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It was fun while it lasted, lads.

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You won't be missed.

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GW took the soipill long before this

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You won't be missed.

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You won't be missed

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You won't be missed.

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You are the only one thinking about black dick here.

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Says the guy introducing black dicks in an unrelated conversation

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You won't be missed

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>niggers killing eachother for jordans and setting buildings on fire for a TV pretending their lives matter at all.
>companies PRing their way for the last trendy cause
No sir, there are four lights. Long live the opressive chink regime and their recasters.

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racism's bad mmkay? Maybe you 40kids can find a way to thread the needle between performative pink hair woke antics and not being utter cunts to other human beings who never did you any harm. Tough challenge, but I believe in you!!

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Sigmarxism is a thing now, so naturally they will pander to whoever will give them money.

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>all this caused by a drugged up nigger having a heart attack
Just firebomb the country, please

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>Incels chased out of Star Wars, Star Trek, Comics, Video Games, D&D, MTG, Dr. Who
>Now being chased out of 40k

kino, what's next? How many of these fat slobbering neckbeards are gonna kill themselves over this?

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>other human beings who never did you any harm.

>implying Urban Youth are harmless, directly or indirectly

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you're being advertised to.

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I don't buy any GW products and haven't since 2011. I won't be buying any either. I just think it's great incels are being bullied to suicide as I hate them

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You won't be missed.

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Back to sigmarxism secondary

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I hate commies too, but not as much as incels

what next?

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I'm seeing "kneelhammer" used to start these threads across multiple boards, which eceleb or discord group is directing this phrasing? What does it even mean?

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>implying this isn't a PR stunt

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From what I hear most of those looters are people coming from off cities and from villages. Those people are trump supporting poor white retards, black people are minority among those.

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I miss the times when GW didn't take itself so seriously. Best example how such issues should be dealt with was how old GW dealt with misogyny in Bretonnia, and also saying that they also don't support wanton murder and worship of dark gods. Good times, bug alas the commercialization and sanitation of the game takes much of its authenticity.

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>Those people are trump supporting poor white retards
Theyre libleft ancom college revolutionaries, retard

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Even if it was, the amount of toxic WAAAC's that will quit over this and sell off their shit for cheap on ebay will make hobby for less well off people much cheaper.

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It means kneel to your black overlords, evil whitey sinner

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>you won't be missed

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>what is PR

calm down, fags. Are you new to marketing? Its a no brainer for GW to do this and get some good boi points.

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Anon, you all retards look same to me in U.S., just get your collective shit together regardless of race or "side" you pick even if both are fucking same

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Are you fucking retarded?

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GW already made fun of that one and post you made.

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(You) won't be missed.

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No seriously kill yourself and your family.

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Supporting people who are burning private property and attacking innocent civilians is not something I want to support.
I can not in good conscience support GW after promoting such rampant and senseless violence.

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You won't be missed.

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>Anon, you all retards look same to me in U.S.
go home chang

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But thats basically what they did, "our fantasy settings are grim and dark but that is not a reflection of who we are or how we feel the real world should be" is just that brettonia blurb except in a less joking manner

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>panders to niggers and faggots who will never buy your products

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Nobody is virtue signalling for female attention on 4chan you retard, we don't win any social clout for anonymous posts.

Your posts are bad enough all on their own to warrant scorn, there is no outside reward forcing people to call you an incel.

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Yeah it's basically all false flags by police and white supremacist groups (aka Trump supporters). Kind of amusing that they project about how black people are looters when they're the ones starting this shit. Though it does make sense since basically everything they accuse the centrists of is projection.

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>Supporting people who are burning private property and attacking innocent civilians is not something I want to support.
What, like the US police are doing?

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Why do American politics infect everything?

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GW didn't say they support attacking innocents or burning private property.

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Good advertising should be rewarded. They offer the removal of the stale-joke-a-minute rats that I crave to see. What's the problem?

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get raped to death, kekistani filth.

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You won't be missed.

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Back to /v/, smelly dumb wojak scum.

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>literally footage of niggers rioting
>it's white supremacists

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There was a time in which GW was more in touch with its METAL, 2000AD, Metal Hurlant and New Wave roots, but today its all about following the superficial trends of the time.

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If they stand with the rioters then they do

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Bit dark to be white supremacists

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They didn't say they stand with rioters though.

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Blame Hollywood.

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so what you're saying is...
you do it for free?

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>Hmmmm, nope. The truth won’t change my narrative. No sir. LALALALALALALA!

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Obviously poltards in blackface.

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Pathetic attempt, shill faggot. There are hundreds of hours of footage showing niggers looting.

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Are you implying you get paid to make your posts here?

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I have to say I'm experiencing some delicious schadenfreude at watching racists impotently rage at getting dropped by their hobbies in real time.

Make Racists Afraid Again 2020.

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Agreed, those messages do not effect my opinion on them at all, some of those people probably have no choice in they're rent free heads to flee to /pol/ where they belong

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You won't be missed.

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i am paid in sigmarxist tears

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>dropped by their hobbies
Who's kicking me from the table, nigga? Ain't you.

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Seething redditor alert

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I wish I was schizophrenic to think I was fighting a shadow information war when I argued with random people on 4chan, must make life pretty exciting to think you're doing activism.

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This was so predictable too. I have never got how rightwingers didn't realize 40K was making fun of them. All the fiction they love has been directly critical of their beliefs from the very start, but somehow every time they are shocked when things like this happen.

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There is no systematic racism against blacks in america and hasn't been for over 30 years.

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>George Floyd's death was murder
Lmao no

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>buying useless plastic dolls
Oh sorry, that was january's twitter movement. Now it's this criminal getting choked. My bad, forget about it.

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Yeah, Catholic space Nazis was such subtle satire. Never crossed my mind they made fun of fascists.

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Yuri Bezmenov was right, most people are living in an un-reality. i have seen people on the left accuse people on the right of the same things the right accuses the left of being. Who's right? obviously you will say that you're right

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It's incredibly sad seeing these people outright drop from their hobbies entirely all because they see something that's against their political agenda, where do they go from here if all of them are doing it?

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You might have a point if we were talking first or second edition. But currently, the imperium is the only meaningful resistance to every human being either brutally murdered or horrifically tortured forever. Maybe they DO still consider the imperium the bad guys, in which case they are exactly as retarded as their endorsement of the riots would suggest.

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Yeah bro, here's your Diversity dude.

Warhammer has always been making fun of Everybody, the problem is the new double standard of who it's ok to make fun of.

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Nobody is going to actually drop from the hobby over this, they're just going to make bad posts about it, which they were doing anyway.

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George Floyd`s murder was a crime and the policeman that caused must go to jail, but all that rumble by it only has a shallow and simple understanding of American social issues. George is not a martyr (he was a unlucky conman), rich black people are not your friends, Trump is indeed throwing oil into the fire, the biggest issue is that in general both sides are unwilling to talk, recognizing their own problems and work together.

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they go on to make new media.

That's how all of these things got started to begin with. It's only now that they've become normalized and heavily corporate that they're driving out the outcasts who made them to begin with.

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ah yes, the famously apolitical 2000AD.

>> No.73004382

>this media is actually making fun of you!
if it does a piss poor job of establishing that its exaggerated ethos is an entirely bad thing though.
I mean sure, it's definitely satirizing authoritarian regimes with the Imperium, but when xenophobia and militarism are the only thing holding humanity together their satire is sending very mixed messages.

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Punching down is wrong, broseph

>> No.73004395

>warhammer is for everyone
>even nazis

>> No.73004399

Am I missing something? This is exactly what makes it an empty marketing blurb. You paint the faces yourself. You get to decide the racial composition of your imperial armies.

>> No.73004404

Alright, let's be honest, who actually buys this and thinks GW will actually enforce it?

>> No.73004407

>making fun of people is ok IF
either it's all ok or none of it is

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What do Republicans even have to do with it though?

All the Black People live in Democratic cities with Democratic elected officials and Democratic governors.

Republicans literally don't even have input in how this stuff occurred.

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>just ignore the lore bro

>> No.73004412

Idiot, the issue is not political but the shallow trend-following.

>> No.73004420

He died of a fentanyl overdose. He also wasn't just a conman, he sold crack and should have been executed after robbing a pregnant woman at gunpoint.
>Trump is indeed throwing oil into the fire
I fucking wish he was. Swap out the rubber bullets for FMJ.

>> No.73004421

>punching down
Explain how a group of people who the entire media and the wealthy establishment support is in anyway "down".

>> No.73004424

>tfw "peaceful protestors" put my grandfather in the hospital
I'm black and I have a great deal of disposable income thanks to the smart choices I made in life despite coming from nothing. I will be directing all of that to Privateer Press from now on. You just lost a fan of 20 years and upwards of $850 a month. Good job, GW.

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Obviously not, it's only a statement

>> No.73004428

They went from having sisters relegated to the back of the WD to now being half the face of 40k.

>> No.73004432

>George Floyd`s murder
He wasn't murdered, the cop was entirely within his rights to restrain him as he did, the dude was enough drugs to make an Eversor blush.

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I think it's that "people acting like idiots attract the real idiots" effect that's happened on 4chan and /pol/ but in microcosm. So you had people who liked to joke about 40k's skewering satire of authoritarianism, Thatcher-ism, forever war, etc. and it ended up attracting the idiots who think that those things are unironically good.

It helps that GW was and remain decent human beings and gave the fash the boot.

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Anon I hear you, but I would like modern American politics out of my hobby, thats all. Keep safe yeah?

>> No.73004438

You won’t be missed.

>> No.73004440

Do you seriously think it's punching up when it's all the billionaires and corporations doing it?

Methinks that if all the power in society is doing something then it must be punching down.

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The most important lore in 40k is that there is no lore and that you can create anything you want. I would not expect youtube video secondaries to grasp this but modeling and creativity are a core part of the hobby.

>> No.73004450

They're trying to infect onions into the setting anon, we had a Holdo on the book cover for fucks sake

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>> No.73004460

Black people were already in the lore. Also I've never met anyone who has argued that all 40k lore is a cohesive and sensible. There's already a lot of dumb stuff.

>> No.73004465

All things must end brother.

Get out now - and by get out I mean stop giving GW money. Not that they actually care but its good not to line their pockets.

>> No.73004466

didn't know privateer even made games anymore

>> No.73004473

>gave the fash the boot
you're not welcome here either chapocel. Wargaming is an apolitical hobby.

>> No.73004474

>felony addict with lethal dose of fentanyl dies of a heart attack while getting arrested
>blacks and cucks the world over chimp out
Uh huh

>> No.73004478

Every tabletop project started by right wingers has been a colossal failure.

>> No.73004479

>I would not expect youtube video secondaries to grasp this but modeling and creativity are a core part of the hobby
There still is a strong core of established lore you retard

>> No.73004497

That's it, nail on the head. Your dudes are your dudes, you wanna paint them all black, all white, all green, all mixed thats fine, the imperium has all sorts of planets they could be from

>> No.73004498

>dipshit dies in the us
>uk company apologises
So glad i live in Australia where they banned this shit.
Maybe we can convince them to classify GW as a terrorist supporter and get them kicked out of the country.

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The Problem has never been black people being there. or at least it hasn't been since before 40k existed.

The problem is when they're treated with the kid gloves that they demand.

>> No.73004500

You won’t be missed

>> No.73004513

But cops have too much power and too little oversight anyway, so these protests are fine.

>> No.73004517

You won't be missed.

>> No.73004518

Warhammer 40k begs to differ.

You see those Pigmies upthread?

At one point they nearly published a Chaos lord named Fuk'Ni'Gar

>> No.73004524


as an experiment, would you be willing to let someone kneel on your throat for nine minutes while you are on no drugs whatsoever in order to prove that it's a completely safe and legitimate way to restrain someone

>> No.73004528

>can't afford the 500 dollar per model aussie tax
>I-I hated them anyway
cope lol

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>> No.73004531

/tg/ needs flags so we can see who is constantly spamming politcal bullshit

>> No.73004533

You seem to be missing all their artwork, to some degree their written fluff, and most importantly all the people who have been howling in anal anguish over every bit of skin GW has painted in deep browns.

>> No.73004534

If they weren't looting and burning the protests would be fine.

>> No.73004535

You won't be missed.

>> No.73004538

Yes, everyone who is not crazy agrees with that. The problem is systemic, not systematic.

>> No.73004541

its 9 minutes now? why not 12? how about 20?

>> No.73004545

This right here, we know how twitter throws a fit whenever a "woke" character isn't treated the way they want them to. We all know these tokens are going to be immune to any form of grim dark in the setting.

>> No.73004552

It's third worlders, you can tell by their syntax and by the fact that all their angry screencaps from youtube or twitter have foreign words for upvotes.

>> No.73004555

>on your throat
He was on the back/side of his neck you absolute retard

>> No.73004556

40k was made by a bunch of lefty anti thatcher punks, inspired by other lefty punk stuff - shit like that was just standard humour for the time. Also saying "almost did something" implies they probably realized it was a shit idea.

if you genuinely look at 40k and say "wow, this speaks to me ideologically" then you were dropped on your head as a child.

>> No.73004557

You could do that since the the very beginning, the issue is more the top-down and kiddification attempt of GW, trying to make Warhammer more mainstream friendly, taking its heart away. Compare pic to >>73004258
Modern 40k has no heart no soul, it jsut has become another WoW, LoL setting. Happy people all around.

>> No.73004566

>Suffocating a subdued man over the course of 9 minutes is not murder
Civilized societies don't tolerate extrajudicial executions

>> No.73004568

The Problem is that you can't expect urban police to not become racist when the vast majority of the violent criminals they're dealing with are black.

>> No.73004570

Please, I'm an anarcho-syndicalist in style of Noam Chomsky. The Chapo folks are definitely comrades, every voice on the left helps in their own way, but they need to read more theory.

Its funny being called an incel though. You definitely don't fuck, while we seize the means of reproduction everyday.

Make Rascists Afraid Again 2020.

>> No.73004571

GW has been adding more diversity for a while, and if you mean enforcing no racism in their stores I'm pretty sure they already do that as well.

>> No.73004573

>the thatcher lie again

>> No.73004577


>> No.73004580

You won't be missed.

>> No.73004583

>too much power
A cops life is not worth less than the apes they police.

>too little oversight

>> No.73004584

/pol/ is probably having a field day across every single hobby related board

>hey tg what is gw doing for blm?
>hey o what is nissan doing for blm?
>hey ck what are hot sauces doing for blm?
>hey x what are succubi doing for blm?
etc etc

>> No.73004586

One of those things caused all the others.

>> No.73004595 [DELETED] 

They are already asking to fire GW stuff

>> No.73004597

Lol, 40k was created by punks yes.

They weren't all leftists though, that's just blatant revisionism, there were skinheads amongst them. and Britfascists.

>> No.73004605

only yanks and wankers like thatcher, there hasn't been a single piece of engaging pro thatcher media produced.

>> No.73004609

They are already asking to fire GW staff

>> No.73004612

So are posts like this genuine, trolling or /pol/ falseflagging?

>> No.73004613

That's cheap and "cute" advertising material to act as a rules tutorial for an RPG, it isn't meant to compare with codex art.

The latest official meant for books art looks like this.

>> No.73004620

Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka begs to differ.

>> No.73004621

There is no systemic racism against blacks in america and there hasn't been for over 30 years.

>> No.73004624

That's fair, which is why the fact that he died of a heart attack with no damage to his neck means it isn't murder.

>> No.73004625

Alright, back of the neck then, captain pedant.

>> No.73004629

Nope, and black communities would be improved overnight anyways if officers had the authority to execute violent criminals on the spot.

>> No.73004631

You won't be missed

>> No.73004642

The middle aged wine aunt

>> No.73004644

Statistically, they aren't racist. Blacks are actually killed by police disproportionately LESS when you correct for the amount of crime they commit.

>> No.73004651

>you will not be missed
i guess those sweet brand deals are enough for then to stop hurting for money right?
otherwise why would they be RAISING the prices?

>> No.73004654

Anon Chambers brings up how they were against Thatcher in his post about how Ghaz wasn't based on Thatcher.

>> No.73004655

brit skinheads ain't yank skinheads. you can be a skinhead and not be racist - the theft of skinhead aesthetics is just the same shit that nazi larpers try to do with 40k, they see something cool, don't understand it, and think it's all about them.

you can go on the original creators facebook pages and see them chatting about the socialist workers party if you want some ideological proof.

>> No.73004656

Based GWs. Now i can play Black Templars without being associated with crusade LARPers

>> No.73004657

Keep living in your bubble. Reality is too scary

>> No.73004665

there literally is some discord that camps here spamming the same inane leftwing talking points and dogpiling posters.
I noticed their arrival during the Quartering mtg thing. They are lgbt and transitioned to attacking the warhammer community. At first they started with zero understanding of the settings and just screeched at anons. Then they started to compile cheat sheet talking points and folders of saved evidence to validate their arguments. They are still entirely ignorant of 40k. They just make up shit and claim to be true old fans another bold face lie.

>> No.73004667

These protests aren't about police, they're about shitting on whitey for a problem that isn't even real.

>> No.73004669

Their actions speak louder than their words.

>> No.73004672

The US is neither civilized or a developed nation at this point. These days you need to abolish capital punishment and provide universal healthcare to qualify for the club. They're really more like Russia, with a kleptocracy of wealthy people looting the country for the last 30 years. Realistically, the US is a shithole country.

>> No.73004675

God, you losers are pathetic.

>> No.73004676

no lifes matter
black people thinking their lifes matter is stupid and childish

>> No.73004680

They deflected by talking about the font, rather than addressing a criticism that companies are jumping on what they see as a hot button issue to curry favour with the "general public". In reality the best business decision is to say nothing at all.

>> No.73004686

Ah its that star wars admiral with dumb plan, never watched it, but yeah, she does look like a wine aunt

>> No.73004687

t. white middle class living in a majority white neighborhood

>> No.73004690

Why does anyone give a fuck about these statements one way or the other? They're jumping on the pandering train, because it's easier than dealing with a bunch of wokescolds plus in the current context that dude was in fact murdered by the police.

>> No.73004691

Sure, of course; itd be painful and hurt like a bitch, but guess what, thats kind of how nearlt every effective pin or hold against a resisting target goes.

I'm going to enjoy the apocalyptic riots that burn down cities when the cops go free.

>> No.73004692

you tipped your hand too hard with this post, the last one was at least believably stupid.
can't wait for this to blow over so this board can go back to semi-normalcy.

>> No.73004694


you mean there's RUSSIANS on 4channel?!?

>> No.73004696

Uhh anon...

>> No.73004698

i literally do not give a single fuck about thatcher you brain damaged cretinous british faggot.
No one does. Fullstop.

>> No.73004707

I take it living in a bubble means actually reading the autopsy and toxicology reports?
Dude, the fact that they were across the entire political spectrum is indisputable.

Being butthurt that nazis made the thing you like is just sad.

>> No.73004708

I'm sure grogs will find a way to bitch about this art as well even though it is grimdark as fuck

>> No.73004710

But they didn't take any action they just posted some words

>> No.73004718

>t. poster who lives in an all-white suburb but has a Black Friend™ in case he's accused of racism

>> No.73004719

Nobody should subsidize the healthcare of the obese.

>> No.73004722


>> No.73004724

>That's cheap and "cute" advertising material
But why does cheap and cute 40k art even exist? You now see it everywhere when GW tries to advertise 40k, see Warhammer Adventure, see Consumer Necron, see Smiley Sniper. It`s all so sanitized, 40k is meant to be ugly, dumb punkshit, not that trendy Lol-shit.

>> No.73004726


>> No.73004729

>These days you need to abolish capital punishment and provide universal healthcare to qualify for the club.
Both of those are contingent on having a negligible population of negroids.

>> No.73004735

Lol, the europoor cries out in pain as he chokes to death on failed ambitions and crippling debt brought on by his own hubris.

>> No.73004743

Alright well he says he hates Thatcher in that post regardless, so glad you've posted proof 40k was made by lefties

>> No.73004750

Take your meds

>> No.73004752

I am racist, and I wish my suburb was more white than it is. I'm glad I get to work in the field I do, which is entirely white people and chinese.

>> No.73004760

>dying from a massive self inflicted drug overdose is murder
At the very worst the cop is guiltily of manslaughter for stressing him out and exacerbating his already dire condition. But as more and more facts come out it is becoming increasingly obvious that the cop was acting appropriately.

>> No.73004761

I mean yeah anyone denying that the 40k was made by a bunch of leftist metal heads in the 80's is retarded.

>> No.73004762

You won’t be missed

>> No.73004763

If 40k is so left wing why are their prices so insane?

>> No.73004769


>> No.73004770

Thatcher cant hurt you now shh its going to be ok.

>> No.73004784

you can paint the heads black

>> No.73004788

are you under the moronic impression that only one person made 40k? or Warhammer fantasy for that matter?

>> No.73004790

I would advise against trying to take one of Goebble`s speeches for one`s opinion.

>> No.73004793

There's a profit to be had.

>> No.73004797

based mushroom master race

>> No.73004802

jesus fuck you actually think onions milk is a nazi meme, ahahahahahahaha

>> No.73004813

Gerbils is a treasure trove of hilarity

>> No.73004814

I don't condone the assault/ damage in any way or form (I'm not even in America, I couldn't give less of a shit) but I think it says enough that people feel they need to go this far.

>> No.73004817

>and crippling debt

>> No.73004825

I wish i was as schizo as you, bet you feel really heroic defending your army man and trading cards from other people.

>> No.73004826

so are we getting Tallarn back or naw?

>> No.73004832

I think that they could probably get him on manslaughter if the state has an eggshell skull rule, but they probably won't because the murder charge is such blatant overkill.

>> No.73004833

member how an autistic unarmed palestinian man was shot dead by israelis the other day? can we get a statement from GW on that?

>> No.73004840

>but I think it says enough that people feel they need to go this far.
Yeah, it says that liblefts and their pet monkeys have a faulty view of reality and are fundamentally violent.

>> No.73004841

Nah, some stuff of 40k is still good and follows the spirit. Regimental Standart for example, it is just that someone in GW is trying to pull 40k in a direction it simply doesn`t fit.

>> No.73004846

Fortunately you'll be on fire soon.

>> No.73004853

I don't know how anyone can be more schizo than the xir who talks about thatcher every day and thinks everyone is a nazi.

>> No.73004856

To be fair to my melanin-deficient comrades in North America there is the SHARP movement, SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice, who stand with us. Punk solidarity is still a thing.

Sometimes neo-nazi skinheads try to join shows or just exist and literally every time I've seen them we all start singing "Nazi punks fuck off", beat em bloody, and send them on their way. 90% of the time the band will either switch songs to the Dead Kennedys, or stop and call the bouncers to drag the fash away.

It's a beautiful thing.

>> No.73004858

>So everyone can find representation
Translation: We're going to fill this game with blacks and only blacks even when the playerbase is 90% whites, 5% latinos, 4% asians, 1% blacks

>> No.73004869

These economies are much smaller than US tho. Per capita debt would be more interesting

>> No.73004870

That's anti-Semitic

>> No.73004872

Unlike you, tranny, incels have high tolerance against suicide. Most likely they'll start collecting something else, like shotguns.

>> No.73004877

the new regimental thing doesnt seem tha good it seems overly nasty towards the imperium. Like the wroters feel it has to be ridiculed.

>> No.73004880

I wish these faggots would come to where I live.

>> No.73004882


>> No.73004884

The US economy also exceeds the Eurozone.

Also love how it's the Eurozone and not the EU. Way to stack your statistics there my dude.

Certainly, they're not complaining about nothing, and common sense measures like universal body cams as a matter of public record would be a good idea.

On the other hand, the Rioters have already killed more unarmed people than the cops have in the last 2 years, and that counts only going up.

>> No.73004885

How is this art you are responding to sanitized?

How is this art sanitized? It's okay for OOC stuff to be fun and lighthearted, as the players of the game and the community should be.

>> No.73004887


>> No.73004893

is this why hitler killed ximself?

>> No.73004902

>heroes they can relate to
This is actually the funniest part. Almost all races in warhammer are genocidal maniacs, you shouldn't want to relate to that shit.
Playing the bad guys is fun.
If you actually relate to skaven, orcs or chaos warriors or anything 40k (fuck tau btw), you're a bad person.

>> No.73004904

This is a skinhead.

>> No.73004905

Republican policy is detrimental to black growth. Blacks have had to deal with years of oppression. Right up until the 60s you would struggle to even get something as basic as an education.

When the civil rights era passed, things eased up. However, Republican policy is like well you are equal now just figure it out. Just compete it with everyone that has a head start.

Worse, your starting location has issues that exist that make things harder for you. Key infrastructure in places like schools, business centers, or health care are not at a sufficient level to compete with other areas. The War on Drugs and getting tough on crime also create generational problems with blacks. Yes there are gangs and drug use and those are bad, but those forces make it so people can be doomed. I get arrested for a minor drug charge now I am black listed for life from getting any good employment because I made one terrible decision. Now my kids my struggle to grow up right and the cycle repeats itself.

Perhaps the answer doesn't lie raising welfare, unemployment pay, or the laughably stupid repreparations idea. However, the cycle will continue until those regions (which are predominately black) get more help to succeed. And the republican response of, we hire more cops and put them into the war zone system until the blacks figure it out themselves isn't the answer. This is why the GOP is part of the problem.

>> No.73004906

The protests are about trying to make Trump look bad before the election. These cops will walk free because there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that they're going to stick a second degree murder charge when floyd killed himself with a drug overdose. They'll be quiet about the facts and accuse the judicial system, and by some vague association, Trump, of being racist and that voters need to vote in change.

Thats what's unfolding here.

>> No.73004907

lol incels are harmless against anything that's not a school child. Got btfo by a fuckin door

>> No.73004908

Holy projection batman. Is every cuckservative talking point projection?

>> No.73004909

Here he is! Missed ya, schizo.

>> No.73004910

>dont go to this list of other corporate-run, think-tank-designed games that also simp out for money from crowds other than sweaty white guys
Did whoever wrote this actually think before they made it, or were they so busy parroting the same talking inane talking points we've been on for over a decade now that they couldn't even contemplate the words they were putting into the image?

>> No.73004912


>> No.73004914

>eggshell skull rule,
That only applies if he was legally culpable for the restraint in the first place. If he was justified in his initial actions, then the unknown factor of the dude being drugged up won't make him culpable.

>> No.73004915

EU and US are comparable economy wise. In PPP Europe is actually bigger
>Also love how it's the Eurozone and not the EU. Way to stack your statistics there my dude.
There are like 3-4 (?) countries in the EU that aren't in the EZ and they are all pretty irrelevant (I think the biggest one is Poland)

>> No.73004919

>becoming increasingly obvious that the cop was acting appropriately
No, still acted inappropriately. The dude was subdued. I don't think the cop was thinking maliciously at the time, I just don't think he gave a fuck.

>> No.73004921

>googles white male suicide rates

>> No.73004931

Lmao based cop

>> No.73004933

>pagan shit

>> No.73004935

the thing that gets me is how the sjw secondaries unironically don't know the Eldar are the most fascist faction in the setting.

>> No.73004937


>> No.73004938


>> No.73004939

tfw the advertising material for kingdom death is lighthearted it's over bros the sjws sanitized the edgiest game on the planet? if the companies twitter account doesn't act insanely miserable and depressed 24 hours a day do we even have a setting left?

>> No.73004940

A uni student labelling something satire is irrelevant. It's about the ideas, themes and imagery presented, even if they're presented critically.

>> No.73004941

>muh incels
Nigga, you play fantasy army man with elves. Get real.

>> No.73004942

Do you think this is where all far right or far left idiots start? Hopelessness, and then something bigger than them promises meaning and they start a counter-culture?

>> No.73004950

you have no soul lad. Pagan culture is very earthy.

>> No.73004953

>t. has not even one iota of a fucking idea they're talking about

>> No.73004954

Even manslaughter is too rough though
You can blame anyone if a drug addict dies from a drug overdoses
It would be no diffrent than If i caused a cracked up to have a heart attack by refusing to take his expired pizza coupons

>> No.73004960

Democrats are fighting against further adoption of body cams because too often they prove that the officer's actions are fully justified.

>> No.73004970


>> No.73004976


>But why does cheap and cute 40k art even exist?

I don't know anon why would anyone ever draw that

>> No.73004978

You should go to school and learn to read. You might learn something.

>> No.73004982

I think people are missing some of the key points between '80 metalhead 'leftism' and that of the soipeople of the 2020. In the '80, shit was written to be a mixture of cool and brutal and Warhammer Fantasy was also heavily rooted in historical stuff where everything sucked and was pushed to the extreme. It was violent, messy and no side was really good. To the modern consumerist soifolks, anything short of a setting where their kind are coddled and never allowed to be wrong isn't good enough.

That is the fundamental ethos difference. Warhammer Fantasy was a messy, ugly place. The 'Old World' as we will see going forward with its revival will have shit like transexual knights and special pronoun.

>> No.73004987

>How is this art you are responding to sanitized?
The one with mushroom men? No, that one is fine. I`m more saying that someone had the terrible idea of brining stuff like Warhammer Adventures, webcomic artists for official comics and marketing (Consumer Necron) and the shallow attempts of tokenism. Those things lack soul.

>> No.73004988

Drugs in your system /= drug overdose.

>> No.73004995

SJW BVLLS chase Incel virgins from their own hobbies. based

>> No.73004996

Independant autopsy confirmed he of suffocation. Of course, you are going to claim that the independant autopsy was made by a BLM supporter with a degree he only got because of affirmative action quotas and was paid by Soros, Clinton, Obama and Gates, or some stupid shit like that.

>> No.73005000

>realize 40K was making fun of them
>imperium is a cruel place
>every single alien race wants you dead

is it realy parody when the facism governament is the LESSER EVIL and completly resonable option?

>> No.73005001

Blacks stuck in a cycle of violence and crime.

With no help it will continue.

What is hard to understand about that.

>> No.73005011

I love bringing this up but when the 2000ad guys were interviewed one of them said it was good because it was quote "not lefty shit"

>> No.73005013

Reminder that the SJW movement and idpol was created and pushed by corporations to destroy Occupy and they succeeded.

>> No.73005017

Get new jokes.

>> No.73005019

> It was violent, messy and no side was really good.
The only people who don't understand this are the unironic right wing fascists who constantly post about how the Imperium are the good guys and how the Emperor was a good leader.

>> No.73005022

You could give them all the help on the planet. It wouldn't matter.

>> No.73005025

Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like it's much more likely that now that they've posted this they will do nothing of any substance whatsoever.

>> No.73005038

>Reminder that the SJW movement and idpol was created and pushed by corporations to destroy Occupy and they succeeded.
imagine being this historically ignorant

idpol is commie shit

>> No.73005042

>All the fiction they love has been directly critical of their beliefs from the very start

> The "humanity fuck yeah" setting where a white male god emperor and his army of ubermenschen clones are pushing back literal hell and a galaxy-eating insectoid race was just a facade and about diversity and social justice all along

> The "blonde boy from desert becomes space knight and takes down evil empire" was actually about feminism and black power all along.

Thanks for the laugh, fag

>> No.73005045

You say that, but you're probably arbitrarily defining the requisite level of nuance as you encounter opinions, just like basically everyone else, regardless of their stances on things.
>being gay isnt a choice, except when it is!
>i dont have a problem with immigration, just the illegal kind - what do you mean i have to pay taxes?
When politics change and people commit to different ideas, it'll be """""""shallow trend-following""""""" so long as you are the person not changing or you aren't okay with what is changing. You'll never be happy with it, no matter the reason for the change, the level of nuance involved, or the honesty of the stance.

>> No.73005046


>> No.73005060

the eldar don't want humans dead though, they just want them to stop being fucking retarded.

>> No.73005064

>or a tau player

>> No.73005072

The IoM are good guys and the Emps is a good leader.

>> No.73005074

Neither do the soipeople who will now retcon a 'kinder' Imperial where people's pronoun are the norm.

>> No.73005078


>white male god emperor

I guess Turks are white. if the Irish can be white, anybody can be white.

>> No.73005090

Alternatively, just a suggestion.
They stop committing crimes.
Like no one is driving them to kill, rape and steal.
The blacks do it themselves

>> No.73005095

Warhammer Fantasy wasn't like that. It was nobledark.

>> No.73005096

do you people actually read the lore? Eldar dont give a fuck about humans. They kill humans all the time and what them dead.

>> No.73005103

>4000 BC anatolia
Look at this idiot.

>> No.73005108

>diverse team of humans and aliens rebel against an evil Empire dressed in nazi uniforms!
>star wars is right wing
how does someone get this stupid

>> No.73005109

>how the Imperium are the good guys
Compared to necrons or chaos worshippers? Yes they are

>> No.73005121

This will change nothing about their plan.

You will see a few more minorities and women, with a few more inclusion statements scattered loosely around their IPs. That is it.

The reason is simple, they want to get those groups money.

>> No.73005125

The Emperor is not a turk you absolute retard.
turks didnt exist in ancient anatolia.
You sjw fucks are retards!

>> No.73005126

"Stop giving us your money" said a company trying to get your money

>> No.73005136

and how are Republicans going to help with that when all of the Black people live in Democratic states that also don't help with that.

>> No.73005137

elder wants to kill everybody in the galaxy so they can back to having orgies

>> No.73005138

Oh no, they really think there's a war with cultural marxism infiltrating their hobby

>> No.73005139

To imagine policemen as fixed enemies does not help society. It is better to try where the police violence comes from and how we can solve it, most policemen are just you average guy that has to deal with the worst everyday and are scared of their life having to deal with crazed drug-fiends and cartel gangsters, thus react violent if they think they are in that situation. Can racism be a problem as well? Sure, but I don`t think that it is as a structural problem as the siege-mentality that dominates the street.
The best method to solve the violence, which also includes common criminality, more blacks die by black than by police after all, is better education, greater social (in its economic and judicial meaning) justice and more perspecitves for future.

>> No.73005156

Are you new to the concept of corporate hypocrisy?
Funny that most of the companys who do this shit are the ones who do a lot of business with china or wish to be on good terms with them which means that some people should ask these fucks if they see Hong Kong as a part of China or not.
Let's see how they wanna avoid that hot topic if they get spammed with that.

>> No.73005158


>> No.73005165

There is a difference between fan art and official art.

>> No.73005166

why? my jokes killed thenselves again?

>> No.73005168

>The reason is simple, they want to get those groups money.
But they won't, since those groups are not actually interested in the game
So they will pander to them more and more, alienating their actual fanbase in the futile search for another market that doesn't exist

>> No.73005176


spotted the Turk

>> No.73005182

>let me just leave out debt riddled eastern Europe, it's irrelevant anyway.

Please link to this independent autopsy then?

>> No.73005191

Black schools have been overfunded for decades. The schools are still terrible because a ton of that money goes to fixing things that the students break for no reason. Blacks have a much easier time getting into college than anyone else, but their grades are so poor that they still usually don't unless they're great at sports. Even in college, which they mostly don't pay for, their grades are poor, and after graduation their GRE scores are poor. You can make the argument that blacks having a lower SAT is due to a less facilitating environment for learning, and that IS at least partially true (it's very hard to learn while surrounded by black people), but what explains how even black graduates have lower GRE scores? It's the same thing that explains why their crime rates are so much higher than those of destitute whites in the appalachians or english-illiterate mexicans in the southwest? Genetics.

>> No.73005193

yeah we gotta do something about all these policies that are being implemented in cities run by democrats in states run by democrats

>> No.73005205

I think it's probably fair to say that Americans of all stripes are bugmen who need moral clarity in their fiction then

>> No.73005208

>another thread where people who hate 40k fans ,hate 40k and hate the lore try to lecture people on the setting.
I honest to god want to pulp your brains with a baseball bat.

>> No.73005209

If the modern imperium is still intended as satire, it utterly fails, because currently the imperium is the only remotely sane option.

>> No.73005219

The entirety of the left, from honest to God unironic Stalinists who want to make 1984 a reality to Karens who just happened upon a few woke articles on Facebook have been in full meltdown mode since November 2016. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, Orange Man Bad literally drives them insane with IRL shitposts. The left is a cult and leftism is their religion. Anything that goes against their narrative must be destroyed. Just the other day they called Novoselic a Nazi because he dared agree with the President on how to handle the riots. Jews, Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Asians, everyone's a Nazi to those people. They cannot be reasoned with. You can't even change their mind with hard facts and numbers. Yuri Bezmenov was right. Now watch as I'm told to go back to /pol/ or called a schizo, a bootlicker and a Nazi because I committed wrongthink. For the record, I have never voted in my life, my girlfriend is black and my folks donate to the SPLC every year.

>> No.73005226

This shitshow has gone way beyond police misconduct and is 100% a black identarian movement. If you're white and support it you need to kys asap. What are you gaining from this? Cops can eat a bullet but the self interest of niggers does not concern me period. That's all there is to it.

>> No.73005228

Don't take corporate signalling too personally. Understand that the modern western world lives under a system of totalitarian theocracy with 'anti-racist' progressivism as the core belief. GW must pay penance to the state religion and it's iconography (the Icons in this case being feral black people). If GW fails to give homage to the Liberal Faith, the Clergy in the media will direct armies of flagellant activists to attack and destroy the company. It is likely that this faggy statement was written by a social media team hired intentionally as representatives of the state religion.

Don't bitch too much about a corporation paying their tithe, just use it to spread more heresy against this church.

>> No.73005236

satire of what? you dont fucking know what satire means!

>> No.73005239

That's literally the worst thing I've ever hear anyone say on this board.

>> No.73005246

This thread is disgustingly fast.

>> No.73005247

>>let me just leave out debt riddled eastern Europe, it's irrelevant anyway.
? Eastern Europe is poor, but has pretty low debt

>> No.73005253

and those people are never happy
thats why you should never bend the knee

>> No.73005263

>dems run these cities and states and have for decades
>this is somehow the GOP's fault

>> No.73005264

He's right you know. They should lower prices.

>> No.73005279

eh, fair I guess.

Either way, using just the Eurozone was still clearly meant as a way to reduce the number below the US debt in that graph, and Europe still has a higher debt as % of GDP

>> No.73005286

what ? they said he can just loot the store.

>> No.73005294

They should lower prices, not for accessibility, but because their product quality does not warrant their prices, and the only reason anyone pays for them is the sunk cost fallacy.

>> No.73005295

of course they should, they should also stop stores from selling their shit outside of europe
but will they?

>> No.73005296

You can choke someone to death without leaving so much as a bruise on them (see: triangle chokes, chest-compression knock out videos, etc.)
The official autopsy is titled "Cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforce subdual, restraint, and neck compression". That means "he had a heart attack because of how the cops were handling him".

It doesn't say "cardiopulmonary arrest, incidentally"
It doesn't say "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating drug use and heart disease"
It doesn't even say "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating drug use, heart disease, and law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression".
It explicitly says "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression", aka "the cops were too rough with him, and he had a heart attack as a result".

That is why the medical examiner ruled it a homicide.

The officers were at fault for Floyd's death. There are a lot of different charges they can get based on intention while being responsible for his death. Currently, they are charged with 2nd degree murder, and aiding and abetting a murder. That's up for a court and jury to decide how much of that is true and how much isn't and what charges will stick, but it is impossible to deny at least Chauvin's responsibility in Floyd's death.

>> No.73005298

You are overthinking it. They want to get invited to the right parties. The corporate world is extremely left-wing.

>> No.73005303

Last words that your parents said to a faggot

>> No.73005311

>Understand that the modern western world lives under a system of totalitarian theocracy with 'anti-racist' progressivism as the core belief.
Maybe in your shithole city, but regular people that dont live in diversity megacities dont have to worry about packs of niggers raping them as they walk to the grocery store so they dont give a shit about race

The only people that care about this shit are
white supremacists. If you think black people are oppressed you are a white supremacist

>> No.73005313

Deathskulls Looters but.. they have BLM tshirts.

>> No.73005333

lower prices? not good enough
we demand reparations
GW must give black people free products

>> No.73005334

because they totally tried to kill the interex right? and Eldrad was totally going to kill fulgrim and the emperor's children before he realized they were corrupted by slaanesh right? Or hell, when the eldar aided the ultramarines in the defense of vigilus against the black legion. Eldar don't always automatically try to kill humans, they are a nearly extinct race just trying to survive.

>> No.73005338

>is 100% a black identarian movement

Even that is giving it too much credit. Genuine black Identitarians, whether vehemently anti-White or not, advocate blacks policing other blacks in separate black spaces.

This rioting was incited by a third party with the goal of effectively legalizing violence against Whites. Black people and their actual needs are nowhere in the conversation. Black people matter to thia system only so far as they can be used to wound White people.

>> No.73005342

It's clearly manslaughter, which I had stated earlier. The murder charge is blatantly trumped up and it will inevitably cause more looting and protests when it gets dropped.

>> No.73005347

Future words from your children

>> No.73005359

>roving mobs of rapists lurking at grocery stores
Do you think Robocop was a documentary or something?

>> No.73005360

Dude. He had 11ng/mL fentanyl in his system. He was dead before he went into that store.

>> No.73005365

post models or go back

>> No.73005366


>> No.73005370

there it is a HH secondary. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

>> No.73005373

maybe he had a heart attack because he was being arrested while overdosing on fentanyl after smoking meth and pounding energy drinks

nah that obviously has nothing to do with it

cause of death: racism!!!

>> No.73005376

Laughed ngl

>> No.73005379







Of course, you will probably complain that those sources are fake news paid by the evil left wing media conspiracy, while /pol/ infographics are the highest form of scholarly consensus

>> No.73005388

Can you go shill /pol/ please. There's a reason that board exists.

>> No.73005400

>vigilus is horus heresy

>> No.73005404

>EU: 84%
>EZ: 86%
>US: 107%

>> No.73005421

Some of the most faithful adherents to the Church (or maybe Synagogue) of Liberalism are whites in rural areas and smaller cities who rarely have to interact with real blacks.

Our rural and suburban areas are NOT safe from the negro bioweapon and the treacherous demons who direct them.

>> No.73005430

It may as fucking well be considering the characters involved.

But 3rd edition Black Crusade lore still had Eldrad taking out the Blackstone to save Cadia, so you're still correct even if you're a newfag.

>> No.73005437

>Currently, they are charged with 2nd degree murder
I think that was a mistake. The dude is going to opt for a bench trial, they're most likely going for:

>Whoever does either of the following is guilty of unintentional murder in the second degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 40 years:
(1) causes the death of a human being, without intent to effect the death of any person, while committing or attempting to commit a felony offense other than criminal sexual conduct in the first or second degree with force or violence or a drive-by shooting; or

>> No.73005449

This thread went into 300+ posts. What the everloving fuck jannies are doing? Playing D&D at friend's house?

>> No.73005451

ah yes the """independent autopsy""" where the guy watched the same video everyone else saw and drew conclusions from that

he wasnt even in the same room as the body lmao

>> No.73005458

the 2000ad documentary you might be able to find it somewhere.
They say he reason 2000ad was so popular was it wasnt leftwing. they contrasted it with things like marvel and disney which were too soft and censored.
Thats pretty much what people are complaining about 40k is losing its early 2000ad, Heavy Metal roots and becoming like disney/marvel. Its appealing to the wrong crowd.

>> No.73005478

ok, so the autopsy ordered by his family, and done by a woman who has previously done independent autopsy's on Eric Gardner and Michael Brown entirely of her own volition, both of which also found that it was all the cops fault, is expected to be treated as an unbiased analyst of the cause of death?

the sources are perfectly fine, because unlike you they actually mentioned the woman's history as being an activist for exactly this kind of scenario.

>> No.73005481

Thats OK.

The Floyd Gorge was choked with a force pinch. Why can't the autopsy be done by remote viewing?

>> No.73005482


A spoiled imbecile frothing nonsense is irrlevant. It's about the ideas, themes and imagery presented by the author, a small pool of idiots does not count as the main authority in the scheme of things.

>> No.73005493

You fucking fucks, Reddit is not big enough for you now?

>> No.73005495

It was also literally "performed" by the same guy who said Epstein killed himself.

>> No.73005498

40k was OK with painting your figures in whatever colour since the fucking 80s. There is no change in that area, the change is on the marketing.+
Stop strawmanning, I don`t know you, you don`t know me.

>> No.73005503

huh, US debt to GDP has gone up since the last time I saw it.

Probably trumps fault.

>> No.73005509

nothing you are saying is new. The fact Eldar ally with other races is as old as shit,
Its always explained that Eldar cooperate in a completely self serving manner. Typically meaning they sacrifice millions of their allies to save one Eldar. An often repeated theme.
They absolutely hate the ever loving fuck out of other races this cant be stressed enough.

>> No.73005523

Because that's not what a fucking AUTOPSY is

>> No.73005529

The only support for that argument you have is that you don't think it should be a murder charge because reasons. The experts in the situation decided something else. You can believe it's all a political move if you really have to.

Yea, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy and saw those results just ignored them and said it was the interaction with the police that led to the heart attack because it's all a scam to screw over whitey.

I personally agree more with the 3rd degree murder charge, and I don't know how much sense it makes to charge the other 3 officers with aiding and abetting a murder.
Regardless, I'm not an expert on the matter, but I'm also not a sniveling racist/pseudo-nationalist either simping out because I hate black people or munching bootleather just because I love the state that much. The courts and a jury can decide how guilty they were, but denying they were at fault is just raw stupidity and as politically motivated as other take on the situation.

>> No.73005550

>Yea, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy and saw those results just ignored them and said it was the interaction with the police that led to the heart attack because it's all a scam to screw over whitey.

>> No.73005553

Why this thread is up?

>> No.73005559


>> No.73005563

He has a point 98 bucks for a Land Raider?
Fuck off GW.

>> No.73005574


Because people lose times in arguing with orcs.

>> No.73005593

Why shouldn't it be?

>> No.73005594

The Imperium is not the good guy in 40k, there no good guys in 40k. Atleast that how it should have been, but now people are trying to make heroes all that is in 40k.

>> No.73005621

Yea, and the political trend since over a decade ago has been to explicitly take stances on various issues, especially those surrounding race and equality, because being implicit about it wasn't good enough. The change in how things are marketed is quite literally one of the political and social changes people have been demanding for over a decade now, because of ideas about representation and adjusting social views away from certain established norms. Changing the marketing is a fundamental part of the politics.
There's no strawman, you're just rejecting something you aren't part of as "shallow trend-following".

>> No.73005627

>I personally agree more with the 3rd degree murder charge, and I don't know how much sense it makes to charge the other 3 officers with aiding and abetting a murder
Because people are mad and want them charged too(and I agree that them just standing there, not doing anything is fucked up). I just don't think charging him more than 3rd is a good idea if you want an actual conviction. The state has the monopoly on legitimate violence, the police are the ones entrusted to carry that out. It muddies the waters a bit when it comes to charging someone for murder when the standard is "beyond a reasonable doubt."

>> No.73005637

no the IoM is the good guys. Deal with it furry.

>> No.73005651

>Why does anyone give a fuck about these statements one way or the other?
Because it means they're set on making 40k worse.

>> No.73005656

/tg/ is the board for traditional gaming. Warhammer is one of those games. The company that makes Warhammer just endorsed the riots in the US. Based Mods didn't delete this thread because they believe you have agency and want you to make an informed decision next time you think about wasting money on a company that endorses violence and chaos.

>> No.73005663

Because it's fucking bait and offtopic thread to have a bunch of imbeciles ctrl+v at each other on /tg/ because even /pol/ has higher standards.

>> No.73005675

Time to try Infinity I guess

>> No.73005694

11 ng/ml is considered a lethal concentration sweetums

>> No.73005717

it just shows how immoral leftwing people are.
People have died, working class people have lost their stores and jobs. There is a pandemic amd people are dying.
They want to stop everything for one criminal in another country.
Its so fucking debased it makes Nero seem sane.

>> No.73005723

>Taking stand in 40k
There are no good guys in 40k, and every attempt at making such goes against it spirit. It is that nobody matters and everything gets crushed in the endless war of existence. I don`t see how having shitty marketing and have some token guys sprinkled around is having a stance. Nor do I think that a stance from rich people or corporations has any merit.

>> No.73005727

>heroes they can relate to
What if I relate to Oldcrons? And not the stupid OC donut steel Egyptaboo bullshit that newcron apologists try to pass off as Oldcrons either, I want Necrons that serve and worship the C'tan and don't speak to cattle

>> No.73005743

The IoM are good guys especially marines.

>> No.73005747

Interex begs to differ. Ah, yes, it can`t because you destroyed the good guys, installing a endless, stagnating tyranny. there might exist some good guys wihtin the Imperium but its scale and structure will unmake all attempts.

>> No.73005760

At least you're honest.

I agree for the most part. I think they'll definitely get convicted, but at this point I'm not sure how much of that will be due to the facts of the case. I don't think the solution to a corrupt legal system is a kangaroo court, but that's just me.

>> No.73005763

>hating oldcrons egyptianess
A secondary.

>> No.73005772

Who gives a flying fuck about fucking shitsucking toymaking bongs and their "totally real and sincere i swear" attitude towards cuntfucking good for nothing amerimutts giving each other a good old what for as they do every 10 fucking years or so?
Someone's making a campaign from that?
Someone's statting his NPCs by browsing Twitter posts by corporate bots?
Fucking fuck, you fucking fucks.

>> No.73005780

> appealing to blacks and gaining a black playerbase
>GW stores get looted once blacks learn of the price of models


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