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1st for ANGER

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Baneblades need a 5/6++ OR 10 more wounds.

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>Thread question: How are you today?
I'm okay, but my teeth are troubling me. Take care of your teeth when you're young kids, don't drink too much soda

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fuck chaos

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Is like to piggyback I’m this by saying if you do drink soda, don’t sip it, drink it quickly, since it’s better for your teeth.

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Superheavies need to be for apocalypse only.

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Do we have a WD 454 pdf yet?

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End of june for May WD friend

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Wow I can’t write today, I’d like to piggyback on this I meant.

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omg someone other than me said it

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> TQ
My day was whatever. I was going to prime some stuff today, but weather wasn't too great. Spent a few hours looking into cheap airbrushes and compressors.

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Nobody plays apocalypse

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This Is funny to me.

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The advice my dentist gave me was if I had to drink it, drinking it through a straw helps because it doesn't fuck up your front teeth as much

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Did you mean 2+/5+++? I would be happy with that.

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why would they get mad at each other and not the necron

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That’s also a good tip, and switch water after you drink it, other than not drinking it, better hope you have damn good genes.

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Can someone who has a leman Russ demolisher lying around tell me what the interior diameter of the cannon is please?

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I want a blueberry wife!

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Nope. 1+.

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Big enough to fit my penis in

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Now you’re baiting.

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Thanks once again to The Custodian for their work in maintaining a mega, and for the source Engine War book.
I've converted it to PDF, 1080px width, working links and bookmark tree as per standard:
> https://mega.nz/file/lSonWBSA#UkaztYs6rf2gX05SfezmvN5y098ERyYBvngSH1zuo_k

If there's anything wrong with the PDF version, please let me know. It's been a while since I've used my PDF tools so I'm a little rusty.

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Dress God, thank you for your work Anon! Praise be the Omnissiah!

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It would work as 1+ saves have always worked. An unmodified roll of 1 always fails. Meaning it still needs a 2+ to pass. It's just an extra buffer so that an AP value of 1 still only needs a roll of 2 or more to pass. It also means it will save on a 4+ against Thunder Hammers and standard plasma.

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What's the diameter of your penis?

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Why aren't you watching his videos, /tg/?

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...for Torchstar to smother to death!

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the same as the leman russ's barrel

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they are very boring

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i can paint

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I am

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Just swapped it over, thanks heaps dude your PDFs always run better than the epubs for formatting

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They... are not very good.
I am glad he's using more then GW materials, but the level is so low that it's worse than the amateurish stuff I churn out. Maybe it's to easy new painters in, but I don't know. It's just disappointing when you consider when he can, and has, done before AND how well we could make his tutorials.
I dunno, praying it's baby steps to more advanced stuff.

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Damn... can't type.

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Fully agree. My IG tanks feel like glass cannons with re-roll everything a thing and damage getting rerolled all the time also. Invulnerable saves are everything.

Most of the time I run it, it easily dies turn one to enemy shooting and its too big to get good LOS blocking going.

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Erebus and Kor Phareon should be like tv evangelists.

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Not really. AP works the same way that Rend in AoS does, meaning it's applied to the result of the roll.

We usually abstract it to just say that -1 AP on a 3+ save means you need a 4+, but we are really skipping a step, which usually doesn't matter in most cases.

So a roll result of a 1 always fails, same as always. But because a save roll can never be worse than a 1, The AP that would normally lower the value of the roll has no effect, meaning that only natural 1s can fail.

As soon as it gets bracketed, it's save worsens, and AP begins to have an effect again.

It would give the Baneblade some much needed longevity. Maybe it'll even make it to turn 2.

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I will have to make a note of this

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What kits beside the tactical box has grav guns?
I need them for 30k

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Bye bye chuds

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Do you expect the Cicatrix Maladictum to get shrunk this edition? What with all the Psychic Awakening discussion of Blackstone.

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I think the LR could get a 2+ maybe but being a cheap platform with T8 I won’t worry about asking for more. But the re-rolls everywhere and the invulnerable saves are a huge pain in the ass to overcome sometimes.

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Any idea who was the mysterious tech priest?

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How could Eldar War Walkers be redisgned to retain the same basic layout while also not looking retarded and goofy?

>> No.73019185

If anything seems like shit will be popping off all over the galaxy and could see it grow overall. I’m guessing it’ll change but not necessarily grow.

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You're the bestest.

>Thread question: How are you today?
Nurgle has blessed me with the endless farts this evening.

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Daily reminder that you are taking food from the mouth of GW authors. How can you live with yourself?

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Will 9th fix the soul grinder

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>someone gave me the entirety of game of thrones without me having to subscribe to a shit service
>i was so angered

holy shit

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Wouldn’t that imply that person actually bought the DVD set in the first place?

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>Question of the day
I'm fine but I wish there were more hours in the day so I can do more with my time on this earth.

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I hope so, any buffs for daemons would be appreciated

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Schedule man, good time management goes a long way. Also leave tjis place and never come back its a massive killer of productivity.

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>In their journey, the fleet made contact with many of the Admech's worlds and in every single one they witnessed the Great Rift's psychic corruption. Data-daemons, scrapcode entities, living diseases, and other horrors beset those worlds. Laying waste the Machine God's faithful and destroying the techno-treasures of Mars
God I want a DarkMech release so fucking bad

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but GW did it, not him

>> No.73019241

I've taken to running it and giving it a 2+ and the -1 to hit with psykers. Then my tech priest may or may not be babysitting it as well.

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It is, but it's also a nice way to wind down the day after spending it at the 9 to 5.

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>Loyalist knights get 2 fucking pages of new strategems
>Chaos Knights get shitty strategems locked to houses
Fuck I'm mad

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I missed this, honestly. My country's at the peak of the crisis right now but stupid as it may sound, these little bits of normality help. Bless you, PDFAnon.

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Are building meganobz to be retard buzzsaw boxers good???

>> No.73019269

I'm thinking it's a Necron

>> No.73019270

Those buzzsaws need some love. A wash or something atleast.

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Could I uhhhhhhhhhhh
get a full picture please, image search doesn't work.

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pretty sure all of those are corporate shills.

The only people who use twitter are shills and hentai artist.

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Washed em with null oil, what else can I do for them?

>> No.73019281

Give it the tank ace ability to be in cover until it moves and that’s about as good as you can get without just not running it.

>> No.73019288

I'm unironically hype as fuck for the crusade things.

>> No.73019291

Nah, they're alright especially as Evil Suns out of a tellyporta

>> No.73019293

I doubt it. I'm personally trying to figure out if Daemon units rank higher or lower than Tyranid units on the list of things GW does not give a shit about.

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I just hope i can convince my buddy who plays deldar to run one with me, or I'll have to expand my play group. I knkw the space marine shitter won't, and frankly i wouldn't want to do a crusade campaign with him.

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Give them a highlight on the sharp bits and scratche.

>> No.73019305

Maybe some blood on the saw teeth for contrast so it’s not so much grey on grey.

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Yes but thats how you kill the productivity of your free hours.

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You know what, fair enough. I'll get going. You guys have a good night.

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>Finally got the motivation to start painting everything I have
>I have to go back to work on Monday
Fuck bros, I hope those of you still locked in at home finish your armies for me.

>> No.73019335

Praise be to you both

>> No.73019336


Goodbye anon. I hooe you never come back. For your sake. Fuck i wish i could quit this place but every time i try i end up coming back a few months later.

>> No.73019342

You're right but the damage is done. It's perfectly fine to have a group of stealthy scouts have to fight multiple knights

>> No.73019350

Know what they say about loyalty?
Loyalty is it's own reward.

>> No.73019356

I have two friends who will likely be down, and another two, maybe three extended circle of friends who I think will be down as well. There's a sixth guy but I think he's too busy with life for it. Good luck with your buddy.

>> No.73019360

The Imperium will punch a hole in it. Make it the new Cadia.

>> No.73019367


Thanks I need it. I worry the marine shitter has corrupted him beyond repair.

>> No.73019369

>Thread question: How are you today?
Not so great. My nana passed away from COVID-19 last week and I went to her funeral on Tuesday. I've been feeling down in the dumps because we all had to stand 6 feet apart and I couldn't even hug my crying mother while she watched her mother be put in the ground.
That was pretty bad, and now I've got my jackass father calling me every day and getting angrier in his voice mails when I don't answer. He refuses to get that I don't want to talk to him right now, I'd rather just be by myself in my apartment and process my nana's death.
And I can't even pop down to my LGS to get some models to work on because my mayor declared them non-essential (which is fair) and they haven't reopened.
I don't mean to blogpost, but I'm just in a weird place right now, bros.

>> No.73019371

Eldar DreadKnight

>> No.73019373

>be in russia for two months
>urge to convert and paint is bad
>get home
>start dragging my ass to get going on it

>> No.73019378

Why hasn't the Imperium got some Eldar to fix the webway gate on terra?

>> No.73019386 [DELETED] 

>make game about hyperfascists
>surprised it attracts fascists

>> No.73019388


Well shit, sorry to hear that. Best of luck m8.

>> No.73019402

>That was pretty bad, and now I've got my jackass father calling me every day and getting angrier in his voice mails when I don't answer. He refuses to get that I don't want to talk to him right now, I'd rather just be by myself in my apartment and process my nana's death.
Can a non-autist explain to an autist why the ideal action here wouldn't be saying "I do not wish to speak to you right now"

>> No.73019407

When the lock down started i was very productive and painted like 4 tanks in a month, but then in month 2 i started slacking and playing video games, eventually it got to the point where i wasn't really doing anything in a day, I went back to work about 2 weeks ago, and I've painted a tank since then. Its strange I was at first glad that I had so much time to hobby but then I got burnt out and now that I'm back at work I appreciate my little free time more.

that said I think its just the novelty of getting into a rhythm and that getting too comfortable in any routine is always bad for productivity

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Oh, I have.
My father is a narcissist that honestly believes he improves everyone's lives by being in it, so he refuses to accept that I don't want to talk to him.
I've been dealing with him since the 90s, he's never going to change.

>> No.73019415

Ignoring the fact that they're filthy xenos who definitely haven't done any work on the Golden Throne, the Eldar don't have the manpower nor the technology to do a huge repair like the Webway anymore. Hell, the technology isn't even theirs.

>> No.73019426


Bold to assume he's not an autist. Presumably he's scared to get on tje line with him at all and is trying to avoid the confrontation.

Same reason people ghost and shit they don't have the balls to tell someone they don't want to talk to them to their face and deal with the consequences of doing so, so they just avoid them and hope the other party will give up in the hopes they an avoid all consequence for their decisions and actions. In tjis csse its a loosing strategy. You can't feasibly avoid your father for the rest of your life and they aren't going to give up like the bitch you pumped and dumped.

>> No.73019433

>make game about hyperfascists
The tau?

>> No.73019434

Yeah, I've been home since the first week of March because my company's CEO was super concerned about the whole thing even back in January. I'm still not back to work and I've been in such a bad habit of going to sleep at 8 am, waking up at 5pm, and then doing nothing.

>> No.73019444


I have told him I don't want to talk to him at the moment. Just because you have a good relationship with your father doesn't mean everyone has to.

>> No.73019448

Nevermind the fact that it's locked away in the basement and still shitting out daemons.

>> No.73019455

What's so bad about the marine shitter?

>> No.73019499


Well he's a waac fag for one thing. He's sold and rebought his army 5 times since i've known him chasing meta in the last few years. He refuses to do anything remotely casual or fluffy, all games gotta be tournament rules and style at 2000 points all the time. Goes to tournaments, never places cause he sucks ass. He's also a giant manchild. Fucking irritating cunt who will crow and talk shit when he's winning, but who sulks and gets bitchy whenever things don't go his way. Honestly he just fucking pisses me of and sucks the fun out of everything he touches. We've never gotten along but i tolerate him becsuse he's a friend of a friend and i don't wanna start shit with the Deldar guy who's a good buddy of mine so i suck it up and act the bigger man but it's fucking hard.

>> No.73019509

Damn, that's rough man.
Makes me glad that the Marine player in my group is a goof that builds really wonky lists and has his CSM side army connected to his Marines as a fallen company.

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>> No.73019522


Honestly it's not about him being a marine player, he's played plenty of different armies at this point. I don't mind marine players in general, just him and those like him. Identifying him as marine shitter is just easier since he's been om marines for the last few months.

>> No.73019528

He's a pretty mediocre painter, which is fine, if you're a complete beginner. but a lot of his stuff is crap too

>> No.73019537

Oh, yeah I get the kind of guy you mean. It's why I won't introduce my best friend to 40k, because he's always been a meta chaser in video games. He does it in WoW, he does it in Dota, so I can only imagine how bad he would be with this hobby.

>> No.73019540


Who wins, cba to read this shit

>> No.73019556


Is what it is man, is what it is. I wouldn't mind the meta chasing if his attitude wasn't so shitty honestly. Guy just can't handle things not going his way, has to have his way has to be winning or he flips his lid. Ive no idea how the fuck his girl, or my friend for that matter, tolerate him.

>> No.73019571

How do you make Knights viable?

>> No.73019581

play epic armaggeddon

>> No.73019589

Why would the Necrons help the Imperium?

>> No.73019608

There isn't a full image.

>> No.73019614

It's funny, I'm no a WAACfag, but I can get super salty when shit doesn't go my way, usually when my rolls just keep being abysmal. Friend of mine keeps joking that my dice run salt, since my rolls are always shit at first until I have build up enough concentrated salt to do improbably sick rolls in the mid game. I do reign it on when playing against others than him. For some reason we just bring out the most autistically sore loser in one another.

>> No.73019621

How do you respond?

>> No.73019640

Like a true Imperial should:

>The witchling's eyes opened wider and she began to scream when the profane artifact touched her skin. It was the scream of a newborn being tortured to death. It was the scream of a child over dead parents. It was a scream of such horror and revulsion as to deny sanity. For one instant, the inquisitor allowed a smile to grace his scared face. He knew to the Exodite witchling that there was no greater pain than this. He crushed the feeling of ecstasy with the cold fury and disgust that had sustained him from his first agonizing memories of childhood all the way through thousands of campaigns and thankless conflict. Servants of the Emperor should have no love save to the Emperor, no happiness save to the Emperor, and no loyalty save to the Emperor. All else was either meaningless or to be scorned.

>The xeno youngling didn’t stop to breathe as she screamed, blood pouring from her eyes and nose, and she did not stop screaming for a very long time. Her head finally exploded like a seismic grenade. Partially crystallized brain matter and neural fluid erupting in a fountain of gore. A blastwave of released psychic energy fading to nothing as it struck against the inquisitor's null aura, covering the inquisitor’s face with the remains of her. The witch's body sagged in the restraints. The inquisitor breathed out a shuddering sigh as he plucked an eyeball from his cheek, and gently brushed the xeno's lower jaw, only held on by strands of flesh and muscle, with his non-mechanical hand. So sweet, yet so short. He wondered if the other prisoners' screams would be as succulent when exposed to the Slaaneshi artifact.

>> No.73019641

Sternguard I think.

>> No.73019646

This.... actually sounds like a cool narrative

>> No.73019647

One of my friends has a running track record of rolling like shit until turn 3, then suddenly he is blessed by the gods and can never fail a roll unless he wants to fail it.
It happens to him in D&D too, he takes a few turns of absolute misery and then it's like he finished charging up.

>> No.73019649


>> No.73019650

Obviously necron.
The enemy of my enemy is a useful idiot that I can point in my enemy's direction. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the hope is for the anti psyker fundies to use their tech on the imperium to cleanse them of the psyker scourge and remove the one advantage the imps have over necrons other than their retardedly large numbers.

>> No.73019655

full auto

>> No.73019665

Which ones are you running?
What does your local meta consist of?
What type of missions do you play?

>> No.73019668

>No one can afford to play apocalypse

>> No.73019680

Lets hope that we get 30k robot rules with the redone FW rules.

>> No.73019683

You know, everyone makes jokes about the Tau being Communist, but they're unironically closer to an idealized fascist, corporatist state. (Corporatist in the old sense of the word, for those that are going to ree at me.)

>> No.73019686

I know 9th is happening but for 8th edition, would playing thousand sons, death guard and daemons together be a fun thing to do for casual/friendly play?
I kind of just want to collect all of them but I don't know how they work together.

>> No.73019687

I have this other weird thing with certain types of rolls. Plasma are my fucking bane, 1s for days, followed by 1s for the 2+ saves to not die from it, but the small scatter templates were improbably precise with me rolling hit at least half the time. My friends feared my mortars and frag missiles. Also sniper scouts and devastators always kicked ass in melee for some reason, killing nob bikerz and raptor lords with daemon weapons.

>> No.73019698

I'm pretty busy, but I really like mornings after a rainy night and I'll finish a mini today, so overall pretty good

>> No.73019703

Speaking of 30k, 40k rules for Thallax and friends fucking when? I can't believe every other faction gets tons of crazy FW shit, but admech has to do without some of the coolest fucking models FW has ever created.

>> No.73019726

Yeah, it won't be good mechanically but it would be fine for casual games, just have fun with it.

>> No.73019729


>> No.73019730

If Arch Warhammer is so damned bad, then why do the leftyfags on Sigmarxism feel the need to lie about him 24x7?

>> No.73019734

I've been running death guard and thousand sons together for ages and they work really well together.
Death guard at the moment are in a pretty bad state but they still have some great units like blight lords and plague burst crawlers, and with thousand sons giving them access to the dark hereticus discipline is a god send since powers like warp time and death hex are super useful for them.
The general play style is death guard being the anvil of the army, protecting the thousannd sons characters from being targeted with their tanky units, while the tousand sons are the hammer that actually destroys the enemy with a mix of psychic, shooting and melee.

>> No.73019735

I have no vocal cords and can only emit scrapcode

>> No.73019737

>N-no I was just pretending
You can't change user color without a mod doing it for you.

>> No.73019748

Why must Terminators, the coolest thing that marines of both sides have, be so poopy?

>> No.73019753

TauZedong is a mod on the sigmarxism moderator discord.

>> No.73019755

Fucking great, thought I was the only one who wanted to run them together.
Planning on getting blightlords and plague burst crawlers.
Do you think poxwalkers ever have a role btw?
Random question about blightlord though, how unique can you get your squads to look?
Are you basically stuck with the same 5 models with the kit?

>> No.73019770

From one of the summaries :

>-In truth, Kroll was not certain where the device came from nor does he fully understands its function or its effects. The device was brought to the Teeth of the Cog by a shadowy Tech-Priest that somehow divined the existence of their secretive subcult. He gave no noospheric data and spoke with a vox-emitter. As he spoke tiny insectile servitors scurried amongst his robes. He told them that he came on behalf of his masters and that he congratulates the Teeth of the Cog for their insight regarding the need to stamp out corruptive influence of psychic power for the good of the Imperium and the galaxy. The mysterious tech priest revealed the device to the subcult and explained how it could extinguish the taint of sorcery by unleashing a pulse of Null energy that would purge the grasp of the Warp from the mind of mankind. His masters required a suitable testing ground for the device and they were sure the Teeth of the Cog would be able to provide. When the subcult questioned their guest of the origin of the device, he let out a static laced laugh and told them perhaps it came from the Gates of Varl. So awestruck they were by the offered device that they didn't question his words about the device coming from that place of dread and mystery.

Does this read like a Necron?

>> No.73019783

That screenshot could be on an entirely different server
I could whip that exact thing up on mine if I so pleased

>> No.73019802

Yup. Sigmarxism posted some to /r/Warhammer40k, and since they got control of the sub they can post political shit if they want.

Random racism and pedoshit, fairly standard lefty defamation op.

>> No.73019804

Which is more likely:
People putting in effort to fake being a guy that is pretty obnoxious
Said obnoxious guy being stupid
Like come on guys, you've seen his videos, the guy's a brainlet.

>> No.73019811

I don't even know who this "Arch" is; I just like to inform people of how easily Discord screencaps can be faked.

>> No.73019819

Yes anon, they went to all that work to fake a smooth brain YouTuber being a moron.

>> No.73019820

I know it's autism, but i get super annoyed and aggressive when i have to paint the same color for more than 5 minutes, so assembly line painting is out of the question for me. I paint each model individually to completion. It's extremely inefficient, but it's the only way i enjoy painting.

>> No.73019854

tldr: a Finnish neckbeard that tries to talk like he's a posh brit, reading from wikis and injecting politics while whining about people injecting politics into 40k

>> No.73019864

Blight lords and Scarab occult terminators are actually pretty good now, with blight lords being a supper tough unit that's great for area denial, and the scarabs pumping out good AP shots that can now teleport around the map with the Cult of Duplicity power.

Honestly pox walkers aren't tough enough to be anything but back field objective holders since they don't suffer from morale, they might get some love in the War of the Spider PA but if you after a tough tarpit unit plague bearers are the way to go. Just be aware big point changes are on the horizon for 9th ed.
In the blight lord kit all the heads and arms are interchange between bodies but the actual bodies are stuck in the pose.

>> No.73019874

Scarab Occult Terminators look cool as fuck, but painting the trim of my regular CSM almost drove me to kill myself, so I imagine Thousand Sons would actually kill me.

>> No.73019892

>arch appears on video complaining about a statement that has 0 actual impact
>looks like the typical incel you find complaining about pointless stuff
i would bet at least 50 dollars he jacks it to cuck porn

>> No.73019904

how do I break this symbol down into a easier readable symbol to frehand on shoulderpads? I also take other suggestions for chapter symbols and/or names

>> No.73019905

> I saw Duncan Rhodes at a GW store in Nottingham yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
> He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
> I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off.
> When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Contrast paints in his hands without paying.
> The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
> When she took one of the paint pots and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each paint pot and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

>> No.73019911

Is there any reason to actually use DW pauldrons when building DW? Just seems like a good way to make all the cool Horus Heresy legion specific stuff look worse.

>> No.73019916

I can understand competition in games almost every time. 40K is the exception. How do you not care enough to keep your units? If they have no interest in the lore or at least how the army looks why not play Chess or something?

>> No.73019917

Honestly with how uniform it is it's not too bad to paint.
Blight lord's fleshy bits on the other hand are fucked.

>> No.73019918

Do you mean Deathwatch or Deathwing, anon?

>> No.73019923

Just get custom decals

>> No.73019924

is that with the new Harlequin stuff? Sweet

>> No.73019929

Deathwatch. Thought it would be apparent from context, my bad.

>> No.73019930

>How are you today?
Good, first day back at work since lockdown began.
Got shot a few times but thats to be expected.

>> No.73019939

Well, I guess the main reason to do it is they all do it in lore. It's part of their signifying uniform to have the silver pauldron and arm, which they keep and move to the other side when they go back to their chapter.

>> No.73019946

yes because their ballistic skill is so shit. Double buzz saw and Tin Eads will kill lots of stuff

>> No.73019947

start with a circle, then add a horizontal and vertical line for the cross for the beams. Then add diagonals and the swirly rays go between then.

>> No.73019959

What HH legion stuff are you talking about?

>> No.73019968

Good. My start collecting box came in, and my delaque gang box came in that I'm making tzeentch cultists out of came in. But between groceries, an episode of top gear, and waking up late I only built 1 before work. Made some pasta aglio e olio which was good, first time making an emulsion sauce, so I used too much pasta water.

>> No.73019979


I dunno who this arc guy is either, but imagine being so fucking autistic you create TWO different subs dedicated to communist tabletop and spam it to both

>> No.73019983

Mostly medusan immortals (seem like good counts as ss+sb veterans) and terminators of all sorts.

>> No.73020008

How do people have fun in life when they wear their political ideologies on their sleeve. There's nothing wrong with being passionate or politically aware, but to this extent where there is such a niche subcommunity is truly amazing. It would just get super stressful and also mundane at the same time no?

>> No.73020017


commies think they're mere moments away from taking over the world at any given time, and once they do they think they'll get to be the next mao, stalin, or hitler.

you have to be both extremely stupid and extremely evil to believe in marx

>> No.73020027

Ah yes, I too want to pay £25 for what, 7-8 pages of rules I actually use and a bunch of other shit I don't care about.

>> No.73020028

Just doing a Custodes list.
Past jetbikes, what are some must-haves for a smaller list?
I'm messing with a 50PL list for Crusade, for context.

>> No.73020029

You just have to not find politics stressful

>> No.73020032

>but to this extent where there is such a niche subcommunity
Couldn't you say this about generals, though?

>> No.73020033

Yeah you should specify what you talking about when you ask a question like that, we're not psykers that can read your mind and know what you're referring to.
As for the actually question, it'd be very weird to have an entire deathwatch squad consisting of only iron hands, if you spread them out through out multiple squads it'd be more likely, honestly maybe just use breachers if you wanting to make a bunch of DW SS+SB vets.

>> No.73020037

And they say sigmarxism doesn't raid /tg/

>> No.73020042

50pl is around 1k points, right? I guess now that you don't have take care about cp, I figure you go all in on high mobility stuff, or defensive / shooty stuff. So either Jetbikes and jump packs or sword and board / Sagittarum, -1 to hit vexilus, and tanks.

>> No.73020051

Post your models.

I don't know how to fluff up my new chapter.

>> No.73020054

HQ and some custodian guards maybe?

>> No.73020061

>Can't have Black people in 40k
>Forgetting about Jonah Orion Existing or Inquisitor Toth
I mean Atleast Jonah isn't forced diversity and a good teammate in DOW II along with amazing Dialogue as a Lib for the Blood Ravens along with toth

>> No.73020073

Necropolis Hawks?

>> No.73020076

God, the whole DOW2 cast was so good. I loved every member of the squad.
Fuck Relic for whatever the hell they were trying to do with 3.

>> No.73020077 [DELETED] 

Are Arch fans really nazi simps irl?

>> No.73020078

>I don't know how to fluff up my new chapter
same here, I'm grateful for any suggestions, as well as potential chapter symbol, name and parent

>> No.73020081

Iron Warriors aren't loyalist though

>> No.73020089

No, but I definitely took inspiration from Latham for the tone of the blue

>> No.73020094

Good to see chapter master daddeus in action

>> No.73020095

Does that justify fabricating evidences of pedophilia against them?

>> No.73020098

I don't think his fans are all bad, I just think he's a dumb guy that I wish wasn't so many people's first entry to 40k.

>> No.73020101

>Iron Warriors aren't loyalist though
was that an attempt at a joke?
Breacher squads were in every legion.

>> No.73020104

thats a great name, im stealing that, thank you

>> No.73020108 [DELETED] 

Yes, fuck nazis

>> No.73020109

God, I wish Breachers were usable in 40k.

>> No.73020122

Which chapter tactics/combat doctrine do you use? What type of armies do you usually go up against?

>> No.73020123

So just have it treat AP as being one less than usual i.e. AP-3 becomes AP-2.

>> No.73020125

>tfw still waiting for my huge order for like 1200p of units
corona plz I just want my robotboys

>> No.73020126

I'm working on some CSM renegades myself
Not sure about their fluff aside from that they view themselves as false idols

>> No.73020127

You will not be missed

>> No.73020131


Actually, his stance on the Black Ultramarine is that it's not a big deal at all, since the smurfs recruit from many worlds. The only catch being that the Melanochrome would cause their skintone to default to the same as Gulliman's, probably.

In short, he agrees with the leftypol trolls ranting about it and disagrees with /pol/. My god, what an alt-right fascistonazi.

>> No.73020137

He looks like he just remembered he left his keys in his car

>> No.73020138

So I tried rustoleum primer, absolutely shit and won't stop chipping. I have it soaking in simple green, and it'll come off, but needs some coaxing, enough so that I can't get it off intricate details. Any tips?

>> No.73020139


>> No.73020142 [DELETED] 

>Arch's crew are literal fucking nazis and pedophiles
Holy fucking lol

>> No.73020143

Damn, they look good anon
power fists are nice to see as well

>> No.73020147

If they're not resin just drop them in Metho and for about 15 min and give them a good scrub, rinse and repeat a couple times until all the paint is off.

>> No.73020152

which is impossible

>> No.73020154

I feel in playing 1k with them previous they've certainly lacked in shooting.
Jetbikes are great though. They're 15PL for a trio and +5 for each one past that. The jetbike Shield-Captain smashfucker is 9PL then.
All those listed things are great, though I was wondering on more exact units.
I'm guessing the Grav-tanks beat out the FW Dreads?

I currently have;
> Jetbike Shield-Captain (9pl)
> troop 3x Custodes (8pl)
> troop 3x Custodes (8pl)
> 3x Jetbikes (15pl)
I then have 10 PL left to play with.
Vexilus are 6/7 depending if they're in Termie armour not.
Achillus/Galatus Dreads are 8pl.
Pallas Grav-Tank is 5pl.
I could fit other things in if I get Sagitarrius shooty Custodes as troops as they're only 7pl, so then I'd get up to 12pl to play with and can fit a Caladius in perhaps.

>> No.73020155

>By the Emperor, I think I left my Stormraven keys back on the flagship!

>> No.73020156 [DELETED] 


damn, do they not realize that no1 talks about fascism like that? not even the worst of pol?

only people who talk about fascism like that are leftypol

obvious fake is obvious

>> No.73020162

Excellent work anon, those look damn nice. Do drill the barrels though.

>> No.73020169

I know a guy who does, but he's legitimately a paranoid schizophrenic living in his dad's basement, so he doesn't count for anything of import.

>> No.73020184

bit tired because my daughter keep me up all night but finally this afternoon i will finish building my stompa

>> No.73020186

>"N word"
>black people
Whatever this is their syntax reveals them to be faggots. I doubt an actual racist would use such PC terms

>> No.73020190

Are anons unironically defending Arch? What happened to you /tg/, you used to be sane.

>> No.73020195 [DELETED] 

/pol/ tourists squatted and refused to leave

>> No.73020197 [DELETED] 

Anon, he actually believes every fucking shitpost on /v/ and /pol/ lmao

Even the unironic pedophilia

>> No.73020203 [DELETED] 

>damn, do they not realize that no1 talks about fascism like that? not even the worst of pol?
The fuck? Not an hour goes by that someone dead seriously says gas the kikes and race war nao.

What is this fucking gaslighting?

>> No.73020205

Its easy when your political ideology is a substitute for your personality and interests

>> No.73020207 [DELETED] 

Sigmarxism defence force assemble!

>> No.73020211

Can you like leave?

>> No.73020215

Is the difference in weight between plastic and recast resin obvious once painted and based?

>> No.73020218

Just report and ignore the off-topic bullshit.

>> No.73020230

We've know arch has been a faggot for ages but can we actually go back to talking about the hobby and leave the reddit trash behind.

Do you have any good fluff for /yoududes/?

>> No.73020233 [DELETED] 

>literal fucking nazis and pedophiles
Where do you think you are?

>> No.73020236 [DELETED] 

On /tg/, you smellly /pol/ mutt

>> No.73020238

Greater Possessed. Should you run them if you want to run regular possessed?

>> No.73020244

Roughly speaking
Competitive units
>Trajann Valoris
>Shield Captain on Jetbike
>Sword and Board Custodes
>-1 to hit Vexilus
>fw tanks
Good units
>Sagittarum Guard
Okay units
>FW Dreadnoughts (could be good)
>GW dreadnoughts
>Spear Custodes
>Allurus Terminators
Bad Units
>Jump pack custodes
>Aquilon Terminators
>Plain shield captain

>> No.73020247

>Where do you think you are?
That's really not /tg/'s thing. It never has been.

Fucking tourist.

>> No.73020248 [DELETED] 


Literally this, yeah. Guess they're mad we saw through their discord fakes.

Gotta be smarter than that to fool /tg/. Plebbit's falling for it hard though.

>> No.73020251

Just came back and reading up on the new stuff. These mad men let you take Khorne Terminator Berserkers now. I'm seriously about to nut. 123 s10 chainfist attacks with +1 hit/wound, or 153 lightning claw attacks, consolidate 6".

>> No.73020252

Woah when did pol get here?

>> No.73020253


>> No.73020256

You can run most kinds of combat demons with Greater Possessed if you want.

>> No.73020257

no, im still looking for some

>> No.73020259

>not one thread without eceleb and politics.
But i bet I'll be getting banned again for complaining about other derailing.

>> No.73020261

Checked. :)
Cheers anon, this is just what I needed.

>> No.73020262

Why is Draigo portrayed as a maniac in TTS? who the fuck is he? who the fuck is cypher, did GW simply forgot about them in 8th edition? I started on 8th edition and wonder where they are.
Did he ate a sun on the fluff?

>> No.73020266

how would they keep up with deployment move+warp time on the main unit?

>> No.73020267

hello /v/ermin

>> No.73020268 [DELETED] 

>discord fakes
Do arch simps really...

>> No.73020271

Cool, good to know.

>> No.73020276

All they really give is a +1str buff, but if you are running codex daemons in your army that's pretty easy to get from the heralds with the bonus of psychic powers.

>> No.73020281

They wouldn't, presumably.
I think if you want to run them it should be as a beatstick.

>> No.73020288

I want my 'my dudes' to be relatively benevolent TSons, striking the imperium strategically where they're causing problems, saving innocent psykers and also crippling the advance of Chaos.
They're lead by sorceror's who see themselves as being above Tzeentch, Chaos and the imperium and just want to live in peace mostly, ultimately they're just Tzeentch's pawns.
Any criticisms would be appreciated, honestly i've only read the codex so far so I don't know the lore all that well.

>> No.73020289

Where are all the old ones who survived?

>> No.73020300


>> No.73020301

Been running them lately myself
Honestly keeping them in range of their buff is more of a bonus than anything, but they're still good as a 60 point beatstick that you can send off by itself if you want.

>> No.73020303

Speaking of possessed, what are the bare minimum components of a possessed bomb? And which CSM subfaction is best for said bomb.

>> No.73020309

He’s portrayed insane because he’s been wandering the Warp for a phenomenal amount of time.

>> No.73020312

Thx Anon

>> No.73020316

Alpha legion currently, but we're about to get a hard cap of +1 / -1 to hit

>> No.73020318

Use a fucking psyker to give it invulns and -1 to-hit nigger. I bet you use it in Aux.Detachment ?

>> No.73020319 [DELETED] 

>Search what the fuck is Sigmarxism
As an actual leftie i feel offended and i apologize to the burgers, however there are not leftist there only clowns.

>> No.73020320

if Szarekh comes back hes gonna get beaten by primaris lieutenant

>> No.73020326

Old Ones were given the lore of the Slann from Rogue Trader.
Formerly the Slann were frog-men who lived in the galactic north, gave the Eldar their tech and may have a hand in genetically uplifting the various galactic races.
This all got retconned down the road though.

>> No.73020329

>ard cap of +1 / -1 to hit
Oh shit, I forgot about that. Hope there's something in 9th to balance this out.

>> No.73020335

>what are the bare minimum components of a possessed bomb?
That Vigilus Detachment and the Herald of your choice (in its own dedicated Daemon Detachment to get its Locus online). Nurgle seems to be most popular for the -1 to hit spell and Locus of Virulence.
>And which CSM subfaction is best for said bomb.
AL is probably the go to for the -1 to hit and conceal to keep your possessed alive, WB gets an easy +1D but its probably overkill and keeping them alive is more important.

>> No.73020341

I also rememeber reading that eldar gods walked among them. How they can be outside of warp?

>> No.73020343

I like the bronze. What colours have you used?

>> No.73020348

Not everything was warp

>> No.73020349

honestly it just sounds pretty gay

>> No.73020350 [DELETED] 


You know how I know you're a lefty? You actually use the term "gaslighting" unironically, and believe the shitposts on /pol/.

>> No.73020351

I dont like Arch's videos so dont watch them and dont care about his latest controversy.

>> No.73020353

removing it is the balance, more than -1 is stupid.

>> No.73020359

Gehenna Gold for the main parts, ironbreaker for the silver parts, Agrax pretty liberally everywhere

>> No.73020360

Stop being faggots and post your models

>> No.73020362

He is the motherfucking face of 40k lmao

>> No.73020366

I'm gay so maybe it's ok.
I just want guys that like collecting stuff, learning magic and helping people.

>> No.73020369

I'm not an expert on Eldar lore, though I know in the Rogue Trader core the Slann had the lore which the Old Ones have now.
The Old Ones were invented in 3rd edition starting with the Necron codex, at the time the Slann were squatted, so all their lore got moved to the Old One fluff and legends.

>> No.73020373

Trazyn is always trolling these idiots to make them do the work he needs done (but not by him he's got stealing to do)

>> No.73020375

>balding, self-righteous manlet in a basement
Yeah, sounds about right.

>> No.73020378

His video on contrast paints was great. The "how to paint this mini" tutorials aren't very interesting after having seen so many back on WHTV

>> No.73020380

Wait what? There existed gods outside of warp?

>> No.73020381

You still need a dark twist so have them be really pro-psyker to the point of being supremacist

>> No.73020389

Hm.. doesn't make sense Leman Russ is on the eye of terror and hes portrayed as a "normal" ""person"".
I guess GW simply soft-squatted characters cause all the warhammertv videos of the gathering storm are unlisted and others are deleted, i swear there was a video for Cypher that's no longer there, wonder if there was one for Draigo. jesus christ the eye of terror is the main theme for 8th edition what the fuuuuuug

>> No.73020406

>get traded a box of Sisters Dominators
>don't know the first thing about them but think they're neat

I guess I can paint them generic Martyred Lady colors but I mean who else would be running big multi melta HW guns? Bloody Rose and company sound like BA assault not sustained artillery.

>> No.73020418

>daemonkin ritualists
>Master of Possession
>Choice of herald
Those are the minimum requirement to get it going, but having a sorcerer to warptiming them up the board and a Dark apostle casting either defensive or offensive buffs. As for subfactions alpha legion is good if you want to go defensive since you can make them untargetable unless they're the closest units with the CONCEAL strat, or Word Bearers if you want to be more offensive and have 2dmg attacks with the REVERED HOSTS strat as well as their warlord trait that gives +1 attack for CSM daemons within 6". I prefer Word Bearers purely because you can do a ton of dmg with just a few models but with the changes to detachments in 9th we might be back to having Alpha Legion as the only viable legion.

>> No.73020428

I want to learn 3D modeling to make my /yourdudes/ fantasy of my own guard into a reality, but if i model everything on the mini and print it, how would my lgs react? If i still buy the tanks from there and they're official gw stuff will they be fine?

>> No.73020434

literally every faction would, but Ardent Shroud the most of them all

>> No.73020445

A fair idea, maybe have Tzeentch conspire to make all of their plans fail
>We did it, we saved 1000 psykers from Black Ships, let's send them to our planet to be trained
>Tzeentch tells Khorne planets location, all psykers get murdered, chapter relocates

>Look at this demon killing weapon, we can put this to good use
>Delayed by warp storms, Inquisition stumbles into them, reclaims weapon

>I've grown a chaos cult that worships us, let's have them & some demons raze this planet for us
>Accidently summon 8 lords of change in place of 88 pink horrors, chapter flees, now Tzeentch's demon world

>> No.73020456

it's a hive of terfs and tankies who refuse to believe that anyone right of stalin is a leftie.

>> No.73020464

Custom stuff is usually halal, even in GW stores in my experience.

>> No.73020467

Mate your in a miniature table top games thread. Everybody is like that whether it be mentally or physically

>> No.73020470

Fuck of sixtrannyfaggot

>> No.73020476

Hey anons, I recently got a £5 gift code for eBay and am getting into the hobby. What paint sets are good for providing the essentials for painting any army? I haven’t decided which one I want to collect first. Thanks anons.

>> No.73020481

Perhaps but Arch is also so far up his own ass that it's amazing people tolerate him let alone sing his praises.

>> No.73020487

Sword and Board aren't better than Spears though

>> No.73020490

Vallejo has some good shit. Wouldn't bother with GW stuff except for the washes.

>> No.73020491

I personally don't mind him but he doesn't deserve to be labelled a pedophile because certain people dislike him

>> No.73020496

>they dropped the Belle Delphine folder from the OP

>> No.73020500

>I just want guys that like collecting stuff, learning magic and helping people.
That good and all the only problem is that they're in warhammer, which is a universe that has ground down any bit happiness a long time ago.
Honestly if you just twisted of idea of what they see as helping people to the grim reality of what they're actually doing it'd fit right into the 40k, if you have ever played TF2 just think pyro vision, tzeentch is the god of trickery and is no stranger to granting wishes in a very monkey paw way, just read up about the scourged warband and how they fell to chaos.
>An example of the help they give]

>> No.73020504

They need to have some things succeed though, otherwise it's too depressing.
What would Tzeentch be most likely to let them have?
Rare artifacts? Good discoveries?
Yeah I probs will do that, non psyker cultists are just fodder to be used in rituals.

>> No.73020505

he deserves to be labelled a faggot because he's wrong all the fucking time about the lore AND his put on accent is the most pretentious bullshit this side of Instagram.

>> No.73020508

Don't buy paint sets, you always end up with useless colors negating the savings anyway. Just get the colors you need for the current project.

>> No.73020511

Paint sets are a scam unless you buy the whole range.
Just pick and choose which paints you want for your dudes and buy what you need, vallejo paints are like £2 each.

>> No.73020514

I should stop replying to bait

>> No.73020518

>red, green, blue, white, black
>magenta, yellow, cyan, white, black
just go color wheel and pick 3 colors as far away from each other as possible, then you can mix the rest, or think about how you want to paint your army before buying colors, and get the ones you'd need for that scheme
vallejo is cheaper then gw, army painter has mainly earthern, muted and other more 'military camoflage' style colors as far as I know.

>> No.73020527

>but with the changes to detachments in 9th we might be back to having Alpha Legion as the only viable legion.
Please explain.

>> No.73020530

Ah yes, the undrilled barrels chapter. Their reputation is such that all those who oppose them flee the battlefield at the mere sight of their ineffective mock-up bolters.
Having never fired even a single bolt their munitions stores are filled to the brim.

>> No.73020532

Yeah they are. Spear custodes already have garbage damage output, so you're not losing much damage for way better durability. Both sword and board and spear custodes are only good as durable objective holders, and 1 does way better.

>> No.73020533

The Eldar Gods were probably psychic constructs that fought for them and on one occasion tried to kill them like that MLP tulpa.

>> No.73020537

I would do that but I can only spend the voucher on orders above £5, is there anything else I could spend it on besides models? I already have synthetic brushes of varying sizes, glue and sprue cutters

>> No.73020538

Drilling barrels is a shit meme for rank and file.

>> No.73020550

hobbyknife to clean moldlines
small drill to drill barrels

>> No.73020551

Tamiya hobby knife, cheap chinkshit pin vice and good tamiya drill bits.

>> No.73020554

Has anybody here tried oil paints before? Got any tips on them? They seem useful for my shitty blanchitsu speed painting style.

>> No.73020556


Throne, Corporal. Get it together. You know your orders, we hold the line. Not one step back!

>> No.73020562

Those Aussies fighting Emus again?

>> No.73020564

Get some color shifting paints for fun.

>> No.73020568

Just buy individual paints from the same seller, the voucher should apply as they're all under the same order.

If not then buy magnets idk

>> No.73020570

CMY primaries in most paint ranges are transparent making them a pain to use. Paints made for miniatures don't even list the pigments used so unless buying artist's paints I'd recommend against going this route.

>> No.73020572

Why are you hanging from the ceiling anon?

>> No.73020592


>> No.73020594

I wouldnt recommend CMY as well In fact I wouldnt recommend mixing from pure primaries for a newcommer at all, I was just listing some options

>> No.73020595

Why are there so many baneblade variants I cant decide what to build aaaAAAAAHHH

>> No.73020599

Crusader mostly with Admech support.
Opponent usually fields SM or TS army
Any mission really

>> No.73020600


>> No.73020603

These Admech cav are dumb, more survivable with shroudpsalm vs bolter fire than intercessors, for the same point cost. The same number and strength of attacks, a nice melee debuff, and free flamers usable in melee on every guy just because. Thank god were getting a general rebalance, shit is getting out of hand.

>> No.73020614

Finally got my Catachan eBay army put together so I’m having them charge face first into a Cadian gun line, Straken is about a turn away from evicerating some poor junior officer if things go well

>Creeds about to pull some bullshit tho like usual

>> No.73020628

post face and physique

>> No.73020631

The look fucking dumb though

>> No.73020632

You realise Custodes are a melee army, right

>> No.73020634

Bitter balding manlet detected

>> No.73020637

Indeed. Pot calling the kettle black then.

>> No.73020646

I just got a tablet I don’t know how this works sorry

>> No.73020650

Same with coffee.
It eventually stripped my enamel by making it porous. Twice daily brushing isn't enough apparently. Praise Nurgle.

>> No.73020654


>> No.73020656

They're not good enough at melee to be run like one.

>> No.73020675


>> No.73020750

Any interesting fluff in the Engine War book? Heard AdMech and IK got their asses kicked

>> No.73020756

I know that PAGANINI has done his great work, but is there a chance of reposting the epub? Im a heretic, as its my preferred format.

>> No.73020776

Where can I get some asian marine heads for my white scars, the upgrade kit is shit.

>> No.73020781

I've painted 2k worth of DG now, my next army is DEldar. I'm sick as fuck of painting metallic trim.

>> No.73020790

Any Tyranid news guys? People keep saying hordes are going up in points cost but I don't know where that's coming from.

>> No.73020793

No joke, man. Painting the details took me more than a week. At the final stretch now though, just shading, highlighting and basing left, for 10 blightlord termies in total. I will never need to paint another one again.

>> No.73020796

Just paint them like the ancient corroded automata they are

>> No.73020798

Most of the legion traits for CSM are pretty forgettable, like Word Bearers and Night lords, and outside of some very few circumstances alpha legion was the only trait that was actually viable for you army if you didn't want to soup. With the release of vigilus and faith and fury it gave all the other legions some pretty great tools to make them actually worth taking and making lot of bad and mediocre units, like warp talons and possessed, quite viable for certain legions, but since the each legion specialized in only a few select units you would still need to soup the sub factions together to make a well rounded army, but honestly with how close the crunch of the rules is to the fluff i'm fine with since they represent the legions very well on the table top. Now the big thing to take note about all the rules the legions got in faith and fury is that almost all of them are directly tied to stratagems, which is pretty standard for the whole of the chaos faction, the problem that 9th edition is bringing is that it'll be hindering the amount of CP as an army you can start with so unless the problems of CSM aren't fixed it'll mean that you'll be intentional gimping yourself by playing a legion that isn't alpha legion because you're army will either be very reliant on a small pool of units to select from, or if you try and round out your army it'll be trying to make the most out of the limited amount of CP which your army is very reliant on to get their rules from.
>chaos legions rules are tied to CP
>legions are very specialized
>therefore depend on other legions to fill in the gaps
>CP pool is reduced depending on how many detachment you take in 9th ed
>smaller CP pool means CSM is about to be a lot less viable

>> No.73020799

So far the only two things we know on points costs are 6 ppm cultists and 20ppm intercessors.

>> No.73020806

Im thinking of taking my painting stuff with me to my parents for the next 2 weeks, can I transport them how I normally transport my minis in these foamfilled things, without the paint chipping off, even if they are not varnished?

>> No.73020807

plague marine

>> No.73020810

Scarab Occult terminator

>> No.73020813

acquire biostrip

>> No.73020820

Alpha legion is going to get hit hard by capped modifiers. No more -2/3/4 to hit.

>> No.73020822

buy vallejo game color

>> No.73020833

Mars is worried that the other Forge Worlds are getting too independent and is sending out fleets to remind them who they came from. On the way to a Forge World one of the fleet's Magos comes across a device called the "Varlian Device" which acts as a psychic negation bomb which he obtains from a mysterious "tech priest". They reach the Forge World and it turns out it's ran by the Dark Mech and Chaos Knights who have reactivated it by chaining Daemons to the planet's core to power their factories. The Admech launch a invasion of Skitarii, Imperial Knights, Sisters and Guard to take the planet back from the Dark Mech. He uses the device and it kills a lot of the Knights (friendly and otherwise) and large amounts of Skitarii, but also accidentally releases the Daemons. The Daemons fight everyone and are trying to destroy information on the Varlian Device since it's harmful to them. The Admech almost get wiped out and the Imperial Knights retreat with the theory at the end from another Tech Priest is that the Device is of Necron origin.

>> No.73020834

Literally nothing. What paints you use depends entirely on your army. I don't think I've used any color on both my thousand sons and custodes.

>> No.73020840

Yeah i'm aware of that change, but that's just the joke known as CSM codex when they're best sub-faction is still the best after a direct nerf.
>pic related is their saving grace though

>> No.73020843

Did they even read these rules. The stupid da vinci glider jet pack guys with their "grenade clusters" bomb the shit out of vehicles. They're over 4x better at it than the helicopter glider thing that's supposed to have the heavy anti vehicle bombs, and literally does nothing else. Worse yet they worded it as when the unit flies over, not even each model. So all you have to do is clip it with the tip of one of their foot long wing spans and they all get to roll a 3+ mw on a d6.

>> No.73020866


>> No.73020875

Salamanders used to be able to make their entire army unable to be shot at, and I think they've more than double the cost of some models throughout 8th. No they don't

>> No.73020879

Suplhurhounds or raiders? I am torn.

>> No.73020886

Lmaoing @ you for playing 40k in this day and age
I just collect, paint, and play small scale narrative games with friends

>> No.73020893

if you let them get near you with their comparitivly pitiful movement, you deserve it.

>> No.73020897

It is like the porn chick that cried that people watch her flicks for free, while she (litteraly) busted her ass fucking Mr Mandingo.

>> No.73020898

They both look broken, hounds are super efficient. Raiders are likely the single best chaff in the game, while also being snipers, and doing better than intercessor damage per point just straight up shooting. I'd wait to see which gets nerfed into uselessness in 9th.

>> No.73020901

Here you go, coomer

>> No.73020905

Narrative is dogshit. I'd rather play dark heresy and homebrew as needed.

>> No.73020921

Do UM veterans wear white shoulder pad trim no matter the company? I thought if you belong to 2nd Company you always wear golden/yellow trim no matter the distinction or squad.

>> No.73020925

yeah, some people hate their own family. >>73020833
was it Trazyn bros, was it Trazyn that did the whole "mystery techpriest"?

>> No.73020926

While I personally don't care if he starves to death, I also don't understand why people would want any modern books in the first place.

>> No.73020934

Looks silver to me

>> No.73020944

how many loads of sargons cum has he swallowed

>> No.73020946

Yeah and that's my problem - shouldn't it be gold since it's a 2nd Company Veteran?

>> No.73020952

they don't even need to grenade anything its a bonus, people will just wrath of mars them since they ds with 50 shots.

>> No.73020954


>> No.73020955

>admech got some busted new units
>custodes aren't getting any new models
>there's little outcry to buff them so they won't get anything near as good as GK
>the new core strategem is useless for custodes
>cheap units are going to be important to the command phase somehow
Maybe we'll get a 9th edition codex at least?

>> No.73020958

I guess not

>> No.73020961

Let them starve.

>> No.73020962

That's a failure on their part to remember how marines skin work.
One more proof, the black library retcon project is directed by lorelets.

You don't even need to talk politics to defecate on that level of laziness.

>> No.73020965

Leman Russ mentions he’s pissed drunk most of the time. He’s not sober enough for insanity to get to him.

>> No.73020967

Did GW delete the "Female space marines" comment off their FB page?

I cant seem to find it

>> No.73020973

While we're on the topic of marine markings.
Anyone know why the vanguard vets here have white pauldrons? Even Shrike still has black pauldrons(and still has his 3rd company red for some reason I can't fathom)

>> No.73020978

It's clearly about BL fiction and not rule books

>> No.73020983

>why does X have Y color on detail?
because it looks nice

>> No.73020996

They prob didn't think about it. Gw regularly gets their own paint schemes wrong relative to the fluff
I thought raven guard vets always had twhite shoulder pads tho

>> No.73020999

Their social media manager was probably told female space marines will actually be a thing in a few years time

>> No.73021000


>> No.73021019

Primaris were the time to do it. Not happening.

>> No.73021027

>Not happening.
Not just a river in Egypt either

>> No.73021030


>> No.73021065

>Section dedicated to how to paint the proper marks and trims and shit
>Lmao let's paint against our own rules because tee hee xD

>> No.73021086

Well it does look kinda cool, but the more white the higher the rank and captains and Shrike still have black pauldrons so it doesn't really add up
When is spellcheck going to add pauldrons to the dictionary?

>> No.73021092

me on the back playing with a grey tide tau army

>> No.73021104

yes, what else did you expect from GW?

>> No.73021112

I know Drop Pods are not really good in 8e in general but what about small games like 1000pts or even 500pts? Would they make any difference? I'm thinking about getting one mostly for collecting purposes but I don't want to let it collect the dust.

>> No.73021117

i just remembered that index's were a thing, will all factions get an update when 9th is released or is this something unrelated?

>> No.73021135

>Why is Draigo portrayed as a maniac in TTS?
Why do you watch that trash?
What compels you to vomit it up here?
You must be retarded or gay.

>> No.73021156

Running a squad of devastators with grav-cannons to drop in, using gravitic amplification for reroll wounds and damage is a popular strategy. It's enough to kill most Dreadnoughts and other armor.

>> No.73021163

It's fun? Nothing wrong with it, a lot of the humor feels like old 4chan.

>> No.73021171

What are we working on today Anons? Impulsor here

>> No.73021190

finishing cleanup, greenstuff and primer work so I wont have to do this at my parents place, also researching on how to transport partly painted models without paint chipping

>> No.73021191

Raven guard 1st company vets and captains having entirely white arms and pauldrons is just a chapter variation on the codex uniform markings, similar to the white scars denoting company via leg markings and blood angels/salamanders via left pauldron symbol.
>if you like uniform chapters don't look at salamanders and iron warriors chapter organisation

>> No.73021198

The roster I could form looking at this list is;
> Jetbike Shield-Captain (9pl)
> Vexilus in Terminator Armour (7pl)
> 3x troop Custodes (8pl)
> 3x troop Custodes (8pl)
> Pallas Grav-Tank (5pl)
> Coronus Grav-Carrier (13pl)
I'm missing out on the jetbikes though and they have proven themselves to me.

>> No.73021207

Isn't that from the same source that claims all tacticals have green markings etc instead of company colors?

>> No.73021208

it kills most everything, 2 squads as iron hands using amp and mercy is weakness on one deals 22 damage to a knight.

>> No.73021209

Drop pods have been decent for a while now, they can act as a barricade and help get units like Sternguard into optimal range for double tap right off the bat

>> No.73021213

Transport them with great care.

Do you drive or do it on foot?

>> No.73021223

No, the index's were made because 8th ed changed the bases of the rules, which required all unit entries to be remade in the new system. GW has said that we'll be able to use out current codex's in 9th, similar to how AoS 2.0, the only thing that will probably subject to big change is points, but we're been use to that with the chapter approved.

>> No.73021225

Im being driven

>> No.73021232

>It's fun
>Nothing wrong with it
>a lot of the humor feels like old 4chan.
You can lie to yourself, but not to me.

>> No.73021235

Ah fuck, thanks friend.

>> No.73021246

He watches it to make you mad

>> No.73021247

>coronus grav carrier
Get that shit out of there immediately. Never worth running.

>> No.73021256

they always do it like that bro. lefty types can't even uphold their own rules. they have great dreams and ideas, but make them build structures and you get the wower of Piza(at best).

>> No.73021260

I see anon wants to discuss Dark Angels.

>> No.73021274

Is there something bad about that? I'm happy that i don't have to buy a bunch of new books to use my army.

>> No.73021282

> Invulnerable saves are everything.
Fucken THIS. I love that 9th hasn't addressed this at all. Modern 40k is just: have an invul, or you're fodder.

>> No.73021283

Cause i'm worried my army is going to be useless when 9th hits without changes to the profiles themselves.

>> No.73021286

Well that's reassuring. I'm torn between getting Drop Pod and Rihno for my Smurf. I believe Rhino would be better gameplay-wise but I already have a CSM Predator so I have this model covered.

>> No.73021294

But I thought I won't be missed?

>> No.73021299

What are you playing? because if you play chaos i'm in the same boat.

>> No.73021300

What would you be transporting in the rhino / drop pod? Kinda depends on that.

>> No.73021301


I believe gw have stated that there will be a global points adjustment on launch, possibly you will get this via an online pdf(but even more likely it will be in the app they release alongside 9th.

neat anon, I've cleaned up a bunch of old intercessors in prep for 9th. currently waiting on some nid terrain to arrive as my entire 40k backlog is complete.

>> No.73021302

Yeah chaos lol

>> No.73021316

All factions will be in the same boat. This is how most edition updates have worked.
Just changing points and core rules is enough to shake things up.
I wouldn't worry to much at this stage.

>> No.73021320

I miss this beautiful bastard like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.73021331


>> No.73021333

soo.. patrol with 1 more troop required?

>> No.73021336


>> No.73021345

Thought so.
Any personal recommendations, anon?

>> No.73021348

I’m not >>73021135 but I prefer chocolate myself.

>> No.73021360

nevermind, battallion with 1 less troop required and less HQ slots available?

>> No.73021361

Thanks bb love you

>> No.73021372


>> No.73021373

>big if true

>> No.73021381

I don't want to build a full army. I'm brewing two combined arms lists to play with friends. For UM I already have 10 Tacs, 3 Bikers, a Venerable Dreadnought, a Termie Captain and a Termie Librarian. I thought about getting either a Gauntlet Squad box or Skyhammer Squad box for 10 more Marines (5 used to pay the Battalion tax and other 5 converted into Devastators) and a Rhino/Drop Pod.

>> No.73021384

The force org applied to both players, there's no point forcing yourself to emulate it if your opponent is just going to drop his updated-titan-detachment-with-the-white-dwarf-pskyer-upgrade you've never heard of on the other side of the table

>> No.73021396

You could take a unit of wardens or terminators and just deep strike them. It'd fill a similar niche to your troops, so you could replace one unit of troops with a deep striking unit and use the points you save to try and grab some bikers.

>> No.73021397

Has anyone ever used Vampire Counts bits to kitbash with Night Lord Chaos Space Marines? Did they look good?

>> No.73021398

I just pulled it off google i don't know where it's sourced.
I'm just going off how all pre-primaris 1st company vets have been painted for a very long time.

>> No.73021406

so both players were forced into the same detachment basically?
sounds interesting, and is obviously easier to balance, but feels like it'll limit army build options
not that everyone is bringing battallions only atm anyways

>> No.73021423

Lads, I have a white armoured Space Marine Chapter, I was thinking of just throwing in a few squads of Sisters of Battles just to add to the cabinet maybe kill team.
Would the sisters just blend in too much if they were white too? Should I contrast? I just have no idea what colour to paint right now

>> No.73021437

Not that I played 7th but I've looked at horus heresy and they have something called rights of war, that represent specific subchapters and similar that edit battlefield roles. Similar to how EC get noise marine troops.

>> No.73021440

What's the trim on the Marines? Also you could play around with shades, like if you make the Sisters have a darker/lighter shade of white.

>> No.73021444

Yeah, that was my initial list;
> Shield-Captain on bike (9pl)
> 3x Wardens w/castellan axes (10pl)
> 3x troop Custodes (8pl)
> 3x troop Custodes (8pl)
> 3x Jetbikes (15pl)
I feel it works well as a roster too, as I can remove the bikes and/or wardens to play small games down to 25pl.

>> No.73021457

30k was such a based era...

>> No.73021477

>Check new Tau Aeronautica kits
>They are pretty much impossible to magnetize
Yeah, no thanks. Will buy Wings of Vengeance on secondary market then.

>> No.73021478

Any particular faction?
The only thing that is worrying for chaos is the nerf CP when running multiple detachments, so armies like TSons, CSM and Daemons are going to take a big hit.

>> No.73021487

Gold with purple. They're pretty striking white so an off white could work

>> No.73021489

his accent and vocabulary feels forced. Though his siege of vraks and war of armageddon is comfy to listen to while painting. I'd actually pay money for Lutin to redo it all with his own voice instead of arch.

>> No.73021497

just reverse it, purple armor with white cloth

>> No.73021500


this might just be the most cringe shit i have ever fucking seen
>200k subs
literally how

>> No.73021505

I played 3rd when they intro'd it, yes that's exactly what you did.
In 2nd, you had percentage based purchases.
Off memory and looking at my old Tyranids 2e codex it was something like 25%+ on Troop/Core, 50% max on Heroes and 50% max on Support.
So at 1.5k, you were looking at chunks of army needing to stick within 375 to 750pts as the main restraints.

>> No.73021524

how can anyone watch that video and think he doesn't have these opinions or post shit like that

>> No.73021525

>wonder what youtube autists are doing about GW wokeness
>arch still has a broom up his ass
>gamza went full niggershit
gotta give it to you guys: I'm proud of you for being autistic and not full nigger autistic

>> No.73021528

>getting triggered at a generic company statement

>> No.73021536

I mean, they never said they will create a character just because it's black tho. He is projecting at this point.

>> No.73021539

it was before the endless retcons and needlessly meandering plots introduced by BL. The HH series could just as well not exist and nothing of value would be lost at all.

>> No.73021548

He's unironically pretty correct in his statement though
Criticising something doesn't mean being triggered

>> No.73021552

>your opponent is just going to drop his updated-titan-detachment-with-the-white-dwarf-pskyer-upgrade you've never heard of on the other side of the table
What are you on about? That sounds like the ramblings of a confused old man.

>> No.73021553

In Arch's defence (I can't believe i'm saying that). it was more than a generic statement. It was needlessly antagonistic and actively promoting intolerance towards members of the community.

>> No.73021574

So you think they should tolerate racists?

>> No.73021595

Absolutely. If you want to promote tolerance you have to be tolerate of everyone. Otherwise you aren't being tolerant, you're being exclusive and discriminatory.

>> No.73021603

they should make racism mandatory if you play an imperium army

>> No.73021605

Do u like my flag tg?

>> No.73021606

Wasn't gw's statement just "don't be racist towards black people" in a super milquetoast fashion? I don't see how that's meaningfully intolerant.

>> No.73021611

So you don't think it's slightly hypocritical to be preaching about love and tolerance while opening new stores in Shangai?

>> No.73021617

Were you excluded out the education system you retard?

>> No.73021621

>why yes I realise the Imperium is a satirical take on facism, yet that doesnt stop me from having my armour as contempt and faith as my shield how could you tell?

>> No.73021625

Well it does look awesome and if that's how they're painted... Guess I'll apply it for my captains as well.

>> No.73021630

This is your mind on Arch

>> No.73021650

That's a nice flag, maybe hit the yellow and white with another thin layer to make it a bit more consistent colour. If you wanted to add some more depth to the black you could give it a like dry brush of grey or navy on the curved ridges.

>> No.73021653

So, the way this is written, the pteraxii alpha doesn't get the option to fight with his feet like the rest of the squad does since it only says he's equipped with the pistol and taser goad. Since the dog rider alphas do include the dog attacks in their equipment list but pteraxii alphas don't list their talons?

>> No.73021656

Explain how i'm wrong please.

>> No.73021657

I think it's somewhat silly to think any perfect tolerance of everyone will ever be reached. In light of that, I think it's completely reasonable to hold inherently intolerant views in a negative light.

>> No.73021659

There was literally no need to put the last sentence in their statement. The statement itself was clear enough. The funny part is they didn't hit racists with the last sentence - they only made people interested in the game mad. Like, I belong to an ethnic minority in my country myself yet I don't think GW should give a single fuck about that. They should focus on releasing a proper fucking rulebook for once with no need to release a new errata every week and a new edition every two fucking years, This is what killed MtG and WotC - losing their focus on their own fucking game for the sake of fake internet points.

>> No.73021660

God bless you, PDFAnon

>> No.73021662

>why yes I want to see gamza and arch get hanged irl

>> No.73021665

You must be 12yo to post here iirc.

>> No.73021675

What ethnic minority are you, Anon?

>> No.73021676

Why did they shill for TFA?

>> No.73021682

You will not be missed

>> No.73021688

Yep, its the only thing im annoyed at with the statement, it just comes off as agressive and invalidates the title
"Warhammer is for everyone"

Same shit happened with BFV, people criticized the game and dice were like "oh well dont buy it then"

Then BFV has 40% of the sales of BF2

>> No.73021691


>> No.73021695

Here come the 5s to wound heretic scum,

Better watch out for the 6 point per model 9th edition guardsmen

>> No.73021696


>> No.73021703

Is tomboy an ethical minority?

>> No.73021706

This doesn't support your point Anon, it only reinforces mine. If you exclude anyone due to their beliefs while declaring that you support everyone's beliefs then you are hypocritical and exclusionary.

>> No.73021709

Why did I even bother giving your retarded ass a (You).
We have to protect both of these.
Well don't support Warhammer, racist. It's not for you anyway.

>> No.73021713

Considering that's all the squad's entries are written like that i'd assume that when it refers to every pteraxii sterylizor including the alpha, similar to how keywords work when an ability stated 2 together.

>> No.73021714

If they're making chaos cultists 6 I wouldn't be surprised if guardsmen go up to 7.

>> No.73021715

>Same shit happened with BFV, people criticized the game and dice were like "oh well dont buy it then"
It's just bad business
Will women and minorities start playing warhammer? Probably not, or they would be playing it already
Will the people offended by that statement start looking for recasts and PDF? Probably not, but why risk it?

>> No.73021718


>> No.73021719

You got triggered by this shit? lmao

>> No.73021722


>> No.73021724

Thank u bro I just suck at yellows like they always end up choppy but I’ll practice n see if I can get a better coat on there

>> No.73021725

I'm so tired of gringo politics. I hope you shits get what's coming to you. And you will. Get drowned on chimp looting negros.

>> No.73021734

What's your ethnicity?

>> No.73021739

But anon, what do tomboys need protection from other than staircases?

>> No.73021740

As black as it gets

>> No.73021747

Post hand

>> No.73021752

painting yellow is a pain for everyone one, especially over a black, multiple coats are the way to go but just be careful you don't apply it too thick.

>> No.73021754

>But anon, what do tomboys need protection from other than staircases?

>> No.73021757

The point of the paradox of tolerance is that discounting intolerant views is a necessary evil.

>> No.73021758

Anon, you need to shoot up your local gw store to make a point.

>> No.73021759

I have stolen so many souls that I can shapeshift into whoever I want. Ethnicity is irrelevant. Only Soul matters.

>> No.73021766

Not him buy that's not what it means. It means that you have to be intolerant of intolerance, thus a paradox.

>> No.73021773


>> No.73021774

Oh, so an American

>> No.73021776

Is this how /tg/ works? We protect the tomboys against anon so tomboys can protect us against off topic /pol/.

>> No.73021783

Bruh I literally just spent the last day painting my fluf driven 260 man Cadian 8th infantry company, that includes a full Kasrkin platoon

And assembling my 110 man fluff driven Catachan Devils Infantry Company

3 guardsmen are Apparently the equal of a primaris marine i guess fml Lol

>> No.73021784

Leave this one to me.

>> No.73021787

>necessary evil

>> No.73021788

It's just a excuse for hypocrisy that's been masked by doublethink.

>> No.73021792

Shut it

>> No.73021801

I pray you're American

>> No.73021802

Sitting here with my one wound one attack Rubrics that will cost roughly as much as an intercessor.

>> No.73021804

Based af

>> No.73021805

You want to be free from off topic /pol/ shit? Range ban USA and you'll see.

>> No.73021809

>anon cannot understand

>> No.73021815


>> No.73021818


>> No.73021820

I'm not. But it's very blatant that your mind is so warped that you can't understand that preaching tolerance while actively being intolerant is inherently hypocritical.

>> No.73021828

Hypocrisy is nearly unavoidable in terms of any practical applications of ideals.
Human nature is fundamentally flawed. Any system that cannot account for betraying an ideal is doomed to fail.

>> No.73021838

European and American 4chan posters love to pretend how much they differ, but we're all the same shit. Random Americans and Europeans you meet on the street, sure, but everybody is equally retarded here.

>> No.73021840

Me too

>> No.73021845

Anyone have the epub of engine war? I see the pdf is posted, but looking for the source

>> No.73021846

Imagine inviting someone black and someone who dislikes black people to the same dinner party and calling yourself inclusive.

>> No.73021857

>Any system that cannot account for betraying an ideal is doomed to fail.

>> No.73021859

Ban all Americans now, they're all weak, thin skinned, faggots.

>> No.73021863

can't remember the source but there's a quote about toleration being the death of a society, not because it admits destructive forces but because if you have to ignore the strictures of a society it doesn't exist anymore in the first place. Kinda like what Guilliman faces with the Imperium, an Imperium without faith in the God Emperor doesn't exist.

>> No.73021869

What should I use her for when I get her in 2023

>> No.73021873

Does this mean no one who's trained for war can preach peace?

>> No.73021880

I don't know how good of a system we'll create when it's founded upon the principle of "Hey, it's not just ok, but necessary to be intolerant of things we don't like." No way is that gonna spiral out of control.

>> No.73021887

It unironically is Anon and it's a shame you can't understand that.

>> No.73021893

You seem to fail to understand the argument.

>> No.73021894

Not him but it's like how if one wants to grow a variety of plants, they will need to isolate plants which harm others. To police people for peace's sake implicitly means arresting criminals.

>> No.73021896

burn it

>> No.73021899

Best Arch Warhammer quotes?

>"Gnoblars are like house-niggers to the Ogres *snort*

>> No.73021904

Balance is just code word for everyone gets a ridiculously high% point increase and primaris go up 3 points

Honestly I hope primaris go chaos so I can have an excuse to put some earthshaker shells in those tall fuckers

>> No.73021908

what the fuck kek

>> No.73021918

Anyone has an epub file of 7E rulebook? The PDF on Mega is truly awful.

>> No.73021919

>protecting someone often involves harming another i.e. restraining a violent person
>I'm a hypocrite for saying I'm protecting people when I'm forced to harm some people as a necessity

>> No.73021926

And they can't hold themselves to post about their idiotic politics, left and right, in a miniature thread. nobody in the rest of the vast world care about a random nigga getting kneed on. Please remember, behind every /pol/ post, the eternal gringo shitposter lurks.

>> No.73021928

Send it to BMM so he can make limitless copies for $10

>> No.73021933

The argument basically boils down to "it's ok when we do it". You can be as discriminatory or intolerant as you want as long it's to "the bad people". For a 40k example, it's saying that you want to play against all lists and armies, but don't allow Tau players to play against you because you just don't like them.

>> No.73021936

>they will need to isolate plants which harm others
That's probably what Hitler said

>> No.73021946

Wow based

>> No.73021948

I'm sure there's a better way to phrase this but the ideal should account for some sort of precedence. Like I think it's reasonable to hold a racist viewpoint in contempt because they initiated the intolerance. Similar how to a lot of law works. You lose a lot of your rights once you infringe upon anothers.

>> No.73021949


>> No.73021954

>nobody in the rest of the vast world care about a random nigga getting kneed on
GW does (or pretends to)

>> No.73021955

Then you are inherently being exclusionary towards that type of plant.

>> No.73021958

Thank god I'll have something to read at work now.

>> No.73021961

Just because I don’t like getting shot at or robbed doesn’t mean I don’t trust or look down on certain ethnic groups , you just have to take extra precautions is all

Same thing with Blood Ravens

>> No.73021962

All Hitler said was that the slavic race is superior and that the aryans should be grateful the superior americans and soviets are having sex with the wives of husbands they killed.

>> No.73021963

What armies do each play?

>> No.73021965

>To police people for peace's sake implicitly means arresting criminals.

For criminal activity, not for not being tolerant enough.

>> No.73021967

Calm down Kreia

>> No.73021969

I'm not saying that I should be intolerant on some sort of whim.

>> No.73021975

Good argument, but I was mostly talking about his approach to the jews

>> No.73021982

Guy's post said growing. Giving them their own place to grow still grows.

>> No.73021985

World Eaters
Emperor's Children

>> No.73021989

Saggitarum are the best Custodes troops, 159 for 3 with misericordiae. Good shooting, can assault and still drop a good amount of shots at 3+, and the phaser mode can threaten most things. You're gonna want a smash captain bike to hit tanks and a Vexilla. You can get away with 2x boxes of footboys and a box of jetbikes for 1k points, but you'll need the FW upgrades, which you can get from any reliable ching chong chineseman. Also some ukranians on etsy.

>> No.73021990

>What armies do each play
Im playing DW, and painting up csm, manlets and nids atm, am I a left or right for you?

>> No.73022002

You're not being discriminatory, you're following a logic of trying to arrange them so they cause the least harm to each other.

>> No.73022004

If not being tolerant enough means they perform actions upsetting social order, then it's problematic. "Not being tolerant" could include harm against a group thus a disrupt in order.

>> No.73022005

Then in this analogy, you are promoting segregation, which is again, not inclusive.

>> No.73022008

>you're following a logic of trying to arrange them so they cause the least harm to each other

>> No.73022014

be gone you samefaggin', shitpostin', /pol/baitin', flipfloppin', trannyspammin', animegirlin', niggerfaggotin' sigmarxism antipodean. fucking IDs and flags for all boards when

>> No.73022015

>World Eaters
I need NOW

>> No.73022020

So you are treating them differently? That's not very inclusive.

>> No.73022026

Did you even read the post you replied to? You, too, are pretending to be oh so superior to Americans, while shitting up the thread with off-topic garbage. The posts you see right now are very unlikely to be American, as they are all sleeping or working right now, pic related.
Nobody who follows 4chan culture is different from Americans, this place was created by and for them.
Shut the fuck up and post your minis.

>> No.73022027

>looked up Kreia
>Instantly got spoilers for the old republic
God damn it I was planning on playing that soon.

>> No.73022029

>If not being tolerant enough means they perform actions upsetting social order, then it's problematic
That could be applied to anti-monarchic groups, anarchists, hippies, homosexuals and several different racial groups depending on the time period

>> No.73022030

>Like I think it's reasonable to hold a racist viewpoint in contempt

It's your personal right as an individual.

>once you infringe upon anothers.

Unless we live in Europe, I don't think holding certain viewpoints is infringing on anyone. If we start thought policing, it's all downhill from there.

>> No.73022036

To good.

>> No.73022037

No no not triggered, just think gw went the wrong way about it by going aggressive

>> No.73022041

But they are grateful

>> No.73022046

Sorry anon, not my intention
>in my defense, it has been 16 years

>> No.73022050

It cannot unless those groups are sufficiently violent. It's who's the aggressor and the attacker.

>> No.73022057

>upsetting social order

Pic related: social order restored.

>> No.73022062

The isolation is mutual
Segregation isn't inherently wrong. The reason it fails tends to be human bias preventing a separate but equal situation. In the case of two plants, if you give the plant that would've harmed the other the same amount of resources it would've otherwise had, it's no worse for the isolation.

>> No.73022069

>Im playing DW, and painting up csm, manlets
that pretty left, but on the other hand

>> No.73022070

This is who /pol/ worship? The master race? Fucking lol

>> No.73022071

Social order includes functioning. If they cannot accept and they disrupt order because of dislike of others, they will be reprimanded. But if others are the ones who dislike them and act on it, it is others disrupting order.

>> No.73022073

I only started getting into star wars recently. Just finished the clone wars about a week ago.

>> No.73022078

How are warhammer players being violent to anyone?

>> No.73022084

Now post yours

>> No.73022085

spot on anon
>its just 12 cute gaunts i got for cheapo while randomly browsing ebay

>> No.73022088

False. It is disruptions to social order attempting to enact actions on their own. They took the time outside hours that could have been spent productively working to perform those actions. They voluntarily gave up on their proper roles and chose to do something else. They are disruptive.

>> No.73022093

>Social order includes functioning
Societies functioned pretty well even when people strongly disliked others
Some still do

>> No.73022100

That is disorder caused by their own actions. Taking matters into their own hands is disruptive.

>> No.73022108

>It is disruptions to social order attempting to enact actions on their own.

It is a necessary evil, anon. We must be intolerant of intolerance towards our social order.

>> No.73022114

It functions suboptimally. If this "dislike" is the reason some perform less or fail to accept a functioning cog in the machine then they disrupt the productivity that could have been.

>> No.73022116

As much as I hate how off-topic this thread has gotten, I've gotta admit, I'm surprised at how reasonable the discussion is
>fucking 40k of all places huh

>> No.73022122


>> No.73022131

Who gets to decide how the machine is set up? From a different point of view, liberating slaves would be a significant disruption of productivity

>> No.73022132

My GK army. Yeah, I know I need to fix the swords on the Chaplain's robe, and finish some bases

>> No.73022134

False. They have performed an action that leads to a sub optimal result compared to utilizing the hands and efforts of them. An example of more optimal is like how prisoners are given work detail thus putting otherwise socially unfit into usable labor. It is efficient. That result is lacking in efficieny.

>> No.73022135

It's a hard balance to strike. Implicit bias is pretty well documented phenomena.

>> No.73022142

>Who gets to decide how the machine is set up?
Unironically, the person with the biggest gun

>> No.73022143

>no other alternatives
>he thinks slaves are productive

>> No.73022144

Now for the real question
>what legion?

>> No.73022151


>> No.73022154

I agree, they should have instead been chained and taken back to the plantation. That's the true social order right there.

>> No.73022162

I concede, I'm just so tired of what's going on. Pay me no mind anon I'll take a break from this general. Nice models.

>> No.73022166

>>he thinks slaves are productive
A lot of people aren't productive. Should we euthanise the disabled and the homeless?

>> No.73022167

>Implicit bias is pretty well documented phenomena.

Yeah, welcome to the human race.

>> No.73022183

The most optimal and productive result. There are many ways to set up a machine buy many will be inferior. Slavery also lead to heavy inefficiencies. There are many reports of slaves who don't work as well or rebel. In here, freeing the slaves but still employing their labor through wages often makes better. The concept of efficiency wages comes to mind. If they are satisfied better, they could have production benefits exceeding the costs.

>> No.73022210

False. That too is sub optimal as they've been demonstrated to rebel. The optimal way is to determine what would obtain their labors. Many a time an underpayed or poorly treated but competent employee rebels. If they are treated better, the result will be superior. That is more efficient than needing to chain them and harm potential productivity.

>> No.73022216

>reading and baking sweets
one on right sounds like a homebody and that'll be a Based from me

>> No.73022217

God-tier work as always anon. Thanks a lot.

>> No.73022228

>Should we euthanise the disabled and the homeless?
>should we burn usable shit all because it isn't 100%
Retard. Make them used. Most homeless are off the streets in some time or possess some skills ain't used.

>> No.73022232

Working in my knight lancer for engine war but stalled due to weekend work.

>> No.73022245

>Retard. Make them used
Prove to me a disabled person produces more in its lifetime than it costs society to keep it alive

>> No.73022247

The choice here is to make them productive. Offer or divise ways they can be made useful like employment. Euthanasia has its costs in expenses, enforcement and opportunity costs. Resources not employed shouldn't immediately be considered for disposal. Otherwise we are to rid ourselves of our savings all because we aren't presently using them.

>> No.73022277

>Prove to me a disabled person produces more in its lifetime than it costs society to keep it alive
Retard asking for "proof" when only math and philosophy have that shit. I got people with autism checking code. Their over attention to detail makes them find problems more. I've seen guys love routine and everything being the same. They do work people think is boring and repetitive and love it. Less complaints, more job.

>> No.73022285

>Euthanasia has its costs in expenses, enforcement and opportunity costs
One abortion or bullet costs much less than a lifetime of benefits
Hell you could just normalise kicking them to death and let the rest of society do it

Your argument is just flawed

>> No.73022294

>you're an autist for asking for technical bases on my technical-centric argument
Alright mate

>> No.73022313

False. They have heavy opportunity costs in many ways. From the production of them legally requiring all sorts of infrastructure to paying the abortionist and more.

>> No.73022326

Retard anon has no clue what he's talking about. Some of my most productive guys got a disability. Retard probably thinks the death sentence is cheaper than life.

>> No.73022330

>260 models
How long did it take you?

>> No.73022331

Hospitals are full of scalpels, just cut the baby's throat if it comes out fucked up

>> No.73022356

That retard's baiting. He don't know shit like https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.kevinhindle.com/publications/J37.Disability%25201%2520ANZAM%2520Version%2520251199.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjpqsDFn-3pAhUhYjUKHfqyAdYQFjACegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw1YQNno9VJxXxmCUn3TpV8t don't give him (You) s

>> No.73022361

But they aren't all worded like that. It just seems to be the pteraxii that are

>> No.73022374

See what I mean? Retard anon thinks that's just easy and cheap like that and nothing else exists in the world. Dumb shits. They like to say
>J-Just s-shoot and everything magically works!

>> No.73022389

I suppose you're right. Not only is he ignoring cases where symptoms only show after significant time but he's failing to consider the consequences of how that policy will affect public trust and even more dire problems.

>> No.73022468

You will like 9th edition then

>> No.73022475

true, it definitely seems like an over sight then.

>> No.73022500

>Why yes I love tomboys. How did you know?

>> No.73022585

God bless you

>> No.73022601

Jesus thats ____Not bad

>> No.73022682

You gay.

>> No.73023033

Nope, the solution was to steal bolt action cover and order system.

no strat to get malus, but ANY troop can benefit from being 1" from a cover and going prone for added malus.
GW simply decided to sell their stack of 8th edition UNSELLABLE melee unit.
10th will be another gimmick to obsolete your army and push sales.

At this point , an independant 40k set of rules would need to be made.

>> No.73023056

Good taste in color

>> No.73023183

Primarchs are warp entity forced into the materium in the neo fluff.

>> No.73023249

Kimera color by pegaso are THE best paint in the market.
The most dense in pigments, the best bottles an the name of the pigments is indicated as is normal.
They are pricey, but worth the cost.

The catch? There is only primary color, 14 in total, and that's all. catch2? Very uncommon to find at discounted price.
Happy hunting, if you're still around.

>> No.73023336

what's up with the cum stains on their armor?

>> No.73023937

wear & tear

>> No.73024332

Everyone is gonna get a codex, we are also getting sisters. We can also hope the FW sisters will get rules.

>> No.73024904

Thanks anon.

>> No.73024919


>> No.73025066

i doing a raven guard army myself and give ll troops white arms, sergeants also white helmets. Veterans en hq's im still unsure about. All black is just a bit too stale for me

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