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what army fits this vibe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2gMXJEqt3c

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I'm a dad and that joke hurts me physically.

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Post your models.

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3st for chaos

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just finished the wip in time for the new thread

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Post cursed hobby images

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As much as I appreciate your art and the panorama was wonderful I really wish you did less gay shit.

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There's nothing I love more than cute horny sisters of battle

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>Politics fagging secondaries kicking out actual hobbyists

40k is going to shit and it's these people fault

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Context for you image?

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I have questions that I need answered about 9th edition.
1. How will waacfags fuck it up?
2. Will chaos players complain constantly throughout 9th the same way they have with 8th?

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Not him but eh, male fanbase gets a ton of straight porn. Fujos and gays can have some too.

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Why do so many people make their hobbies such a part of their identity they take criticism of / not enjoying their hobbies as a personal insult? Has the Warhammer community always been like this? Fairly new but I don't understand this behavior.

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Will the faction that has consistently complained for 4 editions complain.

Big think right there.

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It's alright anon, it's never too late to become rotten. Let your inner fujo enjoy this.

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>1. How will waacfags fuck it up?
My bet is on guard. Tanks being able to shoot in melee can be huge, depending on the rule specifics and how the terrain is implemented. If you literally cannot shut down russes without killing them, parking lot lists will become painfully obnoxious to deal with.

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Because people no longer have God and country to center their identity around so they fill that void with consumerist bullshit and sportsball teams. As intended by greedy captialist elites.

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>1. How will waacfags fuck it up?
Depends how bad you are and use it as a scapegoat.

>2. Will chaos players complain constantly throughout 9th the same way they have with 8th?
depends on how badly they get indirectly nerfed.

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thanks, i had a dumb idea and it turns out no one was doing it so i'm happy people like it
if it's any consolation i do also have at least one yuri pic planned and a few straight pics planned

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>That t-posing Jotaro

>> No.73054741

It was from some Anon posting his models from the last thread

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At least sports fans have some humor about fandom.

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That's fair, and it's not that I object to them getting porn which matches their interests, it's just it doesn't match mine and I like the artists style and wish there was more of their work I could enjoy.

Is that a selfish wish? Yes, absolutely, but it is nevertheless true. Im not saying atop drawing gay shit, or that drawing gay shit is wrong, i just wish there was less gay shit and more non gay shit by this particular artist cause I would like it. Harmless bit of self centered thought not a meaningful statement or commmentary.

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I wouldn't complain if I got an interesting (note: not "good", "interesting") codex

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He's an incel rightoid who should rightfully fuck off. Doesn't matter how many shitty models he paints, he's cancer and a secondary.

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chaos fags have been whining incessantly about the new cp shit and how their armies are "only playable as soup". They have also been bitching and moaning about the 50 percent point hike for cultists when intercessors only get a 20 percent point increase.

9e isn't even out and they haven't stopped bitching yet

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No, they really don't. Sports fans have been known to assault the supporters of rival teams. Fuck in europe it's a pretty big problem.

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cry more

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Remember anons, ignore baitposters like so >>73054760 . Enjoy your hobby as you please.

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This. It's double funny because the first time a right winger posts his models it's a bunch of the most poorly made incoherent stuff I've seen. Not even a unified army just random models. It's sad. Nothing of value lost.

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I'll probably get shit for this, but i'll post the link to the story here since a new thread was made before I posed it in the last one

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the fuck you on about?

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that's fair, one of the things i've been trying recently is to remember to draw more of my different characters than just the gay harem, so i'm trying, but also i draw what i'm inspired to and my brain just keeps thinking of fun dumb gay shit to draw, i do have a pic sketched of juggernaut and the cannoness sitting on the backburner tho

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>Jotaro died on the way back to his home planet

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So i have to ask, why are you such a massive bigot? Bigotry being intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Cause ya'll are the literal text book definition of bigotry, and in many cases hypocrisy as well. How can you possibly be so lacking in self awareness?

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>memed secondary into regular use on this general
Didn't take long, hope you guys use this knowledge to gatekeep more and preserve the health of 40k. Remember the maxims
>no models or no games = secondary
>doesn't matter if oldfag or newfag, they are hobbyists
>secondaries will destroy this hobby if we don't stop them
>call shitposters to post models, if they respond with more shitposts ignore them and make sure they know they are secondaries
>if they do post models, post yours as well, fill the general with cool models for all to see
>lorefagging is alright, just don't accept it as the only thing the general talks about

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>t. idiot incel

>> No.73054795

Nah, you fags are unironically destroying the hobby at this point. All that secondary posting was just projection as now you're forcing our actual hobbyists. You retards always pushed the "muh SJW boogeye man" B's but low and behold you're doing the same shit you've done to a thousand other fandoms. Being shitty people and making a hostile environment for people who enjoy the hobby.

>> No.73054798

Remember to report and ignore the bait posts. Janitors can't do their job if you don't point them to it.

>> No.73054801

Xenarite tech priest. Gotta do something with extra tech priest dominus'

>> No.73054804

>50% Cultist increase
>17% Intercessor increase
The problem with looking at it percentage wise, is that each Intercessor went up +3 points, whereas a cultist only went up +2 points. Although you'll have a lot more cultists than you will Intercessors, in comparison, that +3 extra points hits harder for the armies that rely on them IMO.

Still, doom and gloom is dumb until we know the full picture.

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>Hurr just tolerate intolerance

Fuck off archfag. Go bitch about in your racist discord. You will not be missed.

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Nice Oculus Rift.

>> No.73054813

You mean fluff

>> No.73054818

It's pretty simple. Chaos fags are the whiniest bitches

>> No.73054819

>>73054794 see >>73054790

>> No.73054823

CSM shouldn't be using cultists for the majority of their force.

>> No.73054824

You guys are literally calling a dude who posted his models secondary

>> No.73054830

My bad my bad you're right, it's fluff. Make sure all newfriends know that "lore" is an e-celeb and secondary term to make marketing material seem like a legitimate way to "engage in the hobby"

>> No.73054831

Stop embarrassing yourself by replying to bait.

>> No.73054837

but i play word bearers

>> No.73054838

Replying to yourself is bad form anon.

>> No.73054840

Right wingers can't crate anything, they can't even paint decent models LMAO

>> No.73054843

>Janitors can't do their job

Yes, thank you, we know.

>> No.73054846

>Right wingers can't crate anything

>> No.73054847

Wasn't me last thread my man, the term is being corrupted. ALWAYS remind anti-secondary posters that a model posted should always be reciprocated (or at least ignored if they're mad for being wrong)

>> No.73054849

This image confuses yet intrigues me

>> No.73054850

>You guys are literally calling a dude who posted his models secondary
I don't know about anyone else but I'm making fun of a faggot who blogwhined about being 'bullied' out of the hobby.

Attentionwhores like that can get fucked no matter their political preferences.

>> No.73054854

vidya is still secondary tier

>> No.73054858


Hey man if you wanna draw gay shit draw gay shit. You do what you want I ain't trying to force you to do what you don't wanna do, that shit disgusts me. I write personally and I hate people telling me I ought to write more of the ships they prefer, and I don't mean to be like that. Didn't mean it as like telling you what to do just musing while a bit sleep deprived is all.

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>chaos fags have been whining incessantly about the new cp shit and how their armies are "only playable as soup".
Are you retarded? Chaos players are rejoicing now that CPfaggotry is dead. Now you don't need to run every detachment as Red Corsairs.

>> No.73054869

I don't give a shit what you think. Rightoids are scum and we're kicking them to the curb. You will not be missed

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>> No.73054876

People use them for cp farming, same as SM players using scouts as cheap troops. There should be restrictions to using scouts/cultists.

>> No.73054878

cultists are an Alpha Legion thing more than a Word Bearers one

>> No.73054879

Of course it is
Building models
Painting models
Playing the game
Discussing rulebook fluff and art (borderline secondary)

>> No.73054880

>>73054818>more like everyone that's not space marines

>> No.73054892

Well this thread went to shit pretty quickly.

>> No.73054894

no worries, we gotta do what we gotta do when it comes to creation, i ain't mad

>> No.73054897

Hey /pol/tard, do you think this reverse psychology shit works on anyone but the most braindead moron on /tg/

Just curious.

>> No.73054901

>chaos fags have been whining incessantly about the new cp shit and how their armies are "only playable as soup".

>> No.73054904

are scouts that cheap? I always thought they were generally only a little bit cheaper than tacticals and harder to integrate into an effective army in large numbers

>> No.73054905

Okay but people are openly trying to force people out of the hobby over politics.

>> No.73054908

>ere should be restrictions to using scouts/cultists
You should have to choose your Chapter Company and only use units from that company.

>> No.73054910

They are? Where?

>> No.73054911

You get that the point of falseflagging is to be believable, right? No one actually thinks that you're a hard-left nutjob.

>> No.73054917

It's just /pol/tard bullshit bitching about MUH GW TOLD ME I CANT BE RACIST

>> No.73054918

Word bearers have literally been using mass cultist tactics since the horus heresy, Alpha legion thing only came about because of the "I am Alpharius" rule from traitor legions where people were meming because they were able to bounce their Warlord from cultist champion to cultist champion.

>> No.73054920

I unironically want to go back to when the different chaos legions had restrictions on what units you could take

>> No.73054925

People have an obsession with feeding trolls I guess

>> No.73054927

Plastic spacemen is srs business

>> No.73054928

I wasn't paying enough attention to how I was stacking my Know No Fear sprues and the grav chutes on my inceptor sgt are stressed close to basically being half broken off. wat do?

>> No.73054933

>muh /pol/
Please world filter any politics because both sides are beyond retardation

>> No.73054934

cringe post

>> No.73054941

How bad is sigmarxism if they spend all their time on a website they hate instead of their containment zone? And when ever you ask them to post their models they start deflecting.

>> No.73054945

We need to spread the fact that trannies are pissed at GW for not putting that message in rulebooks or on the warcom site. GW has literally ignored all comments telling them to repost the message on the warcome site. Tell all /pol/ shitposters that and they mostly calm down.

>> No.73054946

Don't play dumb faggot. Literally all over the last thread, spilling over to this thread, GW, statement, the entire Twitter thread replying to that statement calling for political gatekeeping, r/40k had an entire cricle jerk thread about keeping people out, and and sigmarxism literally mission statement. You can say they're not impactful but you can't say they aren't trying.

>> No.73054947

Literally any competitive discord or whatsapp.

>> No.73054949

>You get that the point of falseflagging is to be believable
Is it though?

>> No.73054954

They're only a few points cheaper, but they're still used as 5 man squads for troops tax. They're also used for deploying ahead and shielding from enemy reserves turn 2-3.

>> No.73054961

This shits nothing new, there are people who unironically think like that here.

>> No.73054962

>You can say they're not impactful
So the answer is no? Good to hear.

>> No.73054963

No they're not

>> No.73054965

>Alpha legion thing only came about because of the "I am Alpharius" rule from traitor legions where people were meming because they were able to bounce their Warlord from cultist champion to cultist champion.
What? It came from 3.5.

>> No.73054971

Where's the lie?

>> No.73054972

>Tell all /pol/ shitposters that and they mostly calm down.
Oh yeah, the one thing /pol/tards are really good at is being reasonable.

>> No.73054975

It's not like GW changed the politics of these people, you'll be seeing the same people at your lgs and in your friend group as always.

>> No.73054976

No there aren't.

>> No.73054978

I believe it. r/sigmarxism unironically comes here as part of a psyop. Very similar to the campaigns to turn all the boards into trap worship.

>> No.73054980

Here is your (you), enjoy it. I posted that picture because that anon posted the truth. The real bigots are the invaders who are trying to push legitimate hobbyists out of the hobby, all because they don't conform to their dogma of outrage and woke. Just shut the fuck up and post models, WIP, and or fluff stuff.

Pic related. Hope to do more of it when my garage gets unfucked. Friend is lazy and hasn't been by to finish building our gaming table.

>> No.73054982

>Moving the goal post
This shit happens literally in the thread yet you retards still play dumb. How dishonest can you faggots get?

>> No.73054983


>> No.73054986

True, i only started in 4th and didn't deal with to much chaos back then.
But i will still stand by that cultist are a big part of word bearers way of waging war.

>> No.73054988

Again, you get that the point is to be believable right? If you're post batshiat insanity, the only people you convince is the ones who already believe the same as you do.

/pol/ can't even into falseflagging.

>> No.73054989

>no u
Excellent counterpoint, how am I ever going to recover.

>> No.73054990

>r/sigmarxism unironically comes here as part of a psyop
I really doubt that.

>> No.73054993

Of course you would, sigmarxist.

>> No.73054995

what lie

>> No.73054999

Yeah nice try but a simple look at their discord podcast or any other medium will prove you wrong with no effort
In short fuck off

>> No.73055005

Are you going to tell me every lefty fag is just a secret /pol/tard? Is sigmarxism a bunch of white supremacists larping to falseflag the fandom? That seems pretty retarded

>> No.73055007


I'm not talking about rascism though, you're throwing that accusation out there youself and it's entirely baseless. I'm pointing out that you automatically hate and attack anyone who doesn't agree with you. That's text book bigotry.

I personally have no problem with gw adding some diversity, I don't even necessarily mind their message, I mind people who are incapable of holding a dialogue. I mind people who dehumanize others. That includes the rascists, and bigots like you. You're literally two sides of the same fucking coin. Only difference is who you dehumanize and see as an acceptable target, and the thing is you'll reapond to this by saying "hating on a raacist isn't wrong and you're wrong to defend them" or some variation on that.

And the thing is hating a rascist isn't wrong persee, but you don't hate rascists, you hate anyone who doesn't agree with you politically and despite what you may think they aren't all rascists. They aren't all the subhumans you tell yourself they are. Plenty of them are just normal good people, and you spew hate at them for no reason. You wanna see an intolerant narrow minded asshole mate just look in the mirror.

>> No.73055008

While that’s got more soul, it’s oribably not a direction GW would go. Legion traits should benefit certain play styles though and would be really cool If it implemented the old hatred rules between rivals. Unlocking additional things would be cool though like iron warriors able to take 1’additional heavy in their base battalion or desrhskullz oeks allowed to take [imoerial vehicle from x codex at ballistic skull 5+] etc

>> No.73055010

Why the fuck would I be looking at the sigmarxism discord podcast? I'm not an outrage addict. I don't actively seek out SJW crazies to get upset over.

>> No.73055012

Anyone else think that sub-faction rules were a mistake?

>> No.73055016

That post isn't even an attempt at falsefalgging you tard, get your terminology straight

>> No.73055022

>Are you going to tell me every lefty fag is just a secret /pol/tard?
No, I'm telling you that you have a very warped idea of what a left-leaning person is, and that's made clear by your attempts to imitate one.

>> No.73055026

>look at their discord podcast
this is what's wrong with /pol/tards. they seek out similarly brain damaged people in order to justify their persecution complex.

>> No.73055028

No. Different subfactions having different playstiles is flavorful and enriches the hobby.

>> No.73055029

yeah, doom and gloom is only allowed at the very end of the edition, then and only then are people allowed to claim the edition was not fun. Before that, they should limit themselfs with their negative opininions, specialy if those opinions could make people who are having fun feel uneasy or less happy.

>> No.73055030

does anyone else like miniatures? I do

>> No.73055032

No. As long as mixing them has a higher cost, which seems to be the route they're going.

>> No.73055034

In America, sports fans are fairly chill.

>> No.73055035

You really do, givin these last few threads? Or I guess every time lefty retardation shows up here just pin it on /pol/ and right wingers I guess.

>> No.73055041

>it's another /pol/ argues with sigmarxist thread but actually they're both shitposters disguised as falseflaggers trying to annoy shitposting false flaggers out of the thread but only ironically

>> No.73055043

Are you retarded? Scouts main selling point for the longest time was that they were cheaper than a tactical and could infiltrate at the start of the game. GW literally had to give you free transports so you would take scouts over tactical marines.

>> No.73055044

It's filled with spoiled rich kids who have enough time to raid youtube videos. It's literally nothing new. 20 years ago they'd be beating up homeless people, these days they try to take your job away.
Literally, just ignore anything that might seem like it's either /pol/ or /sigmarxism, and go back to model posting.

>> No.73055045

Only when they are far and away the Bert choice. I feel they should be more about unlocking fluffy but useful cup dumps

>> No.73055047

>That post isn't even an attempt at falsefalgging
Yes it is. There's no one 'raiding' /tg/. Leftypol is an artificial boogeyman. You just enjoy shitposting and feeling outraged.

>> No.73055049

Yes because the posts in question read like exaggerated caricatures of left-wingers and not actual left-wingers

>> No.73055051

Is it really that much of a stretch to believe that shitposters just exist on 4chan without some external bogyman?

>> No.73055052

This guy fucks

>> No.73055054

I like miniatures as well, i'm currently making a waifu for my daemon boys.

>> No.73055055

You don't seem to be very familiar with the modern leftist.

>> No.73055059

I've ordered the CSM Apocalypse detachment box. Wish me luck frens.

>> No.73055061

Yes. Playing Blood Angels should be exactly the same as playing Imperial Fists. World Eaters should be no different to Thousand Sons.

>> No.73055064

Sure feels like summer, don't it?

>> No.73055065

As if you couldn't be racists in a lefty discord. Right wing discords are better, because you can be equaly racists against everyone, black, white, asian doesn't matter.Not your dudes, you can be racists against them. True equality, which you can't find in w40k reddit. When you have to limit your racism to only one more or less specific group.

yeah, well wait till they show the new points for GK models. It is going to be lovely to see 80pts paladins.

>> No.73055067

You're talking to one. You know that right?

>> No.73055068

This guy fawkes

>> No.73055070

Good sarcasm. Anyways, people can have their opinions and whatever, but it's kind of weird we get everyone jumping the gun to declare "X is horrible" when we don't know how the new edition is going to play entirely.

>> No.73055074

That's a dead meme anon. It's always Summer now.

>> No.73055076

Took a small painting break to play through Witcher 3, here’s the last models I painted.

What’s everyone working on?

>> No.73055077

I'm not imitating anyone, and there's nothing that these faggots have said that you can't find on reddit or /leftypol Ever sense infini-chan went down it's been way worse with that shit.

>> No.73055078

I sure do, bro

>> No.73055079

That's a pretty good starting place if you're getting into the hobby, what legion/warband are you gonna run them as?

>> No.73055082

But mooooom, if I don't complain about a new edition before it's not even released then all the white middle aged men on /40kg/ won't respect me.

>> No.73055087

I'm wondering whether I should do my last 2 defilers, or finish up all my skitarii.

>> No.73055089

WIP Baneblade

>> No.73055092

thanks anon. just what I needed, a shirt change at work.

>> No.73055093

I'm hyped for 9th!

>> No.73055094

better yet, report them for posting off-topic/inflammatory content

>> No.73055096

That's like saying it's okay to paint all right-wingers as neo-nazis because you can find posts on /pol/

>> No.73055101

>Ever sense infini-chan went down
The kind of people who went to that blighted place are definitely the kind who are always on the up and up and never flaseflag.

>> No.73055104

Alpha legion. Technically it's not really a starting point, I have a few daemon engines, but am missing troops, and the bikes look neat as well. I know cultists are better and what not,but not using CSM in CSM seems wrong.

>> No.73055105

When do you think it's coming out?

>> No.73055108

Greyfax is great for conversions. Glad I found her on the bargain table.

>> No.73055109



Silly anon

>> No.73055110

You don't even know what falsefalgging is, that post wasnt even a parody. You fags just always say it's a boogeyeman as if they don't even exist.

>> No.73055112


Wasn't there a thing a few years back where some football teams fans threw snowballs with rocks in them at the opposing fans? And another involving bottled piss? I remember that in the news.

>> No.73055113

Dubs July
Trips June
Quads Now

>> No.73055114

Fuck you.
Chaos has always has been a joke, just like their players.
They deserve to have a shit army

>> No.73055117

And here they look like this

>> No.73055118


which a lot of people do.

>> No.73055121

A year or two ago the niggerball world (america) championship ended in massive "We won" riots that caused millions in property damage

>> No.73055122

Oh okay, i get it now. This is all blowback from all the tards returning from crippled moot's terrible hive of scum and villainy.

It all makes perfect sense now.

>> No.73055123

>WE cheesecake techpriest

>> No.73055124

That's retarded logic that could be applied to anyone. It's the same shit as people saying "hurr sigmarxism is just a parody not actually a bunch of faggots"

>> No.73055127

With the accelerated PA releases, the July rumor seems more and more likely.

>> No.73055130

Normally I try to steer away from any political discussions, as those rarely bring anything productive. Let alone on /tg/ of all places.

However, I can't ignore GW's statement and the the whole modern "diversifying" in 40k (so far I've yet it been done right). You see, Imperium as a whole is a very diverse place by its nature. Almost any historical culture or race you can think of can fit, as there are untold billions of worlds. Vostroya, aka space Cossacks, desert Tallarn with their arabic themes. If you put enough effort, you could easily create an entire planet or regiment with [race/culture] themes and it wouldn't feel out of place. Hell, I've seen player RP'ing a sheikh-esque Rogue Trader and it was really cool.

But, there is a natural developed diversity, such as Tallarn forming their culture from fighting on a devastated desert planet and there is forced "lets have an black chick in there just because". Common folk does not get to travel much, and when they do, they usually travel in groups from the same planet and usually to battlezones.

So where I'm going with this? Forced "Diversity" and "You will not be missed" can be easily used as an excuse for shitty content. "Do you not like this flat, uninspired and forced character whose trait is only skin colour? Well, not our fault that you are racist!"

>> No.73055135

I'm really curious as to what sport this anon >>73055034 is talking about. Because it ain't football or basketball. Maybe he's talking about soccer.

>> No.73055136

We can only hope

Singles never :'(

>> No.73055137

Watch night shift for tank weathering advice.

>> No.73055139

>Right wing
>Better at anything

I see you were dropped as a child

>> No.73055141

Which team is that?

>> No.73055143

They're going to add more blacks to black library books for the secondary trannies. Main hobbyists won't be affected much if at all. They won't even put the statement on the warcom site kek

>> No.73055144


Now onto representation of females in 40k. Strong female characters can be very rememberable. Ellen Ripley from Alien, Alyx from Half-life. Regarding 40k, the best example I can think of would be 2nd Lieutenant Mira – a clear badass, who inspires guardsmen to hold against overwhelming odds, when their entire command gets slaughtered. Another great example is arbiter Shira Calpurnia, who defends Imperial Law even when her own life is at risk and easily holds up to male arbiters.
However, creating good female characters actually takes effort. Instead, how about we have an “astarte” girl that sure sticks it to the Emperor or some mechanicus who’s only trait is refering to itself with some whacky pronouns? An if you do not like any of those low-effort literature barf of a character, well, bad news: you are a sexist or whatever other appropriate nickname is trendy at the moment.

>> No.73055146


Nope, can confirm soccer fans have no chill. Told my neighbor soccer was a shitty sport and he kicked me.

>> No.73055147

Cultist definitely fill a place in chaos, you just don't want to rely too heavily on them.
Hopefully in the upcoming War of the Spider PA CSM will get some ways to be more survivable or killy.

>> No.73055148

I’m guessing August. Most of the US will be open by then and it’s before back to school happens so their best bet for maximum profits

>> No.73055161

I'm sorry, i'm not gay.

>> No.73055162

I was going to reply with 'Perhaps rugby then' but couldn't bring myself to do it.

>> No.73055163

To me it seems more like they just wanted to get BLM people on twitter off their backs, rather than wanting to announce that they're taking a new direction in their lore going forward.

GW is NOT going to take unnecessary risks right now, certainly not after the financial instability caused by corona and brexit

Showing how their models can be painted to be of any race doesn't count as forced diversity at all

>> No.73055165

They basically did about a month of warhammer community previews before releasing 8th. I expect similar here. So like the other guy said, early July.

>> No.73055166

You're reasoning is that if someone went around talking about hating Jews and blacks they must be a left commie in disguise falseflagging, when my point is that there are people legitimately that retarded.

>> No.73055168

it is not sarcasm. This is what I have been told since 7th ed. Wait till next FAQ/errata, wait till codex, wait till post codex FAQ/errata, wait till new edition, wait till index, wait till FAQ for index, oh shit that was a big nerf, wait for the codex, fuck the codex is worse then the index. wait till FAQ(oh shit again nerfs), wait till CA, fuck GW lied about fixs it is just point drops everyone got, wait till next FAQ, waith till next CA(enjoy the nerfs again, even to bad units no one used). wait till PA. oh PA is good....welcome to 9th ed in one month time, we are changing the points and how the edition works yet again.

And I feel that if I started in 6th, I would be told the same. To wait for the full picture.

>> No.73055170

I don't want to go too heavy on weathering. I personally think some people go way to far. Why would the Guard be using leaking rusting out vehicles covered in shit?

>> No.73055171

Well it’s chaos players so...

>> No.73055175

/aosg/ is so much more chill than this place

>> No.73055176

I'm very much interested in that they'll be doing to CSM with bile's faction. Hopefully it's something you'll be able to do in addition to being a specific legion, and not an overruling thing.

>> No.73055179

We don't have teams. we have race wars vs chechens or georgians, or vs people from other cities. team doesn't matter, it is a secondary thing to fighting each other.

>> No.73055181

I think it would be better to create some generic female models and not elaborate on their story. Leave us to flesh them out.

>> No.73055185

Especially when they know what happens because THEY HAVE ALL READ THE UPLIFTING PRIMER

>> No.73055189

Because /aosg/ is dead due to lack of new stuff to discuss

>> No.73055191


That's actually an excellent point

>> No.73055195

They started the secondary meme and after a long, concerted campaign kicked out a majority of shitposters. It's slow, but comfy now

>> No.73055201

been here since 4th, honestly 6th wasn't too bad expect for janky ally system and how crazy jink was. Honestly i've preferred GW's more hands on approach to try and balance the game, ratehr than the old practice of release and forget about it.

>> No.73055202

I'd prefer dead to this abomination.

>> No.73055207

it was one nig on goonhammer that whined because the forgeworld head made a slightly edgy joke to him. Apparently at the reveal of Alpharius he was going full onions, so Cotrell said to him "you're like the black guy at the end of avengers". This apparently bothered him at the time but now after the riots he's cashing in his opression points. This is what likely triggered GW to post the "you will not be missed" message.

>> No.73055210

was that meant to be an attempt at a joke?
Why are you hanging around discord any way competitive ones no less.

>> No.73055211

Yeah, I'm getting tired of it. All I want is to come here and see people discussing rules, rumors, lore, minis and 40k-related games - not politics

>> No.73055216

Don't worry, sooner or later this place will become an echo chamber for the more persistent side.

>> No.73055219

True that. I'd love to have some female guardsmen squads in range, even if they were just heads.

>> No.73055220

So then don't browse 40kg? Then it'll be dead to you? If someone else enjoys it, let them have it, and if you'd rather it was dead than in it's current state then leave.

>> No.73055222

Blood Angels didn't get the strat to give a normal sergeant a relic. So you can't get a 8 attack death company intercessor sarge with a d4 master crafted thunderhammer. Literally how do you fuck up this badly.

>> No.73055224

The shitposters will get bored eventually. Though with 9th ed coming soon they'll probably have ammo for a while.

>> No.73055227

Hard pass. Victoria already does that way better than GW could.

>> No.73055229

>GW is NOT going to take unnecessary risks right now, certainly not after the financial instability caused by corona and brexit
GW stock is at an all-time high.

>> No.73055233

>This is what likely triggered GW to post the "you will not be missed" message.
Or maybe they're just tired of all the fascists and bigots who make up a minority of their fanbase.

>> No.73055240

One of the point of the miniature modelling is making a miniature look like something real and not just a spray painted plastic toy. Properly done weathering goes a long way in fooling the eye of the viewer.
Also it's fun.

>> No.73055242

I'm okay with edition or rules shitposters. At least it's on topic.

>> No.73055243


anon this shit has been happening, and getting worse, for years at this point. If it hasn't stopped or slowed down after years, and has in fact gotten worse, why on earth would you think it will stop in the future?

>> No.73055249

And they want to keep it that way

>> No.73055253

And they're a very expensive luxury product after months of the highest unemployment rates in the world, they need to be careful. It's why they buried their BLM post and haven't brought it anywhere near hobby-relavent sites

>> No.73055255

This, faggots like Arch and Gamza need to fuck off

>> No.73055256

Because when used for a prolonged time under extreme circumstances, vehicles and equipment tend to look worn?

If you do not like weathering, and you prefer your army to look like they are fresh from parade, more power to you. It is a personal taste.

>> No.73055258

>ctrl+f missed

>> No.73055259

So should I strip my model?

>> No.73055261

>Literally never heard the word sigmarxism until a few days ago
>Some fag sperging out about the concept in every thread now

Is it and was it ever really that big a deal champ?

>> No.73055263

It hasn't been nearly this bad since the 8th ed previews. There's always shitposting sure, but it fluctuates.

>> No.73055266

GW just made the situation worse now with that retarded statement. It's full on culture war now and GW is to blame.

>> No.73055270

Well my guardsmen do look like this. Parades are kind of their thing.

>> No.73055271

Do you really think the company value will drop if they push that message?

>> No.73055272

Any predictions on the new box set? They're going to be revealing it next saturday.

>> No.73055273

Considering that SW and DA didn't receive it they must've intentionally done it

>> No.73055278

I hope you understand that no one like you and no one wants you around.

>> No.73055280


>> No.73055281

>GW is to blame.

Nah, it's clearly all the Nazis gunning down women and minorities at game stores around the globe that forced their hand.

>> No.73055289

PEW PEW blast the nids
Post about your dudes anons, with pics too pls

>> No.73055290

What do you mean? We've seen most of the model leaks, plus the stuff GW released themselves. Do you mean more like rules/plot?

>> No.73055292

The more important question is whether or not you like it. No shame in having a well kept tank. Maybe your dudes take care of their shit.

>> No.73055293

Have you tried NOT being a stupid nazi fuck?

>> No.73055296

What? Why? Of course not. Weathering is normally done to an already painted and ideally varnished model.

>> No.73055298

>check aosg
>thread starts with pol bait and a video game discussion

Atleast they don’t get replies like here.

Me too senpai. Can’t wait to roll dice with my buddies again

>> No.73055299

I'm not the one blaming GW for all the nazis that are ruining the community.

>> No.73055302

Didn't answer my question.

>> No.73055304

If they push it too hard, they do have a lot of old guys and neckbeards. Most of the leftist "fans" are secondaries anyway, I've seen more LARGE stinky incel guys than skinny soi looking guys at the gaming stores I've visited. The latter demo is more attracted to DnD and stuff

>> No.73055305


>> No.73055311

This is what I don't get. Steam and Nintendo as far as I can tell didn't say anything. They're just being companies, and as far as I can tell there is no 'culture war' going on over mario games. God, I just wanna be left alone to play my hobby.
>all the Nazis gunning down women and minorities at game stores
kek has something like this ever happened? At my LGS we only had one effeminate guy with an antifa beanie get kicked out for harassing some other guy about his t-shirt, but I've never heard of a store getting shot up.

>> No.73055312

Fair enough, I figured it would include the new stuff, but maybe not all of it.

>> No.73055315


no you dipshit it hasn't happened the dude was being sarcastic

>> No.73055316

I'm not here to play games with /pol/tards.

>> No.73055319

In Texas it's law that you can shoot your opponent if you suspect his dice are weighted

>> No.73055322

Don't call people "dipshit", it's pretty rude.

>> No.73055324



>> No.73055327

I know he was being sarcastic, I was asking if something like that actually ever happened though. What the fuck do I know what goes on in America. They even have kids shooting up schools, why not game stores?

>> No.73055331

>as something like this ever happened?

Just all the time. Haven't you watched the news? What do you think all the protests are about?

>> No.73055333

Yeah, the general idea of the regiment is that they come from a wealthy world and they like to show off their fanciness for the glory of the Emperor. They take pride in taking out the enemy at long range before they can scuff their paint jobs. I'll add some weathering once I get more done (still in the base painting stage) but I want to maintain the noble glory of the regiment.

>> No.73055334

Your post also isn't on topic? Why not post something on topic rather than posting something else not on topic? 1/4 on topic to 0/4 on topic...

>> No.73055339

Wait, really? Or is this one of those laws that's outruled by more recent laws?

>> No.73055352

I think the Necrons need showing off, and I guess we could do with some context for the new Primaris stuff too

>> No.73055353

Again, more power to you, as those are your dudes, not mine or anyone else on the /tg/. That guy looks nice. You can still add a scratch or two to the armour/gun or you may add a bit of dusting on fatigues to make it more grounded, but it is fine as it is.

>> No.73055354

I think anon is using hyperbole trying to downplay harassment in stores by pointing out that the stores dont get shot up. My local store's manager cracks down hard on it, but whenever hes on holiday the other guy from the city store just lets the guys that are in the store every god damn day insult the people that come in.
I've heard of castle doctrine but not tidewall doctrine.

>> No.73055361

That won't affect the value if all the troglydites fuck off. Look at the bigger picture; shareholders and investors love this diversity stuff. They're the ones that create the value. GW don't give a shit if some /pol/tard stops buying one box of guys a month.

>> No.73055362

Are there any war of the spider leaks?
Anon im sure the commisar would shoot anyone found to have dust on their fatigues.

>> No.73055379

Guardfags kept using it every time it was abused, it was a hold over from some old laws regarding just playing dice. They changed it to you can shoot them only after you have both left the store. Led to some funny stories where guys suspected of cheating were forced to buy products every few hours so the GW could stay open (prolonging their life before the shootout)

>> No.73055386

Investors care more about revenue than twitter posts, as far as they are concerned the post GW has made is more than enough to dip their toe further into the woke crowd

>> No.73055387

So I finally built my knight despoiler. I slammed in a few daemonettes I had extra from seekerchariots. Don't laugh.

>> No.73055401

>commissar uses tweezers to pick a grain of dust off the clothes of the guardsman
>"I'm sorry sir, have have dandru-"

>> No.73055402

Why do female characters need to all be written to a high standard? Plenty of male characters in 40k are paper thin or poorly written, but you just criticize them individually instead of saying they need to work on their male characters. Why is being a female character some kind of inherent negative you have to write twice as well to make up for?

>> No.73055404

Put a chad cultist on top with a top hat and cane

>> No.73055408

Is this meant to be a pilot who has been seduced by daemonettes in the current battle? Because it doesn't look chaos at all besides demons awkwardly glued to it.

>> No.73055409

Do you think it'd be possbile to play a solar auxilla army from horus heresy as imperial guard with converisons for the right special weapons?

>> No.73055412

Its nice that you decorated it a bit. Do you plan to do any other chaos adornments?

>> No.73055417

Probably better to have two flying D4 smash captains anyway.

>> No.73055418

Maybe because lots of people on the internet are misogynistic and sexist stemming from the fact they are too big of a dick to get a girlfriend?

>> No.73055422

guys are cooler than girls

>> No.73055436

Well despoiler uses the same bits as Imperial Knights. What I want to during painting is crudely deface the imperial markings and write some edgy name over the canis rex transferable.
I wanted to put some chains and spikes on top, but not sure what the best source for those would be. GW only sells skulls en mass from what I can tell. Maybe I could put on a skull necklace around the titan head like one of those Hawaiian flower things.

>> No.73055441

Perfectly possible.

>> No.73055442

How much time do you spend painting infantry squads? I feel like I've started sacrificing some quality on them, but knowing you have 40+ of a model to paint drains any motivation to try hard on painting them. Currently I spend around 45 minutes on marines, and 2 hours on a squad lead.

>> No.73055444

Okay, shooting men for getting dirt on their fatigues is silly, even by 40k standards.

You are kinda twisting my words here. I've never said that poorly written male characters are better or worse than poorly written female characters. A bad character is, well, bad. A bad male character however can't be protected by personally attacking people who are critisising it.

>> No.73055450

The funny thing is GW is going to get the worst of both worlds. Unlike videogames you can't ban people or change old shit and unlike comics people can make their own content.

It doesn't matter if you tell people to fuck off, in tabletop people can make their own fun. They can't stop some /pol/tard from playing with his friends or at his LGS. My LGS might as well be a /pol/ circle jerk, and can you guess what they're all doing? They aren't dropping the hobby, they are just not going to give GW their money anymore. One guy I know was going to buy the entire 9th boxset when it came out, but now he's just going to wait for recasters or buy eBay second hand, and everyone is switching to valejo paints.

So GW is going to end up losing these customers and not cleaning up the hobby from evil right wingers. They lose on both fronts. Even if they poz up new lore and models older editions still exist and a lot of guys I know don't even consider dark imperium canon. They just homebrew and /yourdudes/ everything.

>> No.73055453

I hear the mass skull kit is pretty good and you get a fuckton of them so you could add them to the bases or as accessories on models in the future. Chaos and the imperium particularly love skulls as an aesthetic.

>> No.73055459

Its silly by modern 40k standards, but you can bet Obi-wan Sherlock Cloussaeu would have done it. Besides, 40k has plenty of humor, why not have an army built around some sillier ideas?

>> No.73055464

Yes, but girls are hotter

>> No.73055466

This happened I'm the guy switching to valejo paints

>> No.73055479

You DO have a girlfriend/wife, right /40kg/?

>> No.73055480

I through out a dude for wearing maga hat at my LGS, You people will be forced out.

>> No.73055484

That's an odd takeaway from that
Its just traditionally female characters are just used as a love interests or damsel in distress that are quite one dimensional and aren't really characters.
Maybe the bl is a bad example cause it's all pretty low quality(including the male characters) but more widely people want more proper female characters.
The problem is businesses just pop token 'strong' women in that just don't have any flaws to give the illusion of a good character cause all they care about is making money not actually telling good stories

>> No.73055486

haha no

>> No.73055488

This happened, I'm the guy waiting for recasters.

>> No.73055489

>So GW is going to end up losing these customers
It's almost like GW has an opinion on that...

>> No.73055490

>stinky /pol/lacks are leaving the hobby after getting triggered
PRAISE GW, next they should do trannies and both demos will take care of themselves :)

>> No.73055494

How do I achieve a 'spray' effect? Like graffiti on a tank and what not. I don't suppose miniature sprays exist...

>> No.73055495

Larp. Right wingers don't play this fucking game. You don't buy shit, you will not be missed. Fuck off.

>> No.73055498

I do

>> No.73055499

This happened, I'm the guy who /yourdudes/ everything.

>> No.73055501

They're unironically right though. All the old fans are dropping out of the hobby for good reasons, and GW realises that the neckbeard market alone is soon dried up.

Consoom more you drone.

>> No.73055504

You didn't have to say explicitly that you care more about the quality of female characters because you brought up female characters seperately from male characters. You cant have it both ways, where you explicitly treat one side differently, then say you don't believe they are different.

You are right now protecting male characters from criticism based on their sex, by choosing to draw attention away from them onto poorly written characters of the other sex. No its not the same thing as a twitter warrior saying bad representation is better than no representation, but when you are encouraging one side to be scrutinized more than the other (even if you dont realize thats what you are doing) that means the other side is less scrutinized.

>> No.73055507

Probably an airbrush

>> No.73055508

I could if I could tell when I'm actually being flirted with and capitalize on the moment.

>> No.73055509

Sure? Your dudes can be anything you want. As long as it is not the central theme of lore. 40k stopped being humorous setting a long while ago.

>> No.73055510

>1. How will waacfags fuck it up?
its a game. if you cant handle people playing competitively then stick to painting and collecting.

>> No.73055511

Liar retard polfag larper. You don't play this game. You're fucking trash and GW has told you to fuck off.

>> No.73055514

>reproductive member of society

>> No.73055522

What if I ask an opponent for a casual game and he brings a WAAC list anyway?

>> No.73055524

those aren't very cheap...

>> No.73055525

>All units should be the same, am I right or am I right?

>> No.73055528



>> No.73055530

Before the game became babies first wargame units had plenty of things that made them different

>> No.73055532

This is probably the most cringe delusion I've seen on here in a while. Fuck off polscum, you will not be missed

>> No.73055534

I'm currently in a divorce, which is why I'm even back in the hobby when before I didn't have time for it

>> No.73055536

GW should have gotten rid of stratagems and made units have more special rules.

>> No.73055539

Old assblasted fans don't buy anything anyway
Gw probably actively wants rid cause that way new players don't have to see all these dreggs moaning about how scared they are of talking to women and non white people

>> No.73055541

Absolutely businesses do that, but they also write "strong" men with no flaws all the time, especially in 40k. In fact as there are more named male characters, there are most certainly more "strong male characters" than there are "strong female characters". How many inquisitors, space marines and what have you are super badasses who've killed way more than others of their kind but their only flaw is they are too faithful to the emperor?

>> No.73055545

Imagine bring such a manchild that you refuse to let go of your plastic space toys when GW tells you that you should probably fuck off.

>> No.73055546

Escapism was a mistake.

It's always been like this yeah, but it was never this bad. In fact, hating GW or stopping playing was something you'd hear every single day in every LGS around the planet. People would stop and later come back, then stop again.

This whole "in it for life or you're not a real fan!" or "you're just secondary lol" notion has been exploding in popularity in recent years and its absolute cancer. Its the same shit you see on 4chan with people trying to dismiss each other with their seniority.

I think AoS and other GW decisions which I won't name to not derail the thread, made it especially bad, because it created a division amongst fans of the hobby. So now the above fags are even more rabid.

>> No.73055547

Play 7th edition for that, or 6th since it's better, or 5th since it's better

>> No.73055555

How the fuck are they going to get new players when the prices keep rising?

>> No.73055556

You will NOT be missed

Get out of the hobby, 40k isn't for you

>> No.73055557

Secondary doesn't mean you're obsessed, it means you actually engage in the hobby. The secondary meme is made to laugh at people are are obsessed with marketing material (books and vidya)

>> No.73055559

>of talking to women and non white people
>non white people
>non white
does not compute

>> No.73055562

I'm not dropping the hobby and never paying gw again as well my dude.

>> No.73055563

You will not be missed

>> No.73055565

I hope they bring it back as the central theme, as many anons have said new 40k isn't necessarily better 40k. A long time ago something like an exterminatus was a farce, a completely ridiculous overreaction to a problem. Now look at how the videogame series dawn of war portrayed them, as somber inevitable tragedies executed by warriors with hearts of steel. When you take 40k's most absurd elements seriously you end up with something that is pretty fucked.

Besides i really doubt anons shiny guardsmen army is ever going to be at the center of 40k, humorous or not.

>> No.73055567

I wish I could take your models and smash them against the floor.

>> No.73055574

Trump just announced that the US is getting millions of new jobs, we'll be able to afford it.

>> No.73055579

Why are rightoids such deranged insecure crybabies?

>> No.73055582

Yeah exactly but they're lazily written too.
Guess it's just corporate low effort publishing

>> No.73055584

So Engine War is pretty cool I guess. What do you think about dakkabots post-engine war? Their main weakness was always super immobility and as soon as they get tagged in melee, you're fucked. WIth engine war, though, you get a 6" character aura that allows you to fall back and shoot. AND the mars canticle means your dakka is s7 and takes no penalties to moving. So you're always hitting on full BS. Might even be worthwhile marching across the board in aegis protocol for 2+ 4++

>> No.73055587

>The secondary meme is made to laugh at people are are obsessed with marketing material (books and vidya
are you the same autist who posted that in the GW thread?

Because if you really think that wh videogames are just marketing material, then you've reached peak delusion. Most of the people playing games are those who either got out of the hobby at one point, or never wanted to paint miniatures or found it too time consuming/expensive.

Stuff like TWWH is anything but marketing material. Especially given that the world it could market for doesn't even exist anymore. And the forums are full of "fuck GW" notions.

Many poeple seem to think that everyone buying those games never engaged in the hobby, but most people probably did in one way or another.

>> No.73055593

Serious question: to all Tau player, why have you choose this faction? The aesthetic? The rules? The lore? The smut?

>> No.73055594

Oh you're the secondary who sperged out and said that all the evil bigots who play the tabletop should kneel to vidya players or some shit

>> No.73055595

It's causation. They're rightoids because they're deranged insecure crybabies.

>> No.73055600

>The secondary meme is made to laugh at people are are obsessed with marketing material (books and vidya)
thats not why it was made.

it was made to highlight people who came to the hobby by other means than the hobby itself. at least get your shitposting right you faggot

>> No.73055604

Even with the price rises its a pretty affordable hobby for anyone with a decent job.
Nice quints

>> No.73055611

>You are right now protecting male characters from criticism based on their sex, by choosing to draw attention away from them onto poorly written characters of the other sex.
I've brought up my concerns how easy it is to draw attention from lack of effort onto customers being in the wrong when you have a policy like this. That is the gist of it. Everything else is your over exaggeration or miscommunication on my behalf.

>> No.73055613

The Jötunnhive swarm is getting bigger.

>> No.73055614

Then why do they keep marketing at children without jobs

>> No.73055617

No I'm not. I also don't think you even know what secondary means.

I'm the one who said pretty much the same you just replied to.

>> No.73055618

Cause their parents have jobs you goon

>> No.73055624

Absolutely and criticizing that is a great idea. I'm just trying to point out how trying to place the blame on female characters as though they are somehow different to male characters in terms of shitty writing is a bad idea. Shitty writing is not gendered and when we pretend it is we are giving a pass to all the cato sicarius' out there.

>> No.73055625

there's no hobby without me ;^)

>> No.73055632

Parents aren't going to put up with prices like these for toys for their kids unless they're into the hobby themselves

>> No.73055635

Sorry, all whiny secondary cope sounds the same to me. If you don't engage in the hobby your opinion doesn't matter.
No it wasn't, sorry secondary semantics won't save you

>> No.73055638

10 out of fucking 10. Just look at all the drones you've short circuited.

>> No.73055642

I'm a DoWI brainlet who got sucked into hobby because of grim and edgy atmosphere. Humorous 40k is very alien to me.

And anon can have shiny guardsmen army if he wants. For all we know they could be always fighting in the back as supporting force, or clean their shit with fervour between battles.

>> No.73055646

I'm retarded and I posted this in the wrong thread

Lads, I have a question

The Bubblechukka fires d6 shots, has d6 strength, d6 AP and deals d6 damage.

I'm used to rolling the d6 damage for other weapons after an attack has made it all the way through, past armour saves. But when would the strength and AP values be rolled, then? Does each shot have different strength and AP, even if fired at the same time?

>> No.73055649

Those were all me, AMA

>> No.73055655

They are if they aren't poor. £50-100 a month on plastic kits isn't hard to afford. Lots of people spend that on video games for their kids.
I think gw main cash cow is people in their 20s though with disposable income anyway

>> No.73055661

The best guardsmen polish their cannons whenever they can.

>> No.73055665

Yep this.

I mean, the only evidence you need is those people who don't have a LGS to play at, but rather have a local club they formed to play. These places are full of house rules and headcanon.
Nobody ever gave a shit about GWs official rules. Especially with so many editions out.
Do people really think the clubs running 4th, do give any shit about modern GW rules?

Fags here underestimate the number of players who buy into an edition and then keep playing it, and buy updated models, instead of buying everything a new every single new edition. Only tourneyfags and teenagers do the latter.

GW products aren't a sign up thing that keeps going. Most people treat them like bordgames, buy one edition and then play that one.

>> No.73055672

>GW is surely done this time says increasingly nervous man

>> No.73055674

i dont give a shit about what you tell yourself.
you're using it wrong.

>> No.73055678

My first experiences with warhammer fantasy involved seeing the models in a GW store as a kid and asking the manager about them. My introduction to 40k (the scifi models never interested me) was Fire Warrior, followed by Space Marine by Ian Watson. I'm not someone who really got to play in the era of the more out there 40k, but that book sold me on 40k as a setting because of how it helped show that the grim edginess was absurd. 40k was a lot like Judge Dredd, it shows this ridiculously edgy over the top setting to point out how bad the ideas presented within are, often in a humorous or entertaining fashion. Its grim, edgy satire. I'm not saying everything should be a joke, but i do wish the satire would return, like Judge Dredd or Robocop.

>> No.73055679

Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?

>> No.73055680

Sorry, shiny guard anon here. That wasn’t me saying Guardsmen would be shot for uncleanliness. Really the way I take it is they treat going to war like going out in their Sunday best. They want the honor and dignity of showing off the glory of their homeworld to the enemy and allies. They go to the battle all polished and buffed up, but they might not leave it that way. I picture them also fighting in more urban environments rather than on mud fields. I call them the Tannhauser 10th.

>> No.73055682


>> No.73055688

God you fucks just don't get the fucking message



>> No.73055693

Thats not even close to the point I was making.

>> No.73055695

A lot of people use the strat to change protocols to double shoot which means you can't fall back anyways
>Might even be worthwhile marching across the board in aegis protocol for 2+ 4++
You're halving your fire if you do that instead of double shoot though. You may as well just run heavy phosphor dunecrawlers for almost double the wounds and less points.

>> No.73055698

This is getting to be ungodly tiresome. Politics stays at the door, GW isn't changing anything. They just jumped on the woke marketing bandwagon so they wouldn't get clobbered by the media circlejerk.

Engine War has some neat stuff. I'm not super familiar with the game yet, haven't played much of 8E to be honest, but the Mars canticle seems really nice for a number of units. Like Strength 8 snipers, for instance.

>> No.73055699

Seethe. Big power move is staying in the hobby because it makes you angry.

>> No.73055700

I started with tau as a kid, the second i saw this image on the codex i thought they look super cool, probably due to the gritty scifi look, XV25 stealth suits and hammer heads were probably my favorite general models and when i saw far sight get his new model in 6th it blew my mind. I've played a lot of armies since then, with TSons being my main at the moment, but i still have a place in my heart for that old 4th ed codex.

>> No.73055701

Someone in this thread is samefagging as multiple leftists. Do not take the bait.

>> No.73055703

If I ever see your fat white face at my LGS I'm taking your models and throwing them against the fucking wall

>> No.73055708

Sorry if i made other anons think you were the one advocating shooting guardsmen for cleanliness, i was just making a joke, not trying to impersonate you.

>> No.73055716

I'm thinking when I can get my hands on this model I'm going to do some kitbashing. I'm wondering where the best place to get human sized combi-weappns is. Do the new sisters sprues have some? Or am I better off going 3rd party?

>> No.73055718

Guys, is it just me or is /pol/ losing it's influence over 4chan?

>> No.73055722

ignore him. he's shouting secondary at everything he doesn't like and hes awfully transparent and easily spotted.
he does not make honest replies.

>> No.73055725

Thats one sexy brass scorp
which recaster did you get it from

>> No.73055727

God I fucking hope so. Glad people in general are having enough of their presence in everything.

>> No.73055736

>tempted to get a thunderhawk

>> No.73055737

I think its secondaryfag. He's stupid enough to do that just to bait people so he can make the same arguments he always does.

>> No.73055741

/Pol/ never had any influence over 4chan it's was just redditors wanting you to think that they were responsible for every poster whinsaud nigger or posted a swastika.

>> No.73055743

Thanks man! Why, it is not a recast, but bought absolutely 100% legitimately from non other than Forge World itself!

>> No.73055748

Do you honestly think secondaries deserve to be engaged on any intellectual level? They deserve base level bullying until they fuck off

>> No.73055749

You really need to get into Necromunda then. It is exactly what you want - a grim, edgy satire.

>> No.73055752

If you have a spare kidney, sure

>> No.73055755

do you have any experience with resin, and do you want lug around a big piece of it

>> No.73055756

its kinda crazy how their settings have vastly outgrown GW and their miniature game itself.
the actual tabletop is pretty much playing second fiddle to the setting at this point.

is there any other example of this?

>> No.73055757

Way too much time on Plague Marines. 3 days for 10 poxwalkers. For kabalites I'm just gonna do a drybrush and pick out details, fuck edge highlighting the armor.

>> No.73055759

>Legitimately bought from FW

>> No.73055760

Every other franchise that died when it's niche core audience let secondaries in thinking they would bring anything besides making everything generic

>> No.73055761

off-topic. get to /b/ if you wanna talk about /pol/

>> No.73055767

>do you have any experience with resin
Yeah, but the biggest resin model I've made is a custodes dreadnought
>and do you want lug around a big piece of it
No, just a cool thing to own, it's way too impractical for games.

>> No.73055769


>HAHA we're taking the hobby from you!

>> No.73055782

>play older editions
Why aren't there any grog battle reports posted on here?

>> No.73055794

Because grogs have fun playing and don't subject themselves to this cancer

>> No.73055795

90% of the posters here don't even own models, let alone play games, what makes you think they'll play grog editions?

>> No.73055796

Because no one in here plays except that one guy who produces those lavish battle reports

>> No.73055797

The dark humor is what got me into both Warhammer settings also. I first fell in love with Warhammer Fantasy. never got to play because it was killed off when I discovered it. It was honestly new and exciting to me having never seen anything quite like it. It was almost an over the top dark version of Tolkien’s Middle Earth with a nice layer of self aware humor. Later I branches into 40k and fell in love with it for similar reasons. It was like an amalgamation of all my favorite Sci-Fi with insane power spikes. It also still had the humor I liked from Fantasy. I think Warhammer is best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can have epic battles and dramatic high stakes, but sometimes you need the game to wink at the player and remind them how ridiculous it all is.

>> No.73055805

Arguably Marvel Comics is experiencing it right now, with their movies being seen as the "core" experience.
In a much lesser extent, Yugioh could be argued to be another case, where the physical card game has more control over where the program itself goes.
I don't like the Necromunda rules or miniatures. Honestly i don't particularly care about organized crime conflict in a science fiction setting. Plenty of satirical sidebars like that exist in the modern 40k codices. Like i said im not really asking for more jokes, but rather that GW do a better job at acknowledging the imperium are not "the lesser evil". Like look at the tau, who have gone from being amusing naive weaklings who try to be good guys but are shocked at how insanely evil everyone else is, to being just as bad if not worse.
I dont think that level of grog knows how to use a computer.

>> No.73055808

How many battle reports in general do you see?

>> No.73055812

>is there any other example of this?
An example of a boardgame's(or other media's) world being so popular it started to walk on its own?

I'm pretty sure I've known a couple of examples at one point but I don't remember rn...
>the actual tabletop is pretty much playing second fiddle to the setting at this point.
Yeah, the Horus Heresy releases are pretty much evident to this, even reaching the NYT best sellers list, and how many fucking books is that now?? I stopped at 6 or so.
And the only miniature players that appealed to, are a couple of whales who buy overpriced FW stuff.

>> No.73055813

>> No.73055821

very likely this

>> No.73055824

>grog represented by Bob Chipman

>> No.73055827

We don't evne post 8th battle reports anymore, and if only, very rarely do it to shit on something that happened during the game. Why would someone having fun do it?

>> No.73055840

did you actually make this?
you do know you're just arguing with yourself right?
you always shoehorn that books and vidya point into any argument. literally nobody else is bringing it up. ever.

>> No.73055844

It's going to be even more expensive than Blood of the phoenix, calling it now.
just looked up the price of BotP and it's still not sold out kek

>> No.73055846

I cant even fit two in, lemartes, mephiston, and astorath are pretty good alternatives.

>> No.73055848

Secondaries just can't for the life of themselves make a solid argument for why they shouldn't be gatekept

>> No.73055850

I have no doubt that secondaryfag is that autistic.

>> No.73055861

It's gonna be Dark Imperium priced since that's what it's replacing.

>> No.73055869

What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

>> No.73055872

>says the faggot obsessed with marketing material

>> No.73055883

I have some 1/4" tubing which I want to elongate this Thunderer gun with. I want some sort of muzzle break (or whatever it's called on tank guns) at the end. Any good tips or third party bitz?

>> No.73055889

GW currently have a prize draw for people subscribed to the newsletter. Prize is secret currently but in the small print it says:

>11. The value of the contents of each prize is GBP £120 (one hundred and twenty) / AUD $290 (two hundred and ninety) Australian Dollars.

Very likely this is the new starter set. £120 isn't too bad

>> No.73055890

Well /40kg/?

>> No.73055893

Look man, I'm cynical all the time but why would they price their main 9th ed starter set prohibitively higher? It's gonna be around the same price.
They even realised they fucked up with the Titanicus Grandmaster and released a much better starter.

>> No.73055898

Hillarious mate, it's gonna be £120 and whatever markup they do for forigeners

>> No.73055904

Maybe its the starter set + codices which makes the price higher? Or starter set with stupid limited edition shit like dice with indecipherable symbols?

>> No.73055906

it's likely, they raised the lotr box to £95 but kept soul wars the same. They probably want all starter set boxes for each system to be evenly priced.

>> No.73055908


>> No.73055921


>> No.73055925

that's a full 25 pound increase over Dark Imperium though
See >>73055889

>> No.73055926

Either a rapper called Hi-Tek or a forge world employee.

>> No.73055927

Since we're posting origin stories now.

>be 11 year old
>randomly walk by a LGS
>get inside and see Gorka Morka
>immediately fall in love and despite having no money, go there everyday after school to look at the models
>one day while taking my dad there, he casually asks if im there everyday and the store owner says "yea lol"
>dad buys me a Gorka Morka boss
>tell him I'll cherish this one forever
>years later when I was spending all my allowance and money on 40k, I converted that model into something else I dont even remember now.
>dad was actually really disappointed at this because we seriously bonded over this model
I'm sorry dad. I'm actually still looking for that boss model to this day.

>dad bought a blister of a sororitas heavy
>gave it to some girlfriend of his who liked it
>they broke up and he never got it back
>told me never to give a woman anything you like
Based dad.

I really wish you'd stop shitposting this nonsense.

>> No.73055935

Blood and Skull Industry on ebay sells some muzzle breaks though idk if they're the right size.

>> No.73055937

My backstory is the same but I saw Assault on Black Reach instead

>> No.73055942

that could be including the new necron codex. Starter set: £95
Codex: £25
Total: £120

>> No.73055945

They sacked him? What for?

>> No.73055949

The price is for 1 box, redshirt.

>> No.73055951

They can put a codex and the box inside a slightly larger box

>> No.73055954

I really hope you're just memeing. One of the OG guys at GW who's now the head of FW and in charge of designing The Old World.

He said "you remind me of the black guy from avengers" to a black kid at the weekenders, sparking a huge wave of nonsense from redditors.

>> No.73055956

Wasn't he the guy who called Escher women "spiteful" and trannies threw a fit over it?

>> No.73055957


They're normally £30 each. So two codices + set = £120 means the set would have to be £65 on its own. Which would be mad.
Very likely its just going to be a big chunky box, with the rulebook and maybe a board included since they're changing the default board size.

>> No.73055960

it could easily be a prize bundle.

>> No.73055964

I mean, it's somewhat comparable to DI. The marine side only has 3 more models. Still probably gonna be 120 pounds though just because GW

>> No.73055966


There was something special about loitering at LGS all day learning about these worlds and hobbies for the first time.

>> No.73055967

Not sure why you're coping so hard like GW didn't just pricehike us.
Read the fineprint, jesus.

>> No.73055970

Why would they include just one codex when the box has two forces in it?
see >>73055957

>> No.73055972

>Why yes I gatekeep this fandom by demanding people to post models, how could you tell?

for reals though, casualfags are insufferable

>> No.73055975

>This whole "in it for life or you're not a real fan!" or "you're just secondary lol" notion has been exploding in popularity in recent years and its absolute cancer. Its the same shit you see on 4chan with people trying to dismiss each other with their seniority.

Outgroups should be rejected, that's normal. Gatekeeping is a virtue and if anything, people don't do it harshly enough. The problems arise when the ingroups start pretending anyone they don't like for external reasons is the outgroup.

>> No.73055976

Could be a box full of ripper swarms

>> No.73055981

No he said
>"Escher are exotic and vindictive because they're women"
which sparke a "tony cotrell needs to go" campaign that obviously went nowhere.
but now it turned back up because of this.

>> No.73055984

>You remind me of the black guy from the avengers
That’s a lot more tame than people were making it out to be. It’s a bit of a weird things to say phrases like that but I doubt he meant any harm.

>> No.73055989

So you want the hobby to die, just because you can't have anyone different from you participating in it?
That's a real 1995 take anon.

>> No.73055991

>They're normally £30 each
no they aren't. They're £25 each. It's probably going to be the starter set which will be two armies + rulebook and starter army books that give datasheets for the new models. Necrons are going to get a codex straight off since the cover was leaked just before the reveals. Marines already have their PA-level codex and supplements so they won't get a new codex straight away.

>> No.73055994


>> No.73055996

You don't understand, he's literally Hitler.
You have to be to be in charge of FW

>> No.73055997

>People assuming GW didn't increase the price of the new starter set
>People assuming that the prize box's value is including rulebooks
You fools, not including rules books would almost guarantee GW more sales. They're gonna let people win a car, then have them buy the wheels

>> No.73056001

>"Escher are exotic and vindictive because they're women"
Now that is hilarious. Gotta love Necromunda.

>> No.73056004

I mean, the Escher ARE spiteful and vindictive, and they're notoriously proud of being women, to the point they basically treat Escher-born men as cattle.

No idea about the nig-nog business, but frankly, it's likely taken out of context, as usual.

>> No.73056005

The black kid himself even posted an instagram video complaining about the racism he has to face.
Its a complete shitshow. A shitshow that nobody of importance really cares about.

>> No.73056017


>> No.73056019

>slavery 200 years ago in a different country has caused my life to be shit

>> No.73056021

>muzzle break (or whatever it's called on tank guns)

Can never go wrong with "muzzle device" as it basically encompasses everything. Muzzle break is common on high velocity weapons in which you want to reduce the recoil. It's characterised with a small opening at the front, not much wider than the projectile, and large openings to the sides, possibly on top. Idea is that as much as possible of the muzzle blast is redirected, thus reducing the recoil coming back. Like thrust reversers on jet engines used to decelerate by directing thrust from the engine. Flash hiders have a very open design to them, mainly to reduce the muzzle flash.

Demolishers are low velocity weapons with limited range, so such a device would have limited effectiveness on them. During WW2 the German StuH 42 was originally issued with a muzzle device, but it was later dropped because the benefits of it for the howitzer was minimal and it was one less part to worry about.

If you really want one, regular Russ or Eradicator should do fine.

>> No.73056023

It's hardly gatekeeping is it? Gatekeeping would be "you can't buy these models if x", not "hey guys, show off how proud of your models you are"

>> No.73056026

What happens if a Sister of Battle becomes pregnant?

>> No.73056028


Why the FUCK would anyone post battle reports? Who the fuck reads them? No one. Fuck off.

Using "battle reports" as some sort of sign of validity is like saying to a /v/ poster "how come I haven't seen you post a single LP on your youtube channel". That's asinine.

>> No.73056029

>Tony Cottrell

The rapper?

>> No.73056030

>the year of our lord 2020
>buying codexes, rules, or any books when the download is at the top of this very thread
The only rulebooks I even have are the shit that comes in starter boxes.

>> No.73056034

We're starting with an extraordinarily low bar, this community is infested with nomodels fags

>> No.73056037

Escher treat their men like cattle due to most of them being literal malformed cretins due to damaged genetics amongst Escher clan. It is a society where women are surrounded by incapable men and are forced to do all work and fighting, it is only natural for them to start viewing them as cattle. Pride comes from the fact that they have to do the men's job and are very capable of it, not the other way around.

>> No.73056041

That's what victim mindset does.

What minorities fail to realize is that people just want to be mean to them for reasons. If they didn't have a different melanin concentration in their skin, those people would just pick something else to rag on.

>> No.73056042

>black guy
don't sugar coat it anon, and you forgot the part where he spent two hours wandering around muttering, "I'm gonna say it" over and over again to himself beforehand.

>> No.73056043

It wasn't demands for validity I just want to see cool old edition battle reports. Why does simple talking about the hobby trigger people so much?

>> No.73056044

Yeha of course it will. But with 20%off from a lgs shop and considering its got the new rulebook and bits don't think is insane. Still anoyying how the pice rise is higher than inflation

>> No.73056047


>> No.73056051

>left, skin in sigmarxism
>right, skin in /pol/

>> No.73056052

Because a lot of people here just want to shitpost. To be honest though 4chan does not seem like a good place for battle reports in general.

>> No.73056053

Normies lack the braincells to consider other options when being told they have to buy something.

>> No.73056055

>10. There are 10 (ten) prizes to be won. All entrants will have a chance of winning 1 (one) prize.
>11. The value of the contents of each prize is GBP £120 (one hundred and twenty) / AUD $290 (two hundred and ninety) Australian Dollars.
So where does this mention that the prize will be a singular box? Even if it did, that doesn't mean that one box is the starter set, it could just be a box containing the starter set and new codex.
Because the necron codex will be a new one, and won't actually be in the starter set itself, it's just bundled in because it's new as part of the prize. They're assuming whoever wins is likely already into a hobby so will already have the marines codex or won't really mind buying one.

>> No.73056056


>> No.73056058

>woke tweet no longer pinned
>buried in trivial shit

>> No.73056060

Ok redshirt, I'm sure the starter set comes with 1 extra codex for either marines or necrons at random because GW raising prices is just inconceivable.

>> No.73056062

>the virgin GW supporter
>the chad pdf collector
i knew a guy who literally downloaded all the rules and then played 40k with lego with his brothers.
i think theyre still doing it even. who needs GW lol

>> No.73056067


There's a functionally infinite amount of people similar to me in the world. I don't need to accept anyone who's different from me.

>> No.73056070

>commie trannies ACTUALLY thought GW wasn't just paying basic lip service to avoid twitter hate mobs

>> No.73056077

You know it's pretty funny how they never even put it on their Community Page.

>> No.73056078

So naive. When has gw ever missed an opportunity to hike prices. They'll probably have a 170 pound one with codexes

>> No.73056079

>>So where does this mention that the prize will be a singular box?

>It's gonna be dozens of little boxes, each with a single paint pot that is close to expiration.

>> No.73056080

emphasis on "awfully transparent"

>> No.73056095


No one wants you here. You are the one who needs to leave.

>> No.73056096

REMOVE SECONDARY remove secondary you are worst secondary. you are the secondary idiot you are the secondary smell. return to /v/.

>> No.73056099

Seems like GW know that twitter outrage mobs never leave twitter.

>> No.73056103

I bet sewer workers in 40k have a very grimdark job.
>Giant waterfalls of piss of have to walk under
>Sifting through shit to find treasures
>Slipping into the piss river and having to use Ogryn turds as floatation device

>> No.73056105

he could move to a country were he wouldn't be a minority. but oh wait african niggers hate american niggers despite the same "skin color". the biggest of thinks
classic attention whores looking for excuses to attentionwhore. and the best tool for such an act is victimhood
same retards that think hwo abolishing religion will stop all religion hatred, aka leftoids. what a time to be alive

>> No.73056110

GW had two options
Don't post anything, twitter hate mob notices and commie journalists write articles about how terrible GW is. Shareholders lose confidence, GW suffers.
Make a very generic statement and unpin it a few days later. When asked about your stance say "We made our position very clear" and leave it all behind you.

>> No.73056126

You will not be missed, you aren't welcome in the hobby

>> No.73056136

I once saw a guy with black communist genestealer cult and I "accidentally" spilled by coke all over them

>> No.73056137

They can't win.

If a company doesn't say anything then its "wow you never spoke up about these issues!"

If a company does say anything then its "wow this is just marketing speech, you don't care about these issues!"

redditors are so pozzed its not funny anymore

>> No.73056141

Extremely childish

>> No.73056143

>can't even call for models to be posted without butthurt secondaries coming out of the woodwork

>> No.73056146

KEK. almost bought those guys yeasterday but don't know much how this game works. Are they good?

>> No.73056148

There probably aren't really designated sewer workers, but more like sewer rats and mutants that survive off of the sewage.

>> No.73056150

>twitter hate mob notices
I don't use twitter. Are they seriously interrogating every company about politics?

>> No.73056151

>> No.73056152

Yo their stuff looks really good. Cheers.
Thanks for the detail. I'm a dickhead; totally didn't think about using those bits even though I have a bunch...

>> No.73056154

gay-tipping? heh, I member that shit like it was yesterday *siiiiiiiiiip*. me and the boys would go to a bar to drink and drink some more, but wamen, m8 *phtu*. our wives kept whining about our "drinking problem" as they called it. so we came up with a plan. first change bar and second bribe some fags to stand on the entrance. heh, every time one of the "nag-hag-scout" would come near by she would be driven away by dem disgusteng fags. they were convinced that that bar was a fagbar and started believing that we were just working overtime. good times good times *siiiiiiiip* also ye, we gatekept dem fags from actually entering the bar. disgusteng creatures I tell ya

>> No.73056158


>> No.73056159

Is this... Captain Titus? Superb painting skills, my friend, if this is yours.

>> No.73056161

Too obvious man

>> No.73056162

They're interrogating random celebrities and encouraging users to interrogate friends and family. They're pushing "you're either with us or against us" very hard

>> No.73056164

>that doesn't mean that one box is the starter set, it could just be a box containing the starter set and new codex
learn to read brainlet
you fags were probably saying the same shit about dark imperium

>> No.73056165

Yes hello I'm an 8th edition babby

>> No.73056168

how can masks have facial expressions?

>> No.73056172

You forgot

>If a company also acts on demands then the response is "It's not enough/you forgot x REEEEEEEEE"

>> No.73056174

No way it's mine, dumping pics from old 40kg threads

>> No.73056181

It isn't. Fag is just arguing with himself, using literally any random pictures he can find.

>> No.73056185

Cute chubby crons

>> No.73056189

>one box with two things in it
>>It's gonna be dozens of little boxes
anon just stop, this is embarrassing to watch, you don't even have to admit you were wrong, just move on.

>> No.73056191

>Right wingers don't play this fucking game

Do you actually, genuinely believe that stupid shit you say? Wargame hobby is like 99% "right wingers". Having interest in military shit is inherently right-wing.

>> No.73056193


>> No.73056195


im not even kidding. people literally said this.

>> No.73056196

>secondaries are SEETHING
lol, slow down on the model posting they might just kill themselves

>> No.73056197

Take your meds

>> No.73056200


>> No.73056202

Which is why we're gonna change it step by step.

>> No.73056203

You can't fool us, Redshirt.

>> No.73056204

>Death Guard marine
>Not a single speck of rust on the entire model

>> No.73056205

Holy shit, that tyranid on the right looks like its alive, could use a bit more highlights though.
You are not helping. Maybe it is time to take a 5 minute break for you off forum instead of lashing out at random anons?

>> No.73056206


>> No.73056210

I'll be very happy if they don't increase the price but come on. I would be more surprised that they did a new manlet release than kept the price the same

>> No.73056217

But the entire bottom half is rusted

>> No.73056218

Very soulful anon

>> No.73056221

Stat this thing

>> No.73056224

Like a scout sentinal but remove the gun and add a power fist

>> No.73056225

It doesn't even remotely look like rust. It is on the green color of the armor, so it is either mud or poop.

>> No.73056234

>corona damages profits
>"buy buy bu yand get coupons!"
>price hike
>"we support those in poverty! buy buy buy!"
you can't make this shit up. and when is the next PA coming out if preview is this sunday?

>> No.73056236

New thread when?

>> No.73056239

When we hit page 10 in an hour or so

>> No.73056240

something something 1 wound because of headshot danger

>> No.73056244

anon... i wasn't trying to say you're the same poster, but that the guy you're replying to never makes an honest comment and is just baiting so he can make his meme again.

and if nobody replies he makes top posts not replying to anyone to bait people in

>> No.73056246

You can be vaguely conservative without being far-right and taking any offence at all to the message GW posted

lmao go back to your tranny discord server, raider

>> No.73056253


>> No.73056254

>Absolute abomination of a conversion
>It is from a space yiff fag
Every time.

>> No.73056255

Any release date on the app?

>> No.73056259

Well, I've bought some of those vallejo pigments recently so I'm gonna try those out on my next model and see how it goes

>> No.73056261

>what could have been

>> No.73056264

will hiroshimoot ever provide IDs for all boards to *at least* reduce samefaggery? and flags so all aussies start using proxies for their shitposting

>> No.73056267

Selfbumping this question. Surely you good people know where I can find good combiweapons

>> No.73056269

Seek help. Please call a therapist in your area.

>> No.73056271

I misinterpreted anon, apologies. Maybe I need to take my meds

>> No.73056275

It's out now in China, they're beta testing the "Hobbyist Score" where after a game other hobbyists can rate you on the scale. Categories include
>modeling skill
And 15 other minor ones you don't want to ask about.

>> No.73056276

Post models :)

>> No.73056282

So, any bets on the points changes for say, Daemon engines?

Or Wraithknight and wraith units in general for Eldar?

I wanna see more of both

>> No.73056284

The PA preview is all week with pre-orders this Saturday.

>> No.73056287

FW sells resin kits with like 5 combi-weapons of each kind.

>> No.73056289

Necrons already have the robots + bugs aesthetic

>> No.73056295

>IDs for all boards to *at least* reduce samefaggery?
it didnt do anything on /pol/ and when /v/ tried it for a week or so, it only made the shitposting harder, because then they started using the ids themselves for their posts
>lmao router resetting faggot
>he replies to all posts
and so on. this site is just fucked over by kids who can't deal with anyone that doesn't do what they do, and they'll always find ways to just shitpost about it. nothing 4chan can or will do will ever fix it. unless they completely remove what makes this site attractive in the first place

>> No.73056314

6 shots vs 9 shots. I don't have the points in front of me but I believe they're almost identical in cost. I realize they can double shoot in a certain mode. I'm not saying keep them walking 24/7. But there's no rush to lock them down. Especially since you're going to be babysat by cawl and other characters to stay under all the amazing new auras. Might as well give one of those auras to a datasmith following them.

And I don't see dunecrawlers being that much tankier than robots. 5 more wounds, but -1 saves. Under shroudpsalm they're 1+/4++. And I see 9 heavy phosphor shots as comparable to an icarus dunecrawler, which is all the rage.

>> No.73056322

>you will not be missed
kek, not only can they not kick me out of my LGS, but they also can't stop me from using recasts in GW stores.

>> No.73056342

nice, already looking forward to painting and basing my metal fabius

>> No.73056343

yeah you sure showed them...

>> No.73056344

These ones? They kinda ugly tho..

>> No.73056352

Why do so many people unironically have a problem with GW introducing characters of different races to the literature? There are already supposed to be a million Imperial worlds out there with radically different populations on each one. Isn't this move completely reasonable considering the pre-established lore? Why is no-one here angry about the Salamanders or White Scars? What am I missing here?

>> No.73056358

>in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only social justice

>> No.73056360


>> No.73056365

Arch Warhammer secondaries upset their sci-fi land isn't the ethnostate they were promised

>> No.73056366

If you've seen how badly they freak out about soup, how do you think some of these retards will react to that.

>> No.73056367

>Why is no-one here angry about the Salamanders or White Scars?
>What am I missing here?
The lore of these two chapters is what you're missing.

>> No.73056376

>Why is no-one here angry about the Salamanders or White Scars?
Salamanders aren't african black. They have white features and their skin is just ashen black due to the planet they're on.
White Scars have always been what they are.

If someone would start painting Salamanders white, saying "dude theyre recruiting from different worlds!" the same people who shake their heads at the ultranegro would also call that guy a faggot.

That's really the gist of it. It's not about race, its about lore.

>> No.73056380

This reply makes me think you live in a country where you have to pay entrance fees.

>> No.73056394

Dunecrawlers can also bring a heavy stubber so you still get 9 shots though slightly less effective, though the better BS puts them roughly equal (actually slightly ahead but it's marginal). Also even with -1 save Dunecrawlers would have the advantage of only being one per unit so there's an advantage of never losing more than 1, if you can do enough damage to kill a dunecrawler in one turn you're not far off from killing both bots.

Honestly an icarus dunecrawler would be way better than mobile gun bots, especially if you use imperative for +2 to hit. The only thing going for the bots is double shoot, the canticle makes them marginally more effective while moving into position but it's not worth doing for any longer than the minimum you can get away with.

>> No.73056402

Peak soul but I can't imagine doing this shit for each infantry, maybe I'll finish a unit in 2 months

>> No.73056426

Wasn't Arch's video about if Marines take on the features of their Primarch, then their skin would change colour too so no black marines?

>> No.73056428

Titus is a captain. The project was also clearly done to recreate the gear and weapons available in the game.

>> No.73056434

Yes, and that is wrong on account of there being black marines in the same chapters as white ones

>> No.73056438

>They have white features
Do they necessarily? Why would they look like modern-day white people after 40,000 years of divergent evolution from us, much of which happened in complete warp storm-driven isolation? I'll grant you that there's also no reason why they should look like black Africans, but that kind of appearance isn't exactly ruled out by the existing lore. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Ultramarines have functioning Melanochrome organs so if one of them is dark-skinned in any given warzone they all are. It's only questionable when they have different characters in the same army painted to be of different races and even then, that wouldn't be any more unusual than having models with grassland, snow and desert basing in the same army.

>> No.73056440

I remember that video basically saying that skin tone is kinda irrelevant, since space marines have that one organ that adjusts the skin tone/melanin level to whatever is necessary.

>> No.73056445

That's why its a weird response, 40k lore has always presented humanity as very varied and diverse.

>> No.73056447

true but its not like 40k is known for lore consistency.
they constantly retcon themselves, and correct me if im wrong but didnt one of the GW community managers outright tell people on warseer that "its our product and we can change whatever we want when we want it" while calling them all smelly nerds or something?

>> No.73056453

If Arch made that argument then he doesn't know as much about the lore as he claims to. As >>73056440 mentioned, space marines' skin pigmentation adjusts to suit the environment they're in.

>> No.73056456

>Do they necessarily?
According to all art and lore about their appearnce, they have.

>> No.73056468

Those fags on whineseer had it coming though. Good thing the site got killed off.

>> No.73056478

Ravenguard all become albino white because of a defect with that organ though.

>> No.73056487

what army fits this [content type]?

>> No.73056494

The only thing particularly white about this man is his nose, I'm not convinced that the kind of distinction you're making is even meaningful


>> No.73056496

So wouldn't that mean that black ultramarines wouldn't exist them?

>> No.73056505

Once 3D printing becomes fully mainstream GW will hang themselves anyway, it's just a matter of time.

>> No.73056506

Permanently dark-skinned ultramarines don't exist
At any given time there's probably a few dozen to a few hundred ultramarines with dark skin because they're fighting on a sunny desert world or something like that

>> No.73056512

It means that all Ultramarines are potentially black.

>> No.73056518

There have been black ultramarines for ages. The only people complaining about it are baiting or insecure lorelets

>> No.73056520

The amount of sοboy salt this created is exquisite. Well done

>> No.73056530

New I guess

>> No.73056534


>> No.73056535

There haven’t and in fact every space marine bar the salamanders are chameleon like in their complexion going from lack of melanin in low UV to black as the night in high UV locations. So yeah black and white space marines don’t make sense they should all be one homogenous Colour depending on the location

>> No.73056538

Rather than this making people realize that skin color is meaningless, it makes them double down on their politics

>> No.73056548

What if you just got drafted from a campaign on a different planet? It doesn't happen instantly

>> No.73056550

t.red shirt

>> No.73056559

I would actually like it if they showed this in art would be cool having characters change colour

>> No.73056571

Not everyone's gonna have a resin 3d printer at home. You might get more companies comision printing stuff cheaply but gw will probably do that too

>> No.73056588

he looks completely white to me as far as 40k proportions go

>> No.73057181

11 july

>> No.73057218

This. A diverse cast could be neat if you honestly mean it, instead of grifting libtards. Why not make a series about these guys? They are all pilgrims, so you can include every ethnicity you want.

But of course they won't and the people that are currently raiding us propably even don't know them.

>> No.73057230

Yes each attack will have its own str and ap the same way you would for damage.

>> No.73057410

I've seen these before, but I don't know their lore. Could you help out with their name?

>> No.73057498

Maccabian Janissaries, if you want primary sources, most info about them is in the FFG Pen&Paper Games. They are a bit overlooked, I think their only BL Apperance is in one of the Gaunts Ghosts books, but I could be wrong on that.

>> No.73057513

>every time salamanders are portrayed by GW they're negros
At this point can we just admit they're blacker blacks?

>> No.73057550

Thanks anon

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