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Love the right shoulder

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What did you guys work on today? I started on some Warriors for my KT.

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I worked on waiting for my order to arrive.
It didn't.

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Fabius Bile is love
Fabius Bile is life

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With the way that Executioner guy was made, it seems designers are willing to change pauldrons, and even not include them, which will be cool going forward.

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I was going to make fun of you for actually fielding tyranid warriors, then you said kill team so I guess you get a pass this time.

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Surely he dissected a couple primaris by now to make some shit right?

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If it is Cassius hes gonna be like Lazurus

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Putting together a canoptek wraith I got some necrons coming so I wanna catch up

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You mean left?

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Probably but maybe he took a page of cawls book and wants to stash his creations until he has a large number and the element of surprise

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Engine War gave daemons jack shit
I don't have to by a new book

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Our right his left

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I think I'm about ready to move on to the base and his Nurgling buddy.

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based off the fineshit retirement stuff I read about
characters of note get updated, the rest legacyied

so donte for sure updated if GW won't let him die

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I took pictures of my veterans. I've had my stuff in Ivan's mail system since March, completely run out of stuff to paint in the meantime.

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Sensible chuckle everytime.

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I can't decide on what color to paint my plasma coils. Dubs decides. I will try (note: try) whatever wins, no matter how crazy.

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Im working on ghaz. Whats the thought on kits that come with their on fancy bases/platforms? I personally kinda dont like it.

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>tau flamers
are you...running them as crisis suits?

I'm working on my annihilation barge.

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Bros the tacticool is finally dead....grimdark is back on the menu

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sprue grey

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Forgot pic

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I honestly think Bile is miles below in skill compared to both Cawl, and what he believes himself to be.

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Vanta black

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Sprue grey? more like, super gay

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I use some spare plague marine bits to make a chaos lord. I hate how all pieces are made to fit a specific way nowadays, so I have to greenstuff in the cracks because i didn't fit piece 142 into piece 143

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You're gonna hate this: yellow.

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That abacus can only count to 20 since it doesn't have a separated row.

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I miss Gael

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Light blue

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purple and green

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Yellow and do OSL like a good little faggot

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>Unpainted tau

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Nah, just having fun with magnets. And nice barge. I picked up some Lychguard recently to test out some color schemes when the New-crons come out.

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Why do people freak out when they see primed tau in pictures but not other factions?

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>Knights solo Bloodthirsters and Keepers of Secrets in Engine War
Made me wonder how many Bloodthirsters or Keepers of Secrets a Titan can take out.

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My motivation to complete hobby projects is directly proportional to my interest in actually playing the game. At this point I have basically no interest in the game at all.

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Because it's extra pathetic

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I finally magnetized my last 20 seeker missiles so that now all 32 of my seeker missiles are magnetized and can be used as counters on my tanks.

feels good and looks great, now I wont have to use a handful of dice.

>With hardened warheads and gifted pilots and marker lights I have 32 seeker missiles that are usually hitting on 2s rerolling 1's and wounding with st8 ap-3 rerolling 1s, D6 damage, all can be fired on the first turn.

I wish i could fucking play a game right now.

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How is it pathetic to play a game with WIP models? You get that primed models aren't the same thing as greytide, right?

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I've got a nurgle daemon prince I'm working on and I'm really hoping the deathguard part of war of the spider doesn't get the chaos knight treatment so I can have something fun to put on my prince.

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When riptides wings were huge lots of new tau players would play with unpainted armies, and it always seems like tau players never paint their shit.

But there's a lot of armies in pictures that are half painted.

Just don't be that guy.

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because tau are fags.

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black with black OSL

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I concede, at least it's not a fucking riptide.

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they're barely a step up.

that said if its obvious that some models are painted and there's some effort to improve then its okay. could be better but at least they're trying.

Full grey tide or full primed is pretty despicable though.

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We need more plate shoulders on Marines.

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Why in the name of the fucking emperor are Dreadnought missile launchers only 1 shot

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Not this anon but also rolling for black osl

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paint your fukken army, show me you love your models

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It really depends how long they've been in any given wip state for.

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primed some minis and masturbated to trannies.

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>Blocks your path

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Because they old. I wish I were joking, please GW easy with the power creep.

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I really wish that a primaris unit would get missile launchers so GW updates them. Dread missiles should at least be 2 shots

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back when all you needed to kill a vehicle was a luck shot, then one shot was all you needed.

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Thanks! We're startin to get somewhere.

I soft fit it together to see how it's comin along, and I think it needs more blue. I was going to do the side plates on the 'tail' in gold, but they could be blue too. However, I was going to have a lot of blue in the guns and in the overlord, so maybe it'll even things out?

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I'm painting a crappy tank model. I'm just starting to get into 40K and I want to make sure my painting skills are above total trash level before I get to painting them. Lots of work to be done.

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>*Laughs in Dark Lance*
Foolish Mon'Keigh.

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It's Pride Month, anon.

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It may be pride month, but it's certainly not your day.

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>Whats the thought on kits that come with their on fancy bases/platforms? I personally kinda dont like it.
depends entirely on the contact points. if the leg can't sit stable without specifically needing the specific base, then bad.

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what does that mean

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Negative lighting (IE: black)

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Quarantine does strange things to people...

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I think >>73051211 means he wants each coil to be one of Red, Green, and blue, repeating. The glow affect would just be white

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you gotta gamer keyboard your plasma, anon >>73050982

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how the fuck do i do that

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>Anon has to paint with light to deliver now

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Is there anything more fitting for White Scars than The Hu?

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Time to paint the rainbow anon.

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If Tyranids are basically canonically unstoppable short of nuking your own planets and Orcs can basically never be defeated because as they lose more in combat they are literally genetically coded to become stronger and (slightly) more intelligent over time does that mean that the likely fate of the universe is an endless front line between orcs and tyranids basically forever?

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I don't get it. Honestly, tau are one of the easier factions to paint, out of the ones that I've tried so far. Lots of hard edges makes them easy to highlight, and clearly separated panels.

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Tengger Cavalry.

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Just use a flamer bro, both are like cockroaches. Can't reproduce if you exterminate them.
Both also struggle against Necrons, plenty of factions keep other in check.
Besides, unlike Necrons, Orks devolve too. Yes they can grow bigger, stronger, and smarter. They can do the opposite too if all they fight are weak retards.

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but in a serious answer, I don't take any 40k lore too literally. Literally everything is the most badass deadly powerful thing in existence, so if you want to know the answer then play it out on the table

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Weapons aren't chained to his arms. 0/10

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Literally just holdover rage from 7th ed when riptides were the waac pick and there was a bunch of grey tau armies being shits.
Of course this being 4chan, the actual reasons for doing something get forgotten and people just carry on doing the thing because it's what you're supposed to do to fit in.
The tau thing specifically probably held on longer than usual because people still get mad at riptides and tau in general on the table anyways. I'd bet every army has a large section of greytide players because most people are fuckin lazy.

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Very thin brush one coil at a time.

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The sword is chained with the purity seal.

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I like my scheme, but there was a serious minute where I considered doing a gunmetal grey/black/white highlights scheme and calling my warlord Commander Greytide.

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You would have hated the hobby in the 90s, convertlet

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Tau? Necrons? Nurgle?

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Space Wolves need grooming standards. No wonder they don't wear helmets like 80% of the time, they probably can't fit that shit over their awful manes of hair.

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feel like all I do these days is just wait for the next 9th edition announcement. I'm stuck inside all day as well, this can't be healthy. fuck corona

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not a 40k mini, but i bought a mushroom man in a space suit with a gun from a local hobby shop bin.

Wasnt there a recent image with a mushroom man xeno? do these exist in any 40k fluff?

If not, i suppose I'll paint him as a plump helmet man in space

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I suppose I could try
but if I fuck up I'm going with the good old copper coils

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Would fit fine into a mod of chaos cultists, or you could make a kroot carnivore squad that is actually a mob of assorted xenos.

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Paint some models, anon

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I kid, it's a sweet picture. My next project is going to be blinging out primaris to turn them into black templars so it's good inspiration.

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Good news: they're doing an announcement each day this week

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I hate that model so much it keeps me up at night sometimes.

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What are you talking about? Arms were just flat surface to a torso flat surface, now its all specific notches dor the exact piece in the exact pose

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Somebody should run Jihadist Admech

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All I see is that tau with the massive ass and tits, you know the one. Thanks shitposterkun, you ruined (?) tau for me.

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I hate the taunar so goddamn much. Look at that boxy piece of shit.

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Tau players are just less likely to paint their armies for some reason. I dont think I've ever played a painted tau army. One time I was playing against greytide tau and he forgot some flight stands for his drones. So he went and bought a set of drones for their flight stands. Just despicable people through and through.

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Why? Macross Monster aesthetic is dope.

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Was it this?

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This is more of a complaint about how it's all monopose trash nowadays rather than converting

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I swear the only thing GSC is good for is making good female conversions

>> No.73051495

You had to sculpt shoulder and armpit material whenever you wanted any sort of different arm position at all. Even super basic posing involved green stuff.

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That big mech desperately needs some color. Almost doesnt look painted.

>> No.73051509

Imagine what Imperial titans would look like if they were designed now. Warhound wouldn't have two big arm guns, it'd have two big arm guns, 2-3 carapace guns, head guns, torso guns, rear guns, etc.

>> No.73051510

Hm. Maybe I'll make some portobello boys as tau auxiliaries. A scraggly mushroom should be an easy greenstuff sculpt.

>> No.73051514

Stormcast Head
Scion Backpack/Servo Skull
Magus body
Rogue Trader Janus Draik sword

>> No.73051524

I really don't consider kung-fu grip action figure arms better than monopose. I've seen my share of space Marines mashing their bolters into their vox grille like a watermelon and I don't love it

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>That muton thing on the bottom left
Do we know what it is, or are all these xenos/heretek robots here supposed to be new threats?

>> No.73051533

technically orks

>> No.73051539

>3rd captains
Should have just made everyones chapter masters tbqh.

>> No.73051540

Know where the Imperialis behind her head is from? Looks too small to be one from vehicle kits.

>> No.73051545

Some of these designs are not new, like the one on middle-left (the jellyfish) have appeared in a minor story before. The rest not sure, might be new.

>> No.73051546

Tau models have the fewest details, making them the easiest models to get to tabletop standard.

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>Technically orks
Um akschually tecknikally no.
>Mushrooms. All mushrooms are fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms. For those fungi that produce them, the mushroom plays a similar role to a flower or a fruit in plants. Some part of each mature mushroom produces microscopic spores that are similar to pollen or seeds, sometimes numbering in the trillions

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I worked on some brass weathering and am waiting for the paint to dry on some deathshroud and two plague marines I was doing some paint testing on. I'm really looking to make a big fat model painted sometime though, and I'm thinking about either Mortarion or a knight I've got as a work in progress.

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it isnt. its wip.

>> No.73051575

I mean that probably makes more "sense".
Why does this giant mech only have guns on its arms.

>> No.73051579

The top of the flagpole from the Scion kit.

>> No.73051582

Because his head is exposed?

>> No.73051586

Assembling the last of my 20 kabalites.
Then it's off to a prime and a drybrush because I'm getting lazy, screw edge highlighting

>> No.73051587

It never left

>> No.73051595

Water caste diplomats from the Fifth
Sphere sept of Fe’saan encounter the
Charpactin, a race of sentient fungoid
creatures who communicate entirely in
bursts of ultraviolet colour. These strobing
emanations prove surprisingly effective
at subduing and transfixing living beings,
rendering them docile and amenable. TheT’au quickly negotiate a client-state
treaty with the Charpactin, drafting many
of these creatures into their growing
Edification Corps.

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When the fuck are they going to show how Primaris Chapters are organized

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>> No.73051620

how is this

>> No.73051621

Weird ass music video

>> No.73051630

Sharp looking vets, my man

>> No.73051633

my underground miner guard:

>> No.73051636

It's alright, the previous SC is better in my opinion. If you consider getting this version then I urge you to spend more time modeling the insides of the transport since it's kinda boring and bare at default.

>> No.73051641

Never read any ultras book. Been reading the new dark imperium ones and have to ask why do people call Ultras Mary Sues?

>> No.73051643

What do you guys think about this as a possible conversion for Zeyphrim?

>> No.73051644

Didn’t they just annouce that the whole „Agents of Bile” thing is just a new way to play CSM? That means we get some utter shit subcodex that brings nothing new but strategems or relics. And to make it worse im pretty sure Fabulous Bill wont be avilable in vanilla CSM.

>> No.73051648

Because it was built to carry said guns? Like, we don't stick 15 guns on a tank anymore, they're built to use one gun effectively and have 1-2 guns as protection. Titans are heavy gun delivery platforms. They supremacy suit should be similar, built around the heavy guns on its back, not packing every possible weapon for every possible target in the field.

>> No.73051656

>unpainted tau
And the cycle continues

>> No.73051662

Custodes hands are almost terminator sized.

>> No.73051672

Really good.

>> No.73051677

That custodes spear is much larger than that .

>> No.73051680

Yeah, mostly. It looks goofy as fuck, especially with his perfect mane of hair. With the big head and tiny sarcophogus it makes my brain see it as a tiny man with Macrocephaly piloting a big mech.

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>> No.73051689

With all the awesome new shit loyalists get every edition, why does anyone play Chaos Marines?

>> No.73051690

you guys got any conversions?

>> No.73051695

I could probably just clips the hands and just greenstuff/pin the weapon to the hands though so it could still work though right?
Damn really? I never really saw them outside battle reports and never had a good sense of scale as to how big custodes and their equipment was

>> No.73051702

He probably doesn't have arms nor legs. Venerable dread front just has a Marine torso under the sarcophagus plate. No arms nor legs.

>> No.73051704

I'd commit crimes for a comfy gaming room.

>> No.73051723

Just build it as the tank instead.

>> No.73051724

Oh yeah, I'm aware. I'm alright with the ven dreads cos it's not an actual face, so I can tell myself it's just a camera unit in the shape of a helmet and the marine itself is a foetal mass of flesh deeper inside the machine.

>> No.73051743

>tfw just got a couple folding tables for my basement
just gotta get a rug down there and something big and bachelor-tacky to put on the walls and i'll have the man cave part of the marriage checklist worked right out. Even have the old couch down there already.

>> No.73051746

A custodes is bigger than a termi, their spear is taller than they are. Also, having a dude walking around with a custodes spear will require some explanation since each was is a holy relic

>> No.73051751

Best I can find is a Custodes/SoS comparison. But the SoS are pretty much in line with the new SoB range.

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>> No.73051762

wut? you cant compare reality to 40k. Why wouldnt Imperial Titans have shoulder mounted missiles, AA, etc. Even chestplate mounted.

>> No.73051764

what army fits this vibe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY9ejw1728w

>> No.73051766

>Not recreating Normandy Landing with the cog boys, opting for a big box with a gun instead
Truly we are a cursed species

>> No.73051775

I'm rehabbing my house and making one whole-ass room into a comfy gaming den. I'm unbelievably excited

>> No.73051782

because some people don't like primaris faggot shit. And awesome is kind of a strong word for what they get lol.

>> No.73051785

surely it can be magged.

>> No.73051787

not really. I want to mix n match convert with 3rd party shit but I aint rich.

>> No.73051795

Whats the point of this built as a tank? Doesn't admech already have a tank?

>> No.73051796

Magged; are you insane? You would disrespect its machine spirit with such ding job?

>> No.73051797

>When csm become "second sons" next edition with 2w

>> No.73051799

What's the closest size a Knight Titan is to Gunpla? A friend and I just want to run a casual game using our gunpla as Knights and just have some fun with an army neither of us have played. Though we still want to be kinda close in scale.

>> No.73051801

>Why wouldnt Imperial Titans have shoulder mounted missiles, AA, etc. Even chestplate mounted.

Because that's what all the support elements are for. Titan is a WMD that sucks on its own without support.

>> No.73051803

The sculptors are fucking lorelets it pisses me off so goddamn much. The "helmet" on the dreads is just a sensor array, it has no actual head in it. The marine is deep inside the sarcophagus, wired to the dread and submerged in amneotic fluid.
The head shape of the sensorium array is just to give the marine a better focus, make the process of piloting the dread a little more familiar, at least a bit closer to a human body and the dread's machine senses feel less alien.
The helbrutes have exposed heads because it's chaos and the armoring of the sarcophagus is clearly visibly peeled away to reveal the interred marine.
Fuck the lorelet sculptors.

>> No.73051808

>> No.73051810

My wife and I are slowly building one this summer. Been debating colors for carpeting all spring with her over it. I want something darker to go with the red walls but she makes the fair, logical point that a dark color would make finding dropped parts impossible so I'm having second thoughts.

>> No.73051814

>Doesn't admech already have a tank?
it has that onager dunewalker thing, but that's more a tank hunter than a tank as far as I understand

>> No.73051822

>first mini is finally painted
Holy hell, that was fun but my neck hurts.
At least I have a Blunt Raven now.

>> No.73051824

aren't helbrutes retcons? weren't chaos dreads the same basically at one point?

>> No.73051825

depends how much distance you leave, a few turns of knight shooting can level a whole exalted court of daemons

>> No.73051830

I spent three hours painting the arms and weapons of my Sisters of Battle and they're still not done.
I should be able to finish them tomorrow which leaves their helmets and the two Sister Superiors.
Kill me

>> No.73051849

Not without a lot of work. The pieces that make up the two different kits are incompatible with each other- and there is no easy magnet placement for them.

>> No.73051861

Don't know, but you've reminded me of my scheme to get a couple boxes of Titanicus knights and have 8th ed knight mirror matches in miniature.

>> No.73051863

share your work, anon
go on, it's important to take pride in your first steps

>> No.73051872

>The "helmet" on the dreads is just a sensor array, it has no actual head in it. The marine is deep inside the sarcophagus, wired to the dread and submerged in amneotic fluid.


>> No.73051878

>The Curse of the Wulfen afflicts the warrior bound within the Dreadnought; sometimes it will distort his crippled body even as it ravages his mind, forcing the Iron Priests to refit the sarcophagus so his gnarled features glower and snarl from within. The animal fury of the battle-brother provokes the Dreadnought's machine spirit, adding to its simmering rage a mindless hunger for violence and transforming the walking war engine into a Wulfen Dreadnought.


>> No.73051879

Regular bolters look retarded in the hands of intercessors

>> No.73051885

Dang, those sound mint, jelly as fuck anons. My partner and I are waiting on getting a nice city apartment with a spare room for /tg/ shit, but until we close on it there's just straight up no space. Shot myself in the foot a bit as well, we went to Warhammer World to pick up some bits and she's got the impression that because I can paint minis I can pull off a diorama like they have in the display halls there. I'm supposed to be making one for the gaming room and I don't even know where to fucking start.

>>73051810 about flooring colours, why not go with a nice pale wood? you can stick a rug on it to make it comfy, and if you drop a bit and can't find it you just upend the rug and wait for something to clatter on the floor.

>> No.73051893

What about Leviathan Dreads? I'd like to make one for my Death Guard with an exposed head.

>> No.73051896

I gave up on attemping to make that kit interchangeable. Technically you could build the top half of the tank, and then glue the transport ramp to the sides it's supposed to lock with, but then you'd have to leave the front grill off. They all kind of sit in there without need to magnets, not that there's a good place to put the magnets in there anyway. In the end I gave up and built it one way. I have one tank and one transport.

>> No.73051898

Where did you get those nails in the skull?

>> No.73051911

Looks like Crypt Ghoul parts.

>> No.73051912

Oh shit, are those claws actually made of magic ice? I thought Space Wolves used power weapons like everyone else and just gave them a thematic name.

>> No.73051915

Man, Intercessor sculpts are instantly improved by a head & gun replacement. I didn't realise how much I dislike Primaris helmets.

no u

>> No.73051920

Look up videos of dudes making dioramas for historicals or train sets. Shouldn't be too much harder than getting the terrain shaped with foam, then gluing a bunch of sand/foliage and shit on. They sell flock and little trees and shit at art stores.

>> No.73051921

Predictions for what Creations of Bile will mean for CSM?

>> No.73051931

They look like 18ga brads

>> No.73051936

Here some knights nex to 1:100 barbatos rex.
You might have better luck using a 1:144 scale gundam, but they're a whole lot less chunky.

>> No.73051938

I wasn't talking about the Wolfen dread in particular, I am just mad at the sculptors doing shit because they misunderstood and disregarded the lore.

>> No.73051948

7e was a war crime for models, lore, gameplay, and pricing. You can safely ignore everything that happened in 7th.

>> No.73051962

Makes sense, considering every time someone posts a beakie head on a primaris body everyone cooms.

Now I wanna know what gunpla looks like when people paint it in gritty grimdark style, with weathering and dirt.

>> No.73051968

Damn, just like Fantasy.

>> No.73051972

Barbatos Rex is pure sex. Vanilla and Lupus Rex are pretty cool as well.

>> No.73051975

I may have fucked up the pauldrons a tad.

>> No.73051981

Finished getting the torsos and legs of my intercessors basecoated.
I could get them completely completed tomorrow but it's too damn wet outside and I need to prime all the arms and pauldrons.

>> No.73051982

What's the best army?

>> No.73051990

The one you like most.

>> No.73051991

The best army is your favorite one, painted well

>> No.73052003

Forgot pic, I am big dumb.

>> No.73052016

Do yourself a favor anon and get the MG Barbatos.

>> No.73052017

It's a good start, anon. Don't give up, love what you make.

>> No.73052023

General pretty good

Yeah, space Africa had some pretty great designs

>> No.73052025

Yo when the fuck are we going to get an Obsidian Order style army? I guess the closest analogue would be some form of Inquisition army. But they kinda suck and have no kits.

>> No.73052027


>> No.73052028

>Save file to PC
>Upload from PC
>4chan still turns it sideways
Thanks moot

>> No.73052029

DE Coven start collecting W H E N

>> No.73052040

I think I'll always hate most of the IBO mech line because of all the exposed internals around the waist.
Except maybe the SDCS Barbatos lupus rex. Just because it iss cute so I'll forgive it.

>> No.73052041

Crop and resize the image. Just transferring a file to PC does nothing to the exif orientation data.

>> No.73052061

It's Chaos. Ain't gotta explain shit.
Also it's your model and if you think it looks cool you should go for it.

>> No.73052073

rawr ex dee

>> No.73052081

That's a gorgeous kit. Shame I am bad at Gunpla, even with nearly a hundred kits built.
Yeah, IBO had some stellar designs. Hell, I liked the show in general. It's not the end all, be all of Gundam but it was engaging and a true adventure.

>> No.73052085

Of course. After I do the next two I want to pick up some Crons, or Skitarii.

>> No.73052117

t. Guard player

>> No.73052121

Barbatos is so kino. I didn't expect to like gundam: child soldier jamboree as much as I did.
Workin on some aquilons. Have all the guns magnetized so I just gotta paint those to finish this fella.

>> No.73052140

Have you built it, If so, do the joints have enough friction to hold a pose?

Yeah, the end of IBO killed me but that just goes to show how good of a show was if it can get you so emotionally invested into it.

Back on topic, are eldar more gundam than tau?

>> No.73052145

God I wish that they would make AT into full-on Epic already
I want to see a tiny Lord of Skulls and Brass Scorpion

>> No.73052147

Arent helbrute basically just not daemon engines mass produced by the forges that are just an absolute mess amd drive the pilot insane because shits so fucked up on the inside of it?

>> No.73052170

It's actually fairly easy to magnetize.

>> No.73052172

It's three really useful units. It's a way better way to get the tank too. If you buy it at a discount from a third party site and then sell the other units you'll probably pay about as much as you would to get it from a recaster.

>> No.73052176


>> No.73052178

I would love leetle scale horus heresy. I feel like it's the scale meant for that conflict. Also teeny planks of cute terminators

>> No.73052179

thats the retcon. Weren't chaos dreadnoughts just literally old dreadnoughts of the chapter, but now chaos?

>> No.73052183

Primaris Space Marines.

>> No.73052200

Gee, I wonder is there's any official lore on the things...
>Helbrutes are twisted mockeries of the Space Marine Dreadnoughts they used to be
>However, while loyalist members of the Adeptus Astartes consider it an honour to serve their Chapter for eternity as a Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marines consider such a fate to be little more than a living death – a torturous, mocking punishment from the Dark Gods.
>‘No. No! Not the sarcophagus… Khorne damn you, you disloyal curs, just kill me. JUST KILL ME!’ - Khalos the Ravager, last words prior to Helbrute interment
-Codex: CSM, pg. 71

>> No.73052204

Yes and the original fluff for the defiler was that it was meant as a replacement/supplement to them since all of the chaos dreadnoughts were going nuts and becoming unreliable

>> No.73052208

It's just the new name for chaos dreads. It's more or less the same as old dreads, just they mutate into monsters of flesh and circuitry in constant pain now because grimdark.

>> No.73052217

Is this a good starter set for someone wanting to start a Necron war hammer army?

>> No.73052240

Magnets are fun, but it does make me wonder how a Genestealer Tau army would play

>> No.73052243

and they look like shit and are awful for kitbashing with other dreadnought kits

>> No.73052245

Bait but its a pretty nice conversion

>> No.73052250

No, get the new starter set coming out soon

>> No.73052266

Have you ever asked for a game with random people and had them say no?
How do you cope?
Still too scared to go to an LGS after it happened to me, thinking of forcing myself to go after corona but still hard.

>> No.73052271

Sons of Malice because they're my army and I love them

>> No.73052283

I was actually just reading that.
>"Between battles, the sarcophagus containing the pilot is disconnected and dragged clear of its armoured s to lie inert and seething in the darkness"
Hopefully we can that the actual dreadnoughts to put our injured Lords into in crusade instead of locking them in Helbrutes. I can't exactly see a helbrute leading an army effectively

>> No.73052285

Join your local's FB/whatsapp/whatever group and arrange for a game beforehand.
Most of the time dudes wont have their army ready for a random game

>> No.73052294

>and they look like shit
Debatable. The initial one with the fucking flesh toes that launched with Dark Vengeance was fucking ugly but the standalone kit they eventually got looks good enough. I'll always prefer box and FW dreads but that's just me.

>> No.73052300

Before the last sentence, as I was reading I thought it meant that the helbrutes were still loyal to their old ways/the imperium but were forced to watch their mechanical bodies fight for chaos and their legion fall

>> No.73052303

He had an army but I don't think he really wanted to play with me.
I should do that though, ty.

>> No.73052314

One of the weapons is indirect fire and the anti-tank gun is more reliable than the neutron laser since it's a flat 3 shots. I run two along side a pair of neutron onagers and they complement each other fairly well with the neutron laser occasionally doing big damage and drawing more threat and the boats dishing out consistent damage.

>> No.73052317

Don’t do carpeting. Pale wood is the way to go. Easy to clean when you invariably spill something on the floor. Plus it’ll make the room look bigger.

>> No.73052335

It's cool anon, sometimes you need to be in the mood for a game too. Wish you can get into a game soon!

>> No.73052358

Necron immortals aren't getting new models, right? I might pick some up once my local hobby store opens back up.

Also, how many liberties can be taken with the fluff when it comes to painting? Personally, I'd think Sautekh would look better if their shoulder-back plates were painted deep green, the same way that Nihilak's are painted teal.

>> No.73052363

>Have crappy parquet flooring in room
>After 30 years it starts to splinter
>Occasionally get a bad spot and get a splinter jammed into my foot
Have to duct tape up those spots.

>> No.73052373

Look like some Bad Hombres

>> No.73052392


>> No.73052412

How did you get that grey?

>> No.73052429

Nothing lasts forever anon. Pull that floor up and lay down a new one. No sense stabbing your foot when you’re trying to relax.

>> No.73052437

Wish I could, don't have any paint for my Necron start collecting kit. That is a priority once my local gw store opens, I wanna paint my guys in the (presumably) Szarekhan bronze scheme.
Really? I hope they go over each of the Necron units in the new starter box.

>> No.73052453

Might be a basecoat of Seer Grey and White Scar highlights.
Could be completely wrong though.

>> No.73052458

Second reply meant for >>73051433

>> No.73052462

Looks like immortals are getting new models, or warriors are getting immortal weapon options.
You have lots of creative discretion with painting as long as you aren't playing marines. People tend to frown at bright blue Raven Guard with ultimus icons, but nobody will ever call you on having your dark eldar painted as the wrong Kabal.

>> No.73052484


>> No.73052494

Do word bearers use chaos lords or just dark apostles?

>> No.73052511

They have. Read a fucking codex

>> No.73052515

Yeah since Chaos Lords are tactical leaders and Dark Apostles are spiritual leaders

>> No.73052527

They have lords around, who tend to be more ambitious on the whole. Though there are some pretty high up there apostles, like our main man Eliphas the Inheritor.

>> No.73052542

Every antagonist faction (orks, chaos, tyranids, necrons, etc.) Are the "unrelenting inevitable unlimited undefeatable endless tide"

>> No.73052549

got a question for ya'll, looked around and couldn't find an answer, what did malcador call the emperor when they talked? was it friend? or emperor? i wanna know for the next 'sororitas stories' pic

>> No.73052562

I'm looking through WD282. Can't see anything like that. They used some Dreadnought tech and apparently their designed was a Luna Wolves techmarine who oversaw dreadnought construction during the Crusade and Heresy. There's no pilot, it's all daemon powered. 3.5e codex says Abaddon commissioned their construction. 6e codex says they were originally designed as artillery pieces (3.5e ones could buy indirect fire for their battle cannons) but the designers got a little crazy with the design and ended up making more of a battering ram with claws and flails.

>> No.73052580

>Your Black Legion service, whatever happened there...

>> No.73052596

I mixed up the Defiler and the Decimator

>> No.73052599

Tau pirates?

>> No.73052600

>Black Legion Eliphas
Just not the same.

>> No.73052602

>Played a game against Tyranids yesterday
>Inquisitor with Inferno Pistol did 5 points of damage to a Brood Lord
>Other player says he was three wounds left
>Only manage to do two wounds to him after charging and he is left with 1 wound
>Broodlord uses one step ahead and has the genestealers I just charged kill 2 of the 4 Custodes that just charged them
>Broodlord later moves into my characters and explodes with Perils of the Warp killing them all
>Not killing the Broodlord very much lost me the game
>mfw I was reviewing the Tyranid Codex and the Broodlord actually only has 6 wounds rather than 8

>> No.73052605

>eats some pygmys
>became much bigger
>goes from cannot solo friede to way stronger than her
How does one man git gud so well?

>> No.73052620

>mfw this is actually true for most villainous sides besides DEldar
How do we stop this?

>> No.73052627

Tell your friend, or check battlescribe as codex is often outdated for factions.
And man Nids can be funny like this, had one get lucky and wipe my full-health warboss in one round before he could even finish the charge.

>> No.73052687

Takes a special kinda asshole to think broodlords got 8 wounds.

They've had 6 wounds since this edition dropped, no fluctuations.

>> No.73052741

The basecoat was airbrushed. All the gray paints I used were from Army Painter. The whole thing is based coat in Uniform Gray, then progressively going up in angles is: 50/50 mix of uniform gray/ash gray, then ash gray (main color), then a 50/50 mix of ash gray/spaceship exterior at the very top. Most of it is edge highlighted in spaceship exterior and the very top is highlighted in matt white. The darker gray panels are necromancer cloak highlighted with uniform gray.

>> No.73052766


Whatever technique you've been using for the sandstone is working a lot better on this vehicle than it was on the warriors you've been posting.

What do you do for that mottled effect, actually?

>> No.73052793

You can't because they're unrelenting, inevitable, unlimited, undefeatable, and endless.

>> No.73052798

Well DEldar are grown in vats and there is a fuckload of them scattered around in various webway dimensions besides the main space port, not to mention pirate fleets.

>> No.73052820

a man of culture, cheers

>> No.73052835

Probably called him "husband". It's Pridehammer now after all.

>> No.73052839

some books have had tyranids doing clever things , such as suicide rushing radars/antenna , throwing themselves into generators to blow them up.
Malign inteligence with 0 regard for the life of the entities it controls is at least a twist on that formula.
Unless you realise necrons always do this too. and so could the other 2 with macguffins.

>> No.73052845

Eldar think fucking is Gross and just grow infinite of themselves in big vats on their Moon sized refugee rafts
Tau dont from what i know

Tau really are just the fucking worst arent they?

>> No.73052846

posted every time and i still dont get it

>> No.73052851

Bona fide cunt.

>> No.73052877

I’ve read it and the supple ya this is literally never gone into they only talk about chapters with both not purely Primaris

>> No.73052887

You encounter him at the end of Time itself, where the Cycle of the Ages of Fire & Dark have finally gave way to the Age of Ash. He has been fighting & killing throught those Ages. You took a shortcut. He is quite possibly the last thing left...

>> No.73052891

>Eldar think fucking is Gross and just grow infinite of themselves in big vats on their Moon sized refugee rafts
Only Deldar use cloning. Craftworld Eldar, Exodites, and Corsairs all reproduce in the usual way. Though in the case of the Craftworld Eldar there's probably a Path of the Reproducer that you have to be on if you want to produce children.

>> No.73052892

The Board is Set, a short story of Malcador and the Emperor playing a board game, calls him "Revelation", although Malcador himself never says it

>> No.73052897

I’m still lost as to why you’d go on a rant like that towards a model that isn’t supposed to be like a normal dread

>> No.73052912

A loss state for Dark Eldar is not having enough slaves to torture to prevent their souls from being eaten by Slaanesh. They don't really have a win state like the other races in 40k have. Even craftworld Eldar have the possibility of Slaanesh dying, meaning the proverbial sword of damocles hanging over their race will be gone. At this point, I'm not sure if they'd be willing to reconcile with Commoragh, even if that threat was killed somehow.

>> No.73052914

Trying something different, too light for pre-heresy iron hands?

>> No.73052915

He called him "Champ" or sometimes "Sport"

>> No.73052919

And he still got fucking bodied

>> No.73052925

Do you even triforce?

>> No.73052933

>supple ya
What the fuck

>> No.73052938

>kill everything for eternity
>become the hugest of them all

>> No.73052948

so like, he refers to the emperor as that internally? interesting
malcatwink calling the 12 foot tall studperor that is so fucking funny to me

>> No.73052952

maybe a little darker, I think of DA as pure black, RG as dark grey (their new paint is perfect), IH as very dark steel, and IW as standard gunmetal

yours teeters maybe a little close to IW but provided you get all the other trim/bits to match, it'll fit fine. maybe another wash of nuln oil if you really want to nail the look

>> No.73052961

Well let's use your thinking caps, are they Codex Conpliant? If so, look at the Ultra Marine Codex. If not, who the fuck cares? Make them choose company by dick size if you want

>> No.73052962

Are those modified Mark 1 shoulder pads repurposed for Iron Hands Terminators?

>> No.73052982

Should I lay down zandri dust prior to layering ushabti bone or go multiple layers of just ushabti bone?
And should I use lahmian medium instead of water to thin it down to avoid texture despite being heavily thinned down?

>> No.73052993

For what?

>> No.73053008

To paint bone of course. To clarify I want to know if I should substitute lahmian medium instead of water to thin down ushtabi bone.

>> No.73053019


>> No.73053030

I'm honestly really disappointed with primaris Mephiston.
I would have preferred primaris Astorath or Dante

>> No.73053031

>Well let's use your thinking caps, are they Codex Conpliant?
Gorillaman rewrote the codex and they have been referenced to use Legio formations even as chapters

>> No.73053064

I was taking a Primaris Psyker in an Aux detachment but then I looked into Inquisitors and it just seemed like a no brainer to take one.

>> No.73053087

Not a single chapter that isn't an ultramarine successor strictly follows this.

>> No.73053094

Imperial Fists do

>> No.73053098

Who do you think formed chapters like the wolf spear? He literally created and organized chapters from the what was left near the end of the plague war

>> No.73053110

space marine shit is so autistic lol

this post brought to you by chaos gang

>> No.73053113

Thanks man, and yeah I still need to work on the trim and some minor wear and tear
The photo also made it look like everything is flat but it's definitely like a grungy black-brown steel

>> No.73053115

God damn. Why is terminator armor so god damn sexy

>> No.73053125

>primaris dante
Let the poor man rest.

>> No.73053127

no pics yet but i worked on some ebay carnifex surgery to unfuck them
5 carnifexes with broken arms/legs/heads and thicc paintjobs
but for $25 i couldnt pass it up

>> No.73053134

>chaos gang
You guys are literally a bunch of tards being led by the most autistic one of you

>> No.73053141

I wonder how these would look with chaos terminator arms and shoulder pads, and maybe heads. I'd like to make IW chaos terminators from them.

>> No.73053148

What exactly does a melta gun look like when it's fired? Most other weapons in the setting are easy to visualize but a melta is just weird.

>> No.73053149

>Let the poor man rest.
He Unironically wants to try to cross the rubicon, he thinks if that bitch Calgar could of course he can. His body is old as fuck and his wounds don’t heal properly anymore

>> No.73053160

Not even GW knows. Every canon depiction differs.

>> No.73053161

Because Jes never gave them a goal. They are a society of boogiemen. Death means nothing because they can be regrow. Numbers mean nothing because they can be cloned. Land means nothing because they live in a pocket dimension that is almost impossible to enter, and normalspace land holds no value. They have zero goals besides slaves and violence.

>> No.73053170

Got some dropper bottles and little funnels to transfer my GW paints to, can I do it without flow improver?

>> No.73053173

where the fuck is White Dwarf may 2020 pdf?

>> No.73053189

when someone tells you, something is depressingly exciting; how do you interpret it? ... same goes for excitingly depressing

>> No.73053190

I'm wanting to make a Lord on Bike, but wanna make him special.

I was thinking about having fleshy wires go from the engine into him, so it's like he's one with the bike. What ideas do you guys suggest?

>> No.73053194

>virgin space marine
>i wonder about whether or not this chapter is codex compliant
>/hisdudes/ aren't even a properly organized force!
>but guilliman said!
>chad chaos space marine
>And what are the achievements of your fragile Imperium? It is a corpse rotting slowly from within while maggots writhe in its belly. It was built with the toil of heroes and giants, and now it is inhabited by frightened weaklings to whom the glories of those times are half-forgotten legends. I have forgotten nothing, and my wisdom has expanded far beyond mere mortal frailties.
>Death to the false emperor!

>> No.73053200


>> No.73053209

He probably heard it could be fatal and just signed the apothecary's forums right there.

>> No.73053210

>I willingly enslaved my self to entities that are going to consume my soul in super hell until I’m digested and cease to exists
Interesting choice

>> No.73053212

the wheels are on fire

>> No.73053218

I wish citadel would just start doing dropper bottles.
Paint pots are just too messy.
I'll have to buy some bottles and start transfering mine.

>> No.73053225

How do rightoids cope with the fact that a hobby they though was "based" is now a majority leftist hobby and GW is going to go full game on diversity and inclusion now? I just want to hear your salt. I can pay hope they can match MTG and marvel with their progressive inclusions, 9th is going to be the edition that drags 40k into the mainstream and finally leaves behind it's racist old fans.

GW told you on no uncertain terms that 40k is going to be diverse and you're not fucking welcome, it's amazingly sweet.

>> No.73053233

They're made in the old terminator scale, so might not be the best fit. they also got a raised gorget, so it might be more difficult to get a traditional bulldog Indomitus helmet in them (hence why they have that MkV looking helmet). You could just field them as is. Get those Cataphractii chainaxes and put them on the Gorgon arms.

>> No.73053238

That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off.

>> No.73053240

Dance little girl dance!

>> No.73053250

Intercessor data sheet says I can replace the bolt rifle with a chainsword for the sarge.

Also says if I don't of that I can give the sarge an additional wep from the sarge list, which includes a chainsword - which costs - points.

Why would I ever replace the bolt rifle with a chainsword when I can just give him one?

>> No.73053251

every soul in the 40k universe goes to the warp and is fodder for the dark gods. CSM are actually one of the few that have a good chance of being turned into furies instead of just being energy for the warp.

>> No.73053263

There are Intercessor Sergeant models that have a chainsword and bolt pistol but no rifle, and you might be autistic about WYSIWYG

>> No.73053275

How can anyone take this shit setting seriously? Why do people defend the setting being retarded grimderp played straight as good? People who take the setting seriously or think it's anything other than childish funny garbage satire are literal retards. I hope GW just retcons the shit out of it so lore fags and secondaries can fuck off. The only thing good about 40k are the game and new models.

>> No.73053276

Let me join in!

>> No.73053282

It's the same reason that in Kill Team a Scion has a hotshot lasgun and as an option he can either switch it for a free hotshot laspistol and a vox or he can get a free hotshot laspistol, in addition to his lasgun, and a vox.

>> No.73053285


>> No.73053286

slight update, tried darkening it and adding some blue to simulate heated steel

>> No.73053295

i literally have still not understood that rule. battlescribe makes it more confusing because seemingly he can have a bolt rifle and a chainsword? but the language on the datasheet seems like you have to choose one or the other.

>> No.73053298

wishlist for pariah

>Inquisition get further expansion from the White Dwarf dex
>Power Armor Inquisitors are an option again
>Stratagems stay essentially the same, as does the option to take one Inquisitor outside a force
>Allow multiple Inquisitors per force, I'd like to be able to run a Conclave of 3 as a Supreme Command Detachment

>For Sisters, Ephrael Stern is a Cast 3/Deny 3 Psyker
>She has a power that grants her FLY, or the FLY keyword natively
>Custom Order bonuses include something that makes melta worthwhile, like a bonus to strength and damage
>Stratagem support for Dominions
>Some other generic HQ choice would be lovely

>> No.73053301

>firstborn player laughed out of the store today

Feels good, fuck the poor

>> No.73053302

They are seething pretty hard about Games Workshop decidedly become progressive. Which is so good because the clung so hard to 40k.

But it's too late now, we took over just like we said we would.

>> No.73053306

i dunno, weird right wingers are like hobby barnacles, i expect that they'll write up their own editions full of like, more explicit RaHoWa stuff before they ever leave

>> No.73053309

What is the best way to go about modeling a Chapter Master? I wish GW would give them rules & a customizable model FFS

>> No.73053311

>How can anyone take this shit setting seriously?
We don't, it's an excuse for toy soldiers

>> No.73053314


> creates a way to keep himself alive by integrating infinity circuit tech with imperial networking tech

> impresses trollzyn with his tech ability

yes, clearly miles below

>> No.73053319

Probably by throwing a fit and selling all their models cheap on eBay for new non-shitty fans to buy.

Not that I would want a second hand model from a poltard.

>> No.73053330

Ain't little girls the best

>> No.73053331

Find and purchase the Space Marine Commander kit. Use the bits from that plus a Primaris Captain or Lieutenant of your choice and bits from the various Primaris Upgrade Kits to produce a Chapter Master unique to you and your Chapter.

>> No.73053334


>> No.73053338


>> No.73053340

They make me jump with joy!

>> No.73053343

Is kill team better with kill team rules or modified 40k rules?
I'd probably start with
>single unit models
>anything that refers to a unit can be used for models of the same type within coherency
>no cp
>no character screening (but can look out sir! on a 2+)
If I went with 40k rules. I'd also like to remove / limit auras but not sure how to balance that points wise.

>> No.73053349

Did they get added to the list? Last I saw it was at 312

>> No.73053352

That's an apt description. I imagine it'll be hard to force them out like in other hobbies. Unfortunately it's not like we can track them down, break all their models and trash their gameing rooms, as sweet as that would be. There are unfortunately lots of LGS that are ran by right wingers and have right wing communities. It'll be harder to get them out.

I think the only thing that will get them to fuck off us to run their noses in diversity and strip 40k off all the bullshit they like.

>> No.73053353


it is inevitable.

>> No.73053356

>Why would I ever replace the bolt rifle with a chainsword when I can just give him one?
You wouldn't. Chainswords are free, too. Only a big-time autist would be asinine enough to argue that you replaced a bolt rifle with the chainsword, and those people aren't worth playing with.
>If the Intercessor Sergeant is not equipped with 1 chainsword, it can additionally be equipped with one of the following: 1 chainsword, 1 power fist; 1 power sword; 1 thunder hammer.
From Blood of Baal. refer to your dudes' books and you'll probably find something similar.

>> No.73053361

Actual kill team is better

>> No.73053366

so you can have a sergeant with a thunderhammer, boltrifle, and bolt pistol? that's pretty rad.

>> No.73053367

Immortals aren't getting new models, GW showed off their old and current models in the preview. We are getting some kind of immortal sergeant though.

>> No.73053370

Skittles HQ when? How good is the new fat lightning Baron Hatkonen rip off? Why do admech HQ always suck modeling wise but their other models are cool?

>> No.73053371

I look at this and the only a bit w40k things about this model are the gun holster and the back pack. Without the pack the model looks like some stormcast model.

>> No.73053379

Retards like you who think 40k is anything but a giant satire that isn't serious are retarded. TTS is less memey satire than the main setting. It's why I hate people who live the lore, it's not supposed to be taken seriously. People bitching about 40k becoming more cartoony are double retarded, the setting has always been a silly cartoon

>> No.73053384

Depressingly exciting: A faction you hate is getting something awesome that you like. This is exciting overall, and depresses you.
Excitingly depressing: Nerf to a faction you don't like, models getting weaker and the game balance shifting, making you better. Depressing overall, but exciting for you!~

>> No.73053387

>How good is the new fat lightning Baron Hatkonen rip off?
He's alright. Kind of niche, but interesting.
>Why do admech HQ always suck modeling wise but their other models are cool?
What? It's the other way around.

>> No.73053388


Oh Doomrider, I miss you so much

>> No.73053389

How would "the meta" change if 40k used kill team turn rules? Would anything actualy be broken?

>> No.73053390

>Skittles HQ
The Techpriest Engineseer
>Creepy Uncle Techpriest
Before Engine War he was okay but his buffs were mediocre. No clue how Engine War changed him

>> No.73053392

Hopefully it means we'll FINALLY get female space Marines and incels can shut up and quit

>> No.73053395

1 is only acceptable when applied xenos, likewise 2 is only acceptable for imperial armies.

>> No.73053398

Stormcast don't have rivets

>> No.73053405

You can, but the hammer costs almost as much as the sergeant. It's not a good use of points, even if he gets 4 attacks on the charge.

>> No.73053406

Looking at it, points costs seem atrocious. 33 point custodes, while custodian terminators are still around 70 points. A guardsmen is 5 points but for one more point you could get a rogue trader with bs3+ and a heavy 4 s4 -1ap 2d gun. Is it best to house rule points?

>> No.73053412

GW needs to surpass Marvel in progressive power level, it's the only thing that will get grogs and poltards to let go of their previous plastic space toys.

>> No.73053420

i don't really think we need to do anything to them, they've got their models and whatnot and they can play their games all they like, i'll just keep using the asshole filter and they'll either suffer through it or they'll leave to play their custom krieg army somewhere else

>> No.73053427

1. A faction you hate gets a big, high-quality update
2. Your faction gets a big, high-quality update... for a niche or subfaction that you don't like.

>> No.73053431

Do you even pay attention to the marketing? There is a reason the 9th trailer had SoB & Marines standing side by side. There is a reason SoB are back.

>> No.73053433

He was too rad for this world.

>> No.73053434

It's pretty hilarious what an intercessor squad can get up too. Plus it forces smarter opponents to waste fire on it when you can have other units be more important elsewhere.

>> No.73053442

He's not new. He's like a year old. I wish the would sell the Daedalosus model too.

>> No.73053449


Not just the music, but the video as well. Pretty much sums up Gifted pilots/Hardened warheads tau.

>> No.73053450

The new assault primes led by a hammer captain would be cool though

>> No.73053451

Slapping together a squigbuggy. Making the wheels beefier, not sure what I want to do for the cab yet. The squig mine is adorable

>> No.73053464

What does anon gain by baiting as a super aggressive leftist trying to ruin the hobby for others?

>> No.73053466

This is bait right?

>> No.73053480

Of course it's bait. What was your first clue?

>> No.73053481

You can't be lenient on right wingers, you HAVE to force them out or they will drag down the hobby. Treat the like an inquisitor treats a heretic, don't give them an inch.

>> No.73053482

And the vast majority are autistic retards who eventually begin to reflect their gods in a way that strips free will from them while suffering new levels of torments and horrific mutations and going through events shred their sanity into a mockery of who they once was

There is literally no benefit to being a chaosfag

>> No.73053486


Thank you! That just makes no sense otherwise.

>> No.73053492

>Faction you like
>For a niche you don't like
Custodes get another stupid op tank?

>> No.73053508

You only think it's bait because you love in the 4chan echo chamber. The reality is most people in the fandom are pretty much in line with this line of thought and support GWs statements. The 40k subreddit has over 200,000 people on it and they are all left wingers. You are a minority.

>> No.73053510

Yes I'm sure it's much better in the Imperium, isn't it?

>> No.73053512

So if I field a Startcollecting kit + sulpherhounds & the birdbois, which HQ is going to help me the most? Also, what other units should I bring to shore up weaknesses?

>> No.73053513

I was specifically thinking about Skitarii but yeah that works

>> No.73053520

That's engine war yeah. Everybody hurry into the Cawl Castle.

>> No.73053521

There's no reason we can't have sisters and female space Marines? Do you realise how freaking badass a Sisters + Female marine animated trailer would be?

>> No.73053523

Your point being? What does politics have to do with warhammer 40k? You just sound like an asshole.

>> No.73053533

According to my Code Error:\\ yes
Please report for annual check up.

>> No.73053534

Female marines.

>> No.73053539

No I dont. Please enlighten me. In detail please. At least 2000 characters

>> No.73053543

People who seriously want female space marines are actually autistic and dont care about the setting anyway. Somehow they take a perverse pleasure in ruining things other people enjoy for childish and petty reasons.

>> No.73053547

The problem is literal white supremacists latch onto the hobby and infest it with their garbage politics. It's a problem that must be fucking addressed. You can't ignore it. We aren't assholes for wanting to lean up the hobby.

>> No.73053550

true enough, i meant more along the lines of like seeking them out randomly, unless they roll up with like an actual custom krieg waffen ss army i'm not gonna get on anybody who's not in an immediate game with me

>> No.73053552

Getting turned into a servitor only happens if you're a criminal or heretic.
The Emperor's loyal servants don't fear such fates.

>> No.73053558

You have autism.

>> No.73053559

They'll probably misattribute aspects of original 40k to being a parody of Thatcher's governance rather than just reflecting sci fi of the time

>> No.73053561

so /yourdudes/ /convert/ fags? the ones that been keeping the hobby alive? i'm ok witht hat

>> No.73053563

I already got one. The local Warpsmith's a swell guy.

>> No.73053565

Why do incel coomers only want female space Marines if they are garbo waifu trash? They should look like WARRIORS like new sisters not shitty retarded bimbos

>> No.73053567

Like a heat beam of lava.

>> No.73053570

Anon chopping your legs off to spite your face is retarded no matter the context stop contorting yourself into a pretzel just accept that you bought into a pyramid scheme for retards

>> No.73053577

The setting is dumb and campy satire anyway. Stop treating muh setting like some sacred cow. Most fans want female space Marines, so give it to them. It's just a game.

>> No.73053582

I will literally yikes irl if I see an army of converted fem marines.

>> No.73053583

which you don't see from 2m away when you play anyway. He looks like a lord castellant with the head from a relictor and a sword instead of halabard

>> No.73053589

You're pretty probably apart of the problem

>> No.73053592

>Nooo! How dare you actually like a satire!? Stop it, you're ruining this for everyone!

haha, bolter go brrrrrr

>> No.73053596

Most fans? Dont kid yourself

>> No.73053597

You might not understand but space marines need to be omega cute, imagine the possibilities

>> No.73053601

>mfw still no female space marines

>> No.73053604

If you don't tell them to fuck off, if you even suspect them, they'll just latch on to the community and gatekeep with their presence. Don't give those assholes the benefit of the doubt.

>> No.73053613

If a psychic power cancels Overwatch, does it cancel For the Greater Good also?

>> No.73053618

Sorry I play the game and dont spend all my time whining about people who voted for Donald Trump you schizophrenic retard.

>> No.73053624

Most fans are left wingers who want female space Marines, and GW is now committed to inclusion. You've lost and can fuck off. You're in the minority

>> No.73053626

>female space marines should be trash

How progressive of you, anon.

>> No.73053629

I remember when the same thing was said about comics, SW, ST, games and it always ended bad. Each and every time. Worse when the fags, that cared about the old lore, were gone the new people didn't came and the number of "people wanted X" also ended up much smaller then expected.

But who knows, maybe w40k is different. Can't know for sure if we don't try.

I mean at worse we end up like the boy scouts of america. Let in chicks(girls scouts of america did not let in boys in) in, and lets see what happens.

>> No.73053631

We mostly only see him talk to the Emperor directly, rather than about him to others. And in which case he just calls the Emperor "you".

>> No.73053632

why can't you just can't accept the reality that there is nothing good about the 40k universe. theres nothing redeeming about the imperium or the forces of chaos, which is why it's a fun choice which side you agree with more. basically imagine the biblical god was just as evil as satan, thats literally 40k.

>> No.73053634

I would suggest reading up on Servitor fluff. Consider also looking at what the tech priests did to the wounded Guardsman after Cadia fell.

It wasn't pretty...

>> No.73053635

Once female space Marines drop it'll be funny watching you retards complain about how they don't look like women because they aren't waifu trash unrealistic bullcrap

>> No.73053642

>This image
Man, those crazy iron hand boys I tell you what.

>> No.73053648

one of the best tricks i've found for an asshole filter is how they tend to talk about the politics of the game itself, like if they're an apologist for the inquisition there's a problem there

>> No.73053651

Rock bottom is a word for a reason and in no context is chaos not in the category of rock bottom

>> No.73053656

Unrealistic coomers waifus are trash. People want warrior women, not unrealistic sex dolls. Fuck off incel. We want more women in the hobby, not less

>> No.73053657

Cool. You seem to know your stuff friend. I myself just hope it won't end the way many other frenchises did I liked. Sadly there are not many lefty lefties in my country. only a bunch of socialists of the national kind.

>> No.73053660

They've already done Sigmarines with female heads and those look decent. Wish SoB got same level of quality, but it's an obvious push by GW to not give coomers an inch.

>> No.73053661

What compels you to spend so much time baiting on the 40k threads? Do you have a project to work on? Something to paint? Do you even play this game?

>> No.73053665

ooooh, interesting, no honorifics, good to know, thanks

>> No.73053669

>I want female space marines
>but they should look like male space marines
>I just want the idea that female space marines exist
>even if it doesn't affect anything, even the models

>> No.73053676

Imagine if he could see what they've become.

>> No.73053677

Yeah, you're part of the problem. Go suck off that retarded fat Cheeto you call a president

>> No.73053683

what? sob are the best modeled army on 40k right now.

>> No.73053687

being mad at chaos is like being mad at earthquakes or tornadoes. typical 80iq imperiumtard stuff lol!

>> No.73053689

Post models retard

>> No.73053692

>"Guys, the demons who literally eat people's souls and torture you for all eternity are just as morally bad as Space Fascists who nuke planets."
Both are bad you can't seriously argue that one is not preferable to the other when given the choice between the two.

>> No.73053695

But do we? historical every enterprise, every facet of life where men build for men, and then let women in ended being worse for men. Not a single time through out the history of humankind did letting women do men stuff end up good for the men(it did end up good for women, or some woment hough).

specialy as it is not like women are very open to men entering their domains (expet some specific type of gay men, in very specific situations).

>> No.73053704

>more female models means more female players
>meanwhile all the women play armies like tyranids, skaven and lizardmen

Face it, anon, all female models are good for is coomers and soibois hoping to get goodboi points.

>> No.73053708

I'm pretty lefty and I think female space marines are stupid due to established lore and the fact that they'd step on SoB's toes.

>> No.73053713

Do we have to go over the face yet again?

>> No.73053716

The bodies yeah, though I'd prefer they were more subtle with certain accessories (instead of enlarging them for easy visability of icons and such).
The heads are another story, but as I said: they are molded this way on purpose and similar to old metal sister heads. GW is known for making anti-coomer statements too and GW knew full well that SoB are what draws many of them in.

>> No.73053718

>Retard who things those franchises and industry are bad now because of muh SJW boogeye man running muh culture

Lmao you're sad af. None of those things have been ruined because they adapter to modern times and diversified you schizo incel

>> No.73053738

Usually anyone who starts being an apologist for the imperium or conplaing about Warhammer adventures is pretty much a right wing asshole

>> No.73053741

you don't understand the nature of the warp. literally every soul is going to get "tortured" for eternity in the warp. like i said what you prefer has to do more with personal sensibilities, not morality.

>> No.73053742

Uh except star wars sucks now

>> No.73053745


ok dude whatever, let 1 faggot on 40kg be your source of info

>> No.73053752

The face of anons math level is breath taking.
If you get tortured in the real w40k world, you die and your soul goes to join the emperor. This is a finite number of years of pain vs much larger number of years joined with the emperor.

With demons on the other hand they torture your soul for eternity.

Of course one is WAY better then the other. An infinite times better in fact.

>> No.73053755

It's almost like men and women are equal, so including them isn't a problem

>> No.73053760

that or a newbie or a normie

>> No.73053764

Anon, atleast calm down when you try to type about "cherry picking." You can post the basic sister sprue heads, the sprue itself, and it speaks for itself. The official GW store has pictures of the sprues for all their newer kits.

>> No.73053766

The only issue I have with the female stormcast is the awful boob platrle and heels. It was entirely uneccesary

>> No.73053768

Its almost like you dont even like 40k

>> No.73053773

Eh, the chance at living for 10k+ years isn't all that bad compared to the ~40 year life expectancy of your average hive worlder. At worst, you die a death only slightly more gruesome than your average Guardsman. At best, you ascend to Daemonhood and live forever. The loss of your soul is a small price to pay for such an opportunity.

>> No.73053778


You will not be missed sexist asshole

>> No.73053789

That line of reasoning is not true and you pulled out of your ass. Inclusion matters and helps people into hobbies. Women don't want sexist garbage that depicts unrealistic waifus.

>> No.73053799

Maybe, honestly I kinda miss boob plates and bikini armors. It takes me back to the more relaxed days of fantasy. Not that I want ONLY those armor, I like full covered "sensible looking" (that isn't actually sensible to history nerds, but details) armors too.
Guess what I am saying is that I am greedy and want everything.

Like I don't see why both can't co-exist.
Plus it's metal as fuck.

>> No.73053800

>"You there, halt! You are suspect of heresy based on your political compass test being slightly right of center. Come with me for interrogation or forfeit your life now."
Literally this thread

>> No.73053802

Yeah you're a retard lmao. Let me guess, you watched a YouTube video where some neckbeard blame social justice for destroying the last Jedi? You're pathetic.

>> No.73053804

>if the codex doesn't say "she" at least a few times, I'm triggered


I never understood this "it has to come from the top" mentality. If you want to pretend your Marines are women, then do it. Why do you need GW's written permission to do so?

>> No.73053805

You did it! Now there are like. . two or three women who play the game now!

>> No.73053807

>you die and your soul goes to join the emperor
>this is what imperiumfags actually believe

>> No.73053816

>Women don't want sexist garbage that depicts unrealistic waifus.
There are all kinds of women, most I've spoken with (when it comes to nerd shit) don't like being sheltered from this stuff either by nerds who think they know what women want. Everyone likes attractive people either way.

>> No.73053818

I love the hobby, I'm not a secondary poltard, but the setting clearly has some shit that needs to be cut out because rightoids like you cling to it

>> No.73053819

Uh I watched the movies and they were bad dude. Worse than the prequel films by far. Stop coping

>> No.73053823

Now who's pulling shit out of their ass?

>> No.73053827

the sjw stuff is a by product. could be the same with the same franchises were taken over by "nazis".

What I am saying is that, if you have a medium which is used by white men or white teens almost on an exclusive basis. Then any action who could make those people(you know those paying for your salary) unhappy has to be rethought 3 times before it is taken. And deciding that, for what ever reasons, stuff has to be suddenly shifted in focus to another group (with 0% data that the group is interested in BUYING the new stuff) is a recipe for disaster.

Diversification means nothing, if you are sacrificing the core and larger audiance/buyers for some elusive diverse buyer, who may not even exist.

think about it. Comics from marvel, dunked in sales in an era where there are people who practicaly grew up on marvel movies. Why? Well one can blame piracy etc for it, but the main reason is that the movies have/had the old style heroes doing the old style heroic stuff. While the comics went full 100% "diverse"(which isn't even the meaning of the word. making a comic with just gay or just black heroes isn't more diverse then it being just white or just asian heroes). And by the way if the reverse was done, and the comic went all comics from the 30s, people would not like it either.

>> No.73053828

No one answered me because of political bickering so I'll as again.
Does canceling Overwatch also cancel For the Greater Good?

>> No.73053831

Boob and bikini plate are not only unrealistic but sexist as fuck. No woman wants to see that garbage. They see that and do a 180 on any hobby. It's why that shit got dropped.

>> No.73053835

Hmm Brother Corbulo's extra attack ability is 6+ still. Astorath gives off +1 to hit, has his own 6+ exploder in litanies. Take it to the extreme and you have 15x dual chainsword death company with 135 rerolling attacks putting out 215 successful hits.

>> No.73053840

Yeah you just want to destroy the setting so other people you dont like stop enjoying it and im supposed to believe that 'you' are the 'true fan'.

>> No.73053843

What the fuck are you going to do about it?

You will not be missed.

>> No.73053852

I fucking hate Marines

>> No.73053863

>Just hombrew bro

What a shit argument. GW has to support that shit and put it in lore, THATS FUCKING HOW REPRESETATION WORKS HOLY SHIT

>> No.73053864

Depends on if the target unit has been denied overwatch or if the charging unit has something denies overwatch against them.

>> No.73053871

Oh no, has anyone told all the thousands and thousands of women who do sexy cosplay versions of various things at cons and shit? We must inform these low IQ women they're hurting themselves and other women by doing this! You know, for women.

>> No.73053873

You don't talk to women you larping incel. Women constantly speak out against sexist bullshit in hobbies. Fuck off

>> No.73053876

I'm just tired of all this political talk. I want to talk about overpriced toys and bullshit rules.

>> No.73053882

90% fo the girls i've seen play wow play a female elf with the skimpiest armor possible. the other 10% are humans or tauren with serious transmogs.

>> No.73053884

Its sad that I know you are only baiting but it bothers me so much I cant help but respond. I thankfully haven't encountered anyone as deranged as you in my FLGS but am concerned people like yourself will one day accomplish you goal of ruining all fun forever. Wherever there may be enjoyment and merriment you will soon follow to kill any joy there to be found.

>> No.73053887

Bad because muh diversity amaright?

Still you

>> No.73053890

I probably shouldn't mention they also get +1 to wound for Red Thirst and -1 AP for Assault Doctrine, should I?

>> No.73053894

my country has the highest number of teachers, MDs, engineers per male. It is over 50% in all 3 of those cases(and when I say engineer I mean real engineer, not some social stuff). You know what that achived? lowering the salaries and lowering the status of the proffession.

120-130 years ago a judge, teacher, engineer was a respected member of the community. And they were all men. Heck women couldn't become judges till communists took over.

Let a lot of women in to the hobby and you end up the same way comics or ST/SW ended up.

But if I am wrong, and why couldn't I be I am only human, then give an example where diversity did help the group of that was allowing the diversity to happen?

>> No.73053899

Ok, I was wondering because I saw Inquisitors have a power they can take to deny a unit overwatch. I guess I have to choose which Riptide I don't want shooting me and cast it then.

>> No.73053900

GW doesn't have to do shit. If you don't like it, don't get into it. I'm not crying about Barbie not having GI Joe figures in their line to cater to my sensibilities.

>> No.73053908

The movies were absolutely shit you fucking mong

>> No.73053915

Why do they want to even get into hobbies that don't cater to them and are full of sexists?

>> No.73053923

I mean if raves, slut walks, clubs and every day university wear was to be used as an example of what is the "normal" right now, most FW females would be considered ultra conservative.

Maybe the witch elfs/wychs wouldn't.

>> No.73053927


White men are overepresented in the hobby because the lore doesn't represent women and PoC. That's it, there's nothing special about Warhammer that makes white men more into it than women of black people.

If you think marvel comics is going bad you're not only wrong you're delusional, and it's oy been doing better with more interesting and diverse characters. You have no case.

>> No.73053939

I think this retard desperately wants women to enter the hobby so he might finally have a chance to lose his virginity (unlikely)

>> No.73053952

Like who, those who barely IF EVER take part in it? Last I checked: female internet warriors don't do anything in real life, they just shitpost just like their angry male internet warrior counterparts.
Why the fuck are you pretending like you know what women want, what the fuck is wrong with you "men" who speak for "what women want" like pathetic fucks? Know the reason why so few women get into tabletop like 40k? Because pathetic nerds keep acting like women are too dumb (to make pew pew noises with little toy soldiers) and need guidance at every step in the hobby, whether it'd be overly nice or overly aggressive. Try actually talking with a woman like a normal human being you sad cunt, not someone you need to shelter.

>> No.73053967

I want to improve the setting so more people can enjoy it. Not justracust white dudes. Like I said, the setting isn't a fucking sacred cow, it's full of shit that needs overhauled. I am a true fan, because I want more groups of people to play. People like you are not true fans and not welcome in my hobby.

GW is on my side here and do is most of the fandom. You will not be missed. The setting is going to change for the better and there is nothing you can do about it.

>> No.73053971

>female space marines
Goes against the established lore, so no.
>female guardsmen
Is in accordance with the lore. Numerous examples of mixed or even all-female regiments in the fluff. Perfectly fine.

>> No.73053979

>My incel fantasies

Why do you think feminism is a thing right now? Because women DONT like that bullshit m they tell you all the time and you refuse to listen.

>> No.73053980

>White men are overepresented in the hobby because the lore doesn't represent women and PoC. That's it, there's nothing special about Warhammer that makes white men more into it than women of black people.

You're not even trying.

>> No.73053997

>Why do you think feminism is a thing right now?

Because faggots like you actually take them seriously. Supply and demand.

>> No.73053998

Somehow female space marines magically improve the setting how? Countless thousands of new female players will suddenly be so impressed by the inclusiveness that they will spend big bucks and big time preparing the models so they can spend hours in a game store listening to your morbidly obese ass talk down to them like children while not so subtly hitting on them like the creep you are? Sounds like a plan tubby

>> No.73054008

Man, the thread is really infested with poltards, are we bring raided?

>> No.73054017

You cant be serious dude lol

>> No.73054023

More inclusion improved the setting, and inclusion does bring people into the hobby. But you are right about one thing, fat ugly white dudes have to go to make space.

>> No.73054024

Reverse image search this picture

>> No.73054034

Okay we agree you need to leave the hobby then

>> No.73054037

>This fucking thread

>> No.73054038

You say this but the vast majority of the hobby is left wingers. Representation is proven to bring people in and make people welcome, end of discussion

>> No.73054041

What';s the point of female Space Marines if we already have SoB? Space Marines are the monks and Sisters are the nuns.

>> No.73054046

Maybe they like the game but hate sexist bullshit that surrounds the game?

>> No.73054047

Sorry it cant be helped until this bored gets some fucking moderators

>> No.73054049


>> No.73054054

>Representation is proven to bring people in and make people welcome

>> No.73054057

You keep saying that but I seriously doubt its true. Most nerds are apolitical

>> No.73054062

Because all male factions are dumb and boring? And because space Marines the poster boys who get all the attention. Don't act like sisters and SM are on the same level.

>> No.73054065


Aka. "I dunno, lol".

>> No.73054074

Look at reddits numbers and most fans on Twitter and tell me how left wingers aren't the majority.

>> No.73054086

Reddit isnt everything. Twitter is an echo chamber filled with bots. I remain unconvinced ive never met one of you at a gamestore and im pretty sure you dont play 40k

>> No.73054087

I can't stand /poltard raids. They need to fuck off to their containment board if they want to bitch about muh SJWs

>> No.73054089

>Because all male factions are dumb and boring?


>because space Marines the poster boys who get all the attention.

You saying women are seeking attention?

>> No.73054094

Desert Strike was literally my first computer game that I've played with my dad. He was controlling the movement, while I was a "gunner". That is some nostalgia jolt.

>> No.73054099

i personally think that SoB are cooler than space marines. like they can field literal imperial daemon princes, fucking hard to beat that shit.

>> No.73054106

Read the thread idiot people are only responding to the bait that gets posted in every thread.

>> No.73054109

What's the silliest "lore" reason you played a game of 40k?

I thought plasma should be blue and my opponent thought they should be purple and we had a game over it

>> No.73054115

Reddits is still a better representation of the hobby than this place. You're coping. Face it, Warhammer is a leftist hobby. The numbers speak for themselves.

>> No.73054116


>> No.73054126

go and ask your dad or granddad, what he thinks why your mom or gran asks them "what you're doing". And the dislike of women of their partners having fun without them, is not just proverbial, but also one of the most real of real things. It is on the tier of men want to fuck what ever they can, and more.

true. To a degree I don't get it. There could be bad ass female knights, ad mecha, IG, SoB(duh), eldar of all shapes, chaos stuff of all shapes. Why not have stories about those women. no, what we need is women that look like men, to a point of being impossible to discern males from females.

>> No.73054127

Doubt it cocksucker

>> No.73054128

>Laughs in irrelevant minorty shunned by the majority of people in the hobby

How can you be this delusional

>> No.73054141

Refute me then, you don't have any numbers to back up your assertion that we aren't the majority.

>> No.73054142

Okay alpha chad lmao

>> No.73054150

>go and ask your dad or granddad, what he thinks why your mom or gran asks them "what you're doing". And the dislike of women of their partners having fun without them, is not just proverbial, but also one of the most real of real things. It is on the tier of men want to fuck what ever they can, and more.

>> No.73054151

No it's right wingers shitting up the thread again

>> No.73054152

technically it's just white, but the colour of the transparent top part could filter whatever you wish.

>> No.73054154

does farsight enclave army still exist? I just want to make robots without other gay shit.

>> No.73054155

yeah. be a fan for 30 years. Someone comes in and say X was always Y(never mind it goes against 30 years of lore and world building). Expect people to just take it, because it is just a "hobby" and "fun&games".

>> No.73054158

Why are you people responding to obvious bait? Haven't any of you learned the first rule of the internet? "Don't feed the trolls"

>> No.73054160

You havent given any real number either. Further more if you even had numbers to give you only talk about reddit. Am I seriously being led to believe that everyone who plays 40k has a reddit account?

>> No.73054164

/40kg/ is notoriously easy to bait.

>> No.73054169

There's nothing in this thread that wouldn't be said on the largest 40k subreddit

>> No.73054172

Kill yourself

>> No.73054183

because the guys replying are actually more political and retarded than the troll

>> No.73054184

There are over 200,000 people apart of the 40k reddit. You say it doesn't matter, but shows that they make up a larger portion of the hobby than you. And they are almost all left wing. You don't even have a majority on the board. Right wingers are an overwhelming minority here.

>> No.73054193

Get married and you will know. heck you can just start living with a woman, and suddenly friends who are not in relationships are no good, hobby you do without here are unacceptable, your stuff takes up too much space in "our" house(well here house, if you are lucky you get a basment or a garage).
The anon is not wrong, men generaly don't care what women do on their own(as long as they aren't with other guys). Women hate it when men are without them. Doesn't matter if there are other women there or not. They want entry to male space, not because they want to enter them, but because they don't want to have men unsupervised.

>> No.73054200


>> No.73054206

I do a base of ochre, then use a sponge brush for a layer of the same ochre darkened with a drop of black ink and a drop of brown ink, then sponge another layer of the ochre and a bunch of white ink. Sometimes it takes a second layer of the light tone. All together you get a nice grainy effect.

I think the problem with the warriors is how thick those layers were; also the final layer had a bit too little white so it looks more yellowish. The immortals should turn out better.

>> No.73054209

Neck yourself nigger faggot.

>> No.73054210

ok /r9k/

>> No.73054215

Im very sorry if your life is like this. Some of us have a backbone

>> No.73054217

>Come back after a few months
>People still seriously replying to political bait
If anyone wants to do something asside from replying to people who don’t even know what 40k is, I’m going to make a drawfag account on DA and I’ll post the link to part of a short story I’m making.

>> No.73054221

do you care if your army has good rules?
of course we all know rules change on a whim

>> No.73054223

You know this reminds me of when my normie friends tried to get me to buy the latest CoD. Whenever someone bitched about any of the game's flaws fanboys would say that reddit didn't represent the whole playerbase and most people loved the game.

>> No.73054230

how is saying that women destroyed the pub culture political in any way, shape or form.

Or saying that trying to focus your brand on a group of people that could not be interested in buying your stuff, at the cost of disenfranchisement of your core audience is political?

It doesn't matter if someone is right left or the middle. If you have an organisation that cares, about lowering the rent, building social housing etc and suddenly the top decides it is a good time to talk about abortion you are going to kill the group efficiency and support very fast.

>> No.73054240

The hobby attracts a lot of legitimate autists who are clinically unable to derive the poster's agenda from the context of the thread. Hence we have numerous retards who honestly respond to lowest effort bait.
Do keep in mind though, that lots of initial responses are also made by the baiter himself to create an air of "everyone's responding, so it's okay for me to respond as well". Which is then maintained naturally through anon's reflex of replying to (you)s.

>> No.73054244

there's literally only one reason to reply to the guy who says "warhammer is leftist now!! chuds out and female space marines in!!" or whatever else. its because you think that statement is personally attacking you because you are a loser.

>> No.73054251

Apart from rule of cool, is there any feasible reason I'd give a standard CSM a Chainsword+Bolt Pistol?

>> No.73054254

"tan pauldron, black trim. this'll be easy"
>put on tan base
>put on black trim but hit tan
>fix black but spill over onto trim
>repeat forever
what can I do to become more precise?

>> No.73054258

You're all whining about female space marines and representation when missing the most obvious travesty of all, and that is GeeDubs blatant racism towards dwarves. BRING BACK SQUATS.

>> No.73054259

of course.

>> No.73054260

I don't get it...

>> No.73054264

Worst part of it is that it wasn't just Taufags that spammed Riptides, back in 7th ANY faction could ally in 3 and shit on their opponent but somehow Tau got left with all the blame

>> No.73054267

Having a squad of them to thin a guardsman screen?

>> No.73054271

wait till you get married. your backbone will turn to mush

how is not wanting female space marines political. Everything else, every faction , every subfaction could and has women in it. There could be models for those, there could be stories for those. In fact we see those on a monthly basis. Female space marines make no sense lore wise, to implement them you have to turn over 30+ years of lore. Check how well accepted primaris lore is among fans.

>> No.73054272

>Get married and you will know.

I don't think my wife could decipher that message any better.

>> No.73054275

I think its bait because its fucking annoying you freak

>> No.73054287

rest as much of your arms as possible on a surface while painting. otherwise, practice.

>> No.73054288

Fuck you, I need to know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

>> No.73054296

that rat has been eating too much warpstone

>> No.73054306

Anyone else have issues with the vallejo negro/black paint?
It doesn't cover for shit and is ridiculously shiny.

>> No.73054308

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Don't ever take anything said on an anonymous imageboard seriously.

>> No.73054323

>tan pauldron, black trim
>tan and black

>> No.73054327

Nah, we need Space Marine BEES. That’s where the money is.

>> No.73054330

But I thought it as still the age of fire. There's still a sun that's somehow back to normal.

>> No.73054331

>I don't like fiction

So what are you doing here?

>> No.73054361

Can we Cancel GW?

>> No.73054371

is aly morrison a woman and if so was or is she sexy?

>> No.73054379

What about the other AIs?

>> No.73054385

post the pygmy RPG that one was a blast. shaman with a "big lisp" etc

>> No.73054387

I think I also need to get a grip on paint control. I'm thinning it just like daddy duncan says, but maybe too much, as it kind of drips. I was considering investing in an airbrush too

>> No.73054388

Is DrawfagsofTg dead? I don’t see any activity since 2015

>> No.73054395

I mean they did the same things with medieval Europe. Hardly seems noteworthy.

>> No.73054397


>> No.73054416

yeah should definitely not be dripping. otherwise your model looks great man! nice.

>> No.73054418

If you get to the point where the paint beads up you've thinned it too far. At that point it's atleast useful for a glaze, but only after getting rid of excess moisture on the brush by dabbing on a tissue. Just a warning, an airbrush is even more complicated with getting the paint to the right consistency, getting the right air pressure, and then proper distance and trigger control. I'm still an airbrush beginner and it's definitely got a steep learning curve.

>> No.73054425

>men and women are equally strong and physically fit for combat
>if you took the top 0.0001% of the toughest and strongest humanity has to offer, 50% of those people would be women
Yeah nah
The space marines would have to drop their recruiting standards HARD for even a single woman to make the cut

>> No.73054442

The recruiting pool never was a limiting factor for the number of marines. The amount of available geneseed was.

>> No.73054454

fun fact, in lore the average full sister of battle fights on the level of the average space marine

>> No.73054460

>in lore the average full sister of battle fights on the level of the average space marine

>> No.73054462

Do you have a source to back up that claim?

>> No.73054472

thank you! i appreciate it :) he's definitely my best looking guy so far even if he only has four colors on him
I have a hard time getting an even pauldron with no brushstrokes, and a harder time with smaller details without getting paint over the edges. I figured a smooth air flow would help. Maybe once I finish painting up this small army i'll consider it

>> No.73054491

So, is 9th gonna be like a CA update to the various armies with points.

Or are we gonna get a index style redo of rules?

>> No.73054492

Guys, I'm thinking about quitting the hobby and selling my models. The left hate my guts and GW basically said fuck off incel we're going full marvel. I think I'm done.

>> No.73054493

Using an airbrush would definitely give you a smooth finish on a large surface much easier than a brush, you'll find small details a much bigger challenge though, overspray is a bitch. The more you practice the better you'll get so keep at it and one day it'll be no problem. If you ever fuck up remember that 91% isopropyl alcohol is the easiest way to strip acrylic paint off a plastic mini (but don't use it on resin.)

>> No.73054502

You and I both know you don't actually have any models

>> No.73054507

sororitas codex, page 13, 'a novitiate of the order can best any but the most veteran sergeants in battle, while the mighty sisters of battle are the equal of space marines in their skill and tenacity'

>> No.73054509

Armies will still use their codexes until their updated codex releases. As far as we know 9th will just launch with updated points.

>> No.73054513

I remember being really confused seeing his pic in white dwarfs when I was a kid, wondering whether he was actually a woman despite them calling him he.

>> No.73054522

Nvm, I was just accepted by the group.

>> No.73054533


Updated points updated core rules no changes to codexs until they relase new ones one army at a time. So no index.

>> No.73054534

Painted it back in 2014

>> No.73054535

Oh my god, GW is literally going to release female space marines arent they? Not for social justice reasons, but because how else do they get their primaris paypigs to rebuy their entire armies in a few years?

>> No.73054539

Plasma is officially pink according to dawn of war 1, so I paint it as so

>> No.73054541

There is a difference between diversity and being a lunatic liberal extremist. The whole point of the Imperium is that it's a necessary evil full of difficult decisions that for all its oppression nevertheless keeps the Humanity alive. If 40k gets disney'd, they are going to turn the whole setting black and white, painting the oppressive elements and characters "nazi" in a onedimensional way and there will probably be an alliance of imperium, eldar and tau to beat chaos.

You should already see a pattern when you look at hollywood. As soon as you come from a place of "how can we make this diverse" instead of "what is good writing", you get horribly written worthless drivel, usually with white males as the antagonists.

At least it will be hilarious to see how they are going to make some of the primarchs black without people going apeshit. Or they will probably introduce new ones, which is almost as retarded.

>> No.73054547


What doea it do to resin? And what should one use to clean resin?

>> No.73054550

How long does it take to become a drawfag

>> No.73054555

meanwhile im buying plaguebearers from the early 90s

>> No.73054559


K, what have you painted recently?

>> No.73054562

>thinking that having the same level of discipline and skill at tactics means they fight on the same level of marines
Yeah ok haha

>> No.73054563

Lmao one necrons ghost sycth doesn't mean you're not a secondary that doesn't play

>> No.73054576

Apparently it melts it. I haven't actually stripped paint off of resin myself, most recommendations I've seen were to use something like simple green.

>> No.73054578


>> No.73054582

I just posted part of my short story. Just made a DA account, asked to join the group and got accepted in less then 5 minutes.

>> No.73054586

>can best any but the most veteran sergeants

I'd like to see you try, sister.

>> No.73054587

you know people have been saying the end of the world is here and its time for amaggedon for centuries, but I'm beginning to think it really is nigh.

>> No.73054591

is this accurate?

>> No.73054595

These are my most recent shit, I like to dabble in different armies and schemes. Though I've lost all motivation to paint. Guess I won't be missed though.

>> No.73054596


Simple green don't do shit though.

>> No.73054599

Yeah, sure, whatever

>> No.73054608

I meant how long does it take to get gud enough to be a drawfag

>> No.73054609


No. Nor was it last time. Now stop spamming stupid shit coomer.

>> No.73054611

You people are wierd

>> No.73054614

Could be the case, I've never used it myself. I've only stripped paint off of plastic models and alcohol gets that shit off super quick, no soaking needed.

>> No.73054618

Cursed images

>> No.73054620

>Guess I won't be missed though
You won't. Buh bye now.

>> No.73054626

no, especially since it's surface-level observations instead of trying to get into the heads of the players

>> No.73054627

>not 1 (one) space colony established
>wipes to a basic plague not even zombies
Kek, even Tau didnt fuck up this badly

>> No.73054635


>> No.73054643

>>wipes to a basic plague not even zombies
Could be some zombies around. Governments will have suppressed the news.

>> No.73054650

If you're upset about GW dunking on bigots you're probably a bigot that got dunked on. Nothing if value lost.

Especially sense your painting is trash lmao. Is this really the power of the incel secondaries who think they have a monopoly von the hobby?

>> No.73054654

Someone should make one of those multi polls with CSM Legions and these fetishes so we can actually see the cross sections.

>> No.73054661

This is gonna end with pogroms and gullags, ya'll are fools wothout the self awareness to realize you are the bigots and the source of hate, or the intelligence to realize you're getting suckered and ruining things for yourselves and future generations.

>> No.73054669

Yes, they have a limited amount of geneseed, which is why they hold such high standards for recruits who are competing for entry into the chapter. They only take the best, and women are never the best for this particular role. Why is that so hard to understand?

>> No.73054684

Why do so many people make their hobbies such a part of their identity they take criticism of / not enjoying their hobbies as a personal insult? Has the Warhammer community always been like this?

>> No.73054700

To be honest i'm not sure If i'm actually good at writing or not. Here's the link to what I just posted on my page: https://www.deviantart.com/honourabletzimiskes/art/Imperial-Cluelessness-844774657

>> No.73054709


Pretty much. It's not just us though. People in general get upset if they have sometjung they are passionate about and put time and effort into and then someone criticizes it. Like the time my neighbor kicked me for calling soccer a shitty sport.

>> No.73054938

true. And while I don't mind it, when they diversify something that wasn't diverse, then even bad try is okeyish(at least as a "comedy"/"bad movie" etc), they do horrible stuff to stuff that was already diverse.

The stuff that was done to my Star Trek in Picard, is just mind blowing. In fact I wish they never made the series, and I love P.S as an actor.

>> No.73055560

bumping thread

>> No.73055630

Lads, I have a question

The Bubblechukka fires d6 shots, has d6 strength, d6 AP and deals d6 damage.

I'm used to rolling the d6 damage for other weapons after an attack has made it all the way through, past armour saves. But when would the strength and AP values be rolled, then? Does each shot have different strength and AP, even if fired at the same time?

>> No.73055637

You will never be a woman.

>> No.73056088


>> No.73056182

i think i'm starting to like tau

>> No.73056273

that's stupid. You're stupid anon.

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