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Why does GW keep virtue signalling to the elft? Don't they know that apoliticals, centrists and right-wingers make up the vast majority of their player base?

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I don't think the majority of hobbyists are politically engaged at all. go back to /pol/

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There's very little actual political difference between the neoliberals and the neoconservatives so while the controlling individuals might identify as neoconservatives there's little threat to their business model and a high chance of potential reward for indulging in neoliberalism. Welcome to the Merchant Oligarchy the boomers chose.

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when are the last blackstone fortresses expansions coming out?

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That's why I first mentioned apolitical people.
Reading's hard, huh?

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After tomorrow

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That's what he said, you retarded tranny
Back to sigmarxism

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I need to know about the zoat and the drones, pls

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I'm supporting Hong Kong by buying from alpharius

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Atleast the chinese know how to deal with muslims.

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Now that the dust has settled, what are /tg/'s thoughts on 9th edition?

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this won't work at all, incels days in GW products are numbered. sry brah.

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Until the ruleset has released, any 'thoughts' are intrinsically invalid outside of opinion on partial info.

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I think the changes announced so far are sensible but I am not confident that GW will balance the secondary objectives. This will be a huge determiner for this editions launch in my opinion. The huge problem will be if a handful of armies can reliably score some secondaries with no significant downside.

I am hoping that with Cruddace gone they will finally step on the viability of parking lot lists that stay in their own deployment zone just rolling dice.

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I want to homebrew my own marines, but I'm not sure I wanna play Imperium, but the alternative is Chaos and they're so fucking boring to homebrew for cuz they have zero depth.

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there are renegade marines. not imperium, not chaos. basically pirates and mercenaries

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>they're so fucking boring to homebrew for cuz they have zero depth.
Since GW watered down near-rogue chapters like Dark Angels and Flesh Tearers, Chaos actually has more depth about it's goals. They all broadly want to destroy Imperium shit, but there are at least a variety of motivations on offer. Some are fighting to survive, some are fighting for revenge, some want to carve out their own empires and some want to honour the gods.

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>Gods of Chaos bow to the Zoats
>in contact with extragalactic entities
>rumoured to possess psychic abilities
>control Terra with an iron fist
>own castles and banks all over the galaxy
>direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>Control the Imperium
>keep the Black Library off the maps
>keep the Tyranids under wraps
>Zoats are said to have 200+ IQ
>ancient Eldar scriptures tell of Zoats who will descend upon Terra and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Abaddon and Archaon
>The Zoat race are only 200 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human.
>In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe
>The Zoats will guide the galaxy into a new age of wisdom, peace and love

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But being renegades would mean cutting myself off from a huge amount of the CSM range. No daemons, no daemon engines, no possessed. It'd essentially become "Regular marines but worse".

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Thats what I was thinking as well. If say a tau or IG castle can just choose all elimination type secondary objectives then they may still be able to dominate the game while never moving and still win on objectives. I'm really hoping that every scenario will have a main objective that you need to complete that you can't do while staying in an immobile gun line. Will have to wait and see how the rest of the rules come out, but I am a bit hopeful with some of what we've seen.

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'ow goes it today 'umies?

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So what's going to be the 9e preview article today, boys? Terrain? Morale? Surprise changes to melee?

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Hep OP that last Mega book link isn't the link you think it is. It's Bella Delphine and by the looks of it, a lot of Bella Delphine.

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Holy fucking based its real

>> No.73004231

>its real

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GW gate keeping the undesirable "people" by rising their prices.
Remember to buy GW! Forge World, citadel paints , citadel brushes and citadel water pots only, let's keep the hobby clean from.... Undesirables

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Someone's selling these online with a million options, should I get some?

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Like a company selling cool models or like a sweet deal on eBay? ‘Cause if it’s the former you should post a link.

>> No.73004554

It's some chang on reddit

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GW claims to be inclusive, yet looks away as they press their knee of high prices against battle-brother Markus' neck. Will we ever get justice done? Will they lower their prices?

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Hey dudes just getting into 40k, more specifically KT. Bought some Sister of Battle to start out with. What brushes, sizes and brand, would you recommend I pick up? I’m in the US.

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>It's real
>All pics are pure trash
>People actually pay for that

>> No.73004653

The prices just went 10 times higher.

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>The left is trying to lower model prices.
Based mob

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We should be unironically supporting this shit regardless of political affiliation to get the prices dropped.

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I was in the middle of teaching several people how to play 8th edition when covid started. Soooo after the 9th edition announcement, I've resorted to teaching them apocalypse until I have a reason to go back to normal 40k... and I gotta say, the apoc rules are so good, 9th edition better step up.

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>more than 5 plates on the head
Garbage, that's not a Tyranid.

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But it's the left that engages in dishonest virtue signaling in the first place, they never had any intention to actually help poc because nobody truly cares about blacks unless if you can raise your social status by pretending to. No company is going to sacrifice their profits.

If you want to help, just buy from recasters. Even better, invest to become one yourself.

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Don't listen to anyone but ok bb I will turn you into a god.
Don't buy cheap brushes, get a good brand with Kolinsky. If you are a broda then get a good #2 and a good #0 with kolinsky and fill the rest of the sizes with camel hair, it's cheap and lasts longer than sinthethic brushes.
Citadel artificers are made by Winston and Newton they are good, go to a fine art store instead of you lgs, for the cheaper brushes go to a beauty store for women and asks for a brush kit with camel hair.

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This. Politicizing it will at least make it more difficult for them to do any further price rises.

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> implying that 10,000 year old space marines have less depth than 100 year old religious zealots

read a book you fucking cretin

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Maybe if you keep spamming this every thread you will magically become less of a faggot

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I agree with this but we must consider that GW has been catering to gun lines for how long now? 7 years?

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Why not both?

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>be internet whore
>still censor your naughty bits
>~tee hee i'm SOOO naughty!~
why would anyone pay for porn when its so supply side driven with so much available for free? damn kids have shit to learn from us.

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>get slightly lower prices in return for tranny negro SoB and every antagonist being a white male like in the Expanse

Brilliant plan chap.

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Some cheap army painter as you will ruin them.
Your new to painting it happens. No shame in it.
DONT go out and buy expensive brushes right out the gate, as you will fucking ruin them and have to buy more.
Start with cheaper basics first.
You arent at the skill point (and wont be for a long fucking time) where those brushes will make a real difference in tour result.
Is a retarded faggot. Literally what you DONT want to be

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>reading black library "lore"
there's the problem!

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You're a retard.

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Somebody make some fake GW coupons for BLM members like there are for McDonalds.

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Based irrational leftist ragemob

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Post your dudes theme song

>> No.73004952

It's all presentation. Fancy wrappers sell chocolate bars. The whore you can't have is more enticing than the one readily available.

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Give Markus your support on twitter. Note how the WarhammerCommunity account has been vocally snide or supportive with every post but that one. If they ban or silence it, they're racists who don't stick to their claims. If they don't lower prices, they're racists who don't stick to their claims.

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You need a good big brush and a good small brush, you have to be retarded to not have at least those two, you are sending him into a path of leaving hobby

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I hope we'll be getting some new Xenos factions this ed. I know it's a pipe dream, but some of the freaky looking grimmdark shit in this image would be great.

>> No.73005009

Holy shit give this black man a successor chapter

>> No.73005014

Anything to wag my finger at GW and their prices.

>> No.73005016

Shhh, don't tell anyone.

>> No.73005036

the most significant thing that could happen is whatever retard in charge of the twitter account gets bopped with a newspaper and told to stop interacting with the public so heavily

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Let it not be forgotten; fuck off Ben.

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>OMG not the heckin profitinos! You stupid nigger, you can't want economic change! You only have a voice to make sure you and the other proles never unionize!

>> No.73005057

I don't even know why I get mad, it will never ever happen as lo as we primaris chads keep buying marines.
Sorry Marcus, it was never meant to be, go play hoop

>> No.73005062

One day Hrud, you will get a model.
One day.

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I would say play GSC or Witch Hunters, but it seems GW is hell bent into removing fun from the game.

>> No.73005068

The whole point of this image was to be a collection of various examples of the weird background xenos races that exist in the lore but will never be represented on the tabletop because they arent at the level of mass planetary invasion scale that is required to get codex and model support.

>> No.73005070


Ok, Autism question of the day:

Why Necrons look like spooky human skeletons all the time. I headfluff'ed it in some way myself in the past but with new Necron models and Silient King coming out now... they are just humans.

>> No.73005082

And you can get by, better, with a couple of cheap brushes.
He will ruin the good brushes if he buys them first. And nothing gets people out faster than having to buy 2 or 3 50/60 dollar brushes in as many months.
Get two or three cheaper brushes. You ruin the first ones (always) but you learn to take care of the rest, and they should last half a year at least. If you are still in the hobby after a few years, and actually paint to a decent standard/want to really improve, get the nice brushes. It's a waste now

>> No.73005089

That was meant for >>73004754

I heard there's been starbucks that had issues with people bringing them in then getting rioty.

i was gonna do that but the account was easier and they can't ignore it. I'm still up for it or if someone else wants to

>> No.73005091

I want this to happen just to get that one insufferable skaven furfag loser to kill himself.

>> No.73005099

Go to the craft store and get one of those acrylic paint brush packs, the 10 for $10/$15 dollar ones (pic related for an example). These will be your beater brushes for mixing paints, spreading glue, painting terrain, dry brushing, washes, etc. Essentially all the shit you don't want to abuse your good brushes doing. You can even use the size 1 or 2 from this to do base coating on models, but the tip wears out fast. Next go and spend $10/$15 on a 3 or 4 brush pack with brush sizes 2/1/0. These will be your general painting brushes for base coats, highlights, etc. The better quality brushes will hold their tips longer as long as you take care of them, but they're not so expensive that you'll want to avoid using them. Finally spend $10/$15 on one really nice size 0 brush, this one is for fine details like eyes, writing, delicate edge highlighting. This is the one you treat like a princess and baby and should last you a long time. Over time you'll improve and will be replacing brushes, but this will get you off to a good start without breaking the bank. Once you have more experience you may want to start buying nice ($20+) brushes, but at that point you'll know how to avoid fucking them up and ruining them. And brush soap, get some brush soap to take care of those nice brushes you just bought! If you can't find brush soap then cheap hair conditioner also works but will degrade wood handles faster (not sure why, just my experience).

>> No.73005101

>no /40kg/ in the title
>wrong previous thread link
>meme link added
i hope mouldlines magically reappear on your finished minis

>> No.73005110

Give me your that guy stories.

>> No.73005114

literally force them to eat pork and rink alcohol. Based China man, cringe pinko.

>> No.73005117

I think GW should embrace diveristy and bring back the 2 missing Primarchs as a trans man and a black man.
GW needs to be more diverse

>> No.73005124

Wut, GSC are mighty fun.

>> No.73005128

They'll be redundant to everyone but normies soon anyway.
3d printers will get better and more widespread. Pirates will get all the models and more.
You wont need to spend a cent on official shite unless you want the latest release on day one.

>> No.73005131

Actual previous thread: >>73002003

>> No.73005141

Pretty good.

>> No.73005146

>every antagonist being a white male like in the Expanse
What the fuck are you talking about? Only season 4 had a white guy main villain. The rest were a Chinese man and a Chinese woman. The next season has a Latino guy with a crazy accent.

>> No.73005167

Amazing, I love living in the future. God bless 3D printers.

>> No.73005169

>excited to play Orks
>one of the most expensive armies in the game
>apparently doomed to always be garbage too

why live

>> No.73005174

I really just want the games to not be Imperial vs different color Imperial 90% of the time.

You think GW will ever catch on that making whole factions out of what should only be 1,000 or so dudes total makes the setting feel super fucking small in spite of being a whole galaxy of potential?

>> No.73005180

.now that the dust has settled
>Before the dust storm even hit
Calm the fuck down and ask again in 6 months

>> No.73005197

Should we just make another one

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>> No.73005211

Without exception, report all political shitflinging as trolling, off-topic, or racism outside /b/. Kill the mutant, burn the heretic, purge the unclean. Give the /pol/fags no mercy. Their time is over, they lost, now is the Scouring.

>> No.73005218

I gather that, but wouldn't it be nice?

>> No.73005220

I tried bringin this up in other WH outside a 4chan and has all my posts taken down.

>> No.73005231

9th seems to be made to fuck them over and well their rules look like someone added random restrictions like minutes before printing

>> No.73005237

Any day I am not an Ork is a day of existential terror and angst.

Its not fair, how do I reach that level of enlightenment?

>> No.73005238

No human has a skull that looks like that.
You might as well say humans, elves, and orks all look alike because they also have a skull with two eyes.

>> No.73005251

Would be cool for the next Warhammer Quest

>> No.73005258

Pics are encouraged

>> No.73005267

There where white dudes in the Expanse? That thing looked like the united colors of beneton or something.

>> No.73005271

9th isnt made to fuck anyone over, we haven't even seen all the 9th rules and there are going to be day 1 Codex FAQs for everybody as well as all the points costs changing. Calm down.

>> No.73005289

Thank you. Any brands I should target for the better brushes? Are Citadel brushes worth purchasing?

>> No.73005292

no, don't shit up the catalog, just gotta remember to fix the next one

>> No.73005293

I like to think that Necrontyr actually looked bone-like before the change. No idea if that's true though.

>> No.73005297

You think that the Old Ones used the Necrotyr frame as the base for the other races?

>> No.73005304

Stop posting these fucking 'zerkers and finish painting them you faggot

>> No.73005308

The other stuff doesn't sell unfortunately. Like it or not people would rather buy space marines with a different hat before they buy xenos. In a perfect world marines would just be one codex with subfactions in it like CSM was for years before DG and TSons got their own books, but this is definitely not a perfect world.

>> No.73005309

>needing to pay CP for extra detachments
>no fucking over a factions that was made to be built around multiple detachments and consumes CP like a crack whore
Whatever you say zoomer

>> No.73005318

race is a social construct, follow your heart

>> No.73005322

>recommending 10/20 usd brushes, not even 1 brush but 10 of them, for 10 usd lmaoooo
Ugh... Don't forget to tell him he's gonna replacing them after the first week

>> No.73005324

/pol/ is like the inquisition
nobody likes then but they are a necessary evil to keep us safe

>> No.73005329


But they do look similar. I don't mind Orcs as they are distinct in their desing and play a role, even if its just comic relief. But Eldar/Necron/Humanity design is long overdo for change and especially Eldar should be changed or Sq

>> No.73005336

>want new models
>stores closed
>sold out online
>ebay doesn't have anything I want
>friends still locked down
>no motivation to list build or plan as I would due to 9th
>paints most likely dry due to disuse
Lock me up
(lock me up inside)
Can't go out
(lock me up inside)

>> No.73005343

It's a good headcanon because otherwise it stretches suspension of disbelief a little much that they look so human-like.

At least Mankind and Eldar being genetically engineered by the same race handles that problem for those two.

>> No.73005356

>no fucking over a factions that was made to be built around multiple detachments
I can only think of the Dark Eldar, who might even just keep their rule about using Patrol detachments.

>> No.73005358

They fight giant mushrooms. I was quite happy that the art yesterday had mishroom xenos.

>> No.73005371

You can fit everything in a brigade retard, GSC took multiple detachments before only because it GAINED them CP.

Also FAQs will probably change how Nexos and Brood Brothers allied detachments work.

>> No.73005375

Because they're trying to silence us, brother. They're on the payroll that GW gives them to silence our voices, choking us out of the hobby while they look away and claim to be inclusive. But we won't stop fighting. The Emperor would want more Space Marines on the table, of every color, and xenos for them to shoot at.

>> No.73005392

they are very human-looking, especially the c'tan, which took the look of the necron previous gods, but overall they have a much more elongated aesthetic

it was canon that the necrons tampered with the human race to add the pariah gene, maybe they added a bit more of themselves in mankind, but they have claimed to see themselves in the tau at some point, maybe due to the frail physique, poor soul or long faces
but my headcanon is that the old ones uplifted the humanoid races starting from necrontyr DNA, maybe that was their way if gifting the necrontyr race long lives, since part of their philosophy was valuing every life form and they did not exterminate the necrontyrs when they had the opportunity in the first round of the war in heaven

>> No.73005396


Not really, there is no art officially representing them before the change but with the new Silent King model you can clearly see how humanlike he looks.

afaik Humans weren't touched by Old Ones

>> No.73005406

If people are gonna buy them regardless you might as well.

>> No.73005407

This type of rule is how you fix custodes.

>> No.73005412

ADB basically cosigned this. Does mean that the Intrex were right? Knowledge rather than ignorance are the best weapons against Chaos?

>> No.73005418

If they updated the old tyranid hormagaunt models then I'd collect them instead. I want to build a close combat horde army.

>> No.73005420 [DELETED] 

Indeed comrade, all hail the echo chamber of tolerance.

>> No.73005425

GSC need multiple characters due to how the army functions and they have a restriction to multiple characters in a single detachment.
Honestly doubt GW will fix that for 9th.
I mean there are still nid units that are illegal to use.
Is not like anyone cares and eventually no one will use the pay CP for detachments just like poeple ignore the illegal loadouts for models

>> No.73005433

Ok so we all agree the best way to make Ultramarines seem the least autistic is by leaning in on the roman subtheme, what is the best kitbashes you've seen that do this well?

>> No.73005435

Did you even read? Those cheap brushes are for beating the fuck out of mixing paint, spreading glue, painting terrain, dry brushing, etc. They aren't for painting minis, they're to save your nicer brushes from wear and tear.

>> No.73005448

ADB is never right about anything, that dudes writing fucking blows. Most overrated hack in GW after Guy Haley.

>> No.73005450

>afaik Humans weren't touched by Old Ones
What you know is shit.

The Old Ones created the animal ancestors mankind as part of an ecosystem that they seeded Earth with.

The Necrons and C'tan have made statements about the humans being creations of the Old Ones.

>> No.73005452

This is like saying never showering is a contraceptive.

>> No.73005457

Do you not see the irony of your way?

>> No.73005465

>can't put two primus in a single detachment
>this is good because I can use a brigade with two slots that GSC never uses outside of meme list

>> No.73005471

Honestly don't buy citadel tools, half the price you pay is for the brand name.

>> No.73005473

I hope not. This trash trend needs to die. Making a SC! box made out of monopose crap goes against the entire point of the bloody SC! box

>> No.73005474

>Humans weren't touched by Old Ones

Oh I'm laughing, everybody had their fingers in humanities honey pots(Old Ones, Necrons and Eldar). The whole race is the galaxies bicycle at this point, everyone has had a ride.

>> No.73005475

>GW makes a shitty design mistake
>tries to cover it up by writing some shoddy piece of lore
>neckbeards cite it as if it was a holy scripture

Why is this a thing

We should just admit that the whole 80s terminator aesthetic has to make way for a more alien look.

>> No.73005477

Who cares, only faggots spam 3 Kellermorphs, i play GSC and i like the limits, it's a nice balance for how powerful they all are

>> No.73005479

A piece of advice I got from this general is don't let your brushes dry standing up, paint will end up in the ferrule and fuck up your brush. I learned that the hard way.
Definitely buy some brush cleaner, I got Master's brush soap and it works wonders for getting left over paint out as well as keeping the tips.

A size 0 and 1 brush will be your workhorse brushes but I found a larger brush with a flat tip is useful for not wanting to kill yourself when painting larger areas, look for one the size of the medium citadel base brush. For vehicles a larger brush is a must or an airbrush but that's not necessary if your looking to start with killteam.
As for brand some people suggest Winsor & Newton's Series 7 brushes, but as a beginner you might want to instead start with cheaper acrylic brushes, whatever you can get for cheap from a crafts store, as you'll inevitably make mistakes and you don't want to waste money on high quality brushes.
I started with a cheap brush set for $5 and moved onto W&N cotman brushes, about $5 per brush and while not as good as Series 7's I knew enough from fucking up the cheapo's to take better care of them and keep those tips nice and sharp. It's also nice because those cheap brushes have other uses, I use mine to mix paint and apply washes to avoid messing up my nicer brushes.

>> No.73005485

That's how I read it at the time.

>> No.73005487

seems the guy only wrote one good book and has been riding it's coattails

>> No.73005511

You’ve been saying this for five years straight

>> No.73005513

You arent supposed to take two Primus at all, that's the entire point of that rule. It's lore breaking.

>> No.73005518

>mention primus
>but what about this!
>I like having less fun and less options!

>> No.73005522

>Knowledge rather than ignorance are the best weapons against Chaos?
Clearly this is the case, the problem is if The Imperium of MAN (as in, monkey brain humans) could apply this strategy to their own populace. Take into account how many Flat Earthers we still have on Earth or any other conspiracy theory you think is dumb as shit and multiple that by how many Imperum worlds there are and the fact that most of those worlds have more people than modern Earth, and that "illuminating through knowledge" seems like an impossibility for Humans.

>> No.73005527

Knowledge rather than ignorance is the beast weapon against Chaos*

Why 4chan has no edit function!

>> No.73005528

Wow this is cringe

>> No.73005537


Max number of detachments depending of game size

>> No.73005538

>Humans weren't touched by Old Ones
Lol lorelet

>> No.73005542

>We should just admit that the whole 80s terminator aesthetic has to make way for a more alien look.
why? warhammer doesn't have to be an original and sound setting, it's supposed to be a kitchen sink

>> No.73005547

No. Knowledge of Chaos only works to stop corruption if your society is generally against it. The Interex could do that only because it was a very small utopian society not touched by shit like Tyranid invasion or Black Crusades. The Imperium has by necessity trillions of extremely oppressed citizen whose life is suffering from the moment they are born. Their suffering is necessary for the survival of humanity but you think they'll give a shit about humanity if they knew about chaos?

>> No.73005549

I only ever see people using multiple Kellermorphs or multiple Patriarchs. Neither are needed to make the army function.

>> No.73005557

>The whole race is the galaxies bicycle at this point, everyone has had a ride.
If only the cute Elder girls took a turn
Seems like an interesting idea desu

>> No.73005565

>seems like an impossibility for Humans.
I’d chalk that up to the people in charge actively feeding their own populace propaganda and deliberately fucking over their education

>> No.73005566

Where did they touch you?

>> No.73005581

>warhammer doesn't have to be not shit

Yeah I guess it's technically true that so long as the models sell it doesn't matter. But from the point of view of quality, the designers should at least avoid the most corny of anthropomorphizing.

>> No.73005592

>lore braking
>when the lore mentions how multiple of this guys exist
What next there is only a single magus or a single Patriarch when GW already did twin patriarch story?
Beside everyone know the restriction is there just to fuck with nid players, just look at GSC genestealers

>> No.73005603

GSC player here, it was for CP, gene sects, brood brothers, and mixing cult creeds. Also play DE that are designed to do the same thing.

This could suck but maybe they will fix them for 9e.

>> No.73005606


>> No.73005609

Yes i do, now seethe harder you can't abuse our heroes and hop on the next bandwagon WAACnigger

>> No.73005611

>that guy who stops the game for 10 minutes at a time to rules lawyer, will constantly call the manager over to "settle the problem"
>that guy who brings comp lists and complains that people won't play him
>that guy who gets pissy as soon as he starts to lose
>that guy who fiddles with the table during your turn
>that guy that tries to rush you through your turn while taking excess time on theirs
>that guy who asks if he can use a stratagem/relic that he forgot to use earlier in the phase, but won't give you the same courtesy
>that guy that rolls dice into models to knock them around then "put them back" in positions advantageous to him (had a guy try to do this to put his unit just out of melee range of my guys so he could shoot)
>that guy that starts to roll his dice into your models when he's losing with the goal of breaking them or chipping the paint
>that guy that "accidentally" knocks models off the table when he's losing
>that guy that won't shut the fuck up for a single fucking second

>> No.73005613

Original being good is the biggest meme on the planet

>> No.73005615

What units are good in the ork codex?

>> No.73005622

>Although it should be noted that the Private hasn’t been seen since the battle, we’re sure that she’s fine. If not, this will become a posthumous commendation.
Oh no bros...

>> No.73005626

ADB also has a Chaos Marine OC that shares his name and likeness sonichu style. Complete with Zero mutations and a Dark Eldar gf who he goes on adventures with and doesnt afraid of anything.

>> No.73005635

>the designers should at least avoid the most corny of anthropomorphizing.

>> No.73005638

thats why its fun, no one expects much from us. when we pull out a win against someone not taking us seriously the salt is glorious.

>> No.73005641

Disappointingly little info today but what there is is once again, all good.

>> No.73005643

>>that guy that tries to rush you through your turn while taking excess time on theirs

>> No.73005658

There is a little post in your seething.

>> No.73005668

It's not about originality, it's about a balance between conventional and original.

>> No.73005677

I like the mission they previewed here. Secondary objectives seem pretty good so far and the idea of holding a point even if you move off it favor the aggressor armies and should help them against castles.

>> No.73005680

>Zero mutations
i'll give you the other stuff but it explicitly says he has a horrifically mutated arm.

>> No.73005682


>getting hype for GW pushing smaller games
>it'll inevitably be ignored by the player base as they continue to only play 2k+

>> No.73005686

No one uses Brigade with GSC. Heavy support suck ass and the fast choice only had bikes but since the nerf there is no point, while ridgrunners only work in list build around them, list that do not function with brigades.
Stop making shit up you worthless shill

>> No.73005687

>Complete with Zero mutations
The character spends three or four pages in the novel talking about the mutations of his body. One of his notable mutations is the rune etched stony hand that grew from his arm stump.

It's okay to hate somebody but do it accurately.

>> No.73005693

Because it's corny

It's like how that explorer guy in fantasy was called "Marco Colombo". It's basically a joke, which is fine if warhammer were a humorous setting which it's not.

>> No.73005698


It really helps melee armies, as they don't need to sit about and do nothing.

>> No.73005699

>No one uses Brigade with GSC
In 8th. Who gives a fuck, everything is changing.

>> No.73005705

but does it only make him cooler and more tragic?

>> No.73005712

>ADB also has a Chaos Marine OC that shares his name and likeness sonichu style. Complete with Zero mutations and a Dark Eldar gf who he goes on adventures with and doesnt afraid of anything.

>> No.73005716


>which it's not.

Want to know how I know you're new?

>> No.73005719

I think you guys are missing the point

>> No.73005722

The new missions so far look great, and are I think a severely underrated change.

>> No.73005725

>Open it up
>First folder is labelled Anal
Wew lad

>> No.73005736

>It's basically a joke, which is fine if warhammer were a humorous setting which it's not.
this is a setting with elves and orcs in space, anon.

>> No.73005741

whats a good to place to buy recasts?

>> No.73005744


>Want to know how I know you're new?

Do you want to know how i know you're new?

>> No.73005753

>that shares his name and likeness

>> No.73005757

cool and tragic is kinda the point of chaos but yeah. i'm not defending ADB's cringy OC, i'm just trying to set the facts straight.

>> No.73005764


Go for it. Cuz I'm excited for you to be wrong, anon.

>> No.73005766

>The game still doesnt have alternating activations
I really want you all to know how terrible the system will always be specifically because of this.

>> No.73005769


any newds?

>> No.73005770

Its already becoming a reality.
Back when pla printers were the thing it seemed far but affordable uv resin printers have changed the game, the finish is much smoother and setup is easier.

>> No.73005773

>"I don't have all day to play."
>Spends 20 minutes measuring every one of his models, checking their movement and charge distances, measures again
>Spends another 20 minutes on the rest of his phases
>Your turn
>"Dude can we please hurry up, I have shit to do today."

>> No.73005783

Stop spelling it wrong you fucking newfag.

>> No.73005784

Imagine complaining about someone's 40k OC being "cringe".

Anon, make your own OC. Embrace the cringe. 40k is a stupid setting full of stupid ideas. Allow yourself to sink into the stupid. It's fun.

>> No.73005785

>change from 6'x4'
>awkward sixes that cant be turn into feet or cm easily

>> No.73005794


>Go for it.
>Cuz I'm excited for you to be wrong, anon.

There, chap. Enjoy.

>> No.73005796

Are any of the Battlewagon options exclusionary? Of I take the wrecking ball or the Klaw, does that preclude me from taking more Shootas?

>> No.73005798

Another reason we need alt activation badly.

>> No.73005799

Get a chess clock.

>> No.73005801

if he wanted his own cum back he'd ask ur mum lol

>> No.73005803

What would Markus say to ADB?

>> No.73005806

Sweet summer child
GW will fuck nids. Its a tradition since 3rd along with giving SoB rules at the end of an edition

>> No.73005812



It's okay to be wrong, anon. You just need to admit I'm right.

>> No.73005816

it's okay ADB i still like your books.

>> No.73005817

an ork is an orc, anon, it doesn't stop being a corny fantasy race thrown in space

>> No.73005818

Same. I'm loving almost everything about this edition so far, to the point where I'm waiting for the monkey paw to curl and fuck me over. There has to be a catch.

>> No.73005824

To fit the Kill Team boards, they literally explain this TWICE in the article, jesus nigga READ.

>> No.73005832


Show me where the Elves, Orcs and Dvarwes in War Hammer touched You anon.

>> No.73005833

but edgy overpowered OC self inserts are not fun, they're cringeworthy

>> No.73005836

He is off mark. His son is I think is called Alexander.

The character is named Iskander Khayon.

>> No.73005850

I've been playing since 2nd newfag. And no, nids getting fucked overbstaryed in 5th with Cruddace, and Cruddace is no longer the head of 40k starting with 9th (shocker that it looks so good now am I right?)

Dont talk about things you dont actually know.

>> No.73005853

>"these are only the minimum size requirements for your battlefields"

>> No.73005854

>remove dice and measurements too!
Retard. The issue has never been crap like templates, measurements or other things like that.
It has always been autistic faggots that are allowed to be autistic faggots

>> No.73005858

Where were you when you realized that the insanely high prices are a necessary evil to keep 40k from getting completely pozzed

>> No.73005863

>There has to be a catch.
there's stil no word on how terrain works

>> No.73005865

>Ork Boys
>Mek Guns
>Big Meks
>Deff Dreds
>Flash Gitz

>> No.73005875

People often over exaggerate books they haven’t read or barely remember?

>> No.73005876

>Cruddace is no longer the head of 40k starting with 9th
I must have missed that

>> No.73005879

Even looking at the most authoritarian regimes in human history that had a very clear idea on what "Knowledge" was correct knowledge, their populace still had plenty of dissenters and even the non dissenters did not follow that knowledge how you would think based on the knowledge given. There is no reason to assume Chaos would be different. The only reason it worked with the Intrex is their small size (especially compared to the Imperium) and their standard of living, which was better than that of Chaos Worshipping so nearly no one was tempted by Chaos in the first place. The Imperium utterly fails in being small or having a high standard of living for most its population.

>> No.73005880

What the fuck is this strawman, how is alt activation like "removing dice and measurements" are you actually retarded?

>> No.73005883

>plays since 2nd
>doesn't know how nids got fucked in 3rd
Yeah ok zoomer. I believe you

>> No.73005893

when i went to my LGS and saw what the D&D players looked like juxtaposed against the 40k players on the other side of the room.

>> No.73005901

Watch the streams. It's a new guy named Stu Black, he's been interviewed 2 or 3 times now.

>> No.73005904

You think that alternative activation will prevent autistic faggots doing retarded shit. It wont.
Just play any game with that system and find your local retard it will be a mess too

>> No.73005907

>after Guy Haley

>> No.73005910

this is the worst. I just want a comfy Small game rolling some dice

>> No.73005920

You can’t just say something as cool as “Cruddace isn’t in charge anymore “ without backing it up.

>> No.73005923

Everyone got fucked in 3rd, the entire game was overhauled, and nids weren't bad once we got our Codex. Once again, stop pretending like you were there.

>> No.73005926

Between the mission rules, secondary objectives and points for completing them, and changes to terrain/LoS its looking like we'll be able to grab objectives and (hopefully) force castles to have to engage us on our terms or they risk losing on points. Its frustrating that every match has devolved into "the only rule is annihilation, now just let me roll dice while rerolling failed hits and wounds".

>> No.73005927

I don’t really have the time for that
Still it’s an happy news, thank you

>> No.73005928

>Crudd was not incharge of GSC and still fuck them
GW hate boner towards nids will never end.

>> No.73005932

People who have never read any of ADB's books really hate ADB.

>> No.73005933

Any tips for some blanchitsu painting

>> No.73005939

>every antagonist being a white male like in the Expanse
>Jules Pierre Mao
>Marco Inaros
>Augusto Nguyen

You're dumb ass hell

>> No.73005944

Fuck off redditor. Haley is trash and you have to be a tasteless, easily-impressed idiot neckbeard to like his trash.

>> No.73005952

>still tries to pretend he knows
ok zoomer.

>> No.73005953

What alternating activations would do is reduce the potential for aloha-striking and vastly decreasing the number of games decided by the roll for who goes first

>> No.73005959

When Markus called them out

>> No.73005961

Also Killakans due to their recent points reduction and thanks to the Shiny Gubbins Kustom Job they can shoot at BS 3+.
A Unit of 6 big shootas can delete many GEQ while Rokkits delete MEQ easily and even vehicles if you are lucky. Cheeky Zoggers also allows them to re-roll 1's so yeah.

>> No.73005962

Oh my god can you retards stop claiming any army is fucked based on new changes when we still haven't seen ANY of their FAQs or points changes or half the new core rules or played the new missions to see how they change the gameplay, fucking etc?

>> No.73005964

Buy streaking grime and white spirits

>> No.73005967

>Guy Haley
>spends 1/2 of the book describing every setting in Tolkienesque painstaking detail
>oh yeah and these characters talked and stuff

>> No.73005969


I mean I'll play them, assuming i can find peoplecto play them with.

>> No.73005974

>The New Guy getting interviewed somehow proves the old guy isn’t still in charge.

>> No.73005991

I've seen excerpts from his books that were so bad it made me sure I would never subject myself to wasting time reading the entire pile of steaming shit.

>> No.73005994

>warm tones
>heavy washes
am i missing anything?

>> No.73005996

Lorelets I have been wondering something,

In short, why has the worshipping of the God Emperor of Mankind in the Imperium led to the manifestation of a Warp Entity yet? I mean the Emperor is not a god and he knows, so what they are worshiping is different than the real deal so wouldn't another entity that fits their belief manifest? The Human Worshipers of the Tau's Greater good manifested a Warp Entity so why wouldnt worship of the God Emperor?

>> No.73006000

I just read Nightfall by Peter Fehervari, there's a great bit where it's set up with an ADB-esque heroic Night Lord that wants to set them on the right track. In the middle of an internal monologue, he get's fucking merc'd by a Possessed -- about a third into the story -- because he's trying to be the nicest schoolyard bully in a legion of schoolyard bullies. Stop defending bad writing.

>> No.73006007


>> No.73006011

>got BTFO and now he's just aimlessly shitposting

>> No.73006012

>still haven't fix illegal loadout from the nid codex
Sorry, but with GW I expect them to fuck up and till now they haven't manage to prove otherwise

>> No.73006024

the new guy being said to be in charge suggests the old guy is not, in fact, in charge

>> No.73006026

>The Emperor is not god
I've found where you went astray

>> No.73006028


>folder called unfapable
>Sounds like a fun challenge
>all pics of her as a kid

>> No.73006031

>and here's Stu Black the Head of Warhammer 40k design
Yeah it's pretty fucking explicit.

>> No.73006034

>and they're so fucking boring to homebrew for cuz they have zero depth.
what are you smoking
you can do literally anything for CSM

>> No.73006035

>makes shit up
OK zoomer. It is evident you didn't play nids during second because you would know and you would not be posting blant lies

>> No.73006046

no, sky is falling anon and i need to have things to be mad about!

>> No.73006051

How do you think he's able to perform miracles for his people?

>> No.73006058

>Trump being president somehow means Obama isnt still president
This is how stupid you sound right now

>> No.73006074

When you play this crap for more than two decades, you know that every edition is 1 step forward and like 3 steps back.

>> No.73006080

>why has the worshipping of the God Emperor of Mankind in the Imperium led to the manifestation of a Warp Entity yet?
Sisters literally perform miracles and summon Living Saints from thin air.

>> No.73006082

>why has the worshipping of the God Emperor of Mankind in the Imperium led to the manifestation of a Warp Entity yet?
some of the newer books have hinted that it actually has, or that the emperor really was a god all along. Lots of supernatural shit happens around the emperor's faithful in the plague war books, from the priest in dark imperium being saved from blight that killed fucking space marines to the living saint who turns poison into water ect.

>> No.73006086

>Be Death Guard
>Already have the points cost of an elite army without having elite quality
>Points costs going up across the board
Funny funny funny!

>> No.73006094

Thank god, someone using their race card to call out GW for good changes. Hell im white and the main thing keeping me out of this tabletop game are those fucking prices.

>> No.73006103

Fehervari is a fucking god and makes the rest of Black Library look like clowns. I want that man put in charge of the entire lore department.

>> No.73006105

because the emperor is not dead yet, his soul is anchored to the body and prevented from unfolding in a new form in the warp
even if the worship of the emperor varies, the worship is ultimately directed to the emperor, which gets empowered but is foreverially tied up on the throne

the gods played him like a fiddle

>> No.73006106


The only citadel brushes worth it are there small detail ones. Not the 'XL' detail ones, they are ridiculously overpriced. Small detail brushes are pretty much for just that, and are cheap enough to justify the price.

>> No.73006108

few questions if i may

1: why do all the SoB got white hair, and that stupid hair cut?

2: and why are sisters of silence all female? yes i know its "sisters" but why

>> No.73006113

I want to add stormboyz to your list but with the changes to reserves (can put units in reserves for 1 CP) I'm not sure now. I used to use stormboyz for grabbing objectives and tying up tanks with their great movement, but I'm not sure exactly how necessary that will be in 9th. Will need to wait on the rest of the rules before I can make a decision.

>> No.73006114


>> No.73006117

>people pay for censored porn
Why are profligates so fucking stupid

>> No.73006125

That's just CSM in general. We'll have to wait for the new codexes to see how this'll shake out.

>> No.73006130

>I just want a comfy Small game
come home, anon

>> No.73006133

>thinking the emperor was ever alive
He's an AI anon

>> No.73006151

>that guy who asks if he can use a stratagem/relic that he forgot to use earlier in the phase, but won't give you the same courtesy
Fills me with such a rage that Death Company marines would gain a moment of sanity and look upon me worryingly

>> No.73006153

By being a powerful Psyker.
Ok this is more what I was thinking, my assumption that they would exist is somewhat correct or possible correct at least. Maybe we see some models of more of these in the future?
Oh so he is like trapped in his own body? I knew he went full Stephen Hawking but I assumed it was by his design.

>> No.73006156

Sisters of Silence are the female "versions"/counterparts of the Adeptus Custodes. Emps designed their organisations that way.

>> No.73006160

Nah. 2nd to 3rd was a mixed bag because it kind of had to be to support moving from essentially a skirmish game to a large battle game. 3rd to 4th was a straight improvement, though. Then your post has been true from 5th through 8th because Chambers was gone and Cruddace kept getting promoted.

Now we have a new lead designer who seems to know what he's doing. Everything previewed so far looks and sounds excellent, there hasn't been one change that sounds stupid or regressive. I'm gonna give him a chance.

>> No.73006161

I think they saw 40k going the way of the dodo if they didn’t fix the point to dollar ratios. Probably noticed that switching management worked wonders for how much money AoS is making.

>> No.73006177

>Just leaves off the nose

>> No.73006181

>why do all the SoB got white hair, and that stupid hair cut?
when the founder of the sisters of battle was taken by custodes to the golden throne to meet the emperor her hair turned white when she looked at him. so all future sisters dye their hair white.

>> No.73006186

>emperor tells you he's not a god
he must be a god
>please whatever you do dont make a religion out of me, I'm not a go
Lets make a religion out of him since he is clearly a god

Nah, he a big psyker boy who get super charged because retards think he is a god. But unless you also admit your Emperor is a liar, he's not a god.

>> No.73006187

I never learned, do Primaris start off as scouts or are they given the Black Carapace immediately?

>> No.73006190

Secondaries are great, since they just straight up ripped it from KT: Arena which in turn ripped it from ITC

>> No.73006191

I keep seeing people post stuff about chaos marines getting along with deldar/getting deldar GFs. Is that an actual thing that's happened in a book or something, or are they just making that up? [/spoiler] don't get my hopes up, you guys [/spoiler]

>> No.73006192

1. Aesthetic. Also white probably represents purity or some shit. Bobs are likely so they can still look ladylike and not have to worry about hair getting in the way.

2. Cool Alliteration

>> No.73006194

1. SoB suffer from poster boy problem. Not all SoB are from Our Martyred Lady, but those are the only models that GW make. Just like GSC are not just miners, but those are the only models or how IG is not just Cadia, but those are the only ones with a complete model line.

2. GW is making a social commentary about how women are souless.

>> No.73006207

>1: why do all the SoB got white hair, and that stupid hair cut?
Not all of them, only some convents. They cut and dye it in that style after the fashion of some famous martyr who their order was founded after.

>> No.73006212

All of humanity rely on him to exist, he's basically a god now.

>> No.73006220

Back to formula?!

>> No.73006224

Why not Kill Team?

>> No.73006231

>why do all the SoB got white hair
They don't

>> No.73006232

Nothing interesting really.

>> No.73006237


*blocks your path*

>> No.73006240

He is a liar. His sole purpose for existing is to protect humanity at any cost. Of course he can lie if he thinks it'll help.
>your emperor
larping on a chinese cartoon image board is cringe.

>> No.73006246

aesthetic reasons, nothing more
the bowl cut is easily associated with piety and restraint and when john blanche wants to design something unconventional, like a body guard of soulless warriors, making them women is an easy step to add some extra variety from other warriors and it makes the blanchitsu pp the BLANCHITSU PP

[insert joke about women being soulless here and how it's better for them to stay silent]

>> No.73006252

>Why do all the Space Marines got[sic] blue armour, and that stupid omega symbol?

>> No.73006255

>Minimum cost of 5 Blightlord Termies is a little over 200
>Knowing how GW love to fuck Chaos they'll probably be 250 after
>Take 10 and you already filled 1/4 of your 2k army

>> No.73006259

Most store models you see on the go webshop are 3D printed

>> No.73006262

So what exactly does the Emperor even do the for Imperium anymore?

>> No.73006263

>why not eat shit and die
Kill Team is never an option, every time you are playing that you want to play Necromunda or Shadow war Armageddon. Hell even those fan made games like HoR are more interesting and fun than KT

>> No.73006273

Are you retarded? His questions are actually valid.

>> No.73006277

Ok, then why not play those instead?

>> No.73006279

>guard player who starts a game with a nurgle daemon player
>nurgle daemon player assumes it's a friendly casual game, lets the guard player set up terrain while he unboxes his army.
>guard player sets up a giant open field with barely any terrain save for a couple buildings on his side so he can put his dudes on the top floor.

>> No.73006285

>but I assumed it was by his design.
the risk he took was calculated, but you can't be good at math when chaos is involved

>> No.73006289

>The Imperium utterly fails in being small or having a high standard of living for most its population.
Which has nothing to inherently do with being authoritarian especially since the pull of power often breaks down to just pay your taxes

>> No.73006292

Makes travelling through the warp possible. Literally fighting chaos at all times.

>> No.73006313

No they aren't because the white hair is just part of the OML scheme

>> No.73006317

They still have a "Neophyte" phase described in the new codex, but it's not explained if it's just the scout phase of development or if it differs from the traditional way. My guess is scouts are in for a revamp down the line.

>> No.73006321

There is a portal in the imperial palace that has an army of demons on the otherside waiting to come through. Big E is (allegedly) using all of his psychic might to keep it sealed and prevent an invasion. They have to "feed" him psykers every day to absorb their power to help maintain his hold.

>> No.73006341

>want to run aberrants
>already did a point increase for no reason
>280 points for unit that needs an entire army and detachment dedicated to make them in order to work
I just want to use my inbreed retards born yesterday without fucking my army for wanting to have fun

>> No.73006343

Tell me, misguided citizen, if the emperor has all the powers of a god, then is he not a god?

>> No.73006344

>why do all the SoB got white hair, and that stupid hair cut?
They don't, it's just the Order of the Martyred Lady.
>and why are sisters of silence all female? yes i know its "sisters" but why
Blanche is a horndog and has great taste.

>> No.73006350

Slow down Autocrat, those were 2 separate points not the same point (The first being about control of information and education much more first hand and the other being specificly about the Imperium and why the Intrex strat would not work for them)

>> No.73006351

well anon i guess you had best start singing "deutschland deutschland"

>> No.73006363

This is why I'm so glad about terrain changes in 9th. Clear rules about how much terrain is required for each point level/mission and no more first floor windows LoS.

>> No.73006365

People are dumb and refuse to play better things

>> No.73006367

It's explicitely stated they start as scouts just as normal. It's the squad progression that has been completely fucked up alongside chapter organization and armoury.

>> No.73006374

My custom Hive "Fleet".

The Jötunnhive is a near dead Hiveship that crashed into and through the polar ice cap of a world on the fringes of imperial space.

The Hiveship moves slowly in the deep polar ocean below the ice sheet, evading detection while devoting most available resources to self healing and to eventually produce structures to allow the ship to return to space to birth a new fleet.

As such the ship not willing to waste resources on disposable troops has shifted all spawning to the largest most resilient breeds modified with additional regeneration genomes to allow them to both survive the extreme polar cold as well as being capable of withdrawing and quickly healing from a lost fight.

Consequently carnifexs are the smallest of the Jötunn encountered by the world's defenders further and further north each day as more land is conquered and stripped to feed the Hiveship.

>> No.73006377

Rate my CSM warband idea, bros:
>formerly a BA successor
>really, really, REALLY upset about the red thirst and the black rage fucking with their battle-brothers
>constantly experiment with their geneseed to try and erase the flaw somehow
>they're so autistic about hating their lineage that they reject their primarch and cut all ties with their parent chapter
>eventually chapter master nigger assfaggot allows the librarium to start experiments involving psychic powers
>mysterious voices promise a solution
>this some chaos shit, fuck that
>centuries pass without a cure
>they encounter the rubric marines, perfectly calm despite being chaos followers
>this intrigues the stupid cunts with anger and daddy issues
>the previously mentioned voices hint at the rubric marines being the solution, growing more and more tempting
>the librarians spend years trying to replicate the process
>they eventually manage to turn a single tactical squad into dustboys
>the brain damaged retards, in their spite towards their primarch and his blood, genuinely believe that's an improvement
>the chapter falls to tzeentch
>they make some rubric marines, as well as use other chaos-powered ways to escape their current form
>possessed, obliterators, chaos spawn and shit
>some khorne-marked marines with black armor to represent those that weren't """saved""" in time

>> No.73006378

His psychic might, according to every single MRB, is currently being used to war with the Dark Gods and prevent literally every single human from exploding into daemons and destroying reality.
The webway gate is no longer an issue, as demonstrated in Rise of the Primarch, when Guilliman considers using it to get to Terra, but realized Magnus wants him to do that so he can follow before they reseal it and gank the Emperor.

>> No.73006383

Jeez you think after 10 thousand years they would either abandon Terra or try to find a way to close that portal.

>> No.73006387

I'm making a list of Approved youtubers, recommendations? Move ups move downs?

>fa/tg/guys approved youtubers
Squidmar Miniatures
Warhammer TV

The MiniJunkie
The Painting Coach

>not worth the time unless you post on /wip/ and love the smell of your farts

>Some of you are ok don't go to school tomorrow
Trovarion Miniatures

>Jannie got butthurt and ragequitted
Dana Howl

>i'm 12 what is this

GooberTown Hobbies respond to this post or your mother dies in 10 days tier

>> No.73006388

You mean Sebastian Thor failed secondary

>> No.73006392

Are you fucking serious negro, just READ the LORE

>> No.73006393

>hahaha nice joke
>puts the rest of the terrain
Why do people make an issue of a non existing one?

>> No.73006405

Focuses the Astronomican created by the psychic choir, keeps the warp gate beneath the palace contained so Terra doesn't turn into a daemon world, something-something astropaths (they're bound to his soul through a ritual that renders them blind), protects humanity from becoming daemon portals, psyk-out grenades are made from his holy refuge, and he lends his power to worthy individuals temporarily.

>> No.73006408

didn't notice >>73005258 while posting, but I guess it fits
no pics yet because it's just a concept so far

>> No.73006420

>Consequently carnifexs are the smallest of the Jötunn

>> No.73006421

>/tg/-approved pantheon of jew-slaying gods
Arch Warhammer

These are... the heroes of Warhammer...

>> No.73006427

>My guess is scouts are in for a revamp down the line.
They're not, that's literally what the Vanguard wave was made to replace. Infiltrators, Incursors and Eliminators are your new scouts.

>> No.73006431

You didn't even name the popular ones

>> No.73006433

>It's the squad progression that has been completely fucked up alongside chapter organization and armoury.
And the continuation and 10k years of history between the Heresy and the fall of Cadia, and most of their tactics and designs.

>> No.73006446

Fluff reason is that Sebastian Thor forbade the ecclesiarchy from having male soldiers after a power gap in a schism like situation

>> No.73006447

and the ears, we know they had both of those by looking at how the c'tan look, but necrontyrs were renown to be a wretched and weak people, I wouldn't be surprised if they looked almost mummified when in life

>> No.73006450

Wait what? Do you mean the guy who used to be DrawingWithJazza? I watched that guy years ago for drawing tutorials when has he done warhammer shit? Also fuck off I enjoy Goobertown hobbies and his videos on painting technique are good

>> No.73006458

There is no way to do either of those things, dumbass.

>> No.73006460

Does that sister have pigtails?

>> No.73006464

The second one was about the Sisters of Silence.

>> No.73006470

Majorkill and Gazma are having drama right now

>> No.73006471

I am /tg/ and I don't approve of any of these

>> No.73006472

Majorkill is fine because he is not an actual idiot like the former, he just makes edgy jokes sometimes.

>> No.73006480

Read the fucking post anon, I was answering his inquiry about the Sisters of Silence, not Sisters of Battle.

>> No.73006483

Yes that guy.
I like goobertown as well, i just think it gets kinda creepy at times, he breaths and talks manually

>> No.73006484

>It's the squad progression that has been completely fucked up
That wasnt even a thing all the Chaptera followed it was just the vanilla Codex Astartes system that autists like Ultramarines clung to.

>> No.73006495

they're called eagle-wings in the imperium not really

>> No.73006499

Kill team is ok but it suffers from its own quirks.
>A bolter can't eviscerate a guardsmen?

>> No.73006503

>40k eceleb drama
We're reaching levels of cringe that shouldn't be possible.

>> No.73006508

in recent videos he confessed his secret love of warhammer and did a couple painting videos, including one where he sculpted and 3d printed, and painted a giant space marine.

>> No.73006509

Damn I’m blind

>> No.73006514

So an Imperium with thousands of habitable worlds can not find another capital in TEN THOUSAND YEARS? That sounds far fetched. Also retardPrime you really think closing the portal is impossible? Aren't the AdMech working replicating some pylon or some shit to completely nullify surrounding warp energy? That would probably do the trick

>> No.73006521

Do they have any notable enemies? A PDF Commander with a peg leg made from a Hormagaunt's scythe perhaps.

>> No.73006528

So head handles are called eagle-wings

>> No.73006529

He asked about the bobcuts.
Not to mention his other question about Sisters of SILENCE

>> No.73006532

So you are saying most chapters followed it? The only ones that didn't were space wolves and even then they had their own equivalents, which have been equially trashed by primaris.

>> No.73006538

Somebody post that army list format picture where supposedto use here.

>> No.73006539

You got your shitpost all wrong, Majorkill is trying to cancel Gamza for being an uninclusive bomophobe.

>> No.73006546

>i just think it gets kinda creepy at times
Oh I totally see what you mean, but I guess it just does not bother me as much if you get past his presentation the actual meat of his videos are really good imo

>> No.73006549

So make a homebrew chapter with depth. Ezpz

>> No.73006550

Very well then, /tg/ has spoken, the list is considered heresy and everyone who tries to investigate /tg/ approved youtubers is considered a heretic. Good day.

>> No.73006556

These secundus marines are getting out of hand.

>> No.73006558

If GW really wanted inclusive and diversity the price of their product should be cut in half
After all high prices are racist

>> No.73006565

>So an Imperium with thousands of habitable worlds can not find another capital in TEN THOUSAND YEARS?
It's the birthworld of the human race and the Emperor, you don't just give that up you fuckhead. That would be a symbolic defeat that would tear the entire Imperium apart. But more importantly, they literally cannot give it up because it contains the Astronomicon and the Golden Throne. Those cant be moved, no one even fully understands how they work. You're so fucking new you dont even get the basics of this setting.

>> No.73006566

You can't just post Zynkyoku without a subtle you heathen.

>> No.73006575

>primaris 5'11 vs manlet 5'9

>> No.73006576

>40k theories
>midwinter minis
>Wolf lord rho
Only 40k channels worth watching, change my mind anons

>> No.73006586

Oh neat, although while I enjoy him and his content I just would never expect someone as expressive as Jazza to be highly rated on a /tg/ tier list

>> No.73006602

>The only ones that didn't were space wolves
You mean only one of two with a written Codex, forgetting Black Templars. But in the lore there are over a thousand Chapters and plenty of them do things differently. Lorelet.

>> No.73006610

Well said. Stand with Markus.

>> No.73006617

>>Wolf lord rho
I like this one, except the first seconds of every video and the fact I can only bear with him by speeding up the video

>> No.73006623

Luetin09 was pretty based unleashing the Gav, Gascogne, and Hoare quotes upon the solidcanonfags. Can't deny. That comment section was still pretty funny last I strolled through it.

>> No.73006631


>> No.73006648


>> No.73006656

since when is 5'11 not manlet

>> No.73006661


>> No.73006663

>You mean only one of two with a written Codex
Of course.
>forgetting Black Templars
Sure, that's two. Count Blood Angels aswell because they switch devastator and assault squads in the order and Dark Angels having Deathwing/Ravenwing if you are that pedantic. Even them have been fucked by primaris in the exact same way.
>But in the lore there are over a thousand Chapters and plenty of them do things differently. Lorelet.
That still means the majority of chapters followed it and still means that the ones they don't no longer use their own practices.

>> No.73006667

Kill yourself

>> No.73006672

so we know about the 'eavy metal style and we know about blanchitsu, but what would squidmar's painting style be called?

>> No.73006680

ehm.. the blacks fear the plastic price tag or something

>> No.73006688

Source on that image? Is it supposed to be Cain, Amberly, and Jurgen?

>> No.73006699



>> No.73006707


>> No.73006715

>Squidmar Miniatures
>fa/tg/uy approved
lmao, fuck off Miniac

>> No.73006725

>People discussing best 40k channels
>Not one mention of Winters, the best BatRep channel

>> No.73006726

"Faggot flexing their nmm skills 99% of players don't want to spend the time to learn and master because when playing it's not noticeable and only looks good on display pieces".

>> No.73006733

Go back to your hugbox on 9gag if you can't handle 4chan, secondary

>> No.73006739

>doing NMM on every model
Seriously gonna KMS if I had to do that

>> No.73006741

>remember to support the black library

>unleashing the Gav, Gascogne, and Hoare quotes upon the solidcanonfags

>> No.73006744

Add Occulus Imperia to this list and you will have my sword, based anon.

>> No.73006748

He lost me when he switched to primaris.

>> No.73006753


>> No.73006757

>Hey guys I don't know much about the lore but I was wondering about x Lore character and what they are doing
Anyways anon, now that you understand how retarded you sound, to be more specific I was talking about Belisarius Cawl's Stasis Field research and development. I seriously doubt they would not have some form of breakthrough in 10 thousand years of investment . Just to be clear, 10 thousand years is 3,652,425 days. Surely they would have something other than the Emperors full focus to close or mitigate a giant portal teeming at their most sacred world.

>> No.73006768


>> No.73006771

None yet.

Though I was envisioning the world as a Knight world, because Mecha knights vs invading Viking Kaiju.

>> No.73006774

>I'm making a list of Approved youtubers

For faggot 0 attention span zoom zooms
All youtubers

>> No.73006794

>>remember to support the black library
>fanx [person] for the virchewul giff vowcha
>it's de bess way to 'ear the lore, foah yorseluf
>wif dat outatha way, less jump, straet in!
i cringe every time. thankfully he is pretty much following the same opening script every time so can just skip to 40s and miss nothing important

>> No.73006812

Most people dont even know theres a portal. Anything that fucks with nullifying waro powers also can't be placed there because THE EMPEROR IS SITTING THERE. Go read a fucking rulebook.

>> No.73006815

He has enough variety Imo that it's always interesting.

>> No.73006816


>> No.73006823

Low IQ take. Some youtubers are decent background noise when painting and doing hobby. Sorry you suck at brain, anon.

>> No.73006828

>For faggot 0 attention span zoom zooms
Rich coming from someone on 4chan

>> No.73006839

Never heard of him

>> No.73006842

>fa/tg/guys approved youtubers
Squidmar Miniatures
Warhammer TV
Occulus Imperia
ABorder Prince Warhammer Lore
The Painting Coach

The MiniJunkie
The Painting Coach
midwinter minis
Wolf lord rho
BatRep channel

>not worth the time unless you post on /wip/ and love the smell of your farts
Hobby cheating (He doesn't even paint his minis lmao)

>Some of you are ok don't go to school tomorrow
Trovarion Miniatures

>Jannie got butthurt and ragequitted
Dana Howl

>i'm 12 what is this

>Sister's of silence watch this 24/7
GooberTown Hobbies

>> No.73006845

Shit. That looks bad. It's too shiny and reflective, looks nothing like dirty grimy ceramite.

>> No.73006848

>40k isn't grimdark anymore tier
Zatcaskagoon miniatures.

>> No.73006850

Imagine if they hired him to voice an ork warboss. Then hide some trade mark quote from his channel in the dialog

>> No.73006856

Oh, yeah, I just don't watch his marine batreps anymore and it pains me a little because his chapter is what drew me into the channel in the first place. The rest does make up for it so I watch the other videos.

>> No.73006860

>Sister's of silence watch this 24/7
Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

>> No.73006863


>> No.73006867


Avenging Angels, a Dark Angels successor I generated using the generation tables. I don't have much about them yet, and haven't even painted any models for them, but the results for the tables were:

>Dark Angels Successors
>Crusade Chapter
>Suffer Not The Works of Heretics
>Divergent Chapter
>Terror Tactics
>Blessed Wargear
>Death Cult
>Over Strength
>Ecclesiarchy Allies

So it seems I have accidentally created the absolute sketchiest lunatics possible.

>> No.73006870

>dirty grimy ceramite.

>> No.73006874

Do you think having a soul is an important factor in a person?

>> No.73006892


>> No.73006893

Go and loot some anon.

>> No.73006895

>buy one of the most expensive plastic models
>doesn't drill barrels and seemingly forgets a few parts even
>paint most of it in a single metal color
>can't even be bothered to pick out an things that definitely aren't metal
I'm not even angry, just disappointed, I know you can do better than that anon

>> No.73006896

You can't lump every BatRep channel together. Winters SEO and MiniWargaming are light years apart in quality

>> No.73006901

>a Dark Angels successor I generated using the generation tables
Oh, yeah, another cool thing destroyed by primaris.

>> No.73006916

Do you think your soul effects the Chemicals in your brain and that reward feedback system? Why would a Soul effect your taste in media?

>> No.73006926

>not a single mention of Vince Ventruella
God damn newfags on my board

>> No.73006947

>>fa/tg/guys approved youtubers
>Squidmar Miniatures
>Warhammer TV
Miniac will you fuck off you ASW faggot.

>> No.73006953

DA are gay

>> No.73006955

why even ask then, go watch goobertown my nogga

>> No.73006977

I like his cat

>> No.73006998


>> No.73007004

Who will be the first new army of 9th

>> No.73007014

Men Of Iron or Squats

>> No.73007054

I'd never click on any of them, but the titles and thumbnails of Gamza's vids are god-tier

>> No.73007068

He's got the most punchable face of literally anybody I've ever seen

>> No.73007070

Emperor's Children

My 3 confirms it

>> No.73007075

I can't watch this guy, it hurts just by watching. He's extremely annoying, and i don't even know why. Help me cope anons

>> No.73007083

He omitted quotes by Laurie Goulding and ADB about there being a solid canon and IP overlords. He is dishonest taking the opinion of people and presenting them as facts.

>> No.73007090

>Sorry you suck at brain, anon.
Says the guy who needs "background noise" like so retarded infant who needs a white noise machine.

>> No.73007094

Almost made me rescind my comment about miniac

>> No.73007101

Dubs say new Slannesh Chaos Space Marine army before Emperors Children

>> No.73007112

World Eaters
This 12 confirms it

>> No.73007114

Guard update, Mordians

>> No.73007115

Ok, faggot
Post your pic

>> No.73007116

>Annoying fucking voice
>Superiority complex
>Punchable face
There's a lot to hate>>73007112

>> No.73007124

I don't even get what "Punchable Face" is supposed to mean anymore.

>> No.73007142

Will you be missed?

>> No.73007145

Fucking based

>> No.73007148

All finecast.

>> No.73007151

It has been confirmed

>> No.73007156

That Combat patrol size looks comfy, and if the other missions are anything like it, the games will be VERY mobile.

>> No.73007159


>12 confirms it


>> No.73007162

I still prefer the everything is canon take

>> No.73007172

technically nobody will be missed because if you leave they'll say they didn't want you and if you stay then you didn't leave.

>> No.73007178

6 says 3D Print an OC Legion and use your favorite Space Marine Chapters Ruleset

>> No.73007182


>> No.73007190

I was thinking more like a complete change in design, though I wouldn't miss them if they lost their table presence.

>> No.73007202

Touched a nerve there, miniac?

>> No.73007213

i pray to the dark gods every day for salvation from these terrible old sculpts.

>> No.73007221

Fuck off Miniac

>> No.73007226

You all are hypocrites. When I bring up Gladius lore, you say it's not canon. But you pretend to agree with everything canon when its convenient.

>> No.73007242


>> No.73007253


>> No.73007264

Careful what you wish for.

>> No.73007270

That's okay. The issue here is that Youtuber should show both sides of the argument rather than what supports his bias.

There is a disagreement in GW and guys who worked there over the canon issue. So him acting like there is consensus is dishonest.

>> No.73007271

bruh, goobertown is fucking based
also you forgot ToC

>> No.73007292

Get fucked you hedonist coward >>73007112

>> No.73007294


>> No.73007295

Its because your tau fanfics aren't canon and you won't let it go lmfao.

>> No.73007310

Taunecrons are confirmed canon!

>> No.73007318

>painting/hobby channels I like
Lukes APS
JuanHidalgo Miniatures
Vince Ventruella
Darren Latham - rip ;_;7
Zumikito Miniatures
Painting Buddha (rip again)
Ben Komets whenever he actually uploads something
The Painting Coach

BatRep Channels
Geeks Wargaming
SS82 (rarely, mostly only watch him if the matchup is cool)
The 30k Channel

Background Noise for Hobby or whatever:
Vince Ventruella
Occulus Imperia
40k theories
Wolf Lord Rho
Almost Pro gaming
Ausperg Tactics
The Vaults of Terra (RIP)

>> No.73007328

>For the most part enjoy building
>Hate priming
>Enjoy painting.

Anyone want to prime my stuff? I would do it but it's like 90something degrees in my garage right now.

>> No.73007329

>watching jewtube at all

>> No.73007332

Not once have I ever said that. It's probably people like this fag
Who will tell you you need to disregard the opinions of GW employees pre and post-dating Laurie Goulding, who no longer works there. And will omit that ADB has also said the "everything is canon" line. In fact, "Everything is canon" is itself an ADB quote.

>> No.73007335

>Laurie Goulding
Okay now give me a take on canon by someone who wasn't fired for his incessant screeching on warseer

>> No.73007343

>using 4channel at all
kys you'reselve

>> No.73007346

>Lukes APS
based and flocked

>> No.73007354

it's when low t retards fantasize about hitting people who viscerally remind them of someone who has upset them (or even their past or current selves). imagine letting a retard like miniac make you feel threatened.

>> No.73007355

One of my buddies whose waac is bitching his “skill” will be wasted in the new edition
Cant fucking wait to finally dumpster waacunts

>> No.73007363

>Aspie tactics
A voice like butter

>> No.73007365

>perceiving any form of audiovisual media
ugh yikes yucky

>> No.73007367

is that actually why he was fired? lmao

>> No.73007376

You know I often heard that Air caste can't actually walk around on planets of 1G or higher. I can now see why.

>> No.73007396

Technically "everything is canon" is a paraphrase of ADB's "It's all real and none of it is". Not a quote,

>> No.73007404

Aspietactics is one of those channels that I will put on if I am working and can't devote time to keep up with news developments pertaining to 9th. Other than that, I give them a hard pass.

>> No.73007420

>consuming garbage content made for retards
who's winning

>> No.73007434

LG worked directly with the department and was a chief editor in BL and even GW studio for years. Worked as the loremaster too. His quotes are way more recent that the guys you named.

Actually, ADB swallowed the solidcanon pill since he went the "noncanon" route on the Blood Ravens = TS thing and had it thrown from the canon.

ADB is not on your side.

>> No.73007437

>None of it's real
Getting dangerously close to Lucasfilm territory with that phrasing.

>> No.73007445

Then why do you play 40k

>> No.73007447

>"why waste yeh hard earned pounds on glue when yeh can just use yeh cum. *points to 1 liter dropper bottle of cum*

>> No.73007461

He wasn't fired. He quit for the Riot money. More than one BL and GW writer jumped ship to Riot.

Graham McNeil being one of them.

>> No.73007476

>Actually, ADB swallowed the solidcanon pill since he went the "noncanon" route on the Blood Ravens = TS thing and had it thrown from the canon.
So what you're saying is that I should ignore Abnett's afterword in Saturine because a bruised ego changed his mind over people having badwrongfun. Sad!

>> No.73007478

>Gorgutz won Soulstorm and made Stubbsfags mad as fuck

>> No.73007482

To the anon who posted last thread about no CSM Slaanesh abs, this guy has them and a crop top.

>> No.73007483

>Keep in mind Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are worlds where half truths, lies, propaganda, politics, legends and myths exist. The absolute truth which is implied when you talk about "canonical background" will never be known because of this. Everything we know about these worlds is from the viewpoints of people in them which are as a result incomplete and even sometimes incorrect. The truth is mutable, debatable and lost as the victors write the history...
>Here's our standard line: Yes it's all official, but remember that we're reporting back from a time where stories aren't always true, or at least 100% accurate. if it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40K universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.
>Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.
>I think the real problem for me, and I speak for no other, is that the topic as a "big question" doesn't matter. It's all as true as everything else, and all just as false/half-remembered/sort-of-true. The answer you are seeking is "Yes and no" or perhaps "Sometimes". And for me, that's the end of it.
>Now, ask us some specifics, eg can Black Templars spit acid and we can answer that one, and many others. But again note thet answer may well be "sometimes" or "it varies" or "depends".
>But is it all true? Yes and no. Even though some of it is plainly contradictory? Yes and no. Do we deliberately contradict, retell with differences? Yes we do. Is the newer the stuff the truer it is? Yes and no. In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies.

>> No.73007489

do you think 40k is real? are you stupid?

>> No.73007492

Lol I'm laughing at you right now lol. Your so dumb lol

>> No.73007494

>"ow do guys its luke ere. today we're gunner be disgussin how ya can make realistick looking cow paddocks, using yer own shit, and sum grass flock. less get crackin!"

>> No.73007504

>It's a decaying universe without GPS and galaxy-wide communication, where precious facts are clung to long after they have been changed out of all recognition. Read A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M Miller, about monks toiling to hold onto facts in the aftermath of a nucelar war; that nails it for me.
>Sorry, too much splurge here. Not meant to sound stroppy.
>To attempt answer the initial question: What is GW's definition of canon? Perhaps we don't have one. Sometimes and maybe. Or perhaps we do and I'm not telling you.
-Marc Gascoigne- Publisher, The Black Library and Black Flame

>The Background exists as a context for the games that people play. Despite the occasional event, the background was never intended as an ongoing narrative that would be constantly updated. The back story presents questions, enigmas, problems, and conflicts. Gamers explore and solve these issues by playing games and developing armies. In short, the background provides the beginning, but the players provide the end.
>What is Cypher up to? Well, he's up to whatever you need him to be up to for your games and campaigns. What does the cult mechanicus have to do with the dragon? Whatever you want that relationship to be.
>The background should be like Schrödinger's Cat - Nothing is defined until the players look into the box by playing games and determining the outcome for themselves. Backgrounds should be full of possibilities to be exploited and expanded by players, not answers that limit the potential of the game and its setting.

>> No.73007511

Yes... YES

>> No.73007529

Obviously he's referring to Lucasfilm getting mad over their shit writing and declaring they shouldn't care "because it's all fake anyway". Imagine calling someone stupid because you're ignorant lmao.

>> No.73007532

Not him but "none of it is real" is literally the worst fucking copout for establishing canon.

>> No.73007539

Abnett says you can headcanon whatever you want. He didn't say that your headcanon is equal to official lore.

Also remember that Alan Merrit the previous IP overlord GW shutdown any lore way to have female Custodians by purposely writing that Custodians only take sons in the Custodian codex.

If there is no canon, this wouldn't have stopped ADB from writing female Custodians in his novels.

>> No.73007552

omg, I know a guy that had an entire patchwork sheet of theories that 'PRETTY MUCH' affirmed BR is a TS successor chapter. It was sad

>> No.73007553

Brand new range will be WE or EC for sure. Brand new army is almost impossible to guess.

>> No.73007557

Uh guys
Is it gay if I listen to Squidmar to go to sleep

>> No.73007566

Technically impressive

But why is it so fucking shiny

>> No.73007573

Wait, do people really use headcanon as true canon in 40K or something?

>> No.73007577

imagine caring about the "lore" of fictional universe. i'm here to paint models and play a game, there's nothing more pathetic than consuming their shitty literature and wasting time and memory remembering all this stupid nonsense

>> No.73007578

I've never said my headcanon was official lore, you're beating up on the wrong strawman my dude. But I do like citing older stuff that's been contradicted more recently and it's fun watching autists like you squirm.

>> No.73007589

Can’t we just get back to talking about marine abs? Or falling through the stairs?

>> No.73007590

This means my headcanon of primaris not existing won't ever be official, then.

>> No.73007593

Blood Angels my 9 confirms it

>> No.73007600

Who cares? Not me. Because it's not canon.

>> No.73007601

I choose to use old lore for my army, if that counts as head canon

>> No.73007602

>"gw didn't shoot that down"
>but they did
>on the everything must have models phase

My bald author can't possibly be this autistic.

>> No.73007611

based former IP manager

>> No.73007619

No not at all. After all if its so boring that you fall asleep listening to it, then what other purpose could it serve?

>> No.73007625

6 and Slaanesh is the best fucking God of all time

>> No.73007628

It is outdated lore so it is not officially canon if it has been retconned, but I would not put it at the same level as some OC story trying to be used as canon

>> No.73007637

nevermind the '>necron' thing

>> No.73007638

pretty good. working the closing shift at work today, so i'm pretty much just waiting to go to work

>> No.73007640


>> No.73007644

Embarrassing. I'm sure your lack of caring is why you gave me so many (you)s, and why you'll probably give this one a (you) too.

>> No.73007647

>WAAAAAAAA-*gets a orbital station dropped on him*
I expected the whole conflict to end so that there wouldn't be a clear winner

>> No.73007648

Reminder that Word of God says that the Minotaurs are Iron Warriors

>> No.73007651

7 and Slannesh is the best god of Fucking of all time

>> No.73007662

>e-everyone loved my idea! except that one meanie who only wanted things that have models reeee!
god I hate this cunt

>> No.73007663

>World Eaters get to use Blood Tithe
>Khorne Daemons don't

>> No.73007670

Yes! Until GW de-chudifies theyre racist, racist glorifying universe then I will NEVER buy anything from them

>> No.73007675

I just like his voice, man

>> No.73007680

You know a broken clock is right twice a day. ADB is right that there should be female custodes since they are not marines and they are worked on when they are babies. A female baby is not that different from a male baby.

>> No.73007683

check nmy nurgle 7, faggot

>> No.73007687

Not anymore. They are all primaris ultramarine successors now.

>> No.73007689

>Lost as many digits as chapter master's at the thunderdome

>> No.73007700

Don’t worry I already DM’d GW with screenshots from last thread so they know this is just a 4chan troll

>> No.73007701

Where did you read that? I keep hearing people say this but I can't find it. It's not in the PA book.

>> No.73007706

>new berzerker kit comes with one(1) chainaxe

>> No.73007720

God I hope the golden bananmen go berserk killing primaris to the point they can't make them anymore.

>> No.73007722

Basically yeah, they are gonna be genefucked anyways and never go through normal puberty so being born with a Vegeene really would not hinder their combat capability.

>> No.73007725

Oh come on you cock mongoling faggots just answer the buttfucking question.

>> No.73007728

how many GW campaigns end in a big explosion?

>> No.73007734

Half the main cast are white dudes
>11% of the world is white
>white dudes want to be more than 50% of the characters
What a bunch of babies

>> No.73007741

There shouldn't be female Custodes for the simple fact that it fucks up the Custodes-Sisters of Silence dichotomy

>> No.73007746

Have you tried opening up the Ork codex in the mega and looking?

>> No.73007752

>they are worked on when they are babies.


>A female baby is not that different from a male baby.

Genetically they are.

>> No.73007760

Henry Cavill (Chad Incarnate) plays Custodes(Faction of incarnations of Chads), why don't you?

>> No.73007763

Good work, anon. High prices prevents the great pozzing

>> No.73007765


you can always take 0-4 shootas.

>> No.73007769


>> No.73007770

If the resulting female-derived Custode is indistinguishable from a male-derived one, what difference does it make, ultimately?

>> No.73007774


>> No.73007779

Yesterday my elderly mother was in the backyard, saw a snake, took a shovel and bisected the thing in one hit. She told me that early this morning one of her watermelons she was growing almost tripled in size overnight. I guess her blood sacrifice appeased Khorne.


>> No.73007781

We'll just need to get Misters of Silence.

>> No.73007783

>it has 8 power first
>3 chain axes
>5 chainswords
>4 powerswords
>15 combat knives
>5 power spears

>> No.73007785

Based and checked. Let's keep the secondaries out of our hobby.

>> No.73007793

>wants white people to include them in the things they make
>throw a fit when white people make things for whites and not them
The world would be better off if these fuckers could actually create decent things. Be more like the japs please.

>> No.73007794

>You know a broken clock is right twice a day.
Good thing ADB is not a clock, and retards don't ever have to be right.

>> No.73007803

>GWs target audience is the civilized world
>90% of the civilized world is white
>Non whites want to be half the cast
What a bunch of babies

>> No.73007807

I wish this Tzeentch would change my ways if you know what im saying

>> No.73007816

then where are all the chinks and dinks

>> No.73007822


>> No.73007823

Good work, we don't need blacks joining the hobby.

>> No.73007832

Don't know if I want to join this shit conversation, but do you expect chinese movies to just have 30% of their cast being chinese? Western productions having most of their cast be from the most numerous race in western countries is normal.

>> No.73007835

How did the Vigilus Campaign end again? I know Calgar got his heart ripped out and Abaddon ran, but is it actually over?

>> No.73007836

>Genetically they are.
I don't think genes matter X or Y genes matter in the process.

>> No.73007838

>That many extra bits
You get one of each named melee weapon and just enough knives to get by

>> No.73007843

Imo making it a story not a setting gets in the way of the whole schrodinger thing

>> No.73007849

i wonder if this counts turks as european

which they arent.

>> No.73007850

this, also marines and marines-derivative concepts only work with masculine designs due to how fundamental the bulky aesthetic is for the concepts to work

keep the woman to their own institutions and to all those organisations that aren't designed entirely around hypermasculine supersoldiers

>> No.73007853

>Genetically they are.
They are getting their Genes completely changed through Gene Therapy to make them into Custodes anyways though

>> No.73007855

I don't really like how they play, but with the new soup rules I'll have an auxiliary detachment of them joining my main army for flavour.

>> No.73007863

>How did the Vigilus Campaign end again?
A battered Imperium clawing back into the fight.

>> No.73007872

the campaign ended with no clear winners but the planet is totally fucked.

>> No.73007884

Eldar chimped the hell out after Abbadon said the N-word on tv. So they "peacefully" threw a torpedo through his ship, forcing him to withdraw and repair the Vengeful Spirit.

>> No.73007892

New thread when

>> No.73007902

You can distinguish female Stormcast from males. People have always cried for more female representation. Custodes are the perfect way to have female marines without them being actually marines

>> No.73007904

oh no! that's bad news for the imperium!

>> No.73007910

>a unit of vanguard veterans but can only carry swords and shields
I'm fucking tired of primaris doing this shit.

>> No.73007941 [DELETED] 

>GW wants to turn the Imperium into the Chimperium
Not on my watch. Whites RISE UP!

>> No.73007942

>Custodes are the perfect way to have female marines without them being actually marines
No, that's what SoB are for. There's also no reason to have female Custodes when SoS fill that role.

>> No.73007949

Even drugs can affect men and women differently. You can't just pump a woman full of testosterone and other crap and expect similar results to a man.

>> No.73007952

He became what he feared most

>> No.73007955

>How did the vigilus campaign end
With abbadon only living because Calgar threw a left hook and not a right and the vengeful spirit getting nearly cut in half

The biggest winner of that entire fight was the chaos corrupted flagstone that Calgar accidentally tripped on

>> No.73007961

A higher pool of potential choices so they can be more precise with the qualities they want, and I just like variety in my models.

>> No.73007963

I'm fucking tiered of you complaining about it.

>> No.73007968

>People have always cried for more female representation.

I wouldn't call them "people".

>> No.73007975

gender is a social construct you bigoted incel

>> No.73007978

The fem evocator in the middle right is probably my favorite stormcast sculpt to date

>> No.73007979

New, sweep and clear boys.


>> No.73007980

Thank G*d

>> No.73007983

they wouldn't stop at custodes

sisters of battle are where the line has to be drawn

>> No.73007986

Why does the first one have a sextant?

>> No.73008000

Good pic, retarded 'take.'

>> No.73008002

>they can be more precise with the qualities they want
Not female is the big one.

>> No.73008005

Abaddon withdrew after his damaged ship made an emergency warp jump. The traitor legions took off soon after. The Ork and GSC threats were contained when their leaders were killed offscreen by Imperial assassins.

The Imperials won a Pyrrhic victory but the planet is going die anyway from the damage inflicted on it.

On the other side of the Nacumund Gauntlet, the second half of Abaddon's fleet led by the Planet Killer is going for Sangua Terra

>> No.73008007

Holy shit

>> No.73008016

I liked it better when they were World Eaters

>> No.73008023

We were talking about the expanse

>> No.73008027

Rule of Cool is most important, but I also have to take into account the rules limitations on how many of 'x' a squad can take.

So, following that, should I convert the Meltagun CSM into a champion so I can include a flamer? Or keep the meltagun as the special weapon and just make a champion with something else?

>> No.73008032

likely considers them middle eastern, which is equivalent to near eastern. some resistance to turks being called middle eastern is from middle eastern being equated to arab, which is just wrong. they're in the middle east, but they aren't arab.

>> No.73008092

>stormcast are absolute chads who fuck their Stacy comrades after every battle
>always come back to life because their God is an actually God
>space marines are all angry castrated fags who have a 50% chance to revolt at any time

>> No.73008125

Do they fuck goats, anon? If the answer is yes, guess what they are.

>> No.73008150

Having an actual god on your side is a literal deus ex machina

AoS is cringe because the struggles between forces are so fucking irrelevant because of how active the gods are

>> No.73008193

they literally will.

>> No.73008309

GW is clearly adverting SoB more with the rampant screeching for female space marines, not understand it's about taking something away from men and not uplifting women.

>> No.73008597

Is there any reason to take a Battlewagon over a Gunwagon if you are trying to use it strictly for Open Topped?

>> No.73008620


>> No.73008884

He is not the unmoved mover, no more a god than the dark gods claim to be.

>> No.73008968

New Primaris Lt. holding a necron skull.

>> No.73009915

Emps didn't design the SoS. They preexist the Imperium and their origins are lost to time.
Bob cut is the standard haircut of the Sisters. Only Martyred Lady dye their hair white and even then it isn't mandatory.

Don't know why the Silent Sisters are all female, their origins are lost to time.

>> No.73010186

The idea of a BA successor turning to Khorne as another version of the Black Rage has always enticed me and frankly been a fantasy project of mine for a while

>> No.73010234



>> No.73010943

Oh my god its real

>> No.73012032

Based Chinkposter. Fuck GW Fuck GW Fuck GW Fuck GW Fuck GW Fuck GW Fuck GW

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