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Post your IQ and the army you play
Custodes, 128 IQ

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Custodes, 147 IQ

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>based pol inquisitors were derided even though we were right

Now you see the error of your ways. You may redeem your sins by buying recasts.

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don't know and blood angels

>> No.73008014

orks, 17 iq

>> No.73008021

Khorne Daemons

>> No.73008035 [SPOILER] 

12 inches

>> No.73008038

What do you think the Primaris versions of Sternguard Veterans will be like?

>> No.73008041

any one else cautiously optimistic for 9th edition?

>> No.73008045

140 and Black Templars. IQ is not very useful, though.

>> No.73008046

Servants of the Abyss

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With our current gene technology sure, but we are not near as advanced as the Imperium so it is not fair to make that comparison. If you overhauled their bodies with new genetics just like you do with boys before puberty changes their body (just like for boys) then they result should be the same.

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>blood angels
pretty low

>> No.73008049

10-1000 IQ

>> No.73008052

didn't measure
deathwatch, but looking for a new one for 9th

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The hrud want you to think they're actually skaven
The skaven want you to think they're actually hrud

do not fall for the lies of the xenos

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>> No.73008067 [DELETED] 

Now they are trying to kill the Old World too

>> No.73008070

stern guards

>> No.73008074

Death Guard
BMI 40.0

>> No.73008084

Abaddon withdrew after his damaged ship made an emergency warp jump. The traitor legions took off soon after. The Ork and GSC threats were contained when their leaders were killed offscreen by Imperial assassins.

The Imperials won a Pyrrhic victory but the planet is going die anyway from the damage inflicted on it.

On the other side of the Nacumund Gauntlet, the second half of Abaddon's fleet led by the Planet Killer is going for Sangua Terra.

If Sangua Terra falls, then that would make the Imperial victory on Vigilus meaningless.

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is the horus heresy series canon?

>> No.73008095

The exact same as vanguard vets with master crafted power swords and storm shields with an extra attack and wound but with no other options because fuck customization I guess, it's not like it's a defining factor of space marines or anything.

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Custodes, 133 (As tested by Mensa practice test online so take that accuracy for what you will)

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the hrud were never skaven-like, they simply have a tail, at best
also hrud are creations of the old ones, skaven aren't

>> No.73008110

The new logo fucking sucks lol

>> No.73008111

Genestealer cults, Size 14 UK.

>> No.73008120

Shit you meant sternguard, there won't be any because both intercessors and hellblasters stole their role and do it better than them.

>> No.73008122

Does it matter? Space marine players will slurp up whatever GW shits out

>> No.73008123

107 Iron Warriors

>> No.73008127

To Horus heresy maybe, this is 40k

>> No.73008128

monopose and no wargear options
+1w +1t -1ap on powersword

>> No.73008131

>If Sangua Terra falls, then that would make the Imperial victory on Vigilus meaningless.
why even fight for vigilus then?

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Based tranny-Janny from sigmarxism

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>[Open] [Open] [Embed]

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Dubs decides my Leviathan Dreadnought loadout for my Death Guard

>> No.73008148

>something has been doing it's job just fine for 22 years and has become an icon
>hey let's change it!
This is never good.

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What are they talking about?

>> No.73008163

Literally every Primaris unit except some characters have some amount of customization. The starter box monopose versions of the unit arent the full Codex version.

>> No.73008165

Although looking at it I only now realize the previous logo was an aquilla.

>> No.73008169

only the parts I like

homebrew has always been the way
just like /your dudes/, convertmore and best party

>> No.73008183

With what little info they dripfed us yes. But we're still missing a lot
>how different will armies be in 9th?
>how are armies going to built?
>how will WAACfags abuse the fuck out of everything?

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They are questioning the captain why he has to attach a skeleton to the shield if it comes off the first minute of the battle every single time.

>> No.73008189

>overhaul someone's body to make them men
>then turn them into custodes
>because apparently it's so hard to find candidates to become custodes

It really is just about being able to say they're women, isn't it? People don't actually care what they look like or anything like that. They'd be happy if GW just said half of all Orks are female. They'd clap and then start complaining about them all being green, stereotypes, etc. There's no substance behind these demands other than "because I wanna!"

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Its tradition dumb faggot.

>> No.73008192

Double Claw ez.

>> No.73008198 [DELETED] 

Protip: plane mode on, plane mode off, and the Janny keeps on seething

>> No.73008208

That doesn’t mean they won’t release a kit though. If the Primarus releases have shown me anything, GW will produce new kits that do things three units already do.

>> No.73008210

What's a way to make "female" T'au? I wanna fuck with the T'au player at my store. GS boobplate on firewarriors?

>> No.73008212

Primairs "customization" is embarrasing. Not just compared to what marines have had for decades, but even compared to most other factions outside of Eldar.

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>> No.73008229 [DELETED] 

Stop posting off topic fucking garbage here faggot. No one cares about the Old World, thisbis the 40k thread. I'm glad your worthless fucking game is dead. Go bitch in the age of sigmar general.

>> No.73008235

Imperial Fists

>> No.73008238

>How stupid does this Sound?
1 full platoon cadians, 1 full platoon catachans, 1 full platoon Armageddon guys, 1 command squad tempestus scions with maybe a single platoon thrown in and if I can get my hands on them, platoons of Krieg.

Since when does forgeworld no longer sell Elysians and others except for Krieg?

>> No.73008242 [DELETED] 

What did Tony Cottrell do that got them so mad

>> No.73008250

Why not 1 drill tho

>> No.73008252

But they literally can't. Sternguard are tacticals with improved boltguns that can equip the whole squad with any special or heavy weapon. Intercessors already have improved boltguns and hellblasters already make every special and heavy weapon irrelevant.

>> No.73008255

Why would that fuck with a Tau player? They have females in their army.

>> No.73008258

Abaddon cut his force is half and sent each of the parts to one of the planets.

Unknown to the Imperials but known to Abaddon, there are Blackstone pillars/needles beneath the surface of both planets. These things work in tandem to keep the Nacumund Gauntlet open. If the pylons in one of the planets are destroyed, then the Gauntlet shuts and the northern part of the Imperium is isolated for good hastening the doom of the Imperium.

Abaddon attacked both planets to increase the odds of his victory. If one attack failed, the other one might succeed. He only needs one planet to fall to win.

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I 'member

>> No.73008261


Dark Angels

>> No.73008267 [DELETED] 

>implying he even played WFB
BEN VACKHOV is a CROSSDRESSING secondary who played vermintide once (the video game not the board game from around 2008) and crowned himself king of the grognards
even though he's like 17 and wears his mom's underwear.

>> No.73008270

For my Imperial Fists? Yes
For my WB and Daemons? No

>> No.73008271 [DELETED] 

I'm glad GW is definitely telling poltards and right wing retards to fuck off finally. They really have had a stranglehold on the hobby for too long. Now that 40k is going mainstream it's time to clean house.

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119 IQ (Actual test was taken btw)
Imperial Guard

>> No.73008277

Adeptus Mechanicus

>> No.73008278

>3-5 full platoons of different guard
do you even have enough command points for that in 9th?

>> No.73008279

drill and grav flux

>> No.73008281 [DELETED] 

"We will continue to diversify the cast of characters."

>> No.73008285

Heres a BADASS way to have an all female tau force
>put helmets on all of them
>say they're female
Boom now your going to be doing some epic trolling broski

>> No.73008287

>>how are armies going to built?
detachments still,but detachment limits are now tied to points size while also being mandatory not just recommended and cost command points

>> No.73008289 [DELETED] 

>"Escher are exotic and vindictive because they're women".

-Tony Cottrell, head of Forge World.

>> No.73008296 [DELETED] 

/pol/ is always right.

>> No.73008301 [DELETED] 

Sounds like a threat.

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>> No.73008308 [DELETED] 

It is

>> No.73008311

Hell, if I know.

>> No.73008313

That would be literally illegal to build in 9th even at 3000 points lol. Cool for apocalypse though.

>> No.73008314

lmao somebody make one of those nazi "they took this from you" memes but with the old logo

>> No.73008317

reminder that dubs has the same chance in happening per 100 posts as you literally just asking for a specific single digit number between 0-9
just fucking do that the next time instead of baiting for replies and never get an answer
also dual melta-lance or whatever the chaos equivalent is called

>> No.73008326

Oh, I didn't know. I guess that idea is down the drain.

Well out of morbid curiosity, if I wanted to do that anyways, how would I go about making it physically obvious?

No shit?
I was gonna make it plainly obvious as a joke. If I do the reasonable thing, like you said, that ruins the joke.

>> No.73008331

Do sports exist in 40k? Fuck, do toys exist in 40k?

>> No.73008332

Jesus is that nocturne a transfer or freehand?

>> No.73008344

Used to be 154, but booze has brought it way lower.
Emperor's Children.

>> No.73008346 [DELETED] 

Why my post including an official statement from GW was deleted?

>> No.73008354

Yes and yes. It's a very big galaxy.

>> No.73008355

>Ben is a crossdressing 17 year old that wears his mom's underwear
I hate that this is all confirmed

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>> No.73008362 [DELETED] 

>this is the guy calling you soiboy online

>> No.73008365

Looks like the one from the 30k transfer.

>> No.73008371

152 Farsight Enclaves

>> No.73008380 [DELETED] 

GW decided to add politics to 40k with this comment, why isn't think allowed to be discussed in a 40k thread?

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>> No.73008383

Nonsense, bling up some Intercessors, give them “Special issue bolt rifles” with even more AP and Hellfire rounds and an extra attack, sell in a box of 3. We’ll call ‘em Inflectors.

>> No.73008384

Your misconception is that you are turning them into men, Custodes and space marines are not men they are genetic freaks. What makes men and women biologically different aside from sex organs is hormone balance. If you manually re-balance this hormone distributions before puberty causes permanent physical changes on a large scale you can meld someones body into however masculine or feminine you want especially if you are also chaining their genetics. I would not consider Space Marines or Custodes or anyone who is completely overhauled by genetic therapy before puberty A man or a Women, they just do not fit into those categories anymore because they are hardly the same species as us anymore. Also doubling their potential candidates is a clear advantage for the Imperium and gives them even more ability to raise standards to make better custodes because the higher potential pool of bodies.

>> No.73008388

Death Guard, probably 80 idk

>> No.73008389

Pretty bad recast dude

>> No.73008397

It's impossible to call me a soiboy online.

>> No.73008400

That's preposterous and I hate it, which means they'll probably do it.

>> No.73008409 [DELETED] 

If it isn't in a rulebook it isn't in 40k, but since you're a secondary I know you don't know that.

>> No.73008410

Says you. Primaris tanks are a sin to look at, I refuse to acknowledge them when the Land Raider is right there. Phobos Marines are equally awful.

>> No.73008429

>Primaris tanks are a sin to look at, I refuse to acknowledge them when the Land Raider is right there.
They know, that's why they don't let primaris use any of the old vehicles and why they are putting them into legends.

>> No.73008432

How about we just put - /pol/ discussion not allowed and something about being fucking reported up in the op next thread?

>> No.73008433

How Chaos should work for 9th edition:
>Make separate codexes for the 4 different gods. Each God has the CSM legions and Daemons aligned with that God, like what AOS does
>Have another Codex for Chaos Undivided. This gives you access to, Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers etc as well as certain non-named character units from the God aligned forces
>Other chaos forces like Chaos Knights and the potential Dark Mechanicus can be their own books

>> No.73008439

Primaris tanks are just Land Raiders with turrets though.

>> No.73008442

it's a post by the company talking about future plans for the setting, how is that not worth discussing
post your models before claiming others are secondary

>> No.73008444

ur a soiboy

>> No.73008445

It's against the rules to announce reports and it'd just encourage them anyway

>> No.73008467

They are land raiders if you took everything that looks good about them and just kept the general shape, then slapped every square inch of their surface with shit.

>> No.73008469

>Also doubling their potential candidates is a clear advantage for the Imperium
No it isnt. There are only 10,000 Custodes period. They have millions more candidates than they could ever possibly need. That's like saying the Imperium needs a new pair of shoes, but they have a nearly endless warehouse to choose from of every possible mens style shoe in existence, and you go "wow they could really use another warehouse mostly full of useless garbage high heels"

>> No.73008471


>> No.73008474 [DELETED] 

That’s such a piss poor argument, but I know this is bait.

Also mods and jannies are absolute fags.

>> No.73008480

Not really an answer to your question but there is a rich guy in the Bequin book who has a soviet rocketship toy as part of his collection of old terran artifacts

>> No.73008482

I am not a soiboy I am a chad. I collect Thousand Sons.

>> No.73008487

What are some good allies for chaos daemons?

>> No.73008503

Probably not gonna happen.

>> No.73008508

chaos space marine sorcerers

>> No.73008509

Grey knights.

>> No.73008512 [DELETED] 

Aut, the bigger the pool of candidates the higher your standards can be so even if you are only choosing 1 new one in a specific pulling you still have a higher chance of getting a better candidate.
Can you explain how it is a piss poor argument? I think I explained it pretty well and do not see any glaring flaws.

>> No.73008516

>an army in which their own posterboys are irrelevant because they got replaced by overpowered birdmen from a different game system
the most cucked army of all

>> No.73008527

OP here, I considered it but came to my senses, it wouldn't help at all. /pol/shitters gonna shit. Just report them anyway silently.

>> No.73008535

How long until we get 40k Skaven?

>> No.73008537

What do you all think is coming after Primaris and Necrons? I'm guessing a Chaos release, hopefully either Emperor's Children or Plastic Traitor Guard

>> No.73008538

>Instead of Death Guard, Thousand Sons etc, it's ALL aligned legions for that Pantheon
Make this work like chapter tactics and its perfect. So if you're playing Nurgle you could use Death Guard, The Purge, or any other Nurgle aligned legion

>> No.73008540 [DELETED] 

you will not be missed (they wont forget you). you will not be missed (they wont remember you).

funny... its like pottery. it rhymes.

>> No.73008542

Just finished basing my boys. How's your hobby going anon?

>> No.73008550

The shape is the main thing about them. They're huge tanks.

>> No.73008551

It's sad that AoS chaos got a much better treatment than 40k chaos
>Each god has their own codex
>There's a codex for undivided chaos that can also mark themselves and be taken in any god army
>Daemons are divided into their respective gods, but you can just play general Chaos and bring all daemons if you want

>> No.73008555

Never ever. Hrud arent even skaven, they're weird accordion limb alien bugmen. Now fuck off.

>> No.73008569 [DELETED] 

When the fuck are we finally getting female space Marines?

All the have to do is Call + new head options. Then it's done. Make a new intercessor box that had all female head sculpts, then sell female head sculpts upgraded until the are ready to release new kits with female heads. Grognards and poltards can keep your all male manlet loser Marines because no one cares about them anyway.

>> No.73008574

Ahriman and two Tzeentch Daemon Princes.

>> No.73008579

According to GW: never

>> No.73008580

World Eaters end of this year.

>> No.73008589

That'd be a good change so it won't happen.

>> No.73008593

The moment you remove the treads and the side sponsons it stops looking like an imperial tank. The moment you remove the front hatch and put a turret on top it stops looking like a land raider.

>> No.73008601

Kill yourself

>> No.73008604

Officially declared never by GW themselves. You got Sisters of Battle.

>> No.73008610

They look super clean, but why aren't the gun barrels drilled?

>> No.73008612

just ordered my first models, CSM troops with Noize Marine stuff to convert them. A little worried that converting might be difficult since one is plastic and one is resin

>> No.73008613

I agree. And give me my damn Emperor's Children codex and plastic models already GW

>> No.73008629

I forget which book but there is a guy who makes models of imperial titans to sell as toys.

>> No.73008631

How do people feel about the new recommended board size? It looks like a buff to Melee to me.

>> No.73008639

This information is out of date and never accurate to begin with. Tzaangors are a proud 40K unit from the Rogue Trader games, not that a non-grog like yourself was even alive back then. Furthermore, Rubrics are great units now. Exalted Sorcerers are excellent units. Ahriman is probably the best unit in the game for his points. Thousand Sons are the absolute chads of 40K. They hover around not even touching the ground and delete Space Wolves with mortal wounds the likes of which you have never seen.

>> No.73008645

It's minimum board size, people will still play on the same boards as before

>> No.73008648

Raising prices on their gay plastic soldiers

>> No.73008650

Death Guard
At least 7

>> No.73008651

It's the recommended minimum size, most people will continue to play with the same larger size.

>> No.73008660

Not a fan that they didn’t just stay with 48 for the short side.

>> No.73008661


>> No.73008662

I'm waiting on a finecast Lord and Cryptek, as well as a box of 3 plastic destroyers to arrive from this online store in canada. I hope it gets here soon, I need something to distract me from learning guitar.

>> No.73008663 [DELETED] 

Not to get too political, but clearly GW is changing their tune. Even many employees and authors want it. It's just like when blizzards said "we'll never make vanilla WoW" and eventually they caved because fans wanted it. And the majority of fans want female space Marines.

>> No.73008668

Because I don't own a pin vise, but I'll probably get one fairly soon when lockdown's over

>> No.73008678

>majority of fans want female space marines
Not true at all

>> No.73008679

>And the majority of fans want female space Marines.

>> No.73008681

>don’t let Primarus use the old vehicles
This was always stupid. You’re telling me they don’t use rhinos? Doesn’t Mars make rhinos? They don’t go in Land Raiders? Is it Ogryn DNA? Instead they use a brand new line of vehicles which I assume Cawl also had in a shed.
My big damage is they’re skimmers. Who still has treads? IG and Orkz? CSC if they steal? Sisters? Meanwhile Tau, all Eldar, Necrons, and now Marines fly now. Maybe they’re just avoiding having to imagine how the treads work, Old russets had full tread Systems modeled. Crud is hoarding the Treadheads.

>> No.73008682

>The majority of fans want female sp-
Kill yourself

>> No.73008694

I might use it if only because it frees up space on my board to put models and not have to worry about needing to move them

>> No.73008700

Just kitbash them right now with Stormcast heads or Female Guard heads.

>> No.73008704

>And the majority of fans want female space Marines.

>> No.73008709

They're essentially the same shit.

>> No.73008712

its raining so I have nice background sound to my music
also Im having high hopes of finishing my captainlet today
>drill your barrels

>> No.73008722

>Bro that is nothing like a Skaven

>> No.73008725

>still replying to this weak coomer bait fucking 9 months down the road
Jesus you people are just making fools of yourselves

>> No.73008726


>> No.73008727

Yes changing their tune about space marine players being dipshits
>alright heres a bunch of female only factions
>durr but they not space marines
If anything this is probably causing the company to resent its customers

>> No.73008735

IQ: Cancer
Favorite number: 8

>> No.73008736

Some of the big tournaments already announced they will switch to the new size. I think it will filter back to the general player base.

>> No.73008738

If I want shooting, I need to take the Gunwagon over the Battlewagon, right? And if I want to suicide it, I want the Bonebreaka?

>> No.73008739


>> No.73008744

Are the Necron models we see gender neutral? All the name characters are male but I dont know how Necron society viewed women.

>> No.73008745

just report and move on, don't respond to them.

>> No.73008747

>The moment you remove the treads and the side sponsons it stops looking like an imperial tank
Land Raiders are the only Imperial tank with mandatory side sponsons. Most Imperial tanks don't have them, and other ones that do are optional. In any case, there is no unified Imperial tank look. Space Marine tanks don't look like Guard tanks at all.

>The moment you remove the front hatch and put a turret on top it stops looking like a land raider.
It does look like a Land Raider though. You're so mad about something that you're talking nonsense. We both know it looks like a Land Raider. I don't respect you or your opinion when you deny the obvious.

>> No.73008748

>but clearly GW is changing their tune
No they're clearly not, this was stated recently. Their push to include Sisters more in the promotional material IS the fill in for female Marines. They're basically the same thing. They won't release female Marines because that would be directly competing with their sales of Sisters which they just invested a ton of money in giving a complete range overhaul of new plastics. Period end of story.

>> No.73008750 [DELETED] 

IT's really fucked up and keeps blacks out of the hobby. Systematic oppression makes it so they don't have the money to afford making an army.
I think the prices should go down, show that GW cares about the black community and wants them to become a part of the hobby
I think the best way to do this without raping the lore is to bring in the missing 2 primarchs as women. It'd show that women are equal to men, of course they'd have to do some really cool stuff like taking out 3 nid hive fleets at once to show they're just as capable as the male primarchs

>> No.73008751 [DELETED] 

You all really dont think 4chan and ArchWarhammers comment sections are representative of the Majority of 40k fans right?

>> No.73008756

Source on that being a hrud?

>> No.73008760

Except RT had good marines. 9th just has primaris.

>> No.73008761

Give me one reason why you want them so badly that doesn't involve the "because it's [insert year here]" argument or a variation of it.

>> No.73008772

I remember people being mad because a Blood Angel painted models.

>> No.73008773 [DELETED] 

You people need to get off 4chan lmao. This place filled with grogs and poltards does not represent the fandom. Vast majority of people when you ask are cool with female space Marines or estatic. With Cawl there is no BS about lore breaking anymore, there is no excuse to not have them.

>> No.73008774

I would be ok with this especially since they removed being able to hold enemy tanks hostage

>> No.73008780

Hopefully blinged out Breachers, or Destroyers.

>> No.73008781

>Tau players when I make my stuff -2 to hit

>> No.73008782

>And the majority of fans want female space Marines.
Even as a leftist who applauds GWs recent statement on inclusion that BTFO all the /pol/cunts, you're wrong. I dont want female Marines ever. Most fans don't.

>> No.73008786

What kind of mindset must you have to think that those are "essentially the same"?

>> No.73008787

You really dont think Facebook gay groups and sigmarxism are representative of the Majority of 40k fans right?

>> No.73008789


>> No.73008792

Build a table with a shelf around it for miniatures, dice, etc.

>> No.73008793

Anon the point is that repulsors have ALL of those changes at the same time. It only has the general shape of the chassis in common with a land raider.

>> No.73008795

143 when I was last tested like 12 years ago.

Knight/AdMech/Marine/Inq nonsense army because I'm too anxious to actually play so I just paint what's fun.

>> No.73008802

>I think the best way to do this without raping the lore is to bring in the missing 2 primarchs as women
No, that would be the worst way to do it. The missing Primarchs are dead, supposed to be a mystery that is never revealed, were spoken of as brothers, and all of their marines were male too.

>> No.73008808

>Highest legitimate IQ plays Tau
Was there ever any doubt?

>> No.73008810

6 and Slaanesh approves it

>> No.73008814 [DELETED] 

What's stopping you from buying female heads so you can have tranny marines?
Do you want GW to do it for you, so that they can show submission and admit defeat before your woke agenda and the tranny mafia? Because that's what it sounds like.

>> No.73008815

Necrons have distinctions between men and women, it's just hard for us to tell because they're all skeletons

>> No.73008816

Space marines, then get rid of the daemons

>> No.73008819

>tfw i will never own a cozy warhammer basement.

>> No.73008821

You saw the 9th editi-
Oh nevermind you're a retard

>> No.73008826

admech 9000+

>> No.73008828

>essentially the same
How many dicks do you have in your eyes

>> No.73008829 [DELETED] 

There is a strong overlap between Space marine players and poltards, especially the kinds that cling to their shitty manlet models and hate primaris.

>> No.73008838

>Fuck over my short friend that already has trouble reaching the center of the table without a stool
Would be funny

>> No.73008842

They're both an aquila with "Warhammer 40,000" written on it. The only differences are the exact shape of the aquila and the color scheme.

>> No.73008852

Even reddit (the largest of 40k online communities) doesn't like the idea

>> No.73008853

You don't need an overhaul, you literally just need head options

>> No.73008858

No but they probably make up more than the ones I mentioned desu

>> No.73008864

Kill yourself
Based GW gatekeeping you faggots with high prices

>> No.73008868

The Horus Heresy was never supposed to be expanded on, but it was.
Stop wanting to keep the primarchs and space marines male only you incel, there should be women of equal power and status in the IoM.
It's a great way to bring women into the hobby and wouldn't break canon.

>> No.73008870

theyre going to rez Captain Tycho from his golden coffin. You heard it here first.

>> No.73008872 [DELETED] 

If the past two primarchs came back as women and did a bunch of badass shit I might actually squeel with joy.

>> No.73008877

>-2 to hit
>9th edition

>> No.73008886

You need to stop erasing Sisters of Battle.

>> No.73008894

69 Slaanesh
>falls into a pyramid scheme

>> No.73008895

High ranking necrons kept their gender like they kept other aspects of their personalities/the beings they used to be. Lower ranking ones got it all wiped out because they're meant to be mindless cannon fodder.
The Maynarkh dynasty is led by a female necron

>> No.73008896

"These glyphs bear the heraldic designs and colouration of numerous Necron dynasties; some are minor, some very powerful, but all, Szeras knows, have accepted the mastery of his patron. All do that being’s will."
So did the Stormlord bend the knee?

>> No.73008897

It explicitly breaks canon, I have a gf and she's already into the hobby and didnt need female Marines to do it, and you are a retard.

>> No.73008900

>The only differences are the exact shape of the aquila and the color scheme.
Uh those are kind of a fucking huge difference you fucking imbecile
absolute retard

>> No.73008902


>> No.73008905

Stop being secondary faggots, post your fucking models

>> No.73008906

So I started making my CSM troops and I realized that the meltagun dude would be better suited as the champion of his unit. The problem is that now I need to find a melee weapon that both looks cool AND will fit on him, since both hands are on the gun. What should I do?

Off the top of my head, I could snip the hand off of the power Maul and just stick it up next to his backpack so it looks like he's got it sheathed there. I'd have to face him looking forward so it would be visible and clear, but then you don't see much of the paintjob from this angle. Should I even bother modelling him with a melee weapon since now I could kinda just say he has whatever?

>> No.73008922

Not to mention that necrons below a certain rank have little to no memory of their original forms and who they were before transference.

>> No.73008924

I'm a woman and I don't want female space marines. What would be the point?

>> No.73008926 [DELETED] 

If you're really for inclusion like you claim and not some pol larper then what's you're fucking issue with female space Marines? There is no good lore reason anymore why it can't be done with Cawl. Why exclude them? It doesn't make any sense unless you have some axe to grind with women.

>> No.73008927

that was never called hrud

>> No.73008928

I hope not. Standing up to Quiet Szarekh is about the only thing that will actually make him interesting.

>> No.73008930

Necrons always unite against a greater threat, chaos right now is THE threat and the Sautekh have been fighting a costly war of attrition against daemons since part of their empire is in the maledictum

>> No.73008933

>post your fucking models
Why would a non-attention whore do this?

>> No.73008936

champions can't take meltaguns, just combi-meltas

>> No.73008938 [DELETED] 

Not only could we get another kick ass story like the Horus Heresy, but we'd also gain a massive amount of new female players
stop lying incel

>> No.73008941

>Vast majority of people when you ask are cool with female space Marines
No they arent, and again I say this as someone who hates the /pol/tard invasion and kindly invites them to fuck off forever now that GW has explicitly stated they wont be missed.

But female Space Marines is lore breaking, theme breaking, pointless and stupid, and negates the entire point and premise of Sisters of Battle.

>> No.73008943

Current WIP

>> No.73008951 [DELETED] 

Left wingers are the majority of the 40k fandom. Sigmarxism makes up a larger chunck of the 40k fandom than any right wing echo chamber.

>> No.73008953

Would but I'm at work

>> No.73008954

Because I like the all male space marine and all female sisters of battle dichotomy, it helps keep the religious themes of 40k with the all male monks and the all female nuns (but both have guns)

>> No.73008956

>>falls into a pyramid scheme
Notice how I said Practice test, you really think anyone with a double digit IQ would pay for an IQ test anyways?

>> No.73008958

>than the ones I mentioned desu
which aren't the only ones who don't want female space marines

>> No.73008960

post yours first

>> No.73008962

So /pol/ is falseflagging because we won't let them shit up the thread their normal way, right?

>> No.73008971

Newfaggot here, having a hell of a time picking an army and color scheme. I think I want to do space marines because I like the way they look. I like the Ultramarines color scheme a lot but doing my own thing seems fun too. No idea what to start with though I don't want to end up with something gross looking. Chaos SM also seem cool I like the idea of painting them like the Alpha Legion but I don't really like any of the deamons? So not sure if Chaos is a good idea. Would appreciate any suggestions

>> No.73008976

Yes, GW should do it to make it canon. If they care about inclusion then they have no excuse.

>> No.73008977

That would be nice as well, though my money's on EC since theres been a bunch of teasers to them in a bunch of the Psychic Awakening books.

>> No.73008981

>if you don't agree with me then YOU'RE the problem

>> No.73008982 [DELETED] 

Stop samefagging, retard

>> No.73008983

Holy fuck you guys will use any excuse to bring up pol

>> No.73008987 [DELETED] 

they are neither the numerical nor the vocal majority, only the one that think themselves so

>> No.73008989

see >>73008712

>> No.73008991

Yeah, but I realized he'd fit after I already glued him together. I'll just say it's a combi. Worst case scenario I'll take a Bolter and glue it on the side.

But what about the melee weapon issue?

>> No.73008992


>> No.73008994

>There is no good lore reason anymore why it can't be done with Cawl
Yes there is, Cawl cant just do whatever the fuck he wants, but more importantly, why would he spend time trying to fit this square peg in a round hole when it gives utterly no benefit? In an out of universe sense, why would GW do this when it tramples on Sisters of Battles unique theme AND pisses off a huge component of the marine player base for fucking with a ton of lore and aesthetic?

>> No.73008996

>Not only could we get another kick ass story like the Horus Heresy, but we'd also gain a massive amount of new female players
You can stop now. Your baiting went too far. Nobody with a brain would call the HH series good.

>> No.73008998

and the ones you mentioned are not the only ones who do, why are you still going silly goose?

>> No.73009001

I've seen this brought up on reddit and everyone was in favor of it. You're wrong.

>> No.73009012

>Your misconception is that you are turning them into men

If you are physiologically changing their bodies to work with the treatments to get the same results, how different are they gonna be in the end?

>What makes men and women biologically different aside from sex organs is hormone balance.

And, you know, body structure, genetic makeup, etc.

>I would not consider Space Marines or Custodes or anyone who is completely overhauled by genetic therapy before puberty A man or a Women

So why the cry for female Marines and Custodes? Just because one line somewhere says they're recruited from men and it causes people to get triggered?

>Also doubling their potential candidates is a clear advantage for the Imperium and gives them even more ability to raise standards to make better custodes because the higher potential pool of bodies.

Do you have a single line of lore that says Custodes and Marines have a hard time finding candidates? Manpower is the one thing Imperium is not in the short supply of. More often than not it's the lack of equipment that's keeping them down.

>> No.73009014

Classic secondary excuse

>> No.73009015


>> No.73009018

It can be done well but we have all seen what GW thinks females look like...

>> No.73009022

Damn... Female Space Marines look like THAT?

>> No.73009024

You seem unreasonably angry over a logo that has changed to a similar degree two other times in the course of the game's history.

Enjoy your ulcer and/or coronary heart disease.

>> No.73009025

> you really think anyone with a double digit IQ
would pay for an IQ test anyways?
Yes and no, iq test are meant for children anyways.
It's a subscription btw, pyramid schemes don't work if you don't milk the user base as much as possible

>> No.73009034

Go on, give me a reason.

>> No.73009035 [DELETED] 

>arch warhammer: 220k subscribers
>sigmarxism: 10k redditors

>> No.73009038

Reminder: The Tau are the only "Good" race in the setting and the Imperium is not good just because it opposes Chaos

>> No.73009039 [DELETED] 

That's a conversation with me an another anon, i'm 2 of those posts and never tried to hide that.
Learn what your buzzwords mean, context is important.
The HH got a lot of people into 40k and is considered to have started off great. Sorry if you don't like the idea of equal representation but female primarchs doesn't break the lore

>> No.73009040

You sound like a 33 year old virgin who has never interacted with a female pretending to be a female
Just stop

>> No.73009042

As a male player I would like to have more female characters because they're fun to look at

>> No.73009054

Yeah it's pretty obvious, especially since the false flagging started immediately after all his other posts got deleted

>> No.73009055

I don't like those clear supports at all, they seem really fragile. Have you had any issues with them, anon?

>> No.73009056

It's not lore breaking when you have Cawl. And the themes were garbo and irrelevant anyway. Using "muh lore" as a justification to exclude certain groups is a fallacy and you know it.

>> No.73009057

Cool. You wouldn't want them to be Space Marines though because they would literally be indistinguishable from men.

>> No.73009059


>> No.73009069 [DELETED] 

>Warhammer 40,000 General 120 posters (according to last finished thread)
>Sigmarxism: 10k Redditors
Um... Bros???

>> No.73009072

The religious themes are boring and cringe anyway. GW needs to move away from that shit, ground 40k into some more contemporary sci-fi themes

>> No.73009075

Can't be afraid of manface when necrons have no face

>> No.73009081

I don't want women in the hobby

>> No.73009082

>And the themes were garbo and irrelevant anyway
So you admit you dont even like Space Marines?

>> No.73009083

So bike chaplain was moved to legends but bike captain is still legal? Why? They both have no model on GW store afaik.

>> No.73009094

>Posts >1 minute apart
>Doesn't post screencap
A shitty samefag is still a samefag
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're 90% of your contrarians, too

>> No.73009096

If all the major Necron dynasties are united then I would maybe say that they could be taken as a serious threat unlike the cartoon villain of the day GW used for them in the past.

No one ever thought Cadia would ever fall (not that it did much really to the game state as a whole) and they pulled that so stranger things could happen.

>> No.73009097 [DELETED] 

Keep believing that, GW doesn't seem to agree

>> No.73009102 [DELETED] 

Nobody has ever argued that /40kg/ represents the majority of the hobby
There are dozens of other franchises for contemporary themes

>> No.73009103

>> No.73009106

Sisters. IQ too high to count, might be in the realm of theoretical numbers like 20 or even 30.

>> No.73009109

Nah primaris can still do sternguard better than regular sternguard if they get sternguard ammo

>> No.73009112 [DELETED] 

"We painted some of our models black, we support PoC!"

"Reduce the cost so the under-privileged can afford to play then"

"N-No, not like that.."

>> No.73009117 [DELETED] 

*carves swastika on forehead*
Arch Warhammer bros... It's time... Time to cleanse this world from the libcuck xeno players...

>> No.73009118 [DELETED] 

This "female marines" faggot is clearly and obviously just baiting, stop responding.

>> No.73009119 [DELETED] 

What if they cloned Kurze using some assasin DNA making him a her now.
Anon i'm a coomer not a some /pol/tard, stop being so obsessed

>> No.73009120

>It's not lore breaking when you have Cawl.
Cawl didn't break any lore though. Why would he start now?

>> No.73009122

>As a
what a homo

>> No.73009126

Any non traditional colour scheme ideas? I like the original and will likely go for it mostly but am wondering about any ideas for the grey armour being different, certain cloth colours etc. Skin colours too?

>> No.73009128

>Nobody has ever argued that /40kg/ represents the majority of the hobby
Either read the comment chain or don't reply

>> No.73009129 [DELETED] 

>What are lurkers?

>> No.73009131

White Scars.
Oh fuck off. people like 40k because it's Gothic space fantasy.

>> No.73009133

Greenstuff tig ol biddies
Chop the legs off and GS in more hip and ass when reattaching

>> No.73009134

Cute sister if silence, anon

>> No.73009136 [DELETED] 

>Secondaries STILL bitching about prices
Stay gatekept by BASED GW
>b-but they said they don't like nazis!
Actions > words, and BASED GW keeps you fags OUT

>> No.73009145

orks 250 IQ

>> No.73009151 [DELETED] 

These can be edited easily but here ya go

>> No.73009153


>> No.73009157


>> No.73009158

Green/Yellow/Orange tinted armor will look good with the purple and pink skin (not too bold of course but hints of those colors

>> No.73009164

Go Brotherhood of Nod.

>Peace through Power!

>> No.73009168

While he didn't "break" lore, he was essentially an asspull to have a legion's worth of "Marine +1"'s.

>> No.73009169 [DELETED] 

I wasn't bitching about it, senpai, I was pointing out how empty it feels coming from geedubya

>> No.73009172

Working on the Asgardians for MCP presently after marathoning SoB for a match last weekend

>> No.73009175


>> No.73009180

>More than a minute to reply
Nice edit

>> No.73009186

They have been fine so far, they are stronger than they look and have a bit of flex in them. Ihave not transported these anywhere though yet, so it could still be shit but i doubt it

>> No.73009191

>While he didn't "break" lore
Yeah, so why should he break lore now?

>> No.73009195 [DELETED] 

this general has really gone down the shitter

>> No.73009205

Double drills

>> No.73009208 [DELETED] 

Blame sigmarxism and their raid

>> No.73009209

Based and Kanepilled.

>> No.73009216


>> No.73009234


>> No.73009236

Melee only

>> No.73009238 [DELETED] 

Well ya i'm doing other things anon, but continue to strawman me since you have nothing else
agreed I can't even promote the idea of a female primarch without incels going rabbid about breaking lore, when it clearly doesn't

>> No.73009244

>Those mold slips

>> No.73009257

They're practically fanfiction.

>> No.73009263

>the chad Drukhari vs the virgin Craftworlder

>> No.73009264

Was thinking about starting them myself painted like pic related because of the armour panels

>> No.73009279




>> No.73009282

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just saying he was bad writing.
Female space marines would still be shit though because one of the best reasons the Emperor would have to them all male would be that they would be unable to reproduce sexually. Their numbers would depend entirely upon their ability to recruit, and attempting to circumvent that would be to go against the Emperor's will. 11000 years later, it's just fuckin' Heresy.

>> No.73009287

i'm going to buy one of these with my good boy allowance of the month, i think i've earned enough stars by now.

Is there a way to turn it into a unit or a proxy for the imperium? i don't really like dioramas that much.

>> No.73009288

The Imperium draw most of their lore and themes from the Skaven. Of course they're not good!

>> No.73009291 [DELETED] 

how do you know there is a raid out of curiosity?

>> No.73009305

your turn anon.

>> No.73009311

I finished Haarken this month.

>> No.73009313

That is what I'd do if I was collecting GSC.

>> No.73009314

Not really
Imperium doesn't have obvious Slanneshi daemons
Closest thing would be Bobby G

>> No.73009327

IQ 220
Renegades and Heretics

>> No.73009340 [DELETED] 

Its /pol/ false flagging you retard

>> No.73009342

>I am not a soiboy I am a chad. I collect Thousand Cums.

>> No.73009344

>obvious Slaanneshi daemons
Sisters of Battle

>> No.73009349

Project harder

>> No.73009354

False Skaven are the only good guys in WFB and AoS

>> No.73009359

Oh please
Daemonettes are too feminine to compare to them

>> No.73009374

i don't think there's a sob unit that big

>> No.73009378

No, I'm ashamed of my lack of painting progress.
It's also rained every day here so I can't even go outside and prime.

>> No.73009380 [DELETED] 

Found this pic while searching for hot female space marines and it made me want to start a Tau army
holy shit why are you so obsessed with /pol/, I already said I'm a coomer not your boogieman. I just see an opportunity that most of us coomers will take now that GW is trying to be more inclusive.

>> No.73009383 [DELETED] 

iq is a meme

>> No.73009391 [DELETED] 

I blame /pol/fags like you

>> No.73009392

It’ll be good for a month then Codexes will start dropping and throw the power balance off. Expect to see everyone swarm onto Necrons then bail out by September.

>> No.73009398

he looks incredibly flat for some reason

>> No.73009409 [DELETED] 

I forgot all about those low IQ scientists.

>> No.73009423

This, just watch the powercreep

>> No.73009424

>AL should get Chosen as troops
>WB should get Possessed as troops
>IW should get Havocs as troops
>BL should get Terminators as troops
>CSM should get both bolters and chainswords by default
>legion tactics for vehicles

>> No.73009433 [DELETED] 

>most predictive statistic in social science
>a meme

>> No.73009434

Don't know
Haha jump packs go woosh

>> No.73009435 [DELETED] 

Einstein was low iq

>> No.73009441

>remembering the launch of 8th ed
to this day i see dozens of people painting death guard but i never see anyone actually play them.

>> No.73009443

GW: The Imperium are not the good guys. In fact, they're the bad guys, and we have no idea why you would think they're the good guys.

Also GW:

>> No.73009446

Just like primaris marines? Doesn'r change much

>> No.73009448

>expect everyone to swarm onto necrons and drop them
It's 2012 all over again

>> No.73009460 [DELETED] 

He's getting kneed on hard by Imperial violence.

>> No.73009462


>> No.73009467

AL colors and heraldry always look better on Loyalist marines (more thematically accurate too)

If you really like Ultramarines colors and want a faction that is good but more off the beaten path. Pick Crimson fists.

>> No.73009471

gullyman isn't part of the imperium proper, he is a traitor and a heretic under the sway of foul xenos witchcraft

>> No.73009477


>> No.73009478

Based art

>> No.73009480

Guessing NL get Raptors as troops?
BL authors fail to realize that the Imperium is the best thing humanity has (and can have) with how fucked up the galaxy is. They're using a contemporary moral lens on a non-contemporary setting.

>> No.73009493

Will 9th have mandatory/recommended base sizes?

>> No.73009499

What variant should I build? Running Catachan.

>> No.73009502

>AL should get primaris as troops

>> No.73009504

>IW get havocs as troops
this is the worst take I've read in this thread

>> No.73009511

Not being the GOOD guys doesn't mean you can't be better than the literal forces of evil

>> No.73009515

Abaddon is secretly loyal to the Imperium.
He wears a top knot. You know who else wears top knots? LOYAL SERVANTS OF THE IMPERIUM

>> No.73009518

Cawl literally made better space Marines, yet not female ones? That's dumb. As for why you get the benefit of expanding the pool of potential space Marines. Female space Marines would not trample on sisters, sister are a badass all female space nuns. It's like saying all male space Marines trample on orks because they are all "male" too. Space Marines have no reason to be all male.

>> No.73009520

Anyone has the recipe for brown skin (it was an elves picture) from a couple of days ago? i forgot to save it, i need it for research purposes

>> No.73009522 [DELETED] 

Not really

>> No.73009525

bottom of the page. If it is not really what they were I would bet on ignorance of the the writer rather than a meme. I'm a newf-g so I am too ignorant to know. But a quick search for hrud warrior gets me a lot of rats in space with this color scheme

>> No.73009529

>>AL should get Chosen as troops
>>WB should get Possessed as troops
>>IW should get Havocs as troops
>>BL should get Terminators as troops
Real brainlet take.

>> No.73009531

The one you can fuck yourself with because superheavies are big gay

>> No.73009533

NL should get Raptors as troops and their lore hint they worship a new Minor Chaos God... The Night Haunter

>> No.73009537

the only based option is to just play chaos, that way you don't even have to pretend you're the good guys.

>> No.73009551

Well he is a seething chaosbabby.
Why are they always like this?

>> No.73009553

Ill do a shadowsword then to specifically fuck up other superheavies

>> No.73009555

I keep hearing about said statement but where is it?

>> No.73009561

Nooooo the imperium is fascist just worship the god that will torture you for eternity in the warp and make you serve as a foot soldier in an ocean of boiling blood while working for an eternal survival-of-the-fittest weak-must-feel-the-strong hierarchy!

>> No.73009567

Or play Necrons and know that you're the good guys

>> No.73009570

Certain writers unironically think Chaos are the good guys compared to the Imperium.

>> No.73009599

Personally prefer this art of them. Much creepier and more alien like the sand people from xcom

>> No.73009601

I play Orks. Fuck morality. I just wanna skrap.

>> No.73009606

>BL get chosen as troops
>WB get possessed as troops
>IW get Termies as troops
>AL get Intercessors as troops

>> No.73009609

Oh yeah, forgot about them. Yes
>NL should get Raptors as troops

>> No.73009610

This is one of the most idiotic images ever devised. You Cant compare the releases of a single faction to that of an entire section that encompasses multiple factions. Thats like saying look how little Thousand Sons got compared to all of xenos combined over the past year.

>> No.73009632

Wasn't the idea for 40k to make all the pro fascist/commie propaganda true or something? Isn't that the joke behind it all, that everything fucked up and evil humanity has done is the only thing keeping it alive?

>> No.73009651

>paint brown
>slowly highlight up to orangebrown
>optionally lightly shade deep red or purple of you want a redish or sickish tint
you did need a recipe for brown skin for research and not potentially lewd elf pictures right?

>> No.73009660

Seethe harder.
Even if you only count the CSM models and not DG, Chaos Knights, or daemons, it's still WAY more.
Why do chaos players have such an inferiority complex?

>> No.73009661

I got a radical idea.
>BL get Chaos Space Marines as troops.
>WB get Chaos Space Marines as troops.
>NL get Chaos Space Marines as troops.
>IW get Chaos Space Marines as troops.
>ALget Chaos Space Marines as troops.

>> No.73009664 [SPOILER] 

Inb4 they don't already have them.

>> No.73009671

he's not wrong it is retarded but also

>> No.73009689

100% for research only
I'm dumb i need the colours names, i remember one of them was baneblade brown

>> No.73009701

Ir will happen, you have no leg to stand on but inertia. After all, why can't there be trans marines? Why can't they choose to become female? Why wouldn't the Imperium choose women to become space marines, when they're just as strong and hardened for combat as any man?

>> No.73009712

The best way to paint Cadian soldiers in the FW way would be to airbrush Castellan Green, paint on the fatigue colour, pick out details, paint faces, and then do a burnt umber oil wash, right?

>> No.73009718


>> No.73009720

>cant find my other cat pictures
dark brown, not so dark brown, brown, orangy brown, orange
Rhinox Hide, Doombull Brown, Skrag Brown and Cadian fleshtone for example, if you're using gw colors
remember to use mixes of those if the contrast between colors becomes to strong

>> No.73009727

probably. forge world's painting style usually consists of basecoat, oil wash, weathering.

>> No.73009733

There was never a joke. Hell Margaret Thatcher meme is not even true.
40k was just copying stuff like judge dredd and dune. At best it was making fun of religion.

>> No.73009742

Would Tau painted in Ultramarine colors look ok? Trying to come up with some ideas before I start my first army

>> No.73009746

>This is one of the most idiotic images ever devised.
'old me Fungus Beer.

>> No.73009757

Orks are one of the factions I play, and trust me, they need more. I just think its stupid to compare them to a multi-faction group. Comparing them to just generic CSM alone, or Death Guard alone, sure.

>> No.73009758

and don't use the same base/highlight/highlight color for every model, switch it up once in a while for some slight variations in the army and to keep it from all blending together.

>> No.73009760

>Can't post /tg/ and Warhammer related material

Dumb jannies

I hope the changes to melee in 9th make my death company viable

>> No.73009762

138, assessed many years ago.

Thousand Sons, Blood Ravens, Gray Knights, T'au, Knights loyal and heretical.

>> No.73009769

i first got into the 40k by the humanity fuck yeah throwing waves of men against scary monsters
having actually played a few games now, i have learned this is an incredibly dull to actually play the game
what will give me more fun in playing the game, bringing lots of chimeras and tanks or spamming valkyries?

>> No.73009774

>sjw hair

>> No.73009781

Holy shit thats hilarious

>> No.73009783

Yeah. Trying to get colours down and a plan before I even do anything, though. I figure the armour will need to be smoothest. I'll weather it but I feel like I can hide the crimes on the cloth better so not planning on airbrushing that.

>> No.73009799

DC are the best unit Blood Angels have right now, what are you talking about?
They're practically a better possessed bomb.

>> No.73009818

Yeah, they have never managed to do anything useful... misstakes were made.

>> No.73009825

For anyone curious, this is what a 44x30 board looks like. Incursion games should be fun at this size

>> No.73009829

So, I've got a bit of a conundrum. I've seen a guy from my LGS post on here. he's raged in person because he lost to a Nid player, left in a huff, and later recounted the battle on here and called him a "fucking nigger". Saw him criticize how people paint because its not up to his ideal. He's also at the LGS raged over small things and left in a huff more then once. Should I just keep it to myself or let people know. Like, honestly i just dunno. I know I dont wanna play with him after all this. I doubt anyone who found out about this stuff would either. But on the other hand i guess unless he blows up at the LGS it shouldn't matter.

>> No.73009832

Yeah, look up sa'cea tau for some good referrences

>> No.73009841

Seraphim squad for scale - those are 32mm bases

>> No.73009850

so, how accurate is this image?

>> No.73009857

6'x4' or fuck off
Just play Necromunda or Shadow War if you want a smaller game

>> No.73009860

Grey Knights
fuck if I know or care

>> No.73009866

But I like bondage and latex

>> No.73009873

most of the necron range is STILL out of stock online. I just wanted to have a solid base to add the new models to. They all sold out while i was filling the cart. pain.

>> No.73009874

Post models fag

>> No.73009893

They are marines. All of them are pedos.

>> No.73009894

>Hey anon I only have a few models, care to play a 500 point game?
>Okay but we play on a 6'x4' board so our armies never actually contact each other by turn 5
Very fun.

>> No.73009896

>he didn't see today's article

>> No.73009902

I'm still kind of mad that new Chaos Lord with the hammer is mono pose.

>> No.73009904

I play chaos and like all these things

>> No.73009905

shit's not witty, funny or accurate

>> No.73009906

not very

>> No.73009907

>Shadow War
Shadow War hasn't been around for years. Kill Team was re-released.

>> No.73009909

And they die like dogs before they even reach combat. That 9 inch charge out of deepstrike is brutal and BA has a hard time generating CP, especially if you're taking Death Company

They need better defensive stats or more ways to actually get into melee

>> No.73009912

>playing kill team
Necromunda and Shadow War exist. Play that those are objectively better

>> No.73009913

Daemons of Slaanesh, Boobs

>> No.73009920

EC should be yaoi

>> No.73009921

>he didn't realize 40k is using 44x30 boards for 500 and 1k games now

>> No.73009924

Your models do not get slower because you are playing at lower points.

>> No.73009933

Fuck off Tyler that fucking nigger cheated and you know it

>> No.73009934

Hey GSCB. How you doing?

>> No.73009941

>playing under 5k
Pleb. GW should double de prices to keep this poorfag out

>> No.73009951

Post a 5k game please I'd love to see a picture of one in action

>> No.73009960

>most people give themselves high IQ score. I'm not here to um.. question your IQ. But i thought intelligence was difficult to measure. Since intelligence could manifest in different ways. For example the classic math genius with zero social intelligence.

>> No.73009970

>what will give me more fun in playing the game
have you tried playing a faction that does something other than stand still and shoot things?

>> No.73009977

>I can't handle people having fun with smaller games of 40k
Jesus anon. Combat Patrol has been around since 4th edition. Small games are fucking kino. Combat Patrol is also a larger scale than necro, KT, and Shadow War. Combat Patrol allows for light vehicles and model counts over 10-15. You can fit 30 ork boyz in a patrol match, or 3-4 squads of marines. That's a lot larger than the other games scales.

>> No.73009980

EC should be futa desu

>> No.73009982


no arms

>> No.73009983

it's a common headcanon, but deep down a misconception: that model was never outright called a hrud from any source, any mention of possible space skaven, simply called them space skaven

>> No.73009986

EC should be futa, AL should be trap

>> No.73009992

What are those small silvery painted knife, thing with Aquila and pouch things in the guardsmen boxes? Important wargear? And what About that weird scroll one of the command squad guys is holding?

>> No.73010017

good to see a fellow intellectual

>> No.73010018

My cock is 13 inches long erect. Dark Eldar

>> No.73010021


>> No.73010030

whatever the post before this one suggested, but you need to glue it with greenstuff

>> No.73010034

>He deepstrikes them instead of using Forlorn Fury and running them all the way up the board
You deepstrike Lemartes so he can buff them and ensure their charge lands, or run a Librarian of some type to Wings behind them and cast Unleash Rage.

>> No.73010037

Not tyler but if my guy cheated I for sure would bring it up.

>> No.73010043

What Armies are the least and most fun to play in your opinion? I'm a newfag so I'm just gonna guess a few
Least: Ad Mech, Tau

Most: Orks, Death Guard

>> No.73010059

Least: Tau, Guard

Most: Genuinely depends on what you want from the game. I have most of my fun with GSC and Battle Sisters

>> No.73010066

Basically any army that is
>extremely durable whether it be through minus to hits or other means
>overly reliant on shooting and castling

>> No.73010072

mobile midrange
just my poopy opinion tho

>> No.73010074

>The religious themes are boring and cringe anyway. GW needs to move away from that shit, ground 40k into some more contemporary sci-fi themes
Get a load of this guy

>> No.73010085

do you guys think GW knows the only reason every new player goes SM or CSM is because of how much better the value is? why would someone start an army like eldar where half the range is finecast online only made to order shit thats 50% higher price per model than SM and half the points? it costs like 300 dollars to make a 2000pt SM or CSM army. probably more like 450 for eldar and that's if you run only their shit SC.
i guess we will find out when the necron boxset comes out though. splitting two of those with a SM player probably gets you an insane list.

>> No.73010106

I would say its more the generic fantasy aspect that ruins it for me. If anything theres not enough edgy religious gothic stuff

>> No.73010120

no fuck off

>> No.73010124


now I have everything painted. And just got another box of plague marines to assemble.

>> No.73010125

I worked for a FLGS for a while and talked about this with my GW rep once. He said that Marines are designed to be visually interesting and make a statement about the game as a whole. Looking at a Marine gives you some sense of the entire setting, which is why they put Marines everywhere.

>> No.73010134

you fuck off too

>> No.73010139

Fisher Price Custodes

>> No.73010140

9th isn't out yet though

>> No.73010165

Hopefully GW sees that when they support a faction, it gets more popular, rather than they only support the popular factions, which then causes them to be the only popular faction. Really hoping for a Craftworld update. Boy do they need it.

>> No.73010188

I'm gonna laugh when this edition removes negative to hit stacking, but introduces artifacts that flat out prevent the unit carrying it from being shot

>> No.73010200

i'd like to be able to do something with the hundreds of guardsmen i have

>> No.73010207

Not that guy, but he is right in that the new logo is closest to the old one, as they both have lines going through the upper half of the font. The lines are even in the same position on the letters as the original logo

>> No.73010228

I'm there too. I frequently bring priests and crusaders to lead them and go full on bayonet charge. Tactically it's not great, but it's fun for me and my opponent to run across the map with a giant angry torch wielding mob

>> No.73010229

Intercessors and/or Inceptors. They already fill their role. The only thing not covered is a combi weapon squad and/or squads for certain weapons like grav, lascannons (unless you count eliminators), or missile launchers.

>> No.73010232


>> No.73010245

>The only thing not covered is a combi weapon squad
So Sternguard Veterans?

>> No.73010246

This is why I take a bunch of Frateris Militia with my Sisters

>> No.73010247

So what is wrong with the Tau? I'm pretty new but understand a lot of people here really dont like them

What armies follow both of those?

What armies are good at midrange would you say?

>> No.73010262


>> No.73010269

it still won't be enough. to field a competitive army of units of eldar (dark reapers, flyers, rangers, shining spears) you're looking at least 4x the price of a competitive space marine army. no sane person will hear this and decide to pick up an eldar start collecting.

>> No.73010272

As much fun as 8 meltas in a drop pod were they had their famous special snowflake bolters which were their iconic wargear

>> No.73010295

Their playstyle encourages terrible games of "can i shoot you to death before you can get close".

Also their current competitive strategy is spamming shield drones to protect all their scary guns, which is unintuitive and frustrating.

Also their Weeb aesthetic doesnt fit in 40k universe.

>> No.73010296

10k, Death Guard

>> No.73010297


Einstein was never tested.

>> No.73010299

Special and combi weapons are extinct when the base primaris weapons are better by pure stats.

>> No.73010305

Tau are a "stand still and shoot" army that doesn't like to interact with much of a game. They rarely move, don't have a psychic phase, and don't fight in melee, so playing against them is really just getting shot and trying to kill them.

Their Shield Drone rules are also very annoying and written differently from everyone else's rules for intercepting enemy attacks with bodies.

>> No.73010310

charging across the board seems only marginally more tactically engaging than just sitting in gunline though

>> No.73010317

As if GW gives a single fuck about that.

>> No.73010320

Until we get primaris combi-weapons, so basic primaris weapons have to be made worse to compensate.

>> No.73010331

I actually like the sound of this a lot

>> No.73010335

tau are fine if you play with extra terrain and objectives they have to move to get to.

>> No.73010338

I really don't know how anyone can stand to play anything but mechanized infantry (whether steel legion, eldar skimmers, or whatever) it barely feels like I have any input on the game if I don't have a mobile army.

>> No.73010347

That sounds retarded. Will probably happen.

>> No.73010350

Building Dark Imperium right now, focusing on the marines first next up is the hellblaster squad

>> No.73010351

That would be a logical assumption based on GWs make everything killy af design philosophy. How else would they make a unit resilient within the 8th edition design?

>> No.73010355

I dunno, I suck at the game
for me its not whats good at midrange, but fun, so decent melee, not overly huge range on guns, and a bit of survivability.
Deathwatch can be kitted out for anything, same goes with space marines and i guess csm and deathguard.
only armies I think that aren't really fit to go for it are melee only armies like khorne demons or pure gunlines like IG. Tau can do it with stealthsuits and the like, altho their long range shooting is much better, and I believe same goes for admech

keep in mind tho, I know next to nothing about all of the armies, so my opinion is most likely massively wrong

>> No.73010369

>mechanized infantry (whether steel legion
My fucking man.
The new starter comes with some retarded bolt rifle/heavy bolter and meltagun/cannon combiweapon. It's already happening and it looks as stupid as it sounds.

>> No.73010376

Tau is basically the same as every other competitive shooting army but what makes them unique is that you can buy wounds for your battlesuits. This means you could potentially give your riptide 50 psuedo-wounds through drones and thats not counting the 5+ FNP. In a game where most armies decimate each other in two-one turns you can see why this is annoying
As for the second thing
>definitely tau
>guard for artillery parking lot
>use to be certain flavors of space marines

>> No.73010378

Wouldn't be the first time.

>> No.73010386

yeah i guess i was asking which is more fun, mech infantry or air cav
or i guess both

>> No.73010398

I mean, everything about primaris follows that basic premise. Would fit like a glove.

>> No.73010399

I don't see the point of DC when sang guard with a warlord banner of sacrifice ancient exist.

>> No.73010413

I think GW's pricing model goes, huh this one faction is barely selling. We should jack up the prices, so the people who DO play it will be giving us more money. I'm hoping GW shows Xenos past Necrons some love in the future. I think Necrons are a good sign, but we shall see.

>> No.73010415

Cadia Stands

>> No.73010431

Primaris Invalidator Terminators equipped with Cawl-pattern Monsoon Bolters (triple barrel) and Interruptor Power Fist.

>> No.73010433

>no sane person will hear this and decide to pick up an eldar start collecting.
No sane person plays competitive 40k.

>> No.73010448


>> No.73010458

Y'all need to play AoS, that's exactly what the guy was describing

>> No.73010462

When I played IG I had lots of mech infantry squads backed up by valkyries, so why not both? Eldar bikes+skimmers are lots of fun to zip around on the board with as well, and though I've never played dark eldar I imagine they'd be my ideal army given what I know now
Plastics fucking when?

>> No.73010480

That and what the hell even is a craftworld army. You need a lot of game knowledge to play them when 90% of their units suck.

>> No.73010483

You joke but this is the primaris design philosophy. Yoy just need to change the terminator design in every detail until it vaguely resembles the old ones but it's not even close for no reason.

>> No.73010485

One can hope so.

>> No.73010486

>And what About that weird scroll one of the command squad guys is holding?
Toilet Paper

>> No.73010491

Imperial knights
IQ: Room temperature
Fun: Yes

>> No.73010502

>Plastics fucking when?
Hopefully soon, if them being the only metal regiment still sold to this day and Armageddon still being a pretty big fucking deal.

>> No.73010514

He is reading the uplifting primer in the middle of battle?

>> No.73010516

Seems likely. They're following AoS2E's philosophy a lot

>> No.73010522

anvil industies does good helmets, torsos and jet packs that I use to make my elysians

>> No.73010526

>Cawl literally made better space Marines, yet not female ones? That's dumb
How? He upgraded a few minor things about Marines with some new augmentations, it doesnt mean he has a way to make those male genesee work with female chromosomes. Expanding the pool of potential Space Marines isnt a benefit they already have an infinitely larger pool than they can ever use in a million years, that's a complete fucking waste of time. And how the fuck does it not trample on Sisters?

>> No.73010539

i'm so sorry.

>> No.73010545

A new Guard range wouldn't surprise me. They blew up Cadia for a reason, so now we'll have room for a non-Cadian posterboy guard force.

>> No.73010546

The only issue with AoS for me is that theres no Slaanesh mortal servants. Kinda pissed the other Gods all got them except Slaanesh. The Daemons look fantastic don't get me wrong though.

>> No.73010551

Anybody recognizes the heads used for these minis? They look like mk3 with extra bits.

>> No.73010555

>He upgraded a few minor things about Marines with some new augmentations
His new organs are retarded cheats that read like they just do something marines could already do, but better. Actually that can be said about anything related to primaris.

>> No.73010561

there wont be primaris terminators, they wouldn't be remaking every named character in gravis if they intended to introduce it.

>> No.73010562

A female space marine would be so pumped full of testosterone and roids that they wouldn't even be recognizably female by the end of it.

>> No.73010584

They'll probably come around eventually. Besides, you can take Slaanesh marked units from the S2D book.

>> No.73010585

Iron Hands mk III upgrades from forgeworld.

>> No.73010589

>After all, why can't there be trans marines?
Because what does that have to do with war?

>Why can't they choose to become female?
They're grimdark killing machines you fucking idiot, you think they've ever had a single thought about gender ever enter their heads in their entire lives? They spend all their time thinking about how to stab and shoot things to death and praying to their Emperor in a literal cult that worships brotherhood and fatherhood and masculine ideals of chivalry.

>> No.73010592


>> No.73010602

I'm hoping for a Guard vs Traitor Guard release in the future. Would be beautiful.

>> No.73010605

I fucking hate primaris.

>> No.73010626

Yeah, hopefully. Some rumour engines have looked a little Slaaneshi. But I still want my damn BDSM barbarians/ornate armored Sigvald men/both

>> No.73010629

quick /40kg/!

i have 10 of each type of electro-priests and sprues for ten more, should I do fifteen of each or 10/20, and if so which should I go with, punchy or zappy?
I'm leaning towards zappy because the models are so fun and bizarre, but I already have a fuckload of hoplites from 30k and having a 20-man bomb of pure boogaloo staves sounds fun as fuck

>> No.73010644

Pull the plug, Custodes do what you do but better.

>> No.73010650

Exactly. Cawl doesnt innovate, he just upgrades what already exists. Making female Marines would be way beyond him.

>> No.73010656

>Besides, you can take Slaanesh marked units from the S2D book
Which also didn't get updated multipart kits because GW hates every army I play.

>> No.73010657

Are regular CSM with chainswords an acceptable proxy to possessed? I am worried that as soon as I slap together some conversions they will make us a new kit.

>> No.73010685

I think that should be fine. If the player your playing against bitches about it, they aren't worth playing. I hope they get a new kit, current one looks like goofy scooby doo monsters

>> No.73010691

Yeah it's fine, long as it's clear to your opponent.

If you want really nice looking possessed, I'd suggest shelling out for Gal Vorbak(or recast ones)

>> No.73010700

Why is GW trending back towards monopose minis with no variance, customization, or loadout options?

>> No.73010718

wait until the 9th codex since that will come out in a few months

>> No.73010719


Secutarii can now get a 3++ via this and Lucius Canticle
Addtional bullshit includes:
3++ Kastelans (cant use the above stratagem but the 3++ doesnt need it)
3++ Kataphrons

>> No.73010721

That's not really true outside of primaris.

>> No.73010731

It would be nice to see a sister of silence with a full head of hair.

>> No.73010733

They aren't.

>> No.73010734

because they hate us

>> No.73010739

They did that for a while, but the most recent releases have been swinging back towards multipose. Check out the Battle Sisters - loads of posing options. Even the Arco-Flagellants have two sets of arms per body so you can do four unique flagellants each. The actual Sisters models are all intercompatible, you can make a Canoness with just some spare parts from around the range and a body from the basic kit.

>> No.73010746

Imagine playing guard and actually wanting GW to release new miniatures which will be monopose and vastly inferior to based third party companies.

>> No.73010750

Top fucking kek

>> No.73010754

Not really. CSM, SoB, GSC, Custodes, Skitarii, TS, DG... all have plenty of variance and customization and lots of weapon options. It's only primaris that don't have any because GW is focused on ruining marines in every way they can imagine.

>> No.73010765

lucius doesn't go above 4++

>> No.73010775

link me

>> No.73010777

it's true to an extent for sisters. All monopose, only variants are a few torsos and heads. Weapon options are there but limited on some kits, like retributors only giving 2 multi-meltas.

>> No.73010784

I see. Allow me to ask a re-informed question:
Why are primaris all monopose minis with no variance, customization, or loadout options?

>> No.73010786

i despise resin

>> No.73010794

Imagine paying $60 per 10 guardsmen and not being able to use the models in official GW stores or tournaments

>> No.73010798

I don't play tabletop

>> No.73010800

Reptilian overlords, I think they're shut down from Corona virus now though. But all their stuff is STLs now I believe

>> No.73010816

they look like they took a long time to paint. Really nice job dude they look like they should be in a issue of WD

>> No.73010819

Because they're low-effort sets GW puts out for easy money so the marine dollars can support the armies they actually care about

>> No.73010828

If anything he probably got promoted to one of the triarch positions. The Silent King is the head but the other two positions were open.

>> No.73010839

because they are designed as an introductory army, hence the bigger models, flat and not heavily detailed surfaces and etb kits, no loadout options straightforward listbuilding and good guy attitude
newer primaris are slowly moving away from this tho

>> No.73010849

I already told you. GW is trying to ruin marines in every way possible. They had the most customizable kits and with the larger amount of weapon options in the game, so they are making them the opposite.
All heads, arms and backpacks fit every body, so you can create different poses by attaching different arms and heads to different bodies. AS for the weapon options, the fact that the kit comes with just 2 doesn't make them limited, you can glue those weapons in whatever body you want.

>> No.73010851

>playing in a GW store or official tournament
You're either a waacfag or have severe autism. So please continue to gobble GWs meaty cock paypig.

What possible reason.

>> No.73010859

i fucking wish, where are the guard regiments if they care about us? why are eldar models all old as fuck?

>> No.73010861

I thought about this as an option, but they seem more like greater possessed in size. Of course the pics I've seen are side by side with old manlets, not modern CSM.

>> No.73010874

>no loadout options straightforward listbuilding
Primaris are the opposite of that, though. Having three very versatile units you can kit to do whatever you want is a lot more straitforward and simple to understand than the 20 specialist units primairs already have.

>> No.73010877

why are CAAC so filled with hate. Why are you so bothered if he goes to a tournament or not. Do you play chess for the fucking narrative

>> No.73010881

Meant for >>73010786

>> No.73010897

>my speficic faction still hasn't gotten their update
No shit. They can't do all at once. They've already done CSM, DG, TS, SoB and now are doing Necrons. They'll eventually get there.

>> No.73010898

>playing at GW stores
>being a competitive fag
Wow what a shame man...

>> No.73010915

>Of course the pics I've seen are side by side with old manlets, not modern CSM.
New CSM are almost a head taller, so the gal vorbak is a tiny bit taller. It works fine.

>> No.73010917

>tfw used to play SW in 5th edition
>Loved the build-a-badass characters and tons of weapon and wargear options
>Primaris characters have like 1 or 2 options on a fucking good day
>No Primaris can even equip Frost Weapons, the fucking special snowflake SW melee weapons.
Y tho? I like things like the inceptors and the tacticals, as well as the idea of 2W marines feeling badass. I'll stick with my manlets if it means I can keep frost weapons and wolf claws and all my RHINOS AND RAZORBACKS.

>> No.73010919

116 IQ
7 inches
Don't play any army
Collect Orks, AdMech, CSM, Primaris, Dark Angels, Death Guard, Farsight Enclaves.

>> No.73010937

15 IQ, Space Marines

>> No.73010972

it's been like 20 years

>> No.73010986

>GW prices slowly creeping up towards 50% increase
hahaha I'm fucking jumping the ship.
Guess I'm falling down to secondary tier.
You richfags keep this cancer going, I'm done.

>> No.73010999

i don't know why im still here

>> No.73011007

And it's only been 4 since they got their shit together.

>> No.73011013

the role of every primaris unit is clear, so if you want anti tank you know to include hellblasters
with space marines, you could include missile launcher or lascanons on your tacticals, maybe terminators with antitank, how about melee terminators with anti tank, boxnaughts could get lascannons too
overall you need to think more how much antitank you want, on what units you want it, and if it might be better on another type of unit, where if you want antitank in a primaris army you immediately know what to take.
also, thanks to no wargear primaris units are pretty much a fixed cost, for really new people, the listbuilding with them is a lot easier.

sorry for the walls of text.

>> No.73011017

I still haven't received my big tittie vindicare that I ordered in January

>> No.73011054

Army: Custodes
IQ: The number that comes after 3

>> No.73011058

Even better: Imagine paying $60 per 10 normal guardsmen and not fielding coomer shit

>> No.73011069

I could go on a big rant telling you why you and primaris are both retarded but I'm honestly too tired about everything and I just want to cry in impotence.

>> No.73011079

>All heads, arms and backpacks fit every body, so you can create different poses by attaching different arms and heads to different bodies
the issue is these are mostly the same, you'll get very little variance in doing this to the point where I don't see why you even would. Also some of the backpacks have different shaped connection.
>. AS for the weapon options, the fact that the kit comes with just 2 doesn't make them limited
considering that a unit can be outfitted with 4 (as well as it "coincidentally" being the main reason you'd take them in the first place, yes, they are limited by only having two.

>> No.73011097




>> No.73011103

Saves time and money.

>> No.73011135

>The only game shops around is a GW store and a soiboi comic shop that occasionally hosts catan nights.
What else can I do?

>> No.73011154

My dick is average and it can talk to ghosts

Slaanesh Daemons

>> No.73011168

I feel like you sum it up pretty well, primaris are basically meant to be idiot-proof for modelling noobs. Them being monopose and having little to no weapon options basically eliminates the risk of creating an illegal loadout.

>> No.73011247

you are 100% able to play with 3rd party models at tournaments as long as you get TO permission
pic related was at LVO

>> No.73011317

There is literally no alternative based trips man

>> No.73011364

10 of the shooting guys in a transport aren't so bad now with the new strat, very efficient.

>> No.73011440

Like GW would let that double dip slip. I'm certain in 10th or so we see the first ones.

>> No.73011442

its limited to 4+ but even with 5++ breachers and destroyers are still likely the best units in the game currently with cawl and the fnp.

>> No.73011445

Fuck I've been looking for it too. I thought I saved it but I can't find it anywhere

>> No.73011518

Gotta stagger your releases bro, theres at least 2-3 more waves of the basic stuff before gw expands into the snowflake chapters again.

>> No.73011863

Ah well there you go. I had thought they might have taken the same route as the squats and just lost faith in being able to make space skaven compelling, but it was just a name I suppose.
Oh no yeah Hrud "Bendies" are a way cooler concept overall. Unseen Reality-warping entropic visitors firs so well for 40k, better than space skaven or those things from the Cabal that are watches in the dark with guns. The only thing that disappoints me is how many really good concepts for aliens there are that nothing gets done with. There was a ton of purging in the Great Crusade that was just background fluff until Horus Heresy

>> No.73012342


>> No.73012345

Agree, but I like the Detail that in the new one, the aquila is one eyed, while in the others he seems to have two.

>> No.73012365

Now thats the way.

>> No.73012405

Pretty impressive!

>> No.73013356

Nice scheme brother

>> No.73013683

Show me some more of that fucking Prince, anon.

>> No.73014117

My IQ? It's 3! And I don't play 40K because I'm not a loser.

>> No.73014228

Nice plasma coils and chipping, anon. Simple and looks good.

>> No.73014695

It is a meme to hate tau. Personal i love kroots andvespites but they suck at TT.
And grogs say they dont fit in the lore/universe.

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