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What are you mad about now, anon?

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So this is the size of a 1000 pt game.

>inb4 I just put some random stuff on the table for scale

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Seems fine what's the issue

>> No.73011139

I'm mad my finecast Necron HQs haven't shipped yet.
Also my fingertips really hurt. Fuck acoustic guitar.

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Female Space Marines are going to come soon. First in Black Library no doubt, then in official lore and then in models.

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nice amount of scenery

>> No.73011148

I'm excited

>> No.73011157

black people and a lack of plastic Mordians

>> No.73011167

Do people not know what that means?

>> No.73011170

the news aren't coming out fast enough, I want pictures, pictures of new lore

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I just hope 500 and 1000 point games become the norm or at least a lot more common.

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Never give up on your racism, IG bro

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The table size rules are pretty loose if you need to change them. That does seem about right though, my LGS regularly splits tables in half for 1k games because the majority of the table would just go unused anyway.

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why though?
space marines aren't supposed to reproduce, so why should they have women in their ranks?

>> No.73011185

Necron range being out of stock on the gw store.

>> No.73011189

put all the scenery closer to the center
it becomes boring background otherwise

>> No.73011195

Who's poor enough to jump along with me.
GW hates poor people

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mr. frög is armed and dangerous

>> No.73011200

that's about what me and my friends play our 500-1k point games on anyway.

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What's the most ridiculous archeotech written in 40k lore?

>> No.73011206

Will do in actual games. Don't wanna clutter up the deployment zones.

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I can't believe I just read this. I can't even.

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None. I actually think is cool.

I should buy those platforms eventually. They look nice.

We know, it's just that this size actually looks interesting.
Why would you play anything different, when this seems frustrating enough for shootyfags.

Me too

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Ultimate libcuck fantasy

>> No.73011217

Only 1 Shoulderpad, the shield, the weapons, some text and the base to go.
What are you doing tonight anons? show some progress.

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how you fellas doing happy friday

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Is this a good example of what an Imperial estate would look like?

>> No.73011234

happy friday, khornefren

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I'm worried that the new rules for Fortifications will still require a separate detachment, requiring me to shell out a detachment slot, a CP, and the points just to take my Sisters' Battle Sanctum

1000 looks fun. 500 might be too small to fit the fun stuff though

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I always found digital weapons extremely silly to be honest, not just for their association with tech-savvy orangutans

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If you could pick a single moment in lore to set a status quo point the setting will never go beyond, what event would it be?

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You could just set up a Combat Patrol league or something, I know around these parts kill team leagues used to be kind of popular so Im sure something similar would also be fairly popular.

Personally I'll probably keep playing 2000pts especially now that with the points going up its going to be closer to today's 1500-1750pts which is my favorite point level since you can take all the shit you want but its limited enough that there arent a lot of redundancies and you have to make some choices.

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Female Space Marines sounds possible in approx. 5 years considering how exponentially fast everything I know is becoming pozzed

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nice weapon choice for aesthetics, but man do plasma pistols and power swords suck

>> No.73011260

maybe not, it doesn't look impressive or oppressive enough

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I understand melee was pretty bad in 9th, but there's no reason to go the opposite direction and make longrange shooters trash.

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Add more skull, cover everything in rust, blood, and grime from all the pollution, add some slaves in chains, remove the grass (all vegetation would be dead from the heavy pollution) and replace the trees with people on spikes and it'll be a good approximation.

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sometime further down the road, the setting still has too many "when [x] actually arrives" for my ideal status quo

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I fucking love the use of the old 2nd ed. Blood Angels banners in this.

>> No.73011294

The War in Heaven. Necrons v Old Ones forever yo

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Nova Terra Interregnum, I always thought that was a cool setting, the Imperium splintered in two and fighting to see who's the real Terra, I can see it unfolding like Badab War in that a series of return of favors and services and allegiances just end splitting the Imperium as a whole.

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Long range shooting makes for a less exciting game, and especially in low points values where you don't have many redundant units, it turns the game into hiding in cover and blasting anything that exposes itself.

If I wanted that, I'd play Infinity

>> No.73011321

Age of Apostasy

>> No.73011326

why don't we have a plastic kit comprised entirely of servo skulls?

>> No.73011328

Personally, 40k setting was super comfy for me just before the Gathering Storm.

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I can't decide on what Army I want. Tempted by Ultramarines (Love the color scheme) or maybe Tau (I'm a sucker for the weeabo mechs) But most here seem to really hate both of those factions. From my understanding you hate the Tau because they are really annoying to play against, and Smurfs becasue of how common they are? I'll gladly take other suggestions, I'm just having trouble choosing

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What's with the Eldar and their 80's haircuts?

>> No.73011349

To fight?

>> No.73011357

baby heads


>> No.73011366

I just want my space monk aesthetic back.

>> No.73011369

That is a nice touch. The new art direction is great.

Play the models you like. /tg/ is a bunch of whiners who barely even play the game.

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have you considered playing t'au while avoiding the annoying units?
Nobody would have a problem with you and your mechs if you chose not to use 50 shield drones.

>> No.73011376

disregard the opinions of others, including this one

>> No.73011381

Damn, if Blood Angels Primaris actually looked like this i'd buy an army.

>> No.73011382

>But most here seem to really hate both of those factions
What are you, a fucking cuck? Do you really want to skip any army just because random incels on mongolian cartoon porn forum don't like it?

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Tyranids are in a weird spot where they’re both the most and least threatening thing in the universe. All the Hive Fleets are just a vanguard and they’ve devoured thousands of worlds... so what the main body of the tyranids arrive and everyone else dies?

The Tyranid threat really can’t be resolved in a satisfying way because they’ll either steamroll the entire galaxy and kill everyone, or the Necrons or Chaos will pull something out of their ass to delete the main body of the Tyranids.

>> No.73011392

>Likes blue schemes
>likes weeabo mechs
go tau mechas and paint them in ultramarine colors
/40kg/ will hate your dudes anyways

>> No.73011394

id buy

>> No.73011410

based new edition, MOST is forgiven

>> No.73011418

you have to understand that the eldar are a race living in their cultural post apocalypse

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>> No.73011426

Well, we have a plastic kit composed entirely of skulls

>> No.73011427

They're a gaudy and decadent culture, and what is more decadent then 80's glam rocker hairdos?

>> No.73011439

I feel that the new art released is, at least in part, aimed to placate the general discontent at the rather twee cartoons used in the reveal. It's working, this shit's pretty great. Just hope they keep it up

>> No.73011444

Play whatever you wan't Anon. Don't let anyone on this Vietnamese basket-weaving forum tell you otherwise. Tau are more aesthetic though.

>> No.73011454

I’m continuously at the point where I really like Eldar Lore and Art but dislike many of their models. Speaking of all the Eldar btw.

>> No.73011468

The only way would be something like "vanguard fleets needs to do something, if the fail the main fleet cant reach the galaxy"
Made them have a objective. Isnt one of their fleets doing something strange in a planet?

>> No.73011479

The waaagh mr bond one is fucking great

>> No.73011495

This. Best fit the 'setting, not a story' ideal.

>> No.73011497

play what you want, don't let other people's opinions dissuade you from what you want to do. There's nothing more cucked than letting a cambodian flower arranging forum dictate what faction you should play.

>> No.73011505

their problem is not in the metanarrative, they're supposed to be one of the nihilistic ends for the galaxy, but in the fact that they never appear if not by posing an ultimatum despite there being plenty of room for smaller swarms to enact actions and campaigns that don't immediately involve the destruction of a planet

of course they will lose every time if the only narrative they can offer is "I come to destroy your planet"

>> No.73011512

Hive Fleet Tiamat I believe. They’re definitely the most interesting hive fleet in recent lore, since they’ve actually been in the galaxy since M35 and have just sat in a single star system building up a massive psychic beacon that explodes the heads of deathwatch librarians and attracts Genestealer cults

>> No.73011516

Post your unpopular opinion for Wh40k. Here's mine:
The electropriest sculpts are nice looking and fit in well with a thematic AdMech army

>> No.73011526

>doesn't like the absolutely beautiful drukhari sculpts
Anon cmon man, do you even own a 10/0 brush?

>> No.73011527

Seconding this >>73011328. Pre-GS with all the Custodes shit is my perfect mix.

>> No.73011530

new necron models aren't that good

>> No.73011549

Thats not an unpopular opinion. The unpopular one is that they look bad

>> No.73011559

Kinda pains me to say it, but generic elf hair looks way better with Eldar style armor and clothing than Bowie hair.

>> No.73011560

Wh is woke now.

>> No.73011561

loyalist space marines are the worst part of 40k

>> No.73011575

Marines are fun to play against

>> No.73011584

I just bought a Tantalus. Now what?

>> No.73011585

Like you could replicate the details on the mini.

>> No.73011596

I mean, the smaller scale stuff is supposed to be Genestealer Cult territory. The bigger bugs only turn up if they do their job right.

GW could do something similar to Orks, where you destroy the main force but some Nids escape and start chewing on smaller cities or spaceships trying to rebuild, coming into conflict with planetary forces. Gives Guard a nice reason to be on the offensive vs defensive Nids.

>> No.73011599

Tau fits 40k perfectly. People just can't see beyond their retarded "m-muhreens" fetish and think that grimdark = grimderp.

>> No.73011605

>post a how a bunch of admech stuff can get 3++
>B-but Lucius can only go to 4++!

Literally WHAT is adding 1 to a save roll which bypasses invun save caps

>> No.73011614

we need more baby heads

>> No.73011624

Markus fights for us.

>> No.73011627

Wait for it to be delivered.

>> No.73011633

Based Markus. Man of the people.

>> No.73011647

My friend was supposed to come over and build/paint/play warhammer with me today. He texted me he couldn't come over today because he had "yardwork" he needs to get done, but I see him on Xbox live right now playing Stellaris.

>> No.73011650

I got some primaris and I want to paint them
Dubs decide their chapter
t. never played SM

>> No.73011659


dis ain't dat bad

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>> No.73011667

>Eldar style armor
it should have biomechanical texture
they have the technology now

>> No.73011669

Lamenters, have fun with those shoulderpads

>> No.73011670

>that image
>implying anyone is going to play khorne daemons
they are and will remain unplayable garbage

>> No.73011679

>It's a melee edition
>I wanto to make some melee Chaos Terminators, since I always liked them
>Go on the site to see the new Terminator kit
>Only 2 fucking Lighting Claws per kit

What the fuck is this shit?!

>> No.73011680

If you don't know what chapter you want to paint your marines as, you can fuck right off. Go play a xenos faction.

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>> No.73011690

You dip your balls into nitric acid anon

>> No.73011696

Just play Daemons or stick to 1000pts. Or even better - don't play 40k if you find the pricing retarded. That's why I moved to KoW and Mantic games in general. I still enjoy 40k but I regret nothing.

>> No.73011700

Why do they even have a codex?

>> No.73011711

any chance to have a conversation about tau fitting into 40k was instantly ruined by that coomer shit you posted

>> No.73011715

Firstborn marines will never go away completely. With time, they will become the new beakies- a purely cosmetic option to assemble some of your Marines.

>> No.73011719

Ultramarines - go full posterboys.

>> No.73011729

what fucking edition are you playing?

>> No.73011730

It should depend on the Crapworld.

>> No.73011734

Lame. I always wanted to dip my balls in liquid steel, that way when it cools ill have a cast of my nutsac. I'd make resin models of my balls and give them out as gifts

>> No.73011736

I'm sorry you were raised in such a puritan country as US. Sex is fun and you don't have to treat it so seriously.

>> No.73011748

Rainbow Warriors

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>> No.73011753

Anon thats a very dark eldar suggestion, much appreciated. I plan to make a meme list for 500 points with it and an Archon with some troops embarked for laughs.

>> No.73011755

Red Hunters

>> No.73011759

Is the text deliberately edited to be off centre?

>> No.73011763

black dragons

>> No.73011787

You say it like i stopped being angry at some point

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>> No.73011792

>Buy mantic forge fathers
>Play them as regular marines
>Squat army

Imagine if a SM start collecting came with 30 marines, 6 terminators, a dreadnaught, and a thunderfire cannon for $70

>> No.73011809

I have some models for kill team but besides that it's pure wallet rape. Hard to justify this much spending.

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>> No.73011817

men are built to be stronger than women
only reason is leftists garbage get ready for emps to be replaced by a empress

>> No.73011821

wow, nice
remember to get some Inquisitor to be fluffy

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>> No.73011844

based. I hope 500pts games become the norm. I also play DEldar with a nice sleek thousand sons blue colour scene. Think I might I might devise a 500pts list with as much incubi and raiders as I can

>> No.73011855

Are Knights just shit for Chaos? Why would you run one over a cheaper Khorne Lord of Skulls with auras, prayers, spells, legions traits, daemonforge etc.

>> No.73011857

All hail Yvrainne, Empress of the Eldar-Mon'keigh Alliance.

>> No.73011858

I've never played 7E. What was the ultimate sin of 7th edition? Wa it flawed in terms of core rules or has GW doomed it with unbalanced codices?

>> No.73011859

>jacking off to blueberries on an indonesian basket weaving forum, that is specifically about things other than jacking off
>someone tells you to go jack off elsewhere
>"Waah why are you so prude? Just join me in reducing my faction to nothing but coooooooming"

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>> No.73011873

no thanks, I'd rather buy products from companies that aren't anti-white

>> No.73011875

Formations and easily accessible strength D weapons

>> No.73011876

Crimson Fists

>> No.73011888

bloated rules, hard learning curve, several cheesy loopholes

>> No.73011896

If you've noticed, now that mantlets are basically squated, they are moving the primaris into a more knight aesthetic.

>> No.73011897

Honestly I think that looks more like a shrine or an Ecclesiarchy barracks.

>> No.73011901

Hard to justify? The prices are part of their strategy! The strategy to keep secondaries (AKA undesirables) out!

>> No.73011912

You have to actually think about what you WANT to buy and HAVE to buy. I've never bought any Warhammer box from the store other than Start Collecting boxes. Every single kit I got beside them was purchased on secondary market. Fuck, even most of my Start Collecting boxes were purchased on Facebook trading groups. I have about 2000pts of CSM I bought for about $175 I believe.

>> No.73011919

Pic of the colour scheme? Incubi in raiders are fine and you should feel fine for using them, especially since [I hope] raiders will be able to shoot after charging in 9th.

>> No.73011932

based retard poster

>> No.73011937

>The Tyranid threat really can’t be resolved in a satisfying way because
You're a fucking jackass. No major naritives can be "resolved in a satisfying way" because that would end the setting. Stop being a dumbass.

>> No.73011942

>indonesian basket weaving forum
got any weaving tips? I could use a basket I also need a miniature basket for reasons, if you have tips on how to sculpt one, lemme know

>> No.73011957


>> No.73011963

Games Workshop telling me to Fuck Off just because I'm not Liberal. I hadn't even said the N Word.

>> No.73011964


>> No.73011966

Just take cataphractii; 5 pairs of claws.

>> No.73011976

Unironically find those old style loom bracelets and make one, same technique for mini baskets

>> No.73011982

If different IG regiments are supposed to have wildly different strategies and training, why do they all have the same stats? Dumbfuck regiments that levy a bunch of badly trained conscripts and throw them at their enemies in suicidal charges have the same stats as the regiments that value their men and train from birth.

>> No.73011990

People getting asshurt over politics

>> No.73011999

He's the hero we need.

>> No.73012005

Pradaz is as unwoke as he is unbased.

>> No.73012025

Was there no way to fix it? I'm reading the 7e rulebook right now and many of those rules look fun.

>> No.73012026

Pure delusion.

>> No.73012029

The black hole gun and time warping targeter on the Speranza was pretty bananas.

>> No.73012036

blanchitsu space marines:
armour is painted in quarters upper left and lower right are dirty cream coloured, the other two quadrants are black

the metallics are in iron for pistons and brass for flats
depending on the honorifics and role of the marine they get either the kneecaps, the right arm, the head or the chest+pauldrons in deep red
on certain plates of armours, weapons and utility equipment (such as backpacks or unit specific armour add ons) have yellow and black chevrons
apply at your leisure checkers or flame patterns at the borders of the quadrants or around or within the red areas

chapter symbol is a red skull inside a yellow sun with a black outline

>> No.73012049

because they're all baseline humans, the difference in their training is represented in their regiment tactics.

>> No.73012053

Gameplay abstraction & compromise between lore.

>> No.73012056

wait is markus implying that all black people are poor?

>> No.73012059

The invasion of the Cadian Sector during the 13th Black Crusade in 999999.M41

>> No.73012068


>bunch of >badly< trained conscripts and throw them at their enemies in suicidal charges

Krieg Death Corps officer wants to have word with You.

>> No.73012073


>> No.73012083

The art or the obscene codex bloat.

>> No.73012084

You should get out my hobby, poorfag.

>> No.73012088

I know how to weave, but you're suggesting actually weaving a basket for 28mm? with small greenstuff snakes or regular thread or something? I might be small, but i dont think im small enough to not fuck that up

>> No.73012089

more like stating it directly and clearly as absolute truth.

>> No.73012090

the terrain I ordered monday that was meant to be delivered in 3-5 days only just finished "processing" yesterday and hasn't even been shipped yet.

>> No.73012101

Every time some pozzed shit in Warhammer happens about 60% of you people will find a way to excuse it or wrap it up as "I just want to game!","well, as long as the rules get better...", "haha, well here's this other minor detail with their armor that's the REAL problem!", etc.

Everyone here right now universally decries the idea female space marines, but in 5 years when it actually happens the same 60%+ will just excuse it and bitch about the 'polfags being loud'.

It WILL have to happen. The dam cannot hold forever. It has to be the biggest brewing shitstorm internally at GW, at some point human resources will get involved and lawsuits will be filed over 'an atmosphere of sexist exclusion regarding our work' if they don't just straight up bend the knee before it gets that far. Appeasement never works, there always has to be more. And when it happens, a subconscious part of you will die with it, even if you're 'totally okay with it as long as..."

>> No.73012103

Are Kriegs badly trained? I would think they are well drilled at antiquated WW1 tactics

>> No.73012120

Beakies are older than 90% of the posters here and they're still around. If you really think that the characters that have been 40K's face for 2 decades are going to disappear, you're the delusional one.

>> No.73012127

Alternatively, make a bowl from greenstuff and make some ropey crisscrossing lines with your choice of blade?

>> No.73012138

Post models and payslip.

>> No.73012142

ok fat

>> No.73012144

kinda plain colour scheme but free-handing those skulls sound like a fun challenge. Since they're close to the inquisition then I can customise them with some iconography too.

awesome scheme. This is my backup if I change my mind

>> No.73012145

It feels like things between me and the coworker I have a crush on aren't gonna work out the way I want, although I kinda already knew that. I told myself I shouldn't get invested in something I don't have a guarantee of, but it still sucks.

Also the big set I ordered came in but im not enjoying it like I thought I would, and that's not helping me any.

>> No.73012154

I have unpopular opinions about Tau. Firstly, they do fit the setting. The idea that their some anime interloper faction was always autistic nonsense. They add texture to the setting as a genuinely alien force from the Imperium. The idea of a small but extremely powerful alien faction is interesting. The primary problem with Tau is that they have always been awful to play against, but the lore is fine.

Even more unpopular opinion: Orks are the last xenos faction that should get new shit because they don't need anything. A third of Craftworld Eldar's range is trapped in Finecast hell. Tyranids have been bullied by Crud and haven't even got a Lord of War choice in their Codex. Dark Eldar need their lieutenant-size HQ choices back. Harlequins are owed a new unit. Tau both need and deserve a major model release more than Orks. Genestealer Cults are fine.

>> No.73012156

So is the holy battle makeup meant to intimidate enemies?

>> No.73012160

Good thing I've long detached myself from the plights of officiality, canonicity and the status quo in favour of my own metaphorical hobby webway

>> No.73012161


Kriegers are not badly trained. Kriegers are trained to a ridiculous degree actually.

Also the idea that Kriegers just suicide charge and the whole bayonets thing? That's a meme. It does not line up with the lore in either seige of vraks or any of their novels. They are very methodical in their approach to warfare. Yes they are willing to die but they don't just sperg out because that's wasteful and they do not waste the emperors resources.

>> No.73012164

>female marines will happen
as long as they make a reasonable enough lore for them appearing suddenly, Im rather fine with that, I dont *have* to make 50% of my army out of femal models after all
I would however include a female HQ in my spacemarine force if they had one

>> No.73012182

no, it's to fool the imperial lords that you're not using men in your army

>> No.73012183

I guess that might work better, ill try this one, thanks

>> No.73012187

wouldn't it ruin the child soldier analog of the space marines to have women amongst em? Girls tend not to end up as child soldiers irl...

>> No.73012190

It will be OK in the end Anon, it is fine to feel disappointed and you should give yourself space to do that. Try and do some painting, seeing the fruits of your labour will do you good.

>> No.73012196


>> No.73012203


i think you missed the whole point of the joke fellow anons

>> No.73012213

This is the way.

>> No.73012215

>not the ork one
At least post the right one anon

>> No.73012216

That they took vehicle facings out of the game.

>> No.73012233

Well done my son. Customise your hobby.

>> No.73012235

>as long as they make a reasonable enough lore for them appearing suddenly
If Primaris are any indication, that’s not happening lol

>> No.73012239

What possible "reasonable lore" could they have that wouldn't be an obvious political meta-decision based on internal company peer-pressure?

Girlyman is beset on all sides by all foes, yet takes the time to go "uuhhhh I had Cawl working on this shit for 10k years, but you know what our fighting force really needs right this instant? vaginas and boobs!"?

>> No.73012240

My Ebay order - a metal Beastlord for WHVB/AoS is and has been stuck in USPS limbo since the 17th of May. I just want the damn thing already!

>> No.73012255

Because if they can recruit from the other 50% of the population then their ranks will increase and there will be more bolters to shoot at things

>> No.73012261

Im totally okay with it now. Especially if they make them so roided up they barely retain any feminity

>> No.73012285

Not gonna lie. I'd rather an 80/20 female/male split in guard models than female space marines. There's two girls-only clubs already, fuck off.

>> No.73012295

A female primarch would be a reasonable justification, but you know that they are going to spin it as "The Emprah threw me away because he was sexist." and they will be ugly as sin and poorly designed instead of the thicc, curvy brick shithouses in power armor they could be. It's better for them not to exist a all honestly.

>> No.73012298

just made this

>> No.73012304

This is my kitbashed Haemonculus, busiest model I have ever made.

>> No.73012316

I like it.

>> No.73012320

>Because if they can recruit from the other 50% of the population then their ranks will increase
They won't. Most chapters follow the Codex so their ranks are limited anyway. Also there are billions of billions of people in the Imperium - numbers were never a problem for chapter's recruitment procedure.

>> No.73012321

I dont really care if it happens or why people even want it when SoB are a thing. What's the point aside for pandering to faglords and trannies

>> No.73012325

>make fem marines
>completely indistinguishable from regular marines
literally why bother

>> No.73012326

Mastodon costing over 1000 and having no options.

>> No.73012335

I don't think half of the shit works on her, but breddy good overall

she's seen some shit

>> No.73012338

>That nasty moldline

>> No.73012339

It's actually going to get worse this edition, since daemons are extremely HQ heavy and most of their other units, particularly elites, not being useful at all.

>> No.73012347

Hah, that's pretty great!

>> No.73012350

>uuhhhh I had Cawl working on this shit for 10k years, but you know what our fighting force really needs? Twice as many candidates.

>> No.73012356

>female marines end looking more girly than SoB

>> No.73012359

it worked for warriors of chaos, people didn't even particularly notice

>> No.73012360

Do you even clean you models, anon? moldlines are supposed to be removed. Looks like shit.

>> No.73012370

The logical companion to the transfems of battle is obvious the transmale marines.

>> No.73012378

I know, really wanted a scythe, the pistol is there because it must have a ranged option, same for the syringes as ichor injector. The scythe is just a Venom Blade.

>> No.73012383


I like it, what did you make it with?

>> No.73012385

As I said, if they would give a good reason for them to be there, but of course you are right, and its GW, they would just pull some stupid nonsense.

>> No.73012392

it wont happen, someone faglord fantasizes on the internet and now you're expected to answer for it like it actually happened.

>> No.73012395

The Primarch said that he is unsure that he can stop Abaddon. However, he said that he knows Abaddon from the days before the HH. He knows how Abaddon thinks and what motivates him. From this there is a small hope that the Primarch can stop Abaddon.

There is raises a few questions. Why is the Primarch doubtful about the prospect of defeating Abaddon? And what does he know about Abaddon that will help him?

>> No.73012400

I just cut up the video into a webm, I didn't make the animation

>> No.73012409

I clean finecast yes, but not confident enough to scrape plastic, the models are delicate enough without the risk of breaking something. I will practice though.

>> No.73012410


>> No.73012423


>> No.73012426

no, of course not anon its to look cuter!

>> No.73012452

Hi guys,
Does anybody have «infinite forms of curruptions» in the latest daemon PA Engine War?

>> No.73012477

>Why is the Primarch doubtful about the prospect of defeating Abaddon?
because abbadon has very impressive armies and strategic assets
>And what does he know about Abaddon that will help him?
he would probably bait him with terra to tear apart the rest of his armies on different fronts and different baits

>> No.73012480

Twice as many candidates from backwater tribalistic barbarian worlds who have to survive unmodified hellish initiation rites just to begin to qualify? When the women would most likely be tending to their villages all their life per tradition?

Oh wait no, in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is no sexism or racism.

Are they going to pull candidates from the Schola Progenium or some shit? They could never fit in with Space Marines.

>> No.73012494

I guess fuck the SoB's, the SoS, Inquisitors and Assassin's, clearly women are only good to be marine fodder.

>> No.73012502

Being the most brutal and bloody regime imaginable is no excuse for sexism anon.

>> No.73012507

Dude asked why and i gave an answer, not the best one but one i could see GW coming up with for a lore reason. Personally idc about female space marines and i dont think GW will be making them ever

>> No.73012511

>Why is the Primarch doubtful about the prospect of defeating Abaddon
Because GW needs a background for a few next campaigns and events.
>And what does he know about Abaddon that will help him?
Nothing that will let him jump over status quo so it doesn't matter.

>> No.73012527

You do not get it. You can’t have boys only club.
Girl only club? Totally allowed

>> No.73012531

>fuck SoS
SoS already got fucked by GW, we don't even have an HQ

>> No.73012532

So does 9E look good or not

>> No.73012537

Female marines can never be justified because what you would be left with would be functionally biologically male but inferior. The only way female would slot into space marine legions is as support staff.

>> No.73012538

The art indicates it looks good

>> No.73012553

Just burned my hand on my oven. Hurts like a motherfucker it left a mark

>> No.73012559

Female Stormast are as huge and powerful as male Stormcast yet they are clearly still feminine.

>> No.73012563

Really? I was 100% sure the bitch that was in a box with custodes trump would be an HQ unit

>> No.73012566

Is a squad of combi pla powerfist red butchers putting too many eggs in one basket?

>> No.73012576

the number of marines isn't limited by the number of recruits, but available geneseed and equipment, that's why they can permit to have initiation trials with a very high mortality

and unlike with stormcasts in aos the selection of recruits goes almost exclusively at a physical level, the outlying physically fitter woman isn't enough to justify trying to redesign the geneseed

women can join the guard and the sororitas, there's no shortage of representation

>> No.73012583

I dont know, but even if it is SoS are completely fucked atm

>> No.73012587

What is Fall of Cadia and Psychic Awakening?

>> No.73012594


looks pretty good to me, all the articles they've released so far look like improvements with the possible exception of that dumbass video with the 9 points.

>> No.73012604

But those are from AoS, which is "It's magice, deal with": the setting.

The process to create space marines at least tries to have some connection to reality.

>> No.73012606

I don't know why you fuckers whine when you know you're getting your PA in a matter of weeks

>> No.73012618

Female SCE are made by taking the Sigmar's semen - not by surgery and archeotech.

>> No.73012619

stormcasts are selected for spirit and uplifted with magic, not chosen and gene-augmented for physical prowess

if you want bigger power armored women, ask for sisters of battle in an equivalent to terminator armour

>> No.73012643

1000 seems fairly ideal

>> No.73012648

>Xenos of any kind are allowed to whine when having to wait for their stuff
>SoS, which only have a single kit are not allowed
new ork kits when?

>> No.73012651

You tell me - I see nothing ground shaking about those. It's still the very same shit - Imperium is fighting with Chaos, Xenos are doing their xenos stuff and Emp is sitting on a golden toilet.

>> No.73012653

Stormcast are literally magically reforged by a ritual devised by two gods.

>> No.73012654

probably, its hard to make a charge after you shoot because of them removing casualties.

>> No.73012656

>people arguing here about female space marines
>not wanting price decreases so you could afford them in the first place

>> No.73012668

What is with these clowns and female space marines? What would that even add to the story? "WOW FEMALE SPACE MARINES THE IMPERIUM IS SAVED!!!" No, why destroy the established lore for no reason? You freaks just want to coom and thats all, admit it.

>> No.73012670

GW prices are racist

>> No.73012678

>not wanting price decreases so you could afford them in the first place
That goes without saying anon. But that is one thing that will never happen, for certain.

>> No.73012681

The balance of power shifted towards Chaos.

>> No.73012685

>bunch of well trained and disiplined soldiers and throw them at their enemies in suicidal charges

There, the Krieg version

>> No.73012699

because theres no arguing, theres noone defending price increases

>> No.73012700

>ask for sisters of battle in an equivalent to terminator armour
I'm the one bitching about FSM the most and even I would like to at least see what they could come up for that concept. No qualms with SoB, though the new faces are very, uh...
Some of you people really would just sail the whole hobby down the River Marx if it meant a 10% discount, wouldn't you?

>> No.73012711

We have to call out this racism by GW

>> No.73012724

Amazing! Truly breathtaking! So we are getting the grand winner of 40k: the setting soon, right? No, we don't because it's just another flavour of status quo.

>> No.73012729


>> No.73012731

You hate tau because they are commies

>> No.73012733

The only reason the price are this absurdly high is due to their monopoly

>> No.73012741

Any tips for painting GSC?

Do you think I should paint neophytes with the guns off so I can better reach under them?

>> No.73012744

>The Primarch said that he is unsure that he can stop Abaddon.

>> No.73012746

>not wanting price decreases so you could afford them in the first place
You unironically believe GW will ever axe their prices? The best we can get is reboxing of an X kit into a double box with a tiny discount like they do with MESBG and AoS kits from time to time.

>> No.73012747

there's a difference between when nothing's announced and whining when you KNOW you're getting buffs soon, just stfu and wait like everyone else.

>> No.73012760

Its finally happened.
People are unironically using shit from AoS to make their arguments.

It's over boys, /tg/ has finally lost everything

>> No.73012779

You can build entire lore-friendly armies with third party kits noawadays. I guess the monopoly only works because of LGS rules against that shit.

>> No.73012782

>when youre getting buffs
But I dont want buffs, I want an unnamed HQ, and I know I wont be getting it

>> No.73012784

How does the veterans, endless cacophony interaction work. Do you get the +1 for both shots or is it some weird shit where the second shot occurs in the some post shooting between phase grey area?

>> No.73012798

Good point

>> No.73012800


Sub-assembly for painting is usually a good idea in cases like that, yea. You want to sub-assemble any time there's going to be areas blocked off by other parts of the model - oftentimes this is guns over the chest, cloaks hanging close to the body, etc.

>> No.73012801

Has anyone done gold CSM or Death Guard? Got an idea for a heavily corroded nurgle swaying CSM and wanna see some ideas before I commit.

>> No.73012808

on the one hand it looks a little small, but if the terrain recommendations are at least 2 killzones minimum for that, it's a good standard for terrain.

>> No.73012811

Hopefully, GW will use the Forge World indices that are coming with 9th and port the 30k SoS units to 40k. That would turn them into a real faction

>> No.73012817

You could literally make a silicon mold of your balls if you had the patience. It wouldn’t even hurt. You could make resin ball molds

>> No.73012819

I just want my wife to not feel rejected by the lore. There is no reason to have it all men in the lore except for you incels to maintain it as your all boys safespace

>> No.73012824

My dudes are gold-ish.

>> No.73012825

It got shattered when one magos managed to improve space marines.

>> No.73012830

>Poolacks still mad about AoS
You got pieroged Mariusz, it's time for you to accept that.

>> No.73012839

>the very existence of black people in the universe is now the bar for 'woke'

/pol/ BTFO!

>> No.73012847

Robot does not approve of this thread.
9th edition will be delayed by two months.
Know your shame

>> No.73012850

there was an anon posting his golden CSM in one of the previous threads, you'll find them eventually if you keep going back and doing ctrl+F "false idol"

>> No.73012865


>> No.73012878

>I would like to at least see what they could come up for that concept
I would imagine it as a variant of cataphractii armour, but with capes, a power-pack/missiles launcher that mimics the exorcist's organ, obligatory angular monoboob, heavy rebreathers/speakers akin to the one of their old rogue trader artwork, and the socket for the head and the shape of the shoulders having a slightly more vertical design, drawing a parallel with gothic arches

>> No.73012884 [DELETED] 

So not only is Games Workshop abandoning their core players, they're also spitting on all the white people who play their games and pay for their overpriced plastic

>> No.73012889

>Was there no way to fix it? I'm reading the 7e rulebook right now and many of those rules look fun.
In my personal opinion, 7ths base ruleset is actually pretty great, but what ruined it where powercreep/brokenness of specific codexes and units, battalions replacing/ruining an already decent armybuilding system.
Also, there were a few special rules that were pretty busted (Invisibility psychic powers; some armies having widespread access to DELETE weapons, Superheavy Walkers getting insane rules including instant model removal stomps to push the new Knight kits).

The thing is, I've been thinking about getting into 30k lately, and from what I've seen and played its actually a ton of fun; the 30k rulebook uses the 7th edition rules but with some good tweaks (removal of invisibility, for example) and more balanced army lists.

>> No.73012892

....not Xenos

>> No.73012902

okay then, still shut the fuck up. Nobody but you cares about this and it's tiring to see you piss and moan "but why is muh niche uninteresting faction not a full army!" every fucking thread. We already know they're getting rolled back into custodes. You're already getting a named character HQ alongside, which is enough to form a sisters only detachment so you can do a small sisters only army. If that ain't good enough then convert some SoB. Not all factions are meant to be full armies.

>> No.73012908


why does your wife feel rejected when female guard officers, female planitary goverers, female inquisitors, female rogue traders, the sisters of battle, and plenty of other important female figures exist?

Horse fucking shit you're married.

>> No.73012909 [DELETED] 

this has already been discussed to death, fuck off

>> No.73012911

>People were mad about 7E
>People are mad about 8E
>People will be mad about 9E
How is it possible I've never seen any attempt to make a community-based ruleset for 40k then?

>> No.73012915


>> No.73012934


we're on 4chan all most of the people here know how to do is bitch and moan.

>> No.73012937

Because people will also be mad about whatever the community puts out

People complain because they like to complain

>> No.73012946

it's easier to complain than it is to create

>> No.73012954

The fact that two of the three players in my dark heresy game haven’t sent me their backstories yet despite the game starting on Sunday

>> No.73012957

They're actually doing the exact opposite, they're claiming to be inclusive then they increase the prices so that black gamers can't afford to play. See >>73011624

>> No.73012966

Because everyone’s just going to put in rules to make their army stronger and others weaker.

>> No.73012973 [DELETED] 

HE WAS FUCKING RIGHT ALL THIS TIME >>73012830. I'm sorry mr Polishbasher for mocking you. Apparently we were raided by slavs all this time for real.

>> No.73012975

/tg/ wants to be mad, most communities outside of 4chan are excited and enthusiastic.

>> No.73012989


>> No.73012996

Nigga there’s an entirely female faction in the imperium, the dark elder and endear have entirely female warrior sects and the taus most powerful commander is a female. You’re a retarded pussy whipped faggot.

>> No.73013003

I love watching all you mother fuckers argue about female space marines when my faction has already had them for decades.

>> No.73013005 [DELETED] 

>/pol/ish spammer actually exists
What the fuck how can be /aosg/ right

>> No.73013010

Time-warp targeting systems. That or whatever the admech used to set the vacuum of space on fire

>> No.73013012 [DELETED] 

lmao, I knew you would reply to this post the second you saw Polish on the picture
pretending to be two people is pretty low though
I'm moving out, living in your shithole of a head isn't worth it even rent-free

>> No.73013016

The point is that the space marine lore goes out of its way to state that due to biology only men could become space marines, which just seems unneccesary if only to say "woman cant be space marines" just for the sake of it. Its insulting

>> No.73013026


>> No.73013028

No more politics posts. Tell me the background of /yourdudes/ leader instead.

>> No.73013031 [DELETED] 

oh, right, /pol/ the guys famous for trying to make offtopic posters shut the fuck up

>> No.73013032

Sisters really do need more than a half release. Exorcist alone don't cut it as anti tank and rule of 3 is really shit when you only have 2 hqs, one of which has a 1 per formation ruler. A survivable squad size range unit with a good vs all autocannon equivalent would fill a hole too.

>> No.73013033


horse fucking shit.

>> No.73013042

Happy Friday Khornbro

>> No.73013046

The 8th edition ending and the points shifting right after I completed my first 500 points army.

>> No.73013066


>> No.73013068

what csm legion do i paint my guys? leaning towards black legion. are there any alternate color schemes for them?

>> No.73013076


>> No.73013077

Thats like saying "Im mad I cant play Sisters of Battle because there aren't any men." That makes no sense. Play a certain thing if you want a certain look, feel, or play style. If you wanna kit bash tits on Space Marines go ahead, idgaf, just stop saying shit isn't inclusive even though you have the rest of the of GW's model range to grab from.

>> No.73013084


We aren't getting any more shit anon, we got what we are going to get for a good long time. It's done. Live with it, it's still nice and there's no reason to complain. The problems we have are the problems we've always had, its part of our identity as an army at this point. We aren't all rounders with easy answers to everything, if you want that play marines. We're hyper agressive and close range and that's fine. May not win as easily but it could be worse.

>> No.73013085

chemo isn't going well this time

>> No.73013089

And they’re beautiful

>> No.73013104

He biggest baddest ork there is

>> No.73013105

see >>73011217
hes my dad, thats all i got so far, dont even know chapter name, symbol or parent chapter

>> No.73013112

FemMarines should look literally exactly the same as normal Marines. With the amount of body modification and hormone cocktails they shove into them, the only different would be their junk and nobody's gonna check.

I don't know what it is about you, but you always phrase your posts a certain way, and always about some chaoswank nulore (sometimes tauwank for variety). Your posts are recognizable from a mile away. I spend too much time on here.

>> No.73013118

He's a Necron Lord that was forced in to leading his tomb world, as well as those nearest to it, by his royal court. He'd much rather spend his time cataloguing and taking care of the little helpers the other factions have, but the mantle of leadership is heavy, and he has to bear it alongside his as yet unnamed best broverlord. He also genuinely cares about the soldiers under his command, to the point that he specifically instructed his also as yet unnamed cryptek to keep them looking shiny and clean.

>> No.73013124


Happy Friday, here's to the weekend and hobby time.

>> No.73013134

I don't have much.

An Eldar craftworld that has a focus on warp spiders and shining spears.

I still have 2 of the 4th ed autarchs with warp spider packs to convert up.

Any ideas for why they focus on spiders and spears would be appreciated.

>> No.73013158

I watched S1 and it ended not far different from this pic, holy shit.

>> No.73013159

He's a huge fucking racist who OWNS space libTARDS with facts and logic. I call him Arminius Hitlorum and he wields a power-zweihander made entirely of melted down krieg gas masks lenses and powered by the spirit of their noble pure-blooded sacrifices.

>> No.73013161

There's this weirdly pervasive perspective that every army needs to be competent at everything all the time. Shouldn't be part of the point that different armies are strong in some ways but have their own weaknesses?

>> No.73013165


It's odd but I have lore for one of my hq's, because it's tied into the overall lore for my dudes and their general background, but not my warlord. Haven't even named them yet.

>> No.73013170

Both of those are quite good though, what are you on about?

>> No.73013174

Based lore and miniature

>> No.73013177

>false idol
You're an hero, anon. Thanks

>> No.73013184

Canoness Talian is a Canoness of the Order of the Risen Phoenix. The Order is newly founded, and Talian was one of the first Sisters inducted into their rites - she feels the weight of the future, the generations which will follow the traditions she establishes, and is doing her best to create a tradition of honoring the Emperor by purging his enemies with hatred in her heart and fire in her hands.

>> No.73013188


There's only one boss, but there is a schism in the leadership of my kult of speed.

You've got Warboss Badtredd, madcap warbiker for whom the only way for an Ork to properly live is in the seat of a vehicle flying at breakneck speeds - most of the boyz mobs and speed freeks agree. His opposite, Big Mek Gogbitz, loves grinding war machines bristling with heavy weaponry and has managed to get most of the Meks and other oddboyz under his thumb. The two are delicately balanced, as Badtredd has to deal with Gogbitz in order to keep himself and his lads on wheels, but if it were to come to a fight, Gogbitz' faction would be hopelessly outnumbered, so the Mek is content to take his maintenance tithes and share of spoils.

Enemy commanders thinking to take advantage of the split leadership end up instead stoking the competitive nature of the two leaders and end up on the receiving end of a brutal one two punch of a lightning fast assault followed by a knockout blow from heavy armor.

>> No.73013194

You based that model's face on your dad? That's pretty sweet

>> No.73013215


As a sisters player i don't think we should be strong at everything. I'm happy with what we have. The only things I would want would be maybe some options that play into our current strengths. Like giving us back Jump pack canoness from witch hunters. That was good shit. Seriously the jump canoness was legitimately better than Celestine back then.

>> No.73013216

>black templar, asked to join the deathwatch after being chosen as the emperors champion
>the warp storm hit shortly after he joined so he ended up staying for the entire indomitus crusade
>nearly died just before the crusade ended
>lack of dread sarcophaguses, so he instead went through an experimental mix of cybernetic resurrection and primarisization
>asked to join a newly formed IH primaris successor chapter as lieutenant

>> No.73013224

more or less like walking churches

>> No.73013236

I found that stormcast head in my bits and it reminded me of him, so I thought it'd be a good way to become more attached to my army, so I maybe wont switch it for once

>> No.73013252

What are yall workin on today?

literally Ra. I can post the giant blurb I wrote up if anyone cares, but the tl;dr is that he woke up early, Ancient Aliens'd the egyptians and then got mad and went back to sleep. Now he's awake again and mad the Imperium isn't recognizing their debt to him.

Viorla boy who was part of Farsight's expedition, then fucked off to do his own thing when he saw the enclaves. Now he runs Militaires Sans Frontieres in space using hit and run kroot tactics with lots of breachers and piranhas.

>> No.73013254

Zone Mortalis Tiles sold out everywhere. This is a Pain in the ass.

>> No.73013260


wait what the fuck, how does that work?

>> No.73013280

>MSF t'au
fucking based

>> No.73013281

No kidding? I'm surprised a single article had that much effect, assuming that's true.

>> No.73013298

>"It was time for Thomas to leave."
>train has Percy's face on it

The absolute state.

>> No.73013301

I thought about making a small ZM tile board with them to use with the new small table sizes, but to make a 3x4 board I'd need three full sets...and I already have a shitload of Kill Team boards

What effect?

>> No.73013305

no you didn't

>> No.73013306

Not sure if it’s really unpopular, but even though I like the Skitarii design I personally think that the entirety of the admech army should have consisted of tech-priests and servitors. No robots (leave the Legio Cybernetica in 30k to differentiate) but servitors of every shape and size for infantry/heavy infantry/fliers with heavy vehicles being replaced by high ranking techpriests who have become so augmented they’re effectively sentient baneblades

>> No.73013323

There was an article today about board sizes, with the recommended board sizes for the new official game sizes being weird multiples of 22"x30" after the Kill Team boards. Might have had an effect.

>> No.73013328

Oh no, I just need them for armies on parade.
I've been told apparently they havent re-stocked them in months, even before lockdown though.

>> No.73013331

Eh, Skitarii have been part of the lore for decades, it would've been bizarre for an admech army to NOT include them.

>> No.73013342

It’s a moral aid for the sisters and those they fight alongside.

>> No.73013349

The tiles are square feet, though...

>> No.73013351

He's totally [NOT] Alpharius

>> No.73013359

>the AdMech army shouldn't include the AdMech's core fighting troops

>> No.73013370

will there be armies on parade this year, with the whole world dying to nurgles rot? I wanted to take part for a long time, but chimped out everytime

>> No.73013372

Say a Space Marine falls into an ocean.
Will he sink to the bottom because of his armor is heavy as shit? Can his armor stand up to the pressures of ocean depths?

>> No.73013380

If a setting burns down that I was invested in I can still enjoy the old stuff but I can never again really like the setting to the same extent. I think it’s because I know that it’s not made with the same love as what I enjoyed

>> No.73013399

God I hate Chaos Space Marine lore so much, I wish they were just the space equivalent of Chaos Warriors but noooooo fucking the “award winning” Horus “daddy issues” Heresy has to fuck that up.

>> No.73013401

I think they'd sink but they can breathe underwater

>> No.73013404

Yes and to a degree yes.

>> No.73013412

Will 9E make non-horde Daemons playable? I don't want to fuck with running 120 infantry dudes to play 1000pts games.

>> No.73013420

>Will he sink to the bottom because of his armor is heavy as shit?
>Can his armor stand up to the pressures of ocean depths?
Depends on the depth but up to a certain point yes. The suits are hermetically sealed but the life support systems and tubing would eventually crumple. There is no true value because it's a made up setting without hard numbers for systems.

>> No.73013429


>> No.73013430

If Eldar get to look pretty, why not sisters?

>> No.73013444

I'm surprised that this scenario hasn't come up at least once in lore.
Oceans are pretty damn important, and you would think some focus would be put on them and how Space Marines work on them.

>> No.73013445

Aren’t daemons all about swarm tactics?

>> No.73013446

That's fanart

>> No.73013448

True, but I like servitors and what we got is completely different from Skitarii in-lore so it wouldn’t be all too much different I don’t think

>> No.73013456

Khiyadus is a tired skeletal wreck in a hulking suit of cataphractii armour, and the last captain of a nurgle aligned band of renegade space marines that through a few millennia of attrition, battlefield scavenging, and a significant amount of his men engaging in necrophagic cannibalism, have become barely distinguishable from the true death guard they were fighting. The captain, having been a hard line traditionalist of the chapter's old ways but for the chaos worship, is very sad about all of this.
Just got the bits to make/convert him, will get to work once I've gotten some more plastic glue.

>> No.73013462


>> No.73013465

Oceans don't tend to be important in 40k. With access to their aircraft, you can fly even heavy loads over water. Plus a lot of planets, like hive worlds, are just entirely ocean-less.

>> No.73013467

So basically no personality "chaos" marines that are basically livings weapons of their respective gods? I'm curious on how you'd prefer the different legions to have looked.

>> No.73013476

I mean it takes places in october, and doesnt need a lot of people. Do you really think this will still be ongoing by then?

>> No.73013490

Second wave will probably start in October and peak in November.

>> No.73013492

I know that space marines lost in the void will go into stasis and emit a rescue beacon. In one of the Horus Heresy books they fought on an ocean world and if I can't remember the comment exactly but I know that there was a remark about marines being lost to the ocean.

>> No.73013493

Im expecting the worst

>> No.73013510

Speaking about Chaoswank, I am reading the new PA book. You won't believe what just happened in there.

>> No.73013513

I've posted about him before, the leader of my ork warband Yuuagan the Weirdboy. He is a deathskull that is both incredibly lucky as well as unlucky. In every game I've played him he's peril'd and killed himself. My headcanon is that he perils and gets sent to the warp but because he's lucky he manages to pop back out after a bit. After the third time of it happening the demons remarked, "You again?" He mistook their question for the demon's name for him and decided to adopt his new "demon name".

>> No.73013514

Most of the cult legions are like that already besides their primarchs, and even then Angron doesn't give two shits about daddy issues anymore and just runs rampant on the Imperium whenever he's summoned. Red Corsairs are the same way.

>> No.73013516

>He thinks it's over
No, it's only begun

>> No.73013521

He was an ethereal tasked with guiding the effort to integrate an exodite society into the Empire and overseeing a research station in their planet. Then he got ganked by a genestealer, and he is now working to spread the hope of true unity to the rest of the Tau.

>> No.73013530

The book was Fulgrim and they literally mention having to descend to fight xenos bases underwater but don't actually narrate or elaborate on it at all, the author just casually mentions something so cool happened after a timeskip.

>> No.73013533

In war of Secrets, the Deathwing fight T'au on the sea bed.

>> No.73013544

I just wanna play with my plastic war dollies

>> No.73013552

>focus on warp spiders
I like you anon. Here’s hoping those boys get some updated sculpts soon because they’re fucking radical

>> No.73013556

do the armies for armies on parade have to be 100 percent gw or can they have 3rd party and greenstuff in em?

>> No.73013564

>completely different from Skitarii in-lore
They were only different from the skitarii depicted in titanicus that everybody constantly bring up. There were other depictions pretty in line with what we got.

>> No.73013566

Board can be whatever, terrain has to be GW

>> No.73013573

Green stuff would be ok, third party definite no no

>> No.73013589

Hit me.

>> No.73013601

For one of my CSM, there's a Primaris head on the trophy rack. I was thinking of making it some Ultramarine guy. What "rank" should it be? What' the one with the white and red stripes on them called?

>> No.73013608

What about 9th Age? I think it was a thing for a while. I would not mind a 40k ruleset fixed with the most common issues pointed out by the community and updated never again or from time to time only so you can tailor it to your needs. Still there would be a need to work with codices of all armies as well.

>> No.73013609

You might be able to sneak some 3rd party bits on there if it's not obvious that you didn't kitbash or sculpt it, but when in doubt go with greenstuff or kitbashing.

>> No.73013615

I really wish we would get one good story about aquatic combat in 40k. I understand why we don’t, but fighting for a water world would be freaking awesome to see through a 40k lens

>> No.73013623

That new bloodcrusher strat looks tasty, could run min units of troops and just slam 10+ mortal wounds into a unit every charge phase. Plus then you can charge again! It's 1 cp plus probably 2 cp to get them to deep strike, but if you can position it right, it's a lot of mortal wounds and then another charge. Clear chaff, then charge into something juicy.

>> No.73013627

Chaos Knights are infused with the souls of tortured Custodes giving them huge power boosts and forcing imperial regiments to surrender due to rules of following Custodes

>> No.73013634

The problem is that rules are written so that imperial factions are good at whatever they want to be but everyone else gets a bottom tier phil kelly build.

>> No.73013667

I was thinking of a 1k list like this:

1 Missionary
9 Repentia + Mistress
9 Repentia + Mistress
9 Repentia + Mistress
6 Arco-Flagellants
6 Arco-Flagellants
6 Crusaders
6 Death-Cult Assassins
3 Penintent Engines

On a board like that they might actually get to close combat.

>> No.73013685

>due to the rules of following Custodes

I am confused. Do the tortured souls of the Custodes exude some kind of pacification aura? Did they just forget this during the short story when the Custode had to merc some primaris going to a heretic chapter?

>> No.73013694

>I just want my wife to not feel rejected by the lore.
pussywhipped men wanting female approval and inclusion is the stockholm syndrome of our century

>> No.73013705

it's fine i like 8th

>> No.73013727

What the fuck. Hey Anon >>73011328 can you take me with you to your no-Gathering Storm bunker? Thanks.

>> No.73013732

That's kinda hilarious.

>> No.73013740

Regressives out in force today, I see. Why can't we all just be friends and enjoy the grimdark together?

>> No.73013752

nobody here actually plays 40k

>> No.73013763

Buy custodes models and attach the limbs and heads chained up to the knight

>> No.73013787

KEK, I agree with him the price is the biggest "gatekeeper" in this hobby

>> No.73013808

sexy army anon

>> No.73013816

He's a Commander from a Vior'la offshoot who's a secret Farsight sympathizer but remains on the side of the Empire because of his personal loyalty to his Sept's Ethereal, who's a rare case of an Ethereal who actually gives a shit about his people and genuinely believes in the Greater Good.

>> No.73013842

I don't understand why high prices are racist though. All kinds of people are poor, heck currently most people can't rely afford starting warhammer.

>> No.73013845

I do but I have no fucking idea how would I fix 8E without making it any shitter by accident. It's just like with MtG - I'm playing the damn game for 20 years and I'm doing quite fine in competitive games but I can't tell if a new card is good or bad for shit.

>> No.73013848

are custodes the new avatar of khaine

>> No.73013855

sounds cool, black & cream quadrants reminds me of these guys

>> No.73013859

>Always run Ruststalkers in my Admech because they look great
>Engine War makes them viable, and 9th will boost melee / shooting survivability.

Feels good man.

>> No.73013864

what do you mean by the "following custodes" bit? is the knight just using the custodes communication codes to pretend to be custards over long range vox or is it some weird aura

>> No.73013874

everything after gather storm was a horrible mistake

>> No.73013877

>formations got out of control
>eldar busted
>monstrous creatures vs vehicles/vehicles gsrbage except knights
>riptide wing

>> No.73013882

GW forcing faggy politics down my throat. I used to buy loads of their shit but my money wont be missed by them anyway

>> No.73013884

It is a lot more easy to tell what is wrong about something than creating something that is right.

It's like a broken car. Everybody can tell you it's broken and doesn't drive, but only people that understand the mechanics can fix them.

>> No.73013890 [DELETED] 

I'm sure someone will dunk on me for points but it is actually fairly common practice to keep costs for a hobby or event high in order to keep minorities out. The obvious example is a country club. Can't have those pesky minorities playing on our courses and such

>> No.73013899

How did you make that piece of terrain with bricks on the left?

>> No.73013912

I'm not saying prices are racist I am saying that prices keep a lot of people away, prices can't be racist anon, unless you charge different depending of someone's race... (well, if you are a guard player who needs infantry you are fucked but I suppose this doesn't count as race)

>> No.73013913

I made that all up for controversy and (you)s

>> No.73013921

Truly Based Iron Guard principles

>> No.73013924 [DELETED] 

is it sad that people are actually retarded enough to think that GW does this

>> No.73013926

You'll probably need to half that list with the points hike.

>> No.73013938

>you will not be missed by my wifes son

>> No.73013939


>> No.73013940

I was just playing along

>> No.73013944

you rascal

>> No.73013947

Yeah, I'm thinking that's Heresy brother

>> No.73013949

it will become the next BIG plan of Gillima'am

>> No.73013959

'Formations' which were like detachments but they specifically listed which models you had to include in them (usually to either sell a box set, or add some tax of unit nobody was buying) which granted insane bonuses that essentially broke the game. At some point they had formations with free terminators or free transports.

It sucked to play against because of how unbalanced and suck to use because it took away any agency in unity selection.

Additionally, points in general were all over the place. Power swords cost 15pt regardless of who wielded them, meanwhile things like the Wraithknight were nearly unkillable and cost less than 300 points.

>> No.73013979 [DELETED] 

It also gatekeeps plenty of whites. Minorities are typically poor because of their own decisions, and keeping a club mono-cultural/racial keeps it healthy and sustainable.

>> No.73013987

He started out his life as an Ultramarine, but after serving for many decades and being a popular candidate for Captaincy, without any open positions for it and with noble family connections on a planet where a brand new Ultramarines successor chapter was to be based, he was instead offered the position of Master of that new chapter to help them adjust and find their way.

The reason for this convoluted backstory is that as a small child the first model I ever painted, with help from the FLGS employees, was an ultramarine

>> No.73014000

I wonder if Sisters of Silence and SoB are going to become a single army, or if SoS are going to stick with Custodes.

>> No.73014005

Its a lot easier to balance 7th ed style rules when nearly all armies are just SM.

>> No.73014023 [DELETED] 

>Minorities are typically poor because of their own decisions, and keeping a club mono-cultural/racial keeps it healthy and sustainable.

Imagine being this delusional.

>> No.73014024

A man(?) of taste as well I see

>> No.73014029

3 months in lockdown and I haven't painted a single model

>> No.73014034

disformity trannies are not females despite what your god says...

>> No.73014049

I have no idea, I just inherited it.

I have a few shelves full of stuff.

>pic related is shelves 1 of 3

>> No.73014058

Black Legion is fun, I like them and Emperor's Children

>> No.73014073

Having to make up for your weaknesses using your strengths is fine, missing answers to common problems not so much.

>> No.73014074

Come to the EC

>> No.73014103

SoS really don’t belong with SoB, and although I think they work best as their own thing they’ll probably stick with the custards

>> No.73014104

I remember Mechanicun, when it was literally the only not-marine army in the game, being wildly unbalanced. The fact that they failed at balance even with two army lists will always be hialrious to me.

>> No.73014121

Holy shit this is brilliant idea. GW is racist for keeping the minorities out of the hobby by keeping the prices high so only rich white men can play this game. LOWER YOUR PRICES GW YOU GODDAMN RACIST WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

>> No.73014124

GW know that like 90% of their fanbase is and always will be straight white males. They'll do the bare minimum to appease the onions element of that fanbase, but they probably won't go much further than that.
At least, if they want to keep making money.

>> No.73014127

Honestly do I think they do it intentionally? No; they're just greedy as fuck. Same with WotC or any other large corporation. Now can we use minorities anger to get them to stop increasing prices twice in a year? Actually probably yes

>> No.73014130

Aw, you're very lucky anon. Good terrain is expensive

>> No.73014140

>THICC sexy armies
this is how you get my money

>> No.73014152

Wish Dark Angel successors were more fleshed out. Ultramarine, Blood Angels and Imperial Fists have some very famous successors, fully fleshed out with full books, characters - even rules for some, but Dark Angels never got that treatment. Consecrators, Guardians of the Covenant and Disciples of Caliban have some interesting fluff with one being possible from 30k, one being a mini-death watch but with unseen alien horrors that will drive you mad (ragdan?) and the last being super dooper marines before even Primaris were a thing.

>> No.73014154

Women are smaller and weaker than men, that other 50% of the population has nothing to offer the space marines

>> No.73014156

>stop increasing prices
your either new or delusional to think that would ever happen

>> No.73014162

Lmao onions, I meant s o y

>> No.73014177

Retweeted for the potential memery

>> No.73014183

>imperial guard player brings his 800pt brigade plus an extra battalion

>> No.73014187

Chances are dissatisfaction with one spills onto the other. It's kinda hard to enjoy yourself when you're stressing over someone. You might find it a lot more fun once you get a clear conscience.

Or maybe you legit don't like, I'm not a love expert. But I don't want the other people in here to suffer from heartbreak since I really like you guys.

>> No.73014224

And how does your wife's son feel about this?

>> No.73014235

I am new but i didn't think grim tutor would get reprinted in core 21 either. The crying of 1000 SJWs can be used for productive means even if its like herding cats

>> No.73014241

Krieg rules are cooler than normal Guard rules. I'm going to use them to make my Cadian army. Two laspistols sergeant here I come.

>> No.73014243

>A single Guardman cost 7 points

Yeah, it's not that much stuff anymore.

>> No.73014246

>I am new
well that explains why you think that would actually work

>> No.73014259

As a krieg player, some are certainly cooler but the inability to put HWTs in normal squads kind of sucks

>> No.73014272

>A single Guardman cost 7 points
Where did you hear this?

>> No.73014277

inb4 the forge index update that drops with 9th ed cucks everything you used to love about them

>> No.73014282

>no first rank fire, second rank fire

>> No.73014285

his source is his own ass. Guard will go to 5 or 6 tops. Only reason cultists are 6 is that they'll get traits or summoning

>> No.73014290

Damn look at those fuckin Akira bikes

>> No.73014306

Guardsmen already have stuff like firing twice in one phase and shooting at full BS after retreating from combat though

>> No.73014307

>he needs FRFSRF

>> No.73014321

My biggest fear. But at the same time, DKOK are FW's best selling item, so maybe there's an incentive to not fuck us over.

>> No.73014329


>> No.73014330

and they used to have that at 4pts too, the difference is that cultists are getting something new

>> No.73014334

Doesn't bother me. Support weapons are support weapons.

That'll never happen. GW would never ruin FW. Ever. Not whilst Bligh's ghost can haunt them.


>> No.73014341

>buy lightbox
>buy expensive plastic mini
>smear unthinned paint all over it
>post it online for people to look at
>don't take any of the criticism anyone gives
>ignore everyone that isn't congratulating you for almost coloring in the lines
Why do people do this

>> No.73014342


make sure you get deathriders man, deathriders kick ass.

>> No.73014343

biggest fearmongering i've seen is krieg being integrated into the mainline guard codex, and henceforth losing their unique features, just turning into a subfaction with expensive minis

>> No.73014345

>unit only has one melee weapon option
>weapon's profile has 'make twice the number of attacks
Why do this? Why not just double the attacks characteristic of the unit instead?

>> No.73014352

the thing is that FW specifically gave GW all the reigns to write their rules, and you know how incompetent GW is on a bad day. Is Cruddace or whatever that motherfucker's name was still employed?

>> No.73014360

You get more benefit if you get extra attacks elsewhere.

>> No.73014368

does any other unit have access to it? also +1 attack means +2 attacks instead if you have a strat or power for it, and vice versa for minus attacks

>> No.73014371

>DKOK are FW's best selling item
citation required and no chinese recast orders doesn't count

>> No.73014374

Yeah I don't expect that, they clearly came out saying FW's getting a new line of books. However without Bligh, the quality of those books is in question.

>> No.73014375

The weapon might be on a different model also.

>> No.73014376

What's better, Whirlwinds or Thunderfire Cannons?

>> No.73014385

I'm white and like to make my dudes white.

If I was black, I'd probably want to paint my dudes black. This is why representation is important. This is why depicting black Ultramarines or Blood Angels is important.

>> No.73014388

thunderfires, but you won't get your hands on them since marinefags buy them before you can

>> No.73014389

They're different enough that there isn't a best option, but the thunderfire has a movement strat that tends to push it over.

>> No.73014399

I paint all of my dudes white since lighter skin tones are easier to paint

>> No.73014402

cool, but we're over that topic. Post minis

>> No.73014412

For fucks sake just stop. stop baiting, stop shitting up the thread. Just fucking stop. The racists will be racists and this shit ain't stopping it it's just ruining threads.

>> No.73014429

That is actually comically bad painting for a model of that size.

>> No.73014433

That's what Reddit does, why are you surprised?

>> No.73014435

Stop, anon. You may speak this into being. Please stop.

>> No.73014438 [DELETED] 

>If I was black, I'd probably want to paint my dudes black. This is why representation is important.
Total non-sequitur but I'm sure your wife's son appreciates the sentiment.

>> No.73014442

That's pretty bad. You'd think someone would get some practice or some skill before attempting a model like that.

>> No.73014469

Does 40k have a manic pixie girl and if not, why not?

>> No.73014502

is the melee still shit? are orks going to suck still? will flamethrowers become template weapons again?

>> No.73014523

Because 40k is not TF2 for weebs

>> No.73014529

if you dont mind getting ripped in half by a prehensile multiheaded ectoplasmic tentacle cock, yes, there are

>> No.73014547

40k unlike most character multiplayer fps games doesn't need porn of the female characters to survive

>> No.73014548 [DELETED] 

Pol go, and stay go.

>> No.73014564 [DELETED] 

>tfw I play the bad guys and GW isn't interested in pozzing the evil meanies with diversity
We tried to tell you that your corpse emperor would betray you.

>> No.73014575

/mydudes/ live in a crapsack system and are barely holding on so I can run FFG's games in one place or WanG depending on players.

The Knights of Caliban are a DAngle Successor chapter, newly reinforced with Primaris Marines since they parked right the fuck off edge of the galaxy somewhere south of San Leor in a 4 planet system thats constantly dealing with Necrons, Orks, Chaos cults out the ass, Dark Eldar and Genestealer cults. One hiveworld, one forgeworld, moonsized spacehulk that orbits the outer edge of the system and then there's the infested jungle hell of a deathworld the Knights call home.

The basic plantlife is edible, but it's also extremely capable of killing the shit out of you since it's the supersized version of a Venus flytrap. Insert trees that bleed Capsicum and you get the idea on what being a lumberjack is like on this world, the upside is that the animals come pre-seasoned when you cook them.

The animal life ranges from a six legged wolf that makes the dire wolves in GoT look like puppies, upto the equivalent of kaiju that even the imperial knights on the world have a hell of a time dealing with.

The Chapter has a Trio of Fortress monasteries on each of it's two continents.

Aspirants who wish to join the chapter have to make it to one of the three mountaintops that house them. Which means making it through hundreds of miles of hell-jungle with charlie in the trees just waiting for you to blink.

aspirants who make it? Are checked for geneseed compatibility, if they're compatible? they're inducted into the chapter as scouts and their training begins. If not? they get dropped off by shuttle back to their fortified village where they're greeted as heroes. (or moved to a different village, gotta keep the population stable. Any women who make it, get dropped off with the Sisters of The Lady on the next planet over because they could really use women with balls that big.)

>> No.73014588

>Showing models on Reddit
No one who wants good constructive criticism would go there. You could dunk a model in cheap craft paint and people will still go "Amazing!". Maybe the closest thing to constructive criticism. "Looks great! Maybe you should try thinning your pai-Wait! Don't downvote me!! NOOOOOOO!!!!"

>> No.73014592

You would, you fucking snowflake.

>> No.73014593 [DELETED] 


>> No.73014605 [DELETED] 

they already did, half the traitor guard from blackstone fortress are womyn and that >>73014593

>> No.73014609


>> No.73014619

Theres not enough info yet to know what 9th will be like. However, in current 8th
>is the melee still shit?
There are a few armies that make melee good. Blood Angels as an almost pure melee army. Ork Hordes and Eldar as a mix of shooting and melee.
>are orks going to suck still?
Orks are very good right now if you pick ad choose the best stuff and have a bunch of extremely fun options if you're willing to dial back a little and aren't aiming for the absolute optimal build. They're in good shape.
>will flamethrowers become template weapons again?
No. But they might become "blast" weapons. Which would give them more hits vs. "hordes."

>> No.73014628 [DELETED] 

I don't go to pol, you're just an extremist dude.

>> No.73014638

kinda based for dangle successors

>> No.73014656

Because the manic pixie girl trope is trash

>> No.73014690

breachers and destroyers are troops, you can do it if you want.

>> No.73014698

My first model was nowhere near this bad

>> No.73014732

doesnt sound that bad.

>> No.73014747


>> No.73014782

'Waaaaaagh, Mr. Bond' is still my favorite.

>> No.73014830

>huge model
>no thunders, no suns, no stars, no strip line compositions, no checkers, no bitone schemes
>no weathering
>no battledamage
>no mud
>no contrast

>> No.73014898

YOU are trash

>> No.73014923

What part of first model don't you understand

>> No.73015024

could fromsoft make a good 40k viddygame?

>> No.73015108


>> No.73015301

Thunderfires. They have a better main gun for infantry decimation and come with techmarines

>> No.73015360

There is a lot of porn for the female characters though. Also quite a bit for the male. And some for the mushrooms

>> No.73015377

I have. It’s actually surprisingly effectively

>> No.73015512

hardass cheeky ork merzenary kapn. solds services to anyone. no restrictions. decent enough laboral ethic. his bois are elite bastards with nice gear, exotic even. been to the most distant, horrible parts of the galaxy. hes a smiling mass of gruesome,twisted, burnt, tattooed scar tissue and top of the line bioniks, even with some xeno made custom parts and all.

>> No.73016501

I am a different anon and I care to a degree, at least for them to be glad about the buffs and rolling into Custodies where they should have been from the start But engaging with someone complaining just engages them to bitch more.

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