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Are GW making new manlet marines or something? I dont play marines so I automatically blank out any marine news on the GW website.

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Why'd the jannies delete this?
Are they drunk from all the negro cum they be slurping of late?

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Hot rod flames

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It's my first go with recasting, and with resin, so we'll see.

>> No.73032446

why are these guys unable to fire their flamers if they have a blast rifle?

>> No.73032449

Nah, I deleted it myself then remade it because I forgot to include /40kg/

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>Are GW making new manlet marines or something?
No, why would you even think that?

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anons were talking about a 'new tactical squad' in the last thread

>> No.73032504

Yeah, that was in like 2014

>> No.73032505

Its a shame theres no RPG for playing as imperial knights

>> No.73032507

Post models you are working on!

>> No.73032514

I saw some people posting those new Sterylizors. Can anyone take a shot of the phosphor torches next to a galvanic rifle. I have a conversion idea that needs to know the proportions.

>> No.73032521

Because an anon had doubts about what was in the 2016 kit and what in the older one

>> No.73032527

yes, new tactical squad comes JAN 2021
GW confirmed it a few hours ago

>> No.73032529

Out of the way marinefags, real heroes of the imperium comin through. Post guardsmen!

>> No.73032537

No. It's "new" as in 2013 or so vs. the 2008 version, The Tactical box has been remade relatively frequently over the years.

>> No.73032538

There is a homebrew one

>> No.73032541

As opposed to the older ones I guess. It was about the most recent ones assembl options.

>> No.73032543

These cunts. Just need to wait for my new primer can to arrive, since the one I've been using so far started malfunctioning

>> No.73032548

is anybody else disappointed that the new admech units only got half a paragraph of lore each

>> No.73032550

you got a link to it?
Is it any good?

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I want to protect that smile.

>> No.73032573

Sometimes less is more, you don't need much lore for a bat cyborg with a flame thrower.

>> No.73032575

Whats the lore on those flappy guys and the literal robot cowboys?

>> No.73032577

Marines really are dweebs

>> No.73032578

Depends on if you like the FFG RPGs

>> No.73032583

nice model, but the weapon seems kind of extra-retarded.

>> No.73032592

Will crusade be shit because its power ratings rather than points?

>> No.73032597

I honestly prefer Vorne's default head. This cutie doesn't really fit the overall tone of the mini

>> No.73032599

I'm sure you can port it over to a fun RPG like Pendragon.

>> No.73032600

literally nothing outside of what they do in combat there's as much fluff in the book as in the warhammer community articles

>> No.73032605

What are these huge retcons then?

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Crusade is tthe progression system, just use points instead of power levels.

>> No.73032626

The model that head comes from has a skirt made out of severed dongs

>> No.73032629

Yeah sorry about that, I was talking about the old 2013 vs the new 2017 version of the Tactical Squad boxed. I wish we were getting new ones though. Or do versions of the Primaris with the grill face helmet. But that's an easy fix. Unless the grill faces dissapear altogether.

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Lads is this a Canoptek Spyder? Got it in a lot and not sure what it is, new to necrons

>> No.73032635

oh dont get me wrong, the weapon *looks* great.
But it seems like it would just be completely useless, having a long torch on top of a short chainsword

>> No.73032644

What's the head from?

>> No.73032649

Sergeant for my intercessors.

>> No.73032651

Looks like it.

>> No.73032652

6 legs and 3 body sections, that's not a spider, that's an insect

>> No.73032653

Why aren't the severed dongs on that model? Then write "emasculator" on the side of the chainsaw blade.

>> No.73032656

Telling lies? Now that's some serious heresy.

>> No.73032657

Sounds like Satan from Kingdom Death

>> No.73032659

Now I want to see the entire thing, sounds kino
Still, she doesn't really look like the batshit insane religious fanatic the mini is supposed to be

>> No.73032660

You just described about half of the weapons in 40k

>> No.73032662

nobody wants to see your hand

>> No.73032663

No. If I do everyone will call me a faggot for ripping off the Egyptian Necron poster.
Also they're not fully painted and I don't like posting unfinished things.

>> No.73032666

No, it's a Cryptek Scurrier.

>> No.73032668

No wonder manlets are getting squatted, they skip leg day religiously.

>> No.73032670

Eh. Shes ok for 25 points

>> No.73032675

Is that a real Sisters head? Looks kinda cute.

>> No.73032683

I want to do the CIA as a chapter, basically loyalist alpha legion but extra dickish. I cant think of a good chapter name that would fit the acronym, the only half decent one I could come up with is Consuls In Azure.

Any ideas, lads?

>> No.73032684

Sorry, my bad. I mistook it for a Sister.

>> No.73032693 [SPOILER] 

Honestly it makes me kind of uncomfortable

Fair, I don't like the bald head though

>> No.73032702

That would basically just be a chapter that serves the ordo hereticus

>> No.73032708

Does it matter what people call you? Everytime I post a model I risk being called a furfag or some shit. But than there's the anons that appreciate to see others work.

>Also they're not fully painted and I don't like posting unfinished things.
For me I have two states I'll post my models: finished assembling and finished painting.

>> No.73032710

Mentors are basically the CIA apparently. They send a guy with serfs into a Chapter to ostensibly help them, then one of the serfs turns out to be an imperial assassin and fucking offs the Chapter Master.

>> No.73032711

IIRC she can be assembled without the skirt

>> No.73032713

>Honestly it makes me kind of uncomfortable

That means it's working.

>> No.73032718

Kasrkin are worse and for faggots.

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>> No.73032732

I think I did for mine but I have it in storage. I have like 3 of the satan sets for some reason which is why I pulled the head

>> No.73032734

Aren't KD models higher scale than GW stuff?
Also can't stop laughing at the penis skirt being real.

>> No.73032738

dumb question: is there a gallery of gw colors when painted over different primers?
the gw site is worthless for what colors look like on models
i don't even know what i should be googling for

>> No.73032747

Imagine actually trying to argue that kasrkin are worse than marines.

>> No.73032748

Why would you do that? What kind of pleb would want a completely generic bikini bitch over the absolute madness of the dickskirt?

>> No.73032756

ADB shit is not canon.

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>> No.73032767

there is one for contrasts
>Citadel Contrast Paints Comparison

>> No.73032769

I have one for contrast paints

>> No.73032775

>offs the chapter master
nigger what

>> No.73032779

Kind of but the answer is slightly longer. KD is in 32mm scale but not heroic preportions. Which means overall the models are slightly taller, but things like limbs and heads aren't bloated like GWs. In the end it makes a lot of parts compatible

>> No.73032781

Cadia is for fags, worst guardsmen. Abaddon did nothing wrong and GW should've squatted their entire range.
I respect every other regiment, but Cadiafags are the worst
The planet broke because the guard did

>> No.73032786

Lost my game today as Custodes against Tyranids. Had a few fun moments to make up for it but I didn't go into the game expecting to win.

>> No.73032788

The mentors while shady as fuck probably don't do shit like that.
Personally I have to wonder what their involvement was with Cawls primaris project.
Since a key element of the Mentors overall mission/mandate is to test new imperial equipment and strategies.

>> No.73032790 [DELETED] 

Hey folx. I’m super new to Warhammer but I am super stan for it. I’m though I do have some questions. Is there a way to remove the religious stuff everywhere, I don’t really like so much religious imagery. And also I notice that a lot of designs are very Nazi like. Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of some of that problematic imagery? I like playing as women (I identify as a woman) but Um the Sisters of Battle look too fetishy. Like ok boob armor and skirts? In 2020? Can’t we just put women in armor that’s not so exploitive and make more women leaders as characters? I noticed there aren’t any Primark women. I know they were written back in the 70s but um shouldn’t at least half of them be women? Ok cool. If anybody wants I’ve started a petition and you can add #fixwarhammer to your tweets. uWu

>> No.73032791

somebody should do this if theres ever an outdoor 40k event or some other thing where a bunch of warhammer nerds are outside together
>make a bunch of squig plushies
>get a pickup truck
>make it look propa orky
>mount a t-shirt cannon in the truck bed
>use it to fire the squig plushies into the crowd

>> No.73032792

Sorry Cadiafag. Your Mary Sue stormtrooper wannabes are inferior.

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>> No.73032794

The skirt is great but you should look at the bikini a little more closely I think they're tongues

>> No.73032799

Like, sucked his penis until he came.

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>> No.73032804

Need some help with a Space Marines Raven Guard list I made for casual matched play games. Thoughts?

Primaris Marines Raven Guard List; 2205/2000 points. (I am over.)
x1 Captain in Gravis Armor (108 pts)
x1 Primaris Librarian (98 pts)
x2 Primaris Lieutenants (One Unit)
>Lieutenant w/ Master Auto Bolt (69 pts)
>Lieutenant w/ Master Stalker Bolt (70 pts)

x10 Infiltrator Squad; Infiltrator Comms Array (230 pts)
x5 Intercessors; Auto Bolts, 1 Aux Grenade Launcher, 1 Power Sword, in an Impulsor (95 pts)
x5 Intercessors; Stalker Bolts, 1 Aux Grenade Launcher, 1 Hand Flamer (87 pts)

x1 Lieutenant in Phobos Armor; Occultus Bolt Carbine, in an Impulsor (81 pts)

Fast Attack
x3 Inceptor Squad; Assault Bolters (123 pts)
x3 Inceptor Squad; Assault Bolters (123 pts)
x3 Suppressor Squad (90 pts)

Heavy Support
x5 Hellblasters; Default Loadout, Plasma Pistol (170 pts)
x3 Eliminator Squad; Default Loadout (72 pts)

x1 Captain in Phobos Armor (99 pts)
x1 Librarian in Phobos Armor (101 pts)

x1 Primaris Ancient (69 pts)
x1 Primaris Apothecary (60 pts)
x1 Redemptor Dreadnought; Heavy Flamer, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pods, Fragstorm G Launchers (163 pts)

x1 Stormtalon Gunship; Two Lascannons (194 pts)

x1 Impulsor; Ironhail Heavy Stubber, Storm Bolters, Orbital Comms Array (103 pts)
Any tips? Ways I can better organize them? Things I probably don't need and things I want? Also to note, I'm avoid regular Space Marines (but not their vehicles)

>> No.73032805

>Lost my game today as Custodes
Unless you're spamming FW, that's the norm.

>> No.73032828

Why even say things that you know are false to get a rise out of people on the internet? It's just pathetic guys.

>> No.73032837

Yeah I know. I wish GW would do something about it. Locking all the good stuff the army needs behind Forge World is really unhealthy for the army.

>> No.73032840

custodes are not meant to be played on their own

>> No.73032845

Poster is clearly Australian. Report and ignore.

>> No.73032857

Made a GW gothic letter alphabet today, and practiced free handing tiny letters in small parameters, feels good learning a new skill. What did you guys do today?

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>> No.73032863

Please show

>> No.73032864

australia should be rangebanned

>> No.73032880

Usually I run them with Guard at 2,000 but I went pure Custodes besides and inquisitor for 1,000. I wish GW would make this army playable.

>> No.73032882

Sorry, retard. It’s the truth. Just because you can’t accept it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.
Cadian plastic fucked up the scale, GW has been riding Cadian fanwank forever.
Faggot Kasrkin are loved by faggot Cadians because they’re raised from the regiment’s, whereas proper stormtroopers have always been despised/envied by the regular guard. Total Mary Sue.

>> No.73032892

Mentors sent a delegation to the Emperors Spears in ADBs new book. Then when there was a meeting with the Celestial Lions, one of the serfs that was with the Mentors turned out to be a Callidus assassin and kills the Celestial Lions' Chapter Master.

>> No.73032900

subassembly a shit

>> No.73032902

what the fuck how did they get a callidus

>> No.73032906

I was under the impression that custodes are a quite easy to play point and click style army that was good casually

>> No.73032908

I ordered an older Tactical Squad thinking it had stuff the new one didn't. Seems like I was probably mistaken based on the help I received here.

>> No.73032910

>Want to do red Chaos Marines
>Mephiston red looks better during the day
>Khorne red looks better during the night
What do I do now?

>> No.73032921

I'll admit you made me laugh anon

>> No.73032923

We are in agreement.

>> No.73032925


>> No.73032926

The 'ork snipers' that easily killed the Celestial Lion apothecaries were probably a Vindicare given the range and accuracy of the shots.

>> No.73032927

Inquisition has the Mentors by the balls or something. Inquisition wanted revenge against the Celestial Lions for surviving a previous attempt at eliminating their whole chapter.

>> No.73032940

What makes you think I am australian? I'm not.

Everything you just said about cadians goes for marines but x100.

>> No.73032942

They're very simplstic, but also very unforgiving.
In casual spheres they also tend to be very swingy, beating people into the ground or dying horribly.

>> No.73032948


>> No.73032950 [DELETED] 

For the first time in my life, GW, please so not listen to the community

>> No.73032954

wasn't the implication of the last few lions being allowed to return and rebuild that the inquisition was done with them why would they still be assmad after the lions had been wiped to a few men

>> No.73032957

Wait, did they really not give the flamers to the mounts? Fucking hell. They did it right with the Lord Discordant.

>> No.73032962

New Ork Boyz soon, if they're good I will Ork.

>> No.73032964

Egyptcron poster here, all I'm doing is following the themes of the faction to their logical conclusion. And I'm ripping off whoever did this anyways so as they say, there is nothing new under the sun. Feel free to show your stuff.

>> No.73032970

They likely didn't.
Callidus assassins can sneak into almost anywhere with enough surgery and drugs.
Impersonating a space marine chapter serf wouldn't be hard for one.

>> No.73032974

the flamethrowers are pistols so you can't use both them and the phosphor blast rifle

>> No.73032988

They are a great melee army but the problem is they start to collapse against weapons with any AP and multi damage. Spamming excess dice at them will also hurt them. Mortal wounds neuter the army and make their supposed toughness non-existent. To a degree they are almost a glass cannon army disguised as a tanky army. The current meta and rules do not favor them at all and the only way to hope to mitigate their weaknesses is to buy overpriced Forge World models. When you play Custodes, you are either going to stomp face or get your shit pushed in. There is hardly a middle ground.

>> No.73033003

>When you play Custodes, you are either going to stomp face or get your shit pushed in. There is hardly a middle ground
Honestly sounds like their Lore portrayal desu.

>> No.73033005

yes and I'm saying that they should have done it like the LD, where the mount attacks and shoots separately from the rider

>> No.73033011

They're almost done anyway, all that's left are the arms, heads, and backpacks.
Also the bases but I'm waiting for my sack of sand to arrive.

>> No.73033022

Kinda a super rough rough draft, but at least I know what im working with now. I spent a few hours looking around for letters on GW models. I'll make a more professional one soon for everyone to use that isn't toddler tier. Crossed out part is my name btw, also if anyone has any ideas for Q send a pic.

>> No.73033028

yeah it's pretty retarded

>> No.73033036

ty anons, was hoping for non-contrast ones though
>tfw black primer

>> No.73033037

what do bags of sand feel like

>> No.73033039

based Australians

>> No.73033040

Based, they should have killed off the cadia range and replaced it with Armageddon

>> No.73033061

>reading *anything* ADB makes

I can see where you went wrong. ADB is a blatant chaos cock sucking faggot.

>> No.73033063

Intercessors, like the Emperor intended

>> No.73033064

Good rundown, during lockdown one of the guys in my group has painted a full army of them, I'm gonna be playing vs them as my world eaters at the end of the month when my game table is finished, any tips? The tanglefoot grenades are gonna be a pest for me I think

>> No.73033069

how's that different from a normal alphabet? the letters are just thicker on a vertical axis

>> No.73033090

Most of the paints go on opaque s they'll look the same regardless of primer if given enough layers. .

>> No.73033109


>> No.73033111

Well I wanted to make a reference of what GW writes on scrolls, so I made a shitty "low gothic" key.

>> No.73033142

why would the inquisition still be out for the lions though wasn't the point of them being allowed back to their homeworld to rebuild to show that the inquisition felt their point was proven and they didn't need to fuck with them anymore

>> No.73033147

Are those AdMech or from where are they?

>> No.73033153

Maybe a strange question, but are these any offical or third party model I can use to make a either fat or chunky SoB model who can like pic related?

>> No.73033156

Have (chaos) Baneblades been buffed yet? At least remove the 20pt chaos tax.

>> No.73033165

When in need of fetish fuel female models, just browse Kingdom Death.

>> No.73033166

Genestcult neophytes kitbashed with admech heads.

>> No.73033178

Bro, just grab some Imperial nobles. They're all fat as fuck, even the women.

>> No.73033184

Your dual autogun cultist is still my favorite.

>> No.73033187

>why would the inquisition still be out for the lions though
It isn't a monolithic organisation.

>> No.73033191

It's not really fetish fuel, it doesn't get my things up.
Just think the idea of painting up someone like Meg sounds fun, to use in 40k, I already have done similar silly convertions with other models like Earthworm Jim.

>> No.73033200

Do you happen to have an example of such model I can use?

>> No.73033206

here you go fren

>> No.73033208

then it begs the question of if this inquisitor would be stepping on the toes of other ones

>> No.73033210

Old Repentia Mistress or Sisters of Sigmar Matriarch.

>> No.73033214

What heresy are you up to anon?

>> No.73033231

Do you guys leave your hobby stuff out when you have guests over? I don't ever have guests but if I did, I would hide all my warhammer stuff. I feel like people would pass judgment so easily. "Oh, you play with toy soldiers? Thats weird." FUCK MAN!

>> No.73033250

If kill team was a thing around here I would have him lead it.

Credit to different who made pic related

>> No.73033257

You tidy up when guests come over unless they are coming over to paint or play

>> No.73033258

You wouldn't understand.

>> No.73033260

I looked up 28mm fat woman model and found this
Nice chunky power armor

>> No.73033262

Ah, well at least I picked up a new skill. Thanks anon!

>> No.73033269

For the anon who bought blue stuff for beakies here's my terrible first attempt with recasting SoB heads. Make sure to check /wip/ for their guide on recasting with blue stuff and legos.
I didn't have legos or a clamp so I eyeballed the mold and used some textbooks to press the mold. Most evident is the large amount of excess green stuff and squished heads as I didn't allow them to cure long enough.
For next time I'll pick up some epoxy putty and materials to build a container to form my mold. I'll also make sure to use far less putty/green stuff and let it cure entirely.
Take these abominations as a warning, don't be a dummy like me.

>> No.73033273

I don't hide it, but I don't have it in a place where people would see it anyway.

>> No.73033279

Trying to make these Freeguild arms work with the cadian weapons

>> No.73033280

I'll take a look at old SoB models and the AoS stuff, hope I won't have to resort to aping stuff like the old Admech magus for this. But if there's a will, there's a way.

Who cares, you're an adult. It's your house anyway, why are you inviting people who'll make you feel self-conscious about such stuff? Like yeah it might be weird to some chicks, but what do you care?

>> No.73033282

DJ longstrike about to drop some sick beats.

>> No.73033283

If they aren't going to be using the space, no. People don't care, tabletop is normalized and any productive hobby is seen in a positive light these days.

>> No.73033293

Go fuck yourself GW.

>> No.73033304

What is that, pewter? Guess I could make it work using her as a base and cutting apart something like a canoness kit, cutting metal don't sound like much fun but gotta do what you gotta do.

>> No.73033312

To clarify I like the model it's just the ungodly Australian prices that jankle me.

>> No.73033326

and I thought the US price was bad, holy shit

>> No.73033328

Just go to the combat company or mperor

>> No.73033340

>45 bucks more than leaf prices

>> No.73033343 [DELETED] 

It's what you deserve you fucking wastoid mongoloid gutterbrain limpdicked impotent wretch.

>> No.73033346

NOOO! Sisters aren't meant to be pretty!

>> No.73033362

what blue do you think these guys are?

>> No.73033365

Cheaper at my LGS.

>> No.73033372

I am really glad necrons are getting a bit of a facelift. Their units look and feel old compared to new chaos space marines or primaris shit. I painted a CSM for the first time and holy mother of the fuck. Its like night and day when you compare the new CSM sprue to even newer necron sprues like immortals or lychguards. Also, space marine / CSM infantry is so THICK. It feels like you have so much more detail and options. I wonder if the new necrons will be thicker?

>> No.73033375

their minimum wage is like $18 or something though

>> No.73033377

I said I would do it for maybe 3 weeks now, and I've done it. I've finally bought a box of Skitarii Rangers. Still working on improving my painting skills before I even begin painting them and fully assembling them, so I've got time to learn.

This being said, I'm wondering- can you guys give me any helpful advice to know beforehand? Or maybe what best to arm them with? I'm probably gonna arm them with whatever I deem coolest, but I'd like to know.

>> No.73033381

Then move to a better country. Everytime there's a new release you people start bitching and complaining about the price, as if you suddenly forgot how wrecked your economy is and how inflated your particular iteration of the dollar is.

>> No.73033385

Why are Guard players always so salty? Every Imperial Guard player I know is always ranting about “Guard never gets models, GW is going to squat us, we always get sidelined” and shit like that, and most of the Cadiafags are always crying about how “90% of my faction is dead, every Cadian is dead, only a few Cadians survived the fall”. Is this normal or are these guys just bitches?

>> No.73033386

Kantor Blue base probably.

>> No.73033389 [DELETED] 

>there are people in here who have girlfriends even though they play warhammer and do other extreme nerd shit

Fucking kill me bros. I don't want to live anymore. I am 38 and never had a girlfriend because my hobbies are TRASH

>> No.73033393

Fuck off you bandwagoning faggot. Go play Iron Hands or something.

>> No.73033398

Sounds totally legit and something that happened.

>> No.73033408 [DELETED] 

Girls think its creative now, especially if you are a good painter and don't look like a creature

>> No.73033412 [DELETED] 

It's not your hobbies that are the problem.

>> No.73033422

Knock knock fleshlings here come the necrons

>> No.73033430

Ok I get that this sounds fake, but it’s not. Most of the guard players I know are actually like this.

>> No.73033433

if dem blood axe gitz is so un-orky, whyz dont the uvver gitz just krump em alreddy?

>> No.73033434

ty anon

>> No.73033446

>necron hanging his head in shame

generally speaking the hobby is full of whiners
any hobby that has factions is full of whiners

>> No.73033456

No, Ad Mech are cool as shit and exactly what I was looking for as a faction that was human but neither guard nor space marine

>> No.73033458

Also might want to layer some very thin yellow on your tubes to simulate energy, could even just dot it out too to make a bubble effect using either individual dotting or by slightly dipping at fine tips of a make-up brush.

>> No.73033460

Great paint job. I wish my crons looked that sexy.

>> No.73033465

Let the Destroyer Lord be able to possess enemy vehicles

>> No.73033467

Find better people to know.

>> No.73033469



>> No.73033475

the mentors more than likely had no idea the serf was an assassin you absolute peabrain, can you read?

>> No.73033476

I always did find it weird how they're "Deathskulls" and not "Deffskulls"

>> No.73033479


>> No.73033482 [DELETED] 

You will not be missed.

>> No.73033484


It's weird because some models are pretty much the same price as the brits. The cheap transports for example, Ork trukk, DE raider etc. are all 55$AUS, which is about right if you look at the exchange rate, but newer and more expensive models are worse. Why the fuck wouldn't there be a flat % raise?

Nah Aus is pretty lit apart from wh prices.

>> No.73033486

Its nice to see non standard necrons. there was a period where it felt like every necron army you would see was a beginner who chose the army simply because all you had to do was paint it metallic silver.

>> No.73033500

and being overrun with the chinese

>> No.73033501 [DELETED] 

That roll of 1 to hit says otherwise.

>> No.73033503 [DELETED] 

*unleashes toxic brap cloud of -1 to hit*

>> No.73033509

spam cultists, berserkers are actually good against them too, and vehicles fuck them up

>> No.73033518

You don’t see Catachan players bitching all we need is new regular plastic models.

>still badass in lore and the planet still exists
>plenty of named ALIVE characters
>Racists don’t like them since they have been confirmed mixed for decades

>> No.73033540

>no I love AdMech! The fact that they just got some busted rules has nothing to do with it! I've loved AdMech for years and I've only just now decided to play them!

>> No.73033548

I can already tell chainaxe berzerkers are gonna do well vs them, and I have some dreads, no tanks get though, what role would the cultists fill vs custodes or just screens and objective sitters?

>> No.73033550

You read more clearly. The Mentor that was assigned didn't have an idea, but he realized that the Callidus could not have gotten in without the express permission of his Chapter Master. That's why he left the damn chapter in the first place.

>> No.73033553 [DELETED] 

You know the prices are racist against Australians too.

>> No.73033554

God I'm so fucking useless at faces. What a waste of a head

>> No.73033585

It’s my take on the Nihiliak Dynasty. That’s a great idea about the tubes, thanks

>> No.73033594

Just drown it in wash

>> No.73033598

Yeah, i'd thin it fairly heavily though. No problem if you overdo it since you can go over with a very thin layer of the original (guessing moot) green to help blend it all in.

>> No.73033599

Should I pick up the SC! Craftworlds and Orks if I were to start an army of each? Not at the same time of course but they're both armies I'd like to have in the future.

>> No.73033600

how dumb and not funny would it be if I decorated a finecast cryptek with extra bits from what I think is a chaos terminator HQ sprue? There's a cloak, some spikes and chains and even a little terminator head with tusks.

>> No.73033619

>she went from :) to :I

>> No.73033631

Depends what you want to do with the Orks. If you're going for a green tide /competitive list it's not great, but if you just want to collect a general army then it's good value.

>> No.73033633



>> No.73033634

I don't know anything about Eldar, but the Ork one is a decent buy in terms of visually stand-out models. It's not the most optimal set for starting an ork army, same with Eldar SC I hear, but it is diverse enough to try out different styles of ork units in play. Do you know what kind of ork army you want to play? More horde or elite, more mech or infantry, more specialized or kinda chaotic?

>> No.73033643

Wraiths are based so yes

>> No.73033655


>> No.73033683

Spotted the WAACfag lorelet.

>> No.73033709

I dunno, a balanced army is something I'd prefer, being able to build, convert, and field an army full of all kinds of units.
If I can always change the order in which I buy units if I want to be competitive but if something like the rule of three is in 9th the maximum allowed units of each would be the goal.

Same goes for the Eldar but with so much of their line being finecast or metal I'm not sure I want to do that just yet.

>> No.73033720

anyone done this yet?

>> No.73033732

Go ahead then, you'll be fine with the SC. As I've said: it'll give you taste of variety of ork styles.

>> No.73033736


>> No.73033747

They're charging more on shit people will pay for. Making certain stuff cheaper is great catnip.

>> No.73033754

Bad news

>locally owned store is closing down
>after saying I wasnt going to be a primaris user I got primaris

Good news
>the store had an absolute amazing sale
>I got the vanguard space marine starter, a box of reivers, Phobos Libarian, and the battlesuit under $140

Welp I’m tacticool now I’m sorry bros....

>> No.73033760

SC CSM is kinda shitty if you don't play Iron Warriors or Word Bearers

>> No.73033768


>> No.73033772

You were meant to shit on Primaris not join them. You are not a true marine player now enjoy your COD marines faggot.

>> No.73033779

Dude this looks fuckin sick do you have more pics

>> No.73033791

Fake titties

>> No.73033799

>I’m not buying primaris
>lol nope they cheap I’m buying them

You absolute chaff you better not play a fag chapter either.

>> No.73033804

Okay, so when facing Tau as Space Marines, what should i focus down first?
Markerlights, drones or characters?

>> No.73033808

Just what does a baseline, "average" Imperial look like? All the depictions of 40k civilians or slaves always look horrific as fuck.

>> No.73033815

Alright then, SC! Orks and Eldar it is.

>> No.73033816

Why the goddamn fuck can I not buy the ork Kommando box anywhere?

>> No.73033845

generally speaking, horrific as fuck

>> No.73033846

Well, their nobles are considered to be attractive by their standards, and they all look like pic related. Ironically, the Eldar are more conventionally attractive by modern human standards, and they're a bunch of crystal shitting triple helix abominations that should have never existed.

>> No.73033852

Like an underfed gulag prisoner with a really bad skin disease. Living in the Imperium kind of sucks.

>> No.73033859

I had old marines guys holy shit I didn’t think primaris were that taboo here.

>> No.73033869

they can fire the flamer, they just can't ALSO fire the blast carbine in the same turn

>> No.73033872

Unless you're a protagonist in a book, in which case you and your immediate compatriots look just fine beyond an augment or two.

>> No.73033873

Probably kinda like this, just with more mutations. You're not going to get healthy humans on a 20 hour workday schedule and less than 1500 calorie intake.

>> No.73033884


>> No.73033885

>Eldar are more conventionally attractive by modern human standards
Can Eldar breed with humans tho?

>> No.73033890

Oh fuck off. Where the fuck are you coming from that you DIDN'T think Primaris was safe here? Reddit? Dakkadakka? BoLS?

>> No.73033892

Don’t listen to people the vanguard marines just rub the grimderp gothic fags the wrong way. Think of your self as a blood axe kommando while everyone who complains is a regular ork.

>> No.73033893

I'm more disappointed that you don't have the option to leave the Sterilyzor's alpha with a flamer and the alpha, apparently, can't kick people like his boys can

>> No.73033896

back in RT days, yes. Now, who knows but probably not.

>> No.73033897

Posted this already but I'm proud of these pauldrons

>> No.73033900

Primaris aren’t safe on Reddit or dakkadakka though...

>> No.73033908


>> No.73033909

According to RT, yeah. Otherwise, probably no, taking in account their weird triple helix DNA.

>> No.73033910

But almost every paint post is primaris. Is there a shitstorm on everyone of those pictures?

>> No.73033932


>> No.73033934

reminder that the new taser rules on the flyboys has confirmed that tasers are going to become unmodified

>> No.73033941

I really don’t see the point of being a dick because he got large marines you need to get over this shit already

>> No.73033942

It was noted by Goodwyn when it came up in an interview that Eldar are genes are actually extremely compatible with other species and that there are a ton of halfdar running around Commorragh. They've even made half eldar with slug, snake, and giant amoeba people. Hilariously though, they still can't make babies with humans despite us sharing nearly identical surface level features, organs, and genitalia.

>> No.73033952

is it possible to have orks that aren't part of one of the six clans?
what would they believe in?

>> No.73033956

if the admech proves anything it's that goodwin is senile

>> No.73033960

It will probably get FAQed.

The other unit seems better anyway as it's cheaper and can target characters specifically which is big with how characters buff everything these days.

>> No.73033969

There's two types of klanless orks.
What you are specifically asking for are Freebooters, for which: read the codex.

>> No.73033971

that's really stupid

>> No.73033976

Because believe it or not Primarisfags buy and paint models unlike you but seeing as you are some grog I see why.

>> No.73033987

whats even the niche for these guys they don't really seem to do anything special

>> No.73033997

freebooters are just pirates though
i just want to make an army of autistic mekboyz who just want to build big machines

>> No.73033998

No, it's a fuck you to Elfwaifu fags. Eldar can mate with utterly bizarre and inhuman shit, but can't procreate with humans. It's hilarious.

>> No.73034006

So I've been out of 40k for awhile and thinking of getting back in with ninth coming out soon; I used to play guard and CSM, but I sold most of my stuff off ot help pay bills during some leaner times in my life. I was considering doing GSC, since they look pretty cool and I'm a sucker for the aesthetic, but I was wondering how good (at least right now, obviously when ninth hits everything's going to change) a mechanized Genestealer Cult list would be, with an emphasis on the bikers, dudes in trucks/brood brothers in chimeras, tanks and walkers and such. Would it be viable or is it a bad idea?

>> No.73034010

go fast and sit on a point, and maybe fuck up a horde on the way

>> No.73034014

Anon, read the codex. Freebooters are not "just pirates." They CAN BE pirates, but they are not JUST PIRATES. The freebooters RT book also has an example of a freebooter band that is just autistic mekboyz, check the top archives for it.

>> No.73034016

Yeah that's why it's stupid
it doesn't exist because it makes sense in-universe, it exists for a meta reason

>> No.73034019

Mine are following a warboss that believes that Gork and Mork are actually the same guy. They call him GorkaMorka and they look down on other Orks that are too stupid to realize this.

>> No.73034021

until we get rules to look at it's just gonna be idle speculation

>> No.73034038

should I get the nid sc and gsc sc boxes for a 1k point army?

>> No.73034044


>> No.73034047

Great Old Ones genetics and warp engineering. Ain't gotta splain shit.

>> No.73034056

There's like 5 people that sperg out purely from the mention of primaris, a good portion of people here don't like primaris but don't care about others using them.
>vocal minority and all that shit

>> No.73034058

Can't decide what my next army will be lads, Necrons vs Tau vs Black Templars. Anyone have opinions on which of these three?

>> No.73034060

How is the new Call of duty treating you?

>> No.73034064

they are also competing with the flamer flyers for that who can deepstrike multiple times

>> No.73034067

thank you anon

>> No.73034071


lost my game today DG vs Salamanders. Was doing okay for awhile and then my gf killed one of my units in close combat and killed a guy with a melta gun so that was like 3 VP right there.

My hellbrute tied up a unit of hellblasters and a 5 man tac squad for most of the game, then died to psyker mortal wound stuff.

>> No.73034079

necrons gonna be the new bandwagon
tau are faggots
black templars are always great
pretty easy choice, though that is dependent on what you already have

>> No.73034081

too bad they didn't tell the codex writers that

>> No.73034082

so admech players have options, what a travesty

>> No.73034083

wait so admech is gonna be the new WAACfag army? I only just came back into this hobby and its an army i was interested in
dont bully me pls

>> No.73034086

So what you're saying is that if we blot out the sun on a planet where a faction is fighting Orks, the Orks won't be able to reproduce.

>> No.73034098

Tau are fun if you don't castle.

>> No.73034108

Play whatever you want, just don't be a dick.
I don't get why this is so complicated for people.

>> No.73034110

until the rules come out nobody knows

>> No.73034115


>> No.73034116

>they still can't make babies with humans

but space marines are another story

>> No.73034128 [DELETED] 


>> No.73034136

idk man I just don't want that stigma when I walk into the store and buy a bunch of admech shit

>> No.73034139

I see people say Sagittarum Guard are good, but what makes them good? They have a slightly better heavy bolter and a shit one shot s5 -3ap 3 damage. For 50 points that seems kinda piddly compared to things like havocs, exalted flamers, and Centurions.

>> No.73034140

False Idols renegades warband csms

>> No.73034144

Outside of the opening line (referring to the fact that most of them have to travel around and raid like pirates, rather than pirate aesthetic): it clearly states that they are not a klan and are just collective of orks who either didn't have a klan, lost their klan, or got kicked out of their klan after the opening paragraph.
Maybe it's GW's fault for constantly pushing a pirate motif along with them in order to help visualize them, but they are "your dudes" for orks if you don't want klans.

>> No.73034145

Whens Dante getting a new model?

>> No.73034153

>Renegade Runtmaster
>Runtherdz become very protective towards their runtz and sometimes cannot bear to part with them - which is bad news when other Orks want Runtz for Shokk Attack Teams or to clear mine fields.
>Sometimes a runtherd will run away from his tribe rather than see his charges wasted in this way.
that's kind of cute

>> No.73034159

sounds like someone had their shoota go missing
I'm sure they'll sell you an equally good one for a competitive price

>> No.73034171

You're only a WAACfag if you're a cunt

>> No.73034174

URGENT QUESTION: Does anybody know where in the mega I can find the official sisters of battle name generator for kill team?

>> No.73034175

Black templars.

>> No.73034182

No, orks actually have difficulty shrooming in sunlight.

>> No.73034192

Not canon.

>> No.73034206

Go ask /ktg/

>> No.73034208

There's actually a named Ork, Zodgrod Wortsnagga, who is exactly this too. Crazy git even made Super Grots.

>> No.73034219


>> No.73034223

>Most Drukhari make rather dubious bodyguards due to their treacherous nature andunquenchable selfishness. Archons therefore often employ the more reliable alien mercenaries that inhabit Commorragh to protect them from inevitable coups. >Though these bodyguards hail from all across the galaxy, favoured amongst them are the Sslyth, hulking serpent-bodied warrior-fiends whose race fell to the temptations of unbridled excess millennia ago.
Snake people are just snake people.

>> No.73034233

heh, this stuff is great
definitely gotta make a freebootas army now without the pirate theme

>> No.73034234

My first metal model and you know what, he's getting there.

>> No.73034245


>> No.73034247

So eldar exodites don't have wraith bone right

>> No.73034263

You can pick up old fantasy snotlings on ebay for 20 dollars per a decent amount, I was able to fit 3 bases worth of them with one left over at that price, to supplement your army if you don't mind homebrewing using old rules. Outside that I recommend looking up some old runtherds on ebay, they got some nice sculpts to help make your army more diverse.
Glad you found something you like, anon.

>> No.73034264

the freebooter pdf was a godsend, thank you very much anon

>> No.73034279

Why wouldn't they?

>> No.73034284

>Snake people are just snake people.
That Drukharii sometimes fuck.

>> No.73034295

>implying you wouldn't

>> No.73034297

They're rednecks who might not know how to grow it?

>> No.73034310

Lamia =/= cobra heads

>> No.73034316

that has no right to be so god damn wholesome

>> No.73034326

How about Asur'yani?

>> No.73034332

Are they're any other subfactions that rival the NIght Lords in pure grubbery

>> No.73034343

>implying you wouldn't give the same answer just to spite Eldar coomers

>> No.73034346

Some leviathans for my deathguard

>> No.73034349

They know how to grow it, it's just that they'd rather go all natural. Exodites have to have Spirit Stones because they'd be fucked so Wraiths are possible, but while Craftworlders are relatively okay with taking souls out of the Infinity Circuit Exodites would probably oppose that kind of necromancy out of principle.

>> No.73034359

not bad for an Australian

>> No.73034365


>> No.73034367

>starts at 2 feet

>> No.73034378

ty anon
i actually have some snotlings from back in the day that now have a purpose

>> No.73034404

How does a techpriest even fall to Slaanesh? I'd think it'd be virtually impossible.

>> No.73034409

Forgot to flip it to account for the curvature of the earth

>> No.73034424

Spirit stones themselves are necromancy. The only natural way for an elf to die now is for their soul to go to slaanesh.

>> No.73034426

>Mentors sent a delegation to the Emperors Spears in ADBs new book. Then when there was a meeting with the Celestial Lions, one of the serfs that was with the Mentors turned out to be a Callidus assassin and kills the Celestial Lions' Chapter Master.
When will the suffering end?

>> No.73034438

Imagine the first tech priest to ever find a dark age gacha game.

>> No.73034442

Couldn't ynnead eat their soul?

>> No.73034446

when they're all dead, presumably

>> No.73034457

Ynnead is high level necromancy, a soul golem, net yet a god.

>> No.73034466

Ynnead. Also depending on how much we're supposed to believe about pre-fall Eldar it's possible that elves dying is itself unnatural, they used to be able to reincarnate. Putting a soul in an infinity circuit isn't necromancy, it's an artificial heaven. Bringing them out again is proper necromancy.

>> No.73034469

Not canon.

>> No.73034470

2019 KT annual, it's in The Library

>> No.73034498

Ok I need to know what body that is

>> No.73034510

Where the fuck are all the spears in the 41/42nd millennium?

>> No.73034534

With the custodes

>> No.73034536

>First recession in 30 years because of covid-19
>inflation at 1.9%

What are you talking about man?

>> No.73034551

Someone in search of the perfect technology

>> No.73034564

The Emperor's Spears stole them all

>> No.73034570

please let this become a reality in the future.

>> No.73034583

AdMech are a bitch to paint so I don't envy you.

>> No.73034591

>First recession in 30 years

Did you forget about the 08 global recession?

>> No.73034600

Unless you're a dick you shouldn't worry about people people thinking you're a dick

>> No.73034609

I'm a dick and I still don't worry about what people think of me

>> No.73034614

That also works

>> No.73034615

God they're so sticc

>> No.73034622

Is an inferno pistol Inquisitor a good choice if they are going to be running with Custodes?

>> No.73034672

hmm, I have a shitty display cabinet in my living room and when I'm playing a few games I leave my table up. Stop being embarrassed about painting little army men and roll with it.

>> No.73034686

The most insulting instance of their toughness being neutered is the DW hellfire special ammunition that wounds all non-vehicles on a 2+ then you add in primaris bolters being -1 ap and all the marine rerolls, including DW chooing a unit type and rerolling 1s to wound and you get a very non-fun situation. One dude I have started to refuse to play knows I play Custodies so he always brings deathwatch spamming bolters to easily remove infantry.

>> No.73034693

How is life for an average elf?

>> No.73034721

Cringe but redpilled.
Based but bluepilled.

>> No.73034723

Kevin 07 literally kept us out of the GFC.

>> No.73034727

I play DW and I always have a horrible time against toads

>> No.73034731

get obsessively into painting, drawing or killing dudes for a century, then switch to something else
try your god damndest not to have too much fun in case a demon pulls you into the rape dimension

>> No.73034733

I have a local Tyranid player I play with sometimes. He's a really good guy but he is so good with his army. Every time we play he has to make note of what is too good so he won't bring it next time. It's a very unfun game of trial and error.

>> No.73034761

It gives Custodes decent range while they squat on an objective and they still get their decent invulnerable saves. And IIRC they are assault, not rapid fire so they can get to their squatting position quickly.

>> No.73034787

Sounds like more of an issue in you needing to get more used to adapted to the game, some people are just really good at the game even when running garbage meme lists. This all granted will come to you in time as you get better and play more.

>> No.73034799

What does he normally bring? Unless he is spamming the vehicles there is no real reason your bolter users would be unable to rip em apart between all the various marine abilities and wounding the infantry and bikes on a 2+

The dude and I just have different desires in the game, he wants to listbuild and make the strongest force possible and chases the meta with his marines swapping between DW, DA and IH depending on opponent or whats currently good while I tend to prefer mono Custodies.

Still remember playing with orks for the first time pre-codex against him and he just spammed Agressors, fuck I hate those things

They also become absolute blenders with a misacordia, benefits from the upgrade than normal stodes since instead of just getting an extra s5 ap -1 1 damage attack, they go from 3 falt ap s5 1 d attacks to 4 with an extra ap-2, that when combined with their bolters makes them great for grinding down hordes compared to the normal troops who can get bogged down.

>> No.73034814

No, i would keep them as cheap as possible, I only bother with them if its the barebones ones or Coteaz for those three sweet powers and two denys.

>> No.73034823

Craftworlders live by a strict code where they devote themselves to a single vocation called the Paths. There are many Paths but we only really see the martial ones and the Psykers. Eldar live for millennia and usually drift between paths. An Eldar on the Path of the Marketing Executive may have once been a Warlock, but they become so engrossed in their current Path that they cannot access the skills they formerly had.

>> No.73034830

I've been playing for 2 years. There's just so much I can do as a Custodes player getting turn 1 charged by genestealers and hormagants turn 1. No matter how far back I put my units he will reach me since he is running Kraken Tyranids. He also brings the Swarmlord which makes his stuff even faster. Don't forget the smiting from his Characters also. I can't adapt to his lists.

>> No.73034836

Bikes and guard infantry. Hellfire is foiled pretty much right away by 2+ saves on multiwound infantry. Whole storm bolters squad wouldn't kill a custodian. This was before doctrines so DW had to choose between AP and autowound

>> No.73034856

>Be me, Australian
>Want to buy some slightly cheaper minis 3rd party as well as some plasticard and paints
>first website is out of stock on plasticard, second is out of stock for paints.
>Won't spend enough to get free shipping for either if I split my order


>> No.73034861

if using primaris bolters its reduced to a 3+ save unless they stay in cover, and when being forced to take so many 3+ saves you will take losses, so from my own experience that sheer volume of guaranteed wounds will wear you down quickly.

>> No.73034866

What Custodes units do you have?

>> No.73034884

What is gyro stabilization and why do hellguns have them? I don’t know anything about guns desu

>> No.73034893

Bike Captain, Trajann, 3 units of Custodian Guard (2 units with 1 shield, 1 unit with all spears), Vexilus.

>> No.73034907

>finally settle on a paint scheme that I like enough to paint my whole army in it and it looks pleasant from gameplay height
>it was given to me by an anon here
to the anon that suggested bone trim with blue armor for my CSM, thanks a bunch.

>> No.73034918

Mightyape dude

>> No.73034926

If you have a toyworld with a hobby section near ya you might be able to find some paints and plasticard there.

>> No.73034928

A full 10 man intercessor squad shooting hellfire would be 1 dead custode on average. If you put a watch captain and mission tactics with them it doesn't kill another, but it brings it down to 1 wound. Deathwatch usually bounce off toads

>> No.73034929

found this on ebay
Fully kitted out, how much would this get me? points I mean

>> No.73034930

But anon, admech are a human faction. they are are <IMPERIUM>. are you maybe, autistic?

>> No.73034934

Does the Munitions Expert custom cult creed for GSC apply to grenade launchers as well, or only grenade weapons that actually have Grenade as their type?

>> No.73034940

Too many people, too many redundancies, society is unsustainable at this point, collapse soon, better be ready to survive what's coming.

>> No.73034949 [SPOILER] 

This is your Emperor.

>> No.73034950

I played 2 games with my custodes today. Won them both.
The second was vs tau and I am very surprised I didn't get my shit pushed in.

My experience is just the opposite.
When I win it almost always feels like i win because of points.
My ability to stand on the point like a lump exceeded my enemy's ability to shoot my face off.

>> No.73034956

Looks like a little under 400 points.

>> No.73034959

I need to add a chain or something to the icon on his chest. Doesn't quite look right saying it's attached to the fabric.

>> No.73034968

I dont know what to say man, but in my general experience DW shoots Custodies off the table but my opponent listbuilding against them like crazy may also be a contributing factor.

>> No.73034969

No, he's just one of the missing primarchs.

>> No.73034971

>a stabilizing device (as for a ship or airplane) that consists of a continuously driven gyro spinning about a vertical axis and pivoted so that its axis of spin may be tipped fore-and-aft in the vertical plane and that serves to oppose sideways motion.

Its just GW techno babble, I assume that its put there so the weapon is balanced and easier to aim with possibly because its unbalanced as fuck by design so it might be heavy on one end or something. It could also be some sort aim aid on air missions or zero gravity missions or something.

>> No.73034972

with upgrades and everything? Damn, and their wanting about 140 bucks for this hunk a shit

>> No.73034983

Dude I just played my first game with sag gaurd.
Assaulting around the table like a total chad shooting people with basically heavy bolters is great.

>> No.73034989

and the fucking boomers thought he was shit

>> No.73034993

That isn't very much too work with for them to be honest with you Anon. Who is usually your warlord, if it is Trajan, I would suggest you make it the bike captain and give him the relic/WT to get a 3++ and the built in -1 to hit for people against him. He can move quickly and wreck hordes. There is a stratagem you can use to make Trajan your warlord if the bike man dies. Castling works well for Custodes with a Vex and Trajan if you have a Telemon or a couple tanks. Those two give you a built in -1 to hit for everything within 6 inches and you get to re-roll ones due to Trajan.

>> No.73035000


Naw I can find plasticard pretty easy but then I won't spend enough to get free shipping when I order my 40k stuff.

>> No.73035003

>dollars =/= points
Are you new or something? Just pull up battle scribe and put all the units in, that's the easiest way to figure it out.

>> No.73035009

Is there a place for guard veterans in normal lists?

>> No.73035010

I just don't see how I can do anything with just 3 CP.

>> No.73035021

Also I can't afford Forge World models. I prefer to stick to plastic if I can.

>> No.73035028

Im not new in the slightest, I just dont know much about eldar. I didnt think it was high points because of cost, dipshit. hell, I didnt even know if it was worth 500 or not. I just saw the steep price and I was like "huh, is this price warranted? I wonder if this is a good deal"

>> No.73035033

That would be literally the worst thing.

The Ork Boys are perfect, except maybe they could come 20 to a box. They are a great soulful kit that's easy to build and and paint.

Having to buy 10 monopose Boys for $60 is going to kill any new life in the Ork playerbase.

>> No.73035038

They can be suprisingly effective, even being able to threaten larger targets, had one game where they managed to take down a few carnifexes and a Trygon with a good deal of luck, along with blending gaunts. Nid player was too focused on my Telemon and ignored them much to his own cost.

>> No.73035049

You can make a battalion with that and get 8 points total, three units of Troops and two HQs. If you insist on sticking with just plastic, I would look into Terminators or a Land Raider or two. As Custodes you will always be hard up for weapons with good range if you don't get Forgeworld.

>> No.73035069

Jeez, who shat in your coffee?
Literally just go to the GW website and add the box's components prices together and subtract $140, basic fucking math, that's how much you'll be saving.

>> No.73035074

I imagine they'd keep them no worse than $40, like the GSC neophytes.

>> No.73035097

I know, I run the Battalion at 1,000 points so I can get the 8 CP.

>> No.73035146

All admech units have fleshy, human bits.

>> No.73035154

I wouldn't bother trying to use stratagems if you only have 3 left over, or make a loyal 32, but since your PA is about to drop you'll be able to take SoS for cheap troops and with 9th changing shit up, who knows.

>> No.73035158

>tax cuts are good financial management me vote lib
I fucking hate boomers

>> No.73035184

I'm going to play them as the alpha legion "chapter"

>> No.73035219

I caved and bought a dark imperium before it went out of print.

I'm planning on painting the Space Marine half as White Scars because they are the most based chapter, but what scheme should I do for the DG that will look good next to the white scheme?

>> No.73035225

> He's doing math

Haha what a nerd.

>> No.73035232

A dark colored scheme of some sort, deep nurgle green or maybe a gross viscera red?

>> No.73035234

white goes well with just about anything
if you want yuo can paint the dg guys black and red, or black and green, if you wanna do a "black vs white" thing

>> No.73035236

I really wish I could take some type of Ork as a bodyguard.

>> No.73035307

GW knows these models appeal to the s-o-y crowd. All the estrogen in nu-40k players bloodstream will prevent them from making rational decisions, such as not buying this piece of shit.

>> No.73035325

Do them brown with metallic drybrush with some orange wash as rust and light blue/green to contrast.

>> No.73035343

What does half of that even mean?

>> No.73035362

Started reading Soul Drinkers.
The pacing is really weird.
Does it get better after the 1st book?

>> No.73035366

It's buzzwords to farm (you)s

>> No.73035371

>Imagine getting this mad about cool looking Kasrkin models.
It sounds like you live in hell.

>> No.73035390

What about people who would start picking up Primaris in a heartbeat if they regained more of the classic knightly aesthetic?

>> No.73035407

I can hear your heavy breathing after typing all of that, loser fattie.

>> No.73035422

You didn't hear?

>> No.73035427


>> No.73035435

Whats a good place to get Bolter looking round casings for blases?

>> No.73035444

The Devastator kit has a little pile of them?

>> No.73035451

Wait, there are rules for FW custodes already?

>> No.73035463

Green or yellow tuft for this base? Going for a graveyard thing with greenish ghost Necrons.

>> No.73035469

I was hoping to get a bunch to scatter over a bunch of bases but that is definitely a start. Thank you.

>> No.73035476


>> No.73035484

What ever floats your boat man, i'm indifferent to primaris honestly.

>> No.73035492

yellow. when I think of a graveyard I think of dead shit. That means dead grass.

>> No.73035524

>Held in-law's pet garden snake.
>Be stuck outside on a chilly day.
>Snake was cuddling my arm for warmth.
They're so snugly once they get familiar and trust you as a source of heat.

>> No.73035528

Yeah man for a long time now.
It's an assault 3 weapon str5 ap -1 1d
Then the under a combi that does flat 3

So you assault around the battlefield like a boss hitting on 3+ with basically a heavy bolter.

I had some shit charge me today poped unflinching so overwatch on 5s.
Then pulled both triggers and damn near wiped the squad of shit charging me.

With-out the daggers they are good.
with the daggers they get 4 attacks each ap-2

I really fucking like them.

>> No.73035553

Who else is excited for the new primarines, bros? I’m looking forward to starting a melee-heavy Space Wolves army with an emphasis on the Viking elements and less of the wolf shit. Hopefully nids and guard will get new stuff, too.

>> No.73035554

>Go out of their way to destroy gene-seed in fallen Marines

>> No.73035560

>Mfw I'm as right wing as they come and still fucking hate ScoMo and the Libs.

Fuck is wrong with boomers.

>> No.73035612

>easily replacable
>are notorious for decorating the battlefield with skulls, skeletons, and bloody helmets
>usually the first guys to die
>need to be rescued by chads like sisters or admech
>they are seen most often as corpses for the real chads to battle atop of

yea, I think you mgiht be a tad delusional anon

>> No.73035621

Anon too good for this general, too pure.

>> No.73035623

Do not insult the emperor´s currency anon.

>> No.73035625

I wish I could be that good at painting and kitbashing. Good looking troops anon.

>> No.73035643

Played a tech-priestess that sought to create the perfect plasma technology in a Dark Heresy 2e game. She hid it well, but did consort with Tzeenchian &
slaaneshi daemons. The bird fucker screwed her over so she made a pact with a daemonette.

>> No.73035650

Those swordguards look amazing, but I'm not into the skull shield heraldry.
I hope the bikes have good weapons but I'll definitely get at least a unit.
The judicator is really dumb.

>> No.73035656

That'll learn me.

>> No.73035669

I'd been considering getting the SC Vanguard box just to buy the shapeway zaku II bits and converting them. They are a small elite army anyway, so it won't cost me as much to do this fun little project compared to what orks overall have cost me so far in all of their silliness.

>> No.73035672

Is temple guard blue one of the annoying pigments to paint with or is it pretty good?

>> No.73035679

So in Engine War the Imperium straight up loses. Unambiguous Chaos victory.

>> No.73035681

You wouldn't happen to have a scion nearby, would you? I'd like a scale for converting an Inquisitor with medieval-themed plate armor. I'm using a skitari vanguard helm & a scion torso so far. I feel they might be too thing, but perhaps I could layer some greenstuff.

>> No.73035689

Does anyone else here collect more than one chapter of marines that isn't one of the special flavors or do I have a problem

>> No.73035704

Which is weird, because most of the Chaos rules are dog shit.

>> No.73035705

Who else buys their minis based on what's good and playable? I just got some scouts and witches, feelsgoodman.

CAAC fags can go fuck themselves.

>> No.73035707

Can a unit fall back out of melee combat and then charge and fight another unit in the same turn?

>> No.73035710

I kind of want the firepower of the storm surge, but without the stupid fucking walker.

I think i'm going to try to attempt to fuse a devilfish and a storm surge together to make some sort of giant flying gun ship.

>> No.73035714

Jaghtai Khan Will Return!

>> No.73035717


wait maybe, but mostly no.

>> No.73035725

Certain units only, it's typically listed in the unit's rules specifically.

>> No.73035729

Unless you have a specific rule that specifies you can, like white scars, you cannot.

>> No.73035732

There are stratagems that allow it, but generally no.

>> No.73035740

You'd be better off using the Orca or some other flyer as the basis.

>> No.73035751

I sometimes buy a model to just build and paint, but for the most part when I buy a unit it's to fill a role in my army.

>> No.73035775

I bet none of you have even played a game on your fridge.

>> No.73035779

I'd use the storm surges body to bulk up the hull, and put it on a flying stand.

Orcas aren't made anymore and if I was going to spend that money i'd just buy a tigershark off forgeworld.

The storm surge and devilfish are both cheap second hand from some one nearby. Its going to be a kitbash bigger than i've ever attempted before however.

>> No.73035803

That's so bumfuck retarded, I love it.

>> No.73035805

Absolutely based, i pretty much do the same unless it's the thunderfire cannon or the mek gunz holy shit those things look ugly

>> No.73035806

Nope m8

>> No.73035832

While I'll build an army based off of asthetics, I always make sure it can work well on the table top.

CAACs who claim they're doing loreful fluffy armies to justify the fact that they're actually shit at the game are disgusting. Especially when their armies are just a bunch of random shit mashed together and not even following a theme. you know the people who's armies look like a picture from an army book with one of every type of units with no real cohesive theme or narrative.

They're the fucking worst. boring to play, boring to look at, boring boring boring.

Give me a tourney fag any day, at least the game would be challenging.

That said Narrative armies with solid themes and great asthetics are peak hobby.

>> No.73035870

What if the theme is "generalist force that covers all its bases?"

>> No.73035924

you can cover all your bases with sticking to a theme, and a theme can be model based or narrative/fluff based with a variety of models, but there has to be a rhyme or reason why models are taken and working together. Like sure scouts, terminators and bikers can all fit in an army who's theme is being a vanguard and it works since the scouts would be forward deployed, the bikes riding out as out riders and the terminators teleport in, but that army better as fuck not have a thunderfire cannon since who the fuck is scouting with slow artillery

>> No.73035947

That way, yes-yes!

>> No.73035954

Except the Skaven actually value their clanrats more than the Imperium values its guardsmen.

>> No.73035958

New thread for new discussion
Finish up and migrate when finished here




>> No.73036188

>Not into skull heraldry
Me either, but I’m going to see how much asspain it will be to slap round Viking style shields and bearded heads onto them to make SW Huscarls.

>> No.73036211

I love playing Orks with my Nids and Guard, but starting an elite army to face them down rather than horde v. horde (my local meta) sounds great.

>> No.73036756

Yes, for 3 months.
By the time you paint your army and play, it will be back into marinesfinity.

>> No.73036776

Look like an ogre body+nobz head+knight weapon

>> No.73036827

This lacks a nurgling staining the board with his hand and scribbling with a finger.

>> No.73036835

flesh pink and purple.

>> No.73037300

what's your favorite playstyle?

>> No.73037401

the entire kraken hive fleet comes with this power

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