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blue lives matter

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cool photoshop bro

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Remember to call out GW as the white guilt virtue signaling cucks that they are!

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i wish it was

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hope the best model army doesn't get squatted

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It's not a photoshop

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Post Models!
You ARE getting your armies all ready for 9th, aren't you anons?

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>doing "#" on /tg/

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Yes mate hopefully that will guilt them in to being cheaper

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>Imagine being a company of 98% white people
>whose customer base is 98% white people
>virtue signalling about how important diversity is
>while avoiding placing your stores in diverse neighbourhoods or living areas
>while pricing your products so high that POC cannot afford them

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>prices already too high
>another hike
>"w-we support POCs! y-yes we do!"

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It can only get worse from here on

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So, they aren't complete libcucks, but aren't complete /pol/cucks? What's wrong lol

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>the /pol/ in this general

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i need help sourcing some bits to use...
I want bayonets for the intercessor rifles. My first thought was to use the combat knives from the tactical squad kit, but nobody seems to be selling them on ebay. What are some other good sources for something like this?

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>>while avoiding placing your stores in diverse neighbourhoods or living areas
>>while pricing your products so high that POC cannot afford them

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Reivers I'd say

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>Salamander Captain complaining about overpriced requisition request M42

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dude its OK, they paint some of their models brown

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>company is pragmatic
>people seethe
Every time

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Yeah dude, my tyranid and ultramarines are 100% done and finished. I’ve ordered a few more bits of tyranid terrain to paint while I do fantasy stuff in the meantime.

It’s a good feeling

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>o-only /pol/tards hate our chocolate companions! amirite, fellow white people?
nah, /pol/fags aren't the only ones. stay on topic or dilate harder somewhere else because gorgon termies are peak 40k

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>Actively singling out a group of people based on their beliefs and telling them to stay away from the hobby
Sure is inclusive in here now

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So, how the fuck I'm supposed to play Guilliman as my warlord if now I get punished not only for bringing him but also for making him my warlord (the fluffy choice)?

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Do these work for you?

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How do you get punished for Guillaman

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You don't, non titanic LOWs don't belong in 40k

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more reasons to hate this nigger

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What are you doing to keep the coloreds out of our hobby anon? You ARE doing your part right?

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>>Actively singling out a group of people based on their beliefs and telling them to stay away from the hobby
They """singled out""" people who think they hobby shouldn't be open to anyone. I can't think of any ideology that has a core tenet of "and by the way, make sure plastic toy soldiers can only be assembled and played with by these certain groups"

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just wait until siege of terra comes out

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You only get the first free detachment if it is a patrol, batallion or brigade and your warlord is in it. Guilliman is LoW so you can't have him in those detachments so you need to pay for the detachment he is in and the rest of the detachments.

Guilliman as LoW is retard, the Yncarne is bigger and not a LoW, even a fucking discordant is an HQ.

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Just need to find some way to get the transfers, highlight the armour a bit, and base it.

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>have to buy a new rulebook and codex and can't just go and print out the pages i need or i'll be kicked from the local game store because i didn't "support their store", which is the only place in miles that have people playing 40k.
no, i think i'm done.

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He's right though. Only a complete brainlet looks at Imperium and thinks "yes, these are the good guys". But then on the other side we have even more idiotic screeching that only real world fascists like or play Imperium armies.
Plenty of baiting and retardation on every side of this commotion.

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And of course phone posting fucks me

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Can I fuck you too bb?

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>local game store
>kicking you out for printing
What the fuck are you talking about, schizo

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But Anon, I am the coloreds!

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Hopefully Guillaman will just be balanced for his new cost then. For a not insignificant time of this edition, he was an auto-take for an Ultramarine player, or just an Imperium player even at the beginning

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While 40k isn't pro-fascism and goes to great pains to point out exactly how shitty life is under the imperium during the setting, I think "sardonic satire" went out the window a long time ago given how much less light hearted and more serious the setting is.

That rings really hollow when circumstances have forced the imperium to be insanely totalitarian and they legitimately have no other real choice.

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>real word fascists like or play Imperium armies
Only IG players, bro

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Fuck it finecast it is we can make a better codex then the gw and the Jews when we finally cut off ourselves from gw we now choose to say which is canon
Really wondering how many years it will take till it gets the star wars treatment

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Because i didn't want to spend money on yet another fucking rulebook and codex and went and downloaded a PDF of the books i needed and printed the pages i needed to be able to play some games, but because the store owners are really fucking paranoid and strict i was kicked out for a couple of months because i wasnt "supporting them and the 40k community"

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>bread pic already deleted
>most of replies on twitter are from trannies with zero niggers in sight
you can't make this up

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>He's right though. Only a complete brainlet looks at Imperium and thinks "yes, these are the good guys".
Eh, while the imperium is a hellhole, for a human it is objectively the best option of all those found in 40k. Which allows for a far more interesting thesis looking into the question of "Why evil can occur and persist" instead of "ur ideas bad and evil, my ideas good and right"

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>getting kicked out by a lgs
Fucking lmao. Sucks to be you, but I bet you did something else to get kicked out by a fucking lgs.

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damn not many of those for sale either, just lots of the carbines

I'd prefer a more classic looking single edged knife

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I hope it will be worth it.

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Maybe playing with cheesecake models and not showering was the reason Anon.

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It's all over isn't it? the rioting is the straw that broke the camels back and the union, the society is coming to a collapse. I long for more simple times where you true diversity and freedom of choice were allowed to thrive, now it's just infighting and gate keeping. Well, I won't stand for it, I won't go quietly into the night without a fight, I'm going to have fun regardless of what a bunch of anarchist and their apologists have to say about it.

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>objectively the best option

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How are things going for Vampire?

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They really fucked themselves for this, I'm already seeing the yugioh joggers saying they'd love to try 40k if it was more affordable

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Not that i know of.
They told me their reason was because of me being "cheap" and "stealing the books" because i had downloaded a PDF instead.

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Take your medications.

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You let them know it's a pdf? You always say its the ebook version you idiot

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>it's euro-time
>thread is /pol/ and /leftypol/ throwing shit at each other
why does this always happen? I just want to talk about plastic toy soldiers. inb4 'fug of muritard' i am a britfag.

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And now for the same price you can get Calgar (gives you +2 CP and has a better warlord trait) a primaris liutenant and the victrix honor guard. Getting the same result, rerolling all hits and 1s to wound.

Guilliman is a fluffy choice but the new rules seem to punish fluffy lists like having magnus or mortarion warlord or even Belial in a vanguard detachment with terminators.

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Why not just claim it's the GeeDubb's Ebook?

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Hello Mohammed, what army do you play?

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The plastic mk.IV tactical kit came with a ton of knives, check bit stores for that kit

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Absolutely. In-universe, the extreme xenophobia and violent dogmatism of the Imperium makes perfect sense and the brutality with which it treats both its own people and all the external threats, present or potential, is entirely justified.
However, it does not make them "good guys" or admirable in anything but their dedication to survival against all odds. Literally the only positive thing about Imperium as a whole is that by trying to preserve itself it also tries to preserve humanity.

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Hello Ahmed

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No pic but I'm starting 9th by getting my knights ready to play :^)

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He's right. It is satire. That's what it was at the start. The hell did you think it was?

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so I bought this guy. turns out he's coming straight from wuhan. a shame it's not a nurgle model as I feel like it's a missed opportunity to empower it.

here's hoping lictors get some love in 9th.
at the very least their old unuseable pheromone trail stratagem seems like it may work off the bat with the 9th reinforcement system. "deepstriking nid warrriors" yes please.

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i can just smell the carcinogens

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>but because the store owners are really fucking paranoid and strict i was kicked out for a couple of months because i wasnt "supporting them and the 40k community"
>They told me their reason was because of me being "cheap" and "stealing the books" because i had downloaded a PDF instead.

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Sorry its the culture wars my boy. You cant escape it and if you try someone will eventually come at you and make you declare your allegiance. If you dont they will come after you.

Culture war is everywhere everything is political. You cant escape it anymore and those who warned about this were called schizos. Just bend down like all the others do. Dont speak your mind because it wont be worth it. Just Lay down and be quiet.

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For once it's entirely GW's fault for promoting this kind of discussion. >>72999606

>> No.72999958

Still stuck on what scheme to do, but I put some older models in the purple drank to strip so at least something is getting done

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>finally start thinking about updating my sisters to plastic for 9th
>friend says he's going to be starting sisters
>dont want to bother anymore
Why am I like this? Please kill me.

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>I was derided for being a pol poster

I warned you about the taint of liberal corruption but you wouldn't listen.

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Not much really changed about how the imperium is presented. It's just there's been enough lore built up over the decades told from an in-universe perspective where the fourth wall is mostly intact, so people can get invested in and be inspired by the characters/events/factions on a direct level.
The setting didn't change, it's just the treatment of it went from "wouldn't it be funny if the setting was X" to "here's the history of the setting and how the story with its own internal logic unfolds".

It was worse hours ago, it's always worse in yank hours. And there's cause today because unlike just putting a black person in the setting, they made a directly political statement clearly in response to the cuckoo bananas American political meltdown.

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Lorelet btfo lmao

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Kill your friend. There can be only one!

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>jutht let me potht muh ebig dithcord thcreencap!

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Fucking LINK that post

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Proud of my work on this one

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Shut the fuck up, IG player. You aren't fucking interesting for collecting Deathkorps of Krieg

>> No.73000016

Nah, he'll probably enjoy himself more. I'll just off myself. Thanks!

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>nobody is selling just the knives from this set either
what do people do with these knife bits? do they actually glue them to the models? or just throw them out?

>> No.73000021

love the feathers mang

>> No.73000022

Looking good. What are you gonna do for the base?

>> No.73000026

I am a real one, and I play IW and WB.

>> No.73000032

>Not running joint ops with your sis (male)
What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Nice job anon

>> No.73000036

It's just GW trying to make money. Retards who take seriously this kind of corporate faggotry are the problem, not GW. People who think the corporation trying to make money is either an ally or enemy based on whom they are selling to are the problem. GW is just an entity that wants money. It will do this in any way it thinks is most effective.

All the big companies are making statements of solidarity with this political and social meltdown in the US because they think it will make them money. GW is just trying to ride that wave because it wants money. It isn't a political statement, it's a money statement.

Now can we go back to discussing how shit/disappointing/don't-ask-questions/fun!/boring/retarded/interesting/the-most-playtested-edition-everer 9th is going to be?

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Not sure, thinking between mars and generic green forest

>> No.73000045

Top tier shit bro.

>> No.73000047

>You ARE getting your armies all ready for 9th, aren't you anons?
Nah. Why bother? GW is just giving to fuck it up miserably like they always do.

>> No.73000050

It's not about the money. It's about sending a message.

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>Autist collects Autist legion
Checks out. You're not the one who doesn't want spikes on his iron warriors?

>> No.73000066

exactly, and 9th edition is going to be 90% primaris shit and 10% everything else.

>> No.73000070

>What the fuck is wrong with you?
I literally asked that.

>> No.73000074

There isn't enough info yet to really plan anything.

Though the monsters shooting in CC thing does have me hyped since I'm building Nidzilla.

>> No.73000077

In 30k tacticals/veterans can decide to be equipped with a specialised CCW for an extra attack.
The mark 3 has full on chainswords for this purpose.

>> No.73000088

I actually want to start a carcharodon army, but can't bring myself to actually play space Marines. I just can't do it.

>> No.73000089

this twitter poster is actually very based lmao

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Yeah a message to make money. Only idiots cheer at corporations for putting up the correct image on Twitter

If they had reason to believe Nazis were their largest demographic, you can bet your ass they'd be saying 'Coloreds, keep your dirty mitts out of our stores' instead

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That they hope will make them money, yes.

>> No.73000101

I’d take another price hike if it meant keeping retards out the hobby.

>> No.73000102

Based on what?

>> No.73000106

will get more info on army points breakdown in a few hours apparently. looking forward to 9th. and even more looking forward to fighting my pals monolith once its good again. I even offer to let them take it for 100 points less than it's cost but it's only ever scenery.

It makes me think sadly my carnifex gangs going to want to be even more range heavy,
ie quad devourers and monstrous acid maw for max murdering in cc.
this will vastly outperform any meleefex build in the game but hey
unless somethings done to incentivise meleefex I can see this being the reality for shitters everywhere.

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>> No.73000113

Some for 9th, others because I want to. (Like this fella)

>> No.73000118

You know... like... owning the libs

>> No.73000121

If GW fucks up 9th then will more people flood to the Necromunda cave?

>> No.73000123

>tfw literally unwanted by GW because I disagree with forced diversity
They sure don't complain about my money though

>> No.73000127

What worries me about 9th is that they are 'indexing' all the 8th ed codices' datasheets, but increasing pts costs for all units accross the board, meaning 9th won't actually solve dick all of the current issues until a faction receives their new codex. monoliths will still suck but just a bit more since now they're more expensive.

>> No.73000130

What's wrong with librarians? The Velma Dinkley look is hot as fuck

>> No.73000133

Nice progress m8, he looks a lot better with the tasset

>> No.73000137

Dude, what is "forced diversity"? how does it work pls explain

>> No.73000141

And this is exactly why you shouldn't virtue signal and apologize.

>> No.73000147

Thanks,here is his base, I made it using legos and Megablox and added some some bits to make it stand out more.

>> No.73000148

you give an inch they take a mile

>> No.73000149


>> No.73000159

Why do they want female Space Marines? Don't they have Sisters of Battle and Sisters of Silence?

>> No.73000165

I dunno, having that happen to me would make me a very happy man and I would go to town with them sitting there

>> No.73000170

>"We believe in Diversity"
>*adds a few black characters to appease the blue checks*
Its never anything other than blacks, ever.

>> No.73000173

Libcuck power fantasy if they are able to manipulate companies into doing things they want.

>> No.73000174

But anon, you clearly enjoy it.

>> No.73000175

They don't give a shit about power armor women, it's just about sending a message

>> No.73000179

Based as fuck. I'm going to tell my local GW manager that I'm 1/4s aboriginal from now own.

>> No.73000180

It's because that it's something exclusive to males which makes them infuriated, "why can't we have that ?"

>> No.73000181


>> No.73000183

Not bad, maybe try to fill some seems though to help it look less blok like

>> No.73000186

>Telling people you're part abbo even if it's to get cheap models
Anon no NEVER admit to that

>> No.73000187

>wants to make money
>tells it’s fanbase that if they assert themselves GW doesn’t want their money
This is an ice cold take. Did you get it from George Carlin?

>> No.73000190

Trolls have figured out that female space marines is the single most effective way to create a new chaos god called B'utt'huurt so they keep memeing it super hard, hoping that GW will think that it's a pervasive desire among the fanbase and think it will make them money.

>> No.73000192

i guess it's all conjecture till we see the exact points from the increasing points across the board thing. it could work like an extra chapter approved but. it could also be pure evil. I'm expecting lictors to double in price because fuck me, for example. . but yeah Monolith probably will still be at least bad until necron codex release, at least it's first right?

>> No.73000195

It should be a walley getting rekt

Seams* ffs

>> No.73000200

Because GW thinks those people are in the minority, whilst it believes that the other people are the majority. It hopes to appeal to the majority by telling the minority to fuck off. It's a simple numbers game, nigga.

>> No.73000202


>> No.73000204

Might break out some more of my greenstuff to seal them.

>> No.73000209

its on the 40k fb page post comments of the BLM post

>> No.73000210

have you ever heard of the "American History X problem"?

>> No.73000211

But would it be okay to have male Sisters by their logic?

>> No.73000215

I think they used better font

>> No.73000217

This. I cannot tolerate the Corpse Emperor and his failure. We must destroy Terra.

>> No.73000221

I don't like this line of thinking because if 40k is for everyone then they shouldn't be calling for folks to be removed. God I hate people and I hate how they make their politics their whole identity.

>> No.73000223

of course not, for them everything male is evil

>> No.73000225

Good. But I agree we need more female represenation in other factions. Get on those felinids finally, faggots.

>> No.73000227

Because it's not about actually being happy with what's there. It's about needlessly changing things to enforce your power.

>> No.73000231

But I hear some of them identify as male as some form of anti-female misogyny.

>> No.73000244

Honestly, i don't know anymore
it's all so fucking confusing and retarded and tiresome.
I just want to have my hobby in peace without constantly having virtuesignaling shoved down my throat

>> No.73000245

Based catgirl fucker

>> No.73000254

>The forbidden tea

>> No.73000257

Couldn't have said it better, I want to get confused about the lore, not about appeasing the lgs tranny.

>> No.73000258

You can't. You either side with libcucks or /pol/tards. If you don't pick a side, they will both take a big fat shit on your life.

>> No.73000259

How are you guys liking the new CP and detachment rules they previewed. Makes me happy on one level but worried that those who typically use intra faction stuff like Orks, GSC, Dark Eldar, Chaos etc will be shafted.

Space Marines get a lot of power from running a pure list whereas those I mentioned only lose our from the benefits of multiple detachments.

I am still baffled to this day how they can print Psychic Awakening rules which on the one hand, give GKs, Sisters and Marines really strong doctrines for staying 1 faction but then only give someone like Night Lords stratagems and relics which encourage multiple different factions.

>> No.73000263

Or i could just say "fuck it" and leave the hobby

>> No.73000264

If it were about money they wouldn’t have included that last line. Other than that it’s a cookie cutter “we like the status quo” message. This is entirely due to the nature of social media and media manipulation in general. It’s basically Kony 2012 all over again.

>> No.73000266

>based lee starts using transparent resin for invisible models
>GW copies for LOTR
guess everything truly is made in china

>> No.73000270

It's simple. We kill both of those. Communist or Nazi, they are anti-Americans who will die to our ARs. SS109 will be our solution to both of them.

>> No.73000273

Who says these two are only around if you have a hobby?

>> No.73000277

Yeah, if they don't fix chaos as a faction that needs to mix subfactions to work t the new CP is a big hit and we'll be back to only alpha legion being viable as a monofaction.

>> No.73000287 [DELETED] 


>> No.73000292

>GW actively supports you taking the piss out of DA, Eldar and Tau players

>> No.73000294

>tfw nobody in my local group really brings up politics

Ok there was the one time the store owner banned a guy for having a /pol/ chimpout on facebook but that's the only time I can think of

>> No.73000295

Based and burger pilled

>> No.73000298

I'll start painting them as soon as the package with my new black primer arrives

>> No.73000303

>Tau player

>> No.73000306

>If it were about money they wouldn’t have included that last line
It is about money. They believe that more money will be spent at the company if they show positivity towards diversity and inclusion and tell 'racists' and 'bigots' to fuck off. The actions of GW are purely because they want to make money. The shareholders do not give a fuck what GW do, as long as it makes them a bigger ROI. If that means more blacks on front pages of books, more retarded giant centrepiece models, constant price hikes, female marines, then it will be done eventually.

>> No.73000313

>heresy miniatures
His wife is black.

>> No.73000315

I still need a lot more info before I can really start thinking about anything. Crusades only taking power level probably isn't helping speed this up either

>> No.73000325


>> No.73000333

Can any art Anon's here make a 40k version of this? I feel like it might become important very soon.

>> No.73000342

Historylet here, would there be potential for a not-turkish guard?

>> No.73000354

change the tomato sauce for a spray primer, give him a mini on the other hand and have in front of a painting table.

>> No.73000359

This is a lie (although they probably believe it) perpetuated by both libcucks and /pol/tards built on the assumption that if they can convince people that there are only 2 viable sides because the other is so disgusting people would naturally side with them over the other.

>> No.73000361


>> No.73000367

You’re making the mistake of thinking GW chose to do this when they were forced. That message is them attacking their customer base. Telling them not to complain whilst GW bends the knee and disprivileges them in favour of groups who don’t buy their product and never will.

>> No.73000373

Isn't turkish culture just lesser islamic culture?

>> No.73000380

>waaaah my toy company doesn't support fascism enough

>> No.73000389

Tao had it coming

>> No.73000401

They're attacking one part of their customer base, because they think in so doing they will encourage a net increase in customers. It's simple numbers.

>> No.73000405

Drink mountain dew out of it.

>> No.73000407

Issue is that saying such inflammatory statements about your own player base is objectively going to make you lose money. No one is going to flock to the webstore to buy arm fulls of start collecting boxes. It's only going to exclude your fanbase. If even one person leaves the hobby due to these remarks, it's a net negative to profits. It's clear that they were forced, especially since they were getting hounded for not making a statement and showing off more of the Warhammer Crime books during this time.

>> No.73000413


This is beautiful.

I am almost tempted to create a fake black twitter account to shitpost on GW's feed about how I can't afford to play Warhammer 40K because their prices are too high.

>> No.73000414

Reminds me I still have to make my Maccabian Janissaries. I wonder if it's possible to ship to New Zealand...

>> No.73000420

>noooooooo they have to be nice to ALL OF US REEEEEEEEEE
Why can nobody cope with a bit of banter? Holy shit.

>> No.73000442


Doubt you're still here, but most phones store the orientation of the image as part of the photo's metadata (as in, "although this picture was taken sideways, rotate it 90 degrees before displaying it").

4chan strips all metadata from uploaded pictures as a security measure, which is why a lot of images uploaded directly from phones come out sideways or upside down.

>> No.73000448

>tranny chaplain
This hobby is not for me anymore.

>> No.73000450

I wonder if there are Armenians descendants in the 41st millennium.

>> No.73000451

Ship what from where?

>> No.73000452

>Issue is that saying such inflammatory statements about your own player base is objectively going to make you lose money
This statement only holds true if the people who are insulted by GW's statement make up the majority of people who stop spending money because of the statement. This is very unlikely.

Since GW has begun to shift to a more diverse cast of models and characters, their profits have gone up. It goes without saying that there are other factors, but it IS a factor nonetheless. This may be one factor that they consider as very beneficial to their bottom line, so they will go with it.

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>> No.73000461 [DELETED] 

I mean if that's what your mental gymnastics are making you think then sure

>> No.73000463

>mfw I piss off the store grogs but saying T'au instead of Tau

>> No.73000464

>old world
are turks and other muslims along with all other asians already dead?

>> No.73000465


>> No.73000470


>> No.73000472

>why do these blood angels look slightly effeminate reeeeeeeeee

>> No.73000476

>Rogue trader Kardashian

>> No.73000484

>I just wanna enjoy the hobby

>> No.73000487

Never mind it looks like reptilian overlords aren't selling death masks anymore

>> No.73000489

>what's eye makeup and lipstick
ok retard

>> No.73000492


> Hey GW, why don't you put any Warhammer stores in jogger neighborhoods?

When did it become acceptable for businesses to antagonize their customer base? Looks like I'll be ordering as much as possible from recasters from now on. I don't give a shit about "supporting the hobby" when Ching Chong and Ivan are my only options for a company that doesn't want to guilt trip me because I refuse to bend over backwards for subhumans.

>> No.73000493

I don't care if there are more female imperial guards.
I don't care if there are more black space marines.
I don't care if there is more diversity in W40K in general.

I just want a fun game, with good quality models, and a setting so kitsch that you can't even think that we want to promote fascism.

The problem right now is GW is changing the rules of the games every month, is releasing models of very questionable beauty, and is making the plot more and more serious.

You know what, I would have prefered female space marines than the current GW policy.

>> No.73000495

where are the sharp details? everything seems blurry to me

>> No.73000496

>such a lorelet he knows nothing about blood angels

>> No.73000500

>ugly men are now trannies too

>> No.73000510

Painting up CSM Renegades, going for a false idol deal with lots of gold and bling on the main guys

>> No.73000511

>chaning the rules of the games
You want Grey Knights to be perma shit or something?

>> No.73000513

>file deleted

>> No.73000516


>> No.73000523

I want them to fucking test there game before release it god damn it!

>> No.73000526

You're the lorelet if you think blood angels are post heresy emperor's children tier make up wearing trannies

>> No.73000533

>love the free/dreadblade concept
>it's utter shit compared to using a house
kytan with warptime masterrace. I do wonder how it's gonna turn out in new IA

>> No.73000535

>Soho, London
More please

>> No.73000539

Good, I dont' want to share my hobby with /pol/lacks

>> No.73000541

Why do these npc armies even have fans lmao

>> No.73000542

Seething tranny janny

>> No.73000550

blood angels are encouraged to enjoy all different kinds of art and beauty. some marines might find this in self-beauty. also, vampires have traditionally been portrayed as very vane creatures. guess what mythological creature blood angels are generally likened to? god, you are a retarded lorelet indeed.

>> No.73000551

What was the picture?

>> No.73000555

Mad max and dino bugs

>> No.73000560

So you know nothing about blood angels. Got it.

>> No.73000570

The space marine nigger with meme text

>> No.73000571

>pulls a lorelet no u
kek, as expected.

>> No.73000572

Will the old art ever make a comeback or is gritty realism not kid-friendly?

>> No.73000573

He won’t tell you because then he can’t claim to be persecuted by the ‘seething tranny nanny’.

>> No.73000574

stop breathing terrorist

>> No.73000579

This one? How is it offensive?

>> No.73000586

>GW is changing the rules of the games every month
It adds a barrier of entry to players wanting to get into the army but honestly most of the psychic awakenings have been pretty alright, giving some cool and needed tools to armies to give them new avenues to build their armies with, I know chaos and grey knight players were happy to have a usable army again. FAQ's are annoying, and the play testing really should more intensive and include 3rd party input, they were a step in the right direction with clearing up game mechanics compared to the last few editions. I fucking hope they take everything they've learned from the past decade into account when building 9th.

>> No.73000587

Did you miss all the new artwork they have shown over the years? Also
> gritty realism
40k was never realistic

>> No.73000589

I really like your colour scheme, maybe just change the eye colour to give it more pop.

>> No.73000594

Because galaxy-spanning super-organisms are my fetish.

>> No.73000598

Here's your kytan bro

>> No.73000599

>t.guardsmen player

>> No.73000600

thats not really that impressive, looks like the ultra has been there a while if its buried that far, even I can step on a corpse

>> No.73000601

The text was "I can't breath" with the picture tilted

>> No.73000602

>gritty realism
The what?

>> No.73000607

Do the digital rulebooks/codexes update?

>> No.73000611

>realism = realistic

>> No.73000617

Digital art.

>> No.73000618

>even I can step on a corpse
Yeah sure. Have you actually seen a corpse like ever? And I don’t mean open casket funerals.

>> No.73000622

Nah, they are busy browsing /pol/. It's Space Marine players.

>> No.73000623


Because power armour is boring.

>> No.73000624

onii-chan... d-do d-do y-you want to... go rollerblading? NOT THAT I WANT TO GO WITH YOU JUST BECAUSE I LIKE YOU THOUGH!!!

>> No.73000625

Again, 40k was never about realism or being realistic.

>> No.73000628

The complete lack of humor offends me. There's absolutely nothing amusing, interesting or witty about writing "NIGGER" below the picture of a nigger. Why the fuck does this exist?

>> No.73000630

too blurry. just compare new SM and SOB codex covers to older ones

>> No.73000635

Yeah, dead homeless people near a river.
(different anon)

>> No.73000638

>too blurry
Are you drunk Anon?

>> No.73000640

I unironically think that what’s been revealed so far of 9th Edition is bretty gud. The Necron models are all awesome too.

Whiners can get fucked. 90% of them don’t even play.

>> No.73000642

Dark Angels don't deserve to be lumped in with eldar and tau. They're a meme but they're not utter filth.

>> No.73000646

That's what the /pol/tard thinks is funny

>> No.73000651

>I need a character to look like me right down to my skin tone and gender in order to relate with them
I don't even care about adding whatever ethnicity they want to their space fantasy setting, fuck off with this pandering bullshit.

>> No.73000652

thanks anon, I think you're right. I'll have to experiment with some other colours and see what looks good

>> No.73000653


Hope they're just as viable as knights, played against one once and the owner was pretty cool.

>> No.73000654


>> No.73000656

Well different anon, then you will know that corpses are filthy, rank and disease ridden and no one in their right mind would step on one.

>> No.73000657

Go away Ben

>> No.73000664

And what army do you play?

>> No.73000667

Go away faggot

>> No.73000668

Yeah, I'm generally pretty happy with the mechanical changes we've seen, especially CPwise. The command phase looks like it'll pretty much be like AoS as well which works decently well. I'll be interested to see if they remove a lot of auras like the ubiquitous reroll 1s to hit and instead make them targets command abilities for 1 CP.

>> No.73000672

>>I need a character to look like me right down to my skin tone and gender in order to relate with them
Yeah can see why you wouldn’t care since 99% of media and entertainment is white people so you have no problems relating.

Bitch please.

>> No.73000673

Is this what marine players tell themselves after their 10th game against other marine players?

>> No.73000674

Hi Will

>> No.73000678

I did not say it was funny, I just can't understand why it is offensive.
But I am white, so who I am to judge.

>> No.73000681

But we are talking about stepping on the rigid power armor, not on the flesh.

>> No.73000685


>> No.73000698

Anon, you only need 1d4chan and youtube lore videos to get into the hobby LOL

>> No.73000702

>I just can't understand why it is offensive.
You don’t understand why racial slurs are offensive?

>> No.73000703

Trying out a different approach to painting yellow, as I absolutely hate painting it this one was pretty fun tho, as I wasn't really using any yellow paint
also trying out schemes for my nids, and this ones not good i guess

>> No.73000727


>> No.73000728

>you only need 1d4chan and youtube lore videos to get into the hobby
The only people in this hobby i respect are people that play the game.

>> No.73000731

When someone calls me a potato-lover I just laugh it of, so I don't understand it.
>t. anon from Belarus

>> No.73000740


>> No.73000742

because they are fun to paint, appealing aesthetic and are real cute.
carnifex's especially. this is a shitpost from a vapid brained man though.

remember, hope is the first step on the road to dissapointment.
I'm cautiously optimistic It feels a bit surreal, like a cursed monkey hand wish so I keep expecting the catch 22 any day now.

you would get a waft of corpse air as you broke the seals the likes of which hasn't been seen this millennium. d3 mortal wounds.

somehow reminds me of the averland flag, looks promising.
can't really tell on the nid though, the colours are fine at least.

>> No.73000746

It's funny because ya seethe

>> No.73000748

What about people who build and paint or convert but don't play?

>> No.73000750

yes you are

>> No.73000752

I love my nids with fleshy heads, tails and hands, always thought that they are softer there.

>> No.73000758

>calls 1d4chan shit
>posts TTS

>> No.73000760

I think buying minis just to paint them and put on display is more respectable than playing with greytide

>> No.73000762

Then you aren't browsing /tg/ and shouting memes all day

>> No.73000769


>> No.73000773

The recent shit fest between Gamza and Majorkill really put into perspective how abhorrent secondaries are.
No matter how despicable we tabletop faggots are, we'll still always be better than them.

>> No.73000776

Yeah I'm sure that has the same impact as being called a nigger, spic, wog, kike, chink, gook, hajji, pajeet and so on.

You are so very smart.

>> No.73000783

>Averland flag
didn't know that one, but I guess your right I know im a lorelet, was before my time
was planning on maybe black shoulderpads, so might make the chapter symbol a sun
>the nid
was a very quick test, just basecoat and drybrush, but it kinda looks bland to me
will try that one too

>> No.73000786

If you're incapable of relating to a character due to their being black, asian, white, ginger, male, female, hermaphrodite, gender n/a roboman, you're an emotionally stunted troglodyte and should probably kill yourself.

>> No.73000792

But he didn't even shit on 1d4chan, just said you need to fuck off if it's your only contact with 40k

>> No.73000793

>but don't play?
Do you bitch about rules?

>> No.73000807

Sure thing white boi

>> No.73000808

>implying he cares about the prices when he can just loot the place

>> No.73000818


>> No.73000826

Then you're all good.

>> No.73000831

I bitch about everything, why do you think I come here?

>> No.73000833

This is what passes for wit on 4chin

>> No.73000844

holy shit the fucking mental gymnastics to justify such a shit art choice.
kill yourself soon, you are not going to pass, and everyone will consider you an ugly freak.

>> No.73000845

You are a fucking cancer.

>> No.73000848

>be a traitor guardman
>don´t even have a codex
>your voxcaster starts malfunctioning
>"ghost riders in the sky starts playing"
>see these guys outflanking your regiment at incredible horsespeeds

what do ?

>> No.73000854

What're you anons working on today?

>> No.73000857

You guys get a pass because you bring something to the hobby and can share hobby tips, the only times i've had problems with similar people are the ones that backseat game but never actually play.

1d4chan is fine and has easy digestible lore but it's a bad place to send a new hobbyist to because they'll get a warp view and sense of the hobby.

Anyone that tries to bring politics into this game is a faggot, you can criticize and say when lore and stories are shit just don't push an agenda.

>> No.73000858

So is Psychic Awakening set before or after Plague War? What's the most recent event in the lore?

>> No.73000868

Use edgy traitor guard tactics like "taking cover."

>> No.73000869

After I'm pretty sure

>> No.73000880


>> No.73000881

I guess you were never called a potato-lover your whole life by focking russians like there is no any other noticeable trait about you.

>> No.73000884

it'a set in the 200 year gap between the start of the of the indomitus crusade and the end at vigilus.
>correct me if that's been changed

>> No.73000885


>> No.73000887

>Anyone that tries to bring politics into this game is a faggot
So games workshop are faggots?

>> No.73000895


I'm a 34 year old white man who makes $40k a year and after seeing this bullshit I would absolutely loot a Warhammer store if given the opportunity.

I'm so tired of seeing my money go toward companies that are outwardly hostile to me because I don't toe some made up groupthink SJW bullshit line.

>> No.73000899

funniest man ever born

>> No.73000901

Seems like it's actually bothering you now. What happened to laughing it off Mr. Belarus?

>> No.73000903

>lower your prices

>> No.73000906


>> No.73000910

Yeah they are, it's purely for marketing like every other WOKE company.
>back to hobby topic
>post you armies waifus or WiPjavascript:;

>> No.73000911

would you consider either carapace patterning(look up some bugs, considering the multitudes of types you may find a neat scheme to adapt. )
"soft bits" as anon has mentioned or further detailing on the flesh?

pic related is an ancient test scheme for me that I never ended up going with that's literally some neat insect carapace colours adapted

ahh yes, the good old boy. I've finished my projects for the eve but good luck with him. Are his arms magnetised so you can build a tyrant at will?

I thought this was the case as well anon

>> No.73000915

Sensitive little shit aren't you?

>wuh-why won't my toy company tell me it's ok to be a racist, I don't feel catered to enough

>> No.73000917

Just gonna call things unfunny all day, tranny?

>> No.73000920

>I would absolutely loot a Warhammer store
>I'm a 34 year old white man
You don't have the balls cracker

>> No.73000928

Can't be before Vigilus when so many characters got primarized in PA and Calgar was supposedly the first in Vigilus.

>> No.73000929

> me tries to get into it
> looks into the general
> somehow manages to pirate most relevant books and reads them
What do you mean the rules changed? Is there some sort of compendium with up-to date rules or do they expect you to be buying books every month?

>> No.73000930

But I did the opposite, and I'm not transgender. I think you should take your meds, bro

>> No.73000931

I mean it is actually unfunny. Does that bother you?

>> No.73000932

Would upvote this just to pressure GW lmao
They made their bed, now lie in it

>> No.73000933

I'm a different anon, not the first one.

>> No.73000937

Is it safe to assume 9th will drop mid july? I can't wait for the new point costs and restrictions. I need to know how I'll build my army before I buy further into the hobby.

>> No.73000943

>buy 60mm base for a scratch made wraithlord project
>looks awfully smaller than wraithlord textured base I already had
>measure the textured base
welp, should have measured it instead of eyeballing it. still wtf is this dimension and when will GW release official base sizes like they did for AOS?

>> No.73000945

I'll give you this single (you) out of pity, squat fag.

>> No.73000957

>carapace patterning
oh absolutely, I just wanted to find a pair of base colors that look good together

>> No.73000968

>high prices are racist

Is this nigger implying that black people are inherently poor? How racist of him

>> No.73000971

>while pricing your products so high that POC cannot afford them
lol, I was talking to my friend who has been retweeting BLM stuff non stop about this GW diversity post. He said if they want black kids playing they have to lower the price. Fat chance I told him. We laughed.

>> No.73000972

The big thing with "rule changes" are expansion books like vigilus and the psychic awakening books.
You can still run your army with the base codex, but like a video games expansion it adds new features like stratagems, custom subfaction rules, and relics.
The only thing that you need to stay a top of is the online FAQ's, but with GW embracing digital hopefully that won't be much of a thing anymore.

>> No.73000976

>n-no that wasn't sarcasm, t-take your meds

>> No.73000977

WAACfags gonna try and WAAC.
Nice Wraithbanshee.

>> No.73000982

Nothing in the universe is more reasurring

>> No.73000984

Has white dwarf gotten better?
Haven't read an issue since like 2009 but i'm reading a new issue atm and it seems to be full of new rules.
Don't really remember that much in terms of rules back then.

>> No.73000990

Please do before you hurt yourself

>> No.73000992


I just don't think "antagonistic marketing" is a good idea. Warhammer is a brand, and brands don't need to be getting into politics. Just make models, make rulebooks, and shut the fuck up.


I don't, actually, because I live in a town that is overwhelmingly white, which means we didn't have any rioting here. We had a handful of college age fags sitting around downtown with embarassingly low-effort signs. The rest of us went to work that day.

>> No.73000994

oof, I'll try looking for the new stuff then
I like reading large rule-books luckily, finding them is no fun tho

btw. what is the password to the links to the book-Mega's at thread start?

>> No.73000995

>Are his arms magnetised so you can build a tyrant at will?
I considered it but I already have a Flyrant, and a walkrant doesn't seem like the best choice these days so the arms are glued in.
Where did you get the bits for the corpse beneath the rippers?

>> No.73000998

leave me alone

>> No.73001009

>I don't
It's okay, you can still talk a big game on an Indonesian Jackfruit forum.

>> No.73001023

If I remember correctly, the top of the base is 60mm. I think it's like that because in the old days they had flat 60mm base (basically the same but without the bevel). I seem to recall owning one or two old sentinels that came with those back in the day. I guess when making the current 60mm base they kept the size of the top part. Maybe so old models that fit on the 60mm would keep fitting (not that GW has ever had problems sticking models on too small bases...)

>> No.73001025

>racism is bad
>antagonistic marketing
Good god you white people are such thin skinned snowflakes.

>> No.73001027

Calgar crossed the rubicon before he actually went to Vigilus.

>> No.73001029

I really only use the first mega, if your on mobile that might just require you to download the app.
What faction are you interested in, i might be able to give you a good place to start for lore/rules.

>> No.73001030

only if you tell me what you're working on and why you're using javascript for it

>> No.73001035

>Good god you white people are such thin skinned snowflakes.


>> No.73001044

>accidentally clicked and dragged the submit button

>> No.73001048

considering how antagonistic the playerbase has been and can be it makes complete sense for a corporation to distance themselves from it and made an appeal of misunderstanding to the wider audience.

Some of the gatekeeping present and "muh totally ironic memes" are enough to stain any brand

>> No.73001051


Literally all they had to say was nothing

>> No.73001053

>won't even say nigger online
lmao what a bitch

>> No.73001062


I'd imagine we'll be going back to CAD style armies with less troops and more hard hitters. I'm looking forward to faster games for sure.

>> No.73001065

You get called racist for tons of shit these days. Tons of non actually racist people would be considered unwelcome by this statement in the mainstream

>> No.73001068

>t. honky

>> No.73001071

Why, so your racist fees fees won't be hurt?

>> No.73001072

Should I even bother giving these guys special weapons ? I feel like their cancer guns are pretty efficient allready and the Arc Rifles seem so weak... Don't know about the plasma tho.

>> No.73001073

You're confusing "the playerbase" with /tg/ and idiots who can't keep their mouths shut.
Slavs will continue to recast, GW doesn't give a fuck.

>> No.73001075 [DELETED] 

Not him but shut up nigger
I bet you will report this post you pussy

>> No.73001085

you have no human rights

>> No.73001090

lol you libtards are the ones who shit your pants any time someone commits a "microaggression" or "misgenders" you

>> No.73001091

What type of meta do you play in?
Generally they not very useful, but if you have to deal less hard hitting melee armies they can be useful in thinning their ranks.

>> No.73001093

>Not him but
And you felt the need to jump in because what, you want attention? Here's a you.

>> No.73001096

Arc Rifles are decent for how cheap they are though they're shit against vehicles despite their extra damage. Plasma is viable. Naked Vanguard are perfectly usable too. Really, just equip them however you want because they don't really have a "bad" loadout.

>> No.73001106

>lol you libtards are the ones who shit your pants
Nah, i think this thread has many examples that support my point and prove just how weak willed the so called superior race is.

>> No.73001109

For now I just wanna try bog standard Space Marines as that seems the easiest as a start.

>> No.73001119

nah it just you fag

>> No.73001120

Question about painting primary layers on a mini. So for example, I have a mini that is primed in black. When painting the base paint coat layer, What is the proper brush to use if the entire mini is going to be mostly that color? I am finding that some paints have a odd consistency(mournfang brown) and it makes it difficult to get good coverage? I may not know exactly what I am talking about. Right now I mostly just use a brush that is similar to the GW base coat one. The one I use is larger though. Maybe there isn't any real way around it. Just thin the paint do thin layers?

>> No.73001129



>> No.73001137

Have any Ausbros ever ordered from pcmarket.com.au without issue? The sale they're having at the moment for some stuff is the best I can find around, especially after the price hike. Wanna make sure I'm not gonna be swindled

>> No.73001138

There may be secondary missions.
Also looks like all points costs are getting adjusted so meleefex could just get cheaper to compensate.
Though it would make bioplasma worth taking on them now.

>> No.73001149 [DELETED] 

So many seething /pol/tards

>> No.73001152

GW totally does give a fuck about their image.
40k has a reputation that makes any pr person sweat

>> No.73001157

Yes thin the paint and do multiple layers. A slightly larger brush is irrelevant, it only affects the control you have over the paint.

>> No.73001159

Who's the artist?

>> No.73001163

Stop replying to them, or at least putting effort into the replies

>> No.73001175

if they whole mini is gonna be that color ( or mostly) just use a big brush so you dont have to spend hours on the basecoat, and thin your paint enough, so they apply smoothly. If they dont cover well enough, let it dry and apply a second coat It helps a bit to apply the second coat's brushstrokes the orthogonal way in my opinion
also post your minis

>> No.73001177

one seething subhuman

>> No.73001179

From what's been revealed while points are going up its not all going up the exact same amounts.
Balance will change, potentially for the better.

>> No.73001186

I just like collecting pics of wraithstuff
you are right the top is exactly 60mm. classic GW incompetence...

>> No.73001188

If I read it correctly, nothing prevents you from firing both type of amunition from a missile launcher during the same shooting phase as if it was two distinct weapons, correct ?
It seems so odd to me that they didn't write it as a choice you have to make.

>> No.73001198

Well all the space marine chapters in the vanilla codex received their own chapter supplement, so see what resonates with you because you can run successors chapters with their rules if you want to make some /yourdudes/

If you painting over the entire model, like a space marines armour, you can get away with using a larger brush, just make sure you don't put the paint on too think. The only time you really need to be conscious about the brush you are using is when you are painting detail, and the main thing you should be after is a good tip and how easy it is to control.

>> No.73001199

>monoliths will still suck but just a bit more since now they're more expensive.
Necrons are probably going to be literally one of the first two armies to get their codex.

>> No.73001201


Two thin layers gives a consistent colour, even if it's white or yellow over black. The size of the brush depends on the mini. I don't really care if it's a little messy and goes onto other surfaces, I'll have to clean up the model either way.

>> No.73001203

>correct ?
No incorrect. You have to choose whether you fire frag or krak missiles.

>> No.73001205

But GW hasn't even added black characters.
Warhammer has always had minority characters and most short stories simply have characters of unspecified skin colour.

Warhammer isn't being made more diverse, they're just being more explicit about how diverse it already was.

>> No.73001208


>> No.73001212

Where does it say that? It isn't written on the weapon's profile.

>> No.73001216

You will always need multiple layers when basecoating, 2 at the least. Use a big brush, or better yet just spray the model in the primary color to save time.

>> No.73001218


Of course you have to choose. What makes you think you can fire both profiles?

>> No.73001221

Which weapon though, post it

>> No.73001224

I probably will go for "your dudes" because if I then paint something wrong by accident I have plausible deniability.

> it's not wrong they are just not that Codex Compliant

>> No.73001226

>two thin layers of yellow over black will give a consistent color
I dont even get a consistent color with 2+ layers of yellow over white or orange

>> No.73001231

>I hate retards

>> No.73001234

No idea. GW doesn't directly credit their artists in articles anymore ever since one of them got a ton of online harassment because they drew a Salamander with european features.

>> No.73001242

>When you choose this weapon to shoot with, select one of the profiles below.

>> No.73001248

ML from the Myphitic Blight-hauler, I don't have a pic

>> No.73001254

>can't even prove me wrong

>> No.73001255


>> No.73001259

Post proof you are not a secondary

>started with Oldcrons before the Space Egypt revamp
>collected a Hive Tyrant and some genesetealers, then dropped the hobby
>come back
>decide to collect chaos armies
>start with Wrath & Rapture box and a cd codex
>unopened and collecting dust on my shelf
>waste my team shitposting on /tg/ than doing something productive

>> No.73001262

It's okay anon, I recently said that you can walk into melee in the movement phase. Everybody can be retarded sometimes

>> No.73001263

It clearly says choose a profile, so you pick either frag or krak

>> No.73001266

Please see >>73001231 and why I dislike you.

>> No.73001269

It has the exact same wording as every other missile launcher where it tells you to choose one when you shoot it.

>> No.73001273

fair enough anon, I figure with 9th around the corner you never know!

the dead bits are from mantic zombies, just painted/chopped in such a way to look like they are melting/turning into gruel, real cheap

good point on the bio plasma,a maybe screamer-killer with his bio plasma but better thing can make a return since morales being tweaked somehow.

>> No.73001274

Wraiths are kino. I really hope we get more plastic aspects and new guardians so I can justify starting craftworlds since at the moment there are too many good other ranges available.
Why can AoS keep getting new elves but not us? Fuck.

>> No.73001275

I have 2 2k painted armies

>> No.73001277

>literally just empty statements
I'm John Blanche

>> No.73001279

It says pick one not pick both. What precisely is the confusion?

>> No.73001282


What paint are you using?

>> No.73001283

>choose ONE of the profiles below
Are you actually trying to argue against that?

>> No.73001288

My bad, I'm using Battlescribe as a reference and the rule just doesn't show on the preview sheet

>> No.73001289

>4++ Kataphrons
>3++ Kastelans
>Can deep strike one unit via stratagem


>> No.73001293

Yes, you pick either frag or krak. And after it's shot you can't choose to shoot again.

>> No.73001294

Don't rely on Battlescribe for the nitty gritty of the rules.

>> No.73001298

Wait and hope.

>> No.73001299

You can already do the first two with any forge world.

>> No.73001300

I prefer Stygies

>> No.73001302

I'm the MAROONS poster so I don't mind paints scheme and their corresponding rules, the only thing that you should aim for is being clear about what's what with your opponents.

>> No.73001303

>paint more then I play
>keep getting interested in new armies, buying their models and painting them up, but never getting to even 500 points to play games
>only finished army I own is 2k deathwatch and even that has one model left over thats only halfway finished
>loose every game because im too attached to my models to make good decisions
>waste my time shitposting on /tg/ than doing something productive
am I one of the cool kids now? am I a secondary?

>> No.73001309

>Rule 1
>battlescribe isn't a codex
Never rely fully on battle scribe for rules

>> No.73001314

As long as you paint you're not a secondary

>> No.73001316

I tried 4 different vallejo kinds and the ones from gw, but its still not working. But I think I found a way now without using yellow paints, so all is good

>> No.73001323

Please show us how you can get +1 invun shit with any forge world

>> No.73001326

have you tried NOT shitposting on /tg/?

>> No.73001327

Acquisition at Any cost, the strat in the base codex.

>> No.73001329

>Went to my LGS that reopened after a few months
>Snagged a cheap Raider and 2 Poisonblade boxes
Ahhh retail therapy

>> No.73001333

Fulgrim on blast

>> No.73001335

I'd say owning models and being involved in the hobby is good enough even.

>> No.73001343

>1 unit

3++ Kataphrons and 2++ Kastelans rise up!
Provided that +1 invun doesnt have a max cap highter than 3++

>> No.73001348

What the fuck is this garbage? Stop it, GW.

>> No.73001350

The Lucius canticle caps at 4++.

>> No.73001351

don't be silly anon
thats not an option

>> No.73001357

Greytide players are worse than secondaries.

>> No.73001367


>> No.73001372

Enjoying the hobby in another way is worse than not partaking at all? Building and collecting is comfy.

>> No.73001377

It's to go with the New Games Workshop.

>> No.73001378

>loose every game because im too attached to my models to make good decisions
Warhammer is a game off loss management, be prepared to lose units and don't let their loss be in vain.

>> No.73001385

whats going on in some of those

>> No.73001386

It does

Kastelans have a 5++
Lucius canticle gives them a 4++
Aegis Protocol gives them a +1 (3++)
Stratagem gives them an extra +1 (2++)

>> No.73001389

Wait shit the stratagem is infantry, nvm

>> No.73001391

Once you start to go past 4++ then Lucius would no longer apply because it would be pushing it past 4++.

>> No.73001397

Why don't you paint your models?

>> No.73001400

Skitarii and SoB weapon options are the perfect examples on how Space Marine tactical squads should have been instead of the abomination that are intercessors.

>> No.73001403

Who says I don't?

>> No.73001408

Let's say I wanted an army with lots little guys and a few absolutely huge dudes with nothing in between, what faction should I get?

>> No.73001410

Aegis Protocol doesnt increase your invun, it adds 1 to your roll

Meaning you can push past the 4++ cap as the model still *technically* has a 4++

>> No.73001412

At best you get a 3++, Lucius will only ever allow a 4++ save but the +1 to the actual saving throw pushes it to a 3++, since the save isn't a 3++ but the roll a roll of a 3 is changed to a 4.

>> No.73001413


>> No.73001417

>started with Oldcrons before the Space Egypt revamp
Weird way of saying you don't play at all

>> No.73001419

How is he not real?

>> No.73001423

The new art they showed unironically has lots of soul. Makes me feel the same way the RT and 3rd/4th/5th editions art did.

>> No.73001425

Eh, I wish skitarii could bring 4 special weapons at 10 instead of 3. It makes a weird incentive to not bring squads of 10 since you get more bringing two squads of 5.

>> No.73001426

>Building and collecting is comfy.

>> No.73001429

If you don't care about performance, Daemons actually meets those criteria pretty well

>> No.73001431

This, I was pleasantly surprised for once, there is still hope with GW after all

>> No.73001437

Yeah, I wasn't being ironic. I seriously love the direction of this art and the new primaris dudes, it looks like they finally started listening.

>> No.73001442

But special weapons are more vulnerable in low model count squads

>> No.73001443

I grew up with terminatorcrons

>> No.73001448

That's a tradeoff because if you buff a squad of 10 you buff 3 weapons instead of 2. But the point was giving them 2 specials per 5 models instead of bolt rifles making boltguns obsolete and their variants making special weapons redundant.

>> No.73001455

correct, too bad they are still being cheap on detail so Imma run it over anyway

>> No.73001456

I have a IG and a UM army and they're both completely greytide. My LGS gives no shits.

Go fuck yourselves paintfags.

>> No.73001466

>I grew up
And yet here you are on 4chan.

>> No.73001469

They're T3 4+ infantry, they're vulnerable no matter what way you take them. I'd even go so far as to say the weapons in two squads of 5 are more secure since they're less vulnerable to morale and msu makes your opponent waste shots.

>> No.73001480

Sure hope you don't intend on playing in any tournaments.

>> No.73001481 [DELETED] 



>> No.73001486

There's like two buffs in the codex relevant to their special weapons, and one of those is locked behind a specific forge world. Besides, when skitarii came out the only time that was ever relevant was your warlord's squad.

>> No.73001489

Why the fuck would I play tournaments? I like having fun.

>> No.73001496

Secutarii can get a 3++ now with Lucius Canticle and Aquisition at any cost stratagem

>> No.73001500

I'm considering playing death guard, have the dark imperium set and a bunch of recast elites and DP's but i'm eyeing buying 20 more dark imperium pox walkers just so i have the option to run 40 with typhus.
Horrible idea considering 9th?
I'm worried the poxwalkers will sell out and i'll be stuck buying the EtB overpriced ones.

>> No.73001508

Because testing your best versus other's is a fun way to see how you rank amongst your community.

>> No.73001511

It's highly likely the canticles will get errata'd to only affect <Forge World> units.

>> No.73001514


>> No.73001520

They're being polite, silently they're judging your lazy ass.

>> No.73001525

Yeah well they havent done that yet

>> No.73001527

>so i have the option to run 40 with typhus. Horrible idea considering 9th?
You can stack minuses to hit anymore so I don't think the pox walker tide will work so well after 9th.

>> No.73001529

Yeah. Customizing my squads with different weapon configurations was something I really enjoyed about marines and primaris have basically killed it.

>> No.73001537

Even if that were true, what makes you think I give a fuck?

You have no power over me.

>> No.73001544

Ah fuck, really?
I was just thinking about having them as a huge blob but I don't really know the rules too well.

>> No.73001545

You never leave, you just fell 8nto silence and obscurity

>> No.73001548

>new art is soul!
step aside, timmy. daddy's gonna show you some real soul

>> No.73001598

Needs more nose.

>> No.73001626

Still my Malceptor, about to pull it off and get its base done.

>> No.73001648

It would help if I remember the pic.

>> No.73001651

is it possible to prime inside with a spray somehow? I don't want to go outside to spray because I paint in sub assembly. I also only paint like 1-2 models at a time. Right now I use paint on primer and it works out okay I guess. but it takes longer to dry. I hear you can use an air brush to prime? But don't I still risk inhaling some shit? I also don't have an air brush.

>> No.73001665

do you people buy boxes of tacs and termies and stuff just to slam them into your bases?
isn't that becoming pretty expensive?

>> No.73001674

Best thing to do if you want to spray indoors is to do it near a well ventilated area so you don't get fucked up lungs.

>> No.73001679

What the fuck even is a techno barbarian? I think somewhere it references that the emperor had to take back earth from techno barbarians but during that time I thought everything was fucked up so how could these barbarians even have be strong enough that the emperor had to make the thunder warriors?

>> No.73001682

that's part of the kit, you goof

>> No.73001685

you can rattle can indoors, just use a spray booth (an old large cardboard box will do) and work in a well ventilated room for a short amount of spraying at a time (doing a single mini or two should be fine, zenithal priming a squad of 10 probably not)

>> No.73001691


>> No.73001694


define well ventilated. Like next to my open window? I live in a studio apartment(please don't laugh at me)

>> No.73001698

If you can't/don't want to get an airbrush you can always get some spray cans. You can do it inside but it's gonna smell for a while, you'll need to open up some windows anyways.

>> No.73001701

The game strangely has alot of Hispanics in city areas of the US

>> No.73001702

Nids are so easy to make look good which is why I'm astounded so many nidfags here can't fucking paint

>> No.73001709

'ceptor comes with one.

>> No.73001710


fucking coomers man. I can clearly see the womans nips. FUCK! coomers ruin everything.

>> No.73001714

As in you'll get enough air to remove the bad shit.
Honestly just get a 2x4 and blue tack the stuff you want to it to spray outside, then you don't have to worry.

>> No.73001715

that should be fine.

>> No.73001718

cool, good to know, thanks

>> No.73001722

That's a daemon anon.

>> No.73001742

Prove me right.

>> No.73001748


Looks pretty female to me. What are you? gay?

>> No.73001751

>get cheap spare parts from ebay

>> No.73001755

that will need an faq since lucius specifies capping at 4++ and aaac strat might not stack that way if say, going past 4++ nullifies the canticle and drags the save back to 4++

>> No.73001767

Replace soul with edgy for accuracy. Not that there's anything wrong with edgy for CSM.

>> No.73001768

3++ cant be done with lucius it caps at 4++

>> No.73001774


Why are chaos space marine bolters so poo mechanically? Like imagine having to belt feed your fucking bolter. While true astartes blast you with their giant FRESH magazines and tactical scopes and extendo mags and shit. IMAGINE

>> No.73001782


>> No.73001792

Yeah You can literally paint anything on the carapace and it looks organic and grand. Maybe it’s official schemeitis anon.

>> No.73001833

Orks are barbarians that reproduce fungus.
These are fungus that reproduce like barbarians.
The Kros

>> No.73001840

Imagine not winning your battles before a single round is fired just by being more stylish than your opponent

>> No.73001859

I'm ready for 3rd edition, alright!

>> No.73001864

N-not that I want you to rate my scheme or anything, b-baka!

>> No.73001867

With the size of the bolts in that pic I'm pretty sure the belt has more ammo than a typical mag. Not to mention there are CSM with drum mags.

>> No.73001876


>> No.73001921

>I refuse to bend over backwards for subhumans.
There is a reason even your parents don't love you, anon

>> No.73001924

This is what they had to do with regular marines, but no, better release primaris and destroy the faction.

>> No.73001936

I just heard that Cruddance is out from the development of 9th edition. It's true? There is finally hope for Nids?

>> No.73001937

Mad Max?

>> No.73001939

Which faction has the best Fast Attack datasheets ?
The Hellhound is pretty strong, but are there others ?

>> No.73001945

Nah, I get his mindset. Why bow down to criminal people? It only goes to shit when his racism focuses on a fucking innocent bystander who doesn't even give a fuck about his hobby.

>> No.73001956

Please don't play with my emotions anon

>> No.73001964


Sororitas have Dominions and Seraphim which are brilliant.

>> No.73001967

Like this? https://youtu.be/Byk2axDVNHE?t=6m20s

>> No.73001973


>> No.73002006

I fucked up sorry

>> No.73002010


>> No.73002035

bless ivan for kriegers, but will GW make rules for the models which are not on the store? grenadiers and quartermaster

>> No.73002043

New thread

>> No.73002049

>page 8
why do you niggers keep making new threads so early?

>> No.73002079

Genestlealer out of 10

>> No.73002124

Pretty interesting anon . Was the genestealer was an earlier/batch painted? I’m afraid it shows.
Could do with a cleanup. I know you can do it properly as the top 3/4 of the brain bug looks great.
the lower legs of However doesn’t have the highlighting the upper legs have and I think it really needs it. That tone of green you’ve used looks really flat without it.

Cool scheme though
How many nids do you have anon?

>> No.73002240


>> No.73002594

effect would be more believable if the base terrain was ash or rubble that would bury things fast in a cataclysmic space man battle.

>> No.73002620

yeah don't worry about evil nazis fren. You'll definitely enjoy it more with nignogs stealing your little toys

>> No.73002725

you do realize the spectrum of people that disagree with your sentiment is bigger than just trannies, right? yes, it's corporate bullshit pretending they care. yes, it's an eyeroll that a plastic army men company thinks their input matters on anything remotely important. it's one thing to think of it that way, it's another to actually be butthurt about it.

>> No.73003601

I know you are a totally brainwashed moron, but it's worth spelling out to anyone unsure out there what's going on here:

A guy with a litany of crimes and bad decisions got utterly fucked up on meth and fentanyl, and went out to town to pass counterfeit money, which he got pulled up for. Because he was out his face on drugs and committed an offence, the police were called. He pointlessly resisted arrest, because he was out his mind on drugs. The officers responding first called an ambulance as he evidently was in a bad state due to a serious cocktail of drugs, then took action to restrict his movement so that he could not abscond, hurt anyone else or himself. They took action based upon their training and assessment of the situation which they understood was reasonable. During the ambulance journey for the man now in police custody, he had a massive heart attack, mainly caused through a dangerous cocktail of drugs he was on, & the stress of getting into a physical altercation with police while under the influence of mind bending drugs.

Some people filmed a small portion of this event, & regardless of the context or facts of the situation, spun it out in order to fit a hysterical political narrative, which snowballed on social media into nationwide riots in America resulting in an unquantifiable amount of violence destruction.

Because of the atmosphere engendered on social media amplifying the absurd politicisation of this event, many companies took to signifying their support for the ideology which is prosecuting this bizarre riot, in doing so alienating a core part of their audience which doesn't support rioting, trial by social media, or deification of individuals who commit crimes & make bad decisions, simply because they are black.

And yet you find it absurd & infantile that some people question this, particularly when it amounts to basically a denouncement of anyone who doesn't support looting & burning civilisation on a paper thin pretense.

>> No.73003865

i hope we get modles of all of these

>> No.73004071

will, will get worse. mark this day its the beginning of the end

>> No.73004145

ever seen a toilet flush? kind of like that.

>> No.73004985

been through two jobs that went down this way

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