavy damage.

>> No.73078019


>> No.73078021

because they were in a starter set

>> No.73078032

Only infantry and FW dreads with the Helbrute keyword get it. The PBC doesn't, so thats why no one uses the Entropy cannons on it because it goes to a 5+ as soon as it moves. It's also not a plague weapon for some reason for that extra "fuck you".

>> No.73078035

Yeah, from the link that's what it seems. Doesn't bother me in the slightest.
HQs that actually buff them and are still DG instead of generic HQs slapped into their codex. Like making the Lord of Contagion their chaos lord equivalent
Wargear that has range
A second attack per model (the Tsons need that too, treat them as chosen in that regard)

>> No.73078045

>DGs biggest weakness is it's lack of heavy damage
So you want the army to have high damage AND ridiculous surviveability?

>> No.73078047

nah it's a red butcher, that style of trim is how GW does Khorne now.

>> No.73078048

>You can actually get 3rd degree burns from it.
Source? 3rd degree burns are a lot worse than people think and can require amputation, possibly even killing the patient. Such burns are informally known as 4th degree, but that's not a proper burn classification.

>> No.73078053

>IG were the best army in the game for most of 8th

>> No.73078058

Its actually sort of a worse gap given that they also get much better faction bonuses and lose dark hereticus. 20x man teleport is better than anything DG has.

>> No.73078060

Survivability really doesn't mean anything after SM 2.0 dropped, they'll just drown you in a bazillion AP-2 bolter shots on their basic infantry

>> No.73078063

>I can not breathe
>a black man implodes on his own, destroying the universe
Truly the Voice of the Omnissiah speak to us through the machine spirits of the lexical cogitators.

>> No.73078067

Definitely agree on 2 wounds. However Plague Marines are not good at all as they stand. Terrible troop options are one of the biggest reasons the army is so terrible as a pure army

>> No.73078072

>Survivability really doesn't mean anything after SM 2.0 dropped
Bullshit. Have you ever played against DG?

>> No.73078073

I assume your post is false flag but it made me chuckle thanks anon

>> No.73078075

Would a universal gaunt sprue work?

>> No.73078077

A basic gun that's not dogshit 0AP
Something that improves charges. For a slow as fuck and sorta melee-heavy army there is absolutely NOTHING that improves their charges so deepstriking Typhus and Blightlord Termies is a fool's errand

>> No.73078080

Not him, but they completely were. People have forgotten how fucking bad Guard/Knights was for most of 8th until Marines book 2 came out and made it all even worse.

>> No.73078081

Alright, thanks my guys. Will go back into reading and writing my dudes.

>> No.73078083

It will help armies like Clowns and Custodes, who dont have many detachments to begin with.
Everyone else will keep on souping, because the lose of 2 or 3 CP at the start by having to pay for detachments will be offset by everyone gaining 6 for free as the game progresses.
The update doesnt solve soup at all

>> No.73078085

>the primaris stated he couldn't breathe twice
He tried to warn us, why didn't we listen?

>> No.73078091


He's right tho. Hordes are shit now so they're not as great

>> No.73078097

My bad, you're right about that.
I mean, yeah. They only have good survivability. They don't have a high volume of fire or melee, not can they effectively take down anything big. What does survival mean if you're going to get overwhelmed against any competent army? They're really good at sitting on objectives and that's about as far as it goes.

>> No.73078100

becuase I think it's awesome. Since it's reveal I knew I was going to preorder it.

Dark age of Technology vibes

>> No.73078101

I have 2k of painted DG my dude
Yes sometimes you make big dick saves on your DR but most of time you'll just eat shit.

>> No.73078103

I guarantee close combat armies will get a faction specific version that costs 2 CP but makes it on a 5+ (or maybe even 4+)

>> No.73078104

Their durability does not make up for cost. Let them stay the slow moving army that they are, but they are in dire need of some punch. Perhaps make plague weapons deal mortal wounds instead of their regular damage on wound rolls of 6, in addition to their re-roll wound rolls of 1

>> No.73078113

He was right. They were the main part of imperial soup

>> No.73078114

Only a retard would think otherwise, they were literally the only thing keeping most Imperium armies viable before SM 2.0 came along.

>> No.73078116

20-35ish. But I usually play with compfags and everyone is on board with trying to outsperg each other.

>> No.73078119

Every army I guess, i just wanna paint more

>> No.73078127

Just some actual usable strategems would be good enough, like something that maxes out shots on Plaguespitters to smooth out the insane variance.

>> No.73078129

I think if the green is that glossy the metal needs to be shinier

>> No.73078138

"best army" doesn't mean "Makes the best cheap filler so actual good units can stomp", it means "best army". If guard weren't the best on their own then they weren't the best.

>> No.73078140

You have heaps of avenues to go down, do you have any non/fiction cultures you like? That's generally a good place to start if you want to make an army you enjoy.

>> No.73078147

Eldar Corsairs. DE scratch the itch but a true Corsairs line would be a lot more fun.

>> No.73078150

That could work, have different options for both close combat and ranged.

>> No.73078155

8th was all about CP generation and gunlines. Guess what Imperial Guard are.
Vengeance for Cadia is arguably the absolute best stratagem in the game.

>> No.73078156

Fair enough! If you love it, you love it!

You did an amazing job on it as well. Wish I could play a game against it!

>> No.73078162

this is deeply prophetic on many levels

>removing the sauce from the oven increases the power of terrorism

>> No.73078165

>that army comp
>those paint schemes

>> No.73078173

Hey that's a really cool army ana-
>forgeworld dreads
Into the trash it goes.

>> No.73078177

This. I want to be a fabulous space pirate without being overly edgy and spiky

>> No.73078178

How good are 1ksons as an army compared to DG?

>> No.73078186

Guard were easy to roll chew through on their own, they only got really deadly with soup. Which is why they weren't the best army, they were the best soup component.

>> No.73078191

Could be I was misremembering and it wasn't quite 3rd degree, but you can definitely get very, very nasty burns from resin. Googling is just bringing up mentions of "severe burns." I would like to think this is just something that doesn't happen very often and so is only known in hypotheticals, because it's really not that hard to avoid getting covered in resin.
Of course, just a little bit of resin isn't gonna send you to the hospital, but if there's a lot of it, and it starts curing on your skin, you're gonna have a very bad day.

>> No.73078197

Nah. That’s not a guard army. That’s soup just taking advantage of CP gen. Actual guard armies have had shitty to meh turnouts ever since conscripts/Commissars we’re nerfed.

>> No.73078199

God forbid someone likes cool dreadnought and isn't too poor to afford them

>> No.73078201

That wasn't the case for most of 8th. Every good army was a soup army. Chaos had Abaddon and 110 Cultists with the rest being T-Sons, Imperium had Guard/Knights and Eldar had Ynnari.

>> No.73078205

Thousand Sons are good as a standalone army and amazing as part of Chaos soup.

Death Guard are awful as a standalone army and their only viable use competitively is occasionally as a Spearhead Detatchment in chaos soup with 3 PBCs and a Daemon Prince

>> No.73078208

What, it was the leviathan in the back that tipped you off and not the ten sad plague marines without any buddies?
Any DG player not running at least 21 plague marines is shithead cancer that was trying to take advantage of the army in early 8th. Especially if they have a leviathan.

>> No.73078213

I rarely play them, to be honest.

It's just the regular DG scheme. The crappy lighting isn't helping too I guess.

>> No.73078215

I still remember that time all the guard fags tried to defend the ability to take 12 t8 firebases and enough infantry and LOS-ignoring weapons as balanced.

>> No.73078218

Are Leviathans scummy even if you aren't spamming them? I have 1 that I wanna run with either double melee or 1 melee 1 ranged solely because I think they look cool as fuck.

>> No.73078219

So say guard soup was the best army, numbnuts

>> No.73078221

daemon princes are a disgrace of a plastic kit; they need a serious redesign

>> No.73078222

They're pretty decent, though the get anywhere at will part is contingent on your enemies ability to screen well and once they're in place repositioning them can be tricky

>> No.73078225

Getting ready for XIV

>> No.73078234

Oh, you are an SJW. Keep fighting for justice.

>> No.73078235

But they make up the bulk of soup lists, so it's totally fair to say they're the best army.
Otherwise you could end up with no army being best, if all the good armies needed additional stuff to prop them up, which shows how intellectually bankrupt that idea is.

>> No.73078238

Yeah desu my only problem with the FW dreads is that they clash with the aesthetic of the entire rest of the army. I dont mind them being cancerous and overpowered tabletop wise. They just dont look like they belong.

>> No.73078239

That looks like 3 imperium boxes, imma do the same with necrons, get an army for like 30% of its costs while marine fags pay for the rest

>> No.73078243

>good standalone
if you can call it that, since they heavily rely on DPs.

>> No.73078247

Taking that much LoS ignoring cancer is, well, cancer, but it's also easy to deal with.
If you have trouble taking out IG vehicles you really need to look at your army comp. Can you down a knight in one turn? That's a basic bitch determinant for a good list, and if you can that means you'll be able to drop 3+ russes a turn. They don't have invul saves anon. They're really easy to kill.

>> No.73078257

The resin Nurgle DP is also a fucking atrocity, if you don't convert your own DPs you're a fucking tool.

>> No.73078272

>"Imperial Guard were NOT the best army for most of 8th, they were just amazing CP generators, objective holders, and heavy fire support"

>> No.73078275

Generally melee leviathans are very underwhelming, their main comparison being gallants, and melee/gun leviathans are pretty average. The only time it kinda gets scummy is double guns and an insertion method like a drop pod. Don't feel bad about taking the models you like, just be aware about the amount of power they bring and aim to have a nice even match with your opponent.

>> No.73078277

that's not at all what it is. There's one imperium box in there.
Yes. Don't get me wrong, they're not some megauberopkillstick even in deathguard, but they're obnoxious as fuck to deal with and a hard pleb filter.
Though that's only in the two cannon fig.

>> No.73078279

Plague Marines are kinda crappy and overcosted, for troops I just run poxwalkers and nurglings. Also painting them takes ages because of all the details, so I got lazy.

They look fine to me. A redesign won't hurt though.

>> No.73078286

Los ignoring weapon are broken and killing the game

>> No.73078288

>"Imperial knights were NOT the best army for most of 8th, they were just the best firebases, distraction models, kill/disruption units, and single detachment additions"

>> No.73078292

How about making their close range stronger? Plague Marines have tons of "cool" melee weapons, make them actually good. They have those blight thrower things, buff those too. Make the grenadespam thing more than just a meme when the stars align.

>> No.73078293

>it's happening just like the old lady said it would

>> No.73078295

So if this is an EC, what’s dripping off the claw?

>> No.73078296

Ok nerd lmao

>> No.73078298

They werent the best army, they were just the most points in every best list in 8th.

brainlet pls go

>> No.73078302

I just find it odd that GW isn't capitalizing on popular army, is all. None of your clown mental gymnastics.

>> No.73078306

it's a world eater and that's blood

>> No.73078307

Painting a special characters as your dudes and using regular HQ rules, yeah or nah?

>> No.73078308

>Visions in the Smoke has a warp charge value of 6. If manifested, select one friendly EVILSUNZ VEHICLE unit within 12" of this psyker(you can only select a unit with a Wounds characteristic of 18 or more if the result of the psychic test to manifest this psychic power was 9 or more)....

Was this shit really necessary, like god forbid I get rr hits on a shitty morkanaut that I have to put in an evil sunz detachment. Then pay 4 cp to get a decent shooting round on top, if it even lives a turn. Like someone actually thought oh shit they can buff a naut! Better make it cast on a case sensitive 9! when writing this spell.

>> No.73078321

I can't tell who you're responding to, but the 'can you 1 turn a knight' thing is completely true.

>> No.73078324

1k sons have some amazing elites and heavily buffed birbs can be dangerous, especially with a dark matter crystal.

DG do not have that much that a different CSM or Daemon detachment wouldn't do better.

>> No.73078330

I seriously doubt you're going to find of much use having more than two times the contents of the new necron starter

those would already be 40 warriors

>> No.73078332

They are in the lists. They aren’t usually the majority of points in the list nor are they the heavy hitter actually winning for the list nor are their stratagems pulling the lists to victory.

>> No.73078333

chaos leviathans aren't even good, they're only 5+ invuln.

>> No.73078336

Taking something and claiming it as your own is the best way to go.
>i should know
>i'm a Strayan

>> No.73078338

I love how necromunda made two of those already.

>> No.73078340

>explosive weapons will now deal max hits to hordes in 9th

Deathstrike is good again? Is the hour nigh??!

>> No.73078345

>making blood dribbles molded onto a model
>our new favorite unnecessary addition, but will it be able to upseat 'every character with one foot on a rock'?!

>> No.73078346

>those bile stats
Hope he costs 40 cause he looking kinda trash , basically an over costed primaris, you need to focus him to actually get him off the table but why? Kill the acolyte and ignore the old pervert lmao

>> No.73078354

He used command reroll

>> No.73078357

>CP battery
Pick one. Best would be mono and UG were not. Best supporting army would be IG for sure. Best overall completely different

>> No.73078364

I’m convinced I’d you’re upset with DG’s current state you’re a waac fag who needs to get his fucking priorities under control, Jesus Christ bro we got a bunch a good shit and some of the coolest models in the game fucking last edition, imagine being fucking nids rn or soemthing, now they actually got shafted in their PA, if we get anything better then that I’ll be soaring to the moon

>> No.73078367

>he doesn't want to run a blob of 60 reanimating warriors down the table
Leave it to the specialist games to somehow be better than the main line.

>> No.73078368

Back him up with a twenty man unit of something he is also buffing.

>> No.73078370

nu-GW is out of ideas

>> No.73078378

He sperged out over a command reroll

>> No.73078379

He brought 2 Tank Commanders and a Leman Russ to a 1k newbie game.
Oh, and he made sure there was minimal terrain.

>> No.73078385

>our trash is better than their trash
>coolest models in the game
Ok so this whole post is bait

>> No.73078388

killing a knight in a single turn is pretty average when it comes to a more competitive meta, which is fine as long as both players are wanting a competitive game, the problem is that guardfags can bring a stupid amount of firepower and still claim that it's fluffy they can shoot off half their opponents army T1.

>> No.73078391

If you say IG was the main dish and not just there in order to cope with the horrible stratagem and command point system that required you to spam cp in order to even function. I would agree regarding IG was broken, but since the former was not true and it only existed to feed cp, IG was just a school girl being pass around in some degenerate Liberal party gathering thingy

>> No.73078395 [SPOILER] 

>once per battle, in the combat phase, you may reroll any failed Disgustingly Resilient rolls for any one unit. You may not use this strategem in any other phase.

>3 CP

>> No.73078401

He needs the acolyte to buffem, if both of them are 1 model then yeah sure, otherwise let the old man run with his cane

>> No.73078417

>>he doesn't want to run a blob of 60 reanimating warriors down the table
I just prefer variety of units over a specialised composition; on the long term it makes for a more satisfactory collection

>> No.73078421

Let me buy the 9th ed starter already fuck

>> No.73078423

post upside down pics

>> No.73078425

>If your Warlord kills an enemy TITANIC unit during the fight phase, he gains +1 Leadership for the rest of the battle.
>2 CP

>> No.73078429

The majority of chaos tournament winning list use tk. DG is bin tier.

>> No.73078430

How cost effective is a simple combat servitor compared to an IG?

They feel no fear, need no morale, probably may not even actually need any sleep or real food and some might not even need oxygen.

In theory, would a regiments worth of servitors be more or less expensive than a bog standard IG regiment?

>> No.73078434

So i always loved admech but friends were all stuck in AoS town, now they are hearing about 9th edition they are buying in so i can finally start playing with them.

I currently just have from kill team a sc with the dune crawler, two of the kill team boxes i made as one unit of rust stalkers and one of the other and two manipulus' and a extra unit of skitarii from the KT starter box.

I was thinking of getting an enginseer, 6 of the big droids, a box of destroyers and maybe some of the engine war stuff just because i want to paint them but what about the knight/paladin stuff? Is it just armigers or what?

>> No.73078437

>>coolest models in the game
>Ok so this whole post is bait
he's right, though

the death guard model line is a well crafted model line

>> No.73078438

You know damn well that they could usually at best manage a 3rd. If they went first. And because they die to a stiff breeze, after that first turn it's usually still up in the air, especially if their opponent knows what they're doing.

>> No.73078439

That's it. No more responding to DG posters for the rest of the thread everybody. It's an imperfect solution since it's only one whiney faggot ruining it for everybody, but the thread derailment is extremely real

>> No.73078447

I'm torn on this pic.

On one hand it makes sense, tactically and thematically.

On the other that it's possible is a core issue in a game.

Far from unbeatable but its a grind fest.

>> No.73078450

Fluffy is such a cop out by anyone who says it just about every time.
I could bring all heavy support infantry and vehicles and kill you in turn one and say it’s my 9th company list.

>> No.73078452

I once played 3 battalions and flooded the board with infantry squads in a 1k game.

>> No.73078456

doesn't really matter, if you can make both use both. Material and manpower is not the issue, transport and logistics. The more combat formations you have spread throughout the empire the better.

>> No.73078457

oh yeah I won't deny that the majority of guard strats are situational at best, like most armies, but their saving grace is that orders would be stratagem tier if they were for most other armies but since they're able to be used multiple times a turn, which does make sense, their value can increase rapidly if used correctly.

>> No.73078459

Guard players are 90% of the time just failed historical players.

>> No.73078466

It looks too clean for DG, and not so aesthetic for EC(but it has some yellow liquid on it...). So it is something for WE, or another one praetor for heresy.

>> No.73078469

>Literally ugly primaris
uh.... no sweaty primaris win again

>> No.73078470

he was a whatever unit before, why should they have buffed him to abaddon tier suddenly.

>> No.73078472

I would say the difference is like the droid army and the clone army from star wars
For war alone sure servitors could be better, but the imperium also re colonize planets and servitors can't do that

>> No.73078473

>he doesnt think morty and deathshrouds look cool
>doesn’t think blightlords look cool
>doesn’t think even our basic plague
marines looks cool

I mean obviously just my opinion but that’s why I started the army
That’s what I’m saying

>> No.73078474

human life is more disposable than munitorum and mechanicus equipment

living humans also carry orders more autonomously

>> No.73078476

>artillery clumped in a corner directly with the front line
Fuck off
Yeah it's easily beatable, but that pic is thematically revolting.

>> No.73078490

I want to see new bikes, SM just got theirs. It would make sense for the EC, who just want to go fast.

>> No.73078493

Oh cool another single CHARACTER for DG wow amazing I cannot believe me eyes wow truly amazing wow *farts*

>> No.73078494

nice projection faggot. I'll have you know I play alt history too

>> No.73078495


>> No.73078499

>marines looks cool
yeh, I like space marines too

>> No.73078501

To sell DG minis? Why not? At least make him good

>> No.73078514

>artillery parking lot cramped in a corner facing the wrong direction
>On one hand it makes sense, tactically and thematically.

I would prefer guardfags to simply not deploy their artillery and having it shoot offscreen than to see those abominations

>> No.73078519

what are they supposed to bring 20 sentinels. That codex is basically manticores/basilisk, infantry squads, and tanks.

>> No.73078521

Go fuck yourself you bandwagoning faggot.

>> No.73078527

It's literally all incredibly disposable. Tech doesn't start becoming important in that regard until you hit high expense stuff like baneblades. The 'muh lasgun is more valuable then muh guardsman' is a meme pulled from anti soviet propaganda. Both in universe and out, the reality is that neither the guardsman, his kit, or his weaponry are particularly valuable as far as the imperium as a whole is concerned. Not even a Russ is. Being able to get him to where he's needed is the valuable part.

>> No.73078546

If it is an EC, poison. There would be a reservoir at the back of the fist or something pumping it through to the claw blades to keep them slick. But its most likely blood.

>> No.73078548

I'd rather see titanicus get expanded into combined arms and 40k time period.

They literally chose 10mm scale so that you could differentiate different marks of space marine armor like iron, crusade, etc if they made models, after all.

>> No.73078549

there is no TQ

>> No.73078552

it's a red butcher though...

>> No.73078560

>before the beginning of the battle, pick one unit to set aside in reserve. That unit is in the Warp waiting to be summoned to the field. At the beginning of turn 3, that unit is counted as destroyed.

>2 CP

>> No.73078562

As a support. You never saw pure imperial guard winning it was always as CP while the other part of the army did the job.
If IG was the god sent army GSC would use them but since they do not generate all the CP they only showed up with the undercosted tank commander

>> No.73078569

>implying they didn't change the scale to make the models cost more and to make old and third party epic models incompatible

>> No.73078570

This is how I Mechanicus.

>> No.73078573

Inb4 the rumour engine is a Primaris Lieutenant holding the severed Power Fist of a CSM that's dripping in blood

>> No.73078576

What i dont get is they have a product for god damn blood flows. Why not just put "use some of this, sold seperately" in the paint guide and the inevitable video?
Seriously i dont have a problem with plastic blood, but i do think when there is plastic blood in your models it doesnt fit with other blood effects. So if this is molded directly on and theres no bloodless option anyone who uses blood effects in their army is going to have to file this off. Having two completely different approaches to blood on models simultaneously sucks.

>> No.73078588

You really really think you're getting anything new? Please do not get your hopes high.

>> No.73078589


>> No.73078595

2 cp During the shooting phase select one PLAGUE MARINE unit. When resolving an attack made by a bolt weapon on an unmodified wound roll of 6 the armour penetration characteristic of that weapon is improved by 1 for that attack.

>> No.73078601

>damaging a perfectly good machine
fake and gay

>> No.73078602

>every Primaris vehicle has several extra heavy stubbers and missile pods, so Little Timmy can feel good as his handful of dice rattle across the plastic Citadel™ Realm of Battle™ table in the otherwise empty Warhammer shop

Like why lol

>> No.73078603

Foot troop tech priests when? Electro priests don't fill that niche sufficiently.

>> No.73078605 [DELETED] 


>> No.73078615


>> No.73078616

It's okay as long as it's heretek or xenos tech.

>> No.73078619

I was the guy saying we wouldn't see 9th for another year, but here we are. At this point, I'm not willing to discount anything.

>> No.73078622


>> No.73078629

Because Timmy's a little shit, SHIIIIT!

>> No.73078631

Even if they did I don't care. It's a significantly better model scale for an epic style game, and titanicus itself is already a surprisingly solid and mechanically fun game. Plus the models really do look fantastic. It is very much worth playing, a great mix of battlefleet gothic, battletech, and OG stuff as far as the rules go. just buy from 3rd party websites or recasters

>> No.73078633

I don't play WE, it just obviously is a red butcher. It is using a heresy power claw and has khornate trim.

>> No.73078642

That's clearly a classic terran ground carriage

>> No.73078643

>to a maximum of one

>> No.73078650


Repulsor's aren't new, but do carry on leaping to assumptions because someone was mean about your plastic kits

>> No.73078651

Because of the weird gi joe/tonka aesthetic the primaris vehicles go for.
The strangest part is how at odds they are with the intercessors and hellblasters.

>> No.73078653

Imagine not liking having more dakka on your units.

>> No.73078654

Drugs, it's drugs.

>> No.73078661

Can someone explain how the manticore fires?A model can only fire a single storm eagle rocket per turn. Each storm eagle rocket can only be fired once per battle. Does this mean I can fire the 2d6 in one turn and then its done? Or do I roll the 2d6 first and then fire one single missle per turn? im like mega autistic (thats why im a guard player)

>> No.73078662

I wouldn't even mind the extra guns if they found a way to put them on the model without the whole thing becoming a confused looking heap of garbage. It's so noisy and cluttered visually that I'd just as soon not put half the guns on and ask my opponent of they're cool with that

>> No.73078665

>uh.... no sweaty
Where did this meme come from? I see retards on /pol/ saying it before they say something stupid. It seems like a way for people to out themselves as retards.

>> No.73078666

because timmy isn't a fat nerd boasting about how he gets recasts or 3D prints his models while being unemployed

>> No.73078668

Why would they release such thing? The release would feel very out of place and GW is not the one to give surprises.

>> No.73078670

I have my issues with the cartoony direction nurgle has been taken but he's obviously a retard is he thinks anyone liking DG a lot is bait

>> No.73078685

Because throwing dice is the only fun part of the game

>> No.73078688

I would care more about titanicus if it wasn't just about humans

they did aeronautica in the same scale, so I'm hopeful they will eventually merge the model lines as they start releasing titans and tiny troops for the othet factions and make a proper system for large armies instead of the enormous meme that is apocalypse

>> No.73078689

No i'm aware of that, it's just i see a lot of players hide behind the "it's fluffy" argument when take something like >>73078215 pic related. The problem isn't to do with fluff, its just on a casual basis guard can get super overbearing, and that's been a major cause to the negative guard stereotype similar to the one that Tau has.

>> No.73078693

It's the /s equivalent of 4chan because sarcasm is hard to convey online due to Poe's Law.

>> No.73078694

>fire missile
>roll 2d6
>finish attack sequence
>you have shot 1 missile and have 3 left

>> No.73078695

you fire a single storm eagle rocket per turn
you can do until no more storm eagle rockets are available

>> No.73078696


>> No.73078701

How many russians in this thread?

>> No.73078709

Never ever.

>> No.73078710

Sweety is spelled with 2 E's you fucking illiterate ESL.

>> No.73078711

how do marines get out of the hatches?

>> No.73078718

my question is just why the fucking heavy stubbers instead of any other guns

>> No.73078723

That's my hope too anon. Until that time my titans slumber because most of the guys playing titanicus around me are insufferable horus heresy fagboys

>> No.73078726

>artillery clumped in a corner directly with the front line
Like I said, core issue.

And who's to say this is the front line? You can fluff it as the front line was breached and this is when the enemies spearhead collides with the back line. Or it was a flanking manuever to successfully target the artillery. You can fit the narrative without any kind of stretch.

Then theres the 90 degree corner theyre clumped up in, which is dumb but it is what it is.

>I would prefer guardfags to simply not deploy their artillery and having it shoot offscreen than to see those abominations.
If they never made the models sure. But they exist and they sell them with the intention of people buying them so we're stuck with them.

>> No.73078728

Without the approval of the Omnissiah

>> No.73078731

Non lobotomized humans are arguable better. Combat Servitors may be stronger, and faster with no real loss to morale, but they lack creativity and the ability to improvise. Also, if the person issuing orders to the Servitor is killed, the Servitor just keeps doing what it was last commanded to do. This had led to some serious friendly fire incidents.

>> No.73078741

they are always teasing entire factions with rumour engine.

>> No.73078742


>> No.73078749

>Where did this meme come from?
it's a mimicry of the way of speaking of certain people that usually make stupid arguments, with an intentional error added to make it more obvious they're writing a sarcastic reply

>> No.73078750

>> No.73078754


>> No.73078761

Here you go, all are WiP and i'm aware of the lighting.
>from your friendly neighborhood origin poster

>> No.73078762

Rewatching the new 9th edition trailer, the way it portrays the imperium bothers me a bit. They are all just heroes, doing there best. Their faith is rewarded and the SOB's miracle kinda implies her religion makes sense. I would have liked to see a commissar executing guardsmen, or the prayers to have fallen on deaf ears only for the space marines to arrive to avenge, rather than save her. I wanted something that says the imperium is fucked up, that its grim and dark.

>> No.73078765

>so we're stuck with them.
then field them in a way that looks good for fuck's sake

>> No.73078775

newest fag

>> No.73078778

Oh... you miss understood anon, I said no sweaty as in no sweat ...haha
Source: resettera not /pol/, it happens when they reject you mail when you try to create an account

>> No.73078781

I mean, Tau are a cool faction:
>Lore is fucking thin as their armour saves.
>Rulewise you are really so fucking tied to play a lot of shit like markerlights and drones
>You have tons of options but in the end everyone spams the same shit
>Sheningans for everything because it's the hot edgy shit
Well, okay, sorry, I correct myself: Tau are actually really unfun shit. Tried to collect them twice as I forgot about how annoing they are, sold them both times after 1 game.

>> No.73078788

>Australian violent gang rape and sacrifice

>> No.73078790


>> No.73078791

>we marvel now

>> No.73078792

stay mad

>> No.73078796

What i don't get from that image, is that why are conversions and whining about marines getting too many releases compared to others limited to IG players? I know it's a shitpost, but atleast make it a good one

>> No.73078798

>kinda implies her religion makes sense.
but it does, they have rules on the tabletop for that.

>> No.73078816

nice, thanks anon

>> No.73078819

SoBs and Ultramarines are pretty light.

>> No.73078826

Nah, just wanting to make a waifu model for my MAROONS as well as my TSons army

>> No.73078831

GW needs to make a Belle Delphine model to lead a slaanesh demon army.

>> No.73078834

sorry anon, we nobledark now. The community made the mistake of letting retards worship the imperium as some kind of ideal throughout the 2000s-now instead of beating them down for being retards, and this is the inevitable backlash. Thanks to being a publicly traded company, GW has vested interest in wanting to make it understood that it is not, in fact, trying to say an imperium that is horribly authoritarian and cruel is the good guys. But thanks to those aforementioned retards spreading their hype, general view of the imperium is that they're the good guys, so now gw needs to actually make them act like it so they don't make bad news headlines.

>> No.73078837

Being able to have brought a single heavy weapon like a missile launcher or heavy bolter would have been nice. They could have a distinct role as difficult to shift rear objective holders

>> No.73078848

This is the kind of gross misunderstanding of the setting that leads to nonsense like Death of Hope

>> No.73078852

the height of cringe

>> No.73078855

English as a Second Language.

>> No.73078856


>> No.73078858


>> No.73078859

Why do you keep posting that picture with the file name of waifu bearer? It's not even Word Bearer colours. If anything she's a Waifu Eater.

>> No.73078862

The acts of faith and the miracles are warp bullshit. They dont use the psyker rules, but any doubt as to whether or not they are warp phenomena died in psychic awakening. But even if you take those miracles as being something else, the entire religion is a lie written by one of the archenemies of humanity against the will of the emperor. I'm not saying they should remove acts of faith, i'm saying that this video gives the impression the emperor is listening and responding to prayers, which would certainly be interesting as he never seems to do that for space marines or guard no matter how devout they are.

>> No.73078868

>newfag calls things /pol/ despite it having been around for years because of his confirmation bias
Every single time

>> No.73078876

Belle Delphine is a disease vector, made for putrid rot cock only.

>> No.73078883

The best thing is the necrons reaction to the trailer
>sob soloed like 10 necrons including the big dude
>marines with the sobs kill hundreds of necrons
>1 heavy necron unit kills 1 sister
>yoooooo necrons are winning Yuuuus we no longer npc’s

>> No.73078885

I don't really see any other way to play guard without being deliberately casual about it. 6 or 7 demolisher tanks, bullgryns, and crusaders would then also be obnoxious in casual. Blame GW for giving all their good shit 72"+.

>> No.73078890

>she's a Waifu Eater
Nah pic related are the Waifu Eaters

>> No.73078894

>Not an Imperial Saint

>> No.73078901

>i'm saying that this video gives the impression the emperor is listening and responding to prayers, which would certainly be interesting as he never seems to do that for space marines or guard no matter how devout they are
He does though. It happens in one of the gaunts ghosts book for example

>> No.73078903

Who got the most useless Psychic Awekning update?

Dark Eldar? GSC? Knights?

>> No.73078904

What, having fun with the setting?

>> No.73078906

I'm not familiar with death of hope. What kind of message does it try to spread about the imperium?

>> No.73078912

you're an utter lorelet, probably a HH fag too

>> No.73078917

They need to add tau to titanicus, then we'll have the planes and titans without the faggotry. Those two things are all tau are good for anyway.
Oh and battlefleet gothic too I guess.

>> No.73078919

Thank fuck they've gone with shorter nails, than the last Termie lightning claw. Pic related is ridiculous.

>> No.73078927

probably GSC
go simp elsewhere

>> No.73078928

Dark Eldar, the Kabalite options are trash, the Coven options are alright but outclassed by PoF and no one runs Cults

>> No.73078934

Tau are just one of the biggest offenders when it comes to internal balance in their codex. Most of their cool options are literally so much worse than anything else you could do it's actually fucking trolling to take them. Not just suboptimal, actually just straight up bad. Kroot, Railheads, Vespid, Crisis, transports, any drones besides sheild, actually almost the entire codex.

>> No.73078938

>being able to understand retardo English with grammatical mistakes (aka efl posters)
>being able to understand the greatest minds posting (esl posters and russians)
It’s great desu, kino as af

>> No.73078940

Nah its the HH that pushes the exact shit im complaining about, that makes it seem like everyone has good intentions that lead them on the road to hell.

>> No.73078942

Death Guard

>> No.73078943

I had literally no idea until I opened the box that plague marines can use melta guns. Is that something literally anyone has ever done?

>> No.73078945

Ahkcthulee space marines would spend most of their time fighting hordes of basic infantry like cultists, boyz, tyrayids etc

Having a bunch of basic machine guns makes sense for this task since anything bigger would be inefficient overkill better used elsewhere.

>> No.73078948

Yeah nah, wasn't trying to say you should be forced to run guard extra casual, more just pointing out that a lot of the players I've seen fall back on the fluff justification instead of accepting that the army is just pretty strong.

>> No.73078951

Atramentar really should have the lion on the pauldron

>> No.73078952

Go fuck yourself. DG have more models than TS, EC, and WE combined. They deserve NOTHING until we have EC codex, WE codex, and maybe even CSM shoulderpad upgrade sprues for WB, IW, NL and AL.

>> No.73078954

But they havent had theirs yet.

>> No.73078956

Meltas suck cock

>> No.73078958

It's pretty sad. I always thought crons were a huge threat even for marines, not something you just overpower and cut in half with a 0 ap chainsword with ease

>> No.73078968

who the fuck thought that fur was a good idea.

>> No.73078971

What you on about? Those are kino AF

>> No.73078980

kronos, jormungandr and behemoth are top tier, as expected

hydra, tiamet and gorgon are nice too

ouroboros, kraken and leviathan are shit! SHIIT!

>> No.73078982

how do you play guard casuall without being a fag? how many tanks at 1000 points, how about 2000? Should I limit myself and take atleast a quarter of my list's points in troops?

>> No.73078985

I don't mind primaris vehicles being decked to the nose in guns, but I think their designs and those stupid fucking hover plates on the bottom look terrible.

>> No.73078987

Could be an old style power fist. For some reason the new terminators got stubby gingers instead of the old clawed ones.

>> No.73078991

Remember that Astartes chainsword dar being buffed next edition. Probably AP-1 to begin with. If that marine is assault doctrine it’s AP-2

>> No.73079000

i used to take 3 basilisks, four tanks and a manticore in 2k games to dunk on primaris fags

>> No.73079003

That NL termie looks disgusting--mutations protruding--in his blue armor before the warband. Very very disrespectful.

>> No.73079008

Meltas used to be a great special weapon but as of 8th edition they're fucking garbage. Hopefully with the new primaris getting meltas they'll adjust meltas in 9e to be good so they sell.

>> No.73079009

You know what I mean

>> No.73079011

Knights were alright, Cold Eradication gives a huge damage option to the Castellan. Custom households really help single Knight battalion viability. New Strats make hybrid knights like the Errant much more viable over the gallant/crusader. Chaos gets to do a one turn double buffed kill anything avenger cannon combo.

>> No.73079014

pfft, they're trash. now THESE are lightning claws.

>> No.73079016

>> No.73079023

He's from the future. They're gonna get completely shafted

>> No.73079028

Nurgle introduced STDs into Slaanesh's sex cults. It's the reason why khorne is so mad all the time.

>> No.73079029

based and checked

>> No.73079035

Chainswords are AP -1 now apparently. But yeah it seems like that chainsword is stronger than the sister's powersword too, i gotta assume its just creative license for the trailer, as is that one sister's heroism being over the top.

I just hate when people bring up fire warrior as being unrealistic when this sort of shit is totally normal in 40ks other storytelling. That sister here is basically an FPS character, why couldnt she go blow up a monolith or whatever and why cant the fire warrior kill a greater daemon? Why cant they give us a game or a movie or something in which a Triarch Praetorian wipes out a company of marines.

>> No.73079044

Hopefully they just axe the doctrines bullshit and buff the weapons directly. Being good at using a chainsword only after turn 2/3 just seems fucking retarded to me. Doubly so for non-codex complaint chapters like Templars and Space Wolves

>> No.73079050

They'd look much better if they weren't so high. If they were flatter they'd look like sexy floating Abrams tanks

>> No.73079056


>> No.73079058

Post your army.

>> No.73079059

Are you talking about the tusks? because the furs are just trophies.

>> No.73079060

It's a DG single character and will suck ass, this was revealed to me in a dream.

>> No.73079070

>implying that primaris won't get fusion melters(tm)

>> No.73079081

I'd marry it

>> No.73079082


>> No.73079086

Yeah, no.

>> No.73079098

Necron fans were happy because being the opponent faction meant more support and nobody was delusional enought to think they would have shown Marines not being invincible demigods.

>> No.73079101

And his name is LORD MOLDY BUTT!

>> No.73079102

There’s literally no difference between csm chapters, that’s why you’ll never get a single different model. Death Guard is different army and will be given more models

>> No.73079103

yes the tusks

>> No.73079110

>DG players have every right to complain about being ignored.
Oh fuck off

>> No.73079114

I've already post some of my MAROONS in >>73078761, TSons are currently at a mates after some beerhammer but here are some old photos of my dual Tsons DP's.

>> No.73079119

That isn't a model.

>> No.73079121

Primaris lightning claw assault squads when? Lightning claws make me diamonds. Feels good to start RG

>> No.73079126

DG would really benefit from having a HQ that had any form of ranged power. They're suffering a lot from all the melee lords that are fucking slow to boot. Their best HQ isn't even a DG specific one.

>> No.73079128

I'm aware shit happens, what i mean is outside of the sisters of battle it doesn't happen regularly, whilst with them its suddenly all the time. They basically do the same thing ork WAAAGH shit does, but for the emperor. But even if the miracles are all real and not mostly just superstitious people plus sister space magic, 40k has always maintained that the emperor himself opposed the religion and its adherents commit unspeakable atrocities in his name. Glossing over that in what is going to be a lot of people's introduction to the setting implies that its a lot less fucked than it actually is.

>> No.73079129

Can’t go higher than -1AP si no... sorry sweaty

>> No.73079134

Orks are my main army but I still wish they got updated model line. If I had to choose another it'd be nids.

>> No.73079136

Even if they get snowflake meltas, the core melta rule will likely be improved to (I guess) a set minimum damage on the D6 roll.
They could also just nerf plasma since it's way too fucking good at everything and super cheap to equip.

>> No.73079138

You just had your entire model line expanded and updated. You will get nothing for another 9 years and like it.

>> No.73079148


I don't think anyone would ever care if you brought them, they're so garbage that they hinder the list.

>> No.73079154

I mean, to be fair, it has the knuckle plate with studs and disk at the base of the fingers characteristic of Cataphractii fists. And if there's one army that's known for having Cataphractii in 40k, it's DG.

Would not discount the possibility of getting a DG terminator lord kit so we could finally have T5 lords and sorcerers with disgusting resilience.

>> No.73079157

I'm going to run 20 man CSM blobs as Red Corsairs and bring them back and you can't stop me

>> No.73079160

> theres no difference between csm chapters
> death guard is different

>> No.73079167

Night lords generally don't embrace mutation, but they won't out right cut them off, like an iron warrior, if they're useful.

>> No.73079172

i dont care man, the "guard players are historicalfags" meme is real, I just want my Hussars

>> No.73079173

Foul Blightspawn are pretty good, but are one of those elite characters instead of a HQ. They need to make more units like him.

>> No.73079175

Honestly i hate D6 damage rolls so much but D3 is the absolute worst. It means your weapon is too unreliable to actually use against 2-3 wound targets but its going to waste its extra damage against 1 wound targets. At least D6 stuff is usually pretty clearly aimed at high woundcount targets exclusively.

>> No.73079180

>And if there's one army that's known for having Cataphractii in 40k, it's DG.
Nah bro, justaerin are finally coming to 40k

>> No.73079189

It's an alright tactic, but CSM still die pretty easily and not being able to use VotLW on them does hurt how useful they can be.

>> No.73079193

DG is a new army now, wb and iw are not. People wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and the black legion

>> No.73079195

Oh, you are that guy.

>> No.73079197

randomized damage and randomized shots are cancer. It should at least get a fucking minimum damage against its intended targets. This is why I hate power fists.

>> No.73079199

So what is pic related? Might just be retarded but I can't make out what they're supposed to be

>> No.73079200

DG are at the back of the line but i have to sympathize that they got shafted with most of their new models.
Unless you like chubby cute fantasy horn marines

>> No.73079206

melta gun gravis armour men

>> No.73079210


>> No.73079212

They didn't even have a model line before. They weren't even a playable army. The only kit they had was the old grody plague marines box, which was an Elites choice.

They got an entirely new model line, which was way larger than the Thousand Sons update. DG players got more than anybody else in 8th.

>> No.73079213

Dark Mech ( assuming its not the cancerous dinobot look they're using now for CSM, and more the dark electropriest from Blackstone Fortress)

>> No.73079218

Lol, CSM don't have chapters.

>> No.73079222

I know, hell majority of the legion is corrupt now iirc, but the purists would always be disgusted

>> No.73079225

Did you really think more than one person can make as many dumb decisions?

>> No.73079226

Renegades seem like such a fun concept, my problem would be that I see many different 3rd party minis that give different ideas on aesthetics I wouldn't be able to settle on one.

>> No.73079232

Youre overthinking

>> No.73079237

>The only kit they had was the old grody plague marines box, which was an Elites choice.

Not in a DG army though, you fucking secondary.

>> No.73079244

Just roll a 6 , just load you lucky dice

>> No.73079257

>People wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and the black legion
if they got the amount of models DG did, sure they would

>> No.73079282

Stop letting yourself be baited.

>> No.73079284

What do they have then, legions?

>> No.73079285

I will always enjoy the self proclaimed "chill player base" freaking out that their army only a couple cool models.

>> No.73079297

It'd be cool as fuck if the model was Huron Blackheart and he's Custodian sized ( I know it won't be, I'm just dreaming)

>> No.73079307

Yes, that's exactly what they have
>and warbands

>> No.73079319

Blightspawns are so baller that I wanted a second one in my army. Current WIP.

>> No.73079322

Trying to paint my Mordians, but all the guides I can find use the old discontinued paints. Can someone help me id this blue and its highlight colours?

>> No.73079336

You know they're just going to be better meltas that leave everyone else behind. Like how their bolt rifles stole what all bolters should have been.

The problem for me is they have like 4 different slight variants of anti infantry weapons on the same tank so primaris players are having to look at their rules 20 times to make sure they've shot all the weapons. Repulsor is the biggest offender.

Also marines have no business using an anti personnel ballistic weapon not based around a bolter. Wtf is this stubber shit? That crap is for lowly normals.

>> No.73079341

What is it with marinefags and their obsession with increasingly larger models?

>> No.73079344

The original of this was a lot smaller. It kind of took on a life of its own.

>> No.73079346


>> No.73079359

Best use for that guy since Plaguespewer Marines are shitty

>> No.73079366

napoleon complex

>> No.73079368

>They weren't even a playable army. The only kit they had was the old grody plague marines box, which was an Elites choice.

3.5e codex gives you a few pages of rules and wargear specific to Death Guard. In 4e codex Plague Marines (along with all other cult troops) were Troops. In 6e codex Typhus or Chaos Lord with Mark of Nurgle made Plague Marines Troops.

>> No.73079369

I dont know i guess if Harlequins had like a proper army maybe. The thing is i want something new. I mean sure im going to keep getting some more CSM but whenever i get tempted to start a new army when they get updated i always stop myself because i know its going to pass.

I dont like the armies we have available to us, thats why i havent bought them. A few new kits arent enough to change that for me. What i want is something new, a new subfaction that doesn't look or act like the existing stuff or even better a brand new faction. Bring on chaos xenos, bring on enslavers, bring on hrud, bring on some randomass branch of the imperium they dont usually talk about. I want to be able to experience a faction's first release, to not be bogged down by what has come before but to get to explore something new.

>> No.73079372

it's a faction swarmed with people looking for a power fantasy
their power fantasy not being as powerful as they can be is taken as a personal attack

>> No.73079381

But that's just a plague marine with a plague spewer?

>> No.73079385

>csm lore
Ok adb

>> No.73079386

>bolt rifles stole what all bolters should have been
Will Marinelet butthurt ever stop being so funny?

>> No.73079387


>> No.73079390

The Black Legion is about the only Legion. The WE, DG, EC, IW, and WB can unify on occasion to be legion size.

>> No.73079392

I've narrowed down my first army choice to either Thousand Sons, Grey Knights or Admech. Redpill me on your favourite one anons,. Thanks.

>> No.73079399

Truescalers were insane, the marine models were the main source of marine size and they insisted the proportions were wrong because of what, a handful of art drawn by freelancers?

>> No.73079402

Yeah, it's one of the enjoyable running jokes that i like seeing evolve.

>> No.73079404

Tru Scale (TM) Eldar when?

>> No.73079419

Gibs kissy kissy

>> No.73079422

GK and Admech are flavor of the month for you waacfags and you'll be called one too. TSons are absolute chads and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

>> No.73079429

gravis units carrying a melta-type heavy weapon, likely a very close ranged variant still since they too carry the vambrace-plate with the crusading cross that seems shared by all the new close combat units

>> No.73079432

Yes, opposed to a Plague Marine with a Plague Sprayer. What do you want me to do, have 2 identical models as my elite characters? It's obvious that it's a flamer model and it's on a 40mm base, so it's a Foul Blightspawn now.

>> No.73079435

The Grey knights may use the tide of the warp, but Thousand sons surf it.

>> No.73079436

It's annoying when a cadian guardsmen is as big as a marine even when one is on a 25mm and the other a 32mm base.

>> No.73079441

it averages out against w3, its only terrible against w2.

>> No.73079446

what can I say, getting ignored since like fifth edition kinda wore thin after a while

>> No.73079451

That's just IW fags, they've been proven to be turbo autistic

>> No.73079461

do we have an eta on the engine war pdf

>> No.73079465

W2 is far more common than W3

>> No.73079467

I'll take flowing fluids on models over extra plastic bits on thin supports that will snap when tying to transport it. Like the tiles/cards on the harlequin guy, those things will snap in a god damn heartbeat.

>> No.73079473

thousand sons, absolutely

>> No.73079484

>here we have the space marines, bravely and desperately holding the line against their terrible nemesis, their dark rivals or 10,000 of warfare
>the space marines are twice as good as those guys though in basically every possible way so it'll be fine
Compelling. Thrilling. Exciting.

>> No.73079494

Maybe add a big blight grenade in there somewhere to represent his special once per game grenade

>> No.73079499

but James Workshop, you should already know that

>> No.73079503

I'm buying a forgefiend


>> No.73079508

I was just asking :(

>> No.73079513

Warhammer Daily is live :^)
Tanks, monsters, and Death Guard :^))))

>> No.73079517

why would we they're kickass

>> No.73079521

Are we supposed to?

>> No.73079539

TS are an incomplete faction unlikely to be expanded
Admech are a big faction that's pretty much complete but with questionable artistic directions as of late. They do have the. Most aesthetic knights tied to them which is cool.
Grey knights are grey knights, it's up to you if you're bothered by them being manlets or not.

>> No.73079549

ork shooting being good when?

>> No.73079550

so by 'you can shoot whilst in melee as a tank' what they meant was 'you cant fire blasts, can only fire at the units in CC and you have -1 to hit'

which is good

>> No.73079556

GSC. Mostly nerfs and useless crap that is not even fun to use.

>> No.73079585

>nooo, you have to give gw 35 dollars fir a single model that's the same as something you can make yourself with bits! It has a trademarked name and everything!

Never do this

>> No.73079590

Maccrage blue base, Hoeth blue highlight, Blue Horror edge highlight.

Mephiston Red base, Wild rider red highlight

>> No.73079598

Repulsors small anti personnel weapons buffed.

>> No.73079616

only in so much as they can shoot in melee

>> No.73079622

So are they 30 bucks more than they were in 6e at this point?

>> No.73079623

Google gk dreadknight, it’s the most adorable thing ever

>> No.73079625

Damn, that would've been a good idea before I started painting. I might still add it sometime later if I'm feeling daring.
Sorry, Anon! Point still stands, though.

>> No.73079628

It's arguable better than melee at the moment.

>> No.73079649

TSons have Ahriman who is the definition of based, by the based property making TSons based.

Admech and GK are cool too I guess

>> No.73079658

I'm sorry that you're nob bikers got, justifiably, nerfed but orks got a bunch of new sculpts and units during 7th.

>> No.73079659


They are amazing if RNG is on your side.

>> No.73079663

>Daemon hunters
>Pragmatic to a fault
>Have all the cool weapons, like halberds, longswords, stormbolters, incinerators
>All of them are psykers that rely on working together

>Tragic backstory
>Masters of the warp, with sorcerers that can annihilate entire companies on their own
>Even their bolt rounds are warp-infused
>Value knowledge above all
>Often aloof and arrogant because they think they know it all, but one of the more humane traitor legions in spite of that

>> No.73079665

When did their codex drop? Then

>> No.73079668

With Intercessors maybe, a lot of the power blob units are w3. Meganobs, xv8s, aggressors, wraithblades, destroyers, breachers, paladins, bullgryns, skyweavers, custodes.

>> No.73079669

>Thousand Sons
boring models except for the sorcerors and tzaangors, shit primarch, shit lore

>grey knights
manlet models, ugly designs aside from their iconic terminator, shit special snowflakes lore

the choice of true aficionados to the setting, like genestealer cultists, great room for personal input, classic and enjoyable lore and an entertaining and varied models line, especially if you convert the models you're less convinced by with whatever other imperial unit that might look capable of filling a similar role (a vehicle is a vehicle, a flier is a flier) and if you unapologetically deploy forge worlds units alongside the plastic models too, recasts, of course

>> No.73079671

I dunno why people are complaining so much, I'm just stoked for shiny new rules for my rusty dudes. I'd be pumped if we get some kinda goofy shit like increasing grenade distance or spewer/sprayer distance, and maybe a buff to heavy blight launcher drones because I really like how that weapon looks.

>> No.73079675

Sorry. >>73079508 don't mind me.
>>73079585 I'm just extremely salty about gw's sleazy character price game.

>> No.73079678

>t. Hasn't been victimized by Grot big gunz spam and Bad Moons lootas

>> No.73079690

That's because plastic IG infantry models are way too large. Compare those to older metal models and you'll see

Ork shooting is suppose to be a meme anon. Besides, the game doesn't need yet another gunline army

>> No.73079707

well yes, but you gotta sacrifice like 3 baby goats to get that level of power

>> No.73079709

Yeah idk what this one waac fag keeps screeching about, I’m AMPED for any sort of new plague covered shit we get

>> No.73079719

>The Man With No Taste

>> No.73079734

What's the chances of a new daemon prince kit? I want to add 1 of them to my WE army for crusade and I'm unsure whether to pull the trigger

>> No.73079736

When have y'all gone against instructions to build something funky fresh?

>> No.73079749

Try toddlers, those yield way better results

>> No.73079759

>That's because plastic IG infantry models are way too large.
So? The point is that is why people wanted taller marines. And if you're a marine player it easier to try and make your models bigger than make every guard players models smaller. After Primaris it was going alright until they dropped SoB and now it's back to the same place it was

>> No.73079765


>> No.73079767

magnus a shit


>> No.73079779

>no don't play a psychic race
>I only have 2 defenses against it

>> No.73079781

i love my shitty dino-bot rifleman

>> No.73079783

Pretty regularly

>> No.73079804

Zero. There is a plastic Daemon Prince, and it is relatively recent.

>until they dropped SoB and now it's back to the same place it was
Anybody who did not see this coming was a fool. If you are autistic about scale and size difference, don't play anything with GW miniatures.

>> No.73079806

>with deffdreads with 4 kustom mega blastas each rerolling the 1's

>> No.73079807

Anyone know a good conversion for a non mutated daemon prince? Like a really big marine without all the claws and shit

>> No.73079814

needs a warhound-like head

>> No.73079836

>After Primaris it was going alright until they dropped SoB and now it's back to the same place it was
I think we're all forgetting the real victims here.
True scale custodes when?

>> No.73079839

>and it is relatively recent.
very relatively

>> No.73079843

thats not a thing, but if you care, use a primarch model

>> No.73079844


>> No.73079852

>I dunno why people are complaining so much

>> No.73079854

>sob too tall
You know how your girlfriend will try and wear heels to get taller than you even though she can't? Just think of it like that. 12" heeled power suits.

>> No.73079863

I don't think anyone saw sisters coming out as the tallest models in the line

>scale autism
I'm sure if ogryns were the size of normal guardsmen people would complain about that. It doesn't all have to be rigidly to a scale but even a relative difference would be nice to maintain instead of some lines randomly coming out huge

>> No.73079864

>upside-down sarcophagus

>> No.73079866

That is the shit I am going for, i use mostly 30k models for 40k as I don't like the daemon and mutation stuff from chaos and prefer the renegade marine look

>> No.73079871

how are custodes out of scale?
they're meant to be taller than marines not taller than primaris

>> No.73079875

Use the new slaanesh chap, give him plug ports and wings.

>> No.73079881

Ok but new Sob don't have heels. They don't even have thick soled boots like marines

>> No.73079882

That marine knows what he wants.

>> No.73079884

I thought of this, but he's smaller than you'd think

>> No.73079894

They should have bare feet.

>> No.73079898

But anon, none of the SoB models are wearing heels.

>> No.73079900

Custodes aren't manlets and won't be upstaged by sisters and marines.

>> No.73079914

Models for this feel?

>> No.73079927

The good ones are

>> No.73079937

There were a number of people calling it, saying that regular human models would also become larger.
Specially after the Necromunda models. The writing was on the wall.
>Shit was so hilarious, all the desperate excuses like "B-but necromunda is a different scale!"

>> No.73079938

Get to know the fucking DEATH GUARD RULES GOD DAMMIT

>> No.73079944

Ok come here sweaty

>> No.73079955

They are meant to be upstaged by Primaris Marines, GW themselves says so.

>> No.73079961

Wtf the fuck is wrong with gw

>> No.73079971

shut it nerd

>> No.73079980

Humans becoming larger in general sure, but everything was becoming larger in general. I don't think anybody called Sisters specifically becoming the biggest basic infantry in the game. They'll probably stay that way even with the new crons because they're hunched over

>> No.73079989

GW doesn't give a flying fuck about scale or consistency.
The Yvraine model, supposedly a regular size eldar, is as tall as a Wraithguard.

>> No.73079990

Necron Deathmarks.

>> No.73079996

Of no yes they

>> No.73079999

>At least 6 new relics, 30+ new stratagems, 7 plague companies with specific warlord traits/relic/stratagems

>> No.73080004

Drahzar is one of the best bang for your buck character assassins and Test of Skill Jet Fighters and Blast Pistol Hecatrixes are amazing anti-vehicle.

>> No.73080007

spacemarine eliminators

>> No.73080014

I don't think the old ones had any either, or most the art. The only sister I can think of that appeared in heels was the blanche canoness

>> No.73080018

>SoB don't get heels
>female sigmarines do
Yo GW what the fuck

>> No.73080020

>entire subfaction for zombies
>even a strat
>its typhus's legion

>> No.73080021



>> No.73080030

It's the world of warcraft model of scale
The more important you are to the story the larger you become

>> No.73080032

I'm tempted just to get the 30k angron model and use that,

>> No.73080037

GW learned their lesson with sigmarines. Heels are sexist female oppression

>> No.73080062

For some reason this looks tasty, I want a bit of that cheesy stuff.

>> No.73080065

I was hoping for only hitting on 6s rather than -1 to hit

>> No.73080079

Quads of truth??

>> No.73080080

SoB never really had heels.

>> No.73080082

I actually don't think it's DG.
The symbol on the hand isn't symmetrical.

>> No.73080093

>I was hoping vehicles would be useless when tied up
That would have defeated the entire purpose anon. Unless you mean only the heavy weapons, then yeah maybe i guess.

>> No.73080094

just bought a cryptek and stormlord off the GW site and they are both finecast.

i have never had a finecast model before any tips to how to work with this material? it seems pretty brittle and there are sprues fucking everywhere, even in high detail locations.

did GW fuck me or do only finecasts exist of these characters?

>> No.73080101

Is it just me or does this put the final nail in the coffin of the meleefex? The quad devourer + enhanced senses dakkafex was already the best build, only sometimes swapping out the enhanced senses for an acid maw in order not to be totally helpless in melee. Now even that's not really a concern. More broadly, now you can't keep tanks and monsters from firing by engaging them in melee -- won't this just lead to yet more shooting dominance? Melee was as much about keeping your dudes from being shot as it was killing stuff, now half that equation's gone.

>> No.73080102

Stu Black just said it on stream 5 minutes ago
there'll probably be an article later today or tomorrow

>> No.73080103

I want them now now now NOW NOW NOW NOOOOOOOOOW

>> No.73080105

>dread waagh gorkanaut can teleport within 12" and shoot 48 4+ rr1 s6 -1 shots. That's like surprisingly not bad.

>> No.73080113

>Heels are sexist female oppression

This. What SoB need are bare feet.

>> No.73080115

It's not a symbol, looks more like the regular CSM raised armor rim.
What's dripping off it seems to be blood sticking to the claw, not something oozing out of the hand itself
My bet is plastic Mutilators

>> No.73080119

They're back in stock? Neat.
Finecast is a bitch, but it's what you gotta do for most of the mage in HQs. There is a plastic cryptek, but it sucks and is worse than the finecast one in every way.

>> No.73080122

Thanks for reporting anon, this is great news

>> No.73080129

Woo lads.
I can already hear pure melee fags bitching.
I don't understand it though, the map is going to be near 24% smaller and terrain will be boosted considerably, I feel this change was necessary.

>> No.73080136

>only applies to heavy
So dumb, can’t wait for imperium to be unbeatable again

>> No.73080139

Those are just still finecast. Should have read the description on the site.
You're kinda fucked. Even if you properly clean the model and put it together with superglue it's gonna deform under its own weight, even with barely an heat.

>> No.73080150

I bet you play Tau, don't you.

>> No.73080154

It'd be consistent with overwatch without actually rendering them useless though. It would also give them a reason to fall back depending on what was engaging them, and it would give an advantage to melee units. -1 to hit and limited targeting isn't enough, any melee unit touching a tank is just going to get wiped now and the tank doesn't even need to fall back anymore.

>> No.73080156

seems like they want to de-emphasize running 60+ cheap shitters chaff in every game.

>> No.73080158

I'm going to have to wait for the new terrain rules before I fully feel despair.

>> No.73080161

They can only fire at the engaging unit. So if you tie it up with shit that its not good at killing it is still fucked. For example lascannon predators wont ever chew through cultists engaging them. Think of it like screening, charge screens still take damage, now anti shooting "screens" will as well.

>> No.73080164

when are the new Talons rules being revealed

>> No.73080165

>So this is my best melee unit
>But anon, this is a land raider crusader

>> No.73080167

My my, this Telemon of mine doesn't look that shitty anymore.

>> No.73080173

Nah space marines and sob, I just like to complain

>> No.73080183

Kinda odd for the armor trim to be in the middle tho but it does look like blood
Watch it be BAs red thirst/black rage primaris melee unit or something and they just outfitted them in older equipment they don't mind losing

>> No.73080186

Vindicare assassin is the only proper answer

>> No.73080188

So, primaris niggers of 40k?

>> No.73080192

I bet we are gonna see people deliberately charging units with their tanks in order to deny the charge to them. No reason not to now.

>> No.73080198

>30+ new stratagems
Wait, what? That's more than even the Marine supplements got. It's about as much as what every CSM chapter got in Faith and Fury, put together.

>> No.73080200

Only if its an anti-infantry focused tank and only if its one kitted out for the type of infantry thats engaging it. An MEQ killer is going to fail to get through poxwalkers and a hordekiller will fail to deal with primaris chainswordeers or whatever.

It would be completely useless and its not even the same situation as overwatch so why should it be consistent? People can fire pistols in melee without taking penalty but the same pistol gets 6s only in overwatch.

>> No.73080201

I like using shooty dreads, my leviathan with butchers is happy

>> No.73080210

My brain is struggling to comprehend what this is even saying. Can someone reiterate in retard language?

>> No.73080212

Meant that the middle is the recess, the rest of the fist is the raised part

>> No.73080218

What happens to weapons on vehicles with minimum ranges in combat, like the Plagueburst Mortar

>> No.73080219

WHY? You expose yourself to an additional round of melee combat. If they charge you next turn and hit you that sucks, but if you charge them first then both that round and the round after they hit you.

>> No.73080221

And here I thought the rule was going to be that tanks will be able to fire at some other units while being bogged down by in close combat.
I mean, sure, some weapons work in short distance, like flamers or some small caliber guns.
But a tank pointing its big fuckoff barrel at its own feet and go kablooey? That seems dumb.

>> No.73080229

So you tie up tanks with a unit that has ridiculous saves.

>tfw tau charge into tanks to use shield drones savior protocols to neutralize the tanks damage output

>> No.73080232

True enough. That'd mean that you want to can sort-of tie up shooting tanks still, you just have to pick the right target for it. Maybe it'll increase the value of stuff like SS terminators. Feels like it's a bit too much when coupled with overwatch, though.

Likely later this week.

>> No.73080239

>doesn't affect Chariot
RIP Skull Cannons

>> No.73080244

Oh i see what you are saying.

>> No.73080254

>dreadnoughts and dreadknights can now shoot in melee
Oh my, the heavy flamer and incinerator options don't look so useless anymore

>> No.73080255

>Q: Is the Avatar of Khaine a named character?
>A: No.
>Avatars of Khaine and named characters such as Prince Yriel already have one or more artefacts, and cannot be given any of the following items.
what about phoenix lords? can they be given relics? and warlord traits

>> No.73080257

So you don't declare all weapons at once or is it a special exception that once you destroy the unit up close you can choose new targets?

>> No.73080258

Went back and clipped what they said

>> No.73080269

most have blasts and they said in the stream you cant shoot with blasts in CC

>> No.73080272

>-1 to hit
>Hitting on 5s for Russes
>Shooting lascannons or low shot high damage into grots and the like

It still makes sense to fall back if you can, else you're wasting a turn of shooting with the tank and can't use other units to shoot them since the tank would prevent it.

>> No.73080275

So I was under the impressiong you had to declare all your weapons before firing anything. The way this is written makes it seem like you can choose to fire in the following manner:
>left sponson into engagment
>still some left
>right sponson into engagment
>all gone
>main cannon and stormbolter into further target.

>> No.73080277

well unless part of the unit they're in combat with is in its range band it can't shoot that weapon, obviously

>> No.73080278

>Plagueburst crawler plaguespitters continue to be the right choice
>Rotigus can now barf in combat

Let's fuckin GOOOOO

>> No.73080281

>It would be completely useless
No. It would be able to shoot. Most tanks have high volume of shootings, even anti tank ones. Leman russes for example can get a main gun shooting twice, pintle, hull gun, and two sponson guns.

Melee should be more than a minor inconvenience to a tank. Now you have to charge in, eat overwatch, and then eat regular shooting and tank melee for tanks with melee (like dreadnoughts) every turn. It's dumb that you can just gun shit down without really having to think about for tanks, which are already strong.

>> No.73080288

Makes a levi dread with double butchers and the 2x flamers a fantastic horde killer, absolutely nowt will want to charge it

>> No.73080292

nobody's units are ever shut down anymore. you can never stop that fucking aura spamming castle faggot from shooting. his units are at close to maximum efficiency regardless of any gameplay circumstances.

what's that? your faction doesn't have extremely cost-effective shooting elements as vehicles/monsters? wow, uh, well you see

>> No.73080293

looks like flamers may be an attractive option

>> No.73080296

Id assume either you dont declare all weapons at once, or you declare them all but resolve them one at a time and if you failed to kill the engaging unit, the later ones simply fail.

>> No.73080298

>I love youre wife
>to support our costumers the director sends big birds
>I cannot breath
Ok this has to be done on purpose

>> No.73080310

Imagine a dreadknight with heavy incinerator and heavy psilencer laying it down on some horde unit

>> No.73080312

I think you declare all at once, but if you dont manage to kill the enemy binding you your other declared shots at other units will be void

>> No.73080313

From Stream:

1) All vehicles and monsters can fire non-blast weapons into CC at -1 to hit.

2) You declare shots at the same time, as usual. If you wipe out the unit touching you say before firing your battle cannon, your weapons can fire at OTHER units.

3) Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.

Big buffs to vehicles.

>> No.73080315

Incredibly based work, thanks anon

>> No.73080320

>What are declares?
You have to declare all your shots before shooting. The idea is if your tank is being engaged by a single grot, instead of shooting it with literally everything, you can declare stubbers into it and big gun into other things.
If it dies, you shoot the main gun.
If it survives, your other shots are cancelled since it's still in 1" range

>> No.73080325

I think its just a caveat for if the melee unit gets killed before the tank gets selected to.shoot

>> No.73080332

> Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.
i just came, now i can finally move my russes again

>> No.73080337

>makes ork grot gun lines, big mek SAG, and lootas with grot shields even more preferable
>makes ork melee even worse

why play orks then? if i wanted to play a static faggot gunline i'd play tau or guard.

>> No.73080338

Thanks anon. So that's 21 generic stratagems plus 7 company-specific ones, I can see that. Hope that they pull a Codex Marines and some of the generic ones find their way back to CSM, though.

>> No.73080340

New thread >>73080333

>> No.73080342

Their iconic art has. I wish it was an option though. It is clearly more empowering to have power stilletos than lame flats

>> No.73080347

I'm still mad about necrons not shooting big crackling arcs of green lightning in this trailer

>> No.73080348

Monsters / Vehicles can shoot while in melee with enemy units

M&V can target enemies that are in melee with themselves AND another of your units

M&V with multiple weapons CAN target units not in melee with them, but if you fail to wipe the unit you're in melee with your first gun(s) those attacks automatically fail

Heavy weapons get -1 to hit while in melee combat

>> No.73080355

Most tanks on overwatch deal fuck and all. They will do fuck and all in melee too. Only hitting on 6s is complete bullshit. Frankly infantry are stronger than tanks 9 cases out of 10, horde wounds are much harder to deal with than tanks which are all made of paper in the face of plasma and lascannons. On the smaller boards with terrain offering stronger protections to infantry getting into melee is going to be easier and stronger than ever.

>> No.73080359

Which piece? Only one I can think of is blanche canoness

>> No.73080361

>3) Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons.

Sentinels are back, baybee

>> No.73080379

My thoughts exactly, fucking UK esl English making rules as confusing as they can be.
>-1 to heavy if an enemy unit is within 1” of your tank or big guy
How fucking hard was that huh huh HUH

>> No.73080385

Oh cool, my venerable dreadnoughts get to hit on 2s with their lascannons. Nice.

>> No.73080404

That's very interesting. Global ignore heavy penalty is understandable, does that mean bikers ignore it too? What was it called before, Relentless? Anyway, blast weapons not being able to shoot point blank is fair enough, should still give some value to swarming tanks with infantry, especially if non-blast anti-infantry is worse. Also there's some risk in declaring shots at something you're not engaged with since if you don't wipe out your melee targets before shooting the ones at a distance you're wasting firepower.

>> No.73080405

Who drew that pic? It's great

>> No.73080412


>> No.73080416

my thoughts exactly.
I play cadians, so i lose my reroll of 1, but now i am at least able to move if i want to without them becoming useless

>> No.73080430

anything more?

>> No.73080431

Flick-the-Thief, apparently

>> No.73080436

Looks like Flick.

>> No.73080443


>> No.73080657

>mfw Plaguespitters on my PBC buffed by an Arch-contaminator DP

>> No.73080678

>Only infantry get -1 to hit while moving and shooting heavy weapons
Does this mean Daemon Engines are usable again

>> No.73080685

Where can I find audio books? I have downloaded an entire mega and can't find any.

>> No.73080707

Why are CSM not more heavily into dinobots?

>> No.73080714

Time to rev up those lascannon defilers

>> No.73080736

>Ork shooting is a meme
Nigger you must not have played the game prior to 8th. In prior editions they could shit dakka with trukkboyz and bikers, killa kanz with grotzooka small template spam and looted wagons dropping AP3 pie plates for fucking days. Their shooting was genuinely viable outside of a bad moonz lootastar.

>> No.73080881

you can pew pew with monsters and tanks if they're in melee

you can pew pew with monsters and tanks if they're in melee even with heavy weapons, but with a -1

you can pew pew with monsters and tanks if they're in melee even if there are other friendly units in the same melee

but you can only pew pew with monsters and tanks if they're in melee against the unit they're in melee with

you can pew pew with monsters and tanks with their remaining shooting weapons against other units only if they've managed to destroy the unit they were in melee with with their previous weapons

>> No.73081256

So if you kill a unit with gun melee, and still have guns left, you basically get another shooting phase with at least some of your guns?

>> No.73081425

On stream they explained you declare everything at once, but if you fail to destroy the unit thatd free you form combat, you lose the attack entirely.

>> No.73081467


>> No.73082368

>kastellans can now double-tap into melee, meaning there's literally no way to tie them down
>Listen. Understand. That BEEPBOOP is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with...it doesn't feel pity of remorse or fear...and it absolutely will not stop.Ever. Until you are dead.

>> No.73082575

it's a Red Butcher.

>> No.73082807

yes because if there's something that always adds to constructive discussion is a pity party saying that nuh uh i'm the more neglected faction

>> No.73082837

you send the guardsmen out to get blown up
then you convert whatever remains into the combat servitor

>> No.73082861

they got nuked like six months ago

>> No.73082876

oh boy land speeders have a point now
too bad they're getting squatted now

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