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great way to start the thread, arsehole

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I want to play comfy combat patrol 9th edition already damn you worldwide viruses/protests

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shut up and talk about the game

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9th edition is pretty exciting. What are the chances we're all getting new indices?

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Are you guys going to try out Crusade? I hope its fun, I've got some Chaos Space Marines I'm working on for it

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I feel better about not being able to have taught my gf how to play during lockdown now that i know i'd have had to do it again with 9th coming out.
They have said eventually everyone will have a new codex

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I was deliberately bumping old threads so that the previous 40k thread would die faster.

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I think its the scarves on the Sulphurhounds making them look too cowpoke like. Is that removable or molded to the torso?

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Let's post minis, bat-reps, fun lore. Sorry for using the same photo, I just haven't finished my next set of dudes yet.

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How would you actually change terrain rules to be more interesting?

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Any talk itt about the warcom statement or /pol/ will be met with a ban.
Keep it ontopic

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What should I buy for a CF army?

Whirlwinds are looking nice for the +1 to hit bonus and max shots bonus in 9th

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more like based amirite?

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Tabletop simulator exists. You can’t play with your own models, but it’s better than nothing .

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Tell me your that guy stories.

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have they told us when we're getting a good look at the new necrons?

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literally unheard of

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Tell us about them Anon

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Remove the concept of places that aren't terrain. That every single milimeter of the board should have a special effect. Flat ground giving movement bonuses, rough terrain slowing certain units down, cover being multiple levels of strength depending on if its small, medium or huge cover. Also probably get rid of TLOS.

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how do I copy your blue grey?

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Working on my knight and pilot names
Warglaive - Bondsman Crivitz of Tremus

Helverin - Bondswoman Wicklow of Falun

Errant - Sir Dawes of Ferrus Metus

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Don't worry anon your dudes are nice, you think of a name for them yet?

Here is one of my landraiders

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I wish this was real

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They're showing off the contents of a 40k box on the 13th so probably then.

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Warcom says this week they are posting about what's in the set

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Latest dudes
Going back to work on Kabalites next though when I'm done with these

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put rules that make clear how cramped the board is supposed to be

don't count true line of sight

make terrain count in a minor way in radius rather than only behind it

majorly hidden units can't be the target of attacks if there are units in the open to target

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Reported for impersonation 4chan staff.

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>They originate from the hive world Queenslandier
>They painted their armour in the colours of a group of gladiators from ancient Straya
>The original gladiators colouring their armour with the deep red sands to honour their homeland of Queensland
>They came to blows with Ultramarines
>Mainly because they were Blue
>This escalated to full blown war which would later been known As the State of Origin
>This war was fought on both their home planets of Macragge and Queensslandier
>As well as a third planet of Melburn the nightmare death world
>By the end of war the Ultramarines sacked Queenslandier and plundered many relics of the Maroons chapter
>The Maroons were labeled traitors and driven from their world into the Maelstrom
>Turning to the dark gods in hopes to one day take revenge upon the Ultramarines
>Now every hundred years they seek to claim in conquest the 3 worlds they spilled their blood on
>They are currently led by the rasping voice of Dark Apostle Darren Lockyer

I use the legion tactics of the Word Bears, Night Lords, and Iron Warriors as its to represent the Three worlds they wish to conquer.
>Word Bearers for Queenslandier ass that's who conquered and settled it during the Great Crusade
>Night Lords for Melburn as they wish to personify the nightmares that that world produces
>Iron Warriors for Macragge as they wish to lay siege to the mountainous world and utterly decimate it

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I dreamt about going to the LGS, trying to buy more tacticals and they were all sold out.
Does that mean I should get some more tacticals asap? should I get some assault marines to use as tacs for more pose diversity in my squads?

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Why do people act as if getting out of GW stores is getting them "out of the hobby" or "ywnbm" shit?

Do they not realise that in olden days, using proxies, or off-brand models, making homebrew rules, wasn't just day to day, but literally even encouraged by GW(minus the off-brand stuff)?

Nobody in the hobby has ever been depending on GW. I even remember that people initially laughed at GWs attempts to make the hobby GW store centric. Now it seems its everything people remember or see, and actually think that the hobby couldnt exist outside of GW stores.

I miss the days of playing 40k with some nerds in a random LGS and at home. Nowadays it seems its 90% GWstore.

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Its an omen anon. You are a prophet of the lord. This is one of the signs of revelations.

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I just wanted to complain about rogue janny waking up already. You got me for a second.

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I want to try out space marines with a kill team or a small patrol detachment and I decided on an Imperial Roman army theme, more-so than the Ultramarines. Now, I need advice with some things:
>what's a good melee and infantry focused chapter tactic? There will be bikes and such, but mainly infantry
>any 3rd party roman bits you can recommend?
>what would be more fitting, picture related with silver armor with red elements to reflect the color of the roman armor or a red with silver elements to reflect the color they were mainly wearing? also, purple elements on veterans?

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is tabletop simulator the best way to play wh online or are there better options?

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Interesting idea but they'd look kind of weird. They have jump pack harnesses on their chestplates and generally lack the right parts to be used as tacticals unless you're literally going to buy the whole assault marines kit just for the legs

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if you're gonna do silver, make sure to do the segmented stuff too or they'll just look like medieval tryhards

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>GWs statement is now buried under normal posts
>wasnt on whc
>everyone knows it was to shut up twitter liberals

So at the end of this,was it just to piss off fags like arch warhammer?

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Don't worry Anon. In articles about the new board sizes for 9th edition, they talked about how you could play a 2000pt or so game on your dining room table, and showed an image of a gaming mat made by some other company. They're loosening up

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It's Thunderhawk Blue shaded with a 1:1:1 agrax, nuln lahmian mix that I used on basically everything, layered over with THB again and highlighted with Fenrisian Grey

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there should be two 24" long clear firing lines from deployment to deployment
any clear firing line longer than 24" should be put outside of the deployment zones
the rest of the field must be full of scenery distanced 9" from each other

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so, the emperor wants me to buy more tacs?
>literally buy the whole kit for the legs
yeah right, who would do that? ha-haha.
kit comes with aquilla bodies and normal backpacks inc ase you dont want jump pack backpacks, since its not primaris-monopose stuff, I checked the sprues, got enough bolter arms left from previous tac sprues

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There was a necron player in my store around 2010, he had a head shaped like a martian and the worst acne I've ever seen; I think he was 20 at the time. Not a rude guy or anything, just a little stranger than most of the people there.
Anyway one day he's sitting on the floor with the stores codex, he's got a big pad of paper with him and a pen. He's decided that he's going to copy the entire codex from the first page to the back. He gets like 7 pages in and the GW manager comes over to him and basically says, "Either you put all of the pages in the bin, or I'll have to ban you from the store" the martian looked like a deer in headlights became really stressed out and decided to leave, his grandmother took him home.
I think he's probably the same guy that maintains the mega links.

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I take back what I said about the gaming mat but the dining room table thing is true

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I want to make a fluffly SM army. Is it weird to have two captains in an army?

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I've continued working on my game board after my scenery mud delivery finally arrived on friday
first one's flocked up and ready

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BA successor or Raven Guard successor with Whirlwind of Rage and Hungry for Battle.

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Looks great anon

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Ahh, I see, that makes sense.
Make sure you post the results here eh?

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I could be buying a bunch of infinity models, I already have 300 points (full game) of models and I could really diversify my army. Add units which do really unique and fun things and experiment with my lists endlessly for $300.
Instead I'm paying $300 to get like 40 40k plastic miniatures which is like half of the points i'd need to reach the standard 2000 points list in addition to the $200 worth of models I already have, furthermore they're all just bog standard 'troops' that don't actually do anything interesting, but I need to get them to fill out my army.
I hate being a cuck to GWs superior lore and designs, why does GW have to be so good bros?

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I used to go to beginner days at my local GW when I got back into the hobby. I brought a fluffy (read: crappy) IG army, there was this one kid who's dad bought him various titans. What a fucking faggot kid. If I had to play against him, I would just take ages rolling dice, removing casualties etc.

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Thanks I will might take a while till they arrive tho

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If it were truly fluffy there probably shouldn't even be one, but then again you can fluff as whatever and still use the rules.

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Because they've been around so long they understand how to do what they do and do it well.
Plus they have a larger infrastructure to maintain so more revenue is important.

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It's weird to have one captain in an army of less than 100 marines. A full battle company is usually accompanied by terminators, scouts and auxiliaries from reserve companies as well.
Take a Chaplain, Librarian or even just a Lieutenant

Dammit I almost said take a Master of the Forge, RIP

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t.red shirt

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>Faeit repost the rumour started on 4chan
>Somehow it's screenshots so grainy they are almost impossible to read
>Instead of being just a copy-paste

But why thou?

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>and utterly decimate it
They only want to reduce it by 10%?

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It could be worse bro
You could be living in NZ

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I've been collecting 40k since 2004 anon.
That's definitely a factor, I won't lie, there's more players of 40k around me then there is infinity players so that influences my decisions but I still want to have my daemons and chaos space marines.
And honestly it seems like GW shits the bed so often that they really ought to be a dead company but their setting is just too good.

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The population of Macragge, yes.
>the ultramarines are apart of that population

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imagine being such a cuck you keep buying models you don't like

>> No.73056817

I suffer the same pain.
Love the setting
Love (some)models
'ate the prices
'ate GW
simple as

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>Tell us about them Anon
Nothing too special, the rough idea is a renegade chapter that got turned as part of the Abyssal Crusade; prior to that they considered themselves especially favoured by the Emperor, so after being disabused of that notion they're out to demonstrate the folly of trusting in Big E, the usual stuff

Mechanically I'm planning on just running lots of CSMs and Terminators because I like the models. I've also got Word Bearers so I'm going to keep all the Chaos exclusive stuff (Possessed, Daemon engines, etc) on the WBs but run the evil versions of imperial stuff on the renegades (Terminators, predators, helbrutes etc)

Colour scheme is this >>73056643

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There's nothing wrong with cuckoldry.

>> No.73056826

Because leaks become more credible the grainier the pic is

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Decimate means kill lots of
Decimation means kill 10%

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thanks anon

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You can always fluff the second captain as an especially powerful and well equipped LT or Company Champion etc
When I run my Dark Eldar the second Archon is more of an elite combat monster than an Archon fluffwise

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When did I say I didn't like the models?
I vastly prefer the models of 40k then infinity, it's just that they're kind of boring rules wise.
That said i'm >>73056817 this so I probably am a cuck for GW
Fuck, I'm Australian so I know how it feels, although it's not as bad as what you have to deal with.
Do you use recasts?

>> No.73056847

hurr durr linguistic prescriptivism, have you been under a rock for 2000 years?

>> No.73056848

Yeah, all admech players are smelly cringe cuckboys

>> No.73056859

Shame about the mat, but its definitely a step in the right direction.

But I kinda worry, that in the current climate, nu-fans will just call it "watering the hobby" down or giving it access to normies or something.
But im glad its even just a bit, returning to its roots.

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Do you think the assault intercessors will have some sort of a shield option? I'd say a combat shield but it would probably replace their pistol

>> No.73056877

/tg/-approved irl heroes of 40k and the hobby:

>Arch Warhammer

Any other examples I am missing?

>> No.73056878

They look great man. Are you thinking of having your two warbands interact at all? Crusades struck me as a very narrative thing to get into. Also on that note, thought up any characters yet?

>> No.73056881

Man, Dracons need to get a model, same with a "Head Wrack" or a Dracite for Wych Cults. Just something to justify more characters for Deldar.

>> No.73056882

Fuck off retard.

>> No.73056883


Models have since been painted but we both smiled when this chance encounter happened.

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There's two kinds of admech players anon. The virgin 5 man ranger spammer and the chad 10 man vanguard with arc maul.

>> No.73056898

>Do you use recasts?
Nah mate, finecast and tamiya paints are carcinogenic enough already, I don't want to take too many risks haha. Besides, my local retailer runs tournaments and I want to be able to bring my orks to them. Trademe gets me all the cheap models I need

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Sorry dudes, but you gotta be above a certain level of autism to be justified to use Iron Warriors rules, especially when the subject of decimation comes up.

>> No.73056904

Neither was able to even hurt each other throughout the entire game

>> No.73056909

>not 3d printing your models

>> No.73056912

>Do you think the assault intercessors will have some sort of a shield option?
>Do you think the assault intercessors will have some option?

>> No.73056915

I thinking of getting back to building Space Marines for 9th, would a primaris only force of BRavens have some merit or are space marines due for another nerf?

>> No.73056916

I don't think so. They are the Primaris version of Assault Marines, so just basic options of Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, with the leader having the option for a Plasma Pistol or a Hand Flamer. Perhaps a Thunder Hammer too.

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Buy whatever the newest and most expensive models they have are. They'll be the most competitive in the next edition

>> No.73056934

Based on what?

>> No.73056941

based on facts and logic

>> No.73056946

What about the Kataphron "skitarii aren't admech" players?

>> No.73056949

see >>73056814

>> No.73056952

>Are you thinking of having your two warbands interact at all?
For bigger games I'd consider running them together, especially as the renegades feel like the little brothers to the Word Bearers fluffwise
>thought up any characters yet?
Nothing yet, I'm still putting plastic together for now but I'm hoping I get some inspiration once I assemble some more

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>> No.73056956

>Based Inquisitor DESTROYS Eldar Witch with Faith and Purity

>> No.73056958


>> No.73056961

A second HQ for each subfaction, or even just a generic HQ like a unnamed character Mandrake or Scourge would be nice for list building purposes

>> No.73056969

What a lad

>> No.73056975

>Buy whatever the newest and most expensive models they have are. They'll be the most competitive in the next edition
You'd think so, but GW is incredibly inconsistent about that
Intercessors eventually became a big deal along with some of the other Primaris stuff, but what about Redemptor Dreads, Inceptors and Hellblasters? Meanwhile Centurions got to tear it up for a while, outclassing Aggressors in a lot of ways

>> No.73057009

Meh inceptors and hellblasters aren't even bad, codex sm is just filled with 5 star units. I'm convinced inceptors especially would be a standard take in practically every other army.

>> No.73057013


>> No.73057020

I could see the multipart kit having more options just like intercessors. Power swords could be a good alternative. +1 attack -1 rend Vs -3 rend are balanced options

>> No.73057023

Speaking of which, what is the point of these guys at the moment? Unless they really buff the chainswords you're giving up multiple bolter shots for one more melee attack and a heavy bolt pistol shot. Are they going to make their chainswords -1 AP or something?

>> No.73057032

GW said they're making all marine chainswords AP-1.

>> No.73057033

>Are they going to make their chainswords -1 AP or something?
That's pretty much confirmed seeing as they don't have chainswords, they have "Astartes chainswords". And 4 attack -1 rend for each model is no joke.

>> No.73057035

Lmao funny CERTAINLY never done before


>> No.73057039

They are buffing Chainswords. Astartes CS are now -1AP. That applies to all Marine Chainswords.

>> No.73057047

are CSMs getting this too

>> No.73057049

No, Crusade is a term couched in religious bigotry against Muslims.
Frankly it's problematic and y'all should boycott it for the sake of inclusion.

>> No.73057050

Dunno, maybe.

>> No.73057058

>And 4 attack -1 rend for each model is no joke.
Say what you want about the models but Primaris are what Marines should have always been rulewise.

>> No.73057068

Chainswords should be str.4 regardless of who carries it

>> No.73057076

Fuck off cunt i'm just posting my warbands lore, better than this /pol/ trash mate.

>> No.73057077

Its just so I can make 9 attack each death company for a laugh.

>> No.73057093

>benefit everyone but Marines and Catachans
>be an active hindrance to S5+ models that can take a chainsword

>> No.73057096

These the guys in the box? I don't remember seeing a plasma pistol on the intercessors in the beginner box

>> No.73057097

you know the chainsaw blade doesn't actually do anything right? it's basically just blunt force trauma. user strength is everything.

>> No.73057104

What's holding up the servo-skulls? Some kind of wiring?

>> No.73057107

That is precisely what makes it so appropriate for a setting profoundly about religious conflict and bigotry.

>> No.73057109

>That applies to all Marine Chainswords.
I find that hard to believe unless they're also buffing the regular bolters.

>> No.73057114

Sorry, but discrimination against Muslims is never appropriate.

>> No.73057119

Stop biting, fuck me

>> No.73057124

Are you cute?

>> No.73057129

Just bought 3 Whirlwinds for my Crimson Fists lads

>> No.73057131

I now realise the error in my grammar and lack of inflection

>> No.73057135

Just show one with a damn jump pack already, I refuse to believe they didn't make them.

>> No.73057147

I promise not to bite.

Unless you want me to.

>> No.73057158

>regular bolters buffed
Imagine tactical marines and chaos marines suddenly having -1 AP and 30".

>> No.73057160


>> No.73057168


Indexes were to cover the scrapping of 3rd edition, making the existing codexes incompatible.

Honestly given that this new framework doesn’t do much the 3rd-7th superedition couldn’t and misses a lot it could, I fully expect a generation of nostalgiafags to bring it back in some capacity 15-20 years from now.

>> No.73057182

Because firstborn are for poors

>> No.73057185

Dont buy anything based on 8th points, theres massive hikes for some factions as soon as 9th drops. GW actually said they want you to use LESS models this time around, I imagine they gave some kind of sacrifice to their shareholders kek

>> No.73057199

Crusade is really the part of 9th that I'm hype for.

>> No.73057206

>Bolt rifles are now -2 AP 36"

>> No.73057213


I don’t want to use less models, I have what qualified as 11,000 points of Necrons in 7th, have actually bought a few things since then and am clearly about to get more.

>> No.73057215

No, chaos chainswords are barely working relics from the horus heresy.

>> No.73057216

Crusade seems to me a thing you could only really do alongside a group of people you regularly play with

>> No.73057225


>> No.73057239

No, but ok.

>> No.73057240

It's almost like GW should never have done it.

>> No.73057258

Sweet conversion! Is that yours?

>> No.73057260


>> No.73057265

>not giving them AP-1 but any roll of 1 to hit causes a mortal wound to the wielder due to the demon in the blade fighting back

>> No.73057269

They have to be superior to bolters though.

>> No.73057270

But it has rules for playing against someone who isn't doing it. Seems like it works a lot like blood bowl to me.

>> No.73057274

never ever

>> No.73057277

Lmao primaris were dead weight for 80% of 8th despite being the main market focus

>> No.73057280

Nice work! That weathering really make it like like it's been through hell.

>> No.73057297

Is 9th edition going to be the AP creep edition in which marines are going to ignore everything that doesn't have a 2+ and invul saves are going to be the thing that makes or breaks a model being useful?
I mean it already kinda started with 8th

>> No.73057301

bolters have range, chainswords require you to reach melee.
buffing the chainswords sounds like a nice reward for reaching combat.

>> No.73057304

Nice bruv, just dont blow yourself up

>> No.73057305

If the chainswords can be the same for primaris and regulars then so can the default bolters.

>> No.73057309

2+ are already useless since everything already rends -1.

>> No.73057316

Where I am very few people play at the store. The place is a circle jerk for waac fags so no plays and they are open in the most retarded hours so no point. The lgs that hosts MTG has more people playing any gw games.

>> No.73057321

Have they gave any in-fluff explanation, no matter how lame it is, about why Primaris can't fit into marinelet vehicles?

>> No.73057324

>But it has rules for playing against someone who isn't doing it. Seems like it works a lot like blood bowl to me.
I wonder how its going to enforce people keeping the penalties they accumulate like injuries

>> No.73057325

But Primaris have bolt rifles, not bolters.
Bolt rifles are distinctly superior to bolters.
Primaris use the same melee weapons as manlets though.

>> No.73057327

>Is 9th edition going to be the AP creep edition in which marines are going to ignore everything that doesn't have a 2+ and invul saves are going to be the thing that makes or breaks a model being useful?

>> No.73057333

they're probably just going to make them slightly different like boltguns and bolt rifles, so it's going to be chainswords and some shit like chain rippers, you know, something trademarkable

>> No.73057338

By the same logic primaris should have new better chainswords, but everyone is getting them. But that's beside the point, it was just "what if the regular bolters were brought in-line with primaris rifles then" and your reply completely missed the point. This is going nowhere so nevermind.

>> No.73057339

i was that guy in my first ever game
>be me
>join escalation league (still 8th not an old story)
>starts at 500 points and im building admech as my first ever army
>first opponent is a 16 year old kid playing alpha legion
>he has one battalion with a single rhino two squads csm a squad of cultist a librarian and some generic chaos lord
>i have 2 enginseers 15 skitarii rangers with x2 arc rifles and an arc pistol for each 5 man squad
>and three fucking onager dune crawlers 2 neutron lasers and 1 icarus array each with the extra heavy stubber attached.
>tabled him in 2 turns while only losing 1 skitarii model to his entire army going down to the last model.
i felt so fucking bad i still try constantly to make sure he knows every little trick other factions might pull since i have a friend who has been playing since rogue trader.

>> No.73057340


Lamenters do not have to use the Blood Angels codex, there is no rule stating that Successors of the BA/DA/SW MUST use the codex of their parent chapter

>> No.73057341

No, there is no fluff reason, it's a game play thing.

>> No.73057347

>Cawl-pattern Chain™ Ripperblade™™
You know the Primaris loving idiots here would not only say the new name is great but that its even more better, more 40k and more over the top fun than the old name

>> No.73057352

That was the case since day one. -1 to hit or 5++ as standard for something to be good was one of first rule of thumbs for 8th.

>> No.73057365

ive also got one more
>second battle of the league
>playing against waac fag who started before me
>faggot moved through walls with his penitent engines and charged me through said walls because i could't find the rule that said vehicles can't drive through buildings.
>faggot also put way to much terrain on the board and i failed to know that i could object to this so he tabled my army by cheating and using his over crowded building board.

>> No.73057366

hmm, people might play tacs at 13 each with a stalker. probably not even with bolt rifles or autos.

>> No.73057367

>By the same logic primaris should have new better chainswords
I wouldn't be against it, but currently they don't.
As it stands Primaris don't have access to chainlongswords or whatever, just the same chainswords as minimarines.
>But that's beside the point, it was just "what if the regular bolters were brought in-line with primaris rifles then" and your reply completely missed the point.
I got the point, but bolt rifles are superior to bolters, it makes no sense to give them identical stats.

>> No.73057368

Hope you anons have a good day today

>> No.73057385

thanks cat, you too

>> No.73057390

Thanks anon, you too.

>> No.73057393

Another great win for chapterhouse!

>> No.73057395

I'm not, but thank you anyway

>> No.73057397

even with just chainswords, rhino rushing some blood claws sounds vicious.

>> No.73057416

What the hell would happen to chainaxes then
If you think players should be locked into a ruleset based on their fucking paint scheme you need to an hero asap anyway.

>> No.73057419

its literally the first rule in the rule section of codex sm, "space marine units and detachments" you mong.

>> No.73057422

Intercessors have options though.
They can take different types of bolt rifle, they can take grenade launchers, and they have sergeant options.

>> No.73057423

My guess is that they'll be +1S Chainswords the way that Power Axes are +1S over Power Swords

>> No.73057427

I just want to see the GW qt again

>> No.73057428

>got off from work until the end of the week
>got time to finally work on my game board and nearly finished the 2nd piece
I am, thank you anon, I hope you have a nice day too

>> No.73057429

Literally no it isnt

>> No.73057430

In real life that would be the case. In the 3d animations where chainswords are shown to operate, they are stuck into the target, then the chainblades do all the real work. You could argue that the GW guy who wrote chainswords wasnt personally involved in the creation of those pieces of media, but it has been very consident over the decades.

>> No.73057431

>What the hell would happen to chainaxes then
They've still got the +1S at least

>> No.73057437

Dracons for Kabal, Sirens for Wych cults, Disciples for Covens.

>> No.73057442


>> No.73057445

Because they were able to squeeze them on the sprue and it lets them pretend they have !great customizability!, yes.
But nothing interesting. Even giving the sergeants full gamut of options would be better.

>> No.73057448

>he mutters under his breath as he pays the cashier at GW for 3 boxes of New Primaris Assault Intercessors™

>> No.73057455


>> No.73057462

>unnamed Mandrake character
Keradruakh would like a word

>> No.73057467

Tabletop sim is trash though. It’s so fucking janky and even moving models around is a chore. I wish there was a proper alternative. I used to use Vassal back in the day but I don’t think they’ve updated any models since 6th edition.

>> No.73057471

LAMENTER has a rules definition as a blood angels successor. It is not <chapter>. They can't use it.

>> No.73057472

Chick at my local, mainly painted but also made the autistic dudes sperg out. Gw is store only at the moment so no chance to chill.
>she is cute

>> No.73057474

my funding got canned cos of covid so not really, who knew 9th edition would look like the most promising thing coming out of this fucked up year

>> No.73057481


>> No.73057489

God I hope war of the spider lets me make mutant marines

>> No.73057492

Did I painted it badly?

It's not my best piece for sure, but it's not that bad, right?

>> No.73057495

>he's building around 8E point values
>he's buying straight from GW instead of resale on ebay
>he's buying troops he doesn't want to use in a game

>> No.73057501

There is a "Creations of Bile" subfaction or as they put it "new way to play chaos space marines". I am interested, mostly because the fabius bile model is aesthetically pleasing and i like mad scientists.

>> No.73057511

nah, thanks to a blessed friend it's
>he mutters under his breath as he uses the instruction booklet from the one legit box of CSMs to build the 3 recast squads
Having access to a good recaster is wonderful.
Yeah but my Lamentor (pronounced 'Lamenter') chapter using a very similar color scheme isn't. You pedantic fuckwit.

>> No.73057516

good luck with that man, tfw only dudes and trannies in my local game stores. feels fucking bad man.

>> No.73057520

I'm here to 0100001001010010010001010100010101000100

>> No.73057522

I'd rather have a generic than more named characters

>> No.73057526

looks good

>> No.73057528


>> No.73057530



I can't wait to make my Kastelan's have crying laughing emoji faces.

>> No.73057531

>molded on sergeant helmet again

>> No.73057537

I buy with 20% GW discount.

>> No.73057544

So many Chaosfags are gagging for Chaos Primaris, how disappointed do you think they'll be?

>> No.73057549

looks good, only advice I could say is that while the techniques (highlights, the rippling mirror, etc.) do look nice, I can tell they're painted, so maybe work to make the fading a little more natural?

but still looks good

>> No.73057551

I have more bits then I can count from playing for almost 20 years now, I have so many generic marines that are half/un/kind of painted or just bits of well over 100 marines/CSM's just sitting around...

I swear if I can make "creations" like i'm thinking of its going to be my old lost and the damned army all over again (I had about 200 chaos mutants) and that would be great, have we heard any real rules yet? leaks or anything?

>> No.73057557

It was about time that helmet autists were taken to task and made to paint some faces

>> No.73057559

>More Primarch shit
Hard pass.

>> No.73057562

it'll probably be the old "enhanced marines" thing. So an obvious excuse to make mutant marines.

>> No.73057570

that's pretty standard for a good LGS, but you can get for way less by scavenging off ebay

you can get models for virtually nothing provided you're willing to put up with reposing and stripping, I got like 60 metal GK for under 100$ by getting shitty paintjobs

>> No.73057576

I would hate if they where just chaos primaris, I want a reason to kit bash a 3'ed arm or two heads onto a generic marine

>> No.73057579

goodspeed on your shitposting anon, I did pic related as a dare and I'm using him as my warlord ever since

>> No.73057593

Chaos already has too much weird bullshit in it. Can't I just get some dudes or vehicles without random spiders legs or oozing vaginas everywhere.

>> No.73057599

From what I gather, Chaosfags don't want Chaos Primaris. They want Primaris statlines. CSM should be better than they currently are.

>> No.73057601

Fuck off Xenos cuck, let the real chads run this hobby.

>> No.73057610

20% is not bad.

Sure, it's not like my 47%, but it's still good.

>> No.73057612

I love it

>> No.73057632

this is the fall of mankind here.

>> No.73057633

>Can't I just get some dudes
bruh that's what they were. His whole goal was making marines+1. The cursed founding/his enhanced men let you go as crazy as you wanted with the conversions.

>> No.73057635

Hey fuck you buddy, just play normal space marines and say they are "renegade" if you want boring old normal shit

>> No.73057645

No chaos players want primaris. The only people that want chaos primaris are loyalist primaris fags that are buttmad about being told they're faggots for only collecting primaris, and marvel soibois that want to be edgy like their favorite villain.

>> No.73057648

false flagging primaris fags are pushing that narrative

>> No.73057650

Since GW says they want to focus on diversity, does that mean we are getting plastic Tallarn models. I am painting my Cadia tanks desert camo so I can use them if the day ever comes.

>> No.73057651

And no rule in either the BA or SM codex says they must use the BA codex

>> No.73057662

without NPCs there'd be no variety for imperiumfags to stomp.

>> No.73057668

Would unironically love seeing more diverse guard model ranges again.

>> No.73057669

But I want him to have a beakie

>> No.73057670

Best regiments.
I would love to make more cultists out of them

>> No.73057672

How does it feel that the actual tabletop is basically becoming surplus material to video games, rather than being the main thing?

It happened to WHFB and it'll happen to 40k too.
At one point, the actual tabletop will be the "expanded universe" of warhammer. Something that most people don't give a shit about, as games become more and more elaborate.

And its not like GW doesn't deserve their settings being wrestled out of their hands anyway. Incompetent fucks. Does GW even realise how much they're fucking themselves over by giving out video game licenses?
In their heads it's making people join the hobby, but in reality its giving people an excuse not to join it in the first place.

The times where you needed the hobby to engage yourself in the setting and games are way past over, and GW is clinging to certain death. Only grogs and whales are left buying.

>> No.73057676

Would play tallarn if they got models tbqhwy

>> No.73057678

>does that mean we are getting plastic Tallarn models
Plastic guard regiments would be fucking great, but it's GW we're talking about.

>> No.73057682

no one really cares about real "diversity" they just want good boy points online for saying they care.

other wise ya, we would get plastic Tallarn fucking finally, perhaps celestial lions would get some of there own things and merge them with Black Templar, or fuck perhaps some female guard mini's that dont look like shit

>> No.73057689

tallarn are full of orientalism tropes and would be very problematic to 'those people' who would then go on to kick up a stink on GW's social media outlets

>> No.73057690

I always wanted to play Tallarns in 2000. Never pulled it off. Please GW make it happen so I can 3D print your models.

>> No.73057701

yeah they are old b-but they have also been infused with evil chaos powers over time right?...

>> No.73057703

There are barely any good 40k games nowadays, let alone popular ones.

>> No.73057707

Tallarn imo work better when they are Lawrence of Arabia themed and clearly british people dressed as arabic fighters. I think that gives them a bit of uniqueness compared to just being arabs. But i'm fine with either honestly.

>> No.73057712

#fakenews and nothingburger. it happened to whfb because it doesn't exist anymore (officially) as a tabletop game.

Also, you stink of that idiot who posts shit from Gladius, 'WaT dO u ThInK oF tHiS nEw LoRe GuIsE!!??

>> No.73057722

Why would they do something that requires work when they can just pay lip service on twitter since everyone has the attention span of a fucking gold fish and this will all be forgotten about in weeks.

>> No.73057731

What this

>> No.73057742

They just want to pretend to be Primaris but without their old kits and units being legends'd

>> No.73057752

Arch here, i prefer mine Afrika Korps flavered

>> No.73057755

He needs a standard bearer buddy flying an OK Hand flag to complete the effect.

>> No.73057768

I finished mechanicus a week or two ago and had a pretty good time, it's not going to be the next DoW, but they definitely nailed the aesthetic of the game

>> No.73057785

Yep, the west is in deep with the real baizou hours
imagine self satisfied good boy points obsession being so widespread the chinks make a word for it

>> No.73057787

>the actual tabletop is basically becoming surplus material to video games, rather than being the main thing?
only secondaries are dumb enough to think that

most warhammer videogames are trash and while the hobby of collecting, converting, painting and playing with miniatures shows no significant weakness still

>> No.73057793


>> No.73057804

lmao. Arch's ideal dick sucking list
>afrika korps tallarn
>falschirmjager Harakoni Warhawks
>SS charlemagne mordians
>SS panzer lehr steel legion
>squatting vostroyans and valhallans for being revolting commies

>> No.73057811

Why you posted Dark Angels pic instead of tallarn?

>> No.73057819

Just a generic "if you're an asshole, leave" inclusivity thing GW posted on a twitter thread or something.
Nothing particularly notworthy, but apparently some chodes got assmad.

>> No.73057836

Better than 95% of the shit I play against desu

>> No.73057854

>we as humans don't like unpleasant humans

Stunning and brave.

>> No.73057855

best troops in the game coming through

>> No.73057858

I've painted three lemans and a baneblade in Mordian colours in hope they'll get models. I'm considering suicide.

>> No.73057873

these look cool, why did admechfags shit on these and celebrated the cowboys instead?

>> No.73057875


>> No.73057881

>why did admechfags shit on these
They didn't?

>> No.73057882

I dont think we have leaks and honestly i cant imagine GW actively pushing something that has to be converted without either a conversion kit being released for sale, or it being a white dwarf tier super minor thing.
That said we might get "marines but the statline and points cost are slightly dfiferent" with the "official" versions being just painting them in bile's new faction colours, but the implication being you should shove chaos spawn pieces on them.

>> No.73057884

Y'all ready for this " fake " speeders this saturday?

>> No.73057889

You weren't here when they released. They got a ton of hate.

>> No.73057891

Unless they are from my ideals. Then they are free to be unpleasant assholes

>> No.73057899

Are breachers better than destroyers?

>> No.73057902

3rd party is your friend.
Anvil Industry
Victoria Miniatures

>> No.73057907

Fuck you

>> No.73057916

Honestly that's the best I think I can hope for but its good enough for me

>> No.73057918

I really like them but i wont start admech because its all about skitaari. All the new releases are skitarii or transports for skitarii. Every list i see is skitarii. I dont like them from either a rules or an aesthetic perspective. They are just admech tempestus scions. GW combined Cult and Skitarii into one army, but they basically abandoned cult.

>> No.73057936

Looks pretty good actually. Looking forward to a good pic

>> No.73057940

>Cries in chaos bolters with 0 AP

>> No.73057941

there's a few strong lists floating around that involve spamming the shit out of destroyers and breachers because they hit so hard

>> No.73057944

>3 dune crawlers in a 500 point game

>> No.73057949


>> No.73057952

So far so good. Working from home since shits fucked, and i'm the helpdesk phone. Slow day means i'm hopping between answering the occasional email/assigning tickets and working on a model i have on the far end of my desk

>> No.73057956

Chainswords are dumb and lame and for lumberjacks. Power Fists are the close combat weapon of champions. If you disagree I will put the squeeze on you.

>> No.73057960

Anyone use Bloodcrushers? is it best to deep strike them and try for the banner of blood 3d6 charge? i own about 6 not used them in years but planning to have a Khorne element aiding my csm, basically Khorne stuff maybe a DP but no Greater daemons. the new strats we just got seem cool and i just discovered they have 4 wounds now whch sounds solid desu

>> No.73057967

I've been toying around with an alpha legion list using a noctilith and aegis defence line just to be a smarmy fuckhead, even if it's more of a detriment than a help logically.

Just so I can sneer at 0 and -1 AP weapons.

>> No.73057972

I will! Just saw war of the spider finally being released. Excited for some new DG rules

>> No.73057976

Tabletop simulator is fine, stop being a sperg

>> No.73057981

There were these guys that constantly shitpost on /tg/

>> No.73057990

It's fine for what it does - Allowing you to play 40k tabletop with a minimum amount of money.

>> No.73057993

Hey fellas, so I'm one unit away from finally hitting 1000 points in my AdMec army, and I'm trying to find the best unit to top it off so far. Here's what I've got as of now:
Tech priest Dominus, macrostubber/eradication ray
Tech priest Enginseer

Skitarii rangers, x2 snipers
Skitarii vanguard, x2 plasma, enhanced data tether, alpha w/phosphor blast pistol and taser goad
Skitarii vanguard, alpha w/arc maul/pistol
Skitarii rangers, x2 arc rifles, alpha w/arc maul/pistol

Fast attack
Ptexarii Sterilyzors

Heavy support
Kastelan Robots (2, both having phosphor blasters and the 12" flamers)
2 Onager Dunecrawlers. One has Icarus Array and heavy stubber, other has neutron laser

Skorpius Dunerider

I'm thinking of grabbing another one of the new units again, if I do it'd be sulphurhounds to support the vanguard in my transport, maybe Sicarians? I have a Knight Paladin too, but I'm not counting that right now because I don't know how aux detachments are gonna work in 9th and I'd rather just have pure AdMec in 1000 points

>> No.73057999

New fags... can triforce?

>> No.73058003

squeeze me daddy, you'll never beat the chainsword

>> No.73058005

wattabout ap-3 lASSguns?

>> No.73058008

consider the following

>> No.73058009

Only infantry can walk through ruins so yeah you got cheated

>> No.73058016

get breachers they are really hard to kill and hit really hard or destroyers if you want to slaughter marines

>> No.73058017

I think mathwise Bloodletters outperform them point for point and fill a troops slot, but Bloodcrushers aren't terrible, they hit pretty hard on the charge and a small squad is actually easier to deep strike into holes in the enemies screening

>> No.73058018

Will gauss be good again in 9th?

>> No.73058024

Fucking same. Diversity in and of itself is not a bad thing. More model ranges and types = good thing. If 'woke' shit affects you, don't read Black Library and you'd never know any different.

>> No.73058028


>> No.73058042

yes but breachers need a severe nerf.

>> No.73058047

I painted the other half of my Cadia troops white and red in hopes of having Vostroyan troops, I share your pain.

>> No.73058048

Honestly I'm probably dropping the noctilith and taking a dorito with veil instead since a 3+ save in cover is the same as a 5++ against -3ap

>> No.73058051

His hand should be an OK hand

>> No.73058057


Everything about that picture looks like it was a bitch to do...assembly, painting, details etc

>> No.73058064

they don't hit as hard but are more durable than a custodes to compensate

>> No.73058073

All the current codices are compatible, and the PA books were written with 9th in mind, but the changes are going to hit some armies really hard. Namely, armies that are more CP hungry, or rely on spending CP before the battle on HQ and unit upgrades.

I don't think 9th is going to be balanced at all on launch. I may be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if we a kind of general Index book that brought all armies onto a level playing field.

>> No.73058079

Did they actually think SM were lacking in the flying heavy tank unit role. What next another dreadnought with no invuln and a split melee/ranged profile?

>> No.73058089

If this is a transport, I'm already way more interested in it than any of the other dumpy, over gunned tanks

>> No.73058090

No. Just like Death Guard in 8th, Necrons will be cucked because marines gotta shine always and brightest.

>> No.73058094

Same but Stodes

>> No.73058099

What, you don't like vehicles that are so laughably designed that they look like a tonka toy had a bastard child with an overarmed gundam and gi joe vehicle?

>> No.73058102

I don't like all the women that are being forced in to a military setting though.
Other races are okay, though I prefer they not be forced in to the detriment of aesthetic.

>> No.73058105

No chuds in my hobby.

>> No.73058107

You caught me out anon

>> No.73058114

We're getting point changes at launch like a mid-year CA and new terrain rules, plus BLAST keyword

They'll just FAQ and point-change other stuff for balance down the line like they have for 8th. FW stuff is getting new books, though, and everything OOP is getting shoved in the Legends bin

>> No.73058115

>melee focused
>it's a bunch of crazied maniacs
is it just GK and custodes that dont do this?

>> No.73058120


>> No.73058123

With how often they change shit now I feel like they should start only offering digital codexes with free updates until they do a rerelease of said codex

>> No.73058127

Women would be cool if they looked interesting, instead they want to go for this pseudo "realistic" look by making them all hideous
Like no one complains about female night elves in Warcraft for example

>> No.73058128

You kind of have to be when everyone else has a gun.

>> No.73058130

You'd have to be pretty crazed to run into a gunline with a sword m8

>> No.73058145

IG doesn't, their melee guys are just chonk.

>> No.73058149

When you buy the 9th ed dexes, you get a code to load into the new GW official battlescribe replacer that also has the books, and that one will update

At least, it updates w/ errata and point changes in the AoS one from what I've heard, and even keeps outdated books in a separate section so you can look at old shit.

>> No.73058151


>> No.73058154

go back

>> No.73058155

They're too stupid to be crazy

>> No.73058160

What will piss me off is when they start adding new campaign books I am certain they will update datasheets etc and you have to buy that book BUT it won't just update your Codex datasheets and Stratagem options. You'll need to look at the campaign book in the app to see the Datasheets or book-exclusive options.

They're also updating all the FW models into their own books, so we will still need a library of books, or we will have to keep switching screens. They are retarded enough to restrict things in this way because they're worried no books will get sold lmao

>> No.73058162

So rather than being a scummy cash grab the app might actually be useful and good?

>> No.73058164

Why the fuck are GW so autistic to make dark angels, black templars, space wolves and blold angels all about and only about fucking melee?

Why the fuck would I play any of the other ones if one is the top meta and the obvious choice to use?

Melee focus for an army also makes it super god damn boring.

>> No.73058166

>go back
Go back

>> No.73058169

a hefty boi

>> No.73058187


>> No.73058193

>Melee focus for an army also makes it super god damn boring.
Shut your whore mouth

>> No.73058195

No it'll still be a scummy cash grab thanks to the scale of GW's scummy cash grab with their rules.

It just won't be quite as egregious.

>> No.73058198


>> No.73058200

They were really useless when they were released in 7th edition. They've gotten steadily better during 8th.

>> No.73058201

can't he comin.

>> No.73058206

>implying any play style in this fucking game isn't boring in and of itself
The only fun to be had from this game is the hobby side, and beating wannabe waacfags into the dust.
ITC sucks ass but it bred so much of that compfag trash that around me I can find and stomp them all day with shitty on paper themed lists.

>> No.73058211

>Why the fuck would I play any of the other ones if one is the top meta and the obvious choice to use?
if you weren't a soulless waacfag that wouldn't be a problem

>> No.73058212

Seems like we have a common enemy my golden brother

>> No.73058214

DA is supposed to be melee, fooled me.

>> No.73058233

Hard to avoid speccing into comp listbuilding if you live in america

ITC is a huge spreading cancer here.

>> No.73058237

>Space Marine armies can't shoot
What a dummy.

>> No.73058242

i painted these guys up this weekend.

i know they will likely be lackluster on the table but i like the models.

im still getting used to painting though

>> No.73058263

>ITC is a huge spreading cancer here.
and you're one of it's tumors

>> No.73058278

Fundamentally, guns and long range stuff are at total odds with everything interesting about space marines. IG and Tau show what a ranged focused army looks like and its not super strong super fast super armored dudes. Even if they aren't melee troopers, space marines shine best in the thick of it, up close and personal. The old Rapid Fire rules encouraged them to move up to close range, which was a great idea. Even if its not melee, space marines are at their best as a close range army.

>> No.73058282

Hey anon, they look good. How long have you been painting?

>> No.73058288

My dad was just admitted to the hospital for heart and lungs problems. I can't even visit him because of corona ...
Thanks anyway I guess

>> No.73058290

good job, add more highlight on weapons, fix white on heads and stop with the doble spacing

>> No.73058292


>> No.73058296

Yes, cancer infects and transforms healthy cells and all that.

I wasn't having fun at all getting stomped with no chances every game, so I make mixed theme lists that are comp capable now.
honestly I'd just move on to a different game entirely but I'm too much of a burnout flake to start a scene for another system in my area, and the only other thing getting played is infinity which my wafflebrain can't handle.

>> No.73058303

throw a chaincannon in your units bro

>> No.73058305

Dug this fellow out of the pile of shame for a "break" project and experiment with "grim dark" style.
Still and early WIP.

>> No.73058307

>Why the fuck are GW so autistic to make dark angels, black templars, space wolves and blold angels all about and only about fucking melee?
They're not though.

>> No.73058319

I know heavy bolters were already essentially dead as an option worth taking, but it's hilarious to me how GW released the chaincannon to permanently seal their fate.

>> No.73058331

not very long. ive painted up my start collecting box and bought a triarch stalker and a doom scythe.other than those i have no experience really.

honestly the white is annoying me.i've done like 4 coats and it still looks splotchy. i might try some edge highlights on the weapons tomorrow but i always seem to screw it up.

>> No.73058361

What this anon said. Metallic Necrons are nice and easy to highlight by drybrushing with the Necron Compound dry paint, so you can get a load of extra detail and light on raised edges. Did you shade them yet?

>> No.73058368

If I understood well, GW said that 9th edition will finally have updatable books right? As in you buy the PDF and it gets updated with FAQs and shit. Or have I mixed things up with them announcing getting the paper version gets you a pdf version as well?

>> No.73058375

Whoops, highlighted the wrong post

>> No.73058381

>honestly the white is annoying me.i've done like 4 coats and it still looks splotchy.
I'd recommend mixing corax white and lahmian medium in a 1:1 ratio.
Covers easily and goes on smooth.

>> No.73058384

>an additional shot on 5 and two on 6
>guns are s7
these fuckers really got a buff

>> No.73058398

>The book has rules for the Death Guard, Adeptus Custodes, Sisters of Silence, Imperial Assassins and Creations of Bile, a new way of playing Chaos Space Marines.
>Creations of Bile
What will this be?

>> No.73058408

>and only about fucking melee?

>> No.73058415

Did you go Ulthuan Grey for the base on the white? White is always easiest to paint off-white and then build up to a sharp white highlight

>> No.73058418

>What will this be?
Hopefully fun

>> No.73058422

It's so Blood Angels are less trash in this edition

>> No.73058432

>Creations of Bile
Something like Thunder-Warriors?
Powerful, but can fall over dead at any time.

>> No.73058436

It's probably going to be his "cocktails" turned into stratagems/formations, like what we saw in Vigilus Defiant/Ablaze

>> No.73058442

Cross-post from /wip/
Working on this fella, a counts-as Foul Blightspawn. I thought I'd like the fungus-looking-ass things to look white/orange but in practice it looks like hot garbage. Any suggestions for that?

>> No.73058444

>Roll for each squad of chaos marines in your Creations of Bile army. On a 2-4, they gave +1 strength, on a 5-6 they gain d3 attacks. On a 1 the squad suffers d6 mortal wounds. That'll be $59.99 please thank you.

>> No.73058450

what a revolting artstyle

>> No.73058452

They already said it.
It's a new way to play CSM

>> No.73058453

2 wound CSM that totally arent primaris

>> No.73058457

I think it looks good.

>> No.73058464

female not!space marines as featured in the novels

>> No.73058466

Somehow he looks not so Chaos-y, if few arrows here and there are removed

>> No.73058469

>what a revolting artstyle
What's wrong with it?

>> No.73058470

No, we're getting updated Cadians with better proportions and female heads, as per the trailer and WC post. Probably in november

>> No.73058473

It's revolting

>> No.73058481

You jest but it'll be this level of random table garbage GW loves for Chaos

>> No.73058483

Or the Gland-Hounds?

>> No.73058484

>tfw she's most likely dead
Why did GW do this...

>> No.73058486

i would legitimately quit the hobby, 20 years, i've waited.

>> No.73058488

>Somehow he looks not so Chaos-y
He's covered in people leather.

>> No.73058494

Wait updated cadians? After what almost 20 years?

>> No.73058499

loyalists do that too you know

>> No.73058505

>Mandatory female guardsmen
I imagine it will kill the faction.

>> No.73058508

They did the entire SoB line and no one even buys those. Why would they not update one of their most popular armies and charge you £5 extra per box?

>> No.73058509

fuck off cruddace

>> No.73058512

I'm honestly not sure whether I'd prefer full on mutants so I can do some conversions or just bigger, tougher marines with 2Ws so I can use my existing CSM stuff

>> No.73058516

No they don't.

>> No.73058519

admech need thallax to fill in, as a better melee unit that requires nearby auras to shoot well.

>necron sniper is two balls instead of a scope
I know it's about visual representation on the tabletop but for fucks sake GW there isn't even a 'admech like to keep things archaic because faith' line of reasoning for such retarded designs. A fucking robot doesn't need a fucking scope when it's own eye can do that and more. Between this, hydraulics, silly string lightning effects and wires GW just turn crons into a joke. Can't they play halo and take note from forerunners or those new guys?

>> No.73058521

>Why would they not update one of their most popular armies and charge you £5 extra per box?
But anon GW already reboxed and adjusted prices on their Cadian squads, surely they wouldn't adjust prices yet again?!

>> No.73058528

Its a new Legion trait set for Biles guys. Like the Red Corsairs and other jobber Chaos Marine got.

>> No.73058529

maybe some type of red/orange/brown contrast over?

>> No.73058535

Yes they do, lorelet. Look up Executioners.

>> No.73058541

You already know the answer, anon

>> No.73058555

they will do their darndest to ensure the new guardsmen are incompatible with third party pollack bits.

>> No.73058565

Is that a challenge to GW's greed anon? Because they will take you up on that, don't you worry.

>> No.73058570

they better be mordians

>> No.73058582


>> No.73058587

>Chaos getting shit rules again
I hate you but I believe it

>> No.73058589

imagine the smell

>> No.73058601

please fap before posting coomer
We all know that DKoK has the best pinups

>> No.73058604


>> No.73058605

>Clean smooth generic-high-tech look
>For Necrons
Shame on you, anon. Space terminators all the way. I agree the ball scopes and lightning effects are dumb though.

>> No.73058613

dkok is for faggy larpers, as an austrian i prefer the glorious not-prussians

>> No.73058629


>> No.73058637

>Can't they play halo and take note from forerunners or those new guys?
I wish gaylofags would die.

>> No.73058641


>> No.73058647

One explanation would be that this are pre-biotransference weapons and they have not bothered to remove scopes.

>> No.73058649

I dont think the balls are a scope though. I think the single eye DOES do all the sighting and doesn't "look through" the balls. I always assumed the balls were sensors that feed information to the deathmark. They supposedly have super great omnidirectional sensors that warn them of incoming drop pods and teleports.

>> No.73058656

>mfw secondaries don't know where "you will not be missed" originally comes from

>> No.73058672

>basic bitches of krieg
No thanks. Gimme steel legion, gimme stormtroopers, gimme elysians. Hell I'll even take a cadian, provided the respirator stays on.

>> No.73058673

What i want is tech priest soldiers. Electro priests are the closest we have. I want boots on the ground power axe wielding motherfuckers with tentacle mounted guns but not one manipulus and a dominus, entire units of lesser versions.

>> No.73058677

ITC is literally using the GW rules for 9th in 2021

>> No.73058682

>the changes are going to hit some armies really hard. Namely, armies that are more CP hungry, or rely on spending CP before the battle on HQ and unit upgrades.
Depends on the army. IG and Orks take a kick in the nuts, but Harlequins will love it.

>> No.73058688

I just want some subtlety and reason behind things other than 'look it's high tech because it's balls/glowing/pistons'.

>> No.73058696

I thought Mordians were based on Civil War Americans?

>> No.73058701

My god you're right. Also I miss when they sprinkled those qoutes in the rulebook and such

>> No.73058702

Craftworlds melee units, anything Harlequins, Incubi.

>> No.73058710

So GW is trying to reduce soup. They said before the reveals that souping will cost CP. Was that in regards just to the detachment changes?
Or do you have to pay even more CP to include multiple codexes in one army?

>> No.73058718

Take a look at a canoptek spyder or a necron's eyes. Notice that all the cameras/eyes are glowing green? Take a look at the deathmark's spheres, they also glow that green. It's not that hard to imagine they are omnidirectional cameras, presumably with one working the visible spectrum and one working necron space hoodoo.

>> No.73058730

possibly, maybe a mix. its the discipline thing that solidifies it for me

>> No.73058748

In theory, they all have different focuses
>Dark Angels
Not melee focused at all outside of Deathwing Knights
>Black Templars
Footslogging horde, maybe riding in Land Raiders. Sadly rules don't support them much and the best recipient for this strategy is fucking Iron Hands.
>Blood Angels
Jump pack specialists, mostly about rip and tear with little focus on shooting.
>Space Wolves
More of a combined arms approach, great melee characters and special units rather than something for everyone, have some good dedicated shooty units. Probably the guiltiest of overlap with BA.

Mind you, this all results from trying to give every fucking Marine chapter their own snowflake niche when there are entire armies languishing, so they're bound to run into redundancies.

>> No.73058756

Maybe rolling for a bonus on each squad? 3rd used to have a lot of those tables. Maybe have one squad be like +1 S, and another gets to add 2" to their movement.

That would be my guess. Fluffy, but not especially powerful.

>> No.73058765

Generally, what is the preferred weapon option for a Primaris Lieutenant? Probably Imperial Fists.

>> No.73058769

Were chaos baneblades ever not a massive handicap?

>> No.73058777

hes fucking tall for a first born

>> No.73058784


but on a more sensible note,. the stalker if you plan to stay with the tanks at the back, auto if you want to go forward

>> No.73058795

Whatever's cheapest since they're just buff machines.

>> No.73058807 [DELETED] 

>GW proofreading

>> No.73058808


5e apocalypse

>> No.73058815

He's one of the few models standing completely straight.

>> No.73058819

>he's lost his depravity seeker look

>> No.73058821

hello asking again if farsight enclave doesn't exist anymore. I remember someone said there was an army list where you could take robots as troops but I don't see it in the latest rules I downloaded from the op.

>> No.73058823

what wrong with that?

>> No.73058826

I feel like these ork kustom jobs just seem to add stuff these units should inherently come with anyway to not suck.

>> No.73058833

If it's anything like the intercessor kit then the helmet isn't part of the torso or legs, it's its own item.
If you really want to you could have him wearing a beakie or cut the bottom of the beakie off and put it on his belt

>> No.73058837

A burning blade.

>> No.73058856

there's no 4 on a D3 roll.

>> No.73058857

its a D3, so it cant be a 4, but you dont HAVE to add or subtract, so it can be 3 or 2


>> No.73058858

Pretty sure that, since Enhanced Warrior is a d3 roll with 3 results, it can only ever be a 1, 2 or 3. You can't get a result of 4 on a table of d3 outcomes.

>> No.73058859

Nah 9th/9th is geared to be simple, GW doesn't do "Here's my 4 csm sqauds, this unit has S5, this unit has a 1+ sv, this unit does wounds on the charge, this unit has poisoned attacks but only when it charges lol" bullshit anymore, stuff is typically a choice between 2 things or a flat buff for everyone

>> No.73058860

>you can make the roll worse if you want.

>> No.73058861

the maximum it can go is 3 beacuse it's d3. idiot

>> No.73058865

Look in The Greater Good. If it isn't there I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.73058867

Yous a dummy.

>> No.73058872

Fucking retard, subtracting 1 dosent mean a worse result

>> No.73058883

Can't wait to grab him. He is also probably genetically enhanced to be taller too.

>> No.73058884



>> No.73058885


>> No.73058887

>they painted the SoS black
right yes of course

>> No.73058890

Vallejo paints are so much better than Citadel dogshit it isn't even funny. I can't believe I spent $100 on Citadel paints before figuring this out.

Citadel products, you will not be missed.

>> No.73058891

Doesn't it?

>> No.73058903

The corset he's wearing constricts him to the point he has gained height.

>> No.73058911

toughness is the only enhancement that matters

>> No.73058912

no because if you see >>73058885 it's a roll for what buff you want

>> No.73058914

Is it retard hour wtf lmao

>> No.73058921


How do I avoid thinking about how ever army comp and play style has been predetermined by the devs.

Not a single strategy decision we've ever made in this game is original, everything had been decided for us.

>> No.73058926

LMAO NO! 2 is +1T, so T5 CSM

>> No.73058934

Well, if you want to be pedantic that's not quite right either. It could be a 2, 3 OR 4 as you could choose not to modify the roll.

>> No.73058938


>> No.73058939

They're painted the exact same way as when they were first announced. Fuck, they're probably the same damn models.

>> No.73058942

>Looks like he’s had a couple of tweaks since
his appearance in Codex: Chaos Space Marines, as have his weapons – the Rod of Torment now gives a Strength boost…
>Forget to mention that they reduced his base strength

>> No.73058943

and you auto get it whilst the minion is around. Ya boi got mad buffs

>> No.73058950

It's better to have a game where it feels like your decisions and actions have been done before than to have a fucking mess that hasn't been playtested.

>> No.73058955


>> No.73058958

They reuse the same models for those pics all the time.

>> No.73058960

>charges you with massed strength 3
>charges you with strength 6 or 7
Heh... Should'a taken the extra attacks... kid.

>> No.73058972

If this had come out on time this would have been a hint towards the new Primaris to be released in 9e.

>> No.73058980

>wanting my models to have shitty print lines in them
No thanks

>> No.73058986


The same reason the Templars have only been shown off as firstborn models, the studio is still using the same decade+ old army.

>> No.73058988

Can you keep buffing the same unit?

>> No.73058989

>T6 biker
lol wound me on 4s/6s. T+1 is great against most armies. Even Zerkers will benefit from +1T more than +1A

>> No.73059000

Space Wolves do get great melee buffs and characters but they're secretly the kings of mid range shooting and area denial. They charge and fight good but their abilities act as a great charge deterrent for their really good shooty units.
Plus Long Fangs are better than vanilla devs.

>> No.73059001

also infiltrators are pretty trash considering their bloated point cost.

>> No.73059004

probs not, you cant atm

>> No.73059005

>until the end of the battle
fuck, thats good

>> No.73059007

Chaos primaris

Looking at the accolyte model that comes with bile shows it dissecting a primaris marine.

>> No.73059011

the kit came out for BoP, pretty sure they are all painted white for that.

>> No.73059013

Are those Imperial Fists on the ground?

>> No.73059027

>imperial piss jobbing out
Valrak on suicide watch

>> No.73059028

If you roll a 1 and modify it to a 2 that's still only a 1 result on a d3, so no you don't auto get it but you have a good chance to get the toughness provided you dont roll a 1 or 6

>> No.73059034

Remember when everybody was freaking out about this and then promptly forgot it existed 2 months later?

>> No.73059043

Good for its points but the degrading statline is a killer.

>> No.73059056

please learn2read and see why you are dumb and wrong

>> No.73059060

It used to be just the strength of the user though, it's the same weapon.

>> No.73059064

>Play Emperor's Children
>Give +1T drugs to your CSM/Noise Marines/Possessed/Whatever
>Take Fabius Bile
>Add another 1 to T since it's now guaranteed with the acolyte
>T6 infantry

Probably not worth it, but could be fun to try it.

>> No.73059073

On a d3 1 and 2 count as 1. So adding one to a roll of 1 or 2 equals 2.

>> No.73059078

That sounds like some 7th Ed cheese.

Enclaves exist, have a <SEPT> rule, and even have their own LOW choice that's Farsight and the rest of The Eight

>> No.73059083

T6 Noise marines sound pretty real.

>> No.73059087

Arch Warhammer is a lorelet and a brainlet, he doesn't get a pass on being shit just because he's based and redpilled.

>> No.73059088

Don't point to it like it's a buff then.

>> No.73059091

T6 should be a decent breakpoint since most infantry mulchers are S4 for SM bolters or S5

>> No.73059092

Dont you know? Only women of color are strong enough to ward of the magic's of the warp. Deamons can't stand up to the power of a strong black woman

>> No.73059100

just go iron hands bro.

>> No.73059102

I think giving them the strength bonus and then an extra attack for noise marines in melee and juice the toughness for ranged dudes.

>> No.73059103

is this your new tactic arch

>> No.73059110


Was this different from a dreadnought in any way?

>> No.73059119

heavy bolter havocs are the cheapest way to fill heavy slots right? also they're very low target priority and decent force projection from cover

not all weapons will be good in all circumstances anon

>> No.73059133

well yeah, the dread has a dead dude in it, this dose not

>> No.73059143

Arch doesn’t even own any models. He just pretends he used to.

>> No.73059150

What is this first born meme? Is this a PC term for marinelets?

>> No.73059154

Either cheap as possible or a relic gun if you have a decent one.

>> No.73059159

It can fucking deepstrike, it also looks more like a pot bellied Boomer than the redemptor dread

>> No.73059163

Just in looks. Open cage versus a closed box and it’s taller.

>> No.73059167

>Iron autists
No thanks

>> No.73059178

Its meant to be basically a practical version of a dread. Well maybe besides the open cockpit, thats a bit goofy. The thing is nobody wants practical dreads as vehicles, they are beloved for how ridiculous it is to have sacred walking tombs as weapons.

>> No.73059189

I never did, you understand I didn’t write that article, right?

>> No.73059195

couldn't watch arch after he started plastering his face all over his videos

>> No.73059196

How could I forget about it when I run three?

>> No.73059197

It's not a meme. They are called that in Dark Imperium by Guy Haley.

>> No.73059199

It's a combat walker you can get out of rather than being a sort of alive body wired into it.

>> No.73059204

So if the SoS is 7ft tall, how fucking tall is Fabius?

>> No.73059206

when I was looking into the game like 10 years ago I think there was one of those magazine articles about it that introduced farsight and his giant bodyguard unit and had rules for using crisis suits as troops. then more recently someone told me they made an actual book for it. will it ever come back if it doesn't exist currently? I really like the robots but regular fire warriors are lame.

>> No.73059207

Yeah, you understand that given context you can see that it not addressed specifically to you, right?

>> No.73059223

I don't think so, the first time I heard them being called firstborn was the ADB novel.

>> No.73059226

what's going to be the next cowboy unit?

>> No.73059227

20 man noise marines T7 by turn 3 here we go boys

>> No.73059228

>reduces his stats by S1 and A2
>gets rid of his TF2 auto wound needle gun and replaces it with a melee needle weapon S4 -2 D1
>Haha but his rod gets +1 to S and his needle weapon gives you 3 extra attacks. He also gets a 5+ FNP and a minion


>> No.73059231

Auto cannons are better even for that fringe use. HBs have always had too few shots on any chassis with options that didn't factor in their high cost to output into its base points.

>> No.73059232

Farsight Enclaves are a thing, they get basic faction rules in the Tau codex and expanded abilities in Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good. They used to be able to take Crisis Suits as troops -- they can't anymore, but it's not a big deal with how permissive the army building rules are (and if you really want a Battalion, 3x5 Breachers is barely over 100 points and they do work).

>> No.73059246


Ork coach gun-wagon, drawn by squigs.

>> No.73059257

Gamza is cringe and theres a low iq/Boomer smell coming off him.

Probably by how he over explains things on camera like he's projecting his own inability to digest new information.

>> No.73059272

>fabulous bill went from S5 A6 to S4 A4
They just messed up in the article, r-right?

>> No.73059275

Absolute worst one that I still think about has to be this kid maybe 5 or 6 years ago. He was maybe around 10 with his shitty painted space marines but god damn he was having a ball. Every roll of the dice, every time he got to think about what he wanted to do, every time he took models off the table he was excited. His dad on the other hand was a massive faggot. Imagine "that dad" that screams at his kid during a little league game because his kid missed fielding a ball or struck out, and you know exactly what he was. Short cut hair, oakleys, polo shirt with none of the buttons on the collar done up, cargo shorts, and dad sandals. Dude just didn't want to be there, was huffing and fuming the whole time. Game ends and the kid ended up losing on points and is packing up when his dad comes over and just starts sweeping his minis off the table into a cardboard box. Kid was asking him to please be careful that they'll break and the dad just lost it, started screaming at the kid. Shit like, "they look like shit anyway and you have no fucking talent, you spent all that time and you can't even fucking win at this stupid fucking game, you have no talent or drive or ambition, your brothers never had this problem why are you so fucked up!?" Kid started to cry which of course makes the dad madder, grabbed the kids arm and pulled him out of the store, don't think he even got to put all of his models away and left some on the table. We never saw the kid or his dad again.

>> No.73059283

>Death Guard are hunting Bile
>Bile used as a new way to play CSM
Yet another update for Chaos that Death Guard don't get. Gotta love being the most forgotten portion of the forgotten faction.

>> No.73059290

stfu faggot your entire line got made in plastic last edition as well as your primarch

>> No.73059292

Dana Howl - Professional tranny coomer

>> No.73059295

and then everybody clapped

>> No.73059296

Nope. Fabius no longer samples his own enchantments. Also watch the acolyte is going to have the same statline as a dark apostle

>> No.73059305


>> No.73059306

that kid went on to make endless 'sob = tranny/manface' shitposts here on 40kg

>> No.73059309

retarded post. deathguard are getting stuff, christ people are dumb today

>> No.73059317

Motherfucker your army didn't exist until 8th edition.

>> No.73059321

You're right. I couldn't find it in Dark Imperium.

>> No.73059323

Not like Death Gaurd are getting a long awaited huge update in the very same book or anything, eh? but a man can dream.

>> No.73059329

you're right, but prior to this most recent release autocannons only had the one metal havoc for 20 years lol

>> No.73059331

It's summer

>> No.73059349

Nigga death guard didn't even have rules when I started playing.
They were exactly the same as any chaos space marine unit with the mark of nurgle

>> No.73059372

Remind me, if I give a HQ <Exalted Possession> (which gives them the POSSESSED and DAEMON keywords) and a Mark (say, Slaanesh) does that technically mean they're a SLAANESH DAEMON for rules purposes (eg. Daemonic Loci)?

>> No.73059378

Primaris are new to 8th as well and look at them

They're in the same book as the major character and Imperium factions. Death Guard will get fucked over like GSC and Tyranids did in their PAs

>> No.73059389

Isn't a mix of HBs and chaincannons the way to go?

>> No.73059400

autocannons instakill primaris, HBs don't

>> No.73059431

chaincannons and autocannons are actually a meaningful pivot now, vs heavy bolters which were nobody's first choice ever

>> No.73059432


>> No.73059436

So, does anyone know if last months WD is out for subscribers, or in general? Checked WarCom and could not find anything on it.

>> No.73059445

Why the fuck would SoS be 7foot tall?

>> No.73059467

issue 453 is out in general.

>> No.73059474

Primaris also benefit the Space Marine faction which has subfactions which are larger, have their own book AND are 40Ks poster child.
Chaosfags need to stop comparing your faction releases to primaris releases.

>> No.73059488

why is his head so small?

>> No.73059495

Aqua can actually fight in melee though?

>> No.73059502

Huh, good to know. I guess my issue just has yet to arrive in the mail.

>> No.73059528

Plop this on a Possessed bomb

>> No.73059536

Not him but he's correct. And chaos players have every right to complain when all they get are marine rules but worse versions of them

>> No.73059539

Does the little acolyte drag that primaris corpse with him wherever he goes?

>> No.73059545

Anon, thats gross, i like it. Bonus points if the speed mathes a dragsta or equivallent due to roided up squiggs

>> No.73059546

They would not produce a Loci but would be affected by loci.

>> No.73059548


>> No.73059555

how the fuck is WD still in print, it was scraping the barrel years ago but now? Literally everything is leaked/warhammer community posted long before it comes out and painting tutorials.batreps are all done better online.

>> No.73059574

Yes. The same way all "characters standing on stone" dig up the stone and rebury it everytime they move.

>> No.73059575

All the ones I've bought are streaky and don't cover well. I wouldn't mind dropper paimts but of the 7 or 8 Vallejo paints, all ended up in a drawer because I couldn't ge them to cover evenly.

>> No.73059592

Gav Thorpe is holding a Q&A thing at his Paetron about the Siege of Terra : First Wall novel. I am one of his patrons. Do you want me to ask questions on your behalf? Hit me.

>> No.73059601

>bring the hunchback and alsays choose +1T

>> No.73059602

Maybe I'm a tasteless pleb, but I enjoy getting it each month. It has some interesting articles, and is really well put together. Big glossy magazine pages, and as thick as a 4E codex,

>> No.73059614

why was it so shit

>> No.73059615

Most yeah. There's a few that specify they need to have the *faction* keyword DAEMON rather than regular keyword, like producing Loci and getting to use CD stratagems. They do benefit from shit like Herald auras and Loci produced by actual daemon characters though.

>> No.73059619

>Possessed bomb
9th ed says hi

>> No.73059620

has the emperor ever had gay relationships?

>> No.73059634

What I meant, sorry. Is there anything else they'd be affected by?

>> No.73059636

Probably because now they use it to print rules so if your faction has rules in it you have to buy and carry it around with your other 3+ books

>> No.73059638

what role did female, black and PoC soldiery play in the siege of terra?

>> No.73059653


>> No.73059655

"sexual relief"

>> No.73059662

Does the Emperor support the Black Trans community on terra and if not then why is he a bigot

>> No.73059689

Why the FUCK did he Kill off Jenetia Krole?

>> No.73059697

possessed bomb will still be tier 1 with the changes to LoS and CC

>> No.73059728

I don't really read 40k literature, I just like painting little dudes, so I apologize for this dumb question, but how much agency or free thought does a space marine have? I have trouble envisioning them as people with feelings and opinions outside of "I am a tool of the emperor and I shoot and stab and any thoughts that get in the way of that are to be purged from my mind"

>> No.73059764

What's his favorite marvel superhero, since it's obvious that all the inspiration for the horus heresy and GW's current direction came from that pile of garbage.

>> No.73059765

What drove him to waste half the novel on a black woman riding a train?

>> No.73059791

Auras yeah
Stratagems no

>> No.73059825

>Don't point to it like it's a buff then.
Yeah, never addressed me.

>> No.73059869

Correct, given the context of complaining about the article, it was clearly addressed to the author of said article.

>> No.73059919

Yes it does. I use Syll’Esske sometimes to boost warp talons.

>> No.73060134

That is a question that varies quite a lot from chapter to chapter and the era of 40k writing. Space Marine by Ian Watson, one of the older works is one of my favorites, which definitely positions them as creative, intelligent and free willed. The thing is whilst space marines have personalities, imaginations, goals and dreams they also have faith and i am not talking about faith in their religion but they have faith in their superiors and in their brothers. Space marines are conditioned to have such strong solidarity with each other that it defines them. When a chapter of space marines goes rogue, it is almost always the entire chapter and why? Because their faith in the emperor is lesser than their faith in their captains, in their brothers.

So its not so much that they mindlessly serve the emperor, its that they put aside all their personal feelings and opinions because of faith in their chapter master. They still have those feelings, they just wake up every morning and choose to put something else first.

>> No.73060767

good that means we are free to buy recasts now

>> No.73060801

im new to this hobby
whats a good place to buy stuff?
Ebay wont ship stuff internationaly and fucking gamesworkshop is too expensive

>> No.73061095

Don't you have a shop in your city?

>> No.73061124

nope, all the products in here are imported and cost 3x the value from the games workshop store.

>> No.73061149

What kind of hell hole do you live in?

>> No.73061247

You're totally right, the jobber on the ground has the weird tabard tucked into his stomach as the lieutenant in the 9th boxed set

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